WHAT DO YOU THİNK ABOUT Economic, Commercial, Domestic And F

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WHAT DO YOU THİNK ABOUT Economic, Commercial, Domestic And F

Postby Konyanin » Wed Aug 17, 2022 2:18 pm ... 1660769570
What do you think about this law offer

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Postby Attempted Socialism » Wed Aug 17, 2022 2:39 pm

I think the resolution breaks a decent amount of the rules, which you should probably read before you try to write a resolution again. I also think you should draft first, solicit feedback for at least 4 weeks, and then consider submission, rather than submit and then ask for opinions.

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Postby Juansonia » Wed Aug 17, 2022 2:51 pm

First of all, it would have been a good idea to start a thread like this before you submitted it to the Assembly, so fixes and changes could be recommended. Posting the proposal's text - and previous versions thereof - in the first post of the thread is best practice.

Second of all, proposals are from the perspective of the world assembly, not addressed to it.

Third of all, please read the first post of this thread. It explains the basic rules for GA proposals, several of which were violated by what you wrote.

edit: start by fixing these and the perspective thing

1) No state can be compelled by another state to change its policies.

If this doesn't violate the "WA law only applies to member states" rule, it duplicates GA resolution #2, [i]Rights And Duties Of WA States{/i]

3) The law must be repealed by WA members in order to restrict the counted areas.

This is incomprehensible - what do you mean by "Counted areas"? What do you mean by"The Law"?

With this law, the leaders of the international community are fully empowered to determine the Economic and Commercial policies and WA cannot intervene in this situation
Contradicts GA#2, which imposes upon every member state "the duty to refrain from unrequested intervention in the internal or external economic, political, religious, and social affairs of any other NationState, subject to the immunities recognized by international law."
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