AOCAF LII/52 (Concluded; Atlantian Oceania Only)

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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AOCAF LII/52 (Concluded; Atlantian Oceania Only)

Postby 95X » Fri Dec 16, 2016 7:59 pm

Disclaimer: this is an in-character thread for the fifty-second AOCAF. Sign-ups, which took place from RL December 7, 2016—RL December 16, 2016, have concluded. Posts in this thread should be in-character information and roleplays from the host nation and other previously-accepted participants, or members of the NationStates Administrative and Moderation Teams performing their duties. Others should be prepared for a telegram from 95X requesting they delete their post and/or edit to apologize for interrupting.

95X Welcomes you to AOCAF LII!
Hello, and welcome to 95X for the fifty-second AOCAF. This edition brings twenty-four nations to two-time champions 95X, where only two will play for the Championship at Cascadia Bank Stadium in Cascadia and only one will win. Join us as we find out who raises the trophy and who misses the bus!

Participating Nations
95X ∙ Anthor ∙ Audioslavia ∙ Blouman Empire ∙ Chromatika ∙ Cosumar ∙ Eshan ∙ Farfadillis ∙ Korizland ∙ Krytenia ∙ Oontaz ∙ Osarius ∙ Qasden ∙ Quebec, The Royal Kingdom of ∙ Redvale, The ∙ Southwestern Sunrise Islands (Puppet of Western Sunrise Islands) ∙ Semarland ∙ Starblaydia ∙ Tallaga la Falla ∙ Tropicorp (Puppet of Vilita & Turori) ∙ Valanora ∙ Verceola ∙ Vilita & Turori ∙ Western Sunrise Islands

Group Draw
The 24 participating nations were divided into four sets of six based on regional rank. Representatives from each nation were to draw unique numbers out of a fishbowl from 1 to 100. 95X declared that, as the host nation, they would draw a number and be placed in Group X, which turned out to be the third-lowest number of each set. The lowest number was Group Y, second-lowest Group Z, fourth-lowest Group A, etc.

Afterwards, it was discovered a draw clerk mistakenly asked each representative what number they drew, wrote the number down, and asked the representative to place the number back in the fishbowl. Although no conflicts existed within any of the sets, that draw clerk was fired for their incompetence.

As groups were announced, an auditor discovered one of the ranks was transcribed incorrectly. Although this did not affect the draw sets or the draw itself, a data entry clerk was fined and reassigned to a "live-work community," roughly equivalent to a "prison" in other countries.

(In 95X, the alphabet begins "X Y Z A".)
Group X

Group Y

Group Z
Tallaga la Falla
Southwestern Sunrise Islands

Group A
The Redvale

Group B
Vilita & Turori
Blouman Empire

Group C
Western Sunrise Islands

The entire tournament will be held in 95X. Venue and city information to follow.
Cutoffs at 4-6 PM Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8), 00:00-02:00 UTC the following day.

MD 1 - Tuesday, December 20th - 1v4, 2v3
MD 2 - Thursday, December 22nd - 4v3, 1v2
MD 3 - Monday, December 26th - 2v4, 3v1
Round of 16 - Wednesday, December 28th
Quarterfinals - Friday, December 30th
Semifinals - Sunday, January 1st
Championship/3rd Place - Tuesday, January 3rd

Reference Links
Guide to Sports Roleplaying
General Sports Roleplaying Questions
Original Bid (AO Forum)
Regional Ranks Thread (AO Forum)
AOCAF Winners (Factbook)
AOCAF 22 Rosters, RPs, Scores (AO Forum)
Vengaboys "We Like to Party!" (the Vengabus) (Youtube)

Final Reminders
  • Quality, not quantity.
  • Relevancy.
  • Have fun!
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95X Information

Postby 95X » Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:00 pm

95X General Information

Contrary to popular belief, the Nation of 95X isn't a bus, it's like any other country that's banned private vehicle use, consists of two islands, megacities, and the possibility of daily interactions with conjoined twins. Most people then notice 95X is incredibly dull compared to other nations of regional significance. Cities consist of architectually bland skyscrapers holding residences, corporate facilities, and sprawling factories.


Cascade Dome (66,000), Cascadia, 95X

The home of the Cascadia Seafox, and former home of SC Cascadia, the Cascade Dome is a fully enclosed world-class domed stadium with all the amenities one would expect from such a facility. Three levels of seating: premium, standard, and economy.

Cascadia Bank Stadium (100,000), Cascadia, 95X

This state-of-the-art facility is the home stadium of the 95X National Team and domestic club SC Cascadia, and has hosted several Atlantian Oceania Champions League Finals and UICA events. Built specifically with soccer/association football in mind, care was taken so a fan in the cheap seats could still comfortably see the action (they're still going to want binoculars though). Amenities include a full size soccer-specific upgraded pitch, luxury seating for affluent attendees, full-service food and non-alcoholic beverage service (95X law prohibits public sale of the other type of beverage although those "in the know" have locations of speakeasys), secure wireless internet access, world-class team support facilities, and ample space for media professionals. Totally cleaned up after a "95X is for 95Xers" campaign broke into the stadium, overpowered security, and burned effigies of foreign former SLX players. When it was revealed the stadium was built using child labor, the 95X public didn't care; several child laborers revealed themselves over the years and noted "it was the best work a child could have done."

Equestrian Grounds (approximately 30,000), Pacific City, 95X

At one point early in 95X history a horse track was on the property; the name stuck when a stadium was built for a long-forgotten semi-pro league. There's no more species discrimination here, and rent from domestic club X SC has once again brought the stadium into relevance.

The Lucky Businessperson Stadium (75,000), Pacific City, 95X

Originally built by a combination stock exchange and casino, this is Pacific City's largest sports venue, home of the Pacific City Nationals, and at times has held National Volleyball League games.

Oceanside Stadium II (40,000), Oceanside, 95X

"The House that Xi Foureleven Built" is where thousands gathered eighteen times a year to watch SC Oceanside. The outdoor stadium boasts a widescreen videoboard and is considered one of the most technologically advanced soccer stadiums outside of Cascadia itself.

Taylor Street Stadium (approximately 23,000), Cascadia, 95X

Cascadia's original outdoor sports stadium will also host action. Despite its small size it's regularly used as a backup venue for several teams.

City Information
Cascadia, 95X
Practically every service imaginable is available in Cascadia, the largest 95X megacity of 65 million, and home to the country's largest soccer fan base. Located on the southern tip of Cascade Island, Cascadia is the most diverse 95X city due to its large sea port and proximity to lands that have held less stable countries. Cascadia is served by Cascadia Airport (international flights only), ferry service to mainland 95X, YellowBus and rail service to other cities on Cascade Island, and locally served by the all-encompassing Cascadia Transit ("CTRAN") public transportation system.

Oceanside, 95X
A coastal city on Cascade Island of 3 million.

Pacific City, 95X
The capital of 95X with a population of 50 million, Pacific City is located in the center of the main island and holds many corporate headquarters, as well as the main stock exchanges and casinos. Outside of Pacific City is 95X International Airport (international flights only).
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95X AOCAF 52 Roster

Postby 95X » Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:00 pm

95X National Team Roster
Winners of AOCAF 22 and 47

In 95X, AOCAF 52 takes place in 95X Year 70.

Formation: 4-4-2

Style: 0

Key: D-Defender, F-Forward, K-Keeper, M-Midfielder, U-Utility

##  P Name                   M/F Age Club
5 K Jacob Firdale M 29 SC Cascadia
7 LF Logan Roork M 29 SC Cascadia
8 D Sarai Thirteenth F 30 Millennium City Eagles
10 LM Xbrenna Samster F 30 Twentytwo Cacti
12 D Wu Fivetwelve F 32 X SC
16 LM Stacey Sunset F 26 Myrmidon (CEN)
19 RF Elyssa Scholls F 35 Phalanx AF (CEN)
20 D Lindsay Sunray F 31 SC Oceanside
22 RM Darrius Columbine M 25 Samaj FC (COS)
41 D Bo Foureleven M 26 Matthew Rangers (USI)
75 RM Sam Seventyfifth M 30 Atlético Nacional (SJG)

07 19
10 16 75 22
20 41 12 08

(Samster and Seventyfifth are more defensive midfielders, while Sunset and Columbine are more offensive.)

0 K Kyle Stevens F 29 SC Oceanside
2 AM Carrie Camassia F 26 Brooklyn Cultures
14 M Alyssa Yorkton F 26 Millennium City Eagles
15 D Alyssa Sixtwentyeighth F 23 Celtic Noviodunum (NGD)
17 F Reynaldo Mallard M 21 Twentytwo Cacti
23 F Larry "Mr. Hero" Lewis M 25 Ptolomaios (DAI)
29 D Sophie Riverforest F 20 Twentytwo Cacti
30 K Mary Thirtieth F 29 Mardi Loupines (USI)
32 D Erik Hunt M 29 SC Oceanside
35 LF Lynette Glenn F 30 Olympia FC (EFL)
50 M/F Micah Morrison M 20 X SC
53 U Allison Fivethirty F 24 Spatula City Utensils
Head Coach: Randy Larch
Rest of the Sideline staff exists; named as needed.

One of the four (with the goalkeeper wearing a different uniform):
White with yellow and black diagonal stripes, "NINETYFIVE X" written out in black Impact Font.
Black with white and yellow diagonal stripes, "NINETYFIVE X" written out in yellow Impact Font.
Yellow with black and white diagonal stripes, "NINETYFIVE X" written out in black Impact Font.
Blue with yellow and black diagonal stripes, "NINETYFIVE X" written out in black Impact Font.

RP Permissions
RP goal scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP yellow cards: Y
RP red cards: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod most other events: Y
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“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.”—Niels Bohr
‘Everyone makes mistakes, that's why they put erasers at the end of pencils.’—Bob Monkhouse paraphrase
“If you want to read books, read books.”—Dennis James
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Postby Qasden » Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:01 pm

Qasden @ AOCAF 52 - 95X

The Qasden Association Football Association (QAFA) is pleased to be represented at the 52nd AOCAF competition, marking their 2nd appearance in the tournament. Last time, in Valanora, the Qads struggled in their group and finished just above last and bailed out early. SInce their debut, they've fought their way to a promising 4th place at the 63rd Baptism of Fire, clinched 5th place in their group at the World Cup 76 Qualifiers, and skidded straight to the round of 16 at the 68th Cup of Harmony. Coach Jon Merritt looks to make his presumed last stand strong with a playoff appearance and...maybe...the coveted trophy. Can Qasden fish themselves into the big pond? Will Valanora claim the best seat on the bus for the second time? Is a bus the perfect venue for the regional championship? This trip is one-way, baby, so sit tight for QADAN reports live at the AOCAF52 in 95X!

KPB: 9.83 (69th)
Style: +2
Nickname: the Turkish Vans; the Vans; the Blue-Reds; the Qads

0- Jon Merritt
Age - 43

1- Macron (Brickwall) Abbott
•GK• •Eastern Athletic Image
Age - 24

2- Ixton Blight
•LB• •Real Qad City Image
Age - 27

3- Petro Rees
•RB• •Taxson Rovers Image
Age - 25

4- Akland Miacaro
•CB• •QC Onyx FC Image
Age - 24

5- Lloyd Tokobo
•CB• •Brunswick Fury Image
Age - 26

6- Curi Namba
•LWB• •T.V.F.C. Image
Age - 19

7- Champion Veltz
•RWB• •West Fyre FC Image
Age - 22

8- Tzachary Creed
•SW• •Real Qad City Image
Age - 24

9- Chariot Hero
•DM• •Destiny FC Image
Age - 21

10- Icarus Darsten
•CM• •CAPTAIN• •T.V.F.C. Image
Age- 24

11- Terry Foxtrot
•CM• •AC Bornice Italia Image
Age - 28

12- Ryan Xandreas
•AM• •The Port FC Image
Age - 23

13- Troy Rokhart
•LW• •Taxson Rovers Image
Age - 25

14- Dusty Leaggs
•RW• •Adamant Palace Image
Age - 30

15- Jerry Bostun
•WF• •Eastern Athletic Image
Age - 28

16- Onyx Foster
•CF• •Opal United Image
Age - 22


17- Kai Metre
•GK• •AFC Euphoria Image
Age - 23

18- Destin Teague
•LB• •Elder Wanderers Image
Age - 32

19- True Articado
•RB• •Brunswick Fury Image
Age - 24

20- Bristol Knix
•CB• •AJ Auxiliary Image
Age - 24

21- Tex Preston
•CB• •AFC Swanbridge Image (Loan)•
Age - 23

22- Thomas Croix
•LWB• •T.V.F.C. Image
Age - 29

23- T.V. Tesla
•RWB• •Kaiser-Pollansbee 'Quakes Image
Age - 30

24- Dakota Rosden
•SW• •QC Onyx FC Image
Age - 27

25- Tomakelo Romano
•DM• •AC Bornice Italia Image
Age - 33

26- Tyken Iter
•CM• •T.V. City FC Image
Age - 22

27- Torshen Wurst
•CM• •Adamant Palace Image
Age - 25

28- Chip Tyson
•AM• •Hero's Knights Image
Age - 23

29- Roberto Milanoa
•LW• •Hero's Knights Image
Age - 21

30- Antietam Eclipse
•RW• •Brunswick Fury Image
Age - 26

31- Raz Temew
•WF• •West Fyre FC Image
Age - 24

32- Owais Lumiere
•CF• •East Fyre FC Image
Age - 27


Kits: (Provided by JMC of Krytenia)



I Give My Opponent Permission To

Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y (The wackier the better!)
Injure Players: Y (tg me first)
Godmod Injury Events: Y (tg me first)
Red Card Players: Y (tg me first)
Yellow Card Players: Y (tg me first)
Godmod anything else excluding FP's breakfast burritos: Y


Royal T.V. Stadium - T.V. City
Cap: 90,500/Club: National Team

Group Y
•MD1- Cosumar @ TBD, 95X
•MD2 - Tropicorp @ TBD, 95X
•MD3 - Semarland @ TBD, 95X

Blue= Home jerseys; Yellow= Away jerseys
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Tallaga la Falla
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THE ALL-NEW Tallaga la Falla Roster

Postby Tallaga la Falla » Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:05 pm

Tallaga la Falla
Selecció Nacional de Futbol / Selection National de Football
Landslag i Fotball / National Football Team

Manager: Jeanna Metzger (South Yerfilag)

Rotació de Obridors
Début de Rotation / Starter Rotasjon / Starting Rotation

00 GK Jayanna Burdon (C) 25 F Burgund, Novo Senyoriu
1 LFB Salomó Bellsolà 24 M Samù, Senyoriu Orient
4 CFB Miquela Lea Ramoneda 22 F Adáy, Senyoriu Est-de-Kez
9 CFB Xavier Surroca 28 M Ciutat Gloriosa
16 RFB Sibil·la Muriscot 30 F Børsa (Bèrsa), Senyoriu Oest-Semar
25 LM Joaquim Vilademuls 22 M Lojat, Senyoriu del Norte
36 CM Raquel Moyer 24 F Cannàbia, Senyoriu del Norte
49 CM Ignaci Corominas 25 M Sendò, Senyoriu Ponent
64 RM Vicent Estiarte 22 M Adáy, Senyoriu Est-de-Kez
81 ST Roselea Figueras 29 F Ruinas, Senyoriu del Norte
99 ST Her Highness 33 F Ciutat Gloriosa
Jana Atalia IV,
Crown Princess

Remplacements / Innbyttere / Substitutions

2 GK Mamo 22 M Sertès, Senyoriu del Sud
3 FB Julià-Anna Agramunt 26 F Jaco, Senyoriu Ponent
5 FB Cecília Planes 24 F Ciutat Gloriosa
6 MID Oriol Durany 30 M Falla, Reino de Falla
7 MID Natalie Bataller 25 F Bento-Rète, Senyoriu Est-de-Kez
8 MID Jeroni Cuspiner 21 M Sanmi, Novo Senyoriu
10 ST Jacinta Bataller 25 F Bento-Rète, Senyoriu Est-de-Kez
11 ST Carles Delacerda 21 M Lojat, Senyoriu del Norte
12 ST Sebastià Arnan 22 M Ciutat Gloriosa

Permisos del Joc de Rols
Autorisations de Jeu / Rollespill Tillatelser / RP Permissions
If you RP before I do, you may:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, except no deaths or career-ending injuries.
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes, except no harm other than in-game injury should ever come to the Crown Princess unless you want swift retaliation from the King's Guard of Tallaga la Falla. And believe me, they will find the culprit, and they will kill them.
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Postby Verceola » Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:19 pm

Nation Name: Verceola
Three-Letter Code: FVR
Manager: Joseph Peters
Style: +1

#PosNameAgeHeight (in.)Weight (lbs.)HometownOccupation
1GKJared Thompson2475180WynnvilleAccountant
2DFLucas Rinault2973175SkladdulHouse Painter
3DFRhyne Butler2776185St. PatrickRadio DJ
4MFAlejandro Ventura3169155SindsygeEconomics Professor
5MFMike Roberts2875185VelodriDermatologist
6DFAndre Comstock2570170East SkladdulDistrict Attorney
7FWRyan Walters2376170DenaliHS Math Teacher
8DFCraig Xanthis2472175SkladdulPharmacist
9FWDeclan Mullins2171175LutonRec Center Director
10MFKarl Medin2673180MarkenburgGrocery Store Manager
11FWChris Kubrick2974190SindsygeCar Shop Owner
12GKGary Davis3077185VelodriHealth Data Analyst
13FWDan Huntington3271175LutonPolice Officer
14GKAndrew Skinner2476185HartvilleDeli Worker
15DFNick Nash2971170SkladdulDriving Instructor
16MFJoris Tuva2466135SkladdulGardener
17MFDave Ells2673185GeorgetownLandscaper
18MFGunnar Sash1874185SindsygeStudent
19FWPatrick Wennberg2471170CortezeTailor
20DFMatt Reich1970155SindsygeChef
21MFVaya Varma3469150SkladdulJuvenile Parole Officer
22DFSerge Picard3375190SkladdulCardiologist
23MFQuentin Bard2074190BodesterSolar Technician

Formation: 4-3-3: Thompson; Comstock, Butler, Rinault, Xanthis; Ventura, Medin, Roberts; Walters, Mullins, Kubrick.

Opponents who RP first may choose goalscorers, RP minor and/or vague injuries, and describe bookings. Anything beyond that, feel free to TG. If RPing, the most likely substitutions are Huntington, Tuva, and Sash, but no need to follow that.
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Postby Western Sunrise Islands » Sat Dec 17, 2016 5:37 pm


Num. Pos. Name Age Team

02 LB VIRMONDES 24 Santa Vaporeona
03 CB Jorge VARELA 29 Cobra de Regatas
04 CB YVO 27 Ratazanas
05 RB VESPA 25 Campo Alegre
06 DM BEZERRA 22 Brigadeiros do Ar
07 CM DICRÓ 21 Penyarol
08 CM FININHA 21 Filipéia (CAPTAIN)
09 OM MOREIRA 28 Metropolitano
10 CF ALLAN TEXUGO 22 Nova Reno
11 CF ARCEUS VILA LOBOS 24 Santa Jolteona
12 GK VAVÁ 19 Cláudio Horcades
13 LB CAMBÉ 23 Nova Reno
14 CB LEIDIMAR 23 Paulo Soares
15 CB HANDOUVER 20 Cientologicano
16 RB XAXIM 22 Duque de Rosas
17 DM VITOR RAINIERI 26 Santa Jolteona
18 CM ED MORTI 27 Santa Vaporeona
19 CM LUCAS BIRIGUI 26 Santa Jolteona
21 CF LENIN 21 Nova Reno
22 CF JOÃO BOSCO 20 Metropolitano
-- COACH Ayumi HIBIKI 26 N/A [Style: 0]

While the coach might be a Cyborg, the rest of the team isn't. Don't injury them hard or give them cards without notifying me first. That's all.
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Postby Valanora » Sat Dec 17, 2016 5:49 pm

From the Offices of the VSC does the Marauder information come

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (no more than three weeks out)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y

What is the name of…

…the five time World Cup champions?
Valanora (known prior to World Cup 37 as Elves Security Forces)

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Vyinta and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their home matches?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Style Modifier: +2



Home Away

Côfcarthor Undorina
Age: 1284
After a series of failures by experienced managers by foreign and domestic, the VSC has decided to go instead into the managerial program for the next managers of the Marauders. Undorina was the one who was fortunate enough to be selected, having shown the most promise out of the current crop of managers in training. Undorina will likely look to revert the tactics of the team to that of a possession style where the team looks to break others down through precision and attrition.

Assistant Manager
Parnornede Haedhen
Age: 1178
Partnering Undorina is Haedhen, who looks to be another technical minded manager who likes to continue the tradition of the technical attacking play that is both beautiful to watch but also quite efficient in dealing with a variety of opponents.


1 Aediron Galadirdren, Ibini FC
Age - 687
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 174 lbs
Galadirdren looks to be the long term solution for the Marauders in net after several stellar seasons in the domestic scene with Ibini FC. While not loud and "in control" of his box, the keeper is very good when the opposition has a breakaway, as well as some amazing reflexes. His best attribute though is his near perfect position, always seeming to know where the opposition is going to place their shots or crosses.


2 Morlaithan Aldamiel, AC Izotz Zubia Image
Age - 700
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 162 lbs
A tough and quiet sort at the back, more physical than your usual Vanorian centerback thanks to the years that he has played in Audioslavia. More of a stay at home defender than the rest of the backline and more prone the occasional card due to the more physical nature.

3 Rainyardil Toraandal, Avenida Principal Image
Age - 659
Sex - M
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 168 lbs
Toraandal is deceptively fast and agile for a person of his size and also very keen to get in on the attack during prolonged spells in the opponents third. With his size and pure athletic ability, he has a knack for getting open in the box and heading home his fair share of goals, though it is his stern defending that is the reason that he was put on to the starting eleven.

4 Revhil Lardireil, Hondo FC
Age - 658
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 171 lbs
Like Toraandal, Lardireil is used to getting into the attack, having spent the majority of his career at Hondo with their attacking flavor. However he has the speed of a cheetah and the strength of an elephant, most likely the most versatile of the three defenders that the side uses.


21 Espy va Drake, 1830 Cathair Image
Age: 763
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 159 lbs
After becoming a folklore hero for the lower class of the world, va Drake has made himself one of the living legends of the game after help leading the side to a title in World Cup 53. He has traveled far and wide while plying his trade, donning kits for no less than five countries clubs. Seen as the driving force in the middle of the park alongside Hawk, it is up to the opposition to try and figure out how to deal with the brilliance the winger and his other attackers have rather than them to create magic.

6 Caeltimyonan Haerear, Mar Sara FC
Age - 618
Sex - M
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 163 lbs
Coming from Mar Sara you would expect Haerear to be more of an attacking option, yet the midfielder is more of a box to box playmaker than the attacking midfielders usually coming from the Flames. Not overly fast or physical but Haerear has a motor that never quits, never giving up on a play or a game despite how dire the situation may be.

10 Laborious Hawk, AC Izotz Zubia Image
Age - 727
Sex -M
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 213 lbs
Words do not even begin to define his talent, his talent defines words. He was awarded one of the spots that the Vanorians have in the World Cup Hall of Fame, with it being very well deserved, as he has and continues to earn everything he has been given every single day. Hawk simply strives to be the very best footballer, captain, and teammate that there can be, with the hunger for perfection driving him forth on and off the pitch.

8 Ilglerdiriel Lithvathar, Raynor City United
Age - 733
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 149 lbs
Lithvathar is much like va Drake, a floater who is dynamic in attack but with enough speed and sense of the pitch to make up on any sort of defensive lapse. Yet unlike her flankmate, she is not nearly as skilled, but do not let that fool you, in a moment of magic she can undress an entire backline and set up more prolific scorers with easy chances.

7 Faeron Soldarian, 1830 Cathair Image
Age - 641
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 163 lbs
Soldarian continues to live in the shadow of more well known players both on the national team and with his club. Despite this, Soldarian is seen by all on the squad as the emotional leader and the linchpin the in the middle that allows the more attacking minded midfielders being allowed to play their game.


9 Allandren Fresco, Ibini FC
Age - 516
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167 lbs
Fresco continues to lead the line of the attack, being the tip of the spear that is the Marauders offensive movement. By now most teams know of the striker's pace and near laser guided shot, however the striker still somehow finds ways to bring in the goals.

11 Galasgoldas Tathtauré, OAS Royal FC Image
Age - 598
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 157 lbs
A more finesse striker than what Fresco is used to being paired with, Tathtauré has the speed to run past opponents with plenty of dribbling skill to work around multiple defenders. While not as strong as Celetholtinu was, Galasgoldas can still play a hold up role in a pinch.

13 GK Legoion Taltauré, age 683, Char Sara FC
20 GK Belltarion Nartalhûn, age 557, AC Valanari
15 CB Bronlanda Culiththir, age 601, Char Sara FC (F)
16 CB Urúvdion Shatholryl, age 666, Wexax United
17 CB Ainglad Gwavaul, age 607, Hondo FC
23 DMC Belltherdon Cularin - age 722 - Milona-Lpaka Image
18 LW Sellan Teltaththor, age 693, Hondo FC
5 RW Filwame Omasas, age 654, FC Capri (F)
16 MC Berdëmiel Nardhrinonel, age 672, Soldarian FC (F)
22 AMC Héra Teltholsyr, age 476 - Lonngeylin Coast Image (F)
14 ST Laaddon Kevatanian, age 566, Telecontarë Image
19 ST Gonmucaethor Mithlithelen - age 668 - Ibini FC ~

Captain: Laborious Hawk
Set Piece Taker: Laborious Hawk
Penalty Taker: Allandren Fresco
Right Corner: Espy va Drake
Left Corner: Espy va Drake

Aldamiel Toraandal Lardireil
va Drake Soldarian Haerear Lithvathar

Fresco Tathtauré

~ denotes Vyintanese
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WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI, XL (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
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Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Blouman Empire » Sun Dec 18, 2016 5:47 pm



Manager:Paul Halosan: Paul is the youngest manager to win the Imperial Cup having won it as manager of Regarmar at the age of 31, he has also had success in the leagues winning the North Braxon League 1 title and has twice won the Blouman Cup.


1. Chris Butler
Club: Prosen United

24 Jordan Vananner
Club: Softmore Athletic

25 James Stanley
Club: Fansat United


2 Charles Rothman
Position: RWB
Club: Hummock FC

3. Samuel Barnett
Position: CB
Club: Marstin AFC

4. Isaiah Baker
Club: Letutia FC
Position: CB

5. Alex Reeds
Position: LWB
Club: Kings Court

14. Bryson Bayley
Position: LB

16. Liam Jerason
Position: CB

19. Sebastian Kendra
Position: RB


6. Andrew Carrs
Position: DM
Club: Longate

10. Jack Oloson
Position: CM
Club: Jollipville United
8. Ryan Carrs
Position: DM
Club: Longate

12. Mitchell Criggs
Postion: CM

15. Scott Rose
Position: DM

18. Johnathon Ferdinards
Position: AM


9 Jarrod Morgon
Position: ST
Club: Jollipville Athletic

7. Lachlan Crane
Position: LW
Club: FC St Lawrence

11. Jake Green
Position: RW
Club: Kings Park

17. Tyson West
Position: ST

21. Oliver Breaden
Position: ST


Image Image



Those listed above are starters unless stated in RP
Style Modifier: +1

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events Y (within reason TG me if you want something major)
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Postby -Anthor- » Sun Dec 18, 2016 9:08 pm

Anthoran "Warriors" National Team
Manager: Adrien Darby
Asst. Manager: Joshua Forest
Formation: 4-4-2 Diamond
Kits: Warriors WC75 kits (If playing a similar colored team, grey kit will be used)
Stadium: Royal Athletics Stadium, Vaumort (87,541)
Style Modifier: +1.5
Statistical Information (WCC Sanctioned Results): 9-3-24

Starting 11:
#99 [GK] Byran Kimball
#56 [LB] Richard Holloway
#28 [CB] Zeke Paget
#52 [CB] Maclom Rier
#53 [RB] Cedric Stacks
#51 [CM] Geoffrey Bissette
#4 [DM] Frank Cartwright
#15 [CM] Anthony Black
#32 [AM] Nicholas Stark
#11 [FW] Jason Rigsby [C]
#70 [FW] Jennifer McKenzie

#50 Bryce, John
#57 [CB] Francis Austin
#19 [CB] Oliver Wardell
#33 [CB] Nate Parsons
#44 [CB] Peter Hawkins
#32 [DM] Patrick Javier
#96 [CM] Kerry Mooney
#21 [FW] Cole Harrison
#19 [FW] Dominic Murphy

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (TG me first)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (TG me first, depends on severity)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes (TG for consultation first)
Kingdom of Anthor
Capital: Vaumort
Monarch: King Samuel III of House Lenova
Prime Minister: Thomas Dalen
Info: Anthoran News Network, Anthoran Sports Broadcasting Network

NSS International Ratings: #83 (WC/Association Football), #4 (WCOH), #29 (WBC), #22 (WB/Gridiron)

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Postby Chromatika » Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:35 am

National Football Team for the Fifty-second Atlantian Oceanian Championship of Association Football
Nickname: To be Decided

Courtesy of JMC Football Kits of Krytenia
*There are rumors of a new kit being instituted for the next WC Cycle

Formation: 4-3-2-1
World Cup Sanctioned Tournaments Record: 31 wins, 15 draws, 22 losses
International Tournaments: 38 wins, 19 draws, 29 losses

Style Modifier: +2.5

Interim Manager: Lina Amos F (MIn) Age: 43 Games Managed: 44

GK#1 Jillian NIER, ImagePLI Islanders F (MIn) Age: 22 Height: 6 ft 7 in Caps: 18 Goals Allowed: 19
RB #2 Erika MORNINGSTAR, ImageCD Barrio El Niño F (DVi) Age: 25 Height: 6 ft Caps: 61 Goals: 1
LB #3 Zlastica ELLEN, ImageCiclón del Golfo F (DVi) Age: 30 Height: 6 ft 11 in Caps: 69
RCB #4 Lucjusz STEF, ImageMar Sara FC M (DVi) Age: 27 Height: 6 ft 2 in Caps: 60 Goals: 1
LCB #5 Luuk AART, ImageLonngeylin Coast (Vilita) (MIn?) Age: 24 Height: 6 ft 4 in Caps: 83 Goals: 4
RM #6 Meagan KELLY, ImageKionao Locals (Turori) F (MIn) Age: 28 Height: 5 ft 4 in CAPTAIN Caps: 83 Goals: 10
LM #7 Carrol LIAM, ImageUtica United M (DIn) Age: 23 Height: 6 ft Caps: 5 Goals: 5
RW #8 Trenn RIEN, ImageAtlético Nacional M (MIn) Age: 23 Height: 6 ft 3 in. Caps: 54 Goals: 17
CM #9 Rachel HELLION, ImageFC Fairleigh-Sarburton F (MIn) Age: 25 Height: 6 ft 6 in Caps: 84 Goals: 14
ST #10 Kéirâ ANDISORI, ImageStarling F (LVi) Age: 20 Height: 5 ft 3 in Caps: 31 Goals: 35
LW #11 Gabriella ANTONIO, ImageCoret Hawks F (LVi) Age: 27 Height: 6 ft 1 in Caps: 85 Goals: 27

GK #12 Mia RIA, ImageBelle Epoquenne F (Underage) Age: 17 Height: 5 ft 10 in Caps: 2 Goals Allowed: 9
RB #13 Severin ILYA, ImageSporting Cenial M (DBl) Age: 28 Height: 5 ft 7 in Caps: 41
LB #14 Aysu DAMJANA, ImageNew Llama Stars F (LIn) Age: 25 Height: 6 ft 7 in Caps: 15
RCB #15 Otis SORENDAI, ImageCSD Catamarca M (DBl) Age: 25 Height: 6 ft Caps: 37
LCB #16 Frederic COLBERT, ImageLlerana SC M (DIn) Age: 28 Height: 6 ft 8 in Caps: 13
RM #17 Alyss MONTAGUE, ImageCoret Hawks F (DVi) Age: 25 Height: 5 ft 5 in Caps: 13 Goals: 1
LM #18 Daniel LUCAS, ImageCD Barrio El Niño M (DVi) Age: 33 Height: 6 ft 6 in. Caps: 46 Goals: 1
RW #19 Ki NIRO, ImageSelyne Athenians F (MVi) Age: 25 Height: 5 ft 10 in Caps: 24 Goals: 11
CM #20 Sandra SYBILL, ImageReal Azuris F (MVi) Age: 27 Height: 5 ft 11 in Caps: 29 Goals: 1
LW #21 Jazmin DRAGANA, ImageBishop F (DIn) Age: 23 Height: 5 ft 11 in Caps: 10 Goals: 3
ST #22 Nioli QUREN, ImageHashbury M (DIn) Age: 28 Height: 6 ft 2 in Caps: 66 Goals: 7
CB #23 Jan STANIMIR, ImageGracemaria M (DBl) Age: 26 Height: 6 ft 3 in Caps: 26
GK #24 Nikolai Thorben, ImageMatthew Senators M (MVi) Age: 29 Height: 6 ft 11 in Caps: 66 Goals Allowed: 78

Most Likely to:
Score a Goal: Kéirâ Andìsorì, Gabriella Antonio, Trenn Rien, Ki Niro, Rachel Hellion, Meagan Kelly
Assist on a Goal: Meagan Kelly, Rachel Hellion, Carrol Liam, Erika Morningstar, Zlastica Ellen
Free Kick Taker: Rachel Hellion, Meagan Kelly
Left Corner Taker: Gabriella Antonio
Right Corner Taker: Trenn Rien
Commit a Foul: Zlastica Ellen, Otis Sorendai, Erika Morningstar, Luuk Aart, Lucjusz Stef
Get Carded: Zlastica Ellen, Erika Morningstar, Gabriella Antonio
Talk Trash: Erika Morningstar
Usual Substitutions: One defense, one midfield, one forward. Sandra Sybill will spell Meagan Kelly around the sixtieth minute usually.
RP Permissions
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y (I determine severity)
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y
Max Red Cards: 1
Yellow Card Players: Y
Max Yellow Cards: 6
Godmod Other Events: N
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CoH Appearance: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16)
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Postby Southwestern Sunrise Islands » Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:46 am


Num. Pos. Name Age G Team

01 GK Cass VAN VERDEDIGER 30 F BVV Kornwerdezand
02 LB Sasa VAN ZEEWOLDIJS 23 M Gloriseen Finsterwolderhamrik
03 CB Gilles VAN DE WOEST 22 M Minerva Bergenhuizen (CAPTAIN)
04 CB Jean VAN DE WIT 27 F Vlerken ASKC
05 RB Semiha VAN MIERISSTRAAT 23 F Aventz Eikenreit
06 DM Sohail VAN VEENHUIS 25 M VV Stokt
08 CM Faith VAN EMERENS 19 F Hoenkoop HC
09 OM Sander VAN EMERENT 22 M Olympique du Roof
10 CF Stephen VAN DE WERPER 20 M Heraklis Ankerens
11 CF Ty VAN TEMPEL 20 M Rampante Zeewoulfenheim
12 GK Flip VAN ROCHUSSENERK 22 M Wackengoholjs Balk
13 LB Lille VAN ISSELDJIJK 21 M Piezernetsunt Hooglokland
14 CB Maylin VAN BOXEM 26 F Versteegts AKSC
15 CB Henrick VAN KINGLEER 35 M FC Theeselvargen
16 RB Rein VAN DER BOOGART 24 M Minerva Berghuizen
17 DM Melvyn VAN SANTING 19 M BVV Kornwerdezand
18 CM Ali VAN HOEKENS-GEENE 19 F Hoenkoop HC
19 CM Pomme VAN JONGKIND 19 F Luyn 86
21 CF Geoffrey VAN HOEGEEKKERS 19 M Luyn 86
22 CF Mike VAN HENRIKSINSEN 20 M Hevelnoord Hill
-- COACH Knight Teodor DE WIJZE 60 M Koninklijke Rechtbank FA [Style: -1]

While the coach might be a Knight, he's not wearing armor full time. Don't injury any of them hard (includes killing) or give them cards without notifying me first. That's all.
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Postby Chromatika » Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:12 pm

By: Jordan Lawless, Chief Correspondent, Previous Sports Corresponsdent, Chromatik City Courier

Hello, friends! Although the nation is abuzz with the upcoming campaign and election as a new, free state, along with the judgment of all those who were responsible during the Chromatik Party's reign of terror, as well as the search for the mysterious figure, VENOM, life goes on, and so does football! The Chromatik National Team (who are seeking for a new mascot name by the way) will travel to 95X to partake in the next edition of the Atlantian Oceania Championship of Association Football. Of course, it's another tournament in which the team has been stonewalled by results of penalty kicks, but hopefully this time they can go even further! We here in the The Rebel plan on giving you exclusive coverage throughout the event, with match recaps, match previews, and exclusive interviews, including stories on:

Kéìrâ Andìsorì: On why she chose Starling, what it was like to be sought after by so many clubs, and her future

Lisa Amos: On what it's been like taking over for Franscesca Cortes, Cortes's legacy, and what she wants to be remembered for

Mascot Finding: What should be the next mascot for the Chromatik Team? Feel free to send your ideas to me, I'll mention the best/worst of them in my column!

Daniel Lucas: Will this be his last group of international competition? What's it been like playing in San José Guayabal?

Meagan Kelly: Is the Captain losing a step? On Sandra Sybill's emergence, life in Kionao, and why she doesn't want to leave Turori

Jillian Nier, NIkolai Thorben, and Mia Ria: Who's the starter? Who's the backup? What does Mia's future look like?

The New League Chromatiks: How many teams? What about the Cup? What will it look like?

The first match, by the way, is to be played against Tallaga la Falla - a minor nation in footballing strength. The Chromatiks should have no problem taking them down - the biggest fish to fry in the group is obviously Valanora. Kéìrâ will probably geek out when she gets on the pitch across from Hawk. Amos has yet to set a starting roster for the match.

Don't forget to check back in with us for your latest Chromatik footballing news!
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WC Proper Appearance: 75 (Ro16), 76 (SF), 77, 78 (QF), 79 (Ro16), 80 (Ro16), 81 (Group Stage), 83 (Group Stage)
CoH Appearance: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16)
KPB Ranking: 36 (Post 85)

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Postby Western Sunrise Islands » Mon Dec 19, 2016 1:29 pm

The life of a pirate isn't as exciting as you'd imagine.
Western Sunrise waited, sitting on the docks, waiting for her crew.
She had sent them to get their new ship with the money they could gather with the remains of the Frigideira.
She knew that leaving the Frigideira under Southwestern Sunrise's sailing skills had to end up poorly, but not wrecking the damn boat at the rocks like that.

"...I-I-I'm still sorry, Ma'am Western Sunrise-"
"It's fine, little Southwestern."
"...I-I-I think it'd be best if you didn't have me drive anything."
"I already said it."
"Y-you sound upset."
"Why do you say that?"
Southwestern Sunrise sat to her side, wiping a couple of tears that fell from the captain's eyes.
"You're not doing that loaded 'R' you tend to do."
"I'm trying to loosen up on the stereotypical act."
"Doesn't sound much convincing."
"It's just... I don't feel like myself these days, kid."
"If you want to talk about it... sister."
"...You're not calling me ma'am?"
"I-I-If you wish me to, ma-"
"Relax, little sister."
The two shared a sidehug.
"...So, how long do you think it'll take for them to get the new ship?"
"They're on their way, surely."
The two stared afar as the large ship arrived on the horizon.
"...Is that it?"
The beautiful, large ship moved eastwards as a smaller, older and somewhat weak ship arrived at the docks.
The girl staggered, worried about what sort of repercussion would follow.
Western lifted her up with a strong hug.
The younger Sunrise smiled, her sister was actually happy.
For one, she thought that the small ship they acquired having to do with her poor control of the ship would end up with Western Sunrise wanting to kill her but...


Western arrived at the ship, finding a brother and a sister that looked rather equal, clad in white and navy pirate clothes waiting for her.
"So, Ma'am Western, proud of my bargaining skills?"
"More like you bought the cheapest thing there for no good reason."
"How much did you pay for it?"
"A nickel."
"It shows, Barra."
"I told that to Janeiro, but he didn't care!"
"All we need to do is work on it for one or two days and it'll be brand new, Ma'am, I swear!"
"It better!"
"Uh... Why is Southwestern purple?"
"She's still catching her breath back. Long story."
Western Sunrise sighed.
"We already got the materials to work on it, though, no thanks to my stupid brother."
The twins nodded, leaving the two Sunrises alone on the entire deck.
"Have you caught your breath already, Southwestern?"
"Y-y-yes, ma'am."
"Good. Because you and I will have an assignment."
"...W-w-what assignment are we talking about?"
"This Summer."
"I'm making a pirate..."
"B-b-but I'm not a boy-"
"...That's not good."

"Now, Southwestern, you need to know the Four Ps of Piracy."
"Four Ps?"
The two walked across the inner parts of the boat, finally stopping before a door leading to one of the many dormitories of the ship.
"The Four Ps are a simple, guaranteed method to learn how to be a proper pirate and if you wish to become a quality pirate in the future, you need to make sure you know your Ps."
"But I don't really want to be a pirate-"
"Nonsense! Now, pay attention!"
"Is this one of the Ps?"
"Not... Though we could add it as a fifth P."
"I see."
"Now, the first P is Power."
"Is this why you're taking me to the Fighter's Dormitory?"
As she opened the door, she found Dainer and a tanned girl, wearing a black karate gi seemingly preparing to fight.
"Karate is the one true superior martial art!"
"I didn't want to fight you, but if it's really necessary..."
He struck a pose, opening his hands, seemingly aiming against her.
"I will beat you."
"Now, a good pirate knows how to show her power over her subordinates, so I expect you to stop their quarreling."
"I'll do my best!"
The young girl waltzed in between the two, smiling.
"Please, Mister Dainer and Miss Laserna, don't fight!"
"Kid, get out of the way!"
"I'd rather you didn't step between us or you might get injured, little girl."
She took out two brownies from her backpack.
"I'll give you both one of these if you don't fight."
The two smelled the brownies, smiling from what they could feel. Both nodded and took one of the brownies.
Southwestern smiled, walking back to Western Sunrise.

"What do you think, Ma'am?"
"I did my best!"
"Fine. You pass."

"So... The Second P is?"
"I see."
The younger Sunrise nodded, sitting down and waiting for something.
Western Sunrise looked at her, confused.

"I said Patience."
She nodded.
"I said Patience!"
Southwestern Sunrise shrugged, taking a book out of her backpack and reading it.
Western face-palmed.

"Patience is the second P!"
"Ah! I understand!"
She put the book back on her backpack, getting up and smiling.
"So, how are we testing?"
Western pointed to a wise old man sitting in front of a desk, reading a book. Behind him were a some shelves of books, all wrapped under a protective material in case the books had to come in contact with water.
"I see old man Balm is doing his reading like usual, Ma'am."
"I wish you to get the book he's reading. For this task, you'll probably need patience as old man Balm never lets anyone get his books until he's done reading and- Where are you?"
She returned with the book in hands.
"I traded my book with him. Turns out he never ever read the Little Lamb of the Southern Villages!"
"Only the book?"
"...And a brownie."
"A brownie again?"
"Fine. You pass again."

"The third P is Persistence."
"And why are we here?"
She looked around, noticing the little samba wheel commanded by Agremiastan with a couple of fellow lusophones as they were on their break from being part of the ship crew.
"Well, it's hard to enter into one of Agremiastan's samba wheels if you're new."
"Your test is to enter the wheel. I'm sure if you pester them enough, you'll do well."
The girl nodded, walking up to Agremiastan.
Minutes later, Western Sunrise stopped hearing any sort of samba, instead listening only to Southwestern's voice.

"These sort of brownies need half of a cup of vegetable oil, a cup of sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla, two large eggs..."
Western Sunrise walked in as the rest of the samba wheel stared at the pirate.
"What did you do this time?"
"I'm telling them how to bake my brownies!"
"Figures. Folks, I have to finish teaching her how to be a pirate, then she'll be free to teach you all."

"The final P is..."
She shrugged, delivering a swift kick to... well.
Western Sunrise crumbled to the ground.
"...Ma'am Western?"
She waited for a couple of minutes until Western Sunrise got back to her feet.
"I didn't mean like that! Punt was just a general term for cheating! Pirates need to know how and when to cheat! It's the Last Measure!"
"Ah... so you said Punt as a generic term?"
"Yes! Very perceptive of you!"
"Eheh... My bad..."
"Class... ugh... Dismissed..."
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Postby Verceola » Mon Dec 19, 2016 3:25 pm

The last thing Jared Thompson wanted, as he limped back to his hotel room, was personal drama. It was a long difficult practice for the Verceolan national team, mostly fatigued and stiff from the flights but desperately in need a training session to get their legs from back under them. The combination of loose-playing strikers and slow defenders meant Jared had a lot of dives into the pitch to make and airborne forwards to withstand.

Yet as he entered his room, walked over and sank gingerly into a chair, his phone rang on the bed. Jared took one look and groaned: "Harry Smith", his boss at the Wynnville location for Horry & Smits, the PR firm where Jared worked as an accountant. This could not be good. He answered: "Hello?"

"Jared... I've been told you haven't been in the last two days. What's going on?"

Jared ran a frustrated hand through his hair. He knew he'd already had this conversation. "I'm in 95X with the football team. We're playing the Atlantian Oceania championships."

"Uh-huh. Did you notify us about this?"

You've got to be kidding! Jared silently yelled. "Yes, I've been discussing with Kelly since several weeks ago. She has all the dates I'll be missing, and I've talked with Jess and Ben about the accounts I've been working on."

"And when are you supposed to be back?"

"I don't really know. It may only be about a week or so, but the longer we play, the longer I have to stay."

There was a pause on the other end, and a sigh from Harry. Jared interjected, "Didn't someone from the Department of Culture talk with you?"

"Yes, but they didn't really mention that I'd be losing one of my workers for so long. And for some game?"

"Sir, I understand it's an inconvenience, but it's a big deal for a lot of people and a great opportunity for us here."

"And they couldn't get anyone else."

"I'm the starting goalkeeper. I'm not exactly replaceable."

"Well, if you're going to be gallivanting around the continent playing foosball, maybe I can't say the same for you here."


"Look, we'll see how your work comes along the next few weeks. If Jess and Ben pick up your slack and you come back ready to work, fine. Otherwise, we will have words about this."

Jared sighed. "Okay."

"Right, well, anyway, have a good night." Harry hung up.

Jared threw his phone at the wall in frustration and held his head in his hands. His roommates, backup keepers Gary Davis and Andrew Skinner walked in. Andrew looked from around the corner and said, "Jared, what's up man?"

"Oh, you know, issues with work. Boss isn't exactly a fan of this tournament."

"Yeah, we were just talking with Nick," Gary chimed in. "He's been talking with his manager for weeks, just like the rest of us, about being gone for this tournament, yet somehow they've been scrambling to replace him for driver's ed classes. And of course, Nick's a reserve, so his boss just sees this as a pleasure trip. Nick's worried he could lose his job or get a pay cut from this."

"And I can't imagine how Gunnar's dealing with this," Andrew added. "Can't get someone to replace you to take college classes. He's just trying to stay on top of as much work as he can. And that coach at Saloma State can't be happy that he's losing his leading goal scorer right in the middle of conference play."

"Well, at least we got to come," Jared said, gratefully but with an air of remorse. His childhood friend and adult league teammate, Jeff Becker, was looking like a shoo-in for selection as a backup midfielder. But his hospital was demanding of its nurses, and Jeff was facing warnings that leaving for the tournament meant he'd be permanently replaced. He couldn't take the risk.

Andrew and Gary sat down too. "Well, we've got to try to relax," Gary said. "Osarius has gotten to the podium the last four tournaments, and they've won two World Cups. They have a well-developed domestic league and their players are full professional. They won't care tomorrow that our team's just having trouble getting here and getting off work."

"And what an opportunity this is!" Andrew beamed. "We're the first team from Verceola to compete in international sports! And after Osarius, we get Starblaydia, who's been a dynasty, and we get a shot a 95X on their own turf. What if we just got a point here! This could the start of something big for us, for Verceola."

"But do we even have our people behind us?" Jared mused. "There are a lot of anti-sports citizens in Verceola. They say sports are the activities of war mongerers and degenerates. They say it's a hobby of our ancestors who were so foolish and lost their nation."

Gary chuckled. "Nah, that's ridiculous. Let people think that for now, but it's just a game. At worst, it's a harmless pursuit. At best, we're representing our people and showing the world what it means to be a Verceolan. We can't pass that up."

Gary looked down at the floor, where Jared's thrown phone had stopped its flight. He picked it up and tossed it back to Jared. "And it looks like you've got at least a few people behind you."

Jared glanced. Texts from his mother, father, his girlfriend Mariel. All well-wishes, expressions of pride and love. Jared smiled. "Anyway, so what do we know about Osarius tomorrow? How do they play?"

"We really don't know anything," Andrew said. "It's not like we've seen any videos or tapes of them. Just some clips from the news I've seen the last few days, saying they're a favorite to win the tournament. They look polished, clean, good with the ball. I've never seen anything like it. We'll be in for it tomorrow."

Jared smirked. "Well, maybe we can surprise them. First ever international game? Anything can happen."

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National Football Team of the Redvale

The Red Demons


The Redvale is an island nation to the north of Atlantian Oceania, which is known for being a very supernatural place that is influenced by a group of gods. The big four gods are the flame god, Ignaa, the fertility goddess, Lae, the chaos god, Abysus, and the goddess of the sea, Osytia. However, there are other minor gods that have followings on the island. Politically, the country is an oligarchy ruled by a Grand Theocrat appointed by the gods, and by the Assembly of the Pantheon, an exclusive group of politicians that decides most national matters. The government is based in the city of Avgaria, while the largest city is Maris, on the northern coast. The island of Janford is also a semi autonomous region within Redvale, and the smaller and narrower isle to the west of the main island is considerably more liberal and could be described as a libertarian's paradise despite having a large wage divide.

The main island runs on a mixed economy where the government doesn't own every business, but exerts control over them to guide the economy in a sort of cross between socialism and mercantilism. A few other notable things are that slavery is legal in Redvale, which has caused the nation to raid other states for slaves, and that the position of Theocrat is passed. Currently, the Redvale is ruled by Jara Fuse, with his heir being Dago Fuse. Ethnically, the island is mostly Redvali and Saxon with a large number of Asians also calling it home, and the Redvali ethnicity itself is closest to the Spanish ethnicity. The most spoken languages are Spanish, English, and Italian.


Xavier Bardem era(507-???)
In previous years, Redvale's gods chose to keep the country isolationist with the exception of allowing their people to raid other nations and occasionally engage in warfare. However, the gods causing the island to drift brought it into a region populated with more nations than ever before, bringing them onto the world political scene. One of the new things that came from that was the establishment of the Redvali national sports teams, and while international sanctions have kept Redvale out of the World Cup, the Football Federation of Redvale(FFR) voted to enter the biggest regional competition in the area with a new national team. That team would need a head coach, and while Yanick Martins was the favorite for the job, he left the country to manage Anglatia.

The second manager on the shortlist was selected, and forty eight year old Xavier Bardem found himself with the job. He was last seen as an assistant at Beito Noriega's Air Force FC despite not winning the head management job with them when Noriega left to take the FC Maris job. Before then, Bardem managed Glenham Athletic, the Maris Black Knights, and Maris Rovers, specializing in keeping teams safe in the top flight and helping lower league teams get promoted. His track record convinced the FFR that he can bring stability to a new team, a task that's easier said than done. Time will show how he holds up to that promise that he made to the federation.



Style Modifier: +4
Formation: 4-3-3
Colors: Maroon and white
Nicknames: The Red Demons, El Equipo



Chief Executive of the FFR: Torrey Synfred - 62
Manager: Xavier Bardem - 48 - Air Force FC
Assistant Manager: Nari Katayama - 34 - FC Maris Ladies
Strength Coach: Alejandro Kita del Castile - 40 - Sporting Avgaria
Head Physio: Mia Sakubara - 37 - Sporting Women

Bold text indicates starters

Rohan Milano - 30 - Janford City
Luis Santoro de Maris - 21 - FC Castle
Finnr Morrow - 21 - FADA(NSI)

Mateo Aquila - 25 - Janford City
Kam Eto - 30 - FC Maris

Frej Ward - 19 - FC Castle
Vincent Shaw - 33 - Sporting Avgaria

Bryn Knight - 20 - Sporting Avgaria
Martin Corazon - 33 - FC Castle

Maria Santoro - 27 - Skybrough Ladies
Justine Canales de Midvale - 30 - Skybrough Ladies

Sasha Brewer - 22 Maris Rovers
Ivo Schuster - 18 - Sporting Avgaria
Liam Barrow - 25 - Janford City

Cleto Bianchini - 21 - FC Maris
Sofia Cruze - 24 - FC Maris Ladies
Skal Phillips - 21 - Samaj FC(Cosumar)
Dagr Lewis - 21 - Maris Rovers

Hiroyo Nunez - 20 - Handon United(Schottia)
Jose Gallo de Montana - 24 - FC Maris
Elias Basajuan - 23 - Janford City

Felix Bando - 18 - Whitehaven Triumph(Ceni)
Ji Hyun Jo - 21 - Hoventon and Corlington Town(Mercedini)
Will Castillo - 21 - Hillstreet(Schottia)
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(OOC: Part one wasn't that great IMO but it will get better, I promise. Anyway, as a note, this takes place before the AOCAF but after the Sporting World Cup. I'm bringing back an oldish idea and using it for this new nation, and while this first part revolved mostly around an Anglatian character, it'll develop some stuff with football in Redvale some more. I also wrote a bunch of action stuff recently and so I decided to write something about social politicking and the like... Anyway, this note is long enough. Here it is.)

The Sisterhood

Part I: The Offer

The days after the end of the second Sporting World Cup were a blur for Allie Vacek. She’d received dozens of phone calls about endorsements and about working out the future of her career, and she’d received dozens more with friends and teammates saying that they were sorry about her mother’s suicide. Eventually, she stopped picking up her phone, but she couldn’t hide from it all. Her fans still wanted her to continue working, in all of her careers, and her friends and teammates wouldn’t stop bothering her about her mother and telling her that it was okay to grieve.

The truth was, she wasn’t having trouble grieving because of the reasons they said. She was having trouble grieving because her mother had been terrible to her for most of her life, and it was almost a relief that she was gone. But now, Allie was in uncharted territory. She couldn’t run back home to family if things got tough in Ceneisis. She wouldn’t even have a home to return to, since the government would take her mother’s house now that she was gone. Instead of having a hard time grieving, she was really having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that she had no family.

There was her father and his kids, but even though she helped the kids out, she never considered them to actually be family. Christian Vacek had abandoned his right to call himself her father when he abandoned her and left her with a borderline abusive mother and in a terrible neighborhood where they hardly had enough money and food to live on. She knew that there was another side of her family, her mother’s side, that she hadn’t really met. But she didn’t know them, didn’t know how to find them, and doubted they would want anything to do with her after her mom drove them away many years ago.

That was what was on the mind of Allie as she stepped out of the black limo, along with Katie Drysdale-Fox and Darren Harbin. They were back in Valeria, this time visiting a suburban South Underfell church where the funeral for Ava Vacek was being held. Because of Allie’s reputation, there was quite the crowd there for it. She recognized most of her old Lane Jets teammates from the Imperial Youth Superleague, along with their coaches. She also saw a few of the new teammates from Ceneisis that she’d already met. Nessa Chryst, her friend from the national team, was there along with Hakki Ojala and Remy Ladipo. When she looked further into the crowd, she could see some of her old schoolmates, the ones that hadn’t bullied her.

“Are you alright?” asked Darren, placing a hand on her back to the great annoyance of Katie, who flushed when Darren did that. “You look like you’re going to be sick-”

“I don’t know if I can go in there,” Allie said under her breath. “Not because I’m sad, but because I’m going to have to face the fact that I don’t have any family. Not any real family, anyway.”

“Still didn’t forgive your dad, I assume?”

“Never. He abandoned me, he doesn’t deserve my forgiveness. I think he only cares about me for my cash, anyway.”

“You don’t have to go in there if you don’t feel up to it,” Katie told her, running a hand through her hair. “Don’t let anyone else pressure you into doing something that’s going to stress you out-”

“I can handle it. Just give me a moment.”

Allie took a deep breath, and smoothed out her short black dress one more time before stepping through the crowd and through the doors of the church. She instantly found herself getting approached by Remy and Hakki along with Nessa. “Hey Allie, I’m so sorry for what happened,” Nessa said, embracing her before the two boys did the same. “If you need anything, just give me a call… I’m across an ocean from you now, but I’ll still see what I can do for you.”

“I’ll be fine,” Allie said, probably too sharply. Despite the harsh response, Nessa just nodded. They knew each other well enough that Nessa could tell that Allie wasn’t trying to offend.

“Of course. If anyone can get over something like this, it’s you.”

Katie and Darren were following Allie, and she turned around to face them. She was going to introduce them to Nessa, but something caught her eye near the back of the building. Or more specifically, someone. She made eye contact with a man who was about the same age as her mother, who had dirty blond hair and wore it shoulder length, the hair doing a good job of framing his short and well trimmed beard. Allie had no idea who he was, but she knew that he was related as soon as she saw the shape of his face. “Wait a minute, guys,” she told her group, before bolting to the back of the church to talk to the man.

“Alisandra! I haven’t seen you in ages! I mean, you were only as tall as my knee when I last saw you! I’m sorry that we have to meet again under these circumstances… But I have to ask, do you remember me?” he asked, pulling her into a tight hug and rustling her hair.

“Um… You’re a cousin, aren’t you? I’m sorry. I don’t know your name… It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your side of the family, like you said.”

“Almost, but not quite. My daughter is your cousin, I’m actually your uncle. You really don’t remember? I’m the one that took you to your first Underfell FC match and I used to take you boating on the Bay of Underfell. I helped Ava get back on her feet after Christian left, too. I spent plenty of time around you guys’ house.”

Realization showed on Allie’s face. “Wait a minute… I think I know your name… Veli. Veli Grice. Your daughter is Kesha Grice. I remember now. We used to hang out until mom pushed you away like she did with everyone on her side of the family. It’s good to see you again, uncle. I was under the assumption that you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me after what she did.”

Veli chuckled. “I can’t blame any of that on you, baby girl. Truth is, everyone in the family knows that Ava had a lot of crazy in her blood. Not a single one of us is going to pin her antics on you. We all like you, still. We would’ve talked with you again sooner if it wasn’t for her telling us to back off, just like she did to Christian. Don’t beat yourself up for how she treated everyone-”

Allie tuned out what he was saying, mentally shifting focus to the door. Her father had just arrived, along with Christian Junior and Sive. He would want to talk to her and probably sit next to her during the service, and she began looking for ways to leave. She glanced back at Veli, who was still talking. “Anyway, it’s really nice to see you again. Are you staying in town? We could go out for dinner afterwards or something… Let me find Kesha and ask if she wants to do that.”

When Veli turned, Allie also turned and started moving briskly through the groups of people and towards the back door. She’d been right. She couldn’t handle sitting through her mother’s funeral and dealing with her father and Darren and Katie on the same day. She needed a drink, and a strong one at that. She almost felt bad for leaving, but then she remembered that her mother was the reason she had a drinking problem in the first place.

She knew it was wrong, but somehow, Allie couldn’t find an ounce of true sadness in her heart. It was far too late for that.


The girl in black was on a mission. She was a foreigner in what was, in her opinion, a strange country, but she didn’t let that detract from her job. Everyone else knew she was a foreigner, too. It was apparent from the look of her face, not quite Latino and not quite European, either. Her look could only be called exotic, and while she got plenty of questions asking where she was traveling from and what she was doing in the city of Ceneisis, she answered them all the same way; she said that she was here for business. Of course, at eighteen years old, she was a tad young to be here for business.

But she wasn’t lying. She sort of was. She was here representing someone else, or rather a group of people. They wanted her to find someone, and if she wanted to keep her spot in the group, she would make sure that she succeeded in that job to bring that person back to Maris with her. If her mother was someone different, she’d likely have already been kicked out, but now, she was being given another chance to stay in the group and end her punishment for dissent. She fully intended on capitalizing her chance to get out of the punishment. It wasn’t often that someone was given a chance to reverse their fate, after all.

After walking three blocks from the bus stop to the apartments near the Sporting Ceneisis training grounds, the girl in black arrived at her destination and took the stairs to the third floor, heading down the hall until she reached the door on the end, to the right. The doors had the names of the tenants on golden plaques, and the girl recognized some of them. Torres, Leroux, and, opposite of the door that the girl was standing at, Connors. The name on the door on the end was newer than the others: Vacek, Alisandra. The girl knew she'd found who she was looking for, and she knocked hard and didn't bother waiting for a response before shouting.

“Open up, Allie! I'm here to give you the best offer you’re ever going to get,” she said, pausing before knocking again. “I mean the best offer you’re going to get anywhere, ever. And don’t try to pretend you’re not at home… That new sports car of yours is still parked out front. Are you gonna open up or what?”

There was silence for a few moments, and then the door opened and the girl saw Allie standing in front of her, dressed in a too large Sporting Ceneisis hoodie that was longer than her shorts. Either that, or she wasn’t wearing anything else other than the hoodie, the girl couldn’t tell. Her dark blue hair was a mess, like she’d been in the process of styling it when the girl arrived, and she looked like she was annoyed at the interruption. Her look wasn’t one of complete annoyance though; she appeared to be looking the girl over and admiring her fashion. “Okay, who are you?” she asked after a few moments of staring. “I wouldn’t say that I know you… Or that I know what you’re talking about. I already took the best offer I’ve ever gotten, that’s how I ended up here-”

“You haven’t gotten my offer, though. Look, my name is Annamarie Janzen-Hara. I know, I know, my name is too long and it sounds too rich. Everyone just calls me AJ, though. Long story short, I play football like you. And a few other sports, but that’s besides the point. Our home nations aren’t actually that far from each other… You’re from Anglatia, I’m from Redvale. We’re both from the Northern Isles area. I play for FC Maris, the club that my mom manages-”

Allie held up a hand to stop AJ from speaking. The taller girl definitely seemed to be scatter brained, or easily distracted at the very least, and Allie didn’t feel like listening to her figure out what she was trying to say. “I’m kind of busy right now. I have a flight to Ross to catch later, and then tomorrow I’m going to head into the music studio to work on an album, and then I have to go to a birthday party for my… My… Um, my friend,” she said, not sure how to refer to Katie Drysdale-Fox, who was turning nineteen the next day. “Whatever you’re here for, I doubt I have time for it. You’ll have to talk to my agent and see when I have free time if you want to offer me something-”

“Can you just give me five minutes to explain why-”

“Uh, not really, no. I’m already running late for my flight,” Allie remarked, but she saw that AJ was getting desperate. The desperation showed in her eyes, and now, Allie was curious about why a footballer from Redvale was at her door, asking her about an ‘offer’.

“C’mon, Allie! Can’t you help me out here? Long story short, I have some friends that want to… Do business with you. And if I don’t bring you back to Maris to talk to them, they aren’t going to be my friends anymore,” AJ replied. “You’re going to miss your flight, but I promise it will be worth it-”

Allie shook her head. “I can’t miss this birthday party. Believe me, I already tried to get out of it, but my friend is going to be pissed at me if I don’t show up. I also really don’t want to get on the bad side of her famous parents, and I don’t want to keep putting off finishing up my album, so… Can you tell your friends to wait a bit and call back in like, two weeks? What business are they in, anyway? Sports, fashion, music, or…?”

“It’s really important that you meet with them right away. They’re the demanding type, they don’t like being told to wait. And the answer to your other question is complicated. I guess you could say they’re in the sports business. We want to do business with you, but think of us more as a group of athletes than a company. It’s hard to explain,” AJ continued. “But anyway, we’re throwing a party on my mom’s superyacht and I guess you could say that we’re bringing some new people into our group to replace a few who left. One of the new members we’re looking at is you. We scout new members with yacht parties most times, and my mom and her friends told me to come here to bring you to Maris for it so-”

“Hold up, what kind of group is this? I’ll give you five minutes to explain, but you need to actually explain and not skip over stuff-”

“Well, think of it like a fraternity or sorority, except all the members are top athletes along with a few others in the industry and in other industries, and we all help each other out. We train together, a lot of us live together off of the pitch, we protect each other from the media, and sometimes, we choreograph things like goals and other highlight plays with each other. And most importantly, we all do our best to protect each other’s locker room standing. Think of us like a clique, or a very elite club. We started off with members that were only playing women’s football in Redvale, but then we grew and expanded and now we have members in the men’s league, some of the other sports, and in different leagues, and we have a bunch of execs with us too,” AJ explained. She was going to continue, but Allie put a hand up to stop her again.

“Wait a minute, this is some kind of secret society? Isn’t this, you know, kind of illegal? Actually, let me phrase that better. You might not get arrested for any of that stuff, but isn’t it going to get you thrown out of your league if you get found out?”

“You said it yourself. We’re a secret society, with the key word being secret. And, uh, we have some ways of making sure our secrets don’t get out. We’ve been around for awhile and it’s never been a problem. Like I said, think of us as an exclusive club, one that you’ve just been invited to-”

“What did I do to get invited?” Allie asked. “I don’t even know anyone in your group, or if I do, I’m not aware that they’re members. It sounds interesting… But this also all sounds fishy.”

AJ paused, trying to decide how much she wanted to explain. Eventually, she pulled her phone out and showed Allie a picture of a group of mostly women, with a few men mixed in, that looked like it had been taken from the heart of someone’s luxurious mansion. “This picture is from the last yacht party. You see that tall girl standing in the back, next to the girl with the braids and the guy with the mohawk? That’s Hiroyo Nunez. The girl that’s four rows in front of her is Sofia Cruze, who is next to Marlene Corredor. Those three used to make up the starting front three of FC Maris Ladies, with Cruze being the face of the team and Nunez being the spearhead of the attack. Marlene never really fit into her role as a star, but she’s humble enough that it’s not a problem. Hiroyo isn’t a member for any longer, and the girl next to her, Kylie Calderon, was demoted to the lowest rung at the same time-”

“Wait up, what happened that made you get rid of her? Slow down, I can barely keep up with what you’re saying.”

AJ chuckled. “Everyone tells me that… Anyway, Hiroyo had a big ego despite being ranked lower than Sofia and Marlene, and it’s safe to say that she hated being the third face of the team and not the main one despite being the most physically talented player by far. She’s talented enough that FCML paid eight million drachmas for her when she was sixteen, believe it or not. But her attitude was a problem from the start, and recently, she hit a breaking point and demanded her transfer to Handon, before publicly berating my mother, who is also the manager of the team, for constantly preferring Sofia to her. She claimed that my mom always treated Sofia better, and mom reacted by finalizing the transfer and then throwing her out of the group. Kylie was Hiroyo’s big and Hiroyo was my big and so she almost got thrown out too, and I got thrown out for siding with them, but since-”

Allie sighed, losing track of the story again. “I hate to sound like a broken record, but slow down. What the hell is a big, and how did that cause you to get thrown out?”

“Sorry, I forgot everyone doesn’t know our terms. Basically, everyone has someone older looking out for them, like in a sorority. A lot of times, it’s the one that recruited someone. Kylie recruited Hiroyo when she was still at Glenham and became her big sister, and Hiroyo recruited Cora Blazen and became her big sister even though Cora is a year older. Skal Phillips is my big brother though, even though my mom is the one who brought me in. So yeah, me and Kylie are all the way at the bottom of the pecking order now and there’s a power gap in the top, and we want you to come in and maybe try to fill it,” AJ said, taking a deep breath after explaining all of that.

“Maybe it’s best that I stay away, it seems like there’s a lot of drama and relationship angst-”

“No, no, no! It’s not like this usually. We help each other and we give each other an edge over our opponents by sharing our knowledge and skills and we also help each other get popular and stay popular. And… There’s one other thing that makes us a good group, but I don’t want to talk about it here.”

“You need to come inside?” Allie asked, stepping in and gesturing towards the apartment, which was in a state of disarray. “You can if you want, there’s not much seating right now though.”

AJ nodded and stepped inside, shutting the door softly behind her and dropping the black backpack that she’d been carrying. As she did so, Allie returned to a mirror at the edge of the room and picked up a comb to continue fixing her tangled hair. She stopped and turned around when AJ made her next remark; “Sit down. This… This is the important part. Let’s talk about this face to face.”
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The quasi-governmental entity of Tropicorp are back again!

During AOCAF 50, Tropicorp put out a call amongst a subset of its scientists, researchers and engineers for support on an ongoing project. The project, which required exposure to competitive football, saw Tropicorp scientists, researchers, engineers and other such guinea pigs wearing special fabrics with electronic measuring devices sewn into them in order to aid in their measurements and calculations. The data collected during AOCAF 50 was absolutely invaluable to the project. During the cycle since, Tropicorp Engineers have been putting the data to the test at Tropicorp locations in Tropicoast and also at a new facility at an undisclosed location, also on Calania. During AOCAF 51, the scientists, researchers and engineers returned to collect some final data points to push them towards the final phase of the project. However, a strange thing happened during AOCAF 51 - the Tropicorp Scientists - perhaps a result of their own detailed research of the game, began not only to be competitive, but to win matches. The Techies actually qualified for the Knockout Rounds and stunned many with their performances until ultimately being knocked out by host and eventual champion nation Valanora.

Due to the amount of success - and positive attention garnered by the Techies in the AOCAF competition, Tropicorp are back yet again during AOCAF 52 and will retain their same squad roles in an attempt to repeat their AOCAF 51 success. The Scientists & Researchers will be responsible for the field positions while the Engineers will be manning the goal.

There are a total of 2 Engineers taking part in the testing and they will alternate matches. There will be a researcher assigned to monitor and document their activities who will also be listed as a goalkeeper.

There will be two scientists and two researchers on the field at any given time to document the defensive characteristics, with a further 2 scientists and 2 researchers working from the sidelines and prepared to step in if needed.

As with the defenders, There will be two scientists and two researchers on the field at any given time to document the requirements of a midfield player, with a further 2 scientists and 2 researchers working from the sidelines and prepared to step in if needed. They will alternate between central and wing positions.

There will be one forward Scientist, and one forward Researcher working in tandem and one each from the sidelines.

Team Nickname: the "Techies"

Style: RAND(-5,5)

Invent Names for the Scientists/Researchers/Engineers: Y
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y
GodMod Injury Events Y

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y
- Tropicorp -

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Cosumar National Team - AOCAF 52


Team Information

Nation: The Fiefdom of Cosumar

Government: Cosumar is a Fiefdom, meaning Cosumar is divided into 21 historical "fiefs". These essentially now function as provinces. Cosumar's government is a constitutional monarchy that believes in complete civil rights, science, conservation of nature and space exploration. Cosumar is known for being the "Most Developed" nation in Atlantian Oceania according to WA Census, and in the Top 1% of the world's developed nations. Our current ruler, King James II, has continued our tradition of promoting progress while simultaneously maintaining both our unique culture and diverse natural features.

Region: Atlantian Oceania (far Northeast | COCANEFA)

Nicknames: Vanquishers (since WC 72) or, more formally, Azure Dragons

Colors: Navy, Royal Blue, Silver, White

Stadium: Leviathan Arena (capacity 99,114)

Location: Kaldukosic, Kaldukosic Fief, Cosumar

One of the most iconic venues in Cosumar, Leviathan Arena has served as the home of the National Team in World Cups since it was constructed for WC 55. Local Harlighet Ligan club FC Kaldukosic is its regular tennant. Leviathan has the steepest and highest stands of any stadium in Cosumar. Sitting up high is not for the weak of heart - visitors frequently faint from the steepness of their view. With fans towering above the pitch, Leviathan has subsequently become infamous for its colossal (even suffocating) atmosphere. Also of note is its Museum of Cosumarite Sport, one of the largest in-stadium museums in the world.

Kaldukosic itself is the most populous city in Cosumar (16 million) and is one of the most important hubs in Atlantian Oceania, situated on the east coast of mainland Cosumarus, south across the bay from the capital Ramusok. The two cities' metro areas overlap to form one large megalopolis. Whereas Ramusok is known more for its artistic, historical and governmental importance, Kaldukosic is a the mecca of Cosumarite big business, home to booming technology, finance and medical industries. It has an older, more profession-oriented population than Ramusok but also a higher average income. Not as much youthful energy in the nightlife and music/art scenes, but plenty of swanky luxurious clubs and hangouts. Your teams should enjoy their visit.

Historical Context - Snapshot: Cosumar made its international debut in World Cup 51. In World Cup 73, new manager Gethin Ramsey built on the momentum from winning the preceding Cup of Harmony to qualify Cosumar to the World Cup Finals for the first time since World Cup 62 - ending a miserable 20-year drought. Then, the Dragons advanced all the way to the quarterfinals before finally falling to eventual medalist San Jose Guayabal. With the program now rejuvenated and having advanced to four consecutive knockout rounds, expectations are higher than they have been in a long time. A first ever trip to the AOCAF semifinals is the goal.

Expanded History: Cosumar qualified for six consecutive World Cups (54-59) in its "golden age" of football, going out twice in the group stage and then four times in the Round of 16. After World Cup 59, Cosumar reached its peak ranking of #7 in the world. The National Team began a gradual decline in World Cups 60 and 61, in which they were eliminated in the Qualification Playoffs despite strong campaigns. They would qualify once again for World Cup 62 in Astograth, but the downward trajectory had already set in. World Cups 64-66 were particularly bleak and saw our once-elite ranking dip as low as the 80s. Many demanded the sacking of Farris Crowley, manager since WC54... but the glory days of his tenure a distant memory. But the Fiefdom Soccer Federation (FSF) stuck with him, and Cosumar began re-emerging as a force to be reckoned with around World Cup 68. A marvelous crop of young talent (including the likes of Francois Renault, Giovanni Aldinne and Alexander Pearce) now lovingly referred to as the "Renaissance Generation" started to restore the former sense of honor to Cosumarite soccer. They led the Azure Dragons on several increasingly competitive Qualifying and Cup of Harmony campaigns...though they never did manage to return to the biggest stage. They came oh-so-close every time, but the Football Gods were never on their side. Their biggest achievement and swansong ended up being a 3rd place medal at Cup of Harmony 62. But then the next cycle, World Cup 72, threatened to erase all the momentum. It was a colossal disaster. The worst since our WC51 debut. Eight draws against lower-ranked sides. Farris Crowley was finally sacked after 40 years. Replacement Gethin Ramsey (of Nephara fame) salvaged Cosumar's ranking by winning the subsequent Cup of Harmony. Ramsey continued to work wonders afterwards, leading his "Vanquishers" to four consecutive World Cup Finals (73-76), including our best-ever finish (Quarterfinals) three times. With Cosumar now ranked in the world's top 15 and drawing from a deeper pool of talent than any in our history, sights will be set on the semifinals for the next cycle. A first ever medalist's finish in the AOCAF could be the first step.

All-time Record: 320-121-161

First International Match: Cosumar 0-0 Krytenia (World Cup 51 Qualifiers MD1)
First win: Cosumar 4-3 The Ursine Northlands (World Cup 51 Qualifiers MD3)
First World Cup match: Akbarabad 3-0 Cosumar (World Cup 54, MD1)
First World Cup win: Cosumar 2-1 Al Mumtaz (World Cup 55, MD2)

Largest win: Hladio Huggers 0-7 Cosumar (World Cup 57 Qualifiers, MD12)
Largest defeat: Cosumar 0-9 Valanora (World Cup 55 Qualifiers, MD11)

Most glorious moments:
Cosumar 1-0 Cotdelapoms - Cup of Harmony 45 Third Place Playoff - Late Rikki Varshney winner for our first medal.
Cosumar 4-0 Haginonia - World Cup 54 Interzonal Stage - Showdown on the final day of Qualifying with both sides' first World Cup berth at stake: we rolled.
Cosumar 1-0 Sarzonia - World Cup 57 MD3 - Cosumar advances to its first Round of 16 at Sarzonia's expense.
Cosumar 7-3 Kagdazka & Pazhujebu - World Cup 60 Qualification Playoff - Brutal revenge against K&P for ousting us on penalties in the previous World Cup's Round of 16.
Cosumar 5-1 The Sarian - Cup of Harmony 64 Finals - Ramsey and the newly-christened "Vanquishers" propel Cosumar to lift a first WCC trophy.
Valanora 2–2 Cosumar (3–3 AET) (7–8 pen.) - World Cup 73 Round of 16 - After splitting the series in group play, we triumphed over the Elves to claim our first ever Quarterfinals.

Most heartbreaking moments:
Cosumar 1-1 (1-1 AET, 3-4 PKs) Churchma - Cup of Harmony 45 Semifinals - Losing on penalties always hurts, especially when it's to your oldest rival so deep in a tourney.
Cosumar 0-3 Sorthern Northland - World Cup 55 MD3 - It came down to this match for a spot in the Ro16, and we got our asses kicked.
Cosumar 2-4 Sorthern Northland - World Cup 56 Round of 16 - We finally made it to the knockout rounds for the first time, just to be humbled by these guys again.
Cosumar 1-4 Jeru FC - World Cup 57 Round of 16 - Another drubbing in the Ro16.
Cosumar 0-4 The Babbage Islands - World Cup 58 Round of 16 - New Cup, same story. Dragons fall apart in the knockouts.
Cosumar 3-3 (3-3 AET, 2-4 PKs) Kagdazka & Pazhujebu - World Cup 59 Round of 16 - This is THE match that haunts the dreams of every Cosumarite to this day. We had rolled through our Qualification and World Cup groups in dominant fashion - completely undefeated. It was the greatest Cosumarite team ever assembled, seeming destined for new heights. In the Ro16, the Dragons led the Urchins 3-0 late and celebrations had already begun. But Chalia Sajid scored a flurry of goals for an unlikely hat trick in final 15 minutes to force extra time. In the eventual shootout, we would completely choke, badly missing the target twice. Complete and utter shock. Many wandered if Cosumar would EVER be able to advance to the quarterfinals and exorcise these demons. It took nearly 30 years.
Cosumar 0-0 (0-2 AET) Unified Sunrise Islands - World Cup 75 Quarterfinals - On the brink of our first ever semifinals appearance, we are sunk by a Kevin Stabb brace in extra time to lose our chance to play for a WC medal. This "cinematic" USI team, which came out of nowhere, would go on to win the whole thing, leaving Cosumarites wondering what could've been.

Most Goals: 104 - Sur Arora (WC 63-72)
Most Assists: 77 - Irvinn Rincon (WC 51-56)
Most Caps: 201 - Anders Engström (WC 67-76)

More records HERE

Recent Results:
World Cup 73 Qualifying: 2nd place in Group 20 (10-0-2)
World Cup 73: 2nd place in Group B (2-0-1), eliminated by San Jose Guayabal in Quarterfinals
AOCAF 49: 3rd place in Group (1-2-1) in Group C

World Cup 74 Qualifying: 1st place in Group 19 (8-4-0)
World Cup 74: 2nd place in Group A (1-1-1), eliminated by The Royal Kingdom of Quebec in Ro16
AOCAF 50: 1st place in Group (4-0-0), eliminated by Valanora on penalties in Quarterfinals

World Cup 75 Qualifying: 1st place in Group 3 (8-3-1)
World Cup 75: 2nd place in Group H (2-0-1), eliminated by Unified Sunrise Islands in Quarterfinals
Eagle's Cup VI: 3rd place in Group B (3-0-3)
AOCAF 51: 1st place in Group E (4-0-1), eliminated by Osarius in Quarterfinals

World Cup 76 Qualifying: 1st place in Group 9 (8-4-0)
World Cup 76: 2nd in Group H (1-2-0), eliminated by Chromatika in Quarterfinals
AOCAF 52: _______ ???

Note on Vloo: The roster consists of 24 players, 23 of whom are standard human. The remaining player (defender Bacary Na'Kale) is of the Vloo people (species homo cosumarensis), a humanoid race native to Cosumar. Vloo are, on average, two inches taller than humans (which admittedly can come in handy on set pieces), and they must use different footwear due to their foot structure. Vloo have pale blue skin, two small black horns on their forehead. And tails. They are distinguished by their surnames, with typically begin with prefixes such as Na' or Va'. There has always been at least one Vloo player in the squad, but never more than four.

Style Modifier: -2

Post-WC75 Ranking: #9 (KPB 37.60)

Formation: 4-4-2
A basic flat 4-4-2. This formation takes advantage of one of the biggest strengths of the Cosumarite player pool: our great wide midfielders. This could leave us exploitable in center of the pitch, but it is thought that the box-to-box work rate and defensive savvy of Tiffany Elam will cover us there and allow the more creative Jo de Marisco to get forward. The strike partnership continues to gel after an up and down World Cup - Belarmin Worsaw as the more traditional in-the-box center forward alongside Tevin Lilley, who will look to stress backlines by running all around with his pace and looking to get in behind. The 4-4-2 can easily morph into a 4-1-4-1 or 4-4-1-1 to suit specific situations, with Alora Heher often subbing in to take the reigns as an attacking spark behind the striker(s). As per the Gethin Ramsey trademark, this squad features an emphasis on pressing high and forcing opposing midfields to make mistakes, then punishing with up-tempo precise passing. Cosumar features players in some of the top leagues around the world such as the Nepharim and Euran leagues, in addition to prime talent from our own Harlighet Ligan, now a UICA Top 10 league.



Cosumar's kits were prepared for the team by Meski Soccer & Sports Store of Red Blackiland before the World Cup 75 cycle, our 50th anniversary in international competition, and will be worn again here. The design has been applauded by for improving upon the already-brilliant kits that served us from WC 71-74, while still staying true to the spirit of the beloved WC 54-69 classic kits. The home and away kits make heavy use of the national colours (blue, white, silver) and the majestic Cosumarite Azure Dragon that these lands are famous for. The goalkeeper kit features hints of the royal family's colors: Gold and Green.

First-Choice Starting XI

Goalkeeper - Jakk Winterfyll - 32 - Image Kingsgrove Image
Winterfyll is a rock-solid keeper, likely the finest Cosumar has ever produced. He already has six World Cups under his belt and has started every match for Cosumar since World Cup 71. He dominated domestically with Crawford City FC early in his career, setting a record for clean sheets in a season. He then became a mainstay in Apox with Exton FC, blossoming into one of the world's elite goalkeepers. When the ANL collapsed, he took his talents to the A-League and won New Player of the Year in his debut season in Brenecia. He is known for his seemingly psychic anticipation and springy reflexes. Off the pitch, Winterfyll plays several Cosumarite folk instruments like the vevlira and the flojagu and is a regular contributor to the annual "Sounds of Ancient Cosumar" compilation CD. Full bio.

Left Back - Bacary Na'Kale - 23 - Image Mâ Âlâmëómë Image
After cracking the Cassandra City first team at (barely) 18 and outshining more established players as a teenager, Na'Kale became the subject of a sudden rainfall of foreign bids. Cassandra City could not resist, Mâ Âlâmëómë won Na'Kale's services, and the Vloo further surprised by locking down the first-choice left back spot in Farfadillis almost immediately. At 19. Na'Kale has played almost every minute of the last four years now for the powerhouse club and helped them to a resurgent title two seasons ago. His rise to club stardom has been mirrored in the National Team. Just like in Farfadillis, he held down the fort on the left for Cosumar's entire WC75 and WC76 runs to the Quarterfinals. The young Vloo has aced every test thrown at him with flying colors. It's easy to forget how young he still is. The Vanquishers appear to be set at left back for the next decade or so. Na'Kale's pace is his most noticeable attribute, but it is his intrinsic understanding of the position that, when combined with his athleticism, makes him so special. He has also vastly improved his dribbling and crossing since moving to Farfadillis. Where once was a weakness, Bacary is now better than 90% of fullbacks. He notched three assists of crosses in the last AOCAF.

Center Back - Deirdre McNessa - 28 - Image Starling Image
McNessa came out of nowhere to make the WC 75 squad after Starling came out of nowhere to win the Nepharim Premiership. In the three years since, Starling and McNessa have proven to be no fluke, both player and club boldly cementing themselves at the top of the world game. As a top performer for the recent Multiverse champions, McNessa must surely go down as one of the best bargains in Nepharim history after Starling scooped her up as a free transfer. She actually had a promising early career in Cosumar, representing with our U23 and U21 sides while playing club ball for Pardock Island at their peak. But a slew of injuries sidetracked her development and Pardock Island ended up cutting their losses and letting her go when she just couldn't stay on the pitch. At a crossroads, she signed for some newly-promoted team in Nephara, hoping to catch on there... and you know the rest. Nepharim trainers worked wonders. She hasn't been hurt since and has maximized her early potential against all odds. In WC 75, she became the first female defender to earn a Cosumarite cap. In WC 76, she then became the first female defender to start a World Cup Finals match for Cosumar. Marvelous story. She is tall, slender, a good passer out of the back and fearless in the air despite her previous injuries.

Center Back - Peter Svensson - 27 - CAPTAIN - Image AFC Treason Image
Gethin Ramsey brought Svensson along slowly during the World Cup 72 and 73 cycles, and by World Cup 74, he was ready to take over responsibility as the heart and soul of the Cosumarite defense. This team looks to Svensson as a leader now, and he will wear the captain's armband for the first time in an AOCAF. He will, however, hand it over to Anders Engström if the legendary Captain Andy subs in. A titan for Jansberg since before they moved to LigAnaia through to after it disbanded and, more recently, for AFC Treason as they advanced to the CC Semifinals, Svensson is the complete center back. Impressive physically (he's hella strong folks), a master of interceptions, a constant threat on set-pieces, and comfortable dribbling and passing. It feels like Svensson has been around forever, but people forget that he was only 19 when he started winning titles for Jansberg. He was homegrown standout for the Na'Malsille Mariners before that. He has so much experience but he's really just entering the prime of his career. He is the nephew of Herrgly Svensson, a famous Cosumarite daredevil known for skydiving out of a space station, and little brother of Erak Svensson, a Congressman.

Right Back - Mortimer Chisenhall - 25 - Image Real Azuris Image
A prized product of the AC Holmenkollen academy, Chisenhall spent several years as a young phenom there before finally completing his long-awaited move to a big club (the Cosumarite champions) at age 22. He had an up-and-down start to life in Azuris, but founded his footing - and more - in his second and third seasons there. The last two years have seen Chisenhall emerge as the best defensive right back in all the Harlighet Ligan. He was part of an Azurian back line that dominated the league en route to an double-digit points gap last year, and was instrumental in Real's astonishing Champions Cup victory this year. Chisenhall's attacking capabilities are limited compared to Sheldon Serra's, who he will replace in the starting line-up for the first time, but he is just a fantastic defender. Off the pitch, he's a quiet lad and almost always has his nose in a book.

Left Midfielder - Mauricio Sigler - 29 - Image Holdenberg Image
Sigler has more than lived up to the hype since being labeled teen prodigy, crossing the line from "exciting young talent with potential" to true stardom when he won the Golden Ball at Cup of Harmony 64. He is the most technically brilliant player in the line-up, but he can also beat defenders with sheer pace. He plays with a certain showmanship, swagger in every movement, that makes him incredibly entertaining to watch. In the Harlighet Ligan, he single-handedly propelled the newly-promoted Zakhoro Aces all the way to the top half as a teenager before being purchased by a club ranked in the UICA top ten: Taeshani titans Real Atlantea. After four seasons and four Champions' Cup appearances developing into a superstar in Taeshan, Sigler took another step up by joining Holdenburg. In doing so, he became the first Cosumarite to play in the renowned Euran league. He was a finalist for Newcomer of the Year in his debut Euran season. Sigler famously scored the game-winning penalty against Valanora in the World Cup 73 knockout stage, cementing his status as a Cosumarite legend forevermore. Criticized for sometimes disappearing during the less important "filler" matches of tournaments, but Sigler always seems to rise to the occasion for the biggest stages.

Center Midfielder - Tiffany Elam - 26 - Image Ibini FC Image
Tiffany's best attribute is her incredible work rate. She is a true workhorse in midfield, covering more ground box-to-box per match than anyone else. She's fast, a pretty good passer, and can surge forward or make a late run into the box, but really she relishes the unglamorous work the most. She was the only woman on the roster for a brief spell, but no longer thanks to de Marisco, McNessa and Heher. Elam staked her claim in Ramsey's plans after a great sophomore season in the Vanorian top-flight, helping Ibini claim 2nd place after taking over a starting place in their midfield. She likewise got her first chance as Cosumar's starter in the last AOCAF and did enough to inherit Vareza Na'Noni's vaunted spot for World Cup 76 and again here. At age 18, Elam turned down the #1 medical school in Cosumar to pursue her soccer career, moving to Kernansquillec to join Project X. She was one of the program's first standouts, immediately being offered a contract upon graduation to join local giants Guingamp. In three seasons there, she became one of Kernansquillec's best players before moving on to Ibini. Elam was the captain of Cosumar's U21 side in two successful DBCs and transitioned seamlessly to the senior squad afterwards.

Center Midfielder - Jo de Marisco - 31 - Image Eastweald Image
With one cap for Apox, the Barbury native obtained Cosumarite dual-citizenship before World Cup 75 after living here for six years while playing for Eastweald. With Apox on hiatus from the WCC, de Marisco made the one-time switch to represent Cosumar. Her performance in the Dragonshirt has never quite matched her club form, and she was criticized throughout the World Cup 76 cycle for lack of production, but Gethin Ramsey believes in her and she will retain her starting job. She did score the 4-3 winner that sent us through to the WC76 Ro16, after all. Remember that beautifully curled goal? It might be a different story if there wasn't a dearth of young emerging talent at her position though... But many will argue that De Marisco deserves a few more chances by virtue of all she has done for Eastweald in the Harlighet Ligan. She has been one of the brightest creative forces in Cosumar for several years, a constant finalist for MVP, winning it once. She should also have good chemistry with Belarmin Worsaw up top. She assisted him for goals dozens of times while he was still at Eastweald. De Marisco is short and petite, but might just have the most nimble feet in the team, frequently showing off backheels and other flourishes during games - to devastating effect. First choice to take free kicks.

RM - Kit Kvanderwyk - 27 - Image Cornellians Image
Fan-favorite Kvanderwyk had a great World Cup 76 and seems to be back in the NT picture to stay. His move to Cornellians has really paid dividends. He, along with sister Kathryn Kvanderwyk and Cosumar legend Alexander Pearce, led the Schottic champs to the Champions' Cup group stage and another domestic title. Kit was originally a prized product of the FC Kaldukosic academy who managed to crack their first team by age 17. At 21, he moved to Cassandra City and helped the Reds win the Harlighet Ligan, placing in the top five for assists and MVP voting. That success earned him a super-sub role for the national team throughout the WC 73 cycle, during which he scored three goals. But declining club performances after that saw him slide out of favor until being rejuvenated at Cornellians. Now, with aging legend Ole Öhman announcing his international retirement, Kvanderwyk has been chosen to take up the mantle as the first-choice on the right. Much like his predecessor, Kvanderwyk is skilled, creative and intelligent but lacking in top-end pace. He won't blow by any opponents - he uses his technicality and cleverness to create space before delivering balls in with pinpoint accuracy. Off the pitch, Kvanderwyk is a massive fan of the Cosumarite heavy metal scene even hosts his own annual music festival: the KvanderFest.

Striker - Tevin Lilley - 30 - Rozelle Image
Lilley was Cosumar's top striker at the U23 and U21 levels, then (grudgingly at first) settled into a super-sub role for the Vanquishers. But after many years in the shadows of Anders Engström and Ace Newman, Lilley finally FINALLY got his chance to prove himself as a starter in World Cup 76. And boy, did he ever. He scored 18 goals in the cycle, a full third of the team's total. After scoring 97 goals for A-League stalwarts Rozelle in the last five seasons, including four Golden Boots, it shouldn't have been a surprise. The man can score with the best of them. He's at that peak of his career right now where his much-improved mental maturity and technique (once his glaring weaknesses) are perfectly aligned with the physical gifts for which he is known. Who knows how long that window will be open until his famous pace starts to decline, so enjoy prime Lilley while it's on display for this AOCAF. Still the paciest player on the team - will constantly look to stretch defenses.

Striker - Belarmin Worsaw - 30 - Tir Snake Strike Image
Worsaw is big and strong, but don't be fooled into thinking he's merely a target forward - he has skill with the ball at his feet as well. A well-rounded striker with a natural nose for goal, the ex-Borderlandian was prolific in the Harlighet Ligan for years. After arriving on the streets of Zakhoro as a young orphaned refugee, he was discovered by local club Zakhoro Aces and ended up scoring 16 goals in the Harlighet Ligan at age 18. After the Aces were relegated, he had a 30-goal season in the Sekundar Ligan at age 20. He eventually left for Eastweald, and won two consecutive Golden Boots there (48 goals in 68 matches). Yet another upward move was due. To Apox, where he scored 14 goals in his debut season for Wrexton FC. But just when he had announced himself to the rest of the world, the ANL collapsed and he had to scramble to find a new club. Not everyone was sure about his decision to join Tir Snake Strike, but he has forced himself into Ramsey's starting lineups by ripping apart Cenileague/I-League with 68 goals in 64 matches. More than a goal per game! He became eligible for Cosumar after the Western Borderlands government collapsed. Now here we are, with the former Borderlandian World Cup player suiting up for a different (and quite superior) nation once again.


The Rest of the Squad

GK - Esteban Hernandez - 29 - Image Eastweald Image
Hernandez's frame is one that strikers don't want to see in goal: 6"7, broad shoulders, long arms, enormous hands. Most people that size don't have the coordination to walk and chew gum at the same time, let alone take on Audioslavian strikers. But Hernandez is one of those freakish exceptions. If only Jakk Winterfyll wasn't so darn consistent ahead of him. But Hernandez's time will come, it's just a matter of when. For now, he is a stellar back-up. After winning U21 Player of the Year in the Harlighet Ligan in 1001, and nearly taking MVP too, he secured a move to Mierton Manatees, one of the better teams from the Taeshani Premier League. After five seasons there, he returned to Cosumar three years ago and propelled Eastweald to consecutive Champions' Cups. Fun tidbit: he nearly gave up on his professional soccer career at age 18 to go to culinary school instead.

LB - Senter Senterekoesima - 29 - Rozelle United Image
Long-strided wingback who was a standout in Cosumar's collegiate league, where his technical ability and physical fitness were miles beyond the competition. After graduating with a degree in Astrophysics from Stoneshore College, he made the jump straight to Brenecia with Saint Alexander of the A-League. Though the club was relegated in his first season, he did well enough to be picked up by Rozelle United, a club that loves its Cosumarites. Back with the Vanquishers for the first time since WC 74 last year, he is coming off a career-best season in which he captained Rozelle United to a title challenge and UICA berth. Affectionately dubbed "Senter-squared", the man with the highest IQ on the team will be a great rotational option for Ramsey to have.

CB - Taddeo Loredan - 27 - Creed United Image
One of the best defenders in the Harlighet Ligan of the last five years, Taddeo was unwaveringly loyal to boyhood club AC Holmenkollen through that time, turning down the deep pockets of Real Azuris and Cassandra City in recent windows. After guiding the Cedars to yet another stunning underdog UICA berth last year, he finally felt like it might be time to make his name on a bigger stage. Creed United came calling and Loredan has since settled in nicely in Nephara by all accounts. He was overdue for a first call-up for a long time, but that move helped catch the eye of Nepharim manager Gethin Ramsey. Level-headed and excellent positionally, Loredan usually had one of the lowest card totals in the league amongst defenders. A strong, quiet leader.

CB - Torbjörn Jorgensen - 24 - Image SC Rinaldi Image
Tremendous young defender with big-time championship-winning experience in Cosumar and LigAnaia. He doesn't offer anything fancy, but he's a beast of a physical presence yet also plays very smart. He wears his heart on his sleeve in every match, defending the goal from every cross, every dribble, every shot like it's his only reason to live. That mentality might just help his new Vanorian club survive a possible relegation battle this season season. Jorgensen was developed by the Real Azuris academy and broke into their regular starting XI at age 18, shoring up their defense and kickstarting a title campaign. He was subsequently named Young Player of the Year and to the entire Harlighet Ligan's Best XI. At 18. His newfound stardom didn't go unnoticed and FC Jansberg subsequently added him to their collection of Cosumarite defenders alongside countrymen Soarhaven and Svensson. When he played in Cosumar, fans of rival teams cruelly called him "pizza-face" because of his bad acne, which he still bears.

RB - Sheldon Serra - 31 - Zenit Attawapiskat Image
Though small in stature, Serra is a dynamic attack-minded fullback with real technical class. The undisputed first-choice right back since World Cup 73, he thrived after ridding his game of the inconsistencies that bugged him early in his career. Serra will now start to cede way to the next generation, but he is still very important to this team in more ways than one. He was born and lived the first eight years of his life on a space station of neutral nationality, so his international allegiance was somewhat muddled once he returned to Earth and discovered his talent for football. Serra eventually attended university in Cosumar and fell in love, becoming a citizen at age 20. He was named Best Defensive Player of Cosumar's collegiate league at age 21, and subsequently ventured overseas to Zenit Attawapiskat, where he has been ever since. He loves it in Quebec too, becoming a dual-citizen, and has done well there for the last ten years, becoming a Zenit legend as the club escalated in status. With Zenit, he has played in the old Quebecois league, Repechage 49 (where they won the title), LigAnaia Nord and now the new Quebecois league. He has captained Zenit for the last eight seasons and hopes to retire there as a one-club man. Was famously shot in a Montreal nightclub three years ago, which caused him to miss half a season.

DM - Olaf Womack - 32 - Image Parrhesia United Image
Bulldog of a defensive midfielder who has played for clubs such as Versiaville (Cosumar), Rannin FC (Estenia), Twentytwo Cacti (95X) and now Parrhesia United. Wherever he goes, Womack never changes. Relentless pest of a physical enforcer. Short but very muscular and bulky, immovable with his low center of gravity. And quite ugly as well, which helps his aesthetic (#punchablefaces). Not very skilled, but deceptively intelligent and brutishly strong. Gets away with a lot and really grates on opponents' nerves, often coaxing them into yellow or red cards. Probably won't see much action unless Ramsey feels the need for his very specific attributes (patrolling in front of the back four and wreaking havoc). But a worthy inclusion because there's not another player quite like him in our talent pool, so he lends some versatility and flexibility in the midfield depth.

LM - Lucius Kaspian - 31 - Image Starling Image
The ten-year Klyde FC man finally got his shot in the Dragonshirt in the last AOCAF after making an ambitious move to Nepharim defending champions Starling. He held his own in the world's best league, and played regularly en route to a successful title defense. Long in the national team discussion but never capped until last year, Kaspian took great delight in finally ending the debate and proving to everybody that he belongs. He will relish the opportunity to make substitute impacts when Sigler needs rest as he did in World Cup 76. He doesn't have Sigler's pace and he's very one-footed, but by god his left foot is amazing. It weighs the perfect pass every time - and can hurt you with a shot too if given enough time and space. Lucius is also a bit of sex symbol in Cosumar (and now Nephara), often seen shirtless on billboard ads with his long hair flowing in the wind.

CM - Stig Söderquist - 23 - Image Real Azuris Image
Stig is a sharp box-to-box midfielder, though his best role is to hold, to feed and to cover for a more creative partner like De Marisco or Lang. He doesn't do anything flashy to pop off the screen, but he does all the little things that help a team succeed and always finishes with an extremely high pass completion rate. He's a native of Azuris who joined their academy system at age 11 and gradually worked his way up to a starting position for the senior team at 21. With Söderquist efficient beyond his years as the beating pulse behind the curtain in midfield, Real Azuris swept the rest of the Harlighet Ligan aside for a second domestic Double in three years and then stormed their way to a Champions Cup. There's no overlooking him now. Söderquist is a quietly superb player that any coach would love to have in their side. His selection to the World Cup 76 squad was the biggest surprise of the lot, having not even been on the radar a year before, but he seized the opportunity and made himself indispensable.

CM - Li H'Sen Lang - 25 - Nabaek Sylph F.C Image
Former Cosumar U21 standout who has since taken the road-less-travelled abroad and now finally finds himself back with the NT program for a shot at a first senior cap. Attended Project X with Tiffany Elam, and subsequently found a home in Kernansquillec Ligue after graduating (Mont Kate). After three years, Lang was lured away by the chance to become a superstar in Flardania. He has met expectations. This year, he made the KonamiPremierLeague Team of the Season, led Nabaek to its first title and has become something of an ambassador for Flardanian football. Dominating in a league considered a lesser standard doesn't always work to gain National Team favor, but Lang's consistent greatness over the 48-game season was such that his quality could not be ignored. He is an elusive dribbler with quick feet and flair coming out of his ears. Occasionally likes to use his skill to meander across the pitch on a mazy run towards goal, which usually somehow ends with a quality shot at goal. But he's really a pass-first player with a soft touch and stellar vision. Loves to exploit pockets of space, whether it be straight forward with delicate through balls or sprayed across the field. Doesn't have much pace or defensive ability. Played a huge role in helping Cosumar win DBC 35 as a teen, scoring three goals in the final two matches of the tournament.

RM - Ezekiel Tarkanian - 28 - Image Trothwands Evolution Image
Explosive, line-hugging winger who has been plying his trade in LigAnaia and Golden League with Trothwands for years. Always a quality player, but never quite statistically prolific enough at Trothwands (easy to see why with so many great attacking players there) to force his way into Ramsey's side. But with legendary right-winger Ole Öhman finally bidding farewell to the team, another spot has opened up at the position and Tarkanian is getting the first crack at filling it. Lots of Cosumarites would rather have seen the younger and more popular Corey Simmons III of FC Kaldukosic, but most of them probably don't realize how much Tarkanian has gradually honed his technique and matured his game in Osarius since leaving FC Samotath as a young pace merchant. He's still mercilessly quick, quick-witted, and quick-on-his-feet, but he also has all the savvy and patience that comes with so many years amidst top competition. Never developed a shot from distance though.

AM - Alora Heher - 24 - Rozelle Image
Heher (pronounced: hay-er) has burst onto the scene in a big way over the last three years. MVP honors in the collegiate league led to accelerated development at Chromatik club Alnio, which led to a 17-goal season, which led to an upward move to Myana Islanders and her first three Cosumar caps in the AOCAF. They weren't any ordinary first caps either, as Heher won WOTM with a goal and two assists in her debut off the bench and electrified again with another goal in her third. She had some more impactful appearances in World Cup 76. Fans have been clamoring to see more of her after she missed the last club season due to Chromatik politics. Rozelle, and this AOCAF, will be an opportunity for her to make more waves on a bigger stage and secure her place in the team long-term. Heher is extremely quick and energetic, wearing out defenders over the course of the game. Most impressive though is her killer instinct in the final third. Excels threading that perfect ball through the defense. Needs to keep improving her touch in tight quarters.

ST - Anders Engström - 34 - Image Eletti Valligiani Image
The Cosumarite superstar of the last decade seems to be finally starting to slow down. Make no mistake, he's still a phenomenal, game-changing player. He was highly involved with the WC76 campaign (as the first sub off the bench and occasional starter) and will be here, but he just can't go the full 90 for every match of a tournament anymore (his spectacular AOCAF 51 being the last at which he did so). Engström's technical skill and attacking instincts are world-class - he can do amazing things with the ball that few others can. His ability will be vital in setting up goal-scoring chances for others when he's not clinically burying shots himself. Though small in stature (5"8), he still fills space with bursting acceleration. Engström (AKA Captain Andy) was a domestic superstar for Mallox for the first chapter of his career before finally walking away to join Crisisbless, where he regularly scored big goals (including the winner in the Cygnus Cup Final) and was been a key playmaking force in some fantastic Premiership teams. Last summer, he completed a final big move to Eletti Valligiani, an ambitious new player in the new Audioslavian league. With his experience and timely goals, Engström helped lead Eletti to their first Globe Cup berth this season. In his prime, Engström was named one of the Top 20 players in the world by various foreign media outlets. First choice to take penalties when on the pitch. Full Bio.

ST - Xavier Wingfield - 22 - Image Baskita FC Image
Wingfield has earned the affectionate nickname "X-Wing" with his mouthwatering combination of awe-inspiring athleticism and a remarkable eye for goal. He unleashed the media hype machine when he came out of nowhere to win the Sekundar Ligan scoring title at age 18 with 26 goals a few years ago, and was subsequently snatched up by Pasargan powerhouse Baskita. He's had a harder time breaking through there and was almost forgotten by many Cosumarites until he burst back onto the scene at DBC 38, carrying Cosumar deep into the tournament. He was always quick, intelligent and a precise shooter, but it was obvious that Wingfield had gotten stronger in Pasarga and could now provide an imposing physical presence and legitimate hold-up play to boot. He seemed like the complete striker - and the glimpses of true greatness were there. He's not quite ready to take up the mantle for Cosumar yet until he gets more experience - at both the club and international levels. Ramsey wasn't willing to use one of his roster spots for purely developmental reasons at the World Cup, but with his top three strikers all 30+ now, he certainly will here. Wingfield is here to learn and grow with eyes on World Cup 77/78 and perhaps a better club situation where he'll finally start regularly if Baskita doesn't oblige.

Abbreviated Roster

GK 	Jakk Winterfyll		32	Kingsgrove	        [BRE]	
GK Esteban Hernandez 29 Eastweald [COS]
LB Bacary Na’Kale 23 Mâ Âlâmëómë [FFD]
LB Senter Senterekoesima 29 Rozelle United [BRE]
CB Deirdre McNessa 28 Starling [NPH]
CB Peter Svensson 27 AFC Treason [NPH]
CB Taddeo Loredan 27 Creed United [NPH]
CB Torbjörn Jorgensen 24 SC Rinaldi [VAL]
RB Mortimer Chisenhall 25 Real Azuris [COS]
RB Sheldon Serra 31 Zenit Attawapiskat [QUE]
DM Olaf Womack 32 Parrhesia United [NPH]
CM Tiffany Elam 26 Ibini FC [VAL]
CM Stig Söderquist 23 Real Azuris [COS]
CM Jo de Marisco 31 Eastweald [COS]
CM Li H'sen Lang 25 Nabaek Sylph F.C. [FDA]
LM Mauricio Sigler 29 Holdenberg [EUR]
LM Lucius Kaspian 31 Starling [NPH]
RM Kit Kvanderwyk 27 Cornellians [SCH]
RM Ezekiel Tarkanian 28 Trothwands Evolution [OSR]
AM Alora Heher 24 Rozelle [BRE]
ST Belarmin Worsaw 30 Tir Snake Strike [CEN]
ST Tevin Lilley 30 Rozelle [BRE]
ST Anders Engström 34 Eletti Valligiani [AUD]
ST Xavier Wingfield 22 Baskita FC [PAS]


Manager: Gethin Ramsey Image
As RPed here, Farris Crowley was removed from his post as head coach of Cosumar after 38 years. The man who has replaced him is none other than...Gethin Ramsey. The Nepharim icon is probably one of the very few men who could immediately step into Crowley's shoes and own the position. The 75-year-old is exceedingly accomplished on both the international and domestic stages. He led Nephara to their first World Cup Finals (67) and successfully qualified with The Licentian Isles every year there. You can now add a Cup of Harmony triumph in his Cosumar debut to the list, as well as trips to the Quarterfinals and Round of 16. In the Nepharim Premiership, he made his name as a club legend at Chenoworth Rovers and eventually coached powerhouse AFC Treason to the title. Oft considered the best manager Nephara has ever produced, Ramsey's hire was a universally applauded and he has since become beloved by Cosumarite fans, players and media alike. The gaffer is best known for his ability to motivate players. He knows how to speak to them, how to identify with them - and they feed off his unwavering confidence. His harsh disciplinary style and frequent hairdryer treatments is a contrast to the patient, old-sage-mentor approach of Farris "Master Miyagi" Crowley. Ramsey brought with him his trusty tactical expert, Marlena Scamander, from AFC Treason.

Assistant Manager: Kennedy Kopenhaver Image
World Cup 76 was Kopenhaver's seventh as Assistant Manager since the sacking of Truda Jotunnoj after World Cup 69 (someone had to be the scapegoat for the team's failures and it wasn't going to be Crowley...yet). Kopenhaver, 60, was once a terrific center back in World Cups 55-57, back when Crowley was establishing his legacy. He was infamous in Cosumar for being one of the most intense players ever to step on a pitch. He would stop at nothing to win, even if it meant angrily telling his teammates what's what or getting himself a card to send a message. After retiring, Kopenhaver attempted a broadcasting career but was not happy. It was too far removed from the action! He then took to coaching, and spent six years as an assistant to Alvin Burnsides at Mallox FC. After being skipped over for the managerial vacancy at Miners 47 in Apox, he jumped on the chance to work for Crowley, his former mentor, with the National Team. Kopenhaver brings a lot of passion and energy to the team that Crowley and Jotunnoj hadn't been able to provide. He is a rare man - physically imposing yet keenly intelligent. Deceptively clever and excels at game strategy. Really knows how to motivate players. Full bio.

Strategic Advisor: Marlena Scamander

Goalkeepers Coach: Anders Videfors

Defenders Coach: Artis Thomas

Midfielders Coach: Irvinn Rincon

Forwards Coach: Guiseke Seto

Head Trainer: Yvette Carson

RP Permissions

Essentially, full RP permissions. Be creative. Use my characters however you like. You can state that someone was injured, but allow me to determine the severity. I also ask that you telegram me before RPing anything extreme (like a bombing, a fan riot, extreme weather events impacting the game, etc). I'm usually up for anything, but just check with me first.

I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y, but leave the severity up to me
Godmod Injury Events: Y, but no killing or wounding. TG me if you're doing something particularly unusual.
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: TG me first.
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Postby Oontaz Dert Li Ng » Tue Dec 20, 2016 8:27 am


This is the second time that Oontaz Dert Li Ng will be participating in the AOCAF Championship. Oontaz got through undefeated in the group stage of the Baptism of Fire 61 but was knocked out in the round of 16 by Arioslavia. The nation is a mix of Muslims and Catholics, with the Mohammedans concentrated in the northern part of the country and the Christians living mostly in the southern islands. Despite a turbulent early history which saw both religious groups fighting constant wars and rebellions, by the time Abanhfleft came and "occupied" the nation in 1921, a general "peace" had settled between the two groups, and today both are content to consider each other as Oontazniks. Despite being a sultanate, the freedom of religion is valued by the nation, although it would be good advice to say that while the Catholics and Christians might be welcoming, even accommodating, to foreigners of strange new religions, the Muslims might not be so welcoming.

Name of nation: Sultanate of Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Demonym: Oontaznik
Team colors: Green and white
Style modifier: -2.0 (Defensive this time around)
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Head coach: Juan Dominador "Ador" Macaspac (38 y/o, Oontaz Dert Li Ng)

GK: Septimio BARRANQUILLANO 30 y/o, Botafogo de Maranao Image
Maranao is renowned in Oontaz as being one of the best football academies, if not the best, in the country. It also has a reputation of producing good goalkeepers from its ranks. Unfortunately, Septimio is not one of those good keepers. Sure, he's decent, and can pull off a save that could be considered world-class, but for all intents and purposes, if he really was one of the good keepers, he would not be playing in Oontaz anymore, especially not for a mid-table side like Botafogo.

RB: Marcus Oliver "Marco" PORTENCIO 22 y/o, Electric Yugal Image (Abanhfleft)
Marco Portencio is one of the new faces on the Oontaznik national football team following the sacking of Emir Usamah and the elevation of Ador Macaspac from star striker to new team manager. Marco is a quality right back who is already showing flashes of world-class brilliance, kind of like a cheap Oontaznik version of Hector Bellerin. He has pace in buckets, and he is also good for scoring a goal or two per season.

RCB: Makhdoum MACARAIG 34 y/o, Locomotive Imgortur Image (Abanhfleft)
Decent Oontaznik center backs can be hard to find, especially decent Oontaznik center backs in their early 30s or so, because in their day, attack was favored very highly over defense in the Oontaznik leagues, and therefore few 30-years-old-or-so Oontaznik defenders are actually any good at defending. Makhdoum Macaraig is one of those few rare defenders. His slow speed and ponderous build meant that he was never really suited to be anywhere near an attacking role, but that hasn't stopped him from having a good career at Abanhfleft's Locomotive Imgortur, which plays in the Fleftic Premier League. Perhaps there really are players who were meant to play in one league and not any other league.

LCB: Honesto CAMPANILLA 26 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image
Sometimes it is lamentable that in a competition where experience and leadership would be most valuable in a back line, all that could be scraped up was a single slow defender who somehow made it big in Abanhfleft's top flight, and a bunch of young talent that could make it or break it at any day. Campanilla, or Estong as he likes to be called, has slightly more potential than the other defenders in the team, and he also has a slightly higher chance of being an actually good player than the others. Sure, he slide-tackles at every opportunity, and it is easy for an experienced forward or even midfielder to get him booked, but Estong only has to learn to not swing himself around like a mace and he could make it big like his big partner in the center, Makhdoum Macaraig.

LB: Martin OPULENCIA 23 y/o, Real Mikkaleth Image (Abanhfleft)
Another new face from Ador Macaspac's new look Oontaznik team. Martin is a resolute left back who doesn't shrink away from making any challenges, even against players normally acknowledged as "untouchable" by other teams' defenses. He is content to remain at the back, defending his goal when needed, but sometimes he might be commanded to come up for an attack, and he doesn't shrink away from scoring a goal or two per season either.

DM: Timothy SAN MARCELINO 27 y/o, Santos FC Image
Of course it wouldn't be a real Oontaznik football team if a Santos player wasn't there. And in this part of the team, it looks as if Emir Usamah has finally assembled a team capable of making it through the World Cup qualifiers with at least a few draws and maybe a win or two. SanMar, as he's called by Oontaz fans, is, as his position states, a defensive midfielder, meaning that his main purpose is to break up any attacks attempted by the opponents before they reach the pitiful defense and the sadly shocking goalkeeper. It's a job that he does well enough that he's earned a starting spot in the most prestigious team in Oontaz Dert Li Ng.

CM: ABU NAYEF Ismailuddin 27 y/o, Pasargad Manitogoro Image
No one really thought much of Abu Nayef's inclusion to the national team since he was one of those players who was good enough in the league to get a spot in the national team, but not good enough to get a starting spot. But he's starting to earn a spot in Emir Usamah's team sheet, since he's turned out to be one of the surprise players of Oontaz's World Cup qualifying campaign. By now, he's a shoo-in for a spot on the bench, and if the going gets tough, he can handle a starting spot.
IMPORTANT: This player should be always referred to as Abu Nayef since Ismailuddin is a patronym.

RM: Haider ZULFIKAR 29 y/o, Riuwiee United Image (Abanhfleft)
Sometimes it can be such a shame when a good and promising player like Zulfikar ends up rotting on the bench, being unable to help his team even though he knows that he just might be the final piece of the puzzle that rescues a league campaign gone horribly wrong. Zulfikar was a member of the infamous Riuwiee United team that blew an eight-point lead at the summit of the Fleftic Premier League and turned it into an insurmountable five-point gap between first and third, where the Blue Tribesmen ended up to allow their rivals Arsenal de Releinthi to claim the title. Now, with the likes of Shinji Ikeda and Hamengkubuwono sold off or relegated to the bench, Zulfikar now has to show that he could be the change that Riuwiee and Oontaz Dert Li Ng needs.

CAM: Karimabdul DIMAINTINDIHAN 28 y/o, Thereisnogodistan FC Image (Abanhfleft)
Karimabdul became a rising star within both Abanhfleft and Oontaz when he scored a number of brilliant goals for Thereisnogodistan in the now-defunct Multiverse Premier League. His stock only rose up even further with his contributions to helping Thereisnogodistan get promoted to the Fleftic Premier League. He is the playmaking kind of attacking midfielder, setting up his teammates in scoring positions and holding up the ball if necessary. If he has a weakness, though, it's that sometimes he waits until he's crowded by the defense before making a pass. He's also making his first appearance for the national team since Magomedun Mangudadatu broke his leg in three places in an undislosed accident outside of the pitch.

LM: ZULFIQLI bin Alisher 26 y/o, Union Rheinburg Image (Pridnestrovia), on loan from Arsenal de Releinthi Image (Abanhfleft)
Sometimes, there comes a time that a team becomes so full of talent in the midfield that someone has to be dropped for the sake of the other players. Zulfiqli was... someone who had this happen to him. Everyone knows of Godric Wexler's reputation for finding and producing world class players from relative unknowns. He had done much the same with Zulfiqli, but unfortunately for the Oontaznik, his quality only appeared when Wexler had finally fixed his problems in his midfield. He knew that Zulfiqli would need starting minutes if he was to keep his spot in the starting eleven of the Oontaz national team, and that's why he was loaned to Pridnestrovia's Union Rheinburg. And now Zulfiqli's a vital component to the Eisern Union's surprise title challenge in the Pridnestrovian Super League.
IMPORTANT: This player should always be referred to as Zulfiqli since bin Alisher is a patronym.

FW: Eduardo ESTEVEZ 26 y/o, FK Torpedo Telgrad Image (Arioslavia)
Eduardo is a decent striker for his age, and there's definitely room for him to grow and take up Ador Macaspac's mantle when Oontaz Dert Li Ng's star striker finally decides to hang up his boots. But it looks like this won't be the case, as Teofisto Abcede surprised everyone else and took over Estevez's spot as Macaspac's backup striker option. Still, there's no denying that Eduardo can become one of Oontaz's best strikers after the age of Dominador Macaspac draws to a close, but it's up to him to realize that potential. Santos FC sold him to Arioslavia's FK Torpedo Telgrad in exchange for Alexey Bulganin. Now starting in place of the retired Ador Macaspac, who has become the new team manager after Emir Usamah was sacked.

GK: Pedro MACATARUNGAN 26 y/o, Malabon SC Image (Abanhfleft)
"Macatarungan" means, in the Mayin tongue, "righteous" in the sense of "it is righteous". But there's nothing righteous about Pedro's situation right now. Everyone in the world (okay, just the Fleftic sphere of influence) thinks, nay, knows, that Pedro is one of the greatest goalkeepers of his generation. So why is he not starting for Oontaz, over the likes of Septimio "Bumbling" Barranquillano? Because Bumbling Barranquillano plays in Oontaz and not in Abanhfleft, and Clan Andrade and Clan Barranquillano are close. And there isn't even a "Clan Macatarungan", just the Macatarungan family. The Oontaznik clan system strikes again to their own detriment.

GK: Usamah ROBERTS-INGLES 22 y/o, Botafogo de Maranao Image
At least Botafogo's goalkeeper academy produced another good one. Unfortunately for him, he's both too young to be the national team's starting keeper, and he's also the son of a marriage between an Oontaznik and a foreigner, so discrimination is coming into play in here. But not by much, because he's so good and the other keepers are so... crap that Emir Usamah had no choice but to call him up even though both of them know that goalie Usamah won't get to play while Emir Usamah's the manager.

DEF: Alimuddin DIMAGIBA 33 y/o, Deportivo Mangudadatu Image
Alimuddin is probably the only reason why Deportivo Mangudadatu is still in the National League even though the team is basically relegation material. He's the only player on that team who looks like he still gives a f--- if the team wins or loses. All of the other players around him is his club look like they don't even care anymore, and it's a wonder why he hasn't asked to be transferred to another team. Maybe because he knows that only Mangudadatu's rivals, Racing Al-Ampatuan, would be willing to buy him for the inflated price that he knows that Deportivo will attach to him. If he has any fault in him, it's that he's too loyal to something and would not, could not let go even given time.

DEF: Zenofilo BATOBALANI 27 y/o, Racing Al-Ampatuan Image
It's not a real Oontaznik national football team if there isn't any player from Racing Al-Ampatuan in the roster, and Batobalani fits that role nicely. Al-Ampatuan used to be one of the biggest teams in Oontaz, constantly competing with Santos and Botafogo for titles and cups, but lately they've been on a bit of a decline, and now they're considered relegation fodder just like their traditional rivals, Deportivo Mangudadatu. Batobalani once had a future of being one of the greatest Oontaznik defenders of all time, and not just the present time but of all time. But instead of moving on to more prestigious teams and letting his talent get noticed, he decided to stick it out with the constant relegation scraps between Mangudadatu and Al-Ampatuan. Perhaps it would be prudent not to mention the loaded contract that he was given by the team owners, who have been accused of masterminding one of the greatest massacres in recent history, and also one of the biggest benefactors of the nation's endemic corruption culture...

DEF: Albert James DIMACATARUNGAN 29 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image
Dimacatarungan's surname means "unfair" in the Mayin language, but this time, there's nothing unfair about his being on the bench. Dimacatarungan shouldn't even be anywhere near the Oontaz national team, but since he's a member of Clan Dimacatarungan, he gets a spot in the final roster. At least Emir Usamah isn't stupid enough to choose him over Estong Campanilla who, as said before, has, at least, a definite chance of becoming an actual quality player instead of Dimacatarungan, who is just plain shit. Strange to see him still in the team now that Emir Usamah is gone...

DEF: Jericson SARIMANOK 23 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image
Gryphons are currently the team with the best defense in the Oontaz National League, so it's actually no surprise that a lot of their defenders have been called up for national duty. What is surprising is that Jericson is not playing with the starting eleven and is instead languishing on the bench with the rest of the reserves. Oh, wait; there is a logical explanation for this: Oontaznik clan politicking. Emir Usamah does have to balance clan politics with creating the best Oontaznik team there is, and Jericson was just one sacrifice in many on the altar of clan politics.

MID: Thabo Mbokani KALIMANTAN 33 y/o, Duhblakk Rovers Image (Abanhfleft)
Thabo probably wasn't expecting to be called up to the national team when Sultan Kudarat announced that they were finally going to be entering an international competition, and who could blame him? He's a 30-year-old defensive midfielder playing for a team that had just been promoted from the fifth tier of Fleftic football, so no one was definitely paying any attention to him... or was there? Clan Kalimantan is one of the oldest clans in Oontaz, and one of the most loyal to the House of Oontaz. Thabo went to Abanhfleft to escape Oontaz's clan system, but now, it seems as if the clan's found him once again...

MID: Ronson "Ronnie" RAMIREZ 25 y/o, Real Mikkaleth Image (Abanhfleft), on loan from Riuwiee United Image (Abanhfleft)
Georges Leblanc spent 5 million new penenks to get Ramirez from Real Altamarino to the May 26 Memorial, but it seems a little bit too soon to say if he's had any impact in the Blue Tribesmen, and Leblanc has seen it fit to loan Ramirez out to Real Mikkaleth, who will be making to make yet another promotion push next season. Ronnie is more of a winger than a proper midfielder, but since Oontazniks never really believed in investing in proper wingers, Ronnie can fill in for that central midfield role, but not as well as when he's deployed as a real winger. Still, at least he's got a chance of breaking through and becoming a good and decent player, unlike the majority of the rest of his teammates.

MID: Macario "Mac-Mac" CORTES 26 y/o, Inseperables FC Image (Abanhfleft), on loan from Sporting Ceneisis Image (Abanhfleft)
Yet another promising Oontaznik youngster lured away from his home by the prestige and glamour of the Fleftic Premier League. The good thing is that Emir Usamah is setting up the team for the future, meaning that he's getting the most promising young Oontaznik players and getting them playing time with the senior team, which he knows will eventually be replaced by the youngsters once the veteran players grow old and retire. At least his reasons for being on the bench are much more justified than the others: he's still a little bit too young to be playing in the first team, and Magomedun Mangudadatu is still the best in the game in his position as CAM, which is also Mac-Mac's favored playing position. At least he gets to learn from one of the best.

MID: Mike HAGONOY 34 y/o, Santos FC Image
One of Ador Macaspac's teammates in Santos, he had been in and out of the national team for many years, mostly because he has been consistently inconsistent. He could be very hot one season and then frustratingly cold the next, most probably why no one has come for him even though Santos has been more than willing to sell him to clear up some wages. Most probably he was given a spot in the national team because he's been really good for Santos coming from the bench.

MID: Josef "Joey Boy" MACALACAN 29 y/o, Union Rheinburg Image (Pridnestrovia)
Joey Boy is the classic box-to-box midfielder, balancing offensive and defensive duties and covering as much of the pitch as possible. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to focus on one specific duty for too long, and by the duty he could mentally shift himself from being an attacking player to a defensive player or vice versa, it's often too late, and the defense had been overrun by a competent opponent.

FW: Teofisto ABCEDE 27 y/o, Union Rheinburg Image (Pridnestrovia)
At best, Emir Usamah thought that Teofisto would be the emergency backup worst-case-scenario striker that he would only have to deploy if both Ador Macaspac and Eduardo Estevez were somehow injured at the same time or otherwise indisposed. Instead, when the Emir decided to send out Abcede to give the lad some minutes in professional international football, Teofisto surprised everyone, even himself. No one ever suspected him of being such a good striker, having been languishing on the bench of Botafogo de Maranao for the majority of his senior career. Now, after his brilliant performances in the World Cup qualifiers, he earned himself a move to Pridnestrovia's Union Rheinburg, where they hope to utilize his talents for their first ever title push since 1988.



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Postby Osarius » Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:51 am

Osarius Squad for AOCAF 52

Team: Osarius National Football Team (aka "The Firebirds")
Style modifier: +1.5 (counter/possession-based attacking)

Osarius bowed out quietly from the World Cup yet again, with Serenity Lewis opting not to accept an offer to extend her contract with the national team. Instead, up steps Ayanna Barca-Carthy. At last, Super Ayanna gets her shot as manager of the national team, years after first being tipped for the job. Her first task is to lead a nation ranked second in Atlantian Oceania on a deep run in the regional championship tournament. Concrete expectations have not been mentioned, but it's safe to assume the OFA have set a target of semi-finals or better for Barca-Carthy. While she is contracted through to the end of the 77th World Cup cycle, this does not at all mean she will still be in charge come summer 2231.

With several key players now beyond the traditional "age limit" of twenty-five, voluntarily imposed by Osarius for the AOCAF Cup, Barca-Carthy will need to rely on her knowledge of the players emerging from her very own development unit. In what is sure to be a difficult transition period for the Firebirds, having Super Ayanna at the helm might make it easier to steer through the potential problems that lie ahead. It's not like this hasn't been done before, in fact. Alain Montblanc's knowledge of the under-21s served him well when helping to establish Osarius as a major football nation in the multiverse. It will be interesting to see if the newest manager can return the national team to the top of the mountain... it's a long way up after all. Another regional title would be a great start, however...

Home stadium: Mount Crown Stadium, Burningham (cap. 98,000 all seated)
The Firebirds' home stadium is built at the foot of the imposing Mount Crown, on the outskirts of the capital city, Burningham. Fans are known for their extremely vocal support, and the Osarian national stadium has been described as a difficult place to play. The stats support this notion, as Osarius boast a superb record there over the past two decades. The most vociferous home fans are seated in a kop-esque stand built into the mountainside, with the huge, rocky face behind them adding to the intimidation. The pitch itself is usually made shorter, but wider than most, which is likely highly unfamiliar to most visiting teams. This is deliberate, as these odd dimensions cater to the short midfield passing and counter pressing style the Firebirds employ, as well as their frequent use of width. As a result, long-ball teams will likely find it difficult to find space behind the defence, but teams making liberal use of wingers will likely flourish. In a similar vein, a high offside trap (near the half way line, for example) will likely be more difficult to pull off, due to the speed at which a transition can occur -- with forwards still onside in their own half -- and limited space between defence and midfield.


All currently used Osarius kits.
From left to right: home kit, away kit, third kit, commemorative alternate kit.

Home Kits
Image Image

Away Kits
Image Image

My RP Permissions are pretty chill to be honest.
Pretty much anything goes, I only ask that you let me decide the severity of any injuries you decide to RP for me, please.
Send my players off if you must -- if its a player I really didn't wanna lose for the next game, I'll RP an appeal or something.
Oh and at the risk of sounding a bit "RAWR" ... do not kill any of my players or coaching staff (unless I say go ahead via TG).
Killing fans is okay though. Go nuts with that if you like.

I have a pretty clear tactical philosophy in mind for my team so I recommend at least skim-reading the next section, or the wiki page on the "Osarian 4-3-3", if you intend to RP the match in detail. Long story short, Osarius play in a style that is something like Arsenal's invincibles -- in that it's both possession based AND counter attacking -- while lining up in a Xavi/Messi-era Barcelona type 4-3-3 formation. It is unlikely a nation ranked outside the top 15-20 in the world could outplay them in midfield or win the possession game, but they are far from invulnerable, and have been overcome by teams playing even the simplest of tactical systems at times.

The team will generally attempt to control possession rather than engage in consciously defensive play; and "parking the bus" is a cardinal sin. When out of possession, the team will generally press high up the pitch to compress the available space -- because they are largely comfortable playing the ball under pressure -- and try to win the ball back as quickly as possible, sometimes over-committing, and leaving themselves vulnerable to a swift counterattack. Generally pacy defenders help to alleviate this problem somewhat.

Against stronger opponents, expect to see a more defensive positioning manifest itself, though. Fullbacks will be less likely to bomb forward, and the team tends to be more conservative in possession, often playing backward to draw the opposition in, before launching a devastating counter attack with pace. They will also slow down when ahead later in the game, but only so they don't unnecessarily provide opportunities to lose possession and/or concede. This doesn't mean they wont take the opportunity to score if it presents itself, though... it's all a bit Bruce Lee in that sense. "When the opponent advances, we retreat. When the opponent retreats, we advance. When there is an opportunity to score, we do not score. It scores all by itself." Or something like that.

The front line of three is often very flexible, with all three (usually) capable of playing in any of the front three roles at any given time. Most of the time, the centre forward/striker will remain the focal point of the team's central attacking, though, whether they are receiving passes or moving to make space for the wingers.

The midfield will almost always be lined up in way that the three players form a sideways arrow (minus the shaft). By this, I mean that one will sit deep, one will push forward, and one will be a box-to-box type shuttling between the two. On the occasions no specifically named attacking midfielder ("AM" in the squad list) is used, typically it is an indicator that the manager expects a tighter battle for possession in the midfield zone, and it's likely two midfielders will be box-to-box, while the third midfielder is a more defensively-inclined (possibly even a "DM") option.

If there IS an attacking midfielder on the pitch, they will operate either as a playmaker, and most passages of play will go through them... or they will push forward from midfield a lot, getting onto the end of passes in the final third, and thus scoring a fair few goals. I'll try to highlight which of the two if I feel like it really matters. Typically speaking, if none of the other two midfielders is mentioned as being outright defensive, the attacking midfielder is a "playmaker" type.

Defensively, Osarian centre-backs are typically pacy and expected to have strong aerial ability and good positional awareness. The latter part is less important if a player is particularly quick, though. Almost certainly, one of the centre backs or the goalkeeper will be good at organising the defence. In cases where there is a notable lack of organisational skill -- typically in situations lacking experience -- there is a clear knock-on effect on the rest of the team. With that in mind, don't expect starting centre backs to be among the younger or less experienced members of the team.

The fullbacks typically overlap a lot -- considering how often the wingers change sides and become "inverted" (i.e. cutting inside the defender on their stronger foot, rather than pulling wide) -- and seem to operate almost as advanced as wingbacks (or even midfielders against considerably weaker teams) a lot of the time, making the system a sort of like a 3-4-3 when Osarius attack, due to the deepest central midfielder dropping back to a position right in front of the defence, to counter against a potential playmaker "in the hole" for the opposition. This can be a potential weak point if this player is small in stature, as they will often get drawn into the backline and thus, potentially mismatched against forwards.

If you did read the spoiler above, thank you! You don't have to stick to all of that, it just fits in better with the way I intend to RP my team (when I can).

Something that is important to know is that football isnt the number on sport in Osarius. Its second, to GraviBall, though the gap is (still) closing.

Footballers in Osarius are loved if they cover a lot of ground and make tough tackles, because the combative nature of the game is what the majority of fans like most. Very passionate, are Osarian fans, you see. Sooo... basically, if you're not scoring goals or making crunching tackles, the fans generally aren't impressed. They can appreciate the tactics and whatnot... it's just not entertaining. Again, this is because GraviBall. Which, btw, is a fast paced, high scoring, BRUTAL game. Think of a combination of Basketball and Gridiron Football. So yeah... Oh, and that whole goals/tackls thing... That goes for opponents too... Osarian fans always appreciate a good tackle, so they will even applaud opposition players at times (although they will boo their goals, obvs).

The complicated tactical systems used by modern Osarian teams are well-understood by the fans, and a growing football blogging community within Osarius often has in-depth tactical discussion, and regularly posters show great insight. This is thought to be the result of a general increase in coaching quality throughout the nation, which has also contributed heavily to the national team's increased degree of success in recent years.

From time to time I'll make reference to the area a player is from, and when I do, I will try to add an OOC note to explain what it means, because different regions of Osarius have almost entirely different cultures. For example, Tubrissian people's habits and sayings are heavily based on Phoenician/Carthaginian culture and religious beliefs; Islanders -- those from Kyoshiku/Kholanaras Island in the south-west -- have a warrior-centric culture and are quite insular; many Ikutursans worship a malevolent, erisian, serpent deity... and so on.

Manager: Ayanna Barca-Carthy
A surprise to some, obvious to others. Sport and leadership both run in the veins of the former Real Jraxville and Osarius captain, and some will exclaim "it's about time!" hearing of her elevation to [arguably - Ed.] the most prestigious managerial role in the country. The daughter of highly regarded coach Elissa Barca-Carthy, and pioneering GraviBall tactician Troy Carthy, Ayanna possesses a rare combination of intellectual and athletic prowess that she has maintained into her sixties. Her long-standing role as head of the OFA's national team developmental unit will have given her vast amounts of insight into the ability of most of the players at her disposal. Her close relationship with her predecessor Serenity Lewis, and their similarities as coaches, will make it relatively easy for the team to transition, too. The OFA have permitted her to bring her entire developmental backroom staff if she so wishes, but with limited time before the AOCAF starts, Barca-Carthy has opted to work with a combination of her staff and the existing senior staff.

Assistant Manager: Autumn Phelps
Phelps is Barca-Carthy's most trusted lieutenant, and has been her assistant for so long, it's easy to see them as a single entity. The duo have a great understanding, and will look to continue that with the senior national team. Phelps retains a remarkably high degree of athleticism to complement her significant technical ability, considering her advancing years, and often participates gamely in training sessions. "Nothing more fun than being an old lady humiliating a cocksure twenty year old lad," she jokes. Sort of. While not as intense as Ayanna Barca-Carthy, Phelps is still not to be messed with. The former left winger put in more than a few minutes as a crunching left-back, too...

Captain: Samantha Pearce
Vice-captain: Ryan Watson
3rd captain: Bonifacio Muscolino

It's not at all surprising that the captain's armband goes to the player often touted as the long-term successor to Barca-Carthy at Jraxville. Samantha Pearce's vision and passing range are invaluable at club level, though she has not quite shown the same degree of performance in the national colours. Pairing her with Jorge Estevez -- whose dynamism puts him in a long-line of energetic central midfielders for Osarius, and is reminiscent of Jayson Dhanda in many ways -- is a stroke of genius. Knowing Pearce's weakness in the defensive phase, which has gradually begun to disappear under the guidance of Barca-Carthy, the manager has bolstered a possible weak point in the team with a highly intelligent and athletic player. She also acknowledges the implicit leadership of the team's "talisman" and often game-winner, Ryan Watson. The Hastmead winger is not the most obvious choice for a leader in a team, but many of the players look to him when things get tough, a fact not lost on Barca-Carthy.

The Squad

No.  Pos. Player Name           Age     Current Club                 
#01 GK SHELLY-ANN Pearce 23 y/o [OSR] AFC Hollybrent
#02 RB Kyle CARTER 23 y/o [EUR] Spartangrad
#03 LCB Elise KAVANAGH 24 y/o [OSR] Real Jraxville
#04 CM Carmen GRANA 23 y/o [OSR] Utica United
#05 CB Bonifacio MUSCOLINO 24 y/o [OSR] Grasshoppers Turic
#06 CB Peter COLE 23 y/o [OSR] Trothwands Evolution
#07 WNG Kyron BARTLEY 22 y/o [NPH] Brinemouth
#08 CM Carina PRIETO 24 y/o [OSR] Utica United
#09 ST Quinn DOHERTY 24 y/o [OSR] Trothwands Evolution
#10 RW Ryan WATSON 24 y/o [OSR] Hastmead Diamante
#11 LW Raimondo MONTANARI 22 y/o [VIL] Jungle Strike FC
#12 GK Lia QUADRELLI 24 y/o [EFL] Tuntingone FC
#14 CF James WARWICK 22 y/o [OSR] AFC Hollybrent
#15 CB Sarah WARD 21 y/o [COS] Klyde
#16 RCB Graciano FARINA 24 y/o [BRE] North Hall
#17 CM Adrian ALEJANDRO 23 y/o [OSR] Greeningham City
#18 CM Jorge ESTEVEZ 22 y/o [OSR] Qubadili FC
#19 RB Julia PRICE 23 y/o [FFD] Avenida Principal
#20 CM Samantha PEARCE 24 y/o [OSR] Real Jraxville
#21 CM Federico SERRA 25 y/o [BRE] Northern Union
#22 AM Lloyd ALLEN 22 y/o [OSR] Firewood City
#23 AM Gustavo BARONE 23 y/o [OSR] AFC Hollybrent
#24 GK Graziella PELLEGRINI 22 y/o [OSR] Alissar Phoenix

Usual starting lineup: [ 4-3-3 ] Shelly-Ann; Kavanagh, Cole, Muscolino, Carter; Pearce, Estevez, Allen; Montanari, Doherty, Watson
Ruler: - vacant - | Population: ~125 million (as of 2300) | Capital: Burningham, Mount Crown
Civilisation Index: 13.43 • Tier 7, Level 2, Type 5
Current Project(s): A customisable trading card game and a 7-a-side footy sim

Useful NSSports Stuff |

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Postby Southwestern Sunrise Islands » Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:59 am

A nice little jingle played on the background as the words "Cooking with Southwestern Sunrise" appeared on front.
Southwestern Sunrise was wearing a nice apron over her clothes with the words "Hug the Chef" and a heart over it. On her side was a mostly bored Western Sunrise.
"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Cooking with Southwestern Sunrise! I'm your host, Southwestern Sunrise, here with my older sister Western Sunrise as my assistant for the day!"
"Why are we even doing this...?"
"Ma'am Western Sunrise, we already did your Pirate course, now we can enjoy some quality cooking!"
"Who even cares about cooking?"
"A lot of people do."
"Please. Being a pirate is much more fun!"
"B-but you said you'd l-let me do m-my cooking show..."
The younger Sunrise started to produce tears only for Western Sunrise to sigh and pat her on her head.
"Fine... I'll let you do your show."
She did a little dance of victory before looking back at the camera.
"So, assistant, what's the request we have for today?"
Western Sunrise took out a paper, reading it and finally looking at the camera.
"Our current request comes from a pirate saying "LET'S GET BACK TO THE INTERESTING STUFF"!"
"Ma'am Western!"
"Fine, fine. The request comes from a guy called... uh... Victor, apparently."
"It says "Dear Southwestern Sunrise, we want to welcome rookies with a smile. Can you teach us how to bake a set of tasty Welcome Cookies?"
"One of my favorite dishes! Sure, Mr. Victor, we'll do a fine Sunrisian delicacy, the Welcome Cookies!"

- 2 1/2 Cups of Flour
- 1 Cup of Butter
- 1/2 Cup of Sugar
- An Egg (not the footballer)
- 1/2 Teaspoon of Almond Extract
- A Pot of Strawberries (or any other thing you might want to use with it)

"Now, the first step is to cream the butter until light."
Western Sunrise struggled doing that, trying really hard.
"We gradually add sugar to it and beat it until it's light and then we finally add the egg and almond extract."
Western Sunrise was already a mess, but she did manage to do everything she was asked to do.
"Finally, we add the flour and blend it gradually. Good thing we already have this sample done."
Western Sunrise stared at her, angry.
Southwestern smiled, pushing Western to the oven.

"We need to preheat our oven to 175 degrees Celsius."
The older sister did so. The younger sister dragged her back to the table, handing her a couple of letter-shaped cookie cutters.
"We now have to cut our dough in shapes that spell out welcome. Remember to place your cookies on your cookie sheets."
"I spelled Boredom."
"Ma'am Western, you're mean!"
"Just bored."
"We have now to bake our cookies at the same temperature we let the oven preheating for 8 to 12 minutes."
"Lot of time."
"Well, if it's golden already, you can take it out of the oven. Remember, kids, don't play near the oven!"
Southwestern Sunrise lifted a cardboard with the words "Safety First", only for it to be slapped down by Western Sunrise.
Southwestern started to tear up again.
"Don't be sad... Just joking around! Besides, it's ten minutes already. Sure your little oven baked our cookies already."
She nodded while her sister went back to the oven, returning with two cookie sheets. She used oven mitts, obviously.
"Haha! Now we can decorate it. I suggest strawberries because red is the color of love!"
"Valid point. Can we taste it now? I'm hungry-"
Western Sunrise swallowed a hot cookie, running across the room as a result, looking for water before finally jumping out of the window and falling on the sea.
"...Weeelll, that was Cooking with Southwestern Sunrise!"
She nodded, flashing the victory sign.
"See you next time!"
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Postby Korizland » Tue Dec 20, 2016 12:17 pm


Korizland Unified Football, the national team from the nation of Korizland, is proud to make their AOCAF debut. Led on the pitch by Team Captain Clay Fuller and Vice Captain Scott Andrews and coached by Quebecois Francois van Maar and Korizian Greg Eason, the Koriz team continues their journey into international football by travelling to 95X. Korizland UF has been praised by some for the team’s fast and aggressive play, a style complimented by van Maar, though others have noted a general weakness on defense. The team began combating that weakness by bringing in a goalkeeping and defensive coach Jamil Bousaid of Gadyria, an assistant manager for Al Taedin and the effort continues. Former Korizland UF player Greg Eason, who has retired from professional footballing after sustaining an injury during the World Cup Qualifiers, joined the coaching staff for the Baptism of Fire and has been providing key support to the team.

Francois van Maar (QUE)

Greg Eason

Jamil Bousaid (GAD)
01 Stuart Shelton
03 Larry Craig
20 Alex Poole

Jamil Bousaid (GAD)
06 Shaun Salazar
16 Edgar Wagner
14 Melvin Griffith
02 Drew Wood

21 Wesley Higgins

Amy Fox
04 Scott Andrews (VC)
15 Jerald Bradley
12 Carlton Larson
18 Dave Holland
13 Nick Williams
07 Gene Morgan

Blake Copeland
08 Raul Jefferson
05 Leon Peterson

17 Andy Mason
18 Floyd Hughes
11 Evan Soto
09 Clay Fuller (C)

Leigh Carlson



Korizland UF wears with pride kits designed by Meski Sportswear


Style Modifier: +1.5
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (TG me first if it would bench them for more than two days)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (See above)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (No more than one per match, TG me first if this will be their second yellow card)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (TG me first)
Godmod other events: Yes

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95X AOCAF 52 MD 0 RP

Postby 95X » Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:25 pm

Jason Ninetyfivex could've simply inserted himself at the location of the AOCAF 52 press conference, but had business to be taken care of at SC Oceanside's offices, where AOCAF 52 logistics are being coordinated. With the loss of the combined Soccer League X and 95X National Team office, Oceanside had the most complete front office staff that could handle the additional workload.

On the train ride to Cascadia, Ninetyfivex, accompanied by online media coordinator Britny Sierra, was pestered by a fan that wanted to know how to meet Xi Foureleven.

"Well, first of all," Ninetyfivex replied, "you don't harass her agent asking how to meet her."

Ninetyfivex arrived and delivered the press conference.

"One more thing before we wrap up," Ninetyfivex said, "I know this is short notice however tonight we'll be announcing the official 95X Food Dish. If you're interested in attending, feel free to let me know and I'll make sure you're on the invited parties list."

"We thought you'd explain where Xi Foureleven is," a member of the press blurted out.

"Attending to other business," was Ninetyfivex's reply as he left the press room.
"Do you know why I did it?" Capital of Culture Corporation CEO Joe Naccho asked Xi Foureleven during a secret meeting in his massive office at Capital of Culture Headquarters. "Production at my factories nosedived whenever Soccer League X played! I invested in the league to the point of buying a team thinking it could help us sell more products, but that didn't work either! And yes, we were behind '95X is for 95Xers' that burned lifesize replicas of foreign players on live TV, because we wanted to end competitive soccer in this country! Not have people like you interfere! If you haven't noticed, you're considered the most attractive person in the country! Really, someone as strong as you should be working in one of my factories! At least that way I wouldn't have to deal with lower productivity because entire factories of workers think you're hot!"

Foureleven just about boiled over.

"Also, I own the media!" Naccho threatens. "You and Bo can't hide Sarah forever! I have reporters under my disposal ready to compare her to you all the way down to (accomplishments and measurements)!"

"HOW DARE YOU!" Foureleven angrily interjects.

"Guards! Take her away!" Naccho commands.

Foureleven blocks one corporate thug holding a tranquilizer gun, only to get ambushed by a second thug with a tranquilizer gun. The next morning, the Pacific City Courier ran a front page article claiming Naccho was threatened by Foureleven.
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Postby Audioslavia » Tue Dec 20, 2016 4:29 pm

National Football Team

#    Pos  Name			   Age App Gls  Club

1. G August Ozuna 29 19 0 ImageReal Azuris
22. G Alden Smulders 22 2 0 ImageKionoa Locals
23. G Seth Veloz 24 0 0 ImageEletti Valligiani

2. D CR Vann Dallara 33 66 1 ImageKT Moreazerua
3. D LC Geraldo Seghers 25 16 1 ImageEletti Valligiani
5. D C Gael Marquez 30 34 4 Image1830 Cathair
6. D C Lyman Colmenero 31 1 0 ImageCA Paulinthal
13.D/M LC Diego Echavarria 24 1 0 ImageKT Itzalovalle
15. D RC Edrigu Verhagen 23 0 0 Image1830 Cathair
16. D RC Sebastiano Aretxaga 20 3 0 ImageKT Itzalovalle
21. D RL Gilberto Anzures 25 8 0 ImageEletti Valligiani
24.D/M RL Arturo Solagurenbeazkoa 18 0 0 ImageKT Moreazerua
28. D RL Jospeh Aguas-Lauzirika 19 0 0 ImageCA Paulinthal

4. DM C Jody Zufiria 21 1 0 ImageEletti Valligiani
7. M R Gregory Besoitagoena 30 23 6 ImageAC Izotz Zubia
8. M RC Eduardo Giuffrida 25 5 1 ImageEletti Valligiani
10. AM RC Robbie Guerricaechevarria 26 20 4 ImageKT Moreazerua
11. M L Rodger Mariezkurrena 23 16 3 ImageKT Moreazerua
14. M R Azucena Llorente 31 1 0 ImageKT Moreazerua
17. M LC Alejandro Aretxaga 23 0 0 ImageKT Itzalovalle
18. M C Guillaume Abbracciabene 27 15 3 ImageJungle Strike
20. M C Nestor Lagorio 27 1 0 ImageKT Moreazerua
27. M L Hyman Corpus 23 0 0 ImageTVFC

9. F C Roddy Fraser 22 5 5 ImageAFC Treason
12. F C Kryhata Calanndi 20 0 0 ImageCednia Beach
19. F C Renzo Padrione 27 1 1 ImageKT Moreazerua
25. F C Helmut Azkue 28 0 0 ImageAthletique Vovette
26. F C Irwin Drost 21 0 0 ImageAcofiosa United

Manager Frantzko Intxausti 53

*Substitute appearaces are not counted towards a player's appearance figure.
Matchday One: Ozuna - Anzures, Marquez, S. Aretxaga, Echavarria - Zufiria, Giuffrida, Lagorio, Corpus, Besoitagoena - Fraser
Matchday Two: Smulders - Dallara, Colmenero, Verhagen, Seghers - Giuffrida, A. Aretxaga, Llorente, Guerricachevarria, Abbracciabene - Calanndi
Matchday Three: Veloz - Aguas-Lauzirika, Solagurenbeazkoa, Colmenero, Marquez - Zufiria, Abbracciabene, Besoitagoena, Mariezkurrena - Padrione, Azkue

From the second round onwards, the team should line up roughly 1-11, usually with 2 or 3 changes.
Audioslavia is, both ICly and OOCly, rather ancient. The country was founded on December 17th 2002, a period regarded as 'pre-history' by many. The nation originally CTE'd in 2006, was revived briefly in 2007 and 2009, and enjoyed a proper resurgence at the start of 2012, locating itself in Atlantian Oceania indefinitely after IC centuries of rivalries with various nations in the region.

The Audioslavia national side participated in World Cups 4 to 29, made an abortive comeback in World Cup 37, and rejoined the world of international football properly back in World Cup 59. The ancient Audioslavia side qualified for all but one of the World Cups it entered (a young Audioslavia failed during the WC5 qualifying playoffs) and generally maintained a place in top twenty of the world rankings, peaking at #1 during the qualifying phases of World Cups 20 and 21.

Paradoxically, the national team has seen more success in its modern form - a period where quick success is much more difficult to achieve than in the early days. Whereas those early years yielded only the inaugural U21 World Cup and a string of losing finals in the World Cup proper, the modern team won the Baptism of Fire tournament before WC59 and triumphed in the thirty-fifth, thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth installments of the AOCAF Cup. The side have also reached the final of the AOCAF cup on four other occasions and have reached as far as the semi-finals of the Cup of Harmony.

Modern Audioslavia finally won the World Cup itself in cycle 63, a victory that required a huge amount of luck and some very po-faced, negative football. Audioslavia managed to win the tournament despite going into the qualifiers with a ranking of #53 in the world. Four years later, in World Cup 64, the national side proved that this win, as fortunate as it was, was no flash in the pan when they again took home the World Cup trophy, completing the first ever 'double-double' of winning back-to-back AOCAF and World Cup championships. After forty-three cycles, Audioslavia returned to the rank of #1 in the world.
Audioslavian footballers tend to be a little on the small side, with few players standing over six feet (1.83m) tall. The average Audioslavian footballer stands at around about 5'8 (1.72m) or thereabouts, though most goalkeepers and central defenders are at least 5'11.

Audioslavian footballers are renowned for their high fitness levels and stamina, though a comparatively lithely framed squad do occasionally have problems when facing large, physical teams. Quick, one-touch passing is the key to Audioslavia's midfield prowess, which likes to play at a high tempo, and the side often take advantage of some fleet-footed wingers and full-backs to play through-balls beyond the opposition's defensive line after having created the space with some quick interchanges. Audioslavian attacking football was built on the idea that two crisp, quick passes around the opponent's penalty area will lead to a goalscoring opportunity, and as such the team's forward line throughout history has been littered with quick-thinking play-makers and dead-eye finishers.

Recent Audioslavian sides haven't been without their weaknesses. Since the retirement of the players that led the nation to glory in cycles 63 and 64 the teams have tended to lack true leadership figures on the pitch. Our nation's footballers tend to be stubborn with regards to letting peers tell them what to do. Audioslavian teams sometimes tend towards disorder and in-fighting when truly on the back-foot - say, when one or two goals behind in a game - and are easily disheartened when things start to go wrong. On the pitch, the side's lack of physical strength means defending against corners is often a problem, despite a well-drilled defensive line. Marauding full-backs can be susceptible to counter-attacks via the wings, and very few centre backs in Audioslavia are particularly quick.

Kontrapuntzeka has long been the name of Audioslavia's style of play, taken from the Auskadian word for 'counterpunch'. Audioslavia's ability to hold teams at bay for long periods before hurting them via quick counter-attacks and short bursts of activity helped the side to its two World Cup victories. As the years have gone by, Audioslavia have had to veer away from the style as opponents start to adapt and change. The system that won two World Cups in a row doesn't quite hold against modern football teams. The national team have never really adapted a new style, however

Audioslavia's squad has traditionally consisted of a multitude of Audioslavians plying their trade abroad, including a number of nationalised foreign-born players. The progression of the LigAnaia, however, and the success of the Audioslavian National League afterwards, has seen an larger proportion of domestic-based players make the national team squad. AC Izotz Zubia and 1830 Cathair are the traditional heavyweights of Audioslavian football and have, in the past, provided the national team with an abundance of national team players, but the resurgence of Moreazerua and Itzalovalle as footballing powers, and the arrival of previously unheralded Eletti Valligiani at Audioslavian football's top table, has given the national squad a very domestic feel in recent years.
A mainstay at centre-half for a decade, Frantzko Intxausti knows his way around the Audioslavian national team. A successful manager at AC Izotz Zubia after ending his playing days there, Intxausti was nevertheless criticised heavily during his reign at Zozi despite winning the Champions Cup, Audioslavian national league and LigAnaia in his tenure. Fans believed he hadn't made the best of the assets available to him, and succumbed the side to one or two very ordinary upper-mid-table performances despite having arguably the strongest squad in the league.

As a manager, Intxausti is cautious. Audioslavia don't have a great deal of quality at centre-half other than Marquez, so expect him to experiment with different defensive shapes this AOCAF Cup.

Roleplaying permissions: We frown on god-modding if there isn't a sense of humour behind it. Everything else is fine. If you'd like to injure a few players or dish out red cards for a particularly harsh game, go right ahead, go hog wild. Want to injure the entire team in a bus-crash? Fine, but make it good, or suffer the humiliation of having your limbs scattered hither and thither via a blast from my mighty ignore-cannon.

One general rule about the Audioslavian national team is that we are very, very often the 'fall guy'. We've lost so many big matches - WC finals, AOCAF finals, you name it - that we've come to thrive on being the big baddie who gets their comeuppance at the end. If your team has a particular strength or tactic that they like to use, by all means use it against us and RP that it worked tremendously. The scorinator may well show us to have won, but don't let us get away with it without having had a jolly good scare first, and make sure to *really* rub it in our faces if you beat us. Anything that makes it fun to RP. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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