EspoT20 III - Signups/Rosters [CLOSED]

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EspoT20 III - Signups/Rosters [CLOSED]

Postby Sylestone » Sat Aug 06, 2022 3:27 pm

The Third EspoT20

Logo may or may not be coming soon

Welcome! This is the thread for rosters and host bids for the third edition of the EspoT20, the first time the tournament will not be hosted by a pre-determined nation. The first two editions were both won rather comfortably by Sylestone (EMOJI) but with more and more Esportivan nations becoming forces to be reckoned with, obtaining a three-peat is going to be more difficult than ever.

Signing Up
In order to sign up, you must be in Esportiva at the time of posting and remain there throughout the signup period, although each individual case can be considered by the eventual host if required. For the first time, too, a roster or squad list is required in order for a signup to be considered valid. At its most basic, this can consist of eleven names off the top of your head, but some information about each player is recommended, whether it be their batting hand, bowling style, both or something else. Rosters can also be incredibly detailed. Please do not edit rosters into signups. You will have plenty of time to create one.

Host Bids
As well as being the place for tournament rosters, host bids must also be posted here. In a host bid, technical details (such as scorination methods, tiebreakers etc.) and OOC hosting experience are required, while some IC information is also recommended. It is entirely up to the host whether global T20 ranks are used, and it is strongly recommended that potential hosts take the recent discussion pertaining to xkoranate’s output in some fields is taken into account. Potential bidders must also post a roster in the thread by the bidding deadline (August 13 at 10:00pm UTC), or in a week from now. From there, host voting will take three days, giving users ten days to create and format a roster. All questions as a result of a bid should be asked in the thread, but any further discussion should take place on Esportiva’s RMB.

Puppet Policy
Any participating nation may enter one (1) puppet, but no more than that. Puppets of participants should be considered to be the first to be removed, in order from the latest to sign up. All puppets must be declared by the main nation.

Signups (10)
Esportivan Darmen
Cyborg Holland
Natanians and Nosts
The Licentian Isles
South Newlandia
Quebecois Acadiana
Nova Anglicana

Host Bids (1)
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Postby Esportivan Darmen » Tue Aug 09, 2022 12:44 pm

Esportivan Darmen Regional Cricket Team
presented by the
Esportivan Darmen Cricket Board

Coach: Ceri Meyrick (66, Newport CC)

Name Age Club Bats Bowls
Syd Strange 31 Tanamera CC Right ---
Kynaston Kerr 23 Earo CC Right ---
Joseph Toller 32 Earo CC Left ---
Jude Peters 28 Finchley CC Right ---
Aaron Groves 29 Tanamera CC Left ---

Name Age Club Bats Bowls
Henderson Dobson 28 Tanamera CC Right RFM
Hiram Butler 26 Earo CC Right OS

Name Age Club Bats Bowls
Timothy Yoxall 29 Tanamera CC Right ---
Brad Fortune 32 Hastings & St. Leonards Priory CC Right ---

Pace Bowlers
Name Age Club Bats Bowls
Trueman Allard 31 Tanamera CC Right RF
Moe Layton 34 Hitchin CC Left LFM
Darrin Cummings 29 Newport CC Right RMF
Hallam Travis 27 Portishead CC Right RFM

Spin Bowlers
Name Age Club Bats Bowls
Madison Grey 33 Tanamera CC Left SLO CAPTAIN
Jase Griffiths 32 Stroud CC Right LS

RP Permissions: Please no killing or other serious life altering events. If you create a scorecard for your team, please also create one for mine too. Otherwise, have fun!
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Overseas Region of Darmen and successor state to the Southern Esportivan Union

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Postby Sylestone » Tue Aug 09, 2022 9:47 pm


EspoT20 III


Sylestone is a tropical island nation located in far-western Esportiva, located to the east of Cyborg Holland and north of the S.U.S (Star United States) Islands. The nation is inhabited by roughly 30 million citizens (the exact number is unknown), and includes roughly 60,000 Sentient Objects from the city of Kirkham in the southeast. Famous for its multiverse-class beaches and rainforests, Sylestone has a thriving tourism industry, and despite financial fallouts meaning that professional association football is currently on a hiatus, it is widely acknowledged to be a rising sporting power, particularly in cricket and handball. In handball, the nation is the reigning world champion in the multiverse, but in cricket, that process has been a little slower. However, as the side prepares for their third EspoT20, they come into the tournament as hot favourites, having won each of the last two editions and asserting themselves as the dominant force in Esportivan cricket.

Following a semi-successful ODI World Trophy where the Hawthorns reached the quarterfinals before falling to their nemesis in Gruenberg, Sylestone has named a slightly weaker squad, instead providing opportunities to more fringe players in preparation for next year’s World T20 Championship. While erstwhile Luke Tiati will still captain the side, he will be joined by understudies Samuel Asaskia and Ashton Stealom, two players to have never played a T20 for Sylestone despite the former captaining the Central Sylestone Snakes and the latter the Halpenley Lightning in Sylestonean domestic cricket. As rotation is expected between players in the squad in order to fill in the missing pieces around the likes of Tiati, Lachlan Cocrine, Liam Afosha, Broughton Hall and Joshua Vilesti, there is every likelihood one of the vice captains will be rested or even dropped due to poor performance.




Coach: Jake Fiedler Image (M) - Age 42
Batting Coach: Sandra Morton Image (F) - Age 39
Bowling Coach: George Byron Image (M) - Age 57
Fielding Coach: Daniel Michael Image (M) - Age 48



Luke TIATI (c, +) LHB
Ashton STEALOM (+) RHB

Luke Tiati
25 matches. 851 runs @ 35.46, SR 133.39, HS 108*, 5 50s, 1 100s.
  • Captain
  • 30 years old; male
  • Left-hand opening bat
  • Wicketkeeper-batter
  • Pesfield Wasps Image
Almost unarguably the best all-format cricketer Sylestone has produced so far (Broughton Hall is the only one to challenge that), T20 is probably Luke Tiati’s worst format, but his numbers are still enviable. He’s only second to Lachlan Cocrine in the list of leading international run-scorers in the format, with 851 runs at an excellent average of 35.46 scored at a handy strike rate. As captain and one of the most senior players in this young squad, he’s going to have a lot of work on his hands to test options for next year’s GCF World T20 Championship but at the same time, is going to have to keep excelling at his own game. His only century in the format came three years ago in the inaugural EspoT20 and here, he’s going to be looking to raise the bat for the second time. Although reaching triple figures is an astonishing feat in T20 cricket, a drought of three years is a little too long for his skyward standards.

Samuel Asaskia
Yet to debut.
  • Vice-captain
  • 26 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm fast-medium
  • All-rounder
  • Dunkirk Rovers Image
It’s almost unheard of that an uncapped player is named vice-captain of a side, but here we are. Due to his exploits with the top job for the Central Sylestone Snakes, Samuel Asaskia is thoroughly deserving of being rewarded with the vice-captaincy of the Hawthorns. A strong middle-order batter ill-afraid to take risks and a quality bowler at all stages of the game, it’s a wonder why Asaskia has not played an international T20 before now considering his exploits in the other formats. But here is his chance and if he can take it with both hands, a promising T20I career awaits.

Ashton Stealom
Yet to debut.
  • Vice-captain
  • 31 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat
  • Wicketkeeper-batter
  • Halpenley Lightning Image
Despite never playing an international T20 in his lifetime, Ashton Stealom’s captaincy of an ultimately miserable campaign for the Halpenley Lightning a couple of months ago was good enough to earn the vice-captaincy alongside Samuel Asaskia for the third EspoT20. Following a middling World Trophy where he found his spot in the XI in doubt despite playing all ten games, Stealom found his consistency struggles that have impacted his entire career crossing the bridge into the international arena. However, T20 is probably his preferred format and despite the scepticism pertaining to batting a genuine batter at number seven in the lineup, it will give him licence to go big when he does receive his opportunity - just what he likes to do.

Chloe Anderson
4 matches. 52 runs @ 26.00, SR 130.00, HS 26*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 0 wickets @ N/A, ER 7.33, SR N/A, BBI 0-9, 0 4-fors.
  • 24 years old; female
  • Left-hand middle-order bat; left-arm unorthodox
  • Batter
  • Betham Dogs Image
A player who can tear apart attacks on the domestic scene on a regular basis, it’s a bit of a mystery why Chloe Anderson hasn’t quite nailed it at the international level yet. Perhaps she is just overawed by the occasion - likely considering what she has indicated in press conferences - or perhaps it’s just the distinct lack of mediocre bowling to capitalise on. But at only 24 years of age, she has heaps of time to develop her skills on the stage and become a regular in the XI, perhaps across all formats. If she can perform here, that will go a long way to silencing the critics and possibly even earning her a spot in the vaunted Sylestonean middle-order for the World T20 Championship.

Lily Bodenweiser
Yet to debut.
  • 27 years old; female
  • Left-hand tail-end bat; left-arm orthodox
  • Bowler
  • Avondale Knights Image
Lily Bodenweiser is almost unarguably the surprise pick for this tournament, but has impressed many with her skilful lines and lengths over the past few years despite somewhat flying under the radar. Having picked up twelve wickets in only six games last season due to a hamstring niggle, she certainly impressed, and well enough to be selected ahead of Milan Poci and Georgia Haines for placement in this squad. Hell, selectors have even indicated that she was even preferred to Juan de Polo due to her recent form, so do not be surprised if she plays the majority of games. Also handy with the bat in hand, Bodenweiser certainly has it in her to show that she is capable on the biggest stage of all.

Leo Codrington
6 matches. 5 runs @ N/A, SR 166.67, HS 5*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 6 wickets @ 28.50, ER 7.77, SR 22.00, BBI 2-27, 0 4-fors.
  • 27 years old; male
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm fast
  • Bowler
  • Halpenley Lightning Image
Despite repeatedly performing exceptionally on the domestic stage, Leo Codrington is yet to transfer the skills garnered there to international matches, despite having a lone test match and multiple T20s from the latest EspoT20 in South Newlandia to his name. With a yorker he can bowl on will and a myriad of well-disguised variations, Codrington certainly has it in him to bowl the crucial overs of a match, making up for his lack of height, standing at just 174 centimetres. He can’t bat much, but can provide a handy twenty-odd when his team needs him to step up. In a format such as T20, hopefully Codrington’s only opportunities come with the ball in hand.

Samuel Cross
7 matches. 155 runs @ 25.83, SR 118.52, HS 72, 1 50s, 1 100s. 10 wickets @ 14.00, ER 6.72, SR 12.50, BBI 3-18, 0 4-fors.
  • 23 years old; male
  • Right-hand middle-order bat; right-arm fast-medium
  • All-rounder
  • Halpenley Lightning Image; Linieux Lieutenants Image
At only 23 years of age, Samuel Cross has an immense future… if he can break through the endless barrier of all-rounders all fighting for one or two positions in the Sylestonean middle-order. However, form is on his side and having stolen the spotlight in South Newlandia two years back with some classy top-order batting and brilliant death bowling skills, is seen as a frontrunner to make the starting XI for Sylestone’s tournament opener. A hard-hitting batter, Cross has the ability to turn a match on his head in just one or two overs and with the ball, is almost certain to deliver three quality overs out of the last five to restrict opposition batters as they try to take the bowling on.

Juan de Polo
4 matches. 9 wickets @ 11.44, ER 6.72, SR 10.22, BBI 3-22, 0 4-fors.
  • 28 years old; male
  • Right-hand lower-order bat; right-arm leg-spin
  • All-rounder
  • Cleorough Devils Image
Despite continuing to perform well for both the Cleorough Devils and New Gloucester Jaguars, Juan de Polo is likely to find himself with limited game time here due to the meteoric rises of Kate Sonnel and Lily Bodenweiser. Just two years ago, de Polo was easily second in the ranks in terms of spinners but now, is hanging perilously onto his chances, as low as fourth. The one advantage he does have over his competitors, though, is his abilities with the bat in hand, and certainly does not deserve to be batting any lower than number eight in the order. He’s also the quickest through the air of all specialist spinners in this squad, but that sometimes hampers him considering that’s also the way Broughton Hall prefers to bowl.

Brianna Eastwood
8 matches. 263 runs @ 43.83, SR 121.76, HS 75*, 2 50s, 0 100s. 0 wickets @ N/A, ER 7.00, SR N/A, BBI 0-5, 0 4-fors.
  • 22 years old; female
  • Right-hand top-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batter
  • Scorching Hot Dodle Image
Brianna Eastwood might have scored 200+ runs at a phenomenal strike rate two years ago in South Newlandia and ever since, recorded consistent scores for the Scorching Hot Dodle over the past two years, but unfortunately for her, she appears rather unlikely to bat at the top of the order here. With Simon Monteane having that spot all but locked in, Eastwood appears likely to bat down at number four, taking over from Daniel Fomleya in a role she knows relatively well. However, if awarded with an opportunity, you can be assured she will take it with both hands and if neither Monteane nor competitor Caitlyn Elliott performs to the required standards, it may be her partnering Luke Tiati at the head next year in the World T20 Championship.

Caitlyn Elliott
Yet to debut.
  • 19 years old; female
  • Right-hand top-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • All-rounder
  • Halpenley Lightning Image; Linieux Lieutenants Image
After a breakout season last year that elevated her into national contention, Caitlyn Elliott’s consistency issues have come to the fore after an underwhelming ODI World Trophy campaign. The most recent cricket season hasn’t done much to alleviate those concerns, Elliott either smashing a big score or getting out early on in the innings. This has happened across all formats, too, and is not just with the Capital Coyotes in the 50-over arena. However, if she can combine a few scores together in similar fashion to the way she began the Crash n’ Smash season for the Halpenley Lightning, then perhaps she will be able to scale Simon Monteane and become a favourite to make the starting XI in next year’s World T20 Championship. As an ultra-aggressive batter keen to take the bowlers on right from the first ball, Elliott has a massive future ahead of her and to add to that, can bowl handy off breaks, too.

Caitlyn Freehill
3 matches. 34 runs @ N/A, SR 188.89, HS 34*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 1 wicket @ 80.00, ER 8.00, SR 60.00, BBI 1-25, 0 4-fors.
  • 24 years old; female
  • Left-hand top-order bat; left-arm medium-fast
  • All-rounder
  • Avondale Knights Image
Although she might bat in the top three for both the Avondale Knights and New Gloucester Jaguars, Caitlyn Freehill is adept at batting anywhere in the batting order, making her one of Sylestone’s most versatile with the willow. However, no matter where she goes, her consistency is a bit of an issue. Not as much as it used to be a few years back but even still, she’s never been able to continuously succeed in a run of four or five games to cement herself as a player that is of true international calibre. However, her aggressive batting is still good enough to earn herself in Sylestone’s XI to the EspoT20 and alongside her ability with the cherry in hand, bowling accurate lines and lengths, frustrating batters all throughout the multiverse. Even so, she is probably still contending for one or two spots with fellow seam bowling all-rounders Samuel Asaskia and Samuel Cross and between those three, certainly appears to be the weakest.

Nicholas Lovia
Yet to debut.
  • 24 years old; male
  • Right-hand top-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batter
  • Scorching Hot Dodle Image
Nicholas Lovia has been knocking on the selection door for what seems like years and at only 24 years of age, his consistency with the bat for Scorching Hot Dodle in the T20 format has finally been recognised. As a part-time off-spinner and a primarily top-order batter, though, Lovia has his work cut out for him as a contender with Caitlyn Elliott and Brianna Eastwood for one spot in next year’s squad. The advantage he does have is his consistency and stylishness while scoring at a high strike rate - the former of which Elliott doesn’t necessarily possess, while Eastwood hasn’t quite been able to nail the strike rate factor thus far in her international career. But with both players having international experience, Lovia is going to have to perform exceptionally in just one or two matches if he wishes to make the cut.

Talvin Mankira
9 matches. 6 runs @ N/A, SR 75.00, HS 6*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 9 wickets @ 31.22, ER 8.26, SR 22.67, BBI 2-35, 0 4-fors.
  • 30 years old; male
  • Left-hand tail-end bat; left-arm fast
  • Bowler
  • Chamberley Giants Image
While Talvin Mankira might continue to perform consistently well on the domestic stage in all three formats, in no format has he been able to convert his performances onto the international scene. As an out-and-out fast bowler at 30 years of age, some of his best days are behind him and without an astonishing revival, it doesn’t seem likely that he will improve enough to become a regular in any of Sylestone’s cricket teams, especially with the rise of Samuel Scron. Mankira might not have much in the way of variations, but his uncanny ability to bowl quick yorkers makes it tough to play him, especially considering he is often pushing the 150 km/h mark. As he ages, though, his pace is beginning to gradually decrease and without some development on tactics, his career is in significant threat of falling apart.

Jack Martin
11 matches. 156 runs @ 26.00, SR 157.58, HS 68*, 1 50s, 0 100s. 1 wicket @ 55.00, ER 7.86, SR 42.00, BBI 1-11, 0 4-fors.
  • 23 years old; male
  • Left-hand middle-order bat; left-arm orthodox
  • All-rounder
  • Halpenley Lightning Image
With Liam Afosha considered a lock-in for the World T20 Championship, this is Jack Martin’s chance to prove what he can do with an extended run of matches, particularly on spinning surfaces. Similar to Afosha, Martin is an excellent finisher of an innings, calmly racking up runs at an ominous rate, putting his side into a good position in no time. An excellent player of spin, Martin particularly excels on Sylestonean pitches and as an underrated left-arm tweaker himself, if he plays on any surface with a hint of turn, you can be in no doubt that he will be pushing his captain for overs. Martin’s best innings on the international scene came three years ago in Liventia, where he guided Sylestone to a six-wicket win to keep their hopes in the World T20 Championship alive against Uncertainty, particularly impressive considering he was a late inclusion to that particular XI.

Simon Monteane
24 matches. 547 runs @ 24.86, SR 130.55, HS 71, 5 50s, 0 100s.
  • 34 years old; male
  • Right-hand top-order bat; right-arm off-spin
  • Batter
  • Chamberley Giants Image
For the first time in what seems an eternity, Simon Monteane’s spot at the top of the Sylestonean batting order seems in contention with a group of emerging youngsters. Although Daniel Fomleya received a few chances in the position before his retirement, it was expected that Monteane would retake the role following the incumbent’s retirement earlier in the year. But with Brianna Eastwood, Caitlyn Elliott and Caitlyn Freehill all performing exceptionally well and the oldest of the trio at a mere 24 years of age, Monteane’s going to need to capitalise on the strong Crash n’ Smash form that saw him selected in the team of the tournament ahead of all three of those challengers and score big runs. He has it in him but with an average of only 25 from 24 games and no scores above 71, many question just how long Monteane’s T20I career is going to last.

Norbert Pistecial
24 matches. 84 runs @ 21.00, SR 118.31, HS 33*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 25 wickets @ 30.28, ER 7.97, SR 22.80, BBI 3-22, 0 4-fors.
  • 25 years old; male
  • Left-hand lower-order bat; left-arm fast-medium
  • All-rounder
  • Dunkirk Rovers Image
Although he’s still a regular in all three of Sylestone’s international cricket teams, Norbert Pistecial’s position in each format is beginning to come under scrutiny. Widely regarded as one of the multiverse’s unluckiest bowlers, it is a mystery why he has not been able to take more wickets, particularly with the new, swinging ball but often it seems as though he just finds a little too much movement through the air. If Pistecial can find a way to further control this swing, then he has the ability to be one of the great opening bowlers despite only bowling at speeds in the mid-130s (km/h). In addition to this, Pistecial is also a quality, aggressive lower-order batter who can change the complexion of a game in just a couple of overs but ultimately, his bowling is what gets him into this team and if that does not improve, he faces a significant risk of not playing in the first XI next year.

Samuel Scron
Yet to debut.
  • 25 years old; male
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm fast-medium
  • Bowler
  • Pesfield Wasps Image
After being a relatively unknown player circulating Sylestonean domestic cricket a year ago, Samuel Scron emerges as a shock favourite to start in next year’s World T20 Championship, taking fifteen wickets earlier in the year in the ODI World Trophy. Scron’s ability to bowl all throughout an innings is a major positive for him; he’s able to swing the ball at the powerplay, restrict runs in the middle overs and use his variations to make life hard for batters at the death. Scron’s best variation is a stealthy off-cutter that is just a little slower than his stock ball that is next to impossible to pick and it is from this that he takes the majority of his wickets in both the Cubicle One-Day Cup and Crash n’ Smash, and he also has a marvellous yorker that he takes countless wickets with.

Kate Sonnel
7 matches. 9 wickets @ 19.78, ER 6.36, SR 18.67, BBI 3-23, 0 4-fors.
  • 18 years old; female
  • Right-hand tail-end bat; right-arm leg-spin
  • Bowler
  • Cleorough Devils Image; Linieux Lieutenants Image
After racing onto the international stage with an outstanding performance two years ago in South Newlandia, 18-year-old Kate Sonnel will be looking to return to her original hunting ground and put on another dominant performance, and possibly even in front of a home crowd, too. After taking fifteen wickets in just six games in the ODI World Trophy, she has proven her abilities against the multiverse’s best and backed those up with equally dominant performances in the Crash n’ Smash and Selpernim T20 Smash. Her leg-spinners are on the loopier, slower side, but Sonnel has a myriad of variations that she can turn to if batters try to take her on and more often than not, they stop them in their tracks. However, with her recent form, it is seriously doubtful that any batter in the entire competition will attempt that and if they do, then it’s rather obvious that they haven’t done their research.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Select my XI:
No. You may only do this if I have not specified in a previous RP
Godmod match events: Only with my permission.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but only minor ones. Major ones require permission.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Yes.
Create a full scorecard for my team: Yes.

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BoF 74, CoH 78, CoH 81, ARWC II&III, WLC 36, HWC 24, EspoT20 I

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Postby Sylestone » Wed Aug 10, 2022 3:01 pm


IC Overview

Sylestone is a tropical island nation located in the far west of Esportiva and is located between Cyborg Holland and Acadiana. It is home to world-class diversity, with biomes ranging from the hot, dry desert to the moist, humid rainforests. The nation is home to roughly 30 million inhabitants, ranging from normal, everyday humans, to sentient objects, wild elves and even a small number of anthropomorphic animals. Some of Sylestone’s biggest cities include the capital, Avondale, Chamberley, Betham and Cleorough, but the two that are famous throughout the multiverse are Pesfield and Kirkham - the former as its one million inhabitants live solely in treehouses and the latter as it is regarded as the “City of Sentients”. The national animal of Sylestone is the Margaret (don’t ask), while the national flower is the hawthorn tree, common in the nation’s grasslands.

In cricket, Sylestone has quickly emerged as a side to beat over the past six years, ever since they first travelled to Ethane as part of the eleventh World Test Challenge. Now, the nation is ranked in the top five in the 50-over format, and is not that far behind in tests and T20. However, it is on the domestic scene that the Hawthorns have truly emerged, their association, Cricket Sylestone, ranked third in the CLT20 and second in both the LASL and ETFC. Sylestone’s pitches are heavily spin-friendly, although some, such as Pesfield’s Bolton Oval and Emacuton’s Evergreen Arena, favour batting and others, including Freeman’s appropriately-named Freeman Oval, have something in it for the quicks. Depending on the size of the tournament, the group stage may take place on some of Sylestone’s secondary grounds in order to promote cricket in those regions, before the knockout stage occurs in some of the nation’s more familiar stadia.

Hosting Experience

This will be my first hosting gig in nearly a year, but in the past, I have hosted two Cups of Harmony, a Baptism of Fire, a Handball World Cup, two Aussie Rules World Cups, a World Lacrosse Championship and last but not least, the inaugural edition of this very tournament.

Possible Formats

  • 4 participants: One group of four, double round robin. First progresses to the final, second and third play off for the second spot in the final
  • 5-7 participants: One group of 5-7, single round robin. First and second progress to the qualifying final, and third and fourth progress to the elimination final. The winner of the 1v2 game progresses to the final, while the loser of the 1v2 game and the winner of the 3v4 game play off for the second spot in the final
  • 8 participants: One group of 8, single round robin. First and second progress to the semifinals, while 3v6 and 4v5 play off for the remaining two spots in the semifinals
  • 10 participants: Two groups of 5, single round robin. First progresses to the semifinals, while 2v3 (from opposite groups) play off for the other two semifinal spots
  • 12/14 participants: Two groups of 6/7, single round robin. First and second play off for two spots in the semifinals, while the losers of those matches play the winners of the 3v4 matches for the other two spots in the semifinals
  • 16 participants: Two groups of eight, single round robin. The top two progress to the quarterfinals, while 3v6 and 4v5 playoff for the remaining four spots in the quarterfinals
Obviously, some of these formats are a little weird, so if anyone needs clarification, please let me know and I will attempt to explain it a bit better.

Technical Details

Results will be scorinated using xkoranate 0.3.3, using modified run rates (shown in the spoiler below). Any ties will be broken by the scorination of successive super over until a victor is determined. Furthermore, no ranks will be used and all teams will start from 0 skill so the tournament is as fair as possible to those that do not usually participate in cricket. In order to take into account the recent discussion pertaining to the output of unrealistic scores, the pure scores as outputted by the scorinator will be placed under a spoiler, while the wickets will be removed in the “main” score, while any all-outs will have the specific over numbers removed and adjusted to just “all out”. This allows participants to come up with their own wicket counts if they so desire, but for those who are not confident with doing such, they have the original results to fall back onto. An example of how this would look is shown below.

Team B 153 (all out)
Team A 155/? (16.4 overs)
Team A win by X wickets with 20 balls remaining

Team B 153 (18.1 overs)
Team A 155/8 (16.4 overs)
Team A win by two wickets with 20 balls remaining

Finally, style modifiers WILL be in use. Participating teams may select a modifier between -1 and +1 (this can be edited into any rosters that it isn’t already present in), and any modifiers outside of this range will be duly scaled down. There will also be a ground modifier, scaled between -3 and +3, and a weather modifier that changes every day and can be any integer between -1 and +1.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<sport version="0.3">

<double type="homeAdvantage">0.065</double>
<double type="skillCoeff">0.6</double>
<double type="skillOffset">0.2</double>
<double type="styleCoeff">0.04</double>
<int type="maxOvers">20</int>
<int type="ballsPerOver">6</int>
<int type="maxWickets">10</int>
<list type="meanRunRate">
<list type="stDevRunRate">
<list type="meanWicketRate">
<list type="stDevWicketRate">


Tiebreakers will be deployed as follows if two or more teams are tied on points: net run rate; head-to-head results; head-to-head net run rate; IC coin toss (OOC scorinated match). In the case of multiple-way ties, as soon as one team is removed from the calculations, the tiebreakers will be deployed from the beginning (with net run rate) between the teams that remain yet to be broken apart.

This bid obviously diverges from some of the norms a bit, so feel free to ask plenty of questions!
Last edited by Sylestone on Thu Aug 11, 2022 2:17 pm, edited 1 time in total.
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Postby Lozho » Wed Aug 10, 2022 10:32 pm


The Lozhoan National Cricket Team!

A History of Lozhoan Cricket

Cricket is one of the more niche sports in Lozho, usually only enjoyed by the wealthy who had more free time. However, there is a passionate and fiery fanbase for the sport in the nation. Cricket has long been played in Lozho, and the annual Ghezhan-Shezhen test series is one of the most viewed events in the nation. T20 is becoming increasingly popular due to short matches and playstyle, and thus the LCF have decided to field a team for the EspoT20. The Pelicans will be hoping to make a splash and perhaps take home the trophy.

The Coaching Team

Head Coach: Zumba Zander

43 year old Coach Zander is a legend of Lozhoan cricket. Playing for the Shezhen team ages ago, he could hit a century as easily as you can say 'Zumba Zander'. After retiring from playing, he decided to become a brand ambassador for Sozha Soda, and also makes some money on the side selling memorabilia such as his eighty century scoring bats.


In batting order:
  1. Tim Crawford RHB
  2. Zhill Zohnzohn LHB
  3. Rick Zrumhammer LHB
  4. Andrezh Drezhen RHB (CAPTAIN)
  5. Zumphrey Zaddam LHB
  6. Freze Horzhonozille RHB, RMF
  7. Yap Dumfries RHB, RF (WICKETKEEPER)
  8. Gorzon Hozhe RHB, ROS
  9. Zatri Qaraq LHB, LLS
  10. Gordon Hinckley LHB, LF
  11. Moz RHB, RF

People will be excited to see Ghezhan dream team Andrezh Drezhen and Zumphrey Zaddam potentially partnering up to bat together. The pair have some of the highest run rates in the history of Lozhoan cricket, so people will be hoping these translate into results on the big stage. Catroza bowler Moz is an underrated gem and hopefully his surprise inclusion here will pay off immensely. Due to budget cuts, no reserves have been selected, so if someone gets injured then we're a bit screwed.

OOC Stuff

RP Permissions: As long as you TG me beforehand about any potential serious wackiness, do what you like.

Style Mod: +1
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Postby Sylestone » Mon Aug 15, 2022 2:22 am

With only one host bid (mine) and only two signups from people other than me, I'm going to provisionally say that there is no point of conducting a host vote and that the tournament will be turned over to myself. If any current participant or Esportiva member planning to participate has any issues with that, then please let me know either through the Esportiva RMB, Esportiva Discord server or TGs/DMs sometime in the next 24 hours.
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Postby West Barack and East Obama » Mon Aug 15, 2022 2:45 am

Sylestone wrote:With only one host bid (mine) and only two signups from people other than me, I'm going to provisionally say that there is no point of conducting a host vote and that the tournament will be turned over to myself. If any current participant or Esportiva member planning to participate has any issues with that, then please let me know either through the Esportiva RMB, Esportiva Discord server or TGs/DMs sometime in the next 24 hours.

Corrupt >:(

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im problematic :/

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Postby Cyborg Holland » Mon Aug 15, 2022 10:46 pm

Starting XI for Cyborg Holland (Name - Club - field position - bowl - bat)

1. Otto Haak - Western Amstaad CC - Mid Wicket/Deep Midwicket - RHB - RM
2. Julius Romedahl - Northwest Cyborg Holland - Fine Leg/Boundaries - LHB - RM
3. Klaus Jorgensen - Kroosdort CC - Square/Deep Square - RHB - OS
4. Johan Smithe - Eastern Amstaad CC - Cover/Deep Cover/Long off - RHB - RF
5. Lorens de Beer - Western Amstaad CC - Point/Deep Point - RHB - RF
6. Adam Pietersen - Western Cyborg Holland - Behind the stumps - RHB - OS
7. Guy Vossen - Kroosdort CC - Mid on/Mid off - LHB - L
8. Kalt Daube - Bierlin CC - Wicket Keeper - RHB - RM
9. Patrick de Vries - Amzterdam CC - Boundaries - RHB - RF (C)
10. Markus Sørensen - Western Cyborg Holland - Short Leg/Slip - RHB - RMF
11. Tamas de Bruyn - Western Amstaad CC - Boundaries - LHB - LS

Bowling Order Preference:

1. T de Bruyn (LS)
2. de Beer (RF)
3. Sørensen (RMF)
4. de Vries (RF)
5. Smithe (RF)
6. Jorgensen (OS)
7. Vossen (LS)

Godmod scoring events: y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y

Style mod: +4

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Postby Natanians and Nosts » Tue Aug 16, 2022 10:02 pm

3 Márcus IONESCU
5 Hutchinson DAVIES
6 Álisson DAVIS
7 MIRAI Hito (wk)
8 Tomoito TOMOOKA
9 William Wallace
11 Numa TORJE

Best bowlers

Best batters
Champions of the Londinium 7s Tournament II!!! fourth place in AVBF 7s,Plate champion at AVBF 7s III,URSA 7s 2 and Watson's Bay Int'l and also:
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Hosted:WLC 27

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The Licentian Isles
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Postby The Licentian Isles » Sun Aug 21, 2022 3:40 am

Licentian National T20 Cricket Team

First XI
# Name Bats Bowls Parish
1 Barra Kennedy RHB - St Bart's
2 Kate Bradley RHB - Colesham
3 Esther McKay LHB - St Bart's
4 Callie Dunn RHB - Abingdon
5 Stephen Gardiner (c) RHB OB Montfort
6 Michael Young (wk) RHB - Abingdon
7 Hugo Evans LHB SLA Montfort
8 Adam Holmes LHB LM Montfort
9 Marley Verhoeven RHB RMF Montfort
10 Ailis Brodie RHB RM St Bart's
11 Niall Murdoch RHB RF Montfort

# Name Bats Bowls Parish
12 Natalie Mitchell (wk) RHB - Montfort
13 Emmy Galloway LHB SLW Abingdon
14 Allie MacKenzie RHB RFM Abingdon
15 Joe Christie LHB - Colesham
16 Morven Quinn LHB - Montfort

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Postby Tumbra » Sun Aug 21, 2022 5:04 am

The Blue Lions


Name Sex Age Club Bats Bowls

Richard Bremner M 34 Avondale Knights [SYL] Left --
Cory Griffiths M 30 Southport CC Right --
Philip Adams M 27 Kingsbury CC Right --
William McCullogh M 31 Bencoolen CC Left --
Scott Paulsen M 28 Lakewood CC Right --

Name Sex Age Club Bats Bowls

Holly Cranston F 28 Pesfield Wasps [SYL] Left Left off-spin
Robert Cohen M 30 Bencoolen CC Right Right fast medium

Name Sex Age Club Bats Bowls

Jack Walker M 30 Kingsbury CC Right --
Stephanie Hunter F 27 Bencoolen CC Right --

Name Sex Age Club Bats Bowls

Charles McCrory M 31 Halpeney Lightning [SYL] Right Right seam
Ben Watson M 28 Southport CC Left Left medium

Pace Bowlers
Name Sex Age Club Bats Bowls

May Chen F 33 Columbia CC Right Right swing
Ryan Wallis M 26 Kingsbury CC Left Left fast medium

Spin Bowlers
Name Sex Age Club Bats Bowls

Oscar Bowles M 28 Chamberley Giants [SYL] Right Right off spin
James Wilton M 30 Bencoolen CC Left Left orthodox

The team is coached, once again, by Bencoolen head coach Albert Wallis, 66


Style Mod: 0.5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes. Maximum of 1 per match. I will decide length.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Godmod how my players were dismissed: No.
Create a full scorecard for my team: Please do.


From left to right: test (white), and limited overs (blue and green). The team will wear the blue and green kits.
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South Newlandia
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Postby South Newlandia » Mon Aug 22, 2022 3:26 pm

South Newlandian EspoT20 III Roster

Jack Giblin (45), Sylestone
The Elephants brought in an experienced coach from Sylestone in to lead them into their second Espo, hopefully another succesful one. Giblin is also working with the Katham Crusaders.

Michaela Hungfa (25) Bats: Right
Brock Pittman (24) Bats: Left
Jarod Ewing (30) Bats: Right

Monica Rice (26) Bats: Right
Buddy Barron (30) Bats: Right

Mitchel Knowles (29) Bats: Right
Ernie Sparks (27) Bats: Left
Johnson Hanson (33) Bats: Right
Jana Hatfield (24) Bats: Left [Cleorough Devils, Sylestone]
Sasha Keller (30) Bats: Right

(c) Kaye Newman (25) Bats: Right | Bowls: Right, Spin [Pesfield Wasps, Sylestone]
Marcel Mercer (27) Bats: Left | Bowls: Left, Pace

Tamara Vazquez (28) Bats: Right | Bowls: Right, Pace
Bobby Nolan (24) Bats: Right | Bowls: Right, Spin
Peter Robinson (21) Bats: Left | Bowls: Left, Spin [Betham Dogs, Sylestone]
Vicente Bullock (31) Bats: Right | Bowls: Right, Pace
Claudia Scott (29) Bats: Left | Bowls: Left, Pace

The South Newlandian cricket team, nicknamed Elephants, is about the best the fledgling cricket nation can do. Everyone from this group except for Scott, Hatfield, Ewing and Sparks are from the general region of Elephant Valley, and nearly half of the team is from New Colk. The stars, if you can call them that, on the team are Kaye Newman, who is very capable bowling and batting, while Hungfa and Vazquez are the best batters and bowlers respectively. Feel free to choose my lineup.
S(t)yle mod: 0

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Quebecois Acadiana
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Postby Quebecois Acadiana » Wed Aug 24, 2022 8:44 pm

Head Coach: Roch Bellemare, 51 (Southleigh)

Style mod: Highest maximum possible

#  Name                  Age  Bats   Bowls        Home/Nearest City
1 Marcus Rowe 20 LHB Fast Garigal
2 Maisie Glenn-Peters 18 RHB Medium-Fast Glen Downe
3 Pierre Yim 32 LHB - Southleigh
4 Alonzo Juantorena 23 RHB Wrist Brolga Ridge
5 Julien De Serre 34 LHB N (Wicket) Baie-Saint-Germain
6 Kweon Seung-Yeon 19 LHB Slow Garigal
7 Kyle Wyatt-Harvey 'C' 28 RHB Fast Garigal
8 Trace Hong 33 RHB - Southleigh
9 Troy Guda-Guni 21 LHB Unorthodox Calala
10 Delvin Yirri 31 LHB Leg-Spin Millewa
11 Antoine Shin 29 RHB Leg-Spin Karagi
12 Clara Yirri 25 RHB - Millewa
13 Juliette Morneau-Han 28 RHB Fast Murranbulla
14 Lara Turgeon 26 RHB Slow Garigal
15 Horace Banda-Mung 22 RHB - Garigal
16 Claire Wilkes-Tsai 24 LHB N (Wicket) Baie-Saint-Germain

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Nova Anglicana
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Postby Nova Anglicana » Fri Aug 26, 2022 4:30 am

Nova Anglican National T20 Cricket Team

First XI
# Name Bats Bowls Province
1 Rishi Rijal RHB - Newfoundland & Labrador
2 Yasam Mohmand RHB - Nova Scotia
3 Jalil Lakhani (c) LHB - New Brunswick
4 Arjuna Chaudari RHB - Nova Scotia
5 Amitabh Patel RHB RF Prince Edward Island
6 Paavan Panchal (wk) RHB - Newfoundland & Labrador
7 Gurbaksh Jahal LHB SLW New Brunswick
8 Raghib Khattar LHB LF NAAZE
9 Wilfred Brooks RHB LB Prince Edward Island
10 James Schultz RHB RMF Newfoundland & Labrador
11 Julian Hammond RHB OB Nova Scotia

# Name Bats Bowls Parish
12 Justin Cheng (wk) RHB - NAAZE
13 Joseph Kamary LHB LFM Newfoundland & Labrador
14 Bradford Lewis RHB LBG Nova Scotia
15 Alexandre Gagne LHB - Quebec
16 Robbie Moore LHB - New Brunswick
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3rd Place
WBC 28/32/36, RUWC XXIX, Cup of Harmony 64, IBS V, WJHC V/VIII/XVI/XVII, Beltane Cup II, Londinium 7s II, R7WC VI (eliminated in semis, no 3PPO)

4th Place
WBC 29/38/49, IBS VII, RUWC XXI/XXVI, WJHC IV, Londinium 7s I, WCoH 28, RAHI II

WBC 27/30/31/37/41/43/47, IBS VI, IBC 15/31, WJHC VI/IX/XIV, RAHI I, AVBF Rugby Sevens I, RUWC XXIV/XXV

WBC 31/35, Londinium 7s I/II, IBS IX

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Postby Sylestone » Fri Aug 26, 2022 2:33 pm

Signups are now closed. The Everything Thread will be up shortly, with MD1 in a bit over 72 hours' time because rosters are all submitted
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Cricket: ODI WT II semifinalists, EspoT20 I&II champions
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