Has your nation committed a war crime?

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Great American United States
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Has your nation committed a war crime?

Postby Great American United States » Sun Feb 05, 2023 12:54 pm

In 1991, during the Gulf War, two USAF F-117 Nighthawks dropped two GBU-27 laser-guided bombs on a bomb shelter in the Amiriyah neighborhood of Baghdad, in Iraq. Over 400 were killed, and U.S. officials later admitted fault, stating that the shelter was misidentified as an operations base for the Iraqi Army.

Another war crime was during counter-insurgency operations in Haiti, in the town of Saint Jean. On June 18th, 2017, several suspected members of the Haiti Liberation Army were captured hiding in the town, which had a population of around 2000. U.S. army troops rounded up 75 villagers for questioning, all of whom were later executed by gunshot.

Has your nations armed forces ever been responsible for a war crime?

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Postby Sorcery » Sun Feb 05, 2023 12:55 pm

mine hasn't
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Postby Washington-Columbia » Sun Feb 05, 2023 1:17 pm

During WWII and other conflicts after, Cascadia has been noted and condemned for war crimes, though they are rare to see from oversight of the commanders, the media and the government. The most infamous Cascadian war crime was in July 13, 1945 when a Secondary Education School in occupied Okinawa, with its students and teachers suspected of aiding Japan, were forced into the school. After tracking them down and forcing them into their school, Cascadian Troops set it ablaze, firing on anyone who witnessed it and any student who tried to escape.

In the 学校の火事 of the 589 Students and, only 35 made it out alive. It was only a citizen who reported the massacre that it was known internationally, and the Cascadian Government after condemnation jailed most of the troops involved in the war crime.
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Postby Tangatarehua » Sun Feb 05, 2023 5:43 pm

Yes, Tangatarehua is guilty of a litany of war crimes and other atrocities committed mostly during the South Pacific War of 1973-1979.

Crimes involve torturing and killing POWs or sending them on 'death marches', the mass rape, murder and cannibalism of civilians in occupied areas and multiple accounts of waging wars of aggression against other sovereign states.

In 1980, Rangatira Te Rata Pakanga was executed for war crimes (the last execution carried out in Tangatarehua) and the nation has since adopted a pacifist constitution and renounced its right to wage war as penance for its past as a brutal, warmongering and human rights abusing nation.
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Postby Ahvazia » Sun Feb 05, 2023 10:06 pm

Ahvazian War of Independence
In 1980 to 1982, during the Ahvazian War of Independence, irregulars of the DRFLA (Democratic Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Ahvazia) and Ahvazian Arab Liberation Army committed numerous war crimes. Captured Iranian troops and police were executed en masse, Persian villages were destroyed with fire and shelling, and suspected informers were executed. Iranian forces were also guilty of extensive war crimes.

Sana’a medical centre bombing
In August 2015, during the Yemeni Civil War, an Ahvazian Air Force aircraft (an F-15 Eagle) fired two missiles at a Hospital in Sana’a, Houthi-controlled Northern Yemen. 56 civilians were killed.

Northern Syria aid convoy bombing
On July 30th, 2016, an Ahvazian Air Force MQ-1 Predator drone launched two hellfire missiles at an aid convoy in Northern Syria, which was supplying aid to town controlled by Islamic State forces. Seven vehicles were destroyed and 17 aid workers were killed. Ahvazian Defence Ministry blamed the strike on faulty intelligence.
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Postby Kaywell » Sun Feb 05, 2023 10:10 pm

Attempting to list all of the war crimes Kaywell has committed would take far too long. But the one of the most egregious ones was probably the outcome of the war with the Xymidication Empire, when Kaywellians used corpses of Xymidication's people as furniture and decorations while turning the living Xymidicatians into bioships against their will.
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Postby Karynia » Mon Feb 06, 2023 1:04 am

During the period known as “Black July”, in July 2021, Karynian security forces were alleged to have violated international law in there efforts to put an end to the riots.

Civilian police at first deployed rubber bullets and water cannons, before eventually escalating to calling in the National Guard and Army. Police, National Guard and Army units were seen firing live ammunition at rioters or looters. Armed civilians also took part in putting down the riots.

Security forces were observed to have fired live ammunition at fleeing rioters and looters, and two instances of summary execution were noted. International condemnation occurred when an Associated Press journalist was killed after being struck in the head by the tear gas canister.

Over the course of three weeks, 179 protestors were killed along with 12 members of the security forces.
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Postby Stokalia » Mon Feb 06, 2023 1:15 am

No.... Not yet at least...

We did have a mishap where one of our SU-27 pilots had accidentally flew too close to a patrolling American warship off of our coast.

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Chargé d'Affaires
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Postby Plewnidminster » Mon Feb 06, 2023 1:35 am

Yes, we were fighting the Soviets from 17 September 1939 to the 22nd of January 1942
(We stopped when the genocide of the Jews by the Nazis, with whom previously shared a common enemy, was discovered),
Captured soviet commissars and officers were summarily executed from January 1940, this becoming an official policy in 1941.
Other war crimes include:
- Summary executions by firing squad in Vietnam,
secretly condoned at the highest level.

- Torture from 2015-2018 (against suspected DAESH members, some of whom turned out to not be DAESH members at all), not approved at the highest level (6 personnel out of 200 believed to be involved were convicted).

- Unfair trials in Iraq in the early 2000s.

- shooting of the wounded in Afghanistan.
Perpetrator sentenced to four years for voluntary manslaughter.

- Foreign Intelligence Service assassinations of Azadistani Communists in 2019.

- The killing of 50 elderly pagan civilians in Iceland in 2023.
Unknown as to whether or not condoned at highest level.

- the sinking of fleeing enemy ships in the Iceland War in 2023.
Condoned at the highest level.
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Republica Federal de Catalunya
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Postby Republica Federal de Catalunya » Mon Feb 06, 2023 2:33 am

We stick to Geneva convention.

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Postby Tazvaria » Mon Feb 06, 2023 7:10 am

The Tazvarian Armed Forces, as well as allied militias, have been accused of several war crimes, most of which occurring during the war of independence with Georgia and in periodic times of further conflict.
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Past beans
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Postby Past beans » Mon Feb 06, 2023 7:13 am

my weapons are more likely to explode during use.

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North Yuan
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Postby North Yuan » Mon Feb 06, 2023 7:18 am

The Khaganate of Northern Yuan is considered a country with a savage army by many of its non-tribal contemporaries, and they have a good reason to. Our army is infamous for enslaving, raping and massacring civilians every time a city or village is conquered by it.

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Postby Hahqsthqstan » Mon Feb 06, 2023 8:43 am

Yes. Several of them. Exples include the use of the Higvobomb and the " Higvoid'ybhbhlobigi", where 56 trillion civilians were killed by a bomb called HIGVOBOMB-CLSTR-97553, Only because they're supporters of the AU regime.
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Postby Nyetoa » Mon Feb 06, 2023 11:54 am

A lot of warcrimes, but the most infamous were committed during the Febuary revolution in 1971. During the revolution when a communist garrison surrendered monarchist forces ordered them to bury their weapons, when the large hole was done instead of making the communists throw their weapons in, they were executed. The official record was that the all the communists were killed during the battle however in 2008 when the building was torn down the bodies were discovered, what followed was a series of investigations, DNA test and confessions that confirmed that this was indeed the communists who surrendered. While the government condemned the action no real action was taken against the culprits. It is believed in total 328 were killed.
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Socialist Federal Republic of Ethiopia
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Postby Socialist Federal Republic of Ethiopia » Mon Feb 06, 2023 12:01 pm

During the Tigray War, both government forces and Tigrayan separatists committed countless war crimes and violations.

The most common include execution of prisoners of war, murder of civilians, targeting of medical facilities and aid convoys and the use of chemical weaponry.
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Iraqi Arab Republic
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Postby Iraqi Arab Republic » Tue Feb 07, 2023 5:14 am

On May 2nd, 2022, a Peshmerga-operated military school in Arbil was bombed by an unmanned armed drone, flown by the Iraqi Arab Air Force. The Iranian-made Shahed 129 drone fired one Sadid-345 missile at a group of cadets taking part in an outdoor drill exercise. The explosion killed 19 troops and injured 11 more. Peshmerga forces accused government forces of a war crime due to the fact that the victims were unarmed cadets.

On March 1st, 2019, Iraqi Arab Army troops deployed in Syria, working with Syrian Arab Army forces, recorded a video which depicted the execution of 12 captured ISIL militants. The militants were lined against a wall and fired at with rifles and machine guns. Troops then mocked the dead militants. Human rights organizations condemned the incident, but neither Iraqi nor Syrian governments made a mention of it.

On October 15th, 2017, after the unrecognized Kurdish secessionist referendum was held, Iraqi Arab Air Force aircraft bombed the Kirkuk City Courthouse, which was used as a location to count votes. The aircraft, alleged to have been either an L-39 Albatros or an Su-25 Grach, fired three missiles, heavily damaging the building and killing 38 people.


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