Weird Endorsement Behavhiour

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Weird Endorsement Behavhiour

Postby Timiskrane » Wed May 22, 2024 5:34 pm

On the happenings of West Chimore, the following event can be observed
2024-05-22, 5:38:54 p.m. MDT: Sparkling Nacortuine endorsed West Chimore.

Yet Sparkling Nacortuine did not appear in the endorsement list for West Chimore. After attempting to unendorse and reendorse.
2024-05-22, 6:25:40 p.m. MDT: Sparkling Nacortuine endorsed West Chimore.
2024-05-22, 6:25:38 p.m. MDT: Sparkling Nacortuine withdrew its endorsement from West Chimore.

The issue is still not fixed. (Bellow is the Endorsements Visible at 6:30pm MDT)
Endorsements Received: 76 ยป Laur Pon, Fort Varus, Minake, Battelle, Pretzel Baconator, Equation Group, Hawk69, Sequined Stars 69, Horsell1, Scorchy Boi 2, Console Master Race, Awhinatia, Awesome test APIland, Panzer Vor 101, Stubborn Bastet, Taxi, East Candoa, Asphyxia, Allroy, GLASS HALF EMPTY, Hoocratres, Lucklife 1, Army of q, Fergustan, Malussy, Copyright Violation, Thrisho, Erwo Brag, Ghost of the Northern Dragon, Therenica, Low-Frisian expeditionary forces, Twain, The Constructicons, God-Mother Daybreaker, Scalandia, Bluea Rivers, The Ulysses Nation, Paris Region, Astoreus II, XxCowboy Like MexX, West Edo Hill, Roshmunis, Sandlectown, Nos Coirsiimathy, Republican Liechtenstein, Byzavarlty, Sorenity2, Of crazed, Arbuckle Republic, 14th Songsteel Detachment, Cute Men, Multiver5al Raiding structure, Lesser Khronion, Clamworks, House of the Targaryan, Nazornia, Cholympec, The Migrating Dragon, Laurus Chaos, Nightmare King, Communist Imperium Rex, Greater Khaphirupwasiena, Xentavaskovesland, Gran Nuevo Santander, Screeland, Thal Colon Three, Crazari, The Gilded King, Two Step From Hell, The Grand Traverse Islands, Katalandia, St Malinauskas, ShrimpingFarFarm, Pina Coladas, Norial, and Ulternativicatica.
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Postby Skalliad » Wed May 22, 2024 5:39 pm

I agree, something is broken. The API shows me that I have 327 endorsements, but the website only shows 325. These values were always equal before the famous events in April, as far as I remember
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