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AOCAF Cup 41 | Everything Thread | The Inevitable Syndicate

Postby The Inevitable Syndicate » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:45 am

Terrorists to the left of me, Tsunamis to the right, here I am, hosting the AOCAF...

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the 41st edition of the famous AOCAF Cup. This cup sees nation from all across the sporting region of Atlantian Oceania battle it out via the beautiful game and compete for the ultimate regional bragging right. Please do not post here unless you are a member of Atlantian Oceania or a moderator doing their business.

I am your host, The Inevitable Syndicate, and I hope to deliver a sleek and efficient cup that will hopefully serve as a fine piece of history in one lucky nation's trophy cabinet, and an important milestone to my NS career as a host. This is the everything thread, where you may post your Rosters, RP's, and hope that RAND is on your side when I post the scores.

The Inevitable Syndicate is a nation located in central Calania, just east of the Great Calanian desert that encompasses Ahlenfi and Ibex. West Guiana and a small portion of Krytenia sit to the north, and unclaimed fields/jungles/deserts/snow sits to the south. The nation is home to 60.6 million people, with approximately 60% of these people living in the top 20 cities. This AOCAF will be held in the south and central areas of the region, as due to unforeseen circumstances, there are problems in the north west.

Matchday 1: 7th August (1 v 4, 2 v 3)
Matchday 2: 9th August (4 v 3, 1 v 2)
Matchday 3: 11th August (2 v 4, 3 v 1) (with tiebreakers if necessary)
Round of 16: 13th August
Quarter Finals: 16th August
Semi Finals: 18th August
3PPO: 19th August
Final: 20th August
(Scorination occurs at 21:00 UTC)

Group Draw Pots

The Pots were created using the latest regional rankings, with Pot 1 containing the top seven nations and the host. Pot 2 had the next eight ranked nations, with Pot 3 following suit. Pot 4 contained the remaining four ranked nations, and the few unranked ones.
  • Pot 1: The Inevitable Syndicate, Andossa Se Mitrin Vega, Pacitalia, Audioslavia, Wight, Valanora, Starblaydia, Vilita & Turori
  • Pot 2: New Montreal States, Kiryu-shi, Thatius, Farfadillis, Legalese, Kinitaria, 95X, Maklohi Vai
  • Pot 3: Hutt River, New West Guiana, Savski Venac, Lymryk Isles, Ko-oren, Ibex, Naitpyge, New Gordonopia
  • Pot 4: Quakmybush, Kericia, Krytenia, Neo Lemmitania, Furellum, Mavaria, New Cloudsdale, Perlasilangan


With the ideal 32 nations taking part, group structure boiled down to a lovely 8 groups of 4. The top two teams from each group will qualify. In the event of a tie, factors are ordered in the following fashion: Goal difference, number of wins, head to head results, goals scored.

Group 1
Vilita & Turori

Group 2
West Guiana

Group 3
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega

Group 4
The Inevitable Syndicate
Lymryk Isles
New Cloudsdale

Group 5
Maklohi Vai
New Gordonopia

Group 6
New Montreal States
Savski Venac
Neo Lemmitania

Group 7

Group 8
Hutt River

Feel free to post your rosters and things now.

The Inevitable Syndicate
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
Vilita & Turori
New Montreal States
Maklohi Vai
Hutt River
New West Guiana
Savski Venac
Lymryk Isles
New Gordonopia
Neo Lemmitania
New Cloudsdale
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Postby The Inevitable Syndicate » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:46 am

Stadium Information
A Map of the Syndicatian Stadiums being used in the AOCAF 41. Inspiration of this map goes to Krytenia, who used this design in the DBC 14. I really liked it's simplicity.

The Flynn Arena, Fligsive
Capacity: 96,500
The Flynn Arena is the premier stadium in The Inevitable Syndicate, and home of Fligsive FC. Previously a wooden stadium, the current iteration of the Flynn Arena was built in 11943 after a great fire destroyed the stadium during a game between Fligsive FC and Magnaeus City. Nowadays, it's a little more robust, having been the subject of many refurbishment projects over the years. The stadium sports a green and black seating design, and is easily reachable on the Fligsive Metro, this stadium is sure to be an interesting spot for the AOCAF Final, and any other matches that will be played here.

The Bird Cage, Magnaeus
Capacity: 57,300
Home Stadium of Magnaeus City, the Bird Cage is situated on one of the highest points of the city. It's unique metal architecture can be an intimidating site for teams that play here, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem for your national sides. Reachable by both car and bus, The Bird Cage is an enthralling stadium that is sure to excite with it's pure white and deep blue colour scheme.

Sunrise Park, Burgess
Capacity: 52,000
Built by Kytlerian firm BNW Varin after the closure of Bithell's Circle a few years back, Sunrise Park is one of the best stadiums in the country, and home to one of the best teams in the league, Burgess FC. With three of the sides available for seating, and the fourth left open to the elements, Sunrise Park can often be the site of spectacular views of the Syndicatian Coast. If you're playing an early match, you'll want it here!

Hyford City Stadium, Hyford
Capacity: 46,500
Hyford is a city that used to hold the league title on a yearly basis – because of this, the stadium is incredibly well furnished and kept. The striking orange accent colour of the stadium is bright enough to keep your mind off the bad weather – and it's fully retractable roof means that your football players won't have to worry about that typical Syndicatian weather.

Point Impact, Nostromo
Capacity: 42,000
Point Impact is situated in the Webster Crater, which also houses the entire city of Nostromo. Settled over 500 years ago, Nostromo has prospered in the sheltered crater, and is an economic centre of both the country and the region. Point Impact emulates this, as the stadium is always well polished and is constantly being improved by one of the richest clubs in the league, Nostromo Meteorites. This stadium is sure to pack a punch, and test if your teams can make an impact in the tournament.

Patches Park, Wozinitz
Capacity: 37,050
Patches Park may seem tarnished by name, and a struggling Wozinitz side isn't helping its reputation. That doesn't stop it from being a fine place to hold matches, however, as Wozinitz is a lovely city that is far away from the troubles of the country.

Klaus Memorial Stadium, Baudelaire
Capacity: 35,250
The Klaus Memorial Stadium, home of FC Baudelaire and named after a dearly beloved manager, Henry Klaus, is a stadium that welcomes those from across the region. It's unique and ancient-looking architectural style will be sure to pique the interest of fans, and its location on the outskirts of the historic city of Baudelaire will encapsulate the interests of many people, football fans or not! (But, hopefully the football fans, as they are the most likely to go to a football game...)

DajukDome, Milenol
The most minor of the stadiums that you may be playing in during this tournament, the DajukDome is still a robust and corporate stadium, sponsored by Syndicatian furniutre company Dajuk. If it's a Dajuk, you know it's going to be the pinnacle of quality, and is sure to last a long time in the world of sport. Just try not to accidentally order a bookshelf while you're there...
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Postby The Inevitable Syndicate » Tue Aug 06, 2013 2:03 am

The Inevitable Syndicate Presents...
The Inevitable Syndicate National Football Team
For The AOCAF 41
With the AOCAF coming home for the first time, the Syndicate are going to have to make a decent impression if they went to be taken seriously on the field of international football. Playing their tried and tested formula, that saw get to the quarter finals in the last AOCAF, can they do any better this time, or will they be crushed by the opposition?

Starting XI:
Position: Name: Age: No. Caps S. Caps Goals Club
GK Dominic Archer 30 1 84 0 0 Image Nostromo Meteorites
DEF Ryan Oliver 26 2 89 0 0 Image Burgess FC
DEF Nick King 31 3 89 0 0 Image Urbanista
DEF Alex Sutler 26 4 89 0 0 Image Bjarnarey Flotilla
MID Ethan Sinclair 27 6 89 0 11 Image Nostromo Meteorites
MID Adam Willis 27 7 89 0 4 Image Burgess FC
MID Sean Lucas 31 8 62 0 3 Image Pinehearth United
MID Bradley Birch 24 9 86 0 22 Image Jan Mayen Islanders
MID Jay Robinson 28 19 63 0 6 Image Mandon United
FW Luke Mitchell 26 10 89 0 43 Image SK Aasiaat Harbour
FW Jacob Pratt 25 22 86 0 49 Image Burgess FC

Position: Name: Age: No. Caps S. Caps Goals Club
GK Joseph Lloyd 27 12 4 24 0 Image Hyford FC
DEF Antony Kay 28 5 0 22 0 Image Wozinitz Wonderers
DEF Andrew Watson 27 14 11 29 0 Image FC Aldonelly
DEF Jack Stevenson 28 26 3 5 0 Image 1896 Ebor
DEF Petr Cervinka 26 15 9 31 3 Image Fligsive FC
DEF Josh Rogers 30 16 5 27 0 Image Magnaeus City
MID Peter Howard 24 17 6 21 2 Image Real Chinchinhua
MID Joel Hurst 25 18 0 28 0 Image Shinra Town
MID Fred Higgs 30 20 3 34 0 Image Magnaeus City
FW Nathan Powell 27 11 25 26 10 Image Fligsive FC
FW Henry Davies 29 21 4 23 2 Image Nostromo Meteorites

Home Stadium: Flynn Arena, Fligsive (96,500)
Style: -2.33
Manager: Lewis Thackray
Coach: George Bain

Formation (3-5-2):

(Kits Provided by the amazing Kirola Sportswear, Audioslavia.)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, but I'll decide the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y (3 per match)
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (1 per match)
Godmod other events: Y, but TG me first.

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Postby Ko-oren » Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:10 am


Ko-orenite Roster for AOCAF 41 – National Football Team
Noma Ko-orenan Xetorenan AOCAF 41au

Nation Name: The Meritocratic Utopia of Ko-oren
Short Nation Name: Ko-oren
Trigramme: KOR
Demonym: Ko-orenite, Kite (derogatory)
Team Nickname: Greenblues, Dragonflies
National Colors: Green, Blue
Head of Committee of Coaches: Pet Rilasthaunden
Style: -4
Formation: 3-2-3-2
Ranking: TBA
Previous AOCAF Result: 4th
AOCAF 41: 2nd cycle
Ko-orenite Roster
for AOCAF 41

Starters in bold:

1. Haki Asgard - GK (34) - A solid goalkeeper, experienced and a natural leader. Co-captain behind Sobek Dehenat. Could be his last cycle.
12. Eren Dauragur - GK (27) - On the squad after Ko-oren B's good run in the Market Cup. He's growing faster than Enshadilsa, and with Asgard aging, he might get some appearances.
23. Storm Enshadilsa - GK (25) - Forever called 'the biggest talent', but needs to show some results. Still third goalkeeper.

2. Svarlamn Norn - LWB (26) - Energetic leftback, has good passing and is always looking for an offensive break.
3. Sobek Dehenat - CB (34) - Captain and biggest personality on the team. Calm and collected, experienced leader of the defense. Might be on his last cycle.
4. Lodur Nidog - RWB (28) - Slow player, but excellent in keeping strikers away from the ball. Has everything you would look for in a defender, but nothing more.

13. Katanmak Juliasterinthen - CB (21) - Biggest defending talent. Learning the ropes from Dehenat, both in the NT and at the club. Has a brilliant future ahead of him.
14. Fuujin Iwaki - CB (26) - Reliable CB, though he hardly does anything outside of defense. Poor passing. Like Nidog, but a tad worse.
20. Futushi Musashi - RB (29) - Can play on either wing, slightly unreliable defender who's in the best of his years. If he wants to make the team, this is his year.

7. Fin Fenner - RCM (30) - Central passing man on the team. Any attack is likely to start with one of his passes.
8. Susano Sanuki - LCM (28) - The most defensive of the five midfielders, sometimes acts as second central back next to Dehenat.

6. Nalaikh Bagaurunir - DM (21) - Was on the U-21 squad in the Di Bradini Cup. Despite the poor results there, he was called for the team.
16. Roluswishandin Erlenajaur - DM (22) - Inexperienced and it shows, needs to play a lot more important matches before he can play in the NT.
15. Bjarswind Napertnau - CM (23) - The next Fin Fenner. Excellent passing, can even take free kicks well.
21. Koneruthen Haukderevnastar - DM (20) - On the squad to get more experienced. Not likely to play, but who knows what might happen.
10. Palnatoki Idrasil - RWM (28) - Quick winger, unpredictable and good at crosses as well as dribbling.
5. Thor Alfar - LWM (24) - Can give good crosses, but is too slow to get in that position often. He is very strong though, and can hold the ball well.
17. Pta Talmis - AM (25) - Passing man behind the strikers. Knows exactly when to give a through pass, pass to the wings, or pass back.

18. Esolywend Eregrent - AM (21) - Attacking midfielder who is also just as good on either wing. Can even play central midfielder.

11. Koyane Shiribeshi - ST (31) - Still the star of the team. This might be his last cycle so he can quit on his peak.
9. Naemasu Tokachi - ST (28) - Second striker behind Shiribeshi. Most assists are by him, but he can score too.

19. Izasul Terathu - RS (26) - Next big striker. Often substituted on for Shiribeshi when his age starts showing. Energetic, agile and fast.
22. Uilta Bonangorthen - LS (24) - Called because Ko-oren is short on good strikers. Was in the Ko-oren B team, and was quite good there.

RP-ing without having to read/think?
Most likely to score: Shiribeshi - Tokachi - Idrasil - Fenner - Alfar - Dehenat (just the starters)
Most likely to be booked: Norn - Sanuki - Nidog - Talmis - Alfar - Dehenat (just the starters)
Most likely substitutions:
Striker - striker: Shiribeshi/Tokachi <->Terathu
Attacking midfielder - attacking midfielder: Idrasil/Talmis/Alfar <-> Eregrent/Napertnau
Defensive midfielder - defensive midfielder: Fenner <-> Napertnau, Sanuki <-> Leire
Defender - defender: Norn/Nidog <-> Iwaki, Dehenat <-> Juliasterinthen

Offensive sub: Fenner/Sanuki <-> Eregrent, Talmis <-> Terathu
Defensive sub: Idrasil/Talmis/Alfar <-> Napertnau, Fenner <-> Iwaki/Juliasterinthen

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events N
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Sports Domestic Sports Newswires - RPable People - Info Factbook - Top attractions in Ko-oren - Map - Storefronts Loro Language Schools - Goliæth Sports Café
Champions 1x CoH - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 1x T20 WC - 3x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x WCFH
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Postby The Paradystopi Lymryk Isles » Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:57 am


Hooktooth Stinkypaws modelling the pteronurian 'kit'

The Paradystopi Lymryk Isles Roster for AOCAF
(first team in bold)

Barrington Farquharson-Smythe    - GK, #1  - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Human)
Damien Wellington-Hyde - GK, #30 - (of Po City, Human)
Jefferson Thatcher - LB, #2 - (of Kwyntayn Rangers, Human)
Squeaky Fishcatcher - LB, #3 - (of The Sea-Pteronurians Alliance, Pteronurian)
Longtail Surfsrisingtide - CB, #4 - (of The Sea-Pteronurians Alliance, Pteronurian)

Squinty Killerofcaiman - CB, #5 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Pteronurian)
Frederickus van Woffinden - CB, #16 - (of Po City, Human)
Elvis Talbot - RB, #7 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Human)
Barnaby Snow - DM, #6 - (of Kwyntayn Rangers, Human)
Flappy Likessquidnowandthen - DM, #21 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Pteronurian)

Anthony Jan Pewterthwaite - LM, #4 - (of Po City, Human)
Laurence Algernon Oldwoodgate - LM, #8 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Human)
Squealsalot Bigclaws - CM, #9 - (of The Sea-Pteronurians Alliance, Pteronurian)
Hooktooth Stinkypaws - CM, #10 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Pteronurian) - Captain
George Farrington Kwytaynstate - CM, #24 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Human)

Joseph Casper Flebbleswick - RM, #12 - (of Kwyntayn Rangers, Human)
Anthony Mark Daniel Bostick - RM, #11 - (of Tiknonsenš Palace, Human)
Edgar Stravanger - CF, #14 - (of Kwyntayn Rangers, Human)
Wobbly Clambanger - CF, #13 - (of Po Pteronurians, Pteronurian)
and Manager: Peter Pasternick

Formation: 4-1-4-1
Style Modifier: -0.5


The human members of the team play as, well, humans. Using feet, head, etc. I don't need to explain this to you.

The pteronurian players play 'football' a little differently. Generally, a pteronurian player will use their head more than any other part of their body especially for dribbling and then their tail for more powerful passes and shots. Due to the nature of this style of play, helmets have been allocated to minimise injuries. The pteronurians wear no other kit as, as they put it, they are not as prudish as their human counterparts. They will probably never use their paws. Despite being capable of standing and walking bi-pedally, they rarely do and scamper around in a way akin to a ferret.

The Lymryk Isles play a quick, short passing game. Working their way towards the opponents goal with slow build-up play, occaisionally interspersed with a long ball counter-attack. The pteronurians being surprisingly nippy on land when they choose to be. From corners or other such set-pieces, expect crosses at difficult heights for humans. As your defender (assuming they're human ... ) tries to decide whether to head the ball or get their leg up high, a springing pteronurian will have probably already bounded through and headed goalward.

Also, do not be alarmed should you find a semi-chewed fish outside your changing room, or find yourself being presented one. This is a gesture of friendship and goodwill amongst pteronurians. However, feel free to freak out should one of our human players exhibit this behaviour.

Feel free to TG me with any queries regarding the strange and wonderful inhabitants of the Lymryk Isles.

RP Permissions and other titbits:
No deaths or serious injuries please without at least a TG first. Anything else is fair game.

Goalhanger: Wobbly Clambanger
Long-range Shooter: Laurence Algernon Oldwoodgate
Injury-prone: Barnaby Snow
Card Magnet: Squealsalot Bigclaws
Liability: Squinty Killerofcaiman
The Paradystopi Lymryk Isles
Demonym: Lymryker(s)
Capital City: Po ê Tiknonsenš
Based in the Atlantian Oceania
Puppet of Paradystopia

Greetings to thine, thou and thee.
We're a puppet, Paradystopi
Based in the AO
(deemed the place to go)
and use limericks to pass off as RP

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Postby Perlasilangan » Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:08 am

Perlasilangan National Football Team
National Team for the AOCAF 41

Brought to you by:
Federacion ng Perlasilanganan Futbol

After rushing the intent to enter the AOCAF 41 to the Atlantian Oceanian authorities, the Perlasilangan National Football Team was allowed by the hosts The Inevitable Syndicate to enter the event, and thus make their debut in the competition. The lineup is submitted for verification and once it is done, the team can now fly to the Inevitable Syndicate.

The squad is a mixture of humans, Musangs, Mulawins, Ravenas, and monkeys that will showcase their skills to the regional stage. They are identified in Perlasilangan as a select nickname preselected by the Dictatorship, since full names in the nation are so long that they won't even fit in the shirt. Humans are given two names, a name or nickname and the first surname, and the other creatures one name. Both of these are written in the shirt, for example, Zaldo Caisip is written in the shirt instead of simply Caisip.


No	Name								Age	Creature	Notes
1 Rowello (Jassar Francois Rowell Inguito y Rosaupan) 24 Musang Starter
13 Zaldo Caisip (Nickcy Zaldy King Caisip y Rabanal) 22 Human Sub
23 Robadel (Robel Adel Cyle Matela y Lovino) 23 Monkey Reserve

No	Name								Age	Creature	Notes
2 Dion (Archilles Dion Dominick Jamorabon y Bocalig) 21 Musang Starter/Right
3 Isiah (Ryle Krystian Isaiah Gosum y Yauder) 24 Musang Starter/Left
4 Armanic (Errvic Arman Marivic Capio y Manito) 30 Gorilla Starter/VC/Center
5 Guerrero Favor (Nikk Keene Guerrero Favor y Feria) 28 Human Starter/Captain/Center
16 Alain (Alan Alain Isaiah Basilio y Ele) 21 Musang Sub/Right-Center
17 Paterno (Boyet Paterno Julio Ching y Henson) 33 Mulawin Reserve/Center
19 Isis (Casper Gio Isis Tong y Clavel) 20 Ravena Reserve/Center
22 Daniel Bercasio (Ashton Sydney Daniel Bercasio y Galapon) 27 Human Sub/Left-Center

No	Name								Age	Creature	Notes
7 Manuel (Jvee Edwin Manuel Montiveros y Padoan) 27 Musang Starter/Left
12 Vito (Enrick Vito Andrian Masangga y Genciana) 21 Mulawin Starter/Right
8 Gil Delgado (Denz Gil Ariez Delgado y Moratalla) 31 Human Starter/Center
6 Severino (Brent Ruelito Severino Waga y Madrona) 22 Monkey Starter/Center
14 Adolfo (Adolfo Ronnel Chaim Del Prado y Jamo) 23 Ravena Sub/Left-Right-Center
18 Vivencio (Vivencio Joeberg Mico Brillantes y Acedera) 25 Musang Sub/Center
20 Ale Mordeno (Derrick Jovencio Ale Mordeno y Andriano) 28 Human Reserve/Center
21 Michelangelo (Michelangelo Keith Keith Balneg y Fabula) 23 Mulawin Reserve/Right

No	Name								Age	Creature	Notes
9 Inigo Jureidini (Delwin Inigo Mari Jureidini y Ijares) 25 Human Starter/Attack
10 Norman (Rejiel Aethelberht Norman Batnag y Buenaflor) 25 Mulawin Starter/Support
11 Mario (Romer Mario Ralou Yao y Alfredo) 23 Musang Sub/Either
15 Jericho (Jericho Gonzalo Alain Binungcal y Tioaquen) 23 Ravena Sub/Either

Name: Anjilo Roblico (Marvin Raphael Anjilo Roblico y Sabio) - Human
Age: 45
Tactical Style: -4.15, Contain defensive formation
Formation: 4-4-2 defensive

Assistant manager: Paolo Natural (Paolo Johnny Reynerson Natural y Baldevia) - Human
Emmanuel (Emmanuel Arnel Eddy Juntilla y Masikip) - Mulawin
Thadeus (Carmel Vin Thadeus Quinco y Deonio) - Ravena
Kennedy (Aemilius Kennedy Rhay Marqueta y Barongan) - Musang
Nowell (Quirby Nowell Dhaeyvid Juat y Betansos) - Monkey
Amadeo Paraggua (Amadeo Glynis Tyrone Paraggua y Perote) - Human
Prince (Rotsen Prince Franklin Rosaupan y Averia) - Mulawin

Kits are supplied by Sangti's Libertad Sportswear.

Image Image
Red with yellow sash (first), White with red and yellow shoulder (second)

Let your creativity run, except for some restrictions:
NO career ending injury/death
NO red cards exceeding 2 cards greater than your team
NO yellow cards exceeding 4 cards greater than your team
Other matters, go crazy.
Ang Republikang Magkakaiba ng Perlasilangan
Region: The Place | Demonym: Perlasilangani | Capital: Santos-Garcia | Trigramme: PSL | Population 44,000,000
Puppet of The Royal Barangay

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AOCAF-41 Synaxarion

Postby Wight » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:12 pm



Football may still be strictly amateur in the broken islands of Wight, which has a short but proud tradition of being enthusiastic and not very good at football, but from a first AOCAF Final appearance, losing in an extra-time thriller to mighty Pacitalia, the Sondry Folk have gone on to stun the multiverse, not least it's own citizens and the inmates of The Holy Asylum, both sets of supporters not supposing for a moment that a bunch of fishermen, postmen, miners and university lecturers, with a couple of full journeyman professionals plying their trade in foreign climes, could lift the ultimate crown. Add to that a crop of bright young things optimistically dubbed The Golden Generation, who won world titles at Under-15 and Under-21 levels, including two Di Bradini final appearances, and you have the makings of a dynasty, albeit an amateur part-time one. Masvidal managed the first five entries into AOCAF for Wight, but he retires at the top following the World Cup win. Grand master of those two junior titles and assistant to Masvidal for the senior championship was Athelstan Marchand, recently joining his Tamarindian friend in the World Cup Hall of Fame and succeeding him as manager of the senior team. He will be joined by the Brothers Hummingbird as joint assistants, Flavo dividing his time between the national team and managing Arkham Asyluum, Mardellion still playing in the twilight of his career in the Pazhujeb Islands where he is looking for an out from troubled famous old club Juvanapam.

Kits courtesy of Kirola Sports, Audioslavia
Home: Reaper Black & Suicide Grey shirts with blue & gold diagonal trim. Suicide Grey shorts & socks with black & gold trim.
Away: All Plundered Gold, shirts with black & blue fractal trim.



Modifier: Rather buccaneering +2.333r


Country Code: WGT
Team Nickname: The Sondry Folk
Style Modifier: +2.333r

Manager: Athelstan Marchand
Assistants: Flavo & Mardellion Hummingbird
Captain: M.V. Cabel
Vice Captain: Marriner Friend-Forsaken

Artist: Zachary Fosse-Gordon
Dynamo: Piran MacKenzie
Stormtrooper: Ia Rodda
Comedian: Climo Coss
Promising Debutant: Abe Polkinghorne

Most likely to get...

Tap-in: Lorccán Cotterill
Scorcher: Manalaus Carne
Red card: Solmund Faas
Stretcher: Etienne Gynn

The core of the World Cup winning squad will be on duty in the Syndicate for another shot at the AOCAF title they came so close to winning last time, with a few changes. Seniors Manaccas Kent, Wace Gundry, F.C. Sumner, and Yestin Kennard have all opted to retire from international football after the World Cup win, while fringe players Wenn Bosanko, Jowan Cawse and Louis Moran don't make the cut this time around. Most notable absentees are of course Big John Corfe-Sheviock following his... well... you know, it's still hard too talk about... and wonderkid Israel Falcon, who made his senior debut in the last AOCAF. Coach Athelstan Marchand has explained that the boy needs a rest following his consecutive tours in the 4th Under-15 World Championship, Di Bradini 27, AOCAF-40 and World Cup 65. There could well be several debuts of promising youngsters Commissar Faul, Etienne Gynn and Marazion deMoss, while Ruel St. Vincent finally gets a long-expected call-up.


Antrim Quentine - (Aged 31) Team in Wight: FC Berserkr. Full caps for Wight: 60
World Cup 65 winning keeper Quentine made his debut in AOCAF-38 and inherited the number 1 shirt from Azer Baloo in World Cup 63. He had previously watched from the bench during three consecutive semi-final tournaments: AOCAFs 36 & 37; and Cup of Harmony 53. That is behind him now following the world title and a losing appearance in the classic AOCAF 40 final. With years ahead of him as the first choice keeper, he is carving his own reputation as a leader of successful national teams. He is an employee of the Accident & Emergency division in Pompeii, and started his football career for their team until a move to FC Berserkr.


Burien Kneebone - (22) Haïtiens, 4 caps.
Quite the oddball, this fellow, and very much the archetypal goalkeeper: daft as brush, genius, consistently inconsistent from the sublime to the ridiculous. Suspected to have dissociative identity disorder which would explain much. He is from a long line of Kneebones who were connected to the Femurs of Stockett and the Shinns of Whelm County back in Old Wight. Kneebone played at the first World Under-15 Championships as reserve keeper behind Tecca Craddick, although he made only one appearance, coming on as half-time sub after Craddick succumbed to a minor thumb injury, but it was enough to get him a winners medal for the tournament. Missing the subsequent Under-21 title, he has made up for it by being selected as a non-starting sub at the last World Cup & AOCAF. Has jumped ahead of the competition as Wight's top goalkeeping prospect, with Dexter Mackay, the considered number two, missing out on selection altogether. Recently moved from his home club Cockharrow FC to mighty Haïtiens.


Bram Carlo Boyle - (28) Arnold Bedsit Rovers - Left Fullback. 36 caps, 3 goals.
A back-up for the AOCAF-37 squad, he made his debut for the national team in '38, and went on to make three appearances in the world cup 64 campaign despite being second behind the great Atta Myrme, but got a starting place in the AOCAF tournament with Atta rested, and has retained that place after impressing. One of the Port Hawthorne Invitational heroes, where he started as a makeweight for the team, broke into the starting eleven through injury to Evan Briggs, and performed wonders. Plays for Arnold Bedsit Rovers in the Broken Islands Association, although he started his career with AFC Whelm. Works part-time as an administrator for the Wightfishery, that ministry which deals with fishing in the Salamanic Seas, which the Wightlingfolk are rather good at. While this is his fifth squad call-up, it will be his first as starter in the World Cup. Now has World Cup winner and AOCAF Cup runners-up medals.

Chavaqquq Yaval - (25) FC Berserkr - Right Fullback. 22 caps.
A reserve in the Di Bradini 25 Cup-winning team. Central to the rise of FC Berserkr in the Haphazard Foundation, the diminutive fullback has deservedly won a place in the full squad for his positional good sense, eye for a pass, and attacking intent. Not the best tackler in the world, commentators often speculate that he would make a better winger than fullback. Made his full debut in World Cup 63 but had been behind Manaccas Kent in selection until Kent's retirement, but has his chance now to really stake a claim for the position. World Cup 65 and Di Bradini 25 winner, AOCAF Cup runners-up medal holder.

M.V.Cabel - (27) Arnold Bedsit Rovers - Centre Half. 49 caps, 3 goals. Captain
Captain of the World Cup winning team, Cabel was appointed permament captain for the full Wight national team in the World Cup 64 in Wight, in what was his first tournament as a named starter. Previously he had captained the Di Bradini Cup winning side. Appearing for the first time in a senior squad during World Cup 62, M.V. Cabel has impressed at all levels and has long been viewed as the future captain, something he has accomplished after only 19 games for his country. Cabel's full name is McGlennacuddie Varifocal Cabel. He is the only son of Scottish opticians. Has World Cup winners medal, an AOCAF Cup runners-up medal and his Di Bradini Cup win.

Marriner Friend-Forsaken - (28) Arnold Bedsit Rovers - Centre Half. 111 caps, 4 goals.
World Cup winner, first Wight centenarian cap winner, and all-round hero of Wightling football. From his teens he was one of the brightest members of the Wight squads turning out for a team formerly in the fifth tier of the Haphazard Foundation and now one of the leading sides in the Broken Islands Association. Friend-Forsaken has been considered the best defender in Wightling football history with a clutch of top AO clubs vying for his signature. So far he is happy to turn out for the Rovers. He established himself as first choice defender at an early age, and was previously the record holder for youngest national player at 16 years 123 days, broken only in the last AOCAF by Israel Falcon. With 111 caps already, Friend-Forsaken passed Masvidal in the last World Cup tournament as the first player for Wight to reach a century of caps, and may set an unbreakable record with another tournament or two in him yet. Surely the next nominee for the Hall of Fame, considered likely to have got the nomination this time but for the fact he is still playing.


Commissar Faul - (24) Extramarine - Left Fullback
A much-vaunted breakthrough player at mighty Extramarine, Faul earned his first call-up to a national squad in Di Bradini 26, but had failed to progress behind Atta Myrme and Bram Carlo Boyle - but now gets his chance. While his origin is largely unknown, he was adopted as a nameless urchin by the eccentric and influential horse-farmers, the de Fauls of Vesuvian county. Commissar and his brothers Commander and Brigadier are accomplished wranglers, not to mention bar brawlers and all-round rabble rousers. This does not translate onto the pitch where Commissar is the consummate professional – in an amateur way, of course. As with all players at Extramarine, he is the beneficiary of Dickinson-50 performance-enhancing gene modification.

Etienne Gynn - (22) AFC Portsmouth - Right Fullback
A cultured fullback who likes to get forward, he is one of the prospects Wightlingfolk are most excited about. Won a world Under-15 championship medal in Farfadillis, and made his second appearance in the 27th Di Bradini Cup having missed out on the title win. This is his first call-up to the seniors and he will know that with Chavaqquq Yaval a little on the inconsistent side in terms of his form, he will always have a good chance of getting game time as his reserve. A roma gypsie in a previous life in France, he came through The Small Door via tuberculosis, but has been revived in Wight with a new set of lungs so impressive he can run for days. Few enough already can keep up with him in terms of pace or workrate.

Climo Coss - (23) Mâ Âlâmëómë (Farfadillis) - Centre Half. 12 caps
Winner of Under-15 and Under-21 world title medals, and now the full World Cup title, Coss is one of the Golden Generation, a small group who have completed the treble. Recently transferred to newly-formed and rather controversial Septen Island club, Ours Française, from his first club Azerbaycan FC. Ours debuted in the Broken Islands top flight this season as part of the integration of the annexed country into Broken Islands culture, and with Coss in a starring role, finished an impressive 6th at the first attempt. But he has moved on once again, taking the opportunity to take on a professional contract following success in the World Cup and moving to the 'interesting' country of Farfadillis. He should be fine - a boy with an eye for an escapade, Coss has been plagued with disciplinary issues during his short junior career, relating less to his cheerful temperament and more to his sense of comic timing, coaches often say he would be a world class prospect if only he would take the game at least half-seriously. It is unlikely. Climo is a 'labrat' of the Ely Fen Genetics College in Miskatonia, adopted by Cuthbert & Clarys Coss and brought to the Broken Islands. He made his full national debut in World Cup 64, and has an AOCAF runners-up medal to compliment his three world titles.

Izaäk Abel - (26) Four Bit Irregulars - Centre Half. 11 caps
Abel made his breakthrough after winning a World Under-21 title and is highly regarded, having just also won a national domestic title with his club. Playing for the team founded by former Wight midfield star Four Bit, the ultimate footballing calculator, Abel has had a schooling in computational football, and plays with a cool and steely determination. He would tell you that 75.333r% of his career passes have been successful, 81.746% of his attempted tackles have been successful, his team averages 53.234% possession when he is playing and he averages 2'33" of ball time per game, approximately. Wired up to the Irregulars networked game engine, he can also take a feed from Four Bit himself if the player is present at a match, enhancing his optimal performance index by roughly 19.878854378218% when compared with his usual non-wired performances. Now has senior and junior World Cup winners medals, and a UICA Champions Cup winners medal.


Argon Skewes - (22) Ouistreham Rouge - Left Midfielder. 17 caps, 1 goal.
World Cup winner and another of the ‘Golden Generation’ who have bagged winners medals at the World Cup and Under-15 and Under-21 levels, Argon is seen as the chief successor to beloved-if-not-legendary Mardellion Hummingbird. Appeared in the full national squad for the first time at World Cup 64. Skewes is seen as the long-term replacement for Mardellion, but had to wait a bit longer to step up to starter with Yestin Kennard covering that spot for the winning campaign - but Skewes still got plenty of gametime and made a substitute appearance in the final. Earned a runners-up medal at AOCAF 40 where he scored his first goal for the nation. Harking orginally from Myddle, a hamlet of West Mercia, where in the middle ages he caught the rat pox and died, along with two other brothers and a sister. In Old Wight he lived for a time in the Black Engine Orphanage, before being adopted by Aschylus Skewes and Donna Maw. They came to the broken islands during the Great Remove. Argon has a footballing younger brother Rumon, as well as their adopted brother Ludo Negus, another of the Skewes clan. All three play for the Rouge.

Zachary Fosse-Gordon - (27) AFC Portsmouth - Right Midfielder. 49 caps, 9 goals.
World Cup winner and named, with Piran MacKenzie, the outstanding performer of the tournament for Wight. Winner of a Di Bradini Cup medal and one of the best players in that campaign as well, he also has an AOCAF runners-up medal to his name. Made his national debut as one of the younger players to win a full cap at AOCAF-37, stepping up to become a squad starter for the first time. Fosse-Gordon is one of the prodigious talents from the AFC Portsmouth academy, which has been tested to the limit in recent years as financial mismanagement has forced them to sell off every senior player registered at the club. All that's left are the amateurs and the kids. And, for reasons unexplained, Fosse-Gordon. When not earning money he's never going to receive for Pompey, Fosse-Gordon is a Light Bender for the Wight Neon Company.

Piran MacKenzie - (26) Morata Valley FC (Vilita) - Defensive Central Midfielder. 49 caps, 13 goals.
The best player in World Cup 65, he is a world cup winner and scored five goals in the finals tournament from a defensive midfield position. A Di Bradini Cup winner and until recently Wight's only professional footballer. Like M.V. Cabel, he appeared for the first time in a senior squad at World Cup 62, having debuted for the national team during the Under-21s tournament in Port Hawthorne. Former AFC Portsmouth trainee MacKenzie impressed enough during his first major tournament to win a professional contract in Vilita with Eastal Lunar and become the first Wightling, other than non-native Masvidal, to turn professional, and to play abroad. He has divided opinion in Wight with this move, where many hold to the high ideals of amateurism, and find this an insult to sporting purity, while others argue the nation should be proud of it's first football export. At Portsmouth they are just grateful for the undisclosed but allegedly 'substantial' transfer fee. In Vilita MacKenzie had instant success with Eastal, winning promotion from the second tier and a clutch of awards before a big move to Turoki Tide, where he was a minor player in the UICA Champions Cup win. Since moved to Morata Valley where he has resumed his role as the big fish in a small pond, impressing as the Valley defied the odds to finish in the UICA places last season. Inexplicably switches the spelling of his surname from McKenzie to MacKenzie from time to time, causing statisticians migraines all over the multiverse, but especially in Vilita - he may have other false identities, though what for, only a good future RP can tell.

Ia Rodda - (26) 1.FC Bjarnarey Flotilla - Attacking Central Midfielder. 24 caps, 2 goals
World Cup winner who came on as sub in the final to contribute to a shock victory over Polar Islandstates. With the tragic circumstances surround Big John, many feel he'll become the regular in the advanced midfield position favoured by coach Athelstan Marchand. Was a Di Bradini 25 championship winner, and more recently AOCAF-40 runner-up. In a rich crop of current central midfielders for Wight, he stands out as one of the bright ones. The rough-and-tough attacking midfielder struck up an excellent partnership at his club with rough-and-tough striker Masvidal, who was very much his technical mentor. This means Rodda, a tall, quick and solid pugilist, combines a decent reserve of skill with a considerable physical presence which he is happy to put about a bit on the field of play. The Fearless Red, they call him, on account of his dazzling mop of orange-red hair. And his fearlessness. Has just agreed a move into professional football with Polarian club Bjarnarey, where he will no doubt delight the small Wightling ex-pat community by joining up with half-Wightling half-Polarian wonderkid Vauxhall Jansen. But he will have to get over the prejudice of playing in the country robbed of a deserved world title by his own Sondry Folk.


Abe Polkinghorne - (22) Armageddon College - Left Midfielder.
Established himself as a regular for the Young Horses of The Apocalypse. Polkinghorne was one of the bright spots for the students reading Post-Modern Tech and Apocalyptic Mechanics at Armageddon College. He is now on the staff team as he has progressed into research fellow, a highly academic footballer getting his first call-up into a national squad. Dying of radiation poisoning as a young British soldier at the infamous and secret Porton Down lab, after test exposures to contaminated water in the 1950s, he has his own sense of apocalypse and plans to be instrumental in bursting the reality bubble of his old universe when the appropriate time presents itself. In the meantime, he will probably become a rocket scientist for the Wight Air Force in the Broken Islands, which is purely a theoretical division of the Wight military - three old chaps at the Canada Goose Flying Club in Spit, and an inaccessible desk at the Vegai Sa Tu'urk military installation on South Wath.

Levan St. Levan - (24) AFC Portsmouth - Right Midfielder. 10 caps.
Another of the AFC Portsmouth prodigies, following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Zachary Fosse-Gordon, Barlow Todd and of course Piran MacKenzie, in winning international honours at an early age - he debuted during qualifying of the last world cup and earned himself a winners medal for his 10 appearances across the tournament. Made his debut at AOCAF-39 where he won two caps, but had been out of contention since, until receiving a call up for the WC-65 tournament. A riveter at Billy Hayling's Yard, the famous boatbuilder in Langstone, St. Levan is an adaptable midfielder who can play either flank, centrally, and either defensive or offensive. Prefers an attacking right wing role, from where he is both a good provider of dangerous crosses and excellent at disrupting the opposition fullback's forward-raiding capabilities.

Ruel St. Vincent - (26) Spit City - Attacking Central Midfielder
Made his debut in the Di Bradini Cup winning squad alongside luminary midfielders like Piran MacKenzie, Zachary Fosse-Gordon and Argon Skewes. It has taken him a lot longer to progress, but finally the midfielder gets his call with the tragic absence of Big John. St. Vincent lives on the Dante Archipelago where he earns a living as a landscape gardener's assistant. He is also a gig rower of some considerable reputation for The Insula Evangelizo Gig, which I need not tell you has been the best gig crew for as long as anyone can remember. Started his football career at home town club Lucifero but now turns out for one of the big five in Spit City..

Jett Snyder - (22) Spit City - Central Midfielder. 8 caps, 1 goal.
One of the ‘Golden Generation’ – winning world titles at both Under-15 and Under-21 levels and now adding a full World Cup winners medal to his collection. Snyder has impressed at every level and is still a comparative youngster - sure to be part of this amateur dynasty everyone is talking about - in Wight at least... Son of the famous buccaneer Jordan de Marisco of Lundy, he was aboard Marisco's coastal-raiding corvette the Bristol Rover lost off the Brittany coast, aged only 8. Jett was being groomed by his father to be the "moste fearesoemest of all ye brigands of the Brystol Channel and the Eirish Seas" according to accounts at the time, but came to Wight a damp and scrawny thing. After hundreds of years, he was still a dripping wet and plaintive child, until he moved to new Wight, where he dried off, grew up, and plans to make an honest living in the Wightfishery.


Lorccán Cotterill - (30) Turoki Tide (Turori). 58 caps, 45 goals.
World Cup winning striker, who is now second highest national scorer in Wightling football behind only Masvidal (56 goals) and may push for the record if he can squeeze another World Cup out of his body. Made his debut in AOCAF-38. The former star of surprise village powerhouse Ouistreham Rouge has recently earned a move to top Vilitan side Turoki Tide, and while fans were initially cool on their new man, he must surely have won them over with his exploits in the World Cup. He has stepped up as the chief striker for Wight, outstripping the now retired Cleve Scrivenor and returning a remarkable goals to game ratio. Cotterill is an impressive physical striker and has earned his regular spot in the forward line. When not playing football, he is the village's elected Syndicate representative at the Bourse, and a career in politics or labour exchange awaits the militant footballer after retirement.

Manalaus Carne - (22) Kiiara-Torra (Vilita). 13 caps, 1 goal.
One of the ‘Golden Generation’ – winning world titles at both Under-15 and Under-21 levels and completing the hatrick with the World Cup 65 win. Carne made two DBC appearance and earned his first full international call-up at World Cup 64, although he did not play. Made his debut at AOCAF-40 and did enough to secure a move to the Vilitan League with Kiiara-Torraal. Something of a late developer, Manalaus turned out originally for troubled AFC Portsmouth. He is another 'labrat', from the Silvertown Campus Laboratory of the Miskatonic University. Much to the delight of former national manager the warhorse Masvidal, he is of the more physical breed of strikers, the type who intimidate the hardest of centre halves.


Evander Spurling - (22) Spit City 9 caps 4 goals
A Di Bradini Cup 25 winner who got his first call-up to the national squad during World Cup 65, earning a winners medal and scoring four goals in a single game against Aquitayne to match a national record for most goals in a game. The young 'labrat' of the Ely Fen Genetics College in Miskatonia is another of the more highly rated players in this first junior squad. Strong, intelligent and fearless, he is a man after the Masvidal mould. He may well literally be so - there are rumours that when Masvidal was first captured by the devils of Wight during the fall of Tamarindia, the first thing they did was take genetic material from him for cloning. The question remains, is Evander Spurling the cloned offspring of Masvidal?

Solmund Faas - (24) Arnold Bedsit Rovers. 6 caps, 2 goals
First called up for AOCAF 39, he subsequently made odd appearances in World Cup 64 and AOCAF 40, but missed out on the World Cup 65 winning squad. But he is likely to press for more regular international footballer, being highly regarded. Allegedly a shape-shifting spirit who can appear in either human or bear form, though he most usually appears as an enormously large, black-and-hairy bearded human with shining eyes, remarkable brooding intelligence, a solitary nature and an occasionally foul temper. He's also a great forward with a very high goals-to-games ratio at club level, and can perform perfectly well as a stand-in defender, though he is likely to get very annoyed indeed if it looks to him like you are trying to convert him to the back four. Operates best as a lone striker, and says this is when he is at his happiest. A salmon fisherman, berry-picker, bee-keeper and student of Taoist philosophy.

Marazion deMoss - (21) Partisan Spit
A surprise inclusion, the youngster has impressed at up-and-coming Broken Island team Partisan, where he has scored a hatful of goals in his two seasons as the starter for the second-tier club. Considered hot property with several big Wightling clubs monitoring him, the boy insists he is happy where he is. deMoss came through the small door in Old Wight, a child death from being accidentally forked through the heart by a field labourer in the West Country, whilst taking a nap under a pile of hay. Nicknamed 'Lucky' as a result.

RP Permissions & Other Notes

All is permitted; do anything, absolutely anything, within and without reason, there are no rules whatsoever. Interesting collaborations always welcome, by TG or just by shouting out ICly and laying down a challenge (but TG is better to ensure I see it). Amusement is the name of the game.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Do Absolutely Anything: Y

As described in AOCAF 36, and the preceding Cup of Harmony 52, Búa King of Uncertain Dimensions wished to have a copy of his Wight in Enness, and he selected Atlantian Oceania for reasons which remain opaque. In the Great Remove, as the story was called, the great storyteller and weaver of universes Ronny Tolkien was commissioned to sing the copy into existence, but as he was singing, a discordant note was struck up by Malcolm MacLaren, and the resulting mess was the Wight Catastrophe, in which the island appeared suddenly in a storm of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis in the place where the Köselî landmass had stood. Today, the broken islands of new Wight are full of generally normal humans (with the odd clone and a few anthropomorphic pigs) while the more metaphysical beings have withdrawn back into Old Wight, which is a pungent kind of nirvana.

For any background on Wight, please feel free to TG me, or check the admittedly sparse factbook, especially with questions regarding the reality or otherwise of the nation. A sports related summary of how things are in the Wightling nation can be mined from the Sporting Journal

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This your 24 hour warning for Matchday 1, and Groups have now been drawn and posted.
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Hutt River AOCAF 41 roster

Player/Manager - Albert Müller, 40
After Rolf Carven left his job after a terrible performance in World Cup qualifying, the HRFA have again been struggling to get applicants for the job. This time they have had to call on veteran wing-back Albert Müller, now playing in the lower leagues, to manage the team temporarily. Müller has gone for a wingerless tactic, relying on the wingbacks to create the chances for the two powerful strikers up front. The team has retained most of it's members, and the changes have introduced some younger players to the national set up.

First 11
GK- Roland Zimmerman - 31 - Gehenhöhle
CB- Matthew Mills - 30 - Ross Village
CB- Rudolf Schenke - 24 - South Bury
CB- Max Fink - 29 - Gefertigt
WBR- James Soares - 24 - Nye
DM- Craig Vevers - 27 - Gehenhöhle
WBL- Rolf Klaus - 27 - Erxleben
CM- Robert Hall - 23 - Neuesiedlung
AMC- John Statter - 30 - Malham United
ST- Steve Gibson - 22 - Malham United
ST- Tyler Adams - 25 - Kleinestadt

GK- Jack Stafford - 21 - Malham United
CB- Daniel Southworth - 22 - Forford
WBL- Albert Müller - 40 - Downham
DM - Evan Hill - 34 - Malham United
ST- Jim 'Lister' Bexley - 19 - North Bury

Style mod: +1

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y
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The Vaian team:

Starters (5-3-2):

#2 Numatao Makai

LFB #24 Wakoro Malaopani
LCB #31 Wono Kalopai
CB #32 Wamoro Ulanamauaio
RCB #20 Ruto Lapanimakai
RFB #1 Mulo Kalopani

LM: #10 Runokunao Palatai
CM: #18 Klaus Lomupakani-Wagner
RM: #9 Tilao Palarutani

LS: #12 Rumoto Noramanai
RS: #7 Tumo Makanopalani

GK: #22 Nokomo Pulamanai
GK: #27 Rumao Malopai

#6 Mota’awao Wurutopai
#19 Nomao Kawai
#16 Umo Munulowai
#11 Muto Nilomapai
#17 Rulo Kawai
#3 Molu Lomai
#28 Alu Napali
#26 Ruta'ao Maniruto

#13 Ulumo Makai
#21 Muwao Nilopawai
#5 Kolao Namopoi
#25 Moko Romokanapai
#15 Luto Omapai
#29 Nuko Mulopai

#4 Roru Lanipoi
#14 Wano Mopa'ai
#23 Makao Rulopanai
#8 Nulo Makaopai
#30 Ailo Malakapanai

Coach: Ishmael Walker, Osarius

Home Stadium:
Vaian National Pitch, Kolo Lahi. Capacity 112,532.

Style: -4


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I decide severity
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, three per game. More are possible through TG.
Hand out red cards to my players: N
Godmod other events: TG me.
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Hector Rossizzo

Assistant Manager
Gonzalo Mordáz

La Vherderoja

Style Modifier


Name: Erfaon Lisdiren
Age: 27
Team: Inland Peaks Image
Notable Skills: Excellent diving, likes to do acrobatics (though not excessively)
Bio: Lisidren is one of those players that get to forge their fame in their home country quickly and to insane extents, but seems to not be able to succeed nearly as much in other countries. After unsuccessfully going through Valladar football, not necessarily because of performing badly, but because of choosing which team to go to badly, he's recently arrived at Vilita's Déclasse Division team Inland Peaks as the new starting goalkeeper, after a 6-month long hiatus (which didn't apply for the national team). He's fantastic at saving, but isn't that good with handling and he's not the kind of goalkeeper who keeps all rebounds for himself. There's no doubt that the best way to beat him is to shoot strongly and prey for a likely lucky rebound. He's been the only consistently starting goalkeeper for Farfadillis of the professional era, and it's been for a good reason so far. He's had some key performances in famous Farf feats, such as beating Pacitalia in their best era or getting to the quarterfinals of the World Cup. He's one of the "Great 4" of the team, the group that is considered completely vital, and without which the team just can't work well. As long as the Great 4 play as they're used to, Farfadillis can continue being Farfadillis. He's also one of the only two players to have played in each and every match Farfadillis has ever played, along with Mêndêlöíndçêl.

Name: Vrotaoa Wii-Tzaara
Age: 26
Team: Nostromo Meteorites Image
Style: Very organized and good defensively, knows how to join the attack but does it relatively conservatively
Bio: Wii-Tzaara is a somewhat weird case. He was born in Vilita from a Farf mother and a Vilitan father, and has only stepped on Farf territory very sporadically. However, due to the desperate need for a left back that hasn't been brought up by Farf football, and that is consequently more defensive and organized, he's been called up for the job. He's played in the Vilitan League, and has recently arrived at La Nueva Avenida, winning the FFL last season. Wii-Tzaara is also quite talented when it comes to joining the attack, but he's, as said, much more conservative than Illi Setentriona. Playing at the Syndicate, his experience with some stadia and the language could be vital.

Name: Rancisc Faró
Age: 21
Team: Melville Celtic Image
Style: Fast defender, very skilled with the ball and with impeccable reflexes
Bio: Dandalleion's half-brother by his mother side, who seems to take after him in many ways. To start off, he's incredibly fast as well, he's very skilled and he started his carrer with swamp football. After that, many players of the team have claimed that he behaves in a very similar way. And lastly, they both have the same way of running, dribbling, passing and reacting that you can clearly notice is special in some way when you see them. Faró replaced a very out-of-form Yung Chinsúa, so he doesn't have much to live up to... or, well, he wouldn't if he wasn't Dandalleion's brother. He started his association football career at Northern Sunrise Islands, with Project +90, a youth team from said country, but quickly moving to Melville Celtic, a Polarian Team. Maybe this is the main difference between him and is brother: Vilita's weather is the Polar opposite of the Islandstates. Pun fully intended.

Name: Santos Alaminos
Age: 20
Team: Jungle Strike Image
Style: Constant offensive threat, tireless, very god defensively
Bio: Say hello to one of Farfadillis' finest new young talents. Alaminos recently became the first player to win a UICA competition, having won the first edition of the U-19 Champions' Cup. He demonstrated all his talent during the twenty-eighth Di Bradini Cup. Alaminos is a constantly and consistently threatening player, capable of coping with pressure easily, and very skilled. He can get long passes to wherever he wants and with incredible precision. Most likely, however, his talent lies in how he will do anything to recover the ball. He's very gifted defensively-speaking as well, but he's tireless when it comes to that, so that's a plus too. His sliding tackles are incredibly precise, as he's got a kind of "vision" for them: he can tell whether he'll get there or not, thus sliding a lot more than usual yet not committing more fouls than anyone else. He's also willing to help the team at his expense, like receiving a red card to stop a goal or passing the ball when facing the goalkeeper to make sure the ball enters the opponent's goal. He just recently showed his other face, however, being incredibly talented at finding holes in the opponent's game and abusing them with precise dribbling and passing. A good way of noticing just how good he is is that he replaced Frêndê in the starting line-up, even though he was one of the "founding" players that had been called up for World Cup 60's qualifyings.

Name: Yurpá Mêndêlöíndçêl [C]
Age: 22
Team: Oyardo FC Image
Style: Very energetic, decent when it comes to technique and superb defensively.
Bio: Yurpá is an example of sacrifice and will. Working his way out of Ruland, the worst hell-hole since Ruland. Yeah, exactly. Ever since he was a child he's had the determination to achieve as much as he possibly can. His biography is guaranteed to leave you crying, as it combines these two with other things he's had to go through throughout his life. Regarding his abilities inside the pitch, he's not particularly talented with the ball, but his resistance is unmatched and his violent shots from outside the box are to be feared. Defensively-speaking, he's unmatched as well, constantly recovering balls by just outspeeding opponents or foreseeing passes. He's also very good when it comes to cleaning the ball from the more dangerous parts of the pitch. He's also got the talent to lead all the other players and understand complex tactics naturally. He's been performing stunningly as of late, and he's no doubt worthy of the captaincy and probably even more. Without a doubt the best player along with Dandalleion, Tuzzio and Lisdiren, which along with him form the Great 4. He's played every single match in Farfadillis' history, a record he shares only with Lisdiren.

Name: Risko Kâí
Age: 18
Team: Urbizania Wanderers Image
Style: Impeccably fast, very good at dribbling and defending
Bio: Say hello to a promising young prospect, Risko Kâí. After some fantastic performances as a substitute for the U-21 squad last Di Bradini Cup, Risko has gotten nothing less than the starting position in the national team, something not even he expected. He's impeccable with the ball, and he's very fast, what with being from Ruland and so on. His defending is also very good, and he's not one to cave under pressure either. He recently moved to Urbizania Wanderers, but he's not expected to get a starter position there. This might just be his chance to prove how much he's worth.

Rancisc Tenian
Age: 24
Team: Gwinevra Barbarians Image
Style: Playmaker, sometimes scores directly from crosses
Bio: Tenian was one of the first Farf players to play abroad. He is an incredible playmaker. Matino decided to call him for the starting eleven over Minduruguatzel, and Rossizzo decided that this decision was very sensible so he kept him and even as a starter. Beloved in Apox, he's just returned to the starting line-up, after Rossizzo mistakenly left him out last time. He sometimes scores directly from crosses, regardless of difficulty. At first it was thought that it was just luck, but he's done it so many times now that people know he does it on purpose. He's basically a slower than average midfielder but one with a very good technique for passing and crossing, his dribbling might not be as remarkable, but it's still very good. His marking isn't good, just as Dandalleion's but a bit worse, but he makes up for it by not letting the ball go, ever. He's not one of those players that runs all around the pitch and so on, as he's not fast, as said, but he's good at knowing when to run to get the ball before someone else, at least.

Name: Ikkon Karrka
Age: 20
Team: Barbury Town Image
Style: Aggressive, incredibly skilled, good playmaker, very persistent, incredible long shots, including free kicks
Bio: Ikkon Karkka is part Hujukian, part Farf, though more of the latter than the former. Born in Hujukialand, and having lived there for four years during his childhood, he's inevitably aggressive. Hujukialand is the very definition of a hell-hole, where you're statistically dead before you reach ten. Karkka is probably the most offensive player of the team, as well, as having been born in a place that plays so offensively and having been brought up in Farfadillis just grants you some kind of mindset for football. His dribbling is impressive and his shots almost unmatched. He can dribble anyone but is usless excrement when it comes to defending; he's the best possible player for a team like this.

Name: Ichi Tuzzio
Age: 22
Team: Makosile United Image
Style: Very good at shooting from long distances, excellent dribbler, agile, and good playmaker.
Bio: Originally Dandish, having been born in Dodeni, Tuzzio is (luckily), also Farf, as Dandillis is a colony of Farfadillis. Tuzzio is currently one of the best players of the team and is recognized internationally as well, having played in the V-League for some time now, having reached the AOCAF semifinals twice and having reached the World Cup quarterfinals as well. He takes dribbling and shooting to a whole new level. His style is also very easy to recognize; his incisive passes are incredible. If he gets the ball, there's always danger. However, he's not particularly strong or anything (unless you count shooting!), so with some luck and a bit of the referee's help he's somewhat controllable, though he can turn the tables at any moment. He's part of the "Great 4" as well, but he's been somewhat down lately due to family issues. He's been granted some promises and is expected to recover, though.

Sê Mêrí
Age: 22
Team: FC Torshavn Image
Style: Excellent shooting and crossing, very good dribbling and quite speedy
Bio: Sê Mêrí has just won the starting position after a lot of decisions by Rossizzo to change the formation and everything, and it seems like he won't let anyone down. After moving out to the Islandstates, Mêrí seems to have progressed a lot. He's still very good with shooting and crossing, but he's now pretty good dribbling as well, plus he seems to be better on the physical side now. Mêrí is one of those dangerous players you have to look out for. He and Dandalleion seem to be the perfect pair, as they seem to know each other by heart because of who-knows.

Name: Friekder Dandalleion
Age: 23
Team: Jungle Strike Image
Style: Extremely Fast, always helps on the offense, a bit on the defense, tends to score goals by outrunning players.
Bio: After being the best Farf player during the second swamp football World Cup, he was called by Ferdullaele FC and started playing on Farfadillis' first division, was loved by the fans (who already loved him because of his performance on the SSWC2) and was called for the national team, quickly replacing Bujkanovic. He had performed really well in Cednia Beach, where he'd played slightly out of position, before signing for Vilitan champions Jungle Strike and becoming the first Farf player to play in the Champions' Cup, along with Ichi Tuzzio, where he got to the final as a starter. Probably recognized as the best Farf footballer after becoming an AO-All Star starter and a World XI starter. He's by far the fastest of the team, even being chosen as an athletics runner in the olympics, and as it's Farfadillis that's quite a feat. He's difficult to catch when he dribbles using his speed, and his technique is by no means bad, his crosses are precise, his dribbling is very good and his shots are unstoppable. He's also very quick to react and always knows when to run and which direction to take, which makes his speed even more lethal than it would be by itself. He's one of those players that's never nervous and that never gives up a ball. He's just been moved up to play as a striker instead of midfielder, as he's used to in Jungle Strike, where in turn he now plays as a centre attacking midfielder. Such is life, at least he's now very versatile. He's also part of the Great 4, and probably renowned as the best of the team now. He also holds the record for most goals for the national team.


Name: Joan Raguzzelli
Age: 24
Team: Koloko Image
Style: Experienced Goalkeeper.
Bio: He's experienced. He's also experienced at sitting in the bench, waiting to play. Why, say hello to Raguzzelli! The most benched goalkeeper in history! He's good, but he's condemned to live under Lisdiren's shadow for the time being. Let's just hope he's not praying for something bad to happen to Lisdiren.

Name: Nomá Greffe
Age: 28
Team: Flying Jellyfish Image
Style: Fast thinking, Tactical Mastermind.
Bio: Greffe is one of the few survivors of World Cup 60's roster, and he's not good. That World Cup was the worst ever, and he's just experienced, so that's probably one of the main, if not of the very few, reasons why he's been called up. Rossizzo chose to call a half-Vilitan player instead of him, that just says it all.

Name: Cundo Nessi
Team: Flying Jellyfish Image
Age: 24
Style: Almost perfect tactically sepaking.
Bio: Nessi was born in Ruland, known as the "4th world state", a state where almost everyone is living in poverty, and starving. He was one of those kids who didn't get an education because of it. However, he did play a lot of football and managed to be spotted by one of Flying Jellyfish's scout. He's almost perfect when it comes to tactics. He's recently been found to play better as a centre back, but he's got to compete with Rancisc Faró for that spot, and that's a bit too tough of a challenge for him.

Name: Agundí Frêndê
Age: 27
Team: Neuville Scythers Image
Style: Incredible dribbler and permanent attacker
Bio: If you look up in a dictionary "Farf Side Back", a picture of this guy is what will appear. He's ok defensively, if he ever actually defends, and he joins the attack really well... constantly. He's very good with passing and, more than anything else, dribbling. He's good when he gets to shoot, too, and he's shown to be a good all-around player when it comes to all the offensive aspects in which he doesn't stand out. He's one of those players you will use only if you really like offensive football, and he's one of the very few side backs that can claim that their offensive input outweights the hazardousness of lacking a defender there. Faró with his speed and Wii-Tzaara with his Vilitan-esque style of play are expected to patch up the holes he leaves on the defense should he be sent in, which is pretty likely as he's not under-performed too much in the more than a hundred games he has played for Farfadillis. Nonetheless, his mere presence means that Farfadillis must play attacking football. Whether this is good or bad is up for anybody to judge. He's been a bit unlucky, as arguably one of the most promising players has recently replaced him. He'll still forever live on in the fans' memories, that's for sure.

Name: Yülàáê Mî
Age: 20
Team: AFC Damaciu Image
Style: Fast and talented, very high football IQ
Bio: Yülàáê and his brother play almost identically; it's difficult to tell who is who if you don't look at their faces (thank God they're not identical twins!). Their main difference, however, is that Yülàáê is left-footed. Taking this into account, Rossizzo decided to add him to the left flank after moving Dandalleion up to striker position. There's lots of hopes for this young man, and he'd better not disappoint. He's recently been bought along with his brother to AFC Damaciu of Kinitaria. He played as a starter during World Cup 65, but Rossizzo has decided to change tactics a bit and try some other possibilities, specially bringing Risko Kâí to the team. His brother hasn't been called up due to an injury.

Name: Américo Marino
Age: 35
Team: Avenida Victoria Image
Style: Very good at defending, good free kicks
Bio: Marino is currently in the last years of his career, but that doesn't mean that Rossizzo can't call him up for the national team. He's a very good leader, inside and outside the pitch, and this national team needed a reference once and for all, they're all too young after all. He's a good back-up for Mêndêlöíndçêl should anything happen. He's Avenida Victoria's captain and was one of the key players of the team that reached the Globe Cup knock-out stages, something without precedent for the Farves.

Frion Wanderis
Age: 25
Team: 1.FFC Turbine Decraa Image
Style: Very good defensively, very good dribbler, good passer.
Bio: Frion Wanderis is very good in important areas of the midfield, specially on a defensive point of view. He's a very important player of the team now, and never gets substituted. These performances spotted the attention of Mytanar team 1.FFC Turbine Decraa, who are battling relegation and bought him to lead them forward out of the relegation zone. Perfect understanding of tactics and perfect prediction to steal the ball make his marking outstanding in a way and makes him a very important part of set pieces. His dribbling is very good and it helps him keep the ball, as mentioned. However, he's now just the shadow of what he used to be, he seems to just not be able to perform as he used to, and he's been left aside accordingly.

Fabrifé Numbá
Age: 33
Team: Tympú AC Image
Style: Fast, precise striker.
Bio: An fast and lethal finisher. Used to compete on athletism until, at the age of 16, his uncle persuaded him to compete on football instead, he did keep his athletic treats though, something easily noticeable. Currently plays on Tympú AC . He's returned to the national team after a break to care after his father, who recently died. After he left, he found himself with too much competition for him, and he just might not recover the starting place he once had.

Yolo Fu
Age: 24
Team: Ferdullaele FC Image
Style: Ideal Poacher.
Bio: After Numbá decided to retire from the national team for an undefined amount of time, Matino called Ferdullaele FC's current centerforward: Fu, a decision Rossizzo kept but sending him to the bench instead. He's the ideal poacher: exquisite heading, good finishing, good at reacting, good positioning and fast on short distances. He's demonstrated what he's worth, but the battle for being the starter against all other strikers will continue, he's been losing it up to now. He's not as acrobatic as Juárez and is a bit worse than him in some aspects, as well as not having the talent to foresee what can happen exactly, and isn't as good at dribbling as Johans, another one that can win back his position easily. What makes matters worse is that he's neither Dandalleion nor Mêrí, which is a genuine problem to all substitute strikers right now.

Nazeau Roga
Age: 21
Team: Iturributa United Image
Style: He's ok... and he likes to write
Bio: Yeah, he's not really that good... but he likes to write, and some culture wouldn't do this team any bad. So, yeah, some are still wondering what he's doing here. He seems to lpay well enough to get a starting position in Iturributa United, though, so he might be pretty good after all.

Fermín Juárez
Age: 27
Team: Avenida Victoria Image
Style: Deadly finisher who knows how to move in his natural habitat: the box.
Bio: Juárez becmae famous because of taking the FFL crown from Ferdullaele for the first time, and they haven't got it back yet. He's acrobatic, and he's a great poacher. He even managed to be a starter for some time, before falling into obscurity because of the many other strikers Farfadillis has got available for use.

Vasilije Østergård
Age: 21
Team: Avenida Victoria Image
Style: Playmaking striker. Precise shooting from anywhere. Excellent dribbling.
Bio: He's characterized for leaving his teammate attackers with best-case-scenario opportunities. His playmaking is often too much for defenders. He's extremely precise at shooting, often fetching the upper-corners with elegance. His dribbling is much better than average and he tends to administrate it well: just as much dribbling as needed to create an opportunity. Østergård became a starter with Flying Jellyfish a few years ago, almost breaking a record for youngest player to make his first appearance. After this success, he was transferred to Avenida Victoria and played as a starter in replacement of the deceased Cris Bartoloměj, leading the team to a Globe Cup spot. Completely settled with Avenida Victoria, might settle soon with the national team, and seems like he could become the striker this AOCAF, probably not though. He saved Farfadillis with a last minute goal against Burchadinger that sent Farfadillis through to beat Pacitalia later on, in a match where he wasn't really important but played some time. He's one of the most common substitutes to get in, as he always gets a couple of minutes. He's shown he's worthy of these opportunities, having played better than a tired Dandalleion after eighty-four minutes of constant running, for example.


Starting XI



La Fantás (100,000 seats)

The Farf Fragar Firschendujmal I7'snerra has been an unsafe stadium for a long time... a way too long time. That's exactly why the FFFF has decided to build a brand-new stadium for the national team. The stadium's already been built, and it's got all kind of (capitalistic) luxuries. The seats are all very comfortable, and the government poured a huge load of money on the stadium as well because it was the "random blindfolded budget choice of the week" (yeah, don't ask). La Fantás translates to "The Fantastic" in new Farf. The stadium can hold up to 100,000 people, way less than the I7'snerra, but the stadium is still better overall.

The Outlandish Lands of Farfadillis Ӿ Population: 29,814,000 ± 21,186,000
Capital: Ferdullaele Ӿ Demonym: Farf, plural Farves (Yes, really) Ӿ FFL Results by Season Ӿ How to get any WA Category Ӿ IIwiki Article

Champions: AOCAF Cups 43, 48 and 57
Hosts: AOCAF Cup 38, Baptisms of Fire 54 and 68
For: Good things Ӿ Against: Bad things

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Postby New West Guiana » Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:01 pm

Overall Record: 53-40-82(W-T-L)

Baptism of Fire 43
Record 0-2-3
World Cup
Overall Record: 42-29-52
World Cups Participated: 8
World Cups Qualified: 0
World Ranking: 91
Cup of Harmony
Overall Record: 0-1-2
CoH Invited: CoH 52, 54
CoH Participated: 52
Overall record: 12-7-24
AOCAF's Participated: 8
AOCAF's Qualified: 3


Head Coach

Don Hummel played for the National Soccer Association for twelve years winning two NSA titles with FC United. He was first selected to play for the West Guiana National Soccer team during AOCAF 37 which saw the West Guiana make it into the Round of 16. Hummel was hired before AOCAF 39 and has since then been in good favor of many WG fans.


3 Thomas Lichtens
4 Josh Freemann
2 Allen Midfiled
8 Juan Sanchez
5 Florence Diyelo
6 Jeuo Lopez

9 Ali Ytei
1 Yano Xzayit
13 Zack Hughers (Captain)
14 Danell Hamliton
15 Quin Luther
17 Dean Hummel

18 John Adlin
23 Mark Buttfumble
24 Jamie Usor'

26 Han Honi
27 Xetho Yi'toni
22 Jeff Saturday



Located right along the banks of the St. Johns River in downtown Gemsbrook, it is home to the domestic soccer club Gemsbrook FC of the National Soccer Association. It was built in 2008 and has a capacity of 27,800, expandable to 33,000. Traffic is harsh mainly during rush hour however after the installment of exit 197 off I-22 getting to the stadium has become much easier.

Style: +1.5

RP Premissions:
What ever you want to the point of killing them.
Yellow Cards: Max 7
Red Cards: Max 4
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Domestic sports leagues

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Postby Kericia » Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:48 pm

The Under-23 side of Kericia will compete in AOCAF Cup 41.

name / age / club

Phil Romero / 21 / Kericia City
Teddy Sharpe / 20 / New Haven

Mitch Barnes / 23 / Minetto
Jon Flores / 23 / Minetto
Allen Wheeler / 22 / Kericia Town
Zachary Greene / 22 / Constantia

Pat Good / 22 / Scriba
Bryan Hale / 18 / Hastings
Elmer Franklin / 18 / Amboy

Kevin Carpenter / 23 / Kericia City
Chris Erickson / 22 / Hannibal
Randy Hall / 23 / Scriba
Ben Mitchell / 21 / Kericia City
Shane Pierce / 20 / Albion

Doug Gamble / 19 / Volney
Jared Lee / 18 / Carterville
Raymond Lewis / 18 / Hastings

Vince Conner / 21 / Fulton
Ricardo Rosário / 22 / Sandy Creek
Ted Campbell / 23 / Orwell

Dale Ferguson / 44

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Image The Blue Foxes Image
Representing the Pacitalian Republic
in international men's football

Home, away and third kits

Image Image Image

Home and away kits worn with white shorts and blue piping.
Third kits worn with gradient black-to-white shorts and blue piping.
Home kits with matching blue socks (with white stripes).
Away kits with matching white socks (with blue stripes).
Third kits with matching black socks (with blue stripes).

Should my opponent RP first, I give them permission to
Choose my scorers
Make substitutions
Delegate yellow and red cards
Injure players within reason

André-Luis Partico

Assistant managers
Juan Antonio Pescador
Giammariano Demarzo

Formation and style modifier
4-4-2, with a +1 style modifier

——— Likeliest starters ———

Pos Name # Current club

FW Demi Santos 7 Étoile Rouge FC (Cotdelapoms)
FW Fernando Nero 19 Montse FC (Vielha)

MF Nicolás Sema 4 Capitol Club (Virabia)
MF Cadi Herrera 11 FC Segadors Bergamo (Pacitalia)
MF Lamberto Dommaso 15 AS Timiocato (Pacitalia)
MF Cristián Pique 16 Tiberians FC (Pacitalia)

DF Hermès Adiarche 2 AS Bezieres (Valladares)
DF Aurelio Seriesta 5 Echegoyan FC (Astograth)
DF Camilo Branco 8 Arzurossi Lucifora FC (Pacitalia)
DF Sebastiano Berardi 9 Raynor City United (Valanora)

GK Ander Bera 1 FC Athalone (Pacitalia)

——— Likeliest substitutes ———

Pos Name # Current club

FW Xabi Ferrán 3 Voyageurs Korendam (Scandonia)
FW Goran Kovacevic 6 Montbenoit FC (Saugeais)

MF Sergio Fernández 17 AC Izotz Zubia (Audioslavia)
MF Fenicio Samatini 18 Athletic Fiascano (Pacitalia)
MF Benjamín Madero 20 Sporting Roquereda (Pacitalia)
MF Maurizio Domanecco 22 UCF Pantheon Capitale (Pacitalia)

DF Ami Bellagente 10 Sport Femu Abantina (Pacitalia)
DF Romeo Padovano 12 Mar Sara FC (Valanora)
DF Pau Capdemarco 13 ADF Blanques Empordà (Pacitalia)
DF Marco Benavolio 24 CF Mandragora (Pacitalia)

GK Theo Bourgani 29 Ravens Poortendam (Scandonia)

——— Other players and recent national call-ups ———

Pos Name # Current club

FW Damone Rosso 25 FC Nero Sapuntoli (Pacitalia)
FW Demetrio Abruzzano 31 FC Cavalieri Saronni (Pacitalia)
FW Ando Campesso 32 CDF Cruciforma 1866 (Pacitalia)

MF Bruno Arca 21 FC Marathon Franconia (Pacitalia)
MF Emanuele Maschiate 27 San Marco FC (Pacitalia)
MF Aber Garza 30 FCV Amalfia Sperdona (Pacitalia)
MF Bernardo Santos 33 FCV Amalfia Sperdona (Pacitalia)

DF Mauro Girometta 23 Ville-DuPont (Saugeais)
DF Jordi Camardán 26 ADF Blanques Empordà (Pacitalia)

GK Emin Demirtas 28 1830 Cathair FC (Audioslavia)


For more detailed information on the current squad, please click here.

Federazione Futaboli Pacitaliana
℗ MMXIII (2013)
Pacitalian Football Federation

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Postby Vilita » Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:31 pm


4-Time AOCAF Champions

The coaches will select the squad from the National Player pool. Players are listed below, grouped by position and sorted by projection 'Depth Chart' position where the top player listed is most likely to be named the first player selected for that position, and so on. Depth chart positions are determined by performance in pre-cup training sessions, as well as performance and average ratings in the Vilitan League competition and previous appearances for the National Team.


[ 85 ] Nycflala Kater [ - Kiiara-Torra - ]
------- GK ( AGE: 32 CAPS: 90 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ 5.52 Average Rating ]
Descended of former National Team goalkeeper Jimmy Kater, who took over the starting position on the National Team under the intense spotlight of the World Cup 17 Finals in Vilita and remained first choice keeper for the majority of Vilitan national competition in subsequent seasons before joining the coaching staff for World Cup 31. Nycflala made his full debut for the Vilita National Team during World Cup 57 where he was named the starter in 14 of Vilitas 16 qualification matches. Kater performed strongly with 6 shutouts and a 5.86 average rating. Many claim that the focus on the World Cup 57 Qualifying campaign distracted Strike players such as Kater from performing well domestically in VLeague 26. Kater ensured there would be no dissapointment in VLeague 27 leading Strike comfortably to both the League and Cup titles, repeating the feat during VLeague 29 and VLeague 30. After winning the Vilitan Cup, Stellar Division and Tropical Trophy just one more time over the next five seasons, Kater left Strike FC despite not having another contract lined up, looking to focus on the World Cup 63 Finals in nearby Turori. Humbled by the Jungle Cats epic failure in Turori, Kater went back to roots moving up the coast from Strike to Kiiara. After briefly helping at Kiiarana City, Kater switched to Kiiara-Torra and led the side to the Declasse title and an appearance in the Vilitan Cup Final, the first ever for the club.

[ ] Cilamara Issah [ - Marine Coast United - ]
------- GK ( AGE: 18 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Issah graduated from the Crosaibi Academy in time for the end of Marine Coast United's Season 37 campaign. After being named Marine Coast's player of the season during the first professional campaign, Issah was named Declasse player of the season during Season 38.

[ 93 ] G.Q Disterfred II [ - Inura Forests - ]
------- GK ( AGE: 17 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Young prospect Disterfred pushed Inura Forests into the top half of the Season 38 Declasse, earning player of the season honors at the club and earning recognition as a serious propsect for the National Team.


[ 61 ] Endur Rotropii [ - Marine Coast United - ]
------- D RLC ( AGE: 18 CAPS: 12 :: GOALS::SR: 2 U21: REG: ) :: [ 7.40 Average Rating ]
Rotropii made his debut for Marine Coast United during Season 38 and quickly grew popular with the fans in Crosaibi, being named Marine Coast's player of the season in his rookie campaign. Rotropii scored his first career international goal during World Cup 65 Qualifying in a 4-1 victory over Mashiki.

[ 62 ] Tlikao Muratai [ - Inland Peaks - ]
------- D RL ( AGE: 16 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]

[ 6 ] Inaosnaa Klanoa [ - Mavaloiao (Vilita) - ]
------- D RLC ( AGE: 16 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]

[ 8 ] Ricata Amakra [ - Cednia Beach (Turori) - ]
------- D C ( AGE: 32 CAPS: 3 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ 6.50 Average Rating ]
The product of the Alikka-Corra Academy is a defender being compared locally with former Alikki-Corra FC defender Emarka Laniora. While he doesn't yet share the same ability to charge up either wing with the ball, his solid defensive skills should see him earn some playing time with the National Team. Amakra has been a star performer in the Non-Leagues with the Orbital Kickers. After amassing a 10-season, 400+ match career outside the Vilitan League system, Amakra finally made the leap ahead of V-League Season 37 signing for Morata Valley and moving back to the main island. After two seasons in Morata Valley, Amakra switched to Cednia Beach AFC in Turori for Season 39.

[ 4 ] Balariita Muzmaara [ - Kiiarana City (Vilita) - ]
------- D LC ( AGE: 28 CAPS: 21 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Muzmaara, one of the youngest players ever invited to a Turorian National Team training camp (Ignoring the Cocoboas), joining the Terrarokka Spirit during Season 27. After spending seasons bouncing between the League and Amateur levels, Muzmaara finally moved to play full time for the Kionao Locals, spending two seasons at home in Turori

[ 0 ] Geafi Laina-Sola [ - Inura Forests - ]
------- D RLC ( AGE: 15 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]


[ 38 ] Dronik Ratuva [ - Morata Valley - ]
------- DM RLC ( AGE: 31 CAPS: 10 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ 6.88 Average Rating ]
Dronik Ratuva was an exciting prospect from the Valley Academy, who is also able to move wide to defensively cover the wings when 2 or 3 central defenders are used. Ratuva helped Morata Valley earn promotion to the Stellar Division during VLeague 26. Ratuva has continually been named Player of the Season at Morata Valley and helped lead them to their best ever Stellar Division placement of 5th during Season 37, also earning the side a place in the UICA Champions Cup.

[ 22 ] Klaillal Tuirma [ - Kionao Locals - ]
------- ATH ( AGE: 22 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Descendant of Season 4 Turorian Player of the Season and National team legend Cuolia Tuirma, Klaillal will work with Restiaa Mumamba to become the future "All-Around" player for the Turori National Team. Playing in a unique role, Tuirma will be expected to fill the role of being able to play every game, in every position - even Goalkeeper, if there are no subs left. Tuirma will certainly be starting as a substitute during their debut campaign in World Cup 62 but may get the chance to start against weaker opposition.


[ 25 ] Kiroki Mitaroka [ - Turoki Tide - ]
------- M RLC ( AGE: 27 CAPS: 56 :: GOALS::SR: 5 U21: REG: ) :: [ 5.14 Average Rating ]
After starting at the Turoki Locals in the Lower Leagues, Mitaroka's talent was spotted by Inland Peaks FC who snapped the youngster up for V-League season 29. At the midway point of the season Mitaroka was setting the Declasse on fire with skillful performances and caught the attention of the Vilitan coaches who added Mitaroka to the World Cup 59 roster despite having never been called to the National Team before. After their promotion back to the Stellar Division for season 38, the Electricians of Arctical Inlet made Mitaroka their primary target, landing him for a large transfer fee. Mitaroka helped lead the Tide back to the UICA Champions Cup but proved to be a true rental when he moved again to Turoki United prior to Season 39.

[ 34 ] Lopaki Kilpter [ - Kiiarana City - ]
------- M RLC ( AGE: 20 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
After coming up through the Strike Academy, the younger Kilpter played 40 matches over 2 seasons winning a Stellar Division title before shifting up the coast to Kiiarana to enjoy a regular place in the starting 11.

[ 22 ] Etamara Kulkkiia [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
------- AM C ( AGE: 19 CAPS: 21 :: GOALS::SR: 2 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Kulkkiia was developed at the Cednia Beach Academy having been highly scouted and recruited by teams throughout Turori and even Vilita. After the Turori Eels failure to qualify for World Cup 64, Kulkkiia became the subject of media attention questioning whether the aging crop of players should make way for younger players like Kulkkiia in the Esportiva-hosted Cup of Harmony for World Cup 64.

[ ] Vliela Lianksa [ - Kiarra-Torra - ]
------- M C ( AGE: 16 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]

[ 23 ] Inlite Makakio [ - Inura Forests - ]
------- M LC ( AGE: 17 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]

[ 45 ] Dalian Magagula [ - Kirota Beach - ]
------- M RLC ( AGE: 21 CAPS: :: GOALS::SR: U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]

[ 23 ] Kigaoua Oalalka [ - - Unattached - - ]
------- M RC ( AGE: 16 CAPS: 0 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Oalalka never could get settled down in Vilita, taking trial runs at clubs such as the Turoki Tide, Inland Peaks and Mavaloiao before switching gears and looking at international transfer options.


[ 41 ] Nili Ylimaiina [ - Arcticala Inlet - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 21 CAPS: 6 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ 6.75 Average Rating ]
Regarded as the 'next great thing' in a long line of Vilitan forwards when he made his debut for Kiiarana City, Ylimaiina has since moved to Arcticala Inlet in hopes of leading the Electricians back to their former glory. Ylimaiina was born in Vilita but also contains Starblaydi blood on his Mother's side.

[ 24 ] Enluta Makakio [ - Strike FC (Vilita) - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 17 CAPS: 4 :: GOALS::SR: 1 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
After coming through the ranks in Kionao, Makakio's performances got the attention of the scouts at Strike FC who signed the young Turorian attacker for their Season 39 campaign.

[ 31 ] Matlya Eelador [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 17 CAPS: 2 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]

[ 34 ] Inamari Altariiz [ - Mliona-Lpaka - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 17 CAPS: 1 :: GOALS::SR: 0 U21: REG: ) :: [ N/R ]
Altariiz was instantly identified as a high-quality prospect at Mliona-Lpaka and was promoted to the senior squad at 16 years of age taking up a starting role in Mliona-Lpaka's Season 38 campaign.

[ 46 ] Kaivel Illatara [ - Marine Coast United - ]
------- #N/A U21: REG: ) #N/A

[ 43 ] Kristofer Kilpter [ - East Franz Athletic (PIS) - ]
------- F C ( AGE: 31 CAPS: 98 :: GOALS::SR: 42 U21: REG: ) :: [ 5.76 Average Rating ]
Kilpter is joint Vilitan & Turori national, but declared to play for Vilita, with the lure of World Cup competition in Vilita's entry into World Cup 57 the key decision maker after the Turorian side was not entered. Kilpter netted 4 times during the World Cup 57 campaign but missed three matches due to an undisclosed injury. After struggling to win silverware with the Yeaddin Owls, Kilpter made the Largest Transfer in V-League history (12.7 kT) to Turorian side Cednia Beach. The transfer was more than double the 4.5kT previous transfer record in the Vilitan League, which was also payed by Cednia Beach to Yeaddin (for Antonis Siazzu). The struggles continued for Kilpter in the hunt for Silverware as Cednia Beach simply could not get over the hurdle, either in the V-League or in the UICA Champions League. Cednia Beach recouped their transfer fee in dishing Kilpter out to East Franz Athletic in the Polar Islandstates prior to Season 33. A rejuvinated Kilpter received praise for his performances in the Polar Islandstates while Cednia Beach would go on to miss out on Champions Cup qualification for the first time. Kilpter's international career has bolstered since his departure from the Tropics, having regained his place in the side for World CUp 64 Qualifying in a 3-player rotation with Erocka Lorei and Viji-mara Lawaai.


I Give My Opponent Permission To:		
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)
GodMod Injury Events Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)

Red Card Players: Y (TG After RP is Posted to Inform)
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y

-¤-¤-¤World Cup 20 Champions¤-¤-¤-¤-¤-¤World Cup 68 Champions¤-¤-¤-
-¤-¤-¤World Cup 77 Champions¤-¤-¤-

Region: Atlantian Oceania - The Home of Sport

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Postby United Gordonopia » Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:35 am

OOC: Apologies for posting this with my main by accident XD



Background and Eligibility

After over a century of insular play, New Gordonopia's sporting scene is in the midst of opening itself to the world. Though it participated in the last AOCAF competition, hopes are much higher this time around after the New Gordonopia Football League merged with the Gordonopia Football Federation, joining as one of the regional leagues on the second level of the pyramid. The first season of play under the new arrangement was a success, particularly because season champion Woodward Townsmen earned a spot in the Gordonopia Premier League.

Just as one of New Gordonopia's clubs now plays in the second best league in the world, a number of players have recently signed contracts with teams already in the GPL or have played for the Gordonopian national team. New Gordonopia is the birthplace of football for the Empire, and now New Gordonopia is its new frontier.

Due to United Gordonopia proper's location in the world, though, one form of prestigious competition was unavailable: the regional tournaments hosted in the great sporting regions of Atlantian Oceania, Rushmore, and Esportiva. In order to gain a toehold, though, a deal was struck with AOCAF whereby New Gordonopia could enter an independent national team to compete solely in AOCAF competitions. Similarly, teams based in New Gordonopia are now eligible to compete in AOCL competition.

In order to remain within the boundaries of the agreement, though, several eligibility guidelines were created. Most importantly, a player must have either been born in New Gordonopia or have resided in New Gordonopia as a citizen of the Empire for at least ten years of the past three decades to be called up for the New Gordonopia National Team. This means that while New Gordonopia is a colony of United Gordonopia, residents of the mainland are ineligible to compete, though New Gordonopians will be allowed to compete for the United Gordonopia National Team in WCC competitions even if they play for New Gordonopia in AOCAF.


Johan Furst - 21 - Woodward Townsmen - GK
Dietrich Mannheim - 21 - FC Kjin - GK
John Turner - 19 - Sporting Fusba (UGO) - GK


Ivo Stahl - 30 - Woodward Townsmen - LB
Eric Franklin - 23 - FC Kjin - CB
Robert Fowler - 25 - Reinheim Metro (UGO) - CB
Ben Freidman - 20 - Hofstadt Armory - RB

Huey Newland - 22 - Danmeir AF - B
Miles Epstein - 21 - Woodward Townsmen - B
Sorjan Iljna - 24 - Stratford Football - B
Michael Laslo - 19 - FC Danmeir
Al Beck - 27 - Woodward Townsmen - B


Werner Gorst - 22 - Woodward SV - LCM
Blake Terry - 26 - Basin Plain (UGO) - CM
Oliver Mann - 23 - Club Kjin - RCM

Max Faust - 28 - Woodward Townsmen - M
Sal Botley - 23 - Club Kjin - M
George Carrington - 20 - Danmeir AF


Solomon Long - 24 - Woodward Townsmen - FW
Donovan Shelton - 27 - Reichsburg FC (UGO) - FW
Darren Goodman - 19 - Danmeir AF - ST

Drew Alva - 23 - FC Kjin - FW
Norm Bowman - 20 - Club Kjin - FW

RP Info

Formation: 4-3-3
Style: +2
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events Y
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Postby Ko-oren » Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:03 am

Modernity for KNL-1
The KFA, the Ko-orenite Football Association, has discovered some extra funds as its representing teams are doing better each season. Not so much the club teams, but the national teams are bringing home some revenue and even shirt sales overseas are booming. The money, a spokesman declared, will be used to improve the level of the domestic leagues. There are several programs that are being considered. The reason to make the league more modern is because the results of the clubs in international competitions are subpar compared with the national teams.
First of all, the youth leagues should be reinstated. The baseball league, while fourth in the world, already added minor leagues, and the KNL should follow. Of course, the 3rd and 2nd division teams can also be used for this. Youth also needs to get a chance in the top teams. Branvun and Maethoru are experts at using players that already passed 25 to keep their team in top form. Younger teams deserve a reward for playing with a young team in a league where experience and age are treated as good traits of a player.
Secondly, stadiums can be made a lot cheaper. Instead of using the stadiums in the middle of cities (stadiums that cannot grow anymore), they can be moved to Ages to make the perfect environment for a stadium. The downside is that the Ages must be specifically written without bias: it is very easy to record the temperature, climate or even wind speed and direction for an Age, ruining the effect of the stadium. Otherwise, stadiums can be described instead of built, saving time, resources and manpower. It will also make it easier to travel to stadiums.
Third, the women’s league can be established. There is not yet one, and why not establish one?

The state of the league right now is pretty bad. While Maethoru reached the semifinals of the Champions’ Cup a few seasons ago, giving us a second CC spot, that was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Not even once has another team come close to that, or even reach the second round of the CC. Group stages are equally hard to reach for Ko-orenite clubs, and we really need a success to sustain the league and its strength. Five seasons ago, Maethoru did its miracle run, so the association as a whole will lose those points next CC. One season ago, some clubs did relatively well, so those points will stick around. This past season, however, was terrible, and that legacy will stick for another five seasons. The previous line of ‘up and up’ ended dramatically here: from 4.920 to 6.080 to 2.960. Ko-oren has a small margin to losing the second CC spot, though.

Looking at leagues from Atlantian Oceania, we can see that many are much, much more successful. Not just some that are older and have been around for longer, but Ko-oren does pretty bad compared to nations with similar national teams or ages. If we see other archipelago’s as ‘comparable’, the Licentian Islands and the Northern Sunrise Islands are above us by 2 to 4 points. If we go by national team strength, Apox and the Blouman Empire are around us. Apox is comfortably above us by 5 points, and the Blouman Empire does not have a league by itself. Pasarga is the next to consider, and they are below us by about 1 point. Other nations, that we consider similar to ours, are Darmen (12th), Taeshan (26th), Ko-oren (29th), FSC (42nd), Equestrian States (49th) and Maklohi Vai (67th). Going by this, we are not even that bad.

A last plan to earn more money with the league, is to sell the tv-rights to other nations. For that, we need to make sure that information about the league is even available, and hopefully foreigners will eventually pick a Ko-orenite team to like.

OOC: I'm planning to write some things about my league. For that, I want to 'buy all my players back'. While I've never really given anyone the chance to buy my players, I hope that some of you could allow me to use your league's team names and such.

I'll also post some things about national symbols that I might change for my nation. If you have an opinion about those when they come, please TG me (or RP about it)!
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Postby Neo Lemmitania » Wed Aug 07, 2013 4:23 am

Presenting the Neo-Lemmitanian squad for the 41st AOCAF.

With the recent establishment of a semi-professional association football league in Neo Lemmitania, and thanks to lobbying by supporters of the national basketball league, the national team is currently a mix of rugby, basketball, and football players. Coach Lemmy Lemster has expressed some reservations about this comingling, but will do his best to win the hell out this tournament.

The formation is 4 defenders, 3 midfielders, and 3 forwards, with a slightly attacking (+1) style of play.

The Starting Eleven:
GK - Oscar Snellem, #12
Lemco City All-Browns, National Rugby League
RCB - Ellen Melon, #14
Los Lemmings Lemmingballers, National Basketball League
CB - Mick Chang, #3
Lemmington Lemmings, NRL
CB - Bosco Probowski, #4
Lemmington All-Plaids, National Association Football League
LCB - Wilma Lemmister, #5
Lemvoola CatBears, NBL
RM - Wilco Rosco, #6
Lemvoola Leemcats, NRL; Lemvoola Armbreakers, NAFL
CM - Mick Mickelson, #7
Loston Red Toes, NRL
LM - Nelda Piscataway, #8
Limmsburgh Rascals, NAFL
FW - Roger Rosco, #9
Lemvoola Leemcats, NRL
FW - Michael ‘Bing’ Bingson, #10
Lemvoola Leemcats, NRL; Lemvoola Armbreakers, NAFL
FW - Margaret ‘Eggy’ Millem, #15
San Lemgeles Footles, NAFL

The reserves:
DF - Dale Hartford, #2
Limmsburgh Scoundrels, NRL
DF - Sandra Sanderson, #13
Lemmingville Ostriches, NAFL
FW - Henny Henneman, #11
Lemmingville Lobsters, NRL
FW - Annette Lemwilliger, #16
Limmsburgh Rascals, NAFL
GK - Mel Flanders, #1
Lemmington Lemmings, NRL


My opponent, if they RP first, may do what they like, as long as it is amusing.

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Postby Kiryu-shi » Wed Aug 07, 2013 5:26 am

A roster detailing the members of the
Kiryu-shi National Football Team,
The Kiri (桐),
for competition in the
41st edition of the AOCAF
submitted for the benefit of potential rivals and interested parties.

Coaching Staff

Reah Kagawa --- Age: 49
Kagawa was a surprising choice to lead the national football program four years ago, when she was selected following the previous AOCAF to head the program following the departure of long-time head coach J.J. Erickson. Kagawa, who was virtually unknown prior to her tenure, was quick to make a mark on the squad with her 4-2-3-1 formation, which heavily emphasizes ball control and interior playmaking at the expense of leaving a lot of space available on the wings. While her formation has proven to be effective in certain situations, it requires a lot of discipline and a high work rate from her team, and has displayed a worrying lack of consistency. She is quite quiet and can appear to be very severe, but has generally built strong relationships with her players and coaching staff. Although there were rumors of her departure from the squad numerous times during qualifications for the previous World Cup, Kagawa was eventually able to lead her squad to several impressive victories to lead the Kiri to a second place finish in the qualification and an upset victory in the playoff stage to bring them back to the World Cup. Following the relative success of the national squad, Kagawa was officially retained by the national football program, only to spur more controversy by not allowing three national team starters from participating in the U-21 Di Bradini Tournament, opting instead for them to continue training with the senior squad to prepare for the AOCAF. As she has committed heavily to her system, she will be bringing back a similar squad to the team she brought to the World Cup.

Megumi Harris (#1) --- Age: 31
Coming from the prestigious Sakaino University, Megumi Harris represents the finest keeping talent ever developed by the prestigious Kiryu-shi university system. Harris has incredible athleticism, with an innate ability to react to shots in the turn of a moment and protect the net. While she has lost some of the electric athleticism that had made her such an exciting goal keeping talent, she has ironed out many of the mental mistakes from her youth and has grown into an incredibly reliable presence in the Kiryu-shi goal. As Coach Kagawa heavily relied on Harris to lead the team during the World Cup, Harris will return as the captain of the national team and doesn’t look to leave her role any time soon.


Jasper Keith (#8) --- Age: 31
Jasper Keith has never been the most athletic player at the center back position, but he has developed into an extremely useful and cerebral center back who has cultivated a reputation for precise and effective positioning. A student of the game, Keith relentlessly studies tactics and opposing players, and has a knack for knowing how the opponent will attack before they make their move. While he doesn’t have the pure speed or size of a dominant player, his reliable positioning and his ability to diagnose and break down opposing attacks has sustained his international career. His athleticism remains in question, but he provides a solid presence on the last level of defense. While there are many who maintain that he is a liability, primarily due to his lack of foot speed, he will likely play all ninety minutes of every match, if healthy.

Kenichi Ogusawa (#14) --- Age: 28
One of the better pure athletes on the Kiri, Ogusawa compensates for his relatively diminutive size with his ability to keep up with any attacker. His top class agility allows him to turn his hips at a moment’s notice, start and stop on a dime, and use his quick feet to take the ball away from attackers in one-on-one situations. While he is a distinct liability in set piece defending where his size can render him practically useless, he provides a great counterpoint to Jasper Keith at the centerback position, where he is generally charged with aggressively defending prominent opposition attackers. When the Kiri are playing at the top of their game, his pressing style of defending aggressively up the pitch can create opportunities for the rest of the team.

Steve Hamm (#20) --- Age: 26
Hamm has never been a star in Kiryu-shi, but found a place on the Kiryu-shi under-21 squad from the age of 16 due to incredible pace. While Hamm has never been able to take that one incredible skill and translate it to sustained, reliable success on the pitch, he figures to be useful providing some of the only real speed on the Kiryu-shi side. From his position as a right full back, he will be asked to cover a tremendous amount of space and will likely be the first defender who roams up the pitch in attacking positions. Hamm has yet to develop great ball control, and can struggle providing accurate balls to his teammates. Defensively, he will be able to track opposing attackers, but is prone to overcommitting and making mental errors. He can be slow to keep attackers offside.

Evelyn Berry (#29) --- Age: 24
Berry is one of the new starters on the Kiri side for the AOCAF, where she is supplanting Pelior as a wing back. While she has never been particularly successful or notable throughout the duration of her career, she is a much more mistake-free player than the veteran she is replacing, using careful positioning and footwork to be an effective player on the defensive side. Her weaknesses come from a simple lack of ability to keep track with the faster players on an opposing wing, but, having demonstrated in her sub duty that she could be relied upon to generally keep herself in a relatively conservative position, and thus keep opponents from breaking through too often.


Bernice Pitri (#2) --- Age: 33
A long time veteran of the Kiri, Pitri remains a physical presence in the defensive midfield. She is an aggressive tackler, and when she is at her best, is a whirlwind in the defensive midfield capable of disrupting any attack in the middle of the field. For all of her aggressiveness defending, she is a reluctant and conservative player in possession, preferring to let the attacking midfielders facilitate any attack. While she is a one dimensional player, she is very good at what she does, and is very comfortable roaming from sideline to sideline in a holding position. Offensively, her only strength is her reliability as a distributer, but even there, she lacks any type of offensive creativity or vision. She will certainly draw her fair share of whistles, and is prone to confrontations with opponents and the ensuing cards.

Andrea d'Coriaceus (#7) --- Age: 19
One of the more interesting stories on the Kiri, d'Coriaceus is the daughter of one of the political refugees who returned to Kiryu-shi over the past few decades. Although she was born outside of Kiryu-shi, she was raised within the city limits, and doesn’t show the aggressive attacking mentality that defined the generation of political refugees before her. d'Coriaceus is a tenacious player, smart on the ball and works hard off the ball to position herself well in both holding and attacking roles. While she doesn’t have elite ball skills or physicality, she is an intelligent player with natural instincts in the defensive side of the pitch. Her presence in the starting eleven is meant to allow Pitri to play more aggressively, while d'Coriaceus will be used to ensure that the spaces vacated by Pitri will remain defended. The hope of the Kiri is that she will continue to develop her offensive game, and become more or less the key player to facilitate moving the ball up the pitch. While she has shown flashes of being able to create incredible opportunities for her teammates with pinpoint passes, it has yet to develop into a reliable part of her game.

Chihiro Yamanoue (#15) — Age: 21
Yamanoue is one of the brightest hopes for the future of Kiryu-shi football. She was brought up in the elite Sakaino University system, where she flourished as an attacking midfielder for the youth squad for years. Yamanoue is a smooth ball handler, able to effortlessly glide through defenders and find space for herself against inferior opponents. She also has incredible instincts off of the ball, and has shown a propensity for diligent work creating lanes for teammates to feed the ball to her. She has yet to develop an elite shooting skill, and while she has produced as a goal scorer by being able to make her way to the front of the net in lower levels, she was generally unable to find the same success in World Cup qualifications, where she could become a bit lost in the final third. While she doesn’t have the speed to spread the field as a winger, the hope is that she has demonstrated that she can be effective playing off of a’Tirpák’s presence in the center of the pitch.

Nate Masako (#12) --- Age: 20
While Masako isn’t quite the talent that Yamanoue is, he is another young, promising player for the Kiri who has been thrust into the senior squad to develop. Masako is more of a true winger than any one else on the Kiryu-shi side, and has the ability to play out wide and stretch the pitch a little bit. He has shown a talent for picking out passes from the wing, and the hope is that he will be able to develop into a true threat on the wing. For the purposes of this tournament, however, he will be asked to play a fairly conservatively, as he has yet to grow into his frame, and will not be asked to take on too much responsibility in the Kiri attack. One of his major strengths in the most recent qualification campaign was his willingness to press the opposition when they held possession, using his speed to disrupt opponents before they could get to the defensive line.

Achior a'Tirpák (#10) --- Age: 29
a'Tirpák has transformed himself from the hotheaded, fearless striker starring on the Kiryu-shi youth squad years ago into a complete, dynamic attacking player who will run the Kiri attack. Throughout the years, he has developed a world-class ability to navigate opposing defenses, and is an effective goal-scorer when given the opportunity. While he doesn’t have the vision of some of the best players in the world, with a tendency to run the offense a little narrowly without finding creative ways of distributing the ball to the wings, he is effective in the current Kiryu-shi system due to his ability to control the ball and his talent at moving the ball up the field aggressively. His tenaciousness and drive set him apart, as he fights and claws to find ways to score. He is a tireless worker, and always seems to be in motion and in the center of the play.


Enéh d'Erdélyi (#9) --- Age: 33
d'Erdélyi will be the primary scoring option for the Kiri, as she is a true striker who craves goal scoring opportunities. While she has been at her best combined with another striker as a part of a two-top formation, she demonstrated that she was able to handle the responsibilities of the number one striker during qualifications. While she never had the speed or strength to create her own chances, her ability to accurately place strong shots on goal distinguishes her on this Kiri squad. While her physicality prevents her from being an elite striker, she has scored some incredible goals with her powerful left leg, and has demonstrated an ability to launch accurate shots even when off balance or at poor angles. She will likely be the primary set piece taker for the squad, as her dead ball striking ability is world class.


Hamm Keith Ogusawa Berry

Pitri d'Coriaceus
Yamanoue a'Tirpák Masako



Rie Ito (#22) --- Age: 31 --- GK
Leanor Reynolds (#4) --- Age: 27 --- DF
Jonathon Marksman (#6) --- Age: 30 --- DF
Adrian Pelior (#19) --- Age: 29 --- DF
Ray Hessler (#26) --- Age: 31 --- MF
Sean Smith (#13) --- Age: 28 --- MF
Ichii Hamoto (#14) --- Age: 30 --- MF
Mary Cobb (#28) --- Age: 29 --- MF
Tyler Ishinoki (#3) --- Age: 29 --- MF
Miho Nakamura (#10) --- Age: 33 --- FW
Vivian Taro (#18) --- Age: 31 --- FW
Hideki McSimmons (#11) --- Age: 24 --- FW
Calvin Simone (#21) --- Age: 23 --- GK

Kiryu-shi Official Kits
Image Image
Primary Secondary


Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y

Try and keep my players from permanently disappearing, but otherwise feel free to do pretty much whatever. If you want the tl;dr on my team’s tendencies; very weak on the wings, relatively slow defensively, world-class keeper, inexperienced but potentially talented midfield, high percentage of goals off of set pieces via d’Erdélyi.

Style Modifier −3
Champions: Baptism of Fire 21, Di Bradini Cup 24
Second Place: Cup of Harmony 26
Third Place: Cup of Harmony 27, Di Bradini Cup 23
Qualified: World Cup 37, World Cup 61-66

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Postby Naitpyge » Wed Aug 07, 2013 6:51 am

Naitpyge National Football Team

Manager: Fuat Badem, 47, Cowapobia
Assitant Manager: Károly Olasz, 45, CT Naitpyge
Style Modifier: +1
Formation: 4-6-0

Position #  Name              Age Club               Caps Goals
GK 1 Sámuel Bátori 27 Club Jim Falls 51 0
GK 12 Deyan Büki 24 Tilden Mutiny 7 0
GK 13 Svetoslav Halász 22 Juggzy FC 3 0
DEF 2 Serhan Simon 25 Vogler City Force 56 2
DEF 3 Ábel Albaf 26 Darmen City AC 59 0
DEF 4 Yakov Büki 31 Brham United 59 1 Captain
DEF 5 Hikmet Demir 29 Club Jim Falls 56 1
DEF 14 Mikhail Marangoz 32 Bloomer FC 21 0
DEF 15 Nanook Fekete 25 Augusta 18 0
DEF 16 Shahzad Balogh 23 Tilden Mutiny 12 0
MID 6 Khorshid Vargha 26 Tilden Mutiny 55 11
MID 7 Richárd Vörös 27 Darmen City AC 53 22
MID 8 Ottó Velitchkov 23 Darmen City United 57 5
MID 9 Shahriyar Agócs 29 Brady City Crunch 55 8
MID 10 Eko Vincze 31 Brham United 58 6
MID 11 Arastoo Nyilas 28 Bloomer FC 54 5
MID 17 Arastoo Chavdarov 26 Tilden Mutiny 32 4
MID 18 Cemal Baráth 25 Tilden Mutiny 21 3
MID 19 Arda Teke 27 Bloomer FC 15 4
MID 20 Samu Bokor 25 Darmen City FC 15 2
FOR 21 Evren Hegedûs 21 Scott City Beat 11 3
FOR 22 Temel Küçük 29 Darmen City United 8 1

Starting 11 are #1-11
All Players play in Darmen

Date              Opponent        Result Record Competition
March 21, 2012 Earo W 3-2 1-0-0 Commonwealth Cup II
March 21, 2012 Forden L 0-3 1-0-1 Commonwealth Cup II
March 21, 2012 Darmen L 0-2 1-0-2 Commonwealth Cup II
March 21, 2012 Earo W 2-1 2-0-2 Commonwealth Cup II
March 21, 2012 Forden L 0-2 2-0-3 Commonwealth Cup II
March 21, 2012 Darmen L 1-2 2-0-4 Commonwealth Cup II
April 28, 2012 South Darmen W 4-1 3-0-4 Commonwealth Cup III
April 28, 2012 Earo W 1-0 4-0-4 Commonwealth Cup III
April 28, 2012 Berbari L 0-2 4-0-5 Commonwealth Cup III
April 28, 2012 Chuckio L 0-3 4-0-6 Commonwealth Cup III
April 28, 2012 South Darmen W 3-0 5-0-6 Commonwealth Cup III
April 28, 2012 Earo W 4-2 6-0-6 Commonwealth Cup III
April 28, 2012 Berbari L 0-1 6-0-7 Commonwealth Cup III
April 28, 2012 Chuckio D 0-0 6-1-7 Commonwealth Cup III
April 28, 2012 Rigerata L 3-8 6-1-8 Commonwealth Cup III
April 28, 2012 Brham W 4-2 7-1-8 Commonwealth Cup III
April 28, 2012 Forden L 2-3 7-1-9 Commonwealth Cup III
July 23, 2012 Thatius D 2-2 7-2-9 AOCAF 36
July 25, 2012 Cosumar L 0-3 7-2-10 AOCAF 36
July 27, 2012 The Icemark W 2-1 8-2-10 AOCAF 36
September 3, 2012 Port Hawthorne L 0-1 8-2-11 Port Hawthorne Invitational
September 5, 2012 Wight L 0-5 8-2-12 Port Hawthorne Invitational
September 7, 2012 Savski Venac W 1-0 9-2-12 Port Hawthorne Invitational
December 2, 2012 Wight L 0-1 9-2-13 AOCAF 38
December 3, 2012 Pacitalia L 1-2 9-2-14 AOCAF 38
December 4, 2012 Hutt River L 0-1 9-2-15 AOCAF 38
December 5, 2012 Yelvoldia W 3-0 10-2-15 AOCAF 38
December 6, 2012 Kinitaria W 2-1 11-2-15 AOCAF 38
February 9, 2013 Tanamera W 4-2 12-2-15 CFF World Cup Qualification Qualification
February 9, 2013 The Sportocracy W 2-0 13-2-15 CFF World Cup Qualification Qualification
February 9, 2013 Forden L 1-2 13-2-16 CFF World Cup Qualification Qualification
February 9, 2013 Earo D 1-1 13-3-16 CFF World Cup Qualification Qualification
February 9, 2013 Tanamera W 2-0 14-3-16 CFF World Cup Qualification Qualification
February 9, 2013 The Sportocracy W 2-1 15-3-16 CFF World Cup Qualification Qualification
February 9, 2013 Forden L 1-2 15-3-17 CFF World Cup Qualification Qualification
February 9, 2013 Earo L 0-2 15-3-18 CFF World Cup Qualification Qualification
February 9, 2013 Penguins W 1-0 16-3-18 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 Dinosaurs W 1-0 17-3-18 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 Chuckio D 0-0 17-4-18 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 Berbari D 0-0 17-5-18 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 South Darmen D 1-1 17-6-18 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 Aliens W 3-0 18-6-18 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 Bears W 1-0 19-6-18 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 Cats W 2-0 20-6-18 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 New Cotdelapoms L 1-2 20-6-19 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 The Sportocracy D 1-1 20-7-19 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 Elves W 2-0 21-7-19 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 Rabbits W 3-0 22-7-19 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 Rodents W 1-0 23-7-19 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 Darmen L 1-2 23-7-20 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 Berbari L 0-1 23-7-21 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 9, 2013 Earo W 4-1 24-7-21 Commonwealth Cup IV
February 24, 2013 Khytenna W 2-0 25-7-21 AOCAF 39
February 25, 2013 Thatius L 1-4 25-7-22 AOCAF 39
February 28, 2013 Lymryk Isles D 0-0 25-8-22 AOCAF 39
March 1, 2013 Valanora L 0-4 25-8-23 AOCAF 39
May 19, 2013 Kjeligsted D 0-0 25-9-23 AOCAF 40
May 20, 2013 Wight L 2-5 25-9-24 AOCAF 40
May 22, 2013 Thatius L 1-2 25-9-25 AOCAF 40

Stats are accurate up to the beginning of this current competition.
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AOCAF-41 Pre-MD1

Postby Wight » Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:03 am

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Postby Kiryu-shi » Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:41 pm

In the western Secocia Sea, hundreds of miles from any officially occupied land mass, there exists the meager remnants of an ancient atoll, a small semi-circle of land barely clinging to existence above the placid water. One lonely dock, crudely cut, floats out from the inside of the crescent, hardly more than a few logs tied together by string. A few yards in from the where the logs are secured to the beach, just above where the highest tides would broach the land, a structure - half tent, half shack, all patch - emerges from the sand. It's unclear exactly how the structure maintains its integrity, a mess of ropes, knots, planks, sticks, logs, tarp, and exquisite pieces of driftwood seem to have been assembled haphazardly, but in such a way as to prevent any single piece from falling away. While most onlookers, if any such hapless travelers were to exist, would likely denounce the structure as the consequence of a deranged man-child with too much time on his hands, too stupid to know right from left, strong enough to drag large pieces of wood around, and just insane enough to thoughtlessly collect materials for such an endeavor over the course of several decades, there seemed to be at least one individual who found the place sound enough to inhabit, based off of the equally crude-looking, single-seat, seaplane moored to the end of the dock.

The most notable aspect of this living-structure was the presence of a long, thin piece of wood, appeared to have been whittled for what must have been at least a solid month, from what must have been a tree trunk, sticking up at least 10 yards into the space above the highest piece of tarp. If one were to look closely, they would see that a long wire wound its way up this monster of a stick, presenting itself as a beautifully convenient target for any lightening bolts that were feeling a bit lonely.

It appeared, however, as if the individual who had so carefully accomplished this bit of engineering mastery did not have a death wish - rather, the wire existed merely to supply a single radio with a weak signal, and any contact it may have with any given lightening bolt was likely to be incidental, the consequence of idiocy or negligence rather than a profound desire to die.

And what was so important that this innovative stick-engineer forgot about the existence of tremendous bolts of electric energy that loudly fell from the sky from time to time?


The few birds co-inhabiting the island flew away in unison as a half naked man stormed out from what could be described as the entrance of the living-structure.

"A country of fucking GOATS that just so happens to be directly NEXT TO the host country? Oh, fuck me. Followed by the ONLY TEAM IN THE WHOLE ROCK-FUCKING TOURNAMENT WHO WOULD BE FAVORITES AGAINST WIGHT?! Quee-fucking-damnit."

The individual, red in the face from what some could mistake as passion, but in reality would more aptly be attributed to inebriation, sat down at the edge of the water, sending clouds of fine sand adrift into the air.

"Well, fuck. At least they've got one gimmee," the man vocalized, talking, like any man of his intellect would, to the seaplane. "We'll just have to make something happen. And hope they do to."
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95X AOCAF Cup 41 Roster

Postby 95X » Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:00 pm

95X AOCAF Cup 41 Roster
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Broadcast: XBN (X Broadcasting Network)

Formation: 4-4-2
Style: 0

Key: D-Defender, F-Forward, K-Keeper, M-Midfielder, U-Utility

## P Name                      M/F Age Soccer League X Team
00 K Trent Callahan M 26 SC Cascadia
02 M Ron Twotwelfth M 27 Spatula City Utensils
05 F Melissa/Michelle Mitchell F ?? Cascadia Seafox
10 M Evan Edwards M 32 SC Cascadia
11 F Xi Foureleven F 34 SC Oceanside
14 M Ryan Grand M 22 Brooklyn Cultures
20 D Amanda Sixtwentyninth F 23 Spatula City Utensils
21 D Al Lani M 26 SC Cascadia
22 D Allison Sixtwentyninth F 23 SC Cascadia
29 D Natasha Davis F 26 SC Oceanside
41 M Animal Jones M 24 Spatula City Utensils

03 M Micah Warner M 28 SC Oceanside
15 D Ross Long M 24 Seaside Gulls
16 F Conner Threesixteenth M 31 Spatula City Utensils
18 F Wayne Henderson M 25 Mount Barry Altitude
23 M Dennis Seventysecond M 28 Seaside Gulls
25 F Joe Bluff M 30 Spatula City Utensils
30 F MacKenzee Wheatland F 22 Cascadia Seafox
34 D Stacey Rex F 30 Seaside Gulls
40 K Michael Gibbs M 28 Spatula City Utensils
90 F Floyd Commando M 16 Mount Barry Altitude
92 U Gabriel Nielson M 26 Pacific Beach Craneflies

Head Coach: Bobby Stryker (Spatula City Utensils)

RP Permissions
RP goal scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP yellow cards: Y
RP red cards: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod most events: Y
Godmod anything involving Xi Foureleven: N
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Postby Kinitaria » Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:29 pm

Kinitaria National Football Team
For the 41st AOCAF Cup

Four consecutive playoff defeats have caused ominous mutterings amongst Kinitaria's football fans. But the Federation is impatient, and will be demanding a solid performance in the Cup of Harmony to reassure themselves and their fans that their team is still capable of competing at the top levels.

Manager: Melody Pond (age 34)
Melody Pond guided her Jeru FC team to a World Cup qualification, but has been unable to repeat the feat with Kinitaria. However, a very successful Cup of Harmony campaign, in which Kinitaria reached the semi-finals, has helped win over some of the doubters.
Pond favours attacking play, and is very much in tune with the physical side of the game, a management style which Kinitar fans will be sure to take to. She's known to prefer a laidback, hands-off approach to management which could go either way with regards to some of the egos in the Kinitaria side. The team has acquired a "perennial flops" tag - can they change that in the AOCAF?

After being widely criticised for experimenting with her team's formations in crucial games, it looks like a standard 4-4-2 for Melody. But she's lost some crucial players ahead of the World Cup qualifiers, age forcing some former stars to retire from international football. The AOCAF squad is unchanged for the Cup of Harmony.

1. Costin Petran - GK - age 37 - 1. Maja - 171 caps - 0 goals
Petran has been here from the start, keeping guard in Kinitaria's successful Baptism of Fire campaign ten years ago from the start of qualifying. Goalkeepers will peak between 32 and 35, according to most conventional football wisdom, so fans will be hoping that Pond has based her loyalty to Petran on concrete foundations. Making his final bow for the Kinitar side - he will never play in the World Cup and will retire after the AOCAF.

2. Karl Sala - LB - age 32 - Mi'ato - 141 caps - 2 goals
Sala has been an established member of the team right from their first game. An old-fashioned sort of left-back, he aims to make life hard for oncoming attackers, and will always stand his ground, although he's now not as fast as he once was. He has been known to put in some harsh tackles, and this is shown by his disciplinary record, since he's been sent off eight times in his national career.

3. Doran Lupei - CB - age 32 - Litora United - 146 caps - 6 goals (Captain)
The loyal, talented defender is great at marking, sticking closely to his man and breaking up attacks through the middle. He's proven himself to be the anchor of a Kinitar back line which has often been criticised for being fragile, and his performance will likely be crucial if the defence are to stick together and work as a unit. He's earned the captain's armband for both club and country through his loyalty, sticking with Litora United at a time when the club was going into meltdown.

4. Sebastien Sykora - CB - age 33 - AFC Damaciu - 137 caps - 3 goals
Maybe not the most technically gifted of defenders, Sykora has nevertheless established himself as a regular in the national side. He's no stranger to the occasional error, having cost Kinitaria crucial goals on at several occasions in his career, and was part of the Damaciu side which slipped down the league in the latter half of last season. Despite this, he is versatile and can drift into new positions as needed, and he has also been known to notch a few goals himself, mainly headed efforts from corners.

5. Anton Spirlea - RB - age 31 - Mi'ato City - 148 caps - 1 goal
Rounding off the veteran defence is an accomplished team player who is well capable of performing under pressure. Spirlea is known for his excellent distribution of the ball, able to pick out a team-mate and start a counter attack with ease. He never panics when pressed and prefers to play his way out of trouble rather than hoofing the ball upfield. It's very rare to see him make a mistake and if he does have a flaw, it would be that he tends to let his complacency get the better of him.

6. Sergiu Vacarestič - LW - age 30 - Avnani Athletic - 137 caps - 29 goals
Vacarestič is now one of the first names on the teamsheet, despite a shaky start to his Kinitaria career. He is an attacking-minded winger who slots perfectly into Kinitaria's formation, and he's just as likely to cut inside and have a go at goal as well as sending in a cross from the left - preferring to cross early and attempt to beat the offside trap.

7. Samuel Costica - CM - age 27 - Inovita - 52 caps - 7 goals
He's made a strong and consistent impact on the national team since being brought through from the youths in the 62 qualifiers, and now he's been rewarded for years of good service with a spot in the first team and the number seven shirt. Expect him to try to use his pace to beat his marker before spreading the ball out wide to launch an attack. Distribution is definitely one of his strong points.

8. Kristijan Preda - CM - age 33 - Jan Mayen Islanders (PIS) - 125 caps - 32 goals
Preda is an accomplished free-kick taker and can also head a ball well. After some time in the wilderness, he fought to work his way back into the first-team, and has impressed both Melody Pond and Kinitaria's fans with some shining performances, often being the only light in the Kinitar squad at a time when the national team has been putting in some pretty dismal performances.

9. Milan Beskid - CF - age 29 - Universita Tirinthea - 60 caps - 30 goals
The talented striker can finish like no other and functions best with a strike partner to spur him on to greater heights. He's not one for spectacular goals, instead, he's a consistent threat to opposition defences if he gets so much as a sight of goal within the penalty area. He's been handed the number nine shirt for the upcoming campaign, now it's down to him to prove that he deserves to keep it.

10. Luka Sabčot - CF - age 34 - Mi'ato City - 158 caps - 120 goals (Vice-captain)
Kinitaria's famous talisman is really ageing at this point. He doesn't have that extra yard of pace, the one spark of magic, that he was once able to produce, and he's probably only got the number ten shirt for sentimental value, plus his long-term strike partner Mihalcič has retired from international football, citing his age. Another Kinitar legend who will probably never reach the World Cup finals.

11. Duska Avramov - RM - age 35 - FC Serenberg - 62 caps - 7 goals
Having been thrown in at the deep end, Avramov has impressed consistently in the national team. He is an offensively-minded player, great with crossing, even scores a few, but he's not the most reliable if called upon to defend. He fits nicely into a traditional Kinitar attacking system and, after proving himself in the past, will be looking to keep up this run of form during the next few matches.

12. Jaren Kozak - GK - age 33 - Mi'ato - 4 caps - 0 goals
Kozak is a decent keeper, he's yet to reach his peak, and he's helped his club Mi'ato to three straight top-two finishes. However, he hasn't been able to get a look-in for the national team thanks to Kinitaria's staunch refusal to rotate their goalkeeper. He'll grab his chance if he can get it, but there's a good chance that it won't come this cycle.

13. David Topol - CB - age 26 - Mi'ato - 13 caps - 0 goals
Following an impressive breakthrough in the Premier Division, Topol has earned his place in the national team. He's not the tallest of players, but he makes up for it in determination and technical ability. He's remarkably calm under pressure, and is one for the big games - he'll be desperate to convince Pond to give him a chance to prove himself.

14. Navra Kulisev - CF - age 21 - Mi'ato - 5 caps - 0 goals
Pond will have looked at her ageing squad and decided that she needs to plan for the future. That's certainly what she's doing in the form of Kulisev, who is one of the young talents of Kinitaria's Premier Division, and burst onto the scene with three-time champions Mi'ato in recent times. He might be thrown in at the deep end if Kinitaria get desperate.

15. Himo Kazran - CM - age 20 - FC Serenberg - 5 caps - 0 goals
Kazran has impressed for his team, and is currently being chased by some of Kinitaria's top clubs. They obviously rate him highly, and Melody Pond agrees, having drafted him into the national team at short notice following the retirement of Cyril Novak from international play. A strong and bulky midfielder, but often a careless one, he needs some work to hone him into a proper national team player yet.

16. Marko Kuzinov - RB - age 30 - Universita Tirinthea - 6 caps - 0 goals
Uncapped one year ago, but he's certainly impressed Pond since, and she will be looking to Kuzinov as a pillar in defense, something which Kinitaria's notoriously leaky back line has lacked in recent years. He's an old-fashioned sort of defender who fits in very well with the traditional Kinitar style of play, and he has the disciplinary record to prove it.

17. Zenel Halil - RW - age 27 - Mi'ato City - 19 caps - 1 goal
The tricky winger burst into the national consciousness following a run of form - and quite a few goals - in Mi'ato City's title-winning season. Now, after being drafted into the national side, he will be looking for opportunities to make his mark at a higher level. Most observers agree that Halil has a successful career ahead of them, but it remains to be seen if he can live up to the hype.

18. Ciprian Marin - CB - age 29 - East Franz Athletic (PIS) - 62 caps - 7 goals
Another former youth team player who has significantly impressed fans and manager alike since being given a chance in the 62 qualifiers. He stands up to onrushing attackers and uses his strength to win the ball. He has a tendency to dive into rash challenges and still has a lot to learn before becoming an established squad player.

19. Birka Sulemcev - LB - age 24 - AFC Damaciu - 1 cap - 0 goals
The tradition of the Kinitar game is for hard, physical play, and that's definitely what Melody Pond was looking for when she called Sulemcev up to the national side. A real tough left-back, he's known as a dogfighter back at his club for his persistance and constant physical presence in all areas of the game. He's hard but fair in the tackle - unless he gets carried away.

20. Leon Cantacuzino - LM - age 33 - Litora United - 74 caps - 19 goals
Once a superb squad player, Cantacuzino has faded somewhat in recent years. When he plays, he'll be the team's corner taker, since he can swing in a good ball from either the left or the right. He prefers to stay wide, use the flanks and cross from the byline, and he can do this very effectively to slice open an opposing defence. Still Kinitaria's super-sub, in a way. He can change the direction of a game almost single-handedly.

21. Malen Elkinič - CM - age 21 - Mi'ato - 8 caps - 1 goal
Elkinič broke through into the Mi'ato team recently, providing a spark of life during the team's dismal 3477 season. A product of their youth academy, pace is his strong point, which is something Kinitaria have been lacking in recent years. He probably won't set the world alight immediately, but look out for him in the future. He's got the world at his feet, if he uses his opportunities right, and did impress during his brief appearances in qualifying.

22. Dalča Nurmanov - FW - age 31 - Fryi Frêndê (FFD) - 33 caps - 8 goals
After being frozen out of the squad for some time, a range of impressive games in the Premier Division brought him back to the squad and secured a big-money move to Farfadillis. He's put in a good claim for a first-team place in some previous matches, and with a run of form in the qualifiers, he could be well on his way to an established squad place.

23. Doriel Azinovič - GK - age 30 - AFC Damaciu - 0 caps - 0 goals
There's no denying that Azinovič is a capable keeper, but... what does a third-choice keeper actually do? I think they're just there to take up space. Moving swiftly on...


As ever, Kinitaria keep the same kits throughout a cycle.
Left (home): A smart new blue and yellow effort that looks set to become a fan favourite.
Center (away): In honour of it being ten years since Kinitaria's first and only international trophy, the 47th Baptism of Fire, this kit has one and a half eyes on the one worn in that final.
Right (goalkeeper): Keeper Costin Petran wears a striking red and black outfit.

Kinitar fans burning flares in a Cup of Harmony game

Kinitar fans are known for their passion. They're also known for burning down a significant portion of the Tricorn Arena in Wight during the Cup of Harmony 53, although the FFK has naturally disavowed all responsibility, and supporters' groups maintain that the shoddy construction of the host stadium was to blame. Either way, lighting flares is a part of fan culture in Kinitaria, and there's always the possibility that a Kinitaria goal will turn the air thick with smoke. During the match, the team are typically roared on by 70,000 home fans screaming themselves hoarse non-stop throughout the game, which creates an intimidating atmosphere for visiting teams - although the fact that the aforementioned flares, among other things, are sometimes thrown at visiting players or fans might also contribute to this. The fights which characterise some of the most fierce club matches, such as the cross-capital derby between hated rivals Mi'ato City and Mi'ato, have yet to make their way to international level, although some say that this is merely because they haven't found the right spark yet. The FFK has been somewhat reluctant to take action against such matters, because "it's all part of the game, isn't it?"

Style mod: +2
RP permissions: Generally, you can do what you want, but send a TG first if you want to godmod something.
Technocratic State of Kinitaria | capital: Mi'ato | RP population: 145 million | demonym: Kinitar
trigramme: KIN | colours: blue and yellow | languages: Kinitar (de facto) and English | island nation | MT
Weather in Mi'ato | Litora | Serenberg

Economic Left/Right: -5.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.26

Champions: Baptism of Fire 47 | Hosts: Baptism of Fire 52 (with Legalese), Cup of Harmony 60 (with Kazamatsuri), AOCAF 43

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Postby The Inevitable Syndicate » Wed Aug 07, 2013 2:00 pm

Matchday 1

Group 1
Vilita & Turori 1–1 Quakmybush [at Hyford City Stadium, kick off 11:00]
95X 4–2 Naitpyge [at Hyford City Stadium, kick off 16:30]
--Group 1                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 95X 1 1 0 0 4 2 +2 3
2 Quakmybush 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Vilita & Turori 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
4 Naitpyge 1 0 0 1 2 4 −2 0

Group 2
Starblaydia 2–0 Krytenia [at The Bird Cage, kick off 12:00]
Legalese 2–2 West Guiana [at The Bird Cage, kick off 17:45]
--Group 2                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Starblaydia 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
2 Legalese 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
West Guiana 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
4 Krytenia 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0

Group 3
Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 1–0 Perlasilangan [at Patches Park, kick off 13:00]
Kiryu-shi 0–0 Ibex [at Patches Park, kick off 18:30]
--Group 3                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Andossa Se Mitrin Vega 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
2 Ibex 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Kiryu-shi 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 Perlasilangan 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group 4
Group 4
The Inevitable Syndicate 0–0 New Cloudsdale [at The Flynn Arena, kick off 12:00]
Kinitaria 1–0 Lymryk Isles [at The Flynn Arena, kick off 16:30]
--Group 4                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Kinitaria 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
2 New Cloudsdale 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
The Inevitable Syndicate 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 Lymryk Isles 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group 5
Pacitalia 3–0 Furellum [at Klaus Memorial Stadium, kick off 11:00]
Maklohi Vai 1–0 New Gordonopia [at Klaus Memorial Stadium, kick off 18:15 (half hour delay due to refferee's house flooding)]
--Group 5                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Pacitalia 1 1 0 0 3 0 +3 3
2 Maklohi Vai 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 New Gordonopia 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
4 Furellum 1 0 0 1 0 3 −3 0

Group 6
Valanora 4–0 Neo Lemmitania [at Sunrise Park, kick off 13:00]
New Montreal States 1–0 Savski Venac [at Sunrise Park, kick off 18:30]
--Group 6                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Valanora 1 1 0 0 4 0 +4 3
2 New Montreal States 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Savski Venac 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
4 Neo Lemmitania 1 0 0 1 0 4 −4 0

Group 7
Wight 4–2 Kericia [at the DajukDome, kick off 12:00]
Thatius 5–0 Ko-oren [at the DajukDome, kick off 16:45]
--Group 7                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Thatius 1 1 0 0 5 0 +5 3
2 Wight 1 1 0 0 4 2 +2 3
3 Kericia 1 0 0 1 2 4 −2 0
4 Ko-oren 1 0 0 1 0 5 −5 0

Group 8
Audioslavia 3–3 Mavaria [at Point Impact, kick off 11:30]
Farfadillis 3–3 Hutt River [at Point Impact, kick off 19:45]
--Group 8                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Audioslavia 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
Farfadillis 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
Hutt River 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
Mavaria 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
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