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Tales of Two Horizons IC 1.4 OPEN

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Much is changed in this world, and much yet will still change...

The West is familiar to our own reckoning, with the Concert of Europe maintaining balance following the Napoleonic Wars. Chimneys belch black smoke, while factories churn out ever more goods for consumption by the public. Memory of the would be Emperor of Europe still lives large, with many of the people still longing for the freedoms that the revolution brought.

The East, having seen the collapse of a unified China in the late 1400s, has steadily divided, until it became a mirror in many ways of the West. The competition between rival powers has forced Chinese nations to adapt, and in doing so they have staved off the humiliation of our timeline. Science and innovation abound, while art and culture flourish. Industry is relatively new to the East, but is steadily expanding throughout all of China.

Fusang is the titan of the New World in this timeline, having been settled by Wu in the 1500s and mirroring America's rise in our world. The United States meanwhile, still shackled by the Articles of Confederation, collapsed in on itself following the War of 1812, which saw British forces soundly crush the fledgling nation, securing New England's independence and the Midwest for Britain. South America sees the Bolivarian Republics seeking further expansion, while Brazil stands as the greatest power in South America.

The Industrial Revolution has brought riches to the peoples of the world, but also great hardship. The lessons of Napoleon still linger in the undercurrent of European thought, and may soon sweep Europe in another riptide of change and unrest. The East meanwhile may take inspiration from their Western brethren, and throw off the age old shackles of oppression for a new tomorrow.

The future as of yet, remains unwritten. Only time will tell how the pages will be filled...

Tales of Two Horizons is an alternate history rp based on the premise of a divided China with states equivalent in advancement to those of the West. While the West has remained much the same (“Waves wand of handwavium”), much of the New World has diverged, with Fusang ascendant in North America and the United States sundered, while the Bolivarian nations in South America are considerably more consolidated. The East is as prior mentioned, quite different : )


  1. General.
    1. There are a few rules and guidelines for the RP, listed here. These following six are basic and should be easily understood and followed, and after that will follow more specific info that is more liable to change.
    2. Obey NationStates forum rules
    3. Obey the OP and those appointed as per their role
    4. Make sure you are not metagaming, godmodding, numberspamming, or generally RPing in bad form
    5. Have a couple of paragraphs a post and good grammar & spelling
    6. Exercise common sense generously
    7. Be active every couple of days at least
    8. Make sure to date each section of your post

Breaching these rules may result in a user being expelled from this RP at the IEC Board's discretion.


  1. General.
    1. There are a few mechanics ToTH will implement to better communicate the IEC's standards and to allow structured rping. The following are subject to change, and will be updated with more information and clarification as proves needed.
    2. Casus Belli: Wars in ToTH must be properly justified, and thus a player must manufacture a casus belli or have one provided via IEC event to declare war without significant penalties. Casus Belli take anywhere from 180-360 days to properly manufacture.
    3. Great Powers: Great powers are the most powerful and influential nations on the planet, as such, they have certain abilities and liberties afforded to them by the IEC, including a sphere of influence and reduced infamy growth. More will be added here later. Marked by a * on the roster.
    4. Influence: Influence is used as a resource by nations to generate favor by other nations. Higher influence with another nation will allow more favorable diplomatic dealings, and when used by Great Powers can be used to sphere lesser nations.
    5. Infamy: Infamy is a number representing how naughty you have been as a nation. A higher infamy will lead to increasingly negative perceptions by other nations, and can lead to coalition wars against you if your infamy grows high enough.
    6. Public Order: Public Order determines how stable your society is, with a higher public order representing a stable society, while lower Public Order can lead to adverse events, such as revolutionary unrest.
    7. Be active every couple of days at least

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Grand Duchy of Oldenburg
Jewel of the Seas


- The First Declaration of Grand Duke Augustus -
Der göttliche König
The Divine King
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Great & Noble Grand Duke of our beloved Oldenburg, at the wise age of 53, has set out to put forward our ancestral Saxon spirit onto the seas. As Gaius Octavius did with Rome, so will our beloved Grand Duke Augustus shall do with Oldenburg. Through sheer might placed upon our hulls, our decks and our spirited hands we will sail and rule the seas. A truly Grand Duchy does not settle for beaches and pebbled lakes, it settles and explores far off tropical lands and indulges in intellectual pursuit. Like when Charlemagne tried to conquer the Saxons, by birthblood the line of Augustus defended us against the French Napoleon. Augustus and the Divine line of Oldenburg shall cross a million waves for our splendour, firmly leading Oldenburg's German peoples into a new age of wealth and friendships with Asiatic Peoples. God is with US!

By this decree, The Grand Duke shall cut all taxes levied upon travelling maritime merchant bands & groupings by half. Half of the previous amount registered by his diligent wisdom.
In honouring the needs of the seas, Grand Duke Augustus announces the creation of the specialist 'Seaman Master' title for devoted study of exploration and maritime embarkment.

God With US! God With Us!

The Castle

"Grand Duke" A younger, pimple faced, boy stood tall while walking down a carpet clad corridor "The declaration is in print, we have not yet received other word."
"Thank you lad." He replied with a coerce throat, the boy leaving him to attend to his library study.
It was a rather lonesome time here, adrift in these mundane walls of tapestry and gold flaked ceilings, for he knew he could soon no longer enjoy them. It was evident to him that a burning cough had rendered him breathless throughout his days indoors, a dizzying headache always accompanying most of his fits. In moments of walking, ordering poor old servants, he had realised there was no legacy his sons would uphold. Already the German confederation sent envoys upon envoys pleading for his loyalty to a liberal constitution, his absolutism only ever defended by his royal relatives in the Russian Empire. Truth was he didn't have time either way, it would be either illness or rebellion that would yoke his soul to damnation. The thought of becoming a footnote, not Grand or Divine, made his head spin and days quicken - he couldn't let it be - he couldn't.
It was to be here, looking out onto his rose garden, that he finally decided to set a crashing spectacle of fire and fury. Reckless or not, a gamble needed to be made for his name to live on.

Loans & Outer Matters


For My Dearest Fellow German Friend, King Frederick William III of Prussia.
From the Right & Honourable Grand Duke of Oldenburg Augustus I

On this stamped paper, cut from the dead Ancient Saxon forest timber our Germanic brothers fought the Eastern savages amongst, I write to you whole heartedly. As a member of this Great Germanic Confederation, I ask you as a fellow ruler, will you aid me in the horizon of new Germanic dominance of the seas. The Brits, French and Asiatic peoples have had their place in the sun for too long. Oldenburg requires a loan for a noble pursuit that the Prussian people would only benefit from, 300,000 Thaler loan with an interest of 11% is what we request. To see the Confederations international trade interests be maintained would be only a positive


For the Toughest Emperor of the Wild East, Nicholas Pavlovich of House Romanov, Emperor of all Russias
From the Traditional Grand Duke of Oldenburg Augustus I, enemy of the Decembrist

Emperor Nicholas, Oldenburg is a stout nation yet with a heart of hardened steel. We reject liberalism, the poisons of the Napoleonic French and celebrate your triumph against Napoleon! Your rule is a precedent for all of Europe to follow, the triumph of 1812 is just a small drop of the great Russian spirit we must all embody. Augustus of Oldenburg shall forever remain of Oldenburg, with Russian advice we have preserved the Divine Right of Kings. We plan to assert your position in Germania in exchange for support in our endeavours throughout the Asiatic continent and the seven seas. Do the Russian peoples support a pact of symbolic friendship?
'What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people'

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Two Sicilies
Due Sicilia

Gazzetta di Carbonari

Saluti, lettori... [Greetings Readers,
This is the first issue of the Carbonari Gazette, a newspaper created by members of the former Carbonari society to try and bring news and information to the people of Sicily and Naples. This newspaper is based out of two printing plants, one in Palermo, and the other in Naples, and we intend to see national circulation of the paper as soon as possible. Until then, we will simply be serving news to the residents of the cities of Naples and Palermo, and the surrounding villages. Our first story is as follows:

University of Naples Professor Proclaims Support for the Memory of the Carbonari Movement
The Head Professor of History and Anthropological Studies, Nunziante Piria, at the University of Naples has issued support for the now defunct Carbonari movement. He said the following in his speech "Perhaps in the past, absolutism was the answer, but since the beginning of this century, time and time again we have been let down by monarchy. Ferdinand I, burned down our fleet and let the French conquer and pillage our lands. Francis I let corruption reign as he visited his favorite brothels around the country, his death could not have come soon enough. That brings us to Ferdinand II, he may be kind, but he is leading our state into stagnation. We cannot let the Carbonari movement die, the Bourbons once considered a constitution for our state and well regulated meritocracy, but were persuaded away from such ideals by the Austrian fiends. I tell you, Gaetano Filangeri, Giambattista Vico, Pietro Giannone, the greatest of Sicilians, none of them would have stood for this. Watching as our society is reduced to a decaying flower. But we can bloom again, if a constitution is put forth, one which empowers the people to act. I'm not talking of anything about a unification of italy, Naples is strong alone, but we must be strong if we are to survive this century.

Royal Palace of Naples
January 15th, 1836

"Signore, Signore..." The man came running down the hall interrupting a conversation between Ferdinand and his Chancellor. "...Your Highness..." he said out of breath as he quickly bowed. "You must see this paper." He handed a newspaper to the king as the chancellor looked on from the side.
"Very well, thank you, you are excused." The man bowed and left the hall much slower than he had entered.
"What is this" said the chancellor, a nobleman from outside of Bari.
"It is a newspaper started by the remnants of the Carbonari faction."
"Those underhanded basterds? They dare challenge your rule even after their failed attempts at reform and revolution."
"Failed, perhaps, but noble, you must admit." said Ferdinand.
"You give them too much credit Ferdinand. They take advantage of your kindness."
"Of what use is kindness if its not to be used? Anyway, this is hardly of any concern right now, my son is to be born in a matter of days, I must remain focused on my family affairs for the time being. As I was saying, I want you to organize me a trip to the United Kingdom, I would like to understand these new railroads and how they work, I think they can be of great use for our people and military."
"Very well, your majesty it will be done."

Royal Palace of Naples
January 16th, 1836

After the a long night, the child had finally been born. Ferdinand was not allowed in the room, but the doctors continued to assure him everything would be alright. Despite the constant comotion of the entire environment around him, Ferdinand accepted their information at face value. Ferdinand didn't spend much time with his wife, but he couldn't deny her beauty. He hoped it would translate into a healthy and strong heir. A doctor came out of the room, he bowed quickly, "Your Majesty, your child has been born, however, I am sorry to say, your wife, the queen.... she's not in a good state. We believe the childbirth had a severe toll on her and there's a chance she may not recover."
"Oh." Ferdinand said, a mixture of emotions passed through him, he looked toward the ground... he was sad, she had been a fair companion, and had given him an heir. "Is there a chance she will survive?"
"Its possible signore, but for now she must rest, until then, I would like to introduce you to your son." Another doctor came out of the room carrying the sleeping child rapped in a tan linen. "Ahh, baby Francis. He is too be named after my father."

Royal Palace of Naples
January 21st, 1836

The Cardinal of Naples had arrived initially to provide blessings upon the young heir. But upon hearing of the Queen Consorts state. He opted to stay and pray for her survival, aiding the doctors where possible. When he awoke, something felt different, the room felt colder. His back was strained from sleeping on the small couch outside the birthing room. He was initially promised a bed, however, the Chancellor had informed him that the remaining bed rooms would be taken so he could fulfill his unholy vices away from the peering eyes of his family and critics in Bari. The Cardinal walked in through the white doors to check on the queen-consorts condition, he took her pulse like the doctors had shown earlier. Nothing.... he tested again, this time on her neck, Nothing. A quick wave of panic rushed into him, he ran out of the room calling for a doctor. The Queen-Consort was dead.

--- 3 Hours Later ---

Ferdinand awoke to a sunny morning, a good day he felt. He had not been bother by his wife for sometime. An aide entered the room. "Do you mind, I'm in my bed gown!"
"Apologies Singore, but I need to inform you, there is no easy way to say this... your Wife... the Queen Consort... she is-"
"WELL, spit it out?"
"She is dead, signore, she passed away in her sleep. It appears she could not recover from her child birth."
A wave of anger rushed over Ferdinand. Damned woman, he would have to cancel any preparations for a trip to Britain now. Now he would have to spend the next month in morning. As the realization hit him his heart jumped. 'What if Francis dies? What will happen to my kingdom?' He immediately called for his chancellor to be summoned to decide what to do next.

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Empire of Great Qian
Chapter 1: The Porch

Forbidden City

10th January, 1836

Once, it had been the greatest palace in the world.

Constructed as the last testament to Ming gluttony before the downfall, the Forbidden City had at one time consisted of 980 separate buildings covering some seventy hectares. It had shouldered its way into being a whole district of Beijing unto itself through sheer size. A separate police force and fire watch had been established out of necessity, just to mitigate the risk for the notoriously paranoid Ming emperors.

Then had come the downfall - the power of the Ming was broken, the Middle Kingdom's unity shattered, its aristocratic dependents set against one another in futile struggles for the throne, and later, for their mere survival. Somewhere in the chaos, a Manchu clan in service to the deposed emperors fled, disgraced, to the far north. Barbarian savages belonged far away from Beijing, it was then well understood. No one would miss the Biru.

Two hundred years later, Biru Nikan had returned to his ancestors' former haunt at the head of an army, conducted some inspired downsizing and interior redecorating, and decided he quite liked Beijing after all. His nephew had constructed the only new building in the Forbidden City since the Ming: the Cathedral of the Annunciation, the oldest church in Great Qian. Nikan had trimmed the Forbidden City down to a more modest 350 buildings, with the Cathedral sitting right on the border between it and Tiananmen Square, framed by the eponymous Gate of Heavenly Peace and overlooking the endless expanse of Beijing proper. Palace and cathedral now sat among, rather than separate from, the greatest city of the Middle Kingdom.

So when the Emperor Leontius, once called Biru Jiànshēn, knelt with clasped, gnarled hands and muttered evening prayers before the Cathedral's alter, dozens saw him do it - dozens who, in the Ming era, would not have been permitted in his presence, except perhaps with their heads removed from their bodies.

But this, Leontius reflected, was not the Ming Era any longer. It had been a new age, a Christian age, for some time now in the North. There was no more blasphemous 'Son of Heaven' or 'Autocrat of All Under Heaven.'

'Your Imperial Highness,' was sufficiently regal for Leontius; the only Son of Heaven in his mind was the one he got on his knees for and prayed to every day.

Not that being an Emperor as opposed to the Emperor didn't still mean that his schedule wasn't packed to the rafters with cabinet meetings, petitions, ceremonies and consultations of every kind. In fact, it was hard to conceive of just how much easier it must have been for the Ming or any of the other Han dynasties; living gods in their time, quite literally too holy to come down to the earth and govern. No wonder they had fallen so ignobly.

Not so for the Qian. An Emperor had to live among his people now, albeit still in lavish splendor and in extreme safety. Still, one owed one's subjects something a little more substantive than the 'privilege' of gazing at His Majesty's feet from the bottom of a staircase.

"Father . . ."

Leontius glanced up, a wry smile playing softly on his lips. A young man gazed at him from the edge of the crowd of dignitaries, diplomats, mandarins and officers who had elected to join the Emperor at evening prayers, more than likely out of a desire to gain audience with him than any genuinely pious motives.

"Pray with me, Prince." The Emperor beckoned him forward. The young man, eyes smoldering and dark hair cropped close in the western style, had no other choice but to join his father at the alter.

Leontius closed his eys and began to speak.

O Lord Jesus Christ our God, the true and living Way, Who didst will to journey with Thy guardian Joseph, and Thy most pure Virgin Mother into Egypt, and didst accompany Luke and Cleopas on their way to Emmaus: we now humbly entreat Thee, O most holy Master: do Thou accompany now Thy servants by Thy grace. Send unto him as to Thy servant Tobias, an angel as a guide and guardian, protecting and delivering him from every evil assault of enemies both visible and invisible; directing him to the fulfillment of Thy commandments, sending him on his way peacefully, profitably, and soundly and bringing him back again safely and in peace. Grant that he may fulfill all his good purpose unto Thy good pleasure, and favorably unto Thy glory. For Thine it is to be merciful and to save us, O Christ our God, and to Thee do we send up glory, together with Thy Father Who is without beginning, and Thy most holy, good, and life-giving Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

The Emperor rose and made a little shooing motion towards the Kheshig guards that formed a rough semicircle between his person and the press of officials. The Kheshig each took a step forward; the officials, used to this dance, began to make for the Cathedral's exit.

Leontius followed at a far more leisurely pace, one eye on the floor of brilliantly painted granite, the other on his fourth son, who had accomplished so much with so little expectation.

"I can see it in your eyes, Zikai: you are eager to go to war. Have I not expressed to you at length how horrible such a state is?"

The fire in the eyes of Biru Zikai, heir to Great Qian, dimmed only a little. "I am not innocent to the trials of war, Father. You did send me to secure the Tibetan frontier four years ago, if you recall. I have killed men at twenty thousand feet - I know what it is like to fight, to lead men. I know what I am asking of you."

Leontius passed through the Narthex and under the iconostasis, the wooden stand where the painted icons of dozens of saints gazed upon parishioners as they entered or withdrew from the Cathedral. The Emperor thought he caught a glance from the mischievous-looking likeness of Confucius the Right-Believing, who along with the other images never failed to remind Leontius of just how small he was; before the saints, before the Theotokos, before Christ.

They crossed the threshold of the Cathedral's ornate oaken doors, carved with images of the Four Evangelists, and emerged onto the broad sweep of Tianamen Square.

Leontius wagged a finger at his son. "I do not disparage your skill at arms, my son. Your experience with war is that of a solider: direct, personal. I will be the first to concede that I have seen it only through the eyes of a monarch. But what you are asking is the same thing that some in the officer corps have implored me to do since the day we made peace with Joseon, and that is to destroy our peace with Joseon. That war was futile, and though my generals love to tell me that the Army learned many valuable lessons there, I do wonder at the cost in lives."

Zikai started. The motion reminded the Emperor, who was just beginning to stoop with age, of how impressive a figure his son and heir cut these days: a powerful, six-foot frame, broad shoulders, long legs. If the young man's Mongol mother was still alive, Leontius had no doubt she would tease him about the height differential to no end. For a moment, his heart pined after Sarnai, the Rose of Mongolia, who seven years prior had succumbed to pneumonia. She was no longer here to celebrate the new year with him, or any new year to come.

Father and son sidestepped a steep bank of snow that even now a platoon of Kheshig were adding to with brooms and shovels. A furious winter storm had visited the capital the night before; the sky remained slate-grey today, promising yet more. A thin half-inch layer was allowed to persist on the square, painting the city in the color of ivory.

"I do not speak of Joseon, Father," Zikai said. "I have been corresponding with Marshal Garamgai this winter. He agrees that, while we may have the strength to invade and probably defeat the armies of Joseon, the cost of occupying a foreign country of that size would be too great. Insurgency, the image of Qian as a foreign conqueror - it would ruin us. Besides, Yi Gong is not a warmonger. If you were able to end the war with his father, surely you can thaw relations with him? The Marshal was quite adamant that if we maintain our current troop strength along the Yalu, we will be weakened if we choose to act in the northern states. We must obtain assurances of peace from their Emperor."

Leontius arched an eyebrow. "I see now that you did pay attention when I tried to tell you things. 'Level only one blow of the hammer at a time, and strike with all your strength': that is the maxim we must live by. We cannot enforce our will in northern China unless we act with the empire's full weight. This I can see. I am gladdened that my heir sees as well." The Emperor put the sleeves of his robe together in an attempt to warm his hands. It was silk, though - not well suited to winter in Beijing. Comfort would have to wait.

"Making war on Joseon was my late father's dream," he continued. "I initiated the war in an act of filial piety in my youth, and it nearly bankrupted the Empire. I trust that when you sit the throne, Zikai, you will be your own man. Do not be so beholden to a father's interests."

Zikai stopped and bowed low. "You are still the Emperor, Your Highness," he said, lapsing back into the court formality that Leontius had always known his son was uncomfortable with. He figured that was probably a good sign, if it was a sign of anything. "You have only to articulate your dream, and the Empire will carry it out."

"My dream?" The look on the Emperor's face, always kindly with a hint of mischief, hardened into a rigid mask. "My dream is supremacy."

"The Zhous," he went on, "Li Zhou and his brother Sun, are small men, squabbling over dynastic minutiae and bleeding themselves and their divided kingdom dry in the process. Their little war has spilled over our border more than once: you may recall that deserters from North Zhou burned a village in the Ankang district of Shaanxi two months ago. I ordered the South Military District to conduct a retaliatory raid and leave the matter at that. But there have been other incidents - I cannot possibly ignore them all."

The prince stroked the corners of his mustache, the ends of which were starting to droop off his chin. He was of the age - twenty-six now, the Emperor remembered - where young men always wanted to grow out their beards to look more distinguished. Sarnai would've thought him adorable. He couldn't quite recall if he had done the same thing in his youth. Probably he had.

"What do the other northern rulers think of the Zhous?"

"I no longer care what they think!" Leontius snarled. "This war of the Zhous has dragged on for five years. Sun Zhou seems to have the upper hand, but has scored no decisive victory. There is officially a ceasefire with some noise about a peace deal, according to our agents in the Xizuo, but nothing concrete has materialized. In any case, some commanders haven't gotten the message about a ceasefire, or that village in Shaanxi would still be standing."

"The responsible thing" Zikai purred, "would have been for the Zhous' neighbors to put a stop to the fighting while the war was young."

The Emperor allowed himself a small smirk. "That is still," he retorted, "the responsible thing to do."

They stopped. Leontius felt something cold and prickly on the back of his neck. Glancing up, he saw ethereal sprinkles of white drift down from on high. He felt a momentary pang of pity for the Kheshig guards charged with maintaining Tiananmen Square. Tomorrow morning they would have to shovel it all over again. He made a mental note to double their rations until the snows blew over.

"My Christian brother, the Tsar of Russia, must sometimes act in the mountains of the Caucasus when the tribes there become unruly, or when the Persians or Turks become overly ambitious. That is his frontier, his front porch, so to speak. When it becomes messy and chaotic, he must clean it up. Why should it be different for the Qian?"

The Emperor's gaze fell away from the leaden sky and returned to his son. "I'm sending you to Xi'an. Begin a mobilization there, but proceed cautiously until it begins to warm a little. Order the Marshals to attend to you - this affair is in your hands. I want these vagrants off my porch. If, at a later point, I decide to strengthen Li Zhou's place on his throne, I will extract heavy concessions from him in exchange. When that happens - if it happens - you must be ready to move."

Diplomacy & Other Matters

To the Illustrious Emperor Yi Gong of Joseon,

His Imperial Majesty Leontius of the Great Qian, known also as Jiànshēn, wishes to convey to Your Sublime Highness, and to his people, the joy of the New Year. Although the Empires of Qian and Joseon were bitter adversaries only some fifteen years ago, His Imperial Majesty wishes to disclose that it is no longer in the best interests of the Qian to be at odds with Joseon. The War of 1817 was between His Imperial Majesty and Your Sublime Highnesses' father - it should therefore follow that the same policy should not apply to the son. That conflict was also the wish of His Imperial Majesty's late father, Tryphon, also called Qizhen, and filial piety demanded that it be carried out.

Some years have passed without hostilities - thus, the Imperial Palace has elected that the time is right to enact a policy change. His Majesty proposes that the two Emperors join in a Pact of Nonaggression; binding by treaty peaceable relations between their two kingdoms. As a sign of initial goodwill, the Army of Great Qian has been instructed to reduce its troop presence in the Yalu frontier forts by half. His Majesty is optimistic that this can provide a foundation for further strengthening of relations in the economic as well as political realm.

-- Emperor Leontius of Great Qian
Biru Jiànshēn
10th of January, Year of our Lord 1836

Imperial Edict of the Great Qian Regarding Disorder in Zhou
By Order of His Imperial Majesty on the 14th of January, 1836

His Imperial Majesty Leontius of the Great Qian wishes to affirm The Empire's support for and recognition of His Highness Li Zhou as the sole and legitimate ruler of Zhou. Sun Zhou is a usurper and a charlatan who has shamed himself by rising against his brother and suzerain. In the name of tranquility and order, His Imperial Majesty calls upon Sun Zhou and all other rebels to lay down their arms. Brigands and plunderers along the Imperial frontier will not be tolerated. If a border incident like that in the Ankang district on the 17th of November is repeated again, Imperial forces will assert their right to safeguard subjects of the Great Qian and restore serenity along the borderlands. Sun Zhou must now consider whether his misguided campaign of chaos and disarray is worth the suffering it has caused. His Majesty is hopeful he will make the right decision for the people of Zhou.
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Hanseong, Seoul
Empire of Joseon

Aiming a loaded rifled musket, Emperor Gong waited a few seconds before pulling the trigger. The crack of the rifle filled the air and the bullet made a clean punch through the wooden target board, although only a few inches from the bullseye. On cue, a servant handed the Emperor another loaded rifle and began to reload the used rifle. Satisfied with the result, the Emperor aimed and fired another round, this time hitting the bullseye of the target.
When he was ready to fire his third rifle, a familiar approached him.

"Your Imperial Majesty, Minister Wang Jun-min is here to see you," the court servant said. "Should I let him in?"

"If the minister is here to see me, it's clear he has something important to say," Gong answered. "Let him in." The servant bowed and after a few minutes, the Foreign Affairs Minister stepped into the Emperor's shooting range.

"Forgive my interruptions of your leisurely activities, your Imperial Majesty," Jun-min started. "But this document from Qian is important for you to look over." He added, handing Yi Gong the letter. The Emperor handed the rifle to his servant and picked up the towel to wipe the sweat from his brow.

"A letter from Qian? Then it must be important," The Emperor said as he took the letter and studied its content. "I see they want a treaty of non-aggression. It would be beneficial for both nations if we aren't at war."

"What do you think, Minister? I'm open to accepting their request for non-aggression but what about you? You are the Minister of Foreign Affairs and I would like an advise from my ministers regarding important matters." Feeling a bit of a pressure, Jun-min thought for a few seconds, thinking of a response.

"I'm open to establishing a non-aggression treaty with Qian but this could be a trap," the Minister said. "This is the same Emperor who launched the invasion of this nation fifteen years ago."

"I am well aware," Gong replied, nodding his head in remembrance. "Many of my people died in that war. My father sent me to Ganghwa Island when news broke of Qian breakthrough of one of our border defenses. Instead of staying in the capital, he relocated north to Pyongyang to be involved in the war effort to bolster troop morale and to rally the nation, as what a proper ruler defending his empire should.

"I actually wanted to fight in the war, believe it or not," the Emperor said. "I was 27 years old, a young man in my prime to serve in the Imperial Army. What is a better qualifier for the Crown Prince than to fight in the army against foreign invaders? But Father didn't want me to fight, he said to me that because he's the current Emperor, he must be in the war to rally the nation but if he has fallen, he needed me to pick up from there. Even when I oversaw the Imperial Court in the island, I still longed to pick up a rifle and row back to the mainland." The Emperor stopped talking and glanced at the minister.

"But I'm just rambling to myself, do you propose we excise caution? A policy of trust but verify?" he asked. The Minister nodded.

"At the very least, we could try to contact our commanders at the border force to see if they could verify any changes in Qianese troop size at the border," Wang Jun-min answered. "It would be beneficial for Joseon to maintain a policy of non-aggression with Qian as it would lesson the tensions from the war."

"That's all well and good," Gong said. "But what would this non-aggression pact mean for the balance of power in East Asia? There are reasons why the major East Asian powers such as Wu, Shu, Min, and Guang aren't likely fans of Qianese dominance in the north, if we approve of this non-aggression pact, would this affect any relations we have with the other powers of the East?"

"If we are to approve of a non-aggression pact with Qian, this would affect the southern powers negatively only if one of those powers openly aligned with Qian that could put a wrench in a strength of a potential Anti-Qian coalition," the Foreign Minister responded. "Joseon is not a major power of the East, if I'm being generous, we merely hold some say in the global politics but nothing too influential. We've only managed to maintain our independence as an empire and prevented being a vassal kingdom of Qian. No, Shu or Min siding with Qian would be more of a game changer in Eastern politics than Joseon signing a treaty of non-aggression."

"I believe that if the southern powers of Shu, Wu, Min, and Guang set aside their differences and presented a coalition against Qian, like how the European powers of Britain, Russia, Austria, and Prussia presented against a French Empire, then they could stop any expansionary efforts Qian might have in mind," Jun-min continued. "Unfortunately, these powers are too much of a rival against each other, the likelihood of them forming a coalition and challenge Qian to maintain a balance of power over the lesser states in the region would be unlikely."

"I see," the Emperor said at the information from his minister. "You've given me insight on the diplomatic effect of this potential non-aggression pact, but how would the public feel about this?"

"That is something a more domestic-oriented official would answer with much confidence in his words than a minister involved in foreign affairs," Wang answered. "However, if you want my two cents, I can only assume some controversies to erupt from this.

"Many people remembered the Qianese invasion of Joseon, many have lost their friends and family members to the war. Many people, especially in the north, returned to their homes looted by soldiers of both flags and bandits taking advantage of the chaos. It is safe to say that many do not hold any love for Qian and would consider a non-aggression treaty to be an insult to their lost ones. How many mothers would approach you, angry that you would spit on the graves of their fallen sons to approve of a treaty with Qian instead of fighting to avenge them? At the same time, many are aware of Qian's military might. If war hostilities begin to heighten between Qian and Josoen, many mothers would also beg of you to de-escalate the situation as best as you can, to prevent more death of their sons. The question is, your Majesty, what do you think is the best answer?"

"I can only say that I want what is best for my people and the empire," Gong replied. "Very well, I will give this a thought for a few more days, asking others for different opinions. Once I make up my mind, I will call for a meeting and make my announcement and I will give my formal response to Qian's Emperor. Thank you, my friend for your insight and assistance."

"I am only doing my duty as a loyal vassal to my Emperor," Jun-min replied, bowing down at the Emperor's remark. "Such an activity should be expect of for an official like myself."
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Min Confederation

Chapter I: The new Horizon

Fuzhou, Min Confederation

The centre of trade and commerce in the south china sea, lying in the delta of the min river it provides opportunity and promise for migrants from inland fujian and the colonies. At the centre of it all is the Fuzhou Imperial Palace, the home of the Min emperor the most revered person of the confederation, and simultaneously held little to no power in the say in governing the empire. Ever since the emperor Wu of Min the real power of emperor is held onto the council of governors, a council of imperial officials headed by the grand secretariat who gets the final say onto the governing of the confederation. However as the years went by, the governors of the provinces became corrupt and often kept tax money for themselves creating the issue of wheter or not the Min dominions should stay as a confederation.

Under the paranoid Grand secretariat Lin Zexu, Who enacted several Protectionist, Mercantilist policies min was left behind from the industrial revolution. Though his successor reversed the policies, the damage was done. Grand secretariat shao, the incumbent grand secretariat studied under the tutelage of western and eastern teachers and the ideas of western enlightenment and confucian teachings captivated the young man. He believes that if the Min confederation needs to adopt western style of governance and western military system in order to survive and thrive against the other southern chinese states. “Min spirit, western technology” he always said, during his first eight months of office he spent his first eight months of his tenure writing the Dìnggòu a book of guidelines that would possibly help reform and reorganize the min goverment. As he walked in the wide hallways of the Min council building he places a copy of the Dìnggòu in each of the representative’s tables. The representative who are already present at the time asked Shao what this is, and shao only gestured to wait for the others.

The daily meeting of the meeting commences and Grand secretariat shao opens the meetings as usual “Brothers of the court, today i present to you something different than our usual meetings. In your desks is a small book that i’ve wrote containing the ideas of the west and their governing style that i am certain would base as the guidelines to reform the min goverment. I believe that to make Min a free, prosperous, and powerful state, we should follow the western styles of goverments like our trade partners the dutch, and the mighty kingdom of the west, Prussia. But still preserving our min culture and values “Min spirit and Western technology”. The Grand secretariat pauses as a sign for others to give their opinions on the matter.

An older man stands up to vote his opinion against the proposed bill. His greying hair shows how the passage of time has not been kind to the man. “Brother shao, this is absurd. If the your predecessor was here he kick you out of this chamber for proposing such an absurd notion. This book of yours shall bring the fall of the confederation itself.”

Another man stands up, “Brother wang, Can’t you see. During Lin Zexu’s tenure the confederation has stagnated and many have even called us the old man of southern china. I believe that restructuring the goverment is vital to regain our prestige as the great power of southern china. Like the Fenghuang we shall rise from the ashes anew as a better more powerful state in the likes of Qian or Guang”

“I agree with brother Lao and brother Shao, i believe that it is Vital for the Min state to modernize and reorganize itself into a fully functioning Centralized, Modernized, and Industrial state, I believe with Brother Shao’s philosophy of Western technology and min spirit. Let’s have a vote between us to pass wheter or not the confederation would need a new constitution” Brother Xu, a senior but one who is not affiliated with many of the large merchant families of oligarchy responds

A vote is held between the eight members of the governing council to possibly write a new constitution for the min confederation. Although the more conservative members of the council are dislike the idea of a complete reform of the Min goverment system 3/5th of the council voted yes for the proposal to create a new Min constitution. Now the issue is to present the idea to the emperor who have the final say on the matter.

Jinchan Palace, Fuzhou

The emperor sat on his golden throne inside the Jinchan Palace complex. The emperor himself was never too happy for his daily governing. The Grand Secretariat along with a small party of his own political allies. “Your highness, we as the your most trusted advisors have come to your palace bringing ideas that will reclaim Min’s Mandate of heaven” Brother Xue an ally of Shao and a member of his reformist party

“Intriguing, please tell me more about your ideas” The Min emperor responded

“Your majesty, I, as the grand secretariat and your most loyal and trusted advisor along with my allies that i have brought to your court have planned to write a new constitution for the Min confederation. This new constitution would help you enforce your control over the territories and would also give the treasury a steady stream of revenue. Currently the min confederation, is made up of mostly autonomous states with their own tax rates, and laws. By dissolving the confederation entirely and centralize the Empire we would have a more steady revenue of tax money and enforce your control over the empire.” Grand Secretariat Shao Explains

“This is Absurd, if you think that i would dissolve the confederation that my fathers, and grandfathers has worked tirelessly then you’d be mistaken shao” The emperor angrily replied

“Your majesty, we’re not dissolving the empire but simply reorganizing it into a better and more stable form. We’ve seen the Guang and the Shu adopt western ideas and inventions, now it’s time for the Min’s turn to do so. Not only that but we are also planning to modernize and westernize our fleet and armed forces, imagine the largest fleet southern china has to offer right at your fingertips.”

“Interesting, you have my approval to do formulate this new constitution. However if this fails and my whole empire falls overnight then you’ll take full responsibility for it and will be sent to the gallows. Now go off, i have more pressing matters to attend ro” The emperor signals the men to leave as the grand gates of the throne rooms
are closed off leaving the men pondering to form the new min constitution

Foreign Affairs of the Min confederation

To His Imperial Majesty Leontius of the Great Qian

The Most Honourable Grand secretariat of the Min confederation wishes to improve the relations between the two states. As you may know the Min confederation has recently reopened it’s borders for trade after Lin Zexu’s Five year tenure as Grand secretariat limited trade with foreign and large powers and left it in a state of Stagnation. We want relations between both of our great countries to be better.

Although we do not request a pact of Non-agression. We’ve seen how the Qian army marched through Korean lands, and compared to our Min army we’re no match for the mighty Qian army but with the Min navy, the pride of the Confederation combined with the Strength of the Qian Army both of us would be unstoppable. We both have a common enemy Qian, with your ambitions in Zhou and with my ambitions in indonesia, the sick man of the Yangtze delta will sure get in our way. So, we request a mutual defense pact between our two states. If one state gets attacked or invaded the other will defend said state, the min army now may not seem like the best of southern china, but we’re planning on reorganizing and modernizing the armed forces. We await on your decision for our request

-- Office of the Grand Secretariat of the Min Confederation
10th of January, 1836

To His Majesty The Kaiser of Prussia, Frederick William III

The Most Honourable Grand secretariat of the Min confederation had heard of the might of the prussian armed forces defeating Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo. The efficiency and strength of the Prussian army captivated us, and we would request a handfull of military advisors and Prussian generals to train and help modernize the Min confederation’s armed forces into the model of a European Armed forces. As a sign of goodwill and hoping to improve the relations between the two great Powers the Min would happily welcome Prussian traders and Merchants into it’s ports after my predecessor’s decree to limit foreign trade between the Min and the Prussian empire

-- Office of the Grand Secretariat of the Min Confederation
10th of January, 1836
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Sultanate of Brunei, Kota Batu, Royal Palace

The former Bruneian Empire was in constant decline over the ages. They had dealt with piracy and a succession crisis but it is not enough to consolidate the situation for the nation to relive its glory. Well, they are slowly getting there. Also, the nation has to deal with racial inequality occurring throughout the area and the government did little to address the situation which can get worse over time. Either way, they did not see it as important to them but they will try their best to address the situation even though they do not.

Sultan Amit Omar Jama is the current ruler of Brunei and he is looking forward to restoring stability to the government and the people themselves unless he doesn't meet with the agendas he had in mind. His goal is to have friendly diplomatic relations with his neighbor, the Min Confederation, to form a possible military alliance against his enemy, the State of Guang, also his neighbor. Though it might take a while for the process to succeed it may not be impossible. Sultan Amit also dreamed of modernizing the military with the help of the Min Confederation but that might be unlikely to happen.

The possibilities are endless but one of them might not be as successful as the other which can be difficult to achieve that agenda. Sultan Amit will do the best he can to keep his nation free from foreign threats and to possibly restore the empire with some effort if he could manage. He will write a letter to the leader of the Min Confederation in terms of establishing peace amongst them.


I, the Sultan of Brunei, would like to offer you a potential peace agreement to cease hostility between us. I hope you would appreciate my gratitude.

Sultan Amit Omar Jama of the Sultanate of Brunei

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    To His Imperial Majesty, Leontius of Great Qian
    in Beijing

Your Majesty, warm and cordial greetings from our sovereign, His Imperial Majesty, Chosen of God, Caliph Abd' Allah Muhammad VI.

As you do surely know, the general situation pertaining to the nation on our borders, the Zhou state, has been extremely unstable and dire in the last few years, due to the ongoing conflict between the rival claimants of the Zhou throne. It is of utmost concern of His Majesty the Caliph that the unstable nature of the Zhou state would eventually lead into a new powder-keg being estabilished in central China that would surely break the status-quo that all Chinese nations - since the end of the Wars of Coalition - has in fragility maintained. As such, His Majesty the Caliph wished to conduct a meeting between the representatives of the Qian state, as well as representatives of the Wu state, about the future of the Zhou nation (and as well all interests that our, or other nations, might possess pertaining the Zhou nation), at Your Imperial Majesty's office and residence in Beijing. The Prime Minister would attend this summit. We hope with utmost good faith that an agreement would be reached, and that it would bring an everlasting, Heavenly peace (Insha Allah), between the nations of Wu and Qian, now and forever.

    Jia Xizhou
    Prime Minister of the Most Sublime State of Wu




In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

It is known and an estabilished fact that since the days of the last Rightful Caliph, Sayyidina Ali ibn Abi Talib, that Muslims, all over the world, has been disunited.

However, it is also to His Imperial Majesty's concern, that the growing threat against the Islamic kingdoms, in the form of foreign influences that are increasingly threatening the way of our aqidah, and our way of life, has been increasingly common - propagated by these foreign kingdoms that seek to divide and pit one brother against another with their false promises and hollow ideals. My fellow brothers, this shall never come to pass. We shall remain united, united in faith as in brotherhood, and to support one another, as the Prophet (ﷺ) has commanded us.

As such, the Sultan of Wu hereby invites his brothers, the heads of states and heads of governments of all Muslim states in the world, the Emirs, the Sultans, the Walis and the Khans, to meet him in his humble camp. He invites all to discuss the unity, the relations between them as fellow brothers, and to create an inseparable alliance between his state - the Wu state - and theirs.

    By His Imperial Majesty,
    Abd' Allah Muhammad VI Wu Jinzhou
    So comrades, come rally,
    For this is the time and place!
    The Internationale,
    Unites the Human Race!

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Austrian Empire
Kaisertum Österreich

Habsburg Monarchy

Austriae est imperare orbi universo

Gottes Sonne strahl' in Frieden, Auf ein glücklich Österreich!

Vienna, the capital of the Austrian Empire
Meeting of the Secret State Conference

Wien, Hauptstadt des Kaisertums Österreich
Treffen der Geheimen Staatskonferenz

"Meine Herren," the first of the men spoke, "We have received some rather disturbing reports from Italy". The man speaking was Klemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar, Prince of Metternich-Winneburg zu Beilstein. The State Chancellor of the Austrian Empire and its Foreign Minister, the chief-diplomat of the House of Habsburg, the architect of the Congress of Viena, the conduct of the Concert of Europe, and the leader of Austria in all but in name. The Emperor and King, Ferdinand I, was not exactly mentally capable, so the country was actually run by an informal council of the most powerful men in the realm - the Secret State Conference. "I have the seen the reports too.", the second man replied. Franz Anton, Count of Kolowrat-Liebsteinsky. A noble with Bohemian origins, he was Metternich's great political rival. Responsible for the internal affairs and finances of the state, he was the opponent of Metternich in all fields. He had liberal views, and favored constitutionalism, and supported a more liberal view in regards to the many ethnicities of the Empire. Constantly worried about the budget, he was also the main factor for the reduction of the funds spent on its military. "A gazette in the Two Sicillies claims to inherit the position of the former Carbonari movement. They published the speech of a so called Piria, a professor, who argued against Austria. I don't think that there are many reasons for concern. A single gazette is hardly a revolutionary movement reborn."

"Agents should be sent after this professor. We can not let a random professor of history insult our nation and our presence in Italy!", a third voice was heard. A strong voice, used to military commands more so than to politics, and the theoretical head of the State Conference. Archduke Louis Joseph Anton Johann of Habsburg-Lorraine, Prince Royal of Hungary and Bohemia and Prince of Tuscany, the brother of the deceased Francis II. A strong supporter of Metternich and of absolutism, and also the chief architect of Austria's military intervention against the Carbonari, a decade prior. The Archduke looked around the room for support, but the fourth man there merely nodded. Archduke Franz Karl Joseph of Habsburg-Lorraine, the younger brother of Louis, was unambitious and ineffective, content with merely minding his business and agreeing with whoever was speaking. "Meine Herren", Prince Metternich intervened yet again. "We must of course appreciate His Highness' decisiveness, and the prudence of Count Kolowrat, but the answer is somewhere in between. A single gazette is not the equivalent of a reborn revolutionary movement, but it can serve as the catalyst for one. We can however not send our agents to the Two Sicilies, and disregard the rule and police of King Ferdinand. We should however pay a closer attention to rumors about the Carbonari and related organizations in Lombardy-Venice. And in order to ease the tensions there, I feel like we should send one of the younger Archdukes there to serve as Viceroy. The Italians continue to dislike the House of Habsburg and to treat us as foreigners, and that is because except for Francis I, no Habsburg has ruled from Italy. Someone like Archduke Karl Ferdinand could be appointed Viceroy, and he should be directed to try to improve the situation of our Italian subjects there. At the same time however, we should strengthen our garrisons in Lombardy and send Graf Radetzky to reorganize our forces there, just to be sure. Does it sound like a feasible plan?

All men agreed, Archduke Franz Karl instantly and absentmindedly, Louis after a short moment of thinking, and Count Kolowrat after a longer period of thinking. "Very well! Now, moving on to matters of military funding.."

Austrian Empire
Kaisertum Österreich

Habsburg Monarchy

Austria est imperio optime unita

To the governments of the member states of the German Confederation

The German Confederation was created in order to better represent and protect the unshakeable unity of the German nations and people, for their prosperity and progress. Ever since the Coalition Wars, the Confederation has accomplished its objectives, maintaining peace in Germany and in Europe, protecting stability and development. But for the longest time, the Confederation has neglected the economic aspects within its borders. Several of the member states of the Confederation have in the past decade, developed a highly ambitious Customs Union that has already managed to prove its worth in helping stimulate the economy and trade of its member states. But a truly German Customs Union is a matter that should involve all German states, the entire Confederation. As such, His Imperial Majesty, Ferdinand the First, Emperor of Austria and Head of the Presiding Power of the German Confederation, is calling for a meeting of the Confederal Diet in order to discuss and negotiate the possibility of a Confederation-wide Customs Union.

Signed by,

Hochgeboren, Klemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar, Prince of Metternich-Winneburg zu Beilstein, State Chancellor of the Austrian Empire, in the name of:

His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty, Ferdinand the First, By the Grace of God Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia, Fifth of His Name, King of the Lombardy and of Venice, King of Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, Galicia, Lodomeria, and Illyria, King of Jerusalem etc. Archduke of Austria, Great Duke of Tuscany, Duke of Lorraine, Salzburg, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, the Upper and Lower Silesia; Duke of Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Friuli and Guastalla; of Auschwitz and Zator, of Teschen, of Friuli, of Raguza, and of Zara, Grand Prince of Transylvania, Margrave of Moravia, Princely Count of Habsburg and Tyrol, of Kyburg, Gorizia and Gradisca; Prince of Trent and Brixen; Margrave of the Upper and Lower Lusatia and in Istria, Count of Hohenems, Feldkirch, Bregenz, Sonnenberg etc.; Lord of Trieste, of Cattaro and on the Windic March; etc., etc., Head of the Presiding Power of the German Confederation

Austrian Empire
Kaisertum Österreich

Habsburg Monarchy

Austria est imperio optime unita

To His Royal Majesty, Ferdinand II, King of the Two Sicilies,

In the name of my sovereign and his entire family, I would like to express our most sincere condolences for the death of Her Royal Majesty, the Queen Consort. The House of Habsburg will stand together in mourning with her relatives in the glorious House of Bourbon. Her Royal Majesty will remain in the prayers of His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty and of his family, and in the prayers of the Archbishop of Vienna. But at the same time, His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty has asked me to transmit his most sincere congratulations for the birth of your son and heir, Prince Francis. God works in mysterious ways, but the sacrifice of Her Royal Majesty, the Queen Consort, has given the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies an heir to the throne, and that is to be celebrated.

And of course, celebrations for the birth of a successor must not ignore the situation in the present. Prince Metternich has asked me to transmit to you, your Royal Highness, that Austria will continue to stand alongside the Royal Crown of Naples, which it views as the leading state in Italy and as a good friend. Rumors about Carbonari plots will be investigated in the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venice too, and Austria will forward any information it gathers to Naples.

Signed by,

Hochgeboren, Ludwig, Graf von Lebzeltern, ambassador plenipotentiary to the royal court of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, in the name of:

His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty, Ferdinand the First, By the Grace of God Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia, Fifth of His Name, King of the Lombardy and of Venice, King of Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, Galicia, Lodomeria, and Illyria, King of Jerusalem etc. Archduke of Austria, Great Duke of Tuscany, Duke of Lorraine, Salzburg, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, the Upper and Lower Silesia; Duke of Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Friuli and Guastalla; of Auschwitz and Zator, of Teschen, of Friuli, of Raguza, and of Zara, Grand Prince of Transylvania, Margrave of Moravia, Princely Count of Habsburg and Tyrol, of Kyburg, Gorizia and Gradisca; Prince of Trent and Brixen; Margrave of the Upper and Lower Lusatia and in Istria, Count of Hohenems, Feldkirch, Bregenz, Sonnenberg etc.; Lord of Trieste, of Cattaro and on the Windic March; etc., etc., Head of the Presiding Power of the German Confederation

Austrian Empire
Kaisertum Österreich

Habsburg Monarchy

Austria est imperio optime unita

To His Imperial Majesty, Nicholas Pavlovich of House Romanov, Emperor of all Russias

Your Imperial Majesty, I am writing this message at the behest of my sovereign, His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty Ferdinand I, and of his Chancellor, Prince Metternich. Your Imperial Majesty should already be well aware that Austria views Russia as a trusted friend, and that the House of Habsburg will never forget the role Russia played in the defeat of the evil monster that was Napoleon. Together, and with the help of the Holy Alliance, Russia and Austria stand as two of the pillars that support the European order, the peace on the continent, and the well-being of the monarchies, as God intended. In the light of this, and in the interest of continuing to maintain good relations with Russia, His Excellency, Prince Metternich, has asked me to clarify that in the case of any potential conflicts between the Russian Empire and the Ottomans, Austria would support Your Imperial Majesty's forces, either by neutrality or by entering the war, and the Austrian Empire will not interfere with Russian interests in the Balkans or the straits.

Signed by,

Hochgeboren, Karl Ludwig Reichsgraf von Ficquelmont, ambassador extraordinary to the Imperial Court of Russia, in the name of:

His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty, Ferdinand the First, By the Grace of God Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia, Fifth of His Name, King of the Lombardy and of Venice, King of Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, Galicia, Lodomeria, and Illyria, King of Jerusalem etc. Archduke of Austria, Great Duke of Tuscany, Duke of Lorraine, Salzburg, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, the Upper and Lower Silesia; Duke of Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Friuli and Guastalla; of Auschwitz and Zator, of Teschen, of Friuli, of Raguza, and of Zara, Grand Prince of Transylvania, Margrave of Moravia, Princely Count of Habsburg and Tyrol, of Kyburg, Gorizia and Gradisca; Prince of Trent and Brixen; Margrave of the Upper and Lower Lusatia and in Istria, Count of Hohenems, Feldkirch, Bregenz, Sonnenberg etc.; Lord of Trieste, of Cattaro and on the Windic March; etc., etc., Head of the Presiding Power of the German Confederation
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State of Great Fusang


Lord of the East



There is a glow in the sky; soon he will be rising in the east.
Now on my balcony falls a ray from Fusang.

Shelu, Capital of Fusang
Mid-January, 1836

The heartland of the nation lies Shelu, one of the first settlements of Fusang. What once was a tiny anchorage is now a bustling metropolitan city. All of North America could only hope to achieve the splendor of the Fusangese capital. Risen from the uprising of Vermillion Hibiscus, Fusang now stands as lord of the east, where the sun rises and shines its divine light upon all under heaven.

Sitting among the hills overlooking the city from across the lake sat the residence of the supreme leader of Fusang. In the styles of Tang and Song, an elaborate palatial complex sprawled across the eastern edge of the city, dubbed the Palace of Eastern Tranquility. The traditional home of the Wu family, no relation to the Wu of the old-world, it became home of the Vermillion Hibiscus, hosting meetings of family heads in its halls, now decorated with calligraphy and paintings of such events.

A lone two-wheeled carriage continued off into the hills heading up to the Chancellor’s palace, it’s only occupant being an older, wealthy-looking woman in plain azure robes staring off out to sea, quietly awaiting her arrival to the palace residence. Soon, the carriage would slow to a halt, the carriage driver heading around to help their passenger out.

“I’ll walk from here. Thank you.” she said, tossing the carriage driver a string of coins, him nodding and returning to his work.

Up the stone steps, she continued past ornately dressed guard after guard, bowing with their hands folded out front of them in a long bow as they welcomed her.

“Where’s the Chancellor?” she beckoned towards one of the housemen at the door, walking through the gateway as the servant chased after her.

“Madam Zhang! The chancellor is currently practicing a ceremony.” he answered.

“Is it that same gun ceremony he’s been practicing?” Lady Zhang inquired of him as she slipped inside the residence.

Just as she was to ask about the ceremony, a shot rang from across the palace. Strolling over, she looked into the courtyard as he saw the Chancellor pick up another rifle.

Standing focused upon a target across from him. He brought the ornate weapon to eye-level, leaning himself forward as he took aim and squeezed the trigger, letting another echo of his shot ring-out through the hills in a heavily ritualized fashion. Noticing Zhang off to the side, he handed off the engraved rifle to a nearby houseman.

“Madam Zhang. To what do I owe the pleasure?” the Chancellor greeted, as Zhang gave him the barest bow.

“For one, something must be done about that state of Mexico. It is by heavenly decree that we are to bring this world closer to harmony! Not to mention that their continued existence north of the river threatens our reach to the east. What will you do if they strike first? Just allow them to walk over our nation with ease?”

“Of course not. It’s just a matter of how to go around it. If you’re suggesting using the threat of war, not only will we be watched by the Mexicans, but also by the Europeans. The English in particular are going to be watching us carefully. “ Wu retorted as he led both of them through the palace halls, Zhang steaming after him. “My main concern is with absorbing Meiguo. They’re the only other nation of our people on this continent, many of them fathered in our country might I add. To leave them alone up against Mexico would be a travesty.”

“And to leave the Tusi and and our east coast undefended is an even greater one! It took many years to get those tribes under control and I’ll die before I see the work of our forefathers undone by some unruly southern rebel that is Mexico! We already have a handful of ships docked with Meiguo in the case that those southern foreigners have any ideas about encroaching on our brother-state. I think I speak for the rest of the Society, we must move on with Mexico before they move on us, lest we show weakness that those eastern states think they can exploit.”

“Your time to rule has passed. Allow me to do this work as it is given to me, Lady Zhang. I will not let you lord over me as you have done with my uncle, so if you shall excuse me, I will now be going to perform my governmental duties, and so should you as well.”
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American Federation
"Always stand on Principles, even if you stand alone.

Boston, January 1st of 1836

"And to this a brand new year of Boston!" shouted the speaker, cheers erupting from the finely dressed guests as the clock dutifully clicks over to 12 showing that the year has indeed transitioned. Thus celebration rang through the halls of the ballroom, with gentlemen and ladies taking to the floor and dancing to their hearts content. Waltzing with their partners as onlookers from the couches cheer them on and celebrate to themselves. It was at one of these couches that two men were talking really close to each other, some of the highest standing members of Boston society. One was John Perkins Cushing, the other was simply a close friend of his that he wanted to talk to, the two smiling as they told their new years vows which they knew they could never really accomplish or too easily will accomplish, it was simply tradition to make something up for the year to understand what kind of one it needed to be, especially with the light snow drifting outside the building as winter was slowly ebbing away for a new season when it pasts.

"More tea?" asked a passing butler, being dismissed with the wave of a hand to simply go on to the next guests, Cushing leaned closer to his friend.

"I told you this would be a great success, everyone came and they are all enjoying themselves. I've never seen my equals with smiles on their faces in a long time." Leaning back on the couch, he took the cup he already had beside him and brought it to his lips. Taking a thoughtful sip and slowly setting it down, sighing to his enjoyment. Things were going wonderfully.

"Well John. What's your plan for this year? Surely you don't intend on just sitting around doing nothing?" spoke his friend, which only gave a laugh from the Brahmin. Shaking his head as he adjusted himself in the seat.

"Well. I'm heading to London this year, with Heman Allen. The one from Milton mind you, not the one from Colchester. I cannot stand that Union man, believing that America should return? I know it's not popular to talk about, but without our relations with the English we wouldn't be where we are. But I'm digressing. Mr. Allen and I will be sailing to London by January's end, the Senate wanted Mr. Allen to talk about new trade deals or what not, I simply wish to think to see what London court life is truly about, after all. We are Little London after all."

Giving a smile in return, his friend waved his hand in a playful gesture, "Yes and I'm sure we'll have our own Little House of Parliaments and our own Little Buckingham Palace. Maybe our own Little King." Cushing laughed at that, "Maybe. But for now, I hope to simply meet with some influential members of British Society. I also always wondered but Londoner Tea tastes like, if it is the same as our own or if a bit more rich. But that's for me to find out with Mr. Allen! Come on! Let us find you someone, you've been lonely your whole life and you're much younger than me to start worrying over matters of money and power! Come on! I know a fine member of the Appleton family who would be perfect for you." Grabbing his friend's hand, he dragged the younger man to his feet and lead him across the hall and through the waltz. Truly a change of a year to come.

Coast of Maine, February 5th 1836

"If you leave on that floating basket I will never forgive you! Paul I swear I will kill you if you come back alive!" Paul's wife ran to the shore, looking on at her husband flying off to the sea. The schooner below with crew waving as the man in the balloon was floating away. The small stove with a small pile of wood next to him inside his basket, packaged salted meat and other prepared foods as well. Turning back, Paul smiled at this wife. Leaning against the basket of the balloon, he looked so happy that ne never truly felt this alive in his life.

"Don't worry my love! When I reach Europe I'll send a message back home! Our daughter will be so happy when she learns that Dad has flew to the old world, she'll be so happy! I'll make sure to bring back so many things for you as well. I'll see France, Germany, Russia and China! Think of it all honey!" A tear fell down his face that he brushed away, it hurt him to fly away from his life, but he didn't wish to farm corn and work in a factory for the remaining portions of his life. He wanted to fly ever since watching the Augusta Ballooning Club go into the air over and over again.

"Please! You're going to die out there!" Thinking for a moment, he was tempted to stop. The winds will be cold and the seas are probably even colder than ever, he could disappear from the world and never seen again. But was it worth coming back to a life that held no meaning, a life that held nothing but waking up to work only to sleep and wake up to work again. He wanted to live his life, even if it will kill him to do it. Looking up, he smiled as the winds started to pick up, taking his balloon away further. He felt so hopeful, Paul truly felt he had that chance to make it across the Atlantic and go see a world further than anything ever before. He heard of this Illuminati in Germany, perhaps he'll find some relics to bring home. Maybe he can still have a son in his time.

"I love you my dear. Please. If I am to die. Remember me for what I tried to do, I still hope I can make it across the Atlantic. There is still that chance I can really do it so well, so please. Have faith in me. Keep me in your prayers and I will find my way home, no matter what happens. Keep believing in me my dear! I love you!"

With those final words, the winds took up and blew his hot air balloon away. The winds overtaking the noise of Paul's wife and anything he would have to say. Turning away and stepping away to the side of the basket, he looked out at the snow began to fall around his balloon. Looking out at the sunrise, he held onto the side of the basket. He can already imagine the adventures he could have, the supplies he had to keep him warm and fed. Along with drink to keep him hydrated. Everything he did to make this balloon was worth this very moment. Paul just truly hoped, he would be able to see it through.

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Kingdom of Prussia
March 1836

Foreign Affairs

To: The member states of the German Confederation
From: King Frederick William III of Prussia

I admire, and agree with, the sentiment of Metternich. The Germans as a people must be united and strong in order to face the new European order we find ourselves in, and to protect said order from those who would seek to erode it. Prussia has been the leader of this Customs Union for years now, and we would be open to talks on the status of Austria and the other German states within it. While the discussion of the Customs Union is important, I feel it should be accompanied by other discussions, from collaboration on foreign policy to the creation of a navy for colonial expenditures, as proposed by Oldenburg, which will no doubt define German history in the decades to come.

To: The Min government
From: King Frederick William III of Prussia

I am perplexed, yet honored, by your proposal. Prussia has almost no presence in the Orient, either in trade or in diplomacy, so this offer comes as a surprise. However, it is one we are certainly interested in discussion, in order to flesh out the details. We will be sending a diplomat, Theodore Mangup, to Hokchiu, in order to establish an embassy. We hope this will usher in a new age of cooperation between Prussia and the Min Confederacy.
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Hanseong, Seoul
Empire of Joseon

"What the Emperor proposes is outrageous!" Justice Minister Kang Sang-cheon exclaimed at the State Council meeting, slamming his fist on the table, getting the attention of the other officials present. "How could the Emperor entertain the notion of being allies with Qian? Were the sacrifices of a hundred thousands sons of Joseon not in vain?"

"Get a hold of yourself, Minister," Prime Minister Pak Seung-won scolded at the Justice Minister. "All the Emperor said at the throne was that he will agree to meet with the Qianese Emperor's request for a pact of nonaggression, that is different from an alliance."

"It seems likely that the Emperor of Qian is looking at a normalization of relationships," the Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Jun-min said. "They said that they have instructed their forces to be reduced by half at their side of the Amnok (Yalu) River and it would be ideal for relations to improve between us. In fact, it would be beneficial for us to pursue a policy of non-aggression with our northern neighbors and to lessen fear among the people in the country."

"I don't trust the Emperor of Qian," Kang Sang-cheon responded. "This is the same emperor who launched the invasion of this country fifteen years ago where our people paid in blood. I think this is a ploy for us to weaken our positions at the border and for their barbarian emperor to launch another invasion."

"A lot of Qianese soldiers died in that war," Defense Minister Rhee Jin-teok said. "Perhaps the Emperor couldn't stomach the idea of sending more of his sons to war. We won many victories after the initial shock and even cross their side of the border before they pushed us back. The war ended with us signing a treaty with a return to the old borders. I believe we may have given Qian enough of a bloody noise for them to reconsider dominating this peninsula."

"At the cost of hundreds of thousands of our own people dead, including many civilians," Sang-cheon retorted, clearly calming down with some of the officials nodding in agreement. "We should be wary of their intentions. This non-aggression pact could be trap for us to weaken our defenses and for the Qianese to launch another invasion."

"Now now, Minister," the Foreign Minister responded. "It is not unprecedented for foreign policies to change even under the same ruler. If their Emperor is looking for a policy change and had instructed a reduction of their border force, should we not at least hear them out?"

"All I am saying is that there is a need to excise caution after their invasion fifteen years ago," the Justice Minister said. "The memory is still fresh in the minds of many of our people. We don't know the intention of their Emperor and as I have mentioned before, this is the same Emperor who sent troops to this peninsula."

"The Justice Minister does make some good points," Jin-teok said. "We don't know the true intentions of the Emperor of Qian, perhaps he genuinely wants a blossoming of relations between the two nations. Or perhaps he wants a return to the old imperial system last left by the Mongols and the Mings where we're a subservient kingdom to their Emperor. While it is true that this is the same Emperor who sent soldiers to invade our lands, the fact that they are approaching us for a non-aggression pact suggests that they at the very least do not want to risk any armed conflicts with us for now.

"We are not a major power in any sense," the Prime Minister said. "Us agreeing to a policy of non-aggression with Qian would not be a major shift in geopolitics if say Wu, Guang, Shu, or Min entering a pact with Qian. If either of these states entered an alliance with Qian, then that would spell trouble for us if hostilities increased between us and Qian and if we're not guaranteed support by major powers, be it an Eastern or a Western one."

"The Emperor made it clear that he is willing to start a dialogue with Qian's own Emperor in regards to establishing a non-aggression pact," Jun-min added. "A significant portion of our military is stationed at the Amnok River and if our border forces could verify any change in troop sizes among Qian's side of the border, then we would have a slightly better picture of their Emperor's intention."

"I hope that we're not making a grave mistake in supporting a non-aggression pact with Qian," the Justice Minister said when the meeting started to adjourn.

As the Foreign Affairs Minister was finishing up writing a response to Qian, knocks were heard on the door. Jun-min peered from his paper.

"Who is it?" he asked.

"It's the Emperor, my lord," a staff member said. "Should I invite him in or let him know that the Minister is busy?"

"Let the Emperor in," Jun-min said. "I'm just about done with my work." After a few seconds, Yi Gong entered the cozy office of the Foreign Affairs Minister. The Minister stood from his desk to properly greet the Emperor.

"I am nearly done with writing your response to Qian, your Majesty," he said. "Do you have anything else to add?" The Emperor shook his head.

"No, I am here for a different reason." Gong said. "I apologize in advance to give you additional work but I would like you to send a diplomatic channel to Japan."

"You want a letter sent to Japan?" the Minister asked as Gong nodded. "It might be difficult. The island nation has been isolated for quite some time and we are included in their restrictions. I'm not sure if the Shogunate still forgiven us for our seizure of islands claimed by the Japanese such as the gold rich Sado island."

"I was hoping that we could try and establish full diplomatic relations between the two nations," the Emperor said. "It's only a matter of time before Joseon would have to pick a side in this world. Joseon isn't a power by any stretch but by opening up Japan, we could have a friendly nation that could back us up in case hostility has risen with the premier powers of the East."

"This is going to be a long project to undertake but I will see if we can try to reestablish full relations with Japan," the Minister said. "Perhaps we could work with the Sō clan of Tsushima for a better chance at bringing a representative of the Shogun to the table."

To the Radiant Emperor Leontius Biru Jiànshēn of Great Qian,

The Emperor of Joseon is honored by the Empire of Great Qian's wishes for a new year of fortune. Although the devastating War of 1817 had left many with a bitter taste of war after centuries of peace, it is true that it's only been around fifteen years since the war. The Emperor of Joseon does see benefits in normalizing relations between two empires and would be willing to support treaties that promote economic trade, reduction of military presence at the border, and peace in the region.

We hope that a meeting between Joseon and Great Qian will be the first step in a normalization of relations between the two Emperors.

Signed by,
Emperor Yi Gong of Joseon
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England, Brighton, Royal Pavillion
7 April, 1836

Soft grey light filtered through the windows of the palace library, while King William IV reclined in a satin furnished couch, a copy of the Dhammapada in his hand. It was a relatively recent read for William, who found its promises of self improvement most alluring, though given his tendancies, rather ellusive. Still, no reason not to try at the very least.

“Your majesty, John Conroy is here to see you.”

And enlightenment will have to wait, “How long has he been waiting?”

“Not too long, Your Majesty. Mr. Conroy has just arrived.”

“Well, see that he waits longer then.”

“I am afraid he is quite insistant. Mr. Conroy says the matter is urgent.”

William frowned, exasperated, “Truly?”

His footman nodded.

“Very well, tell him I will see him in the Music Room.”

“Yes Your Majesty.”

“And what could that slimy man want I wonder,” the King mused to himself as he made his way to the music room. The walk was short for most, but given the status of William's feet, he felt like a half hour passed by the time he reached Conroy.

“Your Majesty,” John Conroy bowed with a flourish.

The King stifled his disdain, and managed a courteous, if cold reply, “May I ask why you are here?”

“Is concern for one's liege not reason enough?”

“How uncharacteristically compassionate of you.”

John Conroy's smile broke, and he shifted uncomfortably as William stared a multitude of daggers into his form. Conroy swallowed to break the deafening silence before continuing, “There is of course another matter I would wish to discuss.”

“Indeed. No.”

“Your Majesty, I have yet to say what I was going to say.”

“Indulge me Conroy. I am envisioning a scenario, where you, while in audience with me, deign to discuss matters of the ascession of a certain Alexdrina Victoria.”

“The conversation would pertain to that matter, it is true, bu-”

“I reiterate then, no.”

“Your Majesty,” Conroy exasperated, “At some point, preperations for the transfer of power must be discussed. If you are to pass before Drina's majority, precedent for a recency must be established.”

William folded his hands together to keep them from shaking, “I assure you, Mr. Conroy, my health will be more than sufficient to carry me to my niece's birthday. In any case, it is of no concern to yourself, and ought remain as such. The day is still young, I suggest you take advantage of some of it.”

“Your Majesty, ignoring this will not change the circumstances. This is irresponsable.”

William's tone rose with his temper, “You are far too bold sir. I for one am certain God will give me the strength to thwart whatever regency schemes you and my Niece's Mother have dreamed up. If my determination is not enough for you, then maybe this declaration will be. I would sooner see the head of a French brothel handle any regency for the future queen then either of you. At least she would exhibit more propriety and less low cunning.”

With his fingers blanched, the King took a deep breath before finally continuing, “Now, as my previous words were not stern enough to send a clear message I will end this discussion with these words. Get out of my house.”

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Empire of Great Qian
Chapter 2: The Heaven and Earth are changed

Forbidden City

10th April, 1836

The Duty office of the Grand Council was a quaint and curious building, an insignificant affair just west of the gate to Palace of Heavenly Purity. Who would have guessed that sitting underneath its aged beams, the most powerful men in northern China would discuss the fate of millions, and the destiny of nations.

Seated upon an elevated platform at the head of the table was the Emperor himself. Seated to his right was the Secretary of the Grand Council, Prince Yucai, and further along were other Imperial princes: Prince Mianmin, Prince Yikuang, and Prince Mianti. To his left were Prince Purui, and the Christian Han Meng Shihong and Hou Wenyang, and the lone Confucian Luo Longwei.

"Bìxià, it is the belief of this council that the King of Zhou has erred in his commitment to restoring harmony to his lands, and has instead allowed the Bandit of Kaifeng to interrupt the peace of your Imperial Majesty's realm. We humbly seek Huáng Shàng's guidance upon this matter." Spoke Prince Yucai, adhering to all proper decorum even in a sanctuary of free thought and opinion.

The Emperor cleared his throat. "It is our opinion that the crisis in Zhou requires our immediate attention. After the situation in Joseon early in our reign, we were hesitant to pursue aggressive policies when it came to restoring our cousin to his throne. The attacks upon our villages by the Bandit of Kaifeng are intolerable, and we have sworn an oath to almighty God that he shall be brought to justice for such crimes."

Luo Longwei raised his board, and the Emperor gestured approval. "Bìxià, I ask what the intention of such intervention shall be. His Imperial Majesty is the rightful master of the Middle Kingdom, and true peace will not be restored until all the states have recognised this. Surely the King of Zhou, when his father sets his affairs in order, will show filial piety and abdicate in favour of Huáng Shàng?" Longwei asked.

The other councilors raised their boards to show their approval of Longwei's stance. Prince Yucai kept his raised, and the Emperor gestured for him to speak next.

"Bìxià, It would in my mind be prudent to restore order in Zhou permanently, and as such I agree with Master Luo completely. With Min, Wu, and Joseon courting our approval, our only opposition will be Shu, Guang and the Northern States. Shu is disliked by Chu, and not trusted by all others. Guang is blind to all that happens within the Middle Kingdom, and the Northern States will be rendered leaderless and disoriented without the leadership of Wu or Min. Securing Zhou is the first step to reuniting the Middle Kingdom."

Again the councilors raised their boards to show agreement.

The Emperor nodded, "How can we be considered a good father, if we do not discipline our sons when they strike at us in misguided anger. We shall occupy the lands presently under the control of the Bandit, and establish order in the lands of our cousin the King of Zhou. Once the opinion of the other states is ascertained, we shall reward him when he abdicates in our favour, or in the favour of a candidate acceptable to us, if the goodwill of our sons cannot be gained. The Prince of Zhao shall lead an army from Xi'an and assess the situation, while we shall have another army assembled to strike from the north."

The councilors raised their boards to voice their approval, and with that the meeting was over.

Diplomacy & Other Matters

To the Illustrious Emperor Yi Gong of Joseon,

It would be his Imperial Majesty's pleasure to host your ambassadors at the Upper Capital of Mukden. His Majesty hopes that harmony can be restored between Joseon and Great Qian.

[i]Prince Yicai
, Secretary of the Grand Council

-- Emperor Leontius of Great Qian
10th of April, Year of our Lord 1836

To the Honourable Jia Xizhou, Prime Minister of the Most Sublime State of Wu

His Imperial Majesty sends his warmest regards to his dear cousin, His Imperial Majesty Abd' Allah Muhammad VI.

The ongoing strife in Zhou has long been at his Majesty's mind, who has sought nothing but to keep the peace in his own lands and seek harmony between brother states of the Middle Kingdom. He would therefore be honoured to invite a delegation from the Great Wu to deal with this issue, and restore peace to our lands.

[i]Prince Yicai
, Secretary of the Grand Council

-- Emperor Leontius of Great Qian
10th of April, Year of our Lord 1836

To the Honourable Grand Secretariat Shao

His Imperial Majesty sends his warmest regards to his dear brother, His Imperial Majesty Zhi Tai.

The situation in Zhou is very delicate, but his Imperial Majesty was keen to resolve it through peaceful means. The villainous bandit Zhou Sun has overturned harmony in his own state, and now seeks to upset the peace in his Imperial Majesty's realm. It is therefore within the interests of the Great Qian to restore order to Zhou Li's state, and set his affairs in order.

Therefore his Imperial Majesty would welcome a pact of mutual defence with the Great State of Min. It would show his brotherly intentions towards his peers in the Middle Kingdom, and would serve the interests of both of our nations.

[i]Prince Yicai
, Secretary of the Grand Council

-- Emperor Leontius of Great Qian
10th of April, Year of our Lord 1836
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Российская империя
Empire of All-Russias
Part 1: The Bear Unleashed
To Set The Mood

St. Petersburg
Empire of All-Russias

The streets of Saint Petersburg were lined with soldiers in immaculate uniform, the best the Empire had to offer. The Tsar had ordered the finest carriages to deliver the three rulers to the royal palace. When they arrived they found a great royal feast to greet them. No expenses were spared, except the expanses for food for the serfs. Nonetheless, Tsar Nicholas was standing ready to meet them. “Greetings exalted leaders, I am glad to bring you here to Saint Petersburg today. Now, I have an agreement to strengthen all four our nations in this increasingly dangerous world.”

The Emir of Bukhara Nasrullah Khan, the Khan of Khiva Allah Quli Bahadur, and the Khan of Kokand Muhammad Ali Khan did not respond at first, engorged in the food. After a few more bites. the Emir asked "Now what proposition do you have Tsar that is so exciting for us three to come to your capital?"

“The world has grown increasingly more dangerous in recent years. The self proclaimed “Emperor of Europe” Napoleon cut across the continent and killed hundreds of thousands. Too our East the land of China grows increasingly volatile as shown by the ongoing civil war in one of the provinces. Our nations need to stick together in these difficult times. That is why I come with a generous offer of protection. Your nations will fly the flag of Russia and adopt our currency, as well as integrate your current armies into the Russian Army. In exchange, you will be offered full protection, have total control over your own laws, and be allowed to continue calling yourself whatever title you wish, whether it’s Khan, Emir or anything else.”

Muhammad Ali Khan turned a bright shade of red and in anger screamed "You want me to do what?! We are the sons of Genghis Khan. Unconquerable. We enslave and kill the Orientals, the Pashto, and even the Russian who dares violate our borders and the laws of Kokand. I assumed you wanted the Khanate of Kokand as your friend, your ally. But instead you wish to make us your puppet!"
The other two nodded in agreement.

“Khan Muhammad, you would not be a puppet, but a ruler. You go on having total control over Kokand, defining all of its laws and keeping your culture in tact, the only difference is you would now have Russian protection and economic assistance. You would have full access to the vast resources of Russia to make your people flourish. The only difference is we would share the same flag and currency.”

"We do not want your flag or your currency. We want an equal partnership!" the Emir boomed

“What kind of partnership would you have in mind?”

"Is the current situation not an option?" the Emir moaned.

The three did some discussing and finally, the Khan of Khiva Allah says "We retain our military, our borders, our flag, our currency, and our title. We form a commonwealth where we rule over our nations as four separate-but-equal countries bound together under common defense. We maintain our own separate foreign policy"

“In order to accept, we must have free trade between our borders as well full military access through each other’s territory.”

The three burst out laughing. "We are the heirs of Genghis!" Khan Muhammad said.

"We will not let Slav soldiers march through our lands freely. What you call for is unacceptable"

The Tsar points to the Khan of Khiva angrily. “You are lucky I even allow you into my home. You enslave Russians within your lands and I offer you peace. You should be begging me at my feet for mercy. And both of you, laughing upon me in my own home. My army dwarfs all three of yours combined. If you wish for your independence to be retained, I advise you all watch your tongues.”

"You disrespect us by suggesting that we accept 'integration' into your Slav state. What we suggested was more than enough to be a good deal for you. Accept it, decline it, that is your choice. Regardless, we will stand strong!"

“Very well. Your offers are rejected and your kingdoms forfeit. Prepare for your lands to burn.”

"You will regret your words, Slav chief" the Emir said, and the trio quickly left.

A Few Hours Later...

"General, I want you to begin drawing up plans to conquer the Central Asian states. The invasion will take place a year and a half from now. That land will be mine." The Tsar said triumphantly.

"But your Majesty the entire region is filled with deserts and inhospitable terrain." The General responded.

"We will make do, I know we shall prevail!"

The General ran off and found a map of the three kingdoms the Tsar wished for Russia to conquer. He began preparing an invasion plan. Army Group 1 would march down through Russia's land on the East Bank of the Ural Sea before moving to take Khiva. Army Group 2 would move straight down into Bukhara and lay waste to the middle kingdom before splitting into two groups and moving to meet up with Army Groups 1 and 3. And Army Group 3 would conquer Kokand before sweeping West to finish off any remaining resistance.

"Holy Russia shall prevail, Urah!" The General shouted and threw his fist in the air.


To: Hochgeboren, Karl Ludwig Reichsgraf von Ficquelmont, ambassador extraordinary to the Imperial Court of Russia
From: By the Grace of God, We, NN, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias, Moscow, Kiev, Vladimir, Novgorod; Tsar of Kazan, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberia, Tsar of Chersonese Taurian, Tsar of Georgia; Lord of Pskov and Grand Prince of Smolensk, Lithuania, Volhynia, Podolia, Finland; Prince of Estland, Livland, Courland, Semigalia, Samogitia, Belostok, Karelia, Tver, Yugorsky land, Perm, Vyatka, Bolgar and others; Lord and Grand Prince of Nizhny Novgorod, Chernigov, Ryazan, Polotsk, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Belozersk, Udorsky land, Obdorsk, Kondia, Vitebsk, Mstislav, and all of the northern countries Master; and Lord of Iberia, Kartli, and Kabardia lands and Armenian provinces; hereditary Sovereign and ruler of the Circassian and Mountainous Princes and of others; Lord of Turkestan; Heir of Norway; Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, Stormarn, Dithmarschen, and Oldenburg, and others, and others, and others; Nicholas Pavovlovich of House Romanov

Dearest Friend,

It warms my heart to hear of your commitment to our alliance. I still remember the days of the self-proclaimed Emperor of Europe and his hellish warpath across both our lands. Our Holy Alliance is a testament to our Lord's grace and goodwill towards men, as he allowed us to cast the French devil back into the abyss he came from. I would like to make certain his Majesty Ferdinand is aware that Russia shall also commit to the friendship of our two nations and the containment of the Muhadmedist Turks. In the event of war between Austria and any of it's neighbors Russia would not intervene unless requested by the Austrian sovereign and at the discretion of Almighty God. Please inform his majesty Ferdinand that Nicholas Pavlovich wishes him health and wellness.


Nicholas Pavovlich, Emperor of All Russia
Representative Earl Tenson (R-MT-All)

Senate candidate Christina Mudale (R-AL)

Senator Nickolai Dernilski (D-OH)

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State of Great Fusang


Lord of the East



There is a glow in the sky; soon he will be rising in the east.
Now on my balcony falls a ray from Fusang.

(Written with the blessing of Columbia)

Shelu, Capital of Fusang
April, 1836

In the hills around Shelu, Fusangese guards stood ornately dressed in traditional garb and sidearms hanging from their hips, mulberry colored banners flying from long staffs, in elaborate display for the dignitaries of Meiguo, flanking both sides of the stone-laden path to the Chancellery. And for the representative from Meiguo, it was a spectacular welcome for them as the Fusangese guards bowed deeply as the man from Meiguo passed them by in the two-wheeled carriages. Carried all the way to the audience hall, Chancellor Wu Yijun stood in his embroidered azure hanfu at the entrance as he waited to meet and formally welcome them to Fusang.

He Zhihao stepped out gingerly from the carriage. He was a man of simple tastes, though his red robes were still neatly trimmed and fashionable. He approached the Fusang Chancellor with measured pace, a scribe in close tow behind him. He stopped a short distance before him, and bowed in a well rehearsed manner, "Chancellor, I hope the day finds you well?"

"The day does in fact find me well, my friend." Wu welcomed following a formal bow, and beckoning He to follow him throughout the palatial halls. "We have much to discuss today about our two nations, so might I ask if you would like some tea for the time being?" the Chancellor asked, motioning for a houseman to bring the pair refreshments.

"I would appreciate tea, thank you. What shall we discuss today?"

"Today, the discussion of the status of Meiguo. It's a common belief among with our leaders that Meiguo should join hands with Fusang in unity, as a single nation. With the threat of Mexico and the shared history of our peoples, and I do not mean any disrespect by this, but some of our more vocal authorities believe Meiguo to have always been Fusang. Either direction we go, Fusang will always be the eldest brother to Meiguo and shall protect it in any way it can."

"We appreciate this course of action. As you must know, Meiguo has not enjoyed the prosperity of our northern brethren. We would have certain provisions of course to ensure that the identity of Meiguo is preserved."

"Meiguo's identity shall always be preserved. Especially as it is the only other truely civilized nation of our culture under this part of heaven." the Chancellor said. "In the end, we only wish to make both our peoples stronger in union against all odds, especially if the Mexicans were to act provocatively against us."

"Indeed. Towards these ends we request that Meiguo will retain a transition government while we adjust to integration. Furthermore, we request a voice in the government to ensure the people of Meiguo are not overlooked.

"Of course. It is only necessary that Meiguo retain a government while in the process of integration. As well as that government's responsibility to pronounce the people's will of Meiguo. All in the name of unity. Why would we allow our southern siblings to stay silent when they will soon make become a sizable and prominent portion of Fusang? It is only natural for us to allow the voice of the people."

"Then we are at an understanding. I am sure our officials will have documents drafted in the coming weeks. Is there anything else we ought discuss?"

"There is one more thing which may bring alarm. I wish to request that before integration is finalized in documentation, troops from Fusang may aid in frontier and border garrisons on the border with Mexico, lest they decide to disrupt the unity of our peoples."

"We agree to this as well."
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Smoke and Iron

British India, Madras, Inconspicuous Warehouse
16 June, 1836

Outside a large warehouse on the shoreline outskirts of the city, Madras bustled in the early afternoon heat. While Bengal and her associated Princely States were run by the East India Company, Madras was directly administered by the Britain, and it served as a small reminder to all that needed to be reminded of the long reach of London. Lord Orson Craddock did not need any reminding of where his loyalties were though. An Englishman through and through, Craddock was fully devoted to the idea of an even greater Britain, and had devoted much of his life to helping that ideal come to fruition.

“Lord Craddock, a “Mister Smith” is here to see you.”

Craddock smiled, “By all means, send him in.”

An elderly gentleman walked into the office of the warehouse. While it was clear that he was attempting to be subtle, the confidence of his pace and pose readily gave him away as someone who was used to getting what he wanted. “Lord Craddock, it is a pleasure to see you.”

“Likewise to you, Lord Grantham. Please, follow me,” Craddock motioned to a door at the end of the office. It lead to a small balcony overlooking a dry dock, over which the warehouse had been constructed to deter unfriendly eyes. The rib cage of a ship was taking form below, not made of the oak of Old England, but of iron.

“As you can see, construction is still in its early stages, however, we are proceeding on schedule.”

“Out of curiosity, what are you planning to call her?”

“I was thinking of something taken from the Greeks. Nothing official will be penned until the launch of course. Nemesis is my personal choice.”

“I am sure she will prove a fine specimen,” Lord Grantham said while thoughtfully gazing on the black skeleton taking form on the dry dock.

“Her current form doesn't do her justice,” Craddock said nonchalantly, motioning to a model on a desk.

“Nemesis will revolutionize naval warfare. Imagine a ship that a dozen, maybe even two dozen ships, cannot subdue. A ship that can move with impunity through enemy waters. Not made of the wood, sail, and good feelings of the past. But of solid black iron. With a fleet of such ships, no power in India could possibly stand against England.”

“You have surpassed all our expectations, Lord Craddock. Be assured, I will put in a favorable word with the Committee for your work here,” Lord Grantham said enthusiastically, “What is the timescale we are looking at here?”

Craddock folded his hands together, “We expect that the project will be completed by mid 1839, possibly 1838 with additional funding and resources. I believe that you might know some patrons that can provide these?”

“I will make sure to carry your requests to the Committee. I for one will vouch for fulfilling your other vision. A fleet of ships such as these would prove an asset not only to the Company, but also to Britain. Now, if you don't mind too terribly, I have made reservations for us at a restaurant in the Company offices in the city. I believe a success such as this should be toasted.”
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Min Confederation

Chapter II: The Archipelago

Yu Dao, Colony of The Philipphines, Min Confederation

The capital city of the colony of the Phillipphines and the second largest city in the Min dominions. Yu dao started from it’s humble beginings as the first colony in the Filipino archipelago to the last stronghold of min forces against the Spanish empire, and in Present day as the gateway to the Philipphines. Grand secretariat Shao of the Min confederation has set up several heads of goverment that governs the many islands of the archiepelago. His first meeting would be with Governor-General Shen that acts as the De-Facto head of state and goverment of the Colony.

The green tiles and white marble that adorned the Malacañan Palace adored the junior members of Grand secretariat Shao’s group as this is their first visit overseas. A man adorned in green Tang dynasty clothing approached the group, he welcomed the group and treated the Grand secretariat like an old friend

“Ah, if it isn’t my old friend Shao. What brings you to Yu dao, order from the emperor or just came here to play Mahjong for old time’s sake” The man warmly greets the group

“Excuse me, but we’re here to meet with the governor general and not to meet some old friends. I’m sure his most honourable Grand secretariat would like to play mahjong after-” one of the Grand secretariat’s aides explained to the man before the grand secretariat tapped his shoulder as a sign to stop

“Please excuse my aides Shen, They have never been outside of the mainland and are quite culture Shocked to see how things run in the Philipphines. They’re used to a more serious tone back in the Mainland. Brothers, this is Lord shen, Governor of the Philipphines and a close friend of mine back during the imperial exams days.”

“Not to worry, not to worry it’s all fine. So, what brings you to Yu dao?”

“We bring news, well more of a draft for the news than a literal news from the mainland that would change the Confederation entirely. We’re trying to draft a new constitution for the confederation, that would erase the old federal system we have now and replace it with a centralized goverment that would make it easier for us to industrialize and westernize. I come to seek guidance and also reassurance that no province in the philipphines would dare to secede from the Min state”

“Well most of us are quite content with our current position in the confederation, and we would benefit a lot from industrialisation and modernization of our small archipelago. Though the problem of malaria, and other diseases still persists, i believe that most of us would be more than loyal to the confederation IF we are treated as an equal to the mainland. If the philipphine’s status as a colony is replaced as a full pledged state or state(s) to the Min state, with some improvement to our infrastructure with better roads and railroads, and our fellow Filipinos are treated equally as the min, the people would be very grateful for the Min confederation.”

“I’m pretty sure i could arrange a few things with the emperor and several members of the high council. So are we all good in the Philipphines”

“Err… Not quite, there is one more state that keeps being a thorn in my side and will be one in your side. Moro”


“Yes, Bangsamoro a muslim region still ruled by the sultan and has since rejected assimilation and integration with chinese settlers. A very problematic state with their objections against letting christian, and confucians to spread their religion, A centralised Min state would definetly anger them and i know for a fact those bloody Wu would support their rebellion in a heartbeat.”

“By any chance could we have a meeting with the moro court?”

“We could but it would be a two week journey by boat”

“Perfect, we could then tour the rest of the philipphine islands for other local lords to give their support”

Kota Batu, Bangsamoro

After three weeks of journey by boat, the grand secretariat’s group finally arrived at kota batu’s harbour greeted by a group of cheering crowd, and as the group made their way to the grand royal palace of Kota batu, they passed glimmering white, green, and golden buildings. A fusion of both filipino, muslim, and chinese culture mixed together in harmony. The kota batu royal palace is a large white building with three towers on the east and west side of the building adorned with a grand golden dome reaching towards the heaven.

Within the royal palace, the sound of gamelan music played through the interior of the palace with the sultan sitting atop his golden throne wearing golden silk clothing along with an audience of his servants and eunuchs accompanying him.

“Assalamualaikum wr. wb. his highness the sultan of the moro people, it’s an honour to meet you at your abode” Grand secretariat shao bows and greets the sultan with upmost respect.

“Walaikumsalam wr. wb. Grand secretariat shao, please the pleasure is all mine. It’s not everyday that a member of the Min court finds his way to my land”
Sultan Iskandar Qudraullah Muhammad Zamal Ul-Azamas he’s known as by his loyal subjects. Greets the group.

“We would like to negotiate several things with your highness for prosperity for our nation” The grand secretariat explained to the sultan

“do continue” The sultan signaled the grand secretariat while drinking a hot cup of tea

“You see, we’re trying to abolish the archaic ways of the confederation towards a more centralised government based around Fuzhou, and it would be an honour if the philippines would be in with this plan”

“Are you telling me i’ll have to give out my throne towards the new min goverment”
The sultan stopped sipping his tea to hear the grand secretariat’s explanation

“No, of course not your highness. You and your lineage get to be the head of goverment of your dominion, however the buddhists, confucians, and other foreign religions are able to settle and convert in your dominions without any persecution. In exchange, law and order in the bangsamoro sultanate can still operate under sharia law. However non-muslims could have the choice to not be trialed under sharia law. In short, The Moro sultanate will have Min emperor as the head of state, Stop persecutions of non muslims, have the sultan’s lineage as the head of government which will be semi-independent from the Fuzhou Government, and will have the same foreign policy with the greater Min kingdom.”

“It sounds reasonable, i shall accept the offer of integration with the greater Min confederation” The sultan respons

“Excellent, let us ratify it”

Kota Batu Agreement
i) The Sultanate of Bangsamoro shall become a part of the greater Min State and turned into the special administrative region of Bangsamoro
ii) The sultan and his Lineage shall remain as the head of the goverment of the region with Min advisors from Hokciu aiding the Sultan to govern the region
iii) Non-Muslims in Bangsamoro are free to practice and spread their religion, and have the option to not be trialed under sharia law
iv) Bangsamoro shall have the same Foreign policy as the Min Confederation
v) Bangsamoro shall have the Min emperor as head of state
vi) In the event of the Philipphines as a whole to not be given the role of region and remain a colony, Bangsamoro shall be exempted from it

This treaty shall be into affect after the ratification of the new Min constitution.

Taipei Harbour

The Grand Secretariat’s ship docks on the harbour of the Port city. The crossroads between the Mainland and the colonies, Taipei has grown from a small fishing village, a port formerly held by the Ming, and now a Bustling trade centre where men from the north and south came to rest. The group was greeted by a small crowd, with a tall lady wearing a white qipao with golden lotus patterns. Both parties bowed at each other before the lady greets the group

“My oh my, look what the cat dragged in. What business that the Grand secretariat have in my city” The woman smugly adressed the grand secretariat

“Still feisty as ever i see, Lady Jieqiong” Shao only smirked at her

“Come, let’s talk at my office” Lady Jieqiong instructed the group

Foreign policy

To His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei

The Min confederation Accepts your request for a meeting between the two states. We hope that this will be a new start of an era of prosperity between the Min confederation and the sultanate of Brunei

-- Office of the Grand Secretariat of the Min Confederation
20th of June, 1836

To His Majesty The King of Prussia

Splendid, We shall do the same and send an envoy to berlin and open our own embassies there to gain a stable foothold for european relations

-- Office of the Grand Secretariat of the Min Confederation
20th of June, 1836
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Kingdom of Spain
Reino de España

Chapter 1: A Gradual Reawakening

Palacio Real, Central Madrid
2nd August, 1836

King Carlos V of Spain sighed deeply, his face resting in his palm. In the dim light of the Spanish monarch's quarters the shape of the king was just barely visible, his form hunched over a grand oak desk. The flickering of candleflames illuminated the elaborately decorated space, casting deep shadows across the room. In the man's weathered hands there laid a thick collection of papers, reports from across Spain and her territories. At times these weekly reports brought news of good, of factories established in some city or another, or a joyful celebration in his honor by some loyal noble. But this was not such a time. Carlos's eyes squinted slightly as he scanned the words of the nation's most recent reports in the unsteady candlelight. As the King quickly read he began to murmur to himself softly, as if it was impossible to truly comprehend what had occurred.

"Protests in Bilbao grow violent... six found dead... instigators being investigated..."

"Strikes in Málaga broken at dawn... no retaliation expected..."

"Colonial infrastructure under review following recent storms..."

Carlos grasped at his forehead, attempting to assuage a foul pain that began to grow as he continued. Slowly, he rose from his seat and with a sudden puff of smoke extinguished the candle's flames. The room was at once cast in absolute darkness. The king, frustrated, exited and began to march swiftly through the halls of the now silent Royal Palace, the sounds of his footsteps echoing through the warm air. At last he reached his destination, walking out of the seemingly clustered walls of the palace and into the open air of a wide balcony. Carlos breathed deeply, calming himself as he gazed out into the city of Madrid. It was a quiet night, the streets of the capital empty and noiseless with exception of the occasional guardsman mounted on horseback and passing traveler. Compared to the recent chaos in the rest of Spain this place was an oasis of peace for the Spanish king, and was his place of choice for reflection at times such as this.

A slight smile slowly appeared on the monarch's lips as an amusing thought entered his mind. Here he stood, ruler of Spain, one of the mightiest states to have graced the short history of the world, yet driving himself mad. Had he not defeated his enemies time and time again? Had he not faced worse only six years ago? Would he truly fall into despair after so long? No, the king silently swore to himself, he would lead Spain with all of his might and advance the country's destiny. It had been far too long that the kingdom had been in the state that it was. Perhaps it was at last time for the ruler to address what had been neglected for so long under his reign... Yes, Carlos thought to himself in what he believed was a stroke of genius, there was much to be done. With a final glance out into the vast night sky the king quickly returned to the place he had just fled, his mind racing with ideas of what may soon pass.

Letter from a Spanish Revolutionary to the writers of the Gazzetta di Carbonari
Received 5th August, 1836
To my esteemed colleagues,

As a man of fellow learning and understanding of the world as it stands now and an appreciator of your work I humbly introduce myself to you, and applaud your efforts, as it is to my greatest delight that I have learned of what you have done in Naples. As an individual who has witnessed personally the true effects of the unrestrained absolutism that has plagued Europe in my homeland of Spain I am well aware that it is of utmost importance that liberalism in any form possible be established. It is therefore immensely pleasing to learn of the recent actions and successes of your writings and your noble continuation of the Carbonari movement. Though it is likely that we disagree on many a topic I sincerely believe that between us all there lies a shared value against tyranny in the many forms that it takes. It is for this reason that I write to you not from my permanent home in Barcelona but rather Montpellier in a sign for support of your actions. May fortune treat you well.

With hope of future correspondences,
Antonio Zaramasta

Foreign Affairs

To the regal Emperor Ferdinand I von Hapsburg of the Austrian Empire

Your Majesty, my King and people send their warmest regards and respect, and give their blessings upon you and your great lands. I write this message this day as a sign of good will towards the Hapsburg Empire from Spain. Your Majesty is undoubtedly well aware of the struggles of the Spanish Kingdom and her rightful ruler King Carlos María Isidro Benito de Borbón, who wishes to reassure with good faith the rightful position and friendship between our states. It was great gratitude to Austria that Spain expressed following the final defeat of that murderous "emperor" Napoleon and the restoration of the Bourbons of Spain to their proper position, and this sentiment has been by no means forgotten. His Majesty Carlos V, regretting the unfortunate circumstance that has become of the currently vacant Spanish embassy in Vienna requests for the introduction of a new Carlist ambassador of his choice, bearing gifts, as to encourage the improvement of relations. It is hoped that this will come to be for the betterment of Spain and Austria alike.

Signed 18th August, 1836 by Victor Martin, Head of the Diplomatic Section of the Spanish High Council, by the Will and Grace of His Majesty Carlos V of Spain
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Washington District, Columbia

The morning sun rose over the White House. The dew on the grass glistening. A clear sky. All ruined by the clanking of carriages going down the street. Jackson had thought about the possibility of creating an Appalachian retreat. He was old, and dreamt of retirement. But there was that feeling within him. One of spite. Taylor was capable as a General but was no counter balance to the large class of landowners that ruled the Senate. He despised most of them, who sat in legislation peddling acts that benefited them and not the common man. Contempt. That was the only thing Jackson felt when the Senate was called into session.

However, he knew he could always rely on them to benefit themselves. It is how, afterall, he began the construction of the Commonwealth Railway. Construction of railroads heading westwards were still required, restricting access to Kentucky. More trains were needed as well. So much more materials to be consumed, so much more money to be spent. Luckily for Jackson, he secured funding through the treasury completely, preventing banks or business magnates from taking control of the railways. They served the Commonwealth and were paid by it. There shall be no monopoly over transport.

Putting those thoughts aside, Jackson went outside to take in the beautiful morning. He received breakfast, chatted with his servant, and took a moment to rest. He then got up and entered his office. He told his secretary that if he were to receive any visitors to not let them in until noon. Following this, he began to write orders for further construction, responding to the Indian Services Agency regarding poachers on Native land, and reading letters from senators.

Several hours passed, and Jackson was finished. He returned to his study, a pipe in hand. He opened a chest on his desk which contained tobacco, and began packing into the pipe. He also had a servant bring him some fresh coffee. He had a meeting with Taylor today, and apparently he was bringing two Officers of his personal staff, or something along those lines. Jackson did not care, he understood Taylor and Taylor understood him, and he would not bother Jackson if it did not require his attention or fit his interests.

He began reading the New York Post, a paper he had regularly acquired and paid for out of his own pocket. He always was amused by the "Jacobin nonsense" it released. While half way through it, Taylor and his protégés arrived. Taylor introduced them as Captain Robert E. Lee and Major Andrew Davis.

Taylor introduced himself to the Lord Protector in his full military attire, Lee and Davis flanking him.

”Good morning, Jackson.” Taylor said, his hand on his saber in a relaxed way.

”Good morning, Taylor. I take it there is something of importance for you to bring two random men into my Office? You interrupted my Coffee and Pipe, and I would be terribly flustered if you were to merely pester me with issues you gentlemen could handle yourself.” Jackson said, leaning back and setting the paper in a drawer.

Taylor would laugh, ”No, of course not, I do know how much you enjoy these hours to yourself. No, I am here to introduce you to the two men who will be responsible for the project we are commencing with in the Delaware. The man on my right here is Captain Robert Lee, the one responsible with the engineering plans, while the man on my left is Major Jefferson Davis, the one responsible with logistics, sourcing men for the garrisons, lowering costs, so forth and so forth. I believe you will be interested in hearing their plans.”

Jackson was uninterested, ”So this required some sort of counsel from me?”

”Of course, Lee had some suggestions to change the original framework laid out by you.” Taylor replied.

Jackson looked to his left, at Lee.

”Well boy you look fresh off your family’s plantation. You seem a bit too young to even know the difference between the shot and barrel it is fired from. Go ahead and speak.” Jackson said, grabbing his reading glasses.

Lee, a bit unprepared for Jacksons barrage, would pull out a map from his satchel, unrolling it and pointing out his plans.

”Lord Protector, I have clearly outlined the premise of my proposed changes to your framework selected for our main fortifications along the coast of the Delaware. Now I propose the use of large howitzers using explosives. Now Davis suggested refurbishing Carronades from our older ships and armories for use to reduce cost, replacing your idea for using, generally, 24 pounders. Now, I support the use of carronades, but being modified to serve in a role similar to the Russian Licornes used during the Napoleonic Wars. They were highly effective in increasing the range of the howitzer, and would prove useful in holding ships at bay. My studies concluded that the explosive shots would reduce the time to sink a ship, and generally increase combat effectiveness, turning the coastal forts into a threat rather than a nuisance for our enemies to avoid.” Lee said, confidently.

Jackson leaned forward, surprised. He took the map and would read over Lee and Davis’s specifications, nodding and mumbling silently.

”The Senate would rather reuse the Carronades rather than refurbishing and building these Licornes you speak of… Too costly for to arm brick on sand… I say damn the Senate, and I approve these plans. I will say, boy, you impressed me. Taylor, I want Captain Lee to be stationed here in D.C, as well as Major Davis. Use funds from their regiments or units or offices or wherever they are currently stationed, to move and furbish housing for them and their families, if they have them. Now leave, before any of you tarnish what I have read with words I care not for.” Jackson said, rolling the map slowly and handing it back to Lee.

Davis would want to say something, but Taylor would nudge him. Lee put his map back in the satchel he carried.

”Understood. By the way, Jackson, would you be willing to attend a dinner? Margaret has felt horribly concerned for you living in this ‘big old building’, as she said, by yourself.” Taylor asked, before heading to the door.

”I suppose I could never turn a lady’s request down. It has been too long since we have sat down and talked, anyhow. Leave the details with my secretary. Farewell, Taylor.” Jackson replied, leaning back and beginning to relight his pipe.

Taylor nodded, and left with Davis and Lee.

With that out of the way, Jackson would rest, spending the rest of the day reading, and the night talking with Taylor and his family.
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5 January, 1839

War Ends. Zhous Reunited

War has finally ended in the Zhous after 8 years of intermittent conflict between the North and South, led respectively by brothers Sun Zhou and Li Zhou. Sun Zhou, who began the war in 1831 on a popular claim of “Divine Mandate”, was found dead in his palace on December 15th, after which his chancellor sued for peace with Qian and South Zhou forces. Qian forces intervened on the behalf of South Zhou following the resumption of hostilities in early 1837. The civil war has proven to be one of the deadliest wars in modern Eastern history, with combined civilian and military casualties estimated to be over a million.

Qian officials have promised to assist in reconstruction in the newly united Zhou, with Qian troops being a common sight in areas formerly loyal to Sun Zhou. While some observers have decried this as an occupation, Qian has promised that its forces remain only to promote stability in the war ravaged Zhou. Time will tell how true their words are.

Free Cheese?

Following failed harvests in the Mughal Empire, the government has given food subsidies to its hungry subjects. Much of this has come in the form of surplus cheese. Some small groups have raised the question, “Is this why the cheese is free?”, most however have simply expressed gratitude.

Russia Continues Campaign

The Tsar's forces continue to make progress in Central Asia. Following a failed conference in 1836, the Russian Empire has been at war with the states of Bhukara, Khiva, and Kokand. While this campaign has been financially draining according to some sources, Russian correspondents are confident of victory.

Min Adopt New Constitution

Following three years of negotiations, an agreement has been reached by the various states of the Min Confederacy regarding centralization. Onlookers have reported many parallels to the Constitution of the American Federation, with comparisons being made especially between the Min Autonomous zones and the various states of the Federation.

Great Western Beats Previous Record

The Great Western has beat its previous crossing record by one day, once again delighting Boston onlookers. The steamer first made front page last year with her historic crossing of the Atlantic. Company representatives from the Great Western Steamship Company have been in discussions about opening further lines between Britain and the Americas, with two further ships planned in the next few years.

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OOC: Done as a joint post with a member of the IEC, flow may be rough


The squadron of warships lead by the Yi Jongmu Ship of the Line sailed towards Nagasaki from Tsushima. Accompanying the Yi Jongmu were two sloop-of-wars Lady Yuhwa and Tamna, and the steam powered vessel the Jang Bogo. The Jang Bogo was the first and only steam powered warship in service in the Joseon Imperial Navy, built in 1835. Relations between Joseon and Shogunate had worsen after Korean seizure of Tsushima, Oki, and Sado islands during its anti-piracy operations in the early 17th century. During the Shogunate's Sakoku policy, Joseon was included in its anti-foreigner trade restrictions. Korean and Tsushiman merchant vessels that attempt to enter Japanese ports were driven away by Japanese cannons and fire arrows. That being said, not every contact were hostile, several Koreans shipwrecked in Japan were treated well and were sent to Min for repatriation back to Joseon.

Despite the arrival of warships from the Tsushima Squadron, their missions are mostly peaceful. Aboard the Lady Yuhwa were representatives from the Joseon Imperial court with many gifts. Nearly 200 hundred years had passed since Joseon was excluded from the island nation's foreign policy and the Imperial Court hoped for a change in foreign policy from Japan when presented with new technologies that the island nation is missing out on, including many modern treasures and a demonstration from the Jang Bogo. The other warships were there for insurance in case local officials were hostile to the envoys. As Captain Oh Gwang-jo commanded the helm of the Yi Jongmu, he was approached by Lieutenant Yi Daejun.

"Captain, according to our cartographer, we would be approaching Nagasaki in a few hours," Yi Daejun said. The Captain nodded at the information.

"Very well, inform the Lady Yuhwa to drop off their rowboats when we get closer," Gwang-jo replied. "Let the other vessels know to raise the white flag as we get closer, maybe they'll understand our intentions and not greet us with gunfire."

"Yes sir," Daejun said. As the ships get closer, white flags were raised in hopes that they would be viewed by local officials.

Standing at the pier was a small party of samurai and servants of the local lord Kitajo Hisahira, the formal clothes swaying gently in the wind as the sea brought forth the stench of salt and fish. Dockworkers rushing quickly to ensure they were not in the way of the small group who was waiting for the arrival of the foreigners of Joseon.

The sight of the white flag was...not surprising. Those across the small piece of water that divided the nation, the sea that protected Japan with divine right against the Mongols and other foreign invaders, many believed they would protect Japan again. Turning his head, Kitajo looked at the covered carts being pushed into position by his servants.

Coming behind the local lord, a samurai carried a long object covered in cloth. Bending at the knees, they bowed their head and extended it to the lord, who gently took it into his hands.

"Are you prepared, my lord? Are we allowing them to come onto the mainland?" asked one of the samurai who was beside Kitajo, questioning tones for unsure warriors.

"They shall come to this land, expecting exactly what they wish for. I intend to give them a very, warm welcome." a smile grew upon his face, hearing the sound of the chair being brought behind him and set down. Slowly he eased his legs upon it, he rested the long cloth covered object upon his lap. Now waiting for the diplomats to make their way to the port.

"So far, we are not being fired upon," Daejun said to the Captain who is peering through a telescope. "Are we to move the squadron forward or do we just stay back out of range of their cannons?"

"This could very well be a trap," Gwang-jo said, continuing to look at the Japanese port through his scope. "Inform Commander Yi Se-hoon of the Lady Yuhwa to get delegates to get on the rowboats and to head towards the port. The marines lead by Lieutenant Kim Hae-il shall provide escort. For now, the ships are to remain in place, out of range from their cannons. Send a message to the other ships, keep the white flags raised but have your scopes ready for anything."

Three rowboats were hoisted down from the Lady Yuhwa, each holding Korean and Tsushiman officials, marines rowing the boats, and gifts for the locals. The parties were tense as they row closer to the port, half expecting the cannons to suddenly fire on the small boats. They've heard of merchants who were not with either the Dutch or Min chased off by Japanese guns. Even though the leader of the envoys, Hwang Ju-won was assured by Captain Oh Gwang-jo that the Tsushima Fleet will respond with force if the envoys were in trouble, they know that the ships would be safe out of the range of the locals' batteries but not the envoys in these small boats where the greatest defense they have are marines armed with muskets and blunderbusses.

"They are approaching, Lord Kitajo. Shall we fire upon them now?" The samurai was now getting anxious, foreigners who weren't the ones who were allowed have never set foot upon their land in centuries. Now all of that was being thrown out of the window, broken immediately.

"No. They shall be allowed to come upon this pier and that is final, I wish to deal with what they wish to bring and then we shall enjoy our isolation further more. Now be patient and bring us some tea, make sure it is warm for them when they arrive." With that, one of the servants was sent to go obtain the tea. The Lord continuing to sit upon his chair as he awaited the arrival of the Korean diplomats, not much to do other than wait.

So far, everything looks good. No hostile intents appear to be found from the Japanese as the sailors row their boats closer to the docks. Still, Kim Hae-il noticed that a few individuals in the boat he was in started to mutter prayers under their breaths, one marine was clutching his musket on one hand while fiddling with a prayer bead on the other.

What seems to have been an eternity had passed but the envoys finally reached the docks as observed by the captain who continued to look through the scope from the Yi Jongmu. He ordered the Lady Yuhwa to move closer to the port city but to still remain out of the range of the local batteries.

As the sailors parked the rowboats, the marines begin to help the envoys onto the docks with the bags of treasures being left behind in one of the boats, guarded by three marines.

The Lord looked up at the envoys as they came onto the docks of Nagasaki. The samurai around him muttering about the arrival of the foreigners and a few of them cursing their people for disgracing Japan for coming to this place. But now was not the time to make the show he wanted, just needed to wait just a few more moments.

"A pleasure for you to of come to our land, envoys of Joseon. I am Lord Kiyajo Hisahira, I welcome you to Japan." Leaning forward from his seat, he gives a small bow of his head to the Korean envoys and their marines. Putting the small bodyguard of samurai at slight ease, a small gathering of people have already begun to make their congregation not far from the pier where the Koreans have stopped.

Slowly, people shifted among each other to let others to the front. Long robed monks start giving off prayers to allow them to see the foreigners for themselves, their straw hats or robed covered faces showing a sign of mystery in their actions. But slowly the people allowed them to get closer to the front.

Thanks to the translation by Kanemori Takeo, a merchant from Tsushima who's also part of the Tsushima envoys joining with the Koreans, Hwang Ju-won was able to understand what the Japanese lord was saying.

"Thank you for your hospitable greeting," the lead envoy said as Kanemori translates his words, both bowing as well to show respect to the lord. "I am Minister Hwang Ju-won, representing the Empire of Joseon and the Duchy of Tsushima. May your Shogun and Emperor enjoy a ten thousand year reign.”

Lieutenant Kim Hae-il looked around the docks, his flintlock pistol and saber resting on their respective holster and sheath. The meeting, as expected, drew a sizeable crowd, many of the locals likely never seen foreigners outside of the accepted Dutch and Min traders. Some of the marines relaxed while the envoys talked, especially the three marines still in the rowboats with the gifts. The other seven marines remained tense at the size of the crowd.

“We hope that Japan and Joseon could restore economic and diplomatic relations after centuries of isolation,” Minister Hwang said. “We would like a passage to Edo to present your Shogun gifts of the outside world, technological marvels this peaceful island nation has yet to hear about.”

With a smile on his face, the Lord stood and stepped towards the Minister. Holding the object covered in cloth. "Of course, I'm sure the Shogun would enjoy to have yourself be welcomed to Edo." With a smile, he motioned the samurai to ease themselves as they rested their hands on the ends of their katanas.

"Of course, I would enjoy escorting you out of Nagasaki. If you may let my small retinue and myself walk among you. After all, this is my city and I feel it is my duty to ensure that your time here does not lead to any disappointment."

"That is a very kind gesture," the Minister said with a smile. The local lord appeared to be very cooperative much to the delight of the lead envoy. Kim Hae-il, on the hand, was more tense of the crowd and the long object the lord was holding. He leaned towards Minister Hwang.

"Ask the lord if he could allow for one of our ships to dock here," the lieutenant whispered to the Minister. Hwang nodded at the request.

"Would you allow for one of our ships to dock at this city before we make a trip to Edo?" The lead envoy asked. "One of our ships would like to anchor down for maintenance and to possibly resupply. Plus we have more gifts and staffs back in one of the ships to make this a truly proper goodwill diplomatic mission to your leader."

The Lord smiled, this was going even better than expected. Perhaps this truly was a good day for Japan. Giving another bow, he extended his hand to one of the open piers. "Of course you may dock one of your ships. Nagasaki will make sure they are well supplied and are taken care of greatly."

Stepping beside the Minister, he smiled as his small retinue also mingled among the Korean soldiers. Inspecting their clothes and their weapons with their own eyes compared to the clothes they wore.

The marines stood by quietly as the minister spoken with the lord. A few stared back at the locals trying to take a closer look at them. Hae-il continued to be suspicious of how accommodating the local official was being. It's possible that the lord could see benefits and profits in restoring relations with Joseon, the effort to allow a passageway to Edo seems far too easy. Still, the Lieutenant has little influence on the negotiations, his role is to protect the envoys from any danger. The party waited until the Lady Yuhwa arrived to the docks, it's large size also drawing some attentions from the public.

The docking of one of the ships would be a major risk if it was attacked as it would be a sitting duck in the range of any coastal batteries turning on the ship. However, Hae-il hoped, the ship would protect the passengers onboard long enough to sail out of Nagasaki if necessary.

The Minister, on the other hand, doesn't seem to show any suspicion and appears to be eager to make a journey to Edo as Kanemori shoots a glance at Kim.

"It would be wise to send a messenger out to Edo." the Minister asked as Kanemori translates. "Even with your escort, I don't believe the Shogun would be well aware of our arrival and we'll likely have to wait a few more days until your leader's response arrives."

"Oh do not worry about waiting, the Shogun loves surprises. I intend to give him one after all." With a smile, bringing forward one of his retainers. "Send forth a messenger to Edo, report to the Shogun that guests will be arriving and to give us permission to bring them to the capital."

With that, the samurai bowed deeply and left, running off with the jingling of his armor and the katana bouncing as he moved. With that out of the way, he slowly unwrapped the cloth that was within his hands. Showing it to be in the shape of a katana in its sheath, the sheath colored blue with the ornaments of yo-kai and other demons.

"Tell me Minister, have you truly ever seen a newly made katana before and seen how it worked? Or have you only read books about them and seen them in drawings, without ever having set your eyes on one yourself?"

The envoys looked at the sword with interest. Hae-il had to admit, the katana was pretty beautiful, more elegant than his officer-issued saber. The minister made a goodhearted laugh at the question.

"I must admit, my experience with swords, and Japanese katanas for that matter, only came from military books and martial arts manuals." The minister gestured to Hae-il. "The lieutenant of the Imperial Marines here, Kim Hae-il, has more experience with swords, as is expected of officers within the military."

"Well worry not, because I shall show you the experience of it, for I will show you how we test a newly forged blade in our ancient tradition." With that, Lord Kitajo unsheathed the sword and brought it into both his hands. The other samurai retainers doing the same as the group began to turn against another. The Lord, held forth his katana and brought it down against the Minister as the Lord enacted Tsujigiri. The ancient right to randomly kill those that cross their paths to test a new blade.

From the crowds, the Buddhist monks stepped forward as the guards simply let them past and the sight of teppos from under their robes came to their hands. Cranking back the firing mechanism, they took aim at the Korean marines and prepared for the slaughter that was about to come forth.

Before anyone could react, Minister Hwang Ju-won coughed up blood as the blade slashed his throat. The lieutenant quickly rushed to the aid of the minister, his saber unsheathed on his right hand while his pistol aimed at the daimyo on his left hand.

"The minister is down!" A marine yelled as the other envoys moved back in fear. At the sudden movements, the marines raised their muskets at the crowd, their bayonets inserted and their muskets ready to fire.

The spilling of Joseon blood came as a surprise to Captain Oh Gwang-jo who saw the situation unfold on his telescope. Bells rang and drums were beat as the Yi Jongmu, the Jang Bogo, and the Tamna turned to their starboard with cannon hatches opened. Under order from command, these ships were to bombard Nagasaki with their guns if any blood of Joseon or Tsushima men were spilt at the city.

"It takes the remnants of a man to be a message. Your people are not allowed in this place, nor will they ever be. Even if I will die to your hand, I will die a martyr for my caste and for my ancestors who will welcome me in their arms. Kill them all! Banzai!"

With that, the disguised samurai fired their teppos at the Korean marines as the samurai began their attack. Lord Kitajo launched himself at the Lieutenant to meet his end as a warrior. The covers on the carts were quickly taken away to reveal fire arrows the the projectors to launch them, the servants quickly taking them to use against the docked Korean ship, along with the port's naval batteries.

The marines fired their muskets at the hostiles with some charging with their bayonets at the hostiles. The blades of Kitajo and Hae-il clashed in the chaos. The duel was over in less than a minute, though, the lieutenant's sabre slashed through the lord's torso. The Lieutenant fired his pistol at a samurai and slashed at any incoming hostiles.

Despite Kim's best effort, he could feel his body struck by teppo balls. Breathing heavily and coughing up blood, he could see the other marines overwhelmed by the samurais despite taking a number with them. The envoys fared worse, all were slain in their attempt to escape to the Lady Yuhwa. He used his sword as his cane to make one last stab at a hostile and succumbed to his wounds.

The Lady Yuhwa was bombarded by the coastal defenses and fire arrows while the sailors attempted to undock. Many of the sailors fought back, firing from their own muskets and blunderbuss as Commander Yi Se-hoon barked orders. Any effort by the Lady Yuhwa to recover the corpse of their fallen brethren at the docks were perverted by enemy fire, the sailors were forced to abandon any survivors at the city. While the Lady Yuhwa was able to undock and leave the port, the ship was heavily damaged and a number of the sailors and marines were killed. Cannon fire rang out from the other warships to punish the city for violating sacred hospitality. Although the main targets were the coastal defenses, other part of the city were hit by the cannons.

Despite portions of the city in ablaze, the punishment only felt hollow as the Korean ships withdrawn from Nagasaki. Their mission to open the city through diplomatic means had failed with at least 43 Joseon and Tsushiman men dead or left behind. The Lady Yuhwa was damaged and all they could do was to just bombard the city for an hour.

In the end, blood was to be spilled onto the ground and the Shogun safely in Edo felt a smile grow onto his face when news broke to him.
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Tyranny by Majority

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January 10th, 1839
Mughal Empire

After what felt as long a journey as ever, Paul found himself at the city of Kalat. Entering upon the camel he had bought a few months ago in Delhi from a trader who claimed it could go around the world without needing a drink of water. Paul was convinced by the attitude the Muslim brought to him and he bought it, one thing was for certain it could make great strides in such a short time but the animal was thirstier than most. It was only thanks to the teachings of another Muslim person that trained Paul in the proper ways of caring for the animals he had purchased, which took several more months of his time as he was whisked away by the traveling band of nomads which took him on a tour of their favorite trails and helped him learn the language. Arabic was popular across the land religiously and learning the Koran was a joy, though he felt the bible had a better taste nonetheless. After several months of Arabic, he was once again whisked away for most of 1838 by a local court noble in the Ancient city of Fatehpur Sikri. Wanting to know of the life outside of the Empire, Paul had to tell of his journey. After amazed with the idea of flying, the noble made an offer. He would teach Paul some basic Persian if he helped teach him how to create balloons as well.

Though it was hard work, barely understanding the words of the noble who spoke in a more broken arabic than Paul did, he eventually managed to get a small one person balloon designed for the noble who was impressed. In return, not only did they teach Paul some basic Persian which will help in the travels he had planned, but as well as temporary employment in the court as a personal scientist for the noble. Though it was something he didn't wish to do, the pay was nice and the clothes he was given were of a higher standing, akin to a low-end merchant, which was preferable to the poorly made copy of local clothes he bought in the British East India Company. So Paul spent several months in the employ of the noble, helping them build a balloon to send into the sky, explaining a simple understanding on how it worked to them. Then November came around, Paul knew it was his time to go. Bidding farewell to the new ballooner he had created in such a foreign country, he retrieved his camel and continued his trek westward, which led to his arrival to Kalat today. After remembering the journey so far, he kicked his camel into action and entered the city itself.

"For sale! Spices and silk from the East! The finest Min and Wu have to offer!" shouted a merchant, trying to press his wares unto others. Paul already bought what he wanted from the east, Jade would last longer than silk or spice. Looking on at the city, he was surprised by how little yet how large. Hearing from the murmurs of the locals, they didn't see themselves as Mughal or as some sort of Indian. They were Balochi, claiming the ancient land of Baluchistan will be free again. But while that thought dwelled on his mind, a soldier came up to him and held a bag to Paul, who stared back extremely confused. Trying his best to muster up his memory of basic Persian.

"What..In this?" asked Paul, wondering if he had done something wrong.

"Cheese. You are being allotted your portion, safe travels merchant." The soldier turn away leaving Paul confused, slowly he looked at his hands and saw they were definitely much more tan than he used to be. Even by the standard of a farmer he once was, the change of weather must've encouraged his skin to turn darker and now he looked much more akin to a foreigner from a familiar land than all the way from America. Looking in the bag, it was definitely cheese and by his guess after spending some time in British India, that it was called Paneer. Ripping a piece off, he threw it into his mouth as he continued through the city as his mind wandered, before getting enchanted by the smell of food and music. Turning the camel, he looked on at what looked like a tavern, hearing the word "wikala" being told in arabic by a passing trader. Entering, he found it full of people who were enjoying themselves as many enjoyed hookahs and others were playing games, such as Chess, Go, Xiangqi and Tables which seemed just like Backgammon. Walking through the room, he took a seat in the corner after getting himself a drink and enjoyed the homely feeling it gave to him. It was such a shame, that he did not have one of those Chinese games to bring home, staring at it from an old Chinese player who no one would come and play with, but the old man looked up and stared directly at Paul who was shaken from the experience, not realizing he was staring. Slowly, the Chinese man across the room go up with his board and came over and placed it across from him. "We play." said the man in Persian.

After a few hours of playing, Paul learned that he was playing against Zou Yijun, who was a self-proclaimed expert in Go. It was an experience that he would never forget, telling Zou the story that he had to get to India in the first place. Falling into the depths, being saved then instead of going to Europe he was sent to India instead. Zou couldn't help buy laugh, "Well Gardner, you came a long way only to head home. It just so happens I was heading west as well, but my caravan was attacked by Pashtun tribesmen. I survived because they did not think of me a threat, leaving one of their people to kill me with a knife. Well, I offered a deal instead. I would play him in a game of Go, if I won I got his rifle and get to live and if he won I would die by my own hand. Safe to say, we know how it ended and I gotten this weapon here." Zou picked up the stick that turned out to be a rifle, which surprised Paul. It was a beautiful gun covered in silver and silk, which Zou couldn't hold up and the butt-end of the gun thudded to the floor. "Sadly. My age has caught up to me and I cannot carry it, nor could I imagine myself trying to travel further on my own."

Paul thought for a moment, then smiled, "Perhaps you would like a trade." Zou raised an eyebrow to that, "Give me the Go set and I shall take you west with me, at least past the mountains of Persia. I'll use the gun to defend us if needed and we shall continue our journey together." Paul smiled, trying his best to convince the Chinese man to consider. Zou groaned a little, swaying back and forth and picking up the pieces from the board and placing them into a box along with the board, before laughing with a smile. "You might as well be a local merchant, you give such deals that no one could ever consider otherwise. Sure, you can have the board and we travel together." As the two laughed, they packed their belongings and slept before leaving during the night when it was cool, with the adventure continuing westward, into Persia.

Senate of the American Federation
January 14th, 1839


The senate was in deep debate, having gotten through more trivial matters after the last few years, especially with Otis' reelection in '36, they were now looking forward towards the next election that would be coming by the end of this year. The past three years had shown a growing discussion among the people. With the close relations with Britain, there were even talks about becoming a Dominion itself within the British Empire and have the full support of London behind their backs instead of the menial support they receive now. Obtaining representation in Parliament and becoming an active participant within the greater system. But what also has shown was the strong resistance to that. Claiming that the efforts of the revolutionaries during the Hartford Convention would be in vain and that New England needs to continue its independence so that their society may become unique from British and conventional American cultures. With of course, the small group of representatives from Vermont advocating for efforts towards unification of the United States which received support from the Free Liberal Party which wanted to see the people in Georgia to be free from the sinning slaveowners. Daniel Webster was forced to quiet the room.

"I believe we must find unity in these times! I propose that we put forth an effort to pardon Benedict Arnold!" shouted one of the Senators, which sent the room into uproar. Both in support and against. "Pardoning a traitor to the American Revolution! Have you no shame in your heart for such ideas to spread!"

"He wanted independence but he wanted it so that we could of been kept safe. Imagine our lives if we didn't break apart and instead was a strong nation together, under the same Government we have today. We could've been powerful with the support of the British, would've taught the French a thing or two and the Spanish. Probably kept the lands west of the Republic of Columbia. Instead, here we are forced underneath a shadow that was left by the Articles. Only with the light of our Constitution did we find salvation."

"Only because we found it ourselves. Much like the Founding Fathers. Benedict Arnold I admit wanted independence, but he also should've continued supporting Washington to the end. Don't you agree, Mr. Webster?"

"He was a man of his time and tried his best to do what he wished. Why do you think he made an open letter which was received as a traitor's call. I am your Majority Representative, it is your duty to choose whether or not he is a man of valor or a man who should be the devil's own lawyer." With that, the people argued over and over, until finally after hours that led to the night, a decision only to actually create laws and make some heads some aching from the amount of talking.

"There you have it then, I shall send this to the President. He shall sign it and with the power of the majority, it shall be put into law. Benedict Arnold shall be pardoned of his Treason and other crimes against the State and shall be rehabilitated as a true patriot of the society. He shall be known as the "Hero Before His Time" and his family homestead returned to its rightful owners. A letter will be sent to London addressed to them and may they have a happy return to the lands that they too, may call home. For they too, are citizens of the American Federation and may God have mercy now upon Arnold, for he was a man who wanted the best for the people of the Americas. May he finally, rest in peace."
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