The Enigmatic Interview (Attn: Balrogga)

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The Enigmatic Interview (Attn: Balrogga)

Postby Orthodox Gnosticism » Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:40 am

A young middle aged man, with dark brown hair and slender features looks into the camera. His excitement was obvious, as he wore a genuine smile on his face. This was going to be the interview of his life time. This interview would surely win him the Congressional Medal of Journalism, a medal that the congress awarded to journalist with a small stipend for the rest of his life.

The Ta’Nar would be sending to his studio two guests. The Ta’Nar were the enigmatic race that had created the Kythons. The Kythons were once considered the scourge of the galaxy, infecting whole worlds, and devouring their populations for their molecular structure to reproduce. This was the image that most nations who had dealt with the Kythons had. The Starways Congress was different.

The Kythons were the closest ally of the old United Colonies, who helped them to restructure and repair after the devastating wars two hundred years ago. At that time, only one true Ta’Nar was known, Atrox, who saved twelve of the Colonies from a unnatural jedi by the name of Jessica. So vile were her crimes that she was locked away in a special prison, and officially was never heard from again.

Ian Sage, watched the camera man count down, 3.….. It was about to begin. 2.… 1.….

“Welcome to a special edition of the Congressional News Network, the official news network of the Starways Congress, broadcast to every world via the Ansible. My name is Ian Sage, and tonight we have a very special guest. Our guest…. The image on the television split in two, as on the opposite side of the camera appeared two small children, twin girls swinging on a swing set against backdrop of a park.

Ian looked confused, and flustered at the image. “Jim do we have the right image?” he asked at the technician in the background. Jim gave a simple nod, as he looked at the feed line to insure that the image was at the designated location on the world of Shakespeare. It was the bugger built playground, a large playground made to look like it was made out of a giant's bones, now outside Shakespeare's growing capitol of Ender's City.

His composure slowly came back as he looked into the camera. “Tonight we bring you our special guests. Why don’t you introduce yourself to the hundred worlds.” he asked of the two Ta’Nar.
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