[R] Artsakh Thread, flamebaiting

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[R] Artsakh Thread, flamebaiting

Postby Republic Of Ludwigsburg » Thu Sep 22, 2022 7:54 am

Sordhau wrote:
Republic Of Ludwigsburg wrote:1. That was just a mistake by me because I mixed up the two. Also, the League of Nations DID mandate this, after a Greek had submitted a proposal to them which was ratified in Lausanne. Read the contents here.

Irrelevant. The LoN had no means to enforce this.

2. This is literally the most stupid response about Turkish politics I have ever heard:
a) It was not an ethnostate, Kemal was actually respecting towards the Kurds and HE LITERALLY RECOGNIZED THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE + He was one the first nation to recognize woman's rights + Kemal literally said that "I am only authoritarian so that my successors are democratic".

The Kemalists actively exterminated and persecuted non-Turkish minorities. Literally read about the Turkish War of Independence, holy shit.

Funny how his successors didn't turn out to be very democratic lmao.

3. Some left voluntarily, some left forcefully due to the Lausanne treaty, but most were killed under the 3 pashas.

Most were forced out or killed and did not leave of their own volition. You are deliberately misrepresenting the facts to deny genocide.

4. What bullshit is this and where is the source? By the way, don't forget how Stalin shipped the Armenians among other groups to Siberia, Kazakhstan etc.

5. No, Kemal was the one who tolerated the Kurds and then the Islamists began to commit the horrible acts.

Kemal was a Turkish Mussolini except smarter and more charismatic. Bastard's drowning in a poll of piss in Hell as we speak; good riddance.

You are genocide denier. Stay the fuck away from me.

Offensive part highlighted.
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Postby Roavin » Fri Sep 23, 2022 2:44 am

It's not outright actionable. It is rude, but that's certainly not the only rude post in the last two pages of that thread. I've loomed.
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