what is your favorite song of any genre

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Subi Bumeen
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what is your favorite song of any genre

Postby Subi Bumeen » Sat Mar 25, 2023 11:59 am

I have a question. What is your favorite song of any genre it can be jazz, rock, rap anything just let me know what it is and why. Have a good day!
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here is a great song

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North Anlitelcontizard and Zontilezland
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Postby North Anlitelcontizard and Zontilezland » Sat Mar 25, 2023 12:01 pm

Classical,jazz and 60-90 rock because there give me a old vive you khow
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Postby Orborea » Fri Mar 31, 2023 12:54 am

My favorite song of all time is Sister Ray by The Velvet Underground, being the last track on their second (and best) album White Light/White Heat. It's a bit hard to explain why I like it so much, but I'll try.

I love the instrumentation throughout the song, it seems like the band members are competing to see who can hit their instrument the hardest while Lou Reed provides the vocals and the drony guitar, and while the instrumentation constantly changes as the song goes on, the vocals remain mostly the same while changing some lyrics, the repetition of the vocals makes them seem not as weird by the end of it, also really fun to sing along because of the occasional call-and-response that happens between the vocals and the instruments.

Something else I like about the instrumentation is that a lot of the time it sounds like some kind of "domesticated" noise, which really makes it a unique listening experience.

Here's the link if anyone's interested:
If you haven't ever listened Noise Rock or something similar it'll probably sound super weird at first, the lyrics are also a little obscene (more funny than sexual but still obscene).

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Postby Cannot think of a name » Fri Mar 31, 2023 6:57 pm

I guess if you're both a stickler for the definition of song but a little generous this slots in (which is to say if you use song to strictly mean music with a vocal contingent...someone 'actuallied' me on this like Frankenstein's monster and it's been bugging me ever since...) but among my favorite songs is this. are not ready for this. It's ten minutes long, it's dissonant. It's...if it's too much for you that's okay. That seems like a backhanded way of heading off criticism by implying you're not sophisticated enough if you don't 'get it', but it's not. I won't take up the space here, but you learn how to listen to music and you've been taught it since the very beginning. Then you went down specific roads like taking electives in school until you've developed what you consider your 'tastes.' So if you haven't walked a little down this path already it's just going to be nonsense in the same way if someone presents some Norwegian adjective metal it'll just sound like chaos to me and a warm hug to them. It's just the way music works.

Having said that, here it is.

But ask me another day and the slot machine will give you another answer.
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