XVIII Olympic Winter Games - rosters & team information

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XVIII Olympic Winter Games - rosters & team information

Postby Liventia » Sat Feb 10, 2024 7:14 am


This is the roster thread for the XVIII Olympic Winter Games in Liventia, as well as associated qualifying events. This is not the place to sign up for the Games; signups have already closed. This thread is for posting information about your delegation, such as rosters for team events, flag bearer, anthem, and any other information about your athletes or nation that you’d like others to know.

You should only post in here if (a) you have an accepted signup for the Games; (b) you do not have an accepted signup but wish to contribute names of officials such as judges; or (c) a moderator discharging official duties.

The suggested maximum number of athletes who may be registered for each team event (not counting any reserves who might be allowed to replace injured athletes) is as follows:

CURLING – 5 (4 team players, 1 team alternate)
ICE HOCKEY – 25 (20 skaters, 3 goalies, 2 non-dressed alternates)

Olympic Games Discussion Thread (OOC)
Olympic Announcements Thread
Host Bid
Games signup/OOC thread
Results thread
RP thread
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Postby United States of Nova Calania » Sat Feb 10, 2024 10:36 am


Nova Calanian Unified Olympic Team

Nova Calanian Unified Olympic Team is an unified team comprising 5 independent nations. These 5 independent nations are on the verge to form a new federation under the name of United States of Nova Calania, but as for now, the federation isn't officially formed and the 5 nations agreed to compete as Nova Calanian Unified Olympic Team.

Who are these 5 nations?

Principauté de Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer
Demonym: Jean-Jacquois
Head of State: Prince Pierre-Alexandre 1er de Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer
Official language: French
National olympic broadcaster: Télé-Jean-Jacquoise (TJJ)
Population: 775 878
Land Area: 78 sq. km

People's Republic of Burnham-on-Stove
Demonym: Burnhamese
Head of State: General Secretary of the Burnhamese Communist Party, Braelynn McIlwain
Official language: English
National olympic broadcaster: Burnhamese Broadcasting Service (BBS)
Population: 418 306
Land Area: 54 sq. km

New Calanian Aztec Confederacy
Demonym: Aztec
Capital City: Cocotitlan
Head of State: Supreme Leader Moctezuma XIX
Official languages: Aztec and Polish
National olympic broadcaster: None but they can get other 4 nations' feed.
Population: 287 008
Land Area: Unknown

Grand Duchy of Odlegla Ziemia
Demonym: Odleglian or Odleglanski
Capital City: Ostrow Krolewski
Head of State: Grand Duchess Wladyslawa Wozniakowska
Official language: Polish
National olympic broadcaster: Telewizja Odlegla Ziemia (TWOZ)
Population: 742 662
land Area: 346 sq. km

The Colony of Shanzhou
Demonym: Shanzhouan
Head of State: General Zhang Jianjun
Official language: Mandarin
National olympic broadcaster: Shanzhou Zhongyang Dianshitai (SZD)
Population: 235 194
Land Area: 62 sq. km

Nova Calanian Unified Olympic team
Accepted short name: United Nova Calania
Trigram: UNC
Colors: Red and Yellow
Flagbearer: Swietomierz Kostrowicki-Borkowski (speed skating)
Chef de mission: François-Pierre Brasseur

Curling - Men

Name                    Position        Age
Owen Byrne Lead 29
Xavier Pichette Second 27
Wojciech Skorupa Vice 23
Tristan Beaulieu Skip 26
Kyle Mullins Alternate 22

Curling - Women

Name                    Position        Age
Raphaëlle Noiseux Lead 25
Kyla McCormick Second 22
Ticualtzin Vice 26
Marianne Pichette Skip 24
Ève Salois Alternate 23

Hockey - Men

Head Coach: Walter Krawczyk
Assistant Coach: Jacques Primeau

Line 1		

93 C Charles-Alexandre Rabouin 23 Admirals de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite
17 AG Carson Bartoszkiewicz 23 German Village Moose
96 AD Zacharie Chicoine-Lechasseur 21 Condors de Chamouille

Line 2		

5 C Guillaume Lajeunesse-Flanagan 23 Kraken de Saint-Jean-Jacques
11 C/AG Mieczyslaw Grzeszczak 23 Free Agent
66 AD Santiago Cruz Mendoza 22 Hockley Whalers

Line 3		

38 C Alexis Renault 23 Chevaliers de Breteuil
12 AG/C Cédric Laforest-Desjardins 21 Éperviers noirs de Saint-Jean-Jacques
95 AD Paul-Émile Rabouin 19 Gaulois de Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Line 4		

36 C Killian Bellefeuille 20 Flushing Admirals
77 C/AG Tristan Truchon 22 Éperviers noirs de Saint-Jean-Jacques
86 AD Jean-Jacques Bourbeau 21 Gaulois de Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Defensive Pairing 1		

7 DG Parker Shoemaker 23 Burnham Golden Seals
2 DD Tristan Schweitzer 22 Burnham Golden Seals

Defensive Pairing 2		

44 DG Jake Harshaw 21 Hockley Whalers
55 DD Tristan Châteauneuf-Descôteaux 22 Kraken de Saint-Jean-Jacques

Defensive Pairing 3	

73 DD/DG Noah Beaudoin 23 Hockley Whalers
15 DD Charles-Antoine Ladouceur 22 Condors de Chamouille


70 GK Ethan McPhee 22 Nordiques du Vieux-Saint-Jean-Jacques
1 GK Krzysztof Kalkowski 22 Free Agent
35 GK William Charlebois 23 Chevaliers de Breteuil

Non dressed				

68 AG/AD Shane Krawczyk 20 Burnham Golden Seals
20 DG Félix Beausoleil 19 Nordiques du Vieux-Saint-Jean-Jacques

Reserves (Not allowed to practice with the team unless an injury but they're in Liventia wandering around and watching some competitions)		

19 AG Louis-Philippe Lusignan 23 Nordiques du Vieux-Saint-Jean-Jacques
16 C Nathaniel Boissonneault-Gougeon 19 Chevaliers de Breteuil
63 C/AD Louis-Alexandre Gratton 20 Gaulois de Saint-Jean-Baptiste
21 AG Cédric Bordeleau 23 Éperviers noirs de Saint-Jean-Jacques
86 DD Kaleb Schmaltz 19 Burnham Golden Seals
4 DG Ethan Stadheim 21 German Village Moose
5 DG Guillaume Berthiaume 22 Pirates de Côte-des-Palmiers
80 GK Alex Di Giacomo 23 Admirals de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite

Hockey - Women

Head Coach: Françoise Latrémouille
Assistant Coach: Geneviève Degrandmaison

Line 1		

44 C Rosalie Jolicoeur-Sansregret 21 Pirates de Côte-des-Palmiers
88 AG Jessika Bigaouette 23 Condors de Chamouille
98 AD Chloé Goldenberg 23 Éperviers noirs de Saint-Jean-Jacques

Line 2		

9 C Sandrine Boissonneault-Gougeon 22 Chevaliers de Breteuil
12 AG Kayla McElaney 22 Flushing Admirals
13 C/AD Alexandra Baribeau 22 Chevaliers de Breteuil

Line 3		

16 C Kassandra Fontaine-D'Avignon 20 Condors de Chamouille
17 AG Stanislawa Grzeszczak 21 Free Agent
15 AD Kaitlyn MacNeil 23 Hockley Whalers

Line 4		

96 C Rose-Élisabeth Rabouin 19 Gaulois de Saint-Jean-Baptiste
81 AG Hope Johnston 23 Burnham Golden Seals
91 AD Audrey-Anne Rabouin 21 Kraken de Saint-Jean-Jacques

Defensive Pairing 1		

77 DG Élodie Robidoux 22 Gaulois de Saint-Jean-Baptiste
82 DD Audrey Brind'Amour 23 Pirates de Côte-des-Palmiers

Defensive Pairing 2		

26 DG Anne-Charlotte Poisson 20 Éperviers noirs de Saint-Jean-Jacques
2 DD Elizabeth Kuehberger 22 German Village Moose

Defensive Pairing 3		

6 DG Samantha Rouette 21 Chevaliers de Breteuil
61 DD Daphné Vadeboncoeur 21 Kraken de Saint-Jean-Jacques


39 GK Anne-Élisabeth Robineau 23 Gaulois de Saint-Jean-Baptiste
25 GK Arielle Nowak 22 Burnham Golden Seals
32 GK Marilou Meunier 20 Kraken de Saint-Jean-Jacques

Non dressed		

66 C Victoria MacEachern 23 Flushing Admirals
56 DG Qingjin Xiang 22 Free Agent

Reserves (Not allowed to practice with the team unless an injury but they're in Liventia wandering around and watching some competitions)

8 AG Charlotte Bartoszkiewicz 20 German Village Moose
10 C Ainsley Schmidt 21 German Village Moose
96 AD Sara Beaudoin 21 Burnham Golden Seals
19 C Kendall McRae 21 Hockley Whalers
33 DD Catherine-Anne Rocheleau-Schlumberger 18 Flushing Admirals
50 DD Kylie Ziegler 20 Hockley Whalers
3 DG Grace Peters 21 Gaulois de Saint-Jean-Baptiste
30 GK Zoe Klein 23 German Village Moose

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Postby Da Cunha » Sat Feb 10, 2024 5:25 pm

Note: Edited to reflect the decision of event host Liventia regarding erroneous entries.
Also edited because said erroneuous entry has gotten the Chef-de-Mission fired.



Chef de mission: Tomisláva Helebárdlić (Acting)
Opening Ceremony flag bearer: Abdúllah Kristijánović (oldest selected athlete)

Name				Age	Event(s)
Élvis Mehmedbáçić 26 Men's Biathlon (All events), Mixed Relay Biathlon
Jácup Núcqić 29 Men's Biathlon (All events)
Róbert Cnéçević 23 Men's Biathlon (All events)
Ívano Lagúndçija 34 Men's Biathlon (All events), Mixed Relay Biathlon
Sémiramis Corñačúvanić 19 Women's Biathlon (All events)
Dçoacqína Hadçipáxić 21 Women's Biathlon (All events), Mixed Relay Biathlon
Xeherzáda Hadçicádunić 19 Women's Biathlon (All events), Mixed Relay Biathlon
Xanáz Hadçicádunić 17 Women's Biathlon (All events)

Name				Age	Event(s)
Bózodar Novíscqi 32 Men's Two-Man Bobsleigh
Sérdçan Támirić 34 Men's Two-Man Bobsleigh
Bránco Socástijević 19 Men's Two-Man Bobsleigh
Sćépan Vermúdović 20 Men's Two-Man Bobsleigh
Ordóño Cálaneć 23 Men's Two-Man Bobsleigh
Mútimir Tóncqić 25 Men's Two-Man Bobsleigh
Alecqsánder Stravíña 32 Men's Four-Man Bobsleigh
Jevgénio Bálić 31 Men's Four-Man Bobsleigh
Háris Cúlusev 35 Men's Four-Man Bobsleigh
Muhámed Hasanálić 33 Men's Four-Man Bobsleigh
Apóllon Ibrahímović 24 Men's Four-Man Bobsleigh
Mírco Čórnović 22 Men's Four-Man Bobsleigh
Táriq Sñáxnović 27 Men's Four-Man Bobsleigh
Crésimir Pharúcavić 24 Men's Four-Man Bobsleigh
'Lhúbomir Pangájević 30 Men's Four-Man Bobsleigh
Nízar Callístović 26 Men's Four-Man Bobsleigh
Vládimir Momíravić 26 Men's Four-Man Bobsleigh
Xaríph Mazárcqi 25 Men's Four-Man Bobsleigh
Muhámedina Cántogorx 25 Women's Monobob
Ganimédes Ómidić 28 Women's Monobob
Venzesláva Pjánić 22 Women's Monobob
Vénera Rázulić 22 Women's Two-Man Bobsleigh
Tatijána Néjen 25 Women's Two-Man Bobsleigh
Vijoléta Dúlhević 27 Women's Two-Man Bobsleigh
Amíra Hacxabánović 30 Women's Two-Man Bobsleigh
Aïxa Hrustánović 18 Women's Two-Man Bobsleigh
Sabahéta Lúlić 19 Women's Two-Man Bobsleigh

Name				Age	Event(s)
Níno Délalić 28 Men's Skeleton
Íbrahim Gúsca 23 Men's Skeleton
Halílo Muhasílović 24 Men's Skeleton
Arnéla Besirspáhić 22 Women's Skeleton
Phátima Saráčević 32 Women's Skeleton
Coradína Memmedínović 19 Women's Skeleton

Name				Age	Event(s)		Position
Násir Čúrić 33 Men's Curling Lead
Bénco Xérbo 27 Men's Curling Second
Stánco Bexlagínavić 29 Men's Curling Vice
Záladin Zulphicarpáxić 36 Men's Curling Skipper
Súlejman Čorbádçić 24 Men's Curling Alternate
Edína Tálacqić 21 Women's Curling Lead
Casimíra Ismétavić 23 Women's Curling Second
Atanásja Çivojínavić 18 Women's Curling Vice
Lhudmíla Sabahétavić 37 Women's Curling Skipper
Zaladína Fázlagić 20 Women's Curling Alternate
Muslihíddin Dçoacqínavić 32 Mixed Curling
Nadéxda Dçoacqínavić 30 Mixed Curling

Name				Age	Event(s)		Position	Line
Édin Mídçić 22 Men's Ice Hockey GK 1st GK
Senulát Déović 21 Men's Ice Hockey GK 2nd GK
Élmo Béxlić 18 Men's Ice Hockey GK 3rd Gk
Phernándo Cónjević 20 Men's Ice Hockey DL 1st Line
Abdulráxit Plávić 19 Men's Ice Hockey DL 2nd Line
Innozént Dçoacqínavić 23 Men's Ice Hockey DL 3rd Line
Míkolas Caxopéjavić 21 Men's Ice Hockey DL 4th Line
János Dçínović 22 Men's Ice Hockey DR 1st Line
Muamár Lácović 20 Men's Ice Hockey DR 2nd Line
Bránislav Báxić 20 Men's Ice Hockey DR 3rd Line
Dçórdçi Xérbo 21 Men's Ice Hockey DR 4th Line
Zítomir Áčas 18 Men's Ice Hockey C 1st Line
Ómad Bálić 19 Men's Ice Hockey C 2nd Line
Mário Bairactárević 23 Men's Ice Hockey C 3rd Line
Víqtor Ibrolho 23 Men's Ice Hockey C 4th Line
Evgénijo Čácloviza 22 Men's Ice Hockey LW 1st Line
Rásadin Nicqxić 21 Men's Ice Hockey LW 2nd Line
Túrhan Haççaphizbéjević 23 Men's Ice Hockey LW 3rd Line
Néxtor Socólović 19 Men's Ice Hockey LW 4th Line
Ámir Hódçić 17 Men's Ice Hockey RW 1st Line
Ácmet Cajn 23 Men's Ice Hockey RW 2nd Line
Muhámed Háscović 20 Men's Ice Hockey RW 3rd Line
Bébimir Horro 16 Men's Ice Hockey RW 4th Line
Gúrgan Čavrácović 20 Men's Ice Hockey Alt
Árslan Cónjević 20 Men's Ice Hockey Alt
Dçoacqína Bábić 17 Women's Ice Hockey GK 1st GK
Mujána Réxić 18 Women's Ice Hockey GK 2nd GK
Halíla Bulhubáxić 23 Women's Ice Hockey GK 3rd Gk
Almuníra Boloménta 22 Women's Ice Hockey DL 1st Line
Elhedína Xijérčić 21 Women's Ice Hockey DL 2nd Line
Rozána Dçínović 20 Women's Ice Hockey DL 3rd Line
Meqméta Zéčaj 20 Women's Ice Hockey DL 4th Line
Justínja Varexánović 20 Women's Ice Hockey DR 1st Line
Májca Giúrić 19 Women's Ice Hockey DR 2nd Line
Rustamína Carahassánović 22 Women's Ice Hockey DR 3rd Line
Emélja Husejnbéjević 18 Women's Ice Hockey DR 4th Line
Mutimíra Dervixalídović 17 Women's Ice Hockey C 1st Line
Rahíma Pascálaçević 23 Women's Ice Hockey C 2nd Line
Cvétca Manúçelicq 22 Women's Ice Hockey C 3rd Line
Ganimédes Bencqić 19 Women's Ice Hockey C 4th Line
Zaladína Séphić 21 Women's Ice Hockey LW 1st Line
'Xmaïla Dçábić 23 Women's Ice Hockey LW 2nd Line
Jevgénja Caramázov 22 Women's Ice Hockey LW 3rd Line
Bajractára Quénović 21 Women's Ice Hockey LW 4th Line
Mávra Dçínović 21 Women's Ice Hockey RW 1st Line
Omára Dçúmhur 23 Women's Ice Hockey RW 2nd Line
Nuradína Gradáxtević 22 Women's Ice Hockey RW 3rd Line
Ajíça Hamidbájavić 21 Women's Ice Hockey RW 4th Line
Lebdemíra Cnéçević 20 Women's Ice Hockey Alt
Abdelsláva Hadçiamácović 17 Women's Ice Hockey Alt

Name				Age	Event(s)
Úrox Táhirić 25 Men's Singles Luge
Násir Phatímavić 24 Men's Singles Luge
Phernándo Hranúçević 29 Men's Singles Luge
Tariqhásan Tajmurbájavić 23 Men's Doubles Luge
Gijasáddin Ogñénavić 22 Men's Doubles Luge
Bóqdan Xtércqe 24 Men's Doubles Luge
Mémmed Gáptić 26 Men's Doubles Luge
Semirámis Semiramísević 21 Women's Singles Luge
Nuraddína Cñézević 19 Women's Singles Luge
Sajída Cúlhić 24 Women's Singles Luge
Medúza Stáncović 31 Women's Doubles Luge
Vésna Mrnjávčević 28 Women's Doubles Luge
Henrijéta Rázić 25 Women's Doubles Luge
Dejána Abdullínavić 24 Women's Doubles Luge

Name				Age	Event(s)
Cónstantin Láptev 31 Men's Single Skating
Dimítri Xčúcq 27 Men's Single Skating
Mário Dçómbić 29 Men's Single Skating
Sáphina Méndić 23 Women's Single Skating
Héstra Mácqsumić 16 Women's Single Skating, Pair Skating
Saladína Pópović 18 Women's Single Skating
Sabahúddin Phecántsović 20 Pair Skating
Alíja Gégić 21 Pair Skating
Jároslav Hámzić 26 Pair Skating
Elmíra Adnánavić 26 Pair Skating
Cajreddíno Mahalbáxić 17 Pair Skating
Gáspar Selímović 22 Ice Dancing
Amíra Imxírević 23 Ice Dancing
Bóris Prazína 28 Ice Dancing
Tvértca Razíjević 28 Ice Dancing
Phérhat Xépcqić 35 Ice Dancing
Hámida Mersádović 35 Ice Dancing

Name				Age	Event(s)
Hadilpáxa Rezépić 27 Men's 500m Short Track
Bérimir Conóvalov 24 Men's 500m Short Track, Mixed 2000m Short Track Relay
Ádnan Zrínscqi 27 Men's 500m Short Track, Mixed 2000m Short Track Relay
Mévludin Bexlágić 27 Men's 1000m Short Track
Házim Dçáncović 30 Men's 1000m Short Track
Phílip Čemálović 29 Men's 1000m Short Track
Írphan Osmanágić 31 Men's 1500m Short Track
Ósman-Áli Vrábać 23 Men's 1500m Short Track
Áldinbej Bávčić 27 Men's 1500m Short Track
Zlátco Saiphuddínavić 28 Men's 5000m Short Track Relay
Nedçád Kalájdçić 25 Men's 5000m Short Track Relay
Srdçán Içmajílavić 26 Men's 5000m Short Track Relay
Qérim Ivantsárević 19 Men's 5000m Short Track Relay
Dína Nuhánavić 27 Women's 500m Short Track, Mixed 2000m Short Track Relay
Xeáda Muslihiddínavić 29 Women's 500m Short Track
Mérsija Micaxevíčić 24 Women's 500m Short Track, Mixed 2000m Short Track Relay
Látipha Jordánović 22 Women's 1000m Short Track
Gergána Ćićvárić 27 Women's 1000m Short Track
Henriéta Anúxcavić 33 Women's 1000m Short Track
Evrópa Lapúsnić 19 Women's 1500m Short Track
Elvédina Conúčavić 25 Women's 1500m Short Track
Míra Vodçislávlhević 26 Women's 1500m Short Track
Dejána Lapúsnić 22 Women's 3000m Short Track Relay
Alíja Halílçević 24 Women's 3000m Short Track Relay
Lebdemíra Taríqavić 23 Women's 3000m Short Track Relay
Deodáta Čornomórjić 17 Women's 3000m Short Track Relay
Rábastan Móstovoj 32 Men's 500m
Gregório Ñedelcavić 27 Men's 500m
Jeléno Hajdárević 24 Men's 500m
Mésud Adílović 28 Men's 1000m
Phárucq Cassímavić 19 Men's 1000m
Méhmed Raphícqavić 25 Men's 1000m
Zéjnil Tajmúravić 26 Men's 1500m
Abubácqer Tíhić 27 Men's 1500m
Máliq Handánović 23 Men's 1500m
Álbert Irphánović 29 Men's 5000m
Váhid Uránjavić 23 Men's 5000m
Muhámmed Rjucováqxulić 25 Men's 5000m
Dómagoj Stráslinić 30 Men's 10000m
Aleqsánder Xlívo 19 Men's 10000m
Édin Hásanić 25 Men's Mass Start
Tímur Munevérović 23 Men's Mass Start
Qémal Bálić 27 Men's Team Pursuit
Íslam Çúpić 29 Men's Team Pursuit
Elhámedin Cudúzović 30 Men's Team Pursuit
Aléta Nyctomórscqić 21 Women's 500m
Dçulhiélma Qérla 24 Women's 500m
Qjára Hujdúrović 22 Women's 500m
Agustína Ulúsević 25 Women's 1000m
Taríqa Bámbeć 26 Women's 1000m
Áslican Mandçúcqić 22 Women's 1000m
Ribatdína Acmethódçić 20 Women's 1500m
Almíra Xérbečić 30 Women's 1500m
Sulejmána Gradáxtević 19 Women's 1500m
Atanáça Júsnović 17 Women's 3000m
Ábasa Medénčević 32 Women's 3000m
Cáxopeja Çavcqić 22 Women's 3000m
Malimíra Mócačacq 20 Women´s 5000m
Androméda Gájlović 19 Women´s 5000m
Encarnáxan Vúqçević 23 Women's Mass Start
Catalína Pínscqi 26 Women's Mass Start
Muhámmeda Lacájević 25 Women's Team Pursuit
Grígura Tájcqeć 24 Women's Team Pursuit
Svetlána Gírmić 25 Women's Team Pursuit

Name				Age	Event(s)
Júsup Pávlović 27 Men's Downhill
Cónstantin Čórnać 25 Men's Downhill
Trépimir Nasíravić 29 Men's Downhill
Mávro Vilemínavić 33 Men's Downhill
Órhan Jácupavić 30 Men's Giant Slalom
Áli Mehmedbáxić 31 Men's Giant Slalom
Tiágo Ibrahímović 38 Men's Giant Slalom
Ánastas Preldçić 19 Men's Giant Slalom
Mihájlo Bálić 23 Men's Slalom
Albán Sarihódçić 26 Men's Slalom
Tímotej Zódcan 26 Men's Slalom
Aliréza Memísević 36 Men's Slalom
Sadícq Curspáhić 25 Men's Super-G
Abdúllah Kristijánović 40 Men's Super-G
Ísa Novolísević 24 Men's Super-G
Pávlo Elézević 33 Men's Super-G
Selíma Nánić 20 Women's Downhill
Ganimédes Hadçiephéndić 19 Women's Downhill
Ñastáxa Tálian 17 Women's Downhill
Jaromíra Bečírović 16 Women's Downhill
Hacqíma Imxírević 30 Women's Giant Slalom
Jusúpina Quenánović 31 Women's Giant Slalom
Alispáha Dámirić 27 Women's Giant Slalom
Callísto Hóta 20 Women's Giant Slalom
Hassána Alívodić 26 Women's Slalom
Irphána Golubíća 28 Women's Slalom
Zlátana Sejménović 25 Women's Slalom
Áña-Halíla Dçelaludínavić 23 Women's Slalom
'Lhudmíla Proróčcqović 17 Women's Super-G
Islamína Veldínović 19 Women's Super-G
Nádça Músemić 24 Women's Super-G
Parzáphala Husréphović 27 Women's Super-G

Name				Age	Event(s)
Sámir Mehmedgánić 25 Men's 10km
Habíb Xácović 29 Men's 10km
Snágomir Béncqić 19 Men's 10km
Jórdan Núrić 23 Men's 10km
Áltin Manúçelicq 30 Men's 10+10 Skiathlon
Crásimir Bencqić 25 Men's 10+10 Skiathlon
Démir Séphić 31 Men's 10+10 Skiathlon
Jánco Dçábić 29 Men's 10+10 Skiathlon
Páscal Ísović 22 Men's Sprint Classic
Hasilréddin Lácović 27 Men's Sprint Classic
Nérmin Fázlić 26 Men's Sprint Classic
Bénjamin Sarihodçić 29 Men's Sprint Classic
Bacqir Jelénavić 24 Men's Team Sprint Free
Prédrag Dórmić 26 Men's Team Sprint Free
Abdulráxit Ivánović 26 Men's 50km Mass Start Classic
Jelénco Mízarić 18 Men's 50km Mass Start Classic
Gérgan Lúbić 34 Men's 50km Mass Start Classic
Vólodar Rúić 29 Men's 50km Mass Start Classic
Vládimir Bóban 26 Men's 4x7,5km Relay
Ánatol Sísić 28 Men's 4x7,5km Relay
Ídris Canzárić 30 Men's 4x7,5km Relay
Jánnicq Bácqać 27 Men's 4x7,5km Relay
Rozána Bavcanázević 23 Women's 10km
Orlánda Çvítcović 27 Women's 10km
Ajmára Strícque 22 Women's 10km
Evgénija Motásević 25 Women's 10km
Acqméta Mammudbájević 28 Women's 10+10 Skiathlon
Bébimira Sabahétavić 31 Women's 10+10 Skiathlon
Vijóla Bóscović 33 Women's 10+10 Skiathlon
Gunimíra Háptić 39 Women's 10+10 Skiathlon
Alispáxa Fráncoz 37 Women's Sprint Classic
Búgina Malimíravić 35 Women's Sprint Classic
Çengíza Hajnálavić 34 Women's Sprint Classic
Morgána Umáravić 18 Women's Sprint Classic
Cajredína Rústamić 23 Women's Team Sprint Free
Abdirína Zórmać 24 Women's Team Sprint Free
Véga Ibrixímović 18 Women's 50km Mass Start Classic
Ándçelicqa Gígović 16 Women's 50km Mass Start Classic
Mehmedbáxa Besimíravić 35 Women's 50km Mass Start Classic
Bránca Xáulić 15 Women's 50km Mass Start Classic
Tancqerája Nícqxić 18 Women's 4x7,5km Relay
Sophítia Čárdçić 17 Women's 4x7,5km Relay
Bilála Májcavić 17 Women's 4x7,5km Relay
Mattéa Sánčavić 17 Women's 4x7,5km Relay

Name				Age	Event(s)
Úmut Pávlavić 23 Men's Aerials
Calícqstus Xéremet 20 Men's Aerials
Níhad Ejúbović 29 Men's Aerials
Íxacq Čúrić 25 Men's Aerials
Múmin Qénović 26 Men's Dual Moguls
Bózidar Dçínović 22 Men's Dual Moguls
Dóminicq Gíezić 21 Men's Dual Moguls
Ómar Čuvidína 29 Men's Dual Moguls
Avrélio Jásić 23 Men's Moguls
Cássim Mutápčić 24 Men's Moguls
Phernándo Séphić 19 Men's Moguls
Vésin Bábić 30 Men's Moguls
Xábolč Socólović 25 Men's Ski Cross
Záhir Hódçić 25 Men's Ski Cross
Mústapha Cajn 28 Men's Ski Cross
Árnel Háscović 29 Men's Ski Cross
Bóris Sačirbécović 21 Men's Freeski Big Air
Caramémmed Gradáxtević 25 Men's Freeski Big Air
Ízetgin Dçéco 26 Men's Freeski Big Air
Súlejman Márić 29 Men's Freeski Big Air
Radosláva Búrnić 24 Men's Freeski Halfpipe
Samíra Xéhović 29 Men's Freeski Halfpipe
Dánica Sulejmánavić 28 Men's Freeski Halfpipe
Maréjcqa Delibáxavić 25 Men's Freeski Halfpipe
Zaphíra Munútavić 23 Men's Freeski Slopestyle
Mususláva Gargúsonić 28 Men's Freeski Slopestyle
Ajíxa Bácqać 21 Men's Freeski Slopestyle
Uráña Bónze 30 Men's Freeski Slopestyle
Anésa Rívcqin 32 Women's Aerials
Advíja Tamarbájević 34 Women's Aerials
Begzáda Márić 28 Women's Aerials
Sámra Vranjíćevar 23 Women's Aerials
Nénada Bíjedić 25 Women's Dual Moguls
Veselína Nénadić 22 Women's Dual Moguls
Pascalbáxa Medunhánin 28 Women's Dual Moguls
Victória Harísović 31 Women's Dual Moguls
Tomisláva Cómić 26 Women's Moguls
Lámija Cudúzović 27 Women's Moguls
Ámra Svaráco 31 Women's Moguls
Hatídça Salíhović 32 Women's Moguls
Alabéddina Cúlhić 26 Women's Ski Cross
Hrustána Búčan 22 Women's Ski Cross
Semirámis Óbuca 19 Women's Ski Cross
Muhasíla Ávdić 30 Women's Ski Cross
Rizvanbéja Mújdragić 33 Women's Freeski Big Air
Hadçipáxa Mácqsumić 22 Women's Freeski Big Air
Capetána Jánjox 24 Women's Freeski Big Air
Hilála Ragípović 25 Women's Freeski Big Air
Vahidína Smájić 21 Women's Freeski Halfpipe
Hajrudína Gúxo 29 Women's Freeski Halfpipe
Çivojína Zvérotić 28 Women's Freeski Halfpipe
Múrata Bíhorać 23 Women's Freeski Halfpipe
Deodáta Pólutacq 21 Women's Freeski Slopestyle
Cassimbája Órić 29 Women's Freeski Slopestyle
Sephéra Maglálhić 32 Women's Freeski Slopestyle
Gazibája Délić 33 Women's Freeski Slopestyle

Name				Age	Event(s)
Múhasil Códro 25 Men's Individual Gundersen Normal Hill 10km
Sélim Pírić 22 Men's Individual Gundersen Normal Hill 10km
Hájdar Baçdárević 29 Men's Individual Gundersen Normal Hill 10km
Séjmen Dçómba 25 Men's Individual Gundersen Large Hill 10km
Aládin Mémić 21 Men's Individual Gundersen Large Hill 10km
Édin Torománović 26 Men's Individual Gundersen Large Hill 10km
Dçeláludin Čánčar 28 Men's Team Sprint Large Hill 2x7,5km
Bózodar Prévilhacq 23 Men's Team Sprint Large Hill 2x7,5km
Élma Ličína 24 Women's Individual Gundersen Normal Hill 5km
Xéjla Čátić 25 Women's Individual Gundersen Normal Hill 5km
Artemíça Gúsca 21 Women's Individual Gundersen Normal Hill 5km
Xeherzáda Séjdić 25 Women's Individual Gundersen Large Hill 5km
Hajredína Páxalić 31 Women's Individual Gundersen Large Hill 5km
Cámala Dudácović 25 Women's Individual Gundersen Large Hill 5km
Nureddinbégina Hadçihásnović 25 Women's Team Sprint Large Hill 2x4,5km
Dubrávca Pjánić 22 Women's Team Sprint Large Hill 2x4,5km

Name				Age	Event(s)
Hájdar Alécsić 21 Men's Individual Normal Hill, Men's Team Large Hill
Xéngiç Vlácqić 25 Men's Individual Normal Hill, Mixed Team Normal Hill, Men's Team Large Hill
Mómir Gundúrjević 29 Men's Individual Normal Hill, Men's Team Large Hill
Cornélio Senatdínavić 23 Men's Individual Normal Hill, Mixed Team Normal Hill, Men's Team Large Hill
Sénatdin Ózminić 24 Men's Individual Large Hill
Táras Alibégović 27 Men's Individual Large Hill
Halilúddin Xáulić 31 Men's Individual Large Hilll
Imámeddin Radónčić 33 Men's Individual Large Hill
Nuraddína Caxopéjavić 24 Women's Individual Normal Hill, Women's Team Normal Hill, Mixed Team Normal Hill
Urhaníça Tálacqić 26 Women's Individual Normal Hill, Women's Team Normal Hill
Mumína Haidarpáxić 34 Women's Individual Normal Hill, Women's Team Normal Hill
Bélatricqx Lazárević 30 Women's Individual Normal Hill, Women's Team Normal Hill, Mixed Team Normal Hill
Meréta Sajidmúllavić 21 Women's Individual Large Hill
Vahída Cózmić 24 Women's Individual Large Hill
Gundúrja Ulúsević 30 Women's Individual Large Hill
Bojána Gripónçević 17 Women's Individual Large Hill

Name				Age	Event(s)
Úros Damjánavić 25 Men's Parallel Giant Slalom
Bájram Sajránavić 21 Men's Parallel Giant Slalom
Lúbomir Áčas 29 Men's Parallel Giant Slalom
Méhmed Çivojínović 23 Men's Parallel Giant Slalom
Abdelváhab Édnić 24 Men's Snowboard Big Air
Gregório Águnić 26 Men's Snowboard Big Air
Nénad Carímavić 23 Men's Snowboard Big Air
Mómir Múslimić 29 Men's Snowboard Big Air
Álispas Mémçević 31 Men's Snowboard Cross, Mixed Team Snowboard Cross
Árslan Dragísević 25 Men's Snowboard Cross, Mixed Team Snowboard Cross
Lúlezim Umúdavić 26 Men's Snowboard Cross, Mixed Team Snowboard Cross
Gázibaj Nógić 24 Men's Snowboard Cross
Hadçibég Tóncqić 33 Men's Snowboard Halfpipe
Phadilpáxa Vuxelhánin 21 Men's Snowboard Halfpipe
Ádam Zijádović 34 Men's Snowboard Halfpipe
Ácqmet Credéntzević 32 Men's Snowboard Halfpipe
Múhasil Tradinézcqić 33 Men's Snowboard Slopestyle
Élmir Víxtxa 35 Men's Snowboard Slopestyle
Dçemál Cazadínavić 31 Men's Snowboard Slopestyle
Tóroman Ninabródlić 32 Men's Snowboard Slopestyle
Veldína Ráxqenić 26 Women's Parallel Giant Slalom
Uráca Vatnahrádlić 28 Women's Parallel Giant Slalom
Luxána Oníncučić 29 Women's Parallel Giant Slalom
Ganimédes Ačáčxijović 25 Women's Parallel Giant Slalom
Nedçadína Súnxić 28 Women's Snowboard Big Air
Poljána Acópnić 19 Women's Snowboard Big Air
Abdullína Níjazić 23 Women's Snowboard Big Air
Malína Canásević 28 Women's Snowboard Big Air
Micájla Dçómbić 25 Women's Snowboard Cross, Mixed Team Snowboard Cross
Ájla Halilágić 16 Women's Snowboard Cross, Mixed Team Snowboard Cross
Casimíra Handánović 26 Women's Snowboard Cross
Saiphutbégina Gégić 23 Women's Snowboard Cross, Mixed Team Snowboard Cross
Hasanámira Dçébo 31 Women's Snowboard Halfpipe
Alíxa Mahalbáxić 25 Women's Snowboard Halfpipe
Xeherzáda Selmanágić 28 Women's Snowboard Halfpipe
Muníra Čemálović 26 Women's Snowboard Halfpipe
Vijóla Prazína 29 Women's Snowboard Slopestyle
Áslican Xépcqić 32 Women's Snowboard Slopestyle
Pharúcqa Órić 19 Women's Snowboard Slopestyle
Cájsa Hadçiselímović 21 Women's Snowboard Slopestyle

Name				Age	Event(s)
Júsip Odçácović 23 Men's Sprint, Mixed Relay
Máqmut Xúman 25 Men's Sprint
Stojánca Hrustánović 29 Women's Sprint
Manzúra Cúrjacq 17 Women's Sprint, Mixed Relay

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Postby Diarcesia » Sun Feb 11, 2024 7:15 am

Note: AI-based Large Language Models (LLM) are expected to be part of this player's process of role playing in this series. None of the LLMs' direct text outputs will be used in the final posts.


RP Permissions, Should Opponent Post First

Default: Mirror - If it's allowed to your athletes, then it's allowed to mine. Permissions posted in this thread will be checked.

If no opponent RP permissions are posted:
Choose Lineup: Yes
Choose Goalscorers: Yes
RP Match Events: Yes
Penalties: Yes, if no fines or suspensions are involved. Otherwise, consult. Notify me if penalties are made against my players.
Godmod for Comedy: Yes
Godmod for Tragedy: Yes for injuries that last for the event being played. Otherwise, consult.
Godmod other events: Yes
Storyline-Related RP: Consult

Full Nation Name: Monarchia Diarcesium (The Monarchy Diarcesian)
Trigram: DCS
Demonym: Diarcesian
Team Nickname: The Phylakes
Chrysolyncophori (Flagbearers): Andrea Ovesen and Roseware Repulsa (Nordic Combined—Women's Team Sprint Normal Hill)
Anthem: Diarcesians Here, Now, and Forever (lyricless)
Monarch: Phlegomy
Archon of Sports (de facto): Adrast, King of Chiyginia and Heptarch Diarcesian
Head of the Olympic Committee: Henry Gorch
Head of Mission: Meonias Janus Constant
Chef of Mission (Executive Cook): Stamira Chaudhri
Debut Appearance: Summer XIII Olympiad

Before a match, Diarcesian athletes trying to gain fate's favor move their arms to a downward slanting position towards their right. They would then raise their right hand to meet their left. Afterwards, the left arm is raised, slanting upwards, to their left. Sharing its history with the Diarcesian salute, its origins can be traced to a traditional religion in the southwest portion of mainland Diarcesia. Those who venerated the so-called Dragon Reborn offered a very tough and inflexible stone, of similar appearance to reptilian scales, at a personal shrine under a waning moon.

Natalia Evans
Iva Snyder
Ma Kekti
Acack Eucenaras
Dolores Mikaelson
Sarah Price
Luther Quincy
Caitlin Koopa
Nkosazana Martinsen

CURLING: 5 (4 team players, 1 team alternate)
[Lead] Blas Michael
[Second] Hadrian Stroud
[Third] Qimiryan Qadir
[Skip] Matthias Edelstein
[Alternate] Shiv Contus

[Lead] Evangeline Petrova
[Second] Jamie Robinson
[Third] Lila Rostov
[Skip] Klara Demirović
[Alternate] Ethelthryth Skeates

ICE HOCKEY: 25 (20 skaters, 3 goalies, 2 non-dressed alternates)
Head Coach: Tobias Kowalczyk
Assistant Coach: Maximilian Krause
Line 1
[G] Timon Lewin
[LD] Maynerd Carpenter
[RD] Pedro Meoni
[LW] Cobrand Theodericson
[C] Trasnuddin Cyag-i
[RW] Harvey Harwood

Line 2
[G] Corbin Mutton
[LD] Theodoor Fulton
[RD] Marceline Amaral
[LW] Srekislas Jez
[C] Alexander Dragomir
[RW] Pandion Brewster

Line 3
[G] Adel at-Shafaqat
[LD] Walenty Jastrząbek
[RD] Aatami Karjalainen
[LW] Xenophon Thras Misra
[C] Tibère Gagnon
[RW] Closim Chloropen

Line 4
[LD] Roope Jokinen
[RD] Erial Leonardsen
[LW] Leonid Orlov
[C] Qiang Feng
[RW] Serui Pompey Heraclit

Jaromir Sobolak
Zacharias Lehmann

Head Coach: Marcella Rossi
Assistant Coach: Adela Mihai
Line 1
[G] Stamenelta Ostrovski
[LD] Ileana Barbing
[RD] Stanislava Stanek
[LW] Hester Yumizuka
[C] Stošija Einarsson
[RW] Praveena Greer

Line 2
[G] Helen Kubichek
[LD] Juturna Fabiana Euthalia
[RD] Alcina Lebedeva
[LW] Kamala Herceg
[C] Kali O'Neill
[RW] Erin Normandy

Line 3
[G] Agapa Demetriing
[LD] Mary Kreepsula
[RD] Mariana Toma
[LW] Adriarea Siridolites
[C] Bambi Moores
[RW] Heruhild Arterberry

Line 4
[LD] Waerdis Harden
[RD] Laurine Berger
[LW] Nicoletta Raptes
[C] Rose Robertson
[RW] Agameda Mir

Aerena Nandissë
Sofia Law

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Postby Conania » Sun Feb 11, 2024 2:56 pm

Conanian Olympic Teams

Curling Team

Alvaro Rossi       Lead       26
Nicolino Zito Second 26
Cosimo Spadaro Third 31
Manuele Usai Skip 23
Ambrogio Daniele Reserve 19

Ice Hockey Team

Line 1
Santo Bosco GK 29
Sergio Callavaro LD 35
Mirco Repetto RD 27
Giampaolo Pizzo LW 22
Gian Gherardi RW 28
Costa de Vita C 21

Line 2
Demetrio Casini GK 27
Riccardo Ratti LD 22
Giustino Mauro RD 32
Giandomenico Terranova LW 25
Ilio Giovannini RW 35
Fabiano Capone C 26

Line 3
Fedele di Pasquale GK 30
Antonino Pozzi LD 30
Olindo Longoni RD 21
Hermann Aiello LW 25
Russo Drago RW 27
Loreto Mori C 25

Line 4
Claudio Persisco LD 34
Nevio Corti RD 22
Eugenio Mapelli LW 32
Bernadino Piccoli RW 29
Lino Sacchi C 21
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Postby Srednjaci » Tue Feb 13, 2024 10:58 am


web site

COUNTRY :Srednjaci
CAPITAL: Katanija
NATIONAL ANTHEM : Narode Srednjački ( Srednjacian's)
FLAG BEARER : Sejla and Sanja Mutavdžić ( Bobsleigh - Olympic champions XVI Olympics and silver from XVII Olympics)

The Hockey Federation Srednjaci (HFS) sends a list of players for the XVIII OLYMPIC GAMES.


Team name: Srednjaci
Team nickname: Ice Bears

Head Coach: Matko Heretović
Assistant Coach: Andrey Korokin
Assistant Coach: Ivo Tatomirović
Trainer: Oleg Treputsky
Assistant Trainer: Iztok Puc
General Manager: Nikola Serderović
Doctor : Ljubomir Perasović
Doctor Assistant : Bane Retaš
physiotherapist : James Hudson

Men's Roster VS MEN TEAMS
Starter: Dominik Patković (24)
Backup: Vesran Jakobušić (22)
Third Goalie: Elibor Tat(19)

Left Wingers
First Line LW: Zhuo Wei (21)
Second Line LW: Bojan Kezić (20)
Third Line LW: Zoran Hlebić (21)
Fourth Line LW: Branko Otegović(21)
Not Dressed LW: Ivo Jurić (19)

First Line Center: Goran Tuđman (23)
Second Line Center: Matko Longer (21)
Third Line Center: Danijel Vrgorac (20)
Fourth Line Centre: Ilya Menkov (19)
Other Forward DRESSED: Filip Oršulić(19)

Right Winger
First Line RW: Antun Poljaković (23) Assistan Captain
Second Line RW: Mirko Buvač (23)
Third Line RW: Ozren Tirić (21)
Fourth Line RW: Ivan Hretušić (22)
Not Dressed RW: Donald Otto Preus (19)

Right Defencemen
First Line RD: Kornelije Sertanović (20)
Second Line RD: Ivan Turešić (20)
Third Line RD: Mario Uretović (22)
Not Dressed RD: Viktor Jutre (19)

Left Defensemen:
First Line LD: Jakov Kotreški (23) Captain
Second Line LD: Vjekoslav Filipović (20)
Third Line LD: Branko Uletanović (21)
Not Dressed : Jan Gerović (19)


Head Coach: Tatjana Đureković
Assistant Coach: Andreja Pašković
Assistant Coach: Iva Drentić
Trainer: Olivera Čaktaš
Assistant Trainer: Valerija Heranović
General Manager: Nika Sarotić
Doctor : Katarina Franović
Doctor Assistant : Mia Ljubičić
physiotherapist : Katarina Tarasović

Women's Roster (age) VS WOMEN TEAMS

Starter: Ivana Jkobušić (23)
Backup: Elibora Tatarovska (24)
Third Goalie: Marta Drakulić (20)

Left Wingers
First Line LW: Jelena Ivezić (22)
Second Line LW: Mia Švigir (24)
Third Line LW: Valentina Gorshtakhova (20)
Fourth Line LW: Adriana Letković (20)
Not Dressed LW: Sanja Martić(19)

First Line Center: Ai Toyotama (22)
Second Line Center: Danijela Vrgorac (21)
Third Line Center: Patricija Stubičar (21)
Fourth Line Centre: Klara Gajski(19)
Other Forward DRESSED: Eva Hulikova (18)

Right Winger
First Line RW: Petra Jurešić (23) Captain
Second Line RW: Julija Hretušić (22)
Third Line RW: Zana Gulhany (21)
Fourth Line RW: Ivana Borković (20)
Not Dressed RW: Suzana Eletić (18)

Right Defencemen
First Line RD: Marija Velić (22)
Second Line RD: Ivana Turešić (24)
Third Line RD: Valentina de Grazi (23)
Not Dressed RD: Ana Gregorić (20)

Left Defensemen:
First Line LD: Ivona Filipović (25)Assistan Captain
Second Line LD: Su Weiling (23)
Third Line LD: Dijana Iska (22)
Not Dressed : Jana Ušić (19)

I will allow the person who RPs my match before I can to:
Choose my point scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes but only minor
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes

Lead: Goran Firičić
Second: Mauro Gionttallietti
Third: Bojan Sekulić
Skip: Ismar Omerdžić
Sub: Ivan Trocić


Lead: Jana Gotić
Second: Anja Žepić
Third: Mirjam Gagula
Skip: Maja gagula
Sub: Gordana Pandžić

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Crpostranian Roster

Postby Crpostran » Wed Feb 14, 2024 1:48 am

Crpostranian Olympic Association (COA)

Nation: Crpostran
Trigramme: CRN
Colours: Blue, Red & Yellow
Flag-bearer: Opening Ceremony - Lucian Thorne (Figure Skating-Men's Individual)
aaaaaaaaalalClosing Ceremony - Luca Rossi (Biathlon-Men's)
Demonym: Crpostranian


Name                    Position        Age
Ivan Ivanov Skip 24
Finn Andersen Third 30
Adrian Kovacs Second 21
Dimitri Volkov Lead 26
Leon Schmidt Reserve 25


Name                    Position        Age
Isabella Jensen Skip 23
Sophia Chang Third 21
Emma Andersen Second 19
Olivia Smith Lead 27
Anna Petrova Reserve 21


Name                    Position        Age
Isabella Jensen Skip 23
Sophia Chang Third 21
Emma Andersen Second 19
Olivia Smith Lead 27
Anna Petrova Reserve 21

Ice Hockey-Men's
Nickname: Red Eagles
Style Modifier: +2.5

General Manager:     Philippe Dubois
Head Coach: Laurent Martin
Assistant Coach 1: Jean-Claude Lefevre
Assistant Coach 2: Antoine Dupont
Trainer: Pierre Moreau
Assistant Trainer: Nicolas Girard
Doctor 1: Dr. Alexandre Leclerc
Doctor 2: Dr. Jacques Blanc
Physiotherapist 1: François Durand
Physiotherapist 2: Louis Lambert
Physiotherapist 3: Gabriel Dupuis

Name Age Position Jersey Number
Sébastien Leroux 31 - 30
Alexandre Beaumont 28 - 35
Pierre Lefevre 34 - 1

Name Age Position Jersey Number
François Laurent 27 LD 4
Thierry Bernard 26 LD 22
Antoine Lefevre 29 RD 6
Michel Dubois 25 LD 2
Jean-Paul Martin 32 RD 15

Name Age Position Jersey Number
Nicolas Dupont 28 LW 9
André Martin 30 C 12
Mathieu Lefevre 27 RW 18
Pierre Lambert 29 LW 11
Julien Martin 31 C 19
Étienne Moreau 26 RW 24
Paul Blanc 28 C 17
Vincent Lambert 27 LW 10
Olivier Dupont 29 RW 23
Henri Lefevre 25 C 13
Bernard Martin 30 LW 7
Luc Moreau 26 RW 16

Ice Hockey-Women's
Nickname: Red Eagles
Style Modifier:+2.5

General Manager:     Anna Müller
Head Coach: Lisa Schmidt
Assistant Coach 1: Julia Wagner
Assistant Coach 2: Lena Becker
Trainer: Sarah Richter
Assistant Trainer: Laura Weber
Doctor 1: Dr. Katrin Fischer
Doctor 2: Dr. Markus Wagner
Physiotherapist 1: Hannah Schmitz
Physiotherapist 2: Felix Klein
Physiotherapist 3: Maria Fischer

Name Age Position Jersey Number
Amelia Dubois 25 - 30
Emily Lambert 23 - 1
Sophie Martin 22 - 31

Name Age Position Jersey Number
Camille Leclerc 24 LD 7
Elodie Dupont 21 LD 8
Megan Bouchard 26 RD 6
Charlotte Leroux 25 LD 5
Elise Girard 27 RD 4

Name Age Position Jersey Number
Juliette Renaud 22 LW 15
Clara Moreau 23 C 16
Lily Giroux 24 RW 14
Emma Lambert 21 LW 12
Anaïs Dubois 27 C 13
Chloe Petit 23 RW 11
Sarah Dupont 26 LW 10
Laurie Martin 25 RW 9
Alice Bergeron 24 C 17
Marie Dubois 21 LW 18
Sophie Levesque 22 RW 19
Emily Bernard 25 C 20

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Lineup: No
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Game Events: Yes (if they're funny)
RP Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes, but do consult with me, either on TGs or on Discord (username: e_w_)
The Karmic Republic of Crpostran - The Heart of Karma
Capital City: Crpostown Trigramme: CRN Demonym: Crpostranian
A proud member of Karma!
Want more info?
For legal stuff....

user pronouns: he/him

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Postby Magnus Phoenicia » Thu Feb 15, 2024 2:33 am




Magnus Phoenicia attended their first Winter Olympics at the XI Winter Olympics in Prescott; Electrum. Their first Summer Olympic Games was at XI Aeropag, Paripana.

Monarch: Emperor Glenton Gryphon-Bush II
Prime Minister: Countess Tia High

Winter Olympics Team Colours: Purple, Gold & White
National Anthem: Magnus Phoenicia in our Hearts

Flag Bearer:
Park Baek-Hyun, Cross-Country Skiing Gold Medallist.

Magnus Phoenician Olympic Committee:

Olympic Federation President: Cedric Wyatt
Olympic Federation Vice President: Lord Maximillan Saintè III
Selection Committee Head: Lady Giselle Santiago
Olympic Federation Committee Members:Manny Florida, Marc South, Roccio Salvador, Daniel Israeli, Jubal Freeman, Mandy Tan, Angelika Lipinski, Lien Nam, Karen Melton, Kim Na-gil, Tom Zealand

Head of Corporate Sponsorship Division:Glenda Savoy
Head of Marketing and Events:Somchai Suparat
Head of Finance:Seth Tyler
Head of Legal Affairs:Thuy Ng
Olympic Federation Secretary:Li Mei Gao
Winter Olympics Uniform Designer:Marie-Christine Desmarais; Solstice Collective Fashion House


• Sports Magnus Phoenicia
• Magnus Phoenicia Institute of Sport
• Magnus Phoenician Olympic Council

Medal Count

356 Summer Medals
17 Summer Paralympics
83 Winter Medals
43 Winter Paralympics



Men's Ice Hockey

General manager: Mr Sid Cesarean
Head coach: Sílvio Linhares Pereira
Assisting coaches: Dominic Tang, Jude Kane, Sonny Phillips
Director of Player Personnel: Arnaud Gourdeau
Equipment Manager: Aushedar Mevawala

Colours: Purple, red, white


Goal Keepers:
* G1: 15 Ishmael Hertzler
* G2: 70 Cedric Chambers
* G3: 59 Kamolpoo Chakrabonse

* D1: 3 Bailey Fi
* D1: 22 Mahomet Azoulay
* D2: 16 Aethelwald Berger
* D2: 31 Scott Charles
* D3: 39 Moussa El Ahaire
* D3: 75 Mantesh Singh
* D: 80 Shamash-uparra Khan
* D: 98 Juste Lavergne

* C1: 5 Luis Medello
*LW1: 10 Iovivus Botaniates
*RW1: 13 Axel Nevin
* C2: 22 Lee Van Ryde
* LW2: 40 Tao Zexi
* RW2: 47 Levi Freckenburg
* C3: 55 Teddy Henriksen
* LW3: 44 Griffith Addington
*RW3: 66 Varuni Mahalanabis
* C4: 71 Cooper Sharma
* LW4: 77 Jordan Xi
* RW4: 81 Oliver Reynolds
* Fabiano Duarte Pinto
* Naaman Hochstetler

Women’s Ice Hockey

General manager: Mrs Héloïse Coussement
Head coach: Japhia Brooks
Assisting coaches: Salvador Chavez, Gabrielle Sharma, Emira Sabic
Director of Player Personnel: Karen Oglivey
Equipment Manager: Primrose Butto

Colours: Purple, red, white


Goal Keepers:

* G1: 1 Bethany McCain
* G2: 70 Isbeil MacCuirc
* G3: 59 Yvette Twin

* D1: 3 Morgana May
* D1: 22 Pilar Orengo
* D2: 16 Heather Davis
* D2: 31 Hu Tu
* D3: 39 Chloe Demetriades
* D3: 75 Mary Douglas
* D: 80 Li Trang
* D: 98 Courtney Von Snowsburg

* C1: 5 Ankhkaroamat Ganim
*LW1: 10 Willow Sinclair
*RW1: 13 Cleopatra Okabi
*C2: 22 Bethsabée Baume
* LW2: 40 Lark Peterson
* RW2: 47 Ujhala Pardava
* C3: 55 Parvati Bajpai
* LW3: 44 Tuesday Gaia-Lovechild
* RW3: 66 Angelina Muñoz
*C4: 71 Dakini Bajpai
* LW4: 77 Hannelore Herwig
*RW4: 81 Dove McTosh
* Dolorès Beaumanoir
* Gwendoline Bechard

Men's Curling

Head coach: Holden Perez


Lead: Mohammad St Clair
Second: Otani Takaaki
Third: Dudley Mitchell
Skip: Ch'u Young-Nam-
Sub: Pádraig O'Coffey

Women's Curling

Head coach: Ginger Wells


Lead: Attia Callisunus
Second: Glenda Bryce
Third: Suzette Molitor
Skip: Kim Phou Pan
Sub: Pan Chi-Hye

Support Staff

* Head of PR & Communications: Rhiannon Tyler

* Dr Mercedes Ng-Team Nutritionist
* Diamond Lopez- Head Dietician

* Dr Simeon Greenburg- Senior Doctor

* Eloise St Russell-Registered Nurse
* Oliver Macamo- Registered Nurse

* Dr Martin Dixon- Senior Psychologist
* Lisa Choctow- Physiotherapist
* Dave Ngyuen- Physiotherapist

* Bernadetta Sinclair- Physiologist

* Thuy Tran- Massage Therapist
* Lee Hwan-Joon - Massage Therapist
* Louisa Novak- Massage Therapist

* Kamal Ayoub- Head of Magnus Phoenicia Olympic Security

* Reverend Mariamne Davies-Chaplain

* Father Desmond Wright- Chaplain

* Sister Martha Mary Saint- Private Secretary to Chaplains

* Magas, Priest of the goddess Fortuna
* Joy, Priestess of the goddess Fortuna

* Florence Preet- Head Tarot Reader
* Clive St James- Tarot Reader
* Lady Hathor- Medium
* Victory Alamein- Fortune Teller
* Vishnu Sharma- Spiritual Guru
* Harmony Lees- Yoga Instructor
* Gabriella Jook-Angel Intuitive
* Lady Angelique- Astrologer


* Magnus Phoenician News Corp (Print & Digital partner)
* Purple & Gold: TV Channel (Live coverage, with repeats at night in addition to sport related entertainment and content)
* VibrGold: Social Media & Live Steaming Content
* The Cat's Meow: Official Gossip Magazine(Norma Mansfield)

Olympic Judging Officials

Biathlon: Jannik Mittermeier, Carolyn Ferguson
Bobsleigh/Skeleton: Viktor Goreta
Curling: Orietta Cefaratti, Michael Greenwaye,
Ice Hockey:Attiq Daoud
Luge:Petunia Chang
Figure Skating:Clove DeWitt, Boniface Jessop
Short Track Speed Skating: Jagtar Bharwal
Speed Skating Alyson Roch, Maria Pireyra
Alpine Skiing Devondre Peddard, Reece Jefferson
Cross Country Skiing:Mary Deans, Christian Raka
Freestyle Skiing:Gaima-Yokumul Ali, Sylvia Fleetwood
Nordic CombinedPaula Moyano, Humphrey Mortcombe
Ski Jumping: Aristov Zhenka Timofeyevich
Snowboarding: Dharmavati Sharma
*Formerly West Phoenicia.

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Postby Pemecutan » Thu Feb 15, 2024 7:51 am

Pemecutan at the XVIII Winter Olympics
Pemecutan at the
XVIII Winter Olympics

Flag of Pemecutan
Trigram        PCU
NOC United Pemecutan Olympic Committee
Komite Olimpiade Uni Pemecutan
Competitors 56 in 4 sports/disciplines
Chief de Mission Julian Andrianto
Flag Bearer Indra Supraba (Figure skating)
Anthem "Jaya Nagari"
Broadcaster Giri Broadcasting Company (GBC)
Surya Broadcasting Service (SBS)
Previous Result
Event G S B T
XV Winter Olympics 0 0 0 0
XVI Winter Olympics 1 0 0 1
XVII Winter Olympics 0 2 1 3
Pemecutan or in full United Kingdom of Pemecutan, represented by United Pemecutan Olympic Committee (UPOC), will be competing at the XVIII Winter Olympic in Liventia. This will be their fourth participation in the Winter Olympic and the ninth in overall NS Olympics event. The United Pemecutan Olympic Committee confirmed a team of 56 athletes to compete across 4 sport disciplines. It is an increase from the previous Winter event where there were 46 athletes competing. Curling is introduced in this edition.


Julian Andrianto once again selected by UPOC to become the Chief de Mission of the country for the XVIII Winter Olympics. This is his second time to be entrusted to become the Chief de Mission.


A staggering 20 athletes increased is seen in this edition of Winter Olympic. However, new faces are more than that figure. In figure skating alone there are 7 new athletes competing. And of course, all 8 athletes in short track speed skating are all new. The discipline is added this edition. And a surprising 12 new athletes are seen in speed skating. This edition also seen the absent of athlete from Soracana Islands following the unresolved citizenship and naming issue. Less athletes are coming from outside mainland Pemecutan. Speed skating for the first time become the largest delegation of Pemecutan with a total of 20 athletes. It is followed by figure skating with 18 athletes.

Figure Skating
Short Track Speed Skating
Speed Skating

Pemecutan Curling Association (PCA) as the sport's governing body is given permission by UPOC to send their athletes for the XVIII Winter Olympics. The athletes were competed internationally for the first time at the 2nd IBA Sports Championship. And for the Winter Olympics, they use the same squad.
Men's Team
Head coach:
Putra Abimanyu
  • Agus Sukmadiawan
  • Wayan Jaya Anggara
  • Krisna Putra Dewa
  • Lukman Lukito
  • Surya Dewantara - reserve
Women's Team
Head coach: Made Rudi
  • Silviani Putri
  • Kristina Yuliantini
  • Dwi Ayu Minarti
  • Luh Gede Septiani
  • Made Dwi Jayanti - reserve
Figure Skating
Pemecutan Skating Union (PSU) as the sport's governing body officially selected 18 athletes for the XVIII Winter Olympics based on their performance during the domestic competitions. Most of the athletes have been competed before with 5 new athletes competed this edition. The delegation consisting of an equal of 9 men and women. And no athlete competes in more than one event.
  • Angga Permana (Pairs)
  • Ayu Santhi Purnami (Women's Single)
  • Deswita Anjani (Ice Dancing)
  • Dewi Antari (Ice Dancing) - New
  • Diah Kusumawardani (Ice Dancing)
  • Dion Purnomo (Pairs)
  • Gede Agung Rai Yudha (Men's Single) - New
  • Indah Permata Sari (Women's Single)
  • Indra Supraba (Men's Single)
  • Karina Dewi (Pairs)
  • Listya Srinadi (Pairs)
  • Ngurah Agung Pradnyana (Ice Dancing) - New
  • Nyoman Ganesha (Men's Single) - New
  • Oka Weda Putra (Ice Dancing)
  • Rendy Patrajaya (Ice Dancing)
  • Septiandi Yusuf (Pairs)
  • Swandayani Putri (Pairs)
  • Wedariani Putri (Women's Single) - New
Short Track Speed Skating
The discipline once again entered into the country's delegation for the XVIII Winter Olympics. As there's no proper domestic competition for the discipline, the organizing body, PSU, called all athletes from the previous Winter Olympics edition to compete this edition.
Athlete                       Event
Dewa Putu Agus Subadra Men's 500m
Men's 5,000m Relay
Dian Agung Wiyono Men's 500m
Men's 5,000m Relay
Firman Arif Men's 1,000m
Men's 5,000m Relay
Mixed 2,000m Relay
Ngakan Putu Mahadwipa Men's 1,500m
Men's 5,000m Relay
Mixed 2,000m Relay

Indah Nuraini Women's 500m
Women's 3,000m Relay
Kadek Deviani Women's 500m
Women's 3,000m Relay
Luh Putu Ayu Mas Marini Women's 1,000m
Women's 3,000m Relay
Mixed 2,000m Relay
Olivia Budianti Women's 1,500m
Men's 5,000m Relay
Mixed 2,000m Relay

Speed Skating
Similar to Short track speed skating, PSU decided to call all athletes that were competed in the previous edition of Winter Olympics to compete this edition. The lack of domestic competitions triggered the decision.
Athlete                       Event
Angga Sudirga Men's 5,000 m
Men's 10,000m
Men's Team Pursuit
Dian Wahyu Wisesa Men's 1,000 m
Men's 1,500 m
Made Panji Wiryatama Men's Mass Start
Ngurah Bagus Yudiantara Men's 1,000 m
Men's 1,500m
Nyoman Eka Antara Men's 500 m
Men's 1,500 m
Men's Team Pursuit
Oka Artha Ardana Men's Mass Start
Sang Nyoman Berata Yudha Men's 5,000 m
Men's 10,000 m
Sapta Heriawan Men's 500m
Satria Agung Prabawangsa Men's 500 m
Men's 1,000m
William Handayana Men's 5,000m
Men's Team Pursuit

Asyifa Rahman Women's 1,500 m
Women's 3,000 m
Women's Team Pursuit
Cintya Aulia Women's 5,000m
Women's Mass Start
Women's Team Pursuit
Dewi Trisnayani Women's 500 m
Women's 1,000 m
Ika Rohika Women's 500 m
Women's 1,000 m
Jesika Olivia Women's 500m
Women's 1,000m
Women's Team Pursuit
Kadek Devianti Women's 5,000m
Kristina Handayani Women's 1,500m
Rianti Sukmadewi Women's 1,500 m
Rika Novitarini Women's 3,000m
Women's Mass Start
Sandra Herasanthi Women's 3,000m

For the costume, UPOC use the same design as the Summer event. For figure skating, the athletes are given freedom to use their own design and colors based on the song that they select.

First Jersey
Second Jersey
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United Kingdom of Pemecutan
Pemecutan Realm
Trigram: PCU | Demonym: Pemecutanian
Capital: Pemecutan Puri
Population: 23,027,733 (latest census)

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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Thu Feb 15, 2024 1:58 pm

Nation name: Quebec and Shingoryeo (퀘벡신고려왕국)
Trigram: QUE
Denonym: Quebecois
National Anthem: Oh Quebec, My Country
Royal Anthem: God Save the Queen
Olympic Council President and the RQOC President: Arianna Ceciliani OLY (Coach and Forward, Basketball, Games of the XI, XII and XVI Olympiad)
Chef de Mission: Johanne Massey-Mah OLY (Multi-time medalist, Biathlon, XV and XVI Winter Olympics)
Opening ceremony flagbearers: TBD
Kit Colours: Red, Gold and Blue
Broadcasters: Quebecois Broadcasting Corporation / Radio Quebec (Public Broadcaster) - True North Sports (Private cable) - CommonwealthSport+ (Private, Coverage of Quebecois Commonwealth Sports)

Quebec and Shingoryeo is a huge nation with relatively few population located in the Northwestern Anaia. As one of the most prominent nations active across international sporting scene (this meaning not just sticking to one or two sport), Quebec and Shingoryeo is once again fielding a full-sized olympic team that's generally well sponsored, but with some form of disparities between its strong and weak sports. It uses a mixed-model approach, where both collegiate system coexists with local sports clubs.

For those interested in signing a Quebecois or having your player signed to a Quebecois league, feel free to consult me or I may end up consulting you. Discord message or Telegram, doesn't really matter. Athletes on the individual sports are also welcome to pursue craft on leagues and competitions abroad.


As have been the case for long, expect lots of Quebecois fans to dot the stands abroad. The Quebecois fans are generally loud and enthusiastic with their support for the Tricolour Taegeuk, but will stay out of actions that may cause them trouble with local authorities. Please keep that in mind.

When it comes to RP permissions, two things. Firstly, feel free to discuss with me via TG or PM if you have a creative idea. Generally I am very flexible with them, and collaborative RPing I will be all ears, provided they fit into my window as well.

Secondly, no RPing violence and/or cheating by my players. I will also be implementing no tolerance policy for violence or drugging against my players. The latter I will specifically insist, as I've had this happen against my players before.


Biathlon Referee: Tamara Pocnic OLY
Curling Umpire: Kim Ye-Joo
Figure Skating Judge (Pairs): Pierre Mulcair OLY
Figure Skating Judge (Ice Dance): Gabrielle Kazantzidis
Aerials Judge: Frederique Vizquel Gagnon
Freestyle Big Air Judge: Kristy Afamuefula OLY
Moguls Judge: Guy Hornacek-Kweon
Short Track Judge: Park Jeong-Dong
Ski Jumping Judge: Cassandra Oh OLY
Snowboard Halfpipe/Slopestyle Judge: Abby Wright OLY


Men (Team Tsuruga - Songwha City CC)

Mason Tsuruga
Byeon Ji-Woong
Felix Gawne-Aesbischer
William Gawne-Aesbischer

Women (Team Heldermans - Myeongju CC)

Gladys Heldermans
Estelle Yeo-Heldermans
Kim Soo-Jeong
Melissandre Villafuerte



Head Coach: Noel Daintree-Wilson, 56

G - Jean-Alain Gifford - 28 - 5'11", 196 lb
G - Hong Seok-Jin - 25 - 6'2", 204 lb
G - Leos Doo - 21 - 6'3", 216 lb
D - Gustave Thevenin-Shainhouse - 20 - 6'0", 198 lb
D - Mo Sirjusingh - 22 - 6'4", 215 lb
D - Ettore Carlini - 23 - 6'2", 202 lb
D - Kieran Dandele - 19 - 6'2", 202 lb
D - Hector Ferland - 26 - 5'11", 190 lb
D - Sylvain Trainor - 18 - 6'0", 204 lb
LW - Simon-Edouard Joubert - 25 - 5'10", 183 lb
LW - Corneille Muller - 21 - 6'1", 210 lb
LW - Donovan Kang - 17 - 6'0", 197 lb
C - Jean-Sebastien Gibbons - 19 - 6'2", 215 lb
C - Bae Dae-Yeong - 22 - 6'0", 206 lb
C - Frederick Richardson - 25 - 6'5", 228 lb
C - Ha Jae-Ryong - 21 - 6'4", 226 lb
RW - Bernard Niska - 23 - 6'2", 193 lb
RW - Hector Okpik - 18 - 5'10, 188 lb
RW - Xavier Niska - 22 - 6'1", 208 lb


Head Coach: Clementine Tremblay-Burns, 30

G - Chelsea Seo - 32 - 6'1", 206 lb
G - Layanah Bendahan - 24 - 5'11", 188 lb
G - Yi Sang-Yoon - 20 - 6'0", 198 lb
D - Yeo Min-Seon - 31 - 6'2", 210 lb
D - Addison McDonnell - 24 - 6'1", 196 lb
D - Emmeline Torres - 25 - 6'5", 203 lb
D - Helene-Anne Latendresse - 21 - 5'11", 193 lb
D - Cassidy Otterburn - 29 - 6'2", 196 lb
D - Ariane Byeon-Barkley - 21 - 5'10", 196 lb
LW - Olivia Schnell-Kramer - 32 - 6'1", 203 lb
LW - Heloise Cha-Drysdale - 22 - 5'9", 189 lb
LW - Annelise Borduas-Larocque - 18 - 6'0", 201 lb
C - Jana Janikowska - 21 - 5'11", 193 lb
C - Han Jin - 30 - 6'1", 204 lb
C - Jasmine Dhutt - 23 - 6'0", 200 lb
C - Tara Niska - 15 - 6'2, 218 lb
RW - Kang Seung-Yeon - 24 - 6'3", 196 lb
RW - Helene Siosal-Verreault - 20 - 6'0", 198 lb
RW - Joh Ji-Woo - 30 - 6'2", 213 lb
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Kingdom of Quebec & Shingoryeo
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International Basketball Championships 37-39 Champions
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Postby Darmen » Thu Feb 15, 2024 3:00 pm

National Olympic Delegation of Darmen
presented by the
Darmeni National Olympic Committee

Chef de mission: Benjamin Hynes
Opening Ceremony Flagbearers: Antoine Kuhn (Men's Ice Hockey) & Meridith Radclyffe (Women's Speed Skating)
Closing Ceremony Flagbearers: Josef Vernon (Men's Speed Skating) & Maple Cervantes (Women's Snow Board Cross)
National Anthem: The Black Bear

Games Host                                                              Gold Silver Bronze Total
VII Neverend, Liventia 1 0 0 1
VIII City Centre, Liventia 0 5 3 8
IX Arçon, Saugeais 0 4 3 7
X Baseton, Holy Republican Empire 1 0 1 2
XII Prescott, Electrum 0 1 2 3
XIII Prescott, Electrum 0 0 0 0
XIV Yeaddin, Vilita & Neverend, Liventia 6 3 3 12
XV Clayquot, Kelssek 2 2 2 6
XVI City Centre-Altimarus NCR-Lox Land, Liventia 0 1 4 5
XVII Eiran Mountains, New Gelderland & Joongyeong, Quebec & Shingoryeo 2 4 4 10
12 20 22 54

Men's | Women's | Total
Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total | Gold Silver Bronze Total | Gold Silver Bronze Total
Speed Skating 2 6 4 12 | 1 2 2 5 | 3 8 6 17
Cross-country Skiing 3 3 5 11 | 0 0 1 1 | 3 3 6 12
Ice Hockey 2 1 0 3 | 0 0 0 0 | 2 1 0 3
Curling 1 0 1 2 | 1 0 0 1 | 2 0 1 3
Short Track Speed Skating 0 0 2 2 | 1 1 0 2 | 1 1 2 4
Freestyle Skiing 1 0 0 1 | 0 0 1 1 | 1 0 1 2
Nordic Combined 0 3 2 5 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 3 2 5
Alpine Skiing 0 2 1 3 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 2 1 3
Snowboarding 0 0 1 1 | 0 1 0 1 | 0 1 1 2
Ski Jumping 0 1 1 2 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 1 1 2
Biathlon 0 0 1 1 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 1 1
9 16 18 43 | 3 4 4 11 | 12 20 22 54
Primary broadcasting of the Olympics will be handled by the Darmeni Broadcasting Corporation. Major live events during the day as well as prime time coverage will be shown on DBC1. DBC2 and DBCSports will have 24/7 coverage of events, highlights and behind the scenes reporting. DBC1, DBC2 and DBCSports will give preference to events involving Darmeni athletes, as well as gold medal matches in team sports. http://www.dbc.dar/olympics will have 24/7 live streams of all Olympic events, regardless of Darmeni participation. Olympic TV, owned by the private National Broadcasting Agency, will be permitted to show highlights and additional behind the scenes reporting.

Men's Curling
Coach: Quintin Kerr

Lead: Völund Key
Second: Erick Stamp
Third: Wade Andrews
Skip: Malcom Pressley
Alternate: Dixon Bass

Women's Curling
Coach: Sunniva Brassington

Lead: Lydia Stephens
Second: Frigg Meyers
Third: Brandy Bloxam
Skip: Torbjorg Hutson
Alternate: Tone Matherson

Darmen National Ice Hockey Team
presented by the
Darmeni Ice Hockey Association

Head Coach: Ernest Swallow

Pos Name Age Club
Line #1
LW Antoine Kuhn 33 Vogler City HC CAPTAIN
CN Rudolf Hunnisett 30 Scott City Oilers
RW Maurice St. Martin 27 HC Cotdelapomais
LD Myron Summers 29 Scott City Oilers
RD Camille Rome 28 HC Cotdelapomais
GK Mason Nelson 32 Scott City Oilers

Line #2
LW Garbhán McGuinness 31 Brham BK ALTERNATE
CN Daniel Couture 29 HC Cotdelapomais
RW Addison Watt 27 Upper Township Unicorns
LD Renaud Waller 25 Liverpool Lakers
RD Patrick Oliverson 25 West Scott City Toons
GK Clemens Brett 31 Darmen City Flames

Line #3
LW Daniel Perreault 28 HC Cotdelapomais ALTERNATE
CN Jay Dukes 24 Upper Township Unicorns
RW Barnabas Moreau 24 Brham BK
LD Alfred Danell 18 Tempala Tundra Foxes
RD Nash Martins 27 Eau Claire Jets IF
GK Merritt Gunnvaldson 26 Liverpool Lakers

Line #4
LW Achille Milford 30 Upper Township Unicorns
CN Henry Beaumont 26 Brham BK
RW Wayne Chancellor 20 Scott City Oilers
LD Barney Derricks 19 Hendricks City Huskies
RD Mitch Nesson 26 West Scott City Toons

CN Trey Gilliam 24 West Scott City Toons
RD Arthur Lévêque 26 HC Cotdelapomais

Women's Ice Hockey
Head Coach: Iona Hobbs

Pos Name Age
Line #1
LW Martha Revie 32
CN Barbara Campbell 30 CAPTAIN
RW Eireen Schwangau 28
LD Mahala Hartell 30
RD Blanid Keen 32
GK Jenny McWilliam 25

Line #2
LW Ainsley Stück 29
CN Viktoria Graham 29
RW Alva Stueck 33 ALTERNATE
LD Corinna Blanchet 28
RD Ruby Hawking 27
GK Rosalind Samson 23

Line #3
LW Lea Perry 29
CN Barbra Nielson 20
RW Jessalyn Forestier 32 ALTERNATE
LD Debbie Barnett 30
RD Tiril Schäfer 31
GK Briana Stainthorpe 29

Line #4
LW Elyse Mac Naoimhín 28
CN Erna Deering 22
RW Narelle Moss 20
LD Marcy Caomhánach 27
RD Renée Johnson 31

LW Fifi Ryder 27
RD Daphné Gibb 29

RP PERMISSIONS: No killing or other serious life altering events. Otherwise, have fun!
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The Republic of Darmen
President: Sebastian Elliott (NLP) | Capital: Scott City | Population: 10.6 mil | Demonym: Darmeni | Trigramme: DAR
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Champions: CoH 51, CR 13, GCF Test 9, GCF Test 13, WBC 25, QWC 7 Runners-up: CoH 53, CR 10, GCF Test 11, T20C 2, T20C 4, RLWC 10, WBC 42
Third: CR 20, T20C 10, RLWC 20, RLWC 22, R7WC 4, WBC 21, BC 6 Host: CR 9, RWC 18, RWC 26, RWC 35, RLWC 12, RLWC 18, RLWC 22, BC 6, BC 10, WVE 4

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Postby Maritime States Community » Fri Feb 16, 2024 8:07 am

Unified Olympic Team of Maritime Community


Maritime Community (MARICOM) is actually a politico-economic organization formed by 4 maritime based countries located in 4 main sporting regions: Bharadwaja (BHA) in Anaia, Mandhya Pradha (MPA) in Rushmore, Rivoli-Acesca (RVA) in Arrosia and Schimata (SCH) in Esportiva. The countries are very close that they agree to stage a unified team in their first Winter Olympics participation which is also their attempts to be more active in the world of sports. However, most of the athletes compete in this edition of Winter Olympics are coming from Rivoli-Acesca because of their huge winter sports base.

General Information

Team name        : Maritime States Community
Trigram : MSC
Chief de Mission : Simeone Arcieri (RVA)
Flag bearer : Brigida Brevilacqua (RVA - Cross-country skiing) - opening
: Stelios Marelis (SCH - Biathlon) - closing


Total: 78 athletes
45 men's, 33 women's

Largest contingent : Alpine skiing (14 athletes)
Smallest contingent : Skeleton (2 athletes)

Athletes based on country:
Bharadwaja : 0 athlete
Mandhya Pradha : 3 athletes (2 men's, 1 women)
Rivoli-Acesca : 67 athletes (38 men's, 29 women's)
Schimata : 8 athletes (5 men's, 3 women's)

Biathlon (8 athletes)
  • Abelardo Naccarato (RVA)
  • Giulio Manzone (RVA)
  • Stelios Marelis (SCH)
  • Tassos Vascotis (SCH)
  • Estella Sfera (RVA)
  • Filippa Rescigno (RVA)
  • Leiticia Nesci (RVA)
  • Romana Montone (RVA)

Bobsleigh - Bobsleigh (5 athletes)
  • Alviero Buananno (RVA)
  • Antonello Scozzafavo (RVA)
  • Ernesto Toia (RVA)
  • Mariana Caporaso (RVA)
  • Martino Agate (RVA)

Bobsleigh - Skeleton (2 athletes)
  • Carola Savo (RVA)
  • Mauro Lasco (RVA)

Curling (7 athletes)
Coach: Benigno Tortora
  • Guglielmo Fattore (RVA)
  • Luciano Calegari (RVA)
  • Rubiano Altimari (RVA) - reserve
  • Siriano Calvetti (RVA)
  • Tomasso Manieri (RVA)
  • Noè Cefaratti (RVA)
  • Odetta Maglioca (RVA)

Skating - Figure Skating (7 athletes)
  • Agostino Pasamento (RVA)
  • Gerardo Sciortino (RVA)
  • Florriano Schirra (RVA)
  • Vincenzo Antolini (RVA)
  • Bernadetta di Bari (RVA)
  • Brigitta Montoro (RVA)
  • Gemma Garofalo (RVA)

Skating - Short Track Speed Skating (12 athletes)
  • Amadeo Calarico (RVA)
  • Atanasio Cetta (SCH)
  • Egidio Siano (RVA)
  • Patrizio Ruta (RVA)
  • Remigio Broccoli (RVA)
  • Adalgisa Nardi (SCH)
  • Agatha Bernardi (RVA)
  • Antonia Venier (RVA)
  • Claudia Lodi (RVA)
  • Elda Lamantia (SCH)
  • Giacinta Velardi (RVA)
  • Lisa Bracci (RVA)

Skating - Speed Skating (10 athletes)
  • Eugenio Tullo (RVA)
  • Fausto Rizzolo (RVA)
  • Giacomo Valenti (RVA)
  • Lisandro Cuomo (RVA)
  • Umile Dito (RVA)
  • Celeste Navaro (RVA)
  • Cirilla Vauchi (RVA)
  • Fiore Calabro (RVA)
  • Lorella Gironda (RVA)
  • Valeria Tomasello (RVA)

Skiing - Alpine (14 athletes)
  • Armaldo Pacini (RVA)
  • Argyris Sallakis (SCH)
  • Arturo Fragall (RVA)
  • Dhanukshan Rathore (MPA)
  • Gerardo Cocco (RVA)
  • Iacinto Interrante (RVA)
  • Valentino Covino (RVA)
  • Angela Granata (RVA)
  • Despina Katsareli (SCH)
  • Filippa Francone (RVA)
  • Marinetta Gilberti (RVA)
  • Martina Montello (RVA)
  • Samantha Frongillo (RVA)
  • Yukhta Chokdee (MPA)

Skiing - Cross-Country (10 athletes)
  • Athanasios Moustakotis (SCH)
  • Claudio Gianelli (RVA)
  • Enzo Scarcelli (RVA)
  • Manuele Nicola (RVA)
  • Naveenan Aranjan (MPA)
  • Remi Genusso (RVA)
  • Brigida Brevilacqua (RVA)
  • Giovanna Landucci (RVA)
  • Marisa Turi (RVA)
  • Palmira Aragona (RVA)

Skiing - Freestyle (3 athletes)
  • Carmelo Baldassano (RVA)
  • Gianluigi Calafiore (RVA)
  • Letizia Cardelli (RVA)

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Postby Aboveland » Fri Feb 16, 2024 1:13 pm

Aboveland and Nykipiflugpuu Olympic Team | Overview


Fourth Winter Olympics Participation

Aboveland and Nykipiflugpuu are two icy states in the far north of Esportiva: the former the larger of the two, and the latter an isolated archipelago hundreds of kilometers further north of its coast. After years of political tension between both nations, relations have improved, thanks to cooperation between the governments of Kaisla Saari in Aboveland and Kyrmy Kyrmynen in Nykipiflugpuu. As a result, the team is represented by the Samisyyttanflagg of the Abovian Union and the ABL trigram often attributed to Aboveland, and the Samisyyttansång national anthem of the Abovian Union is played in the event an athlete or a team of the delegation wins a gold medal. The delegation competes under the "Aboveland and Nykipiflugpuu" name in the Winter Olympics for historical reasons, both for its appearance in multiple high-profile Olympic successes, and as a legacy of the diplomatic and social conflict between both nations.

Trigramme: ABL
National anthem: Samisyyttansång
Media: Ælunder Nyttispalvelu (radio & television)
Uniform colors: Navy blue, light green, white, and red. The top navy and green half of the athletes' uniforms is separated from the red bottom half by a horizontal white line.
Flag bearer: Krista Kallistyy (cross-country skiing; first Nykipish gold medalist)

Abovian Olympic Committee Chairman: Storm Lundgaard

How are Abovians like?
Abovians are calm, unobtrusive, and respectful, and have a steely, dedicated determination to achieving their goals. Though at first glance they tend to seem reserved or introverted, as soon as they have established confidence they turn friendly, talkative and less pragmatic and analytical than their appearances might suggest. Though almost all Abovians are fluent in English, the thickness of their accents and correctness of their grammar may vary, especially according to their background: Abovians from the predominantly Finnic west may have more unique and thicker accents compared to those from the Nordic east and south. Abovians hate losing, and they are often branded as emotional and melodramatic — in everything from competition to intimacy.

How are Nykipiks like?
Nykipiks are quiet from the outside, tending to appear cold, distant and apprehensive, and they usually reserve their interaction for their fellow Nykipiks. Sparse contact with the rest of the multiverse might make them seem odd, peculiar, and often rude to foreigners, though it's simply a product of their inexperience in dealing with the outside world and meshing their cultural norms with others'. Though not often keen to start conversation with foreigners, their closed-off attitude has begun to change in recent years. Unlike Abovians, most Nykipiks speak only their native language, and might manage to make themselves understood with Abovians and other similar Nordic language-speaking people. Their English is usually broken, rudimentary and heavily accented.

Though most of the athletes representing Aboveland and Nykipiflugpuu are from the larger continental state of Aboveland, some athletes are from the Nykipish archipelago, or are Abovians of Nykipish descent:

Jaan-Viktor Mõlder-Murkku, two-man bobsleigh
Nyypi Kurku, two-man bobsleigh
Raigo Kykkykyk, curling
Emi Kaltakari, women's short track
Kuldar Kaltakari, men's short track
Laila Kask, women's speed skating
Feliks Mensen-Keskula, men's figure skating
Iiris Koskinen, women's figure skating
Mariia-Teresa Kukk, ice dancing (figure skating)
Jaakoppi Kärkkäinen, men's downhill alpine skiing
Ylsa Kyrylyk, women's giant slalom alpine skiing
Kylliki Brynildsen, women's super-G
Miska Kekkonen, men's super-G
Makknys Kirispykk, men's sprint (ski mountaineering)
Krista Kallistyy, women's 4x7.5 km relay (cross-country skiing)
Marina Koppyl, women's 50km mass start (cross-country skiing)
Siiri Kroon, women's 50km mass start (cross-country skiing)
Krysta Kask, women's 50km mass start (cross-country skiing)
Katja Kormoran, women's freeski slopestyle
Erno-Eerik Oiva-Leskinen, men's moguls (freestyle skiing)
Katrina Kallistyy, women's moguls (freestyle skiing)
Kyrmy Ekstrøm, men's individual large hill
Neemo Baardsen, men's individual normal hill
Kyrmy Pukk, men's individual normal hill

RP permissions:

Do whatever, except a) use RL images to represent my athletes b) RP injuries to my players, unless it's in a team sport.
For team sports in particular, you can use any name-genned Finnish/Norwegian/Danish/Estonian name if you wish to go into specifics about my players. I haven't provided a roster for those because I'm frankly completely ignorant about them.
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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Sat Feb 17, 2024 9:12 am

Siovanija & Teusland Olympic Committee - Rosters/National Information for Games of the XVIII Winter Olympiad

National Information

Nation Name: United Republics of Siovanija & Teusland
Short Names: Siovanija & Teusland, the United Republics
Country Code: STL
Demonyms: Siovanijan (those from Siovanija only), Teus (those from Teusland only)
Capital City: Borograd
Other Major Cities: Stelburg, St. Jakob, Felsenkirchen, Vlaikograd, Chernovets
Head of State: President Gerd Steiner
Head of Government: Chancellor Lara Hauser
National Anthem: ‘High Mountain Skies’
National Team Nicknames: The Goldhorns

Olympic Information

Olympic Committee: Siovanija & Teusland Olympic Committee (STOC)
Committee Head: Ludvik Gregoric
Medal Event Entries: 332
Chef de mission: Gunter Pfenning (considered the greatest hockey player in national history)
Flagbearer: Liselotte Schierer (biathlon)
Domestic Broadcasting Rights: RBC Sports

The return to the Winter Olympics has been marked with great celebrations in the nation as an important symbol of the end of isolation. Due to the country’s climate and mountainous landscape, the Winter games have always been preferred at home, and it shows with a full delegation of 332 athletes heading to Liventia to compete. While many will need to qualify through the preliminary rounds, there is a goal this year from the STOC to return sporting glory to the country. The traditional strong sports include ice hockey, biathlon and ski jumping, and particularly in those competitions there is a desire to show our best side.


Lead - Rolf Bier
Second - Joshua Schoff
Third - Stefan Aschenbrener
Skip - Sascha Potthast
Alternate - Ole Fechner

The Potthast rink out of Felsenkirchen won the national qualifying tournament, hosted in their home city, and will represent the nation in Liventia. While curling has historically not been a major sport in Siovanija & Teusland, it is quite popular in the northeast with Felsenkirchen being considered the national capital of curling.

Lead = Josephine Baader
Second - Cäcilie Poland
Third - Maya Stahlecker
Skip - Erika Katzmann
Alternate - Seraphina Sepp

The Katzmann rink comes from the small town of St. Gerhard, one of the traditional northeastern villages where the game of curling retains a great following. Considered underdogs going into the national tournament - they’re a young team, competing with many of the great rinks out of Felsenkirchen - they went undefeated and now head to Liventia to prove their worth internationally.


LW -- Fritz Sattler -- 24y/o
LW -- Edgar Hofstetter -- 23y/o
LW -- Philipp Jonke -- 29y/o
LW -- Jaroslav Bratkovic -- 19y/o
C -- Erhart Kuhn -- 30y/o
C -- Arpad Hostnik -- 20y/o
C -- Oliver Saksida -- 32y/o
C -- Torben Augsberger -- 24y/o
RW -- Egon Stier -- 30y/o
RW -- Nail Kmetec -- 24y/o
RW -- Tim Meckler -- 22y/o
RW -- Roman Kresge -- 29y/o


D -- Evgeni Tomic -- 32y/o
D -- Hermann Voigt -- 23y/o
D -- Thorsten Bauer -- 30y/o
D -- Kaspar Stirner -- 27y/o
D -- Torben Kreutzberg -- 19y/o
D -- Rupert Rojc -- 25y/o
D -- Armando Plevnik -- 25y/o
D -- Leopold Jagodic -- 21y/o


G -- Timon Guldenstadt -- 22y/o
G -- Jozef Pirs -- 30y/o
G -- Bjorn Tanzer -- 31y/o


F1: Sattler - Kuhn - Stier
F2: Hofstetter - Hostnik - Kmetec
F3: Jonke - Saskida - Meckler
F4: Bratkovic - Augsburger - Kresge

D1: Tomic - Voight
D2: Bauer - Stirner
D3: Kreutzberg - Rojc
Extras: Plevnik, Jagodic

Starter: Guldenstadt
Backup: Pirs


Captain: Evgeni Tomic
Alternates: Erhart Kuhn, Arpad Hostnik

With a relatively young squad made up of a mix of some of the top talents in the national league and some veterans from the days of the triple World Cup of Hockey wins (Tomic and Kuhn), the Goldhorns enter the tournament in the national sport with some pressure to perform. While the last generation of Goldhorns were an invincible machine with a glorious history, the new generation of stars, including Arpad Hostnik and Timon Guldenstadt, first need to prove themselves on the international stage before even hoping to measure up to those legendary teams. It’s the first venture back into international hockey since the isolation, and Hockey Siovanija & Teusland has their sights set high: 3 WCoH wins, 1 World Junior title. The only thing missing in the storied trophy case is an Olympic medal.


LW -- Denise Schaab -- 30y/o
LW -- Loreen Adorf -- 23y/o
LW -- Elena Gregorc -- 26y/o
LW -- Marika Bartošová -- 30y/o
C -- Martina Vlčková -- 24y/o
C -- Janina Mader -- 25y/o
C -- Ivonne Kiefer --19y/o
C -- Jessi Baten -- 35y/o
RW -- Sophie Kollek -- 31y/o
RW -- Lara Vovk -- 20y/o
RW -- Silvana Rožic -- 27y/o
RW -- Sylvie Hauck -- 30y/o


D -- Angelina Veidt -- 24y/o
D -- Samantha Ehlers -- 26y/o
D -- Monika Kocjan -- 22y/o
D -- Ella Happel -- 33y/o
D -- Irena Zamuda -- 31y/o
D -- Milena Rebolj -- 24y/o
D -- Tanja Dessauer -- 27y/o
D -- Nancy Hertner -- 19y/o


G -- Hannelore Strauch -- 30y/o
G -- Viola Hanakova -- 28y/o
G -- Chiara Schonlein -- 20y/o


F1: Schaab - Vickova - Kollek
F2: Adorf - Mader - Vovk
F3: Gregorc - Kiefer - Rozic
F4: Bartosova - Baten - Hauck

D1: Veidt - Ehlers
D2: Kocjan - Happel
D3: Zamuda - Rebolj
Alternates: Dessauer, Hertner

Starter: Strauch
Backup: Hanakova


Captain: Jessi Baten
Alternates: Ella Happel, Martina Vickova

Hockey remains the most popular sport among women and girls in Siovanija & Teusland, and professional play has existed for many years, giving great opportunities for development. 3 of these players competed at the last Winter Games in which the Goldhorns participated (Baten, Happel, Kollek) and will be looking to combine that experience with a squad that isn’t quite used to international play. There are of course a great deal of talented players here, and should they establish a good chemistry here, this team will be one to look out for.

Notes for RPing/RP Permissions

  • Feel free to choose any point/goalscorers, or RP other events that happened in the match
  • Please send a telegram/message on Discord if you’d like to ask any questions/possibly collaborate on anything. However, please do not involve my athletes in any deaths/cheating/etc. and please make sure to follow the RP permissions set out by the host.
  • Most athletes from the United Republics are well-known for their humbleness, and quiet confidence. For many, they would be considered very boring, but at home, their dedication to their sport is greatly respected.
  • Athletes competing in biathlon are military athletes. In Siovanija & Teusland, 2 years of service is compulsory for males at the age of 18 (with numerous exceptions) and optional for females. In addition, various athletes in other fields may also be military athletes.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y, to a realistic degree
RP Injuries to my Players: Y, I’ll determine length/severity
RP cards/fouls/penalties to my Players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Y, to a realistic degree
Godmod Other Events: N, although feel free to TG if you have ideas
The United Republics of Siovanija & Teusland
Capital: Borograd | Population: 74,245,000 | Demonyms: Siovanijan, Teus | Country Code: STL

World Cup of Hockey 40, 41 & 42 Champions ⋆ World Junior Hockey Championship 14 Champions

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Postby The Afanc Strait » Sat Feb 17, 2024 10:38 am

Afanc Strait — Rosters for the XVI Olympic Winter Games

Opening Ceremonies Flagbearers: Tarquin Girder-Tergan (Alpine Skiing), Annette McNeil (Ski Jumping)

Men's Ice Hockey
.		D			D			LW			C			RW
Line 1 Jordan Overton Christopher Kaling Eoghann McNeill Riley Hunt Eamonn Lennon
Line 2 Geoffrey Dodge Elwyn Beringer Neville McKenna Callan Koenig Cuan Mercer
Line 3 Arthur Hershey Hiram Llewellyn Anselm Flynn Sean Russell Cassian Macaulay
Line 4 Aelius Clark Tyrion McNeil Rhett Martell Robby Zaal Davy Montague

Goalies Whitaker Hume Vernon Cox Brendan Ardnt
Alternates Ronald Goronwy Gallcobar Geelen
Women's Ice Hockey
.		D			D			LW			C			RW
Line 1 Aislinn Goddard Alana Bourne Milly Teunissen Violet Hutchinson Marsha Knight
Line 2 Danielle Quigley Joni Prunty Jessica Langbroek Arin Hampson Maria Sounders
Line 3 Noreen Morris Isabelle Quincy Robina Madden Jodi Ellery Brianna Van Peij
Line 4 Becca Potter Carly Radcliff Anabella Shelby Rose Marie Seager Elise Dermott

Goalies Annette Jans-Saxa Judith Carpenter Gloriana Zaal
Alternates Marit Heymaans Sara Alger
Men's and Women's Curling
.		Skip			Lead			2nd			3rd
Men's Ian Corrend Bennett Faron Nej Amner Louis Cortenay
Women's Katie McGowan Dianne Collins Sylvia Banks Isabella Charles-Beltane
The union between Ceni and New Gelderland
Co-host of the Games of the XVII Olympiad

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Postby Electrum » Sun Feb 18, 2024 4:46 am

The following is an Electrum Ministry of Sports, the Arts and Culture Press Release: General Information for the XVIII Winter Olympics

General Information:
Trigramme: ETM
National Anthem: Oh, Electrum!
Flagbearer: Jerome Hall (skiing) and LIberty Vo (bobsleigh)
Demonym: Electrumite
Electrum Olympic Council President: Maria Hunter (eventing, gold medallist, Games of the X Olympiad)
Chef de Mission: Susilo Awais (pairs figure skating, bronze medallist, X Olympic Winter Games)
Unofficial Colours: Silver, Gold and Teal

Officials and Judges:
Electrum will be providing experienced, unbiased judges. These judges are professional and have participated in all Winter Olympic Games since Prescott XI. Figure skating judges are known for being fair but harsh. Skiing and snowboard judges will give more points for flair and may overlook minor technical flaws.

Biathlon referee: Harissa Kirk
Curling umpire: Jane McCoy
Figure skating technical controller: Michael Lavoisier
Figure skating judge (men's singles): Anthony Matthews
Figure skating judge (women's singles): Danielle Cerise
Figure skating judge (pairs): Timothy Noonan
Figure skating judge (ice dancing): Roberta Espagnol
Short track judges: Michelle Gardener and Peter North-Coombes
Slalom course judge: Charisma Keat
Aerials judge: Helena Park
Freeski big air judge: Jillian Crow
Freeski halfpipe judge: Daniel Sakamoto
Freeski slopestyle judge: Dillon Marius
Moguls judge: Oliver House
Ski jumping judge: James Hamilton
Snowboard big air judge: Julian Fine
Snowboard halfpipe judge: Sharon Kuznetsova
Snowboard slopestyle judge: Harriet Fearney

Official Team Names:
Men's Curling: Electrum Dynamos (Prescott CC)
Women's Curling: Electrum Freezebreaths (Prescott CC)
Men's Ice Hockey: Electrum Frostbites
Women's Ice Hockey: Electrum Bears

Men's Curling Team:
Skip: Bryn Harris
Lead: Herve Florentine
2nd: Gregory Montrose
3rd: Andrew Morris

Women's Curling Team:
Skip: Telan Guyula
Lead: Tiffany Harris
2nd: Fiona Derby
3rd: Lara Guyula

Men's and Women's Hockey Team:

Women's Coach: Riley Johnstone
Men's Coach: Roberto Suarez

Official Media Conglomerate: Electrum Combined Press - ECP
Official TV Channel: Network ENN (Free to Air, Live coverage, with repeats at night)
Official Magazine: Electrum Half-Weekly Sports Magazine, Obscure Sports Weekly
NationStates Tennis Tour President - NSTT rankings and season nine schedule

Issues Editor - List of issue ideas - Got Issues discord

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Postby Liventia » Sun Feb 25, 2024 3:47 pm

Things to know about Liventia (LEN):
Liventia has two official languages, French and English. Its official name in French is République liventienne (Liventian Republic), although the inaccurate "Liventie" is in common colloquial usage.

Liventia has two national anthems, both in English — if a Liventian athlete or team wins gold, Liventia, Land of Hope is played.

Opening Ceremony flagbearers: Clément du Toit (men's curling), Leah Winfield (women's alpine skiing)

Women's team:
Zoe Reid (lead)
Courtney Lowe (second)
Kate Baxter (third)
Anna Shawcross (skip)
Julie Hamilton (alternate)

Men's team:
Clément du Toit (lead)
Gaëtan Plouffe (second)
Stéphane Serre (third)
Florentin Beaufort (skip)
Rob Kennedy (alternate)

Joanne Bevan (G1)
Esther Martel (G2)
Michèle Serre (G3)

Ashleigh Winfield (D1)
Lisa Dufour (D1), captain
Ashley Mooney (D2)
Harriet Livingstone (D2)
Adele Rowe (D3)
Steff Brentwood (D3)
Coralie le Tonnelier
Esther Aubert

Caty Johnstone (LW1)
Maria Toussaint (C1)
Rosie Atkinson (RW1)
Gaby Griffiths (LW2), vice-captain
Dona Vaughan (C2)
Samantha Foley (RW2)
Josephine Quentin (LW3)
Claudine Deschanel (C3)
Alix Olivier (RW3), vice-captain
Maxine Beaufils (LW4)
Krystal Davidson (C4)
Danielle Rousselle (RW4)
Désirée Cochet
Elaine Lockridge

Benjamin Atkinson (G1)
Max Poincaré (G2)
Bertrand Bellegarde (G3)

Aaron Windsor (D1)
Quentin Girard (D1)
Billy Allen (D2)
William Higham (D2), vice-captain
Bob Osborne (D3)
Walter James (D3)
Pierre-Antoine Cédoulin
Clément Raymond

Charles Clark (LW1)
Laurent Picard (C1), captain
Eric Kemble (RW1)
Quentin Jaillet (LW2)
Archie Boyle (C2)
Dominic Moore (RW2)
Ed Larsen (LW3), vice-captain
Robbie Taylor (C3)
Bill Cunningham (RW3)
Bertrand Thiers (LW4)
Laurence Poivre (C4)
Thibaut Chevrier (RW4)
Ant Baxter
Max Raymond

International officials, judges and referees
Curling measurement official / scorer:
Rory Francis

Ice hockey on-ice officials:
Edward Reeve
Jack Hill
Thomas Robichaud (linesman)
Dennis Morse (linesman)

Holly Swanson
Erin King
Christine Lachenal (linesman)
Felicity Evans (linesman)

Figure skating judges
Iain Lambert
Matthias Sicard
Lucile Brosseau

Ice dance:
Caroline Trémaux

Freestyle skiing judges
Danny Whelan
Amber Reid

Dexter Gerrard

Christine Jaillet
Michèle Beaufoy

Connor Cunningham

Nordic combined/ski jumping judges:
Max Olivier
Laurence Tavernier
Chris Tucker

Snowboarding judges
Big Air:
Ellie Croft
Alys Larsen

Ieuan Cooper
Fioled Higham
Gwendolyn Pryce

Jimmy Lovett
Selwyn Barnett
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