World Cup 88- Roleplay Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Ko-oren » Tue May 04, 2021 3:42 am

Group 8 Schedule

MD1: Txakhaxi v ZSeparatists, Ko-oren v Delaclava, Barunia v CR North Yorkshire, Aut-Ves-Nat v Vdara, Frestovenia v HUElavia
MD2: ZSeparatists v HUElavia, Vdara v Frestovenia, CR North Yorkshire v Aut-Ves-Nat, Delaclava v Barunia, Txakhaxi v Ko-oren
MD3: Ko-oren v ZSeparatists, Barunia v Txakhaxi, Aut-Ves-Nat v Delaclava, Frestovenia v CR North Yorkshire, HUElavia v Vdara
MD4: ZSeparatists v Vdara, CR North Yorkshire v HUElavia, Delaclava v Frestovenia, Txakhaxi v Aut-Ves-Nat, Ko-oren v Barunia
MD5: Barunia v ZSeparatists, Aut-Ves-Nat v Ko-oren, Frestovenia v Txakhaxi, HUElavia v Delaclava, Vdara v CR North Yorkshire
MD6: ZSeparatists v CR North Yorkshire, Delaclava v Vdara, Txakhaxi v HUElavia, Ko-oren v Frestovenia, Barunia v Aut-Ves-Nat
MD7: Aut-Ves-Nat v ZSeparatists, Frestovenia v Barunia, HUElavia v Ko-oren, Vdara v Txakhaxi, CR North Yorkshire v Delaclava
MD8: ZSeparatists v Delaclava, Txakhaxi v CR North Yorkshire, Ko-oren v Vdara, Barunia v HUElavia, Aut-Ves-Nat v Frestovenia
MD9: Frestovenia v ZSeparatists, HUElavia v Aut-Ves-Nat, Vdara v Barunia, CR North Yorkshire v Ko-oren, Delaclava v Txakhaxi

MD10: ZSeparatists v Txakhaxi, Delaclava v Ko-oren, CR North Yorkshire v Barunia, Vdara v Aut-Ves-Nat, HUElavia v Frestovenia
MD11: HUElavia v ZSeparatists, Frestovenia v Vdara, Aut-Ves-Nat v CR North Yorkshire, Barunia v Delaclava, Ko-oren v Txakhaxi
MD12: ZSeparatists v Ko-oren, Txakhaxi v Barunia, Delaclava v Aut-Ves-Nat, CR North Yorkshire v Frestovenia, Vdara v HUElavia
MD13: Vdara v ZSeparatists, HUElavia v CR North Yorkshire, Frestovenia v Delaclava, Aut-Ves-Nat v Txakhaxi, Barunia v Ko-oren
MD14: ZSeparatists v Barunia, Ko-oren v Aut-Ves-Nat, Txakhaxi v Frestovenia, Delaclava v HUElavia, CR North Yorkshire v Vdara
MD15: CR North Yorkshire v ZSeparatists, Vdara v Delaclava, HUElavia v Txakhaxi, Frestovenia v Ko-oren, Aut-Ves-Nat v Barunia
MD16: ZSeparatists v Aut-Ves-Nat, Barunia v Frestovenia, Ko-oren v HUElavia, Txakhaxi v Vdara, Delaclava v CR North Yorkshire
MD17: Delaclava v ZSeparatists, CR North Yorkshire v Txakhaxi, Vdara v Ko-oren, HUElavia v Barunia, Frestovenia v Aut-Ves-Nat
MD18: ZSeparatists v Frestovenia, Aut-Ves-Nat v HUElavia, Barunia v Vdara, Ko-oren v CR North Yorkshire, Txakhaxi v Delaclava

Bold: Ko-oren
[u]Underlined[/b]: High profile matches (top 4 pots)

One look at the schedule for the group, and you know it will all come down to the last days. The games between the teams in the top four pots are largely scheduled on the final three matchdays of each half. Ko-oren versus HUElavia in round 7 and 16, followed by a round that features all of the top 4 teams with Vdara versus Ko-oren as well as HUElavia versus Barunia, and then Barunia and Vdara with their match in round 9/18. And that means that the so-called '6-point games' can turn this group upside down on the very last day. Basically, if the Dragonflies mean business, they better have this group done and dusted by the 14th or 15th game, or else it'll get a little sweaty.

As for teams outside of the top 4 that are expected to have a breakthrough cycle, the experts involved in WCQ Fantasy are quite positive about Txakhaxi. Delaclava are also tipped to have a great cycle - and we face both of them back-to-back in rounds 1/10 (for Delaclava) and round 2/11 for Txakhaxi. At least we'll have them out of the way soon enough. That said, Ko-oren are never the strongest starters to a World Cup qualification campaign, so we might just prove the Fantasy folk right by drawing or losing to them early on.

As for home games, the KFA has announced the following:
MD1: Delaclava @ Stade Amandine, Étouille
MD3: ZSeparatists @ Northern Arena, Aevanna
MD4: Barunia @ Estádio Fortaleza, Santa Teresa
MD6: Frestovenia @ Armskirk Municipal Ground, Maynard
MD8: Vdara @ Stade sur la Baie, Aminey

MD11: Txakhaxi @ Rikalathen Arena, Maethoru
MD14: Aut-Ves-Nat @ Golhampton Grounds, Greencaster
MD16: HUElavia @ Orange Bowl, Schemerdrecht
MD18: CR North Yorkshire @ Suzumebachi Stadium, Katashi
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Postby Talamia » Tue May 04, 2021 4:07 am


*The television suddenly turns on independently*

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages!
Here is Auxe Aggelia, accompanied as always by Gian Gianvilipendio, your favourite sports expert!
We are in our capital city Clinepalas, talking to you from the Pro Diorux TV studios - Are you a sports devote? Pick up your TV remote! - to officially announce the entry of the Talamian National Football Team in the eighty-eighth edition of the World Cup. After an absence that has lasted for two cycles, our national team returns to tread the fields that matter. Gian, did you miss the atmosphere of great occasions? "

"Yes, Auxe! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"


"Tell me, Auxe! TELL ME!"

"There was a basket on my desk"

"Was there ?! Really ?! Oh oh oh, maybe you are imagining it!"

"There was, Gian. And it contained stimulants for my sick cat. In the form of beef jerky."

"Oh yes?"

"Yes, Gian"

"Well, Auxe. I'm going to the nearest hospital for a gastric lavage"

* Gian leaves the studio unintentionally uprooting the door *

"Back to us, audience!
The development path undertaken by our national team in recent years is facing ups and downs. After the historic first participation in the eighty-fifth world cup, with the qualification touched in the last two rounds, Talamia is facing a very tough challenge. Two hundred twenty-first in the ranking, our team will start once again as a big underdog. But if there is one thing that our captain Ansem Egemon and the others have taught us it is that they will give their whole heart and maybe a little more.
As a demonstration of our commitment, today we proudly present the new uniforms and the new badge of our team, designed by the new technical sponsor Tahuatxi.
Talamia is back. More prepared than before.

Find all you need to know about our team here: OFFICIAL WIKI PAGE.

Stay tuned!"
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Postby Banija » Tue May 04, 2021 3:12 pm


Two years in- what's the early verdict for the S-FPL?

A map of the Shango-Fogoa Basin, showcasing the three countries in the S-FPL- Farfadillis, Banija, and the Busoga Islands

BUSUKUMA, NATIONAL CAPITOL REGION- If you want to put it simply, the early verdict is this- overwhelming success. And the proof? Look no further than Kitara A.A. winning the IFCF Champions League. Look at both associations flying up the ranks, where Farfadillis is officially ranked as the second strongest club association in the multiverse, while Banija is ranked 4th. And look at the money. More money's flying around than ever before, and although the accounting on the Farf side isn't public, the parachute payments to Banijan teams down below have more than tripled since the S-FPL began. The unification of the top flights for Banija & Farfadillis was ambitious, and came amidst resistance, although smaller resistance than one would think, but it has been an overwhelming success both on and off the field.

There is no better promo for a league than success, and both national teams provided it in the run up. Farfadillis won World Cup 84 and co-hosted World Cup 85. Between qualifying and the Finals, the S-FPL documents were signed and the joint venture was established. With the hype leading up, Banija and Farfadillis met in a barnstormer of a World Cup semifinal. We won 7-6. 13 total goals- it may be the record for a World Cup semifinal. Couldn't hype up the league more than that, could you? The fact that we then went on to win the World Cup Final couldn't have hurt.

All sorts of new TV and media rights deals were signed, both at home and abroad. The biggest rights increase, of course, came in Banija. Big time recent economic growth, plus the addition of Farf teams, blew up the media values of the deals in Banija, where the singular biggest rights deal exist. But enough about money. What are the effects? Since we've already established that on the field and in the bank it's been an unprecedented success ,what does this mean in other areas?

We will, naturally, focus on Banija and Busoga- the ability to do the research required on these kind of topics on the Farf side, is not exactly easy.

The Relegated 10

Of course, as everyone knows, the S-FPL top flight is 20 teams. It would start off with the 10 Farf top-flight teams, alongside 9 Banijan sides and a Busogan team. What was a joyous moment for 10 teams, aka, becoming foundational members in a new league where just one promotion/relegation spot would be had on the Banijan/Busogan side, was a disastrous moment for 10 others. 10 teams who thought they were top-flight teams would get relegated. Squads like Rukunbi FC, Aissa United, etc... Suddenly found themselves below.

But what ensured that Banija was not up in arms about the forced relegation of some of our oldest clubs? The fact of the matter is, we haven't been playing nationally for that long. For nearly 80 years, right up until our disastrous World Cup 73 Qualification effort, we basically operated via state leagues. A national knockout tournament for each state champ, and sometimes a little bit of interleague play- but by and large, teams only played teams from their region. So there is no massive history of Banijan national league soccer- just the 13 seasons of the BSL.

Some of us are old enough to remember the BSL's formation. There was big resistance then- it would doom state leagues and smaller clubs. But ultimately, it was a success. Some clubs did die. But nobody would argue we should go back to the de-regulated state league days, where regional fiefdoms did whatever they wanted. And so while this isn't the 'natural progression' of things per say, Banijan fans are understanding enough to make it happen.

Now, of course, the relegated 10 were pissed. But they did not have the weight to stop the wheels in motion. Teams like Aissa and Rukunbi have taken a hit. But, largely, these clubs have settled in. Their fans enjoy a highly competitive new-look second tier, and the race for promotion to the S-FPL is as competitive as ever. And think- since the formation of the S-FPL, both Kabakono City and the Hawabark Boulders have won the LIga B Champions Trophy, as our nation make our own case for the strongest second tier in the entire sport.

The Regional Leagues

This was also a demotion in status for the regional leagues. By adding a new joint first tier, they all essentially dropped from the second tier to become Banija's third tier. All the leagues shrunk as well- from 12 teams to 10 each, with the top two in each of the four regional leagues joining the relegated 10. For those 8 teams, this has been great- staying in tier 2, but going from a regional to a national league, has financial benefits. And, of course, competitive benefits. Look at Kabakono City's success in the LBCT.

Overall, the biggest effect on the regional leagues has been number of games. The 4x round robin with 12 teams meant 44 games a season, which many saw as too many games. Now, with 10 teams, it means 36 games a season. Four less home games, but better quality football. The league is no longer the insane 44 game marathon that it used to be. While regional league status is now even more embarrassing for a number of clubs who think they shouldn't be there(looking at you, Bunyoro RSC!) it largely means positive effects at the bottom of the table.

Also, recognize this- now, there are potentially 2 spots for promotion out of the regional leagues rather than just one. Or 1.5, to be precise. The automatic spot(Promotion Playoff Winner), plus the Promotion Playoff Runner-Up playing the second worst team in Banija's 2nd tier, for a right to a spot in the 2nd tier. So even with the regional leagues having a lower status, there is a slightly better chance to escape them.

The Fans

How has the move been for the fans? Well, we'd honestly say it's been good. Thanks to an expansive new media rights deals, and lucrative foreign media rights deals, it is easier to watch club football in all three countries than it has ever been before. More games on television and radio.

And it also means more enticing matchups, and more entertaining away days. Banijan fans have been introduced to Farf fan culture, and it has blown us away. Willing to say anything in the name of a cheer. Violence unlike anything ever seen. You know what it truly means to a people to win when you are in a league with them, week in and week out. Some of that is beginning to rub off in Banija, as the fan cultures begin to intersect.

And of course, like said above- it means deeper IFCF runs. Kitara AA are the winners of the Champions League. Teams from both sides now regularly making runs. Before the S-FPL was started, both countries had two Champions League berths. Both countries now have the maximum of four Champions League berths, meaning their fans have a better chance of seeing their club play international club football. So fans of the teams in the S-FPL? Winners.

But if you're a fan of a team chasing a S-FPL berth? Well... Then you are jealously waiting on the outside looking in. But if you make it, well, it's gonna be one hell of a good time.

The sport in Busoga

Now, before this past season, we'd say this has been great for the sport in Busoga. With Lakiska SC in particular having a number of Busogan national teamers, it meant that the small nation had a much better chance to grow its footprint, and get its talent into better leagues. While Banijans have had a great chance to get into big foreign leagues, Busogans are pretty much largely confined to the home front with just a few exceptions(looking at Kasekende Jr. in Teusland and Gassama in Eura).

They had one team in the S-FPL, and two in Banija's second tier, alongside three in the regional leagues. But this past season was disastrous. One team relegated from the second tier to the regional leagues. Another team relegated from the S-FPL to the second tier. So now, 2 second tier clubs and four regional league sides. That almost certainly makes the Busoga Islands probably the highest ranked nation in World Cup 88 Qualifying without a top-flight football club. And heck, considering the complex footballing structure here, probably the only nation to whom that applies to.

It's a disaster. It's bad for talent development, it's bad for interest in the sport. This is something that Busoga needs to rectify, and soon. Lakiska SC are a favorite to get straight back into the S-FPL, of course, but there are no guarantees. The S-FPL is strictly a Banijan/Farf affair for now, and it has the potential to be for a few seasons yet. So what was initially a boon for the sport on the Islands, is now a disaster. And that won't be fixed unless Lakiska SC or Dukuma SC get their sh*t together and find a way back into the S-FPL.
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Postby Valentine Z » Tue May 04, 2021 4:30 pm

Post 2 - Uniform Ascent.

"For the next part," Valentijn said, as she read the newspaper that Charlene recently wrote on Valentine Z and the stadium that will be designated for the sports, "Hmm, before that, how did the newspaper go? I am not talking about the viewership, I am hoping it is clear enough."

"Oh, definitely!" Charlene replied with glee and confidence in her voice, "I am really proud of this one, you know? Anyway, it all seems good and well. Only feedback I got was how people confused about the location bit. "Naypyithaw, Burma, territory of Valentine Z" wasn't too clear for those who is not familiar with us, which is around the good 80% of the community. Ahh, but I told them that it was because we still use actual city and country names, but we have them bunched up together under autonomous regions, like so."

"Mhm, very good, then," Valentijn nodded, leaning back on her chair as she watched a couple of other Valentians do their administrative work on her desk, "So is there anything else- ohh right, that. We need uniforms!"

The Valentians have came up with several drafts and proposals, both from the Sixty, as well as from the Valentian citizens that have so far been wholly supporting the most bizarre football team, all consisting of government bureaucrats, officials, and the like. An average Valentian would not have minded if they were asked to get into the world of World Cup (and they were asked), but for the most parts, they simply like playing it domestically; the stakes tend to get too high when it comes to competing with other nations. Going back to the uniforms, it was obvious as to what the Valentians were going for - the triangle and low-poly aesthetics have might as well been trademarked and copyrighted by them (though they won't), and the colors could get too colorful and Technicolor-like. The drafts have been sprawled across Valentijn's desk, with her gathering billions of citizens for decision-making alongside the Sixty.

The first draft has a green-and-pink motif, perhaps as a strong homage to the official flag of Valentine Z. Interspersed by hints of violets and lavenders, the draft received a 66% favor out of the 14 billion that reside on Earth and Mars of Valentian territory.

The second draft was a palette swap, while keeping the same aesthetics. Blue and light blue as the primary colors, interspersed with greens and pinks that played a slightly lesser role. This draft, on the other hand, received a whopping 80% approval from the billions of citizens.

"Accounting for those that couldn't exactly vote, like you know, actual babies, I think this is going to work in our favor!" Valentijn clasped her hands together, satisfied with the design and approving it to represent Valentine Z on the international grounds, "Only thing I feel is that the names could be bigger. Maybe just Clarissa Star, for instance, instead of Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha."

"Couldn't we have two sets of uniforms to satisfy both?" Jamie asked, doodling on her notepad as she talked to Valentijn and to the other folks around her.

"It is quite a practical idea, but..." Gwen replied, trailing off, "I mean, don't get me wrong, it is going to look unique, and we could change uniforms on the half-time, but I reckon it is going to be a little... difficult. I don't really see a lot of football teams doing it on my time in the other worlds."

"I suppose that is a good point. Mind you, I am not irritated or mad over it, and I reckon that I simply give the suggestion a shot. Plus, I do think that it will make things more complicated, like having to change uniforms halfway, on top of confusing both ourselves and the opposing team."

With a few more final decisions and finishing touches, the jerseys were printed out and were ready for publication and for a reveal to the rest of the world.

Click here for a bigger image. Template source: Freepik.
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Postby Sharktail » Tue May 04, 2021 11:31 pm

This is my story.

Me-Gaby(32 y.o)
Sharktail NT striker.

"The ball go through to Shakir who start running into the penalty area. He receive the ball and try to dribble past Pemecutan defender. Oh no, is he fouled or tripped himself. Nik Akif try to recover the ball but Pemecutan defender take a quick action to clear the ball. Corner kick to Sharktail. Harold will be the taker. The match time show 90 minutes has passed. Just a last crucial minute left for Pemecutan and Sharktail to find a winning goal to win this game. Harold seem to take a deep breath. Surely he also feel the pressure in this last minute. He take a look in the penalty area. Sharktail player seem to come to the penalty area. It may be a risk for Sharktail but it may be the great chance for them to find a goal. Corner taken goes high into the penalty area. Pemecutan defender rise high and head the ball out the penalty box but not far and down to Farhan. Pemecutan defender quickly mark him tight. Wil he be able to keep the ball. A tight pressure to him now. He may lose the ball but he still able to make a last tap to make the ball goes into the right side and...Irfan come fast to get the ball and shot it to the net. In the last minute, Pemecutan defender fail to clear the ball properly cause them to concede one goal. A total celebration from Sharktail player. Sahami run into the field and join the player. What a moment to enjoys."

Memories. A beautifull and golden of memory. A memory that all the footballer want. An achievement for the hard work, all the sacrifice, to show their gratitude to the fans, to show their strenght. All of that, a dream for all footballer. A dream for all footballer to be the best, no matter what level they are. From best in amateur, then pushed up to be top among the profesional,want to be recognized as national star and last as the world star. A long process. Some who lucky enough can feel it right away but sometime even in whole career you try hard, it may never come closer to you.

That my best ever memories as a profesional footballer. A tears that come down that days really was a beautifull. A moment that not i or anyone here know if it may repeat. Truly what everyone says, memory is precious, it worthy to be keep with us. For me, this will be the memory to be portrait in my heart. A wonderful journey i have with Sharktail. Even it not big like world cup, but i still happy and i know the future generation may be able to pull off more goods.

When i look back at the past, it has been a long journey and i have faced a many stories in my career. How i start playing footbal seriously, how i gained more confidence to go to higher stage, while meeting many type of people. Everyone always ask me how i am before i really become a popular. When i still a child, i quite attached to football. Not just i love to play it, but also love to watch it. If there are football match held, i will ask my father to bring me there. Sometime, i will go by myself. But once i remember, i back home crying after being hitt by the ball. A normal things happen when you watch football in village. Playing without proper shoes, just on the dirt, just a village field without any safety protection. I quite traumatized that time. At least i back to watch them play again tomorrow. When i remember back, i dont know if the things i said as traumatized ever happen.

One thing i will still remember until now. As a young kid, i always want a friend on my age. Once when i 6 y.o, i try to join some kid who close to my age. I want to befriend with them. I always listen them talk about football and see them play. So i want to join them play too. However, none of them i can make friend. They doesnt want to play with me. I dont know how i really feeling that time. I not asking them for reason as i dont want a fight to happen. From that time,i never attend any village football match again. I dont wanna be in awkard situations and dont want this problem lead to something unnecessary. If anyone ask whether i want to know the real reason or not, i will say yes. However i keep it myself. I just thinking i may not suit to be in their group that'all. One days, i have been approached by one of them, i remembered him. He can be considered a quite a core of this group. He explained to me, there are no proper reason for rejecting me that days, just all of them try to act big and bully others, and he said they look at me as a loner. I don't get it. Is that really a reason. Am i as a loner not qualify to fit in their group. Even i feel a bit disappointed with them, i keep calm and dont think of anything bad about them. Let them be. I dont think i got anything if i doing something. I not a type of person who will pick a fight or badmouthing people. Just take a deep breath and relax.

When i reach an age to attend a school, i out from village and apply for a standard school, Sekolah Kebangsaan Pekan Ru in Kantan. I choose this school not because there are anything special. I can make it to high standard school if i try. I just go without not any proper reason. I think that the thing is. If i have others, i cannot even remembers.

In Sharktail, our school system may be different from other nation. Starting 7-12, it primary school, 13-17/18 is high school. First time i arrived in Kantan, of course a bit of amazed. A turtle gone out from the shell. It took me 3/4 weeks to at least half familiar with surrounding. At least thanks to teacher and a few student who willing to talk and answer my question. I choose to stay at my uncle house rather than hostel. It not far from school. He unmarried, so his house quite silent. At least i have place to stay with someone i know. My primary school life have started as a student of Sekolah Kebangsaan Pekan Ru. This is where i learn to be independance.
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Postby Eraman » Wed May 05, 2021 3:19 am


When Tun Sengalang Petara instructed me not to leave the country at all cost, I’m convinced this time that the date of the general election is too close. The most notable clue I saw was that Tun Sengalang Petara started making visits to every state in the country to ensure that his party's election machinery was functioning properly.

However, since he became a Member of Parliament 21 years ago where I was directly involved as his lawyer, he has told me many times that the election is the last election for him and he will not contest again. This desire is repeated every time a general election takes place. Yet, there he was preparing for his fifth general election, the third time as the leader of the party.

I remember how I got to know Tun Sengalang Petara in the year 57.

I just opened a law firm on the outskirts of Anara with a female friend who studied with me at university. Before I tell you about how I got to know Tun Sengalang Petara, I think I need to tell you about my friend, Suri.

Suri is an attractive woman with white skin and height taller than most women. Her face is oval in shape and she is really good at make-up without putting on a lot of make-up. Her tiny mouth and well taken care of teeth complete her smile. Her hair had lost the original color of a Malay woman. As far as I remember her hair color was never perfectly black. Always colored. She also loves to wear sexy clothes since university. Her skirt is never lower than her knee and her clothes are always up to date.

From her, I got to know Tun Sengalang Petara.

In the year 57, our newly formed firm was still looking for direction. We try to market our name by meeting a variety of people we believe can help us improve our client list.

Among those we approached were housing developers and Suri suggested that we meet with Tun Sengalang Petara, at that time still known as Putra Daulapura Sengalang Petara. Tun Sengalang Petara at that time still maintained his royal status and was not directly involved in politics. He was a well-known housing developer at that time. If we can make Tun Sengalang Petara our client, our firm will explode.

Suri has known Tun Sengalang Petara since we were at university.

In our second year at university as law students, we were assigned to organize a charity dinner. Suri was determined it will be the best charity dinner ever held and this can only be achieved if sponsorship on the night can be raised in large numbers. This is where the role of Tun Sengalang Petara is needed.

Suri’s older sister worked as a salesperson for the Tun Sengalang Petara's housing companies. As an efficient salesman, she dared to do anything to sell the houses built by her boss and was the number one salesperson for Tun Sengalang Petara. Suri used her sister’s connection with Tun Sengalang Petara.

On the charity night, Tun Sengalang Petara sponsored two tables and these tables were filled with Suri's friends who were mostly new celebrities in Eraman including one other Suri’s older sister who had just become a singer. Since the record company that released her album was still new, they sponsored some of their artists for free to sing at the dinner. This has made our charity dinners among the best for so long.

"So, are you ready?" Tun Sengalang Petara's words startled me back to reality. He looked at me and I was kind of shocked. He probably saw me lost in my thoughts.

We are at Tun Sengala Petara's office in Daulapura and we have just finished discussing with the other component parties about the campaign to be made. I am the only one in the meeting who is not a member of any political party.

Tun Sengalang Petara likes to take me to meetings that have nothing to do with me. But Tun Sengalang Petara is like a dictator. If he wants me in the meeting, no one can question. I do not know if my name was in the minutes of the meeting or all the meetings I’ve attended with government officials under Tun Sengalang Petara

Usually Tun Sengalang Petara will say "Ha! This is the lawyer who will sit with us and give his opinion on our problem.” No one will question whether or not I am eligible to be in the meeting.

I expect the Eraman Parliament to be dissolved in the eleventh month of this year while the national football team is busy with the World Cup qualifiers. I’m expecting that based on my conversation with Tun Sengalang Petara lately. But until now, only Tun Sengalang Petara knows when he will dissolve the parliament. The card is in his hands.

He has used all the cards he has including declaring a state of emergency for a year to prevent elections from being held. Too many issues are raised by various parties. He thinks the chance for his party to win again is only 50:50. He thinks he is ready to retire.

I am well acquainted with the character of Tun Sengalang Petara. If he says something, it’s a political ploy that he will repeat in his conversations with other people he meets. He ate drink slept and breathed politics. I'm not surprised if he plays politics even with his wife. This means that if he says something, it is to keep him safe in the political game.

He has always been known for his ability to play safe politics. He had served with two different prime ministers. With every prime minister, he always managed to be a cabinet member and subsequently became prime minister only after 2 terms as a member of parliament.

He has used his position all this while to develop the area he represents, Daulapura to sway the people in his constituency to continue to support him. He also made sure he could be "helped" with various projects and government contracts. Many have said all sorts of bad things about Tun Sengalang Petara but no one can prove anything.

The reason Tun Sengalang Petara asking me if I am ready or not is whether I have studied all the necessary laws to ensure that there are no problems that he will face for the next election. On my part, even though for the past 5 terms I have been told by him that he is serving for his last term, when there were rumors of an election being held, I had bought all the latest acts regarding elections and studied them.

Therefore, my answer to Tun Sengalang Petara when asked that question is just one word:

Trigramme: ERM | Demonym: Eramanian | Population: 14,753,910
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Daulapura Daily
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Eraman Journal
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- support Anara FC

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Postby Sarzonia » Wed May 05, 2021 6:41 am

The results may not have been exactly what Sarzonian national team manager Nicola Mentes was hoping for as the Stars walked into the team's dressing room in Dave Wilson Stadium following their 4-3 defeat to longtime regional rivals Legalese, but he was sure of one thing.

The Stars were back.

After sitting out the World Cup 87 cycle in protest over Taeshan being named with Ethane as a co-host of the tournament, the Incorporated Football Federation opted to keep the Stars in the running for World Cup 88 qualifying. Mentes decided he wanted to give his players some playing time against other teams so they could get used to international football outside of Atlantian Oceania.

The Stars also got an opportunity to face off against the most recent Baptism of Fire Cup champions in Eshialand City. They may not have gotten the curbstomping the Stars handed Graintfjall prior to World Cup 86, a triumph that eluded the Stars against the then-Baptism of Fire Cup champions during two group stage matches in the qualifying campaign, but they still walked out of Eshialand City SuperDome with a 2-1 victory. Mentes decided to start Carlton Sandt against Eshialand and Marce' George against Legalese, and he thought both goalkeepers handled themselves fairly well.

Neither one was expected to challenge Paolo Gomes for his spot in the starting 11. In fact, the biggest challenge to Gomes had nothing to do with tactics or communicating with defenders.

It had to do with learning English.

Sure, he was getting better at barking out instructions and understanding his teammates when they spoke to him in football terms. Team captain Clayton Wilson took it upon himself to learn Portuguese so he could communicate with his goalkeeper in his native language. Midfielder Brady Reynolds also made it a point to learn the language. Carlos dos Santos already spoke it natively, even though the latter player also spoke English fluently.

"I'm getting a little better at it, but I think it's still a mental thing," Gomes said through a translator. When dos Santos walked over, the two conversed briefly in Portuguese, then dos Santos interjected. "It's mostly a mental thing. He can speak English well enough when there isn't much pressure, but put a camera on him and he's like a deer in the headlights."

At least the mental health talk among the Stars at this point centered mainly around their starting keeper's lack of confidence in speaking English. For a team whose defining moments of the World Cup 84 cycle centered on grief and their continued management of it in the wake of manager Bryan Ostrom's death by self-inflicted gunshot wound, it was a far more pleasant topic to discuss.
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Postby Eshialand » Wed May 05, 2021 9:24 am

Welcome to the Jungle
Eshialand 2 - 0 Independent Athletes from Quebec
Eshialand 1 - 2 Sarzonia

The day arrived for the big game. A game like no other, some would say, for today was the first time a game would be played in the Eshialand City SuperDome.

Many were skeptical of this game, saying as the Independent Athletes were the 33rd best team in the world while Eshialand was a lowly 203rd. Independent observers were predicting such bleak scorelines as 0-3 and 1-4. Needless to say, the Owls were going to lose this one.

However, that didn't really matter now, because today was special. Today, Eshialand would be raising their Baptism of Fire 75 banner and receiving their championship rings. No number of goals scored against them could take that away from them. Another thing that nobody could ever take away from them was, of course, the amazing feeling of finally playing soccer again, which was something they had waited far, far too long for.

They decided to wear their third kits this go around, for no reason other than the fact that they wanted to show them off. Hey, they looked cool, could you really blame them?

And so, it was time for kickoff. Eshialand won the coin toss, and they were off. At first, the match was pretty quiet. The Owls didn't want to take any risks, since one goal against them could very well mean their end.

However, by the 43rd minute, Melissa Carey had had enough. She was tired of just passing the ball around with the other midfielders and defenders, and she wanted to make a play that actually meant something. So, she ran the ball deep into Grim Reapers territory, and passed it off to a wide-open Alice Carroll, who only knew how to do one thing in that situation, and no, it wasn't panic.

She decided to shoot the ball up into the top left corner, with the Québécois keeper having no chance. Man, she was like Rembrandt when it came to painting those corners! 1-0.

Hold on, this was unprecedented... Eshialand had a lead? I don't think anybody expected that! But wait, it gets better.

Any sane person would've just recognized their lead and tried to do everything they could to stop it from disappearing like a ship sailing into the Bermuda Triangle in heavy fog... but the Eshian team was never much for the rational approach. Instead, they took the opening goal as if it was the real win, and played the rest of the game like it meant literally nothing, blasting the IAQ with an absurd offense that any team would be jealous of.

In the 65th minute, the Reapers had their chance, with one of their forwards blasting a shot towards the Eshian net. Alexander Kolek could only watch as the ball soared over his head... and the crossbar too. No goal!

In the 72nd minute, a Québécois midfielder messed up a dribble, with the ball going directly to Dominique LaPlante. She passed the ball off to Lysander Moore, who gave it off to Avery MacDougall. She didn't hold onto the ball for long, however, as an IAQ defender was about to take the ball. So, she passed it right back to Moore, who shot it to a wide-open right side of the net. 2-0.

And, as time ran out, the score remained 2-0. What had just happened? Were they dreaming? Perhaps hallucinating? Nope, that was the actual score! Their first two-goal clean sheet, too!

After this game, the king announced another friendly. This time, they'd be inviting Sarzonia to the SuperDome. There are many theories as to why he decided to set this one up, but the prevailing one is that he wanted to show the multiverse what Eshialand could truly do. However, my personal favorite theory is that the first friendly was set up to condition the Owls for the games to come, and to get them comfortable with losing. Eshialand defeating the Independent Athletes was definitely not part of that plan, so that's when he decided on a match against Sarzonia. Take this theory with a pound of salt though.

3 days after the IAQ friendly, it was time to play Sarzonia. Oddsmakers were, again, not confident. They figured it would end at 0-3, or maybe 1-3 if Eshialand was lucky. The Stars won the coin toss, and within just 8 minutes, a Sarzonian forward put the ball past Kolek. 0-1.

Okay, so not the best start... but they could recover, right?

The first half didn't provide many chances, as the champions of World Cup 22 played a shut-down game, but Carroll did get one shot on target which was easily stopped by Carlton Sandt. Rats!

In the 59th minute, however, the tides seemed to change, as Melissa Carey swiped the ball from one of the Sarzonian midfielders, and started passing the ball back and forth with various members of Eshialand's team. Eventually, it got back to her, and she managed to put it past Sandt to make the score 1-1. Hey look, a tie!

Of course, it couldn't last forever, and in the 78th minute, one of the Sarzonian midfielders put one past Kolek to make the score 1-2, which would be the final score in the match.

Of course, just because it was a loss on paper doesn't mean it felt like one. The Owls only lost by one goal to former world champions! That was a win in their book.

If there was anything that these two friendlies showed, it was that the Owls were a serious team and not just some fly-by-night pushovers. They were here to play, and now the whole multiverse knew.
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Postby Kelssek » Wed May 05, 2021 3:17 pm



Moonbeam Infantino’s incredible vision for the future of football

Football Kelssek director Moonbeam Infantino has attracted attention and controversy since being elected to the board. The following transcript of his interview with our editorial team about his proposals for the future of the sport has been edited for clarity.

You recently gave a speech in which you said the future of football is under threat. This is something a lot of people would find really puzzling. What makes you think such a problem exists?

Football is dying. No one can deny this. You just look around and it is so obvious! And it is behind such a terrible decay in society. The worst part is that today the children are playing Fortnight, not football, and so have lost touch with our Mother Earth. Football is the way to restore their cosmic energies, to reconnect with Gaia, to feel the healing energies in our bodies once again. When we restore our souls, only then will football be saved, and only if the children are interested in football, then they can feel rooted and properly grow like trees in a desert.

Do you have any evidence that children are not interested in football?

This is something of great concern. The youth of today no longer have the ability to pay attention for 90 minutes, they want everything in 90 seconds. They refuse to watch full matches and only care about the highlights. We must do what is necessary to make sure they pay attention for the full 90 minutes.

What do you mean by “make sure”?

Yes, this is really key, I have seen some scientists who think you can increase attention span through electrical signals in the brain, so perhaps attaching children to chairs when they watch football matches and applying electric currents to stimulate their brains, this has had good results.

You want to strap children to chairs and... apply electric currents to them?

Electronic therapy, I should emphasize this would of course need more experimentation. We only use 4 per cent of our brains, anything that can help unlock our potential, there are unlimited possibilities.

You’re talking... in theory, though, just to be clear, you’re not actually proposing to actually...

We need to fix the terrible psychological problems to fix football. It is just like when I was elected to the Football Kelssek executive board. Some people said that the election was stolen. Well then we’d better find it, right? Why would you do with a stolen election anyway? This is the kind of thinking that we need to transcend our post-factual modern condition.

Well, you have said before that you welcome any inquiry into those allegations, but... I just... You would like children being strapped to chairs and being given electric shocks?

(long pause) You know, that’s a great question. I don’t know if that’s something I would like, really, but it is something that is necessary. But I have many other ideas that we can save football with. For example, we need to change the World Cup. There are too many meaningless matches against countries no one has ever heard of. There should be a system where you can only qualify for the World Cup if you show that you are one of the best thirty teams, or something like that. This will create more social media for football.

There’s already...

This is also a problem because a World Cup can only be a World Cup if the best teams take part. Last World Cup, Eura was not there. It was terrible for social media. The best teams should always be in the World Cup and they should play more often. We want to see Valanora vs. Nephara not just once in forever, but every week if possible. That’s how you concentrate attentive synergies.

I assume given your directorship that you include Kelssek in that group? Isn’t that a contradiction given that we only recently-

Have you seen the latest rankings? Kelssek are 10th and so obviously should be part of any World Cup. Why should there be a problem? If you look at the schedule for the World Cup, Kelssek is going to play so many unknown countries. What gets more people to watch, for example – Kelssek versus Cassadaigua, or Kelssek versus... you know, some country no one knows, like... ‘Starblaydia’?

Uhm. Well...

I’m sorry, I do have a meeting after this.

When the Kelssek Hockey League adopted your proposals for reform it was abandoned almost as soon as it was adopted because fans protested against it and it ended up causing massive logistical problems, including an exploding computer when it tried to create the fixture schedule. Was that a mistake?

This is a very big accusation that some people who have a lot of anger and racism are making.

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Postby Squornshelan Remnant States » Wed May 05, 2021 4:11 pm

Lifted Lamp, Chapter 1

"KOIRALA OUT - GROOTHUIS OUT," read the largest sign at the demonstration in front of the SCFA's headquarters. "Lions led by Donkeys," proclaimed another. It was not a particularly large demonstration. There had been a much larger one after the team's disastrous early exit from IAC11. Recent results had been far from what they'd hoped for, but good enough to keep the majority of fans quiescent, if not entirely satisfied. Those out in the courtyard now, SCFA President Ailen Koirala was certain, were those who had opposed and criticized her every step of the way since her election ten years prior.

Resignation had certainly occurred to her at one point or another in that time. Ten years was a long time in this business, though Association President was definitely a bit less volatile a position than Manager. Groothuis was the fifth person to lead the team under Koirala's administration, and by far the longest tenured. The Omerican's blunt, short-spoken manner hadn't endeared her to the Confederate press, but players and fans had come to respect her for it, aided by her exacting standards. That respect, most especially the continued support from team leaders and the locker room as a whole, had likely saved Groothuis's job a few years back, when the team, reeling from a bad qualifying performance to skip the Cup of Harmony, and then crashed out of the IAC.

Turning away from her office window and the discontented supporters outside, Koirala thought back to the conversation she'd had with Groothuis. It had been a long one. She'd allowed a week to pass after the team had returned from Havynwilde before setting the meeting. Discussions were more comfortable, she'd found, when one party wasn't expecting to be fired in the course of conversation. It was clear that Groothuis had still been expecting a dressing down of sorts for her team's recent underperformances. Koirala had decided not to address that right away, focusing on necessary preparations for World Cup 87 qualifying. She'd hoped to make it clear by her choice of topic that she fully intended to move forward from one of the Black-and-Reds' worst cycles in recent memory with Groothuis rather than without. Still, in the end it had proved necessary to be more direct.

"Then you aren't going to ask for my resignation."

"Anne-Sophie, if I were going to ask you to resign I'd have done it a week ago. What this team needs right now is not to leave another manager by the wayside. This isn't a team you inherited anymore, it's the one you've built. One look at what these players have accomplished domestically gives me all the faith in your personnel decisions that I need."

"All the more reason to find fault with my tactics."

"The argument can be made, yes, but I don't agree with it. I'm not here to figure out what went wrong in Havynwilde, my job is to put the right person in the right place to do that. I still believe that person is you."

Groothuis's intense self-criticism and introspection was trying at times, Koirala had to admit, but her tenure had been the first chance for stability since Bethany Donnell had been sacked. Koirala still harbored some doubts over whether firing the Brenecian mid-qualifying had been the right call. Perhaps that was why she had been so hesitant to dismiss Groothuis prematurely. Improvement over the two years since their chat had been incremental, but distinctly noticeable. True, the way their run at IAC12 had ended was frustrating after such a dominant showing in the group stage, but it was still something to build on. Now on the eve of World Cup 88 Qualifying, Koirala felt herself gripped by an odd sense of optimism. She couldn't point to any one thing, but something felt different this time.
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