Fallout: 1910-Introduction:

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Fallout: 1910-Introduction:

Postby Crimetopolis B » Tue Feb 06, 2024 4:08 pm

The fall of Constantinople in 1453 resulted in the Council of Amsterdam. All the nations of Europe came together as one to resist Islam. Result: Crash scientific development program, By 1500, interchangeable parts, the steam engine and lithography spawned an Industrial Revolution.

Things appeared much earlier than our time. Motor Cars appeared in the 1700s, and the first robots in the 1760s. The future for America looked so bright.... Until 1861. Ordered to end slavery, the Confederate States of America faced multiple armies in addition to Northern Sea Blockade, In a panic, the South scrambled its nuclear deterrent, H-bombs ravaged both sides.

Europe and Asia avoided it, but have profited by allowing merchants to sell stuff to the America people in the aftermath of the nuclear war. But science had gone berserk in the decades before the war. Mutants, genetically engineered monstrosities, raiders, slavers, robots and the like run berserk in a war ravaged land, Furthermore, many have gone back to living Greek mythology, the knightly days and so forth. What will YOU do here?
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Postby Kostane » Tue Feb 06, 2024 4:15 pm

OOC: What is the story for American independence -- considering an industrial Britain could have probably maintained a much better hold on its colonies.
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Postby Crimetopolis B » Tue Feb 06, 2024 4:34 pm

This is just a story. But if there's enough interest showed, we can do it as an game on International incidents, Glad for your response. Chapter 1 will soon be up.
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Fallout: 1910: Introduction: Chapter One:

Postby Crimetopolis B » Tue Feb 06, 2024 7:46 pm

The boy cleaned his laser rifle. Like many homemade laser weapons, it was a single shot breech loader, He'd preferred a Lee-Enfield, Mauser pistol, or submachinegun, but at least the solar plant could recharge the fuel cells, But the rate of fire by both cartridge guns and proper energy weapons both trumped homemade stuffs.

A robotic worker helped in the fields below. The painfully slow return of pre-war technology was yet a godsend, Clip Clop. Several horseback riders came up. They were armed with a motley assortment of regular energy weapons, modern guns and homemade laser weapons.

"Time to go on patrol, Melvin." Melvin obeyed. The raiders, mutants, deadly wildlife, and genetic beasts all had to be driven off.

They patrolled around their settlement's perimeter. Nothing. Then they checked the abandoned house amidst the trees across the road.

They dismounted their horses and checked the house. "Pre-War, completely. intact." Bill Morgan said. A Mister Helper robot activated. "How may I help you?" It asked.

Bill holstered his Tesla P90X Lightning Pistol and Beverly lowered her .44-40 Marlin 1693 lever action rifle. This Bot was no potential threat, unlike a Dixie Bot or a Yankee bot. 'Thank God we haven't run into Tommy bots, or worse, yet Storm-bots.'

The former looked like WW1 British soldiers and were deadly fighters. with pistols, Webley revolvers, and Lee-Enfield rifles. They could man artillery and Vickers 1712 machineguns, too.

Storm-bots were worse. These Stahlhelm-wearing robots used a
MP-1735 submachinegun and a Mauser 1696 pistol as a sidearm, both in 7.63x25mm Mauser. Its high velocity jacketed soft point[JSP]bullet made all but armored car armor worthless, too,

Ten shots, loaded from a stripper clip. Most powerful cartridge handgun made. Bill was thankful his lightning pistol held thirty shots and that Mauser 1696 were not common, too.

"Robot, show us the house." The Mister Helper obeyed.
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Fallout: 1910: Introduction: Chapter 2:

Postby Crimetopolis B » Wed Feb 07, 2024 12:13 am

The robot showed them the house. "Nice, one story, four bathrooms, three bedrooms. Electric lights, running water, air conditioning, Atomic Annie Food cooker, tradio, Electric ice box." smiled Beverly. "Cool, they even got a Cylinder-X home movie watcher." observed Melvin

The metal cylinder replaced film by 1700 as the dominant movie medium. As a result, filmed archives were complete despite atomic warfare. A Cylinder-X player was in the workshop back home, but it was assigned to technological duties like gunsmithing, electronics, and medicine.

But Amazonian scribes were now copying them and crude printing presses were mass producing their knowledge and sharing with other settlements. The Amazons.

Female Classical hoplites who had occupied the Old Stone Fort. When truck pirates attacked, the settlers came running with crude lasers, proper guns, and proper energy weapons. They helped defend the fort. After six pick up trucks were wrecked, and over a hundred pirates killed; the truck pirates withdrew.

The Amazons immediately made alliance with the settlers and several marriages had occurred between the two groups. A Nordenfelt rapid-fire gun and six homemade multiple rocket launchers bolstered the fort's defenses.

Yet they patrolled with javelins and bastard-length gladius swords. Their armor and shields worked just fine against arrows, buck shot, and lasers; also all melee weapons, too.

The robot now lead them to the basement. It clicked on a Group Atomics home nuclear reactor. Light now flooded the building. "I am also a certified home nuclear power technician. By running at no more than 75% capacity, our reactor can this place indefinitely without refueling. There is no danger of radiation leakage." "Good, then kept it only on 75%." Bill Morgan ordered. "Yes, sir."

There was a flush toilet and bedroom downstairs, too. "And fully operational workshop." observed Beverly. Her eyes then widened. "Tesla Corp Home Lightning Pistol factory, 1857 edition'. Manual, Cylinder X, tools, solar, and AC chargers. And it's unopened." She opened a desk drawer. Hundreds of charged power cells faced her. "I think we should search the house for weapons."

"Agreed. They began checking the house. While nothing was openly visible. A search of a closed door revealed an arsenal of weapons. "They are the Confederacy's best." Underneath a bed, a crate of M1711A1 .45 acp automatic pistols. another crate revealed magazines, ammo, and cleaning kits. "All brand new." said Bill Morgan.

"What's in the closet." Beverly opened it. "Woodsman semiautomatic rifle, model of 1844." It looked exactly like a stock SKS. "Caliber 7x57 Mauser ten shot, loads from a stripper clip. And there's ten of them at least. along with ammo stripper clips and tactical gear."

The dresser drawers revealed more. "Daniels M-1728 submachinegun." It was an MP-28 in .45 ACP. "Thirty round box magazine, muzzle compensator, nice." smiled Melvin. "I remember listening to a radio history show about the Great American. The South began developing a semiautomatic rifle in 1831. They committed to all out production in 1844. By 1850, even civilian production was full tilt. The old 1726 Enfield bolt actions were sold to civilians."

"Beginning in 1830, all out production of the M-1728 began. By 1840, 50% of Confederate troops all had this same submachinegun. They had to go nuts on the firepower, because the Yankees vowed to throw three million men at the South. They also built lots of Dixie bots, armored cars, Mech suits, and Air ships, too."

"When war came, the Yankees showed up with .30-40 Krag-Jorgenson bolt action carbines, and double action .44 revolvers. The South simply dug. At the battle of Appomattox, the Yankees lost 800,000 men in mass human wave attacks against Confederate dug in reinforced by 1,000 Vickers machineguns, 100 armored cars, 3,000 Dixie bots, fifty mech suits and twenty airships."

"Abraham Lincoln was the first to threaten to use nukes on The South. The South struck first, on July 1st 1861. New York Baltimore, D.C. Philadelphia, and all the major Yankee Cities got leveled. The Yankees leveled the South back and here we are."

"Melvin, I need you ride back to Trader's Cove and tell the Gate Master what we have found. Return with a wagon to haul these weapons back home." He paused. "Can you handle a pistol?" "I shot a friend's Webley revolver once and liked it."

Bill handed his own Tesla P90x Lightning pistol to him. "Just aim and squeeze if you need to shoot." "Yes, sir." Melvin obeyed. Outside things didn't seem right

He headed right home. He spurred the horse and they arrived in a lather. A stable man took her. He reported immediately to the Gate Master's. It was inside a solid stone building, He noticed steel shutters being locked over the windows from inside.

"Bad storm's coming. You've done your duty, now go home and help your family get ready, lad." The Gate Master said. Wordlessly, he obeyed.
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Fallout: 1910: Introduction: Chapter 3:

Postby Crimetopolis B » Wed Feb 07, 2024 4:42 pm

Melvin hurried home. Overhead, the clouds the raced by. There was a constant breeze, People hurried about. Workers and robots returned from various duties, whiles shops and stores were closed up.

Melvin made it to the Paxton home. His dad greeted him. "What's going on?" "Cyclone weather." He had already leashed Donut, Melvin's small dog. "They sent the kids home from school early, just before noon." Alvin Paxton said.

Candy and Brianna, Melvins Mom and sister, were there. "Got the mother cat and her kittens in a carrier. in the storm cellar." Candy had a double action .44-40 revolver and Briana had a Mauser 1696 pistol. Briana bought it off a weapons dealer, too. Her Dad had a single shot laser rifle.

Everybody had boxes of valuables and prized possessions. He took Donut to allow Dad to get more stuff, He doubled the tiny dog's leash to keep him from running off. He grabbed his money box, Bible, and radio. By now the tree trunks were waving outside.

Breast-shaped clouds covered the skies, and all the animals were still. A stiff breeze, but they made it to the cellar and locked the door. "At least the horses are in a stone stable." Martin Paxton said. They said a prayer for the animals and people caught in the storm.

At the Old Fort, Hektora walked the last horse into the stone barn inside the fort's walls. "Hoplitia[HOPLISHA]! Is the Nordenfelt secured?" "Yes, my sister." "Diana?! Where is she?"

"Here." said the smallest of the three Amazon hoplites present. she held a box of rocket ammo. "I've been helping move the rocket ammo to the magazine." "Finish and report back. "Yes, Hektora." The sky had gone greenish.

Another Amazon Hoplite lead a chain leashed rottweiler guard dog to safety. Diana obeyed. 'The girl was sweet on Melvin Paxton' she thought. 'Melvin was a good boy.' When Melvin got free time, he went to Old Fort and helped out. 'He'll make a good husband for Diana', Hektora thought. The boy helped repel two attacks by truck pirates and helped an Amazon patrol fight off a giant bear attack.

Diana reported back, and they took cover in the keep. The massive steel doors were locked shut. The cyclone skipped a stone wall and twisted its funnel shape through the courtyard. It was louder than anything they had ever heard. The Amazons simply waited.

Diana began cleaning her sword and armor, Buskins[open-toed boot/sandal hybrid]good. Studded, Pleated kilt. Good, She polished her large, circular shield, helmet, muscle cuirass, and vambraces. Her tunic, however, was worn. She'd have to get a new one at supply. Her frayed tunic would be boiled and recycled as cleaning rags.

By the she was done, the storm was gone. Some wooden furniture and a work bench was wrecked. Beyond that, no damages or injuries. Diana went to supply and got a new tunic. Her old tunic was recycled.

Carpentry had the damaged stuff repaired in two hours. Diana helped redeploy both the rocket launcher and the Nordenfelt. When she'd finished, Hektora told her and Hoplitia to check on Trader's Cove, were Melvin Paxton and his family lived.

THey saddled up and rode there. Already, both official agencies and private citizens were repairing the damage. Like the Old Fort, it was mainly built of stone.
The cyclone just went past the abandoned house and roared away, without any damage or injury.

Melvin's home was undamaged. He returned to the Gate Master. "Radio reports say that more cyclones are forming to the west. But it's clear for now." "I should check on that patrol." "Very well, but proceed with caution." He saddled up and rode.

It was sunny, warm and breezy. Overhead, the clouds raced by, but the animals acted normally. He made it there without incident. He checked the upstairs. Nobody was upstairs. He took a Woodsmaster 1841 rifle and a bandoleer of loaded 7mm Mauser stripper clips. 1 1711A1 and an M1735 submachinegun. Along with accessories on his horse.

He belted a M1711A1s holster with six extra magazines around his waist. He made sure the pistol was loaded. He then put it on safety and holstered it. He went downstairs... There was Beverly and Bill they were worked on Assembling the lightning pistol home production kit.
He handed Bill back his Lightning pistol in its holster. "Thank you." "Bill, there's been a cyclone. Trader's Cove is safe, but more may be coming. I'd best go home."

"O.K, do that." Bill said. He retrieved his single shot laser rifle and returned home. He turned in his laser rifle to the armory after stabling his horse. A stable man attended its needs. He donated a .45 automatic and six extra loaded magazines to the Gate Boss, who was glad for it.

He went to his house. "Dad's here's a new rifle. You can ditch that old laser thing,"
"Thank you, son!" Dad was finally glad to get a multi-shot weapon. They both went to the library and watched a cylinder on the usage of all three new weapons. Dad turned in his old laser rifle to the armory, where it would be repaired if needed and reassigned, traded, or sent to the lab, where they were working on a repeating laser rifle. But progress was slow.
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Fallout: 1910: Introduction: Chapter 4:

Postby Crimetopolis B » Thu Feb 08, 2024 2:18 pm

Diana saw Melvin and looked at Hoplitia. "We're not expected back until dark to report." she. The girl walked over to him. Diana put her arms around him and kissed him. "My love, I am back!" They went inside his house. She removed her open visor, orange-dyed horse hair-crested helmet.

In Amazonian tradition, Diana wore a short, layered haircut. Her reddish hair and electric green eyes warmed his heart. "You may continue being an Amazon. I want our sons and daughters to know of your ways."

They kissed again. Melvin was 5.5 feet tall, and weighed 115. He had a shaved head and was clean shaven. Diana was his size but was all muscular from her lifestyle. "Someday. you will be my husband, and I will bear your children." Again, they kissed.

Hoplitia meanwhile was by meant by several boys and girls. They were teenagers. "We wish to be trained as hoplites." a tall girl. "That is possible for the girls but not for the boys.' One boy shook his head in disqust. "I'm toast." Hoplitia sat him down.

"Why is that." "My Mom wants me to be a knight. I think I could be a hoplite, or patrol member. But I'm so small, your kind of a sword is the only one think I i can use. I hate lances because they're a totally committed weapon. Hoplites are far more combat effective."

"But there's no Hoplite school for boys locally." Hoplitia told him. "I've been looking to join the Zero Men. But I don't have a proper gun." Hoplitia knew the Zero Men were a militia that helped people and animals. They had helped the Amazons end an attack by Giant Cobras, and they were both composed of men, women, older young people and Chihuahua-Men.

About 20 pounds, they had large, adult size-style hands but otherwise looked like a smooth coated chihuahua. Genetically engineered by Georgia Tech scientists, they both a super genius I.Q. and like motor skills. They escaped when the bombs fell and were now all over the place. They had limited proper gun and energy weapons production.

They built mech suits and armored cars. They first encountered Torpedo Boat City, which treated them fairly. They immediately began helping out. Locally, their base was a fortified state police base. Paradoxically, they talked like three-year-old human toddlers. They were very friendly and nice. Some in the community watched them to avoid exploitation issues.
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Postby Untecna » Thu Feb 08, 2024 3:09 pm

Dragon with internet access. I am coming for your data. More for the hoard.
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Postby Crimetopolis B » Thu Feb 08, 2024 3:47 pm

Story, not a game. Arts and Fiction go here. And given the Luck I've had starting RPGs on International Incidents, I'm done with RPGs for now.
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Fallout: 1910: Introduction: Chapter 5:

Postby Crimetopolis B » Fri Feb 09, 2024 10:54 pm

Larry Tuckerson went home. His Mom was lost to all but the glory of mounted knights of the order of the White Rose. Dad was a trader with the Purple Truck Lords, Delmar was faithful to Maria, his wife, but only came home once a month.

Larry worked as a Tack Man in the stables. He was much in demand for his saddle repair abilities. It was very good pay, much more so than a Squire of White Rose. He gave his Mom 20%, after taxes.

One of the reasons Trade Cove thrived it did something called paycheck only taxation. No refunds or forms to fill out, just you cashed your paycheck and that was it.
Result: Larry kept 70% of his pay. He saved at least 25% of his pay. He donated a combined total of 10% to the Freewill Methodist Church, the medical center, and the animal hospital.

Larry worked a 3.5 work week. The 3.5 day work meant full employment for the community. Because he had taken leather working as a school elective[all non-farming electives were filled]but he fully dedicated himself to his art.

He was hired as a master leatherworker. His saddle repairs were legendary. Being that motor vehicles were a returning thing, horse were still the main mode of transportation.
Larry returned home after talking to Hoplitia. Good, Mom was still at in the Archives. She was the medieval expert of the history department.

He went in his room and locked the door. He opened the padlock of his fireproof money box. He counted the money. He was off until Monday. The weapons traders came from Fridays and weekends. He'd visit them. He secured his money box. Mom would be home soon. He began fixing supper.

Corn beef hash. Eggs. Pork and Beans. Wheat bread slices. Sugar free orange drink. His Mom came home. "Hi Mom." They sat at the table after grace. "When you joining the Knights of the White Rose." Maria blurted out.

"No." "But you're related to Lord John Summerlee." "Mom, I don't like them. Their weapons control laws got an innocent family killed by The Children." He paused. "As a matter of fact, I think the Knights of the White Rose are taking bribes from that same bicycle gang."
"COWARD!" She yelled, her face turning purple. The storm on her face was evidence. Immediately, she retaliated by throwing the meal in the trash. "Fine, I'm going out." Larry's belly growled, but he figured not facing the judge was the wiser course.

He left. He went to the restaurant district. Seafood King? Didn't feel like fish and chips. Burger Hut? Not tonight. Pizza Lord? Weekend food. 'Magic Panda Chinese Buffet." He went and had a buffet. Brown rice and creamy golden peanut chicken, with two XL-size Orange sugar free drinks.

He loaded up, because he didn't know if his mother had calmed down yet. He enjoyed his meal and went potty afterwards. There were no outhouses in Trader's Cove. Flush and chemical toilets were mandatory. The Old Fort, Torpedo Boat City, and many others did likewise. They burned the sewage at night and pumped its smoke into a daily changed water tank. This both prevented disease and foul odors.

Afterwards, Larry walked until he chilled down. He returned home. Mom was gone. He cleaned the house. The wind again picked up. He turned on the radio to FM 100. And listened to the "Adventures of Bobby Danger." on X radio network. It was followed by 'Mech Force'.

Larry then showered, shaved, and brushed his teeth. He went to bed after reading his Bible. Mom came home, and slept, too. It had been a hard day.
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Fallout: 1910: Introduction: Chapter 6:

Postby Crimetopolis B » Mon Feb 12, 2024 4:30 pm

The next day, radio X announced in their weather report the threat of cyclones were ended. Larry went to the weapons traders. Guns, lightning, and Plasma weaponry were all sold. One booth was selling revolvers, Marlin 1693s, and Enfield M-1726 rifles.

Their prices were just fine, but Larry wanted more firepower. He went to the next both. A row of Mauser 1696 automatic pistols faced him on the table. "MOST CAPACITY AND KNOCKDOWN OF ANY CARTRIDGE HANDGUN AND ONLY $75.00 BRAND NEW." The robotic barker said. A submachinegun-armed man dissuaded theft as a guard.

The next booth sold British Arms. Lee-Enfield .303 rifles and Webley .455 revolvers. "$95.00 for a revolver?!' A cockney lass wearing a bowler hat snarled. "Take it or leave it, governor."

"Bye." He left. But some Battleship Town dwellers bought out her whole stock of weaponry and ammunition. So she was happy.

'Battleship Town'. thought Larry Tuckerson. A dreadnought the British sent to help evacuate its nationals aboard 'The HMS King Arthur'. But most of its crew were sent ashore to help with the evacuation and were lost when the bombs fell. Overtime, a community grew up on and around this vessel, hence Battleship Town.

Next up was Tradeco. While its submachineguns were nice, they a bit pricy at $125.00. the Woodsmaster 1841 rifles weren't bad at $60.00. And their 1711A1s were only $45,00.

Still, Larry thought it wisest to check further. Tesla, Westinghouse, General Electric, Telefunken, and Edison were also there selling laser, lightning, and plasma weapons. They were much better quality than the homemade lasers. More firepower, longer range, and hit harder, too.

He checked his copy of 'Better Guns and Energy Weapons'. Telefunken, cheapest but same quality as Tesla and Edison. Also used universal, solar rechargeable, power cells that single shot laser weapons used.

A robot wearing a circular sailor hat faced him. "Good day. We have a sale on plasma weapons." He said in a German Accent. The basic plasma pistol was at thirty dollars. The refined model was $40.00. but for $65.00 was the Kaiser Model. He checked his money.

"Tell me about the Kaiser." "Our best model. Normally $500,00, we have a surplus that needs moved." It looked like a Mauser 1696 and had coils around the barrel. "Fiber optic sight fixed front sight. Fixed ghost ring rear. Forty shots, it can melt an adult-sized brown bear into a puddle of green, glowing goo with one shot. Safe action, it's pull the trigger and shoot."

A screen popped down. A tutor bot appeared on it. "It showed how to load, fire, secure, and clean it. A German man toting a submachinegun stood in the background to dissuade theft. Larry bought two, holsters, cleaning kits, a solar recharger and Twenty fully charged power cells. Total: $250.00.

He belted on a holster containing a Kaiser and four extra power cells. He began walking home. The other Kaiser was for Dad.

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Fallout: 1910: Introduction: Chapter 7:

Postby Crimetopolis B » Tue Feb 13, 2024 11:02 pm

Diana and Hoplitia trained well. They had returned to the Old Fort. Both actually preferred a shield and bastard length gladius sword. 28 inches of straight, bevel double edged cold steel backed by shield and armor offered overall combat protection than a throw away javelin.

The training gong sounded. They sheathed their swords and drank water. Javelin practice was next. Though both did well, they preferred the sword. Maintenance was next, followed by lunch and various duties.

Suddenly, a lathered horse rode up to the gate of the Old Fort. A little boy dismounted. He wore a shaved head, a 'Prussia Tech' white chin padded strap kepi, overalls, and sandals. A crude laser rifle was slung over his shoulder. He told the gate guards. "The Children are coming!"

The boy was immediately allowed inside. His horse was allowed inside and he was given water. "I am from a farm ten miles east of here. We saw a large force of the Children headed this way."

The Gate master sounded the alarm bell All the Amazons closed steel shutters on windows and all doors were all locked and guard. The single barrel Nordenfelt set up to cover the massive gate in case of a breath.

Rocket launchers were loaded and manned. From the east wall came the messenger came to Hektora. "Hektora! At least fifty bicycles are coming. Binoculars show it's The Children." The messenger. "They all have melee weapons.'

One of the most murderous gangs here, The Children defeated the Comanche confederation in a battle west of Torpedo Boat City.

On the east wall, Axella commended her rocket team. The crude rocket launcher used multiple tubes in which iron-sheeted rockets were affixed to arrows. "EAST LAUNCHER SWORD, are you ready?"

"Yes, Axella." "FIRE." A crank generator was turned. WHOOOOOSSSSH! Screaming like Antifa rioters, Twenty rockets beelined towards the onrushing mob of bicyclists. Multiple explosions with fire and smoke sounded. Heads, torsos, limbs and bits of bicycles flew through the air.

Expertly, the crew sponged the barrels to cool them As East Launcher SHIELD now engaged the menace. Again, the fire of doom hailed upon The Children. Meanwhile, SWORD was reloaded. There were at least a couple of hundred.

Several of the Children laid scaling ladders had them up the walls. "LOOSE THE DOGS!" From corner rooms, doors opened and massive rottweilers attacked the Children who set foot upon the walls. Like fur missiles, they savaged the Children. Arms and legs were literally torn from the bodies of the attackers, as their anguished screams filled the air.

Others simply jumped over the chaos into the courtyard. "RRRRR-RRRR-RRRR! The single barrel Nordenfelt mowed many of them like a Gatling gun. Other Amazon Hoplites hurled javelins to pierce enemy torsos.

A Child rushed several Amazons, hatchet upraised PEW! The boy fired his laser rifle from the kneeling position. The man went down, a baseball-sized hole burned in his chest. he boy expertly flipped open the breech to reload his weapon and the moved around the courtyard and continued firing from cover,

Wielding a cutlass, A female Child attacked Diana. But the barbarian raider faced an armored warrior. Diana drew her sword. 'Let your foe come to you. donot waste your strength chasing him.'

CLANG! The swing of the Diana's large, round steel shield blocked the cutlass's blade. The woman pulled back, and Diana swung her bastard-length gladius sword. The raider howled as the blade cut into her free arm.

Again, Diana retreated behind her shield. The woman responded with a flurry of blows. But she was getting weak from blood less. Diana sidestepped her and ran her through. The Child sank into a pool of her own blood and death.

Hoplitia faced three foes, all armed with primitive bowie knives. Attacker one got bashed with the boss edge of her sword. She throat-stabbed him with her sword and pulled back.
Attacker two rushed her and took a leg slash. He fell and bled out.

Attacker three tried an overhead, two handed swing. THOK! Hoplitia's sword literally took off both his hands.

"ADVANCE TO THE REAR!" The attack of the Children was over on the order of their King. They fled on bicycles as they had come. Fresh Amazon Hoplites now filled the courtyard and walls.

Several hundred bodies of The Children filled the area around the fort. The little boy slung his rifle and helped the Amazon wounded get to the keep. where the healers were. Happily, there were only lightly wounded. But two of the attack dogs needed taken for emergency surgery at Trader's cove. They would live but would be laid up for a month.

The boy helped move the bodies outside to a filth burning pit. Mixed lamp oil soon had a massive funeral pyre going. What was was left thrown into a neighboring creek to avoid attracting deadly wildlife.

The boy cleaned his laser rifle. He helped police up the battlefield. The Amazons melted down the knives, hatchets, axes, scimitars, cutlasses, and spears. Three bicycles captured intact. They, along with the wrecked parts of bicycles were prepared for transport for their allies.

It was getting dark. The boy looked hesitant. "You should stay the night." Hoplitia said. "Yes, because mutants and deadly wildlife are out at night." From giant Cobras to coyotes, death often prowled the night."

The little boy looked to be five feet tall. "I'm Jordy Farmer, and I'm nine." "Let's get something to eat." smiled Diana. "Yes." smiled Jordy. Hektora smiled from a distance. She'd assign Diana and Hoplitia to ride home with Jordy, and thank his family.

The boy just went to sleep. He was shot from the day's work.
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Fallout: 1910: Introduction: Chapter 8:

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Jordy enjoyed the traditional Amazonian breakfast of wheat chunks, sausage gravy, peas, sweet potatoes, and corn mixed together. All washed down with clean water. He did his sanitary duties.

He checked on his horse. It had been tended for the night before. His frayed saddle had been repaired. The Amazons helped those who helped them, too. Hoplitia and Diana joined him.

Happily, the trip to Jordy's house was uneventful. Jamie and Karen Farmer were glad to get their son back. They approved of their son's conduct path. "Killin' raiders, slavers, and Truck pirate's ain't a sin." said Jamie. "You did right, son."

The boy meanwhile had gone to inspecting the crude fortifications around their farm. "Daddy, we need to plug this gap." "RIght, son." The boy got a wheelbarrow shovel, and went to nearby creek. A while later, he returned with rock and dumped it in place.

"We adopted him as a baby when he family got massacred by truck pirates. He's our son and we've tried to raise him right." Karen said. "He was brave in battle and helped clean up afterwards." Diana smiled.

"But he needs friends." said Jaimie. "If it's allowed by you, I'll let him hang around the Old Fort. And Torpedo Boat City is far off."
"Let's ask Jordy." smiled Hoplitia.

She approved that they both had Edison Lightning Pistols holstered around their waists. "Got both these and their solar recharger by checking an abandoned grocery store near here."

Dixie Bots. Robotic soldiers first deployed by the Confederacy in the 1740s. The Yankees didn't follow suit until the 1810s, proving the indolence of Yankee Culture.

Diana and Hoplitia looked at each other. They saw the complete fortress nearby. "There must be a way for you to get its resources." smiled Hoplitia.

Because Jordy Farmer only had a single shot weapon, Jaimie would stay with him. Karen, Diana, and Hoplitia saddled up and rode over there. They arrived. The gates were manned by Two Dixie Bots.

One was armed with a Woodsmaster 1841 rifle. The other had an M-1735 submachinegun. Hoplitia from her history studies knew neither side deployed energy weapons because they thought the cost was too great.

Diana walked right to the rifle-armed Dixie Bot. "May we meet with your commanding officer?" "Yes, citizen." They were allowed to enter. Unlike the Prussia-Tech Tropical Uniforms worn by Confederate soldiers in the Great War,

The Dixie Bots were skeletal androids that wore a grey chin strap Kepi with a square leather bill and crossed swords on. They played 'Dixie' when in battle. Yankee bots were likewise, but with a blue kepi and played "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." in battle.

Due to the backwards policies of the North, Yankees didn't adopt smokeless powder until 1788, which meant all-out committing to the Krag-Jorgenson carbine and .44-40 breaktop double action S&W revolvers. It wasn't until 1840 that last reserve units were reequipped from Springfield 1688 breechloading .45-70 carbines.

Diana, Hoplitia, and Karen entered the command building. Robots worked all around them. Diana knocked on the door of the commander's office. The Dixie-Bot wore a white CSA cavalry drover style hat."

"Greetings. Am I relieved of my command?" asked the Dixie bot.
"You have new orders." Diana said. "Karen and her family are your new commanding officers." "I, General Maxim Gun, obey."
He clicked on an intercom. "Attention, the Karen Farmer family are our commanding officers."

To say that the Farmer Family had a windfall was the understatement of the year. They kept the farm but moved into the fort. Jordy definitely got an upgrade.

He found the Junior Federal Guard Barracks and found a child's size Protection Force uniform. It consisted of pull-on walking/riding boots, white, knee length cargo shorts, short sleeve white multi-pocket shirt. A white pith helmet with a padded chin strap and neck guard.

Next to were a package of unopened. "Lanes Comfy Stretch Boy Kids Male undergarments and socks. Breathable, smell absorbing, heat ventilating."

Jordy changed clothes and changed into them. "Oh, they feel so good." Unlike overalls on hot days, much better feeling." He noticed a box on a nearby desk. "RAY-STORM BALLISTIC TINTED, PADDED VENTILATED GOGGLES. NOW WITH AUTOMATIC NIGHT VISION."

Because there were only two eye hospitals, one at Battleship Town and the other at Jack's Auto Park and Garage; He definitely donned the purple lens device. His eyes felt less strained, too.

Jordy went to the base medical center. An Ophthalmologist Bot examined his eyes fully. "The goggles you have also feature ADJUST-X Universal eye prescription lenses, too. Wear them from now on, except when sleeping or bathing."

All other clinics were other fully operational. Upon Jordy's reporting to his mom, Karen immediately ruled in his favor.
'Safety is job A'. prevented much friction in the Farmer Home.

Jamie Farmer joined them. He, too, was impressed, and especially at the armory. Vast rows of small arms and even heavy weapons greeted them. There were even sections labelled. 'Police', 'Energy weapons', and 'Civilian', too.

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Diana and Hoplitia returned to the Old Fort. They reported to Hektora, whom immediately set them to organizing a trip for four Amazonian scribes.

A wagon was hitched and writing supplies and a printing press were loaded aboard it. Twenty Amazonian Hoplites on foot marched with it.
They arrived without incident and set up shop inside the Confederate Federal Guard Building.

Elena was not surprised at how impressive the fortifications were. "Both the Confederate States of America and the United States of America were highly organized societies." She told Jordy and his parents.

"About the units stationed here. The Federal Guard was protecting the homeland, including disaster response. It was founded in 1692 and was an all volunteer male and female force, aged 16-75."

"The Junior Federal Guard was also volunteer only and both genders. It was for 12 to 16 years old. It was also founded in 1692." Elena paused to drink some water.

"The Protection Force was established in 1800 an attempt to teach younger children how to defend themselves on the frontier areas from Indian Attacks and Bandit raids, Because their primary duty was self and family defense, But they were trained only to use energy weapons, submachineguns, and .45 automatic pistols."

"It was voluntary and both genders. It was for kids 8 to 12. It significantly reduced both Indian and bandit attacks." "That would make sense." replied Jaimie Farmer. His baby sister had been speared dead by a horse bandit when he was four years old. His father had carried him to the cellar where they hid.

The horse bandit had latter been splattered by an armored car driven by Chihuahua Men, so justice was messy but indeed done, also.

"Evidently, this place was also a civil defense and police fall back and training area, too." Another scribe said. "Evidently the bombs fell before the humans made it here. The robots have done an outstanding job of maintaining both this base and themselves."

Jordy asked. 'Mommy, I need a better gun than this single shot laser rifle." "That's true." Single shot lasers needed backed up by energy weapons, repeating, or autoloading firearms, or else get overrun.

They went to the armory. "Energy weapons." smiled Jordy. "But they're largely gone." said Jamie Farmer. An Armorer-Bot walked to him.' "That's because the Chihuahua Men took most of them. They bring us raw materials and in they take half the lightning and plasma weaponry and power fuel cells we produce."

"He looked at the inventory list. "Only have one combat grade laser. It's a General Electric Red Lightning." He paused. "It's a laser automatic carbine, But we're currently out of customization kits to put improved sights and like useful mods on it."

"We have more than enough firearms. You may take your pick." Jordy gave his crude laser rifle and fuel cells. "Please strip this for spare parts. It's only fair." "Thank you." Jordy went straight to the military handguns section.

"Wise choice." said Elena. "There only revolvers of various makes in the civilian handgun section." She went to the police section. "The Police has some semiautomatics, though." As an Amazon, she loved sword and shield combat. But she felt it wisest to learn of non-melee fighting styles.

Jordy walked past the rows of revolvers. The `1711A1 .45 automatics picked his interest. 'But did something better exist?' He thought.
His face brightened as rows of Mauser 1696s faced him. "Better, but what is best?'"

He saw a rack of different pistols, and ran to them. He checked.
At the very end a rack of unique pistols. "Bergmann Cyclone pistol. Caliber 7.63x25mm Mauser. Thirty shots, semiautomatic, holster, magazine pouch, hooded front ramp sight with fiber optic front sight post, fixed rear sight variant. And it has a muzzle compensator, too.

He liked how its sights lined up instantly. He carefully holstered it after loading multiple magazines with JSP rounds. "Mom, I got a gun!"
His parents sat down with him and watched A CYLINDER-X Presentation by Armsco. "NEW FOR 1848, Bergmann Cyclone pistol." They watch the whole presentation.

Jordy then went to the indoor firing range. At the direction of the Range-Bot, he put on pair of hearing protectors. "Your eye wear is acceptable. Jordy carefully squeezed the trigger. BANG. "Hit." the Range-Bot announced.

Twenty nine more careful shots landed him an Expert rating. He cleaned it and reloaded his pistol's magazine. It felt good to have more firepower.


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