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Time and Date Format

Postby Athrania » Tue Dec 06, 2022 9:30 pm

What Time and Date Format is used in YN?

In Athrania, dates written YYYY/MM/D or YYYY/MMMM/D, in the Arabic, the format is the same. example. 2020/06/12 or 2022 June 12. In the Arabic: ١٢/ ٦ / ٢٠٢٢م and ١٢ يونيو ٢٠٢٢م . In Latin script, Gregorian dates are marked G/م as in 2022G ٢٠٢٢م, Hijri dates as H/ هـ as in 1443H ١٤٤٣هـ, Solar dates are marked by SH/ش as in 1401SH ١٤٠١ش. Astral and almanacal dates are written out in full, like 12 Suhail, or 6 Saad Dhabih. Standard dates are in Hijri as in 12/5/1444H, 12 Jumada I, 1443H, ١٢/ ٥/ ؁١٤٤٣ هـ ، ١٢ جمادى أ، ؁١٤٤٣ هـ. Note the use of the spanning character ؁ for year.

Time is mostly 12hr format with a/p as markers, as in 11:23p. Midnight is marked mn, as in 12mn; while noon is marked n, as in 12n. 24 hour time is used by the uniformed-services, by rail, shipping, airports and airline; it is also used for appointment times, like 17:45.

As is standard in most countries, 12mn is defined as midnight. In religious contexts, 12mn is set to sunset. Such times are marked with gh/غ (ghuroobi), so 1:30gh is 7:30p with sunset at 6p (١:٣٠غ). While most Hijri dates would change at midnight per the midnight convention (zawali: z/ز), in religious and vulgar contexts, dates change at sunset, so night of Friday is Thursday evening (ليلة الجمعة). This is similar to how the Hebrew calendar assigns dates. In Ethiopia, a six hour clock is used, and local time is often marked according to the sunset convention.

What about YN :)
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Postby Tangatarehua » Tue Dec 06, 2022 10:14 pm


However sometimes, in more formal situations, you might have month, day, Empress year of reign. For example today would be December 7th, Tamahine o te Marama 14. (The fourteenth year of the reign of the current Empress.)

Time is most commonly 24 hour format, but 12 hour time is sometimes used as it's common on imported devices such as watches or computers.
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Postby Angvar » Tue Dec 06, 2022 10:38 pm

Angvar uses the dd/mm/yyyy format.

Formally, dates are reckoned according to the Eusebian and Aristidean dating styles, influenced heavily by the classical-era Julian calendar. For instance, today would be the day before the 24th of December 2022 CE (or 7978 AH*), which corresponds to 12 December 2022. Time is reckoned in a 24-hour format.

*AH stands for Anno Hyboria.
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Postby Huaren Gongsi state » Tue Dec 06, 2022 10:39 pm


Date may also be expressed with "since the founding of Lanfang"
therefore, the year 2022 is 兰芳245 in alternative form, 2022127 and 2022/12/07 in standard form.

the format DD/MM/YYYY may be used but is not official
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Postby -Terrapacis- » Tue Dec 06, 2022 11:46 pm

At least on an official level, dates in Terrapacis are written in Year Month Day format, with the Terrapacisian government having adopted the ISO 8601 format for the writing of all-numerical dates in 1990. The government also strongly encourages the usage of the ISO 8601 format by non-governmental organizations to prevent ambiguity.

When it comes what is most commonly used in actual every day situations, Terrapacisians tend to utilize Month Day Year, with Day Month Year also seeing usage in more 'formal' situations.

For time, the government officially uses the 24hr clock and also encourages its usage in all contexts to prevent ambiguity, however the 12hr clock is most commonly used when both speaking and writing.

Regardless of if it the 12hr or 24hr clock, however, times are written with a colon serving as the separator between hours, minutes, and seconds (if applicable). Most commonly, the AM or PM is written in lowercase with no space between it and the last number in the time (for example, the time 17:37 in the 24h clock would be written as 5:37pm in Terrapacis and not as 5:37 PM)
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Postby CONGOlese republic » Tue Dec 06, 2022 11:50 pm

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Postby Juansonia » Wed Dec 07, 2022 11:09 am

Juansonia uses the Gregorian calendar.

Juansonia, when writing date alone, uses the DD.MM.YY, DD.MON.YY, or DDZMONYY format, with Z replaced by the time zone letter. All but the last can be written as either two-digit or four-digit years.

ISO 8601 is used in some circumstances.

Time alone is expressed in 24-hour form in almost all circumstances. It is often written as hh:mm, hh:mm:ss, hhmm, hhmmss, hhmmZ, or hhmmssZ, with Z replaced by the time zone letter.

Date-time groups are common, often taking the form of DDhhmmZMONYY or DDhhmmssZMONYY. Unix time, as a running total of seconds, is also used.
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Postby Cosnicu » Wed Dec 07, 2022 9:11 pm

Cosnicu uses a mixed calendar. Months are directly tied to the moon, but they still use a 365 day format with leap years.
The top row: The top row represents solar time, and is used to allow trade with governments and economies that rely on a solar calendar. Days are printed first. The Day marker uses a 3 digit day system, with 000 being used to represent December 21st, the winter solstice, which is cultural new year for Cosnicu. The final day on the calendar, December 20th, is marked as day 365 or 366 depending on leap years. Years are printed second, with the single digit being underlined to indicated that its the end of the time, allowing the year portion to scale infinitely. This calendar is put in base 10
The bottom row: The bottom row is used to mark Cosnicu's lunar calendar Days are printed first, followed by months, then years. Leap months are used to correct this calendar instead of leap days. This calendar is put in base 16
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C-subsecond, C-second, C-minute, C-hour,
Cosnicu time is slightly faster, being directly tied to the average time it takes for a day night cycle to occur on the earth. A cosnicu second is About 0.76 of a second. There are 16 seconds to a minute, 64 minutes to an hour, and 16 hours to a day. There are also 256 subseconds to a second. This warrants the use of an L-Clock. (named for its shape. Date usually fills the remaining gap) which allows Cosnicu's base-16 number system (with a focus on powers of two) to neatly translate to the base 10 system used by most other nations. Once again, the L-clock is tied to the sunrise of the summer solstice.
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Postby Jacrain » Wed Dec 07, 2022 9:59 pm

Either YYYY/MM/DD, or MM/DD/YYYY. The Jacrainese Altered Gregorian Calendar starts in March and ends in February (unlike the standard Gregorian calendar, where the year starts in January and ends in December), so today's date in Jacrainese format is 2022-10-08, or 10/8/2022.

Jacrain uses the 24-hour clock by default, even in watches and oral communication.
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Postby Yume Park » Fri Dec 09, 2022 2:20 pm

年 - ねん (nen)
月 - がつ (gatsu)
日 - にち (nichi)

Time is in 24-hour format, with timetables mentioning 25:00 (hence a group with that time in its name being popular).
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Postby TURTLESHROOM II » Fri Dec 09, 2022 3:59 pm

TURTLESHROOM II wrote:Today is Friday, December 9th, 2022 AD. It is 5:57 PM.

Here is how today's full date and time would be written out:
This Ninth Friday of December, in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Twenty-Two, at 5:57 PM.

TurtleShroom operates on the Gregorian Calendar.

There are three hundred sixty five days in a year, with a Leap Year every four years. Each day is twenty four hours long. There are sixty minutes in a hour. There are sixty seconds in a minute.

Each seven days is referred to as a "week". In each week, there are seven days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

There are fifty two weeks in a year, each week consisting of seven days. Two weeks is called a "fortnight". Two fortnights are called a "month". There are twelve months in a year: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.
Four months have thirty days. Seven months have thirty one days. One month has twenty eight (and on Leap Years, it has twenty nine).

Time is denoted by the twelve hour clock, divided into AM and PM segments. A twenty-four hour clock (known as "Army Time") is used only by the military and space agency corporations.

Lastly, shortened dates are denoted MM/DD/YYYY BC/AD.
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Postby Weddelia » Fri Dec 09, 2022 4:02 pm

Our nation uses DD/MM/YY

Yea it’s kinda weird.
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Novarana Time Thing

Postby Novarana » Fri Dec 09, 2022 4:11 pm

Due to Novarana (In RP) ruling the whole solar system, things are gonna get weird with time, so the Novans invented a new kind of time and date format named The Korpov Format (Named after our Eternal King, Alexei Korpov), it's a solar system wide format,

First displayed is Nova Year (NYNY), Nova Year 0 was officially said to be in what was 2015, when Korpov overthrew the king, which means that (in RP) it is Nova Year 17, one Nova Year is 12 Months (M), every month is 30 Counts (C) (Counts are basically just days.)

The Format is

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La tempa lue la data formata da republiqua garcia

Postby Garcias » Fri Dec 09, 2022 11:26 pm


Le 9 decembre 2022

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Postby Chemgota » Fri Dec 09, 2022 11:32 pm

Chemgota uses the DD/MM/YY system.
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Lakeside Valley
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Postby Lakeside Valley » Sat Dec 10, 2022 12:04 am

Lakeside Valley believes government is in no place to declare an official time and date format, however, most official documents will be dated in mm/dd/yy. Time, similarly, has no official format, but is officially broadcast in 12 hour, AM and PM. Unix time is used for most official state computers. During international communications, we use whatever time format the other nation or organization prefers, to a reasonable extent of course. The only laws in place regarding time and date is that official documents and documents which significantly affect the nations people, can be easily converted into at least: the day, out of 365 in a year, the year, according to ISO 8601, and the hour, with 24 in a day.

The lack of a strict official time format makes actually accessing the time quite difficult, as many variables can lead to different albeit similar times. Citizens tend to just steal the time from nations in the same UTC timezone.

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time and date

Postby Okasia » Tue Dec 13, 2022 9:02 am


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Postby Misyria » Sat Dec 17, 2022 3:35 pm

There is no standard date format order in Misyria, with all orders being in free variation, owing to the lack of conventions for written language and documentation. Calendar dates are also used less ubiquitously used in Misyria, being relegated to scholarly usage. Dates are written using a form of longhand representation. For example, a date such as 17 December 2022 can be approximated in Misyrian as "the seventeenth day of the twelfth month of the year 2022," with the month, day and year being able to be represented in different orders.

There exists multiple methods for representing the year in Misyria. The most popular method references the number of years since the coronation of the Roman emperor in Constantinople, currently Emperor Constantine. The current year using this method would therefore be represented as "nineteen [years] of Constantine." Another method, used by a rapidly growing religious group, reckons the birth of their god Jesus Christ. Using this, the current year would be "three hundred twenty five in the year of the our lord."

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Coconut Palm Island
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Postby Coconut Palm Island » Sun Dec 18, 2022 8:09 pm

The Kingdom of Coconut Palm Island uses two formats for dates and times. There is “display” format and “technical” format.

Display format is [Day of Week], Month DD, YYYY. Time is displayed in 12-hour format, with AM or PM without abbreviation. For example: 1:00 PM on Saturday, October 31, 2015. The day of week aspect is optional.

Technical format follows ISO 8601 standards, meaning YYYY-MM-DD. Time isn’t usually displayed, but if it is, it is in Zulu (to follow ISO standards). For example, 2015-10-31 OR 2015-10-31T13:00:00Z.
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Postby Gandoor » Sun Dec 18, 2022 8:31 pm

Day Month Year is used for writing dates in English and Russian, Year Month Day is used for writing dates in Japanese.

The 24 hour clock is used when writing the time (and has been the sole legally recognized clock in our nation since 1922), but usage of the 12 hour clock is more common when speaking. Times are written with a full stop as the separator and a leading zero is sometimes used for the hour, but not often.

Times past midnight are sometimes denoted past the 24 hour mark, with this most commonly used for places of business open past midnight or for TV scheduling purposes. An example would be if a television channel airs a movie from 23.30 until 1.30 might instead show that the film will be broadcast from 23.30 until 25.30 or a convenience store open from 6.00 to 3.00 might instead list their hours as from 6.00 to 27.00.
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marking a5

Postby Easykeep » Sat Dec 24, 2022 1:12 pm

2022 12 29 - 5 09 000

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Postby DiaperLand » Sat Dec 24, 2022 1:39 pm

The typical time and date format is using 12 hour intervals on a clock, and using the MM-DD-YEAR date format.

But there are no actual laws governing such metrics. There are many institutions and communities who use other formats, such as the military who use a 24 hour writing method for the time, and towns with high populations of immigrants who use the DD-MM-YEAR style.
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Postby Aursi » Sun Dec 25, 2022 12:52 am

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