WGP2 Season 2 [RP Thread]

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WGP2 Season 2 [RP Thread]

Postby Mattijana » Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:49 pm


WGP2 Season 2: RP and Results Thread

-WGP2 Season 1
-WGPO Organisation Thread
-WGPC 16 RP Thread
-WGP2 Season 2 Signups and OOC

Currently In: The Negotiation Phase

Welcome to Season 2 of the WGP2, the multiverse's second tier of motorsport. Following the 16th season of WGPC, it's time to see whether some young talents from the junior leagues can follow in the footsteps of Terho Talvela, Ryker Lane and this season's WGPC champion Jessica Franssen in providing a thrilling series.

The WGPC is the NS version of RL Formula 1, making the WGP2 the answer to the RL GP2 series. However there are some differences. Formula 1 banned ground effect, active suspension and smoking in the pit garage some time ago in the name of health and safety. This hasn't happened in the WGPC, so how a team designs its car is entirely up to the team owner and if the car goes up in flames, it's entirely self-inflicted.

Having said that, there are still some regulations and a WGP2 car will have significantly less power than a WGPC car. Further details on this will be found in the IC thread when it goes up.

The WGP2 is divided into two stages, the negotiation phase and the racing phase. In the negotiation phase, drivers aim to show off their talents to teams in order to get themselves a drive, whilst teams aim to fill both of their available cars with someone to pilot it. The racing bit kind of speaks for itself.

For the next couple of weeks, negotiations between drivers and teams will take place in this thread. For those who have not done this before, have a look at the first five pages of last season's thread.

You may RP however you like. Maybe you'd prefer to tell the world that a couple of teams are interested in your driver via some rumour-mongering in your local newspapers? Perhaps you'd like to set up an interview for a team/driver? A popular tactic in recent years has been for teams to hold an open-invitation trial for a number of drivers to test your racecar around a local circuit, with the best driver/drivers being chosen for the team. There is no 'right' way to do it, and the only 'wrong' way to do it would be to attempt to confirm your driver is racing with a team before any real negotiations, OOC, IC or otherwise, have taken place.

You may also wish to consider the massive difference in pay between an experienced driver with a good reputation and a newcomer. In RL Formula 1, the best drivers are paid handsomely to drive while the newcomers often have to pay a team in order to secure a drive. Does your driver need to secure sponsorship in order to pay his way into a deal? Or is he a skilled driver with years of experience, upon whom a team can rely to draw money to the team through external sponsorship and win bonuses?

When you wish to confirm that a driver has joined a team, or formally offer a spot in your team to a driver, do so in bold, like this or this or this or simply like this.

Please note: There is a very small difference in strength between 'Driver 1' and 'Driver 2'. The driver given the distinction of being 'Driver 1' is granted a small OOC advantage over his/her team-mate.

Finally, this is the RP thread. There is to be no Out-of-Context communication here. Use the signup/OOC thread if you wish to make an OOC comment.

Date             Event                                         Venue

8 Aug Pre-Season Test Mount Salt Raceway (EFL)
17-19 Aug Grand Prix of Savojarna Yarkovo International Circuit (SVJ)
24-26 Aug Cocoa Preservation Grand Prix Cocoabo park Circuit (V&T)
31 Aug-2 Sep WGP2 Race of Aels Western Route Circuit (AEL)
7-9 Sep WGP2 Race At Insocima Insocima International (TKI)
14-16 Sep Grand Prix of Lisander East Alixring (LIS)
21-23 Sep Mid-season test GIF Airlines Autodromo (DRE)
28-30 Sep Nimban Deuxième Prix Crossbay Circuit (NIM)
5-7 Oct WGP2 Challenge of Esmerel Forest Cross Raceway (ESM)
12-14 Oct Secondario Premio di Nekoni Derneo Quays Street Circuit (NEK)
19-21 Oct WGP2 At North Emeros North Emeros Street Course (VNG)
26-28 Oct Grand Prix tsa Istrija Revinka Street Circuit (MTJ)

Vannish Motors Racing (VNG)

Driver 1: Karli Schmitt (VNG) #33
Driver 2: Jannik Markner (WET) #09

Nexus Racing (NIM)

Driver 1: Rebecca Darlington (ESM) #15
Driver 2: Janne Laukkanen (ABV) #16

Brutus Obey Sport GP (ESM)

Driver 1: Ekatarina Julic (MTJ) #24
Driver 2: Jason Masami (MNM) #05

VTM Tropicorp Engineering (V&T)

Driver 1: Cocoabo #23 (V&T) #23
Driver 2:

SVJ Racing (SVJ)

Driver 1: Roman Arjenko (SVJ) #75
Driver 2:

Ibuna-Gambal Racing (FID)

Driver 1: Chiemi Hino (ANM) #60
Driver 2: Tyra Tabuso (FID) #48

SinVal (EFL)

Driver 1:
Driver 2:


Driver 1: Dom Falepeau (TGN) #19
Driver 2:

Superia Junior Team (LIS)

Driver 1: Juliano Lemos (LIS) #2
Driver 2:

Omni Katoa Racing (WET)

Driver 1: Timo Jänkirinää (WET) #5
Driver 2: Ade Imoju (VNG) #12

Pompeii Motorsports (NRP)

Driver 1: Erik DeForest (NRP) #9
Driver 2:

EVolution Racing (AZD)

Driver 1: Miguel Santos (DRE) #14
Driver 2:

Kaylan Racing Team (TGN)

Driver 1: Max Predofski (MRL) #17
Driver 2:

1st Backup: Ministry of Sports Racing Team (MNM)

02   Juliano Lemos         LEM            LIS         3.9/3.8/4.3
05 Jason Masami JSM MNM 3.6/4/4.4
05 Timo Jänkirinää TJK WET 4/3/5
07 Boris Ludenhoff BLF BLR 3/4/4
09 Erik DeForest DEF NRP 4/4/4
09 Jannik Markner MAR WET 3.5/5/3.5
11 Asaka Wongshi AKW LGY 4/3/5
12 Ade Imoju IMO VNG 3.8/3.5/4.7
14 Miguel Santos MIG DRE 3/5/4
15 Rebecca Darlington DAR ESM 4/3/5
16 Janne Laukkanen LAU ABL 3/5/4
16 Nate Jackson JAC NWK 3/4/5
17 Max Predofski PRE MRL 5/3/4
19 Dom Falepeau FAL TGN 5/4/3
23 Cocoabo #23 C23 V&T 2.5/4.5/5
24 Ekatarina Julic JUL MTJ 4/3/5
33 Karli Schmitt SCH VNG 3.6/4.4/4
37 Jama'obo Pegasii PEG V&T 3/5/4
44 Laurencia Lynds LYN EFL 4/4/4
48 Tyra Tabuso TAB FID 4.1/2.9/5
52 Markel Shemakker MSR INS 4/4/5
60 Chiemi Hino HIN ANM 3.5/4.2/4.3
63 Dahlia Dahl DHL EFL 2/5/5
75 Roman Arjenko ARJ SVJ 3/5/4
91 Hatake Kiso HTK HKN 3/5/4
97 Edward Baker BAK TKI 3.5/3.5/5
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The EVRT2 T4440 Info

Postby Azadeshia » Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:09 pm

......EVolution Racing Tier 2......
EVRT2 T4440

Electric Motors: Two motors at the rear(Each producing 2,220 ft lb of torque)
Battery: 30 kWh Lithium ion Battery Pack
Layout: RR Layout
Range: 217.7 miles (350.4 km)
Car Weight (Without Driver): 728.62 kg
Car Weight (With Driver): 790.62 kg
Torque: 4,440 ft lb
Kilo-watt(Horsepower): 605 kilo-watts (811 horsepower)
Top Speed: 196 MPH
0-60 MPH(0-100 KPH): 1.5 seconds
0-100 MPH(0-161 KPH): 3.1 seconds

The Motors
These motors that produce 4,440 ft lb of torque are borrowed from the EVolution Bolt GT160.While the Bolt GT160 has 3 motors(One in the front and two in the back), we only added two rear motors for safety reasons.And these are just the least powerful motors from out Bolt GT lineup.We are looking to increase the amount of torque throughout the years.

The Battery
Our WGP2 cars have a 30 kWh Lithium ion Battery Pack that has a range of 217.7 miles (350.4 km) for this car.We have chose a 30 kWh Battery to save weight, save money and keeping our battery charge more than 20% all the time.It costs us only $3,840 to make these batteries.

The Acceleration
EVs are still in the process of becoming the best cars for racing.But one thing the competition can't beat us at, is 'acceleration'.Our cars have brutal acceleration and only racers with great technique and good agression can drive this car.It can go from 0-60 mph in just 1.5 seconds!And can go 0-100 mph in just 3.1 seconds.

The Kilowatt (Horsepower)
Our car produces up to 604.763 kilowatt(811 horsepower).While our competition does better by producing about 900-1000 horsepower, we are still looking to improve our car's horsepower.By half season complete, we would have achieved our goal for 745.7 kilowatt(1000 horsepower).

The Top Speed
Our vehicle's top speed is 196 mph(315 km/h).Lower than our competition, but we can reach 196 mph faster than our competitors.Our goal is to reach 233 mph by half the season finished.

The Brakes
Of course, with such acceleration you need good braking.And that's why we have equipped our vehicle with our finest engineering.It only takes 9.82 feet to stop from 60-0.

Will it go 0-60 in 1.5 seconds on every track?
No, each track is different and has a different speciality.If a track has long stretches to go fast as possible, than we will tune our car up to 1.5 seconds.If it has a lot of corners and less stretches, than we will tune our car down to 1.8 or 1.9 seconds.
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Psychotic Dictatorship

Postby Main Nation Ministry » Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:32 pm

Chapter 1: Bike to Gas Pedal

The barracks were having the morning sun appeared through the barred windows, as orange sunlight filled the bunks. The morning light woke up some of the soldiers early, as some stretched their bodies, as they made sure not to disturb anyone else sleeping. Of course, they got up early for the sole purpose of not hearing the bloody siren for an alarm clock. As it wailed within the barracks, everyone immediately woke up. Dressed in their white PJ's and lined up in front of their bunks, the soldiers waited as their drill sergeant emerged with a new series of insults to those who made a fool outta themselves.

"Listen up, you maggots! I outta have you hanged for treason by now for not reacting faster! My grandmother would already awoke the moment that siren goes off and you sleepy heads think you can't use that natural caffeine in your brain to get your brain working!"
"Sir, no sir!"
"Hang on a moment, who's the edge lord decorating their bunk with this edgy crap!" the sergeant found a noose made out of twine hanging from one of the bedposts.
"Sir, it's mine sir!"
"What the hell is this?! Cadet!"
"Sir, I'm making a garrote!"
"Piano wire exists for a reason, now when you're at training today, you get that twine art piece of ours onto a bonfire and start using real wire as a man! Now, where the hell is Cadet Jason Masami or I will start smashing your shoes with a sledgehammer?!"

"Right here, sir!" Jason Masami yelled out loud to have the sergeant hear him, where he immediately marched over to Masami. "Son, you have received two messages. I'm giving you the bad news first! The bad news is that you failed to finish reading the novel version of the play Death of a Soldier and that you also failed to finish reading the book written by the Leader himself! You are at the end of the line with your english classes when it comes with college! What do you have to say for yourself!" the sergeant said, as he was checking track of Masami's educational progress, than his overall battle experience. "Sir! I needed to practice driving the Jeep! I thought, it was fun!" Masami got a slap to the face as a response. "Boy, drop and give me 20 while I tell you the good news!" Masami immediately dropped to the floor to do push-ups.

"Son! Your jeep driving skills, recent test with the Ministry of Sports and your repeated denied requests to drive the cargo plane have landed you with interest from the Ministry of Sports! They are not recruiting for a biking championship, but they are claiming that what they have to offer will make it worth your while! Now, grab your bag and haul your ass to the Ministry of Sports or I haul it for you!"

At the Ministry of Sports, some scientists from the Ministry of Science were looking at the windows of a wind tunnel, as they were testing the air resistance and travel for an interesting type of racing car. A certain general was examining paperwork on recent test results of the F1 car inside a boardroom. Jason Masami entered wearing his civilian clothing, as he saw what was inside the tunnel. "Is this a new type of car you want me to test drive?" Jason asked, as the wind was powering down inside. "Negative. Right this way, there is someone I like you to meet." a scientist led Jason to a boardroom, where he saw someone at the end of the long table. Some who would follow up on football would recognize this man. Emmanuel Jones. Coach for the Ministry of Sports Football Team. "Mr. Masami. I see that hair is enough to make the enemy see you." Jones said in a snide tone, as he remarked about Masami's hair. "We have all-fit helmets for a reason, now what is this about?"

"Mr. Masami. You understand that while we are commonly viewed as evil, it is important to understand that we are expanding our culture via sports. You see while our main sports are football and soccer, we are expanding our athletes to attend other types of sports."
"So what does this have to do with me? Was it because I nearly died in that eco-car?"
"No, nonsense. You have passed the physical examination to be qualified to be a legible driver for this new type of sports we wish to attend."
"What type of sport is this?"
"The Grand Prix. F1 driving." The moment Jones said it to Masami, he already seemed interesting. "I'm listening, but what's the catch."
"Well, you will be excluded from punishment for "selling out" as the Leader would describe it, even though all of our businesses are owned by the government. Our team are designated as a backup, so we can currently in the midst of recruiting a driver from another nation to ride our F1 vehicle. However, we believe that you are still eligible to become a driver yourself. "

Jason Masami looked skeptic, where he was on the verge of hesitating. "Well, I know I don't want to disrespect the Ministry of Sports, but I'm failing on my studies in college and I want to serve my country, so the answer is-"
"We let you drive a cargo plane."
"Yes. But if you become a registered driver for WGP2. We will have you create a mini resume to show to other teams, so you can be able to negotiate with what they have to offer."
"Done!" Masami said to Jones.

"Well, Mr. Jason Masami. I officially declare you to a driver for the WGP2, however you have yet to send out info to the other nations that you're available. It's best that you get to it right away, if you want to attend the grand prix. We have already tested out our vehicle, so there is no worries for death for anyone that applies for us to be their team. It is built to run as an electric car and while we might not win, we will still have our pride be shown." Jones said, as he walked up to Masami to observe his hairstyle. "You gotta admit we should have shaved your head clean."
"It can fit inside of my helmet!"
"Now show me your pride! Are you ready!"
"I can't hear you!"
"I STILL CAN'T HEAR YOU! NOW, ARE YOU READY!?!" Jones said, having a bit of fun, shouting at the top of his lungs to motivate Masami.
"Yes! I'm ready! Even if this is something I may have never done before, but I shall be the first person in the nation to do this! I'm ready!"

A while later...the Ministry of International Affairs had send out a recruitment campaign in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports to recruit the multiverse's best possible driver that is available. Meanwhile, Jason Masami got his bags and exited the borders of Main Nation Ministry to scout for available teams, where he stayed at a motel on an unregistered part of Main Nation Ministry.
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Superia Junior Team Hub

Postby Lisander » Sat Jul 28, 2018 1:16 am

Welcome to Superia Juniors Hub!
Previous Seasons of Lisanderian Teams in WGPO: Bitten Heroes WGPC 15 (4th, 138pts) | Team Ignis WGP2 1 (9th, 61pts) | Bitten Heroes WGPC 16 (13th, 12pts)

The Team
Superia Junior Team is the ̶L̶i̶s̶a̶n̶d̶e̶r̶ ̶A̶u̶t̶o̶s̶p̶o̶r̶t̶s̶ ̶B̶o̶a̶r̶d̶ Bitten Heroes-owned team for this WGP2 Season. The team is based on Brax, Lisander. Andrea Lanza, former WGPC Chief Engineer, two times Lisander GT Champion, is the Team Principal. He'll count with two drivers. The first driver will be the Lisanderian Juliano Lemos, while the second one will be Darius Castellammare, also Lisanderian, Camden Racing contracted driver. The team is supported by Camden Motors, the biggest automotive company in the nation, co-creators of the new car.

The Car
The KS-02, built in partnership between LAB, Camden and KB Motorworks, comes with an updated bodywork when compared to the previous LAB-certified drive, Ignis Racing KBx-05D. The rear wing (DRS-prepared) is taller and smaller, the shark fin is now bigger, wheels are lighter, and a bargeboard was added. Camden also brings a new 3.6 engine and a revamped suspension. The structure has carbon insets, combined with polycrystalline panels who capture heat from the sun and/or from the car itself and turns it into an undisclosed amount of electric extra power (branded EBGP, "Electric Boost Generator Polycrystalline"), to be used together with DRS wing.
Chassis: KS-02
Engine: 3600cc V8 manufactured by Camden, 570 hp at 8500 rpm
Gearbox: 6-speed paddle shift
Bodywork: Carbon bodyshell with strengthened safety structure and polycrystalline thermic sensible panels.
Weight: 594 Kg (dry weight)
Tyres: Petrovi (WGP2 one-make)

R1 to R7
KS-02 Car livery. The silver car has dark parts in carbon covered with thermogenic panels, that provide extra electric power to the engine, to be used when activating the DRS device on the rear spoiler. The predominant logo for the last two races is LANZAS, the engineering firm of Team Principal Andrea Lanza, while Bitten Heroes GPE appears on the Shark Fin. Additional sponsoring include Turorian Company CoCoCo and its brands Coco-electric and Coco-Market. Other brands featured are KB Motorworks and Powered by Camden, as well as Petrovi on the front spoiler.

Driver One — Juliano Lemos [LEM] #2

25 years-old. The Lisanderian dreamboy (or dreamboy, as his new personal blog stated) had a wasted WGPC16. Finishing with only four points in the entire season, the WGPC15 fourth-placed suffered with the corruption scandal who affected Bitten Heroes. Driving without knowing if he would have his wages paid, even humiliating himself in front of Princely Family. He endured too much. Some specialists speculated he could be suffering from depression, caused by overwork. After the end of WGPC season, he resigned from Maud Formula Team, and left off for a "disconnected" vacation at his summer house in Cap Navarre, Alice Bay. Lemos cut off his connections with near everyone, just giving his Alicean phone number to five people: His protegée Lourdina Westgrens, his bride Ludwika Wiel, his niece Venelana, his former engineer/team chief, Andrea Lanza and the LAB president, Damien Ader. These people were vital to his "physical recovery", as himself stated, when announced his decision of "not pursuing a seat in Formula Hodori, instead of that, choosing WGP2, to get back to the victories road."

WGPC s16: Bitten Heroes Lantis®; 26th, 4 points
Formula Hodori s173: Arada Motorsport; 12th, 13 points
WGPC s15: Bitten Heroes; 4th, 95 points
Pre-WGPC: 1x Lisander F3 Champion.

Driver Two — Darius Castellammare [CAS] #3
Darius is a strong, confident and good driver, Despite not being agressive. Lemos's charisma lacks from him, he is pure ice. Castellammare, as its name says, is hard like a castle and brave like the sea. A balanced man, in every way. He entered the team only after the first race, with Damian Ader leaving the team. Aged 30, Darius Castellammare was thought too old for the Superlicense, but due to the hard times Lisanderian Autosports keep facing, he was selected in the last moments.

1x Lisander GT Champion
1x Lisander F3 Runner-up


#2 LEM13127104151517DNFDNF2-
#3 CAS--13157228DNF17-

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Postby Dreamplanet » Sat Jul 28, 2018 7:30 am


A Team for Miguel Santos?

Miguel Santos has become the first Dreamplanetian to make a huge step and go for the World Grand Prix Two (WGP2), however to do so he will need a team. The controversial, although very talented, driver will be needing a team to get into the next season of WGP2, although it is very early into of the pre-season, Miguel Santos will be needing a team knowing that it will further his motorsports career and put Dreamplanet on the map.


Santos in his 2003 winning Team Libon (now GIF Airlines Motorsports) car.

Santos has proven himself to be the biggest driver in Dreamplanet, with a hunger for victory and his heart on his sleeve, he can be quite a controversial driver, but he can get the job done. He started his career with a police chase which eventually lead to him joining the national racing league, and after 3 years, he silenced his critics by beating bitter rival Margarida Niculau by 3 points. Santos has now set his aim on making a name for himself internationally, and we even had an interview with Miguel Santos on Friday's Motorsport Review section.

(OOC: This is the video of the interview, this is just the transcript)
RTD: "And here we have WGP2 hopeful and current Dreamplanetian Champion, Miguel Santos."
Santos: "Hello, glad to be here."
RTD: "So, tell us more, why have you made this move?"
Santos: "Well, i think i'm ready for the big stage, and so is Dreamplanet, and we've even entered a track into the schedule - and hopefully i'll get the chance to race in front of the home fans - but i think that it's time to put Dreamplanet on the map, not just in football but in motorsports."
RTD: "What do you say to the critics that say that you're not the best person to represent Dreamplanet due to your criminal record?"
Santos: "Of course, people will always nay-say you, and of course having a prison sentence to your name is a big deal, but that gave me the experience to go fast and the will to right some wrongs, and i think i've only started now."
RTD: "Do you have a specific team you want to go to?"
Santos: "Well, i'm not too sure, obviously the best teams *Chuckles* but just getting into a team would be great, i'm ready to give it my all for any team willing to give me a try."
RTD: "Well, i guess it's safe to say that you've got what it takes, but do you think you'll struggle?"
Santos: "To be honest, it'll be tough to get used to at first, but i'll give it my all every race. And that's a promise, and i keep my promises."
RTD: "Alright, thank you that's all we have time for."

Santos is clearly full of confidence, and why wouldn't he? He's the leader of Dreamplanet and can write himself into the history books as the first Dreamplanetian driver in an international league. So what's next for Santos? Only time can tell.

Dreamplanet: We're 14 years behind!

Campionato Esportiva 24 Runners-Up
WorldVision FactbookNational Team Factbook

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Postby Vangaziland » Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:09 am

Blue Coast Vangaziland was located on the Southeast corner of the Vannish Mainland. This was not to be confused with 'Esportivan Vangaziland', a territory which bordered Sorlovia in that region. This was North, way North. With it being in the midst of summer, the land was deceptively warm. The beaches were in full swing. Crowds of tourists, many from Esportiva, gathered on the Vannish shores and strolled along Boardwalk Blvd. The sun was setting perpendicular to the street, casting an orange glow down the row of shops. Promenade Ave ran North to South and led people to and from the downtown district.

Celebrities were fairly common in this part of the city, especially during summer. There were actors. Business moguls. Occasionally, Royals like Prince Vang and Baroness Jenna Vandersen even made appearances. Some of the hottest stars in Vangaziland were athletes. Many didn't consider drivers athletes, but those in the know understood the physical effort racers went through. Racing was indeed a sport, especially at the high end of the open-wheel spectrum.

Enter 'The Cannabis Cafe'. It was a great place to unwind for lunch or a business meeting. By legalizing, taxing and regulating cannabis, all negative elements had been eliminated. Gangs or simple criminals did not move the product. Instead, one could buy it at a store as simply as a bag of popcorn. This also put less of a stigma around it and instead an emphasis on responsible use was reinforced.

Of course, there was nothing irresponsible about relaxing with a smoke or three on a hazy summer afternoon.

Around the table were two women and a man. The man was somewhere around 5'9 and 5'10. He had dark hair and strong Asian features. In his hand was a 'Soakup' brand joint. It was a thick cannabis cone, drizzled in potent oil. It was for the refined smoker, looking for an intoxicating effect. Outside, summer insects rattled and chirped in a wave of sound similar to cicadas or katydids.

One of the women was a bit shorter. She had dark hair and brown eyes. Her face was angular but gentle. She wore an indigo dress the color of the Vannish flag, which draped around her thighs. A necklace with a rather enormous ruby dangled against her chest to match similar earings. On her plate was a slice of cannabis infused lemon pie. She was skipping smoking in favor of something called dabbing. A large glass rig sat next to a glob of potent extracted oil on wax paper. A small propane torch was nearby to help heat the quartz 'nail'. Ornate looking sunglasses covered her eyes, even though the room had a fairly dim glow.

She laughed as the man made a quip about the WGP2 season. "I don't know if this year's VMR team will be as good as last years." The topic had been on the second tier league, as it was quite relevant to the trio.

The dark haired woman responded by saying, "I'm sure they'll find better looking drivers than last year's though."

After a short burst of laughter, he took a teasing look and said, "I don't know. You seemed to like Jenna Vandersen a bit."

This made the woman break out into a red blush. "Shut up, Jang! Oh my gosh..." She reached over the table and punched his arm with a surprising stinger.

The third woman broke into a giggle. She wasn't smoking anything, but was just enjoying the meal and company. Cannabis wasn't for everybody and it certainly wasn't for her. The last time she took it, her heart started beating so fast that she was almost sure she was about to die. She also became so paranoid that she thought secret agents were after her.

But she had always wanted to see The Cannabis Cafe. Besides, the stars came here. In the back corner of the shop was actor Nate Vanlee. He was in one of the summer's hot new releases, a film about the Vannish Mob.

She was taller than both the others at 5'11. She had bright blonde hair and dark green eyes. She carried the blood of a former territory called Lainerbrook. There was something more friendly in her persona than the other two, though the dark haired woman did have an innocence to her look. This third woman looked like she wouldn't hurt a fly, ice tea in hand, not even ordering a cocktail or beer. Maybe she was just trying to make a new impression.

"So Karli", the dark haired woman said to her. "Are you excited about possibly moving into WGP2?"

The blonde woman tilted her head a bit with a restrained smile. "Honestly? Honestly, honestly? I wish VMR would have moved me into a GT1 car. We were so close to winning the GT2 division last year in Hodori."

"I saw that", said Mr. Jang Xiaopeng. He was brought here to help recruit Karli Schmitt onto the WGP2 team. Xiaopeng is the defending WGP2 Driver's cupholder. He was also integral to VMR's WGP2 Constructors win. He didn't do too bad in the WGPC either, though he couldn't top the dark haired woman who sat with them. "I mean. You're already registered with VMR and eligible for the WGP2. It doesn't sound like delegates from Hodori want VMR in GT1. Too much of a threat. That's supposed to be their league."

"It's not about that. I mean. There probably isn't even room for me to progress to the WGPC. Not with you two holding the nation's super licenses.

"You never know what could happen", said the dark haired woman. She adjusted her sunglasses on her nose, revealing her dark eyes. "Besides, the WGP2 gets a pretty big international audience."

"Especially with it running at a different time of the year than the WGPC now", said Jang.

The dark haired woman opened a Manilla folder and slid some papers across the table. "I think you'll find the pay a little more generous than VMR GT2."

Karli picked up the paper and looked at the number up close. Was that right? For WGP2? She must have done better in her Vannish Motors Ghost GT-10 than she thought! Jang slid a pen over to her hand, while taking the last drag from his cigar. His mind was swallowed in the relaxing waves of melted green. The entire scene was mellow. The beach was visible out of the panoramic window which sat behind them. An Emperor's gull flew by, a bit of crabmeat hanging from its beak.

"Did you guys try to get me stoned so I could sign easier?"

Jang quickly picked up a nervous, guilty look. Jessica just laughed, sliding her plate to the side as a habit. "Karli, oh my gosh.. Just trust us."

"This is going to be so good for your racing career. You'll adapt to open wheel, no sweat", said Jang.

The blonde woman looked at the number on the contract and took the pen. 'I Karli Schmitt sign for Vannish Motors racing for the duration of WGP2, Season 2 as lead driver (1).' "There", she said. "Are you guys happy now?" The others nodded. "So what about Ade?" She asked about her co-driver in GT2. The two had formed a significant bond on their run through the field. She wondered whether she would be racing with him or against him. The trio stood and begun exchanging handshakes.

Jessica Franssen spoke as they all sat back down. "We haven't decided if we're going with him yet. We'd like the chance to go international, if we can. We haven't ruled him out though."

Jang chimed in with, "Our standards are pretty high. The worst thing a team can do is sign a driver who expects to cruise through a season. We need somebody who will live this season. To breathe it. To be it. If we can't find that, we'll go with Ade. But truthfully, the company wants to give an international a chance."

"They also want to give Ade time with another team. It might help him develop", Jess said. "It might also help VMR forge ties with another team, if we allow a driver on our GT2 books to drive for them. Very political climate, these days." Jessica filled in as acting principal last year in the WGP2. She was a big part of the team's success. Jess was also fresh off a pretty decent WGPC season. There was a reason she was all smiles behind her red-framed sunglasses.

"So are you running a test to garner interest?" Karli asked as she kept looking over the contract she signed.

"Test schmests" said Jang rather loudly. "One drive on one particular track will only tell a portion of the story. We want to know what kind of effort a potential driver will put in over weeks and months. Who wants it more? Who is ready to sweat and maybe lose sleep over this? We know from experience that's the effort it takes." Jang wasn't exaggerating. Both Jessica and he had a driver's cup to their name. It did not come by luck or a good day at one home track.

VMR still seemed to be looking at international drivers, even as the strategy didn't exactly pan out the way the race team hoped in the WGPC. the choice may have cost the company a constructor's cup, where the two Vannish drivers finished in the top 5. Things may have shaped out differently in the driver's cup if Jang possibly took more points from Jess under VMR. So better success wasn't a guarantee. In truth, VMR still stood by both their drivers from last year. The fault was likely with the car and may have plagued Xiaopeng as well if he were signed. Besides, VMR was still only a few points from a WGPC Constructors', even with the second driver's struggles.

"So how will you pick the next driver?" Karli took a drink from her tea after she spoke.

"We're going to see who comes to us and listen to their case for why they want it. Of course, there is a lot of pressure driving for us. Nobody out there might be up to it. We're also going to be pretty picky, so yeah. But there are a few drivers we'd like to sign. We may reach out to a few."

Karli said, "Name one." Jess seemed hesitant. She paused. "Come on, I want to know."

"Jannik looks good on paper", said Jess. "We'd need to see where their head is at though. There are others."

"Who? Who?"

Jess ignored Karli. "It's time to celebrate your signing!" A devious smile spread across her face. She took the blowtorch and began heating the piece of quartz attached to the glass pipe. Jang raised his hand to signal a server to bring him another cone.

"You guys!" Karli teased them, half jokingly.

In the background, an R+B song was playing. The beat was mellow as was the voice which sung the chorus.
I can do this..
All day, all night.
I can do this.
All day, everyday.
You don't really know what you are in for.
The hardest part for you is still in store.
So just give in!

Outside of the window, happy beachgoers strolled across the sand. They were a diverse crowd of black people, blondes, redheads, Asians and Hispanics. Most came from the different Vannish territories. Blue Coast was the place to be. There was no hate, only never ending harmony. Waves crashed against the sandy shore in the distance. The sounds of marine birds echoed across the skies as they called to their mates. Inside the cafe, patrons murmured about the race stars which filled the shop. Some even recognized Karli and knew what it was she just signed, based on her present company. The actor looked over his shoulder to realize almost every eye was on the table of three. How annoying for him!

The WGP2 season had begun in earnest.
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Postby Lisander » Sat Jul 28, 2018 9:40 am

Juliano Lemos Personal Blog

My head hurts ... This focused writing application looked better when I picked it up, these typewriter ticks gave a better setting before. Now they are just a nuisance. Okay, off.

Now, let's get this news ... No. Not yet.

<Break for a medicine and an apple>

Okay. Right now. I decided to join WGP2. There were a few days talking with Ader, the president of LAB, with Ludi, who even offered me "the usual job in KB", and with Lourdina Westgrens. "I do not want to run the WGP2 again, Boss," she told me. "For this year I want something different, I'm thinking of GT, I've heard that Bjorn Krön is setting up a category for him and other veterans, like Quintino Gloria. Although many youngsters outside the Alpha League may end up going there." She's smart. We did an awful WGPC, we suffered a lot, she does good in resting, in taking a minor category. It's even less money spent. Luckily she learned to own her own ways. How she grew.

My lack of focus is glaring these days. I announced that I will participate in WGP2 and I went straight to talk about Lourdina in GT. Well, by my side, it's not right, even because I did not receive any formal invitation, but I think the most obvious way is for me to run for the LAB team, Superia Juniors. I heard that name came from Stellenbosch, but since they can not officially sponsor in WGP2 because of the unique supplier of WGP2 tires, they have "given the name". Of course, that's what the internet says. Ader did not confirm or deny anything. To be honest, I did not even ask Ader about this. He just told me that he wants me testing the car in Grandeville, after all, all of the building was accompanied by Ludi. She finishes her engineering school this year, but she already has so much experience that sometimes I think she should be my team chief.

For today that's all. I need to sleep. More news later.

Ludi: Ludwika Wiel, the fiancé of Juliano Lemos, a trainee engineer at Camden, co-owner of KB Motorworks, a WGP3 Alpha League driver.
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A very horrible RP

Postby Azadeshia » Sat Jul 28, 2018 5:01 pm

EVolution already looking at a driver?

Aaryan Singh Thakur, the CEO of EVolution Transportation Industry is already looking at a driver that he believes will do exceptionaly good the whole season.It's Miguel Santos.

Though, EVRT2 is still thinking of doing a race in Mohemana to pick the top 2 racers, but at the same time they are focusing on Santos.

Who Is Miguel Santos?
Miguel Santos is the first Dreamplanetian to join WGP2, he is very talented driver but has criminal records.Santos is a very cofident driver and the best Dream Planet

Aaryan Singh Thakur Interview

Interviewer: Namaste Mr.Thakur, how are you.
Aaryan: I am good, thanks for calling me to this interview.
INT: Just wanted to point out, that Azadeshis are not happy with you.You know why?
ARY: I know for goodness-sakes!Cause I want a driver who has criminal records.If people are just not going to integrate criminals into society, why rehabilitate them?
INT: Okay, leave that then.So what kind of drivers are you looking for?
ARY: Drivers with high aggression, high technique and good enough reliability.
INT: And why is that?
ARY: You know, our cars have a lot of torque and horsepower and only people like I want can handle this car.
INT: Okie, time is over, it was nice to meet you Mr. Thakur.
ARY: You're welcome.

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Postby Maryloupe » Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:03 pm

One person can change the world, but who?

Your first steps won't be stable, but going further will blow the doubts away.

12:06 p.m., 29th July 2018
Vieppes, Maryloupe

It was a typical day. At least for Max. He was lifting weights for no good reason.
"Max, look at this!" It was Mom. Max's mom. Max went to the kitchen to see Mom making black ivory coffee. She was wearing a shirt saying "YOLO".
"Mm. I love black ivory," Max said.
"That isn't for you," Mom said, much to the dismay of Max, "Anyway. While I was grinding the coffee beans, my phone rang. A notification popped out, saying that WGP2 teams were looking for drivers. Having said--"
"Really?" Max asked.
"Maybe," Mom winked at him. Max looked at Mom's phone. The first thing he saw was the wallpaper. It said 'You Live Only Once'.
Max was annoyed.
"Everyone knows that, Mom" He said.
"Everyone does what?" Mom asked with a typical Maryloupin accent.
"Forget it." Max typed in the password of her phone, which was quite easy. He saw the words "WGP2 NEGOTIATION PHRASE STARTS"
"So it's true," he muttered to himself. He read the article. There were 11 teams, and there was also a bunch of drivers hopeful of a seat in the 22 vacant ones.
"Sometime I want to smack your butt," Mom said. And she did. Max winced in pain. Mom was an elephant for a woman aged 61.
"Sometimes strength doesn't age," she said,"Since you had a string of excellent results in the Maryloupin Racing League(MRL), you think anyone gonna accept you?" There was an awkward silence.
"We'll see. We'll see." Max replied, full of determination. He searched through the teams competing in WGP2. There was Vannish Motor Racing, Evolution and he saw Nexus, which competed in the one and only WGPC. And he looked at all the drivers. There was Dreamplanetian Miguel Santos, Lemos, Arjenko, an unknown Coacobo #23, and finally himself. He might have proved himself at the MRL, but being a 22-year-old racer who is the first Maryloupin driver to ever race in the WGP2,would he get accepted into one of the teams? Only time will tell.
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Postby Esmerel » Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:42 pm

Darlington, South Carolina, United States
Saturday, 28 July 2018, 14:00

Well then... Now I know why they call this track so difficult.

Enter Rebecca Darlington. Driver of the number 15 machine with Nexus Racing. Currently, she's only in WGP2, and, even after Jean's horrific accident at the 2018 Audioslavian GP, will be staying here for another year at least. But she's fine with that. Her first season was mediocre anyways. Why go forward when you can come back and defeat the demons you left behind?

Anyways, for now she wasn't racing in WGPC-organized events. There weren't any yet. For now, she was mostly in invitationals and other special events. This weekend, she was driving a fourth-generation American stock car around the coincidentally named Darlington Raceway, a 1.33 mile oval (the US seemed to really like those tracks) that was coined as one of the toughest ovals in the world- due to the fact that the banking and corner speed of Turns 1 and 2 compared to Turns 3 and 4 were different.

Not only was Rebecca driving a car which allowed for such a minimal field of view, she was on a difficult track. She did end up scratching the paint a couple of times.

Eh. Just add that to the countless scrapes this track has gotten over the years. It's much older than any of Esmerel's circuits, oval or not. They called this The Lady In Black, didn't they? Might take that as my nickname. It's pretty nice.

To be fair, she did understand the appeal of racing stock cars. It just wasn't her personal cup of tea.

Upon finishing the event 4th of 30 runners, she promptly came to the infield for the interviews. Though, on her way, she received a text message.

Alright, where the hell are you

Rebecca quickly responded.
What's so important?

WGP2's in negotiation phase. Where the hell are you?

South Carolina.

What? Alright, I don't care where you are, get to Vauxhall right now.

I'd have to drive, brought my car with me. Not many ferries to Esmerel, either.

WTF... What's your fastest option?

Halifax. And that's 22 hours. Then it's the ferry to Huntington. That's another 3 hours. Vauxhall is another 5 hours from there.

You mean to tell me you drove all the way to the States and didn't have a contingency plan for coming back in a hurry? No wonder you aren't as good as Jean.

Oh shut up. You know it was bad luck.

Just get over here. I don't care how anymore.

Look, I've got interviews. I'm heading over as soon as I can, Talia.

So. It was time. Took them long enough.

Let's get to work. Driving to Nova Scotia, at least.
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Postby Vangaziland » Sun Jul 29, 2018 5:31 am

About 500 miles North of Blue Coast lay the city of Emeros. While Blue Coast sat where the Eastern and Southern coasts of the Vannish peninsula meet, Emeros is about halfway up the eastern shoreline. Emeros is the capitol of the Vannish Empire. It is home to Overglade University, numerous sports teams and the original Vannish Grand Prix.

The road race cut through part of the suburb known as North Emeros. The course cut mainly through the row of shops called 'The Promenade', through the transportation hub and up onto the parkway. Turn 13 was where the highway leading to downtown Emeros met the street course, at the southwest edge of the track. A 250 foot statue stood here, bronze which had now turned green over the past two centuries. Although the statue was built in the early 1800s, the figure it represented was from the 1500s. Lord Emerott helped forge Vangaziland into what it is today. One of his biggest accomplishments was killing off a racist uprising in the 1500s. This was no kind movement of tolerance, but rather a vicious war which saw thousands slaughtered for expressing racist sentiments. The leader of the nationalist rebellion was beheaded in front of 1500 children on a chilly winter day. Vangaziland's rough hand towards intolerance continues today. In 2017, an A-10 warthog was dispatched by the Vannish government on their own civilians who ran an illegal militia. The group forfeit their right to assemble the moment they began to spread hate speech. Dozens more racists have been locked up since, sitting in jail to this day for conspiracy against the government. The international community showed outrage, but Vangaziland is an armored pine cone none want to confront.

It was in the shadow of this figure, who stood for Vannish strength, where Ade Imoju and Jon Stansen sat around an outdoor table. They were both physically different. They were both equally Vangazi. Ade had dark brown skin and black curly hair. He carried the blood of the Gazilians, in what is today's New Gazi. His land is not named after Vangaziland, but Vangaziland incorporated the name of their country into its new Empire. Meanwhile, the African Empire once known as Gazi became New Gazi to symbolize a new era and a trans-oceanic empire, of which they were an equal partner.

Ade was on the books as a GT2 driver for Vannish Motors Racing in Hodori's GT-A franchise. Along with Karli Schmitt, Imoju took their car to 2nd place. They were barely a handful of points away from winning the division and could threaten to win outright at any given season. With VMR pushing for a GT1 car and being denied, VMR is pulling their GT2 involvement as they refuse to look like an inferior team.

This leaves Jon Stansen without a seat. Like Karli Schmitt, he also has blonde hair but features blue eyes. His people were the Scandinavian Vanns, who settled across the Vannish plains, out to the western lands. They were explorers and brutal fighters who fought wars amongst themselves in the years of 700-900. The brutality of these early conflicts taught them that war should never trump peace. To call oneself Vangazi is a sign of solidarity between the Vanns and the Gazilians. The ideology is deeply imbedded into the Empire to fervent levels.

Stansen drove the second VMR GT2 car, which had a rough season and never made any noise. He had his phone out and was checking out a blog about VMR's various teams and vehicles.

"Man, I feel like my best days are past me", said Stansen. Many considered his team to have underperformed in the GT2 division. "The critics are tearing up my two seasons in Hodori."

"Don't take it personally", said Imoju. "Vannish race fans have been spoiled by VMR. Some don't see that you were an innovator. The company studied your results and put together a faster car because of what they learned from you." He let out a restrained laugh. "You're not the fastest, but its okay. VMR will find a seat for you somewhere."

"I guess I need to wait until VMR starts racing semi-trucks or something... Some obscure league somewhere for them to stick me." Stansen looked at an image of his GT2 car on his phone while he spoke.

"You worry too much. It doesn't matter what people think. Those are just thoughts."

"Bro! They hired Kev Schorebrook to run stock cars in NSSCRA", Jon said about the international tournament. Schorebrook was the #25 car's third driver. He only participated in the sporadic endurance races of the GT-A HGTC. "It has affected my career. Maybe I should move on to something else."

"They just felt Kev would be better at stock cars. That discipline isn't for everybody", said Ade. "You won't find me driving those things. The parity makes me sick."

Jon laughed. "So you like having a tactical advantage?"

"The advantage isn't always ours. But it's nice to see differences in engineering and performance have an impact week in and week out. It's like a battle of each team's plan and ideology. Stock cars just seem like, oh... Who screwed up the least this lap? Over and over again. I love all racing though." Ade smiled as he looked over to Jon.

Now Jon pulled up an image of the three NSSCRA cars which VMR financed. Of course, these cars were each sponsored and branded individually. Only one wore the indigo and red of Vannish Motors, though sponsored by an energy drink called REDUP.

"Man I wish I drove one of these! Look at the paint schemes", said Jon. He was clearly feeling anxious about not getting the WGP2 call. He felt his time in the spotlight was about done.

"Just buy yourself a Hammerhead then", said Imoju. The Hammerhead was the base platform for the stock car. Prices ranged from about 35-50 thousand dollars. It was the number one selling muscle car in Vangaziland.

"Let me price one", Jon said reluctantly. He pulled up vannishmotors.vng. The site loaded fast and he followed the links to the car's page. "Oh this blue one looks nice!"

"Don't let this season get you down. You'll get your shot. Don't worry about it." It was another sunny day of Vangaziland's summer. Trees hung over the group of tables sitting in view of the statue. Between them and it was a small field. The road that became Turn 13 of the North Emeros Street Course was in full view, currently packed with fast moving vehicles on the edge of the park.

"So what about you? VMR skipped you to go with Karli, huh? I knew Jessica would pick the woman." Jon closed out his phone and put it in his pocket. He leaned back in his chair and looked up at a songbird which sung from a nearby tree.

"It's not because she's a woman, that's messed up. They liked her style. I've been in contact with them. Corporate Vannish Motors wants to put me on another team. They told me they might still hire me if they don't find anyone else."

"Have they told you who they're looking at?"

"They said something about Jannik Markner. They just wonder if he's ready to fight to the end, every week, foot to the floor. I think he will." Ade paused, drinking from a water bottle which sat on the table. "They also said something about some soldier from a place they called 'The Ministry'. Thing is, they're not sure how his politics will work out with the team. Their nation is into slavery and stuff. I don't know what kind of people they enslave, but that's not welcome in Vangaziland. It may hurt his chance to drive for VMR. He's supposed to be good though."

"Yeah that sucks", Jon replied.

"It's more of a matter of the fact that he probably wouldn't be happy among us, with our style. Who knows? Maybe it could be some diplomatic learning point."

"Good talk", said Jon. "I guess this racing thing isn't personal. VMR is just some crazy corporation just looking out for their bottom line. We're just pawns."

"Think about it this way. You've helped sell a lot of their cars. Sales of the Ghost have gone up since you started in GT2. You ran that first season as the lone Vannish car. Think of all the fans you've entertained. People still root for you. It's all good. It's just a job. Besides, if they put you in a GT1 car someday, that might be more prestigous than the WGP2."

"That's arguable", Jon replied. "The WGP2 is kind of more international."

"I don't know. There are a lot of international drivers in GT1. Also... VMR might move GT2 funding into Formula Hodori. I bet they'll call you for that. I bet. They're saving you for the day."

"Yeah man. I guess. Say, you want to hit up a coffee shop? I'm feeling like a smoke." Jon pushed back his seat. He leaned forward and appeared ready to stand. Ade agreed and stood outright.

"Yeah", said the WGP2 hopeful. "Let's go to Mary Jane's Corner." They both pushed their chairs in, making loud sliding noises on the concrete. The songbird flew away quickly in protest. As the drivers walked back towards the parking lot, the wind caused small branches on the trees above to sway and flutter. Under the watchful gaze of Lord Emerott's towering figure, peace and harmony flowed across the Vannish mainland.
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Postby Dreamplanet » Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:56 am


BREAKING NEWS: EVRT2 show interest in Miguel Santos

In an interesting interview, EVolution Transportation Industry CEO, Aaryan Singh Thakur has shown interest in Miguel Santos, the first ever Dreamplanetian WGP2 driver. Aaryan started out by defending Santos' criminal record by saying "If people are just not going to integrate criminals into society, why rehabilitate them?" after being questioned as to why the Azadeshis dislike his decision to stand by his choice. As the interview went on, he said that Santos was a good choice because he wanted drivers with high aggression, high technique and "good enough" reliability, and the reasoning for that is because their cars have a lot of torque and horsepower and "Only people like [Aaryan] wants can handle this car." at the conclusion of the interview.

It is not known what Miguel Santos' response was but it is very likely that he has gone to talk business with EVRT2, however it is not set in stone as EVRT2 have been reportedly considering doing a race in Mohemana to pick the top 2 drivers for their team for the upcoming WGP2 season.

Ever since that interview, another name has caught the attention of Miguel Santos, being Superia Juniors of Lisander, in the interview, the one-time Lisanderian F3 Champion, Juliano Lemos, stated that he was considering having Miguel Santos as his teammate as there would be chemistry due to Dreamplanetians speaking Portuguese, however more development will be needed on this story as Juliano has a WGPC Superlicense and the experience would serve great for Miguel Santos, who is still without a team but is keeping an eye out for potential signings.

BREAKING NEWS: GIF Airlines Autodromo lands Mid-Season test

GIF Airlines Autodromo was in contention of hosting a race in the WGP2 calendar but ended up getting a mid-season test, although not being ideal, the track owners have stated "We're proud of being a part of the WGP2 calendar and it's a good start in putting Dreamplanet on the map, and we'll be looking forward in hosting the mid-season test session and hopefully make it in for the third season."

The GIF Airlines Autodromo will be hosting the mid-season test from the 21st-23rd September 2004, inbetween the Grand Prix of Lisander East in the Alixring and the Nimban Deuxième Prix at the Crossbay Circuit, both races being in September.
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Dreamplanet: We're 14 years behind!

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A Bitten Hero in the stables of the Pegasi

Postby Lisander » Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:14 am

"Look! Look at these rims! To the detail, to this Pegasus! It's a 2004 Camden Squaria! I first drove in a car like that! I thought I'd never see another one like new." Juliano Lemos was astonished, during his visit to the Camden Motors Museum.

"We have the first produced car of every Camden model here. But we should head now for the Single-Seaters Pavillion, to sign-up your contract." His guide, senior driver of Camden Motorsports and his main rival in Formula 3 until two seasons behind, Meline Agrakian, said to him. The chestnut-haired woman walked through the glass door that opened when he stepped on the mat and he followed her.

There were some photographers there, and at least three TV reporters, from RTL, TV5 and Channel 9. On the table, Ludwika Wiel, Andrea Lanza (former Bitten Heroes Lead Engineer, now Superia Juniors Team Principal) and Damian Ader (President of Lisander Autosports Board). Lemos walked straightly to them, greeting the media team behind the line they were placed. When all the people took their seats, the light went down a bit a video was projected on the white wall to the right of the table. It was grainy and looked old, but those were clearly video tricks.

"Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Augustus Camden, and I'm sending you this message from 1928. If this message arrives you right, Our family business is reaching a new frontier, International Motor Sports. Give a warm welcome to our international lead drivers." That was partially right. The man on the video was, in fact, Augustus Camden, but not the same Augustus who founded Camden as a bicycle store in 1906. It was his grandson, already a sexagenarian, Augustus Camden III.

"Firstly, our number 1 driver. The complete embodiment of Camden values as a company. Duty, Family, Union, Respect, Humility, Generosity and Class. Mademoiselle Meline Agrakian. Two times Lisanderian F3 Champion, the main driver for Camden Racing in the New WGP3 Alpha League and the next WGPC Superlicense from Lisander".

Lemos was Dazzled. What was that? Agrakian and he had the same age, but she hadn't a Superlicense. Until now. What a fool he was. He would be used by Camden, to impulse Agrakian career. One entire season, he would drive and develop a car to Camden, and when the WGP2 finally finished, all their effort would be put into a new car for the WGPC. And of course, the builder's darling would be the main driver. Yeah... my LAB connections and my share in KB Motorworks brought me here. But these jackals only want to suck me dry. They want my money, my skills and my knowledge to prepare a WGPC car for her. When the volume of his thoughts lowered a bit, he was capable to hear last words of Agrakian.

"...and of course, is a great honour to me. Finally, I and Lemos will be on the same side. Together, we have the three last Lisanderian F3 Titles, and with him in the Superia Juniors, I'm confident that the road will be well-paved for me and for every other Camden driver."

He nodded, still searching the words to express his blend of gratitude and disarray. Meanwhile, Augustus Camden III appeared in the screen again.

"And I'm proud to present our new contracted driver, officially our number two, but with a lot of experience overseas, one-time Lisanderian F3 Champion, also the owner of a WGPC Superlicense, Monsieur Juliano Lemos!"

The microphone was passed to him.

"Oh... Well, I didn't plan to say anything, but... I'm happy to be here. It's a great opportunity to be on a team this big. Camden is the most valued automobile brand in the nation, and ride the blue pegasi has been one of my dreams when I was a kid... when I started karting. Also is great to be side by side with Meline. We were always rivals in out time running F3, but out of the track, we had some good moments, like that 2014 Alixring. Do you remember, me and Lício Granado carrying you to the podium in your first win?"

Agrakian smiled and nodded.

"So, I expect we can work together to create the greatest car for next WGPC. I want to be there."

Shortly after that, a round of questions came. From TV5:

"Juliano, since you'll be the first driver in Superia Juniors, Who do you expect to be your teammate? Are you following the news of the negotiation?"

"I've been following, but I still do not have a favourite driver. I immediately thought of having Miguel Santos, since in Dreamplanet they also speak Portuguese. The team would benefit by not having a language barrier. Yet, is too early to say anything. I still have to enter the day-by-day of the team, I have to test the KS-02 properly. Luckily, my fiancée here is part of the engineering team."
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Postby Esmerel » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:06 pm


Let's just cut to the chase. We didn't have the best first year in the WGP2. But now that we know what it's like, we made some changes, tweaked a few things, and in the end the Obey SS-2:2 is the car to drive for the solid results. we hope

You want to drive? Well, there are a few basic requirements.

-Bring at least some driving experience with you.

-Make sure you keep up your form throughout the season. (OOC: RP at least a couple of times, preferably a lot, but no pressure)

-Put everything behind you except for the idea of racing to win. It's what we look for in a driver.

Think you have what it takes? Just apply (by sending a telegram to Esmerel) and once we get some applicants we'll get to further business.

Good luck.

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Janne rubs the towel through his hair vigorously, revealing a damp, scruffy, dorky mess. He takes a hand to his short, slightly curled, and mildly bleached blond hair, first setting it to the right, then to the left, then to the right again, before swirling it up into the same mess he had before with his other hand. Delicately, he puts on his contacts, brushes his teeth in a pinch, and runs to his room to get dressed and prepare his duffel bag. The ring of a doorbell interrupts the power struggle between his fingers and the second to last button on his shirt collar. He scrambles to the peephole in the door and promptly swings it open, the gust of wind filling the air of his single bedroom flat, arranging the unkempt birds' nest on his hair into swept back tufts.

"Ready to go?" Terho says, standing in the luminous hallway; the mellow morning sun, which rises above Iskajärvi bay, shines on one half of his face, his deep blue iris popping vividly.

Janne stammers before telling him to hold on for a moment. He runs back to his room, squeezes the bag shut, slips on some laceless shoes for convenience, and goes back to the door.

"All ready!" he says, gleefully. Terho smiles, turning to walk towards the elevator.


"How'd I do?" Janne asks Edvin, clambering out of the ex-Novikov Racing WGP2 car.

Edvin turns away from the telemetry console and curves the ends of his mouth downwards, showing approval. "Not bad," he says. "Even in that shitbox you're up .3 seconds on your previous best, and a tenth down on Terho's. It's colder today than last time, too. Nice job kid." Characteristically, he turns back to the screens and takes a nonchalant sip of his coffee.

Janne smirks at the improvement, not defiantly, but timidly excited. His attitude towards the whole Tropicorp Racing Ælund staff, bar perhaps Terho, was religiously reverent. He recognized he'd been very lucky to be selected by the team's burgeoning talent search operative, more so by the fact that he was the first and only driver the squad had properly laid eyes on. His racing background lay mostly away from the circuit racing scene, too, having started off driving crosskarts on frozen lakes, but his time at Furuhøytie Virtapiiri had been more than excellent, and impressive enough to plonk him on the radar as a worthy rising star. The TRÆ squad (specifically, its Abovian contingent) had thrown his career a crucial lifeline as his family's unconditional financial support began to falter, and his now nationally recognized status as a development driver for the team, as well as being a driver-in-development for a future WGPC outing, was enough to lure in a couple of worthy sponsors to support his WGP2 campaign. Coupled with his good relationship with Terho, Janne was well aware he was the living protagonist of a fairytale, and that landing a WGP2 seat (and by extent, perhaps the title), was as possible as it was ambitious. Just in time to stir the lingering silence appears Terho strolling into the paddock, a clipboard with 'Edvin' stenciled across the back in his hand. "Edvin, Janne, come for a sec," he calls to the guys. Janne walks to him excitedly, telling his mentor his times, and Edvin follows him.

Once in the room, Janne sits on one of the longer sides of the rectangular table, facing the panoramic glass walls that display the splendor of Lintulahti bay, while Edvin and Terho sit at its head, Terho handing his team boss his clipboard.

"So," Edvin begins, directing himself to Janne, taking over leadership from Terho, "here we are. Pre-season briefing, exciting, huh?"

Janne nods, barely containing his joy.

Terho interrupts Edvin while he takes a gentle breath before continuing. "Your driving has been stupendous, and your progress has been pretty awesome."

Edvin glares back at his colleague, his eyelids heavy with irritation. Terho raises his eyebrows and shrugs, almost apologizing. Edvin continues.

"So, here's the deal. You're gonna take care of the driving, for the most part, and I'll be your race engineer, sort of how like Terho and I worked in seasons 14 and 15. Terho, on, the other hand, will probably be at the races more than occasionally, but AGP002's development is our top priority back home, so you won't always have driving feedback on demand after every session. No worries, though,"--he pauses to look at Terho--"you're definitely more than capable of performing on your own."

"Now, as for where you'll be driving, I'll just say your association to TRÆ has given us an offer already. In reality, this offer has been up for quite a while, so you'll most likely end up with those guys."

"Who?" Janne asks, confused at Edvin's secrecy.

"I won't say anything yet, just in case," Edvin replies. "Just imagine a team with a car that's the polar opposite to AGP001."

"And that's got a rigid thong over the driver's seat." Terho adds. Edvin rolls his eyes and jabs at him with his foot, under the table. Janne frowns more, his questions multiplying.

"Now, even though we've got this offer pretty much agreed to, there are a number of very interesting teams this year. If you'd like, we might have a look at how we can get you involved with them, perhaps in pre-season trials or something. What team you're going to drive for is still very much an open question at this point, so dont't worry if you're not too excited about what we have in store."

"As for your sponsors, you won't have to go out with Absolutely Random clothes on all the time, and you wont need to transform your apartment into a Nortec showroom, and you certainly won't need to learn any shitty buzzwords for interviews. Terho and I got them to work directly with TRÆ, so while they might be your backers, you can just say that, officially, TRÆ sponsors you to race."

Edvin concludes his briefing, waiting for Janne to ask for clarification on at least one of the topics he presented, but the room falls silent once again. Janne nods at Edvin, waiting for him to continue, as the air in the room settles perfectly still. It becomes turbulent once again as an opportunistic Terho leaps from his chair, inviting Janne down to the paddock again to run more trial laps in the spare Novikov chassis, to which the teenager agrees eagerly.

The two run down the stairs with firm steps, grasping the guardrails tightly to avoid slipping on the polished glass floor, and head off into the garage. Edvin packs up the paperwork and stows it in the cabinets next to him while he hears the pair fire up their engines and set off onto the track. He looks out the windows of his office, the cars' long afternoon shadows warping through the corners. He takes a deep breath, strokes his chin, and smiles. We've scored a winner, he thinks to himself.

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29.07.2018 2:00 pm
Kaylan Racing HQ
Tushlark, Togonistan

Tanielu Faleafa, team chief appointed to run Kaylan's WGP2 branch, was sitting behind the table in conference hall 3, browsing through the paperwork with a dull expression on his face as he was waiting for the rest of the band rally together. He had booked the hall for a team meeting in order to discuss various topics about their upcoming season. Faleafa raised his eyes as the door opened and first arrivals came in. He nodded to them as a greeting, and instructed them to take seat as they were waiting for others. It took about 15 minutes until the last segment of people came in and took their seat, after which Tanielu closed his file and looked at everyone.

Gathered around the table were the key people forming a backbone for Kaylan's WGP2 team. First of all there was Lisa Tauati, lead designer who instructed the development of their WGP2 car. Right next her was Jared Toelau, lead mechanic of the team. On the other side there was their PR representative Alissa Naea and, finally, there was Niko Ausage, head of the scouting department.

''Tanielu said as he leaned towards the table, ''You all know why we're here so I'm gonna cut all the chit-chat and get straight to the point.'' Others looked at each other with a tadbit of a confused expression on their faces, as they were really not that sure about the reasons behind their meeting at all. However, they were about to find out, as Tanielu continued: ''The start of the season is right behind the door, I want an overview about our current progress so far.'' He looked at his lead mechanic, a young-looking Togoni man sitting with a slight smile on his face. Looking at him, one would hardly say he was 30+ already. ''Jared, how did our last test go?''

Jared, looking at his boss, started speaking: ''Well, we had Serano Matula driving the car in Hwoarang all day. Judging by the data as well as Matula's own words, it seems that our engine is top notch. Matula managed to push out his fastest lap time of 1:43.107, which is definitely a decent result considering the fact that he is in no way used to driving WGP2 type of cars. However, there seems to be a serious issue with some of our parts wearing out rather quickly. As a matter of fact, we had to change brakes on the car mid-test due to Matula pretty much powdering them.''

''So, we have a kick-ass engine while some of the other parts are made of cheese. Perfect,'' said Tanielu with a strong sound of irony in his voice, ''Lisa, how would you comment on this?''

Lisa Tauati, a 44-year old designer in charge of Kaylan's WGP2 design department immediately started explaining the situation: ''Sir, our design department is currently working on the reliability improvements. It turns out that our current set of brakes, while they are good enough for our usual type of vehicles, can't handle the friction of a formula car engine. Higher speeds also require more friction, and it seems we did not take all the matters into account when designing...''

Tanielu cut her out: ''Right. I need you to do as much as possible regarding the brakes issue, and I need that to be done ASAP. Allocate more workforce if needed, just make sure we won't end up on the grid with cardboard brakes.'' Tanielu moved on to the other side of the table. ''Next topic. Drivers. Niko, tell me what you have gathered about the current driver pool.''

Niko Ausage, an old experienced ex racecar driver put in charge of Kaylan's WGP2 scouting department took out a paper with a shortlist of drivers and started speaking: ''I have been looking around, to be honest, there is a set of some interesting names in the ballot. Some of them participated in the last season, while a lot of them are all new names of whom I had nothing heard of before.''

''Well, we need to find someone who is able to get the most out of our engine while still being conservative enough to not end up with our car breaking down into a swiss cheese mid-race. I hope you have done some background checking on the drivers, right?''

''Of course I did background checking, what you think I have been doing for the past few months then?'' Niko said with a smirk on his face, ''I picked out some names, 3 of them to be exact, who I believe would make a good choice for us. First of all, there is Max Predofski, a 22-year old Maryloupin driver who is the reigning champion of their domestic league. Looks like he's trying to make a name for himself in the international scene. Then, there is Ekatarina Julic, a driver from Mattijana who I believe would make a great addition with her fast, yet conserved racing style.

Tanielu looked at Niko for a moment, before asking: ''And the third one?''

''Dom Falepeau, sir.''

Tanielu sighed. Falepeau, the driver everyone at Kaylan had hoped to show some results last season, but ultimately failed to prove himself. Then again, having given some further thoughts, maybe Falepeau would be more comfortable while driving their car? Also, the public would definitely like them to have a local driver in their team, so giving Falepeau a second chance might not be that bad of an idea. ''Alissa, what has the local press said so far?''

Alissa Naea, a young 23-year old PR specialtst, dressed in a smart-looking gray suit in contrast to the rest of the crew wearing Kaylan's merch with iconic green and orange color scheme, started speaking: ''According to the latest research, while a lot of local WGP fans have shown disappointment due to Hwoarang GP being removed from the schedule, they have shown strong support to our team nevertheless. When it comes to drivers though, it's really even. About 30% them would like to see Falepeau driving for us, while the rest doesn't seem to care about it that much.

''You know what,'' Tanielu said, ''I think I want to see what that guy from Maryloupe is capable of. Niko, can you arrange a private test for him?''

''I'll try to contact him and see what he says.''

''Excellent. Well, that's it for now. Any questions from anyone?'' Tanielu looked at everyone for a moment. ''No? Good, you're all dismissed.''

Later that day, Niko Ausage went to his office and sent out an email to Max Predofski.
To: Max Predofski
Topic: Private Test Offer

Greetings, Max Predofski

I'm writing to you on behalf of Kaylan Racing Team. You have caught our attention and we would like to offer you a possibility to participate in our private test in order to test your skills with the possibility of offering you a driver spot in our WGP2 team.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Niko Ausage
Kaylan Racing Scouting Department

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Postby Maryloupe » Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:18 am

1 Turner Avenue, Vieppes, Maryloupe
30th July 2018, 3.33 p.m.
This is Max looking at his email every minute while doing pushups. This is NOT Max's typical day. Then, an email popped up. It was from Kaylan Racing, a team competing in the WGP2.
"Interesting," he said. He clicked on it.
Private test. Interesting. Possibility of a driver spot. SWEET. This could be proof that he was talented. In a flash, he could be seen typing out an email:

Dear Mr Ausage,
After looking at your email you sent, I would be delighted to take this opportunity to prove myself. Please tell me the details of the private test so that I can prepare myself.
I hope to hear from you sooner or later.

Max Predofski

He got an offer. An UNREFUSABLE offer, to be more precise. He ordered 3 large pan chicken ham with mozzarella pizza. He yawned.
"I'd better get some re--" before he knew it, he fell asleep, that's why the speech was interrupted. Before he felt a furnace on him.
"AARBRAHTALHRLGOSH!" He shouted. Then, he saw an angry looking Mom.
"Who bought these pizzas without my permission?" she demanded. She then showed the receipt. Pizzas? He looked at the receipt. Then, he felt a surge of memory going into his brain.

"Sowyaadiwtaswpbwaapeewesbekusaawecefaoffofwomkalanraseetim," he babbled.
"My pardon?" Mom was confused and surprised. Or should I say, surfused?
"I received an offer from one of the WGP2 teams," Max replied, not babbling.
Then you say that you knew what happened. She'd scream so loud all the glass literally cracked and the neighbours (probably) complains to the Residents' Committee. Or maybe she just said yes quietly. Nope. She gobbled the first slice of pizza. Max sighed. Then he ate a slice, thinking about his future.
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Karli Schmitt's first test day at VMR's test track in South Stead Vangaziland was met with a large media presence. There were reporters from two different TV networks and three blogs. Not only did they want to see the new driver at Vannish Motors Racing, they also wanted to see the new car. This is the third chassis VMR has put into competition. The previous chassis was the VM222. It was seen almost as a working prototype. It carried experimental features in its exterior design, including two large side scoops and a light body which saw separation between the front of the frame and the underbody. The VM222 was very low to the ground and only had a small intake above the driver's cabin. In early promotional materials it was shown with larger wheels just for show and testing purposes.

It was known for its loud and proud V-10. The engine had an eerie scream to it's exhaust note, flooding each track with high pitched wailing as it accelerated. The sound reverberated with high notes that tickled the ear. There was also a rumbling bass where the low end sound gurgled in unison, closer to a muscle car. The result was a one of a kind sound which heavily reflected the brand's identity.

"There was nothing like driving the 222", Jessica Franssen said as she spoke at the track. "The sounds. The sights. The car was alive." She spoke to a blogger as the new chassis sprinted around the track behind the guidance of Karli Schmitt. Cameras caught the new indigo, red and black machine making its way around the high speed test track.

"How does it feel, returning as principal?" One of the reporters asked Jessica the question while holding a voice recorder to her.

"This is such a great oppurtunity for me. It's great to see the other side of the business. There may come a day when I buy a team." She laughed. "That's a long ways away. It's something I'll have to save for, when I get to the next level. But this is great training for that day."

She paused and turned to watch the new chassis speed past along the straightaway. It's engine roared and popped with a gear change. The bright blur sped past with a wild yell of a howl.

"I'm excited about the new chassis, the VM33. We cut out some of the protypical aspects of the car and refined the chassis. Data from our first car, the one which did so well in the first season, also came into effect. We've got a good blend of performance and innovation."

"We see some teams coming out with interesting figures for their engine. Do you care to speak on that?"

"Well I've seen some numbers that just have to be inflated", Jess said. "Engines in these sorts of cars are typically high horsepower, low torque engines. They rev at extremely high RPMs, compared to street cars. Think of the powerbands. One company says they have two engines combining for over 4000 lb ft of torque. I'm not sure if that's been seen before, how it will work or if that's even too much for this second tier of the WGPC. It's an interesting number, but I'm assuming that's somehow the max its capable of. I've seen V8 or V10 open wheeled racers that are plenty fast, with maybe 250-300 lbs ft of torque. The figure of 811 horsepower seems accurate for a competitive WGPC car, though. The fact that an electric engine makes so much torque is a real head scratcher. Horsepower usually greatly outnumbers torque in these sorts of cars. It almost sounds like it would be unmanageable."

The journalist jumped in with, "Maybe they use imagikinetic technology like Nexus Racing."

"I guess so. I guess Nexus has been looking to share their technology, though I'm not sure that's what happened here. It's great that companies are pushing electric engines so far though. It seems they can do almost anything over there."

"How do you think the Vannish Motors car will do compared to much more technologically advanced cars? What makes your car stand out compared to theirs?"

"Our cars are not about fads and technology, though last year's WGPC car had elements of that. Our cars are a throwback to open-wheeled racers of the past. Some leagues water down cars with tiny engines, overregulation and things like that. The WGPC gives us space to innovate, luckily. When you think of Vannish Motors, it should excite you. We are about passion. Passion, not technology. It's a love for racing and engineering. It's not about being cute or flashy, but about a machine built to tickle the senses. With the VM33 we went back to the basics."

"You mentioned the engine. For the first time, VMR is moving from the V10 to the V8. Care to speak on that?"

"Yeah! Our engineers worked up similar power numbers from the new smaller engine. It's not a bad machine at all. We've sacrificed a little sound, but our team made sure to keep the essence of the original motor's song. Her notes aren't as high, but she still sings like a ghoul." The Vannish supercar, the Ghost, was known for also having an otherworldy exhaust note.

"How is driver recruitment going? The last time you were principal, you chose two Vannish drivers. It looked like a good decision because you won both WGP2 cups. The WGPC came around and you won the driver's championship, but the team missed the constructors by a handful of points after not picking two Vannish drivers. Are you expecting to go international this season?"

"We have the books open to international drivers. The company would really like a more diverse group of drivers. There is a lot of talent out there, and we'd enjoy working with them. To be truthful, a lot of other teams are moving quickly to snatch up the others. We're taking more of an approach to see who wants to work with a team like ours. I'll probably send out invites soon for a simple drive, out here in the Western Mainland. I wouldn't be surpised if certain drivers chose to race for a team with lower expectations. Haste makes waste though, as they say."

"Well, there should be some familiar faces out there for you this season. What do you think about Juliano Lemos?"

"Oh, he's managing a team? That's great for him", Jessica replied naievly.

"Um, well. He's driving WGP2 now."

"Oh", Jess said with a slight look of embarrassment. "I know he took it hard after he didn't win his home grand prix. My win there basically paid for my driver's championship that season. He seemed to struggle all year though. Four points? No driver wants to be remembered for a season like that. I wish him the best here. He seems motivated. I'm sure he will do much better. This may be the boost he needs to heal his depression and confidence. The drivers may be less experienced here, but they will race just as fiercely."

The interview continued for some time. Karli Schmitt kept speeding past every minute and a half or so, inturrupting the interview with reckless abandon. Cameras were set up to capture footage of the new car streaking past. VMR is one of the teams with the biggest domestic media presences. The company gets a lot of coverage.

Karli Schmitt finished some time after Jessica's interview. Cameras met her as she pulled into the paddock. She lifted the safety device and soon climbed out of the vehicle. Once her helmet was off, her hair was messy, but she was all smiles.

"That was a blast", she told the people nearby. A full interview wasn't set for her at this moment. As principal, Jess made the decision to let her rest after a long day of testing at the track. Earlier, she put a few hours in at the team's simulator. She'd also taken part in a class about the new car before she took it for a spin. Jess knew she needed rest. Of course there was still time for a few quick words after her first drive. She'd do a full interview later.

"How does the VM33 compare to the Ghost GT2 car?" One journalist blurted out quickly.

"This is a different kind of machine", Karli replied. "It's so much more dialed in. It also feels like its never going to slow down. This track is pretty open, but we ran a few different courses on the simulator. The way it pulls is beyond my level of comprehension. Oh and the sound!"

She brushed the sweaty blonde hair out of her face. A few lazy clouds hung in the sky above the track. It felt fairly warm for the Vangazi, though it was really only about 80 degrees. There was almost a still quiet, except for the sounds of the engineers scurrying around the car. Things felt so silent after the engine was shut off. There was an anticipation in the air. A physical, electric buzz. Everybody in the garage knew what was coming. One of the most competive seasons yet was soon to begin.

"The sound is much louder because you're riding in an open cabin. You sit inside of a GT2 car, obviously. You feel more attached to the machine and the track. There's nothing like this. I'm glad to be with Vannish Motors Racing. There's something about the team and this car we put together that is really special. Our team is pretty young, but we already have a lot of heritage. I'm glad to join the talented roster of the team's coffers."

"What are your goals from the season?" One of the bloggers blurted out another question.

"I had a great talk with Ms. Franssen and the management. I'll say that my goal will be what the team's has always been. Vannish Motors will set the standard in effort. Our team works harder than any other. We will push in a way that will force other teams to keep up. This doesn't mean we will always win, or that we expect to be the best. This means that every week.. Every race.. We will fight. Our effort speaks for itself in our prior results. I myself am feeling brand new and perfectly refreshed. VMR will only accept a driver who feels the same way. We've already put in a ton of work and we've only just begun. It is that effort which is our goal. The chase is what we enjoy."

Jessica soon cut in, putting a hand on Karli's shoulder and leading her away. "Thanks for the coverage, ladies and gentlemen. Please feel free to hang out in our visitors lounge. Play some pool. We've got a few drinks on hand. Enjoy your time here at the VMR Test Facility. Thank you!"

The reporters kept blurting out questions as the two ladies smiled and walked away. Karli didn't remember this much attention around her GT2 team. Especially not during testing. The information from these interviews would be mixed up into different stories. Clips would be shown on various television networks. Writers would take bits and pieces of the conversations and expand them into articles.

The truth was that although winning was the goal of the team and drivers, the company of Vannish Motors itself was just looking for publicity. Sales for their high end cars have gone way up since the company's involvement in multiple motorsports disciplines. As long as there was excitement around the team, corporate would be happy. Things were off to a good start. There was still a lot of work ahead.

Jessica was faced with the tough decisions on staffing. She decided to hold out a little longer to see if any driver dared approach the company first.
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Postby Filindostan » Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:21 am

IGR Headquarters
Yogyakulta, Filindostan

The project is coming together, day by day.

After the team was launched in the headquarters of KISMO, the motorsports arm of Ajian automobile giant Kissan Motors, work at an empty garage at the outskirts of Yogyakulta International Circuit began to build the first Filindostani team to compete in an international racing competition.

Months later, after a tedious design and construction of their WGP2 car, numerous negotiations with potential sponsors, and a recurring headache of driver selections, the team has been completed, with Bryant Gambal formally submitting their entry to the WGP2 Championship with the TT01, named after Tyrone Tabuso, who died while racing in Aji No Moto. Initially, Gergarian company Solymok Tyres was part of the team, supplying the tyres for the Filindostani marque, but the WGP2 regulations prevented them from doing so as Mattijanan tyre company Petrovi supplied all the competing teams for this season.

Of course, the partnership between IGR and KISMO had some sort of exchange of goodwill between the two companies - KISMO will supply the engine, and powertrain of the car made possible by the 2.4L V8 engine named Kissan TSK283, with a sizeable cost - one of IGR's two driver spots must be filled by one of their academy drivers. Three of them were groomed as candidates - Eiji Ibi, Chiemi Hino, and Shigeru Tsuchie. The first two drivers had driven at KISMO's NSSCRA team, with Eiji making the playoffs by the virtue of his win in the second race of the season. Chiemi meanwhile failed to make the playoffs, with her desiring to be an open-wheel driver, and Shigeru failing to make the cut after the applications for the driver spots capped at three, with journeyman driver Noriyasu Nagai taking the third spot.

It was decided that while Eiji had the best NSSCRA performance of the two, he would wound up at IGR's domestic team, competing at WGP3 Filindostan series, pitting against the likes of rival Dahon team and a returning Monghit Motorsport. It was up to Bryant himself to decide the first driver for the team - Chiemi Hino. This automatically meant that Shigeru would take up testing duties behind the scenes. Gambal would have opened the second driver spot to anyone who can bring sponsorship money - the team failed to attract sponsors despite Rustom Ibuna's rise to fame in the motorsports world. The only sponsor carried over from the KISMO team - Petraji, the teams' fuel supplier, and No Nonsense, the team's official racing outfit producer, were the team's sole sponsors, and others decided to offer their money somewhere else.

Until the offer from Grupo Venividicci came along. The company's ambitious expansion plan, beginning from improving Venividicci's sporting facilities, to acquiring a franchise in the Damukuni Football League, to securing a sponsorship deal with IGR, with a catch - they wanted a Filindostani driver to partner Chiemi Hino so that "a Filindostani would fly the flag" for the team. Despite having two talented youngsters at their pedestal, Alvis Kalvin Lacsamana, and Luigi Teves, the team did not want them to be immediately exposed to pressure the international stage might bring - and enter Tyra Tabuso. The daughter of Tyrone Tabuso would race in Aji No Moto for two years before going back to Filindostan to supposedly head IGR's domestic team. But the KISMO's partnership caused the team to install Eiji instead, and as such, Tyra was chosen by the team to partner Chiemi for the WGP2 season.

With the driver lineup all but secured for IGR, all that was left was the pre-season testing at Mount Salt Raceway at Eastfield Lodge in a few weeks time to show the months' amount of work put in the car. For the meantime, the team is preparing to make an official launch at the Yogyakulta International Circuit - initially touted to be a WGP2 racetrack but lack of funding meant that the track was not submitted ahead of the deadline.

tldr; Ibuna-Gambal Racing enters the WGP2 season with Chiemi Hino and Tyra Tabuso as their drivers.
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Postby West-East Timor » Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:48 am

Timo Jänkirinää was driving to the new Katoa Racing Headquarters in Baranburg, West-East Timor. Mara Katara had assured him a seat at Katara Racing in WGP2, but since she left the team, for reasons unknown to Timo, he had feared Katoa Racing would not want to hire him. However, he had gotten a call by Parvin Langer, Katoa's new team principal, asking him to visit the headquarters. He knew Langer from his time at Formula WET1, but never had spoken to him much. He knew that he was both a race engineer as well as some kind of manager, but that almost was about it.

He arrived in Baranburg and parked in front of the former Katara Racing, and now Katoa Racing Headquarters. He heard Mara Katara had founded a WETEC team, and apparently moved that team's headquarters to New Dili.

Timo entered the building and was immediately greeted by Parvin Langer, who had been talking to the receptionist before Timo came in.

"Ahhhh, Mr. Jänkirinää!", he said and shook Timo's hand.

"Mr. Langer, I assume."

"Correct, you can however call me Parvin, if you wish so."

"Alright, Parvin."

"Well, Timo - I assume I may call you that?"


"Okay, well, I'm sure you want to know why I requested to meet you. As you know, Katara Racing, your team in WGP2 last year, has been renamed to Omni Katoa Racing, and I have been appointed the new team principal."

"Of course I know that. As we're already talking about it, why did Mara leave the team in the first place."

"Oh, Ms. Katara had several reasons, I think. The main reason was that she had some issues with Omni Racing's wish to more closely cooperate with us..."

"How so?"

"I have no idea to be honest. But that's not why I called you here. May I offer you seat?"

He pointed at a table with some chairs standing in the lobby, and they sat down.

"First, I assume you wish to race in WGP2 for another year?"

"I certainly do."

"I know that Ms. Katara had offered you a seat at Katara Racing for this season. Now that Katara Racing has become Katoa Racing, we have decided that it would be unfair towards you if we did not do the same."

"You're offering me a seat?"

"I am."

He opened a briefcase he had been carrying around with him, took out some paper, and handed a pen to Timo.

"This would be your contract. It is essentially the same as your contract at Katara last year, as we thought that would only be fair."

He read through the contract, took the pen, and eventually Timo Jänkirinää signed at Omni Katoa Racing.

"Alright then. Welcome at Katoa Racing."

They shook hands.

"Now we need to find a second driver... We plan to hold some test runs with several possible candidates as Katara Racing did last year. We will keep you informed about any new developments."
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Postby North Prarie » Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:57 pm

Somewhere in the Pompeii Motors HQ, Highland

"This is what happens when you get late off the block, Sam! The good Timorians and Filindostani are practically gone!" Rob Calluci, President of Driver Operations for the new Prariean team, was very angry at his head recruiter, Sam Ashton.

"We still got DeForest"

"I don't give a shit about DeForest! He isn't good enough to carry a team. Now get out there and find us some drivers who are worth a shit. That won't get you fired when we go into the real deal."

"Jeez, okay."

Sam pulled out his laptop, and sent the following emails.....

To: Ash Kalamiur, VP of Driver Operations (, Jimmie Bruyn, Scout Captain (
From: Sam Ashton, Head of Recruiting Operations (
CC: Erik DeForest (
Subject: Need Driver Info

Hey guys, got anything? Erik's obviously our #1, that's confirmed, but we need big drivers. Jimmie, that's you. Make sure these guys are good. I just need the names. ASAP. Let's be competitive here, or you boys might be fired by Savojarna.


Sam was suprised to find a quick response just a few minutes later.........

To: Sam Ashton, Head of Recruiting Operations (
From: Jimmie Bruyn, Scout Captain (
Subject: RE: Need Driver Info

Hey Sam, I got your drivers. Here's the ones that I think we should get for a test:

Janne Laukkanen: Abovelandian, Aggressive, decent at corners too.
Roman Arjenko: Savojar, pretty much the same as Laukkanen. May be a hidden gem, might also be snapped up by the Savojar team.
Rebecca Darlington: Esmerelian, you know how bad we wanted Mercer-Daly. Very technical, could compliment Erik's average-ness at all positions well. Reliable.

That's it.


In response to that, Sam sent out this email......

To: Roman Arjenko, Janne Laukkanen, Rebecca Darlington.
From: Sam Ashton, Head of Recruiting Operations at Pompeii Motorsports (

Hi you all. I'm Sam Ashton, head of Recruiting Operations at Pompeii Motorsports. I'm emailing you to offer you a trial here at our HQ in North Prarie, a trial for the chance to be the #2 driver for us.
Don't be discouraged by the #2 part, that's only because we've signed someone already. Spot orders don't matter to us at Pompeii, because good drivers get points no matter the spot.
As before mentioned, you all will get a trial at our track. You'll all race separately, doing 3 laps around the course each, racing in the car that we'll use for the season. If we like you best out of the three, we'll follow up and offer you a contract.
Dont worry about transit info and all that: we got it covered. All you great drivers have to do is do what you do best, and you'll have a job.
Sam Ashton

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Postby Azadeshia » Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:03 pm

EVRT2 has singed Miguel Santos!

Today was an unexpected day, because Miguel Santos has signed the contract from EVRT2.According to the contract, Mr.Santos will get $500,000 every week.The contract extends till half-season.Aaryan Singh Thakur has said "I believe Miguel Santos is a great driver and one of the best to drive the T-4440(our vehicle).I am looking forward to Santos performing well and if he does well till half season, we will extend his contract and pay more."

VMR a bit skeptic about the T-4440

T-4440 is the current vehicle used by EVRT2 and the most exciting thing about this car, is the amount of torque.T-4440 has 4000 ft-lb of torque and 811 horsepower.This sounds too crazy for a car that is in WGP2, but Aaryan says "This is just for WGP2, just think what we will do for the 1st tier racing."

VMR is a bit skeptic about this car, but they still are supportive of this.Now they also said unlike teams like EVRT2, who focus more on technology.VMR makes their cars with passion, with love for racing and engineering.
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Postby West-East Timor » Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:00 am

Pänkili Circuit, Pänkili, West-East Timor

Pänkili Circuit was empty, except a few mechanics in a garage and one car on the track. The car was a Neumayer Racing Formula WET1 car, its driver was Jannik Markner. Markner had driven several seasons in Formula WET1 for Neumayer Racing. The team had not yet found any driver for the upcoming season, but needed to test their car, so Jannik had agreed to drive a few laps for them. He had, however, made it very clear that driving in Formula WET1 again was absolutely not his plan.

The white, blue and green car entered the pits, and was rolled into a garage by a group of mechanics. Markner got out, and went to talk to the race engineer that was there.

"It's a fun to drive car you've built there."

"That's good to hear. What's even better is that we finally got some information about how the car behaves when actually on track, thanks to you."

"Glad to help."

"We're gonna make some changes to the setup of the car, and if you have time, maybe you can drive again once we're finished?"

"Of course, no problem."

"Alright, thank you so much."

Jannik sat down on a chair at the back of the garage, took out a sandwich he had bought on the way to the track. It wasn't really a good sandwich, but it was a sandwich nevertheless.

He started thinking about WGPC. He still didn't understand why he couldn't get a seat. His best option now was to look for a seat in WGP2 again. Last season had gone well. P5 in the championship and one win. He had been better than Timo, who had always beaten him in Formula WET1, and that was surprisingly satisfying for him.

His team last season, Academy Racing, wasn't participating this season, so he certainly needed to find a new one. But which one? He had heard rumours that VMR were interested in him, but he hadn't received an e-mail or anything by them yet.

Brutus Obey Sport were apparently accepting applications. He'd need to look into that, and maybe he'd apply. He needed to think it about it first however.

"Alright, I think everything is ready", the race engineer said to Jannik. "Maybe you should drive some more laps?"


Jannik put his half finished sandwich aside, and hopped into the car again.
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Postby Lisander » Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:36 am


We made a comparison between the KS-02 and the T4440! Does our humble car have a chance against the most talked-about car of the season?
Sofia Martins, to TV5 Sports

We are not sure what the Superia Juniors team expects at WGP2. The cars are still being revealed, and while Lisander's team does not sign with the second driver, we look at what has happened around the world.

Filindostani team Ibuna-Gambal Racing was the first to present both drivers. Chiemi Hino and Tyra Tabuso will drive for them. Other featured information is that Miguel Santos was presented by EVRT. His status as the first or the second driver was not yet disclosed.

Despite that, EVRT is making the headlines for other reasons. I wonder if we'll have a heaten dispute between VMR and EVRT2. Apparently, Jessica Franssen, new VMR WGP2 Team Principal, did not seem to believe much in the potential boosted by the Azadeshi team and its promised 811hp during the interview it gave to local reporters. EVRT2, knowing the content of this interview, was clear in reinforcing that is what it has, even without presenting any concrete data of race.

But the old saying already says: "When the neighbour's beard burns, put yours in the water." So we left the search for information about the vehicle that Juliano Lemos will use this season. And it is not absurd, we can even say that it is a very common F2 car, compared to the T4440. Maybe a little lighter than the average, but compared to the "big boy" Azadeshi team, is a dragonfly.

KS-02 v. T440

Camden V8, 3.6L, turbocharged gasoline powered.EngineEVolution Electric Engine (a pair of)
660-670 Kg (with driver, without fuel)Weight790 Kg (with driver, unknown if with or without fuel)
2.9s*0-100Km/h1.5 to 1.9s
312 Km/h*Top Speed315 Km/h

The Superia data marked with an asterisk are based on tests done at Camden Windtunnel, with the shark-fin and DRS kit. It was not possible to test the so-called thermal panels, but the bonus should not be enough to exceed 320Km/h. In this, the Azadeshi team is not far ahead. It is important to keep in mind that this maximum speed will probably not be so easily achieved, after all, there will be only occasions where you can combine increasing speed (near full-throttle) with DRS activation and EBGP boost, one of them being the long straight line from Alix Airport in Alixring, and the other the Ridge Tunnel in Forest Cross Raceway, Esmerel.

Lemos's vehicle data is not that interesting, in fact. The point is: Will these cars translate all of the expectations in good results? Fortunately, by WGP2 regulations, it's okay to be too light or too aerodynamic, or Superia cars would be in trouble.

We'll keep following Lemos and Superia Juniors here on TV5 Sports, so keep an eye on us!
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Postby Togonistan » Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:10 am

Kaylan Racing HQ
Tushlark, Togonistan

Tanielu Felafa was sitting in his office located in the far left wing of the third floor. The manager of Kaylan's WGP2 Team had quite a nice setup on his desk, a powerful gaming PC with three monitors connected to it. On one of the monitors, a video footage of Kaylan's latest test drive was playing, while the second monitor had IRC chat window opened. Last monitor was currently not in use, and displayed a desktop wallpaper of Kaylan Racing Team's logo. Felafa was currently focused on his middle monitor, where he had a conversation going on with Kaylan Racing's accountant Mr. Karel Wakapuru:

T. Felafa: So, is the budget set in stone or is there any room for debate?
K. Wakapuru: For now, the numbers are going to stay as they are. KM itself is going to provide nothing but a small amount, but will provide any spare parts for cars. Rest of the income will be coming from sponsorship deals.
T. Felafa: About those, do we even have any deals in place yet?
K. Wakapuru: Plenty to be honest. Looks like our main sponsor will be Tushlarkian Beverages Ltd. who is willing to provide about 2.5 mil for the whole season. They're planning a large ad campaign, during which they want to use our team's imago to promote their new energy drink ZX-Flow.
T. Felafa: Well, I despise this sweet trash myself but as long as they're willing to pay, I have no problems with that. Who else do we have a deal set in place with?
K. Wakapuru: Along with TBL, our usual business partners Red Falcon Corp. and Stardust Telecom are going to be working with us as well. And we're currently in talks with various smaller companies who might be interested in advertising themselves with some smaller stickers on our car.
T. Felafa: Well I'm not that good with all this sponsorship stuff myself, so I'm going to trust you on this one.
K. Wakapuru: No worries, it will all work out, I can promise that.

It was at this moment when someone knocked on Mr. Felafa's door. ''Yes, come in,'' said Tanielu as he turned around, just to see Niko Ausage walking in. ''Sir, Predofski is interested in us. Although there's one problem. Hwoarang is booked full, the only time that is open is this Thursday afternoon.''

''Well, book it then. And make sure you arrange all the stuff, provide transportation and, if needed, accommodation. I'm sure we can allow that in our budget,'' said Tanielu with a smirk on his face.

''I'll get right to it,'' Niko smirked back and walked out of the office, just to land in his own a few minutes later. Having gone behind his computer, he sent out another email to Max Predofski.

Topic: RE: Private Test Offer

Greetings, Max Predofski.

Your test has been scheduled to take place in Thursday 02.08.2018 around 1:00 pm at Hwoarang Racing Circuit in Hwoarang, Togonistan. Your arrival is best to be arranged through Tushlark International Airport, from where there will be transportation provided by us to take you to the test. If you would like to arrive a day earlier, let us know so we can arrange you a free accommodation at our expense.

Yours Sincerely,

Niko Ausage
Kaylan Racing Scouting Department



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