Royal Arline Initiative of Japuile

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Royal Arline Initiative of Japuile

Postby Japuile » Fri Jun 02, 2023 3:02 am

The Grand Duchy of Japuile

The Grand Duchy of Japuile - Royal Airline Initiative


The Grand Duchy of Japuile, under the visionary leadership of King Seaman, Supreme Bishop of Oros, Grand Warrior and Conqueror of Artane, Grand Duke Casamir I of House of Episcopo, is pleased to announce its ambitious endeavor to revitalize and expand the national airline industry. This initiative is spearheaded by The Honorable Prime Lord Alard Reyrond, head of the government, in collaboration with the supportive and evaluative Royal Cabinets: Royal Affairs, Royal Trade and Industry, Royal Infrastructure, and Royal Tourism.

Current Status
Presently, our nation operates a small domestic airline that primarily serves internal travel needs. International flights are limited to government purposes. We seek to leverage our existing infrastructure while also exploring possibilities for new ventures in the aviation sector.

Vision and Objectives
The establishment of a new national airline will serve multiple purposes: fostering tourism, driving economic growth, generating employment opportunities, and promoting the development of eco-friendly aviation technologies. We aim to create a comprehensive airline that caters to various market segments, both domestically and internationally.

Qualifications and Benefits
As an interested party or corporation, your qualifications and achievements in aircraft design and related fields will be crucial. While initial capital is not mandatory, it is welcome. Upon successful completion of the project, you will be entitled to 10% ownership in the company, with potential negotiation up to 20%. Additionally, you will receive annual dividends and have the opportunity to name an aircraft after yourself or your company. The name should be simple and pronounceable, and if necessary, it will be adapted to the Japuilean language.

Additional Requirements
To positively influence the evaluation process, it is encouraged for employed personnel to learn the national language. If you represent a company, a dedicated language unit responsible for investment and proficient in the national language is required. If you are an individual, you must attain a good technical proficiency in aeronautical terminology. Emphasis will be placed on the economic efficiency of the airport and aircraft, favoring environmentally sustainable solutions.

Additional Information
Our nation takes pride in producing its own biofuel, and our scientists are ready to embark on the research and development of biofuel-based aviation fuels.

For further inquiries or to express your interest, please contact Prime Lord Alard Reyrond at We look forward to forging fruitful partnerships and pioneering a new era of aviation excellence.

OCC:Hello! I hope you liked the idea. There is no such thing as limited places – everyone can give their idea. I don't want to create a table, giving your heart and creativity the opportunity to write out.
You can write off as a person, company, corporation or even nation.
Only an important point in the evaluation is the knowledge of the language of my nation, because after a while it will be easiest to learn. Imagine a French language without silent letters, which has some of the connotations and features of modern Greek.
Head of State
"By the grace of the sun and the moon, by the power of storms and seas, Casimir I of the House of Episcopo"
Head of Goverment
The Honorable Prime Lord Alard Reyrond
Absolute Constitutional Monarchy
Citizens have their rights, and so do the press and the media, but His Grand Majesty has great influence in the government, he is in every part of every instance in the tripartite division of power.
Overview of Country
"The future is today"
A 13,4 civilization, according to this index.
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Postby Trolleborg » Sat Jun 10, 2023 7:22 am

To the Prime Lord Alard Reyrond!
From the Torben Riper, CEO of the Trolleborg Wings Airlines

Dear Sir!
Trolleborg Wings always seek a ways to add new regions to ones which already connected by our airline. Right now we are eager to wind a way to open route to your area, and ask for a permission to fly to Japuile two times a week for a beginning. Also we kindly inquiry, if your country is interested in the idea of code-sharing of TW and your local airline flights and aligning fixtures properly.

Sincerely yours

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