Campionato Esportiva 37 & Sport. Fest. 3 - Everything Thread

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Campionato Esportiva 37 & Sport. Fest. 3 - Everything Thread

Postby South Newlandia » Mon Jan 29, 2024 3:44 pm

South Newlandia is proud and honoured to welcome you to the 37th Campionato Esportiva and the rest of the 3rd Sporting Festival (T20 Cricket (Espo T20 IV), Baseball, Ice Hockey, Handball, Karting)!

January 31st: Group Draws
February 6th: Day One
February 8th: Day Two
February 10th: Day Three
February 12th: Day Four
February 14th: Day Five
February 16th: Day Six / CE Round of 16
February 18th: Day Seven / CE Quarterfinals
February 20th: Day Eight / CE Semifinals
February 22nd: Day Nine / CE Final / 3PPO
For the schedules of the other Festival Sports, see the smaller OPs.
The listed days are scorination days.

Cut-off times will be between 8 pm UTC and 9 pm UTC.

RP information:

You may begin posting Rosters and Roleplays now.

As the host of the tournament, I have a few rules about roleplays of the host nations that I hope you to follow. Namely, there are no current pandemics in South Newlandia, and I would appreciate if you could keep it that way. Please also don’t kill anyone in my country without permission. Most things can be talked about; if you have an interesting idea, but aren’t sure if it would be okay for me, it never hurts to send me a telegram or a message on discord.
Please do include a Roleplay Permission Box, so your opponent knows what they can Roleplay about. You may have a general box, or make one for every sport you participate in.
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes/No
Eject my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

If you have any questions, please feel to ask them! I am easily reachable by Telegram or on Discord, or you can answer your question in the signup/OOC thread for all to see. You can also find further information on the tournament in the bid, as I haven't repeated everything in this OP.

Formats and Pots, and, where applicable, group draws, found under spoilers below.

Campionato Esportiva 37
The 30 signed up teams will compete will compete in 5 groups of 6 teams. After five games for each team, the teams finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will advance to the Round of 16 alongside the best fourth-placed team. From there, it will be a single-elimination bracket. Tiebreakers for advancement and seeding will be Group placement, points, goal difference, H2H record, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.

Pot 1:
Tumbra (1)
Sylestone (2)
Xanneria (5)
Natanians and Nosts (6)
The Hannasean Federation (7)

Pot 2:
South Newlandia (9)
Dod Rava (10)
Acadiana (11)
Eshialand (13)
Fhulghamous Peninsula (14)

Pot 3:
Lozho (15)
Josifovo (17)
TJUN-ia (19)
Esportivan Darmen (21)
Macbon (23)

Pot 4:
Gouvanarch (24)
Boring Paradise (25)
Cheetahs and reptiles Coalison (28)
Robostania (31)
Hapilopper (33)

Pot 5:
Irithoren (35)
Damukuni (36)
Kita-Hinode (49)
Slembana (53)

Pot UR:
Nerriat (UR)
Dispertag (UR)
Vangaziland (UR)
Gunnison and Telluride (UR)
North Pole and South Lapland (UR)
Schimata (UR)


Group A - played at Stadium of Friendship, Elephant Valley
Josifovo (17)
Cheetahs and reptiles Coalison (28)
Dispertag (UR)
Irithoren (35)
Sylestone (2)
South Newlandia (9)

Group B - played at EsportivArena, Newport
Damukuni (36)
Xanneria (5)
TJUN-ia (19)
Acadiana (11)
Vangaziland (UR)
Hapilopper (33)

Group C - played at Ratzupalfu Colosseum, Ratzupalfu
Macbon (23)
Robostania (31)
Gunnison and Telluride (UR)
The Hannasean Federation (7)
Nerriat (UR)
Dod Rava (10)

Group D - played at Kinetik Stadium, New Colk
North Pole and South Lapland (UR)
Eshialand (13)
Slembana (53)
Gouvanarch (24)
Lozho (15)
Natanians and Nosts (6)

Group E - played at Elephant Dome, Elephant Valley
Fhulghamous Peninsula (14)
Boring Paradise (25)
Kita-Hinode (49)
Esportivan Darmen (21)
Tumbra (1)
Schimata (UR)

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 6v4; 5v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v6; 3v1; 4v5
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 6v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v6; 4v2; 5v1
Day 6 - Round of 16
Day 7 - Quarterfinals
Day 8 - Semifinals
Day 9 - Final/3PPO

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
STYLE MOD: optional
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

Espo T20 IV
With 8 signups, there will be a single pool of 8, playing one match each cutoff. After that, the top four finishers will advance to a single-elimination knockout stage. Draws will be permitted in the Pool Stage, but will head to a Super Over in the knockouts. Tiebreakers for advancement and seeding will be Group placement, points, H2H record, NRR, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.

Group: - First and Second listed game played at Black Dolphin Arena, New Colk / Third and Fourth listed game played at Harrier Stadium, New Colk
Lozho (10)
Esportivan Darmen (UR)
South Newlandia (21)
Natanians and Nosts (UR)
The Plough Islands (Guest nation) (11)
Sylestone (3)
Tumbra (UR)
TJUN-ia (9)

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v8; 2v7; 3v6; 4v5
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 8v5; 6v4; 7v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v8; 3v1; 4v7; 5v6
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 8v6; 7v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v8; 4v2; 5v1; 6v7
Day 6 - Matchday 6 - 8v7; 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 7 - Matchday 7 - 4v8; 5v3; 6v2; 7v1
Day 8 - Semifinals
Day 9 - Final/3PPO

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y/N
RP injuries to my players: Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players: Y/N
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y/N
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y/N
*It is assumed whoever RPs first has the right to select the method of dismissal, but not whether
there were godmod circumstances behind them (e.g. a ball hitting a bird before being caught fairly).

Style mods will not be considered this time.

With 12 signups, teams will play in 2 groups of 6. After that, group winners will directly advance to the Semifinals, while the second- and third-placed teams will have a playoff for the final two spots. After that, it will be a regular single-elimination bracket. Tiebreakers for advancement will be wins, H2H record, Run differential, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.

Pot 1:
South Newlandia (1)
Ranoria (Guest nation) (2)

Pot 2:
Super-Llamaland (7)
TJUN-ia (13)

Pot 3:
Eshialand (15)
Dod Rava (22)

Pot UR:
The Hannasean Federation (UR)
Xanneria (UR)
Esportivan Darmen (UR)
Acadiana (UR)
Irithoren (UR)
Natanians and Nosts (UR)

Group A - played at Elephant Stadium, Elephant Valley
Esportivan Darmen (UR)
TJUN-ia (13)
The Hannasean Federation (UR)
Eshialand (15)
South Newlandia (1)
Xanneria (UR)

Group B - played at Ratzupalfu Dome, Ratzupalfu
Natanians and Nosts (UR)
Ranoria (Guest nation) (2)
Dod Rava (22)
Irithoren (UR)
Super-Llamaland (7)
Acadiana (UR)

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 6v4; 5v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v6; 3v1; 4v5
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 6v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v6; 4v2; 5v1
Day 6 – Playoff Round (A2-B3, B2-A3)
Day 7 – Semifinals (A1-(PR2), B1-(PR1))
Day 8 - Final/3PPO

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes/No
Choose my lineup: Yes/No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Eject my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No
Use DH at home: Yes/No

Ice Hockey
The 12 participating teams will be divided in two groups of six. After that, group winners will directly advance to the Semifinals, while the second- and third-placed teams will have a playoff for the final two spots. After that, it will be a regular single-elimination bracket. Draws will not be broken in the Group Stage. Tiebreakers for advancement and seeding will be Group placement, points, H2H record, PD, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.

Pot 1:
Dod Rava (8)
Banija (Guest nation) (9)

Pot 2:
TJUN-ia (12)

Pot UR:
Eshialand (UR)
South Newlandia (UR)
Tumbra (UR)
North Pole and South Lapland (UR)
Natanians and Nosts (UR)
Lozho (UR)
Vangaziland (UR)
Xanneria (UR)
Esportivan Darmen (UR)

Group A - played at Valley Rink, Elephant Valley
North Pole and South Lapland (UR)
South Newlandia (UR)
Eshialand (UR)
TJUN-ia (12)
Dod Rava (8)
Tumbra (UR)

Group B - played at Prosperena, Newport
Vangaziland (UR)
Esportivan Darmen (UR)
Xanneria (UR)
Lozho (UR)
Banija (Guest nation) (9)
Natanians and Nosts (UR)

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 6v4; 5v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v6; 3v1; 4v5
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 6v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v6; 4v2; 5v1
Day 6 – Playoff Round (A2-B3, B2-A3)
Day 7 – Semifinals (A1-(PR2), B1-(PR1))
Day 8 - Final/3PPO

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
STYLE MOD: optional
Choose My Scorers: Yes/No
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes/No
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes/No
Godmod Injuries to My Players: Yes/No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes/No
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes/No
Godmod Other Events: Yes/No

With 6 signups, there will be a single pool. Following five matchdays, the top four teams will advance as outlined below. Tiebreakers for advancement and seeding will be Group placement, points, H2H result, goal difference, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.

Group - played at Harrier Hall, New Colk
The Hannasean Federation (UR)
Natanians and Nosts (19)
Vangaziland (UR)
Sylestone (1)
HUElavia (Guest nation) (9)
South Newlandia (UR)

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 6v4; 5v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v6; 3v1; 4v5
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 6v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v6; 4v2; 5v1
Day 6 – First Round – Group 1st v Group 2nd // Group 3rd v Group 4th
Day 7 – Second Round – Loser G1-G2 v Winner G3-G4
Day 8 – Final – Winner G1-G2 v Winner Second Round

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my scorers Yes/No
RP injuries to my players Yes/No
RP yellow cards / 2-minute suspensions / red cards to my players (bold all that apply)
Godmod scoring / injury / other events (bold all that apply)

There are 19 drivers signed up which will compete in 4 races total. Each race will be made up of a Training/Qualifying Cutoff and a Race Cutoff. After three races, the top seven drivers will advance to the fourth and final race. Drivers will be ranked by points scored in the first three races. The race winners will be guaranteed a spot in the final. Ties will not be broken - if multiple racers are tied for the final spot(s), they will all advance.

Driver list:
Jyri Jatkola (Aboveland)
Gilles Taggart-Kennard (Acadiana)
Julita Lérida (Dod Rava)
Willum Bond (Doubeia)
Evangelos Kalyftakis (Fhulghamous Peninsula)
Victoria Davidson (Hannasea)
Rudy Edwards (Hapilopper)
Karim Dafiyrah (Irithoren)
Zebediah von Ziggler (Lozho)
Ion Numa Apilescu (Natanians and Nosts)
Gabriel Morales (Nerriat)
Nepö Kinder (Nico Hulkenberg)
Robin Dragonovic (South Newlandia)
Sentient Engine (Sylestone)
Lane Carter (TJUN-ia)
Ted Pressly (Tumbra)
Charlene J N M M Suh-Hyung (Valentine Z) (Guest nation)
Janet Franssen (Vangaziland)
Tucker Capps (Xanneria)

Day 1 – Training / Qualifying - Sun City
Day 2 – Race – Sun City
Day 3 - Training / Qualifying – Elephant Valley
Day 4 - Race – Elephant Valley
Day 5 – Training / Qualifying - Trunkst
Day 6 – Race – Trunkst
Day 7 – Training / Qualifying – Newport (top seven drivers only)
Day 8 – Championship Race - Newport

There are no RP perms here, as racing tends to be played looser than other sports. If there’s demand, I could create a Karting Discussion Thread on the Esportiva Discord Server for further discussion. Also, a driver bio is encouraged and would be linked here, but is not required by any means.

You may post your rosters, if signed up for more than one sport, in the same post or different ones; but if you plan on editing anything into a post at a later date, please leave some kind of disclaimer for me to see; I might miss your edit otherwise!
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Postby South Newlandia » Mon Jan 29, 2024 3:45 pm



by the way, check out the OP to find out where your teams are playing!

In a nutshell
South Newlandia is a small Esportivan island with about four million inhabitants, located somewhere east of Super-Llamaland. South Newlandia is known for democracy, elephants, regulated capitalism and environmentalism, and the friendly population, happy to help you out if you run into any problems.

Your stay at the Campionato and/or Sporting Festival
South Newlandia is a very small country. Therefore, expect that for the average fan, getting a hotel room on short notice will be difficult, and tickets will definitely be in short supply. Remember that re-selling tickets for more than the original price is banned in South Newlandia, so if you see someone ripping people off, alert the authorities by dialling or texting 123.
Even if you can’t get a place in the stadiums (tickets will be divided 40%/40% between the two participating nations, with 20% being available to everyone else), that isn’t that big of a deal. In many spots around the country, opportunities to watch the games on a big screen, often outside, with hundreds or thousands of other fans. The atmosphere at those events is often almost as great as being in the stadium, and in many places, it’s completely free of charge.
If you need any help or assistance with anything, feel free to ask the populace for help. South Newlandians are known to be eager to help, as long as you follow a few basic rules, such as not being an embarrassment for everyone and not being a pain on purpose. If you fail to clear this smallest of hurdles, you probably won’t have much luck getting help from the general public, but you can still get help by texting or dialling 321, where people are paid to deal with you. You can use this number to get all kinds of help and get answers to your questions. On an unrelated note, please don’t make North Newlandia jokes. Nothing bad will happen, but everyone has heard that one already.

Rules and Laws
If you plan to visit South Newlandia, there are a few things you should be aware of beforehand. Laws on imported goods are rather strict, and things you’d expect to not be allowed to take into other countries are usually banned in South Newlandia as well. Examples for this include dead animals, living people unwilling to enter and bombs of any kind. The same regulations will also apply if you go to leave the country again.
Special note should be made of South Newlandian drug laws. While all drugs, and this means all drugs, including alcohol and tobacco; are decriminalized in South Newlandia; this does not mean you are allowed to deal drugs. Selling or giving away drugs for any reason is strictly banned; this includes, again, alcohol and tobacco. However, you are allowed to take any drugs you want to without punishment, and are allowed to own any that are only for your own consumption. You are probably going to be treated like an addicted person though, so people might attempt to get you professional help to fight the addiction they perceive you to have. This is rare; most people are aware that different customs exist in other countries. In short, you are allowed to take any drugs into South Newlandia as long as you can convince officials that you aren’t addicted to them and do not intent to sell them.
Bribing South Newlandian officials is basically impossible; border control is a very well-paid job in South Newlandia. Otherwise, the South Newlandian legal system is similar to the legal systems of most other civilised places; with the exception that jails and prisons have been outlawed a few years ago.

Getting around inside South Newlandia isn’t a huge problem, it is often more difficult to arrive in the first place. That’s the case with all islands, but South Newlandia has rather few flights and ships exiting and entering, mostly because of environmental regulations. If you do arrive in South Newlandia, you are likely near the coast or even on an island now; your options are Elephant Valley, Newport, Walstreim, Kinjestad or Ineton.
When you arrive, the probably best options are the multiple high-speed trains that can get you almost everywhere in the country fairly quickly. Unless you want to go to a really remote place, you can probably expect your journey to your destination to take two hours at the very most. If you want to connect between two of the big cities, like from Walstreim to Ratzupalfu, you can expect it to be even quicker. If you don’t like trains, for some reason, there are also busses and cars to rent, but the streets aren’t always in perfect condition, and are far less convenient, to be honest.
Flights inland are banned in South Newlandia. If you want to be mobile within a city, you can rent bikes for free, or you can take the underground if you are in a bigger city and the bus if the city is smaller. There are also busses and rental cars in the bigger cities, but unless you really need to, we wouldn’t advise you to use them. The bus is slower than the underground, and the underground gets you pretty much everywhere within a city. Cars can get very inconvenient because they are banned in many areas, and where they aren’t, there are rarely any parking spots. Seriously, don’t try to drive a car in South Newlandia. Most of the citizens don’t either; a lot of them don’t even have a license.

The climate typically stays the same in South Newlandia throughout most of the year, with moderate winters and warm summers. In the places where games are hosted, temperatures around 15-25°C can be expected, and although it may rain a bit, there are no big storms forecast during the duration of the Tournaments. Weather extremes of all kinds are rare, too; don’t expect any windstorms or floods or anything like that.

There are some wild animals in South Newlandia, but they will generally don’t disturb you if you don’t disturb them. Basically, just stay on the outlined paths in the forest and don’t do anything to anger animals, and you’ll be fine. Most of South Newlandias wild animals are friendly, like the elephants, for example; in the unlikely event that you meet a bear, probably the most dangerous animal you could meet in South Newlandia, in the woods, you should follow standard bear safety guidelines. In any emergency, you can call or text the number 123 to get immediate help, or the number 321 if you just need less urgent, but still important advice.

Cities and Stadiums

Elephant Valley

Elephant Valley, the capital of South Newlandia, makes up about an eighth of the country’s population. The city has relatively few skyscrapers, but is built over a large area instead. The city used to be more industrial, but is mostly focusing on providing entertainment for the rest of the country; most of the biggest media outlets, like the “Elephant Valley Mail” or “South Newlandia One” are having their headquarters here, but there is also a lot of other IT-related industry here. Elephant Valley is relevant for just about every sport.

Elephant Valley is the centre of South Newlandian sports. They had two elite soccer teams between Elephant Valley FC and the Valley Wanderers, still have two elite baseball teams in the Homers and Snow Bears, and are also the host of most South Newlandian home games in baseball and soccer. Additionally, Gridiron football is bigger nowhere than in Elephant Valley, home of the national team and the NSCF team Elephant Valley University Red Elephants.

Other attractions
Other than sports, Elephant Valley is by all accounts the heart of South Newlandian politics and culture. The South Newlandian government, a common sight to visit, is here, for example. Elephant Valley also has multiple large universities, with the Elephant Valley Science Institute and Elephant Valley Sports College next to the aforementioned EVU. Other sights to visit in Elephant Valley include the biggest water park in the nation, as well as a massive statue of an Elephant painted in the colours of South Newlandia.

The people
Like in most of South Newlandia, many inhabitants of Elephant Valley are immigrants either in first, second, or third generation, creating a melting pot of all kinds of different cultures. In recent years, other cities have surpassed the growth rate of Elephant Valley, which has caused a once rapidly shifting city to settle down a bit.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~22°C
Chance of rain: medium (~30% on any given day)


Stadium of Friendship (41,093) [Campionato Esportiva 37 Group A]
The Stadium of Friendship is by far the biggest stadium in all of South Newlandia. It was, very expensively, built by Valentian Constructions Limited, but it has all the bells and whistles of a modern stadium, including a retractable roof and the best available technology everywhere. It stands just outside the city limits, and is easily reachable using all forms of transport. The Stadium of Friendship also hosted a semifinal during World Cup 89, as well as the CE31 and CE34 final.

Elephant Dome (21,500) [Campionato Esportiva 37 Group E]
The Elephant Dome used to be the biggest stadium in South Newlandia, having been host to the final of the 28th Campionato Esportiva. The retractable roof allows the stadium to be dry regardless of weather, and it stands closer to the center of the city, easily reachable from everywhere. It has also been used during World Cup 89.

Elephant Stadium (30,000) [Esportivan Baseball Trophy III Group A]
The biggest South Newlandian baseball stadium is located in the relative South of the capital city Elephant Valley. The stadium was upgraded after the 48th WBC, and was again in preparation for the second Sporting Festical, and is now able to host 30,000 people. All fifteen home games of WBC48 were played here, and the unranked South Newlandia won twelve of them, the first ten in a row. The upgraded stadium also featured one match series in the IBS11 and the WBC49, and knockout games in IBS12, including a semi-final; and of course, multiple play-off series at WBC52, including the South Newlandian semi-final win over Sarzonia. Domestically, this is the home of the Elephant Valley Homers.

Valley Rink (6,000) [Esportivan Ice Hockey Trophy II Group A]
The Rink is located near the Northeast of Elephant Valley, and a sufficiently decent Ice Hockey stadium, despite being small. It has also been used in the previous Esportivan Ice Hockey Trophy, and has since almost doubled in size – there are some rumours that South Newlandia might even attempt to bid for a WCoH at some point.

Elephant Karting Track [Esportivan Karting Trophy Race 2]
The EKT is a very fun track located just outside of the official city boundary. It is considered the easiest of the four tracks, with the most difficult part being probably the consecutive 180° turns in the middle.

New Colk

New Colk is located on the Elephant Island only just off of the coast, but already technically in the Sea of Llamaphants separating South Newlandia and Super-Llamaland. New Colk, having a population of roughly 40,000, has a large Grearish population. Although many of them have assimilated with the South Newlandians into one, many Grearish influences remain today, and that is making this city extremely special. Because of this, New Colk is also the city with the strongest cricket presence in South Newlandia.

The Kinetik Islanders used to take the SNSL by storm, but since then, it has been a bit quieter around sports in New Colk. Recent developments suggest they’re looking to lure a baseball team into the city (for now, the New Colk Tigers are the AAA affiliate of the Snow Bears); and teams from here dominate the small cricket league of South Newlandia.

Other attractions
As mentioned earlier, New Colk has many Grearish influences. This includes rare wildlife, such as the yellow-billed kingfisher and Grearish harrier, as well as, in extremely rare circumstances, black dolphins being sighted from the Island. Other than that, Grearish support, including through the energy drink company ‘Kinetik’, has given the city a massive boost. Among the host cities, New Colk also has the nicest beaches to visit; like every South Newlandian beach, they are subject to strong environmental regulations.

The people
Graerish folks are some of the nicest people you could ever meet, and that is reflected in New Colk.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~25°C
Chance of rain: medium-high (~40% on any given day)


Kinetik Stadium (16,000) [Campionato Esportiva 34 Group D]
Kinetik Stadium, sponsored by Kinetik, has also hosted games in previous editions of the tournament. Kinetik built a top-notch modern stadium with everything you could possibly want. It is very close to the sea, so this stadium always looks fantastic on photos. For WC89, they upped the seat count once again.

Black Dolphin Arena (7,000) [Espo T20 IV – First and Second listed games]
The Black Dolphin Arena is the biggest cricket ground in South Newlandia, and the home of the perennial South Newlandian cricket champions. It tends to be very balanced between pitchers and batters. It’s the heart and soul of South Newlandian cricket.

Harrier Stadium (5,800) [Espo T20 IV – Third and Fourth listed games]
Harrier Stadium generally slightly favours the pitchers, especially those with good speed. It’s the second biggest ground South Newlandia has to offer, and while its smaller than Black Dolphin Arena, it is said to look even nicer.

Harrier Hall (5,000) [Esportivan Handball Trophy]
Handball is surprisingly popular in New Colk, and the Harrier Hall reflects that; it being primarily used for Handball games. It’s definitely a hall that handball is being played in.


Newport is located on the East coast of South Newlandia, and is the second-biggest city of the country at about 330,000 citizens. It used to be a very industrial city, named after the port that is the biggest in the country today. If anything is getting shipped to South Newlandia, odds are, it arrives in Newport first. In recent years, Newport has been the fastest growing city in the country, as job prospects have quickly attracted people from around South Newlandia and the multiverse.

Newport has always been an important city for South Newlandian sports. Before the end of SNSL, there were two strong football teams here, Jecken Newport, and Newport United. Newport also has a strong baseball presence, with the Newport Owls and Newport Dolphins in Llamaphant Pro Baseball, and plays a role in various other sports.

Other attractions
Newport has basically everything you’d expect a city to have, including food from around the multiverse, malls, and everything else. Two of the most well-known attractions of Newport are the East-Newport minigolf course, considered the best in the country, and suitable for all ages and skill levels; and the Newport Cineplex, one of the biggest cinemas in the nation, featuring all the currently relevant movies and blockbusters. If you’re more interested in culture, you can visit the highest court of law here, or the Newport College for International Relations, or the Newport Law School, or the Newport Politics Institute…

The people
The citizens of Newport are relatively normal for being South Newlandian, friendly, and commonly welcoming toward foreigners. Of course, many citizens of Newport are immigrants themselves, moving to South Newlandia for job prospects or whatever else. They do have a reputation for being a little bit less open than South Newlandians from other places, but that’s mostly a myth.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~18°C
Chance of rain: medium-low (~20% on any given day)


EsportivArena (25,000) [Campionato Esportiva 34 Group B]
The EsportivArena was specifically built for World Cup 89. In honour of Esportiva, South Newlandia represents the region with this stadium. It’s also just about as modern as it can get.

Prosperena (7,000) [Esportivan Ice Hockey Trophy]
Newport has a small ice hockey community too; mostly brought in by immigrants. This is actually the biggest ice hockey stadium South Newlandia has to offer after another recent upgrade; Ice Hocke just isn’t much of a thing here.

Southern Newport Karting Track [Esportivan Karting Trophy Race 4 (Championship Race)]
This track will decide the first Esportivan Karting champion, and it’s considered the most technically difficult of all four tracks. Interestingly, all four races take place in a different place (as in East, West, South, North) in the country.


Ratzupalfu, with a population of 175,000, located near the center of South Newlandia, was always a city trying to work with nature instead of against it, and it works out fairly well for them. The city is surrounded by jungle, with wild animals often not far away, and it will be your best bet if you want to see wild Elephants. Ratzupalfu is located at the edge of the South Newlandian jungle, encompassing most of the central portion of South Newlandia.

The Ratzupalfu Rhinos used to be a strong South Newlandian soccer team, they have a two-time SNL champion in baseball, and have the Ratzupalfu University of Nature Egrets set to start playing in NS College Football. On top of that, Ratzupalfu is the team usually on top in South Newlandian basketball as well.

Other attractions
Other attractions, beside the jungle and the animals, include the aforementioned Ratzupalfu University of Nature, as well as many sources of information about South Newlandian wildlife, including the two biggest museums of South Newlandia.

The people
People from Ratzupalfu are more nature- and animal loving than any other in South Newlandia, and are going to tell you about their pets, and want to know about yours. People from here are willing to work together with nature, giving back more than they take.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~25°C
Chance of rain: very high (~70% on any given day)


Ratzupalfu Colosseum (16,000) [Campionato Esportiva 34 Group C]
The Colosseum was built from scratch for Campionato Esportiva 28, partly by the government and partly by the then-existing Rhinos. Different to the old stadium, the colosseum is not only much more modern, but also has some reasonably decent connections to the rest of the country. Rain is pretty much the natural state here, but it’s also dry reasonably often. The stadium surely won’t shield the players from the rain, but has still been used for the big stage of the 89th World Cup.

Ratzupalfu Dome (25,000) [Esportivan Basketball Trophy II Group B]
The Dome was custom-built for the newly arriving/returning LPB team, the Rhinos. Unlike some South Newlandian stadiums, it actually has a roof, which will keep players dry. In Ratzupalfu, that’s a good thing to have.

Sun City

Sun City is on the smaller side, with less than 100,000 inhabitants. As the name implies, it is located in the desert to the South, and sun energy from here is responsible for a lot of power generation in the country.

Sun City’s biggest claim to fame in modern South Newlandian sports are the Sun City Flames. The LPB team is currently the team with the longest postseason drought in the South Newlandian League. They also used to be known for racing, and are the only South Newlandian city to have ever hosted an NSSCRA event. In the Everlong, but still.

Other attractions
I sure hope you like sand and renewable power generation.

The people
Above all, the people of Sun City tend to be hot. Literally.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~32°C
Chance of rain: very low (~3% on any given day)


Desert Karting Track [Esportivan Karting Trophy Race 3]
Sun City is a big racing city, and this is the most well-known track in the country. There are still relatively few places to watch this track – this is because it tends to get pretty heated. Again, literally.


Trunkst is the smallest hosting city with only about 44.000 inhabitants. It is located at the Northern edge of the country, and considered part of the Far North politically. The northern tip of South Newlandia, where Trunkst lies, is not really viable for agriculture, and fishing and the occasional rare thing in the mines is what kept the city afloat in the beginning.

Since then, sports have been a big part of the city. They have a AAA baseball team, the Trunkst Grizzlies, affiliate of the Jaffro Drawks. While their football team, Trunkst CFT, was most known for always falling short of getting promoted to the top flight, the cities’ own Robin Dragonovic became the nations’ first (and only) NSSCRA driver, now racing under the flag of TJUN-ia (mostly ;) ).

Other attractions
There are a limited number of things to visit in Trunkst, but you can go look at the beautiful cliffs just outside of the city, or visit one of the museums about the history of the South Newlandian North.

The people
The people tend to be more reserved in Trunkst, but they’re still very friendly on the inside. While most of the rest of the country tends to underestimate the Far North, it remains a core part of South Newlandia.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~15°C
Chance of rain: medium (~30% on any given day)


Northern Coast Track [Esportivan Karting Trophy Race 3]
It only makes sense to host a race in the home town of the greatest racer in South Newlandian history (not a high bar). In fact, this track is very old, and Dragonovic has raced here often as a kid. This can be considered his home track, so prepare for him to finish 15th.

If you need any additional information, feel free to drop me a telegram or a message on discord.
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My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes, within reason (justify any discrepancies from the below lineups if possible)
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: TG for approval
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I determine the severity
Godmod injuries to my players: TG for approval
Eject my players: TG for approval (Llamaneans really don’t get ejected often)
Godmod other events: TG for approval
Use DH at home: No

Fast Facts:
NICKNAMES: The Tigers (official), The Cubs (unofficial)
MANAGER: Jacinta MacRaun
Formerly of the Weegham Rainmakers and the Xingcheng Renaissance, which she led to two Esportivan championships.

Credit: No Nonsense Sportswear, Filindostan

Most Likely To...
Hit a home run: Von Gunther, Jeff Huang, Jasmine Xu
Hit a double: Jeff Huang, Jasmine Xu, Apollo Sündstrom
Get a clutch hit: Jasmine Xu, Jeff Huang, Schuyler Duffy
Strike out: Cerulean Baines, Apollo Sündstrom, Elijah Tatum
Draw a walk: Von Gunther, Jeff Huang, Evander Stone
Steal a base: Apollo Sündstrom, René Corbin, Elijah Tatum
Get caught stealing: René Corbin, Lewis Hunter, Apollo Sündstrom
Make a great defensive play: René Corbin, Apollo Sündstrom, Elijah Tatum
Commit an error: Apollo Sündstrom, Lewis Hunter, Von Gunther

Starting Lineup
1. SS Apollo Sündstrom (S)
2. 3B Jeff Huang (R)
3. RF Lewis Hunter (R)
4. 1B Von Gunther (L)
5. LF Jasmine Xu (S)
6. 2B René Corbin (R)
7. CF Schuyler Duffy (S)
8. C Cerulean Baines (R)
9. Starting Pitcher
1. SS Apollo Sündstrom (S)
2. 3B Jeff Huang (R)
3. RF Lewis Hunter (R)
4. 1B Von Gunther (L)
5. LF Jasmine Xu (S)
6. DH Elijah Tatum (R)
7. 2B René Corbin (R)
8. CF Schuyler Duffy (S)
9. C Cerulean Baines (R)
Against left-handed pitchers, Ava Llorente will replace Von Gunther at first.

Cerulean BAINES, #00, 26, R/R - Denison Dynamo
As a catcher, Baines is somewhat polarizing - critics note that she has one of the less accurate throwing arms in the league, despite its clear power, while fans point to the natural ability and that she's statistically one of the best framing talents in the LPB. As a hitter, things are more straightforward - she has good power, strikes out a bit too much, but manages enough walks and dingers to make up for it.
Von GUNTHER, #19, 24, 1B, L/L - Emerald City Greens
A young slugger best known for his power and plate discipline, Gunther has also dramatically improved as a baserunner since entering the LPB, stealing fourteen bases last season - he seems to be developing into far more than just another three true outcome guy.
René CORBIN, #18, 32, 2B/SS, R/R - New Llama Cyclones
A flashy defender (although the underlying productivity numbers don't live up to the hype) who likes to swing for the fences and steal bases.
Apollo SÜNDSTROM, #95, 25, SS, R/R - St. Riecarn Saints (South Newlandia)
After three seasons of middling performance with the Chariots, Sündstrom was shipped out of town - and immediately broke out in an MVP campaign with the Saints. A notorious hothead who clashed with Will Gutierrez and Michael Shelby throughout his entire tenure with Corbin Island, and who was suspended from the most recent WBC for trying to fight a fan. On the field, though, he’s a five-tool shortstop capable of athletic impossibilities. Which Sündstrom will show up is anyone’s guess - but could be the hinge upon which the Tigers’ fate swings.
Jeff HUANG, #11, 28, 3B/1B, R/R - Vargas City Lions
Huang has shown the ability to do it all while locking down the hot corner, first in Xingcheng and now Vargas City. He hit .290 with 20 home runs and tremendous defense in his rookie year, then far surpassed those hitting statistics in a breakout sophomore season that led Xingcheng to the championship.

Will GUTIERREZ, #20, 28, C/1B, R/R - Sophie City Monarchs (South Newlandia)
A solid, if unspectacular defensive catcher who is very good with the bat, having grown into a more mature approach to his plate appearances to complement his strong game power.
Elijah TATUM, #29, 26, CF/2B/1B/DH, S/R - Corbin Island Chariots
Very athletic and a defensive ace at any outfield position or on the right side of the infield, Tatum’s versatility and high situational awareness make him one to watch out for in the clutch. Likes to stretch doubles into triples and take risks at the plate, consequently striking out a lot.
Gordon CHERNENKO, #39, 31, 2B/3B/SS, S/R - Emerald City Greens
A defensive wizard who is somewhat limited with the bat, Chernenko is likely to see late-game reps in the infield when the Tigers want to lock down a win. But it’s Jacinta MacRaun managing, so he’s just as likely to pinch-hit with the game on the line.
Sylvi VERMARK, #16, 27, 2B/SS, R/R - Peninsulara Kingfishers
A promising young player who the Kingfishers apparently liked enough to mortgage their entire future for, Vermark is an effective contact-hitter with enough plate discipline and power to get by, as well as an underrated defender and base-stealer.
Ava LLORENTE, #33, 27, 3B/1B, R/R - Emerald City Greens
An old-school slugger who’s increasingly evolved into a new-age three-true-outcomes hitter. She’s also surprisingly solid at the hot corner despite her bulky frame.

Jasmine XU, #1, 24, LF, S/R - Emerald City Greens
The first overall pick last season, Xu turned in a brilliant rookie campaign, showing genuine five-tool ability on the field despite her young age. While her game power hasn't consistently caught up to the BP videos that got her picked first, she's devastatingly fast, has strong defensive instincts, and has a solid, mature approach to hitting that helped take Emerald City back to the postseason a season after finishing with the league's worst record.
Schuyler DUFFY, #50, 33, CF, S/R - Emerald City Greens
Duffy excels on the defensive side of center-field, but they've also come into their own as a batter after their controversial trade from Xingcheng to Emerald City (this despite MacRaun trading down from the first pick to take Duffy originally, a bizarre decision she attributed to the outfielder's "main character energy"). Their ability to hit for contact and leg out infield hits has been supplanted by growing strength and plate discipline, resulting in a more well-rounded Duffy at center-field.
Lewis HUNTER, #9, 28, RF, R/R - Kyrinson Cosmos
Hunter is more of an all-around force best known for his combination of speed and power. He's historically struggled to make contact and maintain plate discipline, but made huge progress in both en route to a breakout LPB4 campaign with the Ratzupalfu Rhinos.
Ella CARLSON, #52, 30, CF/OF, R/R - South Falls Athletics
A speedy defensive ace, Carlson could see significant time as a pinch-runner or late defensive substitution due to her ability to play all three outfield positions (although she mainly plays center-field at the club level). Not the worst hitter, either.
Evander STONE, #31, 27, RF/LF, R/R - St. Riecarn Saints (South Newlandia)
Sure-handed but athletically limited, Stone’s best trait is his incredible plate discipline, which lets him reach base at a high clip. Also boasts some pretty solid power, although his speed limits his ability to go for extra bases.

Starting Pitchers
Note: August Tai will start MD11, with the rotation resuming regular operations with Solveig Jørgensen's MD12 start.
Solveig JØRGENSEN, #28, 33, R - Xingcheng Renaissance
MacRaun's flamethrowing ace from her time with Xingcheng, Jørgensen loves to mix high fastballs that top out in the high nineties with sharp, late-breaking shuutos down in the zone. Also mixes in a comically slow, looping 12-6 curveball to great effect. Will retire as the best Llamanean pitcher since Justin Zheng, but would prefer to go out with a win.
Maddie BENITEZ, #12, 27, R - Peninsulara Kingfishers
Benitez doesn’t have great velocity, but her control and command are absolutely second to none - maybe even surpassing that of other famous control artists like Savanna Wladecki. Her first two seasons with the Kingfishers were marked by abysmal run support, but also by some absolute artistry on the mound from the young righty. In terms of repertoire, she has a two-seam fastball, slider, curveball, and newly-developed circle changeup that she mixes to expert effect - and there may be more on the way.
Griffin GONZALEZ, #50, 32, L - Sophie City Monarchs (South Newlandia)
The understated Gonzalez has quietly become someone who can hold his own in some stacked rotations SNLside. His fastball is in the low-to-mid-nineties with good spin and movement, but he is at his best keeping hitters off balance with a tantalizing array of tight, late-breaking curveballs, sharp cutters, and the occasional circle changeup.
Carter WILKINSON, #41, 32, R - Sophie City Monarchs (South Newlandia)
A fireballing starting pitcher who has really matured in approach and pitch mix in the last few seasons, especially after his trade from Apple Valley to the surprising Sophie City Monarchs. Wilkinson likes to mix his high heat with a sharp, high-eighties slider with a lot of left-to-right motion, as well as a circle changeup that clocks in the mid-eighties and features a tight downwards break. Wilkinson is a ferocious competitor on the mound who hates losing, and as a consequence can tend to lose his recently developed sophistication and just huck fastballs if feeling under pressure - something that the coaching staff and his catchers will need to keep an eye on.
Megan SIGURDSSON, #36, 25, L - Lanar Rangers (Chromatika)
An underrated young starter who plies her trade in Chromatika, Sigurdsson has become a fan favorite in Lanar for her big, looping curveball, a complementary sinker/changeup mix, and her signature pickoff move.

Note: these are their recommended roles, but most of these are elite Llamanean relievers and can fill other roles pretty well. In the Llamanean baseball leagues, roles tend to be flexible, especially under MacRaun's management. These are all OOC role descriptions; ICly, there is no distinction between relievers. Specialty pitches are marked with one asterisk (or two asterisks for emphasis). Relief is a definite weakness of this team, with many strong relievers retiring now or soon, and without much talent coming up through the pipeline.

Long Reliever: August TAI, #45, 21, R - Denison Dynamo - fastball*, slider, curveball
Long Reliever: Isabella HART, #55, 31, R - Alnio Redhawks (Chromatika) - fastball*, shuuto, changeup*
Left-Handed Specialist: Lucien RAMIREZ, #57, 26, L, South Falls Athletic - fastball*, slider, changeup
Middle Reliever: Lucy WALKER-DIAZ, #40, 27, R, St. Riecarn Saints (South Newlandia) - fastball, sinker*, slider, changeup
Middle Reliever: Andrew GILSON III, #94, 23, R, St. Riecarn Saints (South Newlandia) - fastball*, slider*
Middle Reliever: Bryce SERVOPOULOS, #64, 20, L, Peninsulara Kingfishers - fastball**, slider
Setup Reliever: Bri PACHECO, #48, 34, R, Eyrods Pilots (Chromatika) - fastball*, cutter, changeup
Setup Reliever: Mia NICHOLSON, #34, 24, L, Kyrinson Cosmos - fastball, cutter*, curveball*
Setup Reliever: Gerrard McNEIL, #69, 29, R - Denison Dynamo - fastball, cutter*, changeup
Closer: Evangeline LU, #55, 38, R - New Llama Cyclones - fastball*, curveball*, changeup**

Coaching Staff
Manager: Jacinta MacRaun
Bench Coach: Michael Shelby (ex-Manager, Corbin Island Chariots)
Pitching Coach: Akena Lwanga (ex-Pitching Coach, WBBL)
Hitting Coach: Anthony Smith-Miller (ex-Hitting Coach, South Newlandia NT)
First-Base Coach: Melanie Xia (Third-Base Coach, Xingcheng Renaissance)
Third-Base Coach: Blair Morgan (First-Base Coach, Xingcheng Renaissance)
Bullpen Coach: Nick Jensen (Pitching Coach, Kyrinson Cosmos)
Trainer: Jordan Amelio (Trainer, Xingcheng Renaissance)
Video Coordinator: Addison Korhonen (Video Coordinator, Vargas City Lions)

Five-Time WBC Champions (28, 30, 31, 40, 42)
Three-Time WBC Runners-Up (29, 37, 41)
WBC Co-Host (30)

ALL-TIME WBC RECORD: 583 - 266 (68.7 Winning %)

WBC 23: 6-4, Third in Group Stage
WBC 24: 5-5, Fourth in Group Stage
WBC 25: 5-5, Third in Group Stage
WBC 26: 6-6, L 2-0 to Equestrian States in Ro24
WBC 27: 6-4, L 2-0 to Kriegersen in Ro16

WBC 28: 15-8, W 3-1 over The Royal Barangay in Finals
WBC 29: 14-9, L 3-2 to The Royal Barangay in Finals
WBC 30: 15-3, W 3-1 over Jeckland in Finals
WBC 31: 39-0, W 3-0 over Jeckland in Finals

WBC 32: 5-5, Third in Group Stage

WBC 34: 26-16, L 3-2 to Cosumar in Semifinals
WBC 35: 12-5, L 2-0 to The Great Pond in Ro16
WBC 36: 29-9, L 3-2 to Nova Anglicana in Quarterfinals
WBC 37: 31-17, L 4-2 to Schiltzberg in Finals
WBC 38: 23-6, L 2-1 to Ethane in Quarterfinals
WBC 39: 24-13, L 3-1 to West Phoenicia in Quarterfinals

WBC 40: 36-12, W 4-2 over Schiltzberg in Finals
WBC 41: 37-11, L 4-3 to Newmanistan in Finals
WBC 42: 35-13, W 4-1 over Darmen in Finals
WBC 43: 26-9, L 3-2 to Free Republics in Quarterfinals

WBC 49: 20-14, L 3-1 to Banija in Ro16
WBC 50: 20-15, L 3-2 to South Newlandia in Ro32
WBC 51: 25-16, L 3-0 to South Newlandia in Quarterfinals
WBC 52: 22-13, L 3-2 to Delaclava in Ro32
WBC 53: 19-15, L 3-1 to Milchama in Ro32
WBC 54: 12-6, L 3-1 to Zwangzug in Ro16
WBC 55: 17-7, L 3-1 to Ranoria in Ro16
WBC 56: 26-9, L 3-2 to Cassadaigua in Ro16
WBC 57: 28-16, L 3-1 to Ranoria in Semifinals
WBC 58: 21-8, L 3-2 to Ko-oren in Quarterfinals

#2 - 2B Max Danks (WBC23-WBC29)
#3 - C Michael Trabajen (WBC30-WBC32)
#4 - 2B Hector Rinaldi (WBC37-WBC43)
#5 - CF Megan Peterson (WBC28-WBC32)
#6 - SS Summer Huang (WBC49-WBC56)
#7 - 3B Alex Cameron (WBC23-WBC28)
#8 - C Sofia Rasmussen (WBC36-WBC43)
#10 - 1B Gabriel Acosta (WBC49-WBC57)
#13 - SP Justin Zheng (WBC36-WBC43)
#14 - SP Brittany Hendrickson (WBC28-WBC32)
#15 - SS Darren Bradley (WBC23-WBC28)
#17 - SP Axel Florentssen (WBC38-WBC41)
#21 - SP Genevieve Strauss (WBC43, WBC49-51)
#22 - SP Josva Reynolds (WBC31-32, WBC34)
#23 - SP AJ Rondout (WBC29-WBC32)
#24 - SS Markus Wright (WBC38-WBC43)
#26 - OF Tanya Ericsson (WBC34-WBC40)
#30 - RF Jake Earnest (WBC28-WBC32)
#32 - RF Lucien Russo (WBC37-WBC43)
#35 - RF Owen Duffy (WBC34-WBC37)
#43 - SP Evan Masorka (WBC23-WBC29)
#44 - RP Nick Bowden (WBC23-WBC28)
#49 - SP Natalie Wu (WBC40-WBC43), SP-RP Drew Gilson (WBC28-WBC32)
#51 - RP Jason Van Dijk (WBC38-WBC43)

Thomas Yaft (WBC23-WBC25) - 16-14 (53.3%)
Joe McKenzie (WBC26-WBC28) - 27-18 (60.0%)
Chris Evans (WBC29-WBC32) - 73-17 (81.1%)
Alex Cameron (WBC34-WBC37) - 98-47 (67.6%)
Colin Nittledeen (WBC37-WBC39) - 78-36 (68.4%)
Laurent Mårtensson (WBC40-WBC43) - 134-45 (74.9%)
Sofia Rasmussen (WBC49) - 20-14 (58.8%)
Winston Yi (WBC50) - 20-15 (57.1%)
Isaac Oladipo (WBC51-53) - 66-44 (60%)
Buck Fuchs (WBC54-56) - 55-22 (71.4%)
Jacinta MacRaun (WBC57-) - 49-24 (67.1%)
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The Eighth Llamanean Republic
Capital: New Llama City, Population: ~56,000,000
5x World Baseball Classic champion (28, 30, 31, 40, 42)
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Postby Irithoren » Wed Jan 31, 2024 4:56 am

Irithoren National Football Team - Muntakhab Al-Irithoreni Likurat Al-Qadam - The Jerboas

.................. The Team ..................

1 GK Loulwa (f) Ard (IRIT, 32) - Al-Ettifaq
12 GK Rachid (m) Ard (IRIT, 28) - Al-Safra
23 GK Ghada (f) Uqdah (IRIT, 22) - Al-Shabab

2 DEF Nour (m) Qahwa (IRIT, 18) - Al-Soqur
3 DEF Saeed (m) Fiqawit (IRIT, 25) - Al-Ettifaq
4 DEF Chadi (m) Maraara (IRIT, 27) - Al-Shabab
5 DEF Karma (f) Akhirunnahr (IRIT, 23) - El-Akhthar
13 DEF Jad (m) Dhanab (IRIT, 24) - Al-Amid
14 DEF Amina (f) Sharif (IRIT, 33) - Al-Nusur
15 DEF Alia (f) Ghurab (IRIT, 23) - El-Akhthar

6 MID Zeina (f) Sabar (IRIT, 23) - Al-Shabab
7 MID Fares (m) Hajar (IRIT, 19) - Al-Hudud
8 MID Hazem (m) Sujaa (IRIT, 27) - Al-Hudud
9 MID Soha (f) Alqamar (IRIT, 34) - Al-Amid
16 MID Kayan (m) Faj'an (IRIT, 28) - Al-Ettifaq
17 MID Rania (f) Ayn (IRIT, 24) - Al-Ettifaq
18 MID Naya (f) Jaadal (IRIT, 23) - Al-Faiha
19 MID Lina (f) Bahr (IRIT, 24) - Al-Shabab

10 STR Sima (f) Sujaa (IRIT, 27) - Al-Ettifaq
11 STR Rima (f) Matar (IRIT, 23) - Al-Ettifaq
20 STR Hazem (f) Raml (IRIT, 21) - Al-Safra
21 STR Nour (m) Sal (IRIT, 28) - Al-Hudud
22 STR Majd (m) Far (IRIT, 25) - Al-Shabab

.................. The Formation ..................

Feel free to pick a starting XI and formation. When in doubt, you may run with a 4-4-2 1-11. Plans are for the team to play pretty narrow - Irithoren doesn't have a lot of flat, grassy areas, so our league plays on fields that are as small as the laws about field dimensions allow - and adventurous and a little individualistic. S Sujaa will be given free reign up front - the best striker in Irithoren though grizzled fans of Irithoreni football will never pass up the chance to say that the last good striker retired 30 years ago. This time, Sujaa will have even more freedom up front with only Matar or Raml circling around her to set her up to score. Sabar and Hajar have the midfield to themselves, with Alqamar providing experience. The idea is that players from the same team can help each other out a lot better, so Hajar-Sujaa or Faj'an-Ayn, or even Sabar-Bahr could be pairs that we could see more of as the tournament goes on. The midfield remains the best line by far, while defence is a tad underappreciated, though Qahwa is an exciting talent that is already pushed to play more as a winger than a fullback - we'll check in later how that goes. Fiqawit and Maraara provide stability that is probably much needed. The Ard siblings on goal will have the older Loulwa starting but Rachid is not far off her level.

.................. The Jersey ..................

We play in dark green with a light trim. Our away jersey is the reverse: the light colour for most of the kit but with a dark green trim, numbers, etcetera.

.................. The Country ..................

We're a tiny country on a rocky outcropping/cape with a tad over 150 000 people.

Most of us live in a long, stretched out town along the coast, which also functions as our capital, named Dhidiyah. Think narrow paved streets, warm summer afternoons/evenings, pot plant gardens along stucco and stone houses, lots of yellowish tones, and plenty of cats that must be someone's but they're just vibing on the warm stones (OOC: 'lofi girl' aesthetics).

Geographically, the inland is used for growing mediterranean crops like olives (and some coffee and tea) on small-scale farms. The town of Tabuhsa - just outside Dhidiyah - works as a local marketplace for most of our agricultural goods.

We're laid-back, but with a competitive edge, much like 'parent nation' Ko-oren. Irithoren has taken the meritocratic elements but we kept our own 'village head'-system, so local issues are sorted on a very small scale under the 'most apt' (and usually quite old) village head. National issues are solved by a surprisingly modern (but tiny) cabinet under a prime minister (Zeina Nayla Fizairdah).

Our other towns include Qawit, smack dab in the middle of the country with a small industrial sector, and Zairdah, on the border to the mainland. Around Dhidiyah we don't just find Tabuhsa, but also Hurasan, which is a separate coastal town that just barely doesn't touch the capital.

We aligned ourselves with Ko-oren a while ago, but we recently intensified those ties, fearing interference by larger Esportivan nations (read: Tumbra invading the northlands).

.................. The League ..................

The league (Al-Dawri Al-Irithoreni Likurat Al-Qadam or Irithoreni Football League) is an amateur league that includes all ten clubs in Irithoren. Four from the capital of Dhidiyah, one each from satellite towns Hurasan and Tabuhsa, a further three from industrial centre Qawit, and one from border town Zairdah. The ten clubs of the Irithoreni League.

Style mod: +2
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Give out yellow/red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

Irithoren National Baseball Team - Muntakhab Al-Irithoreni Likurat Al-Bisbul - The Fennecs

.................. The Team ..................

C Karam (m) Fitabuhsa (IRIT, 21) - Al-Annabi

IF Rola (f) Dahik (IRIT, 28) - Faris
IF Randa (f) Maysan (IRIT, 27) - Al-Samawi
IF Sami (m) Mirzam (IRIT, 22) - Al-Malaki
IF Ziad (m) Ghurab (IRIT, 28) - Al-Namothaji
IF Jad (m) Mazari (IRIT, 28) - Al-Za'im

OF Nour (m) Halim (IRIT, 22) - Al-Annabi
OF Amani (f) Maysan (IRIT, 28) - Al-Namothaji
OF Tayma (f) Zaar (IRIT, 20) - Al-Malaki
OF Diala (f) Zahra (IRIT, 23) - Faris

P Alia (f) Fard (IRIT, 23) - Al-Samawi
P Nada (f) Ayn (IRIT, 20) - Faris
P Rachid (m) Mirzam (IRIT, 28) - Al-Annabi
P Karma (f) Jadr (IRIT, 27) - Al-Malaki
P Maysa (f) Qasr (IRIT, 27) - Faris
P Mousa (m) Sabiq (IRIT, 27) - Al-Za'im
P Tannous (m) Sharif (IRIT, 20) - Al-Samawi
P Thalia (f) Haql (IRIT, 20) - Al-Annabi
P Nayla (f) Sa'id (IRIT, 21) - Al-Namothaji
P Joud (m) Amin (IRIT, 26) - Al-Malaki

.................. The Order ..................

Fard, Ayn, Mirzam, and Jadr will form the standard pitching rotation, with the rest jumping in as relievers. As for the rest, infielders are usually chosen for being pretty good at the sport but can't hit, and outfielders don't necessarily have the 'skill' requirement but they can hit pretty damn good. On the whole, baseball is fairly new so the fundamentals are still not entirely there the further down the roster you go. Any outfielder will fill in at DH if needed.

.................. The Jersey ..................

We play in yellow with a dark green trim and text.

.................. The League ..................

The league is an amateur league that includes all six clubs in Irithoren. Two clubs from the capital of Dhidiyah (Al-Namothaji, Al-Za'im), two from the inland city of Qawit (Al-Malaki, Al-Samawi) that are both seen as the 'powerhouses' for lack of a better word at this level of play, then Faris from Zairdah and Al-Annabi from Tabuhsa.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Use DH at home: Yes
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Postby Aboveland » Thu Feb 01, 2024 4:36 pm

Abovian Autosport Association Gala
Brukkifordet, Aboveland

The conference room erupted in vigorous applause at the very start of the AAA Gala, as a tired, bearded Terho Talvela, and an excited, incredulous Sanna Rautiainen, strolled towards the main stage. This year, the organizers of the Gala wasted no time in getting to the point of the event. Everyone knew the best prize awarded of the night would be Terho's World Stage Rally Championship trophy, and despite it being the fourth time the crowd awaited a Talvela coronation, they were rabid all the same. As Terho received the prize, he gleamed at the silverware, staring back at his narrow deep blue eyes off the polished platinum rim of the WSRC cup. It felt nice to receive his due treatment as a world champion once again, no less after the grit and dedication he and Sanna — herself trophy-less, by virtue of having joined the championship on round 3 — had poured into his WSRC campaign, and even more so after he'd been acrimoniously shunned by the Hodoran hosts of the final round of the WSRC. The ceremony in his semi-home town of Brukkifordet, and the fanfare below the stage, more than made up for it. Taking to the podium up on the stage, Terho thanked the AAA and the visitors to the gala for the warm reception, said a few testimonial words about his privateer WSRC season, and, seeing as there would be little of note left in the prize-giving gala from there on out, teased that there would be an announcement made at the end of the event.

Said announcement came out of left field; not quite constituting a shock, but novel enough to earn the attention of the gala's foodstuffed attendees. On stage, it was Axel Novikov, WSRC1 champion and WGPC15 race winner, and Edvin Pekkanen, Talvela's race engineer and team principal of Ælund Racing's grand prix teams. The pair, presenting themselves as "talent mentors" in addition to their list of achievements, revealed that Aboveland would be entering the (as of then, still unannounced) Campionato Esportiva Sport Fest, to be held in the state of South Newlandia, and solely in the karting event. The announcement gathered traction as the selected entrant made his way onto the stage.

Teal eyes hooded, his tufty middle part bobbing as he made his way up the stairs on the right, and unsure where to direct his eyes as he approached Edvin and Axel in the spotlight. With outstretched hands, Edvin proudly announced his arrival.

"Ladies and gentlemen, from the town of Jäkäläkivi, and ready to make his international competition debut, please welcome fifteen-year-old Jyri Jatkola!"

The crowd happily welcomed the spriggy teen into the world of Abovian motorsport. Seemingly, he'd pipped Nykipish perpetual struggler Taavi Kiirejaavoisteja to the karting seat — presumably, as the category implied, to allow for a new up-and-comer to take the reins of Abovian motorsport on the lower-rung of circuit racing in karting. In Aboveland, few drivers made it out of the domestic scene to ever return. Save for the country's moderately successful AOCAR competitors, who rather unfortunately struggled to break out onto the main stage, every Abovian driver was bound to become a household name, in some way, shape, discipline, form, or another.

A few weeks later, as the entry list for the Sport Fest karting event began to balloon, the mood in the media turned weary. WGPC debutants Nepo Kinder and Julita Lerida? Podium sitters Ted Pressley and Lane Carter? Rudy Edwards, and a Franssen?!

Home to Terho Talvela, three-time WGPC World Champion, and one-time WSRC World Champion

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Postby Josifovo » Fri Feb 02, 2024 8:09 am


Фудбалска репрезентација на Јосифово - Фудбалска репрезентација Јосифова

Intro to Josifovo:

Josifovo(Pronunciation: Yo-see-fo-vo) is a small nation situated in Esportiva. It is bordered by the nations of Cap Nord to its north, and Zeta Reka and Hugeltadom to the east while to the south it has access to the sea known in Josifski Beskrajno Sea. 3 million people have been pitied to call this country their home, despite its enjoyable mediterranean climate to the south slowly changing to a colder and more prone to seasonal swings continental climate further north, suitable for human habitation.

As previously stated, 3 million people have been pitied to call this advancing hellscape their home, as it has been the crossroads of various bigger and stronger empires throught history, which saw the Josifski population constantly subjugated under a bigger nation whether through influence or throught occupation. This has resulted in a multiethnic and multireligious entity which has constant ethnic strife trying to balance the populations within the nation. The majority nonetheless are the Orthodox Josifski consisting of 70% of the population, followed by large minorities of Orthodox Kicuvski, Catholic Kombetare and Muslim Juzunski in the borderline regions. The official language is Josifski, though not a proper language in its own right, it is a dialectal continuum mostly resembling the languages of Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian and various Torlakian dialects. There are two accepted varieties of Josifski used in education nation-wide, the Samuilovo Dialect, resembling Macedonian and the Bijelica Dialect, more so resembling the Shtokavian Variety of Serbo-Croatian.

Today the nation is rapidly developing following the devastating ethnically-based South Slovj war of the 90's which saw Josifovo side up with Kicuvo against the nations of Kombetara and Juzun. The war resulted in the complete destruction of many cities and villages in all countries while it completely reshaped the ethnic makeup of an even more murky and multiethnic general area. Josifovo is currently undergoing massive industrial advancement especially in the oil and automotive industries, while it is also letting go of its accursed socialist past.

The capital of Josifovo is Bijelica, a coastal gem of rare beauty, while its largest city is the older capital, expertly-designed Samuilovo. Those two are the only major cities of the nation. The urban landscape is led by brutalist architecture in pretty much every major city and town, while there are semblances of the older and more ethnic, cultural architecture in the smaller towns and villages. Most major cities and towns are also filled with several industrial warehouses and factories, remnants of the socialist regime that are still being used to this day, although they are getting modernised.

Culturally, because the nation is a big melting pot, you can find an assortment of very differing artforms, cuisines and even customs depending on where in the country you are. The Josifski-majority regions are well-known for their orthodox artstyle and beautiful churches, renown all over Esportiva. The Kicuvski-majority regions are well-known for their culinary traditions, with many foods that are staple all over the region, although there's disputes between every group on whether those foods are Kicuvski, Josifski, Kombetare, Juzunski or from elsewhere. Meanwhile the Kombetare are known for their hospitality and their roughness. While lastly, the Juzunski are known for the Islamic architecture and mathematical aptitude which has led to great engineering feats wherever they happen to be the majority. Despite the internal strife between those populations, harmony and unity can sometimes be reached and in more recent day that is exactly what has been happening all over the nation in its struggle for peace and prosperity in an ever-growing world.

Football in Josifovo:

Football's entry into Josifovo came in the mid-1900's by a population of people from the very far reaches of the multiverse, potentially beyond Esportiva itself. They were speaking in a language intelligible to Bijelica dialect and thus the sport was spread from there.

Football was initially popular among workers in the royal docks of Bijelica and other factory workers. Eventually the sport came to be a coping mechanism for the players during the harsh socialist regime that followed the monarchy but was also used as a means to "educate" the locals about values regarding national identity as well as socialist values that were BLATANTLY pro-regime. Following the Josifski Ethnic War of the 1990's and the country's entry into a democracy, football has solidified its place as the most popular sport in the country, with thousands of viewers in every single league game.

Professional football only became a thing around the 1950's, as such due to the country's relative isolationism beyond its direct neighbors in Esportiva, football has not managed to grow and become as organised as other places in the multiverse. However there's a lot of fans either politically-inclined or ethnically-inclined to follow their favorite teams. This results in violence on the pitches and outside. In multiple places around the country there's fan graffiti and murals in different areas that show their love and support for their teams and usually mark up the areas of cities and towns by team as well as a border registration would.

As for the football itself, Josifski footballers are not known for their talent but more so for their strength and their keenness to follow out the commands of the coach. As such, being a smart coach with strong strategies and correct utilisation of the players has always been the way to go. Smartness usually translated to...


As stated previously, Josifski players are not talented whatsoever. Using their strength and superior height, they tend to win aerial duels and as such crosses are a form of play commonly seen in Josifovo.

The most common lineup is a 4-4-2, with 2 rocking and impossible defenders on the heart of the defence and two side defenders which usually are slightly "faster" than strong. In the midfield, usually there's a central midfielder that supplies to the sides and a central attacking midfielder that supplies crosses and through-balls on the attack, while the side midfielders try to carry the ball forward and then cross it to the two strikers up front. Midfielders are usually the more "unimposing" players but also tend to be the ones most talented with the ball on their feet, so Josifski midfielders tend to be technical. Up front, the two strikers usually form a partnership based on strength and clinical finishing. One tends to be a poacher, while the other tends to be more of a supply finisher than anything. If they get their chances, they have to do the job.

Changes on the team are sensitive due to the strict ethnic division and lack of direct replacement for many of the players.

To be clear and so that it doesn't get missed out THE STYLE MODIFIER IS +1.

The Team:

Record(WCC-Sanctioned Only): (16W-9D-15L)

The team itself was constructed in a way so that all people groups in Josifovo get an "equal" chance to represent the country. Or at least that was what the ФФЈ(FFJ) said, but due to COMPLICATIONS could not be finalised to the fullest extend? Crazy, right?

Naming conventions are complicated at first, Josifski names are usually ones resembling ethnic Macedonian or Serbian names, Kicuvski names are stricly Serbian names, Juzunski names follow Bosnian naming conventions while Kombetare names resemble Albanian names. Without further ado.

Players listed in italics to be given preferred choice should you RP my lineup before me.


GK: Tome Budzakoski-Томе Будзакоски (Age 28) (FK Samuilovo)

GK: Aleksa Borisavljević-Алекса Борисављевић (Age 25) (FK Bijelica)
GK: Trajko Popovski-Трајко Поповски (Age 23) (Dinamo Jisusčevo)


CB: Milorad Kuzmanović-Милорад Кузмановић (Age 31) (FK Bijelica) (Captain)
CB: Petko Karandzhulov-Петко Каранџулов (Age 26) (FK Samuilovo)
CB: Alkan Gjoni-Алкан Ђони (Age 22) (Partizan Bijelica)

RB: Dušan Vujić-Душан Вујић (Age 29) (Dinamo Pačak)
RB: Željko Milojević - Жељко Милојевић (Age 20) (Spartak Dušangrad)

LB: Zdravko Kuzmanovski-Здравко Кузмановски (Age 27) (FK Radnički Crnometinci)
LB: Živko Janković-Живко Јанковић (Age 23) (Partizan Bijelica)


CM: Nusret Mehić-Нусрет Мехић (Age 33) (FK Radnički Crnometinci)
CM: Stamen Popov-Стамен Попов (Age 27) (Partizan Bijelica)

RM: Slaveiko Simonovski-Славеико Симоновски (Age 32) (FK Dobrobar)
RM: Momčilo Cvetković-Момчило Цветковић (Age 25) (Crvena Zvezda Bijelica)

LM: Jasmin Bajramović-Јасмин Бајрамовић (Age 31) (Hajduk Gradsko)
LM: Iosif Saev-Иосиф Саев (Age 23) (FK Samuilovo)

CAM: Uroš Tadić - Урош Тадић (Age 22) (Hajduk Gradsko)
CAM: Staniša Jović-Станиша Јовић (Age 32) (Rabotnički Filipovac)


ST: Dukagjin Bajrami-Дукађин Бајрами (Age 34) (Dinamo Pačak)
ST: Pece Trajkovski-Пеце Трајковски (Age 22) (Partizan Bijelica)

ST: Konstantin Filipović-Константин Филиповић (Age 20) (FK Radnički Crnometinci)
ST: Aleksandar Torov-Александар Торов (Age 30) (Rabotnički Filipovac)

Coaching staff:

The ФФЈ(FFJ) had a deep pool of available coaches to choose from, however ethnic tensions within the board have "forced it" to come to a peaceful "consensus" that there will be 4 coaches, one from each of the major people groups with a first among equals the coach of Josifski descent.

Primus Inter Pares - Josifski Coach: Ljube Dobrudzhanski-Љубе Добруџански
Kicuvski Coach: Teodosije Vukašinović-Теодосије Вукашиновић
Juzunski Coach: Mustafa Jovičić-Мустафа Јовичић
Kombetare Coach: Vermosh Halili-Вермош Халили




Stadion Ljubco Savevski, Samuilovo (Capacity: 24,000)

To be used against: Pots 1, 3

Ljubomir Hrebeljanović Stadium, Bijeljica (Capacity: 21,000)

To be used against: Pots 2, 4, 5

Arena Josifski Rat, Pačak (Capacity: 14,000)

To be used against: Pots 6, 7

Stadion Ivan Angelov, Crnometinci (Capacity: 8,000)

To be used against: Pots 8 and lower

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, light ones only
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, 3 per game and notify me in TGs for which players you carded
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, 1 per game and notify me in TGs for which players you carded
Godmod other events: Depends on severity, TG me for more

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Postby Tumbra » Fri Feb 02, 2024 8:42 am

RP Permissions

Style Mod: -3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes. Maximum of 2 per match. I will decide length.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes. Maximum of 3. Any more must be matched.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes*. Maximum of 1. Any more must be matched.
Godmod other events: No.

Do not use pictures of RL players and claim they are my players.

COVID-19 does not exist in Tumbra.

*As a general rule, just let me know before doing something egregious. Don't know what egregious means, or unsure that what you want to do breaks
this line? Telegram me or message me on Discord. I'm on the NSS server.

The Black Eagles


The Tumbran National Football Team is Tumbra's main representative in all association football competitions for national associations. Making its debut at the 87th World Cup Qualifiers, the team currently ranks 5th in the world. The team is controlled by the Tumbran Football Federation, which is also the governing body of football in Tumbra. Also known as the Black Eagles, or affectionately the Eagles, the team competes in the World Cup and its related competitions. The team also participates in the Campionato Esportiva, also sends teams to the Di Bradini Cup for Under-21s, and the Under-18 World Cup. The team have won the 51st edition of the former tournament and the 13th edition of the latter tournament; which has led to a keen emphasis on bleeding youth into the national team set-up early. The senior national team's best performance, meanwhile, has been with a Final appearance at the 95th edition of the World Cup, but the finer details of that match will not be dwelt overly long on. With a loyal travelling contingent of supporters known as the Black Army, the Tumbran national team's support will be on display throughout this tournament, with lots of tifos and loud cheers expected throughout matches.

Coaching Staff
Pos            Staff Member          Age  Prev Club (role at club)
Manager Michael Campbell 41 Tavistock Athletic (player)
Asst Manager Michael Aitken 44 Straton (manager)
Coach (Atk) David Vowles 60 Hesham (coach)
Coach (Atk) James Anderson 39 Lion City (DAN, player)
Coach (Def) Isla Kincorick (SCT) 42 Hesham (player)
Coach (Def) Louis Paterson 38 Dartford Devils (DAN, player)
Coach (GK) Callum Randolph-Watts 56 Fraser Valley (coach)
Coach (SetP) Reinhard Geist (NPH) 46 Fraser Valley (player, then coach)
Coach (Fit) Alex Kristensen 37 Apollo (DAN, player)
Hd Perf Anal Julius Robertson 28 --
Perf Anal Roy Fielding 26 --
Hd Physio Lucy Reynolds 52 --
Physio Richard Harris 53 --
Hd Scout Josh Prentice 54 Serrapince (scout)
Scout Frank Thornton 45 Serrapince (scout)
Scout Francis Evers 37 Portland Pirates (DAN, player)
Scout Desmond Clarke 70 Newark Argyle (manager, now freelancing because he was "bored" of being unemployed)

Now furnished with the credential of "permanent manager", Michael Campbell has acted quickly; picking up an assistant manager (something that he probably would have needed during the World Cup when dealing with Tumbra's best-ever striker marching out on the team), bolstering the coaching staff substantially by adding five additional coaches, opening up a new "performance analysis" division, and bolstering the team's scouting department. Most of the appointments are players of Campbell's generation; Aitken in particular needed little to no convincing to join his old team-mate at the helm of the national team.

The Roster
No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps CS

1 GK Victoria Jones F 31 Lakewood City 52 30
12 GK Richard Russell M 31 Lakewood United 15 7
13 GK Mike Hahn M 30 Ridgewell Rovers 9 3

No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps Gls

2 LB Annie Renton F 30 Serrapince 63 0
18 LB Hazel Kennedy F 27 Couno Rangers 17 0

4 CB Yvonne Lawson F 27 St. John's Arsenal [QUE] 29 1
5 CB Stephen Kerr M 31 Chromatik [CMT] 173 7
14 CB Wendy Pritchett F 29 Lakewood United 48 2
20 CB Christine Whitfield F 28 Myana [CMT] 27 1
24 CB Belinda Proudfoot F 29 Lakewood United 27 1

3 RB Tracey Mercurio F 30 Kingston FC [QUE] 80 1
19 RB Shim Seo-yeon F 27 Sareña FC [CAD] 11 0

No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps Gls

6 CDM Trudy Harrison F 31 Chromatik [CMT] 182 4
15 CDM Lucas McCormick M 29 Lakewood City 50 0
25 CDM Heather Hindmarsh F 24 Newark Argyle 0 0

8 CM Ian Robertson M 31 Ridgewell Rovers 50 2
16 CM Stella Harrington F 24 Hesham 2 0
23 CM Victor Leighton M 26 Lakewood City 4 0

10 CAM Natalie Coleman F 29 Bikarish [PFA] 63 17

No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps Gls

7 LW Valerie Wells F 31 Lakewood United 144 25
17 LW Erin Robertson F 27 Couno Rangers 20 2

9 RW Lynne Crossley F 31 Chromatik [CMT] 109 23
21 RW Audrey Pearson F 27 Rülândéá Kôstä [RUL] 29 9

No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps Gls

11 ST Charlotte Henshaw F 29 Lakewood City 69 35
22 ST Edward Maddison M 25 Avondale City [SYL] 7 4
26 ST Heidi Canavan F 29 Ridgewell Rovers 16 7

Kits, courtesy of Kirola of Audioslavia


Tactical Set-Up
Tumbra will usually set up in a 4-3-3 formation. The alternate formation is a 4-2-3-1. The team's general strategy is to sit back, soak up attacks, then break on the counter. Four-defender formations are seen as the gospel and orthodoxy in Tumbra; three or five-defender formations haven't really picked up steam in the country, only being resorted to in the midst of play.

In defence, Tumbran orthodoxy is to have a four-player defence; wingbacks in this system are expected to start attacks after the central defenders dispossess marauding attackers. The ideal Tumbran wingback is fast, able to pass, and float into midfield when out of possession to help regain possession; in practical terms, one wingback stays back while one floats into midfield. The central defenders are usually split into two; clean-shorts and dirty-shorts, with one focusing on distribution and the other on dispossession.

The midfield is the crux of Tumbran footballing philosophy, with the defensive midfielder being the most important position on the team. The midfield traditionally has three roles; destroyer, pacesetter and creator. Under Michael Campbell, this usually means a double pivot in midfield comprising of Harrison (a mainstay on the team) playing as the destroyer and one of the other two defensive midfielders playing alongside her; or two of Robertson, Harrington, and Leighton if a single pivot is utilised. In any case, the more advanced midfielder typically serves as the creator. On very rare occasions where Tumbra seeks to take control of the game for themselves do they play with an outright attacking midfielder; this shift away from the 4-2-3-1 has been the major innovation of the Michael Campbell era so far, and signals a declining reliance on the status of the purely attacking midfielder.

In attack, creative freedom is granted; though history has usually shined its brightest lights on goalscoring wingers. This usually privileges players who cut in on the wing to overload the box, with crosses a secondary option. Crosses may be delivered by either the wingback or the winger; the wingback is preferred. The ideal Tumbran forward is lithe and agile regardless of which side they play on; finishing ability is respected far more than individual flashes of brilliance, though unsurprisingly players with flair are remembered far better than those who aren't.

On a sliding scale between workhorses and technical finesse, Tumbrans as a whole lean towards the former, though obviously with exceptions. Gamesmanship, time-wasting and riling up the opposition are par for the course; but Tumbrans will never directly break any rules. Tumbrans are pretty naff at set-pieces; they prefer scoring from open play.

Most Likely To...
Left Corner Taker                           Erin Robertson/Valerie Wells/Natalie Coleman
Right Corner Taker Natalie Coleman/Charlotte Henshaw/Stella Harrington
Penalties Charlotte Henshaw/Trudy Harrison/Natalie Coleman/Valerie Wells/Lynne Crossley
Direct FK Taker Natalie Coleman/Heather Hindmarsh/Ian Robertson
Indirect FK Taker Ian Robertson/Belinda Proudfoot/Tracey Mercurio
Most likely to foul/be booked Stephen Kerr/Trudy Harrison/Edward Maddison
Most likely to shoot Edward Maddison/Lynne Crossley/Charlotte Henshaw
Most likely to score from close-range Charlotte Henshaw/Audrey Pearson/Edward Maddison
Most likely to score from long-range Valerie Wells/Heidi Canavan/Natalie Coleman
Most likely to be fouled Natalie Coleman/Valerie Wells/Edward Maddison
Most likely to attempt the spectacular Edward Maddison/Victor Leighton

The Blue Lions


Name Sex Age Bats Bowls

Anne Milne F 24 Left --
Wasim Sabir M 32 Right --
Edward Rackham M 27 Right --
Sufyan Mukhtar M 22 Left --
Annabel Ward F 30 Right --

Name Sex Age Bats Bowls

Heather Hogan F 27 Left Left off-spin
Dale Galloway M 31 Right Right fast medium

Name Sex Age Bats Bowls

Paul Anderson M 33 Right --
Chan Wong-fook M 20 Right --

Name Sex Age Bats Bowls

Kathryn Ferguson F 19 Right Right seam
Robert McMahon M 31 Left Left medium

Pace Bowlers
Name Sex Age Bats Bowls

David Wilson M 24 Right Right swing
Phillip Kornbluth M 33 Left Left fast medium

Spin Bowlers
Name Sex Age Bats Bowls

Oliver Chowdhury M 21 Right Right off spin
Peter Greenwood M 24 Left Left orthodox

The team is coached by May McCrory-Chen.


Style Mod: 0

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes. Maximum of 1 per match. I will decide length.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Godmod how my players were dismissed: No.
Create a full scorecard for my team: Please do.


From left to right: test (white), and limited overs (blue and green). The team will wear the blue and green kits.

The Golden Deer


No Name Age

01 Nicholas Dutton 23
74 Susan Berry 26
22 John Bevan 30
36 Michael Tarasenko 24

No Name Age

16 Charlotte Perryman 19
55 Richard Upton 24
09 Emile Weeks 31
14 Marc Antonio 27
36 Bruno Ryan 25
03 Rebecca Hopwood 24
19 Kim Anderson 29
44 Julian Fagin 31

No Name Age

22 Tamsin Boardman 20
17 Matt Beresford 26
93 Santano Mendes 27
10 Benjamin Weatherall 23
11 Santano Mendes 35
88 Andrew Brown 25
95 John Gravelle 31


RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: N
Style mod: -2


to come
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Postby Aboveland » Fri Feb 02, 2024 11:22 am

Athlete Profile: Jyri Jatkola

AGE: 15
HOMETOWN: Jäkäläkivi, Järvi-maakunta
DISCIPLINE: Crosskart, ice-racing, karting
DREAM: Racing in WGPC
Born in the south-western Abovian town of Jäkäläkivi, huddled on the small island of Juoksumaa and shared with the village of Läpinkoski, Jyri Jatkola followed the trend of nearly all recent up-and-coming Abovian racing drivers: harkening from the west, cutting their teeth on frozen lakes and rivers, and flipping various forms of two- and four-stroke transportation devices wrong-side up multiple times. Jatkola, son of a mechanic father and a gas-station worker mother from the same town, rarely had any doubts as to how his future career would shape up — not that he ever complained. Brought up on the same ice races and crosskart events that brought fame to (in)famous WGPC/soap opera star Janne Laukkanen, albeit never sharing the circuit with the Kylmäjarvan, Jatkola frequently towered above his peers — both in results, and literally, usually being awkwardly tall for his age — in the laid-back folkrace scene. As the success piled up, and Abovian racing infrastructure continued to develop, Jatkola took the unorthodox decision of moving to Vankkavalta to further his racing ambitions. There, he caught the eye of AOMC champion Per-Gunnar Kristiansen, who willingly took the youngster under his wing and began a careful guidance program as he sought to enter the fledgling world of circuit crosskart.

Pipped as Aboveland's top rising star by the Abovian Autorsport Association, it was this endorsement that earned the Talvela-admiring teen his seat on the Esportivan stage — a decision looked back upon with regret and concern, as the entry list for the karting event began to pile up with WGPC regulars from all across the region. However, as Jatkola himself assured to Abovian media, the pressure to perform was off of his shoulders. "I'm just happy to have this opportunity," he said. "I know my chances of doing well are slim, especially against such big names! But hopefully my lower weight and recent experience in more underpowered machines will pay off."

This post is meant as a "roster" of sorts, as specified in the OP.

Home to Terho Talvela, three-time WGPC World Champion, and one-time WSRC World Champion

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Dod Ravian Football National Team

Head Coach: Borys Berezucki• Assistant Coach: Agata Kownacka • Trigramme: DOR • Style: +1

All-time record: 24-25-50

Formation: 4–3–3

Starting Eleven:

Complete roster:
No. Pos    Name              Age  Club

9 ST Jurek Jurson 21 AFC Droves Image (SYL)
99 ST Arkadiusz Milka 27 MKS Rawa
8 ST Jakub Hajduk 22 Dynamo Szczylek

72 RW Sara Pol 18 Alcassar 1896 FC Image (TKT) - Debut
88 RW Kevin Polski 24 Amica Koronki
65 LM/LW August Wilimowski 19 Club Valentino Image (CAD)
6 LM Leon Kuczek 23 CF Nova Port

73 CM/CDM Cezary Rawski 33 MKS Rawa
82 CM Omar Ascaso 25 Włókniarz Helów
2 CM Aroa Baztán 23 Hajduki Pawelek
3 CM/CDM Rayan Periz 19 Pogoń Nova Port
79 CM Hugo Rolada 31 Włókniarz Helów

23 RB Jorge Wójcik 25 Zima Ptakograd
47 RB Matias Abad 20 Szczyt Bryzki
5 LB Gaweł Hoyo 22 Włókniarz Helów
7 LB/CB Danuta Smoleń 31 UD Rawa

81 CB Iker Gomez 26 MKS Rawa
44 CB Eliza Szałwia 30 Pogoń Nova Port
67 CB
50 CB Eustachy Placko 30 Włókniarz Helów

69 GK Maciej Torian 32 MKS Rawa (C)
1 GK Nora Lérida 19 Amica Koronki
96 GK Olaf Bolea 24 Club de Spacoi


Home:                                                         Away:
Image Image

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: It depends tg me before
Style: +1

Dod Ravian Hockey National Team


Head Coach: Adam Król • Trigramme: DOR • Style: +1

Assistant Coach: Szymon Wojak • Goaltending Coach & Scout: Franciszek Gol

Record: 17-3-14

No. Pos     Name             Age    Team
9 C Leo Kruk 19 Amica Koronki
14 C Tomasz Walczak 28 Amica Koronki (C)
46 C Borja Montero 30 DH Dorzelow
2 C Marek Pawlak 28 Lisy Lisaków
29 C Alex Ruiz 29 AZS Rawa
10 LW/RW Karola Szałwia 22 MKS Rawa
29 LW/RW Adam Wieczorek 23 AZS Koronki
17 LW Sebastian Pérez 30 Lisy Lisaków
22 LW/RW Facundo Castillo 27 AZS Rawa
75 RW Krzysztof Nowak 29 HKLS Góra
80 RW Bartosz Wysocki 30 DH Dorzelow
99 RW Robert Trumna 27 Nova Port Hajduki
86 RW Paweł Woźniak 20 HKLS Góra
13 D Maciej Mak 27 Nova Port Hajduki
7 D Iwan Łaszewski 19 AZS Rawa
66 D Szaweł Woźniak 20 HKLS Góra
43 D Alberto Yanez 28 AZS Koronki
46 D Ivan Valdés 19 Nova Port Hajduki
55 D Marcin Mak 25 Hajduki Nova Port
52 D Marcin Sikora 27 AZS Rawa
21 GK Pablo Horeszko 21 AZS Koronki
64 GK Artur Jakubowski 26 GKS Hyny
40 GK Justino Pino 27 Zima Ptakograd

1st Line Forwards:
LW/RW Karola Szałwia
C Tomasz Walczak (C)
RW Paweł Woźniak

2nd Line Forwards:
LW Sebastian Pérez
C Leo Kruk
RW Robert Trumna

3rd Line Forwards:
LW/RW Facundo Castillo
C Borja Montero
RW Bartosz Wysocki

4th Line Forwards:
LW/RW Adam Wieczorek
C Tomasz Walczak
RW Krzysztof Nowak

1st Line Defence:
D Szaweł Woźniak
D Marcin Mak

2nd Line Defence:
D Iwan Łaszewski
D Maciej Mak

3rd Line Defence:
D Alberto Yanez
D Ivan Valdés

Starter: GK Justino Pino
Back up 1: GK Artur Jakubowski
Back up 2: GK Pablo Horeszko


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: N
RP Injuries to my Players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my Players: N
Assign Penalties to my Players: Y
Eject my Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

Dod Ravian National Baseball Team


Head Coach: Leszek Kois • Trigramme: DOR • Style: +1

Assistant Coach: Paula Kozera • Pitching coach: Roch Pajor • Hitting coach: Ivan Ogórczak • Bullpen: Marc Monedero

Pos. No. Name.       (Hometown.)             B/T Age. [Team.]           Additional Info.                             
Starting lineup:
SP: #1 Ernest Gronek (Rawa) R/R 33 [Rawa Marineros] - Rubber arm pitcher - Ace
C: #5 Hugo Szałwia (Rawa) R/R 27 [Rawa Marineros] - Accurate thrower
1B: #21 Henryk Hudak (Szczylek) R/R 28 [Gorals Szczylek] - Reliable fielder
2B: #12 Waldemar Styś (Rawa) L/L 34 [Rawa Marineros] - Contact hitter
3B: #8 "Bolo" Angielski (Belchatow) L/L 32 [KSSP Belchatow] - Slugger
SS: #13 Feliks Korab (Rawa) R/L 22 [Elephant Valley Homers] Image - Energetic and acrobatic shortstop
RF: #72 Matias "Maciuś" Martín (Rawa) R/R 30 [Rawa Marineros] - Reliable fielder
CF: #99 Jan Angel Drabik (Szczylek) R/R 38 [Gorals Szczylek] - Veteran fielder
LF: #31 Filip Więcław (Rawa) R/R 24 [Elephant Valley Homers] Image - Homerun robber

Starting pitchers:
SP: #1 Ernest Gronek (Rawa) R/R 33 [Rawa Marineros] - Rubber Arm Pitcher - Ace
SP: #68 Adrian Wnuk (Rawa) R/R 29 [Elephant Valley Homers] Image - Overhand pitcher
SP: #70 Alex Saucini (Ptakograd) R/R 25 [Amandine Wanderers] Image - Submarine pitcher
SP: #69 Włodzimierz Biały (Rawa) R/L 37 [Rawa Marineros] - Sidearm Pitcher - Knuckleballer
SP: #51 Broja Díez (Rawa) R/R 23 [Amandine Wanderers] Image (Debut) - Short fuse
SP: #18 Abel Valdes (Rawa) L/L 19 [Elephant Valley Science Institute] (College) Image (Debut) - Determined

RP: #19 Rosa Sánchez (Rawa) R/R 20 [Elephant Valley Homers] Image - Submarine - Rubber arm pitcher
RP: #71 Henryk Kabat (Malopole) R/R 19 [Rawa Marineros] - Sidearm Pitcher - Curveball thrower
RP: #26 Teo Zaragoza (Nova Port) L/L 26 [Nova Port Orcas] - Overhand Pitcher - Knuckleballer
RP: #81 Clara Alonso (Rawa) R/R 19 [Sophie City College] Image (Debut) - Deadly cutter - Rubber arm pitcher
CP: #14 Sara Kot (Helow) R/R 19 [Foki Helow] - Overhand pitcher
CP: #98 Franek Gronowiak (Mała Łysa) L/L 30 [Gorals Szczylek] - Sidearm closer

3B: #5 Arnau González (Rawa) R/R 20 [Rawa Marineros]
1B: #2 Mateo Kownacki (Ptakograd) R/R 17 [Ptaki Ptakograd]
2B: #52 Julian Wiater (Garłowo) L/L 25 [Rawa Marineros]
LF: #20 Henri Muller (Nova Port) R/R 28 [Ptaki Ptakograd]
1B: #29 Gerard Pena (Graboste) R/R 23 [Rawa Marineros]
C: #12 Piotr Schulz (Ptakograd) L/L 24 [Ptaki Ptakograd]
DH: #42 Marek Kubera (Rawa) R/R 32 [Rawa Marineros]

Batting Order: Batting Order DH:
1. 2B: #12 Waldemar Styś 1. 2B: #12 Waldemar Styś
2. 3B: #8 Bolesław "Bolo" Angielski 2. 3B: #8 Bolesław "Bolo" Angielski
3. SS: #13 Feliks Korab 3. SS: #13 Feliks Korab
4. CF: #99 Jan Angel Drabik 4. CF: #99 Jan Angel Drabik
5. RF: #72 Matias "Maciuś" Martín 5. RF: #72 Matias "Maciuś" Martín
6. LF: #31 Filip Więcław 6. LF: #31 Filip Więcław
7. C: #5 Hugo Szałwia 7. C: #5 Hugo Szałwia
8. 1B: #21 Henryk Hudak 8. 1B: #21 Henryk Hudak
9. SP: #1 Ernest Gronek 9. DH: #42 Marek Kubera

Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my Pitching Rotation: No
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
DH used at home: No
Godmod other events: No

Republic of Dod Rava
Population: 18 million ☆ Capital: Rawa

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Delte e3-2 Tumbra

TMB (4-3-3): 1 - Victoria Jones; 2 - Annie Renton, 5 - Stephen Kerr, 24 - Yvonne Lawson (4 - Ian Ashburn, 112'), 3 - Tracey Mercurio (19 - James Green, 74'); 6 - Trudy Harrison, 25 - Lucas McCormick (16 - Ian Robertson, 74'), 8 - Vincent Hicks (10 - Natalie Coleman, 112'); 7 - Valerie Wells (7 - Erin Robertson, 85'), 9 - Lynne Crossley; 22 - Charlotte Henshaw

TMB scorers: Charlotte Henshaw (24', 49')

Michael Campbell named permanent manager of Tumbran national football team; recruits former team-mate Michael Aitken as assistant manager, buffs up coaching squad

STRATON: It's a decision that has been a long time coming, Michael Campbell, the manager which brought Tumbra so close to World Cup glory, has been named as the permanent manager of the team ahead of the team's campaign in the thirty-seventh edition of the Campionato Esportiva. The decision to name Campbell as permanent manager with wide-ranging powers over almost every aspect of the team "is a sign of the Federation's confidence in me, and I will attempt to take that faith as far as possible." At the press conference which followed the announcement, Campbell also revealed that the decision had been "made a while ago, but the TFF and I both wished to delay the announcement until sufficient time had passed since the World Cup Final."

At the press conference, Campbell also revealed that he had been spending the past few months "expanding the national team's coaching staff," with the subsequent surprise announcement of former Straton team-mate Michael Aitken as his assistant manager. Aitken revealed that he had "jumped at the chance" to join the national team set-up after departing his previous club, Straton; the two were long-time teammates both at the capital city's club as well as on the national team. Campbell made sixteen appearances, while Aitken made nineteen. Aitken was reportedly Campbell's "first and only choice" for the role.

Alongside the swathe of appointments made to the national team has been the opening of a new performance analysis division, to be headed by 28 year-old Julius Robertson. Robertson, while not at the press conference, was briefly introduced by Campbell. Robertson and his deputy, Roy Fielding, had come from the same Masters program in data science at Hoxford Technological University; and had "badgered" him into creating a performance analysis division which would seek to provide "data-driven solutions to football."

The appointments have seemingly assuaged fears that the Tumbran Football Federation was looking to unilaterally withdraw its membership of the World Cup Committee and focus on its efforts within the Esportivan regional footballing federation, CONESPIO. A source within the Federation said that "there was a lot of discussion, a lot of pessimism, and the Federation were very close to quitting international football and focusing on other projects like regional football and the International Confederations Cup," referring to the TFF-organised tournament which brings together the champions of the commonly-accepted six major regional tournaments as well as WCC tournament holders. "But that's gone now; the TFF are all-in on the World Cup."

Newell, Young, Kim to run for unified right-wing party leadership

In an announcement that has long been expected and yet will still shake up the political world, Prime Minister Lawrence Newell and former Premier of Georgia Max Young have announced the merger of parties on the right-wing of Tumbran politics into a unified force which will "be the new vehicle for centre-right politics in Tumbra, and put an end to a decade and a half of division which has cost us dearly." The new party, which is expected to be named the United Party, will be comprised of a merger between the centre-right Liberal Party and the right-wing Federalist Alliance. The Federalist Alliance itself is comprised of Young's Federalist Party, the agrarian and regionalist-focused National Party — which were long-time coalition partners of the Liberal Party — as well as the libertarian New Democratic Party, as well as the remnants of other minor parties such as the Christian Union and Movement for Reform. National Party leader Jack Hinchcliffe will be named President of the new party; which reportedly was an overture to him after he expressed reluctance over the merger.

The move is expected to be ratified with large majorities with both sides of the major parties. A key consideration for the merger was apparently its impact on the two parties' electoral prospects; polls showed the two sides cannibalising each other's voter shares, paving the way for the centre-left Labour Party to win a federal election, which is due in less than six months. Also announced at the event announcing the merger was the system for the two factions' methods of determining parliamentary candidates, and, more importantly, its party leader. The new party will elect a prime ministerial candidate in a closed primary. Incumbent Prime Minister Lawrence Newell will remain Prime Minister until the elections regardless of the result of the primary; him and Max Young were automatically confirmed as candidates. The move is expected to shift the political spectrum of the country to the right, with Newell, 56, being on the conservative wing of the Liberal Party; and Young, 59, having also been a member of that faction until he left the Liberals in 2032 to run for President under the Federalist banner. Both candidates have confirmed that no matter the election result, they would select the other as their deputy leader.

The surprise factor at the time of going to press has been the announcement of tech billionaire Thomas Kim, 44, that he intends to enter the race to lead the United Party as a "pro-business" candidate; but he is widely expected to be a spoiler candidate. With polls of the race putting both Young and Newell on roughly equal numbers, however, Kim's voters might be the key constituency that both Young and Newell might need to eke out in order to secure a victory.

Whereto next for Ted Pressley? WGPC driver named Most Eligible Tumbran, speculation rife on future career move

It's been a couple of tumultuous years for Tumbran World Grand Prix Championship driver Ted Pressley, who was named by Her magazine as the Most Eligible Tumbran Man. The confirmed bachelor said in a short press release that while it was "an honour" to be named as that, he currently was not in a relationship, nor was he looking for one; instead he was focusing on his next career switch in WGPC and, in the shorter term, representing the Tumbran nation in the Esportivan Sporting Festival in South Newlandia. Pressley is currently on the look-out for a new racing team after confirming his exit from Kaylan Racing Team at the end of the twentieth season of the competition.

Speculation over Pressley's relationship status has intensified in recent weeks, however, as the Couno-based driver was spotted leaving exclusive nightclub B*A*S*H with a woman later identified as Instagram model Carmen Fontainebleau. Fontainebleau, however, could not be reached for comment. Pressley, however, seems to be keen to redirect attention towards his Esportivan Sporting Festival karting campaign, which will see him link up with representatives from Thornton Motor Works to try and do as well as possible to represent the country. Pressley, who was selected after a short process, said that it would be the "honour of his life" to represent Tumbra in any form of motorsport; and he was "extremely excited" to be able to do it in person.

TMB (4-3-3): 12 - R Russell, 2 - A Renton, 4 - Y Lawson, 5 - S Kerr, 19 - Shim SY; 6 - T Harrison, 25 - H Hindmarsh, 8 - I Robertson; 7 - V Wells, 9 - L Crossley; 11 - C Henshaw
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Tumbra - a sprawling, modern federal democratic republic located in Esportiva. Strong economy, strong civil rights, strong freedoms.
Population: 121 million | TLA: TMB | Capital City: Straton | Largest City: Couno
Constitution | Domestic Database | Domestic Football | Domestic Motorsports | Wiki Article
President: Edward Merryweather (United) | Prime Minister: Bertram Andrews (Labour)
U-18 World Cup 13, 21 Champions/Di Bradini Cup 51, 57 Champions

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Style Mod: -5

The North Pole and South Lapland National Football Team

An Introduction to North Pole and South Lapland

The Winter Wonderlands of North Pole and South Lapland, commonly abbreviated to NP&SL, is a country in Esportiva. It consists of two islands: North Pole Island (located at the North Pole, duh) and South Lapland Island (located more southernly, duh). North Pole Island is the main commercial and administrative hub of NP&SL, with most of the activity concentrated in the nation's largest employer, Santa's Workshop. South Lapland Island is the residential centre of the nation, with most of the nation's elves, reindeer and snowmen residing in Santa's Village there. The two islands are connected via the Clauseway, which allows the worker elves to travel to Santa's Workshop. (The reindeer just fly over).

North Pole and South Lapland is an absolute monarchy ruled by Nicholas XII of House Kringle, who serves as the nation's Santa Claus. Assisting Santa Claus in the administration of the nation is a council of advisors with permanent positions: the Christmas Angel in charge of communications, the Ghosts of Christmas Whenever in charge of law enforcement and the judiciary via the naughty and nice lists, and the Three Wise Men who help in the decision-making process. There is very uniform equality in NP&SL, with almost every elf resident employed and earning the same wage and living in similar houses. There is only a slight disparity between the elves and the snowmen, with the former viewing the latter as lower-class useless hobos.

Everyone on the islands are jolly as they can be and spread Christmas cheer. Even though the Christmas season of December is when most people celebrate around the world, the festive period is 24/7 in NP&SL. If anything, people are less into the Christmas spirit around Christmas due to working around-the-clock to deliver presents to children around the world. People on NP&SL generally consume milk and cookies, listen to terrible Christmas songs and carols, follow Christianity (but aren't members of any organised religion or go to church), and race bobsleighs and reindeer as pastimes. Oh, and of course, football.

Football in North Pole and South Lapland

Due to NP&SL's small size, there is only space for three official fields in the entire nation. St. Nicholas' School Pitch is the smallest, with no seats. It is the only pitch for the only school in the nation, and is used only for kids' training and P.E. purposes, but may be used as an alternative pitch when the other two are snowed up. The next pitch on the list is Blitzen's Blitz, the training pitch for the NP&SL National Football Team. It has a 500 elf capacity, but may be less for bigger human-sized people. The last and most important field is The Santadium, a massive stadium which is able to seat 5000 elves. It is where almost all of the national team's matches are played. However, as most of these fields are almost always used for official business, most elves play recreational football in parks and reindeer reserves.

The NP&SL National Football Team is actually a works team for Santa's Workshop. Everything about the team is bankrolled by the jolly man in red Santa Claus himself, who even manages the team personally. He is assisted by Sleigh, a sentient sleigh and Sylestonean immigrant that carries Santa's presents and does a lot of technical work in the dugout. The national team's red jerseys with green trims on the sleeves and collars also sport a massive logo of a clipart of Santa's head, indicating sponsorship from Santa's workshop. The team is comprised of the strongest and most technically skilled elves working under Santa, who emphasises a laid-back approach on the basis that sharing the possession with the opposition as much as possible is most in-line with the spirit of giving. The starting XI is as follows:

Goalkeeper: Bobby

Bobby is a 1332 year old elf who assembles trampolines in Santa's Workshop. Consequently, he can jump really high and save goals. He's one of the oldest and wisest elves, and is an effective team leader with a commanding presence at the back. His role as Vice Captain of the team emphasises how important he is.

Left Back: Nobby

Nobby is a 144 year old elf who tests out the rocket-power roller skates that are, surprisingly, rarely given to children due to health and safety issues. A bit of a daredevil, this young'un enjoys taking risks and loves to move up the pitch to send attacks forward, but his great speed allows him to track back and defend when the time is right.

Left Centre Back: Holly

Holly is a 453 year old elf who is the captain of the team and manager of the sports equipment department in Santa's Workshop. Her magnificent leadership skills has caught the attention of Santa on multiple occasions, with her rise through the Christmas ladder being rapid. On the pitch, she knows every ball inside out due to being able to build almost all of them with her bare hands, making her the ideal choice to launch a perfectly-timed slide tackle to take the ball back. Her stoicism is also a characteristic that every other tries to emulate.

Right Centre Back: Polly

Polly is a 622 year old elf who is the assistant manager of the sports equipment department in Santa's workshop, specialising in testing the strength of the balls. Her job all day long when not bossing it on the field is to kick balls as hard as they can to test how strong they are. As a result, her ability to hoof the ball all the way up the pitch is magnificent and almost always meets the head of a waiting target (wo)man. She's tough, fearless and always up for a challenge, so watch your shins.

Right Back: Dobby

Dobby is a 235 year old elf who helps to mine coal for the naughty kids. Born with a rare elf gene that gives her lungs like hot air balloons and makes her impenetrable to going out of breath. As a result, she can run all over the right wing by day and give the bad eggs something to whine about at night. She's relentless, uncompromising and has zero tolerance for nonsense.

Left Midfielder: Robby

Robby is a 833 year old elf and vice captain of the team. Robby is unique for being the only elf on the team who doesn't work inside Santa's Workshop. Instead, he is employed by the North Pole and South Lapland Department of Administrative Affairs. His many odd jobs include assisting in the management of the local schools, property department and national accounts. His skilled bureaucratic work and commitment to delicate organisation makes him a tenacious midfielder. His passing is pretty good as well, come to think of it.

Left Central Midfielder: Dolly

Dolly is a 347 year old elf and supervisor for the toy gun assembly line. She always makes sure that the handles are properly attached, the bullets are soft and foam-based, and that the scope is the best thing you can find outside of the most advanced sniper rifle skunkworks sites. Seemingly possessing a built-in crosshair, her passes and set pieces are stunningly accurate. However, firing guns all day has hardened her hearing a bit so she doesn't take instructions or "nagging" so well, from both referees and teammates.

Right Central Midfielder: Oggy

Oggy is a 1002 year old elf and a tester of paintbrushes in the art department. His flowing creativity gives him magical dribbling powers and an unparalleled creativity, making him a highly skilled playmaker for the team. He also designed the kits and has an Instagram page for digital art of joyful reindeer in pastel colours. Check it out!

Right Midfielder: Olly

Olly is a 777 year old elf and an iPad assembler. Formerly a Gameboy maker, he was recently drafted to the iPad assembly line due to the rise of iPad kids. His ability to adapt quickly to all kinds of changing situations makes him an incredibly reliable player who can flourish even under immense pressure. When dominating, he commands the wing and terrorises defences with his crosses and corners, but when on the back foot he still maintains his cool and defends effectively.

Left Striker: Aaron

Aaron is a 202 year old elf. His unusual name and height owes to his ancestry as a high elf, who are not native to North Pole and South Lapland. His grandparents moved here years ago to obtain work after being exiled from their country of origin. His incredible height makes him the perfect person to head home all the high balls he receives. He's a bit shy and folds a bit under pressure, but still an absolute monster on his day.

Right Striker: Lolly

Lolly is a 562 year old elf and an assembler of bicycles. A strong, speedy forward, she breaks up defences by causing mayhem and clears the path for others to score. She scores too, but mostly from amazingly accurate bicycle kicks. She's also a member of Santa's Workshop's HR team and knows how to calm things down when they flare up, so games can always stay exciting and jolly.


  • GK: Ozzy
  • GK: Potty
  • DF: Wocky
  • DF: Hobby
  • DF: Wobbly
  • DF: Abby
  • MF: Gobby
  • MF: Lizzy
  • MF: Pibby
  • MF: Groggy
  • FW: Maddy
  • FW: Rocky

Style Mod: -5

The North Pole and South Lapland National Ice Hockey Team

Ice Hockey in North Pole and South Lapland

Ice hockey is, unsurprisingly, one of North Pole and South Lapland's most popular sports. However, it is also not played in the way ice hockey is traditionally played: everything is done outdoors on a specific frozen lake on South Lapland Island. The harsh winter conditions and danger of falling through the thin ice makes NP&SL players tough yet careful, allowing them to play in a way that allows them to sustain the hardest blows from their larger or flesh-based opponents and focus on grabbing a victory. As snowmen are the most immune to the cold, they make up a significant proportion of the ice hockey team. The typicl starting XI is as follows (players with one name are elves, rest are snowmen):
  • GK: Andros Chatter
  • DF: Jack Frost
  • DF: Alonzo
  • FW: Lenny
  • FW: Darius Glacier
  • FW: Bertrand

Substitute List:
  • GK: Jean-Claude van Clammy
  • DF: Ice Spice
  • DF: Colden Haulfield
  • DF: Auntie Freeze
  • FW: Watson
  • FW: Perry
  • FW: Leslie Snowpe
  • FW: Xerxes
  • FW: Blizz Truss
  • FW: Mick Sleetwood

RP Permissions: everything and anything EXCEPT outright destroying the country (reference to slow destruction of glaciers via global warming is permissible), making characters seem unjolly (including fouls based on violent conduct), saying Santa isn't real, doing things that would absolutely be contrary to the roster's info or my previous RPs
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Postby TJUN-ia » Mon Feb 05, 2024 5:02 pm


Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU

TJUN-ia is Esportiva now...and we must show that in a big way. We've got 5 different sports to deal with as our debut Campionato Esportiva, the 37th overall, is also a part of the 3rd Sporting Festival - both hosted by South Newlandia. It still field weird to say that we are Esportivan and not "from The North Pacific", but that's just how things work sometimes...and a new environment can maybe inspire change across the board. TJUN-ia's flag, of Blue and Orange, will fly here for the very first time...but who will represent us?

Football Association: FA-TJUN-ia
Nickname: Jaguars (official)/Jags (short form)/Blue and Orange (commonly used informal)/Draw Masters (satirical)
CE Ranking: 19th

Co-Managers: David Seems (JB TJUN-ia, 54) and Li Xiu Ying (CEA, 46)
Formation: 4-1-2-1-2
Style Modifier: +1.5
Free Kicks: Mohammad al-Balochi
Corners: Regina McDuff (R)/ Kim Choi-ya (L)
Position: Number Name (Age, Current Region of Residence, Club Side [if applicable])

GK: #1 Christian Wollatungi (33, UO, Hipopótamo-Joaxha, Tequilo)
LB: #2 Chelsea Bluewood (32, CU, Concord Heights Suburban, Cassadaigua) (C)
CB: #3 Zelina Marquez (32, UAC, Rutland Dockside, Cassadaigua)
CB: #4 Ons Moukaddem (29, ArU, Bunyoro RSC, Banija)
RB: #5 Vladov Kolorovsky (32, CSTO, Hipopótamo-Joaxha, Tequilo)
CDM: #6 Mohammad al-Balochi (32, ArU, Fliserboding, Graintfjall)
LM: #7 Frederico Jiminez (33, UAC, Xaviers, Hebitaka)
RM: #8 Regina McDuff (30, NAU, Great Northern RR Coed FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
CAM: #9 Kristina Bay (29, UO, Brenville Blue, The Cordian Isles)
ST: #10 Fernandino (29, UAS, Duomji Tigers, StrayaRoos) (VC)
ST: #11 Jackson Smith-Scott (32, JB TJUN-ia, Leicester Village, Murphtannia)

SUBSTITUTES (Italics indicate new U21 graduates)

Tier 1
GK: #12 Ivan Kozovikov (28, CSTO, Birikken Ala-Turgan, Kyzhurkistan)
GK: #23 Gao Wu Shi (26, CEA, 1830 Cathair, Audioslavia)
LB: #13 Dang Thuyet (28, CEA, Colonial Sile, Vilita and Turori)
CB: #14 Alexander Lopez (27, UAC, Clube de Norwegian Wood, Brookstation)
CB: #15 Klara Fernandina (27, UAS, Shiloh Ladies FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
CB: #24 Helena Mikazawa (26, JB TJUN-ia, Louss ANF, Auprussia)
CB: #25 Jerome Mawae (22, UO, Nuevak Yutak FK, West Kharakia)
RB: #16 Mantfombi Dlamini (28, AU, Cednia Rovers, Vilita and Turori)
CDM: #17 Kendra Robertson (30, UO, Fairfax FC, Cassadaigua)
CDM: #22 Alejandro Martin (27, CU, Duomji Tigers, StrayaRoos)
LM: #18 Mikela Djé-Djé (26, AU, Clayton City Ladies FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
RM: #19 Alisha Carlton (27, JB TJUN-ia, Sherwood Forest Ladies FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
CAM: #20 Paek Un-hui (26, CSTO, FREE AGENT)
CAM: #26 Odysseas Issigonis (23, NAU, Alikki-Corra Settlers, Vilita and Turori)
ST: #21 Stephan Fiedtkou (26, CU, Cednia Beach AFC, Vilita and Turori)

Tier 2
GK: #27 Fatemeh Yektaei (24, ArU, New Bremen FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
LB: #28 Harlem Baringer-Tahiri (25, UO, Sutcheth Storm FC, Khantari)
LB: #33 Jhoseline Davinia Soleto (22, UAS, Carelton Park Rangers, Xanneria)
CB: #34 Zune Than Mo Nu (22, CEA, AC Dason, Brookstation)

RB: #29 Marek Gernát (24, NAU, AFC Westwilm, Atheara)
CDM: #30 Olena Zinchenko (27, NAU, CF Daineri, Audioslavia)
CDM: #31 Stephanie Barrientos (24, UAC, Haskins Blues FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
LM: #32 Dakota Monroe (24, JB TJUN-ia, Feyerisk Port, Atheara) (Genderfluid)
RM: #35 Zaine Bowry (22, CU, Blue-White Gleburgh, Cap Nord)
ST: #36 Diana Sharafutdinov (22, CSTO, Veriasod Wolves FC, Tikariot)


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

National Cricket Board: TJUN-ia Board of Cricket (TBC)
Nickname: Jaguars (official)/Jags (short form)/Bowlin' Jags (who knows)
Test Colours: White with Blue (home)/Orange (away) Helmets
ODI Colours: Light Blue with Orange Accents
T20 Colours: Light Blue with Orange Stripes on front and sleeves
Red Ball Head Coach: Joseph Smith III (46, NAU)
White Ball Head Coach: Virat Indushapa (41, CEA)

Number: Name (Position, Age, Handedness, Region)
#01 Jason Walkins (Batter, 29, R, NAU) (Test C)
#02 Logan McGarra (Batter, 28, R, UO)
#03 Roger Ntini (All-Rounder, 30, L, AU) (T20 C)
#04 Chase Helton (Batter, 27, R, CU)
#05 Rohit Rajpore (All-Rounder, 26, R, CEA)
#06 Esteban Soto (Bowler, 27, R, UAC)
#07 Zawar Ahmed (Batter, 30, R, ArU)
#08 Gabriel Miziara (Wicket-Keeper, 29, L, UAS)
#09 Joseph Gregorson (Batter, 31, L, JB TJUN-ia) (ODI C)
#10 Peter Kylasov (Bowler, 30, R, CSTO)
#11 Ahmed Ali (Bowler, 28, L, CEA)

#12 Wille Mutombodzi (Batter, 26, R, AU)
#13 Chris Parker (All-Rounder, 27, L, CU)
#14 Kane Nukunuku (Bowler, 26, R, UO)
#15 James Laughlin (Wicket-Keeper, 27, R, NAU)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: N
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
Change the number of wickets that fell: If More Realistic, Then Yes. If Not, Assume No.
*It is assumed whoever RPs first has the right to select the method of dismissal, but not whether
there were godmod circumstances behind them (e.g. a ball hitting a bird before being caught fairly).

Organisation Name: TJUN-ia Baseball
Nicknames: Jaguars (Formal)/Battin' Jags (Informal/Sport Specific)
Home Colours: Blue Unis With Orange Trim/Blue and Orange Hat
Away Colours: Orange Unis with Blue Trim/Blue and Orange Hat
Alternate Colours: Black Unis with Dark Orange Trim/Black and Dark Orange Hat
(All kits come with an Esportiva patch on the sleeve)

(Number: Name (Age, Batting/Pitching arm))

Manager: Phillip Hellas-Verona (60)
Assistant Manager: Jack Helstrom-Satanique (52)
Pitching Coach: Shigeru Moyatawa (56)
Batting Coach: Enrique Lopez (53)
1st Base Coach: Shana-D Mackenzie (42)
3rd Base Coach: Pierre Greziére (55)

1B: #70 Santino Fenatti (31, R)
2B: #25 Holly Davids (29, L)
3B: #50 Anastasia Mykvinich (31, R)
SS: #55 Svetlana Mykvinich (31, R)
RF: #66 Khin Marlar Tun (25, R)
LF: #90 Palila Kalawai’a (27, R, Gender-fluid)
CF: #60 Martina Andrade de Souza (29, L)
C: #67 Li Chen Sho (31, R)

P: #1 Kimi Holvanen (31, L)
P: #2 Maddison "Missy" Jembembe (29, R)
P: #3 Yolande Sirapui (25, L)
P: #4 Joseph "JoJo" McAlbo (23, R)
P: #5 Peter Glendinning (21, L, U21 Cub)

RP: #6 Khamis Ali Makame (21, R, U21 Cub)
RP: #7 Mohammad Al-Rayyan (19, R, U21 Cub)
RP: #8 Daisy Goldstein (19, L, U21 Cub)
RP: #9 Azeez Shakur (19, L, U21 Cub)
RP: #10 Kate Johnson-Green (17, R, U21 Cub)
CP: #11 Trinity Shelby-Dowora (21, R, U21 Cub)

1B: #76 Luke Jaxon (23, R)
3B: #78 Seo Ji-kyo (23, R)
SS: #56 Fernando Rodrigo Viera (23, L)
C: #68 Julian Mertz (23, R)
DH: #45 Anna Builler (33, R)
DH/PH: #46 Zingisa Mtyanda (25, L)

Without DH
1. Fenatti
2. Kalawai’a
3. A. Mykvinich
4. S. Mykvinich
5. Li C.S.
6. K.M.T.
7. Davids
8. Andrade de Souza
9. Pitcher Spot

With DH
1. Fenatti
2. Kalawai’a
3. A. Mykvinich
4. S. Mykvinich
5. Builler (DH)
6. Li C.S.
7. K.M.T.
8. Davids
9. Andrade de Souza

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
Style Modifier: +0.5

Governing Body: Ice Hockey TJUN-ia (IHT/IH-TJUN-ia)
Nickname: Ice Jaguars/Jaguars

Head Coach: Ølson Rasmussen (59)
Assistant Coach: Pytor Petrov (56)
Assistant Coach: Yakov Blykovsky (55)
Style Modifier: +0.5

Line 1
LW: #2 Lan Yih-Wen (31)
C: #1 Saffron Allen (32) (C)
RW: #3 Luis Olivares (31)

Line 2
LW: #8 Graham Cox (28)
C: #7 Yun Pong-chol (28)
RW: #9 Fatma Alhaddad (29)

Line 3
LW: #13 Carter Marshall (26) (4th C)
C: #12 Thabo Tholo (23)
RW: #14 Mary Karaitiana (23)

Line 4
LW: #18 Shane McKraken (20)
C: #17 Liu Min-Chun (21)
RW: #19 John McKraken (20)

Line 1
LD: #4 Christiaan Venter (31) (2nd C)
RD: #5 Julie Smith (31)

Line 2
LD: #10 Matilda Johansson (28)
RD: #11 Annisa Pratita Citta Dewi (20)

Line 3
LD: #15 Christopher Mejia (20)
RD: #16 Johnathan Okuwu (18)

GK (Starter): #6 Nicholas Artiaga-Tapia (26) (3rd C)
GK (Backup): #99 Juliana Verukiskaya (18)


Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes

Name: Lane Carter
Name Trigram: CRT
Nation: TJUN-ia (The International Community of TJUN-ia)
Nation Trigram: TJU
First Preference Car Number: 11
Second Preference Car Number: 64
Reliability: 5
Aggression: 2
Technique: 5
Driver Bio: The name "Carter" originates from the former nation of Galar, a land filled with creatures well-known to audiences in the International Community. When it was discovered during qualification for WC84 that the nation had collapsed without a trace, the FA-TJUN-ia decided to allow the 11 players from Galar to come over to TJUN-ia and play for us. One of the players mentioned was called Prince Carter. Carter was really good at football but he also brought to TJUN-ia his brothers, Jester and Lane. Jester was more physical and gravitated towards American Football, but Lane? Well, that's a different story.

Lane wasn't really the physical type, more interested in motorsports and was perfecting the art of karting before the collapse and the sudden move to TJUN-ia. On arrival at TJUN-ia City, he told the community he wanted to race. Small problem - racing didn't really exist in TJUN-ia at all by this point, so they started from scratch by forming the TJUN-ia-MRO. He was the one who tested out the Jungle Circuit in Peninsula before it would be used in NSSCRA 9, so he certainly helped the nation kick-start its racing pedigree.

Come the 3rd Season of WGP2, he was ready and hopped into the program of UrGa. He took pole in his 2nd ever race and looked good to score a potential win before a racing incident with teammate Taras Matviyenko started the downfall. He finished consistently in the points multiple times during that season but Taras had the higher finishes as a similar driver in the same car. So, he felt that he let everyone down and decided to leave on his own accord. It would later be discovered that UrGa wanted to do the right thing and tell him he would be let go face-to-face, but the actions of "The Forgotten Galarian" prevented that. That letter from Vasily Semyonovich Gatutin would eventually end up in Lane's possession 3 months later in Portside.

But that letter made him realise that he wasn't as bad as he made out: he was consistent with what he was given, even though Taras was the one who got the podium. He finished only 5 points down on his teammate, after all. So, change of plan. The original plan for Carter was to wait for the next WGP2, where he could improve on his performance. But after that letter, he decided to throw caution to the wind and try to get his adopted homeland to the apex of open-wheel motorsports: the WGPC itself. That plan ended up going well for S18 as his consistency during the 2nd half of the season got him into 10th in the standings by the season's end, a result he could be proud of in that Race Eelandii V&T GP. He even managed to break out of his social bubble and make a friend in the form of Daryl Mizushima, which went to show how much things changed throughout a single season.

But now, things feel different for the Galarian. His future with Race Eelandii seems in doubt, Mizushima is long gone and nothing seemed to go right in WGPC 20 to the point where he felt like an anchor pulling down his team. To say he needs this escape, to go to South Newlandia and forget about his woes, is an understatement...but with equal machinery at play, can he make any impact? Or will he just fall into the background once again?
Last edited by TJUN-ia on Fri Feb 23, 2024 11:57 am, edited 1 time in total.
1st: ECC4/5, NSSCRA13, RLWC22, IBS20, EBT3, EIHT2
2nd: NSCF24/26, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, IBS17, RUWC33/35, ECC6
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3/7, ARWC6, ET20IV
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (S13 T1 Champ/9W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (3W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champ/2W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #96 Alice Jepkosgei (3W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (5W)/#79 Axel Chase

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (2W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 4 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (6 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Natanians and Nosts » Mon Feb 05, 2024 7:41 pm

Kits made by:K Kits

Coach:Johann C. Mureșan-Antonescu (53 y.o.)
Goalkeeper trainer:Márcus Carolus Ioanescu
Psychologist:Iohann Márcus Mihailescu

# name position height club
45	Mihai Xosé Apilescu	 	goalkeeper	35	1,90	S.C. N-City
14 Marcus Caeso Domicianus r. wingback 36 1,75 S.C. N-City
15 Paulus Mihai D'Orville centre back 29 1,90 S.C. N-City
35 Mihai Ion Herrera centre back 27 1,84 S.C. N-City
69 Caeso Júlio Probus d. midfielder 24 1,80 T-natanicus F.C.
16 Michel Carvalho l. wingback 38 The Northern Blue Lions
5 Rodion Mihai Wafa d. midfielder 29 1,83 The N. Blue Lions
7 John Cramer a. midfielder 25 1,97 The N. Blue Lions
54 Jack Kramer a. midfielder 25 1,93 free agent
10 Natan Gabriel Ademélsson-Vit striker 22 1,79 Dínamo N-City
25 Sheldon Ubuntu centre-forward 25 1,90 The Northern Blue Lions
1 Daniel Whitcliffe goalkeeper 33 Dínamo N-City
27 Cláudius Petre Constantinescu centre back 26 1,78 The N. Blue Lions
29 Mihai Ion Ionescu r. wingback 23 1,69 Rodion F.C.
28 Mikhail Ioan Ionescu centre back 26 1,80 The N. Blue Lions
26 Petre Gabriel Mihailescu l. wingback 23 1,72 Rodion F.C.
8 Mihai C. Mureșan-Antonescu a. midfielder 32 1,80 The S. Blue Lions
18 Ion Viktor Enderssen d. midfielder 35 1,90 The Northern Blue Lions
19 Mihai Júnio Lima Larssen d. midfielder 35 1,80 Rodion F.C.
20 John Mihai García centre-forward 23 1,87 Notrina Lat A. A.
17 Mihai Vladimir Duarte a. midfielder 24 1,75 Rodion F.C.
24 Ioan Magnus Shroom goalkeeper 27 2,15 F.C. Northern Light
21 Márius C. Mureșan-Antonescu striker 20 1,78 The S. Blue Lions
51 John Pirassununga goalkeeper 24 1,83 F.C. Southern Light

captain's name is in blue
10	25	 

7 54

5 69

16 35 15 14

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers:Yes*
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod Injuries to my players:No
Give Yellow Cards to my players:Yes (Maximum three per match)
Give Red Cards to my players:Yes (One per match,but never the goalkeeper)
Godmod other events:No
Style Modifier:-3

*Players that have the probability of scoring(in order from more probable to least,by number):
Champions of the Londinium 7s Tournament II!!! fourth place in AVBF 7s,Plate champion at AVBF 7s III,URSA 7s 2 and Watson's Bay Int'l and also:
we reached the play-ins at WLC 22,quarter finals at WLC 26 and WLC 27 and Ro16 at WLC 28!
Hosted:WLC 27

International Geese Brigade - Celebrating 0 Radiation and 3rd Place!
Proud Esportivan since November 2016[/align]

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Postby Gouvanarch » Mon Feb 05, 2024 9:20 pm


Kevredigezh Gouvanarchais de Mell-Droad
Gouvanarch Football Federation

After decades of international dormancy the Kevredigezh Gouvanarchais de Mell-Droad has decided to bring Gouvanarchais football back to the international stage. Football is the by far and wide biggest sport in Gouvanarch, yet there is no benchmark as to its strength. This is about to change. Tactically Gouvanarch is fairly conservative, sticking to a solid 4-4-2, but they are trying to learn from this tournament to potentially gain more tactical flexibility. They managed to get past the group stages of both Wonder Cup and Baptism of Fire, but both times failed to advance in the knock-out stages, after which they pulled back into the shadows.

Cadhoiarn de Rely - 57
Cadhoiarn de Rely interned at the academy of Tikariotian powerhouse Oriannor Mountaineers and has gained valuable insight into the inner workings of a strong team, trying to emulate this for the national team as well. While playing a 4-4-2 formation, he puts great emphasis on pressing the opponent, trying to force them into making mistakes in their own half, so far with varying success.

GK	Driwethen Archambault		23	Avanaroch White Wings FC (TKT)
LB Guillaume de la Verdure 27 Parakleion Firebirds FC (TKT)
CB Aleran de Varenchy 25 Baraldhur AFC (TKT)
CB Alanig Quiviger 31 Morannon Athletic FC (TKT)
RB Vaudeline de La Hay 21 Port Tacassam FC (TKT)
LM Gaël Goasdoué 21 Royal Brecqueffret
CM Giraude Archambault 24 Miruan City FC (TKT)
CM Ragonde Cavelier 18 AS Douarnac'h
RM Ambroas de Montgomery 27 Baraldhur AFC (TKT)
FW Barthelemy de la Cormeilles 27 Pyathora Mariners FC (TKT)
FW Alana de Sainct-Leu 20 Tovaca Thunder FC (TKT)

GK	Fransoues de Roncherolles	24	Heart of Paladon FC (TKT)
GK Sulon Dupureur 22 RC Le Especier (OAM)
LB Barnabaz d'Athenous 28 Port Tacassam FC (TKT)
LB Guyonne Menez 22 Sila Saykonur (PYA)
CB Joceran de Cahaihnes 22 First FC of Avanaroch FC (TKT)
CB Cadwored Bernard 21 Regis Dreamland (BRO)
CB Advenie Le Prévost 23 Athletique Alexandrie (PTR)
CB Maugan Goff 22 Ovrâd Dragons (ZRH)
RB Aalaid Decottignies 27 FC Carnoël 84
RB Audric de Sainct-Leu 27 Renarzel FC
LM Hodeardis Le Tellier 18 Meriador FC (TKT)
LM Estiennette Trévidic 28 Royal Brecqueffret
CM Maël Du Perron 21 Morannon Athletic FC (TKT)
CM Ambroise Voisin 24 Heart of Paladon FC (TKT)
CM Airard d'O 20 Leriagog 1913 (TKT)
CM Tiephaine Bracquaval 28 AS Daouënnec
RM Jodoc Gane 26 Miruan City FC (TKT)
RM Madeleyne de Challon 20 AS Douarnac'h
FW Loïc d'Ambray 25 Dhun Lagarr FC (TKT)
FW Brocardo de Vymont 25 Heart of Paladon FC (TKT)
FW Menguy Tirel 21 Avondale Beach (SYL)
FW Guethencar de Blays 25 SC Gavados

Home Jersey:

Away Jersey:


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (just please be reasonable)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (again please be reasonable)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (same deal)
Godmod other events: Maybe? (Please TG in this case)

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Postby Sylestone » Tue Feb 06, 2024 12:24 am

Jamie Rankin tugged on his line. It was the fourth time in two hours that he’d thought he caught something, but every other time it was just a big clump of seaweed. The fish were eluding him and his friend, Archie, today. It was a bit odd - the waters off the town of Knagelme on Sylestone’s western seaboard were generally prime for fishing due to the strict regulations around the area but today, there was nothing to be seen. Of course, about 80% of what they caught had to be thrown back in, but every now and then they’d have a lucky day and catch a few good ones.

It really felt like a good day, too. The sun was shining down on the turquoise blue Kellerine Ocean and out this far, the water was far from choppy as the reefs cut up the waves. Surely, the two young men thought, they’d catch something. The vibe was right.

“Fuck”, exclaimed Jamie. Archie glanced over from his side of the boat and audibly groaned. “We could make a salad from all of this damn seaweed. Add in some tomato and cucumber and we’ll be all set1.”

Jamie chortled at that. At least he still had some hope.

But as the hours passed and they continued to move on, they became more and more frustrated. There was no one else out here - unusual for Saturday in late summer - and yet, nothing would take the bait. So frustrated that neither of them noticed that it was already mid-afternoon. And in the summer, that can only mean one thing.

After rehooking his line and pulling off yet another piece of seaweed from it, Jamie looked out towards the horizon… and stopped.

“What’s wrong mate?” asked a quizzical Archie.

Jamie pointed. Out close to the horizon, a mass of dark clouds had enveloped the sky, casting a spell of doom on the water. Even from here, it was almost as if they could smell the lightning and feel the relentless pattering of the golf-ball sized droplets heading right their way.

And if it was anything like the storms that barraged Sylestone’s coastline all summer long, it was coming at them much, much faster than their little fishing boat could go.

“Quick Jamie, pull your line in. If we can get close enough to shore we might be able to signal for help. Out here we can’t do anything.”

Archie knew, however, that their efforts would be vain. In search of better fish, they’d travelled north from the little alcove Knagleme was situated. Generally, they went south - in the direction towards the town of Scarborough and further, Chamberley, but today they’d gone for something different. As the port at Knagelme faces almost directly south, to reach the town they’d have to circle back around - simply going into shore would only leave themselves strewn in the heart of the Meville Rainforest and while the towering kapok trees would provide plenty of shelter, they’d be in just as much danger from the animals and plants inhabiting this particular region. No, that would be an absolute last resort - if they could take their chances out in the storm, they would.

Jamie immediately sent the engine, turning the boat around with ease before cutting it between smaller reefs on the way back to shore. It was a desperate attempt and with the storm coming from the southwest, he knew that it would likely cut them off before they even got close. Minutes passed as the shoreline slowly came into sight, growing more and more crisp with seemingly every passing second, still bathed in the orange glow of the sun that was yet to succumb to the booming clouds tearing towards the boat.

But deep down, both Archie and Jamie knew they didn’t have a chance. In the spur of the moment, they had decided to run perpendicular to the storm front in an effort to reach their families at home, instead of travelling away from it in search of one of the towns up north where they could call back home and tell their families that they would be okay. It was too late now, though, as they sped back towards Knagelme and at this point, whether they had enough power remaining was another question altogether2.

About ten kilometres off shore, the front of the storm hit the boat, lightning crashing all around as the rain pelted down, Jamie desperately trying to steer their vessel back on course.

“Archie, it’s too strong! I can’t control the boat!” Jamie yelled over the crash of a lightning strike. “I can’t even see where I’m going.”

Yelling over the chaos, Archie responded. “I think we’re too close to shore to hit a reef, we might have to ride our luck. If we try and anchor the storm will just rip it out. We’ve gotta just stay afloat.”

Jamie hated the idea of being at mercy of the storm, but Archie was right. They’d have to just let the storm take them and hope they don’t get beached, or worse. Despite the strength of the rain, the swell wasn’t yet bad enough to cause the boat too much concern - or so Jamie hoped - so with a bit of luck, they’d escape as unscathed as possible.

* * *

Three hours later

By the time the storm eased off and the first gaps in the clouds became obvious, the sun was going down, its glow through the clouds illuminating the landscape in a soft golden tinge. Ahead of the two men, about half a kilometre away, lay a decrepit yet untouched beach strewn with fallen branches and streams of water running from the jungle beyond. Off to their left, a creek ran through a small cluster of mangroves to the ocean, while the sound of a waterfall a little further up in that direction told them that fresher water was close by. And where fresher water was, food could be found.

Jamie was the first to react. “We’ve got to go to shore. It doesn’t look very deep out here and the storm’s passed, so if we go in a bit further and drop the anchor then we should be in the clear. Just keep an eye out for snakes and anything else trying to kill you and you should be fine. They’ll probably be a bit disoriented after the storm too.”

Archie nodded. “Good thinking, although let’s make sure we don’t go too far. We only have about an hour of light left and we don’t know where we are. We might need to sleep in the boat tonight and set off tomorrow, but first we need to find food and ideally, some water that hasn’t been sitting in this boat collecting dust and whatever other abhorrent chemicals are in here.

Fifteen minutes later, Jamie set foot upon the beach, water bottle in hand. Half a minute later, he was joined by Archie, appearing visibly distraught as he stepped up next to his friend.

“What’s wrong mate? Something sting you in the water?”

Archie shook his head. Although jellyfish, bluebottles and rays were common off Sylestonean shores, Archie would be screaming if he’d been stung. Instead he just pointed to his left.

Jamie’s eyes followed his arm, but he didn’t see anything of note. A few trees here and there, the pink clouds enveloping the setting sun, not much more.

Still Archie kept pointing, though. A few gulls squawked away in the distance, but they weren’t anything worthy of alarm.

And then the realisation dawned on him. The setting sun… shouldn’t that be out to sea, where they’d just come from? They were on the western seaboard, weren’t they? The sun rises over the jungle and sets out at sea in this part of the world, doesn’t it? So why was it setting out parallel with the shoreline?

Jamie’s mind raced, the first sparks of hope lost amongst a muddle of concern and horror. His home town of Knagelme, he thought, was located on an outcrop like this. As the town itself faces south, inhabitants still wake up to the sun rising up over the jungle, but like here, the sun sets out over a peninsula, following the shoreline until it cuts away and turns northward.

“Archie… you don’t think we’ve somehow circled back to Knagelme have we?”

As the breath exited Jamie’s mouth, though, he already knew the answer. The outcropping their hometown lay on was maybe seven or eight kilometres long at most, the town located almost directly in the centre. From half a kilometre out to sea, you would’ve been able to see the town as well as the shoreline to the east, as well as the bending of the coastline back in a northern direction. Plus, they were already north of the town, and the storm had pushed them even further north. No, this was not Knagelme. This was somewhere completely alien.

Sure enough, Archie’s slow, forlorn shake of the head confirmed Jamie’s worst fears. However, one thing Jamie was not expecting was the next thing to spill out of his friend’s mouth.

“No, Jamie, we’re nowhere near home. I think we’re on the Paradise Coast3.

“We’re fuckin WHERE?” questioned Jamie, almost yelling in astonishment. “The storm can’t have pushed us that far, we would’ve known! We can’t be up, past Clontarf? How the fuck?”

“Where else would we be, though?” was the response. The coastline north of home Knagelme is pretty much straight north. There’s no outcropping like this anywhere up until after Clontarf and from there, we’re on the Paradise Coast. Hell, who knows how far the storm has pushed us! We could be closer to Witherton as far as we know.”

Jamie spluttered. “Witherton??? Fuck me with a bicycle4, surely we’re not that far away. That’s a three hour drive from home!”

“Who knows, mate. But we’re wasting time now. I think we both know that we don’t have much time. Let’s go into the jungle for ten, see what we can find, and get out of here. I reckon Clontarf won’t be too far away, so head east and we’ll hopefully see the town lights before too long. Just gotta watch the reefs.”

Jamie nodded. Now they were fairly certain of their whereabouts, it was the smart thing to do to get back on the boat as fast as possible to utilise the daylight. But they were ashore and as average Sylestonean human beings, were pretty keen to have an explore. Particularly in this part of the rainforest - a portion that was famously thick and very much poorly explored. Even local Irundji tribes were generally thought to steer clear of it or stick to less dense parts for here, it was a nightmare to get anywhere. If people bothered and had the resources, who knew what they could find in this area?

Archie led the way - having grown up on a cacao farm ten minutes from Knagelme before moving into the city to pursue his dream as an electrician, he had done plenty of bushbashing. Without a machete or anything to break their path, however, that was much easier said than done. All around them, both could hear the rustle of life amongst the trees and on the ground as they pushed their way through the thick rainforest undergrowth, ignoring the distressed tweeting of birds as they flew off branches in search food a new, undisturbed home.

Suddenly Archie stopped.

“Jamie”, he whispered. “Come here.”

Sidling up to his friend, Jamie peered through the gloom to see what had stopped Archie… and froze. It wasn’t a snake, or jaguar, or anything of the sort. In fact, it was something so unexpected, so completely wrong in this kind of place, that it made the two men think they were having hallucinations.

Two metres in front of Archie’s frozen body sat a large stone structure - at least three feet high and probably a similar distance across, engraved in strange markings. Upon closer inspection, though, Archie read the following in a quivering voice.


After announcing that final digit, Archie froze once more. This time, it seemed as though the entire jungle froze with him - for a moment, a bird did not chirp, a rodent did not rustle, the wind halted in its steady flow through the trees and wave froze mid-crash.

Jamie was the first to react. “It cannot be”, he muttered beneath his breath.

Archie glanced up at his friend, shock planted all over his face. “There’s more here, too. We have the coordinates of this exact location and then, at the bottom here…

“We have a date. The twelfth of May… 1261. Nearly 800 years ago.”

1 Lettuce, tomato and cucumber in correct amounts create a dish known as the “Juven salad” in Sylestone. We’re not quite sure why.

2 Most everything in Sylestone is run on renewable energy (utopia much). Jamie’s boat is run on solar power.

3 The Paradise Coast is a stretch of shoreline in the northwest of Sylestone from Garretty on the northern seaboard (~200km west of Avondale) to Clontarf on the western seaboard. The northern side is famous for its rainforest hiking, beaches, wildlife and resorts, while the southern side of the peninsula is far more dense, with only very small sections having been properly explored. Anything could hide there…

4 For local travel, bicycles are a Sylestonean’s transport of choice.
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Part 1 – The News Flash.

Head Diplomat Charlene Jeannie Natalia Adeline Marceline “Wanbyeoghan Hyeobsang-Ga” Celestie Christine Irelle Dva. Arianna Rees Edith Novena Annie Ciara W. I. Bethany Myong Suh-Hyung, reporting for news and well, this is going to be quite something new to me. I am here in Esportiva as a guest for one of their sporting events – karting! I know, my very first time in this place and for the sports, at least in the international scene. Typically, we have been in motorsports such as NSSCRA, WGPC, WGP2, Rally. And well, here I am in Karting! It is still a big honor, of course, and to be here as a guest and to meet all these wonderful folks from all around Esportiva. Hmm, with that, I believe it will be only appropriate for me to introduce myself to everyone of you here. Ater all, I am quite a triumvirate of occupations, am I not? A Head Diplomat, a Head News Reporter, and now, a Kart driver. Please, stay around and let me tell you of the long, long story of one lucky girl that went from an everyday reporter to a large figure (both figuratively and literally) of Valentine Z. My friends of Esportiva and Valentine Z – this is the story of Charlene.

As I have stated, my life started off rather uneventfully. Charlene Bethany Myong Suh-Hyung is your average news reporter, and she did not exactly have the best of goals and intentions in life at that moment. Yes, while I have in fact figured out that I would like to be a news reporter when I grew up, I found out that the job had quite a few caveats. To start off, the domestic news happening in South Korea were pretty fine and not as, shall we say, violent. For those who did not know, when I started this job and- well, for a good amount of my early life, the world was going through a really violent phase, one where the Cold War became very heated. If it was me not covering the normal domestic news, I would be flown off to Yeosu or Incheon to cover some naval fight that was affecting the coastal areas of the country and its cities. If it was not that, I would end up reporting in DMZ. And (yes, there is more) if that is not enough for me, I would be shipped off to some other country! Me, a Korean girl in her mid-twenties, with no one but her crew on her side, was thrusted into so many of these news coverage stuff. One might ask and wonder if I had some sort of death wish. The strange but unsurprising truth is that I absolutely don’t. I mean yes, the war was raging around us, but no one exactly wanted to die willingly. I suppose that was what I was trying to cover at the end of the day – of the daily lives of soldiers and citizens alike being forced into this madness. I reconsidered several times as to if I should quit this job altogether. But every time I thought of it, there would always be something which would make me want to remain in this job. Perhaps it was the thrill of it, or the fact that the truth needed to be out, or more importantly to make sure people’s stories are not left untold. Sure, all of them very noble and I still do stand by them. After a year of it, I started to like the adrenaline of it, I was never partial in the details and crevices of a story, and yes, all the friends I‘ve made. No, it was something else that really changed (and saved) my life.

OOC: Please do feel free to DM me or godmod my character a little bit within limits to what you think a typical Valentian will do. Just don't severely injure or kill her, thanks! Valentine Z is also very proudly pandemic-free. ♥ If you click on the link of my character, there is some lore, but it is going to go through a major overhaul and as I write more and more for this sports event.

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Campionato Esportiva 37




Located in the far east of Esportiva, Sylestone is an equatorial nation home to roughly 30 million residents and while the vast, vast majority are humans, Sentients and even a small cluster of elves live on specific areas of the island, which has a size of roughly 700,000 kilometres squared. For the very first time in the nation’s history, though, Mytanar football manager Mojmir Anac’s squad to the 34th Campionato Esportiva and following World Cup Qualifiers - marking the return of international football for Sylestone in over half a decade - was composed of both Sentients as well as humans. In ages past, managers would prefer to not mix the two races out of fear for how that would go and with the Sentient sides almost always receiving the opportunity to play in tournaments while the humans sat in front of their televisions and watches, the vast majority of the Sylestonean population began to become distressed about this obvious favouritism. In fact, aside from the one Campionato Esportiva in the Licentian Isles that saw the human side capitulate to one point from three matches, they never actually received an official go.

But upon the heralded return of Sylestone to football and football to Sylestone, the appointment of Mojmir Anac changed all of that. Although a match between a mixed XI against Quebec and Shingoryeo had occurred the year before as part of a friendly series containing some of the multiverse’s biggest names, last year’s 34th Campionato Esportiva marked the very first time the two races shared the same half of a football field in an official game, or larger tournament. Although a mini-cup between the Sentients, Evermark, Tikariot and Quebec and Shingoryeo in Chamberley that saw the hosts’ only points come in a 2-2 draw with Evermark, results ever since have been the exact opposite of disappointing, and culminated in Anac being nominated as one of five nominees for International Manager of the Year in one Testiculos and even more importantly, saw Sylestone qualify for their first World Cup three years ago before going above and beyond on home soil last year, reaching the quarterfinals before losing to Tumbra (again). If there’s one thing Sylestoneans hate more than scoring goals, it’s playing against Tumbra in football.

In fact, aside from the 94th World Cup itself, there hasn’t been a single tournament where Mojmir Anac has not impressed. His first tournament with the Sentients was the 34th Campionato Esportiva four years ago, where the team’s only two losses came against eventual champions Tumbra - once in the group stage and a second time in the knockouts after Sylestone had pulled off a massive upset by knocking off Brenecia following an 8-2 triumph over Macbon. The following World Cup Qualifiers are technically Sylestone’s best ever, recording 44 points in 22 games with a single digit in the goals conceded column… until Huayramarca took over Chamberley by storm in what ended up as an 8-4 shellacking over two playoff legs. However, two years later and backed by a fourth place finish in a home Campionato Esportiva alongside another strong World Cup Qualifying campaign, Anac’s side were not about to make the same mistake against Nyowani Kitara. Instead of mimicking their opponents style of football, they held their own as Riley Strathfield’s second half goal proved the difference in Græntfjall, sending the Sentients through to their first World Cup just three years after their return to the international scene.

After four wildly successful campaigns across the regional and multiversal levels, it was about time Mojmir Anac suffered his first failure. And even in this case, it’s still a tournament that ultimately garnered more praise than criticism, particularly internationally. Although they were out after their opening two fixtures, a pair of 1-0 hard fought 1-0 losses to Ko-oren and Eura were hardly anything to laugh about - although the better team won both encounters, either result could have swung the other way and no one would have batted an eye. It was the matchday three loss to the hosts that really hurt, the Sentients conceding six and even with a team composed primarily of second string players, that kind of result still hurts on the big stage.

And yet, two years later, Anac and his Sentients bounced back emphatically. As hosts alongside Chromatika, they didn’t need to bother with qualification and as replacement, participated in a seven-game friendly series spanning the greater part of a year to prepare and didn’t lose a single fixture - including an incredible victory over Juvencus, a win in the Squornshelan Remnant States and a draw in Chamberley against their cohosts. It set the stone for a remarkable campaign, where two 1-0 wins against Ko-oren and Baggieland sandwiched a rather forgettable 3-0 loss in Pesfield against Mertagne to send the Sentients through to the final sixteen. It was there where they played one of their best games ever, triumphing over a strong Flavovespian outfit. As thoughts of an insane charge towards the trophy came into mind, though, Sylestonean football’s Tumbran overlords came to the fore with a 1-0 win to send the hosts out of the tournament.

Sure, maybe it was a bit disappointing. But to reach the quarterfinals of a World Cup within six years of football’s return to Sylestonean shores? No one would be displeased.

Yet, they are still waiting to win a trophy. But with Brenecia and Cap Nord not participating in this edition of the Campionato Esportiva - and questions being asked over the future of football in both nations - this is a chance like never before. All we need is for someone to knock Tumbra and Natanians & Nosts out early and the path should be pretty clear.

Nickname: The Sentients
Formation: 4-4-1-1 → 4-2-3-1 or 5-4-1


Mojmir Anac Image (M, 38)
He’s a cult hero in Sylestone, and he fully deserves every skerrick of praise he has received. Not even a year into coaching, to have already been nominated as a candidate for the International Manager of the Year is truly spectacular, and in reality, he’s only just getting started. A former centre back with Olympia Thessia, Anac has already built a reputation for coaching defensive-minded football, with a strong preference for letting opponents dominate and then attacking them on the counter, giving up possession but certainly not giving up goals. Originally, Anac was employed by the Sylestonean Football Association (SFA) to attempt to unify the two races but with the nation’s human footballers beginning to outshine their counterparts from the Sentient city of Kirkham, that’s becoming less and less of a problem each and every day. Anac will push his players to their limits and demand lots of them but at the end of the day, he used to be a player as well, and knows just how hard that can be day in, day out.


GK: Ryan Macleay 27 M 25 0 Pesfield Trees Image
GK: Brick Wall ?? ?? 225 1 Kirkham Sentients Image
GK: Emily Charlton 26 F 0 0 FC Conton Image

Having cemented his spot as Sylestone’s best goalkeeper, Ryan Macleay will once again start over his rivals for the spot - with 25 caps now to his name, he has more than adequate experience that has come in handy time and time again. His work for the Pesfield Trees in the League Number One is currently impeccable and despite his club’s failure to even participate in a title race last season, he was still far and away the best between the sticks in the league. Joining him in the squad is the token Sentient player - the Brick Wall - who will look to add to its 225 caps again if it receives a chance. While it’s still an incredibly reliable and handy player to have around the team, however, many question its long-term use in the squad with so many youngsters coming through the ranks. As the only remaining Sentient, however, there’s every chance it may receive a lifeline out of respect for the race. Finally, Emily Charlton has joined the squad for the very first time, pipping Betham FC keeper Luca Yali in what was reportedly a very tight race between the two for the final spot in the squad. Sure, while Bianca Ding’s done well over in the Orange League, perhaps it’s time for a new face. Just to see how they’re like, y’know?

LB: Jade Wettenhall 26 F 10 1 Pesfield Trees Image
LB: Harrison Curmi 24 M 0 0 St John's Arsenal Image
CB: Hugo Mornington (c) 32 M 63 2 Hesham Image
CB: Jake Blackall 23 M 7 0 Capitol Athletic Image

CB: Alexander Nutt 28 M 22 1 Tihon Image
CB: Alana Faucett 26 F 44 1 CSKA Quebec Image
CB: Alicia Dowie 23 F 4 0 Sanar Image
RB: Holly Statton 23 F 17 0 Perce Town Image
RB: Matilda Molineux 25 F 0 0 Capitol Athletic Image

Over the last few years, every single one of these names has risen to relevance, both in Sylestone as well as out of it. In particular, Hesham-based Hugo Mornington has become one of the most fearsome centre backs circulating multiversal football in the modern era despite his fairly lean frame, as a master of positioning and despite a relative lack of willingness to tackle, when he does it, he does it well. Assisted by Anac’s defensive outlook, Mornington has become a key asset in the Sylestonean cog and even with plenty of youthful centre back prospects emerging, replacing him is going to be nigh on impossible. Mornington’s football brain and IQ, however, is why he brands the captains armband whenever he’s on the pitch and in the rare instance he’s off, Gemma Rodway or someone likewise with plenty of experience will generally take over. Next to Mornington is a bit of a grey area and has been for some time, with Alana Faucett and Alexander Nutt having fought over the position for some time now. Slightly more often than not, Faucett received the nod simply due to being right-footed - Nutt and Mornington are both more comfortable on their left - but recently, Capitol Athletic breakout star Jake Blackall has screamed into the conversation with his apocalyptic yet somehow reliable defending, and is expected to partner up especially well with the more composed Mornington. At the fullback positions, Harrison Curmi and Matilda Molineux have received their maiden callups - Curmi’s coming due to Eden Holt’s groin strain, while Molineux’s brilliant season with Capitol Athletic has somewhat surprisingly propelled her above Straton’s Lesley Keller and Chamberley City’s Harvey Martin in the right back position behind Holly Statton. Perhaps Anac is simply testing his options ahead of qualifying for World Cup 96 and decided that it’s worth seeing what Molineux can do - while Statton is basically a certainty these days, players such as Keller, Molineux and Martin and even the likes of Seth Baldwinson, Hudson Moreton, Madison Hayes, Ella Lowe and Madeline Ansell have all to play for ahead of the announcement of that 34-player squad. Likely, Anac has chosen Molineux due to her ability to play both an incredibly defensive as well as a more attacking kind of role down the flank, so can be used no matter the situation. On the left side, Wettenhall’s aggressive streak may be let out a bit more with Holt injured, while Curmi’s slightly more defensive style of play can come in handy when attempting to hold a lead. Like the rest, Curmi is very talented but whether he can deal with the pressure of the international game is a completely different question altogether, particularly amongst a group of fairly young players who are still yet to hit the pinnacle of their game.


LM: Jack Ryland 26 M 34 3 Serrapince Image
LM: Cameron Milligan 26 M 4 0 Capitol Athletic Image
CM: Gemma Rodway 30 F 63 7 Newark Argyle Image
CM: Jack Lawson 26 M 46 2 Avondale City Image

CM: Thomas Hellyer 23 M 4 1 Urrheddiao Image
CM: Charlotte Woodfull 25 F 0 0 Tihon Image
CM: Morgan Gallagher 26 M 0 0 Couno Rangers Image
RM: Abigail Jones 32 F 59 6 Pria City Image
RM: Alexandra Arnold 25 F 0 0 Whitepool Image

Picking a group of midfielders from Sylestone to go to any international tournament is a tough choice but this time around, it’s seemed to be even more difficult than ever before. Previously, there have been the obvious standouts - Gemma Rodway and Jack Lawson have been the best two options in the centre of the park for about three years now - while Abigail Jones has been a stalwart on the right wing since the beginning of Anac’s tenure. In fact, alongside Hugo Mornington and arguably Eden Holt and Gemma Rodway, she’s been the only player to consistently feature in the country’s best eleven over the past six or so years. This season, though, instead of having three or four standout players and many more good players around the wings, though, all of those good players have seemingly risen a level and all of a sudden, it’s created a massive headache. On the left, Cameron Milligan received the nod over players such as Victoria Korner after his superb showing in maroon and black over the past year while on the right, it’s Alexandra Arnold who won the race after just one year back on local shores, just getting the nod over players like Jack Moseley, Jeremy Onus and Alice Murtagh due to her blistering form for Whitepool that almost single-handedly led them to their inaugural SFA Cup trophy. If she can provide that much energy as a starter, it may take imagination to see what she can do off the bench behind Abigail Jones - hell, it’s even possible that if she can perform as she did domestically, it’s entirely possible that Anac could even give her a full ninety to express her creativity. Despite the lack of goals that will undoubtedly be scored, there is still an element of creativity amongst the squad and not just in Arnold, either - Jack Ryland can be a menace up the wing and has been for Serrapince in the T-League, while midfielders Gemma Rodway and Thomas Hellyer in particular have done plenty of that for their clubs. Hellyer, who has recently secured a move worth ten million NSD to Red League champions Urrheddiao from Betham FC, will be looking to break into the squad, but may have to do so ever so slightly out of position, for right-sided central midfielder Jack Lawson is more the holding kind rather than the creative one, so Rodway would have to make way if Hellyer was to impress to that sort of extent. Instead, Lawson’s replacement would likely be Tihon’s Charlotte Woodfull, who has been duly rewarded for a sublime season with FC Conton that led them to their first ever IFCF Challengers Cup berth, while Morgan Gallagher remains waiting on the wings as a versatile option who can play literally anywhere between defensive and attacking midfield. What a power move, though - how many other nations out there can leave an uncapped Couno Rangers midfielder on the edge of their squad, where they will likely just remain on the bench for most, if not every game. Not many, I can assure you.


CAM: Brett Sarcav-Jones 21 M 27 6 St John's Arsenal Image
CAM: Kye White 23 M 1 0 Pesfield Trees Image

With Rose Fleetwood and Cameron Keyes being snuffed out of the squad in favour of young blood, it’s a bit of a new look at the “10” role this Campionato Esportiva. As he has done for the past few years, 21-year-old Brett Sarcav-Jones will likely start behind the forward line and look to add an extra layer of creativity and reliability in the region with his swift feet and sublime vision - he can even be used on the right wing if necessary, although probably not considering Alexandra Arnold has broken into the squad over James Barclay, Jack Moseley and others. Having only been a 15-year-old wee lad in the crowd when Sylestone last toured to South Newlandia, this marks the first time the nation will be hit with “Brettomania” - or so his style of play has been dubbed by adoring Quebecois fans - as he looks to add to his six national goals and eight assists. Also a specialist in the position, Pesfield’s Kye White - another one of FC Conton’s youth products alongside Woodfull - will be explosive as always off the bench and with Hella Veensma missing a fair chunk of the season through injury, will be fairly confident in his ability to start if necessary. Hopefully not, though, cause Brett’s gonna kill everything and everyone.


CF: Charlotte Eastwood 25 F 27 8 Lakewood United Image
CF: Riley Strathfield 29 M 39 13 Cleorough Image
CF: Madeline Bostock 25 F 1 0 Chamberley City Image

After going like fourteen international games without scoring, Charlotte Eastwood has grown into her own in blue and orange, having racked up eight goals in 27 caps to kickstart her career on the world stage and show signs of the form that she has recently torn up the League Number One and T-League with. Having last year sealed a record deal - worth $13.5 million NSD as she transferred from her girlhood club Avondale City to Lakewood United - Eastwood’s goalscoring ability has gone from strength to strength, with her off the ball work improving heavily as well. Whole Riley Strathfield was more experienced for a long time and still has more caps and goals than his counterpart, he’;s been unable to reach the sheer heights Eastwood has but yet, has still been incredibly reliable for every single team he’s played for, whether it be in Sylestone or Nephara. Also coming through the wings is Madeline Bostock, a pure goalscorer who has shone at Chamberley City over the past few years and while many expect her national career to be short-lived, the fact that she’s even been good enough to receive a chance speaks volumes. And if she can be clinical, who knows? She might just be able to salvage something.


All-time Record: 124-71-131
First Game: Sylestone 0-0 Pangurstan (BoF 72)
Largest Win: Sylestone 8-2 Macbon (CE 34)
First Win: Sylestone 3-1 Floyssauu (BoF 72)
Largest Loss: Græntfjall 6-0 Sylestone (World Cup 94)
Latest Game: Sylestone 1-0 Tumbra (World Cup 95)
Most Caps: Fridge (258)
Most Goals: Mixer (69) (nice)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my lineup:
As long as I haven’t provided it in a previous RP
Godmod scoring events: As long as it isn’t too ridiculous
RP injuries to my players: Yes (only minor ones, and I decide the length)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes (max 4 yellow cards per game)
Eject my players: Yes (max 1 red card per game)
Godmod other events: As long as it isn’t too ridiculous, just ask permission if it’s anything that may not sit right with me (the usual courtesy). I’ll probably say yes


GCF World T20 Championship III


Sylestone is a tropical island nation located in far-western Esportiva, located to the east of Cyborg Holland and north of the S.U.S (Star United States) Islands. The nation is inhabited by roughly 30 million citizens (the exact number is unknown), and includes roughly 60,000 Sentient Objects from the city of Kirkham in the southeast. Famous for its multiverse-class beaches and rainforests, Sylestone has a thriving tourism industry, and despite financial fallouts meaning that professional association football is currently on a hiatus, it is widely acknowledged to be a rising sporting power, particularly in cricket and handball. In handball, the nation is the reigning world champion in the multiverse, but in cricket, that process has been a little slower. Even so, last year’s home World T20 Championship went a long way towards sealing the Hawthorns as a power in the game’s shortest format, where a fourth-placed finish saw them assert themselves as a powerhouse and genuine title threats.

While last year may have felt like the perfect opportunity for Sylestone to pounce and seize the day, this tour to Gruenberg has a vastly different feel to it. With the likes of Joshua Vilesti and Simon Monteane hanging up their boots from international cricket, a couple of holes have opened up in the Sylestonean side and right now, they are proving rather challenging to fill. Overall, the selectors have made three changes to the 18-player squad that reached the semifinals of the fifteenth World T20 Championship - the other omission being Norbert Pistecial after his swing bowling failed to tie down an end before an injury ruled him out of the tournament. Taking his place is fellow Dunkirk Rovers teammate Jesse McMillan, who will form part of the reserve list alongside Vilesti replacement Angus Hackett and Brock Westleford, making his first return to Sylestonean colours since a rather disappointing EspoT20 II back in South Newlandia a few years ago. With quicks Hackett and McMillan in the reserves, it leaves Samuel Scron as Sylestone’s only out-and-out quick in the main 15-player squad, although all-rounders Samuel Asaskia, Samuel Cross (hell of a lot of Samuel’s) and Caitlyn Freehill are all in the team for bowling as much as their abilities with the stick in hand. As for the spinners, though, there is plenty of depth. Despite none of the three reserves bowling spin, almost half the main squad is capable of bowling handy overs of the slow stuff wherever necessary - something that may well come in handy on Gruenberg’s traditionally dry pitches. Even so, with the host nation remarking Sylestone as one of their most challenging opponents due to the similarities in their home conditions, not to mention their rank, there’s every chance they’ll look to fuck us over and stick all of our games at Jendor Lane or some other ground with nothing in it for the tweakers.




Coach: Jake Fiedler Image (M) - Age 44
Batting Coach: Sandra Morton Image (F) - Age 41
Bowling Coach: George Byron Image (M) - Age 59
Fielding Coach: Daniel Michael Image (M) - Age 50

Umpires: Ellie Innes Image (F) - Age 54; Thomas Moore Image (M) - Age 43; Sebastian Brewster Image (M) - Age 45



Luke TIATI (c, +) LHB
Broughton HALL RHB ROS
Ashton STEALOM (+) RHB


45 matches. 1455 runs @ 33.07, SR 135.98, HS 108*, 10 50s 1 100s.
  • Captain
  • 32 years old; male
  • Left-hand opening bat
  • Wicketkeeper-batter
  • Pesfield Wasps Image
For all the success he has achieved in the five-day and 50-over formats, Luke Tiati has indicated multiple times that he does not quite feel the same about cricket’s 20-over edition. Sure, Tiati’s numbers are still excellent - he’s only second to Lachlan Cocrine by a mere 30-odd runs for the most runs for Sylestone in T20s with 1079 runs at 35 with a useful strike rate of 136 - but considering he averages 50+ in ODI and test, there is no wonder that he feels as though that average should be at least a little bit higher. However, one of Tiati’s most important traits is his consistency - he never goes too long without failing. The streets will always remember that astonishing century against Gruenberg in an ODI World Trophy quarterfinal, albeit in a losing cause, as one of the game’s greatest knocks. Can always be trusted to make big scores every two or three games, going a long way towards sealing victories.

44 matches. 805 runs @ 33.54, SR 144.01, HS 64*, 3 50s, 0 100s. 24 wickets @ 41.42, ER 7.94, SR 31.29, BBI 4-23, 1 4-fors.
  • Vice-captain
  • 33 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • All-rounder
  • Chamberley Giants Image
The first of many all-rounders in this Sylestonean squad, Liam Afosha has made himself known throughout the multiverse as one of the best finishers in modern cricket, often coming in at five or six when his team are in a worrisome position and guiding them home. As well as his inherent calmness, Afosha can also whack a long ball despite his slender, short figure and with an excellent eye, when he gets in, it takes some doing to get him out. Additionally, Afosha also regularly bowls probing off-spin, floating the ball up above the batters’ eye line and encouraging them to take a swipe at him. It’s highly specialised - many batters, particularly right-handers, thrive under those conditions, but for many others, Afosha is not easy to get away. If Tiati can use him well, he could certainly become a handy strike force in a team stacked to the brim with fellow all-rounders.

16 matches. 170 runs @ 28.33, SR 151.79, HS 46*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 15 wickets @ 29.07, ER 7.98, SR 21.87, BBI 2-17, 0 4-fors.
  • 28 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm fast-medium
  • All-rounder
  • Dunkirk Rovers Image
Utilised as a bits-and-pieces player last World T20 Championships, Samuel Asaskia did more than enough to warrant his selection in eleven of the thirteen games the Hawthorns played, contributing valuable runs with the bat in the lower order and bowling handy overs of tricky seam with the ball, making subtle yet important contributions at every turn. With a tactical insight after years of captaining the Halpenley Lightning and Dunkirk Rovers in Sylestone’s Crash n’ Smash, Asaskia can easily be seen as a senior figure within the group and is often sought after when the going gets tough. Atr 28 years of age, this tournament may be just the chance he needs to show what he’s capable of to the multiverse.

6 matches. 8 runs @ N/A, SR 114.29, HS 8*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 9 wickets @ 19.89, ER 8.14, SR 14.67, BBI 3-28, 0 4-fors.
  • 28 years old; female
  • Left-hand bat; left-arm off-spin
  • Bowler
  • Avondale Knights Image
She was a fringe selection for the EspoT20 but having finished it as Sylestone’s highest wicket taker with nine poles at an average a smidgeon under 20, Lily Bodenweiser did well enough to earn herself a place in the three reserves sent to The Sarian, ready to be called upon if required. Despite not receiving any games, retirements and droppings has seen her catapult into Sylestone’s fifteen-player squad to Gruenberg where she will likely receive a chance or two as a third spinner behind Kate Sonnel and Broughton Hall. Unlike many left-arm finger-spinners, Bodenweiser likes to give the ball a big rip - particularly to the right-handers - often sacrificing lines and lengths in order to get the most out of the surface. She also possesses a useful variation locker, including a well-disguised arm ball alongside a carrom ball and a top-spinner, with the handy ability of tying down an end when needed and also looking for wickets in different circumstances.

44 matches. 1484 runs @ 41.22, SR 170.38, HS 119*, 11 50s, 2 100s.
  • 29 years old; male
  • Right-hand top-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batter
  • Chamberley Giants Image
Undoubtedly Sylestone’s best with the blade in the shortest format, Lachlan Cocrine’s sheer game-changing ability makes him one of the most feared hitters in the entire multiverse. Widely regarded as a top ten T20 bat across the multiverse, Cocrine’s average of 41 with a strike rate of 170 is essentially unheard of. With a third of his T20I innings resulting in a score of 50 or more, Cocrine’s consistency at the highest level has been top draw and if he can blaze away again, there’s no reason why Sylestone can’t make a genuine title run. But if not, then someone else is going to need to step up.

Samuel CROSS
23 matches. 417 runs @ 26.06, SR 131.13, HS 72, 2 50s, 0 100s. 24 wickets @ 19.46, ER 7.76, SR 15.04, BBI 4-9, 1 4-fors.
  • 25 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm fast-medium
  • All-rounder
  • Halpenley Lightning Image; Linieux Lieutenants Image
While his batting hasn’t shone in the international scene like it has domestically, Samuel Cross has certainly done enough with the stick to warrant his inclusion in Sylestone’s best XI as a genuine all-rounder, rather than simply a bowler. Despite tearing up the domestic scene with gargantuan knocks from the Halpenley Lightning middle order, Cross has not found a similar consistency on the international level, with only two fifties and an average of 26 from twenty innings’ but if he does that, then it may well be the missing piece Sylestone needs to genuinely push for a World T20 title. Often tasked with three of the final five overs of the innings, Cross’s economy rate of 7.76 is simply unbelievable, and has even shown tenacity at the death against some of the very best in the business. If he can utilise his variations and guile as he does for the Halpenley Lightning in the Crash n’ Smash, then a big tournament awaits the 25-year-old.

27 matches. 792 runs @ 34.43, SR 128.57, HS 75*, 7 50s, 0 100s. 1 wicket @ 34.00, ER 9.27, SR 22.00, BBI 1-4, 0 4-fors.
  • 24 years old; female
  • Right-hand top-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batter
  • Scorching Hot Dodle Image
Over the course of the past couple of years, Brianna Eastwood has risen from being a simple middle-order batter to opening for her country, and reaping the rewards as a result of it. Although some question whether her style of batting is too similar to that of her opener partner Luke Tiati, the fact she was able to compile upwards of 300 runs at last year’s World T20 Championships indicates that the selectors view her as a long-term option at the top of the Sylestonean batting order. Additionally, Eastwood is also capable of bowling some handy off-breaks in dire situations, often just calming the tempo of the match just a smidgeon and regaining some control, particularly when left-handers are batting. At only 24 years of age, too, it doesn’t take much to imagine where she could be in five years’ time.

8 matches. 110 runs @ 55.00, SR 179.55, HS 35, 0 50s, 0 100s. 5 wickets @ 42.80, ER 8.56, SR 30.00, BBI 2-27, 0 4-fors.
  • 26 years old; female
  • Left-hand bat; left-arm medium-fast
  • All-rounder
  • Avondale Knights Image
After being brought into the side as a result of Norbert Pistecial’s injury last year, Caitlyn Freehill has now taken the extra step and consolidated a spot amongst Sylestone’s best fifteen T20 players, making the most of her limited opportunities and impressing on the domestic scene. Although her numbers may not appear great at first glance, Freehill’s versatility with both bat and ball is something that many players are envious of - she can bat literally anywhere from one to eleven (although it’s a bit of a waste sticking her there) and has the skills to bowl any of the twenty overs. Even so, Freehill’s ultimate trade is her batting and bats at three for the Avondale Knights in the Crash n’ Smash, regularly winning them games with her valuable knocks. To cap it off, Freehill is also one of the country’s best fielders, and one has to think quite long and hard to remember her dropping a catch of any difficulty.

Broughton HALL
36 matches. 32 runs @ 6.40, SR 94.12, HS 6*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 54 wickets @ 18.80, ER 7.16, SR 15.74, BBI 5-24, 3 4-fors.
  • 25 years old; male
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm mystery spin
  • Bowler
  • Chamberley Giants Image
Ever since he was a gangly, 17-year-old teenager, Broughton Hall has been absolutely exceptional for the Sylestonean cricket team with ball in hand, spinning webs around batters with his sheer mystery. However, over the past year or so, Hall has faced the possibility of being dropped from the squad for an equally bright leg-spinner in the form of 20-year-old superstar Kate Sonnel. It seems ridiculous to think that someone with 54 wickets at 18.80 from only 36 matches could get dropped, but here we are. In the years to come, the dusty nature of the Sylestonean (and Gruenberger) tracks could really see Hall and Sonnel tear apart opposition batting lineups but for now, the duo are at times fighting for one spot in the XI. Hall’s variations include a regular leg-break, a googly, a couple of carrom ball variations, a top-spinner, a slider and a lethal quicker ball.

Nicholas LOVIA
19 matches. 576 runs @ 36.00, SR 163.17, HS 96*, 4 50s, 0 100s. 0 wickets @ N/A, ER 15.00, SR N/A, BBI 0-15, 0 4-fors.
  • 26 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batter
  • Scorching Hot Dodle Image
Heading into the EspoT20 a year and a half ago, selectors indicated that Nicholas Lovia was essentially a “filler” in the squad, to play only one or two games just to give him a chance. It’s fair to say he took that chance with both hands outstretched. On debut against The Licentian Isles, Lovia smashed the bowling all around Kirkham’s Flush Park en route to a 39-ball 61, before going even bigger in the Hawthorns’ opening win of the campaign against Nova Anglicana, belting eight fours and four sixes on his way to a match-winning 80. Lovia finished the campaign as Sylestone’s highest run-scorer with 234 runs from only six games - one less than Luke Tiati (228) and Brianna Eastwood (214). To make things even more impressive, those runs came at a strike rate of 164, essentially handing him a one-way ticket into the Sylestone XI in The Sarian. There, he recorded a whopping 367 runs batting at four to consolidate a spot in Sylestone’s best XI and now, is expected to do it all again in Gruenberg. With pressure on him for the first time in his international career, can Lovia thrive once again, or will it get to his head?

20 matches. 275 runs @ 22.82, SR 147.85, HS 68*, 2 50s, 0 100s. 3 wickets @ 64.67, ER 9.24, SR 42.00, BBI 1-11, 0 4-fors.
  • 25 years old; male
  • Left-hand middle-order bat; left-arm off-spin
  • All-rounder
  • Halpenley Lightning Image
For someone with such promise, those numbers are simply not it. An absolute wrecking ball on the domestic scene, Jack Martin has simply failed to consistently do it internationally and despite having twenty matches to his name, can’t seem to replicate his knack of producing performances when necessary. In fact, the only thing most people remember of his international T20 career is that of his unbeaten 68 against Uncertainty a few years ago, guiding the Hawthorns from 4-67 to chase down 170-odd to seal a round of 16 berth. As he converts talent into experience over the years, Martin’s consistency to produce similar knocks will undoubtedly increase, as will his accuracy with his probing left-arm offies - his varying length the only thing letting him down at the moment. While Martin is being kept out of the side due to the presence of Liam Afosha, if an overly turning pitch is uncovered, do not be surprised to see him make an appearance in this World T20 Championship.

Samuel SCRON
18 matches. 15 runs @ 3.75, SR 75.00, HS 7*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 24 wickets @ 22.46, ER 8.29, SR 16.25, BBI 4-22, 1 4-fors.
  • 27 years old; male
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm fast
  • Bowler
  • Pesfield Wasps Image
After shooting onto the scene two years ago in the third ODI World Trophy in Brookstation and Ko-oren, Samuel Scron has solidified his spot in Sylestone’s teams in all three formats, with an impressive test season backing up fifteen wickets a year ago in the fifteenth World T20 Championships. Although he usually opens the bowling, Scron does have all the tricks in the book and standing at 197cm, is quite an imposing figure to face, no matter the form of the game. He can swing the new ball early, has multiple quality variations - including a searing bouncer and a deadly off-cutter - and can bowl regular yorkers at the death to dismantle a side’s lower-order hitters. At only 27 years of age, big things can be expected of Scron, but some question that as the only out-and-out quick in this Sylestone side, perhaps too much pressure has been loaded upon him.

24 matches. 2 runs @ 2.00, SR 2.00, HS 2, 0 50s, 0 100s. 33 wickets @ 21.27, ER 7.55, SR 16.91, BBI 4-32, 1 4-fors.
  • 20 years old; female
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm leg-spin
  • Bowler
  • Cleorough Devils Image; Linieux Lieutenants Image
After a brilliant EspoT20 two years ago in South Newlandia, Kate Sonnel has continued to build upon a long list of achievements with fifteen wickets in just six matches at the ODI World Trophy, racing onto the scene as a 17-year-old and wreaking havoc against quality batting lineups. Now, she has to focus on making the most of her opportunities as if Sylestonean selectors only elect for one out-and-out spinner, then no one knows if it will be her or Broughton Hall that makes way. With both boasting equally astonishing records, the likelihood this happens cannot be very great, particularly on Gruenberg’s spinning tops. It’s looking good, though - her nineteen wickets last World T20 were the most of any Sylestonean, averaging just beneath twenty with an economy spot on eight an over. A bit expensive, perhaps, but far out. She’s a leg spinner!

On debut.
  • 26 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm leg-spin
  • All-rounder
  • Avondale Knights Image
After many years of putting in solid performances for the Avondale Knights, Fergus Stanton’s finally received his opportunity on the international stage, his hard work finally paying off as Sylestonean selectors opted for a spin-heavy focus due to the pitches Gruenberg will likely throw at them. A handy finisher, Stanton will likely play a rather alien role considering Liam Afosha and Jack Martin are already ahead of him in that regard, and may even receive an opportunity up the order depending on form. Unlike fellow leg spinner Kate Sonnel, Stanton generally bowls rather flat, making it hard for batters to get beneath him and hit upwards, forcing them to hit along the ground. If he receives a chance, it will be interesting to see how he fits into the team dynamic.

25 matches. 275 runs @ 27.50, SR 183.33, HS 47, 0 50s, 0 100s.
  • 33 years old; male
  • Right-hand lower-order bat
  • Wicketkeeper-batter
  • Halpenley Lightning Image
Need to score sixty runs off five overs with a new batter at the crease? Ashton Stealom is your man. In six of his sixteen T20I innings thus far in his career, Stealom has finished not out, boosting that average while recording a psychotic strike rate of 183, albeit with most of those runs coming on the regional stage where bowlers are unarguably not as experienced as they will be in the World T20 Championship. Still, those numbers show that Stealom is a reliable match-winner even at the worst of times, with the ability to bat calmly and unleash all hell when necessary - the game is never quite over if Stealom is at the crease. To cap it off, Stealom is also a handy backup wicketkeeper in the case of - dare I say it - injury to Luke Tiati.

On debut.
  • 20 years old; male
  • Left-hand tail-end bat, right-arm fast
  • Bowler
  • Scorching Hot Dodle Image
Why Angus Hackett was selected over Scorching Hot Dodle teammate Ross Amitt is, honestly, a question that only very few know the answer to. Perhaps it was for the extra pace, or perhaps they’ve maybe seen something the rest of us haven’t. Either way, it’s a rather shocking call and although he’s probably behind Jesse McMillan in the fast bowler pecking order, it’s certainly one that will give the 20-year-old no shortage of confidence. While he does have the unfortunate habit of conceding lots of runs, Hackett’s pace earns him just as many wickets and when he’s on song, he can be supremely deadly. Probably won’t receive a chance this time around, but he’s one to keep an eye on.

On debut.
  • 22 years old; male
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; left-arm fast-medium
  • Bowler
  • Dunkirk Rovers Image
After a year or two of impressing for the Dunkirk Rovers in the Crash n’ Smash, it was ultimately only a matter of time until Jesse McMillan earnt this callup. Like Fergus Stanton, McMillan somewhat dwelled beneath the radar, but has always expressed willingness to take on any role necessary, whether it be in the powerplay with the new ball, in the middle overs, or at the death. While he’s not as fast as the likes of Samuel Scron and Angus Hackett, McMillan can still get the ball down the other end quickly, with a deadly yorker and a well-disguised slower ball that is rather challenging to hit. At only 22 years of age, this tournament will still prove exponential for experience no matter whether he receives a chance or not.

4 matches. 48 runs @ 12.00, SR 129.73, HS 21, 0 50s, 0 100s.
  • 30 years old; male
  • Left-hand middle-order bat
  • Batter
  • Katham Crusaders Image
Wrapping up the reserve list is another shock picking Brock Westleford, especially considering his age and somewhat sketchy form. However, like with Angus Hackett, there is every chance that the selectors know something no one else does and as a result, may actually be an excellent selection. Looking deeper, maybe Westleford’s selection isn’t that much of a shock considering his excellent ability to play spin - he reads it better than almost anyone in the nation. Although he hasn’t shone on the international stage in his one chance thus far in South Newlandia for the EspoT20 II, perhaps he simply did not suit the conditions. Here in Gruenberg, though, on dusty tracks, might just be what he needs to kickstart his international career if he receives the callup.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Select my XI:
No. You may only do this if I have not specified in a previous RP
Godmod match events: Only with my permission.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I decide the length.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Yes.
Create a full scorecard for my team: Yes.
Change wicket counts: It would be greatly appreciated in the case of an unrealistic result, just hit me up beforehand so I can adjust my scorecard/RP. For any other reason, feel free to hit me up too.


Nickname: The Hawthorns
Head Coach: Lauren Prior (F - Age 44)
Assistant Coaches: Angelina Marmion (F - Age 59) and Cameron McRae (M - Age 41)

GK: Oscar Dumaresq M 26 Betham Sunrisers Image
LB: Liam Montefiore M 20 CIS Wanderers Image
CB: Lucas Bochsa M 25 Cleorough Thorns Image
RB: Lole Strezlecki F 28 Chamberley Crocodiles Image
LW: Zachary Radcliffe M 30 Betham Sunrisers Image
RW: Lachlan Fosbrook (c) M 35 Chamberley Crocodiles Image
P: Patrick Barnsley M 28 Pesfield Poopers Image

GK: Sophia Tweddle F 25 Avondale Avengers Image
LB: Maya Windeyer F 28 Avondale Avengers Image
CB: Madeline Bacon F 27 Pesfield Poopers Image
RB: Evie Allcott F 27 Dunkirk Daredevils Image
LW: Daniel Grimley M 29 Pesfield Poopers Image
RW: Zane Ecuyer M 25 Avondale Stars Image
P: Alice Macleay F 24 N/A

RP Permissions

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, but I decide the length
RP yellow cards / 2-minute suspensions / red cards to my players (don’t be stupid about it)
Godmode scoring / injury / other events (for all cases, let me know in advance and check I’m good with it)
Football: WC94 Qualifiers, CE35&36 semifinalists
Cricket: GCF WT20 XVI champions, ODI WT II semifinalists, GCF WT20 XV semifinalists, EspoT20 I&II champions
BoF 74, CoH 78, CoH 81, GCF WT20 XV, HWC 24, EspoT20 I&III

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Postby Lozho » Tue Feb 06, 2024 6:09 am


The Lozhoan National Football Team!

A History of Lozhoan Football

Association football is one of the most popular sports in Lozho. During a daily five minute factory break one day, Lozhoan workers decided to kick a leftover bottle of Sozha Soda around in an improvisation of football. The bosses of Ghezhan Pens and Paper Inc. were so impressed that they decided to establish the first football club in Lozho, Ghezhan Pens and Paper FC, later shortened to Ghezhan City. The Lozho Championship (since renamed) Lozho First Division was later established, all between teams that had been established by factory bosses. Lozhoan football is a very lucrative venture, but most players play out of love, and thus are more than willing to sign four year contracts for a few Lozhons a month.

After a sabbatical continuing on from the suspension of the LFD, which included a non-participation in the most recent WC cycle, the Pelicans are back and better than ever. Hopefully.

The Coaching Team

Head Coach: Brett Zimberg
Assistant Coach: Jaxueline Plattenhardt

Brett Zimberg was formerly a PE teacher in a Shezhen high school, until his teams became so good he had to encourage them to stop scoring too many goals and humiliating opposition. A manager who can harness the great potential of this Lozhoan squad, an exciting project awaits Pelicans fans.

Starting XI

Goalkeeper: Bonzo De Jong, 31

Left Full Back: Fazj Srejzjajk, 23

Left Centre Back: Zoufal Cerezaki, 25

Right Centre Back: Romulus, 25

Right Full Back: Cartzon Zohzo, 21

Left Midfielder: Henry Blyth, 29

Central Midfielder: Marc Benson, 26

Right Midfielder: Pazron Droozle, 27

Left Winger: Fatrouza Smith, 22

Right Winger: Zed Zoan, 31

Striker: Paxton Obamovich, 29


  1. GK: Percival Obamahama
  2. GK: Faj Zhaozhamhra
  3. LB: Frozone Drezhon
  4. CB: Drew Zaratrianias
  5. CB: Zadim Ferzhai
  6. RB: Zorro Zakaria
  7. CM: Harron Stanisic
  8. CM: Pazrick Zouzal
  9. CM: Bogdan Sutherland
  10. LW: Herezoikaokaza Forrozonich
  11. RW: Mattiaz Crickport
  12. ST: Shinji Nakajima

Set Piece Takers

  1. Obamovich
  2. Drezhen
  3. Nakajima
  4. Droozle

Left Free Kicks:
  1. Smith
  2. Zane
  3. Blyth
  4. Srejzjajk

Right Free Kicks:
  1. Obamovich
  2. Drezhen
  3. Nakajima
  4. Droozle

Left Corners:
  1. Smith
  2. Srejzjajk
  3. Zane
  4. Drezhon

Right Corners:
  1. Drezhen
  2. Nakajima
  3. Zoan
  4. Obamovich

Style Mod: -1.5


The Lozhoan National Cricket Team!

A History of Lozhoan Cricket

Cricket is one of the more niche sports in Lozho, usually only enjoyed by the wealthy who had more free time. However, there is a passionate and fiery fanbase for the sport in the nation. Cricket has long been played in Lozho, and the annual Ghezhan-Shezhen test series is one of the most viewed events in the nation. The Pelicans have enjoyed enormous successes in their inaugural tournament, the third EspoT20, in which they won every game to clinch the trophy. The Pelicans also most recently made it to the Super 12 of the 16th T20 World Championship, and they will be hoping to replicate their successes in the next EspoT20 and retain their title.

The Coaching Team

Head Coach: Fazj Zander

After the resignation of Lozhoan cricket legend Zumba Zander following the T20 World Championship XV, his assistant coach and cousin Fazj will take the reins of Lozhoan cricket. Despite not being a household name, Zander is a key player behind the scenes and his motivational coaching methods will almost certainly help lead the underdogs Pelicans to greater success.


In batting order:
  1. Tim Crawford RHB
  2. Zhill Zohnzohn LHB
  3. Rick Zrumhammer LHB
  4. Andrezh Drezhen RHB (CAPTAIN)
  5. Zumphrey Zaddam LHB
  6. Freze Horzhonozille RHB, RMF
  7. Yap Dumfries RHB, RF (WICKETKEEPER)
  8. Gorzon Hozhe RHB, ROS
  9. Zatri Qaraq LHB, LLS
  10. Gordon Hinckley LHB, LF
  11. Moz RHB, RF

People will be excited to see Ghezhan dream team Andrezh Drezhen and Zumphrey Zaddam continuing their fruitful partnership. The pair have some of the highest run rates in the history of Lozhoan cricket, so people will be hoping these translate into results on the big stage. People will also be glad to see the return of Tim Crawford and Rick Zrumhammer, whose impressive batting have more often than not won us games. Catroza bowler Moz is also a star bowler, with his impressive form making him a no-brainer of an inclusion. Once again and again (and again), no budget = no reserves. Shite.

Style Mod: +1

LOZHO HOCKEY on ICE presents...

An Ice Hockey Team

GK: Zack Zimothies
DF: Richard Head
DF: Azizz Rizzstronomer
FW: Dazzele Al-Aramzamzam
FW: Ozeo Ifwuheazy
FW: Tim Bucket

Style Mod: 0


Zebediah von Ziggler

18 year old Zebediah von Ziggler is a karter who participates in the Lozho Karting League. His unusually enormous neck combined with his quick reflexes allows him to go at high speeds whilst turning at the right moments, allowing him to fully dominate the competition in his home nation. Now he's looking to take his talents international by taking part in the Sporting Festival. Will he succeed? Let's find out!


OOC Stuff

RP Permissions: As long as you TG me beforehand about any potential serious wackiness, do what you like.
The Queendom of Lozho

Brought to you by West Barack and East Obama

Champions: EspoT20 III, Esportiva Field Hockey Trophy I
Runners-up: Esportiva Rugby Sevens Trophy I, FHWC 21
Super 12: T20 World Championship XV
Round of 16: Brevity Cup 3, BoF 80
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Champions: Sonnel's 7 Nations Cup 3rd Edition
Quarterfinalists: BoF 79
Round of 16: RTC U-18 World Cup 17
Group Stage: WC 95

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The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula (Full-Gah-Moose) was first established on 6 December 2008, when Fleftic explorers landed on what was then a previously undiscovered continent. These explorers landed on a large peninsula that they named Fhulghamous because of its rich and lush green forests. One of the explorers then fell into an old mine shaft while exploring the peninsula and discovered that the entire peninsula was lying on top of one of the biggest diamond deposits ever discovered by mankind. Once the explorers announced their discovery to the Fleftic government, the Democratic Republic Army Corps of Engineers was quickly dispatched to help speed up the establishment of the colony by helping in constructing settlements and assisting in constructing mining facilities to extract the diamonds within the land.

The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula was officially established as a colony of the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft on 6 September 2010 following the signing of Democratic Republic Act No. 2340. The colony's capital would be Port Thimpodopoulos, named after Sergeant Major Pythagoras Thimpodopoulos of the Army Corps of Engineers, who tragically died of a heart attack during the construction of the settlement that would eventually bear his name. Today, Port Thimpodopoulos has a population of ten million, accounting for just under half of the total population of the colony. Other cities in the colony were Besanza, Tadoki, Haritzaga City and Thereisnogodabad, home of Multiverse Premier League club Thereisnogodistan FC.

The colony is under the leadership of Governor-General Petrarchos Kulbano, brother of Minister of Colonial Affairs Demetrios Kulbano. His rule saw the Fhulghamous Peninsula's ascent to being one of the most economically-productive colonies of the Democratic Republic, but due to the colony's distance from the mainland Governor Kulbano is slowly beginning to treat the colony as his own personal fiefdom. This was one of the reasons why he had decided to send forth a petition to send a national team to the Di Bradini Cup, the Multiverse's top under-21 football competition. Unfortunately due to some last-minute troubles, the Fhulghamous Peninsula's team was not allowed entry into the Di Bradini Cup, leaving many people in the colony a bit unfulfilled. But when another chance to send forth a national team revealed itself, Governor Kulbano was quick to submit his team's entry, and this time he made sure that the wouldn't miss out on another chance at participating in an international competition.

Name of Nation: The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula
Demonym: Fhulghamousian, Colonist
Team colors: Green and gray
Manager: Donovan Chase (46 y/o, Abanhfleft)

GK: Thanasis Tsiros (31 y/o, Charalambos FC)
RB: Bruno Bravo (32 y/o, Marinos Thimpodopoulos [Abanhfleft], co-captain)
RCB: Miltiadis Mouzakis (32 y/o, Nou Constantinopoli [Abanhfleft])
LCB: Polynikis Kalyftakis (25 y/o, Charalambos FC)
LB: Mariano Suarez Iglesias (28 y/o, Nuevo Guadix CF)
RM: Edgardo Quinterno (31 y/o, Asparagus Thistle)
RCM: Krystallis Antonakakis (34 y/o, UD Nuevo Carthago)
LCM: Silas Babalioutas (24 y/o, Bananas FC [Abanhfleft])
LM: Priamos Kontoulis (32 y/o, Heliopolisspor)
RS: Alibek Sokolov (26 y/o, RCD Nueva Ceuta)
LS: Anselmo Iñiguez (32 y/o, Atletico Bed Deg [Copper Cuprum], captain)

GK: Tadeo Roman (29 y/o, Deportivo Pequeña Melilla)
GK: Dimokritos Kapias (28 y/o, RCD Nueva Ceuta)
DF: Basilio Silvestri (28 y/o, OGC Nou Nicaea)
DF: Ermolaos Katsikas (31 y/o, FC Aeaea Albion)
DF: Kallis Vural (23 y/o, FC Aeaea Albion)
MF: Besim Bušić (23 y/o, EA Tatouwine)
MF: Meheni Ziane (26 y/o, Marinos Thimpodopoulos [Abanhfleft])
MF: Zakaria Fihraoui (26 y/o, Marinos Thimpodopoulos [Abanhfleft])
MF: Tilemachos Dermentzis (32 y/o, Heliopolisspor)
FW: Giorgis Agiasmenakis (32 y/o, EA Tatouwine)
FW: Gerasimos Mouratidis (31 y/o, Nou Philippopolis)
FW: Magdy El-Romy (31 y/o, Vay Deg Eels A.F.C. [Copper Cuprum])

If the Fhulghamous is facing a higher-ranked opponent then Iñiguez is the captain.
If the Fhulghamous is facing a lower-ranked opponent then Bravo is the captain.

KITS (by Adidulas)

Arena Marinos is the home ground of both FC Marinos Thimpodopoulos, which plays in Abanhfleft's Premier League (first level of the Fleftic football league system) and the Fhulghamous Peninsula national football team. It has a total capacity of 35,673 spectators. Now back in service after a magnitude 6.2 earthquake caused part of the stadium's roof to collapse and devastated the capital city of the colony, necessitating a lot of repairs.

Richard Dawkins Park has a capacity of 23,171 spectators. Following a magnitude 6.2 earthquake that devastated Port Thimpodopoulos, all Fhulghamous Peninsula home matches were held in RDP in Thereisnogodabad while repairs were being made on Arena Marinos. With Arena Marinos now fixed, both the Fhulghamous Peninsula Football Association and Thereisnogodistan FC have reached an agreement in which RDP will serve as an alternate venue for national team games in recognition for the time that Richard Dawkins Park served as the home stadium of the national team following the earthquake.

RP PERMISSIONS (This also applies to the other sports as appropriate)
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (but I decide the severity and length)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (maximum of 3 per game)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (only 1 per 2 games)
Godmod other events: Yes (TG me first before posting anything)

Style modifier: +2.25 (Positive two point two five)
Governor General: Petrarchos Kulbano || Lieutenant Governor: Nadejda Palomarska
Capital: Port Thimpodopoulos || Population: 21,046,399

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Introducing Evangelos Kalyftakis

Postby Fhulghamous Peninsula » Tue Feb 06, 2024 8:35 am


Birthday: 2 June 2014 (age 21)
Birthplace: Heliopolis, Fhulghamous Peninsula Colony, Abanhfleft
Series: Campionato Esportiva Sporting Festival — Karting Event
Main Sponsor: Visit the Fhulghamous! by the Fhulghamous Peninsula Tourism Council
Secondary Sponsor: Oonaftco (Royal Oontaz Oil Corporation)
twii.tur/cica.da: @Gelo_Kalyftakis72
Driving style: Cool, calm, calculating, won't make a move simply for the sake of making a move
Retaliation: Won't fight too hard if the other party is clearly much more aggressive than he is

Evangelos Kalyftakis, or Gelo (rhymes with "Jello") as he prefers to be called, is the latest product of the drivers' academy of HRH Prince Bismillah bin Kudarat of the Sultanate of Oontaz, an academy which is rapidly becoming a center of excellence for the multiverse after its alumni started taking the motorsports scene by storm. Gelo wishes to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Luke Ochoa and Momqud Xonaxonov in terms of claiming titles and honors for himself, but while the latter two opted to test the waters in faraway places such as Auruna, Patriotlandia, and Jonjastan, Gelo decided that he didn't want to move too far away to put his own skills to the test. When Tumbran Super Formula in nearby Tumbra opened its door to foreign drivers, Gelo took a chance on that particular competition, but before the new season there could be started, the Campionato Esportiva and its accompanying Sporting Festival came around, and Gelo was chosen by Governor General Petrarchos Kulbano himself to represent the Fhulghamous in the Sporting Festival's karting event.

I'm so happy that I will have not just one but two chances to pit myself and all of the skills I've learned from the Prince's academy to the test against the best drivers that Esportiva has to offer. I'm sure that no matter what happens here in South Newlandia, I'm going to be able to bring everything I've learned both from the Prince and from the Sporting Festival to my first ever season in Tumbran Super Formula. I'm actually excited, man. Can you tell that I'm excited?

Driver Name: Evangelos Kalyftakis
Name Trigram: KLF
Nationality Trigram: FHU
Preferred Car Number: 72
Second Choice Car Number: 54
Reliability (Between 2 and 5): 4.2
Aggression (Between 2 and 5): 3.05
Technique (Between 2 and 5): 4.75
R/A/T ratings should add up to a maximum of 12.

Driver's bio:
A product of the driver academy established by HRH Prince Bismillah bin Kudarat of the Sultanate of Oontaz. His Majesty had been allowing some of his star drivers to make names for themselves in other nations' series, with notable successes in Auruna and Kaedeki. Evangelos, a native of the Fhulghamous Peninsula Colony of Abanhfleft in Esportiva, wanted to go to a series that was close to home, and when Tumbran Super Formula opened its doors to foreign talent, Evangelos jumped right in.

OOC Disclaimer: Driver image generated via Bing Image Creator.
Governor General: Petrarchos Kulbano || Lieutenant Governor: Nadejda Palomarska
Capital: Port Thimpodopoulos || Population: 21,046,399

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Postby The Plough Islands » Tue Feb 06, 2024 10:20 am


The national flag of the Plough Islands, a green and amber triband charged on the central stripe with the coat of arms of the country; this is an emblem in the tradition of socialist heraldry, depicting the Plough constellation on a green background and a rising sun above a scene of mountains, wheat fields, and oceans, supported by pine branches and a ribbon in the colours of the flag.
(do not adjust your monitor - after several years of using the same picture it is starting to have one or two glitches)

Shauna Weaver (right-handed top order batter, right-arm leg spin bowler, team captain): "This will be the first time that the Plough Islands Cricket Association has sent a team to take part in another regional championship - we have built up a good rapport with our South Newlandian hosts over the last few years, despite our political differences, and hopefully this will be the start of a fruitful cricketing friendship with them. We make this journey in the spirit of peace and socialism, hoping to represent our small country with pride and, hopefully, acquit ourselves well for the sake of the hundred and forty thousand of our friends and comrades, watching us from the misty, cool islands we call home."

Terry Gibbs (right-handed tail end batter, right-arm leg break bowler, economic planner): "The Commonwealth of the Plough Islands became independent in 1960 as a unitary, socialist republic, unswervingly committed to the aims of Marxism-Leninism and the values of modern civilization. The people of the Plough Islands, acting through their vanguard of the Party of Communists of the Plough Islands, strive to build, maintain, and strengthen a socialist, egalitarian society on these islands - one where the welfare of all the people is paramount, and not the whims of a privileged class. Our ancestors suffered through 210 years of British colonial rule that worked to the benefit of a landowning elite that profited off the back of workers, and for that reason we stand in solidarity with the working classes and underprivileged peoples across the multiverse..."

Aubrey Wood (left-handed lower order batter, left-arm pace bowler, psychiatric nurse): "We have been through a lot, that much is true. But most of our families have been here since British settlement in the 18th century or later, and we have stuck by our country through night and day, along with one or two other people we have been fortunate enough to pick up on the road."

Dimitry Andreyev (right-handed lower order batter, right-arm pace bowler, shipbuilder): "Yep, like myself - my parents' families came to the islands from the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s as part of a government programme to gain technical and development knowledge. It was...not exactly legal according to the Soviet authorities, so it ended up being a one way trip for a lot of them, but they were made welcome and made their homes here, and my generation have grown up part of our society. The saying goes that the newcomers told the old families how to make broth and borscht as well as the skills they were brought over for, and they in turn taught us the language - and how to bowl leg spin!"

Lourens Hendricks (right-handed tail end batter, right-arm leg spin bowler, head coach): "And then some of us are like me - old farts who nobody asked to leave!" [collapses into laughter] "Ja, no, what's the thing that matters is that we believe in this place and we're gonna make it work, y'know? We have the same pride and passion, ja, genuinely, whether you speak English, or Russian, or Afrikaans, or whatever. That we all come together as one people and channel that, that unity, ja, is what makes our small country so special."

Andrew Weaver (right-handed opening batter, technical writer): "Cricket is the main sport around here - it has been played about as long as there have been people on the islands, and we have adapted the game to our conditions and the long, cool seasons we get here - whenever we play abroad it always takes some getting used to how much faster the pitches play and how much more aggressive it is. But we have clubs just about everywhere on the Plough Islands - wherever there are people, there is a cricket field where people gather between and after shifts at work, or on the farm, or back from the sea. The Association goes back to, I think, the 1920s, although that is just the start of the current organisation, and most of the island cricket boards are older. But the Association organise the national team, who...we are capable beyond what people would expect, or at least I would like to think so!"

Naomi Salisbury (left-handed tail end batter, slow left-arm orthodox bowler, goat farmer): "You could well say that - we won the inaugural Anaian regional One Day International championship in 2022, and won the third and fourth World Trophies after that - I do not entirely know how we make it happen, but when we come together as one, with all our comrades with us, supporting, we can do some incredible things. We have not historically played much twenty-over cricket, though. We did one competition in Ko-oren five years ago, during the driest, warmest summer in years, and it was a nightmare playing matches every single day in those conditions."

Audrey Leggett (right-handed opening batter, right-arm leg break bowler, goat farmer): "It honestly did not bother me at all, but we lost three players in three days at one stage. We had to register Lourens as an emergency bowler because there were so many players propped up in bed with ice packs!"

Lourens Hendricks (head coach): "Ag, man, I remember that! The stupid thing was I still managed to take some wickets off almost no runup because everyone was just slashing at anything that looked like it might be on a's all a bit much to put yourself through for two weeks for basically nothing, ja, so that was the only time we sent a full team. After that it was Young Foxes teams for a few years, and those were fun tours to go on, y'know? But then all the Anaian competitions started, after Foxchester, ja? And we put together a team for the FraterniT20, it was called. The name still makes me laugh..."


#1 SLC Weaver (c) RHB RLB
#2 DV Andreyev RHB RFM
#3 TM Bleasdale (w) RHB
#4 TSF Gibbs RHB RLB
#5 P Hodgeson LHB SLW
#6 HRS Laing RHB RLB
#7 KCT Laing RHB
#8 AC Leggett RHB RLB
#9 RA Milroy RHB
#10 ES Nasrullin LHB
#11 NA Salisbury LHB SLA
#12 ANL Weaver RHB
#13 A Wood LHB LMF
#14 SH Wilson RHB ROB

Shauna Weaver (team captain): "With it only being a couple of months since the World Trophy final, myself and the other selectors have made a few changes from the eighteen that we took over to Liventia; certainly I think we have quite a strong team, we have tried to adapt to the format with players that can bat from quite deep in the order and a lot of batters capable of good power hitting. We still have seven or eight from the World Trophy team; I do not think anything in all the multiverse could stop Audrey Leggett from missing a game she wanted to play. At the same time, though, we are fortunate enough on the Plough Islands to have some depth to draw from in the Harrison Cup and Sutcliffe Shield, and we are using the opportunity to give some of the other senior players a break, a chance to go back to their regular lives for a little while."

Timothy "Tim" Bleasdale (right-handed middle order batter, wicket-keeper, higher school teacher): "Thing is, right, it kind of makes sense that it's an experimental team for what still kinda counts as an experimental tournament. Because ordinarily, we'd be using something like this to blood in a few of the Young Foxes and other whippersnappers, like we did at the FraterniT20, but instead we've got some of the older players from around the leagues who're good, 'cuz with it being February all the kids are in exams or away doing uni stuff, and it's a difficult time of year to get people free out of work at the best of times. Not me though - I've swung it so someone's covering all me lectures. To be honest, the kids are probably gonna be glad to see the back of me for a few weeks!"

Amber Nasrullin (right-handed ball thrower, mascot): "Mama says I no have to go to school!"

Ekaterina "Catherine" Nasrullin (left-handed middle order batter, physical therapist): "Aww, will be September before we need to worry about that for you. Keep watching the bags, okay? Mama is busy...yes, there are one or two players we would ideally like to be bringing, and even without the higher school and university students, there have been a lot of difficulties to overcome in assembling a team. There is definitely a little bit of 'who is available at short notice' in how things have turned out, I do not think we can deny that."

Hamish Laing (right-handed middle order batter, right-arm leg spin bowler, port radio operator): "I suppose that is why I was selected, with other people not being able to make the time - I have been to two regional championships already, but those were on ice, with skates and a helmet on! I have been playing cricket since almost before I have been going curling and playing ice hockey, though, and I have played at first eleven level before and like to imagine I can bowl and bat a little. If nothing else, it will be great to have the experience, and maybe make a little bit of history and become a footnote in the encyclopedia of Plough Islander sport!"

Kevin Laing (right-handed top order batter, sports administrator): "Hamish is being overly modest again! He took 6 for 53 against Bradford last summer in the Sutcliffe Shield - I should know, I was one of the six, we have been playing each other for nearly thirty years and still I cannot pick out his googlies! It will be very nice, though - with me leading the team for so long, and Hamish having his ice hockey over the last couple of years, the only time we get to play together is in inter-island competition where we are on opposite sides. So it will be really good to be on the same team with my brother again, and I am excited - genuinely."

The playing kits of the Plough Islands Cricket Association for the 'EspoT20' tournament, in the purple of the Anaian flag with collars, cuffs, and details in bright, neon teal and a pattern woven into the shirts inspired by the rising sun and night sky design of the national coat of arms, produced by the 'Red Flag' high-performance textile co-operative on Redcliff island.
(in the unlikely event of a colour clash, the Foxes will wear their usual green or red limited overs kits instead)

Shauna Weaver (team captain): "I was hoping that we would be wearing some new designs at the tournament, but there have been some delays with Red Flag finalising the new kits, so we have brought out the Anaian regional designs from our first World Trophy final against Ko-oren. There are a couple of reasons for not playing in the green and amber - we are the Anaian guests at this Esportivan event, so it seems logical to wear our regional colours, but practically we know that, at the very least, South Newlandia and the Darmeni team are going to be wearing green, I think Tumbra, as well, and to the best of our knowledge, nobody else in Esportiva will be wearing purple and teal!"

Sarah Wilson (right-handed lower order batter, right-arm off spin bowler, textile designer): "We are still working on the designs for the 2024 kits at Red Flag, I am afraid - we are optimistic that they will turn out looking spectacular, but they are taking a little longer to finalise than we had hoped. We will have them ready soon, I promise! I suppose that if nothing else, we get to enjoy the current shirts a little longer - the constellation across the front and shoulders works really well in purple, and we have had some good wins wearing it..."

Ruth Milroy (right-handed middle order batter, mining technician): "They do look awesome - it might just be that I am used to them, but Red Flag kit always feels really natural to play in, particularly with my body type. The difference is palpable when you try some of the compression layers players from other countries are so fond of - maybe it is just me, or the climate in the Celestial ocean, but I need looser kits to be able to breathe properly when I am out in the field, and I do not think I could ever wear anything else. And when you look down and you catch a glimpse of the stars across your chest, it reminds you what we stand for and how much we have come through as a country, up until this point."

My opponent, if they RP our match first, may do the following:
Create a full scorecard for my team: Ask first (but likely Y)
Godmod match events: Ask first (but likely Y)
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Ask first (but likely Y)

Please reach out via telegram if you want to check if something is okay - chances are that it will be!

Shauna Weaver (team captain): "We are obviously very grateful to have been invited to take part; the competition comes at the right time for us, coming out of the winter break, and we have the chance to sharpen our skills again while, ideally, also getting to forge some new friendships with people who we would not normally get to play with. Hopefully we can keep up some of the competitiveness we have shown in the last few competitions, or get back into the rhythm in some cases, and if all goes well it could be the first of many trips to Esportiva. And if we can win a few games here and there, and advance the cause of socialism, then that would count as a success as far as we are concerned."

Peter Hodgeson (left-handed middle order batter, slow left-arm unorthodox bowler, fisherman): "We are looking forward to getting out into a new region and meet new people, as much as anything...there is something to play for, but we will be free of the pressure that can build up around something like the World Trophy. And it will be a good chance for those of us who are not regularly selected to show what we can do as Plough Islanders, given a long run of games in unfamiliar conditions, so we will be giving it our level best in every match we get. It should be a fun tour."

Lourens Hendricks (head coach): "Ja, it'll be a great time, good fun and some good cricket. As the guys from South Newlandia keep telling me, it's gonna be elephantastic!"


#12 ANL Weaver RHB
#8 AC Leggett RHB RLB
#1 SLC Weaver (c) RHB RLB
#7 KCT Laing RHB
#10 ES Nasrullin LHB
#6 HRS Laing RHB RLB
#3 TM Bleasdale (w) RHB
#2 DV Andreyev RHB RFM
#14 SH Wilson RHB ROB
#13 A Wood LHB LMF
#11 NA Salisbury LHB SLA
National team
Test rank: 6th
ODI rank: 1st
Commonwealth of the Plough IslandsPopulation: 139,550Golden age, revealed today
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who wander are lost

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Postby Fhulghamous Peninsula » Tue Feb 06, 2024 10:59 am

Evangelos Kalyftakis couldn’t recall the last time that he was this excited.

Excitement was, almost literally, a part of Gelo’s life. At a very young age he had found himself fascinated with race cars, and although life was hard for a colonist family during the early days of the Fleftic settlement of the Fhulghamous Peninsula, when Gelo was five years old his father took him out to the opening of the first ever karting track in Heliopolis, and that was both when and how Gelo had gotten into karting. Gelo shot up through the ranks of his local karting track, even managing to hold his own as a ten-year old against teenage karters, which clearly showed that there was an abundance of talent within Gelo. Eventually, at 13 years old, Gelo’s dominance over the Heliopolis karting scene attracted the attention of none other than Prince Bismillah bin Kudarat of the Sultanate of Oontaz, who was looking for the best amateur drivers all throughout the nations of the APOC Coalition (Abanhfleft, Pridnestrovia, the Sultanate of Oontaz, and the Chiefdom of Copper Cuprum) to train in his own drivers’ academy.

However, despite the opportunities that joining the Prince’s academy offered, Gelo was suddenly not as keen to sign on with the Prince when the latter revealed that Gelo would have to move to the Sultanate in order to become part of the academy. It wasn’t the kind of decision that a 13-year old was supposed to take lightly, and indeed Gelo wrestled with making a decision for as long as he possibly could. On one hand, it was perhaps the best opportunity that he would ever get to hone his craft under some the best and brightest drivers that the APOC Coalition had to offer (which included Prince Bismillah himself, who was actually a decent racing driver in his own right and also wanted to pave the way for the next generation of drivers). But on the other hand, it meant that Gelo would have to move thousands of miles away from home just to get said opportunity, and for Gelo, those thousands of miles might as well be him going to an entirely different universe. That said, on the final day of when the Prince was supposed to wait for a reply of any sort from Gelo, Gelo had a chat with his father Eleftherios about the opportunity, and while Eleftherios said that he was going to support any decision that Evangelos made, he did say something that had stuck in Gelo’s mind: did Gelo want to look back at this moment and wonder what could have happened if he did or didn’t take the opportunity? Needless to say, Gelo decided to be brave, and the rest was history.

And now Gelo was on the way to making history as well. For the first time in its history (at least as far as Gelo could tell), the Campionato Esportiva Sporting Festival was going to hold a karting event, and Gelo had been personally approached by none other than Petrarchos Kulbano himself, the long-standing governor-general of the Fhulghamous Peninsula to represent the entire colony for the coming karting event. Now there were some who would say (and social media had at least a handful of such people) who said that picking Gelo to represent the Fhulghamous made no sense because he had literally no experience in competitive karting once he had gone to attend the Prince’s academy, but many others were more than confident in Gelo’s skills and how Prince Bismillah had helped to sharpen it, and the general sentiment about the whole thing was that a lot of people were just happy that there was finally a Fhulghamousian karting representative who actually looked like he knew what he was doing.

Gelo couldn’t contain his excitement in having been picked to represent the Peninsula, and said excitement was plain for all to see when he was interviewed about it. The smile hadn’t left Gelo’s face even as he boarded the plane chartered from Fhulghamous Airlines for the flight to South Newlandia, and he was still smiling even as he played a racing game on his phone during the flight. And he wasn’t alone on the flight to South Newlandia. Since the Campionato Esportiva was on once again, the Fhulghamousian football team was also headed for the territory of the Elephants, and one of the Fhulghamousian players was none other than Gelo’s older brother Polynikis, nickname Nicky. Nicky, as the older brother, had used his seniority to claim the window seat, but Gelo was still riding the wave of happiness from having been picked to represent the Peninsula that he almost didn’t care. Almost. In any case, Gelo had decided to spend his time on the flight to South Newlandia to practice his racing skills a little bit more by playing on his phone.

“Geez, man, are you still playing?” Nicky asked when he turned to look back at Gelo in the aisle seat. “Aren’t you supposed to be resting even just for a little bit before we get to SNL?”

“I said it before and I’ll say it again, Nicky,” Gelo replied. “I’m too excited to do anything other than smile and wave. I’m serious, man. I haven’t stopped smiling since that interview with Crescent Sports at the airport. I’m just so happy to be repping the Peninsula before I go on to Tumbran Super Formula. Matter of fact, I’m actually glad that the Sporting Festival came along when it did. It’s a great chance for me to shake off any rust I might have from my time in the academy. I wouldn’t want to make a fool of myself when Super Formula starts later on, you know what I’m saying?”

“Yeah, sure, Gelo,” Nicky nodded, “but how sure are you that you won’t make a fool of yourself at the Sporting Festival though?”

“Why do you think I’m playing the game here?” Gelo asked back indignantly. “It’s called training, something that I think you should probably know about because you’re a freaking national team level football player now.”

“Was that a joke? Did Gelo just make a joke about me?” Nicky said. “Enjoy it, little bro. This time tomorrow, we’ll both be so busy we both won’t even remember what joking around is. We’re both gonna be very busy in South Newlandia.”

“Yeah,” Gelo nodded. “Very, very busy indeed.”
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Postby Josifovo » Tue Feb 06, 2024 11:08 am

Спортски Журнал
All the sports, by the people, for the people


Following a valiant fight in the World Cup Qualifiers and a near-playoffs spot clinching, the Josifski team is entering the Campionato Esportiva in relatively hot form by its standards. In a group with teams such as South Newlandia and Sylestone, both favorites to win the whole competition on one hand, but on the other hand with a guaranteed 3rd spot that gives teams a round of 16 berth. This has given the team a newfound confidence, however all coaches of the team and especially Kombetare coach Vermosh Halili have a more level-headed approach to the competition, stating that "Our group has talent from the strongest to the weakest team, we are in no position to OVERestimate or UNDERestimate anyone at this current stage."

However a question lingers on, how do Zlatni Lavovi compare against their opponents?

South Newlandia(Hosts & 9th-placed Esportiva-wide): While the Ellies have been distant from multiversal football for a while now, their presence at the Esportivan scene is not to be underestimated. Despite a hard-fought defeat against neighboring Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom in the round of 16, topping a group with Tumbra is no small feat in this competition, considering their recent dominance. Despite this, the Josifski team has a high chance of stealing points from such a team ONLY if it sticks to its game and refuses to give the Ellies any sort of space, otherwise it could all come crashing down.

Sylestone(2nd-placed Esportiva-wide): Finishing 4th last time and with multiple powerhouses(including last time's winners Cap Nord as well as runners-up Brenecia) gone out of the way, Sylestone is one of the absolute favorites to win this whole competition. Sylestone, being one of the multiverse's most defensively sound teams will be the most difficult opponent in this group stage, knowing very well how to tire their opponent and score just enough for the win, as if they are holding the opposition in a chokehold. The team just made a world cup quarter-finals run to show for it only losing to fellow Esportivans and eventual runners-up Tumbra. However, the unlikely high-scoring output the Josifski showed in the world cup qualifiers, if maintained and in conjunction to some surprising-yet-positive results(such as those against Eraman and Zwangzug) could make this game more interesting than it sounds on paper.

Josifovo(17th-placed Esportiva-wide): That is our own team and yes, there are some metrics to see if the team has improved, such as the fact that the Zlatni Lavovi are on an upwards performance-wise. Getting a much larger amount of victories compared to losses as well as the weight of such victories could give the team an air of confidence. Besides that, the coaches have decided to put several players that impressed during the most recent Di Bradini Cup, among those rising star Uroš Tadić, whose ability to distribute the ball as well as sublime technicality have put him at the forefront of the developing Josifski football.

Cheetahs and reptiles Coalison(28th-placed Esportiva-wide): Not much is known about this team, however they are not to be underestimated as they have managed to get a couple of surprise results throught their existence. As things stand however, it is a weak team even when compared against Josifovo. Those kinds of games are especially the ones where Josifovo needs to show some skin and clinch its spot at the knockout stages of the competition for the first time ever.

Irithoren(35th-placed Esportiva-wide): Irithoren is a team that debuted not too long ago alongside our own team, despite having more appearances in the Campionato Esportiva, they are one a lot of ranks below the Zlatni Lavovi have only managed 1 victory in 2 participations. They are known for playing fluid football with a positional freedom that is not seen in many places. The small cape team will be looking to turn heads around but as things stand, they are still the weaker team on paper and a result Josifovo needs to get through.

Dispertag(Unranked): Unknown nation whose only available info shows cities with populations much larger than Josifovo and any perceived diaspora combined. When a nation is big and wealthy they could be packing a punch and with the unavailability of sports info about them there is no certainty about the power of such team. However, debuting nations come with a price to pay and that is usually an increasing pressure due to their first exposure to multiversal talent with all sorts of football they might not be used to seeing. Josifovo NEEDS this.

In conclusion, this Josifski team has a series of highs and lows to come up against. With a humble attitude as well as hard work on the pitch, we could be talking of a deep campaign for the first time ever. With the first game against hosts South Newlandia, the tests will not come late into the competition and as such a good idea about the level of the team currently could be established. Through that, any necessary recalibrations could be put into effect to improve the chances of the team making a great run.

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Postby Irithoren » Tue Feb 06, 2024 11:19 am

Three great landmasses in Esportiva. One far away, one dominated by huge nations and empires, and one dotted with smaller countries - from the Irithoreni point of view, anyway. For some reason, history and geography coalesced to allow the smaller territories to exist on the southeastern landmass, far enough away from juggernauts San Jose Guayabal, the Grearish Union, and South Covello, not to mention nearer Jeckland and Thalamascia, to continue existing somewhat independently. Looking across the channel, the nations of Super-Llamaland, Shintochi, Tumbra, and Damukuni dominate the southern and eastern coast of that continent. Almost unfair competition, but thankfully these nations haven't cast their gaze overseas to make these smaller nations too dependent on them.

From north to south, Le Choix, Irithoren, Burgburgh, Neomaris, part of Nova Anglicana, and Ha'yarok have settled in nicely in a region of giants. Some work went into carving out a niche for themselves, with Irithoren's small economy surviving on fishing, spices and, more recently, shipping. With a growing economy came new challenges. Instead of the mayor of Dhidiyah calling the shots nationwide, a separate office of prime minister was established, with Zeina Nayla Fizairdah being the fourth in office - her predecessor established the Assembly of Irithoren to include a bona fide Minister of Finance and Labour: a stronger Mithqal meant inflation, and that meant rising prices for the Irithoreni and slightly worse exports for the rest of Esportiva. A stronger currency also meant that the Irithoreni had less incentive to work abroad for paltry wages, but only if the employment opportunities at home grew.

And grew they did.

Within a decade, Fizairdah's predecessor got the economy in gear, suppressed corruption - particularly in the inland economy, referring to the physical region where most agriculture happens - and attracted contracts from all over the region to use Dhidiyah's harbour, which reduced unemployment in the capital city which is home to nearly half of Irithoreni. Fizairdah's challenge was to keep the good times going: she strengthened ties with the Esportivan Union as well as Ko-oren.

Where the ties with the latter long meant mutual benefits, the Ko-orenites tipped the scales in their favour a bit. The good times can't keep going forever and a competitive northwest coast meant that Dhidiyah was now up against Espoir du Ciel, Los Burgules, Rutupiae, as well as the vast industrious empire of Tumbra for shipping through the channel. Unemployment is still as low as it's been for the last half-century, and yet more and more Irithoreni are leaving the golden shores of Esportiva for promising employment in central-northwestern Anaia.

This, of course, is a response to the Ko-orenites and their vetting of allies, creating a network of nations that together produce just about everything under the sun, but can also provide other services - and now cheap labour. Because as much as Irithoren's economy is so much better now, it's not on par with the hyper-diverse, centralising enterprises in the Fox Region. But telling them to 'sod off' - hypothetically and respectfully, of course - is an immediate invitation to the hegemons of Esportiva to subjugate them instead.

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Postby Esportivan Darmen » Tue Feb 06, 2024 11:40 am

Esportivan Darmen Football Team
presented by the
Esportivan Darmen Football Association

All-time Record: 96 matches, 38 wins, 19 draws, 39 loses, 173 GF, 181 GA, .462 Win %
1 Junior Wheeler 90
2 Demyan Borisov 78
3 Deforest Allan 70
4 Davie Underwood 69
5 Gruffydd Kitchen 67
6 Meade Arterbury 56
7 Aubrey Arnold 52
8 Diederich Sonnen 48
9 Hendrix Seabrook 47
10 Sandy Larson 45

1 Demyan Borisov 49
2 Davie Underwood 26
3 Burt Joseph 14
4 Deforest Allan 8
5 Hendrix Seabrook 6

Coaching Staff
Manager: Hartley Banks, 51
Assistant Manager: Brett Carr, 52
Goalkeeping Coach: Ryouichi Kamiya, 49

26 Player Roster
#  Pos Name                     Age Club                            Caps Goals
1 GK Dylan Mac Gille Fhaolain 36 Menomonie United (DAR) 1 0
2 LB Hollis Sydney 30 Johnho United (DAR) 26 1
3 LCB Kichirō Nakajima 32 Romanopolis United (DAR) 9 0
4 RCB Allen Dirix 25 Rogerton Rebels FC (DAR) 10 0
5 RB Rorie Symonds 25 Huntington Honkers FC (DAR) 16 1
6 LM Alban Rogerson 31 Chuckio FC (DAR) 26 5
7 LCM Elmer Holland 31 Darmen City United (DAR) 12 3
8 RCM Irwin Gilbert 23 Austin FC (DAR) 6 0
9 RM Chad Jepson 36 Chuckio FC (DAR) 25 2
10 LF Gronw Mullins 32 Olympique Chuckio (DAR) 9 3
11 RF Thomas Sims 28 Tempala United Saints (DAR) 7 2

12 GK Daniel Triggs 29 Guard FC (DAR) 0 0
13 LB Kit Althaus 33 Sporting Rigerata United (DAR) 15 0
14 LCB Syd Croft 24 Cairo United 0 0
15 RCB Denis Tyrell 33 Sporting Rigerata United (DAR) 11 0
16 RB Glendower Paris 33 Rogerton Rebels FC (DAR) 18 1
17 LM Anna Mutton* 24 FC Dynamo Kalenda (DAR) 7 1
18 LCM Moss Parks 32 Sporting Rigerata United (DAR) 27 4
19 RCM Théo Poirot 34 AFC Cleveland (DAR) 22 3
20 RM Dionne Averesch* 32 Earo United 0 0
21 LF Fenton Alvey 32 Atlético Augusta (DAR) 12 3
22 RF Jeptha van Can 22 Eau Claire United (DAR) 1 0

23 GK Hillary Terrell* 24 Earo United 0 0
24 LB Sommer Dean 24 Vogler City Force (DAR) 0 0
25 LCM Borislav Sokolov 33 FC Dynamo Kalenda (DAR) 4 1
26 LF Anneliese Paulson* 28 Chippewa Valley United FC (DAR) 2 0

Formation: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: +1.25

As the number of Esportivan Darmenis playing in Darmen's top flight increases, the team's tactics have become slightly more complex than the old direct long ball approach. The team still relies largely on counter-attacking, but the midfield has grown in its ability to engage in longer periods of possession with quick passing that is so prevalent in the mainland.

Team Roles
Captain: Alban Rogerson
Vice-Captain: Hollis Sydney
Left Corner: Alban Rogerson
Right Corner: Rorie Symonds
Penalties: Gronw Mullins
Free-kicks: Thomas Sims

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: YES! If you name your goal scorers, please also name mine.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, within reason.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes, within reason.
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Godmod Other Events: Yes, but please let me know first.

Also, sending TG's to Darmen will probably be the quickest way to get in contact with me if necessary.

Esportivan Darmen Regional Cricket Team
presented by the
Esportivan Darmen Cricket Board

Coach: Cordell Arents (51, Finchley CC)

Starting XI
Name Role Age Club
Kynaston Kerr Right-handed Opener 30 Earo CC
Henri Hackett Left-handed Opener 21 Finchley CC
Jude Peters Right-handed Middle Order 35 Finchley CC
Aaron Groves Left-handed Middle Order 36 Tanamera CC
Henderson Dobson Right-handed All-rounder (RFM) 35 Tanamera CC CAPTAIN
Wesley House Right-handed Middle Order 23 Hitchin CC
Timothy Yoxall Right-handed Wicket-keeper 36 Tanamera CC
Hallam Travis Right-handed Pace Bowler (RFM) 34 Portishead CC
Houston Michaels Left-handed Pace Bowler (LF) 21 Newport CC
Marshal Adamson Right-handed Spin Bowler (LS) 24 Earo CC
Amos Grover Left-handed Spin Bowler (SLO) 24 Newport CC

Name Role Age Club
Erik Todd Right-handed Middle Order 20 Stroud CC
Hiram Butler Right-handed All-rounder (OS) 33 Earo CC
Levi Hargraf Left-handed Pace Bowler (LMF) 22 Finchley CC
Artur Vos Right-handed Spin Bowler (OS) 29 Finchley CC

RP Permissions: Please no killing or other serious life altering events. If you create a scorecard for your team, please also create one for mine too. Otherwise, have fun!

Esportivan Darmen Baseball Team
presented by the
Frecmentan Fall League

Manager: Braam Arendse (Union of Finchley)
Pos   Name               Age Club                 Bats Throws
SP Gilbert Barclay 27 Eckfords BC R R
SP Angel Davis 27 Fier Red Stockings R R
SP Yancy Burton 31 Nyiregyháza Red Caps L L
SP Noa Raines 24 Mutual of Cairo R R
RP Wendell Gardner 25 Fier Red Stockings L L
RP Tatum Griffin 20 Union of Finchley S R
RP Edison Hollins 26 Crickets BC S R
RP Josselin André 24 Damascus BC S R
RP Claude Erickson 36 Sofia Athletics R R
RP Blythe Phelps 28 Mutual of Cairo L L
RP Harding Belcher 21 Crickets BC S L
CP Lincoln Caldwell 35 Nyiregyháza Red Caps R R

C Maxwell Samson 33 Damascus BC L L
1B Dane Fosse 31 Kiev Beaneaters R R
2B Maurice Stephenson 27 Rome BC R R
SS Alvin Morris 28 Damascus BC R R
3B Dudley Peck 25 Damascus BC R R
LF Kendrick Wilcox 31 Fier Red Stockings R R
CF Brock Arendsen 29 Sofia Athletics R R
RF George Gilliam 33 Crickets BC R R

C Bartholomeus Beck 19 Damascus BC S L
1B/3B Jochem Cokes 35 Nyiregyháza Red Caps R R
2B/SS Morgan Padmore 22 Nyiregyháza Red Caps S L
OF Clément Bell 33 Union of Finchley R R

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes.
Choose my lineup: No.
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Yes.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Eject my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Godmod other events: Yes, but please let me know first.

Esportivan Darmen Regional Ice Hockey Team
presented by the
Esportivan Darmen Ice Hockey Association

Head Coach: Sylvester Behrend (58)

Pos Name Age Club
LW Wilfrid Robinson 34 HC Kiev
CN Woodrow Emmett 28 HC Prešov 07
RW Rollo Christopher 34 Naitpyge Ice Storm
LD Klaus Saller 33 Metro ERC 96
RD Hunter Dickson 33 Metro ERC 96
GK Marco Kunze 26 Metro ERC 96

LW Landon Bone 19 Pittsburgh Penguins
CN Simon Clifford 31 Pittsburgh Penguins
RW Waylon Penn 22 HC Prešov 07
LD Adolph Becker 29 Metro ERC 96
RD Clayton Carpenter 29 HC Prešov 07
GK Olexi Merezhko 30 HC Kiev

LW Eldred Pfenning 30 Metro ERC 96
CN Moisey Oliynyk 28 HC Sofia
RW Jacob Brinkerhoff 30 Südöstlich Strand Tigers
LD Kristopher Riese 22 HC Prešov 07
RD Fulton Fox 23 Pittsburgh Penguins
GK Nestor Schweitzer 21 Südöstlich Strand Tigers

LW Ewald Harman 28 1899 Stille Strand Wild Wings
CN Major Baylor 28 Naitpyge Ice Storm
RW Sanford May 24 Pittsburgh Penguins
LD Otis Sydney 27 Pittsburgh Penguins
RD Travis Muller 22 HC Sofia

RP Permissions: Please no killing or other serious life altering events. If you name your goalscorers, please also name mine too. Otherwise, have fun!
Overseas Region of Esportivan Darmen
Regional President: Aston West (REP) | Capital: Cayo Costa | Population: 139,457 | Demonym: Esportivan Darmeni, Darmeni | Trigramme: ESD
Factbook (WIP)
Third: CE 12 (as Earo), CE 26 (as SEU), CE 28

Overseas Region of Darmen and successor state to the Southern Esportivan Union



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