ICON Military Planning (Members only)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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ICON Military Planning (Members only)

Postby Sombreland » Mon Dec 05, 2022 5:50 am

This is for ICON members only, which is on an invite basis for membership. No others may post, thank you. Please TG inquiries


International Coalition of Nations
Department of Allied Forces

MISSION STATEMENT: The ICON Department of Allied Forces serves under the Security Council, which will guide policy, communications and decide on appointments. Its function is to provide security for the alliance's shipping and economic movements as well as to provide a response force in case of a threat to a member state or member states.

In order to accomplish this end, certain officers will help coordinate cooperation between alliance military forces for the purpose of air, sea and land security. In addition to this, a fast reaction force will be contributed to by the member states according to their capacity to do so.

Commander, Allied Forces: General-Admiral Sobarian Arimey
Commander, Allied Air Forces: Secretary-General Max Gill
Commander, Allied Ground Forces:
Commander, Allied Intelligence: Brigadier-General Kolya Pushkin
Commander, Allied Naval Forces: Grand Admiral Haschukai Sdetraka Pujoco
Commander, Allied Operations and Planning: General Pablo Badoglio

Operation Whiplash: Military Landing Exercise I
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Postby Sombreland » Mon Dec 05, 2022 5:51 am

Code: Select all
[u][b]Contributions to Fast Reaction Force[/b][/u]
[b]Nation Name:[/b]
[b]Nation Head of State:[/b]
[b]Nation Head of Government (Remove if same as head of state):[/b]
[b]Nation Head of Defense or Equivalent:[/b]
[b]Units Contributed[/b]

Note: the following is the appointments of:
Commander of Allied Forces
Commander, Allied Air Forces
Commander, Allied Army Forces
Commander, Allied Naval Forces
Commander, Intelligence
Commander, Operations and Planning

Code: Select all
[b][u]Commander Role[/u][/b]
[b]Commander Title:[/b]
[b]Commander Name:[/b]
[b]Commander Rank:[/b]
[b]Information (NS rp done with character link, brief description, etc):[/b]
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Postby Civia Welephilostopia » Mon Dec 05, 2022 6:54 pm

Contributions to Fast Reaction Force
Nation Name: Civia Welephilostopia
Nation Head of State: Min Ashung
Nation Head of Defense or Equivalent: Ivan Amalovich
Units Contributed
1st Presidential Guard (2,000 men)
32nd "Strela" Mechanized Division (10,000 men)
33rd "Hrom" Mechanized Division (10,000 men)

17th "Orzel" Fighter Wing (75 fighters)
23rd "Sokol" Fighter Wing (75 fighters)

Commander: Commandant.Col Francisca Papiego
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Postby Janpia » Mon Dec 05, 2022 9:47 pm

Commander Role Allied Naval Forces
Commander Title: NA
Commander Name:Haschukai Sdetraka Pujoco
Commander Rank: Grand Admiral-3rd Class (GA.IIIC)
Information (NS rp done with character link, brief description, etc):

Admiral Haschukai on a Revolutionary Council - Party Member Uniform with his Grand Admiral's hat

Haschukai Sdetraka Pujoco, also known as Haschu by his close friends, is a 3rd-Class Grand Admiral serving in the Janpian Revolutionary Navy, holding one of the highest naval ranks in Janpia. He was born on the island of Munshcen to a farming couple and is named after the nearby Mt. Haschukai. Regardless, he attended Hansunschen Elementary School in their hometown where he developed a profound affection for the sea (as they were located near it), and Munschen High School, Yongscha District, in the nearby city of Munschen, where he began working independently. He attended college at the University of Munschen - Marine Engineering Institution and pursued his studies in Marine Science and Navigation, where he became a top scorer in his block.

After graduating, he volunteered to join the Revolutionary Navy where he got the rank of Captain Skipper Class III, and was assigned to a Helgo-Class Corvette, JRS Sugeno Gusan (Sugeno River). He quickly rose through the ranks due to his assistance during patrols and was promoted to Captain Class I, becoming the sole skipper of JRS Sugeno Gusan. He was reassigned to a Gamerov-Class Guided Missile Destroyer, JRS Yebe Snaya (Snow Wind), where he led the ship on various escort and interdiction missions, along with SAR/HADR missions. 

Due to a recommendation from his commanding officer, he rose through the ranks to Rear Grand Admiral, where he was instrumental in developing the structure for the Janpian merchant fleet, primarily focusing on the union organs prior to its debut. During an exercise, his small OPFOR task force defeated an overwhelming landing force, propelling him to the ranks of Grand Admiral Class III. In terms of his personal life, he prefers to go by the name Haschu without the "kai" at the end, which denotes mountains in Janpian. He's also active in the Revolutionary Council meetings, where he usually presents reports to the People's Marshal for the Navy.
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Postby Anagonia » Tue Dec 06, 2022 11:33 am


Contributions to Fast Reaction Force
Nation Name:
Confederate States of Anagonia
Nation Head of State:
President Mileethus Canisilus
Nation Head of Defense or Equivalent:
Chief General Maximus Leddicus (Komodren; CSMC)
Units Contributed

Naval Battle Fleet Poseidon
Commanding Officer: Commodore Ariah Hawkins
Executive Officer: Commander Jamie Sutton
x1 Anagonia-Class Strike Carrier (CVSN-01)
-- CVSN-08 CSS Poseidon
x2 Lexington-class Battleship Carrier (BBCVNGN-761)
-- BBCVGN-773 CSS Constitution; BBCVGN-774 CSS Ultimatum
x2 Edmond Goff-class Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG)
-- DDG-39 CSS Warren Gonzales; DDG-40 CSS Josephine Sanchez
x4 Andrew Shane-Class Guided Missile Frigate (FFG-59)
-- FFG-75 CSS Liberty Castle; FFG-76 CSS Pursuer Castle; FFG-77 CSS Castle Peterhead; FFG-78 CSS Fort Courage
x5 Spartan-class Coastal Patrol Gunboat (CPG-01)
-- CPG-26 CSS Southern Chariot; CPG-27 CSS Beastmaster; CPG-28 CSS Bodyguard; CPG-29 CSS Rebellion; CPG-30 CSS Smuggler
x2 September-class Guided Missile Nuclear Submarine (SSGN-250)
-- SSGN-252 CSS November; SSGN-253 CSS December
x1 Thursday-class Nuclear Attack Submarine (SSN-85)
-- SSN- 92 CSS Thor's Hammer

Auxiliary Ships
x1 Plymouth City-class Auxiliary Destroyer Tender Ship (ADTS-01)
-- ADTS-07 CSS Imperius City
x3 Union Bay-class Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD-15)
-- LPD-18 CSS Drezna Canal; LPD-19 CSS Sea of Freedom; LPD-20 CSS Sea of Independence

Air Force
x2 B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers
-- CAV-1 Spirit of Arkansis; CAV-5 Spirit of Orgath
x8 B-1B Lancer
x10 B-52H Stratofortress
x2 AC-130U Spooky II
x1 SR-71A Blackbird
Air Utility Assets:
x2 E-3C Sentry (patrolling asset)
x3 KC-135R Stratotanker
x2 HC-130J Combat King II
x15 C-5M Super Galaxy
x5 C-130J Super Hercules
x10 C-17B Globemaster II
x10 C-141C Starlifter

Commander Role
ICON Commander of Allied Air Forces; Ambassador to ICON on behalf of Anagonia; First Secretary-General of ICON
Commander Title:
Major; Ambassador; Secretary-General; Mister
Commander Name:
Max Gill
Commander Rank:
Information (NS rp done with character link, brief description, etc):
Major Max Gill posing in his original service uniform from twenty-years ago. All servicemen have the option to update their uniform to current standards or honor the history of any they were assigned. Major Gill has consistently chosen not to upgrade.

Major Max Gill, Confederate States Air Force, Confederate States Diplomatic Corps, is a 65 year old active duty military serviceman from Anagonia. He holds the present title as Secretary-General of ICON on behalf of Anagonia and represents Anagonia as her Ambassador to ICON. He already has an insurmountable responsibility on his shoulders by administrating the ICON alliance, however he has insisted that as his expertise is within the Air Force that he be utilized as Air Commander. Major Gill has has over 8,500 flight hours over his 42 year career in the Confederate States Air Force, utilizing multiple airframes ranging from cargo transports to next-generation strike fighters. He has extensive combat experience against pirate threats during his service career and has racked up countless hundreds of combat sortie hours. His expertise was topped by his admission into the prestigious Confederate States Diplomatic Corps where he gained invaluable information and training on the manners and methods of appropriate diplomatic negotiations.

Major Gill spent 5 years in the Diplomatic Corps, being transferred from mundane postings to high-level critical negotiation positions before his assignment to ICON on behalf of President Mileethus Canisilus. Currently, Major Gill is the presiding Ambassador to ICON on behalf of Anagonia and their elected Secretary-General. He now takes on the responsibility as ICON Commander of Allied Air Forces, utilizing his extensive experience in both combat and logistics to assist ICON alliance air force operations.
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An autonomous unity; A Confederate Republic whole.
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Postby Neo-Western East Korea » Tue Dec 06, 2022 12:06 pm

Contributions to Fast Reaction Force
Nation Name:
Nation Head of State:
Beom Dae
Nation Head of Defense or Equivalent:
Alextrumvov Karbenit
Units Contributed

First People’s Foreign Volunteer Group (2000 Men)
2nd-3rd People’s Incorporated Militia (3000 Men)
4th People’s Mechanized Division (1500 Men, 500 Tanks)

Commander Role
Commander of Allied Intelligence
Commander Title:
Commander Name:
Kolya Pushkin
Commander Rank:
Brigadier General
(Former)Head of CIS Section-1 (External Intelligence)

Information (NS rp done with character link, brief description, etc):

Aged 57, born 1965.
Born to small family in rural Jeonju-si (formerly notable for cultural sites, now notable for strength of White Guard movement in area).
Came to position of prominence during Cultural Revolution (at age 19) when he and the 100-strong “Jeonju White Army” (a splinter of the White Guard movement in the area) destroyed the Jeondong Cathedral with the support of military forces in the area.

Lost an eye during a scuffle with a fellow member of the Jeonju White Army due to “insufficient morale” supposedly caused by Kolya’s actions.

Was given a government role as part of former Paramount-Leader Karamizo Frylov’s “New Revolutionary Heroes” campaign, spent 12 years in Omiskan as functionary in the CIS before being promoted to deputy to the Head of the CIS Section-1.
After period of 9 years was promoted upon death of former Head, held position with no major issue until recent ascension of Beom Dae to role of Paramount Leader, was replaced with individual deemed more politically reliable.

Nomination as Head of Allied Intelligence assumed to be concession to CIS in wake of recent events.

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Postby Europe a Nation » Tue Dec 06, 2022 1:08 pm

Commander Role
Commander Title: ICON Commander of Allied Operations and Planning
Commander Name: Pablo Badoglio
Commander Rank: General
Information (NS rp done with character link, brief description, etc):


General Pablo Badoglio (born 1951) is European army general who has been serving as European Chief of General Staff since 2021. He also served as Italian Minister of Defence between 2001 and 2005, Prime Minister of Europe a Nation and Chairman of European War Planning Committee during European civil war. Thanks to his extraordinary talent for war logistics and strategy, he earned the nickname "Logistics Wizard".

Due to his experience in military planning, Badoglio has been appointed as ICON Commander of Allied Operations and Planning on behalf of ICON Secretary-General.

The Commonwealth of Europe a Nation
Overview | President | Embassy Program
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Postby Darlingtown » Tue Dec 06, 2022 5:35 pm

Contributions to Fast Reaction Force
Nation Name: Darlingtown
Nation Head of State: SACHI
Nation Head of Defense or Equivalent: SACHI
Units Contributed
> 1st Alliance Cooperative Force
> Maginot Infantry Squad - 8 C-Sims (Combat Simulacra, essentially autonomous androids with ability roughly equivalent to the average human soldier)
> Fragarach Anti-Tank Squad - 6 C-Sims
> Thunderstone Mortar Team - 9 C-Sims

Note: Organizational structure open to change should the FRF establish a different standardized system. Current organization follows Darlingtown organizational standards.
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Postby Awesome Imperium » Tue Dec 06, 2022 5:41 pm

Wait I thought Imperia would be the Commander of Allied Forces?

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Postby Goram » Tue Dec 06, 2022 6:38 pm

Contributions to Fast Reaction Force

Nation Name: The United Kingdom of Goram
Nation Head of State: A currently unnamed monarch
Nation Head of Government (Remove if same as head of state): The Rt. Hon. Ben Clarke, Member of Parliament for Scarsdale North and Prime Minister.
Nation Head of Defense or Equivalent: The Rt. Hon. Thomas Chatfield, Member for the Stoney Roads and Minister for Defence.
Units Contributed

The United Kingdom will place an inter-service Ready Reaction Brigade Group at the disposal of ICON. The Reaction Brigade Group can be broken down into two distinct sections. First is the Immediate Response Battlegroup - a reinforced light infantry battalion, capable of deploying within 18 hours of being placed on alert. The second and more significant portion of the Brigade Group is designated the Follow On Force and will enter a given theatre in strength within the subsequent 24-48 hours and brings significant helicopter and artillery support. The Brigade may be partially or fully deployed to cover any required role, and may be reinforced with any further follow on forces as the situation dictates.

The United Kingdom intends to rotate the units that constitute the ICON Ready Reaction Brigade on a rolling basis, as operational requirements necessitate. The initial ICON Brigade Group deployment will be, within Goramite circles, designated as Operation REVERSE SWING 1. All subsequent rotations of the Ready Reaction Brigades units will bare the same name and be listed numerically. REVERSE SWING 1 will consist of the following forces;

1st Ready Reaction Brigade

  • 1 RRB HQ Group

    • HQ Squadron
    • 1st Airborne Signals Squadron
    • 63rd Parachute Supply Company
    • 4th Rescue Company, 10th Special Air Group
  • 1 RRB Support Group

    • 19th Helicopter Wing (Full Spectrum - x24 RH.4 Kite Scout Helicopters, x24 AH.1 Kestrel Attack Helicopters, x36 UH.5/5M Sparrow/Super Sparrow Utility Helicopters)
    • A/B Battery, 112th Airborne Artillery Brigade (x8 M17 105mm Light Guns per battery)
  • Immediate Reaction Force

    • 2nd Battalion, 1/4th Parachute Regiment (Mechanised Light Infantry, 800 troops, equipped with air deployable M83 vehicles.)
    • C Battery, 112th Airborne Artillery Brigade (x8 M17)
    • No. 1 Company, 17th Airborne Cavalry Battalion (x10 M99 Mk. IIIR Castor light cavalry vehicles)
  • Follow On Force

    • 1st Battalion, 1/4th Parachute Regiment (800 troops, M83)
    • The Royal Parachute Light Infantry (two battalions of 800, M83)
    • D Battery, 112th Airborne Artillery (x8 M17)
    • No. 2-4 Coy, 17th Airborne Cavalry Battalion (x30 M99 Mk. IIIR)
  • Rapid Mobility Force

    • No. 58 Squadron, Air Transport and Mobility Command (x12 Lifter ST.1 ultra heavy strategic transports)
    • No. 197 Squadron, Air Transport and Mobility Command (x12 Orion MT.2 tactical transport aircraft)

Commander Role
Commander Title: Commander, Allied Ground Forces
Commander Name: Hiram Walsh
Commander Rank: Lieutenant General

Darrowby, Central West, United Kingdom…

Lieutenant General Hiram Walsh’s sleek black sedan practically glid as he drove it through an impromptu chicane of HESCO style barriers that lead to the main gate of the Army Headquarters in Darrowby. They, he noted grimly, had not been there when last he had been to this place less than a year previously. Yet, it was no great surprise. Nor were the sentries, patrolling with workman like and effective looking submachine guns displayed conspicuously from slings draped across their necks and shoulders. Such was the reality of all Government and military installations since an attack by Scandin aligned insurgents on the Ironwynth DDSI Office some few months previously. Walsh waited patiently as the gate sentry the General’s military identity card across his handheld reader. The first pass of the card garnered no response from the machine and the sentry grinned sheepishly as he gave the card reader a quick shake, keeping half an eye on the General’s shoulder boards as he did so. On the second swipe of the card, the machine made its pleasing chirping chime and its light pulsed an acceptable green shade.

“Thank you for your patience there, General.”

The sentry said, as he leaned down to hand back the credit card sized identity card. The General, being a relatively laid-back man, brushed the mild inconvenienced off with half a laugh as he declared that occasionally these things happened. He raised his right hand in a salute, which the sentry snapped to attention to return. The car pulled smoothly forward as the gate lifted, and Walsh entered the Darrowby Garrison.

Garrisons, in the parlance of the Army of the United Kingdom, was the name given to any permanent structure – other than training bases or other schools – that housed a military facility. Almost all of them were the home and day to day workplace of some battalion or another or even an entire Regiment in some usually large cases. Darrowby was one of the few exceptions. No one Battalion called the Darrowby Garrison home. Rather, the entire Army did as it was home to the Army Headquarters apparatus. Darrowby might have been considered a usual choice for the Army to choose as its central hub. Located in the Central West of the country, it was a relatively modest town of only about 100,000. But despite that, it was known across the United Kingdom for its spectacular Annist architecture that made extensive use of the particular and somewhat peculiar sort of limestone that the local area is famous for. For this reason, the town of 100,000 was able to draw, on average, two million visitors a year and it was in one of these buildings that the Army had made its home.

The Army had been there for almost 140 years at this point, but the building itself had stood for considerably longer than that. It had been built, at incredible expense, during the late 1750s by a then General in the Queen’s Army. Upon his death, it had passed to his son who, in turn, bequeathed it to the Army upon his own, sadly heirless, death. For some years it languished as the Army failed to know what to do with it until, in 1878, it became the permanent home of the service – and what a home it was. The building itself was a shallow curve, just over 100 metres long. It was clad, as most Darrowby structures from that era were, in uniformly coloured limestone. Its tall windows ran the length of the structure, denoting each of the three floors. Each of the windows on the two uppermost floors were flanked by slightly inset Ionic columns, which ran all the way up to the slate roof above. The style and aesthetic of the building was a common sight in Darrowby, but its sweeping crescent was not. It was almost entirely unique and was a major tourist draw. Now, however, the HESCO barriers prevented the Grade 1 Listed building from being properly seen from the outside. It could only be really appreciated from the inside, but as Walsh’s car turned left through the gate, he barely even noticed it. He had been here so very many times before that the grand architecture of the building had lost much of its allure.

He pulled the car into one of the marked VIP spots, before heading inside. It was a pleasant enough Spring day, and it was quite warm in the sun. Too hot for a jacket, certainly, but he was a Lieutenant General and appearances had to be kept up. As he walked up the steps towards the main entrance, he did so with his Officer’s cap on and the uniform jacket that went with the black semi-formal uniform that was the usual fare of all staff or flag officers.

He walked quickly across the polished wooden floors, and watched as he went by portraits of officers who had gone before. Major General J.E. Butcher, the unfortunately named victor of Salsbury Hill in 1858, was there, staring down at the mere mortals who walked the modern Army’s halls. So were more recent officers, including Lieutenant General S.K. Warne who had, only 80 years prior, lead the invasion of the Gibetian Empire and ultimately forced the abdication of the Kaiserin. Walking under these portraits was something that Walsh never relished. These, most of them anyway, were true, fighting soldiers. He never had been. Indeed, he’d never come close in all his 36 years in the Army. He'd joined straight out of University as a bright eyed and bushy tailed Lieutenant. At that time he’d been a surprisingly bean poleish young man, although one whose already thin head of hair was becoming rapidly thinner. He had done well at the Royal Academy for Officer Candidates, and was shoved straight into command of an infantry platoon – having been adjudged as far too tall for the cavalry units that had always caught his eye as a boy. There he had done tolerably well, gaining the respect of his troops and managing to write for himself a favourable report in almost all training exercises. Company command followed, then a Battalion with multiple deployments to Westphalia, Gravasti, Osten and Mawerisme. He had spent some six years, from platoon to battalion command, manning the bulwark against the Red threat to Westphalia and the other Commonwealth nations. But in that time, he never fired a weapon in anger, and nor did he ever send anyone else to do so. Following battalion command, he moved up to an intelligence position within I Corps command structure and, again, spent years preparing for the titanic battle that as yet had not come. His latest command, one which he had just left, was more of the same. As General Commanding the multinational Southern Army Group, defending the vital Wachtamsee Gap, which follows the gentle curves of the Wachtamsee River in the central and southern portions of Westphalia, he had seen the equation from every possible viewpoint. He had played out every scenario for the action he might one day have to fight but still would not come. As he walked under the portraits of Butcher and Warne, Wilson and Mostert, he sometimes wondered if anyone would ever remember him and his deeds?

The anteroom he stepped into was a grand affair, as anterooms went. Books lined one wall, and one of the tall windows, so striking from the outside, gave the room a brightness that made it feel bigger than it actually was.

“Ah, good morning General!”

The Major behind the desk spoke with an upbeat tone to her voice

“You’re a little early, as always?”

It was true, Walsh had a reputation for habitually being five or six minutes early for his appointments. He abhorred being late to anything, especially in this building.

“General Key is actually ready for you, if you’d care to go in now?”

“Yes please, Major, if that’s alright?”

The Major suppressed a smile at that. There were some Generals known for their prickly personalities within the Goramite Army, but Walsh was not one of them. He was almost universally known as a good man to work for and courteous to a fault to his subordinates – to the point of asking a 29 year old Major ‘if it was alright'.

“Of course, Sir. Go right on in.”

Unseen, she pressed a button below the desk and the main office door clicked slightly open. Walsh nodded his thanks to the Major and stepped out of the grand anteroom and into the substantially grander office beyond it. Behind the desk, made out of dark, rich wood, sat General Sir Nick Key – the United Kingdom’s senior soldier. As Chief of the Army, he was one of only two that actually bore the rank of ‘General’. Everyone else had a prefix before it, but not Sir Nick Key or his deputy - or his deputy – Sir Eoin Roy. The two of them were just ‘Generals’ and that made them the senior men in the Army’s uniform.

Key was a friendly but sober soldier that took his duty very seriously. He was usually a warm man but, on entry into the office, Walsh felt that Key looked different somehow. He looked tired, Walsh thought, like a man with much to worry about and not enough with which to do it.

Don’t we all?

The thought flashed across Walsh’s mind. Certainly, the Army was big but the enemies to the East had been stirring these three months and the service was stretched thin.

“Hiram! Good to see you, do come in! How are you?”

The weariness seemed to disappear from Key as he invited Walsh into the room. The two men had known each other for more than three decades, going back to when Sir Nick had been a lowly Lieutenant Colonel himself, in charge of the battalion in which a 22 year old Walsh had had a platoon.

“Hallo, Nick. I’m well, and you?”

“Oh yes, very well thanks. You’re just back from Southern Army Group? Over the jet lag yet?

“Yes, over the worst of it anyway. Always a bit of a devil coming back from Westphalia, I find.”

“Certainly, yes”

Key gestured to one of the comfortable looking chairs opposite the desk.

“Do sit. We didn’t actually want you to leave that posting, as I’m sure you didn’t really want to do. I imagine after four years it feels a bit like your Army – at least, it did for me.”

“Yes, it did. I was loathed to go, truth be told.”

“Ah well.”

Key waved a hand across his face.

“I’d have preferred you stay there, but we have a new posting for you. Your official orders are here.”

General Key handed over a plain manilla envelope, marked as Open Subscription – the lowest secrecy level in the Goramite military and intelligence community – and bearing Walsh’s name.

“You can open that and read it all at your leisure. Tell me though, what do you know about ICON?”

Walsh looked surprised at the question.

“The International Council of Nations, isn’t it? I’ve heard we’re thinking of an application for membership?”


Key corrected him

“It’s the Internationa Coalition of Nations, and we’re not just thinking of it. We’re in. It’s also why you were pulled away from Westphalia.”


“Yes, ICON is setting up a multinational Fast Reaction Force for intervention and self defence operations. We’ve been approached to put forward a candidate for the position of Allied Commander Ground Forces, and the Minister for Defence put you top of the list. We gave your resume to ICON and they voted you in.”

Walsh was, unsurprisingly, somewhat taken aback by the revelation.

“Allied Commander Ground Forces?”

“Yes. They wanted a man with experience commanding a multinational force and your record with Southern Army Group is exemplary. They vetted and accepted you very quickly indeed.”

Walsh was silent for a few moments. His mind raced. He hadn’t really known what to expect when he’d received the summons to Darrowby, but it certainly was not this.

“I’m sorry Nick, this is all just a bit to take in. When are they expecting me to start?”

“Just as soon as you’re ready, Hiram. Just as soon as you’re ready.”
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Postby Sombreland » Tue Dec 06, 2022 9:40 pm

Contributions to Fast Reaction Force
Nation Name:The Kingdom of Sombreland
Nation Head of State:The Princess-Regent Alavaine
Nation Head of Government (Remove if same as head of state):Chancellor Grand Duke Pofolman
Nation Head of Defense or Equivalent:Prince Shaladew Kadav, Minister of Death
Units Contributed
Army Contingent
1st Royal Airborne Brigade

Air Force Combined Wing
1 Air Transport Group
1 Aerial Reconnaissance Squadron (Drone)

Naval Contingent
Royal Navy Carrier Task Force
- 1 Garnele CVLN (Light Carrier)
- 1 Delphin CGN (Cruiser)
- 2 Haifisch DDGs (Destroyer)
- 4 Mörderwal FFGs (Frigate)
- 2 Barrakuda FS (Corvette)
- 2 Nilpferd LPD (Landing Platform Deck)
- 2 Katzenhai SSN (Attack Submarine)
- 18 Bartgeier-C Multirole Fighters
- 6 Bartgeier-EW/C Multirole Fighters
- 6 Heavy Lift Transport Adler Helicopters
- 10 HLT-MU Adler Helicopters
- 38 Kondor-NWU Multirole Helicopters
- 7 Wildekatze Multirole Helicopters
-12 Anakonda Attack Helicopters

Royal Marine Division

Commander Role
Commander Title:
Commander Name:Sobarian Arimey
Commander Rank:General-Admiral
Information (NS rp done with character link, brief description, etc):
General Sobarian Arimey began life as an infant born to the military caste of Sombreland. When he was of age, he decided to take his vows to the Kingdom and its monarchs and to serve 30th Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, an infantry regiment, in which he was posted for several years to a garrison command until he saw service on the Five Provinces frontier. There, he was in several small actions against bandits, insurgents, and incursions from Wenchuan.

In the late nineties, he was involved with several actions against large pirate groups threatening Sombreland's shipping, and in 1999 directed a combined forces operation involving Royal Army, Navy and Air Force units. His operation did not simply focus on protecting shipping, but on capturing pirates, gaining intelligence as to where their points of juncture and strongholds were, and striking against them. The hallmark of his success was an attack on the pirate stronghold on the Island of Jenro. This was the final major blow against pirates on the shipping lane; following this they showed far less strength and determination, and had no general leadership.

From 1999 to 2006, a huge number of refugees streamed south into Sombreland's Five Provinces towards the end of the Wenchuan Civil War. The border had become porous, with Wenchuanese warlords claiming to serve the cause of Communism, raided across the border into Sombreland. Arimey, by this time promoted to Lieutenant-General, at the command of the Ministry of Death and Director of Military Affairs, led his army corps to control the border region and stamp out the warlordism. The frontier's security was greatly increased; however Arimey regretted, as he put it "Not finishing the job" dealing with the Wenchuanese refugees who had moved across the border.

From 2009 to 2018, he served as Director of Military Reforms, and was the principal mind behind the modernization of military forces in Sombreland, overhauling systems, methodologies and leadership. Although he is younger than Grand Admiral Teroth, the Director of Military Affairs, he has been honoured to serve under him.

Upon his appointment as Commander, Allied Forces ICON, he was promoted to General-Admiral, with high rank in all three services in the Kingdom of Sombreland.
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Commander Role Commander of Ground Forces
Commander Title: Commander of the Imperial Expeditionary Forces
Commander Name: Serena Aireis
Commander Rank: Grand General
Information (NS rp done with character link, brief description, etc):
Serena Aireis is a Imperium Military Officer, with the Rank of Grand General and is the Commander of the Imperial Expeditionary Forces (IEF), one of the largest commands given to officers in Imperia. Aireis has partiicpated in leading mass mobilization, drills in Imperia's territories, Commonwelths, and Vassals. Aires has also led troops during multiple seperatists revolts in Imperia and has commanded Imperial Troops in KTO operations in Aursi. Serena has led combined arms operations, heing command of the IEF and is a member of the Imperial Security Council. She was trained in the Imperial Academy Imperia, given a Basic, Advanced, and Officer Training and has experience fighting in the frontlines with the Legionnaires under her command.
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Contributions to Fast Reaction Force
Nation Name: Imperial Principate of Imperia
Nation Head of State: Empress Julia Caesaris
Nation Head of Government (Remove if same as head of state): Prime Minister Damien White
Nation Head of Defense or Equivalent: Imperial Secretary of Defense Victoria Delphina
Units Contributed
Terrestrial Forces:
4rth Imperial Guards Battalion (1,000
Irst Imperial Shock Troopers Battalion (1,000)
2nd Imperial Shock Troopers Battalion (1,000)
3rd Imperial Shock Troopers Battalion (1,000)
4rth Imperial Shock Troopers Battalion (1,000)
16th Imperial Marines Battalion (1,000)
17th Imperial Marines Battalion (1,000)
18th Imperial Marines Battalion (1,000)
19th Imperial Marines Battalion (1,000)
20th Imperial Marines Battalion (1,000)
21rst Imperial Marines Battalion (1,000)

Aerial Assets:
x 96 Kestrels
Rose Squadron
Blue Squadron
Black Squadron
Violet Squadron
x 40 Aquilons
x40 AVAs
60 Harpy I helicopters
40 Drakon attack helicopters
20 Wasp attack helicopters
x40 Eagle Unammed Fighters
x10 UAS Drones

Aquarian Assets
AIA Regina (90)
AIA Splendor (90)
AIA Exquisite (90)
AIA Victorious (90)
AIA Pax (90)
AIA Neptune (90)
x4 Perseus Class Battleships
-AIA Theseus, AIA Atalanta, AIA Hercules, AIA Bellerophon
x4 Glacier Class Cruisers
x8 Hurricane Class Cruisers
x10 Dolphin IV Class Destroyers
(4 Anti-Air type)
(6 Attack Type)
x8 Tsunami Class Destroyers
x2 Electra Class Destroyers
x20 Type 002 Class Frigates
x4 AIAC Corvettes
Littoral Combat Vessels
x10 LCVs
Amphibious Landing Vessels
x10 ALVs
Auxiliary Vessels
AIA Cura (hospital ship)
AIA Medicina (hospital ship)
AIA Liberalitas (hospital ship)
AIA Remedium (hospital ship)
AIA Sympathia (hospital ship)
AIA Compassio (hospital ship)
x6 Supply Ships
Balistic Missile Submarines
X4 Orca Ballistic Missile Submarines (Orca BMS)
Attack Submarines
x10 Orca Class Submarines
x4 Type Sub-Aqua Class Submarines

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Contributions to Fast Reaction Force

5th Lance, Dragons de Mer "Rae Baeli"

Formation Composition:
6x LSA.710R2 "Qarin" Landing Ship, Amphibious
3x ACR.304R2 "Bellerophon" Assault Catamaran
3x CVA.648R2 "Windigo" Assault Carrier

Aircraft Carried:
12x TTG.28/3R2 "Strider" Tiltrotor Gunships
48x HKA.12/2R3 "Hellcat" Attack Helicopter
24x CIR.76/2R2 "Corax" Recon Helicopter
18x AH!.12/1R2 "Morrigan" CAS Fighters
6x LFI.16/1R4 "Super Revenant" Light Fighter Interceptor

Vessels Carried:
24x PGB.435 "Mizuchi" Patrol Gunboat
18x SAL.29 "Castor" Assault Hovercraft
6x LLL.157 "Pollux" class LCAC

1 Lance = Dragoons BDE + Artillery BDE + HQ-CO &
4x Airborne & 3x Riverine HQ Attack SQN's
5,926 Soldats Regulaire Assigned

Nation Name: The Marquesan Union
Nation Head of State: Archard Delphine, Primus Inter Pares
Nation Head of Defense or Equivalent: Marshale de Marquises (MM) Viktor Hyuga
Units Contributed 5/20 Lance, DM-ARM
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Contributions to Fast Reaction Force
Nation Name: The Glorious Dominion of Saescia
Nation Head of State: His Empyrean Majesty the King Banastre III
Nation Head of Government (Remove if same as head of state): Her Excellency the Prime Minister Guinevere Featherington
Nation Head of Defense or Equivalent: The Honourable Minister of Defense Tyrell Simmons

Units Contributed
  • 101st Combat Support Cohort, Legion Group VII Immortals, Royal Legion of the Saescian Defense Services (2,500 Personnel)
  • 91st Paratrooper Regiment, 125th Combat Wing Group, Royal Air Corps of the Seascian Defense Services (1,000 Personnel)
  • 233rd Naval Engineering Detachment, Armada of Auxiliaries, Royal Fleet of the Saescian Defense Services (700 Personnel)
  • 121st Strategic Infantry Rifles Battalion, Order of the Coldharbour Guard, Royal Sentinels of the Saescian Defense Services (1,800 Personnel)

  • SNV Cheltenham AS-121 Amphibious Assault Ship
  • 20x MA/F-23 Intrepid Strike Fighters
  • 20x MA/F-28A Apollyon Multirole Fighters
  • 20x MA/F-45 Excelsior Interceptors

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