[Tennis/NSTT] Clay court season 9 [RP/Results]

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[Tennis/NSTT] Clay court season 9 [RP/Results]

Postby Electrum » Wed Apr 12, 2023 4:46 am

NationStates Tennis Tour clay court season 9 RP thread


This thread will be the thread where roleplays and results will be posted for the NationStates Tennis Tour's clay court season.

Scorination Details
All tournaments are scorinated on xkoranate. Singles tournaments have best of three tiebreak sets and doubles tournaments will be best of two sets with a match tiebreaker.

The logarithm ranking points are used. To determine the doubles seeding the average of the two doubles player's logarithmic rankings are used. Draws for both the singles and doubles competition are seeded. All roleplays are scored with quality over quantity emphasized. Multiple roleplays submitted on the same day will be counted as one larger whole. All players without ranking points will have a skill level equal to the lowest main draw player's logarithmic points, if that nation has roleplayed previously or in the tournament.

Where there are more entrants than available places, a knock-out qualification round is played. At the conclusion of each tournament, rankings are updated to reflect the new points earned by players. These points last one season.

NSTT Clay court season 9 sign-up thread
NSTT Season 9 tournament timeline and rankings
NSTT Discussion/OOC thread
NSTT Discord server

Timeline (all times in UTC)
12 April - Signups begin
26 April - Hamilton/Electrum International signups close
28 April - 5 May - Hamilton/Electrum International
5 May - Plava Laguna Open Tour signups close
7 May - 14 May Plava Laguna Open Tour
14 May - Antillia Masters/King Pedro III International signups close
17 May - 24 May Antillia Masters/King Pedro III International
24 May - Beçonailles signups close
26 May - 2 June Beçonailles
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Postby Electrum » Wed Apr 12, 2023 4:47 am

Image Image

Hamilton International IX and Electrum International II

The Electrum Lawn Tennis Association is proud to present the ninth edition of the Hamilton International and the second edition of the Electrum International.

About Electrum and Hamilton
Electrum is a sports-mad country. It loves its Olympics and its football, but the most important sport in Electrum is the tennis. Tennis in Electrum is administered by the all-powerful Electrum Lawn Tennis Association. Due to the stature of the ELTA, it exerts a high amount of influence in international tennis, especially in the NationStates Tennis Tour, where it captured the presidency after Ceni's withdrawal.

There are a few quirks when coming to Electrum. One of them is its digital currency, the Synergy, which is known for its ubiquity. Upon arrival, all people can gain access to the card based digital currency, but tourists often complain that these cards which are very easily stolen but also incredibly convenient to use. Electrum is also a relaxed country -- it has very socially libertarian laws such as the decriminalisation of all drugs. It's a place to let off some steam and to have some fun.

The events will be scheduled on the clay courts of the Hamilton Tennis Club, approximately two hours north of Centralis by plane. Hamilton's courts are known for their long rallies and hot temperatures, making it very taxing for players. Temperatures are regularly in the high twenties-high thirties Celsius, and on rare occasions, above 40. On such high heat days, the tournament's heat policy will go into effect, meaning that players on outside courts will be forced to stop mid-match until the temperature goes down to an acceptable level. Players on courts with roofs will temporarily have play suspended as the roofs close. The pair of events are known to push players to the limit.

Playing Conditions
The Hamilton Tennis Park, much like its southern Centralis counterpart, has three roofed arenas. These are in decreasing size: The Cauldron, and Court 2 and 3. These three roofed arenas actually make up a superstructure called The Tinderbox (please see stadium photos below). The roofed arenas are essential for the long, hot days in Hamilton. Outside courts are well attended. Fans watching play on these courts will be cooled down with industrial fans, water coolers and water jets to ensure that dehydration and extreme heat won't be too much of a factor. All players will have access to a ''coolbox" placed next to their chairs on all courts at all times. The "coolbox" is actually a refrigerator that contains ice, chilled drinks and towels and food. The coolbox also has an attachment to a moveable cooling tube which blasts cold air, so players can use the move the cooling tube around their body during breaks to cool off.

The Cauldron

Court 2, 3 and Outer Courts

Accommodation and transportation to Electrum is provided for free with players flying to Centralis, and then going on a domestic two-hour flight to Hamilton. Players will stay at the Crown Hotel, Hamilton, a five star hotel-casino complex with all the trimmings that you can expect. Teams will be transported by a chauffeur daily in a private car to the Hamilton Tennis Park. Once the tournament is over, chauffeurs will bring you back to airport for exit, with winners going in special limousines.

History of Tennis in Electrum and Hamilton
The Electrum Lawn Tennis Association has hosted tournaments for the NSTT from the very beginning. These have included the Electrum Slam, the International Team Trophy, the Terranean Slam in Somer and of course, the Hamilton International. In recent years, there have been changes to the tournaments that the ELTA hosts. The Hamilton International tournament was voluntarily downgraded from the Grand Slam to the Tier 1 level, while Somer, after losing the Terranean Slam event, has been given the rights to host the International Team Trophy. The Electrum International tournament was added to provide a greater opportunity for lower ranked athletes to gain points.

After recent complaints about the heat stress faced by players in Hamilton, the organisers have lobbied the government to upgrade the facilities of the Hamilton Tennis Park. New innovations such as the coolboxes and the newly built Tinderbox have increased both player and audience comfort.

Previous Champions (Hamilton International)
2014a - Ardil Navsal (CEN)
2014b - Elaine Foyner (CEN)
2015 - Elaine Foyner (CEN)
2016 - Lonus Varalin (CEN)
2018 - Dagmar Liùsaidh (FCF)
2020 - Bartolo Sabanero (AQL)
2021 - John Ivanisevic (BGG)
2022 - Dorotea Granit (PUG)

2014a - Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM)
2014b - Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM)
2015 - Ray Thomas/Hayley Von Pelt (TAI)
2016 - Samuel Gates/Greg Meares (ETM)
2018 - Leo Garry/Elizabeth Quehall (BRI)
2020 - Valentina Spetsova/Austin McDanielson (TJU)
2021 - Sara Zhuo/Gyrachor Rentos (ETM/CEN)
2022 - Georg Heraklit/Arne Oxwald (PUG)

*2014a = as Electrum International, 2014b = as Hamilton International
**2020 = The tournament was held at the Grand Slam level

Previous Champions (Electrum International)
2022 - Komang Agus Artawan (PCU)

2022 - Leanne Stewart/Ilham Nugraha (ETM/PCU)

Draw and Schedule
Draw - Hamilton International (Tier 1)
Qualifier 1
Rayza Fromu (PRA) vs Shawn Watkins (ATH)

Qualifier 2
Hados Nafoza (BJM) vs Indy Django (TSD)

Section 1
(1) Michael Loy (DEX) vs Ioana Amúlio Constantinescu (NTN)
Isenaka Koju (ARC) vs Jason Gordon (BRI)
Kalumu Jusu (ARC) vs Kim Chester (UAD)
(16) Jack Ho (ETM) vs Athela Kormet (PRA)
(12) Augusta Björnstjärna (PUG) vs Komang Agus Artawan (PCU)
Iris Bergadhga (ACS) vs Abelie Fontana (RCN)
Sarah Wade (ATH) vs Kora Sunder (QAD)
(7) Indah Susanti (PCU) vs Pietro Hivola (PRA)

Section 2
(3) Dorotea Granit (PUG) vs Lucy Muneer (SHT)
Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) vs Esterina Picarelli (RCN)
Shinji Makauchi (TJU) vs Aliyo Mackinaw (TSD)
(13) Sibylla Naess (PUG) vs Qualifier 2
(11) Ralph Newkarn (BRI) vs Hyouko Amara (ARC)
Ichitsuki Nokku (ARC) vs Ubeti Secena (BJM)
Dale Carman (UAD) vs Marcus Hathwar (ETM)
(6) Lonus Varalin (CEN) vs Ven van der Vin (QAD)

Section 3
(2) Ardil Navsal (CEN) vs Marisa Maradona (CEN)
Alya Elyas (SHT) vs River Ray (TSD)
Sebastian Bentley (ATH) vs Ethanial Nok (PRA)
(15) Leonora Gaditas (ACS) vs Gaëlle Sellier (RCN)
(9) Xander Foyner-Evatee (CEN) vs Maddison Scott (ETM)
Indigo Crawford (UAD) vs Honoré McQueen (ATH)
Davi Malakkar (ACS) vs Philippe Baloui (TJU)
(5) Georg Heraklit (PUG) vs Lucas Parvash (ACS)

Section 4
(4) Janet Riley (ETM) vs Pristina Trevante (QAD)
Ayu Ratih Kemalasari (PCU) vs Tristan Armstrong (DEX)
Leone Na (BRI) vs Arthur Leloup (RCN)
(14) Ricardo Toli (BRI) vs Vivian Walsh (UAD)
(10) Foger Rederer (ADB) vs Qualifier 1
Amarsin Gandas (ADB) vs Michael Juno (QAD)
Kornél Arimac (TSD) vs Jean van de Kloor (TJU)
(8) Dewa Putu Adrian Putra (PCU) vs Emily Romanescu (ADB)

Qualifier 1
(1) Izzat Manson/George Fakhrul (SHT) vs bye
Ethanial Nok/Pietro Hivola (PRA) vs Nickolas Sadar/Uberto Castile (TSD)

Qualifier 2
(2) Megan Ives/Edsan Gallagher (QAD) vs bye
Esterina Picarelli/Töbe Brassel (RCN) vs Athela Kormet/Rayza Fromu (PRA)

Qualifier 3
(3) Carrol Water/Cherrie Kane (SHT) vs River Ray/Indy Django (TSD)

Qualifier 4
(4) Sora Alya/Yashiro Toshiro (ARC) vs Tiwitali Nafoza/Hados Nafoza (BJM)

Section 1
(1) Arne Oxwald/Georg Heraklit (PUG) vs Nathan Bensaïd/Kell Korden (BRI/CEN)
Qualifier 2 vs Sigrid Vasakärven/Botack Andiam (PUG/CEN)
Qualifier 3 vs Ricardo Toli/Elizabeth Quehall (BRI)
(5) Val Korekal/Luciano Crepaldi (CEN/SOR) vs Kim Chester/Vivian Walsh (UAD)
(8) Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati (PCU) vs Bruno Ayragadh/Chandra Wiguna (ACS/PCU)
Qualifier 4 vs Indigo Crawford/Dale Carman (UAD)
Kayla Mckerrin/Vladimir Boiyskovsky (TJU) vs Jac Iegis/Cornelis Zapfe (CEN/PUG)
(3) Sara Zhuo/Gyrachor Rentos (ETM/CEN) vs Qualifier 1

Section 2
(2) Elia Xal/Fia Xal (CEN) vs Valentina Spetsova/Austin McDanielson (TJU)
Tomás Nascimento/Duarte Cerqueira (ARC) vs Inès Fournier/Camille Fournier (RCN)
Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani (PCU) vs Miguel Taberon/Pedro Arrachar (ACS)
(6) Sibylla Naess/Timaeus Andersson (PUG) vs Mihai Caeso Mihailescu/Márcus Gabriel Alencastro (NTN)
(7) Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM) vs Emily Romanescu/Amarsin Gandas (ADB)
Mason Woodmere/Maxine Woodmere (DEX) vs Ana Radkkar/Eva Radkkar (ACS)
Marcus Hathwar/Jack Ho (ETM) vs Maria Cláudia Amúlio/Iohanna Márcia Enderssen-Moura (NTN)
(4) Jaguar Zenteanite/Zeke Newham (BRI) vs Kora Sunder/Ven van der Vin (QAD)

Draw - Electrum International (Tier 2)
Qualifier 1
Susann Park (ATH) vs Draven Ester (TSD)

Qualifier 2
TinTin Golu (TSD) vs Maiara Kulvanchar (ACS)

Section 1
(1) Dioro Hansil (CEN) vs bye
Derby Cuellar (UAD) vs Austin McDanielson (TJU)
Iohanna Márcia Enderssen-Moura (NTN) vs Alyse Cayson (ATH)
(14) Bruno Radmar (ACS) vs Maria Cláudia Amúlio (NTN)
(11) Derek Dubrovnik (BRI) vs Qualifier 2
Ayu Diah Padmi (PCU) vs Uberto Castile (TSD)
Carmichael Brown (ETM) vs Jane Floral (QAD)
(5) Andrew Simmons (ETM) vs bye

Section 2
(3) Sigrid Vasakärven (PUG) vs bye
Qualifier 1 vs Nina MacDuff (ATH)
Teagan Cantrell (UAD) vs Lukas Valerio (BRI)
(13) Lucien Le Floch (RCN) vs Laurence Ophelia (QAD)
(12) Timaeus Andersson (PUG) vs Tristan Delisle (RCN)
Kanoa Faye (ARC) vs Cornelis Zapfe (PUG)
Naim Alex (SHT) vs Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN)
(7) Dewa Ayu Cintya Dewi (PCU) vs bye

Section 3
(2) Johmer Vales (CEN) vs bye
Thibaut Berthelot (RCN) vs Pedro Sanchez de la Cruz (TJU)
Syamim Kevin (SHT) vs Diana Jansen (SHT)
(15) Kush Acharya (BRI) vs Aegis Geronimo (QAD)
(10) Kirigundi Padurjili (PCU) vs Selina Favreau (ETM)
Eric Li (ARC) vs Gordon Li (ARC)
Nickolas Sadar (TSD) vs Aaren Seabrooke (UAD)
(6) Livinia Moore (ETM) vs bye

Section 4
(4) Noah Damaris (CEN) vs bye
Jasmin Wayverson (TJU) vs Aaliyah de Leon (BRI)
Byron Warrick (ATH) vs Harold Crawley (TJU)
(16) Lacey John (UAD) vs Putu Agus Palguna (PCU)
(9) Estée Bonnet (ARC) vs Arne Oxwald (PUG)
Greta Dogsmouth (QAD) vs Byron Aucamon (CEN)
Ion Gheorghe Gheorghenescu (NTN) vs Isac Salabanka (ACS)
(8) Eva Sarvan (ACS) vs bye

Qualifier 1
Jacob Smith/Owen Kennedy (ARC) vs Aliyo Mackinaw/Kornél Arimac (TSD)

Section 1
(1) Coosal Darlcheri/Perger Rianor (CEN) vs bye
Leone Na/Abi Forrest (BRI) vs Simon Oxford/Will Washer (QAD)
Qualifier 1 vs Arthur Leloup/Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN)
(5) Jayadi Ahmad/Luh Putu Yundari (PCU) vs bye
(7) Ilham Nugraha/Kirigundi Padurjili (PCU) vs bye
Mihai Carolus Maro/Claudius Ion Varro (NTN) vs Leanne Stewart/Rachel Simon (ETM)
Teagan Cantrell/Derby Cuellar (UAD) vs Lukas Emery/Mijaso Oyanari (ARC)
(4) Augusta Björnstjärna/Anthony Kawasaki (PUG/ETM) vs bye

Section 2
(2) Bryson Dingley/Nissa Tran (ETM) vs bye
(WC) Draven Ester/TinTin Golu (TSD) vs Jordanien Hutch/Flagstaff McCroy (QAD)
André Bapako/Isis Dimpal (ACS) vs Lucas Magnier/Adelinde Günther (RCN)
(6) Rachel Archibald/Phillip Mabott (BRI/BPE) vs bye
(8) Kim Li Bo/Mei Li Bo (TJU) vs bye
Diana Jansen/Haikal Jansen (SHT) vs Oscar Lamurdela/Rebecca Vasankar (ACS)
Aaren Seabrooke/Lacey John (UAD) vs Kendra Fulhampton/Michael Fulhampton (TJU)
(3) Jana Arkinn/Myria Primarch (CEN) vs bye

All deadlines are 0900 UTC

28 April - Qualifying
29 April - First round singles
30 April - Second round singles, First round doubles
1 May - Third round singles, Second round doubles
2 May - Quarterfinals
3 May - Semifinals
4 May - Final
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Postby Electrum » Mon Apr 17, 2023 5:44 am

reserved again
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Postby Costa de Ouro » Mon Apr 17, 2023 12:03 pm


In the 16th century, Portuguese-speaking explorers from Morroseta headed west across the Mar de Solidão looking for the fabled Seven Cities of Antillia. Although they found an archipelago with eight islands and golden shores, they did not find those fabled cities — but they decided to call both their principal settlement on the principal island and the island itself Antillia, after the myth they had unsuccessfully chased. They had founded Costa de Ouro, named after its fabulous golden beaches (that, alas, they could not use as currency back home on Morroseta).

Beyond the centrally located Antillia, other major cities in the kingdom include Nova Lisboa and Albergaria on the island of Santa Maria and the grimy industrial city of São Alberto, also on Antillia island. Politically, Costa de Ouro has retained the monarchy under the Aviz dynasty (with His Majesty Pedro III currently on the throne). The islands are unified with Morroseta, on the main Astyrian continent, in a confederation called the Avissian Union.

Antillia itself is a city of around 835,000 people with immense colonial charm, much in the Portuguese Manueline style common during the Age of Discovery. The King Pedro Tennis Club, close to the city center along the ritzy Avenida dos Aviz, will host the Antillia Masters. Despite having hosted this tournament for five times previously, the main stadium only has a capacity of around 7,500 spectators, with the two other show courts having capacities of around 4,000 spectators and other courts having space for around 500.

The tennis club is close to tourist attractions such as the Pálacio do Rei, home of Pedro III himself, who will make an appearance at the tournament's finals while officially presenting the singles and doubles trophies. However, the main airport (Sonhos International Airport) is located in an "aerotropolis" around 30 minutes by train from the main city in the center of the island. Beyond playing tennis, spectators and players could partake in the city's historic districts, take in a bit of sun at the country's namesake beaches (including the Igreja do Cristo beach, which makes for a nice day trip from Antillia), or scuba and snorkel in the equatorial waters just offshore. Visitors can also enjoy the cuisine at a variety of small cafes, some of which specialize in fish dishes such as moqueca costenha and pastries called pastéis

Players have the option of staying at the baroque Hotel Alameda, a ten-minute walk from the practice courts and grounds, or at one of the numerous and quaint pousadas that dot the city center. Both options are renowned for their hospitality, as befitting an extremely friendly people. Alternatively, if players desire more modern accommodation, they could stay at a townhouse or condo in the swanky postmodern Vila do Pôr-do-Sol, about a 30-minute drive south from the city center. Portuguese is the most common language, but travelers can get by in English, French, or Nikolian, common because of the tourist clientele that frequents Costa de Ouro. Whatever you do, do not try to address a costenho in Spanish. You'll just make yourself look like an idiot.

Clockwise, starting at top left: King Pedro III Tennis Club; Pálacio do Rei; Antillia from above; Igreja do Cristo beach; O Diplomata cafe; Vila do Pôr-do-Sol


Antillia Masters Singles Draw:
Antillia Masters Doubles Draw:

King Pedro III Championships Singles Draw:
King Pedro III Championships Doubles Draw:

King Pedro III Championships Singles Qualifying Draw
Peyton Savage (DEX) vs. Tomás Nascimento (ARC)

Schedule: (all dates in Eastern Daylight Time; cutoffs from 8-10pm EDT)
May 22: Antillia singles round 1; King Pedro III singles qualifying, round 1
May 23: Singles round 2, both tournaments; doubles round 1, both tournaments
May 24: Singles round 3, both tournaments; doubles round 2, both tournaments (expect late cutoff)
May 25: Quarterfinals, both tournaments
May 26: Semifinals, both tournaments
May 27: Finals, both tournaments
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Postby Recuecn » Mon Apr 17, 2023 5:42 pm


Beçonailles is a picturesque Reçuecian city nestled under a hill in one loop of a winding river. Bridges radiate outward across the bending river, leading toward the centre ville, which has a classic European feel with narrow, cobbled streets whose high-end shops hum with pedestrian traffic. The city's uniform tiled roofs and 12th century Romanesque cathedral add to its "medieval" atmosphere, but it is a very modern place. The stadium complex at which matches are held is only about a kilometer and a half out of town.

This will not be the first edition of Les Championnats Beçonailles has hosted, and in fact the city has given its name to the tournament in common Reçuecian parlance, so that the competition itself is simply referred to as "Beçonailles." This helps avoid confusion with le championnat, the highest tier of Reçuecian football. The city of Beçonailles has hosted Reçueçn's premier tennis tournament for over a hundred years. However, it is only more recently that the event has become part of the NSTT, bringing a new level of international attention to the competition.

Center Court at Beçonailles
It has been a sudden transformation for Beçonailles, which has historically been, like many other tournaments of its kind, an event steeped in tradition. Until just a few years ago, the event did not accept foreign entrants. Obviously, allowing non-Reçuecian competitors entirely changed the atmosphere of the tournament, but the decision, made by the new Ministry of Sport a few years ago, has been enthusiastically accepted by the tournament organizers, and by the fans, who are happy to see the sport played at an even higher level. The players were also pleased to find that the competition's growth into an international event served as a welcome harbinger of the return of the NSTT. Beçonailles merged with the tour, being designated as the clay swing grand slam in only its second year of official affiliation with the NSTT.

In the past, players came to the tournament from the Hamilton International, and temperatures at Beçonailles, not far from the mountains, were a welcome relief. This year, however, the tournament follows the Antillia Masters, and the comparison with the beautiful tropical archipelago where the Masters are held is not as flattering for the landlocked Reçueçn. But hopefully the mountain views are an acceptable substitute for the seascapes of Costa de Ouro, and now that summer is here the weather just be just right--as long as it doesn't rain, since the stadium does not have a roof to protect the courts.

The easiest way to get to the tournament for visiting international fans is most likely to catch a flight to Genève and take a train from there. Or, if you're already on the continent, don't bother flying at all and just take the train in the first place. Once in Beçonailles, you will find that as in everywhere else in Reçueçn, there is a very high standard for public transport. There's plenty to do and see in Reçueçn while you visit for the tournament, whether for you that means visiting art galleries, history museums, charming old cities, or sampling the local gastronomy on which the nation prides itself. Bienvenue!

Tournament Draws
Singles Draw

Game 1
(1) Roman Aven/Anastasia Vesnina (USR) vs Konstantin Ulyanov/Lev Barkov (WSN)

Game 2
(2) Kanoa Faye/Estée Bonnet (ARC) vs Eva Fábia Soares/Vera Adriana Soares (CDO)

Game 3
(3) Harper Villarreal/Gwen Daniel (DEX) vs Serenity Petersen/Jaime Green Jr. (DEX)
Doubles Main Draw

Cutoffs 10 pm EDT (3AM UTC the next day)
June 1: Sign-ups close
June 2: Bye
June 3: Singles Round 1 Part 1
June 4: Singles Round 1 Part 2 | Doubles Qualifying Rounds
June 5: Singles Round 2 | Doubles Round 1
June 6: Singles Round 3 | Doubles Round 2
June 7: Singles Round 4 | Doubles Round 3
June 8: Quarterfinals
June 9: Semifinals
June 10: Finals
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Postby Archalit » Thu Apr 27, 2023 6:00 pm

Kanoa and Estée had been discussing this for a while, but they never thought it would get this far. They even had an incentive, letting Hyouko and Kalumu compete in Hamilton and get more experience than they otherwise would. But for the two strongest tennis athletes in Archalit to compete in a tier 2 tournament instead of a tier 1? Frankly, the logic is understandable; Kanoa and Estée (hopefully) get an ego boost while Isenaka and Ichitsuki get that experience that, at this point, they really need.

Not that they got a good draw though. Isenaka has Jason Gordon and current world number one Michael Loy ahead of him in the first two rounds, with Kalumu in the same section. Ralph Newkarn stands in the way of our other two players, as Hyouko will face him in the first round and, should he make it, Ichitsuki will face him in the second.

But these singles players are going in with nerves of steel. They trained together, grew bonds with each other, these players basically went through a whole emotional arc and back again between the hard court and clay court seasons. There is nothing these tournaments can do that would be more daunting than getting beaten down in matches by Kanoa over and over again.

Well, maybe there are some things more daunting, but unlike before, every single Archalitian going to play tomorrow is more mentally and physically ready than they will ever be. You could've seen a fire in Isenaka's eyes, and Hyouko and Kalumu swore they'd face each other in the tournament despite the odds being stacked strongly against them.

And we are not forgetting the rest of the team. The Li brothers finally get the chance to compete together, and against each other no less, and the doubles teams have become so much more synergized since they last played.

However, they'll need more than training and preparation...

Let's hope these players can push through their competition and make a bid for a trophy, just as a certain brother of someone playing today did in the ECC not a couple weeks ago.
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Postby Atano » Fri Apr 28, 2023 12:00 am

Verapesk, Atano

The four Atano tennis players, Ethanial, Pietro, Athela and Rayza were picked up from the Verapesk Sports Complex and driven to Verapesk International airport. It would be their first time outside the country with the Atano only just recently opening up to the outside world. The state controlled media were at the airport to speak to the tennis players before they left the country for the tennis competition.

"We hope to do the nation proud" stated Pietro Hivola for the camera's.

Their security would also be travelling with them, their accommodation had the express instruction to remove tv and radio from their rooms so that they would not consume any foreign media and security would guard their doors and keep a close eye on them to ensure they did not defect or flee while abroad.

The plane took off from Verapesk International Airport and arrived in Electrum. There would be no sightseeing for the Atano tennis players and were escorted by their security straight to their accommodation.

The nation of Electrum was much different to Atano, for a start is seemed like a very wealthy and modern place compared to Atano's crumbling old buildings and general backwardness. Confined to his room, Pietro spent the time looking out the window at this strange and different place.

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Postby Electrum » Fri Apr 28, 2023 3:07 am

Hamilton International - Singles - Qualification round

Rayza Fromu (PRA)        6   6
Shawn Watkins (ATH) 4 2

Hados Nafoza (BJM) 6 6 7
Indy Django (TSD) 7 2 5

Hamilton International - Doubles - Qualification round 1

Ethanial Nok/Pietro Hivola (PRA)          6   6
Nickolas Sadar/Uberto Castile (TSD) 4 1

Esterina Picarelli/Töbe Brassel (RCN) 6 7
Athela Kormet/Rayza Fromu (PRA) 3 5

Hamilton International - Doubles - Qualification round 2

Izzat Manson/George Fakhrul (SHT)         7   6
Ethanial Nok/Pietro Hivola (PRA) 5 1

Megan Ives/Edsan Gallagher (QAD) 5 2
Esterina Picarelli/Töbe Brassel (RCN) 7 6

Carrol Water/Cherrie Kane (SHT) 7 6
River Ray/Indy Django (TSD) 5 4

Sora Alya/Yashiro Toshiro (ARC) 4 6 10
Tiwitali Nafoza/Hados Nafoza (BJM) 6 3 5

Electrum International - Singles - Qualification round

Susann Park (ATH)           6   7
Draven Ester (TSD) 4 5

TinTin Golu (TSD) 6 6
Maiara Kulvanchar (ACS) 2 4

Electrum International - Doubles - Qualification round

Jacob Smith/Owen Kennedy (ARC)         6   2  10
Aliyo Mackinaw/Kornél Arimac (TSD) 1 6 4
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Postby Archalit » Fri Apr 28, 2023 8:58 am

An Injury
One week prior, out running, Kalumu winced in pain and sat down. She'd been running much longer than she typically did, having felt very fresh and energetic, but it seemed to come back to bite, and strongly. She was afflicted with shin splints. No matter how hard she tried to push, she couldn't so much as jog without feeling that pain shoot through her, and thus her training was effectively put on pause for a week.

While Kalumu can hide the pain, she can't hide its affect on her in the tournament. While yes, it's certainly recovered to an extent, losing a full week of training before the tournament and not being nearly as fast as she'd like to be will certainly hold her from competing at her best.

Despite this, she's going in anyways. Fat chance to beat someone like Kim Chester, whose skill level is comparable to Estée's, while injured, but she found no reason to quit. Well, obviously, except for the severe risk of injury if she really needs to push it, but her determination got the better of her, and she's gonna do it anyways.

Games Recap
Sora Alya/Yashiro Toshiro 2 - 1 Tiwitali Nafoza/Hados Nafoza
They were actually struggling for a little bit, trying to get back into the groove of actual competition, even giving up the first set, but they came back to win 6-3 in set two and take it to a tiebreaker which they won 10-5. Easy, now's time to actually compete in the main bracket. Now why do these next names sound familiar? Ah, of course:
Indigo Crawford/Dale Carman (UAD)                                  3   5
Lukas Emery/Mijaso Oyanari (Q) (ARC) 6 7
Next Match: Sora Alya/Yashiro Toshiro vs Indigo Crawford/Dale Carman

Jacob Smith/Owen Kennedy 2 - 1 Aliyo Mackinaw/Kornél Arimac
Sort of an opposite story than the first one, but with an equal ending nonetheless. After crushing their opponents in the first set 6-1, Jacob and Owen's consistency faltered and they lost their footing, losing the next set 2-6. It now came down to a tiebreaker where they had to quickly recover and get through with an exciting 10-4 victory.
Next Match: Jacob Smith/Owen Kennedy vs Arthur Leloup/Hildebrant Weisgerber

Kanoa raised an eyebrow as she looked at Kalumu, who was sitting quietly in the shade, seemingly lost in thought. "You know, Kalumu, you could pretend that you just wanted a week-long rest before the tournament, but I know you better than that," Kanoa said with a sly grin.

Kalumu looked up, surprised. "What do you mean?" she asked, her tone defensive.

Kanoa chuckled. "Come on, you're always doing something to get prepared. And now you're just sitting here, doing nothing. You must've injured yourself or something, and you're trying to brush it off. What's going on?"

Kalumu hesitated for a moment before finally sighing. "Okay, I did hurt myself a little while ago, but I didn't want to make a big deal out of it."

Kanoa nodded sympathetically. "I get it. But you know you can't compete at your best if you're not fully healed. Maybe you should take a few more days off and focus on getting better."

Kalumu looked thoughtful. "Maybe. I just hate feeling like I'm not doing anything to prepare."

Kanoa grinned. "Well, I've got the perfect thing to get your mind off things and get you pumped up at the same time." She held up her phone. "Have you heard of this show called Game of Crowns? It's amazing. Trust me, it'll get you in the perfect mindset for the tournament."

Kalumu laughed. "Okay, okay, I'll give it a shot." She took the phone from Kanoa and started scrolling through the episodes. "Thanks for the tip. Maybe this will be just what I need."
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Postby Benjium » Fri Apr 28, 2023 2:29 pm

Nafoza Is Tennis in Benjium
In Benjium, most sports popular on the international/interuniversal/interdeminsional stage are practically brand new. Tennis is no exception. The Ministry for Culture and Sport has begun to take a minor interest in the game - but the main factor behind Benjium's first entrance into the NSTT is the Nafoza family.

Tiwitali Nafoza had previously been the Vice Director of Interdeminsional Sales at Tabtac Synthitics, Inc. - a rubber manufacturer in West Minorin and Benjium. On a business trip, local hosts brought the sales group to a clay court tennis tournament, and Tiwi was instantly hooked. "I remember, I think I managed to buy a toy racket and balls at the tournament. It took me a day or two to realize it was just a toy! I made sure to buy a half dozen or so of the real thing before I returned home."
Nafoza organized a small group of friends to start playing the new game. Within a year the club raised funds to build 3 small clay courts in the city of Vesperti. Nafoza funded another clay and 2 hard courts in her hometown of Sila Saqua. Nafoza also began a small ball manufacturing operation, their connections in the rubber industry serving as a big help. 2 years after taking that fateful trip, Nafoza Tennis Co. was founded alongside two regional tennis clubs in Vesperti and Sila Saqua. "We manufactuer our own balls, but we have to import just about everything else."
Between the two clubs, around 1,000 members have signed up to play tennis, nationwide the number is estimated to be around ten times that amount. Sure, its a small sport on a national scale, but its beginning to pick up momentum. Luxio saw its first courts open recently, and Nafoza has begun sponsoring after school programs across Benjium. Tabtac has set up a non-profit to help as well and the game has begun to pick up steam on the West Minorin side of the border.
As for Tiwi, she's gotten pretty good at the game in a 5 year span. But she's much more proud of her son Hados. Together, they won Benjium's first ever qualifiying tournament for international competition. Hados finished as runner-up in the singles division as well. "Its impressive, mom's 41 but she's plays very intelligently. She's the real inspiration, the way she pushes me to get better," Hados said in an interview for Athletics magazine. As for Tiwi, she has decided this will be her one and only professional experience. "I'm just so incredibly honored to have been able to do this. I'm not quite sure I belong out there, but I'm going to give it everything I have. It's a dream come true, even if its a dream I didn't have until I was in my 30s."

The Nafoza mother and son combo fell in the qualification stage of the Hamilton International to Soro Alaya and Yashiro Toshiro of Archalit, but managed to force a tiebreaker. Perhaps the grueling heat sent by mother nature was the only thing that could have finally stopped Tiwi. Hados however was embraced by his teary eyed mother after securing the first ever NSTT victory -even if its just a qualifier- for Benjium defeating Indy Django in three sets. He is set to take on 10th seeded Foger Rederer (ADB) next. Meanwhile Ubeti Secena - Benjium's top tennis talent will take on Ichitsuki Nokku (ARC).
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Postby Pemecutan » Fri Apr 28, 2023 7:12 pm


Saniscara Kliwon Wuku Wayang, Pawukon 1784

Tennis Got Revamps

Electrum - Following the recent clashed between Pemecutan Tennis Association (PTA) and Soracana Islands Tennis Association (SITA), most of Soracana Islands athletes are pulled from all of international competitions. And tennis is not an excuse. During the sign up process for the start of clay season, the name of Duwanisarga Yajamaja was not found in Pemecutan squad. He was expected to pair with Ilham Nugraha in Electrum International competition. But with Soracana Islands pulled their agreement with Pemecutan and Yajamaja lack of dual citizenship, the athlete will likely not to return to any NSTT sanctioned tournament anytime soon. Yajamaja expressed his anger in his social media account. He blamed the politicians that makes his career suffer. While the PTA have to rely on Kirigundi Padurjili to fill the spot left by Yajamaja. The pulled however not affected Padurjili as she already have dual citizenship. But her plan to focused on single tournament seems to be put on hold until further noticed.

PTA spokesperson declared that the first meeting between delegations of UPOC (United Pemecutan Olympics Committee) and SICO (Soracana Islands Committee of Olympics) have not created any results. UPOC are still determine with their decision to use only Pemecutan name in any international competition even though the delegation is fill with athletes from both countries. The same situation have affected the football squad who already play their competition before. The result was highly disappointed. Many sports organization under UPOC have urge the higher authority to meet for the second time and resolved this situation immediately. Elsewhere, UPOC spokesperson stated that the talks will be put on hold until the internal situation of Pemecutan is settled. Currently, there is a talks between MPs of Pemecutan to plan about the future of the country. UPOC afraid that the result of the talks will affect every aspect of the country including sports. So they asked SICO sides to be patient and their talks will be reschedule soon.

Meanwhile, the tournament of clay court have began with qualifying round finished their matches. No Pemecutan players were entered at this stage. But they sure be ready for the the first round that should be on their way today. Hope from the tennis fans are they won't be as disappointing as the football team.
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Postby Dexterra » Fri Apr 28, 2023 10:36 pm

29 April 2023


briefly served to you by the Dexter Historical Bureau

Thanks For Reading Est. 19 November 2021 Event XIX Round I (archive)

Seeing a clay

Historians direct this next tennis act, terse and tragic though it may be

On 26 January 2023, a New Year's resolution was written: "Become a grand slam champion, and world number one."

The Dexterra Beagles were an international sports delegation representing the Dexter people and the nation of Dexterra. Named for the island's abundance of man's best friend, the Beagles tried their paws in a few different athletics - the first of which involved racquets, courts and dogged determination. By the NationStates Tennis Tour Season 9 clay court swing that began in April 2023, it seemed the Beagles had lived up to their names with pursuit of "round yellow fuzz," as they often called it in pressers and interviews. But the 9th Hamilton International and 2nd Electrum International were more than a chance for ever-young pups to learn and grow from early leashes in the previous clay season, or an apparent unleashing in the Season 9 outdoor hard court swing. It was also a chance for one to expand upon specialities, one to explore being the top dog and two to excel amidst other responsibilities.

Tennis in the scorching city of Hamilton and in the Rushmori nation of Electrum is some of the oldest and most prestigious in NSTT. Though the 9th Hamilton International and 2nd Electrum International were (respectively) a Tier 1 and Tier 2 event, Hamilton had also once been held at the topmost grand slam level. The Beagles, at that time, had yet to bravely venture towards The Tinderbox - a superstructure comprised of Hamilton Tennis Park's three roofed stadiums - with ample water bottles and extended rally practice. They even had yet to march with more than 20 major Dexter cities in the Independex Revolution, and liberated a nation for which they would spend at least the next two years representing. But even in times when news filtered largely through state mouths, years of grand tennis in the land of gold-and-silver illuminated screens, papers and conversations in the future home of brown-and-blue.

Into the 9th Hamilton International singles first round on 29 April, Tristan Armstrong was the only Beagle who specialized in clay tennis. A native of Union City once a college star turned protestor and rapper, he debuted in January 2022, and by season's end that December he had pushed into the 3rd Diamond Trophy quarterfinals - yet both were hard court events. What good his clay specialty did him remained unclear: in Season 8, Armstrong reached the second round of both the 1st Plava Laguna Open and the 7th Antillia Masters, before pausing until the indoor hard court tour to run for public office. By his 24th birthday in April 2023, 'Rhyme Dime' was ranked in the world's top 50 singles tennis athletes, and eager to prove that the prime of his life was still ahead. Undaunted by early exits since his Diamond run, in Hamilton swelter Armstrong geared up to ashen the auspicious Ayu Ratih Kemalasari of Pemecutan.

Alongside him in the singles first round, Michael Loy had been the original Beagle since November 2021, a jack-of-all-courts hoping to specialize only in tennis itself. A revolutionary born in Skyswim turned personal trainer living in Beagalia, in March 2023 he ascended to his loftiest heights at the 8th Electrum Slam, netting Dexterra's maiden grand slam and becoming the world number one-ranked singles tennis athlete. Many prayed he had exorcised demons which possessed him during the throes of defeat in the previous two slam finals, among other things. At the 9th Hamilton International, Loy maintained in both private and public that his 1-seed notwithstanding, he was hardly anything special - just an ordinary guy playing ordinary tennis, who just happened to have titles at the 2nd Diamond Trophy and 5th Britonish Open. Still recovering from wrecks and breakdowns, as outdoor hard courts turned to clay he stayed focused only on being at his best, as the adage 'any given Sunday' to him still reigned supreme. Amidst blistering Hamilton heat, he ignited his Season 9 clay campaign looking to melt the impeccable Ioana Amúlio Constantinescu of Natanians and Nosts.

Any mention of Armstrong or Loy would be incomplete without including doubles duo Mason Woodmere/Maxine Woodmere, equally as ecstatic to experience Hamilton haze - and equally as saddened to withdraw from Dexterra's 2nd Independex Championships domestic tennis event. Yet as the singles first round readied on the runway, indeed the Woodmere cousins would have to wait. The doubles first round was slated for the following day, giving them plenty of time to hone their clay finesse, work on city government matters and watch their singles partners break a sweat...

Live coverage of the 9th Hamilton International and 2nd Electrum International is provided courtesy of Dextennis, a subsidiary of the Dexter Cultural Bureau.

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Postby Electrum » Sat Apr 29, 2023 3:51 am

Electrum International - Singles - Round 1

Section 1
Derby Cuellar (UAD) 1 7 3
Austin McDanielson (TJU) 6 6 6

Iohanna Márcia Enderssen-Moura (NTN) 6 7
Alyse Cayson (ATH) 1 6

Bruno Radmar (14) (ACS) 7 6
Maria Cláudia Amúlio (NTN) 6 3

Derek Dubrovnik (11) (BRI) 6 5 6
TinTin Golu (Q) (TSD) 3 7 1

Ayu Diah Padmi (PCU) 7 6
Uberto Castile (TSD) 5 4

Carmichael Brown (ETM) 6 6
Jane Floral (QAD) 2 1

Section 2
Susann Park (Q) (ATH) 7 4 2
Nina MacDuff (ATH) 5 6 6

Teagan Cantrell (UAD) 3 4
Lukas Valerio (BRI) 6 6

Lucien Le Floch (13) (RCN) 6 6
Laurence Ophelia (QAD) 3 4

Timaeus Andersson (12) (PUG) 7 6
Tristan Delisle (RCN) 6 1

Kanoa Faye (ARC) 4 2
Cornelis Zapfe (PUG) 6 6

Naim Alex (SHT) 7 4 6
Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN) 5 6 4

Section 3
Thibaut Berthelot (RCN) 4 4
Pedro Sanchez de la Cruz (TJU) 6 6

Syamim Kevin (SHT) 3 6 3
Diana Jansen (SHT) 6 4 6

Kush Acharya (15) (BRI) 3 3
Aegis Geronimo (QAD) 6 6

Kirigundi Padurjili (10) (PCU) 6 6
Selina Favreau (ETM) 4 1

Eric Li (ARC) 6 6 6
Gordon Li (ARC) 7 4 2

Nickolas Sadar (TSD) 3 3
Aaren Seabrooke (UAD) 6 6

Section 4
Jasmin Wayverson (TJU) 3 2
Aaliyah de Leon (BRI) 6 6

Byron Warrick (ATH) 2 5
Harold Crawley (TJU) 6 7

Lacey John (16) (UAD) 6 7
Putu Agus Palguna (PCU) 4 5

Estée Bonnet (9) (ARC) 6 6
Arne Oxwald (PUG) 4 1

Greta Dogsmouth (QAD) 6 6
Byron Aucamon (CEN) 2 3

Ion Gheorghe Gheorghenescu (NTN) 5 4
Isac Salabanka (ACS) 7 6

Hamilton International - Singles - Round 1

Section 1
Michael Loy (1) (DEX) 6 6
Ioana Amúlio Constantinescu (NTN) 4 3

Isenaka Koju (ARC) 7 2 6
Jason Gordon (BRI) 6 6 4

Kalumu Jusu (ARC) 2 3
Kim Chester (UAD) 6 6

Jack Ho (16) (ETM) 6 6
Athela Kormet (PRA) 4 2

Augusta Björnstjärna (12) (PUG) 3 5
Komang Agus Artawan (PCU) 6 7

Iris Bergadhga (ACS) 3 2
Abelie Fontana (RCN) 6 6

Sarah Wade (ATH) 0 1
Kora Sunder (QAD) 6 6

Indah Susanti (7) (PCU) 5 5
Pietro Hivola (PRA) 7 7

Section 2
Dorotea Granit (3) (PUG) 7 7
Lucy Muneer (SHT) 5 5

Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) 7 6
Esterina Picarelli (RCN) 6 1

Shinji Makauchi (TJU) 7 6
Aliyo Mackinaw (TSD) 6 4

Sibylla Naess (13) (PUG) 6 6
Hados Nafoza (Q) (BJM) 0 1

Ralph Newkarn (11) (BRI) 6 4 4
Hyouko Amara (ARC) 1 6 6

Ichitsuki Nokku (ARC) 4 6 2
Ubeti Secena (BJM) 6 3 6

Dale Carman (UAD) 6 6 4
Marcus Hathwar (ETM) 7 3 6

Lonus Varalin (6) (CEN) 6 3
Ven van der Vin (QAD) 7 6

Section 3
Ardil Navsal (2) (CEN) 4 2
Marisa Maradona (CEN) 6 6

Alya Elyas (SHT) 6 6
River Ray (TSD) 2 4

Sebastian Bentley (ATH) 3 2
Ethanial Nok (PRA) 6 6

Leonora Gaditas (15) (ACS) 7 6
Gaëlle Sellier (RCN) 5 2

Xander Foyner-Evatee (9) (CEN) 4 4
Maddison Scott (ETM) 6 6

Indigo Crawford (UAD) 4 6 6
Honoré McQueen (ATH) 6 2 3

Davi Malakkar (ACS) 7 7
Philippe Baloui (TJU) 5 6

Georg Heraklit (5) (PUG) 6 6 2
Lucas Parvash (ACS) 7 1 6

Section 4
Janet Riley (4) (ETM) 5 6 6
Pristina Trevante (QAD) 7 1 3

Ayu Ratih Kemalasari (PCU) 1 1
Tristan Armstrong (DEX) 6 6

Leone Na (BRI) 7 4 3
Arthur Leloup (RCN) 6 6 6

Ricardo Toli (14) (BRI) 6 6 6
Vivian Walsh (UAD) 3 7 1

Foger Rederer (10) (ADB) 1 6 6
Rayza Fromu (Q) (PRA) 6 2 3

Amarsin Gandas (ADB) 1 3
Michael Juno (QAD) 6 6

Kornél Arimac (TSD) 6 1 3
Jean van de Kloor (TJU) 3 6 6

Dewa Putu Adrian Putra (8) (PCU) 6 7
Emily Romanescu (ADB) 3 5
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Postby Pemecutan » Sat Apr 29, 2023 7:06 pm


Redite Umanis Wuku Kelawu, Pawukon 1784

Susanti's Fall, Adrian Putra Stay

Electrum - The fans hope for Susanti to hold on her position as the best tennis player in Pemecutan might turned into crumble. In the opening match if Hamilton International, Susanti surprisingly defeated by newcomer, Pietro Hivola of Atano. The 2-sets match was very tight that both sets were ended in a 7th-games win for Hivola. The match also saw Susanti's struggle to hold her performance. Despite her great opening but in the crucial time, her nervousness still lurking around. Thus making her failed to performed in her peak after the 5-5 deuce.

Following her placement ahead of Adrian Putra, Susanti is becoming the talks amongst the tennis fans. With Muliawan's retiring, Adrian Putra is the sole Pemecutan high ranking athlete in NSTT. And after Susanti's rank getting higher than Adrian Putra, she is hope to become the replacement for Muliawan. But her recent defeat makes the fans questioning her performance stability. Her defender however pinpoint that even Adrian Putra and Muliawan have had their downturn. And one defeat can't precisely saying that she is not the favorite anymore. They asked the opposing sides to stop the hatred comments.

Elsewhere, Pemecutan placed two of their single players in the second round of Hamilton International. Komang Agus Artawan who surprisingly defeats 12th seed, Augusta Björnstjärna in a straight set, 6-3, 7-5. And Pemecutan's favorite, Dewa Putu Adrian Putra defeats Emily Romanescu also in straight set. The second upset came from Ayu Ratih Kemalasari who was defeated by Dexterran player, Tristan Armstrong. It was the most humiliating match for Kemalasari as she was easily defeated by a double 6-1. "I feel like not myself today," she commented after the disappointing match.

Meanwhile in Electrum International, 2 Pemecutanian players advanced to the second round of the tournament. Newcomer Ayu Diah Padmi who defeated Uberto Castile from The Spartan Dominion and Kirigundi Padurjili who easily defeated home player, Elina Favreau. While Putu Agus Palguna have to admit Lacey John superiority. Despite the intense match, Palguna were defeated in straight set, 6-4, 7-5. With the result, there are 3 Pemecutanian single in the second round as Dewa Ayu Cintya Dewi is getting a bye from the first round.

Today we will watch the match of both second round singles and first round of double competition. All of Pemecutanian matches will be broadcasted live by GOR channel.
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Postby Dexterra » Sat Apr 29, 2023 10:48 pm

30 April 2023


briefly served to you by the Dexter Historical Bureau

Thanks For Reading Est. 19 November 2021 Event XIX Round II (archive)

April showers... ?

Historians continue to direct this next tennis act, as our stars approach the next stage

The cousins set down their racquets by the coolbox and took turns blasting frigid air from the cooling tube.

Tennis in Dexterra originated long before the NationStates Tennis Tour Season 9 clay swing, but of course paled in comparison to the Rushmori regalia of tennis in both Hamilton and Electrum. It is unknown when exactly the sport was introduced to the beagle homeland, but the first organized events were likely exhibition tournaments in the 'waterslide' cities, major localities with economies based on entertainment tourism, during the mid-to-late 20th century. From 1996 to 2020, the National Tennis Board attempted to formally govern the sport, but was mired in corruption, incompetence and disorganization - drawing artificial ire from authoritarians during their crusade to ban sports and stave off what would become the Independex Revolution. After the founding of Dexterra in 2021, the Dexter Tennis Union assembled a more dignified, representative and unifying governing body for the sport, later becoming the Public Tennis Assembly upon voter-approved national reorganization. About this time, the nation sent off its first international delegates: the Dexterra Beagles.

At the 9th Hamilton International and 2nd Electrum International in April 2023, Mason Woodmere/Maxine Woodmere continued to serve as the nation's sole doubles tennis delegates. When they debuted in the 2nd Diamond Trophy at the end of NSTT Season 7, the cousins were already known to Dexter sports enthusiasts: both had been especially active during the Revolution, as targets of regime forces not just for hoisting racquets but also for coming out as gender-neutral. While climbing to their tennis apex with the 3rd Diamond Trophy title to wrap Season 8, they also found the call of duty had yet to fade. Hometown voters in New Foggy Bottom elected Mason their Deputy City Manager. In choosing to accept the position while also sticking with tennis, they quickly discovered the difficulties of balancing racquet lobs with ratifying laws. Though the Woodmeres looked to improve upon early exits during Season 8 clay and Season 9 outdoor hard courts, fans and constituents each were increasingly disapproving of Mason's divided attention, with a majority demanding they choose - or else voters would. By 30 April 2023, a recall election was rumored to be brewing, while the Woodmeres were in Hamilton trying to sweat the riveting Ana Radkkar/Eva Radkkar sisters of Acastanha in the doubles first round.

That day, the streets were also active in Union City, where fans of native son Tristan Armstrong were aglow with coverage and analysis of the singles first round. In the Hamilton oven, Rhyme Dime managed to bake a 6-1, 6-1 double breadstick for the awe-inspiring Ayu Ratih Kemalasari of Pemecutan. Images of clay up to his shins plastered newspapers and social media, as did highlight reels of his slide to catch break point at 2-1. Heading into the second round, the clay specialist remembered that herein was as far as he had gone last year in Season 8's clay swing. Indeed, it appeared history would repeat itself: Armstrong's next challenger was juggernaut 4-seed Janet Riley, the Electrumite hometown queen of the 1st Burnton Classic singles. Though she lost one set in the 9th Hamilton first round, neither fans nor analysts took it as any sign of cracks in her armor. She belonged in the world's top five for many reasons, and Armstrong had to do everything he could to not be one of them.

One person who tried to give him pointers, from meeting her at the 5th Britonish Open semifinals and the 3rd NSTT Finals group stage, was Skyswim sun Michael Loy. In his own 9th Hamilton first round humidity, the initial test of a monumental 1-seed resulted in for him an apparent 6-3, 6-4 oasis - or mirage - with the indelible Ioana Amúlio Constantinescu of Natanians and Nosts. After just three games, Loy's white wristbands became caked in a muddy crimson, and his shoes had glided into mimicking the earth beneath them. True to form, he insisted the match was closer than the score, and credited his challenger as much as possible. Then the world number one bravely turned and faced uncharted territory: a clay singles second round. As the anniversary of marching for independence loomed for he and his singles and doubles co-stars, the intense Isenaka Koju of Archalit awaited in the second round to top the revolutionary's spin.

In Dexterra, the Independex Championships domestic tennis tournament seemed to sanctify - through media and popular culture - 'May tennis.' The event's quarterfinals, semifinals and finals were all held in the month of May, leading many to believe it was the upper echelon of the sport. Wiping sweat from their brows through Hamilton heat on 30 April, four worldly Beagles hoped they could still blossom through not just the singles second round or doubles first round, but the blooming of May tennis.

Live coverage of the 9th Hamilton International and 2nd Electrum International is provided courtesy of Dextennis, a subsidiary of the Dexter Cultural Bureau.

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Postby Electrum » Sun Apr 30, 2023 3:38 am

Electrum International - Singles - Round 2

Section 1
Dioro Hansil (1) (CEN) 3 6 6
Austin McDanielson (TJU) 6 4 4

Iohanna Márcia Enderssen-Moura (NTN) 4 0
Bruno Radmar (14) (ACS) 6 6

Derek Dubrovnik (11) (BRI) 6 2 3
Ayu Diah Padmi (PCU) 0 6 6

Carmichael Brown (ETM) 5 6 6
Andrew Simmons (5) (ETM) 7 2 7

Section 2
Sigrid Vasakärven (3) (PUG) 6 7
Nina MacDuff (ATH) 3 6

Lukas Valerio (BRI) 5 2
Lucien Le Floch (13) (RCN) 7 6

Timaeus Andersson (12) (PUG) 3 4
Cornelis Zapfe (PUG) 6 6

Naim Alex (SHT) 2 6 5
Dewa Ayu Cintya Dewi (7) (PCU) 6 4 7

Section 3
Johmer Vales (2) (CEN) 6 6
Pedro Sanchez de la Cruz (TJU) 2 2

Diana Jansen (SHT) 6 3 6
Aegis Geronimo (QAD) 2 6 0

Kirigundi Padurjili (10) (PCU) 6 4
Eric Li (ARC) 7 6

Aaren Seabrooke (UAD) 4 4
Livinia Moore (6) (ETM) 6 6

Section 4
Noah Damaris (4) (CEN) 2 7 4
Aaliyah de Leon (BRI) 6 5 6

Harold Crawley (TJU) 2 6 6
Lacey John (16) (UAD) 6 3 3

Estée Bonnet (9) (ARC) 6 2 6
Greta Dogsmouth (QAD) 3 6 2

Isac Salabanka (ACS) 3 1
Eva Sarvan (8) (ACS) 6 6

Electrum International - Doubles - Round 1

Section 1
Leone Na/Abi Forrest (BRI) 4 6 10
Simon Oxford/Will Washer (QAD) 6 4 6

Jacob Smith/Owen Kennedy (Q) (ARC) 6 3 7
Arthur Leloup/Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN) 4 6 10

Mihai Carolus Maro/Claudius Ion Varro (NTN) 6 6
Leanne Stewart/Rachel Simon (ETM) 3 4

Teagan Cantrell/Derby Cuellar (UAD) 7 7
Lukas Emery/Mijaso Oyanari (ARC) 6 5

Section 2
Draven Ester/TinTin Golu (WC) (TSD) 2 6 7
Jordanien Hutch/Flagstaff McCroy (QAD) 6 4 10

André Bapako/Isis Dimpal (ACS) 4 5
Lucas Magnier/Adelinde Günther (RCN) 6 7

Diana Jansen/Haikal Jansen (SHT) 2 6 6
Oscar Lamurdela/Rebecca Vasankar (ACS) 6 0 10

Aaren Seabrooke/Lacey John (UAD) 5 1
Kendra Fulhampton/Michael Fulhampton (TJU) 7 6

Hamilton International - Singles - Round 2

Section 1
Michael Loy (1) (DEX) 6 6
Isenaka Koju (ARC) 3 2

Kim Chester (UAD) 2 6 3
Jack Ho (16) (ETM) 6 4 6

Komang Agus Artawan (PCU) 4 4
Abelie Fontana (RCN) 6 6

Kora Sunder (QAD) 6 6
Pietro Hivola (PRA) 4 4

Section 2
Dorotea Granit (3) (PUG) 2 4
Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) 6 6

Shinji Makauchi (TJU) 2 7 2
Sibylla Naess (13) (PUG) 6 5 6

Hyouko Amara (ARC) 3 3
Ubeti Secena (BJM) 6 6

Marcus Hathwar (ETM) 6 6
Ven van der Vin (QAD) 1 3

Section 3
Marisa Maradona (CEN) 6 2 7
Alya Elyas (SHT) 4 6 6

Ethanial Nok (PRA) 3 7 4
Leonora Gaditas (15) (ACS) 6 6 6

Maddison Scott (ETM) 6 6
Indigo Crawford (UAD) 4 2

Davi Malakkar (ACS) 6 6
Lucas Parvash (ACS) 4 3

Section 4
Janet Riley (4) (ETM) 6 7
Tristan Armstrong (DEX) 3 5

Arthur Leloup (RCN) 6 4 5
Ricardo Toli (14) (BRI) 4 6 7

Foger Rederer (10) (ADB) 7 6
Michael Juno (QAD) 6 1

Jean van de Kloor (TJU) 7 2 4
Dewa Putu Adrian Putra (8) (PCU) 5 6 6

Hamilton International - Doubles - Round 1

Section 1
Arne Oxwald/Georg Heraklit (1) (PUG) 6 6
Nathan Bensaïd/Kell Korden (BRI/CEN) 0 3

Esterina Picarelli/Töbe Brassel (Q) (RCN) 7 4 11
Sigrid Vasakärven/Botack Andiam (PUG/CEN) 6 6 9

Carrol Water/Cherrie Kane (Q) (SHT) 6 4 5
Ricardo Toli/Elizabeth Quehall (BRI) 4 6 10

Val Korekal/Luciano Crepaldi (5) (CEN/SOR) 6 6
Kim Chester/Vivian Walsh (UAD) 2 2

Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati (8) (PCU) 3 6 10
Bruno Ayragadh/Chandra Wiguna (ACS/PCU) 6 2 5

Sora Alya/Yashiro Toshiro (Q) (ARC) 3 6 6
Indigo Crawford/Dale Carman (UAD) 6 4 10

Kayla Mckerrin/Vladimir Boiyskovsky (TJU) 6 4 8
Jac Iegis/Cornelis Zapfe (CEN/PUG) 2 6 10

Sara Zhuo/Gyrachor Rentos (3) (ETM/CEN) 7 6
Izzat Manson/George Fakhrul (Q) (SHT) 6 2

Section 2
Elia Xal/Fia Xal (2) (CEN) 6 6
Valentina Spetsova/Austin McDanielson (TJU) 1 4

Tomás Nascimento/Duarte Cerqueira (ARC) 2 6 5
Inès Fournier/Camille Fournier (RCN) 6 2 10

Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani (PCU) 6 6
Miguel Taberon/Pedro Arrachar (ACS) 3 2

Sibylla Naess/Timaeus Andersson (6) (PUG) 6 6
Mihai Caeso Mihailescu/Márcus Gabriel Alencastro (NTN) 4 3

Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (7) (ETM) 3 4
Emily Romanescu/Amarsin Gandas (ADB) 6 6

Mason Woodmere/Maxine Woodmere (DEX) 6 4 10
Ana Radkkar/Eva Radkkar (ACS) 3 6 3

Marcus Hathwar/Jack Ho (ETM) 7 6
Maria Cláudia Amúlio/Iohanna Márcia Enderssen-Moura (NTN) 6 2

Jaguar Zenteanite/Zeke Newham (4) (BRI) 6 5 8
Kora Sunder/Ven van der Vin (QAD) 3 7 10
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Postby Pemecutan » Sun Apr 30, 2023 10:31 pm


Soma Paing Wuku Kelawu, Pawukon 1784

Third Day in Electrum, Who's Left?

Electrum - It is the third day of double tournaments in Electrum at the start of clay court season. The Hamilton and Electrum International. On this day too, the double competition begin their first round. But before that, let's take a look at who's left in the single competition. In Electrum International, we knew that 3 Pemecutanian singles were competing yesterday for the second round. 7th seed, Dewa Ayu Cintya Dewi who got bye from the first round was playing against neighboring player from Sharktail, Naim Alex. Cintya Dewi have to ended Alex's resistance in three sets. The first set was an easy way. Cintya Dewi clearly dominating the match and little space for Alex to improve his playing style. She won the set by 6-2. In the second set, Alex change his playing style. And this changing proven effective to face Cintya Dewi. Alex steal the second set by 6-4. The third set went intense. Alex kept his playing style while Cintya Dewi try to get into her superior position again. The set became more dramatic after the 5-5 deuce. However, Cintya Dewi was able to break from the heavy pressure and win the next 2 games. 7-5 for Cintya Dewi which also give her one place in the third round. A mixed results were got by the other 2 Pemecutanian players. The more favorite, Kirigundi Padurjili have to go home early after a disappointing match against newcomer player, Eric Li. The Archalit player was able to turned the table in the first set and forced Padurjili into a tight tie-break. Li eventually won the battle and claimed the first set. In the second set, Padurjili's confidence had been deteriorated. But she try to hold her composure and still give a good performance despite she was having trust issue on herself. The set was clearly not on Padurjili sides and she had to admit her loose after Li claimed the 10th games and win the match. On the other side, Ayu Diah Padmi surprised the audience after defeating 11th seed, Derek Dubrovnik from Britonisea in one of a classic comeback match. Having a status of seeded player, Dubrovnik have no doubt on controlling the match. Especially in the first set. He went on to claimed all the games without a single drop. 6-0 for Dubrovnik. However, no one knows what change happened in the second set. Dubrovnik seems to be not himself anymore. While Padmi try to made up her lose in the first set by actively attacking Dubrovnik. She was success to improve her playing skill while Dubrovnik seems to losing his rhythm. Dubrovnik fall hard in the second set with Padmi win the set by 6-2. The third set was not an improvement to Dubrovnik. Despite his attempt to turn back the table, Padmi was already above the air. The pressure gave no room for Dubrovnik to improve his play. While Padmi have got her rhythm. She played relaxed and calmly. As oppose to the under pressure Dubrovnik. The set was once again won by Padmi with 6-3 which confirmed her place in the third round. Her next opponent however is a hard one. She will meet home player and 3rd seed, Andrew Simmons.

While in Hamilton International, one Pemecutanian player left in the next third round after Komang Agus Artawan failed to continue his great campaign. Artawan loose to Recuecn player, Abelie Fontana was kind of shocked as Fontana is rarely to be seen contested in NSTT. But his comeback is surely give a great shocked. While the fans were favorited Artawan to advance, but the reality give another result. Fontana won the match in a straight set of double 6-4. This failure added Artawan's record for inconsistency performance. While Pemecutan golden boy, Dewa Putu Adrian Putra success to advance to the next round after a hard and tight match against Tjun-ia player, Jean van der Kloor. Adrian Putra was shocked by the early win of van der Kloor in the first set. He was losing the race to 7 after 5-5 deuce. He made up his mistake in the second set. He didn't give room for van der Kloor to improve his performance and constantly put him under pressure. The move success to equalized their position. Adrian Putra won by 6-2. In the third set, Adrian Putra try to keep his consistency in controlling the match. But van der Kloor sometimes still able to steal some games from the Pemecutan golden boy. In the end, Adrian Putra closed the match by winning the 10th game which give him a place in the third round. His next opponent was former Ubung Open champion, Foger Rederer from Adab.

Now entering the double competition. Pemecutan doubles were absent in Electrum International first round. Not because they were not entering the competition, but because they are getting a bye to the second round. Waiting for them in the second round are Recuecn double, Arthur Leloup/Hildebrant Weisgerber who will facing Jayadi Ahmad/Luh Putu Yundari. And Ilham Nugraha/Kirigundi Padurjili will be facing Natanians and Nots double player, Mihai Carolus Maro/Claudius Ion Varro. In Hamilton International, both Pemecutan double pairs were saved into the next round. Top seed Pemecutan double, Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati have to face fellow teammate and neighbor, Bruno Ayragadh/Chandra Wiguna. The mixed pair have been one of the most progressive double pair in the region. They even get more better than both Acastanhada main pairs. Ayragadh/Wiguna shocked Antari/Andreawati in the first set after their 6-3 win. The Olympic gold medal holder turn the table in the second set and crushed the mixed pair by 6-2. The tie-break set went tight at first before Antari/Andreawati dominated the rest of it. Won 10-5, Antari/Andreawati confirmed their win. Hamilton International organizer seems to have a unique way of match pairing as Pemecutan pairs keeps facing either their teammate or neighbor. After Antari/Andreawati facing the mixed Acastanha/Pemecutan pair, now Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani have to face one of Acastanha main pair, Miguel Taberon/Pedro Arrachar. Once the best pair of Acastanha, Taberon/Arrachar golden era seems to be way passed them. After being surpassed by the sister pair, Ana and Eva Radkkar, they are also surpassed by Bruno Ayragadh and his foreign pair, Chandra Wiguna. It also resemble in their performance. Facing a much younger Listya Dewi/Maherani, Taberon/Arrachar seems to under pressure right from the start. Dewi/Maherani pair won the match pretty easily by 6-3, 6-2.

Today, at the fourth day of Electrum double tournaments, 7 matches of Pemecutanian players will be broadcasted live by GOR channel. Several important matches would be Ayu Diah Padmi vs Andrew Simmons in Electrum International, Foger Rederer vs Dewa Putu Adrian Putra in Hamilton International and Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani vs Sibylla Naess/Timaeus Andresson.
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Postby Dexterra » Sun Apr 30, 2023 10:55 pm

1 May 2023


briefly served to you by the Dexter Historical Bureau

Thanks For Reading Est. 19 November 2021 Event XIX Round III (archive)

...May flowers?

When rising temperatures wilted Beagles by the Hamilton kiln

They gazed through beads of sweat at The Cauldron, as crowds swarmed the industrial fans and water jets.

When the NSTT Season 9 clay swing began at the 9th Hamilton International and 2nd Electrum International in late April 2023, four daring Dexterra Beagles hoped they could persevere into May. The singles third round and doubles second round awaited on the 1st to spring forth May tennis - to Dexter domestic sportspeople, ostensibly the most sacred time of the athletic calendar. It was not unlike experiences each international tennis Beagle had in the Independex Revolution two years prior, before they took up racquets with the world's mightiest gladiators. Through Hamilton saunas, they were not marching unarmed to polling stations to vote for independence in streets blocked by riot police - but climbing one match at a time through a Rushmori race they'd long dreamt of there representing.

The streets of Dexterra had varying atmospheres that fateful May changeover in 2023 - Union City was likely the most divided. Although hometown hero Tristan Armstrong had for years lived in the suburban town of Belle City, the Union metro area stuck by the clay specialist through it all - including a 3-6, 5-7 burnout by jam-packed 4-seed Janet Riley, Electrumite proof positive of gold-and-silver tennis prowess. In the 9th Hamilton International singles round two, Rhyme Dime found his nickname was more prescient and poignant than ever: the changeover from April to May juxtaposed his arrest for protesting outside a courthouse with valiant yet swiftly-dismissed efforts on clay courts. Of course, credit is due where credit is due - his Hamilton extinguishing was only the natural consequence of encountering one of the world's most golden. Armstrong would still have a chance at May tennis in a few weeks, but had to return to the sidelines and appreciate the time he had in Hamilton. It was unknown on 1 May whether he would stay in the relaxing Crown Hotel to tour the sweltering yet adapted host city, or return home to fans torn between mourning and rooting for Dexterra's last remaining singles delegate.

If there was ever a person who understood Armstrong's crash back to Earth, it would have been Michael Loy. Never mind a 6-3, 6-2 apparent outshining of the irreplaceable Isenaka Koju of Archalit in the 9th Hamilton second round, who dug in to challenge the Beagle at every point. Neither he, nor fans or analysts, breathed easy persisting into the third round. Much like his singles co-pilot, Loy now had to contend Electrum's finest and brightest - one who, in fact, was known to them both. Jaw-dropping 16-seed Jack Ho had collared Armstrong in the 1st Vika Open Round of 32 en route to the singles championship, to which Loy then answered in three sets at the 4th Steinigestrasse Open first round. But much like his helping Armstrong get out of jail to vote for independence was now replaced with carrying his torch in singles tennis, things were different at the 9th Hamilton between brown-and-blue and gold-and-silver. Adjusting a strategem he named "Ho money Ho problems," Loy readied to ratchet his first serve percentage and restrict his opponent's movement far more than on Season 8 outdoor hard courts, though his social media posts suggested he was bracing for tragedy. Via Armstrong and past experience, he saw the Electrumite writing on the Hamilton wall, and needed to erase it.

Fortunately, the nation also had representation in the 9th Hamilton doubles with Mason Woodmere/Maxine Woodmere. Although Mason had - as Deputy City Manager of hometown New Foggy Bottom - submitted a bill on commercial zoning codes just days before, the cousins managed to outlast the resilient Ana Radkkar/Eva Radkkar sisters of Acastanha 6-3, 4-6, 10-3, one of many thrilling super tiebreak finishes in the first round. While the Woodmeres prepared to face similar upheaval in the second round versus Adabian assassins Emily Romanescu/Amarsin Gandas, a citywide petition to hold a recall election against Mason gained enough signatures to require a city council measure to ratify the articles of election. The petition originated in an April 2023 town hall meeting where residents were given time to discuss the Deputy City Manager's divided attention, which showed that though nearly everyone wanted Mason to choose between city service and international tennis, residents were divided 50/50 as to which Mason should choose. It was on that indecision which Mason seemed to coast through both positions, all the way into the 9th Hamilton doubles second round with the 2nd River Cities Open champions - though the city council was scheduled to ratify the recall measure.

As Hamilton temperatures began to reach a boiling point, the Beagles made sure to take pictures together in front of The Cauldron, trailblazing center court of Hamilton Tennis Park.

Live coverage of the 9th Hamilton International and 2nd Electrum International is provided courtesy of Dextennis, a subsidiary of the Dexter Cultural Bureau.

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Postby Acastanha » Sun Apr 30, 2023 11:14 pm


Clay Court Season Started
Doubles Are Crumbles

The clay court season of NSTT are opened with a double tournament in Electrum, Electrum International and Hamilton International. And Acastanhada players are competing to become one the best. However, until the third day of the competition, we're seeing a lot more disappointment especially in double sector. In Electrum International, we see one double left in the competition. And they happened to be the least expected ones. Oscar Lamurdela and Rebecca Vasankar are the last pair in Acastanha ranking position. But they've made a shocking result by defeating the more established pair from Sharktail, Diana and Haikal Jansen. The pair shocked the Jansens with a 6-2 win in the first set. The Jansens turn the table in the second set and didn't give a single chance for the Acastanhada pair to win a game. But in the tie-break set, Lamurdela/Vasankar show their capabilities. They kept a swift performance and give a lot of difficulties to the Jansens until finally they won the tie-break by 10-6. The result make them advance to the second round. However, their teammates, Andre Bapako/Isis Dimpal have to say their goodbye. A straight set loose against Recuecn pair brought them to the end of their campaign in Electrum. "It was a very short campaign," Dimpal commented after their match. The match was very intense indeed. Both pair have their chance to win the match. But the luck was on Recuecn side and Bapako/Dimpal have to accept it.

While a worse result happened in Hamilton International. All of Acastanha double pairs were loosing in the first round. First is the top Acastanha pair, Ana and Eva Radkkar. The pair have to admit their opponent better performance. Facing Mason/Maxine Woodmere from Dexterra, the Radkkar sister made a late start. The Woodmere were success to claimed the first set by 6-3. Radkkar sister didn't back down. They turn the table in the second set and able to equalize their position. But the Woodmere didn't give up easily. They controlled the tie-break set right from the start and completed 10 wins first to claimed victory. The second pair was Miguel Taberon/Pedro Arrachar. Facing Pemecutanian pair, Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani, the pair seems to be put under pressure right from the start. Dewi/Maherani win easily by 6-3, 6-2 and advance to the second round. The third was a mixed pair of Acastanha and Pemecutan. Bruno Ayragadh and Chandra WIguna who recently rise to the top of elite pair in the region of Mandalanusa. And they gave the proof by defeating Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati. But that's only in the first set. Antari/Andreawati back on their track on crushed the mixed pair without mercy.

A better results were seen in single competition. In Electrum International, 2 singles are still in the competition. The 14th seed, Bruno Radmar advance to the third round after defeating Natanians and Nots player, Iohanna Márcia Enderssen-Moura in straight set. However, he will face a hard opponent in the next round as he will face the first seed, Dioro Hansil. The second Acastanhada single left in Electrum International is Eva Sarvan. The 8th seed and veteran player of Acastanha success to advance after defeating her fellow teammate and newcomer, Isac Salabanka. Salabanka enter the second round after winning a tight match against Ion Gheorghe Gheorghenescu of Natanians and Nots. But he was no match against Sarvan. She crushed him easily by 6-3 and 6-1. Another 2 singles are confirmed their spot in the next round in Hamilton International. Acastanhada top single player, Leonora Gaditas advance to the third round after defeating newcomer, Ethanial Nok of Atano in a tight 3-sets match. The second single to advance is Davi Malakkar who getting his placement after defeating fellow Acastanhada, Lucas Parvash in a straight set match.

Today, 5 matches of Acastanhada players will on the watchlist for the tennis fans. In Electrum International, Bruno Radmar against Dioro Hansil is the match of the day for Acastanhada tennis fans. The other matches are Estée Bonnet of Archalit against Eva Sarvan and the only double left, Oscar Lamurdela/Rebecca Vasankar vs Kendra Fulhampton/Michael Fulhampton of Tjun-ia. Elsewhere in Hamilton, Leonora Gaditas will be facing Marisa Maradona of Ceni. And the last but not least, Davi Malakkar will meet home player, Maddison Scott.
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Postby Electrum » Mon May 01, 2023 3:45 am

Electrum International - Singles - Round 3

Section 1
Dioro Hansil (1) (CEN) 4 6 2
Bruno Radmar (14) (ACS) 6 4 6

Ayu Diah Padmi (PCU) 3 7 2
Andrew Simmons (5) (ETM) 6 5 6

Section 2
Sigrid Vasakärven (3) (PUG) 6 6
Lucien Le Floch (13) (RCN) 3 4

Cornelis Zapfe (PUG) 7 6
Dewa Ayu Cintya Dewi (7) (PCU) 5 4

Section 3
Johmer Vales (2) (CEN) 5 7 6
Diana Jansen (SHT) 7 6 3

Eric Li (ARC) 1 4
Livinia Moore (6) (ETM) 6 6

Section 4
Aaliyah de Leon (BRI) 6 7
Harold Crawley (TJU) 0 6

Estée Bonnet (9) (ARC) 7 6
Eva Sarvan (8) (ACS) 5 4

Electrum International - Doubles - Round 2

Section 1
Coosal Darlcheri/Perger Rianor (1) (CEN) 7 6
Leone Na/Abi Forrest (BRI) 5 1

Arthur Leloup/Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN) 6 5 7
Jayadi Ahmad/Luh Putu Yundari (5) (PCU) 1 7 10

Ilham Nugraha/Kirigundi Padurjili (7) (PCU) 6 6
Mihai Carolus Maro/Claudius Ion Varro (NTN) 4 2

Teagan Cantrell/Derby Cuellar (UAD) 2 3
Augusta Björnstjärna/Anthony Kawasaki (4) (PUG/ETM) 6 6

Section 2
Bryson Dingley/Nissa Tran (2) (ETM) 6 6
Jordanien Hutch/Flagstaff McCroy (QAD) 1 2

Lucas Magnier/Adelinde Günther (RCN) 7 6
Rachel Archibald/Phillip Mabott (6) (BRI/BPE) 6 2

Kim Li Bo/Mei Li Bo (8) (TJU) 7 7
Oscar Lamurdela/Rebecca Vasankar (ACS) 5 5

Kendra Fulhampton/Michael Fulhampton (TJU) 6 6 4
Jana Arkinn/Myria Primarch (3) (CEN) 4 7 10

Hamilton International - Singles - Round 3

Section 1
Michael Loy (1) (DEX) 6 6
Jack Ho (16) (ETM) 2 3

Abelie Fontana (RCN) 7 2 6
Kora Sunder (QAD) 6 6 4

Section 2
Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) 2 6 5
Sibylla Naess (13) (PUG) 6 3 7

Ubeti Secena (BJM) 2 3
Marcus Hathwar (ETM) 6 6

Section 3
Marisa Maradona (CEN) 0 6
Leonora Gaditas (15) (ACS) 6 7

Maddison Scott (ETM) 6 4 6
Davi Malakkar (ACS) 0 6 7

Section 4
Janet Riley (4) (ETM) 6 6
Ricardo Toli (14) (BRI) 2 2

Foger Rederer (10) (ADB) 3 6 2
Dewa Putu Adrian Putra (8) (PCU) 6 3 6

Hamilton International - Doubles - Round 2

Section 1
Arne Oxwald/Georg Heraklit (1) (PUG) 3 7 10
Esterina Picarelli/Töbe Brassel (Q) (RCN) 6 6 5

Ricardo Toli/Elizabeth Quehall (BRI) 4 2
Val Korekal/Luciano Crepaldi (5) (CEN/SOR) 6 6

Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati (8) (PCU) 6 4 10
Indigo Crawford/Dale Carman (UAD) 3 6 7

Jac Iegis/Cornelis Zapfe (CEN/PUG) 6 5 6
Sara Zhuo/Gyrachor Rentos (3) (ETM/CEN) 4 7 10

Section 2
Elia Xal/Fia Xal (2) (CEN) 2 4
Inès Fournier/Camille Fournier (RCN) 6 6

Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani (PCU) 7 6
Sibylla Naess/Timaeus Andersson (6) (PUG) 5 4

Emily Romanescu/Amarsin Gandas (ADB) 4 3
Mason Woodmere/Maxine Woodmere (DEX) 6 6

Marcus Hathwar/Jack Ho (ETM) 6 6
Kora Sunder/Ven van der Vin (QAD) 1 3
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Postby Pemecutan » Mon May 01, 2023 7:49 pm


Anggara Pon Wuku Kelawu, Pawukon 1784

Singles Fall Down, Double Stay Put

Electrum - On the fourth day of Electrumite double tournaments, we saw our singles falling to pieces. In Electrum International, 2 Pemecutan single players have to pack their bag as they were defeated by their respective opponent in the third round of the tournament. The favorite Pemecutan player in the competition, Dewa Ayu Cintya Dewi have to admit her loss after an intense match against Gnejsian player, Cornelius Zapfe. The match started in high tension as both players showing their best play. Cintya Dewi was in the lead at first by winning the first two games. But Zapfe equalized the result. Then both players interchangeably win the next games until their position were at 5-5 deuce. Zapfe looks more confident during the crucial time after the deuce. While Cintya Dewi pose a number of unforced errors which cost her some points. Zapfe eventually win the first set by 7-5. Cintya Dewi try to made up her mistake. She opened the set with another double winning. But then again, Zapfe turn the table back into him. Cintya seems to struggled in keeping her playing passed the fourth games. Although she success to steal the 9th game but she was failed to force another 5-5 deuce. As Zapfe win the 10th game, Cintya Dewi have to end her campaign there. The second upset came from Ayu Diah Padmi. Although her lose have been predicted before. Playing against the third seed, Andrew Simmons was a hard take for Padmi. And she was playing without burden. She understand that she could be losing and it was okay. But surprisingly, Padmi put a great effort in her performance. Despite playing not in an offensive way, but she still able to force the match into a rubber set. "I saw the chance in the second set. And I took it. It was a great time. An intense match. Hope I can meet him again someday," said Padmi in an interview after the match.

The Electrum International left the two doubles for Pemecutan. Both pairs were started their performance in the tournament from the second round as they both were getting a bye. In second round, Jayadi Ahmad/Luh Putu Yundari have to face the Recuecn double, Arthur Leloup/Hildebrant Weisgerber. They were shockingly defeated easily in the first set with only 1 winning game. But the pair made up their mistake and claimed the second set for them even though in an intense match. Ahmad/Yundari became more confidence. But Leloup/Weisgerber didn't back down. The tie-break set went so wild as both pairs give their best to advance further. Eventually, Ahmad/Yundari success to win 10 tie-break first and claimed as the victory. The pairs shake the hands of their opponent realizing the great match that they had. The other pair, Ilham Nugraha/Kirigundi Padurjili was met Natanians and Nots pair, Mihai Carolus Maro/Claudius Ion Varro. The 7th seed start the match in a nervous way, especially Padurjili. Getting away from double event for sometimes have made Padurjili losing her grip. Luckily, Nugraha was there to cover up Padurjili's situation. The pair end up winning the first set by 6-4. Padurjili came to her sense in the second set. The win have build up her confidence and she was able to get back to her playing rhythm together with Nugraha. Their tactical plays gave them the upper hand. And they closed the second set by another win, 6-2. The win brought them to the third round.

A better result was seen in Hamilton International. Pemecutan golden boy, Dewa Putu Adrian Putra success to advance after defeating Foger Rederer in a tight 3-sets match. The match was already predicted to went intense. And it can be seen right from the start. However, Adrian Putra seems to be able to handle the match properly. He rose to claim the set by 6-3. Rederer saw his mistakes in the first set and he didn't want to do it again. Rederer pushed Adrian Putra to the limit and balanced back the match with a 6-2 win. Starting the third set, Rederer seems to be still in control at first. But after Adrian Putra shocking 3 straight games win, it was clearly that Rederer was in trouble. Adrian Putra continue to pressed Rederer until he was unable to give his best performance. Rederer continue to made unnecessary errors which advantaging his opponent. While he was able to steal the 7th games but that was his last effort. Adrian Putra claim the 8th games and came out as a winner. While in double, Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati claim the victory after defeating United Adaikes pair, Indigo Crawford/Dale Carman. It was an intense match as Crawford/Carman able to claimed the second set and pushed a tie-break session. In the tie-break, the Adaikes pair was didn't back down. They were still on fire and give some difficulties to Pemecutanian pair. But in the end, Antari/Andreawati was able to break free and claimed their 10th tie-break to win the match. The other pair, Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani gave a great performance that they were success to defeated the 6th seed pair from Gnejs. The match ended in a tight 2-sets game of 7-5 and 6-4.

In the next round of Electrum International, 5th seed, Jayadi Ahmad/Luh Putu Yundari will have to face the 1st seed, Coosal Darlcheri/Perger Rianor of Ceni. While the other pair, Ilham Nugraha/Kirigundi Padurjili will meet a mixed pair, Augusta Björnstjärna from Gnejs and Anthony Kawasaki of Electrum. In Hamilton International, 8th seed, Dewa Putu Adrian Putra will have to play against 4th seed, Janet Riley. While Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati will be facing 3rd seed and powerful mixed pair, Sarah Zhuo and Gyrachor Rentos. And the last but not least, Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani will meet Recuecn best pair, Inès Fournier/Camille Fournier who defeated 2nd seed, Elia and Fia Xal of Ceni. All of these matches will be broadcasted live by GOR channel.
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Postby Dexterra » Mon May 01, 2023 10:51 pm

2 May 2023


briefly served to you by the Dexter Historical Bureau

Thanks For Reading Est. 19 November 2021 Event XIX Round IV (archive)

Pilgrimage (it's hajj outside)

A journey of tennis diplomats to Hamilton's most elite eight

After taking pictures at The Cauldron, the Beagles took selfies with each other at the next tennis arenas: Courts 2 and 3.

When NSTT Season 9 clay courts presided over the April to May changeover in 2023, fans and analysts in Dexterra were enamored not only with the 9th Hamilton International and 2nd Electrum International, but also their approaching independence day anniversary. As three brave Dexters persevered from the singles third round and doubles second round into the quarterfinals, the nation marked two years since makeshift humanitarian corridors formed to allow political prisoners out of jail and into marches to polling stations blocked by riot police. Hundreds had been wrongfully imprisoned and nearly kept behind bars in order to subvert the independent will of the people, but thousands rallied together to safeguard their release. Four would go on to become international tennis delegates.

On 2 May, there was still no indication as to what Tristan Armstrong would do next, between staying in the sunburnt 9th Hamilton limelight or returning home to Independex Day festivities. He wasn't sure to whom he owed more: hometown fans awaiting him, or a tennis trio who stood by him in revolutionary rescue. Much like he was dismissed with Hamilton humility by gold-and-silver greatness, Armstrong had once found himself jailed for activism at the wrong place in the wrong time - one of many booked for breaking arbitrary laws to prevent them from voting in the independence referendum. After a magistrate ordered the release of hundreds of such dissidents, a swell of activists and demonstrators overran the grounds of multiple courthouses and prison complexes to ensure their safe, expedient release, despite threats and harbingers of retaliation by the ruling class. On 2 May, Armstrong returned to the front lines in Beagalia, where poll workers had days to inch past riot police to set up polling stations.

One demonstrator who entered the Beagalia Municipal Correctional Facility, and even joined a 'human wall' to shield releasees, was Michael Loy. At the 9th Hamilton singles third round, he too found Electrumite grandeur in judicious 16-seed Jack Ho, somehow managing to warrant a 6-2, 6-3 conviction he declared a "Ho dunnit." But the trial by fire of his shocking 1-seed was still far from over. In the 9th Hamilton quarterfinals, there awaited the arresting Abelie Fontana of Reçueçn - not only a clay specialist, but one from the home of mythical clay grand slam Beçonailles. Herself a two-time slam semifinalist who represented a minority national Reçueçian group, her efforts to democratize the sport in her nation was something that Loy admired, mapping her kind of patriotic pride through which the Beagle would surely struggle. If it was anything like that which he discovered in Beagalia demonstrations after finding his freed college singles teammate, the 9th Hamilton quarterfinals would be a barnburner - indeed, perhaps his extinguishing.

Alongside Loy since their freshmen year at the University of Beagalia racquet program, Mason Woodmere/Maxine Woodmere were with both singles partners as the revolution crept closer and closer to the polling stations, dodging a smatter of tear gas and rubber bullets. Through the 9th Hamilton doubles second round, the cousins rose above barrages to push onwards 6-4, 6-3 over Adab's exceptional Emily Romanescu/Amarsin Gandas, advancing Beagles towards none other than Loy's third round near-usurper. Gold-and-silver racquets were ready to gleam again with Electrumite heatstrokes of genius Marcus Hathwar/Jack Ho, both of whom had once been vanquished in singles by Loy. Restitution was near certain in the 9th Hamilton doubles quarterfinals. And as a meeting of the New Foggy Bottom city council moved to discuss ratifying the articles of a recall election, Mason was in another bind altogether. Circa 2023 petition laws in Dexterra were strict: if local governments did not ratify a recall election requested by a majority of the electorate in writing, both the judiciary and the national legislature could intervene to recall the local government entirely. And with input from the public, the city council largely had no choice but to adopt the articles of a recall election, its date to be set later. While the Woodmeres braced for the ignition of the 9th Hamilton doubles quarterfinals, pro-recall activists also launched into the next stage.

With Hamilton embers therein ascending to a fever pitch, starstruck Dexterra Beagles at The Tinderbox tried to remember they were more than lucky visitors.

Live coverage of the 9th Hamilton International and 2nd Electrum International is provided courtesy of Dextennis, a subsidiary of the Dexter Cultural Bureau.

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Postby Archalit » Tue May 02, 2023 5:06 am

As a result of time constraints, Estée Bonnet came onto interview after round three of singles. In it, she gave the following statement:

"I think it's really unfortunate that we haven't been able to stick to a proper plan until this round, and I'm the only one who has made it this far." After asked about the failure of her comrades, she states "we came into this tournament over-confident, and that became our downfall. Kanoa's early loss foreshadowed this."

As well, Eric Li gave an interview, stating "although I made it further than I expected, my performance shouldn't have been one of the strongest showings of Archalitian athletes in the last few days."
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Postby Electrum » Tue May 02, 2023 5:17 am

Electrum International - Singles - Quarterfinals

Bruno Radmar (14) (ACS)         6   6
Andrew Simmons (5) (ETM) 1 4

Sigrid Vasakärven (3) (PUG) 6 7
Cornelis Zapfe (PUG) 2 5

Johmer Vales (2) (CEN) 6 3 6
Livinia Moore (6) (ETM) 2 6 2

Aaliyah de Leon (BRI) 3 4
Estée Bonnet (9) (ARC) 6 6

Electrum International - Doubles - Quarterfinals

Coosal Darlcheri/Perger Rianor (1) (CEN)                3   6  11
Jayadi Ahmad/Luh Putu Yundari (5) (PCU) 6 4 13

Ilham Nugraha/Kirigundi Padurjili (7) (PCU) 6 7
Augusta Björnstjärna/Anthony Kawasaki (4) (PUG/ETM) 3 6

Bryson Dingley/Nissa Tran (2) (ETM) 6 4 4
Lucas Magnier/Adelinde Günther (RCN) 2 6 10

Kim Li Bo/Mei Li Bo (8) (TJU) 4 3
Jana Arkinn/Myria Primarch (3) (CEN) 6 6

Hamilton International - Singles - Quarterfinals

Michael Loy (1) (DEX)                6   3   7
Abelie Fontana (RCN) 3 6 6

Sibylla Naess (13) (PUG) 6 7
Marcus Hathwar (ETM) 3 6

Leonora Gaditas (15) (ACS) 3 4
Davi Malakkar (ACS) 6 6

Janet Riley (4) (ETM) 4 2
Dewa Putu Adrian Putra (8) (PCU) 6 6

Hamilton International - Doubles - Quarterfinals

Arne Oxwald/Georg Heraklit (1) (PUG)           4   7   6
Val Korekal/Luciano Crepaldi (5) (CEN/SOR) 6 6 10

Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati (8) (PCU) 6 6
Sara Zhuo/Gyrachor Rentos (3) (ETM/CEN) 2 4

Inès Fournier/Camille Fournier (RCN) 6 6 10
Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani (PCU) 4 7 4

Mason Woodmere/Maxine Woodmere (DEX) 6 6
Marcus Hathwar/Jack Ho (ETM) 3 3
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Postby Pemecutan » Tue May 02, 2023 10:46 pm


Buda Wage Wuku Kelawu, Pawukon 1784

Quarterfinal Showdown, Who's in Semifinal?

Electrum - In the continuation of double tournaments of Electrum, we've arrived at the quarterfinal round. And Pemecutanian players were down in 5 matches. The results? It was splendid. Only one of them that failed to advance further into the Semifinal. They were Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani. Despite showing a great performance and their ability to play on par with the Fournier, Dewi and Maherani still unable to defeats the legendary double pair from Recuecn. They showed a great comeback in the second set after losing 6-4 before. Forcing a 5-5 deuce. And continue with a tie-break after 6-6 setting, they were playing all out to forced a tie-break session. But unfortunately, they were losing their grip in the session. As the Fournier also wanted a revenge after the loss, they were playing hard in the tie-break showdown. Dewi/Maherani could only win 4 points as Inès/Camille claimed their victory. Despite losing, this was one of their best campaign. On the other hand, Komang Antari and her partner, Kadek Andreawati were facing a power couple, Sarah Zhuo and Gyrachor Rentos. The match was heavily sided to the Pemecutanian pair right from start as they were in control of the play. The mixed pair seems to be under pressure despite several attempts to give a great deliver. But it can always shoot back by the Pemecutanian pair. The first set ended in a disappointment for Zhuo/Rentos. Antari/Andreawati begin the second set in a confidence. Despite having a lower rank, but the pair are have a lot of experience when facing a better ranked pair. It can be seen in the second set of their match. As Zhuo/Rentos begin to get their rhythm, Antari/Andreawati keep their calm and stay in focus. They did a few mistakes, but it was always replaced by a great comeback. Antari/Andreawati eventually keep on the lead and win the second set by 6-4 to claim their semifinal spot.

In the single event of Hamilton International, the only player left is Dewa Putu Adrian Putra. Facing 4th seed and home player, Janet Riley, Adrian Putra give his best. A little bit struggle at the start of the first set, Adrian Putra get back to his formed halfway through. He turn the position and get in the lead until he finished the set by a 6-4 victory. Riley seems to be losing her confidence. The second set saw the domination of Pemecutan golden boy. While Riley was unable to get back to her prime again. The situation advantaging Adrian Putra. He claimed the victory after a 6-2 win in the second set. Elsewhere in Electrum International where only the doubles are left. And both success to win their match and unfortunately have to face each other in the semifinal match. Jayadi Ahmad/Luh Putu Yundari gave an outstanding performance after defeating 1st seed, Coosal Darlcheri/Perger Rianor. They shocked the Cenian pair with a surprise win in the first set. But Darlcheri/Rianor bested them in the second set by taking the set after 6-4 victory. The tie-break session became more interesting as both pairs were racing to win. In the end, a great backhand shot from Yundari finished the match for their victory. 6-3, 4-6, 13-11 for the Pemecutanian pair. While Nugraha/Padurjili were facing another mixed pair, Björnstjärna and Kawasaki. Padurjili seems to be back on her confidence mode and help Nugraha to claimed the first set quite easily. But Björnstjärna/Kawasaki didn't give up. They try to turn back the table in the second table. And they were almost succeed. Well, almost is the correct word as the Pemecutanian pair win the tie-break of the second set after they reached 6-6 deuce.

With these results, Pemecutan placed 4 teams in the semifinal, 2 in each tournament. A single player, Dewa Putu Adrian Putra and a double pair, Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati in Hamilton International. And 2 double pairs in Electrum International, Jayadi Ahmad/Luh Putu Yundari and Ilham Nugraha/Kirigundi Padurjili. Both pairs will be facing each other so they are already claim a spot in final for Pemecutan. This would be a great chance for Ilham Nugraha to retain his title for the second time. Ilham Nugraha was winning the double tournament of Electrum International last year. He won the title with a different partner. And for Hamilton International, Adrian Putra will be facing another neighboring player. This time it is Acastanhada player, Davi Malakkar. Malakkar success to reached semifinal after defeating his fellow teammate and Acastanhada favorite, Leonora Gaditas. While Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati will meet another mixed pair, Val Korekal of Ceni and Luciano Crepaldi from South Ortelio. The mixed pair success to defeat first seed, Arne Oxwald/Georg Heraklit from Gnejs.
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