NSCF 27 - Everything Thread

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NSCF 27 - Everything Thread

Postby NSCF » Wed Aug 31, 2022 10:56 pm

NationStates College Football - Season 27


Breathe deep and take it all in as the tubas' rumbles reverberate through all the iconic campus stadia again. Each one, packed with generations of alumni returning to partake in the traditions of their beloved alma mater, is ready for that combustion of kinky action. The poppin' aromas of molly-popcorn and beer sift out through the bleachers full of marijuana smoke. The bright lights shine down on armoured teams battling under the night sky, school bragging rights and a gruelling summer of work on the line. Ah, yes. It's college football season. Glory, Drama, Pride.

The twenty-seventh edition of NationStates College Football is upon us. In this thread, you will post your team's roster and all in-character roleplays. These can be game reports, character dialogues, or really anything you like. Any out-of-character questions should be directed towards the discussion thread or telegram.

With 40 entrants, there will be five conferences. Each conference will have eight teams that are split into two divisions of 4 teams each.

In this 10 matchday fixture there will be both a double round robin within division (6 games), and a single round robin against opposing division (4 games). How it will work out, for scorination purposes, is that a full round robin (7 matchdays), will be played out first, before last three matchdays feature the single round robin. At the conclusion of the conference stage, the top team in each division will face off in the conference championship game, which will decide the conference title.

12 teams will make the Playoffs: the five conference champions, the four highest-ranked schools ranked by OSPI and, finally, three wildcards selected by the NSCF Committee. These 12 teams will then be seeded in the bracket purely by OSPI. Higher seeds will have home advantage until the final, which will take place at a neutral venue. Any nation can put together a bid to host the NSCF Championship (IC only) before the start of Non-Conference week, when it will then be voted on by the NSCF Committee.

New and returning players alike are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the NSCF procedure here. The regular season will be double round-robin, for a total of 10 games. Games will be scorinated three times a week: on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Scores will be posted in this thread at a time determined by each conference's designated scorer. After the ten-game conference schedule, there will be a "Non-Conference Week", with each team playing up to three games against opposition from other conferences. These games will not count toward conference championships, but WILL affect playoff seedings. All Non-Conference games must be arranged by the teams playing them (you can use the discussion thread for this). Once confirmed by BOTH parties, match-ups should be telegrammed to NSCF to be added to the schedule.

In addition to the playoffs, there also a few consolation bowl games for teams that do not reach the postseason. If your nation proposes a bowl game to host, you are responsible for inviting the teams yourself if it does not have automatic parameters for selection. The Pioneer Bowl is a traditional game for the two best newcomer teams not in the playoffs. After that, NSCF will not recognize any bowl game involving a team with an OSPI below 0.450.

Cannabiscorp PIONEER BOWL
to be played at Iqaluit Stadium in Iqaluit, Quebec and Shingoryeo
Contested by: Top two newcomer teams not in the playoffs.


When checking times, this link might come in handy for converting to your local time.

BIG EIGHT Conference (Scorinated by Drawkland) (Cutoff Time: Midnight EDT)
Reigning Champion: Richardson University [RAN]
Richardson University Governors (-5.000) - Ranoria [RAN]
Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles (+3.000) - Kohnhead [KHD]
Cold Hill University Buffalo (+5.000) - Ranoria [RAN]
Swisston City University Army Knives (-1.000) - Kohnhead [KHD]

Panem University Phoenix (-5.000) - StrayaRoos [STR]
Hankow State University Honey Badgers (+2.500) - United Vietussia [UNV]
Bermia Santura University Broncos (+2.000) - Cardenao [CAD]
Summit University Bighorns (-3.000) - New Harmonia [HAR]

CELESTIA Conference (Scorinated by Quebec and Shingoryeo) (Cutoff Time: 21:00-23:00 EDT)
Reigning Champions: University of Loyola-Istria [BNJ]
Northern Moravica University Cougars (+2.500) - Banija [BNJ]
Elephant Valley University Red Elephants (-1.000) - South Newlandia [SNL]
University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder (+5.000) - Banija [BNJ]
Ratzupalfu University of Nature Egrets (-4.000) - South Newlandia [SNL]

Joe Gibbs University Cyclones (+0.500) - Sarzonia [SRZ]
Upper Westside University Red Pandas (+3.142) - Saint Kanye [STK]
Woodstock University Climbers (+0.750) - Sarzonia [SRZ]
University of Alcuta Skyhawks (+3.000) - Venmere [VNM]

HORIZON Conference (Scorinated by Quebec and Shingoryeo) (Cutoff Time: 21:00-23:00 EDT)
Reigning Champions: Felswyr State University [CMT]
Starlight DIVISION
Felswyr State University Firehawks (+3.500) - Chromatika [CMT]
Cavsar University Gladiators (+5.000) - Drawkland [DRK]
Staramara Tech University Lava (-4.000) - Chromatika [CMT]
Sadeg State University Skyhawks (+4.000) - Drawkland [DRK]

Imperial University of Pomena Royals (+5.000) - Juvencus [JUE]
Silverleaf University Goblins (+2.900) - United Adaikes [UAD]
Kynᶒqurnstka Surona University Beach Eagles (+3.000) - Kilendjj [KLJ]
Golden Oak University Foxes (-1.860) - United Adaikes [UAD]

MINERAL Conference (Scorinated by Drawkland) (Cutoff Time: Midnight EDT)
Reigning Champions: Green City University [TJU]
Heartland DIVISION
Green City University Royal Eagles (+2.000) - TJUN-ia [TJU]
University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park Warriors (+2.200) - Commonwealth of Baker Park [CBP]
Trent State University Feathercaps (-1.000) - TJUN-ia [TJU]
University of Gairuwa Parmawakhs (+4.500) - Arjunnagaar [ARJ]

University of Constantinople Binturongs (-3.000) - New Gesem [NGS]
Bowerstone University Bobcats (+3.000) - Anthor [ATH]
University of Alexandroupolis Redbirds (+1.000) - New Gesem [NGS]
The University of Waterloo Redcoats (+1.500) - Canadian Dominion [CDO]

ZEPHYR Conference (Scorinated by New Gesem) (Cutoff Time: 8:00-10:00 UTC)
Reigning Champions: Mar Sara Tech [VAL]
Maximus Rochester Institute Gijikyhandasari Yeraiqhospifasas (-5.000) - Poafmersia [PFA]
Ceneisis Naval Academy Ensigns (-2.500) - Abanhfleft [AFT]
University of Mancodas Mammoths (+5.000) - Poafmersia [PFA]
Thereisnogodistan Community College Atheists (+3.500) - Thereisnogodistan [NGD]

Woodlands DIVISION
Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish (+2.800) - Quebec and Shingoryeo [QUE]
Crown's College Royal Bears (+2.000) - Schima Bas [SHM]
Université St. Croix Bleu et Blanc (-4.000) - Quebec and Shingoryeo [QUE]
Crimson Royal University Mink (+4.000) - Schima Bas [SHM]

Schedule (Home Teams listed first, Teams 1-4 would be those on Division A, Teams 5-8 Division B)

MD1 - 1v4, 2v3, 5v8, 6v7
MD2 - 1v2, 4v3, 5v6, 8v7
MD3 - 3v1, 4v2, 7v5, 8v6
MD4 - 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5
MD5 - 8v4, 7v3, 6v2, 5v1
MD6 - 6v1, 5v2, 8v3, 7v4
MD7 - 2v8, 1v7, 4v6, 3v5
MD8 - 4v1, 3v2, 8v5, 7v6
MD9 - 2v1, 3v4, 6v5, 7v8
MD10 - 1v3, 2v4, 5v7, 6v8

(RP bonus degrades by 50% of total after blue days.
Effective NSCF 25: RP bonus carries over from the regular season, and does not degrade or reset during the playoffs.

Matchday one - September 8
Matchday two - September 11
Matchday three - September 13
Matchday four - September 15
Matchday five - September 18
Matchday six - September 20
Matchday seven - September 22
Matchday eight - September 25
Matchday nine - September 27
Matchday ten - September 29
Conference Championship Game - October 2
Non-Conference week - October 4, October 6, October 9
Playoff berth and Championship venue voting deadline - October 11
Bowl games and Playoffs First Round - October 13
Playoffs Quarterfinals - October 16
Playoffs Semifinals - October 18
Championship Game - October 20

Non-Conference Games

Games are only listed when confirmed by both parties. Only games listed here will be scorinated.
If both you and your opponent have confirmed a game, but it is not listed here, send a TG to NSCF.

Blue matchups denote a potential scheduling clash, and those games will need to be re-confirmed or rescheduled before the deadline, or they will not be included in scorination. Red matchups are those I have taken note of from the discussion thread, and require confirmation, but would otherwise be fine.

Non-Conference Week One:
Cold Hill University-Northern Moravixa University
University of Constantinople-Crimson Royal University
University of Mancodas-Green City University
University of Loyola-Istria-Kohnhead City University
Swisston City University-Ratzupalfu University of Nature
Crown's College-Sadeg State University
Cavsar University-Maximus Rochester Institute
Felswyr State University-Trent State University
Richardson University-Elephant Valley University
Université du Saguenay-Staramara Tech University
Panem University-Université St. Croix
Hankow State University-Upper Westside University
University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park-Summit University

Non-Conference Week Two:
University of Loyola-Istria-Felswyr State University
Staramara Tech University-Northern Moravica University
Trent State University-Elephant Valley University
Crown's College-University of Alexandroupolis
Sadeg State University-Kohnhead City University
Crimson Royal University-Swisston City University
Ceneisis Naval Academy-Ratzupalfu University of Nature
Green City University-Panem University
Imperial University of Pomena-Cold Hill University
Richardson University-University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park
Université St. Croix-Cavsar University
Upper Westside University-Université du Saguenay
Maximus Rochester Institute-University of Constantinople
Hankow State University-University of Mancodas

Non-Conference Week Three:
Felswyr State University-Kohnhead City University
Staramara Tech University-Ratzupalfu University of Nature
Northern Moravica University-Hankow State University
Richardson University-University of Loyola-Istria
Panem University-Crimson Royal University
Trent State University-Swisston City University
Cavsar University-Green City University
Cold Hill University-Elephant Valley University
Université du Saguenay-University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park
Crown's College-Woodstock University
Upper Westside University-Summit University
Bowerstone University-Université St. Croix
University of Mancodas-University of Alexandroupolis

At the end of the season, nominations are accepted for each of the NSCF Awards: Most Outstanding Player, Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Special Teams Player of the Year, and Coach of the Year. These awards will then be voted on by the NSCF Committee. Participants are encouraged to keep track of top performers throughout the season for these awards.
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Postby New Gesem » Thu Sep 01, 2022 2:22 am

University of Constantinople Binturongs

Stadium: Ripper Stadium (40,000)
Offense: Flexbone (2x RB,1x FB, 2xWR)
Defense: 4-3 monster (3xDL, 4xLB, 4xDB)

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Josh Wilkins Age 40
Offensive Coordinator: Ray Schroeder Age 46
Defensive Coordinator: Liam Fitzgerald Age 30

No. Class First Last Tendency Previous Team
17 SR Bunama Diawara Passer Loyola-Istria (BNJ)
11 JR Joshua Gonzales Scrambler New Gesem Pilgrims
9 JR Boyd Carmen Pocker Passer Bryant Stone U
No. Class First Last Tendency Previous Team
19 SO Oswald Ford Outside runner Lakeland CC
5 FR Kenan Holt Outside runner New Gesem Pilgrims
15 SO Melvin Bair Screen runner East Palestine HS
13 FR Noah James Blocking Central Community HS
Wide Receivers								
No. Class First Last Tendency Previous Team
87 SO Duane Pratt Route runner New Gesem Pilgrims
81 SO Reed Olsen Deep threat Central Community HS
89 JR Casey Fields Route runner St. Mark's CC
83 FR Jeffrey Simmons Slot receiver DeKalb HS
85 FR Ronald Hughes Route runner Island HS
79 FR Timothy Young Route runner Rosetta Catholic HS
Tight Ends								
No. Class First Last Tendency Previous Team
91 SR Jeremy Carlson Balanced Damascus JC
93 JR Reed Terry Blocking Heartland CC
95 FR Joe Peterson Receiving Heritage HS
No. Class First Last L/R Previous Team
69 SR Walter Lowery R Central CC
67 SO Bennie Bean L Liverpoool HS
65 JR Doyle Young Busiris JC
61 FR Logan Ward Century HS
Offensive Tackles								
No. Class First Last L/R Previous Team
51 JR Earle Barrett R Northeastern JC
53 JR Edmund Best L/R East Alexandria JC
59 FR Randy Harris Hopewell HS
No. Class First Last Previous Team
63 SR Matthew Alford Busiris JC
57 SO Mack Tucker Newark HS


Middle Linebackers								
No. Class First Last Previous Team
18 SO Kenan Melendez New Gesem Pilgrims
36 JR Shane Horn Newark HS
48 FR Donald Robinson Englewood HS
Outside Linebackers								
No. Class First Last L/R Previous Team
50 JR Johann Vincent R Busiris JC
58 JR Andre McLean L/R Constantinople JC
54 SO Buck Mitchell New Bedford HS
52 FR Thomas Washington Upper Dublin HS
No. Class First Last Previous Team
76 JR Malcolm Boyd Northeastern JC
74 SO Jules George Wyattsville HS
86 SO Mario Tyson Busiris HS
78 FR Juan Phillips Bellevue HS
82 JR Jeremy King Damascus JC
80 FR Jon Turner Our Lady of Providence HS
88 FR James Powell Salisbury HS
No. Class First Last Position Previous Team
98 SO Lee Ryan FS New Gesem Pilgrims
84 SO Kerry Brady SS East Alexandria JC
70 FR Jose Garcia Heartland CC
Defensive Tackles								
No. Class First Last L/R Previous Team
96 SR Stanley Church R Stark CC
92 SR Jude Sherman L Stark CC
90 SO Nathaniel Avery Gateway Early College HS
72 SR Marcel Bryant Busiris JC
76 FR Jack Edwards Westmont HS
Defensive Ends								
No. Class First Last L/R Previous Team
64 SO Al Pierce R East Alexandria JC
62 SO Mark Carey L/R Sacred Heart JC
68 FR George Reed Metro Early College HS
66 FR Edward Collins Sycamore HS
60 JR Terry Watson Sacred Heart JC

Special Teams

No.	Class	First	Last		Position	Previous Team		
SR Cody Romero K Sacred Heart JC
SR Lucius Terrell Position Sacred Heart JC

University of Alexandroupolis Redbirds

Stadium: Redbird Stadium (cap. 50,000)
Offense: Ace (3xWR, 1xTE, 1xRB)
Defense: 3-4 (3xDL, 4xLB, 4xDB)

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Curtis Decker, 66
Offensive Coordinator: Nicholas Smith, 40
Defensive Coordinator: Jason van Damm, 72

No. Class First Last Tendency Previous Team
6 JR Calvin Cotton Scrambler Sacred Heart JC
16 SO Sherman Kemp Balanced Bellevue HS
18 FR Frank Martin Pocket passer Bellevue HS
No. Class First Last Tendency Previous Team
12 SR Grady Woods Outside Runner Our Lady of Providence HS
14 JR Wendell Bradford Blocking New Castle HS
2 SO Blake Vasquez Balanced Oak Creek Senior HS
8 FR Walter Phillips Outside runner New Castle HS
Wide Receivers								
No. Class First Last Tendency Previous Team
88 SR Damian Buchanan Deep threat Ripley HS
84 SR Chris Shepard Vertical threat Manchester East HS
78 SR Eddie Camacho Deep threat Constantinople JC
80 SO Francis Baker Vertical threat Alexandria Northeast HS
82 FR Sean Parker Slot receiver East Busiris HS
86 FR Jeffrey Morris Deep threat Century HS
Tight Ends								
No. Class First Last Tendency Previous Team
94 SR Sal Hartman Balanced Lakeland HS
96 FR Steven Johnson Blocking Central Community HS
90 FR Sean Martin Balanced New Castle HS
No. Class First Last L/R Previous Team
60 JR Zachary Hines R New Gesem Pilgrims
42 JR Chance Robles L Rockford HS
58 JR Brent Bullock Hopewell HS
54 FR Anthony Sanchez St. Katherine's HS
Offensive Tackles								
No. Class First Last L/R Previous Team
56 SR Randell Todd R Bedford HS
50 SR Chance Holloway L Upper Dublin HS
52 SO Oscar Church Cumberland HS
No. Class First Last Previous Team
62 SR Dino Weaver Greencastle HS
64 SO Ike Hull Oak Creek Senior HS


Middle Linebackers								
No. Class First Last Previous Team
53 SR Johnnie Townsend New Gesem Pilgrims
51 SO Luther Hines Unity HS
47 SR Rusty Sexton East Alexandria HS
Outside Linebackers								
No. Class First Last L/R Previous Team
45 SR Dane Fulton R Central CC
49 SO Miles Austin L Immaculate Conception HS
43 FR Eric Perez Westmont HS
41 FR Carl Jones St. Stephen's HS
No. Class First Last Previous Team
77 JR Leslie Sutton Sacred Heart HS
75 JR Kane Pugh Busiris JC
69 FR Ambrose Dickerson Metro Early College HS
65 SO James Green Stark CC
67 SO Harold Taylor Constantinople JC
63 FR Henry Long Island HS
61 FR Edward Jenkins Central Community HS
No. Class First Last Position Previous Team
83 JR Maxwell Norris SS Busiris East HS
87 SO Leo House FS Westmont HS
89 FR Nick Rodriguez Haysville JC
Defensive Tackles								
No. Class First Last Position Previous Team
95 SR Claude Kelly NT Rosetta Central HS
91 JR Bryan Meyer Alexandria Christian HS
97 SO Carter Grimes Island HS
93 FR Gregory Sanders Oak Creek Senior HS
85 FR Alan Miller Rosetta Catholic HS
Defensive Ends								
No. Class First Last L/R Previous Team
65 JR Emmitt Burns L Heritage HS
75 SO Casey Figueroa R Our Lady of Lourdes HS
73 SO Booker Sims West Busiris HS
77 FR Russell Taylor Cumberland HS
71 FR Walter Thomas Bedford HS

Special Teams

No.	Class	First	Last		Position	Previous Team		
1 SO Clyde Head K Bradley HS
2 FR Wayne James Position Bellevue HS
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Postby Venmere » Thu Sep 01, 2022 8:52 am



Stadium: Scott Memorial Stadium, Alcuta (65,000)
Head Coach: Howard Larson
Assistant Coaches: Isaac Davis, Dorrin Barks, Rex Southwick

QB1: Devon Halsell (#17)
QB2: Mike Dunham (#8)
QB3: Neil Collins (#31)

RB1: Dan Hubbard (#45)
RB2: Elijah Kirk (#78)

HB1: Ahsan Ramsey (#92)
HB2: Tyler O’Brien (#53)

FB1: Patrick Pelluer (#70)
FB2: Jamaal Delion (#42)

WR1: J.T. Lagow (#11)
WR2: Mike McKissic (#12)
WR3: Leonardo Chan (#41)
WR4: Pierce Doyle (#39)
WR5: Fletcher Holt (#29)
WR6: Riley Hill (#33)

TE1: Osman Rice (#2)
TE2: Jesse Garrett (#5)

OL1: Jonathan Kelly (#65)
OL2: Wilson Bartlett (#57)
OL3: Karl McKay (#49)
OL4: Gerard Ryder (#56)
OL5: Joseph Cantrell (#66)
OL6: Walid Kane (#84)
OL7: Jae Frazier (#92)
OL8: Taylor Lindsay (#71)
OL9: Tyrique Tanner (#78)

DL1: Jonathon Rodgers (#22)
DL2: Armando Myers (#45)
DL3: Allen Roberts (#41)
DL4: Cedric Cook (#32)
DL5: Kanoa Edwards (#48)
DL6: Alcott Cox (#60)
DL7: Roland Martinez (#47)

LB1: Damarion Moore (#84)
LB2: Montrel Hughes (#92)
LB3: Jalen Bell (#25)
LB4: Lazaro Adams (#36)
LB5: Konnor Perry (#68)
LB6: Deshawn Robinson (#55)
LB7: Bryon Lynch (#77)

CB1: Sampson Peterson (#59)
CB2: Chaz Peterson (#19)
CB3: Dallas Perez (#64)
CB4: Steven Wood (#57)
CB5: Jaxson Price (#30)

S1: Kell Meyers (#51)
S2: Toni Bell (#37)
S3: Elden Rogers (#40)
S4: Ryland Hill (#52)
S5: Vail Campbell (#72)

K: Diamond Brinson (#7)
P: Wilson Torres (#9)
LS: Linton Hughes (#99)

3 National Championships (1974, 2020, 2021)
24 Conference Championships (1972-1981, 2008-2021)

2021 Season: 16-0, 8-0 Coastal Conference, def. #3 Carric Coast 55-24 in National Championship

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: No.
RP Injuries to my Players: No.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No.
Godmod Other Events: No.

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3-6, World Bowl 44

All these achievements testify to the fact that I am not very good at sports XD
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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Fri Sep 02, 2022 8:35 pm


Université St. Croix : A Factfile.

Motto: '成人材之未就 均風俗之不齊'
Established: 1643
Type: Public research university
Location: Québec City, Capitale-Nationale, Québec and Shingoryeo
Religious affiliation: Non-denominational
Endowment: Q£ 21.3 billion (2041)
Chancellor: Armand Lee-Durkheim
Vice-Chancellor: Eleonore Davenport
Academic Staff: 4,765
Students: 22,363
Undergraduates: 13,115
Postgraduates: 9,248

It has taken a decade for Université St. Croix to come back to the NSCF after a decadelong absence, and the Bleu et Blanc are looking forward to keep up their ascent after their successful return two years ago. Being located at the St. Croix district, just ten minutes metro ride away from the renowned Quartier Calanien, the hub of student life, bistros and related academic establishments, St. Croix students, the faculty, the alumni and the Capitoliens all across the Multiverse welcome the fans across the Multiverse.

In terms of collegiate athletics, the Bleu et Blanc are consistently among the most successful in most sports the athletics department sponsor team/individual participation, with their particular strengths in gridiron, Women's basketball, both association footballs, Men's volleyball and fencing teams. Among them, most fans both home and abroad know the Bleu et Blanc football team the best, for they have not only won the second most number of national championships, but have made their mark as every capitolien's true blue in college football. This year was a yet solid year for the Bleu et Blanc program, with a couple of national championships won in Women's footy and an expected deep run for both fencing championships, and football did come close where they secured themselves another top 5 finish after a NY6 bowl win even after large graduation of its players.

As for the university itself, Université St. Croix is renowned for its particular strengths in most fields, but in particular the humanities and social sciences, which has been renowned for its bred and butter. Its Faculty of Arts and Sciences, especially fuelled by all of its eighteen colleges, is funded with consistency and high rates of trust and confidence by the Quebecois Government, who do take particular interest in the university and its students. It is perhaps destined from the university's origin into the 1640s (it is 2047 in Quebec right now), with St. Croix being the nation's only university for the first 120 years of the history. In 1648, the Quebecois Government had built the Seonggyoongwan, eventally the Seonggyoongwan Faculty of Arts and Science of the University itself, with both theological and practical trainings emphasised to prepare its students and alumni into civil service. Since then, as the university was renamed St. Croix in dedication of the St. Croix plains the university campus was built upon and took upon more imperial, comprehensive identity, the Université St. Croix has stood as the pinnacle of postsecondary education in not only Quebec and Shingoryeo, but also the Quebecois Commonwealth as well.

Université St. Croix Bleu et Blanc

University: Université St. Croix
National Organisation : Québécois Intercollegiate Sports -
Conference: RSECQ
Athletic Director: Nathaniel Rowland Jr.
Varsity Teams: 38
Location: St-Croix, Capitale-Nationale, Québec and Shingoryeo
Home Stadium: Stade St. Croix (Capacity: 86,430)
Mascot: Bipee the Snowman
Nickname: Bleu et Blanc
Fight Song: Alma Mater, Eternal Cross
Colours: Blue, White and Silver


Head Coach: Kweon Joon-Ho, 50

An above-average quarterback with Northwestern University of Attawapiskat, Kweon's legacies were carved as a coach, first by his excellent work as quarterback coach and offensive coordinator at Saguenay and Northern Moravica universities, which was then followed by a rare opportunity to coach one of the most dominant collegiate football programs in the 21st century. He has done alright in the past decade he has coached the program, bringing 2 Tiger Bowls home in the times of budgetary restrictions (especially compared to the successful St. Croix teams of mid-teens of the NSCF football) and keeping the program respectable.

While coming from a background as high-powered QB coach and OC, Kweon's philosophy as St. Croix coach remains fairly straightforward - build it with strong 3-4 defences, dominance on line of scrimmage, and grind out the pace with runs, runs and stoppages. This partly originates from his time coaching with Saguenay, where the stringent academic and admissions standards of the program had meant that recruiting skill positions stood a particular challenge. That's something that he has continued with St. Croix, and the team's identity has more or less continued along.

Offensive Coordinator: Theodore Galstian, 41
Defensive Coordinator: Nathalie-Jeanne Crepeau, 32
Special Teams Coordinator: Hannah McKendry, 42

Style of Play: Smashmouth Offence with two backs / 3-4 Defence

He is complimented by a solid group of coordinators besides him. Out of three the most coveted coordinator is Theodore Galstian, a traditionally-minded smashmouth coach from the QFL's Maritime Schooners, and DC Nathalie-Jeanne Crepeau, defensive coordinator of mid-major Gyeongbuk A&M. Among two, Crepeau's considered more valuable, having been hired at a smashing salary rate after five seasons of promising performance with Aggies. Her use of Tampa 2 and blitz packages have drawn some attention. With St. Croix having recent successes both on field and on the QFL stage as a good DB school, there is no doubt that this St. Croix team's going to come up with an all-arounded, balanced defence. Hannah McKendry, one of the finest special teams coordinator of the NSCF circuit, also returns. The veteran does have head coach ambitions in sight in case Kweon heads to the QFL or retires from football, but for now is happy to stay with the Bleu et Blanc.


Co-Offensive Captains: QB Marc-Antoine Brousseau, SR - LT Kweon Hyeong-Seok, SR

No Name Surname Sex Ht. Wt. Sex Position Experience Hometown

03 Patrice Shotbolt M 6'1" 196 Wide Receiver Sophomore Coloratura Falls, Mahan
05 Diane Moh F 6'3" 301 Junior Junior Meghanville, South Detroit
07 Marc-Antoine Brousseau M 6'0" 210 Quarterback Senior Saclay, Joongyeong
10 Bjørn Abelsen M 6'0" 206 Quarterback Freshman Raynor City, Valanora
11 Raymond Byeon-Hainsey M 6'2" 210 Wide Receiver Junior Chicoutimi, Saguenay
12 Tara McQuillan F 5'9" 198 Quarterback Freshman Oakwood, Acadie
13 Konstantin Hwang-Suvorov M 6'5" 252 Tight End Senior Kingston, Mahan
15 Alexis Brodeur M 6'0" 198 Wide Receiver Sophomore Wansan, Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
16 Francis Kersemaker M 6'1" 218 Wide Receiver Freshman Joongyeong, Joongyeong
31 Chelsea Jang F 5'11" 196 Running Back Senior California City, Yoseo-Manitoba
28 Owen Devereux M 6'0" 208 Running Back Sophomore Myeongju, Nord-Est
32 Brentyn Hong M 6'2" 251 Fullback Graduate Songak, Songak
33 Anais Kersemaker F 6'2" 236 Fullback Sophomore Joongyeong, Joongyeong
34 Seung-Yeon Oh F 5'10" 193 Running Back Freshman Pahkatequayang, Mahan
35 Leroy Burke M 6'2" 206 Running Back Junior Joongyeong, Joongyeong
53 Yeong-Nam Joo M 6'8" 310 Centre Sophomore Hanbat, Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
60 Marija Tolic F 6'4" 312 Guard Junior Levis, Joongyeong
61 Yandhi Lafreniere-Djuna M 6'1" 297 Guard/Centre Freshman Joongyeong, Joongyeong
66 Simon Mercer-Kayode M 6'2" 306 Guard Junior Songak, Songak
67 Hyeong-Yeon Doh M 6'7" 332 Centre Junior Dongnae-Halifax County, Acadie
70 Jong-Ho Ha M 6'2" 297 Tackle Junior Huronia, Mahan
72 Marion Courtemanche-Biron F 6'3" 288 Tackle Sophomore Chicoutimi, Saguenay
73 Pierre Idinsaw M 7'1" 332 Tackle Freshman Wakanai, Nunavut
74 Hyeong-Seok Kweon M 6'4" 296 Tackle Senior Tantramar County, Acadie
76 Achraf Ould Cadi M 6'6" 302 Guard Freshman Jeongju, Abitibi-Agawa
80 Yaneuri Salvador Jr M 5'9" 197 Wide Receiver Sophomore Jolbonopolis, Yoseo-Manitoba
81 Hyeon-Jin Hwang X 5'10" 198 Wide Receiver Senior Songwha City, Nord-Est
83 Anne-Marie Du Maresq F 6'5" 241 Tight End Freshman Anaia City, Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
84 Felicien Goh M 6'3" 235 Tight End Sophomore Myeongju, Nord-Est
87 Donta'a Joh M 6'1" 198 Wide Receiver Junior Prince Eric, Yoseo-Manitoba
88 Deborah Laskin F 6'2" 200 Wide Receiver Senior Sault-Saint-Henri, Abibiti-Agawa

Offensive Depth Chart
Quarterback Brousseau (3) Abelsen (1) McQuillan (1)
Running Back Jang (4) Oh (1) Burke (3) Devereux (2)
Fullback F. Kersemaker (2) Hong (GR)
Wide Receiver X Byeon-Hainsey (3) Shotbolt (2)
Tight End Hwang-Suvorov (4) Goh (2) Du Maresq (1)
Left Tackle Kweon (4) Courtemanche-Biron (2)
Left Guard Mercer-Kayode (3) Lafreniere-Djuna (1)
Centre Doh (3) Joo (2) Lafreniere-Djuna (1)
Right Guard Ould Cadi (1) Tolic (3)
Right Tackle Ha (3) Idinsaw (1)
Wide Receiver Y A. Kersemaker (1) Brodeur (2) Laskin (4)
Wide Receiver Z Joh (3) Hwang (4)


Co-Defensive Captains:NT Emilia Bassani, SR - LB Leon Chankoowashtay, JR

No Name Surname Sex Ht. Wt. Position Experience Hometown

02 Leon Chankoowashtay M 6'1" 246 Linebacker Junior Moosonee, Abitibi-Agawa
04 Amandine Park F 6'3" 217 Safety Senior Myeongju, Nord-Est
06 Emmanuel Joh-Bureau M 6'1" 259 Defensive End Junior Joongyeong, Joongyeong
08 Clement Hourany M 6'4" 248 Linebacker Freshman Hwado Valley, Joongyeong
09 Ondine Agbegnenou F 5'11" 200 Cornerback Junior Joongyeong, Joongyeong
11 Zesiro Nasuuna M 6'1" 224 Safety Freshman Yurama, Banija
20 Heui-Joo Chae F 6'0" 188 Cornerback Senior Jeongju, Abitibi-Agawa
21 Dong-Shik Jeong M 5'10" 196 Cornerback Freshman Baekahm, County Ferris
24 Clemence Bouchard F 5'10" 201 Linebacker Senior Petawawa, Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
25 Andreas Vrubel-Xie M 6'1" 198 Cornerback Sophomore Levis, Joongyeong
26 Louisa Hewitt-Bhatt F 6'2" 212 Safety Sophomore Remembrance Bay, Yoseo-Manitoba
29 Lindsey Samuelsson M 6'0" 197 Cornerback Junior Hampden, Acadie
39 Sang-Oh Kim M 5'11" 191 Safety Junior Sherbrooke, Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
50 Seung-Joo Chae F 6'2" 227 Linebacker Sophomore Jeongju, Abitibi-Agawa
51 Louise Ethier F 6'0" 231 Linebacker Senior Reneegrad, Joongyeong
54 Yves Park-Bridgers M 6'2" 243 Linebacker Sophomore Twin Cities, Acadie
55 Vassili Mustafin M 6'2" 226 Linebacker Freshman Nakan, Mahan
56 Evelyn Vincent-Warren F 6'4" 250 Linebacker Freshman Nogojiwanong, Mahan
57 Hyo-Seop Byeon M 6'1" 228 Linebacker Graduate California City, Yoseo-Manitoba (University of Southern Manitoba transfer)
58 Elaine Park-Bridgers F 6'0" 236 Linebacker Sophomore Twin Cities, Acadie
71 Emilia Bassani F 6'3" 288 Nose Tackle Senior Oceanopolis, Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
74 Camille Idinsaw M 7'1" 332 Tackle Sophomore Wakanai, Nunavut
79 Levondre Allen M 6'5" 351 Nose Tackle Junior Hanbat, Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
93 Federico Bassani M 6'2" 243 Defensive End Junior Oceanopolis, Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
94 Gerald Linton-Tremblay M 6'4" 258 Defensive End Senior Sangju, Saguenay
95 Fredric Benn-Kocian M 6'2" 241 Defensive End Sophomore Natashquan, Nord-Est
97 Jae-Rim Kweon F 6'3" 239 Defensive End Freshman Veronaville, Songak

Defensive Depth Chart            
Left Defensive End Joh-Bureau (3) Kweon (1) Benn-Kocian (2)
Nose Tackle E. Bassani (4) Allen (3) Idinsaw (1)
Right Defensive End F. Bassani (3) Linton-Tremblay (4)
Strong Side LB (Sam) Chankoowashtay (3) Hourany (1)
Middle Linebacker Ethier (4) Chae (2) Byeon (Gr)
Middle Linebacker Park-Bridgers (2) Vincent-Warren (1)
Weak Side LB (Rover) Bouchard (4) Mustafin (1) Park-Bridgers (2)
Right Cornerback Samuelsson (3) Jeong (1)
Left Cornerback Agbegnenou (4) Chae (4) Vrubel-Xie (2)
Strong Safety Nasuuna (1) Kim (3)
Free Safety Park (4) Hewitt-Bhatt (2)


Special Teams Captain: P Remy Hayes, JR

No Name Surname Sex Ht. Wt. Position Experience Hometown

01 Seon-wook Kim M 6'0" 180 Kicker Sophomore Wansan, Terre-Aux-Oiseaux
37 Pauline Devereux-Bryant F 6'3" 257 Long Snapper Sophomore Yugong City, Acadie
48 Federica Bermudez F 5'9" 188 Punter/Kicker Freshman Maracaibo, Nueva Orinoquia
60 Remy Hayes M 6'4" 182 Punter Junior Bongohdong, Yoseo-Manitoba

Special Teams Depth Chart
Kicker Kim (2) Bermudez (1)
Punter Hayes (3) Bermudez (1)
Long Snapper Devereux-Bryant (2)
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World Cup of Hockey XXVI Champions

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Postby Banija » Sat Sep 03, 2022 8:24 am

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but please specify the injury and the numbers of games that my player will miss if you do so. Opposite of most people, but I just want there to be clarity on exactly how severe you think an injury is. Nothing beyond season-ending.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes, but please specify the injury and the amount of time that my player will miss if you do so. Opposite of most people, but I just want there to be clarity on exactly how severe you think an injury is. Anything beyond season-ending, please ask my permission.
Godmod Other Events: Yes. Please don't kill anybody. Also no pandemics.

Northern Moravica University Cougars
NSCF 19 champions

School Info
Full Name: Northern Moravica University
Nickname: Cougars
Location: Herzegovina City, Moravica
Enrollment: 37,928
School President: Abbas Bajo. 66 years old. 6th year on the job.
Athletic Director: Horace Browning(Cosumar). 8th year on the job.
Style Modifier: +2.5

Mugisha II Memorial Stadium
Maximum capacity of 87,000, expandable to 93,500 on special occasions(will be announced by me beforehand).

Official Depth Chart for NSCF 27
7 time Celestia conference champions

Starters are underlined. Listed in the order of the depth chart.
Players currently redshirting are italicized.
All players are Banijan unless their nationality is otherwise specified.


Felix Ström(Valanora). #3, Junior. Captain. Second year starter.
Levi Ayange. #10, Sophomore. 6'5, 233 pounds.
Bango Sonko. #4, True Freshman. 6'1, 205 pounds.

Jebel Marenah. #21, Senior. 6'0, 190 pounds. Second year starter.
Amira Kong(Chromatika). #28, True Freshman. 5'10, 198 pounds.
Randy Fitzroy(Hapilopper). #24, Junior. 6'1, 200 pounds.
Emmanuel Oruka. #20, Sophomore. 5'11, 199 pounds.

Wide Receivers.
Jannik Nadine(Ranoria). #88, Junior. 6'3, 225 pounds. Top rated wide receiver propsect out of Ranoria. Runs a 4.36 40 yard dash. Third year starter.
Tyler Geese(Chromatika). #1, Freshman. 6'2, 201 pounds. #1 overall recruit out of Chromatika. First year starter.
Thomas Drach(Siovanija & Teusland). #80, Senior. 6'1, 185 pounds. From Marlesee, Siovanija & Teusland. Primarily a slot receiver.
Nicodemas Abongo. #11, Junior. 5'11, 197 pounds.
Hosea Orombi. #14, Sophomore. 6'1, 201 pounds.

Tight Ends.
Kimi Lundin(Valanora). #87, Redshirt Freshman. 6'1, 192 lbs, Lefthanded. An exceptional dual purpose tight end who is that reliable security blanket for a quarterback who has gone through their progressions and needs a checkdown or a good lead blocker for a patient runner who runs behind their blockers. The only concern with Lundin is he has had a history of sprained ankles and wrists, making some wonder if he might be a little injury prone, if only with minor injuries. It is a label that Lundin is desperately trying to shake as he moves into his collegiate career. Former #3 overall recruit out of Valanora. First year starter.
Lutalo Ssenkaaba. #34, Freshman. 6'3, 231 pounds. First year starter.
Enani Mukiibi. #89, Redshirt Senior. 6'4, 245 pounds. Graduate transfer from the University of Bunyoro, blocking tight end.
Galabba Ssemakalu. #86, Freshman. 6'1, 227 pounds. Receiving Tight End.

Left Tackle.
Ôskâr dí Rívânká(Farfadillis/Banija dual-national). #62, Senior. 6'6, 301 pounds. Farf refugee, recruited out of Busukuma. Third year as a starter.
Kausu Soso. #65, Senior. 6'7, 302 pounds.
Karwana Kakaddé. #73, Freshman. 6'3, 300 pounds.

Left Guard.
Wandy Sene. #60, Senior. 6'2, 310 pounds. First year as a starter.
Wanyanga Okeyo.#62, Sophomore. 6'3, 278 pounds.

Jacob Engelhaft(Ranoria). #50, Senior. #9 overall recruit out of Ranoria. Captain. Third year as a starter.
Owiti Meyo. #57, Junior. 6'1, 298 pounds.
Mubiru Mubuya. #61, Freshman. 6'3, 307 pounds.

Right Guard.
Rhamodre Grier(Ranoria). #64, Freshman. 6'5, 310 pounds. #2 overall recruit out of Ranoria. First year as a starter.
Cain Omole. #68, Sophomore. 6'6, 289 pounds.

Right Tackle..
Hosea Scheniah. #77, Sophomore. 6'4, 273 pounds. First year as a starter.
Naham Oruka. #79, Sophomore. 6'4, 271 pounds.

Defense 4-3.

Left Defensive End.
Okoth Yienya. #93, Junior. 6'3, 247 pounds. First year starter.
Kiho Mukwaya. #91, Freshman. 6'4, 277 pounds.

Right Defensive End.
Josiah Michaels(Chromatika). #96, Sophomore. 6'7, 267 pounds. Second year starter.
Matthias Misiani. #97, Redshirt Senior 1st year transfer from Loyola-Busukuma.

Defensive Tackle.
Karl Sande(Valanora). #90. Junior. 6'2, 218 pounds. Third year starter.
Jasher Amolo. #95, Sophomore. 6'6, 290 pounds. First year starter.
Jewru Bayo. #98, Freshman. 6'3, 299 pounds.
Ketabou Benni. #99, Freshman. 6'4, 299 pounds.

Strong Side Outside Linebacker.
Ingrid Botrel(Chromatika). #40, Junior. 6'3, 239 pounds. First year starter.
Zebadiah Ongonga. #54, Sophomore. 6'0, 245 pounds.

Middle Linebacker.
Klaus Achterberg(Geisenfred). #51, Senior. 6'1, 223 pounds. First year starter.
Kang In-Yeung(Chromatika). #56, Sophomore. 6'1, 207 pounds.
Ejau Kasomba. #55, Freshman. 6'2, 213 pounds.

Weak Side Outside Linebacker.
Zelotes Aero. #49, Junior. 6'3, 211 pounds. First year starter.
Bango Mita. #48, Freshman. 6'4, 224 pounds.

Ole Bakker(Valanora). #20, Senior, 5'10, 177 pounds. Recruited from Valanora. Third year starter.
Jahaziah Otiende. #22, Redshirt Senior. 5'10, 192 pounds. Second year transfer from Hangaza Tech. First year starter.
Vaniah Lagum. #39, Junior. 6'2, 206 pounds. Primary nickel back.
Sai Dutta(South Newlandia). #31, Freshman. 6'0, 201 pounds. #5 overall recruit out of South Newlandia. Primarily a safety in HS, will play CB in college.
Elisha Osumba. #2, Sophomore. 6'0, 201 pounds.

Strong Safety.
Yakuba Saidykhan. #29, Senior. 6'0, 195 pounds. First year starter.
Bojana Rasic Kim(Quebec). #26, Freshman. 6'4, 225 pounds. #3 overall recruit out of Quebec. 4.55 40 yard dash.

Free Safety.
Malcolm Shelvin(Ranoria). #19, Freshman. 6'2, 200 pounds. #4 overall recruit out of Ranoria. First year starter.
Zayne Navarro(Berdeng Bundok). #36, Redshirt Freshman. 6'0, 201 pounds.

For clarity's sake- My punter is the holder for field goals, just to be clear. My kicker does both kickoffs and onside kicks. Lastly, my kicker is my backup punter and my punter is my backup kicker, just in case you RP an injury to one.

Korah Akeyo. #67, Sophomore.

Kick/Punt Returner.
Zayne Navarro(Berdeng Bundok). #36, Redshirt Freshman. 6'0, 201 pounds. Backup free safety.
Yakuba Saidykhan. #29, Junior. 6'0, 195 pounds. Starting strong safety.

Dwayne Markseon(Chromatika). #3, Junior. Two game-winning kicks in the NSCF 26 Playoffs. Captain.

Punter & Holder
Tekoa Lukwiya. #7, Junior. Transfer from Loyola-Jinja.
Alicia Woodbrough(South Newlandia). #91. Junior.

Head Coach: Lance Kabuye. 69 years old. The Head Coach is in his ninth season at Northern Moravica. Being hired in what many would describe as an 'awkward situation' in the beginning- the previous coach, himself fired, who then maneuvered his own way to being Athletic Director, and picking his own successor. Many coaches would not have done that, but they have a great AD-head coach relationship, and the results cannot be argued with. In four of Kabuye's first 7 seven seasons, they've reached the NSCF Championship game, winning the whole thing in NSCF 19. Last season's effort was truly out of nowhere- barely voted into the playoffs by the committee as the lowest seed, they sprung three consecutive road upsets, against Staramara Tech, then Richardson U, and then killing Cold Hill's run to an undefeated season on their own turf. While the clock struck Midnight against Raynor in the title game, as long as Kabuye is at the helm, the future is bright at Northern Moravica.

Kabuye was the head coach of Wild Valley University, a smaller school in the eastern part of the Moravica region, for 6 years. He is sticking towards Northern's movement towards more of a traditional "pro-style" offense, focused on putting it under center. With loads of experience everywhere across the offense besides under center, it will be incumbent on him to make the Vanorian QB as comfortable as possible. Last year's success meant that a number of assistant coaches found promotions domestically, so it'll be another challenge for NMU as Lance Kabuye overturns the coaching staff.

Offensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Idirissa Ouattara. 73 years old. Kind of an out there hire. He was quarterbacks coach at Northern Moravica in NSCF 12 and NSCF 13 under Horace Browning, before he was offered an offensive coordinator position at the University of Ankole in domestic play. He was coordinator there for five seasons (domestic equivalents of NSCF 14-18) before becoming a head coach at Hangaza Tech. His head coaching career was disastrous- he was a poor culture fit, and was fired after just two seasons. He has always been big on the zone read running scheme, and Horace Browning suggested the hire to Kabuye shortly after the old offensive coordinator decided to go be a head coach on his own. This is his 7th year in the program.

Other Offensive Coaches
Quarterbacks Coach: Osogo Odwuor. 41 years old. 3rd year at Northern.
Offensive Line Coach: Abraham Gwandoya. 35 years old. 2nd year at Northern.
Tight Ends Coach: Musaazi Adroa. 79 years old. 2nd year at Northern.
Wide Receivers Coach: Kizza Birungi. 37 years old. 2nd year at Northern.
Runnings Back Coach: Oneka Osano. 40 years old. 6th year at Northern, former offensive analyst for the Herzegovina City Cobras in Banija's professional gridiron league.

Defensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Okello Resa. 48 years old. He is entering his third season as the defensive coordinator. Chike Halim, the defensive coordinator for NSCF 23 & 24, was hired by the University of Bunyoro to be their head coach. Kabuye looked to the pro ranks for a defensive coordinator, and found one in Okello Resa. He took an extremely experienced defense, and helped put them into good enough shape to reach the title game. But this season will be a much greater challenge- is he up to it?

Other Defensive Coaches
Defensive Line Coach: Corban Opiyo. 44 years old. 3rd season at Northern, came from the same position at Hangaza A&M.
Linebackers Coach: Ahemed Gedeyon. 40 years old. 3rd season at Northern, was the team's starting middle linebacker during NSCF 17.
Cornerbacks Coach: Omoit Lwegaba. 33 years old. 1st season at Northern, a former high school head coach. Only 1st year coach on the staff.
Safeties Coach: Barabbas Ogolo. 35 years old. 3rd season at Northern, a well-connected local high school coach.

Special Teams Coordinator:Sebowa Zilaba. 48 years old. 2nd year as Special Teams Coordinator. With the old Special Teams coordinator retiring at the ripe old age of 76, Kabuye, the veteran coach, looked to bring in some younger blood. Zilaba previously held the same job at Mamari University.

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Odikinyi Achuka. 49 years old. 5th season as Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Recruiting Coordinator: Phoebe Odero. Female. 46 years old. 3rd season as Recruiting Coordinator. Only woman on the coaching staff.

Weeks 1-10 Celestia Conference; Weeks 11-13 nonconference
Conference Play
Week 1: vs. Ratzupalfu University of Nature (South Newlandia). 4:00 PM.
Week 2: vs. Elephant Valley University(South Newlandia). Battle for the Sally Trophy. 12:00 PM.
Week 3: @ Loyola-Istria(North v. South Showdown). 8:00 PM.
Week 4: vs. University of Alcuta Skyhawks(Venmere). 12:00 PM.
Week 5: @ Joe Gibbs University Cyclones(Sarzonia). 12:00 PM.
Week 6: @ Upper Westside University Red Pandas(St. Kanye). 4:00 PM.
Week 7: vs. Woodstock University Climbers(Sarzonia). The King of the Mountain Game. 3:30 PM. Homecoming.
Week 8: @ Ratzupalfu University of Nature (South Newlandia). 8:00 PM(Friday Night).
Week 9: @ Elephant Valley University(South Newlandia). Battle for the Sally Trophy. 8:00 PM.
Week 10: vs. Loyola-Istria(North v. South Showdown). 8:00 PM.
Non-Conference Play
Week 11: @ Cold Hill(Ranoria). Big 8 v. Celestia Challenge. 8:00 PM.
Week 12: @ Staramara Tech(Chromatika). 4:00 PM.
Week 13: v. Hankow State(United Vietussia). 3:30 PM. Battle for the Golden Axe. Senior Night.

Retired numbers: #4 Pelias Patras. Set the national collegiate record for passing touchdowns in a career(95), and school record for passing yards in a career(9,977). Is the only quarterback in school history to start every single game for 4 years. First quarterback in school history to beat archrivals Loyola University-Istria 3 times in a row(coinciding NSCF 1, 2,3). Went to three straight national championship games(coinciding NSCF 1, 2, and 3) and won two national championships(coinciding NSCF 1 & 3).

Individual Accolades:
Offensive Player of the Year
- NSCF 24, QB, Vallienté Wagner-Young

Coach of the Year
- NSCF 18, HC, Horace Browning

Out of the major NSCF awards, no NMU player has won the Most Outstanding Player award, Defensive Player of the Year, and Special Teams Player of the Year.

Rivals: Currently the biggest rival of Northern Moravica University is the University of Loyola-Istria, who the Cougars have played at least once a season the last 60 seasons. They have played each other 24 times in NSCF competition, with Northern being 16-10 overall against their archrivals to the South. They've beaten Loyola at least once every season in the NSCF, including sweeping Loyola in NSCF 13, NSCF 22, and NSCF 24. This includes the two teams splitting their playoff matchups. These two teams have long been seen as the top two college football teams in Banija, and indeed, their stranglehold over Banijan college sports has continued, as they dominate not only in football, the biggest collegiate sport, but most other sports as well. When it was discussed for which team should debut Banija on the world stage for college football, it ultimately came down to these two, and after heating exchanges of words between both Athletic Directors and School Presidents in public, and the Mayors of Istria & Herzegovina City, the Banijan College Sports Group(BCSG) decided on a 11-8 vote to send Northern. Domestically, the fallout was so bad, that although they had shared a conference since independence, on a domestic basis, Loyola-Istria split away from NMU into a different conference. The two schools played a thriller in the NSCF 18 quarterfinals, a matchup won by the Blue Thunder. With Loyola's incredible postseason runs in the NSCF, they finally regained the upper hand in this rivalry when they downed Loyola-Istria at the Istria Lightning Yard in the NSCF 19 semifinals, en route to their first ever NSCF title. In recent years, Northern Moravica has gained the upper hand in the rivalry. Northern Moravica has won 6 of the last 7 games in the rivalry, including sweeps in both NSCF 22 and NSCF 24. NMU had reeled off four consecutive wins at the Istria Lightning Yard between NSCFs 21 and 24, although the last two seasons the home teams were victorious in both contests.

While traditionally in the NSCF, NMU have played at home first, and Loyola-Istria have played at home second, for the first time, this is being reversed, with NMU traveling south to the Lightning Yard in Week 3, while the Blue Thunder return to Mugisha II Memorial Stadium on the final day of divisional play.

An on and off NSCF rival is the former Vietussia Academy- now known as Hankow State University. They have played a number of games against the former Vietussia Academy when both schools were members of the Celestia Conference in NSCFs 13 and 14. The two former conference rivals play each other for the Golden Axe. When Vietussia Academy returned to the NSCF for NSCF 18 as part of a different conference, the two teams played each other on the final game of the season in United Vietussia. Northern Moravica took the golden axe back to Herzegovina City with a 20-14 road victory, to improve to 2-3 all-time against their rivals. And, for the first time in 9 seasons, this fierce rivalry is back, as Northern Moravica will defend the Golden Axe against the newly enchristened Hankow State University on the final game of the season.

A former Celestia Conference NSCF rival are the Salamantic Universities. The Salamantic Universities and Northern Moravica split the season series in NSCF 19-21, but the Salamantic Universities swept Northern in NSCF 22(in fact, they swept both Banijan schools). With them competing in the Celestia Conference, the rivalry continues to grow more heated between the schools every year. The official name of the trophy between the two schools is the 'Felinology Trophy', although students from both sides have unofficially named the trophy the 'Trophy of the Ancients' since the matchup is Cougars versus Professors. While Northern Moravica administrators were clear to say that was not the rivalry trophy's official name, with the lack of an official name, that has been the name tossed around by various outlets discussing the new rivalry. Northern Moravica has an all-time record of 5-7 against the Salamantics, and they presently are the trophy holders after a 21-0 shutout victory at home on Matchday 7.

The University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park is also considered a major foreign rival of Northern Moravica. These two teams have played every single season since UC-Baker Park joined the NSCF. The only season they did not schedule each other was NSCF 21, but the fates decided the two would play anyways, in the first round of the playoffs. UC-Baker Park won the sole playoff matchup between the two schools, 27-21. Northern Moravica has an all-time record of 4-4 against UC-Baker Park. There is no name nor trophy for this rivalry- but it is considered a scheduling priority for both schools every single year. This season, they are in the same conference for the first time, only upping the ante and the stakes of the rivalry.

Elephant Valley University of South Newlandia is considered Northern Moravica's newest conference rival. The two schools contested the 'Sally Trophy' for the first time last season, created between the two schools to honor the relationship between the two countries. The Sally Trophy is named after an elephant named Sally, which was the very first elephant to be brought to South Newlandia. This elephant, of course, came from Banija, where elephants are populous. The elephant ended up becoming the national animal of South Newlandia, and of course, the animal is the namesake for EVU. Northern Moravica currently has an all-time record of 6-0 against EVU.

Lastly, Northern Moravica have developed a very recently, but fierce rivalry with Woodstock University, of Sarzonia. The general Banijan-Sarzonian rivalry spilling over to college football, NMU is smarting at one of the few opponents who seem to consistently have their number. In the newly dubbed 'King of the Mountain Game', Northern Moravica will travel to Woodstock during cross-divisional play to try and earn their first ever win in this heated rivalry. When the two teams are not in the same conference, this is used as Northern Moravica's season-ending football contest.

Entrance: There is a unique stadium entrance at home games for the Cougars football team. A starting senior on each side of the football stands outside the tunnel, each one holding the school flag. They stand opposite each other with the flags lowered, and then raise the flags and let the entire team run through. After the team and staff runs through, those two starters run to the middle of the field and each plant their flag on the logo, signifying that this is their home field, and that they will fight to defend home field.

Championships: Northern Moravica has seven Celestia Conference championships in 13 NSCF seasons, winning the conference title in NSCF 12, NSCF 13, NSCF 17, NSCF 18, NSCF 19, NSCF 23, and NSCF 24. They won their only NSCF championship in NSCF 19. They finished as runner-ups in NSCF 20, NSCF 23, and NSCF 25. They also have the longest active playoff appearance streak in the NSCF, having appeared in the NSCF playoffs in every season since their return in NSCF 17, which is now at 10 consecutive seasons and counting.

All-Time NSCF Record
WinsLossesWinning Percentage
Celestia Conference Record1012977.69%
Non-Conference Record231658.97%
Playoff Record141156.00%
Overall Record1385671.13%

Cheer Northern Moravica

Tune of the Notre Dame Fight Song

Rally Northern! Sing today
Defend our glory, honor our fame!
Raise her red and white
And sing out with great delight
Rah Rah for NMU!
Our men will fight in every game
True to the North worthy of her name!
Loyal up to the end
Her honor we must defend

Cheer Northern Moravica!
Like Cougars we roar singing her name!
Praise to our great God on high
Because our rivals we will defy!
On this day Loyola will fall
Northern with victory over all
While we score a touchdown
And bring glory to NMU! (x2)

Loyola University Blue Thunder
Three-time NSCF Champions

School Info
Full Name: Loyola University @ Istria
Nickname: Blue Thunder
Location: Istria, Moravica
Type: Private, Mormon
Enrollment: 41,828
School President: Dr. Ruhamah Odede. 64 years old. Fourth year on the job. First ever female President of Loyola University, and first ever non-clergy member to serve as the University's President.
Athletic Director: Patrick Zervos(15th year on the job). 61 years old. Also the recently appointed Executive Chairman of the Olympic Committee of Banija.
Style Modifier: +5

Alastair Jobs Field @ The Istria Lightning Yard
Maximum capacity of 98,000 expandable to 100,233 on special occasions(will be announced by me beforehand).

Official Depth Chart for NSCF 27
Two-time defending Champions of the Celestia Conference

Starters are underlined. Listed in the order of the depth chart.
Players currently redshirting are italicized.
All players are Banijan unless their nationality is otherwise specified.

Anne-Maurice Vavayavich(Chromatika). #14, Sophomore. 6'1, 218 pounds. #1 overall recruit out of Chromatika.
Bamba Sabaye. #17, Redshirt Senior. 6'4, 229 pounds. Graduate transfer from the University of Aksum.
Irumba Kawumbi. #12, Freshman. 6'3, 223 pounds.

Halfback. - Running back by committee... With Jackson the nominal starter, both him and Nordström basically get equal playing time,.
Darrell "The Ball" Jackson(Chromatika). #26, Sophomore. 6'7, 264 pounds.
Manne Nordström(Valanora). #20. Sophomore. 5'7, 181 pounds.
Kajwang Gor. #21, Junior. 5'9, 188 pounds.
Idi Kuri. #24, Freshman. 5'11, 187 pounds.

Tight End
Russell Farmer(Ranoria). #85, Senior. 6'6, 245 pounds. Brother of Johnny Farmer. He is the #1 pass catcher on this team, and usually the primary read. Because of that potent skillset, he's lined up everywhere, including on the line of scrimmage, off the line of scrimmage, and in the slot and on the outside, to try and mercilessly exploit various mismatches. Captain.
Omondi Wetangula. #87, Junior. 6'4, 240 pounds.
Han Byung-Ma(Chromatika). #88, Freshman. 6'4, 248 pounds.

Wide Receiver.
Faraba Condeh. #81, Senior. 6'0, 212 pounds.
Marcel Schlachter(South Newlandia). #82, Sophomore. 6'3, 228 pounds.
Timon Ogweyo. #80, Junior. 5'10, 188 pounds. Slot Receiver.
Zetero Nkakande. #89, Sophomore. 6'1, 196 pounds.
Abwooli Mbabazi. #83, Sophomore. 6'2, 190 pounds.
Arnas Rønning(Valanora). 6'2, 178 pounds. #2 overall recruit out of Valanora. Currently redshirting.
Xaya Larr(Chromatika). 5'8, 181 pounds. #3 overall recruit out of Chromatika. Currently redshirting.

Left Tackle.
Naomi Ouma. #76, Junior. Female. 6'3, 291 pounds. First year as a starter.
Sarah Lindebaum(Quebec). #70, Freshman. 6'6, 300 pounds.

Left Guard.
Duka Chosani. #64, Sophomore. 6'2, 291 pounds. 2nd year starter.
Kamoyo Komaniso. #65, Sophomore. 6'6, 307 pounds.

Eve Owiti. #61, Junior. Female. 6'2, 294 pounds. First year as a starter.
Nkunda Ndegeya. #72, Freshman. 6'4, 301 pounds.

Right Guard.
Ned Dott(Chromatika). #60, Senior. 6'3, 252 pounds. Third year as starter. Captain.
Kĩrĩka Kĩmotho(Mlima Kijani). #62, Sophomore. 6'6, 297 pounds.

Right Tackle.
Maximilien Fuerst(Geisenfred). #77, Junior. 6'4, 281 pounds. 2nd year as starter
Chifundo Galubasi. #68, Sophomore. 6'6, 287 pounds.

Play a 2-4-5 defense

Defensive Tackle.
Brian Bond(Delaclava). #99, Junior. 6'2, 275 pounds.
Suntukung Mendy. #91, Senior. 6'2, 277 pounds.
Bora Manneh. #90, Senior. 6'2, 266 pounds.
Basri Efendi(Busoga Islands). #98, Senior. 6'2, 257 pounds.

Left Outside Linebacker. - This is an EDGE, pass rushing focused linebacker.
Oliechi Okombo. #45, Senior. 6'2, 217 pounds. First year as a starter.
Karilisa Sentambaazi. #54, Freshman. 6'3, 229 pounds.

Middle Linebacker
Najee Isidora(Ranoria). #51, Junior. 6'3, 250 pounds. #2 overall recruit out of Ranoria. 4.5 40 yard dash. Captain.
Frey Mason(Delaclava). #49, Junior. 6'3, 265 pounds.
Harley Sandoval(Kohnhead). #35, Freshman. Younger brother of former Loyola 3 year starter at MLB, and defensive captain, Marcus Sandoval, who graduated after last season. He even took his older brother's number, meaning he comes here with expectations that are through the roof.
Adegoke Omoyeni. #43, Sophomore.. 6'1, 238 pounds.

Right Outside Linebacker - This is an EDGE, pass rushing focused linebacker.
Cornelius Okech. #34, Junior. 6'5, 248 pounds.
Damba Wattitti. #97, Freshman. 6'6, 288 pounds.

Akhello Volson(Ranoria). #33, Sophomore. 6'1, 195 pounds. #1 overall recruit out of Ranoria.
Kato Sentido. #22, Redshirt Senior. 5'11, 203 pounds. Graduate transfer from the University of Kitara.
Immanuel Otiende. #5, Junior. 5'10, 177 pounds. Team's primary nickel back.
Ken Geode(Chromatika). #24, Freshman. 6'3, 211 pounds. #5 overall recruit out of Chromatika.
Ulu Niazi(Busoga Islands). #19, Sophomore. 6'1, 201 pounds.
Musoke Muwulya. #14, Freshman. 6'0, 207 pounds.

Strong Safety
Calamus Orombi. #22, Senior. 5'11, 199 pounds. Captain.
Issa Ahungena. #12, Sophomore. 5'10, 203 pounds.

Free Safety
Israel Aero. #16, Junior. 6'0, 184 pounds.
Kalu Kenyatta. #27, Sophomore. 6'1, 191 pounds.

For clarity's sake- My punter is the holder for field goals, just to be clear. My punter does normal kickoffs while my kicker does onside kicks. Lastly, my kicker is my backup punter and my punter is my backup kicker, just in case you RP an injury to one.

Saul Adika. #67, Redshirt Senior. Transfer from the Ankole College for Creative Studies.

Haashid el-Mady(Jabal Akhdar). #3, Junior. Introduced to the sport when he enrolled at the University. Isa recruited a kicker who, at the final moment, decided to reject his scholarship offer and pursue his dream of becoming an Olympic swimmer. When Alanso Isa subsequently held open tryouts for kicker on campus, el-Mady, a former soccer player in his home country, turned out and won the job.

Wanyanga Nyaoro. #19, Senior.

Manne Nordström(Valanora). #20. Sophomore. 5'7, 181 pounds. Listed as a running back.
Kalu Kenyatta. #27, Sophomore. 6'1, 191 pounds. Listed as the backup free safety.

Head Coach: Dennis Zervos, 44 years old. First season at the helm. The prodigal son returns, eh? NSCF 14 champion as a QB(and Most Outstanding Player), he is well known for suffering a trio of ACL/MCL tears at the beginning of his professional playing career, that ended it before it even started. But rather than let that hold him back, he dove right back into coaching. When Loyola rejoined the NSCF at NSCF 17, he joined his alma mater as the offensive coordinator, and stayed there for 8 seasons.

After a power struggle following NSCF 25, he voluntarily left the school. He was floating for a while, before a head coaching job opened up in the RFL- to coach probably the greatest QB of our time, Sarai Gwenderyn. His innovative concepts in the RFL led them to win a league title, as he coached her for three seasons. But when Alanso Isa retired, despite him coaching in a great professional situation, the call to return to his alma mater proved too much to resist. "I love this team, I love this city, I love this school." Zervos said in his introductory press conference. "I won this competition as a QB, I won this competition twice as an Offensive Coordinator, and now, I'm on a singular minded mission to complete the turnaround that Alanso Isa started last season- bringing championship #4 to this campus."

Offensive Coordinator: Raila Abura. 48 years old, first season as OC. With a new head coach, Loyola's offensive coordinator, Bethlehem Nangobi, left for a head coaching position at Wild Valley University. And so Zervos looked internally, promoting Raira Abura, the team's QB coach for the last two seasons and a former head coach himself, as their offensive coordinator. Abura is certainly not long for Loyola-Istria, as it is no secret he wants to be a head coach sooner rather than later.

While Zervos is clearly going to be the offensive mastermind of this team, both designing and calling the offensive plays, Abura will obviously have a lot of say in the game-planning and scouting department. We'll see how the two co-exist. But with an offense built around the young Chromatik quarterback AMV, and the swiss army knife tight end Russell Farmer, they will look to return Blue Thunder football to the very heights of the offensive game.

Other Offensive Coaches
Quarterbacks Coach: Katungi Kirabye. 39 years old. 1st season at Loyola-Istria. Local high school coach.
Running Backs Coach: Justice Greenspan. 42 years old. 1st season at Loyola-Istria. Starting running back for two Loyola NSCF championship teams(NSCF 14 and NSCF 17). No history coaching at any level, but connection and history with Zervos brought him here as a first time coach.
Wide Receivers Coach: Chambi Dalaya. 47 years old. 1st season at Loyola-Istria.
Tight Ends Coach: Elea Mzuzi. 36 years old. 3rd season at Loyola-Istria. Doubles as the team's Analytics Assistant. Former analytics director at Wild Valley University.
Offensive Line Coach: Jamba Shomari. 38 years old. 3rd season at Loyola-Istria. Came as a well-connected high school coach.

Defensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Uhuru Besigye. 44 years old. Played with Dennis Zervos as a backup middle linebacker on Loyola's NSCF 14 championship team. When Rasheed Moyo, Loyola's last DC, decided to go back to the professional ranks with Alanso Isa's retirement. So, once again, Zervos used his deep seated connections to hire a coordinator that he knew. Besigye had a solid professional career, playing for 7 years before retiring. After that, at age 32, he got immediately into coaching. He was a high school head coach for four years, before moving up to the college ranks.

A linebackers coach for four more years, he finally got his first coordinator chance at Loyola-Jinja. He spent the last 3 years there before jumping at this opportunity to be a defensive coordinator at main campus. While that makes him persona non grata at Loyola-Jinja, it's clearly the move that's best for his career. Zervos is entrusting the entirety of his defense to this young coordinator, who is expected to coach a fiery, aggressive defense.

Other Defensive Coaches
Defenisve Line Coach: Ifeatu Ikem. 46 years old. 3rd season at Loyola-Istria. Was a defensive analyst three seasons ago for Loyola-Istria.
Linebackers Coach: Obasi Chikelu. 43 years old. 3rd season at Loyola-Istria. Came from equivalent position at Loyola-Jinja.
Cornerbacks Coach: Odion Orjie. 43 years old. 3rd season at Loyola-Istria. Came from equivalent position at the Royal Air Force Academy.
Safeties Coach: Koofrey Chikelu. 63 years old. 3rd season at Loyola-Istria. Fired four seasons ago as the head coach of Western Hangaza University. Took a year off, and is now back in the game.

Special Teams Coordinator: Chinasa Okorie. 38 years old. 3rd season at Loyola-Istria. Most recently a collegiate scout for the Lwanga Rhinos in the GFLB.

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Jericho Awino. 49 years old. 7th season at Loyola-Istria.

Recruiting Coordinator: Chee Obasy. 53 years old. 3rd season at Loyola-Istria.

Weeks 1-10 Celestia Conference; Weeks 11-13 nonconference
*OOC Note: All kickoff times and days are simply local TV kickoff time and ICly for my own flavor, my opponents should not in any way feel bound to these and should feel free to ignore them at their own leisure. All games are on Saturdays unless otherwise noted.
Conference Play

Week 1: @ Elephant Valley University(South Newlandia). 12:30 PM.
Week 2: @ Ratzupalfu University of Nature Egrets(South Newlandia). 7:30 PM(Friday Night).
Week 3: vs. Northern Moravica(North v. South Showdown). 8:00 PM. Whiteout.
Week 4: vs. Upper Westside University Red Pandas(St. Kanye). 3:30 PM.
Week 5: @ Woodstock University Climbers(Sarzonia). 4:00 PM.
Week 6: @ University of Alcuta Skyhawks(Venmere). 12:00 PM.
Week 7: vs. Joe Gibbs University Cyclones(Sarzonia). 12:00 PM.
Week 8: vs. Elephant Valley University(South Newlandia). 12:00 PM. Homecoming.
Week 9: vs. Ratzupalfu University of Nature Egrets(South Newlandia). 4:00 PM. Checkerboard Night.
Week 10: @ Northern Moravica(North v. South Showdown). 8:00 PM.
Non-Conference Play
Week 11: v. Kohnhead City University. 3:30 PM. Big 8 v. Celestia Challenge.
Week 12: v. Felswyr State University(Chromatika). 7:30 PM. Whiteout. Senior Night.
Week 13: @ Richardson(Ranoria). 8:00 PM. Rebel's Cannon Bowl.

Championships: The Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder have an incredible NSCF postseason record, being 19-6 all-time in the postseason in this competition, including a ridiculous 16-6 in playoff games and 3-0 in bowl games. Those, of course, give them three NSCF Championships- NSCF 14, NSCF 17, and NSCF 21. In NSCF 13, they won the Pioneer Bowl, and in NSCF 14 and NSCF 17, they won the NSCF championship, posting a 3-0 and 4-0 record in those two postseasons, respectively. In NSCF 18, they made a run to the NSCF title game, winning 14 games in a row until the title game in the Banijan capitol, only to fall to Mar Sara Tech. In both NSCF 19 and NSCF 20, they lost semifinals on their home field, falling to Northern Moravica at home in NSCF 19 and falling to Cold Hill at home in NSCF 20. They redeemed themselves in NSCF 21, defeating Cold Hill in the championship game. They have five Celestia conference championships, winning in NSCF 14, NSCF 20, NSCF 21, NSCF 25, and NSCF 26. Unfortunately for the team, however, they have not won a playoff game since their NSCF 21 title, meaning the team with one of the most insane postseason records of all time hasn't won a playoff game in half a decade. During that time period, however, has won a pair of bowl games, winning the Karmin-Falce Auto Bowl in NSCF 22 and the Mugisha III Memorial Bowl in NSCF 24.

Individual Accolades: Most Outstanding Player Award
- NSCF 14, QB, Dennis Zervos
- NSCF 18, QB, Isaka Jawara
- NSCF 26, QB, Craig Juniper

Offensive Player of the Year
- NSCF 14, TE, Christos Cosse
- NSCF 17, QB, Isaka Jawara
- NSCF 19, QB, Isaka Jawara

Special Teams Player of the Year
- NSCF 18, CB/KR/PR, Corrin Fairless

Defensive Player of the Year
- NSCF 25, EDGE, Abram Fairbanks

Out of the major NSCF awards, the Coach of the Year award is the only award that Loyola-Istria has not won.

Rivalries: North v. South Showdown against Northern Moravica. See Cougar History and Traditions for more.

Their big foreign rival is Richardson University of Ranoria, whom they play annually in the Rebel's Cannon Bowl. The young rivalry has developed quickly, as the teams compete for recruits off the field and championships on it. In NSCF 17, Loyola-Istria travelled to Richardson University for the first game of this rivalry, and lost a very close battle. But in the return in NSCF 18, Richardson University came to Busukuma, and defeated the Blue Thunder at the Stadium of the Restoration. The return was another close battle between the two schools, losing an instant classic in overtime in Ranoria. This rivalry is called the Rebel's Cannon Bowl, and is traditionally contested on the final weekend of the regular season. This season will be the ninth edition of the game. The first four of the games of the series have been won by the home side, with Richardson winning in NSCF 17 and NSCF 19, while Loyola-Istria emerged victorious in NSCF 18 and NSCF 20. However, Loyola-Istria triumphed in NSCF 21 en route to their third NSCF championship, to break that streak while winning on the road. And that was the last season Loyola beat their fierce rivals. Richardson has now, to the disgust and horror of Blue Thunder fans, won 4 in a row in this series, including twice when Loyola was the designated home team. It is a source of constant annoyance for Loyola players and fans alike, including and especially the coaching staff. Loyola currently sits with a 3-6 all-time record against their despised Ranorian rivals.

They also have a very competitive rivalry with Felswyr State University. The Chromatik school is an annual opponent for the Blue Thunder, and they sport some of the best NSCF QBs in history- with Isaka Jawara, a man who has two NSCF Offensive Player of the Year awards, as well as one Most Outstanding Player award, being a graduate of Loyola-Istria, and Sarai Gwenderyn- who is freaking Sarai Gwenderyn- having taken snaps for Felswyr State. Loyola is 2-3 all-time against their Chromatik rivals. Sarai got the best of them in the first three matchups across the first two years of this rivalry, which includes a pair of regular season wins, and a playoff win at the Istria Lightning Yard. But the last two years, the last laugh has gone to Loyola, with heartstopping wins in back-to-back years for the Blue Thunder to flex their blue blood status.
All-Time NSCF Record

WinsLossesWinning Percentage
Celestia Conference Record942678.33%
Non-Conference Record221461.11%
Bowl Game Record30100%
Playoff Record16672.73%
Overall Record1354674.59%

The Blue Thunder Shall Strike Today

Set to the Tune of When Johnny Comes Marching Home

The Blue Thunder shall strike today,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We’ll send Northern back on their way
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The men will cheer and the boys will shout
Istria City will all turn out
And we'll all have joy when Loyola wins today!
And we’ll all have joy with our victory today!

The Blue Thunder shall strike today,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
A champion be crowned today,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Our rivals all tremble with fear
They know Loyola's win is near
And we’ll all have joy when Loyola wins today!
And we’ll all have joy with our victory today!
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NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica), NSCF 21 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria)
Sporting World Cup 8. WBCs 47 & 51. Di Bradini Cup 47. World Cup 86. IBC 30, 31, 32, 33. National Trophy Cabinet.
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NSFB: Here We Go Again

Postby TJUN-ia » Sat Sep 03, 2022 12:16 pm


Nation Name: TJUN-ia
Nation Trigram: TJU
National Organisation: Gridiron Football Association of TJUN-ia (GFA-TJUN-ia)
National Collegiate Organisation: TJUN-ia College and University Athletic Association (TCUAA)
School Location: Notts, NAU Zone
Home Colours: Green/Red
Road Colours: Brown/Green
Mascot: Robby the Feathercap
Fight Song: "Robin's Men Go Off To Fight"
Main Slogan/Chant: "We Are! Trent State!"
Last Season's Record: 9-5 (Jaguar Bowl Winners)
All-Time Record: 40-20
Style of play: -1

Head Coach: Johnny Bridgeford (39, NSCF 24 COTY)
Offensive Coordinator: Pierre Grandestois (33)
Defensive Coordinator: Alehandro Martinez (35)
Special Teams Coach: Frederic von Habsburg (32)

Formation: Pro-Set
QB: #1 Jason Steels (Soph.*)
HB: #2 Patrícia Chládeková (Soph.)
FB: #3 Candice Fay (Snr.)
WR: #25 Peter Borosić (Snr.*)
WR: #23 Ivan Borosić (Snr.*)
LT: #73 Xu Ting Wei (Snr.)
LG: #62 Kim Won-San (Soph.)
C: #51 Faf van de Kloot (Soph.)
RG: #61 Caroline Rosseau (Fre.)
RT: #70 Jade Schembri (Soph.)
TE: #99 Mark Scicluna (Soph.)

Formation: Base 4-4
DT: #93 Maxime Rolland (Snr.)
DT: #94 Qing Kainan (Jnr.)
DE: #67 Huong Cho Pham (Jnr.)
DE: #68 Valentina Alcoron-Zulia (Soph.)
LB: #42 Josephine York (Jnr.*)
LB: #45 Alexa Helena (Jnr.)
LB: #46 Hank "Mean" Greenbank (Fre.)
LB: #47 Collin McGrear (Fre.)
CB: #77 Maximillian Helena (Jnr.)
CB: #75 Jason Tyrell (Snr.*)
FS: #17 Ridgeciano Jozefzoon (Soph.)

These can use starting players from both offences (block) and defence (tackle) and backup players during ST plays.
K: #7 Eleonora "Firefeet" Scafakou (Soph.*)
H: #14 Yuji Idekanti (Jnr.*)
P: #18 "Apple" Jack Stevenson (Soph.)
LS: #10 Heðin Hansen (Soph.)
KR: #11 Yuki Matsushita (Fre.)
PR: #12 Liudmyla Naumenko (Soph.)

BACKUPS (Can be used for Special Teams plays if required)
H/FB: #5 Samantha Gibson (Fre.*)
L/RT: #71 Kim Il-Yoon (Soph.)
TE: #00 Timothy Wong (Fre.*)
DT: #95 Carrie McGabbason (Soph.)
CB: #76 Saga Kamal (Soph.)
H: #15 Clara Kichenama-Gourouvaya (Fre.*)
LS: #97 Tyver Olafsson (Fre.*)

Name: Sherwood Field
Location: Notts, NAU Zone
Capacity: 32,000

Known affectionately as "The Horseshoe" to locals and to many across TJUN-ia, Sherwood Field combines the raucous atmosphere of a college game with the surrounding local scenery that the region is known for. The big patch of grass in front of the scoreboard is accessible to fans, allowing for a unique viewpoint for the game we all love. While it certainly isn't the biggest venue in all of TJUN-ia, not just the NSCF, its warm and close-up atmosphere can certainly make the difference come game time...

SCHEDULE (MINERAL Conference, Mineral Division + 3 Non-Conf)
Week 1: @UCBP (CBP)
Week 2: @Gairuwa (ARJ)
Week 3: vs Green City (TJU)
Week 4: vs Bowerstone (ATH)
Week 5: @Alexandropolis (NGS)
Week 6: @Waterloo (CDO)
Week 7: vs Constantinople (NGS)
---------------------Mineral Division Rematches---------------------
Week 8: vs UCBP (CBP)
Week 9: vs Gairuwa (ARJ)
Week 10: @Green City (TJU)
Week 11: Conference Championship Week
Week 12: @Felswyr State (CMT)
Week 13: vs Elephant Valley (SNL)
Week 14: vs Swisston City (KND)


Nation Name: TJUN-ia
Nation Trigram: TJU
National Organisation: Gridiron Football Association of TJUN-ia (GFA-TJUN-ia)
National Collegiate Organisation: TJUN-ia College and University Athletic Association (TCUAA)
School Location: Green City (a.k.a Garin Kore/Ilu Alawọ Ewe/Obodo Green), AU Zone
Home Colours: Green/Black/White
Road Colours: White/Green
Mascot: Lashawn the Eagle King
Fight Song: "Fight For Da City!"
Main Slogan/Chant: "G-C-U! WE-BLEED-GREEN!"
Last Season's Record: 13-3 (NSCF 26 Championship Game)
All-Time Record: 21-9
Style of play: +2

Head Coach: Paul Abdullahi (37)
Offensive Coordinator: Adamma Isa (25)
Defensive Coordinator: Fortune Eze (29)
Special Teams Coach: Idris Mohammad (35)

Formation: Flexbone
QB: #1 Moses Igbinoghene (Snr.)
FB: #2 Batsogile Lovederia (Fre.)
SB: #3 Mercy Oshoala (Jnr.)
SB: #4 Stella Oshoala (Jnr.)
WR: #5 Gilbert Nyamutsamba (Snr.)
WR: #6 Lucky Sithole-Sita (Snr.)
LT: #7 Constant Ndima Kongba (Fre.)
LG: #8 Freeman Niamathé (Soph.)
C: #9 Baya Sandaise (Snr.)
RG: #10 Ismaël El Amine Amoura (Fre.)
RT: #11 Attie Africa (Snr.)

Formation: 5-2
NT: #12 Mohammad Al-Ramtha (Fre.)
DT: #13 Witness Mussagi (Jnr.)
DT: #14 Dayo Mussagi (Jnr.)
DE: #15 Francis Aina (Snr.)
DE: #16 Michaela Koutouan (Soph.)
LB: #17 Izuchukwu Jude (Jnr.)
LB: #18 Ifeoma Onumonu (Fre.)
CB: #19 Kimbelly Chang-Tak Hue (Soph.)
CB: #20 Walter Duprey St. Martin (Soph.)
FS: #21 Faith Okobi (Jnr.)
SS: #22 Joy Alozie (Snr.)

K: #23 Glory Oparanozie (Jnr.)
H: #24 Amarachi Okoronkwo (Fre.)
P: #25 Abdoul Madjid Moumouni (Jnr.)
LS: #26 Joseph Smith-Benteke (Snr.)
KR: #27 Stephen Ogonji (Jnr.)
PR: #28 Immaculate Nakisuuyi (Snr.)

Name: The Palace @GCU
Location: Green City, AU Zone
Capacity: 31,000

SCHEDULE (MINERAL Conference, Mineral Division + 3 Non-Conf)
Week 1: vs Gairuwa (ARJ)
Week 2: vs UCBP (CBP)
Week 3: @Trent State (TJU)
Week 4: vs Waterloo (CDO)
Week 5: @Constantinople U (NGS)
Week 6: @Bowerstone (ATH)
Week 7: vs UAlexandropolis (NGS)
---------------------Mineral Division Rematches---------------------
Week 8: @Gairuwa (ARJ)
Week 9: @UCBP (CBP)
Week 10: vs Trent State (TJU)
Week 11: Conference Championship Week
Week 12: @Mancodas (PFA)
Week 13: vs Panem (STR)
Week 14: @Cavsar (DRK)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: Y
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1st: ECC4
2nd: NSCF24, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, NSCF26, IBS17, RUWC33
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3
4th: WBC50, IBC31, WBC52, IBC33, RLWC20 & 21
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (7W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (2W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/1W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (5W [4 @JR])/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (3W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (4W)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 4 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (5 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Left-Leaning College State

Postby Ranoria » Sat Sep 03, 2022 3:13 pm

Country Name: Ranoria
Country Trigramme: RAN

College Name: Richardson University
College Name: Cold Hill University
Team Nickname: Buffalo
Home Stadium (Capacity): "The Tundra' (85,000)
Style of play: +5

Team Nickname: Governors
Home Stadium (Capacity):Dietrich Stadium (94,750)
Style of play: -5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yep!
Godmod scoring events: Yep! Feel free to be creative with it!
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but contact me first
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but contact me first
Suspend my players: Yes, but contact me first
Godmod suspension events: Yes, but contact me first
Godmod other events: Sure, but get in touch with me for anything crazy.
Special note: Not that I'm going to tell you not to write it, but anything about the COVID/virus won't be acknowledged. There is no COVID in Ranoria, just like there is no war in Ba Sing Se.

Richardson University Governors
Team Roster and Information

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Kasen Harrowitz, 44
Defensive Coordinator: Kai Hillis, 37
Offensive Coordinator: Ulrich Ray, 37
Strength and Conditioning: Frank Simmons, 55
Special Teams Coach: Jakob Stark, 35
Quarterbacks Coach: Eric Sanders, 31
Wide Receivers Coach: Markus Hillis, 41
Offensive Line Coach: John Corringer, 56
Defensive Line Coach:Alton Kearse, 49
Pass Rush Consultant:Justin Kearse, 41
Linebackers Coach: Kai Hillis, 37/Sadie Crewe, 33
Defensive Backs Coach: Anna Highsmith, 38

*Denotes 1st year in role

Team Success
Titles: 5x Big 8 Champions, NSCF 19 Runners-Up

Conference Record: 82-28
Out of Conference Record: 22-10
Post Season Record: 7-9
Overall Record: 111-47


Dietrich Stadium, constructed in 2012, features a capacity of 94,750 attendees, and is one of the toughest places to visit in college football. One of the largest stadiums in the country.

Team Philosophy

Offensive Style: Richardson tends to direct their plays from the I formation, only adopting a shotgun look if they have a lethal passer along with an obvious need to pass. Generally run 11, 12, or 13 personnel (1 running back, 1-3 tight ends). The run game is done with a power concept (i.e lots of double teams), taking advantage of highly recruited, big offensive linemen. Richardson's general philosophy is to pound the rock down the opposing team's throat and eat away at the clock to make things easier on their defense - but they're modern enough to know how to maximize that style with the play action attack.

Defensive Style: Richardson's base defense is a 3-3-5 nickel look, generally running some sort of man coverage on the outside with safeties providing deep help. The team is in the second year of its defensive system after this unit led them to a 12-1 record a season ago. As is, expect three down linemen, a standup edge linebacker, and five defensive backs in most situations to offer more speed and versatility to a unit that has traditionally been a "line up and play" defense. Strong side OLB will typically line up as a pass rusher and may rush or drop back into coverage depending on the snap, weak side OLB is typically off the ball.

These are just here if you feel like using them! So it's a simple system
Runs: "SchoolName" or "Mascot" - the schoolname would be a run to the left, mascot to the right.
So for example - "Richardson" would be a run to the left, "Governors" would be to the right

Passes: protections and route concepts need to be called.
60- standard pass pro without TE, sliding left
61- standard pass pro without TE, sliding right
50- TE stays in, sliding left
51- TE stays in, sliding right
40- TE chips then runs route, sliding left
41- TE chips then runs route, sliding right

Receivers: Not all of these receivers will always be on the field. In the rare case of going 5-wide, these labels are still used.
X- WR1
Z- WR2
Y- WR3 or TE1 - if WR3 is on the field, they get this designation
H- TE1 or TE2 - if WR3 is on the field, TE1 is H. If no WR3, TE1 is Y, TE2 is H
T- HB1


Usually the team will come onto the field with two plays called. The first play is the call, the second is their check. If the playcall is "Ranger Check Mickey," then Ranger is run unless a "check check" is called, which would mean Mickey is being run. If you want to do anything with this, feel free to make up playcalls.

Depth Chart

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
7 Isaiah Hunter frsh 6-1 200 Chromatika
4 Tommy Hubert sen 6-3 225 Ranoria
10 Benny Flowers soph 6-4 215 Ranoria

Running Backs
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
26 Horace Billing sen 6-1 225 Ranoria
1 Rylan Rodgers Jr frsh 6-1 210 Ranoria
28 Merrick Jones jun 6-2 220 Ranoria

Wide Receivers
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
19 Constantina Perrier jun 6-5 215 Chromatika
15 Timothy Klein sen 5-9 170 Ranoria
17 Martin Jagger soph 6-1 195 Ranoria
13 Miller Jackson frsh 5-11 185 Ranoria
83 Hughie February frsh 6 175 Ranoria

Tight Ends
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
86 Dustin van Halfensen jun 6-4 250 South Newlandia
88 Mack Hillis sen 6-5 240 Ranoria
87 Ryan Morris frsh 6-6 230 Ranoria

Left Tackles
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
70 Maverick Lee jun 6-7 320 Ranoria
71 Connor Yeboah soph 6-6 295 Ranoria

Left Gaurds
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
75 Uzziah Amondi sen 6-4 325 Banija
76 Clay Lindsey frsh 6-3 295 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
55 Brandon Roche sen 6-4 320 Kohnhead
56 Minkah Sunner frsh 6-3 305 Ranoria

Right Guards
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
72 Chris Grey jun 6-1 315 Chromatika

Right Tackles
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
60 Santiago Rae jun 6-7 320 Ranoria

Defensive Ends (Edge Rushers)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
95 Connor Hartford jun 6-6 260 Ranoria
56 Shean Eckert frsh 6-2 240 Delaclava

Interior Defensive Linemen (Defensive Tackles)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
99 Malchiel Lukwiya soph 6-6 315 Banija
93 Billy Beets jun 6-4 325 Ranoria
91 Morty Fuller sen 6-5 320 Ranoria
93 Terrance Wheat soph 6-6 315 Ranoria

Strong Side Linebacker (Edge Rusher)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
90 Kaspar Ulvestad sen 6-3 230 Valanora
96 Juneau Carter soph 6-2 225 Ranoria

Inside Linebackers
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
50 Morian Jackson jun 6-3 250 Ranoria
51 Ezekiel Jones soph 6-1 240 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
23 Takeuchi Ichiko jun 6-4 215 Chromatika
21 Karl Fortis jun 6-1 195 Ranoria
26 Charles Candy sen 6-3 210 Ranoria
22 Packard Goss frsh 6-7 220 Chromatika
24 Anna Fuller soph 6-2 185 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
20 Totte Lindberg soph 6 188 Valanora
32 Anton Acker jun 5-11 195 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
7 Shirley Woo sen 6 160 Chromatia

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
4 Hilary Mercator sen 6-1 165 Chromatika

Kick and Punt Returns
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
15 Timothy Klein jun 5-9 175 Ranoria
13 Elon Forbes sen 5-10 180 Ranoria

Key Losses:
QB Astrid Verona: After 2 seasons of precise but unproductive play, Astrid exploded in NSCF 26. She'd finish a 12-1 campaign throwing for 3,603 yards and 23 touchdowns while running for another 374 and 3 with just 2 interceptions as an explosive threat who complemented the main threat of this offense...

HB Elliot Roach: 369 carries, 1,953 yards, 18 TD. That's what you tell anyone who asks why Richardson's offense so incredibly explosive last season. Roach was a bona-fide star from his sophomore year on when he took the reigns from Kuenda Sello, and this offense looks like it's going to take a big step back without their battering ram.

ILB Kaiser Belfort: The enforcer of this squad was the centerpiece of this defense. He didn't quite gel as well in the 3-3-5, but when you have a player of this caliber, it hardly matters. Belfort is already productive at the professional level, his loss leaves a huge hole in this defense.

DE Gideon Kearse: But not as bad as this guy. The NSCF 26 DPOY was one of the most dominant prospects at any position in Ranorian history, and was virtually unstoppable off the edge as a fearmongering bull rusher. Kearse would start just months after the NSCF season for the Krauts in the World Bowl - this loss is a crushing one. That said, Kasper Ulvestad returns as the team's sack leader, and DT Malchiel Lukwiya flashed his potential as a freshman. This team will still be strong on the defensive front.

Player bios:
DE Kaspar Ulvestad: Ulvestad is stronger than he looks now at 230 pounds, but his main traits are speed and a relentless motor. Ulvestad is primarily a pass rusher, but with Harrowitz stepping into the HC role provides enough flexibility to drop back when needed. Led the team in sacks last season even with NSCF 26 DPOY Gideon Kearse on the other side.

WR Constantina Perrier: Perrier's a big bodied freelancer at wideout who can generate a ton of RAC. She's excellent at finding holes in coverage and has been given plenty of opportunities in this offense to make reads and adjust routes at her leisure. Will be a massive crutch along with Dustin van Halfennsen for freshman QB Isaiah Hunter. With her running mate Angela Sauber leaving for the GFLB draft, most of the passing game will run through her.

CB Takeuchi Ichiko: This is the guy to watch out for. Ichiko stepped right into a barren cornerback room prior to NSCF 25 as a freshman and put on an impressive display given that situation - technical, patient, and more shutdown than gambler. He's now comfortably slotted into the #1 corner role and the team has seen him blossom into one of the better corners in the NSCF.

SS: Totte Lindberg: A fortunate signing from Valanora, Lindberg was key in a new scheme as a box linebacker slotted to start as a freshman. Lindberg was graded as the top recruit in Valanora and the #2 DB recruit among all NSCF nations prior to NSCF 26, and had an instant impact for a team that went 12-1. Expect him to be one of the core players for a young defense.

DT Malchiel Lukwiya: Going into year 2, a lot of this defense's success is relying on Lukwiya's development. With the loss of a generational talent in Gideon Kearse, this defensive line needs another playmaker. No one is asking him to fill Kearse's shoes, but he'll have to be a disruptive force on the interior.

QB Isaiah Hunter: A surprising signing given Richardson's low-volume passing attack, but Hunter shocked the team with how casually he won the starting quarterback job during training camp, showing up with a firm grasp of the playbook he'd been given to study and more arm talent than anyone else on this roster. Soft-spoken and bookish, his biggest challenge will be stepping into a leadership role.

HB Horace Billing and Rylan Rodgers Jr: Billing is the starter. The senior bulked up to 225 pounds to emulate the team's formula with the superstar running backs of days past in Kuenda Sello and Elliot Roach - he's a bit slower than he'd like to be at that size, but this guy's a bulldozer. Rodgers, meanwhile, is already causing some buzz around campus with his antics, but hasn't gotten into any trouble. An incredibly talented dual sport athlete, count on him to step in and provide a spark.

Non-conference games:

Week 11: vs EVU Red Elephants @ Reinhild Aerodynamics Arena (neutral venue)
Week 12: vs University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park
Week 13: vs University of Loyola Istria Blue Thunder @ The Karmin Falce Super Dome (Rebel's Cannon Bowl)

1 23
QB Isaiah Hunter: 218/324, 2,674 yards, 15 TD, 5 INT, 19 carries, 52 yards, 4/3 Fumbles/lost
RB Horace Billing: 260 carries, 1,053 yards, 6 TD, 33 receptions, 154 yards 3/2 Fumbles/Lost
RB Rylan Rodgers Jr: 163 carries, 815 yards, 6 TD, 31 receptions, 411 yards, 1 TD, 2/2 Fumbles/lost
WR Constantina Perrier: 100 receptions, 1231 yards, 6 TD
WR Timothy Klein: 23 reception, 147 yards, 1 TD
WR Martin Jagger: 23 reception, 129 yards
TE Dustin van Halfensen: 67 receptions, 602 yards, 5 TD

DE Kasper Ulvestad: 65 tackles, 12 sacks, 6 TFL, 3 FF/1 FR
DE Shean Eckert: 23 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 0 FF/1 FR
DT Malchiel Lukwiya: 53 tackles, 14 TFL, 6.5 sacks, 4 FF/2 FR
SS Totte Lindberg: 67 tackles, 3 TFL, 6 INT, 7 PBU, 2 TD, 2 FF/1 FR
CB Takeuchi Ichiko: 40 tackles, 5 INT, 19 PBU
CB Karl Fortis: 50 tackles, 3 INT, 4 PBU
FS Anton Acker: 59 tackles, 2 INT, 3 PBU

Cold Hill University Buffalo
Team Roster and Information

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Chris Dale, 53
Defensive Coordinator: Daniel Booker, 39
Offensive Coordinator: Connor Hellsing, 48
Strength and Conditioning: Louis Hall, 48
Special Teams Coach: Elliot Schmitt, 40
Quarterbacks Coach: Orton Smith, 44
Wide Receivers Coach: Randy Prior, 37
Tight Ends Coach: Gary Dennier, 39
Offensive Line Coach: Joe Sapp, 46
Defensive Line Coach: Reggie Gregory, 53
Linebackers Coach: Harrison Thomas, 54
Defensive Backs Coach: Charlie Steel, 37

*Denotes 1st year in role

Team Success
Titles: 5x Big 8 Champions, NSCF 20 & 22 Champions, NSCF 21 Runners-Up, NSCF 18 & 19 Semifinalists, Undefeated Regular Season NSCF 25

Conference Record: 77-23
Out of Conference Record: 23-7
Post Season Record: 13-6
Overall Record: 113-36

Home Stadium:
The Tundra, often snow covered, in Cold Hill was constructed in 1999, and can hold up to 85,000 people.

Team Philosophy:

At its core, the team's game plan, generally, is to rack up points and then make opposing quarterbacks uncomfortable when they try to catch up.

Offensive Style: Cold Hill is a pass-first, air raid, quarterback centric team offensively. Generally run the offense out of the shotgun in 10 or 11 personnel. (1 running back, no tight ends, or 1 running back, 1 tight end). As long as it's working, they see no reason to slow down scoring and give other teams a chance to get back into the game. Power style run game, tight ends and backs are usually plus pass protectors if they're starting. Expect a lot of chipping and double teams in pass protection. With Benoit Youngblood under center, this looks to be the most aggressive passing attack in the NSCF.

Defensive Style: Base 3-4 Defense. In essence, make a bunch of plays and cause enough disruption to stop the offense. Outside linebackers serve primarily as edge rushers with very rare drop backs into coverage, while big defensive linemen clog up the interior. Heavy emphasis on pass rush. Scheme features a lot of blitzing, particularly from cornerbacks, and relies on linebackers to soak up tackles while the front men key on the passer. In the run game, expect a contain and bounce inside approach, to force runners straight into the linebacking core. Generally at least one playmaking safety, currently Proko is employed as a weapon on the defensive side.

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
9 Benoit Youngblood frsh 6-2 215 Quebec and Shingoryeo
12 Hannah Young sen 6-1 180 Ranoria

Running Backs
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
29 Alexander Østby sen 5-9 190 Valanora
27 D'andre Fuller soph 6-1 200 Ranoria

Wide Receivers
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
11 Nikolas Isaksen sen 6-4 210 Valanora
13 Darin Sundström jun 5-10 195 Valanora
10 Kasozi Batte frsh 6-5 235 Banija
19 Jules Tille soph 6-1 190 Ranoria
17 Cara Grant soph 5-11 175 Ranoria

Tight Ends
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
81 Austin Timmins sen 6-6 255

Left Tackles
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
69 Corey Mullins sen 6-4 320 Ranoria

Left Gaurds
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
61 Kalen Heimdall sen 6-3 320 Ranoria
50 Dhairya Taylor frsh 6-5 290 South Newlandia

Right Guards
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
61 Morty Bailey sen 6-3 325 Ranoria
71 James Duncan jun 6-4 325 Ranoria

Right Tackles
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
68 Jerry Patterson sen 6-7 335 Ranoria
74 Summer Jones soph 6-6 320 Ranoria

Edge Rushers (Outside Linebackers)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
58 Kenneth Bray jun 6-3 240 Chromatika

Interior Defensive Linemen (Defensive Ends and Defensive Tackles)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
99 Eden Park jun 6-5 330 Quebec and Shingoryeo
90 Tony Heidelberg sen 6-3 290 Ranoria
98 Harvey Klein soph 6-8 355 Ranoria

Inside Linebackers (off ball)
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
52 Derek Pierce soph 6-2 250 Ranoria
56 Raleigh Jones sen 6-3 230 Ranoria
55 Terry Sawyer jun 6-1 245 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
23 Marcus Blake sen 6-1 190 Ranoria
24 Trey Jones jun 6 185 Ranoria
27 Nicholas Hussain frsh 6-2 185 South Newlandia
20 Jin Crews soph 6 185 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
44 Prokopios Vortigern Rooijakkers sen 6-10 250(SS) Drawland
45 Aldon Jameson jun 6 200(FS) Ranoria
43 Phillipe Thomas soph 6-1 190 Ranoria

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
#2 Bo-Ah Jang sen 6-1 178 Chromatika

# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality

Kick and Punt Returns
# Name Class Ht. Wt. Nationality
27 Nicholas Hussain frsh 6-2 170 South Newlandia
13 Darin Sundström soph 5-10 190 Valanora
29 Alexander Østby jun 5-9 190 Valanora
24 Trey Jones soph 6 185 Ranoria

Key Losses:
QB Robin Sterling: Not a loss really - Sterling was a hyped up dual-threat quarterback who produced just over 5 yards per pass attempt and threw six touchdowns to six interceptions last season along with an astounding five fumbles in just six starts. He was a huge part of Cold Hill's collapse last season - Benoit Youngblood though promises to be the man to take up the torch passed on by legends like Thorn Davis and Deondre Rhine.

OLB Candace Ferrett: The #10 recruit out of Chromatika five years ago, Ferrett was the team's premier pass rusher. Kenneth Bray steps up as the team's top pass rusher, but Ferrett's consistency made her the all-time sacks leader for the Buffalo.

CB Victoria Mio: The rapidly beating heart of this defense is gone. Victoria Mio headlined a defense that, through her tenure, secured the title of "best in program history" in four consecutive campaigns. The Chromatik sensation is lighting it up now in the Ranorian Football League, and this team is gutted with her loss.

Player bios:
Receiving Corps: This group is headlined by Nikolas Isaksen out of Valanora. The jump ball specialist has more than enough size to make most secondaries pay. He's a true #1 target, and broke Cold Hill's program record for receiving yards in a game in NSCF 25. Heath Heinz is a solid number two and a menace in the red zone, but this is Isaksen's show. Darin Sundström is an elite #2 , and the second Vanorian of this team who could easily be a top dog in most WR rooms. But regardless, it's Kasozi Batte who's been turning heads. The 6'5", 235 pound Banijan true freshman is already developing excellent chemistry with Benoit Youngblood, and the two promise to be an electrifying combination.

SS/OW Prokopios Vortigern Rooijakkers: Rooijakkers, often called "Proko" for short, is likely the most talented player on this roster. Coming in at 6'10", he's often employed as a box safety while getting most starting snaps in that role, though the Buffalo have no problem dropping him back deep to make x's and o's type coaches throw their clipboards when attempting a deep ball. Proko is more than athletic enough to play offense, and has been employed out wide, in the slot, at tight end, and even at running back a couple times.

ILB Derek Pierce: The former 4th ranked recruit in Ranoria, Pierce is an impact player. He's a run stopping beast and effective as a blitzer. The team captain is one of few above-average starters on this defense.

DT Eden Park: A monster out of Quebec and Shingoryeo, this guy fought his way into the starting lineup as a freshman on a Buffalo defense that was the best in program history. Once Harvey Klein, a larger but less productive DT from Ranoria, fills out into his talent, the two will form a dynamic, monstrous duo on the interior.

Benoit Youngblood: The end-all-be-all for this team's season. Youngblood is the most talented quarterback to enter this locker room since Rhine, and an argument could be made he has what it takes to surpass even Diamond Rhine's lofty heights. The sophomore has all the tools - both physically and in the team that's been built around him. If you want the best quarterback in college football, well, look no further. Youngblood did take a gap year between his final high school season and his freshman year now - reports from training camp advise that rather than look rusty, the kid looks as if he’s honed his game even further during his extended off season.

C Dhairya Taylor: #3 recruit out of South Newlandia, Taylor has the size and will to excell in Cold Hill's system. An excellent pass blocker by nature, expect Taylor to earn a few snaps late in games, although physical maturity will limit him from starting this season barring injuries. Taylor is one of the more promising OL prospects the program has brought in since Vince Vermillion, a long-time national team starter.

CB Nicholas Hussain: #7 recruit out of South Newlandia, Hussain's role will be limited, but this kid's too talented to keep off the field. This coaching staff is working to improve his ball skills, got that down pat, there’s not reason he can’t be a top-level corner. For now, he’ll rely on his physical talent, be that size or speed, to get the job done.

Non-conference games:

Week 11: vs Northern Moravica University
Week 12: @ Imperial University of Pomena
Week 13: vs Elephant Valley University Red Elephants

QB Benoit Youngblood: 403/552, 5,034 yards, 41 TD, 12 INT, 53 carries, 351 yards, 2 TD, 3/2 fumbles/lost
HB Alexander Østby: 268 carries, 1,313 yards, 4 TD, 60 receptions, 749 yards, 4 TD, 3/2 Fumbles/lost
HB D'andre Fuller: 67 carries, 312 yards, 6 receptions, 31 yards
WR Nikolas Isaksen: 110 receptions, 1,525 yards, 12 TD
WR Darin Sundström: 86 receptions, 1,086 yards, 10 TD
WR Kasoze Batte: 70 receptions, 1,123 yards, 11 TD
WR Jules Tille: 20 receptions, 304 yards, 2 TD
TE Austin Timmins: 29 receptions, 242 yards, 2 TD
SS Prokopios Vortigern Rooijakkers: 3 receptions, 48 yards, 1 TD

ILB Derek Pierce: 88 tackles, 3 TFL, FR
IDL Eden Park: 42 tackles, 8 TFL, 4 sacks, 4 PDEF
EDGE Kenneth Bray: 60 tackles, 9 TFL, 9 sacks
CB Nicholas Hussain: 38 tackles, 2 PBU, 2 INT
SS Prokopios Vortigern Rooijakkers: 112 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 9 TFL, 6 INT, 5 PBU, 5 FF/4 FR, 2 defensive TD, 1 blocked PAT
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Postby Chromatika » Sat Sep 03, 2022 11:21 pm

Felswyr State University Firehawks
Stadium: Firehawks' Roost (Cap. 38,000), Felswyr, Mountain District, Chromatika
Offensive Base Formation: 5 OL, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 HB, 1 QB
Defensive Base Formation: 3 DL, 4 LB, 1 SS, 1 FS, 2 CB

Head Coach: Misha Florentine, 46
Born and raised in Felswyr, Forentine has been one of the biggest proponents of Gridiron Football in Chromatika for years. He was a successful businessperson under the Chromatik Party, but dissolved his state-run factory during the Rainbow Revolution, using the funds to create Chromatika's first Gridiron Football academy. A charismatic visionary, Florentine is someone who likes to delegate the actual football duties (he was never a player but loves the game) while being the front office manager. The fact that he has landed Felswyr State University a spot in the NSCF is a huge victory to both him and to Chromatik Gridiron Football as a whole. With Felswyr State's success (4 Semifinals appearances, 4 Championship appearances, 2 Championshisp), his efforts have made him the hero of all gridiron fans in Chromatika. Rumors are that he will be leaving the University soon, but he remains a large part of FSU's identity.

Offensive Coordinator: Naia Curentino, 39
Who is Naia Curentino? She played football semiprofessionally in the Regional Leagues for a few years before calling her career quits and going all in on Florentine's plan. An avid fan of the NSCF (her favorite team until Felswyr State entered the competition was University of Loyola-Istria, she's revealed in a few interviews), she's the mad scientist of the Coaching Staff. She's very animated, very forward, and very driven. Someone that the team needs if they're going to make a name for themselves. In the first three years, Curentino has proven that her system isn't just a flash in the pan with all the success, especially after Gwenderyn. Now, with the team being more offensively minded, she will be called on to be the mastermind behind scoring drives once again.

Defensive Coordinator: Isidora Noles, 45
With Kasen Harrowitz leaving for Richardson University, Isidora Noles stepped in as Defensive Coordinator, promoted from her Secondary Coach position. She's been highly instrumental in how the team's come together defensively. She'll be using a 3-4-4 instead of the 3-3-5, which will mean that the team will be a bit more stout through the middle. As a disciplinarian and shrewd tactician who knows her personnel by heart, the Firehawks haven't missed a beat, leading the team to a surprise title. This time around, things will be a bit harder with so many seniors graduating, but she'll try her hardest.

Special Teams Coordinator: Vera James, 34
A savant of trick plays and taking risks, James is the youngest member of the staff by far. She views every instance of special teams impacting the match as an opportunity to hit it big, and will always look for players who can do more than they are supposed to. A tricky, catty individual, she's willing to do almost anything to win. With McAllister and Katt gone, there's new players on the positions - and the possibility for more.

Head Physio: Marius Benne, 40
The younger brother of Zoe "Z" Benne, the Chromatik National Football Team's physio, Marius is the more serious of the two, all business all the time. He's pretty good at his job.

Usual Starters in Italics
* Indicates New Starter
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#05 Kadesh Odika 19 So R 6 ft 4 in Busukuma Calm, Quick, Explosive - Banija
#15 Jonas Odden 21 Sr R 6 ft 1 in Raynor City Accurate, Fast, Exciting - Valanora
#03 Melina Harsh 20 So L 6 ft 8 in Felswyr Pocket Presence, Rocket Arm, Fragile

Wide Receivers
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#17 Otto Mitchell 22 Sr R 7 ft 5 in Zelbon Speedy, Self-Assured, Precise - Drawkland OFFENSIVE CAPTAIN
#83 Stan Devlin 21 Sr R 5 ft 10 in Porter Fast, Injury Prone, High Floor - Kohnhead
#14 Kwang-Sun So 21 Jr R 6 ft 10 in Egren Good Hands, Physical, Big Play Maker*

#19 Bo-Mi Kim 21 Jr L 6 ft 1 in Sanar Quick, Flimsy, Kick Returner
#12 Essa Kayode 19 So R 6 ft 4 in Jinja City Big, Smart, Physical - Banija
#85 Vince Cartier 20 So R 5 ft 11 in Rhoni Speedy, Possession, Quick First Step

Position Players
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#35 Sydney Thomas 18 Fr R 5 ft 8 in Jotunville Hard Working, Works Through Contact, Physical - Ranoria*
#11 Xanderick Spendlove 22 Sr R 7 ft Kalan Huk Willowy Build, Enthusiastic, Quick Learner - The Desiccant States
#27 N. B. Vasilievna 21 Jr L 6 ft 3 in Hanai Strong, Powerful, Leader

Tight Ends
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#80 Ulrich Jefferson 20 So L 6 ft 8 in Urrheddiao Good hands, Route Runner, Big
#82 Asmodai Hammer 21 Jr R 6 ft 3 in Eyrods Receiver, Route Runner, Flimsy

Offensive Tackles
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#76 Julian Watt 21 Sr R 6 ft 6 in Kohnhead City Quick Reactions, Good Feet, Run Blocker - Kohnhead
#74 Alexis Coleman 20 Jr R 6 ft 7 in Porter Large, Powerful, Pass-Protection Specialist - Kohnhead

#71 Franz Han 20 So L 6 ft 3 in Z'ai'ai Aggressive, Tempered, Big
#77 Isaiah Miller 19 Fr R 6 ft 2 in Randan Balanced, Quick, Even-Tempered

Offensive Guards
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#68 Kassa Essayas 20 Jr L 6 ft 5 in Busukuma Last to Show, Powerful, Focused - Banija
#66 Trenton Herbert 20 Jr R 6 ft 4 in Vricksinburg Powerful, Technical, Winner - Ranoria

#73 Karim Henzaya 20 So R 6 ft 8 in Umbar Nimble, Even-Footed, Strong
#64 Evan Meer 20 So R 6 ft 6 in Felswyr Handsy, Cerebral, Smart

Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#72 Markus Xanneret 21 Jr R 6 ft 1 in Urrheddiao Physical, Handsy, Consistent
#77 Liam Hossam 20 So R 6 ft 3 in Brisara Imposing, Quick, Runner
#79 Stephan Gorg 20 So L 6 ft 8 in Felswyr Towering, Physical, Strong
QB Kadesh Odika

Taking over during the out of conference slate, Odika came through in the clutch and was a key reason why the Firehawks won their second title. Now, he'll be given the keys to do whatever he wants - and the team will live or die by his mechanisms.

WR Otto Mitchell

Tired of having to deal with Drawkian corner backs four times a year, FSU went out and recruited Otto Mitchell from Drawkland. Though he may not be as tall as other Drawkians, he's the tallest target that Gwenderyn has ever had; with his height and jumping skills, the Firehawks will be able to air things out more than ever before. Mitchell was a huge part of the team's offense in their championship run last year; assisted by Stan Devlin and So Kwang-Sun, Mitchell is still making a name for himself with the knowledge that he will almost always have the name Alessandra Mio held up on a pedestal ahead of him.

HB Sydney Thomas

The first true Running Back to be listed, Thomas will feature heavily on the new Firehawks offense that will try to use the size up front as well as play-action for big plays down the stretch. He doesn't need Vasilievna to block for him, which is a plus; his versatility will be very important.

TE Ulrich Jefferson

Since the graduation of Niles Gwivern, Ulrich Jefferson is the best receiving tight end that the country has had. He'll grow into the role, but he will be a good security blanket.

OT Julian Watt

Watt is the senior voice on the offensive line - and the Kohnheadian now has some others who have played with him for a while, meaning that for the first time in three years, the line is a strength of this offense.
Offensive Philosophy

With an offensive line that has had many years to play with each other, the Firehawks will let Odika do things as he sees fit. Having a back like Thomas in the backfield will help, and then he has a wealth of weapons to throw the ball to. Expect big plays, risks, and the understanding that sometimes, they will make mistakes - which is fine as long as enough positive plays come out in spite the mistakes.
Usual Starters in Italics
Defensive Ends
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#60 Aubin Rouzet 21 Jr R 6 ft 4 in Myana Coverage Specialist, Pass Rusher, Driven DEFENSIVE CAPTAIN
#61 Sizo Ashenafi 20 Jr R 6 ft 3 in Busukuma Game Changer, Tough as Nails, Passionate - Banija

#65 Kira Jones 20 So L 6 ft 8 in Chromia Physical, Brutal, Punisher
#63 Ishmael Carraia 20 So R 6 ft 5 in Wirr Tsi Speedy, Jovial, Driven

Defensive Tackles
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#44 Bryan Hilbrand 20 So R 6 ft 3 in Tor Frantic, Wise, Jumpy*
#40 Josiah Anderson-Smith 19 Fr L 6 ft 9 in Chromia Physical, Temperamental, Relentless Motor

Outside Linebackers
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#54 Nicole Manstrom 22 Sr R 6 ft 1 in Tor Blitz Specialist, Versatile, Quick off the Edge
#51 Rolan Monroe 20 Jr L 6 ft 5 in Richardson Clutch, Driven, Leader - Ranoria

#52 Trevon Specter 18 So R 6 ft 3 in North Ashland Passionate, Reserved, Speculative - Ranoria
#57 Isabelle Rancor 19 Fr R 6 ft 3 in Tihon Cerebral, Coverage Specialist, Great Hands

Middle Linebackers
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#55 Reile Jordan 21 Jr R 6 ft 1 in Brisara Coverage Backer, Smart, Quick
#43 Theo Nilsen 19 Fr 6 ft Speedy, Versatile, Great Vision - Valanora*

#59 Shivay Patil 19 Fr Ratzupalfu Run Support, Determined, Consistent - South Newlandia
#58 Edith George 21 Jr L 6 ft 4 in Inon Physical, Tackler, Hammer
#53 Ilya Gorgon 20 So R 6 ft 8 in Felswyr Smart, Fast, Composed

Strong Safeties
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#30 Magnus Lindhjem 21 Sr B 6 ft 2 in Raynor City Balanced, Field Vision, Dependable - Valanora*
#38 Saya Okayato 19 Fr R 6 ft 5 in Rhoni Jack of All Trades, Injury Prone, Good Natured

Free Safeties
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#31 Tara Langlois-Zuluka 21 Sr R 6 ft 1 in Winnipeg Explosive, Coverage Specialist, Impulsive - Quebec and Shingoryeo*
#22 Adora Hightower 20 So R 6 ft 3 in Myana Aggressive, Athletic, Driven
#37 Édit Éloise 19 Fr L 6 ft 4 in Lhor Ball Hawk, Cerebral, Fast

Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#49 Brianna Oglesby 22 Sr R 6 ft 4 in Brattleboro Fast, Instinctive, Model Student - Cassadaigua
#20 Dorothéa Amble 21 Jr R 6 ft 2 in Staramara Cerebral, Positional, Ball Hawk*

#23 Alani Sörens 20 So R 5 ft 11 in Ratzupalfu Smart, Fast, Keen - South Newlandia
#33 Annika Rhine 20 So R 6 ft 10 in Hanai Shutdown Corner, Langy, Injury-Prone
#29 Éloi Pléssíen 20 So R 6 ft 6 in Eyrods Rangy, Good Hands, Quick Off the Line
#41 Dwight Hellstrom 19 Fr R 6 ft 10 in Myana Tall, Jumping Reach, Instinctive
DE Aubin Rouzet and Sizo Ashenafi

It's Aubin Rouzet and Sizo Ashenafi starting. Rouzet is someone that has the combination of ability to find the backfield, ability to tackle anyone that gets in his way, and the reach to catch those balls that other Defensive Ends would not be able to. Ashenafi, on the other hand, is a tough-as-nails gamechanger who comes through in the clutch. Now Juniors, they will have to do a lot with a lot of youth in other parts of the field.

OLB Nicole Manstrom and Rolan Monroe

Nicole Manstrom starts alongside Rolan Monroe. Monroe is a clutch player who is driven while Manstrom is the blitzer - two more players who will be trying to fill in some big shoes. They will also be a part of the players trying to cause turnovers.

MLB Reile Jordan

Filling Park Mi-Hyeon's shoes is almost as impossible as filling Sarai's, but Jordan - with her smarts and her quickness - will do a decent job.

SS Magnus Lindhjem

After playing second fiddle to Sage Sterling for so long, Lindhjem finally gets his time to shine - and he should do a dependable job.

CB Brianna Oglesby

Now in her Senior year, Oglesby is the team's leading Corner, having learned very quickly and without much issue.

CB Alani Sörens

The Newlandian corner has high expectations due to his speed and ability to read the field.
Defensive Philosophy

Under Noles, the Firehawks have switched to a more traditional 3-4-4, and utilizes a coverage middle linebacker and a blitzing one on most situations. There is definitely youth all over the field, but they'll try to be aggressive, cause turnovers, and hope that they recover on the back end if that fails.
Usual Starters in Italics
Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#04 Michelle Breille 22 Sr L 6 ft 5 in Sanar Passionate, Strong Leg, Emotional - SPECIAL TEAMS CAPTAIN
#06 Ivan Homer 19 Fr L 5 ft 11 in Z'ai'ai Clutch, Even-Keeled, Passionate

Num Name Age Yr R/L Height Hometown Description
#09 Viktor Andrei 21 Jr R 5 ft 8 in Chromia Coffin Corner, Monster Leg, Consistent
#13 Pyra Anita-Drosovnai 20 So R 6 ft 3 in Alnio Directional, Tall, Visionary
K Michelle Breille

Breille is it, now. She has a longer leg but is highly passionate and emotional, having learned how to be more of a clutch kicker from one of the best in the sport.

P Viktor Andrei

Andrei has a booming leg and a more carefree attitude.
Special Teams Philosophy

A kicker should never miss. Play for field position. Solid fundamentals. McAllister will always be missed.
Season Schedule
Week 1: vs. Sadeg State University Skyhawks (DRK)
Week 2: vs. Cavsar University Gladiators (DRK)
Week 3: @ Staramara Tech University Lava (CMT)
Week 4: vs. Golden Oak University Foxes (UAD)
Week 5: @ Imperial University of Pomena Royals (JUE)
Week 6: @ Silverleaf University Goblins (UAD)
Week 7: vs. Kynᶒqurnstka Surona University Beach Eagles (KLJ)
Week 8: @ Sadeg State University Skyhawks (DRK)
Week 9: @ Cavsar University Gladiators (DRK)
Week 10: vs. Staramara Tech University Lava (CMT)
Week 11: vs. Trent State University Feathercaps (TJU)
Week 12: @ University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder (BNJ)
Week 13: vs. Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles (KND)
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: No.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No.
Godmod Other Events: No.
Style Modifier: +3.5

Staramara Tech University Lava
Stadium: Johnston Memorial Stadium, Staramara, Urrhed Island (Cap. 4,500)

Head Coach: Laverna Getz (56)
Offensive Coordinator: Teisha Wagoner (52)
Defensive Coordinator: Candy Vogel (52)
Special Teams Coordinator: Adelle Bernard (45)

Philosophy: The STU Lava use a jumbo set (5 OL, 1 QB, 1 FB, 1 HB, 2 TE, 1 WR or 5 OL, 1 QB, 1 FB, 2 HB, 1 TE, 1 WR) and run the ball 80% of the time. Their receivers are more outside blockers that sometimes leak out to catch receivers in the flat. The QB is allowed to take the ball and run it or hand it off - they commit to the run well. When the QB does throw, it's quick outs or deep play action passes.

#18 QB Haruno Masakazu - Jr (21) - Height: 6' 2" - Hometown: Felswyr, Mountain District - OFFENSIVE CAPTAIN
#13 QB Liana Anderson - Jr (21) - Height: 6' 4: - Hometown: Chromia, Capital District
#07 QB Amerique Qarinne - So (20) - Height: 6’ 1” - Hometown: Urrheddiao, Urrhed Island

Liana Anderson is a hybrid passer who can throw and run with equal efficiency, while Hakuno Masakazu is an interesting fit as he's more of a pocket quarterback with an accurate arm. Masakazu has won the starting job after last season, and with the team getting some better receivers, there may be some more deep play action in the future for the Lava.

Running Backs
#27 RB Gabriele Ziegler - Jr (20) - Height: 5' 9" - Hometown: Mooreville, Ranoria
#20 RB Isaga Duhaga - Fr (18) - Height: 5' 10" - Hometown: , Banija
#32 RB Jordan Hines - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 2" - Hometown: Sanar, Rainbow District
#34 RB Leandra Hopkins - Fr (19) - Height: 6' 3" - Hometown: Urrheddiao, Urrhed Island

Gabriele has done well as a receiving back, and the Lava bring in Duhaga to be the more short-yardage running back to get the tough yards in between the tackles. Hines is a decent option in two-back formations where both need to be able to catch the ball, while Hopkins is an understudy for now.

#38 FB Naomi Erehon - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 2" - Hometown: Tihon, Urrhed Island
#37 FB Jameson Akae - So (20) - Height: 6’ 3” - Hometown: Staramara, Urrhed Island

Naomi Erehon is more of the pass blocking type who can leak out in the flat, and is more expected to play with Masakazu, while Akae is the run-blocking type.

Wide Receivers
#17 WR Layna Cinder - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 8" - Hometown: Urrheddiao, Urrhed Island
#80 WR Min-Gu Byuk - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 5" - Hometown: Tihon, Urrhed Island
#83 WR Jacoby Grinner - So (20) - Height: 6’ 4" - Hometown: Chromia, Capital District
#82 WR Edison Dotwiler - Fr (19) - Height: 6' 2" - Hometown: Chromia, Capital District
#19 WR Eduard Wallard - Fr (19) - Height: 6' 2" - Hometown: Vitoron, Capital District

This group of receivers are okay with catching the ball, but better used setting the edge on stretch running plays. Layna Cinder is more of a pure pass catcher and Min-Gu Byuk is the speedster, while Grinner can tear up the field and Dotwiler and Wallard can both catch passes in the open. When the Lava need to make comebacks, they now have a slew of players that can really catch the ball.

Tight Ends
#84 TE Oswain Callheart - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 9" - Hometown: Z'ai'ai, Mountain District
#89 TE Darin Faulkner - So (20) - Height: 6’ 1” - Hometown: Urrheddiao, Urrhed Island

#88 TE Osman Pyatt - Fr (19) - Height: 6' 10" - Hometown: Myana, Myana Island

In order for the Lava to do well, their Tight Ends will have to do well. Oswain Callheart is the one to head out there. Darin Faulkner is good in rush blocking and not much else, while Pyatt can help with the passing downs.

Offensive Tackles
#71 OT Izaya Hanzo - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 4" - Hometown: Umbar, Mountain District
#73 OT Ikuru Bayongo - Fr (18) - Height: 6' 4" - Hometown: Kihanga, Banija

#76 OT Nastaya Fleming - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 4" - Hometown: Myana, Myana Island
#79 OT Pietr Sandoff - Fr (19) - Height: 6' 11" - Hometown: Hanai, Capital District

Izaya Hanzo is a run-first blocker while Bayongo is the jack of all trades from Banija brought in to replace the departing Senior. Nastaya Fleming is a bit slower than either of them, while Pietr Sandoff is the better passing blocker than any of them save Bayongo. They remain the biggest question for the Lava's offense.

Offensive Guards
#74 OG Haden Groff - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 5" - Hometown: Qet, Urrhed Island
#66 OG Brandon Nile - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 4" - Hometown: Tor, Urrhed Island

#70 OG Karlos Dwyer - So (20) - Height: 6’ 1” - Hometown: Urrheddiao, Urrhed Island
#78 OG Arley Barrier - So (20) - Height: 6’ 7” - Hometown: Staramara, Urrhed Island

With Reeves and Ruffin gone, Groff and Nile are up. Both of them are strong and physical but aren’t the best in pass protection - the best pass protector on this line is Barrier. Karlos Dwyer, on the other hand, is quick for a lineman.

#70 C Si-U Park - Jr (21) - Height: 6' 7" - Hometown: Sanar, Rainbow District
#77 C Maria Jones - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 4" - Hometown: Wix, Urrhed Island
#79 C Rhiani Samson - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 2" - Hometown: Qet, Urrhed Island

Park Si-U is a cerebral player who can call out protection schemes and assigning packages than playing the game himself. He's not the best at running situations, and will have to be inducted in the way of STU's running game. Maria Jones and Rhiani Samson will be there in case Park needs help.

Philosophy: The Lava run a 4-3, Cover 2, with an emphasis on stopping the run and pressuring the Quarterback. They aren't the best at stopping the pass, but in an ideal game, they'll control time of possession and get at the Quarterback enough times that it limits the opposition.

Defensive Ends
#50 DE Taniuchi Kai - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 1" - Hometown: Tor, Urrhed Island
#55 DE Armand Portier - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 3" - Hometown: Eyrods, Myana Island

#61 DE Paul Eberron - So (20) - Height: 6’ 4” - Hometown: Staramara, Urrhed Island
#63 DE Lee Bo-Mi - Fr (19) - Height: 6' 8" - Hometown: Sanar, Rainbow District
#66 DE Paul Everson - Fr (19) - Height: 6' 7" - Hometown: Felswyr, Mountain District

Every one of these players are fast blitzers with a nose for the football; Kai is the best in coverage, Portier best getting past the Tight End or Running Back, while Eberron has the most pure speed, Lee is the relentless one, and Everson shines in clutch situations.

Defensive Tackles
#65 DT Gérald Bullion - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 4" - Hometown: Qet, Urrhed Island
#50 DT Jaire Alford - So (20) - Height: 6’ 5” - Hometown: Dietrich, Ranoria

#57 DT William Michaels - Jr (21) - Height: 5' 11" - Hometown: Staramara, Urrhed Island
#69 DT Nevin Ingalls - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 1" - Hometown: Urrheddiao, Urrhed Island

Alford is a step-in-the-room and make the team better kind of guy. He's very strong and remarkably fast for his size, but his gap movement, discipline, and swim move in the pass and run game are what make him stand out. Gérald Bullion provides more size; William Michaels and Nevin Ingalls can spell them for stretches.

Outside Linebackers
#48 OLB Masresha Meba - Jr (20) - Height: 6' 1" - Hometown: Karonma, Moravica Region, Banija
#56 OLB Wakimoto Kaede - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 5" - Hometown: Lhor, Coastal District

#52 OLB Alexeyeva Verusya Dmitrievna - Sr (22) - 6' 2" - Hometown: Pria, Coastal District
#53 OLB Gruzdev Kvetoslav Vadimovich - Jr (21) - 6' 1" - Hometown: Urrheddiao, Urrhed District

Msresha Meba did well for a year, and can be described to be rangy, smartest dude on the field, and fundamentally sound. Wakimoto Kaede is more of a fundamental tackler while Alexeyeva Dmitrievna and Gruzdev Vadimovich learn from the bench. This is a very young core that will need to develop.

Middle Linebackers
#51 MLB Lucius Agot - So (20) - Height: 6’ 3: - Hometown: Istria, Wakiso District, Banija - DEFENSIVE CAPTAIN
#44 MLB Estella St. Jones - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 2" - Hometown: Lanar, Rainbow District
#47 MLB Kevin Weathers - Fr (19) - Height: 6' 10" - Hometown: Eyrods, Myana Island

With Rinaldi gone, it’s Agot that is the key of the defense. Agot is an absolute tank of a man, as the sizeable middle linebacker is one of the toughest people to block in high school football. He is known as an elite tackler, and somebody who can shed all sorts of blocks. He plugs running holes, and while he doesn't quite have the speed to stick with running backs in the zone, his strong play recognition skills allow him to stay at the center of a zone defense. But he's got the fundamentals of the game all together. and he's got the size to stick with tight ends, so he's expected to be a force in the middle for years to come. Estella St. Jones will provide Agot protection, and brings more ranginess and coverage skills to the position, while Kevin Weathers is a ball of instinct and not much else.

#31 FS/SS Do-Hyuk Kim - Jr (21) - Height: 6' 2" - Hometown: Eyrods, Myana Island
#37 FS Rona Candice - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 4" - Hometown: Tihon, Urrhed Island

#34 SS Su-Bin Kim - So (20) - Height: 6’ 4” - Hometown: Sanar, Rainbow Island
#28 FS Harold Hynes - Fr (19) - Height: 6' 3: - Hometown: Staramara, Urrhed Island

Do-Hyuk Kim loves to play through contact, Rona Candice is a ball hawk, while Kim Su-Bin is the risk taker. Safeties aren't expected to do much in this defense but assist in plays. Hynes adds the dimension of being another ball hawk that can be fielded.

#42 CB Mastaya Vorpen - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 2" - Hometown: Chromia, Capital District
#21 CB Anira Hoss - Jr (21) - Height: 6' 10" - Hometown: Myana, Myana Island

#43 CB Ingrid Gustaffston - Jr (21) - Height: 6' 11" - Hometown: Urrheddiao, Urrhed Island
#33 CB Gary Harold - Sr (22) - Height: 6 ' 7" - Hometown: Qet, Urrhed Island
#29 CB Andrew Gilliam - So (20) - Height: 6’ 3” - Hometown: Staramara, Urrhed Island

Mastya Vorpen is a serviceable corners who are used to being on an island, while Anira Hoss can bring the heat. Lava Cornerbacks are expected to deal with situations on their own as the safeties are often helping the linebackers with the run.

Philosophy: STU special teams is all about field position and not much about scoring. This team likes to go for it on fourth and short, so they're fine playing second fiddle.

#05 K James Dior - Jr (21) - Height: 6' 3" - Hometown: Myana, Myana Island

James Dior is a serviceable kicker who's reliable under 40 but not very good beyond that.

#10 P Percivel Gilbert - Sr (22) - Height: 6' 5" - Hometown: Urrheddiao, Urrhed Island - SPECIAL TEAMS CAPTAIN

Gilbert is a directional punter who tries to pin opponents deep.
Season Schedule
Week 1: @ Cavsar University Gladiators (DRK)
Week 2: vs. Sadeg State University Skyhawks (DRK)
Week 3: vs. Felswyr State University Firehawks (CMT)
Week 4: vs. Silverleaf University Goblins (UAD)
Week 5: @ Kynᶒqurnstka Surona University Beach Eagles
Week 6: @ Golden Oak University Foxes (UAD)
Week 7: vs. Imperial University of Pomena Royals (JUE)
Week 8: vs. Cavsar University Gladiators (DRK)
Week 9: @ Sadeg State University Skyhawks (DRK)
Week 10: @ Felswyr State University Firehawks (CMT)
Week 11: @ Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish(QUE)
Week 12: vs. Northern Moravica University Cougars (BNJ)
Week 13: vs. Ratzupalfu University of Nature Egrets (SNL)
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: No.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No.
Godmod Other Events: No.
Style Modifier: -4
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Postby Saint Kanye » Sun Sep 04, 2022 12:48 am


Country Name: St. Kanye
Country Trigramme: STK
College Name: Upper Westside University (UWU, pronounced oo-woo)
Team Nickname: Red Pandas
Home Stadium (Capacity): UWU Stadium (42,069)
Style of play: +π (or simply +3.142)




All elements are interchangeable, but the primary home look is red helmet/red top/white pants while the primary away look is white helmet/white top/red pants. And yes, despite the orange tint to it, it must always be referred to as red.


All players and staff are male, starters in bold, standout players with asterisk (*).

HC: Fabio Forelli
OC: Fred Doss
DC: Ronnie Simpson
ST: Jimmy Joe Ferguson


QB: #10 Adrian St. Roger (Jr) / #3 Jed Nightingale (So) / #15 Seth Kramer (Fr)
RB: #22 Chase Okoma (Jr) / #7 Dayquan Tramell (Fr) / #27 Brion Wells (So)
FB: #21 Khalil Abdul Wahad (Jr) / #29 Leon Leech (Sr)
WR: #8 Tyron Hall (Sr)* / #12 Sam Dobler (So) / #18 Josh Laney-Seymour (Jr) / #6 Spencer Cage (Jr) / #2 Darren Johnson-Jones (Fr)
TE: #86 Jonald Cooley (So)* / #11 Emerson Nguyen (Jr)
LT: #67 Gabe Pendelbury (Sr)* / #73 Dave Kenzie (Fr)
LG: #76 Stevan Burrough (Jr) / #70 Omar Hopkins (Fr)
C: #79 Malik Turvey (Fr)* / #64 Brody Garrett (So)
RG: #63 Cory Hughes (Sr) / #68 Arthur Stone (So)
RT: #60 Antonio Gregg (Sr) / #65 Kirk Jones (Jr)


LE: #99 Jimmy O'Riley (Sr) / #96 Jake Hollis (So) / #90 Kris Baldwin (So)
RE: #91 Harrison Floyd (Sr) / #98 Roderick Bridges (So) / #94 Jerald Townsend (Fr)
NT: #97 Benj Morris (Sr) / #95 Dexter Daniels (Jr) / #93 Arlan Connell (So) / #92 Brett Wight (Fr)
LOLB: #48 Alex Grohl (Jr) / #42 Billy Gomez (Sr)
MLB: #66 Helmut Jensen (So)* / #53 Hassan Anderson (Jr) / #52 Jason Highbury (Fr)
ROLB: #17 Orlando Hayden (Sr) / #4 Cam Wayne (Fr)
CB: #1 Troy Quinn (Sr)* / #20 Ishrael Carter (Fr)* / #32 Alonzo Duke (Fr) / #9 Pierre Beaulieu (So)*
FS: #16 Karl Nazarian (Fr)* / #28 Toshiya Ono (Jr)
SS: #33 Zeus Pilkington (Sr) / #31 Corbin Sparks (So)


K: #13 Matt Ingberg (Jr)
P: #19 Caleb Zimmerman (Jr)
LS: #50 Tanner White (Sr)


3DRB: #7 Dayquan Tramell
KR: #9 Pierre Beaulieu
PR: #18 Josh Laney-Seymour
KOS: #19 Caleb Zimmerman
Holder: #3 Jed Nightingale
Gunner1: #31 Corbin Sparks
Gunner2: #28 Toshiya Ono
Off. Captain: #8 Tyron Hall
Def. Captain: #1 Troy Quinn
ST Captain: #13 Matt Ingberg


Offense: I Form, ~75% Pass, ~25% Run
Defense: 3-4
Special Teams: Always go for it on 4th and less than 5 and on opponent's side of field.
(basically the same as the World Bowl team except not as blitz happy)


Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yeah
RP injuries to my players: None from the standout players. TG otherwise, or if you are on the NS Motorsports or Atlantian Oceania Discord server, contact me there.
Godmod Injuries to my players: See above
Suspend my players: No way
Godmod suspension events: Nein
Godmod other events: It depends. Coronavirus or pandemic-related RPs are NOT ALLOWED. THERE IS NO VIRUS OR PANDEMIC, OR ANY WAY OF HAVING ONE, IN OUR COUNTRY. TG otherwise, or if you are on the NS Motorsports or Atlantian Oceania Discord server, contact me there.


| MD | Opponent | Helmet/Jersey/Pants | Score | Record | Div | Conf |
| 1 | Woodstock University Climbers (SRZ) | Red/Red/White | | | | |
| 2 | @ Joe Gibbs University Cyclones (SRZ) | White/White/Red | | | | |
| 3 | @ University of Alcuta Skyhawks (VNM) | White/White/White | | | | |
| 4 | @ University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder (BNJ) | Red/White/Red | | | | |
| 5 | Elephant Valley University Red Elephants (SNL) | Red/Red/Red | | | | |
| 6 | Northern Moravica University Cougars (BNJ) | Red/White/White | | | | |
| 7 | @ Ratzupalfu University of Nature Egrets (SNL) | White/Red/White | | | | |
| 8 | @ Woodstock University Climbers (SRZ) | White/White/Red | | | | |
| 9 | Joe Gibbs University Cyclones (SRZ) | Red/Red/White | | | | |
| 10 | University of Alcuta Skyhawks (VNM) | White/Red/White | | | | |
| 11 | @ Hankow State University Honey Badgers (UNV) | White/White/Red | | | | |
| 12 | Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish (QUE) | Red/Red/Red | | | | |
| 13 | Summit University Bighorns (HAR) | Red/Red/White | | | | |
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20 Daryl Calhoun (S11 Champ, S10 Runner-up) | 22 Pyotr Lavrentiev | 30 Lexi Patterson

IBC 20, 22, 23, 24 (Basketball)
NSCAA 11 (College Basketball)
IC7 II (7ball)
Arena Bowl VI (Arena Gridiron)
NSSCRA 9 (Stock Car Racing)

World Bowl 42 (Gridiron)
NSSCRA 10, 12

IBC 19

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Postby Chromatika » Tue Sep 06, 2022 8:56 pm

Chromatik High School Gridiron - Season Ten Preview, Part One

Season 1 Champions: Central Heights High School (MVP: QB Harold Jieter)
Season 2 Champions: East Omnio High School (MVP: WR Alessandro Mio)
Season 3 Champions: Mt. Niar High School (MVP: QB Sarai Gwenderyn)
Season 4 Champions: Mt. Niar High School (MVP: QB Sarai Gwenderyn)
Season 5 Champions: Flames of the Revolution High School (MVP: RB Nyata Antonucci)
Season 6 Champions: Staramara Tech High School (MVP: Edge Nicole Manstrom)
Season 7 Champions: Franscesca Larriet-Cortes High School (MVP: QB Liara Anderson)
Season 8 Champions: Vitoron School of Charge (MVP: QB Anne-Maurice Vivayavich)
Season 9 Champions: Myana Northwestern High School Blue and White (MVP: QB Nicole Estera)

Reminder: Tiebreakers are H2H Results then H2H PD. For three-way ties, overall PD is used as the first tiebreaker, and then H2H Results come in for the second and third teams. For ties involving more than three teams, overall PD is used.

High School Football is back! Last time around, the Anacondas almost had a perfect season, to be tripped up at the final hurdle by the Blue and White. Will the Robots of Vitoron School of Charge make another deep run? How will the Martyrs of Francesca Larriet-Cortes High School do? Who will win the Emerald Conference in Urrhed Island? Let's take a look at the Rainbow District, Mountain District, Heartland District, and Coastal District.

Diamond Conference
Favorites: Pelar High School Hurons, Lanar High School Rhinos
Dark Horses: Rainbow Central High School Cavaliers, Lanar Central High School Bikers
Cellar Dwellers: Twin Cities High School Gemini, Tears of the Revolution High School Saints
Star Players: Pelar High School RB Jacoby Laure-Brissett (Sr.), Pelar High School QB Reeva Karlston (Fr.), Pelar High School K Redwina Gard (Sr.), Lanar High School QB Inera Rhett (So.), Lanar High School SS Everson Griffith (Sr.), Lanar High School K Gavin Hanar (Jr.), Rainbow Central High School TE Wilhelm Daniels (So.), Rainbow Central High School OLB Henri Jefferson (Jr.), Lanar Central High School WR Amanda Derulo (Jr.), Lanar Central High School FS Eric Djokovic (So.), Twin Cities High School C Marx Jacoby-Jones (Jr.), Tears of the Revolution High School MLB Inna Jones (Sr.).
The Rundown: Last time around, the Rhinos and the Cavaliers faced off for the Conference Title, with the Rhinos coming up top; they will be contested by the Hurons this season, with Reeva Karlston under center and Jacoby Laure-Brissett getting most of the carries. The Rhinos are led by Sophomore QB Inera Rhett, who steps in for the departed Steven Brenoir. That will be the biggest change, but the rest of the Rhinos are pretty solid. The Cavaliers will be waiting with their star OLB Jefferson and TE Daniels to see if any of them will falter, while Lanar Central's WR Amanda Derulo will hope that any of their three QBs can actually throw a pass. Marx Jacoby-Jones of Twin Cities High School is one of the best Offensive Linemen in the country, while MLB Irina Jones will tally a dozen tackles a game for a hapless Tears of the Revolution High School side.

Pearl Conference
Favorites: Jerome A. Samuelson High School Mimes, North Sanar High School Riflemen
Dark Horses: South Sanar High School Armadillos, Chromatik Army High School Recruits
Cellar Dwellers: Knetyohai City High School Peregrines, Penat High School Understudy
Star Players: Jerome A. Samuelson High School QB Anderson Joseph, Jr. (Sr.), Jerome A. Samuelson High School WR Tiffany Morales (So.), Jerome A. Samuelson High School FS Kim Byung-San (Sr.), North Sanar High School WR Ned Pill (Jr.), North Sanar High School CB Larry Pinmichael (So.), North Sanar High School DE Mark Waddle (Sr.), South Sanar High School RB William Brine (Jr.), South Sanar High School MLB Jacques Jones (Jr.), Chromatik Army High School C Theodore Usania (So.), Chromatik Army High School DE Oswin Jackson, Jr. (Sr.), Knetyohai City High School RT Eddie Paul (Jr), Penat High School QB Kandice Mott (Jr).
The Rundown: Out of nowhere, the Jerome A. Samuelson Mimes came to the forefront of the Conference, and the Mimes captured the hearts of the entire nation by making it to the National Playoffs. Now, with Joseph in his Senior year, Morales another year under her boot, and a defense led by Senior FS Kim Byung-San, the Mimes are the best team, by far. The Riflemen will have a different underclassmen throwing the ball to Ned Pill after a career-ending injury to Raul Ibberon, which can really set them back; the Recruits will be led by their defense, the Peregrines know not much other than how to run the ball, and the Understudy have a very mobile QB and not much else. Welcome to the era of the Mimes.

Mining Guild Conference
Favorites: Mt. Niar High School Anancondas, Z'ai'ai Central High School Hooligans
Dark Horses: Mt. Baker High School Abominable Snowmen, Winter Heights High School Glaciers
Cellar Dwellers: Randan High School Rapiers, Jatho Agricultural High School Farmers
Star Players: Mt. Niar High School QB Victor Rowles (Sr.), Mt. Niar High School RB Anne Holmes (Sr.), Mt. Niar High School FS Liara Gin (FS), Z'ai'ai Central High School QB Terry Ryung (Jr.), Z'ai'ai Central High School OLB Carter Cooper (Jr.), Z'ai'ai Central High School FS Ken Dwyer (Sr.), Mt. Baker High School RB Han Bi-Mi (Sr.), Mt. Baker High School ILB Simon Gerard (Jr.), Winter Heights High School DT Paul Grayson (Jr.), Winter Heights High School CB Dorothy Yang (Sr.), Randan High School QB Pavel Ingram (So.), Jatho Agricultural High School FB Willard Liana (Jr.).
The Rundown: Viktor Rowles almost had it all - the first perfect season in Chromatik High School Gridiron history, a chance to do something that Sarai Gwenderyn couldn't do, and a title. Then, Myana Northwestern took it all away. Rowles is back, and though his best targets are gone, he has a backfield led by Anne Holmes and FS Liara Gin to shore up the defensive side of the field. Sure, he has underclassmen to throw to, but he's very good, and they should be fine. As for the Hooligans - who finished 4-6 last season - still have Terry Ryung leading their offense and a defense that is led by Ken Dwyer and Carter Cooper. They should be back this year, though the Abominable Snowmen of Mt. Baker High School will try to make it to the Championship Game with a team that can both run the ball and stop the run. Winter Heights remains a team that's built on the defensive side of the ball - Paul Grayson and Dorothy Yang are ballers - while the team that surprised everyone, Randan High School, has a high octane offense led by Pavel Ingram, but not much else. For Willard Liana and the Farmers, it'll be another long year - at least they can run the ball semi-decently well.

Snowy Fields Conference
Favorites: Umbar Hills High School Grizzlies, Brisara Trade School Businessmen
Dark Horses: Ming School of Business Traders, Briara Central High School Hammers
Cellar Dwellers: City of Umbar High School Monkeys, Dynasty High School Royals
Star Players: Umbar Hills High School QB Ewan Pyrehamix (Fr.), Umbar Hills High School DE Erik Kessler (Jr.), Umbar Hills High School MLB Beatrice Hak (Jr.), Brisara Trade School QB Rico Divalles (Sr.), Brisara Trade School RB Tary McLauren (Jr.), Brisara Trade School OLB Hera Athena (Sr.), Ming School of Business TE Logan Vinte (Sr.), Ming School of Business OLB Jessika Kyle (So.), Brisara Central High School WR Ivan Nyer (Jr.), Brisara Central High School CB Peter Juxon (Sr.), City of Umbar High School C Hang Kyung-Jyuk (Sr.), Dynasty High School QB Gill Gaines (Fr.).
The Rundown: The Grizzlies run this conference, led by a defense with Erik Kessler and Beatrice Hak; Ewan Pyrehamix is a prospect with some upside with his arm strength, but will lean on the defense against the Businessmen, who have Rico Divalles to lead the team in his Senior Year, with Tary McLauren in the backfield and Hera Athena on the other side. It's pretty even, but the Grizzlies do have a better defense. Behind them, the Ming School of Business Traders have pieces but not much else, with Jessika Kyle likely to get double digit tackles every season; the Hammers of Brisara Central High School will either throw over the top or pick off passes, as Peter Juxon is one of the best ball hawks in the country. At the bottom, Hang Kyung-Jyuk seems like the best Center, while Gill Gaines' quest to bring the Royals to relevance begins - he has been rated highly, but there isn't much around him. The Grizzlies, though, are really set to repeat.

Breadbasket Conference
Favorites: West Shantarr High School Scorpions, East Shantarr High School Order
Dark Horses: Pùr Equestrian School Riders, Anfanhar High School Mystery
Cellar Dwellers: Dragon High School Flames, Pùr Heights High School Destroyers
Star Players: West Shantarr High School QB Francine Weiler (Jr.), West Shantarr High School RB Rea Atera (Sr.), West Shtnarr High School LG Mylera Jorley (Jr.), East Shantarr High School QB Daemon Argonaut (Fr.), East Shantarr High School RB Benjamin Merik (Sr.), East Shantarr High School CB Michael Larson (Jr.), Pùr Equestrian High School RB Perry Orr (Sr.), Pùr High School WR Oliana Pier (Jr.), Anfanhar High School RG Asphodel Myers (Jr.), Anfanhar High School C Matthias Woodpecker (Jr.), Dragon High School SS Andy Kolar (Sr.), Pùr Heights High School QB Frederick Killaman (Jr.).
The Rundown: The Order utterly fell flat last time around, but still have a lot of star power - with Daemon Argonaut, the best-rated pocket passer in the freshman class, Benjamin Merik in the backfield, and Michael Larson shoring up the deep end. However, the Scorpions also have a great QB-RB tandem, and Mylera Jorley will be a huge asset blocking in front of Atera or protecting Weiler. The Riders have a great offense and a subpar defense, while the Mystery's offensive line is one of the best in the nation. For the bottom feeders, Andy Kolar will get at least ten turnovers this season, while Frederick Killaman of the Destroyers will single-handedly try to win games as a run-first Quarterback.

Dairy Conference
Favorites: City of Lorentine High School Wizards, Cheonju Korean Institute Red Devils
Dark Horses: Crix Technical High School Chameleons, Crix Arts Institute Artisans
Cellar Dwellers: Cheonju High School Condors, Lorentine Central High School Majestics
Star Players: City of Lorentine High School RB Randolph Huckleby (So.), City of Lorentine High School MLB Britney Hines (Sr.), City of Lorentine High School RT Heinrik St. Joseph (Jr.), Cheonju Korean Institute QB San Coreen (Jr.), Cheonju Korean Institute WR Lana Kans-Baptim (Sr.), Cheonju Korean Institute DT Reeka Solphim (So.), Crix Technical School QB Jack Niles (Jr.), Crix Technical School OLB Asmodel Propleier (Sr.), Crix Arts Institute RB Ren Gyung (Jr.), Crix Arts Institute SS Saria Kollom (Sr.), Cheonju High School CB Carolyn Jones (Sr.), Lorentine Central High School TE Samira Lottiver (Sr.).
The Rundown: The Wizards have reigned supreme once again - and Frank Wing is being given the keys. A southpaw, dual-threat Quarterback, St. Joseph will protect his blind side while HInes will do what Hines does from the middle of the defense. For the Red Devils, Coreen is a mobile passer and Kans-Baptim a
speeding receiver who can take over in space. Reeka Solphim is now the key piece of their defense - with the ability to totally plug up the middle. The Chameleons have a deep passer in Jack Niles and a blitzing linebacker in Asmodel Propleier; other than those three, the only other team that could really make a difference is the Artisans of Crix Arts Institute, with Ren Gyung hitting the hole and Saria Kollom hitting like a hammer; Carolyn Jones is a rangy corner for Cheonju high while Samira Lottiver is a possession-based tight end for the Majestics.

Wildlife Conference
Favorites: East Rhoni High School Kayaks, Lhor Central High School Flying Jellyfish
Dark Horses: Pride Academy Cyclones, Rhoni School of Architecture Gradients
Cellar Dwellers: Anderson H. Kim High School Chimera, Harbour High School Shipmen
Star Players: East Rhoni High School QB Evan Jerome (Jr.), East Rhoni High School WR Peter Langloif (So.), East Rhoni High School FS Fyra Plintiff (Sr.), Lhor Central High School DE Kyra Bones (Sr.), Lhor Central High School OLB Aurana Mikel (Jr.), Lhor Central High School CB Karen Michaelangelo (So.), Pride Academy QB Mikkela Ansoli (Jr.), Pride Academy CB Lyla Pale (Sr.), Rhoni School of Architecture DE Jillian Hunter (Sr.), Rhoni School of Architecture MLB Riley Este (Jr.), Anderson H. Kim High School MLB Mauricio del Pata (Sr.), Harbour High School QB Evan Hill (So.).
The Rundown: The Flying Jellyfish surprised everyone last season, and look to be poised to repeat; with their defense being as good as it is this season - Kyra Bones is massive off the edge, while Aurana Mikel can cover and blitz off the edge. East Rhoni finishing fourth last season was a travesty, but that should not repeat; Evan Jerome continues to develop, while Peter Langloif has become the possession-based security blanket, and Fyra Plintiff is still a hammer on the defensive end. Further down, the Cyclones continue to have Mikkela Ansoli, a pocket passer, and Lya Pale, a sure-headed cornerback. The Gradients should return back to middle of the table, led by their defense of Senior Defensive End Jillian Hunter and Junior Middle Linebacker Riley Este, as Amira Kong's presence will be missed. At the bottom, the Chimera will still have Maurico del Plata be a menace up the middle, while the Shipmen, having fallen all the way down to predicted sixth, will lean on Evan Hill's Quarterbacking - shotgun-style.

Aqua Conference
Favorites: J. H. Yadasky High School Heroes, West Rhoni High School Warhawks
Dark Horses: Compass Coastal Academy Cartographers, Coastal Academy of the Arts Sculptures
Cellar Dwellers: Coast Guard High School Guards, City of Larhai High School Rush
Star Players: J. H. Yadasky High School QB Cade Stases (Fr.), J. H. Yadasky High School RB Isaiah Candy (Jr.), J. H. Yadasky High School SS Heinrik Desller (So.), West Rhoni High School QB Suki Yoshito (So.), West Rhoni High School WR Darian Pollard (Sr.), West Rhoni High School MLB Lyn Dairon, Compass Coastal Academy QB Kevin Marr (Sr.), Compass Coastal Academy SS Trila Wassok (Jr.), Coastal Academy of the Arts QB Hudson Chalres (So.), Coastal Academy of the Arts RT Wang Han-Gyuk (Sr.), Coast Guard High School DT Gerry Hawthorne (Jr.), City of Larhai High School OLB Rila Kevex (Sr.).
The Rundown: Why are the Heroes the favorites now? Well, the Warhawks lost one Isaiah Hunter, who was one of the best Quarterbacks in the country at this level, and though Suki Yoshito does have a decent arm, she doesn't have the range. The Heroes, on the other hand, have an exciting prospect in Cade Stases, with his quick feet and rocket arm; Isaiah Candy will provide plenty of carries from the backfield, while Heinrik Dessler has become a really good coverage safety. Yoshito will have a reliable target in Pollard, though, so it should be close. Keep an eye on both the Cartographers and the Sculptures - they both have decent but not spectacular Quarterbacks in Kevin Marr and Hudson Charles, with Marr being the rocket arm and Charles a more reliable passer. Wang will anchor the line in front of Charles while Wassok gives Marr more opportunities with the ball. As for the bottom, Gerry Hawthorne is a space-eating machine up the middle, while Rila Kevex may be the fastest linebacker off the edge.
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Kohnhead City University Mighty Eagles
Nation: Kohnhead
Trigramme: KHD
Name: Kohnhead City University
Nickname: The Mighty Eagles
Colors: Gold and White
Conference: Big Eight Conference
Season Number: 6
Record: 48-26
Achievements: 2x Semifinalist
5x Playoffs
2-0 Squidhead Cup
1-0 "Unofficial Big 8 Championship Game"
4x 2nd Place Big Eight

Coaching Staff
HC: Milton Donnelly (54)
OC: Rickie Shah (57)
DC: Addison Lyons (42)
STC: Brad Suarez (70)
QB Coach: Jennie Villa (48)
RB Coach: Mitch Ellington (40)
WR Coach: Adriana Schroeder (67)
TE Coach: Genevieve Bennett (45)
OL Coach: Lara Goff (56)
DL Coach: Fiona Todd (58)
LB Coach: Sally Pace (67)
Secondary Coach: Clyde Richmond (39)

Offensive Scheme: This is an option offense at its finest, built on the speed and agility of the quarterback and the running backs. Shah and Donnelly have cooked up an offensive scheme that will pound the ball down your throat running the football but also has blistering speed all over the field. Donnelly is on record saying that the strong arm quarterback is one of the most overrated aspects in football. In terms of their passing offense; short, quick, and crisp passes are what is required and they like to get Johansson on the move a lot. While three receivers start, the team plays a lot of three back sets and loves hybrid receivers who can lineup in the backfield as well. This offense will score a lot in a loaded Big Eight conference as they have in every season.

Defensive Scheme: The defense runs a very aggressive 4-2-5 that is built on speed at all three levels in particular at the linebacking group. The defensive line is the most emphasized part of this in particular a big nose tackle in the middle is required. Generating pressure will take some of the load off of the linebackers shoulders who need to have quick instincts and be able to blitz if necessary. Coverage is also easier on the secondary as there are 5 of them. This is a an uncommon base defense but Addison Lyons has assured everyone that it will work at this level. Over the course of three seasons we have seen mixed messages defensively, while in conference the defense never tends to do well that can be attributed to the extremely high levels of offense we see from the Big Eight schools. Lyons is not on the hot seat per say but if Kohnhead once again fail to win the Big Eight we could see her as a scapegoat.

Depth Chart (starters in bold)
QB: (C) Emilee Johansson (Senior) - Chromatika
Julius Beasley (Sophmore)
Flip Lewis (Freshman)

It's time for Emilee Johansson to cement her legacy in a Kohnhead City shirt. The Chromatik has been a three year starter and great leader on the team and has always put up good stats yet it feels like the team has never reached its true potential under her. Sure, she's managed to beat FSU not once but twice easing the pain of the inital 0-6 record against them. She also led us to the semifinals in her sophmore campaign which remains the furthest KCU have ever gotten. Yet, we've never reached 10 wins in the regular season in program history and Johansson just hasn't been successful against the big boys in Richardson and Cold Hill. With Richardson, Cold Hill, and Swisston both starting freshman at quarterback (including a Chromatik), Johansson will need to prove she's still the cream of the crop at the position in the conference.

RB: Luis Beil (Sophmore)
Mark Flynn (Senior)
Hector Wilder (Junior)
Yusha Stewart (Sophmore)
Dominik Matthew (Sophmore)

Two years after having the best running back room in the nation headlined by senior superstar Herman Whitworth and one of the best backups you could ask for in Rowena Hastroff, KCU finds running back as a potential weakness for the first time. After a year in the spotlight, Rowena Hastroff is gone and his replacement options are certainly a step down. Luis Beil showed a few flashes last season emerged this offseason to take the starting spot away from senior Mark Flynn. Beil has some good speed and has decent hands while Flynn will continue his role as the power back in short yardage situations. It will definitely be a room by committee with Wilder and Stewart also expected to contribute.

WR: (C) Blitz Taurus (Senior) - Ranoria
Brett Dalton (Freshman)
Jaydan Randall (Freshman)

Doris Holt (Junior)
Stuart Farmer (Sophmore)
Ashley Stott (Sophmore)

After three years operating out of the slot where his off the field antics matched whatever he was able to do on the field, the coaching staff gave Taurus an ultimatum this season. He'd shown his talent in bursts but a questionable work ethic and many off the field incidents as well as some on the field ones forced their hand. Taurus was either to show up in the spring ready to work or his starting spot would be gone. As the oldest receiver in the room, Taurus came into camp ready to work. He looked stronger and faster and not only did he stay out of trouble but he also acted as a mentor for the two new faces in the room. After seeing all of this, Taurus shocked everyone by being elected a captain in a total change from the last three seasons. It looks like he really matured this offseason and hopefully his on the field production will match the offseason hype. Brett Dalton and Jaydan Randall were both highly ranked Kohnheadian recruits last season with Dalton replacing Keith Gray as the burner and returner and Randall replacing Kalu Alazar as the target man.

TE: Tom Lundgren (Junior) - Valanora
Danicka Hess (Junior)
Victor Braun (Senior)
Annie Mathis (Sophmore)

The two tight end offense continues to show promise althought it remains to be seen how much time we spend with two tight ends out there who primarily catch passes but both are talented enough that they will certainly get good playing time. Braun serves primarily as the blocking tight end while Mathis was an oft-injured High School player who has some talent and a large frame and is a piece for the future.

OT: Goliath Castellan (Freshman) - Ranoria
Jennie Harper (Sophmore)

Courtney Simmons (Freshman)
Juno Turner (Freshman)

Offensive tackle has always been a strong spot for Kohnhead City especially so last season when Deidre Gott and Danielle Raynor were dominant as they had been for three seasons. Jennie Harper made a few appearances last season and showed her talents. She is ready to start at the right tackle position for the next three seasons. However the headliner of this group, the headliner of Kohnhead City's recruiting class and for good reason is Goliath Castellan. Castellan was the #1 ranked recruit out of Ranoria last season and has chosen to go across the Big Eight to protect QB1s blindside for the next four years as long as his ego doesn't get in the way.

OG: Aiden Garfield (Senior)
Seth Cowan (Senior)

Zane Barrett (Freshman)
Bryce Dixon (Freshman)

Nathan Long and Pa Soley are both gone and in their place, Aiden Garfield and Seth Cowan will have to step up. They served as backups last season and while they aren't that bad, there was also a reason they didn't start. The interior of this offensive line could prove to be problematic and those problems could be amplified with a lackluster running back core. Barrett gives hope for the future as a raw prospect while Dixon has much to prove.

C: (C) Mark Harper (Junior)
Carey Goodman (Sophmore)

After backing up Briana Cleverland for a season, Mark Harper played well in his first season as a starter. He's the only returning starter from last year's O-Line and has been elected a captain showing how much his teammates respect him. Carey Goodman will back him up as a low end recruit who barely made the team.

DE: Amari Wright (Sophmore) - Schima Bas
Omar Tran (Freshman) - Valanora

Lucy Hardy (Junior)
Montel Blanchard (Freshman)

The defensive end group is yet again another group that lost its two starters from last year with the absolute beast in Robert Lawrence and Taylor Coley departing. However it's possible Amari Wright and Omar Tran are even better this season. Wright really emerged at the end of last season getting better every single week and there were calls to start him over Coley by the time the playoffs rolled around. By all accounts Wright has had a fantastic camp even putting on a bit of muscle as he continues to show off his work ethic. Omar Tran is a slightly undersized Vanorian pass rusher but he is a great character and a work ethic that rivals Amari Wright. Apparently Wright and Tran have really hit it off this summer and while Tran is sure to experience some freshman struggles, he definitely has the talent to make an impact.

DT: (C) Dakota Cannon (Senior)
Patrick Spencer (Junior)

Myah Duggen (Senior)
Dana Stuart (Freshman)

Once heavily recruited Dakota Cannon continues to be the best pass rusher on the interior, and has been a very good starter since day one. Patrick Spencer will start alongside him while Duggen and the young Dana Stuart will rotate in.

LB: (C) Mark Lundin (Junior) - Valanora
Greg Mcloud (Junior)

Hugo Stubbs (Sophmore)
Guy Davie (Sophmore)
Gage Wilksonson (Freshman)

Mark Lundin was a big get for this defense and was thrust into playing time immediately as the signal caller for the defense. Next to Lundin will be Greg Mcloud who graded out much improved in coverage last season in his first year as a starter and was a high level recruit in his own right. The Mcloud-Lundin starting duo will surely be a strength throughout the next two years with Hugo Stubbs looking like a more than proficient backup.

CB: (C) Kristen Werther (Junior) - Ranoria
Mary Davison (Senior)
Colin White (Freshman)

Sally Hope (Sophmore)
Joseph Vickers (Freshman)
Clay Ellwood (Sophmore)

Kristen Werther returns after an up and down season as our #1 corner. She showed her talent often but in a conference loaded at the receiver position, she was beat sometimes. Nevertheless her swagger returns and many are expecting a breakout year from the junior corner. Mary Davison was the 4th corner last year and Colin White comes in after being the 12th ranked recruit in Kohnhead a year ago.

S: Samuel Church (Senior)
Rex Bottlenick (Sophmore) - South Newlandia

Kendall Ponce (Sophmore)
Garrett Malone (Freshman)

Samuel Church returns for his senior season as the starting free safety after a very very good junior season which was helped in part by the talent in the rest of the secondary. Next to him will be the former 4th ranked recuit out of South Newlandia in Rex Bottlenick as the strong safety, Bottlenick has a bright future here at KCU after a good freshman campaign.

K: Olly Bloom (Freshman)

P: Piper Rossi (Freshman)

Returner: Brett Dalton

1. Vs. Cold Hill University (Ranoria) - Home Opener
2. @ Richardson University (Ranoria) - Rivalry Game
3. @ Swisston City University (Kohnhead) - Rivalry Game
4. Vs. Bermia Santura University (Cardenao) - Homecoming
5. @ Hankow State University (United Vietussia)
6. @ Panem University (StrayaRoos)
7. Vs. Summit University (New Harmonia)
8. @ Cold Hill University (Ranoria)
9. Vs. Richardson University (Ranoria) - Rivalry Game
10. Vs. Swisston City University (Kohnhead) - Rivalry Game/Senior Night
11. @ University of Loyola-Istria (Banija) - Big Eight Vs Celestia Showdown
12. @ Sadeg State University (Drawkland)
13. @ Felswyr State University (Chromatika) - Rivalry Game

Chicken King Stadium (67,000)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, please let me know via telegram or on discord first.

Swisston City University Army Knives
Nation: Kohnhead
Trigramme: KHD
Name: Swisston City University
Nickname: The Army Knives
Colors: Red and White
Conference: Big Eight Conference
Season Number: 5
Record: 25-30
Achievements: 1x Pioneer Bowl
1x Drawk Bowl

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Callum Newman (48)
OC: Kirk Newman (56)
DC: Doris Fountain (66)
QB Coach: Erica Horton (43)
RB Coach: Penny Brooks (36)
WR Coach: Bailey Dickerson (60)
TE Coach: Terrance Gale (65)
OL Coach: Lincoln James (54)
DL Coach: Raymond Wicks (39)
LB Coach: Candice Parker (74)
DB Coach: Tyrus Rich (63)
STC: Pascal Albert (40)

Offensive Scheme: This is quite simply an air raid offense which is reliant on skilled receivers a quarterback who's accurate, smart, and has a strong arm and will pass 70% of the time approximately although depending on the progression of running back Sellers this could change. While some may say it's a basic offensive appraoch it works the way it does and should allow especially in a high scoring Big Eight for Swisston City to consistently put points on the board. Running backs will have a job out of the backfield catching passes and will still get a decent amount of carries, we will carry tight ends on the roster however they will not start and will mostly be used in red zone packages.

Defensive Scheme: The defense will operate out of a base 4-3 formation and will utilize a lot of the common cover two defense. The linebackers need to know how to cover yet also need to know how to stop the run and blitz if necessary. The defensive line will as expected feature pass rushers and at Swisston City they are not really emphasized relying on schemes, blitzes, and finding weaknesses to get pressure as opposed to basic front four rushing. The corners will stick to a side of the field and not on a person although man defense is the base and the safties will each try to take away a half of the field deep without a roving strong safety that many teams use.

Depth Chart (Starters in Bold)

QB: (C) Troy Ashton (Freshman)
Jeffery Bolton (Senior)
Emma Field (Sophmore)

RB: (C) Kaytlynne Sellers (Senior) - Chromatika
Joseph Kidd (Junior)
Elijah Roy (Freshman)

WR: Kerryon Spencer (Sophmore) - Ranoria
Sya Kallow (Sophmore) - Chromatika
Patrick Fenton (Senior)
Jessica Sparks (Junior)

Sam Savage (Junior)
Linda Wilde (Freshman)
Billy Osborn (Sophmore)
Nicolle Joyner (Freshman)

TE: Oran Weeks (Senior)
AJ Powers (Junior)

OT: (C) Macy Jefferson (Senior)
Lily Whittle (Freshman)

Callie Head (Sophmore)
Reef James (Freshman)

OG: Jericho Godrick (Freshman) - Chromatika
Jody Daniels (Junior)

Martin Reynolds (Sophmore)
Marisa Mair (Freshman)

C: Donald Peel (Freshman)
Clara Davis (Junior)

DE: Deacon Handley (Junior)
Bear Croft (Sophmore)

Rex Burger (Senior)
Cayden Plant (Sophmore)
Gary Harding (Freshman)

DT: (C) Ricky Buys (Senior) - Delaclava
Harry King (Senior)

Romeo Hudson (Junior)
Alaw Jennings (Sophmore)
Gabby Boone (Sophmore)

LB: (C) Marcus Igama (Senior) - Banija
Kenny Short (Senior)
Colby Torres (Senior)

Carly Roach (Junior)
Vinnie Finley (Junior)
Liam Battle (Sophmore)

CB: Autumn Bates (Junior)
Natalie Fuller (Senior)

Nora Kirkpatrick (Senior)
Jay Clarke (Junior)
Issac Cole (Freshman)

S: (C) Kristen Edwards (Senior) - Cassadaigua
Rowan Archer (Junior)

Cobie Farrow (Junior)
Noah Belton (Freshman)

K: Larry Browne (Sophmore)

P: Vladyslava Illivna Demchenko (Junior) - Chromatika

Returner: Jessica Sparks

1. @ Richardson University (Ranoria)
2. Vs. Cold Hill University (Ranoria)
3. Vs. Kohnhead City University (Kohnhead) - Home Opener/Rivalry Game
4. Vs. Panem University (StrayaRoos)
5. @ Summit University (New Harmonia)
6. @ Bermia Santura University (Cardenao)
7. Vs. Hankow State University (United Vietussia) - Homecoming
8. Vs. Richardson University (Ranoria)
9. @ Cold Hill University (Ranoria)
10. @ Kohnhead City University (Kohnhead) - Rivalry Game/Final Conference Game
11. Vs. Ratzupalfu University (South Newlandia) - Big Eight Vs Celestia Showdown/Senior Night
12. @ Crimson Royal University (Schima Bas)
13. @ Trent State University (TJUN-ia) - Rivalry Game

Patterson Oil Arena (44,000)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, please let me know via telegram or on discord first.
Trigramme: KHD
Pop: 25 million
Football: 64th
Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 15th
Basketball: 2nd
Volleyball: 2nd
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Britonish Open - Winner (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)
NSCF 24 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place
Volleyball World Expo 12 - 4th place

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Postby Banija » Wed Sep 07, 2022 7:48 pm


Loyola-Istria Preview- with Zervos returning as the prodigal son, can he lead his alma mater to the promised land?

Loyola-Istria players at training camp

ISTRIA, MORAVICA- "I've got some shoes to fill, that's for sure." Said the team's brand new head coach, Dennis Zervos. In what might be the most hyped hire in Banijan sporting history (NSCF champion and Most Outstanding Player as a QB at this school, two-time NSCF champion as a Coordinator, and RFL champion as a head caoch), the storyline is going to revolve around him. Pressure is through the roof- replacing a championship winning head coach, who had replaced a two-time champion head coach. The pressure's always on at a school like this- the support is there, but the story is too.

Everything's new at Loyola-Istria this year. New head coach. New QB. New WR1. No more Abram Fairbanks. Divisional play. Big 8 v. Celestia Challenge. And yet, much remains the same. Russell Farmer at the center of what is expected to be yet another high-powered offense. They're the two-time defending Celestia Conference champions. Hell- they beat Richardson. Is this team, with one of the most passionate fanbases in the sport, capable of yet another run at this level?

We shall see...

Last Season Info
Conference Record: 7-3 (Conference champions)
Non-Conference Record: 2-1
NSCF XXVI Playoff Status: Lost to Crown's College, 36-13, on the road in the first round of the playoffs.
NSCF XXVI Record against Rivals: 2-2(1-1 against Northern Moravica, 1-0 against Richardson, 0-1 against Felswyr State)
NSCF XXVI Award Winners: QB Craig Juniper, Most Outstanding Player.
NSCF XXVI Longest winning streak: Five game winning streak(Weeks 7-11)

Weeks 1-10 Celestia Conference; Weeks 11-13 nonconference
*OOC Note: All kickoff times and days are simply local TV kickoff time and ICly for my own flavor, my opponents should not in any way feel bound to these and should feel free to ignore them at their own leisure. All games are on Saturdays unless otherwise noted.
Conference Play

Week 1: @ Elephant Valley University(South Newlandia). 12:30 PM.
Week 2: @ Ratzupalfu University of Nature Egrets(South Newlandia). 7:30 PM(Friday Night).
Week 3: vs. Northern Moravica(North v. South Showdown). 8:00 PM. Whiteout.
Week 4: vs. Upper Westside University Red Pandas(St. Kanye). 3:30 PM.
Week 5: @ Woodstock University Climbers(Sarzonia). 4:00 PM.
Week 6: @ University of Alcuta Skyhawks(Venmere). 12:00 PM.
Week 7: vs. Joe Gibbs University Cyclones(Sarzonia). 12:00 PM.
Week 8: vs. Elephant Valley University(South Newlandia). 12:00 PM. Homecoming.
Week 9: vs. Ratzupalfu University of Nature Egrets(South Newlandia). 4:00 PM. Checkerboard Night.
Week 10: @ Northern Moravica(North v. South Showdown). 8:00 PM.
Non-Conference Play
Week 11: v. Kohnhead City University. 3:30 PM. Big 8 v. Celestia Challenge.
Week 12: v. Felswyr State University(Chromatika). 7:30 PM. Whiteout. Senior Night.
Week 13: @ Richardson(Ranoria). 8:00 PM. Rebel's Cannon Bowl.


Anne-Maurice Vavayavich of Chromatika, the true sophomore, will be the starting QB for the Blue Thunder this year. There wasn't exactly much up for debate here- while she was third string last year as a true freshman, sitting behind Bunama Diawara and Craig Juniper, everyone figured she'd jump Diawara and become the team's QB1. Diawara made the smart move and transferred as soon as last season ended, taking the reigns at the University of Constantinople in New Gesem. And when Zervos was hired, it took him less than 2 weeks to declare Vavayavich the team's QB1- just halfway through the team's spring practices.

She basically rode a crazy senior year to this moment, as well as an insane playoff run. In a 5 game playoff run to the high school national title in Chromatika her senior year, she threw for over 2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns, with no turnovers, en route to winning a national title. "I've seen her high school tape- that alone shows you exactly what she's capable of." Dennis Zervos said. "Not everybody's capable of that kind of playoff run." While obviously starting her as a freshman was out of question, she's got the talent to succeed at this level. While less mobile than most Loyola QBs, she's got pinpoint arm accuracy, as well as a massive arm. And, of course, stands out for her specialized gloves she wears, something you never see QBs do in Banija(mostly because of this country's lack of winter).

The question is- can Zervos unlock it? "Zervos has coached a ton of star QBs, both as a coordinator, and Gwenderyn herself in the RFL, to great success." Said a Banijan college football TV analyst. "He's certainly capable of unlocking it. The only question is, is she ready for the moment? It is said that she essentially overcame a mental block to explode in her senior year. But whatever pressure she had at Vitoron, it'll be that times 100. There is no higher pressure position than Loyola QB in the NSCF, and she's going to have to be ready."

She won't have an easy start, as the Blue Thunder have a brutal opening schedule. Back to back road games in South Newlandia to start the season, visiting Elephant Valley in week 1, before a short week turnaround to travel to the Jungledrom in Week 2 on a Friday night. And then, of course, week 3- the home opener, against Northern Moravica. "Those games will set the tone for her." The analyst said. "Ironically, starting away from home could almost make things easier. The pressure really won't be riding on her until week 3, when the Cougars come to town. Can she get it done under the brightest lights?"

Coaching Staff Changes

Of course, there's a new head coach for the Blue Thunder. And his name is one that you've definitely heard before- Dennis Zervos. We all know his history. NSCF 13 and 14 QB for Loyola-Istria. NSCF 14 Most Outstanding Player, and champion. Pro playing career never got off the ground because of injuries. 8 seasons as the Blue Thunder offensive coordinator, with two titles. RFL champion as a head coach, with Sarai Gwenderyn as his QB, in Ranoria. And now, back at his alma mater- with his own father, Patrick Zervos, as his boss.

"Who is more passionate about Blue Thunder football than Dennis Zervos himself?" Said Dr. Ruhamah Odede, the school's President. "We could think of no better ambassador for this university." Obviously, the university paid a hefty buyout fee to his RFL team, but for good reason- look at that resume." He's been known as an offensive genius for years, getting high-powered offenses at both the collegiate and professional levels. The fanbase is certainly more than ready for him.

Of course, with a new coach, comes new assistants. Neither of the previous assistants were fired- but they wanted jobs elsewhere. The old quarterbacks coach, Raila Abura, is now the team's offensive coordinator. And the new defensive coordinator was another old player on the NSCF 14 squad, Uhuru Besigye. "We're assembling a best in kind coaching staff here- even if we have new faces at the crucial positions." Said Dennis Zervos at his opening press conference. "We're going to be ready for whatever challenges await us."

Who will emerge at WR?

The #1 receiving target, of course, is Russell Farmer. He's going to have a hell of a season at tight end- hell, he might be the most impactful tight end in the NSCF since his own older brother himself, and two time world champion, Johnny Farmer. "Farmer's got basically an unguardable skillset." Said Loyola's new OC, Raila Abura. "Look at his combination of size, speed, etc... And he's capable of doing anything. He can block, he's got speed, we can line him up on the line or on the outside, etc... There are so many ways we can build a gameplan around him. We plan for him to keep opposing defensive coordinators up at night."

But what about the actual wide receivers? That is where there are question marks. Loyola-Istria recruited two elite WR talents out of HS, Arnas Rønning from Valanora and Xaya Larr from Chromatika. They are both listed as redshirting- although, as Coach Zervos said, the WR depth chart is in flux. "They are redshirting right now, yes- 7 wide receivers is a ton to carry all at once. They're both incredibly young. But if they show enough in practice.. I'm trying to win both today and tomorrow. If we feel that they can outperform the older players in front of them, then yes- I'm not afraid to pull their redshirts and put them in games."

What does that mean? It means a number of things. First? It means that the WR spots are basically wide open right now. We have our opening depth chart, but it is certainly in flux. Players can move up. Players can move down. The freshmen haven't done enough yet to be played, but the fact that Zervos is saying this out loud means a lot. You use that redshirt to keep that extra year of eligibility- and yet, if you pull a redshirt midway through a year, it means you only get a receiver for a partial season, while using a full season of eligibility.

Faraba Condeh is the WR1 right now, with South Newlandian wideout Marcel Schlachter as the WR2. Things will get difficult quickly in this conference, however- starting with 2 road games, and then the North v. South Showdown, they will have to prove themselves quickly. If you think Zervos will have patience for players to grow into their roles, think again.

Army v. Navy Media Day Highlights

Of course, in Banija, the Army and Naval military academy schools start the college football season, starting before the pros or college, on a Saturday all by themselves. Every single BCSG head coach heads down to Busukuma for the game at the Stadium of the Restoration, and conferences generally hold their media days in the leadup to the event. Loyola and NMU head coaches, while obviously no longer competing domestically, still take part in the tradition, and still have their media scrums...

"Truly, it's a feeling unlike any other. It's like your first day of school as a kindergartner. Just unlimited levels of excitement." - Head Coach Dennis Zervos, talking about what it's like to come back to his alma mater as a head coach.

"Alanso Isa has left this program in a great place for the ultimate goal- to win championships. We struggled for some time, but we are back. Back to back conference titles, we beat up on NMU, we wrecked Richardson's undefeated season last year. We have him to thank for quite a lot." - Head Coach Dennis Zervos, talking about the legacy of his predecessor, Alanso Isa.

"It's a year round thing. The lift you get from beating your rivals. We live for that feeling. Northern Moravica, Richardson, etc... Better watch out. We got plenty more of where last year came from." - TE Russell Farmer, when asked about how their win over Richardson last year changes things for this season.

Notes from joint practices with Vricksinburg State in Ranoria

With the new conference format, and the addition of the Big 8 v. Celestia Challenge, Dennis Zervos felt that his team needed a way to improve their offseason practices. "Look- the intensity of this season will be for real. Two road games to start the season. A potential conference championship game. Hell, freaking Kohnhead City comes to town. As we all know, championships are won in the offseason, so we wanted to make sure we were ready."

And that included a trip to.... Ranoria. After taking the team on a bonding, 5 day hike in the BLANK mountains, the team had 10 days of joint practices with Vricksinburg State. "We thought changing the routine, and adding another team to the mix for intensity purposes, would bring a lot of development faster in these players, and ensure we are able to sharpen things up, considering how we start the season."

Of course, pretty much all the practice days were open to the general public, although the scrimmage at the very end of the 10 days was entirely behind closed doors. What did we learn about Blue Thunder football in those days?

#1 No more red jersey- a green jersey for the QB. A small change, but a noticeable one. "You know- I saw Anne-Marie out there, wearing that red, and I thought- what the hell?" Coach Zervos told reporters. "Our top two rivals wear red, and our QB wears the red jersey? Ridiculous. Nope- nobody's wearing red at Loyola-Istria." An early way for Coach Zervos to stamp himself.

#2 Akhello Volson is gonna cause some problems. I mean, we already knew that, right? It's rare you have a day 1, true freshman starter at a program with talent like Loyola, but Volson was one of those. Already CB1. He was everywhere throughout the week. Vricksinburg's QB challenged him throughout the week, and Volson continously answered the call. Knockdowns. Interceptions. Whatever else. He went viral for starting a fight. In a 2 minute drill, he picked off the VSU QB, and ran the ball back to him, flipping it to him and jawing at him as he ran by him to celebrate.

An O-lineman pushed him, and there was a slight skirmish. No fists were thrown- but tensions were ratcheted. "Look, I was a talker back in my day." Coach Zervos said. "If you're gonna talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk- and Volson can do both. I love the intensity he brings."

#3 We've got Blue Thunder & Lightning at halfback. Think of the RB combo the Blue Thunder have. They've got the 6'7, 260 Chromatik, Darrell "The Ball" Jackson. The 5'7 Vanorian Manne Nordström, is only 181. Both excellent at different things- just wearing down the opposing defense. "Look, with this RB stable we've got, we're gonna be able to move the ball on the ground in a variety of ways, in ways you haven't seen Loyola do in a long time." Said Coach Zervos. "How do you prep for both? We've got an embarrassment of riches at the position- it's on us coaches if these guys aren't producing like crazy by season's end."

#4 Russell Farmer is a natural born leader. Look at how Farmer's evolved over the years. Ever since his stunning debut in Loyola's first ever win over Felswyr State, he's grown to become a bigger and bigger part of the offense. But his talent is well-known. It's the little things. Almost like an additional coach on the field- first one to every practice, being the clear leader of the offense, supporting his teammates. He's aggressive, but he's also almost like an additional coach on the field. "Look- I'd sprint through a wall for Russell, he's that contagious." Said the current WR1, Faraba Condeh. "He'll be at the center of our impending successes this season."


14-0 and the undisputed #1 seeds.We'll have to see... We're going to say 10-3- but they do not win the Savannah Division. However, 10-3, considering their brutal non-con schedule(v. KCU, v. Felswyr State, @ Richardson) will be enough to earn an at-large playoff berth. Let's see if they can get that elusive 10 win season!
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University of Mancodas Team Roster
Stadium: MancodasTown Sports Complex (18,000), Mancodas

About the University
University of Mancodas is the top university in Poafmersia, with the School of Enginerring (SoE), Mancodas Business School (MBS) and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) as three of the biggest strengths of the University. The university is also one of the 3 major universities in Poafmersia, including the Maximus Rochester Institute for Science and Technological Research (MRI) and the Fiskadaha School of Liberal Arts (FSLA).

In Poafmersia, universities go by the semester system, rather than by the trimester system used in quite a number of other nations. Poafmers typically have courses between 3-4 years for a honours degree, up to 6 years if going for a masters degree. As high school/junior college programs end at around 18 years old, a year 1 student in Poafmersia typically refers to a 19 years old. Do the math upwards.

Note: In Poafmersia, sports are mostly gender-blind. If a female has better capabilities than a male, then they have equal opportunities to get into the team. As such, whatever in brackets will refer to their gender. The ones underlined are main starters.

Roster List
Main Formation: Single-back formation
Stella Sierra, 22 (F)
John-James Mcknight, 20 (M)
Johnathan Hackinson, 19 (M)

Willis Simpkin, 22 (M)
Akshay Ellis, 21 (F)

Muhammad Hume, 20 (M)
Sol Mcguire, 21 (M)

Cassidy Villarreal, 22 (F)
Antoni Gregory, 21 (M)
Jayson Drugovich, 19 (M)

Tight end
Taina Buonarroti, 21 (M)
Misha Dickens, 20 (M)
Casy Thinens, 19 (M)

Wide Receiver
Phanuel Chávez, 22 (M) - LWR
Delano Schwarzenberg, 22 (M) - LWR
Tiernan Young, 21 (M) - RWR

Star Hill, 21 (M) - LWR
Aria Winter, 20 (F) - RWR
Joel Sage, 19 (M) - WR

Marcel Silva, 22 (M) - LG
Rumaisa Riggs, 21 (M) - RG

Addie Nelson, 20 (M) - LG
Rebeca Clarke, 20 (F) - RG

Ourias Torres, 22 (M) - LT
Izabella Branch, 21 (F) - RT

Orla Khan, 21 (M) - LT
Ollie Barrito, 19 (M) - RT
Lawrence Hans, 19 (M) - Side TBC
Jessica Piqyt, 19 (F) - Side TBC

Ricohard Adami, 22 (M)
Kodey Flanagon, 22 (F)

(Note: The coach has not made a decision on which one of the 2 players is the regular starter, they may likely alternate throughout the first half of the RR)
Charity James, 20 (M)
Barron Tystau, 19 (M)
Locness Kristine, 19 (F)

Main Formation: 4-3 defense
Lourdes MacDaniel, 22 (M) - (L)DT
Chloe-Ann Bird, 21 (F) - (R)DT

Cohan Blevins, 21 (M) - (L)DT
Khushi Estes, 20 (M) - (R)DT
Keanan Traynor, 20 (M) - (L)DT
Yuasi Jaokis, 19 (M) - (R)DT

Defensive Ends
Mariabella Stojanović, 22 (M) - LDE
Idun Biagi, 21 (M) - RDE

Urbanus McBride, 22 (M) - LDE
Zayden Bowman, 20 (M) - LDE
Dustin Sheppard, 20 (M) - RDE
Rania Rich, 20 (F) - RDE

Middle lineback
Lluís Rayne, 22 (M)
Imrich Fábián, 22 (M)
Ashraf Sabian, 21 (M)
Habib Neville, 20 (M)

Outer lineback
Joseph Jenssen, 22 (M) - LOLB
Kian Santos, 21 (M) - ROLB

Ahyan Robin, 21 (M) - LOLB
Flora Atkins, 20 (F) - ROLB
Rowan Alvarez, 20 (M) - ROLB
Jena Melton, 2- (M) - LOLB

Dimitri Peura, 22 (M)
Apolena Dunn, 21 (F)

Lily-Mae Brookes, 21 (M)
Talha Moran, 20 (M)
Riccardo Santana, 19 (M)
Asiyah Villalobos, 19 (M)

Kicker: Hammad Bowden, 20 (M)
Punter: Jardin Handerson, 20 (M)
Holder: Krish Douglas, 22 (M)
Long Snapper: Kristine Kozlov, 19 (F)
Returner: Tyasn Badger, 20 (M)

Main Coach: Livia Smit, 49
Coaching Team:
Albus Capitani, 34 (Offensive Coach)
Fortunato Masters, 33 (Offensive Coach)
Cord Ventura, 33 (Defensive Coach)
Tirzah Vance, 31 (Defensive Coach)
Pyry Horton, 29 (Fitness Coach/Special Teams Main Coach)

Main Team Strategy: Pace and offense goes hand-in-hand for the Mammoths, and they have evolved to using the team's strong stamina as a way of pushing attacks fast and quick. Which also explains why they go all out for offense - they really don't like to sit deep and defend, and once they get the ball, a quick push towards the other end will certainly do them well.

Maximus Rochester Institute for Science and Technological Research (MRI) Team Roster
Stadium: Jasin Chan Gridiron Park (22,000), Sarim

About the University
Maximus Rochester Institute for Science and Technological Research (MRI) is the premier research university in Poafmersia. It mainly specialises in research & development, including looking at big research projects & technological advancement. Home to the highest percentage of graduate research papers, The university is also one of the 3 major universities in Poafmersia, including the University of Mancodas (UoM) and the Fiskadaha School of Liberal Arts (FSLA).

Given that the university has a strong graduate program, a number of its sports teams contain graduates looking for a master's degree or a PhD. As such, some of the players may be slightly overaged as compared to what it typically would be in a college/university team.

Note: In Poafmersia, sports are mostly gender-blind. If a female has better capabilities than a male, then they have equal opportunities to get into the team. As such, whatever in brackets will refer to their gender. The ones underlined are main starters.

Roster List
Main Formation: Pro-set formation
Maha Huynh, 22 (M)
Casper Bruce, 21 (M)
Mahir Hanna, 20 (M)

Hanifa Olsen, 22 (M)
Arun Jefferson, 22 (M)
Cruz Sadler, 20 (M)
Loretta Schmidt, 20 (F)

Emily-Rose Cochran, 22 (F)
Willie Herta, 19 (M)
Tashan Cooke, 21 (M)

Tight end
Remy Tait, 20 (M)
Maeve Cotton, 21 (M)
Patterson Ward, 19 (M)

Wide Receiver
Jared Armitage, 22 (M) - LWR
Jaimee Huffman, 21 (F) - RWR

Lucien Peterson, 21 (M) - LWR
Umer Stanton, 20 (M) - RWR
Sugatch Tyain, 19 (M) - Side TBC
Jander Genir, 19 (M) - Side TBC

Alanis Carver, 22 (F) - LG
Osian Quintana, 22 (M) - RG

Buddy Brennan, 21 (M) - LG
Rhian Hartley, 21 (M) - RG
Sultanna Sari, 19 (F) - LG
Soiranaia Sari, 19 (M) - RG

Tomos Tomlinson, 21 (M) - LT
Jordi Henderson, 21(M) - RT

Ethan Correa, 20 (M) - LT
Maria Hearlin, 19 (F) - LT
Marley Beck, 20 (M) - RT
Joe Waddup, 19 (M) - RT
Ahmed Huang, 20 (M)
Stan Macfarlane, 21 (M)
Nicole Hines, 20 (M)
Josef Gentry, 19 (M)

Main Formation: 4-3 defense
Jay Bannister, 21 (M) - LDT
Sarah-Louise Meza, 22 (F) - RDT

Arnold Swatiner, 19 (M) - LDT
Joel Wtasy, 19 (M) - LDT
Eesha Salt, 22 (F) - RDT
Anwen Edmonds, 21 (M) - RDT
Jeffery Liinate, 19 (M) - RDT

Defensive Ends
Mamie Harding, 20 (M) - LDE
Theodor Knight, 21 (M) - RDE

Aalia Paul, 21 (M) - LDE
Koldy Kolto, 19 (M) - LDE
Ela Krueger, 20 (M) - RDE
Donald Tayon, 19 (M) - RDE

Middle lineback
Cairo Dillard, 22 (M)
Sama Carroll, 21 (F)
Griff Foreman, 20 (M)

Outer lineback
Amelie Singh, 22 (M) - LOLB
Muna Savage, 22 (M) - ROLB

Jadon Caldwell, 21 (M) - LOLB
Keane Whitmore, 20 (M) - LOLB
Fletcher Hirst, 21 (M) - ROLB
Shanae Dunne, 20 (M) - ROLB

Safa Corrigan, 22 (M)
Emmie Beck, 22 (F)

Yasir Irving, 21 (M)
Myles Howell, 20 (M)
Rosina Wormald, 19 (F)
Raja Brockin, 19 (M)

Kicker: Katy Velaz, 20 (F)
Punter: Zhasi Tillman, 20 (M)
Holder: Lacie Howe, 21 (M)
Long Snapper: Slaysi Osborn, 22 (F)
Returner: Malika Short, 22 (M)

Main Coach: Maisha Hulme, 44
Coaching Team:
Mikail Cantu, 31 (Offensive Coach)
Rian Floyd, 30 (Offensive Coach)
Lewys Ryder, 33 (Defensive Coach)
Rian Floyd, 31 (Defensive Coach)
Joseph Nguyen, 35 (Fitness Coach/Special Teams Main Coach)

Main Team Strategy: Defence first - the less they concede, the more they hold the ball, the better. This is the team's strategy in 1 line, unless you are really technical and go down to analyse each and every step of their moves.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers/scoring events: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Anything realistic goes. Non-realistic events, like sudden bird evasion, please contact me first.
RP/Godmod injuries to my players: You specify the details, I determine how long he will be out for.
Suspend my players: Yes, but contact me first
Godmod suspension events: Same as above.
Godmod other events: Contact me first, my TGs and DMs are free for things like that.
RP any COVID/virus-related events: No, they do not exist on Poafmers or in Poafmersia
IC Name: The People's Republic of Poafmersia (Trigram: PFA)
IC Flag: Refer to my flag with my IC nation Poafmersia, though that nation's RP will be done with this account.

David Jossiah Beckingham, Chairman of Poafmersia's World Assembly Board (and officially the main representative to the WA)
Sportswire. Chasing The Unknown. Achievements: BoF 71 Bronze; IAC X and IAC XI Champions
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Get the latest from WC92/CoH84 here:

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Zephyr Conference Cutoff.

Matchday 1

Zephyr Conference
MRI Gijikyhandasari Yeraiqhospifasas (PFA) 17–7 Thereinsnogodistan Community College Atheists (NGD)
Ceneisis Naval Academy Ensigns (AFT) 27–40 University of Mancodas Mammoths (PFA)
Universite du Saguenay Fighting Irish (QUE) 39–10 Crimson Royal University Mink (SHM)
Crown's College Royal Bears (SHM) 23–0 Universite St. Croix Bleu et Blanc (QUE)
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Postby Schima Bas » Thu Sep 08, 2022 1:40 am

Crown’s College Royal Bears
Building a Future!



Week 1: @University of Mancodas
Week 2: v.s. Thereisnogodistan Community College
Week 3: @Université du Saguenay
Week 4: @Crimson Royal University
Week 5: v.s. Université St. Croix
Week 6: @Maximus Rochester Institute
Week 7: v.s. Ceneisis Naval Academy
Week 8: @Université St. Croix
Week 9: v.s. Université du Saguenay
Week 10: v.s. Crimson Royal University*

Week 11: v.s. Sadeg State
Week 12: v.s. Alexandroupolis
Week 13: v.s. Woodstock

*Whiteout game

A Short Description of Crown’s College

Universities in Schima Bas differ greatly depending on their geographic location in the country. In the big cities, where higher education was first erected, universities were funded through private-public investment, and were known for having high standards and prioritizing studies. Through the country’s development, however, many foreigners wanted to see their type of university competition for their children.

Therefore, cities, especially Ourelasia, have one or more schools with a football program. There are not enough schools in Schima Bas that play football for a domestic league, so many teams, like the Crown’s College Royal Bears turn to international leagues.

Just because Schima Bas is not known for football does not mean that stadiums are empty or that players don’t want to come to colleges like Crown’s. In fact, a majority of the student body attends home matches, and fanbases have developed in major cities. It’s not uncommon to walk into a restaurant in Alquerdi, far from any of the football-playing colleges, and see a Royal Bears cap or shirt.

Crown’s College has an undergraduate population of 16,000. The university was a premier location for educated talent in the country before the civil war, and has been rebuilding in the wake of the conflict. The old home for the Royal Bears, Old Grant Field, was bombed during the war, and had to be demolished. For years, the Royal Bears did not play a home game. With an influx of Crown money, the university was able to redevelop itself and repair its damaged campus. Campus was opened again 2 years after the war had closed it.

New Grant Field, the recently constructed home of the Royal Bears, sits along the river, where an old association football stadium used to sit. A redevelopment of the area, a short boat-ride from campus, has led to a unique sailgating culture, mixing local traditions with old-world charm.

New Grant Field, Viercourt

Fans have been known to get rowdy, and despite the government’s ban on alcohol, drunk fans have been known to fall into the waters, as proper signage is not an emphasis of Basian planning. Sneaking alcohol into the stadium is considered a right of passage for freshmen, but it’s not all that hard to accomplish as the policy is enforced randomly.

Fans demonstrate their love for the university’s football team by pumping two victory signs, often accompanied by shouting loudly when the opposing team’s offense is on the field. Players often perform this hand gesture, and then point them upwards, forming a kind of crown with their fingers. This gesture was popularized by legendary player and coach Tibbo Grant.

The team’s colors are Gold, White, and Purple. The team plays a white out game annually. This year, the white out game is set for Week 10 v.s. domestic rival Crimson Royal.

Fact Sheet

Style Mod: +2
Head Coach: William Roger Rutgers (55)
Offensive Coordinator: Bart Nassau (51)
Defensive Coordinator: Adam Honest (49)
Special Teams Coordinator: Harold Malcomb (61)

Home stadium: New Grant Field (55,000), Viercourt



Horatio Borus, Sr. Six-foot, 193 pounds.
Great arm but inaccurate, tends to overthrow

Howard Trent, So. Six-foot-one, 190 pounds.
Vocal player with a big arm and great understanding. Confident in his leadership role of the team. From a quarterback family in Huselann. Might challenge Borus for the starting QB spot.

Justin White, So. (RS) Six-foot-two, 185 pounds.
A transfer from a smaller gridiron-playing college in the country, White is a bit of a scrambling quarterback. He needs to develop and will probably see snaps in garbage time.

Running Backs

Harry Thresher, Jr. Six-foot-one, 230 pounds.
Impressive player in high school, Thresher sat out the first 6 games of last season with a knee injury, but was solid for the Royal Bears behind graduating Senior Gary Bearly.

Barry Solace, Sr. Six-foot, 225 pounds.
Less athletic, and more of a straight-up-the-gut runner.

Victor O’Malley. Fr. Five-foot-eleven, 220 pounds
A last minute addition to the team, O’Malley’s potential is yet to be seen.

Wide Receivers

Alphonse Appell, Sr. Six-foot-two, 185 pounds.
Has grown in leaps and bounds. Appell is bound to find explosive plays down the field, and may have grown into the best receiver the program has seen since joining the competition.

Travis Poleam, Jr. Five-foot-eleven, 185 pounds.
Good route runner entering his third year with the program. Had a bit of an off year in NSCF 26, taking a back seat, but achieved major success in his freshman season.

Varick Al-Bumar, Jr. Six-foot-two, 200 pounds.
Strong player with a fierce physicality. Excels in plowing through contact, although he is a slower receiver typically used in short yardage.

Phillipe Sali, Fr. Six-foot-three, 195 pounds.

Tight Ends
Bobby Quarter, Sr. Six-foot-four, 240 pounds.
Good at blocking. Started a small business in Viercourt last year. It was robbed within the first week.

Zifa Olqari, Sr. Six-foot, 200 pounds.
A receiving tight end entering into his senior year.

Ngolo Germani, Jr. Six-foot-one, 230 pounds.
Was used situationally last season as a kick returner.

Offensive Line

Left Tackle

Edward Rommel, Sr. Six-foot-three, 290 pounds.

Quentin Jacobson, Fr. Six-foot-two, 310 pounds.

Left Guard

Quarrim Harreki, Sr. Six-foot-three, 295 pounds.

Savoy Massour. So. Six-foot, 285 pounds.


Oustin Gessel, Sr. (RS) Six-foot-one, 290 pounds.

Parker Walcott, Fr. Six-foot-one, 285 pounds.

Right Guard

Nossim Lolomis, Sr. Six-foot-two, 295 pounds.

Nate Jackson, So. Six-foot-two, 280 pounds.

Right Tackle

Ethan Harborman, Sr. Six-foot-two, 300 pounds.

Harvey Kingman, So. Six-foot, 280 pounds.


Left Defensive End

Hasi Al-maris, Sr. (RS) Six-foot-two, 255 pounds

Mauricio Oreano, So. Six-foot-one, 265 pounds

Quentin Faccini, Fr. Six-foot, 250 pounds

Right Defensive End

Rolando Haave, Sr. Six-foot-four, 270 pounds

Riley Julesman, Jr. Six-foot-three, 260 pounds

Right Defensive Tackle

Jeremy Jaru, Sr. Six-foot-one, 260 pounds

Oakley Bricks, So. Six-foot, 255 pounds

Left Defensive Tackle

Jevon Archer, Jr. Six-foot, 280 pounds

Frank Wholwhit, So. Six-foot-two, 270 pounds


LLB Justin Kennedy, Sr. Six-foot-three, 230 pounds
MLB Canada Everett, Jr. Six-foot-four, 230 pounds
RLB Daneil Caruso, Sr. Six-foot-two, 225 pounds

OLB Randal Hexley, Jr. Six-foot-one, 230 pounds
OLB Stephan Hogan, Fr. Six-foot, 220 pounds
MLB Oswald Chin, So. Six-foot, 225 pounds

Kuma Neumann, Jr. Six-foot-one, 190 pounds.
Has a high ceiling, and the aspiration to be as good, if not better than former Royal Bear CB Bradley Sanderson.
Crato Aclima, Sr. Six-foot, 190 pounds.
Loves big hits. Frequently called for targeting last season.

Alexander French, So. (RS) Six-foot-two, 195 pounds.
Great vision and speed to the tackle, excellent tackling technique. Has a bit of a temper, and got into a brawl as a Sophomore in high school, but has calmed down since. Poor academically.

Marshall Ojay, Fr. Six-foot-three, 200 pounds.
Has a history of knee injuries, but when he’s healthy, he sticks to receivers like grease on the floor of King’s Cup.


FS Riley Moone, Sr. Six-foot-three, 190 pounds.
SS Sassani Jumair, Jr. Six-foot-one, 190 pounds.

FS Jamal Al-Remedy, Jr. Six-foot-two, 190 pounds.
SS Yomori Jasper, So. Six-foot-two, 200 pounds

K Koby Holmme, Fr. Five-foot-eleven, 180 pounds
P Harris Morganton, So. Five-foot eight, 170 pounds
KR Ngolo Germani, Jr. Six-foot-one, 230 pounds

P Barkley Swift, So. Five-foot-nine, 170 pounds

Crimson Royal University Mink
The New Kid on The Block!



Week 1: @Maximus Rochester Institute
Week 2: v.s. Université du Saguenay
Week 3: @Ceneisis Naval Academy
Week 4: v.s. Crown’s College
Week 5: @University of Mancodas
Week 6: v.s. Université St. Croix
Week 7: @Thereisnogodistan Community College
Week 8: v.s. Université du Saguenay
Week 9: v.s. Université St. Croix
Week 10: @Crown’s College

Week 11: @Constantinople
Week 12: v.s. Swisston City
Week 13: @Panem

A Short Description of Crimson Royal

Crimson Royal University is a public university in Alquierdi, the new capital of Schima Bas. It has sucked much of the talent from Crown’s College, and boasts one of the most prestigious medical schools in the country, as well as a strong business school.

The Mink have been successful in drawing in talented basketball players, but have not always had the same success on the gridiron.This has changed as of recently, as the school’s humble football grounds have been renovated and modernized. Crimson Royal has also enticed Crown’s College’ Offensive Coordinator Haani al-Dib to be the program’s head coach, a matter that is sure to inflame the already tense rivalry between the two schools.

Red Mesa Grounds, Alquierdi

The team’s colors are maroon and white. The school’s football team is accompanied by a horde of Mink that are attended to by a full-time staff.

Fact Sheet

Style Mod: +4
Head Coach: Haani al-Dib (60)
Offensive Coordinator: Amanda Brine (42)
Defensive Coordinator: Alexis Anagnellis (52)
Special Teams Coordinator: Michael Calleas (46)

Home stadium: Red Mesa Grounds (50,424), Alquierdi



Tata Marega, Sr. Six-foot-one, 192 pounds.
Outstanding athlete with quick feet and a solid arm.

Kassoum Aya, So. Six-foot-two, 190 pounds.
Aya possesses a powerful arm, but needs to make better decisions to challenge for the starting spot.

Salim Diallo, Fr. (RS) Six-foot, 185 pounds.
Diallo is the hope for the future of the Mink, and has been redshirted this year to develop behind Marega. He might be able to start next year if Aya doesn’t show signs of improvement.

Running Backs

Jared Hubamo, So. Six-foot, 223 pounds.
Great lateral movement and agility, Hubamo has many years ahead of him with the Mink if he can stay healthy.

Santo Advaje, Fr. Six-foot, 222 pounds.
Finds strength as a receiving wide receiver, he lacks the agility of Hubamo.

Cam Saifi. Fr. Six-foot, 200 pounds
Needs to gain some weight and add muscle before he finds regular starting time.

Wide Receivers

Abdul Majeed Razavi, Sr. Six-foot-two, 185 pounds.

Mehrang Sial, Jr. Five-foot-eleven, 180 pounds.

Iwo Sosna, So. Six-foot-three, 190 pounds.

Nico Cook, Fr. Six-foot-two, 182 pounds.

Tight Ends
Johnny Bradley, Sr. Six-foot-two, 234 pounds.

Cole Pardidi, Fr. Six-foot, 210 pounds.

Dian Dwias, Fr. Six-foot-two, 233 pounds.

Offensive Line

Left Tackle

Ace Ray, So. Six-foot-five, 305 pounds.

Merle Winslow, Fr. Six-foot-two, 310 pounds.

Left Guard

Cy Diji, Jr. Six-foot-three, 297 pounds.

Ross Olbillete, So. Six-foot-one, 287 pounds.


Ibezimako Uchechea, Sr. (RS) Six-foot-two, 291 pounds.

Uchey Wood, Fr. Six-foot-one, 275 pounds.

Right Guard

Afamefula Akabueze, Jr. Six-foot-two, 298 pounds.

Nick Axelsen, Fr. Six-foot-two, 280 pounds.

Right Tackle

Jack Woadu, Sr. Six-foot-three, 310 pounds.

Elo Beck, Jr. Six-foot, 280 pounds.


Left Defensive End

Finn Juul, So. (RS) Six-foot-six, 278 pounds

Jack Penalta, So. Six-foot-one, 266 pounds

Omar Daalsgard, Fr. Six-foot-three, 258 pounds

Right Defensive End

Medoro Carini, Jr. Six-foot-three, 277 pounds

Fedro Sabella, Fr. Six-foot-two, 265 pounds

Right Defensive Tackle

Salustio Rapone, Jr. Six-foot-one, 262 pounds

José Schaeffer, Fr. Six-foot-one, 255 pounds

Left Defensive Tackle

Tyler Gunner, Jr. Six-foot, 280 pounds

Michel Berger, So. Six-foot-three, 275 pounds


LLB Archie Samuel, Sr. Six-foot-two, 230 pounds
MLB Lyle Monat, Jr. Six-foot-five, 240 pounds
RLB Oliver Hansen, Sr. Six-foot-two, 230 pounds

OLB Marcion Snappo, So. Six-foot-one, 230 pounds
OLB Steph Brewer, Fr. Six-foot, 227 pounds
MLB Christian Zhao, So. Six-foot-one, 219 pounds

Mora Oracle, Sr. Six-foot-one, 194 pounds.
Frank King, Jr. Six-foot-three, 195 pounds.

Timothy Phobos, Fr. Six-foot-three, 196 pounds.

Art Dispera, Fr. Six-foot-two, 203 pounds.


FS Jason Lewis, So. Six-foot-three, 191 pounds.
SS Adam Kennedy, So. Six-foot-one, 193 pounds.

FS Jared Kingsbury, Jr. Six-foot-three, 190 pounds.
SS Arjuna Yann, So. Six-foot-two, 200 pounds

K Chris Green, Jr. Five-foot-eleven, 182 pounds
P Riley Donovan, So. Five-foot-nine, 173 pounds
KR Arjuna Yann, So. Six-foot-two, 200 pounds

P Connor Quint, So. Five-foot-nine, 172 pounds

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes, but stay within realism
RP Injuries to my Players: Maximum of one. Let me know how many weeks they miss and what type of injury it is. The worse the injury, the better I expect the RP. :p
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes, see above. Don't intentionally hurt my players IC.
Godmod Other Events: Ask me before.

I plan on adding breakdowns of the offense, defense, as well as other fluff content for Crimson Royal. I've had some things come up in my personal life, so I hope I can update this by 9/13/22.
•IC information is not a reflection of my IRL beliefs
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Postby New Harmonia » Thu Sep 08, 2022 11:18 am

Summit University Bighorns

Enrollment: ~19,000 undergraduates and ~6,000 graduate students
Location: Brooksboro, Savesta Region (pop. 38,000)
Stadium: Stadium of Martyrs (120,000 capacity)
Colors: Red and Black. Traditionally, Summit wears black at home with red lettering and trim, and red away with black lettering and trim.
Style Modifier= -3
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG first for approval
Suspend players: Yes, but TG me first for approval
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Godmod other events: No

Offensive Strategy: Summit typically lines up in the I-Formation, using the size and strength of their line and run game to try and either intimidate or grind down their opponents. Although they are a run-first team, they are not afraid to use the run game to open up passing opportunities downfield.

Defensive Strategy: Summit primarily uses a 4-3 set, not choosing to focus too much on either stopping the run or the pass. The DEs are fast and will attempt to create pressure on the QB and the backfield. There is also a larger emphasis put on breaking up passes than trying to intercept them.

HC: Arnold Badouri
OC: Roman Hamiti
DC: Nebu Vilari
STC: David Zufari

QB: Gabriel Kupi
RB: Darius Rehmani
FB: Otto Toscani
WR: Emmanuel Kazemi
WR: Albert Tafaji
TE: Milan Petreli
LT: Kai Orlani
LG: Peter Tatari
C: Cornell Scalibrini
RG: Jacob Demachi
RT: Miles Taurini

LE: Brent Lacrozi
LT: Patrick Ofrini
RT: Will Pashari
RE: Bruno Adkari
LB: Hakeem Kandari
MLB: Caleb Silani
LB: Arthur Anarbi
CB: Victor Sutarbi
CB: Lucas Estimi
SS: Marco Dostali
FS: Dash Berani

K: Miha Jumari
P: Bayan Sabili
KR: Emmanuel Kazemi
PR: Darius Rehmani
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About the university: The Imperial University of Pomena is a university that teaches a wide variety of branches that are both related and unrelated to each other. Subjects like astrophysics, multiversal travel theory, history, music, French and Italian advanced language education, sports coaching being some of the most major ones being taught. Initially known as the Ducal University of Pomena, it has been in continuous and uninterrupted operation since 1501, with evidence suggesting classes being held as early as 1388. The Imperial University of Pomena has multiple campuses spread all across the city of Pomena as well as its surrounding areas, due to the big variety of subjects being taught which attract tens and even hundreds of thousands of both undergraduate and postgraduate students from all around Juvencus, from Suntae and beyond. It has been a stepping stone of many bright minds, such as the first Holy Emperor Gianluca IV, multiversal portal travel innovators and astrophysicists Bernardo and Francesca Silva, as well as important composers Silvio Zamorano, Paula Carla Michelin and Augusta De Rocher, among others. It is no wonder that this university is interested in leaving a greater mark in the sports department.

About the team: Pomenienze idiosyncrasy is very aggressive and it translates to every sport, from football, to basketball and most importantly, gridiron. The squad is filled with a lot of fresh talent that mostly study the art of sports, looking to become professional gridiron players, or people who even aspire to leave the sport and become coaches immediately after their tuition is done. So as is expected, most players are aggressive, fast runners whose main goal and anticipation is to bring the best of their game to the field. Throwers are known to throw the balls far yet low, and attacks are usually very unexpected, with even the quarter-backs being threatening. In the defense, gathering around the player possessing the ball like a pack animal is the ultimate goal, since strength is not their strongest suit. Mentally speaking most are not used to playing in high leagues such as the NSCF, usually playing against each other or against local teams in spring and autumn tournaments that do not seem to matter all that much. But, being typical Juven folk they know how to talk smack and use the fiery tempo to their advantadge.

WR:Giotto Altimari
WR:Khayyam Vidal
OT:Gheorghe Zeni
OT:Xabi Turchi
TE:Fouad Farina
G:Afonso Lahti
G:Melchor Villaverde
C:Giancarlo Di Antonio
QB:Lupe Luzzatto
FB:Iago Potenza
RB:Shams Monte

WR:Óscar Morales
OT:Girolamo Di Caprio
G:Hélio Petran
C:Arsênio Carvalho
QB:Arsenio Zappa
FB:Rosario Alinari
RB:Gualberto Bianchi

DE:Helge Bove
DE:Nacio Tasse
DT:Matxin Salvaggi
DT:Marquinhos De Santis
LB:Ismaele Giunta
LB:Gérald De Laurentis
LB:Gavino Blanc
S:Pepe Selvaggio
S:Erasmo Colombera
CB:Porfirio Pelletier
CB:Cezário Zino

DE:Sebastian Taverna
DT:Jyrki Durán
LB:Sergio Pereyra
S:Federico Cabello
CB:Vihtori Almeida

Special Teams:
PK:Magdy Zabala
H:Juanfran Rana
LS:Hernando Costantini
KR:Lino Souza
P:Benito Duarte
PR:Prudenzio Capello

Coach:Herberto Karjalainen

Stadio de Santo Gianluca(Capacity: 16,000)Image

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I determine severity
Suspend players: Yes, whether I follow it or not is my deal
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
Style modifier: +5
The Holy Empire of Juvencus

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the skyhawks are back and- wait WHO made the semifinals????

Postby Drawkland » Thu Sep 08, 2022 2:10 pm


Name: Sadeg State University
Nickname: Skyhawks
Colors: Gold and Navy
Fight Song: "Gold and Blue"
Denonym: Drawkian
ELEVENTH Season, Ranked 17th
Stadium: Skyhawks' Gridiron Park
Capacity: 95,500
Head Coach: Brand Manlio
Assistant Coaches & Coordinators:
[O] Art Beckham
[D] Jarrett Schwartz
[ST] Joshua Redding





PS ## Name Year
QB 2 Anderson Fox Sophomore
QB 4 Isaac Hext Freshman

HB 25 Augustus Velas Senior
HB 20 Jeremy Gilmore Senior
HB 22 Cloud Kelly Sophomore
FB 40 Curtis Lovell Sophomore
FB 49 Ruben Daly Novatim

WR 80 Elywn Pim Senior
WR 10 Clint Roy Junior
WR 11 Henry Huxley Sophomore
WR 12 Marc McKee Freshman
WR 88 Riley Butcher Sophomore
WR 81 Paul Paxton Novatim
TE 89 Gregory Seymour Senior
TE 82 George Colt Sophomore
TE 85 Bennie MacIver Novatim

C 50 Aris Quincy Senior
C 58 Bailey Wilfred Junior
C 51 Kole Dempsey Sophomore
G 62 Manuel Santos Senior
G 65 Catello McCoy Sophomore
G 61 Spencer Aleski Freshman
T 77 Emmett Oswin Senior
T 71 Craig Ramsey Senior
T 72 Mattie Holland Junior


PS ## Name Year
DT 99 Randall Hartford Senior
DT 95 Tom Samson Junior
DT 91 Gordon Pierre Sophomore
DT 96 Matthew Montgomery Novatim
DE 90 Kasey Mason Junior
DE 98 Guy Robertson Sophomore
DE 97 Lucien Macey Freshman

OLB 43 Judd Maxwell Senior
OLB 41 Fred Belmont Sophomore
OLB 40 Chris Biggio Sophomore
OLB 53 Kasen Schnieder Novatim
ILB 52 Tobin McNeil Senior
ILB 57 Lain Cathair Sophomore
ILB 42 Humphrey Harrell Freshman
ILB 44 Lester Johnsen Novatim

CB 22 Vlad Amato Senior
CB 28 Jaden Brahm Senior
CB 3 Danube Jackson III Freshman
CB 38 Martin Carver Junior
CB 33 Jazz Bunker Sophomore
CB 35 Ronan Boone Novatim

S 31 Patrick Rose Senior
S 37 Nash Monroe Junior
S 21 Jaxon Groves Sophomore
S 34 Dewey Harrison Jr Novatim


PS ## Name Year
LS 58 Bailey Wilfred *
LS 51 Kole Dempsey *

PR 0 Roger Beckett Novatim
PR 11 Henry Huxley *
KR 0 Roger Beckett *
KR 21 Jaxon Groves *

P 1 Jarvis Langdon Sophomore
K 5 Nat Knox Senior

H 1 Jarvis Langdon *

* Denotes player is listed elsewhere in the roster
+ Drawkian culture requires that most students study for 5 years for an average bachelor's degree.
Previously, players were noted as "+Senior" or "super seniors" if they were in their final year.
That was confusing some people, so now it's shifted to where Seniors are in their final year, etc.
There is now a class under Freshman, noted as "Novatim". All first-year players are called this.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Non-career ending, TG is appreciated.
Godmod Other Events: Yes.
Honestly, just don't destroy my organization. Have fun making a funny or quirky game occur. I will certainly enjoy anything you throw my way.
Style Modifier: +4

Like all Drawkians, especially international caliber ones, Sadeg State's players are a top notch group with much to offer skill-wise. The offense primarily operates out of the shotgun with a back lining up alongside the QB, but the most common under-center formation has to be the I. The pistol make a common appearance, and don't be surprised to see a Wildcat every once in awhile. The run/pass split is around a 55/45, but with Brand Manlio's preferred QB recruits, don't be surprised to see many designed passes ending up in scrambles for big chunks of yards. Drag routes, slants, mid-distance crosses, posts, and corner routes are the most common in SSU's playbook. Runs are often a generic pitch, runs up the gut, or - Coach Manlio's favorite - option plays. SSU is known for having massive talent on the offensive side of the ball, especially in the backfield, but also lining up wide. Watch for tight end passes for huge gains, they're a common target in this scheme.

And while the team is renowned for its offense, you can't discount the defense. Talented shutdown corners and DBs are the hallmark and the pass rush is fantastic, but pass defense in the middle of the field leaves a lot to be desired from the Linebackers. The biggest issue about the Skyhawk's secondary is that they go for the ball too much - while this results in lots of turnovers, a missed pick obviously results in an opposing receiver in the open field. Blitzes sit on top of the playbook at SSU, just like many Drawkian books. Don't expect to run a similar running play twice, the front 7 is likely to come up with a counter blitz on the fly and smack the back for a loss of yards. Man coverage is called about 70/30 versus Zone coverage, another reason why missed interceptions are dangerous. Cover 2 Man coverage with a 4-3 front is the most common play the defense will run.

Special teams is known for its trick plays, but they don't run them as often as, say, the Grid Corps would. The SSU offense would be much more likely to stay out in 4th and under 2 than bring out the special teams for a fake or a regular punt/kick. Speaking of punts/kicks, the return game for the Skyhawks is also fearsome, with massively fast and shifty players returning most balls, not to mention the regularity of laterals during returns (not that they do much of that outside of special teams though). As far as kicking, the punters and kickers kick about as good as, say, college kickers or punters. Nothing special there, although they do err on the side of power over accuracy (good luck praying for a kick 6).

Also, see this dispatch about Drawkian physiology. If you don't want to deal with that though feel free to just handwave or ignore it, it's fine by me.

Home, Away, Home Alt, Away Alt


Conference Games
MD1 @ Felswyr State University
MD2 v Staramara Tech University
MD3 v Cavsar University
MD4 v Imperial University of Pomena
MD5 @ Golden Oak University
MD6 @ Kynᶒqurnstka Surona University
MD7 v Silverleaf University
MD8 v Felswyr State University
MD9 @ Staramara Tech University
MD10 @ Cavsar University

Non-Conference Games
MD11 @ Crown's College
MD12 v Kohnhead City University
MD13 @ University of Constantinople

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Postby Drawkland » Thu Sep 08, 2022 2:24 pm


Name: Cavsar University
Nickname: Gladiators
Colors: Crimson and Tan
Denonym: Drawkian
SIXTH Season, Ranked #13
Stadium: Roy Memorial Stadium
Capacity: 148,777
Head Coach: Scott Linhart
Assistant Coaches & Coordinators:
[O] Mick Melville
[D] Austin Lewis
[ST] Lawrence Malloy



PS ## Name Year
QB 10 Robin Sterling[RAN]Senior
QB 3 Darian Lewis [CDG] Junior
QB 1 Logan Oakley Novatim

HB 21 Miles Taggart Senior
HB 23 Henry Spears Junior
HB 28 Luke Harlan Novatim
FB 40 Emory Mosconi Sophomore

WR 81 Crawford Reid Senior
WR 10 Stas McKinney Senior
WR 2 Daniel Beckett Sophomore
WR 89 Noel Ward Freshman
WR 82 Addison Snider Freshman
WR 18 Nathan Street Novatim
TE 88 Sylvan Magee Junior
TE 83 Declan Rickard Freshman
TE 80 Jarred Wallace Novatim

C 58 Dwight Handel Senior
C 52 Gerardo Bettino Junior
C 50 Didi Leonard Sophomore
G 65 Xavier Moore Senior
G 69 Miguel Jacobs Sophomore
G 68 Timothy Martin Freshman
T 79 Dennis Jeffries Senior
T 72 Niel Pratt Junior
T 71 Ricki Foster Novatim


PS ## Name Year
DT 77 Arsenio Caspian Senior
DT 95 Rowan Boxham Junior
DT 92 Niel Peppers Sophomore
DT 97 Rory Daniels Sophomore
DE 91 Indie Manfred Junior
DE 94 Garrett McBay Junior
DE 93 Terzo Cassano Novatim

OLB 47 Brenden Richard Senior
OLB 44 Bradford Walton Junior
OLB 59 Damon Morella Freshman
OLB 45 Marlin Dalton Sophomore
ILB 55 Gil Cordell Senior
ILB 51 Brandon Michael Junior
ILB 54 Aaron Murchada Freshman
ILB 41 Monty Gillespie Novatim

CB 26 Jorah Holt Senior
CB 31 Artenio Marley Junior
CB 33 Storm Duval Freshman
CB 37 Marino Bagwell Sophomore
CB 35 Jamie Manolo Novatim
CB 32 Mel Kitchens Novatim

S 20 Chandler Storm Senior
S 29 Roy Offerman Freshman
S 24 Jeremy Aslan Sophomore
S 35 Lorne Gunnarson Junior


PS ## Name Year
LS 52 Gerardo Bettino *
LS 50 Didi Leonard *

PR 0 Maverick Toloni Freshman
PR 2 Daniel Beckett *
KR 0 Maverick Toloni *
KR 24 Jeremy Aslan *

K 6 Percy Westcott Sophomore
P 5 Steven Italo Junior

H 5 Steven Italo *

* Denotes player is listed elsewhere in the roster
+ Drawkian culture requires that most students study for 5 years for an average bachelor's degree.
Previously, players were noted as "+Senior" or "super seniors" if they were in their final year.
That was confusing some people, so now it's shifted to where Seniors are in their final year, etc.
There is now a class under Freshman, noted as "Novatim". All first-year players are called this.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Non-career ending, TG is appreciated.
Godmod Other Events: Yes.
Honestly, just don't destroy my organization. Have fun making a funny or quirky game occur. I will certainly enjoy anything you throw my way.
Style Modifier: +5

Similar to Sadeg State and other Drawkian teams that play on an international level, Cavsar University's roster has a lot to offer skill-wise. As far as tactics are concerned, Scott Linhart is an extremely balls-out style coach deserving of a +5 modifier. The spread offense is utilized most often, prioritizing space and the open field for the skill position players. Linhart exclusively recruits mobile quarterbacks, as he expects QBs to make plays with their feet (either designed or on the fly). Running backs are more likely to be quicker, lither guys than big bruisers, but there's usually one that can pack a punch if necessary (often the fullback). Vertical passing plays are quite common, and it's rare for passes to go to the flat or right past the line of scrimmage. Sadeg State is known for aiming at tight ends often, but Cavsar leans on them heavily. Thankfully, they nearly always net a Top 5 TE prospect every time they go for one, so it's not much of a weakness. The receivers, as you might guess, are quick and agile, but perhaps falter when it comes to catching in deep traffic. The playbook is probably 65/35 pass/rush, with shotgun formations being a vast majority of what you'll see.

The Cavsar defense is not known for being bruisers, save for the D-line. You can say that the Cavsar defense or secondary is their biggest weak spot, but their defensive line is always extremely exceptional. It's not uncommon for every starter on the D-line to come away with 1+ sacks on the game each. The secondary can leave some things to be desired, but they're good enough to keep the passing game at bay to allow the D-line to really work their magic. Like Sadeg State and many Drawkian defenses, man defense is often the default and will be what to expect. If you can beat man coverage, you'll have a way easier time against Cavsar, but don't count it as a win just yet. They probably blitz a little less than SSU, but they will still pepper them in often. After all, the D-line usually keeps the pressure happening just on their normal scheme. The defense defaults to nickel coverage most often, but any formation with 4 D-linemen can be expected.

The CavU special teams are not renowned for a lot of trickeration, but you'll see something special every once in awhile. However, they are absolutely aggressive on 4th down, and will usually keep the offense on the field if it's under 3rd and 5. Also, the Gladiators go for two every time, and I mean every time, unless it's a late game situation where a PAT is specifically necessary to preserve or make a win. The punters and kickers don't get a whole lot of work, but the return game is something to fear as well. The blocking is very solid and the quick shifty returners can make a lot happen in the blink of an eye. As far as kicking, the punters and kickers kick about as good as, say, college kickers or punters. Nothing special there, although they do err on the side of power over accuracy thanks to those long Drawkian legs.

Speaking of which, see this dispatch about Drawkian physiology. If you don't want to deal with that though feel free to just handwave or ignore it, it's fine by me.


Conference Games
MD1 v Staramara Tech University
MD2 @ Felswyr State University
MD3 @ Sadeg State University
MD4 v Kynᶒqurnstka Surona University
MD5 @ Silverleaf University
MD6 @ Imperial University of Pomena
MD7 v Golden Oak University
MD8 @ Staramara Tech University
MD9 v Felswyr State University
MD10 v Sadeg State University

Non-Conference Games
MD11 v Maximus Rochester Institute
MD12 @ Université St. Croix
MD13 v Green City University
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Thu Sep 08, 2022 6:11 pm

University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park


University of the Commonwealth Fact File
Location: College Hill--Belle Haven, State of Baker Park
Founded: 1899
2022 enrollment: 38,863 undergraduate/4,609 post graduate
Nickname: Warriors
School Colors: Black and Gold
Chancellor: Dr Nancy Eldridge, PhD.
Athletic Director: Patrick Douglas
Affiliation: Baker Park Universities Athletic Coalition/Metropolitan College Athletic Conference
Stadium: Jacob F Gleason Field
capacity/surface: 47,306/Fuzzy Field Turf
Head Coach: Ryan Benton (6 seasons at UC [56-21], career record [14 years] 126-60-2)
Assistant Coaches: Peter Syzmanski, Isaiah Townsend, Allan Oxley, Kyle Jordan, Lee Taylor, Cary Morris, Joe Drummond
Trainer: Hal Kinley

Domestic results (10-3, 4-0 conference, 3rd Nationally)
Middletown 31-19
@ Baker Park A&M 30-26
Coolville 27-17
@ Osheana 24-28
N Baker Park 31-36
Comm Methodist 36-27
@ Endover 21-27
@ Belle Haven 36-21
Baker Park 29-20
@ St Leon 28-10
Army 38-21
@ Marshallton 42-17

Osheana (at Springfield) 28-17
3rd Place Playoff

2 Neal Antonelli QB 6-5 225 JR
4 Michael Porter DB 6-0 190 SR
6 James Lattimore DB 6-1 205 JR
7 Liam Vargas RB 5-10 225 SO
8 Raymond Darrien WR 6-2 198 SR
9 Tim Woodcarver RB 5-9 230 JR
11 Jarvis Banks QB 6-2 215 SO
12 Bonaventure Igueikibe WR 6-4 210 SO
14 Landon Korman K 5-11 188 SR
15 Neal Fullerton DB 6-0 185 SO
18 Terry Kennedy WR 6-0 180 SO
21 Sonny Turner DB 6-0 205 SO
22 Morris Craddock DB 6-1 180 SR
25 Hank Wurzelburger RB 6-0 225 JR
26 Quinton Malone DB 6-0 185 JR
27 Micah Crenshaw RB 6-0 190 SO
30 Will Garfield RB 6-0 190 JR
35 Greg Shipley LB 6-1 200 SO
38 Dwayne West TE 6-4 260 JR
41 Dan Redfern LB 6-5 245 SO
42 Warren Greene P 6-2 185 SO
43 David Greenwood LB 6-2 227 SR
44 Carlos Dane RB 5-11 195 SO
45 Kelvin Boardman LB 6-2 215 JR
46 Curtis Alexander LB 6-3 235 JR
51 Maurice Claiborne OL 6-2 300 SO
52 Luke Robbins DL 6=3 275 SO
53 Trey Hensley LB 6-1 215 SR
54 Lon McGuire OL 6-2 310 SR
55 Alan Tripp DL 6-4 275 JR
61 Chris Zachary OL 6-4 305 SR
63 Kip Stone OL 6-2 290 JR
65 Dominic Robinelli OL 6-4 290 SR
71 Aaron Walker OL 6-4 295 SO
72 Nathan Giuliano OL 6-5 285 SO
74 Billy Zachary OL 6-3 285 SO
75 Benny Lacewell DL 6-1 280 SO
78 Wallace Underwood OL 6-7 305 JR
79 Garrett Kapstein DL 6-5 300 SR
81 Raymond Eastman TE 6-3 230 JR
85 DeAndre Hall WR 6-3 180 SO
86 D.J. Adediera TE 6-2 230 SO
88 Andre Holman WR 6-2 190 SR
89 Marty Stamford WR 6-1 180 SR
91 Alonzo Harkness DL 6-3 295 SR
92 Ben Powell DL 6.5 280 JR
94 Omar Hernandez LB 6-2 225 SO
95 Garfield Williams DL 6-3 275 SO



In the event my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my scorers: YES
Godmod scoring events: YES
RP injuries to my players: YES, but those that would be for just the duration of the game (TG in advance would be appreciated as well)
Godmod injuries to my players: See Above
Godmod other events: TG what you have in mind, I'm easy to come to an understanding with
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World Cup 80/89/91 Group Stage
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1x playoff semi-final
1x playoff quarterfinal

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WLC 34/41 Fourth Place
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WLC 29 Playoff Round

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Postby Chromatika » Thu Sep 08, 2022 6:41 pm

Firehawks Preview: Odika Given Free Reign as Felswyr State Becomes Offensive

Through the first five seasons of Felswyr State University's history, they've been defined by more players on defense than on offense. Sure, they had the best Quarterback Chromatika has ever seen - one Sarai Michelle Bradwyn Gwenderyn - and she had her favorite target, Alessandra Mio, but on the defensive side of the ball, there were Cara Satri, Mi-Hyeon Park, Sage "Bricks" Sterling, Ozioma Mazzi, Katie Sawyer, Konstantin Vollmacht... They won both of their Championships off of that defense, got another second place finish due to that defense, and a semifinal berth due to that defense.

Now? They have great rushers off the edge in Junior Defensive Ends Aubin Rouzet and Sizo Ashenafi, and they have a monster Outside Linebacker in Nicole Manstrom; Magnus Lindhjem, finally getting a shot at starting, should be decent as a Strong Safety, while Tara Langlois-Zuluka should not be that much of a drop down from Mazzi. However, with Bryan Hilbrand being the new Defensive Tackle and some youth in the rotation, all focus will shift to the Offensive side of the ball - and one Kadesh Odika.

As a Freshman, the Banijan out of Busukuma sat on the bench for most of the season, only coming in during the Out of Conference slate. The best thing that the Firehawks can say about him is that he didn't hinder the title run, and that he built a great relationship with Otto Mitchell, Stan Devlin, and Essa Kayode; the fact that the entire core of Wide Receivers return should help him, while having a dedicated Running Back in Sydney Thomas will take some pressure off of him.

All of the Firehawks' starting Offensive Linemen are Juniors or Seniors - meaning that they have had so much experience both in the game and playing with each other. They will be the strength keeping Odika upright and clearing the way for Thomas, and as long as they do their job, Odika will be able to do his.

This may be the most offensive Firehawks team ever. The defense will try to cause turnovers and go for big plays; the offense will try to play over their opposition and score points in bunches. Shootouts may give some long-term Firehawks fans a cause for concern, but that should be all right for the Firehawks.

They are the defending Champions, after all.
Lava Preview: Masakazu at the Helm, but Defense Still the Calling Card for Staramara Tech

It wasn't a horrible season for the Lava in their second season as part of the NSCF, but it wasn't the best. They made it to a Bowl Game, and they won it; but it wasn't the playoffs.

What they were able to determine, though, was their Starting Quarterback. Haruno Masakazu won the starting job over Liana Anderson, with his poise, his shotgun arm, and his ability to take control of a game. Anderson will be ready to take over when needed, but Masakazu has won it fair and square, and with the Lava getting Isaga Duhaga to complement Gabriele Ziegler after Lana Rhodes' graduation, the Lava's ground attack will be as lethal as ever. Naomi Erehon as a Fullback? A cheat code for free yardage.

Ikuru Bayongo will be the question on the Offensive Line as the only Freshman, while three out of the five are Seniors. However, it's the defensive side of the ball that the Lava are excited about, and for good reason. With six starters that are Seniors and only two underclassmen, the Lava are ready to make life miserable for anyone. Lucius Agot, one of those underclassmen, is actually the Defensive Captain, earned through his poise and his playmaking ability. The Lava's line is good enough to get to the Quarterback on their own, and if they bring in a Linebacker or a Safety, the opposing Offense better watch out.

The goal for the Lava this season is simple: Beat Felswyr State, try to split against the teams from Drawkland, and reach the Playoffs. They know that the Firehawks will be a tough out, but they aren't looking for charity.

"We'll punch them in the mouth," Senior Cornerback Mastaya Vorpen was quoted as saying in a recent interview, "They can either put up or sit down."
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Postby Ranoria » Thu Sep 08, 2022 8:25 pm

Move in day for the Richardson University football team - this occurs a couple weeks prior to that of regular students to coincide with the start of training camp

"Mom, it's alright, I've got her." Rylan Rodgers Jr clicked his tongue as his mother hesitantly surrendered the leash, and Juno the golden wolfhound trotted up next to the boy she'd grown up with. Almost as large as him, the two took up the entire elevator if you included the box Rylan was just barely keeping his arms around.


Rylan took a step out and almost tripped over his dog, who darted out before waiting on him in the lobby, but he couldn't help but laugh at her after depositing the first box in room 308, right next to the elevator.

"Alright girly," he knelt down to scratch behind his best friend's ears, "I know, I'm excited too."

"I, uh, don't think they allow dogs in here?" Rylan glanced up to his apparent roommate, who looked a bit hesitant to introduce himself, then to the door, where they names were printed in bold red.

"Isaiah?" He asked when he looked back with an extended hand, "I'm Rylan, nice to meet ya."

Juno grumbled at his attention being elsewhere, and he grinned, "Nah, she's a good girl, I can't imagine they wouldn't let her stick around."

"What do you mean no dogs are allowed on campus? Living conditions? Have you seen the athletic dorms!? She could have a whole room to herself!"

"I'm sorry sir, if we start making exceptions for you, we have to make them for everyone," a monotone old woman who clearly wasn't being paid enough to pretend to care droned in a very not-apologetic tone. Her eyes never met his, staring off into space, "The dog's going to have to go back home."

"She has a name," Rylan shot back, "It's Juno."

"Mm-hm," she nodded, finally moving her head as she went back to her crossword puzzle.

"Poor ju-ju," Rylan knelt down next to his canine friend, "That's gonna be a long ride home for a good girl."

"Sorry about your dog," Isaiah Hunter offered almost sheepishly as they returned to their dorm.

Rylan waved his arms around as he responded, "Man, I'm surprised you knew, what a crazy rule! I mean, everyone loves dogs!"

Hunter bit his tongue - quite literally - when he thought to point out that it was obvious given how little time anyone would have to care for a pet and how irresponsible some college kids could be. "Yep. The handbook specifically prohibits dogs, cats, ferrets, and porcupines to be kept as personal pets."

"Man..." Rylan rubbed his eyes and the two fell into silence. Eventually Isaiah opened up his phone as Rylan stared out the window with a shit-faced grin any mother would have fainted at.

"So, you said it specifically prohibits those certain animals?"

"Well," Isaiah didn't look up, "'Strictly', but it makes no mention of any others."

Rylan practically yeeted the surprised Chromatik quarterback from his chair and dragged him out the door. "Isaiah, I know what we're gonna do today!"

The Best In The Country: Ranoria's Top 6 Recruits For the NSCF 27 Cycle

6: Abigail Washington
North Ashialand, Ranoria

Size: 6-1/175
Handedness: L
Attributes: Disciplined, Consistent, Positive
Archetype: Shutdown
Abigail's your prototypical lockdown corner - she was only targeted 12 times her senior year. Seven of those came in the team's first two contests, where she racked up four interceptions - the other five came against a team that reportedly didn't approve of film exchange and paid dearly for it. A two year captain and having been dubbed the "team mom", she's always got a smile on her face and was an excellent locker room presence. Generally going to stick to her receiver's hip and likes to play press coverage - although she'll need to add some size at the collegiate level to do that effectively - her game is to deny targets and play the receiver's hands. Ran track her freshman year before coming over to play football, she's got speed to burn.

Graduated with an associate's degree, classes won't be an issue.

5: Jared Lincoln
Rouyoutte, Ranoria

Running Back
Size: 5-10/215
Handedness: R
Attributes: Indignant, Forceful, Unyielding
Archetype: Power
Ranoria has a tendency to put out big, tall runners and well, Lincoln fills one of those roles at least. Described as an absolute bowling ball, Jared Lincoln's measurables are above average but far from eye popping. However, he disposes of tacklers like a baby does vegetables - violently and without remorse. Plays are often whistled dead before he actually goes down. Lincoln is the kind of player who can be the heart and soul of his football team - he won't tire on or off the field, or at least won't show it if he does. Expect him to pack on another 10 pounds before his freshman year. Willing receiver but needs polish in that area, nasty pass blocker.

Successful career as a wrestler in high school, did not get taken down once during his senior year.

4: Malachi Mauigoa
Highport, Ranoria

Offensive Tackle
Size: 6-8/340
Handedness: R
Attributes: Tough, Protective, Hungry(literally)
Archetype: Mauler
Mauigoa has all the physical ability to be a highly successful offensive tackle. He's a very physically strong player and an incredible run blocker with a nasty temperament that may have gotten him into a couple spats in high school, but don't we all want that in our lineman?

But that's just the issue - he's a run blocker. Mauigoa was never asked to pass block more than seven times in any one of his games. Mind you, he never allowed a sack, but his team prioritized running the football, and he's achieved proficiency in any blocking style you can ask on that front. He'll need work to make sure his quarterback can stay upright...if you're into the whole passing thing.

Average academics but nothing to worry about, Mauigoa also has two younger brothers who are coming up - could recruiting him be a gateway to a couple more talented pieces? Mauigoa may, however, need to lose weight if anything to get his athleticism back up. He's a big kid and he loves to eat - get a team with a good strength program to dial in that weight loss properly and you'll have yourself an absolute unit. Or keep him at his current juggernaut state - whatever floats your boat.

3: Wade Hurley
Fairfax, Ranoria

Size: 6-6/230
Handedness: R
Attributes: Strong arm, Flashy, Undisciplined
Archetype: Gunslinger
Hurley's the kinda guy anyone who likes arm strength salivates over. He draws comparisons on that front to guys like Ballast Queen, Ifeatu Chineze, or Deondre Rhine - he's got a cannon. In the final minute of a playoff game in his junior year, he avoided an interception when two of a defensive back's fingers broke as he tried to make the pick. He's a bit more mobile than his size would lead one to believe, but this guy's a pocket passer through and through, though he lacks any sort of consistent pocket manipulation or footwork. Heavily relied on his size to shed pass rushers and his cannon of an arm to fit the ball into tight windows, or just throw it over the defense's heads. In other words, everything physical is there. Everything else needs work. As a result, he's a fairly polarizing prospect, but the kid's tough.

Grades are solid, Hurley comes from a rural and strong family background and isn't going to slack on that front, and he's a natural and charismatic leader. He needs good coaching but will lean towards a less urban campus if the opportunity is there.

2: Audrey Neuland
Ranoria City, Ranoria

Size: 6-4/205
Handedness: R
Attributes: Disruptive, Quick-twitch, Wild
Archetype: Speed Rusher
Audrey's your target for any team that places an emphasis on speedy pass rushers. She played a bit of wide receiver on offense with some success just running by the defense. Needs to build on her pass rush arsenal that is effectively limited to a rip and club, and she'll need to bulk up a bit to handle the rigors of the college game. She has consistently employed a quick arm over in the run game to get into the backfield quickly if a run comes at her, and is more than capable of shutting down RPO's where she's left unblocked or chasing down runs to the other side of the field.

Grades were sub-par - Audrey's weakness is a love for parties and all the alcohol that comes with it. She'll probably prefer to be on a big campus to maximize that, but a smaller school may serve her better in the long run. That said, it hasn't affected her on the field yet.

1: Bradley Bain
Berlin, Ranoria

Size: 6-3/230
Handedness: R
Attributes: Arrogant, Passionate, Spontaneous
Archetype: Run Stopper
If your team's lacking a bit of energy, look no further. Bain wakes up every morning and the second his eyes open, he's running at 100% until he decided to turn in for the night. You'll never find a more energetic kid, good luck keeping up with him, he's going to constantly be in his team's ear with an uplifting, motivating angle. He'll also be in the other team's ear telling them how badly they suck, but hey, that can be curbed, right? Between his mouth and propensity for big plays, Bain will keep a defense gassed up. Like most Ranorian LB prospects not named Najee Isidora, he's a hit-first cover-never player. Great instincts in the run game and likely, if he was taught, in the pass game. If he was coached right, brought into a team that could sharpen up that area, his spontaneity would instantly turn him into a truly complete player.

Poor grades - Bain has a real problem staying focused on anything he isn't interested in and he'll need a guiding hand there.
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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Thu Sep 08, 2022 8:35 pm


Celestia and Horizon Conference Cutoff.

Matchday 1

Celestia Conference
Northern Moravica University Cougars (BNJ) 39–7 Ratzupalfu University of Nature Egrets (SNL)
Elephant Valley University Red Elephants (SNL) 43–51 University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder (BNJ)
Joe Gibbs University Cyclones (SRZ)
26–26 University of Alcuta Skyhawks (VNM) (32–26 OT)
Upper Westside University Red Pandas (STK) 12–3 Woodstock University Climbers (SRZ)

Horizon Conference
Felswyr State University Firehawks (CMT) 47–31 Sadeg State University Skyhawks (DRK)
Cavsar University Gladiators (DRK) 20–37 Staramara Tech University Lava (CMT)
Imperial University of Pomena Royals (JUE)
17–13 Golden Oak Univeristy Foxes (UAD)
Kynᶒqurnstka Surona University Beach Eagles (KLJ) 17–35 Silverleaf University Goblins (UAD)

Tables to be up in MD2.
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Postby United Vietussia » Thu Sep 08, 2022 8:51 pm

Hankow State University Honey Badgers

Location: Hankow, United Vietussia

School Size: 56,714 undergraduates

Championships: None

Team History: Formerly known as Vietussia Academy, Hankow State hits the scene with an all new look and refurbished facilities, hoping to step out of the shadow of the former Academy and create a new legacy as a University.

Head Coach: Lee Chapman
Offensive Coordinator: Boris Yanovich
Defensive Coordinator: Caleb Franks
Special Teams Coordinator: Martin Sanders

Colors: Blue and Yellow

Stadium: Celebration Field (Capacity: 55,000)

Style of play: +2.5 (primarily 4-3 defense)

If players *'d, they are starting!

33 Shane Wolf QB* (first string)
6 Willie Gordon QB (second string)

85 Mark Dyer RB* (first string)
57 Armando Myers RB (second string)
3 Louis Stanley FB* (first string)
20 Carlos Lowe FB (second string)

97 Leon Wyatt* (first string)
54 Tony French* (2nd)
95 Julian Wilkinson (3rd)
44 Edward Henry (4th)
59 Isaac Salazar (5th)
88 Maurice Conner (6th)

86 Leslie Mueller* (first string)
64 Bryan Harmon* (flex) (2nd)
47 Wallace Morrison (3rd)

49 Walter Larson OG* (1st)
28 Rick Morton OG* (2nd)
69 Rick Lowery OG (3rd)
70 Jacob Vazquez OT* (1st)
43 Ken Roberts OT* (2nd)
80 Jacob Wallace OT (3rd)
23 Jimmy Hensley OT (4th)
1 Gilbert Elliott C* (1st)
91 Willie Landry C (2nd)

87 Hector Banks DE* (1st)
25 Everett Kinney DE* (2nd)
60 Clayton Sharpe DE (3rd)
13 Timothy Tanner DE (4th)
41 Floyd Yang DE (5th)
16 Reginald Love DT* (1st)
29 Richard Daniel DT* (2nd)
32 Derrick Banks DT (3rd)
84 Kevin Malone DT (4th)

8 Frank Moody OLB* (1st)
51 Eddie Moran OLB* (2nd)
66 Pedro Butler OLB (3rd)
11 Keith Lowe OLB (4th)
92 Lester Baxter ILB* (1st)
65 Francisco Short ILB* (2nd)
48 Daryl Guthrie ILB (3rd)

5 Ruben Villarreal CB* (1st)
72 Warren Schwartz CB* (flex) (2nd)
45 George McCarthy CB (3rd)
36 Clayton Whitfield CB (4th)
75 Jimmie Marquez S* (1st)
26 Bruce Galloway S (2nd)
96 Harold Snider S (3rd)

74 Lewis Love K*
27 Henry Patrick P*
38 Brett Merritt Long-Snapper*
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Big Eight, Mineral: Week 1

Postby Drawkland » Thu Sep 08, 2022 10:46 pm


Big Eight & Mineral

Later cutoff than usual, but the Week 1 slate is about to be finished! Tables will be posted with next cutoff (aligned by division).

Richardson University (RAN) 40–24 Swisston City University (KHD)
Kohnhead City University (KHD) 13–23 Cold Hill University (RAN)
Panem University (STR) 20–32 Summit University (HAR)
Hankow State University (UNV) 17–10 Bermia Santura University (CAD)

Green City University (TJU) 41–33 University of Gairuwa (ARJ)
University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park (CBP) 60–43 Trent State University (TJU)
Constantinople University (NGS) 34–14 The University of Waterloo (CDO)
Bowerstone University (ATH) 34–40 University of Alexandroupolis (NGS)
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