World Baseball Classic 57- Everything Thread (Final G6 Up!)

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World Baseball Classic 57- Everything Thread (Final G6 Up!)

Postby Cassadaigua » Sat Jun 10, 2023 7:41 am


Welcome to the 57th Edition of the World Baseball Classic. 42 nations have signed up, hoping to attain the glory of hoisting the coveted trophy! Will it be one of the historically dominant nations that do so? Will it be a first time winner? A full slate of action will answer these questions! First, let's have some introductory information for the tournament.

Are you planning to dominate this competition, but what to know exactly how to go about it?

First: Create a roster. This will get you a roster bonus. Not all rosters get the same bonus, though, as some are made to be real fancy and look like a ton of time and effort was spent in preparing it. They will get the higher roster bonus. But, if all you want to do is list a bunch of names, you will still get something.

Then: Roleplay, roleplay, roleplay. You can have success here as a first time nation, but you have to work for it, too.

Within the roster, many people also provide descriptive information about their home stadiums. Half of your qualifying games will be played within your country, and this a great chance to showcase your venues to the world.

Be advised that there is a roster penalty that will be assessed for nations that do not provide one. More on that can be found in our bid.

IMPORTANT: When creating a roster, you should include the following information and the specific corresponding answer for your nation. This is important, because the person who roleplays the game first is the one who determines how a score is arrived at (assuming they have roleplayed a game summary). The answers to these questions are whether or not they are able to do the following things concerning your nation.

RP Permissions:
Choose my run-scorers: Yes/No
Choose my lineup: Yes/No
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Eject my players: Yes/No
DH used at home: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No
Other Info:

What they mean:
Choose my run-scorers: Can the opponent decide who scored for your team. Note that this includes ONLY how you’re individual players may have played, on an individual level. If you’re opponent says their starting pitcher struck out 15 of your hitters in their 1-0 win, then that is fine regardless of your answer, because it is a direct individual fact about the performances of their pitcher. If you answered no here, and they then said a particular batter struck out four times, then and only then do they violate this permission. Moral of the story, saying no here gives you control over how your players play, only. Not how the opponent’s players play. Most users answer yes to this.

Choose my lineup: Allows the opponent to determine any old lineup for your team. Most teams will include a lineup, and set this permission as no, and to follow their lineup. However, if you don’t really care, feel free to say yes.

Follow my Pitching Rotation: Same general idea as Choose my lineup, but with the rotation. Tip: Always check your opponent’s RP for their prior game to see if they declared a starting pitcher for your game, as well.

Godmod Scoring Events: This allows your opponent to be very specific, in complete detail, about your runs scored.

RP Injuries to your players: Answer accordingly. Some nations will include a caveat here that they are allowed, but only to say a play was hurt and nothing else, so that they can be the one to determine what happened.

Godmod Injuries: Taking the above to the next level. Can they do whatever they want in regards to injuries. Answer accordingly.

DH Used at home: Whether or not we use the DH is determined by the home team. (Much like it is in Major League Baseball). Here you are saying whether or not the DH is used when you are home.

Eject My Players: Can they eject your players? Some nations will include a caveat here as well that “for every one you eject your team, you can eject one/two/or more on mine.”

Godmod Other Events: We get silly on NS Sports. You have to have fun once in a while, after all. What this is asking if is the opponent can RP something completely crazy and unrealistic about the game, such as “the catcher put a spell on the basestealer as they were running, to make them fall.” or, “The pitched ball became invisible, so the batter had no hope.”, or even “Space aliens invaded, and decided they liked our flag better, so they helped our team with their significantly advanced technology”. If this kind of fun is for you, then put yes. If not, then put no. If you’re open to it, but don’t want to be completely caught off-guard, a message to say “telegram me your idea first” is common.

Other Info: Is there other information about your team you want us to know about? This is usually about a team’s playing style. A nation with an aggressive playing style may say they always look to take the extra base, and want to steal a lot of bases. A nation that wants to have their team to be explosive may want to say they score most runs via the long ball. Or, it could be to say something about your pitchers, like to never have a starter go more then 5 innings.

FORMAT: There are 42 teams. So we will have seven groups of six, Top 2 per group make playoffs, as well as the next best two teams.

1. Nova Anglicana
2. TJUN-ia
3. United Adaikes
4. Banija
5. South Americanastan
6. Delaclava
7. Neibeskiya
8. Zwangzug
9. Ochre Islands
10. South Newlandia
11. Cassadaigua
12. Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer
13. Super-Llamaland
14. The Emeraldreach
15. Cardenao
16. Dod Rava
17. Drawkland
18. Ko-oren
19. Liventia
20. Quebec & Shingoryeo
21. Benjium
22. Milchama
23. Loyo
24. The Jovannic
25. Abanhfleft
26. HUElavia
27. Barnettsville
28. THE UN University
29. Eshialand
30. The Spartan Dominion
31. Shieldstan
32. Oscioru
33. The Star Enpire
34. Magnus Phoenicia
35. Kharakia
36. Torisakia
37. Tikariot
38. Ethane
39. Ranoria
40. Chromatika
41. Atheara
42. Montana Verde

-- All games in Cassadaigua
-- All series will be a best of five, until the championship, which will be a best of seven.
-- In the playoffs, Games 1 & 2 will be scorinated together, as will game 3 & 4. However, in the championship series, each game will be scorinated individually.

Head To Head Record
Head To Head Run Differential
Overall Run Differential
Tiebreaker Game
-- If a tie between multiple teams must be broken and one team wins the tiebreaker at any stage, while the remaining teams are still tied, the tiebreakers start at the top of the list again to break the tie between the remaining teams.

Group A:
Chromatika (4)
The Star Enpire (42)
Neibeskiya (UR)
Magnus Phoenicia (UR)
Liventia (17)
TJUN-ia (14)

Group B:
THE UN University (UR)
Cassadaigua (9)
The Jovannic (UR)
Banija (2)
Loyo (20)
Dod Rava (35)

Group C:
South Americanastan (19)
Torisakia (UR)
Ethane (63)
Nova Anglicana (6)
Oscioru (56)
Drawkland (11)

Group D:
Tikariot (15)
South Newlandia (1)
Benjium (41)
Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer (UR)
Eshialand (13)
The Spartan Dominion (UR)

Group E:
Kharakia (UR)
The Emeraldreach (UR)
Barnettsville (23)
Milchama (10)
Zwangzug (3)
Atheara (28)

Group F:
Abanhfleft (12)
Ochre Islands (UR)
Delaclava (48)
HUElavia (21)
Shieldstan (UR)
Quebec & Shingoryeo (7)

Group G:
United Adaikes (59)
Ko-oren (16)
Ranoria (5)
Montana Verde (UR)
Super-Llamaland (8)
Cardenao (UR)

Schedule (Note that unlike typical NS Sports convention, the home team is listed second, after the “@” sign).
Dates are subject to change if the World Cup needs to deviate from it's planned schedule.
At present, the World Cup is scheduled to begin on June 27, so an adjustment is not needed at this time to the WBC schedule.
Cutoff window: 10-11pm Eastern USA Time
Series 1 (June 16): 1 @ 6, 2 @ 5, 3 @ 4
Series 2 (June 18): 6 @ 4, 5 @ 3, 1 @ 2
Series 3 (June 20): 2 @ 6, 3 @ 1, 4 @ 5
Series 4 (June 22): 6 @ 5, 1 @ 4, 2 @ 3
Series 5 (June 24): 3 @ 6, 4 @ 2, 5 @ 1
Series 6 (June 26): 6 @ 1, 5 @ 2, 4 @ 3
Series 7 (June 28): 4 @ 6, 3 @ 5, 2 @ 1
Series 8 (June 30): 6 @ 2, 1 @ 3, 5 @ 4
Series 9 (July 2): 5 @ 6, 4 @ 1, 3 @ 2
Series 10 (July 4): 6 @ 3, 2 @ 4, 1 @ 5

July 6: R16, G1 & 2
July 7: R16, G3 & 4
July 8: R16, G5 where necessary

July 10: Quarterfinal, G1 & 2
July 11: Quarterfinal, G3 & 4
July 12: Quarterfinal, G5 where necessary

July 14: Semifinal, G1 & 2
July 15: Semifinal, G3 & 4
July 16: Semifinal, G5 if/where necessary

July 18: Final & 3rd Place, G1
July 19: Final & 3rd Place, G2
July 20: Final & 3rd Place, G3
July 21: Final- G4
July 22: Final- G5
July 23: Final- G6
July 24: Final- G7 (if necessary)

You may begin posting rosters and roleplays!
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NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, 19 & 50; WB 8, 22, & 40; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CR 40 & 43; CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, RTC WC 18; WVE 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, CR 37, 38 & 41; WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13, 15, 47 & 48, DBC 21. 3rd Place @ WC 86
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-90, 92.
XIII Summer Olympiad: 2nd Most Medals
Hosted: WC 54, 67, 84 & 88; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 45 & 50, NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Postby Cassadaigua » Sat Jun 10, 2023 7:42 am


The Cassadaigua Board of Tourism would like to welcome you to our great nation for the 57th World Baseball Classic.

Many of you are here to support your nation that will be playing their games here in Cassadaigua, but there will additionally be many that come here as a neutral fan, simply to enjoy this great competition. You may be here to enjoy baseball, but there is so much more that you can do in Cassadaigua. This guide will provide information that will help you get the most of your visit, so that you can leave happy no matter what the ending result of your nation’s fate becomes in the tournament.

Part I: About Cassadaigua

1)Firstly, where is Cassadaigua and what is the best way to get here?

Cassadaigua is located in the region of Rushmore, and more specifically south-central Rushmore.

The best recommendation to get here is to fly in, unless you are from nearby in Rushmore, you may just want to drive or take a train. All Cassadagan cities have a major airport, and the nation has an advanced rail system as well. If you insisted on traveling by sea, there are some easily attainable port cities to make it very convenient, but we suggest flying in.

2) Will I be safe? What is crime like?

Cassadaigua is no more or no less safe than any other nation. During any sporting competition, you can confidently expect and enjoy world class security to ensure your utmost enjoyment at the games and the communities in which they are taking part. The security presence will be noticeable throughout, but also have been highly trained in these situations, so they will not bear an overwhelming or intimidating presence. If one is intimidated by it, then they were probably planning on doing something wrong in the first place.

In recent years, the Matriarchy has seen improvements in gender equality. Organizations such as MEN (Male Equality Now) have peacefully been successful in narrowing the gap. At this time, therefore, protests are not occurring.

3) Tell me more about your female-dominated society. Are male tourists safe?

Cassadaigua’s society is different than what is seen throughout most of the world. In our nation, the female is the dominant gender and is superior to the male. This should not be surprising if you have followed our own national sport teams in even the slightest of ways. There are some groups who feel that men are greatly oppressed in our nation, but that is not really the case. If you are a man, and you are visiting Cassadaigua, as long as you are aware of our somewhat different culture, you should not have a tough time fitting in. After all, Cassadagan men that play by the rules here and respect their role can be very successful themselves. As long as you respect our culture, you should be fine while you are here. If you act disrespectful, then don’t be surprised if you are soon put in your place. You are expected to follow all Cassadagan laws, even if it is not a law in your own country.

4) I’ve been to nations that have talking ponies, or banned cars, or taxes on every little thing. Should I expect anything like this?

Cassadagans love horses, but there are no talking ponies here. At least not that we know of. If we have any sentient immigrants from nations like Equestrian States, they keep a very low profile. Cars are very much a way of life, and our taxes aren’t anything out of the ordinary, and if anything are a little lower than average. Cassadaigua is a modern, economic powerhouse. There are no unusual factors associated with the country, other than the gender differences.

Socially, Cassadaigua is open to members of all faiths, and we respect your right to worship your respective deity in the way you see fit; or to not worship one at all. Homosexuality is accepted in the country, though we can’t promise that some random drunk in the stands or on the streets won’t make offensive comments.

As far as drinking is concerned, the legal age is 18, though many get away with underage drinking as it is not as aggressively policed as it may be in other lands. However, do not drink and drive. If you are caught, you will have a greater jail sentence then you might be expecting, and if you kill anyone by drunk driving, you will receive the death penalty.

Smoking anywhere in public is banned, but legal in your own home. This applies to both cigarettes and marijuana. All other recreational drugs are banned.

Part II: Host Cities


Concord Heights is the capital of Cassadaigua and hosted many international championships in the past. This includes the World Cup, as well as several editions of the World Baseball Classic. The city, which is also the most populous in the country, has a lot that one can do, whether sports themed, or not. Chances are, you are coming here for sports, so feel free to visit the Cassadaigua National Sports Hall of Fame. Here you will learn the stories of the legends of Cassadagan sport, including those who have their numbers retired from the soccer team on monument wall in the north end zone of the stadium (the concept here is like Monument Park at Yankee Stadium). While at the Hall of Fame, you can also learn about other Cassadagan legends and earn new or greater appreciation for those who helped us become the first nation to win a title in the five greatest sports in the World.

Those wishing to do something non-sports themed can find additional museums across the city, including the national museum which pays homage to the past leaders of the nation. You can also take a guided tour of the grounds of the Palace itself where the Queen resides, though access to the Palace itself is not open to the public. The city is also home to prestigious learning institutions, such as the University of Concord Heights.

Dagan Airways Stadium:
Stadium Dimensions (in feet from home plate): LF- 355 LCF- 375 CF- 405 RCF- 375 RF- 355
Capacity: 72,000


The massive stadium is sponsored by Five Star Mobile, who have become Cassadaigua’s most well known company in terms of sponsoring sporting events. That has been seen most in NSSCRA where not only did they host the Five Star Mobile 500, but they hosted the Five Star Clash, a competition that was willing to award money to people from anywhere. The company has been great with gearing contests towards fans, and that should be expected during the World Cup as well. Brattleboro was not always a large city, became that way with the rise of the technological age. The prestigious Brattleboro Technical Insitute played a big part of that, and graduates remained committed to the area. People from Brattleboro are affectionately referred to as, “Brats”. For volleyball, however, you will be at the Brattleboro Regional Transit Arena in the city and utilize the public transit system that was modernized by the entity from Banija.

The city these days has something for everyone, but it does not try to hide the fact that it caters more to the younger demographics then it does older citizens.

Five Star Mobile Stadium:
Stadium Dimensions: LF- 346 LCF- 352 CF- 369 RCF- 360 RF- 352 (walls are 12-feet high in all but CF. There, it is 16 feet)
Capacity: 70,000


Grande Mountain is a big city and a deserving one, but it also does not have a great reputation throughout the matriarchy due to some disturbing gender rights issues that took place here in the past. In fairness to the city, a lot of that is so long ago that it should not even be mentioned anymore, but it may have made bigger Cassadagan entities hesitant on sponsoring the facility.

The city gets its name due to the fact that it is in the north-central mountainous portion of the nation. It might not be the season right now, but feel free to come back during the wintertime to enjoy the fantastic skiing opportunities here! This is the city where Male Equality Now keeps its headquarters, so you could always pay them a visit if you want to learn more about their recent accomplishments and future initiatives.

Peak’N’Break Stadium:
Stadium Dimensions: LF- 350 LCF- 390 CF- 412 RCF- 382 RF- 354
Capacity: 65,000


“Everything’s better with Cocoa-bo!” proved to be the case with Starksville and the well-known company based in Turori. At first, it seemed like the company was looking to expand with a regional facility in Concord Heights, but it would be best in Starksville. This city had been in a growing state well before Cocoa-bo’s involvement in the city. It had been the case that Rutland was seen as the our best port city, but the city officials there did not keep up with the times and saw many businesses leave Rutland for Starksville. As the economy shifted, so did the population, and now the renovated Cocoa-bo Stadium and adjacent arena are ready to welcome fans of any competition. It has had group stage matches before, and while the schedule is still to be determined, it is probable that it will see playoff matches as well.

As a port city, there are plenty of beaches that one can enjoy, and nightlife opportunities abound. Historically, it does not have as deep of a history, as it sees itself as being about the future, instead of looking back at the past.

Cocoa-bo Stadium:
Stadium Dimensions: LF- 347 LCF- 370 CF- 411 RCF- 373 RF- 356
Capacity: 60,000


The city of New Lakeland was annexed by Cassadaigua a while ago, so it did not initially hold Cassadagan values. Because of that, there was always gender equality in the city. However, as it has become assimilated into our culture, that has changed slightly. Regardless, if you wanted to go somewhere in Cassadaigua that did not really feel like Cassadaigua, this was the place for you. It can be a difficult city to describe, because those that live here and the overall northwestern part of the country take pride in their heritage, but at the same time will bleed pink just like anyone else here does in terms of supporting the national team. Recently, teams from the city have been very successful.

Qusmair Stadium:
Stadium Dimensions: LF- 370 LCF- 402 CF- 420 RCF- 390 RF- 345
Capacity: 88,000


Winchester is the anti-Brattleboro, meaning that while Brattleboro has a younger demographic, this city in the mountains has an older demographic. Ironically, it was once a small city that many older retired people migrated too in order to get away from big city life. However, since so many did this, they created a big city themselves. The locals don’t want you here, but they want your money. That is why they are willing to put up with you all coming here and spending your money in the community, so that it can re-circulate in the community and be gambled away by playing bingo or buying an insane amount of scratch off tickets.

This is not a place with much of a nightlife, unless playing bingo is something that you are looking to do, in which case, have at it!

Winchester City Lottery Stadium:
Stadium Dimensions: LF- 339 LCF- 368 CF- 400 RCF- 363 RF- 333
Capacity: 58,000


This is a very nice stadium sponsored by the largest oil and gas company in the nation, which is Cassgo, located in the southwestern part of the country. Feel free to visit the stadium as you check out the arena where the volleyball games will be played. The city is often awarded games in tournaments like the World Cup so that those living in that portion of the country have close games that they can travel too. Those that live here do take a lot of pride in their hometown, and it arguably could be considered a little like Brattleboro without the technological influence.

Cassgo Stadium:
Stadium Dimensions: LF- 326 LCF- 361 CF- 399 RCF- 370 RF- 322
Capacity: 55,000


The city of Moreau is located within the Northern Territory (North Cassadaigua), and is along the Highway 11 corridor on the eastern border, so it is safe from River Republic terrorists. It's a developing city, so it will lack significant nightlife and history, but there's enough that has been popping up to keep fans occupied. It's also the city where the residence of Princess Brianna exists. The stadium is only two years old, and is a state of the art facility.

Cooper Stadium:
Stadium Dimensions: LF- 339 LCDF- 374 CF- 400 RCF- 374 RF- 339
Capacity- 48,000
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NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, 19 & 50; WB 8, 22, & 40; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CR 40 & 43; CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, RTC WC 18; WVE 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, CR 37, 38 & 41; WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13, 15, 47 & 48, DBC 21. 3rd Place @ WC 86
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-90, 92.
XIII Summer Olympiad: 2nd Most Medals
Hosted: WC 54, 67, 84 & 88; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 45 & 50, NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Postby Kharakia » Sat Jun 10, 2023 7:49 am

Starting Hitting Lineup:
1-George Alkensa R/S (2B)
2-Nikolas Pochevkia R/R (LF)
3-Aron Velhel L/L (RF)
4-Frank Kalstin R/S (DH)
5-Harold Hardral R/L (3B)
6-Kamron Gestin R/R (SS)
7-Chase Holister L/L (1B)
8-Lukass Osuwu L/L (CF)
9-Mike Sensala R/R (C)
(If No DH is used, 9 is reserved for pitcher and all players 5-9 move up one slot to 4-8.)

Starting Pitching Rotation:
1-Lisom Balsheitz R/R (Ace)
2-Turmin Toolal L/S (Second Ace)
3-Alex Pisher R/R (Third Starter)

Dany Yurkman R/R (RP [Can be used as SP])
Bary Ochinawa L/L (RP)
Jaxon Balter R/R (RP)
Isak Kolkon R/R (RP/CP)
Peristule Calkein L/L (CP)
Utin Turlok R/R (Bullpen Catcher)

Non-Starting Position Players:
Kal Hamilton L/L (OF)
Greg Benson R/S (OF)
Frank Kalstin L/L (OF [Only if No DH is used])
Lukass Purtin R/R (OIF [Outside Infielder which is 2B/3B/SS])
Fredy Shenk R/R (OIF)
Ben Marbol L/S (1B)
Kristen Treim R/R (C)

Ryan Jonson (Manager)
Karson Pentikentz (First Base Coach)
Jasson Malmo (Third Base Coach)
Aleksander Chalamo (Bullpen Coach)
Bruss Chimey-Blinse (Human in Mascot [The Bloodwolf] Suit)

RP Perms:
Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my Pitching Rotation: No
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
DH used at home: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes/No
Other Info:
Population of 39.3 million.
Capital: Kharakia City
Has baseball and football national teams.
Home to a football league (combined with West Kharakia).

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Postby Ko-oren » Sat Jun 10, 2023 12:14 pm

Ko-orenite National Baseball Team
野球コ・オレン代表 - Jakyuu Ko-oren Daijhou - Selesson Co-orenensa de Beisbol

Batting order/打順/Orden de Bateadores
LF Hiroharu Akiba KOR (32) Arakura Knights: R/R - bossy and powerful speed demon (33% chance of Parga who'd bat lower)
2B Edtas Dakritdhen KOR (22) Amandine Wanderers: L/L - adventurous and agile base stealer (50% chance of Pijpenbroek who'd bat lower)
3B Mason Bennett KOR (33) South Falls Athletics SLL: R/R - subservient and toned speed demon
SS Katatake Gotou KOR (37) Katashi Generals: R/R - dynamic and hard-hitting contact hitter (40% chance of Tamaoki or Futura)
CF Agata (f) Maisorenten KOR (24) Hanai Heroes CMT: R/R - courteous and ripped all-rounder (33% chance of Shiina who'd bat higher)
RF Denis Caamano KOR (31) Chromia Diamonds CMT: L/L - hypocritical and athletic defender
C Juan Berganza KOR (36) Santa Teresa Stars: L/L - ambitious and skinny journeyman
1B Kurenai (f) Komamura KOR (21) Echizen Dragons: R/R - courageous and slim strong(wo)man

1B Kurenai (f) Komamura KOR (21) Echizen Dragons: R/R - courageous and slim strong(wo)man
1B Vianol Sivurila KOR (35) Aviansola Admirals: R/R - inventive and athletic jack of all trades
2B Len Pijpenbroek KOR (30) Echizen Dragons: R/R - dynamic and short strongman
2B Edtas Dakritdhen KOR (22) Amandine Wanderers: L/L - adventurous and agile base stealer
2B Masatane Kanamoli KOR (23) Aviansola Admirals: L/L - reliable and hard-hitting contact hitter
3B Eikichi Matsuoka KOR (21) Nitoya Silvers: R/R - passionate and agile jack of all trades
3B Erina (f) Komiyama KOR (21) Teragaseki Originals: L/L - faithful and tiny contact hitter
3B Mason Bennett KOR (33) South Falls Athletics SLL: R/R - subservient and toned speed demon
SS Dodo Ritsushima KOR (38) Katashi Giants: R/R - independent and quick jack of all trades
SS Katatake Gotou KOR (37) Katashi Generals: R/R - dynamic and hard-hitting contact hitter
IF Katsunari Tamaoki KOR (24) Chromia Diamonds CMT: R/R - sensitive and buff jack of all trades
IF Aki (f) Futara KOR (23) Aviansola Admirals: R/R - humorous and trim jack of all trades

LF Hiroharu Akiba KOR (32) Arakura Knights: R/R - bossy and powerful speed demon
LF Benvito Parga KOR (22) Santa Teresa Stars: R/R - empathetic and hard-hitting defender
CF Arinobu Shiina KOR (24) Rhoni Rhonin CMT: R/R - smooth and swift speed demon
CF Agata (f) Maisorenten KOR (24) Hanai Heroes CMT: R/R - courteous and ripped all-rounder
RF Sanae (f) Natsuka KOR (23) Katashi Giants: R/R - cynical and instinctive base stealer
RF Denis Caamano KOR (31) Chromia Diamonds CMT: L/L - hypocritical and athletic defender
OF Aleixo Padron KOR (20) Ferrovente Whales: R/R - sensible and slim all-rounder
DH Tadanari Amachi KOR (22) Aviansola Admirals: L/L - disruptive and swift contact hitter
DH Kazuyo (f) Yokoi KOR (21) Furune Bees: R/R - adaptable and lanky cleanup hitter

C Tevi Kagulazaka KOR (37) Echizen Dragons: L/L - frugal and well built communicator
C Juan Berganza KOR (36) Santa Teresa Stars: L/L - ambitious and skinny journeyman

SP Senzo Utada KOR (39) Sophie City Monarchs SNL: R/R - disruptive and athletic dynamo
SP Bieito Vasquez KOR (22) Desierto Challengers: R/R - shy and swift specialist
SP Suno Matsuda KOR (33) Furune Bees: L/L - rational and pudgy jack of all trades
SP Xesus Basquez KOR (23) Desierto Challengers: R/R - hypocritical and short jack of all trades
SP Takenao Tone KOR (25) Ferrovente Whales: L/L - idiosyncratic and heavy strategist

SP Yurika (f) Ōhashi KOR (21) Arakura Knights: R/R - childish and gigantic strategist
SP Yatarō Namioka KOR (20) Katashi Giants: R/R - forceful and quick all-rounder
SP Nakazo Uranishi KOR (36) Nitoya Silvers: R/R - defensive and instinctive dynamo
SP Jocelyn (f) Chastain KOR (29) Shantarr Scorpions CMT: R/R - childish and swift trickster

RP Takeyuki Kanzaki KOR (23) Rhoni Rhonin CMT: L/L - smart and strong all-rounder
RP Ventura de Castro KOR (28) Nitoya Silvers: L/L - timid and toned controller
RP Tashiro Ishibashi KOR (25) Alnio Redhawks CMT: R/R - joyful and toned trickster
RP Xesus Martis KOR (22) Felswyr Fire CMT: R/R - neat and tall jack of all trades
RP Bento Chan KOR (24) Ferrovente Whales: R/R - timid and tiny jack of all trades
RP Eduvixe (f) Pazos KOR (24) Lanar Rangers CMT: R/R - humorless and stocky strong(wo)man
RP Jean-Charles Andry KOR (22) Amandine Wanderers: R/R - loving and trim specialist
RP Norihiko Adachi KOR (23) Eyrods Pilots CMT: R/R - frivolous and stringy jack of all trades
RP Vide Anabuki KOR (20) Eyrods Pilots CMT: R/R - extroverted and thin trickster

8P Bernabe Reza KOR (29) Ferrovente Whales: R/R - rotten and thin strongman
8P Martiño Siqueiros KOR (27) Teragaseki Originals: R/R - exuberant and pudgy trickster
CP Keiko (f) Yamase KOR (22) Shantarr Scorpions CMT: R/R - ambitious and lanky jack of all trades

Notes on the team
Infield: An unnecessarily large group was selected to join the squad to Cassadaigua. This is in part due to the status of some of the older players... in fact, it's wholly because of some players being such a locker room presence - paired with some off-the-record deals and vague threats about what'd happen if they wouldn't be on the team. We see that this group of veterans is slowly but surely making way, though: Sivurila is no longer the best at his position, but Komamura is a bit too young to be given free reign with no backup... so Komamura is likely starting but on a very, very short leash. Yes, Sivurila is one of the big names that would not accept not being on the roster. At second base, Pijpenbroek has some years left in him and he's been solid, and he's on the Dragons, for god's sake: the man has plays. Dakritdhen and Kanamoli are the ones waiting in the wings, Kanamoli's on a better team but Dakritdhen has shown some individual class before. At third base, the situation gets a little ridiculous: you probably don't need three of them. Still, Komiyama and Matsuda are both just 21, and are here to fight for the long-term backup option but if Bennett falls off mysteriously, they're here.

The biggest problems are at shortstop, where both Ritsushima and Gotou - both legendary veteran status - claim the position and allow no understudies, even though they're 37 and 38 and while that's not as alarming a number as in most other sports, the selectors asked both Tamaoki and Futura to be on the roster as 'infielders' even though they're very much shortstops.

TL;DR: diva problems: players over 35 refuse to let better players have a go; there's a lot of young talent and some old proven commodities but little in between.

Outfield: None of the infielder problems happen in the outfield. Akiba and Parga as leftfielders is a bit of a... left field selection but there's honestly not that much more out there. Shiina and Maisorenten are both about equally good so it'll depend on the day which of them start. Maisorenten is a bit more power, Shiina a bit more pace. Natsuka could well outdo Caamamo, and while listed over Caamamo in the depth chart we do expect Caamamo to play the majority of games. Padron is too good not to be on a roster but it's hard to say exactly when and where he'd play. Amachi and Yokoi have embraced their DH status and while it's still not a very popular position in Ko-oren, we see the need. Or rather: the LPB told us to get DHs or else.

A quick note about the catchers: Bardemaker has made the team before, but the roster builders went back to just two at the position. And with Woutre's Nikcoro Suns not doing so well (and Bardemaker being part of that), we get another tournament of Kagulazaka and Berganza.

Starting pitchers: If you were looking for surprises, they're not here. Utada is still the ace, even at 39. Vasquez and Basquez, both on the mediocre Challengers, are probably good enough to be starters - Desierto better realise what kind of talent they have on contract right now. But they weren't flawless, as their team's record suggests, and that's why we have Ohashi and Chastain as potential backups. Matsuda has been a solid addition for ages, and Tone proved his value during the previous WBC. So yes, no surprises, though having two young Challengers in there is probably fine given their talent but we're not ruling out several Chastain appearances.

Relief pitchers: Well, that's a larger group than before. And that's largely due to pitch types, arsenals, and handedness. Kanzaki and De Castro as the only lefties is a strange choice, but having Ishibashi's varied arsenal, with Martis and Chan's perfect execution during the LPB season, Pazos' pitch speed, Andry's limited but flawless pitch selection (and generally very good numbers for two years now), Adachi and Anabuki's pretty good Eyrods performance - hopefully there's a bit of everything. Two set-up pitchers in Reza and Siqueiros who might need to fill in at closer, because Yamase's the only one who's really got the quality to be in the WBC for us at this point.

Home venues
As with most of this sport, there is some competition between Finisterre and Yoshima. This extends to the home venues as well. Series of three matches are usually scheduled per region (ranked by how often they're used):
1) Katashi: the city of Katashi has several ready venues, including the Katashi Dome (the largest venue in Ko-oren) and Maesaki Park (smaller, but often used by domestic teams). Sometimes even the Heisaka Grounds are used (which is one third the size of Katashi Dome, to give you an idea). Katashi is hot and humid, though the sea breeze makes it nicer than it sounds. The Dragonflies are .778 here.
2) Finisterre: the entire region has several big stadiums and they're almost always sold out if the Dragonflies come to visit. The Citadel (Santa Teresa), Ventovente (Ferrovente). Finisterre has a dry heat that persists for most of the year. The Dragonflies are .737 here.
3) Rest of Leleia: the regions west and east of Katashi don't have the same population as city of Katashi itself, but has a lot of scattered towns with a proud baseball tradition. Twin Field (Nitoya), Obsidian Park (Suvira). These share the hot and humid conditions of Katashi but without the relief blowing in from the coast. The Dragonflies are .667 here.
4) Rest of Ko-oren: not everyone plays baseball all the time, yet there are a few diamonds here and there. Le Losange (Aminey), Honrothru-din (Senoren), Vamada Océanique (Étouille), Naminaka Park (Schemerdrecht). The climates here are friendly and mellow year-round. The Dragonflies are .786 here.
5) Alara and Etena islands: the northernmost islands of Yoshima are baseball-crazy as well, fans come from all over the island just to see a match. Uvesaki Field (Echizen), Vidari Stadium (Teragaseki), Vusodalo Stadium (Teraoka). These have all the humidity of Leleia and the friendly temperatures of the mainland. The Dragonflies are .667 here.
6) Selesi island: the second-largest island of Yoshima has only a few venues, being the least densely populated part of Yoshima, but the few places they do have are popular. Ginofruit Field (Arakura). Like Leleia, it's hot and humid, with a decent chance of extreme weather. The Dragonflies are .818 here.

Baseball is mostly played in two linguistic regions: Finisterre - with names like Benvito Parga, Denis Caamano, or Bieito Vasquez - and Yoshima, with names like Dodo Ritsushima, Eikichi Matsuoka, and Vianol Sivurila. Both claim to be the source of Ko-orenite baseball, but with Yoshima's far larger population, they dominate the news cycle. What's more, of the twelve LPB teams, eight are in Yoshima, three are in Finisterre, and one is in Cote Austral (names like Ré Fouquet, Jean-Charles Andry). So while both regions take the game extremely seriously, it's usually the Yoshimans who dominate the LPB's Ko-orenite conference and the national team. Yoshima have even threatened to go it alone, break off from Ko-oren (both in baseball and in politics) and have a 'national team' of their own who face off against a Finisterran team every year. There remains a rift between the two groups that every head coach will have to try to reconcile in order to build a winning team. It's all good when the team's winning, but the cracks show when the results aren't going our way. The Cote Australiens, Intermareans ('Len Pijpenbroek, Woutre Bardemaker'), Gehrennans ('Edtas Dakritdhen, Agata Maisorenten'), and any player from the southwest ('Simon Gray, Mason Bennett') are happy to work with anyone.
Yoshima wants to play in shades of red and orange, Finisterrans want to play in yellow, but to spite the Yoshimans, claim to like the national colours green and blue.

Coaching Staff/首脳陣/Entrenadores
Head coach: Kenichi Honda
Hitting coach: Rodolfo Melendrez
Pitching coach: Joshiko Vajabusa (f)
First base coach: Andreia Acevedo (f)
Third base coach: Carlos Aldana
Bullpen coach: Shinzaburo Sakai
Fielding coach: Julie Lefeuvre (f)

RP Permissions
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Not necessarily
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
Style modifier (if used): -2
Trigramme: KOR
Nicknames: Dragonflies (all players), Macaws (Yoshimans), Cactuses (Finisterrans)
WCC President and NS Sports' only WC, WBC, WB, WCOH, IBC, RUWC, Test Cricket, ODI, and T20 loser!

Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Map - Regions - Spreadsheets - Domestic Sports Newswires - Factbooks
Champions 1x World Cup - 1x CoH - 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 4x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 4x RUWC - 3x RLWC - 2x T20 WC - 1x AODICC - 2x ARWC - 1x FHWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x World Cup - 2x CAFA - 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 3x World Bowl - 1x WCoH - 4x IBC - 2x RUWC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 1x ODI WT - 2x T20 WC - 1x FraterniT20 - 1x WLC - 1x FHWC
Organisation & Hosting 2x WCC President - 1x BoF - 1x CAFA - 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 2x RUWC - 1x ODI WT - 1x T20 WC - 1x FraterniT20 - 1x ARWC - 1x FHWC - (defunct) IRLCC, BCCC, Champions Bowl

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South Americanastan National Baseball Team
Trigamme: SAS
Nickname: Bears
Home Stadium: NorthGold Kalikadrome(Capacity 56,200)
Colors: Red, Green, and White


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (No longer than 1 game)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: Yes
Do not use RL baseball images to represent my players.



That happened.

After an attempt to reel in the team's antics and turn them into a "respectable" national team resulted in a disappointing WBC 56 campaign culminating in a group stage exit, the South Americanastanian National Baseball team is back to their old antics. Bench Coach Buck Waterlane has been shown the door in favor of young firebrand Kai Vellersken, one of the SABL's foremost advocates for analytics. Pitching Coach Nicholas Morrison has also been finally given the boot after multiple cycles of dissapointing performance from the bullpen in favor of new coach Robert Kaske (Pronounced "Cask-eh'), who hopes to turn the Bears' pitching around. Meanwhile, batting coach Ivan Kolbe returns for another cycle alongside Manager Micheal Kelly.

The roster has also seen some new faces added this season, with aging first baseman Gareth Sevriens replaced by the 24-year old Pete Lancaster, and DH Owen Smith, who was largely ineffective in the past two cycles, being replaced by the up and coming JT Motombu, the first Meskapa baseball player to ever be selected for the team. Both of these players are expected to make regular lineup appearances off the bat (ha!) and improve the performance of the team.

Returning faces are also expected to play a large role in this team's success, with Frank Monteforte and Wally Quinn coming off of strong first seasons in the LPB, in which Quinn was selected as an All-Star alternate and Monteforte hit a solid 37 home runs. Meanwhile, catcher Jack Manning looks to ride the wave of the past three strong WBC campaigns. Sam Harrison sees himself move to the #1 closer spot over Matt Jackson due to struggles throughout the past two campaigns, hopefully strengthening the back end of the bullpen.

Expectations are high for this cycle after the disaster that was the Bears' last campaign. After a strong start in WBC 51 and 52, the Bears seem to have plateaued since those underdog appearances in the playoffs. The team has consistently been plagued by struggles in the late group stage and playoffs, seemingly unable to perform when the pressure's on. With pressure mounting on the team to make a deep playoff run, if not bring home silverware, Micheal Kelly's job could be under threat if this team fails to perform again.

Failure is not an option.


Manager: Micheal Kelly
#1 - Age 40 - Ex-Prospect
Bench Coach: Kai Vellersken
#2 - Age 32 - Analytics Wiz
Pitching Coach: Robert Kaske
#3 - Age 47 - Troubleshooter
Batting Coach: Ivan Kolbe
#4 - Age 42 - Mentor - Ex-National Teamer



Casey Kellahan
#27 - Age 27 - LHP - Bats Left - Overhand Pitcher - Ace

John Mikelanton
#58 - Age 32 - RHP - Bats Right - Overhand Pitcher - Knuckleballer

Darby Nikolasson
#5 - Age 24 - RHP - Bats Left - Sidearm Pitcher

Jerry Cook
#97 Age 29 - RHP - Bats Right - Overhand Pitcher

Quinn Kozalski
#31- Age 26 - RHP - Bats Left - Overhand Pitcher


Nick Kelly
#67 - Age 29 - RHP - Bats Right - Long Reliever - Submarine Pitcher

Wally Quinn
#85 - Age 26 - RHP - Bats Right - Overhand Pitcher

Jackson Bonn
#19 - Age 28 - RHP - Bats Right - Sidearm Pitcher

Kofi Woods
#34 - Age 23 - LHP - Bats Left - Overhand Pitcher

Sam Harrison
#15 - Age 30 - LHP - Bats Left- Closer - Overhand Pitcher - Lockdown Reliever

Matt Jackson
#13 - Age 27 - RHP - Bats Right - Closer - Overhand Pitcher



Jack Manning
#29 - Age 37 - Throws and Bats Right - Starting Catcher - Resurgent Force

Jack Wigginton
#46 - Age 26 - Throws Right - Bats Right - Backup Catcher


Pete Lancaster
#20 - Age 24 - Throws Left - Bats Left - 1B - Power Hitter

Patrick Larson
#78 - Age 26 - Throws and Bats Right - 2B

Jacob Monte
#23 - Age 24 - Throws and Bats Right - SS

Frank Malone
#62 - Age 28 - Throws Right - Bats Left - 3B - Reliable Fielder

Tito Lowell
#45 - Age 23 - Throws and Bats Left - Utility Man

J.T. Motombu
#9 - Age 22 - Throws and Bats Right - Backup 1B/DH


Garry O'Hannagan
#99 - Age 27 - Throws and Bats Left - RF

Tommy Vincent
#57 - Age 22 - Throws and Bats Right - CF - Base Thief

Frank Monteforte
#22- Age 21 - Throws and Bats Right - LF - Prodigy

David Timberlake
#7 Age 31 - Throws and Bats Left - Backup

Walter Rowe
#39 - Age 24 - Throws and Bats Right - Backup


1. C Jack Manning

2. 3B Frank Malone

3. 1B Pete Lancaster

4. RF Garry O'Hanagan

5. 2B Pat Larson

6. CF Tommy Vincent

7. SS Jacob Monte

8. DH J.T. Motombu/Pitcher

9. LF Frank Monteforte
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Notes: If you just need the batting order or pitchers, scroll to the bottom! Thanks! :lol:

The Federation of Ranorian Baseball Is Proud To Present:
The Ranorian Krauts
the international arm of the Federation of Ranorian Baseball.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my run scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Do what you want with it! Have fun
Godmod scoring events: Yep
RP injuries to my players: Yep, shoot me a DM or TG please!
Godmod injuries to my players: Yep, shoot me a DM or TG please!
Eject my players: Yep, shoot me a DM or TG please!
Godmod other events: Get in touch with me first, including for no hitters/perfect games, etc, thanks!
Use DH at home: Nope
Special Note: No Covid stuff. There is no COVID in Ranoria, just like there is no war in Ba Sing Se

WBC 44: 12-18; Team MVP: Leonardo Harrison
WBC 49: 15-15; Team MVP: Leonardo Harrison
WBC 50: 19-11; Team MVP: Leonardo Harrison
-Playoffs: 3-5-
WBC 51: 14-16; Team MVP: Nicholas Lux
WBC 52: 13-17; Team MVP: Leonardo Harrison
WBC 53: 18-12; Team MVP: Nicholas Lux
WBC 54: 9-1; Team MVP: Nicholas Lux
-Playoffs: 8-3-
WBC 55: 13-7; Team MVP: Julian Breit
-Playoffs: 11-8-
WBC 56: 18-12: Team MVP: Jesse Griffith
-Playoffs: 7-4-
Group Stage: 131-109
Playoffs: 29-20
Overall: 160-129


The Ranorian Krauts are a privately funded team, supported by the joint funds of the middling Federation of Ranorian Baseball. Their first attempt, in the 44th edition, was a disaster. None of our biggest stars agreed to sign up with the exception of Leonardo Harrison, though overall the team consisted of our upper-end talent. Predictably, the team finished a paltry 12-18 record, with Harrison being the only bright spot, 19 at the time. However, five years later, they fielded a stronger squad, with star players from home along with Ranorians playing abroad. As such, the team gave us a better showing with a somewhat successful 15-15 campaign in the World Baseball Classic 49, garnering some momentum going into WBC 50 and some interest from Ranoria as a whole.

World Baseball Classic 50 was something else entirely. Our Krauts went on a 10-1 tear on the back of Leonardo Harrison to end the group stage and even win a knockout series - despite starting a tradition of Ranorian teams being steamrolled any time they had the audacity to look at a TJUN-ian squad earlier in the campaign. With a ton of buzz surrounding the team going into WBC 51 though, they suffered three straight seasons of playoffless baseball. Just when fans began to give up hope though, the Krauts came in hot in WBC 55, reaching the quarterfinals as the third seed in the playoffs before being eliminated in 5, and then giving the reigning back-to-back champion Elephants all they wanted in the semifinals. And then in 56, we again came oh-so-close to the summit before Banija knocked us off in four en route to a championship. The Krauts are now being called the "doormat of champions" at home, but they are the only team with the distinction of earning semifinal appearances in the each of the last two tournaments, and they were the only quarterfinalist in the last go-round who didn't have a championship to their name - take that for what it's worth.

Most of the starters on this team now play abroad in stronger domestic leagues, and competitively - this is a roster that has the potential to go all the way.

Also notably, the Krauts will employ three different home fields during this tournament to try and give more people an opportunity to come out and see the team. Their home base, Constance Airlines Field, will still be the main feature.

Note: If you wanna ignore the multiple home fields thing that’s fine!

Constance Airlines Field (42,150)
Ranoria City


Constance Airlines Field is the crown jewel of a largely mediocre Federation of Ranorian Baseball, and the largest of several stadiums that were built between this and the 50th World Baseball Classic. International competition - a 19-11 run with a knockout stage victory included - in this competition's 50th edition helped to spark that expansion, and despite mediocrity in a few outings, baseball has remained somewhat popular domestically in Ranoria

Cardinal Auditorium (21,00)


The Krauts' original home field and the longtime home of Leonardo Harrison before he spent his twilight years playing for the Elephant Valley United in South Newlandia, the Maestros Stadium will be of some sentimental value to diehard fans. Recent renovations bumped the capacity from its original 17,500.

The Eyrie at RANPAC Stadium (18,250)


Home field of the Cincinnati Warhawks - Jesse Griffith's squad during his extended stay in the FRB.

Series 1: @ Montana Verde
Series 2: vs Super-Llamaland @ Constance Airlines Field (42,150)
Series 3: @ United Adaikes
Series 4: vs Ko-oren @ Constance Airlines Field (42,150)
Series 5: @ Cardenao
Series 6: vs Montana Verde @ The Eyrie at RANPAC Stadium (18,250)
Series 7: @ Super-Llamaland
Series 8: vs United Adaikes @ Constance Airlines Field
Series 9: @ Ko-oren
Series 10: vs Cardenao @ Cardinal Auditorium (21,00)

Coaching Staff:
Manager/HC: Henderson Mausse, 58 years old
Bench Coach, Assistant Manager: Jonas Nuhl, 45 years old
First Base: Brandon Bolan, 33 years old
Third Base: Justin Cruz, 34 years old
Hitting: Leonardo Harrison, 36 years old
Pitching: Alfred Arnoldi, 48 years old
Bullpen: Hugo Fromm, 43 years old

Team Doctor: Melina Fulches, 67 years old
Head Trainer: Marty Zane, 35 years old
Trainer: Frank Schottenheimer, 32 years old
Trainer: Eddie Walker, 30 years old

Position    Number     Name            Ht.     Wt.   Age           Team                       Batting
Catcher 28 Lukas Valentine 6 200 20 Kyrinson Cosmos (SLL) Contact
1st Base 12 Vincent Veltrone 5-11 195 28 New Llama Wizards (SLL) Contact
2nd Base 10 John Solomons 5-9 165 20 Elephant Valley United (SNL) Contact
Shortstop 20 Clark Weaver 6-1 190 22 Denison Dynamos (SLL) Contact
3rd Base 99 Jesse Griffith 6-5 215 26 Felswyr Fire (CMT) Slugger
L. Field 23 Julian Breit 6-3 235 28 Elephant Valley United (SNL) Slugger
C. Field 51 Judas Acker 6 200 31 Cleveland Thunder Contact
C. Field 1 Rylan Rodgers Jr 6-1 225 21 Richardson University Governors Slugger
R. Field 87 RJ Hall 6-2 195 21 EVU Red Elephants (College) Slugger
DH 44 Grant Faulkner 6-4 230 25 Felswyr Fire (CMT) Slugger

Starter Notes:
Jesse Griffith: Do you believe in taking chances? That's what the Krauts did with this signing. Griffith is the youngest man (er, boy?) to ever play professional Ranorian baseball, at just 15 years old. Griffith was streaky in his first pair of seasons on the team, but he's really come into his own as one of - if not the - the best players in Ranorian baseball. He had an illustrious career in Ranoria, capping his time there off with one of the most dominant campaigns in Federation history with a ring and an MVP in his resume, but contract talks stalled with his Cincinnati Warbirds after seven years with the team. Played for a few years in Quebec and Shingoryeo, as it would allow he and his then fiancé Astrid Verona to each pursue their respective sports at a high level, but they’re now headed to Felswyr. This guy's one of the best players Ranoria's ever put out, and he and fellow slugger Julian Breit have earned their spots as the stars of this team.

Vincent Veltrone: Veltrone is a solid youngster who took his talents to Llamaphant Pro Baseball to get the publicity and money he is worth before coming back to participate with the Krauts. Fluid athlete and current LPB All-Star for the New Llama Wizards. Along with Julian Breit, the Krauts are pinning their hopes on these two young guns - and the ascension of Jesse Griffith - to help propel this crew to the next level.

Julian Breit:Breit was in the same high school class as Veltrone, and also plays in South Newlandia, where he earned an all-star nod this year and was a candidate for the silver slugger award the season prior. Breit, if that didn't clue you in, is a big power swinger. With Nicholas Lux and Leonardo Harrison aging out, many speculate that he and Jesse Griffith will be taking the reins as the best players on the Krauts.

Lukas Valentine: A younger who was turning heads coming out of high school, it’s a gamble throwing the young buck in at catcher after the retirement of Nicholas Lux, especially with Ranoria City Sluggers veteran Philbert Kelsin still on the roster after having proven effective in his starts during WBC 55. Expect the two to split time to an extent, but the younger is the starter. Big arm to catch prospective base stealers, and an almost obnoxious tendency to frame horrendously bad pitches as strikes.

John Solomons:
An undersized veteran, Solomons is going to take a key role this season with the teams’ best two contact hitters in Nicholas Lux and Leonardo Harrison retiring. The Elephant Valley United Veteran is used to the spotlight, having played for a long time in the best league in domestic baseball, expect a seamless transition.

RJ Hall: A wide receiver for the NSCF’s Elephant Valley University Red Elephants, RJ Hall is in his second campaign after taking the place of veteran speedster Rubin Graves. Exciting but young, it’s reasonable to expect some growing pains from the 2 sport athlete.

Judas Acker: A burner by nature, Acker was the fastest player on this team for awhile, but he's lost a step at his age and will likely be ceding some playing time to first-time callup Rylan Rodgers Jr. He doesn't have the best bat, but you better bet that if he gets on base any pitcher will pay for a lapse in attention.

Erik Schmidt: Played most of his career in Banija in order to, well, make some friggin' money. Schmidt's bread and butter is a basic fastball, hit a top speed of 94-95 mp/h when pitching, not quite as accurate as old Verona was. Great effort but hilariously terrible batter.

Position    Number     Name            Ht.     Wt.   Age           Team
Infield 14 Justin Derrick 6-1 190 26 Cincinnati Warbirds
Catcher 77 Philbert Kelsin 6-2 210 32 Ranoria City Sluggers
Infield 7 Abraham Leinhardt 6 205 35 Vricksinburg Blaze
Infield 19 Arthur Jackson 5-9 175 32 Vricksinburg Blaze
Outfield 55 Damian Horace 5-11 190 35 Edmunton Rebels
Outfield 30 Stephen Reichenbach 5-10 185 33 Nashville Maestros
Outfield 59 Tristen Feng 6-1 205 34 Cincinnati Warbirds
Outfield: 1 Rylan Rodgers Jr 6-1 225 21 Richardson University Governors

Reserve Notes:
Tristen Feng: Veteran former teammate of the talented but raw Jesse Griffith, Feng had taken the kid under his wing early in Ranoria’s top sluggers career, as they were far and away the best athletes on their Federation squad, at least.

Justin Derrick: Two time all star in Ranoria, Derrick was a fill-in for Leonardo Harrison, but Clark Weaver's youth and relatively higher upside have given him the nod at shortstop. This is still a position battle though.

Rylan Rodgers Jr: A monster on the gridiron, Rylan's performed extremely well in Ranoria's putrid college baseball scene. He'll likely get some looks, but Judas Acker is a longtime starter and that's a massive jump to make for someone playing againt sub-par college competition. Back-breaking speed and if he can find a way to make solid contact, he's got jaw-dropping power.

Role Number Name Ht. Wt. Age Team
Rotation 90 Yahweh Bohannon 6-1 190 21 Elephant Valley United (SNL)
Rotation 86 Jorge Billing 6-1 215 26 Elephant Valley United (SNL)
Rotation 1 Jacklyn Flowers 6-2 175 19 Nikcoro Suns (SLL)
Rotation 62 Brady Behringer 6-2 190 31 New Llama Wizards (SLL)
Rotation 71 Parker Majors 6-4 215 34 Banija


Reserve 70 Erin Phelps 6-2 215 36 Cleveland Rebels

Role Number Name Ht. Wt. Age Team
Closer 68 Miellen Walker 6-3 215 25 Elephant Valley United (SNL)
Reliever 73 Thomas Barnet 6-1 200 33 Nashville Maestros
Reliever 64 Corey Nielman 6-3 195 31 Vricksinburg Blaze
Reliever 61 Alabaster Cappa 6-3 190 35 Nashville Maestros
Reliever 72 Bonnie Oliviera 6-2 190 23 Ranoria City Sluggers

Pitching Notes
Jorge Billing: Coming off an All-Star selection as the lead man for an upstart Elephant Valley United, Billing is as solid as they come on the mound. Solid curveball as a change up and generally sound accuracy makes for a pitcher without any outstanding weaknesses overall - though he’s developed a tendency to fold in the playoffs between the last two WBCs and recently in the LPB. Sub par batter but he'll make an effort.

Yahweh "The Cannon" Bohannon: A young gun coming off his rookie year in the LPB, Bohannon's got a bigger arm even than Verona did in his heydey. He's got some nuances to learn at this level, but the kid's got the growth curve of a future superstar. He does have a perplexing tendency to get injured off the field, including three missed starts due to two separate finger injuries he suffered while working on a drone during his lone collegiate season at Matthensville Polytechnic. Typically won't go the distance as he throws too many balls and wears his stamina down that way. Could not care less about batting. He's a free strikeout.

Jacklyn Flowers: Older sister of the top quarterback recruit in Ranoria this season by just under a full year, Jacklyn's always prioritized fundamentals and command in her pitching. Can push mid 90's with her two or four seam fastballs, tends to rely on the former or her changeup. Solid curveball as well.

Parker Majors: Played one year professionally in the Federation before immigrating to Banija. Similar to Schmidt in that he has a solid fastball, although he doesn't quite have the gas of the above two guys, and typically he'll get you with nasty movement on off-speed pitches. Okay batter.

Erin Phelps: Fastball pitcher, expect the 88 mp/h to 92 mp/h range consistently, with good accuracy. He can hit 94 mp/h but tends to throw a lot fewer strikes doing so.

Miellan Walker: With a few LPB seasons behind him, Miellan's the best reliever on the squad, and with Behringer moving to the rotation he’ll be taking over the closer role, which he fills for the Elephant Valley United as well. Has the stamina and the arsenal to go for a few innings on his own if need be.

Corey Nielman: Nielman is a youngster with a big arm. Currently used as a reliever, can throw up to 97 mp/h. Not much stamina, but he's a solid bet to bridge through a couple batters who struggle with speed.

Thomas Barnet: Emergency pitcher or a setup guy, Barnet's good enough to not screw things up too badly between the starter and the closer. Another youngster that the Federation's fans have high hopes for.

Brady Behringer: Behringer is stepping into a starting role. After serving as the team’s closer for awhile now, and rumor has it he’ll be getting the nod there for the Wizards over in Super Llamaland. He was a big armed starter playing in the Federation before he went over to the LPB, it’ll be interesting to see if he can handle the volume he used to - expect him to take a bit of gas off his fastball in favor of more accuracy and endurance and all.

Alabaster Cappa: Older brother of former #1 overall pick in the RFL draft, Ricky Cappa, quarterback at Ranoria State. Alabaster's a solid pitcher with a big arm, and a very solid curveball as a changeup. Probably best kept to short stretches, however... and certainly more successful than his brother, who lasted two seasons with his original team.

Normal Starting Lineup
DH Starting Lineup
Vincent Veltrone
John Solomons
Julian Breit
Jesse Griffith
Grant Faulkner
Lukas Valentine
Clark Weaver
RJ Hall
Judas Acker Rylan Rodgers Jr.

Vincent Veltrone
John Solomons
Julian Breit
Jesse Griffith
Lukas Valentine
Clark Weaver
RJ Hall
Judas Acker Rylan Rodgers Jr.
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Postby Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer » Sat Jun 10, 2023 11:59 pm


Équipe nationale de baseball de Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer

Nation Information
Full Name: Principauté de Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer
Demonym: Jean-Jacquois
Nickname: Tapirs
Team colors: Red & Yellow
Population: 387 639
Land Area: 78 sq. km

Short Nation History

Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer is a city state of 78 square kilometers located on Anaia and founded in lhe 18th century by Jean-Jacques Le Boucanier (John James The Buccaneer), a pirate of unknown North or Central Calanian origin who decided to retire from piracy and found his own nation south of his country of origin. Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer has emerged in the 20th century as a merchant city state which favors capitalism.The current ruler of Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer is Prince Pierre-Alexandre 1er de Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer, a direct descendant of Jean-Jacques Le Boucanier. Elections are outlawed in Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer. The national animal is the tapir, which you can see wandering in our streets. It's also our team nickname.

Home Stadiums

Baseball Ground 1 at National Sports Complex - Terrain de baseball 1 au Complexe sportif national - Capacity 40,625
Baseball Ground 2 at National Sports Complex - Terrain de baseball 2 au Complexe sportif national - Capacity 23,750

Because the rental price set by private fields was to high, the government build a national sports complex with baseball, soccer and gridiron fields and an hockey arena. The National Sports Complex is located in the small Sacré-Coeur district, close to downtown. Sacré-Coeur, or Sagrado Corazon, is also known as the Latin district due to it's large hispanophone population.


Manager: Jean-Paul Couillard
Assistant manager: Lison Ponton
Entraîneur des frappeurs: Jorge Juarez Suarez
Entraîneur des lanceurs: Anne-Marie McEwen
Instructeur au 1er but: Bruno Brunet
Instructeur au 3e but: Simon-Pierre Croussette

Starting Pitchers

99 SP Vladimir Bonilla Gonzalez 27 RHP Tortugas de Sacré-Cœur
19 SP Maggie Zhu 29 LHP Saints de Saint-Jean-Jacques
35 SP Marie-Soleil McEwen 29 LHP Expos de Saint-Jean-Jacques
34 SP Juan Diego Salazar Valenzuela 22 LHP Indiens de Breteuil
66 SP Charles-Alexandre Blondeau 23 RHP Pirates de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite


65 CL Charlotte Crépeau-Pinette 25 RHP Pélicans de Côte-des-Palmiers
88 RP Kayla Goneau 27 LHP Indiens de Breteuil
56 RP Julien Mousseau-Grondin 25 RHP Expos de Saint-Jean-Jacques
67 RP Stéphanie McDermott 28 RHP Tortugas de Sacré-Cœur
33 RP Marc-Olivier Descheneaux 26 RHP Pirates de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite
60 RP Alexis Robidoux 26 RHP Expos de Saint-Jean-Jacques
77 RP Maya Goneau 24 LHP Indiens de Breteuil

Batting order - No DH

5 2B Esperanza Juarez Galarraga 24 L Tortugas de Sacré-Cœur
15 LF Sarah-Maude Couillard 26 S Indiens de Breteuil
7 RF Yves-François Monfette 34 R Pélicans de Côte-des-Palmiers
44 1B Jesus Rodriguez Castro 26 L Tortugas de Sacré-Cœur
55 3B Raul Rodriguez Castro 24 L Expos de Saint-Jean-Jacques
16 LF/CF François-Xavier Couillard 23 S Saints de Saint-Jean-Jacques
2 SS Jessica Gaudin-Rougeau 25 R Pirates de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite
27 C Annie Pombert 28 R Expos de Saint-Jean-Jacques
XX P Starting Pitcher

Batting order - With DH

5 2B Esperanza Juarez Galarraga 24 L Tortugas de Sacré-Cœur
15 LF Sarah-Maude Couillard 26 S Indiens de Breteuil
7 RF Yves-François Monfette 34 R Pélicans de Côte-des-Palmiers
44 1B Jesus Rodriguez Castro 26 L Tortugas de Sacré-Cœur
9 DH/1B Charles-Émile Robinette 26 R Pélicans de Côte-des-Palmiers
55 3B Raul Rodriguez Castro 24 L Expos de Saint-Jean-Jacques
16 LF/CF François-Xavier Couillard 23 S Saints de Saint-Jean-Jacques
2 SS Jessica Gaudin-Rougeau 25 R Pirates de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite
27 C Annie Pombert 28 R Expos de Saint-Jean-Jacques


61 C Guillaume Baribeau 22 L Indiens de Breteuil
9 1B Charles-Émile Robinette 26 R Pélicans de Côte-des-Palmiers
1 2B Rose Bibeau 29 S Indiens de Breteuil
22 SS/3B Tristan Bibeau 23 S Indiens de Breteuil
23 RF Tommy Bourdeau 26 R Expos de Saint-Jean-Jacques
29 CF Julie-Anne Lanouette 28 S Pélicans de Côte-des-Palmiers
25 LF Cillian O'Farrell 28 L Pélicans de Côte-des-Palmiers

RP Permissions:

Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
DH used at home: No
Godmod other events: Yes
Other Info: The team has a real living tapir named Jean-Jacques sitting on the bench as it's mascot. Even when on the road.

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Postby Barnettsville » Sun Jun 11, 2023 1:11 am

Guess who's back? Back again?

ST. CATHERINE - After a disastrous 56th Classic, the Barnettsville National Committee dismissed the entirety of the team, and started the rebuild with the manager of the only championship squad in Lycrabon/Barnettsville history: Brianna Bruce. The former Newmanistan Rocket, always a fiery player and coach, then set out to follow in the footsteps of both her home nation, and Rocket rival Cassadaigua. The method of imitation/flattery was an entire squad and coaching staff made up of only females. Will this work to bring the Blue Jays to at least respectability? Time will tell.

POS	#	Name			BAT	THROW	School/Country
IF 1 Myra Jennings S L Monongahela College
3B* 2 Amelia Lane S R Youngstown State
C 3 Rene Adams R R Fair Haven State
SS* 8 Anne Burns S R St. Catherine State
IF 12 Jessica Tanner R R Dravosburg State
LF* 17 Nikola Duke L L Niagara
OF 22 Lila Hart S R Fair Haven State
CF* 26 Cherokee Cortes S R Atlantic Christian
MRP 29 Becky Rice R R Youngstown State
C* 36 Courtney Miles R R Northern Dinagat State
SP3 37 Maggie English S L Bayview State
OF 38 Della Stark L L Southern Dinagat State
RF* 39 Rosita Brassington R R Point Park
SP1 43 Tammy Burke R R Tidewater
LRP 49 Lea Rush L L Southern Dinagat State
SP4 51 Aubrey Carroll S R Atlantic Christian
LRP 52 Kate Stevenson R R Newcastle
1B* 55 Lindsay Spears L L Central Connecticut State
SU 57 Gail McCarthy L L Lake Erie College
2B* 60 Joanne McKee R R North Cuyahoga
IF 62 Connie Hammond L L Riverton Tech
SP2 70 Jane Todd L L Tidewater State
CL 71 Hannah McLean S R Lake Shore State
OF 72 Sandra Stephenson L R Nampa State
MRP 99 Patty Vaughn S L Northern Dinagat State

1B	15	Zoe Jacobsen		Northern Dinagat State
3B 16 Dana Terrell Lakeview
BNCH 30 Harriet Mathis Lake Shore State
HIT 40 Lilly Crapenter Georgetown
PITCH 47 Grace Barnett Lake Erie College
BUL C 64 Katrina Barnett Dravosburg State
MGR 77 Brianna Bruce Newmanistan NT
BULL 83 Brooke Baldwin Nampa State

3B	2	Amelia Lane
C 36 Courtney Miles
SS 8 Anne Burns
LF 17 Nikola Duke
CF 26 Cherokee Cortes
1B 55 Lindsay Spears
2B 62 Connie Hammond
RF 72 Sandra Stephenson

3B	2	Amelia Lane
SS 8 Anne Burns
1B 12 Jessica Tanner
LF 22 Lila Hart
CF 26 Cherokee Cortes
C 36 Courtney Miles
RF 39 Rosita Brassington
2B 60 Joanne McKee

Tammy Burke (R)
Jane Todd (L)
Maggie English (L)
Aubrey Carroll (R)

RP Permissions:

Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
DH used at home: No
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Dod Rava » Sun Jun 11, 2023 1:15 pm

Dod Ravian National Baseball Team


Head Coach: Leszek Kois • Trigramme: DOR • Style: +1

Assistant Coach: Paula Kozera • Pitching coach: Roch Pajor • Hitting coach: Ivan Ogórczak • Bullpen: Marc Monedero

Home stadium: AGD Baseball Arena Rawa • Capacity: 8,000


Pos. No. Name.                      B/T Age. Team.           Additional Info.  
Starting lineup:
SP: #1 Ernest Gronek R/R 32 [Rawa Marineros] - Rubber Arm Pitcher - Ace
C: #5 Hugo Szałwia R/R 26 [Rawa Marineros] - Accurate Thrower
1B: #21 Henryk Hudak R/R 27 [Gorals Szczylek] - Reliable Fielder
2B: #12 Waldemar Styś L/L 33 [Rawa Marineros] - Contact Hitter
3B: #8 Bolesław "Bolo" Angielski L/L 31 [KSSP Belchatow] - Slugger
SS: #9 Felix Bado L/L 24 [KSSP Belchatow] - Base Thief
RF: #72 Matias "Maciuś" Martín R/R 29 [Rawa Marineros] - Reliable Fielder
CF: #99 Jan Angel Drabik R/R 37 [Gorals Szczylek] - Good Fielder
LF: #31 Filip Więcław R/R 23 [Rawa Marineros] - Home Run Robber

Starting pitchers:
SP: #1 Ernest Gronek R/R 32 [Rawa Marineros] - Rubber Arm Pitcher - Ace
SP: #68 Adrian Wnuk R/R 28 [Rawa Marineros] - Overhand Pitcher
SP: #70 Alex Saucini R/R 24 [Amandine Wanderers] (KOR) - Submarine Pitcher
SP: #69 Włodzimierz Biały R/L 36 [Rawa Marineros] - Sidearm Pitcher - Knuckleballer

RP: #19 Rosa Sánchez R/R 19 [Elephant Valley Homers] (SNL) - Submarine - Rubber Arm Pitcher
RP: #71 Henryk Kabat R/R 18 [Szczupaki Malopole] - Sidearm Pitcher - Curveball Thrower (Debut)
RP: #26 Teo Zaragoza L/L 25 [Nova Port Orcas] - Overhand Pitcher - Knuckleballer (Debut)
CP: #14 Sara Kot R/R 18 [Foki Helow] - Overhand Pitcher (Debut)
CP: #98 Franek Gronowiak L/L 29 [Gorals Szczylek] - Sidearm Closer

3B: #5 Arnau González R/R 20 [Rawa Marineros]
1B: #2 Mateo Kownacki R/R 16 [Ptaki Ptakograd] (Debut)
2B: #52 Julian Wiater L/L 24 [Rawa Marineros]
RF: #64 Edgar Páez R/R 25 [Rawa Marineros]
LF: #20 Henri Muller R/R 27 [Ptaki Ptakograd]
CF: #79 Adrian Monte R/R 29 [Rawa Marineros]
SS: #13 Feliks Korab R/L 21 [Elephant Valley Homers] (SNL) (Debut)
1B: #29 Gerard Pena R/R 22 [Rawa Marineros]
C: #12 Piotr Schulz L/L 23 [Ptaki Ptakograd]
DH: #42 Marek Kubera R/R 31 [Rawa Marineros]

Batting Order: Batting Order DH:
1. 2B: #12 Waldemar Styś 1. 2B: #12 Waldemar Styś
2. 3B: #8 Bolesław "Bolo" Angielski 2. 3B: #8 Bolesław "Bolo" Angielski
3. SS: #9 Felix Bado 3. SS: #9 Felix Bado
4. CF: #99 Jan Angel Drabik 4. CF: #99 Jan Angel Drabik
5. RF: #72 Matias "Maciuś" Martín 5. RF: #72 Matias "Maciuś" Martín
6. LF: #31 Filip Więcław 6. LF: #31 Filip Więcław
7. C: #5 Hugo Szałwia 7. C: #5 Hugo Szałwia
8. 1B: #21 Henryk Hudak 8. 1B: #21 Henryk Hudak
9. SP: #1 Ernest Gronek 9. DH: #42 Marek Kubera

Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my Pitching Rotation: No
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
DH used at home: No
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Shieldstan » Mon Jun 12, 2023 2:13 am

Shieldstan's Here
Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
DH used at home: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Note:Nothing About A Virus Unless The Virus Is Called EAST

Shieldstan's Here To Win The 57th World Baseball Classic.


IF 1 King Royal S L Everea
3B* 2 Dan Crystal L R Craftland
C 3 Hunter Woods R L Craftland
SS* 8 David Quick R R Krystalia
IF 12 Daniel Speeds R Wingside
LF* 17 Mike Leads R R Everea
OF 22 Michael Root S Krystalia
CF* 26 Justin Root S Krystalia
MRP 29 Kevin Speeds R S Krystalia
C* 36 Daniel Blue R R Wingside
SP3 37 Xavier Root L L Everea
OF 38 Luke Blue L L Everea
RF* 39 Master Leads L L Everea
SP1 43 Tim Quick R R Wingside
LRP 49 Jim Crystal L Craftland
SP4 51 Kraft Royal S R Craftland
LRP 52 Jade Crowns R R Everea
1B* 55 Chris Crowns L L Everea
SU 57 Timmy Crafter L L Everea
2B* 60 Brown Crafter R R East Craftland
IF 62 Blacks Kings L L Technoland
SP2 70 Jake Runner S S Everea
CL 71 Chase Runner S R Everea
OF 72 Steve Crafter L R Everea
MRP 99 Steven Crafts R Everea

1B	15	Zen Racer Craftland
3B 16 Dave Terra Krystalia
BNCH 30 Stephen Safemen Krystalia
HIT 40 George Craftman Everea
PITCH 47 Grade Hunter Everea
BUL C 64 Kyle Hunter Everea
MGR 77 Bruce Tazer Everea

Other Information About Shieldstan:
Shieldstan Is A Nation In The Second Asia.It Is Also A Proud Member Of The Unknown Alliance.
Other Information About The Shieldic Baseball Team:
Jade Crowns Is One Of The Best Player,He's Been Playing Baseball Since His Childhood.
Sach Sabse Mahan Hai!

NS Stats and Policies (Except Heterosexuality) banished to Ohio.

ShieldNews: The Invasion of Shieldstan has ended. | Mumbai was invaded by the NBE, now it looks like a wasteland. | Half of Shieldstan's Nuke Detectors get stolen by the NBE.

Nurvania wrote:I lost a round in HOI4 about an hour or so ago.

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Postby Super-Llamaland » Mon Jun 12, 2023 8:02 am


Jacinta MacRaun has two cycles to take the Tigers to the WBC Championship series. The LBA has warned of dire consequences should this not happen. Faced with what is basically an impossible task, MacRaun has stuck to her guns, demanding full control over roster construction as a condition for taking over for Buck Fuchs...and using that to pick kind of a weird, arbitrary set of players. Will it work? Strangers things have in the past, I guess.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes, within reason (justify any discrepancies from the below lineups if possible)
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: TG for approval
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I determine the severity
Godmod injuries to my players: TG for approval
Eject my players: TG for approval (Llamaneans really don’t get ejected often)
Godmod other events: TG for approval
Use DH at home: No

Fast Facts:
NICKNAMES: The Tigers (official), The Cubs (unofficial)
MANAGER: Jacinta MacRaun
Formerly of the Weegham Rainmakers and the Xingcheng Renaissance, which she led to two Esportivan championships.
Home Field: Tyler Rocke Memorial, New Llama City. Home to the LPB's New Llama Wizards.

Credit: No Nonsense Sportswear, Filindostan

Most Likely To...
Hit a home run: Trevor Mikkelson-Yao, Von Gunther, Jeff Huang
Hit a double: Jeff Huang, Jasmine Xu, Trevor Mikkelson-Yao
Get a clutch hit: Trevor Mikkelson-Yao, Jasmine Xu, Jeff Huang
Strike out: Cerulean Baines, Trevor Mikkelson-Yao, Jasmine Xu
Draw a walk: Von Gunther, Jeff Huang, Cerulean Baines
Steal a base: Schuyler Duffy, Sylvi Vermark, Miles Villeneuve
Get caught stealing: Trevor Mikkelson-Yao, René Corbin, Schuyler Duffy
Make a great defensive play: René Corbin, Schuyler Duffy, Trevor Mikkelson-Yao
Commit an error: Trevor Mikkelson-Yao (although it’s still incredibly unlikely)
Get Ejected / Start a Fight: literally nobody

Starting Lineup
1. CF Schuyler Duffy (S)
2. 3B Jeff Huang (R)
3. LF Jasmine Xu (S)
4. RF Trevor Mikkelson-Yao (L)
5. 1B Von Gunther (L)
6. 2B Sylvi Vermark (R)
7. C Cerulean Baines (R)
8. Starting Pitcher
9. SS Miles Villeneuve (S)
Against left-handed pitchers, Ava Llorente will replace Von Gunther at first and Lewis Hunter will replace Trevor Mikkelson-Yao in right field.
1. CF Schuyler Duffy (S)
2. 3B Jeff Huang (R)
3. RF Trevor Mikkelson-Yao (L)
4. DH Gabriel Acosta (L)
5. LF Jasmine Xu (S)
6. 1B Von Gunther (L)
7. 2B Sylvi Vermark (R)
8. C Cerulean Baines (R)
9. SS Miles Villeneuve (S)
Against left-handed pitchers, Ava Llorente will replace Gabriel Acosta at first, Lewis Hunter will replace Trevor Mikkelson-Yao in right field, and Hansel Eriksen will DH.

Cerulean BAINES, #00, 24, R/R - Denison Dynamo
As a catcher, Baines is somewhat polarizing - critics note that she has one of the less accurate throwing arms in the league, despite its clear power, while fans point to the natural ability and that she's statistically one of the best framing talents in the LPB. As a hitter, things are more straightforward - she has good power, strikes out a bit too much, but manages enough walks and dingers to make up for it.
Von GUNTHER, #19, 22, 1B, L/L - Emerald City Greens
A young slugger best known for his power and plate discipline, Gunther has also dramatically improved as a baserunner since entering the LPB, stealing fourteen bases last season - he seems to be developing into far more than just another three true outcome guy.
Sylvi VERMARK, #16, 25, 2B/SS, R/R - Peninsulara Kingfishers
A promising young player who the Kingfishers apparently liked enough to mortgage their entire future for, Vermark is an effective contact-hitter with enough plate discipline and power to get by, as well as an underrated defender and base-stealer.
Miles VILLENEUVE, #38, 32, SS/2B, S/R - Felswyr Fire (Chromatika)
An incredibly effective contact-hitter with enough plate discipline and power to get by, as well as a flashy - if not particularly effective - defender. Formerly the Next Big Thing but never quite lived up to the lofty expectations - there's a lot of unused talent within Villeneuve despite his productive LPB career that MacRaun will hope to tap.
Jeff HUANG, #11, 26, 3B/1B, R/R - Xingcheng Renaissance
Huang has shown almost five-tool talent while locking down the hot corner in Xingcheng. He hit .290 with 20 home runs and tremendous defense in his rookie year, then far surpassed those hitting statistics in a breakout sophomore season that led Xingcheng to the championship.

Hansel ERIKSEN, #47, 28, C, S/R - Elephant Valley United (South Newlandia)
Won South Newlandia's Rookie of the Year award after being taken first overall, immediately winning the fans over with his cannon arm and sweet stroke. Pitchers and prospective base-stealers should both take caution before testing him, as he's blossomed into a two-way star in the LPB - although some issues with passed balls have recently begun to flare up.
Gabriel ACOSTA, #10, 37, 1B/RF/DH, L/L - Emerald City Greens
One of the few traditional sluggers on the team before he was joined by the likes of Gunther and Baines. And while he also struggles with plate discipline, he distinguished himself from other Llamaneans by his defensive prowess and versatility, even in his advancing age.
Rachel ESTRADA, #34, 33, UTIL, S/R - Vargas City Lions
A jack-of-all-trades utilityman who, while not the strongest hitter who could’ve filled up the bench, is definitely the most versatile, one of the best defenders, and the best teammate.
René CORBIN, #18, 30, SS, R/R - New Llama Cyclones
A flashy defender (although the underlying productivity numbers don't live up to the hype) who likes to swing for the fences and steal bases. Demoted to the bench under MacRaun for somewhat unclear reasons.
Ava LLORENTE, #33, 25, 3B/1B, R/R - Emerald City Greens
An old-school slugger who’s increasingly evolved into a new-age three-true-outcomes hitter. She’s also surprisingly solid at the hot corner despite her bulky frame.

Jasmine XU, #1, 22, LF, S/R - Emerald City Greens
The first overall pick last season, Xu turned in a brilliant rookie campaign, showing genuine five-tool ability on the field despite her young age. While her game power hasn't consistently caught up to the BP videos that got her picked first, she's devastatingly fast, has strong defensive instincts, and has a solid, mature approach to hitting that helped take Emerald City back to the postseason a season after finishing with the league's worst record.
Schuyler DUFFY, #50, 31, CF, S/R - Emerald City Greens
Duffy excels on the defensive side of center-field, but they've also come into their own as a batter after their controversial trade from Xingcheng to Emerald City (this despite MacRaun trading down from the first pick to take Duffy originally, a bizarre decision she attributed to the outfielder's "main character energy"). Their ability to hit for contact and leg out infield hits has been supplanted by growing strength and plate discipline, resulting in a more well-rounded Duffy at center-field.
Trevor MIKKELSON-YAO, #27, 34, RF, L/L - Vargas City Lions
An elite five-tool talent who has blossomed into a generational outfielder. In his second LBL season with Vargas City, Mikkelson-Yao became the youngest player to join the 30-30 club (thirty home runs and thirty stolen bases) in the past twenty years. He’s a bit of a free swinger, and his decision-making in right-field betrays his cannon arm and range sometimes, but the athleticism and talent are clearly there on both sides of the ball, even if he's never quite taken the next step of maturing his game.

Lewis HUNTER, #9, 26, LF/RF, R/R - Ratzupalfu Rhinos (South Newlandia)
Hunter is more of an all-around force best known for his combination of speed and power. He's historically struggled to make contact and maintain plate discipline, but made huge progress in both en route to a breakout LPB4 campaign with the Rhinos.
Ella CARLSON, #52, 28, CF/OF, R/R - Lanar Rangers (Chromatika)
A speedy defensive ace, Carlson could see significant time as a pinch-runner or late defensive substitution due to her ability to play all three outfield positions (although she mainly plays center-field at the club level). Not the worst hitter, either.

Starting Pitchers
Solveig JØRGENSEN, #28, 31, R - Xingcheng Renaissance
MacRaun's flamethrowing ace from her time with Xingcheng, Jørgensen loves to mix high fastballs that top out in the high nineties with sharp, late-breaking shuutos down in the zone. Also mixes in a comically slow, looping 12-6 curveball to great effect. Has absolutely broken out as a star for club and country in recent years.
Carter WILKINSON, #41, 30, R - Sophie City Monarchs (South Newlandia)
A fireballing starting pitcher who has really matured in approach and pitch mix in the last few seasons, especially after his trade from Apple Valley to the surprising Sophie City Monarchs. Wilkinson likes to mix his high heat with a sharp, high-eighties slider with a lot of left-to-right motion, as well as a circle changeup that clocks in the mid-eighties and features a tight downwards break. Wilkinson is a ferocious competitor on the mound who hates losing, and as a consequence can tend to lose his recently developed sophistication and just huck fastballs if feeling under pressure - something that the coaching staff and his catchers will need to keep an eye on.
Maddie BENITEZ, #12, 25, R - Peninsulara Kingfishers
Benitez doesn’t have great velocity, but her control and command are absolutely second to none - maybe even surpassing that of other famous control artists like Savanna Wladecki. Her first two seasons with the Kingfishers were marked by abysmal run support, but also by some absolute artistry on the mound from the young righty. In terms of repertoire, she has a two-seam fastball, slider, curveball, and newly-developed circle changeup that she mixes to expert effect - and there may be more on the way.
August TAI, #45, 19, R - Denison Dynamo
Despite the fact that he's just been drafted, MacRaun apparently sees something in the young Denison pitcher - enough for a risky callup. Tai boasts a solid fastball/slider/curveball mix (although he at times struggles to locate the breaking pitches, focusing on movement over command), but what he's really known for is his expert game management, something that was on full display as a high school baseball champion.
Megan SIGURDSSON, #36, 25, L - Lanar Rangers (Chromatika)
An underrated young starter who plies her trade in Chromatika, Sigurdsson has become a fan favorite in Lanar for her big, looping curveball, a complementary sinker/changeup mix, and her signature pickoff move.

Note: these are their recommended roles, but most of these are elite Llamanean relievers and can fill other roles pretty well. In the Llamanean baseball leagues, roles tend to be flexible, especially under MacRaun's management. These are all OOC role descriptions; ICly, there is no distinction between relievers. Specialty pitches are marked with one asterisk (or two asterisks for emphasis). Relief is a definite weakness of this team, with many strong relievers retiring now or soon, and without much talent coming up through the pipeline.

Long Reliever: Simon CHU, #84, 33, R - Amandine Wanderers (Ko-oren) - fastball, slider, curveball
Long Reliever: Isabella HART, #55, 29, R - Alnio Redhawks (Chromatika) - fastball*, shuuto, changeup*
Left-Handed Specialist: Lucien RAMIREZ, #57, 24, L, Sophie City Monarchs (South Newlandia) - fastball*, slider, changeup
Middle Reliever: Nate PETERSON, #40, 26, R, Xingcheng Renaissance - fastball**, curveball
Middle Reliever: Andrew GILSON III, #94, 21, R, St. Riecarn Saints (South Newlandia) - fastball*, slider*
Middle Reliever: Connor REEFE, #56, 33, L, Elephant Valley United (South Newlandia) - fastball, cutter*, changeup
Setup Reliever: Bri PACHECO, #48, 32, R, Eyrods Pilots (Chromatika) - fastball*, cutter, changeup
Setup Reliever: Anastasia ZHU, #59, 31, L, Shantarr Scorpions (Chromatika) - fastball*, slider*
Setup Reliever: Gerrard McNEIL, #69, 27, R - Denison Dynamo - fastball, cutter*, changeup
Closer: Evangeline LU, #55, 36, R - Vargas City Lions - fastball*, curveball*, changeup**

Coaching Staff
Manager: Jacinta MacRaun
Bench Coach: Jackson Feliz (Manager, New Llama Cyclones)
Pitching Coach: Akena Lwanga (ex-Pitching Coach, WBBL)
Hitting Coach: Anthony Smith-Miller (ex-Hitting Coach, South Newlandia NT)
First-Base Coach: Melanie Xia (Third-Base Coach, Xingcheng Renaissance)
Third-Base Coach: Marcos Pereyra (First-Base Coach, South Falls Athletic)
Bullpen Coach: Nick Jensen (Pitching Coach, Kyrinson Cosmos)
Trainer: Jordan Amelio (Trainer, Xingcheng Renaissance)
Video Coordinator: Nora Jun (Video Coordinator, Xingcheng Renaissance)

Five-Time WBC Champions (28, 30, 31, 40, 42)
Three-Time WBC Runners-Up (29, 37, 41)
WBC Co-Host (30)

ALL-TIME WBC RECORD: 534 - 242 (68.8 Winning %)

WBC 23: 6-4, Third in Group Stage
WBC 24: 5-5, Fourth in Group Stage
WBC 25: 5-5, Third in Group Stage
WBC 26: 6-6, L 2-0 to Equestrian States in Ro24
WBC 27: 6-4, L 2-0 to Kriegersen in Ro16

WBC 28: 15-8, W 3-1 over The Royal Barangay in Finals
WBC 29: 14-9, L 3-2 to The Royal Barangay in Finals
WBC 30: 15-3, W 3-1 over Jeckland in Finals
WBC 31: 39-0, W 3-0 over Jeckland in Finals

WBC 32: 5-5, Third in Group Stage

WBC 34: 26-16, L 3-2 to Cosumar in Semifinals
WBC 35: 12-5, L 2-0 to The Great Pond in Ro16
WBC 36: 29-9, L 3-2 to Nova Anglicana in Quarterfinals
WBC 37: 31-17, L 4-2 to Schiltzberg in Finals
WBC 38: 23-6, L 2-1 to Ethane in Quarterfinals
WBC 39: 24-13, L 3-1 to West Phoenicia in Quarterfinals

WBC 40: 36-12, W 4-2 over Schiltzberg in Finals
WBC 41: 37-11, L 4-3 to Newmanistan in Finals
WBC 42: 35-13, W 4-1 over Darmen in Finals
WBC 43: 26-9, L 3-2 to Free Republics in Quarterfinals

WBC 49: 20-14, L 3-1 to Banija in Ro16
WBC 50: 20-15, L 3-2 to South Newlandia in Ro32
WBC 51: 25-16, L 3-0 to South Newlandia in QF
WBC 52: 22-13, L 3-2 to Delaclava in Ro32
WBC 53: 19-15, L 3-1 to Milchama in Ro32
WBC 54: 12-6, L 3-1 to Zwangzug in Ro16
WBC 55: 17-7, L 3-1 to Ranoria in Ro16
WBC 56: 26-9, L 3-2 to Cassadaigua in Ro16

#2 - 2B Max Danks (WBC23-WBC29)
#3 - C Michael Trabajen (WBC30-WBC32)
#4 - 2B Hector Rinaldi (WBC37-WBC43)
#5 - CF Megan Peterson (WBC28-WBC32)
#6 - SS Summer Huang (WBC49-WBC56)
#7 - 3B Alex Cameron (WBC23-WBC28)
#8 - C Sofia Rasmussen (WBC36-WBC43)
#13 - SP Justin Zheng (WBC36-WBC43)
#14 - SP Brittany Hendrickson (WBC28-WBC32)
#15 - SS Darren Bradley (WBC23-WBC28)
#17 - SP Axel Florentssen (WBC38-WBC41)
#21 - SP Genevieve Strauss (WBC43, WBC49-51)
#22 - SP Josva Reynolds (WBC31-32, WBC34)
#23 - SP AJ Rondout (WBC29-WBC32)
#24 - SS Markus Wright (WBC38-WBC43)
#26 - OF Tanya Ericsson (WBC34-WBC40)
#30 - RF Jake Earnest (WBC28-WBC32)
#32 - RF Lucien Russo (WBC37-WBC43)
#35 - RF Owen Duffy (WBC34-WBC37)
#43 - SP Evan Masorka (WBC23-WBC29)
#44 - RP Nick Bowden (WBC23-WBC28)
#49 - SP Natalie Wu (WBC40-WBC43), SP-RP Drew Gilson (WBC28-WBC32)
#51 - RP Jason Van Dijk (WBC38-WBC43)

Thomas Yaft (WBC23-WBC25) - 16-14 (53.3%)
Joe McKenzie (WBC26-WBC28) - 27-18 (60.0%)
Chris Evans (WBC29-WBC32) - 73-17 (81.1%)
Alex Cameron (WBC34-WBC37) - 98-47 (67.6%)
Colin Nittledeen (WBC37-WBC39) - 78-36 (68.4%)
Laurent Mårtensson (WBC40-WBC43) - 134-45 (74.9%)
Sofia Rasmussen (WBC49) - 20-14 (58.8%)
Winston Yi (WBC50) - 20-15 (57.1%)
Isaac Oladipo (WBC51-53) - 66-44 (60%)
Buck Fuchs (WBC54-56) - 55-22 (71%)
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Postby Atheara » Mon Jun 12, 2023 5:50 pm


The official roster for Atheara in the 57th edition of the WBC.

Atheara were back to hitting and running for the time being. The 56th edition of the competition saw many surprises, including The Nightwatchers rolling into the knockout rounds for the first time! However, they quickloy lost out to Ko-oren, who were the better side throughout the series. However, the team this time is returning to the World Baseball Classic fired up more than anything. So let's hope that the team can bring us far this cycle around!

Name Age Role
Krendhill Blenov 56 Manager
Donitsk Valetio - Sculertz 37 Batting Coach
Nikolai Wiscon Hunnervad 31 Pitching Coach
Urtzen Kholagello 35 1st Base Coach
Denis Roader 34 3rd Base Coach
Hart Van Trenesse 30 Bench Coach
Dorothy Snezdeier - Lochas 38 Bullpen Coach

No. Name Age H Role
7 Mitchell Pykingson 25 L 2B
20 Richard Chalten Meyers 23 R CF
16 Bhoever Van Ristegal 26 L 1B
30 Alexander Rimestone 27 L C
1 Joether Hamerov 32 R SS
22 Steven Pouchier - Nateri 21 R RF
10 Wilters Van Oderonich 31 R 3B
4 Yelvor Greditz-Walters 32 L LF

No. Name Age H
9 Kevin Coliarey 27 L
25 Stefano Likorazic 23 R
11 Ekaero Diano Stuparetz 25 R
3 Marcus Draider 31 L
21 Rayjer Van Ostellein 30 L

No. Name Age -HP
15 Nither Gallandro - Faletsavic 25 LHP
12 Hakyr Salvejo Misentrad 24 LHP
28 Alpin Van Dosseschetz 30 LHP
23 Nikita Kazuhari 31 RHP
17 Peter Aulschien 25 RHP
8 Daniel Coleway - Brandfill 21 RHP

No. Name Age H Role
5 Hakurai Tosa 26 R DH
19 Maximiliano Fontiarri 29 L C
26 Phalten Van Crazavetski 25 R C
13 Charles Louvest - Crogning 30 L RF
29 Zachary Villa - Pearlton 23 L LF
6 Rouldan Van De Ilker 21 R 1B
18 Nico Alderbridge 24 R 2B
27 Grayden Kelton Forretch 29 L 2B
24 Trevan Detsorrov 28 R 3B
14 Tsubazoya Ranitz 25 R SS

Manager Krendhill Blenov has decided to not pick up any other players and continues to trust the team. While there are multiple players starting to reach into their thirties, their talent alone for the time being is enough for them to stay on the team. Blenov has many choices domestically should changes have to be made in future cycles, but for now he's certain with his selection and due to his belief that the team has improved over the time being. Atheara surely hopes that he has the right thought process, considering the group stage has always been tricky for the team. Time will tell if his decision was right.

Home Stadium


Coldstone Park was originally built as a purposed football stadium, but halfway throughout the progress of the stadium's construction it was decided that the stadium would be transformed into a baseball stadium. The name "Coldstone" is a referrence to the fact that the stadium is located in the Coldstone district of Mugendar. It was used by The Nightwatchers during previous editions of the World Baseball Classic. The stadium continues to gain attraction because it is the home of the Mugendar Blades when they play friendlies against other teams domestically or during the Athearan Baseball National where fans often buy tickets to see teams play, a lot. It will continue it's purpose as the home park for the Athearan National team.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes.
Choose my lineup: Yes.
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but only two players per game, state length of injury and nothing too ridiculous.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but only one player per game, state length of injury and nothing extremely ridiculous.
Eject my players: Yes, but only one player per game.
Godmod other events: Yes, but nothing extremely ridiculous.
Use DH at home: Yes.
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Postby Cassadaigua » Mon Jun 12, 2023 7:09 pm

Team Cassadaigua
Official Roster for World Baseball Classic 57

Home Stadium for WBC 57:
Dagan Airways Stadium, Concord Heights

Capacity: 70,000

RP Permissions:
DH: No
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: It is posted here.
Follow my Pitching Rotation: It is posted here.
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes only if you make it exciting!
Godmod other events: Yes as long as no one dies or is seriously hurt.

Manager- Allyson McIntosh (53, North Granby Bobcats) (3rd World Baseball Classic)

Maddie Polanco did such great things for Cassadagan Baseball between World Baseball Classic 41 and 52, but with the way things have gone for us since then, maybe she was ten times better than we ever imagined. Maddie Polanco retired after WBC 52, and the reins of the team were handed to Taylor Bryant for #53. This seemed to be a good choice, since her beginning was similar to Polanco’s, as a long time player. Taylor had many big hits for the team, and seemed destined for great things as the manager. That never materialized, and after a disastrous tournament, Taylor was let go after just one Classic.

Enter Meghan Conrad for WBC 54. The long time manager of the Grande Mountain Huskies seemed like the best decision, but that would also prove to not be the case. Now, it seems like Cassadaigua has to do damage control, falling in the ranks to a number that seems completely incomprehensible. Enter McIntosh, who rebuilt the North Granby program into becoming a top flight program within the league. The Cassadagan Association for Baseball, these days, does not expect to be what they were under Polanco and realizes they are rebuilding. This hire suggested that regardless of the result of WBC 55, that Allyson will get a few chances to get the team back to where it is expected to be. She only needed one. After an amazing road trip in Drawkland, the Fillies advanced all the way to the semifinals, and finished third place. WBC 56 also went well, so Allyson will certainly be back.

Assistant Manager/Bench Coach- Taylor Bryant (53) (Cassadaigua Mgr in WBC 53, North Cassadaigua Mgr In WBC 55)

Taylor Bryant, who had an illustrious career with the Cassadagan baseball team, highlighted by one WBC Championship, and other finals appearances, and semifinal appearances returns. She was given a chance to manage the national team in WBC 53, but things went very poorly and was not retained. Her experience was valuable for the North Cassadaigua when she managed them all the way to the playoffs in WBC 55. Rejoined the Cassadagan team as McIntosh's assistant in WBC 56.

Starting Rotation (Stats in the last Cassadagan season included)
SP- #28- Lacey Maxwell (27, RHP, Stockton Heights Vikings) (17-8, 2.19 ERA, 270 K’s)
SP- #20- Stella Freeman (30, RHP, Rutland Engineers) (19-6, 2.22 ERA, 251 K’s)
SP- #29- Breanne LaViolette (33, LHP, Starksville Brown Birds) (23-3, 2.51 ERA, 228 K’s)
SP- #21- Natalia Gomez (29, LHP, Concord Heights Royals) (21-7, 2.59 ERA, 267 K’s)
SP- #46- Sarah Curtis (23, RHP, Brattleboro Brats) (19-5, 2.55 ERA, 241 K's) (WBC Debut)

RP- #32- Tessa McElvain (28, RHP, New Lakeland Tycoons) (Anytime Relief, potential 6th starter)
RP- #43- Todd Pearson (28, LHP, Newport Owls in LBP) (Anytime Relief)
RP- #33- Kristen Duncan (24, RHP, Starksville Brown Birds)- Long Relief (WBC Debut)
RP- #34- Emily Cordero (23, LHP, Concord Heights Royals)- Long Relief (WBC Debut)
RP- #36- Riley Burkhalter (29, RHP, Victoriaville Venom)- Short relief (7th inning target if righty needed)
RP- #55- Gabrielle Jordan (29, LHP, Carthage Tornadoes)- Short relief (7th inning target if lefty needed)
RP- #40- Makenzie Williams (22, RHP, Sheffield Pitbulls)- Set Up Relief (8th inning target) (WBC Debut)
CP- #42- Kayla Sandlin (28, LHP, Sophie City Monarchs in LPB)- Closer

Here is our lineup with the players stats from the most recently completed season in Cassadaigua. All players are switch hitters. This is something that is trained to kids when they are young, so those who have performed at a very high level in their careers are going to the ones who excelled under that training.

1) #1- Tabitha Serrano- CF (26, Winchester Gamblers) (.328, 5 HR, 69 RBI, 74 SB)
2) #11- Cailey Huff- RF (25, Victoriaville Venom) (.319, 14 HR, 81 RBI, 23 SB) (First time in starting lineup)
3) #5- Kristen Martorella- 3B (29, North Granby Bobcats) (.338, 43 HR, 139 RBI, 7 SB)
4) #7- Carly Hodges- LF (26, Starksville Brown Birds) (.312, 40 HR, 140 RBI, 28 SB)
5) #17- Makenna Anglin- 1B (28, Chromia Comets of the LBP) (stats pending LBP scorinations)
6) #14- Baylee Crighton- SS (25, Columbia Attack Geese) (.330, 16 HR, 103 RBI, 16 SB)
7) #13- Isabelle Tejeda- 2B (27, Fairfax Fire) (.308, 21 HR, 89 RBI, 37 SB) (First time in starting lineup)
8) #25- Morgan Brennan- C (30, Concord Heights Royals) (.285, 20 HR, 95 RBI, 0 SB)
9) Pitcher

#24- Lilly Stanfield- C (30, Grande Mountain Huskies)
#12- Susannah Prosecki- 1B/3B (29, Winchester Gamblers)
#9- Ellie Cartwright- 2B/SS (22, Longwood Lionesses) (WBC Debut)
#6- Desiree Arquette- OF (30, Rutland Engineers) DH When Used, will still bat 9th
#4- Emma Matthews- OF (30, Brattleboro Brats) (Started in WBC 55 & 56)
#2- Katrina Simon- Utility (25, Northbury Red Foxes)
#26- Kellie Needham- Utility (27, Brattleboro Brats) (R/R)- Native North Cassadagan. Would mostly be an OF here too, but she can play middle infield spots decently enough. As she is not a natural Cassadagan, she is not a switch hitter.
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Postby Barnettsville » Tue Jun 13, 2023 11:30 am

They may be your Supergirl

CASSADAIGUA - The groups were announced yesterday for the newest edition of the World Baseball Classic, set to open tomorrow. The Blue Jays will open up facing an old nemesis: the Milchama Warriors. After hearing the group lineups, manager Brianna Bruce - in her typical fashion - went both bold, and bulletin board material:

"We will win this group by at least five games. The Warriors and Zebras are battling for second. The rest? Sucks to be them."

Bold words for a group that has never competed on this big of a stage before. Some of the ladies have been the BCAA championships in softball, but a worldwide baseball competition? We shall see.

Group E:
Kharakia (UR)
The Emeraldreach (UR)
Barnettsville (23)
Milchama (10)
Zwangzug (3)
Atheara (28)

The matchups and pitching rotations: (subject to change)
Series 1 (June 16): @ Milchama		Tammy Burke	Jane Todd	Maggie English
Series 2 (June 18): Zwangzug Aubrey Carroll Burke Todd
Series 3 (June 20): @ Kharakia English Carroll Burke
Series 4 (June 22): The Emeraldreach Todd English Carroll
Series 5 (June 24): @ Atheara Burke Todd English
Series 6 (June 26): Milchama Carroll Burke Todd
Series 7 (June 28): @ Zwangzug English Carroll Burke
Series 8 (June 30): Kharakia Todd English Carroll
Series 9 (July 2): @ The Emeraldreach Burke Todd English
Series 10 (July 4): Atheara Carroll Burke Todd

To her credit, Miss Burke is showing no signs of nervousness on facing the 10th and 3rd ranked teams in her first two starts: "Our job is to represent Barnettsville as best we can, and win games. If we do our jobs, what Coach says doesn't matter. She said it the first day that she's a bitch. That's not a lie. But when you win five, six, does give a little bit of swagger to say it. As a famous player once said, it's not bragging if you can back it up."

Brianna's prediction was winning the group by five, and - we assume - giving the nation its second-ever championship. Our prediction: 20-10, a wild card and a round of sixteen exit. That's not to downgrade the squad: it's a reflection of their inexperience.
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Postby Nova Anglicana » Tue Jun 13, 2023 11:33 am

Nova Anglicana Player Pool: WBC 57

Starting Rotation (order as given, #1 trio against Drawkland, South Americanastan, Drawkland #2, #2 trio against Oscioru, Ethane #2, South Americanastan #2, #3 trio against Ethane, Torisakia, Oscioru #2, Torisakia #2)
LHP #19 Nate Barrett, 30 - 6'4 lefty has a windup that features a high leg kick and almost turning his back to the batter before unleashing the ball almost sidearm, only 93-95, but biting slider has movement and drop to it, throws a good change and can pull out a screwball on occasion, has a big uppercut swing that can connect for homers if he's lucky
RHP #36 Félix Clermont, 29 - never skips leg day, so he drives off the mound into a 94-96 MPH fastball, lots of stamina, good big curveball, change has a good amount of break too
RHP #44 Sean Caldwell, 28 - 2-seamer at 94-95 and changeup at 85-86 both have great lateral break, similar release angle makes it harder for hitters to judge, throws curve and slider as well, all from low three-quarters release

LHP #20 Ryan Montgomery, 26 - has an innings-eating frame and unflappable ability to pitch through traffic, fastball only 91-93, but varies it with curve, change, and slider
RHP #56 Tommy Logan, 33 - has a hard cut fastball, a sensational slurve, an average changeup and splitter
RHP #32 Sebastian "Sly" Miller, 25 - 4 seam fastball has rise, 2 seam has sink and run, cutter has cut, throws a sweeper for horizontal break, a curve for vertical break, and a split-change for a drop in velocity

LHP #22 Park Sung-Jae (SJ), 23 - leads with the slider against lefties, cutter against righties, mixes in curve and change as necessary, when he's in the zone, unhittable, but he has a tough time stopping innings from getting out of hand
RHP #59 Christophe Grenon, 22 - throws curve, slider, forkball, changeup, cutter, sweeper, but they all play off of his 94-96 fastball, when he locates it, he's incredible, but if he can't find the zone, hitters spit on his off-speed stuff
LHP #28 Sam Worrell, 21 - 98 MPH heat comin' at ya, kind of a "hit this!" mentality, if he can throw the slider for strikes, batters are helpless against the combo, needs a better change

LHP #57 Brent Lee, 32 - can handle the blowups, 6'7 and lean, four average pitches, fastball, curve, change, slider
LHP #48 Darren Sharp, 30, - only 5'9, but uses thick lower body and big leg lift to generate 97-100 on the fastball, throws the gas 70% of the time, but can pull out slider, curve, or change
LHP #46 Steven Gray, 32 - lefty submariner will work exclusively against lefties, will use a slider as primary pitch, but will work mid-80s fastball in on hands as well
LHP #54 Scott Hunter, 25 - fastball, curveball, changeup, works well against lefties or righties, a solid steadying presence
LHP #49 Aiden Fréchette, 20 - gets a lot of ride/carry on 93-94 fastball, can miss arm side, tight, sharp slider, working on change and curve, will work in multi-inning capacity
RHP #38 Jake Cunningham, 24 - has five pitches all around major-league average or better (fastball, cutter, changeup, 12-6 curve, sweeper), will work in fireman/long relief/bulk guy stints, in training for a big-league spot
RHP #33 Leo Matthews, 21 - throws 80+% fastballs, and who can blame him, his average fastball is clocked at 99.6, with a high of 103.2, almost has a sidearm release, and 6'5 frame means ball gets on you in a hurry, poor control, still working on a slider (90) and a change (84)
RHP #38 Louis Langevin, 22 - operates with 97-99 at the top of the zone, has a nasty spike curve in the low to mid-80s, slutter (slider/cutter hybrid) at 90-91 is a work in progress
RHP #16 Christian Williamson, 24 - fastball 93-95, big sweeper, decent change, but he sets up on the extreme first-base side of the rubber and hides the ball well, so it looks like it will hit right-handed batters out of his hand, plenty of flinching from strikes when he pitches against righties
RHP #11 Adrien Turcotte, 25 - has a dynamite bender he throws more than 50% of the time, low-90s fastball, decent change
RHP #43 Nick Pierce, 24 - done a lot of work to get fastball to 95-96, three secondaries he mixes well (slider, splitter, curve)
RHP #30 Adrien Dumas, 27 - has been clocked at 102, 97 more average, vertical break on pitch makes it look like it's "rising", thrives at the top of the zone, sensational knuckle curve changes hitter's eye level, working on a slider
RHP #23 Brandon Norris, 29 - primary pitch is a bowling-ball sinker at 96-98, pairs this with a high-80s changeup and average slider of same velocity, has a little nickel curve for emergencies/surprises

Bullpen trust rating (always on roster in bold): Sharp, Norris, Dumas, Cunningham, Lee,, Pierce, Hunter, Turcotte, Gray (lefties almost only), Williamson, Langevin, Matthews, Fréchette

C #60 Peter Abbott, 26, (R/R) - great defense (framing/arm/blocking), excellent eye at the plate, power has come in this year
C #18 Joey Carlson, 30, (R/R) - big guy has real power, but real swing-and-miss, not much mobility behind the plate or on the basepaths, but framing and arm are solid
C #51 Jason McCormick, 24, (L/R) - batting average-first guy, good blocking skills, framing is above-average, arm is average, once jumped into the netting behind home plate to catch a foul pop-up
C #42 Hubert Denault, 31, (L/R) - strong power, HBP magnet, will whiff and walk, defense is average at best except for strong arm

1B #21 Sean Wilson, 27, (S/R) - looks too thick to be an athletic defender, but underestimate him at your peril at third or first, hits for plenty of power, still working on average
3B #26 Shane Frazier, 27, (L/R) - converted SS very fluid at 3B, great arm, .270 hitter with room to grow, already strong opposite-field power, if he can tap into pull-side power, he'll hit 40 homers
SS #11 Xavier Pineault, 25, (S/R) - quick release and strong arm, seemingly impossible range highlight young shortstop's résumé, but he recently hit 20 homers and is learning how to take a walk too, better from the right side, but don't sleep on his left-handed swing or he'll make you pay on mistake pitches
2B #6 Patrick "Buddy" Bohannon, 28, (L/R) - there's a popular highlight video of his that shows him spraying line drives all over the field against all sorts of pitches at all sorts of locations, all with the same short, quick swing, also known for acrobatic defensive plays, very difficult to strike out, will bunt for a hit or adjust his swing to beat the defense, arm and power only fair
CI #50 Jonah Quinlan, 25, (R/R) - can play 3B/1B/C/LF, in that order, lots of power, definite patience, strikeout prone, come a long way from his "bad body" days, nickname is "The Panther"
MI #27 Ben Poole, 30, (R/R) - fought his way through injury to be a success story, can play short, second, or left if necessary, defensively solid if unspectacular, consistent performer with the bat
IF #43 Guillaume Barbeau, 21, (L/R) - actually hasn't made his big-league debut yet, but will certainly this season, wheels, arm, and power are all very real, defense at MI leaves something to be desired, might see some time at 3B, needs more walks

OF #25 Gary McKinney, 32, (S/R) - standout tool is batting average and control, very difficult to strike out and can hit it anywhere, good foot speed and can play any outfield position, arm average, has gotten better on walks, power still below average
OF #24 Mathieu Tremblay, 27, (S/R) - defensive natural, stolen-base maven, low strikeout rate, average arm, patience average, power average
OF #29 Michael O'Connor, 28, (R/R) - speed, power, and arm are some of the best anyone's seen in a long time, hit tool and eye at the plate will get better with time, tremendous competitor
OF #35 Andy Hudson, 26, (L/L) - don't play him in center, but his arm is good enough for left or right, came to notice of everyone after hitting a 502-foot homer, decent eye, but can definitely has holes in his swing
UTIL #40 Alex Burke, 24, (S/R) - young guy has real defensive ability across the spectrum, best in the outfield, but can play anywhere competently except catcher and first base (he's willing to learn), bat still coming along, but good speed and eye
OF #41 Mickey Hearn, 28, (R/R) - has become more coachable, still an independent guy, hard-nosed, runs incredibly fast and hard, exit velocities strong, can play right or left
OF #37 Théophile Berthiaume, 25, (L/L) - lightning-quick swing, hits absolute bolts, not so much raw power as bat speed, strong on the basepaths and in the outfield

Charlie Snyder #55 (Manager)

Porter Rollins #1 (Hitting Coach)

Daniel Egan #47 (Pitching Coach)

Dirk Kendall #9 (1st Base Coach)

Rod Gillette #8 (3rd Base Coach)

Rich Carlisle #15 (Bench Coach)

Bobby McCann #52 (Bullpen Coach)

This is a 40-man pool, so select 28 players to feature (generally 14/15 pitchers/hitters) for each series. Pay attention to bullpen and starter notes. The lower you go in the position player group, the more likely it is they'll play against an unranked or low-ranked team and vice versa.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but not serious ones. Back stiffness, jammed fingers, bruises, etc. Nothing that would keep them out of the lineup for more than 1 game. Reciprocity is expected.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No, but manager is fair game
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
Style Modifier: +1.5
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WBC 39/44/50, WCoH 46, RUWC 31, Cup of Harmony 65, IBS III/VIII, AVBF 7s II

3rd Place
WBC 28/32/36, RUWC XXIX, Cup of Harmony 64, IBS V, WJHC V/VIII/XVI/XVII, Beltane Cup II, Londinium 7s II, R7WC VI (eliminated in semis, no 3PPO)

4th Place
WBC 29/38/49, IBS VII, RUWC XXI/XXVI, WJHC IV, Londinium 7s I, WCoH 28, RAHI II

WBC 27/30/31/37/41/43/47, IBS VI, IBC 15/31, WJHC VI/IX/XIV, RAHI I, AVBF Rugby Sevens I, RUWC XXIV/XXV

WBC 31/35, Londinium 7s I/II, IBS IX

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Postby Ranoria » Tue Jun 13, 2023 5:49 pm

Image@TypicalKrautsFan Ranoria’s drawn two of the vaunted LPB’s bannermen in her group this cycle, but their opening day will come against Montana Verde. There’ll be no time for their tendency to start slow - if the Krauts take one too many licks early, they might not be able to make up enough ground to secure a playoff bid in this group.


Ninth Inning Rally: With Back-to-Back Semifinal Berths In The Rearview,
Krauts Seek Baseball Immortality In Their Ninth Consecutive Classic Appearance

Julian Breit has long been an RBI machine for the Krauts, and he's gunning to help lead this team to deliver Ranoria's first international title off the gridiron

It's been smooth sailing for Krauts fans the last few times around. They've made the playoffs in three straight campaigns and have posted a winning record in the last four Classics for a solid 58-32 mark in that span. Better yet - they're the only team entering WBC 57 with the distinction of coming off back to back semifinal appearances...although they failed to earn the right to fight for a championship belt on both occasions. The first was against South Newlandia, when they took the then reigning - and soon to be back-to-back - champions to seven games as the last of the Krauts' original core made one final push. Then in the 57th edition, the new crew got their crack at Banija.

After showdowns with the Sherpa Empire highlighted the old guard's tenure, drawing Banija seemed like the start of a new era - a nation that is undoubtedly our greatest rival on any pitch, field, diamond, gridiron, you name it - and a semifinal showdown was the best way possible to get our initial matchup on this stage.

Unfortunately for us, the Krauts became the doormat of champions - they once again fell to the eventual gold medalists, with our own star Jesse Griffith, for all his effort, looking almost pedestrian against the legendary playoff run of Banijan phenom Sadiiq Xoosh.

It’s important not to look past the group stage with teams like Ko-oren and Super Llamaland presenting a pair of very legitimate title contenders to wrestle with in the early going. Ko-oren is running out a legends in Senzo Utada as their ace pitcher and at shortstop - whether it’s the more well rounded Ritsushima or a contact hitter with some pop in Gotou, and they’ve got a stable of talented youth behind a veteran core. The Tigers meanwhile have a manager, Jacinta MacRaun, with a deadline to make the championship series and the talent to do it. Whether it’s a superstar pitcher she’s familiar with in the fireballing Jørgensen, Vargas City’s electric Mikkelson-Yao, or a guy who our beloved Jorge Billing and The Cannon Bohannon will be familiar with in United teammate Hansel Eriksen, the Tigers are a force to be reckoned with - they aren’t going to cede this group without fighting tooth and claw.

That all said - this team is looking to take the final step. If anything, taking on Super Llamaland (for the third straight cycle) and Ko-oren will provide an early indication of whether or not this crew has the capacity to go the distance.

“We welcome the challenge,” Bohannon said with a grin when asked about the stuff group stage competition, “I opted to head to the LPB over the Federation to test myself against the best of the best, and I think most of us at this level would say that as an athlete, those are the matchups we love and breathe for. I can’t wait to get a crack at those lineups.”

They've proven they're among the upper echelon of the sport, and now they want to etch their names in this competition's history. If they're going to do it, just as it does under center on gridiron, it'll be the players on the mound leading the charge. Yahweh "The Cannon" Bohannon and veteran star Jorge Billing return as the top two on the rotation, providing a formidable tandem between the cannon-armed young gun and a more savvy Billing. Both players headlined the best pitching rotation in the South Newlandian League playing for the Elephant Valley United. They'd each contribute a sub 2.5 ERA, and both players earned an all-star nod and received first place votes for the elusive Evan Masorka award. Bohannon will be the top pitcher for the Krauts, though Billing might be the better of the two as the starting pitcher in the All-Star game last season, understandable after his turnstile-esque performances in the last two WBC playoffs. Billing suffered absolute meltdowns in both as well as the most recent South Newlandian Championship series, and this coaching staff has clearly lost faith in him. Despite that, he's proven himself a standout in the most competitive domestic league in the world - these two will spearhead this unit, but the arms behind them aren't exactly noodles.

Parker Majors returns at age 36 for what's likely his farewell season - and then Jacklyn Flowers is the youngest of the bunch. She's produced well for the Nikcoro Suns of the LPB, and looks to make her mark in her second season on the national team now after not getting an opportunity to start in the playoffs of WBC 56. Oh and of course - with Erik Schmidt riding off into the sunset, former closer Brady Behringer - who memorably allowed two runs at the bottom of the ninth in a wild game during our semifinal series against Banija has been bumped up to a starting role. The team figured he was the better option - at 33, he was a longtime fireballer in the Federation of Ranorian Baseball before moving over to the New Llama Wizards as a reliever. However, with no one else to turn to, he was bumped up to a starting role there and acquainted himself well.

With that, Miellan Walker has been slotted into the closer role - he was a bit shaky in the LPB this past season, but he's never wavered for the national team and we don't expect him to now. And with that said, Brady Behringer has moved to a starting role after doing so for the Wizards, Miellan Walker to closer. Jacklyn Flowers is also one to watch on the mound. She played well in WBC 56 but never made her playoff debut, and will be making her debut for the Felswyr Fire next season, moving closer to her family in Mt Niar, where her younger brother Dante plays quarterback in Chromatika’s uber-competitive high school gridiron.

Rylan Rodgers Jr earned 1st-Team All-Conference as a freshman and
was an honorable mention in his second season despite missing time
due to injuries sustained on the gridiron
And of course, what's a baseball team without the bats? Much of this starting lineup remains the same. The Wizards' Vincent Veltrone still slots in as a steady lead off, and EVU golden glove winner John Solomons is only getting better in his youth.

We do have one position battle to watch, with Richardson University Governors midfielder Rylan Rodgers Jr making his national team debut. He's going to have to duke it out with a Krauts staple in fellow speedster in Judas Acker at midfielder - even entertaining the passing, whimsical idea of someone kicking Julian Breit off the field is disrespectful, and RJ Hall is a budding star on the other side. Rylan's accomplished quite a bit in two seasons for the Governors - he's made a name for himself as a running back, but he's earned all-conference honors twice on the diamond despite missing some time in his recent campaign with injuries he accumulated during NSCF 27. He's a certified slugger with incredible power and game-breaking speed, but the WBC isn't a step up from a lackluster Ranorian college baseball scene - it's more like taking the elevator from a first floor reception area to a Ranoria City penthouse. He'll likely see some action, but even with Acker's sub-par bat it'd be tough for him to cement himself as the starter. The one sure-fire change we've seen is in the infield's central nervous system. Clark Weaver will be getting his shot - he finally got to play shortstop for a Dynamos team with a strong cast of infielders, and he'll be taking that job from Justin Derrick, who was inconsistent last cycle filling in for the most accomplished Ranorian to ever do it in Leonardo Harrison.

Not that he's without competition, because two players on this current roster have arguably already established themselves as better than even Leo in his prime - even if their youth dictates that they haven't quite overtaken him in terms of status quite yet. Julian Breit and Jesse Griffith are a 1A-1B super-slugging tandem that drives this teams scoring and momentum - our batting hinges off of their dominance. Breit's accolades are many, he's the reigning MVP of the South Newlandian portion of the league, a perennial all star player, and three-time silver slugger now. He's built, experienced, and a big hitter with the potential to send someone in the crowd a souveneir every time the pitcher unfortunate enough to face him steps up to the plate. And Griffith is no slouch of course - he has dominated both in the Federation of Ranorian Baseball and in Quebec, although word is he's working on signing a contract with Chromatika's Felswyr Fire for next season. He was the spearhead of this team's scoring during the WBC 56 playoffs - undoubtedly the most talented Ranorian to ever play the game - and he was gunning to secure his name as one of the first that comes to mind when people think of the sports' greats.

Unfortunately, Sadiq Xoosh was sitting in the other dugout in the semifinals.

For all Griffith's brilliance, Xoosh was on a completely different level, posting video-game esque RBI and home run totals in the playoffs and completely undoing what had been such an impressive run from our own slugger.

"He's the standard," Griffith said in an interview, staring at his own palm, "Xoosh played at the level that all of us aspire to our entire lives when it mattered most," he clenched that first and looked back up to the reporter, "If I can't match him, then I'll never live up to my own dreams, much less those of everyone who's helped me on my journey."

A lofty goal - and perhaps an impossible benchmark for anyone to aspire to, but Griffith has never been one to aim for anything less than perfection. If anyone on this team can do it, he's the guy.
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Postby Milk Island » Tue Jun 13, 2023 8:38 pm

I just realized i missed this :oops:
Milk News: A community of houses was lit in flames after a leaf-burning ceremony. Mother is not charged with any crimes after dousing her daughter in acid as a punishment.

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Postby Magnus Phoenicia » Wed Jun 14, 2023 8:27 pm


General Information:

Team Name: The Halos

The Confederates (Former)

Governing Body: Magnus Phoenician Baseball Association
Team Colours: Light Purple, Grey and Gold

World Baseball Classic Titles: One
Highest placing in WBC: 1st place (WBC 44)

Home Stadium : Emperor Glenton Gryphon-Bush II Stadium
Capacity: 35,000

Management & Staff:

Manager: Glen Melbourne

Assistant Manager: Isis Harris

Head Coach: Dustin McDaniels
Bench Coach: Valerie North
Hitting Coach: Daniel Sharma
First Base Coach: Jordan Ng
Third Base Coach: Gordon Franklin
Pitching Coach: Maggie Kravchenko

Field Coordinator: Abbas Al Numan
Pitching Coordinator: Tiger Singh
Hitting Coordinator: Melissa Wayne

Equipment Manager: Raymond Singh

Team Physician: Dr Yoon Kwang-Sun
Team Dietitian: Dr Melody Cross
Physical Therapist: Ezekiel Dundas
Physical Therapist: Mandy Christopher
Medical Assistant: Heqet Matthews


Starting Line Up:

1. #2 Hasaga de Silva- 1st Base ( 28, Neo Aztecayan Indus)
2. #33 Jackson Whyte - 3rd Base (33 , Savannah Grove)
3. #19 Antoinette de Umfraville - SS (26, Scarlett Orient Isles)
4. #9 Stephanie Dhaliwal- 2nd Base (30, Aztecayan Indus)
5. #27 Sarah McDonalds- CF (21, Herodian Valley)
6. #41 Glenton Ascott -RF (33, Titania)
7.#30 Timothy Bridgeworth- LF ( 23 , Titania)
8. #12 Daniel Kovačević -Catcher (24, Jacksonia)
9. Pitcher Spot/DH


1. #11 Cedric Pearce- 1st Base (33, Soter)
2 #50 Marilyn Sok- 2nd Base/SS (28, Olympia Hills)
3. #39 James Richards- 3rd Base (38, Upper West Phoenicia)
4. #22 Harpreet Singh- OF (26, Fort Blackfoot)
5. #8 Savannah Anderson-OF (35, Druidia and the Yule Islands)
6. #18 Ajay Bagadiya- Utility (31, Jacksonia)
7. #26 January Mason- OF (19, Bourbon-Versailles)
8. #38 Anton de Umfraville- OF/DH (26, Scarlett Orient Isles)
9. #23 Elaine Nyurapaya- Catcher (30, Neo Australis)
10. #13 James Tesfaye -Utility (26, Lower West Phoenicia)

Pitching Line Up:

1. SP #44 Sun Anh-Dae (24, RHP, Polytheisa Africana )
2. SP #14 Eddie Sharma (31, LHP, Nova Aegyptus
3. SP #47 Guntaj Singh (36, LHP, Agape)
4. SP #37 Lucy Pujol (25, RHP, Gospela Brigham)
5 .SP #20 Dianne Von Sandilands (21, RHP, Jacksonia)


1. RP #5 Duncan Bryce (27, LHP, Texwesternia)
2. RP #31 Kyle Johnson (25, RHP, Debney Bay)
3. RP #3 Rhiannon Chen (19, LHP, Scarlett Orient Isles)
4. RP # 43 Lee Sook-Mi (29, LHP, New Tudor)
5.RP # 44 Jupiter Sanchez (30, RHP, Oceania)
6.CP #29 Brutus Napolitano (26, RHP, Jacksonia)



RP Permissions

Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Up to you
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
*Formerly West Phoenicia.

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Postby Milchama » Wed Jun 14, 2023 9:24 pm

Karakorum Forum-Democracy-Times-Tribune-Sun-Stars-Gods-Men-Tribute-Fightin'-Picayune-Post-Gazette-Chronicle-Eclipsor-Ellipsor-Report-Spin-Connector-Deflector-News-Today-Yesterday-And-Tomorrow

Sports Section

Wait, How does Doing Better Lead to a Rank Decrease?

So the Warriors did it, in World Baseball Classic 56, Milchama advanced to the quarterfinals for the first time in 3 editions. Not only that, but they were pretty unlucky losing in an 11 inning instant classic to hosts Chromatika despite being the 8th seed in the tournament against the literal host nation. So, you know, it was not some bad result. Either way, despite that appearance somehow Milchama lost a spot in the rankings and became the 10th seed instead of the 9th seed. Unclear how that can happen.* Regardless the Warriors come in as a team potentially on the rise with a new manager, some good players, and the ability to love. This all seems like a recipe for success or at least not failure. So, without further ado, here is our roster:

Manager: Gershon Terron - He wanted the job for years while Tai Clioch had it as he managed the Karakorum Camels. Clioch got fired, Terron got the job and now he is in the hot seat. Get ready for the hot seat to become less cool as Terron manages a team that should do pretty well and the question is whether he can turn pretty well into very very good.

Of course since the Warriors ended up doing pretty well and the old guys all got replaced last time and apparently Marius McNeesh is somehow 29 based on South Newlandian calculations then we really shouldn't have to replace anyone. So we didn't, well except one bench player, but that's it.

1. Noah Holny SS RHB
2. Dalen Daniels 2B RHB
3. Marius McNeesh 1B LHB
4. Maia Tennons LF RHB
5. Dionizas Altani RF LHB
6. Batya Jones CF LHB
7. Naomi Kerenton 3B Switch
8. Shosh Hamat C LHB
9. [Pitcher]

SP 1: Eric HaAdomim RH
SP 2: Neta Rothsenns LH
SP 3: Jamie Kierker LH
SP 4: Seymour Kornig RH

RP 1: Jonas Hemekt RH
RP 2: Avi Allens LH
RP 3: Boom Tekblam RH
RP 4: Galit Schachar LH
RP 5: Tenli Food RH
RP 6: Norry Tookan LH
RP 7: Marion Singbladt RH

David Gavry C RHB
Alon Dawn OF LHB
Dani Lamen IF RHB
Aiden "Tungsten Arm" Govach (can also be a pitcher for the obvious reasons)
Tziporah Sephoran PH/OF RHB
Dal Getz IF/OF Switch
Aidan Cormack OF RHB

RP Permissions:
Do whatever except obviously I do not use the DH at home (or on the road).

A note on Milchamian pitchers:
Since cricket got increasingly popular in Milchama over the Isolation there has been a concurrent belief in increasing the ability of pitchers to hit. Therefore, Milchamian pitchers tend to hit like Greg Maddux or like pitchers in the 1920s. Not actually good hitters but will be able to get on base if you give them an easy pitch.

Relievers note:
Relievers are listed in order of leverage situation. RP 1 = reliever likely to come on during the highest leverage situation, RP 2 in the second most important etc. No traditional closer but you get the idea.

*Well it's actually pretty clear. Our good result got wiped off and our bad results stayed but it makes more sense in context as unclear. You know, it's not like I'm good at math, I'm a reporter not a mathematician. What do you expect that I'm from Farfadallis?
Milchama Sports achievements:
World Baseball Classic 23 Champion!
Note: The demonym is Milchamian. There are two of the letter "I(i)" and not one.

3x CoH winner (29, 46, 50) 3x WBC winner (4,5,23), 1x World Cup host (32) Various other minor trophies there's a football club trophy, a kleptochase trophy, Other minor international football trophies.

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World Baseball Classic 57- Everything Thread

Postby THE UN University » Wed Jun 14, 2023 9:42 pm

1-Jin Albin R/R (Ace)
2-Jor El L/S (Second Ace)
3- Hun AL Atil R/R (Third Starter)

Carson Walter R/R (RP [Can be used as SP])
Drew Usbeck L/L (RP)
Chase Derois R/R (RP)
Liy Jackson R/R (RP/CP)
Ceel Jiick L/L (CP)
Alton Paniere R/R (Bullpen Catcher)

Non-Starting Position Players:
Ned Cooms L/L (OF)
Greer Stowe R/S (OF)
Castle Maloney L/L (OF [Only if No DH is used])
Lukasz Podolski R/R (OIF [Outside Infielder which is 2B/3B/SS])
Kyle Johnson R/R (OIF)
Freddy J. Baker L/S (1B)
Justin Ghost R/R (C)

Matt Turner (Manager)
Hugh Karr (First Base Coach)
Jacob Santosawr (Third Base Coach)
Isaac Mosaan (Bullpen Coach)
Bruss Chimey-Blinse (Human in Mascot [The Peely Banana] Suit)

RP Perms:
Choose my run-scorers: No
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
DH used at home: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Other Info: I win every game

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Postby Eshialand » Thu Jun 15, 2023 12:08 pm

The Eshian National Baseball Team
Roster for World Baseball Classic LVII

Nickname: the Owls (used domestically), the Eshian Screwballs (sometimes used internationally, at times to avoid confusion with the Tikariotian team, at other times just to deride them. Blame this name on Josh Seametzle. He posted one article that jokingly used that name and all of a sudden everyone's using it.)
Style (if used): +2
Trigram: ESH (common use), ESL (for recordkeeping when ESH won't work)
Team colors: Eshian Blue, Gold, and Purple
Home stadium: Yeshley Field (capacity 47,853), Eshialand City

Head Coach: Ray FROUNTA (M, 57)
Pitching Coach: Terry STRYRE (M, 50) - Manager, Newport Owls (SNL)
Batting Coach: Annalise VEHRER (F, 46)

The Roster:

Pitching Rotation:
    #41 Grant PORTER (M, 31, R)
    #12 Hannah GRAY (F, 28, L) - Newport Owls (SNL)
    #75 Paul HASKELL (M, 28, L)
    #1 Quentin WRIGHT (M, 24, R)
    #18 Alex MANN (M, 20, L) - Newport Owls (SNL)

    #23 Daniella ARENTA (F, 29, L)
    #91 Michael ZRUBI (M, 32, R)
    #52 Johnathan QUARRIE (M, 28, R)
    #83 Ryan HALAMER (M, 19, L)
    #32 Ollie ELISKE (M, 27, R)
    Closer: #6 Bianca LEMIEUX (F, 32, R)

Starting Lineup with DH:
    1. SS #7 Kevin DUNBAR (M, 31, R) - Newport Owls (SNL)
    2. LF #11 Connor YOUNG (M, 35, R)
    3. 1B #22 Rebecca SAUNDERS (F, 31, R) - Knetyohai Destroyers (CMT)
    4. DH #3 Harry BRENTWOOD (M, 28, L) - Newport Owls (SNL)
    5. 3B #17 Kyle REZNOR (M, 33, R)
    6. C #28 Wyatt CAREW (M, 29, L) - Newport Owls (SNL)
    7. RF #40 Nathan REFEY (M, 31, R)
    8. CF #34 Evelyn BROWN (F, 24, R) - Newport Owls (SNL)
    9. 2B #67 Tyler GELLAR (M, 33, R)

(If no DH is used, Brentwood plays at second base and the pitcher bats 9th)

    C #19 Vincent KERRY (M, 25, R)
    1B/2B #25 Clara RAYBURN (F, 32, L)
    SS/PH #53 Isaiah ROBERTS (M, 30, R)
    LF/CF #48 Thomas CLOUSEY (M, 26, R)
    CF/RF #27 Freddie LOUIS (M, 32, R)
    UT #76 Nolan DESMOND (M, 34, L)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes.
Choose my lineup: Yes.
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes, but TG/DM me for anything ridiculous.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG/DM me about the duration.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Eject my players: Yes, but only 1 within a single game unless you TG/DM me.
Godmod other events: Yes, but TG/DM me about it.

Please don't use images and say they represent my players. They probably don't. Lastly, feel free to TG/DM me about anything! I always appreciate collaboration.
Anything I say is IC unless proven otherwise by a court of law.

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Postby Eshialand » Thu Jun 15, 2023 1:52 pm

An Oath of Honor

"I, Kevin Labbett, do solemnly swear..."

The 2026 election came and went, and the people made their decision. For the next four years, it would be Kevin Labbett in charge of the nation's parliament, the third Prime Minister of Eshialand.

" uphold the duties of the office of Prime Minister..."

The start of this man's tenure would be mired with questions from all sides. What was he going to do about the king's programs? Would he let him keep doing what he's been doing or rein in the monarch's... antics? And what about the region question? Would he end the Eshian isolation or keep things more or less status quo?

"...and put the Kingdom's best wishes at heart, no matter what issues it may face."

One thing was plainly obvious: he wasn't going to make the mistakes that Fiona Reval did. He wasn't all about that. What he wanted to do was bring Eshialand into a new future, one distinct from the direction things had been going in.

After taking his oath of office, he knew exactly what he was going to do first.

"Get me on the line with all the foreign diplomats serving in Eshialand right now. It's time we connected more with other nations and made more good friends in the world, rather than the one or two acquaintances we have now."

"Sir I-" his assistant asked.
"Just do it, no ifs ands or buts. Also, I want to talk to King William. I want to do something radical and I really need him on board for it. He's into doing radical stuff, right?"
"Wait are you actually considering-"
"Of course, I said I would and I'm not hedging on that."

"People in this world are tired of leaders who make big promises and say bold things to get elected only to try and appease both sides once they're in office. It's high time I fix that."

"So, who are our first opponents?" Rebecca Saunders asked Coach Frounta as he was eyeing over the WBC schedule.
"South Newlandia..."
"You're kidding, right?"

Eshialand's WBC groups always find themselves in a weird state. People talk a lot about Eshialand's habit of playing Banija, but running into South Newlandia also isn't a new occurrence. In fact, one of those two teams have been the first seeds in Eshialand's group for each of the past 5 WBCs! Talk about repetitive draws.

The Owls were the third seeds this time-- oops, no, those are the Tikariot Owls, my bad. Eshialand find themselves as the second seeds once again, at an all-time high rank 13, two above the 15 they had in WBC LVI. This year the 15th-ranked team was Tikariot, who would be hosting the Screwballs' fifth series and pivotally, visiting Eshialand City on the final matchday. With only the top 2 teams in each group (plus two wildcards) making the knockouts, there's no more fitting matchup to end on than Tikariot vs. Eshialand, with whichever Owls coming out on top likely being the only ones to move on. You want your eyes firmly glued to your TVs for this one.

Eshialand's other matches this WBC would be 41st-ranked Benjium (away Series 2, home Series 7), who plan to use this WBC to keep clawing their way up the ranks, as well as newcomers Saint-Jean-Jacques-Sur-Mer (home Series 3, away Series 8 ), who surely get a bonus for having the most hyphens out of any nation in the competition, and the Spartan Dominion (home Series 4, away Series 9) who surely can't wait to do battle with this team.

Will Eshialand make it out of this group and into the knockouts? Well, with a format such as this one and a far from easy group draw, this is nowhere near guaranteed... but it sure will be fun.
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Postby Ko-oren » Thu Jun 15, 2023 2:25 pm

LPB Playoffs, Season Four, Ko-orenite Conference, Round Negative One

Back to Llamaphant Pro Baseball Season 4. The offseason between seasons four and five is long, but action packed because the trade scene, especially in the Esportivan conferences, is frantic. Well, compared to the usual Ko-orenite offseason, that is. But with a draft to organise - a requirement for joining the LPB in the first place, before then teams were free to contact players from minor leagues - and a lot of players to evaluate - the minor leagues expanded significantly in two years of LPB play - there was no time to lose. The ImageDesierto Challengers, finishing 74-110, would be picking first overall, followed by a dramatically deteriorated ImageTeragaseki Originals, and then the once-proud ImageKatashi Giants. Plenty of needs for all three clubs, and plenty of talent on the board, the most hyped of which is from Zwangzug. Will they go for the pro-ready chess pieces or will they go for younger dragonflies that can be on the roster for a decade or more?

That, however, is a bit premature. We still have the playoffs to go. Back in the pre-LPB days, playoffs were implemented between the top three teams (#2 v #3, the winner taking on #1 in a championship series) but teams were mostly just looking to finish first at the end of the regular season, looking down on the playoffs as merely a way for a not-good-enough team to look for an upset and grab an undeserved trophy. In that era, the ImageSanta Teresa Stars - from the mainland, Finisterre to be precise - and the ImageKatashi Generals - from the largest city of the Yoshima islands - emerged as the teams to beat. Large markets, even larger expectations, and even larger budgets. Their main challengers were the ImageFerrovente Whales and the ImageKatashi Giants, respectively, both of which notched zero trophies across about 25 seasons of play (which in turn followed 25 or so years of various leagues, configurations, and teams appearing and disappearing). Two teams that somehow did end up playing a meaningful part in terms of titles were the ImageAmandine Wanderers... at the time known as the first western expansion team, playing in various cities, including Aminey, several of our capitals, and more, but the league thought they had their cash cow and might have organised things so that they'd be competitive. And they were, winning four titles in total, ending up just behind the juggernauts. The ImageAviansola Admirals won three, primarily looking to put the Katashi teams in their place and actually playing some damn good and complete baseball doing so. The ImageEchizen Dragons won two, the ImageTeragaseki Originals (or the various teams leading up to the current day Originals) won one, as did the precursor to the ImageFurune Bees, as well as the previous incarnation of the ImageDesierto Challengers. The latter played in the city that now is home to the ImageAmandine Wanderers. Either way, outside of the Katashi teams, Ferrovente, Santa Teresa, Echizen, Arakura, and Nitoya, each team's history is messy at best. Interesting how the four teams without a championship are all among the 'original' seven, then.

Enter the LPB. The ImageEchizen Dragons, ImageKatashi Generals, ImageFerrovente Whales, and ImageSanta Teresa Stars made huge offseason moves now that they had access to a multiversal talent pool and emerged as the frontrunners, and all four ended up in the divisional round of LPB season 3 (which was our first season in the league). The Stars and Dragons both won their series 3-0, then the Stars mopped up the Dragons 4-1 in the regional final - where the Stars were swept by the Chromatik Chromia Comets.

Now, let's get back to those season four playoffs. Five spots from four divisions - the three division winners and two wild cards. The wild card teams play a one-off, and the winner of that plays the best division winner in the divisional round, representing the best four teams of the Ko-orenite conference.

The Southern division was simple enough. The ImageAviansola Admirals won 103 versus the Silvers' 81, and the Giants and Generals' 80. Winning the division by 22 games is a pretty clear and simple way of qualifying for the playoffs. Yes, the Katashi media had a meltdown - the Generals moreso than the Giants, who were expected to be 'a bit shit' anyway, and for the Admirals it was a nice reminder of how their unorthodox squad building paid off.

The Western division was a little muddier, being a two-horse race. The 74-win Challengers need not apply, but the ImageFerrovente Whales and ImageSanta Teresa Stars both recorded 100+ win seasons, which lands you immediately in contender territory - but remember, only one of them can qualify directly for the divisional round, the other has to take the scenic route through the wild cards. The Stars kept it together in the final few series, getting up there to 103-81, the Whales got stuck on 101-83, and would therefore claim 'WC1'. The ImageAmandine Wanderers got 95-89, which is definitely wild card territory - stick a pin in them, we'll hear more about them later.

The Northern division was pure chaos. No team was good, no team was decent, and it looked like it that Ko-oren would send a losing team to the playoffs to plenty of online ridicule by the other Anaian conference (Chromatika) and especially by the Esportivans, who wondered why they let this subpar, pot 4 national team league join their elite competition anyway. Forget about the mediocre Originals and Knights, they're out of the picture. And as the last inning was completed, the ImageEchizen Dragons and ImageFurune Bees were both 91-93.

Well, that means three things.

1) The ImageAmandine Wanderers, on 95 wins, claim the second wild card spot and that means one thing.

1.1) Three out of four teams in the Western division are going to the playoffs. 103-win Stars, 101-win Whales, and 95-win Wanderers, making them the 1st, 3rd, and 4th best team in the conference.

2) The first seed would be decided in a single game tiebreaker: the two best teams have 103 wins: the Stars and the Admirals.

3) The Northern division title - and playoff spot - would be decided by a single game tiebreaker as well.

And that means another thing.

4) Instead of the playoffs beginning nicely and neatly from the wild card round, we got a zeroth round of the playoffs with not one but two tiebreaker games:

Round 0:
- ImageEchizen Dragons v ImageFurune Bees (winner takes 3rd seed and Northern division title, loser is eliminated from playoffs)
- ImageSanta Teresa Stars v ImageAviansola Admirals (winner takes 1st seed, loser takes 2nd seed)

Round 1 (Wild Card Round):
- ImageFerrovente Whales v ImageAmandine Wanderers (winner takes 4th seed, loser is eliminated from playoffs)

Round 2 (Divisional Round):
- 1st Seed v 4th Seed (Stars/Admirals v Whales/Wanderers)
- 2nd Seed v 3rd Seed (Stars/Admirals v Dragons/Bees)

Round 3 (Conference Round):
- Round 2 Winner 1 v Round 2 Winner 2 (??? v ???)

Round 4 (Regional Round):
- Ko-orenite Champion v Chromatik Champion

Round 5* (LPB Championship)
- Anaian Champion v Esportivan Champion

*only applies if Ko-orenite team wins Regional Round - otherwise we kind of don't care

The cards are dealt but are still face down on the table. We still don't know jack about anything yet. But it'll be a fun month regardless. Unless you're a fan of the Knights, who are 7th in the conference and therefore have a pretty bad pick in the upcoming draft and don't have anyone to support in the playoffs.
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Postby The Jovannic » Thu Jun 15, 2023 2:56 pm

The Jovannic Roster for the 57th World Baseball Classic

Manager: Fuchie Salusi, 39
Bench Coach: Barhoss Marvoli, 37
Pitching Coach: Koser Wittle, 60
Batting Coach: William Terriah, 47

Starting Lineup

1. 3B Zachary Payli

2. C Jacob Culliver

3. 1B Wrener Vaselin

4. 2B Raye Qui

5. RF Scott Carson

6. CF Psceledais Moironis

7. LF Aydin Latt

8. DH Guido Mackis/Pitcher

9. SS Joseph Morales

Starting Pitchers

#55 Harry Chong, 23 - Ace (Bat R, Overhead)

#31 Boris Cadalasa, 25 (Bat R, Submarine)

#7 Bielsa Lee, 24 (Bats L, Sidearm)

#54 Hanaïs Miselton, 22 (Bats R, Sidearm)

#61 Fen Criver, 29 (Bats R, Sidearm)


#59 Bremin Henson, 29 (Bats L, Overhead)

#22 Carlor Fele, 21 (Bats L, Overhand)

#29 Risdon Desti, 30 (Bats R, Submarine)

#83 Denigh Li, 23 (Bats R, Overhand)

#89 Neremiah Basaili, 29 (Bats L, Sidearm)

#50 Lucas Arême, 25 (Bats R, Overhand)


#8 Jacob Culliver, 21 (Bats R, Starts)

#33 Kiran Yalos, 26 (Bats L, Backup)


R designates both batting and throwing right, and vice versa.

#78 Wrener Vaselin, 27 - 1B (R)

#41 Raye Qui, 26 - 2B (R)

#72 Joseph Morales, 24 - SS (R)

#58 Zachary Payli, 28 - 3B (L)

#64 Guido Mackis, 23 - Backup SS/DH (R)

#11 Bretison Yustat, 20 - Backup 1B (L)


#81 Scott Carson, 25 - RF (R)

#51 Psceledais Moironis, 22 - CF (L)

#30 Aydin Latt, 32 - LF (R)

#39 Mylander Christoph, 28 - Backup (R)

#67 Skylar Poole, 22 - Backup (R)

Home Field:
Field of the Sparrow, Vlara
Capticity: 11,500

RP Permissions:
Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Ask
Eject my players: Ask
DH used at home: Ask
Godmod other events: Ask

Sporting Achievements:
3rd: 3rd Jenna Raven Cup, Mike Sarzo Memorial Trophy
4th: NS World Cup of Masters I
Semi-finals: IFC1
Honourable Mentions: Olympic Sliver Medal in Football (XIV Olympiad)

Charging forward to return to glory! (II)
Cricket ranking: ??
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Postby Milchama » Thu Jun 15, 2023 4:17 pm

Karakorum Forum-Democracy-Times-Tribune-Sun-Stars-Gods-Men-Tribute-Fightin'-Picayune-Post-Gazette-Chronicle-Eclipsor-Ellipsor-Report-Spin-Connector-Deflector-News-Today-Yesterday-And-Tomorrow

Sports Section

Milchama Somehow a Second Seed

Well technically last time the Warriors were also a second seed, as the 9th ranked teams, but one of the top 8 teams pulled out (we think it was Sarzonia but we didn't check, who does research for newspaper articles?) so we were a top seed. This edition, after losing a place in the rankings, for clear yet unclear reasons, we are definitely a two seed. And in a relatively tough group, or at least a group with some history in it. As manager Gershon Terron said, "Look we literally just copy and pasted the same team from last time. It's not like we're going to be realistic here" let's look at the Group E and who we're up against.

Group E:
Kharakia (UR) - Have a roster, haven't heard of them. The roster looks interesting with only 3 starting pitchers you have to worry about them getting tired. Expect a strong start followed by a tough finish. Our outlandish prediction - They sweep the first series. Milchamian record against them - 4-2 (3-3 if we face them first).

The Emeraldreach (UR) - Don't have a roster and haven't heard of them. Our outlandish prediction - They will win a series against Zwangzug. Milchamian record versus them - 5-1.

Barnettsville (23) - The no hitter specialists! They have the league record for no hitters, the WBC record for no hitters and have RP'd so many no hitters that we have made it a meme. So we will keep up with this meme until we feel it's no longer funny. As of right now it's still funny so we're going to keep doing it. Our outlandish prediction - 6 one hitters. MIlchamian record versus them - 4-2.

Milchama (10) - That's us! We're not bad but not great either. Expect some pretty good hitting, some decent fielding, some great pitching, and a team that looks to be play only in 2nd gear until like halfway through the group stage when we realize we won't have a playoff place. Then we'll turn it on, make elims, and somehow lose to Drawkland in octos. Outlandish prediction - We just predicted Drawkland to make the quarterfinals. Milchamian record against them - We literally cannot play ourselves. We have not perfected cloning technology yet.

Zwangzug (3) - An ancient rival. Well maybe not rival, we've never really been good at the same time. We were better than them, then they stopped existing, then we went into Isolation, then they were better than us. Whatever, we've both been around awhile. Expect some good puns, a chess reference, and a parody of a typical Milchamian RP at some point. Also, they'll probably win the group. Outlandish prediction - One of our games will end in a weird walkoff godmod. Milchamian record against them - 3-3 or 2-4.

Atheara (28) - A newer team but they've existed before. I don't think we've played them but you know we probably have, just not in any memorable context. Regardless, we should beat them. Really it's our games against Atheara that will determine how well we do, we should beat the newbies, do meh against Zwangzug and then it's all about those middle teams and beating them that will determine whether we advance. We should advance though. Outlandish prediction - Greditz-Walters 3 HR game. Milchamian record against them - 4-2.

That's it for the predictions. Our most outlandish prediction is that America but with Slightly More Hazelnuts will win the World Baseball Classic this time around. Even if they're not playing you can never fully trust squirrels.
Milchama Sports achievements:
World Baseball Classic 23 Champion!
Note: The demonym is Milchamian. There are two of the letter "I(i)" and not one.

3x CoH winner (29, 46, 50) 3x WBC winner (4,5,23), 1x World Cup host (32) Various other minor trophies there's a football club trophy, a kleptochase trophy, Other minor international football trophies.



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