[open] Airstrike hits hospital in Zuwara

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[open] Airstrike hits hospital in Zuwara

Postby Qahritania » Wed Jan 25, 2023 11:03 am

48 killed as two airstrikes impact Zuwara City Hospital
Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 [19:05]

48 people have been killed after two airstrikes hit the main hospital in Zuwara, Qahritania's third largest city. The first airstrike took place at 12:34 p.m. this afternoon, with a rocket striking and puncturing the flat roof of the three story building. The front half of the building was destroyed in the first attack, and at least twelve were confirmed dead. Twenty-seven minutes later, at 13:01 a second airstrike took place, with the rocket landing in almost the same place. Multiple first responders were killed, and three ambulances were destroyed or heavily damaged by the explosion.

At the time of the attack, at least two Qahritanian Air Force aircraft were in the area; one being a Sukhoi Su-24 attack aircraft, and the other being a Wing Loong 2 unmanned combat aircraft. Aircraft trackers and video footage identified the Su-24 as being closed around the time of the attack, and have accused the Qahritanian Air Force of being behind the attack. Zuwara is currently under control of the Ansar al-Islam extremist group, which pledged allegiance to ISIL back in 2015, and has been locked in a civil war with President el-Younis' government since 2012.

The bombing is the latest hospital bombing, with eleven such incidents taking place throughout 2022.

President el-Younis accuses extremists of hospital strike
President Salem el-Younis has denied responsibility for the incident, and has instead blamed the Ansar al-Islam extremist group. He alleged that the group committed the attack with the use of short-range ballistic missiles, which they are documented to have in their possession, and also alleged that the attack was conducted in order to blame government forces.

At around 18:30, several air strikes were reported to have taken place on Ansar al-Islam positions in Zuwara, reportedly killing dozens and knocking out several vehicles. The strikes announced by President el-Younis as a response to the hospital attack.

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