World Cup 95 Roster Thread

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World Cup 95 Roster Thread

Postby Chromatika » Tue Oct 17, 2023 7:48 pm

World Cup 95 Roster Thread

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to World Cup 95, proudly hosted by Chromatika and Sylestone!

This is the official roster thread for the World Cup. If you have signed up for the World Cup, then it is time to inform us of those who will be representing your nation. A typical roster will have a list of eleven starters and reserves, at the very least. It should also include the manager/head coach. You can even feel free to name a complete list of staff.

Roster posts are also the place to provide your national stadium(s) information. Half of your qualifying games will be played on home turf, so this will allow everyone to know about your facilities.

It can also include: formations, strategies/tactics, team background, traditions, kits/jerseys, fans, players' roles, team achievements, nicknames, and anything else you can think of.

Rosterless Penalty
There will be a penalty for not rostering — 50% of the offending nation’s rank for the first cutoff, 75% by the second cutoff, to a rank of zero if they don't post a roster by the third cutoff.

Style Modifiers:
Nations are also invited to include a style modifier for their team. Style mods range from -5 to +5. A team that plays offensively, attacking more and focusing on scoring more goals at the cost of defense, should choose a positive style mod (anywhere from +0.001 to +5.0); they will both score and concede more goals on average. Teams that would rather sit back and focus on defense to prevent their opponents from scoring too many goals should choose a negative style mod (anywhere from -0.001 to -5.0); they will give up fewer goals, but will also have more difficulty scoring goals than their offense-first counterparts. For those who want the best of both worlds, or just don't really care to choose one style over the other, a neutral style mod of 0 is the best option. Nations that do not indicate a style mod will be assigned a neutral one.

After the first match day, if a participant wishes to change their style mod to one different from what they initially posted, they may do so by sending the host scorinating their next match a request via telegram. It is asked that participants include an in-character rationale for the change in their TG to the hosts. Nations will only be allowed one style mod change after the first day of qualifying, so choose wisely when asking.

RP Permissions Box
It is also asked that participants include information on what their opponents can and cannot include in RPs about their team by posting an RP permissions box (or its equivalent) with their roster:

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No (Yes is strongly recommended, No will only be granted if an IC explanation is provided such as "number nine scores all goals" or something along those lines)
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

Posting a roster for your team will earn you a valuable bonus as well as the gratitude of other nations in your group, since writing match reports quickly becomes boring if one is unable to name any of their opponents' players. If you have any OOC comments, questions, or concerns please post them in the World Cup Discussion Thread or send one of the hosts a TG here or a DM on discord.

For more guidance on what a roster should/can look like, take a look through the World Cup 94 roster thread.
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Postby Hapilopper » Tue Oct 17, 2023 8:11 pm


Full Nation Name: The Dominion of Hapilopper
Organization Name: Ellis Football Club, Ltd.
Trigramme: HAP
Nickname: The Haps
Team Colors: Blue, Green and White

A few years have passed since Team Hapilopper was eliminated from qualifying for World Cup 92. Team Hapilopper then declined the invitation for the ensuing Cup of Harmony, and before World Cup 93 started, Team Hapilopper, like the Hapilopper National Football Team before it, ceased to exist. This time, there wasn't any match-fixing scandal, there wasn't any scandal associated with it - the team ran out of money, sponsors weren't forthcoming and Dom Probst had pretty much given up on funding the team out of his own pocket. For a few years, the dream - that impossible dream to bring a World Cup to Hapilopper - was dead. The so-called "Team of the 90s" that Hapiloppians had hyped their squad to be ceased to be, and association football in the Dominion fell back into irrelevance, less than a decade since Hapilopper's explosive arrival onto the scene.

Many within the media viewed football in Hapilopper to be a passed fad, and media coverage started to wither away. Matches at Capital Stadium, the so-called "mother church" of sports in Hapilopper, went from packed houses and wild crowd support to empty grandstands and a mausoleum-like atmosphere. That experience was felt in stadiums across the nation as fans moved past the sport. But there was one exception to this - Garvinson. With a population of just over a half million people, Garvinson was by far the smallest metro area to house a professional sports team. And their Garvinson Trojans still had fanatical support among the fans there. And it was there that fans called for a Hapiloppian national team of some sort.

Nathan Ellis, sensing a kindred spirit, never wavered from his desire to bring a World Cup to his homeland. It hurt him so badly when the HNFT collapsed under the weight of the match fixing scandal. And it hurt him even worse when Team Hapilopper went under, taking the Hapilopper Football Association, for the most part, with it. With a desire to bring World Cup football to Hapilopper, Ellis moved to Garvinson where he hoped he could establish some form of national football team for Hapilopper, so he could compete against the world's greatest footballing powers. He knew there was a long, hard road ahead. And he knew there was much that needed to be done. But it was the only thing he wanted to do.

During the 70th, and most likely final AOCAF, Nathan led his men to a surprising 3rd place finish. Ellis Football hopes that will lead to a surprising result during the World Cup 95 qualifying campaign - their first, and Hapilopper's first, as an Esportivan nation.

HEAD COACH: Nathan Ellis
When he was a player, Ellis, now 39, gained an unfortunate - but very well deserved - reputation as the dirtiest player in all of international football. His tenure with Nepharim side Southfell United was dotted by red cards and unfortunate incidents - including more than one punch thrown, more than one suplex performed, more than a few suspensions and ejections. But near the end of his career, Ellis gained a different reputation. It was a reputation of being a father to his men. A reputation for fighting for his players. He was turning that fiery, competitive spirit into something positive. And now he's doing more than that - as the head of Ellis Football, Ltd., he is fighting for his sport in his country. All he has ever known is football. It's kept him out of jail. It's kept him from killing people. And he wants so badly to keep this sport alive in this country. Ellis will rely on a 4-2-3-1 formation for most of the competition.

TRAINER: Bill Rothstein
PHYSIO: Tab Butler

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG me if you want to do something serious
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Godmod other events: Yes, but TG me first
RP Coronavirus-related events: No. A RL pandemic does not exist in Hapilopper and Hapiloppians do not have it.

Garvinson City Stadium, Garvinson, Hapilopper
Built: 1944 | Seating Capacity: 25,300 | Open-Air | Natural Grass
For the time being, the old Mother Church in Hapilopper City is off limits. Capital Stadium management have made it clear that they, for the time being, are no longer interested in housing Hapiloppian football matches. And with Ellis Football looking to save money, they're looking to stay in their home of Garvinson - where the fans will pack out the old stadium in the middle of downtown Garvinson. It's smaller than Capital Stadium. It's more intimate than Capital Stadium. The fans are closer to the action than at Capital Stadium and they'll let the other team have it. The surface is far different from Capital Stadium's too - forget any idea of a hard artificial turf surface, Garvinson City runs on grass on a good day, or a muddy pit on a rainy day. And it rains a lot in Garvinson, too. Eventually, Ellis Football hopes to be able to return to Capital Stadium, but that time is not now.




#1 - WESLEY NEILL | Goalkeeper | Age: 23 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @washwes90 | Club: Washington FC
Style of Play: Sweeper Keeper | Speed: Slow | Physicality: Low | Attitude: Clumsy
Leading the Ellis Hapilopper National Team is a certifiable klutz named Wes Neill, starting keeper for Washington FC. The good news is that he has his wits about him - for the most part - when he's on the field. And he's a fantastic keeper for the Washington team, averaging about one goal per 135 minutes of play. That's fantastic. The bad news, though, is that Wes Neill is, without question, about as clumsy as all get out away from the pitch - and occasionally that comes out when he plays. Last season, Neill inadvertently headbutted the top bar of the net trying to head a goal-scoring opportunity away from his goal. He missed, the opportunity didn't. But thankfully that doesn't happen often when he's at goal.

#2 - HUNTLEY McCULLOUGH | Defenseman | Age: 24 | Kicks: Left | twii.tur: @mccullough40 | Club: Kingsland Warriors
Style of Play: Defensive Back | Speed: Fast | Physicality: High | Attitude: Asshole
On one hand, Huntley McCullough is the kind of player that gives Hapiloppian ballplayers a bad name internationally. He's rough, he's dirty, he's a complete thug with no regard for the rules or for anyone's safety. But on the other hand, Huntley McCullough is the exact kind of player that Nathan Ellis wants on his football team - after all, Huntley is much like a younger Nate Ellis - a hard tackler not afraid to lay down a cheap shot when necessary, not afraid to put his body on the line to stop the other team from scoring goals. But unfortunately, maybe Huntley could do good to leave that sort of douchebag behavior on the pitch. More than a few fans in Kingsland have told stories about how Huntley has completely blown them off - at best - and threatened bodily harm to them at worst. It's going to be interesting to see how Huntley does against international talent.

#3 - AARON BLYSTAD | Defenseman | Age: 25 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @aaron_blystad | Club: FC Buckridge
Style of Play: Centerback | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Medium | Attitude: Relaxed
When someone looks at a modern-day Hapiloppian footballer, they might have Aaron Blystad in mind. The long hair, the muscular build, the spaceman's goggles - hang on a second. That last one may not be your typical Hapiloppian footballer trait but Blystad wears them anyway. There is no real utilitarian reason why he wears them, but he just likes the look of them. His physicality could use some work, and head coach Nate Ellis has suggested he find ways to get a little bit more vicious out there on the pitch. Specifically, that advice may or may not have involved "do something that would have gotten the police involved if you weren't playing football." This, usually, is very bad advice, but when you're trying to impress the most violent player in the history of international football, you do whatever you have to.

#4 - JON KLOPPENBURG | Defenseman | Age: 23 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @klopper | Club: The Soldiers (Hapilopper City)
Style of Play: Centerback | Speed: Medium-Fast | Physicality: Medium | Attitude: Creative
Here in this medium, we had a hard time trying to get a read on Jon Kloppenburg. He's a nice guy, alright. He's got two pets at home that he loves very much. He is a smart man, coming up with interesting and novel ways of stopping offensive efforts. The coaching staff, both of Soldiers and of Ellis Football, wonder if Jon tries way too hard to be the "Ernie Stevenson of the Defense" - someone who can pull off some incredible moves in his playing. And Nate Ellis has to remind himself that sometimes, Ernie Stevenson's creativity and showboating pissed him off too. What does that mean? It means that someone might have to come to speak to Jon to tell him to tone it down before he completely embarrasses himself and allows a goal to score in the stupidest possible way - or if he winds up getting a straight red trying to do something cute but accidentally kicks some poor bastard right in the face trying to get the ball away from him.

#5 - ROD CUTT | Defenseman | Age: 24 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @roddcutt | Club: Minortown SC
Style of Play: Defensive Back | Speed: Medium-Fast | Physicality: Violent | Attitude: Asshole
When Rod Cutt was graduating from high school, his classmates named him "Most likely to beat the crap out of a referee" and "Most likely to use a steel chair in a soccer match." He got Nate's attention during a Minortown-Trojans match at Garvinson City Stadium when, tired of battling for the ball with striker Mort Teeples, Rod straight up kicked him in the nuts and took the ball away. And then when the referee gave Rod a straight red for the blatant ballshot on Teeples, Rod slapped the red card out of the referee's hands and kicked him in the nuts too. Nate, watching the match from the sideline, rushed over to get Rod's attention and tried to get him to come under his wing. Nathan has made it his goal to get this guy to calm down - he's got a hell of a lot of talent, but right now has the same potential to get 15 to life for ending someone's life as he does becoming a signature member of this team.

#6 - TIM RADOMIA | Midfielder | Age: 22 | Kicks: Left | twii.tur: @timradomia30 | Club: Garvinson Trojans
Style of Play: Defensive Midfielder | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Only what is necessary | Attitude: Stoner
During the offseason, if you've ever been to one of those hippie stoner rock festivals on the outskirts of Hapilopper City, where the stench of weed floats freely about the air, where jam bands play improvised 35-minute instrumentals, and where certain denizens jump naked into a nearby stream to bathe and take in the naturalness of it all, you'll find Tim Radomia, laying in a tent, fiddling around with a pipe and some crushed up marijuana - marijuana he has grown and cultivated and brought out for everyone to enjoy. It helps him relax, and he tries to bring it out to his teammates to help them chill out after a match. Good thing marijuana's legal in Hapilopper. Head Coach Nate Ellis, on the other hand, is not a fan of the leafy substance, and has asked that Tim not bring it in with him, and that he really doesn't want him smoking it before matches - you know, so he can maintain a killer instinct when he's on the pitch. Unfortunately, Tim probably didn't have that in the first place.

#7 - DYLAN DEPORTE | Midfielder | Age: 22 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @dylansworld | Club: Peoria FC
Style of Play: Defensive Midfielder | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Medium | Attitude: Stupid
Poor Dylan Deporte. He is a fantastic midfielder for Peoria Football Club and is a key ingredient in stopping an opposing team's goal-scoring effort with a magnificent precision, while scoring a couple goals himself here and there - three last season, to be exact. But Dylan Deporte would be known as just "another midfielder who can stop a goalscoring effort" were it not for the time he accidentally scored an own goal by throwing it into the goal with his hands. That happened when visiting United Hampton Cities last year, and Stan McLamb, attempting to get the ball into the net, was stopped by Deporte, who, for some unknown reason, took the ball and heaved it into the back of the net. He may have been trying to toss it to his keeper. We don't know. Either way, there was considerable question over 1.) whether the goal should have counted, 2.) should Deporte have been sent off for a blatant handball, 3.) should Deporte have been sent off for denying McLamb an obvious goal-scoring opportunity. The answer was yes, no and no. Yes, since it went into the back of the net and no whistle was blown, no because Deporte did not benefit from the blatant handball (yeah, no shit) and no, since the goal was scored.

#8 - MIKE CAMP | Midfielder | Age: 25 | Kicks: Left | twii.tur: @mike_camp | Club: Capital City United
Style of Play: Offensive Midfielder | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Heavy | Attitude: Professional
Mike Camp, the older and more mature of the two Camp brothers, nevertheless carries much of the same attitude that his little brother Wolf carries. On the pitch, Mike can be murderous and has no objection about getting himself into card trouble, but it's all business. He'll go out there and knock an opposing player into next week, but none of that has anything to do with personal grudges. He doesn't go into matches wanting to murder someone. He goes into matches wanting to support his teammates. Those sort of violent incidents... they just happen. It's nothing personal. Unfortunately, that sort of heavy physicality can rile up opposing players. For instance, last season during the City Derby at Capital Stadium, Mike leveled Rick Bamford, who had attempted to stop Capital City striker Tim Peterson from scoring. Bamford got up, punched Mike in the face, and before you knew it, the benches cleared and the City Derby, as it usually did, had descended into all-out war. But Mike holds no ill will against Bamford, and he hopes Bamford feels the same way.

#9 - RICK BAMFORD | Midfielder | Age: 24 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @r_bamford | Club: The Soldiers (Hapilopper City)
Style of Play: Offensive Midfielder | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Heavy | Attitude: Professional
And the good news? Rick Bamford feels the same way. After that brawl at Capital Stadium, Bamford made it a point to go over to the Capital City United clubhouse to talk things over with Mike Camp. Where there was a brief scene, Bamford had both teams call off the dogs, the two shook hands and pretty much agreed that whatever had happened, they would let it go after that was done. Bamford is another viciously physical footballer on the pitch, but he too understands that there is a time and a place for things. So you won't see him engaging in cheap shots or unnecessarily suplexing opponents. And away from the pitch, he doesn't carry grudges from match to match. He lets what happens on the pitch stay on the pitch, and instead drops by the local RetroHut store near Capital Stadium to pick up an old computer game or two, or possibly play around with an old arcade machine.

#10 - BERNIE SHERMAN | Midfielder | Age: 26 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @bernsherm | Club: Pinkerton City SC
Style of Play: Offensive Midfielder | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Medium | Attitude: Redneck
When Nathan Ellis dropped by Pinkerton City to see Bernie Sherman, the star midfielder for that team, he had heard so much about him. 19 goals scored last year, an athletic yet physical style of play, an infectious enthusiasm that could be evident for everyone to see, Bernie had so much going for him. But then when he arrived at the stadium, five hours before match time, Bernie offered to take Nathan for a ride. Figuring a world-class footballer rode around in a nice sports car, Nathan was surprised to find a 1970s minivan with a well-built man riding a dinosaur airbrushed on the side, shag carpet lining the inside, and outlaw country music blasting from the radio. Nathan was almost put off by the scene, but decided he'd give Bernie a chance if he did well that night. He scored four goals that night. Nathan figured he'd tolerate *that* if it meant he had a star footballer scoring goals. As a side note, Bernie Sherman can double as a striker if asked. As another side note, Ellis Football has hired an interpreter so reporters can understand Bernie's very, very thick country accent.

#11 - STAN McLAMB | Forward | Age: 23 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @mclamb11 | Club: Garvinson Trojans
Style of Play: Artistic goal-scoring | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Low | Attitude: Asshole
The thing about Stan McLamb is that he's great. He's a genius when it comes to scoring goals - scoring 35 for Garvinson last season, en route to Garvinson winning the HFA Championship. The problem with Stan McLamb is that he's great and he knows it. He wants you to know he's great. He has let his greatness come to his head, and he isn't shy about letting his teammates know that he is not only great, but he's better than anyone else. And that was, to be sure, a red flag for Nathan Ellis when he recruited McLamb. But his play, which is renowned for its intelligent dissection of defensive efforts, creative attempts at goalscoring and his immense output, has been more than enough to cancel out any sort of asshole behavior in Nathan's eyes. His hopes, obviously, is that his attitude won't put off his teammates. If it does, it could be a massive net negative for Ellis Football.

#30 - GIL THORN | Goalkeeper | Age: 26 | Kicks: Left | twii.tur: @gthorn | Club: United Hampton Cities
Style of Play: Sweeper Keeper | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Low | Attitude: Stupid
Gil Thorn is one of the most efficient keepers in Hapiloppian football, averaging one goal per 115 minutes of play. And he's fantastic as stopping goals in Hapiloppian football as anyone else, maybe better. But he's a complete moron. (And we can hear some of you say 'But aren't all Hapiloppians complete morons?) He's a moron even by Hapiloppian standards. Nathan Ellis, after a particularly frightening incident on the road, refuses to ride in a car with him, and in fact, Ellis Football has asked that someone - anyone - drive Gil Thorn somewhere, rather than allow him to drive in a car. Supposedly, Gil drove Nathan and a couple of other people to a coffee shop near team headquarters in Garvinson. What happened next depends on who you talk to. Gil said his car directions app on his phone told him to take a shortcut. Nathan said Gil just plain drove the car off a wall, down a one-story drop and demolished the car. Then Gil looked at Nathan and chuckled as if it wasn't any big deal, as if he did this all the time. The next day, Gil accidentally head-butted the side net bar trying to head off a striker's shot and knocked himself out. Any idea he'd be a starting keeper was gone.

#60 - ANDY THORLEY | Goalkeeper | Age: 22 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @andy.thorley | Club: Raceway FC
Style of Play: Sweeper Keeper | Speed: Slow | Physicality: Low | Attitude: Superstar
While Gil Thorn's problem is that "he's too damn stupid to be a starter," Andy Thorley's problem is "he's too damn full of himself to be a starter." At Raceway FC, while one of the best goalkeepers in Hapiloppian football, the general consensus about Thorley is that he has let that sort of greatness get to his head. Some players at Raceway FC have anonymously called Thorley "a clubhouse cancer" - saying that he has carried the attitude that without him, Raceway FC would be a last-place club. That Raceway FC would be nothing. "I am your star," Thorley has reportedly said. And when he came into the Ellis Football office, he rubbed Nathan Ellis the wrong way by declaring that he didn't need to have tryouts for the starting keeper position, that the best keeper in the country - no, in all of Atlantian Oceania - had just walked into his office. Unfortunately for Thorley, Nathan absolutely despises egomaniacs, and were it not for the fact that Thorley really is a good keeper, good chance that he probably wouldn't be on the team at all.

#21 - MATT PAYANO | Defenseman | Age: 20 | Kicks: Left | twii.tur: @matthew_payano | Club: Peoria City FC
Style of Play: Defensive Back | Speed: Medium | Physicality: High | Attitude: Professional
One of the most prominent recent graduates of Cooter Harris's School of Fine Football Learnin', Matt Payano has developed himself into one of the most exciting young defensemen in Hapiloppian football, and the signature student from Cooter's academy. It was there that Payano learned how to use his physicality to his advantage, how to take out opposing players while making it look like an accident. It was there that he learned how to completely disrupt an offensive effort and how to mess around with the other team's defenders. Payano is another one of those ballplayers that knows how to bring violence to the table, but at the end of the day, leave the violence on the football pitch. Away from the field, Payano is an avid disc golfer and enjoys spending days with his friends watching old movies.

#22 - BERT HOWLEY | Defenseman | Age: 28 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @howleybert | Club: West River FC
Style of Play: Centerback | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Medium | Attitude: Indifferent
The general consensus about Bert Howley is that he is a good player, but not a great player, and that's all his fault. When he started out, the pundits had all the hype in the world for him. He was going to be the next great Hapiloppian defenseman. He was going to be just like Nathan Ellis, that great defenseman that brought such great fame and hatred upon the Hapiloppian team. But... he didn't do that. He didn't live up to expectations at West River FC. Now that other players have left national teams and that other players have gone to greener pastures, Bert Howley has finally been called up to, what essentially, is Hapilopper's new national football team, even though many would argue that he might be the least deserving of all the national team players. Sure enough, not many people expect Bert Howley to see playing time during AOCAF or World Cup matches, and if Ellis Football can find another player to replace him, they'll be more than happy to do so.

#23 - LAKE AVALON | Defenseman | Age: 24 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @speedylake | Club: Surrey United
Style of Play: Centerback | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Very High | Attitude: Creative/Douchebag
Lake Avalon would be a generational talent - and theoretically could still be - if he would just take one piece of advice - and we mean one - to heart. "Don't overthink things." That's his flaw. Lake Avalon thinks he can make the ultimate play on every play when he probably doesn't need to. At all. His coaches at Surrey United have sat him down and have asked him what the hell he was thinking - was he really trying to become an internet viral sensation that folks across the multiverse would fall in love with? I mean, he was only doing a corner kick! There is a hope that, when put under Nathan Ellis's wing, Lake will have some of that hot dogness taken out of him - one way or another. And maybe, just maybe, Lake can live up to the hype that everyone has placed on him. Away from the pitch, Lake has a series of video blogs on the Veedeo site, where he and his friends provide updates on their lives - the way some cool GenZ kid does. And don't ask us to repeat that in GenZ slang because we don't know, and don't want to know, the kind of slang they use.

#31 - WOLF CAMP | Midfielder | Age: 21 | Kicks: Left | twii.tur: @wolfcamp | Club: Capital City United
Style of Play: Defensive Midfielder | Speed: Medium | Physicality: Yeah, thanks for asking | Attitude: Goofball
Wolf Camp, the younger and more goofy of the two Camp brothers, is one of the most recognizable faces in Hapiloppian football. Is it his quality of play? No. Is it his wild physicality on the pitch? No. Is it the fact he can stop a goalscoring effort like nothing else? No. Is it the green hair? Yes. Anyone can take a look at Wolf Camp and realize that he's "out there," so to speak. Anyone can see him lay out an opposing player and then howl at the sky like a wolf howling at the moon (something that got him punched during a match against the West Hampton Sports Club last year), and realize that this guy's probably got a screw or two loose. Someone wonders how this will play in other World Cup nations, against other international sporting powers. Will it be funny? Will the fans love it? Or will he start a riot? Some fear it will be the catalyst to another Nathan Ellis/Alexis Fotellis situation from years gone by.

#32 - DIZZY VASSER | Midfielder | Age: 22 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @dizzy_vasser | Club: West Hampton Sports Club
Style of Play: Defensive Midfielder | Speed: Medium-Fast | Physicality: High | Attitude: Professional
It is usually a Hapiloppian thing that any time someone receives an unusual nickname as a first name, there's a story behind it. Hot Sauce Gibbs got his name due to an incident in a team shower involving a bottle of hot sauce. Cooter Harris was a complete redneck. Pancakes Taggart liked eating a lot of pancakes. Dizzy Vasser, meanwhile, tripped over himself during a match against Peoria, faceplanting the turf because he was spinning like mad trying to stop Peoria players from passing the ball between each other. It made for a delightful scene, yes, but was nothing short of embarrassing for Dizzy, who needed to be subbed off because he couldn't see straight. Thankfully, Dizzy has refined his skill and become a tough midfield threat - provided, of course, that he'll get a chance to go onto the pitch. He's also known for his talent at couch surfing - like, literal couch surfing, not crashing on someone's couch after a night of drinking. Dizzy became a viral hit last year by surfing on the waves off Kingsland Beach with the assistance of a friend's old couch, posing like an idiot before crashing into the waves.

#33 - ARCH TEEPLES | Midfielder | Age: 24 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @archibald_t | Club: The Soldiers (Hapilopper City)
Style of Play: Offensive Midfielder | Speed: Medium | Physicality: High | Attitude: Professional
First of all, isn't "Arch" an awesome name? It caught Nathan Ellis's eye as he was watching a practice at Capital Stadium. What also caught Nathan's eye was Arch Teeples' ruthless attitude when it came to bringing forth an offensive effort - not being afraid to claw and scratch his way up the pitch, not being afraid to level a defender, not being afraid to cup-check a defender (which, not surprisingly, led to a bench-clearing brawl) and not being afraid to score goals himself. Teeples had 11 goals last season with Soldiers. It's the kind of play Nathan loves. Teeples won't back down and he won't give up. So why isn't he a starter? Simple - the competition between other midfielders is keen, and Teeples was the first best of all the reserves. That said, he'll be considered as first off the bench if needed. He understands why. He'll be there for his team, and he'll probably be there for his team in case they get in trouble.

#12 - JOHN NIELSEN | Forward | Age: 25 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @johnnyniels | Club: North Hampton FC
Style of Play: Straightforward | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Low | Attitude: Relaxed
Johnny Nielsen is one of the very few players on the Ellis Football squad that doesn't need to take out other players, commit on-field homicide or act like a delinquent while he's playing football. Not every single Hapiloppian footballer needs to. All Johnny Nielsen does is score goals - 29 last year for North Hampton. Again, though, here's a player that could be a starter but isn't. For Johnny Nielsen, the problem is of injuries. Two years ago, Nielsen shattered his ankle after a hard tackle from Lake Avalon in Surrey. This led to some bad feelings between the two - Avalon posting a social media video blog bragging about shattering Nielsen's ankle sure didn't do that any favors either. Nielsen, if he can stay healthy, can be a key member of the Hapiloppian bench, ready to be subbed on at a moment's notice. He hopes he'll be able to, as well.

#13 - MORT TEEPLES | Forward | Age: 25 | Kicks: Right | twii.tur: @mort_teeples | Club: Garvinson Trojans
Style of Play: Straightforward | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Medium | Attitude: Relaxed
First off, Mort Teeples and Arch Teeples are not related. Mort is a celebrity in the Garvinson area, as one of the two lead strikers of the Garvinson Trojans team. He scored 28 last season en route to Garvinson winning the HFA Championship, and recently was victimized by one hell of a nut shot from Rod Cutt that got Cutt suspended from the HFA for a month and named the first player on the Ellis Football squad. Mort doesn't like fighting fire with fire, and prefers his teammates do the fighting for him. Maybe that's a good thing - two years ago he was knocked out with one punch in a brawl during a Garvinson-Pinkerton match. Last year at the Center Street Pub in Hapilopper City, Mort got his ass whooped by three players from the Soldiers team before members of the Garvinson Trojans bailed him out, leading to one hell of a bar fight at Center Street and multiple arrests. Nathan Ellis has asked Mort to work on this.

#14 - HOWDY MICHAELS | Forward | Age: 23 | Kicks: Left | twii.tur: @howdy_its_howdy | Club: Halsted Heat
Style of Play: Straightforward | Speed: Fast | Physicality: Light | Attitude: Professional
Howdy Michaels is not very well known outside of Halsted, the former capital of Wreckeria, but Nathan Ellis figures that could change in due time. Last year, Howdy scored 18 goals for the Halsted Heat, and this year he looks like he's on pace to score much, much more than that. He has developed slowly but surely, with Nathan wanting Howdy to develop a stronger, tougher reptutation on the pitch as someone who won't back down from anything. As the last string of strikers for Ellis Football, Howdy is not expected to see much playing time between the upcoming AOCAF and World Cup 95, and could likely be here more for development's sake. After all, these players are likely going to see plenty of playing time in the coming World Cups in the years ahead.

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Postby Huayramarca » Tue Oct 17, 2023 9:14 pm

OOC: Roster includes images generated by Dall-E 2 for illustrative purposes, those shouldn't be considered for grading.

Federación Huayramarquina de Fútbol


Official Roster for the 95th World Cup

About Huayramarca:
Quick Facts

Official Name: Estado Plurinacional de Huayramarca - The Plurinational State of Huayramarca.
Motto: Revolución o Muerte ¡Venceremos!
National Anthem: ¡Oh, Huayramarca! - Lyrics
Capital City: Chuquiago.
Highest Point: Nevado Inti (7,920 masl)
Currency: Inti (I$ 1 = N$ 0.33)
Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara (main); Six other indigenous languages.

Huayramarcan Football History:
As a society, Huayramarcans enjoy sports, especially when politics may turn the nation into a chaos every second, they just want to run away from that horrible and desperate situation and may try luck on football.

Considering the levels of poverty on Huayramarca, young people may give a shot for football in the chaotic Liga 1 or lower tiers, with the hopes of achieving a decent salary that may help their families to get away from poverty and huayco-prone neighbourhoods. Liga 1 has fourteen teams from various parts of the country, mostly focused on the Sierra and Costa regions since those are the most heavily populated ones. The recent decisions taken in the Government and the Huayramarcan Football Federation, where they ended a ban on transferring players to foreign teams, has filled with optimism and illusion an entire generation of youngsters, that now aim to be another Huayramarcan playing abroad.

Immediately after the HFF creation, the president of the Plurinational State, Hugo Mina (Costeño), thought it would be a great idea to form a fringe squad for the AOCAF and then try to make it into Baptism of Fire or World Cup Qualifiers, hence he asked for Eliezer González (head of the Huayramarcan Football Federation) to try and apply for said tournaments. He sent notes to sign-up for those events, but he sent them incorrectly, at AOCAF, he sent it to a grandmother living up near the Andean Organization for Coffee, Agriculture and Forests (located at Cumbayá) instead of sending it to the proper AOCAF tournament organizing committee, which turned González into laughingstock for several weeks in Huayramarca. Despite that, González managed to sign-up properly for the WC, despite he was rejected for BoF because he applied to the “Burger of Fire” and not the Baptism of Fire.

After all, the HFF managed to convince 25 players from the amateur-ish Liga 1 sides to build the National Team, whose nickname is resumed to “Kuntur” (The Condors), all those players ranged from being high school students, to chemists, bus drivers, and even people from the local tavern, whose preference is revealed on how they named their team “Real Ebriedad”, which was later supported by Cristalina, the main brewery firm from Huayramarca.

Nothing that would be possible without the support of Omar Caicedo, a Costeño who migrated to Québec and decided to learn football techniques while managing Beyreuth University, where he won three national titles out of eight seasons on his span with them. Caicedo is a fan of high-pressure football, known as “gegenpressing” or “El Huayco” as Huayramarcans may call if (specially Serranos, since they might be quite shy or sometimes plain dumb that doesn’t like to attack) Anyways, Caicedo’s strategy proved right on some matches played by Huayramarca against their northern neighbour, the Royal Kingdom of Québec, beating them 5-1 at Huayramarca’s Estadio Nacional (located at 4,012 masl only?!…) and tying 2-2 at Iqaluit’s Ice Hockey Rink (that’s what the players thought at playing in a frozen city… ¡Achachay!) If you wonder what’s ¡Achachay! Well, figure out you’re on top of the mountain receiving wind and gelid weather right into you, if you did it, welcome to Huayramarcan’s sense of cold shivering!

Well, coming back to football, Caicedo’s devotion for 4-2-3-1 has been unquestionable, he always loved to boast of having a neat defence, two defending mid fielders that may aim to recover possession when needed, or even having one of them switching to creative duties in support of the team’s brain, Ian Mamani, then, two wingers feeding the sole striker up in the middle of the box. He did demonstrate a lot during the first part of the World Cup Qualifiers, earning some mixed results during it, but it failed for a part of the second half, where the team accumulated an 11 winless game streak added that they weren't capable to snatch a win during their first eight local games. In fact, their first home win came at the 9th home game, after that, they won three out of their four last home games, earning an 8 games unbeaten streak to finish off the Qualifiers, which was a quite impressive recovery after suffering a significant streak of defeats. A similar pattern occurred for World Cup 86th too.

With investments made by the Huayramarcan Government to the Huayramarcan Football Federation, by multiplying tenfold their budget, the HFF has now sent the managerial staff of the Condors to other nations, to gather new ideas and apply those to build a competent side in tactical terms, with the main purpose to achieve World Cup qualification for the first time as soon as possible and provide that joy to the Huayramarcan folk. That heavy investment provided benefits during the 87th World Cup Qualifiers, where Huayramarca left behind the label of being an "uncomfortable rival" to take a protagonist role in their group, finishing second behind Audioslavia with a solid 40 points in 18 matches. Things in playoffs might be forgettable as Huayramarca drew at home (1-1) and was thrashed (1-4) in Tikariot.

Despite the downturn in the team's mindset, the team faced struggles at the Cup of Harmony group stage. Being defeated by Mriin at the first game, defeating Garifunya 1-0 and then tying against Ibixa for the second time in the cycle sent the Condors to the Knockout phase of CoH for their first time ever, Xanneria was a hard rival for the Round of 32, Huayramarca's miracle run was about to start with a narrow 2-1 win over them; then two rock-solid performances against Saint Domingue and a well-known foe from the WCQ Group (Sargossa) with a 3-1 and 2-0 respectively, put Huayramarca among the best four sides in the Cup of Harmony. Being defeated by Mriin with a hard-fought 2-3 and then once again a 1-4 against Newmanistan were enough to confirm Huayramarca as the 4th placed side.

World Cup 88th would prove to be an interesting situation for the team and fans overall, Huayramarca would have a rather forgettable first half of the qualifiers, with a 6-game winless streak that became a ballast enough to keep the team away from the Top-3 during the entire Qualifier. The team tried to revert the situation with strong performances that, pitifully, weren’t enough to qualify the team for the World Cup. A strong CoH and a decent CAFA helped to compensate.

Life may repeat some of their lessons if people doesn’t manage to learn from them, the Huayramarcan National Team enjoyed their best start ever in a World Cup Qualifier, nine goals for and one against in the four first matches, the team was displaying a defensive strength unknown for many fans, they continued the path by defeating Squornshelan Remnant States and Nephara in important matches. “It was too good for being real” said many fans, and Tumbra proved them right, as they grounded the Huayramarcans at the Estadio Nacional with a painful 0-3, so painful that marked a steady decline of the team for the second half, as the team got a succession of draws and defeats that sent them from the top of the table to the fifth place in a span of four matchdays. From that crisis, it is noteworthy the fact that Omar Caicedo used an alternative XI for the remainder of the cycle and shifted to a more offensive version of “El huayco,” that would prove to be effective for Cycle 90.

With Caicedo’s tenure in a limbo, he decided to take a game-changing decision after hiring Rodolfo Zelaya as an assistant coach; Zelaya’s a former footballer with significant decorations such as Champions Cup with two teams and reaching the World Cup Final twice. Despite being defeated at home by Valanora in the opener, a string of four clean sheets in the next five games would be decisive to consolidate Huayramarca as a contender in her group, then a quick succession of decisive results against Krytenia at home (3-2) and Valanora on the road (2-2) paved the way to keep the team fighting for the first place until the last matchday. Despite defeating Krytenia 1-0 on the road, the Vanorians won their last match and that meant that Huayramarca went to the playoffs, despite possessing the seventh best record of the qualifiers.

Facing Omerica in the playoffs was a tough affair, as they managed to salvage a horrid game when visiting the rivals, a 1-2 that proved to be oxygen for the second leg of the playoffs at Puerto San Carlos. An early goal from the Legend itself, Bryan Tello, and a strong defensive performance from The Condors forced the penalty kicks. The Huayramarcans and Omericans were scoring perfectly fine until the fifth round, where Juan Mamani decided to be the hero and saved the kick, sending Huayramarca to its first World Cup Finals.

El Huayco was now stronger than ever, and the World Cup highlighted it with statement results against Græntfjall (4-3 in debut) and the hosts, Vilita (1-0), despite being defeated by Pemecutan(3-4) and helped the team to reach the Round of 16. The hurdle in the knockouts proved to be the same as the Qualifiers, Valanora appeared for the third time in the cycle and demonstrated their experience with a sound 4-2 victory over The Condors, who did a great debut in the Multiversal Stage.

Said streak continued for the WC 91 Qualifier, one where despite having a bumpy start, Huayramarca managed to recompose things and propel themselves to the pack of nations fighting for automatic qualification, one featuring Sarzonia, Cassadaigua and Electrum. After being defeated by Electrum and Cassadaigua in a row, Huayramarca began an astonishing 15 game unbeaten run where they only conceded 15 goals and scored 48, including five straight clean sheets, even in critical matches where the Condors showed a magnificent performance. Revenge was sweet, defeating the Dagans at home, trouncing Electrum with a resounding 6-0 at Guayaquil (a NT record) and then a 2-0 win against Sarzonia propelled the Huayramarcan side to the top of their qualifier group. A draw against Magnecia complicated things as Sarzonia had a game in hand, Huayramarca had to keep the winning streak and they managed to do so, securing their automatic qualification against Ancherion in a dramatic fashion.

Back in the Group Stage of the World Cup, the Condors were trying to replicate the success achieved last year in the World Cup, not an easy task as they would face Farfadillis, Pasarga and Delaclava. Being defeated twice by narrow 3-2 scores, Huayramarca had to bid farewell to their hopes of replication, still, they had to avoid going with a zero on points, something they managed to do as they defeated Delaclava with a 4-3. Despite the outcome, the Condors were able to make a comeback in the cycle with a decent participation in CAFA 4, winning three matches and barely qualifying for the knockout stages; then, they defeated Legalese in a marathonic penalty kicks session and were edged out by the hosts, Ko-oren, with a 1-2 in extra time. Almost the same can be said about World Cup Cycle 92, where Huayramarca had a great qualifying campaign, recovering a slight disadvantage at mid qualifiers by defeating Pasarga and qualify for the third time. A horrible World Cup performance, added by a sound defeat vs Aleirave at CAFA 5 Quarterfinals, led to the end of the Caicedo cycle.

Now, with the experienced Blâás Âgínsôgnó in the bench, with the support of Hazel van Robben, Huayramarca refreshed its football idea in this World Cup Qualifier, adding some interesting players of the rather successful Di Bradini Cup 54 team, players that are aiming to rejuvenate the team and be a bid for an overall quality level increase. The fan expectation was high and the national team didn’t disappoint, as they took no prisoners through most of the qualifier, managing to keep a seventeen-match unbeaten streak, including decisive victories against Farfadillis, Sargossa, Pyazhnaya and Kimi-Suomi.

Despite the streak, turbulence came across as Bubiyan and Warbah got a surprising victory, then despite a quick recovery vs Sudilia, a cold bucket of water came at La Fantás as Farfadillis avenged the defeat in the first half of the qualifiers with a strong 5-2 win against the Condors. Doubts came, the National Team was shaking, but recovery was swift as they got to the play-offs and silenced any doubts by defeating Sylestone convincingly, the best was about to come.

In a Group featuring Valanora and Vilita, both being five-time World Cup Champions, Huayramarca came victorious and performed the best football in a long time, as they cruised the Group Stage to get an immaculate 3-0-0 shape. Cabo Azure was the rival in Round of 16, after coming back three times during the match and a ten-goal thriller (5-5), Huayramarca was able to force penalties and sealed a decisive berth to Quarterfinals. As of now, Huayramarcans are convinced that they can work hard and get convincing results with a matter of patience and dedication, and they will strive to continue in that path.

Things in World Cup 94 were starting to be as great as in 93, as people expected that Huayramarca could've been able to repeat or improve the past participation in the World Cup. A calm first half, where the Condors were able to secure points from Ko-oren and Jeruselem, saw how things got complicated after being defeated at home by Île de Richelieu and away by Sannyamathland, going down from first place to third in the leaderboard of the Group 2 of said qualifier. The team considered that as a wake-up call in a fashion we have never seen from the Huayramarcan National Team, 34 goals for in 7 games, never scoring less than four goals, including routing Jeruselem 5-2, and what was a defence with only nine goals against in 17 matches, coming from Naixi, being demolished with a 4-0, enough to secure straight qualification... About the World Cup proper, well, Huayramarcans will not talk about it, nobody fancies to talk about a 0-0-3 record I guess? A record they tried hard to wash off at CAFA with some struggles, as they finished second in the group with a 6-3-2 record. The team was aware of the barrier that the knockouts usually were for the Condors, but this time, they decided to soar by eliminating Cardenao and Ko-oren in Quarterfinals and Semifinals in agonic fashion, sending them for their first final ever against the Ochre Islands... With glory at stake, the experience of Bryan Tello was crucial to carry the team to a place they never expected to be, as he scored two goals in the semifinals and the championship goal in the 1-0 victory against the Ochres in the final, immortalising his name even more, and showing up to the world that there is still a lot of Bryan Tello left despite him being now 35 years old.

And now, after glory has been achieved in a regional scale, Huayramarcan football is still being distinguishable on how prone are they to do long range shots, due that they are used to play at significant heights, the lack of oxygen may make the ball travel further without applying a lot of strength during the mechanics of kicking the football, that is known as the “Andean Effect” and may cause serious troubles for visiting sides on Huayramarca, a tactic they try to improve as they continue to strive higher in World Cup Football.

Without further ado, the starting XI and substitutes are presented in the following tables:

Starting Eleven





Nota bene: Only official matches are taken into consideration for current record, caps, and goals – Updated after CAFA 6.

Nickname: Los Cóndores (The Condors).
Current Record: 160-69-75 (W-D-L) – 290 matches played. – 643 goals scored, 483 against.
Most Caps: Gabriel Sayritupac (304).
Most Goals: Bryan Tello (252)
Biggest Win: 6-0 vs. Electrum / WC 91 Qualifiers, MD 16, @ Estadio Metropolitano del Guayas, Guayaquil
Most Important Matches:
  • 5-5 (4-3 PKs) vs. Cabo Azure / WC 93 Finals, Ro16, @Hawk's Nest, Lanar, Chromatika – Qualification to World Cup Quarterfinals.
  • 1-0 vs. Ochre Islands @Stade sur la Bahie, Amahne (Aminey), Ko-oren – CAFA VII Final.

Biggest Defeat: 1-7 (vs. Equestria / AOCAF 61, MD 1)

Captain: Ian Mamani.
Second Captain: Bryan Tello.
Third Captain: Nicolás Allauca.
Most likely to score: Bryan Tello
Most likely to get red carded: Kevin Quispe.
Prone to get injuries: Gabriel Sayritupac.
The genius: Ian Mamani.
The motivating soul: Bryan Tello.
Goal Tune: "The Magic of a Goal" - DJ Chris, ft. Joshua Congo

Manager: Blâás Âgínsôgnó. (62) Image
Assistant 1: Hazel van Robben. (52) Image
Physio: David Choque (40) Image
GK Trainer: Francisco Olmedo (44) Image
Doctor: Cynthia Castro. (48) Image
Tactical Analyst: Juan Jiménez (37) Image
Data Scientist: Carlos Olmedo (29) Image
Lead Data Analyst: Dayana Rubio (24)Image

Team mentality:
Huayramarcans, per se, are bold and quite diverse between the team due to the regional contrasts among them: You might note surnames such as: Condori, Mamani, Quispe, Sayritupac, etc. Those are Serrano surnames. Serranos as such are quite shy people with non-serranos, between them, great footballing societies may be made due to their complete understanding of each other, they are quite homogenous on how they act and may be predictable for each other. But, for the non-expert eye, Serranos are one on their kind and could result unpredictable for them, since they love to do things at fast pace between them, without doubt one could send 60 meters cross with complete confidence that they might find their teammate, with this, you can notice that Serranos are overconfident on themselves and somewhat dubious with Costeños and Selváticos. Other characteristic of Serranos is that they are quite easy to intimidate, being shy and short-sized doesn’t helps, but in that situation, they might opt to act even better than they do for the sake of shutting your mouth.

Costeños and Selváticos (jungle) in the other hand are confident with everybody, even if they might not receive the same treatment by their Serrano fellows. Those two groups conform the rest of the team and might do good societies on field, declining the quality of their chemistry when trying to connect with Serranos, due to the latter shy mood. Physically speaking, Costeño and Selváticos are people who boast being the tallest overall in the team.

Chemistry building has been somewhat complicated for this team during the five cycles they have competed together but has been a rather successful process that consolidated with the 79th Cup of Harmony, the 88 th and 89 th World Qup Qualifiers, as they have been together as glue through high and lows. The regional divides topic is now outdated as the players have grown up significantly and have harnessed teamwork.

Although they work nicely as a team, there’s a moment when they can’t do that and that moment is when they have the goal in their sights, when they have a chance to score, they try to do their best to do it by themselves, even if that means avoid passing the ball to a better placed teammate, individualities have been surging from nowhere and this issue has costed valuable results for the team. This was combated successfully by Caicedo and Zelaya and Blâás Âgínsôgnó plans to continue in said route.

To finish with this part, Huayramarca is that kind of team that may be overconfident sometimes, but if you press them to their limits, they might react in unsuspected ways, be those positive or negative for their interests, you don’t know what would happen in the Serrano, Costeño or Selvático mindset. As they do on the local league, they might try to do some antics to their rivals, be it: providing beer instead of water to their rivals, or the classiest one, giving distillated “ayahuasca” (vodka-like alcohol) and pass it like water and make their rivals be drunk, taking advantage of their influence to beat the rival team. Of course, they might not abuse of this resource, Serranos might ask Inti for it.

How We Play Football? Note: Open this spoiler for the formation and game style.
At simple glance, things doesn't seem that had changed a lot after Omar Caicedo left the national team, and so his ideals for the future prospects. Huayramarca has decided to brand her own style of football embracing offensiveness, courage and grit under the label of fulbo total, in an attempt to take Huayramarca back to her roots of football, just making some enhancements that will make this system competitive enough to be a competitive force.

Fulbo is a common mispelling for fútbol in the Huayramarcan dialect of Spanish, also refered as the way that people grow in the streets, neighbourhoods and all places of Huayramarca use to play the sport. In the traditional sense, Huayramarcan football tends to be physical, both in strength, and intensity that is required to perform in an OK level. From the random dusty pitches in the highlands to the state-of-the-art premises that some stadiums boast across the nation, players are asked to never give up, to give everything they can in order to achieve victory; to the point of exploit loopholes in the football rules for their advantage.

Centrebacks are used to be relatively strong, as they will also try to outpace their rivals in physical strength, displaying rudeness and being prone to perform some harsh tackling when needed; there's no fear to get carded, it's a matter of avoiding the rival to score against their team. People in the villages often use an idiom to refer to what they accept as a good centreback "Either the ball or the player, but not both." Another main treat of them is that they tend to provoke or annoy rivals by trash-talking, trying to disconnect them from the match and make their own duties easier. Often, they will play near the midfield in order to force the rest of the team to press the rivals, limiting the playing area to the rival's half.

Sidebacks are one of the most important links of the team, as they don't restrict themselves to defend, they can often liberate pressure from the centrebacks by pushing the ball forward, be it through individuality or large crosses to the midfielder or the wingers. They use to have a nice speed and great spamina, enough to perform box-to-box routines frequently; they also link up with wingers when attacking through the sides, often engaging in a quick pass succession that leads to crossing the ball to the forward or a second-striker awaiting outside the area. Speed is useful for them, as they must be able to retreat and guarantee defensive numeric superiority when the rival tries to do a counter attack.

Midfielders: Although there are two clear roles here, being the destroyer and the playmaker, it can also be said that the role is pretty much indistinctive from who does it, as every one in this zone of the pitch is required to switch roles according to the scenario they might be facing at any moment; that's why this position is the most flexible under the big scheme of things in fulbo. As the name say, the destroyer is in charge to destroy any linking from the midfielders to the attackers when the Condors are protecting themselves from a counter, or avoid connections between defenders and the midfielders while the team is attacking, they can either tackle with clinical finesse or just aim to the rival's ankle, it all depends on how good they consider their rival, the better they are, the harsher will the destroyers act against those players.

The playmakers, in the other hand, can either be completely egocentrical or collaborative, that will depend of the very own personal treats of whoever takes the role in a very specific circumstance. Âgínsôgnó has given freedoms to the players in order to attack freely going in solos if they see a chance through, deliver the ball to a player that might be able to continue the idea of attacking or, simply, hold the ball until an opening appears or switching to destroyer and letting another player to find a gap that they might not notice.

Attackers: Tradition mandates two wingers and a spearhead, a forward that cautiously awaits a pass to slot it home. The wingers are instructed to serve the attacker or go through the defence and force a chance for themselves to score, similar to the defenders but not with the leeway to change sides, no, only instructions to provide enough tools for their decision-making process and promote more diverse ideas rather than focusing in a way to break through brute force. Âgínsôgnó also asks the attackers to bethe first line of defence of the National Team when the rivals commence a play, always through pincer plays or support from the creative midfielder; sometimes, the attackers can drop some metres to help in ball recovery efforts, then to start an attack with the help of the creative attacker.

The new Huayramarcan National Team, under the ideals of Âgínsôgnó, tries to makre sure that the ball can be held in the half of the rival team, as much as possible under Huayramarcan control, trying to create chances to break through the defence and score, or simply move the ball and cause fatigue on their rival as they try to chase the ball in vain. This style requires a lot of concentration from the players, stamina and need to collaborate and decide in a short time span, as dynamism is the name of the game, to never run out of ideas and outsmart the rival, that's the Huayramarcan 4-2-1-3.


Player’s description - Starting XI.

Nota bene: Caps considered after CAFA 7 - For national purposes, friendlies are never taken into consideration for official registries. Player names are clickable, displaying their portraits for visual reference.

N°1 - Juan Mamani - GK - 32 yrs - Team: Rülândéá Kôstä Image - Height: 1.88 mts - Caps: 290 - Goals: 1

Mamani is an individual that believes he always is right, he tends to be creative when saving balls or creating ideas to take the ball forward, based so much in the fact that he is protective, spontaneous and loves to be independent in his actions, always a dependable guy. Currently, his mood is ecsatic, as pretty much everybody in the team right now, due to the latest performance of the team. A curious fact is that he’s brother with the creative mid of this team, Ian Mamani.

N°2 - Kevin Quispe - RCB - 27 yrs - Team: Farrenton Athletic Image - Height: 1.75 mts - Caps: 290 - Goals: 9

An average guy in terms of intelligence that has no life plan, hence he left studies to make a living with football. He is very secretive, doesn't like even to tell his teammates what his next movement will be because he knows we will be wrong, Quispe has serious issues with anger management and may be rebellious, he is cold and ignores what the others might feel or think about him, he doesn't give a fu*k of anything. Anyways, he's in his best form so far with Farrenton Athletic, being nominated as one of the top defenders of the Euran League shows how his discipline and perseverance have taken him where he stands.

N°4 - Carlos Vilca - LFB - 33 yrs - Team: Valnohar Rovers FC Image - Height: 1.78 mts - Caps: 290 - Goals: 12

Vilca exemplifies the stereotype of a Serrano, he is overly analytical and optimistic, with patience when a player might approach to him, he might take some minutes to make a mental profile of who he will face and how to block him in its right side. Despite being coordinated and loving to be the centre of attention, he loves to be quiet and solitary with his own personal code of conduct, he might be extremely fair while robbing balls and could try to be the surprise factor, since he tends to be a box-to-box player that loves to defend and also create offensive plays when possible. Right now, he’s in a great personal moment due to his critical role that helped Huayramarca to put a cohesive defence during the last World Cup Qualifier.

N°15 – Paolo Manco - RFB - 31 yrs - Team: Pumahuasi FC Image - Height: 1.73 mts - Caps: 88 - Goals: 2

Paolo Manco has been a silent substitute of the National Team for almost 8 years, although, he has been patiently waiting up for this chance, the one that has opened in front of his eyes after the departure of Omar Caicedo. The new manager has seen Manco’s ability to project himself to attack and be a box-to-box player when needed, he has a great sense of placement and knows to be at the precise place when needed. Speed is Manco’s best attribute, one that he is sure that he can apply to provide the best results for The Condors. He is happy after proving that his inclusion, into the Starting XI, proved to be vital for the current Huayramarcan sporting momentum.

N°14 - Santiago Chumacero - LCB - 32 yrs - Team: Real Alegría Image - Height: 1.81 mts - Caps: 294 - Goals: 21

Chumacero's perception of things might be out of this world, his mind might be steps forward the others and might help to anticipate to movements that may be done by the rival. For that purpose, he's always flexible, active and plays like he would be killed if he does a mistake, he's loyal with his team, faithful and gentle, hence he might be the motivator of the squad. Chumacero is an extremely dependable player, and it would be matter of time to see him departing from the Huayramarcan Liga 1 for a better place, as his athletic capabilities are too big to stagnate in an amateur-ish league.

N°17 - Orlando Mina - CM - 29 yrs - Team: Montréal Koreana Image - Height: 1.95 mts - Caps: 296 - Goals: 28

One of the two defensive mid fielders of the team and, for sure, one of the best in the multiverse in his position, being the classical Costeño out there, Mina is the tallest and strongest player of the squad. Mina's attitude is being original and stubborn, giving you classical Costeño vibes, consistent in his performance and devoted to God, he cares a lot about what he does, since he tries always to correct his mistakes and not suffering on them, instead, he uses them as feedback to improve his game and abilities. Mina's a notable example on how one can benefit from football, as he helped his mother who was fired from his job when he joined to the Condors and turned her into a real estate tycoon by providing her savings. His mood is extremely positive as of now by the fact of being a key player in Montréal Koreana, for being consistent between team and national duty, and for his current status as a player.

N°11 - Ian Mamani - CF - 29 yrs - Team: Workers Union Image - Height: 1.65 mts - Caps: 296 - Goals: 66

The youngest of the Mamani brothers in this team, along with Juan, Ian has what Juan might lack sometimes, creativity and brightness, although they play in various positions and roles in the team. This creative mid and captain of the team is one of the grandiose things among this team, a fast-paced and fussy person with lots of potential, euphoria that drives him to perform as what he can do, being the best of the entire nation in his role. Large crosses are his specialty, including long-range shots when playing on the highlands. Right now, his performance has been stellar, mostly because he did some adjustments to his game style, turning his role into something more offensive and smarter.

N°8 - Nicolás Allauca - CF – 34 yrs - Team: Winnipeg United Image - Height: 1.80 mts - Caps: 296 - Goals: 27

Nico was a bus driver until the last three weeks prior to WC 85 Qualifiers, when he decided to enter to the amateur football world of Huayramarca, he was in luck that Caicedo watched him plat and fell in love on how he performed. Allauca is spontaneous and may not like to do training, he is a fast-moving and extremely practical (hates theories) defensive mid, that may mutate to a second creative mid with Ian Mamani and has also a decent capability to score goals while going to attack. After having a discrete performance in Chromatika, now he moves to Québec's Winnipeg United, where he expects to keep up the tone as he does with the National Team.

N°7 - Abraham Mendoza - LF - 30 yrs - Team: Pyathora Mariners Image - Height: 1.63 mts - Caps: 294 - Goals: 37

Nicknamed “El Ingeniero” The smallest of the entire team, Mendoza is a mentally strong individual who loves to work hard, play hard and be a strong leader inside the team in terms of order. A competent but realistic player who may not be spectacular while playing on the wings, but pragmatical and effective when achieving his purposes. On his personal life he is the best positioned of all the group, since he just graduated in Industrial Engineering at the Huayramarcan Technical University with a deserved "summa cum laude", so no matter what happens, he could get a decent job position in any Huayramarcan enterprise to optimize their processes. You might notice how Abraham's personal discipline is, and this is shown even to football, where he tries to compliment weaknesses that he may have as his height, but he tries to compensate with decent body-building routines. He might not be a prolific scorer for the standards of a winger, but he has at least a 35% of assists for the total of Huayramarcan goals scored during the Qualifiers, hence, somebody to take care of.

N°21 - Gabriel Sayritupac - RF - 30 yrs - Team: Perce Town Image - Height: 1.75 mts - Caps: 304 - Goals: 124

Sayri as he's known by many people in his native Tulcán (near the Québécois-Huayramarcan border) is an artistic person in all senses of his life. Usually, he makes a living by painting portraits of people visiting the Chimborazo National Forest Reserve, sometimes working on a local brewery, or doing football for fun. He doesn't stands being alone and might be that easy-going Serrano (which is weird, if we come to think it). He has genetic problems that makes him quite prone to injuries, and when those occur, Sayri decides to get inebriated to let frustration go away. An artistical winger, lover of uncertainty and mess that makes him be either the best or cause problems to settle where he plays. As of now, he has managed to find its way on football, winning a IFCF Champions’ League with Athletik Thessia, some championships in Mytanija and now being in Audioslavia, closer to home, but eager to win more.

N°21 - Bryan Tello - ST - 35 yrs - Team: Metropolis Alligators Image - Height: 1.86 mts - Caps: 302 - Goals: 252

A decently heighted Costeño as forward is always a neat solution for your goal needs, even more if you consider that he ages like wine; that, combined with good pace, stride, and physic abilities, makes Tello is what every team may need for up front. He's factual since he studied Philosophy at the University of Cumbayá, a committed and self-confident man who might be extremely traditional to his striker role, he might seek for space to go front, use his strength and move towards the goal. Tello is a strong leader among the shadows of the Huayramarcan national team, an outgoing and straight-forward person that could sometimes aggressive since he's prone to be insensitive. Despite that he is the Legend of the team, the striker that is at the right place and moment to push the ball against the net, something that has helped him retain his position as stellar striker of Metropolis Alligators in the Valladar Liga-1.


Nota bene: In order to have a deeper understanding of Huayramarcan players, take in consideration the following list of personalities for the substitutes. Take time, if you wish, to read the substitute players list posted again down here and follow the order of said list. The first player on this list, has his mindset reflected in the left of the first row, the second in the right of the first row and so on until the last one:



The Kits:
Huayramarca’s social mindset is to aim for local consumption in the long term, hence the HFF decided to hire “eva Sportswear” to manufacture the kits for the national team. “eva” decided to take the ball out of the park with unique designs for Huayramarca, reflecting the national identity and adding up motivational phrases on them for mere sake of marketing. Those kits are based on the geography of this nation, from the coast to the highlands and jungle to promote a sense of national unity, especially on a stage that the national team is trying to consolidate its name in the exciting multiverse of football.

Some of the backgrounds feature Túpac Katari, one of the most famous indigenous fighters from the Sierra, who kept invaders away from Huayramarcan soil, and helped forging the alliance that gave birth to what we known as the Plurinational State of Huayramarca. Nevado Inti as symbol of strength, and a statement of outstanding size that is the highest mountain in Anaia. The force of nature such as Longevity Valley in Huancavilca, the River Yaraví, and the Rainbow Mountain, as symbols of diversity, power and unity that last through time, with an unstoppable pace.

“eva” decided to depict elements that provide sense of pride and national identification for Huayramarcans, no matter where they are from, those are universal icons of what Huayramarca is and its roots. Strong roots, legacy, and people forging their future with faith, pride, and hope.







Useful Information and Stadia:
You might want to check some maps, as Huayramarca is quite a massive country in terms of surface and distances. Click here for a Biome Official Map and here for a Cities Official Map.

Before introducing the stadia, there’s some handy information for away fans who might visit Huayramarca. As said before, this nation has a quite complex geography and some long distances to travel for away fans, since there are four international airports: Huayramarca International Airport, located near Huayramarca Metropolitan District at the highlands; the Jorge Guerra International Airport in Lima, on the coast; the International Airport of the Archipelago on Puerto San Carlos (isles) and the Libertador Suárez International Airport of Sechura (jungle). Those airports might provide you with connections for other destinations such as Guayaquil, San Ignacio de la Frontera and Nauta if you want to travel safely. If you are a risk taker and lover of adventure, rent an AWD vehicle and go up mountains or driving through them which is a complete odyssey due to the risks caused by the Andean geography itself, or the safe-to drive-coasts or through the jungle, which can be desolated to drive in case of mechanic failure.

People in Huayramarca might be passional about football pretty much everywhere, but more hostile when you go down the mountains, driving to the coast. Down there, if people don’t attack you, weather might do due to the offensive humidity, mosquitoes and heat that may occur there. In Lima, despite being in the coast, the weather is mild and great to play football, but there might be some sandstorms due to the deserts located south of said city. Coastal teams usually play at afternoon, when humidity may suffocate those not used to deal with it.

Same happens at the jungle, but the mosquito issue multiplies thousand-fold, also as humidity caused by constant rains that pass there in their transit to the highlands. Water absorption made by trees cause severe issues with an extremely humid weather, hence jungle teams decide to play often at noon, to torture rival teams.

On the Sierra things get worse since the main problem up there is respiration. For a physical activity like football, people might need some weeks to acclimatize altitude and get an efficient breathing pattern that might supply their physical effort needs. Several cities are above the 2500 masl, even the capital city, which is located at 4000 masl, it doesn’t matter at which time they decide to play, if a team isn’t acclimatized, they will even faint during the game if they don’t have with them oxygen tanks to breathe before the game or if they don’t get some treatment into a hyperbaric chamber.

Stadia are distributed to have a distribution as equal as possible for regions, considering that there will be ten local games at Huayramarca, Sierra, Costa and Selva will receive three matches each one and one in the Isles. Each region will receive a high tier rival and then a randomized sort of two other teams in other matchdays. You might contact the Huayramarcan Football Federation (OOC: TG me or shout me at Discord!) in case of more information or solving some needs for your team and fans.


Estadio Nacional de Huayramarca - Capacity: 45,500 - Huayramarca Metropolitan District.


Tenants: Ministry of Culture and Sports of Huayramarca.
Built in: 1968.
Altitude: 4,012 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Illimani FC, Real Ebriedad, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: Built in 1968, the Estadio Nacional is the jewel in the not so well-shaped crown of the Huayramarcan sport venues, an Olympic stadium that might be a nightmare for visiting teams due to the altitude and weather of the city, which tends to be somewhat hostile every day, even more if it's played at noon due to the sun's radiation at that altitude. Despite being an Olympic stadium, people tend to set significant pressure in it, especially from the neighbouring apartment blocks which tends to be crowded for the matches being held there (they might aim lasers from there, take care!).

Also, the walls near the dressing room have curious messages as such: "Welcome to Huayramarca D.M. At 4,000 meters above sea level "is one of the first things the visiting teams will read upon entering the dressing room, perhaps to make clear the conditions to which they will be subjected throughout the game. It is still intimidating the following warning that is issued when they leave the visiting dressing room "Caution, if you have the following symptoms: Headache, vertigo, fatigue, tachycardia, nausea or vomiting, wheezing, dyspnoea or inappetence, go to the medical staff, we are at your disposal."

Will host:
  • MD :14 vs Cabo Azure - 20:05 - Windy, -5°C.

Estadio de la Revolución - Capacity: 40,000 - San Ignacio de la Frontera, Cajamarca.


Tenants: Ministry of Culture and Sports of Huayramarca.
Built in: 1985.
Altitude: 2,325 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Audax Cajamarca, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: The Ministry of Culture and Sports has decided to revamp the sporting infrastructure across Huayramarca to promote football among young people and form, in a near future, a strong Huayramarcan National Team. To fulfil said promise stadia were built in significant places in Huayramarca, San Ignacio de la Frontera is one of those sometimes-forgotten outposts of the nation yet relevant for trading with its neighbouring Mertagne in the eastern side of the Highlands. Home of Audax Cajamarca, this stadium promises to offer one of the most interesting fan scenes in the nation, as people are more enthusiastic than other places in Huayramarca, considering the heavy influence that Mertagnian football has caused in this place.

Not as high as another venues in terms of altitude, the 2,325 meters above sea level isn't a cipher that should be underestimated, to the contrary, it's still a problematic altitude for teams that aren't used to it, especially on ball shooting and breathing conditions. This stadium is the only one in Huayramarca that uses turf as ground to play, something that could cause issues with visiting teams and Huayramarcans that might not be used to play here.

Will host:
  • MD 5: vs Kewlz - 19:00, 1°C. Sleet.


Estadio Olímpico del Oriente - Capacity: 26,000 - Sechura.


Tenants: MuniSechura.
Built in: 1945.
Altitude: 560 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Sociedad Petrolera, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: One of the biggest stadia in Huayramarca, the main hub of sports in the Jungle region is located at Sechura, a city of about 300,000 inhabitants which serves as logistical hub for operations of rubber production and for explorations into the dense jungle nearby. Sociedad Petrolera is a modest Liga 1 side, but one that tends to attract ticket sell outs every game, since people in that region tends to be quite enthusiastic of football in order to forget they’re not so good daily life. At that city, one should take care of humidity, which tends to be quite strong at times, hence teams usually play there on afternoon or night, since heat might be something difficult to stand even for locals.

Will host:
  • MD 3: vs Delaclava - 15:00 – Rainy, 33°C.

Estadio Municipal de Pando - Capacity: 18,000 - Pando.


Tenants: Autoridad Deportiva de Pando.
Built in: 1986.
Altitude: 150 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Asociación Deportiva Vaca Díez, Club ABH, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: Pando is located just in the outskirts of the burgeoning city of Brigadier Echeandía, part of the well-known “Cocoa Axis” serving as a gateway to some of the best plantations of cocoa in Anaia. As part of the massive development that the Huayramarcan Selva is having due to oil and cocoa, the Autoridad Deportiva de Pando decided to invest in building a significant stadium for two of the strongest and most popular clubs of the Department such as Vaca Díez and ABH, hence it was built with savings coming from taxation of those two lucrative activities.

The environment could be relaxed compared to other venues in Huayramarca, fans there tend to be supportive but more as a hobby rather than a passion… But there’s no certainty on how this could change with the Huayramarcan National Team visiting their lands.

Will host:
  • MD 1: vs The Kytler Peninsulae - 18:00 - Clear skies, 27°C.


Estadio Metropolitano del Guayas - Capacity: 62,000 - Guayaquil.


Tenants: Autoridad Guayaquileña de Deportes.
Built in: 1980.
Altitude: 15 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Guayaquil Wanderers, Barcelona Sporting Club, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: A kettle pot, that's the definition for the biggest stadium in all of Huayramarca. "El Metropolitano" is the most recently built stadium in the nation and will make the debut for international football in Huayramarca. Hosts two teams and the fan atmosphere in Guayaquil is one of the most intimidatory ones in the multiverse, fans throwing you stones while receiving, throwing flares, extremely noisy people all around and the incredibly hot and humid weather that dominates the city may be lethal for some teams when trying to visit. Rescuing a tie from here may be considered something great, since you survived the "Guayaco" hell. Hence that, teams often love to play at the afternoon, specially at 3:00 P.M. to squeeze out the rivals in exhaust.

Will host:
  • MD 6: vs Poafmersia - 14:30 – Sunny, 35°C.

Estadio Olímpico Universitario - Capacity: 55,000 Lima.


Tenants: Universidad Nacional Mayor de Santa Cecilia.
Built in: 1955.
Altitude: 430 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Club Universitario.
Data: Imagine a venue packed of people that has just finished their daily classes, people thirsty to watch football and leave aside, for a moment, their daily academic stress. That’s the most accurate depiction of the Estadio Olímpico Universitario, a 55,000-seater venue that will host, for the first time, the Huayramarcan National Team. This is the second largest stadium of Huayramarca, and it’s known for being built in a way that optimizes acoustics, so fans could be noisier than they really are during their fireworks receiving of the local team. To include more communities into the sport, the HFF has considered to include this venue (and the city of Lima) for this WCQ to see more local identity during the matches.

Will host:
  • MD 11: vs Astograth - 18:00 – Sunny, 23°C.


Estadio Marítimo - Capacity: 22,000 – Puerto San Carlos.


Tenants: Provincial Authority of the San Carlos Archipelago.
Built in: 1985.
Altitude: 225 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Club Marítimo, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: Located three and a half hours away from Continental Huayramarca (via airplane), Puerto San Carlos is the furthest outpost of Huayramarca, located midway between Ko-oren and Nova Calania (continent). A city known for its ecologic mindset, good coral reefs to do snorkelling and pristine beaches that turns it into the ideal vacation spot for the average Huayramarcan family. The Estadio Marítimo has been built by the National Government and the Huayramarcan FA in their “Together Forever” campaign of integrating the four main regions of the nation into the sports scene, this stadium boasts the privilege of being the first carbon-neutral venue in the Anaian region by virtue of respecting the environment and being powered by natural means of energy such as wind and sun.

Fans here might be the noisiest in Huayramarca, this because the enthusiasm it means to receive the National Team in rare occasions for them, aside from being this World Cup Qualifier the formal inaugural act of the venue. Expect a wild crowd of people, even in the nearby hills or climbing trees to see the match.

Will host:
  • MD 9: vs Vielfaltig - 19:00 – Misty, 20°C.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: N.
RP injuries to my players: Y - Contact me first, so we can agree.
Godmod injuries to my players: Y - Contact me first as well.
Give red cards to my players: Y – Max 3 per match.
Godmod other events: Y – Contact me, so we can agree.

Style Modifier: +5

Nota Bene: Do not RP a pandemic on Huayramarcan soil nor involve any of my players on it.
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Population: 36 million, demonym: Huayramarcan, capital city: Chuquiago languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara + 6

CAFA VII Champions

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Iron Fist Socialists

Postby Stevencousin » Wed Oct 18, 2023 5:04 am


Squad: Stevencousin National Team
Nickname: Mystical Creatures (start been using in WCQ94)
Style modifier: +1

Dr. Antanius Cassa Image Chairman
Sebastian von Sephiroth Image Technical Director
Dr. Richard Glass Image Sport Science Director
Samuel du Highcloud Image Fitness & Health Director
Tim Redforks Image Team Analyst
Jalil Fitrah Image Scout Director

Stan Mystic Image Head Coach
Jayson Wagner Image Assistant Head Coach
Herbie Pijanowski Image Goalkeeper Coach
Ronald Ankiel Image Coach
Rusty Klein Image Coach
Abdurahman Bishop Image Coach

#	NAME              	CLUB              	AGE	POS.	CAPS	GOAL
1 Ramiro Fernandes Cassaholm Confidential 32 GK 46 0 - Vice Captain II
12 Franck Faty Meldrum Fall 31 GK 04 0
13 Pascal DeNapoli Screaming Cleric 30 GK 01 0

5 Raymond Aas Winewater Wasp 29 DEF 55 1
4 Alon Bernstein Brigketh Bishop 31 DEF 47 0
3 Armando Correia Cassaholm Confidential 32 DEF 48 3
15 Guilherme Fabian Cassaholm Confidential 27 DEF 46 0
2 Mads Dahl Winewater Wasp 30 DEF 45 0
14 Steven van Oudenhove Eivora Athletic Image 24 DEF 00 0
16 Chathura Vimalaharan Veriasod Wolves Image 28 DEF 00 0
17 Renato Miguel Boa-Morte Cassaholm Confidential 31 DEF 36 0
24 Benjamin Hadjadj Meldrum Fall 29 DEF 26 1

7 Thanuka Jayamanna Fixmouth Firebolt 32 MID 54 5 - Captain
11 Josef Snajdr Meldrum Fall 29 MID 53 6
6 Andre Saifi Meldrum Fall 29 MID 46 7
19 Jochen Boi Meldrum Fall 25 MID 39 8
20 Válter Folha Cassaholm Confidential 32 MID 38 8
18 Carlos Whitfield Pretihouse Pirate 25 MID 18 3
21 Simon Armas Cassaholm Confidential 27 MID 25 10
26 Gregory Gigliotti Eivora Athletic Image 24 MID 27 5
8 Steinar Norvoll Lorong Surau Image 28 MID 06 0

9 Leon Voloshyn Holmdock Highlander 32 FWD 57 19
10 Gerard Kallstrom Meldrum Fall 29 FWD 50 18 - V. Captain
22 Steven Cheyrou Brigketh Bishop 23 FWD 49 15
23 Benjamin Spevar Cassaholm Confidential 24 FWD 21 5
25 Sumith Wanigassoriya Frampton Typhoon Image 25 FWD 21 6
27 Gürkan Lichtsteinerr Screaming Cleric 25 FWD 04 3
28 Phillippus Rautenbach Witchington Moors Image 30 FWD 04 0

Stadium Data
Stadium:: Federal Unity Stadium
Nearest City:: Cassaholm
Capacity:: 98,500
Brief Data:: The biggest stadium in Stevencousin, located in the Carmenzon District to the south of the city center of Stevencousin's capital city, Cassaholm, is an all-seater multi-purpose stadium for international concerts, weddings and sporting events and the home ground of the Stevencousin national football team. It was built by Posquieiras Heavy Engineering and designed by Billingeburg & Co. Interestingly, the stadium is not public property, nor is it managed by a sports association. The owner is the Federal Unity conglomerate group. They sponsor and cover the construction and renovation costs in full, but they also get various government mega-projects afterward.

Stadium:: Redfort Camp
Nearest City:: Brigketh
Capacity:: 26,900
Brief Data:: Redfort Camp was a home base for Brigketh Bishop FC and, Brigketh Salamander rugby club, a multi-purpose stadium in Cheilestorp Creek, Brigketh, Stevencousin. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium has a capacity of 26,900 people. It was built in 2009. In 2013, a mega concert was held there in which Stevenian most popular rock band, The Cassiopeia was the performer. The stadium known for energy and water consumption was targeted to be efficient. Most of the water used by toilets and water taps will be collected during rain-falls, the roof has a 550kW solar power plant, while floodlights are using new generation LED system.

Stadium:: Waxwood Circle
Nearest City:: Holmdock
Capacity:: 31,800
Brief Data:: Waxwood Circle a multi-use stadium in Stigeswaldeford, Waxwood District, Holmdock, Stevencousin. It has both an indoor stadium and an outdoor stadium within its compound. The outdoor stadium can hold a maximum of 31,800 people and is currently used mostly for football matches, serving as the home stadium to Holmdock Highlander FC and The Highlander Academy. The stadium consists of a soccer field, an 8-lane running track, and a fitness center. In addition to sports events, large concerts are also organized by Waxwood Circle, and a series of political rallies and religious gatherings have also taken place here.

Stadium:: Readymann Ground
Nearest City:: Fixmouth
Capacity:: 26,900
Brief Data:: Homeground for Fixmouth Firebolt is a football stadium located in Fixmouth, Stevencousin. The stadium is part of the Fixmouth Sports and Recreation Centre, a community sports facility that includes the stadium as well as a swimming complex. Construction began in September 2007 and finished construction in 2009. The stadium was officially opened and inaugurated in 2010. It was built by Sungard Global and designed by Billingeburg & Co. A new light rail terminal has been built near the stadium for fans' convenience.

4 - 4 - 2
style modifier: +1
R. Fernandes
Aas - Bernstein - Correia - Fabian
Snajdr - Folha - Jayamanna (C) - Saifi
Kallstrom (VC) - Voloshyn

Kit manufacturers
Before WCQ93: Bofors
WC93 until now: Appin

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

Head Coach History
1 Otto von Linkworth 11 - 10 - 9 30 ( 36.67%. win %)
2 Stan Mystic 21 - 14 - 11 46 (45.625%. win %) [the latest data after the Independent Cup 19 [MD76]]

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WCQ-95 Roster

Postby Delte » Wed Oct 18, 2023 8:33 am

World Cup 95
River Delte Representative Team
Tournament Squad

My opponent, if they RP first, may consider:
Everything permitted: Yes
Pick The Teams: Yes
Reciprocity: Yes

Attacking Modifier: +3

Home Colours: All Green of The Valley
Away Colours: All Redshirts Away Team
Third Colour: All Gargoyle Salmon Gold
Kit Supplier: ediraf

Nickname: The Representatives
Formation: Attack-minded 4-3-3 'Stoicpress' - intense but unemotional defending from the front

Team Anthem: Three Salmon On Our Shirts (Never Stop The Leaping)

The Representatives are a team of (mostly) amateur players from the Delte Valley area of a largely empty corner sidewise of the North Pacific region. There is a national shortage of graphic designers along the River Delte, with the one professional - young Slim Dyndeling, who plays football for Ughmirren FC in the Delte Valley Tuesday Evening & Sunday Lunchtime Super League - failing to win selection for the representative team for the fifth consecutive cycle and continuing therefore to refuse helping out with natty team graphics.

The Delte Valley Tuesday Evening & Sunday Lunchtime Super League is the principle men's 11-a-side league and The Representatives are a men's team; women's football along the river is primarily under the auspices of the Friday Night & Saturday Morning Ultra Premier League, a six-a-side highly technical fútsal code. The women of the Delte prefer not to engage in silly games of 22.

The Deltic people are a stoic bunch, and the team plays in this style - not over emotional, not flashy, not given to wild celebration or remonstrating with referees, not diving or faking injuries. They shake hands when they score goals and pat each other on the back in encouragement when they concede them. Matches might be high scoring as they prefer an attacking formation and the high 'stoicpress' invented by former coach, Enda Clentin; but off the pitch it's all rather pedestrian. They're not much use for post-match interviews.

Links in the squad list will take you to bios of the selected player, where they exist.

Tournament Team
JOINT HEAD COACH: Mo Unden, a promising young tactical coach enjoying some admiration at Ughmirren FC
JOINT HEAD COACH: Enor Perro, the first professional footballer from the valley, also acting as captain and star player
ASSISTANT: Romain Rivière, a Cooperite, doesn't have a word of Anglican
COACH: Aleard Sullenden, a brewery technician, discovered NSWC signups whilst on holiday
COACH: Darra Cankal, the only Sicoutinaise speaker in the valley, translator for the Cooperites
COACH: Davey Tinnalt, the head coach at Toddwardine Athletic, who was Enor's assistant at The Reps' debut World Cup finals
CHIEF MEDIC: Dr.Orem Ustingham (Doc Orem), discovered Hyper-Gerontological Syndrome

Starting XI
# Name Pos. Age Club Employment

1.[RB] Steed Tombes GK unkn. Ageness Coopers FC* Odd-jobbing at the refugee village
2.[VC] Eremo Olde DL 32 Sullenden Parish Rovers Planning officer
3. Perran Garimund DR 25 Oswark United River patrol officer
4. Skelimino Bane DC 33 Ildemorton Physical therapist
5. Untto Squaker DC 38 Oswark Town Salvager
6.[C] Enor Perro MC 22/32 Rülândéá Kôstä (FFD) Professional Footballer
7. Ardrake Steng ML 32 Ughmirren FC Nutritionist
8.[WW] Climo Coss AM/F 157 No Club Retired diplomat, administrator, pirate & footballer
9. Tai Cerotha FW 25/28 St.Bernadine Athletic Professional Footballer
10. Irki Mynster FW 21 Toddwardine Athletic Postal worker
11. Tai Tunnyo MR 23 Burye Deltic Master Barber


12. Enda Iodyne DL 17 Ughmirren FC Swimming Pool Trainee
13. Raggar Rothdaring DR 25 Askirk Rangers* Drilling Mechanic
14. Cheddar Rothdaring DC 27 Askirk Rangers* Veterinarian's Assistant
15. Olddar Rothdaring DC 32 Askirk Rangers* Farm Worker
16. Iack Tase MC 21 Ughmirren FC Stonemason's Trainee
17.[TX] Jocki Moroff ML 20 Shakerssen Professional Footballer
18. Onun Tasher AM/F 18 St. Bernadine Adademical Student
19. Danny Mastorqa FW 24/27 St.Bernadine Athletic Professional Footballer
20.[RB] Hennequin Perdu FW unkn. Ageness Coopers FC* Odd-jobbing at the refugee village
22.[TX] Valentin Fey MR 21 Raven Thöni Professional Footballer
23.[TX] Eddie von Dach DR 19 Oswark Town Unemployed
24. Burus Tasher D/MC 19 Oswark Town Apprentice builder

21. Osward Ess GK 26 Sullenden Parish Rovers Boat mechanic
31. Beltane Chattiard GK 27 Brewery Social FC Microbiology Technician

[C] Captain / [VC] Vice Captain
[RB] A Rushmori Boat Person, a refugee from the Cooper River humanitarian crisis
[TX] A Taxhavnite national
[WW] A Wight World Cup Winner, no less
[*] Plays for lower tier Early Closing Wednesday Afternoon Parish Championship club

The Representatives
Qualification Squad

As explained in a previous World Cup cycle, a condition known as hyper-gerontological syndrome, HGS, or commonly 'The Jerry' has impacted on travelling outside of the Delte Valley. To mitigate against this, the All-Week Super Ultra Premier Football Association, the FA, has forbidden players who travelled to away matches in previous cycles from travelling again, to preserve their health. Therefore the FA operates two squads for qualification, a home team and an away team almost entirely made up of new playes. Enor Perro, player-coach and the only professional footballer in the valley seems, if not immune, then at least very good at recovering from his extended trips abroad (he plays and lives in Farfadillis).

The Deltic people are a stoic bunch, and the team plays in this style - not over emotional, not flashy, not given to wild celebration or remonstrating with referees, not diving or faking injuries. They shake hands when they score goals and pat each other on the back in encouragement when they concede them. Matches might be high scoring as they prefer an attacking formation and the high 'stoicpress' invented by former coach, Enda Clentin; but off the pitch it's all rather pedestrian. They're not much use for post-match interviews.

Links in the squad list will take you to bios of the selected player, where they exist.

Home Team
HEAD COACH: Mo Unden, a promising young tactical coach enjoying some admiration at Ughmirren FC
ASSISTANT: Romain Rivière, a Cooperite, doesn't have a word of Anglican
COACH: Aleard Sullenden, a brewery technician, discovered NSWC signups whilst on holiday
COACH: Darra Cankal, the only Sicoutinaise speaker in the valley, translator for the Cooperites
COACH: Davey Tinnalt, the head coach at Toddwardine Athletic, who was Enor's assistant at The Reps' debut World Cup finals
CHIEF MEDIC: Dr.Orem Ustingham (Doc Orem), discovered Hyper-Gerontological Syndrome

If you RP first feel free to select anyone from the appropriate squad for our matches - see note about home and away teams above.

A detailed article on the home team can be found here

Starting XI
# Name Pos. Age Club Employment

1.[RB] Steed Tombes GK unkn. Ageness Coopers FC* Odd-jobbing at the refugee village
2.[VC] Eremo Olde DL 32 Sullenden Parish Rovers Planning officer
3. Perran Garimund DR 25 Oswark United River patrol officer
4. Skelimino Bane DC 33 Ildemorton Physical therapist
5. Untto Squaker DC 38 Oswark Town Salvager
6. Iack Tase MC 21 Ughmirren FC Stonemason's Trainee
7. Ardrake Steng ML 32 Ughmirren FC Nutritionist
8. Kal Rayler AM/F 22 Ughmirren FC Rivers & canals worker
9.[RB] Hennequin Perdu FW unkn. Ageness Coopers FC* Odd-jobbing at the refugee village
10. Irki Mynster FW 21 Toddwardine Athletic Postal worker
11. Tai Tunnyo MR 23 Burye Deltic Master Barber


12. Enda Iodyne DL 17 Ughmirren FC Swimming Pool Trainee
13. Raggar Rothdaring DR 25 Askirk Rangers* Drilling Mechanic
14. Cheddar Rothdaring DC 27 Askirk Rangers* Veterinarian's Assistant
15. Olddar Rothdaring DC 32 Askirk Rangers* Farm Worker
16. Ight Mordaforth MC 32 Ughmirren FC Optometrist
17. Tyr Daia ML 32 Marshlock Spa FC Farm Equipment Engineer
18. Mashe Ackleyear AM/F 22 Burye Deltic Catapult officer
19. Teath Kelka FW 29 Oswark Town Metallurgist
20. Henry Lightman FW 17 Rothwarrodton Upholstery Apprentice
22.[TX] Valentin Fey MR 21 Raven Thöni Professional Footballer
23.[TX] Eddie von Dach DR 19 Oswark Town Unemployed
24. Burus Tasher D/MC 19 Oswark Town Apprentice builder

21. Osward Ess GK 26 Sullenden Parish Rovers Boat mechanic
31. Beltane Chattiard GK 27 Brewery Social FC Microbiology Technician

[C] Captain / [VC] Vice Captain
[RB] A Rushmori Boat Person, a refugee from the Cooper River humanitarian crisis
[TX] A Taxhavnite national
[*] Plays for lower tier Early Closing Wednesday Afternoon Parish Championship club

Some other chaps, just in case

32. Orold Quagar DL 20 Ildemorton Trainee plumber
33. Tonque Endra DR 27 Oswark Town Sheep Farmer
34. Shytan Elmoe DC 30 Brewery Social Pipes Mechanic
35. Morse Angalunde DC 22 Oswark United Yard Rigger
36. Gherryn Teddy D/MC 31 Toddwardine Athletic Lock Fitter
37. Chastinardo Sule ML 32 Oswark Town Marine architect
38. Acka Shine AM/F 26 Askirk Rangers* Dog Breeder
39. Ard Susstin FW 20 Rothwarrodton Apprentice Furrier
40. David Tonsoe FW 18 Brewery Social FC School Cook
41. Aldro Kelosqua GK 32 Oswark Town Social worker
44. Rillr Sawdare DC 22 Tessage Casuals* Highways labourer
46. Johnny Urntine D/MC 28 Sullenden Parish Rovers Butcher
48. Tassaught Ghadraen AM/F 30 Oskinton FC* Parking Attendant

Away Team
AWAY PLAYER/COACH: Enor Perro (age 22 or 31, depending on which way you look at him) (plays in Farfadillis for Rülândéá Kôstä)
ASSISTANT: Horatio Limit [WGT] (age 61, recently sacked by FZK in the SteuerLig)

The Away Team, below, feature an all-new arrangement. Having run out of players allowed to travel abroad for the next three months (Deltic time) who are also good enough to represent the Valley of The River Delte, the All-Week Super Ultra Premier Football Association, the Deltic FA, has agreed with the Isle of Taxhavn, who do not enter WCC-sanctioned events, that they will co-opt their players from the SteuerLig to play in the all red shirts of the Away Team Mission. After all, Taxhavn is located in the time zone that matches the World Cup's strangely sped up experience of temporal passage, so their players are unaffected by any peculiar time dilations.

It is worth noting that, unlike in the valley, football on the Isle of Taxhavn is professional and therefore all of the Away Team are professional players. It is also worth noting that Enor Perro, Danny Mastorqa and Tai Cerotha, good solid Delts each of them, are also professional footballers these days, also play in the Far Faraway, and also qualify for the Away Team on that basis.

A detailed article on the away team can be found here.

Starting XI
# Name Ps Age Club Employment

1.[TX] Fiete Dällenbach GK 29 Standard Lily Professional Footballer
2.[TX] Ebi Hummel DL 31 Raven Thöni Professional Footballer
3.[TX] Lourens 'VW' Kampermann DR 19 Orchideeën Professional Footballer
4.[TX] Lennaert Vrielink DC 29 Kozakken Boys Professional Footballer
5.[TX] Töbi Aerle DC 18 St.Bernadine Athletic Professional Footballer
6.[C] Enor Perro MC 22/31 Rülândéá Kôstä (FFD) Professional Footballer
7.[TX] Sebastian Bettler ML 34 St.Bernadine Accounts. Professional Footballer
8.[??] Ringer Smith AM/F 157 No Club Retired diplomat, administrator, pirate & footballer
9.[VC] Tai Cerotha FW 25/27 St.Bernadine Athletic Professional Footballer
10. Danny Mastorqa FW 24/26 St.Bernadine Athletic Professional Footballer
11.[TX] Valentin Fey MR 21 Raven Thöni Professional Footballer


12.[TX] Othmar Zesiger DL 28 De Tike FC Professional Footballer
13.[TX] Machiel Foekers DR 31 Shakerssen Professional Footballer
14.[TX] Dries Tijsselink DC 33 MAG Professional Footballer
15.[TX] Laurens Seuper DC 23 Orchideeën Professional Footballer
16.[TX] Lorin Müngers D/MC 23 Shakerssen Professional Footballer
17.[TX] Jocki Moroff ML 20 Shakerssen Professional Footballer
18. Onun Tasher AM/F 18 St. Bernadine Adademical Student
19.[TX] Pauli Morff FW 30 BSN Professional Footballer
20.[TX] Jvars Greber FW 23 BSN Professional Footballer
22.[TX] Christiaan v der Riet MR 23 OSA Professional Footballer
21.[TX] Alessio Hirschi GK 29 St.Bernadine Amateur Professional Footballer
31.[TX] Chiel Schreiers GK 28 Stadler Works Professional Footballer

[C] Captain / [VC] Vice Captain
[TX] Taxhavn national
All clubs are based in Taxhavn unless indicated otherwise.

If you RP first feel free to select anyone from the appropriate squad for our matches - see note about home and away teams above.

Further Reading
Or contact Delte for more information

What We Know About Hyper-Gerontological Syndrome So Far
Coming To Delte As A Player or Supporter
What We Know About Some Of Delte's Top Footballers So Far
A Bunch Of Other Stuff Such As Might Be Contained In An International FactBook
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Postby Sarzonia » Wed Oct 18, 2023 8:56 am

[OOC: This is going to be a placeholder. My hope is post a roster with all new players, management, etc.]

Sarzonia Stars


Note: Home kits have a primarily navy colour scheme; away kits are primarily white; keeper kits are green. Kits designed by Starblaydia

If my opponent RP's first, they have permission to do the following:
Style: 1.75
Formation: 4-4-2
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y (stuff like deciding who scores a PK, who passes to whom and how the goal's scored is cool. Weird shit is not.)
Injure Players: N
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y (no more than one more than you do for your own team)
Yellow Card Players: Y (same rule as red cards)
Godmod Other Events: N
Anything else, please TG me or find me on Discord.

Manager: Brady Reynolds
The former Stars midfielder takes over as full-time manager after Hanifer was fired. He'll be responsible for getting the Stars back to the proper.
Assistant Manager: Eric Dent
Dent will serve as a de facto defensive coordinator for the Stars, and will work primarily with the defence and the defensive midfielders.
Assistant Manager: Felix Gonzalez
Gonzalez was Reynolds' first hire and will be responsible for training the offensive players.
Goalkeepers Coach: Horace Sandt
Yes, THAT Horace Sandt. He'll be there to help train the goalkeepers including his brother Carlton.

HOME GROUND: Dave Wilson Stadium, Woodstock (105,690 capacity, natural grass field); alternate home ground i Joe Gibbs Stadium in Woodstock (75,900 capacity)

Roster (Starters in bold)

1 Carlton Sandt, 24, 6-foot-3, 215 pounds (Lakiska SC, Banijan Soccer League)
Sandt is the younger brother of legendary Stars goalkeeper Horace Sandt. He won the starting job for the Wanderers as a true freshman and led a previously downtrodden side to the national semifinals. He has catlike reflexes and is quick off his line. Can get too aggressive.
33 Trent Woodson, 28, 5-foot-11, 170 pounds (Saugerties Snakes)
Woodson becomes the backup while Paolo Gomes is recovering from a torn ACL. He has a decent mix of size and agility.
30 Paolo Gomes, 35, 5-foot-9, 165 pounds (Portland Timbers)
Gomes recently migrated to Sarzonia and earned a spot on the Stars national team with his quickness in the box. Plays a lot on instinct. Trying to come back after tearing an ACL during the opening match of World Cup 88 qualifying.

4 Charlie King, 30, 5-foot-11, 155 pounds (Saugerties Snakes)
King plays as a defensive-oriented fullback, often marking the opposing team's top striker. He relies more on positioning and reading his opponent's tendencies and body language to figure out where to run than on speed. He's not exactly a burner.
5 Tommy Benignati, 32, 6-foot-2, 200 pounds (Wilmington FC)
The older brother of Marco Beningnati, Tommy plays a much more rugged style than Marco does. Can play sweeper in a three-back lineup.
7 Matt Taylor, 27, 6-feet, 185 pounds (Burlington Browns)
Taylor's speed lends itself to being a fullback, but he plays halfback for the Browns. He has a tendency to struggle with more physical forwards and offensive midfielders.
6 John Taylor, 22, 5-foot-10, 175 pounds, Portsmouth University
The younger twin brother of Under 21 national team player Carlette Taylor, John plays a similar style to his sister's, although with much more speed.
18 Ben Russell, 33, 6-foot-1, 190 pounds, Rochester Renegades
In his first season as team captain of the Renegades, he led the team to a Sarzonian Football Confederation championship, resulting in the team's promotion to the Cyanea League. If he's on the pitch in the event Howard gets subbed for, he will don the captain's armband. He is a reserve halfback for the Stars.
22 Carmela Bowen, 30, 5-foot-8, 145 pounds, Woodstock Justice
Brown plays fullback for the Justice, a Sarzonian women's football team, and typically marks whomever the playmaking midfielder is. Her stamina earned her a spot on the national team.
44 Pat Meyers, 24, 5-foot-8, 152 pounds, unaffiliated
Meyers won a lawsuit against the Portland Timbers third division affiliate when the team dismissed them after successfully proving the club released them due to their gender non-conforming status

8 Ernie Mabree, 28, 5-foot-10, 175 pounds (FC Corcorran)
Mabree has one of the better left-booted shots in the Sarzonian league structure and is one of the fastest players in Sarzonia. He'll play an important role in Sarzonia's offence.
10 Clayton Wilson, 23, 5-foot-10, 170 pounds, (Woodstock Wild) Captain
A grandson of legendary Stars forward Brian Wilson and great-grandson of coach Dave Wilson, Clayton is not just a fourth generation star among the Stars, he served as the playmaker for the Under 21 Stars and is a sterling wing player on the Wild.
18 Carlos dos Santos, 27, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (Woodstock Wild)
A right wing player, he will sometimes be called upon to take free kicks if Reynolds is unable to for some reason.
23 Jaxon Hennepin, 28, 5-foot-7, 155 pounds (Wilmington FC)
Hennepin earned a starting role as a playmaking midfielder for WIlmington, but also played half a season in defensive midfield when the team was beset with injuries.
30 Erik Swann, 25, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (Portland Timbers)
Swann's strength is being a late-match offensive substitute who can score in a pinch.
14 Winnie Taunton, 27, 5-foot-9, 150 pounds
Taunton takes a majority of the penalties on the women's national team and produces blinding speed on the wings.

21 Jake Campos, 23 6-foot-3, 210 pounds, (Portland Timbers)
Campos is a straight up target player in the front line. His leaping ability makes him a prime candidate for headers in the box off corner kicks and indirect free kicks. He played on the Junior Stars team that competed in the most recent AOCAF.
19 Holly Cambrio, 28, 5-foot-7, 145 pounds (Woodstock Justice)
Cambrio adds flair and ball movement skill and the ability to serve as a sparkplug off the bench, but would be a starter for a women's national team if that competition got resurrected.
41 Carly Wilcox, 22, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (Woodstock Wild reserves)
Wilcox retained her place on the Wild's reserve squad and made eight appearances and six starts after her transition.
Former WLC President. He/him/his.
Our trophy case and other honours; Our hosting history

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Postby Baggieland » Wed Oct 18, 2023 9:32 am

Baggieland's Squad for World Cup 95


The Throstles

Home Ground:
Dartmouth Hill, Hawthorn (capacity: 97,842).

Home / GK Kit:

Away / GK Kit:

Third / GK Kit:

4 – 5 – 1.


Fred Buckingham.

Numbers 1 to 11 are the first choice team.

1. Ben Osborne (GK).
13. John Foster (GK).
23. Tom Hoult (GK).

2. Jonas McAuley (LCB).
3. John Moore (RCB).
12. Gareth Olsson (LCB).
14. Darren Wile (RCB).
4. Derek Pennington (LB).
15. Jesse Statham (LB).
5. Brendon Dawson (RB).
16. Craig Batson (RB).

6. Len Livermore (DM).
17. Jake Cantello (DM).
7. “Bomber” Robson (C) (CM).
18. Bryan Brown (CM).
8. Ray Brunt (VC) (LW).
19. Chris Barlow (LW).
9. Laurie Bassett (RW).
20. Billy Cunningham (RW).
10. Ronnie Regis (AM).
21. Cyrille Allen (AM).

11. Jeff Richardson (CF).
22. “Ginger” Astle (CF).

International tournament records:
Nordsjø Derby: winners (x1).
B71 Invitational I: runners up.
World Cup 93: qualification play-offs.

First ever game:
Baggieland 3 – 1 Electrum.

Biggest win:
Baggieland 6 – 1 Abanhfleft.

Biggest defeat:
Independent Athletes from Quebec 7 – 2 Baggieland.

If my opponents RP first:
Choose my goalscorers- Y.
Godmod scoring events- Y.
Roleplay injuries to my players- Y.
Godmod injuries to my players- Y.
Hand out yellow cards to my players- Y.
Hand out red cards to my players- Y.
Godmod other events- Y.
*Nothing ridiculous please.
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Postby Indusse » Wed Oct 18, 2023 11:00 am


Manager/Coach: Shane Newman (Commonwealth of Baker Park)
Sponsors: Fiarti Automobiles
Trigamme: INS
Players in Camp: 19
Formations: 4-3-3/4-2-4
Fanbase: The Flocking Blues

The Squad

GK 1 Jahangir Shehzad
GK 2 Peter Bashfork
GK 33 Preetham Singh
DF 6 Jonathan Krege
DF 13 Mathias Paulson
DF 4 Manu Nair

DF 41 Harbaz Khan
MD 101 Harry Mascarenhas
MD 14 Djetson Hasle
MD 13 Raman Sreevastva
FD 12 Rahul B Kumar
FD 7 Bechun Butea
FD 11 Antonio Mersias (c)

FD 55 Juan Jane
FD 8 Tanvir Bashir
FD/MD 100 Goblin Grundjee
DF 91 Mark Millwood
MD 76 Mahadev Bhattacharya
MF 99 Harish Kangara

Bolded Players are the Playing XI

About the Manager

Shane Newman is a Baker Park born, who took the chance to become the first NT boss for Havynwilde with an understanding that he would have time & resources to build from scratch. He was hounded by negative media coverage, the unrealisitc expectations of supporters & the governing body, and no investment to correct the dearth of talent in the domestic league. He was unceremoniously fired while out of the country on holiday. He'll consider his time there a learning experience. Was the chief defensive architect for the BPNT in the first three WC cycles.Aged 49 and married with three children--a boy and two girls--he will look to the domestic league for talent by focusing on technique, pace, and positional flexibility.

The Playing XI

#1 Jahangir Shehzad (Goalkeeper)
the twenty two year old goalkeeper Jahangir Shehzad. Who's been always in the bench waiting for their debut match. Jahangir Shehzad is a familiar face to all those who used to follow the Youth football tournaments in Indusse. Jahangir also was a tough contender for Liga Prime's (Indusse's Division One Football League) Golden Gloves. Jahangir was born in the city of Shahzalabad, located seventy six kilometres north of Riveria. He started his career for his school team and then got into the famous college team belonging to Mir Azmal College of Physical Sciences (MACPS). His performance for his college team got him into Sindvpore FC and later to Southbay Riveria FC. Currently, Jahangir is the goalkeeper for Southbay Riveria FC and had replaced Steve in the last season.

#91 Mark Millwood (Defender)
Mark Millwood was born in the town of Parvanaghattapura, in the outskirts of the national capital region of New Hind City. He started his soccer career at the age of twelve where he started playing for his school team and a local football club known as Saviours XI Parvanaghattapura. He later joined the Kala Bharati University Campus and got into the Kala Bharati Campus Team. His excellent performance in the campus team brought him his ticket to New Hind City FC Youth and later to the national team camp. He was later bought by Rockies International Youth and currently plays for Rockies International FC in Indusse's First division league, Liga Prime.

#6 Jonathan Krege (Defender)
Jonathan Krege was born in the city of New Hind City to the business tycoon Friedrich Krege and is the rightful heir to Krege Industries, a well known multinational giant. Jonathan started his career by playing for his school teams and then for the Kala Bharati Campus Team alongside Mark Millwood. His performance in Kala Bharati team got him into Rockies International Youth and later to Neagra FC Youth. He had to quit Neagra FC Youth due to issues regarding his pay and was left in the transfer market as a free agent until he was bought by Cheralam Masters Youth. His career in Cheralam was short lived and at the age of nineteen he was bought by Salingam United FC. From then his performance improved to an extraordinary level where he was invited to play for the National Youth Team. His performance in the Nationals as well as for Salingam have brought him the ticket to the national team.

#13 Mathias Paulson (Defender)
Mathias Paulson born to a wealthy Syrian Christian family in Southbay. He wasn't a soccer maniac or something, who would have started playing for clubs before teenage. He started playing at the age of fifteen for several local clubs including his school and college clubs. After this Sport Medicine graduation from Saint Louis Holiness College in Jawaruyah, he got a mail from the Jawaruyah XI FC for being a defence and fitness co trainer. With his outmost hardwork in the game, he soon won a lot of awards and got a call from Rockies International FC for being their defender. He soon left Jawaruyah for Rockies Islands, it was his perfect defending which let the club rise from Division to to Primary Division tournament Liga Prime. The Team reached top three of the primary division tournament after his arrival and he also received a lot of awards for his play. With his arrival in Liga Prime and as a successor to former Rockies Defender Maryland Bruno (Maryland is his nickname because he used to run a cookie brand called Maryland Food), he got into the radar of National team selectors. He later got the call of the selectors to join the national team camp which was the turnover in his career. He soon became a well known defender in the nation and the captain of Rockies International FC.

#4 Manu Nair (Defender)
Manu Nair, born as Mannankatt Raman Manu Nair in the city of Salingam is a nineteen year old youth product of the national youth team. He started his career playing for his school team and a local football team known as Dairagiri FC. His performance in Dairagiri FC got him into Salingam United FC Youth in the age of sixteen and when he got to be eighteen years old, he was officially added to the Liga Prime Transfer Market and was bought by Southbay Riveria FC and is currently getting trained to be a permanent member of the club's defence. Manu's excellent performance in the national selection camp has ensured his spot in the national team even though they're a rookie to professional football.

#76 Mahadev Bhattacharya (Mid Fielder)
Mahadev Bhattacharya is a twenty four year old who was born in Indraprastha to Kailashnath Bhattacharya, the Indussean coaching maestro who is known for his coaching of erstwhile Royal Hind City FC (Currently, New Hind City FC), Indussean Women's Team and also coaching the Palm Island Club, Palingh Rovers FC. Since his father was literally a well known soccer coach he was brought into the path of soccer at a very young age. He started to chase his soccer dreams at the age of six where he was enrolled into a local football coaching center which had weekly coaching classes by his father. Gaining basic coaching at the center, he got into the school team and later to his college team. His performance for the school team, got him a ticket to join the local football giants, Maharajas FC. His performance got him a seat in the Maharajas College where he pursued his bachelor degree. Maharajas FC shaped his career, where he was brought by Sindvpore FC to play for their youth team and later for the senior team. His performance for Maharajas FC had already put him in the books of the selectors and his extraordinary performance for Sindvpore helping them to win the FFI Confederations Trophy and FFI League of Victors opened his way to the national camp.

#14 Djetson Hazle (Mid Fielder)
Born as Djetson Hazlett to Dr. Henry Hazlett and Maria Henry in Sindvpore, Djetson change his surname at the age of sixteen to Hazle for joining film industry since there was a prominent star "Philip Hazlett" existing. He couldn't do much in the film industry, which changed his route into football. He played for the national U-18 team due to his absolutely commendable performance for his club Sindvpore FC. His performance also brought him into the national team and got himself as.a key player. He still plays for Sindvpore FC and took part in the Championship of FFI. He is married to Katherine Hazlett, daughter of film star Philip Hazlett. Katherine is also a prominent film star in Indusse. Hazle also took part in futsal and also tried a hand in hockey. But he later realised that he was made for professional soccer.

#12 Rahul B Kumar (Forward)
Rahul B Kumar was born to the legendary soccer star, Baskar H Kumar as his only child in Derasar, Hind. Derasar is an offshore resort island owned by Baskar Kumar and David Beckem. Rahul was born to him when he and his wife was spending their vacation in Derasar. Rahul was send to Valley Bound International School in New Hind City to complete his primary education. At the age of 8, he got himself in the school's junior team and his performance got him to be the captain and at age of 12 as the School team's captain. Just like his father, Rahul took the path to be a striker and sharpshooter. At the age of 15, he got to be part of Hind City FC's B Team and also the Under-16 National Team. His colleague Goblin Grundjee got themselves to the national team. His performance for the under-16s and 19s brought them to the spotlight making way to the national team. They currently play for Neagra FC in the Liga Prime and at the same time they're taking BTech in Sanātana Dharma College, Hind City.

#7 Bechun Butea (Forward)
Once the best substitute to Baskar Kumar, now he faces a lot of competition from his fellow mates out there.Born to the family of footballers, Bechun didn't face any difficulty to choose his career. At the age of seven, his father admitted him to a local coaching center and with the basic skills got him into the Sindvpore Football Federation Training Center. Bechun's father was Takawilaka Butea, who got elected as the President of Sindvpore Football Federation. Bechun played his first professional match for Sindvpore FC and got transferred into Southbay Riveria FC. He later scored a lot of Goals opening his way to the national camp. He played as a captain substitute and vice captain of the national team and captain of Southbay Riveria FC until Baskar Kumar joined. He also played a major role in the Goblin Humanoid Project which created Goblin Grundjee, who's the first non human national player in Indusse. A football goblin was Bechun's idea. He also got the National Sports Academy Mentor post and is currently the cheif mentor of U-18 national team. His brother, Lalguvasara is the coach of Malta FC and his son Jackson Butea is playing for Sindvpore FC under 18 team.

#11 Antonio Mersiás (Forward)
The second youngest recruit in the camp, Antonio Mersiás is a well known youth idol in the nation. He was the captain of Indussean youth team in the Sporting World Cup. He led the team into the semi finals of the tournament till they lost to Starblaydia's young guns. He was born in Karadawadi, a county in Dhalopura to Francis Antony, who was a carpenter and Selina Francis. He lived as a poor kid going to the village school who wasn't so good at academics but bright in sports. His quality sporting skills caught the eyes of the headmaster there, who admitted him to the local football training sessions. The headmaster soon send him to the Jawal-Biesse the nearest city for his studies. He played for the Jawal-Biesse FC for three years and captained the team until he was called to play for the Dhalopura FC. He got selected to the U-18 team as soon as he played his first match for Dhalopura FC. His quality play in the club also got him promoted as the captain of the youth team. His awesome, historical performance for the youth team got him a quick ticket to the National Team Camp. He is currently an important part of the national team who cannot be replaced easily.

#100 Goblin Grundjee (Forward)
Goblin Grundjee who is the first ever non-human sportsperson from Indusse. The Grundjee's are one of the families of the Goblin species that was created by the scientists by DNA Modelling. The scientists created a new race of Goblins through gene editing and combining the DNAs of Humans with certain animals and Algae. The goblin species were divided into three families were Grundjees are one of the major part. The other two families are called Mithys and Auris. The current members of the grundjee family is Colonel Grundjee who is a Colonel in the royal army of Indusse. The gene of colonel Grundjee was created by merging the genes of three colonels of the army with the genes of a eagle and the green algae. The green algae plays a necessary role in getting the green Color of the skin. The other member is Goblin Grundjee who is currently playing for the juniors. His gene was created by merging the genes of David Bekem, a former football and of a wild horse. The green algae is also a necessary part of the composition. The grundjee family has the green composition of skins due to green algae. Whereas, Mithys has a brownish red skin due to the presence of Blue-green Algae with Iron sediments, Auris family has the skin Color of a normal human as there isn't any presence of algae. The skin textures and patterns of the goblins are same as the humans and the color is the only thing that can discriminate it with humans. The scientific community believe that the goblin race will create revolution in the world of science. The creation of Goblin Grundjee was overseen by fellow player Bechun Butea who also played a major role in bringing Grundjee as a experimental player. Well, Grundjee is currently one of the best strikers the nation has seen.

Home Ground

The Aditya Varma Kulashekara International Stadium, is home to the Flocking Blues and is the largest sports stadium in the nation. The Aditya Varma Kulashekara International Stadium can hold 131,561 spectators in normal cases. The most attendance recorded for an event in the stadium was 148,241 spectators. This historical event happened long before the current stadium had been built. The former stadium known as IFA International Stadium had just a capacity of 108,112 and the event was the Sworn-in of Baskar H Kumar as the first president of the Indusse. In other words, the sworn in was also the same as the nation's independence day. The most spectators for a match was recorded as 118,232 spectators for a match between Indusse and Pratapgadh which was once a derby match.

This Stadium was built first by Aditya Varma Kulashekara, the emperor of Indusse at his reign. The stadium was built as part of giving the Indussean Football Association, a home ground. The Stadium at its beginning had a capacity of 62,122 spectators and was later increased to 97,783. The Stadium also in the past hosted the home matches of Royal Hind City FC (Currently, New Hind City FC) and Hind United FC (Currently dissolved). The Hind United FC got dissolved into Royal Hind City FC and the club through enough funding brought some land near the Darbar Halls and built a stadium there which currently serves as their home ground and the nation's secondary home ground. The IFA Stadium was built close to the Hind River and was surrounded by small forests. The place then known to be Kadaathaaaru was chosen for the stadium, the name literally meant to be "Forest River". The stadium continued to host the nation's home matches until the IFA was disbanded after the invasion of the Islamic Conquerors. The Dari Sultanate rulers took over the nation and placed a ban on all sort of native entertainment including music and sports. The stadium was taken under the custody of the Dari Military and was converted into a arena to propagate Dari Propoganda. The Stadium was renamed as Neimat Abdullah Arena and the capacity was increased to 108,112. The Neimat Abdullah Arena also became the public execution grounds of Natives in Indusse. The Dari Supressed Native Freedom Fighters were beheaded, hanged and shot dead at these grounds. After the Independence, the stadium was renamed as IFA Stadium and held the nation's first independence day celebrations. After a few years, it was renamed to Aditya Varma Kulashekara International Stadium and the capacity was increased to 131,561. The Government then also decided to set up a monument for the natives who were killed by the supression. The Divya Azadi Stambh (Divine Freedom Pillar) located in the stadium complex is the so called monument. This Pillar is an important part of the nation's independence day celebrations.

NT Kits

The Kits have been designed by the Audioslavian Kitmakers Kirola, Kirola would be the new kit suppliers for the national team since the contract with Ediraf has expired.


Style Modifier: +2

My Opponents, if they RP first. Can do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: No

NS Sports
Conflict of Interests
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Postby Brusseldorf » Wed Oct 18, 2023 4:34 pm



Still yet to qualify for the World Cup Finals, The Brusseldorfen National Football team's consolation prize last cycle was an invite to the 86th Cup of Harmony. An enjoyable, if slightly underwhelming return to the Cup saw the side cement their KPB ranking of 101st in the world. With the club football season winding down for the year, excitement is building up once again for international football. The national team has ramped up preparations for the 95th edition of the NationStates World Cup Qualifiers. The aim remains the same, Sir Craig Foster will be hoping to manage Los Alrededores to a spot in the top 100. The full 23-person squad for the World Cup Qualifiers is announced as follows:

No.    Name                    Pos.         Club
12 Gimenza Azoulay GK Image Atlas United
2 Boronia RB Image Casablanca City
3 Gabriel Lellouche LB Image Oahu FC
4 Ricard Sciolan CB Image Real Marrakesh
5 Andrea Zidane CB Image Meknes al Morocco
6 Sarah Pickett CDM Image Salé United
7 Michael Hernández CAM Image Behotzadt Casablanca
8 Vindark Al Maghribī CDM Image Sahara Compétitif
9 Teddy Wolfenden (CAP) ST Image Atlas United
23 Marcev Steyr ST Image Casablanca City
20 Aktha Akiveal CAM Image Bahias Serenadamiata
1 Antony Providence GK Image Tangier Lions
13 Dom Harrak LWB Image Tangier Lions
14 Phil Lataste RM Image Salé United
15 Leila Abidi CB Image Fez FC
16 Dieter Van den Berg CDM Image Siem Reapers
17 Amina Khelifi LW Image Oahu FC
10 Santa Dominguez ST Image Real Marrakesh
19 Yasmine Benamar CDM Image FK Kragujevac 1928
11 Giroud Sidi CAM Image Casablanca City
21 Harry Koehl CM Image Club de Fútbol Rabat
22 Sven Prote CB Image Club de Algiers
18 Lukas De Wit GK Image FC Stockholm

Managing Staff
Sir Craig Foster Team Manager
Fatima El-Khouri Assistant Team Manager
Marc Verstraeten Head Coach
Ahmed Benali Assistant Coach (Offense)
Jan Vandenbroeck Assistant Coach (Defense)
Mustafa Al-Mansouri Technical Director
Franz Müller Head Scout
Youssef El-Mansour Fitness Coach
Hugo Vandenberg Goalkeeping Coach
Amina Abidi Team Physiotherapist
Sofie Van Damme Team Psychologist
Nadia Fassi Team Nutritionist
Ali Ibrahim Media Relations Manager
Sophie Leclercq Team Liaison Officer
Hassan Belhadj Youth Development Coordinator
Matthias Wouters Equipment Manager
Karim Ben Youssef Performance Analyst
Isabella De Jong Language Interpreter

In an initiative to save both the planet, and the wallets of Alrededores fans the world over, the Brusseldorfen national team has committed to using the same kits since WC '83

I Give My Opponent Permission To:

Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: Y
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
Style Modifier +4
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Postby Ragdollia » Wed Oct 18, 2023 6:26 pm

Here is our starting 11
Our subs are
Harris Merryweather - 99 - ST
Richard Gonzalez - 0 - GK
Louis Allen - 88 - CDM
Our reserves are
Josh Buckley - 77 - RB
Joe Moss - 66 - CB
I am the coach
Our stadium is The Ragdollia Super Dome
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Postby Ko-oren » Thu Oct 19, 2023 5:01 am

ko-orenite football association national team
Style mod: -5. If they don't score, they don't win. That's post-football!

Nickname Dragonflies
Head Coach Lele Manguele (FFD)
Assistant Coach #1 Tomoviko Mivune (46, ex-Alara, Rushmore United (DAR) midfielder)
Assistant Coach #2 Alan Brogley (46, ex-Bruncester fullback)
Assistant Coach #3 Zezonmerul Hosorthaunden (44, ex-Maethoru, Strongfair, Cirelbourne Utd midfielder)
Goalkeeping Coach Larut Theshendan (42, ex-Maethoru, Concord Heights (CDG), Gehrenna GK, and WC 87 legend/WC 89 winner)
Team Manager Aeneme Aoragolin
Strength & Conditioning #1 Yuki Ishido
Strength & Conditioning #2 Cwfw yDdeffchim
Doctor Luther Stokes
Medical Staff x3 Berentschot, Ponce, Runmeningun
Selector #1 Reizo Yokota (43, ex-Kanatsu midfielder)
Selector #2 Cy de Villepin (44, ex-Aminey, Branvon, Bruncester midfielder)
Selector #3 Ingmar Linderood (42, ex-Straudum, Busukuma AC (BNJ), Lakiska SC (BNJ) defender/utility)
Scouting & Analysis x2 Lillian Stevens, Denal Cadadgoor
Trigramme KOR
Colours Green, blue, (yellow)
World Cup
Appearances: 22x - 64-66, 69-72, 74-75, 81, 83-94
Best Result: 9x Ro16 - 66, 69-70, 74-75, 81, 83, 85, 91
Best Result: 1x 1st - 89. 1x 2nd - 87. 2x QF - 90, 94.
World Cup qualification
Appearances: 38x - 55-56, 58-75, 78-95
Cup of Harmony
Appearances: 10x - 50, 51, 53-55, 60, 65, 71-72, 74
Best Result: 1st, CoH 65. 3rd, CoH 74.
Anaia - CAFA Cup
Appearances: 7x - 1-7
Best Result: 2x 2nd - 3, 4. 1x 3rd - 7. 1x 4th - 2.
Atlantian Oceania - AOCAF
Appearances: 21x - 40-51, 55-63
Best Result: 1st: 60. 2nd: 50. 3rd: 48, 59. 4th: 45, 47.
Eagle's Cup
Appearances: 5x - 10-14
Best Result: 5th, 12

Amahne (Aminey) - Stade sur la Baie (70000) - home to Aminey CS (and the Aminey Caspians, Aminey Buffaloes, and Aminey Owls).
The flagship stadium, huge production values, the works. Azure-coloured seating under canvas roofing.

Shemurdar (Schemerdrecht) - Orange Bowl (54000) - home to Schemerdrecht SVV (and the Schemerdrecht Admirals).
More associated perhaps with the Admirals than the SVV, but it's nearly always sold out venue for great crowds in any sport.

Maethoru (Maethoru) - Rikalathen Arena (39000) - home to Maethoru SC (and Mayara Wanderers-Vulpecula).
Close to the KFA's training grounds, at least it has that going for it. Crowds aren't great here.

Ethuweri (Étouille) - Stade Amandine (30000) - home to Tanques AOE (and the Etouille Vultures).
Some amazing drone shots over a stadium, a city, and a crowd that knows what makes life fun.

Thelesra (Santa Teresa) - Estádio Fortaleza (29000) - home to Miradela GD (and the Santa Teresa Sabres).
Made to be exactly 1000 seats larger than their rivals' stadium, the Fortaleza is the upper-class stadium.
Thelesra (Santa Teresa) - Estádio Marítimo (28000) - home to Branvon CD.
The working class stadium that is, in all facets, a bit inferior to the Fortaleza. Except the crowds. There's no better stadium for wild crowds.

Monrama (Maynard) - Armskirk Municipal Ground (26000) - home to Maynard AFC.
The unlucky Maynard team have asked the KFA to have their stadium used by the national team - as the only southwestern stadium.

Katahshi (Katashi) - Suzumebachi Stadium (25000) - home to Katashi-Kanatsu.
The biggest stadium in the east, Katahshi deserves a game. The fans will mostly just cheer for the Yoshiman players, though.

Garihnkatar (Greencaster) - Golhampton Grounds (25000) - home to Sydberg Olympia.
Garihnkatar never had a big football culture, but that's changed, and the local Olympia have kept pace with the hype. Biggest city in the country, too.

Ehbanna (Aevanna) - Northern Arena (32000) - home to university team 'Aevanna Ecologiske Universitet'.
The KFA wants some games geographically spread across the country, and so the cold, dark, and cold gridiron Northern Arena is on the list.

Alahrenna (Alara) - Spider Stadium (27100) - home to Advance Alara.
Eastern but not on the island Katahshi's on. Fans are used to seeing a lot of goals - which the Dragonflies don't do.

Seterdahn (Straudum) - Hazel Arena (25400) - home to Straudum VV.
Biggest stadium in the northeast, as far as the mainland goes. Straudum's style matches the NT's style perfectly. Propped up by the massive (rich) IT sector.

Gilibehri (Eaglebury) - Uriagali Field (18000) - home to WSR AFC and Pride of Eaglebury.
Biggest/only stadium on the west coast. Gilibehri has an amazing, flourishing sports culture and it's no longer completely ignored by the other 99% of the country.

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes (but give me an 'out' for the Ko-orenite fans and players if it's extreme)

1. GK Edou Bittencourt (KOR, 32) - Miradela GD
10. GK Carl Malmstroom (KOR, 30) - Tanques AOE
20. GK Wemagun Cyamou (KOR, 25) - Maethoru SC
30. GK Goswijn Naaldemaker (KOR, 20) - Silva Stellarum (university league)

Bittencourt has - after a few cycles of the KFA moving between goalies - earned the starting spot. He started last cycle as well, so continuity returns. Malmstroom has proven to be a quality backup in much the same style of Bittencourt: commanding, involved in the organisation of his teammates. Cyamou's name came up as the go-to line GK, a penalty killer, and being slightly better on the ball than the other two. For the spot of fourth, it's either Odholthen (Gehrenna FC) or Naaldemaker, but the latter has been given the nod despite being in his last year of university.

2. RB Hikomoto Mizuno (KOR, 35) - Tempala United Saints, DAR
12. RB Edialor Aiamara (KOR, 34) - Maethoru SC
22. RB Martin van der Heuvel (KOR, 22) - Schemerdrecht SVV
32. RB Munetoki Shichi (KOR, 20) - Sydberg Olympia

Mizuno remains the golden standard at the position. It was difficult to name proper bench players: everyone who turned out at the position in recent years is in the same age bracket: Boulanger (32), Bares (32), Aiamara (34), Grootenhuis (36), Gicquel (34), so young blood is definitely necessary. Aiamara remains the backup while Manguele finds his guys. Van der Heuvel might be just that, if he continues to improve at Schemerdrecht, as a very confrontational player who gets in other people's faces. Shichi has much the same playstyle but didn't change much in his year at Olympia.

3. CB Keiki Todaka (KOR, 18) - Katashi-Kanatsu
13. CB Marc Hoevink (KOR, 31) - IFK Liverpool United, DAR
23. CB Abi Lavaud (KOR, 27) - Damogran, SRS
33. CB Egesa Aedil (KOR, 22) - Tanques AOE

4. CB Jubenar Mallerbury (KOR, 31) - Zilverstraat SC, TSA
14. CB Harmon Mulvahil (KOR, 30) - Osarese Marcadia, AUD
24. CB Charley Mellowby (KOR, 20) - Maynard AFC
34. CB Adam Archer (KOR, 29) - Straudum VV

5. CB Aoremis Aelea (KOR, 27) - Holdenberg, EUR
15. CB Phineas Betteridge (KOR, 32) - Kawarthas District, KSK
25. CB Gonshiro Furuya (KOR, 26) - Katashi-Kanatsu
35. CB Nicholaus Abyssite (KOR, 26) - MTK Kingsville, DAR

Now there's a star-studded group of players. 12 centre-backs in all, in four shifts. The starters - yes, Todaka is in now - are loud, abrasive, and annoying to play against. Not so much the refined positionalists of before, but far better man-markers with a trick up their sleeve - Todaka's commitment, Mallerbury's stamina, Aelea's tackles and instructions. The second shift are more the guys you know: positionally great, experienced, better with age, risk-averse. A bit of a mean streak for shift three, especially Furuya. Gladiators and walls on shift four, for if we just need to get through a few minutes defending a 1-0. There will be plenty of mixing and matching depending on opponents.

6. LB Emi (f) van Kalvenhaar (KOR, 31) - Urrheddiao, CMT
16. LB Phoebe (f) Brownewald (KOR, 23) - Branvon CD
26. LB Kaneyoshi Kaji (KOR, 22) - Katashi-Kanatsu
36. LB Ryōsei Nagatomo (KOR, 21) - Clubless

A very talented left side could even see the players further down the list play on the right wing. Van Kalvenhaar is undisputed and dominant. Haggigana does not seem to be Manguele's guy, but Brownewald absolutely has 'the dog in her'. Kaji should be a bit higher on (offensive) capability on the ball and also given that he's had way more opportunities to prove himself on Kanatsu - which he did. Nagatomo is an even younger option.

7. DM Jolgurasaun Dhentingun (KOR, 31) - Mercia Bromham, KRY
17. DM Olikek Azerhendhen (KOR, 18) - Maethoru SC

A position that's coming back into vogue: the holding/defensive midfielder. Dhentingun is the best option still, though he might fall out of fashion due to his clean play style (yet he definitely has the bulldog gene). Azerhendhen is a nasty opponent to have, hard-hitting but good on the ball.

18. RM Ciriaco Laza (KOR, 22) - Miradela GD
38. RM Zornim Turaulthen (KOR, 29) - Eivora Athletic FC, TKT

Laza has quickly turned into the main pillar of our transition and attack. Fast, good on the ball, adventurous, he links his teammates together. Turaulthen is due his first call-up in a crowded field of almosts, but probably won't get too many minutes - if Laza needs to come off, we expect a CM, LM, DM, AM... etc. It's all so interchangeable these days.

8. CM Geomraff yCinrhadd (KOR, 30) - Rogerton Rebels FC, DAR
28. CM Purelbusak Entatingun (KOR, 25) - Maethoru SC

9. CM Évra Bernier (KOR, 30) - Tanques AOE
29. CM Vernon Hunt (KOR, 28) - Sydberg Olympia

Core to the relationist 5-4-1: the central midfielders. Entatingun is the best passer this country has probably ever seen, but doesn't gel with the leadership at the moment. You can't ignore his talent and Manguele didn't, but what his role is remains to be seen. yCinrhadd is a starter, having seen so many opponents in about 10 different leagues and countries. Just class stuff, helpful, but also aware that he needs to fight for his spot - it's him or someone else. Bernier is here for his first call-up, and whether we'll see him or another CM, or even DM, or AM, LM, etc - Bernier might not get all that many minutes is what I'm saying. Hunt is also new, with the exact right mentals but not with enough physical skill to make it all work.

19. LM Sadahige Masuda (KOR, 24) - North Laithland, NPH
39. LM Parala Abbagan (KOR, 33) - Kingsgrove, BRE

Much like how important Laza is, Masuda could become. Abbagan is listed as a backup but might see far more minutes than the CMs and DMs - he's a Swiss army knife for this relationist attack (and defence).

X. AM Authusa Aoriene (KOR, 32) - Maethoru SC
1X. AM Teiichi Tsuchimoto (KOR, 22) - Katashi-Kanatsu
2X. AM Rachel (f) Walbuck (KOR, 24) - Tanques AOE

These are the offensive options. They'll play in the regular diamond formation, or in a wider diamond, or any 3-1 or 2-2 situation, but if we're guarding a late lead they might be taken off. Their job is to link up whatever needs linking up, going for goal, shielding the ball from opponents and setting up teammates. Now with more help than ever as we expect Ko-oren to go for more possession than they ever have. Aoriene's mentality absolutely makes him key. Tsuchimoto's mean streak and little respect for opponents serves him well under the current regime. Walbuck is back from a short absence, she's completely fearless and necessary should any situation be forced. Late goals are her thing.

=. LS Rex Archer (KOR, 29) - Aminey CS
1=. RS Aurin Aomelirea (KOR, 28) - Revolutionaries, EUR
2=. RS Hannibal Sawyer (KOR, 28) - Straudum VV
37. ST Maran Lignanier (KOR, 25) - Advance Alara
38. RS Matane (f) Mamannau (KOR, 23) - Gehrenna FC

Archer is the main target man, a bit of a phantom at times but a poacher - something we need. Aomelirea is a more complete - if less accurate/efficient - option. Sawyer is a strange option - incredible vision, great timing, but has a hard time finding teammates which is the only thing required of a Manguele striker, but the coach must have a special plan for him. Both Gehrennans are out - that's Bonstirthinden and Joljaurinden, but Lignanier is a little more important now with his mentality in getting breakthroughs without losing the ball. Mamannau is looking for a new club after Gehrenna's relegation, but his defender mindset, that is, 'smash these guys' can be helpful in set pieces.

We play post-football, a term coined during World Cup 89 to put words to a horrible semifinal between Audioslavia and the Dragonflies, which ended 0-0 after 120 minutes, then all but one penalty was scored in the ensuing series. Post-football means no singing. No cheering. No scoring. Post-football is sideways passes, looking like the same, repetitive movements for minutes on end, but with tiny variations that at some point will get to you. It could be a counterattack, or a shot from distance, or a set piece. Post-football doesn't care if it takes 90 or 120 minutes, or more. Under Juliasterinthen and Davenport, the Ko-orenites earned a reputation as the perfectly positioned, tactical-yet-mean defensive team. Containing, capitalising, exploiting. Patience and countering.

Under Lele Manguele, an era that started just before CAFA 7 in cycle 94, we're breaking with traditions. Still targeted at preventing goals, the team instead tries to retain possession for as long as possible, in small, compact spaces, merging relationism with tenacious defence, for what that's worth and to what extent that's possible. Relations between individual players are now more important than retaining perfect structure. That means that the midfield will forgo most of their roles, and that the defence will break the line to help the passing game.

Numbers 1 to = typically start (but not always, feel free to choose your starters). That's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, X, and =.
Numbers 1-1= are typically selected as starters or subs (but not always, feel free to select some 23+-ers as subs or starters).
Numbers 20 and over are mostly there as emergency replacements, but can be part of the squad for some games. These are almost always younger players with a lot of promise.


All-time record: 576-153-246 +1415 -748 =+667
Upcoming milestones:
- 1000th overall game (currently: 975)
- 100th WCQ draw (currently: 96)
- 400th WCQ win (currently: 384)
- 1000th WCQ goal (currently: 959)
- 10th WC knockout win (currently: 9)

1) Simon Everest - Scored the first official goal
2) Alizarin Lelantos - Coached the team to the first Cup of Harmony
3) Haki Asgard - Record holder for most matches played for the national team
4) Koyane Shiribeshi - Record holder for most goals scored for the national team
5) Pet Rilasthaunden - Most games as coach, perfected the defensive scheme
6) Xi Shang - Captain in the earliest days of the KFA
7) Sobek Dehenat - Celebrated captain and defender of the formative years
8) Fin Fenner - Dynamic midfielder, third-most appearances for the national team
9) Katanmak Juliasterinthen - Celebrated defender and captain of the most successful campaigns. Coach of AOCAF 60-winning squad, the WC87 finalists, and WC89 champions. NSWC President.
10) Katherine Davenport - Long time captain and celebrated defender. Head coach.
11) Storm Enshadilsa - Second-most capped player, most clean sheets for the national team
12) Bogdan Antonescu - Only non-Ko-orenite in the HoF, coached the team to most of its World Cup qualifications
13) Naemasu Tokachi - Fourth-most capped player, most assists, many goals
14) Reizo Yokota - Captain of AOCAF 60-winning squad
15) Lionel Dalton - Record holder for most matches played for the national team, AOCAF and CoH winner
16) Larut Theshendan - Allowed 7 goals in all of the World Cup 87 cycle - from qualifiers to the World Cup final.
17) The entire WC89 squad! Theshendan - Van Kalvenhaar, Benjamin, Van Schelven, Kaplan, Mizuno - Ensaunden, Janoreirinthen, Vaugrenard, Longchambon - Erisia
WCC President and NS Sports' only WC, WBC, WB, WCOH, IBC, RUWC, Test Cricket, ODI, and T20 loser!

Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Map - Regions - Spreadsheets - Domestic Sports Newswires - Factbooks
Champions 1x World Cup - 1x CoH - 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 4x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 4x RUWC - 3x RLWC - 2x T20 WC - 1x AODICC - 2x ARWC - 1x FHWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x World Cup - 2x CAFA - 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 3x World Bowl - 1x WCoH - 4x IBC - 2x RUWC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 1x ODI WT - 2x T20 WC - 1x FraterniT20 - 1x WLC - 1x FHWC
Organisation & Hosting 2x WCC President - 1x BoF - 1x CAFA - 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 2x RUWC - 1x ODI WT - 1x T20 WC - 1x FraterniT20 - 1x ARWC - 1x FHWC - (defunct) IRLCC, BCCC, Champions Bowl

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Postby Valentine Z » Thu Oct 19, 2023 8:08 am

The Valentian International Football Association – Ninety Five Days.


A disappointing performance all-around for World Cup 94, and with no entry into the subsequent Cup of Harmony. Well, that one was on us, we are more than willing to admit that! IAC 19 fared slightly better, including that one part where we have to play football against the cats and kittens from another dimension. Still, that's all right, we told ourselves reassuringly. After all, WC 95 is coming up, and we heard that it is a pretty lucky number for the Valentians, perhaps only fourth to 31, 10, and 7, all in that order. We got this, is all we can say for now. It's not so much that we are becoming more pessimistic. If anything, we are looking at the bright side. But, we have to see.

OOC NOTE: No uniforms for the Valentians for the time being. My Adobe subscription ran out, Inkscape and Affinity Designer are unable to replicate the .ai file 1:1, so… maybe soon I will make a new uniform. Previous uniform:

The Valentian Kittens' Roster

Team Manager / Captain: Exuberant Superintendent T-2000/2904-3 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi.

Current Roster: Formation 3-3-4 / 3 forward, 3 midfielders, 4 defenders, 1 goalkeeper.)

Red = Injured and out, Green = Able to be substituted if you do injure my players; green players in order of preference of substitution.

# 4 - Eveline Valeria Annalise Tiêu Xuân Ngọc - 242.86 cm - F - 36 - Nam Từ Liêm, Hanoi, Vietnam
# 64 - Martina Anastasia Hedvig X. Luna Bukvić - 239.25 cm - F - 37 - Martian Territories of Valentine Z
# 1 - Dawson Joshiah Davidson Brooks Marshall - 239.90 cm - M - 36 - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Alanis Star, Valentine Z
# 2 - Jakov Emile Janessa Mirko Varteks Modrić - 245.72 cm - M - 41 - Varaždin, Croatia
# 8 - Josief A. Yandi Eko Yohanes Dharmawijaya - 244.12 cm - M - 38 - Gelora, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, Indonesia

# 3 - Holly Annemiek Gerrieke Van De Hoogte - 240.80 cm - F - 40 - Zaanstad, Netherlands, Victoriaans Nederlands, Valentine Z
# 10 - Joaquina Samanta Alonso Clara Lombardo - 237.10 cm - F - 34 - Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alanis Star, Valentine Z
# 11 - Kortnev Grigoriy (Grisha) Konstantinovich - 241.08 cm - M - 41 - Saint Petersburg, Russia, Valentine Z
# 6 - Štěpánka Caitlin Madeline W. Sedláčková - 241.74 cm - F - 35 - Brno, South Moravian, Czech Republic, Valentine Z
# 7 - Emerson Jamie Taylor Erin Scott Maddox - 238.07 cm - M - 37 - Mankato, Minnesota, United States of America, Voorzichtigheid, Valentine Z
# 5 - Elisabetta Enzo Hannah Lodovica D'Elia - 237.71 cm - F - 32 - Florence, Tuscany, Italy, Valentine Z

# 20 - Sammie Arif Raihan Bin Mohamamad Andika - 238.66 cm - M - 39 - Singapore, Singapore, Valentine Z
# 30 - Antel Marcel Georgia Katona Vass Dániel - 241.06 cm - M - 29 - Székesfehérvár, Central Transdanubia, Hungary, Valentine Z
# 88 - Clemente Kenneth Evans L. Jiang Guanyu - 240.10 cm - M - 34 - Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, Vostrov, Valentine Z
# 14 - Katarzyna Violetta Zofia Aleks Polańska - 244.25 cm - F - 38 - Chorzów, Poland, Valentine Z
# 31 - Daina Allison Leela Phon Seng Sreynuon - 234.75 cm - F - 33 - Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Valentine Z

# 40 - Iraj Alexander Soroosh Homayoun Hashempour - 237.50 cm - M - 36 - Ahvaz, Khuzestan, Iran, Valentine Z
# 50 - Helen Jennifier Hiroto Morishita Chiyumi - 242.25 cm - F - 32 - Osaka, Kansai, Honshu, Japan, Vostrov, Valentine Z
# 55 - Nathaniel Orla Hayden Johnstone McMahon - 241.00 cm - M - 40 - East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom, Victoriaans Nederlands, Valentine Z
# 65 - Sigfreður Gamalíel Onyx Jason Steinason - 240.55 cm - M - 43 - Martian Territories of Valentine Z
# 60 - Marlene Isabelle Lisa Roselyne Pasquier - 235.11 cm - F - 35 - Saint-Denis, Paris, France, Victoriaans Nederlands, Valentine Z
# 70 - Vanuza Poliane Elaine Castro dos Reis - 237.66 cm - F - 33 - Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Alanis Star, Valentine Z

Outside of the football field, they are 2.66x taller.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my scorers: Y
Give yellow cards to my players: Y, but TG/DM me first, please.
Give red cards to my players: N
RP injuries to my players: Yes, minor injuries only. No career-ending ones.
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y, but TG/DM me first for major events.

Style modifier: + 4.00

Primary Color: #3DC0FF
Secondary Color: #3366FF

Animal Mascot:

Stadium Information: Please see previous RPs. I declare that they are not new info written for WC 93.
Stadium information from World Cup 91’s RP.
Stadium information from IAC 17’s RP. Same as WC91, but with visuals.
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Postby Milchama » Thu Oct 19, 2023 3:18 pm

Alexandria Times-Tribune-Sun-Moon-Sky-Picayune-Courier-Post-Pre-Forward-Current-Reader

Sports Section

It's OK, We Don't Think Our Coach Has Gone Crazy

Daryl Lamerein has been the only coach Milchamian football has known since the end of the Isolation. He has also, without a doubt, been the most successful coach Milchama has had since 40s and greatest local Milchamian coach of all time (remember that many of our great teams were coached by foreigners). After the Warriors failure to qualify for World Cup 94 everybody expected either a nice resignation from Lamerein, or, at least, a well attended retirement party. Instead, the MFA, in their infinite laziness, kept him on for the Cup of Harmony and the Warriors made the finals only to be undone by some frankly heinous cheating from The Holy Empire. Everybody agreed that it wasn't Lamerein's fault that the opponent's goalie was literally a dragon bigger than the goal so Milchama created a fake Cup gave it to the Warriors and kept Lamerein.

Since the failure of World Cup 94, Lamerein, who remember, was never a pro soccer player and was an accountant who started a part time gig at a 3rd division club before becoming manager because he pissed off too many football people by thinking, started to read. And he read a lot of physics books, it started with soccer physics but soon moved into rolling, then he read Confucius and the Ancient Greeks, adopted their view of history as essentially cyclical and a rotation and now he believes that the most important force in the universe is rotation. Lamerein refuses to walk as he only either cartwheels or somersaults everywhere as it keeps him in rotation. He did say that he would walk during practice and games to be able to more easily make on field adjustments but it's still disconcerting. Moreover, this concept of rotation he has applied more fully to the Milchama Warriors. Instead of having one team, which is too static, he has decided to have two teams. A home team, which only plays road games, and a road team, which only plays home games. So, without further ado, we present the two teams of Milchama Warriors. The home team, of course, are the subs in the road teams games and vice versa.

Coach: Daryl Lamerein. Seriously, you should already know that. We spent the last like 2 or 3 paragraphs on the idiosyncrasies of this guy. Come on now!
Anyway, here's his backstory: Lamarein was pro in something other than sports, namely an accountant, when he was asked to take over the finances of Mongol FC, then a third division side. After getting the finances in order he also noticed they tended to make more money and play better if they used different tactics with different players. He eventually convinced the GM to let him try that for one game. They won 6-0. They did it the next game, they won 6-2. Lamarein was then made coach of the Mongols where he led them to straight promotions. Then people got angry at him and had him manage the national team assuming that he would get paid for a do nothing job. Then the Isolation ended and now he's doing things. Now a minor legend and somebody who everybody looks up to for coaching advice in Milchama. We also think he's gone crazy. We'll find out.

Lamerein plays the traditional Milchamian 3-3-4 with a +3 modifier. This will be the same with both the home and road team.
Milchama plays most of their games at the National Stadium (אצטדיון לאומי) in Alexandria. 110,000 seats.

The Home Team (they only start on the road):
GK: Morc Entersher - New kid on the block. His exploits for Chaialim in the league have become the stuff of legend. Takes the job over a retired Miles Inthracam.
D: Eric Hexidevorah - Not half of something but all of something. Eric is a great outside defender able to play on both wings.
D: Dervan Kelliers CB - One of the new young CBs that has risen through the ranks in Milchama. Many compare him to Wilson as young'un. Expect him to start very soon.
D: Theo Elkenstall - LB. Natural left footer known for his good crosses.
M: Kelly Filimitov - LM - Lefty dead ball specialist. Also very good at crosses.
M: Cal Kamet CM - The rare Milchamian attacking mid. Nobody really knows what to do with Kemet because they play in all sorts of weird spaces that don't traditionally exist in Milchama. Has led to them leading the goal scoring 2 of the last 3 years in the New Babylon league. They/them.
M: Amy Cekarn - RM - Defensive mid. With a new defense and midfield is in the team to provide more defensive spine.
F: Millie Kouriea - LF - Plays with Floren at club level. Her ability to link up with him on offense has led to mini revival for Floren in club football so they figured why not put her on the national team as well? It worked out so well that Floren is now on the bench and Kouriea is still in the starting lineup.
F: Avi Benbemore - CF/LF - He's the sephardic Avi Belmowitz, which makes him the Sephardic Alan Belmore. He will, probably, score all the goals.
F: Barry Thomas - Despite the generic name has been unstoppable in both the Alexandrian and New Babylonian league. His double golden boot and a silver boot in the Judaean league made him an obvious pick for the team.
F: Abby Goldshires - Outside striker who is known for her technical vision and skill. Has matured enough to finally make a starting lineup.

The Road Team (they only start at home)
GK: Fletcher Archman - The long line of Fletcher back up keepers finally seemed to be over but then a young prospect, somebody who nobody had heard of, was accidentally selected for Great Alexandria and did well. So he's here now.
D: LaDonte Carter - Also, Milchama's old second string keeper retired and the third string keeper became a left back. Now Carter plays a different kind of defense.
D: Clara Tresa - For a Milchamian defender has surprisingly good dribbling skills. Her offensive production though is stopped by her hard tackles.
D: Gal Dale - A wave of enthusiasm has been met with her inclusion in the national team. We are ready and not worthy for such a great defender.
M: David Wongstein - Started as a Discord joke. Is actually Milchama's most exciting midfield prospect. Very excited to see him get his first starts in this tournament.
M:Lars Ben Johnson - Despite the confused name, he is not a confusing player. A classic box to box midfielder who provides spine to the midfield while also ranging forward when he wants to.
F: Yoni Flominon - Incredible passing skills has led to multiple assist titles in the Karakorum League for Flominon. Moved up to Alexandria and immediately got a starting position for Jasper's Creepers.
F: Len Fleming - Very tall striker. His booming headers have become legendary. His decent movement also puts him in a good position to score some goals well. The guy Milchama go to when they need to lump it up the field.
F: Dani Kaleten - The lighting to Fleming's thunder. Very fast player who is very technical and very good at moving to get open. The lanes he creates are becoming legendary.
F: Colm Interlasskoti - RF - Was once Milchama's greatest prospect. Now an old vet on probably his last World Cup. They/them pronouns.

RP Permissions:
Yes to everything. If you can think of it, it's probably fine.
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Postby Tzvi » Thu Oct 19, 2023 4:37 pm


Fotbalová Asociace Svaté Republiky Tzvi

Tonight the Tzvian FA announce their official roster for WC95!

World Cup fever has truly hit the streets of Tzvi today, flags are flying outside windows everywhere from the busy capital Vryclav to the quiet towns and villages that dot our countryside, as the president of the newly formed Fotbalová Asociace Svaté Republiky Tzvi (FA.srT), Shahar Pražak, took the stage to announce the first ever squad to compete in an international tournament. His speech was short and sweet:
"We give our eternal gratitude to the Holy One, and are beyond delighted to announce our first representatives on the world stage of sports, and I know I am not alone in wishing them all the greatest luck for the upcoming tournament!"

Shahar then introduced us to the man who will be leading this squad, manager Shimon Vacek who wasted no time in introducing the 23 man squad he will be taking to WC95.

The Squad

Manager- Shimon Vacek
Assistant Manager - Zvi Sedláček
Our Players
Tomer Schovajsa - GK
Michael Smolarek - GK
Gideon Němec - GK
Osher Jelínek - LB
Yoel Smolak - LB
Yakov Starosta - CB
Libor Horáček - CB
Václav Jeleń - CB
Yoel Havlíček - CB
Zohar Nedbálek - RB
Dor Ryba - RB
Gil Bernard - LW
Levi Hlaváček - LW
Avraham Zunowski (C) - CM
Zvi Skalický - CM
Naftali Slavík - CM
Noach Vlček - CM
Nitzan Černý - RW
Chesed Krall - RW
Abraham Havlíček - ST
Yaakov Vesela - ST
Omri Zahradník - ST
Mordechai Stanek - ST

The announcement was met with a standing ovation, and an elated Vacek stated that he wished to "capture the hearts and minds of not only our nation, but of those that we meet along the way". He then adorned the traditional shawl and led the team and his staff in a prayer wishing for luck and to celebrate G-d for giving them this opportunity.

We would also like to wish our boys the best of luck out there!

Formation and Tactics

This is how Tzvi will be lining up for their matches (suspensions and injuries permitting!) We're looking to play some tidy attacking football, focusing on keeping the ball flowing from the midfield to our attacking players
Starting XI
Formation: 4-4-2 (Style Mod: +2)
Tomer Schovajsa - GK
Osher Jelínek - LB
Yakov Starosta - CB
Libor Horáček - CB
Zohar Nedbálek - RB
Gil Bernard - LW
Avraham Zunowski (C) - CM
Zvi Skalický - CM
Nitzan Černý - RW
Abraham Havlíček - ST
Yaakov Vesela - ST

Michael Smolarek - GK
Gideon Němec - GK
Václav Jeleń - CB
Yoel Havlíček - CB
Yoel Smolak - LB
Dor Ryba - RB
Chesed Krall - RW
Levi Hlaváček - LW
Naftali Slavík - CM
Noach Vlček - CM
Omri Zahradník - ST
Mordechai Stanek - ST


And to keep the exciting news flowing, the designs of the national kits were finally seen worn by our players! Designed by Rivka Kašpar the shirts proudly display our national colours for all to see (shirts are almost sold out from all outlets so if you're still missing one please get to a shop ASAP!).

Home Kit

Away Kit

Goalie Kit

That's it for the announcements! Make sure you're tuned in to TTV1, TzviSport1 on the telly, and Tzvi Rozhlas on the radio for live updates, and pick up next week's special WC edition of Metro for your free qualifiers fold-out. Good luck boys, and may G-d be with you!

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Dantopia » Fri Oct 20, 2023 4:39 pm

World Cup 95 sign-up now withdrawn.


Dantopia Men's National Football Team
Dantopian Football | Uniforms | Coaching Staff | Roster | Tactics | Stadiums | Permissions

The Oceanic Paradise of Dantopia is an island nation located in the South Pacific. The country boasts an idyllic tropical landscape, a smattering of clean and modern metropolitan areas, a vibrant and bustling tourism industry, along with major contributions from tech, financial services and retail. The Dantopia men's national football team represents Dantopia in international football. The team's inaugural appearance in the 2023 South Pacific Cup saw the Lions winning the competition, defeating Evinea in the final 2-1. Dantopia participated in Baptism of Fire 81, as well as the World Cup 94 qualifiers and Cup of Harmony 86. The team made the round of 16 in the Baptism of Fire but failed to advance from the group stages in either the World Cup 94 qualifiers or Cup of Harmony 86. The World Cup 95 qualifying campaign will therefore be Dantopia's second turn around at the international football tournament.

Football is the most popular sport in Dantopia, and clubs in the country number in the thousands, organised into hundreds of leagues, though most of these are amateur. The Dantopian Football Association (DFA) governs professional football in Dantopia, and they currently administer three professional divisions of football - aptly named Divisions 1, 2 and 3. Division 1 (sometimes shortened to D1) is the highest level of the Dantopian football league system. Contested by ten clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the other divisions within the Dantopian Football Association's league system. Division 1 is the most-watched sports league in Dantopia, and is hoping to grow its audience internationally. The league takes advantage of a lucrative television rights sale to Papaya, a Dantopian technology company, and as such teams have been able to entice foreign talent into the league for its inaugural campaign. Players and coaches from Chromatika, Corinthina, Evinea, Saint Eleanor, Flavovespia, Graintfjall, Kelssek, Macronesia, Mytanija, Quebec and Shingoryeo, Squornshelan Remnant States, Tikariot and Tumbra all feature in Dantopia's Division 1 this season.

Fans of the Dantopian national team are fiercely supportive, but also extremely respectful, noted for helping clean up stadiums after the end of football games. At home, clubs with intense rivalries contest derbies in which fan behaviour can sometimes unfortunately resort to a modest level of violence and crime. However, these derby rivalries rarely ever result in widespread or serious incidents. Dantopia is home to many state of the art football stadiums, with the Lion City Arena – located in the nation’s capital, being the largest, with a capacity of 80,000. The stadium was renovated to increase the capacity from its original 60,000. The DFA are currently in the process of tendering bids for a new home arena in Lion City for the national team to be built - and the hope is such a venue could act as a neutral host site for the DFA cup final as well.


Manufacturer: Nerio (Image Dantopia)
Material: 100% recycled polyester
Additional details: All of Nerio's football kits are created exclusively with polyester sourced from ocean plastics, as part of Nerio's 'cliMATE' campaign.

Dantopia's traditional home colours are a navy shirt with white shorts and red socks. Traditionally the away strip is a a white shirt with blue shorts and white socks. A third uniform (not pictured) has been worn on occasion in recent years to prevent a clash in the event Dantopia play another team who play in blue and white, with this strip being an all red ensemble. The three uniforms therefore showcase the three colours of the Dantopian flag, blue, white and red.

The Dantopian coaching staff remain unchanged since the last world cup qualifying cycle. Harold Northgate remains at the helm, along with his backroom staff. Their profiles are listed here below...

Harold Northgate
Role: National Team Manager | Age: 53 (54 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 183 cm (6'0")
Preferred formation(s): 4-3-3 / 3-2-4-1 | Nationality: (Image Dantopia) | cica.da: @harold.northgate
Matches managed: 41 | Wins: 18 | Drawn: 15 | Lost: 8 | Goals Scored: 80 | Goals Conceded: 60 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Northgate's first competition in charge of the Dantopian National Team - the inaugural South Pacific Cup - saw him come out victorious with the Lions. However, guiding his side through the Baptism of Fire, World Cup 94 Qualifiers and Cup of Harmony 86 proved harder. Dantopia ultimately failed to qualify for their first World Cup. They will be hoping to defy the odds this time around and succeed.
Simon Brazil
Role: Assistant Manager | Nationality: (Image Dantopia)
Björn Bjergsen
Role: Goalkeeping Coach | Nationality: (Image Corinthina)
Jonas van Damme
Role: Coach | Nationality: (Image Dantopia)
Peter Newman
Role: Coach | Nationality: (Image Dantopia)
Michael Wilson
Role: First Team Doctor | Nationality: (Image Dantopia)
Brent Carmichael
Role: Fitness Coach | Nationality: (Image Dantopia)
Samuel Court
Role: Physiotherapist | Nationality: (Image Dantopia)

National team manager Harold Northgate has selected a squad of twenty-six men for the World Cup Qualifiers. An increase of three players from last year's qualifying team, but given the congested fixture schedule on top of an already gruelling season, it never hurts to have a few more options available. Notably absent from this year's squad are veteran players Lyle Runner and Geoff Hendrickson - each have now retired from international duty. Here are the players listed below...
#1 - Jeffrey Danchevy
Position(s): Goalkeeper | Age: 30 (31 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 185 cm (6'1") | Weight: 77 kg (170 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Portland Pacific (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Sweeper Keeper | cica.da: @jeffrey.danchevy
International Caps: 35 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Clean Sheets: 11 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Despite playing for a less-than stellar Portland Pacific side currently, Harold Northgate has always been able to rely on Jeffrey Danchevy as his number one for the national team. A reliable shot stopper, Danchevy has the ability to play out with his feet, and make incisive and accurate long balls to Dantopia's forwards. He is the older brother of Dantopia's number 10 - Michael Danchevy.
#2 - Rhys Tuiloma-John
Position(s): Right Back / Centre Back | Age: 24 (25 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 178 cm (5'10") | Weight: 87 kg (192 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Lion City FC (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Complete Wing Back / Wide Centre Back | cica.da: @tuiloma.john2
International Caps: 21 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 1 | Clean Sheets: 2 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
With the international retirement of Lyle Runner, the right back position is Tuiloma-John's to lose. Whilst more of a wing-back naturally, the quick and strong Lion City FC defender has developed a knack at slotting in on the right-hand side of a back three, similarly to how Runner was used in the previous World Cup Qualifiers. His flexibility will be much appreciated by the national team manager.
#3 - Lewis Shank
Position(s): Left Back / Defensive Midfielder | Age: 28 (29 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 181 cm (5'11") | Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Left | Club: Dartford Devils (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Inverted Wing Back | cica.da: @lewis.shank
International Caps: 37 | Goals: 1 | Assists: 6 | Clean Sheets: 10 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Shank's adeptness at slotting into the centre of midfield lately has been quite the revolutionary step from manager Harold Northgate. The 28-year-old doesn't feature like this for the Dartford Devils, instead playing exclusively as a wing back - though with the ability to make underlapping runs as well as overlapping ones. His crossing ability is perhaps his greatest strength.
#4 - Bukayo Yesterdi
Position(s): Centre Back | Age: 26 (27 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 185 cm (6'1") | Weight: 79 kg (174 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Left | Club: Lion City FC (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Central Defender / Wide Centre Back | cica.da: @bukayo.yesterdi
International Caps: 12 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Clean Sheets: 4 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Yesterdi will feature as the primary left-sided centre back for Harold Northgate's team. He is equally comfortable playing as one half of a centre back pair or on the side of a trio. His ability to recover ground rapidly means that fast attackers rarely get the beating of him. He also possesses a knack for stepping in front of the defensive line to intercept dangerous balls.
#5 - James Rock (3rd captain)
Position(s): Centre Back | Age: 30 (31 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 188 cm (6'2") | Weight: 76 kg (168 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Dartford City (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Ball Playing Defender | cica.da: @rock.solid.5
International Caps: 37 | Goals: 1 | Assists: 2 | Clean Sheets: 11 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
It has become a bit of a cliché to label a defender as a 'Rolls-Royce' but James Rock certainly lives up to the billing. He is technically excellent at all areas of his game, and will very likely be the one leading and marshalling the Dantopian defensive unit in most matches. He has become completely undroppable at club level under manager Kepa Kaitiaki.
#6 - Dani Spaghetti
Position(s): Defensive Midfielder / Central Midfielder | Age: 25 (26 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 185 cm (6'1") | Weight: 80 kg (176 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: East Bay United (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Anchor Man / Segundo Volante | cica.da: @dani.spaghetti
International Caps: 38 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 2 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Spaghetti is a crucial piece to the Dantopian jigsaw - so to speak. His ability to anchor the midfield in either a single or double pivot means manager Harold Northgate has no shortage of options in how to line up his midfield. When he is deployed as the lone defensive midfielder, he allows his fellow central midfielders the freedom to bomb forward and support the Lions' attack.
#7 - Brent Bartholomew-Barnham
Position(s): Central Midfielder / Right Back | Age: 25 (26 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 180 cm (5'11") | Weight: 72 kg (159 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Portland Pirates (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Roaming Playmaker / Mezzala | cica.da:
International Caps: 33 | Goals: 2 | Assists: 9 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Bartholomew-Barnham's transition to central midfield has helped elevate the Dantopian's game to to the next level. With his excellent long ball passing, vision and pressing ability, he makes a far better midfielder than he does a right back. He can still slot in occasionally when needed but looks far more creative further up the pitch.
#8 - Ezra Cunningham
Position(s): Central Midfielder | Age: 20 (21 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 186 cm (6'1") | Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Escuela Nacional DCPF (Image Cardenao) | Play style: Box-to-Box Midfielder | cica.da: @ezra.cunningham
International Caps: 38 | Goals: 5 | Assists: 7 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Cunningham is frighteningly establishing himself as an elite talent at an early age. Having outgrown the Dantopian league, Cunningham has sought to further his career overseas, signing recently on a free transfer with Escuela Nactional DCPF in Cardenao's MegaPower League. Cunningham is a true box-to-box beast, excelling at all areas of the game.
#9 - Barry Paine (captain)
Position(s): Centre Forward | Age: 30 (31 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 188 cm (6'2") | Weight: 85 kg (187 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Lion City FC (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Complete Forward | cica.da: @barry.paine
International Caps: 10 | Goals: 6 | Assists: 1 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Having unfortunately missed a large chunk of international football after getting injured during Baptism of Fire 81, Paine will be looking to make amends. He is Dantopia's talisman - a real fox in the box, and able to find ways to score many strikers couldn't dream of finding. Paine captains the national team and will be looking to propel the side forward from the front.
#10 - Michael Danchevy
Position(s): Centre Forward / Left Winger | Age: 26 (27 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 186 cm (6'1") | Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Dartford Devils (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Poacher / Inside Forward | cica.da: @michael.danchevy
International Caps: 39 | Goals: 26 | Assists: 8 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
In the absence of team captain Barry Paine, Danchevy led the line much of the time for the Dantopian national team during World Cup 94 Qualifying. His goal per game record (0.67) is solid, and this might not even drop off as Danchevy gets pushed out wide - as he seems to perform just as well from the wing as he does up front.
#11 - Adebayo Adeyemi
Position(s): Right Winger | Age: 22 (23 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 178 cm (5'10") | Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Left | Club: Grenadiers (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Inverted Winger | cica.da: @adebayo.adeyemi
International Caps: 39 | Goals: 13 | Assists: 7 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Adebayo Adeyemi - the young Grenadiers star - completes the deadly attacking trio for the Lions. Adeyemi is naturally left-footed, but practically just as comfortable with his right foot as well, meaning he can beat his opponent on either side. Both he and Michael Danchevy will have most defenders beaten for pace too - showcasing Dantopia's counter-attacking prowess.
#12 - Kyle Thompson
Position(s): Right Back | Age: 32 (33 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 173 cm (5'8") | Weight: 71 kg (157 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Lion City Celtic (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Complete Wing Back | cica.da: @thomps.2
International Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Clean Sheets: 0 | Awards: None
Due to the international retirement of Lyle Runner, Northgate has brought in another experienced right back in Kyle Thompson, team captain for Lion City Celtic. Thompson is slightly more attacking than Runner, but is no slouch defensively, and will certainly offer Rhys Tuiloma-John stiff competition for the right back position.
#13 - Alex Bullvale
Position(s): Goalkeeper | Age: 26 (27 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 191 cm (6'3") | Weight: 77 kg (170 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Grenadiers (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Sweeper Keeper | cica.da: @alex.bullvale
International Caps: 2 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Clean Sheets: 1 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Despite playing for a better side in the Dantopian League than Jeffrey Danchevy, Bullvale will likely serve as the Portland Pacific goalkeeper's understudy for the most part. He is another goalkeeper in the modern mould - able to sweep off his line at a moment's notice, and comfortable in possession. He has certainly earned the right to push for more game time for the Lions.
#14 - Kevin Peters
Position(s): Defensive Midfielder / Central Midfielder | Age: 28 (29 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 178 cm (5'10") | Weight: 72 kg (159 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Left | Club: Dartford City (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Ball Winning Midfielder / Anchor Man | cica.da: @kpeters.14
International Caps: 21 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Peters is a reliable back-up for Dani Spaghetti - and can be paired with the East Bay United number 6 as a formidable, defensively robust midfield duo. Peters himself often benefits from another defensively minded player alongside him - often being paired with the stalwart Teremy Gouland of Macronesia at Dartford City.
#15 - Gary McGoldrick (vice-captain)
Position(s): Centre Back | Age: 31 (32 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 193 cm (6'4") | Weight: 100 kg (220 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Left | Club: Dartford Devils (Image Dantopia) | Play style: No-Nonsense Centre Back | cica.da: @gaz.mcgoldrick
International Caps: 31 | Goals: 2 | Assists: 1 | Clean Sheets: 8 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Once a reliable starter for Harold Northgate, however, now regularly being replaced in the starting line-up by Yesterdi. It is likely McGoldrick will serve as the main defensive option from the bench this time around too. His ability aerially is unmatched - both defensively and in attack, and he will certainly provide a focal point for corners and free kicks if he does come on as a substitute.
#16 - Jonathan Kealoha
Position(s): Attacking Midfielder / Left Winger | Age: 26 (27 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 175 cm (5'9") | Weight: 73 kg (161 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Lion City Celtic (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Trequartista / Wide Playmaker | cica.da: @johnny.kealoha
International Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Awards: None
A first call-up for Johnny Kealoha beckons, with the midfield maestro impressing early on in the season at Lion City Celtic. Kealoha is a classic number 10, able to receive the ball between the lines and make plays for his teammates. He can be deployed centrally or as a wide playmaker, which gives Harold Northgate some more options in his midfield.
#17 - Jason Sanchez
Position(s): Left Winger / Right Winger | Age: 24 (25 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 180 cm (5'11") | Weight: 76 kg (168 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Dartford Devils (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Inverted Winger | cica.da: @j.sanchez7
International Caps: 37 | Goals: 7 | Assists: 4 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Sanchez is a player that always struggles with maintaining his form. He will have a run of games where he looked unplayable, but in other matches he is often merely a passenger. With a crop of young, talented and hungry wingers in Dantopia's Division 1, his position as a regular international for Harold Northgate is perhaps tenuous at best.
#18 - Bobby Wong
Position(s): Central Midfielder / Attacking Midfielder | Age: 31 (32 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 181 cm (5'11") | Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Dartford City (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Advanced Playmaker / Mezzala | cica.da: @bobby.wong
International Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Awards: None[/size]
How Bobby Wong was snubbed from the world cup qualifying team last year was a mystery to many in Dantopian footballing circles. The Dartford City ace is one of the best in the league in the half-space between the centre of the pitch and out-wide. His vision and long ball passes are a sight to behold often times, and he provides Northgate with yet more options in attacking midfield.
#19 - Cliff Clamber
Position(s): Attacking Midfielder / Right Winger | Age: 25 (26 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 181 cm (5'11") | Weight: 74 kg (163 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Dartford Devils (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Advanced Playmaker / Wide Playmaker | cica.da: @cliff.clamber
International Caps: 32 | Goals: 4 | Assists: 6 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Clamber is another such attacking midfielder at manager Harold Northgate's disposal. Clamber made the bold decision to transfer from Lion City FC to the Dartford Devils last summer - a decision based on game-time and squad fit, but not one without its controversy and ire from the LCFC fans. He has started this season brightly, however.
#20 - Will Fodderingham
Position(s): Attacking Midfielder / Left Winger | Age: 24 (25 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 171 cm (5'7") | Weight: 69 kg (152 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Left | Club: Dartford City (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Trequartista / Wide Playmaker | cica.da: @fill.wodderingham
International Caps: 35 | Goals: 4 | Assists: 4 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Fodderingham rounds out the selection of attacking midfielders that Northgate will have plenty of headaches trying to incorporate into the team. Stylish and flashy in his play, Fodderingham can be played centrally or out wide interchangeably, such is his proficiency at both positions. He will likely feature frequently for Northgate.
#21 - Glen Warmwell
Position(s): Left Back | Age: 27 (28 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 180 cm (5'11") | Weight: 77 kg (170 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Left | Club: Lion City FC (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Wing Back / Full Back | cica.da: @g.warmwell.21
International Caps: 10 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Clean Sheets: 2 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
The left back understudy to Lewis Shank, Glen Warmwell is a very accomplished full back in his own right - but lacks the dexterity of his compatriot, staying in a more traditionally wide position on the pitch. Like Shank, Warmwell is very adept at crossing the ball, and has a tireless energy about him. He is often the player on the pitch who has covered the most distance in any given match.
#22 - Rakeem Dollar
Position(s): Left Winger / Right Winger | Age: 29 (30 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 170 cm (5'7") | Weight: 69 kg (152 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Left | Club: Lion City FC (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Raumdeuter / Winger | cica.da:
International Caps: 20 | Goals: 1 | Assists: 2 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Dollar is a versatile winger who offers Lion City FC a lot in attack, but he is clearly a step or two behind the likes of Danchevy and Adeyemi, so a bench role will have to suffice for the 29-year-old. As an impact substitute, Dollar would offer the Lions an injection of energy and enthusiasm. He likes to roam around freely on the pitch, not being tied to one wing or the other.
#23 - Rick Bishop
Position(s): Goalkeeper | Age: 31 (32 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 199 cm (6'6") | Weight: 76 kg (168 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Left | Club: East Bay United (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Goalkeeper | cica.da: @rick.b1shop
International Caps: 4 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Clean Sheets: 0 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Bishop has featured sparingly for the Lions under Harold Northgate, and has unfortunately never kept a clean sheet thus far - a fact he will surely want to remedy at some point. However, his game time will be limited behind the likes of Jeffrey Danchevy and Alex Bullvale. He is very much seen as a third option between the posts.
#24 - Manny Moses
Position(s): Centre Forward | Age: 26 (27 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 195 cm (6'5") | Weight: 86 kg (190 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Rockport Rovers (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Target Man / Poacher | cica.da: @manny.moses
International Caps: 27 | Goals: 8 | Assists: 2 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
With Michael Danchevy likely operating from the wing for Dantopia in this qualifying campaign, Moses is seen as the number two striker behind team captain Barry Paine. Moses is a tall and powerful forward, who possesses fantastic prowess in holding the ball up. He once played for Lion City FC like Paine, but sought regular game-time, so now is the star man for D1 side Rockport Rovers.
#25 - Tyrell Bing
Position(s): Centre Back | Age: 31 (32 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 196 cm (6'5") | Weight: 77 kg (170 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Lion City Celtic (Image Dantopia) | Play style: No-Nonsense Centre Back | cica.da: @tyrell.bing55
International Caps: 10 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Clean Sheets: 1 | Awards: South Pacific Cup Winner (x1)
Bing will be seen as the fourth-choice centre back for the Lions in this qualifying run. He is a perfectly capable defender, and helps keep the goals out for Lion City Celtic - where he is an important starter. However, McGoldrick, Yesterdi and Rock are all clearly ahead of him in the pecking order for Dantopia. He might feature sparingly, or if there are injury concerns.
#26 - Marco Blanco
Position(s): Right Back / Centre Back | Age: 25 (26 by World Cup 95 finals) | Height: 185 cm (6'1") | Weight: 77 kg (170 lbs)
Preferred Foot: Right | Club: Grenadiers (Image Dantopia) | Play style: Full Back / Wide Centre Back | cica.da:
International Caps: 0 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Clean Sheets: 0 | Awards: None
Marco Blanco is the final player to make the cut for Harold Northgate. Blanco used to be a centre back, but has made the permanent switch to right back at the Grenadiers where he plays. He offers Danny Haverhead's men an option to play three at the back whilst attacking, allowing James Pollock of Tikariot to bomb up the pitch on the left side. He could offer the same thing for Dantopia.

Style Mod: +1.47
Styles of play:
    • Possession Based (the team to control the majority of possession where possible)
    • Inverted Full Backs (pack the midfield with passing options, keep the inside forwards wider, stretching the opponent's defence)
    • Set Piece Specialists (Excellent at set pieces all around, with strong headers of the ball, intricate corner and indirect free kick plays, and a number of players who can score easily from direct free kicks and penalties)
    • Sweeper Keeper (Goalkeeper comfortable in possession, acts as an auxiliary centre back when the team is in possession of the ball, and rushes off his line when appropriate to meet balls over the top or crosses into the box)
    • High Defensive Line (As a result of a possession based style and sweeper keeper, the defensive line is relatively high, squeezing opposition forwards of space between the defence and midfield)
    • Low Crosses and Cut Backs (chance creation is mostly created by the full backs and wingers who attempt driven crosses or cut backs for players inside - or making late runs into - the box)
    • Lobbed Through Balls (when playing on the counter attack, the team will often attempt lobbed through balls to the forwards who generally have the pace to beat the opposition defenders)
Favoured Starting Line-Ups
National team manager Harold Northgate likes to line up the side in either one of the two formations. Often the team fluctuates fluidly between the two formations interchangeably throughout the match.

Seven different stadiums throughout Dantopia will be tasked with hosting the national team during the qualifying campaign, all of which are the home arenas of one of Dantopia's Division 1 teams. The seven arenas are spread across three different cities - the major three cities of Dantopia; those being the capital, Lion City; Dartford; and Portland. The stadiums that shall host the national team (listed in order of capacity - largest to smallest) are as follows...
Lion City Arena
Location: Lion City, Dantopia
Opened: 2007 (expanded 2019)
Club Team(s): Lion City Celtic, Lion City FC
Capacity: 80,000
Field Size: 105 by 68 metres (114.8 yd × 74.4 yd)
Grass: Desso GrassMaster

Bank of Dantopia Stadium
Location: Dartford, Dantopia
Opened: 2017
Club Team(s): Dartford Devils
Capacity: 72,019
Field Size: 105.2m x 68.6m (115 yd × 75 yd)
Grass: Desso GrassMaster

Dantopian Airways Stadium
Location: Lion City, Dantopia
Opened: 2019
Club Team(s): Grenadiers
Capacity: 67,215
Field Size: 105 by 68 metres (114.8 yd × 74.4 yd)
Grass: Desso GrassMaster

DT Centre
Location: Portland, Dantopia
Opened: 1983 (renovated 2011)
Club Team(s): Portland Pirates
Capacity: 64,045
Field Size: 107m x 68.6m (117 yd × 75 yd)
Grass: Mixto hybrid grass

Quay Arena
Location: Lion City, Dantopia
Opened: 2014
Club Team(s): Apollo FC
Capacity: 55,000
Field Size: 105 by 68 metres (114.8 yd × 74.4 yd)
Grass: Eclipse Stabilised Turf

Dartford City Stadium
Location: Dartford, Dantopia
Opened: 2020
Club Team(s): Dartford City
Capacity: 44,667
Field Size: 105 by 68 metres (114.8 yd × 74.4 yd)
Grass: Desso GrassMaster

Pacific Stadium
Location: Portland, Dantopia
Opened: 2022
Club Team(s): Portland Pacific
Capacity: 42,500
Field Size: 105 by 68 metres (114.8 yd × 74.4 yd)
Grass: Evergreen Matrix Turf

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following...

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (but you must message me to ask first)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (but you must message me to ask first)
Godmod other events: Possibly, on very rare occasions (please message me to discuss this)
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Postby Frontiere » Sun Oct 22, 2023 6:50 am

Association de Football Frontière

Manager: Mathias Bordeau
Trigamme: FRN
Players in Camp: 19
Formations: 4-3-3/4-2-4
Fanbase: The Blue Pirates

The Squad

#1 Jules Félix °
#22 Enéas Travert

#11 Waltier Fabien °
#12 Pascal Blanchet °
#41 Olivier Charbonneau °
#15 Elliot Thomas °
#9 Narcisse Langlais
#55 Hercule Beauchêne

#19 Philbert Colbert °
#5 Thierry Dufort °
#99 Philippe Roy
#13 Waltier Duchamps °
#65 Brian Favreau
#97 Lionel Durand

#7 Serge Leclair °
#10 Vivien Fay °
#9 Thibault Favreau °
#65 Franc Babin
#43 Maxence Robert

° denotes Playing XI


Style Modifier: +3

My Opponents, if they RP first. Can do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: No
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Postby HUElavia » Sun Oct 22, 2023 10:40 am

HUElavia National Football Team

#1: Ji-Hu Mok
(27 Years Old) (1.90 m) (FC Santos)
#12: Vitoria Bares
(30 Years Old) (1.80 m) (Real Curumba CF)
#23: Jaylli Mallma Llactahuaman
(29 Years Old) (1.88 m) (RCD San Rafael)
#27: Poma Caipa Surichaqui
(30 Years Old) (1.84 m) (International Curumba)
XX: Patrick De la Croix
(22 Years Old) (1.90 m) (Olympique de Lourdes)
XX: Fabiana Leguizamo
(23 Years Old) (1.82 m) (FC Santos)
XX: Tejana Zetticci
(21 Years Old) (1.74 m) (AC Romano)
XX: Lucas Queiroz Lobo
(20 Years Old) (1.85 m) (Real Curumba CF)

#2: Patrizio Ardance
(34 Years Old) (1.84 m) (CB) (Athletic Club Itio)
#3: Diana Tarragona
(29 Years Old) (1.76 m) (CB) (RCD San Rafael)
#4: Jean-Marc Gounelle
(26 Years Old) (1.77 m) (LB-RB) (Olympique de Lourdes)
#5: Cíntia Couto Chagas
(31 Years Old) (1.70 m) (RB-LB) (Real Curumba CF)
#12: Umeko Wakai
(30 Years Old) (1.68 m) (LB-RB) (SC Yatagarasu)
#15: Pablo Pestalozzi
(24 Years Old) (1.84 m) (RB-LB) (International Curumba)
#16: Matias Valdovinos
(29 Years Old) (1.88 m) (CB) (AC Romano)
#18: Gaietana Beuba
(25 Years Old) (1.75 m) (CB) Athletic Club Itio)
#26: Rafael Álvarez Fagundes
(22 Years Old) (1.85 m) (CB) (Real Curumba CF)
XX: Rafael Zanetti da Cruz
(26 Years Old) (1.85 m) (CB) (Acuatico FC)
XX: Sara Muñoz
(24 Years Old) (1.74 m) (CB) (FC Portimao)
XX: Cristina Pedroso da Costa
(22 Years Old) (1.70 m) (LB-RB) (RCD San Rafael)
XX: Hugo Sanz
(23 Years Old) (1.78 m) (RB-LB) (HUEsilia FC)
XX: Vienna Brockhouse
(21 Years Old) (1.75 m) (CB) (Real Curumba CF)
XX: Lúcio Ruiz Pacheco
(21 Years Old) (1.83 m) (CB) (FC Santos)
XX: Qori Hualla Ñaña
(20 Years Old) (1.80 m) (RB-LB) (Kuelap CF)
XX: Akeno Sugiyama
(20 Years Old) (1.70 m) (LB-RB) (SC Yatagarasu)
XX: Fatima Yassine
(22 Years Old) (1.83 m) (CB) (Al-Hamar)

#6: Gabriela Yamada Kanashiro
(30 Years Old) (1.68 m) (DM-CM) (Real Curumba CF)
#8: Se-Ah Si
(31 Years Old) (1.63 m) (DM-CM-AM) (Goang FC)
#10: David Navarro-Hamada
(36 Years Old) (1.70 m) (CM-AM) (Real Curumba CF)
#14: Raphael Taylor-Calañas
(26 Years Old) (1.80 m) (DM-CM-AM) (Acuatico FC)
#19: Ayuka Koga
(30 Years Old) (1.58 m) (CM-AM) (SC Yatagarasu)
#22: Philippe Brousseau
(31 Years Old) (1.79 m) (DM-CM-AM) (Olympique de Lourdes)
#25: Clara Nascimento
(22 Years Old) (1.64 m) (DM-CM-AM) (FC Santos)
XX: Soraia Reis
(25 Years Old) (1.65 m) (DM-CM) (HUEsilia FC)
XX: Baraxil Guerricagoitia
(26 Years Old) (1.80 m) (CM-AM) (Athletic Club Itio)
XX: Emiliano Franco
(23 Years Old) (1.79 m) (DM-CM-AM) (RCD San Rafael)
XX: Edgar Andrade Espíndola
(23 Years Old) (1.80 m) (DM-CM) (FC Portimao)
XX: Fatima Yassine
(19 Years Old) (1.63 m) (CM-AM) (Al-Hamar)
XX: Qullana Chuquimango Pinto
(21 Years Old) (1.68 m) (DM-CM-AM) (FC Natel)
XX: Ji-Won P'yong
(27 Years Old) (1.82 m) (CM-AM) (FC Santos)

#7: Cristiano Aveiro Junior
(34 Years Old) (1.80 m) (LW-RW) (Real Curumba CF)
#9: Mateo Rossi-Rigoni
(30 Years Old) (1.75 m) (ST-CF) (RCD San Rafael)
#11: Milia Amezcua
(30 Years Old) (1.70 m) (RW-LW) (Athletic Club Itio)
#17: Inka Canchon Cachi
(20 Years Old) (1.67 m) (RW-LW) (Kuelap CF)
#20: Hye-Soo Hwangbo
(30 Years Old) (1.62 m) (CF-ST) (International Curumba)
#21: Felipe de la Cruz
(22 Years Old) (1.76 m) (RW-LW) (Real Curumba CF)
#24: Daniel Soares de Lima
(27 Years Old) (1.85 m) (CF-ST) (Real Curumba CF)
XX: Marco Ricci
(22 Years Old) (1.78 m) (LW-RW) (RCD San Rafael)
XX: Guillermina Lombardi
(23 Years Old) (1.68 m) (ST-CF) (Real Curumba CF)
XX: Evelyn Alves Vila
(23 Years Old) (1.66 m) (RW-LW) (International Curumba)
XX: Inka Canchon Cachi
(20 Years Old) (1.67 m) (RW-LW) (Kuelap CF)
XX: Itziar Catalá
(21 Years Old) (1.70 m) (CF-ST) (FC Santiago)
XX: Mikel Carnicero
(21 Years Old) (1.83 m) (RW-LW) (Athletic Club Itio)
XX: Italia Chiappone
(20 Years Old) (1.69 m) (ST-CF) (AC Romano)

#1: Ji-Hu Mok
(27 Years Old) (1.90 m) (FC Santos)
#12: Tejana Zetticci
(21 Years Old) (1.74 m) (AC Romano)
#23: Patrick De la Croix
(22 Years Old) (1.90 m) (Olympique de Lourdes)
#27: Lucas Queiroz Lobo
(20 Years Old) (1.85 m) (Real Curumba CF)

#2: Patrizio Ardance
(34 Years Old) (1.84 m) (CB) (Athletic Club Itio)
#3: Diana Tarragona
(29 Years Old) (1.76 m) (CB) (RCD San Rafael)
#4: Jean-Marc Gounelle
(26 Years Old) (1.77 m) (LB-RB) (Olympique de Lourdes)
#5: Umeko Wakai
(30 Years Old) (1.68 m) (RB-LB) (SC Yatagarasu)
#12: Cristina Pedroso da Costa
(22 Years Old) (1.70 m) (LB-RB) (RCD San Rafael)
#15: Pablo Pestalozzi
(24 Years Old) (1.84 m) (RB-LB) (International Curumba)
#16: Matias Valdovinos
(29 Years Old) (1.88 m) (CB) (AC Romano)
#18: Gaietana Beuba
(25 Years Old) (1.75 m) (CB) Athletic Club Itio)
#26: Rafael Álvarez Fagundes
(22 Years Old) (1.85 m) (CB) (Real Curumba CF)

#6: Gabriela Yamada Kanashiro
(30 Years Old) (1.68 m) (DM-CM) (Real Curumba CF)
#8: Se-Ah Si
(31 Years Old) (1.63 m) (DM-CM-AM) (Goang FC)
#10: David Navarro-Hamada
(36 Years Old) (1.70 m) (CM-AM) (Real Curumba CF)
#14: Raphael Taylor-Calañas
(26 Years Old) (1.80 m) (DM-CM-AM) (Acuatico FC)
#19: Soraia Reis
(25 Years Old) (1.65 m) (DM-CM) (HUEsilia FC)
#22: Baraxil Guerricagoitia
(26 Years Old) (1.80 m) (CM-AM) (Athletic Club Itio)
#25: Clara Nascimento
(22 Years Old) (1.64 m) (DM-CM-AM) (FC Santos)

#7: Cristiano Aveiro Junior
(34 Years Old) (1.80 m) (LW-RW) (Real Curumba CF)
#9: Mateo Rossi-Rigoni
(30 Years Old) (1.75 m) (ST-CF) (RCD San Rafael)
#11: Milia Amezcua
(30 Years Old) (1.70 m) (RW-LW) (Athletic Club Itio)
#17: Inka Canchon Cachi
(20 Years Old) (1.67 m) (RW-LW) (Kuelap CF)
#20: Guillermina Lombardi
(23 Years Old) (1.68 m) (ST-CF) (Real Curumba CF)
#21: Felipe de la Cruz
(22 Years Old) (1.76 m) (RW-LW) (Real Curumba CF)
#24: Daniel Soares de Lima
(27 Years Old) (1.85 m) (CF-ST) (Real Curumba CF)

Head Coach:
Lester O'Reagan (47 Years Old) (QUE)

Assistant Coaches:
Lucas Lettmann (48 Years Old), Ringo Honda (47 Years Old)

(For B-Team squad, switch all players with their back up counterpart. C-Team would be 3rd set of players per position, D-Team would be the last set of players)

Starting XI:
1 Mok
4 Gounelle, 2 Ardance, 3 Tarragona, 5 Wakai
14 Taylor-Calañas, 25 Nascimento
11 Amezcua, 10 Navarro-Hamada, 7 Aveiro
9 Rossi-Rigoni

Captain: Navarro-Hamada, Aveiro
Vice-Captain: Tarragona, Amezcua
Free-Kicks: Navarro-Hamada, Aveiro, Rossi-Rigoni
Penalties: Aveiro, Rossi-Rigoni, Amezcua
Corners: Taylor-Calañas, Nascimento

(Please view my Stadiums Factbook to take a look at where you will be playing)

Please view this post to see where you will play during the WC 95 Qualifiers for Group 16.

RP Permissions
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing severe
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing severe
Suspend my players: Yes, but be reasonable
Godmod suspension events: Yes, but be reasonable
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Patriotlandia » Sun Oct 22, 2023 1:33 pm

National Association Football Team

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I prefer choosing the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, but message me if it's really out there.

Style modifier: +2

Nation Information
Full Name: The Republic of Patriotlandia
Capital: Jolicoeur, Province of Abelanne
Demonym: Patriotlandian
Population: 6,614,903
Trigram: PTR

Roster and Staff
Manager: Jean-Alexandre Carignan
Assistant Manager: Hippolyte Guerin
Assistant Manager: Ruth Flynn

Formation: 3-4-1-2
The new formation from Jean-Alexandre Carignan is meant to make use of the nation's surplus of great midfielders. With passing, running and shooting threats will be crucial in helping the attacking duo up front. The defensive line could have issues if left alone, but the midfield will work their way back to to support and hopefully stop attacks before they even reach dangerous areas.

Player Roles:
Captain: Elie Manahan
Penalty Taker: Lucien Graham
Free Kick Taker: Alexandre Desrives
Corner Kick Taker: Elie Manahan

The starting 11 is expected to rotate, every match or so, between the listed players.

Name			 Pos	 Age	 Team	                                                     
Lucien Graham            ST      29      Stade Conflans             Penalty Taker
Francis Fortinello       ST      21      Union Port-la-Ville           
Alexandre Desrives       CM/CAM  30      Image SC Sokrona              Free Kick Taker
Bertrand Langlais        LW/LM   25      Union Port-la-Ville           
Evan Lachapelle          CM      27      AS Couen                      
Elie Manahan             CM      23      Image Swangard Athletic      Captain, Corner Kick Taker
David Rodin              CM/RM   31      Image Jolbonopolis United     
Bruno Vaillancourt       LB/RB   30      Stade Conflans                
Samuel Dalton            CB      28      Rapides St-Charles            
Loïc Laflèche            RB      28      Athletique Alexandrie         
Paul Lataupe             GK      32      Union Port-la-Ville           
Glenn Wils               ST      24      Image St. John's Arsenal      
Hannah Graham            ST      27      AS Couen                      
Cécilien Vanoret         CAM     20      Image Caversham               
Emmanuel Francoeur       LW      28      Stade Conflans                
Guy Sarazin              CM      26      Stade Conflans                
Samuelle Savoie-Smith    CM      23      Image Veriasod Wolves FC      
Cody Fulton              RW      28      Griffin Isles United          
Arnaud Francoeur         LM/LB   27      Image Capitol Athletic        
Jannie Bromont           CB      30      Grand-Ours Rovers             
Alphonse Deringer        CB      32      (SAT) Tsear AC                
Olivier Tomlin           CB/RB   23      Union Port-la-Ville           
Laura O'Neill            GK      22      Stade Conflans                

Navy Memorial Stadium
Capacity: 62,000
Built on the historical navy training grounds, Navy Memorial Stadium is the crown jewel of the Super League. Blending traditional and modern architectural cues, the stadium is impressive not only in size but beauty inside and out. The sixty-two thousand all seated capacity is also the highest of any stadium in the country. The stadium is located on the shores of Bonport Bay by the old citadelle. Fans can also enjoy plenty of shops and restaurants on the way to the game with the city center only a few minutes away.

AeroLandia Stadium
Capacity: 26,100
Gently nested between Jolicoeur and the surrounding hills, AeroLandia Stadium, formerly Stade des Patriotes, is not the newest stadium, but it is about time for the World Cup excitement to reach the nation's capital.

Parc Athletique d'Yvesmont
Capacity: 25,000
Parc Athletique d'Yvesmont features good amenities and, despite the distance between the stands and the field, crowds are usually big and loud. In bigger matches, the running track could be used for standing room only tickets.

MD1 @ The Licentian Isles
MD2 vs Pemecutan, Navy Memorial Stadium, 62,000, Port-la-Ville
MD3 @ Hafamarimyht
MD4 vs Elmyia, Navy Memorial Stadium, 62,000, Port-la-Ville
MD5 @ Frontiere
MD6 vs Saint-Jean-Jacques et Burnham-on-Stove, Parc Athletique d'Yvesmont, 25,000, Yvesmont
MD7 @ Adab
MD8 vs The Licentian Isles, AeroLandia Stadium, 26,100, Jolicoeur
MD9 @ Pemecutan
MD10 vs Hafamarimyht, Parc Athletique d'Yvesmont, 25,000, Yvesmont
MD11 @ Elmyia
MD12 vs Frontiere, AeroLandia Stadium, 26,100, Jolicoeur
MD13 @ Saint-Jean-Jacques et Burnham-on-Stove
MD14 vs Adab, Navy Memorial Stadium, 62,000, Port-la-Ville
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Postby Aleirave » Sun Oct 22, 2023 2:10 pm

The Aleirave Football Association
Baptism of Fire LXXVIII Champions
Roster for World Cup XCV

OOC: All players in blue are ethnically Klysevian, all players in red are native Aleiravan.

The island nation of Aleirave is a rather small one, with a population of barely 50 thousand, located by a sea they know as the Retakono Me'a, or the sea of mystery. The only islands that were anywhere near them seemed to sink under the sea a couple years back, leaving them as the most isolated nation in the region of Anaia.

The nation of Aleirave was originally founded by Fyodor Tereyev, who was a puteshestvennik (or "traveller") from Klysevia, about 350 years ago. His descendants ruled the island up until the year 2023, when Alexandr Tereyev was shot and killed by a lone gunman in a peaceful protest. Since then, the island has been ruled as an Special Administrative Unit of Eshialand, effectively acting as its own democratic nation within a nation.

Well, that CAFA was disappointing.

A second group stage exit in a row was below most Aleiravans' expectations, but that was no worry to this team. Haulafo Paka'ula didn't see the sinking ship that other Aleiravans saw: what he saw was a team that could achieve anything, but didn't quite have it all there just yet.

So how was he going to tap into this potential for the next World Cup Qualifying campaign? First, he would be bringing Ivan Shakarov back on as assistant manager. While he may not have liked the guy that much, there was no denying that he was good at making this team play to their true potential, as he did in the first half of WC 94 qualifying. Whether the two would be able to work together without tripping over each other remained to be seen, but this pair of managers, if they really could work together well like Haulafo hoped, could finally be what bring this team over the line to their first qualification.

Nickname: the Seagulls
Trigram: ALR


First international: Audioslavia 4-0 Aleirave (CAFA II)
First win: Aleirave 6-3 Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land (CAFA III)
Best win: Aleirave 6-0 Unpleasant (BoF LXXVIII)
Worst loss: Audioslavia 4-0 Aleirave (CAFA II)
Most goals for: Aleirave 7–2 The Cannaland Islands (WCQ XCIII)
Most goals against: Eraman 8-5 Aleirave* (WCQ XCI)
Highest-scoring match: Eraman 8-5 Aleirave* (WCQ XCI)

*Recent updates to the Idiot Project database brought this previously-forgotten result to the AFA's attention, which not only sets multiple records for the Seagulls, but makes them the first team in World Cup history to lose a match 5 goals to 8, making it a scorigami.


Manager: Haulafo PAKA'ULA (M, 57)
Some fans have a lot of doubt in Haulafo Paka'ula at this point, but the team has none. He's the original architect of this team and a father to the family they've made together. He's embraced the Aleiravan spirit of quick, agile football, where positions don't really matter so much as making everybody mesh together as a single unit. While in the past he may have doubted himself to the point of resigning before last year's World Cup Qualifying, he's back in business and ready to prove to the world that this island really can be among the best.

Assistant Manager: Ivan SHAKAROV (M, 62)
When Haulafo Paka'ula resigned, it was Ivan Shakarov who stepped up to fill the void, and results-wise, he did a pretty good job of it, leading them to a 6-3-1 first half before Haulafo took the reins back. While Manager Paka'ula may not have wanted to call him back, there was no denying that he could be the missing link to make this good team a great one, so he gave him a second change to manage the team, albeit in an assisting capacity. While he may not have nearly as much experience at the international level as Paka'ula does, he's made waves before, and he can make waves again, and hopefully can bring the absolute best out of this team.

Formation: 3-4-1-2
Style: +4

    GK #1 Falena RUKIPIATO (F, 31)
    GK #32 Oleg PONIEROV (M, 35)
    GK #70 Tehieko FEHIFELA (F, 28)

    LB #4 Yekaterina OLAYEVA (F, 32)
    RB #5 Piheve EVATENE (M, 22)
    LB #7 Serani NA'ELERU (F, 30)
    CB #11 Tefei'o TESUNA'E (M, 28)
    RB #14 Grigori ZHENTONIOV (M, 34)
    CB #67 Sergei BYALKO (M, 21)

    LM #2 Efineha TESUNA'E (F, 28) - Image Katashi-Kanatsu
    RCM #3 Aleksandr VRALETSKY (M, 33)
    RM #8 Valeri TYONKO (M, 30)
    LCM #12 Nakelia LIFEVANEKA (F, 23)
    RCM #17 Lunaha FUSERAKA (F, 31)
    LM #21 Nusene FAVENOKU (M, 28)
    LCM #38 Pavel RASTENIUK (M, 19)
    RM #53 Ma'uho KATEHOVI (M, 18)

    ST #10 Neraveke HO'UMINALU (F, 26)
    ST #13 Fyodor VESHCHIK (M, 25)
    ST #28 Terale FIASALA (M, 31)
    AM #30 Valentina RESNYEVA (F, 33)
    ST #35 Renasetevo NANERIKEHA (M, 26)
    AM #99 Ivefela NOSELELA (F, 29)

RP Permissions
If my opponent roleplays first, they may:
Choose my starting lineup: Yes. The players in bold are the default starting XI, but take these more as suggestions than anything else. Always feel free to mix things up!
Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Please TG me and I'll determine the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes.
Hand out red cards to my players: No more than one per match without TGing me about it first.
Godmod other events: Please TG me first, but most likely yes.

If you wanna collaborate on a match, just TG me! I'm open to all collaboration!

Lastly, please don't use pictures in your RP and say they represent my players. Trust me, they probably don't.
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Postby Sudilia » Mon Oct 23, 2023 8:01 am

Sudilia National Football Team

Goal Song
Style: +1.5

#1: Eliot Boulay
(32 Years Old) (1.80 m)
#12: Kelly Tassé
(20 Years Old) (1.78 m)
#23: Cameron Wood
(24 Years Old) (1.83 m)

#2: Josephine Smith-Olson
(32 Years Old) (1.75 m) (CB)
#3: Jordan Brockhouse
(23 Years Old) (1.83 m) (CB)
#4: Ophidia Barrette
(20 Years Old) (1.66 m) (LB-RB)
#5: Aléandre Beaulieu
(22 Years Old) (1.76 m) (RB-LB)
#12: John Macdonald
(19 Years Old) (1.72 m) (LB-RB)
#15: Jessica Logan
(19 Years Old) (1.65 m) (RB-LB)
#16: Isabelle Giroud
(33 Years Old) (1.68 m) (CB)
#18: Liam Phaneuf
(23 Years Old) (1.80 m) (CB)

#6: Sara Carbonneau
(32 Years Old) (1.65 m) (DM-CM)
#8: Michael Clarkson
(21 Years Old) (1.80 m) (DM-CM-AM)
#10: Joshua Beauvais
(33 Years Old) (1.75 m) (CM-AM)
#14: Alice McIverson
(34 Years Old) (1.68 m) (DM-CM-AM)
#19: Jordan Dumont
(21 Years Old) (1.78 m) (DM-CM)
#22: Amanda Chen
(20 Years Old) (1.65 m) (CM-AM)

#7: Ariane Mongrain
(22 Years Old) (1.70 m) (LW-RW)
#9: Luca Dubois
(19 Years Old) (1.82 m) (CF-ST)
#11: Jordan Lyle
(32 Years Old) (1.78 m) (RW-LW)
#17: Marc-Antoine Barrette
(22 Years Old) (1.80 m) (LW-RW)
#20: Alice Pearson
(33 Years Old) (1.65 m) (ST-CF)
#21: Gabriella Grant
(32 Years Old) (RW-LW)

Head Coach:
Oliver Thompson (54 Years Old)

Assistant Coaches:
Melodie Leboeuf (49 Years Old), Joel Paiement (52 Years Old)

Starting XI:
1 Boulay
5 Beaulieu, 2 Smith-Olson, 3 Brockhouse, 4 Barrette
6 Carbonneau, 8 Clarkson
11 Lyle, 10 Beauvais, 7 Mongrain
9 Dubois

Captain: Lyle
Vice-Captain: Carbonneau, Boulay
Free-Kicks: Beauvais, Labelle
Penalties: Lyle, Dubois
Corners: Carbonneau, Clarkson

RP Permissions
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing severe
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing severe
Suspend my players: Yes, but be reasonable
Godmod suspension events: Yes, but be reasonable
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Barunia » Mon Oct 23, 2023 11:44 pm

The Barunia Suns make their return to the World Cup Qualifiers. Having first burst onto the scene way back in World Cup 64, the Suns went on a 19-tournament streak, qualifying 7 times**. It all started to fall apart after World Cup 83, with the Suns absent from qualifiers for the 84th edition, and only sporadically reappearing after that, most recently in the 91st edition.
It is hoped that this time, the return will be more permanent, and the Suns of World Cup 95 will build a strong foundation for the future of Barunian Football.

The team.

# Pos Name Gender Notes
#1 GK Michael Rippin M Tall with wide reach. Good athleticism.
#2 LB Emily Barnes F Solid defender with a booming clearance.
#3 RB Rodrigues M A good reader of attackers, clean passer.
#4 CB Leah Mitchell F Captain. Cool headed under pressure.
#5 DM Aurora Costa F Dominating presence in the midfield.
#6 DM Morgan Brooks X* Clinical passer and fast mover on the pitch.
#7 AM Brian Mynatt M Skilled all round player with clean footwork.
#8 AM Sarah Lewisham F Legendary league forward famed for spot kicks
#9 AM Felipe Perez M Famed for his bursts of speed into the box.
#10 SS Thomas Robotham M Intelligent striker with a great finish.
#11 CF Emmanuel Carter M Former teen hotshot, now matured veteran.

#12 GK Mikayla Ross F Preferred GK for penalty shootouts.
#13 CB Essie Dunning F Young rising star with a bright future.
#14 CB Harry Wilkie M Flamboyant footwork and great hair.
#15 DM Collin Bourke M Hardman, chance of getting carded is high.
#16 DM Hayden Yong M Young man hoping for a chance to impress.
#17 DM Madilyn Butcher F Controls the midfield with good positioning.
#18 CM Cameron Kerry M A wicked header, expect him on set pieces.
#19 CM Riann Foster M Decent crosser of the ball.
#20 AM Justine Haynes F Daughter of Barunian legend Johnathon Haynes
#21 CF Kaitlyn Barber F Power and physicality make her a danger.
#22 CF Sam Holt M Small, fast, and agile.
#23 GK Matt Comstock M Hopes to get to 1st or 2nd keeper one day.

*Morgan Brooks is non-binary. Please use they-them pronouns.

Coach (manager): James Talbot (M, 54)
The position of manager is known in Barunia as the coach or head coach.

Barunia have long played with mixed-gender teams, ever since the famous “Chenoweth decision” ruled single-gender domestic teams discriminatory. Since then Barunia has had female-dominated teams and female captains. Liesel McLelland is so far the only woman to coach the national team. Morgan Brooks is the first ever non-binary player for the Suns. Their gender is legally recognised by the government, which is generally supportive of LGBTQIA+ rights.

Note on numbering conventions: Under Barunia’s numbering rules, a player who has made the national team is given the next number in the sequence. They retain that number for the rest of their career, even if they are dropped from the national team, until they retire, or the BFA decides there is not a realistic chance of them returning. Spaces may be filled before continuing the numbering system, and may be assigned to any position with the exception of #1, which is always a goalkeeper.
There are currently only two retired numbers: #25 and #37. As the Suns have not played in any international tournament since WC91, all numbers from #1 to #23 have become available.

Formation: 3-2-3-2

Talbot’s default formation plays to the strengths of Barunian football, and then takes it up a notch. Defensive midfielders have always been part of Barunian teams, but Talbot has removed the back four to add an additional one, giving the team greater flexibility. Three specialist attacking midfielders make this an aggressive-minded team. While officially recorded as a 3-5-2, the formation may at times work more like a 3-2-5 or in extreme circumstances as a 5-0-5, with the two sets of specialist midfielders sticking to their own halves but linking up through passes. Barunia tends to prefer swift passes to attacks down the wings or going over the top, and coach Talbot looks to capitalise on this with his attacking midfielders, aiming to break through defences by quickly switching the attack or overloading the box.


Barunia’s kit has been supplied by Kirola of Audioslavia since World Cup 68. The current design features white shorts for the home kit and dark red for the away. Goalkeepers wear orange or green.

5 stadiums will be used, one in each state and territory of the Socialist Federation. As always ,Sam Garcia field in Northport-San Baptiste will host the first match, as they have done since Barunia's first WCQ match all those years ago.

Stadiums are listed by stadium name, city, state/territory, opponent(s)

Sam Garcia Field, Northport - San Baptiste, North Islands: Starblaydia
Sun Stadium, Porthaven, Havenia: Saint Eleanor, Cassadaigua
Memoral Stadium, Edwardton, Marion: Baggieland, Carpathia and Ruthenia
Blackrock Stadium, Newland, West Barunia: Yakk
Bayview Stadium, West Bay, Tildos: West Khorakia

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes, no own goals without permission
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, limit one per match
Godmod other events: /No
Style: +2

**I could be wrong, I didn't check. Might be more than 7, might be less. don't shoot me.
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Postby Ochre Islands » Thu Oct 26, 2023 3:26 am

Due to the ongoing war in the Ochre Islands between the home nation, Mertagne, Ko-oren and Cardenao against Bostopia, the 'exiles' have been unable to return home since the Cup of Harmony for WC94, which was around 3 years ago. The Ochre squad is tired, aging, distressed and cut-off from friends and family, though news is finally starting to filter out of the islands...

Initials, Name, Position, Age, Team, Place of Birth


JD – Richard VALENS - Manager – Image
BG – Blue GIBSON – Coach - Image


Playing in the following formation: GK | DL DC DC DR | MC MC MC | SC SC SC

The first player(s) named in each area of the team start the game. Our line-up will broadly be as follows (unless you RP one of our players has an injury or something):

GK: Natural
DsL-R: Sandman, Sackholme, o.t. Streamcarers, Featherborn
MCs: Midday, Sunteller, Bridgebuilder
SCs: Russo, Twonames, Clearedway

Further information on the players is below if it is required and/or of interest.

Number, Name, Position, Age, Place of Birth, Club
All players male (He/Him) unless specified

Goalkeepers - 3

1 - Marcus NATURAL - GK – 29 – Fringilla, Chaffinch Island Image – Cottsworth City Image
Having excelled as a goalkeeper from an early age in Fringilla, Natural's surname came naturally to him following glowing reports from his coaches on the way up.The only thing that had held him back from number one status is Softstep's superior foresight.
12 - Moyake ONYEFULU - GK – 28 – Dugba, Cobrio Jensee Island – CF Solidarite Akash, Cobrio
Onyefulu is half-Ochreite, being born to an Ochreite mother. Whilst convention in Cobrio is for the mother's name to be carried over, Onyeful's own mother was insistent she take her father's name. She is currently playing for CF Solidarite Akash and is one of four overseas players drafted in by the Ochre Islands during the current crisis.
13 – Leora SOFTSTEP - GK – 37 – Cerrston, Juniper Island Image – Juniper Mournhow F.C. Image
Leora's place of birth is noted as Cerrston, when in fact she was born on one of the ships carrying Bostopians to their new home in the Ochres. That it happened to dock in Cerrston, where her family settled, was just luck. Her parents chose a new surname after watching their child take her first furtitive steps outside, wanting to ditch their old Bostopian name. While there is some doubts over her ability to play as an international goalkeeper, her ability to read the game makes up for a lack of height (comparative to other top-flight goalkeepers at least) and fans joke that it seems she knows where the ball will go before the striker does.

Defenders - 7

15 - Harry SANDMAN – DL – 34 – Slipsway, Chaffinch Island Image – Slipsway Town F.C. Image
The youngest member of the squad, only just turning 16 in time for the first qualifying game, Harry Sandman is the first player in any Ochre national squad to be born on Chaffinch Island. Adopting his surname from his love of running on the beach, he tends to be more of a sweeper than a proper centre half, being able to quickly take care of opponents passes into the box before they cause too much harm. His pace and stamina also allows him to play as a makeshift right wing-back, but his crosses come across as clearances more often than not.
6 – Julian SACKHOLME - DC – 27 – Bellflower, Mournhow Island Image – Ousevale Borough Image
Sackholme was born in Bellflower to parents who were members of Krytenia's diplomatic corps. He spent the first few years of his life in Bellflower, before moving to Ousevale, his parents hometown. Whilst he hasn't been able to secure a place in Borough's starting XI, he's keen to impress during the Cup of Harmony to further put his name in the plans of Ousevale's manager.
4 – Daniela o.t. STREAMCARERS – DC – 32 – Florindia, Dracaena Image – Miradela GD Image
Daniela of the Streamcarers was the oldest player to make their Ochre debut at a major tournament. Whilst the Ochres is making great strides towards equality of the sexes, on a football pitch women are still expected to show they can match the males in strength to play in the male-dominated professional leagues. Thus, whilst having natural defending ability, she has had to work harder than a lot of the men to claim her position within the national defensive group at all. In order to get more playing time and show some of the olds around the national side she is capable, Daniela has had to move away from her clan and is now playing for Miradela GD in Ko-oren.
5 - Julen GORGEWALKER – DR – 31 – Bellflower Image – West Bellflower F.C. Image
Amongst a very fit, professional squad, Gorgewalker is probably the fittest player on the team, largely in part due to his enjoyment of walking along the many gorges that make up the Ochre hinterland. Employed as a wing-back by West Bellflower, Gorgewalker displays many fine qualities going forward and in defence.
16 - Lucy FEATHERBORN- DR – 35 – City of Louisa, Hope Island Image – Schemerdrecht SVV Image
Featherborn currently plies her trade at right-back for Schemerdrecht SVV, having left her hometown team Louisa Hope F.C. for the Ko-oren side. Complaints from journalists that she could have gone to a team 'easier to spell quickly' exist though are simply batted away as 'whinging'. Pacy and versatile, she is more likely to try and beat her opponent with the ball at her feet rather than pass around them. She already displays a range of passing that could see her propelled into the midfield, whether on the wing or in the middle should her development continue at the pace it is.
3 - Michael WATERTON - DL – 27 – Endswick, Handsby Island Image – Nottshore Turquoise Image
Waterton comes from a small hamlet just outside Endwick called 'Waterton', which his father named when he first settled the area and is set on building a new town there. Wanting to stay local and help his family, Waterton has turned down offers from larger clubs to stay with Nottshore Turquoise, who are based on his home island of Handsby.
2 - Louis D'ENTRO -Vice-Captain - DC – 35 – Bellflower, Mournhow Island Image – Cottsworth City Image
Louis was born in what was known then as 'New Ranton', which was the name of the capital of the Bostopian Ochre Islands prior to independence. He is one of the better players in Cottsworth's side, who are regular title contenders in the Ochre League Division One.

Midfielders - 8

17 - Nate MIDDAY - MC – 30 – Westlands, Anley – Acrestry Town Image
Midday's is a holding midfielder who currently playes for Acrestry Town in the first division of Ochre football. He is known as a dead-ball specialist as well as having the skills needed to play in the centre of midfield at a high level.
20 - Eliot SUNTELLER - D/MC – 25 – Renhold, Mournhow Image – Lansdorn F.C. Image
Sunteller is a promising young footballer brought along to CAFA 6 to give him some experience on the regional stage before possibly making the WC94 squad. His mother, a follower of Byerxys and noted soothsayer raised him on her own from young following his father's untimely passing. Sunteller currently plays for Lansdorn, where whilst he makes a good number of appearances from the bench, clearly shows a lot of promise and potential.
14 - Luca BRIDGEBUILDERCaptain - MC – 24 – Aguaclara, Cardenao Image – Bellflower A.U. Image
Bridgebuilder is the shining star of Bellflower A.U. XI's youth academy and currently plies his trade in the first team in the Ochre First Division. Born on a small island in Cardenao to two Ochre Island parents, he is the first dual-Anaian citizen to play for the Ochre Islands. As well as football, Bridgebuilder also has a strong interest in diplomatic relations and is already tipped for a political career once his still-young playing days are over.
8 - Harry LEWIS - MC – 39 – Port Flamerty – Nuntsby City Image
11 - Joseph MIKKELS - MC – 40 – Hilltop – Lower Soffsley Image
15 - Mick BASING - DMC – 37 – Sennaton – Bellflower A.U. XI Image
18 - Adrien WITHLINENS - AMC – 30 – Flenham, Mournhow – Fringilla A.F.C. Image
Withlinens is a player who should begin to excel under Richard Valens, willing to throw himself forward at a moments notice to turn a three person front-line into four people, as well as provide defence-splitting passes from the midfield.

Strikers - 5

22 - Susana RUSSO – SC – 26 – Bridgdon, Handsby Image – Dynapolis United, Cobrio
Susana has big shoes to fill, taking the place and number of the Ochres Bostopian-born wonderchild, Blue Gibson. However, this isn't the first time she's been faced with adversity, moving to Cobrio early on as her mother took a job in an international freight firm in Callisto, Hearthlands, who had a lot of trade with the Ochres. She rose through the youth ranks at Heart of Omorfio, then broke into their first team aged only 17. She signed for nearby 'rivals' Callisto City at 18, then moved to Dynapolis United in Cobrio's second city at 21. Surprise has been expressed in some quarters that it's taken Russo this long to catch the eye of the national team, but it won't take anyone in Cobrio by surprise if she shines on this stage.
21 - Jimmy TWONAMES - SC – 31 – Unsley, Juniper Image – Juniper Monnstair Image
Twonames plies his trade for his home island team, Juniper Monnstair, and is usually found playing as an inside forward. He joins the Ochre squad looking to break into the national team on a regular basis.
7 - Copse CLEAREDWAY - SC – 37 – Callais, Jensee Island Image – Slipsway Town Image
Copse Clearedway was born in Callais, which is on one of the smaller Ochre Islands of Jensee. He is first-choice striker for Slipsway Town, a mid-table side in the first division of domestic Ochre football. However for the Ochre national team, he is more likely to be played in the hole between attack and midfielder to give us a significant threat just outside the area, as well as knowing where a striker would want a ball playing to them.
9 - Rory BUILDER - SC – 35 – Kollingdon, Handsby Island Image – Valesthorpe Image
Rory is the youngest of the Ochre-born players, having been born a mere day or two after his parents reached Kollingdon following their migration to the Ochres from Fenton State. Whilst still largely bench-warming for Valesthorpe, the national team can see his promise and are taking him to CAFA3 in the hopes of giving him international experience in low-pressure situations.
10 - Kallum NORTHBROOK - SC – 30 – Altarton, Mournhow Image – Bellflower A.U. Image
Northbrook is an enterprising striker who usually plays as part of a two-man attack at Bellflower, which is most likely why he is on the bench for the national side.
19 – Carl-James (C.J.) LUCKSMITH - SC – 31 – Hannston, Jensee Island Image – Lionsville Transport Sports Club Image
Despite playing for a smaller Ochre side, sitting in the 4th tier of the football league, C.J. has excelled and proven himself at a high level thanks to helpful cup draws against much better teams projecting his abilities on the national stage. While football at the lower levels is a bit more rough and ready than the higher divisions, he has always been able to hold his own against strong defenders despite his young age, and their willingness to let him know they're there.

Kits & Logo

Home, Away and Third


Owing to the current crisis, the Ochre Islands kits were designed and manufactured by Aether, with input from the players of the Ochre Islands national football team.
The home kit is a traditional striped ochre, blue and white scheme.
The away kit is a welcomed contiuation of the 'Anaiaway' theme, paying tribute to the region that has housed the players and staff whilst they have been unable to return home.
The third kit is a mashup of the home and third kits from CAFA2, which was famously won by the Ochre Islands.
Before CAFA 2, the Ochre Islands Football Association ran a competition to design the team's logo, which was won by a 34 year old man with neither design experience or taste. Fortunately, an update of the design to account for taste was commissioned and outsourced by the OIFA, which is as below. The badge prominently features a 'little mint green hat', which actually commerorates the Ochre Islands victory in the second CAFA tournament.


The Ochre Islands play a possession-based style of football which aims to prevent the opposition from scoring by simply not letting them have the ball. The players will be taking chances when playing the ball forward and passing into space when it's available and there is a strong chance of us retaining possession.

Important Information for Hosts & RP'ers
In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:
Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes
Do whatever you want basically, just don't kill/maim/etc. An RP that makes me laugh would make me eternally grateful.
Style Modifier - +4
Do not visit the Ochre Islands - "Foul weather inbound"
Sporting achievements: Champions, CAFA2

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Postby Bostopia » Thu Oct 26, 2023 3:30 am

Bostopia absolutely has a domestic [sport here] league and we would tell you more about our domestic [sport here] league, but it's in Bostopia so you wouldn't know them, despite Bostopia having always been in Anaia. Your ignorance of Bostopian [sport here] matters is yours to own and not something to shame us for. If the players below aren't household names, you need to ask yourself the following question: 'Am I and my household prejudiced against Bostopians? They have always been in Anaia and yet I know nothing about their league.'

As you can't even name the city any of the below players were born in (fumbling guesses at 'Newfort' do not count as you can't name the county or even the duchy Newfort is in), or their ages, or who they play for, we aren't going to mention them either. We would prefer to use this space to confirm your prejudices against us by leaving those details blank.

GK - Dean Walters
DL - Michael Smith
DC - Harry Perk
DC - Danny Connaut
DR - Jake Wilkinson
ML - Bryan Harper
MC - Lyle Northwich
MC - Philip Nicholls
MR - Simon Manson
SC - Lynton Pilson
SC - Frank Rover


GK - Richard Lyons
DL/C - Miles Embridge
DR - Sam Leenton
ML - Ryan Wasting
MC - James McDadson
MC/R - Kevin Grainger
SC - Walter Ambridge

The above players will play a very direct 4-4-2 and be absolutely unapologetic about it, especially if your goalkeeper is dangerously off his, her, or their line, as Bostopia chooses not to discriminate against who we attempt to humiliate by scoring from within our own half. That we've had to tell you this is disgraceful. Bostopia has always been in Anaia and how we play should be known by now. Confirm your prejudices.

Home, Away, and Third


Kits are self explanatory – they are the shirt designs that all ten of our outfield players will wear (and substitutes when entering the field at the appropriate time). They will all wear the same shirt design at the same time. If your team is not designated as the home team, and your colours clash with ours, jolly well change your kits to an alternative. Our goalkeepers will wear a plain shirt, in a flourescent colour which we feel your players will dislike the most. That we need to say this is nothing short of ridiculous, but our players will of course also wear shorts, socks, shinpads and boots. If you knew anything about them and didn't let your prejudice get in the way, you would know whether any of them use wee little bobbles for their hair or wear headbands to stop their glorious Bostopian hair getting in their eyes during the [sport] match.

While something is going on in the Ochre Islands (though we don't know what), we suppose that for the purposes of the WC, Bostopia is a puppet of the Ochre Islands - somehow. We have received no compensatory grilled meats or lightly steamed vegetables despite vehement protests to both global sporting authorities and some Ochre Islanders we could find in Koroa, who scuttled away crab-like to shelter when we asked where our grilled meats or lightly steamed vegetables were. In retaliation, we have begun barbecueing tasty meats near Krytenian border posts and refused to share with them, as well as pointed just some - but more than enough - of our many, many, artillery pieces at Legalese.

RP Permissions Box:
If my opponent RPs our match first, I give them permission to:
Bow down to Bostopian might and don't mention the-
Confirm your prejudices by telegramming Bostopia with any questions you might have and should know the answer to.

Important Information for Hosts & RP'ers
In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:
Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes
Do whatever you want basically, just don't kill/maim/etc. An RP that makes me laugh would make me eternally grateful.
Style Modifier - +5
Are you a Mertagnian in Bostopia? If so, hand yourself in at the nearest Police Station now and you will be treated with the utmost care and attention.

NSGP: World Drivers Champion x 1 - NSGP 5 - F1 Constructors Champion x 1 NSGP 5
Cup of Harmony 26, 40: Champions
World Cup - Qualified x 20, SFs x 2.

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Postby Josifovo » Thu Oct 26, 2023 12:11 pm


Фудбалска репрезентација на Јосифово - Фудбалска репрезентација Јосифова

Intro to Josifovo:

Josifovo(Pronunciation: Yo-see-fo-vo) is a small nation situated in Esportiva. It is bordered by the nations of Cap Nord to its north, and Zeta Reka and Hugeltadom to the east while to the south it has access to the sea known in Josifski Beskrajno Sea. 3 million people have been pitied to call this country their home, despite its enjoyable mediterranean climate to the south slowly changing to a colder and more prone to seasonal swings continental climate further north, suitable for human habitation.

As previously stated, 3 million people have been pitied to call this advancing hellscape their home, as it has been the crossroads of various bigger and stronger empires throught history, which saw the Josifski population constantly subjugated under a bigger nation whether through influence or throught occupation. This has resulted in a multiethnic and multireligious entity which has constant ethnic strife trying to balance the populations within the nation. The majority nonetheless are the Orthodox Josifski consisting of 70% of the population, followed by large minorities of Orthodox Kicuvski, Catholic Kombetare and Muslim Juzunski in the borderline regions. The official language is Josifski, though not a proper language in its own right, it is a dialectal continuum mostly resembling the languages of Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian and various Torlakian dialects. There are two accepted varieties of Josifski used in education nation-wide, the Samuilovo Dialect, resembling Macedonian and the Bijelica Dialect, more so resembling the Shtokavian Variety of Serbo-Croatian.

Today the nation is rapidly developing following the devastating ethnically-based South Slovj war of the 90's which saw Josifovo side up with Kicuvo against the nations of Kombetara and Juzun. The war resulted in the complete destruction of many cities and villages in all countries while it completely reshaped the ethnic makeup of an even more murky and multiethnic general area. Josifovo is currently undergoing massive industrial advancement especially in the oil and automotive industries, while it is also letting go of its accursed socialist past.

The capital of Josifovo is Bijelica, a coastal gem of rare beauty, while its largest city is the older capital, expertly-designed Samuilovo. Those two are the only major cities of the nation. The urban landscape is led by brutalist architecture in pretty much every major city and town, while there are semblances of the older and more ethnic, cultural architecture in the smaller towns and villages. Most major cities and towns are also filled with several industrial warehouses and factories, remnants of the socialist regime that are still being used to this day, although they are getting modernised.

Culturally, because the nation is a big melting pot, you can find an assortment of very differing artforms, cuisines and even customs depending on where in the country you are. The Josifski-majority regions are well-known for their orthodox artstyle and beautiful churches, renown all over Esportiva. The Kicuvski-majority regions are well-known for their culinary traditions, with many foods that are staple all over the region, although there's disputes between every group on whether those foods are Kicuvski, Josifski, Kombetare, Juzunski or from elsewhere. Meanwhile the Kombetare are known for their hospitality and their roughness. While lastly, the Juzunski are known for the Islamic architecture and mathematical aptitude which has led to great engineering feats wherever they happen to be the majority. Despite the internal strife between those populations, harmony and unity can sometimes be reached and in more recent day that is exactly what has been happening all over the nation in its struggle for peace and prosperity in an ever-growing world.

Football in Josifovo:

Football's entry into Josifovo came in the mid-1900's by a population of people from the very far reaches of the multiverse, potentially beyond Esportiva itself. They were speaking in a language intelligible to Bijelica dialect and thus the sport was spread from there.

Football was initially popular among workers in the royal docks of Bijelica and other factory workers. Eventually the sport came to be a coping mechanism for the players during the harsh socialist regime that followed the monarchy but was also used as a means to "educate" the locals about values regarding national identity as well as socialist values that were BLATANTLY pro-regime. Following the Josifski Ethnic War of the 1990's and the country's entry into a democracy, football has solidified its place as the most popular sport in the country, with thousands of viewers in every single league game.

Professional football only became a thing around the 1950's, as such due to the country's relative isolationism beyond its direct neighbors in Esportiva, football has not managed to grow and become as organised as other places in the multiverse. However there's a lot of fans either politically-inclined or ethnically-inclined to follow their favorite teams. This results in violence on the pitches and outside. In multiple places around the country there's fan graffiti and murals in different areas that show their love and support for their teams and usually mark up the areas of cities and towns by team as well as a border registration would.

As for the football itself, Josifski footballers are not known for their talent but more so for their strength and their keenness to follow out the commands of the coach. As such, being a smart coach with strong strategies and correct utilisation of the players has always been the way to go. Smartness usually translated to...


As stated previously, Josifski players are not talented whatsoever. Using their strength and superior height, they tend to win aerial duels and as such crosses are a form of play commonly seen in Josifovo.

The most common lineup is a 4-4-2, with 2 rocking and impossible defenders on the heart of the defence and two side defenders which usually are slightly "faster" than strong. In the midfield, usually there's a central midfielder that supplies to the sides and a central attacking midfielder that supplies crosses and through-balls on the attack, while the side midfielders try to carry the ball forward and then cross it to the two strikers up front. Midfielders are usually the more "unimposing" players but also tend to be the ones most talented with the ball on their feet, so Josifski midfielders tend to be technical. Up front, the two strikers usually form a partnership based on strength and clinical finishing. One tends to be a poacher, while the other tends to be more of a supply finisher than anything. If they get their chances, they have to do the job.

Changes on the team are sensitive and haven't had the chance to appear yet due to the strict ethnic division and lack of direct replacement for many of the players.

To be clear and so that it doesn't get missed out THE STYLE MODIFIER IS +1.

The Team:

Record(WCC-Sanctioned Only): (9W-5D-12L)

The team itself was constructed in a way so that all people groups in Josifovo get an "equal" chance to represent the country. Or at least that was what the ФФЈ(FFJ) said, but due to COMPLICATIONS could not be finalised to the fullest extend? Crazy, right?

Naming conventions are complicated at first, Josifski names are usually ones resembling ethnic Macedonian or Serbian names, Kicuvski names are stricly Serbian names, Juzunski names follow Bosnian naming conventions while Kombetare names resemble Albanian names. Without further ado.

Players listed in italics to be given preferred choice should you RP my lineup before me.


GK: Tome Budzakoski-Томе Будзакоски(Age 27)(FK Samuilovo)

GK: Toše Ruski-Тоше Руски(Age 35)(Crvena Zvezda Bijelica)
GK: Aleksa Borisavljević-Алекса Борисављевић(Age 24)(FK Bijelica)


CB: Milorad Kuzmanović-Милорад Кузмановић(Age 30)(FK Bijelica)(Captain)
CB: Petko Karandzhulov-Петко Каранџулов(Age 25)(FK Samuilovo)
CB: Alkan Gjoni-Алкан Ђони(Age 21)(Partizan Bijelica)

RB: Anastasije Živanović-Анастасије Живановић(Age 35)(Rabotnički Filipovac)
RB: Dušan Vujić-Душан Вујић(Age 28)(Dinamo Pačak)

LB: Zdravko Kuzmanovski-Здравко Кузмановски(Age 26)(FK Radnički Crnometinci)
LB: Živko Janković-Живко Јанковић(Age 22)(Partizan Bijelica)


CM: Nusret Mehić-Нусрет Мехић(Age 32)(FK Radnički Crnometinci)
CM: Stamen Popov-Стамен Попов(Age 26)(Partizan Bijelica)

RM: Slaveiko Simonovski-Славеико Симоновски(Age 31)(FK Dobrobar)
RM: Momčilo Cvetković-Момчило Цветковић(Age 24)(Crvena Zvezda Bijelica)

LM: Jasmin Bajramović-Јасмин Бајрамовић(Age 30)(Hajduk Gradsko)
LM: Iosif Saev-Иосиф Саев(Age 22)(FK Samuilovo)

CAM: Staniša Jović-Станиша Јовић(Age 31)(Rabotnički Filipovac)
CAM: Plahent Sadiraj-Плахент Садирај(Age 27)(FK Samuilovo)


ST: Dukagjin Bajrami-Дукађин Бајрами(Age 33)(Dinamo Pačak)
ST: Pece Trajkovski-Пеце Трајковски(Age 21)(Partizan Bijelica)

ST: Konstantin Filipović-Константин Филиповић(Age 19)(FK Radnički Crnometinci)
ST: Aleksandar Torov-Александар Торов(Age 29)(Rabotnički Filipovac)

Coaching staff:

The ФФЈ(FFJ) had a deep pool of available coaches to choose from, however ethnic tensions within the board have "forced it" to come to a peaceful "consensus" that there will be 4 coaches, one from each of the major people groups with a first among equals the coach of Josifski descent.

Primus Inter Pares - Josifski Coach: Ljube Dobrudzhanski-Љубе Добруџански
Kicuvski Coach: Teodosije Vukašinović-Теодосије Вукашиновић
Juzunski Coach: Mustafa Jovičić-Мустафа Јовичић
Kombetare Coach: Vermosh Halili-Вермош Халили




Stadion Ljubco Savevski, Samuilovo(Capacity: 24,000)

To be used against: Pots 1, 3

Ljubomir Hrebeljanović Stadium, Bijeljica(Capacity: 21,000)

To be used against: Pots 2, 4, 5

Arena Josifski Rat, Pačak(Capacity: 14,000)

To be used against: Pots 6, 7

Stadion Ivan Angelov, Crnometinci(Capacity: 8,000)

To be used against: Pots 8 and lower

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, light ones only
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, 3 per game and notify me in TGs for which players you carded
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, 1 per game and notify me in TGs for which players you carded
Godmod other events: Depends on severity, TG me for more

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Postby Okoya » Fri Oct 27, 2023 7:49 am

Okoya's National Mens Football Team

Image Image

Image Image

Image Image

Code: OKO
Style mod: +1.4
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, tg me first
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

3-1-4-2 formation

Starting Lineup

Head Coach: Willem "Yasu" Alfons

GK: #1 Makoto Saito - 21 - SC Kiwanaku
The young goalkeeper has exceeded everyone's expectations since leaving Sporting's youth academy, and joining the senior squad. A talented player with lots of potential, Saito has performed exceptionally well for his club, earning the starting job. After a lackluster performance in the 53rd Di Bradini Cup, many started to question the keeper's role in international football. However, the talent and extremely high ceiling of Saito has convinced mangaer Yasu Alfons to not only include the young goalkeeper onto the senior squad, but name him as the starter for the 17th Independents Cup.

CB: #3 Kuro Altena - 27 - Bokhoven FC
A very capable defender, Altena has won the last two Madeira Trophies for best defender in Okoya League One. Altena is best known for his physical style of play.

CB: #4 Theo Kuipers - 29 - Kayabuksa United
Kuipers has consistently performed for his club for years, but he is still inexperienced in international play, and he hopes to prove himself during this tournament
CB: #19 Sota Nogueira - 20 - Kayabuksa United
Nogueira is another highly praised prospect, known for his speed, and his explosive ability to clear the ball and make plays. Playing at Kayabuksa, and learning under Kuipers has given Okoya's defense unmatched chemistry.

CDM: #18 Raul Campos - 26 - AFC Cahaya
Most of his career, Campos has played in an attacking midfielder role, with his defensive abilities only coming out in flashes. Alfons wanted fully use Campos' skillset, thus making him a CDM.

LM: #15 Nobu Okazaki - 22 - Kiwanaku City
Okazaki was another member of the U21 team, Okazaki adds his playmaking ability, as well as his friendly personality.

CM: #6 Mick Medeiros [C] - 35 - Berteira 1907
Medeiros is the team's captain due to his experience, as well as his leadership ability. Although not as impressive in club play, Medeiros is known to perform exceptionally well when representing Okoya.

CM: #5 Akari Tsukuda - 33 - AFC Cahaya
Tsukuda is another longtime veteran with the national team, and is one of the most well-liked players in Okoyan football. Tsukuda is known for his intellect and play-making ability, which he has used as a journeyman in the Okoyan top league, playing for seven teams in the top division, and for two that have since been relegated.

RM: #8 Alex Kaneko - 24 - Berteira 1907
Another capable midfielder, Kaneko also brings energy to the team, as well as his sniper-like shooting abilities.

LS: #12 Koki Delgado - 26 - Porto Vambra FC
Delgado was the face of Okoya's offense for the last few years, recently winning Okoya League One's golden boot. A constant threat to opposing defenses, Delgado is both quick, and accurate on his shots, which proves to be a deadly combination.

RS: #10 Ryan Izumi - 25 - Kiwanaku City
The new golden child of Okoya sports, Izumi has won the hearts of the nation after rallying his club to win both the league, and the Henriques-Capela Cup. Even though he narrowly lost the golden boot race to Delgado, some pundits have argued that Izumi is most talented between the two. With great accuracy, shot power, as well as a dramatic flair to his game, Izumi will be a fan favorite for years to come.

GK #16 Clemens Akkerman (26)
GK #30 Rodrigo Soares (24)
DF #23 Paul Arentz (19)
DF #31 Oscar van Alphen (28)
DF #37 Amir Nakano (29)
MD #22 Lucas Fujiwara (21)
MD #7 Manuel Pinheiro (22)
MD #27 Finn Smets (30)
MD #14 Micha van Dalen (22)
FW #44 Marco Kurosawa (22)
FW #13 Steffen Kamiya (23)
FW #26 António Ramires (24)

Player Roles:
Captain: Medeiros
Vice-Captains: Altena, Tsukuda
Corner: Kaneko, Delgado, Tsukuda
Free Kick: Delgado, Izumi, Kaneko
Penalty: Izumi, Delgado, Kaneko, Okazaki, Campos
Most likely to get a yellow card: Altena, Campos, Nogueira
Fukuraul-Repoloku li-Okoya
Okoya's Q&A (Open to all!) | About Okoya



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