Your nation gun, hunting, and self defense laws:

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Your nation gun, hunting, and self defense laws:

Postby Crimetopolis B » Tue Apr 16, 2024 9:14 pm

Crimetopolis B

Juveniles can buy a hunting rifle or shotgun at 9 years old.
Juveniles can buy a tactical carbine or machine pistol at ten years old.
Juveniles can buy a basic handgun, like a 1911A1, revolver, or Wonder 9 at 12.
Landsturm, Junior police, and Junior forest ranger members can keep fully automatic weapons at 12 years old after finishing basic training.
Otherwise, 16 for full auto.
Ex-cons: They have to clean for ten years after doing their crime to get their right to get fully automatic weapons. Else, good to go on release.
Self defense: allowed by any means grab-ready. If the police see it was plainly self defense, automatically, both civil and criminal charges are dismissed without a hearing.
Domestic pet/property/vehicle/other persons' defense: see above.
Coyotes, panthers, boars and other deadly nuisance wildlife can be year round without a permit and up and including fully automatic weapons. Fully automatic banned for all other seasons on of a $25.00 fine.
White Deer Gun Season: First Friday in October to New Year's Day.
BAG LIMIT: 5 per lisence, over that, you pay $5.00 for a stamp for each extra deer
Black bear Gun season: See above but 3 per license and $10.00 stamp for each extra bear.
Raccoon Gun Season: First Friday in October until March 1.
Fur bearing animals: see above.
Birds that kill bugs: no season. $25.00 fine for intentional killing.
Alligators: five per hunting license, $10.00 stamp for extra.
Crocodiles: See above.
Snapping turtles: see above.
Horned toads: see birds that kill bugs.
Eastern Diamondback Rattle-Cobra: see nuisance wildlife.
Poaching for sport: $100.00 fine.
Poaching for food: Food stamps plus vocational training.
Firing on a veterinary hospital, animal shelter, or person giving aid to injured or sick animal-Execution by beheading, anesthetized shooting, or voluntary oral drug overdose, convict's choice. Bullying hunters-six month's community service and one year psychiatric treatment.
Bullying to enable poaching-five years community service with mandatory psychiatric treatment.

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Postby Estado Novo Portugues » Thu Apr 18, 2024 11:41 pm

Guns are illegal for most people, period. Not even most police or military are allowed to carry them, unless they're in a mission that specifically calls for them, and they've been trained in proper usage.

Hunting for sport is illegal. Fishing is allowed and no license is necessary, but there are restrictions on what you can catch and how many. Farmers are allowed to kill any predators attacking their livestock, but only on their own property.

Self-defense, defense of others, and stopping crimes in progress are all legal, and those who do so are protected from any liability, similar to "good samaritans" who rescue others in danger. So it's perfectly legal to chase and restrain a home intruder, shoplifter, etc. in order to stop them from getting away from their crime.
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Postby Socalist Republic Of Mercenaries » Fri Apr 19, 2024 11:01 am

Guns are legal in the SRoM, each household owns a single M4E (locally produced M4 URG-I) automatic rifle, and/or a AK-102/101 due to the hysteria during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, where many households saw an uptick in 5.56mm weaponry purchases during the decade.

The most common weapon to introduce 8-year olds (minimum age to handle firearms) are often 100% original M1-M2 Carbines due to their simple maintenence, and most younger firearms users work their way up from there.

Hunting: There is no most common weapon for hunting because of each hunters prefrence. The most common round is the 10x40mm Krieger WC, a necked down 10x75mm round, which is used because of its stopping power and high grain.

Self Defense laws - completely legal, one of the most common types of self-defense firearms are high-powered Obrezes and machine-pistols, the Browning Hi-Power is an exception in this case due to its popularity among the populace.
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Postby Victorious Decepticons » Sat Apr 20, 2024 1:40 pm

Each and every Decepticon of any age must use a body that meets or exceeds the Minimum Design Specifications for the Decepticon Body. The relevant section of this manual states:

Each Decepticon must have two Blasters of Regular or greater strength, or one Blaster of Double or greater strength; permanently attached.

There are very few exceptions to this rule, such as for foreign intelligence agents working undercover in faux-biological bodies that are too small to carry a Standard Blaster (or for very young Decepticons while they are engaging in competitive sports). Agents are still armed while on duty, but they conceal their weapons and stick to just enough firepower to win against the foreign planet's most dominent and/or dangerous species.

Of course, Blasters may be temporarily removed for maintenance or replacement, but it's illegal to go out in public that way, not to mention it being nearly suicidal to do so. The government strongly encourages the "removal" of the weak, and going around without your blaster(s) is a sure way to mark yourself as very obviously weak compared to anyone who's properly armed.
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Postby Toin » Sun Apr 21, 2024 2:33 pm

Firearms are unlawful for the average citizen to own as a private means. However, peace officers and members of the military (both current and former in both instances) are permitted to own a personal firearm, and if still in active service or a military reservist, are sometimes authorised to take their sidearms home if they have a Private Firearms Licence, but this is dependent on policy.

When issuing Private Firearms Licences under these circumstances, Toin has "may issue" laws; granting of a firearms licence is at the sole discretion of local authorities. Applicants who are denied a firearms licence are permitted to appeal a licence denial in the state court of appeals (or federal court of appeals for territory residents), or in a military court of appeals if the applicant is an active service or activated reservist servicemember.

When issuing Public Firearms Licences for peace officers and active service or reservist members of the military, Toin has "shall issue" laws; granting of a Public Firearms Licence is subject only to the applicant's determinate criteria laid out in the law, and the granting authority has no discretion in the awarding of licences. In other words, if a peace officer or active service or reservist member of the military meets the minimum criteria for being granted a Public Firearms Licence, the granting authority always has to issue it, and cannot deny a Public Firearms Licence unless that peace officer or active service or reservist member of the military fails to meet the minimum criteria.

The difference between a Private Firearms Licence and a Public Firearms Licence is that a Private Firearms Licence is granted to peace officers or active service or reservist members of the military for their personal, off-duty use, while a Public Firearms Licence is granted in order for a peace officer or active service or reservist member of the military to use a firearm in the course of their official duties when on sovereign Toinan soil. Strictly speaking, when deployed, an active service or reservist member does not technically need a Public Firearms Licence in order to possess or discharge their service weapon if they are not on sovereign Toinan soil.

Semi-automatic firearms are prohibited under Toinan law except for active members of the military or activated reservists in order to discharge their official duties, or for emergency response teams of law enforcement agencies.
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Postby HarYan » Sun Apr 21, 2024 6:58 pm

Says the article 184 of Constitution of the Empire that "in the territories of our peoples realm every person has the right to self-defense trough force against those who, trough force, try to aggress his, or someones else's, rights to life, integrity and property", and says the article 185 that "to guarantee and protect the right to property and self-defense against unjust aggression from another, as well for national protection and defense, keeping and bearing arms is a right of all capable, loyal and law-abiding citizens, under the terms of the law". The Constitution also says that, in its article 185, I: "no authority shall ever be able to conduct the general disarmament of the people". And 185, II, "the national, provincial and local laws about the ownership and carry of firearms shall not be a way to restrict this right, but to set reasonable requirements and regulations for public security and general stability of the society". However, the Constitution also states that, in its article 91, that "the national authorities shall regulate the production, export, import, and legal use of war and defense material in order to keep order and internal peace, order and tranquility, observed the other dispositions and rights observed in this Constitution, under the inspection of the government branches and under the current laws", thus giving to the authorities the duty to regulate, but without destroying, this right.

Following the said in the Imperial Constitution, gun licenses are given in a shall issue basis after a process to attest that the citizen that wants to own a gun is capable, law-abiding and not a threat to others. The Federal Firearms and Ammunition Ownership Complementary Law is the one which currently regulates the right to keep arms in the Empire. Which states that in order to legally acquire firearms, a citizen or resident foreign person must:

- 1) Be over 16 years old, with a licit source of income, have at least one fixed address, and ask for a background check at a police station, court, or other government institution, signing a declaration allowing the authorities to search some of his antecedents and records. The document, physical or virtual, can usually be prepared and made available to the applicant in a few hours or a maximum of a few days.
- 2) Obtain a medical note certifying that the applicant is a person physically and mentally capable.
- 3) Go to a firing range, or await for a scheduled time at the local police station, and pass trough a four-hour instruction on safe and correct handling, correct conduct while carrying a firearm, how to safely store and transport firearms, correct conduct in the defensive use of firearms, and as well basic training for riskful situations, getting a certificate on safety with firearms. This step can be skipped if the applicant is a reservist or active member of the Armed Forces (this includes the National Guard volunteers) or a police officer of any kind.
- 4) Go to a police station, National Guard barracks, or Arms and Explosives Control Agency installation, with the following documents: proof of licit source of income, a proof of address, aforementioned background check document, aforementioned medical note, ID card or driving license, and the aforementioned certificate on safety with firearms. If the applicant haves a serious criminal record, history of drug abuse, violent and criminal behavior, the license may be denied. If such actions and behaviors were caused by one or more mental health conditions, the applicant must bring one or more medical reports attesting that he or she is already completely cured of the illness or illnesses that caused such behaviors. The applicant can appeal to court if he/she feels that his/her license has been unfairly denied. Then, read and sign a declaration that he wants a gun license, and that he will take the respective cares and responsibility for this, legally assuming possible liability in case of misconduct. Then, he will get the firearm ownership license card.
- 5) After that, the applicant must declare how much and which kinds of firearms he wants to acquire at that moment. Licensed private citizens can own: semi-automatic and manually operated (bolt-action, pump-action, lever-action, etc.) firearms. Extra: licensed private citizens can ask to own automatic firearms with an extra special license that must be requested to the Arms and Explosives Control Agency after getting the regular license card with a specific legitimate reason, which can be preservation of a historical firearm, certain gun sports and competitions, working as a security guard in a place with sensible technologies or high values, or the mere collecting of firearms (most common reason declared for this, demands joining an accredited organization of firearm enthusiasts), with then the applicant passing trough a scheduled interview with a series of extra documents being requested before him or her receive or not this special license. Are forbidden for private citizens: sawed-off shotguns, flamethrowers and any sort of incendiary device or ammunition, any sort of weapon designed to launch explosives and explosive ammunitions, and as well any rifled firearm with a caliber larger than 12 millimeters (.50).
- 6) Then, the applicant must acquire a safe, appropriate to the type and quantity of firearms declared, and let the police or other competent professionals inspect it (if it is a portable safe the inspection can be done in the police station with the applicant taking the safe with him, otherwise the applicant must schedule an inspection at his address). The applicants with the special license for automatic firearms will also need to acquire one or more reinforced armored suitcases for transporting each automatic weapon to be acquired, and as well to acquire a separate, specifically more armored and reinforced according to certain extra regulations, safe to keep such weapons. After the inspection, the applicant will receive the acquisition document listing the firearms previously declared. This step and the previous one will need to be repeated in case the person in question decides to acquire more and/or larger firearms in the future until he hits the previously mentioned limit.
- 7) With the license card and a copy of the acquisition document, now the applicant can legally buy firearms.

Other dispositions present in the law are that, after the acquisitions:

- When not being carried or used by their respective owner, firearms must always be kept in their respective safes at their owners address.

- If he moves from an address to other, even if the first one still being his property, it is forbidden to abandon the firearms even if they still in their safes. This do not apply to people who for professional or other valid reasons circulate a lot trough their addresses trough the nations territory.

- There is serious legal accountability in cases where misconducts and non-compliances with the law facilitate the execution of crime (in a remarkable case, considered a precedent by the Imperial Central Court, a parent was sentenced to years in jail after one of his teenager sons used one of his firearms to commit a mass shooting in a school, because the teen was only able to get the object due to the habit of the parent to left it threw trough their residence).

- In cases like the ones mentioned above, the license may be revoked and the firearms confiscated after the criminal conviction.

- There is legal accountability in cases where misconducts and non-compliances with the law lead to accidents, but the consequences shall vary depending on the degree of negligence and its concrete consequences. If the non-compliance is total and the negligence is severe the license may be revoked and the firearms confiscated after a criminal conviction.

- Also, usually, other possibility to legally acquired firearms to be confiscated from their respective owner is after criminal conviction for violent crimes if the crimes in question involve the use of a firearm.

- In cases where it is attested that the citizen in question lost his mental health in a way he is a risk to others, after a judicial process, the firearms may be retained by the police authority, but they will still be property of the owner and may be returned after the person in question regains his health. If he wants, he can sell his weapons or donate them to someone else.

- Are generally considered to be misconducts with firearms: pulling out a gun in a public space unnecessarily and with no justification, firing a gun in a public area with no need, pointing a gun at someone without reason or justification, etc., these conducts will lead to certain sanctions (such as not being able to carry firearms anymore and only being authorized to keep them at home, etc.), fines, etc., plus the other legally instituted penalties.

- Shooting clubs, gun stores, security companies, and other private legal entities whose services involve around the trade or use of firearms and ammunition can have an unlimited number of firearms inside their respective commercial establishments. But, they must have all their firearms locked in safes, or padlocked when on display, when not in use, and they must pass trough regular inspections from the police forces. These inspections are carried by the Arms and Explosives Control Agency together the police forces if needed.

- Security companies can only employ people with firearms licenses in their ranks, and they can only have the kinds of firearms mentioned before as allowed for private citizens in their depots, also following the regulations related to keeping the firearms in safes. Also, security companies can only have one long firearm and one short firearm per employee under their ownership at their depots, also following the previously mentioned requisite for the ownership of automatic firearms.

- Firearm manufacturers must follow specific regulations and are obliged to follow many security and control measures to prevent the diversion of weapons, as well pass trough regular routine inspections from the authorities, as well to prioritize part of their production to the law enforcement and defense market when necessary. There is a constant inspection and control of the sector by the Arms and Explosives Control Agency together the police forces if needed to prevent illegal arms trafficking and smuggling.

- The law differentiates "irregular" possession of weapons from "illegal" possession of weapons: a person who has a firearm, as long as it is numbered and of legal origin, without a license, but has not used it to commit any serious crime, is considered to have committed only the misdemeanor of "irregular gun ownership". But anyone who owns a firearm with a shaved number, known to be stolen, forbidden for civilian ownership, illegally trafficked into the country, in turn, incurs in illegal gun ownership, a serious crime, and depending on the quantity and type of firearms, may even be sentenced to life sentence or capital punishment if it is done to supply criminal or insurgent groups, being this a criminal crime.

- Illegal arms trafficking into the country and the illegal production of firearms is a serious crime, and may even incur in a life sentence or capital punishment if it is done to supply criminal or insurgent groups, being this a federal crime.

- The law also creates the exception that people who live in places far from police organizations are not committing any misdemeanor by possessing irregular firearms. On the mainland (the larger island), in practice this no longer applies with the exception of a few very isolated places in the central Aestrehay mountains, however on smaller islands it is often applied to their few residents.

Now, leaving the scope of this law:

- Laws regulating the right to bear arms are local, with some provinces limiting the kind of firearms that can be carried in most public spaces, and cities and municipalities also being able to issue their laws on this. However, the Imperial Central Court ruled that such regulations and laws cannot forbid the right to bear arms entirely, creating the idea of a constitutionally protected right to concealed carry.

- Another federal law grants certain categories such as police and military personnel, judges, prosecutors, politicians, federal agents, etc., the right to bear handguns despite any provincial and local laws.

- Due to commerce and protectionist policies, the import of firearms is difficult and very expensive, thus being rare. Although, there's a strong and very large firearms industry in the country.

- People without gun licenses, including physically capable minors, can use firearms for sport or recreation with instructors at ranges, competitions and events.

- In almost all provinces airsofts (as long they have the orange tip) and any kind of blade are not regulated, nor illegal, as well bows and arrows, crossbows, and air guns.

Also necessary to say, the country haves a strong gun culture, with recreational and sport shooting being very common in the country and most people liking guns in a way or another. Both for sports and recreational purposes, as well for others, with the idea that someones must "be able to defend himself" and haves the right to do so if necessary being common sense and, as showed before, a constitutional right. There are also many organizations dedicated themselves to the cause of supporting gun rights, with them acting both in politics, pressing and negotiating with politicians against new gun control legislations and fighting for the right to bear in the provincial governments, and within the society itself, refuting anti-gun narratives, etc. There's also many anti-gun organizations, but they usually don't gain popularity or much influence among the politics. However, they sometimes are able to political victories trough negotiations in the parliament when they got support from other political groups and interests. The current Federal Firearms and Ammunition Ownership Complementary Law is somewhat disliked by both sides, with some considering it to liberal and many considering it too restrictive and invasive, as well due to the fact that it was practically imposed by the security and defense establishment and only later rectified by the Legislative back in the "Years of Lead" of the previous regime, marked by criminal violence and terrorism. However, any support to change the law was all but deflated as people turned to look at the situation in other nations, with countries that are too liberal with their firearm laws suffering from constant domestic terrorism and countries with total civilian disarmament or too rigid gun control leaving their peoples totally defenseless against criminals and practically ending the right to defense. The law then passed on to be considered an healthy balance, preserving the right of self-defense and mitigating negative externalities. The military and security establishment also press against any legislative change, considering that more liberality than that would open the door to chaos but that less than that would leave civilians (and the nation itself) too vulnerable. The public then accommodated, and politicians prefer not to touch what works. The amount of jurisprudence and directives based on this law is also enormous, and major changes would be very costly. However, the law did received changes over time, allowing for more kinds of firearms to be owned by civilians but putting in place some of the requirements previously mentioned. Current gun ownership rates are of more than 80 firearms by each 100 people, even in the most modest statistics. Gun sports are very common, and the latter is considered part of the national culture with its own characteristics.
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Postby HarYan » Sun Apr 21, 2024 7:14 pm

And, now about the question of the self-defense per se, as said it is also constitutionally protected. Although, in the sphere of the infraconstitutional laws, self-defense is protected by the Imperial Model Penal Code in its article 25 in the "excludents of illegality" part: "any person who, by any means available at the time, uses force, even if lethal or capable of causing serious injure of any kind, with the aim of bringing to an end unjust aggression, ongoing or imminent, against himself or another innocent, including forceful violations of his or her private property or someone else's, does not commit any crime". So, most kinds of reactions against crimes and principally to violent crime will be legally protected, including if the person in question is using a irregular ou illegal firearm to this. No province decided to edit this legal disposition.

The disputes begin due to the word "forced" in the law. So "non-violent" violations cannot be met with violent responses? Several specific cases led to legal disputes. With then jurisprudence being mostly what will define what this is.

In a paradigmatic case, 5 animal rights activists passed over a small gate and started walking towards the farms installations. The farmer grabbed a semi-automatic rifle and, even though the activists were not showing signs of violence and hadn't entered in any of the farms installations, he started shooting from a distance, not stopping until everyone was dead. The farmer was arrested, and the Parquet charged him with murder. The Tsilvar Prefectural Criminal Court declared him innocent, but Parquet appealed and the case went to the Middyan Provincial Supreme Court, which declared him guilty. The farmer's lawyer filed an appeal with the Imperial Central Court, which upheld the murder conviction and established the jurisprudence that the constitution and the law as it is written in the Imperial Model Penal Code only protect violent reactions against violent threats, stablishing this understanding for the entire country's judiciary then. In another paradigmatic case, anti-nuclear energy activists broke into a nuclear power plant, using ladders to climb through the facility's high fences. The plant's guards opened fire with rubber bullets and lethal ammunition at the same time, and used tear gas. This time, the case also went to the Imperial Central Court, but the murder charge was dismissed. It was considered that climbing the walls with ladders showed a clear intention to cause damage, and that the security guards warning that they would shoot meant that the activists were committing forceful intrusion from that moment on. Thus, with another paradigmatic case creating a precedent on what armed self-defense does or does not consist of. Finally, in another precedent-setting case, a man was charged with murder after killing a provincial police officer who, without a warrant, entered his home at night in order to search for evidence for supposed drug crimes. The local police opened criminal proceedings against him, and the case would eventually go up to the Imperial Central Court. The court established the understanding that "any reasonable person will assume that an intruder into one's residence is a threat, with unauthorized entry into the individual's inviolable refuge inevitably being an forceful assault in and of itself". These were the three main cases linked to the issue of armed self-defense that managed to reach the Imperial Central Court, with several others helping to define the definition of this by prefectural and provincial courts.

About hunting however, it is relatively common in countryside areas, and also being often a touristic attraction for urban people that can go to hunting reserves and certain farms where they can practice it. However, hunting is also heavy regulated due to environmental issues and preventing animal cruelty. For example, it is up to national regulations the hunting seasons, the maximum size of hunting reserves (which generally are located in the outermost parts of the environmental reserves) compared to the total size of certain area, the hunting practices that can be done (for example, hunting using animals to chase and bite the other animals is forbidden, using not appropriate firearm calibers is also forbidden due to prevent the animals from having a painful death). Not following this regulations may result in heavy fines, plus other corresponding criminal sanctions. The Imperial Model Penal Code stipulated up to two years in jail for illegal hunting, five years if the animal or animals killed were in risk of extinction, and up to six months in jail and fines for "cruel" hunting practices like the ones mentioned. There are also frequently a few regulations from the provincial governments, although not very significant ones, and no province edited the Imperial Model Penal Code in order to change its dispositions. Most of the countries gun culture isn't related to hunting, rather is more related to a culture of self-defense, another sports involving firearms and national defense. A few regions had banned hunting recently, however most of these bans were lifted soon after protests from hunters and farmers, plus the appearance of problems related to certain animals overpopulation. A Central Imperial Court decision also decided that hunting can not be banned by the national government or the provincial ones, which can only set up some regulations, rather just the counties and municipalities can do that, considering a disposition in the Constitution about the right to self-rule to a certain point of the regions.
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Postby Tangatarehua » Sat Apr 27, 2024 6:36 am

Guns are illegal under all circumstances in Tangatarehua.

Hunting is also generally illegal, unless it's as part of a state sponsored cull of pests or invasive species. For the most part, wild animals are rare in Tangatarehua and so hunting them or entering their habitat is illegal.

Self defence laws are bizarre and archaic: Even in the 21st century, the official law goes that you may use violence to defend against a member of a lower caste but never of an upper caste and if two members of the same caste are in conflict, it is at the discretion of the local Kaitiaki (regional governor/feudal lord) to determine who is right.

In practice, this means that self-defence is discouraged but it is up to the police or the courts to decide whether or not it was justified.

Oh and citizens have the right to sue the government (specifically the local Kaitiaki) if they are a victim of violent crime as this represents a violation of the Kaitiaki's duty to protect their Iwi Whenua (serfdom), although in practice this only happens in the event that a perpetrator is never caught or arrested.
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Postby Shivapuri » Sat Apr 27, 2024 6:40 am

We are a pacifistic Hindu nation, so all forms of harm are illegal. It's also not a huge problem. We are TINY.

Self-defense is legal but you need a lot more evidence to prove that it's actually self-defense.

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Postby Greater Marine » Sat Apr 27, 2024 7:08 am

Guns are legal in the country, but subject to heavy regulations and restrictions. Weapons with a capability to do continuous or burst fire (so no assault rifles or submachine guns), long barrels capable of long-range fire, or the ability to hold more than 10 rounds are illegal for civilian use. The possession of more than 2 firearms or 100 rounds of ammunition is illegal, as is the use of a firearm by anyone under the age of 18. All firearms need a license, obtained from local authorities, which needs proof of having passed a gun safety course, proof of not having a serious criminal record or mental instability, and a lack of any vision impairments. Licenses need renewal every 5 years, and are automatically suspended if their owner commits a serious crime (such as robbery, rape, sexual assault), or if their owner can no-longer pass requirements for eyesight or fails the mandatory gun safely exam. A firearms license costs M$100 (40USD) to gain and M$20 to renew. Guns can be carried in public, but cannot be concealed and cannot be carried in certain areas such as within 100m of a school, university, police station or hospital outdoors, within 200m outdoors of a military or space agency installation or airport, and within 50m of certain “areas of high public traffic” such as most of Central Eldorado, and some other city centre areas in other cities. None of these restrictions apply to gun use on the owner’s property (I.e the owner can still use their gun to shoot an intruder or at tin cans in their backyard, even if they live in any of the regions mentioned above). Self Defense against assailants, intruders and criminals caught red-handed is legal, and indeed is a constitutional right, but the person committing self defense is still criminally culpable if the person they killed or severely injured was not an actual threat to them (I.e if they shot someone for stepping on their toe). Hunting of any endangered species is illegal, but permits can be bought for most common kinds of animals in dedicated areas set aside as hunting reserves.
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Postby Ratmen » Fri May 10, 2024 1:59 pm

We ratmen do not practice hunting as a mostly vegetarian nation and do not allow hunting where we live.

You are not allowed to brandish anything you are carrying as one would a weapon in public, except in situations of self-defense. This includes any public fight (also illegal) where many or all participants are found to be brandishing a weapon. One is to exercise calmness in a situation which an unsheathed weapon may only escalate. Stow your piece.

You are not allowed to exceed the amount of force warranted by the given situation, with a higher level of force being accompanied by a higher level of responsibility. Levels go from an unarmed combatant to one holding a hand-to-hand weapon, holding a projectile weapon and holding a device destructive enough to outclass all other combatants. Otherwise, size is to be accounted for in this measurement.

A firearm - defined as a device which propels projectiles and whose action is driven by means of combustion - is not allowed in any public space nor any private space explicitly forbidding it in their premises. Destructive devices are not allowed where we live.

An aggressive situation has to be responded to by convening of a 'king', our name for an assembly and the participation and cooperation of any surrounding communities in order to thwart the threat if necessary. This king will have the purpose of either judgment on any violent offenders or a declaration of a state of war within our territory.

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Postby Oronia » Sat May 11, 2024 2:10 pm

Firearms are outlawed in the United Realms, only law enforcement officers, security personnel, and members of the military allowed to own and carry; upon resignation, retirement, termination, or discharge, all are required to forfeit all firearms. Hunting is legal but heavily regulated due to strict environmental and animal protection laws; violations often result in heavy fines and jail time. Self defense is also legal so long as a person reasonably believed that they or someone else was in imminent danger of suffering bodily injury, that they reasonably believed that the immediate use of force was necessary to defend against the danger or threat, and that they used no more force than was necessary to defend against the danger or threat.
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Postby Omisalia » Sat May 11, 2024 6:21 pm

Omišalia has "may issue" firearm laws: it is possible to apply for a permit to own firearms. The validity of such a permit is three years.

Despite strict gun laws, Omišalia has one of the highest rates of private firearrm ownership in Europe, with only Serbia, Montenegro, Cyprus and Finland having higher rates. To acquire a gun license, exams on gun safety and first aid are required and the applicant needs to undergo a stringent medical and psychological check.The minimum legal age to apply for a gun license is 18. Most gun permit holders are active or reservist soliders: soldiers in roles involving the handling and firing of firearms are required to apply for a firearm license. Other valid reasons to acquire for a firearm license include professional hunting, self-defense and collecting historical firearms.

Since January 1st 2024, military conscription has been reintroduced in Omišalia. As part of the conscription program, soldiers are given the same firearm training and exams as prospective applicants for a firearm license, which means that soldiers are given a firearm license as part of their service.
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Postby Wochaystein » Sun May 12, 2024 3:40 pm

Citizens have the right to own firearms for hunting and self-defense purposes. However, there are strict regulations in place regarding the acquisition and use of these weapons.
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Postby Psychotistan » Tue May 14, 2024 11:16 am

All outlawed. Before you protest this, consider that Psychotistan is a country-sized open-air mental hospital led by the criminally insane.
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Postby Bzeria » Tue May 14, 2024 11:41 am

Almost all types of firearms are banned for civilian use in Bzeria. You can own a shotgun, but you better have an extremely good reason to and the process is very hard. You can't carry it outside of your property, full stop. You are provided 10 shells per month. Once you've used that up, you will have to wait until next month because it is illegal to sell shells.

You are allowed to go hunting, but you must be accompanied with a police officer and it must be on your own property. If you don't own a farm or you aren't a skilled hunter, you won't be given a gun. If you're a police officer, you will be given a revolver. You can't use this outside of work hours. If you're in the military, you can use almost any gun, but you can only use this during your time at the military.

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Postby Gesaria » Sat May 25, 2024 7:11 am

It is normally prohibited for people to own guns,but it is allowed for the elite and upper class people of Gesaria.Lower class people are prohibited from owning guns so they would not threaten the lives of the upper class citizens in case of a rebellion due to the social conditions nowadays.But if you are from an upper class family then it is legal to own a gun at the age 14.There are some age limits such as:
Age 12:Legal to own pistols
Age 14:Legal to own rifles
Age 16:Legal to own shotguns
Age 18:Legal to own assault rifles
Age 20:Legal to own all types of guns such as machine guns.

Gesaria's hunting laws are pretty strict,with there being many animals under protection such as the Ice Dragon,the Gesarian Monkey,and the Flying Drone Birds but other than animals under protection,it's fair game.

Gesaria's Constitution recognizes the human nature to defend oneself from harm,and so Gesaria allows self defence,but because of lower class people being prohibited from owning guns,the proles often have to defend themselves with their fists or with knives against upper-class people fully armed with machine guns.
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Postby TURTLESHROOM II » Sat May 25, 2024 10:24 am

Whosoever is of age (or sexual maturity for non-humans), of sound mind (so never institutionalized, etc.), and has not committed a felony on the imperial level or in any sub-realm in TurtleShroom, is entitled to a fundamental and inalienable right to keep and bare arms. Gun ownership and use is considered a fundamental human right on par with secret ballots, fair trials, and so on, and is considered of the most important rights that a government secures.

To purchase a semi-automatic gun, any qualifying TurtleShroomian citizen or lawful permanent resident can go to any merchant that sells guns and, after a background check confirming no felonies and sound mind, will receive the gun upon the moment of clearance. A TurtleShroomer who lawfully owns a gun does not need a permit to carry it, be it concealed or open, and there are no limits on how many guns can be owned or bought. TurtleShroomian culture considers open carry immodest and arrogant, but the courts have always affirmed that no law can impede a TurtleShroomer who wishes to open carry from doing so in most situations.

Guns can lawfully be carried in sensitive areas like schoolhouses and court rooms by adults; when a court is presiding and hearing cases, however, open carry has been restricted for anyone that is not an officer of the court, as courts have found that it can intimidate witnesses. Businesses can lawfully prohibit guns from being carried openly or concealed on their property if they wish, but that is seen as un-TurtleShroomian and tends to hurt businesses.

For the purposes of the Second Constitution, "arms" also includes ammunition and accessories for the same, so the right to keep and bare arms also allows for an unlimited and unrestricted ability to purchase ammunition (which does not require a background check) and accessories, ranging from silencers to scopes and what-not, none of which need background checks and are not regulated.

Automatic weapons are also fully lawful in TurtleShroom and can be carried like semi-automatic weapons, but they have stricter requirements. To purchase a fully automatic weapon of any kind, a TurtleShroomer must first attend compulsory safety training and be taught how to use the weapon responsibly, and then pass an exam demonstrating competency. Once passed, he may purchase automatic rifles at any dealer. Dealers cannot display automatic rifles under glass; they must be kept in a separate room or vault that only the dealer can access. Each time a TurtleShroomer purchases an automatic weapon, he must be photographed holding the weapon, with its serial number visible. These pictures and the buyer's name, but not his address, are on record.
(For semi-automatic weapons, this is not the case and dealers are required by law to destroy records of semi-automatic gun purchases after a period of time unless a court suspends it for the purpose of criminal or civil investigations.)

A TurtleShroomer who has served in the military or volunteered for the Militia, or who has served as a mercenary with a known mercenary band not found to have acted against TurtleShroom is allowed to own a gun before the age of majority if they volunteered prior to that. A TurtleShroomian veteran also has less stringent mental health requirements to get a gun: institutionalization is not an immediate disqualification. TurtleShroomian veterans are also automatically guaranteed access to automatic arms and do not have to file for background checks: proof of honorable service gives the holder a lifetime card that automatically passes checks, but that card is revoked if a felony conviction occurs.

Minors and immature non-humans may not own guns or carry them. However, children may use and fire guns in the presence of an adult with no felonies and who is of sound mind, and commonly do in things like hunting, shooting clubs, and gun sports.

Hunting is governed by strict quotas and patrols. Hunters are expected to log the animals they bag and observe both quotas and proper responsibility in refraining from things like littering and pollution. The system is basically self-regulating, with almost all major conservation and ecology groups consisting of outdoorsmen and huntsmen. It helps, though, that poaching is a crime punishable by death in the summary sense; Jungle Rangers and other natural resource lawmen are trained to shoot poachers hunting endangered animals on sight, and too many enjoy it.

Concerning self-defense, TurtleShroomian law broadly defines it: whosoever shoots a person to defend himself, another person, or the property of himself or another person's property has acted in self-defense. Trespassers may be shot after being ordered to leave and refuse, even if they are unarmed. Looters, rioters, and other such vandals may be shot at-will by both owners and bystanders. Traditionally, a saying in TurtleShroom goes that "9111 (the emergency number) is for collecting the bodies". As a general rule, though, a TurtleShroomer defending himself is expected to not pursue an attacker if he leaves the property or is neutralized without lethal force, and it is illegal to shoot a person who has surrendered themselves and allowed themselves to be restrained by the gun owner.
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Postby Arctic Lands » Sun May 26, 2024 1:21 am

Guns are stored at workplaces in specialised arsenal rooms that can only be opened by collective decision of the workers' council at the enterprise (a council consists of all workers). Enterprises and inhabited areas must institute a militia that will access guns from those arsenals to protect public safety and fight the government if necessary.

Individual gun ownership and hunting for sport are illegal completely.

Self-defense is alright unless the criminal dies or suffers irreparable harm such as a lifelong injury. Also, self-defense can be used as a mitigating circumstance in court.
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Postby Vallermoore » Tue Jun 04, 2024 3:33 am

Weapons above the level of AK47s are for the military only.

Those banned from gun ownership
-the insane, unless declared sane by two doctors.
- those on parole unless their parole period has legally come to an end.

Certain national parks ban firearms to protect animals and/or delicate thermal areas like geyser basins.

Pupils and students cannot legally carry firearms in schools but teachers can.

Some towns allow open carry, some allow concealed carry and a few don’t allow guns to be legally carried outside the home at all.

Hunting is banned in national parks and built up areas like cities, towns and villages. Otherwise invasive animals have no hunting limit, whilst others can be hunted in August and each hunter can kill two a year.

One can kill to prevent murder, to prevent brain damage or someone paralysing someone, to prevent large scale robbery, to prevent rape , or in war against the nation’s foes.

Tasers are only allowed for police and prison guards, and pepper sprays are only for the military in time of war.

Non firearms like swords and the like are legal except for prisoners, the insane, and within the borders of certain national parks.

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Postby Kambiya » Tue Jun 04, 2024 5:33 am

Firearms are legal, however there are restrictions. Break-action smoothbore or muzzle-loading firearms are completely unrestricted. Pump-action, bolt-action, and single-action-only firearms require a Firearms Handling Certificate, which is received upon completion of mandatory military duty or by filling out a form for those exempt from duty. Automatic and semi-automatic firearms are completely restricted, and there are restrictions on barrel length and modifications for non-restricted firearms. It is legal to use a firearm for self-defense, however they cannot be carried outside the home for the sole purpose of self-defense.

Hunting is heavily regulated due to the wide variety of endangered species in Kambiya. Outside of pest control, hunting requires a Hunting and Trapping Certificate. The requirements for this certificate are extremely tight. To successfully apply, the individual must be from a tribe with a known hunting culture, have a Firearms Handling Certificate, have no criminal history, and be recommended by three members of an accredited firearms club. Even after the certificate is received, hunting is restricted to certain times and areas, and only certain game is allowed.

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Postby New Goldman » Tue Jun 04, 2024 6:17 am

Unregistered firearms are banned with no exceptions. The right to self-defense is, however, respected, and is addressed so in the Charter of Rights. Under the Firearm Regulation Act of 1999, no registered owner shall have a weapon exceeding 9mm caliber. Any gun owner apprehended in violation shall immediately be subject to possible trial if he uses it against law enforcement or the citizenry, or at the very minimum, a lifetime ban of owning any type of firearm.

Hunting is strictly limited to only a few select areas, as designated by the Wildlife and Forestry Corps. These areas are typically the size of a small lake, and hunters may only operate within those zones, under supervision from the WFC. Even then, any hunter is required to register for a Hunter's Operation License, which they must carry around at all times whenever they operate in the designated areas. Anyone caught hunting outside these areas is subject to immediate arrest and trial, alongside the surrendering of all owned firearms and revoking of the Hunter's Operation License.
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Postby The Phoenix Consortium » Sat Jun 08, 2024 1:11 pm

Everything is legal here; you can even have nukes if you want.

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Postby Grand American Union Republic » Sun Jun 09, 2024 9:40 am

Firearm ownership in the Grand American Union Republic is legal and upheld by the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights. As such, owning firearms for civilian ownership either for self-defense or hunting is within the legal reach of the Constitution. Over the years, however, there have been several changes in how firearms should be legal as technology evolves.

One of the major firearm regulations in the United States was the National Firearms Act of 1934, which aimed to address the use of automatic weapons during the Prohibition Era and the attempted assassination of former President Franklin Roosevelt, all firearms after the passage of the 1934 act were required to be taxed and registered under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

One significant one is the Firearms Owners' Protection Act of 1986, which banned the sale to civilians of automatic weapons manufactured after the date of enactment, restricting sales of these weapons to the military and law enforcement. However, automatic firearms manufactured prior to the 1986 law were unfazed and are still legal for purchase.

That being said, gun laws per state within the United States vary. Some states like California and New York have very strict gun laws i n the country while states like Texas, Montana, etc. have the highest gun ownership per capita. Other states prohibit the sale of automatic weapons while some states allow automatic weapons.

As of recent, the Firearms Owners' Protection Act of 1986 has become under scrutiny by the current GOP administration of William Scalabrini as ineffective due to the fact that criminals are most likely to purchase illegal firearms in the black market and has since challenged to repeal the Firearms Owners' Protection Act of 1986.
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