2024 CCA World Cup Signups (CCA ONLY)

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2024 CCA World Cup Signups (CCA ONLY)

Postby Quetana » Tue Dec 05, 2023 3:24 pm


IMPORTANT: Please do not post in this topic unless you are a registered participant in the 2024 CCA World Cup - I.E. a resident of the Coalition of Crown Albatross region. Thank You.

2024 World Cup

The Iearth World Cup, often simply called the World Cup, is an international association football competition contested by the senior men's national teams the World, currently often dictated by the World Cup Organization headquarted in Cardiff, Cadair, as a function of the Coalition of Crown Albatross. The championship has been awarded every year since the inaugural tournament in 1972. The current men's champion is Beatavic, who won the 2023 Melmingen World Cup against Unified Sera Government.

The current format involves a qualification phase, which takes place over the preceding three months, to determine which teams qualify for the tournament phase. In the tournament phase, 32 teams, including the automatically qualifying host nation(s), compete for the title at venues within the host nation(s) over about a month.

The 2024 World Cup will be held from April 1st-26th.

  • ONLY Coalition of Crown Albatross residents may participate
  • One entry per player (no puppets)

The tournament will be held throughout April 2024 (Exact dates will be updated later... I'm kind of simultaneously lazy and busy IRL)

I will be simulating the game via Xhoranate, a sports simulator. I can guarantee complete transparency, as always, in simulating the games with fairness and no biases. A reminder that this *isn't real life*, so your team losing a game does not translate to real life drama. Please enjoy this for what it is - a canon event that plays into the fun of NationStates and the Coalition of Crown Albatross community.

If you intend to participate in the 2024 World Cup, you will need to submit the following application in this thread. Please copy the code below and fill out the information. Sign-ups begin on December 6th and last until January 16th, or until a full 64 teams are reached! You MUST fill out the whole application. For the roster, include the player's names, the clubs they play for, and the number on their jersey.
Note: The total combined number or the Offense, Defense, and Goalie skills can be no higher than 25
Code: Select all
[list][b]Qualification Round Application[/b]
[*]Nation Name:
[*]Team Colors:
[*]Offense Skill (1-15):
[*]Defense Skill (1-15):
[*]Goalie Skill (1-15):
[*]Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25):

GK: player name, club, number




If you intend to bid a campaign to serve as the host to this year's World Cup, fill out the following application and post it in the thread. Applications can be submitted from December 6th until December 20th, at which point we as a region will vote. Reminder: your host application will include the host city, which will be the namesake for the World Cup. Other matches might be held in other cities across your country.

*Maximum of one entry per nation, and you MUST submit a team in order to host*
Code: Select all
[size=120]Host City Application[/size]

Nation name:

Head of state:

Host City:

Pre-existing venues for events (i.e. stadiums, arenas, etc.):

Popular tourist destinations in host city:

Any other information about host city:

List additional host cities (up to 7):

Important: Aside from initial sign-ups, applications, and subsequent simulations, this whole event will be performed through In-Character Roleplay. If breaches of our roleplay and/or regional guidelines occur, please contact the administrative officials of the Coalition of Crown Albatross, and we will ensure confidentiality and analyze the situation. If you have more questions, you can ask in the thread, join the Discord server linked in the CCA regional factbook, or telegram Zamastan, Quetana, De Yuan, Caspiaa, or Great Lutharia.

Our regional Community and Roleplay Guidelines can be found here:
CCA Regional Community and Roleplay Guidelines
Coalition of Crown Albatross Regional Guidelines
General Rules - Be Awesome To One Another

1. Behave kindly. Do not use discriminatory language or personal attacks against one another. Do not press issues; if you see something you don’t like, you can respectfully disagree when opinions do not align, be tolerant towards other’s viewpoints, or scroll along.

2. Do not post content that is libelous, defamatory, harassing, threatening, or inflammatory. For example; do not use obscenities, do not express hatred or intolerance for people on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender or gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, including promoting content that encourages these intolerant attributes.

3. Excessive profanity is not allowed on the Regional Message Board or in the forum threads. Within the discord it is allowed, but never to be directed towards an individual in an antagonistic manner. Furthermore, #general and #roleplay are PG-13 zones, meaning no excessive swearing in those channels. Moderators reserve the right to censor wherever they deem it necessary.

4. Do not post content that is obscene, pornographic, or lewd, or contains nudity or sexually explicit images. Breaking this rule will result in an automatic ban.

5. Direct reference or explicit allusion to sexual assault, sexual harrasment, sexual fantasy is strictly prohibited. Breaking this rule will result in an automatic ban.

6. Do not post content that invades other’s privacy. For example, do not post home addresses, email addresses, contact information, financial information, or personal images of an individual without their consent. Breaking this rule will result in an automatic ban.

7. Respect the privacy of others. If they request to be left alone or dropped from conversation, acknowledge and respect that role. Conversations may continue if it is in the general interest of the public commentary, but do not abridge privacy in order to bring someone into the conversation who is unwilling.

1. Moderators will issue warnings on any and all breaches of the General Rules.

2. Every member of the region is granted a three-strike policy, except in regards to General Rules 4, 5, and 6, which are all automatic bans from both the region and the discord server.

3. Moderators reserve the right to determine the extent to which bans are instituted. In regards to Rules 4, 5, and 6, it will be a permanent ban from both the region and the discord server.

Roleplay Rules
1. Consent: Always get consent: if you are trying to interact with another player, use their lore (characters, history, etc.), you must always get their approval.

2. Consent continued: Do not use other player’s characters without their expressed approval (including dialogue, movements, actions, killing, relationships, etc.)

3. Consent continued: Do not attack other players without their expressed approval (including declarations of war, covert operations, raids, assassinations etc.)

4. Consent continued: In-character reactions to other player’s in-character actions are allowed. This includes diplomatic action (closing embassies, economic sanctions, commendations or condemnations).

5. Do not take someone else’s work and brand it as your own. For example: logos, drawings, maps, character names, and direct creations of another individual are their property. Credit must be obtained and given to the creator of content within roleplay.

6. No usage of WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction), specifically nuclear weapons. Nations are allowed to possess these technologies, but not to use them in RP.

7. This is a modern-tech roleplay community, meaning no technology can exceed the limitations of real life technology.

8. No claiming spots on the map that are specifically owned by another player, or claiming areas beyond your granted application - bring inquiries about the map to the Cartographer.

9. Ultimately, the choices you make for your nation are yours, but the Lore Ministers will highly encourage keeping to a realistic style of roleplaying and reserve the right to address or make suggestions on things they think are unrealistic. A player does not *need* to take the advice of lore ministers, though it is highly encouraged to preserve a realistic and continuous lore.

10. If you have further questions about specifics of roleplay guidelines, ask any of the lore advisors.
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Postby Kossmil » Tue Dec 05, 2023 3:43 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Kossmil
  • Team Colors: White and Green
  • Offense Skill (1-10): 8
  • Defense Skill (1-10):10
  • Goalie Skill (1-10): 7
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

GK: Roman Soloviev, Oskarsviik FC, 1, (Captain)
GK: Andrei Osipenko, Red Star Vorotov, 12
GK: Daniil Nenakhov, Dmista FC, 16
GK: Oleg Leonchenko, FC Dabatta City, 34

DF: Dmitriy Nikitin, Red Star Vorotov, 2
DF: Lev Egorov, Kislovat United, 3
DF: Evgeniy Gusev, FC Dynamo Svobotov, 4
DF: Fedot Kiselev, FC Dynamo Svobotov, 5
DF: Konstantin Fedoro, FC Dabatta City, 6
DF: Stanislav Pushkin, Dmista FC, 11
DF: Grigoriy Petrov, Kislovat United, 29
DF: Vadim Kozlov, FC Dynamo Svobotov, 22

MF: Fedor Kovalev, Hajaria FC, 7
MF: Mitya Antonov, Dmista FC, 8
MF: Yevgeniy Nikitin, FC Dabatta City, 13
MF: Borislav Semenov, Red Star Vorotov, 14
MF: Ludmil Vlasov, Dmista FC, 17
MF: Gerasim Kulikov, Red Star Vorotov, 30
MF: Zakhar Tarasov, Red Star Vorotov, 23
MF: Viktor Tarasov, FC Dabatta City, 31

FW: Stepan Dmitriev, Aebetius Lakers, 9
FW: Artem Semak, FC Dynamo Svobotov, 10
FW: Khariton Fedorov, FC Dabatta City, 25
FW: Gennadi Mikhaylov, Dmista FC, 27
FW: Oriel Aleksandrov, FC Dynamo Svobotov, 24
FW: Kodiak Vasiliev, Dmista FC, 28
FW: Valery Volkov, FC Dabatta City, 32
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Postby Quetana » Tue Dec 05, 2023 3:59 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Quetana
  • Team Colors: Teal green,yellow
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 7
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 7
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 11
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Luciano Vidal, Club Fiutania, 0
    GK: Abílio Nogueira, Spurs FC, 2
    GK: Almir Brito, Malcanes United, 60
    GK: Jasse Hassuen, Vongane, 62

    DF: Luisinho Paiva, Vongane, 10
    DF: Tito Hernandes, Moulins FC, 15
    DF: Horácio Amorim, Malcanes United, 22
    DF: Jerónimo do Rosário, Anchorhead United FC, 23
    DF: Ciríaco Branco, Cantacia United, 28
    DF: Bernardino Águas, Rhaga FC, 34
    DF: Teodósio Dantas, Club Fiutania, 36
    DF: Masadro Unatta, Club Fiutania, 38

    MF: Leandro Gomes, Tarijibar United, 50
    MF: Marciano Simões, Club Fiutania, 55
    MF Henrique Rodrigues, Tofino United FC, 80
    MF Óscar Albuquerque, FK Laistelai, 88
    MF Carlinhos Resende, Malcanes United, 90
    MF Cezar Almeida, Lerbin FC, 92
    MF Adelmar Hernandes, Vongane, 94
    MF Bonifacio Salgado, Saint Raneau United, 99

    FW: Adão de Freitas, Emerald Union, 11
    FW: Olavo Monteiro, Spurs FC, 12
    FW: Virgílio Oliveira, Auckandia Union, 13
    FW: Quim Araújo, Zhivir FC, 41
    FW: Valentin Menezes, Vongane, 42
    FW: Igor Coelho, FC Schwarz-Weiß Melmingen, 45

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Postby Andaluni » Tue Dec 05, 2023 4:09 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Andaluni
  • Team Colors: Blue, white
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 14
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 3
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 8
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Alhierd Tryhybovič, Nova FC, 0
    GK: Slavamir Bahuševič, Abratto Kries, 50
    GK: Todar Tumash, Bevern, 99

    DF: Žmitrok Marcinkievič, Nova FC, 12
    DF: Alhierd Kazlosk, Nova FC, 14
    DF: Francišak Ipata, Abratto Kries, 17
    DF: Badri Virsaladze, Idhira United, 22
    DF: Irakli Virsaladze, Tanaya FC, 23
    DF: Eldar Chavchavadze, Bevern, 26
    DF: Zura Vezirishvili, Iosava, 27
    DF: Koba Bakhsoliani, Tanaya FC, 30

    MF: Žmitrok Kryčce, Nova FC, 34
    MF: Alexei Iarajuli, Iosava, 35
    MF: Ramaz Rokva, Idhira United, 37
    MF: Givi Kochakidze, Nova FC, 42
    MF: Zasim Jucho, Lagonisi, 44
    MF: Hipalit Mašsera, Idhira United, 48
    MF: Pilipey Aleksiutovič, Abratto Kries, 55
    MF: Davyd Lastoks, Bevern, 58

    FW: Paval Lyakh, Nova FC, 1
    FW: Vasil Yuko, Abratto Kries, 4
    FW: Paval Žylinski, Nova FC, 5
    FW: Ksaver Konan, Bevern, 6
    FW: Abram Chakhunashvili, Bevern, 7
    FW: Nika Kodoshvili, Abratto Kries, 8
    FW: Imeda Dzhugashvili, Nova FC, 9

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Postby Caspiaa » Tue Dec 05, 2023 4:35 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Caspiaa
  • Team Colors: Red, Blue
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 7
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 10
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 8
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Vilhelm Hansdotter, Viitaniemi FC, 1
    GK: Mikkel Rasmussen, Sohava Skii, 2
    GK: Lasse Simensen, Sillala FC, 5
    GK: Bård Breeland, Granhättan, 7

    DF: Dan Gulsvig, Sillala FC, 12
    DF: Sondre Haga, Malcanes United, 22
    DF: Bård Kielland, Kaajoki Union, 25
    DF: Steffen Castberg, Granhättan, 28
    DF: Tor Lunn, Viitaniemi FC, 30
    DF: Christopher Femrite, Vongane, 66
    DF: Viktor Borgen, Viitaniemi FC, 68
    DF: Trygve Fortun, Alanis United, 90

    MF: Mikkel Monge, Rhaga FC, 3
    MF: Jo Nerby, Kuye FC, 4
    MF: Kristoffer Setter, Granhättan, 6
    MF: Ingar Aune, Viitaniemi FC, 8
    MF: Edvard Eliassen, Tofino United FC, 9
    MF: Knut Gaustad, Sillala FC, 13
    MF: Markus Bentsen, Sohava Skii, 14
    MF: Kolbjørn Theisen, Viitaniemi FC, 17

    FW: Arne Nystuen, Kaajoki Union, 10
    FW: Simen Teig, Viitaniemi FC, 11
    FW: Jan Becken, Sillala FC, 15
    FW: Sverker Ernman, Granhättan, 16
    FW: Stig Wahlström, Viitaniemi FC, 18
    FW: Julian Steen, Granhättan, 19
    FW: Runar Ness, Kaajoki Union, 20

Host City Application

Nation name: Caspiaa

Head of state: Prime Minister Tullia Grönberg (King Oliver I is the monarch, with mostly ceremonial roles)

Host City: Viitaniemi

Pre-existing venues: Solbakken Stadium, Haversfell Arena, Isberg Stadium

Popular tourist destinations in host city: Parliament Houses, Tõrnu Palace (Royal Palace), Seawalk, Haversfell Theater, Turid Olsen Central Plaza

Any other information about host city: Viitaniemi is the capital city of Caspiaa, along with being the largest city in the country and its economic, cultural, education, research, and political hub. Located on the shore of the Tarin Sea, it has a population of 2,432,000. The city serves headquarters and offices of many international organizations, such as the CCA and WEDA. It is one of the larger cities in Northwest Euronia outside Zamastan and Gladysynthia, and the second largest city after Forgeheim, Ruskayn, on the "Caspiaan Stretch", which includes the islands of Ruskayn, Caspiaa, and southern Baytonia.

The area around Viitaniemi was originally settled by the Ascomanni, but the city itself was established by Saint Offeatean traders in 1550. The city shifted hands of governance as the islands fell under the control of multiple empires, including Quetana and Skith, but upon Caspiaa's independence in 1813 it became the official seat of administration. Today, Viitaniemi is the seat of the Government of Caspiaa, as well as the nation's monarchy. The Parliament of Caspiaa is located in the city, as is the Tõrnu Palace is the home of the Monarchy of Caspiaa, currently resided by King Oliver Lindholm. The legislature, helmed by Prime Minister Tullia Grönberg, is also located in the city. Viitaniemi hosts the country's largest port and international airport. The city was the host of the 1956 Olympic Games and the 2002 World Cup.

Viitaniemi has a mild winter climate, though with a lot of precipitation. From December to March, Viitaniemi can, in rare cases, be up to 20 °C warmer than cities on the same latitude across Euronia, thanks to the warmth of the Tarin Sea. In summer however, Viitaniemi is several degrees cooler due to the same maritime effects. The Taspirian Mountains protect the city from cold winds from the north, northwest and west.

List additional host cities (up to 7): Sillala, Kaajoki, Helniemi, Hapardal, Kandona, Granhättan, Tõrnu

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Postby Bentho » Tue Dec 05, 2023 5:41 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Bentho
  • Team Colors: Yellow and Blue
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 8
  • Defense Skill (1-15):9
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 8
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25):

    GK: Rafael Da Silva, Ateletico Jacadares, 17
    GK: Mariano Alonso, San Pera Capybaras, 5
    GK: Alfonso Santos, Quipata, 54

    DF: Xavier Montero, Quipata 34
    DF: Luis Nieto, San Pera Capybaras, 13
    DF: Pablo Nieto, San Pera Capybaras 31
    DF: Ian Carrara, Jerica, 18
    DF: Mateo Cano, San Pera Capybaras 91
    DF: Miguel Fernandes, Caapulas, 14
    DF: Dylan Costa, Jacarades, 98
    DF: Gonzalo Parra, Ateletico Jacadares,89

    MF: Ignacio Cortes, San Pera Capybaras, 41
    MF: Ricardo Furtado, Atletico Jacadares, 67
    MF: Victor Garrido, San Pera Capybaras, 96
    MF:Lorenzo Vieira Hamada, Jerica, 11
    MF: Bruno Silva Guzmaan, Inter Tiahuazana, 56
    MF: Pedro Santos Caceres, Lamlota, 15
    MF: Diego Diaz, Quipata, 51
    MF:Maximo Avila, Ceco F.C, 3

    FW: Mario Montero, San Pera Capybaras, 7
    FW: Sebastian Castillo, San Pera Capybaras, 10
    FW: Carlos Dominguez, Caapulas, 82
    FW: Oscar Sota, San Pera Capybaras
    FW: Daniel Herrera, Quipata, 99
    FW: Felipe Costa, Tepiapó
    FW: Alonso Lira, Atletico Jacadares, 39
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Postby Voeyetska » Tue Dec 05, 2023 6:23 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Vœyetska
  • Team Colors: Blue, white, and green
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 10
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 8
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 7
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Dimitrij Blichfeld, FC Dabatta City, 1 (third captain)
    GK: Davíð Gunnlaugsson, AIF Sjédal, 30
    GK: Eilert Kjeggestad, FK Týl-Fjásj, 99
    GK: Karl Salo, Locomotive Gavi, 51

    DF: Finnian Bjorkstrand, Oskarsviik FC, 2 (captain)
    DF: Severin Söderström, FC Mitjøxallúnd, 3
    DF: Peter Czpel, Lehksingin FK, 4
    DF: Áki Ravn, Lehksingin FK, 5
    DF: Fabio Tollofsson, Kuye FC, 6
    DF: Jens Robin Staff, Malcanes United, 13
    DF: Hiram Jorgensson, Hjåseggyðurr BK, 14
    DF: Väinö Sýkora, Vænhestrøm FK, 24

    MF: Milan Rohtez, AIF Sjédal, 8
    MF: Kallixtas Hylander, Målea FF, 10
    MF: Klemens Suvari, Nilva FC, 11
    MF: River Sandstrom, Hjåseggyðurr BK, 15
    MF: Freygarður Guðmundsson, Lundgården IF, 17
    MF: Odisej Eller, Vongane, 18
    MF: Justus Landsvætá, Sjakven Joora Vyking, 20
    MF: Eindride Ruud, Kreugersvinn IF, 25
    MF: Trevór Buckhøj, FC Eikhaigen, 27
    MF: Kwame Oko Boateng, AIF Sjédal, 28

    FW: Aron Hjalmarsson, AIF Sjédal, 9 (second captain)
    FW: Miska Storstrand, Lundgården IF, 12
    FW: Justus Elfström, Moulins FC, 16
    FW: Æðelstán Kiprusoff, Výkingur Osgørjaviek, 19
    FW: Vincent Ryersson, Olimpiada Hyast, 22
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Postby Emmiria » Tue Dec 05, 2023 8:54 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Emmiria
  • Team Colors: Red, Black
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 15
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 4
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 6
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    51 GK Fahd al-Badie Rhaga FC
    59 GK Yoonis al-Azam Tofino United FC
    0 GK Musaaid Agha Eslahmshahir FC

    28 DF Tameem Rahaim Kantarih FC
    38 DF Kaalim Saber Nordfjall BK
    41 DF Ati Amahad Kuye FC
    55 DF Jamaal Mina Tarijibar United
    92 DF Yosef Hussain Rhaga FC
    56 DF Nass Nassif Eslahmshahir FC
    52 DF Aabdeen al-Kalil Club Hazara

    16 MF Qaaid Kamel FC Schwarz-Weiß Melmingen
    19 MF Mufeed Taha Sulifa City United
    18 MF Nizaa Nizaa Kuye FC
    10 MF Nu'maan el-Idra Tarijibar Dune
    11 MF Ghaazi Fadoud Cantacia United
    20 MF Zaamil al-Fai Rhaga Lions
    44 MF Umair el-Tahira Club Cubai
    7 MF Taaj al-Shams Kantarih FC

    10 FW Ashraf Noori Alanis United
    99 FW Assad al-Hasad Kantarih FC
    73 FW Hanlala el-Hatam Oskarsviik FC
    78 FW Jaasir al-Afzal Tarijibar United
    70 FW Yahya el-Mussa Shakhayya FC
    71 FW Sabaah Pashia Albate United
Islamic Republic of Emmiria

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Postby Besmenien » Tue Dec 05, 2023 9:25 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Besmenia
  • Team Colors: White, Blue, Green
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 6
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 8
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 11
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25
    GK: Anton Fengler, FC Schwarz-Weiß Melmingen, 1
    GK: Martin Siegmann, Lemberland Union, 15
    GK: Torben Lachner, FC Sümmingen, 7

    DF: Max Steiner, FC Sümmingen, 9
    DF: Daniel Schlag, FC Sümmingen, 24
    DF: Leon Kreutzberg, FC Peggau Laitstadt, 13
    DF: Moritz Kleiber, FC Helmfurt, 14
    DF: Marcel Koeppen, FC Halsholm Jakartaburg, 20
    DF: Erik Nagelberg, Shakhayya FC, 6
    DF: Alexander Teller, SV Richtersberg 04, 19

    MF: Christopher Büchner, FC Schwarz-Weiß Melmingen, 4
    MF: Stefan Untermann, Målea FF, 2
    MF: Jannik Welcker, FC Peggau Laitstadt, 22
    MF: Roman Schneider, Rød Sol, 8
    MF: Thomas Neuhäuser, FC Helmfurt, 3
    MF: Matthias Baumschlag, SV Richtersberg 04, 21
    MF: Paskal Hencke, FC Sümmingen, 16
    MF: David Stehmann, FC Neidenstein-Rot, 12

    FW: Ralph Reuter, FC Schwarz-Weiß Melmingen, 5
    FW: Christian Weber, Lemberland Union, 10
    FW: Armin Haßler, FC Neidenstein-Rot, 17
    FW: Florian Schmidt, FC Schwarz-Weiß Melmingen, 11
    FW: Sebastian Meidel, FC Schwarz-Weiß Melmingen, 18
    FW: Lukas Böse, AIF Sjédal, 23
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Postby Great Lutharia » Tue Dec 05, 2023 9:36 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name:
  • Team Colors:
  • Offense Skill (1-15):
  • Defense Skill (1-15):
  • Goalie Skill (1-15):
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25):

    GK: Léon Aenishänslin, Ilhaevia Club, 10
    GK: Nicolò Merz, Augsenburg Club, 20
    GK: Andrea Hari, Diekirich United, 30
    GK: Neil Huber, Luthsenburg FC, 41

    DF: Werner Bösiger, Anchorhead United FC, 1
    DF: Leonz Brühlmann, Labhart FC, 3
    DF: Butz Kummer, Augsenburg Club, 5
    DF: Matteo Brechbühl, Ilhaevia Club, 7
    DF: Butz Scheuss, Luthsenburg FC, 8
    DF: Kevin Fuhrimann, Labhart FC, 9
    DF: Reto Streit, Vogoci FC, 11
    DF: Alessio Jost, Beresa Union, 12

    MF: Jacopo Kradolfer, Luthsenburg FC, 66
    MF: Lenny Zöbeli, Ilhaevia Club, 67
    MF: Frido Ryffel, Emerald Union, 68
    MF: Fridolin InAebnit, Diekirich United, 70
    MF: Eric Hafen, Allengin FC, 72
    MF: Jvars Niederhauser, Ilhaevia Club, 74
    MF: Elia Rätz, Moulins FC, 76
    MF: Benjamin Kessler, Jade Harbor FC, 78

    FW: Bern Gisler, Luthsenburg FC, 80
    FW: Fiete Reusser, Diekirich United, 83
    FW: Jan Habegger, Luthsenburg FC, 85
    FW: Eduard Bitterwolf, Ilhaevia Club, 87
    FW: Timo Brechbühl, Labhart FC, 88
    FW: Nando Otth, Augsenburg Club, 90
    FW: Nias Lehnherr, Ilhaevia Club, 95
Birmingham, England

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Postby Ossinia » Tue Dec 05, 2023 9:48 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Ossinia
  • Team Colors: Red, White
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 6
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 13
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 6
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Hector Soler, Périnnois FC, 1
    GK: Alonso Alonso, Upper Pahl Union, 27
    GK: Ricardo Jurado, Beauchamp Union, 66
    GK: Francisco Jose Martínez, Chapuis FC, 72

    DF: Saul Bescós, Périnnois FC,2
    DF: Daniel Enríquez, Périnnois FC, 3
    DF: Carles Bielsa, Stéphane Club, 10
    DF: Miguel Esparraguera, Chapuis FC, 16
    DF: Noah Sánchez, Périnnois FC, 34
    DF: Jose Miguel Lérida, Laffitte United, 35
    DF: Jan Lago, Hébras FC, 56
    DF: Luka Valdovinos, Périnnois FC, 78

    MF: Arnau Zamorano, Beauchamp Union, 4
    MF: Felix Jimenez, FC Rochefort,
    MF: Mathias Quintana, Titania FC, 7
    MF: Eloy Lagos, Auckandia Union, 19
    MF: Markel Rabadán, Beauchamp Union, 20
    MF: Yadiel Fontanez, Chapuis FC, 22
    MF: Kendrick Alvarez, Périnnois FC, 30
    MF: Aaron Castillero, Hébras FC, 32

    FW: Cristian Toledano, Périnnois FC, 5
    FW: Joel Alférez, Chapuis FC, 6
    FW: Carlos Bolea, Périnnois FC, 8
    FW: Jose Angel Rodríguez, Laffitte United,11
    FW: Jose Manuel Peralta, Périnnois FC, 15
    FW: Alonso Montilla, Laffitte United, 21
    FW: Christian Márquez, Périnnois FC, 25

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Postby Janapa » Tue Dec 05, 2023 10:24 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Janapa
  • Team Colors: Blue, Yellow
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 5
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 15
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 5
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Kenton Duany, Jan City, 4
    GK: Canard Strickland, Janah United, 14
    GK: Michael Fleming, Tayan FC, 15
    GK: Noah Campbell, Basseterre Union, 28

    DF: Keyon Huet, Coquelet FC, 3
    DF: Lemarr Forrest, Tayan FC, 12
    DF: Romon Williams, Goose Harbor United, 25
    DF: Odell Ratcliffe, Basseterre Union, 30
    DF: Delmar Helmsley, Tayan FC, 40
    DF: Isiah Mendes, Tayan FC, 45
    DF: Delonn Gray, Janah United, 60
    DF: Ramell Kingham, Coquelet FC, 65

    MF: Donall Bechett, Coquelet FC, 1
    MF: Treshaun Vere, Jan City, 5
    MF: Aman Padmore, Tayan FC, 10
    MF: Ferric Forrest, Janah United, 16
    MF: Trejean Rieviere, Jan City, 24
    MF: Reshay Kuckham, Tofino United FC, 35
    MF: Aray Alridge, Janah United, 50
    MF: Dominic Nailer, Coquelet FC, 57

    FW: Terris Moon, Tayan FC, 2
    FW: Kendell Montgomery, Jan City, 6
    FW: Ramell Garland, Janah United, 7
    FW: Glover Ibbott, Goose Harbor United, 18
    FW: Clinton Lee, Janah United, 20
    FW: Demery Wyll, Jan City, 38
    FW: Devan Renny, Tayan FC, 55

Host City Application

Nation name: Janapa, Saint Astaba and Beck, Lower Aseu, Saint Lorrain, Lillestola

Head of state: President Kendrick Mehans, as well as respective heads of state in joint-host nations

Host City: Janapa City

Pre-existing venues for events (i.e. stadiums, arenas, etc.): Janapa National Arena, Wayan Guy Arena, Keyon Stadium

Popular tourist destinations in host city: National Heroes Park, Fort Akkes, Half Point Castle, Strawberry Point Lighthouse, Coastside Road, Liberty Hall, Parliament

Any other information about host city: Janapa City is the capital and largest city of the Janapan Isles. It is the economic and cultural center of the country additionally to the administrative center. A historical port established by Quetanan settlers in the early 1500s, it is one of the oldest Adulan-settled cities in Euronia. Modern-day Janapa City is a haven of tourism and cultural status for the Northern Cantalle Islands. The majority of the population of Janapa is of Adulan descent. Large minority ethnic groups include West Ausianans, who came to the country as indentured servants in the late 19th century. Popular openair retail markets occupy Downtown Janapa and the wider metropolitan area.

The joint-proposal by the governments of Janapa, Saint Astaba and Beck, Lower Aseu, Lillestola, and Saint Lorrain is labeled the Northern Cantalle bid, and should our governments win this bid we request the World Cup be named as such, so as to show unity among our islands as opposed to an individual city. Our shared cultures, historical backgrounds from Adulan and Nortuan colonization, and long-standing peace amongst ourselves and in the world is reason enough to combine our bids for a unique and collective display of unity. We hope to welcome the world to compete in our

List additional host cities (up to 7): Basseterre, Goose Harbor, Lille Center, Aseu Port, Samuelton, Coquelet, Sayle

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Postby Saint Astaba and Beck » Tue Dec 05, 2023 10:32 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Saint Astaba and Beck
  • Team Colors: Red, yellow
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 11
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 7
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 7
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Deelon Hughes, Goose Harbor United, 7
    GK: Kasen Kirby, Périnnois FC, 8
    GK: Laran Jameson, Rhaga FC, 15
    GK: Terris Humphrey, FC Rochefort, 25

    DF: Spencer Prisban, Aebetius Lakers, 1
    DF: Wayan Joy, Périnnois FC, 13
    DF: Larice Mutklin, Hébras FC, 24
    DF: Kian Rothwell, Allengin FC, 26
    DF: Tyreck Jordan, Ilhaevia Club, 47
    DF: Larmar Pandarvas, Goose Harbor United, 48
    DF: Jenell Lekie, Tayan FC, 75
    DF: Lemarr Stringer, Hébras FC, 82

    MF: Mikal Orde, Périnnois FC, 3
    MF: Tameron Gray, FC Rochefort, 12
    MF: Simeon Perry, Goose Harbor United, 16
    MF: Malik Dallas, Jan City, 30
    MF: Marques East, Jade Harbor FC, 40
    MF: Trone Huffpove, Goose Harbor United, 45
    MF: Trejean Roulet, Tayan FC, 50
    MF: Ramell Mixon, Janah United, 70

    FW: Delonn Rickerby, Tayan FC, 5
    FW: Reggis Atkins, Goose Harbor United, 10
    FW: Aman Wade, Jan City, 18
    FW: James Ewart, Tayan FC, 20
    FW: Winton Picairn, Janah United, 34
    FW: Jaquin Hutchinson, Basseterre Union, 38
    FW: Tyrus May, Arinals Rockets, 65

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Postby Wallenland » Wed Dec 06, 2023 11:19 am

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Wallenland
  • Team Colours: Green, red, white
  • Offence Skill (1-15): 10
  • Defence Skill (1-15): 8
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 7
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Migeoló Lopés, Vao'okò West FC, 11
    GK: Thomas Ha'okò'enáné, Vao'okò West FC, 22
    GK: Geatèlén Mátsak, Kilimagoré'ahisná FC,23
    GK: Omar Owakoané, Bѳpa'ulatajāpalosidadi FC, 50

    DF: Joao Alto, Lūjāpsidadi FC, 25
    DF: Francisco Bà'olaled Jr., Alomínah FC, 10
    DF: Rodrigo Lūba'āp, Alomínah FC, 82
    DF: Lofifiyá Bàlàranjalp, Vao'okò City FC, 81
    DF: Umar Kiololo, Vao'okò City FC, 79
    DF: Hussein Burdḽà, Lūjāpsidadi FC, 33
    DF: Akbar Abdallah, Winá'aloḽag FC, 42
    DF: Hussein al-Nūr, Vaowinácònak United FC, 9

    MF: Alfonso dos Santos, Vao'okò City FC, 65
    MF: Beni Gratsa, Bѳpa'ulatajāpalosidadi FC, 69
    MF: Pote Kwoaten, Bѳpa'ulatajāpalosidadi FC, 80
    MF: Tére'alo Līne'erena, Lūjāpsidadi FC, 37
    MF: Bѳpa Pelovākuṟo-Cònak, Alomínah FC, 95
    MF: Akar Akarfèip, Vao'okò West FC, 39
    MF: Dulá Douradō, Vaowinásònak United FC, 49
    MF: Amir Hariri, Alomínah FC, 5

    FW: Nejmar Vento Jr., Vao'okò West FC, 8
    FW: Palosá Tére'enáné, Vaowinásònak United FC, 1
    FW: Dulá Kruzèa, Kilimagoré'ahisná FC, 13
    FW: Dū'akar Sònak, Winá'aloḽag FC, 41
    FW: Dulá Aséjāp, Greater Beṟe'iliopsidadi FC, 34
    FW: Ali Ráfik, Lūjāpsidadi FC, 66
    FW: Hussein ibn Harb, Kilimagoré'ahisná FC, 64

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Postby Latilli » Wed Dec 06, 2023 1:03 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Latilli
  • Team Colors: Green, red, white
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 8
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 8
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 9
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Valeriano Ciervo, FC Selonia-Benn, 3
    GK: Ansaldo Polcari, Acencona City, 12
    GK: Gianluca Cutone, Ambaliana FC, 22
    GK: Oddone Santeramo, Albun, 25

    DF: Onorio Rio, FC Selonia-Benn, 8
    DF: Andrea Poccia, Mytinghi UN, 13
    DF: Bartolo Cotta, FC Selonia-Benn, 16
    DF: Pietro Bonomo, Albun, 20
    DF: Crescente Guido, Ambaliana FC, 26
    DF: Ercolano Romaniello, Caltabia FC, 40
    DF: Didimo Gandolfo, Norasa FC, 48
    DF: Aleandro Lepore, Mytinghi UN, 70

    MF: Cassiano Bruna, Apelnisse United, 1
    MF: Ortensio Patron, FC Selonia-Benn, 9
    MF: Athos De Marzo, Carassa FC, 14
    MF: Alighiero Capponi, Ambaliana FC, 15
    MF: Marcello Bellafiore, Albun, 19
    MF: Bindo Cicala, Albun, 28
    MF: Fulvio Caldarone, Ambaliana FC, 36
    MF: Proteo Morganti, Acencona City, 50

    FW: Floriano De Fina, Ambaliana FC, 5
    FW: Pippo Mazziotta, Acencona City, 10
    FW: Amone Festa, Caltabia FC, 17
    FW: Orlando Graziosi, FC Selonia-Benn, 18
    FW: Elio Serrata, Apelnisse United, 30
    FW: Simeone Grandi, Ambaliana FC, 52
    FW: Cecilio Arcaro, Acencona City, 68

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Postby Elbresia » Wed Dec 06, 2023 8:37 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Elbresia
  • Team Colors: Red, Gray
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 7
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 3
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 15
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Jonathan Outen, Allengin FC, 5
    GK: Edmund Towle, Club Bellun, 12
    GK: Vivian Hillyard, Goodrich Union, 18
    GK: Montague Pemble, Blankenlair Club, 21

    DF: Herman Blake, Egnau City, 2
    DF: William Dacosta, Allhofen United, 10
    DF: Willie Fitzwater, Herthal Federation, 14
    DF: Robert Goddard, Oftbon-Mells FC, 25
    DF: Islwyn Barks, Oudhout Union, 36
    DF: Ernest Towlson, Neunach City, 57
    DF: James Murden, Allengin FC, 60
    DF: Bryn Gilbert, Blankenlair Club, 65

    MF: Harry Fairey, Allengin FC, 6
    MF: Howard Brisley, Alzand Club, 17
    MF: Angus Blay, Wellvale United, 19
    MF: Luke Mellors, Club Bellun, 22
    MF: Timothy Trudgeon, Egnau City, 30
    MF: Gerald Solomons, Goodrich Union, 40
    MF: Cecil Alvey, Turnleer FC, 55
    MF: Emrys Lambourne, Allengin FC, 63

    FW: Finlay Cavalier, Club Bellun, 1
    FW: Aaron Uren, Oftbon-Mells FC, 7
    FW: Hubert Evans, Allengin FC, 15
    FW: Colin Belcher, Blankenlair Club, 20
    FW: Amos Whitcher, Club Bellun, 28
    FW: Herbert Arnold, Turnleer FC, 42
    FW: Vincent Stickels, Oftbon-Mells FC, 50
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Postby Constantio » Wed Dec 06, 2023 9:07 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Constantio
  • Team Colors: Red, Blue
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 8
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 9
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 8
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Wincuf Godolphin, Norasa FC, 10
    GK: Morcant Hunkin, Apelnisse United, 25
    GK: Jacka Hocking, Darina Forti, 36
    GK: Matuid Matthews, Balgita City, 43

    DF: Massen Trewartha, Kuye FC, 12
    DF: Cemoere Pengelly, Malcanes United, 24
    DF: Gurcant Warn, Tarralusia City, 33
    DF: Iudicael Sambell, Emerald United, 35
    DF: Benesek Nancollas, Ambaliana FC, 50
    DF: Cemoyre Skewes, Apelnisse United, 70
    DF: Wurcant Roberts, Darina Forti, 75
    DF: Mewan Carkeek, Mytinghi UN, 78

    MF: Ossíne Trewin, Norasa FC, 1
    MF: Gurcencor Keast, Tarralusia City, 15
    MF: Gurci Julian, Apelnisse United, 20
    MF: Demelza Pellowe, FC Selonia-Benn, 32
    MF: Matuid Growden, Anchorhead United FC, 37
    MF: Bledros Nanscawen, Ambaliana FC, 42
    MF: Brithael Pomeroy, Tariel Aces, 55
    MF: Konan Tresloggett, Apelnisse United, 65

    FW: Mihal Ede, Balgita City, 17
    FW: Tristan May, Norasa FC, 18
    FW: Hresman Angwin, Mytinghi UN, 28
    FW: Myrmen Couch, Tarralusia City, 30
    FW: Talan Angove, FC Selonia-Benn, 40
    FW: Ben Penhalligon, Norasa FC, 60
    FW: Pasco Trevillian, Balgita City, 77

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Postby Albanovi » Thu Dec 07, 2023 10:38 am

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Albanovi
  • Team Colors: Green, white
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 4
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 6
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 15
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Luka Melikishvili, Tavinhos FC, 10
    GK: Erekle Gagua, Ciripa United, 23
    GK: Avtandil Zakareishvili, Cascay Club, 25
    GK: Simon Balavadze, Controsi Union, 72

    DF: Meliton Sabauri, Naville United, 6
    DF: Giorgi Bakradze, Vongane, 9
    DF: Daviti Akhalkatsi, Tavinhos FC, 11
    DF: Zurab Virsaladze, Autrataya United, 22
    DF: Tedore Bakhia, Cascay Club, 62
    DF: Beso Kotrikadze, Gabita Club, 65
    DF: Mamuka Cherkezishvili, Ciripa United, 70
    DF: Kokhta Giorgobiani, Trapadine FC, 74

    MF: Boris Shalikashvili, Controsi Union, 5
    MF: Stepane Lazarashvili, Tavinhos FC, 20
    MF: Toma Alasania, Menetraki Union, 21
    MF: Levan Anchabadze, Cascay Club, 30
    MF: Nodar Janashia, Totubal City, 45
    MF: Zura Chakhunashvili, Goodrich Union, 63
    MF: Genadi Shervashidze, Darina Forti, 67
    MF: Andro Nemsadze, Norasa FC, 75

    FW: Valeri Balavadze, Ciripa United, 8
    FW: Lado Jorjadze, Cascay Club, 12
    FW: Husik Anjaparidze, Tavinhos FC, 15
    FW: Meliton Bandzeladze, Cascay Club, 34
    FW: Vano Gabashvili, Tavinhos FC, 35
    FW: Rouben Botkoveli, Balgita City, 60
    FW: Korneli Patarkatsishvili, Norasa FC, 90

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Postby North Kandson » Thu Dec 07, 2023 11:16 am

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: North Kandson
  • Team Colors: Blue, White
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 7
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 14
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 4
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Ian Ramos, Mondona Club, 0
    GK: Lucas Canales, Esaset Club, 83
    GK: Abril Saldaña, Klomouth Tenn, 88
    GK: Aaron Aranda, Lamstin Hawks, 54

    DF: Aimar Ocaña, Fleport FC, 67
    DF: Elias Ballester, Lamstin United, 77
    DF: Isaac Sambuesa, Lamstin United, 55
    DF: Daniel Alonso, Osmino City FC, 98
    DF: Jon Rabadán, Olkchester FC, 8
    DF: Rácz Dominik, Osmino City FC, 4
    DF: Amir Castejón, Klomouth Tenn, 43
    DF: Juan Sallent, Lamstin United, 23

    MF: Gál Kristóf, Mondona Club, 1
    MF: Luis Gallego, Chocaster United, 44
    MF: Eloy Cedillo, Vilanja FC, 58
    MF: Mezei Martin, Cardoza United, 2
    MF: Juan Francisco Lagos, Klomouth Tenn, 15
    MF: Jan Alcaide, Saint Raneau Unity, 20
    MF: Samuel Lérida, Klomouth Tenn, 84
    MF: Youssef Arán, Vilanja FC, 60

    FW: Jónás Arnold, Klomouth Tenn, 12
    FW: Jose Antonio Labrador, Osmino City FC, 11
    FW: Vincze Tibor, Osmino City FC, 3
    FW: Novák Benjamin, Chocaster United, 99
    FW: Mohamed Coll, Kuye FC, 21
    FW: Martin Balderas, Vilanja FC, 6
    FW: Sípos Ákos, Chocaster United, 70

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Postby Zamastan » Thu Dec 07, 2023 12:39 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Zamastan
  • Team Colors: Blue, White, Dark Gray
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 10
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 8
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 7
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    1 GK Ellis Ball, Alanis United
    50 GK Damon Halvesbarri, Ieraskevi FC
    99 GK Galtero Costa, Saint Raneau Unity

    60 DF Seth Canless, Wingerton Wildcats
    61 DF Cormac Paine, Anchorhead United FC
    24 DF Anndra MacCianain, Port Talbot Egrets
    5 DF Iole Abressi, Malcanes United
    52 DF Adolphe Battier, Bettencourt FC
    16 DF Keaton Dalton, Titania FC
    22 DF Roch Asselin, Anchorhead United FC

    36 MF Eloy Torrente, Vilanja FC
    8 MF Tomas Arguan, Park City FC
    82 MF Sergio Vazquez, Cardoza United
    15 MF Adam Hall, Alanis United
    17 MF Vihaan Case, Auckandia Union
    23 MF Kian Evans III, Moulins FC
    70 MF Adham Jettenson, Selika Hammerheads
    30 MF Francisco Prado-Valdares, Mirinu Bobcats

    10 FW Isaiah Ross, Alanis United
    11 FW Gunnar Marsh, Tariel Aces
    13 FW Nicholas Rosa, Tofino United FC
    18 FW Amir Mihans, Emerald Union
    20 FW Ashton Watson, Jade Harbor FC
    28 FW Mohammed el-Saah, Staventer Union
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Postby Pian Islands » Thu Dec 07, 2023 1:13 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Pian Islands
  • Team Colors: Blue, White
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 5
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 5
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 15
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Gabriel Fowler, Ocetia FC, 10
    GK: Leon Moore, Norasa FC, 9
    GK: Oliver Foster, Loughdalk FC, 24

    DF: Levi Thompson, Antgem FC, 16
    DF: Jude Flanagan, Colensay United, 8
    DF: Eli Dines, Loughdalk FC, 1
    DF: Owen Tran, Cloppenstedt Union, 25
    DF: Hayden Arnold, Colensay United, 15
    DF: Braxton Johnson, Chamart FC, 22
    DF: Andrew Nevin, Apelnisse United, 7
    DF: Alexander Philips, Ocetia FC, 23

    MF: Thomas Allen, Antgem FC, 21
    MF: Hudson Watson, Loughdalk City, 3
    MF: Jonathan Robertson, Antgem FC, 11
    MF: Hayden Reid, Loughdalk FC, 17
    MF: Sonny Williams, Colensay United, 14
    MF: Felix Vinson, Chamart FC, 5
    MF: Max Davis, Chamart FC, 13
    MF: Hunter Jackman, Malcanes United, 2

    FW: Luke McNeil, Antgem FC, 6
    FW: Aaron Barrett, Loughdalk City, 4
    FW: Marcus Wheelwright, Loughdalk FC, 19
    FW: Isaiah Fielding, Cloppenstedt Union, 12
    FW: Louis Hood, Ocetia FC, 18
    FW: Hamish Jacobs, Port Talbot Egrets, 20
    FW: Jake Webb, Loughdalk FC, 26

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Postby Saint Offeat » Thu Dec 07, 2023 1:25 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Saint Offeat
  • Team Colors: Red, Black, White
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 6
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 13
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 6
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Aindrea MacCaoig, Vongane, 5
    GK: Tomag Breac, Vogoci FC, 22

    DF: Somhairle Salmond, Naville United, 20
    DF: Grufudd Edwards, Club Bellun, 52
    DF: Teifion Moris, Alanis United, 73
    DF: Wmffre Meredith, Vogoci FC, 7
    DF: Rhun Harry, Hillsberg FC, 18
    DF: Gowyr Cadigan, Loughdalk City, 25
    DF: Gwawl Isaac, Chocaster United, 3
    DF: Goiridh Dòmhnallach, Vogoci FC, 70

    MF: Aron Penry, Ambaliana FC, 17
    MF: Martyn Cecil, Saint Raneau Unity, 78
    MF: Price Kenefick, Vogoci FC, 85
    MF: Carwyn Mordecai, Club Bellun, 50
    MF: Artur Rothach, FC Selonia-Benn, 53
    MF: Craig Stant, Vogoci FC, 15
    MF: Asgall Brothaigh, Blankenlair Club, 46
    MF: Hywel Hire, Vepovo United, 68

    FW: Uarraig MacCeallair, Vepovo United, 30
    FW: Mìcheil Gòrdanach, Hillsberg FC, 36
    FW: Gerwyn Treharne, Allengin FC, 1
    FW: Dubh Blàrach, Apelnisse United, 9
    FW: Iorweth Shone, Barotek FC, 35
    FW: Mael James, Goodrich Union, 60
    FW: Aeron Isaacs, Hillsberg FC, 12

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Postby Shoassau » Thu Dec 07, 2023 4:28 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Shoassau
  • Team Colors: Red, white
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 4
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 15
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 2
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 21

    GK: Napoléon Touchard, FC Auvergne, 11
    GK: Lucien Jacquinot, Tofino United FC, 91
    GK: Éloi Emmanuelli, Rhaga FC, 2
    GK: Gaylord Jullien, Saint Lapopie FC, 3

    DF: Marius Wathelet, FC Auvergne, 99
    DF: Gérôme Hachette, 46
    DF: Jean-Noël Baillairgé, FC Auvergne, 85
    DF: Adam Deslys, Hauseldone FC, 52
    DF: Norbert Boulanger, FC Staventer, 80
    DF: Jérémy Bourcier, Menerbes Union, 33
    DF: Aubin Pomeroy, FC Honfleur, 88
    DF: Zacharie Moitessier, FC Savoie, 22

    MF: Éric Deloffre, Staventer Union, 40
    MF: Nicolas Karlen, Pedeit FC, 73
    MF: Justin Mazet, FC Staventer, 23
    MF: Gervais Touchard, Park City FC, 77
    MF: Constantin Beaumanoir, Alsace United, 50
    MF: Joren de Oude, Haute City FC, 60
    MF: Max Gribelin, FC Savoie, 61
    MF: Paul Stuart, Pedeit FC, 66

    FW: Beat Hochmuth, Pedeit FC, 20
    FW: Bartjan Hardonk, FC Honfleur, 90
    FW: Joris Broekhuis, Saint Lapopie FC, 70
    FW: Lennerd Vreeke, Lauzerte FC, 30
    FW: Rudie Veneman, Staventer Union, 44
    FW: Moïse Raoult, FC Auvergne, 55
    FW: Jean-Yves Hennequin, Alsace United, 10

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Postby Sateroc » Thu Dec 07, 2023 7:37 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Sateroc
  • Team Colors: Blue, dark blue, black
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 6
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 5
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 8
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 19

    GK: Ange Sauvageot, FC Kolkesburg, 93
    GK: Everard Petit, Elmont, 22
    GK: Raimond Lachance, Coretas FC, 17
    GK: Papillion Gros, FC Kolkesburg, 84

    DF: Quentin Masson, Varella, 52
    DF: Aloys Bureau, FC Kolkesburg, 11
    DF: Makar Sorokin, Qaqarsville United, 15
    DF: Serge Blanchett, Karinmaneno FC, 65
    DF: Laurent Michaud, FC Kolkesburg, 74
    DF: Paschal Salomon, FC Kolkesburg, 88
    DF: Grisha Sokolov, Qaqarsville United, 32
    DF: Erec Pape, Coretas FC, 98

    MF: Reynold Sergeant, Erden, 29
    MF: Sylvain Villeneuve, FC Kolkesburg, 43
    MF: Milun Noyer, Coretas FC, 49
    MF: Horace Deniau, Karinmaneno FC, 61
    MF: Reinald Dupond, FC Kolkesburg, 74
    MF: Rogier Paquet, Damuppo FC, 10
    MF: Aniyar Jeanov, FC Kolkesburg, 53
    MF: Garland Favreau, Varella, 25

    FW: Adrik Baranot, AFC Veiranger, 23
    FW: Urbain Villeneuve, FC Kolkesburg, 14
    FW: Papillion Royer, FC Kolkesburg, 19
    FW: Éloi Rome, Karinmaneno FC, 81
    FW: Everard Morel, Qaqarsville United, 48
    FW: Valéry Deniaud, FC Kolkesburg, 55
    FW: Hamelin Dumont, Coretas FC, 68

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Postby Kyti » Fri Dec 08, 2023 12:19 pm

    Qualification Round Application
  • Nation Name: Kyti
  • Team Colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, White
  • Offense Skill (1-15): 13
  • Defense Skill (1-15): 7
  • Goalie Skill (1-15): 5
  • Total Skill Score (can be no higher than 25): 25

    GK: Robin Macdonald, Kasema United, 12
    GK: Haider Owen, Golenovo FC, 3
    GK: Dominik Anderson, Rakohovo FC, 18

    DF: Flynn Dixon, Staventer Union, 20
    DF: Daniel Scott, Club Sinabala, 2
    DF: Robin Davies, Club Bellun, 19
    DF: Harvey Lane, Rakohovo FC, 23
    DF: Harvey Newman, Vogoci FC, 15
    DF: Ellis Shaw, Kasema United, 22
    DF: Nicholas Shaw, Herthal Federation, 11
    DF: Michael Simpson, Golenovo FC, 25

    MF: Joe Cooper, Kasema United, 9
    MF: Milan Gallagher, FC Selonia-Benn, 6
    MF: Elliott Cox, Kasema United, 1
    MF: Hendrix Mills, Hillsberg FC, 5
    MF: Maximus Watson, Golenovo FC, 14
    MF: Otto Sutton, Club Sinabala, 13
    MF: Haris Houghton, Allengin FC, 10
    MF: Miles Taylor, Cardoza United, 4

    FW: Miles Carr, Kasema United, 8
    FW: Richard Gallagher, Rakohovo FC, 21
    FW: Cruz Pearson, Kasema United, 16
    FW: Cody Mcdonald, Vepovo United, 7
    FW: Travis Wells, Golenovo FC, 26
    FW: Tommy Moore, Tavinhos FC, 24
    FW: Aadam Barrett, Rakohovo FC, 17



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