Site Admin[violet] 9802 Antiquity
Retired ModeratorMelkor Unchained 4647 Compulsory Consumerist State Antiquity
Retired ModeratorErastide 1296 Liberal Democratic Socialists Antiquity
Retired ModeratorSirocco 503 Ex-Nation Antiquity
MinisterScolopendra 3136 Civil Rights Lovefest Antiquity
Forum AdminReploid Productions 16588 Liberal Democratic Socialists Antiquity
Retired ModeratorGMC Military Arms 51 Libertarian Police State Antiquity
Game ModeratorTsaraine 2925 Psychotic Dictatorship Antiquity
Senior Game ModeratorKatganistan 24800 New York Times Democracy Antiquity
LobbyistFormer English Colony 12 Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Antiquity
Postmaster of the FleetDread Lady Nathicana 24311 Father Knows Best State Antiquity
LobbyistCetaganda 15 Ex-Nation Antiquity
SecretarySneaky Bastards 38 Civil Rights Lovefest Antiquity
Chargé d'AffairesErrinundera 493 Civil Rights Lovefest Antiquity
LobbyistTseaby 17 Father Knows Best State Antiquity
AmbassadorRoania 1417 Corrupt Dictatorship Antiquity
SpokespersonDrakonian Imperium 105 Ex-Nation Antiquity
Game ModeratorThe Blaatschapen 37064 Anarchy Antiquity
SenatorRavea 3622 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianLast Hope 1 Ex-Nation Antiquity
Post MarshalNatapoc 19315 Left-wing Utopia Antiquity
DiplomatHyperspatial Travel 980 Ex-Nation Antiquity
DiplomatWest-Flanders 619 Civil Rights Lovefest Antiquity
PowerbrokerCrookfur 7810 Left-Leaning College State Antiquity
SpokespersonThe Emperor Fenix 177 Left-Leaning College State Antiquity

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