[Everything] T20 World Championship XV

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[Everything] T20 World Championship XV

Postby The Sarian » Tue Nov 01, 2022 3:53 am

The Global Cricket Federation and Cricket De BondSaari present...

T20 World Championship XV


Group Stage: Teams will be grouped into seeded groups, where they will play a single-round robin. The top three will progress to the Super 12 stage.
Super 12: Teams will be placed in two groups where they will play a single-round robin. The top two teams from each group will proceed to the semi-finals.
Knockout Stage: The winner from each semi-final will progress to the final whilst the losers will contest the Third Place Playoff.

Teams will score two points for a win and one point for a tie. Superovers will not be in use until the Knockout Stage.

In the event of two teams being tied on points, the following tiebreaks will be used:

  • Head-to-head results
  • Net Run-rate
  • Super Over
DRS is in place for all games, with sides being allowed one unsuccessful review per innings.


Posted results will list the team who batted first at the top. If it is plausible that either team could have batted first, this will be noted with it being up to roleplaying users to decide.

The posted results will include the number of wickets taken. However, you may choose to alter the number of wickets taken, with the following restrictions:
  • You may not change the number of wickets of a team that has lost all ten of their wickets;
  • You may not change the number of wickets lost to ten;
  • You must respect your opponents RP permissions, who may disallow you from changing wickets - or set restrictions on doing so.
Rosters and Permissions

A rosterless penalty will apply of 50% of a nation's rank, to be removed immediately upon the posting of a roster. Conversely, a generous roster bonus will be awarded to nations who do post a roster.

There is an IC limit of a fifteen person squad - though you will not be penalised for exceeding this. You may, if you wish, name an additional three players as travelling reserves in case of injury. At a minimum, you should name eleven players - one of whom should be your designated wicketkeeper and at least five who can bowl.

Cricket De BondSaari kindly requests that each nation nominate umpires to assist with the officiating of games.

Unlike in other sports, it is generally accepted that you allow your opponent to decide specifics of play - for example, scores that your batters reach, your bowlers figures and how each wicket falls. You are encouraged, however, set permissions to clarify your preferences on issues such as injuries, godmodding and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Additionally, you may choose to disallow your opponent from changing the number of wickets taken in your RP permissions, or set conditions (for example, only allowing the number of wickets taken to be changed if they lose a chase or in the case of an unrealistic result). You are encouraged to not institute a blanket ban.

Style modifiers are not in use.

Group Stage

Group A

The Sarian (12)
West Barack and East Obama (UR)
Kimi-Suomi (UR)
Uppen Nasa (UR)
Baggieland (14)
Gruenberg (7)
Wolfstruppen (UR)
Indusse (38)

Group B

Jabal Akhdar (UR)
Lisander and Alice Bay (20)
Milchama (UR)
Samrif (UR)
Krytenia (10)
Sajnur (29)
Delaclava (UR)
Ko-oren (1)

Group C

Sylestone (13)
Lionsroar (UR)
TJUN-ia (30)
Greaterburg (UR)
Liventia (2)
Darmen (5)
New Gelderland (UR)
Lozho (UR)

Group D

Brookstation (UR)
The Plough Islands (3)
Depivik (UR)
StrayaRoos (UR)
Quebec and Shingoryeo (30)
Eastfield Lodge (15)
Ethane (11)
Arjunnagar (45)

Pot One

The Sarian (12)
Ko-oren (1)
Liventia (2)
The Plough Islands (3)

Pot Two

Darmen (5)
Gruenberg (7)
Krytenia (10)
Ethane (11)

Pot Three

Sylestone (13)
Baggieland (14)
Eastfield Lodge (15)
Lisander and Alice Bay (20)

Pot Four

Sajnur (29)
TJUN-ia (30)
Quebec and Shingoryeo (30)
Indusse (38)


Arjunnagar (45)
Depivik (UR)
Milchama (UR)
New Gelderland (UR)
StrayaRoos (UR)
West Barack and East Obama (UR)
Lozho (UR)
Delaclava (UR)
Lionsroar (UR)
Kimi-Suomi (UR)
Greaterburg (UR)
Brookstation (UR)
Jabal Akhdar (UR)
Wolfstruppen (UR)
Uppen Nasa (UR)
Samrif (UR)

Provisional Schedule

Tuesday, November 8th - Group Stage MD1 - 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5
Thursday, November 10th - Group Stage MD2 - 1v2, 3v7, 4v6, 5v8
Saturday, November 12th - Group Stage MD3* - 1v3, 2v8, 4v7, 5v6
Monday, November 14th - Group Stage MD4 - 1v4, 2v3, 5v7, 6v8
Wednesday, November 16th - Group Stage MD5* - 1v5, 2v4, 3v8, 6v7
Friday, November 18th - Group Stage MD6 - 1v6, 2v5, 3v4, 7v8
Sunday, November 20th - Group Stage MD7 - 1v7, 2v6, 3v5, 4v8
Thursday, November 24th - Super 12 MD1
Saturday, November 26th - Super 12 MD2*
Monday, November 28th - Super 12 MD3
Wednesday, November 30th - Super 12 MD4*
Friday, December 2nd - Super 12 MD5
Sunday, December 4th - Semi Finals
Tuesday, December 6th - Final/3PPO

Cutoff will normally be between 18.00-19.00 GMT.
* Later cutoff of 22.30-0.00 GMT
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Postby The Sarian » Tue Nov 01, 2022 3:54 am

OOC: Apologies that image quality is incredibly poor. I've been googling for days to try and find out why, but everything I export from inkscape or affinity is just coming out as ass.

Image Image

Many grounds have had their capacity increased by temporary seating or seating extensions.

Eastern Cluster (Group A)


De OvalNationaal, Bondstad - The national stadium. A flat track means this will be a big-hitter paradise. Smaller boundaries by international standards but large by the standards of the tournament. Capacity: 22,300 - Ends: Senaat End (east), Pavillion End (west)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 1v8, MD3 - 1v3, MD6 - 1v6, MD7 - 1v7


Archipelbuurt, Haaglanden - Widely regarded as the prettiest large ground in The Sarian (unless you're from Gruenberg). Typically a well balanced, but can have a slight advantage to spinners. Capacity: 16,980 - Ends: City End (east), Pavillion End (west)

Group Stage Games: MD2 - 1v2, MD4 - 1v4, MD5 - 1v5


Pingstrand Cricketgrond, Wilaamstad - Can give some benefit to swing due to its proximity to the coast. Add in the larger boundaries and this might be one of the few grounds that bowlers are looking forward to visiting. Capacity: 17,000 - Ends: Pavillion End (north), Narrows End (south)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 4v5, MD2 - 3v7, MD3 - 4v7, MD4 - 6v8, MD5 - 6v7, MD6 - 2v5, MD7 - 3v5


Statparc, Oostelund - Pitches here tend to be dry but a short leg-side boundary offers something to skillful batters. Capacity: 14,500 - Ends: Pavillion End (east), City End (west)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 2v7, MD2 - 4v6, MD3 - 5v6, MD4 - 5v7, MD5 - 2v4, MD6 - 3v4, MD7 - 4v8


Turfmarktstraat, Lyntveld - One of the outgrounds that is on every Saari cricket fans bucket list. A picturesque ground in the beautiful, southern town of Lyntveld. Small boundaries. Capacity: 6,000 - Ends: Riverside End (north east), Pavillion End (south west)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 3v6, MD2 - 5v8, MD3 - 2v8, MD4 - 2v3, MD5 - 3v8, MD6 - 7v8, MD7 - 2v6

Northern Cluster (Group B)


Noorstad Cricketgrond, Noorstad - Perpetually gloomy, not helped by the brutalist architecture. Boundaries tend to be far by Saari standards, but everywhere on the square creates a short boundary on one side or another. No-one really likes playing here. Capacity: 12,500 - Ends: Maarten Bruinslik End (north), City End (south)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 1v8, MD2 - 3v7, MD3 - 4v7, MD4 - 6v8, MD5 - 1v5, MD6 - 2v5, MD7 - 3v5


Stadgrond Pymtuon, Pymtuon - A ground in the Saari lakelands which is as famous for its adjoining farmers market as it is for its cricket. If you hit the ball too far, it may end up in the adjacent lake. Capacity: 8,000 - Ends: Pavillion End (east), Lake Caan End (west)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 2v7, MD2 - 4v6, MD3 - 5v6, MD4 - 1v4, MD5 - 2v4, MD6 - 3v4, MD7 - 4v8


Ovaal De Haj, Lesaj - A very pretty ground in the De Haj isles. Good pace tends to do well. Capacity: 5,000 - Ends: Church End (north), Knoll End (south)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 3v6, MD2 - 5v8, MD3 - 1v3, MD4 - 2v3, MD5 - 3v8, MD6 - 7v8, MD7 - 1v7


Cricketgrond Timon Broer, Majci - Another ground in the lakelands. Poor weather year round that leaves a bit too much green on the pitch for anyone's liking and a slower outfield. Capacity: 4,500 - Ends: Members End (north), South End (south)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 4v5, MD2 - 1v2, MD3 - 2v8, MD4 - 5v7, MD5 - 6v7, MD6 - 1v6, MD7 - 2v6

Western Cluster (Group C)


Brijtbai Parc, Tucanviul - Tucanviul is the sunniest cities in The Sarian, creating a pitch that tends to be quite dry. A little bit out of the city, which can be annoying for spectators Capacity: 12,300 - Ends: Pavillion End (east), Bay End (west)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 1v8, MD2 - 3v7, MD3 - 4v7, MD4 - 6v8, MD5 - 1v5, MD6 - 2v5, MD7 - 3v5


Beestjebeek, Chypenberg - Another ground with small, lopsided boundaries. Capacity: 7,800 - Ends: Park End (north east), Pavillion End (south west)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 2v7, MD2 - 4v6, MD3 - 5v6, MD4 - 1v4, MD5 - 2v4, MD6 - 3v4, MD7 - 4v8


Klifzijde, Oud Saarum - Visually striking, with a cliff overlooking the field. You can buy seats atop the cliff if you want to tick it off the bucket list, but a better view can be found from the pavillion or temporary seating. Capacity: 5,900 - Ends: Cliff End (north), Pavillion End (south)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 3v6, MD2 - 5v8, MD3 - 1v3, MD4 - 2v3, MD5 - 3v8, MD6 - 7v8, MD7 - 1v7


Sint Chad's, Stoomtuon - Home of one of the most famous club sides in The Sarian. Pitches tend to be low and slow, with medium pace thriving. The town of Stoomtuon remains one of The Sarian's hidden gems. Capacity: 2,600 - Ends: Church End (east), Members End (west)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 4v5, MD2 - 1v2, MD3 - 2v8, MD4 - 5v7, MD5 - 6v7, MD6 - 1v6, MD7 - 2v6

Central Cluster (Group D)


Gerliedroest, Ghoberg - Tends to be pretty balanced, with a slight tilt towards true pace. Famous for its excellent teas. Capacity: 18,000 - Ends: Pavillion End (east), College End (west)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 1v8, MD2 - 3v7, MD3 - 4v7, MD4 - 6v8, MD5 - 1v5, MD6 - 2v5, MD7 - 3v5


De Dounen, Kroningdam - Seen as a bowlers paradise in first class cricket, but with such a quick outfield this is a ground made for teams who exploit the power play. Capacity: 16,100 - Ends: Pavillion End (east), Ashlyn Road End (west)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 2v7, MD2 - 4v6, MD3 - 5v6, MD4 - 1v4, MD5 - 2v4, MD6 - 3v4, MD7 - 4v8


Ovaal van De Commons, De Commons - De Commons isn't really a cricketing city, and you can tell this is a ground that is used for all sorts of sports. The 'stadium bowl' like design means that if you're on the central wicket, each side is equidistant. Capacity: 10,000 - Ends: Cricket Members End (east), Shed End (west)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 3v6, MD2 - 5v8, MD3 - 1v3, MD4 - 2v3, MD5 - 3v8, MD6 - 7v8, MD7 - 1v7


Holstat Buitengrond, Volkenstad - Not very pretty, and they could probably get a better groundskeeper. Bowlers will like the uneven bounce off the pitch, batters will like how they can hit it out the ground. Capacity: 6,200 - Ends: Pavilion End (north), River End (west)

Group Stage Games: MD1 - 4v5, MD2 - 1v2, MD3 - 2v8, MD4 - 5v7, MD5 - 6v7, MD6 - 1v6, MD7 - 2v6


Guru Beth Rati Pumba (Baggieland)
Umpire Molly (Baggieland)
Ellie Innes (Sylestone)
Thomas Moore (Sylestone)
Sebastian Brewster (Sylestone)
Russell Phillips (Liventia)
D.C. Donaldson (Liventia)
René Delaphilippe (Liventia)
Onomas Suuuudjeffypi (Gruenberg)
Hettypong Zevenzizzizoo (Gruenberg)
Nolezhit Fayytwummurkimops (Gruenberg)
Taylor Domico (Milchama)
Nathan Harain (Milchama)
Muriel Blanem (Milchama)
Eldon Harquand (Ko-oren)
Arran Statesworth (Ko-oren)
Zelzokosu Naunbalerinden (Ko-oren)
Lydia Fairhallow (Ko-oren)
Aldegonda Hertogin (The Sarian)
Sjors Ajmeurscham (The Sarian)
Katja Holt (The Sarian)
Sem Kindvanizaak (The Sarian)
Elenoeur Middlelund (The Sarian)
Mohsin Khan (The Sarian)
Aatif Masood (The Sarian)
Dafnie Juup (The Sarian)
Ezra Skydmoor (The Sarian)
Leah Penn (The Sarian)
Saskia Kindvancajn (The Sarian)
Coen Wendt (The Sarian)
Emma Badger (The Sarian)
Agnieszka Pikulicka (The Sarian)
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Postby Baggieland » Tue Nov 01, 2022 5:11 am


The Throstles.


Gareth White.

Starting XI:
1. Billy Richards (opening batsman, R).
2. Reg Marshall (opening batsman, R).
3. Peter Mead (batsman, L).
4. Richard Smith (batsman, R).
5. Garry Greenidge (C) (batsman, R).
6. Brian Parks (wicketkeeper / batsman, R).
7. Sam Udal (all-rounder: off-spin bowler / batsman, R).
8. Steve Warne (leg-spin bowler, R).
9. Michael Marshall (fast bowler, R).
10. David Shackleton (medium pace bowler, R).
11. Paul Sainsbury (orthodox-spin bowler, L).

12. Keith Pieterson (batsman, R).
13. Graham Brown (wicketkeeper / batsman / medium pace bowler, L).
14. Don White (fast bowler, R).
15. Roy Cottam (fast-medium bowler, R).

International tournament records:
T20 World Championship XIV: 3rd place.
ODI World Trophy I: group stage play-offs.
ODI World Trophy II / III: group stage.
Bag of Stones I: winners.

First ever game:
Ethane 148/4 – Baggieland 133/5 (T20).
Baggieland 348/2 – Holy Land of Burtander 134/8 (ODI).
Baggieland vs The Sarian Baggieland won by 152 runs (Test).

Highest score:
Baggieland 208/7 vs Kashyaps (T20).
Baggieland 376/7 vs The Booter (ODI).
Baggieland 463/8d vs The Sarian (Test).

Lowest score:
Baggieland 133/5 vs Ethane (T20).
Baggieland 178/all out vs The Plough Islands (ODI).
Baggieland 189/all out vs The Sarian (Test).

Baggielandian Umpires:
The Guru is a sage, hence has never got an LBW decision wrong.

You may refer to her as Umpire Molly.

If my opponents RP first:
Godmod match events – Y.
Roleplay injuries to my players – N.
Godmod injuries to my players – N.
Godmod how my players were dismissed – Y.
Unsportsmanlike behaviour – N.
Change the number of wickets taken – Y, but only in unrealistic results.
Create a full scorecard for my team – Y.

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Postby StrayaRoos » Tue Nov 01, 2022 12:46 pm

01:Adam Jones,32,LHB,RLS
22:John Philippe,22,RHB,LOS
02:Asiun Jun,20,RHB
Wicket Keepers
05:Thomja Lau,20,LHB
06:Isar Healy,23,RHB
07:Polo Garb,32,LHB,LM
08:Asva Xac,21,LHB,ROS,LOS (ambidextrous)
09:Connor Greene,16,RHB,RLS
10:Daniel Bradman,26,RHB,ROS
11:Josh Jonassen,28,LHB,LS
12:John Anderson,40,LHB,RFM
13:Soa Molinuex,26,LHB,LS
14:Luca Livingstone,19,RHB,RS

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
Style Mod:+1

Preferred Batting Order (Bowlers have number next to them)
1:Phillipe (C)
6:Healy (WK)

СтраяРус ❤️ Україна
Hosting (Sports):ARWC5,AODICC2 (with Avorago)
Victories (Sports):AODICC2 Runner Up as Uppen Nasa,ARWC5 4th Placer,AVBF Sevens Bowl Winner
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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Nov 04, 2022 7:10 am

Ko-orenite National Team@World Twenty20 Championships

Nickname Dragonflies
Head Coach Georgianna Burress
Batting Coach Hector Hamilton
Bowling Coach Geddwod yDiddatawn
Fielding Coach Rosalia Graham
Trigramme KOR
Colours Green, blue, (yellow)


Starting XI
Lyojall Firembee (24) - L fast/L Opener for ImageNorille Chevron Vert. A Joyful, Lanky, Captain
Carlton Shapter (27) - R off/R Opener for ImageGreencaster Heralds. A Motivated, Muscular, Genius
Conor yAraidd (25) - L orth/L Batsman for ImageMawrystwyth Mustangs. A Grumpy, Ripped, Journeyman
Jacob Lafaille (25) - R fast/R Batsman for ImageWillowbourne Zenith. A Political, Tall, Teammate
Llowcan yRheighewn (34) - R med/R Batsman for ImageMawrystwyth Mustangs. A Predictable, Plump, Genius

Millhef yChirnall (23) - L fast/L All-rounder for ImageGreencaster Heralds. A Diplomatic, Fast, Back foot expert
Gilbert Wheelwright (35) - R med/R Wicketkeeper for ImageGreencaster Heralds. A busy, Agile, Technician
Ronald Taylor (25) - L med/L All-rounder for ImageAubury Maroons. A Reserved, Buff, Strategist

(C) Enoch Teakton (24) - R fast/R Pace Bowler for ImageBurnet Rubies. A Boring, Trim, Captain
Caprws ySarthylhar (30) - L orth/L Spin Bowler for ImageMawrystwyth Mustangs. A Forgetful, Toned, Genius
Bert Chapman (24) - L med/L Pace Bowler for ImageGreencaster Heralds. A Uncompromising, Quick, Strategist

The Selpernim T20 Smash winning ImageMawrystwyth Mustangs have three spots on the default starting list, with yAraidd, once a batting prodigy and since developed into a genuine star, leading the charge. Experienced teammate yRheighewn is back for another campaign: after years of rumours that he'd quit the national team, he's one of very few older players selected. yAraidd is there to back up the openers and find a high run rate in the powerplay and continue it into the middle overs, while yRheighewn is mostly there as a batting companion for those later down the list. That said, the Greenblues are a much deeper batting squad than in earlier iterations. yChirnall is not the quickest scorer but can do plenty of damage - as seen in his Heralds' playoff battle versus Mayara. Taylor won't get you six but he'll get you fours, and can accompany the batsmen in the death overs. Lafaille is the odd one out of the top/middle order, but he did take his ImageWillowbourne Zenith to great highs (only to lose the final to Mawrystwyth).

All in all, the openers are nothing too special, the middle order is deeper than before. The bowling is... debatable. With few spin options, ySarthylhar made the squad by default, leaving Teakton the only right-handed bowler (both all-rounders are lefties). Chapman can't bat but he knows to limit runs - which coincidentally is more important than taking wickets in T20.

Lucius Letchford (27) - L orth/L Batsman for ImageMayara Marauders. A Resentful, Tiny, Artist
Harold Magcay (20) - R leg/R Batsman for ImagePenstead Pirates. A Intelligent, Well built, Debater
Stuart Solomons (26) - L med/L Batsman for ImageGreencaster Bears. A Mature, Muscular, Strategist
Reginald Trevelskill (19) - R off/R Batsman for ImageGreencaster Heralds. A Romantic, Burly, Sledge master

Eli Hunniford (34) - R med/R Wicketkeeper for ImageLinieux Lieutenants. A Funny, Bony, Debater

Algernon Silkquand (18) - R fast/R Pace Bowler for ImageGreencaster Bears. A Tenacious, Tall, Captain
Garfield Hooligan (30) - L fast/L Pace Bowler for ImageWillowbourne Zenith. A Popular, Staunch, Mankader
Iona (f) Finisterbrook (18) - L fast/L Pace Bowler for ImageGreencaster Heralds. A Intuitive, Short, Artist
Lewis Tilcott (27) - L unorth/L Spin Bowler for ImageAubury Maroons. A Independent, Nimble, Run limiter
Aurélien Galipeau (19) - R off/R Spin Bowler for ImageGreencaster Bears. A Clever, Nimble, Genius

Some interesting selections here: Silkquand, Finisterbrook, and Galipeau are under 20 but that means that the Ko-orenite bowling attack should be much improved in 3-5 years time. The much needed spin bowling from Mawryshire (Penstead, Llandy, Mawrystwyth) is not there, but Tilcott should be able to do a lot - but that's more good left-handed players. Meanwhile: Letchford goes for unorthodox shots, and sometimes they pay off. Magcay and Solomons are more about working the numbers: checking the run rate to see what they should be on, and occasionally shooting for boundaries that aren't there because it's been too long since they hit one. Trevelskill is a slightly more exentric youngster, more adaptive and reactive to what kind of bowlers he faces.

RP Permissions: no deaths or career-ending events.
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Postby West Barack and East Obama » Fri Nov 04, 2022 8:55 am

West Barack and East Obama National Cricket Team

A Brief History of Obaman Cricket

Cricket as a sport is prohibited in West Barack and East Obama, along with other team sports such as football, rugby and paintball. This is because the prevalence team sports has a strong correlation to organised crime, violence and political dissidents, so all attempts at forming groups are prohibited. However, West Barack and East Obama has established an official national cricket team to help promote Obaman values on the international stage.

The players playing at the ODI World Trophy will return for this competition. Hopefully their disastrous performance there would be much better here.

The Coaching Team

Head Coach: Hank Zobama
Assistant Coach: Chris Scabama

Hank Zobama and Chris Scabama are the co-managers of a restaurant in downtown New Barack City, The Golden Tomato. It sells all kinds of tomatoes and tomato-based dishes, such as sun-dried tomatoes, tomato soup and tomatoes with gold colour spray painted onto it. As one of the more popular restaurants in the city, the pair have all the experience required to manage and coach the cricket team. Yes.

The Players

The players of the cricket team have been selected based on a variety of factors. The team that has been selected is the one that will maximise winning in competitions whilst minimising the possibility of bonds and teamwork being formed.

Aidan O'Bama, 34, RHB, RMF

Aidan O'Bama's claim to fame is achieving second place in the East Obama Regional Short Put 2019 competition. A fantastic bowler, Aidan is in the nightmares of all the batters he faces.

Aiden Obama, 23, RHB

A bicycle mechanic, Aiden Obama may have a similar name to his teammate, but they couldn't be more different. His experience in working with tools means he can bat with ease. Probably.

Barack Morris, 27, LHB

Barack Morris is very mysterious. Nobody is sure how he's still on the team, given that he's not really good at any aspect on the game and he covers his face with a ski mask most of the time. Maybe one day we'll find out.

Jenny Barracki, 27, RHB

A professional sprinter, Jenny Barracki is a very fast and good catcher. She can run all the way out of the stadium just to grab the ball in time. She's been hard at work running with the Obamen at the West Barack and East Obama national football team, and will have to make regular flights from The Sarian to Delaclava just to participate in both the Cup of Harmony and the T20 World Championship.

Kate Obammus, 31, LHB, LLS

Kate Obammus may be legally blind, but that's never stopped anyone from playing sports! Her skilled use of echolocation has made her a very good catcher, allowing her to perfectly place herself right where the ball is about to land. Once the opposition finds out that screaming randomly would totally mess her skills up it's all over.

Mark Hobama, 58, RHB, ROS

A true veteran, Mark Hobama's career peaked over thirty years ago right before the ban on sports was instated. Rumours have it he's been illegally practicing the whole time, but hopefully his wealth of experience of actually playing the sport will be enough. A bit slow these days, but still a force to be reckoned with.

Percival Obamahama, 29, LHB, LLS

The wicketkeeper, Percival Obamahama has a tough job. But as the Assistant Glove Model for Obama Jacobs, Percival has the greatest experience in the gloves. He's also very nimble, needing to jump into various poses during photoshoots.

Rachel Obama-Paris, 31, RHB

Rachel Obama-Paris is the local rubbish truck operator in a small town around East Obama. The long hours and awful smell has prepared her for any situation, and nothing can strike this resilient girlboss down. Considered one of the more well-rounded players, she's up for any challenge.

Stanley Obama, 29, RHB, RF

Stanley Obama is a great bowler. In bowling. The first person in West Barack and East Obama to bowl a perfect game in almost ten years, Stanley will put his skills to the text in a whole different field. It's definitely not up his alley, but he will try.

Trent Vobama, 37, RHB, RMF (CAPTAIN)

Trent Vobama is the venerable captain of the team. A very respectable figure, Trent's experience as a PE teacher, cricket captain and football captain will help him command the team to a victory. Luckily, his frequent suspensions from the national football teams makes him usually available to turn up at cricket matches.

黄巴马 (Wong Ba Ma), 34, LHB

A first generation immigrant from China, Wong Ba Ma is a professional weedwhacker salesman and amateur table tennis player. He is also the best batsman on the team, having a really strong left hand to strike small ping pong balls. What difference is a cricket ball? Everything's a ball.


Chip Obamaz, 18, RHB, ROS

Dale Obamaz, 18, RHB

Two identical twin brothers, their father (famous media manganate) demanded that they be put on the team. Even compared to the rest of the team, they have very little skill at cricket, but a reserve is better than nothing.

Other Stuff

Kit colour: Red and Yellow

Style Modifier: -1.5

Batting Order:

Rachel Obama-Paris
Barack Morris
Wong Ba Ma
Jenny Barracki
Aiden Obama
Trent Vobama (CAPTAIN)
Stanley Obama
Kate Obammus
Percival Obamahama (WICKETKEEPER)
Aidan O'Bama
Mark Hobama


Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Official Account for the West Barack and East Obama Foreign Affairs Taskforce. Usually controlled by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Justin Obama, with additional contributions where stated.

Ruled by His Royal Highness, Most Venerable, His Most Serene Presence (among others) President Barack Horatio Obama of the Obama Dynasty.

First team to play in TWO GCF-sanctioned competitions with a legally blind player #progressive

Only team to not be defeated by HUElavia in IAC 16

For some reason has a whole department dedicated to commenting on WA proposals despite not being part of it. (Wrote GAR#622 and SCR#418)

Proud Esportivan and Sonnelian

im problematic :/

Not actually an Obama fan in real life

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Postby Lozho » Fri Nov 04, 2022 9:02 am


The Lozhoan National Cricket Team!

A History of Lozhoan Cricket

Cricket is one of the more niche sports in Lozho, usually only enjoyed by the wealthy who had more free time. However, there is a passionate and fiery fanbase for the sport in the nation. Cricket has long been played in Lozho, and the annual Ghezhan-Shezhen test series is one of the most viewed events in the nation. The Pelicans have enjoyed enormous successes in their inaugural tournament, the EspoT20, winning every game to clinch the trophy, and with the sport becoming increasingly popular due to the team's performances. Hopefully, the hot streak can be continued at the T20 World Championship, and that maybe it can be 2 for 2 in terms of Lozho Cricket taking home debut trophies.

The Coaching Team

Head Coach: Zumba Zander

43 year old Coach Zander is a legend of Lozhoan cricket. Playing for the Shezhen team ages ago, he could hit a century as easily as you can say 'Zumba Zander'. After retiring from playing, he decided to become a brand ambassador for Sozha Soda, and also makes some money on the side selling memorabilia such as his eighty century scoring bats.


In batting order:
  1. Tim Crawford RHB
  2. Zhill Zohnzohn LHB
  3. Rick Zrumhammer LHB
  4. Andrezh Drezhen RHB (CAPTAIN)
  5. Zumphrey Zaddam LHB
  6. Freze Horzhonozille RHB, RMF
  7. Yap Dumfries RHB, RF (WICKETKEEPER)
  8. Gorzon Hozhe RHB, ROS
  9. Zatri Qaraq LHB, LLS
  10. Gordon Hinckley LHB, LF
  11. Moz RHB, RF

People will be excited to see Ghezhan dream team Andrezh Drezhen and Zumphrey Zaddam continuing their fruitful partnership. The pair have some of the highest run rates in the history of Lozhoan cricket, so people will be hoping these translate into results on the big stage. People will also be glad to see the return of Tim Crawford and Rick Zrumhammer, whose impressive batting more often than not won us games. Catroza bowler Moz is also a star bowler, with his impressive form in the EspoT20 making him a no-brainer of an inclusion. In spite of our wins we still have no budget for reserves, so hopefully people can remain relatively uninjured.

OOC Stuff

RP Permissions: As long as you TG me beforehand about any potential serious wackiness, do what you like.

Style Mod: +1
The Queendom of Lozho

Brought to you by West Barack and East Obama

Champions: EspoT20 III
Super 12: T20 World Championship XV
Round of 16: Brevity Cup 3
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Quarterfinalists: BoF 79
Round of 16: RTC U-18 World Cup 17

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Postby Lozho » Sat Nov 05, 2022 8:47 am

Raj Zhaozhamhra sat down a held up a piece of paper. "Marketing Freedoms huh?" he muttered. "Oh, Sonzha at it again. I see, I see." Raj rolled his eyes and pulled out the shredder from under his desk. Why is it always "me, me me!" with that Sonzha, Raj thought to himself. Why can't he do something that benefits other people? He certainly knows that hawking soda and alcohol to minors more easily would be great for the Sozha Soda Tasty Drinks Corp, whilst everyone gets nothing. The whirring noise made by the shredder suddenly stopped. Raj had been shredding so many rejected blueprints, plans and Assembly of Esportiva bills that his shredder broke down. Loud expletives were hurled, before Raj embarked on his biggest journey that week - to the megamall down the road.

Raj walked into the Ghezhan Central Mall and Park and Shops and Arcade. He got his shiny new platinum-blade shredder from the Lozho Shredders and Cutters Unlimited store, and was about to hastily return to his office to test out the shredder on the "Sugar Tax Ban" bill when he spotted something in the corner of his eye. Wow, the BreuPub that he agreed to build for his friend Gezald was in full swing. He decided to stop for just one small drink.

Raj sat down at the bar and ordered a Sozha Sorbet. As he bit into that delicious, freezing cold strawberry ice cream, he could overhear the two cricket fans seated next to him.

"Aw man, Sylestone again? We're gonna get our asses beat."

"What are you talking about man? We've never lost a game to them!"

"They have had lots of experience in GCF competitions though. We haven't even played games outside of Esportiva. I dunno man, but it looks like it's gonna be a long hard road for our team."

"Don't be so pessimistic! Look, the odds of us winning are 10-1. I'd definitely put 5 Lozhons on that."

Ah, online betters. Raj had hoped that this pub would attract the more sophisticated kind to a place so artisanally crafted by his underpaid foreign construction workers, but you can't always win. Raj downed the rest of the soda and hoped to get back to his office as soon as he could to play with his new toy.

"By playing in a completely different continent all the way down at The Sarian, there's going to be no travelling support for us fans. Flights are either way too expensive, or they're Bozho Airways. And I'm not getting on another Bozho Airways flight ever again. Not after the entire luggage compartmen-"

"Hey, just keep your head up. Once someone decides to build some actually decent stadiums with good bathrooms, we could host some great competitions and everyone can feel the wrath of the Pelicans's call!"

This last line grabbed the attention of Raj. He walked over to the two cricket fans.

"You guys would support the construction of a new stadium? here in Ghezhan?" Raj inquired.

"Damn right! Who doesn't? All the ovals here are crap. What we need are 100k seaters, multiple bathrooms, actually good food that doesn't cost me my monthly paycheque, and-"

"Great! Great!" Raj said, as he pulled out a fancy company fountain pen and notepad. "Why don't you two write down all that you'd like to see in a potential new Lozhoan stadium, and send it via email to this address?" He walked away with a smirk on his face. There was no time to shred evidence of foreign investments or rival bills in the EU. It was time to grab the biggest bag of his career.
The Queendom of Lozho

Brought to you by West Barack and East Obama

Champions: EspoT20 III
Super 12: T20 World Championship XV
Round of 16: Brevity Cup 3
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Quarterfinalists: BoF 79
Round of 16: RTC U-18 World Cup 17

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Stumps!: T20 2, Can It Be As Good As ODI 2?

Postby TJUN-ia » Sat Nov 05, 2022 11:50 am


Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU
National Cricket Board: TJUN-ia Board of Cricket (TBC)
Nickname: Jaguars (official)/Jags (short form)/Bowlin' Jags (who knows)
Test Colours: White with Blue (home)/Orange (away) Helmets
ODI Colours: Light Blue with Orange Accents
T20 Colours: Light Blue with Orange Stripes on front and sleeves
Red Ball Head Coach: Joseph Smith III (42, NAU)
White Ball Head Coach: Virat Indushapa (37, CEA)

Oh would you look at that...IT'S TIME FOR CRICKET! After last year's ODI effort saw us reach the Quarterfinals alongside our Finnish friends, the Bowlin' Jagaurs of TJUN-ia are now in The Sarian for their 2nd T20 WC. Compared with the fun this nation has had in the 50-over format, T20 wasn't kind the first time around - a stat reflected in our #30 ranking. But, to be fair, that was the first tournament under Virat Indushapa's leadership and the World Trophy last year showed us that if we play to our strengths, we can pull off some magic in this sport. Now, we just need to convert that magic into T20 and in a group filled with URs and big names, there is certainly opportunities to do that. Roger Ntini will hope that his 2nd tournament as T20 Captain is better than his first but considering the weapons we have, is making it to the knockouts too much to ask?

Number: Name (Position, Age, Handedness, Region)
#01 Jason Walkins (Batter, 25, R, NAU) (Test C)
#02 Logan McGarra (Batter, 24, R, UO)
#03 Roger Ntini (All-Rounder, 26, L, AU) (T20 C)
#04 Chase Helton (Batter, 23, R, CU)
#05 Rohit Rajpore (All-Rounder, 22, R, CEA)
#06 Esteban Soto (Bowler, 23, R, UAC)
#07 Zawar Ahmed (Batter, 26, R, ArU)
#08 Gabriel Miziara (Wicket-Keeper, 25, L, UAS)
#09 Joseph Gregorson (Batter, 27, L, JB TJUN-ia) (ODI C)
#10 Peter Kylasov (Bowler, 26, R, CSTO)
#11 Ahmed Ali (Bowler, 24, L, CEA)

#12 Wille Mutombodzi (Batter, 22, R, AU)
#13 Chris Parker (All-Rounder, 23, L, CU)
#14 Kane Nukunuku (Bowler, 22, R, UO)
#15 James Laughlin (Wicket-Keeper, 23, R, NAU)

MD1: vs Darmen (5)
MD2: vs New Gelderland (UR)
MD3: vs Sylestone (13)
MD4: vs Lionsroar (UR)
MD5: vs Lozho (UR)
MD6: vs Greaterburg (UR)
MD7: vs Liventia (2)

No violence against the players, but godmodding will be allowed (I like fun :) ).
As TJUN-ia is a nation built on the notions of equality for all, "Mankading" shall not be used by the TJUN-ian team.
Style Modifier: 0
1st: ECC4/5, NSSCRA13
2nd: NSCF24/26, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, IBS17, RUWC33
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3
4th: WBC50/52, IBC31/33, RLWC20/21
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (S13 T1 Champion/8W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (2W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/1W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (5W [4 @JR])/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (3W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (4W)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 4 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (5 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Sylestone » Sat Nov 05, 2022 2:55 pm


GCF World T20 Championship III


Sylestone is a tropical island nation located in far-western Esportiva, located to the east of Cyborg Holland and north of the S.U.S (Star United States) Islands. The nation is inhabited by roughly 30 million citizens (the exact number is unknown), and includes roughly 60,000 Sentient Objects from the city of Kirkham in the southeast. Famous for its multiverse-class beaches and rainforests, Sylestone has a thriving tourism industry, and despite financial fallouts meaning that professional association football is currently on a hiatus, it is widely acknowledged to be a rising sporting power, particularly in cricket and handball. In handball, the nation is the reigning world champion in the multiverse, but in cricket, that process has been a little slower. However, they are still not an easy side to beat on any day of the week, evident from their rank as thirteenth in the multiverse but ultimately, are still considered to only have a very slim shot at reaching the trophy. As we saw last time, though, with Gruenber and their famous run to the crown, anything is possible in T20 cricket.

Following a semi-successful ODI World Trophy where the Hawthorns reached the quarterfinals before falling to their nemesis in Gruenberg, Sylestone found themselves lacking at home in the third EspoT20, only winning three of their seven games en route to a disappointing fourth-place finish, albeit with a slightly weaker squad. Still, after dominating the first two editions of Esportiva’s premier cricket tournament, it comes as a massive reality check for the island nation. Yet, with the likes of Lachlan Cocrine, Broughton Hall, Joshua Vilesti and Liam Afosha returning to the squad and having uncovered a few gems throughout the EspoT20, the Hawthorns still appear to be in a strong spot as they head to The Sarian, somewhat disappointed at the result of what was really a very, very close host vote between themselves and the former Esportivans. Sylestone, under the captaincy of Luke Tiati and the vice-captaincy of Liam Afosha, though, will not let that affect them, for the flat, unconducive nature of the Saari tracks are indeed ideal for the all rounder-heavy squad the Sylestonean selectors have opted to send. Especially considering the results of the EspoT20, could the host vote loss actually be a blessing in disguise for the Hawthorns?




Coach: Jake Fiedler Image (M) - Age 43
Batting Coach: Sandra Morton Image (F) - Age 40
Bowling Coach: George Byron Image (M) - Age 58
Fielding Coach: Daniel Michael Image (M) - Age 49

Umpires: Ellie Innes Image (F) - Age 53; Thomas Moore Image (M) - Age 42; Sebastian Brewster Image (M) - Age 44



Luke TIATI (c, +) LHB
Broughton HALL RHB ROS
Ashton STEALOM (+) RHB


32 matches. 1079 runs @ 34.81, SR 133.71, HS 108*, 7 50s, 0 100s.
  • Captain
  • 31 years old; male
  • Left-hand opening bat
  • Wicketkeeper-batter
  • Pesfield Wasps Image
For all the success he has achieved in the five-day and 50-over formats, Luke Tiati has indicated multiple times that he does not quite feel the same about cricket’s 20-over edition. Sure, Tiati’s numbers are still excellent - he’s only ten runs off being the nation’s highest run-scorer in the format with 1079 runs at 35 with a useful strike rate of 134 - but considering he averages 50+ in ODI and test, there is no wonder that he feels as though that average should be at least a little bit higher. However, one of Tiati’s most important traits is his consistency - he never goes too long without failing. With his last innings on the multiversal stage resulting in one of ODI’s best-ever centuries in a losing cause against Gruenberg in Brookstation, Tiati will be keen to replicate those feats here in The Sarian… although preferably not the losing part!

32 matches. 598 runs @ 35.18, SR 140.38, HS 54*, 2 50s, 0 100s. 20 wickets @ 39.75, ER 7.71, SR 30.95, BBI 4-23, 1 4-fors.
  • Vice-captain
  • 32 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • All-rounder
  • Chamberley Giants Image
The first of many all-rounders in this Sylestonean squad, Liam Afosha has made himself known throughout the multiverse as one of the best finishers in modern cricket, often coming in at five or six when his team are in a worrisome position and guiding them home. As well as his inherent calmness, Afosha can also whack a long ball despite his slender, short figure and with an excellent eye, when he gets in, it takes some doing to get him out. Additionally, Afosha also regularly bowls probing off-spin, floating the ball up above the batters’ eye line and encouraging them to take a swipe at him. It’s highly specialised - many batters, particularly right-handers, thrive under those conditions, but for many others, Afosha is not easy to get away. If Tiati can use him well, he could certainly become a handy strike force in a team stacked to the brim with fellow all-rounders.

5 matches. 82 runs @ 27.33, SR 154.72, HS 46*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 4 wickets @ 36.50, ER 9.32, SR 23.50, BBI 2-23, 0 4-fors.
  • 27 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm fast-medium
  • All-rounder
  • Dunkirk Rovers Image
After a reasonably successful EspoT20 compared to most, Samuel Asaskia appears likely to make his World T20 Championship debut in The Sarian with selectors indicating that he may play a crucial role down the order with the bat due to his ability to strike well from ball one. His vice-captaincy during the EspoT20 was invaluable, proving useful insight into tactics and more often than not, making a subtle, game-changing contribution. Hence, despite his age, Asaskia is likely to be looked up to as one of the senior figures in the group, particularly on the field of play. To cap it off, Asaskia is also a quality seamer, bowling tight, nippy lines and when he’s on song, he’s very tough to put away. However, unfortunately for him and the nation, he was not quite at his best during the EspoT20 a few months earlier but the selectors have maintained faith and as a result, it would surprise no one if he produced here where it really matters.

31 matches. 1088 runs @ 43.52, SR 167.90, HS 104*, 9 50s, 1 100s.
  • 28 years old; male
  • Right-hand top-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batter
  • Chamberley Giants Image
Undoubtedly Sylestone’s best with the blade in the shortest format, Lachlan Cocrine’s sheer game-changing ability makes him one of the most feared hitters in the entire multiverse. Widely regarded as a top ten T20 bat, Cocrine’s average of 44 with a strike rate edging 170 is next to unheard of and having come off a superb ODI World Trophy last year that sealed his spot in the nation’s 50-over XI, he will be brimming with confidence, knowing he can take down even the multiverse’s best bowling attacks. With a third of his T20I innings resulting in a score of 50 or more, Cocrine’s consistency at the highest level has been top draw and if he can blaze away again, there’s no reason why Sylestone can’t make a genuine title run. But if not, then someone else is going to need to step up.

Samuel CROSS
257 runs @ 25.70, SR 127.86, HS 72, 2 50s, 0 100s. 13 wickets @ 17.62, ER 7.68, SR 13.77, BBI 3-18, 0 4-fors.
  • 24 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm fast-medium
  • All-rounder
  • Halpenley Lightning Image; Linieux Lieutenants Image
While he will not be satisfied with his recent performances in the EspoT20, Samuel Cross has certainly done enough to seriously push his case for selection in the World T20 Championship, especially with a lack of middle-order stability and firepower. While he’s not necessarily stood out at any point during his international career, his ability to make useful contributions with both bat and ball on a regular basis is what has sent him on this plane. Although his consistency with the bat has somewhat failed him - often either getting a fifty or getting out - his death bowling has truly been marvellous over his twelve-game career thus far. Often tasked with three of the final five overs of the innings, Cross’s economy rate of 7.68 is simply unbelievable, although that does come against a variety of inexperienced teams and resultantly, he’s yet to be truly tested on the full-on multiversal stage. If he can utilise his variations and guile as he does for the Halpenley Lightning in the Crash n’ Smash, then a big tournament awaits the 23-year-old.

15 matches. 477 runs @ 39.75, SR 130.33, HS 75*, 4 50s, 0 100s. 1 wicket @ 20.00, ER 7.50, SR 16.00, BBI 1-4, 0 4-fors.
  • 23 years old; female
  • Right-hand top-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batter
  • Scorching Hot Dodle Image
Heading into this year’s EspoT20, Eastwood was considered to be almost a lock in the Sylestonean middle-order but after the failures of Caitlyn Elliott and Simon Monteane, now appears to be almost certainly making her World T20 Championship debut alongside Luke Tiati at the top of the Hawthorn batting list. With 477 runs in just fifteen matches, Eastwood has shown over the course of two EspoT20’s the true extent of her capabilities, including four fifties in that timeframe. She’s also in a rich vein of form at the moment, having racked up 214 runs at a strike rate above 140 during the EspoT20, quite contrary to her typically composed style with the willow in hand. Furthermore, Eastwood can also bowl some handy off breaks when required and at 22 years of age, she has been tipped as one of the key players in the future of Sylestonean cricket. After all, who knows how good she could be in five or six years from now?

Broughton HALL
24 matches. 15 runs @ 5.00, SR 88.24, HS 6*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 39 wickets @ 16.56, ER 6.98, SR 14.46, BBI 5-24, 1 4-fors.
  • 24 years old; male
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm mystery spin
  • Bowler
  • Chamberley Giants Image
Ever since he was a gangly, 17-year-old teenager, Broughton Hall has been absolutely exceptional for the Sylestonean cricket team with ball in hand, spinning webs around batters with his sheer mystery. However, over the past year or so, Hall has faced the possibility of being dropped from the squad for an equally bright leg-spinner in the form of 18-year-old superstar Kate Sonnel. It seems ridiculous to think that someone with 39 wickets at 16.56 from only 24 matches could get dropped, but here we are. In the years to come, the dusty nature of the Sylestonean tracks could really see Hall and Sonnel tear apart opposition batting lineups but for now, the duo are at times fighting for one spot in the XI. Hall’s variations include a regular leg-break, a googly, a couple of carrom ball variations, a top-spinner, a slider and a lethal quicker ball.

Nicholas LOVIA
6 matches. 234 runs @ 39.00, SR 163.64, HS 80, 2 50s, 0 100s. 0 wickets @ N/A, ER 15.00, SR N/A, BBI 0-15, 0 4-fors.
  • 25 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batter
  • Scorching Hot Dodle Image
Heading into the EspoT20 earlier in the year, selectors indicated that Nicholas Lovia was essentially a “filler” in the squad, to play only one or two games just to give him a chance. It’s fair to say he took that chance with both hands outstretched. On debut against The Licentian Isles, Lovia smashed the bowling all around Kirkham’s Flush Park en route to a 39-ball 61, before going even bigger in the Hawthorns’ opening win of the campaign against Nova Anglicana, belting eight fours and four sixes on his way to a match-winning 80. Lovia finished the campaign as Sylestone’s highest run-scorer with 234 runs from only six games - one less than Luke Tiati (228) and Brianna Eastwood (214). To make things even more impressive, those runs came at a strike rate of 164, essentially handing him a one-way ticket into the Sylestone XI in The Sarian. Can he fire against the higher quality bowling he will be facing here, or is he simply a run merchant against Esportivan minnows?

16 matches. 272 runs @ 27.20, SR 150.28, HS 68*, 2 50s, 0 100s. 2 wickets @ 60.00, ER 8.57, SR 42.00, BBI 1-11, 0 4-fors.
  • 24 years old; male
  • Left-hand middle-order bat; left-arm off-spin
  • All-rounder
  • Halpenley Lightning Image
Although his numbers might not tell the full story, Jack Martin has a handy habit of performing just when his team needs it, particularly with the bat. His most important international performance came against Uncertainty last World T20 Championship as a mere 20-year-old, rescuing the Hawthorns from 4-67 and guiding them to the final 16 with a brilliant, unbeaten 68. He also completed a similar feat in last year’s Crash n’ Smash with the Halpenley Lightning in peril at 3-40 after seven overs, slaughtering his inaugural T20 century from just 44 balls to propel his franchise to a match-winning 4-194. As he converts talent into experience over the years, Martin’s consistency to produce similar knocks will undoubtedly increase, as will his accuracy with his probing left-arm offies - his varying length the only thing letting him down at the moment. While Martin is being kept out of the side due to the presence of Liam Afosha, if an overly turning pitch is uncovered, do not be surprised to see him make an appearance this World Championship.

26 matches. 572 runs @ 23.83, SR 128.25, HS 71, 5 50s, 0 100s.
  • 35 years old; male
  • Right-hand top-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batter
  • Chamberley Giants Image
A man with a wealth of experience, Simon Monteane simply has not been able to convert his recent domestic form into scores on the international stage and hence, appears unlikely to get too many games here in The Sarian. Although he was Sylestone’s regular T20 opener for a number of years, the rise of the likes of Brianna Eastwood and Caitlyn Elliott has seen Monteane take a step back from the international stage, despite piling on the runs for the Chamberley Giants in the Crash n’ Smash. At 34 years of age, he likely only has a couple of years left in him so whatever chance he gets, he’s going to have to make the most of it if he wishes to try and improve that average of 23.83.

28 matches. 128 runs @ 27.50, SR 125.00, HS 33*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 27 wickets @ 31.96, ER 8.14, SR 23.56, BBI 3-22, 0 4-fors.
  • 26 years old; male
  • Left-hand lower-order bat; left-arm swing
  • All-rounder
  • Dunkirk Rovers Image
While Norbert Pistecial might be a consistent, if unlucky, performer on the five-day and 50-over scenes, the same cannot be said for his T20 ability, particularly with the ball. While he swings it and is dangerous in the longer forms of cricket, his inability to master a yorker or slower ball has made him easy pickings over the past couple of years, ever since batters discovered how to make hay against him. If not for the failures of fellow left-armer Talvin Mankira, Pistecial will not be here but due to the lack of quality left-arm pace in Sylestone, the selectors were left with next to no choice, with 21-year-old Jesse McMillan the only other possible choice. If Pistecial is selected, he can be relied upon to score a few with the bat, with his best T20 innings coming against Hebitaka three years ago in Liventia, saving the Hawthorns in a nailbiter to carry them over the line by one wicket. Ultimately though, his batting does not cut it and if he does make the team, then his primary use will be as a swing bowler throughout the powerplay and not much else.

Samuel SCRON
6 matches. 2 runs @ 2.00, SR 50.00, HS 2, 0 50s, 0 100s. 7 wickets @ 24.14, ER 8.89, SR 16.29, BBI 2-34, 0 4-fors.
  • 26 years old; male
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm fast
  • Bowler
  • Pesfield Wasps Image
After shooting onto the scene last year in the third ODI World Trophy in Brookstation and Ko-oren, Samuel Scron has solidified his spot in Sylestone’s white ball teams by following his performances up with seven wickets at under 25 in the EspoT20, albeit at an unusually high economy rate edging nine an over. However, Scron does have all the tricks in the book and standing at 197cm, is quite an imposing figure to face, no matter the form of the game. He can swing the new ball early, has multiple quality variations - including a searing bouncer and a deadly off-cutter - and can bowl regular yorkers at the death to dismantle a side’s lower-order hitters. At only 25 years of age, big things can be expected of Scron, although too much pressure at this stage will only hurt him both short-term and long-term.

12 matches. 14 wickets @ 23.29, ER 7.09, SR 19.71, BBI 3-23, 0 4-fors.
  • 19 years old; female
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm leg-spin
  • Bowler
  • Cleorough Devils Image; Linieux Lieutenants Image
After a brilliant EspoT20 two years ago in South Newlandia, Kate Sonnel has continued to build upon a long list of achievements with fifteen wickets in just six matches at the ODI World Trophy, racing onto the scene as a 17-year-old and wreaking havoc against quality batting lineups. As a result, she’ll be fighting for a spot in the XI here in The Sarian, looking to displace either Broughton Hall or another bowler depending on the surface provided. However, Sonnel’s recent form in the EspoT20 is a cause for a little concern, only taking five wickets in five matches at an average of 30-odd, as she was simply unable to find the lines and lengths that had shot her onto the domestic and international scenes. She and the rest of the nation will be hoping that it was simply a blip, though, and she’ll be back at her probing, dangerous best this tournament on batter friendly tracks.

13 matches. 178 runs @ 35.60, SR 185.42, HS 47, 0 50s, 0 100s.
  • 32 years old; male
  • Right-hand lower-order bat
  • Wicketkeeper-batter
  • Halpenley Lightning Image
Need to score sixty runs off five overs with a new batter at the crease? Ashton Stealom is your man. In four of his nine T20I innings thus far in his career, Stealom has finished not out, boosting that average while recording a psychotic strike rate of 185, albeit with all of those runs coming on the regional stage, where bowlers are unarguably not as experienced as they will be in the World T20 Championship. Still, those numbers show that Stealom is a reliable match-winner even at the worst of times and having scored 98 runs at 196 during the EspoT20, he certainly knows how to make the most out of a very limited number of balls. To cap it off, Stealom is also a handy backup wicketkeeper in the case of - dare I say it - injury to Luke Tiati.

24 matches. 5 runs @ 5.00, SR 83.33, HS 5*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 24 wickets @ 29.25, ER 7.86, SR 22.33, BBI 2-27, 0 4-fors.
  • 35 years old; male
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm fast
  • Bowler
  • Avondale Knights Image
Over the years, Joshua Vilesti’s ability has gradually declined and is now at a point where he must fight for his spot in this team, with a myriad of youngsters knocking at the door. Five years ago, he was hitting the 150km/h mark regularly but these days, struggles to reach 145 and often bowls between 130-140 - a good 10-15 clicks slower than what batters were facing when he was in his prime. In T20s, Vilesti has a habit of picking up one or two wickets per match - often key ones - but not really putting in the legwork for a game-changing performance, placing his spot in the XI into further question. In a tournament that is likely to be his last in all forms of international cricket, Vilesti will be keen to improve on those best figures of 2-27 as well as perhaps lower the average a bit - or at least, not let it climb above 30. But when you’re bowling at the death and you’re not as good as you were a few years ago, it’s easier said than done.

6 matches. 75 runs @ 25.00, SR 131.58, HS 26*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 0 wickets @ N/A, ER 7.33, SR N/A, BBI 0-9, 0 4-fors.
  • 26 years old; female
  • Left-hand bat; left-arm leg-spin
  • Batter
  • Betham Dogs Image
Despite scoring runs at a rate of knots on the domestic scene across all three formats, Chloe Anderson has simply not been able to reproduce similar scores on the international stage when faced with bowling of higher quality. Often, she seems to re-enter her shell when her style of play is aggressive and flowing, rather than patient and defensive. This even sometimes occurs in T20s and in the future, her opportunities are likely to come as a lower-order hitter with a licence to go big from her very first ball. However, the chances of Anderson playing here in The Sarian are very unlikely, for a couple of injuries will be required for that to occur and even then, she’s only going to be in the squad, not in the XI itself. Anderson can also bowl useful left-arm unorthodox spinners and although they’re a little inaccurate, she’s bowled crucial spells before, notably when she took 7-48 for the South Sylestone Scorpions in the Lavatory Shield a few years back. Definitely not one to sleep on.

6 matches. 8 runs @ N/A, SR 114.29, HS 8*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 9 wickets @ 19.89, ER 8.14, SR 14.67, BBI 3-28, 0 4-fors.
  • 28 years old; female
  • Left-hand bat; left-arm off-spin
  • Bowler
  • Avondale Knights Image
She was a fringe selection for the EspoT20 but having finished it as Sylestone’s highest wicket taker with nine poles at an average a smidgeon under 20, Lily Bodenweiser has done well enough to earn herself a place in the three reserves sent to The Sarian, ready to be called upon if required. Unlike many left-arm finger-spinners, Bodenweiser likes to give the ball a big rip - particularly to the right-handers - often sacrificing lines and lengths in order to get the most out of the surface. She also possesses a useful variation locker, including a well-disguised arm ball alongside a carrom ball and a top-spinner. Often underrated on the Sylestonean domestic circuit by spectators, selectors and pundits alike, this is Bodenweiser’s chance to shine and show everyone what she can do with the 156g leather ball in her hand.

5 matches. 79 runs @ 79.00, SR 179.55, HS 35, 0 50s, 0 100s. 3 wickets @ 42.67, ER 9.14, SR 28.00, BBI 2-27, 0 4-fors.
  • 25 years old; female
  • Left-hand bat; left-arm medium-fast
  • All-rounder
  • Avondale Knights Image
Caitlyn Freehill’s exclusion from the Sylestonean 15-player squad has many people thoroughly confused, for the 24-year-old is widely regarded as a more versatile T20 bowler than Norbert Pistecial, and is probably one who can fill the role of a left-armer far more effectively. While Pistecial is valuable in the test and ODI formats, he lacks the skills to nail the shortest format and with some deceptive variations as well as a dangerous yorker and bumper, Freehill is almost undoubtedly more lethal. While she does not capture the swing Pistecial obtains, she does just enough to trouble batters with the new ball - all she really needs to do, after all. However, Freehill’s main trade is ultimately batting and is a free-flowing run-scorer, able to bat anywhere in the order and adapt to all situations. As a result, she is the most likely to come into the squad if an injury occurs to pretty much anyone save the spinners, simply due to that all-round versatility.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Select my XI:
No. You may only do this if I have not specified in a previous RP
Godmod match events: Only with my permission.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I decide the length.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Yes.
Create a full scorecard for my team: Yes.
Change wicket counts: It would be greatly appreciated in the case of an unrealistic result, just hit me up beforehand so I can adjust my scorecard/RP. For any other reason, feel free to hit me up too.

NB: Controversial tactics such as Mankading, etc. will not be used by Sylestoneans. Please do not RP any cheating scandals without my prior permission, either.
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Postby Alice Bay » Sun Nov 06, 2022 10:36 am

NEWS | Parliament | Cabinet | Districts | Governor-General | ECONOMY | CULTURE | SPORT | Cricket | Rugby | Netball | Union Football | CULTURE | LOCAL | CONTACT

Alice Bay approves changes to National Arms under criticism from Lisanderisation
Nation slowly moves away from its past, while LCB receives criticism for being "pro-colonisation"

The Alice Bay Parliament has approved, by 77 votes to 3, a change to the design of the country's national arms. The old coat of arms, which dated back forty years, was deemed unsuitable for the present day for "retaining foreign concepts".

To an inattentive observer, there is not much difference in the shield compared to the reform of 40 years ago, which abolished the crown as an element of the national arms, but all the new changes have explanations.


The Southern Cross, the traditional symbol of the country, which used to be on a small shield in the centre (inescutcheon) has been moved to the most important point on the main shield, called the "dexter chief", to the place where the vessel (Lymphad) used to be. The vessel, which in the previous coat of arms was presented as representing maritime trade, was eventually seen widely as a symbol of the colonists, and was moved to the last quarter.

The second and last quarter figures, which represented respectively the Triangulum Australe constellation and the three Aboriginal kingdoms, were brought together under "the three crowns" in the second quarter, on the grounds that "Even though the Triangulum Australe is a constellation seen in our country, we are known by the Crux, and this is stronger in our identity", says the bill that was passed tonight. The Governor-General had already advanced the Monarchy itself isn't opposing the change.

In the third quarter, after much discussion between the "contrarians" and the "supporters", Lisander's national arms keeps. Even though the role of the Lisander Monarchy is only figurative, and more than 60% of people are in favour of keeping the monarchy instead of establishing a republic, there are always the disgruntled ones.

"I am voting in favour, albeit begrudgingly. I believe that we need to move away from Lisander in all sectors. They have stolen even our Cricket! I don't even know if I will be able to watch those green shirts!!!" - Oliver Tawney, one of Alice Bay's MPs, said in the vote that stretched through last Friday night. He was referring to the teal jerseys the Alice Bay National Cricket Team (that is also Lisander team) should be donning in the Ovals at The Sarian, later this week.

This particular comment gained a lot of attention on social media. Hashtags like #StolenCricket #SoldToGreenMoney and #WereNotTeal appeared on the internet. On the eve of the T20 World Championship, this seems to have caused a concern at the LCB, which posted the following note on its profiles:

The Lisander and Alice Bay Cricket Board is saddened by comments made recently by an Alice Bay MP regarding an alleged "theft" or "sale" of national Cricket to Lisander's interests. Evidently, this opinion lacks any foundation. The LCB is maintained primarily from Bay City, Alice Bay.

It should be remembered that The Alliance T20, our binational league, has the same amount of Lisanderian and Alicean teams, yet a majority of Alicean players are visible, even in the teams from nations on the other side of Trimaris. If there is a superior nation in terms of quality, structure and fanbase, it is certainly not the Principality. Alice Bay promotes Cricket at home and still exports it. In the end, is this really "colonialism" in cricket?

We are further saddened about the criticism of our emblem, so criticized for supposedly "imitating the ermine spot" of the Princes of Lisander. However, the parliamentarians who criticize us forget that this symbol also appears on our renewed national coat of arms. And it also appeared on the previous one.

Lisander and Alice Bay are sister nations, whose indelible historical bond has allowed us to take Cricket from here to there.

We demand respect.

Mark Leonakis
A born and raised Alicean citizen, Chairman of Lisander and Alice Bay Cricket Board.

As of the close of this report, Oliver Tawney had not spoken again about the words of his speech.

More on SPORT:
Shooting Stars depart to Netball International Series in Saint Ianina
The Sarian: Let's learn more about World T20 hosts
Union Football: Edellion defeats Swanlakes 112 -96 and reaches postseason

Closely related to the Principality of Lisander.
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Postby New Gelderland » Sun Nov 06, 2022 9:16 pm

New Gelderland — National Cricket Team
Roster for Twenty20 World Championship XV


Player			Age	Batting arm	Bowling style		Batting order	Bowling order					
Max Hawthorne 23 Left Left-arm medium fast Opener
Julian Faulkner 23 Right Right-arm medium fast Opener
Kit Eliot (c) 27 Right Right-arm fast 11 1
Carissa Berry 25 Right Right-arm medium fast 5
Briella Asjes (wk) 23 Left — 6
Alicia Phoenix 25 Left Left-arm orthodox 8 4
Alia Ellesmere 28 Right Right-arm off-spin 7 5
Skylar de Terranea 24 Right Right-arm leg spin 3
Seku Tammam 22 Left Left-arm orthodox 4
Finn Treloar 21 Left Left-arm unorthodox 10 2
Maran Kesher 27 Right Right-arm medium fast 9 3


Player			Age	Batting arm	Bowling style				
Kristin Beasley 24 Right Right-arm fast
Marcus Corcoran 18 Right Right-arm off-spin
Septimus Wolfe 28 Left Left-arm unorthodox
Grace Ecclestone 20 Right Right-arm leg spin

Do whatever you want; I'm still learning cricket so I doubt I will be able to RP matches or do any scorecards to my opponents' satisfaction initially.

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The Claws Are Sharper Than Ever (Debut II)

Postby Kimi-Suomi » Mon Nov 07, 2022 7:22 am


Name: Kimi-Suomi
Trigram: KIM
National Cricket Board: Kimi-Suomen Krikettilauta (KSK for short)
Nickname: The Bears [Karhut] (official), Kimi's Army [Kimin Armeija] (unofficial)
ODI Colours: Dark Blue with White Accents
T20 Colours: Black with Dark Blue Stripes
Head Coach: Lorcán Ua Tuathail (45, TJU)
Assistant Head Coach: Anna Välikangas (27, KIM)

Kriketti, voi miten mielipiteet muuttuvat. Before last year, it would be safe to say that not many people in Kimi-Suomi cared about the sport the anglophone would call "Cricket", a sport only famous in the Rogue Kingdom because it was allowed in the country due to not being considered a threat to Pesäpallo. Still, things have certainly changed rapidly since then. The Karhut joined the GCF via the KSK, Lorcán Ua Tuathail was appointed to form a team and then went to the ODI World Trophy...and made it all the way to the Quarterfinals. Talk about a shock; suddenly, more and more people were paying attention to this sport.

Now, the Sarian hosts the T20 World Championship - the pinnacle of Cricket's Shortest Format - and now, this team feels more confident in what they could do in a debut tournament. Mika Linnankoski is usually the head of this team, the leader the rest respect and follow, but for a format that focuses on fast score building and fast wicket-taking, he felt best to give the T20 Captaincy to someone who could manage this chaos. Wäinö Tykkä was elected to this honour and it will be under the starting all-rounder's leadership that this team rises or falls...

Number: Name (Position, Age, Handedness)/Numero: Nimi (Asema, Ikä, Kätisyys)
#01 Albert Aaltonen [M] (Batter, 27, R)
#02 Wäinö Tykkä [M] (All-rounder, 26, R) (T20 C)
#03 Alina Järnefelt [F] (Batter, 23, L)
#04 Lasse Pöysti [M] (All-rounder, 22, R)
#05 Jukka Paarma [M] (Batter, 26, R)
#06 Mika Linnankoski [M] (All-rounder, 28, R) (ODI C)
#07 Aino Ackté [F] (Batter, 27, L)
#08 Lina Lehtovaara [F] (Bowler, 26, R)
#09 Åke Lindman [M] (Wicket-keeper, 23, R)
#10 Signe Hyppia [F] (Bowler, 25, L)
#11 Saima Eskola [F] (Bowler, 21, R)

#17 Mariela Idivuoma [F] (Batter, 19, R)
#70 Anna-Leena Härkönen [F] (All-rounder, 18, L)
#71 Finn Levi Olthuis [M] (Bowler, 19, R)
#77 Edith von Schoultz [F] (Wicket-keeper, 17, L)

MD1: vs Gruenberg (7)
MD2: vs Susijoukot [Wolfstruppen] (UR)
MD3: vs Sarian [The Sarian] (12)
MD4: vs Länsi-Barack ja Itä-Obama [West Barack and East Obama] (UR)
MD5: vs Indusse (38)
MD6: vs Ylä-Nasa [Uppen Nasa] (UR)
MD7: vs Laukkumaa [Baggieland] (14)

Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y
Style Mod: -1
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Postby Samrif » Mon Nov 07, 2022 10:48 am

Samrif National Cricket Team

The Samrif national team debuts in the T20 World Cup with their squad unchanged from their last outing in the ODI World Cup. They will be hoping to have a better result this time around after getting knocked out in the group stages in the last competition.

First 11:
Simon Aysenur(VC) - RHB
Juanin Maximilianus - LHB, Right arm spin
Ramprasad Vijay - RHB
Holger Asklepios - RHB, Wicketkeeper
Samiresh Bhattacharjee - LHB
Vlado Gadisa - LHB, Right arm spin
Mahesh Partha(C) - RHB, Right arm pace
Sam Nandi - LHB, Right arm pace
Sumon Vijay - RHB, Right arm pace
Elias Bibek - LHB, Left arm spin
Youta Ryuji - RHB, Right arm pace

The first 5 players are all typically batsmen except for Juanin Maximilianus who bowls a few overs here and there whenever it is required of him. The wicketkeeper Holger Asklepios is pretty handy with the bat as well and comes in at number 4.
The next two, Vlado Gadisa and captain Mahesh Partha are the two all rounders of the squad, mean with the bat and having the ability to bowl an inspired spell as well.
The last 4 are all specialised bowlers who are the best at their job in the entirety of Samrif.

Samrif National Cricket Team Reserves:

Robert Macdara - RHB, Left hand pace
Roland Sergi - LHB
Ingolf Nikifor - RHB
Sanjiv Singh - RHB
Zhiryar Shutom - LHB, Right hand pace
Yaqub Ali- RHB, Right hand spin

Samrif National Cricket Team Coaching staff:

Head Coach - Glenna Albert
Batting Coach - Amrita Minali
Bowling Coach - Shams Emmanuel
Fielding Coach - Sotos Hyman

RP Permissions:

Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: N
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Postby The Plough Islands » Mon Nov 07, 2022 12:00 pm

Firstly, my apologies for the slightly rushed roster and odd format; this is entirely on me, unfortunately, as real life has been full of stuff lately and I wish it would stop :( Zimbabwe, and specifically Brad Evans, made things a little bit better with that win over Pakistan the other week - just a shame about the matches that came after, really! Hopefully the below is still entertaining and gives you enough information to work with - if you need more, feel free to fill any gaps in using my roster from the last edition of this tournament, or reach out by telegram or on the Anaia discord server.

As far as permissions are concerned, I will be following the tournament with interest but at the time of writing I am not sure if I will have the bandwidth to roleplay myself, so feel free to do whatever you wish, including picking an XI, making a scorecard, deciding dismissals, and godmoding. As stated below, T20 isn't a huge priority for the islands so handle the Young Foxes as you see fit - don't feel like you need to ask permission first, unless you're actually going to be killing or maiming people. For anything else, though, the freedom is yours.

Good luck to everyone else, and have fun!


#1 DV Andreyev (c) RHB RFM
#2 WC Barrett (w) RHB
#3 R Crichton RHB RFS
#4 LNC Geddes RHB RLB
#5 PAC Geddes (w) RHB
#6 A Halasz RHB RLB
#7 IJ Laing LHB
#8 SA Levenko LHB LMF
#9 CAV McCulloch RHB ROB
#10 RA Milroy RHB RLB
#11 JC Morris RHB RLB
#12 RG Piper LHB LMD
#13 A Rennie LHB SLA
#14 JKC Weaver LHB
#15 MK Yerchkov RHB ROB


an unnamed cricket coach who had apparently been shadowing the Young Foxes' preparations, who was arrested by the Plough Islands Constabulary at Echodale Interdimensional Airport after a luggage search wrote:

The Plough Islands Cricket Association does not place any domestic emphasis on Twenty20 outside of as a
shortened limited-overs format in age-group cricket; the prevailing view on the islands is that the match
length is too short, and the specific format too closely associated with capitalism, to provide a good
experience. The national team's first participation in the World Twenty20 came shortly after achieving
Full Member status, and was the only time the Plough Islands team was anything close to full strength;
the tournament ended with several players injured or rendered unable to participate through exhaustion,
and 51-year-old head coach Lourens Hendricks was registered as a player to enable the team to complete
their group stage fixtures.
All subsequent events have seen a Young Foxes side of under-20 players sent; the cutoff date for the
purposes of selection is normally set a few months before the start of the tournament to allow selected
over-age players to participate. The side is coached by Catherine Chambers, with a minimal group of
pastoral support staff accompanying the players to the Sarian. The captain is nominally fast bowler
Dimitry Andreyev, but previous Young Foxes teams have seen wide variation in squad selection for each
match, and all indications are that this team will be managed similarly.
Best assessments of the individual players follow;


20 years old; born 14 July 2002 in Redcliff. Right-handed fast-medium bowling all-rounder. 19 senior One
Day International caps.

Still a little raw by international standards but very accurate and quick with the ball - tournaments in
Ko-oren and StrayaRoos have shown his strengths at bowling line and length. Has also matured as a batter
and capable of playing aggressively and eking out boundaries if required; shows little fear even when the
situation seems hopeless, and settles quickly in the crease.

Named captain largely as the only eligible player with recent tournament history, but has good match
awareness and his time with the senior players has aided his authority and earned him some respect among
the team, particularly helping to win the Anaian regional championship. Is still eager to learn but has
more than played his part in helping to pass his experience on, taking to the role with enthusiasm.

Currently well-integrated into the national cricketing setup, despite his young age - likely to be
retained by PICA barring a major loss of form. Unlikely to leave the Plough Islands.


19 years old; born 3 September 2003 in Marsh. Right-handed top-order batter and wicket-keeper.
Competitive athlete - plays several other sports.

Fortunate to have a very natural batting action and an instinctive feel for shot selection, but still
sometimes has trouble finding the boundary despite building up her strength considerably (can bench press
40 kilograms!) and can be slow to react to changes in pace from fast bowlers. Kept wicket in age group
teams solely on account of her height (1.73 metres) but is in fact skilled with the gloves.

Always trying to improve and find extra gains - has been accused occasionally of being selfish but this
is not backed up by her teammates, who seem to quite like her and admire her drive. Possesses good
tactical knowledge and good at adapting her game to the match situation - can stand there and grind out
singles/rotate the strike as needed.

Not considered likely to emigrate - seems keen on progressing into Harrison Cup & Sutcliffe Shield


Born 6 November 2006 in Southport; the youngest player in the squad, will be 16 the day before the
first match. Right-handed tail-end batter and fast bowler.

Taller and older looking than his age would suggest - releases the ball very high off a long runup and
can generate 130kph of pace with surprising accuracy and control over the flight of the ball. Variations
at this point mainly consist of speed but has been experimenting with line and length to good effect,
particularly on slower pitches. An active liability as a batter - has problems staying in his crease.

Eager to learn and already practicing several hours a day; takes his cricket very seriously and has been
mentored unofficially by senior players Andrew Baxter and Colin Williams. Open to new ideas and modest
about his own technique and achievements. Can at times focus on bowling and his own game to the detriment
of the team, but is maturing fast.

Likely to be nurtured by the New Hibernian age group teams as a promising fast bowling prospect; still in
education and unlikely to leave any time soon.


18 years old; born 27 October 2003 in Waypoint. Older twin sister of Peter Geddes. Right-handed off/leg
break bowler (see below)

Bowls with an unusual but effective grip using only her thumb and middle finger, a technique apparently
developed while learning to play again after surviving childhood meningitis. This enables her to have a
wide variety of deliveries, including some more associated with wrist spin, with little visible
indication to the batter of what is coming. Reasonably competent as a fielder and lower-order batter.

Has some issues with consistency and self-doubt, and though unplayable on a good day can be predictable
and an easy target on a bad one. Can be too conservative with the bat and focus on preserving her wicket
rather than scoring runs. Solitary and introverted by nature, but polite and sincere; is close to her
family and her brother Peter.

Currently studying pharmacology at university. Has made good progress with her cricket in the last 12
months and already playing in the Swift second XI; likely to remain in the Plough Islands setup.


18 years old; born 27 October 2003 in Waypoint. Younger twin brother of Laura Geddes. Right-handed batter
and occasional wicketkeeper.

Highly cautious batter whose shot selection tends towards the defensive and needs time to bed in, but can
accelerate once settled. His value seems to lie in aspects other than his technical ability; he is an
excellent communicator and a facilitator in a batting partnership, and a good fielder with strong
reflexes and good positioning behind the wickets. Is able to stand up to the stumps against fast bowling.

Laid back and willing to learn, but prone to overanalysing his game. Focuses on minor technical aspects
of his batting and fielding, sometimes to the detriment of his overall performance, and can get
overwhelmed by entirely unfamiliar conditions. Quiet but friendly, particularly in comparison to his less
outgoing sister, and enjoys sailing and outdoor pursuits.

Has made appearances in the Swift second XI along with Laura, but has followed his family into dragnet
fishing and further appearances may be sporadic. Unlikely to leave the Plough Islands.


19 years old; born 25 May 2003 in Sutton. Right-handed opener. Unconventional family background - father
Andrew is an ex-military fisherman and uncle Richard Halasz is the commanding officer of the Naval Force.

Plays well against spin and pace, and does so by finding ways to play balls other people would leave. Has
an unorthodox stance facing well into the leg side that aids with finding runs, but often lacks power and
scores mostly from singles and twos rather than boundaries. Formerly something of a liability as a
fielder, and still more effective out in the deep stopping runs - very poor at catching.

Good learner and very dedicated and professional - extremely well organised. Recognises some of the
limits of her own ability and finds ways of working around them; evident in some of her unorthodox shot
selections. Popular among her peers and shows signs of being socially and politically engaged, and shows
leadership within the team morally if not tactically.

Currently a Naval Force cadet and almost certain to follow that career path; unlikely to make the
transition to senior cricket in the near future.


18 years old; born 20 August 2004 in Foxdale. Nephew or cousin (sources unclear) of senior captain Kevin
Laing. Left-handed top-order batter.

Highly orthodox batting technique that can rely overly on one or two shots - pulls, glances, and pulls
that turn into glances - to score the majority of his runs, although he is capable of playing more.
Struggles with leg spin in particular, but good defensively and knows where his crease is. Takes a while
to get going but can be very difficult to get out when settled.

Appears (and is the first to admit) to enjoy the social side of cricket more than the sport itself; is
widely considered to be good company and an excellent storyteller, and often a focal point at team
gatherings. Seen by his coaches as a good moderating influence within the team and this threatens at
times to overshadow his actual play. A natural optimist.

Has many other interests besides cricket, and probably more likely to pursue those; is viewing his time
in the Sarian as an experience rather than a competition. Not engaged enough to consider defecting.


17 years old; born 16 March 2005 in Highrock. Left-handed fast-medium batting all-rounder.

Has only been fast bowling for a few years; first came to the attention of teachers and age group
selectors as a skilled, stocky batsman who scored well against spin on rough New Dalmatian wickets. Is
able to generate considerable swing on the ball, though, and has taken a number of wickets with dangerous
outswinging balls that find the edge of the bat and carry to slip. Has a noticably short runup.

Diplomatic and eloquent - good at persuading people, and has the calm rationality under pressure that may
make him future captain material. Occasionally tries a little too hard to integrate within a group, but
is well liked and always willing to pitch in and work in a team situation. Has been observed deliberately
holding the pace of matches up when at a disadvantage while batting!

Member of the Highrock City branch of the Socialists and therefore unlikely to leave the islands.
Prospects as a cricketer uncertain.


19 years old; born 1 November 2003 in Sutton. Right-handed middle-order batter. Daughter of recently
retired Sutton & Avalon captain Robin McCulloch.

Plays with a significant handicap - lost her right ring finger and part of the adjacent middle finger
after an accident with a saw when she was 12, and therefore lost the ability to bowl effectively. Has
successfully reinvented herself as a batter though, and although her injuries limit what shots she can
play she has a strong cricketing brain and can still score effectively, particularly in the off side.

Very self-reliant and occasionally feisty, but extremely psychologically robust - performs well under
pressure and able to remain calm and rational in difficult situations. Aware of and refuses to hide
behind her limitations (particularly regarding shot power and control) and compensates for them without
complaining or seeking sympathy.

Studying physics at the University of the Plough Islands and may have less time for cricket in the
future, although often in the university XI for the Sutcliffe Shield. Not considered likely to emigrate.


20 years old; born 11 August 2002 in Oldendale. Right-handed top-order batter and bowls very occasional
legbreak googlies.

Very powerful hitter of the ball - has a wide stance at the crease and makes good use of her significant
weight to put momentum into her shots to surprisingly good effect. Has good technique and uses her wrists
well, but has been known to hit offspinners for six with very poor contact, reaching the boundary on
force alone. Not conventionally athletic however and often has difficulty making her ground when running.

Makes up for her lack of fitness (which has been a constant issue with coaches) with determination and
willpower bordering on stubbornness. Rarely believes a situation is lost, which often combines with
fierce patriotism to push her beyond her limits in Foxes colours. Intelligent and gregarious off the
pitch, and often self-deprecating about her own shortcomings.

Helped Oldendale Athletic Club win the Swift championship and clearly wants a cricketing career - opinion
is divided on how far she can go on sheer force of will. Very unlikely to leave.


Born 20 November 2004 in Foxdale; 18th birthday falls during the tournament. Right-handed opening

Relies on timing and power in his shots to score boundaries - his tactical nous has improved and his shot
selection slightly diversified, but still tends to pounce on anything slightly more than a length.
Occasionally reckless to the point of being self-defeating. Very good slip fielder when not batting - has
extremely good reflexes when close to the pitch.

Very eager to learn, although a tendency to revert to old patterns under pressure. More sober and
measured than his playing style would suggest - surprisingly good at analysing his own performances and
those of others. Patient with others and a good reader of people, he has a reputation of being an
unofficial assistant coach in some circles.

Seems likely to go into teaching. Shows awareness and is engaged in the wider world outside the Plough
Islands, but has a positive view of the prevailing domestic ideology and unlikely to leave.


18 years old; born 4 January 2004 at PIA Ishtar. Left-handed opening batsman and occasional medium pace

Textbook opening batter with a variety of shots, but a strong preference for playing off the back foot
(stands very forward in his crease to facilitate this). Uses the leg side well and likes to score
backwards of square. Good against pace bowling but struggles against legspin a little and tends to leave
or wait these overs out.

Extremely relaxed and has little sense of urgency on or off the field - more suited to red-ball cricket
than Twenty20. Optimistic, extroverted and easy to get along with; occasonally suffers from poor
awareness and naïveté as a result. Plays the piano and guitar and often provides the music for group

Shows little interest in the military (both parents in the Air Force) and has yet to commit to any other
trade or career. No obvious intention to give up cricket. Opinions on wider social situation unknown?


17 years old; born 31 December 2004 in Westmorland. Left-handed orthodox spin bowler.

Consistent, accurate bowler who can move the ball well and hold an end down in a match situation;
economical rather than spectacular. Has developed a number of variations in recent years, including a
ball that moves the opposite way to what the batsman would expect, but these can often be telegraphed in
advance. Relatively conservative when batting - capable of holding on to his wicket if little else.

Quiet and occasionally subdued; is very open about his emotions, but a generally uncomplicated person who
tries not to dwell on the past. Has some difficulty separating cricket from the rest of his life outside
the sport, however, and this occasionally causes problems. Methodical and practical in his daily life
(like all his family, he farms on a potato and wheat co-operative on Bradford)

Keen to continue playing cricket dependent on his farming commitments. Has been ambivalent at times about
the social situation in the Plough Islands but shows reluctance to leave.


16 years old; born 26 December 2005 in Sutton. Left-handed middle-order batter. Younger brother of senior
Foxes players Shauna and Andrew Weaver.

Like his siblings, a good all-round batter with a very fluid, technically correct action and a wide
variety of shots. Takes a few deliveries to settle but capable of adapting to conditions very quickly and
effectively once that happens. Has an aggressive streak in his batting that can make itself known if the
game situation requires, and very quick when running between the wickets.

Lives in the shadow of his elder siblings, to an extent, and has ongoing issues with his sense of self;
despite his technical ability he is as likely to throw his wicket away cheaply once settled as he is to
go on to score highly. Worries extensively about his own form and performance using Andrew and Shauna as
a frame of reference, but when not worrying is generous and quietly confident.

Unsure whether to continue his cricket career seriously; may be waiting to see how he performs with the
Young Foxes in the Sarian before making a decision. Considered unlikely to leave the country.


18 years old; born 11 October 2004 in Gloucester. Right-handed offbreak batting all-rounder.

Not a great spinner of the ball; relies on consistency and flight rather than getting significant turn on
the ball. However, this generally translates as not being a significant problem for opposing batters, so
has worked on his batting to broaden his game; his shot selection against pace has improved significantly
and he has proven good for high-scoring cameos in practice.

Thoughtful and generally warm and friendly with friends and opponents alike, although not above chirping
at batters in a match situation. A natural organiser and team player, he has captained teams before but
not successfully; coaches and teammates report he lacked any ruthless streak or killer instinct and
overthought field placements and bowling orders.

Has shown interest in continuing with cricket but keeping his options open - these include leaving the
country, but seems too patriotic to switch allegiance.
National team
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ODI rank: 1st
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Postby Sylestone » Mon Nov 07, 2022 3:10 pm


TUCANVIUL, THE SARIAN - With the World T20 Championship kicking off in just a couple of days’ time, it is time for the obligatory report outlining each of Sylestone’s opponents and how we think our Hawthorns may fare against them. Ranked thirteenth in the multiverse, Sylestone are not necessarily considered to be a wildly dangerous team capable of challenging for the very title itself, particularly with their recent T20I form, but as we saw with Gruenberg in Liventia three years ago, anything can happen. However, if the Hawthorns wish to stake their case and reach the super 12 stage, they will need to finish top three in what shapes up to be a rather tough group, including the likes of Liventia, Darmen, TJUN-ia and EspoT20 champions Lozho. On The Sarian’s hard, flat pitches where batters are able to deposit almost any type of ball out of the ground due to sheer will, watching the tactics Sylestone’s bowlers use will certainly make intriguing viewing. If they can fire, then who knows what could happen?

Group C will play their games in Tucanviul, Chypenberg, Oud Saarum and Stoomtuon in a variety of conditions. Tweakers are expected to wreak havoc at Tucanviul and Stoomtuon on their dry, slow tracks, while Chypenburg’s Beestjebeek and Oud Saarum’s Klifzijde are both typical Saari batting tracks, with absolutely nothing in them for the bowlers. As a result, it appears very likely that the likes of Kate Sonnel or Jack Martin will receive their opportunity at one of Tucanviul or Stoomtuon - where the Hawthorns play twice each. Only in Chypenburg do they play once and considering the tiny boundaries and flat batting track, that may be a good thing.

MD1 vs Lozho @ Brijtbai Parc, Tucanviul
As we know from the EspoT20, playing against Lozho is never something you can take for granted. Coming onto the scene as another team that were expected to be blown away by the Hawthorns, Lozho proceeded to defeat a weakened Sylestonean XI not only once, but twice, on matchday one and in the semifinals, en route to a perfect tournament that had only been replicated once before, by the Hawthorns themselves in South Newlandia. For many of the Sylestonean squad, playing against Lozho on matchday one brings back nightmares of their star-studded batting lineup and how easily they dismantled the Sylestonean bowling in both of the matches the two teams played. However, with Broughton Hall returning and the Hawthorns seeming set to increase their batting depth for the match in Tucanviul, victory for Lozho may not seem so easy anymore. Expect a high scoring thriller.

MD2 vs Lionsroar @ Sint Chad’s, Stoomtuon
As we head ever closer to the start of the World T20 Championship, Lionsroar seems to be another of those fateful teams that never announce their squad list, leaving themselves shrouded in mystery for the clash. It’s a very controversial tactic that has led to many tournaments imposing a squad selection deadline if nations wish to participate and despite the obvious advantage due to the lack of analysis on their players, is one that seems to almost always backfire. But you never know, Lionsroar may just be very late in announcing their squad list and prove that they are not only here for the vibes.

MD3 vs TJUN-ia @ Klifzijde, Oud Saarum
They might be pot four and ranked 30th in the known multiverse, but TJUN-ia have consistently proven across a variety of sports that they are realistically much better than their ranking or coefficient suggests. They showed this by reaching an unprecedented quarterfinal berth in last year’s ODI World Trophy from a very similar rank, showing that they are very much capable of competing with the best in the sport. Skipper Roger Ntini may prove to be the difference between life and death in an unforgiving group stage for the Jaguars and if the Hawthorns can remove him from the game early on with both bat and ball, then triumph should arise. But it’s T20, and just one ball can change the entire course of a match.

MD4 vs Greaterburg @ Beestjebeek, Chypenburg
If the rest of the group stage follows a typical course, this match may certainly be a must-win for the men and women in blue and orange. Like Lionsroar, Greaterburg have left themselves shrouded in mystery with the tournament only beginning in a few days’ time, something that is unfortunately common for unranked teams such as them. On a ground with famously small, lopsided boundaries, the result of this match is indeed up in the air - quite literally. Whoever can exploit the bowling the best will emerge victorious here, with anything under 180 likely to be knocked over with ease by the chasing team. A Hawthorn victory is expected here, but many are concerned that due to the nature of the ground, Greaterburg may have a greater chance than believed.

MD5 vs Liventia @ Brijtbai Parc, Tucanviul
It’s quite hard to believe that in the Hawthorns’ seven years on the international stage, Liventia and Sylestone have never crossed paths before, making this match their first-ever on the international stage. Ranked second in the multiverse, Liventia’s ODI failures have certainly not transferred to the T20 scene, meaning that a Hawthorn loss looms as a very likely scenario against a superior opponent. However, the dry, turning nature of the Brijtbai Parc track may certainly favour the Hawthorns due to the presence of Broughton Hall and Kate Sonnel and if both can perform, who knows. Unfortunately, no opposition squad analysis can be completed just yet, with Liventia set to arrive and announce their squad with very little time remaining ahead of their opening clash with Greaterburg.

MD6 vs Darmen @ Sint Chad’s, Stoomtuon
Like Liventia, Darmen are another top-ranked team set to announce their squad right at the last minute, providing a small advantage leading into their opening match against TJUN-ia. Ranked fifth in the multiverse, Darmen and Sylestone have tussled before on the T20 scene, with a Vinnie Acker century in the thirteenth edition of the World T20 Championship separating the two teams in a final ball thriller. However, on the turning tracks at Sint Chad’s, Sylestone will be again at a slight advantage due to their world-class spinners and if they can perform, then victory will be that much easier. Can they do it?

MD7 vs New Gelderland @ Klifzijde, Oud Saarum
A nation steeped in sporting history, this is New Gelderland’s first foray into international cricket but due to that history, they can not be underestimated at all. Like Sylestone, New Gelderland have significant depth in the tweaking department, with the likes of Alicia Phoenix, Alia Ellesmere and Finn Treloar all frontline spinners. However, despite the quality of the trio, it is the Gelderlish openers - Max Hawthorne and Julain Faulkner - who loom to be the players most capable of providing crucial performances. If Sylestone cannot pick up their wickets early on, then defeat will become significantly likelier and depending on the situation, their existence may be the only thing that stops the Hawthorns from reaching the Championship final twelve.

MD1 XI vs Lozho @ Brijtbai Parc, Tucanviul
1. Luke Tiati (c) (+)
2. Brianna Eastwood
3. Lachlan Cocrine
4. Nicholas Lovia
5. Samuel Cross
6. Liam Afosha
7. Ashton Stealom
8. Samuel Asaskia
9. Broughton Hall
10. Samuel Scron
11. Kate Sonnel
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Postby Gruenberg » Mon Nov 07, 2022 8:27 pm

Nation: The Holy Wenaist Sultanate of Gruenberg
Trigram: None. Abbreviating "Gruenberg" is sacrilegious
Demonym: Gruenberger
Kit: Gruenberger pyjama kit is dark green with a purple star pattern on the front; helmets are golden

Squad: EME Broimbles (RHB, OB, c), YQB Contemnible (RHB, WK), BPGV Grovan (LHB, RFM), ZVEU Hengtridan Jr. (RHB, WK), NQX Honk (RHB), SL Jshkhrrrlllclx (RHB, WK), MKSC Karsters (LHB, RMF), ARF Mendikwoks (LHB, SLC), TIMTAM Renkauer (RHB, RF), THUJ Reversiblechocolatestalin (RHB), QD Skejjibox (RHB, OB), NEM Syzygyswallower (LHB, LFM), HAYW Tumcoweiss (LHB, SLA), PWSTL Tttttttttwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeelllllllllppppppppp (RHB, RM), ! (RHB)

Ettexinor Broimbles is back as captain. His leadership proved a failure in Gruenberg's first return to international T20 cricket but he quickly established himself as their best all-formats batsman, and eventually became captain of the ODI side that reached the world semifinals in Ko-oren. He has consistently been Gruenberg's best batsman over the last %ERROR% years, and he remains one of the best fielders in the team, especially sharp in the slips, though he seems to reluctant to employ what was once useful off-spin as a captain. His captaincy is more about leading from the front than tactical mastery, and he's generally content to err on the more conservative side compared to the likes of Hengtridan Sr. or Ventreltraxibung.

Also returning is what has become established as Gruenberg's first choice white ball opening pair, Nurples Honk and Zambuimmi Hengtridan, Jr.: both are extremely streaky, have underwhelmed more often than they've whelmed, but on their day can smite the ball with power and fury. They just can't run between well between the wickets and a chaotic early run-out is as likely to account for either wicket as a fiddle outside off-stump. Hengtridan Jr. is developing into a fine player of seam but his feet get stuck in the mud against spinners, so he's best used in the powerplay overs against seamers; Honk (also known for his habit of yelling "YOU'VE JUST BEEN HONKED!!!" after every boundary he strikes) is the more fluent player but the one with more to prove, and while Hengtridan Jr. is an energetic fielder and capable back-up wicket-keeper, Honk often ends up having to make up for runs conceded or catches dropped in the field.

While the top order has a ring of continuity, it's the middle order sees big change, with Gruenberg's most dependable batsman, Chthchibvuel Thchthaarheq, having retired. Though not totally untested in international cricket, ! - a tall, thin young man with a long straggly beard - has never played a T20I before. He made a name for himself in ODIs with a couple of fine innings but was otherwise inconsistent, but has the long levers to find the boundary, if not always the patience to see through a containing spell. He's a surprisingly decent fielder. Terg Reversiblechocolatestalin is completely new, but had to be called up after a storming domestic season in which he hit two T20 centuries, though it remains to be seen how he'll adapt to a middle order role.

Hengtridan Jr. rarely keeps wicket these days: behind the stumps, Gruenberg have two contrasting options. Ystipug Contemnible is very much a keeper first, batter second; his glovework is impeccable, but his batting was nothing to write home about until the last championship, when he hit perhaps the greatest innings in Gruenberger history. But his domestic record since then has been thin. Spikkin Jshkhrrrlllclx is his young apprentice who might be a decent enough bat to get into the lineup on that skill alone, but still needs to work on his keeping up to the stumps. Contemnible should be safe in his role barring a truly disastrous return with the bat, and there's probably not room in the top order to squeeze in Jshkhrrrlllclx.

Perhaps the first name on the team sheet is Hraffinthroquadilamjamhampamsamtamrambamattawakkipurrheliomansthophthanes Tumcoweiss. Tumcoweiss is a left-arm spinner, but it's his batting that has really excelled, and he was in truly outstanding form through the last ODI World Trophy. Also a superb fielder, there's some talk he should be the next captain, though it may indeed be his bowling that's actually the weakest string to his bow.

Of the two seam-bowling all-rounding options, Prufrank Tttttttttwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeelllllllllppppppppp and Metalhips Karsters, Tttttttttwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeelllllllllppppppppp is the only one with international experience, having played a few ODIs. He's the stronger batter of the two, an uncomplicated lower order biffer, who can offer some wobbly medium pace; Karsters has a bit more zip to his bowling but is a weaker bat.

Brigveger Grovan and Transportflowmap Renkauer aren't quite considered all-rounders, but their occasionally effective batting has been a major contribution to Gruenberg's recent success. As leader of the attack (and leader of the blatant ball-tampering) Grovan is capable of opening the bowling or coming back at the death. Renkauer is the fastest bowler Gruenberg has ever produced and is improving in his consistency and accuracy. Naffineffiniffinoffinuffi Syzygyswallower offers more variety as a left-arm swing bowler, but his lack of pace counts against him once the shine's gone off the new ball.

Quouodan Skejjibox, arguably taking advantage Gruenberg’s lax enforcement of throwing regulations, has been the leading spinner for a country that regards itself as the home of mystery spin yet whose spinners have frequently flattered to deceive on the international stage. Bowling with a high (if slightly crooked) arm action, varying his pace, and employing a devastating arsenal of impossible to read and impossible to pronounce variations, he's a genuine wicket taking option even in the short form. Also new is Antiupquark Mendikwoks, a left-arm wrist spinner. The new young bowler has impressed on the domestic circuit with good control of his big ripping stock ball, but doesn't quite have control of the other one yet.

Therefore, the most likely starting XI is:

1. Honk
2. Hengtridan Jr.
3. Broimbles (c)
4. !
5. Reversiblechocolatestalin
6. Tumcoweiss
7. Contemnible (wk)
8. Grovan
9. Renkauer
10. Skejjibox
11. Syzygyswallower

However, you have my permission to deviate from this lineup and order if it makes sense given conditions and bios.

Tactically, Grovan and Syzygyswallower will generally open the bowling with Renkauer as first change, Grovan and Renkauer coming back at the death. Tumcoweiss and Skejjibox will bowl the middle over; other spinners can be used to fill in as needed.

Gruenberger players tend to be poor fielders and lack international standards of fitness, with a few exceptions.

Additional RP permissions:
  • You may assign stats and scorecards to my players.
  • You may godmode cricket-related events.
  • Please don’t injure my players.
  • If you use unphotoshopped photographs, please don’t say they’re my players without asking permission.
  • In general I’m open to any RP angles so long as you check first.
  • Please do not change the wicket allocations without discussing with me first.
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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Mon Nov 07, 2022 11:07 pm


Nickname: Grim Reapers, Tricolour Taegeuk
Trigramme: QUE
Colours: Red and Black, with Yellow stripes

Cricket in Quebec and Shingoryeo

Au contraire to what many people seem to think about, cricket is one of the oldest sports the country has welcomed, though not at a particular level of prominence we would see from other batting sports the Quebecois have embraced since then. Cricket was introduced to Quebec and Shingoryeo in the late 1800s, thanks to two elements: 1) the active travels of Quebecois diplomats and tradesmen who frequented the RL-IC portal into the so-called 'British Isles', and 2) when the increased trading relations between Q&S and its allies, namely the former Teus Empire and the Ko-orenite state, successfully brought the sport to the Quebecois soil. It was initially introduced to a series of small townships out in West and East Coasts, where it drew particular appeal towards the landed gentry and the bourgeoisie and gained community presence in local schools and rotary clubs where generations of great players and their friendships were forged.

While the sport, due to its community-based limitations, was unable to expand much into major cities and other regions, where football, baseball and later handball took a greater hand during the summers, the sport has remained strong in smaller regions across the country. The Quebecois Cricket Board (QCB), from time to time, may have found themselves under severe financial and broadcasting challenges, but they have improved the sport's stances and the quality of competition since then. In past decades, there have been several cricketers who have plied their trades abroad, most notably in their Anaian neighbour Ko-oren but also in other rising nations such as Sylestone and Brookstation, and all three forms of cricket competition have stabilised after the struggles faced during the 2010s and 2020s, with increased media representation and increased money in television rights proving to be good signs.

The current professional league, The Quebecom Technicolour BeaT20 Challenge (shortened as Technicolour BeaT20), runs over the first year of what is a three-year domestic cycle. It is consisted of eight franchise sides, all coming from either the local or military cricket clubs that have continued to this day. The league's popularity is a complicated one to date, partly because of the general demographics of Quebecois cricket fans. Coming from rural, small-town origins or in the mid-upper- and upper-class backgrounds of larger cities, there is no doubt a stronger tendency among the fans to watch Test or ODI in favour over a short, high-paced T20 scene, which does not compete well against the nation's bigger, more bottom-up and commercialised baseball scene.

The QCB has aimed to fix this problem by introducing aggressive advertisement campaigns on television channels and on major squares, while also earning a permit to become the fifth sport (other four being Golf, Horseracing, Keirin and Indoor Volleyball) where gambling under a sole, state vendor TotoToto is permitted. The increase in money afforded to the franchise clubs and the players is expected to be significant, especially as the players will be able to earn additional income that would also help establish a stronger footing for the AnaiaLife ODI Cup and 'The Six' (test). It is yet to be determined whether an active betting scene for Technicolour BeaT20 would be more beneficial or harmful for the Quebecois cricket scene in long run, however, the Royal Sporting Council (RSC) and the Royal Quebecois Olympic Committee (RQOC) will be keeping a close eye on their operations.

As always, the Quebecois players are open to plying their trades abroad- please send me a PM via Discord, or a TG for any interest in Quebecois players. A sole exception applies to Jang Joon-Gweon, who cannot sign for a foreign side due to reasons that are listed once you scroll lower over this post.

The Roster

Name                  Age     Position
Hong Sook-Yeong 46 Head Coach
Ginerva Kayondo 45 Batting Coach
Edward Hwang 45 Bowling Coach
Francoise Michaelson 39 Team Manager

Playing their first GCF World T20 championship in nine years - OOCly 1 RL yr equals to around 6 IC yrs on Quebecois timeline - his squad sees noticeable turnovers from the ODI squad that has performed admirably at the ODI World Trophy III. On surface, the turnover of three players doesn't appear massive, but the retirement of Jean-Marc Woodley, Hamish McCarron and Dhinawan-Karl Asperup from national team duties has meant that there would be massive shoes to fill, especially when considering the weak talent depth in Quebecois cricket. Fortunately for the 'Selection Board', the upcoming crop of younger players appears to be very promising as they, after long years of isolation from the international competition by the Quebecois community, have been galvanised by the Tricolour Taegeuk's continuously-improving performance on GCF, IFDC, and Anaia-level competitions. It is after all, better than nothing.

For the most part, this squad does have a solid mix of veterans and young guns, and while the Quebecois cricket tends to prefer selecting those with previous experience or strengths on ODI or Test, this T20 team remains just as competitive on a team quality standpoint. Of course, the national team program is still developing into its own, and more is to be seen on whether they can fruitfully make it work outside of a couple of known names. In past those would have been Chinenyeze and Finch, maybe Tatti at some point, but the torch has passed. Right now, those the opposing sides' players and scouts should be keeping an eye mostly on the duo of Wanda Hosaka and Jang Joon-Gweon, as the two batters, possibly the only elite-level batters on this Quebecois side, maybe the reason why Quebecois cricket draws substantial outside interest by those not as versed about cricket in the Anaian nation.

On one hand, there is Wanda Hosaka, arguably the best limited-overs batter in Quebec. The Songak native who has grown up just down the road from the Royal Cricket Ground, is best known for her heroics in Sylestone, where she had recently made Team of the Season off a phenomenal season with the Betham Dogs. Hosaka's an aggressive, exciting run machine whose flair is noticeable not just by the way she swings her bat, but also with the sunglasses and the streaks of white and lavender on her hair. She has also made her name for being an outspoken advocate, one that has made her not exactly among the darlings of mainstream cricket communities, but certainly favourable for drawing public engagement to the sport.

On the other hand, there is Jang Joon-Gweon. Jang is an immensely talented, fundamentally-strong wicket-keeper whose playing style is a better fit for ODI and Test, but is still the second-best player on this squad. The current Joongyeong Capitals star, who comes from Bel-Havre Island off the shores of southwestern Inteachan, is also a student and ROTC cadet at the Universite St. Croix, considered one of the two most prestigious universities in the country. After graduation, he intends to continue playing cricket while serving at the Royal Quebecois Navy, made possible under the Royal Quebecois Armed Forces's Gemini Athlete Program (GAP).

Batting order: Tatti - Finch - Jang - Hosaka - Kayondo-Kirkley - Chinenyeze - Barnes - de Vries - McDonnell - O'Neill

№   Name		                Age  Sex Role         Bats  Bowls      Nat. T20 Club   
00 Hannah-Anne Tatti 32 F Batter RHB Leg-Spin QUE Wansan Warriors
01 *Jang Joon-Gweon 19 M Wicket-Keeper RHB N/A QUE Joongyeong Capitals
02 Bohng Dae-Doo 22 M All-Arounder LHB Slow QUE Songak Falcons
03 George R. Finch 34 M Batter RHB Slow ACA Garigal
04 *Devon Blough 21 F All-Arounder LHB Orthodox QUE Wansan Warriors
05 Donheil-Stormhawk O'Neill 28 M Bowler LHB Medium-Fast QUE Joongyeong Capitals
06 Horatio Woo-Barnes 30 M Bowler LHB Medium QUE Thunderbirds
07 Hector de Vries 32 M Bowler LHB Fast QUE Twin Cities Titans
08 Maude Cha 26 F Wicket-Keeper LHB N/A QUE Anju Aces
09 Claude MacDonnell 27 M Bowler RHB Medium-Fast QUE Inteachan Sunrisers
10 *Adeline J. Barnes 20 F All-Arounder LHB Unorthodox QUE Inteachan Sunrisers
11 Wanda Hosaka 23 F Batter LHB Unorthodox SYL Betham Dogs
13 Hannah Kayondo-Kirkley 24 F Batter RHB Slow QUE Joongyeong Capitals
15 Park Seung-Moo 26 M All-Arounder RHB Fast QUE Twin Cities Titans
17 Clemenence-Odette Chinenyeze 31 F All-Arounder LHB Fast QUE Inteachan Sunrisers

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but no death or career-ending injuries.
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Yes!
Create a full scorecard for my team: Of course!
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Postby Brookstation » Tue Nov 08, 2022 2:40 am


Cricket in Brookstation

Cricket is the most popular sport in the nation followed by football. The warm climate of the nation allows cricket to be freely played throughout the nation and Brooks of all age groups can be found playing crickets in local grounds during the day. ODI is the most popular form of cricket in Brookstation and the nation has seen a rapid development of the sport in the domestic level. The Goolsea Riverside Ground was selected as the venue for the finals of the Third Elite Trophy First Class and following the success of hosting the finals,The Brook Cricket Federation decided to place a bid for the 3rd ODI World Cup along with Ko oren to further popularize the sport in the nation and bring a sports World Cup to the nation for the first time. The success of the bid saw the nation host a major international tournament for the first time which further consolidated the position of the game in the country.

Team Information



Head Coach-Blake Hartshorn
Assistant Coach- Robin Robson
Batting Coach- Angelo Rodrigo
Bowling Coach- Muhammad Shah
Fielding Coach- Andreas Sanders


Age-Batting Style-Bowling Style-Role-Domestic Club]


Bob Doublesday
(31 Y/O)-LHB-Opener-Fubfield XI
Algernon Mari
(24 Y/O)-RHB-Opener-Ogre Street Cricket Club
Theo Sinclair
(29 Y/O)-RHB-Middle order-Dreamland Royals
Rohan Kishibe (C)
(28 Y/O)-LHB-RM-All rounder-Morioh Town
Dejan Brankovic
(31 Y/O)-LHB-Wicket keeper-Morioh Town
Vijayendra Ghosh
(34 Y/O)-RHB-Lower order-Norwegian wood Cats
Stephen Shade
(28 Y/O)-RHB-ROS-All rounder-Essidise Destroyers
Harriet Robbie
(28 Y/O)-RHB-RM-Bowler-Cosque Bashers
Ricki Makavilitogia
(32 Y/O)-LHB-LF-Bowler-Anarchy in Goolsea
Neville Douglas Winter
(22 Y/O)-RHB-RMF-Bowler-Ogre Street Cricket Club
Jimmy Montgomery
(19 Y/O)-LHB-RF-Bowler-Scroton Queens


Ben Surin
(22 Y/O)-LHB-Opener-Cosque Bashers
Nicholas Miller
(26 Y/O)-RHB-Opener/Middle order-Halebid Elephants
Francois Verougstraete
(25 Y/O)-RHB-Wicket Keeper-Essidise Destroyers
Wim Thijs
(23 Y/O)-LHB-Lower order-Essidise Destroyers
Johannes Bijanhof
(31 Y/O)-LHB-RFM-All rounder-Fubfield XI
Andre Delaunois
(31 Y/O)-RHB-RM-Bowler-Dreamland Royals
Sylvain Robitaille
(19 Y/O)-RHB-RLS-Bowler-Halebid Elephants

Roleplay Permission

Godmod scoring events: Y, but let me know by tg or discord first
RP injuries to my players: Y, but be sensible
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y, but let me know by tg or discord first

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Postby Liventia » Tue Nov 08, 2022 2:43 am

The Liventian Cricketing Board of Authority has announced a 15-man squad to travel to The Sarian for the 15th World Twenty20 Championship, with the headline news being two ground-breaking call-ups to the side.

Since the 14th Championships, Ollie Kerr has retired from all international cricket, moving into Matt Geach's backroom staff. His younger brother Brad Kerr has also been dropped from the T20 side as the left-arm pacer looks to extend his ODI and Test careers.

After a lean run of domestic form, Guillaume Bardet has lost his spot in the team, replaced by the hard-hitting opener Hasegawa Daiki – the first man of Japanese origin to be called up to the Liventian cricket team. Hasegawa, who uses the Japanese naming order, is also of partial French descent, adding to the team's growing French influence. (OOC note: if your country's media does not use the Japanese naming order as a style, he should be referred to by his French given name, Léon-Michel Hasegawa, rather than his Japanese given names. His scorecard name remains written in the Japanese order.)

The other historic call-up is for Victor Thabo Shezi-Allan, only the squad's second black player ever after Leroy Bérard, and the first of Southern African descent. Shezi-Allan has worked his way through the domestic system, and at 26 is on the older side for a debutant. While he will mostly serve in a reserve spinner role, he will provide much-needed spin cover and additional help in the nets.

Additionally, the Cricketing Board of Authority has nominated umpires Russell Phillips, D.C. Donaldson, René Delaphilippe, and match referee Anthony Wilson to stand in matches during the World Championship.

Liventia will make use of their DRS review(s) only in the following circumstances:
- If it is an obvious error by the on-field umpire; or if it is not, the following apply:
- If the batsman involved has scored at least 50; or
- There are fewer than five overs left; or
- If that batsman involved is a recognised batsman and only the tail (de Cerci/Huws) are left.

RP permissions: No deaths, no serious injuries, please make a full scorecard for both teams if you choose to do a scorecard for your team and RP first. You may change the number of wickets ONLY for the chasing team if it does not make sense. I reserve the right to ignore the scorecard or wicket changes if I find it unrealistic. Liventian umpires are generally accurate, and will usually only miss some lbw calls. They are usually accurate on catch calls.

Head coach/fast bowling coach: Matthew Geach
Assistant head coach/lead batting coach: Max Finney
Assistant batting coach: Leo Cartwright
High performance and mental skills coach: Ollie Kerr
Spin bowling coach/Fielding coach: Daniel Quinn
Wicketkeeping/Assistant fielding coach: Mike Sarrin

Peter Dennis (Peter) PD Finch 29 RIGHT OPENER
David Huw Jacob (Dave) DHJ Edwards* 31 RIGHT OPENER & TOP ORDER
Daiki Léon-Michel Tsuyoshi (Daiki) Hasegawa DLMT 23 LEFT TOP ORDER & OPENER
Percéval Jérôme (PJ) PJ Trouvé 24 LEFT MIDDLE ORDER
Brendon Alexander Radley (Brendon) BAR du Pont 33 RIGHT LOWER ORDER/primary WK
William Robert Dennis (Will) WRD Daniels 22 RIGHT LOWER ORDER/reserve WK
Ruairidh Joseph (Ruairidh) RJ MacMaster** 31 RIGHT BOWL ALL-ROUNDER/RIGHT ARM FAST-MEDIUM (RFM)
James Francis Michael (Francis) JFM Kennedy 30 LEFT BOWL ALL-ROUNDER/SLOW LEFT ARM ORTHODOX (SLA)
Mathieu Édouard-Paul (Matt) MEP Goudreau 29 RIGHT BOWL ALL-ROUNDER/LEGSPIN (rLS)/GOOGLY (LBG)
Juan James Andrew (JJ) JJA Martínez-Jones 21 RIGHT BOWLER/LEFT ARM MEDIUM-FAST (LMF)
Ryan Pietro Tomas (Ryan) RPT de Cerci 26 LEFT BOWLER/OFFSPIN (rOS)
Gareth Joshua Daniel (Josh) GJD Huws 24 RIGHT BOWLER/RIGHT-ARM MEDIUM-FAST (RMF)

* Captain
** Vice-captain

Starting XI (batting-friendly): Finch, Hasegawa, Edwards*, Trouvé, Quentin, Lemoine, du Pont†, MacMaster, Kennedy, de Cerci, Huws
Bowling order (batting-friendly): Huws, MacMaster, de Cerci, Lemoine, Kennedy, Quentin

Starting XI (pace bowling-friendly): Finch, Hasegawa, Edwards*, Trouvé, Quentin, Lemoine, du Pont†, MacMaster, Martínez-Jones, de Cerci, Huws
Bowling order (pace-friendly): Huws, MacMaster, Martínez-Jones, de Cerci, Lemoine, Quentin [if necessary]

Starting XI (spin bowling-friendly): Finch, Hasegawa, Edwards*, Trouvé, Lemoine, du Pont†, Kennedy, MacMaster, Goudreau, de Cerci, Huws
Bowling order (spin-friendly): De Cerci, Goudreau, Huws, Kennedy, MacMaster, Lemoine [if necessary]

Starting XI (neutral): Finch, Edwards*, Hasegawa, Quentin, Trouvé, Lemoine, du Pont†, MacMaster, Goudreau, de Cerci, Huws
Bowling order (neutral): Huws, MacMaster, de Cerci, Lemoine, Goudreau, Quentin [if necessary]
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Postby Jabal Akhdar » Tue Nov 08, 2022 4:28 am

Saabiq Hussain (LHB)
Kamaaluddeen (RHB)
Khaliq Shah (LHB)
Naeem Sajjadi (LHB, LM)
Abdul Wahab al-Salim (RHB)

Saif Habib (RHB, RMF)
Taalib Yunus (LHB, SLA)
Ali Akbar Nizamani (RHB, LBG)
Hameed Abbas (RHB, OB)

Shakaar Rana (c, RHB, WK)
Chandrama Kayal (LHB, WK)

Spin bowlers
Masood Naqvi (LHB, LWS)
Tajdar Reza (RHB, SLA)

Seam bowlers
Mukhtar Mohamed (RHB, RFM)
Hamad Hiraj (RHB, RFM)

Default lineup

1. Taalib Yunus
2. Shakaar Rana (c, wk)
3. Naeem Sajjadi
4. Kamaaluddeen
5. Abdul Wahab al-Salim
6. Saif Habib
7. Ali Akbar Nizamani
8. Mukhtar Mohamed
9. Masood Naqvi
10. Hamad Hiraj
11. Tajdar Reza

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Postby The Sarian » Tue Nov 08, 2022 7:00 am


The Sarian Cricket Team

i. Squad & Batting Order

Stats (correct as of start of qualifying) Please note that P Dave, KSW Charlemagne and S Paar will not have any stats as they are making IT20 debuts.

S/N Name                  Pronouns Age Role        BAT BWL
#03 Grajs A Vioolspeler she/her 32 All-rounder RHB RFM (capt)
#05 Winie H Smit she/her 22 Bowler LHB OB
#25 Filip A Stormdoop he/him 23 Bowler RHB RM
#31 Pramjit Dave he/him 24 Bowler LHB LF
#41 Anders DJ Ruitdekker he/him 33 Batter RHB OB
#46 Jodi E Zwarte he/him 25 All-rounder RHB RMF
#47 Kwinton SW Charlemagne he/him 23 All-rounder RHB LB
#57 Lucie M Snaijer she/her 26 Batter RHB LFM
#66 Jon QM DeBruut he/him 22 Batter LHB SLA
#67 Lizbet Kindvanjodi she/her 30 All-rounder RHB RMF
#71 Marscha M DeSaari she/her 32 WK-batter RHB RM (vice capt)
#83 Fleur H Zeunier she/her 20 Batter RHB RFM
#89 Martine K Kloeten she/her 21 Bowler RHB RF
#95 Euwan E Telmijn he/him 25 All-rounder LHB LB
#97 Suzie Paar she/her 23 All-rounder LHB SLW

Best Batting Order
(I will try and post a line-up for the next game at the end of each RP. If I do not, feel free to modify based on conditions or to combat your strengths)

O: MM DeSaari (wk) (v.c)
O: KSW Charlemagne (lb)
3: ADJ Ruitdekker (ob)
4: GA Vioolspeler (rfm) (c)
5: FH Zeunier
6: JQB DeBruut
7: JE Zwarte (rmf)
8: S Paar (slw)
9: WH Smit (ob)
10: MK Kloeten (rf)
11: FA Stormdoop (rm)

ii. Roleplay Prompts

In line with my permissions you are, of course, free to roleplay anything you so wish! This isn't intended to be prescriptive but instead a quick dump of some previously RPed titbits alongside some head cannon to help you see and interact with my team as I would.

Toss strategy: The Sarian prefer to chase, but if conditions look good will choose to put a score on the board.

Batting tactics: Go hard in the powerplay. Happy to lose two wickets but will calm down if a third falls. Will promote the big hitters up the order if the top order stay in for too long.

Review tactics: Verging on stupid. Will review the slimmest of half chances if it involves stronger player from either team.

Marscha DeSaari - Excellent powerplay hitter, but can tend to mellow out in the middle overs. Has tended to be better when batting first, but is remarkably consistent. Has a true 360 degree choice of shots when it comes to boundaries, but isn’t amazing at rotating the strike - meaning she can be pinned down easily. She’s fine with the gloves, but honestly possesses them because there is no-one better.

Kwinton Charlemagne - Kwinton is a big guy, which can tend to see him under-estimated. Really fucking powerful shots - even though the technique will make coaches cringe. Loves to hit it straight back over your bowler’s head. Can play as a gun in the powerplay, a capable pinch hitter or a slogger at the death but could be a better runner between wickets. Has a pretty decent leg-spin at a domestic level.

Anders Ruitdekker - Former captain. Good anchor, but can have an atrocious strike rate if it isn’t his day. Takes a few more balls than is ideal to get in, but has been known to be explosive once that happens. Reliable catcher in the field. Has been used occasionally for off-breaks in the past, but there’s so many spinners in the squad now that this will only be used if there’s a dustbowl.

Grajs Vioolspeler - Was originally a true all-rounder but has become a top-class batter while the bowling has declined relative to her overall ability. Still, can be a good enforcer in the middle overs and sometimes opens the bowling. She has occasional moments of brilliance - just keep her away from the death. Versatile with the bat - can anchor when needed but has the ability to pick up the pace. Home conditions suit her - especially as the shorter boundaries somewhat conceal her relative lack of power. Captaining the national side for the first time, but has been long term captain of Haaglanden.

Fleur Zeunier - Number five is a hard position, and Zuenier is… fine. Could probably have better success at three or four, but others are frankly better. Very good reverse sweep and good at finding gaps in the field. Much better hitter of pace than spin. Still, if The Sarian need quick runs or if she’s due to come in at the death, DeBruut or Zwarte will probably be promoted ahead of her. A good fielder and nominally the second choice wicket keeper.

Jon DeBruut - Has a cult following. Has a big, wild beard and tries to smash every ball for six. Incredibly grumpy; doesn’t initiate the sledging but will give it ten times as bad as he gets. If anyone is going to seriously break the spirit of cricket, it will be him. He can be a bit inconsistent, but he’s in the side because the chance that he turns a par-score into an unbeatable score is high enough. Seriously, he will transform a game at the death or get out with a stupid shot. By far the worst fielder to ever grace The Sarian national team, watch how often he picks up mysterious injuries in the field if a game is coming to a close finish.

Jodi Zwarte - Transformed his previously mediocre performances with the bat by catapulting his strike-rate. He’s still a bit useless if you want him to bat long, but a great player for a handful of overs. Good bowler at mediocre players but tends to be found out very quickly against good opponents. Very good at making spectacular catches on the boundaries.

Suzie Paar - A bowling all-rounder with the magic ‘mystery spin’ that has become all the rage recently. Perhaps promoted to the national side too soon because of this, and can go for numbers on the wrong day. On the flip side, she has a great strike rate and can rip through a side in the early stages when it’s her day.

Winie Smit - Missed out on the last T20 World Cup due to a finger injury. Best way to take her down is to come down the wicket. Surprisingly competent with the bat.

Martine Kloeten - Tends to bookend an innings - bullying a team in the powerplay before returning at the death. Her slower balls are almost impossible to pick, and has been known to reach speeds of 98 mph. Brilliant when it works out, but is inconsistent. The success of The Sarian in the field normally comes down to what kind of day she’s having. Rather annoyingly, she has been known to choke under pressure. Will likely be rested against weaker sides and dead rubbers to prevent a recurrence of a previous elbow injury.

Filip Stormdoop - The master of medium pace (though is regarded by some to be ‘fast spin’). His whole thing is having so many variations that he can get through his full allocation without anyone realising what the fuck is going on. Yes, his economy figures are somewhat inflated by the fact he almost exclusively bowls in the middle overs. Still, the fact he keeps the run rate so low, provokes opposition batters into gifting him and his partner wickets. Just don't ask him to bat - he's useless.

Lucie Snaijer - Fulfils the anchor-opener role and is hard to get out. On the other hand, you do really wish she could score just that little bit faster. In truth, she’s a fantastic batter but T20 is just not her best format. Still, could return to the starting XI if there are one too many collapses.

Euwan Telmijn - Cocky leggy, which worked when he dominated at a domestic level but he got hit everywhere last time he put on Saari colours. Shit player of pace with the bat and cannot hit a short ball to save his life. Tends to crumble under pressure.

Lizbet Kindvanjodi - Has been in and out of the squad, which is strange given how good she’s been when she has had the opportunity. Excellent yorker which either works exceptionally at the death … or she’s found out and goes for numbers. Good fielder.

Pramjit Dave - Cricket fans will be thankful that basketball isn’t really played in The Sarian; at six foot nine, Pramjit would have been snapped up straight away. His technique isn’t even that good, but he’s bowling from a high point of release with a left-arm angle - players just have less practice hitting that. He’s also a good fielder and quick runner between the wickets if a few byes want to be knicked at the end - it’s quite funny seeing him hold a bat though.

iii. Kits & Permissions


Test Jumper ~ Test Whites ~ Limited Overs

What's in a name?
The Sarian is the common English title, with Sarian, The Sari Union, The Saarian, Saria or The Saari Union variants of decreasing commonality.
De BondSaari (literally, the Union Saari) is the common native title, with increasing use in English.
De Bondtlanden van de Saari (literally, the United Lands - often translated as nations - of the Saari) is the full official title.
Saari or Sari is the demonym, though Sarian is occasionally used by some foreigners.
The names all refer to the Saari people - an ethnic group united by The Saari Union.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Godmod match events: Yes
Change number of wickets taken: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, though no injury exceeding the length of the match (without prior permission)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, though no injury exceeding the length of the match (without prior permission)
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Yes
Create a full scorecard for my team: Yes
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Postby Gruenberg » Tue Nov 08, 2022 7:41 am

Article posted on the GruenCric website.

    The most surprising development in Gruenberger cricket is the lack of surprises

    An established opening pair, the best batsman and captain at 3, and chances for younger players in the middle order. A wicket-keeper/batsman and an all-rounder. Three Test-playing seamers, and a finger spinner. The thoroughly unremarkable side, reeking of normalcy (and goats) that Ettexinor Broimbles has brought with him to The Sarian, is, in its own way, remarkable for just that quality. Gruenberg is after all a team that has previously played with pinch-hitters long past them going out of style in modern international cricket, prizes itself on its mystery spinners, has been willing to give chances to medium pace trundlers ahead of orthodox fast-mediums, and has twice gone to the World T20 carrying a specialist captain – and twice come home with the trophy. Gruenberg won its first ever T20 world title on the back of a “20 overs of spin” philosophy. The squad for The Sarian doesn’t even have 20 overs of part-time spin across it.

    Gruenberger cricketing eccentricities, from fearing the number “111” (the “three-legged goat”) to refusing to appoint vice-captains, have been a staple of their engagement with the world community ever since the days of the Donald Bradman Trophy, but in this new era it appears that Broimbles’s preference for a more conventional approach has won out. The man on whose shoulders Gruenberg’s post-Enchante cricketing hopes have been heaped has always demonstrated his lack of respect for spinners with his batting, transforming from a coaching manual strokemaker against pace to dance out and slog with venom once the spinners are on. So it seems to have influenced his selections, trusting in the established seamers Brigveger Grovan, Transportflowmap Renkauer, and Naffineffiniffinoffinuffi Syzygyswallower, and preferring finger spinner Quouodan “Massive Skejj” Skejjibox to wrist spinner Jett Tyrkkekkekklukkekklukekk, who has finally been dropped after never quite breaking into the side as a first choice spinner.

    There’s room in the squad for another mystery spinner, Antiupquark Mendikwoks – who would be the first left arm wrist spinner ever to represent a country more known for its left arm finger spinners – but probably not in the starting XI. Indeed, it seems likely that – absent a truly rancid surface – Broimbles will stick with his established players, with a T20 debut only for ! (who has already played ODIs) and Terg Reversiblechocolatestalin in the middle order. Otherwise it’s the familiar faces of Grovan, Hraff’ Tumcoweiss, and Nurples Honk on whom he will be depending. Broimbles seems to rate neither Prufrank Tttttttttwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeelllllllllppppppppp nor Metalhips Karsters as international standard bowlers.

    Gruenberg enter the World T20 as defending champions, but also the knowledge that no team has ever successfully defended their title. In their campaign, much will depend on the top three of Honk, Zambuimmi Hengtridan Jr., and Broimbles himself; with an untested middle order and relatively long tail, the top order must make the bulk of the runs. That, again, is a nod to convention as Broimbles dispenses with a specialist captain and seems unlikely to go to pinch-hitters. With the ball, this could be Grovan’s last tournament. In whites and pyjamas he has been outstanding for Gruenberg. The middle overs will not be totally bereft of spin, with Tumcoweiss as a containing option and Skejjibox the wicket-taker, but the most explosive bowler in the lineup is fast bowler Renkauer, finally maturing into someone who can take wickets with the new and old ball alike.

    The campaign will begin at the small, picturesque ground of Turfmarktstraat in Lyntveld, against the relatively unheralded Kimi-Suomi.
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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Tue Nov 08, 2022 11:04 am

The Mathletes - Scientific, Literary Venue of Sports Journalism

Quebecois cricket team captain George R. Finch excited for historic, inaugural edition of 'The Salamantic Trophy'

Patrice Moreno

SONGAK, SONGAK - George R. Finch believes that the spectators, in the end, will be the true winners to see Quebec and Ko-oren, two northwest Anaian states, play on the inaugural edition of what is expected to be a regularly-scheduled ‘The Salamantic Trophy’ test series.

This December, Quebec and Shingoryeo will be facing Ko-oren in a five-test series, as a part of the Quebecois Cricket Board’s aggressive measures to improve its international performance in recent decades. Two nations, who share much sporting history competing against one another, have been under discussion for the past decade to figure out the arrangements, and are expected to be greeted by sellout crowds across the country when the teams travel after the end of the T20 World Championships currently held in The Sarian.

While he had watched from the stands of Avorago as the Inteachan provincial side had faced the Dragonflies on the AODICC just last winter, Finch knows very well the weight of facing a squad like Ko-oren would mean. On the previous T20 World Championships nine years ago, then-underranked Grim Reapers had faced the Dragonflies on what ended up being a very competitive Group A. Alongside the likes of Ginerva Kayondo, Jean-Marc Woodley and Nate Shumer-Singh, Finch made his name known at the tournament where the Grim Reapers started off strong with a 2-0 mark, before losing the next four games to finish 2-4.

The batter, who had given up the wicket-keeper spot in the light of super-rookie Jang Joon-Gweon’s rise to the starting wicketkeeper spot, has since been one of the bigger names of the Quebecois side. With only three players from the inaugural squad left on national team rotation these days - that being Finch, Horatio Woo-Barnes and Hector de Vries - Finch believes that Ko-oren’s presence touring Quebec and Shingoryeo will be an important moment for the history of Quebecois cricket.

‘Anything that can get us to play a high-calibre opposition, especially in the test where the economy becomes ever so difficult to establish a sustained, international calendar, is important,’ Finch said, as he leads the Quebecois T20 team for what’s rumoured to be his penultimate GCF tournament. ‘And the promise of this Salamantic Trophy, where we could see the two friendly nations face each other on a tour format, brings up the level of anticipation for the sport back home. It should be loud, it should be great, and we should all be ready to witness some great stories to come out of it in the end.’

‘As we have seen with the AODICC just last offseason, and not to mention the annual series between us and Acadiana, we have a strong group of young prospects coming up here. Jang, Hosaka, Barnes, you can name them right now,’ continued Finch. ‘But this would matter to nothing if we don’t play enough of high-calibre oppositions, and make the difference in those matches by progressing their development. So an opportunity like this cannot be passed up. This will boost up the sport of cricket by a lot, not just between the two nations, but as a whole.’

While no announcement has been made about his national-team plans, Finch is expected to captain Quebec and Shingoryeo for the ongoing T20 World Championships, the Salamantic Trophy, and most likely the GCF World Test Challenge to be held in three years’ time. He has also shown no interest in retiring from his domestic commitments, where he plays for Mahan and Trillium Central of Kingston on test and T20, and Ogre Street CC of Brookstation on ODI.

‘National team career’s one thing, and I know when is the right time to eventually let go,’ Finch commented. ‘As for my club career, it’s a different story. I want to keep on playing until I am not able to play at a calibre expected from myself. So who knows? Maybe I could play until age 50.’

In the meanwhile, Quebecois Cricket Board (QCB) is currently in work with Bollonischian authorities to figure out a comprehensive, month-long tour to Bollonich. The plans have yet to be announced, but the negotiations so far have suggested that positive progress has been made in terms of figuring out the logistics.
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Postby The Sarian » Tue Nov 08, 2022 11:18 am

Group A

Image Indusse 154/7 (20 overs)
Image The Sarian 155/2 (19.1 overs)
The Sarian win by eight wickets

Image West Barack and East Obama 126/7 (20 overs)
Image Wolfstruppen 96/9 (20 overs)
West Barack and East Obama win by thirty runs

Image Gruenberg 130/6 (20 overs)
Image Kimi-Suomi 133/5 (18.4 overs)
Kimi-Suomi win by five wickets

Image Uppen Nasa 158/7 (20 overs)
Image Baggieland 160/7 (19.2 overs)
Baggieland win by three wickets

Group B

Image Jabal Akhdar 102 (18.3 overs)
Image Ko-oren 104/1 (12 overs)
Ko-oren win by nine wickets

Image Delaclava 175 (15.3 overs)
Image Lisander and Alice Bay 161/3 (20 overs)
Delaclava win by fourteen runs

Image Sajnur 198/7 (20 overs)
Image Milchama 156/8 (20 overs)
Sanjur win by forty-two runs

Image Samrif 208/8 (20 overs)
Image Krytenia 210/3 (20 overs)
Krytenia win by seven wickets, or by two runs

Group C

Lozho 107/6 (20 overs)
Image Sylestone 108/8 (13 overs)
Sylestone win by two wickets

Image Lionsroar 150/6 (20 overs)
Image New Gelderland 154/7 (18.2 overs)
New Gelderland win by three wickets

Image TJUN-ia 180 (19.1 overs)
Image Darmen 176/6 (20 overs)
TJUN-ia win by four runs

Image Liventia 182/5 (20 overs)
Greaterburg 159/8 (20 overs)
Liventia win by twenty-three runs

Group D

Image Arjunnagar 107 (12.4 overs)
Image Brookstation 110/9 (10 overs)
Brooksation win by one wicket

Ethane 148/6 (20 overs)
Image The Plough Islands 149/8 (17.3 overs)
The Plough Islands win by two wickets

Image Eastfield Lodge 216/3 (20 overs)
Image Depivik 196/7 (20 overs)
Eastfield Lodge win by twenty runs

Image Quebec and Shingoryeo 204/5 (20 overs)
Image StrayaRoos 149/7 (20 overs)
Quebec and Shingoryeo win by fifty-five runs
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