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Open invitation to SEA Members | SEA Region Only

Postby Alegeharia » Wed Jul 06, 2022 3:07 pm

<} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Kingdom of Alegeharia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ {>
Il Tempo Reclama Tutto


Herein, The King Proclaims

I, Malik Velkari, the king of Alegeharia, bring good new to the realm. We have graciously been accepted into the Strategic and Economic Alliance (SEA). As many Alegeharian’s know these the members of the alliance has been long term friends, and it was about time I opened this country’s borders to friendly folks who share common visons. I welcome any and all delegates from the nations within this region to come visit so that we may meet face to face! Our Kingdoms capita is called Ichla'eon, we are situated within a mountain range, close to the coast on the continent Eofen.

With Kind Regards,
Malik Velkari,
King of Alegeharia
Tlasohtlalistli ka semikak

//In the parchment there is a secondary message for nations of PMT/FT levels.
//If you are able to read this I ask that you please refrain from bringing in anything that could violate a first contact rule.
// While my kingdom and nation have interstellar capabilities, the only other advanced is the Mercantile Kingdom of Forsa, please be weary of them.
// The rest of the continent is still in its tribal and medieval age.
// We have camouflaged our technology to make it look medieval or be explained with magic.
// Our planet is called Celeste, and we live in the Axtrusis Galaxy, and would be most happy to meet!

Royal Castle Post Office,
44 Watchers Way, Ichla'eon, Alegeharia
Malik Velkari, 8 years old, Male, Tescorosso, King of Alegeharia
Malik Velkari is a fluffy bipedal digitigrade creature that is an angel hailing from the planet Celeste. He belongs to the kingdom of Alegeharia and has a brother known as Aither Velkari. The Tescorosso breed is a mix of red panda, wolf, and german shepherd. In some aspects Malik is a bit of a time traveler, being an archangel from the frost realm (Prince to King Arend) he has been alive since 1304.
Celeste is FT based, but in the year of 2021, it is currently ranging temps in 65-75 Fahrenheit. The planet is Earth like, and space faring. It hides its future tech within Medieval architecture and magic to appear less advanced.

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