NSCAA 14 - Roleplays

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NSCAA Basketball
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NSCAA 14 - Roleplays

Postby NSCAA Basketball » Thu Mar 16, 2023 3:10 pm


Roleplay Thread | Roster Thread | Results Thread
Signup Thread | Discussion Thread

This thread is meant for ROLEPLAYS for the NSCAA 14 competition. Rosters should be posted on the roster-specific thread, linked above. Results will be posted on their own thread, linked above. OOC discussion should happen on the Discussion Thread, also linked above. This thread is for the roleplays, which should make a majority of the activity.

Listed below are all 10 conferences of 16 schools each, as well as who is hosting them. All of your schools should be in different conferences, so please check to make sure they're all listed correctly. If you're having a hard time locating your schools, trying using your browser's Find feature (Ctrl-F) and searching the trigramme you identified in your signup post.

Shango Conference - Banija
South Caddonia University (VAL)
Marebrook University (SAT)
Hanbat State University (QUE)
Hongxai People's University (TJU)
Crown’s College (SHM)
University of Flanelis (ARS)
Matthensville Polytechnic Institute (RAN)
Old Mountain University (DRK)
Concord Heights Beauty School (CDG)
NTN Palæontological-Centered Research University (NTN)
Academia Naval de Grandeville (LIS)
University of Brusnia (KRK)
The Legacy Institute (NCS)
West Mountain University (KRB)
Santo Domenico Technological Advancement College (JUE)
University of South Antioch (ANT)

Shining Sun Conference - Banija
Jasper Technical (SHM)
Southern Natanians and Nosts University (NTN)
Oppio College (JUE)
University of North Antioch (ANT)
Al-Hilal University (TJU)
Osheana State University (CBP)
Yutak State University (KRK)
Drawk Corps University (DRK)
Keewatinook University (QUE)
Politechnica Soria (LIS)
Niccostrato Naval Academy (CAD)
Raynor University (VAL)
Anasb Central University (SAT)
New Lakeland University (CDG)
Penske College (NCS)
Nahda Academy (KRB)

Five Star Conference - Cassadaigua
Crimson Royal University (SHM)
Universitas Concordia Kasandora (LIS)
University of Kitara (BNJ)
Antayka College (ANT)
Central State University (TJU)
University of Al Hamrah City (KRB)
Cold Hill University (RAN)
Cavsar University (DRK)
University of the Commonwealth (CBP)
Sextíliu José Marques University (NTN)
New Cardonia State (CAD)
Rinaldi Naval Academy (VAL)
Hendrick State University (NCS)
Al Hekmeh University (ORG)
Inteachan National University (QUE)
University of Larashen (ARS)

Pink 16 Conference - Cassadaigua
Everlin University (VAL)
Natanian University (NTN)
Kizza I College (BNJ)
College of Portside (TJU)
Morissland A&M (SHM)
Madoka State University (ARS)
Ranoria State University (RAN)
University of Raikennax (DRK)
Lynchana University (CBP)
Auto Club Technical Institute (NCS)
Costa Alto Military Academy (CAD)
Iskwat State University (KRK)
Torona Catalan Language University (JUE)
Western Port University (KRB)
Mount Ester University (QUE)
Antioch State University(ANT)

Big Seven Nine Conference - Drawkland
Thapsakos State (ANT)
Elephant Valley University (SNL)
Queen's College at Cornwall (QUE)
Al Nejmeh University (ORG)
Anapolis Sports School (ARS)
University of Endover (CBP)
Sabinal State (VAL)
The University of Dietrich (RAN)
University of Concord Heights (CDG)
Universidade Portia (LIS)
LeBois Santura University (CAD)
National College (SHM)
Xaiv Polytechnic (SAT)
Northern Moravica University (BNJ)
Scudelli University (JUE)
San Basilio (SGU)

Flying Drawk Conference - Drawkland
Ratzupalfu University of Nature (SNL)
Universidade de Soria (LIS)
University College Jolbonopolis (QUE)
Aleppo A&M (ANT)
Universidad del Pacifico (TJU)
Endborough College (CBP)
Kharakia City University (KRK)
Richardson University (RAN)
Victoriaville Medical Institute (CDG)
Futsworth College (SAT)
Cascade Tradesmen College (CAD)
University of Hondo (VAL)
Nostsian University (NTN)
University of Loyola-Istria (BNJ)
University of Talladega (NCS)
Tecnológico de Montesur (SGU)

Calania Conference - Quebec and Shingoryeo
Border Baptist (SHM)
ESAA/Universidade de Aurissa (LIS)
Eastern Starksville College (CDG)
Belogrado Sports School (ARS)
Universidad Carlandas (TJU)
Al Nassr University (ORG)
Brusnia State University (KRK)
Cemmendy Tech (DRK)
Zakuta State University (BNJ)
Portura State (SAT)
Küsbon College (CAD)
Turbani Tech (VAL)
Northern Natanians and Nosts University (NTN)
University of Ezra (CBP)
College of Ware (NCS)
Southern University (KRB)

Salamantica Conference - Quebec and Shingoryeo
Mar Sara Tech (VAL)
Albery University (SAT)
Grande Mountain University (CDG)
Pindorama State University (ARS)
University of the Caribbean At Port Town (TJU)
Jbeil University (ORG)
Vricksinburg State University (RAN)
Sadeg State University (DRK)
University of Moravica (BNJ)
Natanians and Nosts Scientific University (NTN)
Sargaara Technical Institute (CAD)
Hoteel State University (KRK)
Richmond Racing School (NCS)
Autonomous People's University of Ft McKinley (FTM)
Imperial University of Pomena (JUE)
Arbea University (KRB)

Eternal Conference - Valanora
University of the Southern Coast (SHM)
Universidade de Lerna (LIS)
Northwestern University (QUE)
University of Caxambu (ARS)
University of Thapsakos (ANT)
Universidad de Santa Ynez Agricultura y Mecánica (SGU)
University of Rouyoutte (RAN)
Elmanden District University (DRK)
Brattleboro Technical Institute (CDG)
Tsear University (SAT)
Alexandria University (CAD)
Yutak University (KRK)
Universitade Eldora (NCS)
Bunyoro A&M University (BNJ)
Mediterranean University of Pomena (JUE)
Military College of Krbustan (KRB)

Woodlands Conference - Valanora
Antioch Tech (ANT)
Tsear Polytechnic Institute (SAT)
Brattleboro University (CDG)
Arbea Academy for Science and Technology (KRB)
University of Campo Belo (ARS)
Universidad Politécnica Autónoma del Metro-Boca Rana (SGU)
Plistel University (KRK)
Ducentu State University (DRK)
Hangaza Tech (BNJ)
Northern University of The Republic (NTN)
Universidade São Miguel Arcanjo (LIS)
University of Wisdom-Wollongmatta Bay (TJU)
Capuletta University of Sciences (JUE)
National University of Fort McKinley (FTM)
The Carleton School (QUE)
Blue Crescent Technical College (SHM)

Home Teams listed first.
MD1: 1 v 16, 2 v 15, 3 v 14, 4 v 13, 5 v 12, 6 v 11, 7 v 10, 8 v 9
MD2: 16 v 9, 10 v 8, 11 v 7, 12 v 6, 13 v 5, 14 v 4, 15 v 3, 1 v 2
MD3: 2 v 16, 3 v 1, 4 v 15, 5 v 14, 6 v 13, 7 v 12, 8 v 11, 9 v 10
MD4: 16 v 10, 11 v 9, 12 v 8, 13 v 7, 14 v 6, 15 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3
MD5: 3 v 16, 4 v 2, 5 v 1, 6 v 15, 7 v 14, 8 v 13, 9 v 12, 10 v 11
MD6: 16 v 11, 12 v 10, 13 v 9, 14 v 8, 15 v 7, 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4
MD7: 4 v 16, 5 v 3, 6 v 2, 7 v 1, 8 v 15, 9 v 14, 10 v 13, 11 v 12
MD8: 16 v 12, 13 v 11, 14 v 10, 15 v 9, 1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5
MD9: 5 v 16, 6 v 4, 7 v 3, 8 v 2, 9 v 1, 10 v 15, 11 v 14, 12 v 13
MD10: 16 v 13, 14 v 12, 15 v 11, 1 v 10, 2 v 9, 3 v 8, 4 v 7, 5 v 6
MD11: 6 v 16, 7 v 5, 8 v 4, 9 v 3, 10 v 2, 11 v 1, 12 v 15, 13 v 14
MD12: 16 v 14, 15 v 13, 1 v 12, 2 v 11, 3 v 10, 4 v 9, 5 v 8, 6 v 7
MD13: 7 v 16, 8 v 6, 9 v 5, 10 v 4, 11 v 3, 12 v 2, 13 v 1, 14 v 15
MD14: 16 v 15, 1 v 14, 2 v 13, 3 v 12, 4 v 11, 5 v 10, 6 v 9, 7 v 8
MD15: 8 v 16, 9 v 7, 10 v 6, 11 v 5, 12 v 4, 13 v 3, 14 v 2, 15 v 1
MDs 16-30 are the same fixtures as 1-15, but with the home/away assignments reversed.

The first cutoff is Monday, March 20th. See the Results Thread for the full cutoff schedule. Good luck!
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Postby The NASCAR Cup Series » Thu Mar 16, 2023 4:49 pm


Daytona Superdome given second shot at hosting Final Four

It only felt like a week ago that the Daytona Superdome put its hat in the ring as a potential Final Four venue for the 13th edition of college basketball's biggest weekend. While the bid lost to a take 2 for Centivar County, Drawkland due to a variety of reasons, the Daytona city government and Daytona National Motor Speedway have not let up when it comes to this temporary epicenter of NSCAA basketball. Before the teams suited up to go again, both the city and the track announced they would bid to host the Final Four again.

The Daytona National Motor Speedway, tucked into the capital city of the Cup Series, Daytona, will once again utilize Turns 2 and 3 of the rarely used road course layout, plus 2/3rds of the garage area, for a temporary stadium that can hold up to 70,000 spectators for the Final Four and the NSCAA Championship. Unlike last year, however, the event will not jointly host the bill with the Cup National Racing Championship. Daytona track president Wilt Keighley said during the announcement of the bid that he wanted the Final Four to be the kingpin of the week. "While we only expect to hold up to 210,000 fans for the Final Four and Championship, we want to make sure that the whole week is made up of Final Four festivities. The Final Four will have 3 auxiliary events inside the Daytona Superdome, as well as practice, which will be open to the public. We'll let the city of Daytona handle all other activities that might attract fans, and we will stick to what college basketball really is: A celebration of traditions unlike any other."

The Final Four week will start on the Tuesday of the semi-finals with the Opening Ceremony, held in the infield grass after the start-finish line of the oval. Each of the four teams will hold their own personal pep rallies to show off the colors of their school. The Superdome festivities will only open up the next day, with the first practice session. Two more practice sessions will be held on Thursday and Friday to give the teams a feel of the temporary venue. From Wednesday to Sunday, alongside the Final Four itself, there will be additional events to celebrate the rest of the NSCAA Tournament.

Putting a unique spin on the traditional dunk contest, Dunkerella celebrates the Cinderella stories of the tournament, and does so with a bracket style tournament. Only the bottom 8 seeds from a region can qualify for Dunkerella, with the 16, 15, 14 and 13 seeds qualifying if they make the Second Round and the 12, 11, 10 and 9 seeds qualifying if they make the Sweet 16. The teams will be seeded based on the seed (With the lowest seeds, like 64, being the higher seeds) and each team will send a player to the tournament. Byes will be given out as needed to the top seeds. If there are more than 16 qualified teams, there will be a Qualifying Round on Wednesday, otherwise the competition will start on Thursday and conclude on Friday with the Final Four and Championship.

Skills Competition
Each Final Four participating school, as well as four selected Cup Series schools, will send two players to represent their school for the skills competition. The obstacle course style competition is made up of 5 stages. The first player will start by attempting two layups before dribbling through a series of cones and passing the ball into a bucket. Once the ball is in the bucket, the first player will tag his teammate to do the other 5 stages. The second player will then attempt to dribble the ball past two moving player statues before attempting a 3 point shot. The time will end when the 3 point shot is made, and the player will have unlimited attempts. After all 8 teams have done one run, the top 3 will do one more run in the final round to decide the Skills Competition winners. The Skills Competition will be held on Friday before the Dunkerella Final Four.

All-Star Tournament
The three Sweet Sixteen teams per region who didn't qualify for the Final Four will each submit one player to participate in the All-Star Tournament, to be joined by 2 players from their region outside of the Sweet Sixteen. The regions will then play a 4 team tournament with 10 minute halves, with 4 minute overtime periods should a game be tied. The three games will all be played on Sunday, the day before the NSCAA Championship.

The following preliminary schedule for Daytona National Motor Speedway will be used in case the city ends up winning the Final Four bid.

12:00 PM Daytona Standard Time - Final Four Week Opening Ceremony

1:00 PM DST - Final Four First Practice (Each team given one hour on the court)
6:00 PM DST - Dunkerella Qualifying Round (If needed)

10:00 AM DST - Final Four Second Practice (Each team given 45 minutes on the court)
2:00 PM DST - Dunkerella First Round
4:00 PM DST - Dunkerella Elite Eight

10:00 AM DST - Final Four Final Practice (Each team given 30 minutes on the court)
1:00 PM DST - Final Four Skills Competition
3:00 PM DST - Dunkerella Final Four
4:00 PM DST - Dunkerella Championship

4:00 PM DST - Daytona Superdome gates open for Final Four
6:00 PM DST - Final Four Game 1 team introductions
6:20 PM DST - NSCAA Final Four Game 1
9:20 PM DST - Final Four Game 2 team introductions
9:40 PM DST - NSCAA Final Four Game 2
12:00 AM DST - Fans asked to leave Daytona Superdome

2:00 PM DST - NSCAA All-Star Semi-Finals
5:00 PM DST - NSCAA All-Star Final
8:00 PM DST - NSCAA Awards Gala

11:30 AM DST - Coaches Gala
4:00 PM DST - NSCAA Championship Pre-game Concert at the Daytona Fanzone
5:30 PM DST - Daytona Superdome gates open for NSCAA Championship
8:00 PM DST - NSCAA Championship team introductions
8:20 PM DST - The NSCAA College Basketball Championship at the Daytona Superdome
10:50 PM DST - Cutting of the Nets and Trophy presentation
11:50 PM DST - Fans asked to leave Daytona Superdome
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Postby Schima Bas » Sun Mar 19, 2023 11:39 pm

What Schools Play Basketball in Schima Bas?

While there are many schools that play basketball in Schima Bas, from small schools, to larger, safer, and more fortified schools, there are a few select schools that are notable. These eight make up the most followed programs in the country. Some of them are well known for their on-the-court success, while others have entertainment value all their own.

Become acquainted with our rosters, and prepare for an introduction to Basian Collegiate Basketball!

Blue Crescent Technical College Blue Bonners

A haven for medical technology innovation, Blue Crescent Technical College has modernized and expanded beyond humble roots, building its reputation for being a stellar private university in the heart of Ourelasia.

Historically an underperforming program, the Blue Bonners (nicknamed after the medical “Bonners” that served in the Basian armed forces during the civil war), have found success lately behind the arm of Frank Di Armelo, a slippery shooting guard that managed to confound more skilled opponents with ease, to the joy of long-disgraced fans.

The departure of senior small forward Shaquille Morris will be a difficult one for the Blue Bonners. The star attracted attention to the program last year with his dominant performance that helped lead Blue Crescent basketball to a Shining Sun Conference Championship last season. Transfer Garth Methos has big shoes to fill when he arrives on campus!

Border Baptist University Collies

Border Baptist has often been the dark horse of Basian college hoops. Since becoming the preeminent christian university in Schima Bas, the university has used the excitement around the program to elevate the school’s brand to a national audience.

The Collies play fast and furious, raining in shots, and can often neglect defensive cover. Their impressive shooting record is the result of their tireless scouting network finding the best high school guards in the country.

With the youngest head coach from the bunch in 47-year-old Tom Adler, Border Baptist always presents an unorthodox challenge to opponents that think they can blow past them. The Collies seem to have been cursed recently, as a series of untimely accidents has prevented some great Collie teams from claiming the title.

Crimson Royal University Mink

Crimson Royal are the new “IT” team from Schima Bas. Sweeping migrating talent away from Crown’s College has made the two schools an easy rival, as the rising Mink snap the nose of the humiliated Royal Bears with one league victory after another.

The challenge for Crimson Royal is always focused on ending up on top of both Crown’s College and The University of the Southern Coast’s dogpile for the championship. It has succeeded recently, propelled to success from excellent playmaking guards and the coaching expertise of Assam Bastoli, the first and only coach of the Mink.

Last season they won the Basian Preseason Tournament, but failed to win the Flying Drawk Final in a heartbreaking loss. Bastoli will certainly hope the Mink return to the tournament again, with high aspirations!

Crown’s College Royal Bears

Crown’s College is a shell of its former self. The city of Viercourt has gone largely unrepaired and underdeveloped since the civil war, as attention has shifted towards Ourelasia and Alquierdi as the new heart cities of Schima Bas. In recent years, the Royal Bears have struggled to keep talent from eyeing other schools in the country, but the stable leadership of coach Richard Bell has helped keep the fracturing pieces together.

Once filled to the brim every gameday, The High Court now only averages an attendance of just over 7,000. As the population of Viercourt continues to sink, the once-large fanbase of the Royal Bears continues to diminish, leaving the loyal fanbase with resentment towards many different programs, with special frustration reserved for the Crimson Royal Mink that have ascended as Crown’s College has declined.

After Micah Zemarias graduated, there were worries that the program would lose its identity and talents. Bell has brought in star Derrick Lamere in a transfer from Morissland A&M. While Lamere had mellowed in his relationship with the Campmen, even becoming a team leader, his style never agreed with that of his old coach, Harold Diggs. The Royal Bears will have to hope that the star can make his place at home in Viercourt, as the squad appears star-studded.

Jasper Technical Institute Foxes

Jasper Technical is a team that’s always just been there. They have never won much domestically, and have served as the doormat of college basketball in the country for all of their history. Hope for the future lies with Sophomore shooting guard Jimmy Graves, a strong-minded bull of a player that may be the most hyped prospect in Jasper Technical’s history. Watch for Graves and head coach Patrick Swasser to butt heads, as the two have a strained relationship.

If Foxes fans can’t find positives in their history on the court, they can look to the school’s beautiful arena as a point of pride. “Our Arboreum”, shortened to “OurAr”, was designed by Basian architect Elmyra Fusillis.

She’s known for mixing natural and manmade materials, and the Arena’s upper levels are surrounded by a smattering of trees that provide a unique gameday experience. Foxes and other wild animals used to be kept in the natural areas, but have since been removed due to the fan’s presence over-stressing the animals. Owl hoots and other natural sounds can still be heard, coming from a loudspeaker, although students will be quick to tell you they are real.

A Freshman-only club keeps the tradition alive, the “OurAr Beasts”, that dress up in crude fox outfits and hide in the wooded areas, try to distract opposing free-throw shooters, and creep up behind opposing fans to give them a good fright. While the basketball on the court might not be anything special, there’s always something to witness in Jasper.

Morissland A&M Campmen

Morissland is the most rural region of Schima Bas, and the Campmen have struggled to keep local talent, losing key prospects to Crimson Royal and the other dominant schools in the country.

Coach Harold Diggs, a former assistant coach with The University of the Southern Coast, has managed to win with rosters that are far from star-studded. It appears like he might have one such squad this year. If any of the major Basian programs falter, look at Diggs as a likely coaching replacement.

Morissland easily fills Qadir Rifling Arena, as the Campmen are one of the only sports teams in the area. Away games are still challenging until more talented opposition can dull the crowds.

National College Steamers

National College was the home for the first basketball game played in Schima Bas, with an upperclassmen versus underclassmen bout that ended in favor of the Seniors.

The program saw immense success in the early days of college ball in Schima Bas, but has struggled in finding similar success in the modern game. The team loves scoring in the paint, and have seen several excellent playmakers set up in their ranks.

This season, the Steamers are rolling into the picture with four returning starters, including the physical Mason Everett and the sniper Di Arnhem. Halbert and Alhambrasas make up the front, creating a fairly well rounded attack and defense.

University of The Southern Coast Stallions (UTSC)

The Stallions are the most successful team in the country’s college basketball scene. The private university has several influential alumni that have influenced the growth of the program. Its players have become stars in the country, and the branding and marketing behind them have led to many players departing and having successful careers in professional basketball leagues outside of Schima Bas.

The Stallions replaced big departing names with some talented names from around the country. Jimmy Graves showed promise last year with the Foxes, and will join Troy Kilopado in regular appearances for the team.

*Note: Some of this post was repurposed from last season's Roster. I don't know if that will affect host grading, but I wanted to make it known that some of the content is reused.
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Postby Ranoria » Mon Mar 20, 2023 11:51 am

On the eve of Richardson’s next try in the NSCAA…

Richardson University’s basketball program was in tatters before his arrival. Their being swept by the Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder had caused a complete collapse - recruits transferring to get away from a campus that had completely turned on them and head coach Markus Volgelstein losing his job much due to those losses.

The next season domestically, they’d fired their first year head coach just ten games in after the team started 1-9 and he missed the flight back home after blowout away game loss to Ranoria City, instead opting to go clubbing with infamous actress and singer Claudia Rae. Their interim coach at least made it through the season on a team bereft of upperclassmen, finishing 6-19 in what was the program’s worst season in the last fifty five years.

And then they’d found their guy.

Billy Garrett was a known commodity. A fiery personality with unassailable arrogance, the only man who’d ever been sure he could lead Ranoria of all nations to greatness on the court. In three IBC seasons - despite fielding a sub par roster outside of veteran Reiner Anneliese and later Astor Francóis, he amassed a 21-20 record, making the playoffs once in three seasons and winning one game there. He only narrowly missed the playoffs in his third season, finishing 4-3 in a loaded group including Valanora, Delaclava, Drawkland, Juvencus, and our elefriends in South Newlandia.

The team was disbanded however, along with our World Cup and World Cup of Hockey squads, we’ve seen a bit of a down tick in Ranoria’s international sporting - so he took the Richardson job and helped to quickly turn this dumpster fire around, just as he tried to with the IBC’s Snow Bears.

Björn Harnisch was step one. The big senior had gone unheralded in recruiting, but exploded for two seasons his JUCO, and Garrett was the one to lure him away to the Governors. He’s now completed two domestic seasons under Garrett and won all-conference honors twice - he was pivotal in the team’s quick turnaround, as the Governors flipped their record to 19-6 the following season. They only got better - and now this most recent season went 22-3 while making a decent playoff push with freshman Franklin Jones coming in at shooting guard - he’s a sniper from the three point line, or at least as much of one as you’ll get at this level, with legit pro aspirations.

“We want to win a lot of games and represent this university well,” said Billy Garrett, “But we’re here to take the flash out of the Blue Thunder. Our sixth and twenty first games will be the most important of this tournament. They tarnished this program…and we will not let that go unavenged.”
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Postby Valanora » Mon Mar 20, 2023 12:04 pm

Is basketball starting to see a major resurgence within the Eternal Empire. It is an odd question but it is the right question as we approach the start of an NSCAA season, shortly after the conclusion of an IBC. The wrong question would be if the popularity of the game will ever reach the same status as football has within the Empire, as that is something that is likely never going to transpire. Football has and likely always will be the favorite sport among Vanorian athletes, it is a sport that perfectly can take the shape of the Vanorian mindset and put it to sport. The same can be said however about ice hockey and basketball, which is why those two sports are often the second and third most popular at any given time within the Empire.

Yet recently basketball had seemingly started to decline after the Dragons began to stagnate and decline in stature in the IBC. Vanorian fans are spoiled by the many successes of Vanorian teams and athletes over time and they will not take to teams that seem to have no real chance of success, barring local support. With so many different successful options to choose from, a team that seems to be in steady decline without a chance for success does not simply hold the attention for long of the casual Vanorian sportswatcher. Whether this is a good or bad thing is a topic of heavy debate but you can not simply ignore facts because they disagree with you.

The universities that enter the NSCAA though, the last two editions have seen a meteoric rise in success from the Vanorian schools, encapsulated perfectly by Hondo's title two editions ago and run to the semifinals last edition. This builds interest, this keeps those fans in the stands rooting on their teams, it keeps those at home tuning into the games even if they have no vested interest in the teams involved. Couple this with the Dragons extraordinary run in the recently finished IBC, and that dip in interest and popularity can just be seen as part of the natural ebb and flow of sporting popularity. It is up to the schools now to capitalize on that interest and show the folks in the stands and at home that they are worth rooting for, which is only done by winning.
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Postby Banija » Mon Mar 20, 2023 12:45 pm


Orange Sky Classic returns as Bunyoro A&M take the crown at the second edition of this tournament

Bunyoro A&M player celebrates a three pointer in the Orange Sky Classic Final

BUSUKUMA, NATIONAL CAPITOL REGION- Three years ago, before NSCAA 13, the BCSG put together the Orange Sky Classic- a preseason touranment, to start before NSCAA play, to ensure that traditional Banijan rivals would be able to play each other, and that the teams would get some high-level preseason games going before the NSCAAs got started. Of course, to incentivize a push- they gave a cash prize with it. The only college sporting event in Banija that comes with a cash prize, directly, to the players of $50,000 NSDs per player to the team that wins. So everyone's going all out here.

Orange Sky, the airline, is sponsoring. And the tournament is not only back- but expanded. Now, it's a traveling tourney. Instead of 3 games in 4 days, it's now spread out across 8 days, as they travel to different sites across Banija. Day 1- in Jinja City. Day 4- in Mynda. Days 7&8- in Busukuma. Expanded physically, but also literally- the BCSG invited the two South Newlandian schools, RUoN and Elephant Valley, to participate as well. Of course, neither would be allowed to advance to the semifinals- tournament organizers saying that was largely done as the South Newlandian schools were a 'late add'. Or, aka, TV purposes- they wanted to ensure high-level all-Banijan matchups in the semis and the Final.

Off to the Rivalry Round, in Jinja City!

All Rivalry Round Games played in Jinja City, Hangaza
Rivalry Round
Loyola-Istria (BNJ) 75–73 Northern Moravica (BNJ)
Hangaza Tech (BNJ) 68–101 Bunyoro A&M (BNJ)
University of Moravica (BNJ) 74–70 University of Kitara (BNJ)
Zakuta State (BNJ) 84–82 Kizza I College (BNJ)
Ratzupalfu University of Nature (SNL) 86–66 Elephant Valley (SNL)

Somehow, Loyola-Istria are both the defending national champions, and perhaps more importantly, the defending NSCAA champions. What a beast of a team. Now, the Blue Thunder are back here at the NSCAAs, trying to win it again. Remember, three years ago, they won the Orange Sky Classic, and that ended up vaulting them to a NSCAA title at the season's end- so you can't discount this tournament here. Per usual, they were paired with NMU so the basketball version of the North v. South Showdown could happen this year.

The biggest game of the day. This time, off to Jinja City, Banija's 3rd largest city- and the largest without a NSCAA team this year. Hangaza Tech is in Hangaza as well, but way across the region in Aissa- there aren't many Tech fans in Jinja City. And the arena was flooded with fans, as well as locals. That Loyola-Istria v. Northern Moravica game was an intense one. There is no doubt who has had the better run of it in the last few years. Hell, NMU actually hasn't beaten Loyola-Istria on the hardwood in four years. They've lost 5 in a row across the last three years. This year's Classic game was an intense, close matchup. But their SG, Masamba Bala, had a chance to win it at the buzzer- but his 17 foot fadeaway hit front iron as time expired. Blue Thunder survived- and that's 6 wins in a row for Loyola-Istria over NMU basketball.

How the hell has Momodou Mendy survived this long despite those losses? I've got no idea- maybe Browning isn't much of a hoops fan?

Elsewhere, we had two other very close games. The University of Moravica took on the University of Kitara in an intense game. George Lampda is by far Banija's most successful coach in the NSCAAs- five consecutive Ultra 64 Qualifications, two title game appearances, 16 all-time Ultra 64 wins, and last season's #1 overall seed. He's an icon in this competition. He's done literally everything there is to do- besides win the Ultra 64. The journey starts here, doesn't it? In his 18th season at the school, he's done it all and seen it all. The 6'9 grad transfer, Abdoulaye Joesa, blocked the Hippogriffs potential game-tying layup with 4 seconds left, and then sunk two free throws on the other end to ice it.

The last close game was Zakuta State against Kizza I College. The Busukuma school against the Ankole school. It was close the whole way around- the Cubs, returning for their fifth appearance in the NSCAAs, looking to show why they feel they should be, essentially, a quasi-permanent school in this competition- alongside NMU and ULI. But they could not get the job done- Crocodiles sophomore guard Kadokechi Katuluba hit a buzzer beating three to stun the Cubs, get the upset, and snatch the win. Most expect them to be filler content- can they actually make some noise this year?

The other two games were blowouts. Bunyoro A&M blew the doors off of Hangaza Tech, with a 33 point victory to kick off their season. Meanwhile, RUoN pounded their EVU counterparts, as the Egrets wrecked their archrivals by 20.

All Second Round Games played in Mynda, Aksum
Placement Qualifier Games
Loyola-Istria (BNJ) 76–82 Bunyoro A&M (BNJ)
Zakuta State (BNJ) 88–95 University of Moravica (BNJ)
Classification Semifinals
Northern Moravica (BNJ) 90–49 Ratzupalfu University of Nature (SNL)
Kizza I College (BNJ) 85–71 University of Kitara (BNJ)
Hangaza Tech (BNJ) 92–56 Elephant Valley (SNL)

As we said, the South Newlandian schools weren't allow to advance to the semis, so the four Banijan schools went to the semifinals. First off, we had the University of Moravica take on Zakuta State, here way up north, in Aksum. It was absolutely a high-scoring contest, as both teams were hitting shots. The Crocodiles, who love to focus on analytics, were particularly deadly from three point land. But despite shooting 55% from deep, a ridiculous percentage, it was the Golden Bears who were able to dominate the end of the game. Junior guard Lazarus Lugaya basically put them into the final, with 27 points and a dominant day.

A&M and Loyola-Istria, as well, battled it out all the way to the very end. Two titans on the basketball court- A&M really feels as if they should be considered at the same level as the University of Moravica. The Waterbucks and Blue Thunder struggled throughout the whole contest, as the partisanness of the crowd towards the Blue Thunder really made their impact felt. But when A&M was down, 76-75, with a minute left, they really made themselves felt. A dunk by their Mytanar star, Bane Jevnik, made it 77-76. Then, a steal out of the halfcourt press by Robert Söderholm allowed the Fröndti big man to slam it home on the fast break. 79-76. They made an impact defensively, and were able to reach the final.

In the classification games, the Banijan schools played the South Newlandian for the first time. NMU and EVU were kept apart- organizers did not want teams in the same NSCAA conference to play each other here at the Classic. NMU and Hangaza Tech both cruised to victory, with the Cougars winning by 41 over RUoN, while the River Rats beat Elephant Valley by 36. Kizza I College also won comfortably, the Cubs putting away the Hippogriffs by 14 points.

Classification Finals played in Busukuma, National Capitol Region
Classification Games
9th Place Game
Elephant Valley (SNL) 62–91 University of Kitara (BNJ)
7th Place Game
Hangaza Tech (BNJ) 77–71 Ratzupalfu University of Nature (SNL)
5th Place Game
Northern Moravica (BNJ) 79–94 Kizza I College (BNJ)
3rd Place Game
Loyola-Istria (BNJ) 86–61 Zakuta State (BNJ)
Championship Game
Bunyoro A&M (BNJ) 75–58 University of Moravica (BNJ)

Off to the capitol! Really, what matters is the Final- but we can talk about the rest of these games as well. The 9th place game went about as expected- the tournament ended quite mercifully for Elephant Valley, as the Hippogriffs beat them by 29. An ugly experience for the school and their fans- but arguably, a very insightful one. They know what they need to focus on in order to get better.

Kizza I College won by 15 against Northern Moravica. For a NMU team looking to showcase they are more than what they are showing, Momodou Mendy is not having a great time. His only win here was against RUoN, and it remains to be seen how good of a win that really was. Speaking of RUoN- they actually can come away with a lot of positives from this tourney. They whipped EVU- always a good thing. Vogelstein's boys got crushed by NMU, yes, but they were competitive against Hangaza Tech. There are alarm bells ringing everywhere at Tech- but Anna-Maria Becker going for 31 was not something that was exactly in the game script.

The Blue Thunder got third at this year's Classic, wrecking the Crocodiles by 25. It was a great run for the Crocs to get here- but it shows, at least right now, the difference between them and the big dogs. Can they close that gap during the season?

Lastly, the title game. Waterbucks against the Golden Bears. Surprisingly, this wasn't an instant classic like last year. It happens. But the two true basketball schools in Banija battled, and it was the Waterbucks who took the Golden Bears to the cleaners. The score at halftime was 32-15, showing exactly how dominant the Waterbucks were on the defensive end against a team like the University of Moravica. Lampda's squad is talented, and he himself is an absolute genius as a head coach- but they could not handle the pressure provided by the Waterbucks.

Just look at how A&M's roster is constructed. Robert Söderholm is basically a swiss army knife on defense. Can be deployed anywhere, which means they can throw all sorts of looks at you defensively. You've got Koro Joesa, who was elite as a perimeter defender, taking huge steps from last season. The Waterbucks have all sorts of confidence that they can get back to the Final Four, like they did six years ago- and this win is only going to see the hype train burst from that Byakado station. Can the rural school continue this sort of performance when the regular season rolls around?
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Postby South Newlandia » Mon Mar 20, 2023 4:16 pm

Invited to Banijan Orange Sky Classic, Kigonga Luswa leads Egrets to win over Red Ellies

For the two South Newlandian schools, it was an honour to be able to participate in the Banijan Orange Sky Classic, getting some game practice against top competition, as well as getting used to the travel that an NSCAA schedule will also provide. As arguably the most important matchup, the two South Newlandian teams squared off in Jinja City in front of a much smaller crowd compared to the Banijan matchups. Nevertheless, both teams took the game seriously.

After being mostly even through the first half, with the Egrets taking a slim 39-35 lead, Ratzupalfu started to pull away from their rivals, outscoring them by a pair of touchdowns in the third quarter to more or less put the game on ice. Leading the Egrets to the win was Small Forward Kigonga Luswa. After he didn’t manage to get a spot on one of the more prestigious Banijan universities, he surely wanted to show that that had been a mistake. The freshman led the Egrets in scoring while picking enough boards to get a double-double. Late in the game, the relatively strong defense of the Egrets were able to stave off anything resembling an EVU comeback attempt, with the team of head coach Faraba Savaneh struggling to get much going.

Savaneh, indeed, was one of the big losers of the tournament; the Banijan had hoped to compete with teams like his former employer, ULI, but all they got was three blowouts. After the Egrets beat them by 20, Hangaza did so by 36, and Kitara by 29. The Egrets too struggled, losing an ugly blowout to NMU in which they did not manage 50 points while Northern managed 90. However, in the final game, the Egrets were actually able to keep things competitive, losing by a mere six points to Hangaza Tech. All in all, it was a learning experience for the South Newlandian schools, and it teaches that the Banijan schools and their wealth of experience still have them thoroughly beat.

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Postby Cassadaigua » Mon Mar 20, 2023 4:54 pm

Getting ready for NSCAA Basketball,
by Kenzie Sherman, Concord Heights Times

It is the reward for playing well at home. For all of these schools that are representing Cassadaigua, they played thirty or so games, including a tournament to determine a national champion. Now, they are going to do all of that again, playing a 30-game conference schedule, then a conference tournament, then the Ultra 64, to determine a world champion. It is a story that is pretty similar across the NSCAA tournament with happened in the other nations as well. When you think about it, these college students will have played somewhere between 60-70 games when all is said and done. I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing, since when they do turn professional, they will be expected to play an 84 game regular season. That is valuable experience, for sure.

Cassadaigua has had success in this tournament, with wins in the third, fifth, and ninth editions. While they have not won another title since then, you can generally expect them to play well an get good seeds in the Ultra 64 Tournament. We can only hope that will be true again, even though Drawkland and Banija have emerged at the top nations in this competition. Be careful, too, because since this is an even numbered tournament, the Drawks figure to be especially tough to beat. As we have seen in the past, there will be two conferences based in Cassadaigua: The Pink 16 and the Five Star. Six schools (University of Concord Heights, New Lakeland University, Brattleboro Technical Institute, Concord Heights Beauty School, Grande Mountain University, and Victoriaville Medical Institute) return, while Eastern Starksville College and Brattleboro University make their debut in the tournament. You will not be seeing Seth Johnson College this time, though, and that is not a surprise to those here in Cassadaigua. The men struggled to a 13-17 season, and were simply not worthy of playing at this level. They've had success here in the past, so hopefully they can quickly recover and get back to their successful ways. Without another all-male school being strong enough, that is just not going to be an arc we see with our teams this time around.

Enjoy the tournament, it tips off pretty soon tonight!
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Postby Cardenao » Mon Mar 20, 2023 5:54 pm

He took a deep breath and eyed up the shot. He was a couple feet beyond the halfcourt line, standing on the edge of his university's logo. He was pretty sharp from three point but this was far shot even for him. Not a problem though, he thought as the lad heaved off a shot.

It looked good, curling through the air on a solid arc, enough speed on it, nice little shooter's spin, the shot looked good……until it didn't and sailed a foot harmlessly short. 'Damn,' he thought to himself. This was gonna take some adjusting too, the basketballer was used to throwing things with a far greater degree of accuracy than his attempts from deep, deep three point range.

"Hey superstar, you ain't gonna be winning any games with shots like those," one of his teammates called out in an attempt at humor, but it fell on deaf ears. This player wasn't here to joke around, he was here to win and he knew he needed to improve and improve fast.

The newcomer to the team picked up another ball. He hadn't played basketball seriously for a while, his focus went towards another sport as he entered high school but he still played pickup bball with his friends in between classes. He had good fundamentals though and was an incredible athlete with good size, things any basketball player would benefit from having. When he had heard his university was putting together a basketball team for the 14th NSCAA, he knew he had to try out for the team. Plenty of other students had lined up too, hoping for a shot to win some glory, maybe meet a groupie or four, and hopefully do well enough that they wouldn't have to buy any drinks when they were in their hometowns. Unfortunately, none of them stood a chance against this lad, who was already a high-level sportsman in his own right, and the more he played the more his old point guard skills came to him.

But that was the past, and this was the now. His first game was only a few hours away and he had been told he'd be the starting point guard going into the game. He had smiled to himself when Coach had told him, of course he would start. Of course he would be a team captain. That's just who he was as a player. He picked up another ball and called out to the teammate that had poked fun at him early, hoping to get a couple passes in.

He snapped his wrist, shooting off a sharp pass that smacked perfectly into his targets hands to put them into a triple-threat position. He was getting warm, getting loose, didn't matter what sport, the routine was basically the same. He stretched his arms out, reaching up towards the sun and pointed his fingers out, feeling every muscle and ligament in his arm, wrist, and fingers stretch. Sure, he wasn't the tallest, barely reaching 6 feet in shoes, but he made up for that by passing sweet dimes like the one he just dished out and being dangerous enough from three, maybe not quite from the logo though. "AYO!" his partner called out as they slung the ball towards him.

It was thrown off to the side of him so he had to push his sneakers into the hardwood to dig after it but it wasn't a problem, he'd been quick his whole life and knew that once he learned how to use his speed on the court, he would be a monster. At almost 20 years old, he was the man on campus. People knew him, girls knew him, professional teams knew him, international audiences knew him.

He imagined a horde of University of Endover defenders charging at him, hoping to pressure him into a mistake or rip the ball from his hands. The basketballer cut right and juked to the left before breaking the imaginary defender's ankles with a smooth between the legs to behind the back move. He looked up and fired off a quick shot. Nothing but net. He called for another ball, caught it easily and brought it up in his shooting motion nice and smoothly. Nothing but net.

He had to keep this level of play up if he were to lead his team to victory and he knew he would. He would do anything to win, he needed victory and he needed to play well. Without victory, what did he have in his life? This lad never gave up, even on the rare occasion he was losing by insurmountable odds. Losing was just…losing was shit and winning was winning. Easy as that.

He closed his eyes.

He could feel the pregame atmosphere around him. He heard the fans in their thousands screaming his name, he saw the fear in his opponents eyes as they realized who they were playing, he envisioned himself smiling as he pulled his warm up jersey off and slipped into the famous Blue and Orange.

He saw the spotlight on him as the crowd roared out their approval as the announcer read out his name.


Game on.

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Postby Cassadaigua » Mon Mar 20, 2023 6:09 pm

Game on indeed!

This is the opening cutoff for tonight's game!
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Postby Drawkland » Mon Mar 20, 2023 6:23 pm

SCENARIO: I'm at work, beginning my quick break, and only have 15 minutes to relay all the information about Drawkland's NSCAA schools to my buddy Joe. Can I get the banter out in time??

Sadeg State: Alright, obviously Sadeg State is always gonna be one of the frontrunners in the Drawkian slate. They have a few starters who were bench guys in NSCAA 13, so there's definitely some experience to go with there. To be fair, they were pretty mid in the 13 postseason, so it's not like that experience is incredibly valuable. I would say Meredith Lockwood (no relation to the Base Corps player of the same name) is the star of this team, but not by a lot. This is a squad which will have to learn how to distribute the ball efficiently to succeed.

Elmanden District: The schtick of accidentally calling them by the old name of Elmanden District College is dead. They've been renamed University for over a half-decade now, it's embarrassing if anybody messes that up again. Anyway, Emmy Todd and Maya Wortham make an excellent guard tandem which is hard to beat, but the biggest intrigue for this squad comes from the center position, where novatim (first-year) center Anne-Marie George has earned the starting role. She's one of the most hyped center prospects coming out of high school in years; her defensive and offensive capabilities at the post are unmatched ... or so the scouts say. If she can perform at the level expected of NSCAA teams, the Mechanors can go far.

Ducentu State: This is not the same team that went and lost to Loyola-Istria in the championship game last cycle. Only center Oscar Asher was on the team then, and he was a bench option who didn't see a ton of playing time. The rest of the roster is pretty young, made up of a lot of transfers and newer recruits that were attracted by the Eagles's big run in NSCAA 13. They may be a force to reckon with way down the line ... but can they put it together this cycle? Also of interest, longtime assistant coach Ashling Moriarty will be retiring after this tournament, and she earned it at the ripe age of 100 (remember us Drawkians live to 150 on average).

Cavsar: I mean CAVSUX, amirite? It still blows my mind that this trash ass hick school managed to make back to back Final Fours ... but then I remember that they have zero rings and my universe returns to normal. Anyway, they have several returning players from last NSCAA, including Delta Adams. He was the sixth man for the Gladiators during their semifinal run last cycle, so his experience will be invaluable (hence his nod as team captain). There's also a lot of hype around small forward Sherri North, who is in her first year. This is a team which, I hate to say it, has a lot of potential for another deep run. Don't tell anybody I said that, though. Hopefully I jinxed it.

Old Mountain: Legendary coach Ethel Denman is retiring this year, and this may well be her final action coaching on the hardwood. She gets to work with a pretty decent squad, led by the sensational Ruth Cookson. Ruth seems to be destined to make the Net Corps roster once she graduates, and she's been the main reason the Northerners are still a threat to make a big splash. For better or worse, Old Mountain will live and die by the power of Ruuuuuuuuuth!

Drawk Corps U: It's truly incredible. I haven't been impressed by a Corps U basketball roster in almost 20 years. If you told me this years ago I wouldn't believe you, but here we are! Once again, Tom Chalk has to make do with the definition of mid in his lineup. Ironically, I think joining the NSCAA has made Corps U actually weaker from a legacy standpoint. They've gotten bodied almost every cycle, whereas teams like Sadeg State gained much larger fanbases and recruiting clout from their successes. Maybe this year is the year for DCU! hahaha... yeah right.

URaikennax: The story for the Red Knights basketball team for the last 4 years has been the partnership of the small but mighty Natalie Endgard and Catalina Daywasson. The duo made waves in high school, and decided to attend the same university despite being a year apart. Raikennax took the chance on that tandem and it paid huge dividends, with both girls earning all-conference honors every season they've played. They both were in the starting lineup last NSCAA, and now with a few more years of college ball under their belts, they could turn Raikennax into the most fearsome team in the tournament. Lots of upside here, and the supporting cast are no slouches either.

Cemmendy Tech: How many more failed Ultra 64 runs does DISC want to see before they pull the plug on the Cyberpunks? It feels like every season may be Cemmendy Tech's last in the NSCAA. Once again, they have a decent roster, headlined by sophomore Tommie Temple, but this is a pretty young team with a lot of question marks, if last season was anything to go by. I'm sure they'll run the conference and die in the first round of the Ultra 64 again, or something. At this point nothing could convince me otherwise!
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Postby The NASCAR Cup Series » Tue Mar 21, 2023 6:32 pm


PUoE rename to The Legacy Institute comes off the presses of Sweet 16 run

Renaming an entire school can leave people perplexed and mystified when that very institution plays in, say, the NSCAA. Some may say that it's a recruitment pull that can go one of two ways - A star player joins the lineup or the school pulls in no notable recruits. Others call it removing a brand synonymous with the local community just because the president was bored. The Petty University of Entrepreneurship, famed for representing a baby blue color synonymous with "The Petty Way", decided to go in the former direction when new president Jack Gladback took in the reigns, renaming the university to the much more formal sounding name of The Legacy Institute.

Gone were the blue and red shorts worn by the likes of Quinlan Sidney and Lyle Paulson on their run through to the NSCAA Sweet 16. The colors of the university switched to black and gold, and so did their uniforms. Cavan Snelling, now the star man for the Kings, called the new look a status symbol for the team as they cement their dominance in the Cup Series. "The Legacy Institute, well, the name at least, represents forging ahead and shaping what one is remembered by. Last season under the Petty banner we went above and beyond expectations and reached the second round of the NSCAA Tournament, and it feels right to defend that pride in colors that represent the legacy we forged back then and the legacy we will forge ahead in."

The Legacy Institute, as they are now known, are one of the most historic schools in the Cup Series. Founded as Petty College of Entrepreneurship, the school boasts multiple Collegiate and National Racing Champions among its alumni at Level Cross, as well as state-of-the-art racing facilities to breed the new racing legacies of tomorrow. Its focus as an entrepreneurship school has also made several business leaders part of the alumni, including Daytona National Motor Speedway president Wilt Keighley and several CEOs. The average graduation rate of TLI students is 85%, one of the highest rates among a 5 year span in the Cup Series, only narrowly beaten by Hendrick State.

On the court, however, things are not looking like they were when the likes of Paulson were in charge of the Kings. Placed in the Shango Conference like last season, TLI were narrowly beaten on the road against Hongxai before christening the Legacy Arena, formerly the Entrepreneur Arena, with a bitter loss to Crown's College, owing to shooting guard Shaw Jekyll missing crucial three pointers towards the end of the game. With two big opponents to open up the season, the Kings were allowed to cruise back a bit, winning two games on the bounce - A 11 point win against the University of Flanelis from Arschen, before going 9 points ahead of MPI to claim a midpack 2-2 record in their opening slate.

Jack Gladback is confident, however, that the new name of the school will allow for more growth in all fields. "We aren't just an entrepreneurship and racing school anymore, although we have legacies to keep up in those fields as well. We are a technology school. We are a basketball school. We're a humanities school. We have legacies to forge in these fields, and that's what holds up the name of the school. The Legacy Institute isn't some sort of hollow rebrand of a beloved institution of Level Cross. It's a clarification of what this school does to its students and itself." If that's anything to go by, it's certainly working so far.
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Postby Kharakia » Wed Mar 22, 2023 6:36 am

"Plistel is 3-1. I don't know how, but you guys are only 1 game off first. Absolutely amazing job guys!" The coach of Plistel University, Darel Jons, told his team after the first four matchdays of NSCAA 14. While the other Kharakian teams are struggling to even be at the 500 line (though Brusnia State is hovering around it), the Plistel University Guardians have made an unexpected run in the tourney, they were seen as a bottom 3 Kharakian team, but went 3-1 among their first four games in the Woodlands Conference of Valanora.
Sekoya Farkas, the star Point Guard of the team, had this to say about their run, "We've definitely made some unexpected waves in the conference. We do have tougher games coming up in comparison to the teams we've faced so far, including Hagsal Tech, who's 4-0, but I'm still pretty proud of this team. I'm sure all our fans and even fans of other schools in Kharakia are proud. Although, I can't take all the credit, as our coach has obviously been helping us along this with his amazing game plan, but also Piers [Farkas], who obviously, being my brother, I have some chemistry with, and Windsor [Fiyin], who's setting some amazing screens for our team out on the court and dominating the paint."
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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Wed Mar 22, 2023 1:07 pm

Quebec & Shingoryeo Rosters Post - 1/3


Location: Equinox Hill, Inteachan
Home Arena: A. Lucan Buckley Assembly Hall (Cap. 8,000)

Head Coach: Daniel Ibaniyama, 43 (3rd Year)
Starters: Rezaei (SR) - Nam Y.I. (RS FR) - Ibaniyama (JR) - Messina (JR) - McTavish (GR)
Major Substitutes: PG Shin Mendez, SG Park
Style Modifier for guidance purpose:+1. Highly energetic squad full of veterans and seniors, they play a well-set, slow-tempo game that sees primary scoring and other responsibilities from the team's big two of Jean-Luc Ibaniyama and Mason McTavish. This group of veterans, recruited and brought up under the direction of their coach, former Quebecois international and QBL legend Daniel Ibaniyama, has long been part of the strongest INU teams in 50 years, with them winning a national silver medal just last year and becoming national champions, by dethroning none other than The Carleton School, in March. Now on the program-high peak, more is to be seen on if their performance could translate past it and on the court.

#   Pos.  Player                      Height  Year  Sex  Roles (Note)
01 PG Florian Shin Mendez 1.83m FR M Flashy sixth-man with penchant for driving to the net
03 SG Park Doo-Yil 1.94m SR M Team captain: long-two specialist with dubious defence
04 SF Jean-Luc Ibaniyama 2.02m JR M Son of the head coach, light but outstanding shooter with rebounding abilities. Could improve as a ballhandler, though his two-time all-Quebecois status suggests he's on a good situation.
06 SG Nam Yoon-Yil 1.90m RS FR M Sophomore guard who can do most things well, but has yet to take the leap past it. Is considered to be the next star of the team after the current
08 PF Clarence Byeon-Connolly 2.03m SO M Energetic eforcer on the team
10 F Samuel Gunn-Grisset 2.08m FR M Freshman forward who has to grow into his bodyframe.
12 PG Kaveh Rezaei 2.00m SR M Tall, reliable point guard. Solid passer.
19 C Mason McTavish 2.15m GR M Dominant centre with soft scoring touch and impeccable footwork (QIS Men's Player of the Year). Also known as the brother of Quebecois international footballer Samuel, and his bald hair
20 G Anthony Price-Anderson 1.87m FR M Freshman walk-on guard, sister of multi-time all-Quebecois and IBC37-winning guard Philippa Price-Anderson. Primarily used as a lockdown option.
28 PF Claudio Messina 2.01m JR M Starting power forward, scores well and is good with zone defence
32 C Adama Tolisso 2.10m FR M Freshman centre with good skillset in general
45 F/C Gianluca Galassi 2.06m RS FR M Tweener with defensive capabilities


Location: Bathurst, Acadie
Home Arena: Norman Williams Arena (Est. 1954, Cap: 10,800)

Head Coach: Jane Grenier, 71 (23rd Year)
Starters: Grenier-Dufresne (SO) - Dryzyga (RS FR); Whyms (JR) - Kweon Y.J. (RS SO, CAPTAIN); Jang H.W. (GR)
Major substitutes: PG Kweon Hyeok-Do (FR), SF Sakuraba Morishige (RS JR), C Gaspard Rioux (FR)
Style modifier: -3. As with past years, this Mount Ester squad's known for their athleticism and more importantly the ability to score inside the paint. This is something that the Electrumite head coach, now entering her twenty-third year with the program, has made her program known while in charge of one of the finest men's basketball programs in Quebec. As with past years their strengths lie on the frontcourt, where they star Kweon Yeong-Joo, first-team all-Quebecois, and Jang Hyeong-Weon. This should surprise no one, considering how green and streaky their guards, while talented, can be, though the team can feel a bit predictable to play against or cheer for, which complicates the situation.

#   Pos.  Player                      Height  Year  Sex  Roles (Note)
01 PF Kweon Yeong-Joo 2.04m RS SO M Explosive, athletic power forward, best player on the team. Known for his dunk moves, a possible QBL first-round pick (2060 QIS first-team all-star)
02 SF Garrett Whyms 1.97m JR M Hyper-athletic small forward with streakiness
04 SG Filip Dryzyga 1.96m RS FR M Younger brother of a former Lancer and NSCAA 13 participant Michal, good scorer on long-twos
05 PG Kweon Hyeok-Do 1.91m FR M Bald, ever-smiling point guard with pass-first mindset. Good court vision and makes it work.
06 F/C Kendrick Conacher 2.05m JR M Tweener frontcourt player with multiple skills on his toolset
07 PG Thierry Grenier-Dufresne 1.88m SO M Son of current team coach, a potent combo guard with good fundamentals
08 SG Sebastiano Belvedere 1.84m SO M Three-point shooter of the team, known for his long, dark hair
10 SF/PF Sakuraba Morishige 2.02m RS JR M Strong defensive player with limited scoring outside of rim. Great sixth-man for the team.
11 F Claude Montembault-Kidane 2.08m FR M Lanky, light forward with good positioning, but needs more power in order to improve as a player
13 C Gaspard Rioux 2.17m FR M Slow-footed centre with solid shooting touch and rebounding abilities
15 C Jang Hyeong-Weon 2.09m GR M All-arounded centre, brother of former Mount Ester all-conference centre, Jang Hyeong-Min (NSCAA 13 participant)
21 G Jean-Benoit Rioux 1.91m SO M Walk-on guard turned into a fan favourite


Location: Cornwall, Mahan
Home Arena: Riley Jeon-Keane Arena at the Athletics Centre (Esp. 2011, Cap: 8,000)

Head Coach: Joanna Youngblood-Parker, 33 (7th Year) - Gianluca Avola, 55 (16th Year)
Style Modifier for guidance purpose:-2. While no stranger to the NSCAA tournament, this year's Queen's College team is unusual due to the decision to send a mixed-gender team consisting of top six players from men and women, something that while commonly done in other schools, have not exactly been the case for this school due to competitive reasons.

The men have seen a mix of up-tempo style played by men, who do not lack wing players in general. Of the better but not dominant sides of the QIS until recently, they have recently stepped up by making a couple of Final Four appearances in last three years, and also producing a number of QBLers in recent times that would have been considered impossibility just a decade ago. This have have punched the ticket for men as part of the coed team.

As for the current national silver medalists, having lost to perennial contenders Keewatinook University, the women have been known for its strong emphasis on man-to-man defence and slow-tempo, set-up offence. People usually remember the women's team for their 7 national banners won, with two each won by their two most famous alumni- point guard Heo Myeong-Yoon and centre Riley Jeon-Keane. Things have been starting to move a bit more towards fast, uptempo ball for the women, however, with Johanna Youngblood-Parker, arguably the most promising women's coach in the nation, having a penchant for producing outside shooters.

#   Pos.  Player                      Height  Year  Sex  Roles (Note)
01 G Jeon Ho-Yeon 1.81m FR F A combo guard both with good scoring and questionable perimeter defence.
03 SG Dante Zainolo 1.86m GR M Grizzled shooting guard known to be a bit of ball hog. Currently a sociology postgraduate student as well.
04 SF Mahkah Elliott-Jeon 1.83m SR F Team captain: Physical specimen with excellent BQ (QIS second-team women's all-Quebecois), younger brother of all-Quebecois Washta, a NSCAA 13 participant
05 PG Ameline Koo-Poesy 1.76m GR F Current holder of the legendary #5 point guard line, with good vision and stingy defence
06 SF Noh Tae-Shik 1.92m FR M Local kid who has played elite for the junior Golden Gaels. Streaky scorer who has hit multiple buzzer-beaters to seal the game for the men's team this season
07 SG Paola Zambrotta 1.83m SO F Rushmoristep (Eurostep -e.d.-) merchant who sometimes serves as ball-handler
09 PF Frances Chikodzi 1.87m RS FR F Younger sister of Jean-Philippe and St. Croix transfer. Well-rounded forward who could also play as small-ball centre.
10 PF Jean-Philippe Chikodzi 2.10m RS JR M Powerful scorer with underrated rebounding abilities, slightly weaker on zone defence (B1G first-team men's all-Quebecois)
12 C Goh Gwang-Yeon 2.10m SR M Defensively-minded centre with good passes, quiet leader on the locker room
15 C Diana McIntosh 1.88m RS JR F Skinny, long-armed centre with strong rebounding and floaters (QIS first-team women's all-Quebecois)
17 F Gordon 'Goose' O'Neill 2.02m RS SO M Fast forward built for transition game, scores well on outside (long-2s and 3s)
21 PG Dell Kim-McFarlane 1.90m JR M Unremarkable point guard, though capable of scoring a couple of clutch shots now and then.
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Postby Valanora » Wed Mar 22, 2023 1:35 pm

Not all teams are created equal, even here among the Emlire where equity is one of the most stressed principles of society within the lands of the Empire. This is a fact that is often out in display between the professional sporting clubs that dot the entirety of the Eternal Empire, the most obvious of cases is Raynor City United when compared to the rest of the teams in the Premiership. Due to the owners of the club, a long history filled with success beyond equal in the nation, and the reputation of the club, United stands at a privileged position of being the best team in the Premiership from the word go. They have an easier time recruiting players to their club and things are just set up for them to succeed.

Despite the best efforts to not have it so, this is also true at the collegiate level, with big name schools with highly respected programs and professors (or coaches) getting the pick of the crop. Individuals are generally naturally drawn to those names that carry a lot of recognition and the sense of belonging to something so prestigious is a hard offer to turn down once put forward. Those who are able to turn down those scholarship offers to the premium universities and schools are generally strong willed and willing to carve out their own path. It can make for great leaders, provided they are able to find the same level of success that might have been made easier had they tried the more trusted path.

The schools taking part in the NSCAA are witnessing that first hand, with a few of the Vanorian schools getting bloodied in their first two weeks of competition. Going up against the blue blood schools from Drawkland and Banija are hard tasks to try to overcome at the height of your form, made even more difficult when starting the season with those games, as well as a few other tricky games that the Vanorian schools would have preferred a few weeks later in the season. While basketball has definitely reestablished itself in the Empire as of late, it still will struggle more often than not when facing those powerhouses. Like the athletes and scholars who choose alternate paths to come out the stronger through adversity, as a whole the Vanorian representatives will have to endeavor to do the same as each school looks to establish itself among the contenders for their conference titles.
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Postby Banija » Wed Mar 22, 2023 1:58 pm


Blue Thunder hoops fly off to 4-0 start as, amidst a disappointing gridiron season, basketball takes center stage on Loyola's campus

A Blue Thunder throws down a dunk in the Blue Thunder's blowout Matchday 4 victory over Endborough College of Baker Park

ISTRIA, MORAVICA- Doesn't exactly take a genius to tell you that Loyola-Istria is a football school. You've seen their success domestically in the sport(24 national championships), as well as their success internationally(tied for the most with 3 NSCF championships). But this gridiron season, in NSCF 28, has been nothing short of a disaster. You can't get around that fact. Of course, they just wrecked their domestic rivals, an 8-1 NMU team, 63-7- how the hell that happened, we have no idea. But we aren't here to talk about gridiron. We're talking about how the effects of what was functionally a no-show in the gridiron season(0-4 against the South Newlandian schools!) has affected this basketball team.

Of course, Loyola-Istria basketball has come roaring out of nowhere. Three years ago, they took the stage at NSCAA 13, without many expectations. They got a 7th seed- having the 7th lowest ranking of the 8 Banijan schools(Loyola-Jinja was a #16 seed, so big RIP to all the Loyola campuses). But after that, they went on an insanely incredible- launching upset after upset, taking down basketball blue blood after basketball blue blood. Punching their ticket to the final four by laying a smackdown on what was the best team in the Kingdom, the University of Moravica. Wrecking the then defending champs by 26 points, U of Hondo. And, of course- going to Drawkland for a national title, their fans making a show of force, and then beating Ducentu State for a NSCAA title.

Last season, the Blue Thunder won a national championship. So they've got the double belt- defending NSCAA champs, reigning national champs. Of course, they aren't the "defending" national champions- they will not defend their national title. Unlike other countries, like Cassadaigua or Quebec, Banijan schools that take part in the NSCAA do it instead of the domestic season that year, instead of in addition to the domestic. So combine all that recent success, with the simple fact that the gridiron team is in last place for the first time since who knows when, and basketball seems to be the sport everybody is talking about.

Maybe for the first time ever. "I've never seen the campus buzzing quite like this." Said the team's senior starting small forward, Okot Jow. "We've got the best team on this campus. And we've got all the energy behind us. Hell, who knows what will happen- but I think this basketball program is going to reach new heights. U of Moravica is an absolute joke- we're gonna surpass them on the hardwood, just like how we surpassed them so far on the gridiron, we had to quite literally leave them, and the rest of Banijan CFB behind for the NSCF."

The energy behind their home games has been as good as we've ever seen it. Lots of noise, lots of energy- students are already getting ready for the big games that will come as the season continues. "I want another one!" Said a senior student section leader. "It's never too early to dream, is it??"

The smack talk never ends, does it? Of course, the way this basketball season has started has sent the hype train for this team into overdrive. Of course, we're only 4 games into a 30 game season- the standings do not matter for any reason, at this point. But still- a 4-0 start is a 4-0 start. And we've looked good doing it. We've got an average margin of victory of an absolutely insane 38.5 points. Three of Loyola's wins so far have been by 40 or more- the only one that wasn't was as 15 point home win, on Matchday 2. The team is playing some extremely good basketball, and if they can keep this up, they'll be among the discussions for teams that can win this conference- and potentially more.

Of course, big games lay in front of them. Their next home game is a massive Matchday 6 tilt against their huge rivals, Richardson U, on their home court. Loyola-Istria beat Richardson twice last season, and they'll be looking to lay the smackdown this time- especially with the Governors looming as big-time favorites in the Rebel's Cannon Bowl. "Look- great campaigns start with beating your rivals." Said the head coach, Madi Jata. "When was the last time Northern Moravica beat us, well, in anything? Our worst gridiron team since the NSCF started kicked their ass, 63-7. Poverty programs- no, poverty programs. Poverty school. As for Richardson, we've gotta stay focused. There's an established order of how things look on the hardwood, and we're going to show them that we mean business."

ULI v. Richardson. Matchday 6. Istria, Moravica. Should be one hell of a matchup.
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Postby Schima Bas » Wed Mar 22, 2023 2:01 pm

Blue Crescent Coach Opens Up About Replacing 60% of Starting Lineup

National College | Big Seven Nine Conference: 4-0, W4
Crown’s College | Shango Conference: 4-0, W4
Morissland A&M | Pink 16 Conference: 4-0, W4
Jasper Technological Institute | Shining Sun Conference : 4-0, W4
University of the Southern Coast | Eternal Conference: 4-0, W4
Blue Crescent Technical College | Woodlands Conference: 3-1, W2
Crimson Royal University | Five Star Conference: 3-1, W1
Border Baptist University | Calania Conference: 2-2, L2

Out of all the Basian schools participating in NSCAA this year, Blue Crescent may be the most interesting. They’re coming off their most successful year in school history, bringing home silverware in the form of the Shining Star Conference Championship. However, they’ve lost 60% of their starting lineup, leaving coach James Wycliff with the task of replacing them.

Graduating/Departing Players

C: Logan Murray, Sr.
SF: Shaquille Morris, Sr.
PF: Ombedi Algurado, Sr.

The biggest of these names is Shaquille Morris, who has surely confirmed a place of honor in Blue Bonner Basketball history. Morris was a high-flying presence in the paint, and dominated possession when the team had the ball. He was the team’s main offensive threat, sometimes to the detriment of other player’s development.

“I think it’s an unfortunate side effect that some of our guys got fewer touches last year. Jacques Holmgren and Kyler Zagorro are both great players, but they were sometimes waiting in the wings as a secondary option,” said Wycliff. “This year, our focus is re-engaging these guys. We don’t have a single superstar anymore, so our strategy has to change.”

Logan Murray went under the radar during his years with the Blue Bonners, but the team will certainly miss his defensive presence and endurance that granted him plenty of minutes on the court. Ombedi Algurado was a consistently solid free-throw shooter in the second half of last season, and became Morris’ right hand, leading the team in assists.

It’s going to be a harder road for Blue Crescent than most other Basian schools to fill the holes with quality replacements. Before the season began, Wycliff brought in some players that he hopes will be able to live up to the success of last year.

New Players

C: Bob Jacobs, So.
SF: Garth Methos, Jr.
PF: Victor Vast, Jr.

Bob Jacobs is entering into his third year with the program, and he surpassed more experienced players for the starting spot. Jacobs is similar to Murray, but he’s just a bit shorter and wider. He’s a tricky defensive player that Wycliff hopes will develop into a more well-rounded prospect.

Victor Vast transferred in from a significantly smaller Basian basketball program, and he’s got a fire under him to show that he’s got what it takes to keep the Blue Bonners winning.

“When you come from a smaller school to a school that’s playing internationally, it’s a big deal,” said Vast. “I’m taking it one game at a time, and it’s serving me pretty well so far.”

Methos is the biggest figure on the team, and on first look, he’s got a lot of the same qualities of the Blue Bonners’ departed star. Still, he has some bad habits that he’ll have to get rid of, and his mental resilience could use some work. But he’s a strong figure that Wycliff hopes will develop into a team leader, not just for this year, but for the future as well.

“It’s tough this year, losing three starters. Three really solid starters. When you’re a smaller team like us, it’s always scary when you have to replace your best players, said Wycliff. “But we have hope in our program and the people we’ve brought in. Now’s the time to make magic happen.”
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DROP IT DOWN!: NSCAA Small Talk (1-4)

Postby TJUN-ia » Wed Mar 22, 2023 3:23 pm

You all know the format by many games, so little time. Let's blitz through this baby!

Results: Bt The Legacy Institute by 2, West Mountain by 16, SDTAC by 13 and South Caddonia by 2
Standings: 2nd in Shango (4-0, +33PD)
Strong start indeed for the Dragons as Hongxai People's University played two tough wins and two wins that showed this team's overall strengths in this beginning period. Yusuke Tokunaga was key to this hot start, providing both key blocks and plenty of 3s to go around to start his senior year in Diamond City on the right track.

Results: Bt Raynor by 8, bt by Anasb Central by 9, New Lakeland by 15 and Penske College by 4 in OT
Standings: 12th in Shining Sun (1-3, -20PD)
On the other side of the coin (almost), the Islanders got off to a hot start by beating the Raynor Rockets...before dropping the next 3 in brutal fashion. Samia Ben Mohamed provided the pace and agility that was needed to beat the Rockets but her isolation would help in the 3 can the rest step up?

Central State
Results: Bt by Rinaldi Naval Academy by 4, bt Hendrick State by 16, Al Hekmeh by 20 and Inteachan National by 43(!)
Standings: 1st in Five Star (3-1, +75PD)
Yeesh. Clearly, the Grizzlies from Central State took that 4-point loss to RNA personally and then proceeded to just wipe the floor in the other 3 games. Like c'mon people, what did Inteachan National do to deserve being crushed like that? Olena Tymoshenko continues to prove her work to this CSU team and while they do lead this conference right now, nothing will be taken for granted in Szensky at all.

UC-Port Town
Results: Bt Hoteel State by 22, bt by Richmond Racing School by 2, bt APUFM by 32 and IU-Pomena by 5
Standings: 4th in Salamantica (3-1, +57PD)
Returning to the same conference can have both positives and negatives, but the Green Flashes have started pretty well with only a tight loss @RRS the only bump so far. One of the many positives so far has come from Martin Rudderford, the Senior Centre who has turned into a problem on both sides of the ball - and it will be interesting to see if he and UCPT can keep this up.

UW-Wollongmatta Bay
Results: Bt Campo Belo by 31, bt by UPAM-Boca Rana by 27, bt Plistel by 31, bt by Ducentu State by 25
Standings: 10th in Woodlands (2-2, +10PD)
Brilliant at home, shit in the UWWB Auditorium - that's how this season has started for Wisdom on the Bay and while positives have been shown, so have the negatives (Looking at you, Los Zorrillos). You can certainly feel the effects the Kenyi twins (Mary-Anne and Emmanuel) are having on this team as their good nights are resulting in Ws and their not-so-good nights in Ls. Relying on 2 players is not sustainable at all and things will have to change soon if they want to make another run at the Ultra 64.

Results: Bt by Turbani Tech by 28, bt Northern N&N by 8, bt by Ezra by 12 and College of Ware by 29.
Standings: 13th in Calania (1-3, -61PD)
Oof. Yeah, this wasn't pretty at all for Los Leones de Carlandas...but at least they have one win on the board, which is better than nothing. You can feel Jonathan Salvador rallying this team as best as he can...but can they turn a corner soon?

Results: By by Hondo by 2, Nostsian by 11, Loyola-Istria by 55(!) and Talladega by 10
Standings: 15th in Flying Drawk (0-4, -78PD)
Holy mother of god. Los Surfistas del Pacifico lost a heartbreaker to Hondo and then fell off a cliff, with ULI coming to town and absolutely destroying any dignity this school had left and so...0-4 seemed deserved. But Rafaelle has played well, as has Kelvin Távara at times, so there is still hope they can turn things around...right?

Results: Bt TCLU by 21, bt by Western Port by 12, bt Mount Ester by 5 in OT and Everlin by 3.
Standings: 5th in PInk 16 (3-1, +17PD)
Seaview Arena is singing again as the Mariners of the College of Portside are, for now, back to where they hoped to be. Losing to WPU did hurt, but that big OT win at home to MEU was a godsend that seemingly set up the M's for a resurgence this season. Of course, they will be cautious to think too far ahead - but if Jennifer Reagan and Dami Wong can continue to play like they are, there is a chance of something special in the JagBase.
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NSTT: 4 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (5 RU)

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Postby South Newlandia » Wed Mar 22, 2023 4:38 pm

It is all about making the correct adjustments, as Faraba Savaneh so brilliantly demonstrated. After the team embarrassed themselves in the leadup to the tournament in Banija, the Red Elephants managed to get off to a top-10 start in all of college basketball.
One of the important changes Savaneh implemented was just letting his Point Guard, Pili Colley, cook more and lead the team. The Banijan junior subsequently proved that he was able to do it all, and showed off in the first game. With a three-point lead and about a minute and a half left to play, Colley went iso against the Scudelli Point, managing to get by him with a quick cut to get an and-one to make it a six point game, before adding a huge steal on defense to basically put the game away.
Another notable adjustment was significantly upping the minutes of Small Forward Isaac Jones, with the Hannasean junior now almost playing half the minutes; as well as rotating in Adam Wells at Power Forward. Sure, Wells might be a little undersized for that role, but he’s a much better backup than Aarav Chandra could dream of being. In any case, all backups got quite a but if action time in the first road game of the season for the Red Elephants, as the Newlandian team comfortably beat Thapsakos by 23.
Against San Basilio, everyone expected the Red Elephants to really be tested. The Monarchs of Gran Saguaro are also in an international competition for the first time, but they proved they could hold their own against University of Concord Heights the previous matchday. However, at home on their campus, the Red Elephants had little trouble. Fortune was part of what made the blowout possible, with the Red Elephants shooting nearly 40% from three-point range and just continuing to let them fly, as they ultimately finished with an even 100 points. Hasimou Kadu led the Red Elephants in scoring, while the defense also had a fantastic game, giving the Red Elephants a 34-point win.
On matchday four, the Red Elephants were definitely going to be tested, for real this time. Sure, Queen's College at Cornwall had only started 1-2, but one of those was against NMU. The team from Quebec and Shingoryeo was definitely not going to be easy to beat – and yet, the Red Elephants managed another surprisingly easy victory, dispatching them by 23 points in a game that never felt close.
The defense has been a huge part of this team so far, holding opponents to an average of just a hair above 65 points a game, despite three of the games featuring plenty of garbage time. This currently makes them the second-best defense (and also the second-best offense) in the Big Seven Nine, only behind the Cougars of NMU. Pili Colley is the driving force behind that, as he is becoming more of a leader for this time every game, not afraid to do the hard work on defense; and it’s definitely showing up in the results.

The most exciting game of the upcoming schedule is certainly a home matchup with Sabinal State. The young school from Valanora (as in, featuring no seniors in the first two lines) is currently 3-1, having lost only to 4-0 National College, and will definitely represent a major threat for the Red Ellies.

In other news around NSCAA, the Egrets have started extremely strong, too, standing at 3-1, and the basketball team of Cavsar already has more wins than their football program has this year. That’s sad.

Interest in South Newlandia is only slowly building up for college basketball, but especially in Elephant Valley, if the team of Faraba Savaneh can continue to make the right steps, the EVU Sports Complex is sure to see more fan attention. Still, their recent baseball win over Rüsselsheim Elephantology drew more fans than the win over Queen’s College, which is somewhat disappointing.

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Postby Fort McKinley » Wed Mar 22, 2023 5:43 pm

Scouting Report: Autonomous People's University
APU is Fort McKinley's largest University specializing in the education of the bureaucracy and middle management types as well as technical professions.
Last season was the first foray into NSCAA for Ft McKinley and APU went through the growing pains nearly everyone expected, as they finished 11-20.
This time around they have a better understanding of what they are up against and have adapted their style of play accordingly. They will seek to utilize their outside shooting prowess to generate offense while putting extra emphasis on their 2-3 zone to force opponents to go deep into the shot clock.
They are as physical as they can possibly be given their body type limitations.

Scouting Report: National University
National University is the most prestigious University in Fort McKinley geared towards educating professional occupations (Law, Medicine, Engineering, Technology) and the most elite students.
This will be the debut of the Revolutionists in the competition and they will face the same glaring weakness from the outset that APU had (and still has)--lack of height.
People in Ft McKinley are shorter in stature overall, an unfortunate side effect of a closed nation where there has been three or four generations of inbreeding that's shrinking the gene pool.
National University will play a slower tempo offensively and rely on their compact 3-2/1-3-1 zone to try and keep the score in the 70's. They're disciplined but aren't going to threaten anyone with their physicality.
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Wed Mar 22, 2023 5:59 pm

Slow start for UAC in NSCAA 14
Glen Partridge
The Daily Mail College Basketball Writer

The opening rounds of the NSCAA season have been an overall horror show for the six schools taking part in the competition this time around. Combined they have managed just 5 victories in 24 games played, although there's a long way to go and fortunes can shift dramatically.

Osheana State continue to be the only school that has participated in every edition since the UAC began to send teams and they will look towards another 20 win season, this time in the Shining Sun Conference, although they are off to an 0-4 start.

Endborough College's women have back to back titles in the DCIT, the consolation event for those schools not making the Ultra 64; the Germans are off to a 1-3 start after a 19-16 NSCAA record last time.

Nearby at Endover, the Wildcats have returned, but so far have no wins to show for their efforts, while a third EEUL squad, University of Ezra, are the leaders in the clubhouse to date having split their 4 contests.

Lynchana make a second appearance and are off to a disappointing 1-3 record, while University of the Commonwealth are the only new kids in the Baker Park lineup and are also just 1-3 at this stage.
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Postby Cassadaigua » Wed Mar 22, 2023 6:07 pm

This is the opening cutoff for MD5-8!
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, 19 & 50; WB 8, 22, & 40; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
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Postby Ranoria » Wed Mar 22, 2023 8:39 pm

Richardson Poised For Biggest Basketball Game In Three Seasons As They Prep For First hour With Loyola-Istria This Season

The longstanding rivalry between Richardson University and Loyola-Istria was born on the gridiron, but it made its NSCAA debut last season in devastating fashion for the former. The Governors were swept by a team that went on to win the entire tournament, now holding the mark of one of two schools with an NSCAA and NSCF championship. However, Richardson fans insist year is different - Richardson brought on veteran coach Billy Garrett, who has gone all out in recruiting top talent to close the gap between these two teams.

“My sister pushed to get rid of the basketball program after NSCAA 13,” said Katie Praetor, projected valedictorian and class president - just like her sister Emily three years ago. Unlike her sister though, she’s not totally cynical towards sports: “She had a point, they don’t make any money and they embarrassed us in NSCAA 13, but a win here would be pretty awesome. It took a lot of convincing to get the university to provide tickets and transportation to such a disgusting city, but we’ll have a decent student section over there in Istria.”

In NSCAA 13, the Governors won the teams’ shared conference, but the Blue Thunder claimed the ultimate prize - the NSCAA championship. The Blue Thunder already have the ultimate bragging rights in the NSCF, being tied for the most championships ever in that tournament with three to Richardson’s one, the basketball title only widens the apparent disparity.

If the Governors can somehow beat Loyola-Istria on the court, it will be a massive morale boost for the team and validate the investment the school made in their afterthought of a basketball program. Between Björn Harnisch and Franklin Jones, this team may just have the star power they need to get past a team that dismantled their program just three years ago - of course, we’ll have to wait and see the result to make any final judgement.
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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Wed Mar 22, 2023 9:25 pm

Inteachan National University Internet Security Institute

NSCAA means the Lynx, and also safe buying practices

Kendrick Rumball

Once every six years, we get drawn to the wonders of international basketball with the NSCAA Tournament happening all the way from April to July. With the Final Four usually happening in the Millennium Arena, Centivar County, you might already be ready to book your tickets to Drawkland, which is located on another planet at a reasonably reachable distance, even if the likelihood of your favourite school remains very low (unless you cheer for one of big four nations in college basketball - Banija, Cassadaigua, Drawkland and Valanora (BCDV).

Anyways, for those looking to enjoy the very historic moment in making, even more so as we look forward to the senior Grim Reapers take on the world in Poafmersia for the 37th International Basketball Championships, the NSCAA Final Four tickets and the relevant travel packages may require you a lot of money and effort. If anything, that's exactly why you would be on a higher risk of getting scammed for every killer deal you may find, there are likely nine others that would be a trap.

Additionally, the NSCAA tournament draws countless scammers on a cycle, as people with more dubious purposes will try to push for counterfeit tickets and unofficial merchandise to win over the wallets of unsuspecting fans. As said by Nolan Leung of the National Business Daily: 'Due to the rarity of the tournament compared to others like the World Cup or even the Olympics, where simply more people come and there are more events to watch, there are just three games you would be looking at when it comes to the NSCAA Final Four. So with so many fans, in search of the spirits of amateurism (whether that is true or not is another story), looking to put all their hopes on their school, it's very easy to be scammed by those with dubious purposes.'

Furthermore, while the NSCAA Final Four is considered to be the crown jewel of collegiate basketball out there, the scammers are just as likely to target other venues where their interests abound - the conference regular-season during the spring and early summer, as well as conference tournaments - held in five countries across the multiverse this time around - is a genuine risk to worry about. Even the NationStates College Football (NSCF) is of no exception, as the NSCF Commissioner, Hall of Fame quarterback Dexter Ahn, advised the fans to be careful when buying tickets on away trips. In a press conference, he emphasised that 'it is also about trust issues, and that we, of the collegiate communities across the Multiverse, have to be diligent in preventing those practices where those scammers will try to sell somebody else's tickets, or sell fake tickets, only to give the same fans great travel when they travel abroad to Banija or Valanora. So I would like to urge all fans to be careful when purchasing tickets to these games.

These scams, while mostly limited in scale due to the relatively internal nature of the multiverse's sporting markets outside of football and to some extent hockey and basketball, are a real possibility. In this day and age where everything's a click or a mobile app away, it can be a lot easier to buy tickets and merchandise without physical limitation. But the threats of counterfeits, whether you would acknowledge it or not, is still real. In just the last two-year cycle alone we have seen over 25 Quebecois Intercollegiate Sports (QIS) institutions and 40 municipalities having detected the sale of those counterfeit tickets and products, and 40 people arrested.

So the threat is real, and if you are looking to travel abroad to watch international basketball or college sports tournaments like the IBC, the NSCAA or the NSCF (usually held on odd-year springs, so next year's problem that is!), you would likely want to adhere to following tips:

  • Only buy from reliable vendors, and in the case of resells, resell groups: Usually the best way to deal with such matters is to address TicketDom and TicketSub for both the fresh and resell tickets, and as for merchandise, the official outlets for respective organisations. Usually the organisation's in-shop malls do host tournament-specific sales, and while this may not exactly be obvious, emailing or telephoning the sales representative or customer service person may be able to work out the best.
  • Always think about your travel plans in advance: Overseas travel can be arduous, and even more so if you travel all the way to Centivar County, only to find out that the last-minute ticket you bought won't get you into the arena and may actually pull you into another spiral down the criminal drain. Always check with your travel agent or airline to make sure that they, themselves, are using reliable local vendors.
  • Whenever you are in the wrong, report: When on the domestic soil, the Royal Quebecois Police's Financial Crimes Division will be able to help you out when it comes to counterfeits. With over tens of millions of Quebecois pounds being spent on counterfeits in recent years, this issue is no joke. By reporting the wrongdoing against you, you will be able to at least recoup part, if not the entirety of the price, but the process has to be done quickly.

With this in mind, I hope that you will have a fun summer of cheering for your school's basketball program. #TravelSafe, #BuySafe and Avoid scams!
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Postby Cardenao » Wed Mar 22, 2023 9:56 pm

Bro laughed as he swatted the shot out of the air and grabbed the rebound. This game was too easy! He ran up the floor, crossed into his hated opponent's half and charged at his defender. A little shake right, a little head fake to the right, he had his opponent guessing now! Cross right and lessgo!

Easy buckets. In theory. But bro crossed his own legs too and went sprawling down to the court in a heap.

Ahhh fuck.

ScottJon ManSteve still had a lot of learning to do with his new body. Sure he was 18, sure he had a strong young body, he was the starting point guard for Costa Alto Military Academy and dedicated to continuing Cardenao’s proud history of invading their Anaian neighbors in ultimately futile efforts.

He had grown a considerable amount since he turned 16, now a gangly long 18 year old at 6’5 and still growing. He’d been running point guard since he was in 4th grade and a much shorter package than he was now, so that understanding of the game only benefited him more.

When he was younger, ScottJon ManSteve had seen the Cardenaon invasion of the Ochre Island’s on one of Cardenao’s few television screens and knew this was the life for him. Living on the sea was second nature to him, he had grown up in San Nogales so being in a boat reading the seas was woven into his fabric, being a member of the naval force was in his destiny.

He picked himself up and trotted down the court, the game was good and fun, a match between friends so nothing too intense that required real commitment. Costa Alto Military Academy had had a strong start in their first four matches, but faltered in the next four to end up at a 4-4 record. Nobody expected any Cardenaoan team to be a serious contender in the college ball scene, but everyone expected their Cardneoan team to be the best from Cardenao.

ScottJon ManSteve lined up a three pointer and swished it home. He had been working hard to develop his game and it was finally paying off.

Good things were surely, possibly, hopefully, maybe in Costa Alto’s future.



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