Sis, may I have a little talk with you? (Open, MT, IC)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Sis, may I have a little talk with you? (Open, MT, IC)

Postby Siona Arahna » Fri Mar 31, 2023 5:47 pm

Hello, and welcome. I have decided to run a little experimental RP, where I play BOTH sides of conflict (and yes, I own both nations). Each side has own goals and ideology, and both believe they are right.
Nothing is pre-planned, and what will happen will also depend on your input.

  • Anaja Arahna - Older of twin sisters. Many years ago, she led exodus of group of survivors of war, that devastated some large country (name of which has since been removed from all official documents), and helped to settle remote territory on large island. New nation was by citizens named in her honour. Unfortunately, problems followed, and she was forced to adopt more and more draconic policies and laws, despite her good intentions. Things escalated, when nearby foreign nation Zabrastan annexed one of (uninhabited) islands belonging to Anaja's nation. Diplomacy failed, and conflict escalated - until Anaja almost completely anihilated Zabras with surprise and devastating nuclear strike (out of 38 built nukes, only 3 remain unlaunched)... (I am not sure, if number of launched nukes is realistic, I can adjust it as necessary.)
  • Siona Arahna - Younger of twin sisters. Three years ago, she was appointed as governor of newly founded colony on nearby island. She hovewer disagreed with many of Anaja's draconic policies, and led "hers" small colony in more benevolent ways. Following shocking events with Zabras, colony citizens mutinied against Anaja, declared independence, and elected Siona as their new leader.

  • Anaja (nation): Citizens are in shock from unexpected devastation of Zabrastan. They are remaining loyal, but morale is low. Army is partially paralyzed due to large lossess during war, and many soldiers were killed by surprise nuclear strike, while still operating in Zabrastan territory.
  • Anaja (person): She is psychically devastated due to burden of her decission, and is starting to behave irrationally. Currently thinking about resignation, but still feels duty to her people, so she continues with her daily work. She is also very angry at her sister Siona, for her "betrayal" (as she perceives it).
  • Siona (nation): Currently at state of chaos and uncertainity. Many have relatives in Anaja nation, and they are uncertain about their fate. Shock from nuclear attack on Zabrastan is present here too. There is also fear about military intervention from Arahna. As most of army is still loyal to Arahna, and present at Siona's territory, many citizens are worrying about possible war from inside.
  • Siona (person): Still shocked by events and her unexpected rise to leader role (despite being de-facto leader of Siona colony for years). She still doesn't grasped why her sister made that decission. Also, Paul, husband of Siona, was at the time of nuclear strike appointed ambassador with Zabrastan. His fate remains uncertain, but is presumed dead.
  • Zabrastan: As nation, effectively erased from map. Land is irradiated hellhole, uninhabitable for many following decades. There may be survivors, hiding in underground bunkers, but their fate is uncertain. Also, many surrounding islands has been irradiated by nuclear fallout.
NOTE: For purpose of this RP, I presume, that nuclear attack on Zabrastan has been detected by neighbouring nations, but due to distances involved (Anaara is large area with many scattered islands, with only Anaja, Siona, and Zabrastan nations in immediate vicinity) didn't affected them directly (possible secondary long-term effects currently unknown). Also, if someone decides to create and play Zabrastan, you are welcome, but from IC perspective, there is not much remaining to play with...


*beach house of Siona Arahna, governor of Siona colony*

"She did WHAT?!" Siona looks up from government documents she is currently working on. Her eyes widen. "Paul..." she whispers, tears in her eyes. Nuclear attack - he must be dead...

"Mom..." Young, teenage girl, Siona and Paul's daughter, steps up. She is visibly in shock. "Mum, tell me, that it is not true! Tell me, that auntie Anaja didn't do that horrible thing. It must've been mistake, no...?"

"Zuzie, honey, of course she not..." Siona staggers, unsure. "I.., I don't know. Something must have happened. I..." She falls silent, deeply in shock upon realization. "She did it..."

Zuzana throws herself around Siona's neck. "Mom..."

Siona looks up, anger growing in her. "Sister, what have you done? Why, tell me..." She clenches her fists. "Well, then..."

Zuzana let's go, and stares at her mother. "Mum...?"

Siona's expression hardens. She involuntary touches place on her shoulder, where tracking chip is installed. "Honey, bring me knife..."

*three hours later in front of Siona Arahna nation's Capitol building*

"... I, Siona Arahna, hereby swear my loyalty to this newborn nation, and promise to bear my duty as its new leader to it and its citizens as my first priority. I thank all of you for your confidence in me, and I promise you, that I will do my best to lead you through this both glorious and tragic time, to the better future..."

Multiple cameras are recording, and entire ceremony is broadcast throughout the region.

Siona continues: "I also hereby condemn my sister Anaja for atrocity done to Zabrastan people. Anihilating whole sovereign country with nuclear attack is unforgivable, regardless of circumstances. Sister, if you are watching this, hear this. I will do my best to punish you for you deed. Do you hear me? This is..." she staggers, on the brink of fainting, and stops speaking.


After while, she motions to crowd, her voice weak, but determined. "I must retreat to my private space. I will talk to public later. Excuse me, please..."

With that, she turns around, and without looking back, disappears inside Capitol.

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Postby Anaja Arahna » Fri Mar 31, 2023 6:15 pm

Siona Arahna wrote:"... I, Siona Arahna, hereby swear my loyalty to this newborn nation, and promise to bear my duty as its new leader to it and its citizens as my first priority. I thank all of you for your confidence in me, and I promise you, that I will do my best to lead you through this both glorious and tragic time, to the better future..."

"I also hereby condemn my sister Anaja for atrocity done to Zabrastan people. Anihilating whole sovereign country with nuclear attack is unforgivable, regardless of circumstances. Sister, if you are watching this, hear this. I will do my best to punish you for you deed. Do you hear me? This is..." she staggers, on the brink of fainting, and stops speaking.


"I must retreat to my private space. I will talk to public later. Excuse me, please..."

Anaja Arahna turns of TV, where broadcast switched to usuall news. She is visibly upset.

"Ah, so that is..." She fumes and starts to walking across room.

"So you think, you could secede, you little...?" Anaja glances alongside, to her assistant present in room, and stops her tirade. She then sits in chair in front of her computer.

"Where it is...?" She launches Citizen Tracking Database program, inputs her credetials, and then pushes in Siona's personal ID number.

"Aaand, PUNISH!" She presses button without hesitation... but nothing happens.

"What?" She looks at screen, and sees error prompt, User Not Found.

"What?!" She launches tracking app, and sees position in sea, near Siona's beach house.

"You little clever thing" Anaja hisses, "so you removed my tracking chip? Oh well... lets make it old way..."

She launches e-mail program, and starts writing.

Subject: This is enough!

so, you think you can do this?

Stop immediately, and surrender yourself! You are commiting TREASON! That is punishable by death!
Stop, and surrender to my men, an I may give you lighter punishment... cuz you my sister.

I am giving you ONE last chance, before I go official... and then its outa my hands!
Hear me?!

And how dare you removed MY chip?! Another treason!
I may forgive you, but STOP!


Anaja Arahna

She sends email, but little she knows, that one of many taps installed by SIS (Secret Information Service) intercepts and redirect it. Only a little later, email is delivered to mailboxes of many neighbouring nations, with little notice added: "She is MAD, be carefull. (Anonymous)"

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Postby The Great state of Joseon » Sat Apr 01, 2023 11:23 pm

The Great Kingdom of Joseon
Cheongwadae, The Prime Minister's Office

"...they should be aware that they were wrong to launch a nuclear attack on the citizens of Zabrastan." Foreign Minister Han Soyeon has consistently insisted on a tough stance. She did not back down from the start of the meeting, arguing that Anaja Arahna was wrong.

"Certainly, the nuclear attack on Zabrastan was too much. Of course, the cause of the war was provided by Zabrastan. But Anaja launched a preemptive nuclear attack against them. A preemptive nuclear attack, not a counterattack against an enemy's nuclear attack, is definitely a problematic behavior." Defense Minister Lee Hyeyul also agreed with Han Soyeon's claim. As the two ministers with the strongest authority to lead foreign affairs insisted so, other ministers began to agree.

"Then everyone has no objection to this issue. Then..." Just as Prime Minister Jeong Dohyung was about to make a decision, Justice Minister Hwang Sekwang carefully raised his hand.

"I don't think we should make a hasty decision on this."

"Why?" asked Jeong Dohyung.

"If we recognize Siona Arahna's independence, it violates the sovereignty of other countries. This can further complicate the problem. It is a different matter to condemn the actions of countries that have committed war crimes and to infringe on the sovereignty of other countries."

"The Minister is right. Siona's independence should not be recognized. Let's just decide to criticize Anaja's nuclear attack." Park Joo Tae, director of the National Intelligence Service, agreed with Hwang Sekwang.

"Hmm." Jeong Dohyung decided after a moment of consideration. "Okay, I'll condemn Anaja's nuclear attack, but I won't mention Siona's independence."

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Great Kingdom of Joseon
Official Statement


From: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Great Kingdom of Joseon
Subject: Condemn
Encryption: Public

We condemn Anaja Arahna's ruthless nuclear attack on Zabrastan. Although the cause of the war was provided by Zabrastan, Anaja Arhna's preemptive nuclear attack on Zabrastan's citizens is a war crime that should be condemned.
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Postby Siona Arahna » Sun Apr 02, 2023 7:53 am

Colony of Siona Arahna, Capitol, office of Siona Arahna


*Siona sits on her surfboard, waiting for next wave. Her mind is clear, she enjoys clear breeze comming from ocean. Suddenly, sirens go blaring.*

"Madam? Are you okay?"

*Siona looks up in shock. Multiple columns of fire and smoke are rising from nearby island, massive missiles clearly visible on top. They look beautifull, despite destruction they are about to bring. They rise more and more, before their trajectories start to curve down. It will be mere moments, before they'll bring fiery destruction. And she is powerless to do anything...*

Siona jolts up, suddenly awake, her mind still full of frightfull vision. She absentmindedly wipes out sheet of paper, stuck on her face, before looking up at speaker.

"Uhm, what?" She is still only half-awake.

"What happened?" Middle-aged man steps closer, corncern visible in his eyes. His name is Lucas Aarenson, and he is her trusted aide, and long-time friend.

"Eh, nothing. Just a bad dream. Only a little rest..." she brushes his corncen aside, but Lucas looks unconvinced.

"Siona, as your old friend, may I speak freely?"


"Carefull with that word, especially at current situation... anyways. You look tired. How long do you work already?"

Siona rubs her eyes, and then looks at her hands. "Fifteen, or seventeen hours? I don't know..."

Lucas shakes his head. "It is already twenty-six hours, young lady. You obviously lost track of time." He pauses, then continues: "If you overwork yourself to death, who will lead us?"

She shakes her head, and shrugs: "I don't know? Somebody will surely gladly take my place..."

Lucas looks shocked: "Don't talk like that! We need you." He suddenly stops, and backs up a little. "I am sorry, madam..."

Siona finally focuses fully at him: "What? What you are talking about?" Her eyes widen. "Ah, no! Not like that! Lucas, you are my friend. I am not like my sister... or... you think so?"

He shakes his head, but his eyes say otherwise. "Of course not. You are different, and proved it to us countless times. Its just... its hard to look at your face, and don't see hers..."

Siona nods slightly, and whispers: "I know. Sometimes, when I look at mirror, I think about her..."

Minutes pass in silence, before Siona speaks again: "Anyways... what brought you here, now? Anything important?"

Lucas silently hands her sheet of paper, that he was holding entire time.

From Central Intelligence Office, to the hands of Siona Arahna.
Subject: Insurrection at Rhinoceros Military Base, Dodo Province

Madam, we must inform you, that today, at 11:45 AMT, commanding staff of RMB declared their distrust to Your government, and proclaimed their loyalty to Anaja Arahna, declaring Siona Arahna's secession void, and Your leadership as illegitimate. Our agents reported multiple shootings, and arrests of soldiers loyal to You. We also received reports of raids and arrests in Rhinoa City, focused on families of soldiers loyal to you, conducted by Arahna Loyalists soldiers. We are monitoring situation, but as of now, no further intervention by AL's has been reported. We will send you further reports, when situation changes.

Signed Reginald Erebus, Chief of CIO

Siona puts report down, her hands shaking. "So, it begins..."

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Postby Anaja Arahna » Sun Apr 02, 2023 1:30 pm

Matriarchy of Anaja Arahna, Anaara City, Citadel's War Room

"...and according to latest report, around sixty-five percent of military still remains loyal. We have control over the rest, but we should discount them, if conflict escalates."

Anaja sighs, and nods. She looks at assembled officials. "What is situation with Zabrastan, general?"

General Theresa Gulden looks through printouts in her hand, before responding: "Entire zone is still no-go. Irradiated red zone is spreading, but slower than expected. Hovewer, multiple surrounding islands have already been contaminated, mostly by initial fallout. We have evacuated most of Zabrastani citizens, present there at time of attack. They are currently held in decontamination camps, and we are deciding what to do with them. Your call, maam... Other then that, main island is mostly dead-zone, except some semi-protected locations. Especially here," she points at mountaineous range, "in Veritas Valley, which was protected from direct attack, and here," she points on large forest area at south of island, "at Umbra Forrest Zone, which was outside all major strike zones. Unfortunately it seems, that they were hit by fallout as bad as rest of Zabrastan Island. There could be survivors, but I would not give them much chance, at least not in long term."

"And communications? Anything from there?"

Theresa shakes her head. "Nope, not a bleep. Even if there are any survivors, their elecronics would be fried by EMP. They didn't developed hardened hardware, before we hit them."

Anaja nods. "Neither did we. Anything about their nukes?"

Theresa shakes her head again. "Nothing about it either. Our strike erased all their carrier planes, before they finished loading them. In that regard, our operation was successfull."

Anaja sighs. "Yes. And also erased all evidence, we would have gathered, should we waited a little longer."

Theresa interjects: "May I remind you, maam, that according to our agents, they were ready to bomb us? We had no time, but to react immediately. Should we waited, they would delivered their nukes to us, and there would be massive casualities on our civilian population, and damage to our infrastructure."

Anaja frowns. "Yes, I know. It was your recommendation, but my decision. I pushed that damned button, you know? Of course you do, you was present, when I did that! And now I must live with that for rest of my life. But it was either them, or us."

"Not for long, you..." mumbles Theresa, while she pulls out her service revolver, and aims it at Anaja. But before she could pull a trigger, single shot resonates through room. General slumps to the ground, dead, her eyes wide open in disbelief...

Anaja opens her mouth, but no word cames through. She is visibly shaken by near-death experience, her eyes wandering between dead body of her once-trusted general, and shooter, Minister of Education, who is still holding his weapon. He looks even more surprised than her.

After minute of silence, she finally speaks, her voice trembling. "You! I said no weapons in my presence. But you saved my life, so I won't execute you on the spot. You are relieved of duty. Now, get out!"

Nobody speaks, while ex-minister hastily retreats, and Theresa's lifeless body is dragged out of room by guards.

Finally, Anaja takes a deep breath, and continues speaking like nothing happened. But her voice betrays her. "Communications? Anything from international community?"

"Mostly only usual diplomatic notes, very generic and non-descriptive. Except one from the Great Kingdom of Joseon, that directly condemns your actions..."

Anaja nods. "Prepare for me standard information dossier on them, in case they try anything more direct. And anything from Colony?"

"As usual. If they are sending anything important, it doesn't go through airwaves, or tapped land-links. But we expected this."

"Of course. Siona is well aware of our surveilance systems." She looks at assembled ministers. Then points at head of Secret Information Service. "Anything from our SpecOps sent to extract her?"

Ruben Erids, head of SIS, speaks: "Alpha team infiltrated their Capitol, but were captured and interred before they reached her. But it was expected, they served only as distraction. They managed to reactivate surveilance equipment in Capitol, except their Strategic Room, but we expected that outcome, as we designated it to be tamper-proof from outside. Beta and Delta teams are ready at city, when she leaves Capitol, but she has good security guard, so we expect heavy resistance. Epsilon and Gamma teams are still not responding. Kappa is at ready at Rhinoa City, if she goes there to resolve situation we initiated."

"Good. All of you, dismissed. Next meeting in four hours. And I expect some better news."

When everybody disappears, Anaja finally slumps to her chair, closes her eyes, and puts her head between her hands. Nobody witnesses her tears... except single hidden camera, put there by unknown party.
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Postby The Great state of Joseon » Mon Apr 03, 2023 7:07 am

The Ministry of National Defense building

"At least they've already used nuclear weapons once. There's no guarantee that they won't use it again." Marine Corps commander Adrian Quaritch was the leader of the hard-liners in the military. He was concerned about Anaja Arahna's next move and called for stronger military readiness by rallying military generals who shared his thoughts.

"I have to suggest to the Prime Minister that the military readiness should be raised to Defcon 4." Air Force Chief of Staff Kim Seyoung was also among those who sympathized with Adrian Quaritch.

"But at least they didn't pose a threat to us, did they? I don't think we need to provoke them for nothing." Chief of Naval Staff Lim Kyungtae argued for caution.

"But we must prepare for a rainy day, Chief of Naval Staff. They may still have nuclear weapons. They may undermine the stability of the surrounding area." Adrian Quaritch did not back down.

"And that has nothing to do with us. If we just stay still, they won't undermine our stability." Lim Kyoungtae did not back down either.

"Shall I say my opinion?" Defense Minister Lee Hyeyul began. "As General Quaritch said, we need to be on high alert. Anyway, it's likely that they still have nuclear weapons. But we don't have to provoke them. Instead of strengthening the air defense system and increasing aerial reconnaissance, we should not officially provoke them." Everyone seemed convinced by Lee Hyeyul's theorem. Except for one.

"I will obey the Minister's opinion. It's just that I think we shouldn't give them a chance to make a preemptive strike." It was the words of Adrian Quaritch.

Cheongwadae, The Prime Minister's Office

"So that's the conclusion," Prime Minister Jeong Dohyung nodded. "Well done, Minister of Defense. Thank you for your hard work leading the meeting." Jeong Dohyung began to tell everyone who attended the Cabinet meeting. "We will raise the military alert to Defcon 4. The official reason, however, is the increased geopolitical risks around it. It's not because of Anaja Arahna. At the same time, we will fly a Global Hawk unmanned reconnaissance aircraft to spy on Anaja Arahna. But we must not invade her airspace."

Chungju, North Chungcheong Province
39th Reconnaissance Wing


A black unmanned reconnaissance plane stormed off the runway. The reconnaissance plane will move as far as 100 km outside the territory controlled by Anaja Arahna and begin reconnaissance.

Cheongwadae, The Prime Minister's Office


"So do you really think they're going to attack us?" Lee Hyeyul looked at the night view of Seoul while drinking coffee from her coffee cup. Seoul was peaceful. At least for now.

Prime Minister Jeong Dohyung was also enjoying the night view. "I want to believe that they will not attempt to attack us. But history doesn't always flow peacefully."

"Our troops will not be helpless. If they don't have a stronger nuclear capability than China, they can defend against their nuclear attacks." Lee Hyeyul spoke as if to reassure the Prime Minister.

"That's not the problem. I must not do anything that puts our people at risk. Regardless of our military capabilities, our people should not be in danger."

"The question is how we behave. If Anaja Arahna intends to attack us, we should attack first. Then we'll be doing the same thing as her, but we can't help it. But if she doesn't intend to attack us, we shouldn't provoke her."

"It's a dilemma."

"That's right. It's a dilemma that a politician has to face."
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Postby Gonswanza » Mon Apr 03, 2023 7:56 am

Within Kotun, deep under Gonswanza...

"So, they finally did it. We are late to the draw on this, but alas, what's done is done. What is there to do now?"

Laura Ortiz asked her advisor this odd question, as he was still stuffing through papers, while Ortiz was considering sending the Special Weapons Division for relief or perhaps even hunting for survivors, but given the sheer devastation viewed from space, combined with the public reactions of others, it was unlikely that there would be anything of value left. At least, in terms of people. But the mad dictator tapped her chin, only to pour herself a drink and later take a sip from it as she got her answer from her annoyed advisor.

"Miss, if you could please put the drink down... All we can do now is merely wave it off, or offer a response of condemnation. Perhaps even stand with the breakaway nation? We lack information. But this sudden strike was... Well... Sudden. Preemptive, but in response to what? There's nothing left to justify a strike and it's likely that there never was a strike planned against them!"

Ortiz pauses, putting down her drink, as she sighs and gives her own response to Schloss, while picking up a direct line to the Gonswanzan intelligence agency, GoSA.

"-Then perhaps we will have to do some digging first."

The call made was short, just a few words muttered, but it was enough to kick off a sudden interest in the region. Satellites were trained upon them, ships and drones pushed out, as now Gonswanza joined the odd concert of touchy maneuvers. Yet, they were not intending to set up a conflict, much less any sort of strike. Rather, it was to merely observe. Wait and see... And pray.


The barren islands hosted plenty of questionable activities, yet, it also helped harbor drones and intelligence aircraft. However, a few long-range D-20 drones were soon pushed around, being mounted to a Colossus for an intended long-range mission. At sea, an aegis class intelligence ship was being pushed into the area to offer support, but its goal was to sit beyond the EEZ and territorial waters of the area of interest, while a Republic class type 1 was being pushed to merely offer a place to land, recharge/refuel and launch the D-20s once again at sea for an extended mission. All this, for the sake of observation, while trying to stay well away from the chaos of politics.

Alas, perhaps it would have been wiser to merely ask first.

Still, it will take a while to get there regardless.

Gonswanza stays silent on the matter, though GNN muses about the event as a "proper demonstration of why desperation tends to drive impulse" among other rather hostile comments in response to the situation, from a public view. Yet, there were no words from Laura Ortiz herself or the government proper, just the ramblings of the editors themselves.
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Postby Independent Republic of Boldonia » Mon Apr 03, 2023 11:25 am

50 Nautical Miles Away From Zabrastan

IRBS Los Angeles, one of many Cyclone-Class Patrol Boats in the IRBNG, sails closer and closer towards the newly formed wasteland. Aboard are its crew, 3 soldiers from the 11th Hazard Division, and a specially modified launcher and recovery device for an Insitu ScanEagle. The device, even though modified to take up as little space as possible, still impedes the crew's movement on the small ship. The boat stops 50 nautical miles away from Zabrastan as the crew prepares the drone. While this is happening the captain of the ship and the squad leader of the soldiers speak.

Captain: "So then, now are you going to tell me why we sailed all the way out here."
Squad Leader: "Simple, we just send the drone out with some equipment and observe. Take a few measurements, take a few photos, then bring it back home."
Captain: "That's it? We waste resources and put several of our men and women at risk to find out what a nuclear bomb does? Something we've known for decades."
Squad Leader: "Those were just tests, technology has evolved since then. We have the opportunity to observe the real consequences of a real nuclear bomb. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity."
Captain: "And what about the survi-"
Squad Leader: "They're dead..."

The captain paused for a second to think of a response.

Captain: "Who are you to say? You mean to tell me every single person on that island is dead? And do you have a plan if we find out they aren't?"
Squad Leader: "Look if we do indeed find someone it's not our problem-"
Captain: "Not our problem!? You mean to tell me we're just going to sit by and let innocent civilians slowly die!?"
Squad Leader: "We have no relations with anyone here for thousands of miles! We do not know these people, we didn't know this place even existed before they decided to play with their nuclear bombs! We have literally no incentive to help anyone here. So when I say it's not our problem, it's not our problem! Now then, give your men the order to launch the drone so we can get this over with and go home."
Captain: "Fine! Launch!"

The drone launched from the ship and made its way towards shore to see what could be seen. They only had one drone, so they had to be cautious. They were also told to not get detected by anyone at any point whatsoever, not the ship nor the drone was to be able to be traced to Boldonia.
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Postby Exarkyon » Mon Apr 03, 2023 12:12 pm

Note: Short Summary at Bottom

Iraxon III was Arkon of Exarkyon, sovereign of the nation, and, as always, a particularly disastrous public relations incident away from a homeless shelter.

The Council existed to ensure the Arkon heard the people and did not go tyrannical; this, combined with the effective prohibition on Iraxon owning property as Arkon, gave him very, very great incentives to rule well.

This was in combination with the standard burden that comes with authority.

Added upon all this was the rampant instability of the Tyrian Sea.

And now, apparently, some distant region.

It was good, then, that the Council also provided advice and support, alongside the various bodies Iraxon had set up to save himself some of this.

Moving through some of the more discreet back-passageways of the Capitol, Iraxon made his way to the Exarkrion Throne.

The Throne Room

It was an octagonal room, devoid mostly of ornate detail, its importance communicated instead by the room's moderate size and cavernous height. One side of the octagon held the entrance; six others held the thrones of the Councilors. The final one, directly opposite the great doors, held Iraxon's own throne.

Iraxon and the Councilors took their seats. Iraxon pressed the button hidden on the outside of the arm of his throne, silently signaling the guards outside to open the great doors. At once, the large doors of the entrance were opened by the soldiers. In came an assortment of military officers, diplomats, advisors, and representatives bearing the petitions of the citizenry.

"Salvran Teamir," began Iraxon. "We are today confronted with an issue of great importance: the first use of nuclear weapons in war since 1945. There are calls for multiple courses of action from our citizenry."

Then began the questions, demands, and advice. The leaders of the military research bodies called for a close examination of the destruction. Military and diplomatic leaders called for discretion and care. Citizen petitions demanded drastic action against Anaja's regime, and most also demanded recognition and support of Siona's.

Afterwards came the debate, where Iraxon would do everything possible to get as many concessions to reason as possible from the Council, which effectively represented popular opinion, a famously irrational thing.

Exarkyon's Actions (Summary)

The result was a statement, ever word of which had been debated heavily, and, as much as Iraxon disliked it, action:

"We condemn the deployment of nuclear weapons and the authoritarianism of Anaja Arahna's government. Furthermore, we recognize the legitimacy of Siona Arahna's split from it. Exarkyon will offer military aid to the former colony and impose unilateral sanctions on the regime."

"Salvran Teir. We, Exarkyon, offer to send, in addition to our previous military aid, covert operatives to protect you from would-be assassins. Please inform us if you are interested."

(Note: "Salvran Teir/Teamir" is a greeting, commonly used in both formal and informal discussion.)
Official information about Exarkyon can be found here.
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Postby Hidrandia » Mon Apr 03, 2023 12:20 pm

Manor of the Prime Minister, Mutawan

Chaos, chaos everywhere. Conflicts we're exploding in every corner of the globe. Hidrandia was getting close to being overstreched. And it could not afford to send another unit. Half the navy was out overseas. Not that the navy was particularly large.

Then another letter arives on his desk. Nukes. Nukes dropped on another country. A civil war, and more chaos.

Maybe if it was just a civil war, then Hidrandia may have gotten involved with a small detachment. But this was hightened. Mistep may mean another Fallout, this time, more deadly then the Driliand Incident.

He had sympathies with the rebels, but intervention, atleast public intervention would mean Nuclear Fallout. Failure. But maybe, they could still help the Rebels, with weaponry. Hiding weaponry in Aid to the People. So a letter would be sent to the "Legitimate government" (not the rebels).

To the Head of Anaja

We, the Nation of Hidrandia are interested in striking a trade deal between our two Nations, While we may be unknown to eachother, I believe, that a trade deal, could help our nations, You could import our materials for cheeper than other markets, and we could export for a cheeper price. Improving world trade, and giving you a better access to some materials.

-The Office of the Prime Minister of Hidrandia

Now, what to do about Zabrastan. Hidrandia needed to improve its image away from some tiny, and agressive power. To a more Just power. So, why not look for survivors and give aid. Such a humanitarian act would surely boost their internation image. So, the P.M. would give this note.

Due to the state of the country of Zabrastan. And the risk of more people dying due to, unforseen events. We announce that Hidrandia will be starting an operation to Search and Rescue any Survivors, and treat them for their Radiation Sickness.

This would also be popular with the people due to Hidrandia's own, tragedy..
The First Republic has fallen, Long live the Second Republic!
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Postby Champlania » Mon Apr 03, 2023 1:55 pm

It was a foggy day in Columbia. It barely ever get this bad here. You could barley see a fly if it was right in front of you. The fact that all the buildings where white, like the Capitol Building and the Presidential Palace, didn't help all that much either. Luckly, you could still identify the buildings by the way the light from the windows was curving. And nothing was more identifiable then the Pentagon. Deep inside, a Struggle Between the top brass was accruing.

General Danez Mcbride, looks out the window, takes a sip of coffee. He then hears something from Admiral Deadpan, somthing... Unforgivable, he turns around with a look on his face.

General Danez Mcbride: What do you mean "you don't like Vanilla." Its one of, if not, th'e best flavor!

Admiral Philip R. Deadpan: I'm not a fan of Vanilla, alright! I'm not saying its horrible, but I'm more of a Fan of Lavender.

General Cadence Bridges: Oh god, Do you hear yourself Philip? Lavender is the most basic exotic flavor in the entire shop!

Admiral Philip R. Deadpan: oh yeah! Keep saying that Mrs. Hazelnut. Who would ground up nuts and put them with coffee?!

General Cadence Bridges: Who would put coffee with a flower?

General Mcbride & Admiral Deadpan: WE WOULD!

Suddenly, the doors creaked a little. It was an Intern, Lift. He was a little brat from the WA. Well, he was acctually more of a Teenager, however, in military terms, he was a brat alright. He was Rescued by the U.S. Military after an outrageous incident involving a god who's name was never supposed to be spoken, and a lot of equipment malfunctioning, causing massive outrage. Lift, not wanting to get involved, quit his job after the incident, which had been come to called, "Unimaginable News with Unimaginable Suffering."

Lift: Generals, Admmiral, Is this a bad time?

General Danez Mcbride: Lift! Thank god your here, maybe you can settle this argument. What is better? Vanilla, Hazelnut, or Lavinder?

Lift: W-what?

Admiral Philip R. Deadpan: You heard the man! What coffee is better?

Lift: Ah jeez ummm... Im not really a big coffee guy, but I did try Victory Coffees new Lemon Cookie flavor! I thought that was pretty good in my opinion.

The Generals suddenly staired it each other and all agreed.

General Cadence Bridges: Thanks Lift, Say, What was the thing you wanted to tell us about?

Lift: Well, Mrs. The Country of Anaja, A small Island Nation in the Multiversal realm of Anaara. Not much is currently known about the realm, however, Recent reports given to us indicate that there's been a small Nuclear apocalypse that has accrued on one of the islands.

The Three commanders looked up at Lift.

General Danez Mcbride: A-a-a-a- um a-a- A what?

Lift: A small island was obliterated by several tactical Nuclear weapons.

Admiral Philip R. Deadpan: Should we send a drone over there or?

General Danez Mcbride: Im down, Lets do it, General Bridges?

General Cadence Bridges: I'll call the Airport.

A lone drone takes off the Hawaiian islands. An RQ-170 Sentinel. It eventually makes it to Anaara, Were it starts looking around.
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Postby Petroli » Tue Apr 04, 2023 11:52 pm

Unbeknownst to the other nations, the Petrolians could tell a nuclear weapon went off instantly, as if their brains are hardwired to detect any radiation that is not produced by them. With this knowledge, a Petrolian Expeditionary force of 2 frigates and a transport had been sent. Within days of sending off, they arrived. The Petrolians had to do a double-take. The irradiated and destroyed area looked just like Petroli, and here on the coastline, the Petrolians realized, they were on the shores of Zabrastan. It didnt take long for Petroli to be arriving fully. While other nations cowered offshore, Petroli marched right up.

Z-1: Base come in, this is Z-1
Z-B: Loud and clear. Report?
Z-1: Unclaimed lands. Untouched by the fog. We need to take it before the other nations know.
Z-B: You know the drill. Dig in, FOG it up, explore the island.
Z-1: Copy base, signing off.
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National News: The Front against the woodland creatures grows once again, with the annual Makarov Square Industry Parade, the animals of the woodlands have been riled up. As We speak, Hundreds of thousands of young men and women ship off to serve our glorious nation! Hail Anya Makarov, Hail the Chemicals, Hail Petroli!

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Postby Likhinia » Fri Apr 07, 2023 12:41 am

Parliament Building, Pae Nashki, Likhinia

‘So the world is in shambles? Honestly, I didn’t think it’d happen so soon. But what should be do, Kolizno?’ Sae grips her knuckles defensively, looking to Kolizno for support.

‘Well, Zabrastan is far enough away, yeah? We could just ignore it. Who knows? We have some support we could call upon, worst comes to worst.’ Shrugging, Kolizno turned towards the door, which had just opened up a crack, revealing a head. ‘Yes, Hasfa?’

‘Oh, um…’ Hasfa turned a bit pink. ‘The Petroli people are moving in on Zabrastan and many other nations are beginning to take action. There have been around a hundred suggestions from citizens on how to act, including taking action and carpetbombing Anaja Arahna.’ Sae snorted. ‘The military wouldn’t want to use the bombs, and frankly, neither would I.’

‘No, I wouldn’t. We need to work out a peaceful solution. After all, Anaja did just completely eradicate and irradiate Zabrastan. If we go marching in armed, our planes would be destroyed kilometres and kilometres before they enter international airspace around Anaja Arahna.’ Kolizno cracked her knuckles, and Sae gave it a quiet think.

‘We’ve never been any good at fighting, sure, but maybe we could have an embassy.’ She paused, then realised. ‘No, they’re too far away, and I don’t think I’d trust them with anybody from Likhinia, not even an addict.’

‘Probably. The best we can do is send a telegram and hope we’re not next, I suppose. But I don’t know about their customs.’ Kolizno sighed. ‘Maybe I should research.’

‘Just write out the telegram, Koliz. I’ll manage the customs.’


Likhinian military have been put to alert under the circumstances of an aggressive reply to the telegram, in which Likhinia could be devastated with the remaining nukes. While tension builds in parliament about the end result, they begin to wonder whether recognising Siona Arahna’s independence would aggravate Anaja, prompting further annihilation.

Telegram sent from Likhinia to Anaja Arahna:
Awaska pursho kiishka, Anaja Arahna.

This telegram has been sent by the Likhinian government to declare we will not be supporting any side in this new conflict, acknowledging the potential danger of announcing this to the nation(s) in question. With this, it has also been sent to request a friendship with Anaja Arahna, supporting their claim to Siona Arahna.

Sae Kazsii and Kolizno Layi
Protectors of Likhinia

A similar telegram of support has been sent to Siona Arahna.

Just clearing this up:
[*]Likhinia has two leaders
[*]Likhinia is historically terrible at taking sides.
[*]’Awaska pursho kiishka’ is a traditional Likhinian greeting.
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Postby Petroli » Sat Apr 08, 2023 9:33 pm

Fog emanated from the Island of Zabrastan. The Petrolians were quick to set up a military outpost in the irradiated land, a small naval port had already been established with a trench line in progress. Scouts Patroling the Area in speedboats notice the drone and relay the information to the mainland. Upon receiving permission, they fire warning shots at the drone, trying to strike it with small arms fire before they attempt to take it down.

On the Petrolian mainland, The Chempriests bless more soldiers who are preparing for transfer to Zabrastan. Boats prepare to leave harbor, and propaganda production is set to the max, despite no signs of it, Petroli is already geared for war.
The Foreign affairs department prepares a telegram

Sender: Anya Makarov, Supreme Leader of Petroli
Recivier: Siona Arahna
We noticed the nearby nuclear detonation an a cluster of islands nearby. We declare this land under Petrolian occupation until the land is cleaned and the political situation is resolved. Do not resist, our holy haze will resolve the tensions.
That is all
National News: The Front against the woodland creatures grows once again, with the annual Makarov Square Industry Parade, the animals of the woodlands have been riled up. As We speak, Hundreds of thousands of young men and women ship off to serve our glorious nation! Hail Anya Makarov, Hail the Chemicals, Hail Petroli!

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Postby Siona Arahna » Sun Apr 16, 2023 11:53 am


Hello all.
Sorry for my silence, but up until yesterday, I was in hospital. Currently I am in no physical or psychical shape to write anything meaningfull - even writing this makes ne exhausted... :?

I will try to continue, but currently I am not promising anything, sorry...
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Postby Champlania » Sun Apr 16, 2023 5:51 pm

Siona Arahna wrote:

Hello all.
Sorry for my silence, but up until yesterday, I was in hospital. Currently I am in no physical or psychical shape to write anything meaningfull - even writing this makes ne exhausted... :?

I will try to continue, but currently I am not promising anything, sorry...

OCC: Jez Lewiz! Sorry to hear that. Get well soon.
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