Slavic peoples of your nation?

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Slavic peoples of your nation?

Postby West Bromwich Holme » Fri Oct 20, 2023 1:18 am

Near to our nation in some nations we have the Sumaljudi, an ethnicity who are Bosniak and a South Slavic ethnic group.

Named for the forest regions they hail from - "suma" means forest in Bosnian.

They are not Muslim like traditional Bosniaks, but follow a religion that prays to ancient forest spirits.

Their language, Sumski Jezek, seen as a dialect of Bosniak, differs from traditional Bosniak, in that it has loanwords of Germanic origin.

German Klinik "klinik"[/td]
Bosniak counterpart
German lange "long"
German hohe "height"
German Heizung "heating"
German liebhaberin/liebhaber - "lover"

This is due to their intermarriage with Germanic tribal peoples.
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Postby Asucki » Fri Oct 20, 2023 5:59 am

Asucki has a significant Slavic minority population, mainly centered in eastern population centers. These are almost exclusively immigrants from the 20th century. Most came from within Teremara, taking advantage of Asucki's geopolitical neutrality and religious freedom to flee from totalitarian and state atheist revolutionary states. Many Orthodox Slavs were pleasantly surprised to learn upon their arrival that Asucki already had a significant Eastern Orthodox population and were quickly joined to the Asuckian patriarchate. Most Asuckian Slavs are thoroughly assimilated due to being in constant contact with English and German speakers in the nation's cities, but maintain their religion and numerous cultural differences. Those who do speak a Slavic language typically do so in the form of either Polish or Serbo-Croatian.
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Free Norfolk City
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Postby Free Norfolk City » Fri Oct 20, 2023 9:41 am

Free Norfolk City has a rather sizeable Slavic population, mainly centered in the neighbourhood called Little Rhossenia, named after their country of origin. They are the biggest minority ethnic group in the country; they pride themselves for being diligent and industrious workers, and they most often are; they're hard-working, very religious, diligent and strict with kids and anxious to give them a good life. They have a high moral code and put family ahead of most things. Many Norfolkites are very privileged to have them as part of their closest circles and love their sense of loyalty as well as a strong sense of compassion.

However, they tend to be stereotyped by some as being solely fit for menial labor - factory workers, nannies, nurses, secretaries and the like.

They're also notorious for blasting loud music/TV shows in public, speaking loudly to each other, shouting at each other in public, no sense of personal space, etc. Some Norfolkite companies were, in the past, accused of hiring them for pennies on the dollar to spite Norfolkite labor.

Overall, Rhossenians are seen as the "model minority" in both Free Norfolk City and its Esvanovian colony; other minorities tend to be judged by comparison to them.
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Sovetskij Sojuz
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Postby Sovetskij Sojuz » Fri Oct 20, 2023 1:56 pm

Slavic peoples make up the majority (70%) of the Soviet Union's population.
Russians make up 45% of the entire population of the Union, followed by Ukrainians (13.2%) and Byelorussians (3.1%).
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Postby Stranarei » Fri Oct 20, 2023 2:02 pm

Nowadays, there ae very few (only about a thousand) people who identify as Slavic in Ateiria, but it is estimated over 2 million people from the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth-mostly Slavs- immigrated to the country between 1600 and 1800. As such, it is estimated the average Ateirian "Spaniard" has 20% Slavic ancestry, with that number being less for most of the elites and more for many of the common people. As such, Ateirian Spanish culture has many influences from the culture of Poland, a Slavic nation. Aside from that, the small Slavic community consists mostly of more recent Polish immigrants and Russians.
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Postby Neredva » Fri Oct 20, 2023 3:40 pm

Around 98% of the population of Neredva is slavic, 86% being Neredvans (slavic orthodox) and 10% Sandzakans (slavic muslims)

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Postby Tangatarehua » Fri Oct 20, 2023 9:51 pm

Slavic people aren't recognised as a separate ethnic group in Tangatarehua and are simply labelled as "pakeha" (or, officially, "kirima" - the more politically correct term for a white person).

White people in total make up just 3% of the population, but most of them are British, German or French in origin - however there are very a small group of people (around 1000) who are descended from Russian whalers that settled in Tangatarehua in the 19th century, living mostly in northern Moanapapa.
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Postby Svobodala » Fri Oct 20, 2023 9:55 pm

Slavic peoples do not exist in modern form in Svobodala. The planet Svobodala is on, Esvo, was colonized by ancient technologically advanced humans who were later wiped out on Earth but remained thriving on Esvo.
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Postby Thermodolia » Sat Oct 21, 2023 11:11 am

Slavic is not an ethic group in Thermodolia. Slavs and other European ethnic groups are all lumped under the term European, of which they make up 1.3% of the population.

Most Europeans come from Russia, France, the UK, and Germany
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Postby Kunskil » Sat Oct 21, 2023 11:13 am

They make up around 0.2% of the population
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Postby Jacquesiana » Sat Oct 21, 2023 3:37 pm

SLAVICS make up a total of 6.21% of the total population as of the most recent census. Mostly concentrated in Nebraska, the largest Slavic population in a city however is in Columbia, Missouri. This high population, made up of immigrants, can be mainly traced back to Serbian and Bosnian roots when the Ottomans effectively kicked them out and sent boatloads of them into the Americas. Jacquesiana was a popular location to send them to (especially when under French rule as French Jacquesiana) as the recently formed United States of America was not welcoming them as they lacked resources and supplies necessary while the wealthy French laugh their hats off in luxury. A good percentage of the 6.21% Slavics are relatively wealthy as they ended up at the top of the hierarchy when they became the backbones of the nation. Slavics are a valuable asset towards the Jacquesianan economy to this day.

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Postby Bayshire » Sat Oct 21, 2023 3:40 pm

Bayshire has an insignificant Slavic population. There were 300 Slavic people in the country as of the last census. Most European Bayshireans derive ancestry from England, France, or Spain
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Novaya Equestria
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Postby Novaya Equestria » Sat Oct 21, 2023 4:20 pm

The Novayan Commonwealth has a sizable Slavic population, the majority of whom were Russians (in my Armanya canon, Bravnekan) spread throughout.

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Postby Main Page » Sat Oct 21, 2023 11:49 pm

none because all humans are dead rn except for one we found frozen. subject seems to be from an ancient land called america, unaware of current time, keeps asking about elon musk.
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Federal Republic of Cordoba
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Postby Federal Republic of Cordoba » Sun Oct 22, 2023 12:04 am

There are very few Slavic people in Cordoba, they're mainly concentrated in Concepcion and Mendoza, in the southern part of the island, most non-Iberian European immigrants were Germans and Italians.
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Quebec and Acadia
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Postby Quebec and Acadia » Sun Oct 22, 2023 9:56 am

In contrast with Canada, Quebec received little Slavic migration.

Estimates place the total number of people from Slavic countries in Quebec at around 15,000-25,000 (0.17-0.28% of the total population). They mostly comprise of Poles, Ukrainians, and Russians; they are primarily concentrated in the urban areas of Montreal and Quebec City, where they either study in universities, fulfill skill shortages, or participate in cultural exchanges.
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Postby Kareniya » Thu Nov 23, 2023 1:15 am

Karenians are a Slavic ethnicity and make up the majority of the population of Kareniya.

Info in factbook and dispatches. NS stats aren't canon.

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Postby Keltionialang » Thu Nov 23, 2023 1:21 am

Slavic people in Keltionialang make up around 0.7%, almost all descendants of the Mladorossi, who fled to Djibouti after the Russian Civil war. They are almost all located in Achinova, a city named after Nikolai Ivanovich Achinov. They are officially recognized and are usually some form of aristocracy due to their large influence over Djibouti.

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Postby Dracunia » Fri Dec 08, 2023 6:39 pm

In the Dracunian Realm, Curvanians and Rendusians are analogous to Polabian Slavs and Ruthenians, respectively. Curvanians make up 27% of the population, while Rendusians 14%. Outside of the previous Triune Commonwealth (a Poland-Lithuania-Ruthenia analogue ruled not in personal but in real union with Dracunia) eastern and northern areas of (Nemedian) Dracunia received a sizeable Slavic-analogue population, mainly concentrated in the regions of Lüttenberg and Windeck.
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Postby LFPD Soveriegn » Fri Dec 08, 2023 6:42 pm

LFPD Sovereign has a high number of Slavs within their nation. Around 31% of the Population are of Slavic descent of some sort. They are recognised as a majority population alongside Germanic peoples (English People, Germans, Austrians, etc)
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Postby Mykova » Fri Dec 08, 2023 7:46 pm

Mykovans are a Slavic ethnicity and make up a majority of the population of the nation.

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Postby Simonia » Fri Dec 08, 2023 7:48 pm

In Simonia-Majestia, only about 0.09% of the population is of Slavic descent and in Simonia-NationStates, the number is down to just one thousand people. Most Slavs in Simonia are of Slovakian, Slovenian, Polish, or Ukrainian descent, taking up 50% of Simonia's Slavic population. Most Simonian Slavs lives in Simonia City, the most multicultural city in the entirety of Simonia.
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Postby Safiloa » Fri Dec 08, 2023 10:09 pm

There were ties between the Soviet Union and Safiloa during the 50, 60, 70, and 80’s due to a shared desire for mutual cooperation and a somewhat shared interest in the Mazdakite revolution of 6th century Persia (and not because Safiloa was a dirt poor socialist isolated backwater island that nobody wanted to be friends with), and because of that there are two small communities which are primarily of recent Russian descent. But there are no Orthodox churches and few members of the current generation can even speak Russian. They have for the most part been fully integrated into Sokhainean (Persian-based creole) Safiloan society.

Many Safiloans were unhappy with the downfall of the Soviet Union. And Safiloa has essentially zero relationship with any other Slavic nation.
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Postby Montibuse » Fri Dec 08, 2023 10:17 pm

13% of the human population in Montibuse is of Slavic descent, however not many speak a Slavic language.

Edit: Most of these Slavic persons come from Nowy Gdansk, a city founded by Western Slavic migrants. A sizeable Serbian population is also present.
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Postby Kaliitnuunati » Fri Dec 08, 2023 10:23 pm

Slavs in Kaliitnuunati tend to face heavy discrimination due to a social stigma that all Slavs are related to Russian aggression, and the Russian minorities routinely face violence by civillians as well as KNA military units. Approximately 3% of the population identify as "Slavic", 78% of those being russians, and the rest being Ukrainians.

Ukrainians are often considered "the good ones" however due to a lack of education on the matter, both Ukrainian and Russian slavs living in the nation tend to be discriminated against. They are a non-recognized minority and thus tend to lack the same rights and protections of Kartvelians, Armenians, or Jews.
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