World Hit Festival 67 | OOC Thread [CLOSED]

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World Hit Festival 67 | OOC Thread [CLOSED]

Postby Normandy and Picardy » Thu Oct 06, 2022 10:12 am



Schedule for the 67th World Hit Festival

Times are subject to change...
Draft Thread Opens - 23rd October
Sign-ups close - 30th October, 23:59 GMT
Closure of Draft - 6th November, 23:59 GMT (with the Live Draw following soon after, subject to change based on numbers)
+ 24 hour grace period
Voting Open - 8th November 23:59 GMT or earlier - 12th November 23:59 GMT
Winner Known By- 18th November

In the case of Semi-Finals, dates will be moved back to accommodate for extra voting/more days to prepare graphics...

Welcome to Elejamie!

Firstly, I would like to thank and congratulate our friends at MCG1 for their hosting of the contest last edition, expertly handling the unusual needs required to host the orchestral edition of the contest. As ever, this edition was a great success, and it was excellent to see a great celebration of live music in such a manner. Again, merci beaucoup. I also look forward to working with our friends in Elejamie, who I must also congratulate on winning on their debut (our contest seems to have a tradition of such), on the hosting of the 67th edition of the contest in the beautiful city of Playa de Rocas, and I look forward to getting to know the country better, as I hope will millions of viewers from around the multiverse. I know that the team at CRTS will put on the best possible show and we will do everything in our power to ensure that it is so, and that indeed we can welcome more countries and more viewers to enjoy this great festival of song, newly bolstered by a series of rule changes brought in to ensure the integrity of the contest going forward. All that remains to be said now is Bonne chance à tous!

Christine Périault
World Hit Festival Overseer | Le Superviseur du Festival International de la Chanson

What is the World Hit Festival?
The World Hit Festival (WHF) is a multiversal song competition. Each nation shall enter 1 song and 1 artist, and it shall be 'performed' via roleplay. Most nations tend to use a real-life tune as a musical backing, but every entry submitted to the World Hit Festival is required to have original lyrics (ie. if you submit a tune, you must re-write the lyrics), so this does mean that instrumental entries are blocked from entering the contest.

WHF operates with three threads, the OOC, Draft, and IC threads. The one you are seeing now is the OOC/Sign-ups thread, the main place for you to discuss the contest, reveal your entrant, etc. All OOC chatter goes here. The Draft Thread, opened by the host, is the second thread opened up during a WHF contest, and this draft thread is where nations will post and work on their entries until a deadline determined by the host. The IC thread, also opened by the host is the third and final thread attached to a WHF, and it is where the host will transfer your entries. In order to see how the whole thing works, feel free to explore the previous competition in Beepee, linked above, which will also allow you to get a feel for the contest and what is required.

The World Hit Festival has had a very long history in NationStates, and a thread by the second overseer (Euskirribakondara) has been created to compile part of this long history. Click here for a thread with links to every OOC and IC thread of all World Hit Festivals so far (updated to WHF53).
Click this for a statistical database of all WHF participants (updated to WHF65). For winners, click here to see a full list of all WHF winners with links to their entries.

*PLEASE NOTE:* Much of this data is currently outdated, and is set to be updated and consolidated into a single database alongside a new WHF nationstates-side hub, hopefully to be completed by the end of WHF67. Stage one, the updating of the statistical database, has been completed.
*A SHOUT OUT* to Achaean Republic for compiling a Spotify playlist of the winners of the World Hit Festival, which can be found here

Below you can find the rules of the 66th World Hit Festival!

Rules and Regulations...
  1. For an entry to be accepted, must have one of either at least some staging directions orsuitable background role play.‘At least some staging directions’ is to be defined as anything more than 3 sentences of RP to accompany the entry. Cases that are on the borderline will be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the Host and the Overseer.' ‘Suitable background role play’ is to be defined as at least 5 sentences of background to the entry. The right to reject an entry according to this criterium is reserved by the Host and the Overseer. More generally, feel free to consult the Acceptable Entry Standards for the World Hit Festival
  2. All or at least most of the written lyrics must be original. Should any user spot any concerns, don't hesitate to let the overseer or current host know.
  3. In order for Semi-Finals to be initiated, there must be enough nations for there to be 13 nations per Semi Final. The number of participants before Semi Finals are initiated will be dependent on circumstances.
  4. The maximum amount of nations that can participate without more than one automatic qualifier (ie the host) is 18 nations per Semi-Final. Once this number has been broken, the top 6 (including the host) will automatically qualify to reduce 18 nations to 15 in each Semi.

  1. A nation is allowed to submit 1 puppet maximum to the contest, meaning that a user can be controlled at most 2 nations in the contest.
  2. Users must send a full ranking of all nations on the IC Thread to the host of the competition when the voting opens. If users usually split their rankings across multiple participating nations (master and at least one puppet), they are free to provide only one ranking - provided it directly aligns with how many points given out across the user's participating nations. Otherwise, the user must send a ranking per participating nation they own. Rankings should not be displayed by any given user until after the Festival has been completed.
  3. The nation ranked first will receive 5 points, the nation ranked second will receive 4 points etc. Nations ranked 6th or below will not receive any points.
  4. When participating with multiple nations, users can only give themselves 5 points maximum across both nations, and a maximum of 3 to one (that is to say, a maximum of 3 to one and 2 to the other). Votes will not be accepted if users give themselves, across both of their nations, more than 5 points, or more than 3 points to one.
  5. In the event of a tie, the countback system goes as follows: Amount of nations - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 6th places, 7th places etc.

  1. The winner of the competition will automatically be given the right to host the competition. The winner will be contacted by the Overseer to ask if they want to take up the role.
  2. The host can reveal they will host the World Hit Festival after talks with the Overseer on when to do this.
  3. If the host either doesn't announce their interest in hosting the proceeding contest or declines hosting rights, usual procedure is that the nation who came 2nd will be asked and so on until it reaches the Overseer. The Overseer can give hosting responsibilities to a user placed below them if they are willing to host, and the Overseer also reserves the ability to choose an alternative host.
  4. If the host abandons their host duties, the World Hit Overseer will be responsible for what left needs to be done.
  5. We would like to ensure all World Hit Festival hosts can host the competition to the best of their ability. If you have any concerns about hosting if given the opportunity to, don't hesitate to speak to the World Hit Overseer.

Participating Nations at the 67th World Hit Festival
Playa de Rocas, Elejamie

If you'd like to sign up, simply fill the form out below. Any extra requirements requested by the host will be found and explained in the form below too.

Code: Select all

[b]Song Title:[/b]
[b]Title Transcription (if required):[/b]
[b]Title Translation (if required):[/b]

[b]Official Trigramme:[/b]
[b]Name of Head of Delegation:[/b][/box]

Nation: Normandy and Picardy (name of your nation goes here)
Broadcaster: SRNP (name of your broadcaster goes here, and this is usually your national broadcaster that would broadcast the WHF. For a real-life comparison, think of the BBC in the UK.)

Song Title: "On commencera encore le matin" (name of your song)
Artist: Marianne Vidal, Anne-Marie Paquet (the name of the artist(s) that will 'perform' the song in your roleplay.)
Language(s): Normand French (the language(s) that your lyrics will be performed in)
Title Transcription (if required): (if your song's language utilizes another script, you would put the romanization of that title here. In this example, it is not required, but were your entry for example in Cyrillic, let's say, По, Дај Ми Любавте, give the transliteration as Po, Daj Mi Ljubavte here. Otherwise, this part can be omitted.)
Title Translation (if required): We will start again in the morning (the translation of your song's title to English. If your song is in English already, this part can also be omitted.)
Tune: Often, WHF entries will have tunes attached to them, such as this entry using Emma and Alessandra Amoroso's Pezzo di Cuore. Provide a link to the tune in this form.

Official Trigramme: NPR
Name of Head of Delegation: Simone Derrida

Participating Nations (20)
Last updated: 01/11/2022, 14:10 GMT

Achaean Republic (AS1): Nessa Navarro - Supersonic
Aenglide (ÆTV): blujacket - Time
Alezian Union (ABA): Ma'aka Ra'u'ke'i Salem - Mo'amu'u (Mon Amour)
Antahbrantahstan: TBC
Astbeck-Langgate (ALTV): TBC
Beepee (BONC): Maria Poole - Sunflower
Britonisea (BVC): TBC
Carrelie (CRTB): June and Julie - Répondez-moi
- Westanglia (WRT): Amsterdam - I'm In Love
Fatimania (RTV): Slnečnica - Beauté Fatimanienné
Flusia (FRG): ◇UTER W◇RLD - The Lights are Dimming Down
Elejamie (CRTS - HOST): Fernsehturm - The Church
Hafamarimët (TVH): Mezi Vničan - Zäd
Ildonia (IGBA): Xandra Lun - The Sun
The Ice States (IMO): James Brownsword - Tie Your Deity Down
Kalosia: TBC
Malta Comino Gozo (MCG1): Fakawi - Feel So Special
Normandy and Picardy (SRNP): TBC
Norrp (NPTV): TBC
Pemecutan (UBC): TBC
Scotatrova (TAS): Elena Marquesa - Amber Waves
Strayroos (rtvS): Goldi - Hope
- Uppen Nasa

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Postby Elejamie » Thu Oct 06, 2022 10:36 am


En colaboración con




¡Bienvenidos a Playa de Rocas!

La ciudad

Clockwise from top left: La Biblioteca Española; a shot of Arena Ángeles taken at the start of Pride Month; the hallowed halls of the Palacio Legaslativo; a section of Avenido Blas de Lezo; a side street in Viejo Playa de Rocas; shops and shoppers in La Ronda; Estadio Metropolitano, home to CF Playa de Rocas; one of the many rock beaches that gives Playa de Rocas its name.

Hombres, mujeres y personas no binarias, welcome to Playa de Rocas. Located in the south-east of the country, this fair city of little over 110,000 is not only the capital of the autonomous tract of Nuevo Paraíso but is also the hub of Hispano-Elejamian culture. The vast majority of telenovelas are filmed or worked on here; a number of famous artists, writers and musicians are from or worked in the city including but not limited to Aurora Cassidy who won it for Elejamie last time; it was the Mecca for the Agró scene of the 1980s and 1990s that saw teenagers and young adults repeatedly jump up and down and hit surfaces to pounding electronic body music; and the Orquestra Sinfónica de Nuevo Paraíso is one of the Big Four orchestras in Elejamie. Established in the 1860s as a small town along the rocky beaches that gave it its name, there was a substantial amount of growth due to its fishing industry and arid farmland. An influx of new arrivals, some from the old Spanish homeland but also some from some of its colonies (former or then-current) and a few from elsewhere, lead to the city expanding and, by the time Elejamie had declared self-rule in 1912 the town was big enough to become a city in its own right and was declared the tractal capital of Nuevo Paraíso the following year. While the city would have its various up and downs (most notably the golden age of the 1970s that’d lead to the austerity of the 1980s), today it still remains a diverse city with many different cultures, wide open spaces and plenty of things to see and do. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • La Ronda: The ring road in the heart of the city, this pedestrianised bit of land is home to a number of shops, restaurants, art galleries, the odd food stand and even a small park (Parque de la Juventud). While getting to and from there is a small hassle by car due to it being located off Avenido Blas de Lezo, the main road in the city, there is a subway station in the area and a bus station within walking distance.
  • Arena Ángeles: Home to the ice hockey team Ángeles de la Playa de Rocas (Playa de Rocas Angels) as well as the Tigres basketball team. While the EPBL season is starting to wrap up, the EIHL is already underway and Ángeles will be in town for a little bit, so don’t be afraid to get some tickets and watch a bit of sport in your downtime.
  • Various other stadia including the 40,500-seater Estadio Metropolitano (no, not that one), home to CF Playa de Rocas as well as a stadium for athletics events; the 10,000-seater Estadio del Rey, home to the CR Los Reyes rugby union team as well as CF Playa de Rocas Femenino; the 13,000-seater Arena San Tibulo (named after Saint Tibulus, the patron saint of Elejamie), home to the Nuevo Paraíso y Valledorado cricket team as well as the Universidad de la Playa de Rocas university rugby team; and the 2,500-seater Parque Luis Ernesto García Vasquez (named after a war hero during the Anglo-Hispanic skirmishes in the 1850s), home to CF Playa de Rocas B, CF Universidad and non-league side CF Atocha, as well as the training ground for CR Los Reyes as of 2021.
  • Viejo Playa de Rocas: The old town that was the original basis for the city. While some of it is still inhabited, a fair amount of it remains in ruins following the 1909 earthquake that killed 600. These ruins are still a popular tourist attraction and it’s not uncommon for people to have photographs there, whether it be for weddings or for modelling shoots.
  • The two main cathedrals in the city: Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Gracia, which has space for 1,500 worshippers; and Catedral de San Jorge, which is not only one of three Greek Orthodox cathedrals in the whole country but is also only one of two non-Catholic cathedrals in the entirety of Spanish Elejamie (the other is the Anglican Catedral de San Miguel in Valledorado, VADO). When not in service, both offer guided tours available in both English and Spanish.
  • La Franja: The longest beach in the city at just over 2.5km (1.55 miles), it stretches along the southern coast of the city and is another popular tourist destination due to its uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean, the flat rocks that can be used as impromptu seats and the fine, flat sands make picnicking an ideal option, especially as it stays fairly warm heading into October.
  • La Biblioteca Española: One of the biggest libraries in the country, you can find a wide variety of books originally written in the Spanish language here. No matter the genre, the dialect or even how popular the author is/was, there’s a good chance that you can find a copy here.
  • Palacio Legislativo de Nuevo Paraíso: The parliament building (or Tractal Chamber to give it its proper term over here) for Nuevo Paraíso, Although it’s closed to the public Monday-Saturday from 10am-6pm as that’s when it’s usually in session, there are guided tours from 7am-10am and 6pm-8pm on the aforementioned days. It’s closed on Sundays.
  • A variety of museums including but not limited to the Playa de Rocas Natural History Museum, the Gregorio Buenaventura Art Museum, the Playa de Rocas Transport Museum, the Hispano-Elejamian History Musuem and the Plaza de Toros de Playa de Rocas, a former bullring that has since been converted into a bullfighting museum following the sport’s nationwide ban in 1997.
  • Las Tres Hermanas: Two giant rocks and a small islet just off the eastern coast of the city, more often than not used as a resting place for seabirds. There are often boat tours to and from Las Tres Hermanas to see all the wildlife hanging around there.

El lugar


Known at the Arena Juancar while it was under construction, a name that fortunately didn’t stick, the Centre de Convenciones de Nuevo Paraíso (CCNP for short) will be the venue for the 67th World Hit festival. Opened in 1980 after five years under construction, it’s been used for a number of events such as Comic-Con Elejamie (every even-numbered year since 1996), the TEKNOKON computer hacking convention since 2008, at least one general election debate since 1982 and the 2015 edition of the Games National Convention. While as a convention centre it’s hard to gauge a true capacity per se, the main hall should be big enough to seat 15,000 people. Unfortunately there will be no standing rooms for fans unless they don’t mind standing in the aisles. On the upside, for the performers anyway, there’s a second room that will be used as a green room to relax in between performances and to watch who’s currently on stage at that moment; much like WV90 there will be a bar in case the winner either wants some champagne to celebrate or anyone else wants any help forgetting the night.

El escenario


We’ll be doing things a bit differently here. For a start there will not be a rear LED screen to display images; we do have a couple of portable screens backstage that can be wheeled in and out for performances and the stage itself does have some screens in that the artist can use if they so wish but that’ll be it. Instead we have decided to take a “festival of light” approach by having a plinth in the back with dozens of LED lights, two arches with neon strips as well as some more LED lights on the support walls and an array of spotlights at the rear and at the base of each arch supporting wall as well as above the stage. This is primarily so that the audience won’t be distracted by anything and can instead focus on each performance. Fortunately we have thought ahead and have performed a series to tests and checks to make sure that the audience will get a good view of what’s going on regardless of their position. There will also be two catwalks at the rear of the stage so entrants and our hosts can walk on and off.

Los presentadores

Adriano Belgrano is a TV presenter with over forty years of experience. While he’s best known for presenting documentaries and other factual programs as well as hosting the Elejamian version of Un, dos, tres… he has also dipped his toes into comedy due to his usually serious demeanour being a good constrast to the wackiness surrounding him.

Lucía Beltrán is an Achaean-Elejamian jazz singer best known for representing the latter country in the 85th and 99th WorldVision Song Contests with her songs Wish (one of her few English-language songs) and Sin nombre (MH2 Remix); although she failed to score a set of twelve points in either of them, she did achieve a fifth place finish in the latter so swings and roundabouts.

Preguntas frecuentes

  • Will I need to learn Spanish to know my way around?
    Not really. At least 99% of Elejamians speak English (either as a primary or secondary language) and, indeed, Nuevoparaísans are no different. All major signs have an English-language translation underneath so you’ll know where to go and Jardines del Sur is the only barrio in the city where Anglophones outnumber Hispanophones (49.3%, compared to 45.1% Spanish, 3.2% Iyilim and 2.4% other). However, if you want to impress the locals then maybe drop a line or two in Spanish and see where it goes from there.
  • Will we need to quarantine upon arrival?
    You’ll be relieved to hear that the answer to that is no. The situation over here regarding the coronavirus has vastly improved since WV90, so when you’ve made it to your hotel and unpacked everything you can explore as soon as you want to. While you can still request a test upon arrival and you will see both hand sanitiser in shops and the occasional person wearing a mask, it’s all optional.
  • Is Playa de Rocas safe?
    Pretty much. Violent crime is fortunately very rare due to a wide array of social programs to help people, most of which came as a result of the so-called “La revolución francesa” in 1986 as well as the gradual secularisation of the tract since the early 70s. The worst you might deal with is either a pickpocket or someone trying to fleece you with high prices but that’s common with any tourist hotspot and fortunately there should be a police officer nearby ready to help. Besides, the locals tend to be friendly and jokey so the worst you’ll probably get is being called a bralto/bralta if you’re an Anglophone.
  • How will delegations arrive into the country?
    The main way into the city from abroad is L.E. Garcia Vazquez Airport, the third busiest airport in the country with little under a million passengers travelling through it every year. While we recommend having a driver ready for any and all performers and their entourages coming to the country this way, there is also the option of the airport shuttle bus and a SubteRocas (aka the Playa de Rocas Metro) station if you choose not to do this or if you’re a tourist. There is also the smaller Aeródromo Playa de Rocas, which is closer and has a direct bus route into the city, but it’s preferably for smaller and domestic aircraft so only come this way if you have a small private jet or arrived in a different city first. And finally you can arrive by boat to Puerto de Nuevo Paraíso if you have plenty of time to get here, although this is only really recommended if you want to be eco-conscious, really love sea travel or really hate flying.
  • How will I be able to get around the city?
    Assuming you still don’t have a driver ready, you don’t have friends or family living here that can escort you from place to place, you didn’t think about getting a rental car until it was too late or you don’t have the time and/or effort to walk everywhere, there are still some ways to get from A to B and occasionally C. For a start there are a number of different bus routes throughout the city and not only are there detailed maps online but also at each bus station. There’s also the aforementioned SubteRocas, with 53 different stations and two different lines to travel between. We’ve also got a taxi service as well as a bike-sharing scheme (although please make sure you take good care of them, if we find out you’ve damaged them you may be charged for it), or you could choose to use whatever ride-sharing app you desire. Completely up to you.
  • Will there be semi-finals?
    Possibly. In the event we receive 31+ completed entries in the draft thread we might have two semi finals, with the logic being that there will be at least fifteen nations per semi-final and the automatically qualifying host. This isn't the WorldVision, after all, where 30-40 entries in one grand final is essentially the norm. This number can be changed should there be enough of an uproar, whether it be from Ms. Périault herself or from the other broadcasters, but this is pretty much the number we have in mind.
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Postby Carrelie » Thu Oct 06, 2022 11:11 am

Nation: Carrelie
Broadcaster: CRTB (GBI, ART, LRD)

Song Title: Répondez-moi
Artist: June & Julie
Language(s): English, French
Title Translation: Answer me
Tune: Japanese Breakfast - Be Sweet

Official Trigramme: CRL
Name of Head of Delegation: Louis Clérico
The Carrelian Empire
NS Stats not canon

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Postby Scotatrova » Thu Oct 06, 2022 1:34 pm

Nation: Scotatrova
Broadcaster: TAS

Song Title: Amber Waves
Artist: Elena Marqeusa
Language(s): English
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required):
Tune: Brooke Combe - Miss Me Now

Official Trigramme: SCT
Name of Head of Delegation: Iosue Cunsreia
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Postby StrayaRoos » Thu Oct 06, 2022 1:43 pm

Nation: StrayaRoos
Broadcaster: rtvS

Song Title: Hope
Language(s): English
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required):
Tune: Brooke Scullion-H.I.M

Official Trigramme: STR
Name of Head of Delegation: Lao Fara

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Postby Elejamie » Thu Oct 06, 2022 1:43 pm

Nation: Elejamie
Broadcaster: Collection of Regional Television Stations (CRTS)

Song Title: The Church
Artist: Fernsehturm
Language(s): English
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required):
Tune: Einstürzende Neubauten - Feurio!

Official Trigramme: EJM
Name of Head of Delegation: Stephen Hartnell
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Postby Uppen Nasa » Thu Oct 06, 2022 1:49 pm

StrayaRoos wrote:
Nation: StrayaRoos
Broadcaster: rtvS

Song Title: Hope
Language(s): English
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required):
Tune: Brooke Scullion-H.I.M

Official Trigramme: STR
Name of Head of Delegation: Lao Fara

we've got a puppet coming,but they aren't sevens or sbi...

this is said puppet,hwill probably send folk song
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Postby Achaean Republic » Thu Oct 06, 2022 7:02 pm

Nation: Achaean Republic
Broadcaster: AS1

Song Title: Supersonic
Artist: Nessa Navarro
Language(s): Spanish, English
Tune:Ambar Lucid - Timeless

Official Trigramme: ACH
Name of Head of Delegation:Tamar de Andrade

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Postby Beepee » Fri Oct 07, 2022 4:50 am

Nation: Beepee
Broadcaster: Beepeean Occasional News Corporation (BONC)

Song Title: Sunflower
Artist: Maria Poole
Language: English

Tune: "Scandal" by Tina Karol

Official Trigramme: BPE
Name of Head of Delegation: Ms Fanny Golightly


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Postby Alezian Union » Fri Oct 07, 2022 7:30 am

Nation: Alezian Union
Broadcaster: Alezian Broadcasting Authority (ABA)

Song Title: Mo'amu'u (Mon Amour)
Artist: Ma'aka Ra'u'ke'i Salem
Language(s): Francalezian
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required): My Love
Tune: Ajay IDEAZ - Te Amo Mi Amor

Official Trigramme: ALE
Name of Head of Delegation: Nasyrid Muharramuddin Dadon

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Postby Pemecutan » Fri Oct 07, 2022 8:13 am

Nation: Pemecutan
Broadcaster: UBC

Song Title: TBA
Artist: TBA
Language(s): TBA
Title Transcription (if required): TBA
Title Translation (if required): TBA
Tune: Eli Lieb ft Steve Grand - Look Away

Official Trigramme: PCU
Name of Head of Delegation:
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Postby Hafamarimyht » Fri Oct 07, 2022 11:50 am

Nation: Hafamarimët
Broadcaster: TVH

Song Title: Žäd
Artist: Mezi Vničan
Language(s): Hafamari, English
Title Translation (if required): Vanity
Tune: King Princess - Pain

Official Trigramme: HAF
Name of Head of Delegation:Ïnuh Bijemču
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WV19: 23rd (27pts)
WV24: 34th (9pts)
WV26: 34th (28 pts)
WV27: 31st (27 pts)
WV28: 28th (21 pts)
WV30: 18th (39 pts)
WV34: DQ
WV82: 24th (18 pts)
WV86: 21st (99pts)
WV87: 9th (160pts)
WV88: 19th (121pts)
WV90: 26th (81pts)
WV91: 15th (117pts)
WV96: 17th (134pts)
WV99: 11th (158pts)
WV100: 16th in SF/DNQ

WHF5: 8th (16pts)
WHF11: 22nd (3pts)
WHF13: 24th (5pts)
WHF56: 20th (6pts)
WHF57: 8th (18pts)
WHF59: 10th (13pts)

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Postby Malta Comino Gozo » Fri Oct 07, 2022 2:50 pm

Nation: Malta Comino Gozo

Song Title: Feel so special
Artist: Fakawi
Language(s): English
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required):

Official Trigramme: MCG
Name of Head of Delegation:
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Postby Aenglide » Sat Oct 08, 2022 6:29 am

Nation: Aenglide
Broadcaster: ÆTV

Song Title: Time
Artist: blujaket
Language(s): English
Tune: Ride - Kaleidoscope

Official Trigramme: AED
Name of Head of Delegation: Olav Knörn

The Federation of Aenglide | Federatig Ænglide | Fiterääne Angeeli | Ajunnuna Anigilaak | ᐱᑦᑲᓅᓇ ᐊᖏᓛᑦ/Pitkanuuna Angilaat

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Aenglic: /ængliːdə/
WV92 - 24/29 - 53pts
WV93 - 18/25 - 83pts
WV94 - 25/29 - 63pts
WV95 - 21/29 - 74pts
WV96 - 7/34 - 181pts
WV97 - 2/25 - 179pts
WV98 - 1/31 - 260pts
WV99 - 12/38 - 157pts
WV100 (Semi-Final 2) - 10/24 - 176pts (Qualified)
WV100 (Grand Final) - 13/28 - 218pts
WV101 - 5/32 - 178pts
WV102 - 12/30 - 120pts

Hostings: WV98

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Postby Westanglia » Sat Oct 08, 2022 9:17 am

Nation: Westanglia
Broadcaster: WRT

Song Title: I'm in Love
Artist: Amsterdam
Language(s): English
Tune: Aqua - Doctor Jones

Official Trigramme: WSA
Name of Head of Delegation: Joseph Greale

Puppet of Carrelie
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Postby The Ice States » Sat Oct 08, 2022 11:45 am

Nation: The Ice States
Broadcaster: Ice Media Office

Song Title: Tie Your Deity Down
Artist: James Brownsword
Language(s): English
Title Transcription (if required): N/A
Title Translation (if required): N/A
Tune: Queen - Tie Your Mother Down

Official Trigramme: TIS
Name of Head of Delegation: General Lionel Burkes
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Postby Astbeck-Langgate » Sun Oct 09, 2022 12:49 pm

Nation: Astbeck-Langgate
Broadcaster: ALTV

Song Title: TBA
Artist: TBA
Language(s): TBA
Title Translation (if required): TBA
Tune: TBA

Official Trigramme: ABL
Name of Head of Delegation: Johan Hendrikser

The Duchy of Astbeck-Langgate will be debuting at the 67th World Hit Festival.
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Postby Flusia » Sun Oct 09, 2022 10:35 pm

After some absence, Flusia announces it’s return to the WHF.

Nation: Flusia
Broadcaster: FRG

Song Title: The Lights are Dimming Down
Artist: ◇UTER W◇RLD
Language(s): English
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required):
Tune: Pinkshift - in a breath

Official Trigramme: FLU
Name of Head of Delegation: Denis Góld

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Postby Illdonya » Sat Oct 15, 2022 8:56 am


Song Title:The Sun
Artist:Xandra Lun
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required):
Tune:Katy Perry—When I'm gone

Official Trigramme:ILD
Name of Head of Delegation:Maya Dawn
Worldvision 97, 20th place
Worldvision 98, 19th place
Worldvision 99, 32nd place
Worldvision 102, 5th place

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Postby Antahbrantahstan » Tue Oct 18, 2022 5:21 am

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Postby Norrp » Sat Oct 22, 2022 2:44 am

Nation: Norrp
Broadcaster: NPTV

Song Title:
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required):

Official Trigramme:
Name of Head of Delegation:

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Postby Kalosia » Sat Oct 22, 2022 9:38 pm

Kalosia signs up.
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Postby Elejamie » Sun Oct 23, 2022 4:04 pm

And the draft thread for WHF67 is now OPEN! Sign-ups are still open for another week if anyone else wants to take part.
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Postby Britonisea » Mon Oct 24, 2022 6:21 am

The Britonish broadcaster, BVC, intends to participate for the first time in four editions.
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1st - 139 points - WV47
1st - 138 points - WV99 (258 J+T)
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1st - 132 points - WV73
1st - 117 points - WV64
1st - 113 points - WV41
1st - 98 points - WV63
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1st - 51 points - WHF50
1st - 42 points - WHF59
1st - 38 points - WHF52
1st - 34 points - WHF42
1st - 34 points - WHF48
1st - 28 points - WHF46
1st - 28 points - WHF37
1st - 20 points - WHF26
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Postby Caribou Island » Fri Oct 28, 2022 10:07 am


Moorland in OwO???

I'm not a joke, I promise.



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