[Cricket] GCF World Test Challenge season 14 - RPs & scores

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[Cricket] GCF World Test Challenge season 14 - RPs & scores

Postby Liventia » Thu May 23, 2024 1:20 pm

Test Cricket — Season 14

NSSport Cricket Discussion Thread
Season 14 Scheduling
Season 13 RP thread
Season 12 RP thread
Ko-oren's guide to RPing cricket
Wikipedia page on Test Cricket
Explanation of how Test cricket works
Beginner's Guide to Cricket

This thread is for all squad lists and RPs for the GCF's 14th season of Test cricket. Results will also be posted in this thread.
Please only post in here if you have had a Test confirmed on the schedule, or have indicated an interest in scheduling. Do not schedule any series in here; there is a separate thread for that. SCHEDULING IS STILL OPEN, and will remain open throughout the season until Week 8.

All games will be scorinated by Liventia. The scorinator is the publicly-available ApoxBaller, which includes an option to define pitch/ground modifiers. This allows the host nation of each series to determine the type of pitch the players will play on. Before each home series, can the hosting nation please confirm ground modifiers (from –6 for a pitch that suits bowlers to +6 for a batting paradise) for each of the Test matches they will host for the series. Not doing so will indicate acceptance of the ground modifiers being 0.

Confirmed Tests (as of 27 May 24)
Matchweek 1 - 27 May
Quebec and Shingoryeo in The Kytler Peninsulae (1 of 2)
Baggieland in TJUN-ia (1 of 2)
Milchama in Darmen (1 of 3)
Liventia in Sharktail (1 of 2)
Krytenia in Ko-oren (1 of 2)

Matchweek 2 - 1 June
Quebec and Shingoryeo in The Kytler Peninsulae (2 of 2)
Baggieland in TJUN-ia (2 of 2)
Milchama in Darmen (2 of 3)
Liventia in Sharktail (2 of 2)
Krytenia in Ko-oren (2 of 2)

Matchweek 3 - 6 June
South Newlandia in The Plough Islands (1 of 3)
Milchama in Darmen (3 of 3)
The Kytler Peninsulae in Liventia (1 of 2)

Matchweek 4 - 11 June
Sylestone in Milchama (1 of 4)
Darmen in Ko-oren (1 of 3)
South Newlandia in The Plough Islands (2 of 3)
Lisander & Alice Bay in Murren (1 of 2)
Quebec and Shingoryeo in Baggieland (1 of 3)
The Kytler Peninsulae in Liventia (2 of 2)
TJUN-ia in Sharktail (1 of 2)

Matchweek 5 - 16 June
Sylestone in Milchama (2 of 4)
Darmen in Ko-oren (2 of 3)
South Newlandia in The Plough Islands (3 of 3)
Lisander & Alice Bay in Murren (2 of 2)
Quebec and Shingoryeo in Baggieland (2 of 3)
TJUN-ia in Sharktail (2 of 2)

Matchweek 6 - 21 June
Sylestone in Milchama (3 of 4)
Darmen in Ko-oren (3 of 3)
Quebec and Shingoryeo in Baggieland (3 of 3)
Murren in TJUN-ia (1 of 2)

Matchweek 7 - 26 June
Sylestone in Milchama (4 of 4)
Ko-oren in The Plough Islands (1 of 2)
Darmen in Quebec and Shingoryeo (1 of 2)
Murren in TJUN-ia (2 of 2)

Matchweek 8 - 1 July
Baggieland in Liventia (1 of 3)
Ko-oren in The Plough Islands (2 of 2)
Darmen in Quebec and Shingoryeo (2 of 2)

Matchweek 9 - 6 July
Milchama in Quebec and Shingoryeo (1 of 2)
Baggieland in Liventia (2 of 3)
The Plough Islands in Krytenia (1 of 2)
Ko-oren in TJUN-ia (1 of 2)

Matchweek 10 - 11 July
Milchama in Quebec and Shingoryeo (2 of 2)
Baggieland in Liventia (3 of 3)
The Plough Islands in Krytenia (2 of 2)
Ko-oren in TJUN-ia (2 of 2)

GCF 1000th Test Celebration - 16 July
GCF World All-Star XI in Darmen (1 of 1)
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Postby Liventia » Thu May 23, 2024 1:21 pm

Pre-season 14 GCF Test Ratings
Full Members                       Score  Pts/MP  Adjusted
1 Liventia FM 120 (3386/28) 110.46
2 Ko-oren FM 118 (3558/30) 109.30
3 Darmen FM 111 (3247/29) 105.98
4 Milchama FM 106 (3097/29) 103.40
5 The Plough Islands FM 99 (2696/27) 99.93
6 Eura FM 97 (1951/20) 98.78
7 TJUN-ia FM 95 (2378/25) 97.56
8 Krytenia FM 92 (2509/27) 96.46
9 Sylestone FM 88 (3189/36) 94.29
10 Sajnur FM 80 (1522/19) 90.05
11 Quebec and Shingoryeo FM 77 (1479/19) 88.92
12 Baggieland FM 72 (794/11) 86.09
13 Sharktail FM 64 (771/12) 82.13

Associate Members
Currently none

Affiliate Members
1 Lozho AF 81 (324/4) 96.00
2 Elmyia AF 67 (402/6) 89.00
3 StrayaRoos AF 47 (334/7) 79.00
4 Eastfield Lodge AF 38 (652/17) 74.18

Inactive Members/CTE
1 The Grearish Union FM 132 (2249/17) 116.15
2 Gruenberg FM 120 (4234/35) 110.50
3 Uncertainty FM 111 (1443/13) 105.50
4 Teusland FM 104 (1045/10) 102.25
5 The Licentian Isles FM 98 (1080/11) 99.09
6 Lisander FM 73 (739/10) 86.95
7 Ethane FM 65 (785/12) 82.71
8 Brookstation FM 59 (597/10) 79.85
9 Bollonich FM 57 (803/14) 78.68
10 Barunia AS 82 (740/9) 97.00
11 Damukuni AF 147 (1033/7) 118.79
12 Northwest Kalactin AF 117 (351/3) 103.50
13 Britland AF 70 (210/3) 90.00
14 Kiltoch AF 51 (153/3) 81.00
15 Pratapgadh AF 48 (681/14) 79.32
16 The Sarian AF 38 (230/6) 75.00
17 Garbelia AF 33 (200/6) 72.00

The GCF Season

1. Each GCF season runs for a period decided by the season host. The schedule must afford each nation the opportunity to schedule at least ten Test matches, one per scorination period. (There is no maximum number of Tests.)
2. Each nation may have at most one Test scheduled per scorination period (matchday). Determination of home ground is up to the nations who agree to play.
3. Nations are strongly encouraged to schedule series of two or more consecutive Tests with the same host nation instead of one-offs. Nations are not allowed to schedule home-and-away series or two or more one-offs in the same season with the same opponent.

The GCF Rankings

4. Definitions
  • One-off Test: Any Test not part of a series. One-off results are added to ratings of Full Members and Associate Members immediately; for Candidates the results are held until qualification for Associate Member status and then added in.
  • Series: Two, three or more consecutive Tests between the same parties and played in the same host nation. Results for both the series and all constituent Tests are added into ratings only after the series is complete.
  • Match: All Tests and all series are considered matches. A one-off Test is one match. A two-Test series is three matches; a three-Test series, four matches.
  • Full Member (FM): A nation calendared in the current Test season that has accumulated 10 or more matches, counting this season and the two most recent completed seasons, and is not an Affiliate Member.
  • Associate Member (AS): A nation calendared in the current Test season that has completed at least one series but does not yet meet the standard for Full Member, and is not an Affiliate Member.
  • Affiliate Member (AF): A nation calendared in the current Test season that has completed at least one series, but has not been allowed to schedule more than five Tests due to roleplaying restrictions.
    Affiliate Members can be promoted to Associate Members; once Associate Membership is obtained, the nation will retain Associate or Full Membership while active unless there is insufficient RP in a season in which they have scheduled matches for at least half the available matchweeks, in which case the nation will be demoted to Affiliate Membership. Returning Associate or Full Members will start at Candidate level, but bypass Affiliate status once the appropriate criteria are met.
  • Candidate (CA): A nation calendared in the current Test season that has yet to complete a series.
  • Competitors in the most recent complete season that have not calendared in the current Test season are coded IN for Inactive, or CE if their federation has Ceased to Exist. Records are maintained for a possible return to activity.
5. A Candidate has a adjusted rating of 100 for scorination purposes, and will have a calculated rating of 80 for rankings calculation purposes.
6. When rating one nation in a series, if their opponent is rated (calculated rating) more than 40 points higher/lower at the start of the series then the ranking formula in Clauses 9 and 10 below apply and the ranking formula in Clause 8 below does not apply.
7. A Match win (including a Series win) will count as one series point and a Match draw (including a Series draw) will count as half a series point for ranking calculation purposes.
8. The rating points earned by one nation in a series (or a one-off), where both nations are rated (calculated rating) within 40 points of each other, equal the team's series points multiplied by the opponent's calculated rating plus 50, plus the opponent's series points multiplied by the opponent's calculated rating minus 50.
Example: Four-Test series, A (rated 125) in B (rated 90). A wins Tests 1 and 4, B wins Test 2, and Test 3 is drawn.

Team A has 3.5 series points (two Tests and one series won, one Test drawn). Team B has 1.5 series points (one Test won, one Test drawn).

Team A gets 3.5*(90+50)+1.5*(90-50) = 490+60 = 550 rating points.
Team B gets 1.5*(125+50)+3.5*(125-50) = 262.5+262.5 = 525 rating points.

9. The rating points earned by one nation in a series (or a one-off), where that nation is rated (calculated rating) more than 40 points higher than its opponent, equal the team's series points multiplied by the team's own calculated rating plus 10, plus the opponent's series points multiplied by the team's own calculated rating minus 90.
10. The rating points earned by one nation in a series (or a one-off), where that nation is rated (calculated rating) more than 40 points lower than its opponent, equal the team's series points multiplied by the team's own calculated rating plus 90, plus the opponent's series points multiplied by the team's own calculated rating minus 10.
Example: Four-Test series, A (rated 125) in B (rated 70). A wins Tests 1 and 4, B wins Test 2, and Test 3 is drawn.

Team A has 3.5 series points (two Tests and one series won, one Test drawn). Team B has 1.5 series points (one Test won, one Test drawn).

Team A gets 3.5*(125+10)+1.5*(125-90) = 472.5+52.5 = 525 rating points.
Team B gets 1.5*(70+90)+3.5*(70-10) = 240+210 = 450 rating points.

11. An Associate or Affiliate Member whose calculated rating is above 100 averages the calculated rating with 90, rounding towards 100; an Associate or Affiliate Member whose calculated rating is below 100 averages the calculated rating with 110, rounding towards 100.
12. All Full Members average their calculated rating with 100, for their adjusted rating.
13. A four-step procedure is used to update ratings.
  • a. Add the rating points for each nation to their previous total.
  • b. Add the number of matches played to that previous total.
  • c. Divide the new rating points total by the updated number of matches to get an updated calculated rating.
  • d. Average the calculated rating with the required constant as specified in Clauses 11 and 12 above, producing an adjusted rating correct to two decimal places for Full Members and rounded towards 100 for Associate and Affiliate Members.
14. Ratings are based on data from the current season and and the two immediately preceding complete seasons. At the end of each season all older results are purged and ratings recalculated accordingly.
15. Scorination will be done using each team's adjusted rating.

The League standings and 1000th Test Celebration
16. League points will be awarded as follows: 16 points for a win, 8 for a draw or a tie, an additional 2 points for a first-innings lead or 1 point for a first-innings tie, 1 bonus point for a win by 10 wickets or an innings. This has changed from previous seasons (old system: 9 for a tie, 5 for a draw, 4 for first-innings lead, 2 for first-innings tie).
17. To qualify for the final League standings, teams must play a minimum of one home and one away series, and a minimum of six matches (not including series). Teams that play at least six matches but all at home or all away shall not be eligible for the final League standings.
18. To account for the different number of matches each team may play, the final total – not including bonus points – will be averaged by the number of matches played. This does not include series (unlike when tabulating the rankings, which do count series as matches). Bonus points are to be added after the average. Points will be rounded to the nearest 0.1 point. Teams tied on points shall not be separated.
19. No World Test Challenge Final will be held this season due to the GCF 1000th Test Celebration match between a GCF World All-Star XI and Darmen.
20. Players for the GCF World All-Star XI will be selected as follows:
a. Two players per team for the top three Full Member teams, excluding Darmen, on the GCF Test Ratings following MW10.
b. One player per team for the top four teams, excluding Darmen and any teams in 20(a), on the League standings following MW10.
c. One player per team for the top Associate Member team, excluding any teams in 20(b), on the GCF Test Ratings following MW10.
d. If any positions cannot be filled, additional player spots will be offered to teams in 20(b) starting from the top of the list.
e. If there are still positions remaining, one player per team going down the League standings following MW10.
f. A total of 15 players will be named, aiming to achieve a balanced team of 6 pure batters and/or wicketkeepers, 4 all-rounders, and 5 pure bowlers.
g. Teams may decline to use some or all of their available positions, in which case the spot will drop to the next team in the order.
h. No team may have more than two players on the GCF World All-Star XI.
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Postby Baggieland » Sat May 25, 2024 12:54 pm

Baggieland in TJUN-ia


The Throstles

Garry Greenidge.

Starting XI:
1. Shao Lin (f – opening batsman, R).
2. Toyah Trull (f – opening batsman, L).
3. Mason Thale (m – batsman, L).
4. Mika Ichimura (f – all-rounder: medium pace bowler / batsman, R).
5. Jenny Harrington-Smythe (C) (f – all-rounder: off-spin bowler / batsman, R).
6. Lucy Irish (f – wicketkeeper / batsman, R).
7. Lou Schumacher (m – all-rounder: medium pace bowler / batsman, L).
8. Tangi Anker (m – all-rounder: fast bowler / batsman, L).
9. Victor Perks (m – all-rounder: leg-spin bowler / batsman, R).
10. Julie Flood (f – fast bowler, R).
11. Avril Lurge (f – fast bowler, R).

12. Theodore Head (m – batsman, R).
13. Suzanne Jones (f – all-rounder: orthodox-spin bowler / batsman, R).
14. Charlie Jones (m – wicketkeeper / batsman, L).
15. Raymond Stokes (m – medium pace bowler, R).

Shao, Trull, Thale, Ichimura and Harrington-Smythe are all top-class batters and capable of producing a match-winning innings on their day.

Irish, Schumacher, Anker and Perks are pretty useful too, can contribute with a half-century or more.

Flood won't post a high score, but she can hang around with solid defensive strokes – handing the scoring duties to a more 'in' batter.

Lurge is a true tail-ender.

Baggieland loves it fast bowlers with Flood and Lurge usually opening the attack, with further spells as and when needed. Together with the medium pace of Schumacher and further fast bowling from Anker, these four do most of the bowling. Perks and Harrington-Smythe will always contribute, how much depends on the type of wicket. Ichimura is the last choice bowler, but she often gets a few overs in during a match.

First ever test match:
Baggieland vs The Sarian Baggieland won by 152 runs.

Highest score in a test match:
Baggieland 475 vs StrayaRoos.

Lowest score in a test match:
Baggieland 189/all out vs The Sarian.

If my opponents RP first:
Godmod match events – Y.
Roleplay injuries to my players – Y.
Godmod injuries to my players – Y.
Godmod how my players were dismissed – Y.
Create a full scorecard for my team – Y.
*Nothing ridiculous please.

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Postby Sharktail » Sun May 26, 2024 7:20 am

18 Man Roster
Name Age Role L/R
1 Faris Eiman 31 Bat R
2 Ahmed Anas 31 Bat L
3 Syahidi Arifin 27 Bat R
4 Ajay Deshmukh(c) 28 AR L
5 Razin Fikri 27 Bat L
6 Adnin Shafiq 33 WK L
7 Imran Ramli 29 AR R
8 Buhairi Safii 30 AR R
9 Kabir Zulaidi 29 Bowl L
10 Othman Hakimi 27 Bowl L
11 Yusof Rahim 26 Bowl R

12 Fazrunil Ghani 26 Bat L
13 Izhan Rozi 32 WK R
14 Syahizan Affandi 27 Bat R
15 Tarmizi Nadris 25 Bat L
16 Rizqi Mutalib 31 AR R
17 Zahiri Efendi 28 Bowler L
18 Hisyam Hairudin 33 Bowler R

Yusof(R,fast), Othman(R,Spin)
Kabir(L,orth), Ajay(L,spin), Buhairi(R,Fast) , Imran(L,Fast)

(call by their first name)

Liventia Tour Venue(ground mod):
1st Test:Terlok Cricket Ground, Kota Lama.(0)
15,000 capacity

2nd Test:Belangau Cricket Ground, Kota Sultan.(2)
-8,000 capacity

RP permission
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Select my XI: I will provide one with rp, go on choosing it if i not rp.
Godmod match events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes,
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Yes.
Create a full scorecard for my team: Yes. please do one for my side too.
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Postby Ko-oren » Sun May 26, 2024 8:48 am

Sixth Ko-orenite Test Cricket Team

All-time results: (updated S13)
OPP          W  D  L  T Played
Tobiasia 2 0 1 0 3
Darmen 6 4 6 0 16
Plough Isles 8 3 5 0 16
Ethane 2 1 0 0 3
Liventia 2 0 2 0 4
Teusland 1 0 2 0 3
NW Kalactin 2 0 0 0 2
Sajnur 2 0 0 0 2
Bollonich 1 1 0 0 2
Krytenia 2 0 2 0 4
Grearish U 1 0 1 0 2
Sylestone 1 0 2 0 2

TOTAL 30 9 21 0 60

Season 9:
588: v Tobiasia, Win
593: v Tobiasia, Win
598: v Tobiasia, Loss
617: @ Darmen, Loss
623: @ Darmen, Draw
631: v Plough Isles, Win
634: v Plough Isles, Loss
638: v Plough Isles, Win
642: v Plough Isles, Win
Semi 644: @ Ethane, Win
Semi 646: @ Ethane, Draw
Semi 648: @ Ethane, Win
Final 651: @ Darmen, Loss
Final 653: @ Darmen, Win
Final 655: @ Darmen, Loss

Season 10:
657: v Liventia, Win
662: v Liventia, Loss
670: @ Teusland, Loss
675: @ Teusland, Loss
681: @ Teusland, Win
689: v Darmen, Draw
692: v Darmen, Win
696: v Darmen, Draw
700: @ Plough Isles, Draw
702: @ Plough Isles, Draw
705: @ Plough Isles, Loss
709: @ Plough Isles, Draw

Season 11:
713: @ Darmen, Win
718: @ Darmen, Draw
723: @ Darmen, Loss
728: @ Darmen, Loss
736: v NW Kalactin, Win
739: v NW Kalactin, Win
741: v Plough Isles, Win
745: v Plough Isles, Loss
749: @ Liventia, Win
752: @ Liventia, Loss
765: v Sajnur, Win
773: v Sajnur, Win

Season 12:
v Bollonich, Win
v Bollonich, Draw
v Darmen, Win
v Darmen, Win
v Krytenia, Loss
v Krytenia, Win
v Grearish Union, Loss
v Grearish Union, Win
@ Plough Islands, Win
@ Plough Islands, Win
@ Plough Islands, Loss

Season 13:
@ Darmen, Loss
@ Darmen, Win
@ Krytenia, Win
@ Krytenia, Loss
v Plough Islands, Win
v Plough Islands, Loss
v Plough Islands, Win
@ Sylestone, Loss
@ Sylestone, Win
@ Sylestone, Loss

Season 14:
v Krytenia, Royal Oval
v Krytenia, Southbight Ground
v Darmen, Greencaster Oval
v Darmen, Bwdellafon Parc
v Darmen, Leewardia Oval
@ Plough Islands
@ Plough Islands
@ TJUN-ia*
@ TJUN-ia*

*unconfirmed series at start of S14

Results per location: (updated S13)
GROUND            W D L T
Greencaster Oval: 6 0 0 0 (GRN)
Royal Oval : 3 0 3 0 (WIL)
Leewardia Oval : 2 2 0 0 (LEE)
yBherafon Hills : 2 0 2 0 (MAW)
Southbight Grnd : 3 0 0 0 (WSB)
Silverion Grnd : 2 1 0 0 (ESB)
Goledon Oval : 1 0 0 0 (ESB)
Ruby Hills : 0 0 1 0 (WSB)

Darmen : 3 2 6 0
Ethane : 2 1 0 0
Teusland : 1 0 2 0
Plough Isles : 2 3 2 0
Liventia : 1 0 1 0
Krytenia : 1 0 1 0
Sylestone : 1 0 2 0
Standard batting order:
Reginald Twaddle (31) Opener R/R fast for ImageWest Surbourneshire
Lyojall Firembee (27) Opener L/L fast for ImageWest Surbourneshire
Conor yAraidd (28) Batsman L/L orth for ImageMawryshire
Theophilus Armfellow (23) Batsman R/R med for ImageWest Surbourneshire
Dominique Bercier (22) Batsman L/L med for ImageEast Surbourneshire
Cofan ySalw (26) Batsman R/R med for ImageMawryshire
Valentine Butler (26) Wicketkeeper L/L fast for ImageGreencaster
Lachlan Harvey (37) Pace Bowler R/R fast for ImageEast Surbourneshire
Enoch Teakton (27) Pace Bowler R/R fast for ImageLeeshire
Mitchell Enright (27) Spin Bowler R/R leg for ImageGreencaster
Borllog yLellmedd (30) Spin Bowler R/R off for ImageMawryshire

Additional Team Members:
Benton Leaby (27) Opener R/R fast for ImageMawryshire
Denis Treloar (29) Opener L/L orth for ImageLeeshire

Lucius Letchford (30) Batsman L/L orth for ImageGreencaster
Eogan yAeronw (24) Batsman R/R med for ImageMawryshire
Mike Mothdrow (26) Batsman L/L med for ImageGreencaster

Algernon Renbeck (21) All-rounder L/L fast for ImageWillowbourne
Francis Barklas (22) All-rounder L/L orth for ImageLeeshire

Adelmoed Wolslager (25) Wicketkeeper L/L fast for ImageEast Surbourneshire
Birgit yGwrtheireninion (24) Wicketkeeper R/R med for ImageMawryshire

Walter Dencherry (26) Pace Bowler R/R fast for ImageWest Surbourneshire
Newton Courtenay (36) Pace Bowler R/R fast for ImageLeeshire
Shutena Aukudigeldhen (25) Pace Bowler L/L fast for ImageEast Surbourneshire
Philander Magcay (26) Pace Bowler R/R fast for ImageWest Surbourneshire

Caprws ySarthylhar (33) Spin Bowler L/L orth for ImageMawryshire
Bill Burnbrough (22) Spin Bowler L/L orth for ImageGreencaster

Additional U23 Players:
Lander Chiplinn (23) Opener L/L med for ImageWillowbourne

Idhuhdhane Buhvithen (19) Batsman R/ for ImageWillowbourne
Marcelin Jesse (22) Batsman L/L med for ImageLeeshire
Fidelia Blegiradhen (21) Batsman R/ for ImageWest Surbourneshire

Emory Wakin (21) All-rounder L/L orth for ImageWillowbourne
Baptiste Sagan (22) All-rounder L/L unorth for ImageGreencaster

Harrison Gledhwiladen (21) Pace Bowler R/R fast for ImageWest Surbourneshire
Algernon Silkquand (21) Pace Bowler R/R fast for ImageLeeshire
Iona Finisterbrook (21) Pace Bowler L/L fast for ImageEast Surbourneshire

Seymour Hastworth (19) Spin Bowler R/R off for ImageEast Surbourneshire
Lafe Morcaster (19) Spin Bowler R/R off for ImageLeeshire
Ferdinand Shoretree (20) Spin Bowler L/ for ImageWest Surbourneshire

Greencaster Oval (50.000) in Garihnkatar (Greencaster), Shahrigarihn (Surbourneshire), used by ImageGreencaster (FC, LA) and the ImageGreencaster Bears and Heralds (T20).
Ground mod 0 - Garihnkatar lies in in the centre of the southern gulf. The maritime conditions and slightly artificial pitch give all players a chance to succeed.

Royal Oval (40.000) in Ilohbonu (Willowbourne), Ubakhim Maengiu (Corridor), used by ImageWillowbourne (FC, LA) and the ImageWillowbourne Zenith (T20).
Ground mod +1 - Ilohbonu is right in the middle of western Ko-oren, on the plains. Prone to mild droughts, the pitch deteriorates well throughout a match but suits batsmen more in the first (few) day(s).

Leewardia Oval (31.000) in Monrama (Maynard), Ahungoren (Leeshire), used by ImageLeeshire (FC, LA).
Ground mod +2 - Rural, but close to large population centres, at the foot of a mountain range, close to the nation's breadbasket, and with a great sporting tradition, Monrama has a bit of everything. The altitude combined with otherwise neutral conditions means there's runs to be scored through the air at your own risk.

Southbight Ground (29.000) in Azahndhil (Ansonville), Uruhrauzehn (Springlands), used by ImageWest Surbourneshire (FC, LA).
Ground mod -1 - Azahndhil's stable climate, not too humid, not too dry, close to the coast but not directly on it, means this is as close to a neutral climate as you'll find. The pitch itself has a poor reputation in Ko-oren but it's not all that bad.

yBherafon Hills (24.000) in Lodahn (Llandy), Mauroren (Mawryshire), used by ImageMawryshire (FC, LA).
Ground mod -3 - Lodahn is located on the far southwestern peninsula of Ko-oren's mainland. Windy, rainy conditions mean it's seldom comfortable and warm - even in summer - and the rapidly changing conditions are good for any team and captain that can anticipate these.

Silverion Ground (25.000) in Serekhan (Cirelbourne), Shahrigarihn (Surbourneshire), used by ImageEast Surbourneshire (FC, LA) and ImageEastern Miners (T20).
Ground mod +2 - Serekhan is originally a mining city, hidden deep away on the south coast, between the sea and a mountain range. This is also where the arid land begins, and if the wind blows in from the east, you'll notice that. During mid-summer heat waves (which might happen) the ground has plenty on offer for batsmen. If not, the flat track still favours batsmen anyway.

Goledon Oval (25.005) in Berelkhanaur (Bruncester), Shahrigarihn (Surbourneshire), used by ImageEast Surbourneshire (FC, LA) and ImageEastern Miners (T20).
Ground mod +1 - Berelkhanaur completed their stadium just a few years after Serekhan's, making it a full five seats larger because they could. Otherwise, the same conditions as Serekhan apply.

Ruby Hills (10.000) in Berelnohn (Burnet), Alah Thorunoru (Burnet Island), used by the ImageBurnet Rubies (T20).
Ground mod 0 - Formally a part of ImageWest Surbourneshire, they've been trying to get high level cricket to the island. A bit of a party reputation, crowds will have some loud fans not used to cricket. As far as the pitch goes, it's much the same as Garihnkatar or Azahndhil, maybe a little warmer but also open to sea influences.

Bwdellafon Parc (17.750) in Marapsathi (Mawrystwyth), Mauroren (Mawryshire), used by the ImageMawrystwyth Mustangs (T20).
Ground mod -3 - the same as Lodahn, west coast cricket is windswept, with usually poor pitches (grassy at best, uneven growth at worst). There's always a chance for rain or suddenly changing weather. Whoever adapts fastest usually wins in longer formats.
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Postby Darmen » Sun May 26, 2024 10:56 am

Darmeni National Cricket Team
presented by the
Darmeni Cricket Board
The Selection Committee of the Darmeni Cricket Board has announced the fifteen player squad that will contest the 14th GCF World Test Challenge season. Bud Bachmann will assume the captaincy from the retired Sigmund Winter, although Winter will return for one final test in the GCF 1000th Test Celebration against the GCF World All-Star XI.

15 Player Squad
Starting XI
Name Role Age Region Club
Máel Sechlainn Brice Right-handed Opener 31 Western Border Vogler City CC
Torbjørn Maxwell Right-handed Opener 20 Western Border Hendricks City CC
Theudofrid Milligan Right-handed Middle Order 33 Western Border Romanopolis CC
Kenny O’Callaghan Right-handed Middle Order 28 South Central Bloomer CC
Eli English Right-handed All-rounder (OS) 26 Tyger Springfield CC
Rhys Breckinridge Left-handed Middle Order 24 Metropolitan Railways CC
Bud Bachmann Right-handed All-rounder (RF) 29 South Central Johnho CC
Justin Beckett Left-handed Wicket-keeper 29 Western Border Romanopolis CC
Corwin McAlister Right-handed Pace Bowler (RF) 33 South Central Bloomer CC
Alf Dickenson Left-handed Pace Bowler (LFM) 32 Central Brham CC
Ilia Snelling Left-handed Spin Bowler (SLU) 33 Western Border Romanopolis CC

Name Role Age Region Club
Kynaston Kerr Right-handed Opener 17 Esportivan Darmen Earo CC
Caerwyn Rodgers Right-handed Wicket-keeper 28 Southwest Starburg CC
Jean-François Simonson Right-handed Spin Bowler (OS) 26 Metropolitan Cosmopolitan CC
Kieran Rosenfeld Right-handed Pace Bowler (RFM) 31 Western Border Romanopolis CC

GCF 1000th Test Celebration Only
Name Role Age Region Club
Sigmund Winter Right-handed Opener 37 South Central Bloomer CC

Schedule & Records
Week Opponent              Location                          Capacity Ground Mod Note
1 Milchama Larunda Gardens, Liverpool 15,650 +2
2 Milchama Brham Municipal Ground, Brham 17,500 +5
3 Milchama Capital Stadium, Scott City 25,000 +1
4 Ko-oren Greencaster Oval, Greencaster 50,000 0 Friendship Trophy
5 Ko-oren Bwdellafon Parc, Mawrystwyth 17,750 -3 Friendship Trophy
6 Ko-oren Leewardia Oval, Maynard 31,000 +2 Friendship Trophy
7 Quebec & Shingoryeo TBA TBA
8 Quebec & Shingoryeo TBA TBA
9 OPEN Lime Tree Ground, Chuckio 15,000 +1
10 OPEN Academy Stadium, Bloomer 15,000 -1
11 GCF World All-Star XI Capital Stadium, Scott City 25,000 +1

Record @ Home Grounds
Larunda Gardens: 4 matches, 1 win, 2 draws, 1 loss
Brham Municipal Ground: 5 matches, 1 win, 1 draw, 3 losses
Capital Stadium: 11 matches, 9 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss
Lime Tree Ground: 3 matches, 2 wins, 1 draw
Academy Stadium: 3 matches, 1 win, 2 draws

Record vs. Opponents
Milchama: First meeting
Ko-oren: 16 matches, 6 wins, 4 draws, 6 losses
Quebec & Shingoryeo: First meeting
GCF World All-Star XI: First meeting

All-time record: 140 matches, 60 wins, 1 tie, 30 draws, 49 losses

RP Permissions: No killing or other serious life altering events. If you make a scorecard for your team, please also make one for mine. Feel free to send me a TG (preferred) or Discord DM if you have any questions.
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Third: CR 20, T20C 10, RLWC 20, RLWC 22, R7WC 4, WBC 21, BC 6 Host: CR 9, RWC 18, RWC 26, RWC 35, RLWC 12, RLWC 18, RLWC 22, BC 6, BC 10, WVE 4

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Postby The Kytler Peninsulae » Sun May 26, 2024 4:53 pm


1. Dominic RANDOLPH (RHB)
2. Joshua WALTON (LHB)
3. Stan PARKINSON (C) (RHB, right-arm off-spin)
4. Kevin WILLIS (RHB, wicketkeeper)
5. Robert OLDHAM (LHB)
6. Brian MOLE (RHB, right-arm medium)
7. Luuk BOSCH (VC) (RHB, right-arm fast-medium)
8. Wecoisus TAKLIK (LHB, left-arm orthodox)
9. Jonathan HIGGINS (LHB, left-arm fast-medium)
10. Ed GARNETT (RHB, right-arm fast-medium)
11. Alex BURNIDGE (LHB, left-arm fast)
12. Matthew BARKER-FORTUNE (RHB, right-arm leg-spin)
14. Daniel HILL (RHB)
15. Ben THOMPSON (LHB, left-arm fast-medium)
11. Robert RIVERS (RHB, right-arm fast-medium)

The most common starting XI will be the 1-11 batting in that order, but this is subject to change based on injury and also pitch conditions; Barker-Fortune will be called upon on spin-friendly tracks, likely at the expense of Higgins. (Taklik is an all-rounder and Parkinson a part-timer, so the Kytlerians don't have an out-and-out frontline spinner in their basic starting XI.)

RP permissions: no godmodding, TG first for injuries, otherwise whatever.

Useful information for those writing scorecards: The team is heavy on all-rounders; Mole, Bosch, and Taklik can all be put into that category, and even Parkinson can be good for a meaningful role with the ball. That means there's likely to be a middle-order contribution with the bat (if it's from Bosch, it will likely come fast, as he's the boomstick machine at the heart of the Kytlerian white-ball team), and the bowling load will be spread around, especially if things go badly. (And for a team not currently in possession of a rank, they likely will go badly at some point...)

IC background for this team: The Kytler Peninsulae is a nation of around 22m people, much of it concentrated not on the titular two peninsulae jutting westward from the Pavolan part of Rushmore but along the "Eastern Corridor" connecting them and bordering Græntfjall, or at least the land that until recently was Græntfjall. (There are also about a million in the colony of Bitternea, south of Tikariot, whose sportspeople can compete for Kytlerian teams - including a couple in this team.) That said, when it comes to summer sports, the north/south peninsular divide is relevant; the northern peninsula is more rural, with much of its population of English origin, and this is where cricket is the main summer sport. The southern peninsula, with a large Vephra population amongst other groups, historically prefers baseball, and the Eastern Corridor has strong, non-mutually-exclusive fanbases for each sport in and around its populous, diverse cities. (Some Eastern Corridor baseball pitchers have become cricketers in recent years, lured by the prospect of maybe, possibly being able to complete their entire career with two working elbow joints. This includes Mole and Taklik on this national team.)

The Kytlerian cricket audience does skew old, and this goes double for the red-ball game - which counts the retirees of the Northern Downs and the less urbanised parts of the Eastern Corridor as its core audience. As such, crowds tend to be quite reserved, but undeniably polite, and appreciative of strong efforts from both teams.

Venues for the Gregg's Test Series vs Quebec and Shingoryeo
First Test: St Margaret's Oval, Florley Garden City (10,930) - a modern, picturesque small city east of Zube has a cricket ground that fits right in. The modern maintenance and strong drainage tend to create a flat, slow-to-deteriorate pitch and fast outfield, but the elements can help the bowlers - with the ground being on top of a hill and the area known for its variable winds anyway, batters can have trouble timing their shots. Ground mod: +1.093 (or just +1 if an integer is required)
Second Test: The Circle, Roddens (16,795) - named for its (almost) precisely circular shape, the large boundaries in all directions are death to would-be six-hitters but do create tricky fielding-placement decisions for captains. The pitch tends to be a touch on the green side, but is flat and fair; seamers reliably get more out of it than spinners. Ground mod: -2
Out of international isolation and... winning things? Huh?

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Won: World Lacrosse Championship 13, Elephant Chess Cup 7, and Memorial Cup. Also top of the medals table at the Games of the IX Olympiad (24 gold, 63 total medals).
World Lacrosse Championship 12 and World Bowl 47 quarter-finalists, World Bowl XV and World Baseball Classic 20 octo-finalists
28 medals, 10 gold, at Games of the VI Olympiad (13th in medal table)
7 medals, 5 gold, at VII Olympic Winter Games (7th in medal table)
26 medals, 10 gold, at Games of the VIII Olympiad (9th in medal table)

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Postby TJUN-ia » Mon May 27, 2024 10:55 am


Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU
National Cricket Board: TJUN-ia Board of Cricket (TBC)
Nickname: Jaguars (official)/Jags (short form)/Bowlin' Jags (who knows)
Test Colours: White with Blue (home)/Orange (away) Helmets
ODI Colours: Light Blue with Orange Accents
T20 Colours: Light Blue with Orange Stripes on front and sleeves
Red Ball Head Coach: Joseph Smith III (46, NAU)
White Ball Head Coach: Virat Indushapa (41, CEA)

Number: Name (Position, Age, Handedness, Region)
#01 Jason Walkins (Batter, 29, R, NAU) (Test C)
#02 Logan McGarra (Batter, 28, R, UO)
#03 Roger Ntini (All-Rounder, 30, L, AU) (T20 C)
#04 Chase Helton (Batter, 27, R, CU)
#05 Rohit Rajpore (All-Rounder, 26, R, CEA)
#06 Esteban Soto (Bowler, 27, R, UAC)
#07 Zawar Ahmed (Batter, 30, R, ArU)
#08 Gabriel Miziara (Wicket-Keeper, 29, L, UAS)
#09 Joseph Gregorson (Batter, 31, L, JB TJUN-ia) (ODI C)
#10 Peter Kylasov (Bowler, 30, R, CSTO)
#11 Ahmed Ali (Bowler, 28, L, CEA)

#12 Wille Mutombodzi (Batter, 26, R, AU)
#13 Chris Parker (All-Rounder, 27, L, CU)
#14 Kane Nukunuku (Bowler, 26, R, UO)
#15 James Laughlin (Wicket-Keeper, 27, R, NAU)

Name: "The Trent Zone"
Location: Notts, NAU Zone
Capacity: 18,000

Based on a stadium well known to the Secretary-General, The Trent Zone has wacky dimensions that allow it to produce very chaotic games of cricket from time to time. No wonder the locals prefer to call the ground "The Trent Zone" instead of its actual name of "Sherwood Pines Cricket Ground", as anything usually goes here in this place!

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: N
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
Change the number of wickets that fell: If More Realistic, Then Yes. If Not, Assume No.
*It is assumed whoever RPs first has the right to select the method of dismissal, but not whether
there were godmod circumstances behind them (e.g. a ball hitting a bird before being caught fairly).

MW1-2: vs Baggieland (2 Match) - "The Trent Zone", Notts
MW4-5: @Sharktail (2 Match) - TBC
MW6-7: vs Murren (2 Match) - "The Trent Zone", Notts
MW9-10: vs Ko-oren (2 Match) - "The Trent Zone", Notts
1st: ECC4/5, NSSCRA13, RLWC22, IBS20, EBT3, EIHT2
2nd: NSCF24/26, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, IBS17, RUWC33/35, ECC6
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3/7, ARWC6, ET20IV
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (S13 T1 Champ/9W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (3W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champ/2W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #96 Alice Jepkosgei (3W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (5W)/#79 Axel Chase

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (2W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 4 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (6 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Liventia » Mon May 27, 2024 1:07 pm

Liventia squad and grounds for the 14th World Test Challenge season
Liventia will make use of a DRS review only if:
- If it is an obvious error by the on-field umpire; or if it is not, the following apply:
- If batting, the batsman has made at least 40; or
- If batting, the batsman involved is a recognised batsman or all-rounder and only the tail is left; or
- If bowling, the opposition batsman is one of the three best batsmen on the team and has made at least 35; or
- If bowling, the opposition batsman is someone else has made at least 50.

If you RP first and create a scorecard, I ask that you also do one for my side. Please don't kill any of my players, and serious injuries should be discussed with me beforehand. Retired hurts are fine, within reason.

All 20 players will travel on away tours, with playing XIs to be selected from the touring squads. The only changes from last season see Ivan Reeve lose his central contract, while wicketkeeper Brendon du Pont replaces Brad Lewis as one of the team's two vice-captains.

Sean Harvey Aaron (Sean) SHA Keller 22 LEFT OPENER
Peter Dennis (Peter) PD Finch** 31 RIGHT OPENER
Daiki Léon-Michel Tsuyoshi (Daiki) Hasegawa DLMT 25 LEFT TOP ORDER & OPENER
David Huw Jacob (Dave) DHJ Edwards 33 RIGHT TOP ORDER
Philippe Jean-André (Philippe) PJA Bérenger 33 RIGHT MIDDLE ORDER
Percéval Jérôme (PJ) PJ Trouvé 26 LEFT MIDDLE ORDER

Pierre Guillaume Xavier (Guillaume) PGX Bardet 24 RIGHT MIDDLE ORDER/occasional SLOW LEFT ARM UNORTHODOX (SLC)
William Robert Dennis (Will) WRD Daniels 24 RIGHT MIDDLE ORDER/reserve WK
Brendon Alexander Radley (Brendon) BAR du Pont** 35 RIGHT LOWER ORDER/primary WK

Gabriel Heath Steven Conor (Gabe) GHSC Lloyd-Blackburn 24 RIGHT LOWER ORDER/reserve WK
James Francis Michael (Francis) JFM Kennedy 32 LEFT BOWL ALL-ROUNDER/SLOW LEFT ARM ORTHODOX (SLA)
Mathieu Édouard-Paul (Matt) MEP Goudreau* 30 RIGHT BOWL ALL-ROUNDER/LEGSPIN (rLS)/GOOGLY (LBG)

Ryan Pietro Tomas (Ryan) RPT de Cerci 27 LEFT BOWLER/OFFSPIN (rOS)
Gareth Joshua Daniel (Josh) GJD Huws 26 RIGHT BOWLER/RIGHT-ARM MEDIUM-FAST (RMF)
Juan James Andrew (JJ) JJA Martínez-Jones 23 RIGHT BOWLER/LEFT ARM MEDIUM-FAST (LMF)

* Captain
** Vice-captain

Most likely starting lineup in italics, although this is not set in stone

Liventian home grounds for this season:
Week 3 v The Kytler Peninsulae: Island Cricket Ground, Schimpol (-2)
Week 4 v The Kytler Peninsulae: Park Central Oval, Orean (+4)
Week 8 v Baggieland: National Centre of Excellence Oval, City Centre (+5)
Week 9 v Baggieland: The Bastion Dover Cricket Ground, Dover (-4)
Week 10 v Baggieland: Folenisa Cricket Ground, Folenisa (+2)
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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Mon May 27, 2024 1:57 pm

OOC: Home grounds will be announced and listed on separate RP posts, as both series where Q&S will be hosting will not be until second half of the GCF test calendar.


Nickname: Grim Reapers, Tricolour Taegeuk
Trigramme: QUE
Colours: Red and Black, with Yellow stripes

Cricket in Quebec and Shingoryeo

Au contraire to what many people seem to think about, cricket is one of the oldest sports the country has welcomed, though not at a particular level of prominence we would see from other batting sports the Quebecois have embraced since then. Cricket was introduced to Quebec and Shingoryeo in the late 1800s, thanks to two elements: 1) the active travels of Quebecois diplomats and tradesmen who frequented the RL-IC portal into the so-called 'British Isles', and 2) when the increased trading relations between Q&S and its allies, namely the former Teus Empire and the Ko-orenite state, successfully brought the sport to the Quebecois soil. It was initially introduced to a series of small townships out in West and East Coasts, where it drew particular appeal towards the landed gentry and the bourgeoisie and gained community presence in local schools and rotary clubs where generations of great players and their friendships were forged.

While the sport, due to its community-based limitations, was unable to expand much into major cities and other regions, where football, baseball and later handball took a greater hand during the summers, the sport has remained strong in smaller regions across the country. The Quebecois Cricket Board (QCB), from time to time, may have found themselves under severe financial and broadcasting challenges, but they have improved the sport's stances and the quality of competition since then. In past decades, there have been several cricketers who have plied their trades abroad, most notably in their Anaian neighbour Ko-oren but also in other rising nations such as Sylestone and Brookstation, and all three forms of cricket competition have stabilised after the struggles faced during the 2010s and 2020s, with increased media representation and increased money in television rights proving to be good signs.

The state of test cricket in Quebec and Shingoryeo is a tricky thing. Test cricket has been played for almost 200 years now, and the multi-day nature of test and the communal nature of cricket in Quebec have meant that while test series are regularly scheduled and played on domestic soil under a historical league of 'The Six'. Consisting of the six most prominent provincial/regional sides who play test cricket since 1877, The Six continues to present itself as a successful, well-sustaining league even in the recent era of commercialisation and faster pace in cricket, and hopes remain high in that the Ko-orenite visit to Quebec will only add more to the sport's emergence among the Quebecois public.

As always, the Quebecois players are open to plying their trades abroad- please send me a PM via Discord, or a TG for any interest in Quebecois players. A sole exception applies to Jang Joon-Gweon, who cannot sign for a foreign side due to reasons that are listed once you scroll lower over this post.

Coaching Staff

Name                  Age     Position
Ginerva Kayondo 54 Head Coach
Lyall O'Dell 46 Assistant Coach
Edward Hwang 54 Consultant
Francoise Michaelson 43 Team Manager


Batting order: Domenech-Yao - Bohng - Grasset - E. Eskelinen - Jang - Barnes - Kayondo-Kirkley - K. Eskelinen - Normandin - Nam - Yang-Bordeleau
Captain: Jang Joon-Gweon
Best Batter (WK/AA included): Jang Joon-Gweon
Best Bowler (AA included): Adeline J. Barnes

№   Name                        Age  Sex Role         Bats  Bowls       State Side (List-A)
00 Aciel Nam 25 M Bowler LHB Orthodox Yoseo
01 Jang Joon-Gweon 'C' 28 M Wicket-Keeper RHB N/A Inteachan
02 Bohng Dae-Doo 31 M Opener LHB Slow Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
03 Emeli Eskelinen 28 M All-rounder RHB Legbreak Mahan
04 Devon Blough 30 F Batter LHB Orthodox Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
05 Donheil-Stormhawk O'Neill 35 M Bowler LHB Medium-Fast Mahan
06 Michel Carutatsu 24 M Wicket-Keeper LHB N/A Joongyeong
07 Ludovic Bayley 21 M Bowler RHB Leg-Spin Songak
08 Felix-Louis Grasset 27 M Batter RHB Fast Mahan
09 Jean-Gabriel Normandin 23 M Bowler LHB Fast Songak
10 Adeline J. Barnes 29 F All-rounder LHB Unorthodox Inteachan
11 Clemence Domenech-Yao 22 F Opener RHB Legbreak Joongyeong
12 Jacqueline Yang-Bordeleau 31 F Bowler LHB Wrist Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
13 Hannah Kayondo-Kirkley 33 F Batter RHB Slow Joongyeong
14 Katrina Eskelinen 25 F Bowler RHB Off-break Mahan
15 Honore Allen-Hong 20 M Opener LHB Medium-Fast Yoseo
16 Baek Ji-Yeon 21 F Bowler LHB Fast Acadie
17 Domhnall Watkins 23 M All-Arounder RHB Slow Acadie

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but no death or career-ending injuries.
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Yes!
Create a full scorecard for my team: Of course!
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International Basketball Championships 37-39 Champions
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Postby Liventia » Mon May 27, 2024 2:07 pm

Matchweek 1
GCF Test 959
Match Report: Quebec and Shingoryeo in The Kytler Peninsulae
The Kytler Peninsulae bat first
The Kytler Peninsulae 288 (75.5 overs), 190 (46.5 overs)
Quebec and Shingoryeo 450 (150.4 overs), 29/0 (6.4 overs)
Quebec and Shingoryeo win by 10 wickets

GCF Test 960
Match Report: Baggieland in TJUN-ia
TJUN-ia bat first
TJUN-ia 286 (87.2 overs), 286 (81.2 overs)
Baggieland 257 (97.3 overs), 316/6 (76.1 overs)
Baggieland win by 4 wickets

GCF Test 961
Match Report: Milchama in Darmen
Darmen bat first
Darmen 291 (63.3 overs), 350 (104.0 overs)
Milchama 216 (57.5 overs), 286 (84.2 overs)
Milchama lose by 139 runs

GCF Test 962
Match Report: Liventia in Sharktail
Sharktail bat first
Sharktail 104 (31.2 overs), 211 (73.5 overs)
Liventia 364 (103.5 overs)
Liventia win by an innings and 49 runs

GCF Test 963
Match Report: Krytenia in Ko-oren
Ko-oren bat first
Ko-oren 509/4d (139.2 overs)
Krytenia 278 (64.5 overs), 179 follow-on (52.4 overs)
Ko-oren win by an innings and 52 runs

League standings
  Team                    Pl   W   L   D/T   Ld   Lv   Pts   BP   Avg   
----------------------- ---- --- --- ----- ---- ---- ----- ---- ------
Ko-oren 1 1 0 0 1 0 18 1 19.0
Liventia 1 1 0 0 1 0 18 1 19.0
Quebec and Shingoryeo 1 1 0 0 1 0 18 1 19.0
Darmen 1 1 0 0 1 0 18 0 18.0
Baggieland 1 1 0 0 0 0 16 0 16.0
TJUN-ia 1 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 2.0
Krytenia 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Milchama 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Sharktail 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
The Kytler Peninsulae 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
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Postby Milchama » Mon May 27, 2024 7:47 pm

New Sparta Report-News-Times-Post-Wisden-Wisdom-Almanac-Picayune-Guardian-Herald-Echo-Telegraph-Review

Sports Section

A Definitely Timely and Not At All After the First Test Roster Post

We definitely got this roster out on time and not at all after we already played a test against Darmen. There is no way we would mess up the schedule that bad, not realize the date, and then not RP before the first test. That's mean to Darmen and frankly unacceptable for a paper of the New Sparta Report-News-Times-Post-Wisden-Wisdom-Almanac-Picayune-Guardian-Herald-Echo-Telegraph-Review's quality.

Either way, Milchama has one of the toughest schedules it has ever had for test cricket. We start by playing number 3 in the world, and defending World Test Champions, Darmen first up before we play the always dangerous Sylestone in a 4 match series. While Sylestone are usually a better white ball than red ball side, the opposite of the Warriors, it will still be a tough side. Of course last time out Milchama also started out very poorly losing to then number 1 side Gruenberg and also TJUN-ia before ending on a 6 test win streak over Krytenia and a non existent nation to barely miss the final. This time with fewer tests, the Warriors are only playing 9 instead of 12, it does become harder to come back after a poor start unlike last time. It also hurts to be late with things like roster posts. Either way here is the Milchamian roster with very few updates from last time:

Managed by David Krumpton:

Likely lineup (in batting order):
Daniel Ross RHB
Philip de Franches LHB
Hayden March (c) RHB Part time off spin
Jerome Carney RHB
Yohonatan Malliteen RHB. Middle order batter
Davy Carpenter LHB All around medium fast
Bethany Guerin WK
Tanya Pehrson RHB Opening fast bowler. Throws left
Kesem Prentice LHB Legspinner
Bonnie Woods RHB Opening fast bowler Throws right
Bryan Hampton LHB Off spinner

Others in the squad

Ryan Cohen RHB Part time leg spin
Greg Cochran LHB Opening batter
Wesley Hesch RHB Fast bowler
Denny Kischant RHB Fast bowler (somewhat bowling all rounder)
Efes Mahbet RHB Batter
Benny Huant RHB Double bowler. Generally bowls medium pace but will occasionally bowl off spin.
Gilat Margaret - LHB Top Order Batter

The National Cricket Stadium (Alexandria) is the home of cricket in Milchama and is generally considered the best stadium in the country. Of course, Milchamians like certain things out of their cricket and one of them is that ball should come before bat. Thus, the Stadium's wicket often looks like thisand so is a bowler favorite for its unforgiving seem (-4). Test 1 vs. Sylestone

The Cricketstadion (New Sparta) is slightly more batter friendly but not much more. The groundskeepers have been known to keep the outfield heavy, meaning tall grass, which makes hitting 4s much harder than on a typical ground. However, the wicket is more even than in Alexandria but still expect a bowler friendly game (-2). Test 2 vs. Sylestone

That Giant Oval Over There (Karakorum) is the most batter friendly pitch in Milchama. But that's mostly because it almost comes out to neutral. It's known for its short boundaries and T20 run fests. However, the uneven pitch and the quick wear and tear usually bring bowlers back into the game over the course of a multiday match. It was considered too batter friendly by the bowling loving Milchamians and was recently renovated to be slightly more defensive. Expect some fireworks and then those fireworks to be quickly dowsed (-1). Test 3 vs. Sylestone

Hanging Gardens (New Babylon) is, somehow, the most bowler friendly pitch in Milchama. While the National Stadium is known as a seemer's paradise, it doesn't do much for spin until sometimes on Day 5 and when the pitch wears down can sometimes even become a little batter friendly. Hanging Gardens asks the question: What if we made the pitch also spin friendly? Can we have grass on top of the wicket but also somehow puffs of dirt from the spinners in the 3rd over? How about the pitch never really wears down and when it does it adds turn on every ball? Is it possible to start reversing before the initial swing as worn off? While not all of these conditions are present in every match that they are consistently asked by the groundskeepers in New Babylon makes this a terrifying pitch for batters and a great pitch for bowlers (-5). New venue for test cricket, Test 4 vs. Sylestone.

RP Permissions: If you do a scorecard please do my side as well. Other than that go crazy whatever you want to happen let it be done. To be clear here: of course Milchama mankads because we're a baseball playing nation and understand how pickoffs work.
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Milchama Sports achievements:
World Baseball Classic 23 Champion!
Note: The demonym is Milchamian. There are two of the letter "I(i)" and not one.

3x CoH winner (29, 46, 50) 3x WBC winner (4,5,23), 1x World Cup host (32) Various other minor trophies there's a football club trophy, a kleptochase trophy, Other minor international football trophies.

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Stumps!: An Interesting Opener

Postby TJUN-ia » Thu May 30, 2024 11:45 am

So, you want to talk about Test Cricket, huh? The longest format of GCF Cricket was back and ready to go for it's 14th season - but this time without a Title Match as that will instead be a celebration of the 1000th Test between Darmen and a GCF All-Stars Team that Bowlin' Jagaurs could indeed qualify for. So heading into this test season, glory isn't on the's a spot in a separate team, a chance to prove you are one of the best players in the format. Joseph Smith III hoped to show off TJUN-ia's finest across the eight Tests they managed to schedule this time around, so let's see what this change in plan does for our overall hopes.

"The Trent Zone", Sherwood Pines Cricket Ground, will have the honour of hosting six of our eight tests this campaign, starting here with Test 1 of 2 vs the Throstles of Baggieland. Jason Walkins ended up winning the toss and because of the wacky dimensions of this place, he instantly opted to bat first - sending himself and Logan McGarra out to open the season. This first inning covered most of Day 1 as Rohit Rajpore managed 67 on his own but apart from that, it was all about the bowling as 4-56 from Julie Flood restricted us to 286. For the rest of Day 1, all of Day 2 and the start of Day 3, Baggieland would have the bat...but they couldn't do much with it. Mason Thale managed 56 but that was about that as the dot balls kept rolling in across most of Day 2. Peter Kylasov managed 4-51 as the Throstles were bowled out for 257, 29 runs behind.

So yeah, we were feeling slightly confident heading into the 2nd innings...but then Deja vu struck The Trent Zone as we produced the exact same score from the 1st Inning in the 2nd - 286 all out. This time around, Chase Helton managed 78 and Avril Lurge got 3-46, but that meant a target of 316 for Baggieland to try and chase down with just under two days left. But it was here that Baggieland finally found their groove and in some way indeed, with our bowlers only getting 6 of them out (Esteban Soto with 3-65). The Captain of The Throstles, Jenny Harrington-Smythe, played a huge part in getting the job done, pulling off 102* to chase it down and win the match by 4 wickets.

Lessons to be learned for sure. Same time next week. GO BOWLIN' JAGS!

MW1-2: vs Baggieland - "The Trent Zone", Notts (0-1)
MW4-5: @Sharktail (2 Match) - TBC
MW6-7: vs Murren (2 Match) - "The Trent Zone", Notts
MW9-10: vs Ko-oren (2 Match) - "The Trent Zone", Notts
1st: ECC4/5, NSSCRA13, RLWC22, IBS20, EBT3, EIHT2
2nd: NSCF24/26, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, IBS17, RUWC33/35, ECC6
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3/7, ARWC6, ET20IV
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (S13 T1 Champ/9W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (3W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champ/2W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #96 Alice Jepkosgei (3W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (5W)/#79 Axel Chase

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (2W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 4 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (6 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Milchama » Thu May 30, 2024 8:07 pm

New Sparta Report-News-Times-Post-Wisden-Wisdom-Almanac-Picayune-Guardian-Herald-Echo-Telegraph-Review

Sports Section

Poor Bowling Dooms Warriors in First Test Against Defending Champs

Milchama could not overcome a poor bowling performance, including giving up more runs in the second innings than in the first innings, as the Warriors slumped to a 139 run loss in the first test in Darmen.

Set a nominal target of 425 in the 4th innings, Milchama did put up a fight as openers Ross and De Franches had a 93 run partnership in a great opening stand of 32 overs with Ross getting a 52 before getting out to a wicked ball from Snelling that seemed to be going away from leg stump before hitting some rough dirt and moving across all 3 stumps to take his off stump. Then De Franches would also reach another 90 run partnership with captain Hayden March and with Milchama at 186/1 it looked like the target might even be less nominal and maybe even better. It wasn't clear where the batting had gotten easier or if the Warriors had figured it out.

Then came the reverse swing and that over from Corwin McAlister. De Franches was the first to go as he could only get an edge on a rip snorter. Another 93 run partnership gone and Milchama's centurion out. Not a great situation but it was 186/2 and if the Warriors could keep batting the same way then suddenly the nominal 425 could become a real 425. Carney came in and next ball was out for a golden duck as he lost his off stump to an inswinger from McAlister 186/3. That brought up Yohonatan Malliteen who had one goal, prevent the hat trick. Bad news for Malliteen and the Warriors when he could not as Malliteen played all around the front pad for an obvious lbw call. Marsh told Malliteen not to bother with the review and cue the celebrations in the stands. Milchama now at 186/4 and Warrior fans in the stands started talking about the necessity of learning about William of Ockham and Peter Abelard. McAlister did have one more ball to bowl in the over but Carpenter was able to keep it out to stop the rare Malinga.

After that over the Warriors went into a defensive shell just trying to bat for time and not worrying so much about scoring runs. While Hayden Marsh was able to get a 50 as well, the collapse was well and truly on. After the first 3 batters getting above 50, the largest contribution was 15 from Pehrson as the middle order hat trick became a whole team collapse. Milchama going from 186/1 to 286 all out. Even if the Warriors were still trying to bat defensively it was not enough as the pitch turned, the Darmen bowlers got more confident, and the 4th innings was over.

Of course, just because Milchama briefly threatened to turn the match around in the 4th innings it does not change the mediocre job the Warriors did with the ball over the rest of the test. Pehrson and Woods looked lost on a pitch that was offering little swing and seemed to get worse for the bowlers throughout the innings. Meanwhile, Carpenter was dead in the woods, Marsh couldn't marshal anything, and
the less said about the spinners the better. While it seemed like 291 might be an ok score it was clear based on Milchama's first innings that it was not good enough and anytime a team scores more in their second innings than the first innings there were some clear screw ups along the way. Hopefully, the Warriors can figure out the problems before the next test in Brham, known as a batters paradise, which does not bode well for the bowlers.

Yet again the problems for Milchama against good teams get exposed, against Gruenberg and even a not great TJUN-ia side last year Milchama looked out of their depth and it took beating an out of from Krytenia side as well as a CTE nation to come back from a mediocre start to the test season. There is no break this time and, more importantly, the season is shorter so Milchama does not have that kind of time. If Milchama wants to take a step from being merely a good team to an elite team they need to step up their play starting now. Let's see if they can learn some lessons in time for the next test.
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Milchama Sports achievements:
World Baseball Classic 23 Champion!
Note: The demonym is Milchamian. There are two of the letter "I(i)" and not one.

3x CoH winner (29, 46, 50) 3x WBC winner (4,5,23), 1x World Cup host (32) Various other minor trophies there's a football club trophy, a kleptochase trophy, Other minor international football trophies.

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Postby Ko-oren » Fri May 31, 2024 5:57 am

Now here is a roster that needs some context. Some things shouldn't need an introduction - Twaddle opening, Enright and Harvey among the first names on the team sheet every single match - but other things are different. There's no more Marsden, for one, and the revolving door at middle order batsmen is another. The lack of all-rounders in the batting order and just two of them among over-23 team members is perhaps the greatest discontinuity from previous Ko-orenite rosters... but let's begin with the first.

Marsden's retirement
The West Surbourneshire pacer was the captain of all five Dragonfly teams up to this point, and that meant that as the team rose up the rankings and showed up in Test finals, his leadership and visibility made him synonymous with Ko-orenite cricket. It was no secret that he struggled with his form in the second half of his career, but as his performance was stable - always good for a wicket or two, and rarely as the worst bowler economy-wise on the scorecard - and he was always available, not to mention his experience, and including his immaculate professionalism, he remained the best option. His numbers dipped towards his later years, but equally importantly he had some injury issues here and there as well. Still he never made the wrong choice on how to attack the batsmen, and if he wanted to try something he was in the position to order his fielders around anyway.

At age 39, Herschel Marsden made the decision to retire, looking back on a successful Test career as well as a Region career, winning the Regions' Trophy with West Surbourneshire once, despite the Wests' recruitment troubles. He was on the team that won the One Day Trophy two years later, though not as a captain, and beyond that he famously never played in a T20 match, despite a lot of domestic teams willing to bet every Korona for his signature.

That leaves us with the matter of this season's captain. Looking at the players that are playing most matches if available, over the age of, say, 27, we're not spoilt for choice. There's Twaddle, famously operating solo if possible. There's yAraidd, whose status in the starting XI is shaky at best, after all, he's never managed to stay on the squad for more than a test or two before having to sit one out. There's Lachlan Harvey, the prime candidate to take over, only he's 37 and therefore would be a bridge captain at best: it's highly unlikely that he'll oversee the team for more than just this campaign. Then there's yLellmedd, who like fellow Mawr yAraidd, isn't always a lock for a starting spot on the team.

Marsden might not have had a fantastic stage presence, and we're not looking for that kind of captain, but if we want someone with a truly magnetic personality who's also likely to stay on the team for a while, we could turn to Mitchell Enright. The Greencastrian spinner has operated next to Marsden for many campaigns, and has impressed us with his maturity - then again, he's always been next to a great teacher.

Between Enright and Harvey we should find a suitable option. That said, we could look at the captains at the six regions as well, where we find some unorthodox choices - the regions are willing to go with a younger captain to see what works.

East Surbourneshire could opt for Harvey, but instead they've gone with wicketkeeper Wolslager. Harvey regularly goes off script with his bowling without telling the team or preparing the fielding, while Wolslager is seen as a truer student of the game. The latter is 'only' a backup and we don't see her working Butler out of the starting XI.

Greencaster has Enright, but they too opt for their wicketkeeper, Butler - the very same as the one starting for the Dragonflies. Again, Enright has an unpredictable side to him that needs to be communicated to the team, something that he's struggled with in the past. Butler is a technocrat of a captain, more into organising the team - setting every gear in motion to take a wicket five overs later - than actually managing, something he can get away with given the slightly higher ages and more experience already present in the squad. There's little management and development needed right now.

Leeshire is led by Treadway, once Twaddle's opening partner at the national team but currently unselected, likely due to age (36). He is, however, everything you would want in a captain: people and chemistry first, with a wealth of class and skill, as well as a good idea for how to set up a team. Treloar is a decent backup as the other opener, and he is selected, but not guaranteed to play much for the Dragonflies, as the other opening spot (aforementioned Twaddle) has that locked up.

Mawryshire has a long culture of zero captaincy, that is, an un-Ko-orenite idea of coming up with strategy cooperatively and making everyone responsible, as a team, to adhere to said strategy. There are senior team members like ySalw (but also yAraidd and yLellmedd) who probably have a louder voice in preparations but otherwise leadership is left to the collective. As we said - Un-Ko-orenite.

West Surbourneshire relied on Marsden for a full generation and we will witness his legacy unfold as we speak. Firembee can act as a captain, but the team's all-in on 21-year old Gledhwiladen - selected as a U23 member of the national test squad - to pick up the pace where Marsden left. For now, however, they're going with Firembee... what is it with openers and wicketkeepers as captains in the Ko-orenite game?

Willowbourne had their change of leadership two seasons ago and are still figuring it out, but Chiplinn (23) and Wakin (21) are the frontrunners for the spot. Chiplinn has the status right now - yes, he's also an opener - but Wakin would be a nice change of pace as an all-rounder capable of overseeing the entire team.

In short, we're swimming in options for decent, solid picks, but not in terms of all-round great options.

Bowling Attack
At least for the start of this campaign, our bowling options look to be all right. As in, literally, they're all right-handed. Harvey and Teakton in the pace department; Enright and yLellmedd in the spin department, and at least they have the two broad styles covered (off and leg). Looking beyond the starters for the Royal Oval test versus Krytenia, Dencherry, Courtenay, and Magcay are all right-handed pace bowlers with only Aukudigheldhen as a left-handed option. For spin, the two named backups are ySarthylhar and Burnbrough, both lefties. So we're not as down bad as we could be, but looking at various tier lists and power rankings, we have to go down all the way to seventh for our first leftie pacer (Aukudigheldhen, followed by Finisterbrook) and fifth for spinners (ySarthylhar, Shoretree, Burnbrough back to back in 5th, 6th, 7th).

That's versus the top seven (!!!) all-rounders all being left-handed, but more on them later. For batting options, we're very much 50-50.

Either way, for bowling, we're looking to be as balanced as possible, with Gledhwiladen as the secret weapon that could succeed if everything else fails, with the one caveat being that the West Surbourneshire ace is just 21 - not an age Ko-orenites are ready to gamble on yet. Dencherry could see a lot more use this campaign, having made his debut two seasons ago and not playing a significant part in the team's plans since.

As the spinners go, Enright is by far the best we have, and he's in a prime age at 27 as well. Unproven Hastworth and Morcaster could play a part if other options fail - but are we willing to give them a few overs early, in our home fixtures, and/or do we dare to play them in the final five tests, which are all away? Completely as expected, it's Mawr players all the way down apart from these three: yLellmedd and ySarthylhar might be used to a bit more of a Lodahn/Marapsathi home advantage, but they're still more than capable on any surface. The group as a whole is young - this could be a pace year for the Dragonflies as we pivot to more spinning in upcoming years.

All-Rounders Out
As you might have guessed from the Captaincy issues, Ko-oren has a lot of openers, wicketkeepers, and various batsmen and bowlers, but the current group of all-rounders - once the bread and butter of this team, featuring up to three of them in a single XI - seems a little weak. Even the regions don't always make use of their services: only West Surbourneshire and Willowbourne have two each, and the rest have a single player who could be categorised as an all-rounder. And they all bat late.

As a result, the national XI will go straight from four full-time bowlers to whoever wants to put in an extra shift as a batsman - beyond the four, you might be able to sneak in some runs off of the likes of ySalw - who's already used to some medium-fast action for Mawryshire given the region's deep spinning and shallow pace. Twaddle has bowled some overs in the past, and in this edition we are looking for Armfellow or Bercier as well, following their acceptable statistics for their respective regions.

And as a result of that, there's a bigger disconnect between the top seven and the bottom four in batting as well. In both regards, this Dragonflies team is definitely a tad more disjointed - we're still looking for Renbeck or Barklas (21, 22 years old) to fill in there.

Best Under 23
As always, the team has named a group of under-23s as additional players. Some of these have actual Test experience - Chiplinn, Wakin, Sagan, Silkquand, Finisterbrook - and the rest are new to their regions as well as international cricket. The five mentioned might well play an innings or two, the rest might not see any action except if anyone goes down. There are some players under the age of 23 in the standard XI or the additional players, and usually they're already better prepared by more years of regional cricket - Renbeck and Barklas, our all-rounders, but also Burnbrough, who was put in the spotlight by Greencaster.

As for the starting batsmen, Armfellow and Bercier, they're playing like they've done this for a decade, especially in the case of Bercier. Where the duo might be a bit 'risky' in shot selection or misjudge a strategy by the opponents to get them out, we have yAraidd and ySalw bookending them as extremely wicket-resilient batsmen, at the expense of scoring.
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Postby Darmen » Sat Jun 01, 2024 11:35 am

GCF Test 961
Match Report: Milchama in Darmen (1 of 3)
Darmen won the toss, chose to bat first
Darmen 291 (63.3 overs), 350 (104.0 overs)
Milchama 216 (57.5 overs), 286 (84.2 overs)
Darmen win by 139 runs

Darmen 1st Innings

Name Runs Balls 4's 6's SR
MS Brice c Ross b Woods 41 67 5 0 61.19
T Maxwell lbw b Hampton 23 40 2 0 57.50
T Milligan c Carney b Carpenter 32 71 3 0 45.07
K O'Callaghan b Perhson 19 29 1 1 65.52
E English c Perhson b Woods 101 95 6 3 106.32
R Breckinridge b Woods 21 36 1 1 58.33
B Bachmann* not out 26 34 3 0 76.47
J Beckett† c Carney b Woods 5 4 1 0 125.00
C McAlister c Ross b Pehrson 0 1 0 0 0.00
A Dickenson lbw b Prentice 1 2 0 0 50.00
I Snelling b Carpenter 0 2 0 0 0.00
Extras 22
Total 291 22 5

Name Overs Mdns Wkts Runs Econ
T Pehrson 18.0 1 2 72 4.00
B Woods 17.0 2 4 67 3.94
B Hampton 10.0 1 1 43 4.30
K Prentice 9.0 0 1 51 5.67
D Carpenter 9.3 0 2 58 6.11

Milchama 1st Innings
Name Runs Balls 4's 6's SR
D Ross c Brice b McAlister 22 51 2 0 43.14
P de Franches lbw b English 7 13 1 0 53.85
H March* c Breckinridge b Snelling 38 70 4 1 54.29
J Carney b Dickenson 19 27 2 0 70.37
Y Malliteen c Beckett† b Snelling 44 61 5 1 72.13
D Carpenter b Dickenson 48 91 8 0 52.75
B Guerin† b McAlister 6 4 1 0 150.00
T Pehrson run-out (Maxwell) 1 3 0 0 33.33
K Prentice c McAlister b Dickenson 0 1 0 0 0.00
B Woods not out 12 23 1 0 52.17
B Hampton c O'Callaghan b Bachmann 5 3 1 0 166.67
Extras 14
TOTAL 216 25 2

Name Overs Mdns Wkts Runs Econ
C McAlister 12.0 2 2 37 3.08
A Dickenson 11.0 1 3 36 3.27
I Snelling 15.0 3 2 48 3.20
B Bachmann 10.5 1 1 43 3.97
E English 9.0 0 1 52 5.78
*1 run-out

Darmen 2nd Innings
Name Runs Balls 4's 6's SR
MS Brice c Malliteen b Pehrson 25 53 2 0 47.17
T Maxwell b Woods 32 53 3 1 60.38
T Milligan b Pehrson 56 142 4 0 39.44
K O'Callaghan c Carney b Woods 117 189 9 2 61.90
E English c Prentice b Carpenter 43 73 4 1 58.90
R Breckinridge lbw b Carpenter 3 9 0 0 33.33
B Bachmann* c Guerin† b Pehrson 26 49 3 1 53.06
J Beckett† lbw b Hampton 7 17 1 0 41.18
C McAlister not out 23 30 2 1 76.67
A Dickenson b Woods 2 6 0 0 33.33
I Snelling lbw b Woods 1 3 0 0 33.33
Extras 15
TOTAL 350 28 6

Name Overs Mdns Wkts Runs Econ
T Pehrson 25.0 4 3 68 2.72
B Woods 24.0 5 4 65 2.71
B Hampton 17.0 1 1 73 4.29
K Prentice 15.0 1 0 64 4.27
D Carpenter 19.0 3 2 60 3.16
H March 4.0 0 0 20 5.00

Milchama 2nd Innings
Name Runs Balls 4's 6's SR
D Ross b Snelling 52 108 4 1 48.15
P de Franches c English b McAlister 112 247 8 1 45.34
H March* c Milligan b Dickenson 55 91 6 0 60.44
J Carney b McAlister 0 1 0 0 0.00
Y Malliteen lbw b McAlister 0 1 0 0 0.00
D Carpenter st Beckett† b English 9 6 2 0 150.00
B Guerin† b Bachmann 3 4 0 0 75.00
T Pehrson b McAlister 15 22 2 0 68.18
K Prentice lbw b Snelling 11 19 1 0 57.89
B Woods c Maxwell b Dickenson 1 3 0 0 33.33
B Hampton not out 5 4 1 0 125.00
Extras 23
TOTAL 286 24 2

Name Overs Mdns Wkts Runs Econ
C McAlister 16.0 1 4 53 3.31
A Dickenson 19.2 3 2 45 2.33
I Snelling 23.0 3 2 67 2.91
B Bachmann 14.0 0 1 64 4.57
E English 12.0 1 1 57 4.75

Player of the Match: Corwin McAlister (DAR)
The Republic of Darmen
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Third: CR 20, T20C 10, RLWC 20, RLWC 22, R7WC 4, WBC 21, BC 6 Host: CR 9, RWC 18, RWC 26, RWC 35, RLWC 12, RLWC 18, RLWC 22, BC 6, BC 10, WVE 4

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Postby Liventia » Sat Jun 01, 2024 4:26 pm

Matchweek 2
GCF Test 964
Match Report: Quebec and Shingoryeo in The Kytler Peninsulae
The Kytler Peninsulae bat first
The Kytler Peninsulae 270 (57.4 overs), 324 (104.1 overs)
Quebec and Shingoryeo 252 (53.2 overs), 218 (79.3 overs)
Quebec and Shingoryeo lose by 124 runs
Series drawn 1–1

GCF Test 965
Match Report: Baggieland in TJUN-ia
Baggieland bat first
TJUN-ia 311 (81.0 overs), 194/3 (52.5 overs)
Baggieland 288 (66.5 overs), 216 (58.3 overs)
TJUN-ia win by 7 wickets
Series drawn 1–1

GCF Test 966
Match Report: Milchama in Darmen
Darmen bat first
Darmen 456/8d (124.2 overs), 197 (51.4 overs)
Milchama 439 (101.3 overs), 219/5 (66.2 overs)
Milchama win by 5 wickets

GCF Test 967
Match Report: Liventia in Sharktail
Sharktail bat first
Sharktail 463 (162.2 overs), 280 (64.2 overs)
Liventia 504 (161.2 overs), 70/1 (20.1 overs)
Series: Liventia win 1–0, 1 drawn

GCF Test 968
Match Report: Krytenia in Ko-oren
Krytenia bat first
Ko-oren 222 (56.2 overs), 433 (105.3 overs)
Krytenia 415 (122.0 overs), 243 (75.4 overs)
Ko-oren lose by 3 runs
Series drawn 1–1

League standings
  Team                    Pl   W   L   D/T   Ld   Lv   Pts   BP   Avg   
----------------------- ---- --- --- ----- ---- ---- ----- ---- ------
Liventia 2 1 0 1 2 0 28 1 15.0
Ko-oren 2 1 1 0 1 0 18 1 10.0
Quebec and Shingoryeo 2 1 1 0 1 0 18 1 10.0
Darmen 2 1 1 0 2 0 20 0 10.0
TJUN-ia 2 1 1 0 2 0 20 0 10.0
Krytenia 2 1 1 0 1 0 18 0 9.0
The Kytler Peninsulae 2 1 1 0 1 0 18 0 9.0
Baggieland 2 1 1 0 0 0 16 0 8.0
Milchama 2 1 1 0 0 0 16 0 8.0
Sharktail 2 0 1 1 0 0 8 0 4.0

New GCF Test Ratings
Full Members                       Score  Pts/MP  Adjusted
1 Liventia FM 120 (3726/31) 110.02
2 Ko-oren FM 116 (3834/33) 108.09
3 Darmen FM 111 (3247/29) 105.98
4 Milchama FM 106 (3097/29) 103.40
5 The Plough Islands FM 99 (2696/27) 99.93
6 Krytenia FM 95 (2863/30) 97.72
7 TJUN-ia FM 92 (2594/28) 96.32
8 Sylestone FM 88 (3189/36) 94.29
9 Quebec and Shingoryeo FM 78 (1719/22) 89.07
10 Baggieland FM 77 (1079/14) 88.54
11 Lisander and Alice Bay FM 73 (739/10) 86.95
12 Sharktail FM 65 (983/15) 82.77

Associate Members
1 The Kytler Peninsulae AS 77 (231/3) 93.50

Affiliate Members
Currently none

Inactive Members/CTE
1 The Grearish Union FM 132 (2249/17) 116.15
2 Gruenberg FM 120 (4234/35) 110.50
3 Uncertainty FM 111 (1443/13) 105.50
4 Teusland FM 104 (1045/10) 102.25
5 The Licentian Isles FM 98 (1080/11) 99.09
6 Eura FM 97 (1951/20) 98.78
7 Sajnur FM 80 (1522/19) 90.05
8 Ethane FM 65 (785/12) 82.71
9 Brookstation FM 59 (597/10) 79.85
10 Bollonich FM 57 (803/14) 78.68
11 Barunia AS 82 (740/9) 97.00
12 Damukuni AF 147 (1033/7) 118.79
13 Northwest Kalactin AF 117 (351/3) 103.50
14 Lozho AF 81 (324/4) 96.00
15 Britland AF 70 (210/3) 90.00
16 Elmyia AF 67 (402/6) 89.00
17 Kiltoch AF 51 (153/3) 81.00
18 Pratapgadh AF 48 (681/14) 79.32
19 StrayaRoos AF 47 (334/7) 79.00
20 The Sarian AF 38 (230/6) 75.00
21 Eastfield Lodge AF 38 (652/17) 74.18
22 Garbelia AF 33 (200/6) 72.00
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New Sparta Report-News-Times-Post-Wisden-Wisdom-Almanac-Picayune-Guardian-Herald-Echo-Telegraph-Review

Sports Section

Will Bizarre Declaration Help or Hurt Milchama?

The Milchama Warriors were flummoxed by a bizarre declaration by captain Bud Bachmann on Day 2 of the 2nd test against Darmen. The All Greens, also a bizarre cricket nickname if we say so especially for test cricket, were 456 for 8 and in for lunch, after a wicket in the over before lunch started, when Bachmann decided to call all of the team in and go in the field for the afternoon session. While it was the number 9 and 10 batters, McAlister and Dickenson, up to bat, McAlister had gotten a credible 23 off 30 in the first test, and time did not seem an issue since they weren't even in the afternoon session of Day 2. Bachmann was not made available for Milchamian press as of publication time.

Our best guess was that Bachmann wanted a go in what looked like potentially cloudy skies in the afternoon. However, giving a little bit of movement on what looked to be a flat pitch during the first innings basically puts Milchama batters in home conditions where everything moves a bit and a good leave is often given a polite applause. This meant that while the run rates were not what would excite neutrals, Milchama was able to slowly accumulate runs without really losing wickets and even seemed to accelerate near the end of the day as the pitch seemed to flatten. The Warriors closed the day at 194 for 4. De Franches was out for 26 off 78 after his opening 44 run stand with Ross. While Ross continued his good series with another half century and a 103 run partnership with March.

However, Darmen does have to feel good after getting Ross out for 73, March for 48, and while Jerome Carney would not repeat his golden duck performance, 6 off 21 does not look good. Despite a good first innings in the first test, he is looking increasingly out of form. Malliteen and Pehrson, the nightwatchwoman, seemed to have stabilized things at close having batted for 7 overs and while those overs only had 10 runs between them, just getting to the close without losing anymore wickets was the clear goal.

Overall, I think it's advantage Darmen. The All Greens have a lead slightly under 200 runs and with the old adage of "add two wickets to a score to see how it goes" it feels pretty clear that Darmen is in the lead. However, Milchama does have two handy batters and if Pehrson can add her usual 20 to 30 odd, Malliteen goes off, and the rest of the middle order doesn't suck Milchama could be right back in this thing. Also, Darmen declaring early means that they probably left some runs on the table and if we can use that to our advantage I can certainly see a tied test. It's all finely poised here in Darmen and I hope that Milchama can figure out a way to tie the test series. We'll see how this looks on Day 3, see you tomorrow!
Milchama Sports achievements:
World Baseball Classic 23 Champion!
Note: The demonym is Milchamian. There are two of the letter "I(i)" and not one.

3x CoH winner (29, 46, 50) 3x WBC winner (4,5,23), 1x World Cup host (32) Various other minor trophies there's a football club trophy, a kleptochase trophy, Other minor international football trophies.

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...out of my window, I see life running by...

Life has been running by me rather more than I would have liked lately - work has been all over the place, my mental health likewise, and we're also trying to navigate some difficult, but positive, lifestyle changes at the moment, so it has been difficult at times to get properly into the Plough Islander headspace for roleplaying.
That said, I am quite happy with how this and the next post have turned out; the amount of fiddling I did with tables means it was edging close to the character count (apologies) so this is more of a schedule and kit announcement post, with the next one being a proper roster. See below for more...

The flag of the Commonwealth of the Plough Islands, a Marxist-Leninist socialist state in the Celestial Ocean of far northwestern Anaia, whose population consists of just over 140,000 descendants of settlers of British descent and later arrivals. The flag itself was adopted at independence in 1960, and is a green and amber triband charged with the socialist style national coat of arms on the central stripe.

on the 20th May 2024, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Denis Wormwood, Sporting Correspondent, in Sutton

The Plough Islands Cricket Association have announced that the senior national team will play three Test series as part of the upcoming Global Cricket Federation season, ending a long stretch during which Shauna Weaver's team have played no games on home soil. To some, it will have felt like an age, with two 20-over competitions and a World Trophy having passed since Kevin Laing's final Test as captain against Sharktail at the Ironworks Ground, but the Foxes will be back in whites in the first week of June.
Speaking in his now substantiative capacity as the President of the Plough Islands Cricket Association, former Premier Cde Dale Piper confirmed that the traditional season opener at December Park will see South Newlandia make the journey across the Celestial Ocean for their Global Cricket Federation Test debut on the 6th of June, in the first of a three-Test series. "We are very proud to be welcoming South Newlandia to our small country for the first time," Cde Piper stated, "both as a symbol of the mutual respect we hold with them despite our differences, and as part of the commitment of the Association in service of the global causes of cricket and revolution, that the Plough Islands will always be willing to welcome teams from outside the cricketing mainstream."
Cde Piper also confirmed that fellow Anaians Ko-oren would visit the Plough Islands for two Tests in late June, before Weaver's team travel to Krytenia in July for another two-Test series to finish their calendar. "It has always been good to renew acquaintances with our Ko-orenite comrades...our destinies in sport seem to entangle more often than most nations, and it should be a good showcase for the best and fairest in international cricket. And we are grateful to Cricket Krytenia for their invitation and look forward to making the journey. Hopefully, if we play as well as I know Plough Islanders can play in the spirit of socialism, we can even the score since our last visit three years ago!"

South Newlandia in the Plough IslandsTeam playingHost groundStart date
Tour matchPlough Islands Young FoxesWaterfalls Athletic Club, Waterfalls, Swift Island (-3)4 June 2024
First TestPlough IslandsDecember Park, Sutton, Swift Island (-2)6 June 2024
Second TestPlough IslandsLainemouth Athletic Club, Lainemouth, Swift Island (-4)11 June 2024
Third TestPlough IslandsSouthport Athletic Club, Southport, New Hibernia (-3)16 June 2024

This may be the Elephants' first season in the GCF, but they are far from newcomers to the sport. The South Newlandian Association of Cricket toured Sylestone for a multi-format series in March, including an unofficial Test on a sharply deteriorating pitch in Chamberley that the hosts won by five wickets. The Elephants have also taken part in the Esportivan "EspoT20" limited overs tournament for several years, and it was as invited guests to the most recent edition in South Newlandia that the Plough Islands first had the chance to meet inside the boundary rope, an Andrew Weaver half century helping the Foxes to win by nine runs at the Black Dolphin Arena.
This tour reciprocates the invitation, and sees the Plough Islands host the South Newlandians for the traditional opening Test at December Park before travelling to Lainemouth and Southport, both hosting Tests for the first time in two years. The tour schedule also calls for an additional four-day warm-up match against a Young Foxes side at the Waterfalls Athletic Club, giving junior players the chance to test their skills against elite opposition as part of coach Lourens Hendricks' ongoing programme of renewal.

Ko-oren in the Plough IslandsTeam playingHost groundStart date
First TestPlough IslandsIronworks Ground, Redcliff, Redcliff Island (-1)26 June 2024
Second TestPlough IslandsFoxdale Sports Club, Foxdale, Bradford Island (-2)1 July 2024

After a break to allow for a weekend of Harrison Cup fixtures, our fellow travellers from the Halcyon Archipelago are next to visit the Plough Islands, for the first time since 2022; the series itself is a short one of just two Tests, but comes with wider context for the first time. The Ko-orenite tour forms part of a unique triple-headed Test series between the two countries with Krytenia as the third participant, organised by the Anaian Board of Cricket - albeit with the organisation staying largely in the background, with this author having been told most of the details were worked out over a Krytenian curry in Koroa City.
With or without more at stake, though, matches against Ko-oren have historically been popular events, with both sides well known to each other and a congenial, informal air wherever they are played, despite the friendly competition. This year, Ko-oren will be visiting the upper islands with Tests in Redcliff and Foxdale, and there will be additional interest as both teams will have new captains since they last met over five days, with the Dragonflies yet to appoint a permanent replacement for the reliable if taciturn Herschel Marsden.

Plough Islands in KryteniaTeam playingHost groundStart date
First TestPlough IslandsUniversity Ground, Ousevale, Central Mercia (0)6 July 2024
Second TestPlough IslandsEmberton Cricket Ground, Emberton, E. C. D. (0)11 July 2024

From Foxdale, it will be a quick turnaround for the Plough Islands as they make the long trip to Nova Calania to face Krytenia, in the final "leg" of the three-way series, with the Kryties touring Ko-oren during early summer on the Salamantic Sea. The Stars have been our sparring partners since 2020, with the Plough Islands holding the edge in limited overs clashes, but in the longer format Krytenia have the higher ground; despite Shauna Weaver scoring 135 and 137 in back to back innings in the centre of Anaia in 2021, the Krytenians won the first two Tests to seal overall victory in the only previous series between the two sides.
Like Ko-oren, the Kryties will also have a new captain at the helm; the formidable Lynton Saxon retired after the Kryties' four wicket defeat to Baggieland in the World Trophy quarter finals, and whoever the new skipper may be will face the challenge of reinvigorating a team that has not played in any format since the tournament in Liventia. The first Test is scheduled for the University Ground in Ousevale, in the southern uplands of the country, the site of a heart-stopping last wicket victory for the hosts three years ago, before the 2024 season finishes with a first visit to the 58,000 capacity Emberton Cricket Ground in the Krytenian capital.

In all, five of the six primary Harrison Cup venues will host Test cricket in 2024, with the Highrock Athletic Club expected to return to the schedule in 2025 following the completion of works to relevel the main square. Cde Piper finished by paying tribute to Laing - "a genuine and tireless builder, not only of socialist ideals, but also of people's confidence and pride in themselves" - and affirming his and the Association's confidence in Weaver.
"Shauna is the most successful cricketer our islands have ever produced, but her ability and her dogged persistence would speak for themselves even without the weight of numbers. I am certain that, win or lose, they will bring us many more summers of being able to take pride in how her - our - team play the game, in the spirit of cricket, and we can all keep our heads held high." On the eve of a compact, yet busy, home schedule as reigning One Day International world champions, it would be a monumental effort to find anything with which to disagree.

The Test (at left) and limited overs (at right) playing kits of the Plough Islands Cricket Association for the 2024-25 seasons, made by the Redcliff-based high performance textile co-operative Red Flag. Owing to a Global Cricket Federation rule change, alternate coloured kits are no longer required at tournaments should there be a colour clash, so only green is required for One Day Internationals.

on the 16th May 2024, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Denis Wormwood, Sporting Correspondent, in Sutton

In what has become a biannual tradition in the sporting community, the Plough Islands Cricket Association have revealed their new playing kits for the 2024 season and beyond, with another design based on the natural environment of the islands. Following on the same cycle established in 2020 and 2022, the new shirts were displayed at December Park ahead of the upcoming Test season, and continuing a recent theme of designers Red Flag, take inspiration from the natural environment of the islands, in this case the endless Celestial Ocean sky.
As in previous years, the same basic template in different colours is used in Test and limited overs cricket, with only one kit needed for the latter owing to a Global Cricket Federation rule change ending the era of colour clashes. Pine trees are the main motif, with the lower half of the shirt containing breathable panels in dark green stitched into the shape of a forest and providing ventilation in a pattern that repeats in miniature at the sleeve and trouser cuffs, combining at a distance to emulate looking through the branches and up into the sky. Where the two kits differ is in what that sky contains. The Test design uses varying lustres of white to suggest a clouded, hazy fourth innings afternoon in Avalon or Waterfalls, while the limited overs kit uses five different colours of thread to create a brilliant aurora that whips and flickers between the trees, and as a sign of regional pride, Anaian teal and purple feature at the extremes of the spectrum in amongst the customary green.
Overall, the effect is striking; the outfit appears wholly dark green from afar and it is only at close range that the myriad of colours become obvious, though the lack of amber - which was prominent in previous limited overs kits, but appears only on the badge of the Association - came as a surprise to this author. Red Flag designer Sarah Wilson, though, is less concerned. "I mean, as a player I love the shirt for whatever it represents no matter the colour, but as a designer we can make the weave of the fabric a lot thinner because the design is a lot more regular, so there are fewer threads just adding weight without being visible,", Wilson explained, "and so it feels lighter and stretches more while still performing as you would expect a heavy polyester to do. So, going back to what the kit is like as a player, it feels like the old shirt but better!"
Anecdotal reports from those who have tried out the shirts are similarly positive; Wilson told this author that it had been a struggle to get players to return all the prototypes that had been issued in April, while fast bowler Andrew Baxter said while he "loved" the 2022 shirts aesthetically, "they felt so heavy you could not wear any layers underneath them and, with the Test kits, that really became almost a liability on day four of a Test if you had been out in the field all day and they got weighed down with sweat. The lighter weave feels good, and the ventilation on the sides is even better for someone like me."
The new look will be worn for the first time by the Plough Islands in the first home Test of 2024 at December Park, tentatively scheduled for early June; until then, fans and players wishing to own a shirt can place an order through their cricket club.
National team
Test rank: 6th
ODI rank: 1st
Commonwealth of the Plough IslandsPopulation: 139,550Golden age, revealed today
Because not all those
who wander are lost

See also: overview factbook

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As promised, the second half of the above post. I have taken yet another slightly different approach to formatting with this year's attempt - given I have been doing this for quite a while and my opponents are, OOCly, mostly familiar with what the Plough Islands are (or at least I hope so!), there is a bit less introduction than there would be otherwise, and a little bit more in terms of storytelling.
If I have judged this wrong, as always, feel free to correct me - I can be reached in the usual places, be they telegram, the Anaian Discord server, or by watching Zimbabwe making hard work of an easy chase and following the howls of anguish. And good luck to everyone taking part - particularly SNL, KOR, and KRY, my new favourite three letter acronyms! - and I hope this is at least a little entertaining to read :3

...golden age, revealed today...

on the 27th May 2024, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Ian Goswell, Chief Cricket Correspondent for Plough Radio, in Avalon

Though the faces at the helm of both country and cricket have changed since what is now Shauna Weaver's team hosted Sharktail in April of last year, there was nonetheless a familiar rhythm to the announcement last week of the Plough Islands Cricket Association's schedule for 2024; Cde Dale Piper speaking enthusiastically of old friends and new in an area of personal interest to the former Premier since long before he led the Socialists, the palpable scratching of a hundred pencils to paper as Suttoners rescheduled their lives around the December Park Test, and, in a theme that has recurred more often in recent years, Lourens Hendricks speaking of generational change.
As the head coach of the Association tells this writer at the Recreation Ground on Avalon, this is considerably easier in the run up than the follow through. "The hardest thing in the world is to know when to stop something good, ja? And when things have been as good as they have been, you know, with a group of players that hardly need motivating and the results we've had against bigger teams in the World, winning the World Trophy! Twice! It has been a not easy thing to accept that change has to happen, ja, and particularly for, for me, for the senior players in the side...eish, for myself."
It is this last point, hesitantly made, that is perhaps the most significant. The adopted Plough Islander is adamant that he should not be the main point of discussion - using a rare obscenity in English to make his point - but Hendricks all but confirmed that the 2024 season would be his last at the Plough Islands Cricket Association. "Ag, man, I've never liked secrets," the coach admits, "all they do is fester under the surface and make good stuff go bad. And seeing what the team have become in the last seven years makes me proud, but I'm gonna be sixty soon and there's none of us who are getting any younger,, look, it's like the song goes. Every year has its December, and maybe we aren't gonna get the flags out now just for independence but we're closer than we were, ja?"
This writer understands that Shauna Weaver and other senior squad members have been aware of the change, if not the timing, for some time, and this has informed the choice of players to attend winter training in 2024; as the former youth coach at the Association for thirteen years, Hendricks is adamant that he wants to leave Plough Islander cricket in at least as good a place as he found it. "I mean, we are beyond lucky with what we have on the islands. There are so many talented cricketers coming through that we put other nations to shame proportionally, you know? And ja, my role is to help Shauna and the team win matches and bring socialism to the world, but I would be being irresponsible if I kept playing the same players and said to the next oke, "ja, no, this was my team and you're on your own with yours", you get me?"
And Hendricks remains determined that his eventual retirement not be seen at the end of an era. "Ja, no, Ian, I have been very fortunate. To come over here for a summer and wind up staying for more than half my life, ja, and find out somewhere I belonged I never could have dreamed of while getting to develop and work with the best cricketers, the best people, in the multiverse, ja, it's, it's been pretty good."
"The first Test after I'm gone, the sun will still come up, ja? He will find his way through the mist at December Park and we will win the toss and bat and all our troubles will be gone for the afternoon. All that changes is I get to enjoy it with you for once, y'know?"

Opening battersBornBattingBowlingBoardTest statistics
Gabriel Forrester23 June 2000, RedcliffLeft-hand batOccasional slow left-arm orthodoxRedcliffuncapped in Tests
Ilya Ilyich Postukhov4 March 1994, PIA IshtarRight-hand batOccasional right-arm off breakBradford19 Tests, 1242 runs at 36.53
Brett Kevin Scarbeck10 October 1990, Whitby, Great BritainRight-hand batOccasional right-arm leg breakBradford2 Tests, 134 runs at 44.67
Colin Frederick Williams1 October 1989, SuttonRight-hand batOccasional right-arm leg breakNew Hibernia16 Tests, 677 runs at 23.34

In recent history, much of Hendricks' energy will have been occupied with finding a consistent opening partnership in Test cricket. The days of Graeme Holt and Matthew Davy being automatic selections at the top of the teamsheet have faded, and no fewer than six different players having opened the batting for the Plough Islands in Tests since 2022. Of those, Ilya Postukhov has looked the most dependable, with a well-judged technique against the new ball that has brought nine half centuries, and it is the battle to open alongside Postukhov that has seen the majority of attrition.
Colin Williams has been the most notable casualty, having fallen out of favour after a promising debut in 2020, before refining his technique at New Hibernia and working his way back into the side; his 2023 included an excellent 141 in the first Test against Elmyia before he struggled for form and lost his place before the season was finished. His replacement against Sharktail was Bradfordian landscape artist Brett Scarbeck, familiar to Foxes fans from his contributions in limited overs, whose languid, almost casual natural game adapted well to Test cricket.
All three, though, are over the age of thirty, reflecting a more general lack of elite-level openers in a Harrison Cup environment where experience and familiarity often fares better than energy and talent. One potential exception is Redcliff's Gabriel Forrester; the left-hander has international experience from the third World Trophy last year, where his confident batting drew praise before his tournament was ended early by a short ball from Baggie Avril Lurge. The linear progression of time, and the turbulence on teamsheets of late, both suggest that he will come into the equation sooner rather than later.

Specialist battersBornBattingBowlingBoardTest statistics
Oleg Denisovich Fedorov22 February 1993, HighrockRight-hand batOccasional slow left-arm unorthodoxNew Dalmatia34 Tests, 1813 runs at 40.29, no wickets
Kevin Charles Trotsky Laing26 September 1986, FoxdaleRight-hand batOccasional right-arm mediumBradford44 Tests, 2905 runs at 39.26, 9 wickets at 144.22
Ruth Amanda Milroy11 August 2002, OldendaleRight-hand batOccasional right-arm leg breakSwiftuncapped in Tests
Angus Whittall4 May 1991, LainemouthRight-hand batOccasional right-arm off breakSwift18 Tests, 547 runs at 17.09, 15 wickets at 39.40

Putting aside the question of who opens the batting, the remainder of the Plough Islander top and middle order tends to pick itself more often than not, with former captain Kevin Laing still contributing at a high level with the bat, if not with the ball, and likely to remain in or around the team for at least a few more seasons. Likewise, Alec Fedorov has been a solid, dependable presence for many years now, saving innings and even matches with his cautious, dogged approach with a bat in hand, and the same can be said of Angus Whittall since his return to consideration last year.
Practically, the plethora of all-rounders available to Weaver and Hendricks equates to only a few slots in the XI being available for pure batters, with such players normally being selected for their quick scoring - rare in a Test match - or their tenacity, with the limpet-like Fedorov being noted for the latter. A potential impact player, though, could be the hefty Swift right-hander Ruth Milroy, whose gritty half-century in a warm-up against the touring Liventians at Lainemouth last year showed a pragmatic side to her explosive hitting. Milroy has defied expectations before to will her way into contention for every level of cricket she has played at, and it would be unwise to suggest she could not do the same at Test level.

All roundersBornBattingBowlingBoardTest statistics
Peter Hodgeson25 October 2000, SouthportLeft-hand batSlow left-arm unorthodoxNew Hiberniauncapped in Tests
Audrey Catherine Leggett12 March 1988, FoxdaleRight-hand batRight-arm leg breakBradford50 Tests, 2600 runs at 33.33, 25 wickets at 72.60
Arnold David MacManus Tyrie29 January 2002, HighrockRight-hand batRight-arm leg breakNew Dalmatia7 Tests, 203 runs at 13.62, 3 wickets at 40.67
Shauna Leigh Clara Weaver30 January 1994, SuttonRight-hand batRight-arm leg breakSwift49 Tests, 3992 runs at 51.18, 58 wickets at 41.33

Despite her struggles with bat and ball during the recent World Trophy in Liventia, Shauna Weaver remains one of the best batters in the history of the Plough Islands, with ten centuries to her name, and there is little sign of the evergreen Audrey Leggett slowing down for anything; she battled fatigue and heat exhaustion to play in every match of the Foxes' title defence and has salvaged more results than this writer can remember.
One name who will not feature is left-handed pilot and wrist-spinner Andrew Fairfield, whose late, long summer drew to a close last year following the Foxes' tour of Ko-oren. Peter Hodgeson is about the only left-arm spinner on the islands who bats as high as Fairfield did in the order; a former Young Foxes captain, he has struggled against elite international batters in the past, but has enjoyed a fruitful 2024 domestically thus far for New Hibernia and, at 23, the hour may have arrived for him to prove his worth.
Another potential option is the bespectacled New Dalmatian, Arnold Tyrie, who has already established himself in the top order in One Day Internationals, although he has been steady rather than spectacular in whites thus far. There are unlikely to be better opportunities to learn while doing in the role, however, with at least the core of the order likely to have a few more years between them to pass on their knowledge, and the forecast is strong for whoever forms the next generation of Plough Islander batters.

Wicket keepersBornBattingBowlingBoardTest statistics
Ilya Tikhonovich Lebed28 September 1993, PIA IshtarLeft-hand batOccasional slow left-arm orthodoxNew Dalmatia46 Tests, 2040 runs at 29.57
John Scott28 May 2000, AvalonRight-hand batOccasional right-arm mediumSutton & Avalonuncapped in Tests

On to wicketkeepers, and casual followers of the game may be surprised at the absence from consideration of Tim Bleasdale; though he remains first choice for the Plough Islands in limited overs matches and has been taking part in winter training, the amiable Scouser has not played a first-class match this year and both he and Hendricks have indicated to this writer that he wishes to concentrate solely on One Day Internationals, a recognition that, perhaps unintentionally, the partnership between himself and Ilya Lebed across all formats of the game has had the effect of denying other promising wicketkeepers a chance at senior representative level.
The athletic Lebed, a former gymnast who deputised as on-field captain during the Plough Islands' successful defence of their World Trophy title in Liventia last year, will be on duty with the Plough Islands Air Force and is therefore likely to miss the South Newlandia series, creating an opportunity for at least one player to make their debut behind the stumps. At present, this looks like being John Scott; the Avalonian has been a key part of the rise of Sutton & Avalon back to Harrison Cup contention in recent years, serving as a vital anchor in a relatively long tail and proving difficult to remove once settled at the crease - both attributes that are vital in Tests at this point in the order, and ones that will see him in good stead.

Fast bowlersBornBattingBowlingBoardTest statistics
Dimitry Vladimirovich Andreyev14 July 2002, RedcliffRight-hand batRight-arm fast-mediumRedcliff1 Test, 18 runs at 9.00, 3 wickets at 40.67
Andrew Baxter9 January 1990, SuttonRight-hand batRight-arm fastSutton & Avalon36 Tests, 254 runs at 5.91, 130 wickets at 28.87
Jennifer Kimberley Inessa Hart3 January 2000, LainemouthLeft-hand batLeft-arm medium-fastSutton & Avalonuncapped in Tests
Aubrey Wood2 January 1992, RedcliffLeft-hand batLeft-arm fast-mediumRedcliff1 Test, 30 runs at 15.00, 1 wicket at 142.00

Apart from a statistically perturbing preference for quick bowlers to be born in the first week of the new year, the main lesson to be learned from moving down the list is the reliance the Plough Islands have had on Andrew Baxter. At the start of the Global Cricket Federation era, the tall Suttoner was often used as part of a double headed pace attack with Colin McCarthy, but since the New Dalmatian's retirement Baxter has carried the burden largely on his own broad shoulders; it is fortunate for his country that the stonemason has kept in robust health over the last decade on his way to taking 228 wickets in all formats.
Since McCarthy, Aubrey Wood has been the only real challenger to Baxter in the longer format, and the left-armer was desperately unlucky that his only Test cap to date came against a Krytenia team at the apex of their abilities in 2021, but aged 32 and in at times indifferent form for Redcliff, his moment may have already passed. Rather, the future may have been glimpsed in the second Test against Sharktail last year, when Dimitry Andreyev made his Test debut on his home ground, and also making a strong case for inclusion is another former Young Foxes stalwart, Jennifer Hart.
Andreyev has become an established lower-order batter and pacer in limited overs matches, with 30 ODI caps and hitting the winning runs against Sylestone in the World Trophy final last year, while Hart, whose only ODIs came during the inaugural Anaian One-Day Cricket Championship against Avorago and Kotzellach, has established herself as a relatively economical swing bowler on difficult pitches in the Harrison Cup. Both could bring some energy into a team that has at times wanted for it with the ball, and provide valuable insurance if, or when, Baxter finally begins to lose some of his signature speed.

Spin bowlersBornBattingBowlingBoardTest statistics
Sarah Ashe30 August 1994, CrabbleRight-hand batRight-arm off breakNew Hibernia26 Tests, 652 runs at 18.11, 89 wickets at 20.20
Terry Stephen Frederick Gibbs17 November 2001, SuttonRight-hand batRight-arm leg breakSutton & Avalon4 Tests, 4 runs at 1.00, 9 wickets at 36.67
Jonathan Peter Engels Iddon12 January 1994, FoxdaleRight-hand batRight-arm leg breakBradford14 Tests, 238 runs at 11.90, 40 wickets at 30.13
Naomi Anne Salisbury21 December 1992, WaterfallsLeft-hand batSlow left-arm orthodoxBradford48 Tests, 119 runs at 2.38, 204 wickets at 18.65

Finally, a transition from a relative desert of talent to a lush, bountiful rainforest. Plough Islander cricket has always been a game of spin and flight, with almost every club bowler capable of turning the ball. Even without the part-time efforts of batters like Tyrie and Weaver; if any player not covered in this article is to play a Test in 2024, they would probably be a young spinner, with Sutton & Avalon left-armer Robin Vowles, Bradford tail-end hero Andrew Rennie, and the two-fingered mystery bowler Laura Geddes from Swift all reasonable choices.
Most of those that are covered will be familiar - the figures of Naomi Salisbury speak for themselves, and the bent-arm action of Sarah Ashe and the googlies of Jonathan Iddon playing out time and again on tape and radio in summers past, but this may be remembered as the "make or break" season for the forthright Terry Gibbs. His almost Icarian talent saw him nearly bowl the Young Foxes to an unlikely World 20-over Championship win in 2020, before drifting in and out of senior cricket as his form waxed and waned before eventually brightening into Test consideration last year.
Initial signs were good; he took 4-50 against a near full-strength Liventia side at Lainemouth in a warm-up match before wrapping up a first Test victory against the same opposition on debut. From there, though, his performances grew weaker, and he found himself out of the sport entirely before making an unlikely return to Foxes colours in South Newlandia earlier this year. Managing him mentally will be a challenge, and any pressure the young man must be feeling can only make the task harder, but Plough Islander cricket will be strengthened greatly if Weaver and Hendricks can get Gibbs bowling at his unplayable best.


G Forrester LHB
II Postukhov RHB
SLC Weaver (c) RHB RLB
AC Leggett RHB RLB
OD Fedorov LHB
J Scott (w) RHB
DV Andreyev RHB RFM
A Baxter RHB RFS
NA Salisbury LHB SLA


in the 2020 edition of their handbook, the Plough Islands Cricket Association wrote:
Pavilion End (north), Trotsky Avenue End (south)~20 000 capacity-2 to -3 style modifiers (first-class)

The premier showground and events space of the entire country - not just cricket - December Park Stadium sits in the colonial centre of the capital city, Sutton, within the park that gives the ground its name. In another time, this was Hanover Park; as the general layout of what was then Port Sutton began to take shape during the 19th century, several hectares of land were set aside that separated the warehouses and trading halls by the docks from the residential area towards the east, and named in 1815 after the then recent re-establishment of the Kingdom of Hanover as one of the British royal family's possessions. Since then, the park has been an important place in the lives of those living in Sutton, and by extension the entire colony; it has borne witness to many important occasions in the history of the Plough Islands, including the public sitting of the first Legislative Council in 1852 and, more recently, the violently suppressed Socialist rally on 11 November 1957 that ultimately led to the independence of the country three years later. Renamed December Park as part of the new era, the park continues to provide recreation for Suttoners today, even that small proportion who might not have visited the cricket ground.
The stadium sits in the southern tip of the park, just a few minutes' walk from the harbourside and overlooked by the Sutton Radio Tower and the government buildings on Lenin Avenue, and the first thing most visitors will see is the pavilion facade. This is a grand Georgian styled building on the northern side of the playing area that actually dates from much later than appearances would suggest, and was built in 1932 in commemmoration of a visit by a touring MCC team. Neoclassical detailing and white rendered columns mark out the players' entrance and spectator turnstiles, while decorative brickwork and wrought iron railings surround the spectator enclosures and the paddock below the structure itself, either side of the bowler's run up.
The pavilion sits in the shadow of the ground's two more modern main stands, which betray the scale of the stadium; sitting to the east and west, each wraps around about a third of the perimeter, and between them they house the main facilities of the Plough Islands Cricket Association and its associated bodies. Holding at least eight thousand people each, raised comfortably above the level of the outfield, and with a side profile resembling two scalene triangles balanced atop each other, these date from the early independence years and are triumphs of Modernist architecture, with the stone-faced roofs reflecting any sound back into the field and making a capacity twenty thousand strong crowd feel like ten times that on the first day of a Test. When the occasion demands, temporary seating can be fitted at the Trotsky Avenue End to accommodate extra people, but normally this is left open, with just the video scoreboard and sightscreen sitting in front of a row of Sutton pines marking the southern boundary of the park.
The pitch is well-used, and not just for cricket; even with the Sutton & Avalon Cricket Board splitting their matches between December Park and other grounds in the capital, there is nearly always some sort of cricket being played, be it competitively or as part of the Association's elite training programmes, and when there is not cricket it hosts political rallies, major speeches, and other events. Despite this, thanks to dedicated groundstaff and over a century of practice, the pitch tends to be good for play year-round; while the densely knit grass and lichen-heavy soil here are no different from the rest of the islands, regular rolling and conditioning normally produce a surface that gives pace bowlers a little more to work with than elsewhere, as Sutton native Andrew Baxter demonstrated when he took 5-35 in the Plough Islands' inaugural Global Cricket Federation Test against Lisander.
National team
Test rank: 6th
ODI rank: 1st
Commonwealth of the Plough IslandsPopulation: 139,550Golden age, revealed today
Because not all those
who wander are lost

See also: overview factbook

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South Newlandian Cricket Roster for the GCF World Test Challenge Season 14

TEST lineup (short, accessible)
1. Tia Saha (28, RHB)
2. Shivanya Tiati-Cross (29, LHB)
3. Raymond Davies-Wilson (29, RHB)
4. Panyin Banerjee (c) (31, RHB; Right, Pace)
5. Bush Pal (24, RHB; Right, Slow)
6. Sofia Gayakwad (21, LHB; Left, Off-spin)
7. Sara Debnath (27, RHB)
8. Gary Stealom (wk) (26, RHB)
9. Darsh Cauhan (25, RHB; Right, Medium fast)
10. Noam-Nivan Rai-Guillaume (25, RHB; Right, Pace)
11. Peter Robinson (33, LHB; Left, Wrist (leg) Spin)

Ayaan Miller (25, LHB; Left arm Swing)
Ruhaan Wilson (31, RHB)
Krish Alam (29, RHB; Right, Slow)
Kanha Jha (27, LHB; Left, Off-spin)
Charles Richardson (wk) (27, RHB)

The players (long, in alphabetical order)
Krish Alam – All-Rounder - Age 29 – Bats Right – Bowls Right, Slow – Home Town: Elephant Valley
Alam is one of two players making their first appearance on a South Newlandian cricket roster. He’s been a dependable player for years, but just doesn’t quite have any stand-out traits, and has a reputation as a poor defender. The Elephants, believing they might be able to use some more slow bowling, are carrying him on their roster, and he is pretty likely to get a chance to at least prove himself against the Young Foxes.
Panyin Banerjee – Captain - All-Rounder - Age 31 – Bats Right – Bowls Right, Pace – Home Town: New Colk
The star of this team, if there can be such a thing for the fledgling Ellies, is the All-Rounder Panyin Banerjee. While the beginning of his prime was swallowed up by the Elephants refusing to attend cricket for eight years, he is a strong player batting and bowling. His batting skill definitely stands out more - his unique style, threatening a boundary at any moment, will make him a threat. He is also one of the better South Newlandian bowlers. Barring injury, there is almost no chance this team will ever play without him.
Darsh Cauhan – Bowler – Age 25 – Bats Right – Bowls Right, Medium fast – Home Town: New Colk
Cauhan is not an elite bowler, but he can do slightly more with the bat than the rest of the tail. As a bowler, he tends to be aggressive, always looking to bowl out his opponents; this can lead to catastrophe often, but in the right spot, it could come up huge. Although he is still known to be a high-risk high-reward player frequently, he’s noticeably settled down as he’s gained experience.
Raymond Davies-Wilson – Batter – Age 29 – Bats Right - Home Town: New Colk
Even in South Newlandia, you will find some cricket purists who do not like to engage with the shorter formats. Davies-Wilson comes from such a family, and although this position is pretty tough to hold down in South Newlandia, they persist. The New Colk native is a solid batter and better fielder, and played well in the first ever South Newlandian Test at the Elephant Rock.
Sara Debnath – Batter – Age 27 – Bats Right - Home Town: Elephant Valley
Debnath has only recently ascended into national team consideration after a slow start to her career. Like many players from outside of New Colk, she grew up playing baseball. Debnath definitely still lacks a lot of experience, but will be a very interesting addition. Some people also like to confuse her with Sofia Gayakwad. I’m some people.
Sofia Gayakwad – All-Rounder – Age 21 – Bats Left – Bowls Left, Off-Spin - Home Town: New Colk
According to many, Gayakwad will be the player leading the new generation of Elephants to cricketing relevance. The young All-Rounder certainly has a lot of talent promising a bright future, but the 20-year old also definitely needs time. For now, she’s a bigger threat as a bowler, but has also shown upside with the bat. Her skillset is also better suited for the longer formats, and she proved that as the standout player for the Elephants at the Elephant Rock test against Sylestone, when she was clearly the best player for the Ellies.
Kanha Jha – Bowler - Age 27 – Bats Left – Bowls Left, Off-spin – Home Town: New Colk
The other new face, Jha is a solid bowler who has really struggled with the bat in his hands. Despite that, the upside’s there, but he might never fully develop into a player the Elephants can depend on while testing. He’s come from a rich family and will refuse to play any limited-overs match.
Ayaan Miller – Bowler – Age 25 – Bats Left – Bowls Left, Swing – Home Town: New Colk
The left-handed player is a skilled bowler, but also an excellent defender, who can be counted on to make the important catches, but he’s unlikely to get tested in the real opportunities on this trip
Bush Pal – All-Rounder – Age 24 – Bats Right – Bowls Right, Slow - Home Town: New Colk
Pal is the other youngster with enormous potential on the team. He’s an extremely talented All-Rounder from New Colk, and although he still lacks some experience, he’s an excellent batter and bowler. The fielding could still use some work, but he’s still on pace to become a star by South Newlandian cricket standards – even after struggling internationally so far.
Noam-Nivan Rai-Guillaume – Bowler – Age 25 – Bats Right – Bowls Right, Pace – Home Town: Elephant Valley
Rai-Guillaume is a young, talented bowler, who seems to have a special ability to just seemingly never tire out. Even though he isn’t the most efficient bowler, the fact that he can be counted on to bowl lots and lots of overs makes him an excellent asset to this test team.
Charles Richardson – Wicketkeeper – Age 27 – Bats Right – Home Town: New Colk
The backup wicketkeeper is not a player the Ellies are hoping to use, as Richardson is a reasonably decent defender, but horrible with the bat. If he would be forced into action by an injury to Stealom, he might be batting as low as ninth or tenth. Still, it seems smart to bring a backup wicketkeeper; there aren’t that many flights from South Newlandia to the Plough Islands.
Peter Robinson – Bowler – Age 33 – Bats Left – Bowls Left, Wrist (leg) spin – Plays for Betham Dogs in Sylestone – Home Town: New Colk
The best bowler for South Newlandia had made the original teams when he was very young, and managed to earn a steady income with the Betham Dogs. An experienced, deliberate bowler, he is one of the best options for the Elephants to bowl a huge spot. He’s definitely a co-captain in spirit.
Tia Saha – Opener – Age 28 – Bats Right – Home Town: New Colk
Tia Saha is a pretty solid bat from New Colk, the home of South Newlandian cricket. She tends to play more cautiously, wary of putting her team into an early hole. One of the young talents of South Newlandian cricket, she is also an agile, solid defender. She’s not the most explosive bat, but certainly a tough out.
Gary Stealom – Wicketkeeper – Age 26 – Bats Right – Home Town: New Colk
Wicketkeeper will undoubtedly be a weakness for this team, as Stealom is a middling defender at best. He can hold a bat, but don’t expect him (or anyone beyond him in the order) to win you a game. If South Newlandia would have a better option to keep wicket, they’d probably use it.
Shivanya Tiati-Cross – Opener – Age 29 – Bats Left – Home Town: New Colk
Tiati-Cross has distant roots in Sylestone, but nevertheless grew up in New Colk, and was thus close to cricket throughout her youth. She is the typical no-nonsense bat that a team of this calibre needs, and has been displaying some exceptional leadership and shot selection. She’s also a good fielder, unlikely to drop many catches.
Ruhaan Wilson – Batter – Age 31 – Bats Right – Home Town: New Colk
Wilson is a pretty forgettable player all around. Relatively unassuming, that matches his play style; decent with the bat, decent fielder, not very notable otherwise. The Elephants will rely on players like him to make an impact if they want to succeed in Sylestone.

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“Look, Sofia”, Panyin Banerjee told his teammate on the flight from Elephant Valley to Avondale. “It’s pretty simple. The Plough Islands are basically just like South Newlandia”. “Except they’re in Anaia, right?”, Sofia Gayakwad asked. “Yes. But otherwise, same thing. And they have foxes instead of elephants. No other differences though”. “Anaia and Foxes, got it”. Sofia thought for a moment. “Well, and they also have cricket as a their favourite sport”, she added. “You’re right, but that’s just a different bat-and-ball sport. So basically the same thing”, answered team captain Panyin Banerjee. “That’s fair. And, I believe, they also have socialism instead of the handwave thing we got over on Elephant Island”. “You’re not wrong, Sofia. So yeah. Anaia, Foxes, Cricket, Socialism”, Panyin added. “Same thing other than that”. “Okay, but they do also have a bunch of little islands instead of a big one, if I am reading this map correctly”, added Sofia, looking at a map of Anaia on her pamphlet, squinting to make out the features of the nation that would soon host them for cricket. “And they also drive on the left”. “Well”, countered Panyin, “South Newlandians tend to not drive at all. But fair, you’re right.” Panyin began counting on his fingers, “so it’s Anaia, Foxes, Cricket, Socialism, Little Islands, and”, Panyin paused, realising that he’d run out of fingers, “and driving on the left. But it’s the same otherwise”. “Yeah”, Sofia replied. “Just like South Newlandia. Except different”. “Except different”, Panyin confirmed. “Oh, it also says here they were colonised by the British”, Sofia added, still reading the pamphlet. “What country is that?”, asked Panyin. “I don’t know. Probably some forgotten team that competed in World Cups in the mid-60s and hasn’t done anything else of relevance since”, Sofia replied. “Audioslavia?”

“Okay, so tell me something about the Plough Islander cricket team. You’ve played them once, I understand?”, Sofia was curious to learn more from her captain on the flight from Avondale to Koroa City. “Yeah, we’ve matched up with them in the Espo T20, but that was a pretty different team”, he explained. “Why’s that?” “Well, the Plough Islanders don’t really like the T20 format very much, but they were persuaded to attend because the SNAC asked them nicely”, Panyin continued. “Is that also the reason why we’re currently on the way there?” “Yup, you got it, Sofia. So, they sent a young, inexperienced team with players that usually wouldn’t play for them, but they had a blast in New Colk”, Panyin elaborated. “I remember watching that game from home. We didn’t get tickets to it, unfortunately, but the Plough Islander team was my favourite to watch. They were just having a blast out there”, Sofia remembered. “Yeah, they sure did”, Panyin replied. “And they did well for themselves, too. Including a win over the Elephants. They got really unlucky that they just happened to finish fifth despite winning four of their seven games. I would have loved to watch them in the semi-finals.”

“And what’s this match against the ‘Young Foxes’? What’s up with that?”, Sofia asked, pretending not to know for the benefit of exposition, now on a flight from Koroa City to Sutton. “So, as far as I can tell, the Plough Islanders were worried they’d beat us up really bad in the three tests we’ve got scheduled against their senior team”, he replied. “Reasonable fear, of course. You could hardly get a more green team to visit”, Sofia said. “Yeah. They probably want to make sure we have a test where we at least have a chance. So, they have us playing against some of their young talented players who aren’t quite ready for the big team yet”. “Well, they’ll make eyes when we get blown out by the Plough Islands before even actually playing the Plough Islands”

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Liventia prepare to welcome Test returnees after missing out on Sharktail sweep
SCHIMPOL— Liventia return home for the first of two Test cricket series on Liventian soil this season following an underwhelming draw against the lowest-rated GCF Full Member team Sharktail.

The Red-and-Gold are currently rated first in the world in Test cricket after Gruenberg's return to isolation, but were unable to convert their dominance against Sharktail into victory on a lifeless, flat pitch in the second Test.

However, with the Sharktail series the only one planned on the road this year, Matt Goudreau's men now return home for two Tests against Test match returnees The Kytler Peninsulae before a mid-season break.

The Island Cricket Arena and Park Central Oval, two of Liventia's more picturesque grounds, have been selected for this series, although the two could not be more different. Schimpol is known as a bowler-friendly ground, with the sea breeze and cooler conditions aiding seam movement; Orean is known as one of the more batting-friendly tracks in the country.

With the Kytlerians no stranger to Test cricket, Liventia's selectors have gone for a full-strength side for the short two-match series. Brad Kerr, approaching the twilight of his international career, is set to lead the attack alongside Josh Huws as the Red-and-Gold go for just two out-and-out bowlers, instead preferring to rely on their vastly experienced all-rounders with runs expected to flow, especially at Park Central.

Following the series, Liventia will play a series of practice matches against local sides before a three-match home series against Baggieland, familiar opponents in the shorter form of the game, to close out the season.

[RP cutoff.]
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