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ElmyianNewsNow - Football League Updates

Postby Elmyia » Wed Mar 15, 2023 6:14 am

The Elmyian football league is currently between it's 69th and 70th seasons, with the upcoming season only the second to be broadcast internationally.

The Elmyian football league consists of three tiers, with the third split into two divisions, West and East. Teams in the top division compete for the league title, as well as positions in the ICFC Champions League and Challenge Cups, whilst teams in the second tier compete for promotion and a place in the Liga B Champions Trophy.

Besides the league competitions, cups have also traditionally competed in the Island Trophy, which is highly prestigious, and an expanded Super Cup, which is less so. The two most successful teams across all competitions are Italia Mosfleet and Mosfleet Albion, who have won these three tophies 77 and 75 times respectively. The rest of the clubs have struggled to compete historically, and traditionally have played some pretty low-grade defensive football.

Recent Winners
Division 1 Island Trophy Super Cup
2014-15 Italia Mosfleet (30) Mosfleet Albion (25) Italia Mosfleet (22)
2015-16 Italia Mosfleet (31) AS Samita (1) Hellenic SC (4)
2016-17 Italia Mosfleet (32) Italia Mosfleet (26) Italia Mosfleet (23)
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Postby Elmyia » Wed Mar 15, 2023 6:41 am

The Beaucester Gazette
5 Things to Look Out For This Season
Structural Changes, Foreigners and International Competition

It's all change for the football league, with the new season taking in a raft of new changes. With the Super Cup overhaul, the first transfer window to include foreign signings and Elmyian teams in international competition, it's a lot to take in. Here are the 5 most important things to keep your eye on.

  1. First foreigners arrive - The Elmyian league has been a domestic affair, but this is all about to change. Currently there are 11 foreign arrivals confirmed, with 13 Elmyians heading the other way. Scolastico, Hellenic SC and Italia Mosfleet have all been busy, but whilst the latter has shown their ambition with two big purchases from the relegated AS Catamouge, the former two have focused on foreign imports. Scolastico have seen huge turnover, Whittingham, Galli and Katsouranis (their best players, you might argue) departed in big money moves abroad, and replaced with a plethora of foreign signings. New arrivals Max Lonsdale and Estelle Melde will need to hit the ground running if they have any hope of bagging an IFCF spot.
  2. International Competition Kicks-Off - Whilst the first league fixture is a bit of a wait, Elmyian football will return to our screens this week. Several teams start their foreign adventure, including Italia Mosfleet in the Champions League, Scolastico in the Challengers Cup and Villemont in Liga B. All face a gruelling set of hurdles if they wish to make it to the group stage, with several rounds of qualifying in their way. Scolastico would, theoretically at least, need to get through 12 fixtures in total if they wished to make it that far. With thin squads, there is some concern that some teams might suffer as a result of a decent run. Particular sympathy goes out to Villemont, who have lost last seasons stars Pietro Abbatangelo and Antioco Alescio, who need to combine any run in the competition with a lengthy battle to try and get out of the second division.
  3. Super Cup restructure - The old format was certainly familiar, 6 teams in, all either winners or runners-up in one of the major competitions. Now, the format is being spun out somewhat to resemble something closer to a League Cup. All 20 teams from the top 2 tiers will be involved, with 4 teams picked on merit to go straight into the quarter-finals. The remaining 16 will play out two round before facing them. This has lent further concern to the idea of fixture congestion. Should Scolastico, for example, make it to the final of every cup they're in this year they'd play 73 times with their squad of just 22. Teams will either need to find a longer list of willing free agents, manage their players workload well, or simply pray to the Gods that no injuries occur.
  4. Reynard's time up? - A lot of speculation is circulating at the minute around Mosfleet Albion. Last season was tough, miles off in the league, they managed to win the Island Trophy to put the gloss on and bring back a feeling of normalcy. But, with no league title in the last 3 years, patience is wearing thin. Fans and the manager must be concerned with the level of ambition in the transfer market. Albion have so far made no signings, despite the substantial loss of the talismanic Froggatt, as well as key cogs McLoughlin and Awfield going abroad as well. With Italia flexing their muscles in the market, it is unclear if Albion are waiting to strike, or if they simply don't intend to compete for the title this season.
  5. Massi to Catamouge? - Massi looked like he was going to seek a move abroad. Given the circumstances of his sacking from the national team it felt fair that he might want to, plus it would stoke his intense intellectual curiosity about the sport. But, with no offers rolling in, it looks like he might be falling into the one job available. Relegated to the second division, Catamouge are expecting to jump back up, and with quality players like Marina Kuhl and Matilde Pizan in their team they should expect to. Losses from relegation are being covered by the high profile moves of Benedetti and Hightower over to Italia, whilst leaving enough for him to recruit to refresh. With Varisco also managing FC Campina in the division, it could be one of the most fascinating title fights in Division 2 history.
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(OOC: This post is dated IC before the final qualifying rounds for the IFCF.)

The Beaucester Gazette
Transfer Window and Early Fixtures - Winners and Losers
Italia joyful, Albion worried, and whisper it quietly but AS Samita are looking good

So the first few rounds of international domestic football qualifiers are completed, the transfer window has slammed shut, now is the time to assess the winners and losers of the summer. Elmyian entrants to the Challenge Cup and Liga B trophy have flown out of the blocks, with 6 teams still in contention, whilst Italia faltered at the first hurdle in the Champions League and the Challenge Cup. Meanwhile, with the transfer window slamming shut, AS Samita, Hellenic and Italia all seem happy with their activity, whilst Albion are calling out for reinforcements.

AS Samita are surely the big winners of the window. Their star assets have all decided to remain, and funds have been released off the pitch to fund some eye-catching transfers. Sasha Malykhin arrived early in the window, the teenage free agent providing some depth on the bench behind the golden trio of Benoit, Byng and Beaugemont. Holding onto these three and national team star Kit Simmons would likely have represented a good window, with Dzeljana Balog then came in at left-back, an upgrade on what they had before.

The big business came right as the deadline loomed however, Galán Muñoz and Ambrosios Catalano coming through on the final day for fees of $500k and $1.75m each. Muñoz was a decent performer at Verdean outfit Calequén, and can slot in for Stacks as an upgrade in attacking midfield. Catalano, meanwhile, is fairly no nonsense box to box sort of player, but given the lack of depth in the team in this position, he again goes straight into and improves the first team. This seems like smart business, and after opening their account in the Challenge Cup by beating Fiskadaha FC, then delivering a rousing away day comeback against Rammsissil. Two goals down to the Vilitian outfit, a 20 minute rampage delivered 4 goals to keep them in the competition, with Beaugemont netting a brace and Balog picking up a debut assist.

Hellenic SC have also had a busy window, and look to have done some tidy business. Nancy Savalas was out the door for a reported $1m fee, meaning money was available to rebuild. Free agents Vykintas Vasiliauskas and Joanna Swärdh were first through the door, correcting glaring gaps in the squad upfront and at right-back. Bigger signing came once the money arrived, Mac Salt is an experienced defender and will slot in at left-back and Idvan Zeribayev came in on loan, a massive coup for a club of Hellenic's size. The later two are well above the level of the league, even if the former is ageing, fans were shocked and delighted by the display of intent. Hellenic's main weakness last season was a lack of attacking thrust, and between improvements at full-back, midfield and upfront, they've supplemented their lineup well.

Onto the big teams, and Italia are convinced they have the league in the bag already, whilst Albion fans are mutinous. Italia certainly looked better prepped for the transfer window, knowing what players they were having to sell and replacing them swiftly. Albion, meanwhile, saw the talismanic Froggatt depart the club, along with the cream of their young talent with McLoughlin and Awfield jumping ship. Rumours are swirling that players are done with the manager, and that he will struggle to motivate the rest of the squad. Albion failed to bring anyone besides Raïf Ducharne in, and will be relying on academy talent to fill out their squad.

It will have particularly stung given the strength of Italia's business, and just how much money they had available to them. Whilst they recouped some through selling Kostas Rossi and Sam Depel, they have spent far more. Bringing in Andreas Melhus from Valanora to boost their midfield, they then swooped for the relegated AS Catamouge's international stars, Vesper Benedetti and Lauretta Hightower. Their squad now looks unstoppably strong, and talk of a treble is unlikely to abate. They must be hoping it boosts them somewhat in the Associations Trophy, the bargain basement of international competition, as they looked like they might walk domestic competition anyway.

The arrival of foreign imports certainly will change the league, and being Elmyia conversation is likely to focus on how they're doing here. But, it's worth noting, to conclude, that a lot of talent has left the league now. Eyes will need to be kept on how Froggatt and co prosper abroad, and questions might need to be asked as to whether an unstoppable drain of talent has commenced.
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Postby Elmyia » Thu Mar 16, 2023 11:37 am

The International Times
Elmyian League Preview and Transfer Summary

Transfers in from abroad					
Position Age Name Leaving TRI Arriving Fee
CM 19 Idvan Zeribayev (AHR) 1830 Cathair AUD Hellenic LOAN
CM / AM 30 Tricia Cray Aries Chariots NPH Scolastico $2,750,000
CM 28 Ambrosios Catalano Dury FC PFA AS Samita $1,750,000
CM/AM 26 Estelle Melde St. David Wanderers KSK Scolastico $1,250,000
LB/RB 33 Mac Salt Port Rhovanyon AFC TKT Hellenic $800,000
CAM 25 Max Lonsdale Avondale City SYL Scolastico $750,000
AM/LW 28 Camilo Galán Muñoz Calequén MVE AS Samita $500,000
MC 16 Andreas Melhus FC Longview VAL Italia Mosfleet $250,000
CM 34 Raïf Ducharne Latrobe Athletic KSK Mosfleet Albion $0
CF 20 Gavriil Shurygin FREE AGENT PYA Scolastico $0
RM 19 Sasha Malykhin FREE AGENT PYA AS Samita $0
LM/AM 19 Quarto Bevilacqua FREE AGENT JUE Scolastico $0
CB 18 Mary Romero FREE AGENT SNL Scolastico $0
CF 27 Vykintas Vasiliauskas FREE AGENT BRO Hellenic $0
RB 17 Joanna Swärdh FREE AGENT NRH Hellenic $0
RB 32 Paul Amandin FREE AGENT PTR Munster AFC $0
CB 34 Aurelian NIEHAUS FREE AGENT NPH Sablegaard $0
LB 24 Dzeljana Balog FREE AGENT SRS AS Samita $0
DM 23 Baily Oppenheimer FREE AGENT XAN S. Transvers $0
LW 25 Xaver BRUCKNER FREE AGENT SWR S. Transvers $0
RB 33 Pilar Coppola FREE AGENT PFA S. Transvers $0

Transfers out of the league
Pos. Age Name Leaving Arriving TRI Fee
LW 27 Jackie Froggatt Mosfleet Albion Chatswood NPH $5,000,000
CF 22 Gina Whittingham Scolastico Zenit Attawapiskat QUE $3,500,000
LW/LWB 26 Sofia Katsouranis Scolastico Urrhed FC CMT $2,000,000
RW 23 Kostas Rossi Italia Mosfleet Chamberley City SYL $1,500,000
CDM 22 Aaron McLoughlin Mosfleet Albion Fallwich United CNR $1,300,000
CB 19 Nancy Savalas Hellenic SC Unknown VIL $1,000,000
AM 20 Sam Depel Italia Mosfleet Gehrenna FC KOR $1,000,000
FB 22 Andrew Awfield Mosfleet Albion Marketville EUR $1,000,000
CM 21 Valentina Galli Scolastico Litala 93 MYT $750,000
GK 22 Eirini Knight Mosfleet Albion Alliance Barossia NPH $1,000,000
AM 16 Girolamo De Angelis Indipendiente Port Tacassam FC TKT UNDISCLOSED
RW 15 Pietro Abbatangelo Villemont Carathyr Emeralds FC Academy TKT UNDISCLOSED
CB 16 Amelia Graves Italia Mosfleet Eivora Athletic FC Academy TKT UNDISCLOSED
CB 17 Antioco Alescio Villemont Dhun Lagarr FC Academy TKT UNDISCLOSED

Internal Transfers

Pos Age Name Leaving Arriving Fee
CF 18 Vesper Benedetti AS Catamouge Italia Mosfleet $1,500,000
LW 21 Lauretta Hightower AS Catamouge Italia Mosfleet $1,250,000
RW 26 Katie Newell Munster AFC Italia Mosfleet $750,000
RW 19 Leonidas Ioannidis FC Campina Munster AFC $100,000
CB 38 Kathryn Nicholls Mosfleet Albion AS Samita $0
CF 32 Ferruccio De Vito Italia Mosfleet Sablegaard $0
CM 29 Bethney Henson Free Agent Diepfleet Marine $0
RB 20 Marshall Hutchinson Free Agent Meridionale $0
GK 35 Herbert Tenley Free Agent Epvalle AFC $0
RB 32 Marsha Warren Free Agent Chipping Sersbrek $0
CF 18 Betty Hardy Free Agent Beaucester Rovers $0
RB 28 Vicki Pecora Free Agent Torbrek $0

Pos. Age Name Parent Club Loan Club
GK 18 Ian Garavakos Italia Mosfleet AS Samita
CM 18 Celia Purcell Scolastico AS Catamouge
LW 17 Massimiliano Baldini Sablegaard Villemont
CB 22 Aden Porto Scolastico Criqueport
CF 19 Angela Pachis Munster AFC Aventi

The Title Fight

Italia Mosfleet
Key Facts

Location: Latin Quarter, Mosfleet
Stadium: Stadio Luca Spaletti (20,800 Capacity)
Manager: Alfredo Servetto
Captain: Mario Freschi
Last Season: 1st, 78 points
Titles: 30x League, 25x Trophy, 22x Super Cup

First Team
GK Andrea Silver 28 Image
LB Monica Rossellini 33 Image
CB Harry Etherings 25 Image
CB Mario Freschi 33 Image
CB Pier Jardine 23 Image
RB Jenny Scoular 29 Image
CM Andreas Melhus 16 Image
CM Vita Speight 21 Image
RW Carlo Beluigi 33 Image
LW Lauretta Hightower 21 Image
CF Vesper Benedetti 18 Image

GK Arjan Sycamore 20 Image
LB Benni Musco 30 Image
CB Antonia Chizzo 38 Image
CB Luigi Pozzo 20 Image
RB Luigi Parodi 24 Image
CM Leonida Clifton 33 Image
CM Singh Gacha 26 Image
LW Tommy Day 25 Image
CF Alexei Garonz 25 Image
LW Gaspare Rotolo 22 Image
CF Rossa Capello 34 Image
CB Paolo Maple 26 Image
CF Angelo Bernardini 33 Image
RW Katie Newell 26 Image

After last season, Italia could've been forgiven for sitting still. They'd won the league at a canter, and had been a hair's width away from bagging their first treble in over 25 years. But, in the off-season the club have strengthened to such an extent that each trophy is theirs to lose this year.

Big moves came in the transfer window, Vanorian Melhus coming into the midfield, she represents a step up from the combination of Clifton and Speight. The biggest moves, however, were for domestic players. Vesper Benedetti, last seasons top scorer despite playing for the relegated AS Catamouge, as well as club mate Hightower came through the door, meaning they won't be reliant on the ageing Carlo Beluigi to carry attacks. With Rossi gone they padded their squad with further talent by bringing in Katie Newell.

Going into next season they'll take some dislodging from top spot, and their attention might turn to the Associations Trophy and chasing an international piece of silverware. Servetto has the team drilled in their traditional defensive shape, but with the players on their books there should be thrills going forward as well. Whilst they're based in Mosfleet, they have fans all around the island, with a particularly big fan club in top division starved Campeto. Typically quiet unless the team does something to get them on their feet, this season promises to give them something to cheer about.

IFCF Chasers

Mosfleet Albion
Key Facts

Location: Portside, Mosfleet
Stadium: Tollington Park (27,500 Capacity)
Manager: Paul Reynard
Captain: Ernest Butler
Last Season: 2nd, 65 points
Titles: 29x League, 25x Trophy, 21x Super Cup

First Team
GK Ernest Butler 32 Image
LB Jimmy Dickinson 26 Image
CB Phillip Rookes 33 Image
CB Reggie Flewin 33 Image
CB Henrietta Ferrier 32 Image
RB Luke Cook 25 Image
CM Len Phillips 28 Image
CM Raïf Ducharne 34 Image
AM Josphine Sellers 24 Image
RW Phoebe Harris 32 Image
CF William Nicholas 23 Image

GK Oscar Wilton 25 Image
LB Sebastiano Noschese 36 Image
CB Peter Bracknell 22 Image
CB Theresa Varano 37 Image
RB Guillame Fekir 17 Image
CM Andrew Nova 17 Image
CDM John Severn 21 Image
CM Fran Pine 24 Image
RW Andreas Serrata 25 Image
LW Karolos Georgiou 27 Image
CF Lucia Roma 25 Image
CF Dick Anderson 21 Image
CF Ike Clarke 36 Image

Albion have had a disasterclass of a transfer window. Big names have gone out of the door, including taliswoman Jackie Froggatt for a rumoured $5 million fee, along with the youthful Andrew Awfield, McLoughlin and Eirini Knight. In return, they've picked up only veteran midfielder Raïf Ducharne. Bigger concerns must come around the fact that manager Reynard's relationship with the board and the dressing room seems to be in trouble. Whilst he rages about the exits, their are rumours that several of the players who left were looking for coaches that would do more to develop their game besides endless team bonding via marathon drinking sessions.

Reynard has always found solutions for Albion before. Last season he picked up the stuttering team to bag the Island Trophy and rescue their season. Ducharne also looks a smart buy, covering some of the deficiencies in midfield. The club can continue to rely on the largest stadium, and the nation's biggest fanbase, with most English speakers holding some affection for the side.

The team looks largely light in attack, William Nicholas is hardly the best striker going, Phoebe Harris will be taking on more responsibility on ageing legs and Sellers is young and being played out of possession on the right hand side. The experienced three of Ferrier, Flewin and Rookes will need to anchor this side and see it through the harder times ahead.

AS Samita
Key Facts

Location: Samita, Mosfleet
Stadium: Sallust Park (9,500 Capacity)
Manager: Xanthi Kostis
Captain: Kit Simmons
Last Season: 3rd, 55 points
Titles: 1x Super Cup

First Team
GK Ian Garavakos 20 Image
LB Dzeljana Balog 24 Image
CB Kathryn Nicholls 38 Image
CB Antonio Silva 18 Image
RB Roberto Palm 22 Image
CDM Kit Simmons 19 Image
CM Ambrosios Catalano 28 Image
AM Camilo Galán Muñoz 28 Image
LW Mia Benoit 18 Image
CF George Byng 20 Image
RW Lara Beaugemont 22 Image

GK Fernanda Carter 30 Image
GK Milford Westley 33 Image
RM Sasha Malykhin 17 Image
LB Alessandro Samuels 23 Image
LB Kolby Trapani 29 Image
CB Cedric Morin 20 Image
CB Nola Cuoco 25 Image
CM Devin Traverso 21 Image
CM Danilo Brandon 32 Image
CM Lucetta Nieddu 26 Image
AM Jolie Stacks 22 Image
LW Branden Eady 18 Image
RW Stephanie Watson 19 Image
CF Brendan Stokes 21 Image
LW Griffin Breda 19 Image
RW London Haines 23 Image

AS Samita have probably assembled the best squad outside of the big two. In only their second season back in Division 1, the once perennial yo-yo side, are now competing for IFCF qualification and might try and target the Island Trophy or Super Cup, having only one major trophy to their name before.

Samita are a club more well liked than well supported. Representing the unfashionable suburb of Mosfleet, Sallust Park is an atmospheric venue with an atmosphere essentially unmatched anywhere. Xanthi Kostis has done a lot to manage this, she has built one of the few teams to play an attacking style of football in Elmyia, utilising a seemingly endless string of excellent young players they pick up to press, harass and tear opponents apart. On occassion they fell apart last season, but an excellent transfer window has added some more quality to the squad.

Not only have Samita held onto their key players that made them excellent last season (Palm, Simmons, Beaugemont, Byng and Benoit), but they've supplemented this with real quality. Catalano and Munoz add an extra dimension of creativity to the midfield, even if they might lose some pressing as a result, with Sasha Malykhin adding a rotation option. With such an excellent team, fans are buzzing for the season ahead.

Key Facts

Location: Parkway, Beaucester
Stadium: Estadio Gioventu (5,000 Capacity)
Manager: Leila Whelk
Captain: Estelle Melde
Last Season: 4th, 53 points
Titles: 2x League, 2x Trophy, 3x Super Cup

First Team

GK Sophia Masson 33 Image
LB Marta Oak 23 Image
CB Arnaldo Knaggs 33 Image
CB Mary Romero 20 Image
CB Abigayle Pilgrim 34 Image
RB Jane Beresford 22 Image
CM Estelle Melde 28 Image
CM Tricia Cray 30 Image
LAM Quarto Bevilacqua 21 Image
RAM Max Lonsdale 27 Image
CF Gavriil Shurygin 22 Image

GK Beatrice Samuelson 28 Image
LB Kyrie Antonis 24 Image
RB Mikki Colt 29 Image
CM Nico Spalding 22 Image
CM Brian Jomini 16 Image
LW Trix Moon 21 Image
RW Luca Blanc 30 Image
RW Aniketos Giannopoulos 27 Image
CF Astoria Willard 24 Image
CF Elena Sparamouchi 39 Image
CF Maddox Noel 22 Image


Scolastico remain hard to pin down, especially with regards to their prospects. Leila Whelk's stuttering first season did eventually deliver IFCF football as they surged into third, but this was paired with early exits in both cups and the fact they're undergoing a major rebuild clutters the picture.

Several key players made their exits in the summer; Katsouranis, Whittingham and Valentina Galli all made moves abroad, meaning the team had three players of real quality to replace. A radical shift in system, to a 3-4-3 with the midfield 4 forming more of a box shape, has been combined with aggressive recruitment, the 5 most advanced players being foreign acquisitions. It might take some time to find the cohesion they need to make this work, although early signs are promising, with Tricia Cray playing excellently in Challenge Cup qualifiers, and Lonsdale bagging a hattrick against Porto Espinhosa in his home debut.

With all the changes, and a fairly thin squad outside of the first team, it is a stretch to consider them title challengers. However, Scolastico seem to be building back up, and I wouldn't be too surprised to see them fighting up the top end of the table, and for some other silverware, this season.

Hellenic Sports Club
Key Facts

Location: Little Athens, Beaucester
Stadium: Stadio Delphi (15,000 Capacity)
Manager: Dimitris Samaras
Captain: Maria Grosso
Last Season: 6th, 44 points
Titles: 1x Trophy, 3x Super Cup

First Team

GK Tatiana Mikou 31 Image
LB Mac Salt 33 Image
CB Deena Cocks 35 Image
CB Maria Grosso 28 Image
CB Mina Cleja 24 Image
RB Joanna Swärdh 17 Image
CDM Claudia Willow 24 Image
CM Idvan Zeribayev 19 Image
AM Anya Marakakis 20 Image
CF Vykintas Vasiliauskas 27 Image
CF Enya Miller 19 Image

GK Kurtis Michelakis 29 Image
LB Orinda Henry 25 Image
CB Lemoine Farran 22 Image
CB Emanuela Haywood 36 Image
RB Leonora Laterza 36 Image
CM Astor Martel 32 Image
AM Venetia Mathers 21 Image
CF Gus Stefanidis 24 Image
CM Megan Endicott 33 Image
CM Giuliano Ventura 30 Image
CF Koralia Marinos 20 Image
CB Lee Abramson 23 Image
LB Lorainne Bulgarelli 29 Image
RB Luca Legrand 28 Image
CM Breann Thomas 22 Image
CF Jaimie Swift 32 Image

Hellenic are an odd club. One of the biggest fanbase in the country, drawing in Greek speakers from across the island, a big stadium and a production line of high quality, academy raised, centre-backs but a historic lack of silverware. The last trophy they took was a Super Cup, and they've only bagged one island trophy in the 80s. But are their prospects better now?

Savalas was out the door in the summer, but Hellenic have reinvested all of that money into their squad. The loan acquisition of Zeribayev from 1830 Cathair looks key, they now possess one of the most talented midfielder in all of the league. Whether this says more about the quality of Elmyian football is up for debate, but this was a problem position for them before. There were three more incomings, two of which were free agents. Vykintas Vasiliauskas comes in upfront, a talented player at Club De Norwegian Wood, Samaras will be hoping this resolves their issues upfront which hampered them for an IFCF place last season. Joanna Swärdh also comes in at right back as a young and promising player. The final pickup was Mac Salt, an experienced full-back who can cover on both sides, he boost the defence.

Can Hellenic pick up something this season? Well they've done a lot more to strengthen than fellow mid-table rivals, it could be the season they push for the IFCF places. Without qualification they also face less fixture congestion, and with their defensive solidity you wouldn't want to bet against them.

Probably Safe?

Munster AFC
Key Facts

Location: Munster, Beaucester
Stadium: Prussia Park (11,250 Capacity)
Manager: John Bloom
Captain: Sally Smith
Last Season: 8th, 42 points
Titles: 5x League, 5x Trophy, 3x Super Cup

First Team

GK Honor Ré 36 Image
LB Ellen Honiton 20 Image
CB Dione Watkins 35 Image
CB Lazaros Grimaldi 32 Image
CB Sally Smith 35 Image
RB Paul Amandin 32 Image
CM Owen Benedetti 33 Image
CM Assunta Sparacello 27 Image
RW Leonidas Ioannidis 17 Image
LW Georgina Blight 24 Image
CF Dino Pascutti 28 Image

GK Jade Renaud 25 Image
LB Chasity Bologna 31 Image
CB Kinsey Trapani 27 Image
CB Antioco Ventimiglia 24 Image
RB Kacey Danniel 28 Image
CM Maegan Harford 32 Image
AM Midge Turnbull 29 Image
LW Galini Katsaros 25 Image
CF Santa Pesaresi 32 Image
LB Carey Acconcio 31 Image
CM Denton Younge 35 Image
CM Briggs Grossi 26 Image
RW Irini Michelakos 34 Image
CF Angela Pachis 21 Image
CF Shaun Newton 25 Image

Munster were disappointed with their finish last season, an 8th placed finish saw them far closer to relegation than they would have hoped. Munster were traditionally a force, picking up league titles and Island Trophies. It's been 22 years since Munster have won anything now, and with the business they've done, we're not expecting this to change.

The club's made some pickups, but the big change has been the loss of Katie Newell to Italia Mosfleet. By far Munster's brightest spark for the last few seasons, she's now a rotation option for the nation's biggest side. To compensate, Ioannidis was plucked from the relegated Campina, but he is a doubt to match her levels of production. Amadin coming in at the back was the only other bit of business, an experienced journeyman wing-back, but with Honiton this means they at least have some strength down the wings.

Munster should have enough to keep them up this season, but the gap between them and the top 4 is just getting wider. Whilst they've replaced Newell with a decent young winger, it won't be enough to navigate their way up the table, or through the cups.

Key Facts

Location: The Promenade, Sablegaard
Stadium: La Cauchie (11,500 Capacity)
Manager: Neil Carrick
Captain: Genesio Chapman
Last Season: 7th, 43 points
Titles: 2x Trophy

First Team

GK Jeanette Rey 29 Image
LB Jane Albrook 20 Image
CB Freddie Segreti 28 Image
CB Albertina Savage 33 Image
CB Aurelian Niehaus 34 Image
RB Anastasia Kastrinakis 21 Image
CM Genesio Chapman 28 Image
CM Clara Aloisi 31 Image
LW Wendy Spruce 26 Image
RW Shelagh Johns 26 Image
CF Elisa Gabbiadini 19 Image

GK Oddo Hooker 36 Image
LB Ethelyn Woodhams 37 Image
CB Earline Nanni 34 Image
CB Flossie Martelli 33 Image
CB Easter Herbertson 23 Image
RB Kallie Marlowe 22 Image
CM Agapios Derrickson 32 Image
AM Maximilian Stevens 23 Image
LW Nelle Rose 25 Image
CF Ferruccio De Vito 32 Image
CF Roberta Bray 33 Image

Sablegaard represent possibly the most well heeled town in the country. Beautiful, ornate late 19th and early 20th century houses abound along the promenade, disturbed only by the equally quaint La Cauchie ground. With fans close to the pitch there is an atmosphere to be found here, but you'd be hard pressed to describe it as threatening.

The transfer window was quite quiet for Sablegaard. No outgoings at all, business in wasn't exactly bustling either. Niehaus was the only acquisition to walk into the team, a significant upgrade at centre-back, but not exactly a best in the league type of signing. The main thing that could be said for them is that, whilst others have shed good players, or failed to update from a low base, Sablegaard have at least stood still. Wing-backs Albrook and Kastrinakis are both adept at pumping balls forward for Gabbiadini to run onto, Chapman is a limited midfielder, but decent for the division and Gabbiadini is an electric forward on her day. Taken together, so long as they don't have to rely on the bench too much, Sablegaard have the capability to do well.

So, not a season where they could count on too much happening, a mid-table finish and a cup run is probably the best thing on the cards. As far as relegation goes, Sablegaard can't sleep easy, but they can probably count on having two teams worse than them in the league.

Relegation Dogfight

Key Facts

Location: Gladbek, Diepfleet
Stadium: Stadio Breve (12,100 Capacity)
Manager: Ariggo Moss
Captain: Doug Reid
Last Season: 5th, 45 points
Titles: 1x League, 6x Trophy, 1x Super Cup

First Team

GK Sheard Borgia 41 Image
LB Franklyn Agli 27 Image
CB Flanagan Beake 38 Image
CB Nevio Faulkner 23 Image
CB Floyd Ayton 34 Image
RB Erin Guarneri 31 Image
CDM Will Cork 23 Image
CM Warren Neil 21 Image
AM Doug Reid 24 Image
CF Milena Milano 37 Image
CF Artur Rollo 18 Image

LB Karl Leonardson 34 Image
AM Brice Teel 24 Image
CB Irini Ronchi 25 Image
CDM Peter Monday 28 Image
CF Ines Laguardia 23 Image
CM Vanni Jamison 32 Image
CB Sydney Harrison 26 Image
CM Washington Williamson 35 Image

Diepfleet are a historic club, from a football mad town that has produced some great footballers. No doubt now, however, they're in trouble. Some might wonder how, they've retained their important players, especially Doug Reid, and finished well last season. So why are we predicting a relegation dogfight?

Well, having bought in no players, Diepfleet have a thin, thin squad. 19 senior players only, the rest will come from the academy. A midfield with Cork, Neil and Reid isn't a terrible one, but they don't have much going on behind or in front of them. The backline was fairly porous last year, as a team they seem left to their own devices at times, especially with an individual like Reid they can sometimes look as if they can't defend. Rollo is decent upfront, but could've used a better senior partner. Once again a lot of the pressure is on Reid to create something out of nothing, and his travails at international level have exposed what he lacks as a footballer, has he been figured out?

If they avoid any injuries, Diepfleet have a couple of quality performers to drag them through a game. When they move forward at pace, get Reid into good positions, they can take a game to the opposition. Ultimately their season will be swung by the quality of the promoted squads against theirs.

Sporting Transvers
Key Facts

Location: Transvers, Mosfleet
Stadium: Subla Bridge (7,500 Capacity)
Manager: Andre Verto
Captain: Antonio Robustelli
Last Season: 1st, 75 points (Division 2)
Titles: None

First Team

GK Alicia Sparaterro 24 Image
LB Varvara Demetriou 38 Image
CB Theofanis Metaxas 36 Image
CB Rodrigo Brioschi 27 Image
RB Pilar Coppola 33 Image
DM Baily Oppenheimer 23 Image
CM Athanasios Marinos 16 Image
CM Antonio Robustelli 31 Image
LW Xaver Bruckner 25 Image
RW Ersilia Balboni 38 Image
CF Greta Moretti 34 Image

CDM Marianna Farina 37 Image
LW Angiolo Ferrari 20 Image
RB Grazia Levi 30 Image
GK Martha Ball 17 Image
AM Nico Colca 17 Image
LB Effimia Bonaventura 24 Image
CB Sotiria Ronchi 20 Image
CB Chariklia Albini 24 Image
CM Pinelopi Ruzzier 19 Image
RW Stefanos Pittaluga 34 Image
CF Derrick Sharps 34 Image
GK Gary Porter 19 Image

Transvers might be known primarily for Scuba Dave, a fan most clubs want to avoid, but last season they played some coherent football to get back into the top division last season. Some good work in the off-season may or may not pay off, but Transvers fans are hopeful of a prolonged stay in the top division.

A very decent squad came up with them, but Transvers weren't content to rest on their laurels. In stark contrast to Estdalle, who are relying on the side that got them here, Transvers went for a plethora of free agents to strengthen their hand. Coppola, Oppenheimer and Bruckner came in, and Verto will be hoping they can continue their exciting brand of football in the first division. Coppola looks solid, and Oppenheimer struggled to break out before but has talent. Bruckner is an interesting signing, a player of reasonable quality, and with a pace that defences in Elmyia might not be used to, his prior convictions for manslaughter likely detered other clubs. God might not forgive him, but Transvers fan will if he continues his form from his time at Scunthorpe de Puyevier.

Will they stay up? It's a difficult question to answer. Clubs usually struggle to manage it, and Transvers have yo-yoed more than any other club in Elmyian football. But, they look the real deal this time. Marinos might be the most exciting young midfielder in the league, and they play with real pace and width, so their system might aid them to stay up this time.

Key Facts

Location: Estdalle
Stadium: Morpeth Road (8,500 Capacity)
Manager: Carmen Marchini
Captain: Anna Maria Headley
Last Season: 2nd, 72 points (Division 2)
Titles: 1x Super Cup

First Team

GK Hannah Windsor 38 Image
LB Lucia Crewe 24 Image
CB Liberatore Nanni 20 Image
CB Gabriella Fuller 27 Image
CB Hope Cook 36 Image
RB Antonia Papadimitriou 18 Image
CM Christopher Elvis 32 Image
CM Gretta Bell 36 Image
LW Maddy Best 28 Image
RW Anna Maria Headley 37 Image
CF Caryl Newman 27 Image

LB Liz Karanski 16 Image
GK Tristin Woodward 31 Image
CB Nicostrato Alagona 28 Image
CB Grady Moores 27 Image
RB Iris Gibson 25 Image
CM Steph Hayes 34 Image
CM Toria De Filippis 33 Image
LW Minnie Huxtable 28 Image
RW Sela Kendall 17 Image
CF Rodney Baggi 30 Image
GK Ness Gates 17 Image
AM Sterling Quickley 30 Image
CF Aloisio Courtney 22 Image
RW Mary Jo Capitani 34 Image

Estdalle will be bringing their lovely town back to the top table this year. Pleasant, close enough to the beach and a long journey from everywhere else, this historic market town feels out of place against the industrial centres that usually populate division 1. The question is whether they can make it two seasons in the top tier?

Estdalle stumbled in coming up last season. Marchini came in after ten games, with them on just 13 points, delivering a charge for the second promotion spot. Even so, in coming up they relied a lot on their individuals to deliver moments in games to take them up, they certainly lacked the systemic elements that Transvers brought to the division. They also struggled in the cups, eliminated in the first round by then third division Meridionale. They've failed to strengthen over the summer, but holding onto Maddy Best and Anna Maria Headley on the wings means they've at least not cut themselves off at the knees. Questions really are being asked about their spine however, Windsor in goal and Newman upfront particularly look short of what the division needs.

They've historically struggled at this level Estdalle, most promotions have been followed immediately by a relegation, a 5 year period in the 70s where they also bagged a Super Cup. The moves they've made, or lack of them, would have you thinking the pattern is unlikely to change.
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Champions' League Qual 1st Round

Italia Mosfleet 2 - 0 Polaris
Polaris 3 - 0 Italia Mosfleet (3 - 2 on aggregate)

Challengers' Cup Prelim.

Scolastico 6 - 2 Porto Espinhosa FC
Porto Espinhosa FC 2 - 2 Scolastico (4 - 8 on aggregate)

Challengers' Cup Qual 1st Round

Scolastico 1 - 1 Tupi
Tupi 0 - 1 Scolastico (1 - 2 on aggregate)

Union Port-la-Ville 0 - 1 Mosfleet Albion
Mosfleet Albion 0 - 0 Union Port-la-Ville (1 - 0 on aggregate)

Fiskadaha FC 1 - 3 AS Samita
AS Samita 1 - 0 Fiskadaha FC (4 - 1 on aggregate)

Challengers' Cup Qual 2nd Round

AS Samita 0 - 1 Rammsissil
Rammsissil 1 - 4 AS Samita (2 - 4 on aggregate)

Scolastico 2 - 1 Farrenton Athletic
Farrenton Athletic 1 - 1 Scolastico (2 - 3 on aggregate)

Mosfleet Albion 2 - 1 KS Gunung Kayasu
KS Gunung Kayasu 0 - 3 Mosfleet Albion (1 - 5 on aggregate)

Hawthorne Kickers 1 - 0 Italia Mosfleet
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 1 Hawthorne Kickers (2 - 2 on aggregate, 2 - 2 AET, 1 - 2 on PKs)

Liga B Trophy Qual 2nd Round

Rotteinme 93 3 - 3 Villemont
Villemont 3 - 0 Rotteinme 93 (6 -3 on aggregate)

The early rounds of the IFCF produced some stellar results for Elmyian sides, with only Italia finding themselves eliminated early on. Scolastico, in particular, impressed up against Farrenton Athletic. The new midfield box shape was incredibly fluid given their limited playtime together, they were also still waiting on a couple of players to come in. As it was, Nico Spalding had the display of his career so far, bossing the midfield. Spalding reserved praise for the manager instead thoguh "[Leila Whelk] creates these situations for us, it's not me. When you're playing and you have a 4 on 2 in the centre it makes the job easy'. Indeed, the box midfield seemed to overwhelm the double pivot, and with two early goals in the first leg Scolastico's journey continued.

AS Samita also had an impressive start to their IFCF campaign. Coming up against Rammsissil of Vilita they looked gone when a narrow home defeat was followed by going a goal down away in the second leg. A 20 minute rampage delivered 4 goals to swing the tie completely, with the away section delirious. A key change came as Muñoz made way for Malykhin. The front 4 were unstoppable, with Beaugemont netting a brace, and Benoit and Byng one a piece.

Matchday 1
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 0 Estdalle
Mosfleet Albion 4 - 2 Sporting Transvers
AS Samita 4 - 0 Diepfleet
Scolastico 3 - 0 Sablegaard
Hellenic SC 1 - 1 Munster AFC

Opening day came in bright August sunshine. Usually a slightly tired affair, the clubs that had already opened their account in the IFCF stormed ahead and looked match fit and ready. Scolastico and AS Samita in particular savaged their opponents on home ground, both were 3-0 up at the break and home and hosed. Kostis and Whelk's systems seemed too much for the old school values of Diepfleet and Sablegaard, the former of which looked totally opened up in response. Hellenic and Munster played out a drab first derby of the season, both relying on moments from their key players to deliver. In the end it was one a piece, Vasiliauskas opening his account for Hellenic and Blight pulling it back for Munster. New sides Estdalle and Transvers both struggled on their opening day, although a brace for Xaver Bruckner was promising for the latter.

Matchday 2
Sporting Transvers 0 - 1 Italia Mosfleet
Diepfleet 3 - 3 Mosfleet Albion
Sablegaard 0 - 2 AS Samita
Munster AFC 2 - 0 Scolastico
Estdalle 2 - 2 Hellenic SC

Matchday 2 saw the first crisis of the season, this one for Sablegaard. 2 defeats to 2 of the more promising teams in the division is no bad thing, but they looked hapless again on home ground up against AS Samita. Albrook taking a knock 30 minutes in seemed to deprive them of any forward thrust, the elderly Woodhams was a significant downgrade on the wings. Forced to sit back, the fire power of AS Samita was too much, Munoz bagged a goal and an assist to open his account for the side. Carrick was sanguine despite receiving a smattering of boos "it's early in the season, losing Jane [Albrook] is a big loss, but we can adapt, we must find different ways to hurt teams". Fans are left questioning what exactly plan B will be. Albion, meanwhile, counted the costs of a struggling midfield. Ducharne has many talents, but lacked the recovery pace to deal with Warren Neil's runs to crash forward, one resulting in a Reid goal, the other a Rollo one.

Matchday 3
Italia Mosfleet 3 - 0 Diepfleet
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 0 Sablegaard
AS Samita 1 - 1 Munster AFC
Scolastico 3 - 2 Hellenic SC
Sporting Transvers 1 - 1 Estdalle

The second Beaucester derby of the season was this weekends appointment viewing. Whilst in past years this would be due to the lack of excitement in seeing Italia and Albion pasting minnows, this time it had a draw all of its own. Scolastico the systems side, against Hellenic, their more storied and better supported rivals, with their own bevy of new signings to boot. Scolastico produced excellent periods in the game, the box midfield allowing them to overload certain areas. A spell before half-time put them 2-0 up, Beresford and Bevilacqua applying the polish to sweeping team moves. But Hellenic had Zeribayev, their own midfield maestro, who stuck in a one man all-action display. This period of control saw him score from range and Miller get her first of the season. For all Scolastico's tactical sophistication, the game then swung as Spalding came on for Lonsdale, and was seemingly instructed to kick Zeribayev out of the game. In all its simplicity it worked, and a corner to the far post was nailed in by centre-back Knaggs. Sometimes old school is the best school.

Challengers' Cup Qual 3rd Round

AS Samita 1 - 1 Hawthorne Kickers
Hawthorne Kickers 2 - 2 AS Samita (3 - 3 on aggregate, 3 - 3 AET, 2 - 3 PKs)

Sterling City United 0 - 2 Mosfleet Albion
Mosfleet Albion 2 - 1 Sterling City United (4 - 1 on aggregate)

Scolastico 1 - 1 Mliona-Lpaka
Mliona-Lpaka 2 - 2 Scolastico (3 - 3 on aggregate, 3 - 3 AET, 3 - 4 PKs)

Challengers' Cup Qual 4th Round

Scolastico 0 - 2 CS Saint-Rémy
CS Saint-Rémy 2 - 0 Scolastico (4 - 0 on aggregate)

Mosfleet Albion 1 - 3 Northern Union
Northern Union 2 - 0 Mosfleet Albion (5 - 1 on aggregate)

Megabrantid SC 2 - 1 AS Samita
AS Samita 2 - 0 Megabrantid SC (3 - 2 on aggregate AET)

Liga B Qual 3rd Round

Villemont 1 - 0 Dynamo Dalian
Dynamo Dalian 1 - 1 Villemont (1 - 2 on aggregate AET)

Estdalle 0 - 3 Pesat Satria
Pesat Satria 1 - 2 Estdalle (4 - 2 on aggregate)

Sporting Transvers 3 - 0 Creed United
Creed United 1 - 4 Sporting Transvers (4 - 4 on aggregate, 4 - 4 AET, 6 - 7 PKs)

The expected cull of Elmyian teams finally arrived. While the Challengers' Cup 3rd Qualifying round was an unqualified success, all three teams advancing, the 4th round saw Albion and Scolastico played off of the pitch. Albion seemed to have ridden their luck so far, but the quality of Northern Union saw them rightfully dispatched, theur lack of mobility in midfield heavily exposed. Scolastico also fell apart to CS Saint-Rémy, the attacking box midfield struggling with players in behind it. Elsewhere though and AS Samita, Villemont and Sporting Transvers marched on. Samita delivering a special performance at home against Megabrantid SC, with a last minute penalty in extra time sent home by Byng, they were through to the play-offs.

FC Campina 0 - 2 AS Catamouge
Scolastico 3 - 1 Munster AFC
Estdalle 1 - 1 Torbrek
Villemont 1 - 1 Hellenic SC
Epvalle AFC 0 - 2 Chipping Sersbrek
Diepfleet Marine 2 - 2 Senon
Meridionale 2 - 2 Sablegaard
Beaucester Rovers 2 - 2 Diepfleet

The new look Super Cup kicked off with some buzz. Most of these teams had never had the opportunity to participate before, and some looked to grab the competition by the scruff of the neck. Particularly intriguing was the first all-professional Sablegaard derby. Meridionale flying high after their promotion, they took the game to an understrength Sablegaard on home turf. Michkelakakis seemed to have the run of midfield, leading to Meridionale having about equal possession against their more illustrious rivals. Woodhams struggled again at left-back, Livvy Jennings looking like a division 1 player and giving her a terrible evening, setting up 1 and scoring another. Gabbiadini saved blushes however, two excellent goals on the counter to take the tie to a replay. After the game Carrick again came under fire, but captain Chapman came out in defence saying "currently [the players] are letting him down, we know we need to put more into our performances".

Matchday 4
Sablegaard 0 - 2 Italia Mosfleet
Munster AFC 1 - 2 Mosfleet Albion
Hellenic SC 2 - 2 AS Samita
Estdalle 1 - 1 Scolastico
Diepfleet 0 - 1 Sporting Transvers

After a tricky first three fixtures, Transvers were finally able to walk away with all three points. Strange then that they put in one of their flattest performances so far. Ariggo Moss' side had an unhappy atmosphere surrounding them, and appeared there for the taking. Though whilst Morretti came close on two occassions early on, Diepfleet were able to keep their opponents surprisingly quiet by simply denying them space. It took Nico Colca coming on for the misfiring young Marinos to bag the win, even then it came from a scramble after a set piece, with Pittaluga scoring his first ever top division goal. Manager Verto wasn't too distressed about a subpar performances "we have many [games] over the last few weeks, today we needed the luck [sic] and we got it." Albion continued to ride what appears to be a series of lucky escapes. 1-0 down to a poor Munster side, they found themselves granted a soft penalty and a red card to centre-back Sally Smith with 20 minutes late. Penalty converted and a pearler from Sellers.

Torbrek 0 - 0 Estdalle (1 - 0 AET)
Hellenic SC 1 - 1 Villemont (1 - 1 AET, 3 - 1 PKs)
Senon 1 - 1 Diepfleet Marine (1 - 2 AET)
Sablegaard 1 - 0 Meridionale
Diepfleet 1 - 1 Beaucester Rovers (2 - 2 AET, 5 - 3 PKs)

While Round 1 had seen Division 2 sides fighting gallantly, they largely fell away in the replays here. Albeit, it wasn't for a lack of quality, more a lack of stamina. Hellenic SC struggled manfully against a stubborn, if limited, Villemont side. Having fallen 1-0 down to a close range effort catching out Mikou, they toiled away for the remaining 70 minutes. Vasiliauskas had to be summoned from the bench to bang in an effort in the 85th minute. They were in debt to him again during the penalties, he converted the third with aplomb, although leaving doubts about their squad depth. Diepfleet also needed penalties to get past Beaucester Rovers, again bailed out by some Doug Reid genius in regular time, before keeper Borgia dominated the penalties. Elsewhere and Sablegaard ensured La Cauchie wouldn't witness a derby day shock against Meridionale, Gabbiadini sticking a dagger through their cup hopes.

Matchday 5
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 0 Munster AFC
Mosfleet Albion 3 - 1 Hellenic SC
AS Samita 0 - 2 Scolastico
Sporting Transvers 1 - 1 Sablegaard
Diepfleet 2 - 1 Estdalle

Neil Carrick and Ariggo Moss have become possibly the earliest ever managers to be launched into a sack race. Elmyian clubs usually show a modicum of reserve. This is someone's job after all, so long as they're not bombing out they tend to be kept on. Sure, last season Alan Garos was sacked 4 games in by AS Catamouge, but he had been running reserves of good will down for years. Yet here they were, both without a win and Sablegaard without even a point. Sablegaard set out differently to usual, with no Albrook still absent, but back in training, they adapted by switching to a 4-4-2. De Vito came in. It seemed to work, the centre-forwards were a handful for Transvers 2 centre-backs, and the back 4 outnumbered the Transvers front 3, who besides Bruckner lack pace. A header from De Vito secured them their first points of the season. Diepfleet, meanwhile, bagged a first win, albeit against relegation near certainties Estdalle. Reid did well again, granted far too much space by Elvis and Bell in the middle, Estdalle should be very worried.

Matchday 6
Hellenic SC 1 - 1 Italia Mosfleet
Scolastico 3 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Estdalle 1 - 3 AS Samita
Munster AFC 1 - 3 Sporting Transvers
Sablegaard 4 - 2 Diepfleet

Albion once again swung back to delivering dross, after three weeks of drab, unconvincing wins. Reynard would deny it, but they look like they've been riding their luck thus far, and Scolastico were the exact outfit to expose their folly. The Melde, Cray, Bevilacqua, Lonsdale quartet danced around the near static Phillips and Ducharne. Phillips looked close to tears at points, and already 1-0 down he kicked out at Bevilacqua and found himself sent for an early bath. Two more goals arrived to compound a miserable away day where Scolastico players seemed to pop up anywhere on the pitch at any time. In El Sackico, meanwhile, both managers somehow retained their jobs. Moss, however, looks on thin ice. Carricks' change in formation was finally dropped as Albrook came into the squad, but Niehaus was given a little bit of scope to push into midfield and help Chapman and Aloisi out. Whilst it opened some room, and once again Reid took advantage, they had so much more going forward. Starting further forward, the string of through balls to Gabbiadini found their target much closer to goal. Having bagged a hattrick she downplayed the idea she was nailed on for an Elmyia cap "Whittingham, Benedetti, Byng are hard to displace. I'm happy enough with the ball today."

Matchday 7
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 1 Scolastico
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 0 AS Samita
Sporting Transvers 1 - 2 Hellenic SC
Diepfleet 1 - 1 Munster AFC
Sablegaard 2 - 0 Estdalle

They've gone under the radar so far, Italia. Still undefeated, they welcomed possibly the most hyped Scolastico side they've faced in a decade. 1 and 2 in the table, this was a proper early season showdown. For all Scolastico's tactical quality, however, Italia showed their effortless class. Scolastico had the ball more often in Italia's final third, they had more shots. Crucially, though, they had less on target and of lower quality. Frequently, the rotating front 5 of Scolastico seemed to be short of someone in a good shooting position. Italia had no such problems, Benedetti and Newell, on as a sub, got on the end of cutbacks to put Italia ahead. Whelk was frustrated "the system is excellent, the players are good, but we need them always in the right place. Right now they're not, they're not experienced in the league." Sablegaard, meanwhile, continued to enjoy Albrook's return, bagging two assists she said she was "glad to be back, hopefully making up for lost time."

Challengers' Cup Play-Off

AS Samita 0 - 0 Jinja City FC
Jinja City FC 3 - 4 AS Samita (3 - 4 on aggregate)

Liga B Trophy Play-Off

Villemont 1 - 0 Sanar
Sanar 4 - 2 Villemont (4 - 3 on aggegregate AET)

Momentum City Centre 1 - 2 Sporting Transvers
Sporting Transvers 2 - 0 Momentum City Centre (4 - 1 on aggregate)

In the years of supporting a team fans don't tend to remember every fixture. If you're a fan of a non-Albion or Italia Elmyian side, you likely remember maybe a good cup result, or a league win over one of the big boys, or a good derby day. Well, fans in one part of Mosfleet found a whole new high that is likely just shy of winning a trophy.

Villemont had missed their opportunity a day before. Sanar had put them to the sword 4 - 2 to end their run and leave them focused on the grim task of hauling themselves into Division 1. In Samita and Transvers, adjoining inner-city areas, tension was thick in the air. You would worry it might stick in the endless loads of washing, flying in the breeze, precariously off the side of the concrete blocks that dominate the two areas. Tranvers fans crowded into and around Subla Bridge, Samita fans not lucky enough to have flown to Jinja City had to make do with the bars that populate the bottom floors of most buildings.

Transvers fans were treated to a slightly less tense affair. Already a goal to the good, Bruckner scoring in the 50th minute saw them exhale, before Coppola struck from 30 yards to get them on their feet and partying. A pitch invasion followed. They didn't care this was only the Liga B. They didn't care that all this meant was a Group Stage spot. The joy was incomparable.

Samita fans enjoyed a much more topsy-turvy match. The sides exchanged leads, until they found themselves 4 - 2 up away from home. Then, Simmons made an uncharacterisitc error, letting a striker slip in and put it past Garavakos. The tension was rife, Samita had their backs to the walls and suffered for 25 more minutes. When the full-time whistle went the cheer was audible around the entirity of Samita. Both sets of fans seemed to decamp centrally to Lazio Square, but instead of bitter rivals having a dust up after too many pints of Ibatzen, both sets danced with joy. Group Stages could wait, calling Liga B tinpot could wait, laughing at Kit Simmons could wait; tonight they party.

Matchday 8
AS Samita 0 - 0 Italia Mosfleet
Estdalle 1 - 1 Mosfleet Albion
Scolastico 4 - 1 Sporting Transvers
Hellenic SC 4 - 1 Diepfleet
Munster AFC 3 - 2 Sablegaard

Anna Maria Headley might be 37, unfashionable and surely enjoying a swansong for a team heading for relegation. But. She can still bring a full-back to tears. Jimmy Dickinson out, it was Noschese who faced an afternoon of torture, losing a string of 1on1s, with balls either swung or run into the box. A lead from Nicholas' poachers effort three minutes in would evaporate in one of the more pleasant Elmyian venues as Headley pulled back for Maddy Best to stick it in the net. Reynard has so far dodged questions, results have been adequate enough, but this draw had him under some fire. He deflected, blaming the referee and a lack of high quality cover for the first team. Elsewhere and Munster came on top in an end to end contest with Sablegaard. Agapios Derrickson became the unlikely hero, the substitute midfielder heading home from a corner to bag the three points.

Hellenic SC 3 - 1 Diepfleet Marine
AS Catamouge 3 - 0 Chipping Sersbrek
Torbrek 2 - 0 Sablegaard
Scolastico 1 - 0 Diepfleet

Quarter - Final Draw
Scolastico vs. Hellenic SC
Italia Mosfleet vs. AS Catamouge
Mosfleet Albion vs. Torbrek
Sporting Transvers vs. AS Samita

Sablegaard had navigated what was supposed to be their banana skin. Meridionale had the motive to beat their rivals, but surely another opponent of similar quality wouldn't require much beyond the second string? Well Earline Nanni and Flossie Martelli at centre-back will be unlikely to appear again soon, Nelle Rose on the left-wing might struggle as well. They were dire against Torbrek, a second division side with no motives past staying up, they bagged two soft goal from set pieces and then sat deep. Even bringing on Spruce and Gabbiadini could turn the tide, they were out the cup and Neil Carrick took another step closer to the exit door.

Elsewhere and Scolastico, AS Catamouge and Hellenic eased past less fancied opponents. Catamouge were particularly happy, the young midfield of Purcell and Kuhl is surely the best the second division has ever seen, and they made mincemeat of Chipping Sersbrek.

Going into the quarter-finals and surely the pick of the games is the minor Mosfleet derby. Samita and Transvers might be on friendlier terms after their IFCF runs, but there will be no love lost in an opportunity to reach a big Semi-Final for both clubs. Elsewhere and Torbrek get a big day out at Tollington Park, an occassion they'll be sure to enjoy.

Matchday 9
Italia Mosfleet 1 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Sporting Transvers 0 - 1 AS Samita
Diepfleet 1 - 3 Scolastico
Sablegaard 2 - 0 Hellenic SC
Munster AFC 1 - 1 Estdalle

Can Marchini survive without a win? A big draw against Albion was excellent for some, and Best and Headley still look quality even at a division up. They're solid too, the goals conceded column isn't too bad for a club without a win. Again here, away from home, they held Munster to a draw, denying them the space to operate and marking Blight out of the game. It would've been perfect if it hadn't been for an Ioannidis effort deflecting unluckily past Windsor. But yet here they were, a quarter of the way through the season without a win. In the biggest game of the weekend, meanwhile, Italia faced off against Albion. Not just a Mosfleet derby, it's the Derby of Elmyia, the two biggest clubs with the most fans crashing into each other. Stadio Luca Spaletti filled up, the atmosphere had turned hazy by the evening, the drinking around Lazio Square had been lairy and extended. Albion put in possibly their most convincing performance of the season so far, aggressive and like the underdogs. It nearly left them with a precious point. Youthful pass-master Melhus had other ideas, a curving long pass out to Hightower left her with just Flewin and Butler to beat. She stopped, turned and curled the ball in. Derby number 1 won, 4 points clear at the top.

Challengers' Cup

AS Samita 0 - 2 Glenmount Town

Liga B Trophy

Cairo United 3 - 0 Sporting Transvers

Associations Trophy

Italia Mosfleet 4 - 1 Finn Hurps

After the high of the play-offs, AS Samita and Sporting Transvers were left to suffer. Up against Licentian Isles champions, Samita found themselves struggling. Truly Glenmount Town never had to move out of second gear, with Garavakos picking the ball out of his net twice. Transvers, meanwhile, found themselves ruthlessly exposed by the more streetwise Caire United, showing a lot of naivity in the space the left behind their back line.

Italia, however, decided to show their true quality. The Associations' Trophy was not the competition they wanted to be in, but in the words of Benedetti "we are here now, so we must win." He had his best display in the new shirt. Previously he had been solid, but had struggled for goals and had been subbed off for the more direct Alexei Garonz. Here, though, he surely solidified his own place in the team. Two goals and an assist came from a deeper starting position, with his devasting pace and movement likely to catch the eye of Pau Porras. The Trolleborg champions looked a bit sick leaving the Stadio L. Spaletti, which for once was in fine song.

Pos. Team		Pld W	D   L	F    A	  GD	PTS
1 Italia Mosfleet 9 7 2 0 14 2 12 23
2 Scolastico 9 6 1 2 20 9 11 19
3 Mosfleet Albion 9 5 2 2 15 12 3 17
4 AS Samita 9 4 3 2 13 7 6 15
5 Hellenic SC 9 2 4 3 15 16 -1 10
6 Munster AFC 9 2 4 3 11 13 -2 10
7 Sablegaard 9 3 1 5 11 14 -3 10
8 Sporting Transvers 9 2 2 5 10 15 -5 8
9 Estdalle 9 0 5 4 8 15 -7 5
10 Diepfleet 9 1 2 6 10 24 -14 5
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Matchday 10
Estdalle 0 - 5 Italia Mosfleet
Sporting Transvers 1 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Diepfleet 0 - 5 AS Samita
Sablegaard 0 - 1 Scolastico
Munster AFC 1 - 0 Hellenic SC

With two 5-0 wins, it was an exciting week for Samita and Italia fans, but against two teams struggling down the foot of the table this was hardly a surprise. Diepfleet responded to the home embarrassment by handing out the first sacking of the season. Arrigo Moss was let go, with Diepfleet rooted to the bottom of the table and coming off the back of 4 defeats in a row it was hardly a surprise.

But for the two thrashings, the two more consequential results came at Subla Bridge and Prussia Park. Transvers managed to win their Mosfleet derby up against the misfiring Albion. For all Albion result's have been fine, there's been some concern about the poor performances, and here came the payoff. Held at arms length by a suposedly inferior side, it was a late header from Metaxas that gave up the three points, Reynard shifted uncomfortably on the sideline as his players failed to make an attempt on target for the last 20 minutes, chasing the game.

Munster, meanwhile, pulled off an excellent result up against Hellenic. Munster had lost the transfer window, but maybe this derby win should not have come as so much of a surprise given they started the game tied on points. Hellenic's players had moments of excellence, Zeribayev was making some cute passes, Willow was firm in the rearguard and Vasiliauskas was relentless in making runs. But, it didn't quite knit together. For all the dearth of real quality from Munster, they certainly did look a cohesive unit, and when Galini Katsaros bagged a winner as a low cross fizzed it, it felt 3 points well earnt.

IFCF Matchday 2
AS Samita 0 - 1 AC Izotz Zubia
Sporting Transvers 0 - 0 Raynor City FC
Italia Mosfleet 1 - 2 Northern Union

A difficult matchday for Elmyian sides. All three have hit form domestically, but against some tough foreign opponents they struggled to show their best side. First to AS Samita, surely the story of the season so far. With a packed Sallust Park, the first choice front three and Kit Simmons anchoring anything you would've thought they could put on a show. It wasn't so. The Audioslavian side managed to neutralise the usually potent threat. Byng found himself isolated, Benoit covered all of the left-wing, centre and channel and still couldn't find the ball. Beaugemont toiled on the wing, often doubled up on and finding no space. Izotz Zubia managed to make more of their possession, with the eventual winner coming just before half-time.

Just down the road and Transvers were slightly happier with their result. Up against Raynor City, star man Bruckner was marked out of the game, whilst Balboni lacked the pace to make much difference down the other side. Instead a masterclass from Oppenheimer and Robustelli in midfield saw them prevent much reaching the back 4, a thoroughly energetic display bagging the side a point.

Finally came Italia, theirs coming on the wednesday. They faced Northern Union, perhaps the most storied club from Brenecia, and a team with a fair amount more pedigree than Italia. You wouldn't have known it from the first half, Beluigi managed to bag the lead in the 30th minute, courtesy of a well angled pass from Scoular. Whilst he's become somewhat a second choice this season, Katie Newell seems to start more in the league, he rolled the years back for his display here. Italia, though, were to show just how green they are on this stage, a pair of mistakes in passing from Etherings and Speight were brutally punished in the second half to ensure victory for the Brenecian side.

Matchday 11
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 1 Sporting Transvers
Mosfleet Albion 0 - 1 Diepfleet
AS Samita 3 - 0 Sablegaard
Scolastico 7 - 1 Munster AFC
Hellenic SC 2 - 2 Estdalle

New manager bounces are an odd thing. What is it exactly that causes the same group of players who have been struggling terribly, to suddenly turn it around with no manager and the most meagre of game plans? For Diepfleet, perhaps facing an opponent approaching angst helped. Albion have struggled of late, but this was a truly awful result and performance. Some points of mitigation, Ducharne was out with a mild strain, Nicholas pulled up as well leaving them with the old and immobile Clarke upfront and Flewin was also out for Bracknell. But still, this was a poor performance. This was a managerial reign coming to an end sort of performance. Unable to create anything going forward, Albion failed to ever fully shut shop at the back, Laguardia (widely acknowledged as one of the division's worst strikers) eventually profited. A bit of head tennis in midfield saw the ball fall to Guarneri out wide, who crossed in for the headed finish. Albion looked toothless and the frustration of the fans certainly was felt on the pitch.

Scolastico had gone a bit quiet going into this week. A low key win against Sablegaard and no international action meant eyes had been elsewhere. The result was an all-time classic thrashing was not broadcast on TV. Munster, having been on a run of grinding out close results, were all at sea. Bevilacqua had dropped to the bench for this one, the constellation of 5 swirling attackers had worked well before, but this time Lonsdale and Blanc drifted out to the wings a bit more frequently. The width pulled Munster apart, with Honiton bombing forward the space behind her gave Blanc acres of space to cut in or cross. A hattrick for Shurygin, as he continued his early season form, was complimented by a goal a piece for all 4 midfielders. 6-0 up and a consolation goal for Sparacello will do little to heal Munster's wounds.

IFCF Matchday 3
Bassabook Old Boys 2 - 2 AS Samita
Orbital Kickers 0 - 3 Sporting Transvers
Chrilsia FC 2 - 2 Italia Mosfleet

Marinos' name rattled around the stadium, the away end belting his name out. He is, indeed, one of their own. Up against the Orbital Kickers, Transvers needed a result. One 1 point so far, their campaign looked stuck in the mud, but with Marinos pulling the strings he found himself pulling the strings and making things happen. Besides dominating possession and setting a tempo, he also managed a stunning assist, producing a looping, curling pass, right into Greta Moretti's feet for the second goal. But it was the all-round display, each pass placed exactly correctly, clean, classy tackling and faultless positioning. Transvers will believe their IFCF hopes are not over this season.

Elsewhere and Italia and Samita both laboured in falling to draws that may well prove fatal to their campaigns. Italia went ahead twice away to Chrilsia of Ancherion, but both times they were pegged back. Freschi looked uncharacteristically off-colour, it won't have been a surprise to many that he had finally picked up a knock. AS Samita, meanwhile, struggled to Bassabook Old Boys, but came from behind to save a draw, Byng seemingly single handedly dragged them back into contention with a flicked header to get 1, and a cross goal pass to Benoit to grab his team the equaliser.

Matchday 12
Diepfleet 0 - 2 Italia Mosfleet
Sablegaard 2 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Munster AFC 1 - 2 AS Samita
Hellenic SC 2 - 1 Scolastico
Estdalle 1 - 3 Sporting Transvers

Neil Carrick finally looked a man relaxed. In a big game for the narrative, the embattled coaches of the division faced off, with Reynard coming off the worse. They started the day 4 points clear of Estdalle, and hence the relegation zone, but here they pulled a full 7 points clear. Reynard seemed out of answers. Sablegaard can't exactly be accused of a complicated game plan, Albrook and Kastrinakis getting forward and crossing for the forwards to try and score, whilst Chapman and Aliosi used their pace to stop Phillips and Ducharne from playing. Reynard seemed to have no answers, his forward were deprived service, Harris sauntered around the pitch looking uninterested, and withouth anyone good around them, Nicholas lacked the talent to influence the game themselves. One free of the drop, one now in danger of falling adrift of the IFCF race.

The most exciting game, however, was another Beaucester derby. Hellenic and Scolastico have been competing to be the best team in the capital city, and here Hellenic grabbed the sort of result that gets a season running. Scolastico's 3-4-3 system, with a box midfield, has been one of the revelations of the season, but up against a motivated opponent with better players it came apart. Mac Salt and Maria Grosso marshalled a disciplined defence, where the movement of Scolastico has left some opponents dizzy, they had fewer issues. Vasiliauskas and Marakakis combined for both their goals. With Pau Porras in attendance, rumours are circulating that Marakakis is in contention for his next squad, in an interview he commented that he was "very impressed by all elements of her game."

IFCF Matchday 4
Glenmount Town 2 - 2 AS Samita
Sporting Transvers 2 - 0 Orbital Kickers
Northern Union 1 - 1 Italia Mosfleet

Sporting Transvers season stepped up yet another level. Sure they'd beaten Orbital Kickers before, in addition to big wins over Mosfleet Albion and in thge play-offs, but this three points was massive for two reasons. One, they now looked like they truly could make the knockout stages. Two, it was done so effortlessly. Whilst new signing and excon Xavier Bruckner has often been required to turn games for them, here he simply played part of a well-oiled machine. Instead, a brace for young loanee Nico Colca bagged all three points within the first 20 minutes, from there they were able to coast out a result. Speculation has increased that Verto might be tempted away, with Albion likely looking for a new manager. He batted the interest away "whilst I'm flattered by any interest, my focus is 100% on the job I have at hand."

Italia and Samita, meanwhile, found more disappointment in away draws. Italia were particularly chastened, with the front three failing to provide much of a spark. A Jardine header from a corner was enough for a share of the points, but they'll need more cutting edge if they wish to push into the conversation for the Round of 16. Samita, meanwhile, are drifting from contention. Having 3 wins from 3 in the league, with a fairly thin squad, does go some way to excusing this.

Matchday 13
Italia Mosfleet 0 - 1 Sablegaard
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 1 Munster AFC
AS Samita 3 - 2 Hellenic SC
Scolastico 4 - 1 Estdalle
Sporting Transvers 1 - 1 Diepfleet

Sablegaard's victory over Albion started to look less jammy with this away performance. Servetto could claimed mitigation in the form of lenient refereeing, Melhus in particular was unable to influence a match as Genesio Chapman made every effort to kick him off the pitch. With Melhus and Speight out of the contest, it became a game of the wing-backs pushing on the full-backs, Kastrinakis had a particularly good game, torturing the usually astute Monica Rossellini and showing why she's currently much closer to a spot in the national team.

Elsewhere and Sallust Park played host to one of the most entertaining contests so far this season. A pulsating atmosphere was matched by vigour on the pitch, the respective midfield threes jostling to produce the most oustanding display of passing so far this season. Alternating periods of dominance resulted in both teams heading down the final stretch at two apiece. But as legs tired, Samita had the benefit of Sasha Malykhin's fresh legs. Despite all their action this season they still seemed to have the stamina for this contest, and a late bursting run by Malykhin into the box saw her bag them the three points.

Down the bottom and Estdalle travelled to Scolastico looking a team already relegated. A late consolation goal as Maddy Best showed some class did little to spark joy. Marchini has some credit left in the bank, but next weeks home encounter against similarly rudderless Diepfleet may well decide her fate.

IFCF Matchday 5
AS Samita 2 - 3 Bassabook Old Boys
Raynor City FC 0 - 1 Sporting Transvers
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 1 Chrilsia FC

While Italia and Transvers revelled in victory, spare a thought for the poor AS Samita fans. Their team, coming off an electric display against Hellenic on Sunday, had but two days to rest before an unchanged starting XI faced Bassabook Old Boys. The plan seemed to be to put the contest beyond doubt early, allowing a bit of rest and rotation before taking on Scolastico in a high stakes clash at Estadio Gioventu. When they went 2-0 up 30 minutes in this seemed to be a very good plan indeed. Kit Simmons had bagged a rare goal from distance, whilst Palm had impishly chipped the keeper to double the lead.

Kostis then decided to remove 4 key players from the field, Palm, Beaugemont, Simmons and Muñoz. It was a calculated risk, and in a season where they have already played 25 games in just 3 months a necessary one. But, with the replacements slightly short of the level, pressure started to build. They hung on for 30 minutes, roared on by the packed ground, but once the floodgates opened, things came apart quickly. The three goals came in the 75th, 78th and 83rd minutes, the game then meandered to a conclusion, Samita lacking the quality, or legs, to really make anything of the contest.

Much was made of the decision to rotate key players, but Kostis was unrepentant "we need to use the full squad, if we use the same players, 90 minutes, all the time, we will not make it to the end of the season. Today, it doesn't pay off, but if we hold on then people praise the squad." The result leaves Samita likely out of the Challengers' Cup.

Matchday 14
Munster AFC 0 - 4 Italia Mosfleet
Hellenic SC 1 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Scolastico 0 - 2 AS Samita
Sablegaard 3 - 6 Sporting Transvers
Estdalle 3 - 2 Diepfleet

Two big contests in the sacking stakes saw one manager shifting towards the door, and the other earning a stay of execution. First, Paul Reynard looked increasingly like a sacked man walking. Reports before the game suggested that, besides the bad results, he had now started to lose the dressing room. With little in the way of seeking to change the situation, players were losing faith in his tactical planning, which looked increasingly old-fashioned. If rumours were to be believed, the board was already taking a look at potential replacements. Going out against a Hellenic team on the up, once again Albion struggled to produce anything of meaning. In every one on one contest they struggled, the midfield was slow, the forward line lacked any cohesion. Whilst the defence did a good impression of stout, a Mina Cleja header was enough to condemn them to a 6th defeat of the season, 5 coming in the last 6.

Marchini, meanwhile, whilst being a manager on the brink, retains the trust of Estdalle's fans and players. Up against the similarly beleaguered Diepfleet, they put up a display that showed all their best attributes. Best and Headley were at their very best on the wings, providing a goal each and Best bagging another assist. Diepfleet, once again, alternated between moments of inspiration from Doug Reid, and long stretches where they looked porous. With Redvers Johnson, retired former goalkeeper, has a job now coming in as their new manager.

Super Cup Quarter-Finals

Scolastico 1 - 1 Hellenic SC
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 0 AS Catamouge
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 2 Torbrek
Sporting Transvers 1 - 4 AS Samita

When the draw was made, all eyes were drawn to the two derbies, a Beaucester one and the smaller Mosfleet one. Maybe they should've been elsewhere. Albion played host to Torbrek, a second division outfit with no ambitions beyond staying in the second division. A small town without much on. It was definitely down as a routine win, perhaps the tonic they needed after 5 defeats in 6, or at least a brief reprieve for Paul Reynard. Instead, he found his death warrant signed.

Torbrek likely also still had little expectation of winning, even against a weakened lineup, after Tasia Megalos put them ahead just 3 minutes in. But, this didn't seem to rouse Mosfleet at all. Another goal wouldn't come until the 70th minute, but this was Megalos netting again for the second division outfit. Reinforcements were called up, Ducharne in for Andrew Nova and Phoebe Harris chucked on for Andreas Serratta. A goal was scrapped back as Harris provided an all too rare assist for Ike Clarke. But, nothing could be summoned from here. Torbrek shut up shop, and a period of sterile possession saw the game flicker out.

Paul Reynard's reign came to an end with it. After 7 years at the helm, he can reflect back on a 7 year streak of winning silverware, including the last domestic treble by any side. But his methods seem to have become outdated, with his disregard for sports science and tactical innovation eventually alienating players who wished for better guidance and a plan. He leaves the team in a poor position, out of one cup and adrift of the top of the league, they'll need to get their appointment right to turn the season around.

Matchday 15
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 3 Hellenic SC
Mosfleet Albion 3 - 2 Scolastico
AS Samita 5 - 0 Estdalle
Sporting Transvers 3 - 2 Munster AFC
Diepfleet 1 - 0 Sablegaard

Given the state of their season so far, this was a good weekend for Albion. It was a good weekend for 3 reasons. Firstly, the search for a new manager was resolved with a swiftness that surprised many fans, and it was resolved in appointing the highly rated under-18s coach Paula Kidd as the new first team coach. Secondly, in a thrilling affair at the Stadio Luca Spaletti, Italia's title charge faltered to a Vasiliauskas hattrick for Hellenic. Finally, Kidd managed to organise a home victory up against high flying Scolastico.

Kidd had no time to change system, no time to instill her ideas. She simply had time to try and get her team ready to face a Scolastico side that, while struggling with a 3 game absence for Tricia Cray, still likely had what it took to pick her side apart. The tactical changes came. Against a team packing the middle and pushing the full-backs up she made two big changes. First, a shuffle to a midfield three, with Sellers on the bench and Fran Pine bolstering the middle. Secondly, with Harris and Nicholas in a front two, she now asked the full-backs to get in the space behind Oak and Beresford. Guillame Fekir came in for Cook to aid this. The plan worked. For all Scolastico managed to progress through the middle, two great goals came for Lonsdale and Oak, Fekir and Dickinson had their best games in a long time, operating in acres of space, and teaming up with the front two to outnumber the back 3. Nicholas bagged a brace, and another came for Pine, giving Kidd the best possible start to life in Tollington.

Elsewhere and Redvers Johnson also got off to a great start to managerial life, Diepfleet getting their first win in a month as they managed to turn over Sablegaard in a surprisingly cagey contest. A change in formation to a 5-3-1-1 plugged some of the gaps in midfield, and an impressive goal for Reid was enough to gain the spoils.

Super Cup Replay

Hellenic SC 2 - 1 Scolastico

Two teams and two local rivals going for a spot in a Semi-Final, and a chance of coming out of the season with a trophy, was always going to produce an atmosphere. Where Stadio Delphi has often felt a little bit empty, a little bit unloved, it was bouncing on an occassion like this. Facing off in the Quarter-Final the first time, Scolastico had had the better of things, but Hellenic had forced a draw through Enya Miller's first in the cup. Here, however, Hellenic came flying out of the traps. It was 2-0 in the first 20 minutes, Koralia Marinos was off the bench for Vasiliauskas, who was rested on the bench, and bagged her first of the season, followed swiftly by Zeribayev getting the best of a post-corner scramble.

The tie might have looked done and dusted, but some changes for Scolastico turned the game on its head. Spalding and Blanc came on for Cray and Lonsdale. The more experienced pair had been looking leggy and tired, the weekend's ferocious contest with Albion maybe making itself felt. Spalding, for all his position indiscipline, brought some spark to proceedings, and a pass out to Bevilacqua was then followed by a wonderful floated cross. Marta Oak was there to capitalise and it was game on with half an hour remaining. Scolastico put Hellenic under fantastic pressure, but as Miller went off for Emanuela Haywood they had 4 centre-backs ready to block everything. Despite a tense finish, however, it would be Hellenic going into the Semi-Finals. Samaras ventured it was just reward for "the grit and determination. Today we had to suffer, but we came through."

Matchday 16
Scolastico 2 - 1 Italia Mosfleet
AS Samita 1 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Hellenic SC 1 - 0 Sporting Transvers
Munster AFC 3 - 2 Diepfleet
Estdalle 3 - 1 Sablegaard

Whilst the scrap at the top of the table will, rightly, take a lot of headlines, a match of equal import was taking place at the bottom. Diepfleet travelled to Munster two points short of them, and three ahead of Estdalle on the bottom. A win would've swung them back out of the relegation zone where they had been languishing. Instead the afternoon would end in acrimony and three red cards.

The first was deeply unlucky for Diepfleet. 2-1 up with goals from Milano and Cork, they looked like they could be heading for just a 4th win of the season. Then, a shot at goal appeared to be headed away by experienced centre-back Floyd Ayton. The linesman, however, seemed to think differently. A few words later and the referee had sent Ayton off for blocking the ball with his hand, and a penalty was awarded. On replay it looked dubious, but Blight converted and things didn't look promising. From there Diepfleet collapsed, Reid was seen shouting at the referee, and was sent off for using abusive language, as was Johnson himself as he came screaming out of the technical area. From 2-2 Munster made hard work of getting the third, Ioannidis eventually putting away a header at the back-post from a corner to lever themselves 5 points clear.

Up the top and things are heating up. Scolastico welcomed Italia amid inauspicious circumstances. Two defeats in a row in the league and out the cup, the momentum they were riding seemed to be drying up, not the best time to face the league leaders. Yet, with Spalding and Blanc thrust back into the starting 11, they found fresh impetus. Spalding's personal brand of chaos seemed to unsettle the duo of Melhus and Speight, who despite their qualities seem to lack experience. With this, the front line seemed to run riot. A spell either side of half-time saw goals go in for Shurygin and Blanc, who was irrestiable down the wing. Melhus would pull one back from range, but they were unable to impact the score. Elsewhere and Samita took full advantage to go top of the table. Kidd's Albion were much more solid than before, Dickinson again playing much better, but a decisive goal from Byng settled the game. With it Samita certainly looked closer to being champions soon than Albion.

IFCF Matchday 6
AC Izotz Zubia 2 - 2 AS Samita
Sporting Transvers 2 - 1 Cairo United
Finn Hurps 2 - 2 Italia Mosfleet

Italia had it all to play for, but left Trolleborg burnt. With two consecutive defeats in the league, they were under no illusions that a better display was required to see them stay second. Speight came out of midfield for the more dynamic Gacha and it seemed to work. Benedetti set up an early goal, dropping into the hole and spraying a pass through for Newell to convert. But a lapse in defensive judgement from Rossellini saw Kronquist collect close to goal and pull things back level.

The second half started to follow the same pattern. With things tense and tight, Northern Union had pulled ahead at Chrilisia to leave Italia in third, Scoular found a moment of magic, crosing for Benedetti to toe poke home. The celebrations kicked off in the away end, but the portends were already turning. In stretching Benedetti pulled a muscle, putting him out until the new year. The Alexei Garonz was called on to fill in, leaving a hole in midfield that Benedetti had been dropping into. Italia lost control of possession and Finn Hurps took hold of the game. The deathblows then came in quick succession. Mario Freschi's collision with Kronquivst looked bad at the outset, he was forced off for Chizzo and looks set for a long spell out. At 33 you wonder in what capacity he will return. Then, Pathmoor collected and crossed for Bagger, who had the pace to get through Italia's patched up backline. 2-2. Out of the competition, the away end looked deflated.

Sporting Transvers excellent form had already bagged them a space in the knockout round, but 1st was still in their gift with a result at home to Cairo United. With just seeding on the line the home crowd were boisterous and joyous, relishing a novel opportunity to celebrate their team in international competition. Even going down to an early goal couldn't blunt the mood, and in this atmosphere the team rallied. Marinos worked well playing at the base of midfield, with Nico Colca rounding out a more attacking midfield three, they produced 30 minutes of dominant possession football to provide both the breakthrough and the winner. A Greta Morreti brace demonstrated she still has a part to play despite her years, with some excellent positioning in the box to fashion the goals.

AS Samita's campaign ended with their B team producing a flourish, Sasha Malykhin and Jolie Stacks both putting forward strong cases for future inclusion. A goal for both and an assist for Stacks were also complemented by their tireless, unselfish running to tie together a reasonable team display.

Matchday 17
Italia Mosfleet 0 - 1 AS Samita
Mosfleet Albion 2 - 1 Estdalle
Sporting Transvers 1 - 0 Scolastico
Diepfleet 0 - 3 Hellenic SC
Sablegaard 1 - 0 Munster AFC

Nearing halfway in the season, with the cold, wet December weather, this is the time they say often makes champions. Here AS Samita travelled 1 stop on the metro in an unfamiliar position, top of the table and a point ahead of Saturday's opponents. Scolastico had already missed their opportunity to capitalise the day before, Transvers had contained them, and roared on by their fans had nabbed all three points with a late penalty shout.

Servetto had planned meticulously for this encounter. Having lost Freschi and Benedetti, they were going to need to play a different game to get anything out of it. A switch to 5-3-2 came, Benedetti's tendency to drop into the middle replaced by having Gacha join Speight and Melhus. Upfront and Garonz would start with Hightower, the poacher and supply line. Chizzo would anchor defence. All of this made it necessary to sit back and try and hit AS Samita on the break, and for most of the match this worked. Byng, Beaugemont and Benoit found themselves doubled up on. Muñoz and Catalano found themselves in a gruelling midfield battle, they struggled to pull the strings.

Kostis, then, made her own changes. Malykhin came in for Byng and Benoit went down the middle for a more fluid front line. Simmons was asked to start trying longer passes when Italia pushed forward. Finally, a pinged ball through for Benoit found its target, with the cutback for Malykhin converted readily. From there, there would be only 1 result, with Katie Newell again failing to have the desired impact on the contest.

Super Cup Semi - Final

AS Samita 1 - 0 Torbrek
Hellenic SC 3 - 1 Italia Mosfleet

AS Samita and Hellenic attacked these Semi-Finals with relish. It isn't often you have the opportunity to break the duopoly's hold on silverware, but off their respective strong starts now was the chance to pick up a pot. AS Samita had the luxury of facing second division Torbrek. They were unable to replicate their heroics against Albion, Samita's B-team again managed to get the job done, although a single goal for Brendan Stokes was all that settled the contest in the end.

Hellenic had a far larger clash. Italia Mosfleet might be out of sorts, but this is their territory. This is where they usually switch in on, crush dreams and secure their stranglehold on the silverware. Any and all Hellenic fans preached caution going into the class, although they admitted that Vasiliauskas might be able to do damage to a patched up backline. The first 20 minutes blew away those assumptions. Hellenic were already 2-0 up and in control. A fine team goal, with Zeribayev sending it into a pocket on the wing for Swärdh to cross and set up Miller for a goal, was followed by a calamitous mistake. Chizzo, sucked out wide to collect a loose ball, slipped and gifted it to Marakakis. Zooming into open space, a simple pass across goal allowed Zeribayev to roll the ball in.

Italia had no teeth in trying to come back. Even switching back to a front three, with Beluigi in for the stuttering Newell, did little to change things. A third after the break came from a soft penalty, converted by Vasiliauskas. A late consolation goal for Garonz, the result of some neat movement off a corner, was scant consolation for a team looking like it might drift.

Matchday 18
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 1 Italia Mosfleet
AS Samita 0 - 1 Sporting Transvers
Scolastico 1 - 0 Diepfleet
Hellenic SC 1 - 0 Sablegaard
Estdalle 1 - 2 Munster AFC

The last fixture before half-way, always contested a week out from Christmas, offers the last matchday where teams have had any rest. 4 games to come in the week afterwards will mean heavily rotated lineups, consequently these fixtures often take on an extra significance as teams seek position before the deluge. You wouldn't have known it from the cagey affairs served up however.

Italia vs. Albion at this stage in the season is usually a measure of both side's title hopes. Instead, Italia travelled to Tollington Park hoping to rekindle theirs, whilst Albion looked to continue Paula Kidd's baby steps forward. Both sides set out largely to mitigate the other, both in a 5-3-2 and looking to block out, both trying to take advantage of any spaces left to get ahead. There weren't any. Midfield threes of Phillips-Severn-Ducharne and Clifton-Melhus-Gacha both sought to frustrate play, all the wing-backs sat back and rarely ventured forwards. Frequent long spells of possession were uninterrupted from deep, and then mercilessly blocked once it threatened to penetrate the final third. Both goals came from set pieces, Hightower showing her quality with a bending free kick for Italia and Albion's Nicholas heading home from a corner. There's little to pick between these two big sides, and both are now surely feeling jealous of AS Samita's position at the top.

Samita managed to retain first place going into halfway despite a flat display against Sporting Transvers. Club legend Robustelli grabbed the glory with a 30 yard thunderbolt to settle matters. Down at the bottom and Estdalle missed a big chance to draw themselves back into contention. Maddy Best dribbled through three defenders before curling in one to take the lead against Munster, but Munster did just enough, as they have all season so far, to keep relegation rivals at arms length. Turnball came off the bench to supply Ioannidis and Blight with assists to grab all three points.

Pos. Team		Pld  W	 D   L	  F   A	 GD   PTS
1 AS Samita 18 12 3 3 35 11 24 39
2 Italia Mosfleet 18 11 3 4 31 11 20 36
3 Scolastico 18 11 1 6 38 20 18 34
4 Hellenic SC 18 8 5 5 30 25 5 29
5 Sporting Transvers 18 8 3 7 27 25 2 27
6 Mosfleet Albion 18 7 4 7 22 23 -1 25
7 Munster AFC 18 5 5 8 22 34 -12 20
8 Sablegaard 18 6 1 11 19 29 -10 19
9 Estdalle 18 2 6 10 20 41 -21 12
10 Diepfleet 18 3 3 12 17 42 -25 12
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The Beaucester Gazette
Division 2 Roundup
Catamouge lead, Senon set to plummet

Catamouge could have been forgiven for thinking they might walk the league this year. Whilst rumours were swirling that their squad would be picked bare, it was only Vesper Bendetti and Lauretta Hightower going in the end. They retained the services of national team adjacent Matilde Pizan, the dynamic Marina Kuhl and promising young centre-back Dawn Mead. In addition, Cecilia Purcell came in on loan and talented academy winger Rosalina Sotirou was promoted to the first team. Yet they find themselves with work to do, just 6 points clear of third. Chipping Sersbrek, Villemont and surprise package Meridionale all remain in the hunt. At the bottom there's a different story, with Senon posting only 3 points so far they're 18 points adrift of safety and require a miracle to survive.

The real story of the season so far has to be Senon. Their first 9 games were horrendous, all defeats, but by a collective score of 5-19 it wasn't being on the receiving end of blowouts. Senon seem to have made a virtue of being on the worst possible end of fine margins. Yes, they do play like a team cruising for relegation anyway, but with a bit more luck they could've reached January not quite dead and buried yet. With things as they stand, they will struggle to convince anyone of the pre-requisite quality to join them.

One big regret will be their continued semi-professional status, the only club in the second division to operate such a model. Senon have always been relative small fry, and maybe it was their fate to slide into the 3rd tier and allow bigger clubs like Indipendiente, Campeto Victoria or Macchinisti to go past them. Still, if they had made the investment, it is quite possible they might not be looking at a slide into a division that's notoriously difficult to escape.

The fight at the top has been a lot more even. AS Catamouge came down with what looked like a 'promotion-ready' squad, and in Pierre Rossi a reasonably astute coach to guide them through it. But every time they looked to go clear someone would peg them back. Matchday 17 gave them the chance to go 8 points clear in the race for promotion, but a limited Villemont side turned up and stole all three points from under their noses, on loan Baldini providing the fireworks. This had come the week after a freak 5-1 defeat away to Marine, the ytoung Periklis Papaioannou looking world class against Pizan's understudy Sorrentino. Their uneven results, they hope, won't cost them in their search for the big league.

Elsewhere and Chipping Sersbrek, Meridionale and Villemont are fighting it out for promotion. Villemont's had been expected to struggle this season, they had lost Pietro Abbatangelo and Antioco Alescio to academies in Tikariot, and a run to the Liga B play-offs was gruelling with no end reward. Yet, despite this, they've powered through so far, and aren't in a bad position to challenge over the last half of the season. They've built all of this on some solid team displays, a well drilled unit that will scrap in midfield and can progress the ball quickly.

Meridionale, meanwhile, are the surprise package of the season. After a near perfect season in Division 3 they were expected to survive with something to spare, but in being in the promotion conversation they've truly done something special. Young talent in the form of Livvy Jennings and Lazaros Michelakakis has supercharged their efforts, with the two putting in 10/10 performances swinging a number of wins for them. Meridionale's controlled 0-0 draw with Catamouge was a Michelakakis masterclass in control, meanwhile Jenning's hattrick against Beaucester Rovers was a demonstration of her mercurial quality. Their inexperience has cost them at times, however, losing out 6-1 to Chipping Sersbrek was a lesson in what it will take to get to the next level.

Chipping Sersbrek currently are aiming for their return to Division 1. They've had previous spells there, particularly around the late 80s with Benni Massi in the team. This squad looks well set to attack the promotion charge, particularly the midfield axis of Yianna Moss and Tecla Aloi. Between them they've aided their side to take over games, Moss has caught the eye of some bigger clubs. She plays in the traditional box to box role, making high profile tackles and charging around the pitch like a woman possessed. The thrashing of Meridionale was a particular highlight, holding onto her is the one priority they have going into the January window.

So, who will go up in the second half of the season? The smart money remains on AS Catamouge to only make it one season out, but in this division the tea leaves remain hard to read.

Pos. Team		Pld    W   D   L   F	A     GD    PTS
1 AS Catamouge 18 11 4 3 35 20 15 37
2 Chipping Sersbrek 18 10 3 5 31 20 11 33
3 Villemont 18 9 4 5 30 26 4 31
4 Meridionale 18 8 5 5 29 27 2 29
5 Diepfleet Marine 18 7 4 7 28 26 2 25
6 Epvalle AFC 18 6 6 6 18 22 -4 24
7 Beaucester Rovers 18 5 7 6 23 23 0 22
8 FC Campina 18 5 6 7 20 24 -4 21
9 Torbrek 18 5 6 7 28 34 -6 21
10 Senon 18 0 3 15 16 36 -20 3

Indipendiente Rip Through Opposition
A Campeto team likely to join the second division

How can it be that the third largest town in the country doesn't have a team in the top two divisions? How can it be that it's never had a team in the first division at all? Indipendiente seem to be taking these sorts of questions personally as they rip through the teams around them like soft bread.

The Eastern Division appears to be a settled matter now, 19 points clear and having faced little real tests along the way, Indipendiente look like they've bagged their play-off spot already. Having lost their superstar, Girolamo De Angelis, to Tikariot outfit Port Tacassam, some thought they might struggle to hold off Campeto Macchinisti, or perhaps an improving Merluzzia. They've made these ideas appear to be nonsense, with top academy talent at the forefront of how they've pushed other teams aside and a tactical switch towards 4-3-3.

Young manager Benat Sukal has made flexibility the key to his tactical successes. The 4-3-3 he has setup only lines up as such out of possession. In possession, with the challenge of taking on 5-3-2s and 5-2-3 almost exclusively, he pushes two midfielders and one full-back into the front line to outnumber the 5 with 6. In defence that leaves a 2-2 shape covering, with others dropping back a line to generate superiority in each phase of play. Indipendiente have the benefit of training as professionals, meaning they remain much better drilled than their opponents. Teams frequently fall apart, particularly against the movement and drifting of the wingers. Jesca Blair and Milton Ioannis, at 18 and 19 respectively, have tormented opponents, the 5-1 spanking of Rotomac comes to mind in particular.

The Western Division is an open question, but Campeto Victoria SC have made the most of the early running. All thoughts of dominating the league following their relegation had been forgotten after bruising defeats to Corsacre and Vilatia in the opening three fixtures. Both found them wanting in the required grit to deal with more physical opponents determined to take a big scalp. The continued hangover from being relegated seemed to be telling. From there, however, they've made their professional status felt, a 6-0 over Caela was a major step forward, and from there they've taken 28 points from 14 and will be hoping to return to the play-off.

Behind them and Vitalia, Citacaldo, Aventi and Corinthians are all still trying to put the pressure on. None look too strong individually, but have in common an energised, if small, fanbase who have generated some memorable atmospheres. Despite this it appears that it will likely be a Campeto club to take their place in Division 2 next season.

Division 3 West

Pos. Team Pld W D L F A GD PTS
1 Victoria Sports Club 18 11 3 4 33 11 22 36
2 Vilatia 18 9 3 6 22 16 6 30
3 Citacaldo 18 8 5 5 27 23 4 29
4 Aventi 18 8 4 6 26 20 6 28
5 Corinthians 18 8 4 6 28 31 -3 28
6 AFC Marshfleet 18 7 5 6 27 24 3 26
7 Cipaholm 18 7 4 7 25 23 2 25
8 Criqueporta 18 5 2 11 19 27 -8 17
9 Caela 18 4 4 10 26 41 -15 16
10 Corsacre 18 4 4 10 17 34 -17 16

Division 3 East

Pos Team Pld W D L F A GD PTS
1 Indipendiente 18 16 2 0 51 11 40 50
2 AS Saecer 18 9 4 5 27 23 4 31
3 Merluzzia 18 7 6 5 27 20 7 27
4 Rotomac di Mare 18 8 2 8 23 28 -5 26
5 Varnamouge 18 7 3 8 30 23 7 24
6 Estfleet 18 5 6 7 20 27 -7 21
7 Daucester 18 5 6 7 14 22 -8 21
8 Campeto Macchinisti 18 5 5 8 28 28 0 20
9 Clicort 18 5 3 10 15 30 -15 18
10 Alond 18 3 3 12 18 41 -23 12
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Transfers into Elmyia

Pos. Age Name From TRI To TRI Fee
RW 25 Sasha Chichikov (PYA) Chalesm SRS Italia Mosfleet ELM $2,500,000
RW/CF 26 Elise Rivera (TFS) Phoenix United TFS Italia Mosfleet ELM $350,000
CB 26 Casper Betania (TFS) Rose Gryphon TFS Italia Mosfleet ELM $400,000
CM 31 Hannah Wellington (TFS) Phoenix United TFS Mosfleet Albion ELM $300,000
RCM 26 Li Zheng (TFS) Star Unicorns TFS Mosfleet Albion ELM $350,000
LB 22 Karina Ivanova (TFS) Ancient Forest TFS Munster AFC ELM $175,000
CB 25 Yuri Bressnikov (TFS) Blizzard AcademyTFS Hellenic SC ELM $175,000
CM 31 Giorgio Mezzini (TFS) Star Unicorns TFS Sporting Transvers ELM $125,000
LB 24 Oscar Gonzalez (TFS) Star Unicorns TFS AS Catamouge ELM $200,000
RB 26 Noura al Bakri (TFS) Desert Lions TFS Mosfleet Albion ELM $500,000

Transfers out of Elmyia

Pos. Age Name From TRI To TRI Fee
CB 33 Phillip Rookes Mosfleet Albion ELM Star Unicorns TFS $250,000
LB 20 Ellen Honiton Munster AFC ELM Mount Olympus TFS $500,000
RB 24 Luigi Parodi Italia Mosfleet ELM Mount Olympus TFS $350,000

Internal Transfers

Pos. Age Name From TRI To TRI Fee
CB 20 Luigi Pozzo Italia Mosfleet ELM Munster AFC ELM LOAN
LW 22 Gaspare Rotolo Italia Mosfleet ELM Diepfleet ELM LOAN
CF 34 Rossa Capello Italia Mosfleet ELM Estdalle ELM $100,000
RW 33 Carlo Beluigi Italia Mosfleet ELM Sablegaard ELM $250,000
RB 17 Guillame Fekir Mosfleet Albion ELM Diepfleet ELM LOAN
LW 27 Karolos Georgiou Mosfleet Albion ELM Chipping Sersbrek ELM $50,000
CF 25 Lucia Roma Mosfleet Albion ELM Meridionale ELM $20,000
CM 28 Len Phillips Mosfleet Albion ELM Hellenic SC ELM $350,000
LB 23 Alessandro Samuels AS Samita ELM Diepfleet Marine ELM $5,000
CM 32 Danilo Brandon AS Samita ELM Meridionale ELM $0
LW 19 Griffin Breda AS Samita ELM Torbrek ELM $5,000
RW 23 London Haines AS Samita ELM Epvalle AFC ELM $0
CB 22 Lemoine Farran Hellenic SC ELM Chipping Sersbrek ELM $5,000
CM 30 Giuliano Ventura Hellenic SC ELM Diepfleet Marine ELM $0
CM 22 Breann Thomas Hellenic SC ELM Beaucester Rovers ELM $5,000
CF 32 Jaimie Swift Hellenic SC ELM Diepfleet Marine ELM $0
LB 31 Carey Acconcio Munster AFC ELM Meridionale ELM $0
CM 35 Denton Younge Munster AFC ELM Beaucester Rovers ELM $0
CF 25 Shaun Newton Munster AFC ELM Epvalle AFC ELM $0
CDM 37 Marianna Farina Sporting Transvers ELM Villemont ELM $0
AM 30 Sterling Quickley Estdalle ELM Villemont ELM $50,000

The Beaucester Gazette
Who Won The Transfer Window?
Teams set themselves for second half of season

The dust has now settled on the busiest January transfer window ever in Elmyia. Prior trends have continued to accelerate, with more foreign players coming into the league, and three heading out the door in the other direction. Meanwhile, talent seems to be spreading its way down the league table, and down the divisions as squad players are moved on to the second tier. So, with a total of $5,915,000 spent in the two week winter break, here is how we think teams have fared in this seasons window.

10. Estdalle

Enduring a difficult season in the first tier, Estdalle have had a minimalist window, with one player in and one player out. The incoming business has been relatively uncontroversial, Rossa Capello is a solid pro up top, and represents a likely upgrade on Newman. Some have questioned the fee, $100k is a lot on an ageing forward who will likely have only a couple of season left at a high level.

The outgoing business has caused more of a stir. Sterling Quickley was never a regular starter, but was the one option on the bench that offered the potential to shake a game up. The attacking midifelder's propensity for attempting ambitious passes could really help pull them back into games, and whilst he's helped finance a move for a potentially stronger player, it leaves Estdalle stuck with only one way to play.

However, the main reason this window will be considered so disappointing will be largely down to the failure to strengthen further. Without a wealthy benefactor, Estdalle are only able to spend what they can take in with transfers, and even with these moves they've potentially overextended themselves. They look likely at this point to go down anyway, as their direct rivals have strengthened whilst they have stood still. At this point it is mostly worth asking how they will rebuild in Division 2, although even by that metric they hardly appear to be moving forward.

9. Munster AFC

Munster will have been disappointed to have lost the services of Ellen Honiton. With Katie Newell going in the previous window they have lost their two most exciting talents in successive transfer windows, and without a substantial fee to allow them to move forward.

With Honiton's contract situation, and desire to play abroad, it was always likely they would have to sell now to ensure she didn't go for nothing in the summer. Increasingly desperate attempts had been made to extend her contract and protect her value, but Honiton has shrewdly managed her career to engineer this move. Ivanova comes the other way from Ancient Forest, and whilst she might not quite hit the same levels of output she isn't a clear downgrade in quality. This will reassure Munster fans that they're not about to be dragged back into the relegation conversation.

Further reinforcements at the back come in the form of on loan Luigi Pozzo, as Italia measure up their requirements for the second half of the season. The young player will walk into the Munster side, but with this only being a half season loan, it is unlikely they'll retain his services beyond. Munster have enough to keep them up this season, but questions linger around their hopes moving forward.

8. Scolastico

Lingering on the edge of the title fight, Scolastico could've displayed their ambition this January, making the signings required to bag a first trophy since 2012. Instead, they've done absolutely zilch. With a relatively small squad (22 players) it remains to be seen if they can fight on two fronts for silverware.

Going into the window there were 3 key objectives that Scolastico had if they wished to improve moving forward. First, an upgrade in goal to Sophia Masson would've been beneficial. Second, a new centre-back to come in for either of the ageing Pilgrim or Knaggs. Finally, anyone to pad out their squad, given the paucity of options that they have on the bench.

Scolastico face an exhausting season with minimal resources. Any injury to a key player leaves them with a significant downgrade, only Blanc and Spalding have had much success coming off of the bench so far this season. The executives outlined that there was little in the budget for them to work with this window, and no players they considered suitable came onto the market at the right time. Suspicions remain that they will need to sell a key player on if they're to strengthen on what they currently have.

7. AS Samita

For the side leading the league, it was a busy transfer window. They did manage to secure two key objectives. One, don't lose Kit Simmons. Two, clear out some of the deadwood. Whilst they didn't manage to secure any transfers in, Samita have reason to be happy with their slimmed down squad.

This team has been flying this season, between a relatively successful Challengers Cup campaign, a Super Cup final and being top of the league they are exceeding each and every expectation. Kostis has repeatedly stated that she's happy with the level of the squad, and the quiet selling off of 4 players not deemed up to scratch has left her with fewer people to manage and keep happy.

Will it be enough for Samita to win the league? The gamble now is on the fitness of the starting XI. In particular, there is a need for Kit Simmons to remain at his fittest, with no real option off the bench to replace him. If they keep it together across the season, they have a real chance of fighting on multiple fronts.

6. Diepfleet

Diepfleet have looked increasingly dead and buried, sinking 7 points clear of safety before the break. Yet, with some transfer wheeling and dealing their fans have increasing optimism that they can start to turn this nightmare of a season around.

Redvers Johnson had spent weeks lobbying for new players in the build up to the window. With a squad of just 19 it was reasonable, Diepfleet needed bodies through the door. Whilst the board didn't massively pad out the squad for him, the lack of a reserve goalkeeper remains an accident waiting to happen, they did pick up two key additions.

Gaspare Rotolo arrives from Italia having found his progression to the first team blocked. Whilst Servetto doesn't seem to rate him in the same bracket as his other wingers, there is certainly a talent there, in a player who is willing and able to take on opposition players and progress through dribbling. Guillame Fekir also arrives on loan from Mosfleet Albion, a young and dynamic wing-back, he arrives seeking his first real first team experience. Together the two will provide more dynamic thrust, leaving the side less reliant on Doug Reid.

Some hope arises then, but fans remain concerned. This far behind and they're relying on two relatively unproven players to ignite their season. It is also not entirely clear how winger Rotolo will be integrated into a 5-3-2 formation, but fans trust Johnson has the chops to problem solve.

5. Mosfleet Albion

Albion have endured a horrendous season so far. Eliminated from the Super Cup by Torbrek, outside the IFCF spots in the league, Paula Kidd has overseen an upturn but there were clear issues with the squad prior to this window.

On the plus side, Paula Kidd has nailed her first aim to get the players required for a midfield three. With the struggles Phillips and Ducharne have endured, it makes sense. The arrival of Wellington and Zheng into the midfield helps this overhaul, with the increasingly beleaguered Phillips being shown the door. In addition, the arrival of Noura al Bakri adds some international pedigree in the right-back slot, facilitating a loan move for Fekir and improving the first XI. Taken together this will allow for a more dynamic Mosfleet Albion, with a back 4 and faster, more specialised, players coming into the midfield.

The real concerns come not in what has been done, but more what has not been done. This isn't enough business to push Albion forward now, it's doubtful that they'll be challenging for the title even next season. Len Phillips departure to Hellenic has also stirred controversy around selling a first team player to what now appears to be a direct rival. Fans continue to point out that the club has spent far less than its taken in, but Kidd has so far echoed the hierarchy's focus on building sustainably and putting a squad together that will challenge over multiple years.

4. Sporting Transvers

Sporting Transvers continue a fantastic debut season in the league with a strong effort in the transfer window. Not only have none of their key assets been poached, they have also strengthened with the picking up of Giorgio Mezzini in the midfield.

Transvers are well ahead of where they were aiming for at the start of the season. Not only are they in the top half of the table, they've also got a Liga B Trophy tie to look forward to in the new year. Consequently, it was always more about holding their level than making a step up to the next. Marianna Farina found herself moved on to division 2 Villemont, but a significant upgrade came with Mezzini joining from Star Unicorn. Both are experienced players, but Mezzini will be far better able to come into the starting 11 to replace Robustelli, or being able to move around and cover for any of the three. Long term an eye is being cast towards the day Marinos inevitably gets a big move and he lines up to cover if this comes in the next few years.

The only downside has been that Farina was a well-liked and influential member of the dressing room, but with the manager still holding a high degree of confidence in the play staff this might not be a massive issue. Transvers will likely look to build on this season's gain substantially in the summer.

3. Sablegaard

Sablegaard would be foolish to think their safe yet, and with the acquisition they've made this window the board are clearly aware. Carlo Beluigi arrives as a rare case of a high quality player from one of the big two to make a move down the league before his talents have totally evapourated. Why?

Well, Sablegaard clearly had a need for a winger. Their wing-backs have frequently been the ones to shine, Albrook and Kastrinakis have often been the ones to turn games for them and secure key points. Gabbiadini has consequently fed either off their crosses, and meagre scraps otherwise. Spruce might be a handy winger, but having Shelagh John as a starter has been a real point of weakness for this side. The arrival of Beluigi adds another potential goalscorer, taking some of the burden off of one of Elmyia's most exciting young strikers. Fans seem convinced that this will surely be enough to see them through to the end of the season.

Additionally, both Albrook and Kastrinakis were known to be on the radar for various teams. The fact that it was instead Ellen Honiton and Nasra al Bakri that got the moves to the big two will have come as a relief. Sablegaard will likely struggle to hold onto both for much longer, they will need them to go to simply balance the books after their outlay this time. But, having them to the end of the season should help with the succession planning.

2. Italia Mosfleet

Second in the league and in the midst of an injury crisis, Italia started the window calling out for reinforcements. That need was met as they made moves for 3 key players, whilst they shipped players deemed surplus to requirement out with a swiftness that surprised many (5 gone in January!)

The biggest controversy will be the loss of Carlo Beluigi. A solid starter for years, he still maintains a goal threat, but his lack of pace has seen him struggling in certain games where he's had to start further from goal. The fact that the club already has Newell, and has now picked up both Chichikov and Rivera who can play there as well, and who lack Beluigi's limitations. These two help with the injury to Vesper Benedetti that has left Italia struggling upfront recently, with Garonz and Newell struggling to adequately replace him in the centre of the forward line.

Casper Betania has flown under the radar as a purchase, however he looks as crucial as any for Italia's hopes for the rest of the season. The loss of Mario Freschi has forced them to play a more defensive game to cover the backline, Betania should allow them to push forward again, and adds passing quality to the backline given that he's used to playing in a 4-3-3.

The only remaining issue is likely what is in front of the defensive line, the midfield. No reinforcements here is concerning given the poor form of Vita Speight, but no one Italia wished to target came available during the window, with their eyes on a move for Simmons or Marinos in the summer.

1. Hellenic SC

Hellenic's two big pickups have put them in an excellent position for the rest of the season. The side are in a good position to compete for an IFCF place, and are already in their first final in a long time. Dimitris Samaras will also be happy to have addressed the remaining problem areas of their team.

Bressnikov arrives from Blizzard Academy, and represents a major upgrade on Deena Cocks. Where they had been feeling the absence of the young and talented Nancy Savalas, they now have a back three that matches up to most in the league, led by the indominatable Maria Grosso. The purchase of Len Phillips also adds a player with experience of both winning trophies and playing international football. He may lack mobility, but with two of Zeribayev, Marakakis and Willow flanking him that will be covered well. This allows him a chance to prove that he is not finished at the top level, at the age of only 28, and perhaps force a reckoning for international places.

Hellenic have also cleared several players from what would otherwise be a bloated squad. Taken together, they've improved to the point where they're well in contention to either win a trophy or qualify for the Challenger's Cup this season.
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The Beaucester Gazette
AS Samita 1 - 2 Hellenic SC
Phillips turns on the sauce as Hellenic bag Super Cup

Len Phillips is quite possibly a Hellenic legend after just one game for the side. The midfielder's drafting in during the window had been met with some fanfare by a team on the up, and he demonstrate his quality in a thrillingly end to end final in a raucous Tollington Park.

This Super Cup final had drawn more interest than most. Here were two teams enjoying solid seasons, chasing their first major silverware in a long time. Ultimately it was to be Hellenic who broke their 23 year duck, AS Samita will have to wait to break their 40 year long one. Both sides put everything on the line and the game certainly matched occasion, intense and nervy, but with some real moments of quality sparkling through.

The build up to the final had stretched across the cool January morning. 11 degrees and misty, Hellenic fans still packed the public spaces around the Tollington neighbourhood with their tifos and banners, seemingly not noticing the winter chill as they supped pints. AS Samita fans were doing much the same around their own bars before decamping to Portside shortly before kickoff. Having received as much renovation as it has, Tollington Park made an excellent venue for a game of such stature, made almost more special by Albion's travails this season. As the stadium filled up you could feel the nerves rippling around the ground, both sets of supporters knew this was their best chance at silverware in a long time.

Early proceedings seemed to reflect the tension back, all players looking more to avoid mistakes rather than thrill, there were few serious forays into opponents halves. AS Samita, in their usual 4-3-3, were content to hog possession. Hellenic, in a defensive 5-3-1-1, were content to sit back and soak up pressure, knowing they could spring Marakakis, Zeribayev and Vasiliauskas forward should the opportunity arise.

Eventually it was a mistake from Samita that opened the game up in the 36th minute, an awkward back pass from Catalano picked up by Len Phillips, who's direct ball into the channel found Marakakis, who was able to turn and lay it off for Vasiliauskas to score. Hellenic have been accused of being dependent on him for goals, but it seemed a non-issue here, as Silva and Nicholls looked helpless trying to marshall him.

The goal kicked Samita back into gear. Dzeljana Balog started inverting into midfield, matching up the 4 that Hellenic were pushing to crowd this area. Their resting possession seemed to move 20 yards up the field, giving them much more threat. It paid off shortly before half-time. Some impressive one touch play was capped off by a one-two between Muñoz and Benoit, Muñoz bagging a goal to leave things level going into half-time.

Often when AS Samita have tipped a game like this towards them, they seem to pick up momentum and steam-roller opponents. Samaras refused to play to this, and the period of Samita possession after half-time was weathered well. In a three, Phillips showed his quality, shuttling about, being awkward and generally ensuring this play didn't go anywhere. They were slightly lucky to get away with Byng skewing wide in the 51st minute, and a Palm thunderbolt freekick was deftly pushed over by Mikou.

From here, Hellenic found their way back into the contest. Len Phillips ability to pass under pressure was key in building their own spells with the ball, and getting the ball to stick in the opponents half. The substituting of Mina Cleja for Venetia Mathers allowed them to wrest the ball back further, a string of half-chances for Vasiliauskas and Marakakis were generated. Eventually, however, it was Len Phillips to write his name into folklore. Having already been key in their performance so far, the 82nd minute saw him pick up a pass, unmarked outside of the box. Kit Simmons failed to adequately close down, and a flat shot thundered into the top left corner.

Samita pressed hard for an equaliser, Malykhin coming, for Nicholls, onto the left to form a front 4 saw them throwing 6 players into the front line sometimes. But, with Hellenic using this to squeeze midfield they created nothing of note.

Hellenic fans clearly delighted in taking the trophy, a solid return for a good season so far, and an endorsement of their business in the transfer window. AS Samita might be league leaders for now, but their fans might well have been willing to trade the potential for a league title for bagging this trophy themselves.
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Qualifying Round

AS Saecer (ne) 3 - 0 Corinthians (nw)
Clicort (ne) 0 - 3 Alond (ne)
Caela (nw) 2 - 3 Merluzzia (ne)
Corsacre (nw) 1 - 4 Vilatia (nw)
Citacaldo (nw) 1 - 1 Cipaholm (nw) 2 - 1 AET
Daucester (ne) 1 - 3 Estfleet (ne)

Round 1

Torbrek (2) 0 - 1 AS Catamouge (2)
Aventi (nw) 2 - 1 AFC Marshfleet (nw)
Senon (2) 0 - 0 AS Saecer (ne)
Vilatia (nw) 0 - 1 [b]Diepfleet Marine (2)[/b]
Victoria Sports Club (nw) 3 - 2 Meridionale (2)
Merluzzia (ne) 1 - 1 FC Campina (2)
[b]Villemont (2)[/b] 2 - 0 Beaucester Rovers (2)
Varnamouge (ne) 1 - 1 Indipendiente Sports Club (ne)
Rotomac di Mare (ne) 3 - 1 Citacaldo (nw)
Campeto Macchinisti (ne) 1 - 2 Criqueporta (nw)
Alond (ne) 0 - 5 Chipping Sersbrek (2)
Estfleet (ne) 1 - 2 Epvalle AFC (2)

Round 1 Replay

AS Saecer (ne) 2 - 3 Senon (2)
FC Campina (2) 0 - 1 Merluzzia (ne)
Indipendiente Sports Club (ne) 1 - 0 Varnamouge (ne)

Round 2

Indipendiente Sports Club (ne) 1 - 1 Merluzzia (ne)
Aventi (nw) 4 - 1 Senon (2)
Diepfleet Marine (2) 3 - 0 Victoria Sports Club (nw)
Villemont (2) 0 - 3 [b]Epvalle AFC (2)[/b]
Criqueporta (nw) 1 - 1 Rotomac di Mare (ne)
Chipping Sersbrek (2) 1 - 0 AS Catamouge (2)

Round 2 Replay

Merluzzia (ne) 0 - 3 Indipendiente Sports Club (ne)
Rotomac di Mare (ne) 1 - 1 Criqueporta (nw) 2 - 1 AET
Matchday 19
Italia Mosfleet 3 - 0 Estdalle
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 1 Sporting Transvers
AS Samita 2 - 1 Diepfleet
Scolastico 1 - 0 Sablegaard
Hellenic SC 0 - 0 Munster AFC

Matchday 20
Sporting Transvers 4 - 2 Italia Mosfleet
Diepfleet 1 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Sablegaard 4 - 3 AS Samita
Munster AFC 0 - 1 Scolastico
Estdalle 0 - 0 Hellenic SC

Matchday 21
Italia Mosfleet 1 - 1 Diepfleet
Mosfleet Albion 2 - 2 Sablegaard
AS Samita 0 - 0 Munster AFC
Scolastico 1 - 1 Hellenic SC
Sporting Transvers 2 - 4 Estdalle

Matchday 22
Sablegaard 1 - 1 Italia Mosfleet
Munster AFC 1 - 3 Mosfleet Albion
Hellenic SC 1 - 1 AS Samita
Estdalle 3 - 0 Scolastico
Diepfleet 1 - 4 Sporting Transvers
Round 3

Aventi (nw) 1 - 1 Diepfleet Marine (2)
Mosfleet Albion (1) 1 - 1 Sablegaard (1)
Scolastico (1) 2 - 0 Diepfleet (1)
Hellenic SC (1) 2 - 3 Munster AFC (1)
Italia Mosfleet (1) 2 - 1 Chipping Sersbrek (2)
AS Samita (1) 1 - 0 Epvalle AFC (2)
Estdalle (1) 2 - 0 Rotomac di Mare (ne)
Sporting Transvers (1) 4 - 1 Indipendiente Sports Club (ne)

Round 3 Replay

Diepfleet Marine (2) 4 - 2 Aventi (nw)
Sablegaard (1) 4 - 2 Mosfleet Albion (1)
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 2 Pesetamba Tambapuri
Pesetamba Tambapuri 2 - 1 Mosfleet Albion (4 - 2 on aggregate)

Liga B Trophy Round of 16

Capitol City FC 2 - 1 Sporting Transvers
Sporting Transvers 3 - 4 Capitol City FC (4 - 6 on aggregate)
Matchday 23
Italia Mosfleet 3 - 0 Munster AFC
Mosfleet Albion 2 - 2 Hellenic SC
AS Samita 4 - 2 Scolastico
Sporting Transvers 3 - 1 Sablegaard
Diepfleet 2 - 3 Estdalle

Matchday 24
Hellenic SC 1 - 0 Italia Mosfleet
Scolastico 3 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Estdalle 1 - 1 AS Samita
Munster AFC 1 - 1 Sporting Transvers
Sablegaard 0 - 2 Diepfleet

Matchday 25
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 2 Scolastico
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 0 AS Samita
Sporting Transvers 0 - 0 Hellenic SC
Diepfleet 1 - 0 Munster AFC
Sablegaard 2 - 2 Estdalle

Matchday 26
AS Samita 1 - 1 Italia Mosfleet
Estdalle 0 - 4 Mosfleet Albion
Scolastico 1 - 1 Sporting Transvers
Hellenic SC 0 - 1 Diepfleet
Munster AFC 1 - 2 Sablegaard

Matchday 27
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Sporting Transvers 6 - 3 AS Samita
Diepfleet 3 - 1 Scolastico
Sablegaard 1 - 3 Hellenic SC
Munster AFC 0 - 1 Estdalle

Matchday 28
Estdalle 0 - 4 Italia Mosfleet
Sporting Transvers 1 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Diepfleet 1 - 3 AS Samita
Sablegaard 3 - 2 Scolastico
Munster AFC 2 - 3 Hellenic SC
Quarter Final

AS Samita (1) 3 - 1 Estdalle (1)
Scolastico (1) 3 - 1 Munster AFC (1)
Italia Mosfleet (1) 2 - 2 Sablegaard (1)
Sporting Transvers (1) 5 - 0 Diepfleet Marine (2)

Quarter Final Replay

Sablegaard (1) 2 - 3 Italia Mosfleet (1)
Matchday 29
Italia Mosfleet 1 - 0 Sporting Transvers
Mosfleet Albion 0 - 0 Diepfleet
AS Samita 2 - 1 Sablegaard
Scolastico 3 - 1 Munster AFC
Hellenic SC 1 - 1 Estdalle

Matchday 30
Diepfleet 1 - 4 Italia Mosfleet
Sablegaard 1 - 3 Mosfleet Albion
Munster AFC 2 - 1 AS Samita
Hellenic SC 0 - 1 Scolastico
Estdalle 1 - 4 Sporting Transvers

Matchday 31
Italia Mosfleet 0 - 1 Sablegaard
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 1 Munster AFC
AS Samita 1 - 1 Hellenic SC
Scolastico 3 - 2 Estdalle
Sporting Transvers 1 - 0 Diepfleet

Matchday 32
Munster AFC 2 - 2 Italia Mosfleet
Hellenic SC 0 - 1 Mosfleet Albion
Scolastico 3 - 4 AS Samita
Sablegaard 1 - 0 Sporting Transvers
Estdalle 2 - 2 Diepfleet
Sporting Transvers (1) 1 - 4 AS Samita (1)
Scolastico (1) 1 - 0 Italia Mosfleet (1)

Article from after Albion's Successive Cup Exits post MD 22
The Overlap
The Kidd Revolution Stalls

Paula Kidd had a very strong hand coming into January. The string of unforgivably bad performances had been drawn to a halt, wins over Scolastico and Estdalle had been masterminded, and a creditable draw to rivals Italia had everyone confident this ship could be turned. Yet, Albion have stumbled out of the blocks post-January, dropping key points and falling out of both the Island Trophy and the Cup Winners' Cup. What's happened?

Kidd had sought to stamp her identity on the team across the two weeks, selling off previously key midfielder Len Phillips to shift to a back 4 and midfield 3. Li Zheng and Hannah Wellington came in from clubs in The 14 Stars to bolster this new look midfield that would now be without an Elmyian presence. With two weeks to work on shape, they were hopeful of a good result up against a strong Sporting Transvers side. In the match, they matched their opponents for shape and the game, at times, seemed to fall into a series of 1 on 1 duels. Concerningly for Albion this didn't lead to them establishing effortless superiority, and a scrappy 60 minutes of football was capped by Transver's new signing, Mezzini, firing home off a second ball from a corner.

The second half gave way to some improvement, particularly as al Bakri started to stamp some authority on the game, tormenting the largely unsupported Varvara Demetriou on the left and getting in a string of crosses. The issue came in converting these chances, William Nicholas can be relied upon to toil in winning headers, whilst Harris and Sellers are creative players who want the ball to feet. Nicholas got a goal in the end, but this didn't appear well set up to bag them goals.

In subsequent league games, a difficulty getting goals has been the main theme for Albion. Going away to struggling Diepfleet they were unable to play through the middle, Doug Reid playing an all new role in marking the deepest midfielder seemed to shut Wellington down. In the end, loanee Fekir added insult to injury as he delivered the perfect low cross for Rotolo to collect at the far post and score.

Adaptations were made for the next two games. Sellers and Harris were asked to drop further back, forming an incredibly narrow midfield 5. Control was established in the middle, but with Dickinson and al Bakri asked to cover it out on the wings, these areas were left hopelessly exposed. Good work in the first half to go 2-0 up, with efforts from Harris and Zheng, was wiped out in the second. The space in behind was played through as combos of Albrook and Spruce on the left, and Beluigi and Kastrinakis down the right, were able to play their way into the box. Such work yielded big chances for Gabbiadini and Spruce to convert respectively.

Overall it has been these continuing issues in lacking solid wingers, who can protect the full-backs and offer width without compromising solidity, that is causing issues for Albion. They continue to look improved playing through the middle of the pitch, but every team seems to come to them with the same game plan, and too often it is working for them. Without the cover of a back 5, the centre-backs are easily outnumbered and the goals they concede seem to come in the face of little or no resistance. These all compounded in a 1-2 knockout from both the Island Trophy and the Cup Winners' Cup.

The exits came to Sablegaard and Pesetamba Tambapuri respectively, both of which heavily exploiting space down the sides to break quickly and put pressure on the box. Butler was faultless for all goals conceded across the 4 ties which leave Albion with next to nothing to play for this season.

Article from post MD-28 and IT QF
The Beaucester Gazette
Injury Plagued Munster Crash Into Crisis

No wins since December with 6 in the treatment room

As Georgina Blight hobbled from the turf at Prussia Park, Munster fans wondered if their luck could get any worse. It could. Two minutes later, Headley had curled the ball in for Estdalle, to grab a lifeline for her team and to throw Munster back into the mire.

It's gone wrong for Munster in fairly quick order. 20 points from the first half of the season had them 8 points clear of the drop, what some might think a fairly safe margin. Which it usually is, if your side doesn't then unravel rapidly with a succession of subpar performances and a spate of issues with injury. They've taken only 3 points, all from draws, in the last ten games, and manager John Bloom looks to be heading for the door, short of a miracle in the next game up against Scolastico.

January business had been minimal, and whilst they'd lost the talent that is Ellen Honiton, Karina Ivanova wasn't a substantial downgrade, and Bloom was confident that all other areas of the team would continue to deliver. Instead, the treatment room has filled up and performances have started to tank as the soft underbelly of the Munster squad has been revealed. The list has read Sally Smith (since MD 19), Assunta Sparacello (MD 22), Paul Amandin (MD 22), Dino Pascutti (MD 24), Lazaros Grimaldi (MD 25) and now Blight as well.

Form has truly matched the loss of players in the first team, whilst Munster had certainly been struggling, their defeats had come in tough games against bigger sides up until the last run of three fixtures. With players of Division 2/3 quality having to cover the starting lineup, even moments from Ivanova and Ioannidis have failed to lift the gloom. Kinsey Trapani was suspect at centre-back for goals in defeats to Sablegaard and Estdalle, whilst Chasity Bologna has looked lost fielded out of position at right-back to cover for Amandin. The only silver lining has been that none of these defeats have been by significant margins, and that Midge Turnball has proven useful filling in both upfront and at the back.

Of those in the treatment room, Sparacello, Amandin and Blight are expected back over the next couple of weeks. Facing Scolastico will be a truly difficult task, but Munster need to put a run of results on now if the 5 point gap to safety is not closed down. They've discovered the danger of not taking full advantage of January reinforcements, as the strengthened Diepfleet and Sablegaard sides go streaking ahead of them.

Article from post MD 30
The Overlap
The Mysterious Goal Drought of George Byng

In the months of February and March, George Byng has gone without a goal. For a striker leading the line for the league’s highest scoring side, this is unusual. For someone who had scored 17 in 26 games from the start of the season, it was even more unusual. Why's he stopped scoring and why is Kostis still playing him?

First, why has this happened? From 17 in 26, to 0 in the last 13, it's been a large turnaround. The underlying numbers show there certainly has been a drop-off, from 12.36 across the first 26, to 4.18 in the last 13. Some of this might just be variance, he's gone from converting more chances than he would be expected to, to converting fewer. But equally, this number shows that he is getting into good shooting positions with the ball less often than he was before.

Some of this might be a case of team 'finding' AS Samita out. Byng's positioning in the box, running onto through balls and converting low crosses had been a key way for the team to get goals in the first half of the season, Palm, Muñoz and Beaugemont doing much to facilitate it. But defenders got wise to it, checking his runs, trying to cut the supply and stopping him receiving the ball in these positions. Inevitably this has meant him having much less of the ball in dangerous positions.

Part of the change might also be in how Leila Whelk has asked him to adapt his game. Where before he was sitting on the last line, constantly tormenting defenders by threatening to run in behind, dropping away from them and generally using his athleticism to disrupt, he now likes to drop a little deeper. There's a sense to this, he drags defenders out with him due to his threat and Benoit, Beaugemont and Muñoz are all excellent ghosting into the spaces left. He might not have scored, but the change in role has seen him lay off 5 assists in the same time, Benoit has been in excellent scoring form in the same period, taking 8 over the same period of time. It should also be noted that he has had some high quality shots stopped still, he's likely to get a goal before the end of the season.

It's becoming obvious then why Whelk will refuse to change her options around. There's a world where Benoit plays down the middle and Byng can drop to the bench. But it's unlikely it would be worth it. AS Samita would certainly benefit from him getting back in the goals, but he continues to supply his energy and intelligence to the frontline, allowing the other players around him to shine.

Post Island Trophy Semi-Finals
The Beaucester Gazette
Everything to Play For, 5 Games to Play It In

Will it finally be decided who will win the football?

Alfredo Servetto is a man not often given to frustration, but it came out after a tense defeat at La Cauchie. Asked if he thought Italia's hegemony was at and end he simply said he 'rejects the premise of the question'. Yet it's worth asking. In a bum fight to win the league, the opportunity to bag the other piece of silverware had been snatched from them by opponents that are out-thinking them on and off the pitch. With the cup final set up between AS Samita and Scolastico, a tight race for the title and a relegation scrap for the ages, Elmyian football is heading for a denouement of epic proportions.

First to the relegation battle. Whilst Sablegaard are technically not safe, in reality three teams are in it. Munster looked lost, but a new manager bounce as Arrigo Moss has generated a bit of a bounce, with 5 points from 3 tricky fixtures and suddenly they're just 2 points back. Estdalle and Diepfleet, meanwhile, have done well to come back into it, taking 18 and 17 points respectively in 14 games to battle for survival. For Diepfleet and Munster, relegation would be a disaster, requiring them to shed various players to remain profitable. Estdalle have better succession planning, but some of their players know this could be their only shot to earn another season in the first tier.

Up top and Italia have just about got their noses ahead. Their form remains patchy, having been three points, playing two clubs threatened with relegation, they then fell to taking just 1 point across 2 games. The new strikers have struggled to have quite the impact that Benedetti did before becoming injured, but Casper Betania has done a lot to provide security at the back and they've maintained the best defensive record in the league. It's notable that their two nearest rivals, AS Samita and Scolastico, have been far stronger in attack than defence. For all that this has historically been a good strategy in Elmyia, Scolastico managing to break them down in the Semi - Final of the Island Trophy seemed to show the folly of this approach. Sometimes they seem to shrink into their shell, the variety and urgency of the strategies their opponents have hit on have left them shellshocked.

A word on their challengers. With them facing off in the Island Trophy, it is certain that at least one will have a season to remember. For all the attention AS Samita have drawn, they could sink to second place across all three domestic competitions yet. For such a young, inexperienced team this would be excusable, but there remains a worry that when Kit Simmons goes they will not be able to rise to quite the same levels. Scolastico have quietly gone about having their most successful season in 8 years, challenging on two fronts and playing some impressively front foot football.

There is often a temptation in football journalism in Elmyia to think the duopoly will finally be broken, but this truly feels like an inflection point. Italia and Albion have taken at least 2 of the 3 domestic pots available for the last 21 years, so the fact that at least two competitions will be won by different sides is significant. Albion also now seem to have truly tailed off, having sold some great players they're struggling to adjust to a new era of systems football. Italia were meant to be the bulwark against this, by virtue of having the best players they should collect at least the league title. Yet with 4 games left, there are no guarantees.

Pos. Team		Pld    W   D   L    F   A    GD   PTS
1 Italia Mosfleet 32 17 8 7 57 25 32 59
2 AS Samita 32 17 8 7 61 36 25 59
3 Scolastico 32 17 4 11 62 44 18 55
4 Sporting Transvers 32 15 7 10 55 42 13 52
5 Hellenic SC 32 11 13 8 43 37 6 46
6 Mosfleet Albion 32 12 9 11 40 38 2 45
7 Sablegaard 32 11 4 17 39 54 -15 37
8 Diepfleet 32 8 6 18 34 63 -29 30
9 Estdalle 32 6 11 15 40 69 -29 29
10 Munster AFC 32 6 10 16 33 56 -23 28
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Matchday 33
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 3 Hellenic SC
Mosfleet Albion 0 - 0 Scolastico
AS Samita 1 - 2 Estdalle
Sporting Transvers 3 - 0 Munster AFC
Diepfleet 0 - 5 Sablegaard

Pos. Team		Pld   W	  D   L	   F   A    GD	PTS
1 Italia Mosfleet 33 17 8 8 59 28 31 59
2 AS Samita 33 17 8 8 62 38 24 59
3 Scolastico 33 17 5 11 62 44 18 56
4 Sporting Transvers 33 16 7 10 58 42 16 55
5 Hellenic SC 33 12 13 8 46 39 7 49
6 Mosfleet Albion 33 12 10 11 40 38 2 46
7 Sablegaard 33 12 4 17 44 54 -10 40
8 Estdalle 33 7 11 15 42 70 -28 32
9 Diepfleet 33 8 6 19 34 68 -34 30
10 Munster AFC 33 6 10 17 33 59 -26 28

The title race tightens further as Italia and AS Samita trip, Scolastico grinding a draw with Albion has left Sporting Transvers to go within 5 points of the top of the table. Down the bottom and the impressive 2-1 away win for Estdalle has dragged them out of the relegation zone as their rivals both crashed to defeats.

Italia and Samita possibly started to show the fatigue of a long season. Both at home, they turned in sub-par performances. AS Samita were without Beaugemont and Catalano, the loss to their ability to dictate a tempo was certainly felt. Rossa Capello went some way to justifying the fee Estdalle paid when she nipped ahead of Nicholls and scored the first. AS Samita seemed to be running through the gears, and were eventually rewarded. Byng's return to scoring form continued, after back to back hattricks in the league and cup it would've been rude not to, and it was an impressive strike just inside the box after being fed the ball by Malykhin. Samita's issues at the back were unearthed again, however, as both wingers combined well and Maddy Best managed to bag a winner that lifted Estdalle back out of the relegation zone.

Elsewhere and notable results came at Stadio Breve and Subla Bridge. Sablegaard shoved Diepfleet back into the relegation zone, and in doing so mathematically confirmed safety, with a rampaging five-nil win. Again it was the combinations between the wingers and wing-backs that truly made the difference, Neil Carrick has found a tactical blueprint that will likely keep them safe. Transvers, meanwhile, edged their way into the title conversation, monstering Munster 3-0. Up against a side looking increasingly hapless, the forwards will likely draw the plaudits for their incisive finishing. Oppenheimer, Marinos and Mezzini in midifield, however, deserve a lot of credit for controlling the game and allowing them to carve through at will.

Matchday 34
Scolastico 1 - 3 Italia Mosfleet
AS Samita 5 - 1 Mosfleet Albion
Hellenic SC 0 - 0 Sporting Transvers
Munster AFC 2 - 1 Diepfleet
Estdalle 1 - 2 Sablegaard

Pos. Team		Pld   W	  D   L    F   A    GD	PTS
1 Italia Mosfleet 34 18 8 8 62 29 33 62
2 AS Samita 34 18 8 8 67 39 28 62
3 Scolastico 34 17 5 12 63 47 16 56
4 Sporting Transvers 34 16 8 10 58 42 16 56
5 Hellenic SC 34 12 14 8 46 39 7 50
6 Mosfleet Albion 34 12 10 12 41 43 -2 46
7 Sablegaard 34 13 4 17 46 55 -9 43
8 Estdalle 34 7 11 16 43 72 -29 32
9 Munster AFC 34 7 10 17 35 60 -25 31
10 Diepfleet 34 8 6 20 35 70 -35 30

And then there were two...

For all the title race had threatened to spill into a four way fight, AS Samita and Italia confirmed that this would be a two way fight. These two sides have sat close the entire campaign, at no point has either side looked like running away with it. Both stand like boxers after many exhausting round, neither quite getting that knockout blow.

Italia have not been well known as a tactical side this season. Servetto continues in the vein of most Italia managers in that his main skill is to keep the dressing room motivated, make tweaks in games to neutralise the opposition's threat and then allow their better players to do the talking. Up against the most fluid front line in the league, he organised his players well. A switch to a midfield three, with Hightower and Chichikov (later Rivera) playing a hybrid between a strikers role and a wingers role did the trick. This allowed him to sit 6 at the back when Scolastico pushed forward with 5, but they also had the players to play themselves out of tricky situations. Speight had a glorious return to the side, playing the role of a water carrier very well. Hightower bagged a brace, and Betania a headed corner, won them a contest that most had picked as the one to derail this side.

Samita, meanwhile, took Albion to the cleaners. Paula Kidd's side have been somewhat improved in the second half of the season, though more in the qualitative relams of performance and style than points on the board. Here though, it was a mental collapse more than anything else. A raucous Sallust Park is a difficult place to travel to at the best of times, but seeking a first ever title, and on a hot spring day, it seemed to melt them. An early goal from Phoebe Harris seemed to rile Samita, Byng continued his late season revival with a second half hattrick. He seems to be playing with a form of rage and he helps his team to try and sink the big two.

Next weekend and Samita will make the short journey on the metro to Stadio Luca Spaletti. Tied on points with two games remaining, this is the title decider. Both teams are currently fully fit. In this, the longest of season, we will surely now see who can land the knockout blow.

Matchday 35
Italia Mosfleet 0 - 0 AS Samita
Mosfleet Albion 0 - 1 Estdalle
Sporting Transvers 4 - 3 Scolastico
Diepfleet 0 - 6 Hellenic SC
Sablegaard 2 - 0 Munster AFC

Well, the most hyped game of the season produced a 0-0 draw. Same as it ever was. The title fight goes down to the last day as both Samita and Italia failed to land their punches, a game in which neither managed to really take control of proceedings means Samita now need to hope Italia draw or lose, or that they can pull off an audacious 5 goal swing in goal difference on the final day. Elsewhere in the league, however, and other things of interest did occur.

Estdalle secured their safety, something that had looked deeply unlikely all season, and the far most storied clubs of Diepfleet and Munster sank. Looking up the table at how teams like Hellenic, AS Samita and Scolastico have fared they have a lot to mull over during their season outside of the elite. Estdalle secured their safety in style, a 1-0 win over Albion away where they never looked like conceding. Albion's struggles have flown somewhat under the radar in the second half of the season, but for the country's best supported club, with as much money as it has, it does remain shocking that they have now lost more games than they've won, and they've ended up with a negative goal difference.

But who's fault is it? The board certainly must take most of the blame, they've sold most of their best players and dug themselves a deep hole that they've asked Kidd to bail them out of. Yet, Kidd has failed to really improve the side, and her January acquisitions seem to be struggling to bed in. The loss of Len Phillips has led to a loss in motivation, but the players really need to consider why they're playing so far under their level. With the largest stadium in the country and decent financial backing, they should be able to come back strong next season. If they don't, the club will begin to gain a reputation for crushing promising careers.

Next week sees first the Island Trophy final on the Saturday, a weekend set piece event that will see AS Samita either set themselves up for an unlikely double, or reward an interesting season for a Scolastico side that has far to go.

Pos. Team		Pld   W	  D   L	   F   A    GD	PTS
1 Italia Mosfleet 35 18 9 8 62 29 33 63
2 AS Samita 35 18 9 8 67 39 28 63
3 Sporting Transvers 35 17 8 10 62 45 17 59
4 Scolastico 35 17 5 13 66 51 15 56
5 Hellenic SC 35 13 14 8 52 39 13 53
6 Mosfleet Albion 35 12 10 13 41 44 -3 46
7 Sablegaard 35 14 4 17 48 55 -7 46
8 Estdalle 35 8 11 16 44 72 -28 35
9 Munster AFC 35 7 10 18 35 62 -27 31 R
10 Diepfleet 35 8 6 21 35 76 -41 30 R

Island Trophy Final

Scolastico (1) 0 - 2 AS Samita (1)

As 90 minutes came to an end Kit Simmons looked close to tears. AS Samita had been his life line. As a promising under-18s player he had looked like he didn't have a route through to the first team squad. Playing as a sweeper, he would've needed to displace the indominitable Reggie Flewin, and Paul Reynard seemed to think him too lightweight.

A moment where it all shifted for him was Paula Kidd moving him into the midfield at the RTC World Cup. Albion would certainly never play him in that positon, but Xanthi Kostis saw something and swooped. First he came on loan, then he was purchased. This season he was made their captain. For all the front three are credited with AS Samita's greatest season ever, his ever presence at the back has been a keystone in their success. His output is hard to measure, consisting as it does leadership, positional intelligence and game reading abilities. He never does anything too flash, yet he is probably the greatest footballer Elmyia has ever produced.

If you believe the rumours, he now has just 1 game left in an AS Samita shirt. Yet here, he took club legend status.

Finals are always nervy, particularly when it's such a rare chance for either side to take some silverware. Scolastico's attacking front 5 had seemed a bit gummed up. The constant passing and moving seemed to hit friction, giving the ball away and squadering chances to establish control over the game. For as much as Simmons, Munoz and Catalano prefer to control games, they also didn't have much luck holding this contest down. The heat of the day seemed to take its toll, with the game becoming a series of stretched counter-attacks. AS Samita were to go first, but it was a scrap from a corner, with the unlikely source of Dzeljana Balog poking it home.

As the game wore on Scolastico had their chances. Lonsdale made the bar shudder, firing at goal from 10 yarrds out. Bevilacqua went for hero status, dribbling 40 yards before spooning it softly into the arms of Garavakos. But, Simmons was to make a telling contribution in the 87th minute. Beresford had broken down the right, he sprinted 20 yards out of position to effortlessly disposses, before a clipped ball forward set Beaugemont free, crossing for the onrushing Munoz to make it 2-0.

Samita have their trophy, and with Simmons likely going, Garavakos returning on loan and others maybe lined up for a move it's almost a relief for the fans. Going into the final day they will hope they can swell their cabinets further, taking a double no one could've predicted.

The Beaucester Gazette
Final Day Feed
All updates on title and IFCF races

Pre-Match: Welcome to the final day of the Division 1 season. As usual, all games are starting simultaneously, and we have a lot of excitement coming into the game. Italia and AS Samita go in level on points in a shootout for the title. Italia retain the goal difference advantage, so AS Samita need to hope their opponents draw or lose, otherwise they'll need to outscore them by 5. For maximum intrigue, both Italia and AS Samita face their fierecest rivals on the final day, giving Albion and Transvers the opportunity to spoil their opponents seasons.

Elsewhere and as AS Samita have taken the Island Trophy, the third Challenger's Cup spot must be decided through the league. Scolastico need Sporting Transvers to slip to a defeat, whilst winning themselves to have the chance to compete abroad next term.

Kick-Off: All games are live now, Sallust Park is making an absolute din. Tollington Park is unsually quiet, plenty of Albion fans haven't bothered coming in protest against their recent results.

3 mins: AS Samita look in the mood. From a throw in Munoz picks up the ball, beats Marinos and Coppola before feeding Benoit the ball, her effort is caught by Sparaterro, but the signs are promising early on.

8 mins: Italia are quiet thus far. Paula Kidd's side are trying to spoil their opponents party, Wellington, Zheng and Ducharne are playing Speight, Gacha and Melhus off the park. Chichikov and Hightower are seeing very little up top.

9 mins: GOAL FOR SCOLASTICO in the race for the final IFCF place, Scolastico have made their mark. An excellent team move, the ball touched the feet of all 5 forward players. Tricia Cray popped up at the byline to drive a low cross that Bevilacqua applied the polish to. Excellent work.

11 mins: Yellow card picked up by Marinos there. Catalano was threatening to get away from him, so the young midfielder produces a gentle shove to break up the attack. Samita really pushing for the first goal here.

16 mins: Things are getting heated at Tollington Park. Melhus is tripped off the ball by Zheng once again and his teammates are not happy with the tackle. Speight, Betania and Hightower surround the referee, whilst Jenny Scoular goes in for a little shove on Zheng.

19 mins: Albion have the best chance of the game so far, Zheng sends the ball out for al Bakri, her cross is met by the sturdy head of Nicholas, who is unlucky to see Andrea Silver push the ball wide.

21 mins: GOAL FOR SCOLASTICO who are now looking irrestitable. In recent weeks they've lost some of their fluidity, but at the end of the season they're showing their promise again. This time from a corner, the first from Beresford is headed out by Fekir at the near post, but Melde picks the ball up and passes it into the bottom corner from outside the box, a refined finish.

23 mins: PENALTY SHOUT FOR AS SAMITA Benoit seems to be tripped in the box. She produced a feint to send Metaxas to the ground, he then appears to hang out a leg sending her sprawling to the turf. The referee goes over to his assistant who had the better angle. AND IT'S GIVEN. George Byng steps up to take for AS Samita, if he scores it'll be his 20th league goal this season.

24 mins: GOAL FOR AS SAMITA as George Byng dispatches his penalty. Sparaterro stayed rooted in the centre of the goal, whilst Byng sends it high and right. There was little chance he was taking that anyway. AS Samita go top in the as it stands table.
Pos. 			P  PTS  GD
1. AS Samita 36 66 29
2. Italia Mosfleet 36 64 33

26 mins: Andre Verto is absolutely fuming on the side lines. His team have been in their own third of the pitch for most of the game, and they don't look like pushing back after that goal.

29 mins: Sellers goes close for Albion. Italia are still struggling to win control in the midfield zone, and a string of passes leads to Sellers cutting in and taking a shot that whistles just over. Paula Kidd might've passed up all other trophies this year, but her side look determined to deny Italia theirs.

32 mins: Things have gone a bit quiet at Estadio Gioventu. The fans are tense, although they're currently in the Challengers' Cup spot. The players are controlling things on the pitch, but truly things are out of their hands now. Diepfleet's few fans seem to mostly be basking in the sunshine, already down, they're truly only here for a day out.

35 mins: GOAL FOR MOSFLEET ALBION as they seek to deny their rivals the title. Another spell of possession is finally capped off, Phoebe Harris' resurgence continues as she takes the ball on the spin, drives into the box and fires under Silver's hand to take the lead for her side.
As it stands
Pos. 			P  PTS  GD
1. AS Samita 36 66 29
2. Italia Mosfleet 36 63 32
3. Scolastico 36 59 17
4. Sporting Transvers 36 59 16

37 mins: Samita come close to doubling their advantage. The fans have let up and neither have the team, who seem to be creating chances at will. This time Byng holds the ball up as Simmons wellies it down field, he spins the pass into the path of Benoit, who's curled cross is met by the head of Catalano. Sparaterro is glad to hold onto it and collapses to the ground. Marinos is bellowing at his team mates to reestablish some control.

40 mins: Italia seem to be pulling back into the game before half-time. Given they're losing the midfield battle, Rossellini and Scoular seem to be trying to offer an extra passing option and they've had a good spell with the ball. A fizzy cross from Scoular pinballed about in the penalty box, but Chichikov can't seem to steer it on target.

43 mins: GOAL FOR AS SAMITA they double their advantage and narrow the goal difference gap with Italia. This time Beaugemont was fouled on the edge of the box, hauled down by Demetriou as he was beaten for pace. Munoz curls the free-kick across and the head of Antonio Silva smashes it into the left corner. Xanthi Kostis punches the air, the Sallust Park crowd are going mental. Pitch invasion in about an hour if all stays the same.

45 mins: Ironic cheers from the Diepfleet fans. A short spell in possession ends with Doug Reid sending an effort over the bar and out of the stands. Will they see him in a Diepfleet shirt again?

HALF-TIME: Things remain tightly poised. As it stands, Italia need to either get ahead of Albion, or they need Sporting Transvers to turn around their result from the first half. Besides the title drama, Scolastico are currently in the final Challengers' Cup slot as they cruise against Diepfleet. A big second half to come in Mosfleet.

HT Changes: Italia opt for a role of the dice. Gacha comes on for Clifton, surely in an attempt to win that midfield battle and bring some dynamism to this performance. Newell comes on for the struggling Chichikov and Garonz, a striker, replaces Etherings, a centre-back. A shift to a 4-3-3 shape that mirrors their opponents with a big lad up top. Will it work for them? Sporting Transvers, meanwhile, see Balboni replaced by sturdy midfielder Robustelli. In a shift to a 4-4-2 they seem to be accepting that they're not going to win the beauty contest against their title chasing neighbours.

48 mins: It's been much improved from Italia and Transvers coming into the second half. Italia have had almost exclusive use of the ball since the restart, whilst Transvers are limiting Samita's possession to less useful areas.

51 mins: GOAL FOR SPORTING TRANSVERS and it comes from nowhere! Coppola goes on a run and seemingly get through the midfield without facing an resistance. A hopeful cross seems to get caught by the wind, and before you know it Garavakos is picking it out of the back of his net. AS Samita need to get back on top, but they don't seem sure of how they'lll manage to.

55 mins: A corner for Italia sees the pressure upped. Garonz has been a menace since coming on at half-time, Flewin and Ferrier are being rocked by his physicality and Newell's pace. He heads just wide this time, but it feels like an important goal is on the way.

58 mins: GOAL FOR SPORTING TRANSVERS in a moment of pure brilliance from Bruckner! His second half of the season has been a little quieter. His team has found goals from other places, but here he remind Transvers fans what he's about. The ball's pinged to him from Coppola, he takes it down with his chest running at the backline, scoots past Palm and then Silver before rifling it into the back of the net at the near post. Sallust Park has dropped silent, the players looked stunned. Is the title gone?

As it stands
Pos. 			P  PTS  GD
1. AS Samita 36 64 28
2. Italia Mosfleet 36 63 32
3. Sporting Transvers 36 60 17
4. Scolastico 36 59 17

62 mins: You don't know if they know what's going on in the other match, but Italia are playing furiously. They're working the ball really well, Albion haven't had a sniff since half time. is that goal coming?

64 mins: GOAL FOR SCOLASTICO and young striker Gavin Shurgyin gets his. 3-0 up now, but they need other results to change if they're going to bag their spot in IFCF competitions next year. Shurgyin receives plaudits from his teammates, it's been an impressive first season.

65 mins: Bruckner was within inches of taking his brace. Sporting Transvers want the win here, and a cute through ball from Marinos sees the mercurial winger just shooting wide. AS Samita are living dangerously.

67 mins: How has Butler shut them out there? Three shots on target in 60 seconds. A long ball was taken down by Garonz, who's effort was pushed back out by Butler to the side. Newell collected, and fired the ball back across the area, with him then stopping Speight with his leg. Finally the ball came to the feet of Hightower, but the attempted chip was a bit short on height and Butler collects before collapsing in relief to the floor.

69 mins: Big substitution here for AS Samita. Jolie Stacks comes racing off the bench for Muñoz, who's legs seem to be going. Malykhin, their break in case of emergency player, is coming on at wing-back for Balog, Palm seems to moving out of position to left-back. Interesting to see what they try here.

70 mins: GOAL FOR ITALIA MOSFLEET it's been a long time coming. A succession of three corners finally sees one headed home, this time by Pier Jardine. The young defender grabs the ball out the net and runs back to half-way. They're not done yet, but they go back to the top of the table.
As it stands
Pos. 			P  PTS  GD
1. Italia Mosfleet 36 64 33
2. AS Samita 36 64 28
3. Sporting Transvers 36 60 17
4. Scolastico 36 59 17

72 mins: Paula Kidd decides now's the time for some changes. John Severn replaces Wellington in midfield, surely a move to add some solidity as Italia pile on the pressure. Sellers also departs for Dick Anderson. They're going two up top now, and presumably will be playing long.

75 mins: It's been dead quiet in the Diepfleet Scolastico game, but some changes are on the way. Doug Reid comes off and goes over to the fans to applaud them, this will certainly feed rumours that he's leaving. On comes Peter Monday to steady the ship. Scolastico, meanwhile, make some changes of their own. Shurgyin and Bevilacqua depart to rapterous applause, Noel and Blanc replace them. Both have developed a status as cult heroes this season, they'll certainly be players to watch next year.

77 mins: The changes seem to be working for AS Samita, whilst they might be leaving a little too much at the back, they need the win. Palm is inverting into the midfield, whilst Mhalykhin surges forward to join the front line. She nearly scores, working a 1-2 with Beaugemont to get into the box, but the leg of Metaxas blocks it from the goal.

79 mins: A series of corners from AS Samita fail to yield their reward, but they're testing the keeper and the momentum is with them heading into this final stretch of the contest.

81 mins: Albion seem to have halted their own slide at Tollington Park. It's getting very nervy now, Italia have all the possession but can do little with it. Meanwhile, Nicholas and Anderson are loitering ominously on the centre-backs, and the long-balls are creating chaos at the back. Speight is dropping further and further back to prevent a 2 on 2.

84 mins: Luca Blanc and Maddox Noel seem determined to make it 4. Both take shots just outside the box for Scolastico, but neither has the adequate accuracy to make it awkward for Borgia.

85 mins: A yellow card for Oppenheimer. Stacks was threatening, just outside the box she was looking to pick a pass when he clunks into her, tripping her over. Probably a risk worth taking as the freekick from Beaugemont sails harmlessly wide of the goal.

88 mins: Italia seem like they might have to settle for the point here, Albion have really worked their way back into the contest over the last half 15 minutes. Nichols is unlucky with his first touch as Anderson tries to send him through, Silver collects and they reset.

89 mins: It's truly a cauldron here at Sallust Park. Transvers are once again up against it, but there's a dearth of clear chances here for Samita as they struggle to work it through the compressed space. An attempt at a counter is broken up as Simmons smashes Robustelli into the advertising hoardings before gesturing to the crowd to turn up the noise. If they get a goal from here, it's going to be a riot.

90+1 mins: FULL TIME: Mosfleet Albion 1 - 1 Italia Mosfleet Have Italia done enough or have Albion spoilt the party? It looks like Italia will bag their 4th on the bounce but AS Samita still have some time to play at home to Sporting Transvers.

90+3 mins: PENALTY FOR AS SAMITA A cynical foul from Oppenheimer in the box and the referee has pointed to the spot. George Byng was clean through and would surely have bagged his side the title if he wasn't tripped.

90+3 mins: REDS CARDS FOR OPPENHEIMER AND ROBUSTELLI utter madness at Sallust Park. Oppenheimer was shown red for his tackle on Byng, who then lines up to take the penalty. Robustelli, Transvers through ahd through, remonstrates with the referee, who looks close to carding him. But he takes it further, spinning Byng round with a shove before getting up in his face and snarling. The referee sends him off, and he appears to scuff the spot up before heading for the baths. Should Byng miss this moment of shithousery will be remembered for years to come.

90+4 mins: FULL TIME: Scolastico 3 - 0 Diepfleet They'll have to wait on the outcome of THAT penalty, but at the moment Scolastico's final day flourish will not have yielded the reward of IFCF football next year.

90+6 mins: The red cards were followed by a lot of shoving and disagreement. You hate to see it, the crowd is utterly furious here. Finally Byng lines up to take the penalty.

90+6 mins: PENALTY SAVED Byng tries going the other way to earlier, but Sparaterro sends it over. He's mobbed by his teammates, but he shoves them away, they have a corner to deal with...

90+7 mins: FULL TIME: AS Samita 2 - 2 Sporting Transvers it was a good corner, but eventually Brioschi gets something on it and clears it 50 yards upfield. Garavakos tries to launch another attack, but it's too late. Italia Mosfleet have won the league, those at Tollington Park go crazy, while all the air seems to go out of Sallust Park. George Byng, a player who has had the best season of his career, and who lifted the Island Trophy just a week ago, looks crushed. Kit Simmons takes a moment before going to shake his opponents hands and peel his team mates off the turf. None of the fans are leaving. It takes a minute, but it looks like they're heading for their lap of honour. They came really close this year, but they look devastated now.

Matchday 36
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 1 Italia Mosfleet
AS Samita 2 - 2 Sporting Transvers
Scolastico 3 - 0 Diepfleet
Hellenic SC 2 - 1 Sablegaard
Estdalle 1 - 2 Munster AFC

Pos. Team		Pld   W	  D   L	   F   A    GD	PTS
1 Italia Mosfleet 36 18 10 8 63 30 33 64 Champions, CL
2 AS Samita 36 18 10 8 69 41 28 64 CC, CWC
3 Sporting Transvers 36 17 9 10 64 47 17 60 CC
4 Scolastico 36 18 5 13 69 51 18 59
5 Hellenic SC 36 14 14 8 54 40 14 56 CC
6 Mosfleet Albion 36 12 11 13 42 45 -3 47
7 Sablegaard 36 14 4 18 49 57 -8 46
8 Estdalle 36 8 11 17 45 74 -29 35
9 Munster AFC 36 8 10 18 37 63 -26 34 Relegated
10 Diepfleet 36 8 6 22 35 79 -44 30 Relegated
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Division 2
Pos. Team Pld W D L F A GD PTS
1 AS Catamouge 36 24 6 6 72 30 42 78 Champions, Promoted and Liga B
2 Chipping Sersbrek 36 17 8 11 63 51 12 59 Promoted and Liga B
3 Beaucester Rovers 36 15 10 11 57 44 13 55 Liga B
4 Meridionale 36 14 10 12 54 55 -1 52
5 Diepfleet Marine 36 15 6 15 50 48 2 51
6 Villemont 36 13 10 13 48 55 -7 49
7 FC Campina 36 12 8 16 39 47 -8 44
8 Torbrek 36 11 10 15 51 67 -16 43
9 Epvalle AFC 36 10 11 15 38 51 -13 41
10 Senon 36 5 9 22 40 64 -24 24 Relegated

Division 3

Pos. Team		 Pld  W	 D  L   F  A  GD    PTS
1 Indipendiente SC 36 28 5 3 90 34 56 89
2 Varnamouge 36 15 10 11 56 40 16 55
3 Merluzzia 36 14 12 10 53 42 11 54
4 AS Saecer 36 15 9 12 47 46 1 54
5 Estfleet 36 11 12 13 46 48 -2 45
6 Rotomac di Mare 36 12 8 16 52 57 -5 44
7 Campeto Macchinisti 36 10 11 15 47 52 -5 41
8 Daucester 36 9 13 14 29 50 -21 40
9 Alond 36 10 7 19 40 65 -25 37
10 Clicort 36 8 9 19 36 62 -26 33

Pos. Team Pld W D L F A GD PTS
1 Victoria SC 36 23 9 4 82 23 59 78
2 Aventi 36 16 9 11 54 43 11 57
3 AFC Marshfleet 36 15 8 13 50 47 3 53
4 Citacaldo 36 13 12 11 43 45 -2 51
5 Vilatia 36 14 5 17 45 50 -5 47
6 Cipaholm 36 12 10 14 44 48 -4 46
7 Criqueporta 36 13 5 18 39 48 -9 44
8 Caela 36 12 8 16 56 66 -10 44
9 Corsacre 36 10 9 17 37 58 -21 39

Play-Off Final

Victoria SC 1 - 1 Indipendiente SC (1 - 1 AET, 4-5 PKs)
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The Beaucester Gazette
Arnuu to Catamouge? de Baingneus to Hellenic? Marshlily to Samita?!
Transfers rumours go mental

Elmyia's football league is a backwater, or long has been. But is this changing?

You'd have to say so if rumours are to be believed. As the second year of outflowing Elmyian talent continues, it sounds as if ambitious clubs are set to bring some big international talent in.

AS Catamouge's links to Igor Arnuu are on the believable end of ridiculous. Not a national team player yet, the talented attacking midfielder has struggled at points for Austin City. A well known injury risk in the past, the promoted club are understood to be taking the risk that he can get their attacking output up to Division 1 levels.

Hellenic SC's links to Peire de Baigneus, meanwhile, will have fans sceptical. The handsome blonde sweeper is a regular fixture for the Oberouran national team, helping set the tone with his technical play out from the back for an ultra attacking national side. At club level, Regium Immortal's lack of IFCF football might well be a factor pushing him towards the Beaucester based side.

The club certainly do need personnel through the door, and rumours currently suggest that they're looking at him to replace the mercurial, young Idvan Zeribayev. Zeribayec returned to 1830 Cathair at the end of a productive loan spell, which saw him aid Hellenic to a first domestic trophy in over 20 years. Trying to pick up a sweeper would seem unusual when recruiting for midfield, but it is well known that the talented Oberouran has the skill set to play further forward, both in his passing range and ability to score jaw-dropping goals.

If these two links were scarcely believed, then the idea that AS Samita are lining up Erin Marshlily to replace captain Kit Simmons is in the realm of fantasy. Sure, Simmons was a talented CDM, possibly the best in the league. The idea that such a minor club might be bringing in a player instrumental in a Græntfjall that reached a a World Cup Semi-Final should really be for the birds.

A creative midfielder of international pedigree might not quite change how Hellenic play, but it would certainly provide the skill required to build on last season's promising performances. Hellenic are keeping their cards close to their chest on what other dealings they might make, but fans are hopeful they can start to challenge at the top end of the table frequently with the squad they're building.

However, serious sources in the game are saying the deep lying playmaker truly is in discussions to come to Samita from Maigburg. Over the last couple of years she has moved from the fringes of the Græntfjall squad to being key for the number 1 ranked country in the world. AS Samita fans appear to be besides themselves on social media, it would seem that if she does put pen to paper the celebrations would be in excess of when the club won the Island Trophy.

With the mooted arrival of centre-backs in the form of Ranj Cheynar it would seem that Samita are seeking to reorganise their defence. No longer requiring the kind of cover a Simmons figure provides, Marshlily would have the freedom to develop a more expressive style of play for herself. Samita's front line of Byng, Malykhin and Beaugemont must be licking their lips at the prospect of having a player of this calibre behind them. It might require some adjustment in midfield, with Catalano and Munoz ahead it is unclear who is expected to provide a bit of extra grit to the system, especially with Roberto Palm barrelling forward. Either way, this would be a major coup for both the club and the league at large.

Elsewhere and the big news remains the Mosfleet Albion rebuild. Ernest Butler is confirmed to have left for the Ko-oren second tier, whilst Phoebe Harris and Angelo Bernardini are leaving having failed to bag new deals. Raif Ducharne also looks set to move back to Kelssek after a patchy season surrounded by inferior players. Marinos from Transvers and Benoit from Samita look set to join in the next week, providing much needed impetus upfront and in midfield. Ann-Sofi Grankvist also looks close to joining from Tikarian outfit Vna-Chuhul Ravens FC, a technically gifted forward who has struggled to break through due to a lack of physicality. Kidd will hope her speed makes a good compliment to her new look attacking trident.
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Transfers in from Abroad
Pos. Age Name Leaving TRI Arriving Fee
CDM 21 Erin Marshlily (GRF) Maigburg GRF AS Samita $9,000,000
CM 27 Peire de Baingneus (OAM) Regium Immortal OAM Hellenic SC Undisclosed
CM 18 Baldur Márusson (GRF) Aigsvinger GRF Hellenic SC $3,000,000
ST 23 Jari Juups (XAN) Galaxy SC XAN Mosfleet Albion $2,750,000
LB 25 Karlo Stvrtnik (SRS) Lublova Reds SRS Italia Mosfleet $2,000,000
GK 23 Allison Nash (CDG) Northbury FC CDG Scolastico $1,750,000
RCB/CB 30 Igor Arnuu (XAN) Austin City XAN AS Catamouge $1,250,000
ST 28 Ann-Sofi Grankvist (TKT) Vna-Chuhul Ravens FC TKT Mosfleet Albion $750,000
LW/CF 33 Addison Gray (TKT) Avanaroch White Wings FCTKT Mosfleet Albion $600,000
CB 32 Pirita Ilves (SVL) Fort Viljan Northern FC TKA Hellenic SC Undisclosed
CM 31 Zev Antley TKA) Vantanoch FC TKA Hellenic SC Undisclosed
ST 20 Luise Elly-Fant (SNL) Free Agent SNL Mosfleet Albion $0
ST 20 Rebecca Dalla (SNL) Free Agent SNL Sablegaard $0
LB 33 Bryan Steeler (TFS) Free Agent TFS Chipping Sersbrek $0
ST 30 Thorsby Mordov (TFS) Cascade Academy TFS Chipping Sersbrek $0
CB 24 Ranj CHEYNAR (SRS) Damogran SRS AS Samita $0
CB 30 Perry Chambers (FVA) Platinastigrade ZRH Scolastico $0
RB 27 Onufriy BJORKLUND (SRS) Vogsphere United SRS Hellenic SC $0
ST 25 Sean Conley (BRO) Essidise Titans BRO Scolastico $0
CM 23 Kyle Ascroft (CMT) Alnio University (Arts) CMT Munster AFC $0
RM 23 Osip Kuznetsov (CMT) University of Wirr Tsi CMT Mosfleet Albion $0
LW 17 Misha Surnin (PYA) PFA (Academy) PYA Scolastico $0

Transfers out to Abroad
Pos. Age Name Leaving Arriving TRI Fee
CDM 20 Kit Simmons (ELM) AS Samita Kingston FC QUE £5,000,000
CF/AM 20 Anya Marakakis (ELM) Hellenic SC Tihon United CMT £2,500,000
CF 20 Elisa Gabbiadini (ELM) Sablegaard Chamberley City SYL £2,000,000
RB 22 Anastasia Kastrinakis (ELM) Sablegaard Pesfield Trees SYL £1,500,000
GK 33 Ernest Butler (ELM) Mosfleet Albion Oceanside South End KOR £1,500,000
RB 26 Luke Cook (ELM) Mosfleet Albion Inaspolis CFC KTM £1,000,000
GK 15 Enrico Girello (ELM) Mosfleet Albion Wirr Tsi CMT £1,000,000
CB 34 Reggie Flewin (ELM) Mosfleet Albion Crossroads CMT £500,000
CM 25 Will Cork (ELM) Diepfleet Ward FC KRK £200,000
CM 35 Raïf Ducharne (KSK) Mosfleet Albion CF Saint-Richard KSK £0
AM/RW 33 Phoebe Harris (ELM) Mosfleet Albion Vrord SC KTM £0
ST 34 Angelo Bernardini (ELM) Italia Mosfleet Chedo Club KTM £0
ST 37 Ike Clarke (ELM) Mosfleet Albion Grande Mountain M.C CDG £0

Transfers between Elmyian clubs
Pos. Age Name Leaving Arriving Fee
CF/LW 19 Mia Benoit AS Samita Mosfleet Albion $2,000,000
CM 17 Athanasios Marinos Sporting Transvers Mosfleet Albion $1,750,000
CM 21 Celia Purcell Scolastico AS Catamouge $1,000,000
CF 24 William Nicholas Mosfleet Albion AS Samita $500,000
CB 24 Nevio Faulkner Diepfleet Sablegaard $250,000
CB 28 Goddard Boon FC Campina Mosfleet Albion $200,000
LW 28 Karolos Georgiou Mosfleet Albion AS Catamouge $150,000
GK 37 Honor Ré Munster AFC Mosfleet Albion $120,000
GK 29 Beatrice Samuelson Scolastico Chipping Sersbrek $100,000
CB 33 Lazaros Grimaldi Munster AFC Chipping Sersbrek $60,000
LB 31 Benni Musco Italia Mosfleet Sablegaard $50,000
CM 26 Sybil Spiros FC Campina AS Catamouge $40,000
CF 25 Astoria Willard Scolastico Hellenic SC $25,000
CF 26 Lucia Roma Mosfleet Albion Indipendiente $25,000
RW 26 London Haines AS Samita Chipping Sersbrek $10,000
RW 28 Aniketos Giannopoulos Scolastico Meridionale $10,000
CB 25 Aden Porto Scolastico Meridionale $8,000
CF 22 Aloisio Courtney Estdalle Beaucester Rovers $5,000
LB 26 Alessandro Samuels AS Samita Torbrek $0
GK 36 Milford Westley AS Samita Diepfleet Marine $0
CM 34 Megan Endicott Hellenic SC Citacaldo $0
CB 37 Emanuela Haywood Hellenic SC Campeto Macchinisti $0
RB 37 Leonora Laterza Hellenic SC AFC Marshfleet $0
RB 29 Luca Legrand Hellenic SC Campeto Victoria $0
LB 38 Ethelyn Woodhams Sablegaard Cipaholm $0
CB 39 Linsay Fleming AS Catamouge Clicort $0
CB 27 Paolo Maple Italia Mosfleet Scolastico LOAN
CB 24 Chariklia Albini Sporting Transvers AS Catamouge LOAN
GK 21 Arjan Sycamore Italia Mosfleet AS Samita LOAN
CM 16 Apostolis Cook AS Samita Chipping Sersbrek LOAN
CM 17 Brian Jomini Scolastico Estdalle LOAN
RW 17 Scogli Parcheggiatore Italia Mosfleet Sporting Transvers LOAN
CF 22 Dick Anderson Mosfleet Albion AS Catamouge LOAN
CM 15 Erika Salvaggi Scolastico Sablegaard LOAN
GK 18 Tobin Phelps Italia Mosfleet Munster AFC LOAN
ST 18 Bertrando Gentile Italia Mosfleet Diepfleet LOAN
CM 17 Andrew Nova Mosfleet Albion Indipendiente LOAN
CF 18 Anna Alfrero Scolastico Meridionale LOAN
ST 20 Enya Miller Hellenic SC Meridionale LOAN
CF 21 Koralia Marinos Hellenic SC Epvalle AFC LOAN
RW 17 Sela Kendall Estdalle Diepfleet Marine LOAN
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The Title Fight

Italia Mosfleet
Key Facts

Location: Latin Quarter, Mosfleet
Stadium: Stadio Luca Spaletti (20,800 Capacity)
Manager: Alfredo Servetto
Captain: Mario Freschi
Last Season: League: 1st, 64 points - Island Trophy: SF - Super Cup: SF
Titles: 31x League, 25x Trophy, 22x Super Cup

First Team
Pos. Name Age
GK Andrea Silver 29 Image
LB Monica Rossellini 34 Image
CB Casper Betania 27 Image
CB Harry Etherings 26 Image
CB Pier Jardine 24 Image
RB Jenny Scoular 30 Image
CM Vita Speight 22 Image
CM Andreas Melhus 17 Image
LW Lauretta Hightower 22 Image
CF Vesper Benedetti 19 Image
RW Katie Newell 27 Image

GK Ian Garavakos 21 Image
LB Karlo Stvrtnik 25 Image
CB Mario Freschi 34 Image
CB Luigi Pozzo 21 Image
CM Singh Gacha 27 Image
LW Tommy Day 26 Image
RW/CF Elise Rivera 27 Image
CF Alexei Garonz 26 Image
RW Sasha Chichikov 26 Image
LW Gaspare Rotolo 23 Image
CM Leonida Clifton 34 Image
RB Guglielmo Rocho 16 Image
GK Leandra Abbaticchio 16 Image

It's not supposed to be that difficult. Last season, Italia were taken to the final day to secure the league, their only silverware of the season. Not only did it take until the final day, they were a last minute penalty save away from being beaten to it by AS Samita. There's been a consensus that this simply cannot happen again.

Many expected the club to act aggressively in the transfer market, this being their usual reaction to such a close shave, but instead Servetto has opted to sit relatively still. Stvrtnik arrives to compete for Rossellini's position, he's likely to end up taking over from her. Elsewhere and ageing striker Angelo Bernardini has had his career at Italia cut short, shipped out to Chedo Club for free. Servetto has instead highlighted the strengthening carried out in January, with players such as Betania, Chichikov and Rivera being key in the run-in when injuries took their toll.

With Benedetti fit and firing again, Italia hope that they can push back on this season. Securing the league is a minimum requirement here, although Samita and Hellenic look ominous. Servetto knows there's increasing hopes of a run in an IFCF competition, and he will be under pressure to transform their playing style to get more out of the team. It remains to be seen if he can manage it.

AS Samita
Key Facts

Location: Samita, Mosfleet
Stadium: Sallust Park (10,000 Capacity)
Manager: Xanthi Kostis
Last Season: League: 2nd, 64 points - Island Trophy: Winners - Super Cup: F
Titles: 1x Island Trophy, 1x Super Cup

First Team
Pos. Name Age
GK Arjan Sycamore 21 Image
LB Dzeljana Balog 25 Image
CB Antonio Silva 19 Image
CB Ranj Cheynar 24 Image
RB Roberto Palm 23 Image
AM/LW Camilo Galán Muñoz 29 Image
CDM Erin Marshlily 21 Image
CM Ambrosios Catalano 29 Image
LW Lara Beaugemont 23 Image
CF George Byng 21 Image
RW Sasha Malykhin 18 Image

GK Fernanda Carter 33 Image
LB Kolby Trapani 30 Image
CB Kathryn Nicholls 39 Image
CB Cedric Morin 23 Image
CM Lucetta Nieddu 29 Image
CM Devin Traverso 24 Image
AM Jolie Stacks 23 Image
LW Branden Eady 19 Image
LW Griffin Breda 22 Image
RW Stephanie Watson 20 Image
CF William Nicholas 24 Image
CF Brendan Stokes 24 Image
CB Nola Cuoco 28 Image
CM Danilo Brandon 35 Image

So, how would AS Samita respond to losing the title on the last day, and their best player in the transfer window? Few expected it to be the purchase of the most promising midfielder in the multiverse, and squad building to aim to claim that first ever title.

When George Byng sent his penalty wide, Samita fans thought their only ever chance of claiming the league was likely gone. They could be forgiven for such pessimism. Clubs outside of Albion and Italia rarely make more than one attempt at bagging the big pot, but Samita's hierarchy have worked some magic. Kit Simmons; captain, leader, defensive genius had gone for a record fee. To fill the hole? Possibly one of the hottest properties in the world. A midfield who had aided her nation to a World Cup Semi-Final. On top of that, an upgrade in the centre of defence and a solid replacement for Ian Garavakos.

Marshlily adds a level of quality no Elmyian side has likely ever seen, AS Samita might not have quite so deep a squad, but they now possess what is likely the strongest starting XI of any team in the league. With Xanthi Kostis ready to flex her tactical genius, get ready for another title challenge.

IFCF Chasers

Mosfleet Albion
Key Facts

Location: Portside, Mosfleet
Stadium: Tollington Park (27,500 Capacity)
Manager: Paula Kidd
Captain: Henrietta Ferrier
Last Season: League: 2nd, 64 points - Island Trophy: R3 - Super Cup: QF
Titles: 29x League, 25x Trophy, 21x Super Cup

First Team
GK Oscar Wilton 26 Image
LB Jimmy Dickinson 27 Image
CB Henrietta Ferrier 33 Image
CB Peter Bracknell 23 Image
RB Noura al Bakri 27 Image
CM Athanasios Marinos 17 Image
CM Hannah Wellington 32 Image
CM Li Zheng 27 Image
LW Mia Benoit 19 Image
ST Ann-Sofi Grankvist 28 Image
RW Jari Juups 23 Image

GK Honor Ré 37 Image
LB Delia Mussali 16 Image
CB Giocomo Guthro 17 Image
CB Goddard Boon 28 Image
RB Guillame Fekir 18 Image
CM Fran Pine 25 Image
CDM John Severn 22 Image
CM Andrew Nova 17 Image
AM Josphine Sellers 23 Image
LW/CF Addison Gray 33 Image
RM Osip Kuznetsov 23 Image
ST Luise Elly-Fant 20 Image
RW Andreas Serrata 26 Image
LB Sebastiano Noschese 37 Image

Albion's long term strategy has become somewhat clearer this year. It's been a huge overhaul. 4 long-term first team starters are gone. Butler, Flewin, Ducharne and Harris. All were regulars last season, three of them for much of the last decade. So what is Kidd trying to do now?

The focus has clearly been on bringing in younger, hungrier players. A new model for a team used to feasting on proven talent. Benoit and Marinos are two of Elmyia's most promising u21s, Jari Juups is another strong acquisition as a member of the Xannerian squad. Luise Elly-Fant and Osip Kuznetsov are further punts on young free agents. Ann-Sofi Grankvist and Addison Gray both arrive from Tikariot however, to add some win-now experience. Paula Kidd has set out her tactical stall with a 4-3-3, it'll be interesting to see how she seeks to use her new tools to take the team forward.

Albion are still smarting from their worst season in living memory. Backed in the transfer market, Kidd can realistically do no worse than second and a trophy and be secure in her position. Fans are desperate for any sign of comeback, can the star studded front three deliver?

Key Facts

Location: Parkway, Beaucester
Stadium: Estadio Gioventu (5,000 Capacity)
Manager: Leila Whelk
Captain: Estelle Melde
Last Season: League: 4th, 59 points - Island Trophy: F - Super Cup: QF
Titles: 2x League, 2x Trophy, 3x Super Cup

First Team

GK Allison Nash 23 Image
LB Marta Oak 24 Image
CB Paolo Maple 27 Image
CB Mary Romero 21 Image
CB Perry Chambers 30 Image
RB Jane Beresford 23 Image
CM/AM Tricia Cray 31 Image
CM/AM Estelle Melde 29 Image
LM/AM Quarto Bevilacqua 22 Image
CAM Max Lonsdale 27 Image
CF Gavriil Shurygin 23 Image

GK Sophia Masson 34 Image
LB Kyrie Antonis 25 Image
CB Arnaldo Knaggs 34 Image
CB Abigayle Pilgrim 35 Image
RB Mikki Colt 30 Image
CM Nico Spalding 23 Image
CM Tamsin Rowe 17 Image
LW Misha Surnin 17 Image
LW Trix Moon 22 Image
RW Luca Blanc 31 Image
ST Sean Conley 25 Image
CF Maddox Noel 23 Image
CF Elena Sparamouchi 40 Image

Concern over the post-Massi transition was calmed last year, as Leila Whelk delivered a barnstorming brand of football, bringing the team to one domestic trophy and leaving them just short of IFCF qualification. A 3-4-3 with a box midfield, they remain the most tactically innovate team in the league.

Whisper it quietly, but Scolastico have once again had a good window. Squad fillers and bed blockers have been shifted down the domestic leagues, whilst a couple of promising free agents and one key signing have come the other way. Allison Nash is goal is a big upgrade on Masson, and will aid the side at the back, an areas where they have struggled before. Besides that Chambers represents an upgrade on what they had before at centre-back, and Surnin represents the sort of backup who they will trust to cover cup games and the odd league start.

Scolastico must realistically be looking at either bagging some silverware, or targetting the top three slots for IFCF qualification. Whelk's system has the capabiility to tear other teams apart, three attackers, 2 good midfielders and 2 full-backs bombing forward and circulating to confound other teams. At it's worst, they might pull themselves apart.

Hellenic Sports Club
Key Facts

Location: Little Athens, Beaucester
Stadium: Stadio Delphi (15,000 Capacity)
Manager: Dimitris Samaras
Captain: Maria Grosso
Last Season: League: 5th, 56 points - Island Trophy: R3 - Super Cup: Winners
Titles: 1x Trophy, 4x Super Cup

First Team

GK Tatiana Mikou 32 Image
LB/RB Mac Salt 34 Image
CB Yuri Bressnikov 26 Image
CB Maria Grosso 29 Image
CB Mina Cleja 25 Image
RB Joanna Swärdh 18 Image
CM Len Phillips 29 Image
CDM Claudia Willow 25 Image
CM Peire de Baingneus 27 Image
AM Baldur Márusson 18 Image
CF Vykintas Vasiliauskas 28 Image

GK Kurtis Michelakis 30 Image
LB Deena Cocks 36 Image
CB Pirita Ilves 32
CB Lemoine Farran 23 Image
CB Lee Abramson 24 Image
RB Onufriy Bjorklund 27 Image
CM Zev Antley 31 Image
CM Astor Martel 33 Image
CM Breann Thomas 23 Image
AM Venetia Mathers 22 Image
CF Gus Stefanidis 25 Image
LB Orinda Henry 26 Image
CF Astoria Willard 25 Image
LB Lorainne Bulgarelli 30 Image
CM Giuliano Ventura 31 Image
CF Jaimie Swift 33 Image

For such a well supported club, last season's silverware was a godsend. For all they clearly relied on Marakakis and Vasiliauskas on doing something, they bagged a pot, an IFCF place and the chance to continue growing. Yet, for all of this, a decent transfer window has fans in hope.

Zeribayev may have gone home, and Marakakis to bigger horizons, but the club have invested to replace these stars. In comes Oberouran ace de Baingneus and Snow Wolves ace Márusson. Highlight reels of both have made significant rounds in the Hellenic social media world, both have the potential to add something to how the side play. Márusson arrives fresh, but his ability to put his team on the front foot with a variety of aggressive passes and fearless dribbling made him the youth prospect de jour. de Baingneus, meanwhile, is a star for the Oberouran national side and adds not only defensive capability, but also adds a passing range uncommon for most defensive midfielders.

It's hard to say where Hellenic's sight should be set this season. With a large fanbase and a decent squad, cracking the top 3 and a good run in either cup would set them up well to push forwards. They have all the ingredience to become the third force in Elmyian football, but such a target has long been the white whale of many.

Probably Safe?

Sporting Transvers
Key Facts

Location: Transvers, Mosfleet
Stadium: Subla Bridge (7,500 Capacity)
Manager: Andre Verto
Captain: Theofanis Metaxas
Last Season: League: 3rd, 60 points - Island Trophy: SF - Super Cup: QF
Titles: None

First Team

GK Alicia Sparaterro 27 Image
LB Effimia Bonaventura 24 Image
CB Sotiria Ronchi 20 Image
CB Theofanis Metaxas 38 Image
RB Pilar Coppola - PFA 34 Image
CM Giorgio Mezzini 32 Image
DM Baily Oppenheimer 24 Image
AM Nico Colca 17 Image
LW Xaver Bruckner 26 Image
CF Greta Moretti 36 Image
RW Ersilia Balboni 38 Image

GK Martha Ball 17 Image
LB Varvara Demetriou 40 Image
CB Rodrigo Brioschi 29 Image
RB Grazia Levi 30 Image
CM Antonio Robustelli 32 Image
CM Pinelopi Ruzzier 19 Image
LW Angiolo Ferrari 20 Image
RW Scogli Parcheggiatore 17 Image
CF Derrick Sharps 34 Image
GK Gary Porter 19 Image
CB Maurizia Fiore 16 Image
RW Stefanos Pittaluga 34 Image

Sporting Transvers are coming off the most successful season in their history, richer in memories but poorer in players. Young starlet Marinos heads off out the door, so where exactly do this team from one of the more unfashionable areas of Mosfleet go next?

Well, there's very little in the way of movement otherwise, one fringe player loaned out and a bench option in Parcheggiatore loaned in. Transvers haven't indulged in the same level of splash that rival Samita have. They will be relying on Verto continuining to deploy the sort of possession based football they saw last season, with them punching well above their weight. The midfield still looks talented, Oppenheimer is better than expected anchoring, whilst Mezzini and Colca are supreme talents, Robustelli also lies in reserve to add some muscle to the operation. Bruckner may be likely the sole outlet upfront, but Parcheggiatore could do damage from the bench.

What they have is plenty for the Elmyian league, but last season's overperformance might be hard to match. That required the full commitment of each player in each game, something hard to draw on for a second season in familiar circumstances.

Key Facts

Location: The Promenade, Sablegaard
Stadium: La Cauchie (11,500 Capacity)
Manager: Neil Carrick
Captain: Genesio Chapman
Last Season: League: 7th, 46 points - Island Trophy: QF - Super Cup: R2
Titles: 2x Island Trophy

First Team

GK Jeanette Rey 30 Image
LB Jane Albrook 21 Image
CB Freddie Segreti 26 Image
CB Nevio Faulkner 24 Image
CB Aurelian Niehaus 35 Image
RB Kallie Marlowe 23 Image
CM Genesio Chapman 29 Image
CM Erika Salvaggi 15 Image
LW Wendy Spruce 27 Image
ST Rebecca Dalla 20 Image
RW Carlo Beluigi 34 Image

GK Oddo Hooker 37 Image
LB Benni Musco 31 Image
CB Albertina Savage 34 Image
CB Easter Herbertson 24 Image
RB Sadie Clark 16 Image
CM Agapios Derrickson 33 Image
CM Clara Aloisi 32 Image
LW Massimiliano Baldini 20 Image
CF Ferruccio De Vito 35 Image
AM Maximilian Stevens 24 Image
RW Shelagh Johns 27 Image
CB Earline Nanni 35 Image
CF Roberta Bray 34 Image
CB Flossie Martelli 34 Image

It remains an open question as to just how long Sablegaard can continue to tread water. After another season where they finish 7th and fail to make a cup run, they yet again sell off their best assets and do a minimal refresh with other teams cast-offs.

Some of the acquisitions have actually systematically targetted long term weaknesses. A team lacking wingers now have the services of national team vbeteran Carlo Beluigi to call on, in addition to a young stiker in Dalla and prodigy Salvaggi. Neil Carrick likes his players to find their own solutions on the pitch, this has tended to include wingabcks bombing on to cause trouble, he finally has the wide players to make this a little more profitable. Some smart tactical wrangling, but mostly the genius of Albrook saved him last season, will it be enough this time?

This is a pretty exciting core. Yet, Kastrinakis heads out of the door, Elisa Gabbiadini, the player who got bums on, and subsequently out of, seats is gone. Sablegaard have once again been forced to sell, will twisting for another set of unproven talents and ageing legends save them again? Probably.

AS Catamouge
Key Facts

Location: El Crocette, Catamouge
Stadium: Citta De Fatica (14,000 Capacity)
Manager: Pierre Rossi
Captain: Arleen Carboni
Last Season: League: Div 2 1st, 78 points - Island Trophy: R2 - Super Cup: QF
Titles: 5x League, 5x Trophy, 3x Super Cup

First Team

GK Arleen Carboni 40 Image
LB Oscar Gonzalez 25 Image
CB Bev Lama 22 Image
CB Dawn Mead 22 Image
RCB/CB Igor Arnuu 30 Image
RB Matilde Pizan 30 Image
CM Marina Kuhl 21 Image
CM Celia Purcell 21 Image
LW Karolos Georgiou 28 Image
CF Dick Anderson 22 Image
RW Donato Ventura 28 Image

GK Grégoire Martel 31 Image
LB Erminio Auteberry 28 Image
CB Hamilton Wyndham 37 Image
CB Chariklia Albini 24 Image
RB Leila Morgan 17 Image
CM Sybil Spiros 26 Image
CM Johnie Amato 25 Image
RW Panagiotis Andreas 25 Image
LB Christabel Abramo 29 Image
RB Ernestina Sorrentino 34 Image
CM Karen Alessandri 34 Image
CF Moss Bloxham 24 Image
LW Jaslyn Swift 30 Image
CM Aubrey Goodwin 28 Image

Catamouge are back, several stars short of where they left but ready to have another crack at Division 1. In truth, they truly should have enough about them to stay up, and frankly they went down with a side that would've been better suited to battling for the title, rather than against relegation.

Transfer business has solidified a squad that truly could challenge in this league. Kuhl, Purcell and Pizan are all on the radar of Porras for the national team, and Arnuu, Gonzalez and Anderson were all big targets for other division 1 squads. In Division 2 their safety first football was sometimes to their detriment, allowing weaker teams the room to breathe, here it should be a strength in allowing them the clean sheets and defensive nous to keep other sides out. They do look a little light upfront currently, cast-offs Georrgiou and Anderson will need to prove they can cut the mustard.

Catamouge are one of the nation's most decorated clubs and can rely on a partisan home town crowd to make Citta De Fatica a fortress. Yet, outside of three players do they have the talent to push themselves towards the top half of the table?

Relegation Dogfight

Key Facts

Location: Estdalle
Stadium: Morpeth Road (8,500 Capacity)
Manager: Carmen Marchini
Captain: Anna Maria Headley
Last Season: League: 8th, 35 points - Island Trophy: QF - Super Cup: R1
Titles: 1x Super Cup

First Team

GK Tristin Woodward 31 Image
LB Liz Karanski 17 Image
CB Liberatore Nanni 21 Image
CB Gabriella Fuller 28 Image
CB Grady Moores 27 Image
RB Antonia Papadimitriou 19 Image
CM Christopher Elvis 33 Image
CM Steph Hayes 34 Image
LW Maddy Best 29 Image
CF Rossa Capello 35 Image
RW Anna Maria Headley 38 Image

GK Ness Gates 17 Image
LB Lucia Crewe 25 Image
CB Nicostrato Alagona 28 Image
CB Hope Cook 37 Image
RB Iris Gibson 25 Image
CM Gretta Bell 37 Image
CM Brian Jomini 17 Image
LW Minnie Huxtable 28 Image
CF Rodney Baggi 30 Image
RW Mary Jo Capitani 34 Image
CF Caryl Newman 28 Image
GK Hannah Windsor 39 Image
CM Toria De Filippis 33 Image

Marchini secured Estdalle's survival last season, but it came by the thinnest of margins in the end. In the second to last weekend of the season, they were lucky to be facing a slumping Albion with little to play for, as well as the oddly poor form of Munster and Diepfleet. Can they do it again?

Estdalle's recruitment has hardly blazed a trail over the summer. Only one player has come in to fresh the ageing core of the squad, Jomini in on loan from Scolastico. He constitutes a solid player for the bench and one to develop, otherwise they're relying on an increasingly ageing core to deliver for them again. Headley and Best on the wings are by far their best players, trusted to deliver with most of the rest of the team dedicated to defending, they will once again feed off scraps. At 38 does Headley have the legs for another season? They will have to hope so. Last season saw some gutsy performances, but second season syndrome is always more potent for sides that rely on blood and guts over planning.

With a decent manager and committed players, Estdalle have some of the qualities that can allow a small club to survive the relegation fight. They have rarely done more than 1 season in the top flight and they don't look well-equipped to secure a third season in the top division.

Chipping Sersbrek
Key Facts

Location: Chipping Sersbrek
Stadium: Beaucester Road Stadium (7,800 Capacity)
Manager: Gary Horgan
Captain: Lazaros Grimaldi
Last Season: League: Div. 2 2nd, 59 points - Island Trophy: R3 - Super Cup: R2
Titles: -

First Team

GK Beatrice Samuelson 29 Image
LB Bryan Steeler 33 Image
CB Lazaros Grimaldi 33 Image
CB Bridget Woodcock 33 Image
RB Marsha Warren 35 Image
CM Yianna Moss 22 Image
CDM Barney Howard 16 Image
LW Casimiro Bruno 17 Image
AM Guillame Barlow 18 Image
RW Violet Haynes 32 Image
ST Thorsby Mordov 30 Image

GK Rolo Lawson 18 Image
LB Bambi Rome 31 Image
CB Breana Roderick 16 Image
CB Breann Cobb 29 Image
RB Zoé Corey 35 Image
CM Apostolis Cook 16 Image
CM Tecla Aloi 40 Image
AM Bert Colton 26 Image
RW London Haines 26 Image
CF Will Simons 40 Image
CF Elwyn Harper 33 Image

Chipping Sersbrek are a weird club, not representing a large town as it was, they struggle to compete with the local rugby club for attention despite that club's relative lack of success. Regardless, playing an unusual 4-2-3-1, Horgan's side have managed to go up.

Having waited until the last day to secure promotion, Horgan had said there would be 'major surgery' to keep them up the next year, a feat they haven't managed for decades. Foreign experiences was brought in through the door, Steeler and Morodov sure up positions where they were light, and will be relied upon to see them to safety. Samuelson, Grimaldi, Haines and Cook were all surplus to requirement for other, bigger clubs in the league and they will need to kick on from what has seen before to be of help. Yianna Moss remains the star of this side, should they go down she will surely go. A dynamic box to box player, she was so often the difference for them last year. There is some youth in the side too, Casemiro Bruno has been particularly impressive off the left.

In a town with little enthusiasm for the sport, Sersbrek will be lacking a partisan crowd. However, managers before have found this to their benefit, as they've had the space to try things. With an unusual formation and a blend of youth and experience, Sersbrek might have more hope than thought.
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IFCF Qualifying Round 1
Northbrook Diamonds FK 0 – 2 Italia Mosfleet
Italia Mosfleet 4 - 0 Northbrook Diamonds FK (6-0 on aggregate)

Sporting Transvers 1 - 3 Mood
Mood 2 - 1 Sporting Transvers (5-2 on aggregate)

Hellenic SC 4 - 0 Beiyun Stars
Beiyun Stars 2 - 2 Hellenic SC (2-6 on aggregate)

Fuchou 1 - 1 AS Samita
AS Samita 0 - 1 Fuchou (AET, 1-2 on aggregate)

Inter Lopel 3 - 2 Beaucester Rovers
Beaucester Rovers 1 - 3 Inter Lopel (3-6 on aggregate)

Chipping Sersbrek 1 - 3 AC Melposa
AC Melposa 0 - 3 Chipping Sersbrek (AET, 3-4 on aggregate)

Matchday 1
Mosfleet Albion 0 - 1 Sporting Transvers
Italia Mosfleet 4 - 1 Sablegaard
Hellenic SC 1 - 1 Chipping Sersbrek
Estdalle 0 - 2 Scolastico
AS Samita 4 - 1 AS Catamouge

IFCF Qualifying Cont.
Hellenic SC 1 - 4 Nilayam United
Nilayam United 1 - 0 Hellenic SC (5-1 on aggregate)

Italia Mosfleet 2 - 0 Dí Maozöxê
Dí Maozöxê 1 - 0 Italia Mosfleet (1-2 on aggregate)

Luz das Estrelas SC. 4 - 2 AS Catamouge
AS Catamouge 0 - 3 Luz das Estrelas SC. (2-7 on aggregate)

PiOS 4 - 1 Chipping Sersbrek
Chipping Sersbrek 0 - 1 PiOS (1-5 on aggregate)

Matchday 2
Sablegaard 2 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Chipping Sersbrek 0 - 2 Italia Mosfleet
Scolastico 2 - 1 Hellenic SC
AS Catamouge 1 - 0 Estdalle
Sporting Transvers 0 - 2 AS Samita

IFCF Qualifying Cont.
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 0 Couno Rangers
Couno Rangers 1 - 2 Italia Mosfleet (1-4 on aggregate)

Falkner United 3 - 3 AS Catamouge
AS Catamouge 2 - 1 Falkner United (5-4 on aggregate)

Matchday 3
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 0 Chipping Sersbrek
Italia Mosfleet 1 - 1 Scolastico
Hellenic SC 1 - 2 AS Catamouge
Estdalle 0 - 1 AS Samita
Sablegaard 3 - 1 Sporting Transvers

Super Cup R1

Beaucester Rovers (2) 1 - 0 FC Campina (2)
Torbrek (2) 0 - 2 Sporting Transvers (1)
Indipendiente Sports Club (2) 3 - 1 Sablegaard (1)
Scolastico (1) 2 - 0 Epvalle AFC (2)
Estdalle (1) 1 - 2 Meridionale Sports Club (2)
Munster AFC (2) 0 - 2 Chipping Sersbrek (1)
Villemont (2) 2 - 4 Mosfleet Albion (1)
Diepfleet (2) 1 - 0 Diepfleet Marine (2)

Matchday 4
Scolastico 1 - 2 Mosfleet Albion
AS Catamouge 1 - 2 Italia Mosfleet
AS Samita 2 - 0 Hellenic SC
Sporting Transvers 1 - 2 Estdalle
Chipping Sersbrek 1 - 2 Sablegaard

IFCF Play-off Round
Italia Mosfleet 3 - 0 Marthorpe City FC
Marthorpe City FC 3 - 1 Italia Mosfleet (3-4 on aggregate)

Matchday 5
Mosfleet Albion 3 - 4 AS Catamouge
Italia Mosfleet 1 - 3 AS Samita
Hellenic SC 3 - 0 Estdalle
Sablegaard 3 - 2 Scolastico
Chipping Sersbrek 1 - 2 Sporting Transvers

Matchday 6
AS Samita 2 - 2 Mosfleet Albion
Estdalle 3 - 3 Italia Mosfleet
Sporting Transvers 3 - 3 Hellenic SC
AS Catamouge 0 - 0 Sablegaard
Scolastico 3 - 1 Chipping Sersbrek

Matchday 7
Mosfleet Albion 0 - 0 Estdalle
Italia Mosfleet 0 - 1 Hellenic SC
Sablegaard 1 - 1 AS Samita
Chipping Sersbrek 4 - 3 AS Catamouge
Scolastico 1 - 2 Sporting Transvers

Matchday 8
Hellenic SC 1 - 1 Mosfleet Albion
Sporting Transvers 2 - 0 Italia Mosfleet
Estdalle 2 - 0 Sablegaard
AS Samita 3 - 0 Chipping Sersbrek
AS Catamouge 1 - 3 Scolastico

Super Cup R2
Beaucester Rovers (2) 3 - 1 Indipendiente Sports Club (2)
Chipping Sersbrek (1) 1 - 2 Mosfleet Albion (1)
Meridionale Sports Club (2) 0 - 0 Diepfleet (2)
Sporting Transvers (1) 2 - 2 Scolastico (1)

Matchday 9
Mosfleet Albion 0 - 4 Italia Mosfleet
Sablegaard 1 - 3 Hellenic SC
Chipping Sersbrek 0 - 1 Estdalle
Scolastico 0 - 2 AS Samita
AS Catamouge 2 - 2 Sporting Transvers

Super Cup R2 Replay
Diepfleet (2) 0 - 2 Meridionale Sports Club (2)
Scolastico (1) 2 - 0 Sporting Transvers (1)

Italia Mosfleet 1 - 2 Algolia AC
Inura Forests 3 - 0 AS Catamouge

Matchday 10
Sporting Transvers 3 - 1 Mosfleet Albion
Sablegaard 0 - 4 Italia Mosfleet
Chipping Sersbrek 0 - 0 Hellenic SC
Scolastico 0 - 3 Estdalle
AS Catamouge 0 - 1 AS Samita

Italia Mosfleet 1 - 1 AC Izotz Zubia
AS Catamouge 3 - 2 Daedonggang 3.26

Matchday 11
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 0 Sablegaard
Italia Mosfleet 3 - 3 Chipping Sersbrek
Hellenic SC 0 - 0 Scolastico
Estdalle 2 - 2 AS Catamouge
AS Samita 1 - 0 Sporting Transvers

Keppal Cosmos 2 - 3 Italia Mosfleet
SET ME FREE 1 - 2 AS Catamouge

Matchday 12
Chipping Sersbrek 0 - 1 Mosfleet Albion
Scolastico 1 - 1 Italia Mosfleet
AS Catamouge 0 - 0 Hellenic SC
AS Samita 2 - 1 Estdalle
Sporting Transvers 2 - 1 Sablegaard

AC Izotz Zubia 1 - 1 Italia Mosfleet
Daedonggang 3.26 1 - 1 AS Catamouge

Pos. Team		Pld  W  D  L    F  A  GD  PTS
1 AS Samita 12 10 2 0 24 6 18 32
2 Sporting Transvers 12 6 2 4 19 17 2 20
3 Italia Mosfleet 12 5 4 3 25 16 9 19
4 Hellenic SC 12 3 6 3 14 12 2 15
5 Estdalle 12 4 3 5 14 15 -1 15
6 Scolastico 12 4 3 5 16 17 -1 15
7 Mosfleet Albion 12 4 3 5 12 18 -6 15
8 Sablegaard 12 4 2 6 14 21 -7 14
9 AS Catamouge 12 3 4 5 17 22 -5 13
10 Chipping Sersbrek 12 1 3 8 11 22 -11 6

1. Vykintas Vasiliauskas (Hellenic SC) Image - 7
2. Xaver Bruckner (Sporting Transvers) Image - 6
=3. Maddy Best (Estdalle) Image - 5
=3. George Byng (AS Samita) Image - 5
=3. Jari Juups (Mosfleet Albion) Image - 5
=6. Rebecca Dalla (Sablegaard) Image - 4
=6. Lauretta Hightower (Italia Mosfleet) Image - 4
=6. Sasha Malykhin (AS Samita) Image - 4
9. (14 players tied on 3)

1. Lara Beaugemont (AS Samita) Image - 6
=2. Vesper Benedetti (Italia Mosfleet) Image - 5
=2. Nico Colca (Sporting Transvers) Image - 5
=4. Jane Albrook (Sablegaard) Image - 4
=4. Quarto Bevilacqua (Scolastico) Image - 4
=6. (Ten players tied on 3)

=1. Vesper Benedetti (Italia Mosfleet) Image - 8
=1. Lara Beaugemont (AS Samita) Image - 8
=3. Maddy Best (Estdalle) Image - 7
=3. Quarto Bevilacqua (Scolastico) Image - 7
=3. Xaver Bruckner (Sporting Tranvers) Image - 7
=3. George Byng (AS Samita) Image - 7
=3. Nico Colca (Sporting Transvers)Image - 7
=3. Vykintas Vasiliauskas (Hellenic SC) Image - 7

1. Erin Marshlily (AS Samita - CDM) Image - 8.9
2. Vesper Benedetti (Italia Mosfleet - CF) Image - 8.2
3. Lara Beaugemont (AS Samita - LW) Image - 7.9
4. Sasha Malykhin - (AS Samita - RW) Image - 7.8
5. Vykintas Vasiliauskas (Hellenic SC - CF) Image - 7.7
6. Giorgio Mezzini (Sporting Transvers - CM) Image - 7.5
7. Antonio Silva (AS Samita - CB) Image - 7.4
8. Andreas Melhus (Italia Mosfleet - CM) Image - 7.3
9. George Byng (AS Samita - CF) Image - 7.2
10. Maria Grosso (Hellenic SC - CB) Image - 7.1
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The Overlap
The Contrasting Fates of the Midfield Rebuild

Two clubs came into the season needing to fill big boots in midfield, both saying goodbye to youthful prodigies who would take some smart manoeuvres to replace. Hellenic SC saw loanee Zeribayev out of the door, after a season of expertly pulling the strings in a cobbled together midfield. He was joined out the door by Anya Marakakis, in a shock switch to Tihon United. AS Samita saw an even bigger departure, with the talismanic Kit Simmons seeking greener pastures abroad.

Both clubs got busy in the market, and how. Hellenic's business, in isolation, would've previously been viewed as shocking, big money moves. Peire de Baingneus, a full Oberouran international, came through the door for an undisclosed fee, whilst Græntfjallan prodigy Baldur Márusson came through to provide supply to Vasiliauskas up front. All in all, they surely must've outspent any savings from fees. Their business, however, was dwarfed by AS Samita's foray. Landing full Græntfjallan international, Erin Marshlily, one of the most talented midfielders on the market for a record Elmyian fee (spent or received) of $9 million. This was a truly ridiculous move, one where the club have bet the house on winning the league to recoup their costs. So far, however, it's the riskier gamble that seems to be paying off.

First to the rebuild that seems to be floundering. Hellenic have switched their formation to accommodate the new arrivals, having a 5-diamond-1 formation, with de Baingneus and Len Phillips on the sides, Márusson up top and Willow anchoring. Consequently, they've almost entirely abandoned having width in their system, with the full-backs liable to sit back, they've struggle to build through the stages. It doesn't seem to have helped that de Baingneus has requested a more attacking role, but seems to have simply been given licence to push up and central, him and Márusson have often found themselves competing for space. De Baingneus has been the more productive in this position however, 1 goal and 2 assists an average return, feeding Vasiliauskas ahead of him. Len Phillips, however, has outstripped both, which given he's considered a waning talent is concerning.

There are questions as to whether this formation is working for Hellenic, there are three midfielders performing a relatively attacking function, all behind a superlative striker who could maybe use more of a compliment to his talent. For all the hype about Márusson, questions remain as to whether Enya Miller could perform a more complementary role to the Brookstationian marksman.

Hellenic's rebuild was ambitious, but AS Samita were potentially taking more of a risk. Generational talent Kit Simmons headed out the door, and in place came a statement signing designed to transform the way they play. Where Simmons had been asked to sit and put out fires, a job he performed to perfection, Erin Marshlily would be asked to spray passes and occasionally foray forwards, with the added insurance of Cheynar now in the backline. It's a role she's performed to perfection so far, but 3 goals (all from outside the box) and 2 assists doesn't really cover it.

Samita sit top of the league, deservedly so, the key feature of which has been Marshlily's control of games. Where Simmons could put out the fires to allow chaos to reign, she has instigated a series of strangulations, oppositions deprived of the ball, up against efficiency itself. Those around her have flourished, Muñoz and Catalano look a step above with her at the base of midfield, and the front three have used this control to assault other teams with vigour. Marshlily's most telling contribution came in the 3-1 away win to Italia Mosfleet, Melhus and Speight are a classy outfit in themselves, but they looked lost. Stuck chasing shadows, both also struggled to complete anything other than the most sideways or backward of passes.

12 points clear already, some are already calling the league for Samita. Hellenic are 17 points back and might be turning their attention to other competitions. Clearly big splashes in the transfer market are no guarantee of success, but the largest fee seems to have bagged the largest reward. Italia will surely be considering what they can do to strike back, but for now those at Sallust Park will be confident of going one better than last season.
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Matchday 13
Mosfleet Albion 2 - 0 Scolastico
Italia Mosfleet 3 - 1 AS Catamouge
Hellenic SC 0 - 1 AS Samita
Estdalle 2 - 2 Sporting Transvers
Sablegaard 0 - 1 Chipping Sersbrek
Matchday 14
AS Catamouge 0 - 2 Mosfleet Albion
AS Samita 0 - 1 Italia Mosfleet
Estdalle 1 - 3 Hellenic SC
Scolastico 2 - 0 Sablegaard
Sporting Transvers 1 - 1 Chipping Sersbrek
Scolastico (1) 0 - 3 AS Samita (1)
Mosfleet Albion (1) 4 - 1 AS Catamouge (1)
Beaucester Rovers (2) 1 - 2 Meridionale Sports Club (2)
Hellenic Sports Club (1) 1 - 1 Italia Mosfleet (1)

The Beaucester Gazette
Horror Tackle Ends Marshlily's Season
Will it end AS Samita's title push too?

It really wasn't the sort of day where many will be left thinking about the result. When you've had something like that happen, talk turns. Marshlily's season certainly looks over, she could face issues for the rest of her career. News from the scans were bad, Marshlily's ACL was torn severely and would require surgery to reconstruct. After her electric start to the season for AS Samita, questions need to be asked as to whether their season ends here.

The game itself was an ugly, brutish affair. Marshlily's technical excellence was on full display, yet their nearest title rivals set out purely to spoil. The villains of the piece were Vita Speight and Vesper Benedetti, both far more stylish than they were asked to play here, they engaged in a series of knocks, kicks and niggling fouls to try and throw the game. Come 50 minutes, however, and the game was settled in the ugliest possible fashion. Benedetti went in this time, hard. Clearly aiming a tackle to intimidate his opponent, Marshlily's knee twisted in a manner that looked deeply unnatural. She was on the floor until she was stretchered off, clearly in a great deal of distress. Benedetti received only a yellow for this infringement. The home crowd were incensed at a piece of play that seemed cynical, brutish and had gone largely unpunished.

Benedetti took the winning goal himself later, leading to another roar of opprobrium from the crowd. Police had to hold the fans back from kicking their way into the Italia fan's pen. Media went into overdrive, this was a moral outrage and everyone demanded a say, concern circulated about the Elmyian game's reputation abroad. Elmyian football has not yet witnessed a moral panic on this scale, Italia's tactics fell under the microscope.

The title holder's start to the season hasn't exactly gone off without a hitch. Samita have steamrollered ahead with attractive, attacking football, whilst they have struggled to make headway. A convincing win last week against AS Catamouge had shown a different side to them, there was a fair bit of simulation and some tasty tackles put in by Speight in a role as a midfield enforcer. Catamouge fans had been deeply unhappy, but facing up against their title rivals has brought a whole lot more scrutiny to the team.

13 points removed from the top of the table, Servetto had made clear they were here for the result alone, he 'didn't mind how we get it'. These words have subsequently been thrown back in his face, but he remains unrepentant, calling it 'an important win' and Benedetti's challenge 'tough, but lacking in malice'. Whether this will fuel AS Samita's desire to maintain their lead, or is a tactic that will bag a 4th title in a row remains to be seen.

Questions remain as to how deliberate the tackle was. Benedetti did have his eyes on the ball, but was clearly happy to leave something on his opponent. Previously a player know largely for his application and silkiness, this new role as hatchman seems to be one that he has picked up with a detectable glee. It will be interesting to see if one of Elmyian football's most likebale and marketable properties takes up his new role as a tough tackling, no-nonsense sort of player who doesn't mind bending the rules to find an advantage.

Samita will need to avoid showing how keenly they miss Marshlily in coming weeks. Nieddu comes in as replacement, but this is a big drop off in quality, they'll be hoping that Catalano and Munoz can dig in for them in coming weeks. Worries persist that this could be the end for them, particularly if it dissuades Marshlily from remaining in the country for the long term.
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Quarter - Final Replay

Italia Mosfleet (1) 1 - 0 Hellenic Sports Club (1)

Semi - Finals

Meridionale Sports Club (2) 1 - 0 Mosfleet Albion (1)
Italia Mosfleet (1) 1 - 1 AS Samita (1)

Semi - Final Replay

AS Samita (1) 1 - 2 Italia Mosfleet (1)


Italia Mosfleet (1) 0 - 0 Meridionale Sports Club (2) (0 - 0 AET, 6 - 5 PKs)

Matchday 15
Mosfleet Albion 2 - 1 AS Samita
Italia Mosfleet 0 - 1 Estdalle
Hellenic SC 3 - 1 Sporting Transvers
Sablegaard 2 - 0 AS Catamouge
Chipping Sersbrek 0 - 4 Scolastico

Matchday 16
Estdalle 1 - 2 Mosfleet Albion
Hellenic SC 0 - 0 Italia Mosfleet
AS Samita 4 - 2 Sablegaard
AS Catamouge 1 - 2 Chipping Sersbrek
Sporting Transvers 3 - 2 Scolastico

Matchday 17
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 1 Hellenic SC
Italia Mosfleet 4 - 1 Sporting Transvers
Sablegaard 2 - 3 Estdalle
Chipping Sersbrek 1 - 1 AS Samita
Scolastico 2 - 1 AS Catamouge

Matchday 18
Italia Mosfleet 1 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Hellenic SC 1 - 0 Sablegaard
Estdalle 4 - 3 Chipping Sersbrek
AS Samita 5 - 2 Scolastico
Sporting Transvers 0 - 2 AS Catamouge

Matchday 19
Mosfleet Albion 3 - 2 Sporting Transvers
Italia Mosfleet 3 - 2 Sablegaard
Hellenic SC 4 - 0 Chipping Sersbrek
Estdalle 3 - 2 Scolastico
AS Samita 2 - 2 AS Catamouge

Matchday 20
Sablegaard 0 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Chipping Sersbrek 0 - 1 Italia Mosfleet
Scolastico 0 - 2 Hellenic SC
AS Catamouge 1 - 2 Estdalle
Sporting Transvers 0 - 0 AS Samita

Matchday 21
Mosfleet Albion 2 - 1 Chipping Sersbrek
Italia Mosfleet 5 - 2 Scolastico
Hellenic SC 3 - 2 AS Catamouge
Estdalle 3 - 0 AS Samita
Sablegaard 2 - 2 Sporting Transvers

Matchday 22
Scolastico 1 - 2 Mosfleet Albion
AS Catamouge 0 - 0 Italia Mosfleet
AS Samita 2 - 1 Hellenic SC
Sporting Transvers 1 - 1 Estdalle
Chipping Sersbrek 1 - 0 Sablegaard

Matchday 23
Mosfleet Albion 2 - 1 AS Catamouge
Italia Mosfleet 3 - 1 AS Samita
Hellenic SC 0 - 0 Estdalle
Sablegaard 1 - 3 Scolastico
Chipping Sersbrek 1 - 0 Sporting Transvers

Matchday 24
AS Samita 1 - 2 Mosfleet Albion
Estdalle 0 - 2 Italia Mosfleet
Sporting Transvers 1 - 0 Hellenic SC
AS Catamouge 1 - 1 Sablegaard
Scolastico 2 - 1 Chipping Sersbrek

Qualifying Round

Clicort (ne) 2 - 1 Corinthians (nw)
Campeto Macchinisti (ne) 1 - 1 Caela (nw)
Criqueporta (nw) 4 - 1 Daucester (ne)
Alond (ne) 3 - 1 Corsacre (nw)
Rotomac di Mare (ne) 1 - 1 Estfleet (ne)
Vilatia (nw) 0 - 1 Cipaholm (nw)

Qualifying Round Replays

Caela (nw) 0 - 2 Campeto Macchinisti (ne)
Estfleet (ne) 0 - 1 Rotomac di Mare (ne)

Round 1

Campeto Macchinisti (ne) 0 - 2 Varnamouge (ne)
Meridionale Sports Club (2) 1 - 0 Diepfleet Marine (2)
Campeto Victoria (ne) 1 - 0 Alond (ne)
Criqueporta (nw) 1 - 1 Beaucester Rovers (2)
Diepfleet (2) 3 - 0 Citacaldo (nw)
FC Campina (2) 1 - 2 Indipendiente Sports Club (2)
Rotomac di Mare (ne) 3 - 0 AS Saecer (ne)
Aventi (nw) 2 - 1 Senon (nw)
Munster AFC (2) 1 - 1 Villemont (2)
AFC Marshfleet (nw) 1 - 1 Merluzzia (ne)
Clicort (ne) 1 - 0 Epvalle AFC (2)
Cipaholm (nw) 0 - 2 Torbrek (2)

Round 1 Replay

Beaucester Rovers (2) 3 - 0 Criqueporta (nw)
Villemont (2) 2 - 1 Munster AFC (2)
Merluzzia (ne) 2 - 1 AFC Marshfleet (nw)

Round 2

Indipendiente Sports Club (2) 1 - 0 Beaucester Rovers (2)
Meridionale Sports Club (2) 3 - 1 Clicort (ne)
Diepfleet (2) 1 - 3 Merluzzia (ne)
Campeto Victoria (ne) 2 - 0 Torbrek (2)
Villemont (2) 6 - 2 Aventi (nw)
Varnamouge (ne) 3 - 0 Rotomac di Mare (ne)

Round 3

Chipping Sersbrek (1) 2 - 1 Hellenic Sports Club (1)
AS Catamouge (1) 2 - 1 Estdalle (1)
Villemont (2) 1 - 2 Italia Mosfleet (1)
Meridionale Sports Club (2) 2 - 0 Sablegaard (1)
Scolastico (1) 0 - 0 Sporting Transvers (1)
Indipendiente Sports Club (2) 1 - 3 Campeto Victoria (ne)
AS Samita (1) 3 - 0 Merluzzia (ne)
Varnamouge (ne) 0 - 2 Mosfleet Albion (1)

Round 3 Replay

Sporting Transvers (1) 0 - 0 Scolastico (1) (0 - 0 AET, 1 - 3 PKs)

Quarter - Finals

Italia Mosfleet (1) 1 - 1 AS Catamouge (1)
Mosfleet Albion (1) 0 - 1 Meridionale Sports Club (2)
Scolastico (1) 2 - 1 Chipping Sersbrek (1)
AS Samita (1) 3 - 2 Campeto Victoria (ne)

Quarter - Final Replay

AS Catamouge (1) 1 - 1 Italia Mosfleet (1) (1 - 3 AET)

Pos. Team		Pld  W	D  L   F  A  GD	PTS
1 Italia Mosfleet 24 14 6 4 48 24 24 48
2 AS Samita 24 14 5 5 42 25 17 47
3 Mosfleet Albion 24 13 5 6 32 28 4 44
4 Hellenic SC 24 9 9 6 32 21 11 36
5 Estdalle 24 10 6 8 35 33 2 36
6 Sporting Transvers 24 8 7 9 33 38 -5 31
7 Scolastico 24 9 3 12 38 42 -4 30
8 Sablegaard 24 5 5 14 26 42 -16 20
9 Chipping Sersbrek 24 5 5 14 23 42 -19 20
10 AS Catamouge 24 4 7 13 29 43 -14 19

The Overlap
I Am Become Bastard - Kicker of Ankles

There was a point last season where many wondered, what exactly does Vita Speight do? As a midfielder she had found herself a long way from the national team conversation, after years of being indispensable. Yet. Servetto kept her in his opening lineup. For all the talk that they'd be outmatched in midfield, or that she needed replacing, they have found for her a clear purpose. Namely, being the most effective wind-up merchant in the league.

When asked what instructions he provides her with, Servetto wasn't being coy when he said it was usually to "ruin someone's day." These days she is no longer notable for what she does with the ball, although her return of 10 goal involvements in 55 national team caps demonstrates that it was hardly ever her main talent. Speight's contribution to her side can be counted in the number of opposition players she has dispatched from the pitch in some manner or other.

The first real look at this side of her came in the game against AS Samita earlier in the season. Miles behind them in the league, Italia set about a nasty display, spearheaded by Speight kicking Marshlily off the pitch. It was Benedetti's tackle that ended her season, but Speight had spent the match clipping her ankles, getting elbows in and generally stopping her from playing, for a return of only a yellow card. This has been put on display time and time again, resulting in further injuries. Li Zheng of Albion has missed two months after the two played on matchday 18, Zheng certainly seemed to have had her ankles stamped on at one point. Chipping Sersbrek have also had to do without superstar Yianna Moss after a crunching tackle in matchday 20.

All three of these have had a huge impact on the season for all involved. Having taken a key player on the pitch, Italia have gone on to score the only goal of each match and win, a 6 point swing that makes the differences between 3rd and 1st for them. Despite this, she has kept the correct side of referees, 7 yellow cards and no dismissals so far. For Sersbrek it's also been costly, losing their best player for a stretch in a season where they're battling to survive is far from ideal.

More subtle than kicking the opposition's best player off the pitch is how Speight has caused opposing players to pickup cards. This may sound like blaming the victim, if you've not been watching Speight play. Niggling fouls are mixed in with time wasting, histrionics and sledging as is more usually seen in cricket. Speight has got in opposing players heads before. Anathasios Marinos was sent off in the aforementioned Albion game after booting her in the air, Quarto Bevilacqua of Scolastico for a hand to the face that was theatrically reacted to like a knockout punch. Many others have picked up yellows, almost all have played below their best under the barrage of irritation provided by the pocket-sized 23 year old.

Italia have slowly clawed their way back to the top of the league with this style of play. Flanked by Melhus, a player who's technical side has quietly flourished with someone else doing the dirty work, the midfield pair have been the grit that have helped them make up a huge early season points deficit. Title winning sides are rarely associated with such blatant negativity, but there's a certain sense to it for this lineup, from having the players available to suit and creating the sort of siege mentality helpful to keep a team motivated.
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Matchday 25
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 2 Estdalle
Italia Mosfleet 1 - 0 Hellenic SC
Sablegaard 1 - 2 AS Samita
Chipping Sersbrek 0 - 5 AS Catamouge
Scolastico 4 - 2 Sporting Transvers

Matchday 26
Hellenic SC 0 - 1 Mosfleet Albion
Sporting Transvers 0 - 4 Italia Mosfleet
Estdalle 1 - 4 Sablegaard
AS Samita 3 - 1 Chipping Sersbrek
AS Catamouge 1 - 2 Scolastico

Matchday 27
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 2 Italia Mosfleet
Sablegaard 1 - 0 Hellenic SC
Chipping Sersbrek 4 - 2 Estdalle
Scolastico 3 - 1 AS Samita
AS Catamouge 0 - 1 Sporting Transvers

Matchday 28
Sporting Transvers 2 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Sablegaard 0 - 2 Italia Mosfleet
Chipping Sersbrek 2 - 2 Hellenic SC
Scolastico 2 - 0 Estdalle
AS Catamouge 3 - 0 AS Samita

Matchday 29
Mosfleet Albion 3 - 1 Sablegaard
Italia Mosfleet 3 - 0 Chipping Sersbrek
Hellenic SC 2 - 0 Scolastico
Estdalle 3 - 3 AS Catamouge
AS Samita 3 - 1 Sporting Transvers

Matchday 30
Chipping Sersbrek 1 - 0 Mosfleet Albion
Scolastico 0 - 1 Italia Mosfleet
AS Catamouge 0 - 1 Hellenic SC
AS Samita 2 - 1 Estdalle
Sporting Transvers 1 - 2 Sablegaard

Matchday 31
Mosfleet Albion 0 - 0 Scolastico
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 1 AS Catamouge
Hellenic SC 4 - 5 AS Samita
Estdalle 2 - 2 Sporting Transvers
Sablegaard 4 - 1 Chipping Sersbrek

Matchday 32
AS Catamouge 1 - 3 Mosfleet Albion
AS Samita 0 - 3 Italia Mosfleet
Estdalle 0 - 0 Hellenic SC
Scolastico 1 - 0 Sablegaard
Sporting Transvers 4 - 0 Chipping Sersbrek

Matchday 33
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 1 AS Samita
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 0 Estdalle
Hellenic SC 1 - 0 Sporting Transvers
Sablegaard 3 - 2 AS Catamouge
Chipping Sersbrek 1 - 0 Scolastico

Matchday 34
Estdalle 4 - 2 Mosfleet Albion
Hellenic SC 0 - 1 Italia Mosfleet
AS Samita 1 - 0 Sablegaard
AS Catamouge 2 - 1 Chipping Sersbrek
Sporting Transvers 0 - 1 Scolastico

Matchday 35
Mosfleet Albion 1 - 1 Hellenic SC
Italia Mosfleet 2 - 0 Sporting Transvers
Sablegaard 2 - 2 Estdalle
Chipping Sersbrek 1 - 2 AS Samita
Scolastico 1 - 0 AS Catamouge

Matchday 36
Italia Mosfleet 4 - 3 Mosfleet Albion
Hellenic SC 2 - 2 Sablegaard
Estdalle 2 - 2 Chipping Sersbrek
AS Samita 1 - 2 Scolastico
Sporting Transvers 1 - 2 AS Catamouge
Italia Mosfleet (1) 1 - 0 AS Samita (1)
Scolastico (1) 3 - 2 Meridionale Sports Club (2)
The Beaucester Gazette
Kidd Under Threat After Disappointing Season
Do they have a long-term plan?

Mosfleet Albion's scattered final day defeat seemed a synecdoche for their season. Moments of promise mixed in with a vulnerability and lack of grit that has left them trophiless for a second season in a row, the first time this has happened since the late 70s.

The 4-3 defeat had the demob happy feel of an end of season game with nothing on the line. Italia were crowned weeks ago, Albion's Challenge Cup spot secure, there wasn't much on the line. But. It's still a Mosfleet derby game. Albion had pride to fight for still, and they faced a distracted Italia with one eye still on the Island Trophy final. This was a chance to show some intent from a side that has battled it's way back to an IFCF spot at least.

But their performance still showed a glass jaw for opponents to shatter. Albion forced themselves 3-1 ahead just after half-time. It was a sparkling performance from Jari Juups, a player who has threatened to be great, but hasn't quite managed to have a breakthrough moment for this flaky Albion side. A goal and an assist came from him, but it was telling how the chances came. Albion lacked control in the middle, Ferrier and Dickinson both pinging crossfield balls from deep left to the right seemed the main way to get him on the ball. The midfield of Marinos, Li Zheng and Hannah Wellington should be able to take control of possession and boss a game. Often they have, against weaker sides in particular they've asserted the level of control an elite side should. But against Italia, the sharp elbows of Speight, the composure of Melhus and savoir-faire of Rossellini and Scoular saw them negated entirely.

Marinos was supposed to be the classy player they needed at Albion. Len Phillips was bumped out the door to make room for the young starlet. Too often, outside of a system setup to get the best of him, he looked outmatched by the physicality of his opponents. Speight didn't need the full gamut of her shithousery to unnerve him, simply denying him space seemed to do enough.

From this promising startpoint, Albion did what they've done frequently this season and cede the initiative. Without the capability to contest the ball in the middle, Italia turned the dial up. The second choice attacking lineup of Day, Rivera and Newell still made short work of the opposing back 4. al Bakri's attempts to go forward offered little upside for her own team, but provided space for Thomas Day to attack. His whipped crosses allowed Rivera and Melhus to pickup goals. The winner came as Bracknell made a meal of clearing a set piece. Albion's fans filtered back out of Stadio Luca Spaletti, the few remaining barely had the heart to boo their own side.

Do Albion have a long term plan? There are points in mitigation for this season. After the hopelessness of the previous season, they've regained an IFCF place and are 9 points better off than last time. In the process Kidd has revolutionised the squad, seeing older, less technical players leave (Butler, Cook, Ducharne, Nicholas and Harris), with more technically gifted players coming in from abroad. Albion are likely better placed to compete now, but they still look a bit short of what's required.

Of the players they've picked up, most seem to have laboured this season. Benoit and Juups are both massively talented forwards, but their goal and assist tallies are short of what they would be hoping to achieve. The midfield has had a particularly difficult season, the lack of physicality has been often cited, but issues with positioning have also clogged up Albion's build-up play. Marinos will surely come good, Wellington and Zheng still have something to prove however. Links to more combative midfielders persist. Marina Kuhl would be a good option from relegated AS Catamouge to add some box to box steel. Claudia Willow of Hellenic would be another move that could make sense. Albion might still look abroad to their options, Kidd is said to be enamoured of Aaron McLoughlin at Fallwich United, but he wouldn't be cheap to bring back to Elmyia from Cap Nord. Jenna Esling of North Sabrefall is also known to be on the scouting radar.

Getting the midfield to gel together might be her largest on field challenge next season, but Kidd now also moves into next season with little goodwill in the tank. The reasonable league season was matched by chastening cup exits, both to second division Meridionale. Progress required next season, as far as the fans are concerned its trophy or bust.

Pos. Team		Pld   W	 D  L	F  A	GD   PTS
1 Italia Mosfleet 36 26 6 4 75 29 46 84 CL, CWC, CdC
2 AS Samita 36 21 6 9 63 46 17 69 CC
3 Mosfleet Albion 36 16 8 12 48 47 1 56 CC
4 Scolastico 36 17 4 15 54 51 3 55 CC
5 Hellenic SC 36 12 13 11 45 35 10 49
6 Estdalle 36 12 11 13 54 59 -5 47
7 Sporting Transvers 36 11 8 17 47 59 -12 41
8 Sablegaard 36 10 7 19 46 60 -14 37
9 AS Catamouge 36 8 8 20 49 61 -12 32 R
10 Chipping Sersbrek 36 8 7 21 37 71 -34 31 R
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The Beaucester Gazette
Island Trophy Final: Live Blog
Can Italia bag the treble?

Preamble: Welcome! Two sides, the first ever domestic final at Mosse Park, and one question. Can Italia see off Scolastico and make this season a treble? It hasn't been done by anyone since Albion took all three domestic trophies in 2009-10, Italia haven't since 1989-90. It was a near miss two years ago, Albion edging past them 1-0 to pick up the Island Trophy, can they claim it here?

In their way stand Scolastico. They made it this far last year, before a rampant AS Samita side deservedly claimed something for their effort last season. 9 years ago was the last time they claimed this particular pot, Benni Massi was at the helm back then, and no one remains from that particular lineup. They've had a decent season, even if it's contained some ups and downs, will this talented side cap it off with a historic trophy?

Routes to the final: Neither side has had what you could term an easy run to this final. Both have required replays, late comebacks and strokes of fortune to make it to this stage. But who's luck will run out today?

Round	Italia Mosfleet						Scolastico
3rd A: 1-2 vs. Villemont (Rotolo, Garonz) H: 0-0 vs. Sporting Transvers
Replay A: 0-0 vs. Sporting Transvers AET 1-3 PKs
QF H: 1-1 vs. AS Catamouge (Rivera) H: 2-1 vs. Chipping Sersbrek (Conley x2)
Replay A: 1-3 vs. AS Catamouge AET (Hightower x2, Melhus)
SF N: 1-0 vs. AS Samita (Benedetti) N: 3-2 vs. Meridionale (Lonsdale, Cray, Bevilacqua)


Italia Mosfleet - 5-2-3
GK Image A. Silver
LB Image K. Stvrtnik Image
CB Image C. Betania
CB Image M. Freschi (C)
CB Image L. Pozzo Image
RB Image J. Scoular (VC) Image
CM Image V. Speight Image
CM Image S. Gacha Image
LW Image L. Hightower
CF Image V. Benedetti Image Image 85'
RW Image S. Chichikov Image Image 44'

GK Image I. Garavakos
LB Image M. Rossellini Image
CB Image P. Jardine
CM Image L. Clifton Image
CM Image A. Melhus Image
CF Image E. Rivera
CF Image A. Garonz Image
Scolastico - 3-4-2-1
A. Nash Image GK
M. Oak Image LWB
Image P. Maple Image CB
M. Romero (VC) Image CB
Image P. Chambers Image CB
J. Beresford Image RWB
N. Spalding Image CM
T. Cray (C) Image CM
Image Q. Bevilacqua Image LAM
M. Surnin Image RAM
G. Shurygin Image CF

S. Masson Image GK
K. Antonis Image LB
A. Pilgrim Image CB
E. Melde Image CM
Image 75' Image M. Lonsdale Image AM
Image L. Blanc Image RW
Image S. Conley Image CF

Both lineups have been named, and there's some interesting selections from Servetto and Whelk.

Servetto's frontline has shifted all season long, to great effect. Benedetti and Hightower keep their places, and its Chichikov, 7 goals and 9 assists this season, who comes in alongside them. Rivera keeps a place on the bench, and Garonz, more of a target forward, is also keeping the bench warm. No room for the Elmyian pair of Newell and Day, rumour has it Newell might be out of the door at the end of the season having fallen to third in the pecking order for her position. The biggest call he's made, however, is in midfield. Out goes the creativity of Melhus, the usual starter, instead it will be Singh Gach tasked with keeping Speight company. More of an all-rounder, he adds a level of grit that might combat the creativity of the Scolastico midfield.

Whelk, meanwhile, has also chosen to shuffle the deck. Faced with a side that likes to clog up the middle, she's opted for the erratic invention of Nico Spalding over Melde who usually plays as the ball-winner. Spalding might be happy to rotate with the rest of the 4 midfielders, offering some of the flexibility that might be required to break through Italia's rearguard. Surnin, on hot form with 1 goal and 2 assists in her last 5 appearances, slots into the forward line ahead of the misfiring Max Lonsdale. He drops to the bench, where along with Luca Blanc, he offers the opportunity for a tactical shift should Scolastico stutter. This is a very technical lineup, Scolastico clearly intend to attack this match.

0 mins: And we're off! Scolastico kick off, playing towards the Riverstand. Shurygin gets us moving, Italia immediately fall back into their block. This may very well be the pattern we end up seeing for the next 90 minutes.

3 mins: A substantial tackle is made by Scoular on Oak, one full-back crashing into another. No yellow card here, Scolastico fans are already feeling outraged. The free-kick is swung in by Oak herself, but fails to beat the first player.

4 mins: Speight shows she isn't just there to piss-off opposing technical players. She takes the ball and drives into space, the pass out to Chichikov has too much on it, however, and she is marshalled into the corner by Maple and puts it out for a goal-kick.

7 mins: Neither side yet looks like taking control here at Mosse Park. Italia's off-the-ball aggression is their trademark, although they've played it clean so far. Spalding and Cray are repeatedly being forced to send balls back to the centre-halfs, or are finding themselves dispossed. A round of head tennis ends with the ball back at the feet of Nash.

9 mins: Vesper Benedetti is dropping deeper and deeper. He's spent more time, this season, in the opposition box than we're accustomed to, but this is what he does for the national team. It starts to pay off for Italia, his harrying of Spalding leads to him coughing up the ball, Speight sends it high and wide to Hightower, Romero does just enough to stop Chichikov from converting the cross.

11 mins: Contrary to all expectations, Italia are dominating the ball here. Benedetti pulls into the right positions to form passing triangles with combinations of Speight, Gacha, Hightower and Chichikov. A give and go with Chichikov almost sends him through, but Perry Chambers is having none of it.

14 mins: CLOSE FOR ITALIA! They really should've converted this. More smart work by Benedetti sees Stvrtnik set free wide on the left, his cross skims the head of Gacha and Chichikov almost volleys it home. Nash's fingertips are enough to send it over the bar.

16 mins: The resulting corner is poor, Chambers head clear from the near post. The second ball is picked up by Spalding, but he doesn't get his head up and runs into traffic. The balls pings around midfield for a while before a poor pass from Speight sends it out for a throw.

19 mins: Italia have some stale possession, but a mistake from Gacha sees them broken on. Beresford picks up the ball for what feels like the first time in the match. She rides a tackle from Speight well, but Pozzo shoots across to bring her down, earning a Image in the process. A cynical tackle, Whelk gives the fourth official an earful.

20 mins: CLOSE FOR SCOLASTICO! The free kick is headed away by Betania, but only as far as Cray. The crowd calls for her to shoot, but a throughball reaches Shurygin. He wriggles through, but with Freschi muscling in he's only able to direct the shot along the ground, where Silver smoothers it. Scolastico seem like they're really growing into this contest.

23 mins: A flurry of action for Scolastico here. A goal kick from Silver saw Beresford break down the right with pace. She sends the cross high across the box, the header from Surnin hits the bar and is partially cleared by Betania. Belivacqua picks up the ball on the left touchline, he then drives into the box from 20 yards away, a pass sends Oak to the byline but the cutback gets stuck in a mesh of bodies. Another partial clearance and Cray shoots just over from just inside the box. Italia are living dangerously here.

29 mins: CLOSE FOR SURNIN! She's a special talent, one we've only just started to see the best of. She feints to drop deep as Spalding advances the ball, Betania goes with her, then is caught on the hop and she immediately reverses direction and finds the thorugh ball. Through on goal with Stvrtnik charging back, it's only the trailing foot of Silver that denies what would've been a stunning solo goal.

35 mins: Italia look rattled. They try and play some calm passing football between their back five and the two midfielders, but Gacha looks rattled as he's pressed by Spalding and Oak. Benedetti's attempts to drop deeper are being negated by Scolastico, Romero keeps stepping up onto him and he's being repeatedly forced to lay the ball backwards again. Gacha miscues a simple pass and the break from Surnin again comes close to something, but Silver plucks the ball off Shurygin's head. It's all Scolastico here, they've taken control over the last 15 minutes in Beaucester.

39 mins: Scolastico are pressing furiously to take the lead here, their fans becoming ever louder. The movement of the midfield is picking Italia apart, leaving holes for them to exploit. Spalding presses out onto the left-wing, Beresford comes in to the attacking midfield position and Surnin finds herself in the pivot. She dribbles through Speight, turning her inside out, Beresford lays it out to Spalding. She collects the return ball in the right half-space, curling a cross in that Shurygin tamely heads into the hands of Silver. Another good move.

43 mins: Another period of pressure, but another chance that comes to nothing. 3 crosses in quick succession from Oak and Beresford don't find their mark. The ball gets recycled back to Cray who takes another pop from distance. Goal-kick. Silver sends it far too long, a header from Hightower dribbles over the byline for a goal kick.

44 mins: GOAL FOR ITALIA MOSFLEET! From absolutely nothing! Classic Italia, this is what they do! They've been on the ropes for the last 25 minutes, but from nowhere they land a punch. Nash's goalkick is sent long, Spalding contests it poorly with Speight, she collects, sends it down to Benedetti. He passes to Chichikov, who's marked by Chambers, but she spins and hits the ball. Nash couldn't see and is wrong-footed. Italia take the lead with a sublime strike, produced from absolutely nothing.

45 mins: Just two minutes are added.

45 mins+2: Oak takes a throw in, Bevilacqua collects with Gacha at his back, he tries turning but goes nowhere. The whistle goes for half-time. Scolastico dominated most of the half, but it's Italia who have taken the lead in the first-half in their quest for the treble.

45 mins: We're off again, Italia kick off this time, Benedetti sends it back to Speight and then spins off.

48 mins: Scolastico pick up back where they left off from the first half, barring the unfortunate fact of having conceded the only goal. The midfield is rotating aggressively trying to pull the opposition out of position.

50 mins: Italia haven't touched the ball much since the restart, but they're holding Scolastico at arms length. For all that's been made of their dark arts this season they're using perfectly legitimate means to keep their opponents out.

53 mins: Still not much happening, it's calmed right down. The ball pings between Beresford, Spalding, Cray and Oak. Then it runs back again. In the middle Benedetti darts back and forth, Gacha and Speight shuttle from side to side blocking things off in the middle. Whenever the wing backs get on the ball, Hightower and Chichikov are there to step up to them. Scolastico try a hopeful punt through the congested middle, Shurygin gets tackled hard, but apparently fairly, by Freschi.

56 mins: Scolastico might have to try and let Italia out a bit, they've settled into a comfortable block and they seem to lack the means to break through such an aggressive low block.

58 mins: Speight finally lives up to her reputation. Cray was really growing into the game, she wriggled through some tight space and looked like she might do something dangerous. Speight gives her a shove and knocked her down. The resulting free kick goes nowhere.

61 mins: SUBSTITUTION TIME Scolastico opt to make some big changes. Off comes centre-back Maple, Lonsdale comes on in his place. Bevilacqua comes off as well, Luca Blanc in his place. Scolastico clearly looking to find width, Blanc will head off to the right, Surnin is repurposed on the left. Their formation appears to now be 2 centre-backs, a swirling vortex of chaos in midfield with a front three.

64 mins: The additional width seems to be helping somewhat. Blanc and Surnin are pairing up with Beresford and Oak on the wings, and they're making a little bit of headway. Scoular is dealing with them as best she can, Italia are lucky that their three centre-backs seem to have the better of Shurygin and Spalding in the air.

66 mins: Scolastico pass further and further back now. Romero stands with her studs on the ball for a while, she looks like she's dithering. Benedetti charges in, but it's a trap. She cuts back and spins the ball out to Spalding on the wing. Chichikov deals with him and forces it out for a throw-in, but I sense a change in strategy here.

69 mins: Whatever the strategy is here, it seems to be working. The movement in midfield is starting to fluster Italia, Speight and Gacha are finding themselves isolated suddenly. The strategic dropping back is working too, Stvrtnik is tempted out of position and Cray finds Shurygin in behind on the right. A beautiful pass in finds Lonsdale on the left side of the six yard box. The cutback towards the penalty spot finds Cray charging in, but she takes it with the wrong foot and it squirts out of play.

71 mins: CLOSE FOR ITALIA they've looked at risk here for a while, but Scoular initiated a great move here, but Benedetti unable to finish it. She sends it cross field for Hightower, who feeds it in for him. The angle is awkward though and Nash has it well covered.

75 mins: GOAL FOR SCOLASTICO! It's been coming a long time! Scolastico are back in this tie, and it's all square here at Mosse Park. They've deserved it for sure, and Leila Whelk's changes have paid off here. Blanc gets in behind Stvrtnik AGAIN, and fizzes it with his right foot across the six yard box. A rare mistake from Betania, he goes to put a foot in and mistimes it, Lonsdale gets inbetween him and Freschi and the back of the net ripples. Can they end their trophy drought here?

76 mins: Back underway here. Servetto looks fuming on the touchline. Surely they couldn't expect to hold Scolastico out for the rest of the game? They've been second best for most of the game, even if they'd looked defensively well set before the changes.

78 mins: GREAT CHANCE FOR SCOLASTICO! It's in behind Stvrtnik again. His ambition has been great at times for Italia, but the space he's leaving isn't being covered well here. Lonsdale drops into the space this time, it's a different player each time doing this. He lofts a cross, the header by Shurygin draws a very athletic save from Silver. Servetto looks absolutely fuming.

81 mins: Cray, Lonsdale and Spalding move it around the middle, but they can't quite cut through. It goes out for a throw in. Servetto hoicks Stvrtnik off, after giving him an earful, on comes an experienced pair of hands in Rossellini. Melhus comes on for Gacha, they need the passing if they're going to try and establish a foothold in this game again.

82 mins: Melhus gets to work straight away. Italia seem content to limit themselves to counters, but this was a decent one. Speight crunches into Lonsdale and taps it to Melhus. Melhus' sends a big pass out to Chichikov, and busts a lung to collect the return on the edge of the box. It curls just wide, but more promising for them here.

85 mins: GOAL FOR ITALIA! They've done it again. Italia have take the lead again. They've done it against the run of play, AGAIN. It's Benedetti, AGAIN! In a season where he's embraced being the villain for the first time, he makes himself one sides hero and the other's villain. Speight did some good work to win a freekick from nothing, she wasn't going anywhere and Spalding naively brings her down. Melhus' delivery meets the head of Benedetti, Nash's outstretched arm can't meet it. The Italia half of the stadium go wild, Scolastico's half look deflated.

85 mins: More substitutions. Garonz on for Benedetti and Clifton for Chichikov. Both revel in a standing ovation from their half. Something tells me they're trying to see this game out, bringing on a defensive mid and the target man for the electric winger and tricky number 9. Last roll of the dice for Scolastico, Conley on for Chambers, 1-5-4 the formation now, let's see how that goes.

88 mins: Scolastico look like they've had the stuffing knocked out of them here. Even with fresh legs they're looking lethargic. Rossellini nabs the ball off the foot of Blanc and boots it 60 yards downfield. Romero shuttles across collects, Oak trundles back to collect, but sends her pass back out of play. She slumps down and looks depressed.

90 mins: A long ball hits Garonz, he makes it stick like velcro. Nowhere for him to go so he shields the ball. A frustrated kick from Cray gives away the freekick, she seems to avoid a yellow through pity alone. 8 minutes added on.

90+2 mins: Italia manage to waste two of the minutes. The free kick is pinged across to Scoular and sent down the line to Hightower who shelters it for a bit. She manages to cut it back past Beresford, before knocking it back out for a throw in that they take an age over.

90+4 mins: RED CARD! Scolastico looked like they had nothing left in the tank. Then, Beresford, Spalding and Oak all combine, she knocks an outside of the foot pass through to the onrushing Lonsdale. He would be through, but Vita Speight launches a cynical, cynical foul to bring him back down. Definitely another yellow and she's off the pitch Image. Speight takes her time leaving the pitch, Italia fans applaud her for cutting short a promising attack. Plastic cups and coins rain down from the Scolastico end. 'Same Italia, Always Cheating' gets it last airing of the season.

90+7 mins: The free-kick came to nothing, a couple of long clearances from Freschi leave Scolastico with a lot of distance to make up. A lot of tired legs out there.

90+9 mins: One last chance for Scolastico comes to nothing. An early cross comes from deep, Surnin swings it in and Conley heads comfortably over.

Full-time: Italia have done it! They've bagged the treble, and they've done it the same way they've won the other two domestic pots. They've show quality this game, and the two goals were both well worked by some technically proficient players. Yet it'll be the cynicism this side will be remembered for. Speight's red card, the stamps, the dour, defensive rearguard whenever they were ahead, the time wasting. They might have won everything, but this is a side that are deeply unloved.
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1. Vykintas Vasiliauskas (Hellenic SC) Image - 25
2. Maddy Best (Estdalle) Image - 21
3. Vesper Benedetti (Italia Mosfleet) Image - 19
4. Xaver Bruckner (Sporting Transvers) Image - 16
5. Gavriil Shurygin (Scolastico) Image - 14
6. George Byng (AS Samita) Image - 13
7. Carlo Beluigi (Sablegaard) Image - 11
=8. Jari Juups (Mosfleet Albion) Image - 10
=8. Lara Beaugemont (AS Samita) Image - 10
=8. Rebecca Dalla (Sablegaard) Image - 10
=8. Rossa Capello (Estdalle) Image - 10
=8. Dick Anderson (AS Catamouge) Image - 10


=1. Jane Albrook (Sablegaard) Image - 12
=1. Jane Beresford (Scolastico) Image - 12
=3. Anna Maria Headley (Estdalle) Image - 11
=3. Vesper Benedetti (Italia Mosfleet) Image - 11
=5. Karlos Georgiou (AS Catamouge) Image - 10
=5. Nico Colca (Sporting Transvers) Image - 10
=5. Lauretta Hightower (Italia Mosfleet) Image - 10
=8. Andreas Melhus (Italia Mosfleet) Image - 9
=8. Sasha Chichikov (Italia Mosfleet) Image - 9
=8. Camilo Galán Muñoz (AS Samita) Image - 9
=8. Max Lonsdale (Scolastico) Image - 9

Total Goal Contributions

1. Vesper Benedetti (Italia Mosfleet) Image - 30
2. Maddy Best (Estdalle) Image - 29
3. Vykintas Vasiliauskas (Hellenic SC) Image - 27
=4. Rebecca Dalla (Sablegaard) Image - 19
=4. Xaver Bruckner (Sporting Transvers) Image - 19
5. Lauretta Hightower (Italia Mosfleet) Image - 18
=6. Casemiro Bruno (Chipping Sersbrek) Image - 17
=6. Rossa Capello (Estdalle) Image - 17
=6. Sasha Malykhin (AS Samita) Image - 17
=6. George Byng (AS Samita) Image - 17

Team of the Season

Pos.	Player				Team		Avg. Rating
GK Tatiana Mikou Image Hellenic SC 7.86
LB Jane Albrook Image Sablegaard 8.03
CB Maria Grosso Image Hellenic SC 7.25
CB Casper Betania Image Italia Mosfleet 7.60
RB Jane Beresford Image Scolastico 7.95
CM Erin Marshlily Image AS Samita 8.90
CM Andreas Melhus Image Italia Mosfleet 7.86
LW Maddy Best Image Estdalle 8.54
AM Max Lonsdale Image Scolastico 7.56
RW Sasha Chichikov Image Italia Mosfleet 7.65
CF Vykintas Vasiliauskas Image Hellenic SC 8.33
Division 2 Roundup

Pos. Team		Pld  W	 D   L	  F  A 	 GD  PTS
1 Indipendiente 36 26 5 5 73 41 32 83 Champions, Promoted & Liga B
2 Diepfleet 36 22 6 8 69 28 41 72 Liga B
3 Munster AFC 36 19 7 10 58 37 21 64 Liga B
4 FC Campina 36 16 11 9 50 45 5 59
5 Beaucester Rovers 36 12 13 11 42 41 1 49
6 Villemont 36 13 6 17 49 62 -13 45
7 Meridionale 36 10 9 17 40 46 -6 39
8 Diepfleet Marine 36 9 6 21 39 62 -23 33
9 Torbrek 36 5 13 18 42 64 -22 28
10 Epvalle AFC 36 7 6 23 31 67 -36 27 Relegated

Story of the season - Indipendiente make it an astounding 2 promotions in 2 years, as they vault from the third tier to the first. They will be the first team to represent Campeto in the first division, and with their growing gates, it is nothing if not well deserved for this most unfashionable of towns. An impressive point return of 82 points vindicates their approach, promoting youth players and largely recruiting locally. The decisions to bring in Lucia Roma upfront was a smart move for little money, a 16 goal return and 12 assists were impressive enough, but bringing young and promising wingers Blair and Ioannis into play well has made him an important cog. Andrew Nova also impressed on loan, they will be looking to take him on again should they wish to kick on this season.

Elsewhere and Diepfleet make a rapid return to the top flight. Redvers Johnson has shaped his team well, with increasingly impressive performances turned in by Doug Reid. Looking a player out of time last season, he will relish a return to the top flight next year. Munster AFC were unable to join them in bouncing straight back, they may face painful decisions ahead to shed some of their best players. It's believed that Ivanova and Georgina Bright will be looking for moves back to the top tier, and Munster are too hard up to persuade them otherwise. Smart recruitment is required if one of the nation's most decorated clubs is to avoid making it a prolonged stay in the second tier.

At the bottom and the relegation scrap had plenty of twists and turns. Diepfleet Marine took until matchday 12 to record their first win of the season. The 3-1 victory away at their rivals Diepfleet started their fight back that ended in safety. Torbrek and Meridionale both looked like they might get sucked under for periods of time, Meridionale's case was particularly odd given their excellent performances in the cup. Eventually it was simple economic gravity that told, tiny Epvalle found themselves drifting out of the second tier by the final day.
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The Beaucester Gazette
Hellenic's Rebuild Steams Ahead
Fans dismiss concerns and are ready to win the league

For some, the Hellenic deal remains controversial. Clearly not controversial enough to dissuade a raft of talented players from joining. It was only a month ago that the Totallylegitholdingsandinvestments limited announced they were purchasing a 70% stake in Hellenic for $80 million. They've brought 9 players in through the door, seriously raising the level of this team, whilst several stalwarts of the side head the other way. Most shockingly, long serving Hellenic manager Samaras was shown the door and AS Samita coach Xanthi Kostis came in.

Hellenic seem to have embraced the tag of being the most hated side in the league. Big swoops for players, coupled with taking a highly popular and successful manager off the league's most thrilling underdogs, has conspired to create an atmosphere of loathing around the new side.

Clearly they're working towards building a style of play based around building up from the back. Despite already having the solid Tatiana Mikou, Arjan Sycamore ($2.5 m) comes in from Italia after impressing on loan for AS Samita. Kostis is likely to shift from a back 5 to a back 4, with Grosso and Cleja held over from before and joined by Jane Albrook ($2.75 m) and Esteban Rodriguez ($3.5 m), who arrives as a right wing-back from Olympique de Rimouski. There's a feeling that Hellenic have been forced to pay slightly over the odds for signings since their windfall, but these two represent attacking upgrades on Swardh and Salt. Both have the capability to get up the field and support by offering width and crossing. Albrook's 12 assists last season were second to none, and she will enhance the service into Vasiliauskas. With centre-backs already adept at passing the ball out the back, Hellenic finally have the tools to dominate possession.

This is further enhanced by moves in the midfield. Already an area of strength, the $8 million move for Lazaro Morientes really rounds this area of the squad out with some quality. At just 18 he plays with passion, and his work to regain the ball overshadows the remainder of his contributions. Kostis will be certain that his hard running and tackling will give a platform to the forwards and either de Baingneus or Márusson to truly shine.

Upfront is where the largest moves have been. In switching to a 4-3-3 from a 5-3-2 there would be a need to bring in wingers, and cover for those wingers. Hellenic splashed a total of $20 million to bring in 4 players. Domestically, Estdalle and Meridionale were raided for the highly rated Maddy Best and Livvy Jennings respectively. Both contributed well last season, Best's 21 goals was second in the league and matched by an impressive 8 assists. Jennings has history as an excellent creator, 14 assists last season came in a team that struggled to avoid relegation. Playing ahead of them, however, are two foreign acquisitions. Julian Stavik comes in from Club ESF where he warmed the bench to take a leading role. Kingsley-Roger Hertel will likely start on the left. More of a creator, he comes from Cuono Rangers in Tumbra, where he aided them to a Challenger's Cup place, as well as a Republic Cup. Hellenic will be hoping that his endeavour going forward will facilitate Vykintas Vasiliauskas to perform at his very best.

Overall, with 6 changes to their usual starting 11, Hellenic are an unknown for next season. However, with the squad they've assembled and coach they've put in place, fans are expecting that they will push for the title this year. Other clubs are still up in arms about the amount of money pouring into Hellenic. They've now spent $38,500,000 this summer, compared to the $17,350,000 spent by all other clubs in the league combined. Should they win the title this year, others will feel that a finger was placed on the scales. Hellenic fans will likely have little sympathy.
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In from Abroad
Pos. Age Name Leaving TRI Arriving Fee
LW 26 Kingsley-Roger Hertel - QUE Couno Rangers TMB Hellenic SC $12,000,000
CM 18 Lazaro MORIENTES - QUE Northandryun Rovers academy QUE Hellenic SC $8,000,000
RW 21 Julian Stavik - VAL Club ESF VAL Hellenic SC $5,000,000
RWB/RM 24 Esteban RODRIGUEZ - QUE Olympique de Rimouski QUE Hellenic SC $3,500,000
CM/DM 27 Liam Dawson - TKT Avanaroch White Wings FC TKT Mosfleet Albion $2,250,000
CB/LB 25 Zsuzsanna Szomogyi - BRY/TKT Carathyr Emeralds FC TKT Sporting Transvers $2,250,000
LWB 20 Ramone Deschalles - AUP Lorent Cardinaux AUP Sablegaard $1,250,000
CB/MC 18 Rabi Wafiq Koury Urrhed FC CMT Mosfleet Albion $1,250,000
CAM 23 Mourastaire Ashafeu - AUP Prus Ostissia AUP Indipendiente $0
CB 24 Jacque Villenieveux - AUP Pion AUP AS Samita $0
LM 18 Alan Yedemsky - PYA Pyazhnyy Futbolni Akademiya PYA AS Samita $0
CB 18 Aleksandr Garipov - PYA Pyazhnyy Futbolni Akademiya PYA AS Samita $0
CB 17 Vasil Kosomov - PYA Pyazhnyy Futbolni Akademiya PYA Indipendiente $0
LM 17 Oleg Blok - PYA Pyazhnyy Futbolni Akademiya PYA Estdalle $0
CM 18 Polina Zinchenka - PYA Pyazhnyy Futbolni Akademiya PYA Scolastico $0
CB 19 Konstantin-Roy Thomas - SNL unaffiliated, from Masmow SNL Diepfleet $0
GK 19 Brien Eudeau - AUP Beorun Youthes AUP Mosfleet Albion $0
GK 18 Jonas Thomasson - NRH Norrhems Fotbollsakademin NRH Diepfleet $0

Out to Abroad
Pos. Age Name Leaving Arriving TRI Fee
CF 20 Vesper Benedetti Italia Mosfleet Eyrods CMT $5,000,000
LW 24 Lara Beaugemont AS Samita Ridgewell Rovers TMB $4,000,000
CB 20 Antonio Silva AS Samita Ridgewell Rovers TMB $4,000,000
CAM 18 Nico Colca Sporting Transvers Lydholm Forened CNR $1,800,000
RB 18 Guillame Fekir Mosfleet Albion Sporting Noordende CNR $1,500,000
CM/AM 29 Estelle Melde - KSK Scolastico SC Troubalose PAS $1,000,000
RB 20 Joanna Swärdh - NRH Hellenic SC Pearlham SC XAN $900,000
CF 19 Bertrando Gentile Italia Mosfleet Beorun AUP $0
GK 19 Tobin Phelps Italia Mosfleet Ceramadhion Lynx FC TKT $0
CB 16 Nina Levitt Mosfleet Albion Pontmeosont AUP $0

Internal Transfers
Pos. Age Name Leaving Arriving Fee
RB 23 Jane Beresford Scolastico Italia Mosfleet $3,500,000
LB 22 Jane Albrook Sablegaard Hellenic SC $2,750,000
GK 22 Arjan Sycamore Italia Mosfleet Hellenic SC $2,500,000
CM 22 Marina Kuhl AS Catamouge Italia Mosfleet $2,000,000
CM 19 Andrew Nova Mosfleet Albion Hellenic SC $1,750,000
LW 30 Maddy Best Estdalle Hellenic SC $1,750,000
CM 23 Yianna Moss Chipping Sersbrek Scolastico $1,500,000
RW 23 Livvy Jennings Meridionale Hellenic SC $1,250,000
CB 22 Liberatore Nanni Estdalle Scolastico $1,000,000
CB 23 Dawn Mead AS Catamouge Diepfleet $725,000
CM 22 Celia Purcell Scolastico Diepfleet $600,000
LW 26 Georgina Blight Munster AFC Estdalle $600,000
CF 21 Enya Miller Hellenic SC Diepfleet $200,000
RW 28 Shelagh Johns Sablegaard Meridionale $150,000
AM 23 Venetia Mathers Hellenic SC Diepfleet $75,000
CM 24 Breann Thomas Hellenic SC Epvalle AFC $0
CM 32 Giuliano Ventura Hellenic SC Senon $0
CF 34 Jaimie Swift Hellenic SC Corinthians $0
LB 37 Deena Cocks Hellenic SC Diepfleet $0
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The Beaucester Gazette
Season Preview: The Title Fight
Italia to try and fend off old and new money

In any normal season, Italia would be going into the season firm favourites. Champions for 5 years in a row now, and with improvements made the squad, they should be dead certs. But with the petro-money takeover of Hellenic, and the much less attention grabbing squad building of Mosfleet Albion, they can't quite be so secure.

In truth, Servetto will be frustrated as these new challenges arise. Albion probably aren't quite there yet, but the massive cash injection Hellenic have received might well be enough to blow the champions out of the water. If the money had never arrived, this would've been the season where their attention could pivot to the Champion's League. The squad have made no secret of the fact that they are looking to their international rivals, this season will be judged as much on how they fair in IFCF competition as they are with their results in the league.

All three sides have made serious efforts to strength, with Hellenic splashing big money for some attention grabbing manouevers, whilst Italia and Albion have taken a quieter, more systematic approach to their additions.

To focus on Italia first, they had one big loss. With their position at the top of the food chain domestically, they always seem sligthly affronted when bigger fish from abroad come fishing in their pool. Vesper Benedetti was poached for a $5 million fee by Chromatik outfit Eyrods. With solid options upfront, Servetto seems to have decided that reinforcements were needed to change how they play. Big money was splashed on Beresford from Scolastico and Kuhl from relegated AS Catamouge. With more thrust down the right, Hightower, Rivera and Chichikov can expect some high quality service. The addition of Kuhl either allows them to field a luxury version of Speight, buzzing around, kicking, fighting, passing, swearing. OR, he can go all out and field two complete bastards in the middle. With the technical level rising, shithousery might need to be refined to an artform by the nation's most decorated club.

Hellenic look best set to put an end to Italia's run. The new owners had promised progress, but a net spend of $37.5 million is do disproportionately huge that anything other than winning the title would be a major disappointment. As much as anything else, the bagging of Xanthi Kostis as coach gives the fanbase hope that they'll overthrow the established order ahead of schedule. She's expected to stick to her favoured high press and 4-3-3, and she's been given carte blanche to bring in the sort of players for this type of football.

For the first time Vasiliauskas will have the support around him to form a truly elite attacking force. Hertel and Stavik have been purchased at great expense and will be expected to inject some serious quality into the forward line. As backup they have the luxury of the highest scoring Elmyian in the league from last season and the highest rated player from the second divison. Best and Jennings themselves would be a fearsome pair of wingers, but they offer variety off the bench and top quality backup.

The midfield has also come in for a serious reinvention at Hellenic. Morientes and de Baingneus should be able to dominate games between them, and Nova and Phillips provide quality off the bench as well. Unlike Italia, Hellenic will attempt to dominate every game they play. This is a serious change from their prior approach of springing on the counter, but they've made such extensive moves in the transfer market that they now have the players to do it. Kostis' record with AS Samita was outstanding with a thin squad beyond a high quality first team. She will have to learn how to make good use of her squad players to maintain a title challenge, something she hasn't managed with AS Samita.

In a normal year, Albion would likely be at the centre of the hype storm. The tornado of money that's ripped through Hellenic has deflected from their solid, if slightly less Hollywood, improvements. Albion's issues last season were well documented. Despite buying a string of servicable forwards, the build up wasn't there. A lack of grit at the base of midfield, and a general lack of technical level at centre-back left Albion without much ability to extenuate their strengths.

Paula Kidd went for two additions, both alike in tactical flexibility. Koury was one of the few players (including our own Katsouranis) to acquit themselves well at the relegated Urrhed. Moved back from the centre of midfield to the centre of defence, Kidd is confident she has a player that will finally allow her side to play out of the back with a high degree of confidence. Liam Dawson is in many ways the inverse, a rugged defensive midfielder who's tough tackling cloaks a decent technical level. Where Albion have often looked toothless in midfield, they're hoping Dawson can provide the strong basis to allow Juups, Benoit and Grankvist in attack. The two also offer cover in the opposites area, and bring together both the elbow grease and quality Kidd believes is needed for a title tilt.

All three sides, then, embody different qualities in the fight for the title. Where Italia are dug in, defending what they have using their ability to grind out results and savoir-faire to stay top of the pile, Hellenic and Albion offer different challenges. Hellenic have essentially gambled on quality alone. Their players and manager have no prior experience of winning the Elmyian title, but they were all the best available for the job and will simply hope to blow away and outshine their title rivals. Albion, however, have built slowly. Making smart additions in pairs each window, Kidd has slowly built a squad that can compete on a technical level, and she hopes they develop the steel required to go the distance with two quality sides.

Pos.	Name				        Age
Starting XI
GK Ian Garavakos Image 22
LB Karlo Stvrtnik Image 26
CB Casper Betania Image 28
CB Mario Freschi Image 35
CB Harry Etherings Image 27
RB Jane Beresford Image 24
CM Vita Speight Image 23
CM Andreas Melhus Image 18
LW Lauretta Hightower Image 23
CF Elise Rivera Image 28
RW Sasha Chichikov Image 27

GK Andrea Silver Image 30
RB Jenny Scoular Image 31
CB Luigi Pozzo Image 22
CM Marina Kuhl Image 22
LW Tommy Day Image 27
CF Alexei Garonz Image 27
RW Katie Newell Image 28

CB Pier Jardine Image 25
LB Monica Rossellini Image 35
RB Guglielmo Rocho Image 17
CM Singh Gacha Image 28
LW Gaspare Rotolo Image 24
CB Paolo Maple Image 28
RW Scogli Parcheggiatore Image 18
GK Leandra Abbaticchio Image 17
CB Leith Earl Image 16
CF Teofilo Adamoli Image 18
LW Jolanda Viola Image 18
CDM Anya Trespense Image 17
Pos.	Name				        Age
Starting XI
GK Arjan Sycamore Image 22
LB Jane Albrook Image 22
CB Mina Cleja Image 26
CB Maria Grosso Image 30
RWB/RM Esteban Rodriguez Image 24
CM Lazaro Morientes Image 18
CDM Claudia Willow Image 26
CM Peire de Baingneus Image 28
LW Kingsley-Roger Hertel Image 26
CF Vykintas Vasiliauskas Image 29
RW Julian Stavik Image 21

GK Tatiana Mikou Image 33
LB/RB Mac Salt Image 35
CB Yuri Bressnikov Image 27
CM Len Phillips Image 30
AM Baldur Márusson Image 19
LW Maddy Best Image 30
RW Livvy Jennings Image 23

GK Quirino Africani Image 19
LB Orinda Henry Image 27
CM Andrew Nova Image 20
CM Zev Antley Image 32
RB Onufriy Bjorklund Image 28
CDM Venetia Easom Image 16
RW Frederikos Worral Image 17
CF Astoria Willard Image 26
CB Lemoine Farran Image 24
GK Kurtis Michelakis Image 31
CB Lee Abramson Image 25
LB Lorainne Bulgarelli Image 31
CF Gus Stefanidis Image 26
Starting XI
Pos.	Name				       Age
Starting XI
GK Oscar Wilton Image 27
LB Jimmy Dickinson Image 28
CB Henrietta Ferrier Image 34
CB Rabi Wafiq Koury Image 19
RB Noura al Bakri Image 28
CM Athanasios Marinos Image 18
DM Liam Dawson Image 28
CM Hannah Wellington Image 33
LW Mia Benoit Image 20
ST Ann-Sofi Grankvist Image 29
RW Jari Juups Image 24

GK Brien Eudeau Image 19
LB Delia Mussali Image 17
CB Peter Bracknell Image 24
RCM Li Zheng Image 28
AM Josphine Sellers Image 24
LW/CF Addison Gray Image 34
RM Osip Kuznetsov Image 24

CB Giocomo Guthro Image 20
CB Goddard Boon Image 29
CDM John Severn Image 23
CDM Gina Wharton Image 20
CM Jane McAlinden Image 19
CM Fran Pine Image 26
RW Andreas Serrata Image 27
CF Dick Anderson Image 23
ST Luise Elly-Fant Image 21
CF Giannis Andreas Image 18
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