Guide to Making an Effective Getting Help Request

Who needs it, who got it, who hands it out and why.
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Guide to Making an Effective Getting Help Request

Postby Katganistan » Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:57 am

1. Tell us exactly what the problem is. "So and so is bothering me!" is too vague to be useful. "Katganistan has sent me three abusive telegrams in the past twelve hours" -- better.

2. Tell us who is involved. "Some guy is spamming our region with puppets!" is not very useful. "Katganistan is spamming our rmb, and we suspect that Puppet1, Puppet2, and HaHaYouCan'tProveIt'sME are also their puppets" is better.

3. If what you are complaining of is in the RMB, LINK to the evidence. Right click on the "X (timeperiod) ago" link under the nation name in the RMB post. Paste that URL into your report.

4. If what you are complaining of is in your telegrams, LINK to the evidence. Clicking on the time stamp (sent X days Y hours ago) moves you to a separate page with a report link on the lower-right hand side. (Thank you, Mousebumples.)

5. If you are complaining about offsite shenanigans: we sympathize but it has nothing to do with us. Report to invision/proboards/whatever host has the forum on their server.

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