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WorldVision Song Contest 104 | OOC | SIGNUPS CLOSED

Postby WorldVision Committee » Thu Dec 08, 2022 4:52 am

WorldVision & WHF Discord Chat
(currently active, tbh we live on here)

Host Voting Open - 19th December 2022, 23:59 UTC
Sign Ups Close; Host Voting Close, IC Thread Up - 28th December 2022, 23:59 UTC
Deadline for Entries; Voting Begins - 16th January 2023, 23:59 UTC
Voting Closes - 23rd January, 23:59 UTC


Welcome to the WorldVision Song Contest, based on the Eurovision Song Contest, aiming to provide and unite nations from different parts of the World through music. The WorldVision Song contest is an outlet to showcase the popular or native music of your nation. As with every contest, there are a few simple rules and regulations that you'll need to follow. If you're new, continue on to the FAQ/Guide To WorldVision! If you are simply looking for the rules, look no further than the box below:

How It Works

  • Each nation will rank the other nations out of 10. Each number below 4 adds a scaled negative score whereas each number above 4 adds a scaled positive score (4 provides a neutral value). The complete score of each nation will be the total sum of the positive and negative scores. At this point, any nation with a negative score or 0 will be considered to have 0 televote points (only the bottom few nations might receive this). The rest of the nations with a positive score will have this score then multiplied until the total scores are equal to the amount of points distributed through the points on the IC thread (this from now is the IC "Juries").
  • This multiplied number will then be the televote score for each nation.
  • Unlike in the test-run, the committee will assume responsibility for the televote, that is its recording and maintenance. This info will be given to the host when all nations have voted on the IC thread or when the deadline passes. This will allow the vote to not be influenced by the host, and to make sure the formula used is accurate.
  • The committee will also be responsible for publishing the complete voting result overview at the end of the voting, including the individual votes of nations, as well as the overall voting breakdown.
  • If the percentage of nations receiving 0 points in the televote exceeds 10% of the total competing nations that edition, the committee will reserve the right to change these percentages so that the percentage of nations receiving 0 points falls under 10% once again, as long as the nation's raw televote score is above -10. In this case, weightings changes will be done so that it does not affect any position in the top 3.
  • The host will be free to announce these results how they see fit, with the committee's strong recommendation to reveal them in the style of either of lowest to highest in the televote, or according to current standings after the jury vote.
  • In the event of a tie, the jury vote takes precedence.

Televote Instructions

  • In addition to the standard 12-1 points that we all post on the IC thread (which remains the same) there will also be an additional requirement. Each contestant must also submit a response to a google form in which they will rate each song from 1-10 (out of a maximum of 10) - with 1 to a song which they hated and 10 to a song they loved (and everything in between).
  • There are no restrictions on televoting - You can allocate scores in the televote however you wish, and you do not need this to be the same metric by which you measure your "jury" scores. Some suggestions may be to split your scores according to the Music/Lyrics/RP etc., but this is optional. We will still check for invalid votes, for example every nation being ranked the same, or in a specific "pattern", but this won't be an issue if one votes fairly.
  • You can give your puppet a maximum of 6 out of 10 in the televote and vice-versa to the main nation. If you have a puppet you will have to submit a second set of televoting points - however, you can submit a single set of points and include the ranking for both your main nation and puppet nation in the same form. You must inform the committee if you wish to do this in advance.
  • If you do not submit a televote, you will receive a 25% penalty on your original televote score (which will then be redistributed among the rest of the nations according to their televoting score). It is strongly recommended that you submit a televote score, but if you don't submit one, you don't have to worry about being disqualified.

As it was introduced prior to the start of '79, the same strike system for punishments will be in effect, where players breaking certain contest rules will receive strikes depending on the severity.

    • One Strike: No immediate consequences;
    • Two Strikes: One-contest ban;
    • Three Strikes: Two-contest ban.
  • Strikes expire after five editions; however, a strike expiring during a ban does not edit or shorten it.
  • Bans stack; that is, a nation reaching three strikes within one edition is immediately banned for the following three editions.
  • Bans erase strikes once they are completed.

    Here are the following issues that can net you a strike:

    One strike:
    • Not voting in the contest (will also disqualify a contestant from competing)
    • Changing votes without Worldvision Committee supervision.
    • Posting halftime results when not the host or WVC & refusing to remove results (which also results in disqualification)
    • Posting an incomplete entry.
    • Not declaring a new puppet, or when transferring ownership of a puppet.

    Two strikes:
    • Engaging in tactical voting.
    • Intentionally refusing to vote.
    • Attempts to evade a ban.
    • Entering more than one puppet in the contest.

FAQ / Guide To WorldVision

I'm new here, how does this all work?

Welcome! Here at WorldVision, we write our own lyrics to existing songs, and then vote on them! Many of us write performances and background information on the performer as well. This contest is based heavily on the Eurovision Song Contest, so it helps a lot if you're familiar with it! One major difference from it is that the winner doesn't host the next contest- here we have people bid each edition to host the next contest.

That sounds fun! How do I sign up?

Signing up is simple! You can fill out and post the application below, or simply state your interest in joining. If you do use the application, you don't need to fill everything in.

Code: Select all
[b]Nation Name:[/b] Your nation's name goes here.
[b]Official Broadcaster:[/b] Your official broadcaster for WV goes here.
[b]Song Title:[/b] The IC Song title goes here.
[b]Artist(s) Name(s):[/b] The name of your act goes here.

[b]Tune:[/b] The real-life tune you're basing your song on goes here.

This is all so exciting! I want to host!

In order to host, you need to have fully participated once, especially to get the feel of how the contest runs. While you wait, you can look at current bids to learn what good bids look like. If you've signed up before host voting has begun, then you can vote for the host! Once you've finished a contest, you can bid for host, as long as you don't vote for your own.

How do I write an entry?

Writing an entry is just a bit more work than Alexander Rybak makes it seem. Most of us use an existing song as a tune, which we usually link through YouTube, and rewrite the lyrics so that they are original- which means that we wrote them ourselves and did not copy the real lyrics (at least 80% should be your own, which is generally easy if you write your own). Translating real lyrics does not count!

To do well, it's best to write a performance and choose a tune that hasn't been used before - don't be afraid to ask us if you're unsure! In addition, it's always good to look at past contests and learn from the winners and highest placed entries.

If you do post a reservation/placeholder post for your entry, please make sure that you finish it with a completed set of lyrics. If you don't finish, or if you don't withdraw on the OOC thread, you will receive a strike, which is explained in the spoiler below this section.

The entry deadline passed, and there's a mistake in my entry! Can't I just fix it?

Please let the Committee know first! If it's a big edit, you'll need to ask for permission. If you're just fixing spelling, formatting, or a link, then it's fine! But if you make a big edit without permission, like finishing lyrics or adding more RP, you might get disqualified.

So what comes next? Voting?

Yes, that's right! After the entry deadline, you cannot edit your entry without permission from the Committee. After the host posts the interval act and opens voting, you may post your votes. Just like in Eurovision, you give 12 points to your favourite entry, then 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and finally 1 point to your next favourite. Please vote on time!! The host may choose to close voting after the deadline, but if you do not vote on time you will be disqualified.

Next, you do the televote. Here, it means that you open the form that is linked by the host, and rank each entry from 1 to 10, with 1 being worst and 10 being best. Ever since the official implementation of the televote in WV83, everyone's televotes will be revealed by the Committee, so you can see the full breakdown after the contest ends. We use a weighting system to calculate the televotes - this will be changed at the discretion of the committee if the number of 0's exceeds 10% of participating nations (this will be done only for those nations with a score of above -10).

This sounds awesome! I want to enter a puppet nation and write more entries!

You can do that! You may enter a second nation, but make sure you confirm that it is yours in the signups! However with great power comes great responsibility: you can only give a maximum of 5 points to yourself in the jury vote, and only a maximum score of 6 in the televote, and together with your main nation you can only give a maximum of 14 jury points to another nation.

I do not feel safe or welcome here. What do I do?

If you are bullied, harassed, intimidated/etc by someone within the contest, please contact the Committee or one of its members, and we will ensure confidentiality and analyze the situation. We will deal with punishment as deemed appropriate depending on the severity of the offence.

I have more questions! Who do I ask?

If you have more questions you can ask in the thread, join the Discord server linked at the top of this post, or TG the WorldVision Committee. The Discord server is probably where you are going to get the fastest reply.

So basically, be original, try to be fair, don't be a jerk, and have fun. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to TG the Committee - it helps if you add the Committee's individual member names (Aenglide, Alezian Union, Britonisea, Carrelie, Malta Comino Gozo ) in the "To:" box along with "WorldVision Committee" for a faster response. DM on Discord also works!

Even if you've missed the deadline or aren't participating, feel free to discuss the contest in this thread or post commentary in the IC. You'll find that we all greatly appreciate some good commentary.

With all that said, welcome to WorldVision!

Confirmed Nations (39)

  • Achaean Republic
  • Aenglide
    - Terra Zealandia
  • Aeragny
  • Alezian Union
  • Antahbrantahstan
  • Axuva
  • Beepee
  • Britonisea
  • Carrelie
    - New Zealandic South West Saint Martin
  • Darkmania
  • Erie Arcadia
    - Vartugia
  • Fatimanian Federation
  • Flusia
  • Illdonya
    - Robloxian Robloxia
  • Jencilland
  • Kalosia
    - Saviera
  • Nilhitia
  • The Hlhata States
  • Makko Oko
  • Malta Comino Gozo
    - Crustyland
  • Medzhumoramia
  • Mister X
  • Pemecutan
    - Cakranegara
  • Placely Placington
  • Plangainer
  • South Batoko
  • Spiritual Republic of Caryton
  • StrayaRoos
    - Kalush
  • Tummylandia and Susistan
  • Waisnor

Have you been left out by mistake? Just TG us!

National Finals (5)

Host Bids (3)
Sërna, Vartugia
Buaka, South Batoko
Mariensbourg, Carrelie

Disqualified Nations (1)
  • Fuedal Italia
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Postby Malta Comino Gozo » Thu Dec 08, 2022 4:54 am

Malta Comino Gozo

Fradel and Spies-Vibes

Fradel and Spies return with their new song, Vibes.
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Postby Aenglide » Thu Dec 08, 2022 5:09 am

Nation Name: Aenglide
Official Broadcaster: ÆTV
Song Title: Upside-Down World
Artist(s) Name(s): AnÿmeHouse

Tune: McFly - Star Girl
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Postby Terra-Zealandia » Thu Dec 08, 2022 5:11 am

Nation Name: Terra Zealandia
Official Broadcaster: TZBC
Song Title: Louder
Artist(s) Name(s): Mount Pukenui

Tune: Mt Eden - Stronger
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Postby Alezian Union » Thu Dec 08, 2022 5:15 am


... The entire nation couldn't believe what just happened in front of their screens. Alezian Union at the top? It almost feels like a dream... But it is REAL! REALLY REAL! When Liz returned to Alezia, the reception is just the same than when Aziz-Lutfi Garanov (plus the Time-Killers) won it back in 94... Autographs everywhere, album deals, oh boy, if the normal day-to-day Alezian were that ecstatic, and Liz was more ecstatic, imagine the ABA- Oh nevermind, ABA sighed in absolute relief because thanks to Azla and Liz, Alezia can be proud at what they do best. And they knew they can return strong because now they got two trophies!

Once again, five artists wanted to repeat what Liz had, or do well enough that the nation would still love them. And we can see their songs below!

Hello everyone, Lez here!
Ooooooh boy. I can't believe I just pulled another win. Oh my God, I need that in the middle of Uni Final anxiety... Thank you so much for those who liked my entry back then... And now, it's time for another Alezian contribution to the WorldVision Song Contest that could hopefully equal Liz's performance last edition, or atleast make Alezia proud again (insert heart emoji). And to do that, Alezia needs your help once more!

Anyway, how to vote, you wonder? WELL:
10 TO THE 2ND,

You can vote through NS Telegram or by Discord on Lez#0535, but I very recommend that you use Discord because I'm more active there.
You have until:
16th of December at 6 PM WITA / 10 AM BST to give your picks!
Remember, I WILL NOT ACCEPT VOTES PAST THIS DEADLINE (maybe I will for the next 6 hours after closing should there be not enough voters or someone has promised to vote but haven't)

Please vote! Alezia needs YOU!
With love,
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Achaean Republic
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Postby Achaean Republic » Thu Dec 08, 2022 5:15 am

Nation Name: Achaean Republic
Official Broadcaster: AS1
Song Title: Glassy
Artist(s) Name(s): Milkah
Tune: Adanna Duru - POP!

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Postby Beepee » Thu Dec 08, 2022 5:18 am

Having been out malta'ed for the past several editions.... I've decided if you can't beat them you have to join them

Nation Name: Beepee
Official Broadcaster: Beepeean Occasional News Corporation (BONC)
Song Title: TBC.
Artist(s) Name(s): TBC

Tune: AIDAN - "Madam"
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Postby Placely Placington » Thu Dec 08, 2022 5:19 am

In with a special guest hailing all the way from Vartugia!

Nation Name: Placely Placington
Official Broadcaster: Wait, We Have A Broadcaster?
Song Title: The BTAG Song
Artist(s) Name(s): The BTAG Band

Tune: Mai Kadowaki - Pretty Fly For A White Guy
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Postby Pemecutan » Thu Dec 08, 2022 7:16 am

Confirmed our participation with an addition from our puppet, Cakranegara
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Postby Waisnor » Thu Dec 08, 2022 7:18 am

Waisnor signs up!
81 = 18th/34
82 = 22nd/31
83 = 27th/41
84 = 15th/27
85 = 20th/28
86 = 14th/32
87 = 14th/36
88 = 24th/32
89 = 16th/37
90 = 8th/35
91 = 9th/30
92 = 8th/29
93 = 4th/25
94 = 14th/28
95 = 15th/27
96 = 8th/34
97 = 6th/25
98 = 23rd/31
99 = 6th/38
100 = 12th/51
101 = 24th/32
102 = 10th/30
103 = 2nd/26
104 = 11th/26

51 = 10th/20
52 = 19th/24
53 = 11th in the semifinal/33

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Postby Tummylandia and Susistan » Thu Dec 08, 2022 8:33 am

Tummylandia and Susistan confirms: Yes, we're in!
Tummylandia and Susistan
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South Batoko
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Postby South Batoko » Thu Dec 08, 2022 8:35 am

Nation Name: South Batoko
Official Broadcaster: RTBO
Song Title: TBD
Artist(s) Name(s): TBD

Tune: TBD

we're competing again, time to try to slay and then absolutely fail at slaying

South Batoko is a country in Novapax, that competes in WV.
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RTBO is working on their host bid for the 102nd WorldVision Song Contest.

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Postby Illdonya » Thu Dec 08, 2022 9:18 am

Me and my puppet are signing up
Worldvision 97, 20th place
Worldvision 98, 19th place
Worldvision 99, 32nd place
Worldvision 102, 5th place
Worldvision 103, 19th place
Worldvision 104, 8th place

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Postby Robloxian Robloxia » Thu Dec 08, 2022 9:19 am

Illdonya wrote:Me and my puppet are signing up


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Postby Britonisea » Thu Dec 08, 2022 9:52 am

Britonisea will participate with information to follow. Pre-confirming Estogium.
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1st - 117 points - WV64
1st - 113 points - WV41
1st - 98 points - WV63
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Postby Darkmania » Thu Dec 08, 2022 10:20 am

A preliminary sign-up post.

Puppet to come ;)
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Postby Vartugia » Thu Dec 08, 2022 10:22 am

Darkmania wrote:A preliminary sign-up post.

Puppet to come ;)


Oh sorry. I was sneezing. But it is tru..... *sneezes*
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Postby Llalta » Thu Dec 08, 2022 10:32 am

FOLLOWING the end of timeline #21463202 which diverted the spacetime continuum birthed timeline #21463203 and timeline #44391032, ripples were sent across the multiverse, disrupting multiple nearby timelines. This one causal event caused by an unknown outburst of dark matter produced from Todlichebujoku disrupted the 103rd WorldVision Song Contest in timeline #21463202, releasing demons of the past once contained between the crevices of time, caused timeline #901933 to collide with our timeline, thus allowing us a brief insight into another world.

Whilst scientists research and potentially reach out into this timeline, please enjoy this once in a life time spectacle as a slip in the continuum has allowed us to see a glimpse into a timeline in which The Hlhata States and Llalta are nations conjoined at the hip, competing in a national final to participate in the WorldVision Song Contest.
Dr. Delilah Summergrave, Scientist

Welcome to
~*✧*~ LLALTA vs HLHATA: Trial of Champions! ~*✧*~

HSBC & LBN invite you to the 57th Llalta vs Hlhata: Trial of Champions, where 4 songs compete to represent either nation at the WorldVision Song Contest! With 2 artists from Llalta and Hlhata, each with 2 songs, the song with the most votes (50% from international juries and 50% from Llaltese and Hlhataneseian televotes) will win tonight's show, and will be given the chance to represent their nation at the upcoming WorldVision. Who will win the trial, and then the world?!

Tonight we have 2 of Llalta's and Hlhata's biggest names: AYA vs Hester Wynterborne! The two young starlets are Hlhata's and Llalta's top selling artist respectively, so tonight's show will certainly be one for the history books! AYA bringing the heat and Hester bringing the emotions, who will win tonight?

Let's find out!


YOU&I by Hester Wynterborne
Music Hester Wynterborne, John Marshall, York Stafford
Lyrics Hester Wynterborne

"邂逅" - Milet

Music AYA, Miki Hashikara, Souyo Nakamura
Lyrics AYA, Miki Hashikara, Souyo Nakamura

"Secret" - Seohyun & Yuri

One & Only by Hester Wynterborne
Music Hester Wynterborne, John Marshall, York Stafford
Lyrics Hester Wynterborne

"Final Call" - Milet

Mobius by AYA
Music AYA, Miki Hashikara, Souyo Nakamura
Lyrics AYA, Miki Hashikara, Souyo Nakamura

"Divine" - Pony

In order to vote, please use the google form below where you will be asked to rank all 4 songs in order from best to worst! Happy voting!


Do you remember?

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Postby StrayaRoos » Thu Dec 08, 2022 11:43 am

We're in tune is Freya Skye-Lose My Head
СтраяРус ❤️ Україна
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Postby Flusia » Thu Dec 08, 2022 4:58 pm

Flusia’s back, we’re trying something slightly different this time around.

Nation Name: Flusia
Official Broadcaster: FRG
Song Title: Hate Me, Date Me
Artist(s) Name(s): Luka Ivanov ft. Suzan Krowe

Tune: Billy Cobb ft. Witchsy - Zuzu’s Pedals

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Illdonyafest 5: MAX COMPETITION

Postby Illdonya » Thu Dec 08, 2022 5:35 pm


Worldvision 97, 20th place
Worldvision 98, 19th place
Worldvision 99, 32nd place
Worldvision 102, 5th place
Worldvision 103, 19th place
Worldvision 104, 8th place

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Postby Cakranegara » Thu Dec 08, 2022 8:50 pm

Pemecutan wrote:Confirmed our participation with an addition from our puppet, Cakranegara

Yes, hopefully.

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Postby Kalush » Thu Dec 08, 2022 11:11 pm

StrayaRoos wrote:We're in tune is Freya Skye-Lose My Head

Oi,You forgot to tell 'em about us,anyways we have a two song nf
Song 1
Yurik-потужність (Power)

Zlata Dziunka-Nezlamna

Song 2
Грім-Чарівний (Magic)

Sofia Artemenko & DJ Polinka-Zamovlianna

to vote,dm your favourite to A Random Aussie#7265 on discord

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Postby Mister X » Fri Dec 09, 2022 1:12 am

Maybe. So yeah for now
WV29: 19th, debut
WV30: 10th, first top 10
WV31: 8th, new PB
WV33: 3rd, new PB
WV34: 6th, first hosting
WVYF: 11th, last place
WV52: 2nd, new PB
WV59: 7th, second hosting
WV62: 1st, first victory

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Indo States
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Postby Indo States » Fri Dec 09, 2022 3:23 am

The Radio Television Fatima (RTV) Networks and LeonMedia Presents:
Pambansang Muni 2022 (4th Edition)

It is the Third Time for Fatimania to Participate with a Nation Finale, and a Second WorldVision Event that has been Jointly Broadcasted by Radio Television Fatima (RTV) Networks (RTV Networks) and LeonMedia Networks for Fatimanian Viewers to boost the Public Morale of Fatimanians in the WorldVision Song Contest, and the First to have 10 Entries, and this would be the Last Edition of the Pambansang Muni 2022, which it would also Mark the Beginning for Pambansang Muni 2023

In this Fourth and Last Edition of Pambansang Muni 2022, 10 Entries has been Selected from the Top Fatimanian Hits, with Songs Sang ranging from Fatimanian, the First National Language of Fatimania, and Indoesh, the Second National Language of Fatimania, to Luisitian, Fatimania's 6th Most Spoken Language and the Most-known Slavic Language in Southern Fatimania, Lusarian (Paulinian), mostly spoken in the Southern Metropolitan Fatimanian City of Polintan, and Filipino, One of the Common Communication Languages in Fatimania, Primarily with Fatimanians of Filipino Descent, and the Filipino Diaspora in Fatimania, and most of the Entries are Popular in Fatimania and Played in Most of Fatimania's Radio Stations along being Mostly Listened Online, and some of them are new.

The Ten Entries that are Challenging to be First and Participate into WorldVision Song Contest:

#1. Slnečnica (Elena Marie Cuseta, Stephanie DeLasscher and Serena Patricia Valsino-Tan) feat Léana Szerédcsáni és Kátyá Koszue (Leana Szrédcsáni and Cathy Cosue, Leana Šéridičané a Katya Kosva) - Mégy, Mégy, Mégy (Cěstný Výletovká)
Language: Luisitian, Lusarian (Paulinian)
Title Translation: Go, Go, Go (Roadtrip)
Tune: КешYou - Неге?

#2. Stephan Chémard - Vous êtes si Pèlle!
Language: Fatimanian
Title Translation: You are so Beautiful!
Tune: Али Окапов - Жаным сәлем

#3. Bernard Solderre feat. Nueve de Pebrero Mandaluyong - Ano?
Language: Spanish, Filipino (Tagalog)
Title Translation: What?
Tune: Айқын & Sin Frontera - Омырым айкын

#4. Carmelita "Carmela" Quintos - Will i be?
Language: English
Title Translation: (Whole Song and the Title is in English)
Tune: Schlagerkids - Regenbogenfarben

#5. Eleonore Valdez - Bevásárlás
Language: Lusarian
Title Translation: Shopping
Tune: Luina - В интернете

#6. The Polizewomen (Tatiana Dela Cuesta, Estelle Pineda, Clarisse Romulo, Alicia Marie Desnilla) - Bój
Language: Luisitian
Title Translation: War
Tune: Crystalz - DID

#7. Sofia Lészydécsillág - Sénkadék
Language: Lusarian (Paulinian)
Title Translation: Abyss
Tune: Ziruza - Айт енді

#8. The Paula's (Vanessa Barbossa, Lia Jusinas, Kristelle Gamboa, Annaliza Palanca) - Nékrád
Language: Lusarian (Paulinian)
Title Translation: Pressure
Tune: JUZIM - Таңдау

#9. Jericho Alpanas - Het einde
Language: Indoesh/Samaran
Title Translation: The End
Tune: Ace Banzuelo - Muli

#10. Joseph Marnor - Flew Out
Language: English
Title Translation: (Whole Song and the Title is in English)
Tune: Серик Ибрагимов - Жаяу

Voting Starts at December 10th, 12:00 AM UTC (8:00 PM Philippine Standard Time, 5:00 AM PDT, 7:00 AM CDT, 8:00 AM EDT, 1:00 AM Western European, 2:00 AM Central and Eastern European, 3:00 AM Moscow and Turkey Time, 4:00 AM Azerbaijan, Armenian, Georgian, Ulyanovsk and Samara (Russia) Time, and ends on December 25th, 10:00 AM UTC (5:00 PM Philippine Standard Time, 2:00 AM PDT, 4:00 AM CDT, 5:00 AM EDT, 10:00 AM Western European, 11:00 AM/12:00 PM Central and Eastern European, 1:00 PM AM Moscow and Turkey Time, 1:30 PM Azerbaijan, Armenian, Georgian, Ulyanovsk and Samara (Russia) Time. (Originally November 13 at 12:00 AM UTC, but Extended to November 14, 10:00 AM in order to Accommodate Voters due to Lack of Votes)
To Vote, please Send a Telegram (or Discord Direct Message) to Indo States with all of the 10 Entries from 5 Point to 35 Points (Favorite to Least Favorite, 10 Total Entries), which this system called 1+5 Voting System (More Info). (Note: Please Make Sure to Listen All of the Songs before you Vote thru this YouTube Playlist and Think which one what is your favorite and is your least favorite.)
(Rule Changes may Applied on the Next Edition of WorldVision Song Contest.)
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