CAFA Cup V: The Squeakquel -- Signup/Bid Thread

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CAFA Cup V: The Squeakquel -- Signup/Bid Thread

Postby CAFA » Tue Nov 22, 2022 5:15 am

Welcome to the fifth edition of Anaia’s regional association football championship!
Now under new management by Mertagne, with thanks to Legalese for their hard work over the last four editions

Please read the following before posting below
The CAFA Cup is Anaia’s Regional Championship for Association Football. It is open only to nations in the Anaia Region, provided that they were a member of the region at the time this was posted.

To sign up, please post in this thread with your roster information.
Sign-ups without a roster will not be accepted, and posting placeholders (i.e. “reserved for roster information”) will be looked at poorly.
If you are posting a roster, it is also recommended to include an RP permissions box. An example of this can be found in the spoiler below:
Code: Select all
RP Permissions Box
If my opponent RPs our match first, I give them permission to:
Godmod scoring events: Y/N
RP Injuries to my players: Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players: Y/N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y/N
Hand out red cards to my players: Y/N
Godmod other events: Y/N
I prefer you pick these goalscorers for my side:

Puppet Entries:
If a user signs up with a nation that entered the previous CAFA, they may enter up to two nations, provided they were both in the Anaia region at the time that this post was created. In their signup/roster post, users must indicate that their second nation -- typically called a puppet -- as such. Undeclared puppets who do not comply with this rule may have all nations associated with their user removed from the tournament.

Host Bids:
Host bids are encouraged to be posted in this thread. Prospective hosts should indicate their plans for format, scorinator, RP Bonus, tiebreakers, and any other elements as needed. Approved hosts will take over all operation of the tournament from the CAFA account for the edition they are voted to host, including determining signup deadlines and overall schedule.
The deadline for host bids shall be 72 hours after the first host bid posted by someone who has also submitted a roster, or one week from the time of this post, whichever is later.
The entry deadline shall be set by the host, but shall be no sooner than December 1st at 18:00 GMT.

Current CAFA Rankings:
The current CAFA rankings are available here.

Please do not post in this thread if you are not a member of the Anaia region or a moderator performing their duties. Otherwise, your post will be considered spam, and may bring moderator action.

Entrants to CAFA Cup 5:The Squeakquel: (32)
Nation Name [Username if different]

Featherstonehaugh Cholmondeley
New Gesem
Cocoabo Forest
Estorvipa and Estorpiva
Ochre Islands
Isles of the Dead
The Karodin Tetrarchy
Euran Oceania Territories*


Bostopia (Ochre Islands)
Lexandrija (Evermark)
Yesopalitha (Chromatika)
Cobrio (Osarius)
Grande Cucina (Kotzellach)

Host Bid(s):
Construct-A-CAFA by Mertagne

*Special provision given to EOT provided they edit a roster in within three days. No, this will not happen again, the tournament is still roster to sign up.
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Postby Cheboa » Tue Nov 22, 2022 5:21 am

Cheboan national team

Cheboa is a roughly squared absolute monarchy located somewhere in Anaia. It it led by two monarchs, who each rule one half of the kingdom of Cheboa. Cheboa has a very small population, which is divided into the two aforementioned kingdoms. The kingdom that controls the first four rows is known as the white kingdom, while the kingdom controlling the last four is known as the black kingdom. Or the other way around, depending on how you look at it. After decades of waging war against each other, the two kingdoms have united to found the Kingdom of Cheboa.

Starting Eleven:

GK: Eisenmann, King of the White Kingdom
The two kings of the respective kingdoms are not exactly fast, but are still very agile, making them ideally suited to play in goal. Eisenmann got the nod for the starting job because the White Kingdom tends to be more reactionary, allowing their units a faster reaction time.

LB: Friedrich, Bishop of the White Kingdom
Both kingdoms know a clergy, and while they spend most of their time debating the opposite’s kingdoms religion, they are surprisingly similar in nature. Both the White and Black kingdom have a bishop focused on defending their respective kings.

CB: Gustav the g-Pawn
Gustav, officially part of the Black Kingdom, has always been a hard worker focused on protecting his monarch. Like any good pawn, he doesn’t care much for the kingdoms; he signs the song of the man that controls him.

RB: Frank, Bishop of the Black Kingdom
Frank is just like Friedrich, except he is part of the opposite religion (it’s actually all the same religion)

DM: Daniela, Queen of the Black Kingdom
Daniela, the queen to the black king, is able to be all over the pitch insanely fast and has to be accounted for at all times. She is loyal to her king, and has a lot of control over the kingdom; possibly even more than the king himself.

LM: Arnold the Rook
Standing tall and barely manoeuvrable stands Arnold at the edge of the White Kingdom. It’s going to be difficult to get past him.

RM: Helmut the Rook
Like Arnold, Helmut stands at the border of the white kingdom, shielding it from threats.

AM: Dmitry the d-pawn
A servant of the black kingdom, Dmitry is usually quick to the action, but he easily gets stalled. Like Gustav, the kingdoms are more of an afterthought for him.

LF: Bernd the Knight
Bernd is part of the black kingdom, and tends to be used in attacks quite often. His evasiveness and strong armor make him difficult to take down, although he is best suited to support attacks.

CF: Diana, Queen of the White Kingdom
Like Daniela, Diana is a loyal queen to her king, but while Daniela tends to play defensively, Diana is often more aggressive, and will attempt to win games on her own. Like Daniela, she enjoys enormous amounts of power, but she needs help to get things done.

RF: Caspar, Bishop of the Black Kingdom
Different to Frank and Friedrich, who are the defensively-minded pieces close to the king, Caspar is closer to his queen, and can be a viable asset in attacks.

Subs: the rest of the pieces

RP perms and style mod: 0 (restrictions, that is)

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Postby Featherstonehaugh Cholmondeley » Tue Nov 22, 2022 6:08 am

1. Edmund Swanson - goalkeeper
2. Stephen Hobbs - right fullback
3. Frank Lambert - left fullback
4. Algernon Rochester-Smythe-Fancrest-St. Clair - right fullback, captain
5. Harry Zoomtwat - centre halfback
6. Mansfield Frinton-Smith-Upon-Thames - left halfback
7. Friedrich von Schurburg - right winger
8. Jack Dence - right inside forward
9. Jimmy Lawrence - centre forward
10. Bill Caldwell - left inside forward
11. David Stanton - left winger

Harold Marriott
Stewart Hibben
Jasper Lamb
Anthony Hermon

Penalties: Dence, Zoomtwat
Free-kicks: Dence, Caldwell
Corners: Stanton, Caldwell
Throw-ins: Hobbs, Stanton

Most likely to...
Score from open play: Lawrence, Dence, von Schurburg
Score a header: Lawrence, Zoomtwat, Stanton
Score from distance: Dence, Zoomtwat, Caldwell
Do a good run: Stanton, von Schurburg, Lawrence
Do a good pass: Stanton, Caldwell, St. Clair
Do a good tackle: Zoomtwat, Lawrence, Frinton-Smith
Do a bad tackle: Zoomtwat, Hobbs, Dence
Annex the Sudetenland: von Schurburg


RP permissions

Pick my scorers: Y
Hand out yellow cards: N
Hand out red cards: N, but you can dismiss my players
RP injuries: Y
Godmode goals/injuries/events: Y

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Postby New Gesem » Tue Nov 22, 2022 7:07 am

New Gesem Brotherhood Soccer Team

GK	Paul	 Thomas		Thebes Stars		19
GK Kenneth Nelson Alexandria Lazersnakes 32
GK Michael Wilson Alexandroupolis Wizards 24
DF Michael Sanchez Rosetta Riot 24
DF Randy Powell Thebes Stars 27
DF Thomas Hayes Eriksberg Krewe 19
DF Elijah Torres Hayesville Hate 30
DF Stephen King Capitalizt Alexandria 21
DF John Martin Capitalizt Alexandria 28
DF Thomas Sanchez Capitalizt Alexandria 26
MF Mason Diaz Hayesville Hate 26
MF Scott Hill Rosetta Riot 30
MF Ralph Perry Rosetta Riot 23
MF Zachary Rogers Busiris Blaze 26
MF Jeremy Ross Capitalizt Alexandria 26
MF Eugene Martinez Alexandria Lazersnakes 31
MF Jack Barnes Hayesville Hate 33
FW Zachary Martin Rosetta Riot 31
FW Austin Jackson Alexandria Lazersnakes 23
FW Jesse Scott Damascus Yellow Jackets 32
FW Henry Bell FC Constantinople 26
FW Edward Rodriguez Eriksberg Krewe 20
FW Chris Jenkins Eriksberg Krewe 27
RP Permissions Box
If my opponent RPs our match first, I give them permission to:
Godmod scoring events: Y/N
RP Injuries to my players: Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players: Y/N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y/N
Hand out red cards to my players: Y/N
Godmod other events: Y/N
I prefer you pick these goalscorers for my side:
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Gesemite Constitution

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Postby Cocoabo Forest » Tue Nov 22, 2022 2:19 pm

Cocoabo Forest

Cocoabo Enrichment and Enhancement Program
Development Footsport Project

Cocoabo Forest: Player Pool

Pos :: Identification  : Home
GK :: ( Cocoabo #86 ) : Female | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
GK :: ( Cocoabo #87 ) : Male | Cocoabo Forest CEEP

DEF :: ( Cocoabo #59 ) : Male | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #57 ) : Male | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #58 ) : Female | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #56 ) : Female | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #54 ) : Female | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
DEF :: ( Cocoabo #53 ) : Male | Cocoabo Forest CEEP

MID :: ( Cocoabo #46 ) : Female | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
MID :: ( Cocoabo #61 ) : Male | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
MID :: ( Cocoabo #63 ) : Male | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
MID :: ( Cocoabo #62 ) : Female | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
MID :: ( Cocoabo #65 ) : Male | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
MID :: ( Cocoabo #60 ) : Female | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
MID :: ( Cocoabo #64 ) : Female | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
MID :: ( Cocoabo #66 ) : Female | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
MID :: ( Cocoabo #67 ) : Male | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
AMC :: ( Cocoabo #71 ) : Male | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
AMC :: ( Cocoabo #72 ) : Female | Cocoabo Forest CEEP

FOR :: ( Cocoabo #91 ) : Male | Oljestaden iF (AUD) (?)
FOR :: ( Cocoabo #99 ) : Male | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
FOR :: ( Cocoabo #94 ) : Female | Cocoabo Forest CEEP
FOR :: ( Cocoabo #98 ) : Female | Cocoabo Forest CEEP

Cocoabo Forest: Formation :: +1.23


Star Player: Cocoabo #86

Cocoabo #86 is truly the star of the Cocoabo Squad. Although the Cocoabo Squad have not participated in a full World Cup campaign since World Cup 80, Cocoabo #86 continues to receive the occasional call up to support the World Cup Rosters and was credited as a reserve player during Turori's World Cup 88 Championship Run. Due to the fact that Turori itself does not historically participate in regional competition, the Cocoabo Squad currently align independently at the regional level of multiversal footsport.

Cocoabo Forest: Kit


Cocoabo Forest: Stadium Information

* To be provided only if used for tournament play

If my opponent role-plays first they may:
Scorinate a single friendly involving this team in the Cocoabo Forest prior to the active Cup Final
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y - Notify via TG
Godmod injuries to my players: Y - Notify via TG
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y

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Postby Pyazhnaya » Tue Nov 22, 2022 4:53 pm


CAFA V is a restart for the Pyazhnayan national team after some very rough tournaments since their unbeaten run at the Baptism of Fire. With only one player still playing in Pyazhnaya, the team is drawing from Tikariot, Chromatika, Tumbra, Nephara, Brenecia, Graentfjall, Mytanija and Ko-oren in order to hopefully conquer it all!

Aleksandr Zavrashin - 44
Aleksandr Zavrashin's position as Pyazhnayan national coach is hanging somewhat in the balance after a few quite unsuccessful tournaments. The team will still employ its flexible 4-4-2 formation and an offensive style to surprise the opposing teams!



Home Jersey:

Away Jersey:


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (just please be reasonable)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (again please be reasonable)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (same deal)
Godmod other events: Nope
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Postby Estorvipa and Estorpiva » Wed Nov 23, 2022 1:36 am



The Federal Republic of Estorvipa and Estorpiva is a federal union between two states, the Federation of Estorvipa and the Republic of Estorpiva, created on 22 November 2019 after the two states agreed to unite together and present a combined front against the other rebel sides in the Estorian Civil War. The Federal Republic is backed by the Democratic People's Republic of the United Socialist States of Pridnestrovia (or just Pridnestrovia for short), which was an ally of the old Estorvipan People's Republic before it collapsed into numerous competing factions and states, and Pridnestrovia decided that the Federal Republic was the most stable nation-state that they could support in this war. But despite being backed by a "socialist" nation and adopting some socialist imagery, the Federal Republic is a democratic republic with free and fair elections for the 27 million people under its governance, and its ultimate aim is to reunite the Vipan and Pivan lands peacefully, but if the Federal Republic must use force to restore peace and order in the land then it will certainly do so.

Name of nation: Federal Republic of Estorvipa and Estorpiva
Demonym: Estorian
Team colors: Yellow. blue, and red
Style modifier: -2.00
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Head coach: Branislav Vinogradovsky (60 y/o, male, Pridnestrovia)

GK: Sashka VIDANOVA 32 y/o, female, FK Spartak Rybolovlev (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
She's just setting the Federal Top League alight with the number of crazy save highlights she produces game by game. She's pretty much a younger female version of Fiodor Enin with the way she stops shots and rushes at opposing forwards, and she is expected to alternate games with Enin after Traian Pantilimon has played his one and only game for the Federal Republic.

RB: Florian KESSLER 31 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)
He was not originally a citizen of Estorvipa, although his mother was a Vipan who moved to the Ixanian Socialist State in Pridnestrovia and married a local man. This thus qualified him to acquire Estorian citizenship when the time came, and he moved from Wormatia Wewelsburg to Exiles FK in preparation for representing the Federal Republic in international football. He is a solid defender with solid pace and not much else, but that's good enough for the Federal Republic while it works on developing the stars of the future.

RCB: Dencho TIMNEV 26 y/o, male, Ufa Verkhovyansk (Pridnestrovia)
He's an excellent defender by any means, capable of either helping play the ball out of the back or keeping up with those fast and tricky forwards trying to bear down on the Estorian goal. His only downside is that he is nowhere near as good in the air as he is on the ground which, for someone as tall as he is (at 177 cm) is a bit of a liability on the pitch.

LCB: Markus KRASNENKO 29 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)
He is a Vipan refugee who used to live in St. Paulsburg and played for a semi-professional football side in the city before the Estorian Civil War. He was originally conscripted into the Estorvipan People's Army, but his regiment defected to Field Marshal Petar Antonic's Estorvipan Liberation Army near the beginning of the civil war. He surrendered to the Pridnestrovian Army after teh end of the Battle of St. Paulsburg and took advantage of the offer of asylum extended by the Pridnestrovians in the aftermath of the Treaty of Kotelnirovo. He was soon signed by Exiles FK where he made a name of himself as a good defender, but his pace and technique are definitely lacking compared to other defenders in the Pridnestrovian league system.

LB: Holden KRASTENKOVIC 26 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)
Another Vipan refugee who fled to Pridnestrovia after the first withdrawal of Pridnestrovian troops from Estorian lands due to the Treaty of Kotelnirovo. He was originally from the northern city of Tarkovska, now the de facto capital of the Estorvipan Commune, and had made the arduous journey to the Pridnestrovian-occupied south on foot, evading Communard and Imperial military patrols in order to secure a ride to Pridnestrovia alongside other refugees and pro-leftist Vipans and Pivans seeking to flee the Estorian nation before the Communards enacted their anti-leftist purges. Despite having never picked up a football before in his life, he was recruited to Exiles FK, where he has surprisingly developed into an average defender with brilliant pace and average passing skills.

RM: Rahmatullo RODIN 27 y/o, male, Masyafspor (Pridnestrovia)
He is everything that Arseniy Davydov is: a brilliant playmaker with a keen eye for both his teammates and the goal who can also put in defensive shifts if needed. The only reason why Davydov is starting over Rodin is because Davydov is a more polished and complete player than Rodin right now, but now we know what Rodin could look like once he becomes the finished product. In the meantime, he will have to operate deeper in the midfield in order to develop the defensive side of his game, although given his age some might say that this is a case of trying to teach an old dog new tricks.

LM: Serafina POTRITSKIJ 28 y/o, female, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia) (vice-captain)
Her main function in the midfield is to distribute the ball and take the occasional pot shot at goal if given the chance. She can run back and help in the defense if needed, but her primary function is to spread the ball around the pitch for the attacking Estorian players to latch onto and put the goal under threat. If the ball happens to end up right back on her feet during that sequence then she has license to fire a shot on target or pass to another teammate to start the cycle anew.

RW: ROBERTO Kunaplenko 26 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)
Twin brother of Roberta Kunaplenko. He is the son of the former Estorvipan ambassador to the Sultanate of Oontaz, Venyamin Kunaplenko, who fell in love with a local woman whom he would eventually marry. The Kunaplenkos had been living quietly in Rybolovlev when the Pridnestrovian intervention in the Estorian Civil War happened, and the family soon fell under suspicion because of good relations between the Sultanate of Oontaz and Pridnestrovia. The Kunaplenko family fled to Pridnestrovia alongside the first withdrawal of Pridnestrovian troops, and the twins were recruited to play for Exiles FK alongside other Vipan and Pivan refugees. He is a fast winger with incredible pace and outstanding technique but has a marked inability to cross the ball into the box. This is in contrast to his twin sister who is a faster winger and better crosser but can't escape out of a sticky situation.

CAM: Arseniy DAVYDOV 32 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia) (captain)
Most of his experience in football was playing for the works team of the old Estorvipan People's Army, but that had to take a back seat to soldiering when the Estorian Civil War broke out and he had to fight against the numeropus rebel factions that had sprung up in Estorvipa after being emboldened by the success of the Estorvipan Commune in separating from the south. Like many soldiers who surrendered to the Pridnestrovians during the war, he took advantage of their offer of asylum after the signing of the Treaty of Kotelnirovo because he knew that the Communards would go after soldiers of the Estorvipan People's Army because they had fought for a "socialist leader" before Vissarion Zhivkov switched allegiances to the Imperium and their Inselberg pact. While officially his position is central attacking midfielder, his seeming inability to string together two successful passes has turned him more into a false nine or a second striker operating behind Fabian Prasutagusic.

LW: ROBERTA Kunaplenko 26 y/o, female, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)
Twin sister of Roberto Kunaplenko. She is the daughter of the former Estorvipan ambassador to the Sultanate of Oontaz, Venyamin Kunaplenko, who fell in love with a local woman whom he would eventually marry. The Kunaplenkos had been living quietly in Rybolovlev when the Pridnestrovian intervention in the Estorian Civil War happened, and the family soon fell under suspicion because of good relations between the Sultanate of Oontaz and Pridnestrovia. The Kunaplenko family fled to Pridnestrovia alongside the first withdrawal of Pridnestrovian troops, and the twins were recruited to play for Exiles FK alongside other Vipan and Pivan refugees. She is a very fast winger with outstanding pace and average playmaking ability but can't escape out of a sticky situation. This is in contrast to her twin brother who has incredible pace and outstanding technique but also a marked inability to cross the ball into the box.

ST: Fabian PRASUTAGUSIC 30 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)
He is pretty much the star player for this Estorian team. He personally refused to recognize any of the other warring factions in the Estorian Civil War as legitimate, and he was of the opinion that the northern Estorvipan Commune was nothing but a bunch of blood traitors willing to sell out themselves and their own country in exchange for favors from the Imperium. He was a product of CSKA Tiraspol's academy, and while he was nothing special in the Army Club, he had turned into a superstar striker once he moved to Exiles FK, and he looks to replicate this performance for the Estorian national team.

GK: Yaroslav SHCHETININ 25 y/o, male, FK Mamai Ihorivtsi (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
The future of the Estorian goalkeeping position looks very bright with him in between the sticks. He's already doing the job for Mamai Ihorovtsi, and local managers are praising him for his divine goalkeeping skills. His only weakness is that his passing is a bit poor, and opponents might be able to take advantage of that once he plays for the national team.

GK: Gleb PAROV 22 y/o, male, FK Traktor St. Paulsburg (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
An excellent keeper for his age and has loads of pace which allows him to charge out of his box to intimidate opposing strikers, but has poor stamina which means that he might start sticking around his area as the game goes on.

DF: Nona SERGEYEVA 31 y/o, female, Dinamo Bender Women (Pridnestrovia)
Not only is she a good defender but she is also a good aerial threat. She can defend against taller opponents and she can also score headers if needed. Her only downsides are that she's somewhat slow and that she gets tired easily, hence why she's been kept on the bench instead of being a regular starter for the national team.

DF: Viktorija KESOVIJA 23 y/o, female, FK Mamai Ihorivtsi (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
She is a solid defender with adequate technique in her to help her get out of sticky situations when needed, and she is also a reasonable goalscoring threat during set pieces, or if she happens to get the ball somewhere outside the box in open play. However, she does have a weakness, and that is her pace. It's easy for her to get caught out of position sometimes, and because she knows that she can't get back in time, she will often resort to fouling the opposition instead.

DF: Dzyamid USHKEVICH 26 y/o, male, Metallurgist Beledor (Pridnestrovia)
Under most circumstances, he wouldn't be able to make the national teams of most other nations, but given that the Federal Republic is in need of players to represent it on the international stage, Ushkevich has been given the chance to prove himself worthy of representing this new state to the rest of the world. He can defend, he can head the ball, and he can dribble his way out of a few sticky situations, but he's still a bit too raw to start a game in most cases.

DF: Nicu Marian RĂILEANU 26 y/o, male, FK Spartak Rybolovlev (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
All the necessary elements for a solid and outstanding wingback are all there; all he really needs to do now is to gain experience in both club and international football and he's going to be playing under the colors of the Federal Republic of years to come. But until then, he will have to make do with some appearances from the bench.

MF: Ignjatije ATANACKOVIĆ 24 y/o, male, FK Traktor St. Paulsburg (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
He may be young but he's already got the makings of a very good central midfielder within him. He can make things happen from almost anywhere on the pitch, and he has the speed to both attack the goal and defend his own side if needed. If only he didn't get gassed so easily then maybe he could make a case for being included in the starting eleven more times than not.

MF: Rada Mladenova KOSTOVA 28 y/o, female, CSK Armiya Supskij (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
She is a very good playmaker who can make things happen from the middle of the pitch. Her good passing and solid pace also means that she can put in a defensive shift if needed, but she is really more suited to orchestrating attacks on the opponent. However, the less said about her ability to put the ball into the back of the net, the better.

MF: Ashot RAZINSKIJ 22 y/o, male, CSK Armiya Supskij (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
The jack-of-all-trades had been placed on the left side because of his wicked good left foot. With that left foot he could pick out any player he wanted, dribble his way out of trouble, or even nick the ball off of anyone trying to get through to the Estorian goal on the left side, and even score the occasional goal.

FW: Viktoriya ZALUZHENKO 23 y/o, female, FC Foc Feuerstadt (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
At a young age, she's already making a name for herself in the small and nascent Federal Top League of the Federal Republic. She has the accuracy and the fancy footwork to set her up for a good future in football, but apart from those skills, she still needs to develop a lot more before she can start thinking about pursuing a starting spot.

FW: Marek LEMISH 26 y/o, male, FC Dinamo Durdenville (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
He's a very good striker; there's no denying that. But the problem is that Fabian Prasutagusic is even better than him, and there are also some things that Lemish will need to work on if he wishes to become a success in this Estorian team; things such as his stamina and passing. Other than that, he's actually a remarkably good player.

FW: Petru-Iustin UDEANU 22 y/o, male, FK Dinamo Durdenville (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
An average striker whose main job is to just be there to receive the ball and shoot at goal when it gets passed to him. He can dribble his way out of trouble if need be, but if he needs to spend more than a few seconds thinking about where to shoot then it's a guaranteed miss or save from the keeper once he finally pulls the trigger.


KITS (provided by Adidulas)

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I decide the severity and length of time out
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (maximum of 6 per game)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but only 1 per 2 games
Godmod other events: Contact me via TG or Discord first before proceeding

Style modifier: -2.00 (Negative two point zero zero)
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President: Kirill Fedorchuk || Prime Minister: Victor Traianescu
Capital: Feuerstadt || Population: 27,806,560 (+14,274,641 under rebel occupation)

Never mind the name; we're actually located in Anaia!

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Ochre Islands
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Postby Ochre Islands » Wed Nov 23, 2022 3:54 pm

Initials, Name, Position, Age, Team, Place of Birth


JD – Richard VALENS - Manager – Image


Playing in the following formation: GK | DL DC DC DR | MC MC MC | SC SC SC

The first player(s) named in each area of the team start the game. Our line-up will broadly be as follows (unless you RP one of our players has an injury or something):

GK: Softstep
DsL-R: Sandman, Willingham[/i], D'Entro[/i], Featherborn
MCs: Mikkels, Walker, Lewis
SCs: Builder, Clearedway, Gibson

Further information on the players is below if it is required and/or of interest.

Number, Name, Position, Age, Place of Birth, Club
All players male (He/Him) unless specified
Goalkeepers - 3

13 – Leora SOFTSTEP - GK – 25 – Cerrston, Juniper Island Image – Juniper Mournhow F.C. Image
Leora's place of birth is noted as Cerrston, when in fact she was born on one of the ships carrying Bostopians to their new home in the Ochres. That it happened to dock in Cerrston, where her family settled, was just luck. Her parents chose a new surname after watching their child take her first furtitive steps outside, wanting to ditch their old Bostopian name. While there is some doubts over her ability to play as an international goalkeeper, her ability to read the game makes up for a lack of height (comparative to other top-flight goalkeepers at least) and fans joke that it seems she knows where the ball will go before the striker does.

1 - Louis WILSON - GK – 32 – Fort Boston – Cottsworth City Image

12 - Eric BIRDTENDER - GK – 24 – Nuntsby, Handsby Island Image – Bellflower A.U. Image
Birdtender is Bellflower A.U.'s current number two goalkeeper, but has impressed in cup games (which he regularly starts) enough to make the national side. His parents were fundamental in the study of native species in the Ochres, and his surname was later chosen to reflect this.
Defenders - 7
15 - Harry SANDMAN – DL – 22 – Slipsway, Chaffinch Island Image – Slipsway Town F.C. Image
The youngest member of the squad, only just turning 16 in time for the first qualifying game, Harry Sandman is the first player in any Ochre national squad to be born on Chaffinch Island. Adopting his surname from his love of running on the beach, he tends to be more of a sweeper than a proper centre half, being able to quickly take care of opponents passes into the box before they cause too much harm. His pace and stamina also allows him to play as a makeshift right wing-back, but his crosses come across as clearances more often than not.
4 – Jordan WILLINGHAM – DC – 32 – Bassingdale – Nuntsby City Image
2 - Louis D'ENTRO - DC – 25 – Bellflower, Mournhow Island Image – Cottsworth City Image
Louis was born in what was known then as 'New Ranton', which was the name of the capital of the Bostopian Ochre Islands prior to independence. He is one of the better players in Cottsworth's side, who are regular title contenders in the Ochre League Division One.
16 - Lucy FEATHERBORN- DR – 23 – City of Louisa, Hope Island Image – Schemerdrecht SVV Image

Featherborn currently plies her trade at right-back for Schemerdrecht SVV, having left her hometown team Louisa Hope F.C. for the Ko-oren side. Complaints from journalists that she could have gone to a team 'easier to spell quickly' exist though are simply batted away as 'whinging'. Pacy and versatile, she is more likely to try and beat her opponent with the ball at her feet rather than pass around them. She already displays a range of passing that could see her propelled into the midfield, whether on the wing or in the middle should her development continue at the pace it is.
3 - Taylor BARRETT - DL – 34 – Norteaton – Lansdorn Image
5 - Leonard BURKE – DR – 37 – Glenrock - – Juniper Monnstair Image
6 – Arto NEWCOMER - DC – 28 – Lander's Port, Mournhow Island Image – Nottshore Turquoise F.C. Image
Arto Newcomer was born mere days after the first ships began arriving in the Ochre Islands from Bostopia. His parents immediately changed their – and his – family name on arrival in the islands, so his heritage beyond that is unknown. Arto, whilst young, is a regular feature in the back line of Nottshore Turquoise and integral to keeping them in the top division of Ochre football.

Midfielders - 8

11 - Joseph MIKKELS - MC – 28 – Hilltop – Lower Soffsley Image
14 - Carl WALKERCaptain - MC – 33 – Fort Boston – Lower Soffsley Image
8 - Harry LEWIS - MC – 27 – Port Flamerty – Nuntsby City Image
17 - Luke MATSON - MC – 32 – Jennaerton – Stangtons Image
18 - Bradley WATKINS - AMC – 35 – Rivdale – West Bellflower Image
15 - Mick BASING - DMC – 25 – Sennaton – Bellflower A.U. XI Image
20 - Pete READ - D/AMC – 33 – Flamerty – Cottsworth City Image

Strikers - 5
9 - Rory BUILDER - SC – 23 – Kollingdon, Handsby Island Image – Valesthorpe Image
Rory is the youngest of the Ochre-born players, having been born a mere day or two after his parents reached Kollingdon following their migration to the Ochres from Fenton State. Whilst still largely bench-warming for Valesthorpe, the national team can see his promise and are taking him to CAFA3 in the hopes of giving him international experience in low-pressure situations.
22 - Blue GIBSONVice-Captain - SC – 30 – Acorn Wood – Juniper Monnstair Image
Blue Gibson is the first Bostopian-born female player to ever represent her country in an international football tournament. Whilst there have been female managers of the Bostopian national team, Blue was seen as a 'once-in-a-lifetime' footballing talent that the OIFA could find no reason, legally or otherwise, to exclude her from the national team. It was her second goal of the CAFA final which had sealed the Ochres 3 – 1 win over Saltstead with 3 minutes remaining of the 90. Blue also scored the winning goal to send the Ochre Islands to the World Cup finals for the first time.
7 - Copse CLEAREDWAY - SC – 25 – Callais, Jensee Island Image – Slipsway Town Image
Copse Clearedway was born in Callais, which is on one of the smaller Ochre Islands of Jensee. He is first-choice striker for Slipsway Town, a mid-table side in the first division of domestic Ochre football. However for the Ochre national team, he is more likely to be played in the hole between attack and midfielder to give us a significant threat just outside the area, as well as knowing where a striker would want a ball playing to them.
10 - George HOLLAND - SC – 36 – Rinstad – Flanminster Abbey Image
19 – Carl-James (C.J.) LUCKSMITH - SC – 23 – Hannston, Jensee Island Image – Lionsville Transport Sports Club Image
Despite playing for a smaller Ochre side, sitting in the 4th tier of the football league, C.J. has excelled and proven himself at a high level thanks to helpful cup draws against much better teams projecting his abilities on the national stage. While football at the lower levels is a bit more rough and ready than the higher divisions, he has always been able to hold his own against strong defenders despite his young age, and their willingness to let him know they're there.
21 - Joseph MORRIS - SC – 34 – Hilltop – Stangtons XI Image

Kits & Logo

Home, Away and Third


The Ochre Islands kits were designed and manufactured by OchreSport, with input from the Ochre Islands Football Association.
Following the abysmal CAFA3 campaign, the home kit removes all gold references and goes back to the traditional striped ochre and blue ochre scheme, with white trim.
The away kit is a contiuation of the popular 'Anaiaway' theme promoted by the OIFA, which they say 'promotes peace & harmony and reminds us that whilst we may be in an away kit, the Anaia region is still our home'.
The third kit is a colour combination of the two ochre colours, resulting in an earthy brown colour reminiscent of some of the home soil players and fans may tend to in their spare time.

Before CAFA 2, the Ochre Islands Football Association ran a competition to design the team's logo, which was won by a 34 year old man with neither design experience or taste. Fortunately, an update of the design to account for taste was commissioned and outsourced by the OIFA, which is as below. The badge prominently features a 'little mint green hat', which actually commerorates the Ochre Islands victory in the second CAFA tournament.


The Ochre Islands play a possession-based style of football which aims to prevent the opposition from scoring by simply not letting them have the ball. While we will prefer safer passes, the players generally have a good sense of when a chance is 'on' and will play balls with added risk involved where necessary.

Important Information for Hosts & RP'ers
In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:
Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes
Do whatever you want basically, just don't kill/maim/etc. An RP that makes me laugh would make me eternally grateful.
Style Modifier - +3
For purposes of rules, Bostopia shall be classed as an Ochre puppet even though the Ochres are from the 'alternate history' timeline of Bostopia (lol)
Visit the Ochre Islands - "Come see the hair sheep!"
Sporting achievements: Champions, CAFA2

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Postby Bostopia » Wed Nov 23, 2022 3:54 pm

GK - Richard Lyons
DL - Michael Smith
DC - Harry Perk
DC - Gordon Richards
DR - Jake Wilkinson
ML - Bryan Harper
MC - Steven Kairs
MC - James McDadson
MR - Simon Manson
SC - Lynton Pilson
SC - Frank Rover


GK - Dean Walters
DL/C - Miles Embridge
DR - Sam Leenton
ML - Ryan Wasting
MC - Philip Nicholls
MC/R - Kevin Grainger
SC - Walter Ambridge

Bostopia will play a very direct 4-4-2.

Home, Away, and Third

NSGP: World Drivers Champion x 1 - NSGP 5 - F1 Constructors Champion x 1 NSGP 5
Cup of Harmony 26, 40: Champions
World Cup - Qualified x 20, SFs x 2.

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Postby Cardenao » Wed Nov 23, 2022 6:04 pm

Official Name: The Kingdom of Cardenao Men’s National Football Team
Official Nation Name: The Federated Republic of Kingdom of Cardenao
Country Code: CAD
Officiating League: The Cardenaoan MegaPower League
Officiating Body: The Cardenaoan Football Association
Regional Officiating Body: CAFA LigAnaia
All-Time: 21-14-20
Under Manager Scooter McNash: 21-14-20
Titles: 0
International Rank: Projected 72nd
Nickname: The Blue and Golds, La Furia Azule
Style: +3.0 out of 5.0

Primary kit:
Alternate kit:

When RP'ing, the name of my players in BOLD are the national team starters UNLESS otherwise stated in a preceding RP.. The name of my players in ITALICS are the names on their kit and the name professional commentators would call out when making observations.


1- Ray Holland
Height: 6'3 - Weight: 194lbs – Age: 31 - Team: Cardonia FC

Comfortably the best Cardonian goalkeeper, Ray Holland is an expert shot stopper from all ranges. Standing tall at 6'3, his ability to close the angle and command his area make him dominant within the 18 yard box while his strength and bravery help him claim crosses and corners. What more could you want from your national team's starting goalkeeper? He's also tidy with his feet, though not entirely capable of pinging 45 yard passes precisely. Absolute king and a legend for us.

Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Form: A
Caps: 55 - Goals Conceded (Clean Sheets): 99 (10)- Tournaments Played:Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V

12- Iñaki Pena[/b]
6'5 - Weight: 206lbs – Age: 20 - Team: Bananada CF

While still very much a child in goalkeeping terms at 20 years of age, Iñaki Pena had a solid debut season as Bananada CF's starting goalkeeper. The youngster has been totally brilliant thus far, with his height, incredible reflexes, and natural goaltending abilities making him the perfect long-term prospect. He does lack some coordination with his form on long range passing and goal kicks, so you can be sure he's practicing that. Pena is yet to make his debut for the Cardenao National Team and it’s hard to see it happening as long as Ray Holland is able to line-up between the posts.

Rating: B+ - Team Relationship: B- - Morale: B+ - Form: A
Caps: 1 - Goals Conceded: 2 - Tournaments Played:Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V

Left Defenders:
2- Hendrix Salvadore
Height: 180cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: Pria City (CMT)

Hendrix Salvadore is a fluid leftback with good footwork and speed. Solid transition play with accurate corners and crosses, Salvadore chose to represent Cardenao due to his mother, Mariela Ventura-Cha, being full blooded Cardenaoan. Hendrix has been one of the National Team’s better players with his outstanding passing and tackling complimenting his defensive positioning and offensive dribbling and crossing abilities.

Hendrix is a party monster, always seen out in town until the morning hours, and is a cult-hero within Cardenao.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: C - Morale: B - Form: A
Caps: 55 - Goals: 4 - Assists: 10 - Tournaments Played: Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V

13- Theodore Capella
Height: 183cm - Weight: 86kg – Age: 31 years old - Team: Star of Confederation (KSK)

Theo is a fairly prototypical left back, strong in defense with a good sense of positioning pairing well with his timing on making a standing tackle. He’s the most solid defensive leftback in Cardenao, well he’s just gone and moved to Kelssek so that’s not literally true, and he’s got good enough offensive skills to be more than passable when complimenting attacking movement. He’s got tidy passing, simple yet effective dribbling, and he’s strangely good at heading so that might just come in handy during corner kick routines.

Somewhat eccentric off the pitch, Theo has developed a reputation as an enthusiast of fashion and artwork sporting outlandish outfits on his way to local art galleries in one of his many equally outlandishly decorated sports cars. Despite the occasional off putting flair, he is known by friends as a man with a big heart who volunteers his time at local humane shelters.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Form: B
Caps: 13 - Goals: 0 - Assists: 0 - Tournaments Played:Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V

Central Defenders
5- Emmanuel Odita
Height: 6'3 - Weight: 197lbs – Age: 22 - Team: Schemerdrecht SVV (KOR)

Emmanuel Odita is building on his reputation as the best Cardenaoan defensive prospect in decades by earning the newly freed-up starting centerback position with the National Team. Built like a man from a young age, Odita packs crunching tackles into his 6'3 frame and his aggressive mentality sees him seek out every opportunity to leave the opponent signed with an Odita bruise. He has a very sharp sense of positioning for his age and won't hesitate to scream at teammates who aren't holding the line. Not only is Emmanuel tall and strongly built, but he is quite quick and rather rapid, darting around the defense and using his defensive skills to shut down any opposing threat.

Odita spends his free time in the gym to refine his strength, video room to improve his mentality, and on the pitch just messing around having fun. He has been spotted training hard on his ability to pass the ball, hoping to transition from a physical hardman to one with technical skills and the ability to play out of trouble, a trait certainly needed as these Cardenaoan lads come up against the worlds best.

Rating: B+ - Team Relationship: B+ - Morale: A+ - Form: A-
Caps: 36 - Goals: 2 - Assists: 0 - Tournaments Played: Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V

15- Shandon Grandillon
Height: 185cm - Weight: 83kg – Age: 31 years old - Team:November City FC

Shandon Grandillon is a wonderful ball playing defender who effortlessly pings the ball across the field from his position deep in defense. He has great positioning but is fairly lacking in the marking area while his slide tackles are not…the best. He pours his heart into everything he does though and his ability to play out of any trouble has made him invaluable. Grandillon has certainly recovered from his poor BoF campaign, playing well in the 26 international fixtures since then and forming a rock at the back with now retired Robert Rojas during Cardenao’s incredible World Cup 91 run. Who knows what the 92nd World Cup has in store, all that we know is much will rely on Shandon Grandillon marshaling himself and new defensive partner Emmanuel Odita.

Outside of football, Grandillon is known for vacationing all across Cardenao with his favored spots appearing to be the West Cardenian Islands and the San Gabriel mountain range in East Cardenao. He’s somewhat under the radar but has been spotted dating various Cardenian models over the years, taking them for joyrides in his matte green sports cars.

Rating: A- - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Form: A
Caps: 55 - Goals: 1 - Assists: 1 - [u]Tournaments Played:Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V[/i]

19- Salmon Moncharetta
Height: 6'4 - Weight: 189lbs – Age: 21 - Team: Alexandria United

Salmon Moncharetta burst onto the Cardenaoan footballing scene out of nowhere last season, playing brilliantly for Alexandria United in the MegaPower League at the center of the best defense in the league, only conceding 49 goals over the 57 match long season. Standing tall yet thin in the center of the defensive line, Moncharetta makes use of excellent positioning and teamwork to cut-off attacking chances before they can brew. He's very good at marking his opponent and his proficient tackling ability comes into play as a last ditch resort, and of course standing at 6’4 with a good vertical makes Salmon dominate in the air. All that to say it’s his on the ball skill that make him particularly valuable to Alexandria United, and potentially to the National team, with his composure, ability to pass the ball at all distances, and soft touch making Salmon Moncharetta a boon to any attacking movement. He had a promising World Cup Debut, starting once and coming off the bench six times while scoring a nice header off a corner kick routine.

Rating: A- - Team Relationship: B+ - Morale: A - Form: B+
Caps: 10 - Goals: 0 - Assists: 1 - Tournaments Played: World Cup 92, Cup of Harmony 84, CAFA Cup V

Right Defenders:

3- Dylan Mathers
Height: 5'11 - Weight: 166lbs – Age: 27 - Team: Cardonia FC

The ultimate professional, Dylan Mathers entire life has led to captaining the Cardenao National Team through their first World Cup appearances. First forced by his father to kick a ball at one and a half, Mathers has spent his life since then dedicated to becoming the best player he can be. Dylan Mathers plays well at right back, with his offensive and defensive qualities combine to make him a complete player who is as capable of hitting a switching 50 yard through ball as he is chasing down a striker and performing a last second challenge. Mathers is quite quick and agile, able to dart through passages of play effortlessly making use of his world class touch to keep the ball right where he needs it. He’s been solid, if not particularly spectacular during Cardenao’s two World Cups, often getting overshadowed by left-back Hendrix Salvadore. He voluntarily stepped down from the Captain's role going into the 84th Cup of Harmony, a role he had held since the 78th Baptism of Fire.

Rating: A+ – Team Relationship: A+ – Morale: A+ – Form: A+
Caps: 55 - Goals: 3 - Assists: 5 - [u]Tournaments Played: Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V[/i]

16- Johan van Maria Mata
Height: 5'8 - Weight: 153lbs – Age: 31 years old - Team: Mayflower FC

Mr. Maria Mata is a classic Cardenaoan marauding fullback who views defensive duties as a secondary choice. Still fast as lighting at 31 years of age, Johan races up and down the right flank looking to take advantage of his dribbling and one-two passing to slice through opposing defenses. His crossing ability peaked last season as he ended it with 11 assists, so National Team fans will be eager to see what he displays in his rare backup starts for the team. He has the pace and stamina to charge up the flank the whole game, and can tackle decently well to be a good enough defender, but his positioning is still lacking after all these years.

Johan van Maria Mata is a noted boating enthusiast and has eschewed the usual exotic car collection for a custom boating fleet with a classically restored sailboat and glass bottomed everglade crawler among his favorites. He is notable for being unnotable.
Rating: B- – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: B
Caps: 10 - Goals: 0 - Assists: 1 - Tournaments Played:Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V

4- Diego Valenzuela Captain
Height: 6'1 - Weight: 170lbs – Age: 24 - Team: Jucuacanos Silver Surfers

A strong defensive midfielder, Diego Valenzuela commands play from his position in the heart of midfield. With fantastic passing over all distances, Val has always dictated tempo with a calm, calculating approach to the game that would lend itself well to a battlefield, let alone a football pitch. At 23, Valenzuela is expected to be a leader in the team for years to come, with his defensive positioning extinguishing opposing attacks before they can become thoughts and his lifelong displays of leadership ensure the team will be looking to him for motivation. Captaining his hometown Jucuacanos Silver Surfers to an 11th place finish was a near Herculean undertaking and Diego Valenzuela matched it by captaining Cardenao to their first ever international knockout appearance in the 84th Cup of Harmony.

With the induction of Giampietro Vera as a ball-progressing midfielder next to him, Diego Valenzuela adopted a more defensive posture within the National Team setup and has played the role excellently. He operated as a sort of defensive-minded quarterback, shoring up the midfield and pinging out accurate long range passes and keeping things running smoothly.

When not playing football, Diego is a hobbyist racing driver. 'Something about the combination of speed, movement, changing environment, the non-stop calculations going into all of it' are what drive him to paraphrase his own words. Interesting stuff. Val recently married his high school sweetheart Selena Marchiaza and is frequently seen touring around Cardenao with her.

Rating: A+ – Team Relationship: A+ – Morale: A+ – Form: A+
Caps: 55 - Goals: 3 - Assists: 7 - Tournaments Played: Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V

6- Haritz Larrainzar Vice-Captain
Height: 5'9 - Weight: 152lbs – Age: 26 - Team: Port Chovanyon AFC (TKT)

A complete technical midfielder, Haritz Larranizar plays defense and offense with equal elegance to such a degree that he is one of the best overall Cardenaoan players. Comfortably our country’s best passer of the ball, Haritz pairs that with incredible vision and a strong tackling ability to act as the ideal complete midfielder, proving it via selection to the Tikariot Premier League B Team of the Year. He is quick, with a good burst of acceleration and high top speed getting him free in the channels where Larraznizar is at his deadliest. With his slinky off the ball skills, it seems he will drift into wherever is free to provide a safe passing option for Giampietro Vera to burst forward into the attacking portion of play. He had a fantastic World Cup with a goal and seven wonderful assists to his name. Also vocal and bossing the game from midfield, Haritz Larrainzar has been named vice-captain for the 84th Cup of Harmony.

Such a patient passer, it only makes sense Larrainz likes to participate in the other Cardenian pastime, fishing, when he isn't playing football. He prefers hitting the flooded land-bridge between East and West Cardenao, a memory of a long-passed invader. He really likes techno music, and can be found at various high and low profile raves across Cardenao with his trademark highlighter orange beanie and intentionally terrible fake beards.
Rating: A+ – Team Relationship: A+ – Morale: A+ – Form: A+
Caps: 55 - Goals: 4 - Assists: 16 - [u]Tournaments Played: Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V[/i] - Personal Awards: Tikariot Premier League B Team of the Year (Season 105)

8- Giampietro Vera
Height: 5'9 - Weight: 148lbs – Age: 28 - Team: CSKA Quebec (Quebec)

Giampietro Vera plays the game like a violin, a delightfully quick violin with two legs that can run very fast. Delicate short and long range passing, precise dribbles that sling the ball just out of reach of the opponent, and his incredible acceleration see Vera bound away from challenges. He has developed a serviceable enough defensive game in his mature years, but he is certainly best as an attacking outlook. Seven goals and 17 assists for November City FC was enough for him to secure a move to the iconic CSKA Quebec.

At the time, National Team manager Scooter McNash’s decision to move Giampietro to the defensive midfield seemed crazy but it has worked out rather brilliantly thus far with Vera serving as a quick outlet from defensive pressure to blast into the attack.
Caps: 51 - Goals: 3 - Assists: 8 [u]Tournaments Played:Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V[/i]

10- Jayful Archer
Height: 5'10 - Weight: 162lbs – Age: 30 - Team: Cardonia FC

With a very offensive-minded footballing style and slightly above zero defensive work rate, Jayful Archer is the definition of a luxury player but damn is he good at it. A wonderfully creative player with endlessly inventive little chipped passes over defenders legs, he will be brought on from the bench whenever that 20 flair/20 creativity player is needed to unlock the toughest defenses and find the final, last minute killer ball.

Jayful Archer had a fantastic season for Cardonia FC, providing 31 assists and scoring ten goals himself as he emerged a champion of the MegaPower League, and built on that with some great performances off the bench in the World Cup. At 30 years of age and plenty of talented young players, we’re unsure if Jayful Archer will be gracing the national team after the Cup of Harmony.

Rating: A- – Team Relationship: B+ – Morale: A+ – Form: A
Caps: 25 - Goals: 1 - Assists: 5 - Tournaments Played: Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V

14- Zoltan Keidobikta
Height: 5’8 - Weight: 157lbs – Age: 24 - Team: Morannon Athletic FC

Armed with the Cardenao’s best freekick taking boot and an incredible passing range, Zoltan Keidobikta burst onto the scene in the inaugural Cardenaoan MegaPower league season. Strapped with a simple yet effective array of body feints and a signature fake pass rollover move, Zoltan Keidobika’s game is built around the mastery of simple things. He has a great passing range, pinging long balls over the top or drilling short passes to his teammate’s boot, those basic and great dribbling moves, and a total mastery over the freekick arts. He scored short ones going under the ball, he scored medium distance curling the ball left or right around the wall, and he scored long range dipping ballistic missiles, scoring seven from a deadball situation this season and providing eight assists from that situation. He’s not the best defender, both from a technical and physical perspect with his lean 5’8 frame, but the 10 goals in total, 14 assists, and great stats to show his great midfield talent. He followed the new yet fruitful Cardenao -> Tikariot pipeline by joining Morannon Athletic FC for 1.25m.

He had a solid World Cup debut, completing 91% of his passes and assisting three times, while also contributing a solid free-kick goal.

Rating: B+ – Team Relationship: C – Morale: A- – Form: A
Caps: 11 - Goals: 1 - Assists: 3 - Tournaments Played: World Cup 92, Cup of Harmony 84, CAFA Cup IV/V

19- Abwooli Isaza
Height: 6'4 - Weight: 203lbs – Age: 22 - Team: Escuela Nacíonal DCPF

Abwooli is another part-foreign international who has elected to represent the Federal Republic of the Kingdom of Cardenao. With parents from Busukuma, Banija Abwooli Isaza has always been incredibly physically gifted. A dual sport athlete in high school excelling in gridiron football and track, football was only a side-hobby until he realized he could also perform tackles (albeit in a different manner) in the beautiful game as well. With his very aggressive personality, fantastic sense of positioning, timing, and a natural ability to use his long legs to poke the ball away it was only a brief while before Escuela Nacíonal DCPF, Cardenao's premier youth factory, to pick him up and hone his talents. He showed a big improvement on his technical skills this season for La Escuela, looking less like a meathead solely ball-winning to a promising box to box presence with endless energy.

Thanks to his killer attitude in the weight room, training ground, and matchday pitch, and his party hard 'rules don't apply to me' demeanor outside of football, Abwooli Isaza is quite the figure in Cardenao. He's also a king tier trash talker, which is a total break from the Cardenaoan norm and that has made Abwooli a bit of a national sensation, with his smack talk compilations gaining tens of thousands of views online.
Rating: B- – Team Relationship: C – Morale: A+ – Form: A-
[size=80]Caps: 21 - Goals: 2 - Assists: 1 [u]Tournaments Played:Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V[/i]

21- Rafa DiSantos
Height: 5'6 - Weight: 138lbs – Age: 22 - Team: Escuela Nacíonal DCPF

Four years on from making his National Team debut at the age of 18, Rafa DiSantos has continued to develop into an elite midfield presence. His ground passing and ability to find the killer ball is on display every match while his quickness and deft dribbling touch help him evade any challenges. His calm mentality and emerging mastery of all the simple things saw DiSantos become a metrononym like presence in La Escuela’s midfield keeping the entire thing ticking with his purposeful passing.

Always the captain for the club’s youth teams, Rafa DiSantos now captains his boyhood club and gave a solid showing in the World Cup, scoring a hattrick and assisting thrice while generally holding a high level of play.

Rating: A- – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B+ – Form: A
Caps: 16 - Goals: 3 - Assists: 4 - [u]Tournaments Played: Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V[/i]

Left Wingers:
7- Ibai Acosta-Vargas
Height: 5'8 - Weight: 147lbs – Age: 29 - Team: Alameda Desperados

Bringing elite level speed and acceleration to the starting lineup, Ibai Acosta-Vargas is the most creative attacking Cardenaoan player in the game today. Blessed with pace pace pace, he will be expected to stretch the play and use his physical gifts to race onto through balls and set up the attacking play. Ibai has a delightful array of first-encounter dribbling moves that let him dance beyond a defender and burst into open space. His ability to make the assist is incredible, with accurate crossing and passing pairing with the vision and creativity to execute the ideas that come to him, I mean he assisted 30 times in 52 matches last season, that says it all. He scored 13 as well, showing that defenses can’t just sit off him and let him create create create. He had a very strong Baptism of Fire campaign, assisting the first ever Cardenian National Team goal and generally proving to be the most consistent offensive threat. He had another fantastic World Cup, four goals and eight assists as he continued to provide a lethal threat from the wing.

Off the field, Acosta-Vargas isn't afraid to splash his money on visually assaulting displays of his wealth; the freshest clothes, the nicest kicks, the various sports cars, what a life.

Rating: A+ – Team Relationship: A+ – Morale: A+ – Form: A+[/color]
Caps: 55 - Goals: 7 - Assists: 26 - Tournaments Played: Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V

22- [i]Graysão
Height: 6'1 - Weight: 160lbs – Age: 23 - Team: Mount Olympus (TFS)

An interesting yet also somewhat stereotypical case, Graysão Sandora is an incredibly talented dribbler full of self-confidence who has managed to somewhat mature a little bit. That being said, his ability to dribble combined with that same confidence and shooting sense has seen him develop very well as a player. He’s a decent passer but that's about the 6th thing that comes to his mind when he’s on the ball, so head coach McNash will be hoping to get Graysão to expand his passing to broaden both of their attacking options..

Off the pitch Graysão drives exotic cars with the latest popular online model entertainer in the passenger seat, parties at late night clubs, and has been 'allegedly' spotted enjoying finer substances that can be plentifully found in Cardenao. Sports cars and parties because he is (unfortunately) that guy.

Rating: B- – Team Relationship: C – Morale: A+ – Form: C
Caps: 9 - Goals: 1 - Assists: 2 - Tournaments Played: Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V

9- Juanma Saez
Height: 5'10 - Weight: 165lbs – Age: 28 years old - Team: Parakleion Firebirds FC (TKT)

A classic striker with exceptional shooting, Juanma loves moving into the open channel to use his decent dribbling and first touch to roll onto goal and shoot with his right foot into the keepers left sidenet. He's a great finisher and always stays alert to the game, using his off the ball ability to give his defender a fakeout and head into open space. Buildup play isn't Juanma's strong suit, so if his attack through the center is blocked off, then there's not really much he can contribute to the attack. But damn can he shoot the ball and that’s what you want from your starting striker. He scored Cardenao’s first international goal in the 78th Baptism of Fire and hasn’t stopped since then, scoring 20 in 29 for the Blue and Golds and enjoyed a superb season in the Tikariot Premier League, earning a spot on the B Team of the Year (along with Haritz Larrainzar) with 13 goals and three assists in 22 games. He scored ten in World Cup qualifying and will be looking to make his mark in the Cup of Harmony.

Off the pitch he enjoys jetskiing and bird hunting, he also owns a minority stake in the popular tequila company Mejíto.

Rating: A+ – Team Relationship: A+ – Morale: A+ – Form: A+
Caps: 55 - Goals: 31 - Assists: 6 - Tournaments Played: Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V - Personal Awards: Tikariot Premier League B Team of the Year (Season 105)

20- Yeison Mesa
Height: 6'6 - Weight:193lbs – Age: 26 - Team: Cardonia FC

Tall, thin, and outrageously quick, the 6’6 striker from Cardonia FC is a total killer on the pitch. Yeison Mesa has a superbly delicate touch that his height wouldn't suggest while he has a fantastic ability to pull off the right simple move to get into his lethal shooting territory that included every angle within 26 yards of the goal. A high profile move to Cardonia FC let Yeison showcase his attacking ability for the best team in the league and he was simply sensational, scoring 41 goals over the 57 matchday season and has arrived to the World Cup in red hot form.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: B+ – Morale: A – Form: A+
Caps: 30 - Goals: 9 - Assists:[u] 2 - [u]Tournaments Played Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V

Right Wingers:
23- Chímo Ventura
Height:5'10 - Weight:153lbs – Age: 19 - Team: Escuela Nacíonal DCPF

Chímoooooo! So goes the popular chant from the Escuela Nacíonal DCPF faithful who have watched this particular talent blaze through the youth teams scoring goals for absolute laughs to dominating the Cardenao MegaPower League to showcasing it all at the World Cup, Chímo has great dribbling that pairs well with his sharp shooting sense to terrorize any defense he faces. He is particularly able to whip his leg and fire off shots without needing much space, and he truly packs a cannon for a foot. Chímo has developed into an all-around goal threat having scored 21 in 48 this past season for Escuela Nacíonal before having an excellent World Cup campaign where he won the starting right wing job over Fabrizio Viscarra, Chímo Ventura enters the CAFA Cup with the world at his feet

Rating: A – Team Relationship: B+ – Morale: A+ – Form: A+
Caps: 34 - Goals: 17 - Assists:[u] 3 - [u]Tournaments Played Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V

18- Halan Medhagbia
Height: 5’10 - Weight: 145lbs - Age: 24 - Team: Cornwall Clippers (QUE)

A left footed player who loves cutting in from the right wing, Halan Medhagbia is a quick, creative and technically excellent player whose main traits are his trickery, balance while dribbling, curling shots from the top of the box, and intelligent play in close quarters, all likely do to his history of playing street football. A slender build, Medhagbia has troubles with a physical defender but his pace and interplay ability help him evade most challenges. He burst onto the scene with the Catamulina Catarollas, scoring 16 goals and assisting a further 9 while putting in consistently strong performances to earn a high profile move to the exotic Cornwall Clippers of Quebec, before putting in a series of strong appearances in the World Cup culminating in a pair of goals and an assist. He’s heading into the CAFA Cup in the form of his life.
Rating: B+ – Team Relationship: C – Morale: B – Form: A-
Caps: 18 - Goals:2 - Assists:[u] 1 - [u]Tournaments Played World Cup 92, Cup of Harmony 84, CAFA Cup IV/V

11- Fabrizio Viscarra
Height:5'9 - Weight: 153lbs – Age: 30 - Team: Anchors FC (CMT)

A very quick, flashy dribbler, Fabrizio Viscarra loves bombing up the right flank using his inventive, unpredictable dribbling to slice through opposing defenses before sliding a fairly accurate pass or cross into the middle. He had an incredible season for Conchara Mariposa, registering 18 goals and 14 assists in 54 appearances, earning a move abroad to a top-ten league in Chromatika with Anchors FC where he’ll pair with fellow Cardenaoan Đạt Iqaluk.

Viscarra is an electric jack of all trades who secured the starting spot going into the World Cup but failed to produce, with only two goals and three assists in 26 caps for the national team. Chímo Ventura has taken his starting place on the right wing, while Halan Medhagbia has arguably already overtaken him on the bench. Poor Fabrizio.
Rating: B+ – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A+
Caps: 30 - Goals: 2 - Assists:[u] 3 - [u]Tournaments Played Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91/92, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V


Captain: Diego Valenzuela
Vice-Captain: Harritz Larrainzar
Third Captain: Ray Holland

Kick Takers (in order of ability)
Free kicks: Zoltan Keidobika, Harritz Larrainzar, Chimo Ventura
Right corners: Harritz Larrainzar
Left corners: Giampietro Vera
Penalties: Juanma Saez

Head Coach: Scooter McNash
Height: 6'1 – Weight: 178lbs – Age 52 years old

A striking legend in his younger days, the eccentric Scooter McNash took the lead of the Cardenian national team during our maiden outing and has been absolutely outstanding, leading the team to the projected 72nd world ranking after advancing to the knockout stages of the Cup of Harmony for the first time in the nation’s history.

Rating: A+ - Team Relationship: A+ - Morale: A+ - Confidence:A
Tourn. Coached:Baptism of Fire 78, World Cup 91, Cup of Harmony 83/84, CAFA Cup IV/V







Roleplay Permissions

Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Injury to my players: No.
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: No
Hand out Red cards to my players: No
Godmod Other Events: No.
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Postby Audioslavia » Thu Nov 24, 2022 5:32 am

Squad for CAFA Cup 5
# Position Name                         Age Club
1 G Constance Creighton 25 Shamrock Cathair
2 D/M R Olavo Larrea 27 AC Izotz Zubia
3 D/M L Hernán Mata-Curie 26 1830 Cathair
4 DM C Iker Munir 24 AC Izotz Zubia
5 D C Euan MacArthur 27 Shamrock Cathair
6 D C Sandy Harkness 24 Shamrock Cathair
7 M C Yuriorkis Stelea 31 KT Itzalovalle
8 M C Unai Cappadonna 27 AC Izotz Zubia
9 AM/F C Wilhelm Hielscher-Zendagorta 27 Cazadores Cathair
10 AM/F C Helios Roy 24 Osarese Marcadia
11 M CL Inigo Brandão 28 KT Itzalovalle
12 AM/F C Danil Lanziego 26 1830 Cathair
13 G Tor Zorola 21 KT Moreazerua
14 M RL Gaetano Torrado 22 KT Itzalovalle
15 D RC Everton Bolding 25 KT Koroatuz
16 D C Bartol Villanueva 21 Cazadores Cathair
17 M R Briareo Asaguirreiturri 27 KT Ferramendiak
18 D/M C Reuben Corkhill 28 KT Moreazerua
19 D L Evan Orson 21 Burdoc Ridge
20 AM/F C Jean-Marc Casquecassé 22 Berlin Sportverein (GMX)
21 M/F RC Janne Lindeman 24 Laivana JPS
22 DM C Iñigo Higgs 24 Cazadores Cathair
23 DM C Gael Morea 24 KT Moreazerua
24 DM C Lucas Keir 26 Shamrock Cathair
25 G Curipurinho 25 AC Izotz Zubia
26 F C Jacobo Escalera 21 KT Ferramendiak
Manager: Ager Alaba (ASG)
Formation: 5-3-2
Expected Line-up: Creighton - Larrea, Bolding, Harkness, Corkhill, Mata-Curie - Cappadonna, Munir, Stelea (c) - Roy, Zendagorta
Style Modifier: -5
Penalties: Zendagorta (placement > power)
Corners: Larrea, Mata-Curie
Free Kicks: Cappadonna (placement), Bolding (power), Mata-Curie (cross)

Potted history
  • Audioslavia reached the finals of World Cups 12, 19, 20 and 29, losing all of them and gaining a reputation as a team that chokes.
  • After thirty cycles away, Audioslavia returned to win the Baptism of Fire before World Cup 59, won the AOCAF Cup in cycle 60 and then won back-to-back World Cups in cycles 63 and 64. That's the golden generation right there.
  • Things went back to normal after that. The side lost a few more major finals, including World Cups 67, 69 and 76.
  • Audioslavia reached consecutive semi-finals in the World Cup before catastrophically failing to qualify for World Cups 91 and 92. Victory in CAFA Cup 3 and cycle 91's Cup of Harmony offset this disappointment, but it wasn't enough for former manager RJ Styrn to keep her job.
  • Audioslavia is one of two nations to have won five major senior titles - BoF, CoH, WC plus two different regional championships. Whether the side are the fourth or fifth team to win the WCC Grand Slam depends on whether the CoH83 final happened before or after World Cup 91 final. YMMV.
  • Until recently, the side held both the CAFA Cup and the WCC Cup of Harmony simultaneously. Audioslavians had the absolute nerve to use the definite article when calling this 'The Double'

Style of Play
  • Post Football is the name given to Audioslavia's style of play. It's based on the idea that, the less the game resembles football, the more ill at ease your opponents will be. Audioslavia play dirty, sideways and overly cautiously.
  • Kontrapuntzeka is another word for it. Literally meaning counter-attacking, Audioslavia's national team are comfortable playing without the ball and charging forward in numbers when they do have it. Each player on this team has a deep understanding of how, when and where to attack on the counter. Losing the ball and allowing the Bulls to hit you on the break can be fatal to even the best teams in the multiverse.
  • Audioslavian footballers tend to be on the shorter, leaner side, with everyone outside of the goalie, centre forward and centre half topping out at about 5'10.
  • Audioslavian footballers are often tenacious and resistant, with the highest levels of stamina you'll see in world football. Audioslavian sides are often capable of playing at a high-tempo for long periods of time, and wins are often through attrition rather than skill.
  • Audioslavian teams are notorious for gamesmanship - the bending of the rules in order to gain an advantage. Players will taunt, feign injury, surround the referee, basically anything if it seems like it'd be beneficial. Audioslavians feel no shame in this. As far as they're concerned, their willingness to go further than the other team is a sign that they're more dedicated than their opponents might be. What might be considered dishonourable behaviour for you might be considered just in Audioslavia.
  • Audioslavian teams fear losing. It's our greatest weakness and, given how this fear manifests itself in big games, a powerful irony
  • As well as lacking a bit of raw power, Audioslavian footballers often lack technique compared to their foreign counterparts.
  • Above all else though, what Audioslavian national teams often lack is heart. The worse things are going, the worse Audioslavians play. They're the classic bully. When things don't pan out as they expect, they retreat physically and mentally.

The Manager
Old enough to have been born in Ittuributa, formerly a player at Royal Association and Apox's Urbanista Trojans, when Alaba joined KT Itzalovalle for just $200,000 in the eleventh transfer window, he surely can't have imagined he would be calling Audioslavia his home for the next twenty-five cycles.

He stayed as a player for over ten years, making dozens of appearances in the UICA Globe Cup, IFCF Champions League and IFCF Challengers Cup. His own declining years coincided with that of his club, however. Limited to a handful of games, and arguably a handful more than he should have been playing as a 39 year-old, Alaba was relegated with Itzi at the end of National League Season 6 (current season: 22). Retiring early the next season, Alaba would find the managerial reigns of the club offered to him as it languished near the bottom of the second division, teetering on the brink of a humiliating descent into the third tier. Alaba scraped together enough points for an eighth placed finish, achieved promotion the following season and, after propelling his club to fifth and sixth placed finishes over the next two seasons, mounted a real charge for the title in season eleven, missing out on the league title to Cazadores by just two points.

With Itzi's board refusing to back Alaba further in the transfer market, the Astograthian would leave the club he'd spent seventeen seasons at before the start of season twelve in a shock move, joining area rivals AC Izotz Zubia, with whom he won a first league title in five seasons for the men in salmon and silver. Three more league titles, two Kirola Cups, two Tropicorp Super Cups would follow over the next eight seasons as Alaba built a side that finished in the top three in every single cycle he managed. Notably in season seventeen, his Zozi side finished a point behind his old club, KT Itzalovalle, a club who would perhaps not have been so competitive at the top had he not worked his magic there a decade prior.

Alaba leaves Zozi after eight seasons, lured by a not insignificant amount of money from the national team. With further UICA silverware proving elusive, Alaba has apparently had his head turned by not only money (although seriously, he's being paid a lot) but the promise of more silverware and the chance, however slim, of going to the World Cup.

First things first, though. Alaba has selected a young, promising band of players for CAFA Cup 5, with an eye on reaching the latter stages.

This team
    Yes, it's five at the back, yes, Alaba is conforming to Audioslavian football's natural defensiveness, perhaps overly so, but it's not just a parked bus. Wing-backs Mata-Curie and Larrea both maraud forward when possible, and the back three contains Reuben Corkhill, a midfielder for his club, and occasional full-back Everton Bolding.
    Furthermore, top strikers Helios Roy and Wilhelm Zendagorta are finally being deployed together after Styrn had previously used either one or the other in a rigid 4-5-1. Both players are attacking midfielders who went on to become strikers.

    In other words: Audioslavia's supposed 'best eleven' contains nine players who initially broke onto the scene as midfielders. Only goalkeeper Creighton and centre-half Harkness are rigid position players. This is a side that can keep possession in midfield if necessary, just like AC Izotz Zubia used to. Whether they can do that well is still to be seen.

  • Helios Roy has become the fulcrum of the side's attack. First-person accounts of games are usually written through his eyes.
  • Wilhelm Hielscher-Zendagorta, a half-Audioslavian, half-Teus striker with caps for Siovanija and Teusland. S+T's departure from international football freed the striker up to represent another national team, according to the Valrauncion rule, and has duly been selected for Audioslavia. Styrn has generally opted for either Zendagorta or Roy up front, shying away from putting both strikers on the pitch at once.
  • Yoriyorkis Stelea has established himself as vice captain. A dependable midfielder, he is wholly unremarkable in his play other than that his form will not waver no matter the circumstances. When everything starts to go wrong, Stelea is Audioslavia's best player by far.

Home, Away.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y*
Injure Players: Y
GodMod Injury Events Y*

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y*
* As long as you're cool with the idea that my media's interpretation of events might be different.

For users entering sub-age teams, all permissions are set to N.

Style Modifier: -5

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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Nov 25, 2022 6:52 am

ko-orenite football association national team
Style mod: -5. If they can't score, they can't win. That's post-football for you, baby!

Nickname Dragonflies
Head Coach Katherine Davenport
Assistant Coach #1 Cath Schoppe
Assistant Coach #2 Phélie Poussin
Assistant Coach #3 Epeloknu Dhinthulandhen
Goalkeeping Coach Takiji Miyaguchi
Team Manager Aeneme Aoragolin
Strength & Conditioning #1 Yuki Ishido
Strength & Conditioning #2 Cwfw yDdeffchim
Doctor Luther Stokes
Medical Staff x3 Berentschot, Ponce, Runmeningun
Selectors Ronne Weleman, Zacharias Steenbok, Meiji Yahiro
Scouting & Analysis x2 Lillian Stevens, Denal Cadadgoor
Trigramme KOR
Colours Green, blue, (yellow)
World Cup
Appearances: 20x - 64-66, 69-72, 74-75, 81, 83-92
Best Result: 9x Ro16 - 66, 69-70, 74-75, 81, 83, 85, 91
Best Result: 1x 1st - 89. 1x 2nd - 87. 1x QF - 90.
World Cup qualification
Appearances: 34x - 55-56, 58-75, 78-92
Cup of Harmony
Appearances: 10x - 50, 51, 53-55, 60, 65, 71-72, 74
Best Result: 1st, CoH 65. 3rd, CoH 74.
Anaia - CAFA Cup
Appearances: 5x - 1-5
Best Result: 2x 2nd - 3, 4. 1x 4th - 2.
Atlantian Oceania - AOCAF
Appearances: 21x - 40-51, 55-63
Best Result: 1st: 60. 2nd: 50. 3rd: 48, 59. 4th: 45, 47.
Eagle's Cup
Appearances: 5x - 10-14
Best Result: 5th, 12

Aminey, Aminey - Stade sur la Baie (70000) - home to Aminey CS (and the Aminey Caspians, Aminey Buffaloes, and Aminey Owls).
The flagship stadium, huge production values, the works.

Schemerdrecht, Intermare - Orange Bowl (54000) - home to Schemerdrecht SVV (and the Schemerdrecht Admirals).
More associated perhaps with the Admirals than the SVV, but it's nearly always sold out venue for great crowds in any sport.

Maethoru, KCT - Rikalathen Arena (39000) - home to Maethoru SC (and Mayara Wanderers-Vulpecula).
Close to the KFA's training grounds, at least it has that going for it. Crowds aren't great here.

Étouille, Cote Austral - Stade Amandine (30000) - home to Tanques AOE (and the Etouille Vultures).
Some amazing drone shots over a stadium, a city, and a crowd that knows what makes life fun.

Santa Teresa, Finisterre - Estádio Fortaleza (29000) - home to Miradela GD (and the Santa Teresa Sabres).
Made to be exactly 1000 seats larger than their rivals' stadium, the Fortaleza is the upper-class stadium.
Santa Teresa, Finisterre - Estádio Marítimo (28000) - home to Branvon CD.
The working class stadium that is, in all facets, a bit inferior to the Fortaleza. Except the crowds. There's no better stadium for wild crowds.

Maynard, Leeshire - Armskirk Municipal Ground (26000) - home to Maynard AFC.
The unlucky Maynard team have asked the KFA to have their stadium used by the national team - as the only southwestern stadium.

Katashi, Katashi - Suzumebachi Stadium (25000) - home to Katashi-Kanatsu.
The biggest stadium in the east, Katashi deserves a game. The fans will mostly just cheer for the Yoshiman players, though.

Greencaster, Surbourneshire - Golhampton Grounds (25000) - home to Sydberg Olympia.
Greencaster never had a big football culture, but that's changed, and the local Olympia have kept pace with the hype. Biggest city in the country, too.

Aevanna, Aerellen - Northern Arena (32000) - home to university team 'Aevanna Ecologiske Universitet'.
The KFA wants some games geographically spread across the country, and so the cold, dark, and cold gridiron Northern Arena is on the list.

Alara, Alara - Spider Stadium (27100) - home to Advance Alara.
Eastern but not on the island Katashi's on. Fans are used to seeing a lot of goals - which the Dragonflies don't do.

Straudum, Sudaefjoll - Hazel Arena (25400) - home to Straudum VV.
Biggest stadium in the northeast, as far as the mainland goes. Straudum's style matches the NT's style perfectly. Propped up by the massive (rich) IT sector.

Eaglebury, WSR - Uriagali Field (18000) - home to WSR AFC and Pride of Eaglebury.
Biggest/only stadium on the west coast. Eaglebury has an amazing, flourishing sports culture and it's no longer completely ignored by the other 99% of the country.

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes (but give me an 'out' for the Ko-orenite fans and players if it's extreme)

GK Wemagun Cyamou (KOR, 21) - Amandine AdF, a questioning, plump, tactician

GK Carl Malmstroom (KOR, 26) - Tanques AOE, a fanatical, compact, debater
GK Reg Siemeling (KOR, 27) - Arboren FC, a mature, skinny, professor
GK Edou Bittencourt (KOR, 28) - Miradela GD, a martyr, strong, playmaker

Cyamou deserves time in the spotlight as the biggest GK talent since Theshendan (but somehow plays for a mediocre second division team). Malmstroom is a hair away from being the NT starter, with Siemeling close behind if only he'd leave the 2nd division team. Bittencourt is the NT starter, with a hell of a season in the books for Miradela.

RF Kaneyoshi Kaji (KOR, 18) - Katashi-Kanatsu, a dense, petite, mercenary
RB Harmon Mulvahil (KOR, 26) - Osarese Marcadia, AUD, a good, staunch, aggressor
CB Jubenar Mallerbury (KOR, 27) - Zilverstraat SC, TSA, a evil, agile, dynamo
LB Marc Hoevink (KOR, 27) - Straudum VV, a soft, instinctive, gladiator
LF Obadiah Gillinghurst (KOR, 19) - Schemerdrecht SVV, a soft, powerful, leader

RF Abi Lavaud (KOR, 23) - Montreal Koreana, QUE, a idiosyncratic, fast, dissenter
RB Ulristhen Derjekhistun (KOR, 25) - Soldarian FC, VAL, a moody, beefy, opportunist
CB Egesa Aedil (KOR, 18) - Tanques AOE, a polite, muscular, wall
LB Thomas Finisterrais (KOR, 19) - Aminey CS, a active, staunch, glass cannon
LF Boloraun Rurindhaunden (KOR, 29) - Aminey CS, a political, toned, mercenary

LF Min-Ji (f) Pae (KOR, 21) - WSR AFC, a persistant, staunch, penalty specialist
LB Cyrus Crewnett (KOR, 19) - Greencaster Technical University, a decisive, buff, man marker
RF Aoremis Aelea (KOR, 23) - Branvon CD, a loud, fit, tackler
CB Martin van der Heuvel (KOR, 18) - Sudaefjolluniversitet, a confrontational, bony, clown
LB Nicholaus Abyssite (KOR, 22) - MTK Kingsville, DAR, a catty, well built, controller
RF Cornelia (f) Gloren (KOR, 21) - Schemerdrecht SVV, a tough, well built, opportunist
CB Persephone (f) Rowley (KOR, 20) - Grainshire Academy, a unassuming, skinny, genius
CB Géra Bethune (KOR, 22) - Amandine AdF, a tidy, nimble, mercenary

The first shift has the big NT names like Mulvahil, Mallerbury, and Hoevink, but with some wild talent on the wings. Kaji is a tremendous attacking fullback, Gillinghurst is the defensive counterpart. The second shift has Lavaud, who left Ko-oren early but probably worked to his favour, as well as Derjekhistun - is he good? Is he great? Is he nothing special? Nobody knows, so he is all at the same time - with Aedil and Finsterrais, with Rurindhaunden on the other wing. Finsterrais counts as a big talent - Aedil not as much. Abyssite, Gloren, and Pae all are amazing for their clubs but struggle to play in a different system. Bethune and Rowley arguably aren't ready for this level but they're here anyway.

RM Ciriaco Laza (KOR, 18) - Miradela GD, a cruel, compact, showman
CM Purelbusak Entatingun (KOR, 21) - Maethoru SC, a noncompetitive, heavy, mercenary
LM Khidinu Daraluthen (KOR, 25) - Tanques AOE, a pretentious, thin, playmaker
AM Authusa Aoriene (KOR, 28) - Maethoru SC, a emotional, powerful, clown

DM Jolgurasaun Dhentingun (KOR, 28) - Mercia Bromham, KRY, a helpful, bulky, box-to-box player
RM Naohiro Enokida (KOR, 25) - Advance Alara, a neat, pacy, maestro
CM Timothy Parsons (KOR, 27) - Straudum VV, a loyal, fast, opportunist
AM Teiichi Tsuchimoto (KOR, 18) - Hiwatsu FC, a mean, quick, debater

DM Orinosuke Uozumi (KOR, 21) - Katashi-Kanatsu, a circumspect, trim, aggressor
RM Kazutoshi Vujimura (KOR, 24) - Teragaseki, a witty, hard-hitting, visionary
RM Noah Kirkham (KOR, 24) - Castelo e Calvente CS, a unreliable, slim, opportunist
CM Ryobe Takagaki (KOR, 21) - Katashi-Kanatsu, a evasive, pudgy, creator
CM Geomraff yCinrhadd (KOR, 26) - Sivolvia Capitalizt, SRS, a loving, stocky, architect

The first shift will be the default RM-CM-LM with an AM in front, with Laza as the team's future, as well as Entatingun who mostly plays great but clocks out for some games. Aoriene had a sneaky rise to power but he's on Maethoru now anyway. The second shift is a more defensive style with Enokida and Parsons next to one another in the middle. Dhentingun has gone from great to good to great to meh to great, so no idea what happens next to him. Tsuchimoto plays for an amateur side - not a University or Academy. Uozomi couldn't handle the hype, while Vujimura and Kirkham play in the second tier. Takagaki and yCinrhadd are genuinely good enough but we've got way too many good playmakers.

LS Rex Archer (KOR, 25) - Aminey CS, a relaxed, lanky, cheater

SS Hurorinul Bonstirthinden (KOR, 25) - Miradela GD, a inhibited, gigantic, glass cannon

RS Abel Wigram (KOR, 21) - Bruncester United AFC, a jealous, agile, tackler
RS Dornared yOraenaig (KOR, 18) - Sydberg Olympia, a reserved, burly, artist
ST Loren Lemaigre (KOR, 22) - CSKA Quebec, QUE, a helpful, nimble, shadow
RS Aurin Aomelirea (KOR, 24) - Revolutionaries, EUR, a opportunistic, bulky, man marker
ST Richard Twickaway (KOR, 20) - Sydberg Olympia, a mature, well built, journeyman

Archer is the finisher, while Bonstirthinden can play with the midfield to create chances. Wigram is a bit overlooked, given his club. yOraenaig helped his team to the Top League and broke through as a legitimate talent at that level.

We play post-football, a term coined during World Cup 89 to put words to a horrible semifinal between Audioslavia and the Dragonflies, which ended 0-0 after 120 minutes, then all but one penalty was scored in the ensuing series. Post-football means no singing. No cheering. No scoring. Post-football is sideways passes, looking like the same, repetitive movements for minutes on end, but with tiny variations that at some point will get to you. It could be a counterattack, or a shot from distance, or a set piece. Post-football doesn't care if it takes 90 or 120 minutes, or more.

This team is all about containing their opponent, letting them make mistakes, and capitalising on those. Let the other guys get impatient, lose the ball, and immediately go for the counter attack. Yes, it's frustrating to play against, but you have to admit that there's a certain beauty to doing this near-flawlessly every single time. The Dragonflies aren't a very physical team, but can match almost every opponent in stamina (not so much power or speed, though. Typically only the wingers are pacy). Instead, they rely on tactics and patience. The team is also good enough to be in possession a lot and dictate the tempo, though they're not always creative enough to break down the opposing defence - for that, the Dragonflies have learned to be very, very good on counterattacks, set pieces, and a few patterns in open play. Given the experience most of these players have, it's hard to come up with something new they've never seen - and then do that well enough to reliably score. In order to beat us, you'll need to bring two (or more) of the following: power, speed, caution.

Basically, this team comes prepared, is patient, and keeps a cool head.

Numbers 1 to = typically start (but not always, feel free to choose your starters). That's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, X, and =.
Numbers 1-1= are typically selected as starters or subs (but not always, feel free to select some 23+-ers as subs or starters).
Numbers 20 and over are mostly there as emergency replacements, but can be part of the squad for some games. These are almost always younger players with a lot of promise.

The standard for this team. Five defenders, a defensive midfielder-slash-pivot, two wingers, an attacking midfielder-annex-second striker, and a pure finisher up front. In possession, one of the defenders can push up: this might be one of the fullbacks to provide width, but can also be one of the centrebacks, in which case the defensive midfielder makes way. The wingers will be wider or narrower based on the opposition, and the same determines how far the fullbacks will advance. In defence, the team becomes narrower, with the defensive midfielder playing spoiler to whoever is trying to find space between the Ko-orenite lines, and the wingers falling back to meet opposing fullbacks. The striker and attacking midfielder will almost always look for space to launch a counterattack.
The alternate lineup, which still adheres to a basic 5-4-1. You could call it a 5-5-0, seeing as the striker is sitting back much further. This lineup works the exact same for the defenders, with or without possession. The defensive and central midfielder are pivots, the wingers have far more freedom to find space, and the striker drops back to receive the ball and allow other players to overlap, enabling them to score a goal rather than the striker themselves. In defence, the midfielders can organically shrink and expand their 'pentagram-five' formation much more fluidly.


All-time record: 521-146-231 +1297 -708 =+589

1) Simon Everest - Scored the first official goal
2) Alizarin Lelantos - Coached the team to the first Cup of Harmony
3) Haki Asgard - Record holder for most matches played for the national team
4) Koyane Shiribeshi - Record holder for most goals scored for the national team
5) Pet Rilasthaunden - Most games as coach, perfected the defensive scheme
6) Xi Shang - Captain in the earliest days of the KFA
7) Sobek Dehenat - Celebrated captain and defender of the formative years
8) Fin Fenner - Dynamic midfielder, third-most appearances for the national team
9) Katanmak Juliasterinthen - Celebrated defender and captain of the most successful campaigns. Coach of AOCAF 60-winning squad, the WC87 finalists, and WC89 champions. NSWC President.
10) Katherine Davenport - Long time captain and celebrated defender. Head coach.
11) Storm Enshadilsa - Second-most capped player, most clean sheets for the national team
12) Bogdan Antonescu - Only non-Ko-orenite in the HoF, coached the team to most of its World Cup qualifications
13) Naemasu Tokachi - Fourth-most capped player, most assists, many goals
14) Reizo Yokota - Captain of AOCAF 60-winning squad
15) Lionel Dalton - Record holder for most matches played for the national team, AOCAF and CoH winner
16) Larut Theshendan - Allowed 7 goals in all of the World Cup 87 cycle - from qualifiers to the World Cup final.
17) The entire WC89 squad! Theshendan - Van Kalvenhaar, Benjamin, Van Schelven, Kaplan, Mizuno - Ensaunden, Janoreirinthen, Vaugrenard, Longchambon - Erisia
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Postby Mertagne » Fri Nov 25, 2022 8:17 am

The Federation of Mertagnian Football Presents...
CAFA Cup 5 Team

No Pos Player Sex Age Club Traits
1 GK Rhiannon Fawn F 24 Image Starling Centred, Forthright, Stringy, Workhorse
12 GK Rhys le Besco M 26 Image CF Outineau Upsetting, Dominant, Burly, Debater
23 GK Cedric Millard M 21 Image Papillio Mertagne FMFC Impassioned, Formulaic, Quick, Showman

No Pos Player Sex Age Club Traits
2 LB Corrie Kidman F 27 Image Fligsive FC Bright, Anxious, Powerful, Trickster
3 CB Briac Lewis [c] M 27 Image Expats Endeavour Loyal, Nice, Beefy, Leader
4 RB Margaret Harlow F 27 Image Alnio Quirky, Capable, Hard-hitting, Daredevil
13 LB Bleiz Denham M 23 Image Oriannor Mountaineers FC Breezy, Childlike, Toned, Dissenter
14 CB Haizene Fairchild F 24 Image Blackfields Creative, Charitable, Frail, Man Marker
15 RB Sabrina Aikman F 23 Image United Marietta FC Cunning, Quiet, Pacy, Shadow
24 CB Txomin Huon M 24 Image Lakewood City Proud, Erratic, Gigantic, Artist

No Pos Player Sex Age Club Traits
5 LM E dl F* [vc] F 29 Image Avanaroch White Wings FC Private, Clever, Bony, Leader
6 CM Graham Ellerby M 24 Image Osarese Marcadia Benign, Awkward, Thin, Professional
7 CM Pia Aziz F 28 Image Bakartirla Buccaneers Frank, Cunning, Tiny, Dynamo
8 RM Rowan Emberson M 26 Image Frenei Tor Gossipy, Grumpy, Skinny, Dissenter
16 LM Martine Aldergrass F 30 Image Ancarea FC Inclusive, Solemn, Slender, Poacher
17 CM Jordan Will M 24 Image Victoria & Albert SC Cunning, Toxic, Swift, Playmaker
18 CM Lydia Gomboult F 24 Image Clyde Park Decadent, Bribable, Gigantic, Free Kick Specialist
19 RM Fostin Feu M 29 Image Lehen Neorudo Outspoken, Demanding, Bony, Dissenter
25 LM Stewart Bickley M 21 Image Keers Kannoneers Assertive, Berserk, Tiny, Opportunist
26 RM Jake Inxaugarate M 27 Image Oriannor Mountaineers FC Cocky, Kind, Stocky, Glass Cannon
*Erdotza de la Fontaine

No Pos Player Sex Age Club Traits
9 ST Tara Number F 30 Image Branvon CD Helpful, Solemn, Towering, Technician
10 ST Kevin Restault M 28 Image Burgess FC Gallant, Clueless, Quick, Creator
11 ST Holly Eveson F 23 Image Carthage United Fiery, Driven, Beefy, Clown
20 ST Claudio Vantula M 33 Image KT Itzallovalle Reliable, Willing, Muscular, Leader
21 ST Burro Curwood M 20 Image Polaris Humble, Good, Fast, Workhorse
22 ST Tevente Kings M 23 Image Blades de Bretsaar Hard-working, Doubting, Fast, Cheater

Support Staff
Manager: Ázëwyn Fëanáro, 41XX, Image Calming, Sensible, Lithe, Architect
Ass. Manager: Kristie Ettrick, 45, Image Aggressive, Intense, Compact, Dissenter
Media Consultant: Ellis "Lis" Lawrence, 27, Image Entrepreneurial, Duplicitous, Bony
Traits follow a [mental][mental][physical][style] format.
Formation: 3-4-3
Style Modifier: +3. Score more goals than you can.
Free Kickers: Lydia Gomboult, Margaret Harlow, Kevin Restault
Cornerers: Kevin Restault, Txomin Huon, Jordan Will
Penaltiers: Jordan Will, Tevente Kings, Stewart Bickley

After a cycle in which the Mertagnian team proved they were deserving of their 50th place WCC ranking, and in fact made in-roads further up the table thanks to a quarter final finish in the Cup of Harmony. Standing on several Anaians such as Cardenao and the Ochre Islands to get there, it would be fellow Anaians Saint Eleanor that would beat Mertagne to the punch and go on to win the entire cup, in a much deserved manner.

The CAFA Cup is a great time to debut new faces, and sunset others, and this squad is a solid stepping stone with is bringing in talent from other levels of the Mertagnian international pyramid, such as those that have graduated from the youth squads.

Still in charge is Starblaydi Elf Ázëwyn Fëanáro, who has very much matured into the role of manager of the international team. She is now a common face against Mertagnian pundits, able to calmly and tacitly handle the media, often with a sensible yet impassioned message that appeals to the average Mertagnian's sense of superiority when it comes to multiversal football. A talent clearly learned from her time at Starblaydia, Fëanáro seems to have convinced the media that this cycle truly will be the best one yet, and that the stars are aligning for Mertagne as a lime force to continue on the up-and-up.

Mertagne's style of football has affectionately been referred to as 'pre-football' by eminent journalists across the region, focusing on the fundamentals of making ball go fwoosh towards goal in front more times than the other folks on the pitch can. This squad contains 26 members that are certainly drilled in that school of thought and among them include Briac Lewis, captain of the squad and competent communicator from the back that uses his keen perspective from the defending third of the pitch to help dictate the flow of play. In goal, Rhiannon Fawn has replaced Rhys le Besco as first-pick, after her amazing performance in the World Cup qualifiers against teams such as Nephara and Kelssek, which was continued in the Cup of Harmony. Cedric Millard a new talent coming up from the youth levels, will debut in this tournament. Back to the defence, EOT veteran Corrie Kidman joins Lewis in the first-pick row, but key players from this defensive selection include Txomin Huon, who is building his career in Tumbra, and debuting Sabrina Aikman, one of the quickest defenders ever recorded on the Mertagnian teamsheet.

In the midfield, old hands such as Erdotza de la Fontaine and Martine Aldergrass continue to amaze and cement their place in the upper echelons of Mertagnian competition. Lydia Gomboult makes a return, which was of a great shock to many pundits in the media, after her awry penalty shot in the Cup of Harmony sent Mertagne out of the tournament. After a furious Kristie Ettrick was seen shouting at reporters that had gathered outside the team's hotel in Delaclava that the team doesn't propagate a 'blame culture', it seems that Gomboult has been given a second chance in this tournament, and the pressure seems to be on her to justify her spot on the squad. Neron Everdell is dropped, to the excitement of everyone on the opposition, and fellow Audioslavia domestic player Graham Ellerby sits alongside Pia Aziz on the first-pick middle line.

Noticing an ageing attack on paper, Fëanáro and Ettrick have introduced some new blood up front, with names such as Burro Curwood and Kevin Restault joining veterans of the game Tara Number and Claudio Vantula, the latter of which has announced his retirement from international football at the conclusion of the CAFA. Holly Eveson continues to be a lynchpin of the Mertagnian attack, and will certainly be one to watch in this tournament.

Regional competition always seems to put Mertagne under a microscope, and here it is likely the Green Goblins will face some stiff regional competition. Hopefully this cycle, Mertagne can weather the storm and escape the group stage of death that seems to haunt them in the competition.

Kits lovingly provided by Kirola Sportswear of Audioslavia.

Style Modifier: +3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but no outright killing.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Sometimes. Send me a TG with what you're planning and I'll approve it if I like it. For the purposes of stadium happenings, this is set to Y.
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Postby Mertagne » Fri Nov 25, 2022 8:35 am


Format & Scorination
So, you think you trust Mertagne enough to host a CAFA, right? Well, turns out your unfounded faith in me is reciprocated! If I win the host bid for this tournament, I will shirk making any decisions put my faith in the power of democracy and allow all tournament members to VOTE on several aspects of the tournament.

You will be able to vote on the following options (and many of them will have a write in option, in case you have better ideas than me!):
- The format of the qualifiers (single round robin, double round robin, Casaran)
- The size and number of the groups (subject to final numbers)
- The tiebreakers, and the order in which they will be applied
- The number of teams progressing out of the first round (As a fraction of entrants)
- The nature of the knockouts
- The scorination formula (NSFS vs various SxIS options) I will be using xkoranate 0.3.3 to perform the scorination.
- Several options on the balance of roster and RP bonus (weightings, not explicit bonus numbers)
- The prevalence of RP prompts

Vote will be collected via a Google Form which will be open for 72 hours to all nations participating in the tournament, and will be circulated once signup numbers are confirmed. I am not willing to budge on the use of additive style mods.

Finally, I will be bringing back 'stadium happenings', which have been a feature of Mertagnian tournaments since I stole them from Farf back in AOCAF 38 such as those used in Baptism of Fire 78. Stadium happenings will occur in all games where both teams explicitly have Godmod other events set to Y.

Previous Hosting Experience
In recent history, the user behind Mertagne has hosted Cup of Harmony 83, Baptism of Fire 78, and Baptism of Fire 79. In ancient history, the user behind Mertagne has hosted AOCAF 41 and World Cup 66, among other tournaments. I am prepared to work with most formats you throw at me, however I reserve the executive right to choose second-choice options if the first-choice options make for an exceptionally cursed or unplayable tournament. Everyone can have a little curse, though. As a treat.
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Postby Ochre Islands » Fri Nov 25, 2022 12:17 pm

Mertagne wrote:You will be able to vote on the following options (and many of them will have a write in option, in case you have better ideas than me!):

What sort of voting method will you use? Will it be FPTP or a runoff? It would be good to have preference voting if possible
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Postby Atheara » Sat Nov 26, 2022 3:58 am

ATHEARAN NATIONAL TEAM - Confederation of Anaian Football Associations V

The official roster for Atheara in the 5th edition of CAFA.

Whilst Atheara has made successful returns towards the World Cup Qualifying and Cup of Harmony, The Republic has yet returned to compete in it's own regional tournament. But this time, that will change as Atheara officially signs up for the 5th edition of CAFA, also known as the CAFA Cup V: The Squeakquel (Insert random awkward laughs from the readers). The few players who play outside of Atheara (Or rather Anaia as a whole) and a name or two have not been selected due to reasons that will not be revealed, likely for different reasons for each player. And with that, here is Atheara's CAFA roster.



NATION : Atheara
FORMATION: 4 - 1 - 4 - 1
NICKNAME : The Blue Guard
CAPTAIN : Jonathan Winger

Kristian Johansson Head Coach 51
Tedd Van De Lruzhingen Ass. Coach 37
Pieter Dehnvest Analyst 45
Adner Chroswell - Doritz Tactician 38

14 Zack Dawnbridge CF 23 Ezpitia FC
6 Kirov Solmatzka CF 27 Astena Rangers
22 Natan Trevoire CF 22 Aiderlesch United

4 Brandon Dottier AM 32 Gruttenwald United
23 Urusov Cantonian - Myords AM 34 Neidegrad United
30 Tutrov Van Desseilts CM 20 Deskala Saints
3 Mryzlav Koralsko CM 23 Astena Rangers
25 Sebastian Gregory CM 28 Harindar SC
12 Walter Ridgefork DM(CM) 22 Harindar SC
24 Andreas Olphert - Jordsen DM 32 Parkenheight FC
13 Rick Milewent DM 35 Deskala Saints

29 Azel Nieroth - Albrin RM(RW) 21 Schennerwits City
5 Harlow Stonewall RM(RW) 19 Real Kazatia
11 Thibraught Van De Keyes LM 26 Parkenheight FC
21 Zeeke Red LM 23 AFC Uderetch
7 Dani Halfaard LM(LW) 28 Bayerstrome SC

20 Emanuel Coelho CB 21 Ezpitia FC
15 Tobias Aslen - Morhallik CB 26 Deskala Saints
2 Anzel Van Brultheil CB 26 AFC Olhelm
26 Ja Dishwasher CB 19 SC Rennerheim
16 Adam Parkinson CB 33 Real Nova
31 Riviente Pavellan CB 34 Gruttenwald United

19 Jonathan Winger RB 33 Ezpitia FC
27 Alexei Zurunov RB 26 Parkenheight FC
8 Callum Norelinski RB 24 AFC Uderetch
9 Draxler Archengate LB 23 Schennerwits City
17 Rayan Inavotaski LB 28 Real Kazatia
10 Lachlan Burgen LB 23 Aiderlesch United

1 Mikel Horzabath Krygorf GK 23 Astena Rangers
18 Erik Sejersson GK 33 Deskala Saints
28 Cory Kallashin - Ekuinev GK 30 Neidegrad United

RP Permissions Box
If my opponent RPs our match first, I give them permission to...
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP Injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y, maximum of 5 each match.
Hand out red cards to my players: Y, maximum of 2 each match.
Godmod other events: Y
I prefer you pick these goalscorers for my side: Dawnbridge, Dottier, Van De Keyes
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Postby Mertagne » Sat Nov 26, 2022 4:21 am

Cheboa, in a discord chat wrote:Are we going to vote on all the things at once? because, like, my opinion on what tiebreakers are good kinda depends on whether the first question leans RR or leans Casaran.
Ochre Islands wrote:What sort of voting method will you use? Will it be FPTP or a runoff? It would be good to have preference voting if possible

Excellent questions from both. I will set up the form to use preference voting, and there will be an additional text box for longer answers so you can be as verbose as you like regarding your vote. I will aim to accommodate your wishes as best I can (so, for example, you can put in the text box "I would like this order of tiebreakers in the event of a Casaran tournament, and these in the event of a round robin.").

In the event that a Casaran tournament wins in this scenario, I will likely manually create the matchday tables to allow us to use whichever tiebreakers we wish, as I am aware that they are locked in the Casaran tool that NWK has developed, which was used for the last CAFA.
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Postby Aleirave » Sat Nov 26, 2022 6:29 am

aaa these were open and there was no I didn't see the discord ping >w>
The Aleirave Football Association
Baptism of Fire LXXVIII Champions
Roster for CAFA Cup V

OOC: All players in blue are ethnically Klysevian, all players in red are native Aleiravan.

The island nation of Aleirave is a rather small one, with a population of barely 50 thousand, somewhere in Anaia. Where in Anaia is somewhat up to interpretation, but it's there, we know that.

The nation of Aleirave was originally founded by Fyodor Tereyev, who was a puteshestvennik (or "traveller") from Klysevia, about 350 years ago. His descendants ruled the island up until the year 2023, when Alexandr Tereyev was shot and killed by a lone gunman in a peaceful protest. Since then, the island has been ruled as an Special Administrative Unit of Eshialand, effectively acting as its own democratic nation within a nation.

[Insert snappy paragraphs here]

Nickname: the Seagulls
Trigram: ALR

Stats and ages are two years behind now, oops. Everything is only updated to post-BoF LXXVIII.

First international: Audioslavia 4-0 Aleirave (CAFA II)
First win: Aleirave 6-3 Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land (CAFA III)
Best win: Aleirave 6-0 Unpleasant (BoF LXXVIII)
Worst loss/Most goals against: Audioslavia 4-0 Aleirave (CAFA II)
Most goals for: Aleirave 6-3 Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land (CAFA III), Aleirave 6-0 Unpleasant (BoF LXXVIII), Caribbia 3-6 Aleirave (BoF LXXVIII)
Highest-scoring match: Aleirave 6-3 Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land (CAFA III), Caribbia 3-6 Aleirave (BoF LXXVIII)

Home pitch: A field just outside Lahaira (capacity: 100)
One of the few grassy patches on the whole island will be the site of the Seagulls' home matches. It isn't much, but you'll be on a tropical island!

Coach: Haulafo PAKA'ULA (M, 53)
Given the political situation in Aleirave, Coach Paka'ula was not supposed to form this team. His grand scheme when he decided to craft this team was to show that natives could be just as good at football as the Klysevians, and that the two could work together in an international competition. President Tereyev flatly denied Haulafo's request to start the team, so he did what any normal person would do and assembled the team anyway.

Formation: 3-4-1-2
Style: +4

The Roster (starting XI in bold)
    GK #1 Falena RUKIPIATO (F, 27)
    GK #32 Oleg PONIEROV (M, 31)
    GK #70 Tehieko FEHIFELA (F, 24)
    LB #4 Yekaterina OLAYEVA (F, 28)
    RB #5 Piheve EVATENE (M, 18)
    LB #7 Serani NA'ELERU (F, 26)
    CB #9 Povure KELANULAHANE (M, 35)
    CB #11 Tefei'o TESUNA'E (M, 24)
    RB #14 Grigori ZHENTONIOV (M, 30)
    LM #2 Efineha TESUNA'E (F, 24)
    RCM #3 Aleksandr VRALETSKY (M, 29)
    RM #8 Valeri TYONKO (M, 26)
    LCM #12 Nakelia LIFEVANEKA (F, 19)
    RCM #17 Lunaha FUSERAKA (F, 27)
    RM #20 Petr ENOVRIEV (M, 33)
    LM #21 Nusene FAVENOKU (M, 24)
    LCM #49 Anna VANTEREVA (F, 33)
    ST #10 Neraveke HO'UMINALU (F, 22)
    ST #13 Fyodor VESHCHIK (M, 21)
    ST #28 Terale FIASALA (M, 27)
    AM #30 Valentina RESNYEVA (F, 29)
    ST #35 Renasetevo NANERIKEHA (M, 22)
    AM #99 Ivefela NOSELELA (F, 25)

RP Permissions
If my opponent roleplays first, they may:
Choose my starting lineup: Yes.
Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Please TG me and I'll determine the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes.
Hand out red cards to my players: No more than one per match without TGing me about it first.
Godmod other events: Please TG me first, but most likely yes. All Mertagnian stadium happenings are OK.

If you wanna collaborate on a match, just TG me! I'm open to all collaboration!

Lastly, please don't use pictures in your RP and say they represent my players. Trust me, they probably don't.
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Postby Evermark » Sat Nov 26, 2022 9:32 am


The 'Evermark national football team', calling themselves the Seekers, have arrived at the CAFA determined to secure a result, which they consider a sacred duty. This is Evermark's first official tournament, though they are adamant in claiming that they, or at least their people, have previously won a World Cup. While some players have started to prove themselves abroad, they retain a determination to call up at least one player per 'Pride'.

Contact was made by an ethnography team from a number of universities. The result of their studies of the first Evermarker season, and a number of their customs, can be found here. The ethnography team have continued to operate as the Evermarkers' go-between with civilisation, and effectively sponsored their arrival in the CAFA.

The Seekers will take to the field in green shirts and black shorts, with an all-white change strip and an all-orange or all-indigo goalkeeper strip. While their kits and boots are rudimentary by modern standards, they are fairly functional.

Evermark's opponents have permission to do anything short of a godmod.

FORMATION:[/b] 4-4-2
Used to a permissive refereeing style in their homeland, Evermarkers play an unrelentingly physical and dirty style of play, regarding this as their most likely way of acquiring the sacred Result. Used to being on the receiving end of such play, their attacking combinations are very direct, often bypassing the midfield. Without exception, their players are strong and athletic, though lacking many sport science innovations integral to the modern game such as cryotherapy or doping. After defeat, they will fast the night in penance, which does carry the risk of a protracted losing streak; after victory, they drink themselves into a stupor, carrying its own risks.

Perilous Sapphire has at times come dangerously close to unorthodox thought, last CAFA often opting for a 4-4-2 where one of the 'strikers' was, to all intents and purposes, a midfielder. This will be tolerated only so long as it is successful.

Perilous Sapphire - Age 43
Sapphire earned her post after bringing unexpected glory to the Valiant. She respects the sport deeply and hopes to learn much from the tournament. She's already shown a dangerous instinct for innovation.

1 - GK - Thylacine Nemeth - Age 20 - Argus Wild Arms (EOT)
Nemeth played for some time as a left-back, but his conversion to goalkeeper late in his teenage years has been remarkably successful. Though an indifferent shot-stopper, his ability to surge off his line to throw opponents off is remarkable.

12 - GK - Merry Cassalei - Age 28 - Pristine
An avid feaster, drinker and boaster, Cassalei cuts a generous figure between the posts but lunges for the ball with a deceptive agility. There's a low-key ferocity behind those sleepy eyes. Easily the best goalkeeper in Evermark, but poor compared to much of the rest of the team.

20 - GK - Prudent Tathale - Age 31 - Watchful
An unremarkable backup goalkeeper, Tathale was selected to represent one of the weaker Prides. Her job is to sit quietly at the back and not cause trouble.

2 - RB - Costil Weary Eyes - Age 25 - Creston Wolves (COR)
A young and promising contestant, though one who carries an oddly world-weary look. Costil hails from an ancient and honoured line of ferret-herds, so merely corralling wingers is child's play.

3 - LB - Aniseed Connell - Age 29 - Diligent
A darting, clever fullback, Connell is derided by many in Evermark for his seeming reluctance to merely scythe down his opponents, rather trying to win the ball fairly.

4 - CB - Gerhard Beacon - Age 32 - Paragon
Gerhard stands firm in defence and sets a good example to the rest of the team. He is appallingly slow, but the team's conservative low block should at least look to cover for this.

5 - CB - Seneca Creeksifter - Age 22 - Valiant
A wild thylacine attack has left Seneca with a slight but permanent limp. She will always be one of the slowest players on the pitch, but she overcame any fear her career in the Rites might be over thanks in part to her remarkable sense of anticipation and in part due to her propensity for full-throated violence.

16 - RB - Rascal Annika - Age 27 - Inspired
A young woman of promise, Annika is one of the few attack-minded fullbacks in Evermark, making up for her courageous forward runs by cynically fouling anyone who gets behind her.

18 - CB - Silent Matthis - Age 30 - Resplendent
Matthis lets his football do the talking. Or, at least, what he does on the pitch; one time, he bit a chunk of flesh off a man's calf. A respected man of honour.

22 - LB - Cutter Petrus - Age 21 - Erudite
Scruffy, wiry and lethal in close quarters, Petrus' trade as one of Evermark's finest hunters of stray thylacines has made him one of the peoples' sharpest and most badly-scarred players at the Rites.

24 - CB - Garnet Stephi - Age 22 - Watchful
Short for an Evermarker, let alone a centre-half, Stephi's success at the Rites is chiefly down to her willingness to wrestle people to the ground in a manner frowned upon by international refereeing standards.

6 - DM - Elena Oaktree - Age 28 - Resplendent
Slow and strong, as her honourific suggests, Elena has a languid grace in possession that livens up even the very physically focused, grinding and direct Rites.

8 - CM - Torches Kessler - Age 31 - Sanford Der Berg PREMIER FK (ZRH)
A bold and hard-running midfielder who has already passed between three victorious Prides, Kessler's honourific comes for his raging temper.

10 - RM - Fixed-wing Caspar - Age 28 - Aspirant
The fastest man in the league, Caspar's lack of other discernable attributes or virtues does little to hold him back in a competition of that calibre.

11 - LM - Virile Harker - Age 23 - Resplendent
Harker has sired countless children for the sake of the Evermarker people, but it has never slowed him down on the pitch. He has pace, brains and brawn in equal measure, though he is no technician.

13 - RM - Kalenz Rhinohide - Age 26 - Dauntless
A relative latecomer to the rites, Kalenz proved his right to compete by slaying a bear with tooth and nail alone. Admired for his ferocity more than his ability to hit a cross.

14 - CM - Spindle Idina - Age 29 - Ardent
Idina despises her pathetically weak Pride, the Ardent, though it is that Pride's very weakness that meant she was a certain callup for the Seekers. She craves the opportunity to prove herself abroad, but it is doubtful she is of the requisite quality.

19 - LM - Sparkling Ingrid - Age 25 - Gilded City Dragons (COR)
Considered something of an iconoclast in Evermarker circles, Ingrid once made the bold suggestion that the permissive refereeing at the Rites was contributing to the sport's brutal attrition rates. That she has been called up despite her moral failings speaks much of her talent.

23 - DM - Hard-nosed Carsten - Age 30 - Outcast
The leading committer of fouls and accumulator of yellow cards in the Rites, Carsten has earned much honour and credibility for his work. He is a thug, and admired for it.

25 - AM - Relentless Andre - Age 25 - Paragon
The closest thing in Evermark to a traditional playmaker, Andre is notorious for his refusal to run; he is one of the few whose honourific appears to be completely ironic.

26 - CM - Kris Sweetling - Age 21 - Dauntless
The ethnography team is yet to work out the deal with Kris, who remains for the most part under wraps.

7 - ST - Leif Nine Fingers - Age 27 - Carrington PREMIER (TLI)
A scarred, handsome striker, who is believed one of the likeliest to earn a foreign contract. His name is no metaphor, one finger having been eaten by a rabid thylacine. 12 goals last season made him the Rites' top scorer.

9 - ST - Hilda Rockbiter - Age 21 - Outcast
Hulking, overweight and nasty to have to take on in a fight, Hilda's lack of fitness, terrible attitude and blatant disobedience of team orders may at times be made up for by her eye for goal and unbeatable aerial ability... at least in a league that doesn't penalise swinging elbows.

15 - ST - Promiscuous Emerjade - Age 28 - Paragon
Emerjade is reputed to have slept with most of the rest of her Pride, a feat regarded solemnly as proof of immense passion, stamina and willingness to build team chemistry.

17 - ST - Umber Ruskin - Age 25 - Ardent
Short, powerful and pugnacious, Ruskin is respected by his willingness to battle with defenders, using his low centre of gravity to get an edge.

21 - ST - Ziska Longshanks - Age 30 - Pristine
One of the most dangerous forwards in Evermark, Ziska carries much of the team's goalscoring hopes, but carries a significant badge of shame having once been caught diving for a penalty. After a priest broke her legs to make penance, her moniker now carries a rather cruelly ironic bent.

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Postby Lexandrija » Sat Nov 26, 2022 9:35 am


Preferred Formation:
Style Modifier: 2
Kit Supplier: Cloaker
Captain: Cass Ardashir
Nickname: The Illuminated

Something's... not quite right in Lexandrija (former Iskandervale). They're being very secretive about a certain incident. It's nothing to worry about... in theory. Because they can see something, now: what they refer to simply as the Glory. Ignore the clicking of those geiger counters. Ignore the bright green eyes and pale skin, and the patches of missing hair. Those are the blessed. The enlightened. The Illuminated.

Lexandrija has produced three exceptional footballers: Ishtar Fanaiyan, Servet Misidjan, Voska Avetisyan. All three played for Nephara instead. There's a substantial Lexandri diaspora in Nephara, and elsewhere in Anaia, but the nation's trying to build something more sustainable as the scars of war hopefully begin to recede ...

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

First-choice lineup. Pace and power will be the watchwords, hoping to make up in physicality what they lack in skill, and given their Nepharan origins they will be brutal and uncompromising both in tackling and in gamesmanship. They're going to come flying at teams, especially down the right, with Nasir Majerle a gifted attacking player and natural forward linking up with the playmaker Talay, but may well get brutally exposed on the counterattack, especially given the sluggish pace of their defence.

Manager: Parvidzhon Borrowfield - Age 48

Once a centre-half, then assistant, now Borrowfield's running the rule over the whole thing. An iron-fisted tyrant, believed to be something of a minor acolyte of Skorjiball. If the main issue managing people who once played alongside you is making sure they all know you aren't their mate... well, job done.

1 - GK - Hansa Tabasi - Age 26 - Hornchurch (EUR)
12 - GK - Reza Schmidt - Age 31 - Arrowsmith (EUR)
20 - GK - Knoll Petrosian - Age 23 - Teragaseri (KOR)

The gangly and unorthodox but effective Tabasi has emerged to become the undoubted first-choice, though Schmidt served capably for years and Petrosian will likely, at some stage, get his chance.

3 - LCB - Yazdegerd Turnbull - Age 32 - KT Koroatuz (AUD)
5 - CB - Vega Castor - Age 24 - Navakor Farchija
6 - CB - Carmilla Evansjan - Age 20 - Concordija
16 - CB - Artaxerxes Bowman - Age 26 - Esteqlal
18 - CB - Cass Ardashir - Age 30 - AC Pomena (JUE)
24 - CB - Casper Tarkanian - Age 26 - Padideh

The main area of concern for Lexandrija. Turnbull is slightly out of position and the wrong side of thirty, and aside from the reliable Cass Ardashir, no other centre-halves play outside their weak national league.

2 - RWB - Carrick Gerhardtjan - Age 18 - BT Ming (CMT)
4 - DM - Adelaide Casimir - Age 33 - Proudcastle (BRE)
7 - RWB - Nasir Majerle - Age 30 - Scott City FC (DAR)
8 - CM - Seth Rezaei - Age 25 - Umbershore Rovers
11 - CM - Tasha Kamarandan - Age 26 - Felswyr (CMT)
15 - LWB - Odette Saighani - Age 29 - Kurtz Herretik (MRT)
17 - CM - Estelle Karpovjan - Age 20 - Concordija
19 - DM - Electra Casabjan - Age 21 - Maynard AFC (KOR)
22 - LWB - Yon Maurtua - Age 29 - KT Ferramendiak (AUD)
23 - CM - Jon-Jafar Latham - Age 26 - Gaelic Club (TLI)
25 - AM - Colwyn Blake - Age 25 - Navakor Farchija
26 - CM - Luna Xerxes - Age 20 - Endeavour Brenecia (BRE)

Has evolved into quite a strong unit, bizarrely. Tasha Kamarandan is the best player to have ever actually represented Iskandervale, a fluid midfield technician around whom the entire side flows. There is no replacement. But Majerle and Maurtua are excellent players, even if wingback isn't really either of their positions, while Kamarandan will be helped out by the bulk of Latham and Casabjan. The young, electrifying Luna Xerxes offers craft off the bench.

9 - ST - Freya Martinjan - Age 21 - Metalljrg Vakhqul
10 - ST - Clotho Sulaka - Age 33 - Hofvinger (GRF)
13 - ST - Schehera Asquith - Age 18 - Lokomotjva Iskandabad
14 - ST - Shamshira Kadhim - Age 26 - Bradwell Saints (KRY)
21 - ST - Rijan Kovacjan - Age 19 - Couziers-Olympiques (KOR)

As the older cohort of strikers aged out, it looks as though Shamshira Kadhim is going to have to step up; always a player of promise, she's going to bear most of the side's attacking hopes. But Clotho Sulaka still knows how to find the net, and there's hope that Kovacjan can develop into a serious player.

Successor to Iskandervale. Puppet of Evermark.

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Postby Yesopalitha » Sat Nov 26, 2022 11:49 am

Though Yesopalitha enters first, it is Chromatika's puppet. Also, absolutely fine to cut this as a numbers puppet.

Roster for Yesopalitha's CAFA 5 Team

Kits compliments to Kirola Sportswear of Audioslavia
Nickname: The Flames
Style Modifier: -5 (Formation: 4-5-1)
Home Stadium: The Sacred Heart, Freedom's Altar (144,000)

RP Permissions Box
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP Injuries to my players: Y (I can determine severity)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y, two max
Hand out red cards to my players: N
Godmod other events: N

Head of State
Nirdasil Ageless The Dark Crusader
Interim Head of State
The Shadow Council

Head of Federation
Hashai'i ISBELAR Age: 254 Species: Drow

K'RETHAR Age: 52 Species: Minotaur

GK A'th'l MIK'O'SI Age: 27 Species: Orc // Strong, Brutish Shot Stopper
RB BENPHERROS Age: 254 Species: Wraith // Wiry, Marker, Smart
CB Carros SANTAI Age: 47 Species: Duregar // Physical, Tough, Daring
CB N'T'ERI Age: 135 Species: Hag // Ambient, Annoying, Freaky
LB Barrion MELFRE Age: 298 Species: Dark Elf // Corner Specialist, High Jumper, Frivolous

DM GENTHE Age: 81 Species: Skeleton // Marker, Leader, Hilarious
RM Sauri IS'AHA Age: 217 Species: Mummy // Set Piece Taker, Crosser, Sticky
CM T'LEIRA Age: 112 Species: Lich // Quick, Presser, Intelligent
CM Bizaak KELIA Age: 25 Species: Goblin // Nimble, Crafty, Fiery
LM BOLLOSOLLOMOTAI Age: 428 Species: Chaos Demon // Charismatic, Crosser, Creator

ST QHESSERRIS Age: 36 Species: Succubus // Opportunistic, Creative, Flashy

GK GE'ARI Age: 240 Species: Wraith // Mobile Keeper
GK Ceta REARI Age: 20 Species: Goblin // Young Keeper
RB Gustavius SEANTRO Age: 33 Species: Undead Knight // Tackling Machine
CB B'Z'Z'T Age: 1468 Species: Unknown Ghost // Man-to-Man Player
CB FIZETTA Age: 460 Species: Witch // Offensive Minded
LB Pazata OWALU Age: 34 Species: Ghoul // Enforcer
DM PASHANTI Age: 138 Species: Ghast // Mindless
RM Bearro GENTH Age: 50 Species: Dark Sorcerer // Shooter
CM Aera PONTELL Age: 34 Species: Shadow // Defensive
CM AMIAGABAR Age: 201 Species: Djinn // Pacer
LM MORKOT Age: 30 Species: Doppleganger // Crosser
ST CERTANI Age: ?? Species: Unknown // Finisher
Motto: Perseverantia saeculorum Note: I prefer to be known as YSP over YES if you use abbreviations.
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Puppet Nation of Chromatika

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Postby Koronavia » Sat Nov 26, 2022 3:16 pm

Koronavian National Football Team


Squad for CAFA Cup V

*Regular starters are in bold
GK #1 Amadeus Endlinsberg (c), FC Angalien-Hullenberg
GK #25 Tom-Klein Hofmayer, Borussia Lechtengardring
GK #31 Jack-Lemney Van Petterson, FC Sögelmaister

LB #2 Gabriel Lochau, FC Hagen-Ragen
LB #20 Daniel Rolle, FC Energie Nordlersken
LB #18 Markus Heerwagen, FC Kantersfelde
CB #3 Jacob Zeus, FC Sögelmaister
CB #26 Söhrob Nuri, Löter-Arhnsen Sports Club
CB #43 Benedict Stengelin, SFC Taaglecht
CB #4 Edmund Alois, Rfl Gopalsberg
CB #22 Richard Schleiermacher, FC Angalien-Hullenberg
CB #28 Elmar Leitgeb, REC Baddenburg
RB #32 Hannes Rotkreutz, REC Baddenburg
RB #15 Hans Riberick, FC Angalien-Hullenberg

DM #10 Felix Adelbert, Borussia Lechtengardring
DM #6 Comman Hansericht, FC Sögelmaister
DM #23 Yannick Siewart, FC Angaien-Hullenberg
DM #19 Fabian Thorn
LW #29 Atoro Loranz (vc), SFC Taaglecht
LW #21 William Hallem, Löter-Arhnsen Sports Club
AM #27 Jonas Limid, FC Angalien-Hullenberg
AM #36 Gangslih Verdan, FC Hagen-Ragen
AM #39 Theodoro Reichen, REC Baddenburg
RW #12 Thomas Lauthar, FC Sögelmaister
RW #7 Normann Valyrie, FC Energie Nordlersken

FW #11 Mark Pördsen, FC Sögelmaister
FW #9 Michael Levovich, FC Angalien-Hullenberg
FW #38 Oscar Mätzig, FC Kantersfelde
*A regular starter amongst the forwards hasn't been decided yet. Will clarify in an eventual RP

Backroom staff
The behind-the-scenes department of the Koronavian National Football Team will remain unchanged for the next 3 months, with manager Andreas Görlitz's contract expiring then. Since falling short of the Cup of Harmony Round of 16, Görlitz's job has been hanging out of balance, and with every next month there seems to be a new conspiracy unfolding that reveals how Görlitz will come crashing out of his position. And despite tactical mismanagements and some mixed reactions in terms of Koronavia's call-ups for its first CAFA Cup, everything will remain pretty much untouched: same formation, same tactics, same philosophy. But it is almost entirely clear that the Koronavian legend that is Andreas Görlitz, despite bringing some success over to Koronavia from the 79th Baptism of Fire, will be released. Everybody is awaiting that KFB announcement stating the manager has been released "on a mutual agreement" with every new day.

KFB President: Stefan Schwarz
Head manager: Andreas Görlitz
Assistant manager: Bormann Gereitz
Head coach: Ulm Han
Assistant coach: Albert Lester
Goalkeeping coach: Carl Einsteggen
Team captain: #1 Amadeus Endlinsberg
Vice captain: #29 Atoro Loranz

A brief history of Koronavia in football
Koronavia is still a bit new to international sports, this being its first CAFA Cup. Though in its short history, Koronavia has provided a lot. The highlights include an exciting Baptism of Fire 79 where Koronavia reached the final where it missed its chance on penalties, two draws with Tjorl in the World Cup 92 Qualifiers, it being one of the few nations not to beat Koronavia in that part of its history where it became a punching bag, a very upsetting but incredibly sweet and hard-fought 3-2 win over giants Kelssek in the same World Cup Qualifiers, along with many embarrassing, morale-crushing losses to Cassadaigua in the WCQ and one in the Brevity Challenge Cup IV to add even more salt in the already very deep wound. These are just a few of the highlights, there is way more to that, of course, but after falling out of the Cup of Harmony, the recently renamed and re-styled Koronavian Football Board (KFB) will be making major improvements to the Koronavian National Football Team's training facilities, staff, along with other future things, to shape Koronavia from this tiny, rookie national team into a world-class side that will be remembered as a great in the future, and make the team a World Cup challenger, either in the near or far future, but let's be honest, it will probably be the latter. "This long and hard journey", as KFB president Stefan Schwarz put it, "will, or should I say, should make us a great side in the future, beating team 6-2 everywhere instead of being beaten with the same scoreline by certain others."
It remains to be seen how successful these efforts by the KFB will be, but we know sure as the fact that hell really does exist that the players will give it their all to get Koronavia at least something.






Koronavia has been sticking with the same tactics ever since the 79th Baptism of Fire, mainly due to the tactical beliefs of Görlitz and his other belief that over time the team will memorize the tactic and manage to execute it to perfection if they stick with it long enough. And that has worked out, but only in some cases... very few cases, actually. In terms of style, nothing but attacking play can be expected under Görlitz. The man hates Park the Bus super-defensive tactics with burning passion, so he makes his tactics with the special purpose to break apart said super-defensive teams by rapidly stealing possession while the ball is being passed around, and pressing opponents hard enough that they eventually make that fatal botched pass. The 4-2-3-1 formation that Koronavia plays ever since the BoF is perfect for this. The 2-man central midfield can combine with the 3-man attacking midfield to trap the opposition's midfield, letting them pass around hopelessly until possession is won back. Furthermore, the sole forward in this formation is flexible, which means he can move down to the attacking midfield to assist in the "trap" and essentially make it a 4-2-4. When possession is won back in that case, the ball is passed to whoever is best-positioned to score, mostly the forward, gets the ball to try and score. Patience has never been something Görlitz liked, he himself being rather impatient and short-tempered. The tactic brought him plenty of success domestically, but hasn't been the golden mine it once was in international competitions, and it remains to bring any success in terms of silverware to the land of foxes and guacamole (the best in the world!)


If my opponent RPs our match first, I give them permission to:
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes, but please TG me first before doing it
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but do the same procedure as with the above
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Depending. Send a TG
I prefer you pick these goalscorers for my side: #11 Mark Pördsen/#9 Michael Levovich (depending on who starts), #27 Jonas Limid, either of the wingers, sometimes #10 Felix Adelbert or #23 Yannick Siewart
Style mod: +3
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Baptism of Fire 79: Runner-ups
Brevity Challenge Cup 4: Semi-finalists (4th place)

Come to beautiful Koronavia to eat the best guacamole in the world and look at some foxes!

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Postby CAFA » Sun Nov 27, 2022 8:08 am

Signups updated through to Koronavia. Lexandrija is recognised as the successor to Iskandervale, and has assumed their rank accordingly.

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Postby Flavovespia » Mon Nov 28, 2022 1:43 pm






Flavovespia keep the same kits that debuted last cycle. The home kit is the traditional yellow and black, with a stylised take on the "double-V". The away kit features a palette reversal of the home kit, ideal for mix and match partial kit clashes. The Anain purple and gold third kit is a tribute to the CAFA Cup 4 victory.



Manager – Augusto Rinaldi Age: 60 [SVG]

The greatest manager Flavovespia has had, taking them to 2 World Cups, and lifting the previous CAFA Cup. His place in the history of Flavovespian football is well and truly assured. A great man manager, and one who plays for pragmatism instead of stylish football. Nevertheless, international football is fast moving, and after no points in the group stage of the previous World Cup, Augusto Rinaldi will look for a rebound as CAFA Cup holders, to avoid the recent criticism getting louder.


1 Aarif Muhammad Age: 31 Position: GK Club: Rockridge Phoenix [BRE] Caps: 160 Goals: 0
12 Thomas Foley Age: 29 Position: GK Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 1 Goals: 0 - SUSPENDED
23 Nathan Crewe Age: 27 Position: GK Club: Marthorpe City FC Caps: 1 Goals: 0

No real surprises in the goalkeeper selection. Whilst a handful of fans felt Lucky Diamond’s recent performances were above those of Nathan Crewe, this selection has generally been praised. There’s some hope that given his great domestic form, Thomas Foley could add to his single cap so far. However he’ll have to get past Aarif Muhammad for a spot in the national team, and the goalkeeper who plays in Brenecia has shown a high level of play at international level these past few tournaments.


2 David Lyons Age: 30 Position: LB Club: Maethoru SC [KOR] Caps: 149 Goals: 3
3 Andrew Dance Age: 27 Position: RB Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 85 Goals: 0
4 Stuart Cookson Age: 29 Position: CB Club: Marthorpe City FC Caps: 101 Goals: 1
5 Paul Taylor Age: 24 Position: CB Club: AC Izotz Zubia [AUD] Caps: 40 Goals: 0
13 Kishan Rees Age: 30 Position: LWB Club: Gunzlach [GRÆ] Caps: 56 Goals: 0
14 Malcolm Beresford Age: 25 Position: CB Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 4 Goals: 0
15 Daniel Lansdell Age: 31 Position: CB Club: St Astons City FC Caps: 72 Goals: 1
16 David Blythe Age: 33 Position: RWB Club: Kytheas Rivermen [TKT] Caps: 172 Goals: 0

Given the relatively decent defensive work seen in the World Cup 92, and the World Cup Qualifiers 92, it’s maybe not a surprise all 8 from the previous squad keep their spot. That’s not to say there’s been no critics, some wanted this tournament to be used to bring in fresh faces, although others argue there’s not been enough shown by other Flavovespians to warrant inclusion. The enthusiastic, positive captain David Lyons leads his side from the back, and plays his club football in fellow Anaian nation Ko-oren. On the opposite flank, the tough tackling Andrew Dance is favoured to start, with experienced David Blythe in the squad to challenge him for that role. The tall and strong Stuart Cookson is generally considered the best Flavovespian centre back. Paul Taylor though looks as tall and strong now, and is growing in his role in AC Izotz Zubia, one of the bigger clubs in all of Anaia. Back ups include Kishan Rees, listed as a wing back but a utility player down the left in almost any position. Daniel Lansdell is international quality at his best, but can be inconsistent and a card magnet. Malcolm Beresford may not be the stereotypical size of a centre back, but for a defender is adept at playing the ball at his feet and is still decent in defence.


6 Jonathan Goldstone Age: 28 Position: CM Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 31 Goals: 1
7 Kieron Player Age: 29 Position: CDM Club: Coret Hawks [NPH] Caps: 147 Goals: 7
8 Robert Totten Age: 33 Position: CAM Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 118 Goals: 23
11 Jonathan Bagshaw Age: 23 Position: RAM Club: AC Izotz Zubia [AUD] Caps: 83 Goals: 37
17 David Clark Age: 34 Position: CDM Club: WSR AFC [KOR] Caps: 170 Goals: 15
18 David Wassell Age: 27 Position: CDM Club: Yerushalayim [ADB] Caps: 61 Goals: 0
19 Amrik Singh Age: 24 Position: RAM Club: Binclestead Wood FC Caps: 9 Goals: 1
20 Andrew Thomas Age: 30 Position: LM Club: Marthorpe City FC Caps: 14 Goals: 2
22 Robert Cooper Age: 31 Position: RAM Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 6 Goals: 0

The biggest name amongst the midfielders is arguably more of a forward, Jonathan Bagshaw. The hero of CAFA Cup 4 with the winning goal in the final minutes of the final, he’s probably the most famous Flavovespian footballer, playing club football for AC Izotz Zubia as well. His ability on the ball to dribble, and then find the target with his passing or shooting is unparalleled amongst Flavovespians. The heart of the midfield looks to be Jonathan Goldstone, Kieron Player and Robert Totten. Goldstone looks to take on the ball winning role, with his strength and ability to play a quick pass. Player will be on set pieces and in open play looking to use his long passing ability and vision to his team’s advantage. Totten will roam forward, looking to link midfield to attack and pose a threat from deep in terms of goal scoring. As far as rotation options go, a popular call up comes for the returning Robert Cooper. A very friendly, well liked player, his ambidexterity means he can play across the attacking midfield. David Wassell was a resilient central defensive midfielder, and has adapted well to Yerushalayim in Adab. Amrik Singh and Andrew Thomas can both provide depth out wide, although have a fair bit of competition for game time, unless there’s a lot of squad rotation. Finally, David Clark is a very experienced player, and can still give it his all for the entire game, but there’s a bit of a sense this tournament could be his swansong.


9 Michael Cole Age: 29 Position: CF Club: North Hall [BRE] Caps: 129 Goals: 60
10 Adrian Jones Age: 30 Position: CF Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 63 Goals: 33
21 Richard Birmingham Age: 20 Position: CF Club: Butterfield Rovers FC Caps: 0 Goals: 0

Only the 3 strikers, including one debutant, for this squad. Michael Cole can play either through the centre, or as he has done for the national team on many occasions, down the left wing. He’s pacey, and generally accurate with his shots. His only drawback is a bit of a selfish streak in front of goal sometimes, and something of an ego. Adrian Jones is quite a physical forward, adept at playing a false nine role and sitting a little deeper. Nevertheless, he’s not that slow, and can be hard to dispossess on the ball. Richard Birmingham is the only debutant in the side. A young target man, similar in style to Adrian Jones. After a great domestic season despite the struggles of Butterfield Rovers, he’ll surely attract interest in the transfer window, and if he gets game time here, could hopefully use it to shine. The list of forwards contains a noticeable absence. After 237 caps and 135 goals, Scott Coleman’s international career looks to have come to an end, alongside James King, Tony Gardner and last but not least Steven Hall, the era of the original Flavovespian stalwarts has come to an end/


Flavovespia play a 4-3-3 with a focus on direct play. The defence still deep and relatively flat, winning the ball and quickly clearing it is their main focus. The central midfield trio sees one act as the main ball winner, another with focus on being the playmaker, and a third roaming forward to try and link up with the attack. The centre forward acts as a false nine, able to try and attack themselves, or drop deeper to try and create space for the wider forwards. The two wide forwards must be able to pass, cross or shoot, and require a lot of individual skill and quick decision making.


CAFA Cup 5:
MD1 Atheara (N) The Ring Tank Stadium, Ostosaide, 2-0
MD2 Evermark (N) The Ring Tank Stadium, Ostosaide, 1-1
MD3 Euran Oceania Territories (N) Spire Campus, Blackave 2-3
Ro16 Yesopalitha (N) Spire Campus, Blackave 2-0
QF Ko-oren (N) Dannin City Stadium, Dannin 0-1
SF Aleirave (N) Flynn Ar3na, New Fligsive 1-5
F Pyazhnaya (N) Dannin City Stadium, Dannin

Predicted Starting XI:
MD1:Aarif Muhammad, Lyons©-Cookson-Taylor-Blythe, Player-Totten-Goldstone, Cole-Jones-Bagshaw
MD2:Aarif Muhammad, Lyons©-Cookson-Taylor-Blythe, Player-Totten-Goldstone, Cole-Jones-Bagshaw
MD3:Aarif Muhammad, Lyons©-Cookson-Taylor-Dance, Player-Totten-Wassell, Cooper-Cole-Bagshaw
Ro16:Aarif Muhammad, Lyons©-Cookson-Taylor-Blythe, Player-Totten-Goldstone, Cooper-Cole-Bagshaw
QF:Aarif Muhammad, Lyons©-Cookson-Lansdell-Blythe, Player-Totten-Goldstone, Cooper-Cole-Bagshaw
SF:Aarif Muhammad, Lyons©-Cookson-Lansdell-Blythe, Player-Totten-Goldstone, Cooper-Cole-Bagshaw
F:Aarif Muhammad, Lyons©-Cookson-Lansdell-Blythe, Player-Totten-Goldstone, Cooper-Cole-Bagshaw

Style Mod: 0

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My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: TG me or Discord me first
RP injuries to my players: Y, I choose length of injury
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me or Discord me first, I choose length of injury
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (although if you want multiple Red Cards, TG me or Discord me first)
Godmod other events: TG me or Discord me first

I'll try and post the next 2 MD line-ups here before each match. If not, assume the same as previous in the event of a win, or some rotation otherwise. You’re welcome to use any player as a sub (within reason), unless they're listed as injured or suspended.

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OOC Info: The year in Flavovespia is 40AU. Player ages and teams are from the start of the year, before the opening of the upcoming TW38. TG me or Discord me if you need some IC or OOC info for RP purposes.
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Postby Chromatika » Tue Nov 29, 2022 8:31 pm

Choose my Lineup: No. I will be listing the starting lineup for each match at the end of each RP. You can choose my subs, though.
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I choose the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, 3 max.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, 2 max. Please TG me.
Godmod other events: No

Kits Credit: Kirola, Logo Credit: Vulpine Sportif

World Ranking: 21
WC Record: 243-68-83 (wins/draws/losses), 893 scored, 530 conceded
Overall Record: 316-99-125 (wins/draws/losses), 1186 scored, 767 conceded
Formation: 3-5-2/3-4-1-2
Style Modifier: +2.5
Denonym: Chromatik
Nickname: The Anomalies
Venue: Capitalizt Dome, Chromia, Capital District, Chromatika (144,000) and as listed


MG ImageLev Repin | Age: 61 | Height: 5 ft 9 in | Debut Cycle: 92
A footballing legend who had 177 caps for Mytanija at full back during his playing days, Lev Repin has been signed on to a three-cycle contract by the Chromatik Football Federation, with the option of extending for two more cycles before renegotiating. A schemer tactically and a passionate figure, Repin is being asked to lead this side to qualification within two cycles, and succeeded in leading them to the Round of Sixteen. He brings the vaunted 3-5-2/3-4-1-2 system to Chromatika, meaning there is significant turnover among the players’ roles and positions. Blunt, utterly unapologetic, and singularly minded toward success, he is exactly what Chromatika needs to break out of its slump and return to take its place among the footballing elite of the world.

PHY ImageZoe "Z" Benne | Age 44 | Debut Cycle: 80
Once a heartthrob, Zoe Benne is married to former Chromatik superstar and now White Mountain club manager Erika Morningstar. Zoe has been a constant for eleven cycles now, and has had to treat everything from sprained ankles to serious injuries after the bus sabotage last cycle. She remains a great asset.

SMC ImageShelby Arling | Age: 29 | Debut Cycle: 87
With new management in place, the presence of Arling as the Social Media Coordinator will be very important. All questions go through her, and she takes away any and all distractions.

Bold indicate starters
Players under dotted line indicate emergency reserves

Num Name                      Pri   Sec   Age  Team                           Nation                      Height       Caps   GA    Debut Cycle DNat 
01. Siane Sundrifter GK-S GK-D 22 Oriannor Mountaineers FC Tikariot 6 ft 7 in 0 0 CAFA 05
12. Raoul Carpathia GK-D GK-S 20 Tikarit City FC Tikariot 6 ft 10 in 0 0 CAFA 05
23. Hailee Sourtois GK-D GK-S 19 Sabrefell Athletic Nephara 6 ft 8 in 0 0 CAFA 05
05. Ami Coulibaly DCR DC 20 Chromatik Chromatika 6 ft 26 0 CAFA 04 BNJ
04. Ding Huo DC DCL 23 Gilded City Dragons The Cordian Isles 6 ft 4 in 0 0 CAFA 05
03. Cylie Nodis DCL DCR 23 Montreal Koreana Quebec and Shingoryeo 6 ft 4 in 19 1 CAFA 01

16. Paisley Paterson DCR DC 21 Southern Chromatik Univ Chromatika 6 ft 3 in 3 0 92 TLI
15. Candice Alli DC DCR 23 Cirelbourne United Ko-oren 6 ft 3 in 0 0 CAFA 05
14. Twilight Mixon DCL WBL 23 Lakewood City Tumbra 6 ft 2 in 8 0 92
24. Jenowefa Krzyżanowsk DCL WBL 23 Morannon Athletic FC Tikariot 6 ft 5 in 0 0 CAFA 05
06. Emilie Kruetzberg WBR AM 23 Glemnount Town The Licentian Isles 6 ft 3 in 47 11 89
02. Edith Fillar WBL AM 20 Shamrock Cathair Audioslavia 5 ft 7 in 49 29 89

17. Martha Baum WBR AM 23 VLC FC Eastfield Lodge 5 ft 9 in 16 1 89
13. Moreno Keel WBL DCL 21 Chromia Ctr. College Univ. Chromatika 6 ft 1 in 0 0 CAFA 05
25. Cyrus Vette WBR AM 22 West Couno United Tumbra 6 ft 2 in 0 0 92
07. Alija Mesic-Mizayaki DLP BWM 20 St. John's Arsenal Quebec and Shingoryeo 6 ft 3 in 0 0 92 MYT
08. Baillaire Fillar AP MEZ 23 1830 Cathair Audioslavia 6 ft 3 in 80 28 AOCAF 62 CAPTAIN
10. Evin Françine-Miklavivec AP CM 19 Atletik Thessia Mytanija 6 ft 4 in 0 0 92 MYT

18. Gina Powell CM AP 22 VZRH Matov-Uri Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom 6 ft 5 in 0 0 CAFA 05
19. Colby McDonald CDM BWM 20 Eyrods Tech Chromatika 6 ft 5 in 0 0 CAFA 05 TLI
21. René Aigner BWM CDM 22 Starling Nephara 6 ft 8 in 0 0 CAFA 05
26. Isaiah Dillon AM CM 18 Chromatik Ctr. High School Chromatika 6 ft 5 in 0 0 CAFA 05
11. Candice Delaya CF AF 21 Holdenberg Eura 6 ft 6 in 15 6 92
09. Lavrentiy Xuen-Zhukov AF CF 18 Liria Prizren Mytanija 6 ft 6 in 19 20 92 MYT

22. Kara Oveni SS TF 23 Colonial Sile Vilita 6 ft 5 in 35 8 AOCAF 63
20. Sandara Park P TF 20 Montreal Koreana Quebec and Shingoryeo 6 ft 5 in 5 0 92

(Many thanks to Mytanija for the blueprint.)

Chromatika's 3-4-1-2 is based off of Mytanija's formation.

3-4-1-2 – IN POSSESSION: Chromatika's base formation is a 3-4-1-2. This means there will be 3 central defenders, a wing-back on either side, 2 central midfielders, an attacking midfielder and 2 strikers on the pitch at any one time. This does not mean that the team will play in these positions for the whole game, as Chromatiks have adopted the Mytanar philosophy of flexibility in and out of possession, utilizing the fact that until very recently, they ran a 4-3-2-1/4-4-1-1. When Chromatika has the ball the 3-4-1-2 will change into more of a 3-2-5 shape, this is designed to try to create overloads in attacking areas so that the Chromatiks can create two versus one situations where the opposition have to make decisions on who they will engage with.

This 3-2-5 will be achieved firstly by one of the wing-backs (from the starting line-up, this would be right-sided wing-back Emilie Kruetzberg) moving into a central midfield position to play alongside the deeper-lying of the two central midfielders (Alija Mesic-Mizayaki, if among the Starting XI). This creates a pairing in central midfield which will be used to help the team build-up, providing passing options both in front of the central defensive three and the 5 players which end-up ahead of them.

That 5 is made-up of the opposite-sided wing-back (in this example it would be left wing-back Edith Fillar), the more advanced central midfielder (Baillaire Fillar), the attacking midfielder (Evin Françine-Miklavivec); and the strikers (usually Delaya and Xuen-Zhukov). The wing-back has to push on to achieve the 3-2-5 shape, getting into the final third and maintaining the width on their side of the pitch. They will be given some license to get into the penalty area if the ball is on the other side, giving another option for their teammates. The more advanced central midfielder will be tasked with playing inside of the wing-back, in the so-called ‘half-space’, they will look to work with the wing-back to create an overload on their side of the pitch.

The attacking midfielder and the two strikers will interchange fairly freely, though one will always be tasked with pulling wide to ensure that width is maintained on both sides of the attacking ‘5’ with the aim of stretching the opposition’s defense across the width of the pitch. One striker (usually Delaya in the Starting XI) will drop deep to create space for rotations with the attacking midfielder and the other striker, those two looking to run into and exploit the space vacated by the other striker. These rotations are aimed to shift the opposition defenders around the pitch and create a bit of confusion.

In terms of progressing the play the team will look to move the ball with controlled pace. The team will aim to do this with utmost precision, as is the Chromatik way.

3-4-1-2 – OUT OF POSSESSION: Chromatika's reaction to losing the ball depends on where they actually lose possession on the pitch. Should they lose the ball high-up the pitch, in the opposition’s half, then there will be an instantaneous reaction to press the opponent with the ball to try to win it back quickly high-up the pitch. This is hoped to create chances nearer to the opposition’s goal, effectively using the press as a playmaker. If the opponent breaks through the initial press then Chromatika will look to recover into a 5-3-2 shape as below. Should Chromatika lose the ball nearer to their own goal then they will instantly look to recover into defensive positions to try to make themselves difficult to break down. This shape will be closer to a 5-3-2 than the 3-4-1-2 starting formation.

Both wing-backs will drop deeper, alongside the three central defenders to form the 5. The two central midfielders (Mesic-Mizayaki and B. Fillar), will drop deep in front of the three central defenders to shield them a little and the attacking midfielder (Evin Françine-Miklavivec), will drop to play in front of them, operating as a bit of a guard dog – either sitting on an opposition deep-lying playmaker to try to stop the ball into them, or by leading a half-pitch press. The two strikers will look to stop the ball going back to the opposition’s central defenders and press them when they are in possession.

Chromatika will also play a variety of other formations should they want to play a little differently, the most likely ones they would change to from the 3-4-1-2 are a 3-5-2 (taking out the attacking midfielder and using three central midfielders); a 4-3-1-2 (pushing the wing-backs back to play as full-backs, removing a central defender and replacing them with a defensive or central midfielder); a 4-2-3-1 (pushing the wing-backs back to play as full-backs, removing a central defender and a striker and then playing a winger on either side); or a narrow 4-4-2 diamond (pushing the wing-backs back to play as full-backs, removing a central defender to play either as a defensive or central midfielder). Chromatika is very versed in the 4-2-3-1 and the 4-4-2, as they've played those before under previous management.

MAJOR DIFFERENCES BETWEEN CHROMATIK AND MYTANAR FOOTBALL: One might ask, how does Repin's Management of Mytanija differ from his Management of Chromatika? Chromatiks are, by nature, more precision-oriented and detail-focused; everything will be drilled to a t, players will be provided information regarding how to handle a myriad of situations, and though creativity will be encouraged, it will be stymied by expectations placed upon the roles.

Chromatika has a reputation of being a second-half team, built around finesse, stamina, and overwhelming pace in the final half hour of matches. This will continue to be the case, as the physique of players is not contingent upon a system of play. The Anomalies will continue to try to push games out of reach or make up deficits in the final half, and the final fifteen minutes will continue to be absolute hell for opposing clubs.

Captaincy: 1. Baillaire Fillar 2. Siane Sundrifter 3. Edith Fillar
Penalties: 1. Laventiy Xuen-Zhukov 2. Candice Delaya 3. Bailliare Fillar
Corners: 1. Baillaire Fillar 2. Emilie Kruetzberg 3. Edith Fillar
Short free kicks: 1. Baillaire Fillar 2. Laventiy Xuen-Zhukov 3. Evin Françine-Miklavivec
Long free kicks: Usually one of the wing-backs to put it into the penalty area and take advantage of Chromatika's very tall team
Former User of the Nations of Yesopalitha and Falconfar

Champion: WBC 52, NSCF 24 & 26, CoH 82
Regional Tournaments: AOCAF 55 Champions, 52 & 63 Runners-Up
WC Proper Appearances: 75 (Ro16), 76 (SF), 77, 78 (QF), 79, 80 (Ro16), 81, 83, 84, 86, 89 (Group Stage), 87, 88 (Ro16)
CoH Appearances: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16), 90 (Champions)
KPB Ranking: 31 (Post 91)
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