What Is The Symbolism Of YN?

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What Is The Symbolism Of YN?

Postby Unclerian Language Puppet » Tue Nov 28, 2023 11:42 am

I am wondering what the symbolism of other nations in Nation States is, so i am asking this question to the whole Nation States world, so the question of this topic is, What Is The Symbolism Of YN?, things like things that appear on propaganda posters, and a object or place that is a symbolism of YN.
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The Symbolism Of YN:
Year Of The Symbolism's Origin:
Backstory Of The Symbolism:

The Symbolism Of YN: A Rooster With A Revolver
Year Of The Symbolism's Origin: 1987
Backstory Of The Symbolism: Back then in Unclear, agriculture and cattle raising was a vital part of the economy, and a revolver was the usual weapon for ranch work, and a lot of people raised chickens, so a person called George Hill submitted a application to the government for a national symbolism, and his application had wrote in it a rooster with a revolver, the government accepted it in 1987, ever since then a rooster with a revolver has been the national symbolism of Unclear.
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Postby Simonia » Tue Nov 28, 2023 12:19 pm

The Symbolism Of YN: The Pink Castle
Year Of The Symbolism's Origin: 1678 (2023 when it went to Simonia)
Backstory Of The Symbolism: In 1678, the Pink Castle was the main palace of the monarchy of the former Lement Empire. In the middle of 2023, the Elle 11 nations of Plantland, Firistan, and Wateria (sorry if any NS nations have those names) were disputing over what to do about the castle in the center of their island, Lement 3, so Simonia claimed it (with permission, of course).
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Postby Safiloa » Tue Nov 28, 2023 1:55 pm

The Symbolism Of YN:
Colors: Maroon, Seagreen, Gold, and Black represent the four elements of Mazdakite cosmology that exist on Safiloa: Fire, Water, Air/Light, and Soil/Earth.
Golden symbol: “Visipobiši” - The all-remedy cosmic tree in Mazdakite cosmology, and represents the ever lasting life of the souls of the pure. The four stylistic “boutas” represent the Four Heads of government.

Year Of The Symbolism's Origin: 520’s CE
Backstory Of The Symbolism: Mazdak Bambadan, a mobed student of Zaradust-e Khuragen, instituted a communistic, agrarian, egalitarian, and religious revolution in the 520’s Sassanian Persian empire. The Sokhaineans (“Sokhs”), descendants from these early converts were persecuted and chased out of Persia, going fully extinct by the 18th century in modern day Iran and Azerbaijan. However, some Sokh refugees settled on Safiloa mixing with the local Malagasy population, creating the foundation for the modern state of Safiloa.

Over time, runaway black slaves from the Zanj coast and Dravidians and Malays all eventually found their own way to the safe and pacifist shores of Safiloa and contributed to its cultural development. The Omanis, the Dutch, and then the British also contributed with their various attempts at colonization of the island, though much of their contribution has since been culturally erased.

India, Persia, Africa, and Indonesia also by chance represent the four most dominant ethnicity origins found on Safiloa.
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Postby Greater Kastovia » Tue Nov 28, 2023 2:18 pm

The Symbolism Of YN:
National Animal - Siberian Wolf. Represents the cold climate of Greater Kastovia and the bravery of our people.
National Symbol - The Dodecahedron. Represents commitment to the advancement of society through scientific research and development.
Year Of The Symbolism's Origin: Both at the time of the nation’s founding (IC 2019)
Backstory Of The Symbolism: The Siberian Wolf was chosen as the national animal due to its ideological neutrality. It wasn’t until 2021 that it was unofficially superseded by the dove, after the Freedom & Solidarity Movement adopted Pacifism as its primary ideology. As for the dodecahedron, it was the most scientifically significant three-dimensional shape Greater Kastovia’s founding fathers could think of, as it consisted of twelve identical pentagonal faces that all met perfectly at each vertex and represented a commitment to in-depth scientific research and precision technology.
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Postby Dracunia » Tue Nov 28, 2023 6:17 pm

The national symbol of Dracunia is the dragon, derived from the coat of arms of the ruling house of Drachenschild (blazoned Sanguine, a dragon Argent within a bordure Sable). The heraldic device of the white dragon can be traced back as far as the mid-to-late-9th century CE in northern Nemedia where it served as a battle standard of the Asborn chiefs in their war with the Henricings until it found its way to the Archduchy of Sossony, until it was picked up by the Drachensteins themselves, formerly their vassals.
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Postby Tangatarehua » Tue Nov 28, 2023 7:46 pm

The Symbolism Of YN: The Waka o Rangi (the sky boat)
Year Of The Symbolism's Origin: Unknown, but likely c. 300 BC. Used by the Imperial Family since 400 AD, used on the national flag 1835 - 1943 and then reinstated after 1979.
Backstory Of The Symbolism: Te Waka o Rangi is a Maori constellation which is said to look like a waka and, according to legend, travels across the sky fishing up the souls of the dead. In the winter it's not visible as this is the time when it's in the underworld, depositing the souls of everyone who died in the previous year.

The constellation is roughly equivalent to the constellation Orion, as seen from the southern hemisphere (upside down) and appears on the flag of Tangatarehua.

The star at the top is 'Puanga' who is also a demi-goddess in Maori mythology and all Empresses (according to legend) are descended from her.
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Postby Lycantine » Wed Dec 06, 2023 5:30 am

The Symbolism Of YN: The Laurel Wreath

Year Of The Symbolism's Origin: 749 B.D (We're not on Earth but it would be the equivalent of 1945)

Backstory Of The Symbolism: At the end of the Lycantinean-Sakaran War, also known as the Great War of Betrayal, the languages between the Coalition Forces and Sakaran Forces were largely different and many lacked the skills to communicate with each other. By this point in the war, the city of Sakara itself was reduced to rubble. Entire sections of the city were bombed by a combination of ground, Aerial, and Naval bombardment. The Sakaran Dictator and most of his Parliament had committed suicide, and by now the Sakaran government had disintegrated and the war was a lost cause.

The Laurel Wreath was a book that was initially written by an Anti-War Sakaran politician before the end of the Sakaran Isolation Era. When the Sakaran dictator took over, the books were burned and eradicated, but its memory was not forgotten. The book was smuggled into Lycantine and the Coalition via underground Sakaran Resistance movements, and the Laurel Wreath soon because symbol for antiwar and peace.

Sakaran soldiers began to surrender en masse after the death of the Dictator on Novemeber 17th, 759 B.D. Instead of white flags, Sakaran Forces waved Laurel Wreaths or make circular formations with the arms to signify the Laurel Wreath. This was to symbolize their intent to surrender and make peace. Soon, a Laurel Wreath banner was raised by Coalition Forces in order to convince the Sakarans to surrender, which proved largely effective at countering the aforementioned lack of understanding between the two languages. In the peace conference that occurred between Lycantine and what was left of the Sakaran Military Leadership, the Laurel Wreath was the official stamp of the negotiated document, and a few centuries later when Sakara and its citizens would officially become a part of a unified Lycantinean Nation, the Laurel Wreath was added to the flag.
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Postby Ancient Troll-tec » Wed Dec 06, 2023 6:54 am

Colours: Crimson and Umbra. Crimson signifies the blood the gods are offered through ritual sacrifice, and umbra signifies the luxury of the country.
Symbols: Dude eating a snake, Cacao, and an Axolotl. The Aztecs prophecised that an eagle eating a snake on a cactus would signify where they would settle. Unfortunately, the most we had was some dude eating a snake on the Templo Mayor, so we made do with what we had. Cacao signifies, again, luxury, as well as how deeply culturally significant cacao is. The axolotl signifies the unique fauna that are present in Ancient Troll-tec, which also includes the Enchilada, a very bad lab accident.
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Postby Iaepatius » Wed Dec 06, 2023 7:11 pm

A commonly-seen emblem is that of the Social Democratic Centrist Party; a torch surrounded by the rays of a rising sun, all below a shining five-pointed star. The torch represents the continual and deep faith of Iaepatusians in the People's Revolution, Social Revolution, and Iaepatusian Socialism, as well as their undying commitment to egalitarian ideals no matter what changes happen in the world.

The rising sun represents the dawn of a new society, of which Iaepatusians are the builders and heirs, promising a better, happier, and more prosperous life, in which the downtrodden shall become the masters of everything!

Lastly, the star represents the wisdom of the People and the Party, as well as the solid strength of the People's Republic, that shall endure forever, guiding the People to socialism.
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Postby Han Tom Alechia » Thu Dec 07, 2023 11:31 am

The Symbolism Of YN: Sparrows
Year Of The Symbolism's Origin: 1589
Backstory Of The Symbolism: In 1589, sparrows led Jebidiah Han, Tom Gabadeli, and Alechia Järveläinen and their followers to the land that would become Han Tom Alechia. The founders and their people were starving and the sparrows led them to an abundant oasis.
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Postby Riam » Sun Dec 10, 2023 10:21 am

The symbolism of the Hiperuranion*: The Indigo Eye (usually represented as an indigo all-seeing eye. In flags and coats of arms, as a white or silver all-seeing eye in an iridescent indigo background → see image below).
Year of the symbolism's origin: Since antiquity.
Backstory of the symbolism: Used as a common apotropaic symbol in ancient times (much like a nazar), adopted as a royal symbol in the times of the Phalladean Dynasty (5556 to 5696). Since then, the main symbol of the Eleuthean nation. After the demise of the Eleuthean Empire in the Dhaula Varlauve, the official symbol of the Ybrearmellean Realm (the Hiperurànion).


*The Hiperurànion is my nation, and this account (Riam) represents an individual, its founder.
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Postby Inner Albania » Mon Dec 11, 2023 6:05 am

The Symbolism Of YN: The Albanian Eagle
Year Of The Symbolism's Origin: 14th century A.D
Backstory Of The Symbolism: The Kastrioti Family used the black, double-headed Albanian eagle as their emblem.
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Postby Locuterrica » Mon Dec 11, 2023 7:07 am

The Symbolism Of YN: The Lavender Branch, as can be seen on our flag
Year Of The Symbolism's Origin: Antiquity
Backstory Of The Symbolism: Locuterrica is abundant in fields of lavender, and in times of national adversity and pain these fields have prevailed and remained a constant part of the national identity. It is thus common for branches of lavender to be held at protests, by those working at polling stations, and by citizens in times of despair.
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