How do I set my anthem?

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How do I set my anthem?

Postby ZAKRYA » Sat Jan 28, 2023 3:47 pm

Hello! I'm thinking of changing the lyrics to my national anthem as I'm looking for a melody for it and maybe the current lyrics don't fit. I would like to humbly ask for help in this task, I no longer know which melody I will use or what the new lyrics of the hymn will be, who wants to volunteer please respond in this topic.

current hymn:

Long live Zakrya!

the great nation
Your glory is not over yet!
the enemy oppression
Tried to destroy you
But we will lift it,
As many times as necessary.
since the foundation
until independence,
Your glory continues to shine.
As long as your people are united,
Your glory will never end.
We are proud of you
O great homeland,
Long live Zakrya!

The flag stained with oppressive blood,
flyer high,
With the star of hope,
What gives meaning to our lives!
Our great Dalasy will guide us,
On the way to the victory!
We love the big Dalasy!
Long live Dalasy!
united comrades
In a single objective,
Make our homeland great!
We are proud of you
O great homeland,
Long live Zakrya!

The union of a persevering people,
Who never gave up fighting for freedom.
Enemy blood on our flag
It reminds us of our strength and courage.
From the valley of Zakadar to the source of Drak,
From the eastern mountains to the northern sea,
Life resounds in this country!
Prosperity is endless in this land!
Millions of patriots already rise
Ready for the final fight,
We will fight for freedom to the last man!
We are proud of you
O great homeland,
Long live Zakrya!

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