Campionato Esportiva 38 — Everything Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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Campionato Esportiva 38 — Everything Thread

Postby Riena » Thu May 23, 2024 8:01 am


Campionato Esportiva 38 — Riena & Doubeia
Everything thread | Host bid | Previous edition | CE rankings | Signup/OOC thread

Riena and Doubeia are proud to welcome you to our shores for the 38th edition of Esportiva's flagship football tournament, the Campionato Esportiva.

Pots and group draw
Pot 1: Riena, Doubeia, Sylestone, Tumbra, Xanneria, Josifovo
Pot 2: Fhulghamous Peninsula, Natanians and Nosts, TJUN-ia, Lozho, Dod Rava, Eshialand
Pot 3: Macbon, South Newlandia, Damukuni, Esportivan Darmen, Kamijiro, Irithoren
Pot 4: Gouvanarch, Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom, Hapilopper, Kita-Hinode, Schimata, The 14 Stars
Pot 5: Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva, Vielfaltig, Mattheland, Osterhalten, Restresas, Slembana

Groups A-C will play in Riena; Groups D-F will play in Doubeia.

Group A: Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva, South Newlandia, Riena, The 14 Stars, Natanians and Nosts
Group B: Kita-Hinode, Irithoren, Eshialand, Mattheland, Xanneria
Group C: Gouvanarch, Lozho, Tumbra, Osterhalten, Damukuni
Group D: Esportivan Darmen, Doubeia, Fhulghamous Peninsula, Schimata, Slembana
Group E: Restresas, Sylestone, Macbon, TJUN-ia, Hapilopper
Group F: Josifovo, Vielfaltig, Kamijiro, Dod Rava, Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom

    Procedural notes
    • Riena and Doubeia were included in Pot 1 as hosts; both teams will be allocated one matchday's worth of bonus in lieu of home advantage.
    • Riena was automatically drawn into the first group in the Riena half of the tournament (scorinated by Doubeia); Doubeia was automatically drawn into the first group in the Doubeia half of the tournament (scorinated by Riena).
    • The first- and second-placed teams in each group, as well as the four best third-placed teams overall, will qualify for the knockout stages.
    • Tiebreakers are, in order of precedence — points, wins, H2H points, H2H GD, GD, scorinated match based on roleplay bonus (with draws off).
Tournament schedule
Matchdays will be scorinated every other day. The hosts reserve the right to alter the schedule from the knockout stages onwards, in consultation with remaining participants, to expedite the conclusion of the tournament.
Scorination cutoffs will take place between 1400-1500 UTC.

Matchday 1 (29 May): 2 v 5, 3 v 4
Matchday 2 (31 May): 5 v 3, 1 v 2
Matchday 3 (2 June): 3 v 1, 4 v 5
Matchday 4 (4 June): 1 v 4, 2 v 3
Matchday 5 (6 June): 4 v 2, 5 v 1
Round of 16 (8 June): Fixtures
Quarterfinals (10 June): Fixtures
Semifinals (12 June): Fixtures
Final/3PPO (14 June): Fixtures

Roleplay permissions and style mods
In NS Sports, it is considered a common courtesy to specify your roleplay permissions for anyone else who might wish to interact with, or otherwise describe what happened to, your players, members of your entourage, or indeed any of your characters.

You can specify your roleplay permissions however you wish, but the most common way of doing so is by using a roleplay permissions box, which you can modify as necessary to meet any specific requirements you might have (such as no career-ending injuries, no more than one red card per match, etc.).
Alternatively, you can skip the standard permissions box and simply briefly describe what permissions you are willing to grant. Examples of both the standard roleplay permissions box and the descriptive roleplay permissions box are provided below for your reference.

Code: Select all
[b]My opponent, if they roleplay first, may do the following:[/b]
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
Roleplay injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Issue yellow/red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

Code: Select all
[b]Roleplay permissions[/b]
I give my opponents permission to roleplay anything within reason, except for cycle- or career-ending injuries and/or death of my players.
If you think a particular event may be too unrealistic or outlandish, feel free to contact me either via telegram or Discord to discuss. You can also contact me if you need me to furnish further details for your roleplay.

Generally included together with a roleplay permissions box, a style modifier or style mod is a way for you to specify your team's style — i.e. how defensive or attacking you want your team to be.
Standard style mods range from -5 (most defensive style possible) to +5 (most attacking style possible); any number between -5 and +5 is a valid style mod. Please note that if you do not include a style mod with your roster, your team will be assigned a default style mod of 0.

Roleplay bonuses, penalties and prompts
Please note that a 50% rank penalty will be applied to teams who fail to post a roster before matchday 1; this penalty will be in effect until such time a roster is posted, whereupon the penalty will be removed, the roster graded, and the corresponding roster bonus applied.
Roleplay prompts will be provided at intervals throughout the tournament to enhance the experience, but acknowledgement of the same will not be compulsory, and will not entail the award of additional bonus beyond what a given roleplay merits.
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Postby Riena » Thu May 23, 2024 8:02 am


Your Handy Travellers' Guide to Campionato Esportiva 38 — Riena
All you need to know to make your trip to the Tranquil Isles a rich and fulfilling experience

Welcome to Riena
As one of the hosts of Campionato Esportiva 38, Riena bids one and all a hearty welcome to our sunny shores. This short and simple guide is written with the intention of ensuring that our footballing brethren from across the region are able to enjoy the experience that is the Campionato to the fullest while in Riena, and is distributed free of charge to all foreign nationals entering Riena for the purpose of participating in the Campionato Esportiva, including participating playing and coaching staff, accredited members of the media, and bearers of valid tickets for any Campionato Esportiva 38 match(es).

The Riennese archipelago comprises just over a thousand islands, but the majority of its land area is limited to eight distinct geographical regions, or prefectures, named for the eight largest islands in the archipelago. These are, in descending order of land area — Rinkai, Suenaga, Karen (pronounced kalen, never karen), Kirishima, Yūki, Reinan, Natsumi, and Hyūga. The local climate ranges from a humid, tropical rainforest climate in the southernmost regions of Reinan and Natsumi, to a cool humid continental climate in Kirishima, the northernmost region. However, the majority of Riena lies within a warm, humid subtropical climate zone, with warm summers and mild winters.

Host cities and venues
The Riena Football Association has designated the following six stadia as host venues for the Campionato Esportiva. For the Riena half of the tournament, each group will play in two different stadia, both located within one of Riena's eight prefectures. Information about host cities and venues follows below.

    Group A will play their matches in Riena's capital city, Nagato, and Funami, Rinkai.

    • Silver Spirit Dome, Nagato (52,000)

      • Matchday 1 — South Newland versus Natanians and Nosts
      • Matchday 2 — Natanians and Nosts versus Riena
      • Matchday 3 — Riena versus Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva
      • Matchday 4 — Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva versus The 14 Stars
      • Matchday 5 — The 14 Stars versus South Newlandia
    • Funami Metropolitan Stadium, Funami (42,500)

      • Matchday 1 — Riena versus The 14 Stars
      • Matchday 2 — Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva versus South Newlandia
      • Matchday 3 — The 14 Stars versus Natanians and Nosts
      • Matchday 4 — South Newlandia versus Riena
      • Matchday 5 — Natanians and Nosts versus Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva
    Group B will play their matches in Hanamaru and Maihama, Suenaga.

    • Hanamaru Athletic Stadium, Hanamaru (44,500)

      • Matchday 1 — Irithoren versus Xanneria
      • Matchday 2 — Xanneria versus Eshialand
      • Matchday 3 — Eshialand versus Kita-Hinode
      • Matchday 4 — Kita-Hinode versus Mattheland
      • Matchday 5 — Mattheland versus Irithoren
    • Minami Arch, Maihama (55,000)

      • Matchday 1 — Eshialand versus Mattheland
      • Matchday 2 — Kita-Hinode versus Irithoren
      • Matchday 3 — Mattheland versus Xanneria
      • Matchday 4 — Irithoren versus Eshialand
      • Matchday 5 — Xanneria versus Kita-Hinode
    Group C will play their matches in Anzumori and Yarizakura, Karen.

    • Seaside Field, Anzumori (48,500)

      • Matchday 1 — Lozho versus Damukuni
      • Matchday 2 — Damukuni versus Tumbra
      • Matchday 3 — Tumbra versus Gouvanarch
      • Matchday 4 — Gouvanarch versus Osterhalten
      • Matchday 5 — Osterhalten versus Lozho
    • Eternal Summer Dome, Yarizakura (45,000)

      • Matchday 1 — Tumbra versus Osterhalten
      • Matchday 2 — Gouvanarch versus Lozho
      • Matchday 3 — Osterhalten versus Damukuni
      • Matchday 4 — Lozho versus Tumbra
      • Matchday 5 — Damukuni versus Gouvanarch

Team liaison officers
In order to ensure that all participating teams can enjoy a pleasant experience during their time in Riena, each team scheduled to play in Riena for the duration of the Campionato Esportiva will be assigned a team liaison officer. These team liaison officers will act as the designated point of contact with the Riena Football Association, and officials of participating teams are encouraged to consult their assigned team liaison officer in the event they require any assistance. A full list of team liaison officers for each of the fourteen teams playing in the Riena half follows. As the final is scheduled to be played in Riena, a team liaison officer will be assigned to the Doubeinese half finalist upon the conclusion of the semifinals.

  • Group A

    • Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva — Makoto Kitamura (25, F)
    • South Newlandia — Hikaru Akamatsu (37, M)
    • The 14 Stars — Jun Komatsu (29, M)
    • Natanians and Nosts — Reika Takayanagi (32, F)

  • Group B

    • Kita-Hinode — Yuzuru Kanayama (24, F)
    • Irithoren — Kana Sugiura (29, F)
    • Eshialand — Erika Yukawa (24, F)
    • Mattheland — Hayato Furuhashi (35, M)
    • Xanneria — Keisuke Maruo (29, M)

  • Group C

    • Gouvanarch — Yukari Akatsuka (27, F)
    • Lozho — Ryo Igarashi (23, M)
    • Tumbra — Shiori Herriot (23, F)
    • Osterhalten — Noeru Ikaruga (27, F)
    • Damukuni — Akemi Gallagher (30, F)

  • Doubeinese half

    • Doubeinese half finalist — Shion Kurihara (25, F)

Travel and transportation
Transportation infrastructure in Riena, especially with regards to public transport, is highly efficient and developed. Most major cities and municipalities are connected via a series of high-speed rail networks funded and maintained by the Riennese state, and metropolitan areas are predominantly serviced by local metro networks and electric buses. As a result of the comprehensive transportation network, private vehicles such as cars and motorcycles are rarely seen on the streets of Riena, and indeed these vehicles are more expensive to rent or purchase; prohibitively so in some cases. For those who prefer to get some exercise, walking or bicycling are valid options. All major Riennese metropolitan areas, cities, and towns have sprawling multi-use path networks for the use of pedestrians and cyclists, and bicycles are available for rent at standardised rates throughout the country.

As for travel between Riena's many islands, state-owned and private ferry operators provide shuttle services between major ports and transportation hubs at regular intervals throughout the day at an affordable cost, while domestic flights, while not as affordable or frequently available, are also an option. Smaller travelling parties who value their privacy and have considerable financial means may choose to charter a private ferry or plane for such travel, though availability of the same may be conditional or restricted, depending on weather and other circumstances. For those making their way between Riena's two largest islands, Rinkai and Suenaga, a subterranean tunnel provides convenient road and rail connections. Please visit the website of the relevant transit authority for more information on applicable fees and charges.

The Riena Football Association will provide transportation for all participating playing, coaching, and auxiliary staff upon arrival in Riena, on matchdays, and for all official Campionato Esportiva 38 events and functions. However, transportation will not be arranged outside of these listed cases. Esportivan football associations planning to arrange for private transportation within Riena during the Campionato are recommended to contact either the Riena Tourism Bureau, the Riena Football Association, or the corresponding tourism authority in their assigned host city, ensuring that they clearly identify themselves, for a free consultation regarding their travel plans or itineraries. Foreign supporters are welcome to call the Riena Tourism Bureau hotline or visit the nearest tourism information center if they require any tourism-related assistance. All visitors are encouraged to make full use of Riena's public transportation during their stay.

Accommodation and other facilities
The Riena Football Association will provide accommodation for all participating playing, coaching, and auxiliary staff. In addition, members of every participating team will be granted access to state-of-the-art training facilities for their exclusive use for the duration of the tournament. Participating teams are free to make alternative arrangements in consultation with the Riena Football Association, but please bear in mind that the Riena Football Association will not bear, subsidise, or be liable in any way for any costs, damages or injuries incurred as part of any alternative arrangement. Teams should contact their assigned team liaison officer for more details.

The average supporter will find many accommodation options in the vicinity of host stadia, but due to an anticipated influx of tourists due to the Campionato Esportiva, supporters wishing to secure accommodation are advised to do so well in advance of their trip to Riena in order to ensure availability. Those looking for hotel options will find two- to five-star establishments in every host city. For those operating on a limited budget, you may have luck seeking room and board at local hostels, which usually let communal bed space at a comparatively affordable rate, or low-cost homestays.

During your stay in Riena, please be courteous and respectful of local norms and customs. Please also be advised that all misdemeanours and crimes committed by foreign nationals on Riennese soil will be prosecuted to the extent that Riennese laws allow. In the event that you require further assistance, you are advised to contact either the Riena Tourism Bureau or your local diplomatic mission.
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Postby Doubeia » Thu May 23, 2024 8:03 am

Welcome to Doubeia! :clap:

Information about Doubeinese subdivisions and cities can be found here! Doubeia's location in Esportiva can be seen here!

A General Overview and History
Doubeia is one of Esportiva's newest nations, having only been independent for a little more than a year. A vast nations spanning more than a million square kilometres, Doubeia is home to 101 million people, a substantial portion of which are recent immigrants or expatriates. The nation borders Kita-Hinode to the east, Nekoni to the west and Willowa* to the south. The capital city, Queensland, is the oldest city in Doubeia, while Solvecere is the largest Doubeinese city in terms of area and population. Doubeia is split into three distinct regions: East Doubeia, West Doubeia, and the Euthymian Islands. East and West Doubeia are split by the Strait of Doubeia, while the Euthymian Islands are an archipelago off the southern coast of East Doubeia. East and West Doubeia are further split into 20 subdivisions; the Euthymian Islands constitutes its own subdivision.

*OOC Note: ICly, Willowa is its own nation independent from Doubeia. In the most recent map of Esportiva, Doubeia covers what would have been Willowan territory.

Doubeia is the Esportivan outpost of a former Atlantean Oceanian nation, Twicetagria. Its history was marred by a centuries-long terror reign under the iron fist of the Krupin family. Doubeia, or New Tvoygrad as it was called at that time, was closed off to the outside world, and the nation's economy and standard of living dropped immensely. After a revolution and a short period of anarchy, New Tvoygrad was liberated by its southern neighbours WIllowa. During Willowan administration, the nation was renamed to Doubeia and saw a tremendous boost in its economy and standard of living. The birth rate dramatically rose to an all time high of 4.23, while the acquisition of West Doubeia from Tumbra would expand the nation's land area by twice its original size.

In the modern day, Doubeia is a fast-developing nation known for its agricultural products and picturesque nature. There has been a population shift from East to West Doubeia as more people are choosing to leave the more crowded cities in the east for a quieter, calmer life in the west. Additionally, Doubeia is home to many expatriate communities that hail from nations all over the multiverse, especially Huayramarca, Hapilopper and Tumbra. Despite positive development rates, Doubeia still suffers from a lack of infrastructure, especially in the west where cities have only been inhabited for less than a century. Although crime rates are much lower than a century ago, there are a number of crime syndicates still operating across the country, especially in East Doubeia. Still, Doubeia hopes to combat these gangs to make it a safer place for both its citizens and potential investors.

Geography and Weather
Geographically speaking, Doubeia can be divided into two regions: mountaineous, and flat. There are two major mountain ranges within Doubeia: the Snezhnaya Mountains in East Doubeia, and the Montagnes in West Doubeia. The Snezhnaya Mountains can be found within the southern portions of Alventina, Sherstie and Southeast Doubeia; the Montagnes stretch across Montagne, Ruggland and Ginnagne, and it contains the tallest peak in Doubeia, Mount Skybreak (6349 metres). The mountainous regions are marked by the rugged terrain and the lush black forests that can be found coating the slopes of mountains at lower altitudes. The closer you go towards the coast, however, the lower in altitude and the flatter in topography it gets. The flat regions are characterised by endless stretches of fertile prairies, and most Doubeinese cities are located in the flatter regions of Doubeia.

As the 38th Campionato Esportiva will be held during the summer, tourists are advised to pack lighter clothing. Additionally, rain is expected to pick up during this period, especially along the coast, so supporters are recommended to bring umbrellas or ponchos. The altitudes of all stadia do not exceed 1000 metres above sea level.

Staying in Doubeia: Travel, Accommodation, and Safety
Doubeia is accessible by air or sea only; road access is only permitted through Willowa. Doubeia has a highly extensive road network, so expect most of your commute to be done on the road. Most cities that are either not the state capital or below 700,000 in terms of population are unlikely to have an airport or a nearby airstrip. The only international airport in Doubeia thus far is Queensland; transferring onto a domestic flight at Queensland is necessary to get to West Doubeia. Thus, a number of host cities are not directly accessible by air, and supporters must drive or board a bus to their destinations. Intercity and interstate train links are scarce. However, a high speed train network is currently under construction across the entirety of East Doubeia, so expect to see some construction going on during your road trips. Most major cities in Doubeia have some semblance of a public transport network, with either buses or trams as their go-to option. City metro systems are unfounded in Doubeia, although there are plans to build them in Solvecere and Fajar, the two largest Doubeinese cities.

Accommodation is readily available in all host cities, although quality of accommodation varies across different cities. Tourists are advised to look up reviews of a particular place before booking a stay there. Different cities have different cultures. However, a commonality across all Doubeinese cities is that most shops tend to close by 9.30 pm. Shops that might be open after include grocers, fast food restaurants and convenience stores. Stores tend to open at 10 am. Tourists are advised to plan their time accordingly. Most bars and clubs are open until early morning.

Most of Doubeia is relatively safe to travel to. Although organised crime is a problem in Doubeia, their presences are limited to urban areas, and even in cities they tend to stay away from areas tourists frequent. Tourists are still advised to stay clear of areas with crimorg (criminal organisation) presences to lower their chances of being robbed or assaulted. Kidnapping is not a rampant problem, but female tourists and children are highly advised to keep company with an adult male whom they are familiar with. Pruxxé casinos are infamous for being crimorg hideouts; tourists are highly advised to avoid them unless necessary. Doubeia's highly efficient military personnel and policemen will be ramping up operations in host cities to ensure the safety of supporters.

Laws and Regulations
Tourists and stadium-goers are advised to read up on Doubeinese law before arriving in Doubeia. Additionally, each state has its own set of laws. Foreign personnel arrested in Doubeia will be tried according to the state or national legislature, where applicable.

Cities and Stadia
Group D
Group D’s matches will be played in Queensland and Fajar. Fajar is accessible from Queensland by car, and the journey should take no longer than 3 hours.

Queensland is both the capital as well as the oldest city in Doubeia. Having existed for more than 700 years, Queensland is where the old meets the new. Queensland has many historical monuments that tourists can visit. Additionally, the National Museum and Rochy Library, both national monuments, can be found in Queensland. Tourists are to note that consuming alcohol is prohibited in public spaces. Any alcoholic beverages found in the possession of a game attendee will be confiscated. Games will be played in Town Hall Stadium which has a capacity of 65,928 seats.

MD1: Doubeia vs Slembana
MD2: Slembana vs Fhulghamous Peninsula
MD3: Fhulgamous Peninsula vs Esportivan Darmen
MD4: Esportivan Darmen vs Schimata
MD5: Schimata vs Doubeia

The second most populated city in Doubeia, Fajar is known for its entertainment industry. Many heavyweights in Doubeinese media such as Tsyganov Pictures, Blue Eyes, and Martis Records are all headquartered in Fajar. As the home of Doubeinese entertainment, many museums and galleries pertaining to the arts can be found in Fajar. Street graffiti and murals can be found on many buildings, and Fajar’s Central Business District houses many buildings with unique architecture. Games in Fajar will be played in Victoria Stadium which has a capacity of 52,967 seats.

MD1: Fhulghamous Peninsula vs Schimata
MD2: Esportivan Darmen vs Doubeia
MD3: Schimata vs Slembana
MD4: Doubeia vs Fhulghamous Peninsula
MD5: Slembana vs Esportivan Darmen

Group E
Group E’s matches will be played in Winterfalls and Port Pomeranian. Both cities are accessible by train and road. The train ride between the two takes 3.5 hours; driving between the two will take at least 7 hours as they are separated by a mountain range.

The highest host city in terms of elevation, Winterfalls lies smack in the middle of the Montagnes mountain range. Much like how Fajar is a hub for entertainment, Winterfalls is the place to go for winter sports and extreme sports. The sporting culture in the city is unparalleled in most places in Doubeia, and even if you’re there for football, you definitely won’t want to miss out on trying other sports as well. Games in Winterfalls will be played at The Igloo, which is shaped quite literally like an open-top igloo, and has a capacity of 41,957 seats.

MD1: Sylestone vs Hapilopper
MD2: Hapilopper vs Macbon
MD3: Macbon vs Restresas
MD4: Restresas vs TJUN-ia
MD5: TJUN-ia vs Sylestone

Port Pomeranian
In the otherwise sparsely populated West Doubeia, Port Pomeranian is the most populous city in the region. It is a major hub in West Doubeia, and many expatriate communities have settled in Port Pomeranian. It has a strong seafaring culture that is attributed to its origins as a port (which it still is). Despite its name, Pomeranians are not ubiquitous, although it is the city’s mascot. Games in Port Pomeranian will be played at Pomeranian Hub which has a capacity of 36,937 seats.

MD1: Macbon vs TJUN-ia
MD2: Restresas vs Sylestone
MD3: TJUN-ia vs Hapilopper
MD4: Sylestone vs Macbon
MD5: Hapilopper vs Restresas

Group F
Group F’s matches will be played at Ethelfled and Solvecere. The two cities are accessible via air and road. The flight between the two cities lasts about 2 to 3 hours. Alternatively, stadium-goers can choose to take an 8-hour drive between the two cities.

Ethelfled is lauded as having the best nightlife in Doubeia. Its pristine beaches and fun-packed atmosphere makes it a very popular destination for domestic tourists. The many bars and clubs that stretch the 3 kilometres Messagi Beach will make sure you’ll enjoy the entire night. Ethelfled boasts a beautiful skyline that stands out during the night; do board a ferry if you want some pictures to post on your social media! Games in Ethelfled will be played at Harriott Loft which has a capacity of 61,050 seats.

MD1: Vielfaltig vs Zeta Reka and Hugeltadom
MD2: Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom vs Kamijiro
MD3: Kamijiro vs Josifovo
MD4: Josifovo vs Dod Rava
MD5: Dod Rava vs Vielfaltig

The most populous city in Doubeia, Solvecere is the heart that keeps Doubeia going. The financial and commercial hub of the country, Solvecere boasts a higher standard of living than other cities. Solvecere is known for its nature and commercial parks sprinkled across the city, making it a go-to for nature lovers. Additionally, the Spyker Black Forest, one of the most picturesque nature reserves in Doubeia, is a 45 minute drive from Solvecere. Games in Solvecere will be played at Sirotkin Stadium which has a capacity of 73,127 seats.

MD1: Kamijiro vs Dod Rava
MD2: Josifovo vs Vielfaltig
MD3: Dod Rava vs Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
MD4: Vielfaltig vs Kamijiro
MD5: Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom vs Josifovo

Additionally, all stadia will be used for the knockout stages. The stadia for each knockout round will be announced at a later date.

Knockout Stages
The knockout stages will see two new stadii supporters can visit, both of them located in West Doubeia. Whilst some call this arrangement unnecessary, others think that this is all part of the government's plan to increase tourist revenue in West Doubeia.

The second-largest city in Montagne after Winterfalls, Huntbeast is known for its extensive history as a poaching settlement. The presence of animals considered rare to the Doubeinese such as grey wolves, wooly mammoths and the elusive two-tailed pink fox attracted many people looking to make quick money out of animals. The hunted animals were used (read: abused) for many purposes: taxidermy, pets, zoos, and even medicine. After the Doubeinese interim government banned poaching more than 60 years ago, the city started rebranding itself into a place where nature meets humans. The Montagnes mountain range is a stone's throw away, and you can go on a tour around the protected reserves scattered around the south of Huntbeast to see some really cute (but ferocious) animals! The !nTheW!ld adventure-park-and-reserve can be found within the city. You will probably see many displays of taxidermy especially in the old district; do stay away if you are uncomfortable with them. Games in Huntbeast will be played at Huntbeast Den which has a capacity of 59,197 seats.

SF: Osterhalten or Sylestone vs Hapilopper vs TJUN-ia

Picture a movie set maybe 20, 30 decades. Think about that "retro" aesthetic: neon billboards all over, vintage cars, analog computers instead of smartphones. Well, whatever your definition of "retro" is, Pruxxé will probably fit your description in more ways than one! The city in the northeastern tip of West Doubeia prides itself on being "stuck in time", with scenes such as a street full of neon billboards and roads of old cars common in the more popular ends of Pruxxé. Sounds extremely cliché, but that's what Pruxxé is! It's also home to the most prestigious casinoes and hotels in Doubeia, with many Doubeinese dreaming of flocking to Pruxxé to make a quick buck. Still, do stay away from the more remote, tourist-unfriendly areas as they are hotspots for criminal activity. Games in Pruxxé will be played at Stade de Pruxxé which has a capacity of 87,154 seats.

QF: Hapilopper vs TJUN-ia
3PPO: ? vs ?
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Postby Tumbra » Thu May 23, 2024 8:17 am

RP Permissions

Style Mod: -3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes. Maximum of 2 per match. I will decide length.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes. Maximum of 3. Any more must be matched.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes*. Maximum of 1. Any more must be matched.
Godmod other events: No.

Do not use pictures of RL players and claim they are my players.

COVID-19 does not exist in Tumbra.

*As a general rule, just let me know before doing something egregious. Don't know what egregious means, or unsure that what you want to do breaks
this line? Telegram me or message me on Discord. I'm on the NSS server.

The Black Eagles


The Tumbran National Football Team is Tumbra's main representative in all association football competitions for national associations. Making its debut at the 87th World Cup Qualifiers, the team currently ranks 5th in the world. The team is controlled by the Tumbran Football Federation, which is also the governing body of football in Tumbra. Also known as the Black Eagles, or affectionately the Eagles, the team competes in the World Cup and its related competitions. The team also participates in the Campionato Esportiva, also sends teams to the Di Bradini Cup for Under-21s, and the Under-18 World Cup. The team have won the 51st and 57th editions of the former tournament and the 13th and 21st editions of the latter tournament; which has led to a keen emphasis on bleeding youth into the national team set-up early. The senior national team's best performance, meanwhile, has been with a Final appearance at the 95th edition of the World Cup, but the finer details of that match will not be dwelt overly long on. With a loyal travelling contingent of supporters known as the Black Army, the Tumbran national team's support will be on display throughout this tournament, with lots of tifos and loud cheers expected throughout matches.

Coaching Staff
Pos            Staff Member          Age  Prev Club (role at club)
Manager Michael Campbell 44 Tavistock Athletic (player)
Asst Manager Michael Aitken 47 Straton (manager)
Coach (Atk) David Vowles 63 Hesham (coach)
Coach (Atk) James Anderson 42 Lion City (DAN, player)
Coach (Def) Isla Kincorick (SCT) 45 Hesham (player)
Coach (Def) Louis Paterson 41 Dartford Devils (DAN, player)
Coach (GK) Callum Randolph-Watts 59 Fraser Valley (coach)
Coach (SetP) Reinhard Geist (NPH) 49 Fraser Valley (player, then coach)
Coach (Fit) Alex Kristensen 40 Apollo (DAN, player)
Hd Perf Anal Julius Robertson 31 --
Perf Anal Roy Fielding 29 --
Hd Physio Lucy Reynolds 55 --
Physio Richard Harris 56 --
Hd Scout Josh Prentice 57 Serrapince (scout)
Scout Leo Hooper 39 Lanar (CMT, player)
Scout Nigel Erskine 39 Anomalies (CMT, player)
Scout Francis Evers 39 Portland Pirates (DAN, player)
Scout Desmond Clarke 72 Newark Argyle (manager, now freelancing because he was "bored" of being unemployed)

The Manager
Michael Campbell, formerly of Straton and Tavistock Athletic, was given the job almost as a sacrificial lamb after Tumbra sacked Peter Gabriel ahead of the 95th World Cup cycle; he was always intended to be an interim while the Tumbran Football Federation waited for a highly-rated foreign manager to open up. That, or waited for the Federation to determine if the international football programme was still financially worth it after a disappointing group stage exit in the 94th World Cup. But Campbell — relentlessly referred to as an interim everywhere — pulled through; going unbeaten in the qualifiers and making a miracle run to the Final, after winning an actual coinflip to determine whether Tumbra or Brenecia progressed to the knockout stages. Though he wasn't able to win the World Cup, Campbell has been vested with considerably more resources; including an actual assistant manager (longtime friend and former Straton team-mate, and later manager, Michael Aitken), and plenty of other coaches.

In press conferences, Campbell will always play down Tumbra's chances; they are never the favourites. At most, the game will be evenly matched; he holds an almost superstitious belief that to publicly state that his team is the favourite is to court a near-instantaneous comeuppance. An adherent to the Tumbran school of defensive, counterattacking football, Campbell follows in former Tumbran national team manager Yuan Zilai's footsteps; but crucially, prefers to set-up with two midfielders in a flat three rather than deploying an attacking midfielder. He's been touted as a manager who can go far, but as implied above, Campbell always redirects praise; instead choosing to foster an underdog mentality within his team, and of himself.

The Roster
No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps CS

1 GK Victoria Jones F 31 Lakewood City 62 36
12 GK Richard Russell M 31 Lakewood United 24 13
25 GK Branko Cvitkovic M 26 Serrapince 1 0

No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps Gls

2 LB Annie Renton F 30 Serrapince 82 0
18 LB Mátyás Boullogne M 24 Kingsbury United 3 0

4 CB Stephen Kerr M 31 Chromatik [CMT] 190 7
5 CB Wendy Pritchett F 29 Lakewood United 61 2
14 CB Yvonne Lawson F 27 St. John's Arsenal [QUE] 39 1
20 CB Benjamin Byrne M 24 Lakewood City 0 0
24 CB Hannah Edwards F 24 Columbia City 0 0

3 RB Tracey Mercurio F 30 Kingston [QUE] 95 1
19 RB Jude McCreary M 24 Newark Argyle 0 0

No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps Gls

6 CDM Trudy Harrison F 31 Chromatik [CMT] 199 4
15 CDM Lucas McCormick M 30 Lakewood City 65 0
23 CDM Heather Hindmarsh F 25 Newark Argyle 6 0

8 CM Victor Leighton M 27 Lakewood City 17 3
16 CM Stella Harrington F 25 Hesham 12 3
25 CM Rachel McLaren F 21 Straton 0 0

10 CAM Susan Monaghan F 31 Lakewood City 81 14

No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps Gls

7 LW Valerie Wells F 31 Lakewood United 161 28
17 LW Johan Berkenbosch M 19 FC Inter Nantwich 0 0

9 RW Lynne Crossley F 31 Crossroads [CMT] 126 26
21 RW Audrey Pearson F 27 Rülândéá Kôstä [RÜL] 42 12

No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps Gls

11 ST Charlotte Henshaw F 29 Lakewood City 85 42
22 ST Edward Maddison M 25 Avondale City [SYL] 16 10
26 ST Jean Starling F 24 Columbia City 0 0

Somewhat important note: I will endeavour to provide boxed call-up notices in each roleplay; so do look out for those. This is intended to be a general overview of who might or who might not be in that particular cutoff's squad.

Kits, courtesy of Kirola of Audioslavia


Most Likely To...
Left Corner Taker                           Valerie Wells/Victor Leighton/Mátyás Boullogne
Right Corner Taker Charlotte Henshaw/Audrey Pearson/Victor Leighton
Penalties Charlotte Henshaw/Trudy Harrison/Valerie Wells/Lynne Crossley/Audrey Pearson
Direct FK Taker Susan Monaghan/Mátyás Boullogne
Indirect FK Taker Tracey Mercurio/Edward Maddison
Most likely to foul/be booked Stephen Kerr/Trudy Harrison/Edward Maddison
Most likely to shoot Edward Maddison/Lynne Crossley/Charlotte Henshaw
Most likely to score from close-range Charlotte Henshaw/Audrey Pearson/Edward Maddison
Most likely to score from long-range Valerie Wells/Ian Robertson/Lynne Crossley
Most likely to be fouled Valerie Wells/Edward Maddison/Susan Monaghan
Most likely to attempt the spectacular Edward Maddison/Charlotte Henshaw
Tumbra - a sprawling, modern federal democratic republic located in Esportiva. Strong economy, strong civil rights, strong freedoms.
Population: 121 million | TLA: TMB | Capital City: Straton | Largest City: Couno
Constitution | Domestic Database | Domestic Football | Domestic Motorsports | Wiki Article
President: David Hardcastle (Labour) | Prime Minister: Bertram Andrews (Labour)
U-18 World Cup 13, 21 Champions/Di Bradini Cup 51, 57 Champions

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Postby The 14 Stars » Thu May 23, 2024 10:39 am

Starsian Football Team


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes (if its very big please let me know)

The Blue Wolves

Team Management
Coach: Coach: Keira Walcott (51) (Sylestone)
Assistant Coach: Christine Dunne (47)
Coach Attack: Victor Demonio (52)
Coach Defense: Klara Jenssen (41)
Coach Goalkeepers: Tom Feeney (39)

Team Medic: Elay Rodham (41)
Physio: Tessa Gardner (42)
Scout: Troy Rockwell (50)

The team

GK - Daniel O'Keith (30) Blizzard Academy (2 caps)
GK - Liv Dahl (23) Blue Lagoon
GK - Emily Davis (24) Avidia United Krytenia (15 caps)

LB - Petra Rafaelov (30) Amazona United (23 caps)
LB - Daniel Flores (20) Phoenix United
LB - Maddie Saturn (29) Equinox United (17 caps)
CB - Jade Williams (29) Blizzard Academy (16 caps 1 goal)
CB - Naimee Chiruchu (27) Ancient Forest FC (1 cap)
CB - Zachary White (21) Pegasus Orb
CB - Federico Zaratti (32) Phoenix United (40 caps)
CB - Gaelle Moreau (29) Rose Gryphon FC (2 caps)
CB - Freja Olsen (26) Pontmeosont Auprussia (4 caps)
RB - Eva Weber (25) Alexia Auprussia (6 caps 1 goal)
RB - Samir Arash (30) Desert Lions FC
RB - Grace Edwards (27) Pegasus Orb (15 caps)

LM - Ozan Karazhan (31) Desert Lions (10 caps)
LM - Malin Jansson (27) Storm Wolves
LM - Lina Hansen (22) Blizzard Academy (10 caps 1 goal)
CM - Beatrice Fiore (24) Pegasus Orb (1 cap)
CM - Samantha Lee (25) Cascade Academy (2 caps)
CM - Joy Sol (30) Equinox United (36 caps 4 goals)
RM - Layla Raharinaivo (30) Amazona United (36 caps 6 goals)
RM - Diego Ortega (28) Desert Lions FC (2 caps)
RM - Matthias Weber (24) Star Unicorn (1 cap)

LW - Joyce Villegas (33) Mount Olympus FC (36 caps 7 goals)
LW - Iris Olivier (21) Amazona United
LW - Elizabeth Phillips (26) Pegasus Orb (15 caps 4 goals)
ST - Chloé Simon (25) Rose Gryphon (3 caps 2 goals)
ST - Kai Schulz (28) Ancient Forest (15 caps 9 goals)
ST - Christian Fourseasons (33) Mount Olympus (27 caps 13 goals)
RW - Cristiano Almeida (27) Ancient Forest
RW - Rania Al-Abdullah (24) Desert Lions FC (2 caps)
RW - Kira Blade (34) Omega (76 caps 8 goals)

Team Information

Player Noted here below are regular starters, if under any cirucumstances they can't play any name can be filled in as long as its the same postion as the player who is missing.
If you are unsure on what to do you can always TG me.
Standard Line-up: (expected starters) if there is any diffrence in the line up i will let you know beforehand either through DM on discord or by TG on Nationstates.

GK - Emily Davis
LB - Maddie Saturn
CB - Federico Zaratti (Vice-Captain)
CB - Jade Williams
RB - Grace Edwards
LM - Lina Hansen
CM - Joy Sol
RM - Layla Raharinaivo
LW - Elizabeth Phillips
ST - Kai Schulz
RW - Kira Blade (Captain)


Recent history

The Starsian National Football Team is The 14 Stars's national squad in association soccer competitions for national associations across the entire multiverse world of soccer.
There have been alot of changes since their last appearance in the World Cup 91 qualifiers, the league was shortly abolished because it had imploded from financial issues.
With new teams and management the national team has gotten back on its feet and is currently led by Julian Saturn who achieved a series of good results first under Chromatik Rose Gabin and now took over the team making room for a new generation of players to place their mark on the team.

With years of abscence football has been losing popularity to the point it became dangerous, but now everything is back on track new players have been chosen and new names appear.
Former leading players have assumed leadership roles and are currently working hard to getting Starsian football back to its old form fierce and enjoyable as it always used to be.
With all those new faces the team lacks alot of experience and for many players their international experience is zero which will for the coming years put great pressure on those who have that experience like Kira Blade, Federico Zaratti, Christian Fourseasons and Joy Sol among others.

Now with world cup 96 on the doorstep many young players will make their debut on the international stage, it is hoped that our country will be able to keep up with the experienced nations.

Tactical Set-Up

The Starsian side is a very skilled team with a very high team chemistry and morale combining it with their quick paced game they are an opponent for all teams to watch out for due to their offensive style.
They play in a 4-3-3 which through the match can be changed to various other formations suiting the game that they play however they are an offensive team loving to have possesion of the ball.
It is know the Starsian team loves game control, taking the initiative and play their best, they are more willing to play a great game of soccer rather then simply getting a good result.

Left Corner Taker: Joy Sol
Right Corner Taker: Joy Sol
Penalties: Kira Blade
Direct FK Taker: Elizabeth Phillips
Indirect FK Taker: Layla Raharinaivo
Most likely to foul/be booked: Maddie Saturn
Most likely to shoot: Kai Schulz
Most likely to score from close-range: Kai Schulz
Most likely to score from long-range: Elizabeth Phillips
Most likely to be fouled: Kira Blade
Most likely to attempt the spectacular: Layla Raharinaivo

Star players

Grace Edwards
One of the many players of the new generation is Grace Edwards a defender but in modern style who can both join the attack and defend very well with her strong endurance.
Edwards started as a youngster in the youth teams and worked her way up to the first team both in the league and internationally only being held back by Sarah Nolan for many years being the preferred choice.
However with Nolans retirement from the national team now the time has come for Edwards to show the world her great skill and perhaps even soon assume a leading role as one of the first Gen-3 players to make the starting line-up.

Federico Zaratti
One of the very few players on the defense with some experience, Federico is the son of Gianna Zaratti who also played for our team and was a very good midfielder back in the old days.
Sadly Federico has seen the rise and fall of Starsian football and now has to deal with an inexperienced team that has quality but not the right mentality and is in a negative mood to some degree because of the past chaos.
Federico is a very skillled defender and most likely the best one currently around, many fans have their hopes on him that he can build with the new players on a strong defense.

Kai Schulz
Part of a new generation of player Kai Schulz had to have alot of patience in his younger days, players like Holly Moonlight and Christian Fourseasons were still around and preferred.
However as they get older it is time for this young man to rise, he was the topscorer in the youth squad years ago and scores a majority of the goals for his team in the league aswell.
Kai has a great positional game and knows where to be at the right time, he hopes to become the new ace striker for the team for many years to come as he currently is in the best form hes ever been in.
There is no doubt that Schulz is an inspiration to many young players watching right now, he is a role model for the new generation and is known to act like it aswell.

Kira Blade
Kira is a player that earns her spot here, there is no name on the team that can replace her among notable players.
Kira has the skill, the name, the experience and most importantly Kira has a very kind personality which she uses to elevate any team shes in to heights they never imagined to be possible.
In an earlier interview Kira has said she is planning on many more years and to also lead this new generation of players after her into the right way until they are able to take over.
Marcus Blade is her father and the president of the Starsian Football Association, people who believe shes mentioned because of her dad are very wrong.
Kira has won many titles and also awards on her name for best player and it even goes so far that she's been crowned the best player of the entire decade a decade which even Flare who is now retired was active in, Kira is the only player who played with the old veterans.

Team Kits




Stadium Information

All Starsian home matches will be played in the brand new, Starset stadium created for the national team only with the purpose on training, playing games and living at the complex.


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Postby Irithoren » Fri May 24, 2024 8:53 am

Irithoren National Football Team - Muntakhab Al-Irithoreni Likurat Al-Qadam - The Jerboas

.................. The Team ..................

1 GK Loulwa (f) Ard (IRIT, 33) - Al-Ettifaq
12 GK Rachid (m) Ard (IRIT, 29) - Al-Safra
23 GK Fares (m) Akhirunnahr (IRIT, 25) - Al-Faiha

2 DEF Nour (m) Qahwa (IRIT, 19) - Al-Soqur
3 DEF Chadi (m) Maraara (IRIT, 28) - Al-Shabab
4 DEF Saeed (m) Fiqawit (IRIT, 26) - Al-Ettifaq
5 DEF Karma (f) Akhirunnahr (IRIT, 24) - El-Akhthar
13 DEF Amina (f) Sharif (IRIT, 34) - Al-Nusur
14 DEF Jad (m) Dhanab (IRIT, 25) - Al-Amid
15 DEF Zayan (f) Safinah (IRIT, 26) - Al-Hudud

6 MID Zeina (f) Sabar (IRIT, 24) - Al-Shabab
7 MID Fares (m) Hajar (IRIT, 20) - Al-Hudud
8 MID Hazem (m) Sujaa (IRIT, 28) - Al-Hudud
9 MID Kayan (m) Faj'an (IRIT, 29) - Al-Ettifaq
16 MID Rania (f) Ayn (IRIT, 25) - Al-Ettifaq
17 MID Lina (f) Bahr (IRIT, 25) - Al-Shabab
18 MID Naya (f) Jaadal (IRIT, 24) - Al-Faiha
19 MID Saeed (m) Qaid (IRIT, 19) - Al-Amid

10 STR Sima (f) Sujaa (IRIT, 28) - Al-Ettifaq
11 STR Rima (f) Matar (IRIT, 24) - Al-Ettifaq
20 STR Hazem (f) Raml (IRIT, 22) - Al-Safra
21 STR Nael (m) Nizm (IRIT, 33) - El-Akhthar
22 STR Nour (m) Sal (IRIT, 29) - Al-Hudud

.................. The Formation ..................

Feel free to pick a starting XI and formation. When in doubt, you may run with a 4-4-2 1-11. Plans are for the team to play pretty narrow - Irithoren doesn't have a lot of flat, grassy areas, so our league plays on fields that are as small as the laws about field dimensions allow - and adventurous and a little individualistic. S Sujaa will be given free reign up front - the best striker in Irithoren though grizzled fans of Irithoreni football will never pass up the chance to say that the last good striker retired 30 years ago. This time, Sujaa will have even more freedom up front with only Matar or Raml circling around her to set her up to score. Sabar and Hajar have the midfield to themselves, with Alqamar providing experience. The idea is that players from the same team can help each other out a lot better. The midfield is the best line by far, while defence is a tad underappreciated, though Qahwa is an exciting talent that is already pushed to play more as a winger than a fullback, with moderate success in CE 37, but there's no reason to call this experiment off. Fiqawit and Maraara provide stability that is probably much needed. The Ard siblings on goal will have the older Loulwa starting but Rachid is not far off her level.

.................. The Jersey ..................

We play in dark green with a light trim. Our away jersey is the reverse: the light colour for most of the kit but with a dark green trim, numbers, etcetera.

.................. The Country ..................

We're a tiny country on a rocky outcropping/cape with a tad under half a million souls.

Most of us live in a long, stretched out town along the coast, which also functions as our capital, named Dhidiyah. Think narrow paved streets, warm summer afternoons/evenings, pot plant gardens along rows of stucco houses, lots of yellowish tones, and plenty of cats that must be someone's but they're just vibing on the warm outdoor surfaces (OOC: 'lofi girl' aesthetics).

Geographically, the inland is used for growing mediterranean crops like olives (and some coffee and tea) on small-scale farms. The town of Tabuhsa - just outside Dhidiyah - works as a local marketplace for most of our agricultural goods.

We're laid-back, but with a competitive edge, much like 'parent nation' Ko-oren. Irithoren has taken the meritocratic elements but we kept our own 'village head'-system, so local issues are sorted on a very small scale under the 'most apt' (and usually quite old) village head. National issues are solved by a surprisingly modern (but tiny) cabinet under a prime minister (Zeina Nayla Fizairdah).

Our other towns include Qawit, smack dab in the middle of the country with a small industrial sector, and Zairdah, on the border to the mainland. Around Dhidiyah we don't just find Tabuhsa, but also Hurasan, which is a separate coastal town that just barely doesn't touch the capital.

We aligned ourselves with Ko-oren a while ago, but we recently intensified those ties, fearing interference by larger Esportivan nations (read: Tumbra invading the northlands).

.................. The League ..................

The league (Al-Dawri Al-Irithoreni Likurat Al-Qadam or Irithoreni Football League) is an amateur league that includes all ten clubs in Irithoren. Four from the capital of Dhidiyah, one each from satellite towns Hurasan and Tabuhsa, a further three from industrial centre Qawit, and one from border town Zairdah. The ten clubs of the Irithoreni League.

Style mod: +2
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Give out yellow/red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

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Postby Mattheland » Sat May 25, 2024 8:11 am

Mattheland National Football Team
The Huskies


My opponent, if they roleplay first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes (Please contact, I am very open to ideas)
Roleplay injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No (Please contact, I am very open to ideas)
Issue yellow/red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes (Please contact, I am very open to ideas)

Style Mod: -1

The Mattheland National Team

No Pos Name Sex Age Club
1 GK Gostautas Laune M 35 FC Anderlare
2 GK Thomas Kyloris M 28 Club Vaarsu
22 GK Kellianne Glass F 26 Constantius

No Pos Name Sex Age Club
3 LB Addison Klarine F 30 VEF
4 LB/CB Matthijs Thorne M 24 Constantius
16 CB Adamas Parn M 26 Kitterie FC
5 CB Davidas Kalnietis M 29 Constantius
17 CB Maria Yarikowski F 22 Foreign Club
19 CB/RB Kaja Prydis F 24 Foreign Club
21 RB/RM Daina Olavarine F 28 VEF

No Pos Name Sex Age Club
19 LM Katerine Olanius F 31 Constantius
14 LM Lucasz Verkys M 22 FC Anderlare
8 CM Erek Eenpalu M 25 Portmarne FC
24 CM Markas Sandrune M 27 Foreign Club
6 CM Michal Ardan M 33 Foreign Club
7 CM Kadri Pallas F 24 Aristaqua Athletics
15 CAM Ausrine Hilotaite F 31 FC Anderlare
12 CAM Marceline Raholm F 27 Foreign Club
18 RM Varian Wallawski M 19 AC Lyco
10 RM Gavin Sztermer M 30 Aristaqua Athletics
23 RM Annia Mwowska F 27 Portmarne FC

No Pos Name Sex Age Club
11 ST Laima Verkys F 26 Kitterius FC
20 ST Edgaras Chevere M 27 Foreign Club
9 ST Kara Lehkki F 24 Aristaqua Athletics
13 ST Tomas Urtan M 37 Foreign Club

Team Description
The Mattheland National Football team is often a counter-attacking team playing either a straight 4-4-2 or a 3-5-2. Recently national team manager Nicloas Pocevicius has adopted the 3-5-2 more often utilizing the speed on the wings with players like Annia Mwowska and Lucasz Verkys. Up front expect to see the partnership of Kara Lehkki and Edgaras Chevere continue for each match of Mattheland's tournament. Lehkki's breakout performance in the league this past season with Aristaqua has led to a very succesful run in the national team bringing more pace up front to partner traditional hold up striker Edgaras Chevere. The technically gifted CAM Ausrine Hilotaite is without question the most important player to Mattheland's midfield and overall success. A four time league champion in Mattheland with FC Anderlare and Constantius, she is the fan favorite in the team. One area of contention is at goalkeeper where long time starter Gostautas Laune has come under pressure in the last year with a difficult season and a few glaring errors, Thomas Kyloris has made a number of starts recently and the writers and fans alike wonder if it may be a tournament too far for the aging Laune.

Expected Starting Lineup
GK #1 Gostautas Laune
CB #4 Matthijas Thorne
CB #16 Adomas Parn
CB #17 Maria Yarikowski
LM #14 Lucasz Verkys
CM #7 Kadri Pallas
CM #8 Erek Eenpalu
CAM #15 Ausrine Hilotaite
RM #23 Annia Mwowski
ST #20 Edgaras Chevere
ST #9 Kara Lehkki

Manager: Nicolas Pocevicius 47 years old, 10 years of management as First Team Manager
Formerly a manager at FC Anderlare and league champion for 3 consecutive seasons at Constantius, he has a history of a love-hate relationship with the press but will always come to the defense of his players. For the last 2 years has been trying to balance the old school national team mentality of soak up pressure and score on the counter, with a more modern approach balancing the technical ability of the current midfield players and the lack of top end talent that other nations have all over the pitch.

Mattheland is well known for their bright orange shirts on the field and that tradition continues this season and adds a blue and white diamond pattern.

Mattheland is a cold climate nation which is traditionally a winter sports nation and ultra competitive in Alpine sports, speed skating, bobsled and indoor sports. However in the last 30 years the Mattheland Football Federation has seen a lot of investment from the government to develop training centers and to build up a crumbling league structure. It has seen a decent amount of success in the last decade as players and managers have been getting recruited from abroad to gain valuable experience to bring back to Mattheland.
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Postby Esportivan Darmen » Sat May 25, 2024 3:53 pm

Esportivan Darmen Football Team
presented by the
Esportivan Darmen Football Association

All-time Record: 102 matches, 40 wins, 21 draws, 41 loses, 184 GF, 193 GA, .461 Win %
1 Junior Wheeler 90
2 Demyan Borisov 78
3 Deforest Allan 70
4 Davie Underwood 69
5 Gruffydd Kitchen 67
6 Meade Arterbury 56
7 Aubrey Arnold 52
8 Diederich Sonnen 48
9 Hendrix Seabrook 47
10 Sandy Larson 45

1 Demyan Borisov 49
2 Davie Underwood 26
3 Burt Joseph 14
4 Deforest Allan 8

5 Alban Rogerson 6
Hendrix Seabrook 6
Thomas Sims 6

Coaching Staff
Manager: Hartley Banks, 53
Assistant Manager: Brett Carr, 54
Goalkeeping Coach: Ryouichi Kamiya, 51

26 Player Roster
#  Pos Name                Age Club                            Caps Goals
1 GK Daniel Triggs 31 Guard FC (DAR) 0 0
2 LB Hollis Sydney 31 Johnho United (DAR) 32 1
3 LCB Kichirō Nakajima 33 Romanopolis United (DAR) 15 0
4 RCB Allen Dirix 27 Tempala United Saints (DAR) 16 0
5 RB Rorie Symonds 27 Olympique Chuckio (DAR) 22 1
6 LM Alban Rogerson 33 Chuckio FC (DAR) 32 6
7 LCM Moss Parks 33 Johnho United (DAR) 30 4
8 RCM Irwin Gilbert 25 Austin FC (DAR) 12 1
9 RM Dionne Averesch* 34 FC Dynamo Kalenda (DAR) 2 0
10 LF Fenton Alvey 34 Atlético Augusta (DAR) 14 3
11 RF Thomas Sims 30 Tempala United Saints (DAR) 13 6

12 GK Reggie Abrahams 28 Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC 0 0
13 LB Sommer Dean 26 Vogler City Force (DAR) 2 0
14 LCB Syd Croft 26 IFK Liverpool United (DAR) 2 0
15 RCB Denis Tyrell 35 FC Dynamo Kalenda (DAR) 13 0
16 RB Glendower Paris 35 FC Dynamo Kalenda (DAR) 21 1
17 LM Anna Mutton* 26 FC Dynamo Kalenda (DAR) 9 1
18 LCM Elmer Holland 33 Darmen City United (DAR) 18 4
19 RCM Nelda Oakley* 31 Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC 0 0
20 RM Femie English* 22 Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC 0 0
21 LF Anneliese Paulson* 32 Chippewa Valley United FC (DAR) 4 0
22 RF Jeptha van Can 24 Eau Claire United (DAR) 4 1

23 GK Hillary Terrell* 25 Earo United 0 0
24 LB Kit Althaus 35 Atlético Augusta (DAR) 17 0
25 LCM Borislav Sokolov 35 FC Dynamo Kalenda (DAR) 6 1
26 LF Riordan Summerfield 24 Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC 0 0

Formation: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: +1.25

As the number of Esportivan Darmenis playing in Darmen's top flight increases, the team's tactics have become slightly more complex than the old direct long ball approach. The team still relies largely on counter-attacking, but the midfield has grown in its ability to engage in longer periods of possession with quick passing that is so prevalent in the mainland.

Team Roles
Captain: Alban Rogerson
Vice-Captain: Hollis Sydney
Left Corner: Alban Rogerson
Right Corner: Rorie Symonds
Penalties: Thomas Sims
Free-kicks: Thomas Sims

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: YES! If you name your goal scorers, please also name mine.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, within reason.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes, within reason.
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Godmod Other Events: Yes, but please let me know first.

Also, sending TG's to Darmen will probably be the quickest way to get in contact with me if necessary.
Overseas Region of Esportivan Darmen
Regional President: Aston West (REP) | Capital: Cayo Costa | Population: 139,457 | Demonym: Esportivan Darmeni, Darmeni | Trigramme: ESD
Factbook (WIP)
Third: CE 12 (as Earo), CE 26 (as SEU), CE 28

Overseas Region of Darmen and successor state to the Southern Esportivan Union

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Postby Hapilopper » Sat May 25, 2024 7:57 pm

(NOTE: I am taking the very unusual step of posting an RP before my roster, but there's a reason for this. A roster will come in the next day or two.)

Garvinson Central Hospital, Garvinson
Several months before the Campionato Esportiva - a Tuesday, 9:15 in the morning

Dominic Probst, head of the Hapilopper Football Association and Thom Perkins, his right-hand man and former head coach of the Hapilopper National Football Team, got to Garvinson as soon as they heard the news. When they got to the hospital, they were greeted by a gloomy-faced Ernie Stevenson. The look on his face was just as dour as the day in general - gray, sad, depressing, almost as if an all-day rain was looming. Not a lot of words needed to be said. They saw Ernie shake his head as he made eye contact with the two gentlemen from Hapilopper City. The two looked at Ernie, saw the grim look on his face, and assumed the worst.

Nathan Ellis had been in very poor health for several months. He had been since that last Cup of Harmony that Ellis Football was in. He had worked himself beyond comprehension, and his body couldn't take it. Before that tournament, Nathan contracted double pneumonia, and several doctor's visits and a stay in the hospital couldn't fix it. The double pneumonia turned into something worse.

When they got to Nathan's hospital room, they could see he was still around, but not by much. He had been watching a stock car race on television. There wasn't much else on television. There wasn't much else to do.

Nathan had been in and out of Central Hospital for the last few months as his condition got better, then worsened, then got better, and worsened again. It seemed that he would be ready in time for the World Cup 96 qualifying campaign, but one night after watching a particularly obnoxious show on television, Nathan got viciously ill. He could barely breathe. He was coughing up blood. He drove himself to the emergency room.

A day later, members of Ellis Football, led by Ernie Stevenson, who had taken residence in Garvinson to check on his former teammate and friend, visited Nathan in the hospital. All of them decided that day that - without having Nathan around, they didn't want to participate in the next World Cup. This was his baby and it wasn't fair to him if he wasn't a part of it. But that, in the process, had the unfortunate effect of making Nathan sicker. Nobody knew why, and nobody knew how. It just did.

On this gloomy Tuesday morning, it had been the first time in months that Dom and Thom had seen Nathan, and they were stunned at what they saw. He was no longer the robust force of a man that dominated backfields and drove fear into the hearts of attackers. Instead, it looked like he barely had enough strength to lift himself. The illness he had suffered had taken a cruel, uncaring toll.

"Ellis, I... I..." Dom was trying to figure out the right words to say.

"You what?" Nathan quietly responded. "Spit it out."

His words were quiet, barely able to resonate with anyone.

"I'm sorry," Dom replied. "I wish there was something I could do."

"Nothing to do," Nathan said. "But better days will come."

For a while, nobody said anything. Nathan looked straight ahead at the television set, almost as if he was contemplating something. Almost as if he was thinking of what lay ahead for him. After a long time - a long time where silence filled the air, that silence only pierced by the television, Nathan took a deep breath, looked over at the three people next to his bed, and let them in on something.

"I got a board in my office, it said 'Win the whole fucking thing,'" Nathan said. "Do that for me. It won't be now, but do it for me. I can't do it. You can. Don't ever give up until you do. This thing kept me going. This thing kept me going."

Nathan stared back at the television set as the three men stood closer to him. Then he looked back at his three comrades.

"I don't know how you do it, I don't care how, but do it. That's my last ask of you," Nathan said. "I know you can do it. Win the whole fucking thing."

Nathan stared at the three men - Dom, Thom and Ernie, and grinned.

"Y'all did so much good for me," Nathan finished. "And I'll love y'all forever."

Nathan looked back straight, and stared straight ahead. A smile came about his face, and slowly, peacefully, he closed his eyes. Slowly but surely, you could feel something escape Nathan's body as he laid unconscious on the bed. Ernie felt it. Dom felt it. Thom felt it.

"Goodbye, old buddy," Ernie sadly said. "I'll never forget you. We'll do it for you."

Ernie looked at Dom and Thom sadly, and the three stepped out of the hospital room, giving nurses room to run in to valiantly, but unsuccessfully, revive their friend. The door closed, a curtain shut, and the three watched sadly from the outside. No words were said. Nothing needed to be said. After a doctor came out, confirming the worst to the three, they sadly left the hospital, quietly taking in what had just happened.

For the rest of the day, the three let the reality of the situation sink in, letting the rest of Ellis Football know that their leader was gone. A few days later, though, as hundreds of people watched at Nathan's memorial service, the three vowed that Nathan's final wish would come true, one way or another.

"We're coming back to the World Cup," Ernie said. "Nate wanted us to, and we're going to win the whole fucking thing."

Hapilopper Football Association Headquarters, Hapilopper City
Two months later

In the aftermath of Nathan Ellis's death, the HFA took over the national team. It would forever be known as "Ellis Football" in his honor. There would never again be another permanent head coach - and Nathan would be forever listed as "Head Coach For Life" on the team's roster. Instead, Thom Perkins would be listed as the "Acting Head Coach," and any national team head coach would take that same title. The team moved back to Hapilopper City, and would go back to playing its matches at Capital Stadi¬um, the old beloved concrete donut right off the West River.

Further, Nathan's old number, Number Five, the Number of Violence, would be semi-retired. Nobody would ever wear Number Five again for a Hapiloppian national football squad, but would rather wear the number 05, as a tribute.

For a short period of time, the question came about who would play on the team. A number of players on the Ellis Football squad didn't want to play for anyone but their leader. But on a Monday morning, as Ernie and Thom, in Nathan's old office, reviewed videotapes of Hapiloppian footballers plying their craft, two familiar-looking men stormed into the HFA offices. Ernie's eyebrow raised as he immediately recognized Roderick Cutt and Stanley McLamb - the leading defenseman and leading goalscorer from Ellis Football.

The first two players Nathan picked for Ellis Football.

"I heard you're getting a ball team back together," Rod said. "And I heard you're doing it for Nathan. We're going to be on that team and there's not a god damn thing you're going to do about it."

Thom's first reaction was to have Rod thrown out of the office for having the audacity to storm in like this. But he looked at Ernie nodding his head at the two. Ernie knew the significance of having Rod Cutt and Stan McLamb here.

"Someone told me you two were looking for players," Rod said, a tinge of fire in his voice. "Stan and I drove from Garvinson to get here, and we're not leaving until we have our spots on the team. Nathan handpicked us. You will too."

Rod turned to look at Stan. Stan had a bunch of emotions run through him as he thought back to the day he met Nathan.

"Nate told me that if he wanted to fulfill the five year plan, we was going to get the best, and he said in me, he saw the best," Stan said. "I live and die by that five year plan and god damn it, I'm not going to let you go on without me. You put me back on that squad and we're going to make that five year plan work. Because let me tell you something, you guys. I want to win the whole fucking thing."

"The whole fucking thing," Ernie said. "The whole fucking thing. For Nathan. You've got it, pal."
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Starsian Selection

roughly 2 months before the campeonato

Due to many new players emerging a new selection game was to be held, the Starsians had a mission and that was to win some prizes or atleast do better then they previously have in the IAC not getting further then the quarter finals.
Keire Walcott had called up 11 players of the NT current squad to play against a rookie team that was close to a NT spot but of who she was currently not sure whether they actually should get a call up or not.
All scouts were also present which was a rare sight as most of them had duties outside NT scouting, whats more was that Walcott had seen the draw of teams they would play against and one of those teams was South Newlandia a familiar country.

As both teams arrived at the NT complex in the Polestar complex the teams looked as follows

NT Regulars

GK Daniel O'Keith
LB Maddie Saturn
CB Jade Williams
CB Gaelle Moreau
RB Samir Arash
LM Ozan Karazhan
CM Joy Sol
RM Layla Raharinaivo
LW Joyce Villegas
ST Christian Fourseasons
RW Kira Blade

NT test squad

GK Liv Dahl
LB Miriam Cohen
CB Vincent Leroy
CB Zachary White
RB Astrid Madsen
LM Noemi Szabo
CM Selena Corson
RM Ebba Andersen
LW Iris Olivier
ST Bryan Ashenheart
RW Oscar Buster

Ofcourse the squad with mostly rookie players in their earlier twenties with the oldest being 24 years old the regulars absolutely crushed them scoring goal after goal after goal playing more precise and with more chemistry.
However what coach Walcott and her team looked for were players who individually could bring the team to a higher level and to see if they could replace players that were in a bit of a slump with their respective teams.
At the end of the match it was roughly 7-0 for the regulars as the coach asked them all to gather around as she with her scouts stood before the group ready to speak and tell them her thoughts over this match she had seen, even if her country maybe had better players Walcott saw the potential and saw the rough quality these people had and the country had.

''Firstly i'd like to thank all people making time from their schedule to come play this match, both regulars and rookies as i understand the schedule has more games on it then last year making it harder to find that time.
In the current situation i cannot have many new players but ome of your teams simply have the momentum and some of you currently are in a better form then other teams and i have to select my squad 1 month before the tournament.
This is why i have had to make certain decisions, this does not mean you have no chance of making the team, each one of you has the quality and capability to make the team someday but currently may not be the best time for those not selected.
Ofcourse i would not be talking about this if i was not gonna select some of you for the upcoming campeonato Esportiva a regional tournament in which we play and we as national team use this as a building stone towards the world cup, good for younger players to gain experience but also for veterans the time to shine one last time like Christian here who is leaving us at the end of this season.

I have decided that i will take three players up in my squad, note that making the squad is diffrent then becoming a starter so do not have high expectations as you it can only dissapoint you if you have such expectations.
But however see it as an acknowledgement of your capabilities and an opportunity to gain experience and as some of you might have seen last world cup qualifiers i will intent on letting players make their debut if the situation is right for it and said player is ready for it.
Without further explanations here are the names of the three chosen players,

First up is Liv Dahl congrats you are now an official member of the national team you are working very hard with your team and exceeding everyone's expectations after not getting the transfer you hoped for, very well done.
Secondly i have chosen to select, Zachary White your preformance last season was very good in the games you played and the youth tournaments and now as a regular making more minutes you have what it takes to be a part of the national team.

Lastly i've chosen to select....Iris Olivier, i have talked with the U21 coach Borov about your position in the youth squad and as there is currently no youth matches coming up he has agreed with me that you are ready for the next step.
I hope that you will grow to become a great player and i've been following you for quite some time now and you have excpetional talent the kind that you do not see often from a player which makes you the ideal candidate to go with us.
To the rest of you, i want to say that you have played great honestly and i still see alot of potential in you all as players but i can only select so many and even the Starsian association maintains quite a large national team compared to other countries.
I sadly do not have place at the current moment but we will continue to watch each one of you and when we believe you to be ready you too will receive that much wanted phone call to become a part of the team.

Until then do your best for your respective teams, win some prizes chase your dreams all of you are still young and have quite some years to go and know that in those years you have to achieve your dreams that time wont come back, the national team is a nice addition but your main goal should be winning with your club.''

2 weeks before departure

Walcott: ''Alright team welcome to the complex, a few new faces and some familiar ones i am glad all of you are here as i wan to discuss the group we are in with you which is Group A meaning we will play our matche in Riena.
We have had quite a lucky draw because from pot 1 Riena plays in our group being a significantly less tough opponent then nations like Tumbra or Xanneria as an example so we can talk about some luck there.
However besides Riena we play against Natanians and Nosts a team we do not know alot about but it is said they are pretty good and they are higher ranked then us so we will need to look out for that team for sure.
Further an old friend of ours will be our opponent, we are gonna play against South Newlandia and i think we all can imagine that Angela Diaz will be on that team or atleast i would be very surprised if such a striker is not on the roster.
Extremely strong team we need to really win against them more then any other as i feel they could be an outsider to compete for the win against all odds and lastly we have the Nova Anglican admin zone of Esportiva also an unknown nation.''

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Riena Football Association
First-team squad for Campionato Esportiva 38

For opponents
I give my opponents permission to roleplay anything within reason, save for cycle- or career-ending injury and death of my players. If you think a particular event may be too unrealistic or outlandish, feel free to contact me either via telegram or Discord to discuss. You can also contact me if you need me to furnish further details for your roleplay.

Please do not roleplay anything pandemic-related in relation to Riena or Riennese characters. I will not be recognising the existence of any pandemic in any form whatsoever.

Please also note that I will usually update my records for the Riena national team in the hours following a scorination. I would appreciate it if you could take a minute to check here for the Riena starting XI, goalscorers, and substitutions before beginning work on your posts. In the event that I have not gotten around to updating my records, feel free to roleplay the match as you see fit - given the brand of fluid football Riena plays, as well as the versatility of Riennese players in general - you have a lot of scope to be creative with just about anything football-related!

For hosts (if applicable)
Please apply a style modifier of 0 - thank you.

Players listed in orange are the expected starters in their respective primary positions (the first listed position for a particular player). All statistics are accurate as of the start of this tournament.

Goalkeeper; 24; 0 caps; 0 clean sheets

A steady and calming presence in goal, Suzutsuki is a physically imposing goalkeeper who breaks the mould of the conventional Riennese goalkeeper — instead of playing as an aggressive sweeper keeper, she prefers to remain close to her goal, trusting in her keen reflexes, instinctive positioning, and shot-stopping ability to prevent the opposition from scoring. While in possession of the ball, Suzutsuki does not take unnecessary risks unlike some modern keepers; she tends to distribute quickly into her defenders and midfielders, and when under pressure, is not averse to putting the odd agricultural clearance into touch. Her imposing frame allows her to command her own area well, and she often takes on the responsibility of catching or punching balls delivered into her area instead of leaving her defenders to sweep up the danger. Her proactive approach to goalkeeping, especially in her own six-yard box, allows her defenders the peace of mind to focus on tracking opposition runners, safe in the knowledge that she will be there to take care of dangerous crosses floated into the area.

30 • Utaha KAMIKATA
Goalkeeper; 22; 0 caps; 0 clean sheets

Kamikata is an aggressive sweeper keeper who is not afraid to help out her defenders whenever the team are caught short in possession. She possesses the requisite pace and technical ability to thrive in a Riena tactical setup that can place significant demands on the goalkeeper's footwork. Her game revolves around sweeping up through balls and shutting down opposition counterattacks using her anticipation and speed off her line, allowing the team to adopt a higher defensive line than would otherwise be possible, and initiating attacking moves with accurate long range distribution, bypassing high pressing manoeuvres by the opposition. The high risk, high reward nature of her play style means that Kamikata is more susceptible to committing high-profile errors leading to goals. Her particular skillset means she is more likely to see the pitch in matches where Riena are expected to dominate possession, typically against lower-ranked sides favouring a counterattacking style.

35 • Meguru JOUMAE
Goalkeeper; 32; 0 caps; 0 clean sheets

A well-travelled veteran goalkeeper approaching the prime of her career, Joumae serves as an experienced pair of hands that can be relied upon to deputise whenever the need arises. A jack of all trades but master of none, she is about equally as good at handling as she is with the ball at her feet, without being particularly outstanding in either department. Her role is to serve as a capable backup option for the other two keepers in the squad, and she will expect to spend the majority of her time on the bench unless exceptional circumstances arise.

3 • Akari KISARAGI
Left-back/left wing-back; 22; 0 caps; 0 goals

Kisaragi is a nimble, lithe left-back who follows in the proud Riennese tradition of suicidally-attacking full-backs and wing-backs. She loves attacking and is excellent at it, with her marauding overlapping runs frequently providing thrust and impetus to Riena's play down the left. Despite nominally being a defender, her natural attacking instincts mean that she is often effectively deployed as a wing-back, or an auxiliary winger, rather than a conventional defender. She is athletic enough to perform the demanding role expected of her, but is perhaps slightly lacking in physical strength and defensive nous, and has an unfortunate tendency to become frustrated when targeted by canny opposition. From an attacking perspective, Kisaragi is an accomplished dribbler and crosser. Her finishing is excellent for a defender, especially when she has the ball on her favoured left foot, and she is not averse to hitting speculative efforts from range whenever she picks the ball up in the channels.

6 • Saori SKAMANDROS • Vice-captain
Central defender; 24; 0 caps; 0 goals

Skamandros is a solid, uncompromising pillar in central defence, usually acting as the foil to more technically accomplished defenders alongside her. A robust, physically imposing player who is arguably the best pure defender in the squad, she is particularly strong in the air and in the tackle. While perhaps not as technically gifted as a typical Riennese player, Skamandros more than makes up for her technical shortcomings by contributing the grit and steel to complement her teammates' comparatively adventurous play. Another area in which she excels is in her instinctive reading of the game, often allowing her to be in the right place at the right time to snuff out opposition attacks at source. Her build means that she can be a little slow off the mark, but she is capable of mitigating that particular issue with her excellent positional sense. An excellent header of the ball, Skamandros is also a major threat at set pieces, and opposition defenders would do well not to let her get a free run at a header. Appointed as vice-captain before CE38, and is expected to be a mainstay of the Riena national team for many more cycles to come.

15 • Kirara ISHIKARI
Central defender/defensive midfielder; 23; 0 caps; 0 goals

An elegant ball-playing central defender who is equally comfortable stepping into midfield as she is in central defence, Ishikari's main strength lies in her accurate distribution from defence. Comfortable under pressure, her distribution from deep within the defensive third is a potent weapon, especially against opposition seeking to press the team high up the pitch. Ishikari's ability to play in midfield also allows her to move forward and give Riena an extra player in the middle of the park, which is always an option when the team finds itself struggling to maintain control of a game against inferior opposition. Defensively, she can be quite vulnerable; an obvious weakness in her game is a lack of dominance in the air, which often leads to opposition attempting to target her ahead of her central defensive partner. However, her pace and progressive passing makes her an effective option in the heart of a back three, and she can fill in at the base of the midfield if necessary.

18 • Leona HAKURA
Left-back/central defender; 18; 0 caps; 0 goals

Originally a central defender, Hakura is one of that rare breed of Riennese defender who can be relied upon to do her primary job of defending well. She is a largely conventional full-back, an atypical departure from Riena's abundance of suicidally-attacking wing-backs/wingers, who is actually better at keeping the ball away from her own goal than she is at forcing it home at the other end. While she is not as adventurous or attacking-minded as other Riennese full-backs, Hakura remains capable of contributing to Riena's attacking play — she has the stamina to patrol her flank for an entire game, as well as a deceptively good eye for a defence-splitting pass or switch of play from deep. A highly-promising prospect who may well upstage one of her more senior colleagues in Riena's defence sooner rather than later, depending on her development with the national team.

22 • Komari AKEBOSHI
Right-back/central defender/left-back; 22; 0 caps; 0 goals

A versatile utility defender capable of playing across the Riena defence, Akeboshi is a steady and reliable defender with a maturity belying her tender years. While she is on the shorter side for a defender, Akeboshi has the strength and athleticism to play as the left- or right-sided central defender in a back three. From an attacking perspective, Akeboshi is a willing runner, and will often bomb ahead to support the Riena attack when played in her favoured right-back position. She has the potential to be a very useful option to shore up the Riena defence when necessary, and will look to provide stiff competition for her fellow defenders. Expected to start in games where Riena might need defensive solidity instead of attacking verve on the right side of the pitch.

24 • Shiori MIHANE
Right-back/right wing-back/defensive midfielder/central midfielder; 21; 0 caps; 0 goals

Despite her tender age, Mihane is already being lauded as potentially one of the best Riennese players of her generation. She is a complete right-back who is outstanding in both the defensive and attacking aspects of the game, easily capable of making game-winning contributions in either half whenever given the chance to do so. Physically robust, blessed with athleticism, defensive nous, creative vision, and technique, Mihane is an important and irreplaceable piece of the squad; she is the only right-back who is capable of inverting into the midfield whenever Riena are playing with an asymmetric attacking structure, providing cover for her central defenders as well as a creative outlet from deep. When on the ball, she tends to avoid overplaying in the final third, preferring instead to head for the touchline and deliver penetrating crosses and cutbacks into the area. Mental fortitude is perhaps not one of her strengths — question marks remain over Mihane's temperament and ability to stay calm under pressure.

30 • Sumire KOTONOHA
Central defender/defensive midfielder; 28; 0 caps; 0 goals

A no-frills, no-nonsense player with the strength and frame to dominate less physical opposition forwards, Kotonoha is an experienced central defender who, as is typical of Riennese defenders, can also do a decent job as a defensive midfielder. In possession, she tends to keep things simple, making short passes to find available players around her; out of possession, she is a reliable defensive presence, though perhaps slightly rash in the tackle at times. She is a potent threat at set-pieces and is someone whom opposing defenders should keep an eye on whenever she ventures upfield to attack a dead ball. Expect to see her brought on, either in defence or midfield, in the final stages of closely-contested games to help add calm and steel to the team's spine.

32 • Chisato MIKUNIYA
Right-back/right wing-back; 18; 0 caps; 0 goals

A callow full-back drafted into the squad to provide additional cover on the right side of defence, Mikuniya checks all the boxes of a prototypical Riennese full-back — pacy, of a slight build, loves attacking, defensively suspect; check, check, check, and check. She is not exactly a poor player, but given the other options currently in front of her in the pecking order, she is liable to find herself watching on from the bench more often than not. Even so, there is always space in a Riena squad for a talented attacking player, whether it is as a full-back, a wing-back, or indeed as an outright winger; and Mikuniya will no doubt want to impress the coaching staff so that she can maximise her chances of getting into a starting lineup. One to keep an eye out for in the future.

5 • Kanna NAGARA
Central midfielder; 21; 0 caps; 0 goals

The playmaking metronome that keeps the team ticking over, most of the team's build-up play flows through the languid, silky Nagara, who is accomplished at dictating play and controlling a game's tempo from midfield. Nagara's laid back style and demeanour makes her a convenient target for accusations of laziness, but her undeniable ability in possession has helped her secure a spot in this Riena squad. Capable of a wide range of passing, whether it be simple square passes, fizzed cross-field switches, or chipped through balls, Nagara has a keen eye for the defence-splitting pass, an attribute which dovetails well with the speed and attacking flair of Riena's forwards. In possession, the press-resistant Nagara tends to sit deep in midfield, either in front of or alongside a central defender pushing up from defence, to receive and distribute possession as necessary, but she may be given license to drift forwards whenever Riena are losing but dominating possession. Her advanced presence can either leave yawning gaps in the midfield for savvy opponents to exploit, or allow Riena to overwhelm less tactically aware opposition. Likely to start or to be brought on whenever Riena needs a creative spark against opponents happy to sit deep and allow Riena to have the lion's share of the ball.

8 • Ichika KIRIKAZE • Captain
Defensive midfielder/central midfielder; 22; 0 caps; 0 goals

Kirikaze is a powerful, tenacious wolfhound of a midfielder who is excellent at defending, pressing, and recycling possession. Originally a purely defensive anchor player, Kirikaze transitioned to playing as a box-to-box midfielder, and has truly made the role her own. Her positional instincts and athleticism allows her to cover plenty of ground in midfield, appearing just where she is needed to steal the ball from advancing opposition players. From an attacking perspective, Kirikaze tends to arrive late in the area when Riena are on the attack, providing an additional attacking option for the team and potentially causing chaos in the opposition defence. She is not the most precise finisher in the team, but Kirikaze has a powerful shot on her, and will not hesitate to shoot from long range whenever invited to do so by opposition defences. While she has managed to improve her attacking game to meet the demands of her new role, Kirikaze remains adept at the defensive side of the game. There is nothing she enjoys more than a well-timed interception or a crunching tackle, and she is perhaps most infamous for her willingness to commit blatantly cynical challenges to break up play as necessary.

10 • Nagisa NAKIRI
Central midfielder/attacking midfielder; 22; 0 caps; 0 goals

Perhaps the most potent attacking weapon in this Riena squad, and the player most likely to create a moment of magic out of nothing, Nakiri is nominally a central midfielder, but her play style means that she is often driving forward to link up midfield and attack, at times playing off her center forward's shoulder as a trequartista or an auxiliary shadow striker. An unerring eye for goal, a penchant for direct and effective running, as well as her delicate technique means that Nakiri poses a threat to the opposition goal whenever she is given time and space on the ball. She has a fondness for the spectacular; opportunistic efforts from outside the box are a particular favourite. Despite her attacking prowess, Nakiri can be marked out of a game by an attentive defender with the pace to keep up with her. Adept in the high energy pressing style favoured by Riena, she possesses a high work rate and good stamina, and when interchanging with her center forward, is often the first line of defence for the team. Although she is arguably the most naturally talented player in this squad, Nakiri's attacking tendencies mean that she often leaves plenty of space in the midfield for tactically canny opponents to exploit, necessitating the rest of the Riena midfield to work doubly hard to accommodate her. Nakiri's presence, or lack thereof, in the heart of midfield still has the potential to cause severe balance issues for the team, and as a result she can be a tactical weak link that well-coached opponents may look to target.

12 • Kazusa NAGAMINE
Defensive midfielder/central midfielder/central defender; 27; 0 caps; 0 goals

Nagamine is an accomplished holding midfielder who understands that her job is to provide a platform for her more creative teammates to express themselves, and she does it exceptionally well. Nagamine generally plays in a screening role in front of the defence, covering for her less-defensively inclined colleagues so that the they can focus on attacking the opposition third without worrying about leaving the team short at the back. As would be expected for a holding midfielder, she has the positional intelligence and discipline necessary for her role, using those key attributes to break up play in midfield and quickly recycle possession. While she is fairly decent at tackling, Nagamine has a tendency to dive in when challenging for the ball, and has a particular preference for sliding tackles — a trait that may see her run afoul of card-happy referees. Has a taste for firing off booming long range rockets, though she is more likely to find the stands than the back of the net.

14 • Erika SHIRASU
Defensive midfielder/central midfielder; 18; 0 caps; 0 goals

A hard-running, tough-tackling midfielder who is sometimes unfairly characterised as a water carrier or a jack-of-all-trades, Shirasu's reputation for being a tenacious player who puts in the hard yards perhaps undersells her a little; she is a well-rounded midfielder who can do just about everything to a decent standard, including, somewhat surprisingly, putting the ball in the back of the net. While Riena does have specialists who can do specific aspects of Shirasu's job better, the central midfielder is potentially the best generalist midfielder currently in the Riennese ranks. But at the same time, Shirasu is also a victim of her own versatility, having thus far failed to nail down a starting spot ahead of her colleagues. Given her tender age, time is on her side — she may well mature to become part of Riena's first-choice midfield in due course, but for now, expect to see her plugged in wherever a hole needs to be urgently filled.

Central midfielder/attacking midfielder/left winger/right winger; 17; 0 caps; 0 goals

Kazamaki is a mercurial attacking-minded midfielder whose favoured position is at the tip of the midfield, just behind her striker, but she is equally adept at playing wide out on either wing. She is a pure creative playmaker that can be an option for Riena against massed defences, but given Riena's relative abundance of attacking talent, she is generally expected to play the role of an impact sub who can be deployed late on against flagging opponents to provide a creative spark. However, her style of play may require more refining to suit into Riena's high energy pressing style. If playing on the wing, Kazamaki favours cutting infield, narrowing the play, which can help overload teams playing with a wider defensive line.

17 • Kaede OWARI
Central midfielder/attacking midfielder; 20; 0 caps; 0 goals

Owari is an attacking-minded central midfielder who relies on her dribbling and turn of pace to break opposition lines. An energetic and press-resistant presence in midfield, she differs from a typical Riennese midfielder in that she prefers to run with the ball and take on opposition defenders whenever afforded the opportunity to do so. Her atypical skillset means Owari is expected to provide a unique tactical option off the bench, and she has the potential to play an important role as an impact sub against massed defences, but she is also likely to be selected in the starting XI against energetic, high-pressing sides for her ability to play past the press.

9 • Emiri NEKODA
Center forward/right winger; 21; 0 caps; 0 goals

A powerful, dominant center forward, Nekoda is the perfect foil for Riena's constellation of technically gifted attackers. Nekoda's physical presence in the opposition penalty area often causes chaos in the ranks of opposition defenders, allowing her teammates to profit in the resulting confusion. She is a highly accomplished advanced forward who is in her element when scoring, whether it be sweeping loose balls home from close range or sending opposition goalkeepers sprawling with thirty-yard missiles. While comfortable scoring goals on her own, Nekoda is also proficient at holding the ball up when receiving possession from deep, which creates opportunities for her teammates to make supporting runs beyond her, although her heading leaves much to be desired for a player of her physical stature. Her natural athleticism, strength, and goalscoring instincts make Nekoda an effective spearhead of the Riena attack.

11 • Reisa YUZURIHA
Right winger/center forward; 22; 0 caps; 0 goals

One of Riena's key attacking outlets, Yuzuriha is a technical, agile winger, with a dizzying turn of pace that allows her to leave flat-footed opponents for dead. What she brings to the table is a repertoire of attacking skills that help her create an abundance of goalscoring opportunities for her teammates, not least her ability to put the ball on a plate for her teammates to score. Yuzuriha is a proficient dribbler who enjoys nothing more than tying defenders into knots, and will attempt to trick her way right into the opposition area if given the chance to do so. She is a player for the big stage, and tends to turn in her best performances against superior opposition. Yuzuriha can be profligate with her finishing at times, and still needs to work on her composure and decisions if she is to become an elite player. Can play as part of a front two as the creative forward alongside a physically dominant target player.

19 • Mimori SHIMANTO
Center forward; 27; 0 caps; 0 goals

Shimanto is an athletic battering ram of a player who is not afraid to get into a physical tussle with her opponents. Like all good center forwards, she possesses the predatory instincts that make her a dab hand at finishing in front of goal, all the while having a decent turn of pace. Highly reliant on her physical attributes to dominate opposing defenders, Shimanto is always a useful target from dead ball situations, and can be deadly if given even the smallest sliver of time and space to attack the opposition six-yard box. Despite her somewhat undeserved reputation as a throwback to agricultural, route one multiversal football, Shimanto can be deceptively skilful, and she has a penchant for scoring spectacular goals.

20 • Meruto MERCERIAN
Left winger/center forward; 20; 0 caps; 0 goals

Trading on her raw pace and finishing ability, Mercerian is an explosive, direct player whose single-minded running offers a different dimension to Riena's attack. Although possessing decent-to-good dribbling skills, Mercerian tends to thrive whenever there are large tracts of space behind the opposition defence into which she can make her marauding runs, making her an especially potent weapon on the counter against naturally attacking teams. As an inverted winger, Mercerian has a marked preference for cutting infield onto her stronger right foot from the left wing, creating space for her full-back to exploit out on the flank. She is a proficient finisher and, if invited to shoot, can pose a significant threat from close to medium range. She is capable of playing as an orthodox winger on the left wing in a pinch.

21 • Kagami SORASAKI
Right winger/left winger; 19; 0 caps; 0 goals

Sorasaki received her senior call-up by virtue of being one of the most promising talents in the Riena Football Association's youth development programme. A creative winger with a cultured right foot and good passing range, Sorasaki is more of a wide playmaker than a direct attacking outlet. She possesses the physical attributes to thrive as an orthodox winger, but she tends to prefer setting up her teammates instead of going for goal herself — a trait that may need to be coached out of her if she is to become an elite winger on the multiversal stage. As with young attacking players, Sorasaki can be frustratingly inconsistent at times, with a lack of cutting edge being her biggest weakness thus far, but it is obvious that she has all the tools she needs to make a regular starting spot on the right wing her own in future cycles.

27 • Yume WARAKU
Left winger/right winger; 17; 0 caps; 0 goals

An inverted winger who predominantly plays on the left, Waraku is a technical player with a repertoire of dribbling skills under her belt and the pace to match. However, her youth means that she is still a raw diamond, and she struggles to perform consistently at a high level, with a lack of end product a particular weakness. Despite her many obvious shortcomings, her selection represents an invaluable opportunity for her to develop and make an impression on the coaching staff. She is unlikely to be thrown into the deep end for this cycle, but will be given playing time whenever the situation allows to aid her development and integration into the team.

Manager; 39; 0 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses, 0.00% win rate; 0 GF, 0 GA; 0 GD

Only the second ever manager to take charge of the Wavelets after the estimable Kanata Shiranami, Cocoa Haneda finds herself in an unenviable position heading into Campionato Esportiva 38 on home soil. The forrmer Riena winger, who made more than 50 appearances for the Wavelets under Shiranami's tutelage before Riena stopped playing in multiversal competitions, is in much the same position as Shiranami did more than twenty years ago, trying to mould a team in her own image from a squad full of disparate parts at desperately short notice following the Riena Football Association's decision to participate in Esportiva's premier football tournament. Her squad for CE38 is proof positive of her credentials as a devoted Shiranami disciple — the majority of her players are young and impressionable, with a handful of relative veterans selected to buttress the squad with experience and pragmatism — and she has also assembled a coaching team that includes several of her former national teammates, including Rinze Ayanami, Yui Narita, her former captain Aya Nakiri, and her former vice-captain Kaede Igarashi.

Yet question marks remain hanging over Haneda and her callow players. Is Haneda, a greenhorn manager whose previous managerial experience amounts to a season and a half's worth of games in the now defunct Riena One League, the best candidate to lead Riena through the gauntlet of multiversal football? Does she possess the tactical nous to outplay vastly more experienced managers with arrays of quality players at their disposal? Is her policy of selecting talented, yet undoubtedly inexperienced and inconsistent players, with a view to developing them into world-class players — as her mentor did ten cycles and change ago — a fundamentally flawed one in the modern era? And, perhaps the most pertinent question of all — does she have the force of personality to deal with the unrelenting pressure of being Riena's manager, all the while overseeing and shaping the development of an entire generation of players? For the sake of the country's footballing future, Riena will hope that Haneda, a skilful operator on the left wing during her playing days, can be equally effective in the dugout instead of on the pitch.

Assistant manager/tactical coach; 41

Attacking coach/set piece coach; 42

Attacking coach; 32

Defending coach; 44

Defending coach; 28

CT • Chitose TOGAMI
Goalkeeping coach; 44

Tactical coach; 32

Technical coach; 40

Set piece coach; 25

Fitness coach; 29

Head performance and data analyst; 26

Performance and data analyst; 25

MS • Makoto SONODA
Head physiotherapist; 48

HM • Honoka MIFUNE
Physiotherapist; 31

Head scout; 64

Scout; 38

Scout; 27

Riena will tend to set up in a highly fluid 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 formation, but they are also adept at playing 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 when the situation necessitates it, primarily against technically superior opposition in which Riena are expected to have less of the ball. The team can and will rapidly transition between different formations when necessary, and Riena's players will, in general, be given freedom to roam from their assigned position as well as exchange positions with other players. The team tends to play in a 3-2-5 formation when in possession, with one of the full-backs inverting into midfield alongside the holding midfielder while the other full-back bombs forward, and the central midfielder pushing forward to join the attack — out of possession, the formation resembles a 4-5-1, with the two wingers dropping into wide midfield to provide defensive cover.

The team's physical shortcomings in terms of height and jumping reach means they will tend to play the ball short on the ground rather than looking to go long when in possession — a notable exception is in the final third, where the comparatively more physical forwards provide a useful focal point for crosses. In attack, the team will look to move the ball vertically at speed, but will also be content to patiently probe the opposition defence if there are no immediate openings. Riena is particularly reliant on their wingers in attack, and if the opposition manages to stifle Riena's wing play, they will inevitably be neutered as an attacking threat. In defence, Riena uses a high defensive line and will try to make use of offside traps. Zonal marking is preferred at corners and free kicks.

The Riena national team play their football matches at the Wavelet Arena, in the capital city of Nagato. The pitch dimensions are short, but wide, by multiversal standards for football pitches, facilitating wider play on the flanks. The pitch itself is usually well-watered and slick, allowing the ball to travel at speed across the natural grass surface. For teams who prefer a spot of beach football, Riena's original national sport, Riena maintains the Radiant Sands Arena, also in Nagato, with the same pitch dimensions as the Wavelet Arena, but with a sand surface instead. Riena will usually default to the Wavelet Arena, but opponents are free to specify a stadium preference if they wish to do so.

Set piece assignments

The following set piece assignments are listed in order of priority. Positions are indicated relative to the opposition goal. Central free kicks can be taken by players assigned to either left or right sided free kicks. Indirect free kicks given within the opposition area are counted as direct free kicks for the purposes of this section.

  • Indirect free kicks
    • Left — Kanna NAGARA, Akari KISARAGI, Saori SKAMANDROS
    • Right — Kanna NAGARA, Shiori MIHANE, Kirara ISHIKARI
  • Direct free kicks
    • Left — Meruto MERCERIAN, Nagisa NAKIRI, Shiori MIHANE
    • Right — Akari KISARAGI, Emiri NEKODA, Reisa YUZURIHA
  • Corners
    • Left — Akari KISARAGI, Reisa YUZURIHA, Nagisa NAKIRI
    • Right — Shiori MIHANE, Meruto MERCERIAN, Nagisa NAKIRI
  • Penalties
    • Nagisa NAKIRI, Emiri NEKODA, Ichika KIRIKAZE, Reisa YUZURIHA, Meruto MERCERIAN
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Postby Schimata » Mon May 27, 2024 8:04 pm

Schimata National Football Team
for Campeonato Esportive 38

General Information
Official Country Name: Schimatan League
Capital: Tarneia

Association: Schimata Football Federation (SPO)
Nickname: The Legion
Home Stadium: Chalkidona Stadium, Tarneia

Management Information
Manager: Demetrios Balkakis
Head Coach: Stelios Ganagolous
Assistant Coach: Ilias Cosmoulis
Goalkeeping Coach: Michalis Gergatos
Medic Head: Nikolaos Karabatis

Players and formation
GK - Iraklis Nasselis (35), PAET
LB - Christos Leventakis (27), GS. Araklion
CB - Kostas Sperilis (24), PAET
CB - Dionysios Antoniadis (25), AC. Rivoli (Rivoli-Acesca)
CB - Pavlos Rota (23), AOEA Efkarpia
RB - Iannis Galanakis (25), AS. Montecelli (Rivoli-Acesca)
LM - Andreas Antonilis (27), PAET
CM - Manolis Spirou (25), PS. Giripurwa (Bharadwaja)
CM - Grigorios Zarelis (28), AE. Paloukia
RM - Michalis Katsariades (26), AS. Carpenedo (Rivoli-Acesca)
ST - Marinos Callopoulus (23), PAET

GK - Adrianos Christotis (37), GS. Araklion
GK - Nasos Anastides (35), PAEK Kassopaia
LB - Vasilis Mantides (27), AO. Gylfada
CB - Ilias Palaiotsis (25), AOEA Efkarpia
CB - Aris Miriades (24), AEGI
CB - Themiskolis Mulou (26), Anayavaram United (Mandhya Pradha)
RB - Fotis Stathalis (24), SS. Taglio (Rivoli-Acesca)
LM - Dimitris Palamaras (23), PAOM Mykenes Akrotiri
CM - Andreas Rondoglou (24), Royal Adipurwa United (Bharadwaja)
CM - Charis Artinakis (28), PAET
RM - Ilias Makrosis (26), PAEK Kassopaia
ST - Manos Stratakis (25), AOEA Efkarpia
ST - Tassos Nikoleas (23), AE. Paloukia

Style: -2
Captain: Andreas Antonilis
Vice Captain: Dionysios Antoniades
Corner kick: Christos Leventakis (left), Iannis Galanakis (right)
Free kick: Andreas Antonilis
Penalty: Marinos Callopoulus

Kit and jersey
Home jersey
Away jersey

RP Permission
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, max. 3 per match
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, max. 1 per match
Godmod other events: No.
Schimata League
Capital: Tarneia | IC Population: 10,540,095 (2020 census)
Demonym: Schimatan | Trigram: SCH

Member of: Maritime Community
(United Mandaran States Esportivan Puppet)

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Postby Josifovo » Tue May 28, 2024 4:27 am


Фудбалска репрезентација на Јосифово - Фудбалска репрезентација Јосифова

Josifovo's history in international football is one that could be described with a sudden rise through the ranks. In only 3 cycles, the team has seen itself qualify to the World Cup proper for the first time right after an excellent Campionato Esportiva quarter-finals run, both of which were the first of their kind. Not only that, but it saw Josifovo top its qualifiers group against the likes of Zwangzug and the Squornshelan Remnant States.

Josifski players are not known for any particular standout talents and if anything, the nation's known for its ethnic divisions. However, the team work and ethic provided by the coaches to the players have given the team a sense of unity amidst those difficult times and as such, Josifovo is slowly become one of the standout nations in multiversal football. Now, entering into Campionato Esportiva 38 as a pot 1 team, it is essentially considered a favorite instead of an outside for the first time in history. Will the team be able to respond to the hype, or crumble under pressure? The cycle begins NOW!


As stated previously, Josifski players are not talented whatsoever. Using their strength and superior height, they tend to win aerial duels and as such crosses are a form of play commonly seen in Josifovo.

The most common lineup is a 4-4-2, with 2 rocking and impossible defenders on the heart of the defence and two side defenders which usually are slightly "faster" than strong. In the midfield, usually there's a central midfielder that supplies to the sides and a central attacking midfielder that supplies crosses and through-balls on the attack, while the side midfielders try to carry the ball forward and then cross it to the two strikers up front. Midfielders are usually the more "unimposing" players but also tend to be the ones most talented with the ball on their feet, so Josifski midfielders tend to be technical. Up front, the two strikers usually form a partnership based on strength and clinical finishing. One tends to be a poacher, while the other tends to be more of a supply finisher than anything. If they get their chances, they have to do the job.

Changes on the team are sensitive due to the strict ethnic division and lack of direct replacement for many of the players.

To be clear and so that it doesn't get missed out THE STYLE MODIFIER IS +1.

The Team:

Record(WCC-Sanctioned Only): (26W-10D-19L)

The team itself was constructed in a way so that all people groups in Josifovo get an "equal" chance to represent the country. Or at least that was what the ФФЈ(FFJ) said, but due to COMPLICATIONS could not be finalised to the fullest extend? Crazy, right?

Naming conventions are complicated at first, Josifski names are usually ones resembling ethnic Macedonian or Serbian names, Kicuvski names are stricly Serbian names, Juzunski names follow Bosnian naming conventions while Kombetare names resemble Albanian names. Without further ado.

Players listed in italics to be given preferred choice should you RP my lineup before me.


GK: Tome Budzakoski-Томе Будзакоски (Age 29) (FK Samuilovo)

GK: Aleksa Borisavljević-Алекса Борисављевић (Age 26) (FK Bijelica)
GK: Trajko Popovski-Трајко Поповски (Age 24) (East Franz AthleticImage)
GK: Zlatko Trpeski-Златко Трпески (Age 22) (CSKA Samuilovo)


CB: Milorad Kuzmanović-Милорад Кузмановић (Age 32) (FK Bijelica) (Captain)
CB: Petko Karandzhulov-Петко Каранџулов (Age 27) (Parakleion Firebirds FCImage)
CB: Alkan Gjoni-Алкан Ђони (Age 23) (Partizan Bijelica)
CB: Kalojan Vuković - Калојан Вуковић (Age 22) (Hajduk Gradsko)

RB: Dušan Vujić-Душан Вујић (Age 30) (Dinamo Pačak)
RB: Željko Milojević-Жељко Милојевић (Age 21) (Spartak Dušangrad)
RB: Mirko Kovačevski-Мирко Ковачевски (Age 23) (FK Bijelica)

LB: Zdravko Kuzmanovski-Здравко Кузмановски (Age 28) (FK Radnički Crnometinci)
LB: Živko Janković-Живко Јанковић (Age 24) (Partizan Bijelica)
LB: Atanasije Rajković-Атанасије Рајковић (Age 25) (FK Samuilovo)


CM: Nusret Mehić-Нусрет Мехић (Age 34) (FK Radnički Crnometinci)
CM: Stamen Popov-Стамен Попов (Age 28) (Partizan Bijelica)
CM: Brajan Jovanov-Брајан Јованов (Age 21) (Sutjeska Kneževo)

RM: Slaveiko Simonovski-Славеико Симоновски (Age 33) (FK Dobrobar)
RM: Momčilo Cvetković-Момчило Цветковић (Age 26) (Crvena Zvezda Bijelica)
RM: Radojko Muslimovic-Радојко Муслимовић (Age 20) (Spartak Dušangrad)

LM: Jasmin Bajramović-Јасмин Бајрамовић (Age 32) (Hajduk Gradsko)
LM: Iosif Saev-Иосиф Саев (Age 24) (FK Samuilovo)
LM: Кristijan Šarić-Кристијан Шарић (Age 22) (FK Radnički Crnometinci)

CAM: Uroš Tadić-Урош Тадић (Age 23) (Brantisvogan FCImage)
CAM: Staniša Jović-Станиша Јовић (Age 33) (Rabotnički Filipovac)
CAM: Kirilo Maričić-Кирило Маричић (Age 18) (Dinamo Jisusčevo)


ST: Konstantin Filipović-Константин Филиповић (Age 21) (FK Radnički Crnometinci)
ST: Pece Trajkovski-Пеце Трајковски (Age 23) (Wynleth FlyersImage)

ST: Ognjen Mitić-Огњен Митић (Age 19) (FK Dobrobar)
ST: Aleksandar Torov-Александар Торов (Age 31) (Rabotnički Filipovac)

Coaching staff:

The ФФЈ(FFJ) had a deep pool of available coaches to choose from, however ethnic tensions within the board have "forced it" to come to a peaceful "consensus" that there will be 4 coaches, one from each of the major people groups with a first among equals the coach of Josifski descent.

Primus Inter Pares - Josifski Coach: Ljube Dobrudzhanski-Љубе Добруџански
Kicuvski Coach: Teodosije Vukašinović-Теодосије Вукашиновић
Juzunski Coach: Mustafa Jovičić-Мустафа Јовичић
Kombetare Coach: Vermosh Halili-Вермош Халили




Stadion Ljubco Savevski, Samuilovo (Capacity: 24,000)

To be used against: Pot 1

Ljubomir Hrebeljanović Stadium, Bijeljica (Capacity: 21,000)

To be used against: Pot 2

Arena Josifski Rat, Pačak (Capacity: 14,000)

To be used against: Pots 4, 5

Stadion Ivan Angelov, Crnometinci (Capacity: 8,000)

To be used against: Pots 6, 7

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, light ones only
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, 3 per game and notify me in TGs for which players you carded
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, 1 per game and notify me in TGs for which players you carded
Godmod other events: Depends on severity, TG me for more

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Restresian Royal Football association

Postby Restresas » Tue May 28, 2024 7:37 am

Team Info:

Nation Name: Restresas
Nicknames: The Squirrels, Nappers, and The Naturals
Format: 4-2-4
Style Mod: +5
Trigamme: RST

Restresas is glad to be participating with the following roster:
Georghe Bus Age: 30 Team: Veverițele Capitoliului
Marcus George Age: 23.5 Team: FC Ports

Mark Lindsay Age: 28 Team: Maresda Beavers
Vlad Mark Age: 32.5 Team: Pems Penguins
Juan Albu Age: 25 Team: Traffic Conesa
Wesley Jones Age: 30 Team: Portas Whales
Sloe Sanchez Age: 20 Team: Traffic Conesa
Desmond Albu Age: 23 Team: Pems S.T.A.R.S.
James Redmond Age: 35 Team: Traffic Conesa

Lane Sanchez Age: 21 Team: Portas Whales
Mark Lindsay Age: 26 Team: Club de Fotbal Dacia
Johnathan Hagi Age: 31.5 Team: Pems Penguins
Kest Powas Age: 21.5 Team: Red Star York

Wings and Strikers:
Pablo Albu Age: 28.5 Team: Traffic Conesa
Paul Stan Cojocar Age: 25.5 Team: Sleepers Club
Paul Albu Age: 30.5 Team: Dacia Wolves
Indiana Pablo Age: 27 Team: Veverițele Capitoliului

Sesfa Dedmon Age: 34 Team: Veverițele Capitoliului
Tio Howard Age: 19.5 Team: Portas Whales

The Restresians play insanely aggressive, and therefore have the maximum amount of volatility heading into this year's Campeonato Esportiva. If the cards fall right, they could win it all, or lose every game in the group stage.

Heading into their first ever competition on an international stage, Restresas has their mentality set with their aggressive play and their never say die attitude. Their goal isn't to win, but to send a message to the Esportivan community that the Squirrels will not bow down to anyone, and who better to prove that against than the toughest group in the tournament.
Roleplay permissions
My opponent, if they roleplay first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Roleplay injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Issue yellow/red cards to my players: yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Doubeia » Tue May 28, 2024 7:44 am

Doubeinese Men's National Team

In lieu of the upcoming Campionato Esportiva 38, the Football Association of Doubeia has announced the 26-men squad that will be participating in the competition under the Doubeinese flag.

Team Information
  • Nicknames: The Phoenixes
  • Team colours: Purple, white
  • Manager: Will PETROV (48, M)
  • Employed Formation: 4-2-4
  • Trigramme: DOU
  • Style Mod: +3.24


Note: Players in bold are the expected starters for their position, especially during high-stake games.
‎ ‎ ‎ | Name            | Age | Club
1 | Jude ZHVIKOV | 25 | Regia Columbina [DOU]
12 | Davis ENGOVATOV | 27 | Club de Pruxxé [DOU]
25 | Jayce ZIMKOV | 20 | Fajar Victoria [DOU]

Left Backs
‎ ‎ ‎ | Name              | Age | Club
2 | Watson SHIKOLENKO | 24 | Regia Columbina [DOU]
18 | Callen NEPEIN | 29 | Fajar Victoria [DOU]
24 | Andrew MAXIMOFF | 25 | Clyde Park [TMB]

Note: Nepein can be played as a right back as well.

Centre Backs
‎ ‎ ‎ | Name            | Age | Club
4 | Madden TSYZYREV | 25 | Solvecere FC [DOU]
5 | Gray LESHCHYOV | 27 | Fajar Nike [DOU]
13 | Mason YURYEV | 24 | Fajar Victoria [DOU]
16 | Chase ENTIN | 24 | Club de Pruxxé [DOU]

Right Backs
‎ ‎ ‎ | Name                   | Age | Club
3 | Marco Luis ORTEGA Díaz | 26 | Fortuna Sigewinne [DOU]
21 | Abel WESTWOOD | 21 | Wolfwood United [DOU]

‎ ‎ ‎ | Name             | Age | Club
6 | Rocky KHLEBNIKOV | 26 | Fortuna Sigewinne [DOU]
8 | Skyler GLAZKOV | 28 | Olympia Solvecere [DOU]
14 | Hugo BORISENKO | 26 | Wolfwood United [DOU] — captain
19 | James KRYSOV | 27 | Hydro Svetlana [DOU]

Left Wingers
‎ ‎ ‎ | Name           | Age | Club
7 | Alex SHELEPOV | 29 | Fajar Victoria [DOU]
17 | Ryker TRAVKIN | 25 | Ethelfled City FC [DOU]
26 | Eden CHUKREYEV | 19 | Alraune SC [DOU]

Note: Chukreyev can be played as a right winger as well.

Right Wingers
‎ ‎ ‎ | Name               | Age | Club
11 | Julian UMANOV | 24 | 686 Smerghi [DOU] — designated free kick taker
22 | Logan BORICHEVSKIY | 28 | Guardia Pomerania [DOU]
23 | Trevor YOZHIKOV | 20 | Club de Pruxxé [DOU]

Note: Umanov can be played as a left winger as well.

‎ ‎ ‎ | Name            | Age | Club
9 | Kylo ZHIKIN | 23 | Ethelfled City FC [DOU] — designated penalty taker
10 | Ambrose DEMIDOV | 25 | Winterfalls Tundras [DOU]
15 | Demetrius ELMPT | 21 | Fajar Nike [DOU]
20 | Creed LYAPUNOV | 31 | Solvecere FC [DOU]

Petrov is expected to field a aggressive attacking team with the flexibility to switch to more defensive setups.

With 4-2-4 formation, the team makes use of the wide areas of the field to initiate counterattacks along the flanks, especially when the opponent has a less populated backline. The fullbacks are key in this formation: they not only have to provide cover along the width of the field, but they also have to link up play from the back towards the midfield or wingers. During a buildup, the two defensive midfielders will tend to drop back to invite pressure from the opponents away from their goal. Wingers will roam around the middle of the field, making themselves open for a long pass. Usually, one of the forwards acts as a false nine (usually Demidov or Elmpt), moving deep into the field to receive the ball and passing it to the more advanced forward.

This takes advantage of teams with a high press as this gives ample space for the front 4 to launch an attack on the opposing goal. If the opponents defend deep, the two fullbacks will advance to the midfield to aid in attacking and penetrating the opponent defense. The wingers will then more to even more advanced positions.

A weakness of this setup is the defensive vulnerability, especially when the fullbacks advance further up the field. This opens the defense to counterattacks. Usually, one of the midfielders will drop back to aid the defense, but if the opponents are constantly a threat on goal, both fullbacks and midfielders will fall back and protect the goal.

Distinctive Playstyles and Traits
  • Zhvikov and Engovatov tend to be sweeper keepers.
  • Shikolenko likes to bait attackers with the ball and then dribble his way past. Unfortunately, his dribbling skills are not always the best.
  • Maximoff likes to launch long balls towards the other side of the pitch.
  • Tsyzyrev can be very aggressive especially when the team is losing or hanging onto a draw; it has cost him several penalties and cards.
  • Yuryev is a master of time wasting.
  • Entin has a tendency to leave his man when he sees an opportunity to steal the ball.
  • Ortega loves physical duels with the enemy winger. He can get a bit rough and his muscular stature means he wins duels easily.
  • Khlebnikov can get carried away with physically bullying the opposing attacker.
  • Glazkov and Borisenko tend to stay with the defense instead of helping the attack.
  • Travkin is often caught offside because he starts his runs too early.
  • Umanov prefers driving into the centre with the ball instead of crossing it.
  • Zhikin loves to pull off moves with the ball instead of shooting it.
  • Demidov is often the receiver of corners due to his lumbering height.

Fan Culture
Despite Doubeia's recent independence, national cameraderie is strong, especially amongst Doubeinese supporters. Fans tend to try to intimidate the opponents and their supporters using fan chants and instruments such as drums, horns and gongs. There is a subset of supporters called the Rockers who usually perform in front of the fans before a game. The Rockers use electric guitars, drum sets and violins to hype up the Doubeinese supporters.

Tifos resembling the Doubeinese flag or one of the players are occasionally put up.

Doubeinese fans usually make a loud ruckus outside the stadium before and after matches. Bars nearby the stadium tend to fill up pretty quickly while fans parade along the boulevard leading to the stadium. After losses, Doubeinese fans tend to be more riled up and can get violent especially in response to mockery from the opposing supporters.

My opponent, if they roleplay first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Contact me first.
Roleplay injuries to my players: Contact me first.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Issue yellow/red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Contact me first.

I am contactable through NS telegrams, or kaeyamains (display name: notanaviamain) on Discord.
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Postby TJUN-ia » Tue May 28, 2024 10:41 am


Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU
Football Association: FA-TJUN-ia
Nickname: Jaguars (official)/Jags (short form)/Blue and Orange (commonly used informal)/Draw Masters (satirical)
CE Ranking: 7th

Co-Managers: David Seems (JB TJUN-ia, 55) and Li Xiu Ying (CEA, 48)
Formation: 4-1-2-1-2
Style Modifier: +1.5
Free Kicks: Mohammad al-Balochi
Corners: Regina McDuff (R)/ Kim Choi-ya (L)
Position: Number Name (Age, Current Region of Residence, Club Side [if applicable])

GK: #1 Ivan Kozovikov (30, CSTO, Birikken Ala-Turgan, Kyzhurkistan)
LB: #2 Dang Thuyet (31, CEA, Colonial Sile, Vilita and Turori)
CB: #3 Alexander Lopez (29, UAC, Clube de Norwegian Wood, Brookstation) (VC)
CB: #4 Ons Moukaddem (31, ArU, Bunyoro RSC, Banija)
RB: #5 Mantfombi Dlamini (30, AU, Cednia Rovers, Vilita and Turori)
CDM: #6 Kendra Robertson (32, UO, Fairfax FC, Cassadaigua)
LM: #7 Mikela Djé-Djé (28, AU, Clayton City Ladies FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
RM: #8 Regina McDuff (32, NAU, Great Northern RR Coed FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
CAM: #9 Kristina Bay (31, UO, Brenville Blue, The Cordian Isles)
ST: #10 Fernandino (31, UAS, Duomji Tigers, StrayaRoos) (C)
ST: #11 Stephan Fiedtkou (28, CU, Cednia Beach AFC, Vilita and Turori)

SUBSTITUTES (Italics indicates new U21 graduates, blue indicates Pokérus player)

Tier 1
GK: #12 Gao Wu Shi (28, CEA, 1830 Cathair, Audioslavia)
GK: #23 Fatemeh Yektaei (26, ArU, New Bremen FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
LB: #13 Harlem Baringer-Tahiri (27, UO, Sutcheth Storm FC, Khantari)
CB: #14 Helena Mikazawa (28, JB TJUN-ia, Louss ANF, Auprussia)
CB: #15 Klara Fernandina (29, UAS, Shiloh Ladies FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
CB: #24 Zune Than Mo Nu (24, CEA, AC Dason, Brookstation)
CB: #25 Jerome Mawae (24, UO, Nuevak Yutak FK, West Kharakia)
RB: #16 Marek Gernát (26, NAU, AFC Westwilm, Atheara)
CDM: #17 Olena Zinchenko (29, NAU, CF Daineri, Audioslavia)
CDM: #22 Alejandro Martin (29, CU, Duomji Tigers, StrayaRoos)
LM: #18 Dakota Monroe (26, JB TJUN-ia, Feyerisk Port, Atheara) (Genderfluid)
RM: #19 Alisha Carlton (29, JB TJUN-ia, Sherwood Forest Ladies FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
CAM: #20 Paek Un-hui (28, CSTO, FREE AGENT)
CAM: #26 Odysseas Issigonis (25, NAU, Alikki-Corra Settlers, Vilita and Turori)
ST: #21 Diana Sharafutdinov (24, CSTO, Veriasod Wolves FC, Tikariot)

Tier 2
GK: #27 Gloria Pon (23, UAC, Destin Easterners, Xanneria)
LB: #28 Jhoseline Davinia Soleto (24, UAS, Alexandria City, Xanneria)
CB: #35 Zena Fuente Enríqua (22, JB TJUN-ia/Paldean, FREE AGENT)
RB: #29 Amala Vilakazi (23, JB TJUN-ia, FREE AGENT)
CDM: #30 Stephanie Barrientos (26, UAC, Haskins Blues FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
CDM: #31 Mandisa Mxenge (23, AU, FREE AGENT)
LM: #36 Sylvia Usabyimana (22, AU, Fajar Nike, Doubeia)
CAM: #32 Maryam Doutsi (23, ArU, FREE AGENT)
RM: #33 Zaine Bowry (24, CU, Blue-White Gleburgh, Cap Nord)
ST: #34 Belle Whitewater (23, NAU/Johtoan, FREE AGENT)


In between the last cycle and this one, we lost of the great characters of Esportivan Football - Hapilopper's Nathan Ellis.
He certainly was a character, one that drew controversy over here, but you could not deny that he had passion - for his team, for his country, for his sport.
May he rest in peace.

The FA-TJUN-ia sent their condolences to the HFA when that news broke months ago - but before this tournament got underway, about a month in advance, the FA sent a proposal to their Hapiloppan counterparts and the hosts of this CE, Reina and Doubeia - to officially declare TJUN-ia's MD3 contest with Hapilopper the 'Nathan Ellis Memorial Game'. In this proposal, the FA-TJUN-ia make the following suggestions:
- Both sets of teams should wear black armbands.
- A minute's silence or applause (whichever the HFA prefer) should be observed before kickoff.
- If asked for, a minute's applause could also be observed in the 5th minute - reflecting Ellis' number that has since been semi-retired by the HFA.
- With respect to the Head Coach For Life for this game, TJUN-ia's #5 (Mantfombi Dlamini) should be able to wear the #05 for this game only.
- The FA-TJUN-ia, no matter if this proposal is accepted or not, will donate $5 million (V4.75 million) to a charity chosen by the leadership of Elis Football (in particular, Acting Head Coach Thom Perkins).

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

SCHEDULE (Group E, Doubeia)
MD1: vs Macbon (15) - Pomeranian Hub, Port Pomeranian
MD3: vs Hapilopper (26)* - Pomeranian Hub, Port Pomeranian
*Nathan Ellis Memorial Game (pending Ellis Football approval)
MD4: vs Restresas (UR)
MD5: vs Sylestone (1)
1st: ECC4/5, NSSCRA13, RLWC22, IBS20, EBT3, EIHT2
2nd: NSCF24/26, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, IBS17, RUWC33/35, ECC6
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3/7, ARWC6, ET20IV
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (S13 T1 Champ/9W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (3W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champ/2W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #96 Alice Jepkosgei (3W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (5W)/#79 Axel Chase

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (2W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 4 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (6 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Eshialand » Tue May 28, 2024 11:02 am

The Eshialand Soccer Federation
Baptism of Fire LXXV Champions
Roster for Campionato Esportiva XXXVIII

As a new decade dawns, this team seemed to have achieved their dreams.

2029 faded into 2030 and the Owls entered their 10th year of international sporting competition... and from where they were sitting, things were going pretty alright. World Cup XCVI saw them reach their second World Cup Proper in a row, and while they may have gone 0-0-3 again, it was a sign that maybe, just maybe, they could cement themselves as one of the 32 best teams in the world.

Before they could do that, however, it was finally time for them to make a splash on the regional stage, and see where a really good CE could take them.

First international: Aut-Ves-Nat 1-3 Eshialand (BoF LXXV)
Best win: Eshialand 8-2 Rea San Vegas (WCQ XCV)
Worst loss: Valanora 8-1 Eshialand (AOCAF LXX), Milchama 8-1 Eshialand (AOCAF LXX)
Most goals for: Eshialand 8-2 Rea San Vegas (WCQ XCV)
Most goals against: Valanora 8-1 Eshialand (AOCAF LXX), Milchama 8-1 Eshialand (AOCAF LXX)
Highest-scoring match: Eshialand 8-2 Rea San Vegas (WCQ XCV)

Home Stadia:
The Eshialand City SuperDome, Eshialand City
If you're playing in Eshialand City, expect to find a cosmopolitan city at the cutting edge of modern tech, with lots of culture to take in at the same time. Maybe you could go for a bite to eat at one of the many nice restaurants, or spend a nice day with a walk by the lakeshore. There are plenty of options for things to do, so the world is your oyster. The stadium itself is a very modern facility, having been built back in 2021 in response to the Owls' incredible performance in the 75th Baptism of Fire, with a retractable roof in case of nasty weather (but don't expect to use it much).

Union Stadium, Vaynorth (capacity: 60,000).
Union Stadium is Eshialand's new, floating stadium, one that looks like someone stuffed a soccer pitch onto a large aircraft carrier and put 60,000 seats on it. Thanks to some hefty funding from Flyfr.esh and M.esh founder Tony Beaujoleil and a sketchily-obtained government project known as Project Upsilon, Eshialand's newest stadium comes in this floating form factor and it'll debut in Vaynorth, which at first may seem like an odd pick. However, the King has some ambitious plans into turning Vaynorth into a second major port for the nation, with pretty much every major city save for Eshialand City being in the interior. The first step for putting Vaynorth on the map is getting some attractions, and this floating behemoth is one of them. However, it won't be there all the time, as in the spirit of Eshian unity, it floats away to the isle of Aleirave to play host to three of their home matches.

The city of Vaynorth itself may not be much yet, but the small-town feel may prove to be a nice change of pace for some visitors, as large fancy restaurants are absent in favor of smaller mom-and-pop diners and the sort of comfort food your grandma used to make you as a kid. It may be a very different experience to the usual away match in Eshialand, but sometimes, different is just what you need.

Kits (thanks to Txakhaxi for the kits and the logo!):




Style modifier: +2.

Head Coach: Kenneth MORGAN (M, 52)
Formation: 4-3-2-1

The Roster (starting XI as of the first match in bold):
      GK #11 Christian MEERS (M, 35) - Image East Akusha CF
      GK #13 Elizabeth MICHAELS (F, 30) - Image Pittsburgh Eagles
      GK #27 Harry BRUSKE (M, 20)
      LB #7 David GORMAN (M, 36) - Image Eshialand City Tigers
      CB #14 Carter LANGLEY (M, 33) - Image Cleveland FC
      LCB #20 Dominique LaPLANTE (F, 34) - Image Ottawa Geese
      RCB #22 George HABISBRAUER (M, 34) - Image Eshialand City Royals
      LCB #23 Andrew TRAVERS (M, 33)* - Image Detroit Wolves
      LB #36 Tommy HOPAL (M, 26) - Image Eshialand City Royals
      LB #39 Kyle RIKERS (M, 31) - Image Cleveland FC
      RB #42 Evan STEVENS (M, 35) - Image Ottawa Geese
      RB #58 Kaiya DANIELS (F, 19)
      LB #61 Suzanna BLAIR (F, 21)
      RM #5 Michael HORNER (M, 34) - Image Eshialand City Royals
      RM #12 Melissa CAREY (F, 36, CAPTAIN) - Image Detroit Wolves
      CM #15 James CALACE (M, 31) -Image Buffalo Niagara FC
      LM #16 Lysander MOORE (M, 37) - Image Pittsburgh Eagles
      CM #19 Avery MacDOUGALL (F, 35) - Image Detroit Wolves
      LM #32 Lucas MEILLING (M, 27) - Image Cincinnati Siege
      LW #9 Alyssa LONGFIELD (F, 35) - Image Pittsburgh Eagles
      RW/ST #10 Jacob HARRAN (M, 32) - Image Eshialand City Royals
      RW #18 Keiar FORSEN (M, 25) - Image Ottawa Geese
      RW #21 Jonathan HARPER (M, 36)* - Image Cincinnati Siege
      ST #24 Alice CARROLL (F, 31)- Image Cincinnati Siege
      LW #33 Cameron CROWLEY (M, 34)* - Image Ottawa Geese
      LW #53 Bradley DAVIS (M, 25) - Image Blich
      RW #77 Faith KRUPP (F, 31) - Image SSD Borgonovo

    *Players marked with an asterisk are not likely picks for the 23-man squad, but feel free to include them for variety's sake if you so choose.

RP Permissions
If my opponent roleplays first, they may:
Choose my starting lineup: Yes.
Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Please TG/DM me and I'll determine the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes.
Hand out red cards to my players: No more than one per match without TGing/DMing me about it first.
Godmod other events: Please TG/DM me first, but most likely yes.

If you wanna collaborate on a match, just TG or DM me! I'm open to all collaboration!

Lastly, please don't use pictures in your RP and say they represent my players unless you run it by me first. Trust me, they probably don't.

Anything I say is IC unless proven otherwise by a court of law.


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Postby Tumbra » Tue May 28, 2024 12:32 pm


Campbell backs younger squad as Nantwich winger Berkenbosch, Straton midfielder McLaren inducted into squad

STRATON: Tumbran national team manager Michael Campbell, fresh off a somewhat-disappointing yet extremely rare five-point elimination from the World Cup (becoming only the second team in the tournament's history to have done so), has backed the Black Eagles to "bounce back" from a tournament in which "not everything particularly went to plan." Coming just over nine months after the World Cup, the announcement of the squad for the thirty-eighth Campionato Esportiva — to be held in Riena and Doubeia — brought some surprises, as six uncapped players were included in the line-up for the very first time.

The six names, respectively, are Lakewood City defender Benjamin Byrne, 24, Columbia City defender Hannah Edwards, 22, Newark Argyle right-back Jude McCreary, 24, Straton midfielder Rachel McLaren, 21, and Columbia striker Jean Starling, 24. Three other players — Serrapince goalkeeper Branko Cvitkovic, 26, Kingsbury left-back Mátyás Boullogne, 24, and Newark defensive midfielder Heather Hindmarsh, 25, all have less than ten caps to their name. The move is widely seen as a way of jump-starting a generational transition to the next batch of Tumbran footballers, with several worried observers noting that the average age of Tumbran teams headed to the World Cup have been steadily increasing as the same players get called up year after year.

"Well, we all know time marches on, relentlessly so, almost like an arrow," said Campbell, 44, at the unveiling of the 26 names that will be playing in the Riennic half of the Esportivan regional tournament. "And with time comes a need for a freshening up of the Tumbran national team. I have faith in each and every one of my players, and I do believe that the new players will be able to inject fresh perspectives, fresh styles of playing, into how we play."

Each of the six new players — nine, using the more lenient criteria of having less than ten caps — have been highly touted in the media. Starling, for example, won the Young Player of the Year award with Columbia, and scored twelve goals in Columbia's league campaign. McLaren and Berkenbosch's signatures have been sought after after the two took leading roles in the Junior Eagles' Di Bradini Cup triumph; while Hannah Edwards has been compared to Belinda Proudfoot for her composure, steadiness on the ball and passing ability.

Tumbra face a slightly more challenging path in the Campionato Esportiva, at least rank-wise; having finally been knocked off their number one ranking by Sylestone's brilliant semi-final run in the World Cup. The issue of rank has become of some concern to CONESPIO, the regional football confederation, who have reportedly taken into account the proposal proposed by Audioslavian delegates to tweak the ranking system slightly to better favour teams of lower ranks. In a group with debutants Osterhalten, as well as Esportivan stalwarts Damukuni, Lozho and Gouvanarch, Tumbra have been tipped to finish top — but modest as ever, Michael Campbell has played down his team's chances of finishing top.

"We didn't finish top of our group last time out," said Campbell, referring to Tumbra's Campionato Esportiva 37 group in which they placed second. "We can never take anything for granted."

League mulls expansion to 18 clubs as Players' Union pre-emptively 'strenuously opposes' any expansion of league calendar

STRATON: Five years ago, Tumbra's domestic league structure divorced itself from the auspices of the Tumbran Football Federation (TFF) and went independent, citing excess bureaucracy and the excessive amounts of matches in a top-flight season as the reason. In splitting, Tumbra's league system underwent a sea change almost overnight, with the Tumbran Premier Division reducing its load from 20 teams to 16, cutting out eight whole games from what has been deemed a "very clogged calendar" and giving players more opportunities to rest and recover from games.

But that might be over soon, as the T-League has reportedly been mulling expanding the league to 18 teams after the absurdity of sending "more than half of the league to international competitions" was presented to Tumbran fans as the T-League broke into the top four of the IFCF leagues — which automatically entitles the league to four spots in the IFCF Champions' League. Nine of Tumbra's sixteen clubs made it to international football — with the potential of it being ten, if a club outside the top nine wins the domestic Republic Cup — and some have said that this "defeats the point of a smaller league."

But the Tumbran Professional Football Players' Union (TPFPU) have come out stridently against any proposed expansion to the league, seemingly pre-empting any consultation or announcement. "The Union is firmly against any decision to expand the existing league system, even by two clubs — doing so would have an adverse effect on players' health and well-being, which should be taken into account by the T-League." T-League President Heather Cartwright has said that the concerns of the TPFPU have been "taken into account" and that "we will always run any decision on the size of the league or scheduling of matches by them."

TUMBRA vs OSTERHALTEN, Campionato Esportiva 38 Matchday 1
Starters: 1 - V Jones; 18 - M Boullogne, 4 - S Kerr, 14 - Y Lawson, 19 - J McCreary; 6 - T Harrison, 8 - V Leighton, 16 - S Harrington; 7 - V Wells, 21 - A Pearson, 22 - E Maddison
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Tumbra - a sprawling, modern federal democratic republic located in Esportiva. Strong economy, strong civil rights, strong freedoms.
Population: 121 million | TLA: TMB | Capital City: Straton | Largest City: Couno
Constitution | Domestic Database | Domestic Football | Domestic Motorsports | Wiki Article
President: David Hardcastle (Labour) | Prime Minister: Bertram Andrews (Labour)
U-18 World Cup 13, 21 Champions/Di Bradini Cup 51, 57 Champions

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Postby Riena » Tue May 28, 2024 2:27 pm

"That concludes today's video review session. I'll see you tomorrow morning for training — dismissed."

Amid a chorus of weary affirmative replies, Cocoa Haneda gathered her notes and tucked her laptop under her arm, raising a hand in acknowledgement as her players filed out of the room and back to their quarters. It had been a long and draining day for the Riena manager and her team, not to mention her charges — they had had a general fitness and conditioning session in the morning, which was always strenuous, and followed that up with a tactical session after lunch. Cocoa had spotted more than a few of the players struggling to hide yawns when the tactical coaches were leading the session, and by the time the video review session rolled around, many of them were visibly nodding off. Perhaps not the ideal way to round off the day's preparation, Cocoa thought to herself, but she couldn't find it in herself to blame the players, not really.

This was because she was only too aware of the mammoth scale of the task that lay before them. It had been roughly ten cycles — twenty years! — since Riena participated in their last multiversal football competition. The country's football programme, which had shown promising signs of progress up until that point, was abruptly, incomprehensibly, terminated after WCQ 87 for reasons completely opaque to Cocoa. Given that she had been one of the most prominent players in a Riena team that had promised so much, Cocoa had been devastated when she learned the news. To her, and to the rest of that Riena squad, it wasn't so much a backwards step as it was a backwards somersault off a yawning, bottomless cliff — not only doing untold damage to the players' hopes of forging careers abroad, but also irreversibly erasing all the progress that they, and their manager Kanata Shiranami, had fought to achieve with their blood, sweat, and tears. In their eyes, it was nothing short of a betrayal.

Cocoa nudged a stray chair back into place with her foot, switched off the lights in the room, and slid the door shut before heading for her office. Immediately after the termination of the programme — how she despised that word, termination — driven by a potent cocktail of rage and sorrow, Cocoa put all she had into her club career, as did many of her teammates. Yet the lack of any sort of organised professional league meant that their efforts amounted to pretty much nothing. They were just a bunch of motley professionals — good enough to play for many multiversal national teams, to be sure, but with pretty much zero name recognition outside of Riena, and no way to showcase their talents to a wide audience on a regular basis, they stood no chance of resurrecting their careers overseas. Many of Cocoa's teammates resigned themselves to that fact. Some found permanent employment and continued to play on a part time basis for their local clubs; some, still blinded by their love for the game, eked out a living as players or coaches; still others, utterly defeated by the callous way in which their careers had been snatched from their grasp, refused to have anything further to do with football and retired into obscurity. For her part, Cocoa loved football too much to be away from it for long; she played out a steady, if uneventful career, retired early, and threw herself into studying for her coaching badges.

She was determined to prove the nameless suits at the RFA wrong. The bastards hadn't given them a chance, but she, Cocoa Haneda, would prove that they were wrong — if not as a player, then as a manager. She would prove them all wrong, or she would die trying.

Obsessed with the idea, Cocoa moved back in with her parents — just so she could devote every spare moment of her life to her studies — and launched herself into the task before her with a burning enthusiasm. She woke up at the crack of dawn, go for a brisk run to clear her mind, and spend the rest of the day poring over textbooks and coaching manuals. She travelled all around the country watching matches, hoping to note some new tactical innovation or novelty. She locked herself in her room, endlessly replaying past matches — including those in which she played in for Riena — as she developed the rough framework of a footballing philosophy that she could call her own. She immersed herself into football more than she had ever done in her life, to the extent that her parents, worried that her obsession was taking a physical and mental toll on her, had to coax her out of her room for meals. But even when she wasn't spending time studying football, Cocoa thought of precious little else. She couldn't help it.

Her parents need not have worried. Several months after she received her coaching badges, a functionary from a Riena One League club rang her. They had just sacked their manager after a dire run of form, and would she be interested in interviewing for the position? Cocoa didn't need to be asked twice — she attended the interview, impressed the directors with the depth and breadth of her football knowledge, and landed the job. Her club had been getting sucked into the lower reaches of the league table, with relegation a distinct possibility, but Cocoa managed to turn the ship around with her brand of vertical possession-based football, steering the club to safety with a handful of games to spare.

Things were looking up for Cocoa — armed with a new, improved contract and a club who were by all accounts prepared to give her their full backing on and off the pitch, she was well on the way to making a name for herself as a manager — if not in a league with a higher standard of play, then certainly in the Riena One League.

That all changed midway through her second season. She had been in the middle of taking a press conference when the club's press officer tapped her on the shoulder and whispered into her ear. The chairman of the board of directors wanted a word. Cocoa had been mildly irritated — couldn't it have waited for later? — but one look at the expression on the usually jovial chairman's face, and she realised that it had to be something serious.

"Cocoa, I do apologise for calling you away from your press conference, but there's been a development regarding the RFA — a quite serious one I might add."

Cocoa listened in disbelief as the chairman took her through the specifics. The RFA had been in touch just minutes ago. They were planning on participating in the next Campionato Esportiva — a competition Cocoa was only too familiar with. She had after all played in one edition of the Campionato herself — CE27, which Riena had hosted — and, denied the chance to play in subsequent editions by the RFA's termination of the national football programme, she had watched Campionato matches whenever she could, silently cursing to herself whenever she saw the victorious teams lifting the trophy aloft. The RFA were considering the prospect of rebooting the national football programme. They planned to enter Riena into the Campionato as a means of assessing the viability of funding the programme in the future, including for the upcoming World Cup cycle.

Cocoa knew what was coming even before the chairman had finished talking. There was only one possible reason she had been summoned here and made privy to all this.

"The RFA are looking for a manager to lead the national team for the Campionato. They want you to be that manager."

The irony was so palpable, Cocoa felt as thought she could taste its sharp metallic tang in her mouth. The RFA, who had so callously discarded her and her teammates twenty years ago, now wanted her back? Her first instinct was to throw her head back and laugh — laugh at the nerve of the RFA to come crawling back to her after how they had treated her; laugh at the sheer absurdity of the situation. After all, what were the odds that the wizened mandarins at the RFA would pick up the phone and ask for her, Cocoa Haneda, to lead the country's football programme, especially when she was still a raw and untested manager? Cocoa would be lying if she said she had never allowed herself to imagine this happening. After all, it would be the ultimate repudiation of the RFA's decision to terminate the national team twenty years ago, and at the same time, an explicit acknowledgement of her managerial abilities. In a way, it would be the sweet, sweet ambrosia of revenge after all they had done to her and her teammates. But never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that the call would actually come, and so soon at that.

A harsh, mirthless laugh bubbled up from the back of Cocoa's bone dry throat, but by the time it reached her lips, the laugh had morphed into a guttural, strangled, barely human sound. The chairman, unaware of the internal struggle raging inside his manager, patted Cocoa's shoulder genially and offered her a glass of lukewarm water.

"Of course, we would completely understand if you wish to take up this opportunity, but it will of course necessitate your prompt resignation of your position with us. The Campionato is in three months — the RFA want you to start next week."

Those fateful words rang loudly in Cocoa's ears as she unlocked the door to her office and sank into her chair. In the end, despite her distaste for the RFA, there was really never any doubt that she would accept the RFA's offer to helm the Riena national team. Cocoa had been denied the chance to prove herself on the multiversal stage — and she was resolved that she would not let that happen to future generations of Riennese players. Immediately after her meeting with the chairman, Cocoa had been chauffeured straight to the RFA headquarters in Nagato, where she thrashed out the terms of her contract. She signed on the dotted line the very same day, and was announced as Riena manager the next day. She wasted no time in getting to work — when she was not poring over lists of potential call-ups, she was travelling to matches to personally scout them, and in between, she was holding detailed meetings about everything from training sessions and dietary regimens to tactical setups with her hastily assembled coaching staff, which included several of her old national teammates whom Cocoa had been able to finagle into joining up to work alongside her.

Assembling an actual, functioning team out of twenty-four players who were strangers to one another proved to be challenging in the extreme, but despite the impossibly short timeframe, Cocoa was confident that she and her staff had managed to prepare the team to the best of their ability. Thanks to the Riena One League, she hadn't been able to finalise her squad of twenty-four until barely a month ago, and those twenty-four players, along with the coaching staff, had spent the entire month intensively preparing for the Campionato at the RFA's main training complex. The entire experience reminded Cocoa of her first national call up under Kanata. Then, as now, a young, inexperienced manager had been forced to piece together a functioning team from scratch out of a callow group of players who had never so much as played together before; then, as now, the manager and her team were bearing the weighty burden of expectation on their shoulders — not only the expectations of their employer the RFA, but also the expectations of an entire football-mad nation. The only difference was that she, Cocoa Haneda, was now on the other side of the equation, playing her part as a manager instead of a player.

A wry smile played across Cocoa's lips as she leaned back in her chair and shut her eyes. In hindsight, her entire football career — both as a player and as a manager — had led inexorably to the present. That was what mattered now, not what had happened the first time around. No more drawing parallels with the events of twenty years ago. Now, as manager, she bore the responsibility of nurturing an entire generation of Riena players; the responsibility of coaching them to the absolute peak of their games; and of course, the responsibility to ensure that what happened to her and her teammates would not happen to any other aspiring Riennese player again. That would be her legacy, her gift to Riennese football, and Cocoa was damned if she was going to let anyone — most of all the RFA — stand in the way of her achieving that. Terminate the national team? Fuck that. All she had to do was make the national team so successful the bastards at the RFA could never find an excuse to lay their filthy hands on it again. That journey would begin with the first official match of her tenure as Riena manager — matchday one of the Campionato, Riena versus the 14 Stars at the Funami Metropolitan Stadium — in just under a week's time.

"Cocoa! I knew you were still in your office. I got us coffees. Drink up before you get back to work."

Cocoa cracked her eyes open to find her assistant manager and former vice-captain Kaede Igarashi beaming at her, holding a steaming hot coffee in each hand. She rubbed her eyes, smiled wearily, and reached out for her coffee.

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Official Call-Up For Campionato Esportiva 38

As is tradition with Kamijiroan football, manager Raiji Kagawa made the announcement of his team live on television. This tradition, borrowed from Brazil, provides a lot of excitement, especially for young, up-and-coming players that may not have expected to make the cut. Following last season in the Kamijiroan Premier League, in which quite a few young players made names for themselves, the roster looks much different than it did at the Cup of Harmony. Without further ado, the finalized roster for the Lightning's Campionato Esportiva campaign, sorted by position and then kit number.

Name Position Kit # Height Weight Age Dept. of Birth Current Club
Jokichi Asumi GK #1 6'5" 213lbs 21 Raijin-shi Raijin-shi
Genichi Kitamura GK #98 6'4" 220lbs 20 Raijin-shi South Central St. Jerome
Azael Costa GK #99 6'6" 225lbs 21 Porto de Kamijiro Porto

Name Position Kit # Height Weight Age Dept. of Birth Current Club
Thomas Beal CB/RB #3 6'0" 200lbs 23 St. Jerome St. Jerome
Philippe Seraphin LWB/LB #4 5'11" 200lbs 23 Chamonix Chamonix
Kennedy Jaques CB #5 6'2" 223lbs 29 Porto de Kamijiro Chamonix
Ryohei Murai CB #27 6'2" 211lbs 22 Raijin-shi Porto
Richard Lawson LB/LWB #28 6'1" 197lbs 28 St. Jerome St. Jerome
Wagner Machado RWB/RB #52 6'4" 232lbs 22 Porto de Kamijiro Chamonix
Sadatoshi Kameda RB/RWB #86 6'1" 220lbs 23 Raijin-shi East Jiro
Marcus Aldridge CB #92 6'4" 190lbs 29 St. Jerome St. Jerome

Name Position Kit # Height Weight Age Dept. of Birth Current Club
Saiichi Demizu CM/CDM #6 6'2" 210lbs 26 Raijin-shi Raijin-shi
Tadahiro Abiko CM/CDM #7 6'1" 185lbs 27 Raijin-shi Raijin-shi
Katsu Fujiwara CAM/CM/CDM #8 5'9" 174lbs 20 Raijin-shi Raijin-shi
Kaneto Kanazono CAM/CM #10 5'7" 168lbs 29 Raijin-shi Raijin-shi
José Henrique Simões CAM #11 5'10" 164lbs 26 Porto de Kamijiro Porto
Oliver Freeland CAM #15 5'11" 168lbs 29 St. Jerome Wanda Island Wanderers (AFT)
Nicácio Xavier CM/CAM #17 5'10" 180lbs 19 Porto de Kamijiro Arsenal de Releinthi (AFT)
Andy Crook CAM/CM #42 6'1" 214lbs 24 St. Jerome St. Jerome
Hilton Leite CAM/CM #45 5'9" 190lbs 26 Porto de Kamijiro South Central St. Jerome
Evandro Medina CM #94 6'2" 188lbs 27 Porto de Kamijiro Porto

Name Position Kit # Height Weight Age Dept. of Birth Current Club
Soji Kokubun ST/LW #20 6'0" 173lbs 23 Raijin-shi Raijin-shi
Kou Masou RW/LW/ST #24 5'7" 149lbs 26 Raijin-shi Chamonix
Ruud Smeets LW/RW/ST #29 6'1" 202lbs 23 New Volendam Chamonix
Joshua Johnson ST #31 6'3" 210lbs 27 St. Jerome New Volendam
Kingsley Dunkley LW/ST #40 6'0" 200lbs 29 St. Jerome St. Jerome
Sandro Becker ST/RW #44 5'8" 184lbs 24 Porto de Kamijiro Porto
Haruki Kagawa ST #88 5'4" 115lbs 19 Raijin-shi Miraisaki City

Some notes about the call-up. There are a handful of first-time call-ups for the national team: Jokichi Asumi, Azael Costa, Kingsley Dunkley, Haruki Kagawa, Richard Lawson, Hilton Leite, Ryohei Murai, and Nicácio Xavier. This is the first time that non-domestic players have made the cut. This is, by far, the youngest roster that Raiji Kagawa has pulled up for the team, with not a single player over the age of 30. Furthermore, this is the first time a female has been called up, with Haruki Kagawa making the final roster. Below, the expected starters are listed.

GK: Jokichi Asumi

LWB: Philippe Seraphin
LCB: Marcus Aldridge
CB: Kennedy Jaques
RCB: Thomas Beal
RWB: Sadatoshi Kameda

LCM: Nicácio Xavier
CM: Katsu Fujiwara
RCM: Saiichi Demizu

CAM: Kaneto Kanazono

ST: Soji Kokubun

Players to watch:
Soji Kokubun won MVP of the Premier League last season after putting Porto on his back. He's made a big-money move to Raijin-shi to play with his long-time friend and fellow superstar Katsu Fujiwara. Speaking of Katsu Fujiwara, he's just won the Young Player of the Year award for the Premier League. His girlfriend, Haruki Kagawa, made the cut as well, making her the first female to make the national team. She didn't make it off of nepotism, either - she's already racked up a couple of goals for newly-promoted Miraisaki City. Jokichi Asumi won Goalkeeper of the Year for the relegated Pwllheli side before making a move to Raijin-shi. He boasted a near-ninety percent save rate and was one of the only reasons they were even close to staying up last season.

Nicácio Xavier is the X factor for the team for this run. At just 19 years old, he's the youngest expected starter and he's raring to prove himself, especially after a move abroad following Pwllheli's relegation. He's definitely got the talent, even if it is a bit unheralded. He's being billed as the ideal midfielder to play alongside Katsu, but that remains to be seen.

As always, thank you for reading and go Lightning!

- Alyx de Leon, Chamonix Free Sporting Press

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STYLE MOD: -3.25
Choose my goalscorers: yes, include assists
RP yellow cards: yes
RP red cards: yes
RP injuries: yes
Godmod scoring events: yes
Godmod injuries: nothing too crazy
Godmod other: nothing too crazy
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Full Nation Name: The Dominion of Hapilopper
Trigramme: HAP
Nickname: The Haps
Team Colors: Blue, Green and Black

Once again, the world of Hapiloppian football took a sad twist after Nathan Ellis was hospitalized during the last Campionato Esportiva. Ellis, who had been facing a serious bout with double pneumonia, was rushed to a hospital the day after returning to Hapilopper. Concerned about their leader's health, Ellis Football sat out the World Cup 96 campaign as they prayed for the health of their leader. But sadly, Nathan never recovered. The day of the first matchday for World Cup 96 qualifying, Nathan Ellis passed away from complications from double pneumonia. The old Ellis Football squad quietly disbanded, and in his memory, the Hapilopper Football Association put together a squad of players - some from the old Ellis Football team, but many others, a new group of players looking to finally bring Hapiloppian football to the front and center of the international stage. And if there's any motivator to do it, it's for the memory of the spiritual leader of Hapiloppian football.

Following Ellis's death, HFA head Dom Probst announced that the national team will never again have a "head coach," but rather an "acting head coach." Officially, Nathan Ellis is still the head coach of Team Hapilopper, but leading the squad is Thom Perkins, who helped lead Hapiloppian football to the World Cup proper a few years ago. Perkins was seen as the best selection to lead Hapiloppian football in the future following his positive track record of bringing teams together - first in the Baptism of Fire many years ago, and then to qualifying for World Cups 90 and 91. Perkins will rely on a 4-2-3-1 formation for most of the competition.

ASSISTANT COACH: Ernie Stevenson
TRAINER: Bill Rothstein
PHYSIO: Tab Butler

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG me if you want to do something serious
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Godmod other events: Yes, but TG me first
RP Coronavirus-related events: No. A RL pandemic does not exist in Hapilopper and Hapiloppians do not have it.

Capital Stadium, Hapilopper City, Hapilopper
Built: 1970 | Seating Capacity: 66,025 | Open-Air | Artificial Turf

(Pictured: Capital Stadium in gridiron configuration)
Capital Stadium, Hapilopper's de facto national stadium, is the last of Hapilopper's classic cookie-cutter venues, used for a variety of applications, including the Hapilopper City Nationals baseball team, the Hapilopper National Baseball Team and is the home of Team Hapilopper. As is custom with cookie-cutter stadiums, the park is completely symmetrical and is surrounded by multiple decks of stands, typically filled with screaming fans when the home team is doing well. Back in the 1970s, the HC Nationals, and their vaunted "National Machine" dominated Hapiloppian baseball, and brought over four million fans through the turnstiles on six occasions. Hapiloppian fans have vowed to come to Capital Stadium in force for Team Hapilopper games. Typically, Hapiloppian fans, including the members of the "Traveling Thrashers" supporters group are among the wildest fans in sport, and promise to be exactly that for the World Cup. Expect to see fans dancing along to 1970s funk music, slamming drums as loudly as possible, waving their flags, and throwing streamers for every Hapiloppian goal.




#1 - LOU HYDE | Goalkeeper | Age: 26 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @louis_hyde | Club: United Hampton Cities
Style of Play: Sweeper Keeper | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Medium | Attitude: Brooding
The starting goalkeeper for the new Team Hapilopper squad is Louis Hyde, a dark, brooding figure that doesn't necessarily enjoy being around other people. He enjoys the company of his cat, Smokey, and the slow, mournful tunes he listens to on the radio, but aside from that, not much else. You won't see him at a party, and you won't see him slamming back brews with his teammates. Regardless, his teammates at United Hampton Cities think the world of him - primarily because he does his job well. He's there to stop goals, and he does it with great precision. He doesn't get too emotional and he doesn't let the matter at hand get to his head too much.

#2 - HUNTLEY McCULLOUGH | Defenseman | Age: 26 | Kicks: Left | twii.tur: @mccullough40 | Club: Kingsland Warriors
Style of Play: Defensive Back | Speed: Fast | Physicality: High | Attitude: Asshole
One of several veterans of Ellis Football, Huntley McCullough was constantly compared to a younger Nathan Ellis - which, depending on your point of view, could be either the nicest thing anyone could say about someone or the absolute worst. For the Kingsland Warriors, who love his physical, balls-to-the-wall style of play where he willingly puts himself in harm's way to stop a goalscoring effort, it's about the nicest thing. For fans of other teams and in other countries, it's not a very charitable statement about a ballplayer that they feel is just as likely to wage a holy war on the football field as he is to wage the kind of defense that normal football enthusiasts consider "acceptable."

#3 - ARN MARCH | Defenseman | Age: 25 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @EnforcerMarch | Club: The Soldiers (Hapilopper City)
Style of Play: Defensive Enforcer | Speed: Medium-Fast | Physicality: Very High | Attitude: Asshole
If you saw Arnold March at Center Street Pub in Hapilopper City - a place he loves to frequent after matches, you'd think he was a 45-year old middle class father of three who enjoyed a cold beer or two - and in fact, many football fans say March is "like that uncle that loves to kick ass on the weekends." You wouldn't think he was the 25-year old "Enforcer" of the Soldiers squad, a physical and imposing character who has gained quite the attention in the last couple of years for his rough play. In most countries, his play - complete with a signature move called a "spinebuster" where he picks up a player on the opposing team, torques about 90 degrees to the left and drives them into the turf - would be called churlish at best, criminal at worst. But in Hapilopper, it's par for the course and almost to be expected in the wild and crazy world of Hapiloppian sport.

#4 - SCOTT ROUNDTREE | Defenseman | Age: 22 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @RoundtreeScott | Club: Halsted Heat
Style of Play: Centerback | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Medium-High | Attitude: Intense
It has been observed among members of the Hapiloppian media that the starting defense of Team Hapilopper is dominated by some real charmers - Rod Cutt, Arnold March and Huntley McCullough. Assholes all. On the other hand, Scott Roundtree might be the biggest exception. Roundtree, the captain of the Halsted Heat squad, is said to be one of the nicer players in Hapiloppian football off the pitch. He involves himself in charity work, feeding the less fortunate and raising money to send children to college. On the field, however, Scott is a tenacious bulldog that can stop offensive efforts with his body and doesn't mind putting himself in harm's way to keep goals from being scored. In a famous incident last year against the West Hampton Sports Club, Roundtree dove in front of the ball in an effort to keep it from hitting the back of the net. Unfortunately, WHSC forward Tommy Hobbs didn't stop in time and kicked Roundtree right in the face. Rather than being pissed off about it, however, Roundtree laughed it off, and an image of a bloodied Roundtree chuckling about getting kicked in the face made newspapers all over Hapilopper.

#05 - ROD CUTT | Defenseman | Age: 26 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: (Banned from twii.tur) | Club: Minortown SC
Style of Play: Defensive Back | Speed: Medium-Fast | Physicality: Violent | Attitude: Major Asshole
The first player hand-picked by the late Nathan Ellis to be a part of the Ellis Football squad, Rod Cutt was picked to be a part of Ellis Football because of his violent tendencies - and that's putting it mildly. Cutt kicked Mort Teeples in the balls in frustration, receiving a straight red and the ire of the fans in Garvinson. Then he threatened to fight the referee. Then he threatened to fight a few fans. But Nathan loved that kind of style. Nathan loved that kind of attitude and fire, telling friends that "a player like Roddy Cutt is a player that wins me football games, and that's why I brought him in." In Nathan's memory, the HFA has offered this roster slot to Cutt, and a modified version of "The Number of Violence," 05, rather than Nathan's 5, which has been retired in the wake of Ellis's death.

#6 - TIM RADOMIA | Midfielder | Age: 24 | Kicks: Left | twii.tur: @timradomia30 | Club: Garvinson Trojans
Style of Play: Defensive Midfielder | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Only When Necessary | Attitude: Stoner
The good news is that Timmy Radomia, that chill midfielder with the long hair and the weird smile, is still a crucial part of the Hapiloppian midfield. The bad news is that he enjoys his green plants a tiny bit too much, still. Timmy was recently suspended by the Trojans for openly smoking a bong about a half hour before a Garvinson match against the Halsted Heat in front of the entire team, and smoking out the entire Garvinson clubhouse to the point where the entire team, its staff and two reporters got a pretty gnarly contact high as a result. Garvinson lost the match, 6-0, and Radomia was given a straight red in the first five minutes after running up to the referee with a really goofy smile on his face and going on a tangent about ham sandwiches, fried chicken and conservative politicians from the Garvinson area. We wish we were making this up.

#7 - HERB WATTS | Midfielder | Age: 27 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @herbert-w17 | Club: Pinkerton City SC
Style of Play: Defensive Midfielder | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Medium-High | Attitude: Intense
Soccer players in Hapilopper tend to have some very interesting quirks about them. Some get a little too artistic about scoring goals. Others could be put on terrorism watch lists for their violent style of play, while others make their teammates uneasy with what they do. For Herbert Watts, the midfielder from Pinkerton, his quirk tends to involve daytime trash television. Watts loves those trashy talk shows that cover deep, intellectual subjects like "I'm leaving you for my cousin!" and "I discovered my wife is sleeping with a racist!" to the point where these shows - to the chagrin of his teammates - are aired in the Pinkerton clubhouse before practice every morning. Herbert is reportedly an active poster on message boards that discuss these daytime talk shows and wrote a passionate defense of these shows in the Pinkerton Daily Times - saying it was a guilty pleasure of many, but damn it, it's fun to watch, so let us have these shows.

#8 - JARED KELCEY | Midfielder | Age: 24 | Kicks: Left | twii.tur: @jaredkelcey | Club: Capital City United
Style of Play: Offensive (in more than one way) Midfielder | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Heavy (to himself) | Attitude: Clumsy
Following the long tradition of Hapiloppian athletes doing dumb things to themselves, Jared Kelcey has been asked by Capital City United to please not drive himself to the stadium for the good of everyone. This follows an incident where Kelcey apparently got ticketed by Hapilopper City Police for driving the wrong way down a one-way street, going 75 in a 35, and nearly mowing down a church bus full of old ladies going to the community center for their weekly bingo game. This also follows a bizarre incident at Capital Stadium in a match against Peoria where Kelcey tried going for a header, he missed and face-planted the artificial turf with extreme prejudice. This also follows an incident where, not looking where he was going at Capital City's training facility, he smashed into a vending machine, breaking glass and sending snacks flying through the air. This guy might be a walking disaster area, folks, so tread lightly.

#9 - TAD WINSLOW | Midfielder | Age: 26 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: (none) | Club: FC Surrey
Style of Play: Offensive Midfielder | Speed: Medium-Fast | Physicality: Low | Attitude: Creative
One of a growing breed of Hapiloppian midfielders who can score goals just as well as the strikers, Tad Winslow has been the premier goal scoring threat for FC Surrey, scoring 22 goals last season, oftentimes from some really unusual places and in unusual ways - and we're not just talking about the "bicycle kick past the keeper's head," we're talking "trick shot off the post" kind of goals. And, in truth, Winslow should probably be credited for 23 goals last season, but because of rules concerning own goals, perhaps his wildest trick shot goal (and the wildest trick shot goal probably ever) didn't count to him. In a match against Kingsland Warriors, Winslow fired one directly at Kingsland defenseman Huntley McCullough, striking him directly in the nuts. The ball bounced off McCullough's nuts and into the goal. McCullough doubled over in pain, and to add insult to injury, he got credited with an own goal. Winslow got a yellow card for his impetuosity.

#10 - BEN FAIRCHILD | Forward | Age: 21 | Kicks: Left | twii.tur: @bennyfairchild | Club: Hap City Highway Patrol
Style of Play: Center Forward | Speed: Very Fast | Physicality: Low | Attitude: Professional
The ironic thing about Ben Fairchild playing for a team called the "Highway Patrol" - a team owned by the City Police Brotherhood Union - is that he tends to drive a tad bit too fast out on the road, not letting a little thing like a "speed limit" slow him down. Fairchild, who scored 31 goals for Highway Patrol last season, also racked up 31 speeding tickets in that same time - which he happily pays a few days later, even with an admonishment to "please slow your ass down." Fairchild nearly got himself out of one ticket back in February when he told a police officer that he was so happy he got pulled over, because that meant he'd score a goal in the next match. The officer thought that was funny, but told him to please, good god almighty damn, slow your ass down.

#11 - STAN MCLAMB | Forward | Age: 25 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @mclamb11 | Club: Garvinson Trojans
Style of Play: Artistic Goal-Scoring | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Low | Attitude: Asshole
The thing about Stan McLamb is that he's great. He's a genius when it comes to scoring goals - scoring 37 for Garvinson last season. The problem with Stan McLamb is that he's great and he knows it. He wants you to know he's great. He has let his greatness come to his head, and he isn't shy about letting his teammates know that he is not only great, but he's better than anyone else. And that was, to be sure, a red flag for Nathan Ellis when he recruited McLamb. And that was, to be sure, a red flag when Thom Perkins and Ernie Stevenson saw Stan storm straight into the offices of the Hapilopper Football Association demanding his roster spot. But, you see, Nathan loved Stan. He thought he was one of the best goal-scoring ballplayers he had ever seen. And he loved his attitude. Stan lives and dies by "Win the whole fucking thing," which was Nathan's mantra, and he's going to make damn sure the team does just that.

#21 - DANIEL BRADFORD | Defenseman | Age: 22 | Kicks: Ass | twii.tur: @dannybradford50 | Club: FC Buckridge
Style of Play: Centerback | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Like a pissed-off drunk at a honky tonk | Attitude: Redneck
You know, in most instances Daniel Bradford would be a starting defenseman on a Hapiloppian national team. But those "most instances" don't involve a pissed-off Ernie Stevenson fishing him out of a country and western bar having started a fistfight with some cowboy because Daniel had tried hooking up with his girl. And those "most instances" don't involve throwing a glass of whiskey at said cowboy because he said he was "one of them fancypants soccer players that can't line dance no good." What I guess we're saying is that Dan Bradford starts bar fights, he does stupid things, he's piss-poor at line dancing and he may or may not have told some lady to hit the floor when someone said it was time for a "hoedown," whatever the hell that means. Either way, his bad behavior cost him a starting spot on the Hapiloppian squad, but he might get it back if he does well enough.

#22 - TIM STONE | Defenseman | Age: 23 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @tim_stone | Club: United Hampton Cities
Style of Play: Defensive Back | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Medium | Attitude: Calm
So, what do we put in for a player that doesn't really get in trouble, isn't considered a "football terrorist" and doesn't do anything that puts him on any most wanted lists or watch lists? What do we do for a football player who doesn't really have a lot of hobbies outside of playing football? I mean, we could write that Tim Stone is a great defensive player who can stop a goalscoring effort with ease, but damn, that's boring. We were writing that shit years ago when we introduced you to the Baptism of Fire squad. And damn, I guess that means Timmy Stone is boring as shit. He plays good football, he plays good defense, but he doesn't get in trouble, he doesn't do anything embarrassing and he doesn't make a complete ass of himself. Maybe he should get himself into card trouble more often - it might get him a starting spot on the national team.

#23 - DAVID COLT | Defenseman | Age: 24 | Kicks: Left | twii.tur: @coltman60 | Club: West Hampton Sports Club
Style of Play: Centerback | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Heavy | Attitude: Antisocial
When we go out to interview players, their coaches and some fans for these short profile snippets about members of the Hapiloppian team, usually a trend comes about. Certain people will talk about how a certain player is just the nicest guy, or the fiercest competitor, or the best dressed, or someone they might not want to ride with on the highway. When we asked people about David Colt, their responses were just about the same. "He doesn't have friends," one person said. "He sits at the end of the bar, drinks his beer, and walks away when someone sits next to him. He speaks in monosyllables. His idea of a good time is to stand off to the corner, drink a beer and avoid every single person around him." One teammate suggested it's because he has a miniscule tolerance for bullshit; while another suggested he got stuffed in a locker in school by some guy.

#24 - PETER HARDY | Defenseman | Age: 29 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @pete_hardy99 | Club: The Soldiers (Hapilopper City)
Style of Play: Defensive Back | Speed: Medium-Slow | Physicality: Heavy | Attitude: Goofball
Last year, the HFA announced, to the bewilderment of many, that kazoos had been outlawed from every single stadium where one of their matches were taking place. When asked why, Dom Probst, the head of the HFA, said "those that know, know. Those that don't, don't need to know." It turns out that Peter Hardy, a kazoo expert (for some reason), had been playing the kazoo in the clubhouse for weeks before the start of games, when Dom Probst, apparently looking for players for the national team, entered the room - while Hardy was playing some children's tune for the sixth time in a row. One player asked Probst to step in. Probst reportedly told Hardy that if he didn't stop with the kazoo, he'd take it from his hands and "ram it so far up your ass you won't even know what hit you." Hardy did exactly that. According to some reports, he is plotting to have the Hapiloppian National Anthem played by a bunch of kazoo players before a Campionato Esportiva match.

#31 - KYLE NICHOLSON | Midfielder | Age: 26 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @kyle_nick | Club: Washington FC
Style of Play: Offensive Midfielder | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Medium | Attitude: Redneck
Pickup truck enthusiast Kyle Nicholson was a surprising selection to the Hapiloppian football squad, likely because of the constantly-poor standard of play from Washington FC, constant bottom-dwellers in the HFA standings and the one team everyone points as as the biggest argument in favor of introducing promotion and relegation into Hapiloppian football. But the one high point on that team is Kyle Nicholson, who impresses fans and experts alike with his strong play. In a recent game against Soldiers, where Washington was trounced 7-0, Nicholson was seen as the only reason they didn't get shut out 10-0. Some have said he is "the only reason Washington wins any games at all" and "if he was on another team, he'd be on a first-place team." Away from the pitch, Nicholson enjoys going off-roading on his lifted pickup truck.

#32 - COLIN FINLEY | Midfielder | Age: 28 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: (banned from twii.tur) | Club: Raceway FC
Style of Play: Hybrid Midfielder | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Heavy | Attitude: Drunk
You know, there is a such thing as too much of a good thing. Just ask Colin "Wild Dog" Finley, midfielder for Raceway Football Club in Buckridge, nicknamed not because of his wild standard of play, nor because of his tendency to visit the Laughing Dog Bar and Grill in nearby Kensington Town, but rather because of his love of Wild Dog, a form of cheap, fortified wine, also known as a "bum wine" - which you can get for $5 at the local liquor store or gas station. It's this love of Wild Dog that got him banned from multiple social media outlets a few months ago. As he got rip-roaringly drunk after a match, Finley let loose his opinions, which were a little too spicy for anyone's liking, and that got him kicked out. As for those opinions? We'll leave those out, and we'll let you look those up on your own time (and because I don't want to get DEAT'd for a roster post -Hap)

#33 - RORY SCHUYLER | Midfielder | Age: 27 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @roaringrory | Club: West Hampton Sports Club
Style of Play: Hybrid Midfielder | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Heavy | Attitude: Asshole
Oh god, it's this guy. He exudes "douchebag" at every angle. He plays like a douchebag. He looks like a douchebag. He acts like a douchebag. He has hair like a douchebag. Three years in a row, he's won H-Sports Magazine "Guy You'd Like To Punch In The Face" award. Each of those years, he was nominated by one of his teammates. So, why does Rory Schuyler stay on the West Hampton Sports Club, and why did he get a spot on the national team? Because even if he's got the most punchable face in Hapiloppian sports, and even if Rod Cutt may physically introduce Rory's head to his ass by the time the Campionato Esportiva is over, he's still a damn fine midfielder, and still a crucial piece of any team's goalscoring effort, or any sort of defensive campaign that can stop a goal from being scored. That said, we think everyone is cheering for Rod to keel-haul this guy on live television.

#34 - TRACY HUNTER | Midfielder | Age: 19 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @trace_hunter | Club: The Soldiers (Hapilopper City)
Style of Play: Offensive Midfielder | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Medium | Attitude: Professional
It's easy to spot Tracy Hunter outside of Capital Stadium in Hapilopper City. He's the guy that looked like he just stepped out of 1986. (Compared to most Hapiloppians, who look like they stepped out of 1996) That comes complete with mullet, aviator sunglasses, white suit jacket with the sleeves rolled up, black t-shirt underneath, blue acid-washed jeans and loafers with no socks, as he gets out of a 1980s Preston Skychief. It's also easy to spot Tracy Hunter inside Capital Stadium. He's the false nine for the team, scoring two dozen goals last year. He's one not getting in trouble, letting some of the hot dogs do that for him. The girls love him - and one recent magazine called Tracy "the sexiest schmuck in Hapiloppian soccer." He's on the bench, however, for the national team. Why? He's only 19 years old. Thom Perkins calls him "a starter for the future."

#41 - TREVOR CRISP | Forward | Age: 25 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @crispy_trevor | Club: North Hampton FC
Style of Play: Center Forward | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Low | Attitude: Calm
Had Stan McLamb not stormed into the HFA offices demanding his spot as starting 11 back, Trevor Crisp would have had the role. Some say he's faster, some say he's better, many say he's less controversial. He scored 41 goals last year for North Hampton, including five in one match against Lake Sprague after their keeper, Fox Humbert, knocked his dumb ass out by faceplanting the goalpost for the third time that season. But what Crisp has going against him, as well as Ellis's love for McLamb, is his attitude. Many say he's not tough enough and he's not hungry enough to get past that hump that would make him the top striker in Hapiloppian football. Ernie Stevenson is reportedly not high on him either, largely because of that complacent attitude.

#42 - CRAIG BLACKWOOD | Forward | Age: 23 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @thebeststriker | Club: United Hampton Cities
Style of Play: Artistic Goal Scorer | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Medium | Attitude: Obnoxious
Craig Blackwood calls himself the best goal scorer in all of Hapiloppian football. Everyone disagrees. He calls his celebrations the best in football. Everyone disagrees. He calls his goals the most beautiful in all of Hapiloppian football. Everyone disagrees. Sure, 29 goals is nothing to sniff at, but as Thom Perkins said, "he'd score 59 if he'd quit hot dogging all the time!" While Blackwood is seen as an annoying cuss who probably needs to get punched in the face a few times to get him to stop doing this shit, the reality is that he's got great potential as an international footballer, either in Hapilopper or beyond. And that's why Thom Perkins and Ernie Stevenson doesn't really have that much of a problem with him. While Trevor Crisp refuses to get better, Craig Blackwood wants to be the best, and that, to them, is a good thing.

#60 - MANNY WAKEFIELD | Goalkeeper | Age: 24 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @manwake_60 | Club: Hapilopper City Highway Patrol
Style of Play: Sweeper Keeper | Speed: Slow | Physicality: Low | Attitude: Intense
Here's the thing about Manny Wakefield - he's a good guy, he does a lot of good in his community, but man, when you get him on the field, he becomes a bulldog. People have seen the fire in his eyes that demonstrates the intense focus he practices. And that focus pays off in spades, as Manny averages one goal allowed per 77 minutes of play - much lower than top-tier goalies from years past, but as "Funball" takes hold in Hapilopper, so too does increased goals. People are scoring goals like crazy, and that's had an impact on someone like Manny. Manny hates the fact that goal-scoring has gone up so much in Hapilopper, but he's going to have to make the most of it, or else. Away from the field, though, Manny enjoys a nice round of golf and talking to his friends about it - and when we say that, we mean he brags about hitting the green from the tee on the par-3 16th at Lake Eclipse Golf Club using his driver, which he says is justifiable because the hole was playing about 220.

#90 - FOX HUMBERT | Goalkeeper | Age: 21 | Kicks: Left | twii.tur: @fox_humbert | Club: Lake Sprague FC
Style of Play: Save and Pray | Speed: Slow | Physicality: Against the goalpost? Very heavy | Attitude: Clumsy
We introduce you to the reason Hapiloppian television networks put microphones in the goalposts in HFA matches, and why the HFA tracks the number of times players slam into the goalposts. That statistic, a bit cruelly, is called the "Fox," and Humbert led the league in Foxes with eleven last year. This tends to happen, for whatever reason. And this keeps happening. Humbert will - with reckless abandon - slam himself into players, the goalpost, and even an errant referee or photographer on occasion. Perhaps most hilariously, in a game against Highway Patrol last season, Humbert - for reasons unknown to us all - chased after the ball towards the corner kick area, jumped up, and when he landed, had that corner kick flag go right up his rear end. Don't ask us why.

Visit beautiful Esportiva for your next vacation.
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Postby Xanneria » Tue May 28, 2024 6:31 pm



GK Evan Jefferson Jr (30) Sporting Jagalan (SRS)
GK Owen Toole (23) - SK Nasjonale Hauker (PIS)
GK Markus Portsman Jr (22) - Galaxy SC (XAN)

DF Trey Dillon (28) Hawthorne Kickers (XAN)
DF David Iowa (31) Cazadores Cathair (AUD)
DF Hibernardo Selltick (30) Garden City FC (FVA)
DF Rhinestone Hailey (30) - Austin City (XAN)
DF Sally Tshinpoga (28) - Hawthorne Kickers (XAN)
DF Ranger Selltick (29) - Pearlham SC (XAN)
DF Brynn Satterfield (28) - Torvoca Thunder (TKT)
DF Colton Boyd-Church (28) - Waldster FC (FVA)
DF Jamal Akron (27) - St Aston's City (FVA)

DM Allie Jordan (29) - Austin City (XAN)
DM Allison Iowa-Burroughs (27) - Auprussia NF (AUP)
DM Dawson Plante (28) - Galaxy SC (XAN)
DM Towson Cowper (28) - Lublova Reds (SRS)
DM Jessica Brody (25) - Brivistice (AUP)
DM Brandon Clippard (25) - Galaxy SC (XAN)

OM Kevin Young (24) - Pearlham SC (XAN)
OM Italo D'arcy (29) Rogerton Whitecaps (DAR)
OM Harmony Ghilcrest (26) - Sandfjell Football (CND)
OM Allie Jordan (27) - Austin City (XAN)
OM Rylee Greerenbach (28) - Bearden (XAN)
OM Theodore Lemons (25) - Hawthorne United (XAN)

ST Pete Ross (27) Brham United (DAR)
ST Dillon Hailey (26) Hawthorne Kickers (XAN)
ST Allison Burnes (30) - Austin City (XAN)
ST Malcolm-Jamal Haddix (24) - Huthwich Et Iduloren FC (KOR)
ST Gunnar MacLane (25) Wilmington United (MYR)
ST Jari Juups (33) - Mosfleet Albion (ELM)
ST Enoch Varney (26) - Alexandria City (XAN)
ST Denise Auburn (25) - Eolerent (AUP)
ST Yolinda Sequin (32) - Hawthorne Kickers (XAN)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (BUT PM ME FIRST)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Select My Starting XI: Yes (Formation is 3-2-2-2)


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Postby Eshialand » Tue May 28, 2024 8:04 pm

As One Chapter Ends...

"Incredible, absolutely incredible..."
"What do you mean, Al?"
"You know what I mean Mark... another year, another World Cup with no points to show for it."
"Pah, come on now, surely you don't mean that..."
"I do and you know it. 0-0-3 two years in a row is absolutely unacceptable and anyone with a mind knows that."

For Josh Seametzle, possibly the biggest Eshialand soccer fan in existence, overhearing this conversation at a bar in downtown Eshialand was... disheartening, to say the least. He had half a mind to tell that old geezer Al to go talk about something he was more qualified for, like how to most effectively yell at clouds.

"Come on Al, you have to respect--"
"No Mark, I don't need to respect anything. We've been the dumpster of international soccer for too long!"

"ENOUGH!!" Josh had finally had it. Who cared that he was in a public place, who cared how many drinks he may've had that night, he needed to give this Al bloke a piece of his mind.

"Well look, if it isn't Mr. Optimism from the TV box..."

"Listen, I'm sick of this BS. Every single year I have to hear it from these people who think they know everything about Eshian soccer. These armchair geniuses who play one game of IFCF Soccer 2030 and think they could do Kenny Morgan's job for them, and well the fact is, you can't. Nobody in the country can!"

Al tried to open his mouth, but Josh wasn't done with his monologue. He could only stand there and wait for him to finish.

"So yeah, they have only qualified on attempt number 8, yeah they may've started out their finals appearances with a couple of ducks, but ya know what? You haven't met this team! You haven't--"

"Oi, is there an issue here?" the bartender asked Al as Josh continued berating him.
"This man keeps thinking I'm stupid for my opinions on the Owls."
"Hey Josh?" the bartender shouted out, knowing exactly who the ranting man was.
"What are you two arguing about?"
"He thinks the Owls are washed up and need new management."

The bartender looked back at Al in dismay. "I'm sorry, we may tolerate a lot of things here, but stupid opinions aren't one of them. Please leave before I have to kick you out."

Al did nothing but scoff as he left, clearly disgruntled.

Three months later...

"Can you believe it? Cycle number ten..." Kenny asked his team as they set out on their trip to Maihama. "What a wild ride... have you seen what we've been able to do? How far we've--"

"Is this just gonna be the same ol' speech or is there something special this year?" Jake Harran asked the team's manager playfully.

"Well, uh... nothing I really had planned. I guess we could start talking about our matchup against..." he paused to check the schedule, "...Mattheland?"

"A team we've never seen play before and don't know much about?" Melissa Carey asked. "Just play well as usual, right? Not too much else to comment on I'd say.

"Okay, uhm... I suppose that's everything I really had to say then. I guess I'll leave you all to it?"
"I think you did forget something..." Alice Carrol told him.
"3... 2... 1..."

"LET'S GO OWLS!!!" the team all shouted in unison.
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Postby Fhulghamous Peninsula » Wed May 29, 2024 1:04 am


The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula (Full-Gah-Moose) was first established on 6 December 2008, when Fleftic explorers landed on what was then a previously undiscovered continent. These explorers landed on a large peninsula that they named Fhulghamous because of its rich and lush green forests. One of the explorers then fell into an old mine shaft while exploring the peninsula and discovered that the entire peninsula was lying on top of one of the biggest diamond deposits ever discovered by mankind. Once the explorers announced their discovery to the Fleftic government, the Democratic Republic Army Corps of Engineers was quickly dispatched to help speed up the establishment of the colony by helping in constructing settlements and assisting in constructing mining facilities to extract the diamonds within the land.

The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula was officially established as a colony of the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft on 6 September 2010 following the signing of Democratic Republic Act No. 2340. The colony's capital would be Port Thimpodopoulos, named after Sergeant Major Pythagoras Thimpodopoulos of the Army Corps of Engineers, who tragically died of a heart attack during the construction of the settlement that would eventually bear his name. Today, Port Thimpodopoulos has a population of ten million, accounting for just under half of the total population of the colony. Other cities in the colony were Besanza, Tadoki, Haritzaga City and Thereisnogodabad, home of Multiverse Premier League club Thereisnogodistan FC.

The colony is under the leadership of Governor-General Petrarchos Kulbano, brother of Minister of Colonial Affairs Demetrios Kulbano. His rule saw the Fhulghamous Peninsula's ascent to being one of the most economically-productive colonies of the Democratic Republic, but due to the colony's distance from the mainland Governor Kulbano is slowly beginning to treat the colony as his own personal fiefdom. This was one of the reasons why he had decided to send forth a petition to send a national team to the Di Bradini Cup, the Multiverse's top under-21 football competition. Unfortunately due to some last-minute troubles, the Fhulghamous Peninsula's team was not allowed entry into the Di Bradini Cup, leaving many people in the colony a bit unfulfilled. But when another chance to send forth a national team revealed itself, Governor Kulbano was quick to submit his team's entry, and this time he made sure that the wouldn't miss out on another chance at participating in an international competition.

Name of Nation: The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula
Demonym: Fhulghamousian, Colonist
Team colors: Green and gray
Manager: Donovan Chase (48 y/o, Abanhfleft)

GK: Mimis Abaris (29 y/o, Locomotive Imgortur [Abanhfleft])
RB: Dionysios Spanoudakis (23 y/o, EA Tatouwine)
RCB: Marcelino Anaya (26 y/o, Deportivo Pequeña Melilla)
LCB: Polynikis Kalyftakis (27 y/o, Charalambos FC, captain)
LB: Mariano Suarez Iglesias (30 y/o, Nuevo Guadix CF)
RM: Edgardo Quinterno (33 y/o, Asparagus Thistle)
RCM: Jonas Amador (20 y/o, Airbus Fhulghamous Besanza)
LCM: Silas Babalioutas (26 y/o, Athletic Dorfdifving [Abanhfleft])
LM: Vladislav Mukhin (27 y/o, Bananas FC [Abanhfleft])
RS: Alibek Sokolov (28 y/o, RCD Nueva Ceuta, vice-captain)
LS: Cosmas Stamatelopoulos (27 y/o, Locomotive Imgortur [Abanhfleft])

GK: Dimokritos Kapias (30 y/o, RCD Nueva Ceuta)
GK: Alexandros Mouflouzelis (21 y/o, Nou Philippopolis)
DF: Tsolak Roubenyan (23 y/o, RCD Nueva Ceuta)
DF: Basilio Silvestri (30 y/o, OGC Nou Nicaea)
DF: Kallis Vural (25 y/o, FC Aeaea Albion)
DF: Hesham Sadaquat (20 y/o, Deportivo Pequeña Melilla)
MF: Besim Bušić (25 y/o, EA Tatouwine)
MF: Meheni Ziane (28 y/o, Gyouza Young Lads [Abanhfleft])
MF: Roger Jeffers (25 y/o, Veterans Foundation FC)
MF: Zakaria Fihraoui (28 y/o, Sub Deg Raiders A.F.C. [Copper Cuprum])
FW: Spiridionis Matsouras (32 y/o, Locomotive Imgortur [Abanhfleft])
FW: Haider El-Amin (31 y/o, Locomotive Imgortur [Abanhfleft])

If the Fhulghamous is facing a higher-ranked opponent then Kalyftakis is the captain.
If the Fhulghamous is facing a lower-ranked opponent then Sokolov is the captain.

KITS (by Adidulas)

Arena Marinos is the home ground of both FC Marinos Thimpodopoulos, which plays in Abanhfleft's Premier League (first level of the Fleftic football league system) and the Fhulghamous Peninsula national football team. It has a total capacity of 35,673 spectators. Now back in service after a magnitude 6.2 earthquake caused part of the stadium's roof to collapse and devastated the capital city of the colony, necessitating a lot of repairs.

Richard Dawkins Park has a capacity of 23,171 spectators. Following a magnitude 6.2 earthquake that devastated Port Thimpodopoulos, all Fhulghamous Peninsula home matches were held in RDP in Thereisnogodabad while repairs were being made on Arena Marinos. With Arena Marinos now fixed, both the Fhulghamous Peninsula Football Association and Thereisnogodistan FC have reached an agreement in which RDP will serve as an alternate venue for national team games in recognition for the time that Richard Dawkins Park served as the home stadium of the national team following the earthquake.

RP PERMISSIONS (This also applies to the other sports as appropriate)
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (but I decide the severity and length)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (maximum of 3 per game)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (only 1 per 2 games)
Godmod other events: Yes (TG me first before posting anything)

Style modifier: +2.25 (Positive two point two five)
Governor General: Petrarchos Kulbano || Lieutenant Governor: Nadejda Palomarska
Capital: Port Thimpodopoulos || Population: 21,046,399

Abanhfleft's Esportivan colony

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Postby Sylestone » Wed May 29, 2024 5:09 am



Campionato Esportiva 38



Located in the far east of Esportiva, Sylestone is an equatorial nation home to roughly 30 million residents and while the vast, vast majority are humans, Sentients and even a small cluster of elves live on specific areas of the island, which has a size of roughly 700,000 kilometres squared. For the very first time in the nation’s history, though, Mytanar football manager Mojmir Anac’s squad to the 34th Campionato Esportiva and following World Cup Qualifiers - marking the return of international football for Sylestone in over half a decade - was composed of both Sentients as well as humans. In ages past, managers would prefer to not mix the two races out of fear for how that would go and with the Sentient sides almost always receiving the opportunity to play in tournaments while the humans sat in front of their televisions and watches, the vast majority of the Sylestonean population began to become distressed about this obvious favouritism. In fact, aside from the one Campionato Esportiva in the Licentian Isles that saw the human side capitulate to one point from three matches, they never actually received an official go.

But upon the heralded return of Sylestone to football and football to Sylestone, the appointment of Mojmir Anac changed all of that. Although a match between a mixed XI against Quebec and Shingoryeo had occurred the year before as part of a friendly series containing some of the multiverse’s biggest names, last year’s 34th Campionato Esportiva marked the very first time the two races shared the same half of a football field in an official game, or larger tournament. Although a mini-cup between the Sentients, Evermark, Tikariot and Quebec and Shingoryeo in Chamberley that saw the hosts’ only points come in a 2-2 draw with Evermark, results ever since have been the exact opposite of disappointing, and culminated in Anac being nominated as one of five nominees for International Manager of the Year in one Testiculos and even more importantly, saw Sylestone qualify for their first World Cup.

In fact, aside from Sylestone’s first foray into the World Cup three years ago in Græntfjall (RIP) and Kelssek, there hasn’t been a single tournament where Mojmir Anac has not impressed. His first tournament with the Sentients was the 34th Campionato Esportiva four years ago, where the team’s only two losses came against eventual champions Tumbra - once in the group stage and a second time in the knockouts after Sylestone had pulled off a massive upset by knocking off Brenecia following an 8-2 triumph over Macbon. The following World Cup Qualifiers are technically Sylestone’s best ever, recording 44 points in 22 games with a single digit in the goals conceded column… until Huayramarca took over Chamberley by storm in what ended up as an 8-4 shellacking over two playoff legs. However, two years later and backed by a fourth place finish in a home Campionato Esportiva alongside another strong World Cup Qualifying campaign, Anac’s side were not about to make the same mistake against Nyowani Kitara. Instead of mimicking their opponents style of football, they held their own as Riley Strathfield’s second half goal proved the difference in Græntfjall, sending the Sentients through to their first World Cup just three years after their return to the international scene.

After four wildly successful campaigns across the regional and multiversal levels, it was about time Mojmir Anac suffered his first failure. And even in this case, it’s still a tournament that ultimately garnered more praise than criticism, particularly internationally. Although they were out after their opening two fixtures, a pair of 1-0 hard fought 1-0 losses to Ko-oren and Eura were hardly anything to laugh about - although the better team won both encounters, either result could have swung the other way and no one would have batted an eye. It was the matchday three loss to the hosts that really hurt, the Sentients conceding six and even with a team composed primarily of second string players, that kind of result still hurts on the big stage.

But two years later, Anac would correct his wrongs. In front of a packed house in Chamberley for the country’s first ever home World Cup, the Sentients would once again face Ko-oren on matchday one and impressively, turn the result from two years before on its head as they walked away with their first ever three points on the biggest stage of all. Although a 3-0 loss to Mertagne in Pesfield complicated things, a hard fought 1-0 triumph over Baggieland would seal a round of 16 berth for the Sentients and send the entire nation into a frenzy.

It would only get wilder, too, when Abigail Jones cemented herself as a fan favourite with a delicate near post finish in the 28th minute to score the only legal goal of the game as Sylestone’s widely reputed back line got the job done the only way they knew how to. The final eight, with just Tumbra in the way of the semifinals and a genuine shot at the title.

Yeah, they couldn’t do it. The main culprits of Sylestone’s lack of success on the regional stage struck again, defeating the hosts 1-0 in a contest between Esportiva’s two best football teams, and two of the best defensive outfits in the modern world.

Then, the search for Mojmir Anac’s inaugural trophy with the Sentients has continued as the side has fallen in both the Campionato Esportiva final to Fhulghamous Peninsula and then in the International Confederations Cup final to Squornshelan Remnant States - a side Sylestone actually beat earlier in the tournament before falling when it mattered most. And so the wait for a trophy would continue, all the way to World Cup 96 as the chance to lift the holy grail of football rose again.

Needing to participate in a qualifying stage for the first time in four years, there were no signs of struggle as the Sentients smashed and bashed their way through the group, winning their first six games of twelve to put them clear and despite away draws to Zenic, Raspotochje and the Commonwealth of Baker Park in the second half, a thirty point haul from just twelve games saw Anac’s side comfortably qualify for the World Cup itself for the third consecutive time, this one being an all-Anaian affair held in Mertagne and Huayramarca. Drawn into a tricky group with nations with plenty of history in Kelssek and Audioslavia alongside plucky regionmates Josifovo, who were making their debut on the big stage after also blitzing their qualifying group, maintaining that unbeaten run would be incredibly tricky - in fact, there was a very real chance the Sentients would flunk out of the groups.

A 0-0 draw to Audioslavia kicked off proceedings, before the Sentients took an advantage thanks to Charlotte Eastwood’s goal over Josifovo to move into second place, with a point all that was needed against a Kelssek side who had recorded two wins from two thus far. Despite Pogbacar putting the favourites ahead in the first half, it was Jack Lawson’s strike in the 85th minute that levelled things up, ensuring Sylestone would progress to the final sixteen, where they would face the world champions in a crunch match they were firm underdogs. Yet, with the experience of two wins over Delte in the International Confederations Cup six months prior, again the Esportivans would triumph as 21-year-old Brett Sarcav-Jones made it 2-1 in the 88th minute to send shockwaves through the footballing world. And then, in the quarterfinals, it happened again - the Sentients came into their encounter with hosts Huayramarca with most expecting them to be on the next flight to Avondale or Chamberley but no, despite several goals being ruled out for offside and Charlotte Eastwood’s missed penalty in the 115th minute of her 50th career match in blue and orange, Sylestone would once again progress, albeit this time on penalties.

And so a group stage rematch against Kelssek awaited the Sentients in the semifinal - a stage no one had them making at the start of the tournament. And yet, here they were, ready to turn things on their head against the likes of Kelssek and Farfadillis - the favourites from here to reach the final. In the end, the footballing world was turned on its head at the shock champion, but it would not be the Sentients who despite a valiant performance, could not score the goal needed to quench Kelssek’s 1-0 lead in the dying stages of the game. They kept going, though, and did end up with the third place finish courtesy of a 2-1 triumph over Farfadillis in the third place playoff, Gemma Rodway and Jade Wettenhall scoring to lift the country to honours no one saw them achieving four weeks ago, let alone seven years before. Yet, the wait for the trophy still goes on… and on….

Nickname: The Sentients
Formation: 4-4-1-1 → 4-2-3-1 or 5-4-1


Mojmir Anac Image (M, 44)
He’s a cult hero in Sylestone, and he fully deserves every skerrick of praise he has received. Not even a year into coaching, to have already been nominated as a candidate for the International Manager of the Year is truly spectacular, and in reality, he’s only just getting started. A former centre back with Olympia Thessia, Anac has already built a reputation for coaching defensive-minded football, with a strong preference for letting opponents dominate and then attacking them on the counter, giving up possession but certainly not giving up goals. Originally, Anac was employed by the Sylestonean Football Association (SFA) to attempt to unify the two races but with the nation’s human footballers beginning to outshine their counterparts from the Sentient city of Kirkham, that’s becoming less and less of a problem each and every day. Anac will push his players to their limits and demand lots of them but at the end of the day, he used to be a player as well, and knows just how hard that can be day in, day out.


GK: Ryan Macleay 28 M 52 0 Pesfield Trees Image

GK: Brick Wall ?? ?? 231 1 Kirkham Sentients Image
GK: Luca Yali 27 M 1 0 Betham FC Image

Arguably one of the best goalkeepers in the modern era worldwide, Ryan Macleay has asserted himself over the past couple of years as far and away the best goalkeeper Sylestone has to offer, having celebrated his 50th international cap with a triumph over Delte in the round of 16 of World Cup 96. At 28 years of age, some even say there’s room for him to improve even more but aside from the international stage, we unfortunately have been unable to see much more of his skills against the best in the world, having played his entire career with his boyhood club, the Pesfield Trees. Despite the interest of reportedly many top clubs, Macleay has made it clear where his loyalties lie - however if the Trees continue to stagnate, he may have no choice but to make the move in the near future. A brilliant shotstopper and good with the ball at his feet, there’s not really much more you could want out of your first choice goalkeeper. Also in the squad is the Brick Wall, whose 231 international caps provide a wealth of experience, even though the vast majority of those came during or before World Cup 89 with an all-Sentient team, while Luca Yali’s recent performances with Betham FC has earned him the spot over Emily Charlton in this squad that seems to be verging on the experimental side.

LB: Jade Wettenhall 27 F 40 2 Pesfield Trees Image

LB: Alex Llewellyn 22 M 0 0 Clayquot City Image
CB: Hugo Mornington (c) 33 M 96 3 FC Inter Nantwich Image
CB: Jake Blackall 24 M 33 1 Couno Rangers Image

CB: Alana Faucett 27 F 56 1 CSKA Quebec Image
CB: Ryder Yelverton 23 M 0 0 Avondale Beach Image
CB: Alice Weston 26 F 0 0 Crossroads Image
RB: Matilda Molineux 26 F 20 1 Urrheddiao Image
RB: Seth Baldwinson 25 M 0 0 Cleorough Image

There may be a few big names missing from this list - Eden Holt, Alexander Nutt and Holly Statton being the big ones - but fear not, they will all (probably) be back. Using the opportunity to give some fringe players a chance to see if they have what it takes to succeed on a level that perhaps might not be so demanding overall, although it will definitely throw up its fair share of challenges. While most of the team’s defensive core - the likes of Jade Wettenhall, Hugo Mornington and Jake Blackall who started each game in World Cup 96 from the group stage through semifinal where possible (Blackall found himself sitting one game out due to suspension) - are there, most of the rest of the group are on debut. On the left, Alex Llewellyn’s commanding season with Emacuton FC that earned him a big move to Kelssek in the wake of his club’s relegation due to no fault of his own has seen him jump the likes of Harrison Curmi for the time being as Sylestone’s next best youngster in the role. Not to say that Wettenhall is currently head and shoulders over most everyone chasing her down - the Pesfield stalwart was one of the only bright sparks in what was a frustrating season for the two-time League Number One champion side last season. In the centre, breakout star Ryder Yelverton, whose move from Bunbury to Avondale Beach proved instrumental in securing the Pigeons’ first ever IFCF qualification has seen him earn an inaugural international callup, while Crossroads’ Alice Weston has been waiting in the wings for some time. So has Seth Baldwinson, whose performances in the last few years for Cleorough left many wondering when he would receive the opportunity as players came and went from the position. It’s been one of turmoil ever since the country’s return to international football - since then, it’s exchanged from the Toilet, to Lesley Keller, to Holly Statton, who is now under pressure from Matilda Molineux - one of Capitol Athletic’s only actually likeable players. And now Seth Baldwinson, who has been knocking on the door for some time, and it is not beyond him to throw yet another spanner in the works.

Tactically, out of possession this back four will cramp their opponents to form a compact back line that repels pretty much every attack thrown at it. And if they do somehow perforate it, opposition strikers have to beat Ryan Macleay, which is basically impossible. With height on their side, Hugo Mornington and Jake Blackall are both very good at dealing with set pieces and with the ball at their feet, will tend to either launch long to release a counterattack or pass out to the fullbacks, who are the workhorses of the team; they’ll assist with the attacks, and they’ll always drop back in time as soon as possession is lost and if not, someone else will be there. It might sound like it’s a tactic that would break sooner rather than later but no - it’s lasted six, seven matches without conceding at several points in the past couple of years alone.


LM: Jack Ryland 27 M 64 6 Serrapince Image

LM: Cameron Milligan 27 M 25 2 Capitol Athletic Image
CM: Thomas Hellyer 24 M 26 5 Urrheddiao Image
CM: Jack Lawson 27 M 75 3 Crossroads Image

CM: Morgan Gallagher 27 M 13 2 Couno Rangers Image
CM: Gemma Rodway 31 F 89 10 Newark Argyle Image
CM: Charlotte Woodfull 26 F 11 0 Tihon Image
RM: Alexandra Arnold 26 F 28 3 Whitepool Image
RM: Alexandra Cayley 29 F 0 0 Vna-Chuhul Ravens FC Image

It’s a bit of a new-look midfield for this Campionato, albeit with the ridiculous depth of pretty much every position in this line of four, there’s a lot less in the way of debutants. In fact, only one player selected in this particular line has never been capped - versatile Alexandra Cayley, who despite being selected as Alexandra Arnold’s backup, can play pretty much anywhere between the right wing and defensive midfield should she be asked to. On the left, Serrapinc’s Jack Ryland seems to have locked down his spot for the long run, while perennial backup Cameron MIlligan will once again look to make the most of the chances he receives when Ryland isn’t on the field. Having begun his career as an out-and-out attacking winger with Chamberley City, Ryland’s stints with Colbrook City and now Serrapince has gone hand in hand with Anac’s training, adding a previously unseen defensive side to his game to ensure he slots into the team perfectly as someone capable of filling in for the left back should they make a marauding run forward without cover. While Anac might focus his counters through Arnold on the right wing, Ryland’s threat on the left is still very imminent, and can make late unseen runs into the box to send an opponent’s defence into shambles. But it’s the central midfield that is so critical for Sylestone - while the defence gets all the praise, the two box-to-box midfielders Anac employs keeps everything locked down, ensuring no way through the middle. Jack Lawson is particularly instrumental in this, playing more of an anchor role that shuts off plenty of options out of possession while being so reliable on the ball and with passing in possession. However, arguably one of the world’s best central midfielders right now seems unlikely to have his regular partner joining him, with Anac putting an emphasis on youth - so while Gemma Rodway is still in the squad should things go to the shitters, Thomas Hellyer and Morgan Gallagher are likely to play the more advanced role of the two, while Charlotte Woodfull is in the squad as Lawson’s backup. Each of them has the ability to start without being a liability whatsoever - same with the next fifteen or so central midfielders Sylestone has to offer - it’s just these have something Anac sees that others don’t. And bloody hell, does it work.


CAM: Brett Sarcav-Jones 22 M 57 13 St John's Arsenal Image

CAM: Eden Crommelin 23 F 0 0 Dodle Image

Filling that pivotal hole between the midfield and the lone striker, the attacking midfielder is such a pivotal role in the 4-4-1-1 formation Anac employs, linking up plays, whether they be on the counter or regularly playing out from the back. For one, once-wonderkid Brett Sarcav-Jones is scarily good at playing his role, with 57 caps already to his name over the past four years - adding in the fact that an entire qualification campaign is taken out of that due to hosting World Cup 95, and that’s a crazy number. Now 22, Sarcav-Jones is already beginning to live up to his lofty potential and only seems to get better with each passing game, each passing year. Despite his fairly small structure, Sarcav-Jones is an absolute workhorse and will help out wherever needed, with excellent physical attributes alongside them in regards to balance and stamina. However, it’s unlikely to be Sarcav-Jones writing the headlines this time - instead ,all eyes are on Dodle’s Eden Crommelin, whose outstanding season with Dodle last year as a playmaker has seen her receive the opportunity to play in blue and orange for the first time. Also capable of playing the midfield if necessary - like how Hellyer and Rodway are capable of playing the CAM role - Crommelin’s versatility is also desired, and has a crazy knack of getting herself out of difficult situations. Has an excellent strike as well, being one of a few players in the league last year to record a hat trick. She should fit right in at the role.


CF: Charlotte Eastwood 26 F 52 22 Lakewood United Image

CF: Finn Freeling 24 M 0 0 Crossroads Image
CF: Jayden Hackett 23 M 0 0 FC Conton Image

Once again, Anac’s emphasis on youth has seen a few shock squad call-ups as Anac looks to test out his other options in all of the positions. While Charlotte Eastwood is still comfortably the country’s best striker, with an excellent conversion rate to ensure she makes the best of her opportunities, Riley Strathfield has been temporarily dropped from the squad as Anac looks to see what his other options are capable of. Finn Freeling is the foremost of the candidates, whose versatility once again comes in handy as he is capable of playing both as a CAM as well as an out-and-out centre forward, meaning that no matter where he is asked to play, he is likely to be able to do so. Then there’s Jayden Hackett, whose last couple of years as FC Conton has really sent his game up a notch and now finally has the opportunity to reunite with childhood best mate Brett Sracav-Jones as both spent their youth careers with Avondale City. Could that be the inspiration he needs to make the most of his chances?


All-time Record: 149-79-136 (364 games)
First Game: Sylestone 0-0 Pangurstan (BoF 72)
Largest Win: Sylestone 8-2 Macbon (CE 34)
First Win: Sylestone 3-1 Floyssauu (BoF 72)
Largest Loss: Græntfjall 6-0 Sylestone (World Cup 94)
Latest Game: Sylestone 2-1 Farfadillis (World Cup 96)
Most Caps: Fridge (258)
Most Goals: Mixer (69) (nice)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my lineup:
As long as I haven’t provided it in a previous RP
Godmod scoring events: As long as it isn’t too ridiculous
RP injuries to my players: Yes (only minor ones, and I decide the length)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes (max 4 yellow cards per game)
Eject my players: Yes (max 1 red card per game)
Godmod other events: As long as it isn’t too ridiculous, just ask permission if it’s anything that may not sit right with me (the usual courtesy). I’ll probably say yes
Football: WC94 Qualifiers, CE35&36 semifinalists
Cricket: GCF WT20 XVI champions, ODI WT II semifinalists, GCF WT20 XV semifinalists, EspoT20 I&II champions
BoF 74, CoH 78, CoH 81, GCF WT20 XV, HWC 24, EspoT20 I&III



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