IBC37 - Everything Thread [Fin]

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IBC37 - Everything Thread [Fin]

Postby PotatoFarmers » Wed Jan 25, 2023 10:15 am

37th International Basketball Championship
Proudly Organised by Poafmersia
Signup Thread | Host Bid | Last Edition (36th) | Ranks | Guide to Sports Roleplaying | Discussion Thread

Welcome to the 37th International Basketball Championship, hosted by Poafmersia! This would be Poafmersia's first time hosting the IBC, with the nation expanding the variety of sports played competitively. The defending champions are currently Nova Anglicana, who won the finals against Delaclava in Hannasea.

If you are new to the sport of basketball, the BBC has a basic intro to the sport. Here is a BasketNews guide to the difference between FIBA and NBA rules. (The tournament is scorinated based on a 40 minute game, and therefore, it is assumed that FIBA rules are used. However, neither the FIBA and the NBA are canon in the NS Universe.) This would be the thread for the IC information only. Any OOC posts should either be made on the discussion thread, or on the Signup Thread as linked above.

Given our numbers, we would be using the two-stage format for our tournament instead. This will be made up of a single round robin group stage, comprising 4 groups of 11, followed by an elimination bracket. Top 4 teams of each group will play in the Round of 16, to be held in Poafmersia. As promised, there will be an opportunity for teams to host selected games, though with the new format, there are changes to how it would work (see below section)

Host Bids for Group Stage
Originally intended for the first of the double group stage to be held in separate nations, in has now been changed to consider the way the tournament is held. Host bids will be welcome for teams to host a section of the group stage, which would be up to 6 matchdays. Exact number will depend on the number of bids received in the group. As mentioned in the host bid, teams would need to provide an IC justification for hosting, which should minimally include the name of the venue, the location of the venue, and the size capacity. Regardless of whether the bid is selected, an additional RP bonus (separate from the pre-MD1 bonus) of up to one matchday's worth will be provided. OOCly, no home advantage in terms of rank will be given for the hosting team. (Similiar to how Poafmersia will not take any rank advantage for hosting) The cutoff date for submission of IC host bids will be 31st January, Tuesday, at 1pm SST (UTC+8).

Pot 1
Nova Anglicana (1)
Hannasea (3)
Quebec and Shingoryeo (4)
Valanora (5)
Pot 2
Tjorl (6)
Chromatika (7)
TJUN-ia (8)
Valentine Z (9)
Pot 3
Abanhfleft (10)
Græntfjall (11)
Mytanija (13)
Drawkland (14)
Pot 4
Ko-oren (15)
Juvencus (17)
Banija (19)
Qasden (20)
Pot 5
Trolleborg (22)
Pemecutan (25)
Indusse (27)
Magnecia (28)

Pot 6
Cardenao (29)
Lisander (31)
Southwest Eastnorth (33)
StrayaRoos (36)
Pot 7
Atheara (40)
Gatchingerrak Union (41)
HUElavia (41)
Srednjaci (41)
Pot 8
United Adaikes (45)
Aristian Republic (46)
Macbon (49)*
Poafmersia (49)*
Pot 9
Diarcesia (49)
Dod Rava (49)
Rastopochje (55)
Cassadaigua (73)
Pot UR
Benjium (UR)
Eire Agus Albion (UR)
Geektopia (UR)
Gran Saguaro (UR)
Islerum (UR)
Katterimunk (UR)
Melbergia (UR)
Sky Reavers (UR)

*Poafmersia, as hosts, were placed into an Pot 8 automatically. The remaining 3 teams were placed in a bowl and Macbon (49) was drawn in Pot 8 ahead of the remaining 2 teams.

Group Stage Draw
Group A
Ko-oren (15)
Lisander (31)
Benjium (UR)
Mytanija (13)
Indusse (27)
Katterimunk (UR)
Aristian Republic (46)
Gatchingerrak Union (41)
Quebec and Shingoryeo (4)
TJUN-ia (8)
Rastopochje (55)

(Note: In the event that the schedule conflicts with the upcoming WCQ, adjustments will be made so that cutoffs alternate with Tumbra's cutoffs.)
26th Jan (Thur) - Group Stage Draw
30th Jan (Mon) - Cutoff for IC Hosting bids (Delayed till midnight EST)
31st Jan (Tue) - Announcement for fixture locations & IC Info
3rd Feb (Fri) - MD1 (1 bye, 2 v 11, 3 v 10, 4 v 9, 5 v 8, 6 v 7)
5th Feb (Sun) - MD2 (7 bye, 8 v 6, 9 v 5, 10 v 4, 11 v 3, 1 v 2)
7th Feb (Tue) - MD3/MD4 (2 bye, 3 v 1, 4 v 11, 5 v 10, 6 v 9, 7 v 8; 8 bye, 9 v 7, 10 v 6, 11 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3)
9th Feb (Thur) - MD5/MD6 (3 bye, 4 v 2, 5 v 1, 6 v 11, 7 v 10, 8 v 9; 9 bye, 10 v 8, 11 v 7, 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4)
11th Feb (Sat) - MD7/MD8 (4 bye, 5 v 3, 6 v 2, 7 v 1, 8 v 11, 9 v 10; 10 bye, 11 v 9, 1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5)
13th Feb (Mon) - MD9 (5 bye, 6 v 4, 7 v 3, 8 v 2, 9 v 1, 10 v 11)
15th Feb (Wed) - MD10 (11 bye, 1 v 10, 2 v 9, 3 v 8, 4 v 7, 5 v 6)
18th Feb (Sat) - MD11 (6 bye, 7 v 5, 8 v 4, 9 v 3, 10 v 2, 11 v 1) NOTE: CUTOFF AT 9AM INSTEAD
20th Feb (Mon) - Ro16 (A1 vs D4, B2 vs C3; C1 vs B4, D2 vs A3; A2 vs D3, B1 vs C4; C2 vs B3, A4 vs D1)
22nd Feb (Wed) - QF (A1/D4 vs B2/C3; C1/B4 vs D2/A3; A2/D3 vs B1/C4; C2/B3 vs A4/D1)
24th Feb (Fri) - SF
26th Feb (Sun) - Finals/3PPO

Cutoffs will be held between 9-11pm SST/MYT (UTC+8); or 2-4pm CET (UTC+1), 8-10am US Eastern Time (UTC-5). [EXCEPT FOR MD11]

Rostering is often seen as a basic form of respect for the tournament and opponents. This also applies for users who enter without the intention to roleplay, a roster could be seen as a bare minimum as it provides basic information to help your opponents, should they choose to roleplay. Typically, a roster would contain information about your basketball team and their positions. Typically, this would include 5 starters and 7 reserves. You can also include other information should you wish, from bios of your players or listing what domestic clubs they play for, to pictures of your uniform or details of your coaching staff.

There are no style modifiers so you do not need to list one, though you are free to describe your team's tactics and approach.

When submitting a roster please include a permissions box:
Code: Select all
[b]My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:[/b]
Choose my scorers: Yes
Assign other stats (e.g. rebounds, assists): Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Eject my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

It is expected, for this tournament, that users are expected to allow opponents to choose their scorers for ease of roleplaying.

Edit Log:
1050 SST, 30th Jan - Changed the cutoff date for the IC bid posting
1230 SST, 6th Feb - Cutoff Window Adjusted to reflect reality; Rosters updated as per MD2 cutoff.
2343 SST, 11th Feb - Added Magnecia's roster link.
0905 SST, 17th Feb - Schedule slightly changed due to RL matters
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Postby PotatoFarmers » Wed Jan 25, 2023 11:33 pm

Welcome to Poafmersia! The Ministry of Business and Trade (MBT), through the Poafmersian Tourism Board (PTB), has published various guides to Poafmersia, giving visitors from around the multiverse some information about the Poafmersian culture, heritage, and a guide to the various states and major cities in Poafmersia. The guides are often never exhaustive, and depending on the group of visitors and their purposes, PTB often customise these guides to allow them to be more informed prior to the nation of Poafmersia. In conjunction with the Ministry of Arts, Sports and Culture (MASC), the PTB has published this version of the sports guide - for fans and visiting teams coming to Poafmersia for the 37th International Basketball Championship

All about Poafmersia
Poafmersia is a really large country located in The North Pacific, with a size of 2.5 million square kilometers. Home to close to 900 million residents, the country is well known for its really idealistic policies and governance system. Many Poafmers consider the nation to be at the forefront of "pioneering government policies", ranging from her environmental policies, her system of governance, as well as building a multicultural society. Even though the majority belong to the Jaffan race, Poafmersia is home to 27 ethnicities in total, according to government estimates. The true proportion of these ethnicities, however, is not official tracked, under the "Ethnic Protection Act" which forbids collection of data related to ethnicity.

Many visitors may find themselves unused to the transportation system in Poafmersia. The nation's emphasis on environmental protection has made public transport the main method of transport for Poafmers and visitors alike. While there are inter-city roads that are open for private vehicles, these vehicles are not allowed with many city limits, including Trimidau Island, City of Mancodas, City of Dalaris, Fiskadaha City, and Holhot, among other places. For small groups who require personalised transport, they would typically charter minibuses or electric taxis, which are readily available in big cities. Otherwise, the rail system or the public buses is the main method of travel.

Between cities, there are inter-city railways, as well as cross-state buses, that allow for travel from one side of the country to other. For smaller counties and townships, there are also shuttle train and bus services that serve these areas. Because such places may be out of the place and may not be as well connected, residents in these places may be more likely to own private vehicles. There are rules and regulations in place governing the ownership of these vehicles, as well as the type of vehicles.

For the teams coming to Poafmersia, it would be possible to charter buses for the teams to travel from a city to another for matches. The alternative, however, would be to charter trains - and many major inter-city railways have express tracks for express services, that would allow for quicker travel alternatives. There are also 4 high-speed rail services that serve different parts of the country, namely the Mancodas-Fiskadaha Express (between Mancodas and Fiskadaha City); the Trimidau-Dalaris Rail (between City of Dalaris and Trimidau Island); the Holhot-Fiskadaha Line (between Fiskadaha City and Holhot, with selected stops at major cities such as Sarim, Jackinson and Paishi-jak); and the North-South Railway (starting at Madaris, stopping in the outer limits of Greater Mancodas, Fiskadaha City, before moving on to Georgetown, on the inner limits of the City of Dalaris).

Poafmersia is very welcoming to foreign visitors who are exploring the country. The people's openness to visitors was something that couldn't be taken for granted a decade ago - when Poafmersia was largely isolationist. Sports has been a major avenue where Poafmers have gained exposure to foreign nations, especially in football, which is the most popular and successful sport in Poafmersia. Other major sports include basketball, hockey (both field and ice hockey), badminton and aquatics, though the skill level of the sportsmen largely varies.

In Poafmersia, racial and gender stereotypes are frowned upon. In many sports, men and women co-exist in national leagues, and gender neutral terms are largely preferred. As such, conversations that crosses the racial and gender lines will probably get you into trouble, so visitors should be careful of that. Care for the environment is something that is extremely unique in Poafmersia. Visitors in hotel rooms would be expected to sort out their waste between recyclables and non-recyclables. At restaurants and dining places, food wastes are chargeable, and diners are reminded to request for smaller portions if necessary. The country has largely eliminated use of plastic cups, cutlery and bags. At shopping malls, people bring recyclable bags or buy paper bags; at drink stalls, people bring their own bottles and tumblers. Visitors to Poafmersia are also expected to abide by these environmentally-friendly guidelines, and there are reminder announcements played at major ports of entry.

Poafmersia and Basketball
In the past, the big 5 of sports used to refer to football, volleyball, hockey, badminton and aquatics. If ordered, it would usually be football way ahead, followed by badminton & aquatics, before hockey & volleyball. In recent years, however, basketball has overtaken volleyball as the more popular sport, given that the appetite for professional volleyball is absolutely not there. It was so much that the Poafmersia Basketball Association was formed, and with it came the Professional Basketball League, heading into its second edition (in Poafmersia, IBC & PBLs happen yearly). The first edition's Fall Season can be found here, and it can be used as reference for people interested in figuring out how basketball is like in the country.

Host venues in Poafmersia
For the duration of the IBC, a total of 4 stadiums would be used for the event. These venues are among the larger ones in the country, with the Mancodas Basketball Arena the largest based on the capacity for the IBC. An approximate map of the country can be found in the spoiler below.

State of Bikasta
Located at the north-west of the country, Bikasta is the second smallest state in the country, after Dalaris. The state is home to the second busiest port in Poafmersia, after Georgetown, located in Jottim. While Jottim state is the busiest city in the state, the capital city is in Cochas, the second largest city by population. For the duration of the entire group stage, Group A will be stationed in the state, with 2 venues holding matches staggered across different times. Katerine Hall (cap. 21,000), which is located as part of the Cochin Multi-sports Complex, will be the first venue for the group. The Katerine Hall is also the home stadium of the Cochin Greyhats. On the other hand, Wolves Arena (cap. 19,170), home to the Jottim Wolves, will be the second venue for the competition.

State of Cochas
Cochas is home to Mancodas, home to the headquarters of many companies, and also the biggest population center in Poafmersia. There are lots of corporate headquarters and branches in Poafmersia. While the official financial hub is Fiskadaha City, there are other companies who have chose to set up their headquarters and offices here in Mancodas. Mancodas is also home the University of Mancodas, the biggest university in Poafmersia (but may be less popular than the Fiskadaha School of Liberal Arts or the Maximus Rochester Institute for Science and Technological Research), featuring faculties in various areas. Mancodas Basketball Arena (cap. 31,000), is the only venue used in for this IBC. The largest stadium by capacity, it was originally built for recreational and training use, featuring 3 full basketball courts. For the purposes of the competition, the two courts at the side will be covered off and replaced with temporary seating. It will feature a handful of the Group B games, as well as many knockout games, due to its capacity and ease of accessibility.

State of Nitrishi-pai
Nitrishi-pai is widely considered as the original innovation & technology hub of Poafmersia, though recent development has shifted the attention to Hitimatias. Home of many research laboratories, development hubs, as well as headquarters of the Poafmersian Defence Forces (PDF), Nitrishi-pai is a sprawling state located on the eastern side of the country. It is home to Maximus Rochester Institute for Science and Technological Research, the premier institute for Science and Technology studies, and produces the most Doctor of Philosophy graduates yearly. It is widely considered to be the top university in Science courses. Holters (name of Holhot residents) are really proud of their local sports teams, and whenever the Holhot Spurs play in the Brian Magnus Centre (cap. 20,671), they would come out in troves to support their home team. The Brian Magnus Centre will be the second venue for the Group B games.

Fixture Locations & Timings
All matches in Poafmersia will be split into 3 timings - 3pm, 5pm, and 8pm. For the group stage, you can refer to the respective information (as listed below) on which matches will be assigned to which time, and which matches will be held where. The host bid of fellow IC hosts will also be listed below.

Group A
For Group A, matches will be held within the state of Jottim. Based on the fixture list as per OP, the first 2 matches will be held at 3pm, next 2 at 5pm, and last one at 8pm. For the 3pm and 5pm timeslot, the first match will be held at the Katerine Hall, while the second match will be held in the Wolves Arena. For the 8pm timeslot, the matches on the odd matchday (1,3,5,7,9,11) will be held in the Katerine Hall, and the matches on the even matchday (2,4,6,8,10) will be held in the Wolves Arena.

Group B
For Group B, matchday 7-11 will be split between the Mancodas Basketball Arena and the Brian Magnus Centre. Based on the fixture list as per OP, the first match will be held at 3pm, next 2 at 5pm, and last 2 at 8pm. The 3pm fixture will be held at the Brian Magnus Centre. For the 5pm and 8pm timeslot, the first match will be held at the Brian Magnus Centre, while the second match will be held in the Mancodas Basketball Arena.
Please refer to Tjorl's host bid for details regarding the first 6 matchdays.

Group C & D
Please refer to the host bids from Valentine Z, and Trolleborg (for Group C), as well as the bids from Græntfjall, and Diarcesia (for Group D) for details on the host venues.

For Group C, it was decided that Valentine Z will host the first 5 matchdays and Trolleborg the last 5, with Matchday 6 held concurrently in both nations. (Hannasea vs Geektopia, Juvencus vs Drawkland, and Valentine Z vs Gran Saguaro in Valentine Z; Trolleborg vs Southwest Eastnorth, and United Adaikes vs HUElavia in Trolleborg for Matchday 6)

For Group D, it was decided that Diarcesia will host the first 5 matchdays and Græntfjall the last 5, with Matchday 6 held concurrently in both nations. Nova Anglicana vs Islerum, and Sky Reavers vs Magnecia in Græntfjall; Macbon vs Chromatika, Srednjaci vs Cardenao, and Qasden vs Diarcesia in Diarcesia)
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Postby Ko-oren » Thu Jan 26, 2023 3:40 am

Ko-oren - IBC 37
Style mod As low as it goes (-5) / RP Permissions Yes

Nickname Dragonflies, Flies
Colours Green, Blue, Yellow
Offence Continuity
Defence Fluid: some man-to-man or even double teams, some zone
Head Coach Juliet Shillington (IBC 17 winner)
History 1-4 in IBC Finals
Other key figures on the staff
From the IBC 17 squad: Vasco Azevado, Solène Dupre, Amy Janssen, Milena Carlisle
From the IBC 20 squad: Leandro Buenaventura, Gao Liang, Milton Hayes
Uniforms Sharpied-over Abanhfleft knock-offs
Aminey Court Central (2500)
Ciudad Miradela (3150)
Korth Basketini Maethorudin (2200)
Korth Senorendhin (1975)

C Cibrán Junco (28) - Miradela Silvers
C Jui (f) Kaname (25) - Montelo Snipers
C Daishin Kaminaga (26) - Alara Heat Wave

Where Junco was the single best centre in the league last season, Kaname has crept very close to his level. Both playing for Santa Teresan clubs, they meet often and train together, and they keep each other sharp. Kaminaga sits a little behind the two in aggressiveness and flair, but gets similar stats in most games.

PF Guendolina (f) Canton (28) - Ferrovente Tazers
PF Nye Berkeham (19) - Mayara Blues
PF Mathias Goslin (26) - Couziers Centurions
PF Valentin Montplaisir (24) - Gehrenna Lions
PF Takajoshi Chatan (22) - Arakura Tower

Canton remains the benchmark of what a good power forward is. Sneaking into the paint for passes and lay-ups, sneaking out to hit threes, she does it all. Berkeham is a great find by the Blues from last season, and while not exactly matching Canton in all-roundness, Berkeham brings his own style to the table. Not as good field goal-wise, he has a good sense for where to be to let his teammates make great plays. Goslin, Montplaisir, and Chatan are all very similar in style, playing a textbook definition of the position.

SF Fidel Varon (26) - Ferrovente Tazers
SF Alegonu (f) Sarmazenindhen (24) - Mayara Blues
SF Sylv Melanson (29) - Couziers Centurions
SF Nicolaas Valkenvlier (24) - Sterrenwolde Eagles

Arguably the most stacked position in the sport, Varon continues to show the league what an MVP plays like. Him and Canton, both at the Tazers, are legends of the modern game. Sarmazenindhen could have been a starter at nearly every other position but lacks the height for PF or C, yet does have the flashes of brilliance to play a playmaker role.

SG Willie Manisle (23) - Idyllwild Circle
SG Vincens Heideiep (19) - Senoren Diamonds
SG Kogo Ikemitsu (26) - Vurusen Floramancers
SG Denzel Falmton (23) - Willowbourne Centrals
SG Sesyll yCerryir (27) - Llandy Locals

Decent depth at the position, but it's needed. Sarmazenindhen and Melanson might appear as SGs every now and again, as behind Manisle there's not too much there. Manisle himself is a recent find for Idyllwild: too 'lanky' for the local rugby union outfit but having the right amount of height and muscle for basketball. Heideiep was signed by the Diamonds after a few good training sessions. Ikemitsu, Falmton, and yCerryir are all solid backups, with Ikemitsu playing for an emerging Vurusen team trying to become the best in the East and Falmton turning out for one of the two excellent Willowbourne teams: both of those aren't of the original 12, but they're coming close in skill.

PG Juvi Tanamula (28) - Gehrenna Lions
PG Marcellin Chery (23) - Etouille Amandine
PG Francis Springlynn (22) - Aubury Dynamos
PG Roelf Nieuwhout (26) - Schemerdrecht Scout

Tanamula is a magician and matches Canton in skill, while both sit a little behind Varon. A surprising find in the East by the Lions, Tanamula will likely get the most minutes of any player. He gets the occasional steal as well, and limits his own turnovers to give us a much better chance. Somewhat conservative and reserved, you might want a more spectacular passer at the position but he makes up for it in defensive contributions. Chery is the kind of attack-minded PG you'd expect, though, so we can vary. Springlynn and Nieuwhout are good but definitely not as great as the other two - and Tanamula is miles ahead of Chery.

After the implosion of the Ko-orenite Basketball League, the sport (barely) survived on small courts in big cities. Twelve clubs have emerged in a new national league, representing three urban areas. The Capital Cities (Maethoru, Mayara, Gehrenna, Senoren), Aminey (Lunay, Ouleux, Couziers/Linieux, Étouille), and Finisterre (Ferrovente, Miradela, Montelo, Serramonte). Should the league be a success (which, as proposed, doesn't contain three separate conferences but dumps all teams in one table), there are plans to restructure and expand the league. Aided by half the IBC 17 and 20 rosters as staff, Ko-oren is back for a slow ascent up the ranks again.

While they might not be underdogs in literally every game, the rankings pretend like this team has a lot more individual skill than it actually has. Three of the most talented players are Canton, Melanson, and Sarmazenindhen, and unfortunately all of them are small forwards, with Canton since switching to PF also for her club side, Ferrovente, who found Varon as well. That means you might occasionally see them pop up at other positions, taking over PF or SG, while all three try to have the most time on the court. Our results depend on them linking up despite relying on roughly the same skills. Tanamula appeared on the radar late but is doing wonders for Aonishi, and that means we have a PG to be feared, able to set up plays for the small forwards to finish (instead of the PFs also having to start plays). Chery is probably the next best player. Other positions, especially that of Centre, are fairly weak.

The league has since expanded to 48 teams - by far the largest in Ko-oren - with the new players on the new teams slowly breaking through into the NT.
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Postby Atheara » Fri Jan 27, 2023 6:10 am

ATHEARAN NATIONAL TEAM - International Basketball Championship XXVII

The official roster for Atheara in the 37th edition of the International Basketball Championship.

Atheara officialy returns to the International Basketball Championship. Despite the odd performance of the last edition of the tournament where Atheara only finished 5th in their group with just one win out of five matches, the team and the fans are hoping they can exceed last year's performance, even if only for a little bit. The team has been switched and changed around, as this will be the last ever international basketball tournament for some players that are on the roster, as some new and young blood are also brought in for the hopes that we can do better than the last edition we were participating in. Speaking of a roster, here is Atheara's roster for this year's IBC!

Standard Information
Colours: Midnight blue, black, and white
Playstyle: -3
- Defense: Mainly zoning and double teaming, high pressure
- Offense: On the counter, mistake forcing and 2 point focused
Nickname: The Guardians

Manager: Daniel Dipronovak (44, M)
Assistant Manager: Catherine Van Zallachia (42, F)

The Main V
PG - Zabellan Gannacusto (28, M)
SG - Kieran Van De Potrovich (23, M)
SF - Siesca Iltanavaski (30, F)
PF - Felix Falcon (26, M)
C - Haru Sabagiri (25, M)

PG - Dorothy Sabaschai Rannozka (24, M)
PG - Exidia Lutrapevka (19, F)
SG - Abell Lukshow - Nazaria (36, F)
SG - Navian Opretzech Van Jursden (24, M)
SF - Evan Gallaster Millforth (35, M)
SF - Keyton Hacherid - Yoroshven (19, M)
PF - Kitra Vallacic (24, F)
PF - Elverto Van Stoichnova (21, M)
C - Nick Van Azariastov (27, M)
C - Mitchell Hallbring (34, M)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Assign other stats (e.g. rebounds, assists): Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

In short, everything goes. Just don't try anything too extreme.
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Postby Valentine Z » Fri Jan 27, 2023 11:41 am

Part 0 / Roster – "Maybeeee this time is the charm? I don't know, I am not going to tell you." - Fate


Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison must be pulling our legs. Given the history, it would seem like we have been playing against Drawkland in particular for quite some time, but to be fair, it was just the recent matches that gave that impression. For instance, the Valentian Kittens have only played against Drawkland twice in IAC 17 – once for MD2, and another for Round of 16. And of course, in IBC 35, we Gwen’s Angels have played against them, with a whopping and large defeat for us. So, these three matches alone, due to the close proximity of it all, and all of it happening relatively recently, gave the impression that Drawkland might have been stuck with the Valentians for quite some time. This was then followed by the announcement that we would be playing against them in IBC 37 – which is this one – and we Angels wondered as to if Gwen played a part in all of this. Whether or not that is true, we will leave it up to her, and to be fair, we don’t mind either! After all, the Valentians have a sizeable demographic that worships her as a deity of sorts, and I think it was a bit hilarious since Gwen herself stated that she does not like to be worshipped, and yet, there she is, a lot of Fateists on her side.

Manager: Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison – 328’ 1” / 10000.00 cm – ??? (Possibly Norwich or London, from a parallel Earth termed “Overwatch”)

Coach: Chief Warrant Officer Joshua Kelly Allen Valench Dimitri “Nguvu” Rashid Fanaka Darweshi H. Terv Kertarajasa Winstin Clayton Voshon Shawnee LeMaun Grady V U. Olwethu Nkokheli Mthobeni – 21' 11.3" / 668.88 cm – Wakaliga, Kampala, Uganda, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z

Team Medic: Head Medic Klarke Ray Zane Samson Kourtney Brian Drake Cameron “Dovitljiv Bolničar” Jona T. Jaylon Melvyn Everett Miralem Kova Čamil Ensar Kristofer Marcell Kilian Elia Xr. Nico Zahirović – 22' 4.6" / 682.40 cm – Brčko, Brčko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Region of Valentine Z

For the first time, Gwen's Angels are running a main team all consisting of ladies.
Players are in order of preference. The first player in each category is the main player.
Point Guards
- #71 - Marley Aaliyah Lena Annabelle Ava Hodges - F - 1.00x: 235.5 cm (7 ft 8.73 in) - 29 - Seattle, Washington, United States of America, Voorzichtigheid, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- #20 - Hayes Jayden Wakayoshi Jaime Aubrey Tamotsu - M - 1.00x: 237.2 cm (7 ft 9.38 in) - 34 - Sendai, Japan, Vostrov, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- #50 - Nathan Samara Caldwell Juan David Yepes - M - 1.00x: 238.9 cm (7 ft 10.06 in) - 32 - Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, Alanis Star, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z

Shooting Guards
- #10 - Ada Roos Baston Sabot Dieneke Vondermans - F - 1.00x: 240.6 cm (7 ft 10.71 in) - 31 - Groningen, Netherlands, Victoriaans Nederlands, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- #31 - Damian Cohens Nik Linn Aung Khaing Htun - M - 1.00x: 238.0 cm (7 ft 9.72 in) - 36 - Naypyithaw, Burma, Region of Valentine Z
- #7 - Novokshonova Adeliya Anna Konstantinovna - F - 1.00x: 236.4 cm (7 ft 9.07 in) - 35 - Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia, Region of Valentine Z

Small Forward
- #8 - Awenasa Panola Samantha Markus Cervantes - F - 1.00x: 235.1 cm (7 ft 8.57 in) - 31 - Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States of America, Voorzichtigheid, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- #6 - Cameron Diana Wendy Anderson Fu Guan Ting - M - 1.00x: 238.9 cm (7 ft 10.06 in) - 33 - Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Vostrov, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- #5 - Rowan Sammy Prapawit Krita W. Shinawatra - M - 1.00x: 234.6 cm (7 ft 8.38 in) - 27 - Udon Thani City, Udon Thani Province, Thailand, Region of Valentine Z

Power Forward
- #96 - Rossa Serena Vic Rosângela Chaves Hamamura - F - 1.00x: 239.8 cm (7 ft 10.40 in) - 30 - Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil, Alanis Star, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- #22 - Matthew Hridaya Deevash Mithilesh Siwakoti - M - 1.00x: 240.6 cm (7 ft 10.71 in) - 37 - Birgunj, Parsa, Nepal, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- #13 - Sípos Celine Horváth Melinda D. Szimonetta - F - 1.00x: 242.3 cm (7 ft 11.40 in) - 38 - Nyíregyháza, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, Hungary, Region of Valentine Z

- #41 - Yuri Anastasia Catherine Moire Mok Jung-Won - F - 1.00x: 243.9 cm (7 ft 0.05 in) - 32 - Daejeon, Hoseo, South Korea, Vostrov, Autonomous Region of Valentine Z
- #0 - Bailey Kendrick Sophia Linde Hồ Ngọc Ðoàn - M - 1.00x: 245.6 cm (7 ft 0.70 in) - 33 - Hanoi, Red River Delta, Vietnam, Region of Valentine Z
- #55 - Antenor Pascal Waleed Zaghlool al-Harroun - M - 1.00x: 247.3 cm (7 ft 1.39 in) - 36 - Madaba, Madaba Governorate, Jordan, Region of Valentine Z

* The heights shall not negatively impact the venues, and the general OOC issues and concerns. They are mostly to show off the heights of the Valentians, and they have the tech-magic to shrink themselves down accordingly to make it a fair play. Outside of matches, use 2.66x values. Inside matches, use 1.00x value.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes! ♥
Godmod scoring events: Yes! ♥
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but please ask first. No fatal/career-ending injuries.
Godmod Injuries to my players: Within reason. No fatal/career-ending injuries.
Suspend my players: Please ask first.
Godmod suspension events: Nope.
Godmod other events: Again, ask first, I am approachable! ♥

Style modifier: +5.00 (Max Offensive).
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Postby Mytanija » Sat Jan 28, 2023 4:04 pm


Sergej Mitrovic named an unchanged squad for IBC36 and Mytanija got to the Round of 16, hardly uncharted waters for the national team and that put Mitrovic under enormous pressure in the final year of his national team contract. Many believed that the Padina coach should have taken the national team further by this point, but they don’t appear to have gelled in the manner which many expected. Is it possible that the rivalries at domestic level have caused friction when they go to play on the same squad for the national team? Some in the media have argued that the Fomin-Ateljevic rivalry could be behind Mytanija’s lack of progression at international level. In the end the MKA extended Mitrovic’s contract for IBC37 following Padina’s run to the MKA Liga Championship game, they feel he’s the best coach available at the moment and he’ll get another opportunity at this tournament. Mitrovic has rung the changes for this year’s IBC, a change of tack from the unchanged squad for IBC36, looking to get Mytanija to the latter stages of a tournament which they have flattered to deceive in for a long time.

There are six complete newcomers to the IBC squad and one new starter. The new starter is Jasmin Osredkar, the point guard has become one of the top players in the country in the past couple of years and his dominant performances at domestic level have seen him elevated to a starting role with the national team too. Osredkar can both score and create and should see even greater division of responsibilities among the starters, particularly with Fomin and Ateljevic ageing into their late and mid-thirties respectively.

The introduction of so many new players might well be a response to some of the key performers of recent years getting older and slowing down. Srdan Dedic, Mihailo Nosec, Urban Petrovic, Andrija Banovac, Jakov–Anton Lokin and Mario Podrug are the new faces and range in age from 19 (Lokin) to 28 (Nosec). Many have thought that new blood has been needed for a while and these players will provide this, the likes of Dedic, Petrovic, Lokin and Ivovic are all major looks towards the future too. These younger players will be the backbone of a post Fomin and Ateljevic team.

The argument that the two legends of Mytanar basketball are what has been holding the national team back doesn’t appear to have fed through to Sergej Mitrovic, who keeps them in the starting rotation. They’re still key performers, but this genuinely should be the last time we see both of them in the same IBC squad. Fomin is 37 and will almost definitely call time on his national team career at the end of the tournament and nobody would be surprised to see his great rival Ateljevic do the exact same thing either. Both are still playing well domestically, but their clubs haven’t been as consistent in the last two years after reaching the MKA Liga Championship game three years in a row and facing off against one another each time. Is it possible that their ageing stars could be part of that regression?

Mitrovic will hope not, having them at their best should be a big difference-maker for this Mytanija team. If not there will be a reliance on the likes of Mihailo Nosec, Mario Podrug, Ahmed Nuhanovic and Mislav Komusar to step up in their stead. Nuhanovic in particular has performed exceptionally for Atletik domestically, staking a major claim to be the next big star of Mytanar basketball once the big two call time on their careers. Nuhanovic is a wirier proposition than Fomin, taller and thinner, but his unicorn size and wingspan make him a major contributor at both ends of the court. Mislav Komusar, the Mytanar-Ketioulais centre, is a more old-fashioned option at the position. Less about dribbling and shot creation outside the paint and more about physically dominating opponents on the inside.

We’re beginning to see more physically imposing players across the court too, Mihailo Nosec is unusually big for a Mytanar wing; and Jakov-Anton Lokin is at a size more in keeping with Mytanar bigs but plays in the back court. This should help Mytanija to compete more in the isolation game which is quite common at international level, though physicality hasn’t really been an area in which the team has fallen short in previous tournaments.

##  Pos.  Name                    Age  Ht.  Wt.  Club              
00 PG Jasmin Osredkar 26 193 86 KK Rauchnya
01 SG Juraj Stanorec 28 195 86 BK Magevskaya
02 SF/W Zelimir Ateljevic 35 194 94 Košarka Esca
03 PF Mario Djokanovic 33 211 111 Atletik Težia
04 C Evgeny Fomin 37 213 115 BK Magevskaya

05 PG Srdan Dedic 22 191 85 Košarka Esca
06 SG Zivota Obradovic 33 193 87 Košarka Esca
07 SF/W Mihailo Nosec 28 200 99 KK Rauchnya
08 PF Urban Petrovic 20 211 110 KK Rauchnya
09 C Ahmed Nuhanovic 28 217 107 Atletik Težia
10 PG Andrija Banovac 26 184 82 KK Prizren
11 SG Jakov–Anton Lokin 19 201 98 Meja
12 SF Mario Podrug 26 197 95 KK Prizren
13 PF Jaksa Ivovic 20 203 104 BK Magevskaya
14 C Mislav Komusar 25 212 110 KK Miago

Coach: Sergej Mitrovic
Note: heights are in centimetres and weights are in kilograms

Most likely to...
Ateljevic - Fomin - Osredkar - Stanorec
ASSIST: Fomin - Osredkar - Dedic - Ateljevic
REBOUND: Fomin - Ateljevic - Djokanovic - Nuhanovic
STEAL: Osredkar - Stanorec - Ateljevic - Dedic
BLOCK: Djokanovic - Fomin - Petrovic - Nuhanovic
FOUL: Ateljevic - Fomin - Obradovic - Nosec


If my opponent role-plays first they may:

Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, I shall determine severity
Godmod injuries to my players: N
RP penalties for my players: Y
RP ejections for my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Federal Republic of Mytannion

Capital: Esca
Population: c. 49,600,000
Demonym: Mytanar

Interested in Mytanar sport? Visit the Mytanski sportski mediji web page

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Postby Benjium » Sat Jan 28, 2023 8:48 pm

Basketball is a very new and minor sport in Benjium, with regional popularity. This is chiefly amongst its rural and agricultural regions especially in the south, and is largely due to the affordability of the game, and lack of need for large player basis. While there has been funding earmarked by the National Institute for Cultural and Sporting Development, certain universities and the Center for Rural Culture to build some venues better suited for basketball, nearly all teams currently play in converted auditoriums and concert halls, with the odd ice rink thrown in.The highest level is that of Collegiate level with the most well known organization being the University Students of Benjium Athletics Conference - USBAC, whose championship game attracted around 4,000 spectators. The team picked is an all-USBAC squad that considers it an honor simply to be playing in IBC37, and hope that they can generate some positive press back home to help grow the game.

Perhaps unusually, the Benjium national team is largely positionless. Head Coach Brutus Cato has said it won't be uncommon to have 3-4 guards on the floor at a time. Their 5-man, or Centers, have been picked more for their intelligence and passing ability rather than their size or athleticism. Elite athleticism will likely be fairly rare, and the Benjium team will run a slow-paced Princeton offense, based of misdirection, off ball screens, and back cuts. Defense will primarily be low pressure man-to-man, switching all ball screens, and occasionally face-guarding the opponents best player.

The Benjium National Team
Nickname: Ballhogs
Abbreviation: BNJ
Colors: Peaceful Blue, Mountain Cat Orange, Pine Green



##	Pos.	Name	       Age	Ht(cm)	Wt(kg)	University
22 G Marcus Rivio 20 175 80 University Monituim
3 G Falvia Collis 19 188 85 School d'Fluflexus
32 G/F Cassius Montis 22 192 84 Consul's Academy
10 F Quintus Faber 21 195 94 Ag. Uni. of 'Saxum
44 F Publi Agricola 22 203 102 Vitoreferi University

#22 Rivio - short, quick, pass first guard, team's best ballhandler.
#3 Collis - quick release, reliable 3pt and mid range shooter, lacks defense.
#32 Montis - wing cat, looks to drive and dish, but will knock down open 3.
#10 Faber - seems to make things happen, good mid range game, good vision.
#44 Agricola - sturdy if on the short end for the 5, prides self on being unselfish, doing little things


##	Pos.	Name	       Age	Ht(cm)	Wt(kg)	University
4 G Andria Calum 20 180 78 Praefectus University
34 G Julia Nauta 21 186 80 East Minorin College
11 G Tiberius Cato 19 182 79 Rivo Institute
25 G/F Ania Asari 22 194 82 Faberium University
33 F Servilius Ano 20 200 82 Beli Art College
42 F Katia Praepus 18 198 84 Vioreferi University
55 C Augus d'Flexus 21 209 106 University Monituim

#4 Calum - passionate player, can score at all three level. can steal, but can get greedy/selfish.
#34 Nauta - surprise late addition as EMC is not a great team, but her 3pt shot attracted attention
#11 Cato - coaches' kid, plays the 1 and 2 guard. smart, decent at all things, great at none
#25 Asari - senior leader at Faberium, plays smart and hard, primarily a driver before a shooter.
#33 Ano - plays SS for College's baseball team, most athletic player, raw talent, low skills.
#42 Praepus - won the equivalent of "Freshman of the Year". Stretch 4 with excellent shot.
#55 d'Flexus - pick-n-roll center, lengthy, scores via dunk, blocks shots, won't play a ton.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Assign other stats (e.g. rebounds, assists): Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes - though no death
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes - though no death
Eject my players: Yes - though ask first
Godmod other events: Maybe - within reason, ask if unsure
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Postby Drawkland » Sat Jan 28, 2023 10:14 pm


CHAMPIONS, International Basketball Championships 25
Runners-Up, International Basketball Championships 27
CHAMPIONS, International Basketball Championships 28

Name: Net Corps
Colors: Black with Crimson trim
Denonyms: Drawkian or Drawkish, personal preference

Basketball is an avid sport in Drawkland, with huge cheering crowds and near-constantly playing pep bands the norm. If you've never been to a basketball game in Drawkland, you may want to bring a pair of earplugs. Or two. You'll need them.

As you may notice, the Drawkian team is pretty tall, as far as height goes. This is perfectly natural for Drawkians, as the national height average is 7'5" (they're not related to humans evolutionarily besides the shape and proportions and such). They also may seem like they're "middle-aged," but that's wrong. In fact, most professional Drawkian athletes don't retire until around the age of 50, since the average lifespan is around 150.

After having their best group stage in their history in IBC 24, the Net Corps went on to get annihilated in the Round of 16 for the fifth straight time (once by Royal Kingdom of Quebec, once by Vangaziland, once Abaja, once by Ceni, and once by Banija). Finally, they decided they weren't going to take no for an answer. A decade of playoff disappointment took a heel-turn as the Corps made an unprecedented run to the championship game. Drawkland won the game in convincing fashion to Royal Kingdom of Quebec, and finally claimed the title of IBC Champions.

While they lost in the semifinals of IBC 26 to the team they defeated in the previous semifinals, Newmanistan, they still had the skill to make a deep playoff run. And that they did, by making it to the finals of IBC 27 against Vangaziland. Unfortunately, Vangaziland was the outright better squad and took the series in two straight games. The Net Corps was far from out of the mix, though. Despite the short format and taking a loss in the group stage, Drawkland stormed through the IBC 28 playoffs and defeated Vangaziland by 30 points in the final to capture their second title. Drawkland hoped to go back-to-back with IBC 29, but fell short in overtime to Banija in the semifinals.

The IBC 30 campaign featured a first for the Net Corps ... a quarterfinal loss. This kicked off a new era in Net Corps history, one of floundering in the playoffs. In IBC 31, Drawkland went 2-2 in the second group stage, and had to settle for a "13th place win" against Quebec in the consolation playoffs. IBC 32 was yet another quarterfinal loss, this one against Valanora. Finally, in IBC 33, the Corps did something they hadn't done since their first tournament in IBC 19 ... miss the playoffs entirely. With that, longtime coach Cody Morgan and his staff was shown the door, and the aging Net Corps was collectively given the boot.

Originally, DISC was going to hire a new coach and assemble a new squad from scratch. Then, some "genius" came up with a "better" idea: let the Elite Eleven have a shot! Their IBC 34 campaign went decently. They made it to the playoffs and won a game in the Round of 24 before falling in the next round to Hannasea. Still, their performance was decent enough, and DISC was satisfied. The Elite didn't want to return to a playing position, but a few of them said they'd be willing to stick around as coaches.

The "Elite Eleven as coaches" experiment somehow went better than expected. The new-look Corps didn't have a perfect return cycle, needing last-matchday miracles against Ranoria and Mytanija to advance from the first and second group stages, respectively. The Corps had finally returned to the quarterfinals, thanks in part to the second group stage "skipping" earlier playoff rounds. Once again the Corps would face Hannasea, and once again they would fall, this time by a heartbreaking last-second shot. With their hopes for a surprising playoff push dashed, they slid into 7th place in the classification playoff. All things considered, not a bad performance, but improvement, especially in the group stage, is a necessity going forward. DISC had enough of the Elite Eleven, and kicked them out of the basketball wing of the building.

Now it's a truly new coaching staff. How would they fare in the new age of the Net Corps? Not well. The shortened tournament format meant only 5 games in the group stage, a small sample size. Being mauled by Nova Anglicana's Lions early wasn't a good start, and the group stage ended with a shock upset loss to Tumbra. This caused the Corps to fall to 3rd in the group, where they'd be forced to take on Juvencus in the Round of 24. The new chapter in the Revoda Sea Rivalry ended with another Drawkian W, only to run right back into the Lions in the Round of 16. The Corps kept it closer than their double digit loss in the group stage, but ultimately Nova Anglicana would not be denied. Beating the Corps was just a footnote in the story of the Lions winning it all in IBC 36.

This cycle, the pseudo-rebuild of the Net Corps continues, trying to find a mix of players that combines elite talent with good team chemistry. Theo Gibbs, the captain since the "reboot" of the team roster, has since retired. The captainship has been passed to Danita Hathway, the next-most experienced member of the Corps. A few players have moved in and out, as the coaching staff searches for the team that will bring Drawkland back to glory. Hopefully.




## Pos Player Height Age Best Feature

16 C Neil Gold 8’8” 36 Monopolizes the paint
8 SF Danita Hathway (C) 8’0” 38 Great defender
9 PF Zoe Sparks* 8’0” 35 Clutch, great shooter
1 SG Finn Santana* 7’9” 30 Plays both ends well
25 PG Leon Claussen* 8’3” 33 Three-point shooting


## Pos Player Height Age Best Feature

2 C Eva Pax 8’7” 37 Excellent passer
6 C Bernard Kelley^ 8’6” 27 Good defender with mobility

21 F Sara Dickens 7’10” 33 Boards on both ends
4 F Anna Calvo 8’3” 35 Consistent shooter
13 F Mark Wilder 8’4” 37 Cuts to the basket well
24 F Natalie Endgard*^ 7'6" 25 Good passing and accuracy

35 G Mavis Micheli 7’7” 31 Versatile shooter
34 G Ryker Nolan 7’8” 33 Super accurate midrange
33 G Catalina Daywasson*^7'4" 26 Great playmaker
11 G Watt Wiley* 8’6” 34 Perimeter defense

* indicates NSCAA experience
^ indicates Net Corps rookie


Coach Name Position Role

Vince Donaldson Head Coach Manager, Tactics
Melanie McNabb Assistant Coach Offensive Coordinator
Nicholas Bourne Assistant Coach Defensive Coordinator
Aidan Romero Assistant Coach Scouting, Preparation
Alexia McReynolds Athletic Trainer Strength & Conditioning

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: Nothing tourney-ending.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Nothing tourney-ending.
Godmod Other Events: Yeah, go ahead.

Style Modifier (for RP): +4

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Postby Cassadaigua » Sun Jan 29, 2023 7:35 am


Head Coach: Kristen Baynes, 53

PG: #15- Hailey Randall, 26, 6'4"
SG: #23- Julia Stacker, 29, 6'6"
C: #55- Monica Cahill, 27, 6'10"
PF: #42- Rachel Valentino, 25, 6'8"
SF: #32- Ciara Gibson, 25, 6'10"

G: #12- Morgan Tillman, 27, 6'1"
G: #3- Adriana Clarke, 28, 5'11"
C: #53- Chrissy Boyd, 30, 7'2"
F: #43- Bayley Schmitt, 22, 6'5"
F: #33- Caitlyn Baldwin, 30, 6'9"
F/C: #40- Brooke Franklin, 31, 6'3"
Util: #21- Shannon Jacquemin, 27, 6'0"

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Assign other stats (e.g. rebounds, assists): Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but only say they were hurt, I will take it from there.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes, but for every two players you eject from my team you must eject at least one from yours
Godmod other events: No
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Also: CR 40; CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, RTC WC 18; WVE 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, CR 37, 38 & 41; WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13, 15, 47 & 48, DBC 21. 3rd Place @ WC 86
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-90, 92.
XIII Summer Olympiad: 2nd Most Medals
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Postby Juvencus » Sun Jan 29, 2023 11:17 am




Information about Juvencus:
Capital: Pomena
Population: 130,656,702 ethnic Juven, with a total of 150,048,720 including naturalised immigrants.
Nickname: I Cavalli(The horses)
Demonym: Juven
Country Code: JUE

Basketball is one of the more popular sports in Juvencus, but unlike most others it has found most of its appeal among a specific set of linguistic groups, more prominently the Romanian as well as Catalan-language speakers spread across the nation. The history of the sport is a bit complex, long thought to be brought by some distant place from the multiverse by famed teacher and sports scientist Ladislau Izabal in the early 1900's and since then it has spread mostly among Catalan-language communities like a fire. Mostly treated like a hobby or college sport, professional basketball has little traction in Juvencus despite the lucrative deals made with neighboring Oscioru in the creation of the Juvenoscioru League, the only major professional and franchise league in the nation. Despite that, i Cavalli are known for their talent, speed and tenacity on the court unlike no other, as well as their talking smack.

Inici 5:
C:César Constantinescu(Age 30)
PF:Fulbert Tomàs(Age 25)
SF:Xavier Palà(Age 22)
SG:Xoel Maradona(Age 25)
PG:Simone Macías(Age 26)

C:Agustí Llinares(Age 21)
C:Gianmarco Abbate(Age 22)
PF:Vicenç Truque(Age 23)
PF:Julien Provenzano(Age 23)
SF:Cristiano Barella(Age 28)
SF:Girolamo Petit (Age 26)
SG:Pol Rambla(Age 24)
SG:Andreu Puigdemuls(Age 26)
PG:Antoni Acciaioli(Age 34)
PG:Santi Plourde(Age 20)

Coaching staff:
Main coach:Constantino Mutu
Assistant coach:Apolinar Bautista
Assistant coach:Manuel Guidi
Main doctor:Guillem Sauvageot
Assistant doctor:Isidro Antonescu

Squad comments: Since most of the team is unchanged, Constantino Mutu has decided to give his squad more movement freedom as he always does. The players will have to take advantadge of their shorter, smaller than average for basketball standards bodies to move faster and take more 3's than normal. Other than that they are a bit lackluster in strength for the most part but will still provide a great challenge for whichever opponent they get to face against.



If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose other statistics (e.g. rebounds, assists) for my players: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, but no more than 1 MD
Godmode sporting events: Y
Godmode injuries: Y just no killing and career-threatening injuries, but if you want to make my players look ridiculous, by all means do so
Godmode other events: Y just no murdering and massacres
The Holy Empire of Juvencus

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Postby Chromatika » Sun Jan 29, 2023 3:56 pm

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose other statistics (e.g. rebounds, assists) for my players: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmode sporting events: N
Godmode injuries: N
Godmode other events: N
Style Mod, for RP Purposes: -1

Chromatika National Basketball Team
World Rank: 7
Nickname: The Penguins
Coach: Jaudin Negore (Age: 53), Eyrods Saints
Assistant Coach: Milek Killik (Age: 50), Eyrods Saints
Home Venue: FRIArena, Felswyr, Mountain District (Cap. 35,000)

No Pos Name Age Height Team
01 PG Kristie SHADDON-YSENOV 21 6 ft 10 in Eyrods Saints
03 SG LIA Xiu 31 6 ft 7 in Eyrods Saints CAPTAIN
08 SF Anidra ROXANOFF 30 6 ft 5 in Sanar Hurons
09 PF Anton VATNAV 23 6 ft 8 in Sanar Hurons
02 C Maude ZWAHEIL 32 7 ft 2 in Z'ai'ai Warriors
No Pos Name Age Height Team
05 PG Zachary CHESEVSKY 27 6 ft 3 in Chromia Cougars
04 SG Jordan MERKOFF 29 6 ft 5 in Urrheddiao Pride
06 SF Howard DWYER 29 6 ft 8 in Lanar Rhinos
07 PF Michaelangelo CHOUSTER 25 6 ft 11 in Z'ai'ai Warriors
10 C Mack EDUARDSON 28 6 ft 10 in Wirr Tsi Sparks
No Pos Name Age Height Team
11 G KIM Hae-Ri 24 6 ft 5 in Z'ai'ai Warriors
12 F Ishani HAUNTZER 23 6 ft 4 in Sanar Hurons
PG Kristie Shaddon-Ysenov

Young Kristie Shaddon-Ysenov was acquired by the Saints, and Eyrods didn't miss a beat, winning another title. Great off the offensive glass, a mean midrange jumper and ever-prowling eyes make Shaddon-Ysenov one of the more exciting point guards in the CBA. Her game from range is starting to improve, and her eye for the open man makes her a must-watch player, though the team will still run through Lia Xiu. She proved last IBC that she can play at a high level; now, she looks to continue to build her own legacy.


The team's leading scorer, Xiu is a natural shooter who can explode for more than thirty points a game on the regular. Whether it be driving at the rim, shooting from midrange, or draining threes, she can do it all - and she's now in her prime. In the last season of the CBA, she won the MVP and the finals MVP AGAI, averaging more than 33.5 points a game. If the Penguins make it far, she will be the primary reason why. Though Shaddon-Ywenov and Vatnav can help, Lia is still the engine that makes the team go around.

SF Anidra Roxanoff

Often regarded as not much of a scorer, Roxanoff's presence is felt more at the boards, helping with the rebounding game. She does have a sweet midrange jumper, and she is known in the Chromatik Basketball scene as Foxy Roxie due to her ability to come through in the clutch. Don't pay much attention to how many points she scores; pay more attention to when she scores those key baskets.

PF Anton Vatnav

A season veteran by this point, Vatnav repeated as the best three-point shooter in the CBA last season, hitting on 44.5% of attempts. His sweet spot is from the left side, but when he gets hot, he can single-handedly change the tempo of a game. His only major knock is the lack of experience, but that has been overcome by his play in the Penguins and in the Olympics. He is one of the reasons why the Hurons will likely be the team to dethrone the Saints in the near future, though they keep losing for now.

C Maude Zwaheil

The best defender on the squad, as well as the leading rebounder, Zwaheil has led the CBA in rebounds for six straight seasons while also improving her free-throw percentage, which is over seventy percent now. A good night for Maude is twenty boards and seven points.

PG Zachary Chesevsky

An all-rounder who is a threat for a triple-double every time he is on the court, Chesevsky's rise has been overshadowed by Shaddon-Ysenov's potential and brilliance. If she falters, or if the team needs a different kind of presence, he's available. The best part? He knows how to remain unnoticed and play for the team.

SG Jordan Merkoff

Jordan Merkoff has tremendous stamina and an endless motor. He is the busiest busybody in the squad, and likes to have at least one of every item that stats track by the end of every game. It's a thankless job, but he appreciates the challenge.

SF Howard Dwyer

Capable of a hot hand for a good stretch per game, Dwyer can be called upon in key situations to turn the tide.

PF Michaelangelo Chouster

A more defensive option, Chouster doesn't score much, but excels in removing the biggest threat from the opposition.

C Mack Eduardson

An offensive Center? More common than you would think - Mack Eduardson tends to be decent off the glass but loves to dunk over people and smear it on their face.


G Kim Hae-Ri

A purely aggressive guard who does not mind drawing fouls or contact every time she drives to the net, her liability is her inability to contribute on the defensive end.

F Ishani Hauntzer

Master of the small ball, a player who dishes assists first before scoring.

The Chromatik Team focuses on solid ball-handling and clean transition play, with an emphasis on always running the clock down whenever possible. This means that there aren't as many fast breaks, instead focusing on time of possession and making every possession count. They plan a zone on defense, and are rather good at deflecting shots but not very good at causing turnovers. This team's tentative goal is to make the Quarterfinals.
MD1: (28) Magnecia
MD2: (UR) Iserum
MD3: (11) Græntfjall
MD4: (1) Nova Anglicana
MD5: (UR) Sky Reavers
MD6: (49) Macbon
MD7: (41) Srednjaci
MD8: (20) Qasden
MD9: (49) Darcesia
MD10: (29) Cardenao
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WC Proper Appearances: 75 (Ro16), 76 (SF), 77, 78 (QF), 79, 80 (Ro16), 81, 83, 84, 86, 89, 92 (Group Stage), 87, 88 (Ro16)
CoH Appearances: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16), 90 (Champions), 91 (QF)
KPB Ranking: 26 (Pre 93)
RP Population: 20 million

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Postby Diarcesia » Sun Jan 29, 2023 8:06 pm


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Assign other stats (e.g. rebounds, assists): Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes for injuries that last for the event being played. Otherwise, consult.
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, if no fines or suspensions are involved. Otherwise, consult. Notify me if penalties are made against my players.

Full Nation Name: Monarchia Diarcesium (The Monarchy Diarcesian)
Trigram: DCS
Anthem: Diarcesians Here, Now, and Forever (lyricless)
Monarch: Phlegomy

Offensive Style: Set
Defensive Style: Zone
Style Modifier: -3.7
Captain: Pundum Tang
Arena: Hedbusles Stadium
Arena Capacity: 10000

Mandeep Chandee
Megan Thalid

[C] Phigaley Buchholz (Mens')
[PF] Kaylee Mercia (Womens')
[SF] Yi Zhao (Womens')
[SG] Pundum Tang (Men's)
[PG] Courtney Williams (Womens')

[C] Alda Rybář (Womens')
[C] Hagar Thrussell (Mens')
[F] Heng Lam (Mens')
[F] Khalil Lafitte (Mens')
[G] Rosalie Ordives (Womens')
[G] Aerymarys Lanon (Mens')
[G] Wídwyn Thomas (Womens')

Uniform - Home

Uniform - Away

Upper uniform By Hariboneagle927 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, ... d=34572326
Lower uniform By Hariboneagle927 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, ... d=34572328
Lynx head By Lokal_Profil, CC BY-SA 2.5,

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Postby Tjorl » Mon Jan 30, 2023 5:44 am

If my opponent roleplays first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
Assign other stats (e.g. rebounds, assists): Y
RP injuries to my players: Y (but make it nothing too major)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Eject my players: Y
Godmod other events: N
NS-Verse Tjorl Lore

Ever since making their debut in IBC34 and improving in every IBC edition since then, the Orcas enter IBC37 ranked sixth-best, their highest achieved rank yet, hoping to have a shot at the trophy. They are led by hotshot Jakob Kaiser, the star player of the squad who has led the national team to greater and greater heights, such as their fourth-place finish last edition, their highest finish in the competition. His efforts last edition earned him a spot in the unofficial "Team of the Tournament". At the helm is Vinzenz Hansson, who has done an amazing job ever since taking charge before IBC34. While a few TBA teams keep trying to gain his signature, Hansson still remains determined to win it all with the Orcas. With no injury concerns or anyone in cold form, Tjorl looks to be ready for the competition. They will first have to get through the group stage, where they will face ten teams and aim for a top four finish for a place in the last sixteen. In their group is Valanora, who were the ones who defeated them in the third place playoff in IBC36.

#1 | Robert Albertsson (29 y.o. | 1.88 m | Rasand Beasts)
#3 | Lorenz Sander (30 y.o. | 2.18 m | Afoln Rangers)
#4 | Hannah Reishus (22 y.o. | 2.01 m | Kjol Knights Damebasketlag)
#7 | Denis Bachmeier (34 y.o. | 1.96 m | Neuberg Blades)
#9 | Veronika Alden (27 y.o. | 2.04 m | Volanger Valkyries Kvinnerien)
#10 | Anders Martikainen (26 y.o. | 1.93 m | Tjusto Troopers)
#12| Gunnar Lewerenz (31 y.o. | 2.03 m | Afoln Rangers)
#14 | Jakob Kaiser (C) (26 y.o. | 1.91 m | Tjusto Troopers)
#15 | Patrick Teufel (33 y.o. | 2.11 m | Konunsfjord Royals)
#18 | Laura Oldervik (25 y.o. | 2.11 m | Harvik Hunters Kvinnerien)
#20 | Mats Nystrom (24 y.o. | 1.91 m | Volanger Valkyries)
#22 | Aron Andersson (27 y.o. | 2.06 m | Czujon Colonels)
Manager | Vinzenz Hansson
Assistant Managers | Natalie Stueck, Tobias Acker
Fitness Coaches | Reinhold Herzog, Petra Mattsen

Jakob Kaiser - Kaiser is the hotshot of the national team, known for his two-way skillset, especially when it comes to three-point shooting and spacing the floor. Kaiser stands at 6'3" and weighs around 89 kg. After leading the national squad to a decent debut in IBC 34, he hopes that he can lead the team further in this edition. Despite being only 26, he already has quite the resume for the Hall of Fame; Kaiser has already won the ROTY, MVP, and Final's MVP.

Anders Martikainen - Drafted only a year after Jakob Kaiser, Martikainen is Kaiser's sidekick, destroying defenses with his agility and three-level scoring ability. He is also recognized as the league's best shooter, and is predicted to be considered the BEST shooter of all time once he hangs up the laces. Martikainen has won an MIP and an ROTY award. Martikainen stands at 6'4" and weighs 98 kg.

Aron Andersson - Andersson has always been recognized as one of Tjorl's best players, yet he never had a supporting cast strong enough to contend for the TBA Championship. Excellent at the mid-range, the small forward cannot be left open at any time, or else it is a guaranteed field goal. Andersson is also considered as the lineups best perimeter defender. Andersson stands at 6'9" and weighs 114 kg.

Patrick Teufel - An excellent rebounder, Teufel seems to grab every miss there is. Drafted by the Osterstad Crushers in 2009, he spent 5 years not competing in the playoffs until he was traded to the Konunsfjord Royals, in which he shone brilliantly, leading them to a surprise Championship win in 2016-17. Teufel plays aggressively, and does not back down against who knows how many defenders, thus unofficially gaining the role of enforcer in the team. Teufel stands at 6'11" and weighs 118 kg.

Lorenz Sander - The national squad's tallest player and defensive stalwart, Sander has proven time and time again that defense does win championships, winning with the Afoln Rangers in 2017-18 and 2018-19. Even if his offensive production does not match his defense, Sander has still shown his class in clutch situations, successfully stopping lethal scorers in the final seconds. Sander stands at 7'2" and weighs 122 kg. He has won DPOY twice in his career.

Robert Albertson - Despite the point guard's first-class playmaking ability, he has only made the playoffs a shocking 3 times in his career. As such, Albertson is currently pursuing a trade from the Rasand Beasts. Although he has rarely played in the playoffs, Albertson has provided many iconic moments for the Beasts franchise, including a special game-winner on Lorenz Sander. Albertson stands at 6'2" and weighs 84 kg.

Denis Bachmaier - A respected veteran, Bachmaier has been with the Blades and the national team through thick and thin. Bachmaier was Tjorl's starting shooting guard at the Oatland Basketball Championship, later achieving second place with the squad. He is known for his smart play calling and floor reading, leading to wide open shots. Bachmaier stands at 6'5" and weighs 99 kg.

Gunnar Lewerenz - Lorenz Sander's partner in the frontcourt, Lewerenz is a constant highlight reel, providing the audience with spectacular dunks and acrobatic finishes. He was the Afoln Rangers' star in their dominant championship run in the 2015-16 season. However, a leg injury would sideline him for most of the 2016-17 season, opening the door for the Konunsfjord Royals. While it took Lewerenz quite some time to return to his old form during his recovery, he has provided crucial production for the Rangers in the following seasons. Lewerenz stands at 6'8" and weighs 108 kg.

Veronika Alden - One of the brightest young stars in the WTBA, Alden has constantly shown that defense wins championships, leading the Volanger Valkyries Kvinnerien to a WTBA championship in 2022. A gritty, aggressive, and fierce player, Alden is extremely passionate for the game and the team, and is not afraid of any challenges. Alden is known for her defense and basketball IQ. Alden stands at around 6'8" and weighs 109 kg.

Laura Oldervik - Never leave Oldervik with too much space in the paint, since she her craftiness almost guarantees the two points. She is typically reserved and quiet, and prefers to not speak a lot towards the media. Her wingspan also gifts her with good rim protection, constant frustrating the opposing offense. She may be stuck at a 'meh' team right now, but many WTBA teams are undoubtably going to pursue her in the upcoming free agency period. Oldervik stands at around 6'11" and weighs 114 kg.

Mats Nystrom - Nystrom is known for his defense than his offense. He has won the steals title twice already in his four-year career so far. Nystrom is quite quick, agile, and has a vertical leap of around 40 to 45 inches. His defensive ability and athleticism has helped the Volanger Valkyries time and time again, including an amazing second-round victory over the Northern Conference's second seed Seidelberg Sparrows, where they won in seven heart-stopping games. Nystrom stands at 6'3" and weighs 94 kg.

Hannah Reishus - Reishus was projected to be a superstar in the WTBA even before she was drafted first overall by the Kjol Knights Damebasketlag. In only two seasons with the team, she has led the Knights to two straight playoff appearances. However, she still hasn't performed well enough to lead them out of the second round. Reishus is known for her shooting ability and her tenacity on perimeter defense. Reishus stands at around 6'7" and weighs 104 kg.

PositionStarting FiveBenchReserves
PGJakob KaiserRobert AlbertsonMats Nystrom
SGAnders MartikainenDenis Bachmaier
SFAron AnderssonGunnar LewerenzHannah Reishus
PFPatrick TeufelVeronika Alden
CLorenz SanderLaura Oldervik

DEMONYM: Tjorlin (noun) & Tjorlish (adjective & plural)
RANK: 6th
STYLE: +2.2

Image Jersey made by Tjorlish Supplier Arlisk
Image Jersey made by Tjorlish Supplier Arlisk
Population - 23,142,200
Area - 632,214 squared kilometers
Majorly used Languages - English, Tjorlish, Norwegian, German
Tjorl's Dual Flag
Tjorl uses the Metric System
Yes, I do (not) use NS Stats.
Number of mistakes made in the forums: Maybe around 5 (or more). Misread the topic title quite a few times, sorry bout that. :(
Somehow grabbed second place in the 16th U18 World Cup, so that's cool. Football team is a bit wack, basketball team is doing better.

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Postby Nova Anglicana » Mon Jan 30, 2023 5:59 am

Nova Anglicana Lions National Basketball Team

Offensive Style: Death Lineup/Small Ball/Versatile/Pace and Space
Defensive Style: Press/Junk
Style Modifier (if applicable): +3.5
Captain: Duncan Muir
Colors: Red and White Home, Blue and White Away
Arena: National Arena (doubles as hockey stadium)
Arena Location: Londinium
Arena Capacity: 14,000
Head Coach: Lawrence Roberts
Assistant Coaches: Mark Long, Brad Walsh



G #3 Félix Dedeaux, 6'3, 29 - Quebecois is a pure point guard, Roberts says he's got the highest basketball IQ of anybody on the team, a wizard with the ball, now has more of an offensive game
G #8 Clement Villeneuve, 6'5, 32 - excellent catch-and-shoot guy, has a knack for getting open, driving has improved, but still needs to work on his defense
G #12 Simon Moran, 6'5, 31 - came in as 3-and-D kind of guy, but has blossomed into strong all-around player, hard-nosed worker
F #25 Greg Lindsey, 6'7, 28 - high-flying player reminds many of former Lions star Kelvin Braxton, very athletic, great rebounder, slasher, pesky on D, not much of a jump shot
F #27 Eli Rose, 6'9, 31 - slender Rose is somewhat of a point-forward type, pass-first guy who is excellent at finding the open man, can be dangerous on pick-and-pop

G #14 Julian Thornton, 6'4, 28 - bombs away from 3 for this sharpshooter, not much of a defender, but more down to technique than lack of ability
G #35 David Beck, 6'5, 27 - aggressive on defense, sometimes too aggressive, but can pour it in on the offensive end from 2 or 3, not a great driver
G #17 Derek Bowman, 6'4, 25 - absolutely dialed in from 3-point land and tenacious on defense, doesn't do much to create his own shot or shots for others
G #10 Matt Butler, 6'5, 23 - seems a little big for a point guard, but has great handles, can shoot the J over or muscle up smaller defenders, kind of a combo guard
F #32 Philip Meyer, 6'8, 32 - absolute grinder down below, cleans up around the net, great rebounder on offense and defense
F #22 Marc-Antoine Bolduc, 6'9, 26 - improving three-point game, but much more of a face-up and jump shot or drive kind of a guy, can get pushed around on D, but very quick as well
C #48 Danny Cohen, 6'11, 30 - silky-smooth jumper for a big guy, strong on defense, will mainly play if opposing team heavily features a big guy or as goalie in pressing situations

Playing Style

The Lions continue their small ball lineup, with one player in the starting lineup and only three players on the entire team taller than 6'8. They want to spread the floor and force opponents to switch on defense to either create bad matchups for driving past taller, slower players, or shooting 3s over smaller defenders. They run whenever possible, and try to use their superior pace and stamina to wear out opposing defenses. They can drive, but their true strength is outside shooting. On defense, it starts with a 1-2-1-1 3/4 to full-court zone press that attempts to wear down opposing offenses, force them to burn the shot clock before setting up their offense, and to create turnovers. If the press fails, they typically fall back into a 3-2 matchup zone as the basic defense. However, the defense typically changes several times during the game, with the Lions showing a 2-3 against inside teams, a 1-3-1 if they want to trap and cause havoc, a triangle-and-two with Moran and Dedeaux glued to the two best players, a box-and-one with Moran in the terrier role chasing all over the court, or even a man-to-man if the situation calls for it. They also substitute frequently to maintain the pace of play and adapt their defense to the personnel they have and the opponents' personnel. It's a smart and athletic team, if not a particularly big one.



Schedule (Group D)

MD1: Qasden (20) v Nova Anglicana (1)
MD2: Nova Anglicana v Diarcesia (49)
MD3: Cardenao (29) v Nova Anglicana
MD4: Nova Anglicana v Chromatika (7)
MD5: Magnecia (28) v Nova Anglicana
MD6: Nova Anglicana v Islerum (UR)
MD7: Græntfjall (11) v Nova Anglicana
MD8: Bye
MD9: Nova Anglicana v Sky Reavers (UR)
MD10: Macbon (49) v Nova Anglicana
MD11: Nova Anglicana v Srednjaci (41)

RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my pointscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y, but TG me before you put anything in and I'll give it the yea or nay
Give my players foul: Y (no technicals, maybe head coach)
Foul my players out: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y, but not serious ones (1 game or less)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: N
Former WBC President (WBC 34-37), Current WBC President (WBC 56-58)

WBC 48, IBC 35/36, IBS XIII, WJHC VII, URSA 7s I, Port Louis 7s I, CE 29-30 (as NAAZE)

WBC 39/44/50, WCoH 46, RUWC 31, Cup of Harmony 65, IBS III/VIII, AVBF 7s II

3rd Place
WBC 28/32/36, RUWC XXIX, Cup of Harmony 64, IBS V, WJHC V/VIII/XVI/XVII, Beltane Cup II, Londinium 7s II, R7WC VI (eliminated in semis, no 3PPO)

4th Place
WBC 29/38/49, IBS VII, RUWC XXI/XXVI, WJHC IV, Londinium 7s I, WCoH 28, RAHI II

WBC 27/30/31/37/41/43/47, IBS VI, IBC 15/31, WJHC VI/IX/XIV, RAHI I, AVBF Rugby Sevens I, RUWC XXIV/XXV

WBC 31/35, Londinium 7s I/II, IBS IX

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Postby Cardenao » Mon Jan 30, 2023 9:42 am

Cardenao National Basketball Team Roster

Team Info

Offensive style: Run and Gun
Defensive style: Man to man
Modifier: +3.
Colors: Blue, Gold, and White
Stadium: The High Court, New Cardonia (18,420)
RP Permissions: No injuries or deaths or anything like that. Please do not say how many points or assists or boards any of my players have just for my personal record keeping. Feel free to say 'Player X had a great game scoring many and assisting a few but not 'Player X went 22-6-3' so I can fill out the stats myself.


Jessy Courtouis
Age: 41 years old
A bright, young coach for a similarly bright, young team, Jessy Courtouis is the man chosen to take the helm of the first ever Cardenao national basketball team. Perhaps influenced by his younger playing days, Jessy is known for preferring a very free flowing offensive game where the player’s instincts and innate abilities are trusted. Set plays are kept to a minimum as Courtouis has his players move and shoot as they feel best. Considering it’s Cardenao’s first ever appearance, it’s a little challenging to have an accurate idea of what to gameplan for so why not just go out there and have fun.

Point Guards:

23- Blake D’Aquino--CAPTAIN
Height: 6'2 – Weight: 198lbs – Wingspan: 6'6 – Age: 26
A great natural athlete with speed and leaping ability, D’Aquino is easily one of the best players in Cardenao. His best qualities come from his innate ability to see the whole court and how his athletic drives to the basket can open up the optimal scoring opportunity. He is a drive first, awesome dunk first scorer who can also hit the three at a somewhat reliable rate, and can create off the dribble. He doesn’t have a mid-range game, but makes up for that with good kick-out passing to open options. Alessio D’Aquino is a natural born leader of men, calling the plays and running offensive and defensive schemes with authority, and has been rewarded with the captaincy.
Rating: A+ - Team Relationship: A+ - Morale: A+ - Form: A+

17- Cesc Desuazi
Height: 6'3 – Weight: 200lbs – Wingspan: 6'5 – Age: 30
Cesc Desuazi is a pure shooter who knows how to catch the ball and shoot, or catch the ball, move a bit, and then shoot. And score. A knockdown shooter from midrange and deadly beyond the 3, Desuazi makes the most of a quick release he doesn’t hesitate to pull off. Cesc has a nice little eurostep that he uses when driving to cut to the hoop, and he’s got some solid crossovers and hesitations to open up some space for himself. Defensively, Desuazi has quick hands and quicker hips to help contain his man on the perimeter, as well as using his speed to defend against the drive. He’s quick, a great shooter, and a good defender, a perfect back-up to Alessio D’Aquino.
Rating: A- - Team Relationship: B- - Morale: A - Form: A

Shooting Guards:

8- [b]Mattéo
Height: 6'8 – Weight: 228lbs – Wingspan: 6'11 – Age: 30[/b]
Mattéo has a great first and second steps, Bouchard looks to do a quick double step to blow by his defender and pull into mid or close range, from where he is generally bang-on. Great near the basket, Mattéo Bouchard is known for converting close range attempts even after hard physical contact, but he definitely prefers the mid-range option, which is mildly annoying to fans. One of the more intriguing aspects of Bouchard’s game is that he's developing a lost post game which could make him intriguing as a back to basket option. Defensively, he makes use of his innate sense for the game to get his hands in to come away with plenty steals.
Rating: A- - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: A-

18- Clemont Lewis (Okonma Dragons)
Height: 6'4 – Weight: 211lbs – Wingspan: 6'8 – Age: 25
A unique combination of athleticism, three point shooting, and hustle defense, Clemont Lewis is the energy man off the bench. His sheer athletic ability allows him to slash to the basket, finish through contact, grab a couple boards a game, and just generally make life hell for whoever is guarding him. He never seems to run out of energy. Seriously. Of course, he could also just pull up and nail a three. Which he does. Quite frequently. Shooting 43% from behind the line, Barber is a brilliant, two-way threat who can use his energy and sheer athletic ability to be a pain in the ass on defense, despite not necessarily having the refined technical skills to make him a defensive star.
Rating: B+ - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A+ - Form: B

Small Forwards:

5- Javier [b]Rose

Height: 6'10 – Weight: 252lbs – Wingspan: 7' – Age: 31[/b]
The consensus best scorer in Cardenao is a pure offensive machine. Javier Rose is capable of putting the ball in the basket from anywhere on the court. He can finish through contact at the rim, pull up for a jumper in mid-range, or spot up for the trey. A quick first step and solid ball handling let him get past his man, while his agility, balance, and sheer strength let him finish through contact near the rim. He’s a good playmaker, and solid on the defensive end of the game, with a deserved reputation as a chase down block specialist. He puts the ball in the bucket, end of story.
Rating: A+ - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A+ - Form: A+

13- Raúl Leblanc
Height: 6'11 – Weight: 225lbs – Wingspan: 7'3 – Age: 21
Raúl Leblanc is one of the most promising young ballers in Cardenao and his inclusion with the national team is a deserved reflection of that. Leblanc is an elite perimeter scorer who can seemingly score at will from mid-range and from three-point territory, and deep, deep beyond the line. The moment he walks into the gym, Raúl Leblanc is within shooting distance, while his size, athleticism, and rough but promising footwork around the rim allow Leblanc to finish decently at the rim.His ability to stretch the floor due to his shooting will surely be beneifical to the team, creating space for his teammates to attack the basket. His biggest weakness is his inability to create for himself off the dribble and tendency to be bullied in the paint by stronger big men despite his physical tools. If he can mature into his body and develop his IQ on both ends of the floor, he could be a force to be reckoned with.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A- - Form: A

Power Forwards:

6- [b]César
Height: 6'11 – Weight: 288lbs – Wingspan: 7'4 – Age: 32
A rarity on the Cardenao team, César Sauvageon isn’t particularly skilled nor an exceptional athlete, César instead brings pure, raw strength to this team. A force to be reckoned with, the incredibly strong lad makes his living on the offensive and defensive boards and by bruising whoever he’s up against. Lethal from close range and a total blackhole from outside the pain, César can finish through contact and multiple defenders at the rim. Defensively, he is a beast of a shot blocker with his length and strong body. He is poor against a dribble first and against speedier opponents, however his strength and focus on rebounding to facilitate the offense earn him a starting place.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: A+ - Morale: A - Form: A-

26- Dani Kale Corentin
Height: 6'10 – Weight: 262lbs – Wingspan: 7'2 – Age: 22
A powerful, versatile scorer, Dani Kale makes use of his natural agility to be a threat driving to the basket. Offensively, Dani is deadly from close range and has a solid mid-range shot to fall back on, with a decent enough 3 point shot to stretch the floor when he’s on the court. Defensively, Dani Kale makes use of his length, great vertical, and quick first steps to pester his opponent and shut them down as they neared the hoop. A solid player, Dani Kale brings a tall, scoring threat from anywhere on the court, something any team can make good use of.
Rating: B+ - Team Relationship: A+ - Morale: A - Form: A


34- Alexis [b]Wolfe

Height: 7'2 – Weight: 285lbs – Wingspan: 7'6 – Age: 28[/b]
An extremely long, athletic player, Alexis Wolfe is a devastating force in the paint and easily one of the most important players on the team. Capable of finishing over defenders with ease, Wolfe is as close to a guarantee from close range as you can get. A dream of a post-up player, Masamba makes use of fakes, dream shakes, and hook shots to dominate the basket, and his agility and maneuverability help him when pushing to the basket. Defensively, Wolfe’s size, length, and athletic ability serve to make him a lockdown defender with elite shot blocking abilities. A star on both sides of the court, there’s plenty of voices calling Alexis Wolfe the best Cardenaoan basketball player.
Rating: A+ - Team Relationship: A+ - Morale: A+ - Form: A+

00- Frequency Vibrations ‘FREQ
Height: 7'5 – Weight: 296lbs – Wingspan: 7'9 – Age: 20
We’re……not really sure why he’s called Frequency Vibrations or goes by Freq but damn is he tall as fuck, which is a great thing for a center. Lethal around the rim because big, the lad is a powerhouse on defense. Freq has absolutely zero shooting skills and lacks a great deal of finesse but he’s big so it’s all good.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: B

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Postby Valentine Z » Mon Jan 30, 2023 10:22 am

Valentine Z – Welcome to Mars! – IBC 35 Bid, now repurposed for IBC 37.

Please see this post for the previous bid that was submitted. The part in italics below is the new addition.


It was the year 2055. Valentine Z has more or less bounced back from the horrors of the Pre-Valentian Era, namely both the conventional war that has swallowed millions of lives, followed by the total nuclear destruction of the entire planet that took the Valentians way too much to build back. As arrogant as it sounds, had it not for the effort of Valentijn and a lot of the friends and people that then-he took under his wings, the planet may not have a nice future, and there could have been a world where “Valentine Z” was nothing but; a nuclear fallout-era world with even fewer people than the science fiction movies and games have portrayed countless times. However, as history would put it, the Valentians were able to revive the planet back from its lifeless nature, bringing their own twist into it in terms of founding the planet-sized country based on the principles of human understanding, love, and peace. Hatred and wars were to be no more, though it would not be a surprise that for the latter, there will still be a need for the self-defense forces in the case of external invaders. On top of that, internal affairs and corruption that has been plaguing the country has also been more or less revolved, and as a result, Valentine Z was at its zenith, both in terms of its population, both the soft and hard development, and everything else along the way. Of course, with said peak development, also came a problem. As the new year approaches, the Valentians on Earth were starting to experience the effects of overpopulation, especially in the major city areas. Making artificial islands and lands have worked in the short term, but at the end of the day, it was only going to address the problem by a small amount. As a result, they had to look at another planet, somewhere that they are sure that there is no lifeform.

Enter Mars, in the Solar System of the universe that Valentine Z resides in. It is also of note that Valentine Z’s universe is expanded by 2.66 times, and as a result is the explanation as to why the Valentians are large by measures of the other systems and universes. There may probably be other universes out there where the people are 10 meters on average, but that is perhaps for another story. This time, it is the story of the Valentians and how they have managed to bend the laws of nature to their will, to terraform and make the red planet Mars breathable and liveable for the Valentians without making them a temporary space station, or a small colony with a risk of having or developing homesickness. With the revitalization and a lot of funding of the Valentian Space Program, most of it thanks to the spear-headed effort and ambition from 1st Cpt. Angela Stella Trista Josephine Natalie Rv. E. Tps. “The Eternal Explorer” Bethany Alyssa Valeska Payton. Mikayla Gosling Josie Rowan Serenity Chelsea Lynette Hannah Tan Fang Ling with final approvals and allowance of funding from Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing, citing “We will need to consider Mars as a second smaller home to us. It shall not be used as temporary colony for the Valentians, and neither shall we abandon our home planet into ruins. Instead, we will try our best and to see if we can terraform Mars to the specifications of Earth, perhaps apart from the differences in temperature, and then we shall connect these two planets both through a series of spaceships for commercial purposes, as well as to build portals (teleporters that disintegrate don’t always work) and wormholes!”

And thus, after much research and effort, along with a couple of expeditions (lead by Angela Stella Tan Fang Ling), Mars was ready to be terraformed. With approval from Valkyrie Valentijn Samantha Constantine, Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha, Angela Stella Tan Fang Ling, as well as many other important Valentians – from both The Sixty and from space program departments, Valentine Z terraformed Mars to look and feel more like Earth – breathable atmosphere, water, plant life, and settlements all came in. And thus, the Valentian Mars was born and soon took in a lot of residents from Earth for a decent and affordable living, with the planet having the same experience as Earth perhaps other than the lowered gravity (33% that of Earth), as well as the slight atmospheric composition (80% Nitrogen, 18% Oxygen, 2% other gases), and the cooler average temperatures than the one seen on Earth.

Elevation map of Valentian Mars. 0 meters here is defined as the average altitude of Mars, and not the sea level. Not a lot of water compared to Earth, but it’s there. Click here for a bigger image.

Now that we are done with the history of Valentine Z and her journey to Mars and terraforming it, now is to talk about the Venue itself, as well as about Valentine Z. First and foremost, it would be good to mention and talk about the world that we are in, particularly of Valentine Z. Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha has written a concise yet helpful and nice tourist’s guide, which can be found here. One of the sections have detailed about travel from Earth to Mars, which can be done either through the traditional spaceflights that travels between planets on a regular basis (faster travel times are more costly, but hopefully not enough to break one’s bank), while there are also portals that are free of charge. The spaceships (which uses renewable energy, for the comfort and safety of the mind of many) were simply given and provided as a means for the travellers (both Valentians and the tourists alike) to enjoy the fun and excitement of travelling on a spaceship, while the portals are for those who would like to be there as soon as possible. In short, there are options for both the Valentians and the visitors from the other worlds! Portal travel is safe, and our Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton will assure that with utmost honesty. With the travelling part done, and with reference to Clarissa’s guide, there are laws and other stuff as to what you can do and can’t do. As for the other features, the average temperature on Mars varies from 32 C to -60 C, thanks to the slightly higher concentration of carbon dioxide that is in the atmosphere of Terraformed Valentian Mars. The mass of water available – and considering the cost and energy that is required to make a planet worth of it on Mars – is slightly lesser, with the lower sea levels providing more land mass. The deepest point of the sea on Mars is –21840 meters, while the highest point on Mars a whopping 56500 meters, with travellers being advised to bring in what is effectively an astronaut suit if they want to climb and conquer the heights. Again, please use a lot of caution! The climate and weather is similar to that of Earth, except that one Valentian Mars year is equivalent to 687 Valentian Earth Days (not using the Decimal Time), which translates to around 1 Martian Year = 1.88 Earth Years. Still, going back, that means longer seasons depending on where you are. Mars has a fair share of tropical, sub-tropics, temperate, subarctic, tundra, and icecaps. Of course, due to the geography of Mars along with average temperatures, folks who are coming here for a warm beach day may be a bit disappointed to find that the Martian beaches of Valentine Z may be a little too cold for comfort. Those who loves the snow will find it an absolute wonder to be here.

Of note is that due to the lowered gravity of Mars as a whole, visitors and even residents of Valentine Z alike may feel a bit of unusual interactions when it comes to doing everyday tasks on this ex-red planet, ranging from getting out of bed, to watching water drops flow more slowly, to even being able to do some stunts here and there. We would once again like to ask that the tourists keep a lot of caution when they are coming onto the Valentian Mars. The gravity may be weaker, but it is still present, and it can still hurt you at sufficient heights. With that said, there is a lot of fun to be had in a low gravity environment, and unlike a Mars colony, you can absolutely go out and enjoy the nature scenery (albeit a little colder) that terraformed Mars have to offer from the Valentians. There are also other smaller cities along with an intercontinental train system that runs across the whole planet. Unlike Earth, however, there is more or less only one large open sea, with the landmasses more or less connected across. In other words, you can very well walk from one side of the planet to another, if you fancy that sort of thing. Again, do use caution!

The most important, of course, is if we are going to win this bid. To be clear, we understand that we have more or less used the same stadium, along with the same sales pitch, from IBC 35, which we have won the bid and as a result, successfully hosted a few of the games on the Valentian soil. Of course, if this is to be the case again for IBC 37, we will be more than happy and grateful, while also understanding that there is a slight chance that we might not be able to make it this time. Things and plans can change and hey, perhaps another venue may be a good spot just like with ours. After all, the multiverse is teeming with life and other fascinating worlds and systems! Anyway, coming back to the 37th season of International Basketball Championship, we hope that you will be able to get this bid secured, just as we did two seasons ago. And of course, at this point, you more or less are aware of who we are, in terms of appearance and everything. Do not worry, for Valentians are always friendly folks, and please don’t let our 22-feet-average heights and statures intimidate our most-welcomed visitors! On top of that, during the course of IBC 37, we also have a fun and special surprise for you, in the form of one of our very own Valentians from The Sixty, along with our own players and other personnel, talking about the Valentian Television! Yes, you might be wondering as to how we have managed to squeeze in two planets worth of people, culture, and well, hundreds of channels. All in a very affordable package, and with many benefits and the like that won’t be ad-intruded.

OOC: The Mars' map made using resources from USGS [1], along with Python code [2] [3]. Careful efforts have been made to attribute these authors, as well as to make some modifications to fit the history of Valentine Z [4].


[1] MOLA Team, "USGS Astrogeology Research Centre," 13 January 2014. [Online]. Available: [Accessed 18 June 2022].
[2] A. Symington, "Towards Data Science: Terraforming Mars with Python," 26 January 2022. [Online]. Available: [Accessed 18 June 2022].
[3] A. Ilyenkov, "Github - Terraforming Maps," 25 December 2020. [Online]. Available: [Accessed 18 June 2022].
[4] Valentine Z, "The Detailed History and Historical Accounts (so far) of De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z – Written and Presented by Gwen Tracer Allison.," 2 July 2021. [Online]. Available: [Accessed 18 June 2022].
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Postby Valanora » Mon Jan 30, 2023 10:44 am

Valanora Roster
For IBC 37

My oppenents if they RP first
May RP slight injuries
May choose my scorers

Denonym: Vanorian


Manager: Odin Nagy, age 43
Assistant: Dovydas Smeby, age 54

Modifier: +2

PF: Erik Karlsen, age 30, 6'6", 209 lbs, Capri Firebirds
C: Leander Berge, age 27, 6'7", 211 lbs, Valanari Highlanders
SG: Sofie Rønning, age 31, 5'9", 158 lbs, Valanari Highlanders (F)
PG: Hans Söderström, age 30, 6'1", 178 lbs, Raynor City Monarchs
SG: Leah Opsahl, age 30, 5'10", 177 lbs, Raynor City Monarchs (F)

C: Aslak Nygård, age 26, 6'8", 199 lbs, Mar Sara Phoenix
PG: Selma Omar, age 31, 5'9", 162 lbs, Mar Sara Phoenix (F)
SG: Ilse Sjöberg, age 33, 5'9", 154 lbs, Capri Firebirds (F)
PG: Maia Klausen, age 29, 5'8", 149 lbs, Valanari Highlanders (F)
PF: Ella Sørensen, age 29, 6'3", 182 lbs, Valanari Highlanders (F)
PF: Ulrik Hansen, age 28, 6'4", 201 lbs, Raynor City Monarchs
SG: Malin Lien, age 21, 5'11", 159 lbs, Mar Sara Phoenix
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Postby Trolleborg » Mon Jan 30, 2023 1:44 pm


All in all team take part in six World Cups, won 31 games and lost 39.

For the fifth time in a row, national leader Vladimir Finn was entrusted with coach responsibilities. Having lead his team into playoffs for the first time in previous tournament, he will, probably, counted to made this again. In this endeavour he take following players into the team:

Point Guards
Torfinn Timden (33)
Per Hagelstrom (27)

Shooting Guards
Torstein Hakken (27)
Kendall Torp (26)
Torquel Randers (25)

Morten Pesoglavec (26)
Soren Torbens (25)

Power Forwards
Skovdal Henning (26)
Jesper Trond (27)

Small Forwards
Ruud Semper (26)
Arte Drakeson (28)
Semper Hespen (26)

Vladimir Finn didn’t make public his thoughts about principles which he used while picked up players for the team, but most probably he decide to stick to his previous strategy of using most dependable players as backbone and slowly rotated other suitable candidates one by one until find promising combination.

Team played in all-green (first kit) and all-white (second one). This time team decide not to take any sponsorship signs.

Style –5

My opponents, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: N (usually not, but if you have something interesting in mind, let me know and we try to find middle ground)

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Postby Trolleborg » Mon Jan 30, 2023 1:45 pm

Greetings, compatriots!
It’s TTV from Murnau, where our national leader Vladimir Finn examined Torfinn Arena as a possible venue for the forthcoming International Basketball Championship. Before deciding if this bid deserves green light, he made a tour around first on the helicopter, then on leisure ship, walked around, then made a trip inside, almost throughly, room-by-room, closely observed everything from floodlights to the quality of the floor. He also invite local fan leaders onto the stadium lounge and have conversations with them. After doing all that, he give his blessings to this bid.

“This is second time we put Murnau as a possible venue for international basketball tournament, and I want shield my compatriots from possible misfortune” – this is how he summed results of this half-day. – “And after due considerations I give this idea my support”.

So, here is, briefly, what will be sent to the IBC hosts tomorrow:

Trolleborg decide to put forward as a venue Torfinn Arena in Murnau, with a capacity of 17000 spectators


Arena known for it’s brilliant acustics, and has unofficial nickname, which was approximately translated as something like “roaring bowl”. In addition, stands are multi-tiered and planned with aim of put as much fans as possible as near to the action as practicable. Some people found close-to-field, almost overhanging, stands rather unpleasant, but builders of arena decide, that their design provides total immersion of game for spectators.

Arena located near the sea in a place with a rather spectacular view, and have good connection historical center, transport hubs and resort area futher to the south. Murnau is a second biggest town in the country, with lively fan scene, locals always fill their stadiums to the brim on all games of international level, and every team that put effort to play at all can count on their support.

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Postby Geektopia » Mon Jan 30, 2023 2:14 pm

Geektopia in the IBC Idu circa 8296
Liszehszweaui 4600

DEPTH CHART     #     Name                              Other Info                                                                 Club
65 Daled 232 cm :: C :: Born 4524 :: Destructive, Gallant, Agonizing Nyakitaa Iizhiks Meiszyalallā
23 Sţanju Ruyuṟs 184 cm :: PG :: Born 4524 :: Unhealthy, Gentle, Disciplined Mvneauiīszyhrw I.M.
69 Nicollette Malbaheak 241 cm :: C :: Born 5647 :: Compulsive, Enigmatic, Respectful Eknîoto I.M.
92 Kayla-May Eftome Pison 230 cm :: SF :: Born 5751 :: Sensitive, Insightful, Innovative Torah Ora Braggarts
91 Lütvi Tharim 205 cm :: C :: Born 5660 :: Grim, Healthy, Impersonal N.I.M. Hamilltown
18 Kavalli Albukhudu 189 cm :: F :: Born 5029 :: Plodding, Earnest, Intuitive I.M. Jcieyancbilei
10 Camellon Luthilb Bisuurin Y 225 cm :: G :: Born 4352 :: Optimistic, Irresponsible, Active Mukuz Iizhiks Meiszyalallā
56 Eauihszszino Bdavngōhg 204 cm :: PF :: Born 5367 :: Single-minded, Well-rounded, Impressionable Ohaso I.M.
16 Makalyn Sabţhadua 185 cm :: SG :: Born 5232 :: Thievish, Inconsiderate, Regretful I.M. Jida Zimmer
9 Melissa Sue Rbryayil 213 cm :: G/PF :: Born 5876 :: Dissonant, Cantankerous, Naïve I.M. Alyatju
38 Myaṟeauiz Hszīnob 209 cm :: SG :: Born 5924 :: Vague, Modern, Unaggressive I.M. Pushakui Youths
85 Rhet Rudy Freoinfesag 216 cm :: C :: Born 6236 :: Circumspect, Self-defacing, Gullible I.M. Pushakui Youths

Seyfetdin Tudrsikmüz Head Coach Formerly of I.O.M. Letter
Söri Offensive Specialist Assistant Formerly of Mvneauiīszyhrw I.M.
Kobey Lifisyar Defensive Specialist Assistant Formerly of I.M. Pushakui Youths
Cinta Oyslopkne Sports Scientist Formerly of Ngehszwihscsczeaui I.M.
My opponents, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: Y

Style Mod: +2.783
Kings: ... id=1198022
Language: ... id=1288251
Rugby: Rugby Sevens Bowl (2nd), Rugby World Cup 28 (R16)
Assoc. Football: CoH 77 (2nd), Di Bradini Cup 48 (Ro16), World Cup 86 (Qualifying), CoH 78 (Group Stage), World Cup 87 (Ro16), World Cup 88 (Qualifying), Di Bradini Cup 50 (Group Stage), The National in Xanneria (1st), World Cup 89 (Qualifying), CoH 81 (Ro16), World Cup 90 (Qualifying), CoH 82 (Group Stage)
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Postby Hannasea » Mon Jan 30, 2023 4:31 pm

The HBA hasn’t really taken on the analytics revolution in the way the HBL has. Players are more likely to take low percentage 2PT jumpers than might be common in other leagues. Flashy play – big dunks, hero ball – is popular regardless of what the percentages say. Defence can be pretty fierce or utterly lackadaisical, never in-between.

Coach: Markus Volgelstein, former coach of Richardson University in Ranoria, had the mixed blessings of being Hannasea's first international coach and inheriting a defend world champion side. Though he was unable to defend that title, reaching the final was deemed a good enough performance, and he put away any doubts about his job by leading the team to Olympic gold a year later. He followed up with a quarterfinal run after that, and then defended Hannasea's Esportivan Basketball Trophy successfully in South Newlandia.


5. Késhaun Cunningham (PG, 6’4”, Greenville United)
With nice handles for a player of his size, Cunningham is a left-handed point guard who can be difficult for the opposition to defend. He’s a great passer but struggles to impact the game on defence and can be turnover prone.
13. Ra’eed Coleman (PG, 6’1”, Liberty Sabretooths)
Coleman is a pure chucker whose aggressive three point shooting can turn the game in either team’s favour depending on whether his shot is landing or not. Speedy and grabs steals but not a great man defender and his tricky passes end up in the stands as often as in the hands of the guy rolling to the basket.[/i]
6. Jayden Gordon (PG/SG, 6’2”, New Blopping Shade)
Debutant. A speedy slasher with aggressive scoring instincts and a crazy handle that sometimes gets a little away from him. A hustler on defence.

11. Parker Collins (SG, 6’6”, Marble Hills Pirates)
Energetic five-tool player whose shooting blew a little hot and cold at the Olympics, though he did make some clutch corner threes. Can defend 1 – 4 and pull down some rebounds.
7. Nathaniel Rubin (SG/SF, 6’7”, Butterfly City Crazy Hippos)
Part of the Olympic team, Rubin is a rangy outside shooter with a slightly unconventional release that can lead to him getting blocked, but when he gets free, he’s above average in accuracy. A quiet undemanding guy who doesn’t mind putting in effort on defense or going without the ball for stretches.
4. Wyatt May (SG/PG, 6’2”, Coral Coast Dolphins)
Somewhat surprising owner of the HBA single game scoring record, but in general May doesn't hit his shots at a high enough percentage to make up for the fact that he doesn't really offer anything else.

9. Tom Powell (SF/SG/PG, 6’7”, Oak Park Blue Bees)
A popular, flashy wing whose 3PT shot is extremely streaky, middling career average but with some clutch moments to his name, particularly on defence. He’s been the face of the Hannasean team in international play to date. Listed as a SF in the past but playing as a point forward; Off the court, his relationship with the leader of a far-right party continues to attract negative attention for someone who is otherwise seen as having blazed a trail for Hannasean athletes of colour.
10. Nate Connell (SF, 6’8”, Chelcaste Force
Another Olympic carryover, Connell’s scoring wasn’t a major factor in the gold medal run, but his scrappy defense and hustling full-court energy were important contributing factors in the Sardines’ success.

8. Jean-Luc Kaplan (PF, 6’10”, Upper Niedewe Jackals)
A young prospect who's already holding down a 20/10 average and throwing in better than a block a game. Like most Hannasean PFs Kaplan isn't a true stretch four, but he has a decent midrange shot and seems to be working on developing as an outside threat.
12. TreQuell Whitaker (PF/SF, 6’10”, New Blopping Shade)
Whitaker’s defense was superb at the Olympics and has earned him an IBC berth. He’s not much of a factor on offense outside of dunks and putbacks, but his board crashing energy and huge vertical combined with impressive strength make up for not having the longerst arms. Not great from the line, but has improved to make ‘hit-a-Whitaker’ tactics risky.

14. Justin Griffin (C, 6’11”, Hillmouth Buxx)
A dominant scorer and rebounder at domestic level, Griffin found IBC play a step up and will look to improve on his showing on home floors. A classic center with no real outside game, but no weaknesses in the paint, either.
15. Blake Hopkins (C/PF, 7’2”, Oak Park Blue Bees)
Hopkins was the breakout star of the Olympic team as a primary scoring option, so adapting to minutes off the bench – he’s behind Griffin on the depth chart thanks to the latter’s superior defense – will be a challenge. A bit more able to stretch the floor than Griffin but nowhere near as athletic and fitness can be a concern late in the game.


The Sardines will play in black kit with gold piping, and wear the shorts and socks of their individual HBA franchises.

Code: Select all
If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my lineup: Y
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose other statistics (e.g. rebounds, assists) for my players: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmode sporting events: Y
Godmode injuries: N
Godmode other events: Y

If you want to sign a player, send a TG/DM.

If you use non-photoshopped photographs, please don’t say they’re my players without asking. Please do not RP violence without asking.

As Hannasea hosted the last IBC we will not be submitting a host bid here.

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Postby Graintfjall » Mon Jan 30, 2023 4:45 pm

Team name: Græntfjall
Trigram: GRÆ
Demonym: Græntfjaller
Team nickname: Super Wolves

Head coach: Aðólf Ingibertsson
Assistant coaches: Theo Simonsson, Jesper Sesilsson
Conditioning trainer: Apríl Tótadóttir

№	Name				Pos.	Height	Club
4 Melrakki Vinjarsson PF 2.08 m Image New Háttmark Blizzards
5 Tjörfi Ásason PG 1.97 m Image New Háttmark Blizzards
6 Immanúel "Big Kunt" Knutsson C 2.12 m Image Southern Black Goats
7 Oluwatobi Adedayosson† SF 2.01 m Image Southern Black Goats
8 Benjamin Iirosson (c) C 2.13 m Image Árberg Ice-Pandas
9 Hamid Uqmahsson‡ SF 2.06 m Image New Háttmark Blizzards
10 Nathan Einarsson PF/SF 2.05 m Image Árberg Ice-Pandas
11 Þorkell Herfinnursson PG 1.90 m Image Hinteram Ghouls
12 Farkhad Zhunusson* PF 2.07 m Image Kyrkdorf Tungsten Miners
13 Kristdór Yngvarsson SG 1.96 m Image Árberg Ice-Pandas
14 Jari Jukkasson SG 1.93 m Image Odinsfluss Voyageurs
15 Gísli Þórarsson SG 2.02 m Image Árberg Ice-Pandas

* Referred to in Græntfjaller media as Farkhad Zhunusov.
Referred to in Græntfjaller media as Oli Afolabi.
Referred to in Græntfjaller media as Hamid Akbar.

The first generation of Super Wolves has now all but aged out: with the departures of Tom Farmansson and Hilmar Eldgrimsson, only Benjamin Iirosson (who began as a teenager) remains. Despite the evolution of the playing roster, the playing style shows less change, and though this team has more ethnic diversity than the painfully white teams of old, on the court they still tend to rely on size and strength over playing skill. The three-point game is reasonably well established but few Græntfjaller bigs have a true stretch game.

Last tournament the backcourt was in flux, but Tjörfi Ásason has emerged as league MVP and nailed down the point guard position. A slasher and capable defender despite his size with a good all round game, he is quickly establishing himself as a creative facilitator in the pick-and-roll game, and will start ahead of Þorkell Herfinnursson, a more limited defender if a slightly more potent shooter. Gísli Þórarsson is now ahead of Jari Jukkasson on the depth chart, the exciting young prospect from Árberg having a more rounded game than the defensively fallible "Chukkasson". Kristdór Yngvarsson is new as a three-point specialist.

Hussain Abdulla at small forward is the team's biggest loss, having established himself as the team's most dependable second option: in his place will be competing the rangy Hamid Akbar and defensive specialist Oli Afolabi, who can guard 1-5 and has earned the nickname "Oli the Octopus" for his long arms grabbing steals and swatting blocks. Lots of different play styles are listed at power forward, from wing shooter Nathan Einarsson, to Farkhad Zhunusov who is a good defender and rebounder but vulnerable to foul-a-Farkhad tactics with his barely 60% free throw shooting, to new call-up Melrakki Vinjarsson, a dominant post player but with no real range.

Benjamin Iirosson remains the standout player and the only guaranteed starter. A powerful presence at both ends, he’s a multiple defensive PoY and one-time MVP in the Græntfjaller Basketball Championship. He’s certainly no outside threat but can get to the rim and finish at will. It is a categorical imperative that Immanúel Knutsson will throw down some dunks and blocks, but his main role is to give Iirosson some rest in blowout games.

Code: Select all
    If my opponent RPs first, they may:
    Choose my lineup: Y
    Choose my scorers: Y
    Choose other statistics (e.g. rebounds, assists) for my players: Y
    RP injuries to my players: Y
    Godmode sporting events: Y
    Godmode injuries: N
    Godmode other events: N (ask first)

If you use non-photoshopped photographs, please don’t say they’re my players without asking. Please do not RP egregious violence without asking. Open to any IC collaboration, just ask.
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Postby Graintfjall » Mon Jan 30, 2023 4:58 pm

Venue name: Hagejoki Play Park
Location: Hagejoki is a large suburb on the northeast of Háttmark, the Græntfjaller capital.
Capacity: 20,950

The Hagejoki Play Park has been submitted for use in IBC37 qualifying. The venue was featured in IBC30, the last international basketball tournament hosted by Græntfjall, and at the time was seen as something of an embarrassment: the largest specialist basketball arena in the country was creaking and dilapidated, and was the only arena not to receive renovation prior to the tournament. A decade on, that’s changed, as GS SuperSports+ money invested in the revamped GBC has seen the Hagejoki Play Park, home of the New Háttmark Blizzards, undergoing a complete overhaul.

The aim in the new design is to promote sustainability: the stadium aims to use 80%+ recycled heat, has heat conservation technology built in to off-set the costs of heating the large arena in the freezing Græntfjaller winter, and even has a fancy new mascot, Snowflake, an anthropomorphic snowflake who proves there is truly nothing furries can’t fetishize. With banked seating in the black-and-red colors of the Blizzards and a roof-level ring of VIP boxes, the viewing experience in all but the pokiest of nosebleeds is excellent, with large display screens that somewhat put the building’s environmental credentials in doubt.

The Play Park features several stadium snack food dining options, including one (incredibly unpopular) plant-based vegan vendor. Considerably more popular are the battered squid, hot wolf, seafood surprise rice, and meat tornado stands. Beer is sold in the stadium, usually drunk in slightly kitsch imitation beer horns (formerly made of plastic, now of allegedly biodegradable wood fiber products) but the stadium will cut off and eject anyone exhibiting public drunkenness.

Thanks to Græntfjall’s recent counterterror and policing reform laws, the stadium is as safe as a military establishment and visitors can be assured of their personal security, perhaps sometimes to the detriment of spectators who will face security checks on entry. Allegations of profiling are not unknown.

Should the Hagejoki Play Park be chosen, teams and officials will be put up at the One Season Hotel in downtown Háttmark.
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Postby Tjorl » Mon Jan 30, 2023 7:51 pm

Tjorl's host arena bid for IBC37

After some brief debating amongst themselves, the Tjorlish Basketball Federation (TBF) has decided to put forth a host arena bid for IBC37. Rödbrun-Arena, the largest indoor arena in Tjorl, has once again been chosen as the nation's host bid candidate arena, two editions after it hosted games in IBC35.

Kjol, Tjorl

Description: Built in the 1970s at the waterfront, Rödbrun-Arena (which was then called Ivan Arena) served as the new home of the Kjol Knights. Since then, it has witnessed many highs and lows throughout the capital team's history. It was also used as one of the national team's arenas. After renovation in the mid-2000s, the arena has been considered "a local beauty" by many Kjolins. At best, it can hold around 21,540 spectators. As for facilities, it has the basic requirements: dressing rooms, large media rooms, and a number of conference rooms. Additionally, it also hosts an outdoor plaza, VIP seats and suites, a pub, and a food court. As for player accommodations, all designated facilities such as practice venues or hotels are located only a short walk away from the arena.

Visiting? In the summer, expect to experience temperatures around 13 to 15.5 degrees Celsius, while expect around 0 to -3 degrees Celsius in the winter. Public transportation around the city is free and easy-to-use. Buses regularly arrive and depart at the arena, while taxis can be frequently found throughout the city. Those visiting will have their safety prioritized to guarantee a welcoming and safe environment.
Population - 23,142,200
Area - 632,214 squared kilometers
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Postby Diarcesia » Mon Jan 30, 2023 9:45 pm

The Diarcesian Basketball Federation's (Diarcesian Latin: Diarcesium Foederateonas Calathosphaerisa) press conference unveiled a shocking new announcement: a bid to host some of the group stage matches in IBC37.

At the conclusion of a process to find venues for the event, Sirenopolis, the capital in the dieresis of Ikuyo was selected as the host city within Diarcesia. The Fedreation's delegation assessed all aspects involved with hosting international sporting events and found that the Sirenopolis Prime Centre is the best fit to hold events of the IBC's caliber.

"The city is really international and multicultural. This helps create a very positive, yet competitive atmosphere," said Federation delegate Zak Sullivan. "Also you can get some good food around here. This is a great opportunity for us to show off our capabilities, and we are sure that we have what it takes. It's just another step in showing how much progress Diarcesia as a monarchy and Ikuyo as a dieresis has made."

This will be the first time that Diarcesia holds an international basketball event since it began taking part in the International Basketball Championship.

About Sirenopolis Prime Centre


Opened in 2020, the Sirenopolis Prime Centre is a multi-purpose arena that can be used for basketball and ice hockey matches, as well as concerts and other performances. It has a capacity of 18,500 seats with room to expand up to 25,000. The venue was selected as one of the construction projects coming out of an agreement between Diarcesia and the nearby country of Rozherus (also known as Pink Ruthenia) to host international friendly tournaments and help promote international camaraderie and more exposure.

About Sirenopolis


Sirenopolis (or Seiren in Ikuyo's local language) is the capital city of the Dieresis-Praetorian Prefecture of Ikuyo, and is home to about 800,000 people and many international organizations and businesses. The city has a reputation for being a hub and gateway to everything Diarcesian to the east of the mainland's continent of Bronte.

Located almost 14,000 km to the east of Arcesius, the city's Diarcesian Latin name was borne out of a misunderstanding between the Diarcesians and the locals. While the city was being described as an "example of honesty and integrity" (seiren), the former mistook it as a declaration that the mythological sirens lived there, hence giving the place the "City of Sirens" exonym.
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