Republic Broadcasting Corporation

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Republic Broadcasting Corporation

Postby Aurelania » Sun May 19, 2024 7:06 am

Republic Broadcasting Corporation

"Bringing Aurelania and the World Together, One Story at a Time"


The Republic Broadcasting Corporation (RBC) is Aurelania's premier source for comprehensive news, entertainment, and educational programming in Aurelania. Based out of the iconic RBC Tower in downtown New Aurelia, RBC has been a cornerstone of Aurelanian media for decades, providing a diverse array of content across our extensive network of channels.

From breaking news and in-depth financial analysis to riveting dramas and captivating documentaries, RBC is committed to delivering high-quality, reliable, and engaging content to our viewers. Our mission is to inform, entertain, and educate the citizens of Aurelania, fostering a well-informed public and a vibrant cultural landscape.

Established in 1919 under a charter from the Governor-General, RBC has grown to become the oldest and largest broadcaster in the nation. With over 81,000 employees, it operates as a public company, serving as a vital conduit of information and entertainment for the Aurelanian public. Across its nearly century-long history, RBC has continually adapted to the changing media landscape, remaining a trusted source of news, education, and entertainment for generations of Aurelanians.

With a strong emphasis on journalistic integrity and innovation, RBC continues to set the standard for broadcasting excellence. Thank you for making us a part of your daily life. Explore our channels and discover the world of RBC – where your story comes first.


Advertise with Us:
    Reach millions of engaged viewers by advertising with RBC. With our diverse range of channels covering news, entertainment, sports, education, and more, RBC offers advertisers a unique opportunity to connect with their target audience. Whether you're looking to promote a new product, raise brand awareness, or drive sales, our advertising solutions can help you achieve your marketing goals. Contact us today to learn more about our advertising options and reach the right audience with RBC.

    • 30 seconds per showing, non-prime time or major event: $500,000
    • 30 seconds per showing, prime time or major event: $1,200,000

Bring RBC to Your Country:
    RBC offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality programming suitable for your country. With our diverse range of channels covering news, education, entertainment, and more, RBC provides governments with an opportunity to inform, educate, and entertain their citizens. Our content is produced to the highest standards of journalistic integrity and cultural sensitivity, making it an ideal choice for government broadcasters seeking to enhance their programming lineup. Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and bring RBC programming to your country.

    RBC licensing, on a government-to-government level, is offered in the following packages:
    • RBC Basic: Receive access to RBC-1 through RBC-10, the ten basic channels that include RBC General News, Finance, Variety, News International, Sports, Movies, Kids, Defense & Military, Television Drama, and Documentary. Priced at $50 million.
    • RBC Premium: Receive access to the entire RBC Channel Catalogue, including all of the basics and a wide variety of specialist programming. Priced at $200 million.
    • Single channel: Select any single channel from the RBC Channel Catalogue, either to add to an existing package or standalone. Priced at $15 million.

Request a Local/Language-Specific RBC Channel:
    As RBC has expanded across the globe, it has grown to offer local and regional programming, including for RBC regions outside of metropolitan Aurelania. RBC International provides international content, while RBC Suranesia provides content specifically tailored for the Suranesian Islands. RBC can develop a channel with local/regional programming or programming in a particular language on request. Pricing starts at $45 million, but varies based on content.

    RBC licensing is offered in the following packages:
    • RBC Basic: Receive access to RBC-1 through RBC-10, the ten basic channels that include RBC General News, Finance, Variety, News International, Sports, Movies, Kids, Defense & Military, Television Drama, and Documentary. Priced at $50 million.
    • RBC Premium: Receive access to the entire RBC Channel Catalogue, including all of the basics and a wide variety of specialist programming. Priced at $200 million.
    • Single channel: Select any single channel from the RBC Channel Catalogue, either to add to an existing package or standalone. Priced at $15 million.

    RBC is always on the lookout to acquire additional channels and programming. If you are a television channel looking to join the RBC family and unlock the full potential of your channel's content, please contact us. As a leading broadcaster with a rich history spanning over a century, RBC offers a unique platform for channels seeking to expand their reach and maximize their impact. By joining forces with RBC, channels gain access to a vast audience base, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled industry expertise. Our collaborative approach ensures that your channel's unique voice and vision are preserved, while benefiting from the extensive resources and support of the RBC network. Whether you're looking to accelerate growth, enhance visibility, or simply take your channel to the next level, partnering with RBC opens up a world of possibilities. Contact us today to explore the opportunities and become part of the RBC family.


RBC Channel Catalogue:
  • RBC-1: RBC General News - The latest news from Aurelania and around the world.
  • RBC-2: RBC Finance - Comprehensive financial news, market updates, and economic analysis.
  • RBC-3: RBC Variety - A mix of talk shows, game shows, and entertainment programs.
  • RBC-4: RBC News International - Global news coverage with reports from around the world.
  • RBC-5: RBC Sports - Live sports events, highlights, and sports news.
  • RBC-6: RBC Movies - A wide selection of films from classic to contemporary.
  • RBC-7: RBC Kids - Fun and educational programming for children.
  • RBC-8: RBC Defense & Military History - Insights into military history and current defense issues.
  • RBC-9: RBC Television Drama - The best in TV drama series, both local and international.
  • RBC-10: RBC General Documentary - Documentaries covering a broad range of topics.
  • RBC-11: RBC Science - Programs about scientific discoveries and innovations.
  • RBC-12: RBC Music - Music videos, concerts, and music-related content.
  • RBC-13: RBC Reality TV - Popular reality shows from Aurelania and beyond.
  • RBC-14: RBC Home Shopping - The latest deals and products for home shopping enthusiasts.
  • RBC-15: RBC Geographic - Travel and exploration shows highlighting global destinations.
  • RBC-16: RBC Rugby - Comprehensive coverage of rugby matches and news.
  • RBC-17: RBC Suranesia - News and programming specific to the Suranesian Islands.
  • RBC-18: RBC History - Historical documentaries and series.
  • RBC-19: RBC Comedy - Stand-up comedy, sitcoms, and comedic series.
  • RBC-20: RBC Weather - Weather forecasts and climate news.
  • RBC-21: RBC Government - Coverage of governmental proceedings and public affairs.
  • RBC-22: RBC Travel - Travel shows and guides to the world’s best destinations.
  • RBC-23: RBC Cooking - Cooking shows, culinary tips, and food documentaries.
  • RBC-24: RBC Tech - The latest in technology and gadget reviews.
  • RBC-25: RBC Fitness - Fitness routines, health tips, and wellness programs.
  • RBC-26: RBC Literature - Book reviews, author interviews, and literary discussions.
  • RBC-27: RBC Education - Educational programs for all ages.
  • RBC-28: RBC Art - Art documentaries, profiles of artists, and visual arts programming.
  • RBC-29: RBC Classical Music - Performances and documentaries about classical music.
  • RBC-30: RBC Theater - Broadcasts of theatrical performances and stage productions.
  • RBC-31: RBC Nature - Nature documentaries and wildlife programs.
  • RBC-32: RBC Health - Health news, medical breakthroughs, and wellness tips.
  • RBC-33: RBC Adventure - Adventure travel, extreme sports, and outdoor activities.
  • RBC-34: RBC Fashion - Fashion shows, trends, and style tips.
  • RBC-35: RBC Urban - Urban culture, street art, and city life.
  • RBC-36: RBC Gardening - Gardening tips, shows, and botanical documentaries.
  • RBC-37: RBC Pets - Pet care, animal documentaries, and pet shows.
  • RBC-38: RBC Space - Space exploration, astronomy, and the latest in space technology.
  • RBC-39: RBC Automotive - Car reviews, automotive news, and motorsport coverage.
  • RBC-40: RBC Documentary Specials - Special feature-length documentaries.
  • RBC-41: RBC Horror - Horror movies, series, and spooky documentaries.
  • RBC-42: RBC Romance - Romantic movies and series.
  • RBC-43: RBC Independent Films - Indie films and unique cinematic works.
  • RBC-44: RBC English - News and programming focused on English-language programming.
  • RBC-45: RBC Debate - Debates on current affairs and major issues.
  • RBC-46: RBC LGBTQ+ - Content focused on LGBTQ+ issues and stories.
  • RBC-47: RBC Psychology - Mental health, psychology, and behavioral sciences.
  • RBC-48: RBC Archaeology - Archaeological discoveries and ancient history.
  • RBC-49: RBC Environment - Environmental news and green living tips.
  • RBC-50: RBC Espionage - Spy thrillers, espionage documentaries, and intelligence stories.
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Republic Phoenix
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Postby Republic Phoenix » Sun May 19, 2024 10:27 pm

Hello everyone from RBC, I am the President of the Republic Phoenix Tran Viet Duc. I am here to not only license RBC to enter our country, but also to sign up for the RBC Premium package.
Thank you And Hope you a nice day

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The Way Sun Cooperation
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Postby The Way Sun Cooperation » Mon May 20, 2024 3:51 am

Email: RBC
Subject: Investigation into purchase of RBC Licenses
From: WSC Ministry of Entertaiment

Hello, I Represent the Ministry of Entertainment for the Way Sun Cooperation. We have an interest in several of the products offered by you. We would be intretsing in the following:

  • Primetime Advertisement for The Protika Miltray Group
  • RBC Basic for the Way Sun Cooperation
  • And the channels RBC-50 and RBC-40
We believe the estimated price would be 81.2 Million NSD. We would be interested in any recommendations for channels we should also get with the current budget of 100 Million NSD

From, A Repersentive of WSC Ministry of Entertainment

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Postby Democratic Arcasia » Mon May 20, 2024 6:34 am

Republic Broadcasting Corporation
5th July 2867


We would like to purchase a RBC premium and would like for it to broadcast in our local language. We will like to tell you that you have adhere to our "Amendament 3, Broadcasting" under which every show broadcasted required an approval from the central government. We will wire transfer the required amount of Arks, our national curremcy which is pegged to the Uranium 238 iceotope, more stable and valuable than NSD.

Best Regards
Democratic Arcasia

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Postby Orcuo » Tue May 21, 2024 12:15 pm


Official Telegram from Orcuo

To the whom it may concern at RBC, my name is Yugo Rondo, head of Hsawn Iarb Wellness Broadcasting (HIWB). Our company is a wellness channel backed by the Orcuan government, where we provide mental support by offering a helpful mind refresh program. Helping millions of Orcuan citizens to get relaxed and recharged. Since we have discovered the RBC, we are most interested in having our program stream on the RBC service.

The runtime for the “Brain Retrain” program secession is 30 minutes. We request that it be aired sometime late in the evening after work hours, but also preferably before most people would eat their dinner. Our studies show that this happens to be the most effective time period.

If we could get a response soon, it would be most appreciated. If you have anymore questions, please contact us.

From HIWB’s CEO, Yugo Rondo.


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