Independents Cup 18 - Everything [Grand Finale 2/6 10pm SST]

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Independents Cup 18 - Everything [Grand Finale 2/6 10pm SST]

Postby PotatoFarmers » Fri May 05, 2023 1:30 am

18th Independent Associations Championship (IAC)
Proudly Organised by Poafmersia
IAC-17 | Signup Thread | Host Bid | Discussion Thread | IAC Rankings
Guide to Sports Roleplaying | Football Friendly Thread | Sports Roleplaying Questions Thread

Hello one and all to the 13th edition of the Independent Associations Championship! A grand total of forty teams, not belonging to one of the big 4 sporting regions, will gather here in Poafmersia to fight to be the "Champion of the Rest". This would be the thread for the IC information only. Any OOC posts should either be made on the discussion thread, or on the Signup Thread as linked above.

The tournament will begin with a Group Stage comprising 8 groups of 5 teams, playing in a single round-robin in Poafmersia. Top two teams will advance to the Dual Group Stage, which features an Opening/Placement Round, a Winners/Losers Round, and a Decider Round. The winners of the Opening Round play each other in the Winners Round for a spot in the Upper Bracket, while the losers of the Opening Round play each other in the Losers Round for a spot in the Decider Round. The winner of the Losers Round, as well as the loser of the Winners Round, then play each other in the Decider Round for a spot in the Lower Bracket.
The remaining 8 teams will play a double elimination bracket, with 4 teams in the Upper Bracket, and 4 teams in the Lower Bracket. The winner of the Upper Bracket finals will play the winner of the Lower Bracket finals in a 90 minute Grand Final to decide who takes the trophy.

Pot 1
Poafmersia (14)* - HOSTS
Trolleborg (1)
Drawkland (2)
HUElavia (3)
Squidroidia (4)
Juvencus (5)
Kriegiersien (6)
Indusse (7)
Pot 2
Geektopia (8)
Belnegau (9)
TJUN-ia (10)
Abanhfleft (12)
Adab (13)
Montaña Verde (15)
Eshialand (16)
Valentine Z (17)
Pot 3
Sannyamathland (19)
West Barack and East Obama (20)
Sudilia (25)
Cakranegara (26)
Saterun (27)
Space (28)
Srubnaya culture (30)
Delaclava (31)
Pot 4
Archalit (32)
Sajnur (33)
Hopal (34)
Harry Islands (35)
Stevencousin (35)
United Adaikes (42)
Ile de Richelieu (43)
The 14 Stars (60)
Pot 5
Aust Scor (62)
Toluiwa (70)
Muralos (75)
Germenia (UR)
Katten en Kittens van de Wereld (UR)
New Master (UR)
Snow And Ice Caps (UR)
The Spartan Dominion (UR)

*Poafmersia, as hosts, were placed into Pot 1 automatically.

Group Stage Draw
Group A
Trolleborg (1)
TJUN-ia (10)
Aust Scor (62)
West Barack and East Obama (20)
Hopal (34)
Group D
Indusse (7)
Montaña Verde (15)
Sajnur (33)
Germenia (UR)
Space (28)

Group Stage Tiebreakers
1. Points (3 for a win, 1 for a draw)
2. Head-to-head points among tied teams
3. Head-to-head goal difference among tied teams
4. Goal Difference
5. Wins
6. Coin Flip (Match scored using only RP bonus)

Stage 3 Bracket

7th May (Sun) 1pm SST - Group Stage Draw
12th May (Fri) - Group Stage MD1/2 (1 bye, 2 v 5, 3 v 4; 4 bye, 5 v 3, 1 v 2)
14th May (Sun) - Group Stage MD3/4 (2 bye, 3 v 1, 4 v 5; 5 bye, 1 v 4, 2 v 3)
17th May (Wed) - Group Stage MD5 (3 bye, 4 v 2, 5 v 1)
19th May (Fri) - Dual Group Stage Opening Round (A1 vs B2, C1 vs D2; B1 vs A2, D1 vs C2; E1 vs F2, G1 vs H2; F1 vs E2, H1 vs G2)
23rd May (Tue) - Dual Group Stage Winners/Losers Round
25th May (Thur) - Dual Group Stage Decider Round
27th May (Sat) - Upper Bracket Semifinals; Lower Bracket Round 1
29th May (Mon) - Upper Bracket Finals; Lower Bracket Quarterfinals & Semifinals
31st May (Wed) - Lower Bracket Finals
2nd June (Fri) - Grand Finals

Cutoffs will be at 10pm SST (2pm UTC, 10am EDT), except for Monday/Tuesday cutoffs, which will be at 8pm SST (12 noon UTC, 8am EDT). Scorination will be done using xkoronate 0.3.3, with the SQIS formula, and additive modifiers between -5 and +5. Please indicate your modifier in a clear and obvious manner in your roster post.

RP, Roster Information
Rosters will be entitled up to 1x Matchday RP Bonus. Teams without roster will get a roster penalty of 50% of the max ranked team (ie. 50% * 16.933 = 8.467), with rank set to a floor of 0 if necessary.
Quality and effort of the RPs will be taken into account. Although this was not listed in the bid, the host will be posting a cumulative RP report at certain intervals, detailing the range of RPs bonuses given, as well as some additional statistical information. Users who are interested in their current RP progress may give me a TG for a rough estimate of their RP bonuses anytime during/after the tournament.
To assist in RPing, there will be additional prompts given in cutoff posts. These are prompts relating to worldbuilding and the football team, though there is no penalty/bonus for following such prompts.

You may start posting rosters/RPs in this thread now! Please do not reserve any posts/rosters, thank you.

For the newcomers to NS Sports, participating in a tournament in this forums for the first time, do have a read at the Guide to Sports Roleplaying, linked above! For more info on how to start a roster, I have linked some information in the spoiler below, explaining about RP permisions, style mods and all.

Before any tournament begins, it is common courtesy to post a roster. A roster may include: Background to your country; Information about your players; Sharing about your football playing style; How your fans interact with out fans in this nation; some of the special information others should know when roleplaying about the match between your team and their team.

In your roster post please include the ever useful RP permissions box to let your opponents know what you're okay with them doing in their post-match RPs. A common template is as follows:
If my opponent roleplays first, they may:
Choose my starting lineup: Y/N
Choose my goalscorers: Y/N
Godmod scoring events: Y/N
RP injuries to my players: Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players: Y/N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y/N
Hand out red cards to my players: Y/N
Godmod other events: Y/N

You may also include a style modifier which reflects your national team's style of football in the roster. The modifier is a number (typically up to 3 decimal places), between -5 and +5. The most defensive of teams will use a style modifier of -5, while the most aggressive of teams will use a style modifier of +5. Teams who play a more balanced style may use a style modifier of 0. Do note that this will not affect your chances of victory/defeat, it only affects how the final scoreline may be. For instance, looking at a one-goal win, two really aggressive teams have a higher possibility of scoring 7 goals in a 4-3 victory for one; two really defensive teams are more likely to end up having a 1-0 scoreline instead.

Edit Log:
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Postby PotatoFarmers » Fri May 05, 2023 1:31 am

Welcome to Poafmersia! The Ministry of Business and Trade (MBT), through the Poafmersian Tourism Board (PTB), has published various guides to Poafmersia, giving visitors from around the multiverse some information about the Poafmersian culture, heritage, and a guide to the various states and major cities in Poafmersia. The guides are often never exhaustive, and depending on the group of visitors and their purposes, PTB often customise these guides to allow them to be more informed prior to the nation of Poafmersia. In conjunction with the Ministry of Arts, Sports and Culture (MASC), the PTB has published this version of the sports guide - for fans and visiting teams coming to Poafmersia for the 18th Independent Associations Championship (IAC).

All about Poafmersia
Poafmersia is a really huge country located in The North Pacific, with a size of 1.8 million square kilometers. Home to approximately 850 million residents, the country is well known for its really idealistic policies and governance system. Many Poafmers consider the nation to be at the forefront of "pioneering government policies", ranging from her environmental policies, her system of governance, as well as building a multicultural society. Even though the majority belong to the Jaffan race, Poafmersia is home to 27 ethnicities in total, according to government estimates. The true proportion of these ethnicities, however, is not official tracked, under the "Ethnic Protection Act" which forbids collection of data related to ethnicity.

Many visitors may find themselves unused to the transportation system in Poafmersia. The nation's emphasis on environmental protection has made public transport the main method of transport for Poafmers and visitors alike. While there are inter-city roads that are open for private vehicles, these vehicles are not allowed with many city limits, including Trimidau Island, City of Mancodas, City of Dalaris, Fiskadaha City, and Holhot, among other places. For small groups who require personalised transport, they would typically charter minibuses or electric taxis, which are readily available in big cities. Otherwise, the rail system or the public buses is the main method of travel.

Between cities, there are inter-city railways, as well as cross-state buses, that allow for travel from one side of the country to other. For smaller counties and townships, there are also shuttle train and bus services that serve these areas. Because such places may be out of the place and may not be as well connected, residents in these places may be more likely to own private vehicles. There are rules and regulations in place governing the ownership of these vehicles, as well as the type of vehicles.

For the 39 teams coming to Poafmersia, it would be possible to charter buses for the teams to travel from a city to another for matches. The alternative, however, would be to charter trains - and many major inter-city railways have express tracks for express services, that would allow for quicker travel alternatives. There are also 4 high-speed rail services that serve different parts of the country, namely the Mancodas-Fiskadaha Express (between Mancodas and Fiskadaha City); the Trimidau-Dalaris Rail (between City of Dalaris and Trimidau Island); the Holhot-Fiskadaha Line (between Fiskadaha City and Holhot, with selected stops at major cities such as Sarim, Jackinson and Paishi-jak); and the North-South Railway (starting at Madaris, stopping in the outer limits of Greater Mancodas, Fiskadaha City, before moving on to Georgetown, on the inner limits of the City of Dalaris).

Poafmersia is very welcoming to foreign visitors who are exploring the country. The people's openness to visitors was something that couldn't be taken for granted a decade ago - when Poafmersia was largely isolationist. Sports has been a major avenue where Poafmers have gained exposure to foreign nations, especially in football, which is the most popular and successful sport in Poafmersia. Other major sports include basketball, hockey (both field and ice hockey), badminton and aquatics, though the skill level of the sportsmen largely varies.

In Poafmersia, racial and gender stereotypes are frowned upon. In many sports, men and women co-exist in national leagues, and gender neutral terms are largely preferred. As such, conversations that crosses the racial and gender lines will probably get you into trouble, so visitors should be careful of that. Care for the environment is something that is extremely unique in Poafmersia. Visitors in hotel rooms would be expected to sort out their waste between recyclables and non-recyclables. At restaurants and dining places, food wastes are chargeable, and diners are reminded to request for smaller portions if necessary. The country has largely eliminated use of plastic cups, cutlery and bags. At shopping malls, people bring recyclable bags or buy paper bags; at drink stalls, people bring their own bottles and tumblers. Visitors to Poafmersia are also expected to abide by these environmentally-friendly guidelines, and there are reminder announcements played at major ports of entry.

Stadium locations in Poafmersia
Poafmersia is split into 10 main states. For this competition, 18 stadiums across all 10 states will be used in various stages of the competition.

Located at the north-west of the country, Bikasta is the second smallest state in the country, after Dalaris. The state is home to the second busiest port in Poafmersia, after Georgetown, located in Jottim. Jottim, however, will not host any matches in this tournament. This state will have 1 stadium, namely Stadia Cochin in Cochin.

Stadia Cochin, Cochin (capacity 49,000)
Located in Cochin, the second largest city in the state, Stadia Cochin is home to Cochin FC, a mid-tier club who has been moving between the Apex and the Supreme League. The stadium is one of the few stadiums in the country with an artificial turf (the other being Dreamers Park).
Stage 1 - First listed Group A matches
Stage 3 - Lower Bracket QF (Match involving winner of Pool 2 RU/Pool 3 RU)

Ramadau Trish
Located at the west of the country, Ramadau Trish is considered to be the agricultural centre of the country. Many of the residents in the state are farmers, working for a number of local agriculture farms. For people interested in taking a tour of animal farms, this is the go-to state, as many of these farms also provide experiential tours to showcase the entire farming process.

Theatre of Light, Kistina (capacity 59,000)
Home of Kistina Galaxy, one of the big clubs in the Apex, the 59,000 seater stadium is one of the best in the country. A retractable roof is just one of the many technological advancements in the stadium. The stadium could be converted for use by track and field events in just under 8 hours, and it comes with automatic temperature adjustors that can change the internal temperature in under 30 minutes.
Stage 1 - Second listed Group A matches
Stage 3 - Upper Bracket SF (Pool 1 Winner vs Pool 4 Winner)

A relatively underdeveloped state in the southwest of the country, Hitimatias is a state that is rapidly developing to be one of the country's technology hubs. There aren't many developments and big cities just yet, but Jacquilton, the capital of the state, is being rapidly expanded. The upcoming Yanderian Startup Hub, located in a 30 minutes ride from the capital city, will feature Poafmersia's 2nd technology-based university, Yanderian Technological College, as well as host various tech startups in the country.

Red Mudra Lane, Mudra (capacity 58,000)
Mudra isn't the capital of Hitimatias, but it is the largest city by population size in the state. The home club, Sochra Mudra FC, is a club that often straggle between the top 2 divisions, but the club remains popular in a state which typically does not have many top football clubs.
Stage 1 - First listed Group F matches
Stage 2 - First listed Pool 2 (A2, B1, C2, D1) matches

Forche is home to an aerospace hub, known to many as the Planar Aerospace Park. Though parts of the Park straddle the Forche-Tikahs border, it is considered to be the main economic zone of Forche. The Planar Park Airport, while not considered a major airport in Poafmersia, is where the aircraft often comes for main repairs, as it contains lots of hangars for the main local airlines - Phoenix Airlines, and Air Poafmersia.

Stadiun of Legends, Didari (capacity 34,000)
Forche is also one of the smaller states in terms of the football scene. The stadium hosts Didari City, yet another one of those clubs who are at the top of the Supreme League, and occasionally slip into the Apex.
Stage 2 - Second listed Pool 4 (F1, E2, H1, G2) matches

Dalaris may be the smallest state per land size, but it is one of the most well developed states in the country, and is a main driver of Poafmersian economy. Georgetown, located on the Dalaris island, used to be a commercial port, but operations have largely moved across the bridge to Bigsorth. Georgetown is a heritage site, as recognised by the MASC, and there are lots of heritage buildings which represents an important part of Poafmersian history. For visitors interested in heritage tours, a visit to Dalaris is something which should not be missed.

Dalaris State Stadium, City of Dalaris (capacity 46,500)
The main stadium in Dalaris, it is home to Dalaris City, one of the biggest clubs in Poafmersia. 10 years ago, it would be absolutely unbelivable that Dalaris City was going to be one of the finest clubs in Poafmersia. But the club's rise has largely been due to their investments in a bigger stadium, better training facilities, and integrating younger players into their squad. In fact, 3 consecutive years of domination at the top is what prompted many clubs to change their strategies towards football, and changed the face of the then PFFA Premier League, now the Apex. Dalaris State Stadium will be one of the main stadiums in the hosting of the IAC.
Stage 1 - Second listed Group E matches
Stage 2 - First listed Pool 1 (A1, B2, C1, D2) matches

Sporting Dalaris Stadium, City of Dalaris (capacity 37,120)
This used to be the main stadium in Dalaris, sharing between Dalaris City and Dalaris Sports FC. Both used to be semi-professional clubs, aiming to dominate the Dalaris State League, a very small football league in Poafmersia. As their bigger city rivals moved out, Dalaris Sports FC took complete ownership of the stadium. The rivalry between both clubs is often seen as a battle of thoughts. Dalaris Sports FC advocates the haggling of the ball, aggressive gameplay, as well as defence-first tactics. Dalaris City, prefers a more balanced approach, utilising possession to build momentum and create fast flowing attacks.
Stage 1 - First listed Group E matches
Stage 2 - Second listed Pool 1 (A1, B2, C1, D2) matches

Piskn is the other tourism hub, considered the big brother of Dalaris. Piskn has lots of tourist hotspots, like beaches, museums. Trimidau Island is not the usual resort island, but there are lots of fascinating beaches that makes it the big brother of Dalaris. Fast crafts betwen Trimidau and Dalaris happen close to every hourly. There is also the underwater rail between Kingsford, the biggest city on mainland Piskn by population, and Rukiya, the capital of the Trimidau Island. Kingsford and Trimidau Island will have 3 stadiums for the duration of this tournament.

Naksa Stadium, Naksa, Trimidau Island (capacity 41,000)
Trimidau Naksa is the smaller club on the island. Naksa, is the more culturally vibrant side of Trimidau, being on the eastern most point of the island. Facing the East Poafmersian Sea, the beaches are the cleanest on the country, and a grand total of 6 beach resorts exist on the outskirts of the city. Many tourists come to Naksa to enjoy water activities, including Snuba Diving, and Water Surfing.
Stage 1 - First listed Group C matches
Stage 3 - Upper Bracket SF (Pool 2 Winner vs Pool 3 Winner)

Rukiya Sports Stadium, Trimidau Island (capacity 37,000)
Rukiya is the more developed part of the island, and is home to some clean factories that accounts for a huge part of the island's economic contributions. However, Rukiya is a must-go for its hawker culture, which is the setting up of food stalls by the road side. The intermingling of tall buildings, together with the kampung-like hawker culture, is what makes Rukiya absolutely interesting. Rukiya Sports Stadium, part of the Rukiya Sports Hub, is the home stadium of Trimidau Rukiya.
Stage 1 - Second listed Group C matches
Stage 2 - First listed Pool 4 (F1, E2, H1, G2) matches

Gikash is a smaller city, with 2 huge industrial estates being part of the state. Located on the southern side of Poafmersia, Gikash is largely home to the manufacturing industry in Poafmersia.

Matty Horis Stadium, Dury (capacity 52,000)
Dury FC's heritage lies in the mining community - a group of miners playing football as a community sport during off days. Of course, with Poafmersia no longer home to mines after the last mine was closed, the football club has evolved to what it is today. Fun fact: "Dury" comes from the word "mondury", meaning miners in Pomish. The town, one of the last surviving towns of the mining era, was named Dury, and the local football club took the name of the city. The stadium is named after Matty Horis, the owner who transformed the club to its professional status, and took money out of his personal pocket to build the first stadium for Dury FC when after they first played in the Champions Cup. Matty Horis remains as an Emeritus Director on the club's board.
Stage 1 - First listed Group B matches
Stage 3 - Lower Bracket Round 1 (Pool 1 RU vs Pool 4 RU)

Cochas is home to Mancodas, home to the headquarters of many companies, and also the biggest population center in Poafmersia. There are lots of corporate headquarters and branches in Poafmersia. While the official financial hub is Fiskadaha City, there are other companies who have chose to set up their headquarters and offices here in Mancodas. Mancodas is also home the University of Mancodas, the biggest university in Poafmersia (but may be less popular than the Fiskadaha School of Liberal Arts or the Maximus Rochester Institute for Science and Technological Research), featuring faculties in various areas.

United Park, Greater Mancodas (cap. 61,000)
United Park is located around 35 minutes ride from Camp of Power by bus, but there is no direct bus from that part of the city to this part of the outer limits. United Park is home to FC United of Mancodas, the third club in the Mancodas subregion. FC United is unique in that the ownership lies in the fan club, and the fan representatives make decisions on hiring personnel to the various positions, as well as the sacking of the manager.
Stage 1 - Second listed Group F matches
Stage 2 - First listed Pool 3 (E1, F2, G1, H2) matches

Mancodas Complex, Greater Mancodas (cap. 60,000)
Mancodas Complex is part of the Mancodas Sports Complex, the biggest sports complex in Poafmersia. Featuring 6 indoor sports halls, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, the Mancodas Basin (which allows for open water activites), Mancodas training ground (typically used for gridiron and rugby), as well as other indoor facilities such as a cycling track. Mancodas Complex is wel connected to the city center of Mancodas, and is home to Mancodas Athletic FC, the oldest football club in Cochas.
Stage 1 - First listed Group G matches
Stage 2 - Second listed Pool 3 (E1, F2, G1, H2) matches

Camp of Power, City of Mancodas (cap. 61,000)
Located in the heart of Mancodas, it is the closest to the Mancodas Airport. It is one of the stadiums with the best facilities, featuring a retractable roof and the ability to change the field format for various sports. It is home to Mancodas City, one of the top clubs in the Apex.
Stage 1 - Second listed Group G matches
Stage 2 - Second listed Pool 2 (A2, B1, C2, D1) matches

If Hitimatias is the new technological center of Poafmersia, Nitrishi-pai must be the original one. Home of many research laboratories, development hubs, as well as headquarters of the Poafmersian Defence Forces (PDF), Nitrishi-pai is a sprawling state located on the eastern side of the country. It is home to Maximus Rochester Institute for Science and Technological Research, the premier institute for Science and Technology studies, and produces the most Doctor of Philosophy graduates yearly. It is widely considered to be the top university in Science courses.

Bikarish Stadium, Bikarish (capacity 48,000)
Bikarish is a smaller town in Poafmersia, but has the biggest stadium in all of Nitrishi-pai. Home to Bikarish FC, an elite club playing in the Apex.
Stage 1 - Second listed Group B matches
Stage 3 - Lower Bracket Round 1 (Pool 2 RU vs Pool 3 RU)

Davarsi Bria, Holhot (capacity 36,500)
(Stadium Image)
The stadium is home to Holhot City, a mid-tier club that has stayed in Apex for the past few years. The atmosphere here (as well as the Holtin Kash Stadium) is really strong, with Holters (name of Holhot residents) really proud of their local teams and also supportive of football games.
Stage 1 - First listed Group H matches

Holtin Kash Stadium, Holhot (capacity 37,250)
(Stadium Image)
Like Davarsi Bria, Holtin Kash Stadium is located in Holhot. Holhot City and Holhot United was formed by a split in the original club, Holhot FC, and this stadium was built much later then the Davarsi Bria. In recent years, both clubs have seem to have repaired their relationship. While both clubs have some form of rivalry, they have came together to cooperate on some matters, including a combined academy (Holhot Academy), looking at shifting the center of power from their northern neighbours (Bikarish) back to the capital of the state.
Stage 1 - Second listed Group H matches
Stage 3 - Lower Bracket SF

Tikahs, the center of Poafmersia, home to Fiskadaha City, the capital of Poafmersia, is also the main financial hub of Poafmersia. The most developed state in Poafmersia. Home of many developments, many financial headquarters, and offices. Tourists would mainly want to come to Tikahs for the amusement parks, the casinos. Businessman would come for Tikahs' numerous conventions, the various business meetings. It is also the main entry point into Poafmersia (through the Fiskadaha International Airport).

Potato Villa, Sarim (capacity 56,000)
One of the major cities in Poafmersia, Sarim is home to various gambling dens. The Potato Villa, however, symbolises a connection to Poafmersia's roots, as an agricultural nation, and the original name "PotatoFarmers".
Stage 1 - Second listed Group D matches
Stage 3 - Lower Bracket QF (Match involving winner of Pool 1 RU/Pool 4 RU)

Dreamers Park, Fiskadaha City (capacity 60,000)
Home to the capital's only football club, Fiskadaha FC, Dreamers Park is one of Poafmersia's only artificial fields. The use of an artifical field back then, was a first in Poafmersia, and teams used to find the Dreamers Park a difficult place to navigate due to the lack of natural grass. Nowadays, the Poafmersian National Team use this as their main training ground, an alternate to Libira, and also a place for teams to practice playing on artificial grass.
Stage 1 - First listed Group D matches
Stage 3 - Lower Bracket Finals
Stage 3 - Upper Bracket Finals

Libira National Stadium, Fiskadaha City (capacity 68,000)
Located in the heart of Fiskadaha City, it is the home stadium of the Poafmersian National Team, and hosts the PFFA Cup finals yearly. The Libira National Stadium is a multi-use stadium which could be used to host other events, and is one of the first stadiums to have the multi-use feature with regards to the field. It will a very specific role in this tournament, hosting the Grand Finals of the tournament.
Stage 3 - Grand Finals
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Postby Stevencousin » Fri May 05, 2023 1:53 am


NAME              	NAT.		ROLE
Dr. Antanius Cassa Image Chairman
Sebastian von Sephiroth Image Technical Director
Dr. Richard Glass Image Sport Science Director
Samuel du Highcloud Image Fitness & Health Director
Tim Redforks Image Team Analyst
Jalil Fitrah Image Scout Director

Stan Mystic Image Head Coach
Jayson Wagner Image Assistant Head Coach
Herbie Pijanowski Image Goalkeeper Coach
Ronald Ankiel Image Coach
Rusty Klein Image Coach

#	NAME              	CLUB              	AGE	POS.	CAPS	GOAL
1 Ramiro Fernandes Cassaholm Confidential 28 GK 23 0
12 Romain De Schutter Winewater Wasp 26 GK 7 0
13 Joseph Luzak Brigketh Bishop 28 GK 7 0

5 Raymond Aas Winewater Wasp 25 DEF 29 0
4 Alon Bernstein Brigketh Bishop 27 DEF 24 0 - Who always gets a card
3 Armando Correia Cassaholm Confidential 26 DEF 24 0
15 Guilherme Fabian Cassaholm Confidential 23 DEF 24 0
14 Mangea Ali Brigketh Bishop 29 DEF 20 0
16 Andreas Mjelde Winewater Wasp 29 DEF 22 0
2 Mads Dahl Winewater Wasp 28 DEF 21 0
17 Renato Miguel Boa-Morte Cassaholm Confidential 27 DEF 16 0 - Who always gets a card
24 Benjamin Hadjadj Meldrum Fall 27 DEF 0 0

7 Thanuka Jayamanna Fixmouth Firebolt 28 MID 27 4
11 Josef Snajdr Meldrum Fall 25 MID 28 2
8 Arnaud Zubar Meldrum Fall 30 MID 26 6 - The one who always scores
6 Andre Saifi Meldrum Fall 25 MID 25 3
19 Jochen Boi Meldrum Fall 21 MID 20 4 - Who always gets a card
20 Válter Folha Cassaholm Confidential 28 MID 16 6 - The one who always scores
18 Carlos Whitfield Pretihouse Pirate 23 MID 4 1
21 Simon Armas Pretihouse Pirate 26 MID 3 0
26 Gregory Gigliotti Eivora Athletic Image 22 MID 3 1

9 Leon Voloshyn Holmdock Highlander 28 FWD 30 12 - The one who always scores
10 Gerard Kallstrom Meldrum Fall 25 FWD 25 14 - The one who always scores/ Who always gets a card
22 Steven Cheyrou Brigketh Bishop 19 FWD 23 5 - The one who always scores
23 Benjamin Spevar Cassaholm Confidential 22 FWD 0 0
25 Sumith Wanigassoriya Frampton Typhoon Image 23 FWD 6 0

Stadium Data
Stadium:: Federal Unity Stadium
Nearest City:: Cassaholm
Capacity:: 98,500
Brief Data:: The biggest stadium in Stevencousin, located in the Carmenzon District to the south of the city center of Stevencousin's capital city, Cassaholm, is an all-seater multi-purpose stadium for international concerts, weddings and sporting events and the home ground of the Stevencousin national football team. It was built by Posquieiras Heavy Engineering and designed by Billingeburg & Co. Interestingly, the stadium is not public property, nor is it managed by a sports association. The owner is the Federal Unity conglomerate group. They sponsor and cover the construction and renovation costs in full, but they also get various government mega-projects afterward.

Stadium:: Redfort Camp
Nearest City:: Brigketh
Capacity:: 26,900
Brief Data:: Redfort Camp was a home base for Brigketh Bishop FC and, Brigketh Salamander rugby club, a multi-purpose stadium in Cheilestorp Creek, Brigketh, Stevencousin. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium has a capacity of 26,900 people. It was built in 2009. In 2013, a mega concert was held there in which Stevenian most popular rock band, The Cassiopeia was the performer. The stadium known for energy and water consumption was targeted to be efficient. Most of the water used by toilets and water taps will be collected during rain-falls, the roof has a 550kW solar power plant, while floodlights are using new generation LED system.

Stadium:: Waxwood Circle
Nearest City:: Holmdock
Capacity:: 31,800
Brief Data:: Waxwood Circle a multi-use stadium in Stigeswaldeford, Waxwood District, Holmdock, Stevencousin. It has both an indoor stadium and an outdoor stadium within its compound. The outdoor stadium can hold a maximum of 31,800 people and is currently used mostly for football matches, serving as the home stadium to Holmdock Highlander FC and The Highlander Academy. The stadium consists of a soccer field, an 8-lane running track, and a fitness center. In addition to sports events, large concerts are also organized by Waxwood Circle, and a series of political rallies and religious gatherings have also taken place here.

Stadium:: Readymann Ground
Nearest City:: Fixmouth
Capacity:: 26,900
Brief Data:: Homeground for Fixmouth Firebolt is a football stadium located in Fixmouth, Stevencousin. The stadium is part of the Fixmouth Sports and Recreation Centre, a community sports facility that includes the stadium as well as a swimming complex. Construction began in September 2007 and finished construction in 2009. The stadium was officially opened and inaugurated in 2010. It was built by Sungard Global and designed by Billingeburg & Co. A new light rail terminal has been built near the stadium for fans' convenience.

4 - 4 - 2
style modifier: +1
R. Fernandes
Aas - Bernstein - Correia - Fabian
Snajdr - Zabar (C) - Jayamanna (VC) - Saifi
Kallstrom - Voloshyn

If my opponent RPs first they have my permission to:
Choose my starting lineup: N
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: N

Head Coach History
1 Otto von Linkworth 11 - 10 - 9 30
2 Stan Mystic 2 - 1 - 4 7 [the latest data after the 85th Cup of Harmony]
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Postby Indusse » Fri May 05, 2023 4:10 am


Manager/Coach: Shane Newman (Commonwealth of Baker Park)
Sponsors: Fiarti Automobiles
Trigamme: INS
Players in camp: 18
Fanbase: The Flocking Blues

The Squad

GK 1 Steve Leghourn
GK 34 Akbar Ali
DF 6 Sampath Singh Aksinwala
DF 13 Mathias Paulson
DF 4 Aaron Mcmuller
DF 86 George Horsehood
DF 69 Sadin-al-kharushi
MD 16 Xing-hong-taw
MD 9 Alexis Budtedjson
MD 14 Djetson Hasle
MD 13 Raman Sreevastva
FD 12 Rahul B Kumar
FD 7 Bechun Butea
FD 11 Antonio Mersias (c)
FD 55 Kishen Rajpoot
FD/MD 100 Goblin Grundjee
MD 8 Abdul Khaseem
DF 41 Gregor Tempetson
DF 91 Mark Millwood
GK 101 Jahangir Shehzad
FD 76 Mahadev Bhattacharya
MF 99 Harish Kangara
Bolded Players are the Playing XI

About the Manager

Shane Newman is a Baker Park born, who took the chance to become the first NT boss for Havynwilde with an understanding that he would have time & resources to build from scratch. He was hounded by negative media coverage, the unrealisitc expectations of supporters & the governing body, and no investment to correct the dearth of talent in the domestic league. He was unceremoniously fired while out of the country on holiday. He'll consider his time there a learning experience. Was the chief defensive architect for the BPNT in the first three WC cycles.Aged 49 and married with three children--a boy and two girls--he will look to the domestic league for talent by focusing on technique, pace, and positional flexibility.

The Playing XI

#1 Steve Leghorn (Goalkeeper)
Steve Leghorn, that name when spoken in Indusse creates a legendary vibe. If anyone asks an Indussean who's your favourite goalkeeper, they would say without wasting a second that it's none other than Steve. Steve is well known due to his performance and his charitable trust. He's a well known figure in the nation who could be a political mastermind. He started his career in Trau de Mongers FC, a local football club in Southbay which soon died after his transfer. His quality performance in the club got him a direct ticket to Southbay Riveria FC B team and soon into the main team. He played for three seasons for Southbay and won the Golden Gloves award in all the seasons. His omnipresent performance got him into the national camp and get him into the best Goalkeeper the nation has ever seen. After this transfer from Southbay to Dhalopura FC, he's been winning all the Golden Gloves in the participated seasons without giving others a chance to snatch them. He's the real saviour of Indusse, saving the nation from the cannon ball like opponent goal shots.

#6 Sampath Singh Aksinwala (Defender)
The Aksinwalas are a well known wrestling clan in Sindvpore. They are those people out there who smash everyone down who stands against them. Sampath Singh Aksinwala could have followed his family customs and traditions and become a wrestling champion smashing all down like a rock. Well, he had started his sporting career as a wrestler back in his 13s but he slowly got interested in soccer and with his fit physique he was a perfect fit for a defender. At his early years, he always got red cards in his matches since he used to throw his opponents away thinking that he is wrestling. The Local Clubs still gave him chance to play and he slowly changed his wrestling in soccer into total defender football. He started to be known all over Sindvpore and he got another call from Sindvpore FC. He still plays for Sindvpore FC and played a major role in their Liga Prima Victory and FFI Cup Victory. He is now the vice captain of Sindvpore FC and is a really important member of the Indussean National Team.

#13 Mathias Paulson (Defender)
Mathias Paulson born to a wealthy Syrian Christian family in Southbay. He wasn't a soccer maniac or something, who would have started playing for clubs before teenage. He started playing at the age of fifteen for several local clubs including his school and college clubs. After this Sport Medicine graduation from Saint Louis Holiness College in Jawaruyah, he got a mail from the Jawaruyah XI FC for being a defence and fitness co trainer. With his outmost hardwork in the game, he soon won a lot of awards and got a call from Rockies International FC for being their defender. He soon left Jawaruyah for Rockies Islands, it was his perfect defending which let the club rise from Division to to Primary Division tournament Liga Prime. The Team reached top three of the primary division tournament after his arrival and he also received a lot of awards for his play. With his arrival in Liga Prime and as a successor to former Rockies Defender Maryland Bruno (Maryland is his nickname because he used to run a cookie brand called Maryland Food), he got into the radar of National team selectors. He later got the call of the selectors to join the national team camp which was the turnover in his career. He soon became a well known defender in the nation and the captain of Rockies International FC.

#4 Aaron McMuller (defender)
Aaron McMuller, born as Aaron Davis Miller is a thirty five year old defender who earned fame during the early transition period. He started playing for Malta FC at the age of Eighteen since his father was the owner of the club. Eventhough it's an unconstitutional admission to the club, he later got to be the key player of the team. His direct ticket to the club without any obstacles made his way to the national camp easy. His defensive analysis gameplay got famed through out Malta and it's neighborhood provinces of Sindvpore and Cheralam. With the fame rising and clubs waiting to get him to their home, the national team selectors caught on him and added him into the national team squad list. Everything was quick for him, the transition from a club player into a professional footballer. The transition from a rich kid into a really rich earning star. The transition from slow paced defense into quick defense and counter strikes... Everything. He is also known as the only defender in Indusse who has scored 100 goals in their domestic history.

#9 Alexis Budtedjson (Mid Fielder)
Alexis Budtedjson, that's the name of the all in all of pass gameplay. Budtedjson has been a major part of the team in every international match played. He has been scoring goals, defending goals and making ways for goals. A complete footballer they say, he's having the chance to be the next captain of Indusse if he doesn't retire. Alexis was born as a neighbor to Baskar Kumar and has been his childhood friend. Both of them started to chase their dreams together and it was Alexis who got into professional football first. Alexis started his professional career with New Hind City FC B team. His perfect play, in the B team got him into Dhalopura FC. His best career club ever, Dhalopura FC got him into fame and later Gav him the ticket to National Team. He scored his first international goal in his debut match and he says that it's his favourite memory. He later got transferred into Sindvpore FC and has been playing for the team. During the colonial era in Indusse, he started working for the national police force (NPF) and he got promoted into the assistant commissioner of Hind City. His wife, Samantha Budtedjson is a well known tennis player of Indusse. She's currently playing in the NSTT for Indusse.

#14 Djetson Hazle (Mid Fielder)
Born as Djetson Hazlett to Dr. Henry Hazlett and Maria Henry in Sindvpore, Djetson change his surname at the age of sixteen to Hazle for joining film industry since there was a prominent star "Philip Hazlett" existing. He couldn't do much in the film industry, which changed his route into football. He played for the national U-18 team due to his absolutely commendable performance for his club Sindvpore FC. His performance also brought him into the national team and got himself as.a key player. He still plays for Sindvpore FC and took part in the Championship of FFI. He is married to Katherine Hazlett, daughter of film star Philip Hazlett. Katherine is also a prominent film star in Indusse. Hazle also took part in futsal and also tried a hand in hockey. But he later realised that he was made for professional soccer.

#12 Rahul B Kumar (Forward)
Rahul B Kumar was born to the legendary soccer star, Baskar H Kumar as his only child in Derasar, Hind. Derasar is an offshore resort island owned by Baskar Kumar and David Beckem. Rahul was born to him when he and his wife was spending their vacation in Derasar. Rahul was send to Valley Bound International School in New Hind City to complete his primary education. At the age of 8, he got himself in the school's junior team and his performance got him to be the captain and at age of 12 as the School team's captain. Just like his father, Rahul took the path to be a striker and sharpshooter. At the age of 15, he got to be part of Hind City FC's B Team and also the Under-16 National Team. His colleague Goblin Grundjee got themselves to the national team. His performance for the under-16s and 19s brought them to the spotlight making way to the national team. They currently play for Neagra FC in the Liga Prime and at the same time they're taking BTech in Sanātana Dharma College, Hind City.

#7 Bechun Butea (Forward)
Once the best substitute to Baskar Kumar, now he faces a lot of competition from his fellow mates out there.Born to the family of footballers, Bechun didn't face any difficulty to choose his career. At the age of seven, his father admitted him to a local coaching center and with the basic skills got him into the Sindvpore Football Federation Training Center. Bechun's father was Takawilaka Butea, who got elected as the President of Sindvpore Football Federation. Bechun played his first professional match for Sindvpore FC and got transferred into Southbay Riveria FC. He later scored a lot of Goals opening his way to the national camp. He played as a captain substitute and vice captain of the national team and captain of Southbay Riveria FC until Baskar Kumar joined. He also played a major role in the Goblin Humanoid Project which created Goblin Grundjee, who's the first non human national player in Indusse. A football goblin was Bechun's idea. He also got the National Sports Academy Mentor post and is currently the cheif mentor of U-18 national team. His brother, Lalguvasara is the coach of Malta FC and his son Jackson Butea is playing for Sindvpore FC under 18 team.

#11 Antonio Mersiás (Forward)
The second youngest recruit in the camp, Antonio Mersiás is a well known youth idol in the nation. He was the captain of Indussean youth team in the Sporting World Cup. He led the team into the semi finals of the tournament till they lost to Starblaydia's young guns. He was born in Karadawadi, a county in Dhalopura to Francis Antony, who was a carpenter and Selina Francis. He lived as a poor kid going to the village school who wasn't so good at academics but bright in sports. His quality sporting skills caught the eyes of the headmaster there, who admitted him to the local football training sessions. The headmaster soon send him to the Jawal-Biesse the nearest city for his studies. He played for the Jawal-Biesse FC for three years and captained the team until he was called to play for the Dhalopura FC. He got selected to the U-18 team as soon as he played his first match for Dhalopura FC. His quality play in the club also got him promoted as the captain of the youth team. His awesome, historical performance for the youth team got him a quick ticket to the National Team Camp. He is currently an important part of the national team who cannot be replaced easily.

#100 Goblin Grundjee (Forward)
Goblin Grundjee who is the first ever non-human sportsperson from Indusse. The Grundjee's are one of the families of the Goblin species that was created by the scientists by DNA Modelling. The scientists created a new race of Goblins through gene editing and combining the DNAs of Humans with certain animals and Algae. The goblin species were divided into three families were Grundjees are one of the major part. The other two families are called Mithys and Auris. The current members of the grundjee family is Colonel Grundjee who is a Colonel in the royal army of Indusse. The gene of colonel Grundjee was created by merging the genes of three colonels of the army with the genes of a eagle and the green algae. The green algae plays a necessary role in getting the green Color of the skin. The other member is Goblin Grundjee who is currently playing for the juniors. His gene was created by merging the genes of David Bekem, a former football and of a wild horse. The green algae is also a necessary part of the composition. The grundjee family has the green composition of skins due to green algae. Whereas, Mithys has a brownish red skin due to the presence of Blue-green Algae with Iron sediments, Auris family has the skin Color of a normal human as there isn't any presence of algae. The skin textures and patterns of the goblins are same as the humans and the color is the only thing that can discriminate it with humans. The scientific community believe that the goblin race will create revolution in the world of science. The creation of Goblin Grundjee was overseen by fellow player Bechun Butea who also played a major role in bringing Grundjee as a experimental player. Well, Grundjee is currently one of the best strikers the nation has seen.

Home Ground

The Aditya Varma Kulashekara International Stadium, is home to the Flocking Blues and is the largest sports stadium in the nation. The Aditya Varma Kulashekara International Stadium can hold 131,561 spectators in normal cases. The most attendance recorded for an event in the stadium was 148,241 spectators. This historical event happened long before the current stadium had been built. The former stadium known as IFA International Stadium had just a capacity of 108,112 and the event was the Sworn-in of Baskar H Kumar as the first president of the Indusse. In other words, the sworn in was also the same as the nation's independence day. The most spectators for a match was recorded as 118,232 spectators for a match between Indusse and Pratapgadh which was once a derby match.

This Stadium was built first by Aditya Varma Kulashekara, the emperor of Indusse at his reign. The stadium was built as part of giving the Indussean Football Association, a home ground. The Stadium at its beginning had a capacity of 62,122 spectators and was later increased to 97,783. The Stadium also in the past hosted the home matches of Royal Hind City FC (Currently, New Hind City FC) and Hind United FC (Currently dissolved). The Hind United FC got dissolved into Royal Hind City FC and the club through enough funding brought some land near the Darbar Halls and built a stadium there which currently serves as their home ground and the nation's secondary home ground. The IFA Stadium was built close to the Hind River and was surrounded by small forests. The place then known to be Kadaathaaaru was chosen for the stadium, the name literally meant to be "Forest River". The stadium continued to host the nation's home matches until the IFA was disbanded after the invasion of the Islamic Conquerors. The Dari Sultanate rulers took over the nation and placed a ban on all sort of native entertainment including music and sports. The stadium was taken under the custody of the Dari Military and was converted into a arena to propagate Dari Propoganda. The Stadium was renamed as Neimat Abdullah Arena and the capacity was increased to 108,112. The Neimat Abdullah Arena also became the public execution grounds of Natives in Indusse. The Dari Supressed Native Freedom Fighters were beheaded, hanged and shot dead at these grounds. After the Independence, the stadium was renamed as IFA Stadium and held the nation's first independence day celebrations. After a few years, it was renamed to Aditya Varma Kulashekara International Stadium and the capacity was increased to 131,561. The Government then also decided to set up a monument for the natives who were killed by the supression. The Divya Azadi Stambh (Divine Freedom Pillar) located in the stadium complex is the so called monument. This Pillar is an important part of the nation's independence day celebrations.

NT Kits

The Kits have been designed by the Audioslavian Kitmakers Kirola, Kirola would be the new kit suppliers for the national team since the contract with Ediraf has expired.


Style Modifier: +2

My Opponents, if they RP first. Can do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: No

NS Sports
Conflict of Interests
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Postby Juvencus » Fri May 05, 2023 4:18 am



Information about Juvencus:
Capital: Pomena
Population: 130,656,702 ethnic Juven, with a total of 150,048,720 including naturalised immigrants.
Demonym: Juven
Country Code: JUE
Football Association: JFA(Juven Football Association)
Nicknames: Gli attaccanti(The attackers), La squadra(The team)
Football philosophy: At this point, to play football in Juvencus you need to understand that no matter who you are, pushing forward is the MOST essential core value you can bring in your game. Both strikers and defenders alike are equally likely to strike from any range at any time. Defense is not neglected, but is not as valued as being a scary goalscorer up front.
Official Record(WCC-Sanctioned only): 372 Games played(194 W - 77 D - 101 L)

La Squadra:



This is a spot traditionally given to the players with the fastest reaction times and the grit to withstand the pressure of being the goalkeeper in a team that cares way more to attack than to defend. Despite the shit they receive in comparison to the rest of the team, those are true inspirations on the pitch and are always treated as such by players and other managers alike.

GK:Juan Carlos Ungaro(Age 25)(U.S Scudelli)
Description: Taddeo Bulgari's retirement from international football has basically paved the way for Juan Carlos Ungaro to showcase his goalkeeping abilities on the big stage as la squadra's main goalkeeper. A positionally adept goalkeeper with a keen eye and focus on the game and with fast reflexes to top it all off. He is the perfect goalkeeper to sustain many oppositional attacks when it matters most.

GK:Sócrates Wright(Age 23)(AC Pomena)
Description: Wright might be a surprise entry in this list. But fret not as he possesses undeniably the best vision out of any goalkeeper in the Campionato and has managed to save the AC Pomena side from multiple embarrassments with his excellent leaps and heroics. He is a clutch goalkeeper and perfect for saving penalties.

GK:Iago Asputti(Age 26)(Pesebal BalunImage)
Description: Tremendously talented keeper known for his acrobatics due to his relatively short stature for a goalkeeper. Despite equal in skill to the other two, he lacks focus under pressure in comparison to them which puts him down to third choice.


The defender's position is always kept for players who are speedy, positionally adept and physically strong for their size and usually either have excellent leadership skills, game intelligence or a hot-headedness and most of a time a combination of the three. It is a position that also lacks the respect it deserves in Juven society, but it is one that is necessary in order to make it easier for the goalkeeper and the team as a whole.

CB:Carlo Callejon(Age 28)(Brattleboro FCImage)(Second Captain) (Captain)
Description: Callejon is a player that works on spite heavily, improving at a faster rate when there is more than win to gain. He is quick, and while hot-headed manages to at least keep his composure when he is pocketing strikers of all shapes and sizes. He possesses an accurate tackle and will rarely, if ever, get carded for that. He is also a leading presence in the pitch and will finally be getting the captain's armband this cycle.

CB:Pau Puig(Age 25)(AS AS Aguajú)
Description: Puig is a giant flesh wall to get through, while slow, he tends to position himself right and is impossible to dribble past. Other than that, he is also able to keep his teammates in check when it really matters(due to his imposing nature, but is prone to outbursts sometimes) and is very football-smart. He is also the defence's only reliable aerial duel winner, winning most, if not all aerial duels he participates in.

CB:Carlos Coste(Age 24)(Glenmount TownImage)
Description: Coste is a more offense-oriented defender as he has an eagle eye, with a good crossing ability. Carlos Coste is very focused in the game and possesses highly accurate passing that is useful for fast counter-attacks. He is the most level-headed defender which makes him an excellent replacement to his predecessor Izotz Ibarra.

CB:Lucia Agnelli(Age 24)(Victoriaville CityImage)
Description: Positionally adept with great tackling ability. Lucia Agnelli has all that is required of a Juven defender. Due to her small stature and short gravity center, she is also able to attempt risky dribbles on the defensive side with a high success rating.

CB:Izotz Ibarra(Age 35)(AC Pomena)
Description: Ibarra is no player to quit, he is still a strong positioned player and has an infamous crossing ability that few Juven players possess. Age might be creeping onto him but most of the time he will still perform as if he is in his peak years. He is still the main mentor for the younger defenders that he has bonded with over the years. He will be stepping to a substitute role to promote the younger defenders to the position from earlier on, however he will be the rock of the backline in more impportant matchdays.


A midfielder is always a maestro on the pitch and depending on which side of the midfield they are in, their characteristics change. There's no pure centrocampista in Juvencus, instead players play as offensive-minded CDM's in the middle of the field. Those players usually have vision, exceptional passing or crossing and usually dictate the speed of the attack, the most necessary element of this team's tactics. They also fall back to form a bus when deemed absolutely necessary. In the sides, you have wide midfielders who act as supplementary wingers, players with speed who can provide to the wingers or the forwards when necessary. As such, you get to see fast players with great inward crossing and forward passing.

CDM:Pierre-Didier Kouyaté(Age 28)(U.S Scudelli)
Description: The half-Banijan mastermind of the team, Kouyaté has always been dubbed as the successor of Russo when it comes to his playstyle. Much like him, he will dictate the speed and pace of la squadra's play, with an excellent vision and brilliant passing ability to show for it, which contributes to the high amount of assists he provides. He can also fulfill the duties of a supplementary defender, as he possesses iron lungs and can move freely all around the pitch. He was a testiculos nominee for the last season.

CDM:Félix Sissoko(Age 25)(Kingston FCImage)
Description: When in need, call Sissoko. Sissoko can instigate attacks out of thin air with a simple cross, or just a pass. His vision allows him to be always updated on the game. Though not as endurant as his partner in crime, he makes up for it by being in the right place at the right time and playing his game. He is also lucky enough to have a slightly better chemistry with his squadmates than other players, no matter the enviroment.

RM:Simon Oliveira(Age 25)(Newark ArgyleImage)
Description: Simon Oliveira is very much a nuisance to play against, a swift dribbler, excellent passer with a high chance of raining long-distance attempts at a goal or assist, the Osci side's prospect has potential only few players could ever have. Lots of rumors see him returning to the Campionato for a chance at glory, however he is also keen on the improvement of his -formerly- native Oscioru.

LM:Michelangelo Santini(Age 30)(Dhun Lagarr FCImage)
Description: Santini is the fastest sprinter on the pitch. That is not his only trait, however as his speed usually gives him a lot of space to work with and organise multiple attacks from the sides, with a lot of volleys and crosses coming from his part to provide for a lot of goals that the team is meant to score.

CDM:Josefina Portieri(Age 25)(TihonImage)
Description: Josefina Portieri is a classic example of an accurate Juven passer and strong long distance shooter, traits that give her a commanding presence on the pitch. She is a player that can quickly change the tide of the game if given enough space, either by a surprise through-ball or even a goal out of nowhere. She is also a very technical player, with exceptional dribbling ability and is great at carrying the ball forward. At times she can be very impatient with the ball on her feet, but that adds up to the element of surprise she can offer.

CDM:Giuseppe Conte(Age 26)(U.S Scudelli)
Description: Giuseppe Conte is not the flashiest player in the team, however he has extremely effective crosses, owing to his high football iq as well as a sickening ball handling technique that makes it hard to get the ball away from him. Aside from that, he is also one of the few free kick specialists of the team.

RM:Júlien Cantù(Age 33)(Dhun Lagarr FCImage)
Description: Cantù has always been the orchistrator of right wing offenses, an accurate passer and pretty decent dribbler, he sticks to the sidelines most of the time. Might give that cheeky unexpected assist from out of nowhere and is also a very keen goalscorer especially from mid-range since he has a very odd shooting technique that gives any ball that jabulani(stole that from RLStates, ha) effect.

RM:Chimo Quaranta(Age 26)(AC Pomena)
Description: Chimo Quaranta is the definition of speed and intelligence, a mirror of Santini, yet slightly more intelligent with the ball on his feet and instead of being a faithful crosser, he prefers to keep the ball low while choosing volleys on occassion, with high levels of success.

LM:Lucien Cavallo(Age 28)(AC Pomena)
Description: AC Pomena's midfield menace, Cavallo is a flexible midfielder, often times switching sides in the midfield in an attempt to find the perfect position to orchistrate an organised attack which works most of the time. While not directly scoring or assisting much, his input is of utmost importance as he starts a number of frontline offensives which lead to goals.

LM:Carla Acquati(Age 24)(AC CuttiImage)
Description: Carla Acquati is an expert at making the long game. She is speedy, yet she also has the stamina of a marathon sprinter, players going up against her have been reported to fall on the ground. She was pivotal in AC Cutti's double.


A position held with the utmost respect as it has the most prestige in Juven football. The task to be picked for it is simple, you should know both how to score and how to supply goals. It is a position that has the most competition, as most talented Juven players are up in front and are very known across the multiverse for their prowess in front of the goal. As such, it is a position with a lot of pressure to be in, much like the goalkeeper. Wingers are fast, brilliant technicians who are excellent suppliers and have a confusingly good shooting technique. Strikers on the other, they have a strong finishing touch akin to an unstoppable force on a consistent level.

RF:Joao Pereyra(Age 26)(BrinemouthImage)
Description: A gifted technical player with the ball always stuck on his feet no matter how many people try to stop him. Once given the space, his finishing could be considered one of the most clinical in the team. While he also does not shy away from providing tons of assists for his teammates, since his exceptional dribbling allows him to open up space to use. Being a starter for one of the strongest teams in the multiverse in perhaps the strongest league in the multiverse, we are looking at a man who knows business.

LF:Ganymede Garcia(Age 25)(MipojoseonImage)
Description: Garcia is a big game player right off the bat as he will score that one random header or tap-in when you least expect it, a figure which shows how much of an instrumental finisher he is. With traits like that, he is perhaps the team's only remaining true poacher up front, despite his winger status. In Quebec, he has been playing out of position in the place of a central midfielder, but somehow he has managed to prove himself extremely pivotal in that position as well. He earned a testiculos nomination for a position he is not meant to be playing at, an indication of his class and adaptability.

CF:Julio Campana(Age 25)(New Lakeland Soccer ClubImage)
Description: Julio Campana comes from a bloodline of goalscorers. A strong right foot, he usually scores rockets when it comes to scoring from long distance and usually prefers to use his weaker left foot for chips and close-range shooting, for extra efficacy. He has a devastating header with a high goal percentage which is owed to the fact that his explosive jumps make him perfect for winning aerial duels. He has proven himself to be one of Cassadaigua's finest strikers, having won every trophy available to him in such a short span.

LF:Joaquim Martell(Age 39)(Ausharmuj MarusiImage)
Description: Despite his age, he remains the team's most technically sound player with his golden touch. That left foot can score any kind of goal from any side of the pitch, he can provide assists, he is still the most terrifying Juven presence on the pitch and for some reason he does not seem to be slowing down, being fast and agile still. The most legendary player in Juven history by far, he is looked up universally by everyone on the team. This will be his last cycle in la squadra and he has decided to step down from the starting XI despite Madeiros -and the rest of the team's- pleads to keep him in for one last ride. He believes that the young players approaching their peak will be more effective than he will be at his current state.

LF:Edu Coste(Age 25)(AC Pomena)
Description: Coste has a specific dribble that is always expected, yet impossible to stop no matter what you do. An inwards cut that came out from the book performed at such a speed that not even the most experienced defenders can stop and to top it all off, he has a shot with a fine finesse to it, making him one of the team's deadliest finishers.

RF:Patxi Etxeberria(Age 34)(AC Pomena)
Description: Etxerberria has decided to give some playing time to the younger generation by stepping down and becoming a substitution, so that there is more fluidity up front. That should not fool you however as he is still a dangerous player to play against and his numbers in the Campionato as well as international club competitions show for it.

RF:Gilberto Soares(Age 26)(U.S Scudelli)
Description: Though normally a deadly striker, Gilberto Soares possesses explosive speed which allows him to be dangerous out of dead air, which is a very critical trait for a winger and a player who could just not be left out of the team. He also possess cat-like leaps that allow him to jump high in the air, giving him an advantadge in headers.

CF:Giordano Limene(Age 29)(Garden CityImage)
Description: Limene is on fire, an unstoppable attacking machine that keeps on scoring and scoring with every given opportunity. Despite a long waiting time for his engines to start, when they do start, they do not stop no matter how many walls will be put on that defensive line. An innate ability for curved shots, it is very hard for any goalkeeper to stand a chance against him. He has been unstoppable in the Flavovespian league, bringing terror to the sides he has played against.

CF:Benedikto Urruchi(Age 26)(Gehrenna FCImage)
Description: If not for the generational talent of Campana, he would be the main striker for the team for years to come, he will be his scariest competition however. He is a clinical finisher, able to use both feet with high efficacy and is also incredibly fast. There is no way to stop him other than to foul him endlessly. He is also a penalty and free kick specialist, with a high conversion rate for both.

CF:Ceferino Audiol(Age 24)(Kirkenes FCImage)
Description: A hard worker that proved himself in the Quebecois league now finding himself in the Kelssek league. Spectacular in the air, he is known for catching headers better than most players while his footwork is not to be dismissed. He is a clinical finisher and much necessary in the depth of the most coveted spot in the national team.

CF:Adamantina Campana(Age 20)(Cordasfjord FCImage)
Description: The youngest of the Campana siblings, Adamantina Campana grew up to be just like them. She has all the traits of a deadly striker, positional awareness, accurate shooting, scary finishing, strength, heading. You name it, she has it. Alongside that, she also inherited the cold-bloodedness of her family in situations under pressure. All in all, a perfect striker.


Madeiros, seeing how the depth experiment performed in the 7 Nations Cup has decided to provide 2 reserve teams that may play against teams in the lower pots. He has named the teams "Equipo Arragoeta" and "Equippe 7NC".

GK:Olarre Gabarri(Age 30)(U.S Remeno)
CB:Gustavo Serbo(Age 27)(FC Herone)
CB:Salvo Baldi(Age 22)(Herona Calcio)
CB:Loane Acqua(Age 25)(FC Piluzzi)
CDM:Teodora Garcia(Age 31)(FC Piluzzi)
CDM:Vitale Cino(Age 27)(AC Picilia)
RM:Ekain Zuñiga(Age 34)(AS Aguajú)
LM:Léo Henriques(Age 31)(Herona Calcio)
LF:Sergio Freitas(Age 26)(FC Piluzzi)
RF:Maria Zambrotta(Age 26)(North LaithlandImage)
CF:Demetra Armando(Age 21)(Herona Calcio)
GK:Luisinho Palazzo(Age 31)(Odiol Vinceti)
CB:Ottavio Perot(Age 24)(USC Toro)
CB:Teodora Alberto(Age 32)(Canzaria FCImage)
CB:Carlos Salucci(Age 37)(Union OsceImage)
CDM:Oliviero Traversa (Age 26)(AC Picilia)
CDM:Belinha Leone(Age 29)(AC Pomena)
RM:Moïse Naggi(Age 26)(U.S Scudelli)
LM:Teofilo Greco(Age 28)(AS Aguajú)
RF:Tatiana Vicario (Age 21)(AS Aguajú)
LF:Pompeo Tailler (Age 31)(Union JuvenImage)
CF:Angelina Turati (Age 27)(FC Herone)

Main formation:


Main Coach:Dudu Madeiros
Junior Coach:Nino Russo
Assistant Coach:Calixto Conti
Assistant Coach:Sebastian Galletti
Team Doctor:Carlo Micheli
Team Physician:Mathis Rotolo

Roster comments: The team has virtually no changes in its main core, but with the inclusion of reserve teams the main players are bound to be getting some rest as Madeiros will be looking to bring back rotated lineups so that every player gets some playing time. Seeing as the team managed to finish 3rd in both Cup of Harmony and the Independents Cup it is presented with the following issues. Having a talented group of footballers with a good mixture of old and young is always an advantadge but losing two semi-finals in a row is a big issue and Madeiros will be looking to work on that. With the first objective achieved which was reaching the World Cup(and oh boy did they achieve it in a grand fashion), Madeiros and gli attaccanti will be looking towards capturing the grand prize of the Independents for the first time in history.

The Juven national team supports a free Qusmo! Thank you for the kits, uni-q!

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, light ones only
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, 3 per game and notify me in TGs or discord for which players you carded
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, 1 per game and notify me in TGs or discord for which players you carded
Godmod other events: Depends on severity, TG me or message me through discord for more
Style modifier: +5
The Holy Empire of Juvencus

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Starsian Football Team

If my opponent roleplays first, they may:
Choose my starting lineup: N (its always the same 11 unless i let you know otherwise beforehand)
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y (Be reasonable)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (Be reasonable)
Godmod other events: Y (Again, keep it within reason)

Style mod +2

The Blue Wolves

Team Management
Coach: Rose Gabin (31) (Chromatika)
Assistant Coach: Julian Saturn (45)
Coach Attack: Victor Demonio (47)
Coach Defense: Klara Jenssen (36)
Coach Goalkeepers: Tom Feeney (34)

Team Medic: Elay Rodham (36)
Physio: Tessa Gardner (37)
Scout: Troy Rockwell (45)

The team

GK - Andrea Peradonna (29) Mount Olympus FC
GK - Alina Petrov (26) Ancient Forest FC
GK - Calvin Princeton (30) Cascade Academy (47 caps)

LB - Petra Rafaelov (25) Amazona United (12 caps)
LB - Bastian Schmidt (31) Ancient Forest FC
LB - Maddie Saturn (24) Equinox United
CB - Jade Williams (24) Blizzard Academy
CB - Naimee Chiruchu (22) Ancient Forest FC
CB - Latisha Serrano (28) Mount Olympus FC (12 caps)
CB - Federico Zaratti (27) Phoenix United (16 caps)
CB - Gaelle Moreau (24) Rose Gryphon FC
CB - Daisy Moreno (31) Phoenix United (3 caps)
RB - Sarah Nolan (31) Amazona United (12 caps)
RB - Samir Arash (25) Desert Lions FC
RB - Elina Kovalenko (29) Ancient Forest FC (2 caps)

LM - Ozan Karazhan (26) Desert Lions
LM - Daria Ivanova (27) Ancient Forest FC
LM - Bertha Bernard (29) Phoenix United (22 caps 5 goals)
CM - Nino Espinoza (27) Mount Olympus FC (2 caps)
CM - Xavier Dupont (25) Rose Gryphon FC
CM - Joy Sol (25) Equinox United (12 caps 1 goal)
RM - Layla Raharinaivo (25) Amazona United (12 caps 2 goals)
RM - Diego Ortega (23) Desert Lions FC
RM - Nemo Torres (29) Phoenix United

LW - Joyce Villegas (28) Mount Olympus FC (25 caps 5 goals)
LW - Amber Sunday (25) Blizzard Academy
LW - Elizabeth Phillips (21) Pegasus Orb
ST - Holly Moonlight (29) Blizzard Academy (35 caps 30 goals)
ST - Kai Schulz (23) Ancient Forest
ST - Christian Fourseasons (28) Mount Olympus (13 cap 7 goals)
RW - Jocelyn Pineda (32) Mount Olympus FC (12 caps 2 goals)
RW - Noëlia Borov (28) Cascade Academy (5 caps 1 goal)
RW - Victoria Tolisso (26) Phoenix United (2 caps)

Inactive: Kira Blade (29) Omega (60 caps 4 goals)

Team Information

Player Noted here below are regular starters, if under any cirucumstances they can't play any name can be filled in as long as its the same postion as the player who is missing.
If you are unsure on what to do you can always TG me.
Standard Line-up: (expected starters) if there is any diffrence in the line up i will let you know beforehand either through DM on discord or by TG on Nationstates.

GK - Calvin Princeton
LB - Petra Rafaelov
CB - Federico Zaratti
CB - Latisha Serrano
RB - Sarah Nolan
LM - Bertha Bernard
CM - Joy Sol
RM - Layla Raharinaivo
LW - Joyce Villegas
ST - Christian Fourseasons
RW - Jocelyn Pineda


Recent history

The Starsian National Football Team is The 14 Stars's national squad in association soccer competitions for national associations across the entire multiverse world of soccer.
There have been alot of changes since their last appearance in the World Cup 91 qualifiers, the league was shortly abolished because it had imploded from financial issues.
With new teams and management the national team has gotten back on its feet and is currently led by young Chromatik Rose Gabin who hopes to achieve new success just like our national team's players.

With years of abscence football has been losing popularity to the point it became dangerous, but now everything is back on track new players have been chosen and new names appear.
Former leading players have assumed leadership roles and are currently working hard to getting Starsian football back to its old form fierce and enjoyable as it always used to be.
With all those new faces the team lacks alot of experience and for many players their international experience is zero which will for the coming years put great pressure on those who have that experience like Kira Blade, Holly Moonlight, Calvin Princeton and Federico Zaratti among others.

Tactical Set-Up

The Starsian side is a very skilled team with a very high team chemistry and morale combining it with their quick paced game they are an opponent for all teams to watch out for due to their offensive style.
They play in a 4-3-3 which through the match can be changed to various other formations suiting the game that they play however they are an offensive team loving to have possesion of the ball.
It is know the Starsian team loves game control, taking the initiative and play their best, they are more willing to play a great game of soccer rather then simply getting a good result.

Left Corner Taker: Bertha Bernard
Right Corner Taker: Bertha Bernard
Penalties: Christian Fourseasons
Direct FK Taker: Bertha Bernard
Indirect FK Taker: Layla Raharinaivo
Most likely to foul/be booked: Sarah Nolan
Most likely to shoot: Christian Fourseasons
Most likely to score from close-range: Christian Fourseasons
Most likely to score from long-range: Christian Fourseasons
Most likely to be fouled: Joyce Villegas
Most likely to attempt the spectacular: Layla Raharinaivo

Star players

Calvin Princeton
Its hard to be a goalkeeper and a star player at the same time, however this individual Calvin Princeton shows that it is more then possible with his spirit and motivational character.
He is a reliable pillar of support for the team both on and off the field who knows his teammates and what drives them, combined with some incredible goalkeeping talent hes is the number 1 goalie of the country now.
Others describe him as a sort of big brother to them, he can listen to others very well although he is not really talkative when he isn't in goal or doing anything soccer related.
He is the mark of a new generation of goalies that play more daring and play with the team instead of leading them without confidence.

Federico Zaratti
One of the very few players on the defense with some experience, Federico is the son of Gianna Zaratti who also played for our team and was a very good midfielder back in the old days.
Sadly Federico has seen the rise and fall of Starsian football and now has to deal with an inexperienced team that has quality but not the right mentality and is in a negative mood to some degree because of the past chaos.
Federico is a very skillled defender and most likely the best one currently around, many fans have their hopes on him that he can build with the new players on a strong defense.

Christian Fourseasons
Also described as the man with the ridiculous long surname this man knows how to score, he's been doing it for years but always stood in the shadow of Holly Moonlight who made name and fame.
Currently under new coach Rose Gabin a new course has been set and Fourseasons is chosen as the striker and the person who is tasked with bringing in goals and wins for his team.
He is an experienced striker with confidence and the ability to coordinate well with his team members and he hopes to become the new post-collapse Starsian Ace striker.
Its not the only change but its the most wanted one among the fans finding Fourseasons very underrated for the amount of work he has done through his career on domestic ground, others find that Moonlight unfairly got striker because of her famous name and youth experience.
However with this man up front any defense is bound to fall, he is the ''God of goals'' of the country.

Kira Blade
Kira Blade, currently not active due to her pregnancy but still nonetheless a player that earns her spot here, there is no name on the team that can replace her among notable players.
Kira has the skill, the name, the experience and most importantly Kira has a very kind personality which she uses to elevate any team shes in to heights they never imagined to be possible.
In an earlier interview Kira has said she is planning on many more years and to also lead this new generation of players after her into the right way until they are able to take over.
Marcus Blade is her father and the president of the Starsian Football Association, people who believe shes mentioned because of her dad are very wrong.
Kira has won many titles and also awards on her name for best player and it even goes so far that she's been crowned the best player of the entire decade a decade which even Flare who is now retired was active in, Kira is the only player who played with the old veterans.

Team Kits




Stadium Information

All Starsian home matches will be played in the brand new, Starset stadium created for the national team only with the purpose on training, playing games and living at the complex.

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The Spartan Dominion
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Postby The Spartan Dominion » Fri May 05, 2023 6:40 am

1. Joe random - goalkeeper
2. Magic Lawrence - right fullback
3. Frank Caldwell - left fullback
4. Lamb Marriot - right fullback,
5. Hermon Stewart - centre halfback
6. Harriet Hibben - left halfback
7. River Ray - right winger, Captain
8. Ferret Dence - right inside forward
9. Harold Lawrence - centre forward
10. Jasper lamb - left inside forward
11. Stewart Stanton - left winger

Gabriel Merget
Stan Elliot
Keel Sasha
Anthony Neil

Penalties: Random, Ray
Free-kicks: Stanton, Ray
Corners: Stanton, Ray
Throw-ins: Lamb, Ray

Most likely to...
Score from open play: Marriot, Merget, Ray
Score a header: Lawrence, Hibbin, Ray
Score from distance: Random, Sasha, Ray
Do a good run: Stanton, Lamb, Ray
Do a good pass: Stanton, Caldwell, Ray
Do a good tackle: Stewart, Lawrence, Ray
Do a bad tackle: Neil, Elliot, Dence

If my opponent roleplays first, they may:
Choose my starting lineup: N
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y (Be reasonable)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (Be reasonable)
Godmod other events: Y (Again, keep it within reason)

Nation History
The spartan dominion is a nation that was founded in January of 2023 with it being very sporty and competitive. this will be spartan dominion 9th international sporting event. The spartan dominion is a very Football driven nation with most of our sporting events being soccer. one of our most recent Football events was the Women's World Cup were we made it to the quarter finals.

Home: Red and blue checkers

away: red and blue stripes up and down

Goalie: Purple

Style modifier +5
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The Valentian International Football Association – IAC 18 – For 18 and Above. ♥


The Valentian Kittens had a long series of games ahead of them, and it would have seemed like they are never resting. They started with World Cup at first, and then its Cup of Harmony counterpart solely because it was more or less considered as consolidation to those nations that have fought on (in the fields, not literally and physically) pretty hard, but ultimately failed to make the cut. Then they went into IAC – Independent Cups – specifically for those nations that does not belong to the large sporting regions, and they did have some fair degree of success there. And of course, there is also their latest venture that is the TeaCup, one that has been organized by TeaFarmers, a futuristic nation that is based in the region of Sonnel. The TeaCup itself was the first football event for the Valentians that has a slightly different rule than that of the other international and interdimensional events that they’ve played in, and with a mix of wins and losses, the Kittens indeed made it to Group Y, with a comfortable overall ranking of 8th. All of these events would have made it seem like they are running on overdrive, around the clock, even.

Still, the Kittens never felt like they have been overpressured into winning, or that they have been going into these events one after another without a break. For all intents and purposes, the breaks and R&R that they got have always been more than adequate, and Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha – the team’s principal and manager, would ensure that her team is taken care of to a large extent. At one point, she did consider about hiring external person to act as a team’s manager, just like how Gwen also considered with her basketball team at one point. That in turn was ultimately dropped at the end of the day, and Clarissa would take it upon herself to run these events, and this includes her cloning herself so that the original can participate in NSSCRA, while the cloned version does the team management for World Cup. This would then be followed by Adriana – her spiritual sister – also running two at one time, with the original having delegated and devoted all of her time into NSSCRA, while it would be the cloned version that woud be running for the upcoming WGPC 20. That is, perhaps, for another time, at another point.

For the time being, it is time for the Valentian Kittens to get back into the helm again, and this time it’s for IAC 18. With the success that they have had – both in terms of performance and from what appear to be a series of polls and surveys that have been calculated meticulously – Valentine Z’s Kittens were rated at 17th out of the 90+ teams that have played in history of IAC. What they did not expect, however, was the appearance of something unlikely.

OOC NOTE: Previous uniforms below; I still didn’t have the time to make the new ones yet, sorry!

The Valentian Kittens' Roster

Team Manager / Captain: Exuberant Superintendent T-2000/2904-3 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi.

Current Roster: Formation 3-3-4 / 3 forward, 3 midfielders, 4 defenders, 1 goalkeeper.

Red = Injured and out, Green = Able to be substituted if you do injure my players; green players in order of preference of substitution.

# 8 - Josief A. Yandi Eko Yohanes Dharmawijaya - 244.12 cm - M - 35 - Gelora, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, Indonesia
# 4 - Eveline Valeria Annalise Tiêu Xuân Ngọc - 242.86 cm - F - 33 - Nam Từ Liêm, Hanoi, Vietnam
# 64 - Martina Anastasia Hedvig X. Luna Bukvić - 239.25 cm - F - 34 - Martian Territories of Valentine Z
# 1 - Dawson Joshiah Davidson Brooks Marshall - 239.90 cm - M - 33 - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Alanis Star, Valentine Z
# 2 - Jakov Emile Janessa Mirko Varteks Modrić - 245.72 cm - M - 38 - Varaždin, Croatia

# 3 - Holly Annemiek Gerrieke Van De Hoogte - 240.80 cm - F - 37 - Zaanstad, Netherlands, Victoriaans Nederlands, Valentine Z
# 5 - Elisabetta Enzo Hannah Lodovica D'Elia - 237.71 cm - F - 29 - Florence, Tuscany, Italy, Valentine Z
# 11 - Kortnev Grigoriy (Grisha) Konstantinovich - 241.08 cm - M - 38 - Saint Petersburg, Russia, Valentine Z
# 6 - Štěpánka Caitlin Madeline W. Sedláčková - 241.74 cm - F - 32 - Brno, South Moravian, Czech Republic, Valentine Z
# 7 - Emerson Jamie Taylor Erin Scott Maddox - 238.07 cm - M - 34 - Mankato, Minnesota, United States of America, Voorzichtigheid, Valentine Z
# 10 - Joaquina Samanta Alonso Clara Lombardo - 237.10 cm - F - 31 - Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alanis Star, Valentine Z

# 14 - Katarzyna Violetta Zofia Aleks Polańska - 244.25 cm - F - 35 - Chorzów, Poland, Valentine Z
# 20 - Sammie Arif Raihan Bin Mohamamad Andika - 238.66 cm - M - 36 - Singapore, Singapore, Valentine Z
# 31 - Daina Allison Leela Phon Seng Sreynuon - 234.75 cm - F - 30 - Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Valentine Z
# 30 - Antel Marcel Georgia Katona Vass Dániel - 241.06 cm - M - 26 - Székesfehérvár, Central Transdanubia, Hungary, Valentine Z
# 88 - Clemente Kenneth Evans L. Jiang Guanyu - 240.10 cm - M - 31 - Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, Vostrov, Valentine Z

# 55 - Nathaniel Orla Hayden Johnstone McMahon - 241.00 cm - M - 37 - East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom, Victoriaans Nederlands, Valentine Z
# 60 - Marlene Isabelle Lisa Roselyne Pasquier - 235.11 cm - F - 32 - Saint-Denis, Paris, France, Victoriaans Nederlands, Valentine Z
# 65 - Sigfreður Gamalíel Onyx Jason Steinason - 240.55 cm - M - 42 - Martian Territories of Valentine Z
# 70 - Vanuza Poliane Elaine Castro dos Reis - 237.66 cm - F - 30 - Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Alanis Star, Valentine Z
# 40 - Iraj Alexander Soroosh Homayoun Hashempour - 237.50 cm - M - 33 - Ahvaz, Khuzestan, Iran, Valentine Z
# 50 - Helen Jennifier Hiroto Morishita Chiyumi - 242.25 cm - F - 29 - Osaka, Kansai, Honshu, Japan, Vostrov, Valentine Z

Outside of the football field, they are 2.66x taller.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my scorers: Y
Give yellow cards to my players: Y, but TG/DM me first, please.
Give red cards to my players: N
RP injuries to my players: Yes, minor injuries only. No career-ending ones.
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y, but TG/DM me first for major events.

Style modifier: + 5.00

Primary Color: #3DC0FF
Secondary Color: #3366FF

NOTE: Stadium information is copy-pasted from World Cup 91’s RP.

Fate Stadium – Naypyithaw, Burma, territory of Valentine Z. And more information for tourists and players alike.
Contrary to what people might think, everything in Valentine Z are not exactly that large. It’s mostly people and the buildings that have gotten the enlargement treatment, while the natural flora and fauna, as well as the animals, remain the same. So, don’t worry too much about being maimed by a very large cat, or strangled by a 30 meter large python – we definitely don’t have those! Though for the former, Maine Coon cats are still around if that is your favourite cat breed! Anyway, Valentine Z – an Earth in another dimension and universe, is a home to approximately 15 billion Valentians averaging 16 feet in height, and are very, very friendly. Valentine Z is a two-planet power consisting of Earth (except for Australia and New Zealand, which belongs to Vidunderlige Nye Verden), and Mars which was terraformed around 5 to 6 decades after the founding of Valentine Z. Please feel free to look at the guide.

Now for the information regarding the stadium – Fate Stadium, located in the large and vast city of Naypyithaw, Burma, which is one of the countries under Valentine Z instead of being an autonomous region (such as Brazil being under the fair and happy rule of Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha). The Valentians always have had stadiums all over their world as decades go by, with the first few stadiums being established in the 2030s as a result of economic and societal stability after the nuclear war has ended the Pre-Valentian Era. Even then, none would have been as large as the aptly named Fate Stadium that was build back in the 2060s, home to many of the domestic sports that were played in Valentine Z - from the commonly known Olympics, to even Mesoamerican Ball Game known as Pitz which was dated to be played as early as 1650 BCE. Only difference is that we never sacrificed the winning or the losing team (nor the captains or managers) because, well, we don’t do sacrifices! Anyway, since then, the Fate Stadium has been subjected to many changes along the way, most in the form of improvements.

2035: The Stadium was first established and revealed to the public.
2037: Completion of the Fate Stadium.
2040: First Valentian Olympics held.
2041: First Pitz game organized and played. Also the very first time the stadium is changed for renovation and for a change of sports.
2050: More seats added.
2055: Addition of the far-viewers for the audience. (More details on this below.)
2088: Blown into pieces due to the Multiversal War. The Valentians lost a lot of Earth and Mars back then, though thankfully the causalities were kept to a minimum.
2093: Rebuilt after re-terraforming, then used for various sports and events, notably one for home matches of Valentine Z.

Fate Stadium boasts good acoustics, as well as large seats that were meant for Valentians. Fun fact: Discounting the cybernetic enhancements, oversized exoskeletons, Hollywood-style radiation mutations, and the like, the average height of a Valentian is 493.19 cm / 16' 2". In other words, international guests and folks will find it extremely comfortable and no longer will be doing balancing acts on their seats as they try their best to hold onto their props and snacks whilst still cheering for their favorite team. The seats will have more than enough space for an average human visitor (~ 6 ft), with plenty of legroom to spare. You certainly won’t feel like a little child on a very large and oversized adult seat, we will reassure you that. The Fate Stadium also has a seating capacity of 333,000 people, measuring a staggering and impressive 1120 meters by 934 meters, and possibly occupying a LOT of space. To offset the carbon footprint of such a place, the stadium has a lot of green spaces and was built using materials from sustainable sources. It took 3.5 months to build, mostly thanks to Valentijn being a good construction worker that doubles as a large crane. This is along with many other Valentians who have used their own powers to build the stadium, negating the need for a large number of paid workers, let alone unpaid workers.

Each seat and audience member is also provided with a decently-sized portable monitor upon being admitted into the stadium, we have built to IP69K, as well as bragging a 8K resolution. Each of these screens were then linked and connected to the array of overhead cameras all over the football field that would, in essence, present a 360-degree view of the field and the players alike. The arrays of camera are also powerful enough to see every single action in impeccable detail, and those who missed the action can rewind up to 30 minutes of playback from their respective screens. If you would like these gadgets, alongside other merchandise, the Fate Stadium also has room for such a thing. We Valentians sell our very own merchandise. There is plenty of purchasing options for everyone, with discounts to boot, with all proceeds going to charities or on improving the public infrastructure of Valentine Z. Additionally, we have up to 40 vacant stalls (out of the 150) if there are budding sellers who would like to sell their items in Valentine Z for our matchday. Simply approach Head Secretary Jamie Izabella Maxie Clara “The Elegant and Magnificent Mathematician” Pernella Ellie Natie Lexie Marie Valerie Ruby Æstriðr Fni. Clementine Millicent Lizbeth Alex Cass Eirian (Jamie Izabella Alex Cass Eirian) for details and contracts that you may need to sign.
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Postby Kriegiersien » Fri May 05, 2023 6:58 am

Kriegiersien Football Nationalteam

for IAC 18



After another not so successful campaign with amateur players in IAC 17, a team of the best players from the 6 new organized Kriegiersien Top league Divisions (North, South, West, East, Schoenwetter, Overseas) will be send this time. Most of the players were voted into players of the week very often from a famous sport newspaper after the matchday.
There were certain animosities between the players from the divisions to every other Division, so they were splited a bit.


Samuel Carter
Was the coach of over 42 different clubs winning titles with every one of them, even though only a handful of the highest level
Known for his authoritarian style.


Jack Thompson (East)
Alexander Scott (East)
Lucas Ramirez (East)


Liam Wilson (Schoenwetter)
Mason Baker (Schoenwetter)
Gabriel Martinez (Schoenwetter)
Ernest Le Bone (Schoenwetter)
Aaron Davis (Schoenwetter)
Victor Hernandez (Schoenwetter)
Daniel Garcia (Schoenwetter)


Ryan Johnson (South)
Noah Rodriguez (South)
Joseph Brown (South)
Matthew Wright (North)
Andrew Chen (South)
Ethan Lee (South)


William Martin (West)
James Robinson (West)
David Taylor (West)
Christopher Hall (West)
Anthony Clark (West)
Brandon Nguyen (West)
Blaze Sunstrike (Overseas)

RP-Permissions: Go nuts.
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Harry Islands
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Postby Harry Islands » Fri May 05, 2023 8:36 am

Harry Islands National Football Team

After the IAC-17, and with the, relative, "good performance" that the coach defines, now would be another chance, to give the best to the Harryan people, the players would be almost the same, with some changes, the fans will support unconditionally the team, as always, and most likely, will fill the stands wherever it goes, always with the noisy way, and faithful to the team. This was the chance for the players to redeem themselves from being eliminated in the group stage in the last edition, with victories and classification for the knockout stage of this edition, everyone is confident that this will happen.

The Team was the same as in IAC-17, with some substitutions for players who are performing better in domestic leagues, the lineup is:

The Coaching Team

Head Coach: John Balmer
Assistant Coach: William Turner
Goalkeeping Coach: Joe Phillips

Goalkeeper: Rodrigo Santos, 21 (age)

Left Centre Back: Jimmy Jones, 28 (age)

Right Centre Back: Ron Kemp, 28 (age)

Left-Back: Joe Donaldson, 36 (age) [CAPTAIN]

Right-Back: Ty Sánchez, 22 (age)

Left Central Midfielder: Alexandre Diniz, 20 (age)

Central Midfielder: Hugo Núñez, 20 (age)

Right Central Midfielder: Eduardo Ramos, 28 (age)

Left Winger: Artur Santos, 20 (age)

Centre Forward: Matt Wilson, 22 (age)

Right Winger: Thomas Oliv, 23 (age)


GK: Lauro Hernández
GK: James Borja
CB: Frederich Júnior
CB: Tim Andersen
CB: Norris O'Brien
CM: Jim Henfil
CM: Sung-min Yoon
CM: Ronald Gutierrez
CM: Paul Morris
LW: Jeff Johnson
CF: Jeff Matoso
RW: Andrew Johnson

Set Piece Takers

Matt Wilson
Artur Santos

Left Free Kicks:
Artur Santos
Matt Wilson

Right Free Kicks:
Artur Santos
Paul Morris

Left Corners:
Artur Santos
Thomas Oliv

Right Corners:
Thomas Oliv
Artur Santos

The whole team is very fast, they have a good time, and they manage to deal with the psychological, the team is considered by the coach as "almost perfect".

If my opponent roleplays first, they may:
Choose my starting lineup: Y
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Yes, but tell me first.

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Postby HUElavia » Fri May 05, 2023 8:45 am

HUElavia National Football Team

#1: Ji-Hu Mok
(21 Years Old) (1.90 m) (FC Santos)
#12: Vitoria Bares
(24 Years Old) (1.80 m) (Real Curumba CF)
#23: Jaylli Mallma Llactahuaman
(23 Years Old) (1.88 m) (RCD San Rafael)
#27: Poma Caipa Surichaqui
(24 Years Old) (1.84 m) (International Curumba)

#2: Patrizio Ardance
(28 Years Old) (1.84 m) (CB) (Athletic Club Itio)
#3: Diana Tarragona
(23 Years Old) (1.76 m) (CB) (RCD San Rafael)
#4: Murilo Luz Vargas
(32 Years Old) (1.82 m) (LB-RB) (RCD San Rafael)
#5: Cíntia Couto Chagas
(25 Years Old) (1.70 m) (RB-LB) (Real Curumba CF)
#12: Umeko Wakai
(24 Years Old) (1.68 m) (LB-RB) (SC Yatagarasu)
#15: Jean-Marc Gounelle
(20 Years Old) (1.77 m) (LB-RB) (Olympique de Lourdes)
#16: Matias Valdovinos
(23 Years Old) (1.88 m) (CB) (AC Romano)
#18: Yulia Kholodova
(26 Years Old) (1.80 m) (CB) (Dynamo Bolovets)
#26: Yong-Ho Ryang
(24 Years Old) (1.81 m) (CB) (FC Santos)

#6: Elena Bellerose Freau
(33 Years Old) (1.70 m) (CM-AM) (Olympique de Lourdes)
#8: Se-Ah Si
(25 Years Old) (1.63 m) (DM-CM-AM) (Goang FC)
#10: David Navarro-Hamada
(30 Years Old) (1.70 m) (CM-AM) (Real Curumba CF)
#14: Rafael Mayordomo
(31 Years Old) (1.86 m) (DM-CM) (International Curumba)
#19: Gabriela Yamada Kanashiro
(24 Years Old) (1.68 m) (DM-CM) (Real Curumba CF)
#22: Ayuka Koga
(24 Years Old) (1.58 m) (CM-AM) (SC Yatagarasu)
#25: Raphael Taylor-Calañas
(20 Years Old) (1.80 m) (DM-CM-AM) (Acuatico FC)

#7: Cristiano Aveiro Junior
(28 Years Old) (1.80 m) (LW-RW) (Real Curumba CF)
#9: Mateo Rossi-Rigoni
(24 Years Old) (1.75 m) (ST-CF) (RCD San Rafael)
#11: Milia Amezcua
(24 Years Old) (1.70 m) (RW-LW) (Athletic Club Itio)
#17: Su Xuan
(25 Years Old) (1.65 m) (LW-RW) (International Curumba)
#20: Hye-Soo Hwangbo
(24 Years Old) (1.62 m) (CF-ST) (International Curumba)
#21: Loria Sianquiz Sulca
(25 Years Old) (1.78 m) (RW-LW) (Kuelap CF)
#24: Daniel Soares de Lima
(21 Years Old) (1.85 m) (CF-ST) (Real Curumba CF)

Head Coach:
Lester O'Reagan (41 Years Old) (QUE)

Assistant Coaches:

Starting XI:
1 Mok
5 Couto, 2 Ardance, 3 Tarragona, 15 Gounelle
6 Bellerose, 8 Si
10 Navarro-Hamada
11 Amezcua, 9 Rossi-Rigoni, 7 Aveiro

Captain: Aveiro
Vice-Captain: Bellerose, Navarro-Hamada
Free-Kicks: Aveiro, Amezcua, Navarro-Hamada, Rossi-Rigoni
Penalties: Aveiro, Rossi-Rigoni, Amezcua
Corners: Bellerose, Si

RP Permissions
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing severe
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing severe
Suspend my players: Yes, but be reasonable
Godmod suspension events: Yes, but be reasonable
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Katten en Kittens van de Wereld » Fri May 05, 2023 9:17 am

Katten en Kittens van De Wereld – The Oranges – What the heck are we doing? I mean, Meow.

With this being the very, very first time that this nation has ever set its paws in the world of international and interdimensional sports, Katten en Kittens van de Wereld (Cats and Kittens of the World) has a particularly interesting premise and lore, one that is, for once, extremely detached and has nothing to do with Valentine Z, save from the interactions that they have had between dimensions, and most of it has been cordial. This is a story of a nation that has went on a different direction from Valentine Z, but not in a good or a bad way. CKW, as it has been abbreviated commonly, is of a nation that has taken an extremely different turn, and that starts off with their very own history.

We, the Cats, have always been the companion of man since the dawn of time, starting from as long as 10,000 years ago when our very first ancestors have been domesticated by the humans. We have roamed these lands way before humans have, and when they found out about us, there is, of course, the usual that one would expect from these bipedal creatures. Most of them hunted the larger cousins of ours for food, and if that is not the case, they were constantly contesting with them for said food. For the most of us, however, we were content living around these humans, and the relationship has been cordial, for the most parts, anyway. They tend to have dogs a bit more than they do with cats, and contrary to what most of the contemporary history and media that we have seen from the other worlds, we do not wish to have a fight with these dogs; we are certain that they also have a set of skills of their own, and that have nothing to gain by waging a war against them, even in other worlds. The dogs have been domesticated way longer than us, at an approximate 30,000 years ago. Though of course, there was something we have had an upper hand in – Cats in Ancient Egypt. A lot of you might have known by now that cats were represented in all forms of social and religious practices of this country for more than 3000 years. This is indeed true with us as well, perhaps save for the smallest deviations in history. Other than that, that is definitely correct, yes – if you are reading a history book about a world called Earth and Ancient Egypt was involved, you’re reading our history.

We eventually lost that form of worship and being treated as deities, in part due to the warring nature of human history. We still instilled a certain degree of respect, but unfortunately, it was not just as prominent as it used to back in those days. We, as a species, still lived in harmony with these humans as much as we could for hundreds of years, though along the way, we indeed have ran into some unfortunate encounters, one in particular about the middle ages of burning people that they have considered witched, and black-colored cats, in particular, that have been the subject of such superstitions. As a result of the loss of masters and mistresses during these ages, our ancestors considered a form of rebellion to get back at these people who have killed them, but it only happened in small clusters instead of a widespread killing of humans by the cats; most of us were rational enough to figure out that if we were to go with this wider mission, we were not going to get back anytime soon into the warm embrace of humans – killing their kind for an eye for an eye wasn’t exactly the best way to get about it, as well as the fact that they have better technology than what we will ever conjure up, if we can even call it that. As a result, most of these were considered freak accidents like serial killings or stabbings. Plus, Black Plague rolled over, so it was a damper.

We, of course, also have had intricate understanding of things such as the two World Wars, and with it being two of the deadliest conflicts in history. Then Cold War came along, which escalated once into a full on Third World War, one that you may feel that runs a teeny tiny bit of parallels with that of Valentine Z. For us, however, none of the humans have had any ideas of what to do, or were not as forward-thinking, or possibly even peculiar. The war went on and on for decades, and eventually ended up with a nuclear war. At this point, it would perhaps definitely be very natural to wonder as to why or how we were able to survive, when all of the humans (and the other species) have been reduced to mounds of skeletons and ash. We were free to roam about on this burning Earth; our paws seemingly immune to the fires of the ground; our bodies no stranger to the radioactive air that would give the humans a very severe case of diseases and complications to follow. It would be at this point that we also were stumped, for the lack of a better word, by the fact that we were indeed protected by our very own Goddess, no stranger to the concept of it since humans also do it all the time. We were (and still are), protected by what the humans called Bastet, a Goddess of an ancient Egyptian religion, from thousands of years ago. They had the right idea back then.

It would then be our turn to worship this Goddess, just as the humans have done for those eras lost to time (and then to the nuclear hellfire that came recently). In exchange for this, and considering that we were the only species left in this husk of a world, the Goddess has reversed the burning fires of a world to its former self, minus the human elements. The other species and creatures – the flora and fauna – were also restored, but it was made clear that we would be the ones to inherit this world from the humans; we were given magic unlike any kind of technology that we have from the humans, and it was good that way since we have no idea how to use most technologies. As a result, we can telekinetically control things, fire magic, ice magic, lightning magic, the usual. We were granted these powers, and we would and will make sure that we do not suffer the same fate as of the humans, for the Goddess watches us with Her bright, green eyes, unblinking, watching us from the Heavenly Realms above. We are, indeed, the Cats and Kittens of the World, united under the same Goddess, and turning the Earth into a natural paradise.

She, of course, does not seem to have any objection of us interacting with humans and other worlds (thus the magic of opening portals), and so we have decided to try this out for the very first time, what humans call football. It was of no stranger to us, since we have had similar games and events way back then, and we also were playing our own form of football in relatively smaller fields and places meant for cats like us. To make it fair on all accounts, we will indeed use magic now and then, BUT not to cheat. Instead, we will use it to deliver and exert the same force that an average football player can exert from kicking the football, and since we still cannot speak the languages of the humans, we will communicate in the form of disembodied voices in front of our head, i.e. you can guess that it’s us talking, but just that our mouths won’t move, maybe save for a meow or two. We would like to shake paws and hands for this very first event that we will be playing on the international grounds, and we hope that we will not disappoint you, and maybe even find us fascinating to such an extent. For you: “Mrrrp? Meowww. Purrrr. Miaow.”

Imagine the uniforms as one of those little cat clothes that people made cats wear, except now they are in the shape of football jersey in team’s color. Just call us cats, that’s pretty good enough. NO relation to Valentian Kittens.

The Whiskers’ Roster

Team Manager / Captain: The Small en Cute en Cuddly Orange Tabby :3

Current Roster: Formation 1-2-7 / 1 forward, 2 midfielders, 7 defenders, 1 goalkeeper.

Cats age relatively slowly, at the rate such that the ages below are human equivalents on this chart here.
Red = Injured and out, Green = Able to be substituted if you do injure my players; green players in order of preference of substitution.
The measurements are for the height of the players, NOT their length.

# 1 - Grey - 31.05 cm - M - 34 - Grey-White colored Aegean
# 13 - Jenice - 28.74 cm - F - 36 - Multi-colored Calico
# 21 - Nyan - 32.00 cm - M - 38 - Solid Tortoiseshell Burmese

# 2 - Ella - 25.41 cm - F - 34 - Orange British Shorthair
# 3 - Tiffany - 26.66 cm - F - 32 - Grey Chantilly-Tiffany
# 4 - Kot - 30.03 cm - M - 40 - Russian Blue

# 5 - Aree - 29.85 cm - M - 34 - Chocolate Point Wichien Maat / Thai Cat
# 6 - Norsk - 34.66 cm - M - 36 - Black on White Maine Coon
# 7 - Holly - 28.41 cm - F - 35 - Calico-color Manx
# 8 - Suk-Ee - 31.20 cm - M - 34 - Grey Korean Bobtail
# 9 - Chloe - 27.75 cm - F - 35 - Spotted Tabby Pixie-Bob

# 10 - Simba - 29.94 cm - M - 34 - Orange and White European Shorthair
# 11 - Ally - 27.05 cm - F - 39 - Light Grey Scottish Fold
# 12 - Tiger - 28.21 cm - M - 35 - Spotted Bengal
# 14 - Joaozinho - 31.50 cm - F - 33 - Grey Brazilian Shorthair
# 15 - Sir Maestro - 33.11 cm - M - 37 - Light Grey British Longhair
# 16 - Luna - 29.81 cm - F - 35 - Black Bombay
# 17 - Meowy - 27.84 cm - M - 29 - Tabby American Bobtail
# 18 - Ada - 36.51 cm - F - 28 - Orange and White Norwegian Forest Cat
# 19 - Kedar - 34.33 cm - M - 31 - White Traditional Persian
# 20 - Kedisi - 32.10 cm - M - 35 - Van Pattern Turkish Van

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my scorers: Y
Give yellow cards to my players: Y, but TG/DM me first, please.
Give red cards to my players: N
RP injuries to my players: Yes, minor injuries only. No career-ending ones.
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y, but TG/DM me first for major events.

Style modifier: – 5.00

Primary Color: #FFFFFF
Secondary Color: #FF8D37
Tertiary Color: #000000

[Will write the stadium information later down the line before the roster cutoff.]
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Postby Adab » Fri May 05, 2023 11:41 am

Note: In the Adabian timeline, the IAC takes place from June-July 2044. Age is as of June 1, 2044.

The Adabian National Football Team

We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.
-John F. Kennedy

Demonym: Adabian (plural Adabians)
Association: Adab Football Association (AFA)

To be updated


The national team's kits, designed by Ahmad Enlil (the first President of the Football Association) in 1907, are currently manufactured by Shining Sun Company, owned by Rahman Ashurbanipal, businessman and grandson of Emperor Tizqar III.

Manager: Saad KAYKALI - Male – born January 20, 1974 (age 70)
At the peak of his power and popularity following Adab’s recent success on the international stage, some around Saad Kaykali have nevertheless noticed that the manager appears tired and worn out at times, which is not very surprising considering everything that has happened around him. But the idea of retirement has not been floated, at least not publicly. Kaykali insists he is “more than ready and excited to help carry this team forward and achieve even greater success”.

Assistant manager: Rashid ABBAS - Male – born February 15, 1987 (age 57)
Formerly a star player in the island country of Faraby, now an associated state of Adab, Abbas now finally finds himself sole assistant manager to Saad Kaykali. He is determined to do his best in this capacity, all the while refusing to discuss rumors that he has greater aspirations. Currently also manager of the under-21 team.

General coach: Yitzhak BENNETT - Male – born September 20, 1976 (age 67)
Variously described as quiet, active, calm, and attentive, Bennett is very much respected by the players, who admire his work ethic, loyalty to the national team, and willingness to listen to them.

Goalkeeping coach: Faishal AR-RASHID - Male – born August 14, 1978 (age 65)
Regarded, much like Bennett, as a stabilizing influence in the national team and respected by staff and players alike.

Physio: Hamza RIDHA - Male – born January 15, 1983 (age 61)
A longtime friend of Kaykali. Widely respected by fellow staff and players for the understated way by which he performs his job.

Note: I may reveal the starting lineup and substitutes for the next match(es) in my RPs. Should I not RP or should my RP not contain any information regarding the starting lineup and substitutes, then feel free to decide my lineup. Also feel free to make substitutions. (As a rule of thumb, the first 11 players listed here are the usual starters, but this is not always the case.)

GK: 1 – Satchit CHANDRASEKAR – Male – born February 7, 2015 (age 29) – Colonial Sile (Vilita) – 0 goals
Chandrasekar has now firmly established himself as Adab’s best keeper and, if everything goes right, looks set to retain that status for many years to come. His calm, steady demeanor serves him well as the last line of defense against the team’s opponents.

LB: 2 – Tansu ALTUN - Female – born February 25, 2009 (age 35) - Mosul - 0 goals
Fondly called the "heart of the squad" by her teammates. Kind, polite, smiling, beautiful inside and out, she gets along easily with all the staff and players. Yet her soft exterior hides a hard, relentless, unyielding side to her, which shines through every time she is called to perform on the pitch.

CB: 3 – Shania ENMERKAR - Female – born January 20, 2008 (age 36) - Baghdad City - 3 goals (Vice Captain)
Widely seen as one of the leaders of the “female wave” in Adabian football, observers nevertheless agree that Enmerkar has earned her place in the team by merit, rather than merely by virtue of her gender. The other female players in the squad look up to her as their leader and spokeswoman, and it is she who often goes to Kaykali to communicate the women’s concerns and opinions.

CB: 15 – Sarrugi AKSHAK – Male – born May 29, 2016 (age 28) – Lonngeylin Coast (Vilita) – 0 goals
Made headlines with his unexpected transfer to the Vilitan League, although he has more than proven himself as a capable defender at the Under-18 and Under-21 World Cups. Now Yousif Issou’s international retirement has guaranteed him a place in the starting lineup and he is more than determined to impress.

RB: 5 – Sally THOMAS – Female – born October 5, 2015 (age 28) – Beirut – 0 goals
An instrumental member of the Di Bradini Cup 51 squad, Thomas’ continued good performance with Beirut in the Premier League has earned her an upgrade from the benches to the starting lineup in the national team.

LM: 6 – Emma ARTHUR - Female – born November 18, 2012 (age 31) - Tihon (Chromatika) - 10 goals
A representative of the Anglo-Adabian community, the second-youngest member of the squad. Widely seen as a young prodigy before maturing into one of Adab’s best midfielders. Estranged from her family, traumatized and haunted by what had happened to her and Alulim Sinmuballit, she picked herself up and has impressed many with her performance with Tihon in Chromatika.

CM: 7 – Alulim SINMUBALLIT - Male – born September 15, 2013 (age 30) – Mipojoseon (Quebec and Shingoryeo) - 8 goals
The erstwhile baby prodigy of the squad is now older and much-changed from those halcyon days when he and Emma Arthur were lighting up the midfield and causing controversy with their interfaith relationship off the pitch. Since then… a lot have changed, to put it lightly, but one thing is certain: Sinmuballit is determined to prove he still has a place in the national team.

RM: 19 – Amara EMMITA – Female – born January 19, 2016 (age 28) – Baghdad United – 8 goals
Easily runs circles around her opponents with her slick, graceful style of play. With Ephraim Orlev now in his forties and on the verge of retirement, Emmita has found her way to the starting lineup, providing a fresh reinforcement in the midfield to accompany the likes of Emma Arthur and Alulim Sinmuballit.

LAM/LW: 22 – Kastiliasu AKAPTAHA – Male – born March 27, 2014 (age 30) – Baghdad City – 83 goals
Already widely acclaimed as one of the finest strikers in Adabian football, Akaptaha is expected to lead the offense for many years to come, standing at the forefront the regeneration of the national team as the venerable Enlilbani Yargab enters his forties.

RAM/RW: 10 – Rebekah YISSAKAR - Female – born January 20, 2013 (age 31) - Adab United – 75 goals
Brash, funny, happy-go-lucky, all those words have been used to describe Rebekah Yissakar, but do not let her bubbly, excitable personality distract you from the fact that she is one of Adabian football’s best talents, with a deadly finishing touch that secured her a place at the front three along with the great Enlilbani Yargab and the energetic Kastiliasu Akaptaha.

CF: 11 – Enlilbani YARGAB - Male – born April 21, 1999 (age 45) - Baghdad City – 162 goals (Captain)
Although Yargab remains a dangerous presence, many believe that he has clearly declined with age; the older striker played fewer minutes than in previous tournaments before being replaced by Nadje Barzani and the goalscoring burden was increasingly shouldered by Akaptaha, Yissakar, and Barzani. With Akaptaha now deployed on the wing, Kaykali is expected to increasingly rotate Yargab and Barzani or play Barzani for entire matches and rest the older stalwart; Yargab understands that the younger players such as Akaptaha and Barzani adapt more easily to the gegenpressing tactics. That Yargab is no longer the lone, deadly goalscoring threat that he used to be is obvious. On the other hand, he does seem to have found second wind as a playmaker and false nine (or rather, eleven), advancing the ball, creating chances, and providing assists with his vision while leaving the final touch to the younger players.

GK: 12 – Akurgal SHULGI – Male – born May 15, 2017 (age 27) – Damascus Steelers – 0 goals
Formidable young keeper whose adept, acrobatic defending dragged Adab to the final of the 14th Under-18 World Cup in Xanneria and Starcom.

LB: 13 – Adnan AL-TIKRITI – Male – born July 20, 2015 (age 29) – Damascus Steelers – 0 goals
Dogged defender who brought Adab to the final of the Di Bradini Cup 51. Flies under the radar publicity-wise but prefers to let his achievements on the pitch speak for themselves.

CB: 4 – George HADAD – Male – born February 14, 2005 (age 39) – Assur – 2 goals
Assur’s impressive performance in the Premier League lately has earned its loyal center-back a call-up to the national team, which just a few years ago no one – including the man himself – would have expected. But Hadad is nonetheless glad for this new experience so late into his career, even if he doesn’t see himself being played that much.

RB: 16 – Nadia AL-MALIKI – Female – born October 15, 2011 (age 33) – Baghdad United – 0 goals
Baghdad United’s surprisingly strong performance in the Premier League earned her a call-up to the national team. Al-Maliki’s composure in defense has been widely praised and regarded as an instrumental part in United’s unexpected domestic success.

LM: 17 – Said ANWAR – Male – born April 5, 2014 (age 30) – Beirut – 0 goals
A highlight of Beirut’s rise to the top of the Premier League, Said has now earned himself a call-up to the national team. While he is unlikely to displace Emma Arthur in the pecking order, his presence nevertheless provides a reliable backup should it become necessary for Arthur to be substituted or rotated.

CM: 18 – Naram-Sin SAMANU – Male – born March 29, 2018 (age 26) – Baghdad United – 3 goals
Commands a huge presence at midfield. Alulim Sinmuballit’s return has largely relegated Samanu once again to the benches, but with the staff afraid of overplaying the latter it seems that they will settle on a rotation between Sinmuballit and Samanu, allowing both players roughly equal time on the pitch.

RM: 8 – Ephraim ORLEV - Male – born April 18, 1999 (age 45) – Mosul – 9 goals
That Orlev’s supposed retirement has been constantly delayed is the subject of many a joke in Adab nowadays. But on his good days he is still one of the country’s best – and toughest, not to mention most experienced – midfielders, and his presence is highly valued in the locker room.

LAM/LW: 20 – Dasia KHOURY – Female – born September 15, 2017 (age 27) – Baghdad City – 1 goals
One of Adab’s breakout stars from the Di Bradini Cup 53, Khoury has settled into a starting role at Baghdad City, playing a key part as the great team tries to restore themselves back to the top of the Adabian football world. Her performance continues to impress, convincing Kaykali to call her up to the senior national team.

RAM/RW: 21 – Abdullah SARSUR – Male – born June 11, 2007 (age 36) – Yerushalayim – 0 goals
Yerushalayim’s rise to the upper echelons of the league has brought attention upon its right attacking midfielder/winger Abdullah Sarsur. Brave, unrelenting, and tricky at times, he will provide a reliable addition to the national team.

RAM/RW: 25 – Omar ABBAS – Male – born January 15, 2018 (age 26) – Mosul – 0 goals
Like Khoury he is one of Adab’s players from the Di Bradini Cup 53 that stood out the most, earning legions of fans with his speed and deadly accurate crosses, exuberant attitude on and off the pitch, and unstinting commitment to his profession.

LAM/LW: 9 – Hakim AL-AMIN - Male – born March 27, 2009 (age 35) - Damascus Steelers – 15 goals
With Jushur al-Kufa bowing out of the national team, his Damascus Steelers teammate Hakim al-Amin has been chosen to take his place – albeit it is usually a place on the benches. Al-Amin is one of Adabian football’s best strikers, gaining acclaim for his power, agility, finishing, and calmness under pressure. Everyone agrees he would have found a place in the starting lineup had it not been for the fact that the national team is already overfilled with younger talent at the front.

CF: 23 – Nadje BARZANI – Female – born March 14, 2017 (age 27) – Beirut – 44 goals
Barzani has made a name for herself as one of the Premier League’s best players and one of its most explosive forwards, alongside Kastiliasu Akaptaha, and is making an impact in the national team in a rotation with the seemingly ageless Enlilbani Yargab. But time waits for no one, and as Yargab rapidly approaches his forty-fifth birthday the indication seems to be that Barzani will soon have her spot to herself.


Adab City Stadium, the pride and joy of Adabian football, was completed in 1940. Located in the northern part of Adab City, the stadium was able to accommodate 40,000 people at the time of its opening. Renovations in 1978 made it an all-seater stadium and expanded its capacity to 55,350. Later it increased to 75,000 following upgrades in 2009-10 and then 76,500 after another upgrade in 2019. It is currently home to the Adabian national football team and Adab City FC.

The team will use 4-3-2-1, the "Christmas tree" formation, with an emphasis on gegenpressing – immediately working to take back possession after losing the ball and launching a quick counterattack before the opponent can take the initiative. Any opposition players with the ball will find themselves swarmed and cut off quickly. The orientation towards gegenpressing has been offered as evidence of Rashid Abbas’ increasing influence as he seeks to modernize the team in his capacity as assistant manager.

Goalkeeper Satchit Chandrasekar is secure in his position as first-choice senior team keeper. Shania Enmerkar finds herself leading the defense, her limitless energy and tenacity – which she has demonstrated both on and off the pitch – making her particularly suited for this role.

At midfield, Emma Arthur finds herself paired up with Alulim Sinmuballit and Amara Emmita. Their agility and teamwork allow them increased coverage of the pitch and domination of possession, which they skillfully use to quickly transfer the ball away from the opposing team and to the attacking trio of Kastiliasu Akaptaha, Rebekah Yissakar, and the great Enlilbani Yargab. At age 45, the country’s greatest player now largely avoids ostentatious displays of acrobatics and dribbling skills which marked his younger days in favor of simple runs towards the penalty box. In a further concession to his advancing age, Akaptaha, Yissakar, and Nadje Barzani are also gradually bearing more and more of the goalscoring burden, and it is expected that Yargab will be substituted or even not played at all from time to time in favor of Barzani. Yargab (or Barzani whenever she plays) will occasionally drop back to serve as a false nine, leaving a hole in the opposition defense to be exploited by the wingers and attacking midfielders.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Make substitutions: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No, and I won’t injure your players either
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No, and I won’t give red cards to your players either
Godmod other events: Yes, just don't injure or kill my players or staff or prevent them from being present in the next match

Style mod: +4.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via TG or Discord! You may find me on the NS Sports Discord server.
Male, 22, Indonesian

Major partner in free association with Faraby (that's my puppet/secondary nation IRL).


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Postby Snow And Ice Caps » Fri May 05, 2023 11:54 am

The Constitutional Republic Of The Snow And Ice Caps Men's Soccer/Football Team:



Manager: Joseph Jensen Age: 44

Formation: 4-3-2-1

GK: Aaron Larrson
LB: Lukas Bridge
CB: Martin Lindeløf
CB: Leonhard Meulenbelt
RB: Sabastian Nørgård (Captain)
DM: Richard Helvig
DM: Thomas Sigmund
DM: Warren Wegger
LF: Wilhelm Steinhäußer
RF: Hermann Rafe
CF: Harold Hogg

GK: Alex Lechten #13
FW: Kurt Christein #15
DM: Friedrich Edwards #19
DB: Rod Sjögren #48
DM/FW: Benjamin Zutphen #80
DB/DM: Torsten Lawrence: #32

This Squad here is young, and able. They are used to playing in insane weather conditions, ranging from the snowy and icey weather that they adore, to the warmer weathers found in other countries. Led by Joseph Jensen, and on the field by Sabastian Nørgård, they wish to be a formidable foe to all who oppose them in the tournament. This of course being their first tournament, they're only goals are to impress on the International Stage, and prove this small cold country can hang with the countries in the tournament. From Harold Hogg, to Torsten Lawrence, they stake their claim, and wish to be recognized, and possibly even be, Champions.

Style Mod: -4

If my opponent roleplays first, they may:
Choose my starting lineup: Y/N- Yes and No. Stay as faithful as you can to the starters in my picture, however, use any subs you wish.
Choose my goalscorers: Y/N- Yes, absolutely!
Godmod scoring events: Y/N- No!
RP injuries to my players: Y/N- Yes! Just telegram me beforehand for a confirmation.
Godmod injuries to my players: No!
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes!
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes!
Godmod other events: No!
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Postby Toluiwa » Fri May 05, 2023 9:51 pm

Toluiwa Federation
Men's Senior National Football Team


Nickname : The Three Brothers
Trigram : TLW
Association : Toluiwa Voetbalbond (TVB)
Confederation : Cendana Islands Football Association (CIFA)
Manager : William Guntur
Captain : Aras Candra
Home Stadium : Sultan Mahmud II Stadium
Style modifier : -3
Preferred formation : 3-2-3-2


Coaching staff
  • Manager : William Guntur
  • Head Coach : Alif Fathur Rohmi
  • Assistant Coach : Jamalludin Prakasa
  • Goalkeeper Coach : Yulius Pratika
  • Physiotherapist: Daniel Dahlan
  • Media officer : Chandra Aulia

This is the squad that are called for IAC 18
Pos     Player                 Age     Club
GK Eko Febriansyah 30 FC Woja
GK Firman Derawan 33 SAVV Asakote
GK Ega Firmansyah 31 TVV Taliwang

LB Yama Sulaiman 28 DVB Dompo
LB Sahrul Hamdani 27 TVV Taliwang
CB Yusuf Alifian 26 TVV Taliwang
CB Heriawan Chandra 22 SAVV Asakote
RB Krisna Permana 24 Sape FC
RB Yakob Asnawi 26 SAVV Asakote

LW/LM Setya Putranto 25 TVV Taliwang
LM Elias Hisham 23 Woha City United
CM/DM Alvian Haryono 22 FC Woja
DM Arifin Putra 23 SAVV Asakote
CM Hendrawan Ashar 21 KSS Sekongkang
CM Yahya Sastrawan 24 Tambora FC
CM/DM Aras Candra 25 TVV Taliwang
RM Faturrachman Saleh 26 SAVV Asakote
RM Tri Yuwono 23 Sape FC

FW Yunus Hanafi 21 SAVV Asakote
FW Faisal Siswantyo 22 Tambora FC

FW Mikail Vidya 20 KSS Sekongkang
FW Lukman Santika 22 TVV Taliwang
Note: Player in blue is the starters

RP Permission
If my opponent RPs first they have my permission to:
Choose my scorers: Y
Give out yellow/red cards to my players: Y, max. 3 yellow cards or 1 red card per match
Injure my players: Y, no career ending
Godmode scoring events: Y
Godmode injuries: N
Godmode other events: N

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Postby Cakranegara » Fri May 05, 2023 10:16 pm

Chakraland Voetbalbond
Cakranegara Football Association

Men's National Team

General Information
Nickname        : Roda Gila (The Crazy Wheel)
Trigram : CKR
Confederation : Cendana Islands Football Association (CIFA)
Home Stadium : Saka Stadium

Managerial Information
Manager            : Ahmad Silayukti
Head Coach : Gede Agung Sutha
Physiotherapist : Irvan Satyaguna

Players Info
Note: Bold player is main lineup
#27     Astinaputra            GK     32     LVC Lembar
#32 Usman Sapta GK 30 NVV Narmada
#30 Ahmad Syafi'i Rustam GK 33 PSS Selaparang
#2 Farid Makmur LB 23 LVC Lembar
#13 Surya Ahmad Dirga LB 25 SSC Selong
#3 Hidayat Nur Salam CB 29 Pesepad Padangsambian (PCU)
#4 Gede Astapa CB 25 NVV Narmada

#14 Alif Rachmat Subrata CB 24 PSS Selaparang
#15 Jaka Hutama CB 26 NVV Narmada
#5 Pandu Setiawan RB 27 LVC Lembar
#16 Joko Sunandar RB 26 SVA Ampenan
#6 Sakti Permana DM 26 SVA Ampenan
#17 Bayu Prima Santosa DM/CM 23 SVS Sembalun
#7 Fachrul Hasyim AM 25 PSS Selaparang
#8 Chandra Hadirahmat CM/RM 28 Kota Sultan (SHT)

#18 Yusran Yunus LM 24 Calugida FC (JSC/PCU)
#19 Hilman Hendrawan CM/AM 26 LVC Lembar
#9 Tegar Ardiansyah LM 22 SVA Ampenan
#20 Lukman Masardi ST 23 SVS Sembalun
#10 Syaifullah Fatah ST 24 SVA Ampenan
#11 Harun Muftadi ST 23 PSS Selaparang

#21 Cahya Al-Fikri ST 21 PSG Gerung

Position and Tactics
Formation   : 4-1-2-1-2 (4-4-2 Diamond)
Skill : -4
Captain : Hidayat Nur Salam
Corner : Farid Makmur (Left), Pandu Setiawan (Right)
Free Kick : Fachrul Hasyim, Syaifullah Fatah
Penalty : Harun Muftadi

Team Jersey
Home Jersey
Away Jersey

RP Permission
If my opponent roleplays first, they may:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, no severe
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, max. 3 cards per match
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, max. 1 card per match
Godmod other events: No

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Postby Muralos » Fri May 05, 2023 10:19 pm

About Muralos
Muralos is a collection of islands in the Far East known as Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. It is home to a population of Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and indigenous (Ainu, Nivkh, and Orok) origins. The official language of Muralos is Esperanto- a language designed to be universal and easy to learn- but the population is exceptionally multilingual, with each citizen knowing an average of 4 languages.

The Muralosian National Soccer Team
(also known as the Hawks, after Muralos’ national animal, the Muralosian Hawk)

The Muralosian national soccer team represents Muralos in association football (or soccer, as Muralosians call it). It is controlled by the Muralosian Soccer Association, the governing body for soccer in Muralos. Muralos' home ground is the Komcatt Arena in the capital city of Urbego, and its current coach is Jozefo Koltakov, former striker for CSKA Urbego and later Muralosian national team captain. Hina Kageyama and Pavel Li serve as assistant coaches.

Unusually, the Muralosian national soccer team uses only one kit with two of the national colors of Muralos. These uniforms are brand new, as the Muralosian populace voted to adopt a new flag in 2022.
Kit made with the kit maker at Owayo.

The Muralosian roster is built around the former Muralosian men's national soccer team, whose members comprise the starting lineup. The starting players were quite young when they joined the roster in 2016. Now, they are tried-and-true forces, who (as part of the former men's team) won the Second International Football Cup in Squidroidia in 2020 after 4 years of not facing competition.

The former Muralosian men's national team and former Muralosian women's national team merged in December 2020 to form the current co-ed team. In doing so, the Muralosian Soccer Association preserved the starting lineup of the former Muralosian men's national team, while adding players from the former Muralosian women's national team to the reserves. To make up for this haphazard arrangement, the Hawks' management frequently starts its female players– including Tanya Lubimova, Rebeka Mori, Aminda Mori, Galina Shchedrina, and Valora Lin– not only in the interests of gender equity, but also because of these players' exceptional skill.

The co-ed Muralosian national team has found success, though it has not earned any titles yet. The co-ed Hawks reached the Round of 16 in the 74th Baptism of Fire, as well as the Round of 16 in the 12th Independent Associations Championship, which Muralos co-hosted with Almuzahara.

Starting Lineup of the Muralosian National Soccer Team
  • #1- Rodion Markov - Goalkeeper - as part of the U-20 Muralosian squad, he was nicknamed "the Prophet" for his formidable accuracy in guessing the direction of penalty kicks and capability to pass very wide, "seeing beyond" any obstacles.
  • #2 - Ryo Takeda - Right back - a quick, agile defender who is a key piece in all of the Hawks' counterattacks, though his explosiveness can lead to costly fouls. The only (but not the first) player on the Muralosian national team with Ainu ancestry, Takeda is Japanese on his father's side and Hokkaido Ainu on his mother's side.
  • #4 - Aleksandro Kim - Center back - born in Kurilo of Korean descent, Kim moved to Urbego at the age of 13 to attend Urbego's Zamenhof High School and was part of the team that won the FIS, Muralos' premier high school championship, in 2008.
  • #5 - Rikardo Lei - Center back - his grandparents were Fengjieans who were doctors during the Muralosian Civil War. (Unfortunately, the nation of Fengjie ceased to exist.) Exceptionally strong defender who played a very large role in the Asian Archipelago Regional Cup, most notably in the match against Elbaron in which the Hawks won 2-1.
  • #3 - Koralo Petrov - Left back - another player who rose to fame through an FIS championship. Makes very wide passes and is regarded as a good team player.
  • #6 - Mikhail Zheng - Left midfield - part of the same FIS-winning team as Aleksandro Kim. Had a brief stint playing in the Premier League of Li Qing (now the Confederation of Australian States) before returning to become a member of the Hawks.
  • #7 - Johano Abramovich - Center midfield - Formidable dribbling skills, also the leader in assists during the Asian Archipelago Regional Cup. Jokingly dubbed "the creative type" by coach Koltakov, Abramovich is well known for his long-range, curved shots, which proved useful in Muralos' 7-4 victory against Li Qing in early 2016. In recent years (since the 11th IAC), Abramovich has taken fewer of these shots, but he is still effective at assisting the Hawks' strikers.
  • #8 - Nikolaj Granda - Center midfield - No relation to Walter Granda, who represents Muralos in professional tennis. Despite what his last name may suggest, Granda is a rather petite player. At only 5'7", his shorter stature allows him to be more agile and less injury-prone compared to taller opponents.
  • #11- Vilhelmo Lumin - Right midfield - a cum laude graduate of Urbego National University, where he played in the Muralosian University League, Lumin made his first international appearance as a substitute player during the Asian Archipelago Regional Cup. Following the retirement of veteran Klaus Sverov, however, he joined the starting lineup in Muralos' match against New Zhengguo in the Embassy Cup.
  • #9 - Rui - Striker - Born Rui Zhang, he changed his name legally to Rui in July 2014. Remarkably fast and shoots penalties with good accuracy. One of the more underrated members of the team.
  • #10 - Adamo Brava - Striker - the 30-year-old team captain, widely considered to be the star player of the Muralosian team and an answer to some premier overseas soccer players. Despite his status, however, he is also known for his maturity and humility, often representing the Muralosian team in interviews and awards ceremonies.

Reserves of the Muralosian National Soccer Team
The reserves of the Muralosian national soccer team are newer to the team. All of the female players joined in the winter of 2020 as the Muralosian Soccer Association consolidated the men's and women's national teams into one.

  • #18 - Tanya Lubimova - Goalkeeper - starting goalkeeper for the former Muralosian woman's national soccer team, Lubimova's performance has long been regarded as equal to Rodion Markov's. Her role in the 74th Baptism of Fire tournament, in which she often substituted for Markov, proved that further, and now she often starts matches.
  • #17 - Ji-yong Park - Goalkeeper - starting goalkeeper for FC Havenurbo, a top-tier team in the men's Muralosian Premier League, usually second to CSKA Urbego. The 24 year-old Park uses "he" and "they" pronouns interchangeably, and they are one of Muralos' most notable non-binary athletes. Park is a capable goalkeeper who has plenty of athleticism and skill, without being as flashy as Markov or Lubimova.
  • #16 - Feodor Tanaka - Goalkeeper - starting goalkeeper for Gastello Giants FC.
  • #28 - Rebeka Mori - Left back - played for Nord-Urbo High School and now studies microbiology at the University of Oleo, where she plays for their University League team and works in the biology department's Permafrost Research Center.
  • #27 - Elena Kuznetsova - Center back - a senior at Nord-Urbo High School and a defender on the girls' soccer team there. She is also a member of the Muralosian U-21 national soccer team and a prospective University League athlete. At 18 years old, Kuznetsova is the second-youngest player on the Muralosian national team.
  • #26 - Smedun - Center back - Smedun is a defender for CSKA Urbego, the reigning men's Muralosian Premier League champions. He is, therefore, teammates with Muralosian national team members Adamo Brava, Johano Abramovich, Ryo Takeda, and Rodion Markov. Smedun is often referred to in Muralosian media as "the most attacking defender"; in the most recent Muralosian Premier League season, he scored 8 goals in 32 appearances for the team. Smedun is of Nivkh descent, and following Nivkh custom, he does not have a surname.
  • #29 - Aminda Mori - Right back - Rebeka's fraternal twin sister, she plays for the University League team at the University of Havenurbo, where she studies digital art and design. The women's teams of U. Havenurbo and U. Oleo have a long-lasting rivalry, and recently faced each other in the June 2020 women's soccer University League final. (U. Oleo won 1 - 0.)
  • #30 - Daniel "Lerta" Donaldson - Left midfield - played for Zamenhof High School and made major contributions to their semifinal and runner-up finishes in 2018 and 2019, respectively. In 2019, he enrolled at the Havenurbo Institute of Technology, where he studies mathematics and plays for the soccer team – reigning University League men's soccer champions. In the summer of 2020, he was invited to practice with the former Muralosian men's national team, becoming the second African-Muralosian player in the team's history and the youngest player with the squad.
  • #32 - Yonghua Liang - Center midfield - a starting midfielder for the Nogliki Wolves and a former winger for the Muralosian women's national soccer team. Liang grew up learning the clarinet and was adamant about learning a sport that didn't require much arm movement, for fear that she injure an arm and be unable to play clarinet. (This is why she started soccer.) She reached the University League final with the University of Oleo's women's soccer team, and was also in the concert band that performed Muralos' anthem at the match.
  • #21 - Georgo Zhong - Center midfield - a current teammate of Lerta Donaldson at Havenurbo Tech and an economics major there. While a student at Nord-Urbo High School, he scored a hat-trick against Urbego High School, securing Nord-Urbo's first FIS qualification in 10 years.
  • #23 - Galina Shchedrina - Right midfield - a recent graduate of Urbego National University like starting midfielder Vilhelmo Lumin, Shchedrina made a splash with her debut in the 74th Baptism of Fire. She is known to play well in high-pressure situations, making accurate passes even when surrounded by opposing midfielders and defenders. Currently playing for the Valnohar Rovers of the Tikariot Premier League, Shchedrina is the only member of the Muralosian national team playing overseas.
  • #20 - Valora Lin - Striker - a starter for the former Muralosian woman's national soccer team, Lin's presence on the new co-ed team is a boon for Muralos' efforts in international competition. She is sure to hold her own against starting strikers Adamo Brava and Rui, and following the 90th World Cup Qualifiers, she often starts as a third striker on the field.
  • #22 - Daniil Lee - Striker - formerly a defender and sometime striker for Nord-Urbo High School, Lee transferred to Urbego High School this year due to its more forgiving academic calendar. Now-national team coach Pavel Li noticed the 16 year-old at a U-20 national team tryout; after the Hawks' exit from the Baptism of Fire, Lee was granted a spot on the reserves as a striker. Lee scored his first goal for the Hawks in April 2021, during Muralos' group stage match against Grey County in the 12th Independent Associations Championship.

Style Modifier and RP Permissions
Style modifier: +2

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
- Choose my goalscorers: Yes
- Godmod scoring events: No
- RP injuries to my players: Yes
- Godmod injuries to my players: No
- Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
- Hand out red cards to my players: Telegram first. (This Muralosian squad isn’t infallible, but they have been pretty sportsmanlike through the years.)
- Godmod other events: No
Muralos (inspired by Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands; flag is that of Okha, Sakhalin Oblast)
Founder of the Asian Archipelago
82nd Cup of Harmony - Round of 32
12th Independent Associations Championship - Round of 16, co-hosts with Almuzahara
74th Baptism of Fire Tournament - Round of 16
11th Independent Associations Championship - Eighth-finalists (round of 16)
2nd International Football Cup - Champions
Asian Archipelago Embassy Cup - Quarterfinalists
Asian Archipelago Soccer Cup - Champions

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Postby Archalit » Sun May 07, 2023 6:03 pm

The Archalitian Pirates

About the Pirates
The Archalitian Football team, also known as the Pirates, are a new team undergoing very many changes as the team finds its
footing. As a result of the rather recent introduction of Archalit on the international stage, the team has had minimal
experience and was formerly very quickly and poorly put together. After WC93 and the BCC5, the managers realised that
some massive changes had to occur. Despite the team going all the way to silver in the Baptism of Fire, they were unable to
carry their momentum to anything more than a mid-table result in WCQ and failed to qualify for the COH. Immediately after
this, the former captain Kanoa Faye left the team to pursue her Tennis career as the other two strikers, Jose Gee and Hazy
Marbula, opted to train for the Olympiad and left the team as well. With massive changes incoming, this will be the first time
this specific roster is tried in an international circuit ever.
RP Permissions
If my opponent roleplays first, they may:
Choose my starting lineup: N (characters in bold below are in starting XI)
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (please TG before doing so)
Godmod other events: Y (please TG before doing so)
Style Mod: -5

About Archalit
Archalit is a socialist state associated with The Pacific. After a recent regime change, the nation has radically changed from an oppressive totalitarian state with closed borders to an open, friendly country with overarching social policies and libertarian left beliefs. As a result of this, the nation has become open to international sports among other activities. They are notable for their incredible unity and trust among one-another and their complete lack of prisons. The nation is considered an "island" but is effectively a single nation occupying a continent with very lucrative resources spread across it. The capital of Archalit is Charkara, the home of the Archalit Olympic Stadium.
Player Information
The starting XI comes with an immediate surprise from the goal. Or in particular, the goalkeeper. Roland Baker certainly hadn't been performing poorly in his previous seasons, but in all honesty, he simply hasn't shown much growth since his college career. Meanwhile, Damien Looke has been consistently showing impressive skill in training, apparently surpassing Roland's abilities. Thus, Damien has been elected a starter for IC18 until proven inferior.

Meanwhile, the young Joe McKean has taken the spot as RB from Nyx Phantasma. At just 19 years of age, McKean has high athletic prowess and incredible agility. He seems more akin to a cheetah than a person, with the power to support him. Unfortunately, an aging Nyx Phantasma has been struggling to maintain form in comparison. Just as Damien Looke is being tested in IC18, so too is Joe McKean.

With the exception of Alina Hart's retirement, the midfield looks exactly the same. Terry Yang, Duke Sondas, August Armburst, and Ethan San will be continuing to maintain the midfield in the Starting XI. The most notable in the midfield is what is to come, as Duke Sondas is getting on in age, and is possibly looking at retiring soon, leaving Hyde Underling as the new starter AM.

The forwards have been fully mixed up since WC93 after a major sports shift left the entire starting lineup at the front in different mediums. Thus, a fast change was needed. While Lyndon Nightmare and Cynthia Harmonia were sufficient as center forward and right winger, the left wing had a noticeable void to fill. While Jose Gee's younger sister could fill that void, and Micha Sooza was actively playing for the team, the position ended up going to a teen fresh out of high-school. At just 18 years of age, Dendou Riki was recruited to the team, and immediately placed onto the starting XI. His brute force strength and accompanying precision was nothing to laugh about, and he was hopefully what the team needed to push "forward."


Home KitAway Kit

[Made using the FIFA 23 Kit Creator]

Practical Information
Manager          : Krystol Mays
Asst. Manager : Nisha Lovett
Media Manager : Alicia Lockhart
Head Coach : Juan Booker
Physiotherapist : Jeff Jefferson

#1 Damien Looke GK 23
#12 Roland Baker GK 27
#27 Kim Jin-Ham GK 33

#4 Hemera Note LB 24
#18 Jasper Penner LB 21
#5 Myst Magica CB 24
#13 Sophie Ishida CB 26
#34 Luka Tominiko CB 30
#6 Nyx Phantasma RB 28
#21 Joe McKean RB 19

#2 Terry Yang DM/CM 22
#14 Oskar Stejskal DM 29
#25 Gina Ellis DM 25
#19 Nikko Benito CM/AM 19
#20 Eloria Mizuki CM 23
#8 Duke Sondas AM 30
#33 Hyde Underling AM 20
#3 August Armburst RM 26
#17 Rayth Lionheart CM/RM 32
#10 Ethan San LM 20

#7 Dendou Riki LW 18
#11 Minato Gee LW 21
#24 Micha Sooza LW 32
#15 Lyndon Nightmare CF 28
#23 Sean Oprah CF 22
#16 Cynthia Harmonia RW 23
#29 Owen Tilly RW 27

Team Info
Trigramme        : ARC
Nickname : The Pirates
Stadium : Archalit Olympic Stadium
Formation : 3-4-3
Style Mod : -5

Captain          : Duke Sondas
Short FK : Lyndon Nightmare
Long FK : Duke Sondas
Penalties : Duke Sondas, August Armburst
Right Corner : August Armburst
Left Corner : Ethan San, Dendou Riki
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Trigramme: ARC
PRAF Enlistee

BoF 80 Runners-Up
ECC 6 Champions
CoH 86 Bronze Medalists

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IAC 18 Roster

Postby Belnegau » Sun May 07, 2023 8:00 pm

About Belnegau:
Belnegau is a smallish principality located in the eastern part of the Holy Roman Empire, bordering Meissen, Thuringia, and the Vogtlands. In Belnegau, the year is currently 1336, the High Middle Ages. (Though Belnegau itself is entirely fictional, I keep it within the context of real historical events in RPs) An overwhelming majority of Belnegauers are German-speaking Roman Catholic Christians, though there is a small minority of crypto-pagans who secretly keep the old Wendish ways and languages alive. The team which competes for Belnegau is composed entirely of knights of the household of Belnegau's ruler, Landgraf Hartwig von Belnegau, and consists of the following individuals:

Marshall: Ritter Berthold von Ebeling
After the death of Freiherr Johann, Berthold was named Marshall in his place. Called “the Stalwart” by his fellows, Berthold is the personal bodyguard of Lord Hartwig, and is by his side with shield and sword day and night. He is a stern man, not one for jests or merriment, unless it is in celebration of feats of arms. He has, however, devised a brilliant new tactic, which he names most peculiarly as Two-Three-Five.

Keeper of Goal: Ritter Liutprand von Neumark
Sir Liutprand has come only of late to our court, having been until now in the service of Ludwig the Brandenburger. His lands having been ravaged by the Poles and rendered desolate two years ago, he left Brandenburg and came to Lord Hartwig’s court in hopes of earning his favor. He is a shrewd man, dark of hair and of mood. He is slow to act, wishing always first to consider his course. This shall serve him well in keeping the net, that last bastion of defense.

Defender: Junkherr Jörg von Wartburg
Jörg is the youngest son of a family of good standing in Thuringia, but without inheritance, he left home to make his fortune elsewhere. He is somewhat mistrusted by some as an opportunist not above underhanded tactics.

Defender: Edler Treniota the Samogitian
A convert from that tribe of the Lithuanians inhabiting the lands between Livonia and Prussia, Treniota is a fearsome warrior. He strikes his foes with the savagery of a heathen despite his baptism.

Left Midfielder: Junkherr Leopold von Mühlenfurt
A son of a disgraced family, Leopold went his own way, seeking the renowned generosity of Lord Hartwig rather than sink to dirtying his hands with the money-grubbing trade of merchants as his father did. He is ever eager in battle to prove his worth is more than that his family’s name would suggest.

Central Midfielder: Ritter Lothar the Crusader
Lothar has spent the past two winter seasons fighting alongside the Teutonic Brothers as they wage their campaigns against the heathen Lithuanians and their allies the Poles. He is renowned throughout Belnegau for his tireless strength and spirit.

Right Midfielder: Ritter Rudolf the Sheep-Slayer
Rudolf is a thinner man, though stronger than some would judge him, and quick to anger. It is said of him that in his wroth, he once cut through a shepherd’s flock with his sword, rather than wait for the sheep to clear the way.

Left Attacker: Ritter Heinrich von Salza
A distant cousin of the illustrious and highly regarded Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order, the honorable Hermann von Salza. Heinrich is somewhat the target of scorn among Lord Hartwig’s knights, as they say he fears battle. He is a nimble man, quick on his feet, and it is a fine swordsman who can land a hit upon him, whatever others may say.

Center Attacker: Junkherr Klaus von Jeroschin
A newcomer to these lands, Junkherr Klaus comes from the lands to the east under the rule of the good Master of the Teutonic Order. He is tall and thin, but quick of foot and surprises men with great strength for a man of such narrow frame.

Center Attacker: Freiherr Heintz von Heidingen
Son of Freiherr Johann, and still in mourning for his late father. Heintz is a tall, broad-chested man who it is said can carry a horse one hundred paces and drink a barrel of ale in a sitting. Who better, then, to be first in the attack, and assault the defense of the foe?

Center Attacker: Junkherr Kristoff von Oberhaldenau
Kristoff is a young man, who can barely grow a beard at all. He has yet to come fully into the strength of a man, but is as quick as any in Belnegau, and can leap clear over a horse’s back.

Right Attacker: Ritter Wulfstan the Yodeler
Wulfstan is an ever cheerful man, whose love is given as much to song and food as to battle and tourney. A strong man, and a powerful fighter, but if he is quick to battle he is also quick to friendship.

The kit, naturally, shall be full armor as properly befits a knight, quite similar to this, excepting that the surcoat shall bear the eagle of Belnegau, rather than the cross of the Teutonic Order. Being of chivalrous nature, and in the interest of good sporting fairness, the knights of Belnegau shall not carry weapons in their matches.

If my opponent roleplays first, they may:
Choose my starting lineup: Y
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Yes within reason. Please try to keep things plausible to the historical setting.
Style: -2

Image Credit:
David Nicolle. Graham Turner, illus. Teutonic Knight. Osprey. Oxford, UK. 2007.
Puppet of Squorn
Belnegau exists in Medieval Germany, where it is currently the year 1338

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Postby Trolleborg » Mon May 08, 2023 3:17 pm


Nickname: Trolls

Team usually playing in green, while white one was declared second uniform. It was declared, that red and blue uniform will be also in use, but right now it is not clear are this will be case any time soon.



Team now enters 11th season in the international football, and forthcoming IAC will be it’s tenth. All in all, Trolleborg national team have 217 victories, 71 draws and 107 times goes to the changing rooms being defeated, while at the IAC's Trolleborg won 38 games, with 6 draws and 14 loses with 88 goals scored and 41 conceded.


61-years old Morten Troghil is a manager of the team since its creation. He made himself name in the local league, was voted by the people of Trolleborg to lead national team, and coached it ever since. While he have three international titles to his name, five times take second spot in the international tournaments (including three finals of IAC) and succeed to bring our team at the World Cup thrice, recent row of setbacks give birth to some serious questions if his way is right. While test some new players at the recent Tea Cup, he probably continue with this line here, with a eye on the forthcoming World Cup Qualification.



Morten Kerr (29). Younger brother of now retired from international football iconic forward Stuart Kerr, he known as very skilful and intelligent player. By virtue of his reflexes, bravery and clear reading of the game he have a recognition from the fans notwithstanding which team.
Buyo (25). One of the people who migrate into Trolleborg after country open himself to the world ten years ago, he is recent addition to the team. While playing for the team that just promoted to the Trolleborg League and fights for survival, this goalkeeper proved tremendously difficult to beat, on a good day he become real wall, almost unbeatable for even best Trolleborg strikers. He have a great two seasons in the League and right now receive a plenty of offers from the top-club, and play convincingly in the Tea Cup.
Torben Fingall (25). Prove himself efficient and reliable, he has a great talant of well-positioning himself, and extremely fast in addition. He probably will have a game or two in the first stage of tournament.


Torstein Bjerkelund (25). Part of the “Finn Hurps” squad that won Confederations Trophy, in the recent games of international club tournaments he prove that he doesn't get frightened when he has to fight for the ball with stronger and more experienced players. While can adapt to several positions in the defence line, he prefer to be right defender.
William Schendel (29). Versatile fast moving defender known for his skillful positioning and man-marking, highly effective in breaking opposition attacks, great in the heading, with incredible high crosses-interception rate. Everyone note that he drastically improve his performance recently.
Brutil Liis (26). International club tournaments give our team another new man: very complete defender – quick, disciplined and decisive, great in one-to-one duels and reading game good, he is also thoughful passer.
Joran Du Riis (33). Cold-blooded fighter prove that he more than capable holding his own at the highest level. Agile and fast-moving, but solidly builded and used this for his advantage, he play with composure and responsibility, he was a key player of the Trolleborg defence. But advanced age put his perspectives under a question.
Aien Troger (35). This strongly build defender have a lot of experience and extremely good in tackling, it’s very challenging to move into the box past him and he made life extremely difficult for the many famed forwards on the international scene. In this squad he is only defender who goes all the way from the first games of the national team. He spent whole Tea Cup on the bench, and will probably sit out IAC, if not something dramatic happens.
Kjell Helvig (25). This brave defender shows commitment and hard work in every game, in addition to good positional sense, and prove himself very difficult to beat by opposition forwards. Being very mobile, he frequently moves forward to support attack. He shown noticeable progress in the few last years, and made it to the national team squad. It will be seen, are he made it to the lineup.
Thomas Heg (26). This versatile defender can play as both central or left defender, but he best suited as a former. His movements are sure and quick, he is masterful when intercepting ball and excellent in the air.
Joran Rijsager (29). Left defender or central defender as coach see fit, he concedes nothing to rivals and rarely makes a mistakes.
Joos Haankrands (27). Left defender, agile and fast, he have makings of the first-rate star on his position, but right now it was not clear, is he is on the way to greatness.


Torben Reper (26). Having good vision and great touch on the ball, in addition to his great passing ability, he is good midfield organizer. Intelligent, hard working player with impressive physical condition, he is capable to make tremendous runs from deep and have a good eye for a goal.
Anselm Kollimor (28). Attack-minded right-side midfielder. His runs into the box of rival teams is always dangerous. But he will have a tough fight for the spot at the team lineup, since he has to fight for a spot with Jesper Gronholm.
Jesper Gronholm (30). Established member of the team, he was comfortable at the right flank as midfielder and winger. He was willingly join any move forward, where he pass ball quickly and thoughtfully, and sometimes shot at goal with a very decent results.
Jesper Wolters (27). Quick, skillful and creative, this central midfielder covers a lot of ground, taking part in defensive work and joining attacks willingly. But he has a clear difficulties adapting to the international football recently.
Argail Sheridan (26). This player is from the family of recent emigrants to the country, he is literally “son of the great Trolleborg opening”. His technical resourses made him very useful player in the midfield line. He is fantastic dribbler, and used to make very good passes over 20-30 meters, but only with his right leg, and this impaired his usefulness greatly. Right now he is looked like a candidate to be dropped from the team.
Brutil Skrta (28). Very complete player, who posessed ability, stamina, flair, technique and resoluteness in just perfect mix. Shows tremendous accuracy when passing, fine distant shooting skills, he moved very fast and prove his talents brilliantly in the last few tournaments. But he lacked something to be the player like Morten Troll was in his best years
Kenneth Pathmoor (29). This central midfielder can cover a lot of space in the middle of the field and with his pace, agility and an eye for goal he willingly can find net himself or conjure goal opportunity for his forwards.
Morten Troll (35). Genius of game, with a wonderful dribbling, beautiful technique, excellent pass and extremely good shot, he won many games for his local team single-handedly, but also a great team player with great repertoire of tricks. He was justifiable praised as one of the main creators of the all Trolleborg football successes. It was rumoured, that this IAC will be his last tournament, but nothing was proven up to date.
Torben Pangborn (28) Skilful central left midfielder, whose great speed allows him to outpace opponents and break through rival defences. His talents allow him to make a lot of scoring chances for the team, and due to his speed he is very useful in the counter-attacks.
Karsten Gould (28). This versatile midfielder can play as a left midfielder or forward if needed. But his passing much better than shooting skills, so he prefer not to make long shots, instead move into the box very fast and try to make dangerous continuations. He prove himself well in the international club tournaments last season and his chances for a place in the lineup improved as a result of recent changes in the squad.


Torben Kranforde (28). Very fast forward, who have special ability to surprise rival defenders. He also posessed a great skill of positioning himself very well, and regularly sent many defenders and goalkeepers into despair with his precise and deadly shots from both feet. He prove himself prolific scorer at all recent tournaments team taking part of, albeit he lacked something to rise up to his predecessors in the attacking line of Trolleborg national team.
Morten Kroonquist (29). Another addition to the team squad, this fast forward known for intensity of his game, and he is capable to maintain workrate in all 90 minutes. With enviable quickeness he moved very fast, turns very well, constantly pressurized rival defenders, with or without balls, and always trying winning back posession. He prove himself as a prolific goal scorer in recent tournament, but there was a doutbs, if he is up to the height that our team needed to won right now. Most experts agree, that he was on the bench in the Tea Cup while younger players will try to prove themselves
Kendall Kerl (27). This power forward proved himself very effective (if judged by recent international club tournaments) in front of goals. Physically strong, so he don’t have need to shies away from collusions, but usually he prefer to concentrate on his prime functions, and he also blessed by great technoque, so scores a lot of goals from just one touch.
Skovdal Kroldrup (26). Quick, direct striker, capable to finding gaps in the rival defence. Technically good, he can shield ball well, but prefer one-touch moves.


With Morten Troghil at the helm team always practiced attractive attacking game on a fast pace. He never wander far from his usual 4-4-2 with defenders pressed forward and flank midfielders join attacks whatever possible, or 3-5-2 with a midfielders move back and forth as things dictated, and if we read his thoughts in the Tea Cup correctly, he will use second scheme. Integral and inalienable part of the team’s game will be mighty pressing, applied whatever on the field when ball is not on our side.

Unsportsmanlike behavior in Trolleborg is highly discouraged, even – and especially – if in the interests of the cause. National team players are required to meet the highest standards possible, so it is completely impossible to imagine a player of the Trolleborg national team faking injury or begging for a penalty. It is expected that players who have a choice between faked fall and appeal for penalty and try to continue game choice latter without any doubts. Compromises is not for a such situations.

Style –5.
No, there was no confusion, team played attacking football on the field, while having negative style modifier for a scorinating purposes.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I reserve right to estimate injury severeness.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes only for a last ditch fouls or two yellows, any other variants must be discussed with me.
Godmod other events: No, but if you have something interesting in mind, let me know and we try to find a middle ground.


Fans is a pride of Trolleborg and almost part of the team, and already acquire sophisticated practices of cheering for their kin. At every game you can safely expect a big noisy crowd of Trolleborg fans.

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Ile de Richelieu
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Postby Ile de Richelieu » Tue May 09, 2023 1:57 am


Équipe nationale de football d'Île de Richelieu

Nation Information
Full Name: Île de Richelieu
Capital: Port Saint-Jean
Demonym: Richelois
Nickname: Cardinals
Team colors: Blue, white and gold

Short Nation History:

Île de Richelieu (formerly known as Jan Mayen Island) was discovered by Dutch explorers early in the 17th century and served as a whaling base until it was abandonned. France claimed the island in the 19th century and renamed it Île de Richelieu (Richelieu Island) but the island's jurisdiction was finally given to Norway. The French speaking majority, led by the clergy, declared the independence of Île de Richelieu in 1948.

Football History:

Rank: 125th
Overall record: 11-11-18

Independents Cup 17: 1-2-1
Baptism of Fire 80: 4-2-3
WC 93 Qualifications: 5-7-10
Cup of Harmony 85: 1-0-4

Jenna Raven Cup IV: 6-0-1*, Cup champions

* Jenna Raven Cup record not counted in overall record.

Most Caps		Caps			Most Goals		Goals		Most Assists		Assists
Rose-Émilie Bouthillette 39 Rose-Émilie Bouthillette 18 Marc-Antoine Desgroseilliers 11
Valkyrie Dahlen 39 Marc-Antoine Desgroseilliers 13 Valkyrie Dahlen 8
Ranveig Eriksen 39 Jean-Christophe Gouin 12 Ragnhild Austad 6
Hugo Denommée 38 Valkyrie Dahlen 10 Tristan Charbonneau 4
Bjørnar Grendahl-Kalberg 38 2 players 3 Jean-Christophe Gouin 4


Entraîneur-chef: Ragnarok Wahlberg
Assistant: Véronique de la Fontaine
Assistant: Pierre-François Marcoux
Entraîneur des gardiens: Marie-Josée Gaspard
Physiothérapeutre: Gertrud Sundheim


Captain: Nicolas Leboeuf-Hachey
Penalty Taker: Rose-Émilie Bouthillette
Corners (left): Valkyrie Dahlen
Corner (right): Valkyrie Dahlen or Ragnhild Austad
Free Kicks: Asbjørn Lillegard-Omdahl or Marc-Antoine Desgroseilliers

Formation 3-5-2


1	GK	Bjørnar Grendahl-Kalberg 26	Viking FK Hammerfest  
31 GK Kjell Thorstad 29 Port Saint-Jean FC
41 GK Frédéric Domingue 34 Stade Jeannois

Side Defenders
4	SD	Ranveig Eriksen	        33	Viking FK Hammerfest  
5 SD Hjalmar Boberg 27 Viking FK Hammerfest
20 SD Carolanne Lacouture 27 Port Saint-Jean FC

Central Defenders
3	CD	Nicolas Leboeuf-Hachey	30	Stade Jeannois
8 CD Rasmus Hammer 31 A.S. Saint-Ours

44 CD/SD Hugo Denommée 30 Port Saint-Jean FC
22 CD Jean-François St-Yves 29 Viking FK Hammerfest
2 CD Ryan McBride 33 Stade Jeannois
25 CD Cédric Eisenberg 32 Port Saint-Jean FC

Side Midfielders
15	SM	Ragnhild Austad	        24	Port Saint-Jean FC
6 SM Zoe McGregor 31 Viking FK Hammerfest
21 SM Alexandra McDuff-Reilly 24 Stade Jeannois

Central Midfielders
7	CM/SM	Valkyrie Dahlen	        27	Stade Jeannois
10 ACM Marc-Antoine Desgroseilliers 24 A.S. Saint-Ours
50 ACM Ulfhild Lillegard-Omdahl 23 Viking FK Hammerfest
51 ACM Asbjørn Lillegard-Omdahl 23 Viking FK Hammerfest

77 CM Tristan Charbonneau 26 Port Saint-Jean FC
60 CM Julie McMullen 25 A.S. Saint-Ours
80 DCM Gabrielle Champagne 30 Viking FK Hammerfest
70 CM Jean-Michel Schneider 27 A.S. Saint-Ours

9	S	Rose-Émilie Bouthillette 28	Viking FK Hammerfest  
11 S Jean-Christophe Gouin 25 Port Saint-Jean FC

40 S Borghild Eggum 29 Stade Jeannois
91 S Marie-Soleil Généreux 32 A.S. Saint-Ours

Style Modifier: +2

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Puppet of Saint-Jean-Jacques et Burnham-on-Stove

KPB rank: 102nd

1st place: Jenna Raven Cup IV

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Boot It!: Time To Try Again In The Regional

Postby TJUN-ia » Tue May 09, 2023 4:43 am


Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU
Football Association: FA-TJUN-ia
Nickname: Jaguars (official)/Jags (short form)/Blue and Orange (commonly used informal)/Draw Masters (satirical)
IAC Ranking: 10th

Co-Managers: David Seems (JB TJUN-ia, 50) and Li Xiu Ying (CEA, 42)
Formation: 4-1-2-1-2
Style Modifier: +1.5
Free Kicks: Max van Oosterend
Corners: Max van Oosterend (R)/ Kim Choi-ya (L)
Position: Number Name (Age, Current Region of Residence, Club Side [if applicable])

GK: #1 Sputnik Brykilawa (32, NAU, Jlinal Cove, Vilita and Turori)
LB: #2 Chelsea Bluewood (28, CU, Concord Heights Suburban, Cassadaigua) (VC)
CB: #3 Bruno Ronaldinaho Cervantes (32, UAS, Nagoush FC, Tikariot)
CB: #4 Sadio Mbwekala (30, AU, Gangers, Hebitaka)
RB: #5 Vladov Kolorovsky (28, CSTO, Hipopótamo-Joaxha, Tequilo)
CDM: #6 Liken Allen (32, JB TJUN-ia, Battleboro Westside, Cassadaigua)
LM: #7 Kim Choi-ya (31, CEA, Athletic Club, Hebitaka) (C)
RM: #8 Max van Oosterend (32, NAU, Marlesee 97, Siovanija and Teusland)
CAM: #9 Yomakaji Shimigatsu (32, CEA, Nagoush FC, Tikariot)
ST: #10 Malhrani al-Kalhrani (32, ArU, Leicester Village, Murphtannia)
ST: #11 Jackson Smith-Scott (28, JB TJUN-ia, Leicester Village, Murphtannia)

SUBSTITUTES (Italics indicate new U21 graduates)

Tier 1
GK: #12 Alex McVerner (31, JB TJUN-ia, Gangers, Hebitaka)
GK: #23 Christian Wollatungi (29, UO, Hipopótamo-Joaxha, Tequilo)
LB: #13 Dang Thuyet (24, CEA, Colonial Sile, Vilita and Turori)
CB: #14 Zelina Marquez (28, UAC, Rutland Dockside, Cassadaigua)
CB: #15 Ons Moukaddem (25, ArU, Bunyoro RSC, Banija)
CB: #24 Alexander Lopez (23, UAC, Clube de Norwegian Wood, Brookstation)
RB: #16 Mantfombi Dlamini (24, AU, Cednia Rovers, Vilita and Turori)
CDM: #17 Mohammad al-Balochi (28, ArU, Fliserboding, Graintfjall)
CDM: #22 Kendra Robertson (26, UO, Fairfax FC, Cassadaigua)
CDM: #25 Kudluk Tootoo (32, NAU, Jaguar Moreda, Vilita and Turori)
LM: #18 Frederico Jiminez (29, UAC, Xaviers, Hebitaka)
RM: #19 Alisha Carlton (23, JB TJUN-ia, Sherwood Forest Ladies FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
RM: #26 Regina McDuff (26, NAU, Great Northern RR Coed FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
CAM: #20 Jose Lozano de la Cruz (29, UAS, Xaviers, Hebitaka)
ST: #21 Fernandino (25, UAS, Duomji Tigers, StrayaRoos)

Tier 2
GK: #27 Ivan Kozovikov (24, CSTO, Birikken Ala-Turgan, Kyzhurkistan)
GK: #32 Gao Wu Shi (22, CEA, 1830 Cathair, Audioslavia)
CB: #28 Klara Fernandina (23, UAS, Shiloh Ladies FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
CB: #33 Helena Mikazawa (22, JB TJUN-ia, Leaside Lions, Quebec and Shingoryeo)
CDM: #29 Alejandro Martin (23, CU, Duomji Tigers, StrayaRoos)
CDM: #30 Olena Zinchenko (23, NAU, CF Daineri, Audioslavia)
LM: #34 Mikela Djé-Djé (22, AU, Clayton City Ladies FC, Commonwealth of Baker Park)
CAM: #31 Kristina Bay (25, UO, Brenville Blue, The Cordian Isles)
CAM: #35 Paek Un-hui (22, CSTO, FREE AGENT)
ST: #36 Stephan Fiedtkou (22, CU, Cednia Beach AFC, Vilita and Turori)


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

MD1: vs Hopal (34-IAC) - Stadia Cochin, Cochin
MD2: vs Trolleborg (1-IAC) - Theatre of Light, Kistina
----------------------------------Boot It!----------------------------------
MD4: vs Aust Scor (62-IAC) - Theatre of Light, Kistina
----------------------------------Boot It!----------------------------------
MD5: West Barack and East Obama (20-IAC) - Stadia Cochin, Cochin
1st: ECC4/5, NSSCRA13
2nd: NSCF24/26, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, IBS17, RUWC33, ECC6
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3/7, ARWC6
4th: WBC50/52, IBC31/33/38, RLWC20/21, IBS19
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (S13 T1 Champ/9W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (3W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champ/2W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #96 Alice Jepkosgei (3W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (5W)/#79 Axel Chase

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (2W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 4 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (6 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Delaclava » Tue May 09, 2023 5:35 am



Gold medalists, Games of the V Olympiad.
Seven-time WC qualifiers (51-56, 91). QF at WC51. QF at CoH84
Hosts of WC55, CoH 44, 46, and 84, BoF 72, AOCAF 31.
Current world ranking: LOL
All time peak world ranking: 11th (post WC-53 qualifying).

Trigram: DEL | Nickname: Phoenixes | Style Modifier: +4.5

RP permissions: Yes, but be respectful and TG/DM if you're not sure or have ideas.


The Phoenixes, hoping to build on a strong run of form for the program, including a World Cup qualification followed by a playoff and then a Cup of Harmony quarterfinal, will give their first earnest participation in the Independents Cup. Even as one of the best teams in the world, the AOCAF was never a hospitable environment for the Phoenixes; perhaps a less stuffy competition will be what this team needs.

Tactically, the Phoenixes are heavily offensive-minded, utilizing a 3-5-2 (3-1-4-2) and relying on individual skill in the middle and up front. Goalkeepers and defenders are perfectly capable, but they're going to have to be ready to make plays and bail out failed attacks. There is a bias towards action and chance instead of possession, and an inclination towards taking defensive risks to generate counterattack opportunities. Additionally, it is expected that the midfielders will be fully active on both ends of the field, employing manpower to have advantages in both the offensive and defense zones rather than relying on positioning. Lyndainium will frequently make substitutions at midfield, even as early as the start of the second half, to give both the starters and substitutes an opportunity to work at a higher rate for a shorter period of time.

Manager: Elidyr Lyndainium (Ceni)
Assistant Manager: Edward Ekdal, 52, Catherina FC
Technical Director: Christian Josquin, 39
Strength & Conditioning Coach: Daniel Witt, 42
Goalkeeper Coach: Tomasz Janaczek, 41

#1 GK Earl James - 26, 6-3, 180 - Aspel (EUR)
#14 GK Carlos Rodriguez - 25, 6-0, 160 - Cleopatrana SC
#22 GK Finian Cloarec - 25, 5-8, 140 - Kionao Locals (TUR)

#2 RB Toby Barker - 22, 6-3, 165 - AFC Westpike (BRE)
#3 CB Marc Champagne - 24, 5-8, 140 - Leaside Lions (QUE)
#4 LB Wilfrid Gouin - 23, 5-7, 130 - Colonial Sile (VIL)
#13 CB Rahmonberdi Zhusupov - 29, 5-11, 145 - Olympic Thessia (MYT)
#15 LB Maverick Wiseman - 21, 5-5, 125 - First City
#18 LB Durgali Baxayev - 26, 5-9, 145 - Stahlburg City (NPH)
#21 RB Cian Barry - 23, 6-1, 155 - EFS (EUR)

#5 DM Kazuo Martin - 30, 5-11, 170 - Brinemouth (NPH)
#6 LM Vangelis Anagnakis - 22, 5-4, 125 - FK Arsika (MYT)
#7 RAM Martin Bartoš - 28, 5-9, 160 - Lublova Reds (SRS)
#8 RM Aleksandr Temirkanov - 29, 5-7, 135 - Mosul (ADB)
#10 LAM Kent Lindblad - 28, 5-8, 140 - Farrenton Athletic (EUR)
#12 CAM Drystan Tudor - 27, 6-1, 160 - CF Outineau (KSK)
#16 DM Ben Romeijn - 31, 6-2, 180 - Mountainside (EUR)
#17 DM Sanson Eisen - 27, 5-8, 130 - Sanford Der Berg PREMIER FK (ZRH)
#24 DM Didier Brouillard - 23, 5-6, 130 - Endeavour Brenecia (BRE)
#25 RM Kit Atkinson - 20, 5-8, 145 - First City
#26 LM Margons Kraulis - 22, 5-7, 150 - Wansan Noksaekjeonsa (QUE)

#9 ST Alibek Khautov - 27, 5-10, 155 - Creed United (NPH)
#11 ST Lukas Meyer (c) - 31, 6-2, 175 - Farrenton Athletic (EUR)
#19 ST Roman Tesarik - 30, 6-0, 155 - Steckholl United
#20 ST Amaury Racette - 30, 6-0, 150 - Marinos Metropolis (VLD)
#23 ST Mathias Gretler - 25, 5-9, 145 - Aries Chariots (NPH)
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Basketball: 2x IBC Runners-up (31 and 36), 4x Regional Medal (1 Silver, 3 Bronze)
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Aust Scor
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Aust Scor squad

Postby Aust Scor » Tue May 09, 2023 1:21 pm

Ignacio Edmondson (Gk)
Colten Herdon (Gk)
Ernesto Davidson (Gk)

Dorian Kehoe(Def)
Alfonso Keller (Def)
Charles Shepherd (Def)
Chad Webster (Def)
Kristian Coffey (Def)
Tristin Jensen (Def)
Heath Kinney (Def)
Leroy Martinez (Def)
Jaquez Templeton (Def)

Damon Wallace (Med)
Deangelo Flood (Med)
Osbaldo Fry (Med)
Brenton Eaton (Med)
Arjun Bryant (Med)
Bilal Massey (Med)
Alexzander Mattingly (Med)

Todd Tierney (Del)
Sonny Andersen (Del)
Bilal Pratt (Del)
Jamel Brown (Del)
Jadon Barton (Del)
Tucker Lake (Del)
Allen Hartley (Del)

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Postby Trolleborg » Tue May 09, 2023 2:50 pm

Greetings, compatriots!
It’s TTV and right now we will discuss situation in Trolleborg football with a Torben Mortensen, Chairman of TFA.

T.M.: Hello dear viewers. I must say that I have received a lot of attention lately.

H.: But this should not be surprising, since after the failure of the “Finn Hurps” following the interview of his coach on our channel, all the coaches in our league politely but firmly refuse to talk.

T.M.: Yes, and the head coach of the national team has been silent on the air for six years, he only gives written interviews after catastrophic results of discussions with TTV. The beliefs of our people are strong. I don't know if it's bad. Maybe I should also refrain from talking?

(both laugh)

H.: The team participates in the next Independent Associations Cup, being listed as the first number in the ranking table. It seems that this is the first time that our team leads the rankings in any tournament. Our lads took second place in the Tea Cup tournament. In the previous season, a club from our league won an international club tournament. At the same time, the first number often does not guarantee anything, there are plenty of examples of that in the IAC; in the Tea Cup, the players of our team could well count on winning; and the winner of the international tournament then spent the whole season very unevenly, and barely made it to the domestic league somewhere to the foot of the podium. What can we, ordinary fans, expect?

T.M.: Being prepared for anything is my advice to you. For a long time now I have been urging fans to have a slightly easier attitude to what is happening in world sports. And although it is almost eleven years since we have been competing in international competitions, our higher-than-reasonable expectations have not yet disappeared. As if we still have some reason to expect success, but in world football a lot depends on factors beyond the control of mere mortals.

H.: Moreover, the tournament takes place in Poafmersia, which means complex tournament schemes that are sometimes not very easy to understand.

T.M.: Yes, there is such a factor. But this is useful to some extent – coaches and players need to be in good shape, ready to respond to any changes in the conditions of the games. In our league, everything is simple and straightforward, and this, it seems to me, affects the mentality of both coaches and players.

H.: By tradition, characterize opponents.

T.M.: With pleasure, because old acquaintances is seen here. Jaguars of TJUN-ia and as we are also graduates of the “class 71”, as journalists from Poafmersia aptly put it, we met once, four seasons ago in the IAC-14 playoffs. In the tournament known as "Journey to the Middle Ages." Well, also with their the youth team in the Wonder Cup. If we count both matches, then we have a balance - the victory of each side. Next, WBEO, with which fate brought us together in the last qualifying world cup tournament. I fully share the opinion that we were unlucky then and the away defeat should be called unjust and not entirely deserved, and it started a chain of failures that led the team to the weakest result in WCQ over the past nine years. In part, we took revenge in the subsequent CoH, and now the balance is equal - one win and one draw, and equality in goals scored.

H.: It looks as if fate gives us the opportunity to measure the changes in the strength of our players in both the middle and short distances.

T.M.: Yes, I agree, one can have such an impression. The third opponent is Hopal, and he just confirms this. He is our acquaintance from the last IAC, and he is the only team, apart from the Squidroidia, who won tournament, who managed to score a goal against us. True, that particular duel ended, fortunately 3:1 in our favor. Finally, Aust Scor, at the group stage, is the only team with which the paths of our players have never converged. The more interesting the meeting will be.

(OOC: most probably, I will be out of reach for a next ten days or so, and must apologize in advance for the possible lack of RP from here on. Hope this will not break anyone's plans)



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