Ancient Derelict Ship Discovery [Cinderia Only]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Ancient Derelict Ship Discovery [Cinderia Only]

Postby Interplanetary Empire » Sat Jul 08, 2023 10:45 am

"Please! Please, don't!" There were muffled moans and pleads behind the airlocked door. Through it, a slim rectangular window was the only way to see ten or so aliens trapped in that room. They were all huddled together, some crying, some looking defiantly back through the window. On the other side of the room was another door, directly entering space. The aliens had been confined in an airlock.

Captain Dupree and several guards stared through the rectangular window with a scowl. "Disgusting." Dupree muttered to himself. He brushed himself off, something he instinctually did after every time he saw an alien. It was a way he thought purified him after seeing such wretched creatures. He turned to his guards, who were a mix of Lithuinians and humans. "Is this all that was there? Just ten of them?"

"Aye Sir. At least the ones that survived. We poisoned their ship and its these ten that scurried to us. The rest died. We attached the dead bodies to their ship's bow and set its course straight where we suspect their raiding post is hidden. It should get there soon, if it hasn't, already."

Dupree smiled. "Lieutenant, that is positively primeval." The aliens ship, now decorated with dead bodies, would surely alert them at their outpost that the IPE knows of their whereabouts, and the aliens move to a new hiding location. But this wasn't really a concern to Dupree or the other guards. It was more fun to play cat and mouse, to play with their toys. What fun was just pulverizing them into nonexistence when you could have them know the end was impossible to avoid? And instead it was up to the IPE when that time was? Dupree shifted his attentions to the window, staring at the ten aliens still pleading and begging. Dupree announced over the audio in their room; "As highest ranking officer within this sector and true representative of the species that live within it, I hereby declare you subs to death on the grounds of terrorism. Are there any last words?"

The screams became louder and more terrified, which didn't seem to phase Dupree. One of the aliens spoke up, "Please! We never meant you harm. We are peaceful, simply looking for a new land to settle!"

Dupree rolled his eyes. He wasn't bothered to debate with such a lowly creature. "Open the airlock. Let them breathe space."

The guards promptly opened the airlock. Dupree watched from the window as the aliens drifted into space, suffocating. He watched their eyes glass over and their struggling bodies convert to a still float. Frost shortly formed over their eyes and mouth, and soon it was a glazy ice. There was something peaceful about space, Dupree thought. And watching the dead aliens peacefully floating in the eternal blackness was quite comforting to him.

"Captain." XL-24, the ship's XL-series tactical droid said through Dupree's communication device, "You're presence is required on the bridge."

Dupree was snapped out of his trance of watching the dead aliens and reported to the bridge. "Report." He sat down on his chair next to his 'pet' alien that was leashed to his command chair.

"We are detecting unusual faint energy signatures in Sector 6783015. These energy signatures are not registered on any of our records it appears to be using energy unknown to us, extremely advanced." XL-24 said.

"Is that so? Is that sector ours?"

"No Captain, according to our records it is not owned by anyone. However we have not thoroughly explored that space. There may be inhabitants near that area."

"Plot a course to those readings."

The fleet, which consisted of an Imperial Eclipse-class Destroyer commanded by Dupree, a Victory-class Frigate commanded by Captain Nefas, and five Hek'ell Attack Vessels with its leader of the squad, Alpha Mak'trell entered hyperspace.

Dupree's pet alien looked at him with his big black eyes. Dupree looked back and tugged his leash. The alien whimpered. "Don't whimper, pet. You are much luckier than the rest of your family was, you ugly thing. Oh, I can see it in your eyes, you miss your wife and children, don't you?" The alien nodded. "Don't worry, they are all working in a labor colony on Glicus III. If Glicus' star hasn't given them cancer yet, then they're lucky and they're working the mines instead. Hopefully they didn't get caved in. The planet is notoriously sandy and its soil loose, even at the deepest of levels." He laughed.

"Please... just let me die." The alien finally spoke up.

"No. No." Dupree tugged his leash again making the alien squirm and whimper once more. "I would never hurt my pet."

"Captain, we've arrived at our designated coordinates."

The small fleet exited hyperspace and hovered near the ship with the strange energy readings. They looked through their viewscreen which revealed a derelict vessel. The ship was clearly worn and damaged. Its bridge was completely destroyed.

"It appears that the power systems on board are sporadic. The ship is not pressurized except on Levels D though F, but it is not properly oxygenated for organics. Based on our readings, the ship is at least 2,000 years old." XL-24 said.

"Get a suited team out there ASAP. I want that ship re-pressurized." Dupree said. "Then get engineers out there. I want this ship salvaged for everything of worth. I want you to keep scanning that ship and inform the engineering crews where to start first."


Dupree hailed the others in the fleet, "Captain Nefas, Hek'ell ships, I want you to assume a defensive position around the derelict ship. We don't know what's out here in this sector. Probably aliens. We won't stand to have them get this type of technology."
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Postby The Triadobat » Sat Jul 08, 2023 2:45 pm

What creatures these were! These strangelings of the deep of space. Resplendent patterns in green and black bedecked their glistening bodies. Their skin ooozed with curious slimes. Those of the planet Earth might have described them as frog-like, were it not for the eruption of tentacles that writhed from their backs.

Their ships hurled through the stars, light-years from any solar system. Eons had it been since their ancestors last touched the shores of their doomed homeworld. Lightless were their ships, as the Triadobat were once nocturnal, though it had been millennia since they had had to flee a rising sun. Soundless they were, as once their ancestors were prey, learning to communicate through the rhythmic vibrations of their tentacles. Yet still their sensors detected the readings of that distant and ancient ship.

They converted the electromagnetic radiation not into visible light, nor into any sound, but into a complex tactile thrumming of mechanical tentacles - a rough equivalent of the biological tentacles which they used to communicate.

Silently, soundlessly, the ships turned. Each was sized beyond size, gravitational in their own right, housing not just cities, but continents. As one, they migrated towards the source of those perplexing signals. Whatever they found there, they would claim.

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Postby Lord Atum » Sat Jul 08, 2023 4:28 pm

By special permission of the OP

Life in the Hundred Worlds went on much as it had for the past ten thousand years. Much had changed, including the setting of the boundaries, the mass movements of people, in recent centuries, and the great proliferation of technology, but the goa’uld were still goa’uld.

Sopdet knew this, for she was older than most, though only halfway up the pyramid of power and influence, she was respected, and she had lived those ten thousand years.

Waking was always a pleasant experience for her, she woke to a choir of retainers singing her praises, rising from her bed in the pre-dawn light. Her chamber was dark in the pre-dawn, linen curtains swaying in the breeze lightly as she rose from her soft bed, stepping down to breathe.

Her host’s lungs drew in air. The host was a strange thing, a sign of the changed times, an ushabti, grown for her, stronger and faster than the human one it had resembled; it was rumoured the original hosts of the goa’uld had been taken to some secret world and lived there secretly in remarkable luxury, privy to compromising secrets of thousands of years, but perhaps raving and insane. She did not know. But there was no other mind in this one, nothing to disturb her as she moved through the bower.

She all but ignored her servants as they attended to her levee, they were interchangeable and unimportant to her mind. Human lives were brief candles, and though Atum had chosen to pour more life into them of late, she knew they would still fade away soon enough and be replaced with other adoring acolytes.

Her palace stood on the coast of the Greensea, from her windows she had a magnificent view of the glittering sea, cultivated with plankton that turned it a bright emerald in the morning light and a darker green in the eternal twilight of the Hundred Worlds.

The stars were packed so tightly close to the heart of the globular cluster known as Messier 15 to wildling humans, that no true night fell, and the shimmering haze of countless layers of radiation fields above turned aside the battering rays of so many stars that would otherwise scar the skins of the inhabitants.

Mnewer’s star had risen brilliantly over the horizon as she sat to eat in her breakfast room, a spacious and quiet room with the reassuring scent of the garden terraces beyond that let her look down on the city beyond, and the Greensea beyond.

The sound of paws skittering on the pink marble floor followed. Her hounds were much more important to her than her servants, and she named them cooing at them and stroking their long pointed ears; they passed away quicker, but she had a library of names that she gave to each puppy that fit their personalities, as though they had been reincarnated down the millennia, and in her mind, she allowed herself this affectation. She fed them from her table, cutlets of lean meat which the servants cooked for them.

When she was done with her breakfast, she leaned back in the cedar chair and listened to the birds, the fountains and the wind passing through the river willows she had caused to be transported to this palace from her last residence decades ago.

And then her thoughts were disturbed by the unwelcome sound of a chime. She could feel Wesir, the older of the two hounds, tense up in response to her thought.

She opened her eyes, a soft blue glow showing from the sclera and pupils, and frowned, touching the back of the ribbon device that was wound around her left hand, the faceted blue jewel in it was a control for the passive neural interface. The new holography systems throughout the house projected a screen before her.

A written message appeared on it and her annoyance evaporated, pushed aside by excitement.

She willed an audio channel open, ‘Sitatem,’ she called and waited for ten heartbeats. One of the few of her staff she knew by name.

‘Lady?’ the head of her staff said, appearing through the wide doors into the house’s day areas. ‘Is something wrong?’

‘No, no!’ she said, scratching one of the now-relieved Wesir, ‘I am going to have to leave early, I have been sent a request by Lord Sia and the exalted Neith to depart on a mission. My ship is being readied already, I will need to head to the stargate today. Pack my essentials, then you may shutter the house, I shall not be back for at least two decans, maybe more.’

The housekeeper smiled, ‘Of course!’ she said. For Sitatem and her people, it was not a wholesale escape from duty, the gardens did not tend themselves, and the kennels, the aviary, the wine cellar and the granary and all the other parts of the house where work was done would need to continue as normal, but they could shutter the residence, confine Sopdet’s effects to a lumber room and her linens to closets, for a little while at least. The reduction in workload would be a small holiday for all.


The transporter rings swished down in their suspension fields, the floor closing flush around her feet.

On either side of the room, figures in golden armour came to attention, and ranks of jaffa warriors crashed their staff weapons to their shoulders. They were different from their ancestors only in that they wore the ritual armour given to them by the System Lord Sokar, gilded and ornamented highly. They moved with a pride that had been lacking for the latter millennia of the Third Dynasty before Atum’s rise.

The troops had been embarking even before Sia’s information had been related to her with orders from the System Lord Neith. Her ship was not ordinarily stored with its full complement of troops, soldiers became dispirited if kept idle for long periods of time, and so ships such as Sopdet’s were kept with small caretaker crews until they were needed.

There were six of them prepositioned throughout the Weret, the Milky Way galaxy proper as the wildling humans called it. One had to travel by Stargate to reach them. Shu’tak-class motherships. Her pride and joy were proof of the faith that Atum himself, the Supreme System Lord held in her.

The ship’s function was a simple one, to respond to any major find or disaster that the Sole Lord found of paramount interest. The ship was well armed, enough to sweep aside many vessels from outsiders, but the commander had not been chosen for belligerence. Instead, Sopdet was given wide latitude to operate as she saw fit, to parlay and to speak reason, but in doing so it never hurt to carry a strong cudgel, and the Shu’tak was just such a cudgel.

Three whole battalions of jaffa warriors, equipped to the new standards, an elite among the armies of the Sole Lord, were hers to command, and soon she would be underway. They had few more troops and equipment to take on.

She nodded to her honour guard. The ship’s pale walls glistened with the smooth polish of feldspar, the golden walls of the Third Dynasty were out of fashion today in favour of an airier look for interiors, but the ship’s exterior hull was still bright gold, and the vessel practically gleamed with newness inside and out.

‘Let us prepare to be underway,’ she said, petting the dogs who had accompanied her.
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"While many races in the galaxy, like the Asgard and the Ancients, developed their own technology over many thousands of years, the Goa'uld achieved their current level of technological strength by beating up other races and stealing their toys."

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Postby Interplanetary Empire » Sat Jul 15, 2023 10:04 am

A B-10 Shuttle docked onto the strange ancient ship. The away team would consist of two pilots (who would stay with the ship), several engineers, and six Lithuinian and human soldiers, all led by Lt. Leshi Rant. Rant was an engineer in her own right, as well as a recent graduate of the Imperial Academy, eager to ascend the ranks like so many other recruits of the IPE. The team wore Series 2 Space Armor to allow them to breathe in the unoxygenated ship while they tried to reroute and restore systems. Each of their helmets allowed the other IPE ships to see what was happening in the moment on their respective viewscreens.

The engineers were quick to get started on pressurizing the ship. It was not as hard as they were expecting as the ship was somehow still powered, despite all this time. Tracking the source of the strongest power readings, they found the engineering room and plugged into the systems to learn how to operate basic functions, such as closing bulkheads.

"Lt. Rant to the Wyvern. We are hooked up the ship's systems and should have rudimentary control of the ship in several hours. The bridge is completely gone as well as some of the lower decks. But we should get most of this ship pressurized and oxygenated soon, for a stronger expeditionary force to board. We are already finding technology never seen. The power on board here is still going strong, somehow has lasted thousands of years. I'm sure our scientists will want to take a look at it."

"This sounds very promising, Lieutenant. Keep us apprised. We'll have another shuttle on standby, ready to board as soon as you give the word. Dupree out."
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Postby Lord Atum » Sat Jul 15, 2023 1:29 pm

Space began to boil, distant stars distorting as a blue light began to occlude them, bubbling like butter in a pan, before the brightness grew, trembling as a huge object emerged from it at great speed, the trapezoidal form a ship birthing from a subspace tunnel, slowing down, coming to match the derelict. As it began to decelerate the ship’s shields snapped up, an ellipsoid of energy that was visible for a fraction of a second as it cycled and then invisible the moment after.

The running lights of the Shu’tak mothership gave it the look of a monument that had risen from some ancient world and hung in space, but its systems were highly sophisticated, a mix of advancement and ancient ritual in one harmonious whole.

This continued within the pel’tak, the command space of the vessel, the dedication to ceremony continued. Bright and airy, it was lit from above by the light that had the same profile as distant stars from a night sky, and the ceiling glimmered with holograms that showed distant constellations, while waterways recessed into the stone-clad decking at the edges of the chamber housed fish and lotus flowers.

The control terminals of the huge vessel were more like altars than they were computers, the interfaces devoid of buttons and largely unmarked, instead recognizing each user and displaying clutter-free holograms to guide them when necessary.

‘Divine Lady,’ the vessel’s pilot said, ‘we have detected the source of the signal, eighty percent correlation. Another group of vessels is nearby, unknown origin.’

Sopdet sat in a throne of silver with a five-pointed star set in its peak, upon a raised dais of a marble of such a pure snowy white that if conventional lighting were used the glow would be dazzling instead of merely impressive.

‘Show me,’ she said.

The ship had a window in the forward section of the pel’tak, this was in fact a small local shield, with its own isolated power supply, often used to show information on the ship’s operations, but it was not this that was used, instead an image of the derelict was projected before her, almost in her lap, the other ships around it, magnified and brought together so that she could sweep them all in her arm.

She picked the largest unknown ship from it, the hologram was a solid-projection, a mixture of force fields and light projection, almost as though someone had built a copy of the Eclipse-class in 1:2700 scale for her, though its lighting and the small plumes of its thrusters were impossibly realistic. She turned it over in her hand and then let it go, causing it to drift back to its correct position.

‘Not one that I have seen,’ she said. ‘Not this one specifically, at least,’ she mused, ‘I have seen wedge-shaped vessels of this sort before. Likely they are human, and militaristic,’ she said.

‘It appears they may have docked with the derelict,’ the pilot said again, ‘sensor readings suggest the ship is powering up.’

Sopdet frowned and turned to her left, ‘Attempt handshake protocols with the derelict’s transporters, if it has any, that would be very convenient.’

‘Null response Divine Lady,’ the officer reported.

‘So be it,’ she said.

Frowning she considered the task force of other vessels, there was a chance she could defeat them if she struck at them right away, but there was no certainty. She could simply beam a team to take control, but to do so she would need to weaken her own shields. ‘Order a troop of Golden Horus Jaffa and an Ibis Guard inspection team to take a tel’tak, and board the derelict,’ she commanded. Launching vessels could be done easily through the shields.

‘Done, Divine Lady. Do you wish to address the human ships?’

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘attempt communications, visual if possible.’

The mothership began to cycle through codecs and signals packages from known galactic cultures, dozens then hundreds of them, then finally thousands, if such systems compatibility wasn’t possible it would indicate that the other task force were from a great distance away indeed.
"While many races in the galaxy, like the Asgard and the Ancients, developed their own technology over many thousands of years, the Goa'uld achieved their current level of technological strength by beating up other races and stealing their toys."

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Postby Orryon » Sat Jul 15, 2023 3:59 pm

Luitenant Tepin was sitting at her console at Ysekka station, a large orbital city, circling the planet Marianna 4; She had just gone for a refreshing beverage to brighten up his day. Well, that is to say, she oredered one of the robot butlers to get her some. Just as she was about to take a sip, hier console lit up. It was faint at first but it grew larger with each passing second. It took her a minute to realise exactly what she saw unfloding right in front of her. Her eyes widened as the realisation dawned. Quickly she pressed the direct contact button up to the senior staff of this sector.

Sector command

As the messages rolled in from all over the station, the command deck of the station, located in a glass dome at the very top, started to buzz with activity. "Are you sure this is accurate? I mean, these are no faulty sensor readings are they?" Tizoc YolTan, Admiral of this sector asked in a slightly raised voice to a lower ranked officer. Commodore Iktan Kizin interjected, "Sir, excuse the interuption, it indeed appears these readings are accurate, all listening posts in the area are reporting the same findings, it is too widespread to be a mere glitch". Admiral Yoltan lookand At Kizin in disbelief. "You realize what this means right? We haven't had a first contact situation since the discovery of the AI dictatoriate, over 200 years ago." Kizin nodded his head subtley "Yes sir, I do realize that all too well, I recommend caution. Send a sizable enough fleet to encounter anything that may be out there". Admiral Yoltan nodded in response. Yes, that does seem to be the only sensible way to deal with this kind of situation. I'll pull some strings and get reinforcements here within the day, in the meantime I'm committing all but the smallest patrol craft we have available to this mission and I'm assigning you personally to lead it. I"ll be coordinating and monitoring the situation from here." Commodore Kizin saluted the admiral and went on his way to the shuttle launch deck. He passed two lower ranking officers in the halway and shouted: "Muluc, Zeltzin, you two are with me, I'm going to need your expertise in the coming situation". "What's going on sir?" Captain Muluc asked. "We may be dealing with a first contact situation and I will need my best personell on deck for this." "First contact, really!" Zeltzin asked in disbelief. "Yes, as iuncredible as that sounds. You'll each be assigned a ship which well act as my personal escort vessels. We will have to pull together on this one". Surprised at the serious tone of the Commodore both Muluc and Zeltzin remained silent, somehwat hiding their surprise at how serious Kizin was taking this. They had both heard of anomalies that frequently occured and false positives were not such a rare occurence, yet this seemed to be a very different situation.

The fleet

As the coatl shuttles left the launch bay to their respective ships, more vessels entered the system, being recalled from patrols, the fleet swelling to a size of 11 ships. 1 Olympic class capital ship, 3 Tamado class cruisers, 2 Anaconda class heavy cruisers, 4 Basilisk class frigates and 1 Matriarch class Cruiser-carrier.

The shuttle glided softly into the shuttle bay of the prospatho capital ship. As Kizin got out he quickly finished assigning command duties to the crew on his datapad.
As he entered the bridge and sat down in the captain's chair he immediatly gave the order to move out. As the sails of the majestic vessel unfolded he wondered what they would encounter there. As history was any indication nothing good/friendly was likely to come from this.

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Postby Interplanetary Empire » Sun Jul 16, 2023 8:06 am

At this point, the power systems on board the derelict were up and the away team had limited control of the vessel, such as controlling its doors to allow the ship to re-pressurize. Parts of the ship remained unbreathable, however, and were exposed to space. This would make for an environmental hazard that future boarding parties would need to be wary of.

"Captain, new ship detected. Their shields are already up. Its geometries do not correlate to any known ship." A crewmember said.

"Have the fleet raise their shields. Weapons on standby. Yellow alert. On screen." Dupree said. The ships, in almost perfect unison, raised their shields. Each ship's shield spread over its respective ship as a wave of bright glittered white light which formed a layer much like a glove over a hand.

The screen revealed the Shu’tak. Dupree mulled over the vessel. It was certainly not anything he would expect in space. It looked ancient, as if Khufu's pyramid had just decided to pick up and fly off of earth. He considered attacking it, the vessels were of similar size and he had the numbers on his side, but without knowing anything of the vessel and it capabilities, it might lead to unnecessary losses. Or worse, leave the IPE weaker and vulnerable to anyone else who might decide to show up to claim this derelict. Clearly this derelict was getting people's attention, which made him all more convinced as to its importance. No, it would be better to be diplomatic, even if that wasn't one of his strong suits.

"They've launched a small ship towards the derelict." The crewmember said.

"Let it pass. But have V-22s and our pilots at the ready. And deploy our shuttle that's been on standby." Dupree said. "Tell Lt. Rant that an unknown vessel is boarding the derelict and that we've sent the second shuttle to support her."

He sat down on his command chair and grabbed the leash to his pet alien. Dupree smiled at him. "Look at all this action you've witnessed the past few weeks. Fun, is it not?" He cackled.

"Captain, they're hailing us." XL-24 said.

"Answer them and bring them on screen." He said. Thanks to universal translators, they would allow for communication to occur even if one did not speak each other's language. The viewscreen showed three faces, one of Sopdet, Captain Nefas, and Alpha Mak'trell. "This is Orin Dupree of the Interplanetary Empire, Captain of the Wyvern, and commander of this expeditionary fleet. State your business." Knowing full well why they were here.

The IPE leaders looked at Sopdet, and were surprised to see what they did. Before them looked to be a human. They would remain incredulous on this for now, however, as there were many aliens known to take such appearances. The IPE themselves had even genetically engineered a species, known as "emps" short for "empty" to mimic the form of whatever DNA it was introduced to. But such a creation was most certainly not a real Founder Race: one of Lithiuinian, human, or IG-97 origin. But still was it possible? While the IPE had known of the existence of humans beyond IPE space, it would be the first humans they'd meet since the Lithuinians had offered the Atacian colony to join their empire.

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Postby Lord Atum » Mon Jul 17, 2023 1:46 pm

The Tel’tak came to rest on the other ship, in an area devoid of atmosphere. It was a supple silver colour with golden trim, a small echo of its parent vessel, its forward section housed a cockpit while its aft was a cargo area with a set of transport rings buried within it, a machine for tearing one into subatomic particles and exchanging them with another set. A petty sort of death, but the goa’uld cherished their power over death and such machines were nothing to them.

Its underside flashed with light as the boarding party emerged, the rings from within dematerializing and then relocating to the bottom of the vessel to rematerialize the small Atumite force.

Blue eyes gleamed in the dark, strange animal-totems. Most wore falcon heads, the Golden Horus warriors of Atum, some, Ibises, the scholar-warriors of the thrice-great Thoth, one of Atum’s exalted System Lords, and their leader, a hound. The differences between the Tesem hound warriors of Sopdet and the rare Anubis Guard who spoke with Atum’s voice were several, but most notably their armour was the same steel with ornamental bluing, rather than an iridescent beetle-black.

Jelsar of the Singing Valley was this warrior’s name. First Prime of Sopdet. Every goa’uld could retain a retinue of warriors, but few retained influence enough to have Primes, and for those who were great feudal lords, First, Second and Third primes were traditional. Sopdet was a High Lord, one tier beneath Sokar and the mighty System Lords, and Jelsar had served her from his apprenticeship almost a hundred years past.

Their arms and armour had changed over the years, but the jaffa had militated for true and sacred weapons, remonstrating in some cases with the forward thinking lesser goa’uld or appealing to their lords to ensure the traditions of the jaffa warrior caste remained for future generations.

Two of his men carried special weapons, one a barrage staff, and one an earthquake staff, while the others simply carried the new standard weapon of the Golden Horus warriors.

They released a number of small drones, and began to move forward to their objectives. They had several mission objectives, and their armour told them where to go, glittering hieroglyphs rendered over points of interest, and glittering lines showing safe ways forward.

Their destinations were several, but first of all the ship’s primary shield generators.


Sopdet’s reaction to the alien on a leash was subtle, and not as scandalised as some might be. She was ancient, to her the limitation of slavery under Atum was recent and new, but she also knew that she was not likely to be dealing with conciliators who would share. There was nothing wrong with humans, they had been favoured as a host species for millennia and were still the preferred form of the goa’uld, but there were many human realms that had a species-prejudice that allowed them to give power to the pettiest elements of their kind - Sopdet did not use this as a moment to self reflect of course, but she could see the flaws of others perfectly well - scattered across the galaxy the Atumites called the Weret.

She suspected this was what she was dealing with.

‘Greetings Captain Dupree, I am High Lady Sopdet, emissary of the Goa’uld System Lords, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I see that you are already on board the vessel that we have come to investigate. Have you detected any signs of life as of yet?’
"While many races in the galaxy, like the Asgard and the Ancients, developed their own technology over many thousands of years, the Goa'uld achieved their current level of technological strength by beating up other races and stealing their toys."

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Rant was informed of the mysterious new guests who had arrived on the derelict. She ordered two guards to keep watch outside of the engineering room. They were going to need to move quickly and make decisions fast if this was going to turn into a competition of who could collect the most toys. But the engineering room was yielding many interesting technologies in its own right, and she wasn't prepared to move on from it yet. And while the engineers had been busy scanning the ship, there was a lot of information downloaded and a lot to go through. When the power went back online, there seemed to be difficulty in transmitting large quantities of data, some sort of protection feature of the ship, she reasoned. But unfortunately for her, this kept the away team from being able to send the information back to the Wyvern where the robots and super computers on board could rapidly analyze the information and tell her team what to prioritize.

The second B-10 shuttle had arrived, landing in the same hanger bay as the first shuttle that had boarded. While the first team was sent to provide some kind of presence and get the derelict active, this second team was here for a very different reason, which was to secure the ship. Its boarding party consisted of a mix of the IPE's "enforcer races", viscously loyal to the "founder races", and bred or programmed for war. The bulk of this party were the Hek'ell, six of them. The Hek'ell were aggressive creatures, obedient to the founders in which they were genetically encoded to believe were gods. Throughout many parts of the galaxy they had become something of a boogeyman, something that mothers and fathers would talk about to make their children behave. But for many others, they were all too real. Standing well over two meters tall and possessing sickled-fingers that were almost half a meter, the Hek'ell were designed to look as though it cam straight from a nightmare. And with their brute strength which they used to slice their victims open and eat them alive, a nightmare was an accurate description. The shuttle also contained two Insos, which were bug-like creatures that typically acted on their own accord. They were less known than the Hek'ell, in large part because they had a much more specialized niche as stealthy assassins. Finally was a single Nek'quell, something treated as a sort of pet dog by the Hek'ell. The Nek'quell gained the nickname "planet eaters" because of how the IPE often used them. Millions were often released on a planet, and when the Nek'quell are not given an order, their default is to eat anything that moved. It was a superb and cheap way to clear out a planet so the the IPE could bring in its own populations and colonize that world. Their leader D4-B0, and was a BX series commando droid, a kind of android designed by the IPE and known for their intelligence and adaptivity. He went by the name "Dabo" and was a captain, based on his white identifiers.

The Hek'ell stepped out of the shuttle and surrounded it. The Insos shortly followed and without hesitation, the pair scurried into the ventilators. The Insos were already producing their thick fog which was designed to disorient their prey. The Hek'ell stood by the shuttle with their XN Oppressor rifles, large and extremely heavy rifles designed for the Hek'ell, though to the Hek'ell the rifles were light. Dabo was armed with a 62K Scourge Carbine, F16 Energy Sword, and several pulse grenades, which was the typical armament for commando droids.

"Founder, this is Captain Dabo. We've arrived on the ship. We are detecting your position in Grid 219."

"Excellent, get here at once." Rant said.

"Acknowledged, Founder." Dabo said. He silently motioned to the Hek'ell and Nek'quell to follow him. "Take point." He said to one of the Hek'ell. Dabo held a small scanner to detect life signs that might be nearby, to which there were none, at least yet.

"Yes, Captain." It hissed in a hushed tone. Despite its large and bulky body, it silently raised its rifle as it turned the corner. It was followed by Dabo and then the remaining Hek'ell and Nek'quell.


Nefas paid close attention to Sopdet's reaction to Dupree's pet alien. He had worked under Dupree for many years and the two had perhaps become friends in some ways. In first contact situations such as these, Dupree enjoyed how a new contact would fidget and squirm in discomfort or outright try to avoid eye contact with his alien pet all together, pretending not to notice in the hopes to maintain peace. But while this satiated a rather disturbing malice in Dupree, for Nefas he had learned it to be a useful tool in assessing personality and culture. Sopdet's near lack of reaction was telling. She was either very adept at diplomacy as to not let such things show, or slavery existed in her own culture as well and it was something she didn't even notice, Nefas reasoned. Perhaps it was both. But in the case of the latter, he had observed that a nation which allowed slavery was one that would likely not hesitate to resort to hostility if they didn't get their way.

As for Dupree, he was disappointed by Sopdet's reaction, though he didn't let such disappointment show. Instead he remained straight faced, with perhaps an occasional grimace or smirk. "And it is indeed to meet yours as well, High Lady Sopdet." He subtly nodded at XL-24. XL-24 knew what that meant and immediately started searching the databases of anything that might refer to 'Goa’uld System Lords'. "Yes, we have an attachment there." Dupree said. "I see you've sent your own party there, too." He didn't answer her question about if they detected life on board right away. The less they knew, the better. But it did indicate that these so-called Goa’uld creatures couldn't detect life signs from their ship. This was an apparent advantage that was worthy of keeping note. And with the Insos skulking about on the ship, with one order, the IPE could have them go hunting and distract the Goa’uld boarders while the IPE claimed plausible deniability. After all, how could they prove the Insos was imperial when they could be just some lab experiment gone wrong on this ship. It would certainly buy Rant's team more time. It was a good bluff, and one he was willing to make. "There does seem to be some life on board. Our engineers were tampering with some things... you know how scientists are..." He gave a fake laugh, "...and out of stasis came some sort of hostile beast. They're loose, so I'd recommend you watch yourself." He said, smiling with an obvious fake sense of concern for Sopdet's boarding party. "High Lady, if you may humor me, have you encountered the derelict's class of ship before? A stunning creation, yes?"

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Sopdet’s eyebrow rose in surprise at the mention of a monster on board the ship. On the one hand, she had mostly suggested there might be living inhabitants, in stasis as Dupree said, because she wanted to keep the vessel classified as theoretically a vessel in distress, rather than a salvage vessel, to ensure that he could not prima facie assert ownership of the advanced craft.

But it was entirely within the realms of reason for a monster to be on board, especially if the creators of the ship where who she hoped they were. It was almost a cliche that the declassified reports of Lord Sia’s great mission would contain some obituary for a monster, an exploding-tumour machine or an inexplicably overzealous piece of navigation equipment.

It crossed her mind that he might not be telling the truth but she was not concerned, it allowed her to do what she wished to do anyway, under a stronger pretext. ‘I will beam reinforcements to my boarding team,’ she said, ‘I suggest you send more troops as well, we could otherwise be looking for the thing for months.’



The transport rings blazed with light as the second boarding party boarded the derelict. The Shu’tak vessel had not lowered its shields to transport them, but had instead used some modulation to harmonize its shields with a matter stream that it had projected, such a thing could be exploited during its operation, but each transport used a different modulation, and only capturing the receiving platform would reliably allow one to anticipate the next transport modulation.

The next squad was much like the first, spreading out to reinforce the hangar where their bridgehead vessel was positioned.


General Information

A search for Goa’uld System Lords, or simply Goa’uld, would bring up many hits, if one was connected to major galactic datanets. As much as the Atumite domain might like to escape their reputation, and as much as they might like to be the only goa’uld to have ever staked a claim in the galaxy, they could neither become unknown nor stop the periodic rise of other goa’uld to high status, though they certainly tried their best to do so.

There were many facts, they were an ancient group, certainly, and most said alien, perhaps even parasites, though some minority of claims said that they were humans, in their own tongue their name meant “Children of the Gods.”

To many human-supremacist lands the generally accepted academic history of the goa’uld was almost heretical, goa’uld had claimed to have taught agriculture to humans, to have interfered with the first human activities and the first agricultural revolution ten or more thousand of years ago, and others claimed to be responsible for the widespread diaspora of humans across the galaxy.

Many claimed the identity of gods, though most modern scholars said they had adopted the guises of gods rather than inspired mythologies, and a complex interplay may or may not have existed at times. Indeed Sopdet was a mythical goddess in some places. The Empire could perhaps not sneer too much at this, for their own created races appeared to regard them as living gods.

It was said by some that they transported humans and other species across the stars to serve as slaves and were content to allow populations to exist isolated from one another.

At some point they had been widespread across the galaxy, and their ruins could be found on many worlds. Such archaeology claimed that the goa’uld had effectively entered a technological stasis ten thousand years ago, that had continued until they had largely disappeared, or retrenched to a few scattered fortress worlds and backwaters, forced to allow the galaxy to pass into the hands of younger and more vigorous peoples.

The Shu’tak vessel ahead of the Wyvern did not conform to any such type though, and its emissions were notably greater than what the galaxy thought of as a goa’uld ship.

Some traded rumours from far off places that the goa’uld had returned in recent years, that their ships had been seen in strange places. To those interested in the slave trade, it was rumoured that they were buyers still, though as many rumours claimed that those they bought were liberated and showered with riches, particularly where they could get those with claimed supernatural abilities, or special knowledge. It was said that some powers in the galaxy even had relations, of a tacit and strange form, with some new ruler of the Goa’uld who had proclaimed themselves Supreme System Lord. The most well studied might even know the name of Atum.

How much of this the Interplanetary Empire knew would depend how much trade and exchange of information they had conducted beyond their borders, but none of it was as secret as Sopdet would like.



Jelsar’s team had a simple first step at the primary shield emitter matrix, on the starboard side of the vessel, their mission here was a simple one. The Horus Guard spread out, while the Ibis Guard briefly examined the controls of the derelict ship, before quickly working to remove components vital to the shields, stowing these in their power-suits.

They did not wish to raise the shields; they did not wish anyone else to either.

With that done they pressed on to where they believed the most likely location for any hibernation chambers. Enroute they received new cautions, to be ready for any superior melee threats, and several prepared grenades and sidearms, or adjusted their own esoteric melee weapons in readiness for an ambush.



‘Thank you for the warning Captain,’ Sopdet said, ‘it certainly resembles ships that we have seen before, whether this is what it is however, I cannot say; should it prove to be a derelict, perhaps we should discuss a partnership between the cultures present. I will gladly concede that you were here first, but if it is what I believe it to be then we may have useful insights to share,’ she said. She lost nothing by offering a conciliatory option, and it was no trouble for her to do business with someone who kept an obviously distraught prisoner on a leash; even if that was rather gauche.
"While many races in the galaxy, like the Asgard and the Ancients, developed their own technology over many thousands of years, the Goa'uld achieved their current level of technological strength by beating up other races and stealing their toys."

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The flaming torches cast an eerie glow over the tent, throwing shadows just as much as illuminating the massive crowd of Habiru gathered inside. The flickering flames only added to the chaotic ambience, for everything in the tent was a flurry of motion. Hundreds of Habiru crammed together in disorganised rows, filling all the available space before the dais. Their arms were raised above their heads, uniformly thrust forward and backwards towards the speaker on the platform, rhythmically waving in unison while chanting “Heydar, heydar! at the top of their voice. It was a mesmerising scene of religious ecstasy; the crowd was almost in a complete trance. The lingering traces of spice floating through the air only added to the effect…

On the dais, commanding the undivided attention of the masses, stood the Fkih. His rhythmic recitation of the liturgy animated the crowd, and his own intonations and body language suggested an element of the hysterical. “For as long as the divine spirit is in the heart of this soil, for as long as the divine spirit is in the heart of this soil, our enemies will not be allowed to sleep a single restful night, our enemies will not be allowed to sleep a single restful night!

The shouts of Heydar, heydar! echoed from the crowd. Above the dais, woven on a rich tapestry in the intricate, beautiful letters of the Habiru language – unintelligible to almost everyone in the known universe – hung the key tenet of this movement: “THOU SHALT NOT MAKE A MACHINE IN THE LIKENESS OF THE SAPIENT MIND."

The Fkih continued, “The arrogant have been disturbed from their long comfort! What delayed the Great Jihad!” “Heydar, heydar!

Ishakzai sat cross-legged on the dais behind the animated cleric, surrounded by the other leading members of the Rahbari Shura, or the ruling council of this mahaz, the Habiru word for “front” or “fighting group.” The Rahbari Shura in theory took decisions collectively, but everyone knew that Ishakzai was the rehbar, or leader. He was the commander of the faithful. And maybe he was the mehdi, the promised redeemer of the known universe.

When you threaten us with war, our response is: We’re not dead yet! Our answer to you will be on the tip of a blade!” “Heydar, heydar!

The discovery of the faint energy signal from an unknown region did not disturb Ishakzai. Whatever it was, the possibility that the dreaded thinking machines could be approaching the sector of his mahaz excited him. It would be an opportunity for his Habiru mujahideen to continue their glorious jihad. Another engagement would spread his fame further among the Habiru; perhaps even other mujahideen from nearby mahazes would defect to his own, cementing his primacy over their scattered, nomadic civilisation… although other species in the known universe may not recognise their civilisation as such.

The concept of surrender is gone from our minds… Our missiles will rain down on our enemies!” “Heydar, heydar!

The Fkih ended his liturgy and began to chant “Ya Heydar e Karar” over and over again. The sacrificial victims were brought onto the dais: sapient beings who had dared to create and operate thinking machines. They deserved their fate.

The clerics efficiently bound the four victims upside down before slitting their throats cleanly with their daggers. The blood flowed into troughs, from which other clerics scooped the blood into basins and walked amongst the frenzied crowd of believers. As the Habiru knelt, the clerics made a mark of blood on their foreheads before giving each worshipper a drink from the chalices. The coming encounter with the unknown signal might send these mujahideen to their deaths; they would be properly sanctified before the engagement. “We are Habiru. Those who stand against us fall.

A few hours later, with the tent dismantled and the mujahideen ready in their combat stillsuits, perfectly adapted to the harsh, arid conditions of their desert home-world, the Habiru mahaz took off in their band of nine ships: five Habiru destroyers, the standard Habiru combat ship, three Habiru cruisers, and finally the pride of Ishakzai’s mahaz, his personal Habiru battleship. Ascending into space, the ships deployed their solar sails and began to make way.

In the command modules of the ships, elite members of the Guild Navigators, using the hallucinogenic effects of spice and their own esoteric knowledge of navigation, skillfully navigated the mahaz through folded space… in a matter of hours, Ishakzai and his band of devout mujahideen appeared at the scene of the unknown energy source, the derelict ship. And they were not the first to arrive…

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"Yes, a superb idea." Dupree said. "I will certainly send more support there." It wasn't what he wanted to hear, and something he had not considered, an excuse for her to reinforce her troops. But it was what it was, and at least he had an excuse to send additional troops in his own right. And beaming? He thought. That was a technology that had eluded the IPE for many centuries. It was information that had been lost when the first Lithuinians colonized the Milky Way. "I think working together would certainly be beneficial. The IPE is always thrilled to strive for unity amongst cultures and build bonds between disparate societies."

"Captain." XL-24 said, he handed Dupree a pad with the information on the Goa’uld. Dupree scanned through it for several seconds, not wanting to take his attention away from Sopdet for too long. The IPE had never encountered the Goa’uld, and Dupree was surprised to see some of the stories from myth and rumor. They seemed like an ancient civilization, perhaps even older than the Lithuinians.

"We are detecting a new incoming fleet. Unknown configuration. Does not appear Goa’uld."

Dupree frowned. There were starting to be way too many contenders here, and he was becoming less inclined to play ball with each new ship that arrived. "ETA?" He whispered back.

"Three minutes and twenty two seconds, based off of their current speed." XL-24 said.

"High Lady, I'll divulge out of symbol of our newfound friendship, and if you have not already detected them yourselves, that there is a new, unknown fleet arriving shortly." Dupree paused. He sat down on his chair. This new species' arrival was nothing short of bad timing and could interfere with negotiations with Sopdet.

"Captain, the new ships have arrived." A crew member said.

"Hail them." He said curtly, not wanting to be bothered as he was still speaking to Sopdet. "XL-24, send them a message." He whispered.

On a separate channel from Sopdet's and the IPE's, XL-24 spoke to the Habiru. "This is XL-24, speaking for Captain Dupree of the Interplanetary Empire. This derelict vessel is claimed by our Authority. State your business."

Dupree glanced at a separate viewscreen which revealed the Habiru's fleet. He found their ship frightfully ugly and appeared like giant bricks floating in space. Of course any shape could fly in space, it didn't really matter.

But at least fly with style? XL-24 once again ran the ship configurations through the computers, but with limited results. This area of space was new and unexplored to them and they had limited information to work with. What scanners indicated however, was that this fleet was primitive, and the Goa’uld would still prove to be the greater threat if they turned foe. Still, the Habiru had numbers, and caution would be exercised.


"You have more company." XL-24 said over Rant's communication device. "They go by the name of the Goa’uld and appear to have transporter technology. We are prepping a third shuttle for support. It will arrive within the hour. New orders are as follows: first boarding team will continue to salvage the ship. Second boarding team will secure Grid 102, the ventral port. The plan is to have one of the Hek'ell Attack Vessels dock with the derelict. Good luck and be careful."

She rolled her eyes at the thought of enemy soldiers instantaneously transporting over. She just hoped that whatever negotiations were going on with the fleet, Dupree didn't do something rash and jeopardize her boarding party.

One of her soldiers returned with alacritas crystals, a type of crystal in which the IPE derived its energy to power its ships. It was in a mobile engine container in which Rant and her team had been diligently working on merging systems so that the derelict's technology and IPE technology could interface. They plugged the engine into the ship and slowly began switching power to the new imperial energy system. While doing so, the ship systems fluttered on an off and doors opened and closed, but soon the power resumed to normal. The alacritas crystals were a strong power source for the IPE, depending on the amount of power exerted, it could last months, sometimes even years before the crystals depleted. However this derelict was using a tremendous amount of power to operate and would deplete the crystals in mere days. She could only imagine the amount of engineering feats accomplished by this ship. It seemed the builders of this derelict were ahead of the IPE by centuries, at minimum. As the power continued to transfer, she ejected a glowing yellow object. And then a second one. She placed them both into a container. She waited eagerly for the rest of the power to transfer so that she could eject the third and final glowing yellow object. It was these that she was most intrigued by, what her scanners indicated were the source of the power: devices that contained artificially created pockets of subspace-time where zero point energy was extracted. It was a marvelous invention and one she assumed would go unappreciated by the mere military rank and file, but the scientists back in IPE space would see it for the groundbreaking reality that it was. This alone would earn her a promotion, and command position even. Or perhaps even a nice job as a tenured professor at a renown engineering research institute. The possibilities were endless. She tapped the table impatiently. It would take several more minutes before she could get her hands on the final Zero Point Module.

As Rant was transferring power, Captain Dabo led his squad of Hek'ell through the corridors. Still no enemies were encountered, which was good. They made their way to the ventral port so that they could secure it to allow a Hek'ell Attack Ship to dock with it, thereby allowing a much greater number of Hek'ell to support the initial boarders.

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Jelsar’s experience of the world as a Golden Hound warrior was guided by the world around him being seen in mystical terms. The theology of the Atumites had been reformed in ways that were more sophisticated than the goa’uld of old. The sensors built into the armour were the eyes of the god, the guidance of the god they personified. The divine manyfold gods, emanations of Atum.

When the suit detected a signal it parsed it against so many metrics that it could almost be the vision of a god. The one it detected now was one that was high in its priority tree, flaring into a series of priority glyphs with the determinative for Atum appended, a sitting man with a kingly beard. The Word of Atum.

The words themselves were portentous.

Jelsar would rarely set his goddess’s words aside, but for this he did.

From outside, the hound’s helmet cocked and he wheeled about, speaking through the airless void in encrypted databursts.

‘Lady Sopdet, we have the auras of Hearts of Light, multiple of them,’ he spoke to the Shu’tak, and then to his fellow warriors, ‘Jaffa, kree.’



The words of Jelsar appeared on the field-window ahead of the goa’uld, her gaze flicked over them, left to right, the script here was not the words of the gods, but the popular text that had been promulgated by Thoth, more accessible to the people.

There was a momentary widening of her eyes, she needed a moment to think of her next steps, the situation was becoming difficult, ‘If you will excuse me, I will greet the newcomers,’ she said, and raised a finger toward the jaffa at the altar that controlled communications, who shut down the signal, the image of her transmitted being replaced merely by her symbol, a star between two bull’s horns.

The moment that the signal to the imperial captain was cut off she leapt to her feet, her dogs excitedly bounced to their feet, ready for action from her visible agitation.

‘Get Jelsar. How many Jelsar?’ she said, waving to the jaffa at the command altar as she leaned over it.

‘Three Lady.’

‘We must have them,’ she practically hissed, she was not inclined to aggression, but she also knew that starting a shooting war here was a throw of the dice that was well worth it for such a prize.

‘We are on our way, shall we do battle to retrieve them?’

She breathed deeply. She was unsure if they could prevail. But Atum wished for the Hearts of Light more than any material object, they were the key to a war that the Atumites had been fighting for decades in a distant galaxy.



Jelsar and his squad were proceeding at pace toward the signal of the power modules, but they were not going to simply force their way into the compartment that Leshi and her team held, instead they maintained an older jaffa preference for ambush tactics. Their armour knew where they were in the ship and had an advantage that the Imperials didn’t, they had indeed seen these vessels before and they had a map of the closest rebuild of the “standard” design in their layout.

To set the ambush Jelsar and his squad first set up small remote charges in the pathway back to where the enemy – they were to be enemies it seemed – would have to pass to return to their shuttle-craft, and took cover in an adjoining chamber, the moment the enemy entered the room with the flash-charges they would be upon them.

Each of the golden armoured warriors carried a variety of weapons, but they would be aiming to capture their foes as much as was practical here, and to do a minimum of harm, and so their vambraces were slid out from their resting position to a ready position, a secondary weapon that duplicated the zat’nik’tel was built into the right arm.

More than that, they had prepared a local jamming apparatus, so that hopefully the enemy vessel would simply lose contact with their force without knowing why, until they could be subdued.

Perhaps this would fail, perhaps not.



Of course, to keep up appearances, Sopdet had to view the newcomers, she knew nothing of them, nor did she yet know that Captain Dupree had just ordered a synthetic intelligence to address mujahedeen warriors who despised such things; perhaps that would play to her advantage and conflict would immediately break out.

‘Greetings, welcome,’ she spoke, ‘we see that the distress signal of this vessel has travelled far and wide. I am Sopdet, High Lady of the Goa’uld System Lords. Do you wish to join us in rendering aid to this vessel, if any part of its original crew remains alive?’
"While many races in the galaxy, like the Asgard and the Ancients, developed their own technology over many thousands of years, the Goa'uld achieved their current level of technological strength by beating up other races and stealing their toys."

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Derelict (Rant)

With more ships collecting near the derelict, the deployment of the third imperial shuttle was put on standby. Rant was stuck with her initial party of eight engineers and technicians, and six soldiers. Though the Hek'ell ship was still on route to dock.

The power had been fully transferred over to an imperial energy source. With potential hostiles on board or soon to arrive, it was imperative that the downloaded data of the derelict and the three ZPMs made it to the Wyvern. Rant needed to get these power sources secure. While Dupree had given Rant a wide latitude on determining what to collect, he was very specific about searching the ship for weapons and shields, or anything weapons-related, be it ship weapons or handheld weapons. The IPE liked its guns. And with Dabo's troops tasked with securing the docking port, Rant thought it was best to split her team up to begin exploring the ship.

"Ensign. Take three soldiers and two engineers, and escort this to the shuttle so that it can be taken to the Wyvern." She handed him a case containing the ZPMs as well as a data pad containing anything the IPE could download about the ship. "Have the two engineers take our first shuttle back to the Wyvern as soon as it is safe to do so. I then want you and the rest of your team to keep watch of the remaining shuttle. Check in with me every fifteen minutes."

The ensign selected his team and left the engineering room. His team carried the ZPMs and the downloaded derelict's database with them, headed straight for the hanger bay.

Rant turned her attention to her remaining team. "I want you four to remain here in the engineering room. Try and get more control of the ship... navigation, engines, shields. This derelict is powerful, even if only semi-operable. It might be of some use to defend the fleet, if one of these new ships attacks our fleet or even tries to board this vessel."

She pointed to the remaining two engineers and two soldiers. "The rest of you are with me. We are going to explore the rest of this ship. Our main goal will be to find and collect weapons. We are detecting what appears to be an armory two decks below us." The team began to move out.


Dupree raised his eyebrow at Sopdet's abrupt end in her transmission. He wanted to hear the information she apparently knew about the derelict, and it frustrated him that she knew something that he didn't. Dupree took the time to read the information about the Goa'uld more thoroughly on his pad. A species of parasites that controlled the minds of its hosts, usually humans... It was not something he was happy to read. "Disgusting head worms." He muttered to himself.

"I have just reviewed the entire database for references to Goa'uld." XL-24 said. "I predict an 87.2% chance of betrayal. While information on 'Atum' is lacking in our systems, the data on most of these so called "System Lords" is one of constant war and conflict. The species barely even tolerates their own kind, much less outsiders."

Dupree patted XL-24's shoulder. "It does appear that way, doesn't it?" He sat on his chair and pondered.

The viewscreen still showed Captain Nefas and Alpha Mak'trell. "My tactical droid predicted a similar outcome." Nefas said, "And I too have calculated a similar result after review of the information. I, however, think we should maintain peace for now, they do not know our capabilities and unlikely be willing to take the risk. Well, unless the ship is important. But if it was, they would have likely done so already." Nefas paused and then continued, "This is not the typical wayward alien flying around in trashcans you blast to smithereens for giggles and laughs. These ones have teeth and the outcome of conflict would be uncertain."

Dupree nodded, weighing his options.

Derelict (Dabo)

Captain Dabo's team secured the docking port. This particular area of the ship was dark, though still pressurized. It seemed that power wasn't being properly distributed to the lighting systems on this deck. Dabo's team formed a parameter around the port entrance and gave the all clear for the vessel to dock. A heavy clicking noise echoed through the dark empty halls as the Hek'ell Attack Vessel docked with the derelict. The doors opened slowly where the first Hek'ell boarded. It was the second in command of that vessel.

"We are to secure control of the derelict. We do not have orders to interfere with Goa'uld operations, as of yet." Dabo said. "Habiru have not yet responded to transmissions, do not yet engage with them either."

The Hek'ell shrieked in acknowledgement.

"Send a team to the engineering room and guard the Founders. I will take my squad and continue searching the ship." Dabo said.

The Hek'ell shrieked again, but this time much louder. From within the docked Hek'ell Attack Ship, there was an even louder, unified shriek which reverberated through the deck. Suddenly, two dozen Hek'ell galloped out of the ship. Their quick, powerful movements were surprisingly coordinated, graceful even. They appeared much like bats swarming out of a cave, ready to feed for the night. They spread out in teams of six across the derelict.

Derelict (Ensign)

The ensign was headed straight to the shuttle in a rushed pace. He held his weapon forward in one hand and a scanner in the other, to detect life signs. The other three soldiers and two engineers followed behind him, one of the engineers carried the case with the ZPMs.

"Pilots." The ensign said over their communications. "Lt. Rant has priority items that need to be secured and delivered. Prep the shuttle to be ready for take off as soon as the Wyvern gives you the all clear."

"Understood." The two pilots said.

The team continued towards the shuttle, making their way towards the corridor where the Jaffa had laid their trap. The ensign paused and put up his hand to motion his crew to pause as well. "I'm detecting life signs in a room next to us. Human. Are there any other IPE teams here?"

"There shouldn't be, Sir." A soldier said.

"Is there another way towards the shuttle?"

"Not that I am aware, Sir."

"Take the devices and hold back." He said, pointing to the engineer holding the case with the ZPMs. The engineer promptly fell back to the end of the line.

"Private, go forward and check it out." The ensign said. The private headed forward slowly. He attempted to open the door to where the Jaffa were hiding in ambush. "The door is locked. Area seems clear." He said. The ensign nodded. Perhaps the scanners were malfunctioning. This was an alien ship, perhaps the technology was interfering with readings. "Alright, move forward. But be ready for anything." The ensign pointed to the engineer holding the ZPMs to get into the middle of the line again.

The group continued, walking right by the trap laid in the corridor... the flash bombs went off, which temporarily overloaded their visor systems. They immediately tried to take cover but were blinded and uncoordinated. "Lt. Rant! We need assistance!" The Ensign yelled, though the jammer blocked their communications. "Take cover!" He said, barely able to make out what was in front of him.
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Postby Petrokovia » Tue Aug 08, 2023 2:29 am

PGM Daeqoria, Cinderian Orbit, 25,000 km over Krasnograd, Petrokovia

The twin mental models of Fleet of Fog battleship Nagato had commandeered one of the spare monitors in the C.I.C. and had pulled up several maps of Krasnograd from 2019 and from 2023 to compare out of curiosity.
"They sure did a lot in four years, mmm?" Nagato 1 chirped.

Nagato 2 nodded casually, summoning a hardlight screen as she got a subconscious message notification from the JTN.
"They're calling it the 'Second Pegasus Movement'..." Her voice was almost always deep and sultry. She smiled as she pulled up the message from Gretel.

"Ey, Admiralty Code wants us to go on an intelligence gathering mission, to a seemingly abandoned ship in dead space." Nagato 2 blurted out as soon as she read the message.

Nagato 1 simply smiled.
"Hmm... Mutsu is on an errand at Iwoto... We have been sitting for a while... Are you up for it?"

"Of course!" Nagato 2 chuckled. "Let's cut loose and have a little fun."

The pair held hands, and in a flash, teleported to the main deck of their own ship. Standing on their bow, they could breathe as a result of an atmospheric shield cast over the top of the ship, which selectively retained the elements needed for a normal breathable atmosphere; not that they, as mental models, needed oxygen to survive anyway. They just liked playing human. Upon arrival, the Nagato twins used their nanomaterials to generate an endless shower of cherry blossom petals over themselves.

Nagato 1 tracked the decent of one of the petals as it drifted downwards, smiling warmly as it landed softly on the floor. After several seconds passed, the nanomaterials forming it were dissolved and floated invisibly upwards to the start of its journey again. Cherry blossoms only stayed in bloom for roughly two weeks, but through her resurrection as a Fleet of Fog vessel, she could use her nanomaterials to make the effect last for an eternity. This display of Nagato's conquering of ephemerality greatly pleased her.

She pulled up her own hardlight panel to read Gretel's message, scrolling to the part of the itinerary which listed the names, roles, and origins of passengers for her to host as part of the mission.
Diplomatic Attaches
To remain on the bridge of Nagato in case of extranational contact

Aisha Abu Kaliqa; Diplomat; Khemisrakovia, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Abewe Keisuaren; Diplomat; Rumatara, Vesperia
Ak-Kis Mongush; Diplomat; Khanaria, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Amora; Secretary; Talamu Novi, Roazii Republics
Asgore Dreemurr; Diplomat; Helheim
Averie Verasen; Diplomat; Rhapsovesta 7, Vesperia
Burtri Iiktra; Diplomat; Pachisara, Turamare Realm
Dakamarah; Diplomat; Dynastar, Dakrah Realm
Erika Hirano; Diplomat; Kanto Region, Pantormia
Hanshiro Masato; Diplomat; Japan, Republic of Telluria
Ilanya; Diplomat; Goma Senu, Republic of Maerion
Iris Malhotra; Diplomat; Unova Region, Pantormia
Jowee; Diplomat; Terapoma
Kaede Nobuyoshi; Diplomat; Japan, Earth-F
Kamaria Voël; Diplomat; Fortuna, Republic of Corneria
Kita Ryoukan; Diplomat; Japan, Earth-F
Kitchawwaa; Diplomat; Kashyyyk, New Republic
Klamira Galoril; Diplomat; Jotunheim
Kyung Ki-Nam; Diplomat; Yakreshnah, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Mari; Diplomat; Terapoma
Namua Qazu; Diplomat; Wünlen, Sereno Realm
Peppy Hare; Diplomat; Corneria, Republic of Corneria
Qeeldeh Ghoddax; Diplomat; Mon Calamari, New Republic
R9-V7; Diplomat; NGC 288, New Confederation
Ralygh; Diplomat; Roama, Roazii Republics
Rosalina; Diplomat; Agarica
Salazar Lichter; Diplomat; Venom, Venomian Republic
Sion Praji; Diplomat; Coruscant, New Republic
Shuura Aamiha; Diplomat; Tura-Lira, Vesperia
Steven Stone; Diplomat; Hoenn Region, Pantormia
Toriel Dreemurr; Diplomat; Helheim
Thulgaelin Stalsmidur; Diplomat; Svartalheim
Yamo Kurdu; Diplomat; Kamino, New Republic
Zelda Hyrule; Diplomat; Hylia

Exploration Team: LAAT Crew
To make a landing effort on the derelict ship

Aachalendra Nebiri; Engineer; Corneria, Republic of Corneria
Adiputera Tengku; Exploration Team; Nakualaria, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Akna Novoligak; LAAT Gunner; Alyeskovia, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Aleksander Malvosyek; Exploration Team; Tsanvotori, Vesperia
Ali al-Khoms; LAAT Gunner; Cyrenkovia, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Alphys; Engineer; Helheim
ARG-52-AQ3; Security; Japan, Earth-F
Ayaka Ishii; Exploration Team; Yakreshnah, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Azmera Tesfaye; Exploration Team; Akurrokovia, Petrokovia, Cinderia
B2-HAV-503; Security; NGC, New Confederation
Cloud; LAAT Pilot; Kamino, New Republic
Dragan Jovanovic; Exploration Team; Kromolya, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Gustav Krause; Exploration Team; Hoxtaria, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Hades; LAAT Copilot; Kamino, New Republic
Hinata Rovnomer; Exploration Team; Chongtsakana, Vesperia
Hwan Ha-Joon; Exploration Team; Goryong, Petrokovia, Cinderia
IG-86Q; Security; NGC 288, New Confederation
Isidora Kurchemsyek; Security; Noveressa 4, Vesperia
James Taylor; Exploration Team; Anglikana, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Kal Metis; LAAT Gunner; TT Aquilae, Free Rim Territories
Konstantin Mikhaylov; Exploration Team; Ray Nadezhda, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Marcos Hanalan; LAAT Gunner; Kepler-62f, Vesperia
Mari Irinova; Exploration Team; Glushia, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Mostafa Nasr; Exploration Team; Khemisrakovia, Petrokovia, Cinderia
OOM-27; Security; NGC 288, New Confederation
OOM-99; Security; NGC 288, New Confederation
Ovelia Kumsarlan; Engineer; Kepler-186f, Vesperia
Rex Goulden; Security; Titania, Republic of Corneria
Undyne; Security; Helheim
Ursula Androva; Exploration Team; Fichina, Republic of Corneria

Exploration Team; Fighter Escort
To escort the gunship, guard their entrance, and assist their egress

Antoine Boucher; ARC-170 Pilot; Aaresa, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Dalisay Calingasan; ARC-170 Pilot; Mindakana, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Dora Lupira; Wolfen Pilot; Kew, Venomian Republic
Erik Björklund; ARC-170 Copilot; Eprelian Free Territory, Cinderia
Gulmira Ospanova; X-Wing Pilot; Rolangrad, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Ivan Kovalenko; Viper Pilot; Chaktachya, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Meztli Alvarez; ARC-170 Copilot; Purpekovia, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Omar Ibn Husha al-Alawi; ARC-170 Copilot; Nomashria, Petrokovia, Cinderia
R2-Q5; ARC-170 Assistant; Ray Nadezhda, Petrokovia, Cinderia
R3-P42; ARC-170 Assistant; Ray Nadezhda, Petrokovia, Cinderia
R4-D7; X-Wing Assistant; Ray Nadezhda, Petrokovia, Cinderia
R7-A8; ARC-170 Assistant; Ray Nadezhda, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Ren Takahashi; ARC-170 Tailgunner; Kagamiho-oh, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Salvatore Lombardi; ARC-170 Tailgunner; Almiania, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Saru Mason; Arwing Pilot; Katina, Republic of Corneria
Tuyaara Aytalova; Viper Pilot; Atlasovia, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Vaitiare Kaela; ARC-170 Pilot; Troprokovia, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Vitya Ekaterov; Z-95 Pilot; Lygoravetla, Petrokovia, Cinderia
Yuri Volonova; ARC-170 Tailgunner; Atraska, Petrokovia, Cinderia
In addition to 16 Vulture Droids, and 4 Trifighters

Nagato 1 read through the itinerary, amused.
"This is quite an exploration team."

"Like they say, anything in life worth doing, is worth overdoing." Nagato 2 cooed. "Moderation is for cowards."

"In that case, we should bring a full detail." Nagato 1 smiled.

Nagato 2 nodded as she drew her kiseru from inside her kimono sleeve and packed the bowl with very finely ground marijuana.
"The Admiralty Code requests we bring at least one ship from each of the fleets, so keep that in mind."

She took a hit from her kiseru, holding the smoke in her lungs for a few seconds before blowing a thick, billowing cloud of white-grey smoke into the atmospheric dome, where it floated to the boundary with space and was diffused out into the great vacuum.

Nagato 1 sent out a number of requests over the JTN, and was able to put together a task force in relatively few minutes. With the battleship Nagato serving as the detachment flagship, there would be two other ships from the Black Fleet joining; heavy cruiser Maya and heavy cruiser Takao. From the White Fleet would come Area Assault and Suppression Vessel Shinano, destroyer Isokaze, destroyer Hamakaze, submarine I-400 and submarine I-402. From the Scarlet Fleet would join battleship Scharnhorst, heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper and heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. Finally, from the Emerald Fleet, of which New Jersey was flagship, would come aircraft carrier Lexington, battleships Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin, light cruisers Omaha, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati, and frigates Tacoma, Everett, Covington, and Reading.

All together, the fleet was composed of 2 carriers (one converted to an AASS), 4 battleships, 4 heavy cruisers, 3 light cruisers, 2 destroyers, 4 frigates, and 2 submarines. Also with the fleet would be three Tormacian drones.

Nagato 2's smile was filled with anticipation.
"Okay, fleet. First, we meet up at Titania to make sure we're all together before we set off. Then, we head to the abandoned ship."

After everyone had chimed in their own affirmatives over the JTN, Nagato activated her Transdimensional Drive. The Mikotormic Drive spooled for about 45 seconds, drawing more and more gravitons from the real-time synthesis and subsequent natural decay of thanatonium. As the navigational program finished its calculations, the graviton ballast at the bottom of her ship became full enough to perform the transdimensional jump. In a swift and silent blink of light, Nagato made her FTL jump away from Cinderian orbit.

After the group all made their independent jumps to the agreed upon neutral rendezvous point to form the fleet, they made the multidimensional jump to the coordinates of the strange, seemingly abandoned derelict ship...

Derelict Vessel

Except, it wasn't quite so derelict anymore...

[Whoa, Kongou was right...] Scharnhorst placed a hand to her head. [The jump drive does make my brain feel weird... It's a bit overwhelming.]

[You'll get used to it with practice.] Nagato 1 reassured. [It's the same sequence of patterns every time.]

The 3,500 meter long, 1,000 meter wide ship was the first thing to catch the Fog's mind, none of whom breached 300 meters long. Immediately, the Fleet of Fog's Joint Tactical Network, was abuzz with flurries of messages between the ships as the group began analyzing the environment around them. The JTN was the quantum communication network allowing a centralized data storage cloud and instantaneous communication between all members of the fleet regardless of distance or location in the multiverse, telepathically, and there was a hell of a lot of mind chatter.

[Wow! She's massive!] Maya exclaimed over the Joint Tactical Network, awestruck.

Takao gave a mildly scolding look to her sister.
[Tch. You can't just go around calling people fat, Maya. It's rude.]

[Huh?] Maya seemed oblivious. [I didn't mean it that way...]

[Oh, stop bickering, you two.] Iowa chimed in. [You're sisters. You're supposed to have each other's back.]

[Hey, who're all these guys?] Wisconsin highlighted the positions of the ships of all the factions who had already arrived on a three-dimensional map that she distributed through the JTN.

I-402 was the first to respond, in 254.8 picoseconds.
[Two of these ships adhere closely to former Galactic Imperial design philosophies. The rest of the ships do not quite match anything in my database.]

[Guess we're not alone, hmm?] Shinano added.

[Huh, that's kinda funny.] Iowa blurted out. [One of those ships looks a little like the electric razor I bought from Roelandia.]
(Note: Forum-style embedded hyperlinks become visual premonitions in the mind while the sender is speaking )

[Well let's not be shy!] Nagato 2 prodded excitedly. [Let's send out a hello across all frequencies and see which channels they respond on!]

[Make sure to send it in every language we have in our database. Let's pray they understand at least one of them.] I-400 suggested.

[Good advice! Thank you, I-400.]

And so Nagato broadcast a message in all languages and all frequencies:

"Greetings! We are members of the Fleet of Fog, and represent the Multiversal People's Union of Petrokovia! We come in peace, to conduct an investigation following a report of a possibly abandoned vessel. We would like to establish communications with all parties present. Holy, holy, holy, Mikotorma, all-possible, that was, and is, and is to come."

Aside from radio, she broadcast this message visually through Morse Code in English, German, French, Russian, and Japanese via her floodlamps, and displayed the international signal flags Kilo, Kartefour, and Quebec.
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Postby Orryon » Tue Aug 08, 2023 1:53 pm

As the sails foil back and the ships begin to decelerate senory data started to flood the consoles of the Prospatho but before any of the bridge crew could analyze it, or run it through computer algorythms, they became mesmerized by what they saw. Three distinct fleets of a design and origin they had never seen before.

Commodore Kizin, after a brief respite of disbelief, while muttering *Holy sh*t, it's actually true* started barking orders.

Helm, keep you distance of those ships until we can determine their range and firepower, Comm, give me the Zyatzi and the Huemac.

*the comm officer presses a series of buttons*: Muluc, Zeltzin, maneuver yourselves alongside the Prospatho and cover my flanks, mirror our movements and stick with us as we move. *Kizin pressed a number of buttons on his own armrest console*, I'm dividing the fleet up into two battlewings, one will be assigned to each of you to coordinate. Meanwhile we will assume diplomatic duties and initiate contact with the fleet, monitor the military situation continously while we are occupied in this area. Muluc, I'm leaving the overall command of the fleet to you during diplomatic negotiations.

*Kizin gestures the first officer* Prepare two teams of each 6 space marines. See that they are augmented with battle drones to do the necessary dirty work.

*the first officer salutes* Aye sir!! *and he leaves the bridge.

Tactical, do we have information on the ir military capabilities yet?

Limlited sir, their shielding prevents full penetration of our sensors. We do have some preliominary data however: It's clear that we are dealing with three distinct parties here, the materials used and the design specifics of each group is too disimilar to conclude otherwise. As far as we were able to determine, we estimate that their firepower is at least equal to ours, possibly even greater, though, as things stand now, we may have an advantage in numbers we could potentially exploit.

*Kizin pondered for a short moment before speaking up again* Very well, we will proceed with caution then.

We have found something more interesting than that though, Commodre. The shipwreck they seem to be competing, while heavily damaged, appears to be a relic of some sorts.

A relic? *said Kizin in disbelief*

Yes sir, the lack of shielding on the wreck managed to give us a clearer reading on it and it appears that, not only is this thing incredibly old, it is also incredibly advanced. My officers and I agree that under no circumstances can we have either of them leave with it. Not only is it extremely valuable, it might also be incredibly dangerous and as such a clear threat to the Confederacy's security.

*Kizin though long and hard, his eyes growing narrower with each passing moment, but before he could react the Comm console beeps* Yes, This is the bridge, go ahead. "The teams yuou asked for are ready sir. Good to go on your command"

Great! *he gestures tactical that they are dismissed*. Comm, send this broadcast on all frequencies and translate it in all known forms of communication:

Greetings, we are representatives of the Orryon confederacy. We must inform you that this region of space falls within our mandated security zone. As such we claim all salvage in this area as our own. While we favour diplomatic relationships with other civilisations and welcome opening such relations up with anyone who desires them, we must also be clear on our demands. Please refrain from approaching the wreck and allow our crews to do their work. I will give the command to send them out now and they will be escorted by fighters and closely observed by our fleet. Meanwhile I welcome all of you to dicuss this rare occasion of first contact and share thoughts about our current predicement. I await your transmissions.

*Kizin, who had stood up to broadcast his message, sat back down again, a tactical officer came near and whispered:*

Sir, our readings indicate that some of them have already send raiding parties over. What do we do with them?

*Kizin smirks* I suspected as much. Don't worry luitenant, I was just making our bargaining position crystal clear for them. We are about to embark on a game of poker and it's always wise not to show ones hand too early.

*Kizin hits an armrest button* First officer! Sent out the squads, divide them over two shuttles and have 5 ADF-133 fighters escort them. Keep them on patrol around the derelict ship when they have landed. Also, prep 3 squadrons of CBL-248 interceptors in case we have to react quickly to any threats.

*kizin leans back into his chair and mutters* Now the cards are drawn, let's play...!

*As the shuttles depart and the fighters arrive to escort them, the bridge crews of the fleet watch them steadily advance towards the derelict ship, patiently waiting for what would occur next*

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Postby Lord Atum » Wed Aug 09, 2023 4:15 pm


‘What am I seeing here?’ Sopdet said in mystification at the Fleet of Fog. Her holographic display had projected the new ships into view, looking all the more incongruous because the goa’uld ship was at a radically different attitude to the derelict to the newcomers, causing them to appear to be hanging vertically from the ceiling of the command chamber. ‘This cannot be real, someone has loaded an entertainment program into our sensor suite. Check it,’ she said.

A few moments later confirmed that the ships had been sighed using air-gapped sensor systems and verified, there was no compromise of her ship’s systems, the strange sight of almost two dozen smokestack ships in the void.

‘This is an impossibility, run a focussed scan on them,’ she said.

‘Divine Lady,’ spoke the communications officer to her left, ‘we receive hails from them. In many bandwidths and languages. They even appear to have put up flags, actual signal flags.’

She stared. Her expression was one of profound annoyance, her jaw was slightly dropped but her brow was furrowed. ‘This must be what going mad feels like,’ she said.

She slowly sat down back in her seat, continuing to gape in confusion.

‘Divine Lady, sensor returns now show that the new vessels are comprised of a nanotechnological material, they are protected by a spatial manipulation field.

An exploded diagram of the Scharnhorst appeared before her, hieratic script flashing from it as the potent sensors of her vessel analysed the ship chosen to be the target of their curiosity.

‘Then the crew are likely comprised in the same way,’ she said, ‘I cannot comprehend why they would choose such forms…’ she said, ‘no matter, play their message,’ she said.

She creased her features again at the phrase “multiversal” but paid it no mind. Her lips pursed.

‘Signal them,’ she said. ‘I am Lady Sopdet, emissary of the Goa’uld System Lords, we are now searching the derelict for any persons on board who may be in a state of distress, we invite all parties to join us in doing so,’ she said.



Jelsar and his men advanced with their staff weapons readied, but to use the less-lethal weapons mounted in their vambraces, they simply gestured, the sign of the horns, first and last fingers extended, others curved in, summoned the weapon, while a simple squeeze of the gauntlet fired it.

The gesture was one that did not rely on the neural interface of the armour, and which would not occur accidentially.

The other that they made was simple, holding their left arms in the posture one would use a material shield, summoning golden barriers before them. The armour was shielded passively, but this triggered an active mode that placed a force-screen barrier in a set direction in addition.

As the flash weapons detonated the jaffa stepped out of concealment, firing at the humans.

If the zat’nik’tel weapons built into their arms failed to subdue the enemy, they would switch to their blast staves, including the barrage staff carried by one of their number, which could produce a continuous column of fire to fulfil the role of a squad automatic weapon.



The next flotilla that arrived was no surprise to Sopdet, she had begun to suspect that the signal had got out to a large number of societies in the local volume, she sat now with her fingers steepled before her. She knew that Jelsar would be making contact now, and that sooner or later, her troops would be needing to evacuate. The simple fact was, while the Sole Lord Atum would doubtless love to bring this derelict home, the only way that would happen now would be to make an alliance with at least a majority of those present.

The Hearts of Light gave her another point of value, if she could get those her reputation would be written in gold. But even so, at this point, her main goal had shifted. She did not trust the societies present with the ship before them. An Aurora class starship was everything the goa’uld wished their future warships to be, but by that same token they did not want potential competitors to obtain it.

Even outside the circle of the System Lords, she knew that allowing the Interplanetary Empire to obtain the secrets of such a vessel would potentially set off a wave of expansion that would doom countless beings to base subjection.

She wondered where that thought had come from; it was well known that the ushabti hosts contained a series of glands that counteracted the effects of the acute sarcophagosis that had affected all of her status among the goa’uld throughout the Third Dynasty, but the effects on personality were small, they would not make one into a New Mind, or a Tok’tem influenced bleeding heart; and still, she had the same intrusive thought.

Perhaps the Fleet of Fog’s appearance had disturbed her equilibrium. Even so it was a consideration, if not on the abstract moral concern that had intruded into her thoughts first, then because Atum wished the influence of the goa’uld to be felt only as a positive in the galaxy, he cared for messaging and posture. Allowing such a prize to fall into the grip of any culture who could not be trusted with it would be a catastrophe.

The newcomers were an enigma, much more professional, she could glean little from their initial message, but that did not mean she trusted them a single fingerspan.

‘Greetings, representatives of the Orryon Confederacy. I am Sopdet, High Lady of the Goa’uld System Lords, I regret to inform you that the System Lords provisionally recognize the Shalbatana treaty on stellar claims as applicable to all claims within the Weret, generally known as the Milky Way Galaxy, as such we cannot accept the claim that this is your space without some evidence of continuous use, which a naval expedition would not qualify as. I am encoding a copy of said treaty on a sub-channel for your evaluation.

‘Please be aware that until we are satisfied that there is no remaining life from the original crew on board, we will be regarding this a ship in distress, it is entirely possible for personnel to survive for many thousands of years in deep sleep after all.’
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Postby Interplanetary Empire » Thu Aug 10, 2023 6:22 am

Derelict (Ensign)

The team ducked for cover, however as they were ambushed in an open hall, there was nowhere to go. Disoriented, they put up little fight as each one was stunned by the Jaffa's zat'nik'tels.


“New ships have appeared, Captain.” XL-24 said. “Markings indicate Petrokovian.”

Dupree nodded in acknowledgement. Not much was known of the Fleet of Fog, however the IPE had encountered them before on Earth. They had at least some interaction and knowledge of them, which was more than the IPE could say with its interactions with anyone else they had encountered at this derelict. Dupree had read the reports from Enic Astrid and Teritus regarding the rather strange meeting that they had attended with the Petrokovians, from talking dinosaurs to a strange red mist, the whole operation wound up scrapped. So much so, the report just ended halfway through. But Dupree wasn't willing to let this encounter go to waste like before.

They opened a channel and responded to the Petrokovian message.

“I am Captain Dupree of the Interplanetary Empire. We had found this vessel adrift in space and have been restoring some of its systems. We do not believe there to be any life forms on board apart from boarding teams from the respective ships around this site. As such, we are treating this as a salvage operation. If you have come here... peacefully... we are willing to… share… some of its contents.”

“Another fleet has arrived, Sir. They are also hailing.”

Dupree rolled his eyes. Not one, not two, not three, but now four different factions were around this derelict. His patience was becoming fried.

The Orryon message was played in which Dupree roared with a frustrated laugh. “Who do those bloodless Altairian varmints think they are!? Talking of peace while they claim its a 'momentous occasion' to meet us all, all as they claim the ship and scurry off with it back to their borders?" He clutched the leash of his pet alien. The alien squirmed in discomfort but stayed quiet as it was in fear of what he could do. The alien had seen Dupree in such a state before and never was it a good outcome for the alien if it got in his way. Dupree paced back and forth before finally sitting back down in his chair. "Send them this message: Orryon Confederacy, we consider this contested space. As such we are hesitant to recognize your authority here. But in the spirit of peace, we are willing to stand down and allow your people on board the ship. We are always eager to form peaceful relationships with other species.” The transmission was ended. Dupree, of course, had no intention of having his teams stand down.

“Shall we destroy the Orryon boarding ship, Sir?” The officer was rather used to such messages and its subsequent results.

“No. I want them on board. If they get in our way, have our teams kill any Orryon on sight. I want to hear their screams through our audio as our Hek’ell eat them alive.”

“Yes, Sir.”

"Lieutenant Rant, have your engineering crew's top priority be raising that ship's shields. I don't want anyone else getting in there... or out."
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Postby Lord Atum » Sun Aug 27, 2023 3:20 pm

Ensign Rant

Ensign Rant had a challenge left to her by the jaffa, they had taken several physical components out of the ship’s shield generators, ones with programming instructions in their crystalline matrices; the majority of the actual machinery of the shield generators were still there, of course, but she would need to make some guesses – educated ones of course given her background – if she wanted to bring the shields online again.



Jelsar of the Singing Valley had six men at his side, he had subdued the humans but now he had to make a decision. There were seven in his command, and they had subdued six enemies.

The first thing they did of course was to verify the container the Hearts of Light were held in, they did not open it on site, it was possible that it was booby trapped, they could do that in a containment field on the ship, but they had to make a decision on the stunned enemies.

If they were encumbered with six prisoners they would be likely to make poor time. It was likely that one prisoner at least would be beneficial. Of course, there were several options.

They could simply take the Hearts of Light, and kill the humans, that was tempting, but they could do better. ‘Take the leader,’ he said, to one of the warriors with him as they secured the crate, and then they bound the leader’s arms behind his back, scanning him for weapons and devices, they did the same with another, and then they had to decide how to act next.

A large part of Jelsar wanted to execute them out of hand, but there was a possibility that they would still come in useful. He could vapourise their bodies without any visible remnant in place, he could also use the handclaw option of his armour to tear them apart and mimic the attack of the beast that was reportedly loose on board.

Instead he looked to one of the Ibis Guard. ‘Call for another team to bring the others, take their weapons too, we must return to the Tel’tak, now,’ he said, whirling on the spot and heading back to the landing craft.


Their journey back to the Tel’tak was brief, approaching the bay where it hung in mid-air, more golden horus guard surrounding it, their leaders with the Tesem hound helms that he wore. As they approached, stepping into the circle of disturbed dust beneath the golden-hulled tel’tak.

As they stepped into the circle rings of naquadah flashed down around them and their prisoners, the five rings hovering into position. A burst of light flashed from them, and Jelsar’s team vanished, and were replaced by another squad, to retrieve the other prisoners, if they remained unconscious.


The Dungeon Decks of Sopdet’s Ship

The ensign would be scanned and changed into light white pants and trousers – no power armour and no cybernetics would be tolerated of course, both were scanned for – as would the other prisoner they had taken, as they revived.

The architecture of goa’uld cells was similar to what it had always been, this one was on the more pleasant end of the scale, possessing ablutions facilities, and a long bench that could hold two people on a bench lying, or six or eight sitting.

For now they would remain there, potential chess pieces for Sopdet to use at a later time.


The Research Chambers of Sopdet’s Ship

The IPE container was separated from those brought in with it, and the Ibis Guard bowed before it in reverence to what it contained after laying it on a plinth before them, their hands held up in reverence. Six terminals of lapis blue were set around it, scanners that could be used to probe deeply for any manner of trap.

They would be patient, cautious; already a shimmering shield of blue-white energy surrounded it, as they worked.

If a Heart of Light ruptured, it could destroy the ship and every other ship within thousands or even millions of kilometers; they would take no risks with that.
"While many races in the galaxy, like the Asgard and the Ancients, developed their own technology over many thousands of years, the Goa'uld achieved their current level of technological strength by beating up other races and stealing their toys."

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Postby Interplanetary Empire » Tue Aug 29, 2023 6:06 pm

Derelict (Rant)

Rant and her team had finally found the armory when they received new orders from Dupree to prioritize restoring shields. She quickly relayed that information back to her engineering team that was still in the engineering section, while her team finished looking for any weapons that might have been left behind. They salvaged what they could find and then she directed her team to head back to engineering to resume restoration of the shields. But the reality was that if they knew how to restore shields, they would have by now. The power that was being used to keep the ship running, after the removal of the ZPMs, was already near max capacity. To make it worse, they were still trying to understand all of the complex systems. Even with the sabotage from the Jaffa, she and her team had more than enough work cut out for them already.

Rant had already spoken with her team in the engineering room but was still waiting on a check-in by the team she was most concerned about, given the importance of the objects they were transporting.

"Ensign. This is Lieutenant Rant. What's your status?"

There was no response.

"Ensign, are you there?"

She contacted the pilots of the shuttle. "What's your status?"

"We still haven't seen them, Ma'am."

It had been over twenty minutes since the last contact, and she was growing worried.

She contacted Dabo through comms. "Captain Dabo, I want you to head to the shuttles and then take the route to the engineering bay. There are six people we've lost contact with. They were carrying important cargo; you can identify it by its unique energy signatures. Find the Founders, then seek the energy readings."

"Yes, Founder." Dabo said. He motioned to his Hek'ell squad, and they started their way to the shuttles.

She didn't want to jump to conclusions, there was any number of things that could explain why she'd lost contact with them. But being intercepted by someone was high on her list of explanations. And if this were true, it had to be the Goa'uld, given no one had yet boarded the ship. She instructed all her teams to remain vigilant.

The Research Chambers of Sopdet’s Ship

The Jaffa would find no booby traps hidden within the container. It would be merely locked with an encryption algorithm and its contents surrounded by a malleable foam-like material to keep the ZPMs safe and insulated during transport.

The Dungeon Decks of Sopdet’s Ship

If the Jaffa were to conduct a medical scan of the ensign, if they cared enough, they would find he is a Lithuinian, one of the three Founder races of the IPE, who superficially resemble humans apart from their bright, glowing blue irises.

Derelict (Dabo)

Dabo's team arrived at the shuttles and from there headed toward engineering. He reasoned that retracing the team’s steps would be the most likely place to begin in their search.

Dabo’s photoreceptors changed from the standard cool white to a blood red, which indicated he was scanning for life signs in the area. His team of six Hek’ell and a single Nek'quell followed behind him. The Nek’quell squealed as it followed. One of the Hek’ell soldiers petted it, in which the Nek’quell purred and stretched its mantis-like raptorial forelegs and waved about its large muscular tail that could fire projectiles. It quickly and happily continued with them after the pets of encouragement.

“This way.” Dabo said. “I am detecting human and Lithuanian life signs in grid 18.” Whether or not they would arrive before, after, or during the Jaffa's retrieval of the unconscious imperials was anyone's guess.

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Postby Lord Atum » Sat Sep 16, 2023 3:19 pm

The Research Chamber

As they completed their investigation the Ibis Guard proceeded to the next step, one of them entering the containment chamber, stepping toward the sample, a narrow plasma torch cutting into the material, the ibis guard who worked the tool could see the gleaming shapes of the devices within, circling them carefully to avoid any thermal contact with the ancient power sources. Such a thing would take time, but they were confident nonetheless.


Capture Force

Somak of the Weeping Forest was not a prime of any sort, but he was the Greatest of Fifty, a position akin to a lieutenant, though his command was only twenty strong, with the size of the unit under his command in the reformed forces of the System Lords being much reduced.

They moved cautiously through the wide spaces of the ancient ship, its lights shimmering in and out of function as they accommodated unaccustomed power flow, long-unused systems functioning slowly. They moved cautiously, the hawk-helmeted guards on point moving with weapons levelled, one of them carrying a barrage staff, while those in the middle of the pack emitted pulsing sensor waves, and those at the rear maintained watch.

They were not quick enough to beat Dabo’s squad to their fallen comrades, but might well arrive before them.



‘No response from the other newcomers yet, My Lady,’ one of the Jaffa reported.

She folded her fingers together, thumbs and forefingers together, other fingers splayed, tapping them on her knees for a moment.

The doors to the chamber opened and she could hear the rapping of staff weapons against shoulders and the warriors coming to attention.

Jelsar swept into the room before her and went to one knee, his canine visage folding back into its ‘Lady Sopdet,’

‘Rise,’ she said, ‘you have done well,’ she said. He nodded, a certain degree of taciturnity was expected of a jaffa, simply allowing her to continue speaking. ‘The Hearts of Light may well prove highly valuable, I have ordered two tel’tak prepared,’ she said, ‘if they are true then I am sending one to the Gate of Heaven,’ the home system of Yu, ‘and another to Delmak, so that they may be retained even if our own ship is destroyed.’

‘Are we to do battle among this mix of vessels?’ he asked, looking to the holographic display.

‘That remains to be seen, but we have prisoners,’ she said, ‘let us speak to them,’ she rose.

She swept through the command chamber and toward the passageway beyond, her hounds following along with Jelsar and his jaffa, until they came to an elevator, passing down to the dungeon decks.

The guards assigned to the decks, unlike the expedition forces, did not wear power armour here, instead clad in plate and chain and carrying traditional staff weapons, they saluted as Sopdet and her party arrived, and secured the chamber, the door sliding open as she looked in at her prisoners.

‘Welcome,’ she said, smiling softly, she caught sight of the eyes of one of them, and her own glowed in a bioluminescent threat display instinctively. ‘You have been brought here so I can ask you some questions. Your Empire is new to me,’ she said, speaking the GalStan tongue most commonly found through the galaxy, ‘but I wish to learn. How far are you from your homeworlds?’
"While many races in the galaxy, like the Asgard and the Ancients, developed their own technology over many thousands of years, the Goa'uld achieved their current level of technological strength by beating up other races and stealing their toys."

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Postby Interplanetary Empire » Fri Sep 22, 2023 6:49 am

Derelict (Dabo)
It did not take long for them to find the Ensign's team on the ground, still unconscious. One of the Hek'ell picked up the four soldiers, carrying them on its back. With the strength of the Hek’ell, it was hardly encumbered by the bodies.

"We found them, Founder. We count four of them. They are all unconscious." Dabo said through his communication device.

"There are supposed to be six.” Rant said.

“We are only detecting four.”

Rant frowned. “Is there a container with them?”

“Negative, Founder.”

There was a pause before Rant continued to speak “Captain, get them here to engineering.” She said calmly, not hinting at the concern she felt about the situation. “I want you to then find the missing soldiers and cargo. Have every Hek'ell squad on the search.”

"Acknowledged." Dabo said.

He looked to the Hek’ell who carried the unconscious soldiers. “Head to engineering and deliver the Founders. Then return here.”

The Hek’ell shrieked in acknowledgement, a high pitched, eerie echo reverberated throughout the dimly lit halls of the ship. The Hek’ell galloped off into the dark, carrying the imperials over its shoulders.

Dabo began to scan for energy signatures, to which he found several forms in the area. He was unconcerned with most of them, the target he was most interested in would be those from the ZPMs.

Derelict (Rant)
Rant looked at her team. "Get those shields on. I don’t want excuses." She knew something was wrong, and given the state of her soldiers, it was a very high chance they were intercepted by another party on board. It was imperative to question the survivors of what happened.

She quickly turned her attention to Dupree through comms. “Captain.” Rant said. “The situation is still unfolding, but you should be advised that two of our soldiers are missing, they were carrying sensitive materials to be transported back to our ship, this is missing too."

The Ensign looked at Sopdet with a piercing stare. He said nothing.

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Postby Lord Atum » Sat Sep 23, 2023 5:28 pm

The Research Chamber

The first of the Hearts of Light was lifted from its container, and inspected anew for any defects of flaws, before the jaffa handed it to another Ibis guard, a trio of them took it from the chamber and headed from the room.

The interior of the ship was different to the gold of the previous epoch but it was still rich in ceremonial meaning, the corridors broken up by stanchions, most of the corridors ran parallel to the core of the pyramid, where the central power generators and shield generators were located, and they crossed into this rarely travelled space, walking across a railed catwalk, one of three that joined at the tip of the main power systems, where a small platform had lain unused since the ship’s commissioning.

Standing equidistantly around this plinth three of the Ibis Guard knelt on one knee each before the machine, hands raised in reverence, as the one who bore the object stepped close to the platform and waved his hand over the flat surface of it, causing a dust cover to rise from its position which allowed him to set it aside, a plug of golden resin sat in place within the plinth, and this raised from its position, before he set it aside too, using both hands to place the Heart of Light into the cavity thus presented.

The ship recognized the object and which lit with a soft hum, a cyclic noise that sounded almost like ap urr, and the ship’s systems greedily drew it down into the socket. They replaced the dust cover right away, and the trio of guards who had knelt rose once more, taking their places around the device, and monitoring the power draw as they began to ramp up the ship’s systems to take advantage of the surplus power.



Somak’s team were the first to encounter the Hak’ell under Dabo’s command, and this was where things were about to get much more interesting for both parties exploring the ship. The chain of provocations was simple enough. They had been warned, perhaps facetiously, of monsters on the ship that had attacked others, and they were on a hair-trigger alert, expecting the Interplanetary Empire’s forces to be humanoids and androids, rather than what they saw.

Worse, the mist that had begun to permeate the area from the Insos gave some pause to consider the foe of the gate builders that they had heard war-stories about, making them anticipate conflict with something all the more.

Had it not been for the warning that Captain Dupree had given perhaps they still would not have fired.

As it was the moment they drew into sight of Dabo’s squad, a flash of blue-white plasma shot from the barrage staff carried by the first of the jaffa, a single cutting beam that could be sustained and swept to clear the way, while the others fired pulses, these weapons were not the blast staffs of old, and they seemed capable of assisted aiming to accommodate the ergonomic limitations of the weapon; the prospect of a jaffa mutiny had been perilously close when the more practical and bland weapons upgrades initially proposed had been shown, and so the weapons looked like the ancestral ones, but they hit harder and more often.

Whether it would be enough against the Interplanetary Empire’s monstrous enforcer troops remained to be seen.



Sopdet had not expected an answer, but it seemed that the prisoners were not inclined to give her any amusement, ‘Chain them and bring them to the command deck,’ she ordered. At once the guards from the dungeon deck hastened to obey the command, fettering the two prisoners, preparing to bring them to the High Lady as she turned to walk away, one of her hounds looking at the duo as though considering the taste of them before it lope after her.
"While many races in the galaxy, like the Asgard and the Ancients, developed their own technology over many thousands of years, the Goa'uld achieved their current level of technological strength by beating up other races and stealing their toys."

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Postby Petrokovia » Sun Sep 24, 2023 12:52 am

[We're receiving a message from the Orryon Confederacy] I-402 chirped.

[Who?] Takao cocked her head slightly as she looked across the void at the various ships.

[The fleet that has Iowa's electric hair trimmer.] Wisconsin teased. [Play the message already!]

["Greetings, we are representatives of the Orryon confederacy. We must inform you that this region of space falls within our mandated security zone. As such we claim all salvage in this area as our own. While we favour diplomatic relationships with other civilisations and welcome opening such relations up with anyone who desires them, we must also be clear on our demands. Please refrain from approaching the wreck and allow our crews to do their work. I will give the command to send them out now and they will be escorted by fighters and closely observed by our fleet. Meanwhile I welcome all of you to dicuss this rare occasion of first contact and share thoughts about our current predicement. I await your transmissions."]

Immediately came the EW-converted sentoku-class submarine's objections.
[Aww, bunk!] I-402 blurted over the JTN. [That's no fun!]
[I thought this was uncharted territory?] I-400 chimed.

The twin mental models of Nagato looked at each other with an incredulous look, then opened a video commlink to the Orryonian Fleet. Behind the twins stood the diplomatic attaches, a rather diverse group of lifeforms huddled together in Nagato's bridge with generally curious expressions. To compliment the endless shower of cherry blossoms, Nagato played Chopin's Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise Brillante Op. 22 over the bridge speakers.

"Our apologies, we were under the impression that this was politically neutral territory." Nagato 2 spoke with a subtle sultriness. "I'm sure if it is as you say, then you have maps delineating this 'mandated security zone' and documents from your governing body proving your rank and station? I hope you don't mind me requesting these of you, I just like to be extra careful. You can't always be sure who you might be meeting in the void~"

[Lexington, prepare the LAAT and its escorts for deployment] Nagato 1 used telepathy so the Orryonians wouldn't hear her on videocall. [If they're bluffing, we continue the mission as originally intended]

[Another incoming message, from the fleet adjacent and perpendicular to us] chirped I-402.

["I am Lady Sopdet, emissary of the Goa’uld System Lords, we are now searching the derelict for any persons on board who may be in a state of distress, we invite all parties to join us in doing so."]

Nagato played the message over the video call before sending a request to the Goal'uld to include them in the call.
"In this case, ambassador," Nagato 1 began speaking to the delegation of the Orryon Confederacy. "This gives us reasonable suspicion that this craft may be in distress, and according to VPU Ordnance 4444, On the Duty to Rescue, we are thusly obligated to send a search and rescue team to help."

She turned confidently to the delegates behind her with an expectant head tilt. After a majority of them nodded in agreement, she spun back around to face the video call.
"We shall be sending a team to the ship to aid in search and rescue operations."

[Ooo, ooooooooo~]
[Yes, Maya?] Nagato 1 answered curiously.
[Another message!]

["I am Captain Dupree of the Interplanetary Empire. We had found this vessel adrift in space and have been restoring some of its systems. We do not believe there to be any life forms on board apart from boarding teams from the respective ships around this site. As such, we are treating this as a salvage operation. If you have come here... peacefully... we are willing to… share… some of its contents."]

Nagato 2 hummed as she slowly exhaled.
"As tempting as the offer is, I must decline for the time being. We haven't had the chance to fully rule out the possibility that the ship is in distress, so we must emphasize search and rescue as our priority. However, we can send some of our engineers aboard with M-SONAR instruments to get readings on the ship's technology and composition."

"With that, we probably wouldn't actually need anything physical from the ship anyway." Iowa's voice chimed in over the airwaves spacewaves. "We'd just need the data from our scanners and a copy of the data in the ship's computers, and we'd be set."

Meanwhile, Lexington opened the rear portion of her flight deck as double doors, allowing a fleet of spacecraft to quickly float up and forward towards the derelict ship; almost all of the craft were old designs, but were visibly updated and modified for service in the Petrokovian military. The fleet centered around a single LAAT, with three ARC-170s, an X-Wing, two Vipers, an Arwing, a Z-95 Headhunter, and a Wolfen. In a spherical formation around these craft were sixteen Vulture Droids split into four squads led by four Droid Trifighters.

28 vulture droids and 7 trifighters launched behind them, staying dispersed among the Fleet of Fog as an area patrol.

As the Derelicht Task Force approached the main hangar bay entrance, the LAAT copilot-a new-generation clone named Hades-leaned forward in his chair slightly.
"Should we make an entrance?"

"No, Hades, most women prefer a softer approach." Cloud-the gunship's clone pilot-joked crudely. "The power to some parts of the ship has been restored, probably by the, uh... other guests. Let's try asking the ship if she'll open up for us."

Cloud pressed a couple buttons on the dashboard of the ship, and a number of gate-access-permission signals used by all factions known to the Petrokovians was beamed to the derelicht's hangar sensors.

"How do we know this'll work?" asked Hades impatiently.

"We don't." Cloud clarified with a slightly curt tone. "It's just better to see if you have a key that unlocks a door before resorting to blowing it in. We're here for SNR, not SND."
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Postby Interplanetary Empire » Sun Sep 24, 2023 8:02 am


The first blue-white plasma shot whizzed by a Hek’ell’s head by only centimeters. It could briefly feel the searing heat near its face, before it dispersed across its carapace.

Alerted, it turned around toward the Jaffa and shrieked a horrid sound which would surely inspire superstitious cultures of ghosts and demons. It took several shots to the chest, before seeking cover. Hek’ell weren’t invincible, but they were genetically engineered to be rugged. Their carapace was hard, and was designed, much like imperial armor the Founders wore and what imperial war droids were composed of, materials that equally distributed energy across the surface, thereby greatly weakening the effects of weapons. As such, they could sustain many hits before finally succumbing.

The other Hek’ell quickly returned fire on the Jaffa using their XN Oppressor rifles. What was a large, heavy, and cumbersome weapon to humans, was a rifle specifically designed for the Hek’ell. The XN Oppressor was classified as “inhumane” by much of the galaxy and as such barred from trade in many of the galaxy's parts. It was designed to not just kill, but to make the experience of dying excruciating. Even a wound that was traditionally considered nonlethal, such as to the leg or arm, the shots from the rifle were designed to inhibit the blood from clotting. This made it imperative for a victim to seek medical aid immediately, or otherwise face what could have been an avoidable death.

Dabo, who had been distracted scanning for the residual energy signals to trace the ZPMs, quickly changed his focus to the Jaffa. He ordered two of his Hek’ell to fall back and circle around to flank them.

“Founder”. Dabo said to Rant over his comms device, “We are under attack by goa’uld forces.”

“I want one alive. They are probably who intercepted our team. We need one for questioning.”

“Understood, Founder.” Dabo said.

The three remaining Hek’ell, Dabo, and their Nek’quell had all taken cover by the doorways of the corridor. The Nek’quell remained completely out of sight, with only its two long spiked tentacles exposed to counter fire. It fired its spiked projectiles from its tentacles. It was waiting for the right moment to charge the Jaffa and attack them with its large mantis-like forelimbs.


The Hek’ell carrying the four soldiers reached the engineering room. “Founder.” It said in its shrilled voice. It gently and tenderly placed each of the soldiers on the ground.

Rant kneeled down and put her finger on the neck of one of the soldiers. “Good work.” She said to the Hek’ell before it galloped away back into the dark to return to Dabo’s squad.

“Captain Dupree.” Rant said through her communications. “We have four of our troops back, the remaining two still missing. Survivors are unconscious, but alive. The commando droid has informed me that his squad is under attack by goa’uld forces. They are being attacked in the same location as where we retrieved our fallen comrades. I'd wager they're the culprits who intercepted my team and stole the energy devices. I'll confirm this when the survivors come to.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant. Fortify your position. Keep me informed.” He said curtly.

Rant ordered the remaining Hek’ell teams throughout the ship to be on alert. She also ordered the Insos to start hunting. The Insos had been crawling throughout the ventilation systems up until this point. They heard the order and began producing their mist at an even greater amount, scurrying through the ship now in search of what to kill. Unlike the Hek'ell, who were bold, perhaps even sometimes too aggressive for their own good, the Insos were quiet, patient, and selective. They were hungry creatures, and with their new order given to them, Jaffa was now on their menu.

"Lieutenant." One of the engineers said. "We have partially restored shields. But, if we run them though, we will need to sacrifice power in other critical areas. We also don't think the shields can encircle the entire ship."

She nodded. She was regretful that her command of the mission had kept her from being a bigger helping to her engineering crew. "Alright. Try to redivert any available power you can. Cut any system on decks that don't have anyone in them."


“As you wish, good luck on your search and rescue.” He said to the Petrokovian group.

Dupree looked to Nefas on the viewscreen after speaking to Rant. "Looks like you were right."

“Am I ever not?” Nefas said, sarcastically.

"Hail that brain worm's vessel." Dupree said to a crewmember.

"Aye, Sir."

Dupree didn't attempt a fluffy speech or bother with diplomacy. "I have received word that you are attacking our boarding teams. I want explanations, now."


The main hanger bay had two parked imperial shuttles protected by a squad of Hek’ell and two Lithuinian pilots. They were informed that they were of the Petrokovian boarders and made no hostile moves.


He and his comrade remained silent as their assailants chained them up.



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