The CDK Military Factbook

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The CDK Military Factbook

Postby Kisia » Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:43 pm

The Central Dominion of Kisia


Unity, Honor, Strength, Dominion.

Table of Contents
The Central Army
-Armor and Weapons

The Central Armada
-CA Naval Equipment and Weaponry
-CA Ships
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Postby Kisia » Fri Dec 17, 2010 2:31 pm

The Central Army of Great Kisia
Zai Ceiko Denigun zu Gohei Kisia

Founded: 2110 C.Y.
Motto: "Loyalty! Honor! Service!"
Role: To Guard Dominion owned Planets, and to assault enemy held worlds.
Commander(s): Taishokai Taisvan Dasjani, Dominion War Council
Active Numbers:
329,000,000 Revolutionary Infantry in 6,962 Regiments
141,000,000 Guard and Nevron Legion in 2,984 Regiments
470,000,000 Total Soldiers in 28 Armies
Wars/Incidents: The Great Revolutionary War
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Postby Kisia » Sat Dec 18, 2010 9:07 pm

Central Army General Info

Structural Information
Field Marshall of the Central Army
Major General

Colonel of the Line/Commissar*
Vice-Colonel of the Line
Major of the Line
Captain of the Line
Line Officer
Line Officer Recruit

Non Commissioned Officers:
Color Sergent
Senior Prefect

Infantryman Senior
Infantryman First
Infantryman Second

*Commissars take on the rank of whatever they are assigned. (ex: A Commissar who is attached to a Regiment would become Vice-Colonel Commissar.)

Master of Patrols

Officer Senior

Solaii (Soldier): 1 Soldier

Fili (File): 9 Solaii (Senior Prefect)

Tropai (Troop): 45; 5 Fili (Sergeant)

Linae (Line): 315; 7 Tropai (Line Officer)

Baterai dela Regimenta (Regimental Battery): 1,575; 5 Linaes (Captain of the Line)

Brigaden dela Regimenta (Reigimental Brigade): 7,875; 5 Baterai dela Regimentas (Major of the Line)

Regimenta (Regiment): 47,250; 6 Brigaden dela Regimentas (Colonel of the Line)

Armia (Army): 283,500; 6 Regimentas (General)

Dai Standai (War Standard): 1,701,000; 6 Armias (Major General)

Granzia Marzi (Grand March): 3,402,000; 2 Regionai Armias (Marshall)

Branches of the Central Army
The Guardsman Core (GC), makes up the greatest force in the Dominion's Armed Forces, they are the elite. They are the men who fight and die for Kisia, and do not fear it. They are the men who charge the enemy with fire and dash, driving them before their gods. They bring the Kisian people glory. Their zeal and pride are unmatched. They are likened to being a sword, using speed and maneuverability as their weapons.

The Guards make up the "professional army" of the Dominion. They are a separate force from the rest of the branches, who are the "standing army", and are also a conscript force. They are career soldiers, and are not disbanded during peacetime. The Guard holds great pride in its training, and does its best to show the horrors of war, so that they can survive it, and use it on their foes. The Guard recruits its men from the best and brightest veterans of the Revolutionary Infantry and puts them under rigorous training that can break even the Kisians stalwart spirit. The indoctrination received in their time as a Revolutionary Infantryman is doubled upon, regarding them as the crème de la crème of the Dominions ground forces, and their service to Kisia and the President is their highest priority, and that they are expected to give their life if need be. They make use of blitzkrieg tactics, breaking the line. They push through, with the support of Revolutionary Infantry, who then take care of the flanks, and push deeper into enemy held ground. Officers in the Guards under go a "trial by fire" by serving in the Huerdean Republican Guard levy, which in return, grants them invaluable experience, and most importantly, augments and weapons.

The Guard is entirely made up of mechanized and armored infantry regiments, supported by Guard Tank as well as aerial support by the Armada. Standard equipment is the Model 95 Powered Combatant Suit, as well as Huerdaen augmentation, which fully upgrades both legs, the spine, and upper torso, providing them with a very solid and rigid frame which is capable of handling the recoil of almost any weapon, even at a full sprint. In addition, the leg modification was specialized to allow high-speed movement across almost any terrain, making the Guard very quick to move even under fire.

Their main weapon is the Huerdean imported Raum Battle Cannon, which fires a selection of AP and HE rounds. It is a beast of a gun, even with augments and powered armor. They are also given an exclusive sidearm as well, the Model 12 "Hevai" Pistol. It is a double barreled pistol that fires 12mm gyrojet rounds. While it can only hold 2 rounds at a time, the sheer mass of them alone is enough to bring down even the heaviest of foes. Along with proficient training in the weapon, a Guardsman can reload the weapon in mere seconds. They also make use of the weapons available to the Revolutionary Infantry, like the Model 122 "Oran" Light Machine Gun, Model 12 "Durkovhak" Shotgun, Model 45 "Juroka" Grenade Launcher, and Model 73 "Gurotan" Missile Launcher. A standard Guard squad is compromised of 4 Railguns, 3 LMG's, and 2 AT (Rocket) soldiers.

Also, while training in ranged warfare is prioritized, the Kisian tradition of closing with the enemy has not been ignored. All Guardsmen receive their Sordinan upon completion of training. A very balanced melee weapon, they are able to be lit on fire, just like the Kisians of old did, to put fear in the hearts of their enemies as they charged into melee combat. Upon the death of a Guardsman however, the Sordinan is to be retrieved. It is then melted down, and recast. This is done by a Regiments Armorer, so that a regiments steel never leaves said regiment. Officers who served in the levy, commonly use the Huerdean greatsword as their melee side arm of choice. It is a brute force weapon, with such great power that given enough time, can hack armored vehicles. They are subject to the same treatment as Sordinans, being retrieved after a Guard Officer dies or is killed.

The Revolutionary Infantry (RI) make up the "standing army" of Kisia. The Guard may have more prestige, but the Revolutionary Infantry have the peoples spirit and fanaticism. Determined to spread the Patriotic Revolution across the galaxy, they proudly march to war. The RI are a conscript force, each Kisian is required to serve at least 3 years after maturing age (14). After these years, they can leave- or stay in. In times of war, service is mandatory. Indoctrination into the RI is filled with nationalistic pride and fervor, making each enlisted feel as it is their absolute duty to serve Kisia. They can be likened to a hammer, smashing everything- and leaving nothing. Brute strength en masse is their role.

The RI makes heavy use of artillery and wave attacks. Mobile artillery batteries pound an area in the enemy's line, till it breaks, then Guard motorized and armored regiments come rushing in, followed by a mass wave of RI troops. Usually, whatever hasn't been broken by the sheer shock of a Kisian Guard Blitz, the Infantry can handle just fine. The RI has the support of its own tank brigades as well. Unlike the Guards, the Revolutionary Infantry do not receive power armor. They are limited to the Model 41 Combatant Uniform, which provides standard protection for the modern battlefield. Standard equipment is the Model 29 "Victokha" Assault Rifle. It fires is a smaller 14.5mm round, but still has a significant stopping power. This gun can fire a standard slug, or a HEIAP round. The latter is usually reserved for upper ranking soldiers and officers. Their sidearm is the Model 12 "Yotan" Revolver. It fires a 12mm round, and holds six bullets. It is used in close quarters, where the Victokha would be too clumsy. Their additional weapons are the weapons include the Model 122 "Oran" Light Machine Gun, Model 12 "Durkovhak" Shotgun, Model 45 "Juroka" Grenade Launcher, and Model 73 "Gurotan" Missile Launcher. These weapons allow a squad to lay down withering fire, which is what the RI are all about.

Nevron were introduced to Kisia during the Dutch War, where "traitorous" Kisians were exchanged to the Solarians for money, equipment, manpower, and last but not least- the Nevron. They are a warlike people so naturally, the Kisians took advantage. By taking steps to totally convert the Nevron into the Kisian way of life and absolute devotion to the Revolutionary Cause, the Nevron are now absolute followers of the Kisian people, who they view as liberators. They are a quick and agile insectoid species. A natural exoskeleton gives them protection against most small arms fire. Kisian education has molded them into being independent beings, who know that when it comes down to it- are ultimately expendable due to their rapid birthing and maturation period.

Due to their nature, the Nevron Legion (NL) is a unit composed entirely of snipers, and spec-ops agents. They are usually deployed alone, where their natural skills and talents come into play. A lone Legion sniper is a nuisance. Three of them is a living nightmare. They make use of an extremely stripped down Model 95 Powered Combatant Suit, getting rid of the chest, arms, and back leg armor plating. The remaining armor is coated in smartpaint, which can change the color of the armor to whatever the user wishes. They use the Model 195 "Hekoda" Sniper rifle, which follows a gunpowder based format. It fires a 12.7mm round, with little muzzle flash, and can have a suppressor attached. They also use the Model 3 Pistol. It fires 9mm gunpowder rounds, and can also be silenced. However, they are allowed to use any weapon in the RI's armory, if they wish.

The People's Commissariat was established to ensure absolute loyalty to the Dominion State itself, regardless of whatever party is in control. They are attached at the Regimental level and lower, and have command somewhat to the unit they are attached to. For example, if a Commissar was attached to a Regiment, they would hold the rank of a Vice-Colonel. This would allow them to effectively run the Regiment's Commissar detachment, as well as the Regiment itself- to a degree. Commissars are allowed to halt any command that is deemed "unpatriotic" (such as surrendering, which is highly frowned upon, and is considered a crime to most.)

While commonly attached to squads and other such units, there is also a sub-branch of the PCAB, the CBP Commisarien Bordenzi Patrolenai (Commissar Border Patrol). They are the Rearguard unit. Along with the standard duties of keeping the rear secure with the help of Republican Infantry detachments, they also, if given the order, will gun down any soldier they see, in accordance with the Central Army policy of "No Retreat, No Surrender!"

The Citizen Patrol is a gendarmerie unit, used to police Kisia. They are unique in the fact that in peacetime, they are under the Ministry of Intelligence-Security. In wartime, they fall under the Ministry of War's jurisdiction, and can be deployed along with the rest of the Central Army. The CP make use of standard RI equipment, and are supported by Imperium T-4 Vexams.
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Postby Kisia » Sat Jan 08, 2011 9:52 am

Infantry Armor and Uniforms

Model 41 Combatant Uniform
The Model 41 Combatant Uniform is the standard service outfit of the Republican Infantry. It combined and standardized the numerous and rather haphazard uniform proposals after the Patriotic War. It is a rugged and durable outfit, cheap to manufacture, and to replace. The Model 41 is rather straightforward, a single breasted uniform with various pockets for carrying items and supplies, with insignia of rank attached to the collar. Different branches of the Central Army can be determined by the color of the patch. (In this case red, which denotes the Infantry.) Arm insignia helps to determine a common infantryman from an officer in the heat of combat. In most cases, supplementary body armor is worn under the actual uniform, helping to protect the chest, arms, legs, and groin area. In combat, steel helmets with kevlar padding are worn, though NCO's and officers are known to wear their field caps into battle.

The evidence of the usefulness of the Model 41 is evident in the Commissars even taking up use of the Model 41. Commissars are direct equivalent Reich Loyalty Officers of old. They are used as living symbols of the Premiere to inspire the men, keep them in line, and to put them down, if necessary. Taking a tip from the events of the civil war, they no longer go into battle wearing overly gaudy and flashy uniforms, as that only makes them a bigger target- and even bigger loss of morale when one of these men are shot. As such, the Army Commissar Branch also makes use of the Model 41 uniform.

Model 95 Powered Combatant Suit
The Model 95 Powered Combatant Suit is the first set of power armor made by Kisians. Armored with titanium plating to the point of nigh-insanity, the Model 95 is a tough nut to crack, so to speak. The sheer thickness of the armor makes a Kisian wearing this the equivalent of a walking tank. It is near impossible to wear, let alone walk in without augmentations. An agreement with the Huerdean gave the Dominion the required augments necessary to make the armor practical for usage. Augmenting the legs, upper chest, spine and torso areas gives the user good usage of the armor, and a benefit of nearly no recoil from any weapon used in the Kisians armory. It is hermetically sealed so that no chemical or gas can penetrate it, and also comes with a built in HUD, and neural uplinks so that members of a squad can "talk". Also a Huerdean made shield has been built in to the left arm, which allows the Guard to run in shooting from the hip at a full sprint without impeding vision. While the standard color is black, the crack-shot snipers of the Nevron Legion use a stripped down version of the Model 95, which also comes with smartpaint, a type of technology that changes the color of the armor to whatever the user wishes, providing them maximum camouflage.

Model 71 Citizen Patrol Combatant Uniform
The Citizen Patrol is a militia unit, used to police Kisia, with the help of the Kempetaishudan, a military police unit, arranged in the fashion of a gendarmerie. They are a disciplined, well-managed unit, due to most officers being veterans the Revolutionary War. Having served their time in service of the Dominion, they are only called up when the situation is dire. As such, they are trained in standard tactics and formations of the Army. Unlike the normal infantry though, they wear a mix of both old and new uniforms. The uniforms vary from planet to planet, giving each Patrol Banner an appearance unique to the planet itself.

Infantry Weapons

Kisian weaponry revolves around overbearing firepower and stopping power. As such, most of the weapons in the Central Army's possession fire large rounds, enough to pierce most armor. Other weapons like the LMG, are designed for suppression, and as such fire a smaller round, but at a high rate of fire, which would make further advancement dangerous, possibly lethal.

Victokha Rifle
The Victokha Rifle is the main armament of the Republican Infantry. Designed by the Dominion Armaments Industry, It fires a 14.5mm round, which does terrible damage against unarmored foes, and is respected by the military for being hardy and durable, being able to fire in any condition, be it recently submerged in water, or fighting an area where dirt and grit is a problem. It is a semi-automatic rifle, and holds 25 rounds per clip. It fires at a modest rate, and holds a bayonet mount, on which the 14 inch Type 43 Knife Bayonet rests. While not permanently mounted, most NCO's and Officers tell their men to have them mounted at all times, as to present "a wall of steel" at the enemy.

Raum Battle Cannon
Designed by the Huerdeans for the Guardsman Core of the Dominion, the Raum is a deadly weapon indeed. Designed to be fired from the hip, the railgun has no stock or sights, instead bracing directly against the fore-arm. With a standard dual-magazine feed into the weapon controlled by the stabilizing left hand from a horizontal grip just above the barrel, the weapon is generally loaded with a mix of HE and AP rounds that allow the weapon to be useful against almost any enemy. Accurate, with an admittedly low rate of fire, the Raum is capable of disabling or destroying almost any vehicle when fired against softer side or rear armor.

Oran Light Machine Gun
The Oran was designed for suppressive fire. It boasts a deployable bi-pod mount and a high rate of fire that cuts swathes of people down in moments. It fires the smaller 10mm AP pistol round, belt-fed, with 200 rounds per box. The Oran is also gas cooled, which allows high amounts of rapid firing, though firing in small bursts is recommended, the high amount of kick the Oran puts out enough to break an arm if not properly handled. It is handled by a assigned Squad Gunner, often the Infantryman First rank.

Durkova Shotgun
The Durkova is made for CQC, where weapons like the Victokha might be too clumsy to maneuver with. It fires 14.5mm shells, which can be standard, or incendiary rounds. Fully automatic, with a easy to reload drum cartridge, the Durkova can make quick work of the enemy in close quarters. While the Durkova is made, there have been arguments that the Victokha, with its long bayonet, can simply outreach the enemy, and that a shogun is not even needed in the Kisians general list of weapons.

Juroka Grenade Launcher
The Juroka is the soldier level artillery piece. It can fire all types of Kisian grenades, including the M6A Anti-Personal Grenade, M6B Anti-Power Armor Grenade, and the M6C Anti-Tank Grenade. Used as a "force multiplier", the Juroka can help tip the scales of battle in the Dominions favor. It is usually carried by the 3rd in Command, a Senior Prefect.

Gurotan Missile Launcher
The Gurotan was made to counter modern armor. It is a multipurpose launcher, being able to trace heat signatures and lock-on from that, it is also a dumb fire launcher. It can hit air or ground targets, and is loaded with a 125mm HEIAP missile round. While it can be used against infantry, it is slightly less effective in this regard.

M6 Grenade
The M6 Grenade is the standard grenade in the Central Army. Unlike the Reich, with multiple grenades with multiple variants which led to confusions and shortages with the quartermasters, the M6 has been modified to accommodate various situations for which another grenade might be required. There are three versions of the M6, the Fragmentation variant (M6A), which is basically a standard fragmentation grenade, effective against unarmored targets. The Anti-Power Armor variant, is the most produced variant of the M6, and is a quick-burning incendiary grenade. After hitting a target, the mixture contained actually burns through the armor, eventually getting inside the armored suit and burning the target alive. Finally, the M6C Anti-Tank Grenade, which is actually more of a light explosive. Once thrown, it attaches to the tank and explodes. While this does require to get somewhat close, an experienced soldier can manage to get it attached without getting himself killed. With the risks associated with the M6C, it is normally reserved for when no other AT option is available.

Field Guns and Heavy Support Weapons

Nevokhade 60mm Autocannon
The Nevokhade was the most common field gun in the Reich, and it remains the most common in the Dominion. During the Patriotic Revolutionary War, captured Nevokhades were put to good use by the Dominion, who at the outset of the war, were drastically outnumbered and outgunned. The Nevokhade is durable, rugged, and simple to fire. A basic gunplate protects the gunner and the guns more sensitive inner workings. The gun is also able to adapt to any situation, by firing a multitude of shells like the standard HE round, to AP, Incendiary, Flak, and Canister rounds.

Koho 120mm Infantry Support Mortar
The Koho 120mm Infantry Mortar was made to help smash through enemy fortifications and emplacements. It was designed to help limit the amount of casualties taken when storming a position, which can number in the tens of thousands, if not more. It fires a variety of shells to fit the situation, such as HE, Incendiary, Gas, or Chemical shells. It requires a crew of 5, and has pretty good range.

Sokoi 240mm Anti-Air/Anti-Orbital Gun
The Sokoi is the heaviest artillery piece that can be towed. IIt is the example of Kisian engineering, imposing, dominating, impressive, and also unique in the fact that it is the only artillery piece in service that is a railgun. It requires a set up time of about 5 minutes after it has been towed into position. The Sokoi is designed to hit slower moving targets, such as gunships, planes, or ships that may be flying in atmosphere, or low to medium orbit. It has 3 firing modes, Atmospheric, Low Orbital, or High Orbital. With a rapid acquisition and fire system, it can easily fire at targets as fast as the gunners can load and give it the fire command.

Daskoi 325mm Railroad Artillery Cannon
Railroad Artillery has been a staple of Kisian warfare for ages, and they don’t intend on giving it up. The Daskoi is the base “Rail Cannon”, being able to maneuver rather fast on the State controlled “Military Lines”, railroads that have been reserved strictly for martial purposes. The Daskoi itself is a large bore howitzer, and is the first section on a “Artillery Train”. It is usually followed by the loading mechanisms and ammo stores, then the AA platforms, and so on. Even with the semi-automated help of the loader, the gun can still only fire about 2 shots per minute. On Dominion controlled worlds, Rail Artillery is able to get within range of a battle and fire near constantly. As such, it is a deadly nuisance to foes. The 325mm HE shell does terrible amounts of damage, being able to destroy small towns and wrecking sectors of cities in one shot.

Yokan Rocket System
The Yokan is a simple system, designed to launch HE/I rockets over a respectable distance. It fires 40mm rockets, and holds 50 of them. It can be towed into position, or pushed there, if its not too far away. A targeting system helps the gunners identify their targets, and hit them. The system can be configured to fire all the missiles at once, or only one cluster (25), or right after the first one fires, and so on. While it must be reloaded manually, an experienced crew can have it loaded in a little under 2 minutes. The Yokan is also the system mounted on the T-662 Mobile Rocket Launcher.
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Vehicles of the Imperial Assault Forces


T-30 Light Tank

The T-30 Light Tank is a faster, scaled down version of the T-45. Armed with a 105mm Plasma Cannon, enough to kill light armor, and cause some damage to heavy armor. It is also armed with a Light Plasma Repeater. It has very good speed, often taking part in most units as a rapid assault vehicle.

T-45 MBT

The T-45 MBT is a general statement of what Kisian engineering is based upon. heavy firepower, heavy armor. The T-45, armed with a 150mm Plasma Cannon, which fires shells filled with explosive plasma, can turn ground, into solid glass, as well as defeating enemy armor with little difficulty. The tank is also armed with a Light Plasma Repeater, in the hull, to repel infantry. The tank has pretty good armor, being able to take two to three hits from anti-armor weapons, before falling. It has average speed, only sightly slower than the T-30.

T-60 Heavy Tank

The T-60 Heavy Tank is called in when the enemy is heavily dug in, or when the IAF puts a city under siege. Armed with a 250mm Grand Class Cannon, which can easily destroy any tank. Also armed with a Heavy Plasma Repeater, which is powerful enough to shred through light armor, is also installed. With the heavy weight of the gun, and armor, it is somewhat slow. Also installed on these vehicles, is a experimental shielding device, which can deflect some incoming fire, improving the tanks survivability rate.

T-80 Superheavy Tank

The T-80 Heavy Tank, is the deadliest tank ever built by the Reich. Armed with a 325mm Grand Class Plasma Cannon, which can shred through any known armor, is nearly impervious to all types of attack, due to a improved version of the shielding device mounted on the T-60. This can deflect most, if not all, projectiles. Also, armed with a Heavy Plasma Repeater, can aid in taking out infantry, due to the gun being horribly inefficient against them. With it's heavy armor, and Superheavy gun, it is slower than the T-60.

T-10 Light Artillery Platform

The T-10 is used for infantry support, and destroying and harassing armor. Armed with a 175mm Plasma Bombardment Cannon, it can turn entire areas into molten slag.

T-20 Heavy Artillery Platform

The T-20 is used for the same thing as the T-10, except on a much larger scale. Armed with a 300mm Plasma Bombardment Cannon, it can destroy entire towns, let alone opposing enemy forces.

Scout Vehicles

T-5 Scout Car

Used often in light armor patrols, and as well as a scouting vehicle to spot enemy units, the T-5 is extremely fast. It can hold it's own against infantry, being armed with a Light Plasma Repeater, and a heavy one.

Command and Staff Cars

T-10 APC/C Variant

The T-10 APC/C Variant, is basically a mobile command hub. Fitted with a long range radio, to communicate with various squads, along with a radar to help pinpoint enemy forces, and call down plasma bombardments from orbit.

T-10 APC /A Variant

The T-10/A Variant, is the common transport of the Kisian Army. Used to ferry troops to and from heavily contested areas, it has moderately good armor, and has a high survivability rate.
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Imperial Solar Defense

Founded: 2025
Motto: "First to the Front!"
Role: Defend Imperial Space, and to hold contested space, until IAF can secure the planet.
Commander: Solar Lord Admiral Alex Notousia
Wars/Incidents: Shak'ri Wars, Operation Swift Justice
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Ranks in the ISD

ISD High Officer Ranks
Solarherr Admiral (Solar Lord Admiral)
Solarritter Admiral (Solar Knight Admiral)
Admiral (Admiral)
Untugend-Admiral (Vice Admiral)
Hinterer-Admiral (Rear Admiral)

ISD Officer Ranks
Linieren Kapitän (Line Captain)
Kapitän (Captain)
Untugend-Kapitän (Vice Captain)
Flagge (Ensign)

ISD Enlisted Ranks
Älterer Führend Seemann (Senior Leading Crewman)
Führen-Seemann (Leading Crewman)
1st Seemann (1st Seaman)
2nd Seemann (2nd Seaman)
3rd Seemann (3rd Seaman)
Rekrut (Recruit)
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Imperial Ship Equipment


The Reich relies heavily on energy based weaponry, with various types and sizes of lasers making up much of the armory. A Laser turret can vary from a small point defense gun, to a large, tri-barreled 500mm Battleship Cannon. The average arrangement is 3-5 turrets (depending on size), designated as a laser battery. Each turret can fire independently, or fired in a single salvo. Due to the distances space warfare is fought at vessels utilize a mixture of saturation and pure firepower. Laser batteries work to cover a large area when the vessels are at distance, saturating the target area to increase the chance of actually hitting. Closer ranges allow the lasers to fire in salvos, to maximize damage.

Railguns often compliment Laser turrets, with their decent range and striking power. Like Lasers, the sizes of Railgun turrets vary. However, they are commonly used on Cruiser designated to Battlecruiser designated ships, as anti-capital ship weapons. From Grand Battlecruiser designation, up to the Superdreadnaught designation, they are used as Capital Ship Weaponry. Much like the Laser arrangement, Railguns are arranged in batteries of 3-5 Railguns, (again, depending on size.) which makes a Railgun Battery.

Kinetic Kill Vehicles
Kinetic Kill Vehicles, KKVs for short, make up the missiles for the Reich. KKVs fall into 2 distinct categories, small and large. Smaller KKVs often are designed more for speed, barraging the enemy with them, while larger KKVs harass larger targets. KKVs use two distinct launch systems, depending on the size of the KKV. For larger KKVs, Most of the launch system (about 3/4)is inside the ship. A small about of the launcher is outside the ship. The inner top of said launcher opens up, and a large KKV drops down from a rail system above. It quickly re-seals and fires. The smaller launch system is a sort of design, based on the revolvers of old. Unlike the larger launch system, about half of the barrel is outside. The inner part of the launch system, can separate, so it goes from horizontal to vertical and 3 KKVs are dropped inside via arm systems.


Kisian ships rely more on armor than shields. Most ship plating is designed to withstand energy and explosive fire. Outer ablative armor plating makes up most of the ships defense. To add onto this, more vital areas (engine, command center) are plated with a more generous amount of titanium armor, used to reinforce the ablative armor, as well as dispersing heat from energy based weapons. Titanium armor is also spread amongst the ship, for said purpose described above. The prow of the ship is armored most, on the off chance a Captain orders his ship to ram another ship. This is more common than one might think. Kisians tend to add much more armor, even over armor their ships. As such, the damage incurred by ramming may be heavy, but the ship wont be destroyed, which is why the tactic is even used.

The 2nd line of defense for Kisian vessels. Shielding protects the crew from radiation, and other anomalies that may cause sickness, and of course, protects against enemy fire. Anything that strikes the shield, that area will emit a large flash of red light. Said incoming material will be vaporized. This does weaken the shield, which must recharge to be at full strength. If a vessels shields fail fully, overload on the generator from the subsequent hits will heavily damage it, or in it's worst case, explode outright. This flaw in Kisian shield systems means that the generator is often in a heavy armored compartment, much like the reactors.
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Imperial Ship Designs

Kaiser class Superdreadnaught
Size: 7.5 Km
10 Capital KKV Launchers
15 Light KKV Launchers
15 Heavy Laser Batteries
45 Medium Laser Batteries
50 Light Laser Batteries
120 Quad-Pulse Laser Turrets
620 Point Defense Guns

Crew compliment: 1,675,000

Reich class Dreadnaught
Size: 6.0 Km

15 Heavy KKV Launchers
12 Capital Laser Batteries
12 Heavy Railgun Batteries
30 Medium Laser Batteries
40 Light Laser Batteries
80 Quad-Pulse Laser Turrets
550 Point Defense Guns

Crew compliment: 1,300,000

Armored Cruisers
Rache class
Size: 5.4 Km

6 Heavy KKV Launchers
12 Light KKV Launchers
15 Heavy Railgun Batteries
30 Medium Laser Batteries
40 Light Laser Batteries
80 Quad-Pulse Laser Turrets
550 Point Defense Guns

Crew Complament:

Kreuzritter class

Überlegen class

Tyrann class

Treuer Anhänger class

V-2 class

N-34 class

U-9 class

I-6 Class

D-3 Class
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