[DRAFT] An Economy Of No-Shows

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[DRAFT] An Economy Of No-Shows

Postby Kaschovia » Sat Apr 01, 2023 7:20 am

An Economy Of No-Shows

Validity: Has the internet, high economic freedom/economy, high civil rights and high scientific advancement/IT sector

The Issue: The National Remote Workers' Union has gone on strike after a corporate conglomerate issued a series of demands for them to return back to the office over work ethic disputes. While workplace welfare experts have also raised concerns, the union claims they're more productive than ever and want you to ensure their right to work from home.

Option 1: "How can we expect to keep our tremendous economy on the rise if everyone wants to work from their bloody bedrooms!" blasts CEO of Boringe Logistics @@RANDOMNAME@@, fixing his million-@@CURRENCY@@ tie. "My conglomerate has worked day and night to create the best working conditions in all of @@NAME@@ and now we have empty offices? It's preposterous! All remote work positions should be examined by the government and axed if they're not deemed essential to their businesses. This lunacy needs to end, or we'll be in the red before the sixty-hour work week is over."

Effect: office workers get a five minute break every day to cry profusely

Option 2: "Dude, chill out," says former Boring Logistics employee @@RANDOMNAME@@, now a pioneering remote worker, "My productivity has skyrocketed since I went fully online. I can watch cat videos on five different monitors and I still earn seven times more than those suckers at the office!" He stops to complete a few data entries and an online form before downing a monster-sized energy drink. "Sure, I'll go offline to play games, maybe go out once a day for a mild walk, but who cares? I'm making you more money! Honestly, if the government encouraged all office employees to fast-track their workflows and go fully digital, the economy would only get better."

Effect: the national record for most jobs held simultaneously is thirty-seven

Option 3: "Wow, this is all so depressing," sighs local workplace welfare therapist @@RANDOMNAME@@, copies of @@HIS@@ book 'Holistically Working Spiritually' piled on your desk, "The problem with office work is that it feeds into an unhealthy cycle where many employees get virtually no direct sunlight exposure throughout the day, damage their eyesight looking at screens, barely get any physical movement, and the same applies to remote jobs! What we really need is a total reevaluation of our approach to working conditions. All workplaces should have double the breaks, outside exercise equipment, eyesight safe screens, and more ergonomic desk chairs. This way, remote workers will be inclined to come back to their offices, and businesses can't treat their employees like desk slaves!"

Effect: new, lean-back spinny chairs are all the rage in @@DEMONYMPLURAL@@ workplaces
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Postby Verdant Haven » Sat Apr 01, 2023 10:23 am

- The issue needs a little bit of explanation or justification for why there are so many people recently moving to remote work, and why it has suddenly become a problem. Whether that's in the description or in the options could be flexible, but when I read it in current form I feel like I missed an explanation somewhere. I know I mentioned on the Discord not having it be pandemic related. That holds true, but it does still need some sort of trigger.

- If the debate is about work ethic, that should come through in the options. The employer's complaint has nothing to do with work ethic – it's presented as a business not wanting to spend money on an empty office. It also is asking for the government to *massively increase* regulation and control of private employment practices, which is counter-intuitive if this goes to a capitalist nation (why would the government get to determine whether an employee is essential to a company, much less get to fire that employee?). The second option focuses on multi-tasking and efficiency, though it comes across mostly as undermining itself by talking about all the non-work things it's doing (and the effect line is out of nowhere – having multiple jobs is never mentioned). The third option feels disconnected from the debate, because it is responding to complaints nobody has made. I can see how all of these link to the debate in general, but they don't feel cohesively linked to each other yet.

- Check spelling on Boringe vs Boring. Different spellings in options 1 and 2.
- Verdant Haven

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