Stories for Safy [Closed|Mystria]

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Stories for Safy [Closed|Mystria]

Postby Dyste » Mon Nov 21, 2022 8:15 pm

In the Royal Chambers of Castle Dyste, the Queen was finally able to relax after a long day of work. The period of social reform, known as the ‘Dystan Revolution’, was still ongoing, and while much of the work was to be done by the Prime Minister and those that were appointed in the last few years, she still had much to cover herself. But as many roles as Tynah Blackfang has had in her life - princess, adventurer, warrior, royal knight, queen - one in particular was her most important role now, as she entered one of the quarters, a room that used to be hers ages ago, but now belonged to her daughter…

Whatever the room had once been, it had been remade for her daughter. The walls were now painted a deep blue, and had on them various posters from children’s shows, such as Horsie Heroes and the more local Kob the Kobold, as well as other assorted knick knacks. The furniture in the room seemed to nearly universally keep to a cat theming, with a small desk and chairs with kitty ears carved out of them, a bookshelf painted pink and with similar ears, and even a round rug with a cat-pattern in the middle of the room, but one piece stood out.

The bed wasn’t cat themed at all, but dragon themed; it didn’t much fit the aesthetics of the rest of the room, being black and gold, with a wonderfully carved dragon’s head as part of the headboard, but the last time someone had suggested replacing it for something more fitting, the owner of the room had thrown a mighty fit. The love for this piece of furniture was made even more obvious when Tynah spotted her small daughter taking a catnap on it, her dark blue cat ears twitching slightly as her mother entered.

Tynah smiled softly as she sat down next to the bed; even like this, she still towered over the kitten sleeping on the bed. She gently petted her ears, “Safy… are you feeling well?” Her daughter had recently come down with a flu, but with some healing and some bed rest, she would have mostly recovered by now, hopefully.

The kitten yawned, slowly opening her eyes. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, but not nearly so badly as they had been just a few days ago, a good sign for her mother. Safy blinked a few times, rubbing at her eyes, and then smiled at Tynah. “Hi mama,” she mumbled. “Feelin’ better. Can I go play with Soshie yet?”

“In a few days, Safy,” Tynah said softly, “It is good to get some bed rest after that. Actually…” she felt over her chest, the scar she had recently received still there, “I, too, have been asked to take it easy for a while. So I shall do so with you. How does that sound, kitten?”

“Really, mama?” Safy asked, pushing herself upright as she smiled at Tynah. “You’re always busy ‘n stuff! You’re gonna stay with me? Can you tell me stories, mama?”

“Oh, of course, Safy!” Tynah did feel bad about not being as able to do as much with her daughter as most mothers could, but with her new roles and this situation, maybe she could make up for this. “Sure, I can tell you some stories! Is there anything you would like to know about? Perhaps some stories about your grandfather? Or perhaps you would like to know about some things I have done?”

“Umm…” Safy thought about it, hugging Tynah’s arm as she did. “How about something with you and mama, mama?” She requested with big eyes.

“Sure thing, kitten!” Tynah grinned, “I have plenty of stories about us together, and also Auntie Tysteus, and Uncle Rolven and Aunt Petra, and Soshka’s parents, all sorts of people! And besides, you are a Blackfang, so you deserve to know some of our family’s stories, not just the ones they write about! So then…” she sat down, eager to begin, “Our first story begins long ago, when I was little…”
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Postby Legokiller » Fri Nov 25, 2022 7:38 pm

OOC: Collab with Rohane Alista, Glaristant, and Dyste

Of course, you know what my first adventure was, right? They call it ‘The Shadow War’. I was in my early twenties at the time, and met a lot of great people during that time; they say the Dragon Sea Alliance truly started here. Of course, one particularly special one was when we visited Silverdale, in the town of Draftwood…

We were aiding the local druids in defending their town from an invasion of monsters, but in the meantime, we were checking out the sights. It was not the first time I had been in a foreign country, I had traveled with Father on a few diplomatic visits when I was about your age, Safy, but this was the first time I have done it by myself… well, I say that, but I was of course accompanied by my retainers…

“Your Highness!” Melux Whitewing cried out to me; he was still a Mage at the time, and he was serving as my head retainer, but he was also working as one of the main coordinators of our group. “Please do not stray too far away from the others, especially since it seems not everyone shares your wonder for the snow…

I for one found the snowfall of Silverdale incredible, as I saw my footprints in the snow trailing behind me. But Gevli Brightscales, my healer, was nowhere near as joyous as I; the little kobold was bundled up tightly in her cleric’s robes by the campfire, alongside some of the others. “I shall be careful, Melux!” I called out. “Besides, Bernard will look out for me!”

“If I can handle it,” the red-haired Cornerian chuckled; Bernard Swordsworth was a mercenary hired by Melux to help protect me during this trip. I know it always seems silly that I would need a bodyguard, even someone like Auntie Tysteus, but I was still quite young then! I had not even mastered any weapons at the time, just using the martial arts I had learned from my mentor, Mami. Luckily I would have quite a good test of them soon. Of course, not everyone on our trip was part of my retinue…

“If you can’t handle it Bernard, then I suppose Veske and I will have to pick up the slack as usual." This was your Aunt Eyvel, looking like her human guise; black hair, red eyes, grey coat, and of course, her big silver axe Argente - You know, Safy, the one that is like my Aurik, though I did not have it yet! - She smirked, looking at a green haired man who stood beside her. He sighed as he rested a hand on his blade, “Eyvel…..Do not forget that there have been several occasions where Bernard has pulled you out of the fire….” Veske was her head retainer, like Melux was to me.

“Heh, it’s what I’m here for,” Bernard leaned against his sword, “Besides, you might as well worry more about the Rohanians, I don’t think they’re used to the cold…”

"I am perfectly capable of handling this," one of the Rohanians said, a blond man in a fur coat, "I worry about his majesty, however, and Lady Elwin."

"S-s-shut your m-mouth, Gerand," said a shorter woman with blue armor; that was my friend Elwin Karimi, a noble from Alista; she was a tough one, "A little chill won't stop me. The desert gets almost t-this cold!"

"I certainly do not prefer the cold," A brown-haired man in a white tunic carrying a big bow said, "How people live in these conditions, I do not understand. I eagerly await somewhere warmer. Even a tavern would do at this point." That was Jacobi, Emperor of Rohane and Alista. I called him the ‘Double King’ because he ruled two nations. He really did love that nickname!

… and yes, Safy, I know ‘Bernard’ and ‘Gerand’ can be confusing sometimes, a lot of people had that problem! … erm, sorry, I shall continue now…

“Oh we’re used to it.” One of the Silverdaleans said, a blonde haired woman who was covered within a white fur coat and a dark cloak said. “All you need is a proper coat and parka, and you’re good to go.”

“Ahem, I assure you the castle will be properly heated. That being said, I don’t look forward to seeing the local nobility here.” That was said by a purple ponytail lady, we called her ‘Lila’.

“Mythra, you’re forgetting that I’ve the power of fire here. The cold won’t be an issue.” The shorter redhaired priestess said; that was Pyra, Mythra’s sister.

“Yes, by all accounts there will be not much else aside from the battle we need to do,” Melux said, “We can relax in town until then-”

But his words could not reach me, as when I crossed the street, I saw it… the cheers of the crowd, the sounds of battle, it was something I had seen in the Dystan town of Auram for quite some time, but had never gotten a chance to participate in before, it was… “An… arena…?”

Melux suddenly stopped his instructions, and if you did not think Draconids’ faces would go pale, you were not there. “Oh no…”

Suddenly I was chanting “A-REN-A! A-REN-A! A-REN-A!” … you do have to understand, it was my first chance to try one, and I am certain Melux had been warned about it.

"A perfect chance to prove the honor of my lord and myself!" Elwin said, lifting her axe. The Rohanian woman enjoyed arenas quite a lot herself! "Come, let us challenge it, and prove our meddle!"

“Oh wow!” The young dragon elf named Mickey jumped. “Elwin is going to join the arena! Pyra! Mythra! Can I come along too?”

“Absolutely not!” Mythra sternly said.

“Ahem, it’s too dangerous.” Pyra said. “Don’t worry, there’s better places to enjoy in town.”

“Aww.” Mickey frowned.

Elwin was soon joined by a blue skinned woman with flowing black hair, who chuckled as she watched the knight. She made a series of rapid hand gestures as Eyvel sighed, “Tynah and Elwin, seems like Savri wants to join you guys for the battle as well. I trust that’s not a problem, right?”

“I do not have any issues with that,” I said to my sister, “I will show how much stronger I have become in such a short time!” I was very eager to show my prowess at that age, after all.

“Ugh, it appears we have no choice,” Melux sighed, “Gevli, please make sure you heal any wounds they might have. If there are any foes attacking, I shall join Bernard and the others in the defense, please join us as soon as possible.”

But I had already entered alongside Elwin and Savri, “I cannot believe this, my first real arena challenge!” I said excitedly among my two companions. “Have you ever done this before, Elwin?”

"Of course!" Elwin replied. "I am a great fan and participant of the arena! In fact, I trained in one!... partly."

“Oh, really?” I was really jealous; I really wished to train in them, but due to me being the crown princess, it was rather difficult for them to let me join… ah, but that is another story. For now, let me continue this one…

After a few matches, I was chosen for the final bout, much to Elwin’s dismay. At this point, I was to be going up against the arena champion…

When the announcer made their cry for the champion, a robust and lovely to the audience who cheered for the pink wild mane cat woman with the traits that’d rival Silverdalean woman to appear. All with a quick display of a somersault and landed with her claws and fist up. “You better be ready for a catastrophe with me: Flora!” She made a cattish grin.

If you can believe it, Safy, at the time I was not thinking of anything else than how to defeat my opponent! I was not looking at your mother as ‘love at first sight’ or anything of the like, I was just eager to fight a strong competitor! “I shall be your opponent today,” I said, walking into the arena’s grounds. “Tynah Blackfang, Princess of Dyste. I shall be the champion today!”

“I hope you’re ready to prove it, dragon!” Flora replied.

“Let the battle begin!” The announcer cried out.

“Oh, you had better believe it!” I felt the thrill of the fight overtake me; I did not understand it at the time, but it appears I had inherited a trait from my father, one that allows me to tear through certain types of foes easily. I knew if I could use it here, I could easily beat this kitty, but it was not going to be easy. I swung my fist as her, using my force against her finesse.

Flora quickly sidestepped to dodge my attack, and lunged forward to deliver a claw attack! “Oh this will take a bit more than that!”

I was not as fast as her, so I could not avoid an attack from her claws, but I seemed to be more durable, “Hm, you are certainly a fast one, are you not…” I attempted a leg sweep, but it appeared she was too fast for that, too. “Grah…”

“Too slow!” Flora commented as she pounced right forth to try and strike with both her claws!

But there was when she made her mistake; by trying to go all out with me, I was able to catch her off-guard with an attack of my own to intercept. Using that hidden power, my eyes glowed red as I landed a mighty punch against her, “SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!” I yelled out; I do not even know why I did that, but sometimes you just have the feeling of yelling out one’s attacks…

“Eck!” Flora cried out as she was launched into the air and landed in a good distance. Her eyes were dizzy and unable to move a muscle! The audience gasped in shock at the fallen champion! “It appears we have a winner! Princess Tynah is the new champion of Driftwood!” The people in the stands began to cheer for me!

"First timers luck," Elwin grumbled. She was clearly just upset about not getting the fight herself, though! Still, she gave me a pat on the back, where she could reach at least. "Still, well fought, Tynah. But you've got more to do if you want to match me!"

“Ah, you shall get your chance soon enough!” I told her, as Savri came in with Gevli to heal up my competitor, to which I offered my hand, “Thank you for the match! It is rare to have someone to manage to avoid my blows like that…”

Flora jumped back up to the ground and gave an awed look at me. “Oh? Why thanks. It’s quite a privilege to face someone to best me. That being said… I have to improve so no one can beat up this kitten so easily.”

“Well, perhaps we can train together and-” I was saying, before Gevli pulled on my cloak, reminding me we have a job to do, “Erm, right, I have to take part in helping out the local soldiers in monster hunting. But perhaps we can meet up afterwards?”

“Oh sure! I’ll meet you at the tavern when you’re free!” Flora said. “Now I need a little catnap.” She remarked. Both out of glee, yet a little hint of sadness. As if she had to start over and find another place to be a champion. Thankfully I had an idea, but that would have to wait until we met later on…

Tynah's story was interrupted by a small voice. "Mama, I know this story!" Safy accused. "There was an episode of Horsie Heroes about it, and other mama has told me about it too!"

“What, really?” Tynah was a bit surprised. “... right, it was when we met, no doubt you have heard about it plenty of times before… my apologies, Safy. Perhaps you would like a different story about your mothers?”

"Well, other mama only told me part," Safira's ears drooped a little. "Sorry… but um, yes please!"

“Hm…” Tynah considered this, “Oh, perhaps you would like to hear about the first time I took her back here to Dyste?”

"Yes please, mama," Safy replied, sitting up a little straighter. "I don't know that one!"

“Alright, then!” Tynah’s spirits were lifted. “Now then, this takes place a few months later, after the Alistanian Civil War…”
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Postby Dyste » Tue Dec 06, 2022 1:48 pm

Collab with Legokiller for main part, Rohane Alista for outro

It was a few months after my first encounter with Flora that I was able to take her home to Dyste; we had just managed to overcome the Alistanian Civil War, and with the Double King Jacobi having to spend time with his new wives rebuilding, it meant the rest of us had time to go and handle our own affairs. We took part in a tournament in Flora’s homeland of D'hɑlbrisir, and it was time for us to go home, finally…

We had taken an airship sent from home to retrieve my retinue, and among the skies I could see Castle Dyste coming up, looking not all that different than it does now, “There it is, Flora, my home!”

“Wow. It’s quite impressive and massive. Far more sturdy than King Aslan’s house. Oh, and it could be hardened enough to endure fire breaths.” Flora noted. “You know… you think the knights and the king would accept me? I am well, flightness and in a lower position.”

I was a little surprised by this remark, but then I remembered; Flora’s land was far more used to a different kind of royalty than we Blackfangs. “Anyone is allowed to meet with Father, Flora,” I told her, “And I am certain he would wish for me to have someone I care for by my side.” I had yet to declare her my consort at the time, since I wished for her to meet Father and see if she liked living in Dyste. As the ship neared the castle, it began to descend, “I am sure you will do great, kitty!”

“Really? Okay, so anyone can see him right? As long as we follow his laws and not make a rude matter… Hmm, should I show a bit of my titles or boast about it loudly on my journey?” Flora asked.

“Oh, by all means you can tell him!” I told her as we exited the ship; Melux was still talking to the ship’s captain, so we managed to get ahead of them before he realized it. The hangar you might be used to was not built yet, so we instead descended into the courtyard by the statue of my father, where it appeared we did not have to wait long…

“Well now,” a booming voice filled the courtyard as he appeared… your grandfather always made a strong impression on everyone, Safy, but even for me, who knew him all my life, it felt a bit intimidating, “It appears you have arrived early. The feast is not even ready yet, GHAHAHA!”

“Ah… Father…” I bowed my head at his presence, “I… I have returned from my trip…”

“So I see,” he looked over at Flora, “You stand before Tyroth Blackfang, King of Dyste. And who might you be?”

“What a pleasure to meet you, Lord Tyroth! My name is Flora, a gladiator in service of your daughter. Then again you already know that!” She then gave a small bow.

“That I do know!” my father told her, “Melux’s letters made sure I was aware of my daughter’s activities during her time abroad. Now, Tynah, I thought you had been barred from entering the arena…”

I gulped; I didn’t know he knew of that, “O-oh, I… I just wanted to try, that is all…”

“Oh really, even though Kel requested it…” I could see his eyes piercing through me, and I was fearful for my continued adventures until he burst out into a laugh, “GHAHAHA! Serves him right for trying to tell my daughter what she can or cannot do! Now, tell me Flora, I hope you like feasts because I have a great one for my daughter’s return here today!”

“A feast? Well, I suppose we did win a grand tourney and the princess returned, so… that’s quite awesome!” Flora chuckled. She was still getting used to more honors than usual.

“Oh, well, I want to know all about my daughter’s new friend, after all,” my father led us to the Great Hall, where tables were lined with all the best meals! Roasted chicken, prime rib, all the local fishes, anything you could ask for! This was a tradition in our castle even back then, guests from local areas and abroad took part in it, as a way for my father to mingle with the people and enjoy a meal with them. “Take all you wish, Flora, and we can talk about your travels!”

“Oooh! Don’t mind if I dig in!” Flora stormed forward to grab about every bit of meat and fish for her to taste! I knew she would, of course; the two of us ate out as much as we could whenever we were an inn or tavern together.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at this, gathering meat of my own, “As you can see, Father, she can rival us Draconids when it comes to appetite, GHAHAHA!”

“I can certainly see that!” your grandfather looked over with a smile as your mother and I got as much as we could. “So, Flora, do you have any plans for your time in Dyste?”

“Oh crash into the local arena to sate my curiosity is one, but I wanna see the whole place! Try to see if there are any felines here, and oh, learn more about the kobolds here. I have to ask, are kobolds usually afraid of crows?” Flora asked.

“Kobolds… scared of crows?” my father actually seemed taken aback; it was a rare treat, actually, to see him this taken off-guard by something.

“Oh, well, you know Gevli Brightscales,” I explained to him, “The kobold cleric you assigned to me? She has a staff that summons giant ravens, and she is afraid of them.”

“Oh, um, well,” Father seemed a bit bemused, “Kobolds tend to be very cautious by nature, it is part of what has helped them survive this long… but regardless, I would be happy to allow you to participate in the arena if you wish. Also, perhaps you would also like to meet Tynah’s martial arts instructor?”
“Sure! I am curious as to who taught the Super Dragon Punch. That being said: I do wonder if Axebold the fighter will come home. You might have heard of a brave kobold who fought for glory in countless tourneys across the world.” Flora said. “Then again, he might be afraid of swords.”

Oh, right, I forgot to mention him in the other story, didn’t I, Safy? Axebold was one of your mother’s fellow arena fighters, we fought him in the tournament in Draftwood. Of course that was not his actual name; apparently when he entered his first tournament abroad, someone asked for his name and he responded with ‘Axebold!’ “Perhaps we shall see him at Auram,” I suggested, after eating up my meal, “Between all of those and relaxing at the beaches of Undellah, I think we will have quite the break from all the warfare!”

“That is good to hear,” your grandfather was a born warrior like me, but he too understood the value of a rest. “But I do hope you both will still spend some time in the castle, too. I hear your kitten is really interested in tales of heroism, and might want to hear some of mine, GHAHAHA!”

Flora let out a small chuckle. “Oh that’d be great! My family isn’t well known as great warriors and heroes outside of servants and bodyguards, but my deeds might be worthwhile.”

“Either way, enjoy what you can,” my father told her, “I believe they are having a competition in Auram two days from now, so you can enjoy testing yourself there.” This was before they had daily arena events, so it was not open every day.

“Ooh that’d be most excellent! I do wish to see if some of the Draconid fighters and other folks can put up a great brawl. Perhaps more lion enough than one old majesty.” Flora teased. She of course referred to her old king, Alsan, who was not the best leader as he shamed her to be more of a pretty face bodyguard when Flora was more of a scared kitten, and never bothered to train and spare. Hence she left his service, albeit more sneaky, to go into different arenas to get more fame and skill.

“Excellent!” I told her, patting her on the back, “I am certain you will love it. You have certainly come a long way since when set off from your homeland.”

“Why thanks. Although now that you mention it… Well I had to put a little cat in the bag, or box! I don’t think I mention it, but you know the biggest taboo in Dystan culture? Well King Alsan did, as to save his own mane from monsters, he abandoned us bodyguards beside that one actual skilled fighter to our fate! Naturally I escaped, but sheesh! I had to leave since he figured out soon and likely will punish me. So that’s how I start going from ship to ship from little street brawls to areas.” Flora said.

“... Unbelievable,” your grandfather was rather disturbed by the idea; of course, I would expect a lot of rulers in other nations to be that way, but we Blackfangs have never exactly been the usual sort there, to be fair! “I would never allow such senseless sacrifice under my watch. Betraying one’s party is a big adventuring taboo, after all!”

“In fairness, this is not adventuring, father,” I had to remind him, “But nevertheless… Flora, just know that I would never abandon you like that.”

“Well it was at a hunting party, so it was an adventure.” Flora chuckled. “But King Alsan doesn’t value the party more than himself, closet members of his pride, the liege he served, and Fornt. Although sometimes you have to do justice by our own claws then depend on that king! That’s how I honor Fornt.” Granted, this was way back in the day and more loose take than any priest of Fornt, nor Order of Idealist knight will say otherwise.

“That is why I am hoping that you will enjoy your time here, Flora,” I told her, “We survived a war for independence over a decade ago now, so a lot of the Dystan identity is based on the old adventuring ways so far as we are finding our own. Perhaps you shall be able to put your own mark on this land too!”

“Sounds great! I heard so many great deeds and feats that us folks on earth can do! Hopefully my luck can earn my place here.” Flora eagerly said.

“Well, as long as you like feasts I am certain you will do fine, GHAHAHA!” I was glad to learn that my father took a liking to her immediately, given how much of a fixture she became for us.


“So how was that, Safy?” Tynah said to her daughter, “You said you wanted a different sort of story?”

“Mama fought monsters?” Safy asked. She had never heard about the time before her parents had met in great detail. “And served a bad king?”

“That is correct,” Tynah said, “I suppose most of our stories did not cover some of our earliest years, but he was not as good a king as your grandfather was, for sure.”

“Didn’t grandpa spend all his time having big feasts and wrestling fire drakes?” Safy asked. “And grandma did all the magic-y stuff!”

“... is that all the stories about your grandfather you know of?” Tynah couldn’t help but snicker a bit. “Perhaps I should tell you a few about him as well. And perhaps you wish to hear ones from when I was even younger, like your age?”

“Uhuh!” Safy nodded. “Tell me another story!”

“Very well,” Tynah patted Safy’s ears, “Here is a story from a bit further back, when I was a little wyrmling…”
Dyste: A nation of large, long-lived, magic-using dragon-people (Draconids) ruled by a legendary adventurer. Realism? What's that?
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Rulers: King Tyroth, Queen Sarisa, Prime Minister Zihark Jemson
Capital: Valitora
Government Type: Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
Population: 14,457,200, Draconid Majority (60%), Kobold/Dino/Elven/Pony/Human minorities
Founded: Early 15th century
Tech: Lower-tech fantasy (can RP with PT/MT)
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Postby Rohane Alista » Tue Dec 13, 2022 9:51 pm

Written with Dyste

Now, Safy, for this next story, I was only about three at the time, so admittedly my own memory of it is hazy, but this is from the time of the Imperial War; you know about that, right? It was in a way how we became a sovereign nation, fighting against the Great Cornerian Empire. This story came around a year or so into the war, after we had recruited the likes of Uncle Tobias and Auntie Namiko into our ranks. Namiko had this bear named Seppen, you see, it had the whitest fur, like that nice Talva lady that gives you cookies when she visits! Ahem… so, one day, she had let me take a ride into the workshop in Calberona Harbor, where an important invention was being made…

"OI, YA DWARVEN LUMP, GET YER-" The one yelling was your Greatuncle Tobias. He used to like to yell even more than he does now, if you can believe it! But this workshop was his, or at least he liked to say it was, and he tried to keep almost everyone out. And he also shouted, a lot! "I MEAN IT! IF'N THIS ONE BLOWS UP IN M' FACE I'LL SKIN YA!"

“Ach, no need t’ yell it out like that, laddie!” A dwarven man shouted back; according to Uncle Tobias, this was likely Nerrick Conleth, his demolitions expert. He and his clan of dwarves were saved by the privateers that were the predecessor of the Dystan Royal Navy, “Ah know what ah’m doin’ here! If it blows up before th’fuse, we’ve got a problem now, don’t we!?”

This was the usual state of the harbor in those days; a rush to make the weapon that would help us win in naval supremacy, while another one worked on a way for aerial dominance. No place for a child to be, and yet, here I was, on the back of a polar bear, seeing it all.

I am not sure if it was luck, or simply that he was too focused, but your Greatuncle did not seem to notice I was there at first, even with the polar bear. At least, he says he did not, but knowing him, he might have thought I would find what was about to happen interesting! First, he pulled out a strange length of rope, putting it in the weapon. You would know it as a cannon, Safy, but at the time it did not have a name yet! Anyways, he at least stopped yelling as he did that. "'N I meant it'd better no' blow when I lit the fuse, ya crazy dwarf. Now come on, ya ready fer test… ah, what is this, twenty-five 'r som'thing?"

“Twenty-Seven, if I recall,” Nerrick replied, “I don’t think it’ll be worse than th’time I burnt my beard off, or when ye nearly shot off my cousin’s head!” Nerrick’s cousin was on the other side, trying to keep away from the blast… sorry, his name escapes me at the moment, Safy. This was a very long time ago, you know! Nerrick got the iron ball ready for the blast; it seemed they were trying lots of ammunition. Firearms were a fairly new and pretty unreliable thing at the time, after all.

"'Lright, can' be worse th'n when I lost m' eyebrows, neither," Tobias added. I do recall that they took a long while to regrow, Safy, and he did look quite shocked at everything until they did! But, back to the story. Your Greatuncle took the iron ball and loaded it into the cannon. Thankfully, it was pointed away from Seppen and me, because when he lit the fuse, there was only a moment before a loud roar had filled the workshop!

If you were expecting some great success, well, keep in mind, inventing does take time. The iron ball was indeed launched… about half a meter out of the cannon. Meanwhile, Nerrick looked up ashen-faced, his mustache having burnt off in the attempt, “Och, mebbe a wee bit too much power that time, y’think?”

"No, no, tha' were close!" Tobias jumped up. Safy, you remember that look he gets in his eye when he gets excited about doing something, yes? He looked just like that, but even more than usual! Of course, I doubt Nerrick appreciated the shaking he immediately got. "The power were great! Jus' need ta f'gure out how ta keep it all behind the shot!"

Of course, someone who certainly didn’t enjoy it as much was poor Seppen, who panicked when he heard the shot, and began rushing around the warehouse, with me on the top, “OCH LADDIES-” Nerrick’s cousin shouted out, “YE GOT SOME WEE ONES IN TH’PLACE-” that was all he said before Seppen knocked him over; if you believe your Greatuncle’s stories, I was laughing the whole time!

"Oh damn it all! SEPPEN YOU STUPID BEAR!" Tobias shouted, attempting to catch the polar bear! They were actually friends, Safy, I promise. "I'm going to hang Namiko from your collar, I swear!"

“AH’LL GET TH’WEE ONE!” Nerrick exclaimed as he tried to move in to corner Seppen as the bear ran around, smacking against different objects, before knocking the prototype cannon so it angled a bit further upwards. However, Seppen veered away from Nerrick, towards his cousin again. Greatuncle needed to warn him, but…

… well, your Greatuncle was really never that kind of person, anyways, and he never could pronounce Nerrick's cousin's name correctly, as I recall. Instead he stepped to the side, pulling a trident off his back! "Hol' tight, Tynah," he shouted. I suppose he had finally noticed me! Of course, he then immediately hit Seppen with a blast of water from his weapon, reaching out to grab me at the same time!

Luckily for everyone, it appeared Auntie Namiko was smart enough to put a few protective spells on the both of us, so all Seppen got from the experience was a soak, and I was now in Greatuncle’s arms! “Ah, th’lassie’s fine, is she?” Nerrick’s cousin sighed in relief.

“I think she’s better off than you are, Dzibilchaltunchunchucmil,” Nerrick said back; if I recall I think there is a trade school named after the cousin. “Aye, y’did good there, Cap’n.”

"Damn that fox," your Greatuncle said. You might not believe me, but he would marry that fox one day!... ah, but that's a story for another time. Today, though, he was holding me quite tight as he attempted to pull Seppen out of the workshop. Have I ever shown you a full grown polar bear, Safy? They can get quite large! Luckily, Seppen was not quite full grown at this point.

“I’ll try an’ put th’cannon back to…” Nerrick stopped for a moment, “Actually… this angle might get more us more trajectory… th’blasted bear might’ve done somethin’ good after all…” Of course, I was just happy to be with my Uncle Tobias, while Seppen was flailing trying to escape his clutches.

"Jus' lemme… aw, screw it," Tobias gave up on dragging the bear. He did not set me down, though, even as he approached Nerrick and grabbed another fuse. "We ain't got 'ny stuff t' protect her ears, eh? I guess lil' Tynah's gonna learn what a big boom be soundin' like! Le's get 'er ready, Nerrick!"

“Didn’t she already hear a big boom earlier- och, never mind tha’,” Nerrick got another one of the iron balls ready, “Test Twenty-Eight, ready to go!”

"Light 'er up!" Your Greatuncle laughed as he lit the fuse, hurrying away with me in his arms! You know, he had this laugh when he was younger that I don't hear him use anymore, but when I was older, I came to learn that laugh meant something along the lines of 'I am going to cause problems on purpose.' Like setting off a cannon right next to the princess!

Thankfully I was quite the energetic young princess, or so people tell me, as I was laughing all the way as the cannon fired! This time, the ball soared through the air, punching through one of the spots they had marked! “Wow… I think we might have somethin’ here after all…”

"Yer damned righ' we do!" Tobias declared. "'N we c'n keep workin' tomorrow. Maybe. Fer now, I got a lil' tyke of a niece to be lookin' after, 'lright?"

“Aye, I’ll get Watts t’look in on improving the design,” Nerrick nodded, “Dzibilchaltunchunchucmil an’ I’ll take care of things here, ye get th’wee lassie home will ya?”

"Nah, I'll be takin' 'er drinkin'," Tobias replied. He did not take me drinking, Safira, which is a good thing, I think, or else father might have killed him and mother certainly would have! He did, however, attempt to corral Seppen and I towards home. This very castle we are in right now, in fact.

As I gladly went home with him, and Seppen fought every step of the way, I fell asleep on the way back…


“Of course, that was really only the beginning of the tests to build the cannons,” Tynah explained to Safy, “But you see, things like that always take time! Just like how we shall both recover with some proper rest.”

"... did you almost blow up, mama?" Safy asked, her eyes wide, the lesson entirely missed. "How loud was the cannon?"

“Nonono, I was perfectly fine,” Tynah had to make sure she understood, “Your Greatuncle would never have actually fired it if I was in any danger! The blast was indeed loud, though; probably not as good on your ears, Safy,” she scratched her daughter’s cat ears lightly.

Safy purred lightly, pushing her head into Tynah's hand gently. "It sounds a little scary! But really exciting! Can we go visit Greatuncle Toby and Soshy soon?"

“When we have recovered enough, Safy,” Tynah rubbed her daughter’s head, “In the meantime, I have more stories for you. Even a few I was not in myself, about Grandfather or your Aunts.”

"Like Auntie Petra and Auntie Tysteus and Evil Eyvel?" Safy asked, her eyes sparkling. "And grandpa and grandma?"

“... I suppose there are far worse things you might have picked up from Tysteus talking about Eyvel,” Tynah sighed, “Let us see… ah, yes, for this story…”

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