Fortunes of a Dynasty (IC/Invite Only)

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Fortunes of a Dynasty (IC/Invite Only)

Postby Leriya » Tue Jul 05, 2022 5:48 pm

Dalor Zaada watched from the bow deck of the Royal Sea, a bleach white and gold ship recently purchased from the shipyards of Nemidia. The Royal Sea was enormous sailing ship with five masts, with large triangular blue sails emblazoned with the golden tiger that was a symbol of Leriya. But it was not the grand ship that held Zaada’s attention, but instead the approaching shore of the magnificent city of Genes.

Zaada was a man of fifty-six years of age. Short and with a fat belly, thanks to a long life of general comfort. He had dark skin like most Leriyans. He was a dutiful servant of the King of Leriya, and had been sent as the diplomat to officially welcome the new Crown Princess of Leriya to her new nation, but of course he had to first escort her from her home country. The marriage of the Crown Prince of Leriya to a Genoise Princess of the illustrious Valwa Dynasty was of great importance, and Zaada was honored to be apart of it.

With Zaada there was a younger man, Sanor Saque, who had been placed in charge of procuring a great deal of gifts and others treasure for the Princess to sweet her welcome to Leriya. Tall, lean and with a narrow nose he stood behind Zaada as the ship came into the port. He too was the first off the ship, closely followed by Zaada, the two men born dressed in the flamboyant blue and gold attire of Leriyan royal officials.

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Postby Royal Genes » Thu Jul 07, 2022 8:42 am

Natalie took deep breaths and she was lead down the dock by her sister. The future crown Princess of Leriya was a small doll of a woman, quiet and shy, she felt ready to faint as they approached by the massive white ship. She was thus flanked by her sister, mother and grandmother, all much more impressive woman. There was her sister, the pregnant Princess Helena, standing proud and in command, and despite her small stature she was still a few inches taller than Natalie.

“Oh I wish I could join you,” said Helena, “but you will have to be strong without me.” Natalie decided not to mention that her sister had never been particularly interested in her before, and that she had had to do most things without her even when they lived in the same palace. She imagined it wouldn’t be all that different separated by different countries. But still, part of her wished she was accompanying her.

“You will do wonderfully,” asserted Crown Princess Helena, the two sister’s mother, a short stocky woman softened and smoothed by age and a lifetime of fine food. She had never been particularly interested in the lives of her children, not for lack of love, but with the security that there as not much trouble that they could find themselves in within the palace walls and gardens. She was comforted by the fact that her youngest daughter was leaving one pampered palace for another.

“You need not worry child,” said Queen Louise, grandmother of Natalie and the ruler of Genes, placing a hand on her little granddaughter’s shoulder. “You are a woman of the House of Valwa. You are going to be a Queen, the Leriyans shall give you the world. You need only ask.” That was the closest Natalie considered true comfort from her family as they stopped before the Ship.
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