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Postby Yoldovia » Fri May 24, 2024 1:10 pm

A mission known as Yol-6, launched by Yoldovia, has landed on the Moon! The commander, Bob Tufton, said the soon-to-be-famous words: “I don’t just take this step for my country, or my region, but for every man, every woman, and every child in the world. As we say in Yoldovia, for all mankind.” :clap:

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Will Burtz
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Postby Will Burtz » Fri May 24, 2024 1:12 pm

“Congratulations! Landing on the moon is an incredible feat and your nation should be proud.”

- Whoever the leader of this shi- I mean nation is, 2024
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Fort Viorlia
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Postby Fort Viorlia » Fri May 24, 2024 1:14 pm

Huntwood Conlyn congratulates Yoldovia on their incredible feat and commends Bob Tufton. May his name live beyond him.

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Bomb Country
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Postby Bomb Country » Fri May 24, 2024 1:25 pm

In response, we have bombed the moon.

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Balkanic Federation
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Postby Balkanic Federation » Fri May 24, 2024 1:31 pm

Statement of Congratulations to the Democratic Republic of Yoldovia on the Successful Moon Landing Mission "Yol-6"
Chairman of FPRB, 24th of May 2024

Comrades of the Democratic Republic of Yoldovia,

On behalf of the Federal People's Republic of Balkania, we extend our most heartfelt congratulations to the people and government of the Democratic Republic of Yoldovia on the triumphant success of your moon landing mission, "Yol-6."

This historic achievement is a testament to the dedication, ingenuity, and collective spirit of the Yoldovian people. The successful landing of "Yol-6" on the lunar surface not only marks a significant milestone in space exploration but also serves as a beacon of scientific progress.

Your accomplishment demonstrates the incredible potential of a society that values education, scientific advancement, and the collective effort of its people. It is a powerful reminder of what can be achieved when the workers and citizens come together towards a common goal.

We celebrate this monumental success with you, recognizing the hard work and determination of your scientists, engineers, and all those who contributed to this remarkable mission. Your achievement inspires us all to strive for greater heights in our own endeavors.

May this victory in space exploration herald further advancements and deepen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between our two nations. Together, let us continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and progress, working towards a future where the benefits of scientific achievement are shared by all.

With warmest congratulations,
Chairman Boyko Borissov
Chairman of Federal People's Republic of Balkania
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Thank you

Postby Yoldovia » Tue May 28, 2024 9:58 am

Thank you everyone! We will share the data with the World! As long as you don’t attack us! P.S. if you want to form an alliance than the alliance conversation link will be posted soon! P.P.S. Thank Balkanic federation! I will endorse you!
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