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Soviet Adia
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YN Space Agency

Postby Soviet Adia » Sun Jul 02, 2023 2:58 am

Ive noticed that theres not alot about Space Agencies on here, so I made this, feel free to fill out the form and discuss your agency with each-other if you want.

Name: Adian Cosmology Association
Personnel: 22,000 people
Military status: Not incorporated
Celestial bodies: Luna 17 times in 1967-1975 and Mars 1 time in 2065
Most successful rocket: Hovokik 7 (used to put people and satellites in low-mid orbit)
Most well-know rocket: N-7B (used from 1967-1975 to send Cosmonauts to Luna)
Funding methods: Governmental and Public funding
Founding date: 7/13/1955
Income generated per year: Đ 825.7 Billion ($ 81.2 Billion)
Founding reason: To compete with the USA and USSR in the Space Race
Casualties: 7 (failed N-6 rocket)

Code: Select all
Military status:
Celestial bodies:
Most successful rocket:
Most well-know rocket:
Funding methods:
Founding date:
Income generated per year:
Founding reason:
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The Grand Economic Consortium
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Postby The Grand Economic Consortium » Sun Jul 02, 2023 3:11 am

Name: The Consortium of aerospace development

Personnel: 20.000

Military status: Contractor

Celestial bodies: the Moon, different asteroids, Mars

Most successful rocket: Magnus Heavy

Most well-know rocket: Cosimo-Y-I

Funding methods: public, government may sometimes intervene

Founding date: 3rd of may 1910( as aviators' club of Alsteria), 9th of June 1965( current form)

Income generated per year: Krofers

Founding reason: Aviator's club of TGEC-popularizing civilian aviation, Consortium of aerospace companies-establiahing outposts, exploiting the resources of celestial bodies and defending national satellites and aerospace.

Casualties: 100(10 in space, 90 on Earth)
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Postby Champlania » Sun Jul 02, 2023 5:34 am

Name: NASX (National Air and Space Exploration.)
Personnel: 27,500
Military status: Semi-Cooperation
Celestial bodies: Several Ring Mining Station, and a Moon base.
Most successful rocket: the SLS
Most well-know rocket: Saturn V
Funding methods: Public and Government funded.
Founding date: July 29, 1958.
Income generated per year: $73.2 Billion.
Founding reason: To beat the Soviet Union to the moon during the Cold War.
Casualties: 29

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Postby Amigosa » Sun Jul 02, 2023 6:27 am

Name: Imperial Navy
Personnel: 530 million
Military status: Branch of the Imperial Defense Force
Celestial bodies: Vast territorial holdings in the southern celestial sphere of the Milky Way Galaxy including hundreds of worlds
Most successful rocket: Byrrus-Erucae 1500 Particle Thrust Engines (not a rocket, but engines used on the Olympus-class corvette)
Most well-know rocket: Volatech Rift Jump Drive (not a rocket, but FTL propulsion system)
Funding methods: Established as the newest branch of the Imperial Defense force by Imperial Edict.
Founding date: 2896 PA (745 years)
Income generated per year: As a military branch it does not generate income, but is a important part of tribute collection.
Founding reason: Manifest destiny
Casualties: Total amount unknown, millions of dead in galactic conflicts

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United cacti of Estaban
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Postby United cacti of Estaban » Sun Jul 02, 2023 5:56 pm

Name: Estabanian Space Agency
Personnel: 95,000
Military status: Separate Government Entity
Celestial bodies: Various Moons, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Asteroids, Deep space.
Most successful rocket: YIB-7, most commonly used rocket to deliver satellites and other objects to space.
Most well-know rocket: YIISSM-1, not a rocket but a transport vessel for both personnel and equipment headed to the ISS. This model has been loaned out to various other countries participating in the ISS program.
Funding methods: Government
Founding date: 6/15/1969
Income generated per year: 29.78 Billion EC Per Year (31.87 Billion USD)
Founding reason: To conduct scientific and governmental work in outer space.
Casualties: 2
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New Solaurora
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Postby New Solaurora » Thu Jul 06, 2023 5:37 pm

Soviet Adia wrote:Ive noticed that theres not alot about Space Agencies on here, so I made this, feel free to fill out the form and discuss your agency with each-other if you want.

What a coincidence. I was thinking the exact same thing and was looking specifically for a thread like this.

(As of 2032)
Name: NAXA (National Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Personnel: ~48,000
Military status: Civilian space agency
Celestial bodies: 3 permanent settlements on the Moon, planned Mars mission late-2024 (delayed until 2039 due to New World War 2024-2032)
Most successful rocket: Starbird S-1 Space Shuttle
Most well-know rocket: Titan-3
Funding methods: Government
Founding date: March 2, 1952
Income generated per year: Not measured as independent income
Founding reason: Both for scientific development and to compete with its rival's space agency
Casualties: 11 (Casualties listed only include Solaurorans. Starbird S-1 of ISS-3 mission in 2009 explodes on launch killing 3 Solauroran astronauts and 2 ground personnel. Battle of Virtue Station in 2031 leaves 2 Solaurorans dead. Battle of Federation (space station) in 2031 leaves 4 Solaurorans dead.

Currently working on the first moon landing for my project. Mine is a binational cooperation mission in 1976. What does everyone else's first steps on the moon look like?
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Chet Dorthat
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Postby Chet Dorthat » Thu Jul 06, 2023 7:52 pm

Name: Space Column of Chet Dorthat (SCCD)
Personnel: 57500
Military status: N/A
Celestial bodies: Asteroids of Helios, Atlas, and KT-1903, and 2 bases on the first moon.
Most successful rocket: Executive II
Most well-know rocket: Executive I
Funding methods: Tax Money and Government Allocation
Founding date: March 17, 1954
Income generated per year: 7.2 million dollars
Founding reason: To beat neighboring Thal Dorthat and Ekk Dorthat to the First Moon (success!)
Casualties: 7
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Postby Senscaria » Thu Jul 06, 2023 7:58 pm

Name: Senscarian Imperial Space Fleet
Personnel: 145 trillion (as of current)
Military status: Branch of the Senscarian Ministry of Defense
Celestial bodies: Trillions of Solar Systems
Most successful rocket: Helios 2
Most well-know rocket: Rocket 01
Funding methods: Tax payer money and Government
Founding date: 2045
Income generated per year: 1.5 Quadrillion, the rest is made by corporations.
Founding reason: Wanted to colonize.
Casualties: Unknown due to multiversal conflicts.
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Postby Sherpus » Thu Jul 06, 2023 8:02 pm

Name: Sherpusian Nation
Personnel: 75T+ (2023 Sherpusia Militiacensus)
Military status: The Entire Military
Celestial bodies: Multiverses
Most successful rocket: SH-94XX-INFINITY (Made out of Sherpusinite)
Most well-know rocket: Sherpus Megaspace Rocket (SMR-1a)
Funding methods: Tax + Government
Founding date: February 3rd, 1992
Income generated per year: 650 septillion dollars a month
Founding reason: Sherpus needed a Space Agency.
Casualties: Over 750,000,000 (war) | Non-military - 2 (Catayla Tragedy)
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The Kingdom of the Three Isles
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Postby The Kingdom of the Three Isles » Thu Jul 06, 2023 8:11 pm

Name: Great Islander Space Authority (GISA)
Personnel: 433,000
Military status: Semi-Cooperation
Celestial bodies (that I have landed on?): The Moon, Mars
Most successful rocket: HIO-2b
Most well-know rocket: Hercules E-7
Funding methods: Public and Government
Founding date: 6th of October, 1947
Income generated per year: $410 billion
Founding reason: To challenge the Socialist Republic of Golga in the Space Race as well as the advancement of humanity outside of our planet
Casualties: 23 (18 below the Karman line and 5 above)
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Nigeriao Kingdom
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Postby Nigeriao Kingdom » Thu Jul 06, 2023 11:55 pm

Name: N.N.S.A (Nigeriao National Space agency
Personnel: 67,000
Military status:Semi-cooperation
Celestial bodies: Lots of Solar Sytems
Most successful rocket: Huilia 1 to N-36157 (A planet Nigeriao Named about 6 light years away)
Most well-know rocket: Sacro 5 (First manned mission to Mars)
Funding methods: Government
Founding date: 1970
Income generated per year: 25 billion Nafo ($50 billion)
Founding reason: To expose space in more detail

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Charlotte Island
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Postby Charlotte Island » Thu Jul 06, 2023 11:55 pm

Name: Space CI
Personnel: 445,875 as of 2023
Military status: not part of the program
Celestial bodies: At least 1387 visits on a regular basis, and 9854 one-off visits (which were not repeated due to lack of tradeable or usable resources)
Most successful rocket: Dannebrog 8.5 (basically Dannebrog 8 with an improved Euro VI-ready engine)
Most well-know rocket: Dannebrog 9, because that is coming into service this month and the press are all crazy about it or something
Funding methods: some government funding, but mostly commercial enterprsies paying us to use our rockets.
Founding date: 3 March 2003
Income generated per year: $6.764 trillion
Founding reason: to unlock the economic potential of trading with civilisations across the universe
Casualties: 1 person per 10.43 million flights
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Postby Darsima » Thu Jul 27, 2023 5:34 pm

Name: Darsimese Cosmic Exploration Agency aka DCEA
Personnel: 645,000 People
Military status: Military Funded
Celestial bodies: Mars(10 times), Moon(20 times), Pluto(5 times).
Most successful rocket: DAR-B70, used to go to Mars.
Most well-known rocket: DAR-A90, used to send astronauts to the Moon for the first time.
Funding Method: Funded by the Darsimese Air Force aka DAF
Founding Date: June 7,1973
Income generated per year: 12.2 billion DE
Founding reason: To know more about space and create an international space union,called ICO(International Cosmic Organization) which was created in 2004 and has 118 members, and still stands today
Casualties: 13
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Postby Ascvalion » Fri Jul 28, 2023 12:39 am

Name: The Ascvalian Space and Air Program (A.S.A.P)
Personnel: 50,000
Military status: half funded by the Military
Celestial bodies: The Moon (30 times), Duna (6 Times), Laythe (1 time),
Most successful rocket: Voyager 1 used to travel to Laythe (basically Io)
Most well-know rocket: Enterprise 3 (used to go to Duna but withstood an insane amount of punishment during the journey home, it was dubbed 'The Ship that Refused to Die')
Funding methods: Public, Private, Military
Founding date: March 10th 1950
Income generated per year: 23 billion credits (450 Billion NSD)
Founding reason: Initially to produce anti nuclear warhead weapons against the Rolasians
How ever the idea changed when the project leaders in both nation's proposed that a human can survive strapped to the rockets they were designing
Casualties: 'the Luna 3' Died to a fire breaking out in the capsule
'The Voyager 2 Crew' 6 Astronauts and two 'civilian' passengers dieing mid-flight when an explosion ripped the rocket apart
And Finally Michael Treptown the only Astronaut to die in Space giving his live fixing the Fusion reactor on Enterprise 3 at the risk of lethal exposure, his sacrifice saved the 7 lives of his crew and possibly stopped a dangerous debris collision with our planet, saving the lives of thousands
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Greater Marine
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Postby Greater Marine » Fri Jul 28, 2023 1:56 am

Name: Greater Marine Space Agency (GMSA)
Personnel: 37,500
Military status: Cooperates on certain military payloads, uses military facilities and personnel.

Celestial bodies: Moon - 2 unmanned probes
Mars - 1 unmanned probe.
Most successful rocket: Altair II
Most well-know rocket: Altair I
Funding methods: Taxation, charging money for launches, military grants.
Founding date: 5th November 2022
Income generated per year: M$ 50 billion per year
Founding reason: To expand Marinian scientific and military capabilities, and compete with rival nations.
Casualties: 1 - Lt. Michaels. Michaels died in training for manned spaceflight program. Whilst flying a trainer aircraft for the planned Marinian space shuttle, he had an electrical failure which set fire to the fuel tank. He did not have time to eject.
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Faipaltrusi-o Gumgu-e Pasifiko
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Postby Faipaltrusi-o Gumgu-e Pasifiko » Fri Jul 28, 2023 10:42 am

Name: The Extraterrestrial Forces of the FGP/PSU
Personnel: ~510,000 personnel excluding industrial workforces indirectly involved in spacecraft manufacture.
Military status: Is the official fifth branch of the Pacific Union Armed Forces, has strong links and collaborates regularly with the Air Forces(2nd) and Missile Forces(4th) with regards to space planes and rocket launches respectively.
Celestial bodies:
Moon: Regular round trips transferring personnel and extracted resources from lunar bases of the Gumgu'e. Approximately 8 missions to the Moon from 1980 to 1987, followed by 2 missions(send-off and return) from 1987 to 1990 during the Zdanilunra(Moon Home) experiment where a small mission clan resided in a lunar base and performed significant exploration of and experimentation on the Moon for three years alongside the simultaneous EFPSU missions to Mars, and 384 missions(720 rockets launched) since 1991 and the unveiling and first non-experimental launch of the Gumgu'en native reusable rocket system(OOC: similar to SpaceX's Falcon and Starship reusable systems).
Mars: Regular but much less frequent personnel and resource shipments. Two missions consisting of two rocket launches each launched three months apart(send-off and return) in 1986 and 1988 respectively(Bancuma'a(Surpassing) I and II, with Bancuma'a representing the first landing of humans on Mars), before in 1991(the end date of Bancuma'a II) the beginning of operation of Xirmagunka-class spacecraft since which there have been 15 missions(112 rockets launched) to Mars.
Most successful rocket: Xirmagunka I, the first publicly launched fully-reusable rocket, and the basis for and namesake of all subsequent Xirmagunka-class reusable rockets.
Most well-known rocket: Nunji'ao'a I/Victory I, the first Pacific rocket to land and return from the Moon, making the Gumgu'e the second nation to land humans on the moon after the United States of America.
Funding methods: Direct government funding derived from public industrial and export profits.
Founding date: December 25 1973.
Income generated per year: Equivalent to ~$560 billion per year.
Founding reason: To place the Gumgu'e at the forefront of global technological advancement, to secure parity and respect with and from the superpowers of the world; and to in order to establish colonies on other celestial bodies in order to secure them from international control, further expand the world-leading commodity production and exports of the Gumgu'e, to provide an outflow for overpopulation other than emigration, and to provide space ports for missions further from the Earth.
Casualties: 206, 156 from rocket failures, 50 from colony failures.
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Sum Tash
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Postby Sum Tash » Fri Jul 28, 2023 10:49 am

Name: Sum Tashi Space and Aeronautics Authority (STSAA)
Personnel: 35,000
Military status: Government agency
Celestial bodies:
-Small Moon research base
-Research trips to Mars

Most successful rocket: Odin 9
Most well-known rocket: Yggdrasil 380
Funding methods: Taxes, donations
Founding date: 7 of May, 1995
Income generated per year: թ780 billion (Around 800 billion USD)
Founding reason: Soviet competition
Casualties: 214 (193 from construction errors, 21 from base errors)
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Postby Japuile » Fri Jul 28, 2023 11:29 am

Name:Malachite Mayhem Space Agency
Personnel: 30,000
Military status: Not Incorporated
Celestial bodies: Research Trips to: Moon Artane 1, Moon Oros 2
Most successful rocket:Crépuscule 1 (Twilight 1) - launching research satellites into space
Most well-know rocket: Travailleur (The Worker) - A space rocket adapted for multiple landing and launch, to power the future space station.
Funding methods:State with private capabilities
Founding date: 2000 1 January
Income generated per year: 50 billions Pythian Dimes (around 75 billions USD)
Founding reason: Learning about new forms of life and willingness to develop new technologies
Casualties: 150
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Republica Federal de Catalunya
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Postby Republica Federal de Catalunya » Sat Jul 29, 2023 12:42 am

Name: ACE Agència Catalana de l'Espai. I member of the ESA or European Space Agency.
Personnel:2500 total ESA of whom are 300 ACE participation
Military status: civilian
Celestial bodies: solar system
Most successful rocket:Ariane 5
Most well-know rocket: Ariane family
Funding methods: public more private satellite launches.
Founding date: 1971 ACE merger into ESA in 1975
Income generated per year: our budget 7800 M€ 600 M€ are ACE contribution.
Founding reason: The merger into ESA, We as individual Nations even with the economic and research Booms in the 1950s were conscient that NASA would attract best European scientists and as single countries independently (the exceptions being: France, Italy, UK and West Germany) We could barely compete with the USA and URSS. Because ESA is responsible for setting a unified space and related industrial policy, recommending space objectives to the member states, and integrating national programs like satellite development, into the European program as much as possible. As result allowed the initial members to specialize to be more efficient.
Casualties: 0
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Soviet Adia
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Postby Soviet Adia » Sat Jul 29, 2023 2:02 am

Why did this regain popularity all of the sudden?
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The Socialist World Republic of Cats
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Postby The Socialist World Republic of Cats » Sat Jul 29, 2023 7:58 am

Name:National Feline Space Adminstration (NFSA)
Military status:there is the Feline Space Forces branch which is part of the military,but for the rest is a governemental agency
Celestial bodies:Moon(10, 9 manned),Mars(7, 5 manned),Venus(4, 2 manned),Mercury(5, 3 manned),Deimos (1),Ceres(2),Europa (4, 3 manned),Io (1 manned),Ganymede(1),Enceladus (2),Titan (3),Triton (1),Pluto (1),Haumea(2),Proxima Centuari B (1), Large Magellanic Cloud(5, 3 manned),Small Magellanic Cloud (5, 3 manned)
Most successful rocket:Deinceps II
Most well-know rocket: Frank VI
Funding methods:Governement fundings,space tourism
Founding date:5th October 1949
Income generated per year:Around 2T CF,generated mainly thanks to our asteroid mining programs
Founding reason:Since we already had control over all the world,our General Secretary John J. Jones and the Supreme Feline Syndicate decided to expand beyond Earth and into space
Casualties: 128 (currently confirmed)
Syndicalist utopia subdivided in various Regional Syndicates who controls the world and it's ruled by cats and humans. Despite the flag may be misleading,we're NOT COMMUNIST
All of Earth,some cities on Mars,Venus and Europa, a planet 20 light years from Earth,part of the Magellanic Clouds and 2½ parallel universes
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Postby Unogonduria » Sat Jul 29, 2023 8:39 am

Name: KPZU (Standing for Kosmicheska Programa Za Unogonduria; Space Program for Unogonduria)
Scientists: 1 834 people,
Cosmonauts: 48 people.
Military Status - One laser secretly brought into space
Celestial bodies: The Moon 1 time, 2023 (with people), VK-1 and VK-2: currently on their way to Saturn's moon Titan, uninhabited. Destination date: 12th December, 2023.
Most successful spacecraft: Unogondurska raketa (put people on the Moon on May 25h and returned the same day)
Most well-known spacecraft: Unogondurska raketa
Funding methods: Governmental and public funding
Foundation date: 7th May, 2023
Yearly generated income: $69 Billion Kanu Motunus ($68.34 Billion USD)
Reason for founding: The Unogondurian natural urge to explore and discover unknown things.
Casualties: 0
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Postby Oronia » Fri Aug 18, 2023 10:18 pm

Name: National Aerospace Research and Development Agency (Spanish: Agencia Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Aeroespacial, ANIDA)
Personnel: 48,800
Military status: Civil space agency
Celestial bodies: Moon, Mars, several asteriods
Most successful rocket: ORO-102, which had no mechanical issues (not even minor ones)
Most well-know rocket: ORO-5, which was the first successful moon landing
Funding methods: Government funding, taxes
Founding date: 19 March, 1970
Income generated per year: Not calculated
Founding reason: The agency was established in response to the USA-USSR Space Race
Casualties: 18

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Postby Valehart » Sat Aug 19, 2023 3:28 am

Name: Valehart Aerospace Council
Personnel: 35,456 (including support staff)
Military status: Branch of the Valehart Defence Council
Celestial bodies: Valehartine habitats in Venus
Most successful rocket: n/a (subcontracted)
Most well-know rocket: n/a
Funding methods: Government budgeting
Founding date: 2097
Income generated per year: Not measured
Founding reason: To defend Valehartine independence from Earther and Martian imperialists
Casualties: 11,200 est. (including the revolutionary organization that preceded it).

The Valehart Aerospace Council is the nation's sole space agency that deals in civil and military matters. It maintains a constellation of civilian and military satellites in low aphrodiocentric orbit to provide basic network services and protection against security threats. It also operates a small attachment of armed space vessels that routinely conduct anti-piracy and escort missions for Valehart-bound merchant vessels.

Name: Argo-Navis Aerospace / Argo-Navis Heavy Industries
Personnel: 625,100 (1.1 million in the Argo-Navis Group as a whole)
Military status: Civil and military contractor and manufacturer
Celestial bodies: Several habitats and exclusive mining rights on Venus, mining rights on Mercury, the Jovian moons, Titan, and much of the asteroid belt, including Davida, the most lucrative station in the system.
Most successful rocket: n/a (Subcontracts to orbital launch service providers like SpaceX, Virgin-Origin Group, and Kawaski-Subaru)
Most well-know rocket: n/a
Funding methods: Government budgeting, private financing, profit
Founding date: 2055
Income generated per year: C2.673 trillion VN-Credits
Founding reason: Founded by a consortium of aerospace companies under a directorate of the UN during the Collapse and the subsequent industrialization of space
Casualties: Unknown

Argo-Navis can best be described as a de-facto chartered company operating under the government of Valehart (previously under the UN). Many believe it's the government that is under the company's control. But most consider the two as indistinguishable; the company is an extension of the government's influence, and vice versa.

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Postby Meslokia » Sun Nov 12, 2023 10:11 am

Name: Meslokian Areal Cosmic Association
Personnel: 17,000 people and counting
Military status: Meslokian Aerospace Engineering (A branch of the Meslokian Red Airforce)
Celestial bodies: Luna (The moon), Phobos, Deimos, Neptune (For 20 Zeptoseconds)
Most successful rocket: The Space Rider or MSR-050
Most well-know rocket: Cosmic Chick or MSR-001
Funding methods: Government, Public
Founding date: March 11th, 1992
Income generated per year: N/A
Founding reason: N/A
Casualties: 200
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